I had started a job working in the porn industry at the age of twenty-two. By this time I was five feet and six inches with a slender build, light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. My perky 36c tits were what had the producer of the movies approach me one day as I was shopping. My boyfriend, Conner, was okay with this idea if I only had sex with girls and that was exactly what the producer had in mind. Besides, Conner with his masculine and muscular build, dark brown hair and light brown eyes, knew he was the only one for me.

I went to work that morning like any other. Robin and I, my co-star, were writing our own script which the producer would then over look to make sure it sounded good. As we wrote our script he came into the room and asked to speak with me privately.

“I was wondering if your boyfriend would like a job. Here’s what I was thinking…” And he explained the situation to me in full. I knew my boyfriend would not be okay with it one bit and yet the producer offered me $5,000 just to get him to do the one show, and on top of that he would be paid as well at the end. Being the money hungry girl that I was, I had to accept the challenge.

The day went on as usual. When I returned home I sat down with Conner and asked if he’d like to come with me to work. They needed men to model nude for their websites home page. Conner didn’t mind the idea one bit and agreed that tomorrow he would join me at work. I gave him an awkward smile and a thank you kiss and then went to prepare us dinner.

When at work I walked off to prepare for a show I would be doing with the gorgeous Robin. Robin was twenty-four with 32B tits but a well curved body and ass. She had brown curly hair that went passed her shoulders and green eyes that amazed anyone who saw her. Performing with her was an absolute blast. The girl really knew how to make me cum. Sometimes it was hard to last as long as the producer, Tommy, wanted me to. The way her tongue moved over my clit and the way her fingers maneuvered inside of me. Ah, it was a feeling like no other.

Meanwhile, Conner was modeling for his nude pictures. As he was doing so a man approached him. He was fully clothed but it was apparent that he was very well built with blonde hair and blue eyes. The man was an absolute catch. Conner watched the man approach and wondered what was going on as a second was came from his other side, holding ropes in his hand. This man was also blonde with blue eyes but a much more slender body.

“Conner, I’m Mark and I have an offer you can’t refuse. I’ll hand you eight-thousand dollars if you let me suck your cock for a short film.” Mark looked Conner dead in the eyes to show him how serious he was.

“Look dude, I’m not gay.” Conner said with an awkward chuckle.

“Neither am I. It’s just for the money.” Mark’s voice remained serious.

It took Conner a few minutes to think this over but he decided as long as he didn’t have to suck dick, it wouldn’t be a big deal. He finally agreed with a nervous look on his face. Mark then discussed how Conner would be tied up in the film as if he were a victim. Conner nodded his head but said nothing. He watched the cameras and lights roll up and everything get organized. The plain white wall behind him that he was modeling in front of remained but they put furniture behind him to make it look like a house. Conner was instructed to lay down on the floor. His arms were put behind him and his wrists tied. Then a contraption he had never seen before was brought out. It was a pole that was attached to his ankles and kept his legs spread apart.

“What the fuck is that for?” He inquired as they snapped it on. Conner laid on his stomach, looking behind him and trying to wiggle even slightly free but it was no use at all.

“Relax. Just for show.” Mark lied to him.

Tommy the producer gave a thumbs up and Mark whispered from off camera that they were rolling. Conner doing as he was told looked around nervous but the nerves were real. He really did feel like a victim all of a sudden. But the money was flashing in his mind and he knew very well that him and his girlfriend Jenna needed the money. And as Mark walked on set and began to strip, Conner gulped. He was given directions on how to be but not what lines to say. However, Conner was quick to think.

“Who, who the fuck are you!” he yelled at Mark.

Mark sneered down at the masculine man tied up on his floor. He was fully undressed now and stroking an already hard and eager seven inch cock. He walked closer and closer to Conner behind getting on his knees on the ground, directly in Conner’s face. It was then that Conner realized he’d been lied to. His cock wasn’t getting sucked. He was going to be forced to suck cock.

“Fuck you man! Get away from me!” Conner yelled. This wasn’t him acting he was being very serious, but they used that happily as him acting it out. This was the plan after all. The plan that Jenna had helped set up.

Mark didn’t move away of course. He waved his cock in front of Conner’s face. He rubbed his head over Conner’s lips and laughed. “Bite it and I’ll slice that dick off from between your legs.”

Conner was really nervous now. He couldn’t tell if Mark was lying or not. Besides, he wanted that money. No, he needed it. Conner had been struggling since losing his job and he knew Jenna hated it very much. So he did the only thing he could think of doing. He gulped and tightly shut his eyes and opened his mouth ever so slightly. He could feel Mark pressing his cock into his open mouth, forcing it even more open. Seven inches felt longer than ever before as Mark slid every single inch into Conner’s throat. He had to gag. Turned on, Mark behind to thrust his hips back and forth. This caused Conner to choke even more. He felt the seven inch cock pushing up against the back of his throat. Then he felt mark’s hand push Conner’s jaw upward, basically demanding that his lips latch tightly onto the dick in his mouth. So Conner did just that. His lips moistened the cock as it slid back and forth inside his mouth. Mark groaned in pleasure. But suddenly he stopped and Conner opened his eyes.

“Now this is going to hurt a little.” Mark said with a sneer. Just then he felt the other man from earlier who had carried the ropes earlier, behind him. He was rubbing lube on Conner’s asshole. Conner struggled, wiggling side to side with a look of pure panic in his eyes.

“Don’t you dare! I’ll fucking kill you!” Conner screamed in rage. Mark put his hand over Conner’s mouth and laughed, watching the full grown twenty-six year old man struggle. It was quite amusing as well as a major turn on for both of the men in the show.

The other blonde, a man by the name of Mickey, had finally covered his own sick inch dick in lube as well as Conner’s asshole. He kept some on his finger so that he could slide his finger inside of Conner’s virgin back door. Conner struggled and yelled into mark’s hand. He wanted this to end. This wasn’t what he agreed to at all. Was the money even worth it? As he felt the index finger slide in and out of his asshole, he couldn’t seem to get away and soon he was relaxing. Or maybe he was just too scared to move. When he felt Mickey’s cock’s head outside of that tight virgin asshole he shut his eyes as tight as he could. He prepared himself to be stretched wide open. His teeth even gritted together as sure enough the six inch dick slid into his asshole inch by inch. The first inch was the worst of all. He felt Mickey pressing hard to force it inside. Mickey let out a long groan of satisfaction when he got his head in. from there the pain wasn’t as bad, but it remained. Conner couldn’t bear to open his eyes. Even when mark released his mouth he couldn’t seem to scream for help either.

He felt Mickey thrusting inside of him. His motions were slow but they still made his asshole burn in pain as it was stretched. Conner only opened his eyes when he felt mark’s cock on his lips. Gulping down his pride he opened his mouth and allowed the dick inside. Now from both ends he felt his holes being stretched and intruded. He closed his eyes and accepted his fate as both men began to hump with more force. Conner grunted in pain and disgust as he felt the two dicks sliding in and out of him. While he was forced to suck Mark’s cock he closed his eyes again and tried his hardest to ignore the pain of the dick sliding in and out of his ass. But the pain was too much. Conner was grunting and groaning is discontentment. He felt Mickey’s hands on his hips as Mickey thrusted even harder. He wanted to cum inside of Conner’s now used up asshole.

Mark was getting close too. And Conner could tell when the man was about to cum as mark began to let out more and more moans of pleasure. He then felt the cock begin to pulse and tense inside of his mouth. Mark ceased his thrusts and shoved his cock as far down Conner’s throat as he could. Conner could feel mark’s balls against his chin and he gagged and choked. It was no use though. That seven inch cock was staying where mark placed it deep down his throat as he shot off his load into Conner’s mouth. Thankfully, Conner didn’t have to taste a thing as it went directly down his throat. Still, Conner choked and struggled a bit. This only made the pain in his back end grow so he laid still and defenseless.

Mark pulled out and patted Conner on the cheek like a little bitch. “Thanks.” And he walked off camera.

Meanwhile, Mickey was going faster and harder than before. Conner couldn’t help but to get tears in his eyes as he felt that cock stretching his burning asshole wide open. He opened his mouth as he struggle to breathe and his grunts became more loud and agitated as the pain grew and grew. But Mickey wouldn’t stop until he was done. The thrusts were hard and he held himself deep inside that tight asshole for a moment before moving back then forcing himself deep inside again. He held Conner’s hips upward and pulled him back as he thrusted forward. Conner finally let out a scream of pain. Oh how this turned Mickey on. He couldn’t hold back any longer. Only eight minutes in and his cock was tensing up greatly. He grabbed his balls with one hand and pulled Conner’s hips back with the other. His cock was as deep as it could go inside of Conner’s tight and now beat red asshole. Conner screamed again with closed eyes as Mickey’s load shot inside of that back hole. Mickey moaned and closed his eyes but in pleasure. His head tipped back as he squeezed his balls and thrusted a little bit more. He wanted every last drop out. When that was done he smiled, patted Conner’s asshole gently and slid himself out. He walked off, leaving Conner there, laying in pain and disgust.

“Cut! Fantastic! Great job, Conner!” Tommy was screaming from the darkness. He couldn’t see the bastard but he knew he hated him already. Meanwhile, a couple of men ran on set to untie Conner and hand him his clothes. He threw them on quickly and just as he pulled his last shoe on a man stepped forward and without a word handed him eight-thousand dollars in cash. The man walked away and Conner stood there, staring at all of the money.

“Again, same time, tomorrow? This time you’ll be having sex with your Jenna. No one touches you.” A man said.

Conner turned to finally see tommy who walked over with his girlfriend jenna. She smiled sheepishly. He knew she had set this entire thing up. It was a gut feeling that wouldn’t go away. But as he felt the stack of money in his hands he didn’t know how to feel. Even the pain in his asshole was sort of worth the quick cash.

“No one touches me?” He inquired.

“Well, a girl might lick your balls while you fuck me. But that shouldn’t be a problem, right?” Jenna said with a laugh.

“Same time tomorrow.” Conner stated bluntly and walked off and towards the door.

Chapter 1: Tied Up In The Woods

It was a beautiful day. The sun sat quietly above the distant mountain peaks, illuminating the trees around us with gold flecks. Mark was leading the way up the winding and twisted path. I smiled as I looked at his sweaty back. We’d been together for three years and he was just now trying a whole exercise kick to get in shape and feel better about himself, as well as keep me interested. He didn’t need it to have me. He was a great guy and always treated me well. He also was incredibly handsome. For a boyfriend I couldn’t ask for anything more. We met in high school and it had been love at first sight. I was fortunate to have found him so early in life. Lost in thought my shoe splashed into the water and I squeaked, jumping back.

