tropical island

One tropical night

The scent of frangipani wafted through the open windows of the bungalow, heavy on the humid night air. In the distance, the sound of the waves crashing on the reef was like the heartbeat of the island, regular, reliable, eternal; and the crickets filled the quiet interludes with noise. It was dark, black as it can only be where there are no city lights, and the moon and stars hung low, casting a silver sheen over the monochrome nightscape.

Outwardly the bungalow was typical of the tropics – built on stilts and with a thatched palm roof, it extended out from the grass, across the narrow strip of sand and ended with a wide deck that was built over the water of the lagoon. Inside it was a luxury apartment dressed in whites and creams, king size bed, kitchen, white sofas on a polished timber floor. The open window cast a triangle of light onto the deck.

Catherine lay on the L-shaped day bed on the deck. It had been an extremely long day of connecting flights and a boat trip, but they had arrived and were settling into their first night. She had just been for a swim in the lagoon, relishing the chance to stretch her arms and legs out after the hours of confinement in aircraft seats and airport lounges, so her shoulder-length hair was wet and she was still in her one-piece bathers. The swim had rejuvenated her though, and she was feeling relaxed, energetic and happy. Catherine didn’t follow a specific exercise regime but she liked to keep herself trim by walking and swimming. She was fifty, but she had the figure of someone twenty years younger.

Mark joined her on the deck and passed her an ice cold beer. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, just some casual, baggy trousers. He’d been for a swim as well, but not for as long as Catherine who had spent half an hour stretching out into the night. He was also in his early fifties, of average height but not carrying the extra kilos of many his age.

“Isn’t this just perfect?” he said quietly as he sat down in the corner of the day bed.

Catherine moved a little so that she could lean up against his chest with his arm around her. She ran her fingers lightly up and down the bare skin of his arm, holding it close to her body.

“It’s amazing,” she replied “I almost can’t believe places like this exist.”

They sat there quietly, sipping on their drinks and listening to the sounds of the night, lightly caressing each other’s skin, soaking up the feeling of being together. They had found each other later in life, both having left long-term relationships, and this was their first real time away together. They shared a wonderful emotional connection with many shared interests and friends, and the chemistry between them was intense and passionate.

Catherine turned on her side and moved so that she was leaning across Mark. He took her in his arms and they kissed, long and gently. She lay her head on his shoulder and snuggled up against him. He ran his hand across the bare skin of her back, his fingertips across the smooth fabric of her bathers and down the outside of her leg.

“Hmmm, I could stay here forever.” he whispered as he kissed her again and her tongue entered his mouth.

Catherine was amazed that kissing Mark turned her on so much. As they teased and sucked each other’s tongue she felt the butterfly feeling down low and her desire started to build.

“Oh you turn me on – please, touch me?” she said into his mouth.

Catherine had a way of turning Mark on too. She only had to say what she wanted and he would become aroused. He responded almost immediately, his penis starting to firm.

Mark moved his hand to Catherine’s breast, so firm and yet soft in her bathers. He ran his thumb around her nipple until it became hard under the material and could be clearly seen in the light from the window. He pulled the strap of her bathers down her shoulder, exposing her warm breast to the night air. Mark leant down and took her nipple into his mouth, sucking it gently and twirling his tongue around it. Catherine shut her eyes and held his head close to her.

Mark ran his hand down her lovely slim body, over her waist and hip, along the warm skin of her stretched-out leg and round to the soft, gentle curve of her beautiful bum. He caressed and squeezed it before moving around to her firm, flat stomach and down to the point between her legs. Catherine moved slightly to give him access and the tips of his fingers stroked lightly across her pubic mound, down, down to the warm sensitive place between her legs. Catherine sighed as Mark’s fingers brushed over her clitoris and down across her labia. She could feel herself getting wet.

“Mmmm, I want more…” she murmured.

Mark moved his fingers to the side of Catherine’s bathers, found the edge of the material and pulled it aside carefully so as not to pull her hair. Catherine opened her legs wider to give him access and sighed as the warm night air met her moist vulva.

