true love

Caryn Alessia was the fourth-born of Darin Alessia, King of Perchhold and its people, the Pariches. She had three elder brothers: Aric, the tempestuous eldest, Etan, the second and his brother’s bootlicker, and Nathan, the third and only brother Caryn had ever been close to.

It was these three brothers that made Caryn so nervous on the eve of her eighteenth name day. The day marked the time for her passage into adulthood. From that day forward, she was available to be courted, and her father could arrange her marriage to whichever of her suitors he preferred. These were not the things that kept Caryn awake, however, tossing restlessly beneath her sheets.

By Parichan custom, although Caryn was capable of becoming an adult once dawn broke on her name day, she would not be truly considered a woman until she was made so — by her brothers. From her eighteenth birthday to her wedding night, a young Parichan woman belonged to her male siblings, who were responsible for teaching her the ways of pleasing a man, making her a good and dutiful wife.

For most Parichan girls, that meant sharing a talk over dinner with her brother, and a gentle, fumbling evening in his bed to break her hymen. The ties of brotherly love generally demanded no more, and the woman went on to her husband while the brother returned to his daily life, and his own lover or wife.

But Caryn had three brothers, all known for their experience, their appetite, and their occasional brutality with women. As Caryn had edged closer to this fateful day, her fear had grown, just as her legs grew long and slender and her breasts ripened and grew round and heavy on her chest.

She had pictured it on occasion: what it would be like for a man to lie atop her, his manhood pressed against her abdomen, her lower lips, her inner walls. She had closed her eyes and touched herself as she imagined a lover might, but in the end it was only her own fingers, and the fear of the unknown pain or pleasure that awaited her at eighteen did not subside.

It seemed like she had only just lain down that night, the eve of the fateful day, when the first grey glow of approaching morning began to appear. Her last night of childhood innocence had fled.

She kept her eyes fixed on the ceiling when a servant entered her chambers to bring the coals back to life in her grate. Wrapped completely in her own dread, Caryn had not even felt the chill descend on her through the night. She expected the woman to leave when the task was complete, but instead she laid a gentle hand on Caryn’s shoulder.

“Prince Aric told me to have you bathed and dressed as soon as you woke, my lady.”

Caryn sighed, letting her tired eyes close for a moment. “Yes, alright.”

“I’ll have a bath drawn for you right away, my lady.”

The bath was restoratively warm and aromatic, more restful than her night in bed had been. She would have liked to linger, but her pair of maids were wary of Aric’s wrath, and scrubbed her hastily.

They were just handing her out of the bath and preparing to dry her when the door to her bedroom swung open. All three of them tensed, but Caryn relaxed again once she saw that it was not Aric, but Nathan, her favorite brother. He was only two years older than her, and she loved him dearly.
 “Nate!” she said, reaching out for the towel her maid held. The woman pulled it just out of her reach.

“My lady, forgive me,” the girl murmured. “But — since — you oughtn’t cover yourself without His Highness’ permission, not today of all days.”

All the dread she had felt the night before came flooding back to Caryn, and she felt her cheeks and neck grow red and hot. She crossed her limbs, trying to hide herself.

“What?” Nathan asked as he walked in. He noticed the awkwardness of Caryn’s stance and understood what had been said. “Oh, gods, woman, give her the towel!” His voice was rough with irritation, but a blush grew up in his cheeks as well. “Leave us,” he told the maids when they had complied.

Caryn wrapped herself in the towel hastily without meeting her brother’s eyes. She had never feared him before, but she imagined something predatory in him now, and the cold unease was like ice in her belly.

“It’s early, brother. Are you racing Aric to be the first at me?”

Nate bent until his face was beneath hers, looking up into her eyes. He smiled. “It’s your birthday, Cari. I brought you a surprise.”

She looked up at him, squinting. “A present?”

Nate rolled his eyes. “No, a rabid baboon. Yes, a present.”

He took her hand in his large, warm one and led her back to her bed, sitting her down and pulling something out of the bag he had slung across his body. He held it behind his back in both hands. “Guess.”

Caryn laughed. “Give it to me!”

“You have to guess!”

“A book?”




“I don’t know, Nate. A puppy?”

“No. Gods, you’re awful at this.” He swung his hands around and presented his gift with a flourish. It was a beautiful silver flute, engraved with twirling curlicues and a message in tiny letters: For my sister, on her eighteenth name day. Love, Nathan

“Oh, Nate! It’s beautiful!”

“You like it?”

“It’s amazing. Where did you get it?”

“I sent for it from Goantha. Now you can get rid of that reed thing you’ve been playing for so long.”

“But I like the reed flute! You made it for me.”

Nathan made a face. “I was twelve. It’s hardly a master craftsman’s work. This, on the other hand…”

Grinning, Caryn threw her arms around her brother’s neck. “Thank you. I love it.”

They sat on her bed and talked easily of everything. That was the way with Nathan: easy, companionable. They forgot themselves in the simple pleasure of each other’s company, and an hour or so passed companionably that way. Caryn had forgotten Aric’s order for her to be brought to him when she was clean, but Aric had not.

Caryn’s eldest brother entered her room with none of the smiles that Nathan had worn. Caryn and Nate did not notice him for a moment, sitting side by side on her bed, talking and laughing like the oldest of friends; it gave Aric time to appreciate the way his sister’s body looked wrapped in naught but a towel.

Caryn saw Aric first and the smile slipped from her lips. She raised a hand to cover the half-moon swells of breast that the towel did not entirely contain.

“Sister,” Aric said stiffly, “I requested your presence this morning. Dress, please.” He turned to Nathan with an eyebrow raised. “Up so early, brother? Why don’t you join us. Etan and I were just going to discuss with Caryn how the next few months would be handled.”

“I would prefer not,” Nathan said, his tone just as formal as his brother’s.

“I insist,” Aric said, and the matter was closed.

Caryn dug through her wardrobe with one hand, clutching at her towel with the other. In the back, she found a pale blue dress, high-necked and long-sleeved, accented with ribbons. It was a child’s dress, and perhaps would remind Aric that she was his baby sister first, and a woman second.

She glanced over her shoulder; both brothers were watching her. As quickly as she could, she dropped her towel and tugged the dress over her head. For a moment, she struggled with the arms, and the dress halted, halfway covering her bottom. When she managed to cover herself completely with it and situate it comfortably on her body, her breath was coming harder, and her face was red with effort and embarrassment.

Aric jerked his head toward the door, indicating that she should precede him out of her bedroom, and Nathan followed. When they arrived in Aric’s chambers, just down the hall, Etan was there as well.

“Family meeting,” Nathan muttered, and he winked at Caryn, hoping to coax a smile out of her. Her trepidation was too great to permit the answering grin.

The four of them seated themselves around Aric’s table.

Aric spoke with quiet authority. “Brothers, I’m sure we’re all aware of the responsibility that has fallen to us today, on our sister’s coming of age day. We are to shape her into a proper woman, capable of fulfilling the needs of her husband. No lord worthy of marrying a princess should have to stoop to training her in his pleasure himself. As her brothers, it is our duty to break her, to coach her, to teach her everything we know of what a wife must be.”

Caryn was taking deep, calming breaths. It did not sound so bad, when he spoke of it that way. They were her brothers, after all. They would be gentle with her, take care of her. She should almost be looking forward to it, she told herself. She would be glad to be a wife her husband could be proud of.

“I intend to make Caryn my first priority,” Aric continued. “Father has already begun negotiating with suitors. We will have only a few months before the wedding.”

Etan, seated beside his older brother, was nodding along stupidly. He would do whatever his brother asked him to do. Nathan was scowling at his hands, splayed on the table, as Aric prattled on.

“I’m sure we each have plenty to share with her, so we will have a daily rotation. I will take this first night, then Etan, then Nathan.”

Nate looked up at that. “I want nothing to do with this.”

Aric’s eyebrows shot up. “You have nothing to teach our sister?”

“Not with my cock, no.” Caryn flinched at the word.

Eyes narrowed, Aric stared his brother down, and Nathan matched him stare for stare. At length, the elder brother shrugged. “Fine. She will have to do with the knowledge of two brothers.” His gaze snapped to Caryn. “Anything to say?”


“What? You don’t what?” Aric glowered.

Caryn took a deep breath and met his eyes. “I don’t want you to have my first night.” Aric had always been her least favorite; harsh, commanding, distant, cruel. He was eight years her senior and had hardly noticed her but to complain about her behavior for most of her life. It seemed entirely unfair that he would claim her maidenhead.

“That’s not for you to decide. I’m the oldest.”

“It’s my body!” Caryn said hotly.

Striking like a snake, Aric’s hand shot across the table and seized her arm, pulling her roughly to her feet. His face was eerily calm as his grip crushed her wrist. “No, dear sister. It is my body, and Etan’s, and Nathan’s, until it is your husband’s. It will never belong to you again. Do you understand?”

Caryn blinked rapidly, and had the small triumph of not crying in front of him. “Yes.”

“Yes, what?”

“That’s enough, Aric,” Nathan said, standing now as well.

“It will be enough when I say it is. Now, sister, what do you call me?”

“…brother?” Caryn posited. Aric shook her.

“You will call me ‘my lord,’ just as you will your lord husband, once you’re wed. Do you understand?”

“Yes…my lord.”

“You enjoy this too much,” Nathan hissed.

“It is always a joy to do my duty,” Aric retorted. “If only you were as dutiful, little brother.”

Nathan shoved his chair backward and left without a word, jaw clenched. Caryn suppressed the urge to call him back.

“A pity, but not everyone is fit to teach,” Aric said, turning back to his sister. “There’s to be a ball in honor of your coming of age. I’ve had a dress ordered for you. I will be your escort. What do you say?”

“Yes, thank you, my lord.”

“Good girl. Now go. Etan and I have things to discuss.”

“Yes, my lord.”


Nathan was in Caryn’s room when she got back. He still looked stormy, although he was absorbed now in examining the flute he had given her.

“Not thinking of taking it back, are you?” She grinned as she sat down next to him. Her leg brushed his, and he shifted away abruptly. Belatedly, he returned her smile, but his discomfort had already leeched the joy from the moment. “What are you thinking about?”

“Am I a bad brother?” Nate’s eyes were troubled. “Am I remiss because I don’t want to teach you how to yield to a man? I know it’s custom, but—” He cupped her face with his hand for a moment, brushing his thumb over her cheek. “You’re my little girl, my baby sister. I don’t want to think about a man between your legs, much less be that man.”

Caryn took his hand from her face and held it between hers. His hand was so large that even both of hers could not come close to covering it. “You’re not a bad brother. Of course you’re not.” She kissed him on the cheek. “Only…”


“I do wish, a little, that you were more…dutiful.”

For an uncomfortably long stretch of seconds, there was silence. Nathan was staring at her hands on his, his jaw clenched. “Why would you wish that?” he asked at last.

“If there’s to be any man…I would prefer someone I trusted. I’ve always been comfortable with you…” She put one of her hands on his leg, but he jerked away, standing up off the bed.

“Don’t ask that. I don’t like the custom, Cari.”

“I understand that you don’t want me, but that’s the point, isn’t it? I mean, of having brothers…” Caryn paused, collecting her thoughts. “You would be kind to me, Nate. Aric’s not kind, and Etan won’t be either, if Aric tells him how to be.”

“Enough! No, Caryn. I will not be part of this. You have no lack of brothers willing to teach you. Leave me out of it.”

She leaned forward and seized his arm in both hands. “You wouldn’t have to go on for months, just this first—”

“Stop, Caryn. Absolutely not.” He shook her off and fixed his eyes anywhere but on her. “You don’t understand what you’re asking.”

“I’m asking you to uphold the practice of our land!” she said hotly. “And I’m asking you to protect me from an unpleasant night with our eldest brother.”

“And I’m asking you to leave me out of this!”

He stormed almost to the door before realizing he still held her flute. Relaxing his clenched fists, he laid it on her desk, near her door, and left.

Caryn was troubled. She did not understand what upset Nathan so about the arrangement. Men had been easing their sisters into womanhood for generations; it could be uncomfortable, yes, to substitute a sense of duty where there should be passion and lust, but it was nothing new. She wished he would tell her what was distressing him.

She crossed the room and picked up the flute. She liked the weight of it in her hands. Sucking in a breath, she pressed her lips to it and played a trilling set of notes. It was not so different from the reed flute, although it’s sound was clearer and sweeter. She whiled away the afternoon, playing songs she and Nate had made up, missing his sweet tenor voice singing along.

When her maids came to dress her for the ball, her lips were rosy and swollen, and the simple joy of her music had brought the color back into her youthful face. They commented on how lovely she was, and how she would impress the suitors at her ball, and how proud her father would be to have such a beautiful daughter.

They spoke of the guests who would be in attendance, of handsome Lord Haster, Duke of Cantanos; the widower Lord Ambren of the Silver Isles, who had been married four times and lost each wife more mysteriously than the last; Alistor Tandry, heir to his father’s titles and Baynesse Castle, just eighteen himself and strong as an ox. The list was long, and Caryn knew all the names, though she had not met all of them face to face. The guest list was heavily weighted with men.

“You’ll be dancing all night!” Lisel, one of her maids, exclaimed. Caryn tried to share their glee, but her stomach was doing flips. Yes, she’d be dancing all night — with the men at the ball, and then at Aric’s whim.

At length, the maids spun her around to the mirror over her vanity, and she saw there in the glass the woman these men were lining up to marry.

Draped in shimmering emerald silk, Caryn’s milky pale skin looked like porcelain. With her dress laced tight, Caryn’s breasts pressed up into tantalizing décolletage. Matching green ribbons were braided into her dark russet hair, and Lisel had lined her grey eyes with kohl. She looked, undoubtedly, like a desirable woman.

A knock at the door — Aric. He swept into the room looking gallant and handsome. Caryn eyed him, summoning enthusiasm for their evening together. He was tall, about eight inches taller than her, and his shoulders were broad. His body was well-muscled, but where Etan had grown bulky with his strength, Aric seemed lithe and dangerous. His eyes were grey, like hers, but several shades darker, and they were framed by long lashes that softened the otherwise harsh planes of his face.

A brief flash of his even, white teeth served for a smile and he took her hand, bowing over it and brushing a kiss across her knuckles. “Good evening, sister. Are you ready? Your suitors await.”

“Yes, my lord,” she murmured. Her maids had gone silent; they found Aric very attractive, and quite frightening. His anger was legend in the castle.

As he led her to the Great Hall, Aric politely extended his arm for her to take. The noise grew as they approached the ballroom until it was almost beyond what Caryn could stand. Almost immediately once she and her brother entered, however, the room quieted.

“I present Her Highness, Princess Caryn Alessia,” Aric announced, swinging her out in front of the gathered crowd. The room rang with applause, all eyes on Caryn.

Like a clockwork doll, she danced obediently as she was handed from one man to the next. Hours passed. When her partners desired conversation, she responded to their polite questions. Many requested a second dance, but Aric was always there to firmly remove her hand from one partner’s and place it in another’s. As her feet began to ache from the effort of moving her gracefully through the crowd, she leaned more and more heavily on her partners’ supporting arms. None complained.

She was despairing of ever escaping the endless loop of dances when she found her hand being pried away from Lord Someone-or-Other’s by Nathan rather than Aric. Caryn was in such a daze that she had danced several steps with him before she recognized her youngest brother. “Nate! I didn’t think you would come.”

“It is your birthday ball,” he said quietly. He hugged her to himself more snugly. “I am here to celebrate with you.”

“I played your flute. It was wonderful.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Caryn relaxed against Nathan. He was an excellent dancer, a strong lead. “The ball is almost over,” Nate said.

“Is it?”

“Aric is looking for you.” Nate implied that he should return her to her escort, but they continued dancing, spinning gracefully amidst the music. Nathan’s next words were so quiet she almost missed them. “Don’t let him hurt you.”


“He is your brother and your prince, but don’t forget that you are a princess, and the most powerful woman in this realm. Don’t let him hurt you.” Nate was whispering fiercely, clutching at her arms in his eagerness. They had stopped dancing, standing still near the center of the dance floor. Couples swung past them in a drunken orbit.

“I’ll…try,” Caryn said. If she had not been afraid before, she certainly would be now. Nathan’s worry for her was written on his face as he led her off the floor and returned her hand to Aric.

“Ah, good, I was just wondering whether you had spirited her away. Come, Caryn. All this has been to celebrate your becoming a woman. Let’s make it so.” His hand closed like a vice around hers, towing her steadily toward the exit. She glanced over her shoulder at Nathan, who was watching her leave with a puzzling expression, part anger, part anxiety, part something she could not recognize.

Caryn found herself dragging her feet, pulling against Aric’s lead as he half-carried her out of the ballroom. She was afraid, so afraid of him. She watched his broad back as he tugged her along like a little girl behind him, and her joints seemed to turn to jelly.

Long before she was ready, they had arrived at Aric’s chambers, and he sat her down on the bed. Seating himself across from her in an armchair, he began to pull off his boots. After much jerking, he managed to toss the first one onto the floor, but the second would not budge.

“Pull off my boot, girl,” he commanded. His gestures were strangely expansive, his voice too loud. Caryn remembered what Nate had said, that she was a princess in her own right and deserved to be treated well, and she grew angry.

“Call me by my name, my lord,” she said, making no move help him in his struggle to free his foot.

Aric squinted up at her, his face hard. “Come here and pull off my boot, Caaari,” he said, dragging her name out in a sing-song imitation of Nate’s voice. Caryn stiffened at the harsh, mocking sound of it. “That’s Nathan’s nickname for you, isn’t it? Caaari? You like it when he calls you that?”

Her brother leaned forward, putting his face scant inches from hers, and spoke more loudly, biting off his words. “Help me with my boot.” His breath was heavy with the spoiled smell of wine.

“Aric—are you drunk?”

There was a false levity in his voice, a dangerous lilt that did nothing to hide the dark mood her brother was in. “I don’t think it’s any of your business, one way or another, Caaari. Tell me, how long has it been since Nathan first stuck you?”


“I’ve seen the way he looks at you, Caaari. The two of you are like peas in a gods-damned pod. How long has he had his cock up your skirt?”

Caryn was stunned and increasingly angry. “How dare you? Nathan has never touched me!”

Ignoring her, Aric continued, “Not that I blame him. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, sister dear, watching you grow out of your skinned knees and into a body that could make a blind man hard. I’ve thought about it, what I would do when I got this chance to claim your — well, not your virginity, I suppose, since Nate has that—”

Caryn slapped him with her full strength, rocking his head back on his neck. For a moment, she felt vindicated, but her satisfaction melted into uneasiness, and then to terror as Aric fixed cold eyes on her.

“You would strike me? Your brother?” he asked. He spoke so softly she barely heard him over the pounding of her heart. She knew that face; she had seen him rage against a man who had insulted him, seen him beat that man almost to death with his fists.

“Aric, I—” His hand closed around her throat as she struggled to make an excuse, lifting her off her feet. She hung there for a moment before he released her and let her collapse backward against his pillows. He clambered up onto the bed, standing atop the springy surface and towering over her. For a moment, he only stared at her as she trembled on his blanket, then he pulled back his booted foot and kicked her squarely in the ribs.

She cried out, clutching at her side and curling away from him, and he dropped to his knees next to her. “Should have helped me with my boot, Caaari,” he jeered. “Now, pull it off.”

Taking sobbing, staccato breaths, she turned back to his proffered boot and yanked at it until it came free of his foot. She tossed it onto the floor next to the bed. “Aric, you’ve been drinking. Let me—” He slapped her hard across the face.

“Now my belt,” he said calmly, and with shaking fingers, she complied. “Take off my shirt. Carefully!” She loosened the ties at his neck and pulled it over his head, dropping it on the bed. Dread gnawed at her chest like a hungry beast. “Stand by the bed.”

Caryn crawled off his mattress, scrambling to her feet. Aric’s hand rubbed against the bulge in his trousers as he watched her. “Now…off with the dress.”

Whimpering, Caryn demurred. “Aric, please! Not like this. You’re angry!”

With a growl, Aric reached into the drawer of his night table, where he kept the knife he had been given on his own eighteenth name day. He seized it by the handle and, ignoring his sister’s increasingly desperate protests, jerked it through the fabric of her dress, neck to navel. His hands were not as steady as usual; he had scratched her along her sternum, and a thin line of blood ran between her breasts.

Aric dropped the knife and ripped the remainder of the dress away from Caryn’s body, leaving her exposed to the chilly air as it fell to the floor. Her pale skin was studded with gooseflesh, and her nipples had tightened to pink nubs. There was a nasty bruise forming along her ribs where he had kicked her, but below that was only her milky smooth skin, curving deliciously at the hip, disappearing into the dark curls between her thighs, running taut down the length of her long, tapered legs.

Her attempts to cover herself with her hands were all the more titillating for Aric; the image of her pale hand against the backdrop of dark hair made his cock jerk, imagining the times she must have buried her fingers in that nest, seeking warm, wet release.

“Turn around. Let me see all of you.”

She shook her head frantically, trying to form the words that would make him stop, but unable to find her voice. Aric gave her no time for protests. He stood and pushed her down onto her stomach on the bed, reveling in the smallness of her, the suppleness of her skin. She wriggled and clawed at the sheets, trying to crawl away, but he clung to her shoulder and waist and held her in place.

Caryn fought to turn herself over and succeeded in twisting onto her side, giving herself a view of him throwing off his trousers. A frantic noise, a keening half-scream escaped her mouth as he released his penis, and she kicked at him, connecting with his thigh and pushing herself off the other side of the bed. When her hands hit the floor, she began to drag herself away from him.

“Where are you going, Caaari?” The sing-song voice was back. Aric grabbed her ankle and jerked her back onto the bed, where he was now kneeling, one fist pumping up and down along his shaft. He seized both of her wrists in one hand and stared down at her, pleasuring himself. Her struggles were making her breasts toss and joggle in the most appealing way. He knelt on her legs so the she could not kick him.

“Aric, I beg you, let me go. This is not the way! Tomorrow, when you’re sober…” Caryn trailed off, unable to continue.

“Would you like to know a secret, sister?” Aric asked, stroking himself more rapidly. “I am not drunk. I only drank the single glass of wine I intended to give to you. I thought it might make things easier for you. But I watched you dancing with Nathan, I saw the way you pressed your body against his. And I knew then that his cock had been inside you before, probably many times, and you didn’t need the wine to dull a virgin’s pain.”

“I have never had a man, Aric, I swear!”

She seemed in earnest, but Aric had heard whores swear as much, and as vehemently. “Then let’s see, shall we?”

He let go of his member and took his weight off his sister’s legs. She immediately began to kick at him again, and he fought her one-handed for several minutes before he grew too irritated. Taking hold of one wrist in each hand, Aric slid off the bed and stood, hauling Caryn off after him. She groaned when her lower body hit the floor, and hissed as she was dragged across the ground to his wardrobe.

Inside was Aric’s collection of tools and toys, the things he was forced to use when his ladies did not submit as they ought. From it, he drew a rope, with which he bound his sister’s wrists.

“Aric,” Caryn said breathlessly. “Aric, no!”

Years ago, he had had an iron hook put into his ceiling just over his bed. He carried Caryn back to it, lifting her bound wrists over it so that she hung from the hook by the rope that connected them. She began to make a most pathetic noise; the pain in her shoulders in that position was intense, and she could not take the pressure off of them with her toes just brushing the surface of the bed.

When Aric stood before her, his erection was level with her mound, and he seized her hips, crushing her sex against his.

“A virgin, she says,” he muttered to himself, staring down at her breasts as they jounced with each movement Caryn made. “We’ll see about that. We will see.”

With his fingers digging into her waist, he began to lift her. A blessing at first for the relief it gave her burning shoulders, the movement almost immediately filled Caryn with horror. He would lift her up and drop her down onto himself. “No, Aric!” she screamed. His cock was rubbing between her nether lips with unbearable friction. She imagined the way she would tear open when he penetrated her and began to wail, bawling uncontrollably, her eyes scrunched shut and hot tears salting her face.

This, it seemed, got through to her brother at last. Still holding her by the waist, he put his forehead against hers. She opened her swampy eyes.

“You want me to let you down?” he asked. She eyed him for a moment, then nodded warily. “Would you lay down like a good girl and do what I ask if I let you down?” She began to cry again in earnest, and he shook her. “Listen to me! The alternative is hanging here while I impale you. Is that what you want?” Caryn shook her head. “Then you’re going to behave?” Sucking in a shuddering breath, Caryn nodded.

Aric lifted her off the hook and lay her down on the bed. His anger was spent; all that was left was the lust for his sister’s young body. Caryn curled into a fetal ball, wrapping her arms across her face and sobbing into the crooks of her elbows.

“Caaari,” he whispered. He ran his hand over his shoulder and down her side, careful of the dark bruise there. His fingertips dragged back up, trailing along her stomach and tracing the curve of the bottom of her breast. Caryn shuddered under his touch.

“Caaari,” he called quietly again. “I am going to make you want me. Your wet cunt is going to beg for me.”

Sobbing harder, Caryn curled up more tightly, but there was no defense for her naked body against her brother’s featherlight caresses. He cupped her breast, testing its weight in his hand. His thumb rubbed against her nipple and found it still pinched hard against the cold, so he rolled it gently between his thumb and forefinger. He knew how to be gentle.

“Don’t be scared, sister,” Aric murmured. “You just made me angry, that’s all. I won’t hurt you now. I’ll make you feel good.”

He lay down behind her and stroked her back with both hands, sliding one hand down to her rear and massaging her cheeks, bringing the other around her waist to press her body back against his. He was still erect, pressed now along the crevice of her pert rump.

Caryn quieted as his fingertips stroked her body, beginning to warm her flesh. She could feel every inch of his skin against her back, and he burned feverishly hot against her. It occurred to her that her brother was quite mad; she wondered if Nathan knew how wild their brother’s mood swings could make him.

No, he could not, or he would not have left her with him. She shuddered as she thought of Aric as king, his word law.

Aric breathed heavily against her neck and ear. “Caaari,” he called again, breathily and mockingly. “I need to bury myself in you. How does Nate make you wet?”

Caryn fought the urge to tell him again that Nate had never touched her, knowing it would only infuriate him again. She had learned her lesson, and she wanted no more fits of fury from him. Instead, she conjured up the fantasy she had used when she touched herself in her own bed, the image of a lover moving slowly between her thighs. There was no escaping this night with Aric, no avoiding the fucking he was nearly shaking with the need to give her. It would be best, she knew, if she could find a way to enjoy it.

“He…he touches me,” Caryn began, closing her eyes. “He places his hands on my breasts and he squeezes them gently. He kisses my neck, and—” She gasped, for a moment losing her train of thought as Aric began to follow her instructions, grasping her breasts and pressing his lips lightly to the place where her pulse beat in her throat. “H-he kisses his way down my neck and farther until his lips are on my nipple. He flicks it with his tongue, and sucks.”

Never let it be said that Aric could not take direction. Obediently, he began to suck her breast, his fingers running up and down the outside of her thigh. Caryn shivered, and not in revulsion.

“Then he kisses a trail down my belly,” she whispered, pausing so that Aric could begin, “and when he reaches my lips, he kisses them as well.”

Aric carried out her whispered fantasy, until his tongue slid roughly between her lips and down her slit. She yelped as he tightened it and speared her with the slippery tip. She felt a warmth begin to slick between her lips that had nothing to do with Aric’s saliva. It seemed Caryn’s body was more forgiving of Aric’s recent roughness than she was.

Her brother savored the juices that began to seep from her sex; it tasted like surrender. He ran low on patience, and this wetness was consent enough for him.

Aric spread out so that his body hovered over his sister’s. There was a heat, a tension in the slim space of air between them that made him drip with anticipation. He pressed her thighs farther apart with his knees, lowering himself to her pussy. Caryn’s eyes were shut, her face scrunched in concentration. She was so lovely that way.

When he shoved into her, he knew he had not given her enough time to be saturated. The friction was still too great, and her cries were evidence that his penetration was not pleasurable, but he had already waited too long. She was his and he wanted her.

Something obstructed his entrance, and for a moment he was confused. He had truly believed that Nathan had broken her already, but it seemed his sister was honest after all. It pleased him immeasurably to know she had not lied to him, that he was the brother that would tear her open and make her a woman in every sense. He leaned into her, breaking through, and smiled as she shrieked in pain beneath him. Her eyes were pricked with tears. She was loveliest like this: crying, panting, broken.

“You are mine,” he whispered in her ear, forcing himself into her as deeply as he could go. “Your body, your virginity, your honor…they all belong to me. Tell me.” When she did not answer, he grabbed her by the hair and shook. “Tell me!”

“Yes,” she gasped, her eyes shutting tightly and her mouth opening wide as he pulled back and thrust into her again.

“No, tell me. Say it.”

“I am yours, my lord,” she panted. “My brother has claimed my maidenhood and made me his completely.”

“And are you glad? Does it bring you pleasure to know that you belong to your brother?”

Her eyes opened and narrowed at him. No, her face said. No no no no no.

“Yes, my lord,” she murmured dully. “I would give my body to you a thousand times over.”

“And you shall, Cari,” he promised her.

She eyed his knife where he had dropped it on the floor, and she made her own silent promise.


Caryn did not return to her own chambers until nearly noon the next day. Wrapped in Aric’s dressing gown, she plodded, limping and exhausted, into her bedroom and collapsed face down in her bed. Here in the safety of her room, she wanted to cry, but she had spent her tears.

“Long night?” Asked a male voice from the corner of her room, and Caryn gasped and jerked. She was sitting up against her headboard, curled into a ball before she realized who had spoken, and from where.

“Nate.” Her voice cracked on his name. He rose from where he had been sitting at her small breakfast table, moving to seat himself instead on the edge of her bed.

He reached out to tuck a piece of her hair behind her ear, but she flinched away from him, so he returned his hand to his lap and did not move toward her again. “How are you?” he asked in the same tone he used to calm a spooked horse.

She did not answer.

“I hope you’ll forgive the intrusion…I couldn’t sleep last night, and I thought I’d wait for you here.”

Caryn responded with a one-shouldered shrug that told him nothing.

“Cari, talk to me” he said, dragging her name out over several syllables. Her head jerked up and her eyes burned for a moment.

“Don’t call me that.”

That startled Nathan. He had called her Cari for as long as he could remember. It was his nickname for her, the one only he used. “Oh…okay. Are you angry with me?”

“No,” she said, shaking her head and sighing. Then, “Yes.”

“Yes? Why?”

She glared into the middle distance, refusing to look at him, and did not respond. Nathan wanted to touch her, but he had hated the way she jerked away from him.

“Caryn? Why are you angry?”

“What good are you?” she hissed at him suddenly.

“What?” Nathan reeled back as if slapped.

“What good are you to me? As a brother or a friend! First, you refuse me, then you give me the stupidest advice. ‘Don’t let him hurt you’? What good could that have done me?” Caryn was still not looking at him, spitting her words instead toward the wall.

“Did Aric hurt you?” Nate began to feel the cold roar of adrenaline in his blood. “Did he…”

“Did he what, Nathan? Go ahead, ask. The answer is yes, whatever it is.” Caryn levered herself up off the bed and turned back to her brother. “Would you like to see what he’s done to me? It’s not pretty. It might make you sick to your queasy little stomach; I know you have no stomach for this whole affair.” All the poison she could not unleash on Aric, Caryn poured out on Nathan. Nathan who had done nothing — nothing to hurt her, and nothing to help her either.

She dropped Aric’s robe from her shoulders. She was naked underneath, and the dark bruises were easily visible against her fair skin: the fist-sized purple bruise along her side from his boot, and the matching sets on her hips, her upper arms, and her inner thighs where Aric had dug his fingers in. The shallow red cut between her breasts was visible too, flaked with dried blood. The half-moons of bite marks decorated her neck and shoulders, her breasts, her thighs. Her wrists were circled in chafe marks from the rope that had bound her.

“Gods’ mercy,” Nathan whispered. “Gods’ mercy on me, I’ll kill him. I’ll cut his throat.” He lifted the robe back over her and wrapped her in it, hugging her to him. “I’m so sorry.”

For a moment, Caryn stiffened in his arms, wanting to escape, but he smelled just as he always had, and his arms around her were warm and comforting, and she collapsed against him, shaking with the force of the tears she thought she’d cried out. She clutched at him, the fabric of his shirt wadded in her fists.

Slowly he sat and lifted her onto his lap, one arm behind her back and the other under her legs, like she was a little girl again. He rested his cheek against the top of her head and tried to fight down that rage that boiled through him.

Caryn nuzzled against him, her face pressed to the skin just below his collarbone. His heart was pounding, the heat of it radiating out against her. She made herself unclench her fists, flattening her hands against his chest. She slid them up to his neck, wrapping her arms around him and tucking her head into the warm space between his neck and shoulder. Her tears were slowing; everything about him comforted her, relaxed her.

Her breath was hot against his neck. Nathan tried to think of anything but how warm and soft she was against him. This was not the time. Her lips were moving against his neck. At first he thought she was speaking quietly, but then he realized the sound coming from her was just a deep sigh, and her lips were pressing light, soft kisses along his skin. He cleared his throat and shifted, trying to move her back without noticeably pushing her away.

Instead, Caryn moved closer, drawing her inside leg toward her chest and turning deftly so that Nathan found himself quite suddenly straddled by his little sister. The dressing gown that had been simply draped over her was slipping to the floor, revealing her trim body. Nathan realized he was staring down at what he could see of her and averted his eyes. Silently, he mouthed a prayer to the gods for strength.

His sister hugged him more tightly around the neck, pressing the pillowy mounds of her breasts against his chest. Nathan knew that from where she sat, she could not help but notice he was a man who appreciated all the attention. His trousers were pulled painfully tight.

“Why wouldn’t you take me, Nate?” she murmured, still feathering those kisses from his shoulder to the skin behind his ear. Nathan closed his eyes and didn’t answer. “I thought it was because you didn’t want me, but…” She took one hand from around his neck and brushed it along the length of his erection. “…clearly that’s not the problem.”

“Stop it,” Nate said quietly.

“Stop what? Kissing you?” She nipped his earlobe, then sucked it into her mouth. Nathan’s breath caught in his throat. Her lips moved down along his jaw to his chin, and then she kissed him chastely on the lips. His eyes remained closed, so she kissed him again, this time opening her mouth and molding the shape of her lips to his.

Nathan pulled away. “Yes, kissing me. Please stop.”

“Why?” Caryn was incensed. “What is so wrong with me?”

“Nothing!” Nathan dumped his sister onto the bed, standing up to pace. “There is nothing wrong with you, Cari. Not a gods forsaken thing. You’re beautiful and charming and funny and sweet…”

“Then why—”

“Because I can’t handle it! Gods! I have watched you and I’ve dreamed about you and believe me, I’ve berated myself for it, but the truth is, I have fallen in love with you, Cari.” He sat down hard next to her, grey eyes dark. “I’m in love with you, and you’re leaving me. I am already losing my closest friend and the most perfect woman I have ever known. At best, I have you for a few more months, time I’m sharing with Aric and Etan. If I have you like I’ve dreamed about…” Nate took a deep, shuddering breath and grabbed his sister’s hands. “I will not be able to give you up.”

“That’s all?” Caryn murmured. “I know the solution.”

She leaned against him, putting her lips against his ear, and whispered, “Don’t give me up.”

Nathan grabbed her chin, anger rising in him. “What are you doing? You don’t want this, any of it. I saw you, yesterday. You were terrified, thinking I had come to take you right here on this bed. And then Aric—”

Caryn moved away from him. “I do want it. You.” She was pouting now, like a little girl.

“No, you don’t. What do you want?”

Silence reigned in the room for what seemed like hours. The princess’ face reeled through emotions, considering and discarding them one after another. Nathan was patient, watching her and holding her hands.

“I want you to…take care of me,” she said in a small voice. “Protect me.”

Nathan’s heart sank. He loved his sister, and more than anything he wanted to sweep her away from the castle, ride off into the sunset, make her his wife. He wanted her to be his alone, safe from lecherous brothers and a husband who might be worse. But none of that was in his power.

“I’ll do whatever I can,” Nate assured her. “Seducing me won’t make me any more able to order Aric away from you. He is answerable only to Father. He will be king.”

Nathan began rubbing his sister’s shoulders, gently easing the tension out of them. Her body was so tense.

“He made me beg for it, Nate,” she said quietly. “He tore my body open and he made me beg him to finish in me. I did it. I begged him for it so that it would be over. Only it wasn’t over. He made me lick him clean, suck off all of his sap and mine, and the blood… And when he was clean, he was hard again, and he told me he wasn’t going to leave any virgin holes for you to fill. He—he—”

“For me? Holes for me to fill? I said I wanted nothing to do with this.”

“He wouldn’t believe me that you weren’t…I mean, that we hadn’t…”

“He thought I was fucking the cradle, so to speak?” Nathan was angry again. Caryn pulled away from him. “Sorry. That was uncalled for. He…gods, I want him dead.”

“Shh, that’s treason,” Caryn whispered.

“Then I’m a traitor. Tell me the rest.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Why not?”

“You’re angry.”

“I’m furious. But go on.”

Caryn took a deep breath and plowed on. The words seemed to come easier now. “He kept calling me by your nickname, even after he knew we hadn’t been together. He had this awful fake voice on. He was singing it in my ear while he bent me over his bed and pulled my cheeks apart. He licked his finger, but it wasn’t enough, wasn’t nearly enough. I thought he must be tearing me when he pushed his finger in. I screamed at him, but he wouldn’t stop, and the more I screamed the worse it got. He told me it would be better if I asked him politely for what I wanted.”

“So I asked him to be gentle, to let me get him nice and wet first. I asked him if he would make it slicker. He slid his fingers along my slit and scooped up some of my juices. He’d gotten me wet down there…I kept trying to think of the best things I could imagine, the sexiest things, so I would stay wet. He used what was on his fingers and rubbed it up my other hole. Then he told me to lick him.”

“When there was spit running down his shaft, he put me back on my stomach, and he took me. I talked to him the whole time, told him how nice it was when he took me slow and sweet, how much I liked taking just a little of him at a time, and what a good brother he was, teaching me how to relax so I could let my husband take me however he wanted. I could tell a couple of times he wanted to just start sawing in and out of me, but I kept begging, quietly, and he listened.”

“Was any of it true, what you were saying? Did you like it?”

Caryn scratched her neck, uncomfortable. “Not… at first. It was horrible, the worst sort of pain I’ve ever felt. So…personal. I mean, he was invading me, taking his pleasure from my body despite me. It was…I don’t know. I don’t know. There was something good in it, somehow. I felt, like—” She cut herself off. “No, no, I didn’t like it.”

“Wait, tell me. You’ve always told me everything. Tell me this.”

“I liked…I liked how he was in control of me, a little bit. I liked that I wasn’t responsible for what I was doing. Like, it was dirty and awful and wrong that I was sprawled naked on my brother’s bed, and he was spreading my anus out, and pushing into my body. He was—gods, he was raping me, his fingers were digging into me so hard I bruised and he was tearing me with his thickness. I was bleeding. It was…so bad. But at the same time, I thought…”

Nathan growled, and Caryn turned to look at him, surprised. Her brother stopped touching her and lay down instead, rolling onto his stomach. “Sorry, this is becoming…a little much.”

“I thought about you, Nate,” Caryn continued. “I thought that if it were you behind me, and your erection stretching me that full, I would like it. I would mean the words.” She smirked. “Why are you laying on your stomach, brother?”

“You’re wicked,” Nathan said. “Just let me be for a minute. I was trying to be understanding.”

“And instead you’re being a lecherous older brother.”

“I know, I know, I’m sorry.” He winced, reached under himself, adjusted. “Please forgive me.”

“I forgive you,” she said, and her smile was villainous.

It was a startlingly different expression on her face from any he had seen before. His innocent little sister… “You’re doing it again, aren’t you?” he accused.


“You’re trying to seduce me again. And…” Things began to fall into place for Nathan. “And you’re trying to make me angry, too. That’s why you’re telling me all this. You…you want me to hate him. You want me to kill Aric.”

“I never said that. That’s treason, brother.”

“But it’s what you want.”

Caryn lay down next to him, curling up against his body. She brought her lips to his and kissed him, a long, sweet kiss. “Yes,” she whispered when she broke away. “It’s what I want.”


By the time Etan knocked politely on Caryn’s door, she was bathed and dressed in a long-sleeved, high-necked gown that covered the marks Aric had made on her. Nathan had returned to his own quarters to think over the things she had said to him.

“Hello, brother,” Caryn said, waving Etan into the room.

He nodded and stared around the room at nearly everything but her. At length, he cleared his throat and met her eyes.

“I thought we might have a late lunch on the lawn. It’s a lovely day.” Etan did not speak often, and his deep voice was gravelly with lack of use. He was the largest of her brothers, bulkily muscled and tall. His large hands could encircle her waist completely.

Caryn was surprised by his initiative. It was not often that he made plans on his own, but then, it was possible that this had been Aric’s idea.

“That would be fine,” she said blandly, giving him a small smile. She took his offered arm, taking two steps for every one of his long-legged strides.

The lawn stretch out behind the castle for a couple of acres before it melted into forest. It was lovely, with the sun out and burning away at the coldness of the air. Still, Caryn was grateful for her long sleeves in the early spring afternoon. Etan saw her shiver and draped his arm around her shoulder.

There was already a blanket laid out on the far side of the lawn, near the trees. A basket of food and wine held down one corner while the breeze made a tangle of the rest.

“You do like roasted chicken?” Etan asked her, his voice barely more than a dull rumble.

“I love it.”

“Spiced wine?”

“Yes, please.”

Throughout the lunch, Caryn’s mind raced, trying to find the angle Etan was taking here. Was this Aric’s plan, and after lunch he have Etan dragging her into the trees behind them after dessert? Or was Etan the only mind at work here? She admitted to herself, she did not know Etan well enough to know if he was cruel on his own, when he was not being Aric’s puppet.

She felt it was best to face the question head on. “So what are your intentions for the day, Etan?”

Etan delayed answering by wiping his mouth gingerly with his napkin. Idly, he scratched the back of his neck. “I hoped to talk to you a bit at lunch, learn more about you. We don’t really know each other, do we?”

“No, I suppose not.”

Her middle brother nodded and said, “It seemed strange to call a stranger to my bed, even if she is my sister and my responsibility.”

“Aric had no problem with it.”

Etan met his sister’s eyes squarely. “I am not Aric.” He turned his head, looking into the trees, and spoke with a sigh. “Nor am I Nathan. Don’t expect either.”

“Then tell me about you, Etan. I admit, the things I’ve heard about you…they are intimidating.”

“What have you heard?”

“That your appetites are more voracious than Aric’s, and nearly as cruel. That you’re rough enough to have forcibly retired whores,” she said. “The stories that come back to me…”

Etan laughed, a boomingly pleasant sound that Caryn was not sure she had ever heard before. “They are not true, princess. Although I beg you, keep that to yourself.”

“Why? You enjoy being considered a brute?”

The prince shrugged. “Not particularly, but if the truth came back to Aric, he’d make my life hell.”

“Then what is the truth?”

Etan lay back on his elbows, contemplating her with a small, amused smile. “I don’t know that you’re ready for the truth, sister. For now, you can go on hating me nearly as much as you hate Aric, if you’d like.”

“I don’t hate you,” Caryn mumbled.

Etan laughed again. “Just don’t try to sell me that same line about Aric. I know hate when I see it. Come here, pet.” He patted the blanket next to him. “Sit next to me. I doubt it will be any easier to accept my ‘teachings’ if I have never touched you at all.”

When Caryn sat beside him, he levered himself onto his side, lounging on one elbow. With his free hand, he ran his fingers gently through her hair and lightly traced the shape of her shoulder and arm. After a few moments, Etan sat up, crossing his legs with some difficulty, and turned his sister so that her back was to him. He rubbed her back with soft strokes, mindful that he could crush her tiny shoulders and ribs with his gigantic hands quite by accident. It was not long before Caryn was relaxing under his hands’ ministrations. This was not the Etan she had expected.

She glanced over her shoulder at him and was surprised to see his eyes squeezed shut, his face troubled. He seemed far away, lost in another moment of his own imagining. She reached back and brushed her fingers along one forearm, and the corner of his mouth tweaked up into a half smile.

Caryn leaned back into him, and his hands slid around her shoulders, slipping down the front of her body. When his fingers encountered her breasts, though, he jerked back, and he sighed, the spell apparently broken. They stayed that way for several quiet minutes, the princess leaning back against the chest of her middle brother, his arms resting at his sides, both lost in thought.

“Who were you thinking about?” Caryn asked at last. Etan seemed troubled, and did not answer.

Instead, her brother began to gather the remnants of their lunch, stacking it back in the basket. He stood and offered his hand to Caryn, pulling her to her feet as well and folding the blanket over his arm.

“Shall we get back?” he asked.

Caryn was puzzled. While she had heard many rumors of her brother taking women to his bed, she had never heard of a woman returning more than once. Could it be that her brother was in love with a woman Aric would not have approved of, and the other girls were a screen? Why then had he acted as though her breasts had bitten him? A thought began to form in her head.

Etan led her back to her room somewhat hastily. “Would you prefer to join me in my chambers this evening, or shall I come to you here?”

“I will come to your rooms, Etan,” she said. He nodded and started back to his own rooms, and Caryn followed. “But why wait until this evening? I have had a lovely afternoon with you already. I would love for it to continue.”

