Ben flexed his right arm at the elbow, glad to finally have the cast gone. He was over the moon at being able to use both of his hands now. He was finally back to work, driving a truck at Ace. Even though he was temporarily off the rotation for long hauls, that was fine with Ben. He could do the local transports just fine, and it kept him home with Benji. All was right in the universe as far as he was concerned.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and he had arranged for Lonnie to take Benji out to lunch and shopping or a movie to keep him busy for a few hours. There wasn’t anything strange about that request. Benji and Lonnie had quickly become best friends over the past few weeks. The two little guys talked on the phone every day and hung out all the time. It was nice that Benji had a ‘BFF’ now, as Lonnie called him. It also meant that he saw more of his older brother.

Brandon had always been his best friend since they were kids. Ben couldn’t recall ever seeing Brandon like this, laid-back and carefree. Ben liked hanging out with the new, happy Brandon.

As part of his plans for the big surprise, he had something he needed to take care of first, something that he didn’t want Benji to know about yet. This was not a task he was looking forward to.

He put his truck into park and shut the engine off. He shifted in the seat as he reached down between his legs and adjusted his flaccid cock, pushing it down into a more comfortable angle. The head of his cock was a little sore pressing against his jeans. Ben snickered. If his cock was sore, he imagined that Benji was definitely feeling it in his ass, and that made him puff his chest out a little, and he smirked cockily. He had fucked Benji twice this morning, and twice the night before. Since he got the casts removed earlier in the week, his sex drive had kicked into high gear. Oh yeah, everything was right in the universe: Benji writhing underneath him, getting his ass pounded into the mattress on a regular basis. Just the the way it should be.

After double-checking the address against the piece of scrap paper, he let out a deep breath and got out of his truck. He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.

The door opened and a curvy, middle-aged, bleach-blond woman with blue eye shadow and too much rouge on her cheeks answered. Before she could speak, a pudgy man pushed past her. At first sight, Ben knew it was the man he was looking for. He had Benji’s height, along with his blond hair and hazel eyes, but that’s where the similarities ended. He looked like he hadn’t shaved in days and Ben could smell stale beer on his breath.

“Yeah?” he asked, looking up at Ben with a suspicious eye.

“Chester Carter?”

“Who wants to know?” the man asked.

“I’m Ben Davis,” Ben answered, extending his hand. “I’m–”

Benji’s father ignored Ben’s hand as his eyes grew wide and his lip curled into a snarl. “I know who you are. What the fuck do you want?”

Ben dropped his hand and decided to get right to the point. He didn’t want to play nice with the man anyway. “I need Benji’s birth certificate and social security card. I don’t have time to wait for the county–”

Chester snorted. “Fuck off. And tell that little faggot to do the same.”

He started to slam the door in Ben’s face, but Ben reached out and his big hand stopped the door cold. He was proud of himself for the restraint he had used so far, but the man was already beyond trying his patience and begging for an ass kicking. If he didn’t need something from him, he wouldn’t have tolerated that word used against his Benji.

“Look, I need that birth certificate. Just give it to me and I give you my word you won’t have to worry about me or Benji bothering you ever again.”

“I don’t got it. Now go fuck yourself. Or do I need to call the cops and have you thrown off my property?”

Chester slammed the door in his face and Ben growled and flexed his fists. It was taking everything in him to not kick the door open and go caveman on his ass and beat the shit out of him, tear apart the house and take what he came for. As much as he’d like to do that, it would probably make Benji upset.

Fuck. He didn’t want to wait, but it looked like he didn’t have a choice. He’d probably have to ruin the surprise as well since he’d need Benji to request the official documents from the government. God damn it. There went his plans.


Brandon heard the chime of the outer door and looked up from his paperwork towards his open office door. He heard the quiet voices and giggles and didn’t have to get up from his chair to know who it was. He cocked his head and tried to listen in.

After spending the day shopping, Benji and Lonnie had just arrived at the Davis & Adams Remodeling office. While Lonnie was out riding around town with Benji in Benji’s little red Focus, Brandon had gone in to get caught up on some paperwork and take care of the bills.

Brandon easily recognized Lonnie’s whisper. “So, if I swallow when the head starts to gag me, it’ll slide in easier?”

Brandon’s pen flew out of his hand and he lost his balance as he tried to grab for it and almost fell out of his chair. Surely they weren’t talking about…

Brandon uprighted himself in the chair as Lonnie and Benji walked into his office. Lonnie’s cheeks were flushed red, the same as Benji’s. When they saw Brandon, both of them laughed nervously as if they were embarrassed. Brandon couldn’t help but smile. Fuck, if Lonnie wanted to practice deep-throating cock, Brandon would be the first in line. No, he’d be the only one in line. Not that Lonnie needed practice as far as Brandon was concerned; his skills were already first rate.

Lonnie set down his shopping bags and gave Brandon a dimpled smile that almost stopped his heart. Damn, he liked seeing his Lonnie happy.

Brandon stood as Lonnie came around the desk. “You have a good time today, cupcake?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Lonnie said as he put his hands on Brandon’s bulky waist and pushed up onto his toes. Brandon leaned down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “We had fun.” Lonnie brought both hands up to Brandon’s face and scratched his fingers through his thick beard. “Missed you,” he whispered only for Brandon’s ears. Lonnie’s words simultaneously warmed Brandon’s core and sent his blood pumping south. Brandon gave him another longer kiss, making Lonnie moan softly against his lips.

“Hi, Brandon,” Benji said from the doorway. He had a little smirk on his face as he watched Brandon and Lonnie kissing. “Aren’t you guys sweet?” he said with a snicker.

Brandon didn’t care that Benji was poking fun at him. He’d steal kisses from Lonnie any chance he got. If that made him ‘sweet’, then fuck it, he was sweet. He pulled Lonnie against his body and rested his chin on top of Lonnie’s head as he looked over at Benji. “Hey, little bro. Thanks for keeping Lonnie company for me while I was at work.”

“Of course. Anytime. We had a blast,” he said. He turned to Lonnie. “I better go. Ben should be home by now. I’ll call you later, okay? Let me know how that… thing… works out.”

Lonnie’s eyes widened. “Okay. Bye, Benji,” Lonnie said with a nervous giggle.

Benji gave the men a quick wave and left the office.

“Did you get a lot of work done?” Lonnie asked Brandon, looking down at the papers and envelopes on Brandon’s desk.

“Yup. What was that ‘thing’ Benji was talking about?”

Lonnie cleared his throat and his eyes darted away from Brandon’s. “Nothing.”

Brandon smirked. Right. “I’m all set to go.”

“You know, I can help you with that stuff if you want,” Lonnie said, nodding towards Brandon’s desk. “I want to be able to help you, make things easier for you.”

“Yeah. I’ll probably hand off some of this stuff to you.”

