I stood behind my colleague, Dan, waiting in line for him to complete check-in at the hotel we were staying in for work for the next several days. We were halfway through the trip, having travelled from Chicago to Europe, and from the first stop in Norway to our second here in Germany. He was talking to the young lady behind the counter, and I was desperately trying to hear what she was saying. Well, at least trying to hear her German-influenced English accent.

I fell into thought about how I loved to travel, to experience different culture and architecture, but that I hadn’t been on many international work excursions because of the large workload and domestic travel I had in my prior job. That was one of the reasons I left the company for a position in another company: the workload. The boss was kind of a shit as well, but I was ready for something new, and this company was providing me with new challenges. Things were great, though different, and still I was still becoming accustomed to the job, but overall it offered more balance to my work-driven lifestyle than before, and had opened up opportunities to travel I never had that I always wanted.

Many years ago I took a couple of German language classes, Spanish too, and because it had been more than twenty years, I was curious to see how much would come back to me here in Germany. Already having travelled through the airport and train, I was daunted by just how much I didn’t know and couldn’t remember. But, it was fun trying to understand the people riding on the train, the signs posted along the way while we travelled on the train, and then navigating our way to the hotel.

The hotel was fairly close, and we walked for just a couple of blocks from the train station rather than catch a cab or rely on some other transportation. In all, it was more opportunity to try to remember words, phrases, how sentences were structured, and start to experience the language best I could, even though we were surrounded by sex shops, casinos, and restaurants.

Somewhere in my reverie, I came back to the present to catch the hotel clerk telling my co-worker that a voucher for coffee and cake would be valid any time, though breakfast time might not be best due to the volume of people in the afternoon. Stopping for a second, she quickly caught the error and corrected what she said, saying that it was busiest in the morning. Interestingly, she turned a slight pink color out of embarrassment and kind of laughed it off with Dan. I smiled. I had forgotten that the people here were speaking a second language for them, English, and though they certainly had more experience with English than I had with German, I felt a bit more settled about being in a foreign country.

My co-worker stepped away from the desk, and I stepped up. I measured the young lady in front of me, Sabine, as she ran through the check-in routine – calm, respectful, assured, and confident in her English. Sabine was 5’7″, maybe 24 years old, thin, and fair skinned with color similar to a white seashell glowing a light peach from the sun setting on a tropical beach – radiant, soft, and lovely. Her hair was parted above her left eye, pulled over to the other side and back into a tight bun, though still exuding texture and color with light brown providing a backdrop to blonde highlights that reflected playfully under the light above the counter. She had very full lips, with strong facial features that were definitely attractive. Under a blue blazer she wore a white shirt with a white tie – oversized compared to the way men would wear a tie in the United States – with a pair of blue blazers to match. Though the uniform didn’t exactly compliment her shape, I could tell from when Sabine bent over to get the receipt from the printer that she had nice curves and that she was shapely if not in shape as well. Yes, I was looking, I couldn’t help it. What can I say?

I smirked as I thought of a “cute” little comment I could make from her encounter with Dan. I’d always had a penchant for playfulness, though it had backfired on me with several women in the past, and I sort of fluttered inside thinking of what it would be like to say it. Hell, it wasn’t like I was going to say it, mind you, because it would be kind of flirting and I was definitely of out of practice.

You see, I was quite shy. My hesitancy to connect with new people had led me to a career in IT, where I could write programs and code away hours into the night, or read up on the latest technology trends in journals and magazines. I had never been an avid online gamer or social site follower, so I didn’t have much of a community of friends that way. I had a few close friends, like me, which resulted into numerous nights of drinking and watching Star Wars or The Lord of The Rings trilogies. It was a good, perhaps sometimes lonely, life.

And it’s not that I was overweight, or rail thin, or that I had really bad acne, or wicked crooked teeth, or coke-bottle glasses mind you. Not that any of those are bad or wrong, it’s just that I was roughly six feet tall, 175 pounds, and I’ve been told that I’m handsome. I ran 20-30 miles a week after fighting the weight gain that had crept up on me, losing twenty pounds from my heaviest. At 41, I had a full head of hair still that I styled into a curly mess on the top of my head, with grey here and there in a way that some called “distinguished,” though to me I just felt older. I had what I thought was a larger nose than should be, but average size down there, if you know what I mean. Sure, one of my former girlfriends had told me I had more girth than other men she’d been with, but I guess I took that with a grain of salt. It was just that I was shy. Oh well…

“Here is your voucher for coffee and cake, sir, which is good at any time,” Sabine continued her talk.

“OK, then, is that breakfast in the afternoon?” I blurted, surprising myself and smiling a broad smile through my rose-tinged skin as I felt a rush of blood come to my face from embarrassment. I was now unbelievably nervous and hadn’t really expected to say it out loud, but there it was.

Then she did the most amazing thing: she smiled. Not just a “Nice comment, asshole,” kind of smile, no. Sabine gave me a bright, light-up-the-room kind of smile that filled my entire vision. She, too, had blushed, perhaps what I said embarrassed her, maybe my shit eating grin caught her off guard, but it was absolutely the most delightful experience of my day, and possibly the trip.

She laughed, and kept smiling throughout the rest of my check-out experience, my to my delight. We finished, and I left, feeling definitely warmer than I had when I came in. Was it from the hotel’s heating system or from her? Stupid, of course it was her.

I worked my way up to the room, pulling my luggage behind me carrying a backpack full of computer equipment on my back. I thought back – damn – I must’ve looked like the hunch back from Notre Dame because I never took it off during my encounter with Sabine. So much for a good impression. I popped the door open and, with much effort, threw all my stuff down and fell back on the bed, reliving my experience in my mind. Then, I fell asleep.

“Ring-Ring” the phone rang, waking me from slumber. Ok, it was more like sounding a bull horn next to a monkey sleeping soundly on a tree branch: I basically screeched the call of the jungle as I jumped off the bed in a state of confusion, nearly falling to the floor while looking for the phone. “Ring-Ring” it went again, and I swore under my breath at whoever was on the other end of the phone, rubbing my knee that had hit the bed frame. I picked up the receiver, “Helllo?”

“Jack, it’s Dan. We’re downstairs waiting for you.” Oh shit, I thought. Six O’clock. We had promised to meet our contact in Germany for dinner and a tour around downtown.

“Ok, sorry, I, uh, got tied up in my work,” I said, stammering and pulling on my shoes. “I’ll be right down, Dan.”

“OK, thanks,” Dan said curtly, and hung up. Crap. I wasn’t sure if this would be a night of drinking, of work conversation, of bull shitting around or what. So I didn’t dress up, hoping that would signal that I didn’t want to go to someplace with a dress code or a lot of people, and headed downstairs.

The night went better than expected, mostly. We had great food in a well-known, older place that had been serving food for over a century. That was one thing I liked about Germany that we just didn’t have in the United States: places to go with history and a story. Over dinner, our local guide, Robert, told numerous stories about the local area, how people treated each other differently that were from different regions from across the country, and plenty about history as he had studied and travelled extensively. We finally wrapped up dinner conversation and eating after nearly three hours, something that typically took 45 minutes at home for me when I ate on my own. Oh well, when in Rome.

Back toward the hotel, I remembered my experience with Sabine and smiled. Neither of my walking mates noticed, but I started to get anxious about seeing her again. As we neared, I got even more concerned, and excited, but as we entered the hotel, she wasn’t anywhere to be found. I suppose her shift ended, or she was on break, I didn’t know. We sat down and, unfortunately because I was tired from getting up very early for the flight that day, Robert spent the next two hours going through sales material and ideas for helping us sell our services throughout the world. I kept looking back at the reception desk, but Sabine never returned. I was bummed. Finally, around 2am, we called it a night and I headed back to my room. I fell asleep in minutes.

I awoke naturally around noon the next day, which I had scheduled as a down day. Wow – that was more sleep than my typical 5-6 hours a day that I got at home. I guess that exhaustion is a pretty good sleep aid, and I was glad I had booked an extra day during the week to “recover” from travel. As usual, however, I noticed I had the typical morning wood and for some reason my thoughts returned to Sabine. I felt blood surge as I remembered her radiance the day before, and nonchalantly began to stroke my hard-on, as it had been since I started to travel since I last masturbated. The thought of her smile got my imagination in full gear. I pictured passionately tearing away that ridiculous uniform to find a thong sashaying up her scrumptious ass, and a bustier that allowed her nipples just to peek above her bra.

Without warning I felt the familiar rush bubbling in my groin, and I wildly threw back the sheets with my other hand, stroking still with the other. My breathing labored, my orgasm triggered and I spurted so hard that I got myself on the cheek, neck, and chest before slowing down and dribbling onto my stomach. Another inch or two, and I would have shot into my own mouth, which had been wide open when I came. Thinking of licking my own cum off Sabine (that would be a first, hey, I was fancying things I hadn’t before) caused a twitch in my hand and a small rush of blood, not enough to get me hard again, but enough to know that I was surely revved up by Sabine for some reason.

I got up, tip toed over to the bathroom, making sure not to spill anything on the ground as I went, and wiped off with toilet paper. I wandered back into the room, dug around in my suitcase for my bag of toiletries, headed back to the bathroom and had a nice shower, continually letting my mind run back to Sabine, not so much as to get me riled up again but enough to keep me mentally excited.

Around 1:30pm I cautiously wandered downstairs hoping she was at work but, alas, she wasn’t there. I hadn’t eaten, and because I wasn’t particularly hungry, I ended up walking around for two hours in the rain under an umbrella before my stomach started growling. Interestingly, I could have sworn that I saw Sabine walking toward the hotel at one point, but it could have been either wishful thinking or that she was on my mind. She was all bundled up like a child getting ready for playing outside in the snow, hood and mittens and all, and I half smiled and smirked at the thought of her with pigtails and a long, hard lollipop in her hand, licking it with fervor, wearing nothing but a big ribbon in her hair. I know, I know, what can I say? She really had me going and my naughty side was emerging.

I stopped at a well-known restaurant, and had the sausage and beer – how could I not, I was in Germany. During my meal, somehow my umbrella disappeared from the restaurant, and I left uncovered wondering if this was a European tradition, or practice, or what: I didn’t know that I could’ve just taken another one as I learned later from Robert. It was raining really hard now compared to earlier, and after several blocks, not only was my head soaked, but my feet hurt because my shoes and socks were soaked from all the walking before, my pants were dripping from the knee down, and my coat was wet through to my shoulders. I probably looked like a drowned rat, I was cold, so I was in my head about how I could code something as I trudged through the front door of the hotel. I hadn’t even thought that Sabine might be working: and of course she was. She looked up from behind the desk and kind of smirked, putting her hand over her mouth. Reflexively, I gave her a grimaced, tight lipped smile. I could swear that she even giggled when I did that. Nice, I thought, real nice – way to make an impression, dumb ass.

Sloshing up to my room, I threw my clothes to the ground and changed into new ones to keep warm. I even tried to take the hair dryer to my coat to dry it out, but I’m not sure it helped much since the heat from the dryer didn’t amount to much. I unfolded the laptop, sent some emails, and texted Dan to see if we could talk about our work the next day. We connected in a little library section on our floor, and as we wrapped up, we agreed to meet for dinner and then left for our respective rooms.

Coming out of my room, I strode over to the balcony looking over the entryway, small dining and bar area, and reception. There was Sabine. She hadn’t noticed me, I don’t think, as she was helping other customers. From above, I could see the round curve of her ass as she moved around and could just make out her breasts tucked beneath the lapels of her blazer. My thoughts started to wander again. Maybe she was wearing a red bra, the kind with the underwire that sometimes poked a little too much, that she wanted me to take off so she draw full breaths as I touched her stomach. Perhaps she had on boy briefs, and somehow they were all bunched up and she desperately wanted me to rip them off as she arched her back at my touch and the release from the bounds of her clothing. Frozen, I just stood looking, admiring, when Dan slammed his room door shut and came sauntering my way. Reluctantly, I stepped back from my position, savoring each moment my eyes were soaking her in, and Dan and I left for dinner.

The food wasn’t much, but it was healthy and it was a good change from the pizzas under the door and hamburgers on the road. There was a small generation gap and a few political differences between Dan and me – not much but enough to make certain discussion topics a little strange. Fortunately, he was a great guy and the discomfort was far outweighed by the interesting conversation. The rain remained constant the entire time, and we came back to find Sabine still working behind the counter. At this point I just wanted to hear her voice, though I was still scared to talk to her, and I slowed down desperately trying to think of something to say to her.

“Want to come up to my room and fuck me silly?” No, that wouldn’t work, dumb ass. Maybe what I wanted to say, but that’s just insensitive.

“Hi Sabine, I’ve missed you.” All right, creepy. Way too creepy.

“Hi, can I get an extra key to my room? I’d like to give it to you.” Smarmy, weak, come on man, think of something – anything.

Dan called over, “What’s going on?”

Desperate, I stammered, “Uh, just head up, I’m seeing if they have… something.”

“Okay…” he responded, a bit quizzically, and headed up the stairs.

I turned to Sabine. She smiled. I melted. Fuck it – shoot from the hip.

“Hi, um, do you have a pen larger than the ones that they have in the room?” Brilliant. Well, at least it was something, and it came out as a full sentence. And the pens in the room did seem about the size of your thumb and how the hell are you supposed to write with something like that? Well, that’s what I thought when I saw it the first time I walked into the room, anyway and it somehow formulated into a sentence when I saw the bright orange pen in her hand. I looked up from the pen and back and up into her eyes. I melted again. Damn it.