Etan was visibly uncomfortable. “I’m glad you have enjoyed my company, but I have other matters to attend to before I can continue our…association.”

“Are they secret matters?”


“Then why should my presence deter you? Come, let me accompany you.” She began to lead the way back to his chambers. If she was right…

With obvious reluctance, Etan walked with her, then opened his door — he let his held breath out in a sigh when a glance around the room showed it empty. It was not lost on his sister.

He spoke again, evidently relieved, as he sat down on the bed. “I think you will be bored here with me, sister. I’ll just be dealing with a few matters of state too small for Father or Aric. You know if they pass to the second son, they’re of no real interest to anyone.”

“Then they can wait.” Caryn sat down across his thighs. “You heard Aric; my education is to be first priority.” She began working to remove his shirt. Etan was so still, he might have been frozen. She knew she would not be able to pull his shirt off without his help, so her fingers went instead to the laces of his trousers.

“Ah!” he said, raising his hands as if to stop her. “Are you sure you have nothing you would prefer to be doing, Caryn?”

She shook her head and clambered off his lap, gesturing for him to help her undress them both. Etan’s obvious discomfiture was proof of what she had begun to more than suspect. If he had been with as many women as the rumor mill would tally, this should have been no problem at all, sister or not.

With much effort on her part and minimal assistance from her brother, Caryn succeeded in stripping both of them naked, and they stood staring at each other. The princess could not help but notice that her brother was all hard planes and firm muscle…with the notable exception of the appendage that hung unenthusiastically between his legs. His perusal of her body had no effect.

“Your ribs — Aric?” he asked. When she nodded, he reached out and brushed his fingertips over the bruise lightly. “I’m sorry. He can be a beast. He’s never learned that being large gives you a responsibility to be gentle with people smaller than you.”

“Are you gentle with the people you’re with?” Caryn asked quietly, carefully echoing his wording.

“Of course.” Etan put his hands on either side of her waist, drawing her closer to him. He seemed to think for a moment, then turned her so that her back was to him and pulled her against him. His hands pressed against her stomach. His penis still lay slack against her.

“You don’t want me, Etan?”


The door to Etan’s rooms opened, and a young serving man entered, talking quickly and ripping at the laces on his breeches. “We only have a few minutes, Etan. I’ll be missed in th—”

The slender young man finally looked at the nude pair standing in front of the bed, and understood that in front of Etan was his tiny sister, pressed against his hips, her hair swinging down to cover her naked breasts. “Oh, gods, I didn’t realize you…” Terror flitted over the young man’s face and he stumbled backward to the door, fumbling behind his back for the knob before he could let himself out and run down the hall to wherever he had come from.

Caryn had been surprised when the door opened, but not so shocked that she could fail to notice the hardening of the staff pressed against her rear as the young servant entered and began to undress.

“Oh, Etan,” she sighed.

The prince released her and sank down onto the bed, covering his face with one hand. With the other, he seized a pillow and dragged it into his lap to cover his telling erection. Caryn was confirmed in her suspicions. Clearly, her brother had been paying off a lot of young women and prostitutes.

“Well, now you know,” Etan said hoarsely. “Gods, this whole thing is such a mess.”

“This is what you’ve been hiding from Aric? Why you do whatever he tells you to do and pretend to go through whores like butter?” Etan nodded. “Why?”

“Why? As long as I’m doing what he demands, he ignores me. I don’t want him looking too closely at what I’m doing — or who. The last thing I need is for my brother to spread it around that I’m…unnatural.”

At this, Caryn smacked his arm away from his face, forcing him to look at her. “You are not unnatural, brother. Look at me! You want to talk about unnatural? Aric, my eldest brother, the second most powerful man in Perchhold, who should be my greatest protector? He raped me. His own sister. That’s unnatural. And Nathan, who should be doing his duty and then sending me along to my husband? He wants nothing to do with teaching me, because he wants to make me his wife, and keep me forever. That is unnatural. You are not unnatural.”

Etan gave her a half smile, not quite believing her, and she sat down beside him. “Etan, I would never tell your secret to a soul, if you prefer. You may be able to help me, though, with a plan I’m just beginning to make.”

“A plan for what?”

“For getting out of this castle, out from under Aric’s thumb and away from whichever suitor he and Father have chosen for me.”

Etan looked her over for a moment before saying in a deceptively bland voice, “Escaping with Nathan, perhaps?”

Caryn blushed, and nodded. “Yes. You see, I’m unnatural too. I’ve fallen in love with my brother.”

“That’s dangerous, Caryn. Aric…I’m not meant to tell you this, but Aric and Father have been talking. Father wants to marry you to Lord Micravale from the passes. He has the largest army of the northern lords, which would be securely tied to the crown by the marriage.”

“Gods! Micravale? He must be at least eighty years old!” Caryn’s stomach turned at the thought of consummating a marriage with the hairless old man she had seen at her father’s councils.

“Yes. His son died of a hacking cough two years past and he’s without an heir. So you see…there’s a great deal tied up in your remaining here, to be married as the crown wishes you to be. What you’re planning is treason. If you are caught, or if any whisper of your plan gets back to Aric, Nathan is likely to be killed.”

Her stomach was cold lead. “Killed?”

Etan lay his palm over her white-knuckled hands. “You can trust me, Caryn. How can I help you?”

“Well, Aric is expecting you to sleep with me, yes? Probably to spend the majority of the evening with me and into the morning. He would not expect that I might be, say, a day’s hard ride away by the time you awaken and discover that I slipped out while you slept…”

“Aric is not a fool, Caryn. He will be keeping a close eye on you.”

“Yes, I know. But I have a plan. You may not have heard, but there was a serving boy, very close to my age, who was caught sneaking into your chambers in the dark of night. As he was unable to provide any explanation, he was assumed to have been spying at best, possibly sent to assassinate you at worst. He was thrown out of the castle.” Caryn’s eyes were sparkling as she spoke, seeing the story now in a completely different light.

Etan grip on her hand tightened fiercely. “You’ve seen Leif?”

Caryn grinned. “I took pity on the boy as he was being taken out, and told the guards to release him to me. He was so distressed — he confessed to me that he fell in love with you after months of cleaning your chambers and watching you from a distance, and he had been desperate to be near you. He said nothing of your own preferences; very loyal of him. He has been working in my chambers in the disguise of a maid under the name of Lisel for the past two weeks.”

To the princess’ immense surprise, there were tears in Etan’s eyes. “I was afraid he’d been killed. I couldn’t ask too many questions about him without seeming…overly concerned. But he’s alright? He wasn’t hurt?”

“He’s fine. He’s a very pretty young man…a believable girl, in fact. He’s roughly my size, particularly if he were to stuff his chest a bit, and in his current disguise, his hair looks very similar to mine. In fact, it is mine. I had my hair cut for his wig.”

“You want to make a trade? Leif for you?”

Caryn nodded. “A small young woman with brown hair in one of my gowns — naturally, she is assumed to be your sister — is seen coming into your chambers, and a night of raucous lovemaking ensues. When, at length, you collapse into sleep, a serving boy exits, clearly having been summoned to clean up after you and your sister. In the morning, you’ll discover that the princess has disappeared, and raise the alarm.”

“Aric will be angry.”

“Yes, but what can he do? You have spent years cultivating the impression in his mind that you are his large and stupid younger brother. You have done what he wished, introducing your sister to base pleasures, and you cannot be blamed if I have slipped away from you in the night with your youngest brother. Nathan has always been willful and tricksy, after all.”

Etan stared at her for a long moment before planting a kiss on her forehead. “Did you just come up with this?”

“I had been searching for a way to actually slip away from you tonight. Once I discovered your inclination toward men…everything became much simpler.”

Etan laughed. “Your definition of simple must be very strange, sister.”


“Lisel” was pleased with the plan, especially once it was decided that Etan would encounter the serving woman during the great search for Caryn and covet her, taking her for his own. Leif would not be forced to leave the castle again.

Nathan was more difficult to convince, even after Caryn laid the entire plan before him, leaving out only Lisel’s true identity and what it meant about their brother.

“There’s no way we can take that kind of risk, Caryn,” Nathan said. He was seated on her bed, listening impatiently as she stood in front of him. “Do you have any idea what they will do to you if we’re caught?”

“No. Do you?”

“No! That’s just the point. There’s too much uncertainty in this. A thousand and one things could go wrong.”

“Or it could all go right, Nate. And we could live the rest of our lives as husband and wife, just as close as we have been all our lives until now. I don’t know what will happen if we try and fail, but I do know what will happen if we succeed. And if we don’t try at all…I’ve got an old man to look forward to.”

Nathan flinched, but his face said he remained unconvinced. “What if I lose you?”

“If you do nothing, I am already lost to you,” Caryn said coldly. She let the chill settle into him for a moment, then knelt in front of him, hands on his knees, looking up into his face. “I want to be with you forever, Nate. I want to fall asleep next to you and wake up in your arms every day. Don’t you want that?”

He did want that. She could see it in his face, in the way his breaths were coming a little faster, a little closer together. This idea excited him, she could see that, and awakened a hope in him that he had probably been trying to kill for years.

“It’s a good plan,” Caryn said. She raised herself up, put her face within an inch of his. “It will work.” She kissed him lightly, just a taste, to see if he would follow her lead.

With both hands, he grasped her face and deepened the kiss, his lips parting and his tongue parting hers. She could feel him start to tremble as he began to accept that everything he had wanted could be his. All he had to do was steal away with her in the dead of night, and he would have her for the rest of his days.

“Okay,” he gasped. “We’ll go. Tonight.”


Aric sat in his father’s private audience chamber, hiding the trembling of his hands by clenching his fingers around a goblet of spiced wine.

“The ball went well. The bids for her hand have never been higher,” King Darin said. He scratched at his beard as he paced the room. “Micravale was practically drooling on himself when he saw her last night. I trust you’ve started her preparations?”

“Of course, Father. Etan is with her tonight.”

Darin nodded. “Very good. And Nathan tomorrow?”

“Nathan has declined to take part.”

The king swung around in surprise, brow furrowed. “Declined? He is her brother. Let him know I will leave no one room to say she was not thoroughly trained as a wife. She is a princess of Perchhold, and I will have her educated properly. Gods, would he have her bedded once and turned over like a common farm wife? She’ll be a duchess!”

“…Or a queen,” Aric said quietly.

Darin’s frown deepened. “A queen? Hardly. The only king this side of the mountains is Carrigan, and gods know I don’t need any alliance with him. He doesn’t have enough men to guard his own palace doors, much less mount an attack.”

“My mind was turned a bit closer to home, Father,” Aric said smoothly, despite the nervous tightening of his chest. This was it. If he could get his father to agree, to put the orders in motion now…

“What do you mean? Speak clearly, boy.”

“Father, I wish to take Caryn as my wife when Micravale dies. All the power of his house and the lords sworn to him will be mine, and our line will be purer, stronger than ever.”

Darin blinked and frowned, turned away from his son and poured himself a cup of wine. He threw it back in a single mouthful, wiped his mouth, and sat heavily in his heavy wooden chair. He fixed his eyes on Aric, lips pursed as he considered his eldest son’s request.

The boy had made his argument as if his choice were purely political, but Darin could hear the desire in his son’s voice. The king remembered deflowering his own two sisters on their eighteenth name days, and the strange pleasure it had been to release his seed into a woman of his own blood. But his sisters had been married to young lordlings far from the castle, had been gifted with many children by their husbands and had never returned to tempt him. Neither of them had been married to an old man, powerful in name and title but feeble of body and mind. Neither of them had had Caryn’s likelihood of being a widow within their first year of marriage.

“You want me to change the laws regarding the marriage of a brother and sister. To clear the way for you.” Darin poured another cup of wine and swigged it. “You desire her. Is that why you supported me in courting Micravale?”

“Micravale was the clear choice for his assets,” Aric said. “Although, I must admit that his failing health gave me the idea. And once I had…”

“Once you’d taken her, you were caught, yes? That’s the way with women.”

Aric frowned. It hadn’t been the way with the women before Caryn. They were largely transferable, one as satisfying as the next; but Caryn had been something else entirely. It was the contrasts in her: her mouth said the most delightfully nasty things, surrendered to him, begged for more, while her eyes and her body warred against him. It drove him wild. Thinking about it now, in this room with his father, he grew excited.

“Do I have your blessing then, Father? Will you help me?”

Darin drained the last dregs of wine from his goblet and sighed. “Caryn will be yours.”


Leif forced himself to walk slowly as he made his way down the hall, his head bent so that the wig’s long locks of dark hair swung in front of his face. He would have preferred not to have to dress as a woman day in and day out, but if it kept him in the castle and within reach of Etan, he could put up with it.

He paused and adjusted the front of his dress, and tried to discreetly keep the wadded fabric that made his “breasts” from flattening and slipping down his torso. When he resumed walking, he reminded himself again that he as a princess, and should be walking with Caryn’s confident, swaying stride. He tried to force his hips side to side.

The relief of finally reaching Etan’s door was great, and he relaxed as he knocked.

“Caryn, come in,” Etan called as he opened the door. His voice carried through the hall behind Leif, letting the lingering servants in the hallway know that the princess had presented herself for her brother’s pleasure, if any were waiting to report to Aric.

When the door shut behind them and they were alone in the room, Leif and Etan just stared at each other for a moment.

“I was afraid you’d been…” Etan trailed off, eyes running over Leif.

The serving boy pushed the wig back off his head, revealing his own straight, nut-brown hair. “Your sister is a saint.”

Etan nodded. “Was it alright? Working in her chambers?”

With a shrug, Leif grinned and began to pull off the dainty satin slippers Caryn had given him to match the dress. “She treated me well. Your brother would have killed to see her naked as many times as I did.” He laughed, a sweet sound, like a bell.

“Which one?”

Leif laughed again. “Either, I guess. Help me with these laces. I pity women for having to wear these things. They’re regular torture.”

He turned around and Etan began to fumble with the fine corset laces. His fingers were too large and blunt to be of much use, but between the two of them, the dress came off, and beneath it was only Leif’s smallclothes and pale, smooth skin.

Etan cleared his throat. “I — ahem — I had forgotten how nice you were to look at.”

Leif lay his hands against the prince’s chest. “I didn’t forget you. Not for a second.” He stepped forward and leaned against the taller man, his head on Etan’s shoulder. “I missed you.”

The prince sighed as if all the weariness in the world were draining out of him. He sank down onto the mattress, bringing Leif down with him. With a tenderness that seemed out of place in a man Etan’s size, the prince pressed his lips to Leif’s.

They kissed like the first moments of a summer rain, like a flower bud opening, like the first tendrils of dawn. Then Leif’s lips parted and Etan pulled him tighter against him with a hand on each side of his face, and everything became motion and fury and passion and wet, sucking moans.

On the other side of the door, Aric leaned against the wall in the corridor and contemplated bursting in to tell Caryn the good news that she would be his for the rest of her life. But he could hear Etan inside, sounding more frantic than Aric had ever heard him, and he thought it cruel to delay his brother’s pleasure. He so rarely seemed to truly enjoy the women that came around.

There was one pleasure Aric could take in his moment of triumph. He could tell Nathan the fate of their baby sister, and watch the boy try to shrug off losing her to his eldest brother forever. It was bound to be a satisfying moment. Whistling, he set off for Nathan’s chambers.


Nate had thought himself packed, but when Caryn saw the small rucksack and meager allocation of clothing he had bundled in, she was ripping through his chest of drawers, tossing garment after garment at him and bidding him to pack those as well.

“Cari, every shirt you add makes it that much harder for us to slip out of here unseen. You’re wasting time! We need to me running! Lisel has already gone to Etan’s…we only have a few hours head start as it is.”

“Give me one more minute. You’re going to need more smallclothes than that. We won’t have maids washing them for us on the road.”

“No, and I can’t see us needing feast day clothes on the road either,” he said, pulling out the silk shirt she had stuffed into the mouth of his pack. “If this doesn’t mark us as an escaped prince and princess, I don’t know what will. We need plain clothes.”

“We’ll get those on the road. What if we need things to trade? How much gold do you have on you?”

“Whatever’s in my purse. Enough for the journey, at least.”

Caryn was digging through his shoes and didn’t appear to have heard him. Nate gently took her by the arm and pulled her up to face him. “Cari, let’s go. It’s time.” She was shaking beneath his fingers, her skin pale and eyes wide. “Are you afraid? This is your plan. You assured me it was flawless.”

“It was! I mean, it is. You’re right, we have to go.” She scrubbed a hand through her hair, forgetting about the wool scarf that she had worn to cover it and knocking it askew. Nathan pulled it straight and tucked the loose strands of hair back into place. He took her hand and squeezed it firmly, then picked up his sack and hers.

They were two steps from the door when someone knocked on it. Both froze, but Nate recovered first and shoved Caryn toward the wardrobe, dropping the sacks onto the floor. “Hide!” he hissed quietly.

Another knock on the door, and then the impatient visitor opened it, just as Caryn stuffed herself into the wardrobe and pulled the doors shut.

“Aric!” Nathan said, too loudly. “What a surprise. Didn’t expect to see you in my chambers this evening. Don’t you have state business, or a lady to terrorize, or something?”

Aric smiled unkindly. “What a sweet brother, so concerned about my responsibilities. No wonder Caryn’s so taken with you.” Nathan coughed, having no other response to that.

The eldest prince continued, “I came to tell you the good news. Caryn is to be married!”

“Of course she is. Isn’t that what this whole mess is about? It’s to be Lord Micravale, isn’t it?”

Aric raised his eyebrows and walked a little further into the room, sweeping his eyes over the mess the Caryn had made ripping through his clothes. “No one escapes the rumor mill, I suppose. Gods, brother, don’t you have maids? This place looks like the kennel.”

Nathan shrugged uncomfortably. “Is that all you came to say?”

“No, actually,” Aric said, his lip curling as he turned his attention away from the piles of clutter. “As I’m sure you know, Micravale is a very old man, and his health is hardly what it used to be. No doubt he’ll die soon, and leave our Caryn a cold and lonely widow.”

“Why brother, you sound positively gleeful,” Nathan spat.

Aric’s eyes glittered coldly. “Caryn the widow is free to marry again, bringing the power of Micravale’s holdings to her new husband. And who better to hold that power than the king of Perchhold?”

Nathan blanched. “Father’s going to marry Caryn?”

“Gods, no! Nathan, you’re an idiot. Caryn’s going to marry me.”

“You? No! There are laws against that! To protect the sisters, so their brothers do their duty and then send them on. To their husbands!”

“She’ll have gone to her husband. And come back. To me.” The smugness in Aric’s tone was echoed on his face, in his smile. “Father’s already agreed to overturn those old laws. Caryn’s mine.”

Nathan shook himself. Caryn would not be Aric’s. She was his. If he could get Aric out of here, they would be running together tonight, free from their brother. The thought made him smirk. “Are you done? Because I’ve got things to do this evening.”

Aric’s own grin shriveled a bit at his brother’s apparent calm. He marshaled for a second attack. “You know, I’m glad you didn’t want to do your duty to our sister. She’s coming along so nicely under Etan and me, begging for us to cream in every hole. With your lack of enthusiasm, you might ruin a perfectly good slut.”

Nathan’s clenched fists shook with the effort of remaining at his sides, but he controlled the urge to crush Aric’s face, reminding himself that in a few hours they would be miles away. “What better way for brothers to occupy their time than to beat and rape defenseless little sisters?” He fought to keep his voice mild. “Good night, Aric.”

“Rape? Who said anything about rape? Caryn got on her knees and begged me to spread her, and hammer her, and flood her. Did she tell you how wet she was? How the more I hurt her, the wetter she got? She loved every minute of it, Nathan. Some girls want a strong man to take them over and use them. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?”

“Get out!” He shoved his brother hard in the chest, forcing him backward unthinkingly. If he had stopped to consider, he would have remembered that he had dropped the bags in the middle of the room, and that Aric stood in front of them. But he could not think that far ahead in his anger, and Aric stumbled over the bags, tumbling the contents across the floor.

There was a moment of tense silence as Aric bent to pick up the corset that had fallen at his feet.

At last he asked, “Going somewhere, brother?” His voice was no louder than a whisper. “But with whom?”

“A—a trip. Just a few days in the country,” Nathan said. He could barely speak through the tightness of his throat.

Aric reached into Caryn’s bag and pulled out a gown, beautifully embroidered, dotted with seed pearls. She had worn it to the feast their father held in honor of the new year, a feast which all three brothers had attended. Recognition registered on Aric’s face.

Dropping the gown, he seized Nathan by the throat and shoved him backward against the wall. “What are you planning?” he seethed. When Nate did not respond, he tightened his fingers, squeezing until Nathan’s face began to darken to a deep plum. The younger brother kicked and scrambled at Aric, but Aric seemed to take no notice. “Does Caryn know that you’re trying to steal her away? That’s my future wife you’re plotting with, little brother.”

Nathan’s mouth opened and closed desperately, and his eyes bulged from their sockets. With disgust, Aric dropped him in a heap on the floor, watching him gasp and cough as one would watch a dying rodent. “You’re too stupid to be planning this on your own,” he spat. “Let’s see how Caryn answers for herself.”

He seized his little brother beneath the jaw and began to drag him backward to the hallway. They were not far from Etan’s rooms, where Caryn was presumably being ravished at that moment. But Nate knew they would find no princess in that room, and that Etan and the poor maid would be held just as responsible for their attempted escape as he and Caryn if they were discovered.

“It was me, Aric,” he gasped desperately, struggling to free himself from Aric’s grip and get to his feet. “I planned to kidnap her. She doesn’t deserve to be at your mercy. I was going to take her to the woods, keep her away from you until we were forgotten about.”

Kimi awoke several hours later to the wonderful feeling of a slender tongue gliding over her furry mound. It fluttered lightly across her half-hidden clit, which brought a soft, purring moan to her lips. Talin was no longer at her side, so she figured it must be her tongue that was delighting her so well. With her eyes still closed, she slid her fingers into her friend’s short, red hair and parted her thighs just a bit more.

Talin’s talented tongue masterfully worked her glistening folds apart, and then glided along the valley between them. A soft, mewling sound drifted up to her ears, which told her that the beautiful goddess loved the taste of her heavenly nectar. She softly cried out her delight with every swipe of her tongue. Each successive caress drove her excitement even higher and caused her heart to soar with love.

“Oh, baby, what a wonderful way to wake up. I love when you surprise me like this.” She said. “Oh, yes, lick me right there. Please, don’t stop.”

“I have no intention of stopping.” Talin said, between licks. “I love the taste of my baby girl’s pussy. I want to drink of her nectar and give her a nice orgasm before I stop.”

Kimi purred happily at those words. She parted her thighs even more, but she was gently guided to kneel on the bed. Talin lay down on her back, and then pointed to her mouth. A deep blush formed on her cheeks because she knew what was expected of her. She was to kneel over her friend’s mouth so that Talin could resume her loving ministrations.

Although she crawled atop her friend and knelt over her mouth, she was hesitant about lowering her pussy to Talin’s waiting tongue. She’d never really been orally pleasured in this manner before. She’d always laid on her back when her friend had tongued her to an orgasm. She bit her bottom lip uneasily, but her uncomfortableness quickly disappeared when she felt Talin’s small paws slide over her furry, heart-shaped ass.

She whimpered softly and gave in to the needs of her longtime friend. The moment her pussy touched the sexy redhead’s lips, she immediately felt Talin’s rough tongue slip between her pussy lips. She leaned forward and placed her paws on the headboard to keep her balance as the gentle caresses resumed. She wanted that tongue inside her, but it seemed that Talin was in no hurry to bring her to orgasm.

Her small paws drifted from her squirming ass to her slender hips and Kimi groaned softly when her friend pulled her more firmly against her mouth. She parted her thighs as much as she could to give the enticing woman full access to her most private areas. Talin’s rough tongue repeatedly slid from the very bottom of her pussy to just below her clit. Her breathing grew steadily more ragged with every passing moment and she knew her juices were flowing freely into her friend’s wonderful mouth.

Her moans also grew in frequency and intensity as the minutes passed. When she thought she could take no more of the insistent licking, Talin pressed that delightful tongue inside her velvety tunnel. Her eyes widened in surprise and she let out a breathy, heartfelt moan of appreciation. She pressed her pussy even tighter against her friend’s mouth and squirmed on her tongue as much as she was allowed.

The beautiful redhead’s long, slender tongue felt so good inside her and it seemed to caress every part of her with loving firmness. She wanted so badly to ride Talin’s tongue because that’s what her body was screaming at her to do. However, she could only move as far as her friend’s grip would allow. So she contented herself with simply squirming on her tongue and enjoying everything that was being done to her. After several more minutes, she felt a gentle pressure on her hips and she lifted herself off of Talin’s mouth.

“Mmmm, you taste just as good as I remember, baby girl.” Talin said.

“Then why did you s-stop?” Kimi asked, looking down at her. “Please, make me come.”

“I only stopped to catch my breath and to tell you how much I love feasting on your pussy. Do you really need to come that badly?”

“Y-yes, I need it. Please, I want to come on your tongue.”

“Are you going to be a good girl for me for the rest of the night?” Talin asked, stroking her ass with a gentle touch.

“What…what do you mean? H-have I done something wrong?” she replied, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

“No, of course you haven’t, baby. I just want you to do as I say for the rest of the night. I promise you that you’ll enjoy it.”

Kimi giggled softly at that and looked around for a few moments as if she were thinking about it. When she returned her gaze to the goddess beneath her, there was a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. She pressed back against Talin’s paw and her eyes slowly drifted closed. When she spoke, her voice was so soft that her friend could barely understand her.

“I…I don’t really know what’s expected of a submissive. I just know what feels right to me. If you want me to do as you say, I’ll do my best to make you happy.” She said.

Talin was silent for a few moments, and then said, “That’s all I can ask of you, baby. I’ll be happy as long as you’re trying your best. Besides, the sooner you get used to serving me, the better off you’re going to be.”

“I understand, ma’am.”

“That reminds me. You’re only to call me ma’am if we’re alone or if I tell you it’s okay.”

Kimi nodded and squirmed a bit as she was still rather excited. She felt Talin’s smile and she purred happily when she felt her friend drawing her back down to her mouth. Once she was back in place, she gasped softly at the feel of that wonderful tongue working its way between her pussy lips again. Talin didn’t bother with teasing her this time. She immediately pressed her tongue back inside Kimi’s needy pussy to give her the orgasm she wanted so badly.

She sat up a little straighter and bounced happily on her questing tongue the moment she felt Talin’s paws leave her hips. She no longer needed to hold onto the headboard, so she squeezed and caressed her breasts while she sought her orgasm. Her nipples soon grew to rock hard points atop those furry mounds, which seemed to please her hungry-eyed friend. She felt Talin’s paws join hers at her breasts and she eagerly allowed her to take over pleasuring them.

She rolled them between her nimble fingers while her tongue delved deep within Kimi’s heavenly passage. The younger woman gasped and whimpered in pleasure from the dual assault and ground her pussy against Talin’s soft lips on every downward thrust of her hips. Her orgasm coasted steadily closer, but she was in no hurry to find her release. She was far too thrilled to have her friend’s tongue inside her again to wish for it to end so soon. However, she knew that she’d allow it if it were to please the sexy goddess lying beneath her.

With nothing to do with her paws now, she leaned back slightly and caressed the white-furred pussy behind her. She grinned wickedly the moment her fingers came into contact with it because Talin was already wet with her excitement. She lifted a finger to her lips and suckled at it for a moment. Then she returned it to her friend’s pussy and worked it slowly inside. The moment she felt her finger dip inside her, Talin pushed her away and spoke softly to her.

“Is my little girl hungry for some pussy, too?” She asked.

“Mmmm, I’m always hungry for yours, ma’am. May I turn and give you the pleasure you deserve?” she replied.

“Oooohhh, your finger feels so good, baby. But, yes, I think you deserve a treat. Put that wonderful tongue to work and make me come.”

Kimi squealed happily and turned about to do as requested. She settled herself onto Talin’s mouth once again, and then leaned down to reacquaint herself with the beautiful pussy of her longtime friend. She extended her rough, pink tongue and lowered her head between Talin’s quivering thighs. Just as she was about to push that tongue inside her white-furred pussy, she suddenly felt the luscious redhead’s fingers stroking her hard, little clit. She gasped softly and arched her back as she pressed harder against that pleasure-filled touch.

However, the touch was gone as quickly as it had appeared. She felt a firm slap land on her ass, which surprised her and caused her to whimper in slight pain. She looked back over her shoulder, but she couldn’t see Talin’s face from her vantage point. Although she tried to sit up, she couldn’t due to her friend’s legs tightening around her head.

“Get that tongue to work, baby girl.” Talin said. The words were muffled somewhat, but she still heard them well enough. “You know I don’t like repeating myself.”

Kimi whimpered and nodded as much as she could. She felt the pressure on her head relax, so she extended her tongue once again and lapped hungrily at Talin’s pussy. She heard an appreciative moan from behind her, which gave her a little thrill of pleasure. That pleasure only increased when she felt her friend’s tongue return to her pussy and her fingers return to her clit.

Her long, thin tail flicked from side to side in time with the loving swipes of her tongue. She felt Talin part her meaty thighs a bit more and arch upwards, so she shifted forward a bit to give herself better access to her friend’s needy pussy. She gently parted her lips with her fingers and flicked her tongue at the entrance of that heavenly tunnel. This seemed to excite Talin even more because a sudden gasp floated down to her ears. The beautiful redhead’s talented tongue increased its pace inside Kimi’s pussy, which drove her ever closer to her impending orgasm.

She pressed her tongue firmly inside her friend’s pussy and assumed a slow, steady pace. She slid her paws underneath Talin’s squirming ass to hold it in a loving grip. She didn’t want to be knocked off of her perch accidentally. Her fingers were still a little damp from their brief contact with her friend’s pussy and the tips occasionally brushed against Talin’s asshole. She knew that she’d never allowed anyone inside her ass before, but something inside of her was telling her to tease the beautiful goddess while she pleasured her.

She swirled the tip of her finger around and around that tight, little hole as her tongue sank even deeper inside Talin’s delicious pussy. At first, her finger was ignored and her friend simply rocked into her tongue thrusts as best as she could. However, the moment she pressed more insistently against her asshole, Talin pulled her mouth away from her pussy and whimpered softly.

“No one has ever had my ass, baby. I haven’t even let Mihaly have it.” She said, between moans of pleasure.

Kimi pulled her tongue out with what she hoped was excruciating slowness and looked over her shoulder. She continued to caress Talin’s asshole as she considered her words. When she spoke, her voice was husky and there was a hint of a dark desire behind her words.

“So you don’t like the idea, my love?” She asked.

“No, I didn’t say I didn’t like it. All I meant was…oh, my sweet gawd…Yes, baby, yes!”

Talin’s complaint was suddenly cut short when she felt Kimi press her finger firmly into her hot, tight ass. She didn’t know where her younger friend had found this unexpected surge of assertiveness, but she didn’t really care at that moment. All that she cared about was keeping that finger inside her and keeping Kimi’s tongue doing exactly what it was doing. The moment her slender finger had dipped inside her quivering ass, the ebon-haired beauty’s tongue returned to the supple shelter between her thighs.

The dual assault of her finger and tongue sent her emotions spiraling out of her control. She pushed her tongue back inside Kimi’s pussy and resumed her attempts to make her loving baby girl come. Her small paws gripped her friend’s ass while her hips shot upwards time and time again.

She felt Kimi shuddering above her, which told her that her orgasm wasn’t far off. She wanted to find her release at the same time, so she slowed her thrusts to match those of her friend. Their tongues moved back and forth in perfect harmony with one another as they took their time with their pleasures. The added stimulation of Kimi’s finger delving into her tight ass had her heart beating rapidly against her chest.

It was true that she hadn’t let anyone else have her ass before, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t like it. In fact, she’d experimented with it early on in her sexual explorations. From the very beginning, she’d felt a dark thrill whenever she fingered her asshole. She’d always been careful when she played because she feared that anything more than a single finger would hurt. It wasn’t until much later that she learned women could even take a man’s cock inside their ass while still feeling pleasure.

Even so, she still hadn’t allowed Mihaly to attempt it. Her ass was highly sensitive and she feared that she’d lose the air of control she had over him if she gave in to her dark desires. As it was, she was having a hard time even maintaining control over Kimi. Before she’d even realized it, she was hovering on the edge of a wonderful orgasm.

She moaned deeply into Kimi’s pussy, which seemed to push her friend even closer to a similar release. For a moment, they seemed to share one mind. They were both on the brink of a much-needed orgasm and they both wanted to give that gift to their partner as soon as possible. They rolled onto their sides and quickly resumed their efforts to push their partner over the edge of that most sought after plateau. Almost at the same time, their fingers found the other’s clit and stroked it with a feverish intensity.

However, Talin seemed to be moving towards her release just a bit faster because she had the additional pleasure of Kimi’s finger in her ass. She held her orgasm back for as long as she could and was rewarded for her efforts when her friend cried out her delight moments later. She felt Kimi’s pussy clamp down painfully on her tongue and a river of heavenly nectar flooded into her mouth.

She swallowed every drop, but it was made all the more difficult when she fell into the dark abyss of carnal delight shortly after her friend. She was torn between riding the waves of pleasure rolling through her and drinking the delicious essence flowing from Kimi’s most sacred of places. With a supreme effort, she managed to do both until Kimi pulled gently away from her. The two of them lay there gasping for breath for many minutes before either of them actually spoke.

“Oh, baby, that was so amazing.” Talin said. “What made you decide to finger my ass?”

“I don’t know. There was just something inside of me that was telling me to do it.” Kimi said. She turned about and curled up in Talin’s arms. “Did I do well?”

“You did an amazing job, baby girl. I’m so proud of you. But let’s keep this between us for now. I don’t want Mihaly to know yet or he’ll be trying even harder to fuck my ass.”

“I understand, ma’am. I won’t say a word about it. I hope this means that I’ll get another chance at your heavenly ass, though.”

Talin laughed gently and kissed her softly. Then she said, “I don’t know about my having a heavenly ass, but I think you just might get another chance in the future. I loved how your finger felt inside me. You were so gentle and that’s very important when you’re doing that sort of thing.”

“Well, I’m glad that I didn’t hurt you. I’d love to fuck your ass with something more than just my finger, but I think Mihaly should experience that pleasure first.”

“I’d like that, too. I think you’d be very gentle with me. But you’re right that he should be the first one to do that. I’m just worried that I’ll like it too much when and if he does. I like maintaining my control over him at all times and I think it would be very hard to do while he’s fucking my ass.”

They continued to talk about Mihaly and her fears of anal sex for several minutes after that as they relaxed from their recent orgasms. Although Kimi didn’t really have that much experience with it, she urged her friend to at least give it a try. If things didn’t work out the way she wanted, she could simply tell Mihaly that they couldn’t have sex like that anymore. Talin nodded in agreement and hugged Kimi tightly in thanks.

The ebon-haired beauty curled happily against her chest and nuzzled the fur of her neck tenderly. She felt her friend shiver from every caress of her soft lips. A twinkle of happiness formed in the corners of Kimi’s eyes just from the sight of Talin’s pleasure. She pressed closer to her and drew her lips up to her small, cute ear.

Talin seemed to understand what was coming because she moaned even before Kimi touched her ear. The younger woman grinned at this and extended her tongue to trace the outer contours of her friend’s pointed ear. While she lovingly toyed with her delicate ear, Kimi’s paw glided over the gentle swell of her cantaloupe-sized breast. Talin moaned in appreciation and turned her head to the side slightly to give the younger woman easier access to her sensitive ear.

Kimi flicked the tip of her tongue against her friend’s earlobe and traced its outer contours once again. She heard Talin suck in her breath and she knew that her actions were turning her friend on again. The fingers of her right paw danced over the silken fur of the sexy redhead’s left breast in a lover’s caress. She avoided the nipple for now because she wanted to take her time in pleasing the goddess who lay beside her.

When she felt that Talin’s ear had been teased enough, she slipped from her lover’s arms and crawled atop her. She settled herself on the crimson-haired beauty’s legs and leaned down to focus her attention on her beautiful breasts. She cupped both breasts in her paws as she covered them in tender kisses. She felt Talin’s eyes on her, but she ignored that lust-filled gaze for the moment.

However, it was much harder to ignore the soft mewls of pleasure flowing from her soft lips. She glanced up at her lover with that same twinkle shining within her orchid-hued eyes. She saw a look of such longing in Talin’s eyes that it momentarily stole the breath from her lungs. She sensed that her actions were highly pleasing her lover and this heightened her own excitement that much more.

She released Talin’s breasts gently and entwined her fingers with those of her lover. Then she lowered her lips to the nearest nipple and sucked it into her warm, wet mouth. Her rough tongue swirled around and around that dark bud until she felt it rise to rigid attention. She released it and kissed her way over to the other breast where she nuzzled it like a kitten looking for its mother’s teat.

Talin moaned throatily at this and she seemed unable to lie still while her little Kimi paid homage to her breasts. The younger woman slid a paw between their bodies and her fingers lightly probed at her lover’s pussy. From the heat radiating out of that most sacred place, her ministrations were having a profound effect on the beautiful redhead. She pulled her paw away and shifted a bit to bring her lips in line with Talin’s ear. She brushed her lips against the outer edge lightly, and then spoke softly.

“Do you want me to make love to you, my darling?” She asked.

“Oh, my sweet baby, I’d love nothing more. You’ve been so attentive tonight that I can hardly believe it.” Talin replied. “Please, make love to me.”

Kimi pulled her head back slowly to see the look of love etched upon Talin’s lovely face. It made her heart leap into her throat and she leaned down to press a tender kiss to her soft lips. Their tongues touched time and time again between their lips, but they were careful to keep the kiss slow and gentle. Kimi pulled away a few moments later, and then slipped from her bed to find her stash of toys.

She kept her favorite vibrator in her nightstand, but the majority of her toys were hidden in the back left corner of her tiny closet. She shifted several pairs of shoes aside and tugged the box out of its hiding place. Then she carried it over to the bed and searched through it until she found one of the smaller strap-on toys that she owned. It was roughly five and a half inches in length from the tip to the twin lumps near the base and it was about an inch in width. Although the rest of her strap-on toys were larger than this, size wasn’t the most important factor for what she planned to do.

My fiancé Ben is taking a nap with Luna sleeping on his chest after spending most of today on an extension-ladder painting the intricate gingerbread work on the second story of our house. Luna is our four month old female beagle puppy; we bought her to celebrate our engagement.

Goodness, our little dog follows Ben everywhere. Luna would have climbed up the ladder to be with him if she could; they look so precious sleeping like this.

I need to wake Ben soon; we plan to shower together before having an early dinner. All these intimate little things like showering together are so new to me; not to mention the endless hugs and simple touches from an affectionate man who basically is so delightfully kind and gentle.

It took most of my adult life to find Ben…. for Fate is cruel as well as kind, and Fate brought us together.

Tomorrow I am taking Ben to meet my family for the first time. My parents are looking forward to meeting him; especially my father. They are hosting an ox roast for us in celebration of our engagement and everyone will be there.

I am somewhat apprehensive about my uncle Cain who will be attending. Uncle Cain believes that anyone who does not subscribe to his narrow hard shell Baptist views is going to hell.

Cain is a large and strong, domineering man, and somewhat of a bully. Cain gave up trying to argue religion with Dad. My father discretely knocked him unconscious behind the garage at a Fourth of July Picnic. They both agreed it was an accident and shook hands; we don’t talk about it outside the immediate family.

Other good news; yesterday Ben and I received written confirmation from my attorney that my divorce has been finalized.

My ex-husband, a defrocked Baptist Minister is now hiding somewhere in Mexico after embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from our church. Luke burned it down for the insurance money and stole that too.

I am a native Mississippian born and bred and can trace my roots to the founding of the country. I met my husband Luke here at a Born Again Christian Revival meeting on the county fairgrounds.

I was seventeen years old and a virgin. I was saving myself for marriage. Luke was twenty-three with a worldly air about him and a bright future ahead of him.

Luke looked incredibly handsome with his longish and thick wavy black hair…his baby blue eyes. He has such wonderful long eyelashes and a dimple in his chin. Even then Luke was a well known charismatic speaker. He had his audience eating out of his hands.

They were swaying in joyous rapture praising the Lord. Women were fainting and a few men were crying openly being caught up in the moment…..I was in love.

Reverend Scott introduced me to Luke later that day at our evening church social. Luke was wearing his trademark white linen suit. I had butterflies in my stomach when I shook his hand. Luke’s hand was cool and smooth. I noticed that his nails were freshly manicured and thought this so sophisticated.

Luke was being groomed to take over when Reverend Scott retired in the spring.

When we walked over to the refreshment table for punch Luke’s hand lingered on mine. He told me I was a very pretty girl. He complemented me on my dress and this caused me to blush and feel light headed. I was tingling all over and of course more butterflies………….

I awoke to the sight of my miracle, my golden haired angel touching my face with her hand saying softly, “Ben, you said to wake you.”

Mary Beth leaned forward to kiss my lips as Luna stood, stretching and yawning, wagging her little tail for Mary Beth to pet her.

Always a Lady, Mary Beth’s golden blonde hair was put up in a bun that was held in place with two carved hair sticks and nothing else. She was wearing a translucent airy pale green muslin dress and like me will go barefoot every chance she gets.

Women from the city where I grew up and lived most of my life never dressed like this. I love the fact my angel always wears a hat outside to protect her fair, creamy skin from the sun; what good common sense.

And then there is the way Mary Beth talks; I find her soft accent sweet and endearing; the syllables just roll off her tongue to caress my ears.

“That’s my baby,” Mary Beth said picking the puppy up to hug Luna to her bosom, “do you need to go outside to do your business?” Mary Beth put her on the floor and followed Luna to the back door to go outside.

Shortly after, I then joined them outside barefoot; the warm grass felt wonderful underneath my feet. Luna was smelling everything in sight; the innocent joys of a puppy, where every new scent and sound, the slightest movement is an adventure to explore; Luna is a smart little dog and already house broken.

Luna came running to greet me in that clumsy, awkward way many puppies do at this age; it’s a miracle they don’t trip over their little feet.

“Yes, Luna, you’re a good girl,” I praised petting her and then putting my arms around Mary Beth’s waist to hug her and to kiss the back of her neck, “I love you, Mary Beth my golden haired angel.”

“I love you too, Ben,” Mary Beth said squeezing my hands as we watched Luna let out a little yip and spin around to bravely chase a yellow and brown striped tiger swallow-tail butterfly that flew by. Luna stopped once to assure herself we were still in her sight before pursuing her dangerous prey to the edge of the stand of magnolias bordering the east side of the property. “The chicken is marinating in the refrigerator and will be ready for the grill after our shower,” said Mary Beth, turning to put her arms around my neck to kiss my lips with her warm, sweet kisses; heaven on earth kisses, my angel’s kisses.

“Luna,” I called, “come good girl,” I encouraged, also using the hand signal I taught Sophie; “we’re going in the house now.”

Mary Beth was my first time with a woman. My angel says this is what makes me special….can you imagine that; a woman who actually thinks an ugly cuss like me is special.

We have so much to explore and experience together. My thoughts and imagination of what is erotic and intimate are no longer merely words or dreams: Mary Beth is my reality……

Ben closed the wood accordion gate across our open bedroom door so Luna could see us. He told Luna to be a good girl and lay down; amazingly she did. Ben has a way with animals; they instinctually sense his goodness.

Taking the initiative, “Please close your eyes, Mary Beth. I want you to undress me with your imagination and sense of touch.”

Closing my eyes, I reached up and put my hands on Ben’s shoulders leaning forward to kiss his warm lips. Ben is special; incredibly thoughtful….and oh, so very gentle.

I’m so glad Ben is getting over his initial shyness with me. I tingle all over when Ben kisses me and this is not puppy love.

I ran my hands up his neck and touched his face trying to memorize the features of his face with my fingers tips.

I ran my hands over his head, with and against the bristles of his sensibly very short brown hair, thinking, ‘he’s mine and I want him. I wanted Ben from the time I first kissed him, the night of our harvest moon.’

My hands went to the collar of his white shirt where I started unbuttoning at the second button from the top. Next, I unbuckled his thick brown leather belt so I could pull his shirt out of his blue jeans, my hands lingering to stroke and squeeze his hard cock through the material.

I was thinking, ‘He’s mine now and I will brand his cock with my lips and tongue…what wonderfully naughty thoughts. Ben brings out the woman in me to have these thoughts.

My mother would be scandalized that I would even think of having a man’s cock in my mouth….Luke would never let me even touch his manhood. Sex with Luke while it lasted was so banal and predictable….there now Ben’s shirt is off……’

Mary Beth took a step back stumbling and opened her eyes. I caught her, pulling her close to kissing her lips. She returned my kisses. Soon, my golden haired angel’s tongue was caressing my tongue with hers. I can smell her sweet musky woman smell enhanced by her vanilla perfume.

The scent of a woman, my woman shifted my arousal into overdrive. I have lived with years’ of celibacy waiting for the right one, saving myself for my angel when she came for me.

I held myself back knowing Mary Beth is worth the wait……….

I closed my eyes again and ran my hands down Ben’s hard bare chest and felt the hard ropey muscles on his arms and back, taking note of every burn and scar that he bravely earned before we met.

I started kissing him, working my way down his chest and flat stomach caressing him with my hands until I was kneeling at his feet.

I unbuttoned the single embossed copper button of his blue jeans and then unzipped them pulling them down around his ankles for him to step out of which left only his briefs. They were bulging in front where his rock hard cock pressed against them trying to escape.

