triple penetration

Lara realized that she kind of liked all the excitement of not knowing who was talking, who would be touching her where, whose dick would be in her mouth, whose would be in her pussy or ass, etc.

Suddenly, she felt 2 pairs of hands touching all over her and heard lots of “aahhs” and things like, “Fuck, those are great tits” or “I can’t believe how fucking hot you are.”

She leaned her head back a little as she felt a hand slide under her bra, groping one of her tits, pinching the nipple. Another hand rubbed gently up her side while still another probed into her thong, pushing it aside a little, and then running quickly over the entirety of her swollen and already dripping pussy.

Before she knew it, there was a mouth on her neck and another mouth on her earlobe while a tongue began to prod the inner recesses of her pussy. She thought, “This is amazing! 3 men, all paying attention to me at the same time. Wow!”

The tongue inside her flicked gently and rolled from side to side and then up and down and all over. She felt it slide up and down every inch of her womanhood, causing torrents of juice to run out. It paraded itself into the hole and back out and slowly to the clit where it flicked furiously. All of the attention was getting Lara so hot that thought she might cum at any moment. She didn’t know if it was the physical attention or just the excitement or both.

At any rate, she didn’t care. She was about to be the object of an entire group, having every hole used by hungry tongues and/or cocks. She began to feel weak, as if she might fall backwards, unable to balance herself while writhing in so much ecstasy. She didn’t even realize that she was grinding her pussy into the face of whoever it was eating her out while she also grabbed the back of head and pulled him into her. The heat alone from his mouth was about to send her over the edge. Before she could even let out a sound, a wave of pleasure washed over her, causing her to let loose an explosion of her cum all over the man’s face. She let out a scream so loud that it caused a dog in the distance to bark.

She grabbed the man’s head and pulled it even closer, grinding his face so hard that he could hardly breathe. She rode out the intense climax as the mouths on her neck and ear and hands on her nipples continued, making the orgasm prolong and increase. All she could think was how good these guys were and how lucky she was to be allowed to be a part of it all.

After climbing back down from a mountaintop orgasm, Lara, still blindfolded, peeled off her bra and panties, finally exposing her full grandeur to her new lovers. Exclamations of approval escaped them all, followed by several statements pertaining to how badly they wanted to feel her tight holes around their raging hard cocks.

Lara was softly laid onto a bale of hay, lying back and enjoying the ecstasy of it all, imbibing the great sexual atmosphere, knowing that the orgasm that had just been endured was only the first of many.

Lara felt a cock being raked across her mouth. Knowing that it was her slutly duty to devour the cock, she hungrily grabbed at it, shoving it all into her awaiting mouth, taking it inch by inch but surprisingly fast. She let the cock slide into the top of her throat and imagined how pleased the man would be if he got to shoot a huge load of cum into Lara’s mouth. She didn’t like to take cum in her mouth that often, but it was ok sometimes. In this case, however, she figured she might just try taking a load in every hole from every man.

She lapped at the cock like it was her favorite ice cream cone or lollipop, causing its owner to let out incredible sighs and bursts of innate pleasure. Lara could feel spews of hot precum coating her tongue. She tried to swallow it to see if it tasted as good as Dan’s, but it was difficult with a quite thick cock blocking the entrance to her throat.

She was so focused on the cock in her mouth that she barely noticed at first the cock that slid into her warm, soaked pussy. After a couple of hard thrusts, she began to feel so much pleasure that she let out a deep moan onto the cock in her mouth. This continued for quite some time, leading to a large amount of grunting and groaning from both men. Before she knew it, Lara was having another intense orgasm, this time letting out a scream onto the cock she was sucking, causing the cock to spasm and soon release the contents of the balls, a load the likes of which Lara had never taken before.

At that moment, the other man began to shoot his own humongous load deep into Lara’s pink cunt. She could feel it filling up every inch of her slit, giving her a sense of pride that she had simultaneously brought 2 men to orgasms as intense as she had had.

No sooner than both men slid out, Lara heard, “My turn.”

She felt another thick cock penetrate the inner workings of her soft box. She felt a little empty, having no cock in her mouth but thought that maybe Dan was doing as he was told and not participating. After a while, Lara felt too unoccupied, despite the incredible feelings inside her. She demanded that another cock be brought to her, along with one for one of her hands. The men obliged. In fact, within no time, Lara had all 4 men, 1 in her pussy, 1 in her mouth, and 1 in each hand. She did her best to work every cock. She felt it was only right to make every man cum as often and as hard as possible. In the end, Lara accomplished her goal, sending waves of pleasure through herself and every man, causing load after load to be spilled. She now had 2 loads of cum in her pussy, 2 loads in her mouth, and 1 in each hand. She quickly wiped the cum from her hands and chin and smeared it all over her already glistening tits.

Lara thought how the cum she’d swallowed wasn’t bad at all and how amazing all these cocks were feeling, yet she knew that she still had at least 2 men who hadn’t gotten to fuck her yet, and she still hadn’t been assfucked, something she loved.

Lara got on all fours and commanded the men to fill every hole. As 1 man slid under her and began to insert his rock hard cock into her awaiting box, another slowly slid his into Lara’s tight, puckered asshole. It hurt at first, but Lara knew that it was all going to be amazing, possibly the best orgasm she would ever have. She hoped that everything was going to turn out so well that she would want and be able to do this again and again and again. So far, it was as good as she had anticipated. She just hoped that Dan would be on board for future gangbangs.