“Good. Oh,” he said with a snap of his fingers as he remembered something. “We saw a really nice bedroom set today. It was on sale. Maybe we could go look at it together?”

“Sure,” Brandon said as he picked up Lonnie’s shopping bags. “When I asked you to look for a bedroom suit, I didn’t mean you had to find something on sale. I want you to get something nice, something we’ll both like. As long as the bed is big and really sturdy.” Brandon gave Lonnie a quick wink.

“Oh my god,” Lonnie muttered as he rolled his eyes. “Subtle.”

“While we’re there, I’d like to look for living room furniture, too. We need a couch. So did you find some good stuff?” he asked as he peeked into the bags.

“Just a few things for the house, some curtains for the bedroom, a doggy bed for Ricky, and a pair of pants and a shirt that were on clearance.”

Brandon locked up the office, put his arm around Lonnie and walked to the truck. Brandon opened the passenger door and helped Lonnie up into the cab. After he put Lonnie’s purchases into the back seat, he walked around to the driver’s side.

Lonnie looked over at his man as he got into the truck. After Brandon backed the truck out and pulled onto the street, he reached over and laced his fingers with Lonnie’s, holding his hand while he drove.

They had been together for almost two months now. Lonnie was madly in love with Brandon and things were so great between them, better than Lonnie ever could have imagined. He was still amazed at how Brandon’s ‘coming out’ was a non-event. He had expected the macho guy to want to hide in the closet, but not Brandon. Brandon didn’t hesitate to tell anyone who asked that Lonnie was his boyfriend. He was even ‘touchy-feely’ in public. Once Lonnie got used to the PDA, he found that he liked it. He had once accused Brandon of being a coward, scared of what others thought. Knowing Brandon better, he realized that wasn’t true at all. Brandon couldn’t care less what other people thought of him. Lonnie strived to be more like Brandon in that regard.

It was about a week after Lonnie moved in that Brandon took him on what he considered a ‘real date’. They decided to go simple and easy. They went out to dinner together at a local Japanese steakhouse, then caught a movie.

The hibachi style restaurant wasn’t exactly authentic Japanese like his Mom used to take him to, but it was fun watching the chef cook at their table and the food was good. And Lonnie even got Brandon to try sushi, something the big man swore up and down that he’d never eat. Lonnie knew that Brandon was loathe to admit it, simply because it would be bad for his image, but Brandon actually enjoyed it.

On that day, the older man had on that ever-present beat-up Browning ball cap and a pair of Oakley knockoff sunglasses, a flannel shirt over a wifebeater, worn-out jeans and his big-as-hell work boots. He looked so comfortable, so macho that it made Lonnie feel a little bit self-conscious. He had worn a black fitted shirt and a pair of jeans. Standing next to each other, they must have looked like an odd couple, total opposites.

Despite his redneck image, Brandon was quite the gentleman. He opened doors for Lonnie and helped him into his chair. It was weird since they were both guys, but Lonnie found that it was kind of nice, too. After dinner, Brandon put his hand on his back as they walked out of the restaurant. Brandon seemed oblivious to the looks that people were giving the pair.

As they stood in front of the movie theater box office, Brandon’s hand slid down the small of Lonnie’s back, resting just on the swell of his ass. Brandon leaned down and spoke softly towards his ear, while they discussed which movie they wanted to see. Lonnie knew that this time Brandon didn’t miss the muttered comments and nasty looks from a group of men walking past them. Brandon didn’t flinch and he didn’t back off. The heated look he gave them just dared them to say something. Given Brandon’s size and appearance, they would have to be damned fools to say anything to their face.

Lonnie looked up at Brandon and met his eyes with a smile. The way Brandon looked down at him, his eyes were filled with such affection, Lonnie thought that Brandon was going to actually kiss him right then and there. Lonnie’s cheeks pinkened at the thought and Brandon’s mouth turned up in a smirk as he watched him. Feeling safe and treasured, Lonnie cuddled in closer to Brandon, and happily agreed to Brandon’s choice of a big-budget action movie.

That was when Lonnie realized that Brandon knew exactly what he was doing. He knew that people were watching or whispering about them. Brandon was trying to make a point to Lonnie. He wanted to be in a relationship with Lonnie and he just didn’t care what other people thought. It was only him and Lonnie that mattered. Lonnie admired him for that and it inspired him to be a little braver himself. It also helped him to be more confident in their relationship.

Lonnie smiled at the memory and gave Brandon’s hand a little squeeze. Brandon looked over at Lonnie and smiled. He pulled Lonnie’s hand up to his mouth and gave the back of his knuckles two quick kisses.

Once they got into the house, Brandon tossed his keys and cap onto the table at the door. He scratched his fingers over his short hair.

“Gotta pee!” Lonnie groaned as he raced through the house.

Ricky yapped at him as he ran past, then ran up to Brandon and bounced around in circles, yipping happily that his daddies were home. Brandon scooped the little dog up and gave him a kiss on the top of his head. Ricky squirmed around until Brandon nearly dropped him.

He set the little dog down with a laugh. After petting and loving on him a little more, Brandon took him out into the yard to do his business.

No sooner had Brandon stepped inside, when Lonnie yawned and stretched his arms over his head. “I think I could use a nap.”

A smile crept over Brandon’s mouth. That was Lonnie’s way of getting Brandon into the bedroom. And that meant that Lonnie wanted to fool around. “Me, too.”

Brandon shut the bedroom door behind him, leaving a highly annoyed Ricky in the hallway.

Lonnie quickly got naked and pushed back the covers and climbed onto the bed. “C’mere, stud,” he whispered.

Brandon didn’t need to be told twice. He shucked his clothes in record time, tossed his cell phone on the night table, and pounced on Lonnie, making the flimsy bed frame creak in protest. Damn, they needed a new bed.

Lonnie managed to roll Brandon onto his back, and then slid down his body.

“Fuck,” Brandon groaned as Lonnie’s hot mouth surrounded his cock. He quickly stiffened to full bone as Lonnie proceeded to relentlessly suck him dry, expertly milking him with his mouth and hand.

When Brandon felt an extra inch slide into Lonnie’s throat, deeper than he’d ever gone before, he gripped Lonnie’s hair in his fist and shouted his name as he pumped his mouth full of come. He felt Lonnie’s jerking hand movements against his leg and then warm splashes of liquid soaked the hairs on his leg, accompanied by Lonnie’s soft moans around his cock.

Lonnie let Brandon’s spent dick fall out of his mouth with a plop. He crawled up to the head of the bed and flopped onto his back, with his head on his pillows. “Whew.”

Yeah, whew. Brandon was so sated, he didn’t even care that his leg was covered in Lonnie’s rapidly cooling spunk.

“You came quick,” Lonnie said.

“Yeah. You’re just too fucking good at that.”