“Um, this one here is mine,” she spoke. Sabine turned – hmm, lovely behind – and she gleefully chirped when she found a full-size pen and turned back to me. I took it from her, smiled and said thank you, and headed up to my room. I opened the door, walked in, and shut the door behind me, heart beating far too fast for a small encounter like that. What the hell was I doing? I felt like a friggin’ school boy. I didn’t need the god damned pen. I considered it, resting in my hand. Nothing special, it had the hotel logo on it, silver, just a pen.

Then it hit me. I could write. Pretty well, as a matter of, well, my opinion. I tore my laptop out of mmy backpack and quickly typed up:

“Hi Sabine. I am writing a story about you. I plan to finish tonight and if you would like, you can read it. However, it is sexual, and if you are uncomfortable with that, then I will write the story but keep it for myself. I will return to the lobby around 10pm. If you want to read the story, tell me how to get it to you. To be clear, I have no expectations of you… just giving you the chance to understand how others might see you. Jack.”

Then, for the next 30 minutes or so, I laboriously translated it into German. I’m sure it wasn’t accurate, with the right sentence structure, but at least it was something. I hand wrote a note using the translation along with paper that the hotel supplied, wrote her name on it, and somehow managed the courage to step out the door. I made it down the stairs without stumbling, amazingly, and kind of tripped into the lobby. There she was, working away, nobody else at the counter. Hell with it. Perspiring, butterflies tearing about my nerves, I strode up to the desk and put down the pen with the note placed under the clip.

“Danke schoon,” I did my best in German, thanking her for the pen.

“Bitte schoon,” Sabine responded, the customary response, looking curiously at the folded paper.

“Fur dich, aber… read it later,” I said, mixing up my German and English. I knew how to say it was for her but, well, I couldn’t remember the word for “read.” Why didn’t I take more German classes?

“OK,” she said, picking up the paper and putting it into her pocket. “Danke?”

Was that a question or just the way it should be said in German? I ran up to my room about at the speed of light, fearful of her or anyone else catching up to me, wondering what might happen next. Next. Shit. Now I have to actually write something.

It was late, but I had to get started. I had appointments the next day, so I looked around for the clock – nothing. I looked around for the phone – there it was, but it didn’t have a wake-up button on it. There was a pamphlet there, though and, after skimming it, I found out how to set up a wake-up call: through the front desk. Voila! There was the premise for my story!! And Voila! I was freaked out!! I still had to set the wake-up call, which required me to go back downstairs and talk to Sabine. After 20 minutes of working up the courage, I peeked out of my room, walked out and looked over the balcony. Not there, some guy. Whew! I hustled downstairs, set the wake-up time, and bolted right back up. Though I was relieved she wasn’t there, I was also disappointed that I didn’t get to see her.

But now it was time to get to work. It took about four hours, but I had a pretty good story. The premise started with a guy going to a hotel, staffed by a stunning front desk clerk. He is too scared to talk to her, so he writes her a sexually charged story about how she gives him a wake-up call as part of her duties. (I had noticed in the hotel pamphlet an interesting phrase, “This hotel can give you information and personal services on the following extra services…” which listed, among other things, the wake-up call.) He gives it to her hoping she gets the heavy-handed hint in the story. She reads the story several times, and because the story is about her, she gets more excited each time she reads it, to the point of masturbating to orgasm. She decides to make the story a reality, and wakes him up on his last day for a thrilling romp.

I read it over, making adjustments, cutting here and there, until finally I had it in pretty good shape, at least I thought so. “Ring-Ring” went the phone. I nearly went in my pants. Crap! I had a full day of work ahead, and I hadn’t gotten any sleep. Tea and coffee, here I come caffeine!

Somehow I managed through the day, thinking once in a while about Sabine, but primarily concentrating on the work. Dan and I did well, and we ended the day a bit early, thank goodness. Dan wanted to go for food and a beer, and I begrudgingly accepted. We ended up being out until 9:30pm – boy, could he drink and man, was I tired. When we got back to the hotel, Sabine wasn’t at the front desk, and so I set the next day’s wake-up call at the front desk and wandered upstairs, wondering when I’d have the answer to whether she’d like to read the story about her. I’m sure I fell asleep within 30 seconds of hitting the pillow and, although I briefly thought about stroking myself, I don’t think my hand even made it down there. Poor Mr. Happy…

The wake-up call came and I definitely felt better than the day before, more alert and ready to go. After breakfast, on our way to our first meeting, Dan mentioned that I had dozed off in one of the meetings the day before, and that everyone got a good chuckle. I blushed red – holy shit. Seeing my concern, he went on to say that it probably made the relationship better, as he had explained how much time I’d been putting in for them (which was true). Dan said they appreciated the effort, and I felt much better, though I was still embarrassed. As we went through the day, planning for our trip back to the states the next day, at some point Dan said he wasn’t in the mood for drinking beer since he had to catch a red-eye that night. At about 6pm, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at the end of the day and headed back to the hotel.

On arrival, I saw Sabine glancing at me furtively as we walked through the door. Oh boy, here we go. Dan kept walking to the elevator, and when he turned after punching the button, raised his hands as if he was asking me if I was coming or not. I slowly walked over and stopped in front of him.

“Hey, I’m going to grab some coffee and work a bit,” I said. “My flight doesn’t leave until 2pm tomorrow, so I’m going to finish up a few of the installation details, write that one algorithm, and catch up some email. I’ll either see you on your way out or when we get back home. OK?”

“Sure thing, man,” Dan replied, and was off to his room to pack. I looked at Sabine. One of the strands of her hair had managed to wriggle free from her tight bun, and it was teasing her cheek with a bit of curl. Damn, she was so fucking beautiful. I cautiously walked over, and stopped at the front of the desk.

“Well?” I asked. I couldn’t even fathom trying to ask that in German.

“Yes, please,” she whispered back, looking from left to right. I’m not sure if she was concerned about being caught by her co-worker, or about a customer coming through the turnstile front door, but when she looked back at me with those green eyes, I about lost it.

“Uh, Okay, then. Um, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I’m sure I could have beaten a cheetah up the stairs. I grabbed the story that I had printed earlier that day at a copy shop, and headed back down. Then, I stopped in my tracks: she had three customers in line. She shrugged her shoulders at me, gave me a little smile, and went back to her customer. I slumped, went back upstairs, grabbed my laptop, made it back downstairs, and found she now had five people to help. Go figure! So I sat down in the chair and flipped the lid, intent on getting through as many emails as possible so I wouldn’t have the workload when I got home. Two hours, and a lot of work, later, I hear this, “tick, tick, tick” by my foot and I look up to see Sabine grinning down at me, hands on her hips impatiently tapping her toe as if she had been waiting forever.

“Hello,” I stammered.

“Hello,” she replied, “Do you have my story?”

“Yes, I do,” I eeked out, and handed her the stack of stapled paper. She grabbed it and walked off, rolling it in her hand as she went. I watched her every move as she went, especially when she bent over to open up a bag to put the story in. I could’ve sworn she was teasing me, because she was bent over far too long and waving her ass around. Wow – now I had fodder to think that maybe my fantasy could come true. A small chance, but I felt it was worth the time and effort I had put into it. I closed my laptop, walked to the front desk away from where she was, and stared at her as she walked over to me.

“My I please have a wake-up call at 7am?” I asked.

“Yes, I will set that up for you,” she said. Then, leaning in, she whispered, “I don’t know what is in the letter, but I’ve been thinking about it since you gave me the note. I look forward to seeing how you’ve written me in the story.”

I could smell the light scent of mint coming from her breath, and then the heavier scent of lilac perfume lingering from her neckline. I could feel the heat from her skin – she was that close. As much as I wanted to reach out and touch her right then and there, I backed away from the desk and nodded, smiling, not saying a word. I felt dazed as I walked back to my room, wondering if it were even quite possible for this to come true. Do I make up the room? Do I strip down naked? Do I stay up all night? I wasn’t sure quite what to do. Then it dawned on me – there is no way she’d go for this whole thing. She might be interested in seeing how I put her in the story, but I’m just a regular guy. She had to have someone else, I now realized. I exhaled deeply, took off everything except my underwear, and crawled in to bed. I was satisfied that I at least I had been bold enough to do what I’d done, and felt more confident than I had ever felt. It would have been awesome for the story to come true, and I was a bit disappointed that more than likely nothing would happen, but I was happy. I dozed off to sleep with her in my dreams.

I didn’t hear the door open at 6:55am the next morning. I didn’t hear Sabine gently sliding off her overcoat that she had used to disguise herself in order to look like a guest and, incognito, sneak into the hotel. I didn’t even feel her lift the sheets to climb into bed next to me. But boy did I feel when her hand reached around and slid up my chest.

“Whoa!” I yelped, sitting upright, covering my chest with my hands like a woman who just lost her swimsuit top in a cold pool. She slowly sat up, smiling. I looked down: her breasts were encased in a beautiful light blue two-tone bra that pushed up each globe invitingly. I looked back up, feeling her eyes roam over me, and though I was nervous, I felt good about being in at least decent shape for her gaze.

“Isn’t this what you wanted, a wake-up call?” she queried, eyes filled with a teasingly brilliant sparkle.

“More than you could even imagine,” I replied, looking into her eyes. Eyes locked to hers, I cautiously leaned forward and our lips met for the first time. Soft, buttery tenderness pressed against my lips, like flower petals touched with rain in the afternoon. I raised my hand to her cheek, feeling her jawline with my fingers and palm. I lifted my thumb to touch her lips, replacing my own to feel the delicacy of what had just electrified me, each ridge, every curve, amazed at how firm but giving each was, parted slightly but not yet open for exploration. I pulled back, while sliding my hand lightly over her ear, and through her hair that was free from the work style I had always seen.

“Is it OK for me to take a second and brush my teeth?” I asked.

“You damn well better, dragon breath,” she responded, playfully slapping my ass as I got up and headed toward the bathroom. Sabine pulled the covers up to her chin, giggling and winking at me as I left her sight. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was in shock. I managed to find my brush and have a go at ridding myself of the morning breath. Then I went to take a quick pee – it was morning after all and I hadn’t woken up even to Sabine climbing into bed. But there was a problem – I had a raging hard-on and I couldn’t go standing up. So I sat down and bent forward, as much as possible, so I could keep the pee inside the toilet, and pushed down.

“Ow!” I yelped, as the stream started to flow and I had to push down even harder.

“What are you doing in there, sticking the toothbrush up your nose?” she laughed.

“No… um… I’m just trying to relieve myself.” I responded.

“I thought that was my job,” she giggled

God, could she make it any harder? Wasn’t it enough that I was trying to go to the bathroom fully engorged while a nearly complete stranger was lying almost naked in MY bed in MY room? And a beautiful woman on top of that? Somehow, I managed to finish, flush, wash my hands, and with my briefs still on headed back to the bed.

“Aww,” she pouted, “you still have your underwear on! Maybe I do, and maybe I don’t…”

“I can’t wait to find out,” I stammered, still blown away by the fact that she was there. She was propped up on one arm, seemingly naked as I couldn’t see a bra strap on her exposed shoulder. Her smile was captivating, face resting in her hand, with her hair flowing gently down to the bed into a soft pool. I tentatively climbed in, shifting ever closer to her, until I could feel her knees. Looking into her eyes, I reached down under the covers to where we were touching and slowly slid my hand up her thigh. I felt her panties, a thin line of fabric at best, as I reached her hip, and gently toyed with them a moment, smiling. She smiled. I melted – again. Then I continued up her hip, along her ribs, and grazed her still-covered breast as I finished my sweep along her shoulder and rested my hand on her neck, gently massaging her skin.

“I’m glad you left them on,” I said, leaning in to Sabine, taking in the sight of her porcelain skin, dusted lightly with peach-pink color. We embraced in our second kiss, and I sensed just a bit of urgency – mine or hers I didn’t know – and felt her hand along my thigh, and then hip. She pulled back until our mouths parted, sighing with her eyes closed, squeezing my thigh. She was so delightfully beautiful.

“I am too. Your touch on my neck feels so good – how do you say, the massage? I have been tense all night, wondering if I should actually come here this morning. Could you do that to the rest of me?” she asked.

“I would love to,” I quickly responded. And man I was serious. I loved giving massages – it gave me an opportunity to use the strength of my hands, which I didn’t always get to do every day being a computer geek. Moreover, giving a massage was one of my aphrodisiacs: it heightened my awareness of who I was with, it turned me on to be in control of the person beneath me, and I got the opportunity to touch and see responses and reactions. Most of all, I almost always found that the object of my efforts generally ended up wet and ready sex – a win-win for both of us. I pushed her hair back and away from her face, brushing by her hear with hot breath a tender nibble, and rolled her over on to her stomach while I kicked my leg over and straddled her.

“You ready?” I whispered.

“Damn straight,” she chirped, wiggling her ass beneath me. I nearly fainted from her grinding my crotch, making me poke out just above the band of my briefs.

I started by grasping her hands, moving them up above her head. I interlaced my fingers with hers, and leaned down to put my chest along her back, leaning up and sideways to give her a kiss. She arched and reached back to meet my touch, and our tongues gently exploring for a moment. I reluctantly sat back up and slid my fingers slowly along her arms up to her shoulders. I kneaded slowly for several minutes, enjoying the touch of her skin, feeling the tenseness in her muscles start to fade. She moved her arms back along her side, and I playfully dug my fingernails in a bit. I had forgotten to cut them and they had grown a bit longer than normal, so her skin was left with light red lines as I teasingly raked my fingers down her back to her bra line. She jumped a bit but I could sense she enjoyed the sensation. I used my thumbs to massage the muscles along her spine, going slowly up to the base of her neck and then back down to the fabric several times. I stopped, unclasping her bra, and moved the straps aside so I could really get to work. Sabine had a beautiful back, strong but feminine, and I started moving up, and down, sideways, and in circles. I worked my hands and her back for about ten minutes until I ended up at her neckline, drawing my fingers through her hair.

