The sun was high in the sky, the long stretch of freeway peppered with mirages as George and Danielle Avalon headed down the empty road. The blacktop sizzled as the luxury automobile sailed across it at 70 mph, the desert stretching out at all sides, seemingly endless.

The couple was headed out of town, out of the state actually, hoping to enjoy a little vacation over their extended weekend. The air conditioner may have been a good escape from the heat but Mrs. Avalon preferred the window down; enjoyed feeling the wind through her long dark curls. Besides, even the air conditioner at full blast wouldn’t be able to cool Mrs. Avalon down.

Mrs. Avalon, when not hounding Mr. Avalon for a good fuck, could usually be found on the Internet, watching a hot video, reading erotica or chatting with a naughty friend. However today she was up early for her trip, the day before she was packing and getting ready for the mini vacation and did not have time for herself. The day before that she was busy at work making sure the long weekend wouldn’t make her fall behind.

“Three days since I’ve orgasmed!” she thought, frustrated.

Her skin was on fire, not because of the hot summer day, it was if her blood was boiling on the inside, percolating, in danger of exploding. She needed release. She had planned on waiting till they arrived at the hotel, on heading right to the pool in her bikini, teasing all the men, along with her husband, then fucking his brains out. It was safe to say that their sex life had been on a steady decline for the past few years, a fact that she tried not to blame on her husband but it was hard not to as she had always been the horny one; the initiator.

She feared she was no longer attractive, even though she looked very much the same as she did when they were married. Petite, standing a mere 4’11″, and still weighing roughly what she weighed all those 15 years ago. She considered herself lucky for her small tight body, her tiny frame unable to put on much weight, although her 40 plus years had packed on a few extra pounds good genetics and time at the gym she were able to keep it all in the right places.

She was not naive however, she knew that she could look even hotter then she did years ago and her husband could still lose interest. She knew time could take its toll so she tried to be open minded in bed, unafraid to experiment, unfortunately Mr. Avalon was not as adventurous. She feared he was having an affair.

She hoped this small vacation would be a fun time for them, alone, but she could not wait any longer.

Danielle slid over in her seat, moving closer to her husband. He glanced her way with a look of confusion, then back to the road. She moved like a snake, slithering over, her hand sliding across his lap trying to find his cock through his khaki shorts. She found the shorts incredibly unsexy, but she didn’t care at this point, she needed some fun.

“What are you doing?” he asked, shocked.

“Thought I’d start the vacation early,” she said, spreading her legs, feeling cool air rush up her little sundress, soothing her heat just a bit.

“You’re gonna cause an accident,” he said, sounding a bit annoyed.

“Well you better be careful’” she teased as she ducked her head under his arms.

Suddenly the car swerved off road, kicking up dirt, rumbling over rocks, Mrs. A bounced around the cab, falling back into her seat before the car came to a sudden and rough stop. The car stopped, the engine sputtered and turned off, Mr. Avalon immediately turned the ignition but nothing happened, the car would not turn over.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Mr. Avalon asked rhetorically.

His wife was still smiling, still trying to have a good time, as was her nature and again she slid across her seat.

“Well, we are stopped now, so why don’t we…”

Her husband just ignored her, opened his door and got out of the car. Unbelievably frustrated Mrs. Avalon slumped back in her seat and exhaled. She did not know what was wrong with him, or was it her, was this situation serious, was she being silly? Were her actions inappropriate?

“No way!” she thought.

She could not let his coldness make her feel bad, he already had her incredibly frustrated, feeling totally neglected, she could not let him make her feel guilty too. Outside the hood of the car went up as her husband tried to diagnose the problem.

“Good luck,” she thought as she tried to fix her own problem.

Her hand went under her dress, her pussy unspeakably wet, trying to let out some of her frustration, relieve the pressure.

“Dammit!” came a shout from her husband.

Mrs. A just rolled her eyes, knowing there was no way she could take care of herself now, so she resigned herself to acting the good wife. She too got out of the car.

She found her husband pacing in front of the car, holding his phone in the air, frantically trying to find a signal.

“Manly,” she thought sarcastically.

“What’s wrong hon?”

“What’s wrong? The car won’t start and I can’t get a fucking signal, that’s what’s wrong!” he whined.

“Everything will be fine,” she shot back, rolling her eyes as her hand waved the collar of her buttoned down sundress, trying to fan herself from the heat.

“What’s wrong with the car?” she asked peaking over and looking under the hood.”