Brandon rolled onto his side. He rested his head on his hand and looked down at Lonnie. He rubbed his finger down the middle of Lonnie’s chest to his belly button. “So, what was all that for?”

“No special reason,” he replied with a shrug. “Just missed you is all.”

Damn, his cupcake was a sweetheart. Brandon dipped his head down and kissed Lonnie, sweeping his tongue into Lonnie’s mouth. He tasted the remnants of his own semen and pulled away, licking and smacking his lips with an unhappy frown. Lonnie looked back at him and snickered as Brandon wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Hey, you don’t see me complaining when you shoot my mouth full of the stuff. A little bit won’t hurt you.”

Brandon licked his lips once more. “I guess it’s not that bad. It’s more the thought of it.”

Lonnie reached over and began rubbing Brandon’s belly with his hand, letting his fingertips brush through the hair and run over the warm skin.

Brandon stared down at Lonnie for a moment. “You know I was thinking… You need to call your mom, cupcake.”

That was not what Lonnie was expecting Brandon to say at this particular moment. He sat up and looked at Brandon like he was crazy. “Wha-huh?”

“Yeah. I think you should start calling her once a week at least, to talk for as long as you want, no matter the cost.”

Lonnie started to argue how expensive international calls were, but then Brandon said, “She’s your mom, cupcake. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t take this opportunity to keep in contact with her.”

Knowing Brandon’s situation with his own mother, there was no way he could argue with him. Lonnie pressed his hand to Brandon’s bearded cheek and leaned in and kissed the big man. He took the offered cell phone and sat back on their bed to make the call.

He hadn’t realized how much he missed his mom until he heard her voice. When he started to get emotional, Brandon moved around the bed and moved up behind him. Brandon sat with his back against the wall and moved Lonnie so that he was sitting between his thighs, resting back against his chest.

Lonnie didn’t tell his mom about the situation with his dad because he didn’t want her to worry. But he told her all about Brandon, how much he loved him and how happy he was living with him. He told her about his new job, and she gushed on and on, making it sound like he ran the office, when all he did was answer the phones and did the computer work. And all the while, Brandon held him tight, comforting him and pressing gentle kisses to his head.

She even talked to Brandon for a few minutes, telling him embarrassing stories about when he was little, like the time when he was a toddler and he pulled off all of his clothes and his diaper and ran stark naked through the aisles at Target. It moved Lonnie to hear the two of them laughing together on the phone.

After Lonnie promised to call again in a week and hung up, he and Brandon sat in silence for a while until Brandon said, “We should go to Japan and visit someday. I bet it would be nice there. Maybe this winter, you think, after Christmas?”

Lonnie turned around and sat back on his knees and looked at Brandon in amazement. He leaned in and placed tender kisses on his lips, making sure that Brandon knew that he was loved. “I love you,” Lonnie told him, whispered against his lips. “My big teddy bear.”

Brandon slid his tongue into Lonnie’s mouth and slowly, deeply loved him back.

The pair settled into the bed and Lonnie pulled the blankets up around them. He settled onto Brandon’s chest. He softly stroked Brandon’s chest fur as he listened to the man’s soft snores.

It was all so perfect.


The only thing that was missing were those three little words. In all this time, Brandon still hadn’t said that he loved Lonnie. Lonnie promised to be patient and didn’t want to push, but still… He told Brandon he loved him all the time. He was sure that Brandon was in love with him, but it would be nice to hear it back at least once.


When he heard the clomping of heavy cowboy boots step into his office, Benji lifted his head from his computer and smiled at his partner. He looked over at the clock and saw that it was after 5:00. “Oh, wow. I’ve been so swamped, I didn’t even realize what time it was. Mondays suck.”

“No problem,” Ben said. “I was running a little late. I had a big load to deliver.”

Benji smiled and lowered his voice. “Oh, too bad. I was kinda hoping that I’d get your big load delivery tonight.”

“You little dirty-mouthed slut,” Ben laughed out loud. “I might just have to wash your mouth out… with one of my big loads.”

Benji laughed. “Gimme a second, and I’ll be ready to go.”

Ben stood by and chuckled as his boy shut down his PC and locked up. He loved when Benji got playful. He hated that his surprise was going to be ruined by his boy’s asshole sperm donor. Chester Carter wasn’t man enough to be called a ‘father’. God damn that man. He should have beat the shit out of him two days ago when he had the chance.

“Why so serious, big guy?” Benji asked him, while squeezing Ben’s big bicep to get his attention.

Benji pushed his fingers into the waistband of Ben’s jeans and locked his fist around Ben’s belt. He used that as leverage to push up on his tip-toes and give Ben a kiss on his chin, melting away the frown and furrowed brows on Ben’s face. He leaned in and sniffed Ben, getting light-headed at the musky smell coming from his big, sexy man.

Ben bent down and kissed Benji properly. “Just thinking about stupid shit.”

“Oh? Well, come on, let’s go. When we get home, I’ll help you relax.”

“Yeah? How you gonna do that?”

“I guess I could rub your shoulders for you. Or I could draw you a bubble bath. Or maybe I’ll just give you a blowjob.”

Ben looked down at Benji wide-eyed and nearly tripped over his own boots. Ben and Benji were still flirting and laughing when they exited the building to the parking lot.

Benji nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw a woman walking towards them. The woman with the bad dye-job, blue eye shadow, red lips, and way too much cleavage for a woman her age, had clearly been waiting outside. When she saw them, she came stalking up to them like a crazy person. She handed Ben an envelope, giving Benji a quick side-glance. She pursed her lips together and looked at Ben. “Here. Now, you keep your promise and never bother us again.”

Benji furrowed his brows and looked at Ben as he stuffed the envelope into his back pocket. “Ben? What is that? What’s going on?” He turned back to the woman. “Who are you?”

She looked Benji up and down, not bothering to hide the displeasure on her face. “I’m Edith. Chester’s fiancée.”

Benji’s mouth dropped open. Chester? As in his father Chester? Not having spoken to his father in years, he didn’t even know he was dating, let alone engaged.

Oh my god gross, this crazy looking woman was going to be his stepmom!

Wait a minute.

Ben somehow knew this woman. He turned back to Ben to ask him what the heck was going on, but a car pulled up and stopped in the middle of the parking lot. He gasped as he watched his father get out and storm up to the woman.

“I knew this was where you were going,” his father snapped at the woman. “I told you no!”

“I don’t want them hangin’ over us,” she sniped back. “Give ‘em the papers and let them be gone!”

Benji stepped forward. “Dad–”

The back of Chester’s hand flew so fast Benji couldn’t duck. He slapped Benji so hard, he stumbled backwards. “Don’t you dare call me that! Ain’t no fag a son of mine!”

No sooner were the hateful words out of his mouth than Ben raised his fist and slammed it straight into Chester’s face, knocking the man right onto his fat ass.

