Marie is married, almost twice my age and has been my cougar playmate for almost a year.

Marie is an associate professor of science at a university in Miami. Her husband Leoncio –known as Leo- also works for the university as a middle level supervisor of an administration department. Leo is a balding, paunchy 53 year old man of average height and an easy going disposition.

Marie is average in height, forty-seven years of age, green eyed; she has an interesting attractive face topped with a mane of silver hair neatly layered and combed back. Her body has lost the slimness of youth but the breasts are still astonishingly upright, her Spanish ass is wide but still very inviting. Her thighs are still firm, round and even. With her professional, moderate style of dressing she is a mature, sensuous dish, always perfumed and well groomed.

Marie and Leo are friends of my parents and have known me since I was twelve or thirteen; I am twenty four now. During my adolescent years I never thought of her in a sexual manner, at least not beyond an occasional flash image picturing her naked as I glanced at her wearing tight jeans or a shirt that outlined her breasts flatteringly. At those times I undressed her in my mind but never entertained for it to become reality due to the difference in age and her friendship with my parents.

After high school I went to the US Navy for a four year hitch. I was sent to an advanced computer school and spent my military service in a battleship cruiser, doing computer maintenance and studying some college courses on line.

After the Navy I enrolled at the university, using my GI bill, which paid me enough to survive only having to work part time, doing some bartending. I lived in a one bedroom apartment within walking distance of the campus and I rode a Vespa scooter.

On my first week on campus I bumped into Leo and Marie, who invited me to lunch. Over the first semester we became well acquainted having lunch –with both or with either one- a couple of times a week. Our conversation went from the usual questions about experiences in the military to conversations about politics, the economy, events on campus and similar topics. Besides being my parents friends, they also become my friends.

Towards the end of the first semester Leo asked me if I could fix his home computer, which seemed to have crashed. That same night I went to their home where I asked them to go ahead and do whatever they were doing and to leave me alone with the computer while I ran a diagnostic test and cleaned it from any possible virus.

Without ulterior motive and more out of curiosity, I looked at some of their files while the computer was being scanned for viruses. I went to Marie’s file section, which I decided to copy to a flash for myself. I did it on impulse and although at this time I did not have designs on Marie, but I was curious to see what her private life was like. I was a cybernetic peeping tom, curiosity winning over moral principle.

Within two hours after arriving at their home, I had their computer running like a Swiss clock. It was all so quick and easy that they never suspected I had copied her files.

When I returned home I decided to glance over Marie’s files. The first half hour was boring as most were copies of business letters, scanned documents and scientific research articles.

One of the files contained a huge journal about 200 pages long with about 60,000 words. It was not a diary but a potpourri of her feelings, of incidents in her life, attempts at poetry, political thoughts and personal fears. It did contain some sexual references and comments.

“I love Leo. He is the only lover I have ever had and he is a good husband and friend. As a lover he is gentle, nurturing and sweet, which is both an asset and a problem. There are times when I want rough and wild and even though he’s tried he can only be kind and sweet as a lover. This is a problem…”

“The older I am the more sexually curious I become. In 27 years of marriage I have no complaints against my husband. But I am curious. He’s the only man I’ve been with and I wonder what a different man would be like, taste like…it’s the old cliché of eating the same food year after year until you want a different dish, wanting it real bad…”

“For the last six or seven years I’ve had very mixed feelings as I realized that love and sex can be different…I have had fantasies….Leo is willing to help. He is a very understanding man, but his personality or upbringing hold him back, although he does try… Four years ago he took me to a male strip show and I was very aroused seeing those hard young men with fat cocks dancing on stage but later, in bed, Leo tried to please but showed no imagination, even though I was willing to try anything, anything at all…”

“Yesterday I was alone at home and I canvassed the cable channels looking for something to watch and ended up looking at soft porn. The movie had enough erotic content to make me burn with sexual hunger. When the girl on screen licked the sweat of the man’s chest and stomach, I wanted to be her…I wanted to lick a set of hairy testicles…”

“We don’t have sexual relations the way we used to…Once a week, maybe, both of us always tired from overwork or stressed out….This is terrible.”