“Are you stopping?” she breathed out with a sexy tone.

“Nope,” I responded, “I’m just changing my target.” I flipped around so that I was straddling the small of her back, and moved the sheets down so they were just covering her feet. My god she had a wonderful ass, heart shaped with great legs stretching beneath. I started by working her calves, pushing this way and that, squeezing, lightly scratching, kneading. I moved up to her legs, purposefully avoiding her inner thighs, rolling her muscles, working her skin. I started in earnest on her butt, not sure if I was simply fondling to my heart’s content or actually doing any kind of massage, but hell, I didn’t care. After a bit, I started to focus right near her sex. She was breathing more heavily now, moving at my touch, arching now and then, almost purring every so often. I rested for a second.

“Hey,” she cooed, “don’t stop.”

“I’m not,” I said strongly, which surprised me a bit, “I’m going to flip you over and work you some more.” I turned around, straddling her as I had in the first position, and lifted my leg up while flipping her over. On her back, she smiled at me and placed her hands on my legs. I sat on her lap, with my testicles nestling in her crotch. The movement had not quite exposed her breasts, but the bra was loose and I reached down to move it aside, revealing her fully. Could I get any harder at this point? I reached down with both hands, resting between her breasts, and pressed down into her chest and up to her neck. Back down, and up, and down again a number of times until I couldn’t stand it anymore and just had to feel her chest fully. I rounded my hands beneath each breast, leaving my thumb free to lightly touch each nipple, working my way around as if each were a circle to be used like a large pair of binoculars. She moaned and closed her eyes at my touching, teasing, until she started to part her legs beneath me.

“God, I want you,” she let out with a slight guttural tone.

“I’m sure I wouldn’t last long,” I admitted, as I knowingly glanced down at the erection popping out of my briefs. “Had I known or thought you would actually show up I might have prepared by, um, well, taking care of myself so that I could last longer.” She giggled. I leaned down so that my mouth was right next to her ear and whispered, “What I would love is to go down on you before taking you.”

No sooner had she heard that, Sabine closed her legs, sat up enough to yank down her underwear to her knees, pulled them off with her foot, and opened her legs while pulling up her knees. She looked up at me with a sheepish grin.

“That sounds awesome,” she blurted, almost as if she were hoping my offer. “I hear that older men really know how to use their tongues, and I’ve never had the right opportunity to see if it was true. God I was hoping that you’d be interested in doing that.”

Music to my ears. I loved oral sex. Loved it! I smiled one of my shit-eating grins and bent down to kiss her. We locked lips and passionately fondled lips, tongues, teeth, and mouths until I broke free. I started kissing her cheek, her neck, her ear, her neck, her shoulder, her upper chest, until I reached her breast, kissing around the areole for a bit. Hesitating for a moment, I zeroed in and placed my mouth fully over her nipple, pulling it into my mouth and gently holding it between my teeth. Sabine’s reaction was amazing, squirming, with an audible gasp. She grabbed and clenched fists of my hair while I worked my tongue around her nipple again, and again, and again. I let go, and she lessened her grip on me. But I knew where I was going – to the other side. Again, she grasped firmly and I worked her breast until I was ready to move.

Down I went, giving butterfly kisses as I went, following her ribs, her hip, over across her belly button, and over to her other hip, then back again. I had been sliding down between her legs this entire time, and her legs seemed to open more and more as I went. As I reached her pubic bone, I stopped and pulled away from a kiss for a moment to look at her. Now I’ve never thought a woman’s parts were “beautiful” but hers was really something to behold. She was proportionate, glistening with wetness, her labia begging for attention just above her opening. I was in bliss and ready to go.

I reached down with my mouth, and kissed one side, letting my tongue out slowly to lick upwards. Then the other side, and back and forth, going closer and closer to the middle each time. She was breathing heavily at this point, and I knew that it wouldn’t take long for her unless I made it longer. Would I prolong her release, or would I give it to her straight away? Pondering for a moment, I decided to prolong her release so that she could have a big one. I paused for a moment, before slowly, gently, placing my mouth full on her labia. She arched her back and moaned loudly, pushing her sex fully against my mouth and tongue. I licked up, slowly, with my mouth still fully engaged.

“Oh my god,” she groaned, “don’t stop. Keep going, Jack, that feels so good! I want to cum.”

“Sorry,” I teased, “but this might take a while.”

She bucked, I’m not sure it was out of upset, or anticipation, but she opened even wider for me. I placed my mouth on her again, but this time pulling her into my mouth, rubbing my tongue quickly a moment or two, and then releasing. She was so close, but I was determined to make it last. I pulled back and placed the breadth of my tongue full on her and slowly lifted my head up along her labia, knowing it would feel good but not give her the stimulation to come. I worked her this way for several minutes before lifting my hand up to slide a finger inside. Unbelievably wet, so ready, and I slowly went in and out while working her with the length and breadth of my tongue. Sabine was moving more urgently now, and her breaths were shorter. She was crying out in low tones, mixing her German and English together. I knew it was time for the finish – my god she was awesome!

While continuing with my tongue, I slowly added another finger, and shifted slightly to take her into my mouth again. Pulling in like I was sucking her breast, I worked my tongue along her labia with rhythmic strokes. I reached up to her breast with my free hand and squeezed while softly pinching her nipple. That was it – she lost it. She stopped breathing for a moment, clenched her legs together while lifting her torso, and me, off the bed. Then she went back down and bucked against me, holding my head like a vice, clamped in while she came like a volcano.

Chapter 10

Note: This is a work of FICTION place in are real; all of the landscapes depicted, the people described, and everything else this story uses to make it enjoyable reading for! Although the areas this story takes you are NOT REAL. As you read this story, try to remember:


34. Preparing for the Big Game!

The four families had a big problem, and only a few more days to solve it. With the backup computers in China and Israel destroyed, the only remaining working computer, with all their information on it was in Queens, New York. They knew Thursday morning they were going to be served with arrest and search warrants, and this address, would be on the top of their lists. The printer was currently pumping out information on to removable disk drives, tapes, and printouts. If the Feds or local police ever got a hand on any of this information not only would their lives be lost, so would their livelihoods.

Each truck shipment was rigged with explosives, and incendiary devices, which would completely destroy the contents within them. The drivers were all handpicked men. They were in control of these devices, and they could rig them to blow, anyway they wanted. There was a timed failsafe mechanism, if the driver did not do his job. It was bad enough that they were working with only one computer, but having to put the facts of their criminal empire onto objects someone else could see, made the families extremely nervous.

For its part, the FBI was not sitting on its hands. They were watching this building, like a hawk. They just could not get an open-ended warrant to seize the computer, or its contents. The federal judge assigned to this case believed in a strict interpretation of the First Amendment. “The computer does not contain only one person’s voice. It contains thousands of voices giving opinions and information on varying subjects. Which persons are you going after, and what information do you have probable cause to seek this court order.”

The US Attorney looked at the judge in charge of the case, as if he was a Six-Headed Troll, who had never heard of the RICO Act. Then he began to wonder if the judge was playing for the other team. Trucks filled with documents were passing under the nose of agents every hour and there was nothing they could do about it, except track them to a distribution depot, and lose that precious cargo in the myriad of trucks that departed for all corners of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. It was enough to make the U.S. Attorney’s hair turn gray, if he was not already bald.

There was no one to transmit the information to anymore. It was not going to be enough to find out who was able to pull this stunt off, but how they did it. Every computer expert the mob bosses paid to analyze the situation told them it had to be done at the site, by someone highly trained and using a computer program that probably came from the military. When the experts looked at the tapes from Guangzhou, they said it could not have been the guards. Someone would have had to sit down at the terminal and put in the program and type in instructions along the way.

Haifa was also problematic. Although some technicians were at the computer terminals at the beginning, the damage was done, while they were away trying to find out what was wrong with the electrical system in the building.

These experts said that it would be a good idea when they installed the new computer system, to include a “Halon Gas” fire suppressant system, instead of a water-based system. He said, “Computers and water do not get along very well together. When you throw electricity into that mix, you are just asking to lose all your information. I don’t know if you could have saved any information from this disaster in the first place; but once your people threw water on the computer, they guaranteed that would not be possible.”

Almost as an afterthought, one of the Miami computer technicians asked, “Could someone with a Master’s Degree in Computer Security do this?”

“99.99 percent of the time, I would say ‘No.’ However, Bill Gates started Microsoft and he only has a Master’s Degree. Why, did someone impress you as being that smart?”

“We had a woman here, seven maybe eight months ago. This computer was brand-new and had no information in it, at all. It had all the top of the line antitheft, antivirus, and anti-forger login programs installed, and she broke through them in less than fifteen minutes. I was wondering if this was her work.”

The computer expert asked, “What computer is the only one working right now?”

“This IBM computer, here in front of you, is the only one still working.”

“Are you getting a feeling that you were had? Was the girl connected to anyone in the organization? Was somebody important trying to win her affections, or trying to get her into bed?”

The technician answered, “Stephano; I will kill that son of a bitch; he cost me $180,000.”

“There is your answer to that question. Two older computers, without the more sophisticated protection software went down. This new computer was rigged, so she could win the bet, and he could get between her thighs.”

“If she did not have a price on her head already, we would put one on it.”

“Don’t forget to fuck her first; just the way she fucked you.”

“You’re right, she was a good-looking babe.”

At 6 AM Tuesday morning, Fred Hastings, in his new blue Ford Taurus, drove up to the security gate, at the Department of Justice, and showed his ID to the guard. Everything that followed was prearranged.

The guard pulled his gun, pointed it at Fred and yelled, “Get out of the car and get on the ground. Do it now!” The guard hit the emergency button, and every alarm in the area went off. Emergency vehicles, which were hidden from sight, only a short distance away, came screaming to the scene with their sirens blasting, and their lights shining. The Attorney General had stayed in his quarters overnight, in the building, along with half the senior staff. Fred getting a new car would have been enough to get this kind of treatment from his friends in the office; but hearing his fiancée tell them he had just received a blow job had sealed the deal. Fred was ripe for a ribbing, because he was one of the most serious minded people at work. He did his job thoroughly, conscientiously, and completely, and never seemed to have time to do it any other way. Today, the office was going to give him time to laugh.

“Do not move, whoever you are, my boss will be here soon.”

“Steve, wake up, it’s me, Fred Hastings. I am the Attorney General’s assistant.”

“You are the A/G’s assistant, just like I am Tina Turner. Now, stay there, until my captain comes. You are going to be arrested for trespassing on U.S. Government Property, and any other charges, the FBI comes up with. The bomb squad will be here to take apart your car to check for bombs momentarily.”

Fred screamed, “Not my car, I just bought it yesterday. I haven’t made the first payment yet.”

Steve said, “There is your first mistake, mister. The Fred Hastings we know does not spend two cents on anything as frivolous as a new car.”

“I had to buy a new car, I am getting married.”

“Mister, you better keep your mouth closed. Everyone knows that Fred is gay.”

“Dammit, Steve; I am not gay.”

A door slammed, and Fred could see another pair of highly polished police shoes stand in front of his face.

“Good morning Captain; this idiot says he is Fred Hastings. He is driving a new car, and says he is getting married. That is two strikes against him, would you like to try and strike him out?”

“Thanks Steve, this should be easy enough to prove. Then we can throw him in the stockade, until the FBI gets here. Sir, do you want to give me your real name, or do you want to continue playing this charade?”

“Bobby, give me a break. My suit is getting dirty. I will have to send it to the cleaners, if I stay down here much longer.”

“You see Steve that is something that Fred would say, but here is the real question. Sir, how much did you pay for your new car.”

Fred said, “Oh shit, I am dead. Why don’t you just arrest me now and save yourself the trouble.”

“Sir, please answer the question.”

“Bobby, the total amount was $28,764.28.”

“Steve; stand him up, cuff him and read him his rights. Fred Hastings would open up every vein in his arms and legs before he spent that amount of money.”

“Bobby, I could not buy anything smaller. Sharon has four daughters. Where was I going to put them, in a Mini Cooper?”

Fred could hear a lot of noise from around the exterior of the circle that had formed around him, and the two officers. Then he heard his boss’ voice. “Let me at him; what did he do to my assistant. If he is trying to blackmail the United States Government, I will send him down to Guantánamo and forget he is there.”

“Please be careful, Mr. Attorney General, he may have a poisonous powder on his clothing, or on his person. The dogs have not gotten here yet, and neither has the bomb squad.”

“I don’t care; I kill him with my bare hands if he hurt Fred.”

As the Attorney General broke through the line, and looked at him, he yelled, “Fred!” On cue, everyone pulled out there New Year’s Eve horns and blew that horrible sound. When it died down, they yelled, “Surprise!”

Fred dropped his head, and started laughing. He looked at his boss and said, “Sharon wanted me to be sure to say ‘Good Morning, Clark’ to you, sir.”

The A/G laughed again, and said, “I told you he had a sense of humor. It only took a good blow-job to get it out of him.”

Fred said, “Oh God, I am going to die, before this day is over.”

The possibility of Fred being a mole for the five mob families in New York, had not left the mind of the Attorney General, Michael Free, or anyone investigating what Stephano Valentino had overheard after the last mob victory in the courts. Although this was a festive day, the cameras were on in the Attorney General’s office, and everything Fred Hastings did while he was at work was being carefully monitored. In the time that passed, since Stephano mentioned there was a mole in the highest office of the Justice Department, nothing Fred did was out of the ordinary. He worked like a machine. There was no wasted motion, there was no wasted time. When he walked in to deliver papers to the Attorney General’s desk, he laid them out in order and left the room. He never perused any other document that was on the desk. His watchers knew it would not have mattered, because he had put those papers there anyhow. There was never an error on the Attorney General’s log, never an erasure, nothing out of the ordinary. The lead agent began to wonder if the leak was somewhere else in the office, but Fred was the only one who consistently went in there, without an escort.