Mark looked back with a smile and kept walking. I pulled the strands of blonde hair out of my eyes and kept walking, my mind wandering to the past once more. We were hiking up Mt. Hood. It was the middle of the week so it was quiet on the trail. The peak proudly stretched above us. As we turned the bend we came upon a nice overlook and decided to rest. I started stretching out, limbering up after the long hike so far. I knew Mark was checking me out, he was a guy and couldn’t help himself, so I went a little deeper, bending at the waist. The spandex shorts I was wearing stretched, giving him a great view of my full, round booty. I then intertwined my arms above my head; letting my 32 C breasts hang low in my white t-shirt. Mark loved my hourglass figure, even at a small 5’4. He showed just how much when his arms slid around my waist and he started to nibble my neck gently.

His hands drifted up to my breasts, massaging them through the sports bra, his fingertips twirling around my tits. I moaned slightly. Mark was the only man who I had had ever had sex with and he knew exactly what to do to turn me on. His hand drifted down into my spandex shorts.

“Mark! Right now, really?” He just kept kissing my neck. His hand massaged around my pussy, never actually touching. I ached for his touch; my clit was starting to throb. My t-shirt was pulled over my head and tossed on the ground. I tried to turn around and reciprocate but he wouldn’t let me. One hand continued massaging my breasts; the other inched closer and closer to my pussy. We stood surrounded by nature’s quiet chirps and sounds, two lovers. My spandex shorts were tugged down, a cool breeze blowing past my booty. I shivered despite myself.

“I’m not going to be the only one naked here. Take someone off too.”

He just smiled and continued massaging my now half naked body. All I had left were my sneakers and sports bra.

Then suddenly his hands were gone. He guided me back to a tree with low hanging branches. Dropping his bag to the ground he started rummaging through it. He looked at me, forest green eyes matching my sea blue. Then he was pulling my arms together over a low branch in front of me.


I looked at him with confusion.

“Jo, you asked for some new kinkiness.”

I was now handcuffed to a tree half naked. I loved it. I had to stand slightly bent, leaving my legs apart. He pushed down on my back, my breasts pressing against the tree branch. The sports bra protected me from getting scratched. Then my world went into darkness as he tied a blindfold around my eyes. What must have been a large ball gag fit into my mouth. He went all out. My pussy was soaking wet. I moaned slightly. I couldn’t wait for his dick to fill me up. To pound me and make me cum. Then Mark started cursing.

“What happened?” I tried asking around the ball gag, immediately worried.

“I left the key for the handcuffs in the car.”

“You want?!” I sputtered.

“It’s okay, I know it’s there. Let’s have some fun first, then I’ll go get it,” His hand drifting back to my thigh. I started yelling incoherently through the ball gag and he relented. I was so mad at him. This wasn’t fun anymore at all. He promised he would be back and I heard him run away.

A moment passed and then I cursed. The blindfold and gag were still in place. What had almost been so fun had turned into a disaster. It would take him almost two hours to get down and back. I tried to wrap my arms around the huge branch to get the blindfold off to no avail. Giving up, I just leaned against the tree in defeat. Goosebumps rose on my ass as the sun dropped lower in the sky. My mouth ached from the ball gag and I desperately wanted the darkness to go away.

What felt like an eternity passed with everything quiet. Then I heard footsteps approach. It had to be Mark, we were off the normal trail and no one else would be coming down this way. I sighed in relief. The footsteps got closer and stopped a few feet from me. I squirmed, trying to get blood flowing again. My whole body writhed as I tried to get movement back. I attempted to call out from the ball gag but it didn’t work. My mouth was painfully dry and my legs hurt from standing. Suddenly hands were on my ass. That bastard was going to still try and fuck me before letting me go. As he gently massaged my ass I relented — I couldn’t be that mad at him. He was trying to be romantic and spice things up. My legs almost melted as his tongue trailed up my thigh, looping around my pussy lips. His nose buried itself in my pussy. I was immediately horny again in a way I hadn’t felt before. I moaned loudly and came immediately, the cum trailing down my leg. The tounge obediently licked it up. He retreated, and a moment later I felt his cock’s head at the entrance to my pussy.

I couldn’t wait. I thrusted my ass back onto his cock, his member filling up my pussy.

Immediately I knew something was wrong. This didn’t feel like Mark’s cock at all. It was much wider and not as long. I panicked and screamed through the ball gag. The stranger behind me started to fuck me faster. I twisted and bucked, but his strong arms kept me in place. His balls slapped against my ass with every thrust. The smell of sweat and man washed over my nostrils. I imagined the sight. A man hiking alone sees a naked girl tied to a branch, who instead of panicking, allows his touch and he takes full advantage of it. Only he wasn’t alone. I heard more footsteps approaching. Now I really panicked. I bucked wildly. The man obliged and pulled out of me, leaving my pussy still soaking. There were whispers I couldn’t make out and then I felt many pairs of hands on me. I was picked up off the ground and lifted well into the air. The hands carried me forward — until my handcuffed hands came free from the branch. Then I was set down. My shaking legs immediately gave out and I sank to the ground. A hand reached down and removed my blindfold. Blinding light left me dumbstruck. As my sight returned I gasped and looked around. I was surrounded by six strange men. One had his cock out already and I could see my juices still on it. I moaned through the ball gag. Mark was nowhere in sight.

The man with his cock out stepped forward and crouched in front of me. He smiled warmly.

“Hello little girl, my name is Adam. What are you doing out here all alone in such a…precarious situation?”

I tried to talk through the gag but all that came out was a moan.

“You’re obviously too hot in all this clothing, that must be it, right?”


A knife popped out and I tried to pull away. Strong hands kept me in place as the cold metal pressed against my sports bra. In one clean cut it was done, my breasts falling into the open. I heard an inhale from the group around me. I was now naked in front of a group of strangers. My nipples stood at attention. I strangely felt…excited.

Adam smiled again. “See fellas, this is a true whore right here. Letting strangers come and fuck her. Its beautiful really.”

I started shaking as a breeze gently swept by.

“Aww, my now she’s cold. Why didn’t you tell us, we would have kept that bra on? Here, let’s warm you up.”

With that I was lifted onto my feet and six pairs of hands roamed my body. They caressed my breasts, ass and pussy. A hand slapped me in the face and called me a little whore.


My tits, pussy and ass her hit over and over again. I moaned again.

“Alright miss, now everyone is going to take your pussy. Come on now, you’re the life of the party.”

Hands grabbed my nipples and painfully pulled me back onto my knees. The largest man there slid himself underneath me, his belly pressing against my pussy as he guided me back to his cock. My hair was pulled and I dropped until my face was right above his. He licked his disgusting lips and pushed down on my hips, forcing my pussy to envelope his cock. I cried out again as his cock entered me, the head gently pressing against my G-Spot. My ass was spanked again and again until I started to bounce up and down. The entire time the other men spanked my, belittled me and fondled me. Finally I could feel the big man’s cock start to pulse.

NO NO NO. That was too much. I tried to get off put his arms pulled me down firmly, his cock all the way inside me. He moaned aloud and warm cum filled up my pussy. He pulled his limp penis from me and got out from underneath me.

“Tight little cunt.” He laughed and stepped away. Another guy replaced him, his cock a smaller size. He started to fuck me slowly and methodically. Cold liquid trailed between my cheeks. Lube.

Then another cock pressed against my asshole. I panicked and bucked like crazy. Nothing had ever been in my ass, I had forbidden Mark from doing it. I was spanked over and over again until I stopped squirming. I looked up and saw a camera lens pointing right at me.

“Smile, baby.” Adam said from the side. I came. It was too much. Everything felt so good. The degrading just made me even more turned on. I looked over to the left and there standing in the trees was Mark. He was quietly watching, his arms crossed. He nodded to me. This was planned. The ultimate fantasy I had confided in him with.

The man in my pussy grunted and his cock throbbed inside me and seconds latter warm cum filling me up. I moaned loudly. With Mark nearby I felt safe. My hands reached for another cock, finding one instantly.

“I think she likes it fellas!” Adam cried.

The cock was back at my tight ass, another at my pussy. Lights exploded as it pushed into my hole. Both men fucked me hard and fast. I had never felt so full in my life. My ass felt like it was on fire. My tits bounced up and down as I was taken.

I came again, cum squirting out of me, drenching the man underneath me. I kept cumming over and over again, my body convulsing until I fell into a blissful state of unconsciousness.

I could feel the ground under me moving…like I was flying away.

I came to on a bright, colorful bed. My arms and legs were tied spread eagle and I was still naked. Why was I still naked? My ass was sore. It was all very real. Taking stock of my surroundings I saw on the wall across from me a large TV. On it was an image of an email inbox. Confused, I looked up into the corner and with surprise I saw it was my own email account. The mouse moved and opened a new email. From the TV snaked a long cable that left out the open door in front of me, disappearing down the hallway. Someone was broadcasting what he or she was doing, and somehow they were on my account. Mark. Why was he doing this, the fantasy was over. I looked back to the TV. The new email had a picture attachment. Of me. Naked on the bed, still unconscious. It must have been taken minutes ago.

The text read, “Haven’t you always wanted to do whatever you wanted to me? Now you can. Come find me and have your way. Anything goes. Bring friends.”

An address I didn’t recognize followed. Then I noticed the “To” section. It was my entire list of friends and family.

My heart stopped. This couldn’t be real.

Then I heard footsteps approaching from the hallway.


I love incorporating other people’s ideas or thoughts so let me know if the comments what you’d like to see happen next!

As I approached my front door, I smiled to myself. It had been a fantastic day — probably my best in the six weeks since I’d moved to the big city! My morning train had been on time and uncrowded for once, my bosses (all three of them!) had signed off on my proposal, and after work I’d had a productive session on the treadmill at the gym. On top of all that, the dice game that seemed to be going at all hours on the stoop of my building was even absent tonight, and I had the rare experience of entering my building without cat calls and come-ons.

I climbed the stairs to the second story, turned right, and walked to the end of the hallway and the door to my apartment. Mine was a quiet unit, isolated from other tenants at the end of a long hall. I reached into my bag for my keys as I approached the door, buzzing with the happy energy of my day.

I inserted the key in the lock with my right hand; turning the knob and pushing the door open I reached up and took out an earbud with my left. I shut the door, turned, and was confronted with a scene that turned my good day one hundred eighty degrees: three giant men, dressed in black sweatsuits and ski masks spun around to face the entryway.

In the living room, two of them were attempting to detach my television from the wall, my blu-ray player already on the floor next to them. The third stood at the door to my bedroom, my laptop folded under his arm. Behind him, I could see the open window; they had apparently climbed up the fire escape and pried open the window that I always left cracked for ventilation against the onslaught of a brutally hot summer that had extended nearly into October. I stood with my hand suspended at my right ear. The only sound in the apartment was the creaking of floorboards under the shifting feet of the intruders as they paused momentarily at my unexpected(?) arrival.

All I could see of any of the three was the black skin around their eyes and mouths, visible through the holes in the ski masks.

“What the… FUCK!” I finally managed to yell, furious and shocked at once.