The 3 men eagerly fucked Lara’s holes, sometimes switching places. Working out a rhythm, however, proved difficult. It was finally achieved, making Lara wish that every single fuck from now on was this way, all holes filled to the brim with such skilled cocks.

Ever after the man fucking Lara’s sweet little asshole shot his load, the 4th man took his place, barely disrupting the rhythm. Lara happily fought through orgasm after orgasm, some so big that she thought she could take no more and needed a rest. She decided that she wanted to see how long each one would last and how well she could endure them through the intense pounding.

Man after man after load after load, Lara fought through it. She lost count of her orgasms, only knowing that this was the best night of her life.

The men finally had to give her a rest, which still included an occasional cock pounding her already exhausted and cum dripping pussy.

After a half an hour of this, the men pulled Lara up and placed her on all fours again, once more filling all her holes. Lara loved the feeling and the cumming but wasn’t sure how long she could take it all. She continued to take so many loads that her pussy was more like a slip ‘n’ slide than anything else. Lara had no idea how many loads were in each hole.

After each man had blown at least 4 loads, they decided to let Lara go home and rest but promised that if she ever wanted to do it again, they would all gladly participate and possibly bring some friends, if it was ok. Lara, with a smile on her face from the idea of even more men, said, “Maybe,” not wanting to sound like the world’s biggest slut.

Dan had to lead, almost carry, Lara back to the truck. Realizing that Lara dripped cum with every step she took, Dan laid the jacket down on the truck seat and lifted Lara onto it. Lara quickly removed her blindfold, and staring at her loving boyfriend as he entered the truck, exclaimed, “Thank you!”

“No problem, babe,” came Dan’s reply.

“I told you I could take that many loads in me,” Lara felt compelled to add.

“Ok. You were right. You were right. So…. would you do this again, you think?”

“Oh hell yeah,” Lara responded, which caused a deep chuckle from her boyfriend.

Lara knew that she would have to ride home completely naked, but she didn’t care. It was 2 in the morning. She’d been fucked for the last 5 1/2 hours and just wanted some sleep. It wasn’t likely somebody would see her, but if they did, she thought, who cares? “Maybe I’ll even show them somethin. Maybe even stop for one more late night fuck.” Lara did’t tell this last part to Dan, thinking he might not approve of her fucking strangers. But then again… maybe he would.

Miriam and Leonard Share Swinging Lifestyle with New Hotel Owners

Chapter Three of Hotel Of Dreams

(This is the third in our series, and you do not need to read the first two chapters to enjoy this story of a couple who buys a motel and creates a special “fancy wing” for those who love to share sexuality and indulge in pure pleasure and to walk a little on the wild side)

I was behind the front desk, writing up scenarios for our hotel, it was nearly ten at night, and no one had stopped for quite a while. Russ was somewhere finishing things for the night. I was imagining our Halloween bash, thinking of the costumes, seeing nearly naked men and women, I imagined a bed, with couples making out, dancing. We were thinking of a “masks only” dance floor and I was feeling that wet sloshy feeling between my legs and I must have been a little too involved in my fantasy because I suddenly noticed a middle aged, curvy woman standing in front of me and smiling. A man of similar age, not much taller, baldish and a little on the stocky side followed her, carrying the suitcases.

They shared they did not have a reservation and asked about a room. I was thinking ‘oh what a sweet couple’ when they said,”We are friends of Max and Leslie.”

I didn’t get it right away. Max and Leslie? Did I know a Max and Leslie? Then as they looked at me a little strangely, I suddenly realized it was OUR Max and Leslie. Our beautiful playmates. After our first frolic we had met a number of times, and called them ‘our swinging couple.’

As the realization dawned across my face, the man smiled a kind but mischievous smile and added, “They advised us to stay in the fancy wing.”

The fancy wing was our code name for the erotic side of our motel. A few rooms were ready, but we had not had any guests, so I guess I looked as shocked as I felt, but they just smiled at me confidently.

She said, “Leslie told us you might be a little shy, it’s ok honey. We’re here to help you. We want this to work as well. We can’t put any money up, but we can help. We love to entertain this way at home, but well, it tended to get a little loud, and we don’t want to get a reputation and attract something we don’t want.”

Her husbands’ cheek reddened and he explained, “So we would like to try your fancy wing. We thought we would come first and then if we are happy, we could reserve a couple of rooms for ourselves and our friends.”

Then he smiled this beautiful dazzling warm smile and held out his hand. “I am Leonard and this is Miriam.” I took his hand and felt this warm and strong electricity. I could feel the goodness and the strength of him. He held my hand just a little longer and I saw Miriam twinkle.

Suddenly I felt more comfortable. Not just comfortable, excited. Perhaps there would be time when the entire motel would be dedicated to fun. Erotic fun. Orgasms. Play for couples. Suddenly I saw this couple entirely differently. They were definitely cute. Comfortable. And my pussy began to ‘assert herself’ and tingle.

As I led them up to the rooms, I noticed the solicitous way Leonard had with Miriam. They matched. They walked together like two people who had grown together.

“How long have you been together?” I asked.