I squeezed his firm ass through the fabric and then ran my hands down his muscular legs before pulling down his briefs. Ben’s cock is longer and thicker than Luke’s. It was standing at attention for me to lick and to use as I pleased.

My eyes were still closed when I took it gently in my hands measuring the girth and length burning the dimensions of my man’s manhood into my memory while kissing his balls and licking the tip of his cock before standing to face him, smiling……

“It is your turn, lover” Mary Beth said opening her eyes and lifting her arms for me to remove her dress. I did, pulling it over her head and then letting it drop to the floor.

My angel removed the hair sticks from her bun and shook her head so that her long golden blonde hair unfurled down her back almost to her waist. My golden haired angel shook her head again until some of her hair fell forward partially covering her face to play peek-a-boo through it with her blue eyes, eyes to put the most precious and rare blue sapphires to shame.

I closed my eyes and pushed Mary Beth’s hair away from her face before gathering it up into a ponytail, next twisting it up into a loose bun to let it drop down again.

I traced the length of her golden blonde tresses down her back with my fingers, touching the bottom to memorize where it ended on her curvaceous body…..Mary Beth is my earth bound epiphany.

I took my angel’s face in my hands to kiss her lips long and deep. Our tongues entwined and I sighed with contentment before reaching behind to unhook her bra to remove it.

I slowly slid my hands underneath Mary Beth’s hair at the back of her nape letting my finger follow the shape of her head and face while kissing her mouth again sighing with contentment…..

Ben kissed my forehead, my cheeks and ears and neck; behind my ears… everywhere. I was tingling all over thinking about of all that I had missed. Ben was kissing me as if I were the most precious thing in the world.

I love him so much that I stumble for the words, therefore I will use his; Ben is my earthbound epiphany.

Ben worked his way down my neck and shoulders, lingering at the base of my throat, taking in the scent of my perfume I put there for him. I intuitively sensed what he was doing and smiled to myself thinking “Ben notices all the little details.”

Ben has so much self-control, while I was absolutely dripping between my legs; my panties were no longer damp but wet with my sweet juices of arousal.

Ben’s hands and fingers were everywhere touching; probing, lingering on my shoulders, on the small of my back and my ass. Rubbing and teasing; squeezing with his hands through the cotton of my white panties.

Ben’s mouth was kissing me in places that I had never been kissed before. He was paying special attention to my full breasts and engorged nipples, licking and sucking and kissing.

Ben gradually worked his way down until he was on his knees at my feet, kissing and caressing. Once there Ben removed my panties before he stood up to study me with his warm grey eyes, wonderfully expressive eyes, the window to his kind and gentle soul.

I saw nothing but love there; love mixed with passion….our shower would have to wait. Ben’s hard manhood was standing at attention; my willing womanhood, my sweet moist flower was awaiting his hard cock…. our arousal would not be ignored.

Ben smiled and took my wrists kissing them. He then picked me up underneath my knees and cradled me as would a groom carry a new bride over a threshold to put me gently on our poster bed.

“Please lie on your back and close your eyes again my beautiful angel.”

Ben kissed my face and neck, working his way to my sensitive breasts, stroking and sucking and licking; paying particular attention to my engorged nipples. I could hardly contain myself from moaning with pleasure. I wanted to orgasm with his hard cock inside of me.

“You have beautiful breasts Mary Beth. They are full and round with such pink nipples to match your perfect pink aureoles. They are a heavenly contrast to your creamy white skin. They were meant to be licked and touched and so I shall continue my angel.”

Ben lay down beside me and continued licking and sucking on my breasts with his warm wet tongue; all those years; I never imagined it could be like this. I caressed his head and face with my hands while moaning and gasping with pleasure.

I pushed my pussy into his hand as he was stroking me. Ben parted my pussy lips to get at my sweet, swollen clitoris making me gasp and pant and moan all louder. I was so unladylike, taking naughty pleasure in expressing my sexuality.

I didn’t care because my moaning and squirming and dirty talk aroused Ben all the more; aroused me all the more…I can tell by Ben’s passionate kisses.

“Please Ben, I want to come. I want you to kiss me…oh god this feels so good! I want to lick and suck on your big cock.

‘I can’t believe I said that!’ I thought, ‘what a wonderfully naughty thing to say; what a glorious naughty thing to think; fuck me, fuck me, fuck me and fuck me hard, Ben; how’s that for naughty and dirty!’

“All in good time; keep your eyes closed my love……”

I brought Mary Beth to the peak of orgasm and stopped. My golden haired angel is such a hot, passionate and sexy woman in the sack; it makes my head spin.

I never dreamed that Mary Beth would talk like this in the throes of passion, or that I would be aroused by it…wow. I’m quite shy around women, although I maintain a professional neutral demeanor at work, however, not with her, not with my angel.

I was betting myself that her ex-husband the defrocked and disgraced minister never went down on Mary Beth; the fool that he is.

This is what lovers do. Oral sex is so pleasurable….the tastes, the smells… the sensual touch…the sounds all blended together with love; the key element of true passion; giving to one another freely and naturally to be as second nature as breathing.

Inspired by my golden haired angel, I went down on her licking and sucking and teasing while Mary Beth lay there thrusting her dripping wet, sweet and delicious pussy in my face for me to lick harder.

Mary Beth’s hands were above her head in her hair. My angel was rolling her head to from side to side as the first orgasm washed over her and yet I was still not finished with her.

Mary Beth rolled over onto her stomach and she got on her hands and knees, anticipating what I wanted, telling me silently what she wanted.

My dam was about to burst and now that Mary Beth was satisfied I rammed my cock into her still dripping pussy while holding onto her hips and pounding her relentlessly…..

I had never done anything like this before; as a matter of fact all that I experienced was the momentary missionary with the ex and nothing else.

This delight along with oral was all new to me. What added to the delight was we were both as naive. I was getting aroused a second time, another orgasm was starting to build inside of me and I was thinking naughtily, ‘I can feel his balls slapping against pussy. My kind and gentle shy man has a wild side.’

Ben’s lustful thrusts increased in speed and in power as he reached forward to grab my long hair. He twisted it into a ponytail and pulled my head back as he continued pounding me.

I was bucking and panting and moaning as my second orgasm burned through me, burning away all my pent up inhibitions, “Fuck me harder, Ben! Fuck me harder!”

I could feel Ben’s hot, thick and rich seed being pumped into my dripping and swollen ravaged cunt as he came. Ben was breathing in and out deeply while softly moaning; and to think how close Ben came to taking a vow of celibacy. Praise god that he didn’t.

“I’m sorry, Mary Beth,” Ben said blushing, “I didn’t mean to be so rough with you; it’s just, I mean….”

“I loved every minute, every millisecond. It’s who you are, Ben; It’s who we are together; why hold back, you didn’t hurt me. I loved it and I love you.

Life is short Ben; let’s honestly experience this facet of our love as it comes to us naturally without reservations. I love a man who takes charge and who better than you; the brave man who rescued me.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said smiling, “I can live with my angel being a hot and sexy number when we are alone….Mary Beth.”

“Yes, Ben.”

“You’ll always be a fine Southern Lady in my eyes.”

“That’s so sweet, Ben, and this Southern Lady is going to suck on your cock before bedtime.”

“Yes, Ma’am…..”

Luke and I courted for two years and during that time we were never alone together. We were always chaperoned or with other couples, members of our little church.

My mother is an elder in our church. Mom was convinced that Luke and I were the anointed couple. Mom was convinced we were perfect for each other…. or so it seemed at first. Dad on the other hand was not so sure.

My Dad is a sometimes Baptist and was a lackadaisical Lutheran before he married; Mom’s words not mine. Dad attended church with us every other Sunday out of love and respect for Mom.

Dad’s philosophy of the situation; “The Lord can have me every other Sunday. He may have me for all eternity if he so has a mind. Short of that, the catfish and Zeke and I have a long standing appointment.”

Dad went fishing on those as he called them “I’m-playing- hooky-from-church- Sundays” with Ezekiel (Zeke) Hawthorne a bona fide bachelor who pretty much was of the same mind. Mom let him because if she didn’t Dad wouldn’t attend Church at all preferring to fish every Sunday; we prayed extra hard for their souls.

On our wedding night I went into the bathroom as all new brides do to make myself beautiful for my sexy husband.

I took my long light blond hair down and brushed it until it shone like burnished gold, thick and soft falling to the middle of my back.

I was growing it waist length for Luke. My mother’s light blonde hair is waist length. I was taught a woman’s hair is her crowning glory and life was glorious on that special day.

Since the revival meeting, I imagined how our lovemaking would be on our wedding night. Luke would take me gently into his arms and kiss me. He would tell me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me.

Luke would slowly undress me and I would undress him. I would feel his hands gently caress my breasts. I would taste his lips for the first time. He would kiss and touch me in places I never imagined could be touched or kissed.

When the sweet juices of my womanhood flowed freely and I was ripe and ready, Luke would gently break my hymen with his manhood while kissing me.

We would make slow and gentle love, our souls entwined and my husband would slowly bring me to orgasm spilling his seed into my fertile body making me a soon to be mother.

Afterward we would lie there in each other’s arms talking about our future and choose the names for our many children. Then finally, Luke would hold me gently, stroking my hair; we would fall asleep in each other’s arms, the good Lord watching over us….or so I imagined.

When I came out of the bathroom on the beautiful star lit night the curtains were drawn tight against the double glass door leading out to a small balcony. Luke was waiting for me writing notes for an upcoming sermon.

I got into bed next to my sexy husband and Luke reached over to turn off the table lamp throwing the room into almost complete darkness. How I wished we could make love in view of the stars.

I rolled on my side to face him, awaiting a kiss on my lips.

Luke roughly… perhaps roughly is not the right word. Mechanically would be better. It was all the tenderness of a handsome wind up automaton man going through the motions.

Luke pushed me onto my back and then inserted his spit covered fingers into my womanhood forcefully tearing my hymen and causing me to cry out in pain.

We had intercourse in the missionary position that lasted a good sixty seconds. Luke was lying on top of me with his full weight pushing down almost smothering me.

He was grunting and panting with a terrible grimace on his face as if he was in pain and the tender act of making love disgusted him.

In retrospect the very act of intercourse disgusted Luke; to him sex was necessary for procreation and nothing else.

When he was done, Luke kissed my cheek. He got out of bed and took a shower. When he returned Luke kissed my cheek again as he got into bed and rolled on his side facing away from me. He wished me a good night falling almost immediately asleep.

This was our love making while on our honeymoon; the purpose to make babies and this remained our love making for the next three years.

We were driving home on the last night of our honeymoon getaway such as it was; Luke decided to stop around midnight at a gas station- convenience store to get us a cup of coffee and use the restroom. I was out the ladies room first and sat in the car to wait for him.

While I was waiting, a rust bucket of a pickup pulled into the parking space beside me. A slovenly and disgusting middle aged man with a beer gut dressed in filthy black jeans and an equally filthy black sweat stained Heavy Metal Tee shirt got out with a can of beer in his hand and slammed the door several times to get it to close.

He spat a stream of chewing tobacco juice onto the ground and then stretched, scratching his crotch before drinking the last of his beer, crushing the can in his hand and throwing it on the ground.

He finished stretching by farting and belching while stuffing more chewing tobacco into his mouth. His last charming action was to wipe the dried snot off of his face with the back of his grimy hand and then wiped his hand on his filthy crusty jeans.

I was frightened and disgusted by him. I looked straight ahead, pretending that he wasn’t there. I was praying Luke would return soon so we could leave. As I said, Luke is a big, tall strapping man.

Looking in my direction the filthy cretin pushed his lank thin greasy hair over his pate trying to cover his bald spot.

He smiled at me showing his few remaining tobacco stained yellow-brown rotting teeth. He swaggered over and stuck his head in the driver’s side window while putting his hand on the roof of our station wagon.

“What’s a pretty little thing like you doing he-ah all alone this time ah night?”

I could smell his alcohol laden fetid breath and his reeking unwashed body. The stench of the alcohol was perfume in comparison to the rest of his vile unwashed smells. He made me cringe with disgust and I wanted to retch.

“Do you yah all want some company?”

I was too frightened to answer. I stared straight ahead hoping he would go away. I wanted my husband.

He turned his head and spit a stream of tobacco juice to the ground, smiling and no doubt imagining himself to be suave and charming as he leaned farther in to reach with his arm. This vile wretch of a man smiled broadly displaying his discolored gums, “You sure have pretty hair.”

He stroked my long ponytail with his filthy hand making my skin crawl.

“What do you say about going to the roadhouse for a few beers to get better acquainted, you pretty little thing?”

As he said this I could see Luke coming out of the store carrying two paper cups of coffee.

“What is going on here? Stop bothering my wife!”

The filthy cretin pulled his greasy head out the car window and sized Luke up. He then spit another stream of tobacco juice to the ground.

“Your wife you say preacher boy. I thought she might like to be with a real man for a change. What do you say about letting me borrow her for an hour or so?”

This time he spit on Luke’s pants legs staining the white linen fabric with tobacco juice mixed with sputum, smiling around his few remaining front teeth.

Still hanging on to the coffee cups Luke said. “You had better leave us alone or else.”

“Or else what, you’ll pray for me?” The redneck said sneering as he knocked the coffee cups from Luke’s hands.

“I’ll tell you what,” he took a crumpled dollar bill from his jeans pocket and stuffed it into Luke’s clean white shirt pocket.

“I’ll even pay for it and let you watch while I fuck her; we’ll have us a little orgy, faggot.” Luke just stood there with his head down as if he was praying.

A county sheriff’s car pulled into the parking lot driving slow as if looking for somebody. Seeing it, Luke lifted his head and stood up to his full height of six-four and said confidently.

“If I were not a man of God, I would beat you to an inch of your miserable life. The Lord has answered my prayers by giving me strength to turn the other cheek.”

Luke pushed past him and got into the car.

As we were driving away, Luke turned to me and said, “He should thank the Lord that the law showed up when it did.

My prayers were answered Mary Beth. Otherwise there is no telling of what I would have done to him in my righteous anger.”

Like the blind fool that I was then I wanted to believe Luke. I slid closer to him and put my head on his shoulder. Luke puffed out his chest, sitting up straighter in the seat. He put his arm around me and I was content our prayers were answered; proud that my husband had the courage of his convictions.

After all the Bible says, “But I say unto you, that ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also…………”

I was up early the following Sunday to make Luke a breakfast of pork sausage, fried eggs with grits; my famous from scratch buttermilk biscuits with my equally famous sausage gravy.

Luke was looking at me with a thoughtful look on his face as we sat there eating.

“What’s the matter, honey,” I asked, “what are you thinking about?”

“We need to do something about your hair, Mary Beth”

I had fixed my hair in a pretty bun as my mother’s suggested as is befitting a minister’s wife.

“You don’t like my hair? What is wrong with it, honey, I put it up for you?”

“Nothing is wrong with your hair Mary Beth, however you are a married woman now as well as a Minister’s wife.

It should be shorter and more conservative. Perhaps we should tone down your blond hair to a nice respectable brown.

You need something that is easier to care for on our busy schedule especially when our babies arrive.

Do you remember how that sinner was tempted in the parking lot touching your hair like he did?

I know it was not your fault but only God knows what would have happened if I didn’t show up when I did.

You are a pretty woman and pretty women turn men’s heads by their appearance alone tempting them to lust. It’s best to remove the temptation. I have made an appointment for you with one of our parishioners.”

I touched my beautiful hair lamenting any change but wanting to please him. I foolishly agreed to keep the appointment on Wednesday. The Bible says a wife shall obey her husband in all things and I still loved, trusted and believed in Luke those early years.

I arrived at the salon thirty minutes early to browse through the pictures in the hairstyle books. I selected a simple blunt cut chin length bob cut with long eye framing bangs choosing a hair model with rich dark brown hair that complemented the cut.

Mrs. Sullivan the salon owner and my stylist escorted me to her cutting station. I sat in the chair and she placed the cape around my neck while I opened the book and pointed to the picture.

“I really like this one; I think it will look nice on me.”

Taking the book from me, she said, “You are so right dear, that style would suit you just fine.”

Mrs. Sullivan took the hairpins out of my bun letting my hair drop down into a cute sassy ponytail and I sighed because I loved wearing my hair this way the best.

“You have beautiful hair Mary Beth. Would you like to donate your ponytail to the Locks of Love?”

I nodded daydreaming about how I would curl my hair for Luke when I got home. I was thinking being a brunette would not be so bad after all. Who knew, perhaps our love making might improve.

I assumed that Mrs. Sullivan was going to reposition my ponytail lower at the nape of my neck but instead she took the scissors and started chewing through my medium high ponytail just above the elastic hair tie.

“Mrs. Sullivan, what are you doing?” I cried out in alarm, “I thought we agreed on the bob; now the back will be too short.”

She stopped with a puzzled look on her face but then smiled, replying, “No dear, you misunderstood me; I agreed with you that the style would look nice on you, not that I was going to cut it that way.

Your husband picked out a nice short haircut on Tuesday for you, I thought you knew that.”

After my beautiful golden blonde ponytail was severed from my head she held it up for me to see and then she placed it on the shelf saying she would braid it later before mailing it out.

Taking up the scissors, Mrs. Sullivan cut my hair in a rough bowl shape just touching the top of my ears before I started tearing up.

She stopped and brought me a box of tissues while patting my hand and assuring me that I would look cute in my new style. Mrs. Sullivan then turned the chair around facing me away from the mirror so I couldn’t see what she was doing.

Picking up the electric clippers and snapping a 3/4″(13mm) guard in place, she ran the clippers right up to the bowl, lifting the bowl with a comb

She changed the clipper guards several times: 5/8″(16mm), 1/2″(13mm), 1/4″(6mm) and finally 1/8″(3mm.), running the clippers up the back and sides, tapering and blending, 1/8″(3mm) at my hairline, 3/4″(13mm) at the bottom of the bowl.

We then went to the sink and she rinsed my remaining hair. We returned to the cutting station where she applied the color and told me I would have to wait twenty minutes for the color to set.

I asked to be excused to go to the ladies room and I locked myself in. I put the cover on the toilet down and sat crying my eyes out. I hated Mrs. Sullivan. I hated my husband, and most of all I hated that filthy redneck for touching my hair.

I prayed, calming myself and asked God’s forgiveness for hating them. I lost all track of time.

Mrs. Sullivan knocked on the door startling me. She reminded me that my time was up so I washed my face and left the restroom.

After the excess color was rinsed from my hair it was back to the chair again facing away from the mirror.

Mrs. Sullivan picked up the scissors and comb and started cutting the bowl, further shaping and blending it into the sides and back.

She combed my hair forward and cut short blunt bangs to the middle of my forehead, not the long eye framing sexy ones that I wanted.

I was thinking to myself that I have not had bangs this short since I was four years old. I remembered the picture my parents took of me after I cut my hair in the front; before my mother caught me, stopping me from doing even more damage.

I always take good care of my hair; getting the tips trimmed regularly and applying hot oil treatments bi-monthly to keep it soft and shiny.

When I was first married my tresses were blunt cut all one length with no layers. I wore it center parted or parted off to the right depending on my mood.

When I was a little girl my mother used to brush my hair and braid it for me at bedtime. It was our special time together and we would talk and tell each other secrets.

Finally we would pray together. We had a special prayer…a simple prayer, that we both said together when it was dark and the moon was out. It was the first prayer that I ever learned and I pray as then on moon lit nights.

“I see the moon and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me.”

My mom brushed my hair the night before my wedding. She braided it for me and that night; there was a full moon. We said our special prayer together for the last time.

I was numb as she continued with my haircut; adding layers to the top and then thinning the top with thinning shears. My hair was barely one inch long on the top now. She finished by rubbing in some hair cream and parting it on the right.

Mrs. Sullivan finally turned the chair around to face the mirror. I did not recognize the person staring back at me.

Mrs. Sullivan was absolutely beaming. May God forgive my bad thoughts about her. She really is a dear sweet Lady.

“You look so cute with short hair Mary Beth. Just shampoo and lightly blow dry for five minutes at the most. Finish the look with a little hair cream to condition and to add shine before you part it and you’re done.”

I was no longer a beautiful sexy blond woman with my hair pinned up in an elegant bun. At best I was a cute brown haired girl with a short boy’s haircut. If I were not wearing a dress and the minimal makeup Luke allowed me I was sure to be mistaken for a teenage boy.

“No charge dear, the Reverend paid in advance and left me a nice tip.”

Leaving the beauty shop I drove to my parent’s house to get my telescope and my astronomy books. While I was driving there it occurred to me that my hair was much shorter than my husband’s.

When I was eight years old my father bought me an expensive telescope. Although used the telescope came with a heavy gauge aluminum carrying case complete with compartments for all the various eyepieces needed for astronomy, photography or viewing wildlife.

On clear nights Dad and I would go to Johnson’s Hill to observe the heavens. I used to take that telescope with me everywhere. Dad referred to it as my security blanket.

My parents comforted me as best they could. I knew that my father was very angry. Nonetheless Dad explained that it was not proper for Mom and him to interfere between a husband and wife. “Our door is always open for you to talk,” Dad assured me as we hugged.

I always feel very safe and secure around my Dad. He was a Marine with the rank of Gunny Sergeant before retiring as an NCIS field agent. Dad is fearless and will not back down to anybody.

Dad is a kind and gentle man with mom and me. I can’t remember him ever raising his voice to us.

When I was thirteen we all went Christmas shopping in Biloxi which we jokingly refer to as the big city. After we pulled into our parking space I opened my car door and accidentally bumped the car next to us chipping the paint.

The occupant, a young man waiting for his girlfriend, jumped out his car and started screaming profanities at me, taking the Lord’s name in vain in his blasphemous tirade. Dad stepped in front me and said to him.

“Son, there can’t be more than four hundred dollars damage to your car if that. I can give the cash or we can exchange insurance information and settle that way. First you will apologize to my wife and daughter.”

“Fuck you asshole and them too!”

I didn’t know Dad could move so fast. He hit the blasphemer twice, two hard jabs to the stomach, knocking the wind out of him and doubling him over.

Dad grabbed his wrist and pinned the man’s arm behind his back. He gradually applied pressure until that dirty-mouthed young man apologized to Dad’s satisfaction; that or suffer a broken arm.

As I said earlier, I tried everything to become pregnant. Finally after three years of trying, and with the help of Dr. McCarthy my fertility specialist; we were finally blessed. My tests showed that I was pregnant with twins.

One afternoon during my third trimester Mom and I were decorating a spare room turning it into a nursery. I left Mom stripping wallpaper while I went to the paint store to pick up and pay for the wallpaper I ordered.

On the way home I was rear-ended at a stoplight by a delivery truck and my compact car was demolished.

There were complications and I had a miscarriage which was followed by infections and more surgery. As a result I would never be able to conceive and have children; I was devastated.

When I returned from the hospital more than anything I needed the support and love from my husband. I so desperately wanted him to make love to me and to make me feel desirable as a woman again.

Luke lost all interest in sex with me for any reason. Sure, Luke went through all the motions of pretending to be a supportive husband; our relationship was mostly platonic.

He put up a good front for my parents and his congregation. Eventually Luke was spending less and less time at home. He was mostly away attending meetings or traveling on church business.

When Luke was home he spent a great deal of time locked in his office, the room once put aside as the nursery.

Under Luke’s guidance our little church grew over the years. We added a full time daycare center open to the public and a huge recreation hall. Luke had his own half-hour radio show on our small local AM radio station.

I was a dutiful wife and I attended all of the Church functions or fundraisers. I was the charming hostess and gracious public wife; we slept in separate bedrooms…. the hell with him. I went back to my natural color and grew my hair out.

I received a substantial insurance settlement six years after my accident. I opened a bank account under my maiden name using a portion of the money to pay for my college. I made sure Luke did not have access to this account.

I remained married to Luke for fifteen, years attending collage part time and then graduating with a four year science degree.

Luke considered the time I spent in college a waste of time and money. He said I did it to annoy him.

I celebrated my graduation by getting a dog to keep me company; to love and return my love.

Brandy was a little female beagle puppy colored white, brown and black. She had four white feet. She was a smart, sweet little thing; I had her house-broken in two weeks.

Brandy followed me everywhere and loved riding in the car with her head out the window. She slept in my bed with me; Luke ignored her. Brandy soon learned to stay out of his way and his feet.

As all puppies are chewers and Brandy was no exception. When she was eleven months old she chewed on one of Luke’s old dress belts that he left on the bathroom floor.

I was grocery shopping at the time and I may have not closed my bedroom door properly. When Luke came home and found his belt he flew into a rage and kicked Brandy in the stomach.

I found her in my bedroom whimpering in pain. I made Luke drive me to the vets to no avail. Brandy died on my lap on the way. I left Luke a week later filing for divorce and I never looked back.

After living with my parents for a month, I found a full time job in a Greek Restaurant as a hostess/waitress twenty miles from my hometown. I rented a two bedroom downstairs apartment in walking distance of work.

The tips were good and I received a small monthly dividend from investments of the insurance settlement.

I sent my resume to the Planetarium in Jackson hoping eventually to get a job there when there was an opening.

Now at thirty- six years of age I was still considered a pretty woman although my figure has filled out over the years.

Ben refers to my womanly figure as buxom and voluptuous. He tells me I am a much-improved version of Marylyn Monroe. My blond hair is well on the way to being waist length. I wear it up in a bun at work or sometimes a French braid. I generally wear it in a simple braid or in a ponytail at home unless Ben requests otherwise…..

Mary Beth cooked the chicken and prepared our dinner while I sat in the grass and played ball with Luna incorporating basic verbal commands and hand signals into our play.

After dinner it was Mary Beth’s time with Luna while I did the dishes and picked up the kitchen; not a problem; cleaning or washing dishes or cooking. This was something I did at work in between calls when my turn came. We both work full time. Sharing our lives includes sharing the household chores; is there any other way?

When I went outside with the radio I found Mary Beth sitting in the rocking chair with Luna sound asleep in her lap. I made a mental note to buy another one so we could rock together. My angel’s telescope was set up in the driveway and ready for us to view the heavens when it got dark.

“Our baby’s exhausted,” Mary Beth said smiling, “I hate to wake her. Will you put Luna on her blanket?

I did and Mary Beth stood, dropping the cushion from the rocker to the floor in front of it. Oh boy, now I was going to get it. I’m going to have to put a gate with an intercom system on the driveway side of the road.

“I want to suck on your cock, Ben,” Mary Beth said smiling sexily while unbuckling my belt. Oh boy, I’m sure I must have been blushing, because my angel kissed my lips, saying, “You’re so sweet, Ben.”

I really must get over this; it’s just us after all. I still can’t believe an ugly cuss like me is with such a beautiful angel.

Not wasting any more time, Mary Beth pulled my pants down and then my boxers. She had me sit in the rocker as she knelt on the cushion and kissed my stomach, followed by giving me a raspberry and giggling.

My angel took the elastic band out of her ponytail a shook her head. I watched her golden blond tresses bounce about her shoulders and back in a wondrous sight to behold.

Mary Beth started kissing my stomach, working her way down to my cock; kissing, licking and sucking on the tip as her silky golden blonde hair fell forward covering her face and my stomach.

I reached down and gathered her hair up into a ponytail and then twisted it up in a bun to keep it out of her mouth. I do so enjoy playing with my angel’s spun golden tresses.

I was trying to hold back and prolong this marvelous blowjob but the first clear pre-cum escaped despite my best efforts. Mary Beth stopped and looked at me smiling, licking her lips and sticking out her tongue to tease me……….

I was determined not to waste a single drop. I would lick and suck his cock and balls, and the heck with my mother’s old fashioned ideas about sex. That’s right; hurray for my new found blossoming sexuality.

Ben tastes delicious and he is mine now. If I do say so myself I’m not doing badly for my first time; his big cock belongs in my mouth as his tongue belongs in my pussy.

Ben let go of my bun just before his orgasm washed over him letting my hair drop onto his stomach and chest like a silky golden blonde waterfall.

He pulled my hair forward from the back and arranged it to cover his chest and stomach. Ben then buried his hands in my hair to hold me in place while filling my mouth with gobs of his thick, creamy semen. I really do love it when Ben takes charge like this.

I tasted and savored every bit before swallowing while wishing for more thinking, “Ben’s seed tastes so complex and a little hard to describe…hmm… a little salty and a little sweat but creamy and rich and not at all what I expected; yes definitely hints of testosterone, but mostly it tastes like my sweet and thoughtful Ben.’

I put my arms above my head stretching and smiling while Mary Beth knelt straight, throwing her head back to arrange most of her hair over her back and shoulders while letting the front fall forward to do another peek-a-boo with her blue eyes.

I was thinking, ‘Peek-a-boo, blue eyes, you are spoiling me and you do it so nicely………..’

I had been working at the Pegasus Dinner on the day shift for about eight months when my boss, Mr. Poppadopalus, asked me if I would do him a favor.

I agreed to work the midnight shift and my regular shift for the next two weeks.

After the bars close we generally get very busy in the early morning hours before it slows down to a crawl.

I had a table of college boys, jocks all eight of them. They have been coming in for the past three days. They always sat in the section of tables assigned to me.

That evening the late night/morning prep- cook and the third night-shift waitress called in sick. The boss was not answering his telephone. This could only mean his youngest daughter had her baby.

One young man in particular, John, considered himself God’s gift to women and he constantly flirted with me.

John tried for three nights to get me to go out with him on a date. I always declined causing his buddies to make fun of him. I believed they had some sort of bet going on involving me and I was insulted.

I really needed this job and the generous double time I was being paid to work nights. John was accustomed to getting his way and didn’t take well to the teasing his buddies gave him.

Not that John is merely good looking; he is drop dead gorgeous at six-three; slim with thick blond hair and blue eyes.

Besides, I was not sure if I ever wanted a man in my life again except for my father.

John changed tactics that night. Every time I walked by their table he kept asking me to take my hair down while his buddies silently encouraged him.

When that didn’t work he actually offered me money to do so if I would do it in front of his pals. As the evening progressed John kept upping the ante and I became more insulted with each offer.

This third night most of them finally tired of their game. All of John’s buddies left except for one huge hulk the jocks nicknamed him Diesel. He was at least half-a-foot taller than and almost twice as wide as the rest of them.

The two jocks, Alice, another waitress and I were the only people in the restaurant aside from a man drinking coffee in her section.

He was dressed in nondescript clothing and was of average build and height. The poor dear was walking with a cane or at least that is what I assumed to be the case.

He was quietly sitting alone at a corner table unnoticed seeming to blend into the background. Come to think of it I do not remember him coming in or how long he had been there.

I was sitting in a booth near the kitchen door on my break having tea and a small salad while Alice was covering both sections. John walked over and sat down next to me uninvited, blocking me in. He placed five hundred dollars on the table while his buddy Diesel sat down across from me, smirking.

“There are five one-hundred dollar bills on the table. That is more money than a low class stuck up bitch like you makes in a week,” John announced, “You should have gone out with me when you had the chance because I might even have done you a favor and allowed you to give me a blow job.

Better yet I might have given you a sympathy fuck. I have already asked you nicely to take your hair down,” John stated putting a pair of scissors on the table, pushing them in front of me.

“It’s too late for that now. I have decided that you are going to sell me your ponytail. Shall you cut it off, or shall I?”

As John reached for my bun I could see the unbridled lust on his face and I was afraid he wanted more than just my hair.

Suddenly there was a loud bang coming from the booth next to us; startled we all looked in that direction. The handicapped man had walked up to us quietly unnoticed and hit the tabletop with his cane to get our attention.

“Now that I have your undivided attention, I strongly advise you boys to leave… now,” The man said, the one I recognized from the corner having coffee.

“But first, you will apologize to this gentle Lady.”

He was leaning on his cane and I could tell from his accent that he was not from Mississippi.

“Fuck off Yankee, this is a private party and you’re not invited. This bitch is interested in real men not some cripple like you,” Diesel declared.

“We are conducting a business transaction and it’s none of your concern. If you don’t want your ass kicked up between your shoulders blades leave now,” John added, hitting our table with his fist.

With practiced ease the man slid his hand down the shaft of the cane almost to the ferrule and with one quick motion used the rounded handle to pull the money and scissors from the table to the floor. He slid the cane through his hand again grasping the shaft in the middle.

Diesel got out of the booth saying “I’m going to stick that cane up your ass, Yankee,” and Diesel threw a roundhouse punch at the man’s head.

Not a cripple at all and obviously skilled in cane fighting the stranger moved to one side and easily avoided Diesel’s fist.

Taking advantage of the Diesel’s imbalance and momentum from the wild punch he hooked the jock’s ankle with the cane and pulled him off his feet.

Diesel crashed to the floor, hard, dislocating his shoulder in the process. Surprisingly, he slowly got up using his good arm for support. The jock managed to stand determined to keep fighting.

Diesel’s right arm was hanging limp and useless at his side and the Yankee then drove the tip of his cane into Diesel’s solar plexus, doubling Diesel over and knocking the wind out of him.

“Had enough, boy?” The stranger asked.

Diesel turned to his friend. He was holding his stomach with his good arm gasping for air while his eyes were pleading with his friend John for help.

John was looking down. He had the same expression on his face as did Luke when the dirty redneck confronted Luke in the parking lot while I sat there frightened and did nothing; the look of a spineless coward.

This time there was no sheriff’s car in the parking lot to save me and Alice had locked herself in the Ladies Room.

Ashamed of myself, I pushed John out of the booth and walked past him and his friend to stand next to the Yankee; to help him if necessary.

He glanced at me and smiled but then turned his attention to them.

“I won’t ask again, boy, have you had enough?”

Looking down Diesel nodded yes.

“Put your drivers’ license on the table and then stand in that corner facing the wall.” The Yankee pointed to a corner with his cane and Diesel reluctantly complied.

My Yankee sighed leaning on his cane shaking his head at John, “We’re waiting?”

“Listen dude. I…”John started to say.

That’s Mr. Yankee to you…boy!”

I stifled a nervous laugh by covering my mouth with my hand and I was thinking, ‘Mr. Yankee?’

“You wouldn’t be so tough without your cane,” John said with false bravado, “You have a weapon and I don’t. It wouldn’t be a fair fight.”

Mr. Yankee straightened up and stretched. He smiled as he tossed the cane at the jock’s feet, ordering, “Pick it up!”

John looked at the cane not moving.

Sighing again and shaking his head, the Yankee said in a mocking southern drawl, “Boy, the best part of you ran down your mama’s legs when you were conceived.

It’s a fact the man you think is your daddy wasn’t even there at the time, although I’m sure all the men in town were there with your mama one time or another.”

Mr. Yankee then reverted back to the way he really talked.

“Under the circumstances I decided that I’m not going to allow either of you to soil this gentle Lady’s ears with an apology.”

He took my hand in his and squeezed gently. His hand was warm, strong and callused and I didn’t want him to let go.

I was no longer frightened. I waited to see what would happen next.

“Put your driver’s license on the table next to your friend’s and then sit down.” John did as he was told.

Diesel fainted sliding down the wall to his knees. After all that just happened the Yankee went over to Diesel and rolled him to a sitting position, leaning him against the wall.

“I’m going to put your arm back in place, son and it’s going to hurt, do you understand?” He said, sternly

Diesel nodded while the sweat was pouring off of him from the pain. Mr. Yankee put his hand on the jock’s shoulder and pulled popping his shoulder back in place. For whatever else he is Diesel is no coward and took it like a man, not letting out as much as a whimper.

Walking back to where I was standing Mr. Yankee took my hand again and I let him.

“You both can leave now but remember, boys, we know who you are and where you live.”

Diesel nodded and got up slowly from the floor.

Walking over to the cane he put one hand up in the air as if asking for permission. Using only his thumb and index finger bent down and picked it up slowly with great deliberation, almost reverence.

He put it on the table with a solemn, serious look on his face; Diesel nodded and my Yankee nodded back.

As they were walking toward the door, John reached down on the floor for the money. Diesel took it away from him and put it on a table.

“Hey! What about my money!” John exclaimed.

“Leave it, it’s her tip,” Diesel barked, pushing John roughly toward the door.

“But they still have our drivers’ licenses!” John whined.

“Shut the Fu…” Diesel stopped not finishing his sentence and then slowly raised his hand again.

“Shut your mouth, John, It is over and so are we.”

“Diesel you don’t understand, I….” John started to say.

Diesel backhanded him in the mouth with his left hand and John staggered back, holding his mouth and nose with blood dripping between his fingers. He stood in place with a shocked look on his face.

“I understand just fine, John, you didn’t help me. You aren’t even worth a punch in the face. I heard what he said about your mother. Mary Beth really must be something special and a real Lady because her boyfriend is willing to take us both on.”

Diesel grabbed his former friend by the front shirt and headed for the door.

“Diesel” I called after him “Apology accepted.”

Diesel nodded his head, closing the door quietly behind them. My Yankee let go of my hand and we watched Alice come out of the bathroom as if nothing had happened and go into the kitchen to clean the grill.

Turning to really look at Mr. Yankee for the first time I saw that he was in his mid-to-late thirties. I would guess his height to be five-five, a good four inches shorter than me.

The two jocks were at least a foot taller and easily out weighted him by a hundred pounds. Diesel absolutely dwarfed him.

My rescuer had a pronounced receding hairline much like my father’s, sensibly cutting his hair short to the scalp.

This Yankee who Diesel assumed to be my boyfriend was not what you would call a handsome man. In truth he was charitably plain looking at best and bordering on homely.

Most women would not have given him a second glance. I used to be one of those women; when I was seventeen not even a first.

Perhaps his nose is a bit large but his light gray eyes are warm and kind and his eyelids wrinkled on the sides now that he was smiling at me.

Ben is somewhat shy and reserved around women until he gets to know them; however he is strong and assertive when need be around other men.

I still can make him blush when we are alone. I love it when he hugs me and I still have to remind him that I won’t break.

Ben loves to touch me and be touched…something I never got from Luke. He is a thoughtful gentle lover and will always pleasure me first and then he will cuddle with me afterwards.

“I’m pleased to meet you kind sir,” I said smiling, unsure how to thank a strange man from saving me from God knows what, “Do you make a habit out of saving women in distress?”

I felt a little foolish after I said that, but I couldn’t just continue to stare at him. Ben blushed and smiled looking down and then up. I could see he was a little shy and not accustomed to being praised. I found this to be so sweet.

I watched Ben gather his courage as he held out his hand to introduce himself. I noticed how his eyes wrinkled at

Ben’s smile is a glad to meet you smile, genuine and warm. But mostly it is his eyes and the way he was looking at me.

Ben has such expressive eyes, as if he was looking into my soul, but sad at the same time. I have never met a man who could convey so many thoughts or emotions just with his eyes.

They were so cold…. like a glacier, frigid, overwhelmingly unyielding when he confronted those boys. Now Ben’s eyes were melting like a spring thaw, pure and clean water washing over me.

“I’m pleased to meet you Mary Beth. My name is Ben Ward and you are my first since I left the NYCFD.”

We sat and had tea together. We talked. I found out Ben is originally from New York City and was a fireman. Ben is currently working at the local hospital as a certified EMT.

Ben told me that he bought a house outside of the city with 5 ½ acres for the taxes two months ago after having lived in a studio apartment all of his life. He was looking forward to a slower more laid- back lifestyle where he could spread out.

Ben also said that he always wanted to fish the huge catfish found in the Mississippi River and after doing it a few times here on vacation he fell in love with our State and the river.

I also found out that Ben grew up in a Catholic orphanage. He actually went to the seminary to become a priest.

Ben is also the first fireman I have ever met who is fluent in Greek, Latin, Hebrew and Aramaic.

“The place needs a lot of work and that’s a fact but the price was right, Mary Beth. I have already gutted the inside. Everything is now down to the bare studs. Next week I will be having a new casement and pump installed for my well.”

Ben told me his address and I was surprised to learn he lived one road over from me. I told him a little bit about my acrimonious divorce and how I loved astronomy; enforcing that this job is only temporary.

He responded by saying, “I’ve never been married. I guess I never found the right girl but I’ll know when I find her and she will know it too; I’ve prayed on that.”

I saw the sadness in his eyes then, but it passed when he changed the subject and talked about his dog. Ben’s face lit up with the sunshine of his warm smile.

“Sophie has been with me 13 years now. Sure she’s slowing down a bit but that’s all right. She is eating well and is still able to get around.”

“What kind of dog is she, Ben?”

“Sophie’s a beagle and was abandoned as a puppy because she’s deaf.

I got her at the animal shelter almost minutes before she was to be put down. I guess nobody wanted her… much like me, but I really love the old girl…… Did I say something to upset you?” Ben asked.

I was thinking about my Brandy and he must have seen it in my face.

“No, it is nothing, and will you look at the time. I have been sitting here almost two hours and the boss will be here soon.”

I said while I got up to start the prep-work for the breakfast run.

“Mary Beth, wait!”

I turned to look at him. Ben swallowed and then stood up taking a deep breath.

“Do you think we could have dinner together sometime or even simply a cup of coffee and dessert when you have more time? It does not have to be here, but it can if you want it too.”

“I’m sorry Ben; I am not ready for that yet, I’m not sure that I will ever be.”

I could see the hurt in his eyes even though his expression did not change…. except for losing the wrinkles near his eyes.

Zelena was finally on the plane and sat thinking about the morning while the rest of the passengers got on. She’d got up early and started to dress for the trip but as she put on the elegant new clothes that Mister Villi had bought for her she felt like a fraud. These fine things weren’t really hers; in fact she couldn’t wear the silk underwear, but packed it and put on her own things, which were nice enough.

She had a hard time walking in the boots because they had high heels and she had difficulty walking down the stairs. When Emma and Uncle Vlad saw her they both stared at first then told her how wonderful she looked.

Mister Villi had picked her up in his big chauffeur-driven car to take her to the airport and on the way they’d chatted. He’d slip his hand up her skirt as he usually did in the restaurant and had stopped short when he reached her panties.

“Didn’t you get silk underwear and knickers?”

“I did.” She answered, embarrassed. “But they were too nice to wear so I put my old things on.”

He roared with laughter and gave her a huge hug. “I love you Zelly, but from now on you always wear silk, okay?”

He told her that if she wanted to be an escort she could work for him, or in one of his clubs and make good money and she said she’d think about it. However she wanted to be with Bella.

“Maybe Bella can work for me too.”

“And Szasza, how about her?” She’d asked him.

“You want me to hire every whore in London? I’ll think about it.” He said smiling at her, knowing he couldn’t refuse her anything.

He put his arm around her and kissed her, then asked, “Do you know what my real name is?”

And when she said “No” he went on, “I was named for my uncle, a famous man in Russia, but stupid English can’t pronounce it, so they call me Mister Villi. My real name is Joseph Djugashvili, You know that name?”

She nodded, but found it hard to believe. He looked nothing like the man she, and everyone in the East, knew to be Joseph Djugashvili, however he was Georgian.

“So I should call you Uncle Joe?” She laughed.

“You can call me anything, but I like Uncle Joe.”

As they raced along the M-4 toward Heathrow other cars seemed to move over to let them through, it all seemed like a different life to Zelena. When they reached Heathrow the chauffeur hopped out, got her bag and took her into the terminal where he found the counter for her flight and left her at the end of the line. A man checking tickets said she was in the wrong line and took her to another place where she stood nervously by herself.

“What’s the matter with my ticket?” she asked him.

“Nothing’s wrong with your ticket dear, you were in the economy line.”

Just then the woman at the desk called her over to check her ticket and passport. Again Zelena demanded to know why she had been separated from the others. From her experience in Eastern Europe she was afraid of being pulled out of line.

“There’s no problem miss, it’s just that the other people are economy and you’re first class.” And showed her the ticket where it said in bold print ‘FIRST CLASS’.

“First class?” She was aghast. She couldn’t possibly pay for that. But when she started to question it the woman told her that it was paid for, and looking at the return part told her it was paid both ways.

So now she sat in the most comfortable seat she’d ever been in while the flight attendant fussed over her until she finally accepted a glass of champagne. She noticed the man sitting next to her and smiled at him.

He smiled back, “Who are you?”

“Me? My name Zelena.”

“Hi, my name is Fred. But I meant are you someone I should know, a model, an actress? You caused quite a stir back there.”

“Model? Actress? No, I’m waitress.” She laughed.

“I don’t believe it, waitresses don’t dress like that.”

“I work in my uncle’s restaurant in Soho, in London.”

“The tips must be very good in your uncle’s restaurant. What’s it called?”

She told him about Uncle Vlad’s restaurant, and went on, “But I have a very good friend who bought me clothes and paid for my plane ticket.”

“You’re his mistress?” The man said with a smirk.

“Mistress? I don’t understand. What’s mistress?”

“Do you….uh….sleep with him?”

“Sleep with him?” Zelena was still bewildered. Then she got it. “You mean fuck him? No! He’s old fat man. Very nice man, lots of money, but no, he doesn’t fuck me.” She said, reddening a little.

“How long have you been in England?” Fred asked.

And after she explained, omitting the part of wanting to be an escort, he told her that girls didn’t say ‘fuck’ to total strangers. He asked who the man was and when she told him about Mister Villi it dawned on him who her benefactor was.

“Ah yes, I’ve heard of Mister Villi. But wait a minute, you’re not the girl who got stabbed, are you?”

She admitted it had been her, and went on to tell him the story, which he’d already heard in an exaggerated form. He was getting interested now, especially when she told him that Mister Villi treated her like a daughter.