“Oh shit!” one of the men in the living room responded, stepping away from the wall and grabbing the blu-ray while they both turned to the bedroom burglar, apparently seeking guidance. He placed the computer on my desk and stepping towards me, more confident than the other two who walked past us into the bedroom towards the open window.

“Well well, looks like you came home at the wrong time, Lil’ Red!” he chuckled to himself, pulling within inches of me and addressing me by my auburn hair, which was tucked in a ponytail after my workout. He bent over so that despite our nearly one foot difference in height, we were almost eye to eye. I clutched my phone behind my back while I frantically reached for the doorknob with my free hand. He drew closer still, I could feel his hot breath on my neck; his muscular chest almost pressing into my large breasts, which were compressed against by body by the yellow sports bra beneath my loose white t-shirt.

“Just go. Get out, please! Please, I promise I won’t call the police, just leave and don’t hurt me!”

“Oh, you’re right you’re not gonna call the cops!” he hissed, firmly grabbing me by the sleeve of my thin white t-shirt, “Cause if you do, we’re gonna come back. And we won’t be taking no TV when we do!” He moved his hand down the length of my torso, roughly squeezing the left side of my ass in his massive hand, two of his long probing fingers reaching between my cheeks and lightly grazing the rim of my asshole through my yoga pants and exercise thong. He paused like that for a moment, holding me there by my buttocks, our faces inches apart — his hot breath smelling of coffee and cigarettes, flowing over me as I strained to look away from him.

“You got a hell of a nice ass for a white girl.” He grinned and leered down my shirt at the cleavage above my sports bra. Then he pulled away abruptly, moving back through the bedroom to the window, grabbing my camera and computer off my desk along the way. As he stepped through the portal, he turned and looked back at me, holding my gaze for a few brief seconds that felt a thousand times longer. Then he smiled again, winked, and ducked down the fire escape into the dark night.

I stood, stunned and paralyzed for a moment, my world and sense of security splintered by this intrusion. Gradually, I became aware of my senses and surroundings; in my ear, Huey was finishing “All alone with you, All alone with you…” God, he was so right; I was completely alone in this city and so vulnera- no! I wasn’t going to let this happen to me. I shook my head, ripped the earbud from my ear, and marched through my apartment, surveying the damage and assessing what had been taken. My fear transitioned to indignant rage. How dare those men come into my home, take my things — touch my body in that way! — and think that because they issued some threat, I wouldn’t call the police!?! I turned off the music and dramatically punched 9-1-1 into my phone.

I gave my name and address to the operator. “I’d like to report a robbery.” My voice cracked as I forced out the words to the woman on the other end of the line, and told her my story. “I came home from work and there were men — three men — in my apartment, and they took my computer, camera, blu-ray player… I don’t know what else. … No, they aren’t still here, they left. … No, they didn’t touch me,” my mind strayed briefly to the assailant’s grip on my butt as his fingers came dangerously close — closer than anyone had been allowed — to penetrating the barrier of my asshole. “He said I had a nice ass.” I thought and blushed at the absurd memory as I continued answering questions. “No, I’m not hurt” I continued.

“Ma’am, if you haven’t been hurt and the assailants — you said there were two of them?”

“Three of them!” I corrected angrily, already sensing where the discussion was going.

“Yes, three, ma’am. Look, if the burglars are no longer in your home and you aren’t in any danger, you need to understand that the force is stretched thin and can’t respond immediately to non-dangerous situations such as yo-”

“NON-DANGEROUS?!” I nearly screamed at her. “There were three giant black men in my home when I came back from work! How is that not dangerous?!” I had entirely lost the buzz of my good day, as well as my patience with the emergency dispatcher. Was everyone in this city so callous?!

“Ma’am, if you will please calm down, I will send a car to your address as soon as one is available. The officers will examine your home, take a statement from you, and file a report for you so that your insurance company can begin processing a claim for you in the morning. Are you ok, ma’am?”

I took a deep breath; there was no need to lash out at this… person. I was rattled from my encounter, but like she said, the intruders were gone and the danger was passed. “I don’t have insur-… nevermind. Yes, I’m all right, I guess. Do you have a rough estimate when there might be a car free in my area?”

There was a weighty pause. “There should be a unit to your apartment by ten o’clock tonight.”

I almost exploded again. “TEN!?! It’s barely seven!” I tried to gather myself again, taking a deep breath and exhaling dramatically. “Ok. Again, it’s apartment 207.”

I hung up and looked around the mess of my bedroom. The books from my shelf were scattered across the floor, the papers from my desk strewn about the room, and the drawers of my dresser were torn out and laying upside down on the bedroom floor, their contents billowing out in a reversed cloud of t-shirts and underwear beneath them. “Guess I can’t clean up any of this,” I said aloud to the empty space, collapsing on my couch, “They’ll need to dust for prints or whatever.”

I sat there, thinking about the abrupt turns my life had taken the last three months: graduation from college in June, a brief return to my parents’ home in the sticks for a few weeks of limbo, and then I landed my job and moved to the big city. My parents’ had had reservations about my living alone, a pretty (their word), naïve (again, their word) twenty three year old on her own for the first time, with all those… strangers around! I’d been unable to find a roommate (one who wasn’t a complete nightmare), and had found an apartment I could (almost) afford in a neighborhood that wasn’t a complete warzone. There was no talking me out of it, my parents had known that and so had given up arguing, and resorted instead to sending weekly cards containing earnest well-wishes and clusters of twenty dollar bills.

No one in my neighborhood seemed to notice me anyway, whether it was the Russian lady at the corner market, or the Middle Eastern flower vendors. The only people who seemed to see or remember me were the guys who played dice on my stoop, who unleashed a string of sexual invitations any time I wore anything more revealing than a baggy sweatshirt. The sight of a white girl with a big ass, small(ish) waist, and large, pronounced breasts wasn’t something they seemed willing to miss, as they were almost always on the stoop no matter what time I was returning home, waiting with a barrage of graphic “compliments” (“Bet you know how to use that fine ass, bitch!” “I’d love to put my twelve inch cock between those beautiful tits.” and “Gorgeous mouth like that, I bet you can really suck a dick.”). Above all else, they seemed to love the days when I didn’t change out of my tight exercise pants after my workout; they would be disappointed to have missed my black yoga pants today, I thought.

“Maybe Anastasia wasn’t that bad after all,” I sighed, recalling a potential roommate who had sewn her own wardrobe… and a matching one for her cat. “Ugh, I need a drink.”

I walked to the kitchen and pulled a bottle of cheap white from the fridge. I knew I had to be sober to give the police a statement, but certainly no one would begrudge me one drink to calm my nerves after that ordeal. I poured a more-generous-than-intended glass and moved back to the couch, putting my running-shoes on the edge of the coffee table and taking a healthy gulp of wine.

I pulled off my shoes and socks, tossing them into a corner. I could feel the alcohol calming me, combining with the exhaustion of my run to relax my tense nerves. Without noticing, I had downed nearly the full glass and was on the verge of drifting off when I heard a sharp knock at my door. I checked my watch: 7:33. It was impossible that the police would already be at my door, but when I peered through the peep hole, I saw three large male forms in the reliable blue.

“Thank God you’re here! I wasn’t expecting you for a few hours!” I exclaimed, looking up at the three black giants in police uniforms.

“Yes ma’am, can we, uh, see some identification, please?” the one in front said. Reading the tag on his chest, I learned his name was Kennedy.

“Oh, of course,” I stammered. I hadn’t expected to have my identity questioned at the door to my own apartment, but it made sense they would want to make certain I was who had called. I turned and walked into the apartment to find my bag containing my wallet. Locating my license, I turned to find the three officers standing in the entryway between my living room and bedroom. “Oh.” Was all I could manage, staring up at the three men, each standing well over six feet tall, and well muscled.

Kennedy took the license from my hand and inspected it. “Ok… Sarah… what’s going on here?” he turned and handed the license to the man to his right, Dunbar.

“I came home from work, and when I got in the do-” I was interrupted by the third man, Hicks.

“You came home from work, dressed like that? Is that how you dress for work?” he indicated at my workout clothes, a white t-shirt over bright yellow sports bra and tight black yoga pants.

I was taken aback at the interruption, but tried to continue, “No, I went to the gym after work and when I came ho-” again I was interrupted.

“So you found men in your apartment after you came home from the gym?” Dunbar clarified.

“Yes. After the gym — after work — I came home and there were men in here. Is that particularly important?” I was getting flustered and between the emotion and the wine, I could feel a flush creeping up my chest towards my face.

“Ma’am — Sarah — we’re just trying to get the story straight. No detail is too small. Remember, your insurance company is going to prepare their assessment off of this report, so it needs to be thorough and honest.” Kennedy was taking notes in a pad as he spoke.

“I don’t have insura-” I started, but was again interrupted by Hicks.

“And you say the intruders came through this window in here” he said as he walked into my bedroom. “You know, you really shouldn’t leave your windows open.” His last line was delivered in a chuckling, scolding tone. “Never know what or who’s gonna come in with that fresh air!”

“It was only open a crack to allow some air flow to the roo-” but Kennedy, interrupted again.

“Ma’am, did the suspects touch you at all?” Kennedy was sizing up the sleeve of my shirt, smudged where I had been gripped by the robber not even an hour before.

“Oh yes. I almost forgot,” I lied, thinking again about the man’s strong fingers as he gripped my ass, “One of them grabbed me by the sleeve of my shirt, and told me not to call the police ‘or else’.” I tried to chuckle, but none of them laughed with me.

“One of them grabbed you, threatened you if you called the police, and you still called 9-1-1?” Dunbar seemed concerned as he approached to inspect my arm over Kennedy’s shoulder.

“Well, yes, but” I didn’t know how to finish the thought. “… I hope you’ll be able to keep me safe…?”

“To be frank, Sarah, the men who were here are most likely from the neighborhood and have a familiarity with the building, you, and your habits. You should be careful in a neighborhood like this.”

Kennedy continued to examine the smudged sleeve of my shirt then turned to face me. “Ma’am, we’re going to need to take this garment for evidence.”

“You… want to take my shirt?” I looked around the room as the three of them nodded seriously. “But… I’m not wearing anything under this. I’ll go change in the bathroom.” Hicks stood in the bathroom doorway, barring my entrance.

“Ma’am! We need to preserve the integrity of the crime scene, so you can’t leave our sight while in possession of evidence.”

I considered this, and thought about my sports bra which covered my breasts thoroughly and compressed them quite a bit so that they stood out less noticeably from my body. I carefully slid the shirt over my head, being careful not to disturb any potential evidence on the sleeve.

I handed the t-shirt to Kennedy who passed the garment along to Dunbar. I stood in the center of the room in my brightly colored sports bra, feeling three strange sets of eyes — eyes that should have been looking for clues — seemingly peering through my remaining clothing. Even in the full-coverage performance garment, I could feel the tops of my breasts pushing to peek over the top of the fabric; their heft and size fighting the elastic to free themselves. I was blushing again.