The legal staff returned to their offices, where a buffet breakfast was set up. When members of the senior staff asked Fred about his new relationship, he replied, “I loved my time with Sharon very much, but have you ever listened to five women, talking to each other, at one time, for two hours straight? The four girls are absolute treasures, but now I know why some entrepreneur invented the ball gag.”

The director of the FBI joined Fred and the A/G. Michael Free said, “I can understand your problem Fred, but walking into it from being single, I would start seeing a psychiatrist immediately. I had time to prepare and it is still hard. I have a wife and a set of 16-year-old twin daughters. Three women talking at one time is enough to drive me crazy. Five women and you are starting out with them as adults. You are a nominee for instant sainthood.”

“Director, were you told that mine are two sets of twins, and they are one year apart?”

“Yes Fred, we have already started the vetting process, because of your situation here. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Absolutely not sir; Sharon has no problem with it either. The reason for her divorce is her husband started gambling, and he lost their children’s college fund money. His loss is my gain, and with the Generals help, I hope to get the first two into college, for this falls’ semester. Getting back to the girls, they can talk to each other, without opening their mouths. They are telepath’s, and it drives me buggy. You can tell they’re doing it, when they are looking at you, and they start to giggle. If Sharon and I are watching a movie and we become aroused, you can feel them grinning at you. They know you will be going to bed soon. They are taking bets as to how long it is going to be. When we stand up to go to the bedroom, one of twins yells, “I win,” and you want to shoot her. The things they do at school, if they get caught, are illegal. However, you have to catch them. I told them it was amazing more twins are not in politics. You can be in a committee meeting and on the Senate floor at the same time. No one could prove which one of you was where. It would be even better, if you were President. You could be a liberal and a conservative at the same time.”

“Most people my age start out with little children. I am starting out with a pair of nineteen-year-olds, and a pair of eighteen-year-olds. If they are not sexually active already, they will be very soon. I have always been and will continue to be for gun control, except for the double barrel shot gun I am going to be carrying with me, when my girls go out on dates. Sir, could you sign my application for a carry permit for an Uzi, a .40 caliber Glock, and a long-range sniper rifle.”

The general and the FBI director both laughed at Fred’s predicament. They knew he was joking, as far as the weapons were concerned. However, they also knew he was not joking about learning how to deal with teenage children, at the beginning of his new marriage.

The general said to him, “Fred, there will be no more eighty hour weeks. You have new obligations, and I do not want to see your first opportunity at happiness go down in flames, because of this building. It was here before you and I became residents, and it will be here after you and I leave it. If you want to get here at 6:30 in the morning, that’s fine, but you are out of here, by 5:30P.M.

“Sir, that is not…”

“Fred, that is not negotiable. If necessary, I will have guards escort you out of the building. Do not try to get in here at four in the morning to make up for the time I am cutting off after 5:30 PM. The first time you are caught doing that, I will put you into Bethesda for psychiatric treatment. I will take Sharon, and your girls with me and my wife on the boat and we will go sailing for a few weeks.”

“Director, can he do that to me? Can he keep me away from my job?”

“Fred, just in case you don’t realize it, in a way, you are looking at my boss, too. If he says you are not to show up at work until 6:30 AM, I would not show up at 6:29 AM. However, I have heard that Fort Knox is very nice, at this time the year.”

Fred smiled and said, “I wouldn’t mind going to Fort Knox.”

“You would go to Fort Knox as a prisoner. You would mow the lawn; paint the buildings, sidewalks, and curbs. If you are really good, they let you paint the water tower.”

“Thank you for that visual, Mister Director. I guess I will follow orders, even though they seem unfair and a restriction on my rights as an employee of the United States Government.”

“Sharon has already placed restrictions on your work week Fred. There will be no Saturday and Sunday work hours.”

“Sir, I am going to work on that with my fiancée. I have never worked as little as fifty-five hours a week for you, since I got out of Harvard. It does not seem fair or right to shirk my responsibilities to you. You have the third most important job in the nation. I cannot stop working eighty or eighty-five hours a week for you, just because I am getting married. Let me come in early and I will leave at 5:30 PM, I promise. I will work out a deal with Sharon. I will be home by 11 o’clock on Saturdays and Sundays and spend the rest of the day with the family.”

“Do you believe this guy, Michael? He is not going to live to see his fiftieth birthday. He is going to work himself to death for me. He has never done anything for himself. Every day he has ever come to work, he has come to work for me. From his days at Harvard as a volunteer for my campaigns in Connecticut, as my legal advisor as governor, and now here as Attorney General, he has worked tirelessly for my benefit. Now I’m going to put a halt to it. Fred, my friend, if you want to continue to work for me, you will work fifty-five hours a week, and not one hour more. You will take care of your health, you will take your vacation time, and you will take care of your new family, or I will fire you. The choice is yours.”

“Sir, may I ask you a question?”

“Yes Fred, go right ahead.”

“Do you always fire people that work too hard for you, and make too little money?”

“No, I try not to make a habit of it.”

“If I tell Sharon, we are not going to get married can I continue working as I was?”

“Fred, you and I have known each other for almost 19 years, and you have never called me, Clark. I have not met Sharon, and she called me Clark within the first three sentences we had on the telephone. She told me off on the first sentence. She accepted my apology on the second. She called me, Clark on the third. If she had not told me that she gave you the blowjob, I would have assumed she had the balls in the family, and not you. You are like a son to me. You have never disappointed me. You have never let me down. Your work has always been of the highest caliber. You have found points of law to match cases that no one would have ever thought of. I will not allow you to die before your fiftieth birthday, and allow me to live long after you. Do you accept my proposal or do I fire you?”

“You drive a very hard bargain, sir. However, I will accept on one condition, and if you cannot accept that condition. I will quit my position here at the Department of Justice.”

“What is it Fred?”

“I want a legal assistant; a young lawyer, who I can train so he or she can take some of the mundane legal work off my desk, and allow me to do the more technical work for you. I want his/her desk next to mine, so I can keep an eye on him/her every minute work is being done. I do not want there to be a fall-off in the quality of work, you get from me, just because he or she is helping me do it. The person will never be allowed in your office, without an escort. That is non-negotiable. You leave too many things on your desk for young minds to see. When they go out drinking at night, something might slip out of their mouths that should not. That is what I need to do my job properly with the restrictions you have put on me. If it is not possible, I resign my position.”

“Michael, shoot him for me, please. He has the quickest legal mind I have ever come up against. I have him pressed against a wall; his wife has him by the balls, and he still finds a way to win. Kill him; it will make my life easier.”

“Sir, I have not won a thing. You have not said yes yet, and then I have to tell you the good part.”

“The good part, Fred, I can’t wait to hear the good part.”

“I will tell you the good part, after you say yes.”

“Yes, dammit, you can have your assistant. However, if I ever see a timesheet with you working fifty-five hours, and one second, I am going to beat the shit out of you.”

“Thank you, dad, I feel the same way about you, and I have since my time at Harvard. You have been the best thing that has ever happened to me. So don’t think of me as that person who works for you, think of me as that person who works with you every day, because it has been my honor to do so.”

“You still have not told me the good part, Fred.”

“I am going to go away for a week or two in May. I will go to Yale and Harvard. I will pick out my new assistant. The Best Part is I will be doing this on ‘Company Time, using Company Money.’ You see, I may not have played this game before, but I have watched everyone else play it. Now, Sharon and I are going to enjoy following your dictates. Thank you so much, Mister Attorney General, for helping me to understand that there is more to life than serving you, this office, and work.”

“Michael, what has happened to my assistant? I should never have told him to buy a new car. This is my fault. I cannot wait to meet his fiancée and her daughters. Why don’t you bring your wife and your two girls, also? It should make for a very interesting Friday evening.”

“When and where Clark, I would not miss this for the world.”

“My home, 6 PM, dinner will be served at 7 PM.”

“Excellent! I need a word with you in your office, if you have a moment.”

“Fred, you can go to work now. All the jokes are now completed. You may work until 8 o’clock tonight. Guards will come and kick your butt out at 8:01 PM.”

“Thank you for that warning, Clark.”

“That is ‘Sir’ to you sonny!”

“Sorry about that ‘dad.’”


“What is it Michael; what is on your mind?”

“I don’t think it’s him. It has to be him, but I don’t think so. He has had every opportunity to go for the safe, and he doesn’t even look at the dam wall. It’s not like he’s trying to avoid it, because there are no tells. He comes in here, he does his job, and he’s gone. He’s like a fucking machine. I’m beginning to wonder if there is another camera in here, keeping tabs on the room. However, Stephano specifically said they were paying a person ‘a ton of money’ and he was so close to you, he could wipe your ass.’ The only person that has that opportunity is Fred. I think someone is feeding us a ‘Red Herring.’ It can’t be, Stephano, because it happened shortly after the first trial, and the Dons were exuberant at that time. His father is turning state’s evidence, and Stephano is going to testify, also. That is another reason for him not to lie to us. Who is this mystery man? Who else comes into this room that you know so well. Hell, I am only in this room once or twice a month, and I’m not going to wipe your ass anytime soon.”

Clark laughed, “Michael, I was just going to bend over for you, and you’ve ruined my day. Could Fred have seen the cameras or the recorders?”

“No, he never looks for anything. As I said before, he brings your paperwork in, places it up on your desk, brings anything you have finished out of the office, and continues doing his work. If he had accepted your offer and quit, you would need 3 people to replace him.”

“Don’t tell him that, he will want two assistants. Let me know how the vetting process goes on Sharon Williams. I hope there is nothing in her background that causes Fred to have to make a decision on leaving her or leaving here. Either way, he will be devastated.”

“It should take about 2 weeks to look into it. I won’t give you any promises, but from what you told me about her, I don’t think there will be any problems.”

Fred knocked on the door, and asked to come into the room. He was carrying an armload of papers for the Attorney General’s approval and signature.

“God dammit Fred, my desk was looking good for a few minutes.”

“I know, Sir, I left these in my vault over the weekend. They were supposed to be on your desk Monday, but I shirked my responsibility, and took my first personal day off in 9 years. I felt honor bound to give them to you immediately. Also, your desk is exactly the way I left it on Friday. You did not get any work done yesterday, which means you have some catching up to do.”

“Fred, what color shorts am I wearing?”

“It is Tuesday Sir; they would be white with the blue pinstripe.”

“How would you know that?”

“Every time you take off your jacket Sir, you pull your shirt out the back of your pants, and display the top of your underwear. You could avoid this by spending more money on your shirts, and less money on your suits.”

The director of the FBI couldn’t control himself. “When you fire him, send him to me. I could use an agent as observant as he is.”

“Fire him, HELL, I am going to get someone from the CIA, and hide him in one of those prison camps overseas for the rest of his natural life.”

“Can Sharon come with me, sir?”

“I cannot believe you are not gay. For the longest time, the entire office was sure you were.”

“It was the only way I knew I could save money. I watched my dad run his garment factory for years. One year it was boom, and the next, it was bust. Everyone assumed he was wealthy, because he owned business, but he was barely squeaking by. That is how I learned my lesson. You save every penny you can, because you never know when you are going to need it.”

Michael Free asked Fred, “If I checked into your finances, how much money would I find you had?”

“Sir, if you are asking permission to look into my finances, you have it. I have a little more than $200,000 in savings, and my IRA. You have my permission to look into my tax returns, if you want. I have nothing to hide. My job is too important to me to do anything stupid. I would never do anything to besmirch the reputation of this office, and the man who leads it.”

“Thank you Fred, I will have the IRS send you the appropriate forms. It will help in Sharon’s vetting process.”

“Mister Free, there is no need to go through the IRS. I can pull the form off their website. I can have it for you in two or three minutes.”

“Do it Fred, and I will wait here with the General.”

As soon as Fred closed the door to the office, the director of the FBI said, “It is not him. I will stake my reputation on it. Everything we ask of him, he does instantly and without reservation. He is so devoted to you; he would take a bullet for you, rather than see you hurt.”

“Let’s hope that never comes to pass.”

Fred knocked on the door a few moments later, and handed a signed IRS form to the Director and a copy of it to his boss. He also handed both men a letter he drafted giving the FBI complete access to his financial information, with bank account and IRA numbers. He had even had it notarized by a secretary, in the office.

Fred said, “If we are finished, I have a ton of paperwork to go through, and only until 8 PM to do it.”

Clark Atwater said to his protégé, “8 PM Fred, not 8:01 PM, I want you rested for tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir, I will follow your orders to a ‘T.’”

Michael Free said to the General, “I should just tear these two pieces of paper up. We will find nothing out of order here. He will be as clean as new snow.”

35. Contrition

Stephano looked at his lists, and wondered why Patricia had put up with him this long. When he looked at the things he thought he had done for her, he had actually done them for himself trying to bring her closer to him. Everything he did for him had the same result. When he put down the reasons he wanted to marry her, they were all superficial. None had anything to do with her intelligence. Only once did he say to her that they would set up a business, where they could be together all the time. It was actually a ploy so he could keep an eye on her all the time. He would be the one to do all the communications with people, and she would be doing all the computer programming in the background. When he listed the reasons she would want to marry him. He only came up with one, “She loved him.” When he looks over the lists he said, “If I was Patty, I would still be running away.” He picked up his cell phone and called her.

“Patricia, can we meet on neutral territory; I would like to talk to you for a while.”