Fred went to the toilet, and unknown to Zelena was very busy on his cell phone. Shortly after he returned the plane landed and they parted company going through customs and immigration.

After picking up her suitcase Zelena started to leave, looking for the man who was to meet her and take her home. Two men in dark glasses started to move toward her, and thinking they were the ones she moved to meet them when someone else came up from behind, grabbed the handle of her suitcase and continued to the exit.

“Come on, hurry Zelena.” He said.

“Wait! Who are you?” She asked him as she quickened her pace to keep up with him.

“Villi sent me, and we must hurry because there are two men following you.”

“What?” She looked around and sure enough the two men she thought were there to meet her were behind them.

They hurried into the parking lot until they reached a nice grey car and as soon as he’d put the suitcase in the car they got in.

As he started the car, “I’m Tam. Sorry to rush you like that, but those two look bad. They’re still following us, but I think I can slip them when we get on the road.”

Tam drove out of the parking lot fast and on to the highway then off again at the first exit. After that he proceeded to make a series of deft maneuvers until they seemed to Zelena to be headed in the wrong direction. All of this made her very nervous and she couldn’t help wondering if she’d met the right man or if she was getting deeper into trouble.

She sat next to this man, Tam, occasionally glancing at him out the corner of her eye. He was a tall nice looking man of about 35 or 40, who obviously took care of himself. He might be Russian with a slight oriental look and spoke her language fluently.

He was actually Kazakh, and a deserter from the Russian army. He’d been stationed in Chechnya and had seen the horror there, the killing, the rape. He’d gone into a hut to find another soldier undressing a nine-year-old girl and without a thought had shot him. He’d found the girl’s parents and they helped him disappear. After wandering through Georgia to Eastern Europe he’d become part of Mister Villi’s loose-knit organization.

He looked over at Zelena and patted her knee. “Look, I’ve got them going the wrong way.” Pointing at a car coming toward them. “They may see us and turn around, but they’ll never catch us now.”

As they drove Tam glanced at Zelena. She was pretty alright, she could be a model or an actress. She had to be something special for him to have to pick her up and for those two other men to try to intercept her.

“Do you work in one of Mister Villi’s clubs?” He asked her.

“No, I’m a waitress in Soho where he comes to eat.”

Interesting, he thought. They talked some more, and he assumed she was sleeping with mister Villi.

She started to recognize the countryside and soon reached the village where Zelena steered him to her parents’ shop. As they got out of the car Tam asked if she had a cell phone. When she said she didn’t, he handed her one.

“Take this, it’s mine. I’ll set it on a number, and all you have to do is press this button. If you see those men again or anyone suspicious in the village phone me. It will take me at least an hour to get here, so don’t delay, and I’ll be here as quickly as I can. Be careful, those men are dangerous.”

Dmitri, her father, was waiting on a customer as they drove up and as he handed the woman her change he looked over his shoulder and called to his wife:

“Nadia, come quick!” almost dropping the woman’s bag of fruit.

The woman was from the village and understood, and as soon as Nadia came out they all stood looking at this vision. Nadia and Dmitri couldn’t believe how their daughter had changed, she looked so elegant, no longer the pretty village girl.

Dmitri rushed forward, crushing her in his arms. “My Zelly; my beautiful little girl.”

After Nadia hugged and kissed her daughter they closed the shop and all went upstairs. In the living room they had tea and talked and talked. Zelena told them about London and Soho in particular and the restaurant. She told them the complete story about her stabbing and how wonderful everyone had been. And she told them about Mister Villi, and what his real name was.

In reply they told her that nothing had really changed in the village except that more of the young people were leaving. She wanted to change into jeans, but first, they said, they must ask Karl over to supper, and then they’d all go over to the inn for a drink. She realized that her parents wanted people to see her dressed in her nice clothes.

Meeting Karl again gave Zelena a feeling of excitement and made her realize how strong her feeling for him really was. In the inn Dmitri and Nadia were anxious to show off their beautifully dressed daughter.

All the village seemed to be there and she repeated her stories of London and, of course, the real story of how she’d been stabbed. The men demanded to see the breast where she’d been wounded, and after a couple of glasses of beer she satisfied their curiosity, but when the asked to show more she laughed and said “No!”

With all the music, noise and laughter Karl and Zelena slipped out the back door and walked through the woods to their favorite spot where they sat on the grass. Alone at last the two lovers kissed passionately, although Zelena was worried about her clothes. Every other time they’d been here together she’d been in jeans.

“Zelly, my love, you look so beautiful. I’m almost afraid to touch you.” He said as he stroked her stockinged leg.

They continued to kiss and his hand slid up her leg and under her skirt. He wanted her so badly his penis was hard and leaking…and aching. His hand reached the top of her stocking to find her panties.

“Take these off please my love.”

She did as he asked, and lay there in the grass, feeling the warm breeze wafting over her open, wet vagina as she lay there with her legs open. This made her even hotter.

“Oh how I love this, feeling the air on my pussy. Don’t fuck me yet, please Karl. Let’s not fuck yet. I want to enjoy this feeling.”

But Karl was getting very, very hot. He needed a nice warm cunt to stick his aching rod into. He caressed her soft bare thigh and leaned over to kiss its softness, then moved on to kiss her moist, open slit and the soft lips inside it. He opened her wider with his fingers, savored the musky odor of her and flicked out his tongue to taste her.

“Do it now Karl.” Zelena whispered urgently. “Fuck me now, please!”

Karl rolled over on top of her, couched between her open legs, and like a magnet his penis found her soft wet opening, and as it slipped into her they both gave a deep sigh.

“My love, my Zelly. I want this forever.”

“So do I.” Zelena answered. “But forever doesn’t begin yet.”

They lay together with Zelena spreading her legs wide for Karl to penetrate her. He went into her hard and deep and she responded with sighs and moans. Their sex was hot and active but loving, and Zelena met his deep thrusts, moving her hips forward to meet him. The heat rising in her came to a climax quickly and she cried out with the pleasure it gave her.

“Karl, Karl…so good. Fuck me hard, fuck me my love.”

Soon, too soon for them both, Karl ejaculated into Zelena’s eager vagina. They lay together in a tight embrace until Zelena broke loose and kissed Karl while their organs, his penis and her vagina, remained locked together.

“Zelly, Zelly my love.” He whispered to her. “I hate the idea of you fucking other men. When you’re an escort many, many men will fuck you.”

“Yes, I hope so.”

“Please, please be careful, both of the men and always make them wear a condom. You’ve already had a man stab your beautiful tit. I thought you were dead when I heard it. But there’s disease too, diseases that can kill.”

Her parents were already home when Zelena finally went upstairs. She looked into the living room and said goodnight and went into her room. In the living room Nadia looked over at Dmitri.

“Leave her alone, she’s just got home and has had a long journey.”

“You know I can’t.” He told her. “She’s so beautiful. I have to have her.”

Dmitri got up after a few minutes and went into his daughter’s room. He undressed quickly and naked slipped into bed beside her. She was naked too because she’d been expecting him. Zelena was tired and a little drunk and while she was sure her father would want to fuck her she wanted it too. It had been six months since she’d enjoyed his touch and she needed it again.

Dmitri kissed this lovely soft creature and even though he knew it was the same girl, the same woman whom he had initiated into sex a couple of years before she now seemed new and different. She moved her legs apart for him to touch her and he felt the wetness of her opening. He realized that the wetness was because she had just had sex with Karl and the idea of her having had another man made his need that much greater. He was passing from a loving father with his daughter to a man wanting to penetrate, to impregnate, this beautiful woman.

But he realized the complications if he were to get her pregnant, so he put on a condom before he rolled on top of her as she spread her legs for him and they both sighed as his penis slipped into her ready vagina. His thrusts were hard and deep, while he whispered his deep love for her in her ear.

Zelena in reply “Oh Daddy, that’s so good. I’ll always love it when you fuck me.”

There was a special bond between them that made their lovemaking unique and inspired as it built up to a climax. Dmitri touched his daughter’s body as he ravaged her, kissing and sucking on her full breasts while his hands caressed her body. When he felt the end coming on he gripped her buttocks with both hands, pulling her to him and gave several hard thrusts as he ejaculated almost painfully.

Two nights later Dmitri went into his daughter’s bedroom again. This was to be their last night together because Zelena’s last night at home was reserved for Karl. This week had gone so quickly for all of them that it was hard to believe that the time was almost over. While she was looking forward to getting back to London and starting the new life that Mister Villi, Uncle Joe, had promised her, she had enjoyed meeting everyone again, she must have talked to everyone in the village, and repeated stories about her life in London a hundred times

Zelena felt her father’s hands touching and caressing her body. He loved the feeling of her young, smooth body, and then thought of all the men who would soon be enjoying it. He knew that even though she liked to call herself an escort, she would really be a whore, a prostitute, and the thought of it made him hot.

“Be careful my dear, be careful not to get a disease or get pregnant. And be careful of the men you’ll meet. Men can do some terrible things to girls, you’ve already found that out.”

“Don’t worry Daddy. I’ll be working in one of Mister Villi’s clubs. I’ll be safe.”

“You know, dear Zelly, his uncle was a terrible, ruthless man, who killed thousands maybe millions. I wish I felt better about you working for him. I’d like to meet him.”

“You must come to London and meet him, I think you’d like him.”

Dmitri’s probing fingers were now exploring Zelena’s wet vagina as they kissed. But now he was thinking of something else. He’d brought a tube of lubricant with him, and putting a dab on his finger he slipped back to find her anus and slipped his finger into it.

Zelena’s heart was pounding. She knew what was coming and she wanted it but knew it might hurt. She moved her legs apart to let her father have better access to her hole, and felt him pushed two fingers into her.

“Oh yes, Daddy, that’s nice. I like that.” She muttered fervently as his fingers slipped in and out of her. The third finger hurt a little but she wanted it, and more and the excitement was intense.

“Kneel Zelly.” Her father directed her tersely.

She did what she was told, kneeling on the edge of the bed. She felt the head of Dmitri’s hard penis nuzzling her anus and felt a pain as it penetrated her, and she gave a sharp cry.

Her father pushed a little harder and his penis slid deeper into her.

“Oh God!” she cried as he pushed harder, now deep into her rectum. “Oh Daddy, I love the feel of your cock in my arse, even if it does hurt.” She should have said “because it hurts” because the pain was part of the pleasure she was enjoying.

“And I love your tight arse, my dear Zelly. It’s so warm and fits around my cock like a hand.”

On and on he went, fucking, fucking, fucking his daughter’s arsehole while she groaned with the pain and pleasure of it. Then he started to fuck her faster, really reaming her hole, and his balls were slapping against her labia and clitoris. This was driving Zelena wild and she was rocking back to meet his thrusts until suddenly she felt the heat explode and she screamed as an orgasm ripped through both her holes and filled her body.

She lunged and bucked like an animal as the heat soared through her body. This caused Dmitri to have an orgasm too, and he started to ejaculate deep into her body.

“Zelly! Zelly! Oh God that’s good.” He cried out as he continued reaming her anus. Then with a couple of thrusts that were so hard she cried out in pain, he lay still.

They lay together as his fluid drained into her, and she tightened her anal sphincter around his now limp penis. Then he pulled out and the feel of his penis pulling out made her gasp. Dmitri kissed Zelena again and quietly went back to his own bed

Zelena lay naked, still with the glow of that wonderful sex on her. Tomorrow was her last day at home and then back to London. Tomorrow afternoon and evening she’d spend with Karl. First, though, she was going to see Mother Kali who she hadn’t talked to yet, to see if she had any advice for her. Mother Kali had worked as a prostitute when the Russians were there and might have some tips for her in her new venture working as an escort for Uncle Joe.

Life had never been better. I had just moved to a new city, landed a high-paying job with a prestigious firm of designers, found myself a plush apartment, and bought myself a sports car.

The people I worked with were all friendly and considerate, and the atmosphere was terrific. I had a great cabin with a superb view, with just one other table – waiting to be allotted to a new hire like myself.

I had worked for a few years after my graduation, and this was my third job. I had several casual relationships, but never a long-term one. However, I made friends with women quite easily, and many allowed me to have my way with them.

I reckoned the time had now come to settle down and find a mate, perhaps even raise a family in the next few years. There were quite a few pretty and intelligent girls at work, but it seemed wiser to seek one from the world outside.

Then, one day, a vision simply walked into my cabin, and all my long-term plans turned topsy-turvy in a flash. The vision spoke, and introduced herself as my new cabin-mate, Nicole.

Nicole was easily the most stunning woman I had ever seen, with a rare aplomb and charm. I knew immediately that this was the woman I wanted in my life. She also happened to be a very shapely, though small, brunette.

She was very intelligent and friendly, and we hit it off immediately. However, I was not the only one at work who had noticed her arrival. There was a stream of visitors, both male and female, who walked into our cabin under some pretext of work, and then tried to get her to go out with them. Fortunately, she turned them all down, despite being single.

I was going to ask her out too, but dropped the idea for fear of meeting the same fate as the others. So, I maintained my dealings with her as a friendly colleague would, waiting for the right moment. Meanwhile, the stream of her would-be suitors also trickled to a halt.

This turned out to be the right ploy, and I got lucky sooner than expected. We had hardly worked together for a couple of weeks, when our boss announced that he was sending us out of town together for an assignment with a very important client.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Nicole looked quite happy at the prospect of a three-day trip with me. We were to leave the following day, and spent the rest of the afternoon making plans eagerly.

The client was none other than Dr. Flemming, descended from European nobility, with a wife from a royal family. He was the head of an industrial empire, ranging from electronic goods to hotels. We were to help make one of his mansions “intelligent”, using electronic equipment made by one of his many companies.

He had been unusually considerate in sending us first-class tickets, and arranging a limousine at the airport to take us to our hotel. We were to land in the evening, and start work the next day. I planned to make the most of our very first evening together, and had already identified the best restaurants in town.

The flight together was a dream come true. It was a three-hour trip, and after a couple of glasses of wine, we both declared much admiration for each other. We had started making body contact by the time we finished our third drink. She pressed her legs against mine, and her breast into my arm, and I was in seventh heaven.

We even exchanged quick kisses, limited by the freedom offered on a flight. The thought of joining the mile-high club crossed my mind, but I desisted. I wanted to marry Nicole, and it was too early for such adventures.

We arrived at our destination, very excited, and we walked hand-in-hand. A limousine, far fancier than what I expected, awaited us. The liveried driver served us vintage champagne once we were seated, and declared that Dr. Flemming was looking forward to meeting us.

This came as a total surprise, as we had not expected to meet the mogul himself. It was also apparent that we were not going to a hotel, putting an end to my plans of a romantic dinner with Nicole.

I managed to console myself that we still had two more evenings to ourselves before we returned home. And in any case, we had already established a bond, which could be developed further once back.

We arrived at a huge mansion with sprawling grounds, and Dr. Flemming himself greeted us as though we were long-lost friends. He regretted that Lady Flemming could not be with us, as she was on a skiing holiday in Austria with their two teenage children.

He explained that this was the mansion we were to redesign, and he was here in person as this was his pet project. We were to stay in the mansion, naturally.

The evening started with just the three of us at a table sharing a 20-year Montrachet, one of the finest white wines around. It was accompanied by some delectable hors d’oeuvres.

I was finally starting to enjoy myself, as were Nicole and the good doctor. More fabulous wines accompanied the dinner, and we were all rather exhilarated.

Dinner ended, and we were having cognacs when Dr. Flemming’s personal secretary, Jodie, joined us. She was a curvy brunette, not petite like Nicole. Her arrival gave our host the opportunity to dedicate his entire attention to Nicole, leaving his secretary and me to indulge in light banter.

Dr. Flemming looked at his watch and announced that Jodie would take me for a round of the observation deck where the mansion overlooked the sea, and then show me to my residence in the Sapphire Room.

Meanwhile, Dr. Flemming would take Nicole to see his collection of stradivarii. This seemed quite logical, as she had mentioned that she had been a violinist in an orchestra.

This was obviously another disappointment, even though I had already given up hopes of spending quality time with Nicole in the mansion. Jodie was attractive, but very businesslike, and showed no inclination to flirt.

I was in my room soon enough. It was fabulously furnished, and had a well-stocked bar. The room had a massive flat panel monitor, manufactured by one of our host’s companies. I was in no mood to watch television, and so helped myself to a nightcap.

I reasoned with myself that though the evening did not follow the script that I had imagined, it was still quite an experience, and I had already connected with Nicole on the flight.

My thoughts were interrupted midway through my drink by the monitor turning itself on. The picture on the screen was no television program, but that of a large, ornate room – presumably in the mansion – but with no one inside.

It did not remain unpopulated for long. The door opened, Nicole and Dr. Flemming walked in, with their arms around each other’s waists. They shut the door, and started embracing and kissing passionately.

I was bewildered. The live transmission on the wall-sized screen was clearly intended for me. This could not have been done unless arranged by Dr. Flemming. It was unlikely that Nicole was aware that she was being watched.

My own reaction shocked me even more. The natural feelings of betrayal and jealousy were soon forgotten, and I realised that I had never been so aroused in my life.

Their kissing intensified, and they grabbed each other’s behinds so that they could grind their genitals into each other better. They then began to strip one another, and were stark naked within seconds.

Nicole revealed medium-sized, pear-shaped breasts, topped by unusually long nipples sticking out erect. She had the legs of a ballet dancer, joined at the top in a bush from which the lips of her sex just showed.

Dr. Flemming sported an enormous monster which was throbbing in all its glory, as he absorbed the sight of this beautiful woman in front of him. His hands went to her breasts, but she brushed them aside, and and went down on her knees to attend to his erection.

She tickled the sensitive opening with her tongue, and then started sucking on the segment that she was able to accommodate in her little mouth. There were no sounds to be heard, as the audio had been turned off.

He removed himself from Nicole’s face shortly, and started sucking her irresistible nipples. He had his fill, then picked her up easily and placed her on her back on a chaise-lounge. She wasted no time parting her legs for him, which was no surprise as her pussy was soaking wet.

The camera, as it happened, was pointing precisely at her sex, and captured in great detail its union with Dr. Flemming’s massive member. It slid into very easily despite its enormous size. She must have been really hungry for him.

And what a union it was. He was now fully implanted in her, their tongues were intertwined, and her hands clutched onto her lover’s buttocks, egging him to pump into her harder. He could not hold back very much longer, and ejaculated forcefully into Nicole. They lay together, panting, as some of his semen slowly trickled out of her slightly puffed-up vaginal lips.

They recovered after a few minutes, sat together at a table and had a drink. He then led her tenderly to the bed, ready to fuck once again. She was the aggressor this time, pushing him onto his back and then feeding his manhood into herself slowly. She was very athletic, and rode him tirelessly at a frantic pace. They both came at the same time, and she collapsed in his arms and fell asleep.

I had no choice but to relieve myself several times with my hand during this spectacle, and I was just as spent as they were.

The second day brought in further disappointment. I was kept away from Nicole all day, assigned to a group of Dr. Flemming’s engineers. Nicole, I was told, was with another group. I thought of calling or messaging her during the day, but desisted, not knowing what I would say. I did not hear from her either.

The evening was different from the first one. They had arranged some great entertainment for me, including a golf lesson from one of the world’s best professionals. I dined with some of the people I had worked with during the day, but there was no sign of Nicole or Dr. Flemming.

Once again, Jodie dropped in towards the end of the dinner, and explained that like me, Nicole was dining with her own group. Dr. Flemming was occupied elsewhere. I asked her about the large monitor in my room, and she stated proudly that they made the best high-definition 3D video conferencing equipment in the world, and most rooms in the mansion were connected with each other and the world outside.

I returned to my room at night, wondering if the monitor would come on by itself again. It was almost midnight, and I decided to sleep as nothing was happening. I was fast asleep when an alarm went off in the room, and the screen came to life once again.

The scene that greeted me filled me with dismay mixed with extreme arousal. Nicole was on her knees, forcing her tongue into Dr. Flemming’s anus, while she fondled his genitals with her hands. I had never thought that such a demure girl was capable of such wanton acts.

She then got up and lay on her stomach, while Dr. Flemming lubricated her anus with some oil from a bottle. He inserted and turned his finger inside to loosen it up, before guiding his much larger organ slowly into her. She did not appear to be in any pain, and was bucking up and down deliriously, while fingering her own clitoris. He managed to enter her fully within a minute, and did not take long to erupt inside the smaller orifice, even as she thrashed around wildly.

They eventually got up and started discussing something, before smiling at each other in agreement. He spoke briefly on his phone, and was opening the door a minute later. However, the monitor was switched off abruptly, preventing me from seeing what they did next, and with whom. I was left completely frustrated.

I felt quite gloomy on the third and final day, as the previous day’s routine repeated itself once again – with no sight of Nicole at all. She and I were to fly back the next morning, and I had not seen her since the evening of our arrival – except through the monitor.

There was some good news of sorts though, as I was told that Dr. Flemming had flown out of the country on work. He had left a message personally thanking us for everything.

However, there was no evening reunion with Nicole either, as we dined in different locations. And I returned to my room before sunset, as we were to leave early next morning.

It was now time to reflect upon these unexpected events : did I still want Nicole as a wife? After some deliberation, I decided I did. After all, she was not my girlfriend, and therefore could not be accused of being unfaithful. We had not even expressed any love for each other, and I could hardly blame her for falling to the charms of a suave billionaire.

Besides, she did not know that I was aware of what transpired between her and Dr. Flemming, and I could keep it that way unless she decided to tell me about it. There was no danger of him competing for Nicole’s hand, as he already had a family, and was much too sophisticated to do anything rash.

I was thus in a calm and clear state of mind despite the events of the previous two days, when the screen came on by itself again, just when I least expected it.

It was now looking into a spa, where Nicole lay unclothed on her stomach, with only a small towel covering her buttocks. She was being massaged by Jodie. There were also two massively constructed hulks – one white and one black – in a jacuzzi just a few feet away. They appeared to be wearing nothing, but I could not tell for sure. They were both watching the girls intently.

The massage was innocuous enough. Jodie made no attempt to uncover Nicole any more than she already was, and did not move her hands anywhere near her sensitive parts.

After a while, the two men got out of the jacuzzi. They were indeed naked, and allowed the girls enough time to see their equipment, before covering themselves with towels. Dr. Flemming would have finished a distant third to these two, when it came to the size of their hoses.

They walked up to the girls and began to chat with them. There were smiles all around, as Jodie picked up her things and left the room. With no audio I could not really tell what transpired between the four.

The two men continued where Jodie had left off, with the white one massaging her back, and the black man her ankles and her feet. The white man positioned himself a minute later, bringing his pelvis directly in front of Nicole’s face. The black man removed her towel, and started squeezing her exquisitely curved derriere.

The camera was pointing at Nicole’s face. She smiled at the white man, and pulled his towel off in an act of complete depravity. The black man took off his towel too.

What followed next was shameless lust on Nicole’s part, with no hint of seduction or foreplay. She started sucking at the end of the white man’s penis, even as the black stallion raised her hips and penetrated her sex from behind.

Just then, my door opened, and Jodie walked in to catch me playing with myself. I turned red, but she smiled sympathetically, and said she understood my plight. She would tend to my pulsating problem with her hands, but regretted that there could be no kissing or touching between us, as she was married. She also turned down my plea to take her clothes off.

It would be nothing more than a hand job, something she sometimes did even for Dr. Flemming, when they were travelling and he needed relief. But she never went further than that with him or anyone else, other than her husband.

I had barely taken in these new developments, when another one hit me like a ton of bricks. Nicole looked at the camera and appeared to smile and wink directly at me. Jodie explained that she was able to see us, just as we were able to see the three of them.

I watched the proceedings haplessly, while Jodie’s expert hands had me ejaculating several times. Nicole and the two behemoths settled into a sandwich, with one of them pounding her pussy, and the other taking her anally. They switched places often during this carnal game, while Nicole orgasmed almost continuously, with her face registering total ecstasy.

Next morning, the drive to the airport was awkward, with Nicole and I remaining silent after an initial greeting. Even if we had something to say, it would have been difficult, as the chauffeur might have been able to hear us. Nicole was glowing.

We started talking gradually after we took off, in the relative privacy of first class. She said that she too was looking forward to spending the three evenings with me, until other events took over. She added that Dr. Flemming had been a perfect gentleman, and did not make any move on her until he was sure that she and I were not a couple.

The affair at the mansion was a sexual adventure of the sort she could only dream of, so she decided to go ahead and immerse herself into it fully. Dr. Flemming had taken her consent to broadcast the proceedings to my room, so that I could have some fun too.

I asked her why they cut off the video feed after their anal tryst on the second day, and who had joined them in the room. She smiled wryly and said that what they did then was much too kinky to relate, and refused to elaborate any further.

The two Goliaths who serviced her were Lady Flemming’s trainers, and were at her beck and call whenever she wanted them for any purpose. The Flemmings had perfected hedonism to an art form.

I pondered over her words, and realised that I too had a good time watching her, as also when Jodie provided some relief (though all this was not half as intense as what Nicole got). Still, I was more than satisfied with her explanation, and she was after all free to do what she wanted, being an independent woman.

She did not remain an independent woman for very long though, as we started living together a few days later, and got married in three months. We even invited Dr. Flemming to our marriage. He was unable to make it, but presented us with a Porsche, and booked us into a fabulous resort for our honeymoon. He was indeed a wonderful gentleman, and I could not hold any grudge against him.

The resort he booked us at was an exclusive one for the ultra-rich, and was owned by one of his companies. He said he specially picked this one, as they had implemented some of our designs here.

We were getting ready to celebrate the first night of our honeymoon, when there was a gentle knock at the door. A lady from the hotel said that they had a special surprise for us, and could Nicole come with them for a short while. We agreed, and she went off in a golf cart with the lady.

I poured myself a drink, waiting for Nicole to return, when I noticed that there was a similar monitor in this room too. This observation had barely crossed my mind, when the screen lit up.

Nicole was inside a similar room as ours, looking expectantly at the door. It opened shortly and Dr. Flemming walked in. They started kissing ferociously like two lovers meeting after a long separation. She unzipped his trousers, pulled out his manhood, and began pulling its skin up and down. She now looked at me and smiled, as the object in her hand expanded rapidly.

He removed her skirt, and drove his rod into her where they stood. She turned her attention away from me, and locked her mouth into Dr. Flemming’s, as the two were lost in each other while they copulated feverishly.

And even this time, I hardly felt any pain, only a sense of pure excitement. It then hit me that the changed circumstances of our relationship made no difference to my reaction, to what was now a familiar scene.

You look one last time in the mirror; you have prepped and pruned yourself in anticipation for this moment. Soon your man will be here; right now he is working his muscles. The thought of his broad chest, strong arms, and slim body send shivers up your spine. Tonight is a night for him. You are going to show just how much you love him.

You wonder over to the bed amongst candles, gently caressing yourself, eager to have him arrive. When he does, he is stunning, his muscles are bulging and defined, skin is smooth and inviting. He sees you and stops to admire the view. He smiles as he gazes upon your toned legs. He was moving with purpose, but now that purpose has changed, he moves toward you on the bed. You move to meet him, moving like a sultry predator, hunting her prey. You are ready to devour him.

You touch his chest and you can feel the electricity in your fingers. You run them down over his pectorals, admiring the curves and lines of your man. He takes you into his strong arms and kisses you passionately. You feel light headed and you melt in his embrace. But you regain your composure, this is his surprise tonight. You push him onto the bed laying him down on his back and gently kiss from his neck down his chest, teasing him with your lips and tongue. You run your hands and nails over his chest and shorts, gently touching his growing cock through his soft work out shorts. You place your face and mouth on his member, teasing him through his clothes. You can feel it pulsate with desire as it continues to grow. Slowly you pull down his shorts exposing him in all his glory. You eagerly admire his member and place your face close to it. You tease him, not quite touching it. You look into his eyes and smile and you gently blow your breath across it.

His cock has become very hard in anticipation of your actions. You kiss around his legs, never fully touching his manhood. Only for short brief moments do your lips brush against his member. Your hands explore his body, caressing and tracing the lines of his form. Slowly your kisses and licking get closer to his cock, which is now fully engorged. Finally you kiss the base of his cock, and run your tongue up the shaft along the bottom all the way to the top. You kiss the tip, and then run kisses back down the shaft. As you do this you look into his eyes and see his face and lips parted in pleasure. You continue to tease his cock, kissing and licking, never quite giving everything. You keep kissing along the shaft, down around the base, licking his family jewels as he sometimes thrusts uncontrollably with anticipation. You never quite place his entire throbbing member into your mouth. You then grab his cock and gently stroke squeeze and stroke it. This continues to make him thrust a bit as he is unable to control his reactions. You feel the power you hold in your hand, the ability to control your man with desire.

You keep kissing and licking, sometimes stroking, sometimes licking sometimes just rubbing his cock around your lips, breathing heavy on it. Finally, you begin to place the tip into your mouth, he is quivering with the anticipation of feeling your soft mouth and tongue wrapped around his meat. You start slow, slowly sliding his cock across your lips, your tongue running circles over his meat. He gasps as you do this and look into his eyes again as you see pleasure contort his face. You continue to slide his meat into your mouth slowly then return to kisses along his shaft. You run your hands over his meat, amazed as to his size and eagerness. You alternate between teasing him with kisses and tongue, to gently stroking him with your hands, to rubbing his member across your lips and back to sliding it into your mouth. You bring him to the edge and then let him pull back, continually. Each time he moans in pleasure as you expertly play him across the playground of pleasure. Your own pussy has become wet listening to his moans and is ready for his cock to slide in and spread you wide. As you masterfully bring him to the brink and down again, you slide up his chest kissing his muscles as you go. You gently grind your wet pussy on his meat. You are so wet from his desire that his cock easily slides into you. He fills you completely and you both groan in pleasure. You both slowly rock back and forth as waves of ecstasy emanate from your groins. You both kiss passionately as you both reach climaxes simultaneously, inhaling each other’s breath, feeling each other’s skin, feeling him explode inside of you. As you both coast down on waves of emotion, you whisper in his ear, “You’re Welcome”.

Fisher wasn’t the type of guy who fucked a girl just because she had a pussy and he had a cock. He was raised better than that. For that reason, and that reason alone, he had yet to have any of those college experiences that the lore speaks of.

That was, until he met Annabelle.

He’d always been a quiet, reserved kind of guy. He wasn’t a virgin, but he had a lot less notches on his belt than other guys, so to speak.

Fisher had no idea how much his life, and sexual outlook would change when he enrolled for a summer semester course.

He made his way into the lecture hall, just as the other students were for history of western civilization. He took a seat in the center and off to the side.

Fisher was early. He was always early to everything, another trait his parents instilled in him.

One after another, students filed into the room, but his eyes were drawn to one.

He wasn’t able to lock on one of her features. His eyes darted all over her as she bounced up the stairs at the side of the room. Her sandy blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail over one shoulder, the end of it stopped between her shoulders and chest. She wore jean shorts that weren’t Daisy Duke’s but they left plenty of her thick thighs for him to enjoy. Her generous cleavage jiggled happily beneath her tank top.

“Sit near me, please sit near me,” his inner voice screamed, and then fought with itself. “No don’t, please don’t. I need to pay attention.”

The young woman stopped on his row and he sank down in his seat.

“I’m a gentleman, gentlemen don’t stare,” he silently said while tapping his pen on his forehead.

She took a seat near him, leaving a desk between them. His heart sped up as he glanced over to see her pulling a spiral notebook out of her bag. From the corner of his eye, he saw her tits practically spilling out of the tiny top that she was wearing. He slumped further into his seat, anymore he would fall out of the chair.

She caught his eyes and smiled a bright smile. Love at first sight? Maybe. He never believed in it before, but if there was such a thing, the butterflies rapidly fluttering around in his gut and the tingles that ran throughout his being proved it.

Fisher took a quick moment to admire her luscious lips that framed her mouth. Her whole body glowed when she smiled.

The corner of his lips rose up in a lop sided smile. He tried for more, but couldn’t seem to make his muscles work.

“God, I’m a dork,” he thought as he turned his attention to the front of the room. “I can’t even smile correctly at her.”

The class went by typically.

Handouts were passed down the rows. His hand grazed hers for a spilt second. He swore that he felt sparks and by the pink on her makeup-less cheeks, he believed that she felt it too.

He struggled to pay attention to Professor Morgan for the first hour, while sneaking peeks at the pretty girl nearby. Each time he did, he mentally chided himself, and then chided himself for chiding.

When the students returned from their break, the professor told the class to get to know the people around them for study partners, for someone to call if they missed a class, and what not.

“Shit,” he thought. “I have to talk to her now.”

She immediately turned to the person behind her. He was thankful, for it would give him another minute or two to compose his thoughts.

He went through the motions of writing down names and phone numbers of various students around him. Then, she moved over to the empty desk that was between then.

He turned to see that same lovely smile greet him.

“Hey, I’m Annabelle,” she stated, extending her hand towards him.

“I’m Fisher.”

He took her hand in his and she immediately gripped his hand with a firm shake. He liked that. It showed confidence.

She withdrew her hand, and then twirled the end of her ponytail in her fingers. He got lost for a moment in a lovely set of green eyes that were set behind the purple frames of her glasses.

“Fisher?” She repeated his name with an adorable raise of a brow. Her voice was gentle. “That’s an interesting name.”

He shrugged it off, having heard that statement countless times in his life. “It’s an old family name.”

“Really?” Her expression lit up. “That’s really cool. I wish I could say something interesting like that. Annabelle is just Annabelle.” She waved her hand in front of her. “My parents liked it, that’s all I got.”

“Annabelle is a lovely name.” He was nowhere near a master flirt, but he went for it anyway. “A lovely name for a lovely girl.”

Her cheeks turned pinker and she giggled. He wished he knew what she was thinking. It would have either eased his nerves or set them bolting in a thousand different directions.

Annabelle was just so pretty. She wasn’t the hottest girl on campus, but she could take a run at the most adorable. He was hooked, and he was sure that any man lucky enough to talk to her felt the same. She wasn’t a tiny skinny model, she had meat on her bones, something to squeeze and hold onto. Another thing he liked.

Fisher must have gotten lost in his thoughts, because she poked him to get his attention.

“You’re not going to ask me for my number?” she teased. “I thought that was what we were supposed to be doing here.”

“Oh, um, yeah,” he stuttered. His fingers fumbled with his pen. The writing utensil betrayed him by rolling off of his desk and falling to the floor.

Annabelle giggled again. It wasn’t at him, he didn’t think, but he was still embarrassed. She had a cute giggle. He wanted to hear it more often.

She reached down to pick it up for him. On the way, he watched her tits again. Another mental lash.

“What’s gotten into me,” he mentally grimaced. “I’m sure guys look at her breasts all the time. I don’t want to be every other guy.” He shook off his thoughts as she handed the pen back to him.

They traded notebooks and Annabelle wrote her name and number upside down on the bottom corner of the page in green ink. She smiled to herself as she drew little daisies on each side of her name. Fisher wrote in his information in her notebook in a typical male style.

“Now that you have my number, you should call me sometime,” she commented with a flirty wink as she handed his spiral back to him.

“Sure, I like to study with other people. It keeps it interesting.” He said to his desk, and then mentally face-palmed himself, realizing that was his cue to flirt with her. Fisher tried for a smooth recovery before she had a chance to speak, “Or to meet up for coffee?” His voice rose up, unsure if he was asking a question or making a statement.

Annabelle’s eyes traveled over to him again. Her eyes locked on his hazel eyes, which had a gorgeous amount of green in them. She considered his question for a moment, drawing out the silence to tease him a little. She smirked while looking over his neatly trimmed dark brown hair.

“I don’t know,” she paused again, “that sounds like a date to me.” Her fingers tapped on her desk. “We’ve just met, isn’t that soon to be asking a girl out?”

Fisher spoke slowly to make sure the words didn’t come out all jumbled as he talked. “Lots of people study at coffee shops. I wasn’t asking you on a date.”

Her honey colored brow rose again and her lips folded into a pout. She slumped back in her chair with her arms folded under her chest. “Too bad,” was her simple quiet remark.

Another mental face-palm for Fisher. “Fuck, what am I doing?” he silently questioned himself. He wasn’t sure if she was teasing or if she was serious. What he was sure of though, was that she was getting under his skin in the best of ways. He always got nervous around girls and this was definitely no different.

Professor Morgan saved him from his mental whip lashing. “All right, everyone, the person you are talking to right now will be your partner for all of your projects for this class. The first one is due in two weeks, so you’ll be getting to know this classmate extremely well in the coming weeks.”

Fisher felt like he couldn’t be any smaller at that moment. He felt Annabelle’s eyes on him and heard a cute little excited squeal emanate from her lips.

“Looks like we will be buddies,” she said, wiggling in her seat with excitement.

He looked over at her to make sure she hadn’t begun talking to another student. He was still with her. Good. Well, good, with a little bad. He had already embarrassed himself, but hopefully with time, it would pass. Or, get worse. He wasn’t sure which.

Annabelle stayed in the seat next to him for the remainder of the class. His sneaky glances continued for the next hour.

He felt like she was a year or two older than him. She didn’t look older. However, there was something in the way that she carried herself that led him to believe that she was.

He also wondered how he would handle being her class partner. It definitely wasn’t something to complain about. He felt lucky to at least have the excuse to be around her. However, he would have to keep his cool if he wanted to get to know her more than just study and project partners.

When class ended, Fisher packed up his backpack. Annabelle was waiting for him at the end of the row with a sweet smile painted on her face. His heart leapt into his throat as he approached her.

She waited until they had gone down a couple of steps before speaking. “Are you taking any other classes this summer?”

He nodded. His voice came out strained as he replied, “Just a boring marketing class. How about you?”

“No, just this one. I need to slip it in and don’t have a lot of time in the normal semesters to get a lot of other courses in besides my English courses.”

“Why is that?”

They headed for the door side by side. He held it open for her and she smiled again as she passed through.

“Well, when you have a full time job, and go to school full time, trying to get everything done gets tricky and takes a lot of planning. You know?”

He nodded. He understood, though he didn’t have a job. His father was putting him through school and his only focus was to graduate. He didn’t have much else to worry about.

Annabelle continued before he could get a word in. “This should be my last year, I hope. Or, maybe a year-and-a-half.” She sighed. “I spent two years not knowing what I was doing, so I took a lot of classes I didn’t need. Trying to feel things out. I settled, finally on creative writing, but now, I want to get done as soon as possible.”

Fisher tried doing the math in his head to figure out how old she was. Two years, but still taking an introduction course, a necessary class for all majors, but she seemed ready to graduate. She was still talking and he felt rude for not listening. He shut off the worry he had about her age. After all, age was just a number.

“I also was wasting a lot of time during the ‘feeling things out,’ process. I took lots of classes and spent a lot of money, which I’ll be paying off until the day I die. Sure, I learned a lot, but now I sometimes feel like I pinned myself into a corner. My advisor suggested I take summer courses, so here I am. I have to work a lot in the summer, so I didn’t want to overload myself. Honestly, didn’t want to take a summer class at all, which is why this is my first one.”

They went down two flights of stairs and then a few steps over to the doors leading outside. He held the door open for her again. She looked up a few inches to his eyes and thanked him with a bow of her head as she passed through. She liked that he opened the doors for her.

Fisher once again walked next to her, unsure of where they were going as Chicago’s blue sky and June sun bathed them with warmth. But, he wanted to keep talking to her, or listening rather, as it had been so far.

Annabelle pushed her glasses up on her nose. “So, that’s my story. I’ve been blabbing your ear off. Tell me about you.”

He hooked his thumbs into the bottom of the straps of his backpack and shrugged. “There isn’t much to tell, really.”

She chuckled, “Aw, come on. I’m sure there is.”

“Well, I’m pretty boring. I don’t know what to say.”

“Everyone is a little boring. Come on. Tell me, something, anything.” She flashed him that pout again. “Don’t make me feel bad for blabbing.”

“I’m studying business. My favorite color is blue. I have a younger sister who goes to UIC.”

The pair passed by the courtyard where some students were playing Frisbee, and a few others scattered around in small groups enjoying the sunshine.

Annabelle laughed again. “Okay, well, maybe you are boring.”

Her tone was teasing, but he slumped his shoulders a little bit.

She reached over and patted his shoulder over his t-shirt. “Calm down, I was joking.” Her hand lingered for a moment before she pulled away. “I do that sometimes, you better get used to it if we’re going to be buddies.”

Her touch had sent a shockwave of warmth through his body.

“I’ll try,” he said, trying to tease her back, but he was pretty sure that it didn’t come out that way.

They walked in silence for a couple of moments before she turned her head to him again.

“Are you following me?” she asked with a playful smile. “Can’t get enough of me already?”

He was following her. There was no way he would admit that, but he was. “Actually, umm,” an awkward pause lingered, “I was going to grab some lunch and that’s in this general direction.”

“Ah, so you are following me. I’m doing the same. I’m not in the mood for a sandwich at home.”

They shared smiles and chuckles, and then continued their way to the student union. Fisher followed her to the food court area where they each picked up a meal He stayed near her the entire time, not wanting to seem too clingy, but he didn’t want to lose her either.

“Would you like to eat lunch with me?” Annabelle smiled, holding a chopped spinach salad in her hands.

Without hesitation, he answered, “Sure.”

After paying for their meals, they found seats at a table among a herd of other students.

Fisher opened up his chicken nuggets after placing a napkin underneath his French fries. He watched as she drizzled dressing over her salad, put the lid back on, and then shook it to spread the dressing around. He had never thought of doing that before and made a mental note to give it a shot next time he had a salad.

The pair shared common conversation about their lives. He learned that she had an apartment in the city, worked as a manager at a bookstore, and had a crazy, but loveable dog. She did most of the talking, as he fought with his nerves, too scared to say anything stupid to a pretty girl.

Annabelle stabbed her fork repeatedly through her salad. “I really love giving blow jobs. It’s my favorite sexual act.” Her tone was shockingly casual. She filled her mouth with spinach greens and chewed with her eyes locked on his, gaging his reaction.

He cocked his head back at the sudden way that she brought up the topic of sex. He wasn’t a prude, but talking about sex with a practical stranger wasn’t something he was used to. His mind started reeling, picturing her licking, teasing, kissing, and sucking his cock.

She liked his shy silence. After she swallowed, she continued as she filled up her fork again, “I don’t get why some girls don’t like it or are grossed out by it. There’s nothing like hot flesh on my tongue and hearing a man groan for me while I pleasure him.” She visibly shivered. “Or of course, looking up into his eyes with his cock buried in my throat.”

Fisher shifted in his seat as his member began to fill with blood. He felt his cheeks heating up and rapidly changing different shades of red. His thought process was filled with nothing but imagining her lips wrapped around his flesh.

Her fork hung in the air, as if eating was a side note to her at the moment. “What I don’t get even more are girls who are afraid of cum. It’s delicious. I adore a man’s seed and it should be treated with respect, not spit out or washed down the drain.” She closed her eyes and whimpered softly. “I love the taste of it, the warmth, the texture.” Her eyes opened again. “All of it.”

“Uh huh,” Fisher mumbled. He blinked his eyes repeatedly. He hadn’t taken a bite since this part of the conversation had begun.

Annabelle smirked at him, and then took the bite that she had been holding on to. She gave him a couple of moments to speak and inwardly smiled as his cheeks continued to change colors. Her eyes trailed down to her salad before returning to his.

“Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“No, no. I just,” he looked for the right words, “I’ve never met anyone who talked so openly about sex before.”

Her shoulders rose up in a shrug as she dropped her fork on top of her half eaten lunch. “Why shouldn’t people be? I mean, everyone does it, whether they admit it or not.” She sipped from her water bottle. “Everyone has their opinions, their ideas, just like politics. And, it’s a hell of a lot better to talk about than politics.”

“You’re right,” he said. His eyes fell to her breasts for a second and he watched her chest rise and fall with her breaths. He could have sworn that she pushed out her chest, presenting it for him. His gaze wandered around to the other people sitting nearby.

“Of course I am.” Her tone was pleased and pleasant. “So, what’s your favorite sexual act?”

Fisher wondered if this was a test that she gave to guys she would consider dating. So, he answered honestly after his eyes settled back on her face. “Kissing.”

Annabelle pursed her lips to one side and nodded. “Kissing.” She repeated with her lips rising up into a smile. “Kissing is probably the most intimate act between two people. Funny, because it’s usually what comes first. But, compared to penetration, which can be done from multiple positions, multiple ways, when you kiss someone, it’s a deeper connection.”

They continued their conversation throughout eating lunch, drifting back and forth from sex to more common topics. The pair stayed and chatted a little longer until Fisher bid her farewell for the day because he had to get going to his next class.

Before separating in the sunshine, Annabelle stopped in her tracks. He realized that she wasn’t walking anymore, and then turned to her.

“Can I give you a hug?” she asked sheepishly in a cute little girl voice.

“Absolutely.” He smiled broadly.

Annabelle stepped into his embrace and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. His arms went around her lower back and he held her to him, enjoying the feeling of her body pressed against his. She didn’t move much, but enough to softly rub her breasts into his firm chest. The top of her head was nestled just below his chin. He didn’t want to let go, but released her at the first sign of movement.

She pulled away and grinned up at him. “Thanks. I hug my friends.”

He matched her smile and his heart warmed up from her words. “I’m your friend?”

“Oh yes.” She kissed his cheek. “Have a good day, Fisher. See you in class.”

He wanted to say something in response, but all he got out was, “You too,” before she was bouncing away.