“So how long have you lived in the city, Sarah?” Kennedy was again writing in his notebook, directing attention back to discussion of the robbery.

I crossed my arms in from of my chest as I responded. “I’ve been here about six weeks. I moved here after school for a job.” Answering questions calmed me as we got back on topic.

“Ok. You know many people here? Have many friends? A lot of boyfriends?” Kennedy continued.

“No. I have some girls from work I go out with sometimes… but no boyfriends at all since I moved here.”

“So you’re saying that a pretty girl like you with a body like that hasn’t gotten any attention since you been here? I find that hard to believe!” Dunbar interjected loudly, blatantly staring at my chest. I tugged at the top of my sports bra, trying to cover more of my breasts. Kennedy seemed to pick up on my discomfort.

“Sure you haven’t had a ‘boyfriend’, ma’am? Not even one in the month and a half you’ve lived here?” Kennedy restated.

“No. No! And what does this have to do wi-” My indignant response was cut off again.

“Damn shame.” Kennedy clucked and redirected the conversation again before I could respond. “Did you get a good look at any of the intruders? Any chance you could recognize them if you saw them again?”

“No. They were wearing masks. I could only see a small patch around their eyes and mouths. They were black guys; tall, big, black men, that’s really the only description I can give.”

“Interesting. Ok.” Kennedy scribbled in his notepad.

“Three big black guys? Sounds familiar!” Hicks joked from behind me as he took pictures of the ‘evidence’ pouring from my dresser drawers strewn across my floor, paying special attention to the colorful assortment of lace bras and panties scattered towards my bed. Suddenly his tone shifted. “Ma’am! Did any of the intruders touch you besides the shoulder as you described?!” I turned my head to see he was staring directly at my ass.

“Um, yes, the same one who grabbed me by the arm grabbed me, um…” I got shy thinking of the earlier groping.

“Where did he grab you?” Kennedy was all business, turning me by my shoulders and bending me over at the waist to look intently at the backside of my yoga pants. I grabbed the back of a chair for balance as I was inspected.

“He grabbed me on my left buttock…”

“Did he do anything else to you?”

“What do you mean…?”

“Did his fingers touch you anywhere else other than your left buttock?”

I was breathless with embarrassment at this question now. “Um….” I didn’t know how to answer.

“Ma’am, remember, we need to make a full report.”

“Well, he had really large hands, and while he was grabbing me… two of his fingers lightly touched my…” I paused, uncomfortable answering another personal question, bent over a chair in a room full of strange men.

“He touched your vagina, ma’am?” Kennedy paused his note-taking, looking up at me from behind.

I blushed and looked away from Kennedy, staring at the wall in my humiliation. “No… two of his fingers were… they lightly touched my asshole.” I blurted the last out, rushing the answer shyly and hoping the conversation would move on.

“And had anyone before this man touched your asshole before, ma’am?” All three of them looked intently at me in my compromised pose, awaiting my answer.

“I… no, not re-, NO! What is the point of all this anyway?” I was really flustered now.

Kennedy ignored my indignant question and continued his inspection. “Well, ma’am there are smudged fingerprints on your pants, similar to those we found earlier on your shirt. A clear thumb on your buttock, and what may be a few finger tips closer to your crack and near where he groped you.” Kennedy reached up to the waistband of my black stretch pants and began to pull, “So we’re going to need this garment as evidence, as well.”

“…now you want me to take off my pants…?” I hesitated, very suspicious now.

“No ma’am, we don’t want you to do this. We need you to turn the item in question over to us for the purpose of our investigation.” Kennedy took a very serious tone. Hicks and Dunbar looked up from their work at my dresser contents and nodded their solemn agreement that this was necessary.

“Ok…” I sighed and helped Kennedy pull the tights to my ankles, then stepped out of them as he folded the garment. My full, firm, cream-pale cheeks were now bare, accentuated by the firm grip of my grey workout thong. As Kennedy stood up his face was merely inches from my bottom, and he seemed to pause in rising, shifting his gaze to take in the view.

“Stand up now, bi-, er, ma’am.” Kennedy said to me, recovering his professionalism, though I felt his hand lightly trace the underside of my cheeks. “Let’s take this discussion to the living room, Sarah. We have a couple more questions to ask you.”

“Can I please put on some more clothes?” I pleaded.

“Ma’am, as we said, we need to preserve the crime scene. When we’re all through here, you can get showered and changed and anything else you might need.”

We moved back to the living room and Dunbar spied the near-empty wine glass on the coffee table. He raised the glass and turned to face me.

“Have you been drinking tonight, Sarah?”

“No. Well, yes, but just the one glass… I was upset after the burglars left and I needed to calm my nerves…” I trailed off as the three of them stared at me, standing in a semi-circle in front of my couch.

Kennedy approached and towered over me as he spoke. “Sarah, in taking statements from you tonight, we need to be able to verify that you are of sound mind and body-”

“Wait! Body? That doesn’t sound ri-” I tried to interrupt, but Kennedy continued speaking over me.

“- and capable of providing an accurate, true account of the events that allegedly transpired. As you know, intoxication slows reflexes, clouds memories, and impairs judgment.”

“Intoxication? I’m not drunk! Fine, give me a breathalyzer if you have to.”

“We don’t typically bring a breath alcohol tester with us on a burglary call.”

“Then how am I supposed to convince you I’m sober?!” My frustration was building. I wanted to finish giving my statement, get these guys out of my apartment, and have another glass of wine and a hot shower.

“I’m going to have to administer a field sobriety test, Sarah.” Kennedy looked from me to his companions, and back to me. I raised my eyebrows, sighed deeply and stood on one foot with my arms out, bringing each of my index fingers to my nose in turn. “No, ma’am, that is an outdated test, but it’s good to see you’re familiar with the routine.” He chuckled, and the others joined him in a laugh at my ridiculous, half-clothed display. Kennedy directed me to stand at the front of the room.

“Now raise your hands above your head and arch your back. Take a deep breath and hold it in.” I drew my arms above my head and clasped my hands. I inhaled deeply and felt my breasts lift with my expanding rib cage, renewing their fight against the constraint of the spandex. “Stand up on your toes.” I rose, and felt my back curl forward and extend my chest towards the room. My butt tightened and tensed, pulling on the fabric of my thong, which nearly disappeared between my clenched cheeks.

“That’s it…. Good…” Kennedy said as he walked around behind me. I felt his large, rough hands on my ribs. I started to protest, but he shushed me gently. “Shhh. No no, keep holding your breath.” I held my tongue and breath and continued to stand in my awkward, hyper-erect pose. Slowly, his hands tightened around my sides, and slid gradually up my torso. First his left thumb slipped under the elastic edge of my bra, then his right, then an additional finger and two fingers on each side. With a sudden movement, before I realized what he was doing, he lifted the front of my bra up and over my breasts. Unrestrained, they sprang up and out, standing out proudly from my chest, impossibly defying gravity despite their large size.

“Oh shit!” Hicks exclaimed, his eyes nearly popping from his head as he took in my exposed rack.

“HEY!” I shouted, and tried to pull my arms down to cover myself. Kennedy grabbed my wrists with one hand and held my arms above my head, shushing me as his free hand squeezed my naked breasts. I was stunned and confused by this new development, but Hicks and Dunbar certainly weren’t as they rushed across the room, each man taking one of my nipples in his mouth. Kennedy moved his hand down my body and gave my ass a hard smack and extended squeeze.

“Hell of a nice ass for a white girl.” he muttered in my ear before sliding his hand down my crack and between my legs, his massive hand pushing my thighs apart. He pulled my thong to the side, as I felt my pussy moistening from the attention of the two men at my breasts. Kennedy slid the tip of a finger inside of me, and I hissed out a gasp at the sensation. He slid more of his finger into my rapidly slickening slit; one knuckle, two; his fingers were so long I felt as though he wouldn’t be able to fit all the way, but finally I felt the base of his digit against my lips as I inhaled quickly and shallowly at the penetration.

Hicks lifted my bra the rest of the way over my head, as Kennedy released his grasp on my wrists, allowing the garment to fall to the ground. Hicks grabbed the back of my head and surprised me with an aggressive kiss, forcing his tongue into my mouth. Kennedy regained his grip on my left wrist, and positioned my hand so that I grasped his cock through his pants. I traced its outline down his leg; it was as thick as a coke can and extended almost to his knee! As my fingers traced the length of his dick, Kennedy slipped a second finger into my pussy, as I groaned and tightened my grip on his cock.

Dunbar, his mouth still at my tits, unzipped his fly and pulled out a member just as imposing as Kennedy’s. Thickly veined and as long as my forearm, it glistened dark brown and contrasted the pale skin of my hand as I wrapped my fingers around its girth. Kennedy followed suit unzipping his pants as well, pushing me to grip his bare dick behind me, and moving my hand up and down his shaft which increased the pace of his fingers pumping in my bald wet slit.

Hicks broke our lengthy kiss and pulled away from my mouth. He undid his belt and pants and hoisted his shirt above his head, now standing naked. His fully erect penis was as large as the others’; I felt its weight as it struck my leg, finally freed from his pants.

Behind me, Kennedy’s free hand moved to the top of my thong, pulling the garment away from my back and tugging it downward. He removed his fingers from my pussy, now putting both hands to the job of undressing me. As I switched my hand to stroke Hicks’ cock, I felt my thong pushed down from my hips to my thighs to my knees, before feeling it drop free around my feet. As I stepped out of my panties, Dunbar reached down and picked them up from the floor, tucking them into his pants pocket. “More evidence.” He said smiling at me as his mouth returned to my tit.

Kennedy’s hand pressed on the middle of my back, bending me at the waist. Dunbar and Hicks directed their cocks at my face as I bent downwards towards them; Dunbar had followed Hicks’ lead and had removed all of his clothing, while behind me I heard Kennedy’s belt clank as his pants dropped to the floor. Kennedy’s other hand returned to between my legs, and he drove three fingers deep into my wet pussy. He vigorously worked his fingers in and out of my slit, and then withdrew them, sliding his hand back up my crack and stopping at the entrance to my ass. He began to push his fingertip past the puckered barrier.

“No! No don’t do that!” I shouted, my mouth barely an inch from Dunbar’s cock.

“I don’t recall anyone asking you.” Kennedy responded as he continued. Lubricated with the juice of my pussy, his finger — and then a second — slid into my asshole. I cried out at the new intrusion and tried to turn my head to glare at Kennedy, but Dunbar grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock past my lips and into my mouth, holding me in place before him. I struggled to breath around his massive girth while he bucked his hips and pulled my head down to meet his strong strokes. Kennedy’s hand on my back worked in unison pushing me as Dunbar pulled me to take more of his cock into my mouth. I braced myself by gripping Hicks’ shaft for stability, feeling that I was literally holding on for dear life as Kennedy now slid two fingers back into my slit, with his thumb slipping into my ass.