“Believe it or not, 27 years.” Miriam laughed. “It was a second marriage for both of us. We each had been married before, when we were very young.”

“After a number of unhappy years, I left my husband, swearing off men. I had a little girl, and I was content to have just her and me. But then one weekend my Mom came to my apartment with her suitcase and a sweet smile on her face and said. “You’re getting away for the weekend, Honey. You are still young and pretty and need to have some fun. Then my Mom handed me her credit card!”

“So I went to a single’s resort. I had been alone for about a year, and I was longing to be held, just for a night or so, I told myself. No permanent relationship, just some really hot nights.”

Miriam continued. “At the resort there was this tall handsome stranger, and he just attached himself to me. He was very cute, and a lot of the women were flirting with him. So I stepped up and wiggled my hips and leaned over and showed him cleavage and a bit more, and off I went on his arm.”

“At first he was very hot, but after the first few hours it turned.” I looked at Leonard who was not at all tall and wondered how he felt about this story, but he winked at me and twinkled.

I heard Miriam say,” But then he started to say mean things to me when we had sex. Called me names and sex with him was all about sucking cock and taking it in the ass – both of which I like. But he never kissed me softly or made me feel beautiful. I was ready to return to my room, but he got possessive and angry. He pushed at me and so I convinced him to go back to the bed with a story about how I would get all dressed up for him. On my way, I saw this nice attractive man at the back of the restaurant near the Ladies room, and I made an excuse and slipped into the bench across from him and told him what was going on and begged him to stay with me.”

“To keep the wolf away,” Leonard teased. “It is every short bald man’s dream to have a beautiful woman come and sit beside him and say ‘rescue me honey’. So I did.”

Leonard laughed. “She was so cute, so lost in this sexy world wanting to have fun, and more. All I wanted to do was to take her in my arms and make love to her all night and all day. I still do.”

“And we didn’t leave the room until Monday morning.” Miriam added. “Leonard and I dated, or rather found all kinds of excuses to be together. We made love in his car or late in my apartment after my daughter fell asleep, and then he would tiptoe out early in the morning. I thought I had a man on the side and was fooling everybody, when my Mom said ‘next time you are going to have your man over, leave my little granddaughter with me. That way the poor guy can sleep in.’ So he moved in with me and has been a great stepdad to my daughter…and now my granddaughters too. AND he remains to be the hottest man I have ever slept with.” She said kissing him tenderly and passionately.

I walked them upstairs to their room. Gave them the lowdown on the rules (nakedness only in the room and on the floor, clothes everywhere else). They nodded and I heard the bell downstairs, and left them to my next customers.

Another couple stood at the desk. As I hurried to the desk the man, a tall gentlemen with crisp blue eyes and graying hair spoke firmly but kindly. “Hello. We are friends of Miriam and Leonard. Can we have a room near theirs? Sorry we didn’t call for a reservation, but Miriam told us about coming here and trying it out, and we just decided to come and find you as well.”

The woman nudged him and he added, “Oh, and they don’t know we’re coming.”

A tall woman stood beside him, statuesque, carefully made up, looking like the kind of woman who worked out. They were closer to Miriam and Leonard’s age.

“You don’t mind that we brought our own liquor do you?” the woman’s gentle voice added. Her voice was gentle and smooth ‘like a good Irish whiskey’, I thought. Her green eyes sparkled. “And can you just give us the key, we want to surprise them.”

As I handed them the key, I said, “I do need to bring up towels and set up some things in the spa.”

She laughed and it sounded very musical. “Don’t worry. It’s your motel. Come up. Come as you are.”

She winked at me.

I walked them to the Fancy Wing and directed them to their rooms and stood by the door for a bit to hear what happened. It was very quiet, so I headed into the laundry to get towels. Suddenly I realized I didn’t know their names and was curious. She had written both of their names down; Alex and Katrina. I ran their credit card through, realizing how disconcerted I had been.

The charge was accepted and feeling relieved, I collected towels, wash cloths as well as our special wraps– white and black silk robes. With a quick judge of their sizes I headed upstairs. As I walked into the wing, I noticed the curtains to the hall were open as were the doors. As I walked towards the room, I heard laughter and giggling. Through the glass I saw Katrina had shed her coat and was wearing a garter belt, stockings that ended in black four inch heels and ….nothing else. Her breasts were lovely and the brown nipples were very hard. Everyone else was dressed and they were teasing her. Both Leonard and Alex seemed to glance at her often. Alex had his hand on her shoulder and Leonard stood across the room, his hand resting softly on the swell of Miriam’s bottom. As I lifted my hand to knock on the room, I saw him softly caress her, as she leaned into him.

I knocked softly and entered on their request.

As I held out the silk robes, I heard Miriam tease, “No robe for you Kat…”

Miriam saw my puzzled look and explained, “Kat lost the poker game the last time we played and Leonard decided the consequence was that she could only wear this to next time we met” .Miriam turned to Kat. “No wonder you raced over here, you were so hot to come like this.”

Everyone laughed. And Alex said “Too bad it’s not summer.”

Leonard winked at me. Just then I heard Russ calling me. He didn’t know we had anyone in this wing, so he took the stairs two at a time saying, “So what are you doing up here? Waiting for m….” then he stopped dead still at the sight of our new check-ins.