“Wow,” he said with a heavy exhale. “She’s something special.”

He spent the rest of his day with his mind filled with thoughts of his new friend. Of course he wanted sex with her, she had done a fantastic job at planting that seed, but he also wanted to know everything about her. Fisher knew that he wasn’t the type of guy to fuck a girl just because he could. He needed a connection with the girl. Though, his mind toyed with the idea of being inside of her.


Fisher was just about to leave his dormitory on Thursday night to grab some dinner when his cell phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket and to his surprise, he saw, “Annabelle” lighting up the screen. His heart sped up and he took a couple of deep breaths before answering.

“Hello,” he said as calmly as he could.

“Hey you.” Her voice came through sounding quite perky. “Whatcha up to?”

Fisher sat down on his bed and fidgeted with his hands as he talked. “Nothing at all.”

His roommate, Garrett, looked over at him with a curious look on his face.

“Nothing?” Annabelle giggled. “So, you were just sitting there staring at the wall before I called?”

“Um,” he muttered, and then stumbled over his words, “no, not really, I guess, I mean yeah sort of, just hanging out in my room.”

“I see, I see. Hmm, well, have you eaten dinner yet?”

Fisher’s heart leapt into his throat and caught up his speech. He cleared his throat before he could talk properly. “No, I haven’t, why?”

She laughed for a moment, and then said, “Think about it, why would I ask if you’ve had dinner?”

He hid his eyes in his hand. “I don’t know. Are you asking me because you want to eat dinner with me?”

“That would be a correct assumption, yes.”

The inflection of her voice told him that she was smiling on the other end, which in turn made him smile.

Annabelle continued, “I like to cook when I have a night off, and cooking for one isn’t very fun. Would you like to join me?”

“Yes!” he replied almost too eagerly. He took a breath, and then spoke again, “I mean, yes, that would be great.”

She gave him directions to her apartment and told him to meet her as soon as he could get there. When he hung up, he stared at his phone in disbelief for a few moments.

Garrett broke him out his trance when he put down the video game controller and asked, “What’s up man?”

Fisher blinked his eyes and turned his head towards his roommate. “I’m sorry, what?”

“What’s up? Who was that?”

“Oh um, Annabelle asked me over for dinner.”

“Annabelle?” Garrett raised a dark brow. “The girl from your history class, that you haven’t been able to stop talking about since you met her?”


“Well, what the fuck are you doing sitting here? Get outta here and go!”

Fisher laughed at himself for a quick moment before rising up from his bed. He went over to his closet and changed into a dark blue polo shirt and khaki slacks. He stopped in the bathroom and quickly checked himself out to make sure he was presentable and comb his short brown hair. After coming back out, he slipped into a pair of sneakers and stuffed the directions into his pocket.

“Is this a date?” Garrett asked with his attention turned back to killing zombies.

“I don’t know. She just said that she didn’t like cooking dinner for one. I don’t think so.”

“Could be,” Garrett said with a grin. “I don’t know many girls who cook dinner for a guy who aren’t at least interested in him.”

“Don’t make me more nervous!”

The guys chuckled together, and then Fisher made his way to the door.

“Have fun and don’t come back too early,” his roommate teased.

Fisher turned his head back to him. “Yeah yeah. See ya later.”


Annabelle moved around her tiny kitchen, singing to herself as she filled a casserole dish with ziti pasta, marinara sauce with sausage, and ricotta cheese. She covered the top with mozzarella, and then sprinkled parmesan cheese over the dish. After putting the dish in the oven, she began cutting lettuce and vegetables for a salad.

As she worked and her Jack Russell Terrier stood guard for any droppings, she thought about her new friend. She knew that they were attracted to each other. That was quite obvious. She liked his shyness and the way he seemed a tad uncomfortable, but anxious when she talked openly about sex. Fisher didn’t seem like the type of guy who would go after her just for sex. That thought put a smile on her face, though she knew that eventually she may have to be the one to make the first move. But for now, she liked having him as a friend and feeling him out, instead of jumping straight into the sack.

Annabelle wasn’t attracted to bad boys or jerks, but she seemed to give into sex too easily. She was a self-proclaimed slut. In the past, she had racked up a decent number of men she had been with. Some of the men called her only for sex, and she was okay with that because that’s what fuck buddies are for. Sometimes, she would go home with men she met at bars, and never talk to them again, even if they did call.

She was ready to be with someone special and have meaningful sex. Not just one or two night stands to have her cravings for cock satisfied. The last man that she waited longer than two dates to have sex with was her high-school boyfriend, to whom she lost her virginity after waiting several months.

When the time was right, she would rock Fisher’s world, but for now, she enjoyed having him as a friend and being with a guy who wasn’t spending every moment trying to get her into bed.

Annabelle finished chopping the vegetables, and then mixed everything together in a bowl before placing it in the fridge. She quickly made a garlic butter sauce, and then spread it over slices of sourdough bread. The garlic bread was ready to be placed in the oven after the main dish was finished.


Fisher found a spot to parallel-park on the street. He turned off the car, and then looked down at the address again. As he got out of the car and made his way to the brownstone building, he continued to remind himself to be calm, just as he had the whole drive.

Her apartment was on one of the three levels of the building. He opened the outside door, and then went up the steps to the second floor. After one final deep breath, he knocked on her door.

Immediately following the knock, he heard a dog’s high pitched bark on the other side. There was some scuffling around before the door opened.

Annabelle’s radiant smile greeted him. After closing the door, her arms wrapped around him and engulfed him in a warm hug. His arms went around her waist and he held her body to his, deeply inhaling her scent that he had grown to adore over the past few encounters. Her hair held the scent of apples and her skin smelled like a melon body wash.

She pulled away, still smiling. “Thanks for coming over,” she chirped. “Welcome to my humble abode.”

“It’s a pleasure to be here,” he said, returning the smile.

The dog’s barks became more constant, coming from the bedroom.

Annabelle hurried over to let her out and gave him a word of warning, “She’s gonna bark like crazy for a minute, but just let her smell you and she will calm down.”

Fished muttered an, “Okay,” as he took in the surroundings.

He took a few more steps past the threshold into her home. To his left was a small, but functional kitchen. Then, there was the door that she had gone to open. All he noticed of the living room, which seemed large for the apartment, were the bookshelves that were overstuffed with paperbacks.

A white creature with a couple of brown spots zipped over to him, barking incessantly. The dog was clearly a bundle of energy, jumping at his feet. Fisher smiled and squatted down to offer the dog his hand to smell. When he tried to pet her smooth coat, she backed away, unsure of him and barked a little more.

Annabelle put her hand on her hip and watched the interaction. “I’m sorry. I told you that she was crazy.”

A couple of moments later, he was able to give the dog a proper petting. She warmed up to him immediately once he had found her favorite spot on her back. Annabelle giggled, still watching.

He looked up at her as he continued to scratch the dog. “What’s her name?”

“Clover.” She smiled. “I think she likes you.”

“I hope she does.” Fisher rose up and the dog scurried away to chew on a bone. “It smells delicious in here. What’s for dinner?”

Annabelle brushed a few honey colored locks off her face. “I hope you like Italian, cause we’re having baked ziti.”

He made an approving sound and rubbed his stomach. “I love Italian food.”

Just then, the oven timer buzzed. She practically sprinted into the kitchen. Fisher stood at the entrance to the kitchen and watched her as she slipped on polka-dot oven mitts and bend over to pull the dish out of the oven. The width of the kitchen was not large enough for her to stand behind the open oven. His mouth went dry at the sight of her ass staring him in the face through her snug denim shorts. He forced himself to look away before she caught him looking.

Annabelle placed the dish on the stove, and then put the garlic bread in the oven. “Sorry, I’m being a bad host. Would you like something to drink?” she asked as she dropped the oven mitts on the counter. “I have pop, beer, or the standard water.”

“A beer would be great, thanks,” he replied.

“Coming right up.” She grabbed two bottles of Goose Island Honker’s Ale the refrigerator, popped them open, and then handed him one.

“Do you need any help?”

“No, thanks.” She grinned before turning away. “I’ve got it under control.”

He took a gulp of cold liquid courage, while his eyes roamed over her body again as she moved about the kitchen. Her tight shirt had a v-neck that was as deep as the purple shade of the garment. Her bosom was on display, but hidden just enough to be proper. His imagination filled in what he couldn’t see due to the fit of her shirt. He could also make out the faint outline of her lace bra. For a moment, he wondered what color it was before he shook off the thought, reminding himself that he was gentleman, though his hormones begged to differ.

Fisher silently moaned as he watched Annabelle stretch up on her tip toes to get plates out of the cabinet. He adored her calves and the way her bum lifted and came out just a little. He also got a peek of her tanned midriff. He closed his eyes and had another sip of beer, once again not wanting to be seen as the guy who stared at her.

Annabelle had felt his eyes on her and she smiled inwardly. She wasn’t trying to be overtly sexual or seduce him, which made his sneaking glances even more welcome to her.

She came back down on her bare feet with the plates and bowls in hand, and then looked over at him. “I hope you’re okay with eating on the coffee table. I don’t have a dining room table, because well,” she shrugged, “I didn’t want to waste the space.”

“Not a problem at all.”

He waited patiently while she filled the bowls with salad, and then made plates of baked ziti for them.

Fisher enjoyed how her long and straight hair caught the light and gave her a soft angelic glow and how her tanned thighs poured out of her shorts. His thoughts raced to touching her legs and petting her hair.

She was about to plop a spoonful of baked ziti onto a plate when she felt his eyes again. Wanting to catch him in the act, she looked over at him and smiled sweetly. His cheeks turned pink immediately and she giggled in response as she went back to plating their dinner.

“You look really cute today, Fisher,” she said, turned away from him while opening the oven door. She put an oven mitt back on, and then retrieved the garlic bread.

Another nerve induced lump filled his throat. “I do?” he mumbled. “I just look like me.” As soon as he spoke he hated what he had said.

A musical giggle filled the apartment again. She turned towards him after placing the cookie sheet on the stove. “Yes, you do look like you, and you’re cute.”

He felt like the loose collar of his shirt had shrunk several sizes. He liked her compliments, but he wasn’t used to receiving them. “Thank you, you look great today too.” His words had come out more confident this time.

Annabelle grinned. “Thank you back.” She quickly put garlic toast on both plates, followed by a fork in the salads. “Dinner is served, come get your plate and salad.”

Fisher stepped into the kitchen to grab his plate and bowl. He tucked his beer into the crook of his arm, just as she had done with the dressing and beer, and then picked up his meal.

Together, they made their way to the living room. He waited a moment for her to sit down in her preferred place on the sofa, but rather, she sat down in front of it. He followed suit, sitting on the floor on her left. Clover followed too, sitting properly on the other side of her, not begging for food, just watching.

They both drizzled vinaigrette dressing on their salads, and then began eating. The television was directly in front of them, but she left it off. Fisher liked that she did.

After his first bite of baked ziti, Fisher groaned with delight. He complimented her and the dish once he had swallowed, “This is delicious.” He stabbed another fork full of food. “Do you always cook this well?”

“I try to. Sure beats macaroni and cheese.” She sipped her beer. “I like to try new things, but it’s always better to try them when there’s someone else to enjoy it with.”

While chewing, he also chewed over the thought of what she said. He wondered if there was a double meaning to her words, or if she simply meant cooking. He went with the simple route, not wanting to embarrass himself.

“Well, anytime you want to cook something new, I will be your guinea pig,” he stated, and then gulped down some beer.

Annabelle winked at him while her mouth was full. She wiped her lips before she said, “I’d like that a lot. I bet this is better than cafeteria food.”

“It’s not even in the same stratosphere.”

They continued to dine on the delectable meal that she made and shared a light hearted chat. They laughed about the dormitory that he lived in and shared roommate horror stories of years past. Her freshman year, Annabelle had lived with a girl who never took out her trash. It got so bad that the girl even had trash on her bed and slept in it. Fisher was lucky for the most part, though his first roommate was quite the ladies’ man. The rule of, “do not enter” when a sock was hanging on the doorknob came into play a bit too often. He told her that he had slept in the common area one night because he forgot to take it off.

When dinner wound down, Annabelle hopped up to collect dishes.

Fisher stood up and picked up his plate. “I wouldn’t mind helping you.”

She waved her empty hand in the air. “No, no, no.” She smiled. “You’re my guest. Guests don’t do dishes. But, you can pick out a movie if you like.”

“I can definitely do that.” He handed her his plate with a smile.

Annabelle cleared off the coffee table, and then retreated to the kitchen. Clover followed her as if she was her shadow.

He went over to one of the several bookcases and looked over the numerous movies that she owned. He plucked, “The Blues Brothers, out of the mix.

While he waited for her to finish the dishes, he also looked over another bookshelf and the several books that she owned. Most of which he had never read and some he had never heard of. He wondered how she found time to read with school and work. Also, he wondered what genre that she liked writing the most, remembering that she was studying creative writing.

When he heard the sink turn off, he popped the disc into the DVD player, and then sat down on the sofa. He found the remotes and got the movie set up to play when she returned.

He liked that there weren’t a lot of extra pillows on the purple velour sofa, just two in each corner. Also, he liked the funky, vintage, geometric print of the couch and cozy looking chair that sat adjacent to it. There were a lot of things about her that he liked.

In his pocket, his phone buzzed. He pulled it out quickly read a text from his roommate, asking how his date was going. He replied with a simple, “Very well,” even though he was still unsure if this was a date. He stuffed his phone back in his pocket.

A few moments later, Annabelle glided in from the kitchen. “I made you a container to take back with you. You have a microwave in your room, right?”

She sat down rather close to him on the couch. A mere inch of space was between them. Fisher felt butterflies fluttering in his stomach from their closeness.

“I do. Thank you.”

“Anytime.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Do you mind if we um…” her voice trailed off into a giggle.

He raised a chocolate brow and turned his face to her. “Do I mind what?”

She nibbled her lip, feeling a bit shy. It took another moment before she spoke, “Do you mind if we cuddle a bit while we watch the movie?”

Fisher nodded and ignored his nerves for a change. “I would love that,” he said coolly as he lifted his right arm for her.

Her emerald eyes sparkled. They shared a smile reserved for lovers before she nestled into him.

Her head settled on his upper chest, half on his shoulder, and she curled her legs up on the sofa behind her. His arm fell around her shoulders, resting his hand on her arm, touching her bare skin just below the sleeve of her shirt.

He pressed play on the remote, and then set it down on the cushion next to him. Clover wandered back into the living room and jumped up onto the sofa. Annabelle reached behind her, without pulling away from him, to get the blanket off of the back of the couch. She tossed it down near her feet and the dog curled up on top of it. Fisher had looked over and was smiling.

Annabelle’s arm returned to him and she lightly rubbed his stomach, feeling his firm abdomen through his shirt. “Are you comfortable?” she asked in a soft tone.

His jaw rested against her head and his lungs were filled with her scent with every breath. “I’ve never been better,” he replied with complete honestly. He felt her smile against him in response.

Throughout the movie, he was more focused on having her in his arms than what was happening on the screen. He laughed with her at the appropriate parts, but his mind was constantly filled with the fact that a beautiful woman was cuddling with him. He listened to her breathing and loved how her breasts were pressed against his side and chest. His free hand moved to her arm over him and he lightly drew his fingers along her forearm. Everything was perfect.

Annabelle felt her heart growing warmer the longer she stayed cuddled against him. She felt like she never wanted to move again. Never before, had she been so comfortable with a guy. This was not something she wanted to rush, she was sure now. She loved how his hands felt on her and imagined them touching her when she was nude.

They watched the movie in silence, except for laughs and chuckles. Both of them were focused on being together more so than the movie.

Fisher ached to kiss her, but he didn’t want to scare her. Her warm body being so close to him was more than enough for now. He would kiss her soon. He would make sure of that. He also made a mental note to ask her on a proper date before he left for the night.

Near the end of the movie, when Jake and Elwood Blues are being chased by a countless number of Chicago squad cars, Fisher started uncontrollably laughing.

Annabelle lifted her head from his shoulder and giggled at him, “What’s so funny?”

“This is my favorite part.” He smiled wide. “Wait for it,” he said expectantly.

She settled back in on his shoulder and continued to smile as she returned her eyes back to screen.

“Here it is!” Fisher quoted a line from the movie at the exact time Elwood said it, “Well, this definitely is Lower Wacker Drive.” He continued his laughter and she joined in.

When the credits started rolling, they stayed in their embrace, neither of them eager to move. The DVD returned to the menu screen and they still didn’t move.

For several beautiful moments, they merely enjoyed being close together. Her hand drifted up to his chest and came back down over and over again. He continued to caress the skin on her arm and run up and down her side with the other hand. Annabelle loved his masculine scent and the slight aroma of his aftershave that he had presumably put on this morning.

Clover was the one that ended their cuddle session. She bounded off of the sofa, ran to the door, and then scratched it.

“I need to take her out,” Annabelle sighed. Begrudgingly, she lifted herself out of his arms. “You can stay here if you want to.”

“I’ll come with you,” he said with a smile.

The pair headed for the door. She hooked the leash onto the dog’s collar, and then they left the apartment.

Once they were outside, and strolling down sidewalk, Fisher’s nerves returned to him. He tried his best to suppress them. Once her free hand slipped into his and she interlaced their fingers together, anything he was worried about was washed away. They both turned their heads and smiled warmly at each other.

They continued walking down the block, waiting for Clover to do her business. The dog took her time, as if she knew that a new relationship was blossoming and they were enjoying their walk while the sun set.

“Thank you for inviting me for dinner,” Fisher stated. He loved how her soft hand felt in his.

“Thank you for coming over.”

He was about to ask her on a date for this weekend, but didn’t want to do so while she was picking up doggie droppings. Her hand slipped out of his for the moment and she switched the hand that was holding the leash. She tied up the bag, and then switched hands again.

They took a few more steps and when she took his hand again, he spoke, “Are you working this weekend?”

“I have Saturday off. Why?” Annabelle bit her lip while she waited for his response. She hoped he was going to say what she was dying to hear.

Fisher swallowed, his heart was about to beat out of his chest. After a deep breath, he looked at her and his words were able to come out smooth, “I would like to take you out.”

“As in a date?” she asked rhetorically and her giddiness came out in her voice.

He nodded in affirmation. “Yes. I would really like to take you out on a date.”

“I would love to!” she cooed. “What are we going to do?”

They reached the end of the block for the second time and turned around.

“Do you trust me to say it’s a surprise?” he asked with a smile and squeezed her hand.

“I absolutely do.” The smile couldn’t be washed from her face, her entire being radiated. “Though, I think you are just saying it’s a surprise because you don’t know yet,” she teased.

“That’s very much true. But, I promise to come up with something great.”

“I trust that you will.”

Once they were back in her apartment, they talked a bit more over another beer. It was getting late, considering that they both had class in the morning. Annabelle didn’t want him to go, but she knew that if he stayed, they would stay up all night talking or more and both be wrecks tomorrow.

She walked him to the door. On the way she grabbed the leftovers from the kitchen. After handing the container to him, she said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” There was a hint of sadness in her tone.

Fisher inwardly smiled at her tone, knowing that he would miss her too. He lifted her head with his curled index finger under her jaw. “Yes you will and you’ll see me on Saturday.”

Her heart fluttered in anticipation of feeling his lips on hers. Nothing had ever compared to what she was feeling with him. If he was any other guy, she would push him against the wall and kiss him hard, leading to fucking like animals in her bed. But with Fisher, she immensely enjoyed this pace, for it was special.

He bent down a little, and their noses turned opposite ways and their eyes closed in unison. His lips brushed softly against hers at first, before melting against hers and kissing her delicately. Both of their hearts skidded as tingles ran through every part of their bodies. Her cheeks quickly grew hot and she placed her hands on his neck.

Her mouth opened, eagerly wanting to feel his tongue with hers. He followed her lead and his tongue slithered over her lips. Her body pressed into his and his hand moved over to the back of her neck. Their tongues gently massaged and curled with each other’s. A sweet melody of timid new lovers sang in their kiss. Nothing in the world besides them existed in that perfect moment.

Fisher broke off the kiss, pulling back just a taste. Her nose nuzzled with his and they both smiled with their eyes still closed.

“Wow,” her whispers came out shaky, “that was… I don’t know what to say.”

“Neither do I,” he whispered back.

Annabelle’s entire being felt warm, and fresh shockwaves were still traveling through. She smiled again as she felt his wet lips kiss her forehead.

“I need to go, or I’ll never leave,” he said quietly.

She looked up at him and pouted playfully. “I know.” Her lips curled back into a smile. “I look forward Saturday.”

“As do I.” He kissed her lips gently one more time. “Thank you for a wonderful evening. Have a good night, Annabelle.”

“You too, Fisher. Drive safely.”

“I always do.”

She reached for the doorknob and Clover started barking. She turned back and shot the dog a glare and told her to hush. Immediately, Clover sat down and stopped yapping.

“Bye for a little while,” Annabelle said once he had stepped through the door.


Fisher opened the door to his room and his roommate looked over at him immediately.

“So?” Garrett drew out the word, seeing the Cheshire grin pained on his friend’s face.

“So what?” Fisher shrugged as he closed the door.

“How did it go?”

Fisher didn’t say anything as he stepped out of his shoes. He knew Garrett was going to pressure him into saying something, but he liked drawing it out a little bit.

“Come on, man. Tell me, was it a real date?”

“A guy doesn’t kiss and tell.”

“So, you did kiss her?”

Fisher grinned even wider. “Maybe.”

Garrett chuckled, “Well, I’d say by that silly look on your face that you did.”

“Do I look that silly?”

“Well, if you were a girl, I’d say you’re glowing. But, I don’t know how to say that for a guy.”

Fisher blushed before he relaxed and started laughing with his roommate.


Fisher smiled when he saw Annabelle come into the lecture hall on Friday morning. She looked as gorgeous as ever and his heart melted when she smiled at him. She raced up the stairs and took the seat right next to him.

“Hey handsome,” she said as she sat down.

His cheeks rose up pink. “Hi pretty.”

Annabelle wanted to kiss his cheek, but she knew that wasn’t proper. Rather, she pulled her notebook and a pen out of her bag.

As class dragged on, she noticed how much she enjoyed just being near Fisher. Sure, he was an arm’s length away and she couldn’t touch him, but being in his presence energized her and warmed her soul in a way that she hadn’t known before. Even with her high-school sweetheart.

In a way, it also made her nervous because she didn’t want to hurt him. There were many special qualities to him and she wondered if she deserved a guy like him. She shook off that thought, reminding herself that she deserved a good man who wasn’t just trying to get into her panties.

Annabelle grinned at herself as she ripped a piece of paper out of her notebook. She quickly scribbled a note, folded it up, and then dropped it on his desk.

Fisher quietly chuckled, feeling like a grade-school kid as he unfolded the note. It read, “Have you decided what we’re doing tomorrow?” The dot of the question mark was a heart.

He wrote back, “Yes, but it’s a surprise. Is picking you up at 1:00 okay?” He passed it back to her.

She nibbled her lip as she read it. Annabelle turned towards him and nodded an affirmative. They smiled at each other.


Annabelle nervously paced around her bedroom in her bathrobe with Clover as her loyal shadow. She stared at the four dresses she had laid out on her bed. Her nerves were on overdrive. She hadn’t been this nervous for a date since she had her first date, which was mini golf, when she was fifteen.

“Why am I freaking out?” she asked herself as she held one dress in front of her. It was tossed back on the bed, and then she picked up another. While holding it in front of herself and looking down at her dog, she asked, “What do you think?”

The little dog just stared at her and Annabelle laughed and shook her head.

“You’re no help!” She playfully sighed and threw the dress back onto the bed. Her dog stared at her with her head cocked to the side.

Annabelle finally settled on a linen sundress and put the others away. She grabbed a pair of white wedged sandals before closing her closet door. Then, she went to her dresser. After staring at her lingerie drawer, she plucked out a silk, blue and white striped thong and a matching bra.

She dropped her robe, and then began getting dressed. After slipping her panties up her legs and setting the band underneath her hip bones, she leaned forward as she hooked her bra to give an extra push to her already ample cleavage.

Annabelle slipped her dress over her head, and then went over to the mirror that hung over her door as she smoothed it out. She set the tiny, yellow spaghetti straps on her shoulders and adjusted the light blue bust, which was two triangles, over her chest. The garment flowed out from the high yellow band just beneath her bosom. Large blue and yellow flowers were tastefully splattered diagonally across the dress starting under her left breast, and then across the white skirt that ended at her knees.

As she checked herself out from all angles her heart and mind continued to race. There was something about Fisher that made her feel the need to take care of him. Not in a motherly way, but in a way lovers do, in and outside of the bedroom. She loved seeing him smile and hearing him laugh. The kiss that they shared was unmatched by anyone that she had kissed before. Her lips tingled at the mere thought of it.

Annabelle went to her bathroom, and then straightened her hair. While applying a shimmery eye shadow, she cursed her shaky hand. She only put on a small bit of makeup, finishing with shiny lip-gloss.

She wondered how many times she had to tell herself to take a deep breath since this morning. “Why am I so fucking nervous?” she asked herself again as she put in pearl earrings. “I mean seriously, it’s just a date,” she said to the mirror. “We’ve already kissed. We’ve cuddled. What am I freaking out about?”

She shook her head at herself, and then opened the eyeglass case that held her blue framed spectacles. Annabelle had a few pairs of glasses, each had a different color for the frames, but all of them were rectangular shaped. She wiped them clean with a lens cloth, and then slipped them on her face.

As she sat down on the edge of the bed to put her shoes on, she continued to give herself a pep talk. “Breathe Annabelle, breathe. He likes you. It’s okay to let a guy in and not just fuck him. It’s okay. He’s not going to hurt you. He’s a sweetheart. You could fall in love with him. Wouldn’t that be nice to be in love with someone?” She took another breath and stared down at her dog. “Jeez, now I’m talking in third person and asking myself questions. What are we gonna do with me, Clover?”


Fisher arrived at her apartment and sent her text to let her know that he was here. She asked him to do so in order to keep her dog from going crazy. He got out of the car, and then waited for her in front of the passenger side door.

A few moments later, Annabelle came outside. His eyes went wide as he watched her bounce towards him. She looked beyond gorgeous. Her dress was loose, but still hugged her curvy figure and her legs looked incredible. Not to mention her glorious breasts were on display almost as if she was wearing a bikini top. He swallowed hard as she stepped up to him.

“There must be a mistake,” he said with a husky tone as his eyes landed on her face. “You’re too beautiful to be going out with me.”

“Aww,” she cooed, “you’re too sweet.” Her heart and soul melted. She pictured herself as a puddle on the ground and wondered how she was still standing, and then realized his arm had slipped around her waist. “Thank you. You look very handsome.” She ran her hand along his upper arm over his raspberry colored dress shirt.

“You don’t need to butter me up,” he said kindly. “But, thank you.”

“Who said I was buttering you up?” She kissed his lips gently, lingering slightly longer than a peck.

“You win this round, young lady,” Fisher said with a grin, and then opened the passenger door for her.

Annabelle smiled at him. “I thought chivalry was dead.”

“Not when it comes to me.” He returned the smile.


Fisher still hadn’t told her where they were going, but as they walked hand in hand through Chicago’s museum campus; she started to get giddy with anticipation. He led her towards The Shedd Aquarium and upon seeing the large columns that were modeled after classical Greek architecture at the entrance, Annabelle squealed with glee.

“The aquarium!” she beamed, squeezing his hand. “Oh my goodness, this is the best date ever!”

He couldn’t help but smile. He wanted to make her happy and knew that he was already off to a great start. “Did I do well?”

“Did you do well?” She giggled hysterically. “Fisher, this is incredible!”

They hurried to the doors, and then she impatiently bounced in place while they waited in line behind other patrons at the ticket counter. Once he paid their admission, they began exploring.

Most of the light in the building came from the large, bright, walled-in fish tanks. The walkways were dark, but had a blue glow. It was a bit humid, due to the five-million gallons of water that the exhibits held.

The couple walked around the large circular tank that was nestled just behind the entrance and held fish from the Caribbean. Annabelle’s eyes were wide, staring at the bright sea creatures. She held his hand as she walked at a snail’s pace, taking everything in. He stayed at her side, for there was no reason to hurry her along. It seemed to Fisher that his date was like a little girl in the best of ways, squealing, jumping, and smiling endlessly. He knew already that he would have fun with her, this just confirmed it.

“Oh look at that guy!” Fisher exclaimed, pointing out a cownose ray gliding by in the tank.

“Oh wow!” Annabelle gasped. She held his hand tighter and hurried around to keep watching the ray swim.

Eventually, they pulled themselves away from that exhibit and headed over to another. As they explored, they chatted more about their lives. Annabelle figured out by the way the he talked about them, that he was really close to his family. For a moment, she considered calling his parents and telling them that they raised a wonderful man. There would be a time when she would be able to tell them.

She spoke lightly about her family. Her parents divorced when she was young and she had two older brothers. She was closest to her mother and her relationship with her father was still strained after several years. Very few details were given on the subject of that relationship, except that she got uneasy being around her dad for very long because of what had happened in the past.

Fisher felt bad for her and wanted to talk to her about why, but he knew this wasn’t the place and they should be having fun, not talking about things that made her sad. Instead, he just wrapped his arm around her waist and held her to him as they walked around.

They continued through the aquarium, sharing stories and favorite things, and eventually ended up downstairs where they could get up close to the larger sea animals.

Annabelle was amazed watching the otters. She had always loved them because to her, she saw them as dogs of the sea. The animals swam around and played together, coming close to the wall of the tank, and then swimming off. A beaming smile coming from her face lit up the dark quarters.

Fisher had never seen a girl so happy. He corrected himself on that thought. Annabelle was a woman, and a very beautiful one.

“I could stay here for hours,” she said softly.

“Well, we have till six when they close. But, we can come back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.” He felt her smile against him and he smiled.

Her arms slid around him and her body pressed into his side while her eyes darted around watching the otters. His arm hadn’t left her waist and he held her tighter. His free hand petted her hair, but he kept his elbow down so that he didn’t block her view. There was nothing in the world like having her against him. They were both oblivious to the happy screams coming from children around them.

“I could stay here forever too.” His words were quiet, almost a whisper. He dropped several soft kisses on her forehead.

Annabelle sighed happily. To her, it felt like every moment with him was perfection and everything she knew about him was incredible. She had never met a guy with such an amazing heart, which increased her attraction to him ten-fold.

They stood together, watching the otters with a peaceful silence between them for quite some time.

She lifted her head off of his shoulder and looked up at him. “Fisher, I have a confession to make,” she stated, and then nibbled on her bottom lip.

The worst thoughts flooded his mind. Quickly, he imagined her saying something awful, such as there was something about him she couldn’t stand, or worse, that she had a boyfriend in another city, or even worse than that, she wanted to go home and never see him again and would be dropping the class they had together because she couldn’t bear the thought of seeing him every day. He forced those thoughts away. None of them could be true, except for the one about her hating something about him. If that was the case, he would try his best to fix it.

Annabelle giggled at the worried expression on his face. “Calm down, sweetheart. It’s nothing bad, I promise. It’s really good actually.” She smiled warmly.

It took a moment for him to realize that she had called him sweetheart. When he did, he couldn’t help but smile. “Tell me.”

Her eyes drifted down to the floor before locking with his again. She forced the words out of her mouth, “I know we haven’t known each other very long, but I really,” she stressed the word, “like you, Fisher.”

A shock of loving warmth shot throughout him. He fumbled for something to say and all he could come up with was, “Yeah?”

She nodded fast, causing her mane to swish on her chest. “I hope that’s okay.”

“It’s wonderful.” He kissed her lips softly, and then muttered against her mouth, “I really like you too.”

Their lips met again, more eagerly this time. In unison, their mouths opened and their tongues glided into each other’s mouths with the same calm finesse that the rays had swimming through the water. There was no rush, no trying to show off, just exploring, tasting, and sharing a kiss with the other person.

After a few moments of bliss, Annabelle broke off the kiss and rested her forehead against his. “I need more of your amazing kisses,” she whispered.

“You do?” He grinned before kissing her again.

“Uh huh. Very, very badly.”

Suddenly, she slid out of his embrace, grabbed his hand, and then led him down the hallway. He watched her hips sway as she walked with determination.

They stopped in a dark, quiet corner, away from other patrons. Her hand left his and both hands went to his neck. Thanks to the height of her shoes, she didn’t have to pull him down to meet his lips again.

His hands fell on her hips as their kissing became more urgent. He lightly pushed her into the wall, not using force, for he didn’t want to hurt her. She fell back willingly as their tongues twisted and twirled back and forth in a sweet game of lover’s exploration.

Fisher felt his cock stiffening in his slacks and couldn’t help but press against her and softly grind himself into her. She whimpered into his mouth at the sensations his growing member provided, even between several layers of clothes. Her nipples swelled and pressed hard against her bra. He felt the lines of her thong through her thin dress, which heightened his arousal even more.

Both of their cheeks had gotten hot and they gasped for air between kisses. Their lips were wet with saliva and they continued to hungrily feast on the other’s mouth. Their pulses were beating at rapid tempos.

Annabelle slid one hand down to his chest, feeling his firm muscles. She felt so protected in his embrace and adored by the way he kissed her. He stayed with it, keeping his lips pressed against hers as if he could never stop kissing her. Nothing had ever compared to this. Nothing. It felt like their tongues were making love.

Fisher’s hands drifted back to her ass and he pushed himself harder against her. His body was on overload and all they were doing was kissing. It was deeply passionate, but he had never kissed someone like this. He loved how her kisses were as playful as her personality. Though he did think, if he felt this way from a kiss, if they ever had sex, it would be indescribable.

They both heard the pattering of several footsteps and broke their kisses immediately. When Annabelle opened her eyes again, even in the shadows, he could see the lust that was glazed over in her eyes. She saw it in his as well. His member was firm against her and they stayed nestled together, hidden in the darkness as a family passed by them, completely unaware. She covered her mouth to keep her giggles and panting breaths from being heard.

“Want to move along before we get caught?” she asked with a wicked grin.

“Yeah, but, uh,” Fisher stuttered and wiped the perspiration that had risen up on his brow. “I can’t exactly move yet.”

She knew he was referring to his erect cock that was desperately trying to escape from his pants. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and hugged him. Her lips brushed his ear as she whispered, “I have quite an effect on you, don’t I?”

“I think that’s quite obvious,” he chuckled, holding her tight to him with his arms locked around her back, as if he was shielding her from the world.

Annabelle giggled for a moment and buried her forehead into his neck. “Take all the time you need for him to calm down.”

After a few minutes, his erection had subsided enough to not be noticeable. Annabelle took his hand and they headed to the gift shop.

They looked over several items, never letting go of each other’s hands as they roamed the store. Fisher picked up a key chain for his sister, because she collected them, and a snow globe for his mother for the same reason. Annabelle liked him even more seeing how much he thought about his family.

Fisher had his back turned to her when he felt something fuzzy on the back of his neck. He turned around and Annabelle attacked his face with kisses from puppets of an otter and a sting ray on her hands. She made playful kissy sounds the whole time. They both laughed together while she continued her puppet kiss assault.

When she caught her breath, she took the puppets off before retreating to put them back on the display. He stopped her.

“I think you need those,” he said with a smile.

“Oh?” She looked down at the plush animal puppets in her hand. “You don’t have to buy them for me.”

“I want to. You need something to remember our date by.”

“I have plenty of memories, but yes.” She smiled wide. “I do think I need these puppets.”

She handed him the toys, and then they went to the registers.

While they waited in line, Annabelle held on his arm because his hands were full. “Do you know why I picked those two?”

“Tell me why.”

“Cause, the stingrays were your favorite today and otters were mine.”

“I love how you think.” He kissed her softly, and then added, “However, you’re my favorite today.”


Fisher sat next to Annabelle at a small Thai café downtown. They were sitting on the patio, enjoying the cool breeze coming off of Lake Michigan.

He watched how she ate, truly tasting and enjoying each bite of her pad Thai. He had ordered the same item, but much less spicy than she did. She teased him about being a weeny and not being able to handle spicy food. He teased her back, telling her that she wouldn’t enjoy his company very long if he had tried to impress her.

They had chatted all day long. It seemed as if there was nothing that they couldn’t talk about. They talked about their friends, high-school experiences, favorite movies and music, and more.

Near the end of the meal, the couple was discussing school. Fisher was reminded again that she was an aspiring writer.

“So, what sort of things do you write or want to write?” he asked, and then had a sip of wine.

She finished chewing and daintily wiped her lips. “Well, I don’t have a lot of time with work to write more than what’s necessary for my classes. But, when I do find the time, I like to write short stories for fun because I can get it finished faster than say, a novel.”

“That makes sense.” Fisher smiled. “I assume you write fiction?” He filled is mouth with a bite of peanut sauced noodles.

She nodded. “Yes.” A sly grin rose up on her lips.

He raised his brow at the look on her face. “What kind? Just tales about characters?”

Annabelle had filled her fork with noodles and placed it on her plate before meeting his eyes. “You could call it that, I guess.” She smirked. “I write erotic short stories.”

A rush of heat went to his crotch. He swallowed hard before confirming what she had just said. “Erotic short stories?”

“Yes.” She chewed her food, letting the thought set in for him before she asked, “Does that bother you?”

“No, no, I’ve read a fair share of erotic stories before. I think it’s better than just,” he softened his voice, even though she hadn’t, “watching porn all the time.”

“Do you get off when you read them?”

The question lingered in the air. Fisher felt like everyone was staring at him, even though they were all engaged in their own dinners. His cheeks had turned bright red before he was able to admit it. He didn’t have to. She could tell from his expression that he did.

“Maybe you read some of mine sometime and didn’t know it.” She winked from behind her glass of wine. “If you haven’t, then you definitely should.”

“I think I would like that,” he said with a lump in his throat.

“I’ll show you my library sometime.” She took another sip of wine, and then teased him, “If you’re a good boy.”

He chuckled and ran his hand through his dark hair. “What sort of stories are they? I mean the genre or subject matter, or whatever you would call it.”

“I have a range, from romance, to taboo, and anything in between.”

“Oh,” he exhaled. He already figured that he was much less experienced than her just by the way she carried herself and conversations they had shared. But now, he felt like it was confirmed and hoped that he wouldn’t be inadequate for her when the time came.

After a few moments of silence, Annabelle broke it with a concerned tone in her voice, “Are you okay? Do you hate me now? Have I freaked you out?”

“No, no, no, god no, not at all.” He reached over and held her hand. “Quite the opposite actually. I’m very intrigued by you.”


The moon shone brightly through the open window in her apartment. Fisher and Annabelle were tangled together on the sofa, kissing deeply and passionately. He was on top of her, pressed against her body and grinding against her gently. Her legs were wrapped around him and the skirt of her dress had fallen to her upper thighs. Shoes were discarded long ago when they snuggled up to watch a movie that was now on the menu screen.

Fisher’s hands slid up and down her sides, feeling her generous curves. He left a trail of kisses from her lips to her neck. He heard Annabelle’s whimpers and sighs in his ear, sending his arousal on overload. His cock ached inside of his pants, desperate for release. He loved the soft touch of her hands gliding along his back and how she dug her nails in on occasion.

Her pussy was rapidly growing slick, soaking her juices into her panties. Annabelle had told herself that she wanted to wait to sleep with him, but her willpower was rapidly depleting. Every kiss, every caress, everything that he did to her was too much. Her loose dress felt like it was constricting her as her body grew warmer with each passing moment.

When he hit the most sensitive region on her neck, just under her ear, her eyelids fluttered and she moaned, “Fisher, that feels so good.”

“I’m glad,” he groaned into her flesh. His lips lingered in that spot, and then took a detour down to her collar bone before returning. He whispered into her ear, “Is it okay if I touch your breasts?”

“Yes, yes, of course,” she nearly wailed.

He lifted himself off of her just a bit and steadied himself on the arm that was cradling her head. He planted soft kisses over every centimeter of her face as his hand drifted up over the curve of her bosom. The soft fabric of her dress scratched against his hand as he cupped her breast and the sensation from feeling her rock hard nipple against his palm through her clothing sent a jolt of pleasure to his erection.

“Here, let me help you,” she mumbled, pulling her hands away from his back. Quickly, she pushed down the straps of her dress and slipped her arms though, freeing them. She pushed the bust of her dress down, revealing the shiny silk bra that she wore.

Fisher’s mouth went dry as he admired her body. He pushed himself up more in order to get a better look. His fingertips trailed along the top of the cups of her bra, feeling her soft flesh. Her large breasts were propped up and strained inside of her bra. He ached to feast on her, but was in no rush.

He looked up at her face and smiled. “You’re beautiful, Annabelle. Absolutely gorgeous.”

She bit her lip and shied away, looking off to the back of the sofa. He took his hand off of her chest and gently nudged her cheek back over so that he could see her eyes. He kissed the tip of her nose.

“You need to get used to hearing that. You are beautiful and you deserve to hear it more than I would ever be able to say it.” His hand returned to her breasts, running back and forth and into the valley between her mounds of flesh.

“Thank you,” Annabelle muttered, tracing her fingers along his scratchy jawline.

She felt like she was melted into the sofa, overwhelmed by the sensations he provided her, and even more so, the words he said. Her heart was warm, near the level of exploding with what felt like love. “Love?” she asked herself silently. “It’s too soon for that. Way too soon. But, this has to be what it feels like.”

Fisher kissed her lips, breaking off her thoughts of anything but what they were doing in this moment. His lips made their way down her neck and over her chest, leading down to her tits. He looked up at her and whispered, “Is this okay?”

She nodded and smiled softly. “Very much okay.” Her fingers twirled in his short soft hair while she watched him.

She moaned as he kissed and licked her skin. It felt like he was absorbing everything that he could. Most men she had been with just rushed through everything in order to get to the actual sex. With him, it was so much different, almost unexplainable.

Her nipples were so hard that they hurt, especially being confined inside of her bra. His tongue felt like it had dissolved into her flesh, leaving a trail of saliva as he tasted her. His hand lightly groped her as he devoured her tits.

She could feel his cock pressing hard against her pussy through their clothes as she met his gentle thrusts and rolled her hips. She was desperate to have him and washed over with lust.

“Fisher,” she moaned.

He moaned a response into her delectable skin. Hearing her moan his name sent shivers down his spine.

“Fisher,” she tugged on his hair to angle his head up so that she could look at his face. Her breath was ragged and she panted, “We should go to my room.”

He moved up so his face was over hers and his eyes locked with hers. He ached for her as well, but he knew it was lust. Not love, though love had begun to bubble as well. He forced himself to push his desire for more out of the way. It wasn’t time yet.

His hand stroked her face and he smiled down at her. He spoke softly, “Annabelle, I want to. I really want to. But, I don’t think we should.”

She felt wounded. No man had ever turned her down before.

Her lips trembled as she asked, “Why? You don’t want me?”

“Oh god no. You’re the most desirable woman in the world to me.” He kissed her forehead repeatedly before lifting up again. “I know you want this and believe me, I want to as well.” He stroked his thumb over her lips. “But, you’re worth waiting for.”

Tears began welling up in her eyes. “No one…” she stuttered, “no one has ever said that to me before.”

Fisher leaned down and kissed the tears away that had escaped, and then kissed her eyelids. “Then, no one has ever deserved you before.”

She pressed her lips together and sniffled, trying to keep her emotions under control. Here was this perfect man, gentle, warm, and loving, who obviously cared for her. It wasn’t something she had felt for several years. Her high-school sweetheart waited for her to be ready before losing her virginity, but that didn’t mean he hadn’t pressured her a couple of times. Now, here was Fisher, a man who was more than willing, but not allowing himself to give in.

She didn’t know what to say, there were no words within grasp to explain what she was feeling.

“Don’t be sad, baby, please.” He pressed his forehead against hers. “This is just our first or second date, depending on what you want to call Thursday night.” That line made her giggle, which in turn, made him smile. “We have plenty of time. I want it to be special when we do.”

“I understand. Thank you.” Annabelle wiped her face. “Sorry, I’m such a mess.”

“No need for apologies.” Fisher kissed her trembling lips. “I’m an emotional, soft hearted guy. Another thing you’re going to have to get used to. I tend to cry more often than I’d like to admit.”

She giggled again, he adored her giggle. He saw her eyes sparkle, even though they were still wet.

“I think I can get used to that.” She smiled fully and her fingers tickled the back of her neck. “I hope this doesn’t mean we have to stop making out.”

“Does it?” He started tickling her over her ribs, causing her to squirm under him.

She giggled hysterically and shook her head wildly, causing her hair to whip his face. “No, please. Kiss me. Kiss me. Kiss me, Fisher.”


Annabelle sat outside while on break at work on Tuesday afternoon. She stared down at Fisher’s contact in her phone. She didn’t want to call him for this, but she knew her friends were all busy right now and honestly, she didn’t trust them like she did him. She pressed the call button and put the phone to her ear.

“Hey beautiful,” Fisher answered.

“Hey, handsome.” She paused for a moment, and then got to the point. “I don’t want to ask this of you. But, I need the biggest favor in the history of favors.”

He instantly said, “Anything you need, baby. What is it?”

Annabelle smiled and put her hand over heart. She loved how he called her baby, even though she was older than he was, and how eager he was to help her. “Well, the manager who was supposed to work tonight has food poisoning. I’ve tried Susan and Nathan, but they are both busy tonight.”

“Okay, tell me what I’ve gotta do to help you.”