Dunbar let out an excited whoop as he thrust his erection into my face one last time and then withdrew. He directed my mouth to Hicks’ engorged tool to give him a turn. As Dunbar mauled my tits, I kissed the head of Hicks’ cock, running my tongue the length of his shaft down to his balls. I continued to work his dick with my hand as I took each of his balls in my mouth, running my tongue over his sack as he groaned his appreciation. I gulped down a deep breath as he pushed his cock into my mouth, using my red ponytail as a handle to control my pace and forced the head of his cock to the back of my throat. At the moment when Hicks had penetrated my mouth the deepest, Kennedy pushed his thumb all the way into my asshole. I screamed around Hicks’ dick, but only a muffled gagging and a stream of saliva mixed with pre-cum escaped.

“Stand up, we’re moving.” Kennedy ordered, as he removed his fingers from inside me and Hicks’ pulled his cock from my mouth. I was directed to the coffee table and instructed to get on my hands and knees. Kennedy stood in front of me while Dunbar stood at my side with Hicks to my rear. I felt Hicks’ fingers at the entrance to my pussy, parting the lips, followed by the head of his cock touching, parting, and then passing through my opening. I half-screamed/half-moaned as his initial thrust pushed his enormous shaft fully into my pussy. Kennedy pushed his cock to my lips and I eagerly took it into my mouth, sucking furiously as Hicks grabbed my hips and pumped his cock into me. Dunbar roughly tapped his dick against the side of my face and I began massaging his cock with my hand. Kennedy guided my head up and down his shaft and I groaned. As Hicks penetrated me, I pushed my ass back into his body to meet his thrusts, meeting the gyration of Kennedy’s hips and taking in as much of his cock as I could while I was stuffed from both ends.

“Turn her around; I want to get some of that pussy.” Kennedy said.

Hicks pulled out, and I was flipped onto my back and turned on the table until Kennedy was positioned between my thighs. Dunbar stood over my head, which was hanging off the edge of the table, and lowered the thick tip of his cock into my open mouth. I ran my fingers along the length of his cock, finally reaching the base of his shaft and cupping his balls as I worked my lips up and down his dick. Hicks stood on the other side of my head, and I massaged his rod with my other hand. Kennedy pulled my legs apart, hooking my knees over his elbows, and pushed his dick into me in one swift, smooth thrust; I shuddered as it bottomed out against the top of my womb. He pulled back, withdrawing until only the tip of his head remained in me, then drove into me again, and I screamed around Hicks’ dick before pulling my mouth free, gasping for air, and then switching my lips to Dunbar. Kennedy repeated the sequence, pulling almost all the way out before plunging his full length into me in a sudden thrust, again and again, as I rotated between the others’ cocks, trading them off between my mouth and hand.

Kennedy settled into a steady rhythm of rapid, hard thrusts into my pussy, gripping me by my sides and pulling me in to meet the bucking of his hips. As his body impacted against mine, my tits bounced with each thrust, flapping with the force of his motion despite their firmness. Hicks leered down at me, grabbing my chest and smiling as I climaxed with his friend’s penetration, moaning around Dunbar’s rigid cock as he pumped his shaft in and out of my lips.

“God damn, I knew this bitch would know how to use that body!” Hicks cackled as he smacked his cock against my flopping tits. “Says she’s new to the city, but she already fucks like a pro!”

Kennedy quickened his pace in a flurry of pounding that left me squealing around the massive cock in my mouth. He reached up and grabbed at my rolling breasts, then gave one last — very hard — thrust into my pussy and withdrew his dick from me.

“Gimme my turn with her,” Dunbar managed to stammer, his eyes nearly rolling into the back of his head with the efforts of my mouth, and the others agreed as Hicks and Kennedy stepped back from me.

Dunbar lifted me from the table and bent me over the arm of the couch, which I did with reluctance and uncertainty, given the vulnerability of the position. He slid two fingers over my wet slit, moving forward and massaging my clit with his full massive hand, causing me to buck my hips with my palms on the floor, my ass suspended in the air. Seeing his opportunity, Dunbar pinned me in place by the small of my back and positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to my ass and began pressing in.

“No. You can’t. No! I can’t! NO!” I screamed helplessly with my legs splayed in the air and my head and arms dangling over the armrest as I tried to writhe free of his grasp, pinned against the arm of the sofa. Struggling did no good, and I felt a white-hot burst of agony and anger as Dunbar penetrated my ass for the first time. I started to scream again, but my cheek stung as Kennedy slapped me across the face, silencing me. I looked up at him, shocked, as he inserted his cock into my stunned, open mouth.

I whimpered, gagging around Kennedy’s cock as Dunbar drove his dick fully into my back door. I saw stars and for a moment feared I would pass out as Dunbar found a rhythm, plunging his cock deep into my ass as his momentum pushed my face into Kennedy’s crotch, pressing his dick all the way to the back of my mouth.

“A classic ‘damsel in distress’ huh?” Kennedy laughed as he looked down at my helpless situation. He gripped the back of my head to dictate the pace of my lips as they slid up and down the length of his shaft. I choked on his cock, straining to fit as much of it in my mouth as I could at the deepest of his thrusts, while Dunbar continued to violate my ass from behind; I struggled to keep pace with the two giants using me at both ends.

“Let’s flip this bitch over. I want a turn in her pussy.” Dunbar said, as he withdrew his dick from my ass and I felt his strong hands around my waist. I was lifted and turned so I came to rest on top of Dunbar’s cock, which slid easily into my wet slit. I groaned in relief as he penetrated my pussy, and wrapped my arms and legs around him, pulling myself against him as he moved his hips under me. Hicks stood on the sofa next to us and grabbed the back of my head to direct me as he pushed his cock into my mouth. He abruptly pulled his dick out again, a long string of saliva trailing from the tip of his head back to my lips. He drove his dick back between my lips, pumping his hips rapidly as he tightened his hold on the back of my head, driving his cock further to the back of my mouth. Below me, Dunbar grabbed my hips and ground my body into his, pushing his massive cock as far into me as he could.

I felt Kennedy’s large hand between my shoulder blades, pushing me forward into Dunbar’s body; my tits wrapping around his face as he greedily took one into his mouth. Kennedy pushed my ass cheeks apart and pressed the tip of his cock into the entrance to my asshole.

“We’re gonna make you air tight, bitch.” He said with laughter in his voice. The others joined him in laughing as I screamed around Hicks’ dick with the stretching of my tight asshole around Kennedy’s enormous erection. Tears ran down my face as the two thick rods worked in and out of my tender holes. Spurred on by the sight of my double penetration, Hicks grabbed two handfuls of my red hair and violently fucked my mouth, forcefully thrusting his cock into my mouth and hitting the back of my throat. I gagged on his thick member and a river of drool flowed from my lips, running down my chin and splashing on my breasts. Kennedy gripped me by my throat for leverage, pulling himself against me as his cock pulsed inside of my ass with each thrust. He reached around me and roughly grabbed one of my tits with his other hand, as Dunbar took my other breast in his mouth and sucked greedily.

As the two men worked to find a pace in their violation of my holes, I reached a hand back to try to temper the force of Kennedy’s thrusts. In response, he tightened his grip on my throat, and drove his cock into my ass to its hilt, grunting “Don’t act like you don’t love it. You’re a great fuck, you little slut, just like we knew you’d be.” The others laughed their agreement as the three of them roughly stuffed my three holes.

“I’m almost ready to bust.” Dunbar said from under me.

“Yeah, I’m just about done with her, too.” Kennedy responded. “What about you, sweetheart? You done?” I replied around Hicks’ cock with an emphatic, muffled moan, which was met with more laughter from the group.

“I need her pussy again. Lay her out.” Hicks spoke up, as he roughly pulled his cock from my mouth.

“Well, I guess you’re not done yet after all.” Kennedy said to me, slowly withdrawing his dick from my ass as I yelped and gasped for air, desperately pulling in my rare, unrestricted breaths. Dunbar lifted me by my hips, slid out from under me, and placed me on my back on the couch, exhausted and dazed from the rough treatment.

Hicks pushed my thighs apart and readied his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He lifted my left leg, hooking my ankle over his right shoulder and rotating my hips upwards, providing him with a better angle for entry. I winced as he slid his cock into my pussy, feeling my lips stretch around his girth and yelping as the head of his cock bottomed out against my cervix. He began pumping his shaft in and out of my pussy, steadily increasing the pace of his thrusts until he was rapidly pounding me while roughly squeezing my breasts with his hands for control and balance. His balls slapped against my ass rhythmically as he penetrated me at a frantic pace, using my body as the others looked on while stroking their cocks, hooting and cheering him on as he fucked me.

His body tensed against me, and I felt his cock begin to pulse as he approached his orgasm. Hicks pulled his dick out of me and straightened up on his knees to position himself over my torso. Slowly stroking his dick with his hand, he reached forward and pulled my face towards him just as his cock erupted with cum. The first volley almost flew over me, striking my forehead and trickling down the bridge of my nose. I tried to turn my face as the second shot struck my cheek and the third stuck in my hair above my ear. He let out of victorious whoop as he squeezed out two last pulses of cum, both landing messily in the crevice between my breasts.

“Get on your knees.” Kennedy ordered and I followed his instruction, sliding from the couch to the floor before Kennedy and Dunbar. The two men stood over me as they worked their massive cocks in their hands. Kennedy was the first to finish, as he unleashed a thick load at my open mouth. His cum splashed across my lips and ran down my chin as he fired rope after rope of ejaculate at my face. I struggled to swallow as much of what landed in my mouth as I could, but the sheer volume of liquid overwhelmed me and a stream of his cum trickled over lips and dripped down to my tits. His last burst of cum hit me squarely between my eyes, speckling the bridge of my nose and my cheeks with thick white flecks. Spent, he pushed his dick to my lips, pressing it into my mouth for a cleaning.

Just as Kennedy removed his cock from my mouth, Dunbar began to grunt. He took a step forward as he launched a heavy mass of cum that struck me above my right eye, coating my forehead and the side of my face. I tried to turn my head to dodge the next round, but Kennedy held me in place with his painful grip on my ponytail. As Dunbar’s cock continued spurting, thick white cum rained down on my cheeks, spilling down the sides of my face and falling to my breasts, thighs and the floor. He exhaled heavily, seemingly completely spent, and squeezed the last large drops of cum from his cock onto my cheekbone, before placing his cock at my mouth. I dutifully opened my lips, my tongue wrapping around the softening member and cleaning the mix of his cum and my juices from his shaft. I looked up to see Hicks standing over me beside Dunbar, and I thoroughly cleaned him with my mouth, as well.

Dipti stopped the shower with her wet hand and watched her naked frame in the big wall mirror hanging across the wall. Her hair wet sticking to her neck and shoulders and dripping water onto her naked skin. Her body was wet with water as she looked at her petite frame, her breasts sticking out and her nipples giving them a cone shape. Her slim waist and those wide hips on top of those toned legs thanks to jogging daily. She had just shaved her pussy before her showe and now it looked very clean and delicious with the lips slightly swollen and pink.