Ben cowered over the chubby man, spit flying from his mouth as he spoke. “You touch Benji again and I will kill you!” Ben’s face was beet red, angrier than Benji had ever seen him.

“You can’t threaten me!” Chester protested. There was a slight quiver in his voice that gave away the brave front he was trying to put on. He ran the back of his hand across his nose, smearing the trickle of blood across his face and hand.

“I’m calling the police!” Edith cried as she pulled Chester to his feet.

“I’ll have the both of you arrested for assault,” Chester spat. He looked at Benji and added snidely, “You’d probably enjoy a little jail time, being bitch to a gang of–”

Ben stepped forward and looked down at the hateful man, his right fist raised. “Don’t you fucking talk to him like that,” Ben snarled. “Don’t even fucking look at him, so help me…”

Benji snapped out of his daze and hurried to Ben’s side. Now was not the time for Ben to go all captain caveman. He grabbed Ben’s raised arm and tried to keep him from going after his dad again. “Ben, please. Don’t. He’s not worth it.”

Ben was seething with rage. He was pissed at the man and even more pissed at himself. He should have been faster. He should have known that the man would hit Benji. It wasn’t the first time he raised his fists to Benji. He should have known. He should have protected his boy better. When Benji tugged at him, it took everything in him to let his fists drop, but he still maintained a tense posture, moving slightly in front of Benji to protect him. No way in hell was the asshole going to get another shot in.

Ben was hugely intimidating and Chester tried to show a brave face, but you didn’t need to be a psychic to see that he was scared to death of the big man, and rightfully so. Ben was just seconds from doing major damage to the man’s face.

Chester shrugged his arm out of Edith’s grasp and muttered, “Just get in the goddamn car, woman.” He looked at Ben and Benji and spat a wad of snotty blood onto the ground in front of Ben.

As soon as they pulled away, Ben shook his right hand and groaned. “Motherfucker!” he swore as he flexed his arm at the elbow, working through the painful throb.

“Are you okay?” Benji grabbed Ben’s hand and wrist and examined it. He pushed his fingers into the hair on Ben’s forearm, tracing the surgery scar, then rubbed his arm and elbow, trying to massage the pain away.

Ben patted the hand on his elbow. “I’m fine, baby. Are you okay?”

Benji nodded and stood there staring at the road. He hadn’t seen his dad in so long. He never imagined that his dad would accept him or his ‘lifestyle’, but he certainly didn’t envision their ‘reunion’ turning out this way. The one thing that he didn’t anticipate was that his dad apparently had a life… one that didn’t include his son. It hurt, but Benji would have to accept that and move on. Crying about it wouldn’t do anyone any good. It certainly wouldn’t make his dad love him.

Besides, Benji had a new family now. Ben, Toby, Brandon and their mother, and now he had Lonnie too. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He didn’t need Chester Carter or what’s-her-name.

But there was one thing he didn’t understand. What did Ben have to do with any of this? What did he know? What was in that envelope? He looked up at Ben, who was still grinding his jaw. “Ben, what’s going on?”

Ben looked down at Benji, his face softening. He let out a quiet breath and reached up and rubbed his thumb over the red mark on Benji’s cheek. “I’ll try to explain on the way home, baby. Let’s get out of here.”


“You ready to go, cupcake?” Brandon asked his boyfriend as he stepped into the office after a long, tiring day of work. Brandon and Walker were each supervising two different basement remodels. Both men liked to get in and work with their crews, while at the same time checking the work and helping out their guys.

Brandon leaned on his elbows against the reception desk. “Sorry I’m running late.”

Even after two months, it was strange to think of the younger man as his ‘boyfriend’. Brandon’s coming out was kind of a non-event, at least to the people that mattered. Brandon was always the kind of guy who normally didn’t give a rat’s ass what people thought of him. Why change now that he was dating Lonnie? If people didn’t like it, then fuck ‘em. Lonnie made him happy. He made his life stress-free. He loved Brandon for who he was. What anyone else but the two of them thought didn’t matter. It was that simple. It took him a long time to figure it out, but it was a lesson he’d never forget.

Lonnie looked up from his computer and smiled at his man. “It’s okay. I got caught up on all the proposals and schedules. I started the supply room inventory, too.”

“Damn, you’re good.”

“I’m trying, Brandon, really hard.”

Brandon moved around the counter and pulled Lonnie up out of his chair and pulled him into his arms. “You don’t have to try to impress me, baby. You’re doing a great job. Me and Walker appreciate all the work you do. Saves us from having to do it. In fact, we’re talking about giving you some more responsibilities around the office.”

“I want to earn my keep, Brandon.”

“You earn it every night, cupcake,” Brandon said with a growl as he bit the side of Lonnie’s neck and squeezed his perky little ass while grinding his crotch into Lonnie’s stomach. “Mmm, every night and then some.”

“Brandon, I’m being serious.”

Brandon pulled back and looked down at his boy. Lonnie looked on the verge of falling apart into tears as he worked over his bottom lip with his teeth, avoiding eye contact with Brandon.

Brandon walked over to the front door and turned the deadbolt. He took Lonnie by the hand and led him back to his office.

They sat down in the chairs in front of Brandon’s desk and Brandon leaned in close to Lonnie, holding his hand tightly. He tapped under Lonnie’s chin, forcing the man to look up. “Look at me. Every penny on your paycheck is earned fair and square with the work you put in at the office. And you probably deserve a lot more than you take home. You don’t have anything to worry about, cupcake, you hear me?” Brandon reached up and softly stroked Lonnie’s cheek with the back of his hand. “Not here, and not at home.”

“You sure, Brandon?” Lonnie whispered.

Brandon got out of his chair and squatted down in front of Lonnie. He took both of his boy’s hands in his own, stroking the amazingly soft skin with his thumbs. “I’m one hundred percent sure, Lonnie. You mean so much to me, cupcake. I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it. I’ve even grown fond of that ugly little dog of yours.”

Lonnie sniffled and let out a soft laugh and squeezed Brandon’s fingers. “Ricky’s our dog. And you love him, and you know it,” he teased.

“Yeah, God help me, I do,” Brandon laughed. His expression grew serious. “But I love you, too, Lonnie. You know that, right? I’m not good with talking about feelings, but you have to know that I love you. It would kill me if you thought I didn’t care about you.”

“I do know, Brandon. It’s just nice to hear you finally say it.” Lonnie couldn’t hold it in anymore. His eyes overflowed and tears fell down his face. “I love you so much.”

Brandon reached up and wiped Lonnie’s cheeks dry. “Aw, cupcake…”

Lonnie grabbed Brandon’s face in his hands and leaned forward and kissed him. Brandon took the younger man into his arms and kissed him back. Their passion ignited and Brandon gripped a handful of Lonnie’s silky black hair, holding him tight in place as he ravished his boy’s mouth with his tongue.