“A couple of years ago we discussed the idea of attending a swinger’s club. Leo surprisingly, was all for it. As he later told me, in his youth he had secretly spied on his aunt and a neighbor screwing and he had developed a taste for observing sexual acts. The thought of a trio or a voyeuristic experience delighted him. The concept excited me and doing it with Leo’s permission would not be cheating. But we did not do anything, for we were nervous about being found out and how such a situation would affect our professional careers…We did pretend it while we had sex and I went wild. Leo did okay that night… One of his good performances.”

“I had a dream last night that a muscular man was fucking me. Yes, fucking me, not making love but fucking me, putting his cock in me, using me, penetrating me… He told me what to do and I did it willingly while my husband watched through an open window. It was a strange dream and also the best dream I have ever had…the man fucked me in every hole, taking my ass with a rough thrust, pumping a river inside of me as I begged for more…”

“I masturbated in the shower this morning, fingering myself while I thought of sharing the shower with some muscular young man with a fat cock….I should not write my feelings like this but I need an outlet…”

“I asked Leo to talk dirty to me in bed. Every time I see it in the movies it makes me hot. He tried but it’s not his personality and his performance was lame…I am so worried about the way I feel.”

“I was alone in the house today and I masturbated in the shower once more. It was not as good as a real man but it was still very pleasant and exciting. I started with soaping my nipples and playing softly with the hard tips. When I was really excited I used the shower massager on myself, pressing the nozzle between my legs, letting the spray of water massage my clitoris as I also fingered myself. It was a great moment and I climaxed on the shower floor.”

The following morning I reread the journal and wrote down several pages of notes on her likes and dislikes, research for a now desired seduction.

In the next three weeks, right before semester break, I began to use the info I had gathered. She liked jazz so I burned a disk for her with some great hits by Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Ray Charles and others. When I gave it to her she seemed surprised but I told her that she had mentioned at some time that she was a jazz fan, so I had burned a special disk for her. She gave me a peck on the cheek in gratitude.

“This sounds even better when you are stoned,” I said and she looked at me raising one eye questioningly.

“You do drugs?”

“Only weed and I didn’t do any while in the Navy. I don’t do any hard drug. Did you ever do drugs, Marie?”

“Well…. Yes, I did do some weed. That was about twenty five years ago…”

I laughed. I knew it. She had mentioned in her journal smoking weed during her college years.

“Well, Marie,” I said with a wink, “If you ever want to smoke and listen to Monk or Dizzy call me up.”

She laughed, pretending not to take my comment seriously but there was a brief flash of excitement in her eyes. We were both pretending to be joking but we were both dancing on a minefield in our inner thoughts.

Leo and Marie invited me to a gathering at their house during semester break and I told them I would contribute with a few bottles of a good Portuguese wine. When I mentioned the brand, Marie nodded.

“That’s my favorite brand,” she said.

“You have good taste,” I answered and she smiled.

The following day Leo was unable to join us for lunch. Halfway through her salad Marie brought up the party.

“Dress is casual and you can bring a date.”

“I won’t,” I answered, “I’ll be there by myself.”

“Really? What about that blonde I saw you with a couple of days ago at that outdoor bench by the library?”

“I dated her for a while, but we broke up. She’s sweet and considerate but lacks imagination; I like my women a little wilder and my sex a little rough.”

Her eyes blinked as she looked at me with a face that seemed both interested and perplexed.

“Rough?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah, don’t misinterpret me. I don’t mean sadism, beatings or any kind of pain or anything unusually weird. Just a little rough, teasing kind of games and role playing taking sex as an enjoyable thing, enjoying the act itself, the delight of the deed carried out. I’m sorry if this remark on my part has offended you in any way or made you uncomfortable.”

“No.” she answered, “I find it interesting. So I gather that you are not a typical college computer geek still trying to lose his virginity?”

“Not at all,” I said laughing, “I lost my virginity years ago and I am not a super stud but I have more experience than some and less than others.”

“How discreet and modest,” she said smiling. “I like that.”

“Furthermore,” I said, “I don’t date many college girls. I prefer older women.”

She squinted, a puzzled look on her face.

“Why older women?”

“Not as shallow as young girls, more experienced, less inhibited and much more sensual. A mature woman knows what she wants, enjoys herself more and is a much better lover than an inexperienced young girl.”