“I’ve been here since eight and won’t be home till after ten. I need someone to take Clover out so she doesn’t have to hold it till then, or worse. There’s no way that I could get back and forth on the train without this place disintegrating.”

“I can definitely do that for you. Good thing Clover likes me, huh?”

Annabelle chuckled, “It’s a very good thing.” One of the employees had wandered outside looking for her and she held up a finger to them, asking for a minute. “So, can you come get my keys from me in a bit?”


“Thank you so much. You’re a lifesaver.”

She quickly gave him the address of her work, and then hung up the phone. When the screen went black, she whispered, “I love you,” to him, though he couldn’t hear it. It had been a long time since she was in love and had forgotten what it felt like. Even though she had only known him for a week, her heart was convinced that she loved him.


Fisher slid the key into the lock of her door and her little guard dog barked uncontrollably once he entered. He dropped down to one knee and let Clover smell him. She quickly recognized him and licked all over his hand.

“Your mommy is stuck at work,” he said, roughly petting the dog. “Hope you don’t mind going on a walk with me.”

At the mention of the word walk, Clover scurried over the door, practically running into it. Fisher laughed and grabbed the leash off of the hook near the door.

He walked Clover up and down a few blocks around Annabelle’s building before she did her business. Fisher pictured the dog thinking something like, “I can’t do this in front of him.” The thought made him laugh.

When he returned inside, he flipped on the light in the foyer. The light made that familiar popping sound, and then turned off again. He didn’t want to snoop around, he knew that she trusted him and he would never break that trust. However, he remembered seeing light bulbs on the storage shelf above the washer and dryer while she was doing laundry when he was over working on their class project last night.

He opened the French doors that were near her computer desk in the living room. He made a mental note to suggest to her that it wasn’t safe to have all of the electronics so close to the laundry area in case the washer leaked.

He grabbed a bulb, changed it out, and then filled Clover’s food and water dishes. He felt strange being in her apartment alone, but in a way it was nice, because she trusted him to be here. The red light on the coffee maker was still on. He turned it off, and then dumped the burned coffee. He filled the pot with soapy water and left it in the sink. Just to be safe, he went to her bathroom and checked that she had turned off her hair straightener this morning. She had.

Fisher sat down on top of her bed for a moment to spend some time with Clover, as asked. He didn’t mind the little terrier. She jumped right up onto the fluffy purple and white comforter with a toy in her mouth. They played a game that was a mix of tug-of-war and fetch for several minutes.


Fisher returned to the bookstore and looked around for her for a few minutes. He found her at the customer service desk, ordering a novel that the store was out of copies of for a customer. She smiled at him when she looked up from the computer.

He waited patiently for her to finish what she was doing. He filled his time with admiring her in her casual business attire. She was professionally buttoned up, hiding most, but not all, of her cleavage behind a pink and white striped button down blouse.

Annabelle motioned for him to come over once the woman had stepped away. He pulled her keys out his pocket as he approached.

“I hope Clover was nice to you,” she said with a grateful smile.

“She was hyper as ever,” he chuckled as he handed her back her keys. “But, we had a nice time.”

She dropped her keys in a drawer, and then went around to give him a hug. She wanted to linger in his warm embrace, but let go before she would normally want to. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re very welcome anytime you need it.” He nudged her glasses up on her nose and ran his fingers behind her ear, causing her to nuzzle into his hand. “Do you mind if I hang out here? I have some studying to catch up on.”

“Of course not. The café is over there, come with me and I’ll get you some free coffee.”

He followed her across the store, adoring how her gray slacks hugged her round butt and hips. Annabelle looked over her shoulder at him and giggled while spinning her manager card on the zip cord that was attached to a belt loop. Keys jingled from the rubberized coil band that she had around her arm above her elbow.

Fisher took a seat and pulled out his books while she went over to order his coffee.

“What’ll it be ma’am?” Vicky, the barista asked. “Iced or hot hazelnut latte?”

“Large iced for me and a large coffee with cream and sugar for my friend over there.”

The bubbly redhead leaned far over the counter to get a good look at Fisher. “Oh, he’s cute” she cooed. “Is he your boyfriend?”

Annabelle giggled and shook her head. “We went on a date Saturday. A really good date and spent some time together a few other times.” She forced herself to put on a stern face and teased, “You shouldn’t be asking your superior about her love life.”

Vicky laughed as she began making the order. “Since when?”

Annabelle’s serious face broke and she giggled. “I don’t know. I’m sure it’s in the employee handbook somewhere.” She softened her voice so Fisher wouldn’t overhear. “I really like him. He’s a special guy. But, no, he’s not my boyfriend, yet.”

“Do you want him to be?” the barista asked, raising a questioning brow.

Annabelle felt like a shy little girl, twirling her finger in her caramel hair. “Maybe…”

“Maybe or yes?”

“Yes. Yes, very much so.”

Vicky grinned, and then finished making the coffees. She handed them to Annabelle, who took them and returned to Fisher.

He looked up at her as she came over. She placed his coffee on the table, and then ran her hand through his hair with her now empty hand.

“I have a question,” he said as he took the lid off of his cup to let the steamy beverage cool a little.

“I have an answer.”

“Do you always take the train home when you get off work late?”

“Yeah, why?” She sucked her flavored latte through the straw and put her weight on one leg, cocking her hip to the side.

He tingled all over from her fingers playing with his hair. “I would like to stay here until you get off so I can take you home. Tonight, and anytime you get off late.”

Her heart melted, it had been doing that a lot lately. “That’s sweet, but I’m a big girl from the city. I’ve been doing this for years. I can get home by myself.” Her tone didn’t come off as cocky; merely she was showing her independence.

“I know you are.” Fisher reached up and took her hand off of his head, and then held it. “But, I want to know you’re safe. It’s the gentleman in me. I’ll sleep better at night if I know you’re not riding the train late at night.”

She looked down into his hazel eyes and nodded her head. “No one has ever treated me like you do. I’m just not used to all of this, but I like it.”

“I’m not like every other guy am I?” Fisher asked with a grin, and then kissed the back of her hand.

She ran her finger over his square jaw, and then lingering on the dimple on his chin. “No, you’re so good. How did you get this way?”

“My mom and dad raised me well, I guess.”

“They definitely did. I need to thank them.” She leaned down to drop a kiss on his brow. “I need to get back to work, but I’ll come hang out with you when I can.”


Annabelle leaped into his embrace when she met him at the train station on Friday morning. He had met her there before class all week and walked her there after they had lunch. She hugged him so tight, squeezing the air out of his body while coating his face with kisses.

It felt like it had been an eternity since he left her apartment last night after a home-made dinner, a movie, and another intense make out session. She left like a teenager again with him, back when making out and touching each other was all that was needed for satisfaction. Waiting to have sex with him was agony, but she immensely enjoyed falling in love with him.

Fisher took her tote bag from her once they had stopped hugging. He put it over his neck and shoulder. The strap awkwardly sat around his backpack. After taking her hand, they walked to class.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked.

“Very well. I always sleep great after you’ve been over.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“I sleep great after being at your place too. Speaking of your place, our project is due on Monday, are you going to have time to put the finishing touches on it with me this weekend? I know how busy you are, so it’s okay if I have to finish it up.”

“Actually,” she tightened her grip on his hand. “Joseph, the guy I covered for on Tuesday night, called me this morning and said that he was going to cover my shifts tonight and Sunday to repay me.”

“So you’re off all weekend?” His voice was filled with excitement.

“That would be correct, sir. But, Saturday, let’s not think about school cause I have an awesome date planned for us.”

“Oh do you? Who said I was free on Saturday?” He shot her a teasing grin.

The couple stopped at the corner, waiting for the pedestrian signal to change.

“Well, I just assumed. Are you free on Saturday?”

“I am. What do you have in mind?”

They crossed the crosswalk among a herd of other people. She waited to speak until they had space again.

“I think it’s only fair that I keep it a secret since you kept last week a secret from me.”

“Fair enough,” he said with a nod, and then they shared a smile.


In the middle of class, Annabelle ripped a sheet of paper from her spiral notebook. She scribbled a note to Fisher, folded it up, and then dropped it on his desk.

He smiled as he unfolded the paper. His grin became even wider as he read the words she had written, “Are you my boyfriend?” Again, the question mark had a heart for the dot.

He quickly wrote back, “If you want me to be. It would make me very happy to call you my girlfriend.”

She quietly squealed and wiggled in her seat upon reading his note. They locked eyes and she winked. She wrote a few words, and then handed it back to him.

The note said, “YES YES! YES! Please call me your girlfriend!”


Annabelle’s head was in his lap and her body was curled up on the sofa. Fisher’s hand ran through her silky locks. Her cheek nuzzled against his crotch and he looked away from the movie they were watching to look down at her. Her eyes were closed and she was purring contently.

Fisher smiled and took his hand away from her side to gently remove her glasses. He cradled her head so that he didn’t wake her up while he stretched to place her spectacles on the coffee table. He glanced over to see Clover who was sleeping with her head on Annabelle’s calf.

He continued to stoke her hair for the remainder of the movie. He loved having her asleep on him. They had spent any time that they could together and each moment was special. He watched her chest rise and fall and listened to the soft sound of her breathing.

“You’re so pretty, Annabelle, I hope you know that,” he whispered as he curled his fingers in her hair.

Fisher looked down at her more than he looked at the screen. She looked so peaceful laying on him with her hand curled over her thigh. He thought about all that they had shared since they met and how much more he wanted to be with her. His hands never strayed to inappropriate places while she slept.

He wanted her in so many ways and waiting had started to become agony for himself. There was an almost constant fight between his morals and his hormones raging inside of him when he was with her and when he was thinking about her. He continued to tell himself that it would happen soon enough. He knew that they had a connection that was growing deeper with each passing day. But, he wanted to love her first. Those feelings were already stirring up inside of him, but he didn’t know how she felt. He’d wait years for her to say those three little words before sleeping with her.

When the movie was over, it was nearing midnight. He didn’t want to wake her so that he could head home. His eyes were getting heavy, so he grabbed one of the pillows from the corner of the couch and propped it up behind his head. He turned off the television, and then closed his eyes. He continued to caress her until he fell asleep.


Annabelle opened her eyes, blinking them and giving them a moment to adjust to the darkness. She realized she was still on his lap and it had to be quite late. She lifted herself off him, and then grabbed her cell phone and glasses off of the coffee table. She didn’t remember taking them off and it made her smile knowing that he must have done it.

She looked at the time and gasped, “Three-o-two?” She whispered to herself, “Goodness, I must have been more tired than I thought.”

Her phone was tossed back to the table. The noise woke up the dog. She perked her head up in response before stretching.

Annabelle uncurled herself from the sofa, and then sat up. Fisher was sleeping awkwardly on the couch, with his head kind of on the arm of it, but with his butt flat so he didn’t mess up her pillow of his lap. She leaned over and kissed his lips repeatedly until he woke up.

His arm wrapped around her before his eyes opened. He mumbled something inaudible that made her giggle.

“Darling, come on, let’s go to bed,” she said softly, continuing to kiss his lips. “Come on, get up, it’ll be just for a minute that you have to be awake.”

Fisher rubbed his tired eyes, and then ran his hand over his cheek. “What time is it?” he muttered. “I should get going back.”

“No, no, that’s just silly. Come on, let’s go sleep in bed.” She nuzzled her nose with his. “Come on. Let’s sleep. I’m not letting you drive right now.”

Fisher’s mind was clouded with grogginess. Proper thoughts were hard to come by. He just nodded and mumbled, “Okay, sleep sounds good.”

He pushed himself off of the couch, and then helped her up. She kept her hand in his and he followed her to her room. Together, they pulled the comforter and sheets down on her bed.

“Get yourself comfy, I’m going to put some PJs on.” Annabelle grabbed a couple of things from her dresser before disappearing into the bathroom.

For a moment he smiled. He still hadn’t seen her nude or in just panties yet, and liked that she wanted him to still wait for the surprise. He took off his cargo shorts, but left his t-shirt on. A quick glance down told him that he needed to button the fly of his boxers.

She emerged from the bathroom wearing tiny pink and purple plaid shorts. Fisher wondered for a moment how they qualified as clothes. He watched her stretch up on her tip-toes to turn the light off on the fan. He admired her hard nipples pressing against her shirt for a second before the room went dark.

Annabelle climbed into bed and her dog jumped up to curl up at the foot of the bed. Fisher slid in and laid back. Her mattress felt like a giant pillow in itself.

She was laying on her side with her hair strewn across the pillow. “Cuddle me, Fisher,” she whispered.

Without hesitation, he slid over and turned onto his side. He wrapped his arm around her waist and the other slipped beneath her neck. He was careful not to pull on her hair. She wiggled back into him to close the space between their bodies to nothing. Her top leg curled over his and she hooked her foot under his calf.

“This is lovely,” Fisher happily sighed.

“It really is.” She smiled, feeling his kiss on her cheek. “Goodnight, boyfriend.”

“Goodnight, girlfriend.”


Fisher smiled, breaking the staring contest game that he and Annabelle had been playing for the last several minutes. He broke down into a chuckle, unable to contain himself anymore.

She shook her head, giggled, and playfully pushed him down onto his back on top of the blanket. She mounted him, sitting up in his lap. Her fingers flew up and down his sides, tickling him.

“I can’t help it. Your eyes are too pretty!” He laughed uncontrollably and squirmed under her. “I have to smile when I look into your eyes,” he tried to protest.

She stopped tickling him for the moment and grinned. “That’s sweet, but rules are rules, the loser gets tickles!” Her tickling raid continued.

When she finally stopped, he was left gasping for breath. He looked up at her, admiring her beauty against the backdrop of the lake. He wondered what he had done to deserve such a gorgeous woman.

She knew that he was drinking her in, it was becoming his favorite past time when they were together. Annabelle stayed perched on top of him, sitting still because she felt his cock stirring with life and she didn’t want to embarrass him by giving him an erection before running to the water in front of the busy lakefront.

“I always say, a good tickle should be followed by a good kiss.” His hands ran up and down her smooth, bare thighs.

Annabelle finished pulling the rubber band out of her side ponytail, and then dropped down to kiss him.

Their tongues danced together for several beautiful moments before she suddenly got up to her feet. Quickly, she put away the containers that had held their picnic lunch they had.

He was still reveling in the sensations of the kiss that they shared and was even more overpowered by watching her pull her green sun dress over her head. As the fabric came up, it was as if he was watching everything in slow motion, revealing inches of her flesh bit by bit.

His mouth went dry, seeing her in a pink bikini with green and white polka dots. He still hadn’t seen her fully in lingerie and realized there was no way that it could get better than this. She had been topless when they made out a couple of times, but there was something special about seeing her nudity partially, but barely covered.

The halter neck of the top of her bikini was wrapped around her neck and tied at the back. Her tanned flesh glowed in the sun and her breasts were barely held within the material. He wanted to reach up and tug on the ties on the side of her bottoms, but knew that wouldn’t be near proper, especially in this setting.

Annabelle smiled as she dropped her dress on top of the blanket. “What are you staring at?” she giggled.

“The most gorgeous woman on the planet.”

She giggled more when he licked his lips. “You’re too sweet.” She squatted down to drop a quick kiss on his lips. “Now, take this off,” she tugged at his shirt, “and let me see that sexy chest of yours.”

Fisher groaned softly and grinned. “Yes, baby.” He pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it behind him.

Immediately, her hand ran over his smooth, muscular chest. “You’re so fucking hot,” she muttered, watching herself touch him. She lightly pulled on the little hairs between his pectorals.

“You’re hotter.”

She shook her head and grinned. “No way. You’re a stud.”

He was about to say something, but she had gotten up again and was running towards the water. He hopped up to his feet and chased her across the sand.

When he reached her, their feet were in the water. He wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up. Her legs swung in the air and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Fisher spun in circles as he led them deeper into the lake.

Water was up to his chest and he maneuvered her body so that she could wrap her legs around his hips. They felt like the only people in the world. He made sure she held her breath, and then bent his knees, dipping them under the water.

The intertwined couple came back up and Annabelle giggled her happy melodious tune. Droplets of water ran down her body and her hair stuck to parts of her face. One of his hands came off of her ass and he pushed the hair off of her cheeks.

He smiled, she loved his smile. It made her wonder how she had ever been sad or could be sad ever again. Their gazes caught and both of their hearts sped up several beats.

The moment was perfection. Her fingers traced up and down the back of his neck and the top of his back. He held her to him, protecting her from being too deep in the water. Their bodies were pressed together and their eyes were locked. She was with her perfect man and he was with his perfect woman.

“I love you, Fisher,” she said before even realizing it. Once she had, she didn’t want to take it back. She was sure now and had to tell him. It had been far too long since she was in love and there was no way she was going to let another second pass by without him knowing.

His body trembled as he was overwhelmed with emotion. He felt his eyes growing wet like the gentle waves that were splashing against them. His heart was swollen and he had to clear his throat to speak. He wanted to make sure he spoke clearly to her.

“I love you, Annabelle.” He kissed her lips repeatedly, not stopping to speak, “I’ve loved you since the moment I saw you.”

She kept kissing him as her words came out, “I was worried you’d say it was too soon. But, I couldn’t hold it in anymore.”

“Never too soon. There aren’t rules when it comes to love.”


“So this is the infamous Annabelle,” Fisher’s roommate said with a smile.

The couple smiled at him. Her hand was locked with his and her other hand held his arm.

“This would be her.” Fisher’s voice beamed with pride.

“And you must be Garrett.” She took her hand off of her boyfriend’s arm and extended it to him. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

They shared a firm handshake, and then she wrapped her palm back around his arm.

Garrett chuckled, “I’m sure I’ve heard more about you.” He winked.

“Don’t embarrass me, please,” Fisher pleaded. “I’m just grabbing some clothes, and then we will be out of your hair.”

Fisher kissed her hand before letting it go. He went to his closet and she sat down on his twin bed, crossing her legs.

Annabelle giggled, “Aw, come on.” She turned her eyes to Garrett. “Has he been talking about me?”

“He doesn’t stop. Ever. I’m serious. It’s like I’ve been living with a girl ever since he met you.”

“Oh really?” she cooed, flicking her eyes back to Fisher before returning them to his roommate. “What sort of things does he say?”

“How great you are, how pretty you are. That you make him laugh and he loves how playful you are. He likes when you giggle. You are a fantastic cook, and I know that from personal experience.”

“Oh! He shared his left overs with you? I’m glad you liked them.”

Fisher’s cheeks were bright red. He had finished stuffing a few articles of clothes into a bag and went over to take Annabelle’s hand. He helped her off of the bed. “That’s enough Garrett. Don’t embarrass me anymore.”

“What’s there to be embarrassed about?” she asked sweetly. “It sounds like you’ve been saying really nice things.”

“Well yes. There’s nothing but nice things to say about you.”


Annabelle nuzzled into his shoulder after spending an amazing day with him. Her body was tucked into his nook and her hand rubbed up and down his chest. Ever since the first night she offered to have sex with him, she had backed off, waiting until he was ready. But, she needed something and she needed it urgently.

“Are you still awake?” she asked quietly. Her fingers ran along his abdomen, just above the waistband of his boxer briefs.

“Yes, I’ve just been enjoying having you against me. Why?”

She couldn’t help but smile from his words. She pushed herself up onto one arm and looked down at him. “I want to tend to you. Can I?” Her voice had changed tones into a something sultry that he hadn’t heard from her.

“Tend to me? What do you mean?” Fisher reached up and tucked a few strands of hair behind her ears.

She nibbled her lip for a moment as her fingers drifted back up to his bare chest, and then circled his nipple. “You’ll find out. Do you trust me?”

“Very much.”

Annabelle leaned down and muttered against his lips, “Just relax. I’ll take very good care of you.” She kissed him gently before sitting up on her knees.

He watched with rapt attention as she pulled her shirt over her head. The bedside lamps gave him the clarity to admire her full breasts and dark pink nipples. Her golden locks cascaded down past her shoulders. His cock began to give her the same attention as his eyes. He gasped upon seeing her naked torso in full view.

He forced his eyes to return to her face. “You’re so beautiful, my love. Your breasts are incredible.” He wanted to reach out and touch, but happily followed her lead.

She blushed and shied away into her shoulder. “Darling, you’re too much.”

His gaze drifted down to what she was doing with her hands. Slowly, her emerald green satin thong came into view as she pushed her little shorts down. He gasped again. He hoped his eyes weren’t bugging out as he felt they were.

Quickly, she turned her attention to Clover who was having doggie dreams at the foot of the bed. She nudged her and then told her to go in her kennel. Her loyal companion obeyed, though they both could have sworn that she sighed.

“I’m sorry, where was I?” Annabelle giggled.

“I don’t know. I was just relaxing.” He grinned as she moved slowly until she was straddling his thigh.

As she leaned down, her nipples grazed his chest. Their lips met and their tongues rapidly moved from gentle dancing to a passionate tango that expressed their desires for each other. Their bodies warmed up in time with their kisses.

One of his hands trailed along her spine and the other felt the heavy weight of her bare tit. He squeezed gently, relishing the sensation of his fingers sinking into her soft flesh.

Her hand wandered back down over his abdomen and she tugged on the waistband of his underwear. Between kisses, she muttered, “Can I take these off?”

“Yes, please,” Fisher nearly whined. His member was growing to fully erect and ached to feel the air.

Annabelle smiled as she sat up on top of his leg. He could feel the warmth of her pussy through her panties.

Slowly, she lifted the waistband over his cock, and then pushed his boxer briefs down to his thighs. Her mouth watered at the sight of his manhood and she whimpered, “Oh my goodness, Fisher, your cock is gorgeous.”

An electric jolt of pleasure was sent to his groin, filling his erection completely. He swelled with pride, just as his organ had. “Thank you,” he said in a voice that was hoarse with lust.

She moved so that she was sitting up on her knees at his hip. Her eyes never left his cock as she took his underwear completely off and tossed it to the floor. Her finger tips danced back up his leg, to his thigh, and then back down to his knee.

Fisher grinned, watching her softly touch his skin. Her breasts swayed gently as she moved her arm back and forth. He reached out and ran his hand up the back of her thigh and over the curve of her ass.

Annabelle turned her eyes back to him and smiled sweetly, though her words came out in a vixen’s whisper, “I’m going to touch you real softly, is that okay?”

She enjoyed asking his permission because it was erotic to do it with him. This was new for her. Usually, she would just take control if she wanted to. She knew that he wouldn’t say no, but she didn’t want to force him into anything that he didn’t want and she wanted to hear him say he wanted it.

His body trembled. He found asking for permission to be insanely sexy and he moaned in anticipation, “Oh god yes, please.”

It seemed like it had been far too long since he was touched by a woman, but waiting for this moment with her was worth every second.

As she spit onto her fingertips, she maneuvered her body so that she was more comfortable and she stretched out her legs with one curled under the other. Her weight was supported on one hand that was resting on the mattress.

She looked up at him as she ran two wet fingertips up the underside of his shaft. Seeing him shiver made her smile. It felt like her touch was two cool feathers on his hot flesh.

Annabelle looked back down to his cock and what she was doing. Her fingers trailed around his length, feeling his soft, but firm flesh and dragging across the veins of his shaft. Every touch and every sensation that she provided made his cock seem to grow harder and caused him to softly moan. He wanted to close his eyes, but forced them to stay open. He felt like he needed something to hold onto and reached for her leg that was extended towards him.

“I really like this,” she whispered, trailing her finger along the thick zigzag vein along the top side of his member. “And this.” Her digit circled around the ridge of his cock, just beneath his bulbous head. “You really do have an incredible cock.”

Fisher tried to form words to come from his dry mouth, but the only thing that came out were moans that got deeper with each passing moment. He loved her soft, tender touches. It was as if she had studied his body and knew exactly how to touch him. His cock felt like it was on fire and when she flicked the pads of her fingers along his sensitive ridge, he growled.

“Wow,” Annabelle giggled. She picked her words carefully, because she didn’t want him to think that she was being mean and teasing him. “You really like how I touch you, huh?”

“Yes, very…” he stumbled over his words, “very much. Amazing.”

A pearly bead of precum pooled at the tip of his tool and she ran her fingers through it, using it as lubricant to slicken her fingers. Another groan emanated from his lips and his fingertips dug into her skin as the lengths of her fingers rubbed up and down the underside of his shaft.

“Oh god, Annabelle,” Fisher gasped.

The tender touches of her hand continued as her eyes turned to his face. She watched the muscles around his eyes contort as she wrapped her hand around his cock. He was a perfect fistful, filling her hand so completely that her thumb and middle finger didn’t touch. Hearing him grunt with pleasure and throb in her palm was ecstasy for herself. Her panties were rapidly becoming soaked with her fluids.

She stroked him slowly, feeling every bit of him in her hand and squeezing tighter when her hand came over his cockhead. All of his muscles tensed and released with the ministrations of her hand. Within seconds, he began freely leaking precum, providing his own lubricant for her.

“Oh my, darling, you’re leaking,” Annabelle whimpered.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

She placed her free hand on top of his on her leg. “Don’t be sorry. I love it. It’s incredibly sexy.”

He looked at her with a curious look on his face. “Sexy? But, it’s just my body being natural.”

“I know. That’s why it’s sexy.” Her wrist began to turn with her strokes, giving him new sensations each time she glided along his pole.

Fisher wanted to say more, but he was lost in the sea of ecstasy that his body was swimming inside of, provided by her expert touch. For a moment her hand left his erection. She cradled, massaged, and tugged on his sac before returning to slowly jerking him.

“I’m going to use my mouth on you, now,” she said.

It wasn’t a question this time, it was a statement and he realized it. His eyes were wide when he nodded a confirmation to her. She was already moving to between his legs with her eyes on his cock like a feline stalking its prey.

Annabelle sat up on her knees and pushed her hair over one shoulder. She smiled up at her man whose eyes were drenched with lust as she arched down from her knees. Her hand stopped moving and she firmly held the base of his cock in a ring with her thumb and index finger.

Her tongue snaked out from her mouth, and then she slowly drew it up his length. He instantly shivered and his toes curled from the shocks to his nerves. She took her time, teasing and tasting his flesh. Her wet muscle coated him in saliva as she swirled her tongue around his bulbous head.

Annabelle whimpered from the taste of his precum. Her tongue grazed over his organ as she explored him, and then she added pressure as she took hungry laps across his flesh. She listened to his breathing and kept her eyes up on his face to find out what he enjoyed most.

When her tongue wiggled up and down over his ridge, his breaths became ragged gasps. She had picked up that that was his favorite spot already and she continued the assault of her tongue back and forth with unending torturous pleasure. He felt like he was in heaven, giving into her talents and receiving the euphoria that she provided him.

“Do you want to be in my mouth?” she asked between licks across his head.

“Yes please,” he groaned. His erection was firmer than he ever remembered it being.

Her lips kissed his cock and she spoke into his hard flesh, “Say it, Fisher. Tell me to suck your cock.”

Fisher wanted to say it, he really did. But, he couldn’t get the words to come from his mouth. Besides being overwhelmed, he had never talked dirty to a girl before because he felt like he was humiliating them if he did.

A couple of moments passed, and then she spoke again, more firmly this time. “I’m not sucking your cock until you tell me to. I really, really want to suck your cock. But, I want to hear you say it first.”

He looked down at her incredible body between his legs. Her ass was perched high in the air and the green strip of satin between her cheeks shimmered in the light. Her back was arched down and her eyes sizzled with desperation for him. All he needed to say was for her to suck him. That was all he needed to do and the agony of waiting to feel her warm mouth would be over.

Fisher could barely breathe. He reached down and ran his fingers through her soft caramel hair and forced the words from his mouth, “Suck my cock, please.”

“Dirtier,” she breathed onto his flesh. Her hand had resumed stroking him.

His internal battle continued, but he was determined to please her. “Suck my hard cock, Annabelle.”

She knew that she was driving him crazy, but she also knew that she loved dirty talk. If she needed to lead him along, that was perfectly okay.

“Darling,” she whispered as she loosened her grip on his thickness. “I want you to say it the dirtiest way you can think of.”

“Baby, I love you. I don’t want you to think less of me.”

Her heart melted and she cooed, “I love you too. I won’t think less of you for talking dirty to me. I really like it.” She nuzzled her cheek against his member. “Come on. Say it as dirty as you can.”

Fisher nodded and took a deep breath. He looked down into her hungry eyes and spoke slowly and clearly, “Suck my cock you naughty,” he paused before the last word, “slut.”

Annabelle smiled a radiant smile. “Yes lover, I’ll suck your gorgeous cock and make you cum in my mouth. Your filthy slut is going to please you like you’ve never experienced.”

After her words, her lips closed around his helm. He wanted to say something, but merely grunted a thankful response as his body was over taken with her skills again. He felt her silky, wet tongue wiggle and swirl against his flesh inside of her mouth. Every muscle in his body began to completely relax, as if he had never truly relaxed before.

Fisher’s eyes were glued on to his girlfriend between his legs and he petted her head. Annabelle’s mouth made sloppy slurping sounds as she massaged his cockhead and stroked his length. Her drool ran out of the corners of her mouth and down over her fingers. Her wet muscle fluttered and slithered around his flesh as her slick lips teased the ridge of his cock.

She pulled her hand away from his tool so that he could see how much she was taking. Her soft lips bobbed up and down over his ridge and he trembled with each movement. Her tongue slithered and she moaned onto his cock each time he moaned for her, showing him how much pleasure she derived from giving him pleasure.

Fisher felt like her mouth had melted onto his rigid flesh. She never backed off on her oral assault. He watched with wide eyes and clenched his fist in her hair, but not pushing her, as she pushed further down his length, and then came up, over and over again. His eyelids fought with him to close and experience this in darkness, but her eyes on his forced them to stay open.

His cock pressed against the entrance to her throat, and then she slowly pushed down, taking him agonizingly slow into the tight depths of her throat. She didn’t stop and he watched eagerly as every last inch of his organ disappeared behind her saliva slickened lips.

“Holy shit, fuck,” Fisher growled. His ass lifted off of the bed as if he wanted to see if there was any more that she could possibly take.

Both of her hands pressed down on his pelvis, massaging his muscles as she looked up at him with her nose mashed into his skin. Her eyebrows wiggled, asking for words of approval as her throat clenched around his cock.

He tried to come up with something better, but all he could say was, “Baby, oh baby, wow.”

Annabelle moaned deeply onto his erection that was stuffed completely inside of her suctioning mouth. She held him there, giving him the passing moments to relish every sensation given to him from being engulfed behind her lips. His free hand grabbed the railing of the headboard when she started to turn her head side to side, digging his cock inside of her throat.

“Fuck, oh god, fucking shit,” he roared.

Just as slow as she went down, her mouth came up. She suckled hard on the way, pulling his flesh over her magical tongue. Her mouth opened around his head, and then she let her silken spittle dribble from her lips and give him a moment to catch his breath. Though, before he really could, she dove back down on his pole.

Annabelle had denied herself her favorite pleasure and now that she was able to have it, she feasted on him. She devoured his organ, over and over. Lewd, sloppy, slurping and sucking sounds from her mouth mixed with his animalistic grunts and groans filled the air. Her pussy was on fire, but it only fed her desire to please him.

Fisher’s breaths were rapid short gasps, or long exhales, depending on what she was doing to him. He watched his spit slickened shaft disappear behind her lips and he was in awe as she kept him on his toes, taking different amounts of him each time. Beads of sweat dripped from his brow and down his temples. He petted her head and moaned for her, fueling her.

This was a pleasure he hadn’t ever known before. He had had his cock sucked, but usually it felt like the girl was doing him a favor. Annabelle truly enjoyed this, which she was making very clear and that made it so much better than anything he had ever had. She looked beautiful with her lips puckered around his thickness and her cheeks sunken in. Her eyes only closed for brief moments. An odd sense of power he’d never felt overcame him from being worthy enough to receive this from her.

Annabelle pulled her mouth off with a pop, and then spit up as she gasped. Her hand wrapped around his erection and smeared the silken spittle into his skin. She didn’t wipe her mouth, giving an extra slutty style to her divine, sloppy blow job.

“Your cock is fucking delicious, darling,” she said with heavy breath. “Are you going to give me your cum? If your cock tastes this good, I can’t wait to taste your seed.”

“Oh god,” Fisher growled from her words and her slick hand stroking him hard and fast. Formulating words was a difficult task at the moment, but he came up with something. “Yes, I want to give you my cum.”

“Good, cause I crave it,” she muttered, and then swallowed him whole once more.

She worked for his orgasm, truly wanting his cum. One of her hands found his sac and she cradled it in her hand as she suckled his organ. She massaged his balls as if she was asking them to give his cum to her. Her other hand closed around his thickness, just below her lips, following the motions of her mouth.

Her eyes were locked on his face as she milked him. Her tongue worked inside of her mouth, twirling and slithering against his flesh and her hand pumped his shaft. She turned her head one way and her hand the other in desperation to suck his seed from his body.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” His abdomen tensed up and his thighs started quaking. He didn’t want this to end, but he couldn’t hold off any longer as the crashing waves of heat started to take over his body. “Oh god, Annabelle, I love you, I’m about to cum, I love you!” he screamed.

She had never heard a man scream like that and she squealed a delighted response onto his swollen member. Her ministrations didn’t stop, they only got more intense. She tugged on his balls just before he released.

The heat in his body flooded to his groin and his entire being tightened. He was no longer in control and shouted inaudible words of gluttonous rapture. His hips bucked into her hand. His eyes closed tight and his hands clenched in her hair, holding her to his cock, not that she would dare let go as his thick seed flooded her mouth. It was the most intense orgasm of his life and it felt as his is heart and soul poured out of the slit in his cock.

Annabelle hungrily swallowed as ribbons of his cum coated her mouth. She moaned as he filled her and she tasted the sweet musk that was his flavor. His organ continued to throb and give her more and more of his delicious seed and she never wanted it to end. She drank every drop out from him, squeezing and sucking until her man started to twitch.

She gently pulled her mouth off and loosened her grip. She coated every centimeter of his member with kisses, thanking him for giving her his cum.

“I hope that was good for you, love,” she giggled as she crawled up to cuddle with him.

Fisher managed to wrap his arms around her and bring her to him. He kissed her hard, with every bit of passion he had in his heart of her. He tasted himself on her tongue and didn’t mind, for he loved her for giving him such incredible amounts of pleasure.

She nuzzled her nose with his and smiled. Their foreheads rested against each other’s.

“Baby, that was…” he paused for a second to think. “I want to say incredible, but that doesn’t seem like a good enough word.”

Annabelle giggled and covered his face in soft kisses, tasting his salty sweat. “Thank you, darling.”

“I want to return the favor.” He looked up into her eyes and stroked her cheek. “But, I don’t think I can right now. You seriously wiped me out. Please forgive me.”

Annabelle smiled and ran her fingertips along his scruffy square jaw. “Of course I forgive you.” She kissed his forehead. “Actually, tending to you pleases me more than you could imagine.”


“Yes, really, darling. You have no idea how much it does. I could be happy to just suck your cock forever.”

Fisher grinned and squeezed her ass cheek in his palm. “Well, I don’t want to disappoint you, but I am paying you back later. I’ll write you an I.O.U.”

The couple chuckled together, and then kissed while she continued to giggle.


Annabelle woke up with her boyfriend spooning her, which he had done all night long. She smiled to herself and rubbed his arms. She had never slept better before sleeping next to him the past two nights. His breath was hot against the back of her neck. Carefully, she slid out of his arms so that he wouldn’t wake up.

She quickly put on pajama bottoms, a t-shirt, and sneakers. Clover stretched and gave a doggie yawn before jumping off of the bed, knowing what was coming. Annabelle quickly wrote a note to him, saying that she had taken Clover out, in case he woke up. She didn’t want him to worry. She placed the note on her pillow, and then took the dog on a short walk.

When she returned, Fisher was still fast asleep. She grabbed a new bone for Clover to keep her entertained, and then went to the bedroom.

After she took the note off of the pillow, she stood at the side of the bed and admired him for a few moments. The sheets were down to his hips, just barely hiding his package, but leaving his sexy chest and happy trail for her viewing pleasure. She smiled and pulled herself away so that she could shower.

As she cleansed her body, her mind was filled with thoughts of the man that she had come to love. The fourth of July was coming up this week and he had invited her to come to his parents’ house in the suburbs for the holiday. She wanted to go, but was incredibly nervous because she hadn’t met a guy’s parents in what felt like forever.

“Guy’s don’t bring the slut to meet their parents,” she said to herself.

The thought was a mix of comfort about her current relationship and uneasiness about her history. She knew that she was more than that to Fisher, it was very clear. They were a couple. But, the idea of meeting his parents made her nervous. She wanted so desperately for them to like her. Also, if she met his, she wondered how long it would be until he wanted to meet her family.

After shaving, she hopped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a plush purple bathrobe. She wrapped a towel up in her hair, and then went about her daily routine.

She came out of the bathroom with damp hair and found Fisher on his side, facing the door. He smiled instantly upon seeing her. Her robe was half open, just barely covering her nipples and the hidden place between her thighs.

His hand reached out to her, and then she placed her hand in his. “Love?” he asked in a hushed voice.

“Yes, darling?”

“Would you take off your robe so I can admire you?”

Annabelle blushed and nodded. She withdrew her hand, and then untied her robe. Watching his face, she let it fall from her shoulders and pool on the floor.

Fisher’s breath caught and his mouth dropped open. “Wow, baby, beautiful,” he whispered as he took in her naked form for the first time.

She stood still, allowing him all the time he wanted to look her over. He drank in her full breasts and lovely hard nipples. Her tan lines made the color of her areolas stand out even more. His eyes trailed down over her tummy to her bare, freshly shaven pussy. His mouth watered at the sight. Annabelle started to feel a little self-conscious as he stared at her, but when she looked in his eyes and saw that they were filled with love, not lust, she smiled.

He extended his hand to her again, and then pulled her down into the bed. She laid down next to him and he leaned half over her to kiss her smiling lips. Their tongues played, exploring each other’s mouths like each trip inside was a new journey.

After several blissful moments, Fisher lifted his face from hers and looked down into her sparkling eyes as his fingertips drew up and down from her belly button to the valley between her tits. “Would you show me how you like to be touched, please?”

His girlfriend bit her lip and nodded. She placed her hand of top of his and pushed it down between her open thighs. Their deep kisses had already made her warm and he felt her heat against his palm. Their eyes remained locked as she put pressure on his hand and ground the heel of it against her clitoris.

His fingers ran along her smooth lips as she led his hand. “You’re so soft, baby.”

Annabelle whimpered, “Thank you. I’m soft for you.” She hooked her leg over his to open her thighs wider.

She reached down with her other hand to pull her lips open as she guided his fingers up to her clit. He watched her eyes close as his fingers slowly strummed her nub, up and down and side to side. He focused completely on her, listening to her breaths and learning what she liked from how she showed him.

Her thumb curled underneath his palm to give her a better grip as she sped up the motions and pressure of his fingers. Then, she slowed him down again. She pushed his hand further down her pussy and he kissed her forehead as his fingers glided through her silken nectar.

“Just a little bit inside,” Annabelle moaned as their fingers circled the entrance to her cunt. “Tease me.”

Fisher obliged her and pushed his middle finger inside of her up to his first knuckle. He pressed the pad of his finger in half circles into her soft walls.

“Don’t stop showing me, baby, I need to know how to please you,” he mumbled between kisses on her forehead and brow.

She nodded. Her breaths had gotten heavier and her nipples were swollen little pebbles on her chest. Leading him around her pussy was so intimate and erotic that it was almost overwhelming. Men had cared about her pleasure before, but never like this. Fisher was truly a lover and that was something that she had craved, but never realized it before.

“A little more, but go slow.” Annabelle held his forearm with her freehand.

He pushed his finger inside of her as slow as he could possibly go, drawing a deep moan from her lips. Her walls were tight and felt like warm velvet around his finger. His finger wiggled inside of her, feeling out every crevice that he could before she moved his hand away.

His fingers were brought back up to her clit and she led him, with the exact pressure she liked, into making circles that flicked back and forth. Each motion made her legs tic.

“Faster, go faster, until I tell you to stop,” she begged between labored breaths. She could feel her fluids leaking out of her and running down her ass.

Fisher did as he was told, even though the grip she had on his forearm was making it more difficult with each second. Her body began to tremble under his care and her moans became more constant.

After how aroused she was last night, and then now, she knew it wouldn’t be long until she would orgasm for him. Her body shuddered uncontrollably as she started to peak, but she didn’t want to cum like this. She preferred to be fingered.

“Two fingers,” she gasped. “Two fingers inside of me, please.” She pushed his fingers away from her clit just in time.

He followed her orders and slid two of his digits inside of her hole. The addition of his fingers made her juices over flow.

“God, baby, you’re soaked,” he said as he filled her.

“Uh huh,” she somehow managed to say as her hips rose up to meet his hand.

Annabelle pushed until she felt his knuckles against her pubic bone. Her hand was still on top of his, but it wasn’t doing the leading anymore, her words were.

He naturally curled his fingers up inside of her pink flesh and grinned when she squealed from him doing so. “Am I doing okay?”

“Oh goodness, yes. Just a little harder and faster,” her words came out in hard exhales.

The thrusts of her hips met his hand and he dug his fingers inside of her, searching for her g-spot. She wailed and clenched her eyes tight when he found it. She pushed the heel of his palm down and ground it into her clit as his fingers slid inside of her.

“God yes, just like this, don’t stop,” she begged. Her eyes opened and she looked up at him with desperation. “Please don’t stop, Fisher.”

“I’m not going to, I promise.”

She kept his eye contact as much as she could. Her eyes fluttered closed, but she forced them open again. He watched her trembling lips and adored the crimson flush that had risen up on her cheeks. His fingers never stopped and she cried out a feral scream that became an even higher pitch when his fingers were buried deep inside of her.

Her head rocked back and forth on the pillow, picking up strands of hair on her sweaty face. Her legs quaked and her eyes rolled back. The scent of her sex overpowered the air.

“I love you, Fisher, I love you, you’re so good to me,” she chanted repeatedly.

“I love you too,” he said back when he could fit it in.

Every nerve in her body was lit up and every inch of Annabelle’s flesh was as hot as her cunt. Tides of bliss began to wash over her and her quivering muscles went stiff as the waves crashed into her and consumed her into an ocean of euphoria. She felt like she was drowning in pleasure.

Annabelle’s juices spurted out around his fingers before he pulled them out. A deluge of her fluids rushed out of her and she screamed as she squirted out her orgasm.

Fisher gasped, “Holy shit!” as he looked at the puddle between her thighs.

She just started giggling behind her closed eyes and didn’t realize he had gotten between her legs until she felt his tongue dragging through her soaked pussy. Her womanhood was overstimulated and she couldn’t pinpoint exactly where he was.

Her legs twitched with every flick of his tongue. She was still feeling the aftershocks from her orgasm, and his tongue was not letting her come down.

“Fisher, stop please,” she begged. “I can’t handle this.”

He took a long lap over her sticky pink flesh, and then propped his chin up on her mound. “I can’t stop, you taste too good.”

She giggled and smiled down at him. “Just don’t be surprised if I cum again, I’m hyper sensitive.”

“I can’t say that would be a bad thing.” Her winked, and then coated her smooth pussy in kisses.

His wet muscle ran circles around her engorged nub before he sucked it behind his lips. A high pitched squeal erupted from Annabelle and she clamped her thighs around his head. He chewed lightly on her clit as her hips rolled, but her thighs held him in place.

Fisher was eventually able to wiggle down a little bit to force his tongue inside of her tunnel, even though it was extremely tight. It felt like her cunt was fighting between sucking him inside of her and trying to push him out. He savored the taste of her nectar and instantly knew that he would be addicted to it. His nose rubbed against her clit and his nostrils flared from being flooded with her scent.

Annabelle couldn’t handle the stimulation he provided now, after the overpowering orgasm he had just given her. She grabbed her tits and kneaded her flesh as her back arched high.

“Oh fuck, darling, I’m gonna cum again. Fuck!” she screamed a scratchy scream.

He moaned a response into her body, telling her it was okay and to give in.

Her eyes sealed shut as ultimate bliss washed over her again. It wasn’t nearly as intense as the first one, but just as satisfying. Her center flooded with heat that poured out into her boyfriend’s waiting mouth.

She was left panting, trying to catch her breath. He brought his mouth away from her pussy after leaving loving kisses all over it. When her eyes opened, she smiled, seeing his face shiny with her arousal.

Fisher kissed his way up over her stomach and breasts, until his lips found hers again. He smiled down at her after kissing her deeply.

“My turn,” she giggled. She pressed her hands into his chest and tried to push him onto his back, but he wouldn’t budge.

“Nope.” He kissed her lips again. “You already had your turn.”

“But, I want to,” Annabelle pouted. She pushed her bottom lip out and batted her lashes.

He shook his head and grinned. “Nope. This morning is all about you.”

She let out a playful heavy sigh and rolled her eyes. “Fine,” she grumbled, but couldn’t help giggling right after.

Fisher drenched her face in kisses as he began tickling her, making her giggle more and squirm under him. He paused for a moment from his tickle attack. “Let’s go get some breakfast.”


Sunday night, Annabelle laid in bed with the covers pulled tightly over her. She was using the pillow that Fisher had used so that she could smell his scent. Sleep was playing games with her. She was exhausted but sleep just wouldn’t come. She felt cold and alone without him next to her, especially after spending the whole weekend together. He couldn’t sleep over every night, it was too soon for that, but she missed him terribly.