She grabbed the towel and started to dry her body as she walked out of the shower and into her bedroom. Her clothes were placed on top of her bed neatly. She sat on the bed and placed her hand on the smooth sheet of the bed and moved it a little. She looked at the clock, she had one hour to get ready and reach her friends place. The friend who was getting her out of trouble by helping her but it didn’t seemed that way to her.

Dipti had been married for 3 years now to Rishi with no child, they lived in a nice apartment. They wanted to have a big house before they have any kids. She didn’t have to work because her husband was wealthy. Was wealthy. Until he suffered a big loss in business and went in debt. She never in her scariest nightmares would have imagined that she would have to do something like this and that also for money and a favor. A simple exchange of favors as her friend Mona had put it. Dipti’s husband was now working on a big deal to try and cover up his losses and if he did close this deal then the happy days would return back for them. But to land this deal and sign the contract he needed the 2 important persons of the other company to agree and sign the contract.

One of whom was Deepak’s friend and Deepak was Mona’s husband. Mona had convinced Dipti that her husband will help Rishi in getting the contract if she could do something in return for Deepak. She was a bit surprised at that coz Deepak knew Rishi so why was he asking for something in return from her rather then her husband whom he was gonna help.

“He has always liked you & he wants to sleep with you,” were the words of Mona when she told her of the arrangement and continued with,”you sleep with Deepak & he’ll help out your husband. No ane has to know about anything. You’ll be happy with this, your hubby will be happy & so will my Deepak.”

She was tonguetied at hearing that and didn’t knew how to respond to that so she just quietly left her place and came back home. But after a few days she found herself pondering over the idea due to their financial situation and how much Rishi wanted this contract. It would almost kill him if he didn’t get this deal which he had been working for almost 2 years now. She thought about talking with Deepak and trying to ask for his help without anything in return atleast not from her.

Dipti picked up her red skimpy panty from the bed and raised her left leg & inserted it then her right foot. She pulled the soft fabric up from her feet towards her thighs and she raised her hips and placed the fabric ontop of her bald pussy. She remembered how that conversation had went with Deepak.

“He’s your friend, aren’t you gonna help him out?”

“I wanna, but see, this is, uh… This is the only chance that I can get with you.”

“What does that mean?” she asked a little confused.

“I have always been in love with you, with your body to be specific. That’s why I friended Rishi & pushed Mona to become friends with you. I’ve waited for an opportunity like this & now that its here, I’m not gonna let it pass,” he said stepping closer towards her.

“I’m not gonna do anything like this with you,” she said taking a step back and hitting into the wall behind her.

“You will do it. I know you will coz if you don’t then poor Rishi won’t be able to clear his debts & he’ll be on the road & so will you,” he was now standing just a feet apart from her towering her with his big 6 ft frame.

“Please…,” she said when he placed his hand on her shoulder. Her heartbeat quicked at the touch and she was feeling scared and was having difficulty in breathing.

“Just one time. You be with me alone for one time and I’ll help out your Rishi.”

“No, I can’t do it. I can’t cheat on him,” tears started running from her eyes ruining her makeup. He backed away looking at her crying and said,”the meeting is after 3 weeks & if you’ll be in bed with me before that then Rishi will get the contract or…” he left the sentence unfinished and walked away from her.

She remained in shock for almost 2 days after that little incident and was in a dilemna. She didn’t know what to do, whether to help out her husband who had provided her with everything she ever asked for and sleep with another guy or just let him suffer this horrible loss. Mona came a few more times to her to convince her about this and in the end she did succeed.

She picked the red bra which Mona had brought for her and placed it on her breast. She brought her hands back and clasped the hook then ran her hands through her bra covered breasts. It was a very soft fabric and the feel of it against the skin was very delicate and arousing. Then she stood up and picked the red dress and wore it. She went in front of the large mirror and saw herself. She was looking gorgeous in this dress which came down mid-thigh and showed her legs along with her cleavage and shoulders. She did her hair and a little makeup and was ready to leave.

Rishi had gone out of town for some business work and would return after two days and she was gonna spend these two days with Deepak in his house. She still couldn’t believe she was gonna do it but she didn’t have any other choice that’s what Mona had told her. She got into her car and drove towards her destination, it was only a 10 minute drive and she was parking her car in their driveay and got out. Mona was standing outside waiting for her. She greeted Dipti and hugged her saying she looked beautiful and her husband would be very pleased.

They entered the house and made their way towards the bedroom where the room was nicely decorated for their coupling. She still didn’t understand what was the deal between this married couple. Mona helping him to get someone else in bed with him? Whatever it was, but she was just gonna do this once and get it over with. But still there was a little fear in her heart and she wanted to run. She thought of just leaving everything and running out but she was so terrified that she couldn’t move.

“You wait here and be comfortable, Deepak is taking a shower,” Mona said leaving her alone in the bedroom. She went and sat on the bed, she felt the softness of the sheets and the stuffy mattress where she will be fucking in a few moments. She hadn’t fucked anyone except Rishi and she was a virgin when she got married. Rishi was a good lover but still the thought of being with someone else scared her but now that she was sitting alone on the bed of Deepak who will be fucking her for the next 2 days brought a sudden excitement inside her and she felt her pussy getting a little moist.

“Sorry to keep you waiting my love,” Deepak said as he entered the room only in a towel around his waist. This was the first time she was seeing Deepak naked. Almost naked except that towel. He had a muscular chest with little hair on it and a flat stomach also with few hairs. He came and sat right next to her looking at her hungrily.

“I’ve been dreaming about this moment since forever,” he said and leant in to kiss her. She couldn’t move away or respond so just kept still. His lips met hers and she felt her heartbeat rising again and her pussy getting moist. He pulled her lower lip out with his teeth and then started sucking on it between his lips as his hand went around and started rubbing her back and neck. He placed his other hand on her tit and started squeezing it which made her moan & move a little but he kept her still with his strong hold on her.

He fell on the bed with her and pushed his tongue inside her mouth and started exploring the insides of her mouth as his both hands started squeezing her tits hard making her moan into his mouth. He pulled back a little and looked at her, she was breathing heavily and her lipstick was smeared on her lips and chin now, her eyes were closed and she opened them to see him staring at her hungrily. He stood up and removed his towel to show her his hard cock standing erect and ready for action. Her eyes grew wide at the sight as this was the first time she was seeing a man completely naked who wasn’t her husband with a hard cock waiting to fuck her.

“Remove your clothes & get naked. I wanna see you naked,” he said stroking his cock now. She got up from the bed and started walking away but he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him pressing her body against his naked and slightly wet body.

“what’s the matter?” he asked squeezing her tits again.

“I’m scared and… I wanna, I wanna go home, please,” she said trying to get herself free but Deepak was too strong for her. He held her still and grabbed her hand and brought it close to his cock.

“Touch it,” he said licking her cheek and she did. “Now stroke it with your hand.”

She started stroking it slowly and he pushed his tongue inside her mouth again this time holding her by the neck firmly. With the other hand he cupped her pussy and started rubbing over her dress. Her pussy was getting wet now and she wanted a little more. He moved away from her and held the hem of her dress & pushed it up and over her body. Now she was only in that red skimpy lingerie.

“Remove them aswell,” he ordered stroking his cock. “Quickly.”

She unclasped her bra and let it fell down to the floor and with trembling hands she hooked her fingers in the side of the waistband and brought the panties down her legs slowly. Her eyes were glassy now and she was about to cry. She thought she would die of the humiliation of standing naked in front of another man who is not her husband.

“That’s more like it. You shaved your pussy for me? Didn’t you?” he said teasing her but she didn’t reply to that. He picked her up in his arms and threw her on the bed on her back. Her legs opened as she landed hard on the matress and he grabbed her legs and spread them wide and buried his face in her sweet pink pussy.

He could smell her arousal and he gave a long lick from her asshole to her clit making her squirm. He gave another slow long lick then started eating her pussy.

“Your husband ever did this?” he asked in between licks and she just moaned, “NOOOOO.”

He started flicking and sucking on her clit as his left hand squeezed her tit and pinched her nipple in between his fingers and his right hand was teasing her asshole.

“Hhmmm, uh ooohhh!” came from her mouth as he sucked her clit and then inserted his finger inside her wet dripping pussy and pinched her nipples aswell. He kept on sucking her clit and fingering her pussy and soon she had her first orgasm from pussy eating.

“Aaaahhhhhhh! Huuuhhh!” she cried and writhed her hips jerkily as she came hard on Deepak’s mouth but he kept on drinking her pussy juice as it flowed and didn’t let go of her. When she calmed down and relaxed a little he got up and placed his cock at her dripping entrance and pushed it in. It went inside easily due to the wetness and he was buried inside Dipti’s pussy balls deep.

The one thing that he wanted the most in the world was to do this. Bury his cock to the hilt inside her pussy and fuck her hard like her husband had never fucked her before and possibly will never do in future. He leaned forward and kissed her lips hard and started moving his cock out and then all the way in. All the way slowly out and a hard push all the way in shaking her with each hard thrust. He picked his pace and started pounding her pussy hard and fast as his lips were sucking and chewing on hers. Her moans were muffled by his tongue inside her mouth and her hands started scratching his back from the immense pleasure that she was receiving from such a hard fucking.

She felt her orgasm rise and she came hard digging her nails in his wide back. He felt the pain of that and tightness of her pussy and increased his pace even more hitting her very hard with his pelvis. With each thrust he was shaking her to her core. A few more hard thrusts and she came again instantly. Never had she witnessed such hard and intense fucking of her poor pussy and she knew it would be sore afterwards. He buried his cock to the hilt and came himself washing the insides of her pussy with his cum.

He kept on kissing her and sucking her lips as they both came down from their orgasmic high. He lied beside her and caressed her sweaty naked body breathing heavily. He was not done with her yet, he had two whole days to do this with her and he was gonna use this time and her body thoroughly. He had kept a few pills of viagra in his drawer just in case he needed them and by the looks of it he will be using some of it.

Dipti was lying naked in the bed taking a nap after the thorough fucking she just had. The sheets were in a mess, the pillows were torn, she had bite marks all over her body, her nipples and pussy ached with the assault they had endured. She had never fucked this much perhaps in her entire life how much Deepak had fucked her in these 2 days. He hadn’t let her wear any clothes and kept on fucking her whenever his dick got hard which was quite often. He had fucked her on the floor, in the shower and even in the kitchen while Mona was preparing dinner for them. He even made her suck his cock to get it hard again and when it got hard he fucked the shit out of her pussy.