“Mmm,” Lonnie moaned softly as Brandon started kissing on his neck. “You’re so hot.”

“You’re so fucking sexy, baby. You make my cock so fucking hard.”

As if he didn’t believe Brandon’s words, Lonnie reached between Brandon’s legs. His fingers easily found Brandon’s large erection, painfully pushing at the fabric of his tight jeans.

With an animal grunt, Brandon gripped Lonnie tight and picked him up, causing Lonnie to squeak in surprise and grip Brandon tight around his neck. Brandon carried him and dropped his ass on the edge of his desk. Lonnie gasped and wrapped his legs around Brandon, pulling him closer.

“Gonna fuck you, baby,” Brandon growled. “Right here, right now. Gonna pound you into the fucking desk.”

Lonnie’s whole body shuddered at Brandon’s pledge. “Oh, yeah, give it to me. Gimme that big daddy dick.”

“Fuck, boy,” Brandon groaned, his knees going weak at hearing Lonnie call him ‘daddy.’

Brandon crushed his lips against Lonnie, taking his mouth hard and deep, thrusting his tongue into his boy’s mouth. Lonnie’s hands were all over Brandon’s husky body, touching and pulling, trying to unbutton the man’s flannel shirt. Brandon’s own hands were busy at Lonnie’s pants, unbuckling and unzipping. He tugged them down hard with his underwear. He pulled off one of Lonnie’s shoes and tossed it aside, then yanked his pant leg off so that he could get between his boy’s legs, where he belonged.

He broke the kiss long enough to spit onto his fingers. While he pressed his slicked fingers between Lonnie’s legs, he pushed his mouth back onto Lonnie’s.

Lonnie moaned around Brandon’s tongue as the bigger man’s fat finger breached his hole. Brandon was so passionate and rough and he was going to take what he wanted. He knew Lonnie would submit eagerly. Brandon was so hot right now, Lonnie felt like he might just burst into flames.

When Brandon pulled back, Lonnie moaned at the sudden lack of contact. “No, don’t stop.”

Brandon shrugged off his flannel shirt, leaving behind a tight wifebeater. Lonnie tried to grab at Brandon to pull his sexy bear closer, but his man squatted down out of reach. Lonnie gripped the sides of Brandon’s desk in anticipation. When Lonnie felt him spread his cheeks and shove his face into his crack, he thought he had died and gone to heaven. No one else had ever done that to him before, but Brandon loved to eat his ass. It got him wet and relaxed, and made it so much easier to take that third leg his man had hanging between his legs.

“Brandon,” Lonnie whimpered. He leaned forward and wrapped his hands around Brandon’s head.

It drove Lonnie out his mind with pleasure when Brandon rimmed him. Half the time he ended up shooting all over himself before Brandon could even put that monster cock inside him. He watched the top of Brandon’s head move back and forth, up and down. His beard scratched at his sensitive skin, sending Lonnie into orbit. Brandon’s tongue pushed into his ass and swirled and licked and probed. The grunting noises Brandon was making while he ate him out were so manly and sexy and it turned him on even more.

Brandon pulled back and stood up. Lonnie looked between Brandon’s legs and moaned at the sight of that thick cock that jutted from an overgrown bush. Lonnie wrapped his fist around it, squeezing it tight, trying in vain to make his fingers touch his thumb. He slowly slid his hand up and down, covering and uncovering the helmet-shaped head with the thick foreskin. A clear drop of pre-come oozed out of the slit and Lonnie scooped it up with his finger and brought it to his mouth and sucked it clean.

Fuck. Brandon was past the point of ready. He needed to be buried inside Lonnie’s ass right fucking now. He yanked open a desk drawer and rifled around, hoping to find some slick. He pulled a single disposable packet of lube from the drawer, made a mental note to buy some more, then unbuckled and unzipped his jeans, giving them a push until they fell to the floor and pooled around his boots. He skinned back his foreskin and tore open the lube pack with his teeth. He squirted it all over his cock, then squeezed the rest onto Lonnie’s twitching asshole.

He held onto Lonnie’s shoulder for leverage as he pushed the tip forward, breaching Lonnie’s sphincter.

Lonnie’s eyes rolled back into his head. “Oh, god, you’re so damn big!”

Brandon looked down at Lonnie’s dick, purple and wet, already throbbing, ready for release. He watched his girthy length disappear inch by inch into Lonnie’s stretched sphincter. How the little man took all of his ten inches he would never know. He was just grateful that not only did he take it all, but he fucking loved it.

“You’re so motherfuckin’ tight, baby,” Brandon groaned as he bottomed out. “Gonna fuck you now. I’m gonna ruin all other cock for you.”

“You already did,” Lonnie panted as he clung to Brandon. “The first time I had you, I knew I’d never be satisfied with anyone else.”

Lonnie’s words made Brandon feel like a god. Christ, he was going to fuck his boy good! Brandon growled and pressed his hand to the middle of Lonnie’s chest and pushed Lonnie flat on his back onto the desk.

Lonnie screamed in pain and Brandon froze in a panic. “Lonnie? Baby?”

Lonnie arched his back and reached under and pulled out a stapler. He tossed it onto the floor and gripped his hands on Brandon’s soft waist and lifted his legs and wrapped them around Brandon’s ass. “Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me like only you know how.”

Brandon released a relieved breath as his cock swelled and hardened even further inside his boy. He gripped Lonnie’s hips and locked onto his brown eyes. “Get ready, boy, ’cause I’m gonna fuck the come right outta ya.”

His words caused Lonnie’s eyes to flutter shut. He let out a whimper and tugged Brandon’s waist, urging him to move.

Brandon pulled back until the crown of his cock head was about to slip out, then shoved back in, hard. As the head of his cock stabbed Lonnie’s gland, the boy cried out in ecstasy, arching his back and tightening his fingers around Brandon’s waist.

Brandon leaned over Lonnie and braced himself on the desk. Lonnie reached a hand up and gripped Brandon’s tattooed bicep for leverage. His other hand tugged up the front of Brandon’s wifebeater so he could get access to all that fur on Brandon’s belly and chest.

Brandon pounded roughly into Lonnie’s ass, battering his poor little prostate with each thrust. For a second he worried that he was being too rough, but Lonnie was clearly not in pain. The boy was writhing under Brandon, his head thrashed from side to side, his back arched up and relaxed over and over while his hips bucked up against Brandon’s assault. High-pitched whimpers fell from his lips. God, Brandon loved the sounds Lonnie made when he was being fucked. His boy looked so fucking sexy underneath him, Brandon felt himself close to coming way too quickly.

“Fuck me,” Lonnie begged. “Harder, daddy, harder…”

“You are so fucking sexy, baby. Whimper for me. Yeah, that’s it, push back on my cock. Take it, boy.”