His eyes took in the tall Kat, long legs in stockings, naked above the stockings, her pussy neatly shaved to a small patch, nicely full breasts with nipples standing straight out.

“Honey,” Alex teased. “You have quite an audience.”

Leaning down he slipped his fingers between her legs. “Hmmmm. Leonard I think my Kat likes your consequence.”

He slipped his hands around her waist and pulled her onto his lap on the bed moving his legs out, exposing her pussy to four sets of eyes. It was hot even for me. Her neatly trimmed pussy was dark brown and broken by the swollen little clit peeking out.

Miriam smiled at Russ and me and said, “If you are in the room, I suggest you join us for a drink.”

While Leonard handed a glass of wine to Russ and me, Miriam stood up and began to remove her shirt. “I think Kat needs some company, don’t you?” With that she began to unbutton her blouse and in a few minutes she was standing there in a corset that emphasized her curves and offered up her breasts to be enjoyed. The corset was white and reflected her almond colored skin beautifully. Her beautiful almond breasts lifted above the white garment and her dark areola showed. Leonard looked at her for an intent moment and then kissed each beautiful breast gently and with a quick flick of his fingers, lifted them up and released them so that her breasts were fully visible with her nipples now hard and stiff.

I felt twinges in my pussy and looked over at Russ, noticing his hard-on was pretty visible. Same for Alex and Leonard. Leonard pulled down her skirt and she stepped out of it. She wore stockings down her beautiful legs that went from round to delicate. She was beautiful without her clothes.

My heart was beating fast and both men looked at Russ who moved behind me and nuzzled my neck, “Your turn, honey.”

I was dressed for work in a nice blouse and skirt. First Russ unzipped the skirt and pulled it down, and I was standing in my nylons and panties. Slowly he unbuttoned my blouse, drawing it slowly off my shoulders. I shivered as his hands continued down my sides pulling down the stockings until I was standing in my pink bra and matching panties. I felt my face flush and then I saw the look of appreciation on the men’s faces as they glanced at each of us.

“I think we should take pictures of these three beautiful women,” Leonard said.

Quiet, warm Leonard was quite the planner, I decided. He playfully pinched Miriam’s bottom and Miriam looked at me.

“You want your picture taken Honey? You are so beautiful; my husband’s pants are going to burst.” She said. I looked at Russ. He smiled at me and nodded.

Alex posed us. Kat first, lounging on the bed, one leg up. Miriam leaning against the soft chair showing both her breasts with the nipples standing on end and her full bottom sticking out for the camera. Then it was me lounging on the chair, one leg hooked over the arm of the chair, and the other bending down from the seat to the floor. It left a full view of my panty covered pussy. I knew how wet I was and later Russ confirmed that everyone could see the large wet spot on my panties.

“Honey pull the panties down to your knees on this side and slip your other leg out.” My lover instructed.

Russ loves my panties partway down my legs, it makes his cock so stiff and me shudder with pleasure. So I slid them down. Slowly.

I looked up shyly. The men were all smiling and touching their pants. Miriam smiled at me and walked over and kissed me softly. “See it is all good”.

“Now.” Miriam continued; “It’s the guys turn for pictures, only these will be live.”

Quickly Miriam found a live feed on their open laptop and she turned Leonard to the camera. She slipped behind him and began stroking him through his pants. Kat moved behind the camera and zoomed in as Miriam defined the cock in his pants. She slowly unzipped him while Alex stood behind Kat gently stroking her breasts. He gestured to me to stand next to them and to Russ to stand behind Miriam. I knew Russ was going to have a wonderful time cupping her breasts and playing with her nipples while she slowly undressed Leonard for the camera. His large hands covered her breasts and then opened out as he pinched her nipples and pulled them out. A soft moan escaped her lips.

While Russ continued to play with her breasts, she was unzipping Leonard’s pants and coaxing him out of them. As Leonard was stepping out of his pants, his short stocky cock sprang forward. She cupped his balls and my mouth started to water

Miriam smiled at me and said, “Your turn honey. Go for it.”

So while my husband fondled her breasts, I knelt down and took Leonard’s cock into my hands. I ran my tongue around the tip, down the shaft and up again. After licking his cock up one side and down the other, I licked around the tip, dancing my tongue, teasing him. His cock moved and twitched as the veins became more clearly defined. I followed those veins with my tongue, smoothing them and loving the electric feel of his hardness and the twitch against my tongue connected wildly with the growing wetness between my legs. With a moan I sucked and pulled the entire head into my mouth. I heard his deep sigh.

I felt that familiar electricity that seems to move from a cock down my tongue and straight to my pussy. As I sucked his cock, I felt my pussy get wetter and wetter and I slipped one hand into my slick pussy.

“Not yet,” I heard a soft voice say. It was Alex. I looked up. Russ was licking Miriam’s pussy and she was making soft cooing sounds and had both hands on Russ’ head, pulling him deeper. Kat took my place at Leonard’s cock while Alex stood behind me softly caressing his cock through his pants. I could see it was very long, so I moved to him and slowly unzipped his pants and pulled them down. He looked down at me and smiled as he stepped out of his pants.

For a while I just caressed his hard cock while he watched Kat. I looked at him and slowly moved my mouth to the tip of his cock. It was delicious to lick up and down the length of it. Each track up and down sent intensified electric feelings down my throat straight to my pussy which was glowing and dripping.