“I have no fucking idea,” as he continued to search for a signal.

“Big surprise,” she said under her breath.

“Useless,” she thought.

Her body was now sizzling, from the inside and now from the outside. It had to be in the high 90′s, she was thankful she wore her little yellow sundress, although her heels were maybe a mistake standing here in the dirt.

“Fuck, I can’t believe this, I can’t believe what you did,” her husband continued to shout.

“Oh stop, someone will be along soon,” she shot back, rummaging through the car for her flip-flops.

“They better!”

At least 45 minutes passed, Mr. Avalon a mess the entire time, sweating and swearing as his wife sat on a rock trying to take advantage of the situation and get some sun.

“I think I see a car,” Mr. Avalon announced.

Mrs. A had her sunglasses on, face turned toward the sky; she quickly pulled it back down to earth and stood.

“I hope they stop,” she said.

The car came closer, a truck actually, still far off in the distance, the anticipation was excruciating. Now maybe 100 yards away the pickup truck rumbled closer. The Driver spotted the car off to his left, spotted a disheveled Mr. Avalon standing nearby, and debated stopping. He should help, but he had heard some nightmare stories about people pretending to break down. Unsure what to do, he then saw a woman step out from behind the car.

“Wow!” he said out loud.

He skidded to a stop, popped it in reverse and headed back. Mr. Avalon saw the truck stop and ran toward it, but it reversed right by him, coming to a stop in front of his wife.

“What seems to be the problem?” the driver asked, leaning out his window, his eyes transfixed on the woman below him.

Danielle Avalon looked up, her eyes settling on an incredibly attractive young man. He was definitely handsome, but perhaps the attraction was due, in part, to how opposite he was from her husband. With one arm out the car, with his 5 o’clock shadow, pickup truck, strong jaw and deep tan from no doubt hours spent working outdoors, the young man exuded a sexy ruggedness.

For a moment Mrs. Avalon was speechless as he flashed a boyish smile which only accentuated how manly the rest of him was. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out, and in this short time her momentary bliss was interrupted by her husband. He came rushing to her side, but ignoring her and addressing the Good Samaritan.

“Thanks so much for stopping, we were afraid we’d be out here all day,” George said excitedly.

“Well let me pull off the road here, see if I can’t help you folks out,” the stranger answered back, his eyes on Danielle the whole time.

The young man pulled his truck to the side of the road and once Mrs. Avalon snapped out of her daze she hurried off to her car. When the handsome stranger exited his truck he was met by Mr. Avalon, disappointed it was not his lovely wife instead.

“Hi, thanks again for stopping,” George began as they both walked to the front of the Avalon’s car, “I’m George Avalon and this is my wife,” he gestured to Danielle who had no reappeared.

She was still on her little coral colored sundress, although now a few buttons seemed undone on the collar. The skirt of the dress stopped a few inches above the knee and flared out nicely do to her curvy hips, the kind that could only come from good genes and a few kids. Her hair seemed more alive, repoofed, and she had ditched her flip-flops for a pair of high-heeled cowboy boots. The stud’s eyes were locked on her, and even with sunglasses on it was clear her eyes were on him.

She took in his 6’2″ frame, looking delicious in his jeans and white v-neck undershirt. She could see a little chest hair showing, something some women found a turn off, but Mrs. Avalon loved a real man.

“Mam,” the stranger greeted her with a smirk, then turning his attention to the car.

“Thank you so much for stopping,” Mrs. Avalon said, placing her had on the hood and leaning in, “do you think you’ll be able to fix it?”

The young man made little effort to hide his leering, watching as her cleavage threatened to bust free from her top. Mrs. A noticed his looks; Mr. A did not.

“I will try my best mam.”

Her pussy gushed at his formalness with her.

“How’d you end up in the ditch anyway?” the young stranger asked.

“Don’t even ask,” Mr. Avalon said exasperatedly, turning his attention away from the car in frustration.

The stranger turned his eyes to the man’s wife, a look of confusing. She just replied by biting her lip, trying to fight back a grin, and raising her eyebrows. The young man got the message loud and clear.

“Well I think I see the problem.”

“Really? What is it? Can you fix it?” Mr. Avalon asked excitedly.

“Yeah, seems to be a broken wire, see it there.” the helpful young man pointed out.

“I’d like to see.” Mrs. A interjected.

Both men glanced her way. Her husband stood there with a look of curious confusion, the young stranger with a sly smirk.