Brandon slammed into Lonnie, giving it to him as hard as he could. His heavy, low-hanging balls slapped against Lonnie’s skin. His body slapped against Lonnie’s, his knees banged into the side of his desk. The sounds echoed through the room, drowning out Lonnie’s whimpers and his own grunts.

When Lonnie put his hand behind Brandon’s neck and tugged down, Brandon dipped his head down, and sucked hard on Lonnie’s neck, bringing a bright hickey to the surface. He slid his tongue down to his nipple. He flicked his tongue back and forth across the hard nub, then gave the other one the same treatment.

Lonnie threw his head back, banging it against the surface of Brandon’s desk. His muscles tensed and he arched his back up and gripped Brandon’s biceps in a white-knuckle grip. He pushed his aching dick against Brandon’s hairy belly, letting the friction push him over the edge. His moaning raised in pitch and volume, and his entire body went tight and started to shake uncontrollably.

“Fuck, yeah!” Brandon shouted triumphantly, feeling ten feet tall and proud as hell that he was about to make his boy come, and come hard.

“Brandon! I’m– Oh! Oh god, daddy, I’m coming!”

And then he exploded. Brandon stared down at Lonnie, watching the amazing array of expressions on his beautiful face as he came. Brandon felt the warm bursts of liquid on his belly at the same time as Lonnie’s ass muscles clamped down on his cock and started milking. Lonnie gasped and groaned underneath him and Brandon lost control.

“Oh, fuck, I’m about to come, baby. Fuck, Lonnie!”

Brandon could hear himself grunting like a pig with each thrust, but he was unable to hold back the noises. He lost control and slammed into his boy over and over as he rode out the most intense orgasm of his entire life. His cock felt like it swelled to twice its size as it jerked and pulsed, sending huge bursts of hot spunk so far up into Lonnie he was afraid the boy would choke on his come.

His arms gave out and he collapsed onto Lonnie with a long groan. He tried to get up, but Lonnie’s arms and legs tightened around him and held him down. Brandon was a sweaty mess, but apparently Lonnie didn’t care.

“No, please,” Lonnie whispered. “Don’t pull out yet.”

Brandon pressed his lips to the side of Lonnie’s head. He lifted his head up so that he could see Lonnie properly. The expression of love on the younger man’s face nearly brought him down.

Lonnie looked up at Brandon, panting and struggling to catch his breath. “I love you, big daddy, I love you so much.”

Brandon struggled to catch his own breath, due to Lonnie’s declaration of love as much as the massively intensive orgasm he just experienced. “I love you, too, cupcake.”

Brandon let his head drop next to Lonnie’s. He held Lonnie close, mindful to keep his full weight off the smaller man, gently kissing and caressing him. The tenderness contrasted sharply to the roughness of just a few minutes earlier.

He could tell Lonnie was very emotional right now, trying to hold it together to keep from crying tears of joy. It amazed Brandon how powerful those three simple words were. He wanted to kick his own ass for not saying them sooner.

Their breathing slowed as they held each other. Lonnie let out a soft sigh and his legs relaxed from around Brandon and dropped against the side of the desk. His arms remained wrapped around Brandon’s broad back, holding him close. Brandon’s spent cock softened enough to slip out of Lonnie’s body. He could feel the wetness between Lonnie’s legs and knew he’d have a mess running down the side of his desk that would need to be cleaned up.

In the past, Brandon was never a cuddler. Hell, he used to always fuck doggy style, so he wouldn’t have to look his partner in the face. But something about Lonnie made him throw all that bullshit out the window.

He fucked — made love — to Lonnie facing him, wanting to see his eyes and his facial expressions. God, the way Lonnie’s face looked as he came was enough to take his breath away.

Brandon didn’t mind cuddling with Lonnie. His cupcake was a little snuggle bunny. Maybe he didn’t mind because Lonnie seemed to really need the closeness. It made his cupcake so happy, and that made Brandon want to do it all the more. No, that wasn’t the only reason. Brandon had to admit to himself that he loved the closeness just as much.

Brandon lifted his head and looked down at Lonnie. His boy was sprawled on his desk, eyes closed, lips parted, looking as if he was nearly asleep. His pouty lips were red and swollen, and wet and juicy from their kisses. He had a vivid hickey on the side of his whisker-burned neck, marking him as taken. He looked completely debauched and totally fucked, but at the same time, there was a vulnerability about him. He was utterly adorable.

Brandon leaned down and kissed the tip of his nose. Lonnie opened his eyes halfway and gave Brandon a happy and sated smile.

The thought that Lonnie might not know how much he was loved by Brandon made him feel sick to his stomach.

Brandon already had a plan in the works. It was something big and Lonnie would know then how much Brandon loved him.

As far as Brandon was concerned, actions spoke louder than words.


Benji stood outside Ben’s shiny red semi-truck cab. He craned his neck up at the open driver’s side door and frowned. “I don’t know, Ben. I have so much work to catch up on. This is crazy.”

“It’s my first long haul since I came back to work, baby. Is it crazy that I want you to come with me? After the past couple of months we’ve had, it’ll be like a little vacation, and we could both use a break.”

“I suppose… not that a distribution warehouse in Cedar Rapids would be my ideal vacation spot,” Benji said with a snicker.

“It’ll be fun. I promise.”

“I just can’t believe that Cole agreed to it.”

Ben was acting so weird lately. There was that crazy business with his dad and that woman last week. Ben never explained what he got from them, he just said it was important and was part of a surprise. For the life of him, he couldn’t imagine what his dad had that Ben would need. Benji had complete trust in Ben, but the insistence that he go on one of Ben’s long hauls was just odd. ‘Part of the surprise,’ he had said.

Well, Benji had to admit that he was curious about what Ben did when he was gone on the road, what it was like to sleep in the truck. And he missed Ben fiercely when he was away. He wasn’t ready to be separated from him just yet. Maybe it would be like a little vacation…

Ben helped Benji up into the truck — making sure to grope his ass as he did — and Benji moved into the passenger seat and buckled up. He watched Ben go through his checklist and note his log. As Ben wrote on his sheets, the tip of his tongue poked out and tickled the ends of the bristled hairs that made up his sexy horseshoe mustache.

Yum. Ben looked so rugged and manly behind the big wheel.

Ben looked back towards the sleeper mattress and smiled to himself. He couldn’t wait to try out the bed. And he wasn’t talking about sleeping.

Benji looked out the passenger window as Ben easily maneuvered the fully loaded semi-truck off Ace property and onto the road towards the highway. He looked back over at his big guy and smiled. “You’re right. This is gonna be fun.”


“I’ll transfer you right away. Please hold.” Lonnie tapped the ‘hold’ button, then pressed the ‘intercom’ button. “Brandon, you have a call on line one, Ralph from Floor and Tile Surplus.”