Miriam had switched to sucking Russ’ cock and his head was back and his eyes closed. He opened them as I looked over. I saw the desire, the lust, that held kind of feeling, as the orgasm begins. Suddenly I began sucking Alex more intently, I wanted to feel this new cock come as my husband was coming, when I felt my face held and stopped. I glanced up at Alex.

He smiled and said. “Not yet. Too quick.”

He moved me to the bed and lay me down, ,my legs spread wide. He left me there, quickly moving to Kat, and positioning her beside me on her stomach. Next to her he brought Miriam and had her lay on her back, like me and put her legs in the air.

The men stood back and just stared at us, while they played with their cocks. I felt the desire notch up.

“My pussy is on fire guys, please fuck me.” I said.

“Russ, your woman is impatient.” Alex said. Then slowly he began to tease my clit but then moved to put his fingers in Kat’s pussy and then slip them into her rosebud, smearing around the outside before moving in.

Leonard moved to Miriam and began blowing on her pussy. Then he moved back and angled the laptop so that our pussies were on display, he clicked numerous pictures. I felt my passion begin to ebb as I felt neglected but Russ moved up to me and began kissing my breasts and rubbing my pussy. His fingers brushed my clit again and again. I began to moan and move and I felt Alex move towards me and begin to click his camera. Leonard meanwhile looked at Alex, who nodded and Leonard began to move into Kat’s ass. He slipped his fingers into her pussy and Russ moved over to suck and fondle her breasts. Miriam and I watched fascinated as she came loudly and fast. I looked a little shocked at the intensity of watching all of this up close when I felt myself being pulled back on the bed. Alex began sucking my nipples and Russ moved into my pussy. He slammed into me and with one quick move was deep inside me, and then he pulled out completely. Leonard picked up the camera and said, “Russ. She is so hot and so wet I think she could take all of us.” I realized I wasn’t being neglected, they were building me up. And all three were going to have me.

Russ moved into me harder, thrusting strongly and slowly. I felt a hand move in and play with my clit. It was Alex. Soon he moved so his cock was at my mouth. I licked, but he slid it all the way in. I heard myself begin to moan around his cock. Russ pushed harder and then came loudly. Shudder after shudder shook me. My pussy continued to throb. He pulled out and Leonard slid right in and began fucking me. I either came many times or had one long come. After he came with spasms that shook me he slipped out and Alex moved his long cock quickly into me. I was coming the whole time and had no idea how long it was until he came.

Wow. I was beyond thinking of anything but the sheer pleasure of the sounds and smells and the feeling of really being fucked hard and fast

I looked over to Miriam. She was smiling. I think she wanted me to experience the triple fucking. Just then I was sure she had. And I would again.

Russ moved over and held Miriam’s small legs up with one hand and Leonard knelt down and licked around her clit. Russ rubbed and slapped her ass and Alex moved and began to play with her breasts. She began to moan into her orgasm.

When she was done, Russ went to play with Katrina’s clit and Leonard twisted her nipples.

I looked at the guys cocks. Leonard was hard again, and he rolled Kat over and rode her, we saw her push into the bed again and again and she moaned and screamed until she collapsed shaking.

Russ was semi hard again and Max was soft. For a second I wanted to take him in my mouth and feel him harden. But really I was satiated. Almost exhausted. Almost.

We were all covered with sweat.

I threw everyone their towels and we grabbed robes, although no one wore them and soon we were recuperating in the hot tub. I was still a little shaky and starting to get turned on again when I remembered the front desk.

“Is anyone else coming?” I asked.

Just then the bell rang. I grabbed on the nearest small robe and headed back to the room, dressed quickly and ran down the stairs thinking and wondering what might happen next. My pussy purred.


Ron had visited Valerie at least twice a week over the past four weeks. Each time he would cum three times and fill her belly, pussy and ass with his seed. Valerie was now addicted to his big cock and she loved getting fucked by him. Each time that Ron visited Valerie, Amber would spend the afternoon with Becky in Becky’s bedroom. In the evening Becky and Ron would compare notes and discuss their sexual couplings with each other. Ron and Becky also kept up their incestuous sex marathons. Even though she was his sister she was a great fuck and he loved fucking her in her beautiful ass.

As they lay naked in bed Ron told his sister that he was going to introduce two of his friends to Valerie. Becky was excited and she wanted to hear all about it afterward. Becky thought it would be great if they could get Valerie to eat pussy too. Ron thought that would be cool too and promised to set it up some day. Becky would have to figure out what to do with Amber on that day.

Several days later Ron stopped over after class to hook up with Valerie. Valerie was on her knees sucking on Ron’s cock when the door bell rang. Valerie jumped to her feet and put her robe on. Ron walked to the door and opened it. “Hey come on in guys. That’s Valerie over there. She was just sucking my cock when you arrived.”

Valerie couldn’t believe that Ron told them that she was sucking his cock. “What are they doing here?” Valerie asked in surprise as she pulled the robe tighter around her body. She was nervous because she was naked underneath.

“This is Jeff and Brian and I have been telling them what a great fuck you are. They wanted to meet you,” Ron replied.

The three young men moved around her until she was somewhat surrounded on three sides. Ron grabbed her from behind and pulled her body back against him. Valerie held tightly to the robe.