She turned over and disturbed Clover who was sleeping peacefully. The dog moved over a bit, let out a sigh, and then promptly returned to her doggie dreams.

Annabelle grabbed her phone off of the nightstand and looked at the time. She frowned, knowing he was probably asleep. It took her a few moments to decide on calling him. He told her to call any time that she needed him, so she did.

After a few rings, he answered with grogginess in his voice, “Hi baby.”

Her heart warmed up from just hearing his voice. “Hi darling.”

Fisher yawned. “Are you okay? You should be asleep. Is something wrong?”

“I’m okay. I just couldn’t sleep. I miss you too much,” she sighed.

“Aww, love, I miss you too. I feel bad cause I fell right to sleep as soon as I got back.”

“Don’t feel bad about that. I just wish I could sleep.” She rested the phone against her face, and then slid her hand back under the sheets.

“How about I talk to you until you fall asleep? Would that help?”

“Yes, please,” Annabelle cooed. “You’re too good to me.”

“You deserve it. What do you want to talk about?”

“Tell me a story about something you did when you were younger. We can trade back and forth.”

Fisher told her about his experiences as a camp counselor and past family vacations. She shared with him stories of her eldest brother taking her and her other brother to amusement parks and the time that her ex-step-mother dragged her to a western themed lodge.

Eventually, she fell asleep with her phone still against her ear.


Fisher parked his car, grabbed a couple of things, and then headed into Annabelle’s work. He saw her at the registers taking care of a return for a customer who was a bit on the cranky side. She kept her cool in the situation. She didn’t notice him because she was busy and he liked it because it showed her dedication to her work. He waited patiently by the café and saw Vicky, the barista, wave at him. He politely waved back and wondered for a moment what his girlfriend said about him to people.

Annabelle finished up with the customer, and then an employee took her place back at the register. As she came around the large desk, she smiled upon seeing him. She scurried over and her smile became even brighter when she noticed the flowers and teddy bear that he was holding.

“What’s all this?” she asked. The warmth in her heart came out in her voice.

Fisher grinned after receiving a kiss on his cheek. He handed her the bouquet of irises first, her favorite, and she smelled them with a deep lung filling breath. Annabelle squealed like a little girl and bounced giddily in place.

Vicky was watching the interaction, bent over the counter with her cheek resting on her fist as if she was watching a scene from a romantic movie.

He held out the chocolate brown teddy bear. “And, this little guy is your cuddle buddy. He’s going to take my place when I’m not spending the night.”

Annabelle’s knees went weak. “Fisher!” she squeaked. “You’re too much.” Her eyes welled up with tears of happiness. She took the bear from him and as she gave it a tight squeeze, she noticed a familiar aroma on the bear. “Fisher! Oh my goodness, he even smells like you!”

“I put some of my aftershave on him. Do you like him?”

Her arms engulfed him in a hug. Her hands were still full with her presents. “I love everything. And, I love you,” she whispered in his ear.

“I love you too.” Fisher rubbed his hands along her back, enjoying feeling her warmth against him. His hands stayed on her hips as he leaned back to look at her beaming expression. “I have one other thing for you, but I guess it’s more for the teddy bear than you.”

She raised a brow and giggled, “Okay.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bottle of his aftershave, and then put it in her hand. “This way you have extra to put on him whenever he needs it.”

Her eyes glittered with love. “How are you so good?”

“I love you, baby, it comes naturally.” He kissed her cheek. “So, what are you going to name him?”

Annabelle looked down at the teddy bear, and then back up to his eyes. “Elliot, since that’s your middle name.”

Fisher nodded with approval. “I like it.”


Annabelle nervously shifted in her seat and wiped her sweaty palm on her blue and white star printed skirt before tugging on the red satin hem. She reached up and adjusted the red and white striped thick straps of her dress. Her mouth had gone dry once Fisher exited the highway on the way to his parents’ house. She continued to fidget with her holiday themed dress.

He glanced over at her and squeezed her hand. He knew that she was apprehensive about meeting his family. “Are you going to be okay? We really don’t have to go if you’re not comfortable.” His eyes returned to the road. “I can turn around and call and say that you or I weren’t feeling well.”

“No, no. I want to go. I just… I don’t know.” She took a deep breath and ran her hand through her long locks. “I’m nervous.”

“Tell me what you’re nervous about.”

She bit her lip and looked down at his fingers intertwined with hers. “This is all so different for me. The last time I met someone’s parents was my boyfriend’s in high-school.” Her voice became softer. “I’m not the kind of girl you bring home to your parents.”

Fisher cocked his head back as he gently pressed down on the brake to stop at a light. He turned to her and placed his free hand on her cheek. “Annabelle, why would you say something like that?”

“Because I’m not.”

“Baby, that is not true. You’re an incredible woman. I wouldn’t love you if you weren’t.”

“But…” she was hushed by his finger placed over her lips.

“No buts. You need to see yourself how I see you.”

Her eyes drifted down before she closed them. She nodded. “I will. I promise.” Her eyes opened again and she smiled.

He saw that the light had turned green and he turned his attention back to driving. She rested her head on his shoulder and snuggled into his arm.

“Try not to be nervous, I promise, my parents don’t bite. They’ll love you just like I do. Just be yourself.” He kissed the top of her head. “My parents are good people.”

“They have to be to raise a man like you.” She smiled and nuzzled into his arm.

As they drove into his parents’ neighborhood, she lifted her head off him and stared wide eyed out the window.

She gasped, “Holy shit! Your parents live here?” She looked at the large houses that they passed by along the street that was canopied with trees.

Fisher chuckled, “Yeah, why?”

Her face turned towards him and she shook her head. “Crap, I’m even more nervous now.”

“Baby, there’s no reason for you to be more nervous. Seriously. They’re going to adore you.”

“But, they live in this gorgeous area. They probably are expecting you to bring home some sweet and proper beauty queen.”

“You’re my beauty queen and that’s all that matters.” He picked up their locked hands, and then kissed the back of her hand. “Calm down, sweetheart.”

She couldn’t help but smile, even though her stomach was doing flip-flops.

A couple of minutes later, he parked in the circular driveway in front of the ivy covered house. Her mouth was wide open as she stared at the home that looked like a small castle. Slowly, she turned her eyes back to him and he couldn’t help but laugh at her facial expression.

“You’re adorable. Come on.” He patted her thigh. “Let’s go. Think of it like pulling off a band-aid. The quicker you get the initial meeting over with, you’ll realize it wasn’t so bad and you can relax.”

“Okay. I can do this.” She let out a heavy breath.

“I’ll be with you all day. I won’t let go of your hand.”

“Promise?” Annabelle asked with puppy dog eyes.

“Promise.” He kissed her lips gently and gave her just a hint of his tongue before turning off the car. He reached into the backseat to grab the large container of red and blue sprinkled sugar cookies that they had baked together last night.

Fisher got out of the car, and then went around to open her door. She placed her hand in his and he helped her out. He took a step back to look her over in her festive dress and shiny red ballet flats.

“You look amazing today.” He locked their fingers together before they began walking to the door.

She blushed and giggled. “Thank you darling.” She reached over and tugged on his white polo shirt. “You look pretty darn cute too.”

Her hand left his and she quickly squeezed his ass through his red and white plaid cargo shorts. They shared a wicked grin as her hand returned to his.

Fisher opened the door to his childhood home and she swallowed hard one more time. They had arrived a couple of hours early so that they could have some time with his parents before the rest of his extended family and friends descended upon them. He figured it would help her nerves by weaning her in instead of jumping into the middle of a large celebration.

“Mom, Dad, we’re here!” Fisher’s shout echoed off the dark maple hardwood floors that flowed throughout the home.

Annabelle squeezed his hand tighter as they walked through the foyer. She looked up at the high ceilings and around to the high quality furnishings and décor. Her eyes darted from one thing to the next, unable to stay still. She had grown up in a very modest home, as did her friends. She had never been in a home like this. It only added to her stress.

His mother rushed up to the couple. To Annabelle, she seemed to be a perfect wife, complete with pearls around her neck that were as beautiful as her face.

He gave her hand a squeeze before letting go to hug his mother and give her a kiss on the cheek. His hand returned to hers the moment he was freed from her embrace.

Fisher introduced the two, “Mom, this is Annabelle.”

He was interrupted by his mother as she laughed, “Of course this is Annabelle!” Her eyes flicked back and forth between them. “She’s as pretty as you said she was.”

Annabelle blushed. “Thank you. It’s nice to meet you Misses Williams.” Her awe came out in her tone. “Your home is beautiful.”

“Thank you.” His mother smiled gratefully. “But please, call me Janet.”

Annabelle nodded. Her smile was staying on her face. His mom really did seem as kind as he had said.

He didn’t let an awkward pause linger. “We baked some cookies last night for the party.” He handed his mother the container.

“You baked?” Janet asked with a chuckle.

“Actually,” Annabelle glanced from her boyfriend to his mother, “I did most of the work. He just helped decorate.”

Fisher shook his head with playful shame.

Janet laughed, “That sounds about right. I hear you’re quite good in the kitchen, Annabelle. Fisher said you’ve been feeding him well.”

“I do my best. I love to cook, so if you need any help today, I wouldn’t mind one bit.”

“I may hold you to that statement.” Janet winked. “Come on kids, let’s stop standing around and get a little more comfortable.”

The couple followed her into the kitchen. Janet made them glasses of iced tea. Fisher pulled out a barstool at the island for Annabelle to sit in. She thanked him with a smile before hopping up. He sat next to her and took her hand, as promised.

“Marty will be down shortly. He’s in the shower right now.” Janet looked at her son. “You know your father can’t have guests over without the lawn being perfect.”

“Boy do I,” Fisher chuckled, and then sipped his drink. “Where’s Holly?”

Janet explained that her daughter was at work and would be joining them in a few hours. She told Annabelle how much she would like her and Fisher joined in as well. They also chatted about who all was coming over while they waited on his father to join them. As the minutes passed, Annabelle felt more at ease, but not completely. His mother was very comforting to be around and his hand in hers helped even more.

Fisher’s dad strolled into the kitchen and gave his wife a kiss after she handed him a glass of tea. Annabelle felt like she had shrunk to two inches tall. His dad looked her over as if he was examining a specimen for several moments before he spoke. Fisher rubbed his thumb on the back of her hand.

“So, you’re Annabelle?” Marty asked in a booming baritone voice. He placed his glass on the island and stood across from the couple. His wife stood at his side.

“Yes sir,” Annabelle squeaked.

“Fisher seems pretty smitten with you.” His dark eyes burned into her. “My boy is very picky with girls so there must be something special about you.”

Annabelle felt like she was on display with three sets of eyes all pointed in her direction. Her mouth was dry and she wetted it before she could speak. “Well, Fisher is a great guy, the best. You both raised a great man.” She saw his father’s face break into a smile. “Honestly, I don’t know what he sees in me,” she added with an uncomfortable giggle.

“Oh come on,” Fisher said. “That’s not true. There are a lot of great things about you.”

Annabelle smiled softly and raised her eyes to his father again.

Janet nudged her husband with her hip. “Stop being so hard on her. Can’t you tell she’s nervous?”

Marty waved his hand in the air. “Sorry. We just want the best for him. He has a lot ahead of him.”

There was a bit of a pause and Annabelle felt like she had sunk through the floor. She forced words from her mouth, “He’s told me.” She glanced at her boyfriend before returning her eyes to his parents. “I think it’s great that he has everything planned out.”

“Yes it is.” Marty took a gulp of tea. “What about you? What do you plan to do after you finish school?”

“Well,” she took a deep breath, “my plan, though it’s a bit of a fuzzy plan, is to write.”

“Write?” his father asked with a quizzical raise of a brow.

“Yes, sir. I’m studying creative writing and I would like to be an author.”

“Ah, I see. That’s not the steadiest career. It takes a lot of dedication, talent, and some luck.”

Annabelle nodded. “I understand that.”

Fisher chimed in, “She’s really great. I’ve read some of her stuff and I was blown away.” He was referring to a few non erotic short stories she had shared with him in the past week. “I can’t wait to read more. She was telling me about plans for her first novel.”

Marty’s eyes flicked to her left. “Well, that’s a biased opinion, son.”

Janet lightly slapped his dad’s arm. “Marty!” She shook her head. “Annabelle, if Fisher says you’re great, I’m sure you are. He’s very honest.”

“Thank you,” Annabelle said into her glass.

“I hope you have a backup plan. That’s all I’m trying to say.”

Annabelle ran her fingers through the condensation on her glass. “Well, right now, I’m a manager at the same bookstore I’ve worked at since I was sixteen. I work a lot and balance school with a three-point-six GPA.”

“See, Marty. That’s dedication right there,” Janet stated.

Annabelle liked how his mother was standing up for her. It made her smile.

“This job pays you enough? Do you have your own apartment?” Marty questioned her.

“Yes, sir. It pays me quite well. I mean yeah, when life gets busy around midterms and finals, I can’t work as much, and sometimes it gets a little tight. But, I have savings to help me out when that happens.” Annabelle felt like she was in an interrogation room.

“So, you aren’t just interested in Fisher for…”

Fisher cut his dad off because he knew that he was about to mention wealth and status, “No she’s not. Annabelle loves me for me. She didn’t have any idea about any of this.”

She looked back and forth between her boyfriend and his dad, slightly confused.

“You love each other?” Janet asked with happy surprise.

Annabelle’s throat was too tight to be able to talk.

He hadn’t realized he said it. He was planning to say that they really liked each other because he thought his parents would say that it was too soon. “Yes, we do,” Fisher stated with a smile.

“Wow. Well,” Janet looked at Annabelle, “if you love our son, that’s all that we can ask for.” She nudged her husband’s ribs with her elbow. “Right honey?”

“Yes, dear.” Marty smiled. “I apologize. I didn’t mean to grill you, Annabelle. I just want the best for him.” His expression softened.

“I understand. I hope I passed your test,” Annabelle said with a smile.

“You have.” His father returned her smile.


Annabelle looked out the window above the sink to see Fisher cleaning leaves out of the pool while she rinsed raspberries and blueberries. She smiled to herself. After the initial interrogation, she realized that his father was just as nice as his mother. They were good people. They may live in a fancy house, but they were not snobs. However, they were protective of their son and his future. Which, they had every right to be.

Her nerves had calmed down once she realized that his parents didn’t need to be impressed. They just wanted to get to know her. Since she had been helping with food preparations, his mother was asking all sorts of questions about why she was interested in Fisher.

Annabelle turned off the water, and then brought the bowls of berries to the island. Janet had just finished covering a large cake in white icing. The women quickly discussed the easiest way to decorate the cake.

Janet began making a square with blueberries at the top corner of the cake. “What do you like most about him?”

Annabelle smiled as she began pressing raspberries into the icing, making stripes across the cake. “The number one thing would be his heart.” She glanced up to see her smiling. “I’ve never met a guy with such an amazing heart. He makes me feel like the most important person in the world.”

“Well, sweetie, you should be the most important person in the world to him. I’m glad he treats you right.”

“He really does.”

“What initially attracted you to him?”

“Oh goodness. Well,” Annabelle giggled as she wiped some icing off of her fingers, “he’s very handsome. When we met, he was really shy, which was really adorable.” She went back to pressing berries into the icing. “I don’t know how to describe it exactly. But, I just knew how sweet he was just from that.”

“I know exactly what you mean.” Janet winked. “Marty was like that when we first met. Fumbling over his words.” She let out a reminiscing sigh. “I swear, I remember watching his hand shake so bad when we traded phone numbers that I wondered how he was able to write.”

Annabelle shared a giggle with Janet, and then said, “Fisher was the exact same way.”

“Like father, like son.” Janet grinned. “Do you see yourself with him for a long time? I know you two haven’t been together very long. But, this isn’t a fling is it?”

“Oh goodness no, it’s definitely not a fling.” Annabelle’s cheeks matched the color of the raspberries. “I haven’t felt like this with a guy, ever. I want to take care of him and make him happy the best that I can.”

“You still haven’t answered my first question,” Janet teased.

“Oh!” Annabelle bit her lip. “Yes, I can see us together for a long time. I mean yeah, it’s only been a few weeks, but there’s something special with him.” She looked up to his mom. “When did you know you wanted Marty as your husband?”

“The moment I laid eyes on him,” Janet said fondly. “I was working as a waitress at a diner while I was in college and he came in one night with a group of friends. I was hooked.”

“Love at first sight?”


The women smiled at each other. “That’s how it was with Fisher.”

“That’s the best way.” Janet licked some icing off of her finger. “I am sorry that Marty was so hard on you initially. He comes off that way sometimes, but he really is just a big teddy bear.”


“I really like her,” Marty said as he turned bratwursts on the grill. “You’ve picked a great girl.”

“Thanks, Dad. I like her a lot too.” Fisher opened up a package of swiss cheese, and then pulled out the slices.

“She’s got a lot of character. Once she relaxed, she opened up a lot. I can see what you see in her.”

“She really does. But, it is your fault that she was so nervous,” Fisher added with a grin.

“Well, Annabelle put it just right. It was sort of a test.” Marty stepped over so that his son could put cheese on the burger patties. “We had to make sure that she was the right girl for you.”

“Annabelle is an amazing girl for me.”


Annabelle sat next to Fisher at the large table on the deck after eating lunch. They were surrounded by her boyfriend’s family members that she couldn’t remember the names of. Everyone was talking about stories of past fourth of Julys. Laughter was constant as they chatted about near casualties caused by roman candles, bottle rockets, cherry bombs, and sparkling pinwheels.

Fisher squeezed her hand tight and saw the smile on her face.

Her family was small compared to his, and what there was of them was quite spread out in different states. They never had large get togethers like this. It was nice to be here and meet everyone, though at times, she did feel out of place.

He leaned over to her ear and whispered, “Are you doing better?”

“Oh yes, very much. Everyone is really nice.”

“I told you that you had nothing to be worried about.” Fisher kissed her cheek. “My parents like you a lot.”

“They do?” She smiled.

“Yes, very. It’s pretty obvious with Mom. But, Dad told me while we were grilling.”

Annabelle squirmed happily. “Oh good!”

“Do you want to keep sitting here or do you want some alone time for a little bit? I know this can all be a little overwhelming sometimes. We can go to the front porch or something.”

“Actually,” Annabelle let a suspenseful pause linger, “I’d love to see your room.”

“We can definitely do that. Though it’s not much.”

“I want to see it.” She smiled brightly.

“Well, come on then.” He stood up and offered her his hand.

Annabelle followed him up the stairs, and down the hallway that was filled with family portraits and school pictures. She didn’t get a chance to examine them as he escorted her to his bedroom.

He opened the door, and then let Annabelle pass by him into the blue painted room.

Everything was just as he had left it before leaving for college. She could immediately tell that his mother had decorated it because it had the same style as the rest of the home. It seemed standard enough, a computer desk in one corner, a dresser with a television on it, and the bed in the center of the room. There weren’t any posters of models and Annabelle wondered if all guys really had those, or just a guy whom she dated once that had an almost life size poster of a European model in a bikini on the ceiling above his bed.

Annabelle sat down on the bed and bounced on it while she continued to look around.

He sat down next to her and placed his hand on her thigh. “See, I told you it was nothing special.”

She smiled and kissed his lips. “I like it though. It’s nice that you still have a place here.”

She laid back and stretched her arms out above her head. Fisher took the opportunity to gaze at her body.

Annabelle continued, “The day after I moved out of my dad’s house, everything was put in boxes. Granted, I didn’t leave much behind at all.”

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly. He rubbed her stomach gently.

“It’s okay. It’s what it was. I try not to dwell on things involving him.”

“You can talk to me about it though, if you want to.”

She looked over at him and smiled. “I know I can, and thank you.”

Fisher rested on his other arm and continued to touch her appropriately, given that someone could come in at any moment. “I want you to be comfortable to tell me anything you want to.”

“I just don’t talk about my dad that much. We didn’t have the best relationship.”

He listened and she held his free hand.

“There isn’t much to talk about, I guess. I mean, he never hit me or anything. But, we fought a lot. Like, pretty much every day while I was in high-school. Lots of tension built up over the years of step-mother after step-mother. I sometimes felt like I was in prison when I was at home. I hid in my room a lot.”

“Why didn’t you live with your mom if it was so bad with him?”

“That’s a whole long story in itself,” she sighed. “Don’t get me wrong. My mom is wonderful, but living with her just didn’t work out.”

“I’m so sorry, baby.” He kissed her forehead.

“It’s not your fault.”

“I know, but I’m still sorry. You deserved better than that.”

“I guess so.” Annabelle shrugged. “But, I’ve got my life now and everything that happens to us shapes who we are. I turned bad things into good things for me. And now, I have an amazing thing.” She brought his hand to her mouth and kissed his knuckles.

Fisher’s sister came into the room just as he had begun to kiss her deeply. She cleared her throat to get their attention and once she had it, she giggled. “Okay, that’s enough lovebirds.” She stepped further into the room.

Fisher’s cheeks turned bright red and Annabelle covered her face giggling hysterically.

Holly laughed for another moment, shaking her head. “Annabelle, do you want to come get a swimsuit to borrow, since someone,” she playfully glared at her brother, “forgot to tell you about the water volleyball tournament.”

Annabelle sat up and grinned. She lightly pushed on her boyfriend’s chest as she said, “Yeah. How could you forget to tell me about that?” Her melodious giggle filled the room

“I forgot. I’m sorry.” He lowered his gaze and pouted, trying not smile. “Forgive me.”

She winked. “I’ll forgive you this time.” She kissed him softly, and then slid off of the bed.

When the girls were at the door to his room, Fisher pleaded, “Holly, please don’t tell her any secrets about me.”

His sister tapped her finger on her lips. “Hmm,” she muttered. “I’ll see what I can come up with.”

Fisher shook his head, and then dropped down on his bed and covered his eyes.

Annabelle followed Holly down the hall and to her room. Holly closed the door behind them, and then began digging through a dresser drawer for swimsuits. Annabelle took a seat on her bed.

“You’re so much better than Fisher’s last girlfriend,” Holly said.

Annabelle was surprised at that sudden comment, but she was curious to hear more. “Oh? Candace?”

“Yeah, her,” Holly grumbled.

Annabelle’s curiosity was piqued. She had been told bits and pieces about her over the last few weeks, and the only conclusion that she came to was that she wanted to torture the girl for breaking Fisher’s heart.

Holly picked out a couple of bikinis for her to choose from, and then sat down on the bed before she continued, “Mom and Dad loved her. I mean loved her. They wanted him to marry her.”

Annabelle kept her eyes down, looking over the bright colored garments. “It was that serious?”

“Well, yes and no. They were together for a couple of years and truthfully, he did seem really happy for the first while. But you know my brother, he’s so nice. I think he just sort of hung around because he didn’t want to hurt her.”

Annabelle looked back up at Holly and frowned. “So, he got hurt instead.”

“Yeah badly. Candace was so fake and I hated that my parents didn’t see it right before their eyes. Yeah, she was a nice girl, but god, underneath the glittery exterior she was a total bitch.”

“Oh wow,” Annabelle gasped.

“You’re a real girl. You’re what he needs in his life. Not some girl who’s just after money. Fisher’s a lover, not a fighter. But, he will fight for you to the death if he had to.”

Annabelle tried to get a word in, but Holly was talking so fast.

“He really is a great guy and he would do anything for you that you asked of him. I saw Candace take advantage of that so often that every time I just wanted to scream. You’re not going to do that are you?”

Annabelle shook her head. “Never.”

“Good. I knew I liked you for a reason.” Holly smiled, and then her face turned to stone. “Please don’t hurt him. I love him a lot.”

“I won’t. I promise. I’d rather hurt myself than hurt him.”

Holly smiled again. “So, which one do you want to borrow? The blue one or the black one with stars? I think the black one might fit you better.”


“Oh wow, look at that one.” Fisher said with awe as he pointed to a bright white firework went off over the lake. “You were right. This is the best view for fireworks I’ve ever had.”

Annabelle rested the side of her head on his shoulder and squeezed his hand. “I told you so.” She smiled. “Small apartment, but great seats for the fireworks.”

The couple’s lawn chairs were right next to each other. Some of Annabelle’s neighbors in the building were up on the roof with them enjoying the show. The sky lit up with several different colors and car alarms were going off everywhere.

Fisher took a deep breath of her hair that was still damp after showering. He smiled to himself, wondering how anything in the world could ever be more perfect than the times that he spent with her. The world had become brighter with each passing day. Even when he had a rough day, he knew that seeing her face or hearing her voice could turn his mood around in an instant.

“Did you have a good day today?” he asked between kisses on her head.

“I had the best day.” She lifted her head off of him and looked at his face. “Though, I do know a way that it could get even better,” she added with a shy giggle.

“Oh do you? And, what would that be?” He couldn’t help but grin, having an idea of what she was eluding to.

“How about,” she leaned into his ear and whispered, “when the show is over, we go and make our own fireworks.”

A rush of arousal shot through his body from her words and lips brushing against his ear. He swallowed hard and his cheeks got as hot as his groin.

Annabelle reached over and rubbed his thigh. She breathed into his ear, “What’s wrong, love? You don’t like that idea?” Her tongue dragged over his cartilage.

“I think,” his voice had gone husky. Clearing his throat didn’t help. “I think that’s the only way to end today.”


Fisher followed his girlfriend into her bedroom. Her hand had been in his since they climbed down the ladder from the roof after watching the fireworks. With each step up the stairs to her door, his heart pounded harder. Now, he felt dizzy with desire that clouded the worry he felt about being able to please her. Though, that thought had a way of peeping its ugly head through the clouds since she had brought up sex earlier.

His mouth was dry as he sat down on her bed and kicked off his shoes and socks while she put her dog in her kennel so that she wouldn’t disturb them. She slipped her red ballet flats off and put her glasses on the dresser before approaching him with a seductress’ walk.

Sexual tension was thick in the air of the dimly lit room. Lust and love burned in their eyes when their gazes caught.

Annabelle stepped between his open legs. Her hands trailed along his scruffy cheeks and down his chest. She slowly brought his shirt over his head, and then dropped it to the floor behind her. She bent over, displaying her massive cleavage that was strained inside of her too-tight blouse as she undid his belt and the fly of his shorts.

Fisher lifted off of the bed for her to pull his shorts down. They were left at a pile at his feet. His member was quickly gaining strength due to the anticipation of the moment and was tenting in his boxer briefs. He didn’t try to hide it, for he knew that she wanted to know how aroused he was for her.

She stepped back and he stood up. His lips found hers and their tongues twirled and twisted together in a deep, unending kiss. Fisher trembled as he unbuttoned her blouse and felt her soft skin beneath his fingers as he pushed the garment off of her shoulders and to the floor. Her hands only left his neck and chest when she had to help him take off her clothes.

His kiss was steady, unlike his hands as he undid the button of her jeans. With each tooth of the zipper, his anticipation grew. He pushed them down her hips and the garment pooled at her feet, which she kicked away.

“I want you so badly,” Annabelle mumbled between kisses. Her fingers tugged at the waistband of his underwear.

“I want you too,” he groaned against her lips.

He felt the soft, yet scratchy lace of her bra under his palms. His hands slid around to her back and he unhooked it with expertise. With a wiggle of her arms, it was discarded to the floor.

Fisher kissed her nose before he leaned back to look at her breasts. His fingers grazed over her round globes, and then he teased her hard nipples, rubbing in circles around her areolas. He watched himself as his hands drifted down and he hooked his fingers into her panties. They slid down her legs after a gentle nudge.

He sat back on the bed and looked her up and down. She stood proudly before him, displaying her body that she was about to give to him. His hands trailed up and down her curves and he locked eyes with hers. She ran her hand through his dark hair and smiled down at him.

“You’re so beautiful, baby.” He closed his eyes and kissed around her belly button.

Annabelle bit her lip and blushed. She continued to pet his head as his delicate kisses came up over her tits. He bathed every inch of her flesh with kisses and her whimpers became louder with each one. His hand slid between her thighs, massaging her flesh, but not touching the prize just inches away.

“Darling?” Annabelle gasped.

He took his mouth off of her nipple and grinned. “Yes?”

“Are you going to fuck me?” she asked with desperation in her voice.

“No baby. I’m not going to fuck you.” He rose off of the bed and kissed her hard before she could protest. Every ounce of love he had in his soul for her spilled into his kiss. When he pulled away, he looked in her eyes and stroked her cheek. “I’m going to make love to you.”

Annabelle smiled with trembling lips and her eyes sparkled. She didn’t know what to say, but realized she didn’t need to say anything. She kissed him in response. She had fucked a countless number of times, but never once had she truly been made love to.

Without breaking away from her lips, he picked her up in his arms, and then brought her around the side of the bed. He placed her down gently and smiled at her before straightening out his back. He quickly discarded his boxers, and then climbed into bed next to her.

The lovers turned onto their sides and resumed their kisses like they never stopped. Their hands explored each other’s bodies as if they had never touched each other before. Annabelle held his face with one hand and the other grazed through his happy trail, inching closer and closer to his erection, until finally closing her fist around it. He slid one of his arms underneath her and around her back, while his other hand softly kneaded her breasts. Their arousal and needs heightened with each passing second.

“I can’t wait anymore, Fisher,” she panted. “I need you inside of me more than I’ve ever needed anything in my life.”

Fisher groaned, “Oh god, baby, you have a way with words.”

“Well, I should, I’m a writer.” She grinned and giggled, lifting the tension between them.

He chuckled, “That’s a very good point.” He dropped a quick kiss on her lips. “I just need a condom. Sorry I don’t have one, I didn’t plan this.”

The back of her finger ran over his jaw. “I’m on the pill, you don’t need one. I also uh,” she felt shy admitting this, but didn’t know why because she had done it for him, “I had a doctor’s appointment last week. I’m clean.”

“I am too. You trust me?”

“More than anything.”

They smiled at each other before kissing again. He nudged her onto her back, and then positioned himself between her legs. Her hand was still wrapped around his cock when he sat up on his knees. He looked down into her loving eyes and she led his shaft to her pussy with her hand. Her heat felt like it was burning him as she teased them both, holding his cock and lifting her hips, rubbing his organ through her slit. His leaking precum and her juices slickened his tool.

“I love you, Annabelle,” Fisher said softly.

“I love you, Fisher.” She placed the tip of his member at her entrance. “Please fill me with your gorgeous cock. I need to feel you.”

She pulled her hand away and rubbed his chest as he slowly pushed inside of her welcoming hole. She gasped, and then let out a low moan as they were finally joined together. Fisher groaned deeply as her velvety tunnel opened around him swallowed him inside. He reveled in every sensation as he filled her.

“Oh my god, Fisher,” she whimpered as her walls stretched open to fit his girth.

“You feel incredible. So much more than I ever imagined.”

Finally, he was inside of her completely. Annabelle’s breaths were rapid gasps as his cock nestled against her cervix. She wrapped her legs tight around his hips and her hands around his back, bringing him down on top of her. His hands slid under her arms and wrapped around her shoulders. He held himself there and she never wanted to let go.

“Stay here forever,” Annabelle begged.

“I would love to.” Fisher kissed her forehead, and then over her cheeks.

He withdrew just as slow as he entered her. He listened to her heavy breath in his ear as he established a slow and tender rhythm that allowed them to feel every sensation and every emotion. Her hips lifted up to meet his and she rolled her hips, digging his organ inside of her, smearing it through her wetness. Her hard nipples rubbed against his chest and her clit ground against his pelvis with every slow thrust.

Annabelle closed her eyes as he kissed her neck, ear, shoulder, and face. She had never felt so loved and protected with a man on top of her. It was as if he was shielding their love from the world and he would never let anything bad happen to her ever again. This was so different and she didn’t know that her needs could be met this way. He took care of her completely.

Her hands gripped into the strong muscles of his back, feeling them tense in release. She held him tight to her, never wanting him to get away. His kisses never stopped, lathering her skin and her grunts of pleasure grew louder and louder. She loved how he groaned into her skin and his hands held her shoulders tighter, pulling her onto him.

Her cunt naturally suckled his cock and she purposely squeezed her walls even tighter as he pushed inside of her. Fisher relished the slick friction as the thick ridge of his cock slid in and out of her. Her body gave him the highest plane of ecstasy he had ever felt.

He picked up the pace of his thrusts just a taste and her body naturally followed his movements. Both of them gained fine layers of sweat and the warmth between their bodies heated up the room. The scent of her arousal saturated the air.

Fisher lifted up a bit so that he could see her face. “Open your eyes, baby, look at me, please.”

She blinked her eyes open and smiled up at him. Her breasts bounced softly on her chest. “Fisher, this is… This is wow. You feel amazing.”

“You feel better.”

“That’s not possible,” she squeaked when she felt his cock push against her cervix, giving her a dull pain deep in her stomach.

“Did I hurt you?” He slipped one hand out from under her arm and caressed her face.

Annabelle shook her head and grinned. “Oh goodness no, I just feel you so deep inside of me.” She ground her hips into his to feel the sensation again. “When you’re here.”

He held himself, buried inside of her tight, soaking cunt. “I’m in you completely.”

“I know,” she gasped. Her hips rolled, digging him in even deeper. “It’s the best. Completely together.”

“We are.” He pulled back, and then filled her with a stronger jab than before, but not rough. “You like it?”

“Oh god yes,” Annabelle cried out. “More, Fisher, do it again.”

Fisher pleased her the best he knew how, nothing fancy, just giving her his body just as she gave him hers. He kissed down her neck, to her chest, and then feasted on her breasts. His eyes stayed up on hers as he filled her over and over while kissing and nibbling her soft flesh.

They traded moans and smiles back and forth as their bodies spoke for them in a way that only lovers could.

Annabelle’s body, mind, and heart were overwhelmed. She couldn’t get over how much he truly loved her. She felt unworthy, but at the same time, completely deserving.

He felt the stirrings of an orgasm coming on. He returned his lips to hers and kissed her with his organ completely enveloped by her. He held himself there, waiting for the sensation to pass as her cunt clenched his throbbing cock. He felt awful, not knowing how much longer he could last.

“Annabelle,” he muttered against her lips, “I need you to cum with me.”

“I will, lover. I will.” She coated his face in kisses. “Don’t worry, I will.”

“I’m sorry. I just don’t think I can last much longer.”

Annabelle smiled. “Darling, don’t worry, just let it happen. Take whatever you need from me.”

Fisher began moving his hips again. Slow at first, but steadily gaining speed and force, never overpowering or nasty. He wanted her to know that he loved her. This was about sharing their love for each other, not trying to outdo any of her previous partners. There was no dirty talk, just loving words and sounds.

Their eyes locked together, deepening their connection even more. He knew how much pleasure he was giving her in the way her breathing changed and her moans became a higher pitch. He loved feeling her nails dig into his back and her legs push on his ass, as if she was trying to get as much of him as possible.

His worry about not pleasing her was long washed away by the tides of bliss that they experienced in unison.

“Can you go just a little harder please, please, please?” Annabelle begged. Her back arched and her tits pressed into his chest. “God, you’re so good.”

He gave her what she wanted and his cock filled her at a faster and harder pace. Their hips crammed together before he pulled out, and then filled her again. She cried out in pleasure and her nails scratched down his back. He growled in response. Giving her pleasure was his ultimate pleasure.

They moaned “I love you,” back and forth as he steadily pumped her and she met every thrust.

He still wasn’t pounding into her, but Annabelle had begun screaming from behind closed eyes. She had never screamed like this. No one had ever been worth it before.

Her primal screams only fueled him more. It took every bit of his willpower to not nail her to the bed. That time would come, but not tonight.

He adored her heavily flushed face and chest and strands of hair that had stuck to her cheeks from her sweat. Drops of his sweat dripped down onto her as he gave her what she needed. She had never looked more beautiful to him, lost in tremors of almost intolerable ecstasy that racked her body.

“Oh god, Fisher!” Annabelle cried out. “Fisher, tell me to cum. Tell me to cum, please.”

He felt her walls milking him, as if they were asking him to give her the best and most intense orgasm of her life. His cock was pulled deeper into her and when he pulled back, he felt like her body was screaming at him to stay inside of her.

“Cum for me, baby,” he panted. “Cum, Annabelle. Please cum. Please release yourself for me.”

“For you, darling!” Annabelle screamed as she clenched his back with her fingers and her body went tight. “I’m cumming for you. I’m cumming for my man.”

She went silent and her walls pulsated around his cock and nearly pushed him out. He had felt this on his fingers before and knew to force himself to stay inside. Her juices squirted out around his cock, showering his pelvis with her fluids.

Annabelle’s eyes shot open when her muscles were overtaken with unending quivers and quakes. She shook violently under him as her orgasm continued to course through her body. Her cunt squeezed and suctioned him in time with his throbs.

“Fisher, I love you, I love you, please cum inside me. I need to feel you cum inside me,” Annabelle said with ragged breath.

Feeling her orgasm on his cock was all that he needed to reach his own climax, and then her words urged him over the hill. His balls tingled, and then tightened as his skin rose up in flames. He crammed his length inside of her and gave her everything that he had inside of him.

“I love you, Annabelle, I love you,” he growled heavily as his seed shot almost violently out of his body, coating her cunt.

She gasped as she felt him empty. “Oh yes, Fisher, I love you too, so much.”

He collapsed down on top of her and she held him to her as their hearts slowed down. She petted his head and down his back while peppering his sweaty forehead in tender kisses. He didn’t pull out. He stayed inside of her for several minutes. His member continued to throb and her hugging walls continued to pulse around him while their bodies rocked together.

Slowly, he turned onto his side so that she could breathe easier. Fisher held onto her as they turned over and his cock, that had remained hard, stayed nestled in its new home. Her leg hooked around his hip and she wiggled so that they could get more comfortable.

They smiled at each other and kissed quietly as they caressed each other’s hot skin.

“Fisher?” Annabelle whispered as she nuzzled her nose with his.

“Yes, baby?” His fingertips walked along her hip.

She looked into his eyes and saw nothing but love in them. Her heart was so full that she felt like it could burst.

Her fingers traced his jaw as the warmth she felt in her heart came out in her tone, “You make me feel like no one ever has.”

Fisher’s heart swelled two sizes and his eyes got teary. “Oh, Annabelle,” he muttered.

His girlfriend wiped his tears with her thumbs and smiled. She placed her forehead against his and he pulled her in tighter against him.

“It’s true, darling. It really is,” she whispered.

“That means so much to me, thank you. No one has ever made me feel like you do either.”


Fisher sat on the couch at Annabelle’s on a rainy Saturday afternoon. She was busy cleaning her apartment, something that it desperately needed and had taken a backseat the last month. He had her laptop on his lap and her library of erotic stories to keep himself entertained. He had just finished a voyeuristic tale about an older man and his young next door neighbor, and a few more before that. She really did have quite an array of stories as she had said.

His member was firm beneath his jeans and he had given himself a few courtesy rubs while he read. There was no doubt her stories were scorching hot, but he was not going to whip out his cock and jerk off while she cleaned.

He looked up when he saw her coming back into the living room from the bedroom. She had elbow length rubber gloves on from scrubbing the bathroom, along with an old bleach stained old t-shirt and shorts. She looked sexy as ever to him.

He followed her with his eyes as she went into the kitchen, watching her ass bounce in her little blue jersey shorts. Once she was gone from his sight, he grinned and looked through the titles in the documents folder.

“What should I read next?” he asked as she came back into the room.

Annabelle had discarded her gloves in the kitchen. She plopped down next to him on the sofa and looked at the screen. “Well, what do you want to read? That’s a better question.” She ran her hand up his inner thigh and settled over his bulge. “Though, I don’t think it would matter what you read specifically, it seems that you like them.”

“I do, a lot. A lot, a lot,” he chuckled. “Is it that obvious?”

Her hand pressed into his crotch and she massaged him firmly through his pants. “I would say so.” She smelled of cleaning supplies, it wasn’t her normal arousing scent, but he liked it nonetheless. She kissed on his neck and nibbled lightly on his flesh. “Just pick one. If you don’t like it, move to the next.”

He scanned through the titles again and highlighted one. “What’s ‘Flights of Fancy’ about?”

Annabelle pulled away from his neck and grinned. “It’s about a girl sitting next to a stranger on a transcontinental flight. She has a blanket over her and starts masturbating, he wakes up…” She giggled. “If I tell you anymore, there will be no point in reading it.”

“Sounds like fun.” Fisher kissed her lips. “Are you taking a break now and gonna read with me?”

“I have a better plan,” she said with a wink. “You’re going to read out loud and I’m going to suck your cock.”

His mouth dropped open. It took him a second to get his wits about him, and then he stuttered, “How… How is that going to work?” He took a deep breath. “I don’t think I can handle that, especially after what I’ve read already.”

His girlfriend grinned devilishly as she slid down onto her knees. She moved the laptop onto the cushion, and then began undoing his jeans. “It’s going to work perfectly. That’s why you have to read out loud. That’s the one rule.” She pulled his pants and boxers down to his knees. “If you stop reading, I stop sucking. I can go all afternoon if you can.”


Annabelle and Holly trekked into the woods, away from their campsite. Annabelle’s legs continually got scratched by high grass as they tried to find a place away from Fisher and Holly’s boyfriend to do their business.

“This is so not cool,” Holly muttered as she stepped over a fallen tree.

“No, it’s not,” Annabelle laughed.

“If they dragged us out here the least they could have done was pick a place with restrooms.”

“No, shit!”

The girls walked a few more feet, and then they heard Fisher shout, “What’s taking so long?”

Holly rolled her eyes and Annabelle yelled back, “It’s not so easy for us! We can’t just whip it out like you guys can!”

The girls heard the guys laughing and they shook their heads.

“They just don’t get it, do they?” Holly asked.

“No, they definitely don’t.” Annabelle smiled at her.

The pair stopped and shrugged at each other. “This is as good of a place as any,” Annabelle said.

After taking care of business, the girls went back to the tents. Annabelle silently cursed herself for wearing jean shorts and a tank top as her limbs continued to get scratched.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” David asked.

Holly wrapped her arms around her boyfriend and pouted, “It was terrible!”

“Better get used to it, sis,” Fisher chuckled. “It’s gonna be a long night.”

Holly glared at her brother before everyone started laughing.

Fisher sat down next to Annabelle on the bench next to the fire. He kissed her cheek and took her hand. “Are you ready to go on that hike before it gets dark?”

“Yeah sure.” She smiled, and then looked over at Holly and David who were sitting across from them. “Are you guys gonna come with us?”

Holly looked up at her boyfriend and batted her lashes. “Are we?”

David wrapped his arm around her and brought her close to his side. “I think we are just going to chill here and maybe go for a dip in the lake. I think Holly is traumatized.”

“I am not!” Holly protested with a slap on his chest. “But, yeah, you guys go. Have fun.”

Fisher nodded at them, and then stood up. He offered Annabelle his hand before helping her up. She lifted her feet up one at a time onto the bench to retie her shoes before they took off. Fisher followed suit.

“Be back in a bit,” the couple said in unison with a wave as they headed for the trails.

Annabelle had never been big on outdoorsy things. She loved nature and animals, but camping was a different story. Fisher had sounded so excited when he brought it up, and she wanted to make him happy. She couldn’t say no. Being in a relationship is about opening yourself up for things you’re not used to. However, she did tell him that he had to protect her from wildlife if needed.

The blue sky was being overtaken with clouds. Rain wasn’t in the forecast for today, but weather has a way of being unpredictable. Neither Fisher nor Annabelle was afraid of a little rain, so they continued along their hike.

They held hands as they walked along the trail and chatted about various topics as usual. She told him how much she had come to like his sister and Holly had spoken the same way about Annabelle, which was one of the reasons for this outing over the weekend.

Raindrops began to fall from the sky, nothing too heavy yet. The pair turned back around to head back after quite some time. As they walked, rain began to fall harder, making Annabelle’s white shirt see-through and her red bra visible as if she wasn’t wearing a shirt at all. The sight was not something Fisher missed.

He stopped in his tracks, and then took her in his arms. They smiled at each other before kissing deeply in the heavy downpour. He gripped the back of her soaked shirt and her ass through her shorts, pulling her closer into him. Annabelle tasted the rain on his lips.

“Fisher?” she asked between kisses.

“Yes, baby?”

She pulled back and grinned while looking in his hazel eyes. She ran her hand through his wet dark hair as she said, “Would you like to make my longest running fantasy come true?”

“Aboslutely. Just tell me what it is.”

“I’ve always wanted to have sex in the rain. Can we?”

His legs almost gave out under him and his eyes showed his excitement. “I would be honored to make your fantasy come true.”

Annabelle smiled wide and squealed a girly, elated sound. He grabbed her hand and they ran into the woods, away from anyone who could see from the trails. He waited until he found a place that would be comfortable for them to lay on before stopping. When he did, he playfully tackled her to the ground. Water splashed up around them as they giggled and kissed together.

They hurried to get each other semi-undressed, just enough for their bodies to be able to connect. Fisher fought with her shorts that were stuck to her body. He practically had to rip them down her legs. Annabelle wiggled and laughed, which wasn’t helping matters. The garment hung off of one of her ankles. He unzipped his jeans, and then pushed them and his boxers down to his knees.

Annabelle sat up and caught his lips. Her hand wrapped around his growing erection and she stroked him tenderly as they kissed with the same tenderness. He pushed her shirt and bra up so he could fill his hands with her gorgeous breasts. Her strokes on his member became firmer as he did.

“Lay back, baby,” Fisher said into her mouth.