The room smelled of sex, sweat and cum. Deepak came and sat beside her looking at her as she slept. He had fucked her to his heart’s consent but was not finished. He wanted to do one more thing before she left his place. He had already used all of the pills and he knew that she would not be walking straight for atleast a week but she had aroused him so much that he had to have her again. He grabbed her waist and pulled her up on her knees. He raised her ass and made it stick out, her face buried in the pillow, her eyes still closed and he saw the redness on her white asscheeks and the finger marks. Her pussy was swollen and agape. His cock was hard and he had just one thing on his mind now to fuck her ass to complete this fantastic stay.

He lubed up his cock and applied the lube on her puckered hole and inserted a finger inside and slowly fucked her ass with his finger. There was no response from her so he place his cockhead at her anal opening and slowly started pushing it in.

“Noooo…” came a muffled voice from Dipti but Deepak wasn’t gonna stop now and he grapped her hips tightly and kept pushing his dick inside. Slowly his dick was getting buried in her tight ass. Her ass was very tight he felt his cock would explode from the tightness of her ass.

“Unnhhhhh! It hurts!” she said when he was balls deep in her ass.

“Don’t worry baby, it’ll get better I promise.”

With that said he started moving his cock out and then inserted it back in again. Half out and all the way in, half out and all the way in his cock was moving in that tight asshole of hers. He had dug his fingers in her soft asscheeks and she was just moaning at the pain and pleasure this slow fucking was giving her. This was probably the slowest fuck in these two days that she had witnessed and it was very pleasurable, different definitely but also pleasurable. He wasn’t gonna last long due to the tightness and soon just came filling her ass with his cum or what was left of it. He collapsed on her back and kissed her neck and said,”I love you Dipti.”

She ignored that and went back to sleep tired of even responding to that or getting up and washing herself.

Dipti was sitting on her living room couch reading some article on her laptop when Rishi came home. He looked very tensed so she asked him,”what’s the matter honey? You look tense.”

“I didn’t get the contact.”

That was a blow in the gut for Dipti after all she did and to hear that her husband didn’t get the contract, “What happened?” she tried not to sound too frustrated feeling betrayed by her best friend.

“Well there were supposed to be 2 members with whom we were signing the deal. But at the last moment-”

“Last moment what? Tell me honey what happened at the last moment?”

“They told that there are 3 members. And the third one is the head and probably the one who calls the shot and, uh, and he–”

“What?” she asked almost not believing what she was hearing. It all seemed like a nightmare to her now.

“He put it on hold. Said that he needs time to think about it.”

“So is that a bad thing?” she asked still not getting the situation.

“Maybe yes. Coz the other two wud’ve been easy to deal with but this third guy is not easy to please.”

“So now what?” she asked rubbing his shoulders.

“The meeting has been scheduled next week. Second half of the meeting that is.” he said and got up. “I’m gonna take a shower and head to bed, I’m tired.”

“Okay,” she said and saw Rishi going up the stairs.

She didn’t know how to respond to this, she fucked Deepak for two days so he could get this deal and now this. She was angry at Deepak and didn’t know what to do. She buried her face into the pillow and started sobbing feeling betrayed and taken advantage of. She couldn’t even tell Rishi about this and she started wetting the pillow with her tears.

Let me know what you think of this story & if you want me to continue this ahead.


Tied, helpless, discovered, used hard

TX Shorties are short (2 pages of less) standalone stories, with abbreviated plots (if any). I have no intention of continuing any of them.


“ALEX!” I screamed, “THIS IS NOT FUNNY!”

I had no idea how long I’d been tied down like this. It felt like hours. My arms and legs were tired of being stretched out to the corners of the bed. The cuffs on my ankles and wrists had seemed comfortable at first, but now were chaffing, slick with sweat.

I was going to kill the stupid SOB.

It was our six month anniversary. I figured he’d earned a little fantasy fulfillment, and I let him strap me down to the bed. I thought a little toy play, feathers, tickling, and some righteous fucking would be in order. Then he started with the jealousy shit again.

Ok, I hadn’t been 100% joking when I had mentioned getting one of his friends to join us, for a little R&R. He’d already told me about his threesomes and foursomes, and more-somes, and I’ll admit, it got me thinking. Two dicks at once, being the plaything to two big strong guys, used for their pleasure, helpless for them. Yeah, it got me going a bit. So maybe I had slipped up, bringing it up in this position.

“You’re not thinking of inviting one of your buddies over, are you?” I teased, while he pounded the hell out of my tied down and helpless body.

“Right. Who are you thinking about Hannah? Brad? Alex? Jesus, it’s our anniversary and you’re fantasizing about another guy?”

I’ll say this much, an angry fuck is a hell of a thing. He had a couple of pillows under my butt, and was hammering my poor cooch. It hurt a little, each thrust stretching my legs, the ropes tugging on my ankle cuffs.

“Fuck, Hannah. You’re like a swamp down here. All worked up over one of your fantasy boys again?”

“No baby. It’s you. All you. You feel so good,” I told him, hoping he’d drop the subject.

“Right. You’re never this wet or horny,” he growled at me.

“I’m tied down, Alex. Helpless. You can do anything you want to me. It’s driving me crazy,” I gasped, as he leaned over and punished my pussy.

“But I’m not enough am I? You want your dream boy to stick his big cock in your mouth, don’t you? Maybe in that ass of yours you keep promising me, then change your mind at the last minute. Is that what you want, Hannah? Brad’s cock tickling your tonsils? He’s not that big you know. Or is it Miguel? You’re always fucking flirting with him.”

“Whatever you want, baby. I only want what you want. If you wanted to share me, how could I say no, like this?”

“God, you’re such a slut. Megan was right. She told me you dream of being airtight. You’d happily let some stranger have your ass, as long as you had all three holes filled. That’s it, isn’t it?”

Megan. That stupid bitch. Some best friend she was. “No, baby. That’s just a little fantasy. I wouldn’t really do it.”

He pulled off of me, slapping my thigh hard.

“Ow! Damn it, Alex. No hurting me. I told you.”

“Fuck you, Hannah. You and your fantasy fuck squad. Maybe one of them will come over and untie you. I’m gonna go get a beer.”

“Alex! Don’t you dare leave me like this!” I screamed at him.

I felt him sit on the edge of the bed, getting dressed. Maybe I went a little overboard, cursing him and his various body parts, accusing him of some vile and even physically impossible sexual practices. Pleading might have worked better. Perhaps an apology.

“If you leave me like this, I’m going to fucking tear your nuts off!” I screamed as he walked out of our 1st floor apartment.

He returned, a minute later. “Thank God, Alex. I would have died if you left me like this. I’m sorry. Please untie me.”

He laughed, and I felt him tape some paper to my stomach. The tape was irritating, sticky. “Happy Anniversary, Hannah-slut.”

He left me. I heard the door open, the sound of traffic on the street. I waited for the slam. I waited, and waited. I could still hear all the traffic outside, the sound of the Wilson kids across the street.

The lousy bastard had left the door open. Wide open from the sound of it.

I’d tried. I had. I pulled and jerked and kicked. No luck. I was good and truly screwed. My shoulders hurt from being extended so long, and my lower back was aching. The fucker could at least have removed those damn pillows.

I had been rubbing my head against the pillow for a while, trying to loosen the damned mask, so I could at least see something.


I heard a voice from the front of the apartment.

“Hello? Pizza delivery.”

The guy sounded Hispanic. Shit. He wouldn’t have done that would he? Order pizza to be delivered here? Leaving me like this? He wouldn’t.

Would he?”

“Pizza delivery.” The voice was getting closer. Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

I heard his footsteps on our wooden floor. Getting closer.

“Pizza del…”

God. He was here. I could hear his breathing. I could smell the damn pizza. He was in our room.

“You order pizza, lady?”

Jesus, he was standing right over me. “Umm, yeah. You can leave it on the chest, please.”

“It’s $14.95.”

Oh shit, he was at the end of the bed. I bet he was looking right up between my legs. I tried to close them, but there was no fucking way. Not tied down like I was. “My purse. It’s on the dresser. Please take a $20. You can keep the change.”

“There’s no purse here,” he said.

“It must be in the living room,” I told him.

I was such an idiot. Maybe he could help me. “Hey! Pizza guy, could you untie me? This is kind of embarrassing. My boyfriend will be right back, but I don’t want to wait.”

I felt his hand on my ankle. Thank God. I was almost in tears out of relief.

“You guys have a fight?” he asked.

Oh, God. His hand was on my calf, sliding up my leg.

“No, we’re good. He just went around the corner to get some beer.”

“What does this paper mean?” he said, his hand running up my thigh.

“What…what paper?” I asked, squirming from his touch. His hand was rough, slowly creeping up my leg. The fucker skimmed his hand across my pussy, running his fingers through my close cropped pubes. “Don’t. Please.”

“It says, ‘Your Tip. Enjoy.’ You think this message is for me?” he laughed. He grabbed my tit and squeezed it.

“No. Don’t. I’ll scream.”

“I don’t think so. I bet that’s why he left this gag here. You think I should gag you?”

“Please,” I begged. “Please untie me.”

“After,” he whispered, and I felt the round ball pressed against my lips.

“Don’t,” I pleaded through gritted teeth.

“You gonna scream?” he teased, tugging my nipple.

“Please don’t. Don’t do this. Help me.”

“Let me get my ‘tip’ and I’ll untie you.”

“He’ll be back soon. Don’t do this.”

He laughed, ripping the paper off my stomach, the tape stinging as it came off. “I don’t think so. I think you’re my tip, pretty lady. Best tip I ever got. You people are crazy.”

His hand was moving between my legs. Shit. “HELP!” I screamed.

His hand slammed down over my mouth, his other hand squeezing my nipple hard. Really hard. Jesus, that hurt.

“Scream again, and I’ll invite the whole store down here. You hear me?”

I nodded.

“You be good. I’ll take my tip, and I’ll untie you. Otherwise, I gag you, and everyone I know gets a turn. Is that what you want?”

“No. Please. What’s your name?”

“Pablo. What’s yours.”


“Your pretty Amanda. Kind of kinky. I like that.”

“Pablo. Untie me please.”

“After. I told you. Stop asking. You’re making me mad.”

He was on the bed. Between my legs.

“Pretty pussy, Amanda. You smell real good.”

“Please, Pablo,” I begged.

“Ok. Since you ask so nice.”

The fucker licked me. Licked me from ass to clit. Fuck. “No, no,” I pleaded, while he licked me like a fucking lap dog. He knew nothing about eating pussy. Lick, lick, lick.

“You like this. You’re so wet. Wet nasty girl.”

“Untie me,” I begged.

I screeched when he pinched my poor clit like a vice. “Shut up. Don’t talk. One more word, and I not only gag you, I’ll hurt you. Hurt you bad. Nod if you understand.”

I nodded.

Bastard. Lick, lick, lick. Didn’t he ever get tired of that? I tried to pull away, but that was hopeless. He was licking inside me, deep. The illegal fucker must have had a six inch tongue. Lick, lick, lick.

God. No. Please, no. No, no, no. It was feeling good. Too damned good. I bit my lip, tried to hold still. I mustn’t.