“I thought that you might like some extra loving today,” Ron said as he pulled her into his body even tighter.

Valerie felt him and there was no doubt that his wonderful manhood was pushing at Valerie’s lower regions as he held her. She was aroused by her feelings and the closeness of his body but she knew that she had to put a stop to this before it went any further. Valerie struggled to get away but Ron held her firmly.

“You can’t do this. You three can’t just come into my home and expect to fuck me just because you’re horny. Now let go of me this instance,” Valerie demanded.

But Ron turned her toward him and pulled her tightly against his body. She allowed him to hold her tightly up against his manhood and she was exhilarated by the hard cock pushing below her waist. Ron lowered his mouth to hers holding her head in his strong hands. She felt herself opening her mouth and pushing her tongue out to tussle with the strong opponent pushing into her own mouth. Valerie’s lips crushed against the young mouth, her lipstick was being smudged, but she didn’t care as her head was held firmly as the two tongues fought ferociously with one another.

Ron’s hand was on her robe and rubbing the cheeks of her ass. Valerie could feel his big hands on her cheeks, pushing and then releasing her bottom, grinding her body onto his impressive manhood. Valerie had temporarily forgotten about Brian and Jeff who watched the sexy display. Valerie realized that her robe was being gently pulled up the backs of her legs.

“No Ron, you mustn’t, please no, not with them here,” Valerie pleaded.

Ron replied by kissing her open mouth once more and Valerie reluctantly responded, forgetting about her appearance. She could feel that her robe had been drawn up over her naked ass. He squeezed the firmness of each of her cheeks, pulling her against his cock again, slipping his hands over her buttocks to feel the skin of her shapely firm ass.

She knew that her legs were on display but still she instinctively opened them a little as the two of them held to each other. She was wet between her legs and there was no doubt what was going to happen next. Valerie snapped out of her stupor abruptly as she felt another pair of hands begin to massage her bottom and she felt the nearness of another body behind her.

“No, no, please, oh no, you mustn’t,” she pleaded unconvincingly.

Ron still held her tightly and she just went with the erotic experience. She knew to protest would be futile at this point. As the new hands encircled her waist and caressed her ass, Ron moved her hand down onto the rock hard cock at the front of his shorts. Valerie almost summoned up the courage to stop but she was too far gone.

“Take it out Valerie,” Ron ordered.

As if in a trance Valerie fished the big cock out of Ron’s shorts and felt the warmth and thickness in her hand as she brought the young cock out in the open. Valerie’s felt another man’s fingers explore the lips of her cunt and rub her clit. Valerie knew she was past protesting so she resolved herself to just let it happen. She had often wondered what it would be like with more than one man and that day she would find out.

Valerie was being led down a sexual path where she was their plaything and object of their desire. She was extremely proud that her body could still stir the sexual wantonness of the young men. Ron moved backwards and bent Valerie forward a little so that she could take his vibrant erect cock into her mouth. Valerie was now bent over sucking Ron’s prick as she held it in position with her hand. Meanwhile Brian was at her rear and with her robe bunched around her waist he was easing her legs wider apart.

Brian whispered, “Ron was right you have a beautiful ass and pussy Valerie, so fuckable.”

She obediently opened her thighs exposing her cunt lips to Brian’s probing fingers. Valerie held Ron’s cock perfectly in her mouth as she sucked and nibbled and bobbed up and down on it. She felt Brian’s firm hands on the tops of her thighs and then she felt the warm skin of another cock brush against her ass cheeks and prod her cunt lips. The wetness of her body opened her pussy easily and the thickness of Brian’s cock pushed aside her cunt lips and slid into her.

Valerie gasped as Brian’s first thrust pushed her forward causing Ron’s cock to hit the back of her throat. She almost gagged but she recovered quickly and returned to licking and sucking every inch of the beautiful cock in her mouth. Valerie thought how she must look at the moment in her own family room, her robe up around her middle and being fucked doggy style while gobbling a giant cock down her throat. For the first time in her life she had two cocks in her at the same time.

Jeff stood nearby watching the scene stroking his manhood through his shorts, not wanting to miss a second of the wonderful display of the assault on her shapely body. Jeff could see Brian’s cock entering with long, regular, penetrating strokes that almost lifted Valerie off her feet. Brian held her firmly by her hips and Ron held onto her head. Jeff watched Ron’s thick cock as it slipped down into her throat before easing out to momentarily rest between her lips and then slide back down again.

Neither of them was rushing the experience as they wanted to enjoy Valerie’s body. They wanted to savor her submissiveness and the eagerness with which she had given herself over to their sexual advances. Valerie was helpless in their dual grasp and beautifully exposed. At first she had been reluctant but now she wanted it to go on and on, thrilling her and fucking her deeply. She didn’t think about it any longer, she just listened to her body and went with the flow. As she sucked, nibbled and pushed back onto the young cocks in her the feeling was incredible.