She fell back onto the soaked ground and smiled up at him. She pulled her legs back and opened herself up for him, hooking her hands behind her knees. Her pussy was still shielded by her red lace thong. Fisher ran his hand over the fabric before pushing it to the side and revealing her sticky pink flesh.

“I want you, please, darling,” Annabelle whimpered.

“Tell me what you want,” he said with a wicked grin.

She loved that she had helped him talk dirtier during sex. At first, he said he couldn’t because he loved her. Calling her a filthy slut or whore still didn’t seem to be in his vocabulary, but he was getting better.

“I want your cock inside me. I need to feel you in me,” she gasped. “Give it to me, please, I’m desperate for you.”

He buried his erection inside of her wet cunt in one fluid motion. Annabelle let out an animalistic scream as he filled her.

“Is this what you want?” he groaned as he pulled back, and then shoved himself back in.

“Yes!” she wailed. “Give it to me, just like this.”

Fisher steadied himself with one hand above her head and groped her tit with the other. He looked down into her eyes as he steadily crammed his cock into her over and over again. Her mouth hung open in a soft “o,” and strands of hair that had fallen out of her ponytail were matted to her face. He loved looking at her face when he was inside of her, she always glowed.

“God, Fisher,” Annabelle howled into the woods, “you’re so fucking good!”

“You’re amazing too. Your cunt is incredible. Your body is amazing.”

She squeezed her walls tighter around his organ, eliciting the deep growl from him that she adored. She rocked her body under him, meeting his strong, but loving thrusts. Her breast bounced in his hand as he dug his fingers into her flesh.

“I love your cock, darling, I love it!” Annabelle’s eyes closed and her neck arched back, pushing her head into the mud. Getting dirty was not a problem in this moment. She felt like each of his thrusts pushed her further into soggy ground.

“Tell me, baby, tell me why you love it,” he panted.

He adored how she talked while they had sex. He loved her moans and groans, but hearing her words heightened his arousal even more.

Annabelle tried to clear her mind that was drunk with lust. She opened her eyes and looked up and him. “I love how you feel inside of me. I love how thick you are. I love feeling you all the way inside of me and your hips against mine.” She mashed her nails into the back of her knees as she cried out in pleasure, “You have the best cock. You do, darling, you have the best cock I’ve ever had! You’re the best man I have ever had. No one’s ever been as good as you!” Her wails filtered into the woods, diminished by the heavy downpour of rain.

Fisher was on fire with love, lust, and desire for her. He knew that she had been with a decent number of guys, but over the past weeks, he realized that he was the best lover she had ever had. He was no longer worried about his lack of experience with women. She had made it very clear to him that he pleased her like no one ever did.

“I love you, Annabelle, I love you so much,” he roared.

“I love you, Fisher!”

As the storm grew stronger, and the thunder clapped overhead, the intensity of their love making grew as well. He slammed his hips into hers and dug his cock into her velvety depths, each time making her cry out with euphoria. Both of them were drenched with water and sweat.

“Fuck me, Fisher, fuck me,” Annabelle groaned.

Her pleas continued even as he began to drill her into the ground, begging him to give her everything that he had in him. He put his weight behind his thrusts, grunting and growling. He felt like he was hurting her, but the sounds she made told him otherwise.

“Oh fuck, fuck!” Annabelle screamed as her body started to quake. Her toes clenched tight inside of her shoes and her legs violently shook under the force he put upon her. “That’s it, darling, come on, cum with me, I need it so bad.”

He dropped down and gave her something she loved. He groaned into her ear, “You want my cum?”

“Yes, fuck yes, please, please, please,” she cried.

His open mouth pressed against her ear, filling her head with his grunts and growls, feeding her inevitable orgasm that was already thrumming heavily inside of her body. Her hands left her legs, his weight on her kept them pushed back. She reached around him and under his saturated shirt. She clawed at his back with her nails, making him roar into her ear.

“Fucking cum, give it to me,” she begged as she felt him throbbing hard inside of her clenching cunt.

She couldn’t hold back anymore and screamed a scratchy scream out into the wilderness. Every fiber in her being clenched as she was taken over by a mind numbing climax, the only thing she could feel was the pulsing of her walls and the pain from her nipples being so hard.

Fisher gripped her tit as his hips bucked wildly. Both of them had lost all control of their bodies as they gave in to ultimate bliss. Her fluids gushed out of her a moment before his cock spit volleys of his spunk into the depths of her cunt.

Their lips met each other’s and they gasped for air from each other’s lungs. Their bodies continued to move together until he forced himself to leave her warmth.

When he took his hand off of her breast, he saw the marks he had left on her from digging his nails in and squeezing forcefully. Fisher gasped, looking between her face and tits, “Oh god, baby, I’m so sorry.” He moved down and covered her flesh in kisses as he muttered, near crying, “I’m so sorry. I love your breasts. I didn’t mean to hurt them. Oh god, I’m sorry.”

Annabelle smiled and petted his head. “Sweetheart,” she cooed, “it’s okay. I like it actually. You marked me as yours.”

He nuzzled into her breasts as the rain continued to fall onto them. He rested his head on her chest and closed his eyes. “You’re my woman. I don’t want to ever hurt you.”

“You won’t hurt me, darling. You’re the gentlest man in the world.” She curled her fingers in his hair. “But, just because you’re a sweetheart doesn’t mean you can’t be rough with me.”

Fisher settled his chin between the mounds of flesh on her chest. “But, if something does hurt, you’ll tell me, right?”

“I absolutely will. I promise.” She ran her thumb across his forehead. “I love you, darling.”

“I love you too.” Fisher crawled back up until he was able to kiss her lips. “Ready to go back?”

“Yeah,” she let a playful heavy sigh. “I guess we’ve been gone for a while, huh?”

“Just a bit,” he said with a grin.

He helped is girlfriend off of the ground, and then they made themselves proper. As proper as two soaking wet people can be and mud all over Annabelle’s back and his jeans. They laughed at each other’s states. She tried to fix her ponytail, but just made it worse.

As they headed back to their campsite, the rain had lightened, almost as if Mother Nature had given them the rain only for them to enjoy each other. They laughed about what Holly was going to say the whole way back to their tents. When they arrived, Holly and David cracked up hysterically upon seeing them.

“What happened to you guys?” Holly asked, unable to stifle her giggles.

“Annabelle, uh,” Fisher stuttered. “Annabelle slipped in the mud.”

His sister raised a knowing brow. “That’s not all it looks like.”

He pointed at his sister’s muddy jeans, “Well, the mud on you is pretty incriminating as well.”


Fisher and Annabelle sat across from each other on the floor of his dorm room. His roommate was on his bed, also studying for finals. They had come here, to keep their hands off of each other and actually focus. However, that didn’t mean their thoughts were actually on studying.

“I’m bored with this,” Annabelle whined as she flipped through her notes.

“You’re not the only one, but we need to do this,” Fisher said, not looking up from his textbook.

“We’ve both studied our asses off the last few weeks, we know all of this.” Annabelle sighed and pushed her glasses up on her nose.

“We have, sweetheart, but this is just reviewing. Finals are tomorrow.”

“Yes sir!” She saluted him, which made him chuckle and shake his head.

“Just think, when classes are over, we are gonna go to Six Flags and ride roller coasters till I barf and you laugh at me.”

“We should invite Holly and David, what do you think?”

Fisher laughed, “Oh I’m sure my sister will love to spend the day making fun of me.”

“Why would she do that?” She tapped her pen on her cheek.

“Cause she’s one of those people who always raise their hands on coasters and love it. I’m not.”

“She is?” Annabelle giggled. “Then, we must invite her so we can gang up on you.” She shrugged. “Or, at least so I’ll have someone to ride with on the really scary ones.”

Fisher grinned. “Man, I knew I should have never let you two get so close.”

For nearly an hour, they studied and quizzed each other, back and forth. It was very obvious that they were going to ace their final.

Garrett got up from his bed and made his way to the door. “I’m going to get some dinner. I need a break,” he announced.

The couple waved bye to him. The moment he closed the door, Annabelle tossed her notebook to the side and pounced on her boyfriend, pushing him to the floor. She coated his face in kisses.

He chuckled as her wet lips covered his forehead, “We are supposed to be studying.”

Annabelle looked down at his face with a naughty gleam in her eyes. “We can study each other.”


“Are you gonna go on that with us?” Annabelle asked, pointing to the people who were flying through the air.

Fisher looked up twelve-and-a-half stories to the top of the free-fall ride where groups of two or three were basically pulled up, and then let go to soar through the air, back and forth. His stomach turned at the mere thought of it.

“Come on, Fisher!” Holly cheered. “David isn’t up for it. You need to come with us!”

“Darling, we need a big strong man to protect us,” Annabelle added with a grin.

Fisher looked back and forth between his sister and girlfriend who was tugging on his arm. “There is no way you are going to get me to go on that. That vertical spirally, whatever you wanna call it, coaster was enough thrills for me today.”

Holly let out a heavy sigh, causing blonde wisps to fly away from her face. “You’re no fun.”

“I’m plenty of fun,” he protested. “But, I doubt that all of the people here want to be thrown up on.”

“You won’t throw up.” Annabelle kissed his cheek. “Come on, please?”

He looked over at David who was shaking his head. He felt like he was in agony, torn between making her happy and risking being sick. “I just can’t do it. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, sweetheart.” She squeezed his hand. “But, if you want to go after you see how much fun Holly and I had, we’ll go again.”

“Yeah, yeah, sure,” he laughed. “You girls go have fun.” He patted Annabelle’s butt before she took off with his sister.

Annabelle and Holly raced to the booth to pay the admission for the ride. The line wasn’t terribly long, but Holly took advantage of the alone time she had with her brother’s girlfriend.

“So,” Holly drew out the word.

Annabelle looked up at her face. “Yes?”

Holly giggled, “I think it’s pretty obvious that you and Fisher have gotten busy between the sheets. Even though, neither of you would admit what you were doing on your hike last weekend.”

Annabelle’s cheeks turned rosy and she giggled as she shifted her weight between her feet. “Well yeah,” she shyly.

“Is he, you know, good?”

“Holly!” Annabelle gasped.

“What?” Holly shrugged. “We’re friends. You can tell me. Call it curiosity if you want.”

Annabelle wiped the sweat on her forehead before slipping her hands in her pockets. “Yeah, he’s very, very good. Excellent in fact.”

Holly giggled like a school-girl. “I asked him the same question about you.”

“What did he say?”

Holly tapped her lip and grinned. “He said you were a fantastic lover.”

Annabelle blushed harder. “Well, it takes two to tango,” she stated with a wink.


Annabelle snuggled tighter into Fisher’s nook, completely pressing her nude body against his under the covers. Her fingers traced around the muscles of his chest. He ran his hand along the curve of her hip. They were both enjoying the peaceful afterglow after making intense love.

“Darling?” she whispered.


“Can I ask you something?”

“Of course.” He kissed her forehead and felt her smile against his chest. “You know you can ask me anything.”

“Was it ever like this with Candace?” she asked softly.

“What do you mean?”

Sharing stories of their pasts, even past lovers, was common between the couple when they cuddled together in bed. They were open and honest with each other and enjoyed learning everything that they could.

Annabelle lifted her head and turned so that she was laying half on top of him. She rested her chin on his chest and felt his seed leaking down her thigh. “Well, I know she was your girlfriend for a long time.”

Fisher nodded and ran his fingers through her honey colored hair.

“But, was it like this between you two? Like, how you and I are?” She paused for a brief moment. “I don’t really know how to word it other than that.”

“You mean, did I love her like I love you?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense.”

“It’s okay, baby.” Fisher chewed his lip. “We fucked, yeah, but there was no real love there. I thought I loved her and we said it to each other.”

Annabelle listened as her lips curled into a smile.

“But, I never felt it like I do with you. She never brightened my life like you do, not even once.”

“Really?” She couldn’t help but smile wider.

“Really, really.” He smiled back. “When you and I make love, we connect in ways I didn’t know were possible.”

“I didn’t know they were possible either.” She scooted up to kiss his lips lightly. “I feel your love all over. I hope you feel my love for you like that.” Her forehead rested against his.

“I absolutely do.” His hand continued to stroke her hair, down her back, and then back up. “What about Nicholas? Did you love him like this?”

Annabelle thought for a moment about her high-school boyfriend. She lifted her head so that she could look down at him. “Well, I loved him a lot. He was a good guy, but he wasn’t near as good as you.”

“But, you have good memories with him, yeah?”

“I do. We had good times together. But, he broke my heart too many times.”

“Hold onto those good memories, baby. Let the bad ones go.” He smiled at her.

Annabelle swallowed, and then nodded. “But, you know what?”

“Tell me.”

“I used to think about him a lot. I’d miss him and wish he would just pop back into my life again.” Her hand caressed his scratchy cheek. “But, since I met you, he never enters my mind unless you ask about him.”

“Oh, baby.” Fisher felt his eyes getting wet. “I love you.”


Annabelle had already been to her boyfriend’s dorm room to help him pack and now she sat on his bed at his parents’ house while he filled his suitcase. He handed her garments and she tightly folded them before rolling them to take up the least amount of space as possible. Her stomach had been in knots all day from the mere thought of not being near him for over a week. He would spend the night tonight, but wake up early to catch his flight.

“Is that it?” she asked softly.


“But, there’s no room for me in there,” she said as he zipped up the large suitcase.

“Aww, baby.” Fisher sat down next to her on the bed and held both of her hands. “I wish you could come too. I really do.”

“I know,” she exhaled. Her eyes were glued to their hands.

“It’ll go by fast. Then, before you know it, I’ll be making up for all the kisses I missed out on.”

Annabelle nodded as she felt tears welling up in her eyes. “I don’t want to be away from you. I’m going to miss you so much.” A single tear rolled down her cheek, and then splattered on their locked hands.

“Oh goodness, come here,” he muttered as he wrapped his arms around her. “I’m going to miss you too. So badly.”

She hid her face in his neck as saline emotion poured out of her eyes. Her body shook with her sobs. Her boyfriend started crying too as he held her. He knew he didn’t have to be a “strong” man around her, and she loved him for it.

“I was lying when I said it was going to go by fast,” he mumbled while rubbing her back. “It’s going to be torture.”

“Uh huh.”

The couple cried together for several moments. Annabelle clenched her fists into his shirt and his tears stained her hair. Each time she thought about not being held by him or being able to touch him, she cried harder. He tried to hush her tears away, but it was a useless effort.

Eventually, she pulled her head off of his shoulder and looked at him through blurry vision. She wiped her eyes. Her nose was bright red and she tried to sniffle to make the tears stop running.

“Are you going to call me?” she asked with a shaky voice.

“Every night. We are going to go to bed together, remember?”

She nodded and took a deep breath. “We are such a mess, aren’t we?”

Fisher cracked a smile. “We sure are.” He kissed her wet cheeks. “Let’s stop being sad and enjoy the rest of our day together.”

“That’s a good idea.”


Annabelle sat down on her bed and looked at the time. There was still over an hour until she would get her goodnight phone call. After putting Elliot, the teddy bear, in her lap, she opened up the envelopes of pictures she had developed and started going through them. There were a few hundred photographs of her and Fisher and of things they had done together.

She sorted them, keeping the duplicates for herself, and finding the best ones to put in the scrapbook that she was making him. The only problem was, she was usually very picky about pictures of her, but she noticed that she beamed in every single one. It wasn’t really a problem. There would just be more pictures than she had originally planned in the scrapbook. Picking the select few for the wooden frame with openings for seven pictures was even harder.

Clover jumped up on the bed and before she could walk over the pictures, Annabelle picked her up and moved her so that she could lay down next to her.

She examined each picture with a smile on her face as she relived the memories of the last couple of months. A picture of them in front of one of the tanks at the aquarium on their first date was placed on top of the frame.

As she went through the pictures and placed them on matted paper, she laughed out loud, remembering the day that they spent walking around downtown acting as tourists. They took so many pictures that day and Fisher was getting tired of it. He teased her and made funny faces over and over again until she gave in and joined him.

She remembered the elderly couple at the Cloud Gate sculpture who took pictures for them and gave them advice on how to keep each other happy. Annabelle giggled at the memories of the woman telling her that she needed to satisfy him in bed if she wanted to keep him around.

Her laughter continued as she remembered their summer together. Pictures were taken of nearly everything. The one she took of herself laying against him on the sofa between his legs and his arms around her waist made it to the frame pile along with one taken at the Cubs game they attended. The photo they took on the El train late at night, with their tongues sticking out and Fisher’s eyes crossed, before discretely fucking on it, was added to the pile as well.

She checked the time again, and then started cutting the matted paper around the pictures. This project would keep her busy until he returned. She placed the photos in a nice layout on pages of the scrapbook, leaving enough space for her to write little notes on the pages.

She wasn’t near finished for the evening when her phone rang. She picked up immediately and smiled as she said, “Hello, love.”

“Hi, sweetheart. What are you up to?”

“Oh nothing,” Annabelle giggled. “Just working on a surprise for you.”

“A surprise! Do I get any hints?”

She held the phone between her shoulder and ear so that she could finish for the night and clear off her bed while talking to him. “Nope, not a one.”

Fisher chuckled, “Aww, come on, just one, please?”

“Fine, one hint. It’s a special surprise.” She cut the paper around a picture of them and his sister on his parents’ boat.

“That doesn’t tell me much.”

Annabelle laughed as she pressed the picture down on a page. “That’s the point, my dear.”

“Fair enough, I like surprises.”

“So, tell me about your day. Tell me everything. I want to feel like I was there with you.”


Fisher returned to his room in the suite on the fifth day of being away from his girlfriend. She was still at work, but he called to leave her a sweet voicemail for her to listen to when she got off. Then, he stripped out of his clothes from the day and put on fresh boxers and a t-shirt.

He sat down on the neatly made bed, and then opened the drawer of the nightstand. He pulled out a large stack of paper. Annabelle had printed out what she felt like were her best stories for him to read while he was away. It was her way of being with him when she couldn’t. After picking one at random, he put the others back in the drawer, and then got under the covers.

Immediately, he was engrossed in a tale about two people who were best friends in high-school and never took the opportunity to be together. The characters ran into each other by chance while the female lead was staying at a resort for a company-wide retreat and the male was on vacation with friends.

As the story got hotter, so did he. He fondled himself lightly under the covers as he read his girlfriend’s words.

Fisher’s mind was snapped away from the fantasy when he heard a knock on the door. Before he could say, “Come in,” Holly bounced into the room.

“I’m bored, entertain me,” his sister chirped.

His cheeks were cherry red and his mouth was dry. He sat up quickly in an attempt to hide his erection and bent his knees. He thanked the hotel for the several layers of sheets that covered him.

“How am I supposed to do that?” he asked her with a hoarse voice, and then cleared his throat.

Holly plopped down on the bed and shrugged before taking a closer look at his face. She gasped, “Oh my god! Were you jerking off?”

“Well, no, not exactly.”

She raised a brow and giggled. “I didn’t mean to interrupt you. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. It’s uh, going away,” he chuckled uncomfortably.

Holly looked over at the stapled white sheets of paper next to him. She snatched it up before he could. “What’s this?”

“Something Annabelle wrote.”

“I’ve been wanting to read her writing.”

She picked up reading on the page that he was on, right in the middle of a blow job scene. Fisher shifted uncomfortably as she read.

“This is really,” she muttered, keeping her eyes on the page, “um, explicit.”

“Yeah… yeah it is.”

“Really, really good.” Holly turned the page. “Also, really dirty.”

“Uh huh.” Fisher’s heart thumped. “She is really good.”

Her eyes were still scanning the page. “Does she really, um, give bjs like this?” She looked over at him.

He nodded. His cheeks radiated with heat as he mumbled, “Yes, yes she does.”

“Wow.” She handed him the story back. “Do you have others with you? Do you think she’ll mind if I read one?”

“She won’t mind. Just don’t tell me what you did while reading them.” Fisher leaned over and opened the drawer. “Don’t let Mom and Dad find them either.”

“I promise, on both accounts.”


Annabelle returned home after a long afternoon walk with Clover. She unhooked the leash, and then made herself a large glass of water. The panting dog gulped down water from her bowl, before laying down on the tile in the kitchen to cool off.

Annabelle returned to her scrapbook workstation that was the coffee table. She sat down on the floor and put the finishing touches on the gift before he arrived in a few hours. Nearly every single picture was inside of it, a sort of time line of their relationship.

For the final addition, she opened the book to the first page. She wrote giant bubble letters very lightly with a pencil, and then traced over the letters in bright markers. Each letter had a design on it, such as hearts, stripes, or stars.

The bold print said, “Best Summer of Our Lives.”

With the scrapbook finished, she wrapped it and the picture frame in tissue paper before placing the items in a box together. She expertly wrapped the box in blue and white striped wrapping paper, and then tied white ribbon around it. On top, she placed a huge blue and white bow where the ribbons crossed. She tucked a small card in the corner, and then smiled at herself.

“Okay, now time to decide what I’m wearing,” she said as she hopped up to her feet. “Then, shower time.”

Annabelle scurried to her bedroom, and then pulled out the new lingerie items that she bought when she went shopping with a friend the other day.


Fisher ran up the stairs of Annabelle’s building two at a time, his heart was beating hard from excitement to see his girlfriend after ten long days apart. He knocked on the door and smiled when Clover didn’t bark. The dog had begun to recognize his nock.

“Come in,” Annabelle’s voice rang from the other side.

He opened the door and found her on her knees in the foyer. His jaw hit the floor as he pushed the door closed behind him, and then fumbled with the lock, never taking his eyes off of her.

Annabelle wore the sexiest piece of lingerie he had ever laid eyes on and Annabelle made it even better. A baby blue satin chemise was like a second skin that propped her cleavage up almost to her chin. The garment had sheer panels down the sides, accentuating her womanly curves. Lace hemmed the chemise, adding a slight touch of innocence. The light blue looked glorious against her tanned flesh and her curly hair looked purposely messy, adding to the vixen appeal that she silently screamed.

“Hello lover,” Annabelle whispered, just loud enough for him to hear before she seductively crawled across the floor.

“Oh god, baby,” he muttered. He had forgotten how to blink as he admired her swaying ass and the glimpse he got of the curve of it underneath the garment. “Hi.”

She sat up on her knees at his feet and smiled up at him. “I missed you, darling,” she said in the same soft tone.

He looked down at her and smiled. “I missed you too, baby.”

Annabelle placed her cheek against his crotch and nuzzled against his hardening cock through his jeans. “I missed this too.” She batted her lashes up at him.

Fisher swallowed hard and nodded. She looked so gorgeous on her knees in front of him and maintaining eye contact through her spectacles. Words were hard to come by.

Annabelle grinned as she undid his belt. “Did you miss me like I missed you?”

“Oh, god yes.” He smiled and ran his hand through her silky caramel colored hair. “I missed your body more than you can imagine.”

She let his pants fall and they hit the floor with a key jingling thump. “My mouth has been watering all day from just the thought of having you in my mouth.”

“My lover,” he moaned as she kissed his member through the fabric of his boxers.

She curled her fingers into the waistband of his underwear, and then lifted it over his organ. His erection presented itself for her. She gasped and shivered with excitement as she pushed his boxers down to his ankles.

“I can’t believe I get to suck such a gorgeous cock,” she whimpered before taking a long lap with her warm tongue along his length.

He quickly discarded his shirt to the floor. Fisher fell back against the door for some sort of support as his breathing and heart rates sped up. He watched with wide eyes as she lathered his pole with saliva. Her tongue curled around his thickness, dragging up and down. He loved watching her enjoy his manhood.

“There it is,” his girlfriend moaned as he began leaking precum.

“It’s for you, baby,” he groaned as her lips closed around his helm. “My cock is ready for you.”

Her hand wrapped around his shaft and she pumped it slowly as she suckled his cockhead. Her plump lips rubbed against his ridge as her tongue slithered on his flesh. His knees buckled, she knew how to perfectly hit his most sensitive regions.

“You’re so good to me, Annabelle.” His fingers curled in her hair. “You’re sucking my cock before even kissing me hello.”

She pulled back and giggled as her hand continued to glide along his prick. “Give me a kiss then.”

Fisher leaned down and angled her neck back. He feasted on her mouth with a hungry kiss. Her fist moved faster on his cock as their tongues danced wildly.

When he pulled away from the kiss, he led her head back to his groin. “Suck my cock. Suck me the way only you can.”

Annabelle obliged his wishes without hesitation. She forced his shaft down her throat, all the way until her pretty face was mashed against his pelvis.

Her boyfriend growled heavily in response, “Fuck yes.”

Annabelle looked up at him as she brought her head back just before he came out of her throat, and then crammed his length fully behind her lips again. Her throat convulsed around his member, but she suppressed her gag reflex.

Drool ran out of the corners of her mouth, running down her chin and pooling on her breasts. She was starved for him and made sure that he knew it.

She found his free hand and placed it on the front of her neck when she had his organ completely hidden inside of her mouth. He could feel the outline of his cock through her flesh and see how far down her throat he really was.

“Holy fuck!” Fisher gasped with awe.

She sucked hard as she pulled her mouth off of his tool. After spitting up onto his hard flesh, she smiled up at him while smearing her spittle and his precum with her hand.

Strings of spit connected her lips to his cockhead as she asked, “You like that?”

“Uh huh. You’re so fucking hot, Annabelle. You’re incredible.”

“Why thank you, darling,” she giggled, and then swallowed him whole once again.

She held the back of his thighs, digging him even deeper into her throat. Her arousal leaked into her satin g-string, saturating it.

He roared as she repeatedly engulfed him with new found intensity. He reached down and fished her tits out of her lingerie. His body was bent over hers as he filled his hands with her heavy globes of flesh.

“I’ve missed everything about you baby,” he moaned as he kneaded her tits. “I’ve missed your mouth. I’ve missed touching your breasts.” His words came out shaky through his ragged breaths. “I’ve missed kissing you. I’ve missed being inside you.”

Annabelle moaned onto his organ, sending tremors of vibrations into his body. With his cock buried in the depths of her throat, she forced her tongue out of her mouth and licked the top of his sac. He growled for her and squeezed her breasts with his mitts.

His body trembled under her care. She had a way to amaze him with her oral talents. No two blow jobs were ever the same. She had finesse when it came to sucking cock, whether she was giving him a tender and gentle blow job or a slut starved for cock, sloppy blow job. He knew how much she loved sucking him and felt her love as she made love to him with her mouth.

Annabelle pulled back up to spit again. Her back arched so she could look at him and he kissed her messy mouth.

“Darling, I need your help deciding something,” she mumbled between kisses. Her hand flew along his slick length and the other hand massaged his balls.

“What’s that?” he asked into her open mouth.

She sat on her calves as grinned up at him, adoring his face that was washed over with pleasure. “I can’t decide if I want your cum in my mouth or in my cunt.”

“I really need to fuck you,” he moaned from her talented hand as she slowed down her strokes.

“Yeah?” Annabelle’s emerald eyes were drenched with lust. “Are you gonna fuck me dirty?”

“I’m going to fuck you like the dirty slut you are for me,” Fisher growled.

A hot rush of arousal shot straight to her pussy. “Fisher!” She squirmed with excitement and a bit of shock from hearing him call her a slut for the first time without her asking for it.

“What, baby? You aren’t going to be my slut tonight?”

“I am! I am! Oh god, I am going to be your filthy slut.”

Fisher hastily stepped out of his shoes and pants that were still around his feet. She hopped up to her feet and grabbed his hand. They raced to her bedroom.

She bounced onto the bed and settled on her knees. He climbed up behind her and pushed her chest down onto the mattress.

Without words, he ripped her flimsy g-string down and off, and then dove into her dripping wet pussy with his mouth. He was overwhelmed by her scent and moaned instantly upon tasting her sweet juices.

Annabelle squirmed and whimpered as he fed on her. She felt his tongue flapping against her soft flesh, sucking on her lips, and then wiggling on her engorged clit. As she squirmed, she pushed herself harder against his face.

“Fucking fuck!” she cried out. Her hands clenched the comforter, causing it to ripple across the bed.

He stroked himself as he fed his addiction to her sex. He wasn’t focused on stimulating certain parts of her. He wanted all of her at once, which only made her wilder.

Annabelle was already on fire from servicing his cock with her mouth, but she was so focused on him that she had barely noticed. Now that his attention was on her, she could barely breathe.

His tongue slid into her tight hole and she moaned wildly. He tasted her flesh as her juices soaked his face. He hadn’t shaved, knowing that his stubble tickled her, adding to her pleasure.

“Oh my goodness,” she moaned, writhing against his face. “I’m going to cum already.” She gasped for breath. “I can’t help it, I missed you too much.”

Fisher gripped her ass as he devoured her, fucking her with his strong tongue.

“I love you!” she cried out hysterically. “I love you so fucking much!”

He groaned into her as he opened his mouth wide, latching it to her mound. His tongue flicked her clit as hard and fast as he possibly could. He held her semi still with his grip on her bum as she started to quake harder than before.

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Part Thee: The Great Dark Decision

Aideen and I left the house on a night in July to seek out the enchanctress Reenan. We brought our special kit, under the instruction gypsy Fifka– pouches of sundry ingredients, watertight leather slippers, a walking stick. We crafted bog shoes with vines, twines, and pliable stems. We crossed the road and scrambled through the rough path if that’s what it could be called. Through high grass, across deep drains, and through thick wood. We skirted treacherous bogholes. It took nearly four hours to reach the waste, Aideen helping me every careful step, me using my blackthorn walking stick for extra balance.

It was a warm, close, bright night of the full moon. The grove is in a small hollow surrounded by a great bog, a bog so great it’s called a waste. The waste, like everything above the road until the other side of the mountains, is part of a commonage. It’s owned by everyone and no one, a young relic of colony days. There was no turf cutting there. There was no grazing there. There was no road or house around for miles. On the north edge of this bog was a great rock shelf dotted with sundews and bladderworts and hearty pimpernels. Brave golden gorse, purple and white heather, polly holly grew. Short lines of sallies grew where they once served as fenceposts years before. Carpet moss and blood moss clung and hung. Lichen draped around the bark, the rock, the earth. On the east and west sides were sizable cliffs and slopes. They were so unpredictable and craggy and covered with furze that the people of Bonnakeen had a name for falling off– getting cliffted. On the north side two great rounded crags rose above us, tipped with dark silver clouds.

I had not been here since I was a boy. We descended the thirty foot rock wall from our Northern approach. A small feat for Aideen, a dangersome task for me. Aideen made her way down and put her hands together in the air for me to step down onto. I faced the wall and began to climb down. My leather slippers that gripped the wall were perfectly tailored for my foot, and the resin that fitted the roughened sole helped me cling, but the rock was slick. My knees quivered with weakness, and I damned my age as I hadn’t since the years before Aideen entered my world. My left foot slipped off the wall, followed hastily by my overexerted right. I clung a sharp lip of slaty stone with my left hand and gripped a sturdy gorse vine with my right. I thanked my aged and leathery hands like never before. The dead spines of the gorse would have cut deep into a young sprite’s soft fingers, but instead bent and ground into dust under mine. My right knee was bludgeoned by the damn wall, and both knees bled, but I hung only a few feet from Aideen’s eager palms.

“Come to me Denny,” said Aideen without fear. She never shrieked when I slipped, never winced at my blood. She knew what to expect and knew that our adventure would not go too far astray.

I felt her hands emanating her warmth toward me. To fall onto her, to step into her palm, seemed only the right thing to do. I let go and slid down the wall until my right foot was poised in her interlocked fingers. Aideen’s slippers sunk into the wet, muddy bog earth. I pressed my cheek against the wall’s cool dampness and she lowered my foot to her belly, her knee, the ground. I lowered my right foot, but it could not carry any weight. My walking stick was too thin for the soft ground. As soon as any weight was applied it would sink three feet in.

Aideen tied her ash and ivy bog shoes on, and mine on under hers for extra sturdiness. Taking my stick, I whittled and split the end like a Phillips screw. We crosshatched and tied more sticks across it from the scattered trees, and used a sally switch that Aideen fetched from some yards away to tie in a circle around the cross sticks. Gorsevine was woven in between to make a bog shoe for the walking stick.

Meanwhile Aideen tore and tied some blood moss to my wound. She knew it would absorb the blood and disinfect the opening. She knew one day when tobacco was low men would smoke it and think of better days. She took me on her back.

By tying her shawl, my shirt, and a large kerchief of mine together, we were able to form a sling that I rested my legs in, leaving Aideen’s hands free to hold the stick. She picked her steps carefully across the bog. It would be difficult to cross without the bog shoes, impossible with me on her back. There was evidence at the surface of certain bogholes that it would be impossible for a horse to pass here. Even some deft-stepping mountain goats left unlucky skeletons behind. Many others remained buried, victims of the greedy ground in this sublime nature. With no thickets or streams between us and our destination, and only bogholes and soft ground to navigate, Aideen took adequate care and still made time better than we were making before.

My knee pained me. The knee cap was fractured, if not broken. I lost myself as I stared down at the reddish brown and black pattern of the bog. I lost myself as I stared up at the grey clouds and the bright white patch that the moon hid behind. I lost myself as I stared at the looming hills ahead. We grew closer and closer to the green-black circle of hollies. Sometimes I lost my sight of it as Aideen turned away to skirt another great boghole, but our orientation always returned. The air got warmer and thicker and closer as we approached, and the first muffled moan of thunder shook through the great hills.

I hated this part of the world, the cross old bog and the great waste, and it was only up a hill from my farm. But I looked on, and I remembered back, to a happier time, to a happier place, where Aideen and I first made love.


When I deflowered Aideen she was still eighteen, and I was eighty-three. It was the spring in May and we walked down an old bohareen that wasn’t frequented much anymore. It ran from our road to the manor house and eventually to the main road across the river at the bottom of the valley. The Bungard family had to flee in 1916 after the house was attacked. Though their influence was still felt throughout the valley, their presence was nothing it had been before. We walked down to a sloping field surrounded by stone ditches and young oaks. If someone had a spyglass on the hills across the river we would have been a sight that day!

The cocoons had hatched in the weeks before and the golden butterflies fluttered from the daisies and dandelions, the pimpernel and the bachelor buttons. I laid her down in the soft milk grass and we kissed eachother gently. I pulled her close to me by the small of her back. We nuzzled and held eachother close. We kicked off our shoes and dug our toes into the grass and the earth.

Sometimes a cloud passed overhead, casting a moody shadow over the valley, absorbing the sun’s heat so that all we could feel was the island moisture and the cool sea breeze in the air. Aideen tasted like the sea all over. She sat over me and taking my member, rubbed my head between her labia, over her clitoris, up and down. I kicked off my pants and took off my shirt, and only then she lifted off her light spring dress. She got me hard enough that she felt I could break her. She lowered herself onto me and a delicate furrow came across her face. She looked into my eyes for help. She couldn’t break herself, so I moved upwards into her. Her strength to resist gave out and she let herself fall onto me. Her back stiffened and a breeze came up. I felt her nipples harden on my chest. She felt me harden inside her. Aideen sat up and looked down to see the warm glowing blood trickling around my abdomen.

She rose and fell, spreading the blood and letting herself open to me and the world. After a few painful moments she was holding me tight, biting me, rocking and grinding. I felt that she was the one taking my virginity. I came into her soon, and she mixed a pink potion as she ground on me. She was invigorated by my slippery cum and used it to help her climax. All the while I twitched and moaned under her. She was mine and I was hers, and she brought herself to a late orgasm as the sun burst hot on her back, casting her shadow over me. And as she collapsed on top of me, another nimbus eclipsed the sun.

Aideen’s knees were muddied and scratched, her vagina sore and sensitive and brand new. We put on our clothes and walked slowly back to the house, up the bohareen and down the road in our bare feet.


We trudged on the slow ground, finally approaching the circle of hollies as a thunderhead awoke me from my reverie. It was a large circle of perhaps thirty old hollies and a stone ditch around them. There were fourteen large stones on their side forming the ritual stone circle. At the altar stone was a figure in a green velvet gown with a black velvet cloak. She was looking down at the altar stone, preparing some kind of incense and elixir. Aideen carried me up to the altar. I dropped down onto my left leg and took the stick for support. Aideen and I both opened our pouches and took out the ingredients: acorn, holly leaf, green hazel nut, salmon eye, berries of Bonnakeen. Reenan did not look at us as her wrinkled hands took the ingredients from ours, examined them, and handed them back. Scraggly grey hair poured out of her hood and hung in front of her bowed head, obscuring her face. She took our holly leaves and placed each in a small mortar hole with fresh water.

Lightning now struck the peaks and sides of the great southern crags behind Reenan. There was a shudder in Reenan’s droning mutter that made it noticeable for the first time. She spoke some form of Welsh Gaelic, or Latin, or was it Irish? There was no telling. The midnight hour was approaching. The moment of the full moon was approaching. Reenan took the acorns and popped off the caps, took the bonnakeen berries and placed them in the caps, took the young green hazelnut and placed it in the cap. We did the same. She squished the pink juice out of the berry so that it dripped down the soft nut. We placed the amalgam fruit on the altar.

Reenan pointed her gaze upward, but we still did not get a glimpse of her face as she peered through a shroud of grey toward the moon behind the clouds. She brought a withered hand in front of the shroud and placed the eye of salmon on her protruding tongue. Aideen and I did the same. Reenan pulled her tongue into her mouth, and as we did so she reached out to our throats and held them so we would not swallow. She removed her hands and with her blackened nails gently drew our eyes to a close. We felt her place the nut in our right hands and close our fingers around them. We saw red lightning through our eyelids and felt electricity in our bodies. The rumble nearly knocked all three of us to the ground. We thought we felt the first drops of rain, but it was Reenan spraying us with the wet leaves of holly. She placed the leaves in our left hands and closed our fingers around them until the thorns pricked us, a strange sensation to my hide-tough palms.

With the next strike of lightning I began to see. I saw the grove we stood in, and in it I saw a little black haired child in green and a red haired child in white. There was also a little fair haired boy in his oversized cap and suspenders. They all were playing in the sunshine, climbing on the stones, chasing butterflies and eating blackberries that make their mouths and fingers sticky and purple. They all played London Bridge and fell onto the ground with their soft hands resting gently on their chest, fingers laced and the grass grew up around them, the briars grew in from the fringes of the circle around them, and the snow fell on them, and when it melted away the next year only their small withered skins and bones remained.

I felt a thud and opened my eyes as soft rain started to pour down. I looked to my right and saw Aideen looking over at me, smiling –beaming– at me so that her cheekbones looked like little crab-apples.

“Rise, children,” said Reenan.

I think we had both forgotten where we were completely, and our hearts were filled with anxiety again to face the witch.

“Swallow the eye,” said Reenan.

“Is it done?” asked Aideen to Reenan.

“The bed is almost made. So when it is time to sleep you may, but first you must chew and swallow the eye.” Reenan’s voice was surprisingly clear and friendly. It did not sound like the raspy grumbling we heard from her mouth before.

We chewed the gummy thing and swallowed it down.

“Now you must crack the nut and eat it.”

We uncapped the hazelnut, put it in our teeth, and popped open the soft shell. We used our teeth and tongue to separate the starchy husk from the watery meat, chewed and swallowed.

“Now you must eat the holly leaf.”

We placed the thorny leaves delicately in our mouths and chewed, avoiding the piercing of the barbs. The bitter tea taste filled our mouths and cleansed the salmon from our palate.

“There’s only one more thing…” Reenan she sweetly, as she pushed back her black velvet cowl. Her appearance was shocking. Though she had gray hair down to her waist, she had long roots of shiny black. She had one glassy gray eye, forever opened to its limits, with crow’s feet that branched across the side of her face to her ear, while her other eye was a sultry dark blue beauty. I noted several more things of the same peculiarity. Her nails had healthy quicks and half-moons, but they grew out into scraggly claws, and her beautiful smile had in it just one snaggled canine. I imagined what surprises distinguished the supple body underneath her garb.

“Maybe you’ll see, faithful Denny Doyle,” said Reenan.

Aideen looked at both of us with questions written all over her face, but that confused look soon turned to concern and jealously as she saw that I was staring at Reenan’s body, and she was coming around the altar on my side. Aideen was able to perceive all that was happening between us three, and as if Reenan’s garb was suddenly transparent, we could see her nakedness. Her body was supple, indeed. Medium breasted, short black pubic hair and a pale, flat stomach. But from her belly button a spiraling scar grew and turned black. So too did crooked spirals grow from her nipples, and branching scars grew down her legs. It was mesmerizing to both Aideen and I and Reenan smiled as if to say “What fun is the Holly moon if I can’t enjoy the festivities of the flesh myself?” Aideen was jolted from her hypnosis.

“What was the one thing Reenan?” asked Aideen. But Reenan persisted. “What was the one thing we had to do to finalize the act?”

Reenan stopped, surprised by Aideen’s will. “Very well, persistent child Aideen,” said she as she glided back to her side of the altar. “Before I will give you further instruction you must prove to me your love for each other.”

“How do you mean?” asked I.

“Your girl. She knows, Denny.”

Aideen looked at me softly; she let her hair fall down over her shoulders. Her eyes were helpless and ashamed but she knew better than I that we had to follow through with Reenan’s wishes. She unbuttoned her tweed jacket fashioned for a man.

It was a jacket she had found it year before on a stone by the small waterfall down the road from our house. A bar of soap sat up in the stream, held back by a ledge of a rock from coming over the edge off the four foot drop and plunking down into the little pool below. It had the effect of making more bubbles than usual in the pool. Aideen took the tweed jacket and dropped it in the pool. She scrubbed and dunked and wrung it out in the soapy water. She draped it over a nearby branch and started to wash herself in the cool clean water, first her hands, then her face, then her arms, her armpits, her feet and ankles up to her knee. The water was dripping down her chest and breasts making her dress all wet. It was such a dreary day turning drearier, but the thought never came to mind that the tinker who surely left his best coat would be thinking of it soon, and would be turning back to get it. Aideen took off her old rags so that she was in the nude. Some ferns obscured her from sight if someone was coming down the road, but if someone were to pass her by they could not possibly miss this water goddess bathing alongside them. She did not think of that either.

She washed herself, spending time between her legs with her slender fingers parting her throbbing cold pink lips. The nipples on her swooped chest stood out in the same cold pink as did her rosy cheeks and mouth. Maybe a passerby would think she was roses in the snow. Likely not. The snow had not begun to fall and springtime did not linger. She washed between the flesh of her bum and around her peachy hole, and as she was ready to finally enter one opening or the other she heard strolling steps and the bark of a dog. The child Aideen poked her head through the ferns and saw coming over the hilleen two well-dressed tinker vagabonds, one in a coat and one without, and a wolfhound walking beside them. One twirled a twist of sally branch and the other held a hazel walking stick, never touching it to the ground.

They were barely in eyeshot, so Aideen put on the fashionable tweed and quickly crossed the road as far over as she could without being pricked by a briar. With the slight bend in the road they could not see her walking two hundred yards ahead, and in her bare feet they couldn’t hear her. Once she found an opening in the brush, she hopped the ditch into our western field, from there she ran with her knees well bent like a hare, her sheer feet avoiding cowdung in the soft wet grass. She hopped over the garden stile, walked to the porch and opened the door gingerly with such great excitement and pleasure and humiliation all at once.

Here she was before me, all wet in an expensive tweed with her arse showing out the back, her hands deep in the hip pockets, her hair draped over the broad shoulders. A sight of beauty and passion and she hung the jacket and warmed herself by the fire and her cold body was for me that night. What a girl was Aideen, what a blackguard. I would love to have seen the tinker’s face when he saw the old dress in the place of his fine coat. It would bring him half the warmth and none of the respect of the tweed. And somehow our house was undisturbed by the tinkers that year, while all the other homes in the house were being scavenged in the night or solicited in the day by some con tinker or other.

It was that wet, embarrassed passion that appeared to me now as the mist fell on her rosy hair. She undressed, and so did I. Her fair unbridled bosom glowed between the lapels and struck my soul so that it was her beauty that was the lightning and my rolling blood that was the thunder. I began to strip. I took my raggy coat and shirt off my bony shoulders, but when I stooped over I felt the pain in my knee. Aideen let her dress fall around her shoulders and down to the ground where it gathered around her bog shoes. She wiggled one small foot out of her slipper, the other one out of the other so that she was only in her panties and socks.

Little beads of water, suspended on her copper wire, began to penetrate its shine. It soaked into her locks, making them straighten and darken. Reenan stood poised with her wrinkled hands gripping the altar and holding her head before her body. Her blue eye darted back and forth from one of us to the other, and each of us could feel when the eyes were on us. Aideen felt the gaze and felt a warm empowerment. I felt the gaze and felt a cold fear.

Aideen felt only the magical power of our love on this stage by the altar in the circle in the valley of waste. I felt far from home, far from our little open fire in the smoky house on the road down the hill. With Reenan beaming her mysterious gaze at her, Aideen took the opportunity to wash all my worries away. She bent at the knee and closed her eyes, biting her lip so hard it turned white. With her left hand she grabbed and pulled on her labia through her panties. Then itslid down her panties, over her clit and into her pussy. Two fingers stayed there, massaging her sensitive button with small wet circles. Her knees bent together and her back arched as if to keep the skillful hand at bay, but she pulled from herself a twitching orgasm and little puppy barks. Slowly she returned to us from her trance but she was still drugged by desire. She took two steps toward me, keeping her fingers inside of her. The blood pounded back into her bitten lip so that it hung swollen like a spring fuchsia.