Lonnie watched the blinking light for a few seconds and frowned when it hadn’t been picked up. He got up from his desk and walked over to Brandon’s office. The office was empty. He looked over at the bathroom door to see that it was open. He shook his head and picked up Brandon’s phone and pressed ‘Line 1′.

“I’m sorry, Ralph. Brandon stepped away from his desk. Can I have him call you back? Okay, thank you.”

Lonnie hung up the phone and went in search of his man. He had a pretty good idea where he was. He pushed through the back door exit, stepping into the back parking lot. The sudden bright sunlight had him shielding his eyes with his hand. He looked over and sure enough, there was Brandon.

Brandon stood by the dumpster smoking a cigarette, talking to a guy who was wearing a green ‘Bug Zappers’ polo shirt, the name and logo of the company next door.

Lonnie couldn’t help but check his man out. Brandon was wearing his ball cap backwards on top of his head and a pair of sunglasses. His beard was looking a little scraggly around the edges. Even though Brandon was talking to the bug guy, with his eyes hidden behind the Oakley knockoffs, Lonnie knew that Brandon was watching him. Brandon’s hand discreetly reached down and his fingers cupped and pushed his bulging package, shifting his dick into a more comfortable position.


As Lonnie approached, Brandon took one final drag, dropped his cigarette butt and stomped it out using his work boot, exhaling his smoke upwards away from his friend. The bug guy did the same.

“Brandon, Ralph called again. He wants you to call him back as soon as possible.”

“Thanks.” He turned to the bug guy. “Corey, this is Lonnie, our new office manager.”

Corey was a handsome man, in good shape, and his salt and pepper hair gave him a distinguished look, but he wasn’t really Lonnie’s type. Lonnie gave Corey a friendly smile and held out his hand. “Hi. Nice to meet you.”

Corey shook Lonnie’s hand. “Corey Lawrence. I own Bug Zappers next door. It’s very nice to meet you.” Corey held onto Lonnie’s hand as his eyes slid up and down Lonnie’s body. “Very nice.”

As Corey pulled his hand back, his fingers lightly stroked the inside of Lonnie’s palm.

Lonnie felt embarrassed at the older man’s obvious attention. It wasn’t that he was interested, not at all, but the man was shameless. Lonnie heard a grunt from Brandon and turned his way. The sunglasses and blank expression didn’t really give away what Brandon was thinking. Didn’t Brandon know the man was hitting on him? Didn’t he care?

“How long have you been working at D and A?”

Lonnie heard the question and looked back at Corey. It took a second to process what the man was asking since he had been concentrating on Brandon. “Uh, I’ve been working here almost two months now.”

Brandon looked back and forth between the two men.

What. The. Fuck!

Was Corey hitting on Lonnie right in front of him? And why wasn’t Lonnie getting pissed off? Did that motherfucker Corey just wet his lips while looking at his cupcake? And now he’s making a stupid lame-ass joke about some god-damned bugs? Wait. Did Lonnie just fucking giggle?

“So, if you ever need anything, you give me a call,” Corey said as he pressed a business card into Lonnie’s hand. “My cell phone number’s listed there.”

Oh, hell no!

Brandon snatched the business card and crumpled it up and tossed it at Corey. It smacked his forehead and bounced onto the pavement. Lonnie gasped and looked up at Brandon, his jaw dropped in shock.

Corey looked at Brandon like he had lost his mind. “What the hell, man!” He furrowed his brow at Brandon and rubbed the middle of his forehead.

Brandon grabbed Lonnie’s hand and yanked the smaller man to his side. He spoke calmly and clearly, trying to keep the rage from his voice. “Lonnie’s not just my office manager. He’s my partner.”

Brandon glanced down at Lonnie, expecting his boy to be majorly pissed off at his caveman-like behavior. But, goddammit, Lonnie was his! He didn’t know what the hell to think when he saw that Lonnie had a huge grin on his face.

“Oh.” The shock of the whole situation was clearly written all over Corey’s face. He held up his hands palms out, in a gesture meant to try to calm Brandon. “Oh, I’m sorry, man, I didn’t… Hell, I didn’t even know you were gay.”

“Yeah,” Brandon said. “I am.”

Corey turned to Lonnie. “I apologize.”

Lonnie shrugged a shoulder. “It’s okay. You didn’t know.”

“You wouldn’t happen to have any brothers, do you?” Corey asked with a wink.

“No,” Lonnie said with a laugh.

“All right,” Corey said with a exaggerated sigh. He looked down at his watch. “I’d better get back inside. Talk to you later, Brandon. Nice meeting you, Lonnie. Gimme a call if this one doesn’t treat you right.”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Brandon growled.

Brandon and Lonnie walked back into the D and A offices, still holding hands, neither of them speaking. When they stepped into Brandon’s office, Lonnie shut the door behind them.

Brandon sat down in his chair and pulled out his phone to look for Ralph’s contact information. Lonnie dropped onto his knees in front of Brandon’s chair and pushed his thick thighs apart.

Brandon looked down at Lonnie, eyes wide open, jaw dropped to his chest. “Lonnie?”

Brandon swore that Lonnie’s eyes went glassy. “You got jealous and you claimed me. You said you were gay. You said I was your partner.” He took in a deep breath and it stuttered as he exhaled. “For all those things, you’re about to get the blowjob of your life.”

“Oh, fuck,” Brandon groaned. As Lonnie lowered his zipper, Brandon leaned his head back and closed his eyes.


Ben helped Benji down from the truck cab and they walked together towards the rest stop bathrooms. Ben was done driving for the night and they’d spend the night here before continuing on in the morning.

Benji covered his mouth and yawned. He looked around the darkened parking lot and noted the semi-trucks parked there, apparently stopping for the night as well.

He followed Ben into the restroom, the door opening with a loud creak that echoed through the empty bathroom.

After they brushed their teeth at one of the sinks, they both took a stall to do their business. Ben moved into the first stall, and Benji left an empty buffer stall between them. He just had to pee, but he was pretty sure Ben had to do more. And he sure as heck didn’t want to hear — or smell — Ben going to the bathroom. He had more than enough of that. And thank god Ben had the use of both of his hands now!

When Benji finished, he went to the sink and washed his hands. He moved to the side to wait for Ben. He leaned over and peeked under the stall and saw jeans pooled around a familiar pair of size fourteen cowboy boots and knew that Ben was still there.

When the outer door creaked open, Benji quickly stood upright and leaned back against the wall. A burly man in a Pete trucker cap walked into the restroom and he eyed Benji up and down as he approached. Benji gave him a nervous smile and looked away, wishing that Ben would hurry up. The man walked into the stall previously occupied by Benji.

Benji tapped his fingers against his thigh, nervously waiting. He glanced back over to Ben’s feet and was relieved to see him starting to move around. His eyes slid to the stall he came out of and he drew in a sharp gasp. The trucker had the stall door partially open and was openly jerking off while staring at him.