Valerie groaned as Brian rammed up into her cunt with each thrust and Ron held her hair gently as he controlled her head movements over his cock. Ron held his cock with one hand as it moved in and out between Valerie’s willing lips, until finally he had reached his pinnacle, then he withdrew slightly and held Valerie firmly so that he could shoot in her mouth and over her face. Valerie was in such an aroused state from the cock pounding into her at the rear that she paid no attention to Ron’s positioning. Then his thick ejaculation shot into her mouth and splashed all over her face. Ron held his cock close so that his milky seed hit Valerie’s cheeks, chin and forehead. Valerie also felt the liquid enter her mouth as she held her lips open in an attempt to capture it all. She felt the fountain spew all over her face and her tongue darted out to lick round her lips. She felt the warmth as cum dribbled down her face as Ron held her head in place. He then pushed his member back into her mouth again and urged her to suck him dry.

“Lick it, Valerie, lick me clean,” Ron ordered and Valerie obligingly sucked and licked until every drop was taken into her mouth.

Brian still held Valerie and he was still thrusting his vibrant cock into her from behind. Jeff now wanted to enjoy the woman who was their plaything. Brian eased himself out of Valerie’s succulent body. Valerie raised herself to a standing position and Brian enveloped his arms around her waist to tease her cunt lips with his fingers again. Valerie was on a high as she had almost been brought to orgasm. She held Brian’s fingers on her cunt and guided the boys to the sofa. She felt wonderful and knew that she must have looked stunningly sexual to the three boys. She didn’t care that her robe was bunched up around her waist, or even that her face showed traces of Ron’s dried semen. The four of them removed all of their remaining clothes.

Valerie was opening her legs wider to accept Brian’s intruding fingers. She was overcome with desire and she wanted to rub her own clit frantically. She wanted so badly to cum.

“Oh please, please, fuck me, just fuck me,” Valerie pleaded.

Brian was grasping her bullet-like nipples, tweaking and pulling them playfully. Valerie was enjoying the tug on her nipples and the fingers up inside her cunt. Her eyes closed and she emitted audible sighs of enjoyment.

“Do you want to lay down Valerie? I am sure that you are ready to lie down, are you?” Jeff asked already knowing the answer.

Brian and Jeff gently guided Valerie to the sofa and had her lie comfortably on her back. The three studs stood by her. She looked sexy and vulnerable in their presence. Valerie’s fingers made their way back to her pussy and she caressed her clit as she watched Jeff kneel between her thighs. He leaned in towards her and moved his face close to her pussy.

“Oh my God, oh no, oh yes,” gasped the wanton woman as she felt the first caress of Jeff’s firm tongue on the wetness of her cunt.

His tongue pushed her lips open and darted in and out. Jeff then licked and pushed at her protruding clit, sending Valerie into spasms. Valerie’s hips lifted up and down off the sofa to meet Jeff’s lapping tongue as he gripped her open thighs and licked, slurped and nibbled her pussy. Every now and then Jeff would push his fingers into her to open her cunt lips.

“Do you like this Valerie? Do you like being licked and finger fucked,” whispered Brian as her head thrashed from side to side and her hips arched up even higher.

“Yes, yes, it’s fantastic. You shouldn’t be here you bastards, you shouldn’t be doing this” she screamed and then gasped, “But don’t you dare stop now.”

“Good Valerie, then take this,” Brian said as he lifted her head off the cushion with one hand and fed his throbbing cock into her eager mouth.

“Go on Valerie, take some more into your mouth. You know you love it,” Brian added as almost his entire vibrant young pecker disappeared down into Valerie’s eager throat.

She moved her head up and down rapidly on Brian’s cock, pumping in and out of her mouth with her neck supported by Brian’s large hand. She bucked up and down to meet Jeff’s tongue as it explored the very innards of her cunt. Her breathing was coming in short gasps as her free hand held Jeff’s head firmly into her cunt.

Jeff moved away from Valerie’s pussy and delayed her orgasm prolonging her need to cum. Valerie’s fingers dashed back to her wet open pussy and frantically rubbed her raging clit. Ron had gathered his second wind, and his young cock was rampant again after watching the woman writhe and gasp on the sofa, pleading for release. Ron came and knelt between Valerie’s luscious open thighs and played at the open lips with his fingers. He pushed two digits into her warm hole going a little farther each time, then three fingers, then four, each time going that little bit further.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Valerie? Do you want to cum, do you?” Ron asked as he finally pushed his fingers deep into the inners of Valerie’s open legs and used his thumb to toy with her clitoris.

She was rapturous, bucking and grunting through her full mouth, grasping Brian’s cock and swallowing as deeply as she could, and her breasts moved beautifully as her body shook to the movements on the sofa. Ron’s fingers were hidden in the folds of Valerie’s cunt, and then he slowly withdrew but held the lips wide open so he could see the wonderful juices that lay at the entrance to Valerie’s body. His fingers were drenched with Valerie’s fluids, and Ron gently rubbed one of them down the crease in Valerie’s bottom and pushed gently at her firm anus. Valerie let out a little gasp but then continued with the task of sucking the cock in her throat. Ron eased his finger further into Valerie’s ass.

Valerie was focused on Ron’s finger in her ass and her own need to cum when she felt the familiar signs of a cock pulsing in her mouth. Brian was there, his strokes had quickened dramatically, and he too holding on to her head more firmly. Valerie realized that she was going to get more cum in her mouth as Brian slipped out and held his cock over her face.

“Keep your mouth open, Valerie, that’s it,” directed Brian as the first spurt fired back into Valerie’s mouth.