“I guess you made your lists?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Come to Susan’s house, we can talk in the barn.”

“I will be there shortly.”

Patricia told Alan and Susan, that Stephano was coming, and she was going to talk to him outside. Alan asked her if she wanted his gun, and she said no. Susan put her rifle on the table, just in case.

Patricia laughed. “Susan, we are only going to talk.”

“Patty, if I hear screaming, I am not going out there unarmed. If he is hurting you, he is going down.”

“Please do not hit any important parts. Our relationship may be salvageable. You and Alan yell at each other all the time, and there has been no gunplay in this house.”

“You take a lot of fun out of shooting a man, Patty.”

“I do want to get laid this century, and with all my heart, I hope it is him.”

“You have it bad for that bastard; even after all he has done to you.”

“Susan, look at the prize you have. He died on you, and you still love him. In all recorded history, only one other man has died and been resurrected from the dead. They started a new religion for him, because of him.”

“Are you saying that I am going to have to genuflect in front of Alan?”

“No, that would not be enough for him. He would want you to strip naked, and lay face up on the floor to honor him.”

Alan said, “Do you see how well women know me. What she forgot to tell you, was only women under forty would be allowed in my religion. They would have to keep their pubic area completely shaved, at all times, because I love eating bagels.”

Patricia snarled at him, “Alan, you are so gross.”

He replied, “I left out the cream cheese and sour cream, didn’t I?”

Susan said, “Patty, don’t humor him, he will drive you crazy, and I am almost there.”

Alan heard car tires crunching on the gravel roadway and told Patricia that Stephano had arrived. He wished her luck, and told her not to give in, because she loved him. Be stern and make him earn her love, and respect.

She walked towards the barn and called out to Stephano, who turned and saw her.

“I thought you would be inside waiting for me.”

“I guess my waiting days are over, Stephano. Let’s go inside, I want to hear what you have to say.”

She entered the barn and turned on the lights. She pointed to a bale of hay for him to sit on, and she picked one far enough away from him, and sat on it. She did not say a word.

Stephano was used to her starting their conversations, and when she didn’t, he began tripping over his tongue.

She said, “Stop. You can do better than that. Collect yourself, and begin again.”

He looked at her and said, “You are going to be a bitch about this, aren’t you?”

“You can leave now. You have started on the wrong foot, and it is not going to get any better.” She stood up and began walking out of the barn, when he asked her if she would please stop.”

Patricia turned and asked him why she should stay with him, if she was such a bitch?

He put his head down for one second, and when he brought it up, and looked into her eyes, he said, “Because I love you.”

She laughed, and it hurt him to his core.

“When did this occur to you, Stephano? When you cried to your mother? When you made up your lists, and found out that you gave me nothing and took everything for granted? When did this bolt of lightning strike, you?”


“Honesty is a very good place to start, and an excellent place to end.”

“It was when you kissed Felix.”

Patricia laughed, and Stephano saw red. “It was a last second decision by Sergeant. He called his friend and told him to do it. He knew it would get your blood boiling and he was right.”

“I don’t know about my blood boiling, but I am very glad he was the one with the gun. I was out of my mind with jealousy. Then you dismissed me from the store, and had him show me out. You were all I could think about, until I started walking back to the hotel. Then, as I calmed down, I focused on what you said about the suits, and my behavior. I spoke to your father, and my mother, and did a lot of thinking. As I worked on the computer, I realized what an ass I was. I looked at both sides of the ledger, and I could not believe my eyes. What I did for me was nearly a page long. What I thought I did for you had one item. When I did the reasons why I wanted to marry you, I had a list of items, but none of them had anything to do with how smart and talented you were. When I tried to figure out why you would want to marry me, there was only one item, and you kept repeating it over and over again: You Love Me. I could not think of any other reason you would want to marry me. I did not do anything to make you happy. You are afraid of my hands. I treated you like shit in public. Why would you want to be with me? After going over everything in my mind, I determined, if I were you, I would still be running away from me.”

Before Patricia could answer him, Alan screamed from the house that he needed help with Susan. Patricia and Stephano ran to find Susan on the floor, with blood between her thighs.

Stephano asked, “What happened?”

“I don’t know. I was in the other room, when she screamed. I found her here. I cannot pick her up. I have to get her to the hospital, now.”

Patricia said, “Alan, give me the keys to the Dodge. I will back it up to the front door, and we will put her in the back cabin. Stephano, get blankets, and pillows; they are upstairs. Alan, you stay with Susan.”

Everyone did their job quickly, and they were ready to move Susan into the back of the Dodge moments later. Alan wanted to help, but he was too weak. Stephano and Patricia lifted Susan up carefully, carried her out the front door, and placed her on the blankets that were on the back lift-gate. Stephano got in, and pulled Susan all the way into the front of the cabin.

Patricia yelled, “Alan, you are shotgun, strap yourself in. Stephano, you stay with Susan, and hold her tight. I am driving.”

He replied, “Oh shit!”

She screamed, “I will get you for that.”

Patricia jumped into the front seat, and punched the accelerator of the Dodge to the floor. The huge Hemi-Engine roared down the road towards 89A like a stallion given its head for the first time.

Alan used his cell phone to call the Verde Valley Hospital to let them know they were on their way, and Susan was bleeding vaginally. A police car saw the Dodge flyby at 105 miles an hour and took off after it.

Elmore was sitting at Sergeant’s desk, and heard the call. He recognized the license plate number, and told the officer in pursuit to assist the car, not to stop it.

He knew Sergeant and Cassandra were packing for their trek into the Grand Canyon, but he assumed something was wrong. He called them on his cell.

“Elmore, I am on vacation, you handle it.”

“Sergeant, I just wanted to tell you that Alan’s truck was seen doing over 100 miles an hour heading for the hospital. I don’t know what is wrong, but it has to be something important.”

Sergeant closed his phone, and said, “Fuck, its Susan.”

Cassandra looked up and said, “What is it?”

Sergeant grabbed her hand and said, “Come with me, I think Susan is having the baby.”

Cassandra replied, “It’s too soon; it’s much too soon.”

“Tell that to the fucking baby.”

Sergeant got into his truck with Cassandra, and headed for the hospital. As soon as he turned onto Main Street, he had a police escort, and they were flying.

As Patricia turned into the emergency bays, a triage team was already waiting. As gently as they could they pulled Susan from the back of the truck and put her on a gurney. They saw the blood on the sheets and blankets and called the blood bank for five units of blood. Susan’s obstetrician had been called and was on her way. The Neonatal team was called, because Susan was only in her twenty-ninth week of pregnancy.

They did not take Susan into the emergency room. They brought her up to the surgery pre-op area, as a precaution. They prepared her for a C-section, as well as a vaginal delivery. Monitors replaced on her stomach to check on the health of the baby, as well as its position.

After an Ultra-sound of her abdomen they knew Susan’s placenta had ruptured from the wall of her uterus. Her doctor would have a tenuous decision to make. The baby was viable, but just barely. They could chance continuing the pregnancy as long as Susan maintained complete bed rest. However, she could go into severe shock, due to extreme blood loss. Both patient and baby could die instantly. Susan was in a category of extreme risk because of her age, as well as this being her first child.

Alan and Stephano had no idea what was going on. Patricia, on the other hand, had commandeered a white lab coat and a computer. In less than three minutes, she knew more than she wanted to know.”

She joined the men outside the preop area, and Alan asked her where she got the coat. She said she was cold and one of the security men gave it to her.

Alan reminded her that he worked for the FBI and could tell a liar from a tire in a second or less.

Patricia said, “If you know I’m lying, why did you ask me?”

“I want the answer about my wife, before I have to beat it out of you.”

A voice he knew too well yelled, “Robbins, what are you doing in my hospital?”

“I came here to bust your balls Callalily.”

“That’s very nice of you Robbins. Why did my superiors send me here to hold your hand?”

“They probably knew you were turning into an iceberg, and wanted me to heat you up.”

“That is very nice of you Alan. It was either that, or you are constipated, and you needed a hand with your enemas, again.”

“You keep your hands away from my ass, Callaway. I just got finished ridding myself of the frostbite.”

“How is Susan doing Alan?”

“I was hoping you could tell me, Callaway.”

“I will be right out; don’t get your tits in a ringer.”

“Callaway, let’s not talk about tits, right now.”

“It’s nice to have you back Robbins. I haven’t had a good argument in weeks.”

Stephano asked, “What is it with you people? Do you argue all the time?”

Patricia said, “Stephano, you are as blind as a bat. They are not arguing with each other, they are baiting one another. They are friends, believe it or not, and this is how they get a rise of one another. You would not believe some of the things that go on between them. It helps release the tension of everyday life, and it brings fun into it. You should have been in the room with them the day he got her so angry she hit the surgeon that saved his life. It was the funniest thing I ever heard about.”

Alan said, “Thanks Patricia, I just remembered I owe her a favor. I will remind her when she comes out.”

Callaway came out as pre-op with a face that did not make Alan fill with confidence. “What is going on, Callaway. What is wrong, with my Susan?”

“Alan, I will not lie to you, she is in trouble, and so is the baby. Her placenta has pulled away completely from her uterus. They are transfusion her, but the bleeding has not stopped. Her doctor has just shown up, but the anesthesiologist is not here yet. There are nurses in there that have assisted him many times, but they have never done it alone. If he is not here soon, we could lose both of them.”

“Callaway, you bring me whatever the paperwork I need to sign to have those nurses do whatever they have to do, to save my wife. If they can save the child, fine, but don’t let anything happen to Susan.”

“I will tell them to start, and bring you the paperwork, afterwards.”

Callaway ran into the preop area, and told them to begin the procedure. She grabbed the paperwork and brought it out to Alan. He signed each page, and Callaway ran back into the OR and showed the documents to the doctor.

Before Susan was completely under the anesthetic, the doctor made the first incision. Her first command was for suction to clear the area of blood, and there was a great deal of it. The next incision was very tenuous, because the placenta was completely wrapped around the baby. Very gently, she used the forceps to pull it away from the baby’s head and made a small incision. There was more blood inside, which had to be suctioned out. The doctor completed the incision, pulled the two-pound infant from Susan’s body. Thankfully, the umbilical cord was still attached. She tied it off, and sliced it between the knots. She cleared the baby’s mouth and nose, and shook it, to get it to cry. It did not. She handed the little boy to the Neonatal nurses for them to do their job.

She returned to do hers, which was to save Susan’s life. She removed the placenta, and looked for the areas that were bleeding along her uterus. There were so many, and choosing an area to start was difficult. She reverted to her training. She started on the left side, and worked her way across to the right; sealing each one as she went across. Susan’s blood pressure kept falling, and the Doctor could not find the reason for it. She called for an x-ray and an ultrasound immediately.

The doctor heard the baby cry, and after she looked at the ultrasound, she made her decision. “I’m sorry Susan, but no more children for you.”

“She told the staff to prepare for a hysterectomy.”

The nurses removed the instruments for the delivery of a baby and brought new trays of instruments to the table.

The anesthesiologist ran into the room and was clothed in a green gown and gloves. “Am I too late?”

“The baby is out, but I have to perform a hysterectomy. Your nurses did a great job, but I am happy that you are here.”

“I got behind a police car and another idiot on their way here; that is the only way I made it.”

He looked at the instruments and checked everything is nurses had done. He looked at them and said, “I should have stayed in bed. You guys are so well-trained, you don’t need me anymore.”

“His senior nurse said, “Does that mean you are going to give us that raise?”

“You bet your ass it does. Let’s get to work. Sit here and I will monitor you.”

The nurse said, “Holy shit, you weren’t kidding.”

The obstetrician began to work of removing Susan’s uterus. She was never happy removing a woman’s reproductive system, but this was the only way she had of saving Susan’s life.

Callaway was going back and forth, between the OR and Alan keeping him informed of what was going on in there. First news, she came out with was that he had a son.

Alan’s reaction was, “How Is my Susan?”

“I don’t know Alan; they are still working on her.”

Sergeant, charged into the group with Cassandra at his side, and said, “What the heck is going on?”

Alan was in no mood to talk to him, so Patricia gave him a running dialogue.

“Is she going to be alright?”

Patricia said, “We don’t know.”

Sergeant roared in anguish. He pulled Alan from his chair and said, “You son of a bitch, you had to go and get her pregnant.” He reared back, swung his right hand at Allen head, and knocked him out.”

Cassandra, and Patricia yelled, “No!”

Sergeant was about to pick Alan up and hit him again, when Stephano tackled him to the ground. “Are you out of your fucking mind?

A nurse came out here, and told him he had a son, and he did not care. The only thing he asked was ‘How is my Susan?’ He is devastated and you come in here and blame him for it. If she dies, he will be next.”

Callaway came out to tell everyone the good news, and saw Alan lying on the floor. “What the fuck is going on here?”

Sergeant replied, “I thought I was going to lose Susan, and I blamed him for getting her pregnant. I hit him, and he has not moved since.”

Callaway reached for her hospital cell phone and called a code red at pre-op.

The preop nurses were only feet away and they responded first. The emergency team was there moments later. The resident ordered an MRI to be done immediately. Alan was put onto a gurney and taken away.

Callaway looked Sergeant in the eye and said, “Susan is going to be fine, you idiot. They stopped the bleeding and she will be in postop in an hour. I hope you are happy. What are you going to tell her when she asks for her husband?”

“I don’t know, I really don’t know.”

He turned around and looked at Cassandra, who had the coldest look on her face he had ever seen.” I am sorry my love. The thought of losing her was more than I could bear.”

Cassandra’s face softened, and took her husband into her arms as he began to cry.

Stephano said quietly to Patricia, “In all my life, I have never seen anything like this. Strong men collapsing at the thought of losing, or hurting a woman.”