She was quiet for a few seconds, finishing her salad.

“So how old was your oldest date?”

“About your age,” I said, “in fact you know her.”

Her eyes opened wide. She was stunned.


“Never mind who. It would not be right for me to betray her by telling you her name. It would be indiscreet. We had a wild, terrific affair that lasted a few weeks and both of us will remember forever.”

She ate the rest of her lunch in almost total silence. I had not in fact, had any kind of affair with anyone her age, but the conversation had served to establish that I was discreet, liked women her age and practiced the type of sex that she was so curious about. I had opened a door wide.

I did not feel guilt about any of this…well, I did feel some guilt about copying her private life but I did not feel guilt about attempting a seduction. She wanted it, needed it and even her husband seemed to be in tune having contemplated the idea of joining a swinger’s club.

The party was on a Saturday night and I showed up dressed in jeans and a polo shirt with four bottles of Portuguese wine. Marie was wearing jeans and bright green blouse. Most of the people at the gathering were in their age bracket.

The Spanish stucco house had a magnificent patio that included a swimming pool, a large brick BBQ, a gazebo and a tool shed.

I had some wine, mingled in the customary shallow talk about sports, new movies or cars and was ready to say an early good bye when Marie approached me, wine glass in hand.

“I have been thinking about your offer.” She said.

“What offer?”

“The jazz and smoke offer. It’s been a lot of years since I smoked weed and I feel nostalgic right now and would like to hear some good music stoned.”


“Leo would not approve.”

“So what do you propose, Marie?”

“Well, Leo is leaving town Wednesday late afternoon for a state licensing course seminar in Tampa and he does not return until late Thursday evening,”

“Fine,” I said in a matter of fact tone, “I’ll come over Thursday night and bring you some bud.”

“I can’t believe I’m going to do this,” she said, “Smoke….It’s something I need. Life is so boring sometimes.”

“Blame only yourself. You can make your life as boring or as exciting as you want. It’s up to you.”

She nodded then tried to change the subject.

“You have had your share of adventure in the Navy, I bet… How many places have you been?”

“A few.”

She finished her wine and seemed to be somber, lost in thought for a moment.

“What are you thinking?” I asked.

“I was just looking at that group of women over there,” she said nodding towards a half dozen women sitting in lawn chairs by the pool, chatting and drinking, “And I wondered for a moment if one of them could be could be your former lover.”

I smiled.

“You will never know. I am discreet.”

“I admire that, it shows maturity on your part,” she said seriously then smiled and said –pretending to be joking but prodding- “Since you like mature women, do you find any of them attractive? Do you see anything you like?”

I nodded and looked straight at her eyes.

“I do see something I like.”

She looked at me with a blank stare then looked away.

“Marie,” I said, “I have to leave now and run some errands. I’ll see you Wednesday night. Is eight in the evening a good time?”

She looked at me seriously and nodded slowly.

The following days went very slow. On Wednesday night I called her on the phone and she told me that Leo had left three hours before. I asked her if she had any of the Portuguese wine left –she did- and I told her to chill a bottle, for I would be at her doorstep in a few minutes. She told me to park my scooter below an awning on the side of their driveway because there was a serious possibility of rain, the sky being overcast.

I dressed in a polo shirt, cargo pocket shorts and sandals, without underwear. When she opened the door, Marie was dressed with a royal blue shirt, a burgundy cotton skirt that reached to her knees and open toed leather sandals.

She pecked me a greeting kiss on the cheek and her perfume filled my nostrils, as well as the scent of wine.

“You started drinking without me?” I asked in a joking tone and Marie winked at me and laughed softly.

We sat side by side on a large couch in her living room and she giggled like a schoolgirl when I lit the first joint.

The effect did not take long. She had not smoked in years and the weed hit her by the end of the first joint. We both sat in silence for a few minutes listening to a sax and a horn both impeccably played.

We talked after that, Marie remarking on the clearness of the sounds, the purity of jazz music and how it developed. We smoked another fat joint and she was giddy and relaxed.

I kissed her and her mouth began to open in response before she pulled back.

“I am married,” she blurted out.