“Right there,” he said, putting his arm behind her back, allowing her too look under the hood.

When she did he got a great look under her hood, her cleavage on full display, and when his hand rested on her back her nipples hardened. He did not fail to notice.

“Damn, I can’t believe this. I told you not to…” Mr. Avalon began, but stopped short of revealing what had happened.

“Actually I doubt this little accident was the sole cause, the wire was probably in bad shape as it was,” the young stud said, in Mrs. Avalon’s defense.

The married woman fought back the urge to say something, stick out her tongue and tell him that it is all his fault. Tell him he’s to blame for them being stuck on this long stretch of highway, and his fault that she now has to flirt with this sexy young man. Instead she just smiled to herself and looked to the boy with appreciation.

“Really, you should have been taking better care of things Mr. A,” the stranger continued.

“Is he always so neglectful?” he added, looking to his wife.

“Mmmmhmm,” she answered with a slow nod, “you have no idea.”

Mr. Avalon stood there a bit emasculated. The young man peeled his eyes off the married woman, turned and headed for his truck.

“I hope he can help us,” Mr. A said to his wife.

“I think he’ll do just fine,” she replied, her thighs squeezing together.

The young man returned with a pair of pliers and electrical tape. Ducking under the hood, he took a few minutes to repair the wire.

“Ya know, you really should learn to do these things yourself, there is not always gonna be someone around to help, especially out here.”

“Well he’s not very good with his hands,” Mrs. Avalon replied.

The young stud stood, sizing up her husband.

“No? Well do ya think you can jump in, try and start her up?”

“Sure,” Mr. A responded, turning and heading to the car.

The young man turned, greeted by Mrs. A whose eyes never left him. She felt him look her over, she felt nude under his gaze as his eyes traveling her toned and shiny legs, legs that made her tiny frame appear taller then it was. He admired her curvy hips and pert little breasts. He watched as she bit her lip, like she was forcing herself to hold back.

“Useless isn’t he.” he stated.


The car tried to click on, but was receiving no power; the helpful young man turned his head back to the car.

“OK, OK! You can stop,” he shouted out at Mr. A who was exiting the car.

“I was afraid of this, I think you blew a fuse.”

“Can you fix it?”

“No, sorry, not here anyway.”

“Well what are we gonna do?” Mr. A asked his wife.

“I could give you folks a ride into town,” he suggested, looking to Mrs. A.

“Great, but shouldn’t someone stay with the car?” she added, as her husband looked confused and made to speak.

“That’s true,” the young man said cutting him off, “and I don’t know how safe it is for a woman to be left alone out here.”

“But I,” began Mr. A.

“Why don’t you give me a ride, and my husband can stay here, with the car.”

“Sounds like a plan,” the young man said, smiling at Mrs. A then looking to her husband.

“Uh, are you sure Danielle …”

“I think it’s our only option hon.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine out here,” the young man reassured him as he began to usher his wife toward his truck.

“I’m not worried about…”

“Everything will be sorted out, don’t worry,” the young man said, “I’ll send a tow and you’ll be on your way shortly.”

“Uhh, ok, thanks, thanks for your help.”

“No problem, shall we,” he said, looking to Mrs. A.

The hot young man led Mrs. Avalon to his truck and opened the passenger door for her. She lifted her cowboy boot to the step, grabbed the side of the truck and tried to pull herself up, but was unsuccessful. Her other foot landed back in the dirt and she giggled.

“One more time,” the stud said with a smile.

Mr. Avalon watched as his wife tried to lift herself into the big truck, and when she struggled the young man place his hand under her ass. She felt his strong hand cup her behind and push her, easily easing her into the pickup. The young man closed the door behind her, walked around the truck and smile at Mr. A.

“Bye,” he said as he climbed into the truck himself and a moment later it was kicking up dirt and speeding down the long and empty highway.

Neither the young man nor the married woman had any misconceptions on what was happening, and when the stud tossed his arm across the back of the bench seats in his vintage truck, Mrs. A accepted the invitation. Finally she did not need to hold back, she reached out and felt the boy’s incredibly firm bulge through his tight jeans. She ran her hand along the fat shaft and if her husband had paid closer attention he may have seen, through the rear window, his wife’s head drop down and out of view. Rubbing the boy’s denim clad cock she opened her mouth and pressed it over his bulge.

“Uhhh fuck mam,” the young man moaned.

She smiled to herself as she worked his belt buckle, working to free his fat cock.