“C’mere, boy,” he grunted through his teeth. “Suck me off. Make it quick.” He wagged his fat dick at Benji.

Benji gasped again and pushed himself off the wall as Ben exited his stall.

“Let’s go,” Benji hissed quietly to Ben, trying to pull him away.

Ben frowned at Benji as he went to the sink and washed his hands. “What’s wrong?”

Benji nodded his head over to the other guy, who was standing in the stall door. He had put his dick back in his jeans, but he had his hand cupped over it.

“He your boy?” he asked Ben, tipping his chin towards Benji. “You share?” He squeezed his dick through his jeans, making sure Ben knew what he wanted from Benji.

Ben growled and his face went red with anger. Seeing that the situation could get out of control real quick, Benji grabbed his arm. “Ben. Don’t.”

Giving the man one last scowl, Ben put his hand on the small of Benji’s back and quickly led him out of the building to the parking lot.

As they walked back to the truck, Ben was muttering and cursing under his breath. Benji grabbed his hand and squeezed it. “Ben, it’s okay. Let it go.”

Ben stopped and let out a sigh. He looked down at Benji. “I’m sorry. I just get so fucking jealous, I see red. The thought of that motherfucker looking at you like that while groping himself… It’s so fucking disrespectful.”

“He didn’t know that I was with someone. And you know I’m not interested in anyone but you. I’m yours, Ben.”

Ben looked down at Benji, his eyes still burning with rage. He repeated Benji’s words, for Benji’s benefit as much as his own. “You’re mine, Benji.”

“Only yours, Ben.”

Ben took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. Benji was right. The man didn’t know that Benji wasn’t available. Ben was going to take care of that very soon. In a few days, everyone would know that Benji was taken.

Either way, Ben would be more careful with his Benji at the truck stops and rest areas. No way in hell was he going to let anyone look at his baby like he was some kind of ‘good buddy’ looking for tricks. No fucking way.

Once they got back into the truck, Ben moved between the seats and opened the curtain and crawled into the sleeper. Benji followed him in, closing the curtain behind him. They got undressed in the dark, cramped space. Benji helped Ben yank off his cowboy boots, then the two of them dropped their clothes onto the floor.

“Are you sure there’s enough room?” Benji asked as he crawled over Ben’s huge body and tried to get comfortable on the sleeper mattress. He pulled the sheet up and settled down on his side facing the back wall. Benji wasn’t sure how Ben slept in his truck cab at night. It seemed like it would be too cramped for his big man. Ben was super tall at six-foot-six and he weighed a hefty 300 pounds.

“Yup. We’ll be in close quarters, but you’ll be fine. Hell, when we sleep in our king-size bed at home, you’re always all up on my side anyways.”

Benji turned and gave Ben a playful scowl over his shoulder. “Oh, well, I’ll just make sure to stay on my side of the bed from now on.”

“Did I say I didn’t like it?” Ben asked as he moved his body across the mattress on a diagonal and spooned up behind Benji’s smaller form, adjusting him so that they were both somewhat comfortable.

He pulled Benji back to his brawny body and Benji snuggled back against his hairy chest. Ben pressed his hips forward, pushing his hard cock against Benji’s hot little ass. He smiled when he heard Benji’s breathing hitch.

“This is usually about the time when I’d be calling you,” Ben said in his baby’s ear. “Trying to get you to have phone sex with me.”

“Oh god,” Benji said as he covered his eyes and blushed. “You know that weirds me out.”

“I know. One of these days, I’m gonna get you to do it, though,” Ben husked into Benji’s ear. Knowing how much Benji liked his facial hair, he rubbed the thick whiskers of his mustache along Benji’s neck and his outer ear, while planting small kisses and flicks of his tongue. “I wanna hear you jerk off for me, hear those little sounds you make, hear you come for me. You know that every time after I hang up with you, I have to jerk off, don’t you? Oh yeah,” he whispered as he licked along Benji’s ear. “Just hearing your voice makes me so damn hard, I have to pound one out as soon as we hang up. I fill up a sock with one of my big loads, wishing it was your mouth or your ass I was pumping full of my jizz.”

Benji drew in a breath, shuddered and let out a soft moan, “Oh my god, Ben…”

Ben chuckled in Benji’s ear, loving how easy it was to turn his baby on. Benji’s hand slid on top of Ben’s, which was resting against his chest, holding him tight. Benji gave the hand a firm push, sliding it down his chest and stomach. When Ben’s hand came in contact with Benji’s hard-on, Benji moaned and pressed Ben’s hand onto it. Ben wrapped his fingers around the slender shaft and gave it a gentle squeeze, feeling it throb in his fist.

“Ben,” he whispered. “Please.”

“What do you want baby? Tell me.”

“Make love to me, Ben.”

Ben reached behind his head into the cubby hole along the side of the truck and pulled out a full bottle of lube. He bought the bottle especially for this trip. He jerked off a lot on the road, but he didn’t need lube. All he needed was a little pre-come and his fist and foreskin took care of the rest.

Ben snapped open the purple cap and slicked up his fingers. “I got you. I’m gonna take care of you, baby,” he whispered seductively into Benji’s ear. “Don’t I always take care of you? You’re mine. I love you so fucking much. Let me show you how much I love you.”

Ben slid his fingers into Benji’s crease and stroked a circle around Benji’s tight little hole. He stroked and fondled the pink pucker with the tip of his finger, then pushed inside. Benji moaned, gripping the beefy arm around his chest with one hand. The other grabbed onto Ben’s hip and held tight.

Ben stretched his baby out slowly and gently with a pair of fingers before pushing in three fingers. He used a steady motion to open and relax Benji’s hole.

“Ben… Need you, Ben. Now. Please. I can’t… I can’t wait.”

Benji’s voice cracked, and Ben could hear the wanton desire in it. He slicked up his cock with the lube and rubbed the bare head back and forth across his Benji’s entrance, teasing and toying with him.

“Ben,” Benji moaned. “Put it in.” He pushed his ass back against Ben while pulling at his hip with his hand.

Ben pushed his hips forward allowing the tip to barely breach the muscle, then pulled back.

“No,” Benji moaned. “Don’t tease me, please! I want you so bad.”

Ben snickered. “I got what you need, Benji. Don’t I?”

“Yes! I need it, Ben.”

Ben rubbed his cock head along Benji’s crack, stopping when it found its target. He paused then backed up again. Benji whimpered in frustration and Ben just smiled.

“Put your big dick in me. Fuck me!”

God damn. With that, Ben couldn’t resist anymore, teasing time was over. Holding Benji steady on his side, Ben spooned up behind him. He pushed forward and in one smooth motion, buried his cock to the hilt inside Benji. He pushed his forehead into Benji’s neck and held on tight, holding him back against his body. Benji trembled in his arms as he willed himself to relax against Ben.

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