Mark’s finger was persistent. It drew a line from the back of her vulva to her clitoris, opening her lips and spreading her wetness. He dipped his finger in deeply two or three times, feeling her arousal, and then found the firm bud of her clitoris between her folds. He tickled the magic spot, making sure that it was wet with her moisture.

“Oh, that’s it, just a little higher…”

Mark moved his fingertip slightly to the skin just above her clitoris and started to rub her gently, in the way that he knew she liked.

“Mmmm, I could take that for hours.”she said.

Luckily on this occasion they had as long as they needed, so there was no rush. They stayed still like that for some time, embracing each other, Catherine’s legs spread wide in the night while Mark’s finger teased, and twirled and ticked her clitoris and vagina.

It was some time later when Catherine asked, “Can I have your tongue?”

“We might need to get rid of the bathers…” he replied.

Catherine stood up and turned her back to him, looking out into the night across the lagoon. The other villas in the complex were well away from them and they had total privacy. He watched her silhouetted against the moonlight as she rolled the bathers down her lithe body. She stood, spread her legs and stretched her arms up high and wide. From Mark’s point of view she was an erotic black outline against the bright shimmering moonlight on the waters of the lagoon. The picture was framed by the fronds of a palm tree that reached across the water from the shore. Mark wished he had a camera to capture the image for ever.

Catherine returned to the settee, lying back so that she was half sitting against its back, her bum on the edge and her legs spread wide.

She gave him a sexy look from under her hair. “I’m ready now, do whatever you want!”

Mark moved from where he was sitting and sat on the deck in front of her, between her legs. He was at the perfect height and he leaned forward to kiss her between her legs.

“Mmmm” she sighed as she felt the warmth of his face.

Mark probed her with his tongue. He spread her lips gently with his fingers and licked her deeply, tasting her arousal. She was so wet! He moved his tongue higher and higher until she was fully opened and her clitoris was exposed. He flicked her clit repeatedly with the tip of his tongue.

“You are soooo good at that!” she moaned.

Mark delighted in pleasuring Catherine and was prepared to lick and suck her for as long as it took. He changed his technique, sometimes firm and fast on her clitoris, other times deeper or lapping against her labia. He slipped his fingers into her, probing and feeling the soft wetness deep within her, but then finger fucking her hard and fast until she started to lift her hips and push back to him. Sometimes it became too intense for Catherine and she asked him to stop, but then she’d move her own fingers to the place above her clitoris and rub it furiously while Mark finger-fucked her or licked her down lower.

Catherine’s arousal was building and she wanted to come so badly, but she needed an extra push.

“Mark, put your finger in my bum? Please?” she begged.

Mark withdrew his fingers from her vagina, wet with her juices. He circled her anus with the tip of his middle finger until she was wet, then slowly and carefully pushed his way in.

They had only started anal play recently and hadn’t gone very far with it, but Catherine loved having her bum fingered. She relaxed to let him in and as his finger crossed her threshold a spark of electricity shot straight to her clitoris.

“Ooooh, that’s sooo good! Now lick me again while you finger me.”

Mark’s finger sank deep into Catherine’s bum past the second knuckle. He was amazed at how easily it went in and it felt like a tight little tube sucking his finger. He moved it in and out slowly, spreading the moisture.

He leaned back into her and sucked her clitoris and labia into his mouth, flicking the tip of his tongue across her clit. He moved his finger in and out of her anus, gradually increasing the tempo until he was finger fucking her bum as quickly and as deeply as he had been her vagina.

Catherine drew her knees up onto her chest, opening herself as much as she could. She was astonished that she had never known of the connection between her anus and her clitoris and she lost herself in the sensations that Mark was giving her. The individual actions became blurred and became a mesmerising blend of warmth, lust, arousal and penetration. She could feel herself building and building until with a loud gasp of pleasure she went over the top and her orgasm hit, starting at her clitoris, through her vagina, up through her stomach and around her hips. She hunched with her legs hard against her chest, her head forward as the intense warmth and relief rippled through her body. She could feel spasms in her vagina and anus, and hovered there as Mark continued to lick her clitoris and finger her bum.

After what seemed like forever, she started to relax, and she placed her hand on Mark’s head, still between her legs, to let him know it was over.