“Marie,” I said as I looked straight into her eyes, “The first time I saw you since I came out of the Navy and started school four months ago, I undressed you with my eyes. Everyman always does that with every attractive woman he sees and I enjoyed the image of you naked. Then, as our friendship increased I began to sense and read in your eyes that sometimes you were undressing me, that you desired me as I desire you.”

“So I made my move and now you have a choice to make,” I said, “If you tell me you are not interested in being physical with me I will leave now, continue to be your friend and never say a word of this to anyone as I would also expect your discretion. If on the other hand, you agree, I will stay and make you mine, take you tonight and satisfy any craving you might have, promising total discretion. The woman always decides and it’s time to make your choice. Do I leave or stay?”

She did not answer, staring at me with a blank look. I stood up and walked towards the door.

“Stay,” she said almost in a whimper.

“Fine,” I said, “but you do understand this has no strings attached and no guilt. You understand this and want it?”

She nodded slowly.

“Say it.”

“I want it,” she said in a low voice, “I want you to stay.”

She came into my arms and we kissed standing up in the middle of her living room. I took my time nibbling and tonguing her ear, kissing her neck and French kissing her mouth. Her arms encircled my chest as she pressed against me as my hands fondled her ass. In seconds she was sighing in heat. The pale white skin of her face was slightly blotched, flush with desire, very warm to the touch.

“Marie,” I said, “I am going to the gazebo where I will strip down naked and wait for you. I will take the bottle of wine. After I am at the gazebo you will strip down and walk naked across the pool deck to the gazebo where I will be waiting.”

“But someone might see us,” she said nervously. “And it’s going to rain.”

“Who will see us? You have a six foot concrete wall and a small jungle of trees ten feet tall. And the rain will be romantic. Do as I tell you, Marie. I want to see you walk naked under the moonlight.”

My round hit the target and a soft smile appeared on her face. She was ready.

I walked to the gazebo, stripped down naked, took a swig of wine and lit a cigarette. I was halfway done with the smoke when the patio door opened and a totally naked Marie came walking in my direction.

She looked very good in the moonlight. Her jiggling tits were still firm and to my surprise her mound was shaved smooth. She was smiling softly but as she approached the gazebo the look on her face changed as her eyes focused on my naked figure standing in the center of the wooden structure, my cock semi erect and hardening with each passing moment.

“You surprised me. I did not expect you to be shaved smooth.”

“I tried it on a whim,” she answered, “And liked it…I have been shaving for a year.”

I sat on a wood seat attached to the wall of the gazebo and pulled Marie towards me. My tongue licked the nipples of her tits, my teeth nibbled the hardened tips of her breasts which I held in both my hands. Marie cooed and moaned as she ran her fingers through my hair.

The rain came in a light downpour with little wind so we stayed dry in the gazebo. By the time the rain began, I had my face pressed against her smoothly shaved mound, my tongue licking her clit as she bucked her hips and moaned in raw heat. My fingers became busy, alternating between fingering her wet slit or sliding up and down and up on the folds of her cunt as I used tongue on her clit.

I lapped her nub as she bucked, groaned and grabbed my hair pulling my face into her wet snatch as she pressed her mound against my face. She was hungrily responsive.

She pushed into me, face fucking me as she let out an animal moan. Her hands left my head, her fingers closing around her own breasts, rubbing her hardened nipples.

“Oh,” she said, “This is incredible!”

“You like my tongue on your cunt? You like me to eat your wet pussy?”

“Yes,” she said in between grunts, “Your tongue is magic. You…have me in…Oh. Oh… I am going to come soon… This is….yes, lick me like that…I am going to burst….Oh… Oh, yes, yes, yes.”

My tongue and fingers did their work well for her orgasms came like waves to shore, some creating jerking movements while other ones made her buck her hips slightly. I then stood up, grabbing her ankles, spreading her legs wide open and rubbing the head of my cock on her smooth, wet slit.

“Is this what you want, Marie?” I asked, “You want my cock? You want me to fuck you hard?”

“Oh…Yes!!!!…Fuck me now….Don’t tease me….fuck me you dirty boy!… Fuck me now. Please, fuck me with your young cock…”

I pumped my meat in fast and hard; she hit an instant orgasm on my first thrust, a long wailing moan escaping from her lips as her cunt muscles tightened on my shaft. I waited a moment until her orgasm began fading before I began pumping her with a solid rhythm, bringing new climaxes into play, one after another, making her moan deeply, gasp for breath and groan with pleasure.