Brian couldn’t control himself and the rest of his spunk went everywhere, hitting Valerie’s chin and forehead and cheeks. Her face was covered and soaked again, and she smiled as she flicked her tongue at the throbbing cock. Ron’s finger was still nestled wonderfully up Valerie’s ass, but she still hadn’t cum herself, and she was now frantic. Jeff had climbed into the sofa next to Valerie and he lay on his back with his big cock standing up like a pole. Ron told Valerie to sit on Jeff’s cock as he slipped his intrusive finger out of her ass. Valerie moved cautiously over Jeff’s torso and slowly lowered her body onto his. Jeff pushed the helmet of his cock at her open cunt lips. Valerie moaned as she lowered her torso and felt the marvelous cock thrust inside her. Jeff held her shapely hips as Valerie felt his rod go into her pussy like a knife through warm butter. The two of them began to fuck, up and down, in and out. Valerie’s sexually charged body spasmed each time she descended onto the wonderful weapon that was finally hammering her pussy. Finally she was getting what she craved, a good fucking and now she was ready to give in to any abuse of her body by these three naughty young men. Valerie then felt Ron’s wonderful finger re-enter her ass which heightened her thrills even more.

“Oh yes, yes, ah,” Valerie gasped and Ron had to hold his finger firmly in Valerie’s bottom as she bucked furiously up and down on Jeff’s penetrating cock in her cunt.

“Come on Valerie, you want it, you want two cocks in your body, fucking you hard, going right up inside you together. Come on Valerie say it, say what you want,” Ron and Jeff said enticing her.

“Yes, yes, go on, please, fuck me, both of you, fuck me in my ass,” Valerie cried out.

Valerie felt Ron’s finger gradually slide out of her ass although it didn’t stop her from continuing to enjoy the big cock thrusting up into her as Jeff held her hips and brought her down on him every other second. The solid hardness of Ron’s wonderful rampant cock was prodding between her ass cheeks and Valerie felt it touch her anus. Ron put his hands around her waist to steady himself as his cock at her rear pushed hard against her ass. It opened her anus beautifully and slowly moved into Valerie’s body. She felt so wicked and so erotic as if she were high on a sexual drug. She was in heaven, just pure heaven. Slowly and surely, Ron held Valerie’s waist and pushed in and out, each time going in a little further until his penis was deep inside Valerie’s bottom. His pubic hairs brushed against her shapely bottom as it filled her asshole. No sounds were audible from Valerie as she held her breath with the two big cocks implanted deeply within her. Jeff and Ron moved steadfastly and surely up and down, in and out, back and forth. They held to her hips and waist to keep her in place and to allow their cocks grind away. She was pushing hard down onto Jeff as he pounded up into her cunt and she tried to hold herself firmly so that she could get the full benefit of Ron’s ass fucking.

“Valerie, do you want it deeper up your ass?” Ron asked her.

“Yes, yes, deeper, fuck me up my ass deeper,” She screamed and then momentarily felt ashamed of her own language.

The young men were controlling their movements very well but Valerie was out of control as she raced toward a mind shattering orgasm. Ron and Jeff were determined to go on and on, enjoying the married woman and mother who was now at their mercy.

“Harder, harder, please just fuck me harder,” she was screaming now as two men just smiled and carried on their rhythmic fucking of her hot body.

Brian was thoroughly entranced by the whole episode going on in front of his eyes, and it hadn’t taken long for his youthful body to come alive again. He watched the attractive Valerie being fucked up her ass and at the same time up her gloriously ripe cunt by his two buddies. Valerie was totally out of control and Brian wanted to enjoy her some more himself. Brian could hear her gasping and whimpering at the same time as his two friends still fucked her with all their energy. Brian could also see that Valerie was experiencing a magnificent orgasm which she obviously had no control over. Valerie couldn’t stop herself. It was stupendous as waves of ecstasy rolled over her causing her body to shake with tremors. Valerie’s nails dug into Jeff’s shoulders as she went through her magnificent orgasm, the feelings were unstoppable. Brian was suddenly in front of her face.

“Come on, Valerie do me again,” Brian directed.

Valerie saw the rock hard cock being offered to her mouth. Jeff held her arms at her side and Valerie had no option but to part her lips and allow Brian to once more fill her mouth with his throbbing prick. Brian didn’t wait for Valerie to start sucking his cock but instead he held her head and started to fuck her wet mouth as though it was her ass or her cunt. Valerie did not object and she took the cock in and out of her mouth, enjoying the thrill of a third cock thrusting into one of her orifices. Valerie heard their voices although she was unsure what each one was saying.

“This is it, Valerie just what you wanted. Three cocks inside you at once, three young cocks fucking you at once. What’s it like, Valerie, is it good? Go on Valerie, fuck us all, fuck three cocks at once, Valerie, feel our hot spunk spurt into your body at once.” They chided.

Valerie knew that they wouldn’t stop until they had shot three loads of cum inside her. It didn’t matter though, it wasn’t about them now; it was about her. She got those squirmy feelings in her belly again and she knew she was on course for another wonderful orgasm. The three men were pounding her hard again and she could only grunt as Brian’s cock fully occupied her mouth. The other two guys were humping her body up and down onto their cocks that were hitting her holes with such force. Valerie had never been so erotically abused with three mighty cocks deep in her body.

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