“Really loving someone brings a lot of joy into your life. It also brings a lot of pain and sorrow. I thought you would begin to realize that by now.”

“I realized that when I talked with my mother. It is different when you see it happen for yourself. You stay here; I am going to check on Alan.”

Stephano followed the signs to Radiology and asked where Alan was. An aide took him to the area, and told him to wait. The radiologist came out and asked him who he was. Stephano was smart enough to say, “I am his brother.”

The doctor asked, “What the hell hit him?”

“From where I was Doctor, it looked like a truck.”

“It is probably what it felt like to him, also. He has a fractured skull. He is going to be here for a while. His brain is swelling, due to the force of whatever hit him. We are going to watch this very closely, and keep him in a coma, until we can determine if surgery is needed to reduce the pressure inside his skull. He is lucky to be alive.”

“Is there anything we can do for him?”

“Yes, pray that nothing else goes wrong.”

“Where will he be taken from here, Doctor?”

“We will take him to intensive care, where we will monitor him for his brain functions.”

“Thank you for the information doctor; I will tell the family.”

When Stephano turned the corner and walked towards everyone waiting for word on Susan, all eyes turned to him. His eyes focused on Sergeant

“You almost killed him, a little higher and he would be dead. You cracked his skull. His brain is swelling and they are hoping nothing else happens. I should call the police have you arrested for attempted murder.”

Patricia took his arm and said, “Please Stephano, don’t do that. There has been enough pain and suffering here today.”

“I am not calling them Patty. There is no sense doing that to Susan. Have we heard anything new?”

“We have not heard anything since Ms. Callaway’s last update.”

A nurse came out of the surgical doors and said, “Both mother and child are doing fine. The baby is in the premmie area, because of his birth weight, but you can see him through the windows. The husband can see Susan, now.”

Stephano said, “The husband had an accident, will her brother do?”

“Yes, the brother can go see her.”

Cassandra pushed Sergeant towards the door to give him the message that he was the brother. He still had no idea what he was going to tell Susan. He followed the nurse to the post-op area, and found her talking to her doctor. When she saw him instead of Alan, he said, “You fucking idiot, what did you do now?”

The Doctor said, “Susan, you just had a major operation. You stay calm, or I will sedate you.”

“Doctor, you better get your needle ready. That asshole cousin of mine did something to my husband. I can read it on his face.”

“Susan, you have to forgive me. When I got to the hospital, everything was going downhill. The reports were all bad, they could not stop the bleeding, and I thought I was going to lose you. I blamed Alan, because he got you pregnant. I picked him up and hit him. I did not mean to hurt him like I did, but I hurt him bad. He is in intensive care because I cracked his skull.

The Doctor did not wait any longer. She jabbed the needle into Susan’s IV line with Valium, added Demerol to help her with the pain, and to help her sleep.

Susan was cursing a blue streak Sergeant, but within a few seconds her speech started to slur. She was still looking at Sergeant through hazy eyes when she said, “You… are… so…fuckin…luc…”

The doctor checked her pulse and respiration and Susan was peacefully asleep. She looked at Sergeant and said, “It might be a good idea for you to stay away from her for a while. If there any sharp instruments around her, she may be tempted to use them on you.”

“She is very good with guns Doctor. I can’t hide from her forever, I love her too much.”

“Why don’t you go check on her husband?”

“Very funny, Doctor; if Susan is good with guns, he is an expert. He has every reason in the world to kill me, and I would not blame him.”

“There is one reason he won’t kill you, Sergeant. She is lying right there.”

“How long will she be sleeping.”

“I gave her enough to have her sleep through the night. You can see her in the morning, if you are brave enough.”

“I will be here. Thank you for saving her life Doctor; she means the world to me.”

“You’re welcome, Sergeant. Don’t hurt anyone else tonight please, the hospital appreciates the business, but we don’t want to see you put in jail.”

“You are the second person who mentioned jail to me tonight Doctor. If it was almost anyone else that is where he would be now.”

“Why don’t you go check on her husband, and see how he is doing.”

“They are going to keep him in a coma until they know how bad the brain swelling is going to be. He would not even know if I was there.”

“You would be surprised Sergeant. Sometimes patients recall things you don’t expect them to while they are in a coma or in a near death experience. It is written up in all the medical papers, and no one has a definitive answer as to why.”

“Thanks again for Susan, Doctor. I will be here in the morning.

“That’s funny Sergeant, so will I.”

Sergeant walked into the corridor and into a wall of questions.

He raised his hands up to silence everyone and said, “She knew I did something wrong when she saw my face, instead of Alan’s. Thankfully, the Doctor was with her, and warned her if she was going to get upset she was going to sedate her. Susan told her to get her needles ready, because that idiot, meaning me, did something to her husband. I began telling the story, while the doctor got the medication. When the doctor got back, I guess she heard the last part of the story and injected Susan with something immediately. Susan started to yell at me, and the Doctor put something into her intravenous line. Susan fell asleep while telling me how lucky I was that she could not get to my throat.”

Cassandra took her husband’s hand and said, “Listen, we have three live people; they are all sick, but they are all alive and they will get better. It is our job to make sure it happens. No arguing, no fighting, no sad faces in the hospital. Everyone is going to make it through this ordeal just fine. Susan was the centerpiece of the problem but now she is the healthiest of the group. Now, Alan becomes the biggest problem, thanks to my dummy. Next comes baby Robbins, and at two pounds, we have to find out what his chances are, and what has to be done for him.”

Patricia said, “I can find that out in a few minutes.”

Cassandra asked, “How can you do that?”

Stephano replied, “Never ask her that question when there is a computer around.”

Patricia kicked him in the ankle and he said, “Ow!”

“Your father told you never to hit me again.”

“I did not hit you, I kicked you.”

Cassandra said, “Stop it. That is exactly what I’m talking about. We cannot do that while we are near them. We have to behave as if nothing is wrong. Are we going to have to separate you two?”

Stephano replied, “We will separate from each other, before we become a problem.”

The OR nurse came out and told them Susan was being moved up to room 426, in the telemetry area of the hospital. It is on the same floor as the intensive care unit. When she is able to walk, she would be able to see Alan.

It was 8 PM and there was nothing left for them to do at the hospital, so everyone made arrangements to meet back there, tomorrow.

Callaway asked Patricia where she was staying just in case an emergency popped up. She told her she was staying at Susan’s home, which reminded her of something Alan said.

“Ms. Callalily, Alan had something he wanted to talk to you about before Sergeant hit him. He said he owed you a favor, and wanted to repay it. I don’t know what it was, but it seemed important to him.”

“Alan promised to find my father for me. He ran out on my mother, sister and I a lot of years ago, after my mom divorced him. He was supposed to pay alimony and child support, but my mom never saw a penny. Alan said all he needed was my father’s Social Security number, and he could find him. I have it with me, but I kept forgetting to give it to him.”

“Why don’t you give it to me and I will put it on his desk at home.”

“Thank you Patricia, I will get it from my locker and give it to you.”

Stephano said, “What are you up to now, Patty?

“Why do I have to be up to something? I am just doing nurse Callaway and Alan a favor.”

“Yes Patty, and the Mississippi River will start flowing north tomorrow. The temperature in Death Valley on a summer day will be minus 55 degrees, and all cars will be running on water, which will end ninety-nine percent of all carbon pollution in the world.”

“I did all that, because I am doing Ms. Callaway a favor. I must be a wonderful person.”

“Be careful Ms. Parent, I owe you one kick, and you are getting dangerously close to it.”

“My father said you are never to hit a lady.”

Stephano looked at Patricia in the eye “Your father is absolutely correct.”

It took Patricia a second for the bell to ring in her head, and when it did she said, “You are a …”

“Here is my father’s Social Security number, Patricia. When Alan is well enough I hope he can use it to track down my father. The courts would love to know where he is. He owes my mother a ton of money, and I could use the $18,000 to pay off the remainder of my student loans.”

“You must be paying off your loans very quickly. How much did they start out at?”

“Between college and nursing school, my loans totaled $67,000. Thank God this job pays well; otherwise, those loans would be around my neck until I retire. I will not marry anyone, until I get rid of them.”

“Are you being a little harsh on yourself?”

“No, I don’t think so. Marriage is a contract between two people. You don’t want to go into it, and put a stone around someone else’s neck that you are responsible for. There is plenty of time, and I am still young.”

“You are also a very beautiful. Men, many men must have asked you out on dates and even gone further than that, as time went by.”

“I have turned down three proposals of marriage, to three very wonderful men. Each of them said they would pay off my student loan, and I told them no. I told them it was my responsibility, not theirs. I told them, when that loan would be paid off, and if they were still interested, I would be around. We are not exclusive, but two of them still take me out on dates.”

“Ms. Callaway, you are something else.”

“My mother says the same thing about me, but I don’t believe she means it the same way.”

Sergeant and Cassandra went up to the ICU to check on Alan. The nurses had just finished settling him into his bed when they approached his cubicle.

A nurse looked at him and said, “Callaway says you are the truck that hit him. If you touch him, while he is under my care, you will never know what hit you.”

Cassandra looked at the nurse and said, “He has been thoroughly chastened and will do nothing like that again. He wanted to apologize to Alan personally before we went home.”

“In that case, I will get another bed ready. He will probably wake up and try to strangle Sergeant to death, before he goes back into his coma.”

Sergeant approached Alan, who looked like he was peacefully sleeping. It was not like the last time he saw him in a bed like this. There were no tubes coming out of his chest. There was only one IV line going into his arm, and the machines on the wall were beeping peacefully. He pulled up a chair, sat by Alan’s head and waited for the words to form and his head. Finally, he said, “Alan, Susan is fine. Your son is going to be fine. You have got to come back for their sake. I know I said this once before when you were seriously hurt but they need you. This time your injuries are my fault. Just think of how screwed up their lives will be if I have to help them through this next 20 years. Your little one will grow up to be like me; and all-star idiot. He will be afraid of girls until he is in his 40s, and tied to his Susan’s apron strings, just as I am. What kind of life is that for young boy? Then there is Susan to think about. She told me she has never so happy and it is because of you. How am I supposed to replace that happiness in her heart? I cannot do it. I just got married and found someone of my own. Susan will want me to keep Cassandra happy. She will not allow me to make time to keep her happy too. You have to come back, one more time. You can beat the shit out of me, and believe me I have earned it. Even if you are comfortable, in the arms of an angel, come back here, and take care of our Susan and your son. You still have more work to do.”

Patricia and Stephano got into the Dodge, and drove back to Susan’s home. He said good night, and started walking towards his car. She asked where he was going, and he replied that he was going back to his hotel.

“I guess you said everything you wanted to say to me?”

“Actually, I think tonight said everything I wanted to say to you, and I learned everything I needed to learn. Now I have to put it into practice. They did not put this into books, because I have read all the books, and it is not there. Businesses are not run this way. I grew up watching strong men push aside women. I went to college and learned how strong men, push weaker men, and women aside to climb the ladder of success. I went to graduate school and learned how to do that with more finesse. You fucked people and they thanked you for it. It does not work that way here. It did not work that way at your school. People genuinely cared about each other. If somebody got ahead, they cheered their success. If someone got hurt, they ran to lift them up. It may not work that way in the monster corporations, but countries are made up of billions of little companies, and those companies can work this way, and profit from it. I have a lot of work to do on myself, and when I am finished, maybe I can help some of those companies.”

Patricia smiled at him and said, “Would you like some coffee?”

“I hate the way you make coffee.”

“I did not say I was going to make the coffee. I asked you if you would like some coffee.”

“Okay, I will make us coffee.”

“I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea.”

“This could take all night.”

“Do you have any place to go?”

“No, I don’t, not really.”

“So, what is your rush?”

“Are you going to put gloves on my hands?”

“Are you rushing things a little bit?”

“I certainly hope not.”

“You know the rules.”

“I have always obeyed the rules.”

“You cannot make my tea out here.”

“I have forgotten all about tea and coffee. I am looking at dessert, and I am extremely hungry.”

“So am I, but we have a long way to go, and I am not promising you anything but tonight.”

“I cannot accept that, Patricia. Tonight is not enough for me. I want you forever, and when I can have you forever, you let me know, and I will make you tea, every morning, noon, and night. Good night, I will see you tomorrow at the hospital.”

“Good night, Stephano, I do love you.”

“I love you too, Patricia. It hurts me more than you will ever know to walk back to my car. There was a time I would have taken you up on your offer, but not anymore.”

“Would it be safe to ask you for a kiss good night?”

“No, but I am going to kiss you, anyhow.”

She did not make him walk all the way to her, she met him exactly halfway. She took his hands and kissed both of his palms. She looked into his eyes and said, “This is the way it has to be: Equals.”

He replied, “Is it all right if I start kissing you first?”

“In matters of the heart, you can start first, anytime you want to, but I have to have that same right.”

The kiss seemed to go on forever; but his hands behaved, and he stopped before anything got out of control.

Abruptly, he said, “I will see you in the morning.” He ran to his car, and headed back to his hotel.

She walked into the house, locked the doors, and walked upstairs to her room. She quickly discarded clothes, walked into her shower, turned on the cold water, and sat on the floor trying to cool down. She wondered if he knew she came when he kissed her. She knew he was in trouble, by the way the left her so quickly. She needed desperately to talk to her mother about matters of the heart. The only other person she knew she could open her heart to was Victoria, but she had lived a cloistered life when it came to men and marital problems. She would not do. She would have to find someone else, someone who didn’t know her, or her troubles.

Suddenly, she realized she was freezing. The cold water had done its job quite well, and she had to crawl to the controls to turn the water off. She toweled herself off, threw on a nightshirt, went back downstairs, and made herself some tea.