“You like this Marie? You liked being fucked hard in the gazebo? You like me using your body like this? You like my cock in your cunt? You like being used as a whore, a puta?”

“Oh, yes…I am your whore… tu puta, papi…fuck me with your hard cock…yes, use me as fuck toy… Oh, you are so hard and thick…. I love your cock…..I’ve never…before… this is incredible….you are deep in me… I am your puta, papi….Oooohhh, I’m coming!!!”

I don’t know how many orgasms she had but there were several as she bucked and moaned, exploding as I also did soon, filling her with my cream as she shook with her final powerful climax.

From the gazebo we went back into the house, heading for the circular glass shower in her master bedroom. The weed buzz and the gazebo fuck had driven her across a line beyond anything she ever thought possible. Her inhibitions had disappeared as she went down on her knees in the shower, soaped and washed my cock and balls, proceeding to swallow my meat in passionate fellatio. She stroked my shaft as her tongue licked the head of my organ.

“Oh, Marie,” I said, “you are a first rate cocksucker. My dick feels good in your mouth and when I come you will swallow it all, like the puta you are.”

My words excited her even more and she sucked like a woman possessed, thrilled by the new cock in her mouth. One of her hands went down between her legs, her fingers disappearing into her slit. She was breathing hard, almost choking, but continued eating and licking my meat. I took my organ out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her face, tracing the line of her jaw, pressing it against her cheeks before sliding it back over her wet tongue.

“I’m going to fuck you all night,” I said as I pumped my cock deeper in her mouth, “I’m going to put you on all fours and fuck your ass and cunt. I am going to make you cum a hundred times…”

She nodded her head in agreement as she continued sucking my cock until I climaxed, shooting my cream in her mouth. She swallowed a fair portion and smiled a wicked smile.

After the shower we stretched out on her marital bed. I opened the curtains that covered the view of the second floor terrace so I could see her naked in the moonlight. She was an ivory figure, a Renaissance nude of white marble. We played soft jazz and smoked more weed. She was very happy that we had coupled and wanted to continue the relationship but felt she must be honest and tell her husband.

“He will probably approve,” she said, “For he has for several years been open to the thought of swinging or similar situations.”

“Why didn’t you try it before?”

“Because of fear… of getting involved with strangers… We actually did plan to go to a swinger’s club in another county but we did not… I love my husband and he has tried hard to please me; he is a good lover but he lacks fire.”

“What turns you on?

“With you, everything,” she answered, “This has been the most intense, dirty, thrilling sexual moment of my life.”

“It’s not over yet.”

It began raining hard and we sat on her matrimonial bed smoking weed while we watched the pouring rain though the open curtains. After a rest we began to make out once more. My tongue lingered on her nipples and my fingers brushed against her clit. When she was really hot and wet I stopped.

“Come on baby, do me,” she implored.

“First I want to see you masturbate.”

“What? You want to see me masturbate?”

“You have masturbated before, haven’t you, Marie?”

“Yes, but it has always been a private thing, not in front of anyone, not even my husband. I only did it when my husband was on a trip.”

“So, I want to be the first man to see you masturbate. Do you have any sex toys?”

“Eh….yes, I have a vibrator my husband and I use sometimes…to enhance our sexual life.”

“Then use it; relax and do it and I will say things to excite you so you can have a terrific orgasm. Will you do this now?”

“Si, soy tu puta, papi.”

From a far corner of her closet she came up with an eight inch long vibrator. She checked to see if the batteries worked.

“Are you excited?” I asked her.

“Very. This is turning out to be the best night of my sexual life.”

“Do continue.”

She stretched on the bed face up. She licked the dildo, pulling it into her mouth, getting it wet, while her other hand played with a nipple, softly pinching it, followed by the hand moving down, reaching her shaved mound. Pushing a fingertip against her clit, she circled it slowly. Her fingers danced on her wet slit, as Marie arched up off the bed, her fingers sliding into her pussy. She pushed the tip of the dildo down between her legs. Finally, with a swift thrust, she pushed the hard object all the way up inside herself, her cunt walls closing in on the vibrating cock.