“That was so intense!” she said, wearily as she lowered her legs and stretched out.

“But I want more. I want your cock in my mouth.”

Mark’s attention had been on Catherine’s pleasure and he hadn’t been thinking of his own, so he wasn’t fully hard. But he stood up and lowered his pants.

Catherine shuffled forward to the edge of the seat so that Mark’s penis was right in front of her face. She didn’t hesitate and took the full length of his cock deep into her mouth, sucking it firmly. The effect on Mark was immediate – his penis became fully erect and Catherine could feel it in the back of her throat. She loved, needed to have his cock in her mouth and she ran her tongue around the smooth shaft, quickly building to a fast, intense, deep rhythm. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked him, and she looked up through her hair to meet his eyes as he watched her. She wished she could suck him for as long as he had been licking her.

Mark watched as Catherine sucked his cock. She constantly surprised him with her enthusiasm for fellatio and how good she was at it. He could feel her changing her sucking technique, using her lips and tongue more, focussing on the head for a while before going back to deep and fast mouth-fucking.

Catherine could feel her arousal returning as she slid her mouth up and down Mark’s cock. She knew she was wet again and the wanting feeling was back – wanting to have something hard and long deep inside her. She stopped.

“I love doing that, but I need you inside me. I just want you to fuck me hard and fast until you come!”

She turned around on the day bed, kneeling up on all fours and presenting her bum to Mark. She reached behind herself and found his penis, drawing it towards her opening and rubbing the head between her lips.

As soon as she was ready Mark thrust himself hard and deep into her. She gasped with pleasure as her vagina was filled with his cock and it pushed into her deepest recesses. She squeezed her muscles to feel his girth within her. He withdrew and started slamming his cock into her, hard, deep and relentless. Catherine abandoned herself to the animalism of the moment. She wanted to be totally taken, used for pleasure, fucked hard. She moved her hand to her clitoris and started to rub it again in time to Mark’s thrusting.

The warm night air meant they both had a sheen of sweat over them and the sounds and smell of sex merged with the crickets and the scent of the frangipani.

Catherine was lost in lust as Mark continued to pump into her. She loved the way he fucked her but this time she was overcome with an irresistible urge for something dark and different that she had never tried before.

“That’s sooo good!” she said “But ooh, I want more. I want to come with you fucking my bum!”

She could hardly believe she had said the words – it was almost as if she had heard someone else say them. But she meant it. She wanted to feel Mark’s cock slide into her tight, virgin arse.

Mark couldn’t believe what he’d heard and he was approaching release. He could feel the tension within his cock starting to rise so he slowed down for a moment and withdrew from her. She whimpered but her fingers didn’t stop their furious work.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m sure!!” she hissed, urgently. “Just do it!!!”

Mark’s heart rate immediately jumped. He adjusted his stance and pressed the head of his cock against Catherine’s anus. He held the pressure there for a moment until she yielded and he popped through.

Catherine felt the pressure against her bum. As Mark’s cock entered her anus she felt the most intensely pleasurable sensation surge through her entire body and it sent her over the edge. She cried out loud and long into the night, her mouth open and her body quivering.

Mark could feel that Catherine was coming. Her bum was pulsing even as he slid deeper and deeper into her. He held her hips and began to fuck her bum, slowly at first then gradually faster and faster. He looked down at the sight of his cock going into her back passage.

“Come for me, come in my bum!” she cried, loudly.

Mark put his hands on her hips and held her tight. He pushed hard into her. For Catherine it was almost overwhelming but she loved it and wanted him to keep going.

Mark was close to coming, He took some fast sharp strokes, pushed deep into her and pumped jet after jet of his hot come into her arse.

Catherine gradually lowered her knees until she was flat on the bed with Mark lying on top of her, his penis still inside her bum.

Later that night they were lying naked together on the huge bed. The air was still warm and the waves on the reef were a distant thunder in the night. Catherine had her head on Mark’s shoulder, her arm loose across his torso.

She looked up at him in the faint light.

“I can’t believe we just did anal!!” she said.

“Can we do it again?”


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