She remembered the note she was supposed to give to Alan, and decided to do it herself. Nurse Callaway was so wonderful to everyone this evening she deserved to be taken care of properly. She also deserved to be happily married, if that is what she wanted.

The note had more than her father’s Social Security number. It had her father’s name, city, and state of birth, the date of his marriage to her mother, and the date he disappeared. It also had the number of the court order requiring him to pay alimony, child support, and interest back to the day he left the family. He also had an arrest warrant out, for not obeying the court order.

Patricia had more than enough ammunition to find this man than she needed. She used her password to get into the FBI computers and ran a crosscheck using an ordinary city reverse telephone book. Her father had changed his name to James Hammermann, and he had done very well for himself. He owned fourteen McDonald’s restaurants in Houston, Texas. Patricia set about changing the ownership of the restaurants to Colleen Cristeen Callaway, Callalily’s mother. She emptied his bank accounts, including the two accounts, containing Eight Million Dollars, he thought he had hidden in the Cayman’s, into her father’s accounts.

She brought the mortgage on his 17-acre mansion, with her own money, from her bank in Virginia.

She went back into her father’s account and took $3,270,000 from it. She transferred $1,000,000 into Callaway’s checking account, $2,000,000 into her savings account, and $270,000 into her IRA. $4,712,000.00 went to her mother, and her sister. The bank would call the Callaway’s later in the day to verify the funds had been successfully transferred into their accounts.

She sent an overnight Bank draft from Callalily Catherine Callaway to Doctor Frank Vincennes for $18,000.00. In the comment section she wrote: This Student Loan Payment may be in excess of the final balance. If so, “PLEASE” send my sister to “COOKING SCHOOL!”

The final item on her list was to send the appropriate paperwork to the Houston Police Department, and have James Hammermann arrested, and extradited to Cottonwood, Arizona, for trial. She sent a copy to Elmore so he would not be surprised by this turn of events.

When she called her father to tell him what she had done through his accounts, his only question was, “How long did it take you?”

“It took me forty minutes, dad. Why do you want to know?”

“I would have felt better if it had taken less than the thirty minutes it took you to find me.”

“Dad, it only took me three minutes to find him. The rest of the time I was moving his assets around.”

“That’s my girl. You have made me feel so much better now.”

“Dad, I am going to need you to get in touch with Mrs. Callaway. She is going to need some help getting through the intricacies of ownership of these restaurants, working with the IRS, and a lot of other things with the money I just transferred to her. I will get you her phone number in the morning, because this will be a big shock to her. She has been living on scraps for so long; I don’t want her to start worrying about all this new wealth of hers.”

“I will take care of anything she needs. It will be very easy, because this was part of her divorce settlement from him, and he is just catching up on his payments now. He cannot say anything about his accounts in the Caymans. When you foreclose on his house, because he is in jail, for non-payment, you can give it to his former wife or to your friend, the nurse.”

“Good night dad, say hello to Jemma for me, when she finishes you off.”

“I will dear; I don’t want to disturb her now, she is riding high.”


36. Three Card Monty

Bruno Valentino said to his FBI minders, “Gentlemen, as much as I like your company, and this wonderful hole in the ground I have been trapped in for nine months now, I am going stir crazy. If you don’t get, get me out of here quickly, I will not testify in court.”

“It’s okay with us Bruno; we have everything we want on tape.”

Bruno had been through this so many times, he knew the law as well as many lawyers. “Guys, don’t bullshit me. If the opposing lawyers cannot cross-examine me, the tapes don’t mean a thing. Get me out of here and do it soon.”

A phone call was made to Fred Fielding, the US attorney for New York. He said, “I am surprised he held out this long. Get him ready to go. He will be leaving your facility at 1 AM.”

“Where should I tell him he is going?”

“Tell him he is going somewhere else.”

“Yes, sir.”

Bruno smiled when he saw the agent approaching. “What did your masters have to say?”

“Mister Fielding wondered what took you so long. Arrangements had been made months ago.”

“Don’t play poker with that son of a bitch. He doesn’t give anything away.”

“Mister Fielding doesn’t play poker, Bruno. He plays chess.”

“Where did he say I am going?”

“To quote Mister Fielding, ‘you are going somewhere else.’”

“I told you he does not give anything away. When do I leave?”

“You leave tomorrow.”

“Very good, I hope to go someplace, where I can take a nice walk.”

At 12:15 AM. They woke Bruno up and told him it was tomorrow.

“You bastards are trying to get as sneaky as your boss.”

“Take a shower and get dressed; we leave in forty minutes.”

After he was dressed, they put him in full body armor, including a helmet. They gave him an unloaded M16 and a utility belt to make him blend in with the rest of the agents taking him out.

The lead agent said, “We do not expect anything to happen, but if it does, you get on the floor.”

“Why does it look like you are prepared for war if you do not expect anything to happen?”

“Rommel’s favorite tactic was to hit you while you were sleeping. We are not going to be sleeping.”

At 12:55 AM, they boarded the train to the upper-level. An agent grabbed Bruno by the back of his utility belt and helped him down the steps. As they were walking up the thin sidewalk by the train tracks, an agent yelled, “Train!” Everyone braced themselves against the wall to avoid being pulled towards the train by the force of the wind as the train roared by.

Bruno said, “I thought you guys checked on everything?”

“We do; that train must be late.”

As they reached the steel door, it opened and there were more FBI agents, dressed in similar garb, waiting for them. They put Bruno into an FBI tactical van along with nine agents. There was another van exactly like it nearby. He saw a limousine, exactly like the one that took him here, with a man dressed in civilian clothes, sitting between two agents. Apparently, that man was his decoy. Bruno wished him luck.

The lead agent raised his microphone to give the go order, when Bruno said, “You do know that they monitor all your tactical frequencies, just in case you’re coming after one of the heads of the family.”

“When were you going to tell us this Bruno?”

“I thought you knew. You monitor everything that we do. I thought you must have picked up on that over the years.”

The agent picked up his belt radio to make a call, and Bruno yelled, “No! They will hear everything you say, use your cell phones.”

The agent got out of the truck, just as it was beginning to roll, and used hand signals to order everyone to stop.

He had four agents in an unmarked car go out on a mission to bring back a very extraordinary vehicle. They were back in ten minutes with the vehicle and its driver.

Bruno was transferred to the vehicle with two agents, and waited.

The tactical team resumed normal operations, using their radios as if they didn’t know anyone was listening. They headed across the George Washington Bridge to Teterboro Airport, talking about Bruno going to San Francisco, and staying at the Presidio.

Five minutes later the unassuming vehicle left the garage and made its way across town, over the Whitestone Bridge, to the LaGuardia Airport, where Bruno’s aircraft was waiting.

The lead agent paid the taxi driver and asked him for a receipt. The Haitian immigrant was so nervous and wet from perspiration, he felt like he was at home during the Baby Doc Duvalier night death era. The agent gave him five of his cards. He said, “If you ever get in trouble with the police, or immigration, have them call me, and I will help you all I can.”

The driver smiled, shook the agent’s hand, and drove away.

The agent boarded the plane, and was in the air fifteen later. According to the aircrafts’ flight plan, they were going to San Francisco.

In reality, they were headed for Fort Polk, Louisiana. If Bruno Valentino wanted to go for a walk, he could walk for days, without leaving the confines of this army base. He would have no fear of being shot by anyone, except one of the thirty-five thousand men and woman stationed; training, or rotating through this huge training facility, plus the 10 FBI agents that were still assigned to monitor his health and welfare. However, the snakes, mosquitoes, and biting flies would probably keep him inside his bungalow, at night.

As the aircraft touchdown at 4:30 AM, Bruno was peacefully asleep. They roused him and he said, “Where are we?”

“We are at our destination.”

“Don’t be such an ass, I will find out sooner or later, tell me where I am.”

“You are at Fort Polk, Louisiana. You will be able to take your walks in any direction at any time, by yourself. You can walk for hours on end. Make sure you bring plenty of water. Watch out to snakes because they are everywhere. You’ll be given a handbook to tell you which types are poisonous and which are not. The entire base is covered by motion sensors and cameras so if you get lost find a clearing, if you can, and signal for help. Do not get caught in any of the live fire exercises that are going on here at all times. They could be hazardous to your health. If you would like to watch one of them, I’m sure that can be arranged.”

“Can I speak to my wife again?”

“Now that we are out of New York City, we can arrange for you to speak to her, via secure satellite, any time you want.”

“Thank you John, I am sure that will make her very happy, and if she happened to disappear to Louisiana for a week or so that would make me very happy also.”

“The telephone calls are no problem. The visitation may take a while, but I will work on it; I promise.”

“Thank you John, I know you are as good as your word.”

Susan woke up the next morning with a headache, and the memory of a bad dream. Alan had not come to see her after the birth of their son. Her idiot cousin came to her side instead. She opened her eyes at 6: 25 AM and with a bloodcurdling scream, yelled, “Where is he; I am going to kill him!”

Nurses came from everywhere to see what was happening. Blood pressure alarms were ringing of the walls. Other patients woke up out of sound sleeps; and all hell was breaking loose on the telemetry area.

Callaway had just come on duty at 6 AM, and ran to Susan to try and calm her down. When she got to her, Susan was trying to pull the IVs out of her arm and get out of bed.

Callaway pushed her back down on her pillow. “Susan, listen to me. You nearly died yesterday. If you want to complete that job, do what you are doing, and you will never see your son, or Alan, again.”

Susan replied, “How is he?”

Callaway smiled and asked, “Which he?”

“Don’t fuck with me Callaway, how is Alan?”

“I just got on duty at 6 AM. I have not finished checking on my patients yet. When I have, I will check on Alan, okay?”

“Thank you. Now how is my little he?”

“He is in Neonatal land getting the best care we can give him. He is just over 2 pounds, which is good. He has a little jaundice, and we have him under the lights to clear that up. None of the tests they took yesterday were back when I left for the evening. I will check on both of them and get back to you. Now let me get back to work; the faster I do my job, the faster I can get you the information you want.”

“Thank you Callaway, I am sorry I started your day off like this.”

“You think this is unusual for a hospital? You should see when it really gets crazy around here.”

Sergeant was in uniform when he showed up at the hospital at 8 AM. He knew he could get by all the rules about visiting hours if he looked like he was on official business. He did not plan on bumping into Callaway when the doors to the elevator opened.

She growled at him. “You wait at the nurse’s station, until I get back. If you go into that room without me, I will have you arrested Sergeant. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes nurse, perfectly clear.”

Callaway went to the newborn area to check on baby Robbins. He still had a tinge of yellow from jaundice, but his vital signs were good. He had inherited one thing from each of his parents. He had inherited the strength of his mother’s lungs; because when he was hungry, he let the nurses know it. The nurses told Callaway they were sure for a 2-pound baby; 4 ounces were between his thighs. They had never seen a premature baby with a penis as long and thick as baby Robbins. He was going to make many young women very happy, before he settled down with one.

She took the stairs up to intensive care to check on Alan. His cranial pressure had dropped and was approaching normal. The doctors might be able to allow him to resume normal consciousness by the beginning of the afternoon if not this evening. She asked one of her friends in ICU to keep her informed about his progress.

When she finally got back to the nurses’ station, Sergeant was about to explode.

“Where the fuck were you?”

“Excuse me Sergeant; did you want to see one of my patients before visiting hours?”

“Yes nurse Callaway, I would like to see my cousin, please.”

“That is much better Sergeant. If you upset her, you are going to be out on your ass quicker than you went in.”

“How can I not upset her, after what I did yesterday?”

“You are going to let me talk first, and then you can speak after I am finished.”

“Anything you say, nurse. Are there any sharp instruments in that room?”

“If there aren’t, I will bring some in for her to throw at you, meathead.”

Callaway led Sergeant Sherwood into room 426. Susan was about to yell at him when she said, “Susan, I go first; because I have all the news you want to hear.” Susan’s head returned to her pillow, but her icy glare stayed on her cousin’s face.

“Susan, if your blood pressure goes up one point, I leave and so does he.”

Susan said, “You are real bitch Callaway.”

Callaway put on the biggest smile. “You have been talking to your husband.”

Susan’s face could no longer hold the glare. It cracked into a wide grin, and she said, “Go ahead Callalily, I will invite you to dinner one evening and poison you just to get even.”

“You do not have to do that for me. I take my chances every time I go to my sister’s house for dinner. I am amazed every time I see Doctor Vincennes arrive at work in the morning, and he is able to perform an operation. However, back to the two people you want to hear about. Your son is doing very well. He looks like his father especially in one area, and he screams like his mother. They still have him under the lights and he will probably be there for another two days, until the jaundice is gone. He is feeding well, and will probably be with us for another month or until his weight is about five pounds. Alan is also doing well, no thanks to your cousin. The swelling in his brain is down, and they may be able to allow him to regain consciousness soon. His vital signs are fine, and this had no effect on his heart. We do not know if there was any further brain damage caused by the trauma, other than what he had before he met you, Susan, but we will find out when he is awake. Now, I am going to allow you to talk to your cousin. If I hear any yelling, he is out of the room instantly. Do you both understand me?”

Callaway took the two grumbled words she thought she heard as yes, and left the room. She would let them fight it out, as families do.

Susan’s icy stare returned as soon as Callaway closed the door.

“I am sorry, baby girl, I thought I was going to lose you, and I took it out on him. I just went crazy, and if Stephano did stop me in time, I probably would have killed him.”