“My dear Marie,” I said as I stood next to the bed looking down on her, “You are a good performer. It is sexy to see you play with yourself, your fingers on your clit and a vibrator in your cunt. After you climax you will suck my cock once again before I fuck your smooth white ass…”

“I have not done it often,” she said, “but I will do anything to please you.”

She continued pushing the vibrator in and out of her soaked cunt. She fingered her clit faster and jammed the plastic cock between her legs until her back arched, pushing her tits upwards, her body lunging forward, jerking with spasms as wave after orgasmic wave of pleasure filled her, leaving Marie collapsed on the bed, the wet dildo slipping out of her soaked mound.

We slept for a couple of hours, waking up to the sound of thunder and the rain hitting the glass sliding door that led to the upper terrace.

Once awake and rested we began the last session of the night. She parted her lips as I rolled my cock upon her willing tongue and she deep throated my meat expertly. The oral sex did not last long, however as I wanted to take her ass, the last hole to be penetrated.

She was nervous but willing, on all fours, offering her ass for the taking; I played with her rosebud hole, dilating it with my finger and she moaned in delight. When we were both ready I lubricated my dick before I opened up her ass cheeks with my hands and entered her slowly at first, until I was halfway in, then grabbed her milk white waist and pulled her back hard as I slammed my organ forward, thighs slapping against her hips in a swift motion that made her howl, her scream drowned by rain and thunder.

Watching her ivory ass bounce impaled on my cock, made me want to smack it, not for pain but for a game, so as she bucked and pushed her ass back to meet my hip thrusts. I smacked her ass, making her yelp in surprise.

“You like it Marie? You like being spanked for being a bad girl?”

“Yes, baby, I like being your naughty girl. Your puta.”

I spanked her some more. She responded by raising her ass higher, capturing my cock in her clenched ass cheeks, grinding her hips, pushing back, trying to feel the prick deeper just as I picked up the tempo once more. I pumped my meat into her with complete abandon while she pushed back with her hips to meet each thrust, asking for more in a sexual frenzy I had not ever seen, even in porno films.

I pumped her steadily, making her climax as I felt her contractions and she howled once more.

“Oh, hell yes!!…Fuck me baby….Fuck my ass. It’s yours!…Fuck me deep! I am your lover, your whore, whatever you want….Crack my culo with your fat cock!!!… Oh, oh, oh….that thick cock in my ass…. I am close…. Ooohhhh!”

I bellowed out a deep moan as my entire body jolted in climax and my meat spewed my cream into her ass. She clenched her ass cheeks harder, draining me to the last drop.

“For as long as you want me,” she said, “I’ll be your loving cougar.”

After making Marie my cougar in a passionate rainy night while her husband was out of town, I did not hear from her until the following night when she texted me to meet her at an ice cream store near the university before nightfall.

“So how did your husband react?” I asked as she slid into the other side of a corner booth.

“He was excited,” She said, “Just as I predicted and he wants us to get together again and this next time he wants to watch, but he does not want you to know he’s watching.”


“Because when he was very young he peeped in on an aunt and a neighbor, making him very aroused. He has strong voyeuristic tendencies and I am letting you know this to avoid an embarrassing and difficult moment if you should discover him while we are together. Will you play along?”

“Sure. Does he want it to be like this all the time?”

“Oh, no. he will join us on future occasions but he would like this time to be a peeping situation.”

So we choreographed our next get together. She told me the places in their home where Leo could hide and the views he would have from his hiding places. We also discussed how we should act and things we should say to each other. It was to be performance art for Leo’s benefit.

The conversation had excited me and I wanted to do something right there. We paid the bill and I walked her to her car, where before she opened the vehicle I began fondling her ass and tits. She was wearing a wide linen skirt and a cotton shirt. My hand slid down her belly to her undergarment, a thin panty that was pushed aside as my fingers massaged the mound and the slit between her legs.

“Let my fingers do their magic, Marie,” I said softly, “Go ahead and climax anytime you want. What a wet pussy, my dear….You are a great sex toy, Marie. I like playing with you, fucking your ass, mouth and cunt….you enjoy, Marie, enjoy everything.”

She came in seconds. Afterwards I made her kneel and take my cock in her mouth.