“I still don’t get how you two ended up in that ditch,” he teased as her fingers struggled with the button of his jeans.

“My husband lost control,” she said from his lap, unzipping his fly with anticipation.

“Still, I mean, are you that good Mrs. A?”

She reached into his jockeys and pulled his enormous cock from its confines. She went cross-eyed as she stared at it, holding it right in front of her face and marveling at its size. A smiled formed across her lips.

“The best she answered,” looking up at him as she raised her head up, licking the length of the shaft, opening her mouth and sinking back down on his huge young cock.

“Uhhh fuck,” the boy moaned.

Mrs. Avalon’s eyes rolled back as she enjoyed her treat. Her body tingled, her pussy dripped as she relished the feel of such a big hard cock, not to mention his reaction. Unlike her husband, the young man encouraged her blowjob, and she was more them happy to oblige.

The married woman bobbed furiously in the young man’s lap, coating him in a thick layer of saliva, slurping noises escaping her lips. The boy enjoyed the sight before him, this hot MILF, sucking his cock, her sexy hips flaring out as she knelt in his passenger seat, her ass just barely covered by her little sundress.

He reached his hand down, sliding it between her round ass, discovering she was not wearing panties.

“Fuck you are so hot,” he moaned, cupping her ass, “and I love this ass.”

“POP,” she wrenched her lips from his fat mushroom head, ” ya think so, it’s not too big,” she asked, panting.

Over the years, after a few kids and the neglect of her husband, Mrs. Avalon often felt self-conscious about her body.

“Uhh no way mam, its perfect.”

Just as a devilish smile spread across her face his hand slid to her head, shoving her back down. She smiled on her way down and was determined to show him that she was indeed the best. She spread her mouth wide, a difficult task on such a thick cock, and slid down until she felt him hit her throat.

“Uhh fuck,” he moaned, and with one hand on the wheel the other in her soft hair, he shoved her deeper.

Not sure what had come over him, he pushed more, trying to gag the married woman on his rock hard cock. It had been some time since Mrs. Avalon had sucked a cock like this, so it took her while to adjust, but finally her throat opened and…

“Oh man, fuckkk!” the boy shouted as Mrs. A’s head slammed down into his lap, engulfing his entire cock.

He could not believe she took all of him, and could not believe she did so without gagging. She would have had a self-satisfied smile if her mouth was not stretched wide with young cock, but still he did not lose control. She began to swallow, milking his stiff meat, relishing the feeling of his hard cock in her mouth and listened to him moan and encourage her to keep sucking.

Without warning the boy jerked the wheel, rumbling on the side of the road and coming to an abrupt stop. Mrs. Avalon kept sucking.

“Fuck, you are the best,” he admitted as he took hold of her soft locks and slammed her up and down.

She allowed him to manipulate her, forcing her up and down his huge shaft for his own pleasure, or so he thought, he had no idea how much this MILF enjoyed sucking cock. Repeatedly he pulled her lips up his lengthy shaft, only to slam her back down, hope for a gag that never came. He just laughed as he watched her suck and slurp his entire shaft over and over, her saliva coating his cock, dripping down his balls. Finally he wrenched her lips from his cock forcefully.

“Don’t fucking move,” he demanded, Mrs. Avalon kneeling, panting, practically drooling.

She was confused as he exited the truck; she remained there, a bit confused but obeyed his commands. She tried to peek over the dash as she watched him walk around the truck. Suddenly she felt the door behind her swing open, feeling the hot desert air on her exposed ass. She looked back just in time to see his strong hands reach out for her curvy hips, a very sexy site. Then suddenly he yanked her back, her one knee slipped from the seat, her cowboy boot clad foot slammed against the floor of the truck, stabilizing herself as her other knee remained in the seat, her ass in the air.

“Mmmmmmm,” she purred.

Her soft purr was replaced by an, “Uhhh fuck,” as the boy dove in, slamming him mouth against her wet pussy, devouring her.

“Uhh yesss,” she moaned, her eyes wide under his oral manipulation.

He clamped his whole mouth over her wet mound, his tongue pressing against her, opening her slit, the tip of his tongue searching out her clit. Mrs. Avalon pressed her hands into the bench seat and pushed back into his face, not having felt this in ages. He slid his hands from her hips and grabbed her hot round ass, his big strong hands made her body look so small and petite, a sight she enjoyed as she looked over her shoulder at him as he ravished her cunt with his mouth.

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