I moaned.

“Nice, pussy,” he whispered.

“Ohhh,” I gasped. The dirty little cunt-licker sucked half my pussy in his mouth, nibbling on my clit.

He release me with a loud pop. Licked me again. “You can come, pretty lady. I don’t mind. I kind of like that.”

Holy shit. His fingers were in me, and he was sucking again. That six inch tongue was torturing my clit. I struggled to move away, but that damn mouth stayed glued to me. I couldn’t. Couldn’t let him. Couldn’t let him make me…

The spasm rocked through my body. I had no way to stop it. I gasped, and came for him. Came hard. So fucking hard.

He got up, rubbing my pussy like it was his pet chihuahua. “God, lady. You and me, we gonna have some fun.” He climbed off the bed. I heard him undressing. This was bad.


“No talking.”

“Some water, please. That’s all.”

“You sure? I have to gag you, if I leave this room.”

“You’ll ungag me after, Ok?”

“Yeah.” He leaned on the bed next to my head, and I felt that damn ball gag against my lips. I told Alex not to buy that. Now some damn pizza boy was putting it in my mouth.

I heard him walk away. I wanted him to let me talk. Only a little. That was my plan. He was coming back, but he stopped outside the door. He was speaking softly, but I could still hear him.

“Dwayne, yeah, it’s me. You know that money I owe you. I’m gonna pay you back. Yeah.”

Fuck. I heard him tell some bastard our address. Not good. Seriously not good.

He walked in the room, and took off my gag. He lifted my head and held a straw to my lips. I drank deeply. I really had been thirsty.

“Thank you Pablo. You didn’t invite someone over did you?” I asked nervously.

“One friend. You’ll like him. He’s a good guy.”

“Please don’t. Untie me and I’ll treat you so good. I’ll make you very, very happy, I promise. Just untie me.”

I was shocked when he jammed the gag in my mouth, before I had a chance to resist. “I told you not to ask,” he snapped. I moaned when he grabbed my nipples, squeezing and twisting hard. “Stop!” I tried to scream, but nothing but a whine escaped around my gag.

He slapped my left tit, making me squirm. Then he was back between my legs. I felt his rough skin pressing against my soft inner thigh. God, he was going to do it. I tried to scream when he rammed his dirty prick into me. All the way in. No warm up. Nothing. He was leaning over me, his putrid dick pounding into me. I could smell his breath, panting, a garlic stench enveloping my face.

“Don’t worry, pretty Amanda. I’m using a rubber. I don’t get your filthy disease, and last longer this way. I got plenty. Get more if I need to.”

He was grunting, mauling my tits. His fat prick was driving into me like he’d spent the last 20 years in prison. Shit. For all I know he had. I thought of him as a kid, but who knows?

I groaned when his rough fingers started grinding down on my clit. “You like that? All the putas like that.”

He had stamina. Damn him.

“Pablo!” I heard a deep voice call out from the entrance.

He pulled out of me. “Now the party starts, Amanda.”

I was trembling when he crawled off the bed. I couldn’t hear him talking, just a low rumble. I heard the door close. The quiet. I couldn’t hear the street noise. Only footsteps. Whispering.

“Why is he here?” Pablo asked.

“My ride,” the deep voice spoke from just outside the door. “No talking. No names when we go in there. This is some serious shit.”

“I been talking to her, she knows my name. She have to know. They ordered pizza.”

“You talk then. You want to take your chances, I don’t give a fuck. No names though. Got it.”

“We’re even after this.”

“This slut as hot as you say, we even. I go first.”

A new voice. “You gotta go last Dwayne. Else we ain’t gonna feel nothin’ once you stretch her out.”

“No names,” he hissed. “Fine. Once each. Then the bitch is mine.”

Please, God. Let Alex come back. Let this all be a dream.

I heard their footsteps. The bedroom door closing. The rustle of clothing. Someone moving between my legs. Dear lord, let this stop.

Hands on my tits. Rough hands. Cruel. Pressure on my thighs. No. No, no, no. Pressing on my pussy. I prepared myself for the brutal intrusion.

I almost laughed. Almost. Little tiny fucking dick. No wonder he wanted to go first. Poking me. Not much more that a finger. Poke, poke, poke. If only the hands on my tits were as harmless. I moaned, when I thought they were going to tear my nipple off. A stupid chuckle from between my legs. Like that little weenie would make me moan. Six months with Alex had shown me what a real cock was like. Hard seven inches, ready for me whenever I needed it.

Alex. I was going to kill him. Literally kill him. Fucking stab him in the chest with a butcher knife when he went to sleep. Leaving me here to be gang-raped.

PeeWee was grunting, hips going a mile a minute. He pushed inside of me, groaning, and then he was gone. The hands were gone. Thank God.

Only to be replaced a moment later by that fucking pizza guy. “Pretty Amanda. I’m going to make you come for me. You come nice and sweet, and maybe I take the gag off. You gonna come for me?”

I nodded. Anything to get that gag off.

Stamina boy. He pounded me. Good sized cock. Thick. Gentler hands on my chest, caressing. PeeWee had the touch. I hated my body. Hated it for responding. Getting wet. Creaming for him. Someone rubbing my clitty, nice rub. Hands brushing back my hair. Long deep strokes of that grubby cock. Fuck. I could feel it. Feel it growing. I moaned, squirming under the hands on my tits. That damn cock driving me crazy.

I fought it as long as I could. I shouldn’t have, it only made it worse, bigger, stronger. He seemed to know. “Don’t fight it Amanda. All the girls love Pablito. Don’t be embarrassed. Come for me.”

I whimpered, trying to hold back, and that damn soft hand slapped my clit. He got what he wanted. I came for him. Fucking exploded. Huge.

“Sweet pussy. Sweet, sweet pussy,” Pablo groaned, his face over mine. That rancid garlic breath.

“Finish,” I heard that deep voice from somewhere to my side.

Pablo, the steel driving man. Pummeling my pussy. Taking it. Owning it. No longer Alex’s.

“Fuck,” Pablo gasped. He groaned and I could feel that fat dick pulsing inside me.

He pulled out and the hands all left. I was alone for a moment, then movement between my legs. “Say goodbye to your pussy,” I heard that deep cruel voice, and then someone was shoving a baseball bat up my cunt.

Too big. Too fucking big. I groaned, fighting it, struggling, desperate to free my hands and legs. It didn’t stop, stretching me, tearing at me, filling me. Fucking Christ. It was pushing so damn deep, all the way to my friggin’ lungs. Then it started. Vicious, cruel pile-driver, destroying my poor pussy.

I could feel the tears streaming from my eyes. Hands squeezing my tits again. Different, playing with them. That huge fucking cock turning me inside out. I was crying, begging, whimpering, and it was relentless.

My body was on fire, every nerve jangling, I couldn’t get enough air. My hips were betraying me, pressing back against the thrusting. My nipples were achingly hard. Clit throbbing. Every touch of their hands had me trembling.

I couldn’t hear anything. Couldn’t feel anything. Nothing but that monster cock. Filling me, opening me, stretching me impossibly wide.

Legs trembling, stomach clenching. Fight it. Fight it. Don’t give in. Not to this. Please God, not to this.

“Come,” he growled.

I lost it. Totally. Body shaking and leaping off the bed, like that friggin’ girl in the Exorcist. Laughter. They were laughing at me, as I came like I never had before.

Someone was tearing off my gag. A sticky cock pressed into my mouth. “Suck it.” Pablo, that fucking bastard. “Suck, slut.”

I sucked. I sucked that filthy cock, and let the beast between my legs get me off again. And again. My legs were released, and brought together, my feet in the air. Fucking telephone pole in my stretched out cunt hammering me. I ripped my face off the dick in my mouth, screaming, coming and coming. “Fuck me!” I gasped, horrified at my own words.


Big juicy cock. Thick, long, forced down my throat. I sucked. I hoovered. I demanded its cum. One hand untied, I brought it to my mouth, stroking my oral invader, sucking the head. The other hand freed. I grabbed his ass, pulling him forward, taking his whole cock, nose to the pubes.

He was on the phone again, calling his friends. Three, four phone calls. My address given out. “Crazy, hot fucking slut,” he told the last one. “Sure. Bring them all. Some beer and bud. It’s a party.”

I started shaking again. God, not another one. The bastard between my legs. Didn’t he ever come? The dick in my mouth was at my lips, while I stroked it fast. I could feel it swelling, hardening. My turn to make him come.

I got a mouthful of hot juice, slimy, nasty, coating my mouth. “Swallow, slut,” he gasped. I swallowed, quickly. I needed my mouth to scream again.

They were going to destroy me. An army of them. Endless cocks, and I couldn’t do anything but take it. Helpless.

My mask was removed. Bright. So bright. Blinding. I squinted looked at the thick cock in front of my eyes. Hairy belly. I looked up. I needed to know.

Shock. My whole world shattered. I knew him. That evil bastard. I looked down between my legs, my pussy finally empty, sore, aching. Long hair. Blonde. Big fucking tits.

“Happy Anniversary, Hannah,” Alex said, in his lousy fucking Spanish accent, rubbing his cock against my face.

Megan held up a recorder. “Happy Anniversary, Hannah,” that deep, rich voice said from the recorder. She was crawling up my tortured body, the biggest fucking strap-on I’d ever seen, attached to her waist. “Meet Dwayne, Hannah.” She pressed the recorder button again.

“My ride. No names, no talking…”

My brain was shutting down. No Pablo? No Dwayne? No PeeWee? It didn’t make sense. Nothing made sense.

Alex was holding me. “Hannah, relax. Relax baby.”

Megan, naked? She was sitting on the other side, caressing my sore titties. She leaned down and kissed one. “We weren’t too rough, were we?”


She grinned. I looked up at Alex, who was smiling gently. “You didn’t leave? You’re not mad?”

“I love you, Hannah banana. Did we have you fooled?”

“Jesus, Alex! I was just gang-raped!”

Megan giggled. She leaned down and kissed me. Weird. She’d never kissed me. “Your dirty secret fantasy. Nobody but me should ever know, right?”

I was trembling. I didn’t know if I should be angry, relieved, or excited. “You bastards. That was so real. So fucking real. I just new their friends would arrive any minute, and fuck me to death.”

Megan laughed, holding up a four inch dildo. “Did you like Junior?” she teased.

I giggled. “PeeWee. That was PeeWee.”

I glared at Alex. “Pablo was the worse damn pussy licker I ever met.”

He laughed. “Got you to come, didn’t he.”

“Jesus,” I sighed, leaning back into his arms. “Did I ever. I’m exhausted. I didn’t think a body could come that much.”

Megan was lying next to me, cuddling me, her hand between my legs, gentle. PeeWee’s gentle hands. “I didn’t know you were a squirter,” she said. “God, I came when you splashed me.”

“I don’t squirt.”

She kissed my shoulder. “Yes you do, honey. Big time.”

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