“You are a grand cocksucker my dear…” I said as I caressed her mane of hair, my meat soon erupting, filling her mouth with my seed.

The setup for our adventure with peeping Leo started with a phone call that Friday night in which she put me on speaker phone so her husband could listen. I pretended as expected.

“I want to see you again,” she said.

“Have you told Leo what happened?” I asked, “I like the guy and I really don’t feel right going on like this unless he understands and green lights us.

“I have not told him yet. I am waiting for the right moment. I know he will approve because he’s open minded but I want to surprise him. Meanwhile, I want to see you, I want to suck your cock and I want to be fucked hard.”

“Sounds great but when?”

“Leo is going to drive to Siesta Key to see his parents tomorrow. I made an excuse and will be home alone from morning until late afternoon. Come over and we will start with a skinny dip in the pool. Be here by nine.”

“Looking forward to fucking you once more,” I said as I heard Leo gasp softly at my words a fraction of a moment before I hung up the phone.

This was a situation I had never faced before but it excited me to think that I was going to bang this middle aged woman, doing anything I wanted, fucking her every hole while her husband watched happily from a hiding place.

Saturday morning I only wore a pair of cargo shorts –no underwear- a T-shirt and sandals, figuring I would be undressed soon enough. Although I am not one to smoke weed for breakfast I did on this day, to enhance my senses on this special morning. The scooter ride to their home was mellow and enjoyable.

Marie opened the door wearing a green two piece bathing suit. We kissed in the foyer as my hands caressed her ass.

“Let’s go for a dip in the pool,” she said in a clear voice for her hiding husband’s benefit.

“I did not bring a bathing suit.”

“You won’t need it.”

Stripping by poolside I dove into the deep end, feeling the freedom of swimming underwater naked. As I came up to the surface, Marie looked at me from the deck at the shallow end.

“Take it off, Marie,” I said, “I want to see you buck naked in the sunlight.”

She laughed, did a couple of bump and grinds as she removed her garment and soon stood fully nude, nipples hardened as beads of moisture gathered around her shaved slit. My cock went very hard; I was going to enjoy this.

Her husband was watching from behind a window –he even had a set of opera glasses for a close up view- as Marie walked into the pool and we met at the shallow end, tongues dueling, hands grabbing ass, tit and cock, bodies pressed against each other, sexual hunger rising inside us as my cock head pressed against her mound.

For the next ten minutes Leo looked down from the window as I fingered his wife, spanked her ass playfully, kneaded her tits and ran my tongue over her face and neck and she responded by stroking my cock, pressing herself against me and briefly sucking on my engorged organ.

We aimed to please Leo and develop a good –although somewhat unusual- relationship. From the window he could see us but not hear us and Marie and I talked softly about our peeping tom.

“Oh,” Marie had whispered in my ear, “When you finger me like this it is so exciting. Leo has probably had an orgasm on the palm of his hand seeing how his wife is fingered by a young stud. If he hasn’t climaxed yet he will now that my hand is playing and stroking your thick fat pinga.”

“Then let him see you with that pinga stuffed into your mouth.”

“I’ll do it but not for long. I want to go inside the house so he can be close and see and hear everything.”

We were standing on the deck by the deep end when she pushed me into the pool, then pointed o the house and said she would wait for me in the shower. This scene was prearranged so she could meet with her husband for a few seconds to make sure that he was okay with the flow of events.

I walked slowly up the stairs to her bedroom where Marie waited for me standing by the circular glass shower. As I approached her she winked at me, our signal that her husband was enjoying himself immensely.

“I love this shower,” I said, “This is where you sucked my dick for the first time.”

“Let’s do it again,” she said as she kneeled in front of me.

Marie stroked the base of my organ while her mouth closed down over the cockhead.

“Marie you are a wonderful cocksucker,” I said, “Yeah, run your tongue up and down my shaft a couple of times and slide my pinga back in your mouth. That’s it….great tongue movement… yes, Marie, that’s it, nibble at the meat head softly with your teeth.”

The dirtier I talked the more excited she became, the more frenzied the stroking, the head movements, darting tongue. Her husband was getting a perfect view of us from his hiding place in their walk in closet.

I grabbed Marie’s mane of silver hair and pulled her hair back, withdrawing my cock from her mouth.

“How bad do you want this cock, Marie?”

“I want it… I want to suck it lick and I want it inside me. Anywhere…my cunt, my ass… give me cock.”

I rubbed my meat across her face and forehead before sliding it back into her mouth. I moved my hips on the rhythm of her stroking and sucking and it did not take long before I spurted a rope of cream upon her tongue and face, she charmingly swallowing most of the load.

“There you go, Marie,” I said, “Swallow my load like the great cock sucker you are.”

We followed the blowjob with a shower in which I soaped her, fondled her and fingered to orgasm. Her husband no doubt had a most perfect view of her soaped wife being fingered as I pressed my meat to her ass and both my hands went around her and down, opening the folds of her cunt, caressing her clit, entering her and pumping her until she was pushing back against me, her hips moving to the rhythm of my fingers. She was in heat and the rush of words coming from her lips must have stunned her husband.

“Oh, fuck! Oh!!….. Your fingers are magic……..use me as your fuck toy… Oh, your cock feels so hard and thick inside my cunt…. You fuck so well… Fuck me hard…Tell me, later on are you going…to fuck my ass, you dirty boy?”

“I am going to fuck your ass in your bed but first you are going to climax here.”

“Oh, fuck, this is so hot!…. Fuck me like a whore.”

She bent forward slightly to give me better access and I slammed my dick into her cunt as her hands pressed against the glass shower wall. As in the gazebo, she climaxed as soon as I entered her but this time she was talking loudly as her body jolted with orgasms.

“Ohhh! Ohhh!!! Fuck me hard…. I can’t….Oh, your dick is sooo deep in me…I …I am comiiiinggg!! Oh, fuck, I love your cock! I am your puta, your whore, your….cock sucking cougar!!! Use me, fuck me, take my ass, cum on my face!!! I am comiiiinggg!! Oh, fuck, I am cooommiiing!!!!”

Once she climaxed I withdrew my cock for I did not want to spend all my sexual rations in the first half hour of our get together. The day still had hours to enjoy.

After those first orgasms we relaxed on the master bed. We talked while Marie fondled my dick, our conversation geared to excite and reassure her peeping husband.

“I am going to talk to Leo and tell him and I am sure he will approve,” she said, “I’ll tell him everything.”

“Everything?” I questioned, “Are you going to tell him how you swallowed my load? Or how you begged for more cock the first time I fucked your ass? Or how deep my tongue went into your cunt? Or how you fingered your pussy for my pleasure?”

“I will tell him everything,” she answered, “and his dick will get hard and I’ll suck it like I did yours and he will approve and even look forward to joining us.”

“You would like that Marie? Taking and sucking two pingas at once, four hands fondling you, fingering you, two dicks filling you up…”

“You are getting me very excited again,” she said as her head rested on my thigh, inches from my organ, “Yes, I would like two cocks at once and I guarantee you that when we get together next time my husband will be there to fuck me and see me get fucked.”

“Sounds very good to me,” I said, “Now, I want you to play with yourself while you tell me the nastiest thing Leo and you ever did together…”

Her hands began caressing her breasts and the mound between her thighs.

“Once, awhile back, Leo took me to a male strip joint. The male strippers drove the women in the audience wild. One of the strippers came dancing to our table and I placed a five dollar bill on the band of his leather underwear that was open at the crotch, so his balls and this cock the size of a sausage were only inches from my face. It made me very wet. I stared at that piece of flesh and I wanted to lick it suck it and stick it inside me. I was so hot that day that I could have taken on three of them.”

After a few minutes of more conversation, I decided it was time to fuck her ass, preceded by a session of foreplay that began with tit fondling and nibbling, which excited her tremendously.

Her tits were very firm for a woman her age and I licked, nibbled, bit softly, caressed and played with her nipples making her moan deeply.

“Everything you do makes me crazy,” she said as her fingernails raked my back.

“You ready to open your ass up for me?”

“Of course, lover,” she answered, “My ass is yours. Mi culo es tuyo.”

She kneeled on the bed and proceeded to press her tits and face on the mattress, her ass high, ready to be penetrated. Leo would have a sideways view of his wife being sodomized while Marie had placed herself in a position where she was looking straight at the closet where her husband hid.

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