“Sherwood, when have you ever seen me happier? In the last 41 years of my life, when have I ever been this happy? I met the man of my dreams, and the man of my dreams made one of my dreams come true. The asshole I was married to told me it was my fault we could not have children. I carried that burden around all my adult life. I know Alan a little more than a year. Not only am I happy, but he gets me pregnant, and now I have the baby boy. What do you do about it; you nearly killed my husband, the father of my child, and the man that has made me happy. If I had my whip with me, you would be listening to it sing.”

“You do not have to rub it in Susan. I got lectured last night by everyone. I got it from Patricia, Stephano, Callalily, and worst of all; I got home last night Cassandra gave it to me all night. She wonders how I can handle all the stressful situations that happen as a police officer and not be able to handle anything bad that might happen to you, especially after what we just went through, with Sedona.”

“What did Stephano have to say about the situation last evening?”

“The way I was told it went last night was that Alan was a wreck. When the nurse came out of the OR and said that he had a son, he asked, “How is my Susan.” He did not even acknowledge the birth of the baby boy. He only wanted to know how you were. Callaway was going back and forth bringing the news to them, and at the time it was not good. They had not stopped the bleeding and they could not find the source. That is when I came in, and that is when I reacted. I pulled him out of his seat and hit him once on the left side of his head. He went down instantly. I went down to hit him again, and that is when Stephano tackled me and pulled me off of him. He called me an idiot and told me what Alan said, when the nurse announced the birth of his son. Stephano said that if you died he would be next because he did not want to live without you. We were still on the floor when Callaway came out, told us that they had found the source of the bleeding and that you were going to be fine. She saw Alan lying on the floor and called in an emergency, and they took him away. I should have been put in jail last night for what I did, but no one wanted to add more pain to the situation. I hope you can forgive me, but if anything happens to Alan because of me, I will never be able to forgive myself.”

“When are you going to grow up? You treat me like I am still in high school and need your protection. I am a big girl Sergeant. I could get killed falling off my horse, slipping in a bathtub, or crossing a street. Death is a part of life, no one is guaranteed tomorrow. All you can do is let the people you love know it every day. Smile, laugh, and be happy every day, with those around you. Live a good and decent life. Try to be good to everyone, but most of all do not do harm to anyone. You do not have to be a saint Sergeant, God knows I am not, but I know I have never been loved more than I have been loved by Alan, and because of that love, I have been a better person to everyone around me, and I can prove it.”

“How do you prove something like that Susan?”

“I have not gotten out this bed, and killed you.”

“I better leave while I am still ahead.”

“If you leave without kissing me goodbye, and congratulating me on the birth of my son you will be missing your head.”

Sergeant left the room, and his head was still attached.


Stephano arrived at Susan’s home at 11 AM to take Patricia to the hospital. He kissed her good morning and asked her in which direction the Mississippi was flowing.

Patricia smiled and replied, “North by Northwest.”

“How badly did you hurt the guy?”

“I hope he does not try to cash a check, use a credit card, or withdraw any money from his bank today. The police will be at his former businesses waiting to arrest him on in Arizona warrant. I own the mortgage to his home, and he should default within 90 days. I would say he is in a little trouble.”

“How long did it take you to accomplish all this?”

“My father asked me the same question. Why is that so important to everyone?”

“I just want to make sure you are not losing your touch.”

“40 minutes; are you happy now?”

“Patricia, you had better work for the government, otherwise you are going to wind up in jail.”

“If the government is not careful, they will wind up working for me.”

“Remember what the Greeks did to people who thought they were above everyone else. Hubris was a crime punishable by exile.”

“The Chinese will always give me a job.”

“You would never do that to this country; would you?”

“No I would not. However, I would send both countries back into the Stone Age, if they piss me off enough.”

Patricia’s cell phone rang. She saw it was Steve, and she answered it saying, “Hello my love, how are you?”

Steve replied, “Are you trying to give me a hard on already?”

“I am not married yet. Are you still single?”

Stephano was fuming, and was barely watching the road ahead of him.

“Do you remember Marie Mobley, from school? She and I are very exclusive now, and I am going to pop the question very soon.”

“Why wait? If you love her, and she loves you, what is holding you back?”

“She is too docile. She is not at all like you, and you know how I loved to fight with you.”

“Steve you are as dumb as a concrete post. If she is docile treat her like she is a porcelain doll. Do not treat her like you would have treated me. You cannot go through life trying to compare people to someone you could never have. Besides that, she was always smarter than you were.”

“Are you saying she is baiting me?”

“You are the one with the million dollars Steve; you figure it out.”

“Patricia, you are just saying that to piss me off.”

“You were the one that said you loved a good fight.”

“If you were here right now I would kick you in the ass.”

“If you saw the look on Stephano’s face now, he might let you.”

“You talked to me like that with him near you?”

“I love getting his blood pressure up. When I called off the wedding, because we had a disagreement, he was angry with me. He is much better now, and he is getting better every day. I am very proud of him, but I still love to jab him every chance I get. It motivates him to get me back into a church, put a ring on my finger, and get me into bed.”

“You are still a virgin?”

“How many times have I told you Steve, until I am married, I will not have sex with anyone?”

“How about a woman, Patricia, would you try one of them on for size?”

“That is an interesting thought, Steve. I know one would love to try to get me into bed with her. Jemma is married to my father and she has often offered to train me in the Sapphic arts. What is going on, Steve; I know you did not call just past the time of day.”

“I have two things for you, both of them great news. I patented a program and Adobe and I are in consultation for the use of it. I may be able to give you your million dollars back very soon.”

“Fantastic Steve, keep it as a wedding present. What is the second part?”

“Our group from school has been keeping tabs on all the trucks leaving from the Queens, New York building. They keep making one mistake; they take toll roads and we track them every step of the way. Regardless of where their movements start, and what routes they take, they all wind up in one place: Sloan, Nevada. It is a small town south of Las Vegas. It is the type of place no one would think of looking for something as valuable as the materials these trucks are carrying. Four of our people went out there as tourists taking pictures of the Paleolithic drawings in the area. The trucks drive into town and then into the desert. It is too dangerous to follow them but there is something out there where they can store all this material.”

“Great work Steve, thank everyone who worked on this for me. Keep watching what is going on, but keep a safe distance; I do not want anyone getting hurt.”

“Will do Patricia; let me know when you finally spread your legs.”

“I will have an announcement made up just for you, Steve, and put drops of my virgin blood onto the card.”

“You bitch; you are going to make me cum in my pants.”

“If Marie is so docile, tell her to get on her knees and give you a blow job.”

“Don’t you laugh at me Patricia, but we are not having sex. I love her, and you know it just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.”

“You hypocrite; all these years, all you wanted to do was to get into my pants. Now you are in love, and you will not have sex with a docile young woman, until after you get married. She has the upper hand Steve, not you. I should come to New York and kick you in the ass.”

“You have had a terrible effect on me, Patty. You have given me a case of scruples that I never had when I was in college. I used to go to bed with anything in a skirt that said yes. Now, I am waiting because I am planning to marry her. Say hello to Stephano for me. Tell him to wise up and get his act in gear. He is missing out on the best thing God ever created.”

“You are wrong Steve. My mother was the best thing God ever created.”

“Goodbye Patty, I will talk to you again, when my wedding plans are made.”

Steve hung up the phone and Patricia laughed heartily.

Stephano said, “I hope you enjoyed doing that to me. I am going to kick you, when we get out of the car.”

“I know, but it was such fun watching your face turned red. Steve and our team found out where they are taking all the records. I have to contact Michael, and tell him where it is. He is going to have to task a satellite, but at least he will know within a 50 mile radius of where it is.”

“Your friends do great work. It is like I told you last night; if someone is down they will go to their aid and lift them back up. Do not use your cell phone to call the FBI, use one of the hospital phones. You can tell him about the storage facility near Sloan, but you also have to tell him to quash Alan’s hospital records. You cannot pay a hospital bill for a dead man. The hospital also has to keep Alan’s name secret. It cannot slip out that he is alive.”

“Stephano, it is good to know that your MBA has not gone to waste. When you want to use it, your mind is very sharp. I am very proud of you, and I do love you.”

“If you love me, and I know you do, why don’t you put your fangs away, and not jab me so often. It hurts me, and I want to take you over my knee and spank you on your bare bottom.”

“Put that on your wish list Stephano, and one day it may come true.”

“Patricia, what am I going to do with you?”

“You are going to love me all the days of the life. Just follow Steve’s advice: Wise up, and get your act together.”

“I am working on it Patty, I am working on it very hard.”

“I know you are, and I promise, no more jabs until this afternoon.”

“Patty, it is 11:30 AM.”

“I know!”

Michael Free’s cell phone rang. He looked at his caller ID and his shoulders slumped to the floor. “Patricia, please tell me you did not do something illegal again.”

“Why do you always think anything I do is illegal? The information I have for you this time comes from a completely reliable and impeccable source. If you do not want to know where the Families are hiding their documents, I will hang up, and you can go back to work.”

“We could not track them, how could your friends do it?”

“Easy, my friends are smarter than your people. If you paid more money, they would be working for you. Now do you want to know where they are hiding the material, or should I hang up?”

“If you hang up, you will be barred from touching a computer ever again.”

“Michael, I know you have heard of a country called ‘China?’ I have always wanted to see the Great Wall.”

“I will put you in Leavenworth first.”

“Don’t you have to charge me with a crime, and convict me, before you can put me in jail?”

“Patricia, I give up. You have what I want desperately?”

“The families are hiding all their material outside the town of Sloan, Nevada. My friends were able to track their trucks, because all of them eventually took toll roads, and toll roads take pictures of the license plates as they roll through the tollbooths.”

“I hate college students. They reduce things the lowest common denominator and 90% of the time it works. My staff will shoot themselves in the foot for missing this one.”

“Michael, you are probably going to have to task a satellite to see what they are doing outside the town. A highflying aircraft will also do, as long as it does not draw attention to itself in the process of looking for this underground bunker. It has to be underground, just like their satellite facility.”

“We will have someone looking in the area tomorrow, Patricia. Thank your friends for the FBI, and the U.S. Government. They have done us a great service.”

“Michael, be careful, the building may be wired to blow-up if it is tampered with. If they cannot have that information, they sure as hell don’t want you to have it.”

“How did you get so smart Patricia?”

“They blew up my mother and my friends, remember?”

“I am sorry, Patricia. I did not mean to be insensitive.”

“It is okay Michael. I have been thinking of my mom a lot lately. I miss her, and I need to talk to her desperately, right now.”

“My wife is a very good listener, and we have two teenage girls, if that would help you. She is a Psychologist, and has her own office.”

“Do you think she could help me over the phone?”

“There is no sense suffering Patty; all you have to do is ask her if she can help you.”

“Would you have her call me, when she has time?”

“I will give her your number and let you arrange your own schedule.”

“Thank you Michael, I appreciate your help.”

“Patricia, please stay out of trouble.”

“Michael that is one of the reasons I need to talk to a woman.”

“I will have her call you today. Patricia, are you pregnant?”

“Is that all you men think about when a woman has to talk to another woman. No I am not pregnant. I have not had sex yet, and will not until I get married.”

“Would you talk to my girls for me, I will pay you.”

“That talk would have to come from my mother, and she is no longer around.”

“Again, Patricia, I am sorry about that; I really am.”

“There was nothing you could do Michael. We living a very peaceful life until Bruno Valentino found us and destroyed it. I will never be the same as I was before then.”

“It will take time, a lot of time, but we all survive the trauma. We learn to deal with it, but we never forget it. We grow up, and build our resolve around it. If we do not, it wears on us and turns us into mean and evil people. The type of people this agency and the police fight every day. My wife will call you today, I promise.”

“Thank you Michael, I have to visit Susan. You will find an email on your desk with things for you to take care of immediately. They are extremely important. Please get them done today.”

“I will call my office now, and see what you want me to do. Help is on the way Patty. Hang in there.”

The agents that were vetting the Williams family had no problem with the four girls. They had no problem with Sharon, because she never held a job. Her husband Howard, until three years ago was a model citizen. He paid his taxes on time, was civic minded, voted, took the family on vacations, and was well thought of at work. Then something happened. He was passed over for a higher supervisory job at his place of employment. His coworkers told them he became a mean and petty individual. His job performance fell and those he supervised began complaining about his methods, and his reviews of their work. That changed two years ago, when he started showing up in new clothes, a new car, and a new attitude. He was happier, and that made his staff happier. Things stayed that way for about nine months and then he returned to his old ways. The new car disappeared, he was always asking others for money to make it to pay day. Everyone figured out that he had developed a gambling problem. Even his supervisors warned him that he was on thin ice at work and if he did not straighten himself out, he would be fired. Several weeks ago, that is exactly what happened. Men showed up at his place of employment wanting to talk to him. They said they were from loan companies, and he was way past due on his payments. His managers speculated that these men were from loan companies that belonged to the mob, because every time Howard saw them, he started to cry.

When the men from the FBI asked where Howard was now, no one could answer the question.

They went back to Sharon Williams home and asked her where her former husband was. She gave them his last known address.

When they asked why he was not living at home, with her and the children, she replied, “He is too embarrassed. He took $210,000 from the girl’s college fund. Sandy and Cindy are supposed to start college in August. Fred said he would help them get into college, and help pay for the cost of their tuition, room and board. Whatever he could not afford he would apply for student loans. When my husband heard all this, he moved out. I had already told him I was divorcing him, because he took the money from the girls, but I could not kick him out of the house. I could not do that to anyone. He would have had to find a place for himself, when we moved in with Fred, but he could have stayed here until then.”

The agents accepted her story and went to check on the husband. He was exactly where she said he would be. He was holding down a menial job, washing exterior windows on storefronts. When they asked him the questions they asked Sharon, his answers were nearly identical. He said he still owed people money, but they were letting him pay it off, as quickly as he could.”

When they asked him who the people were that he owed money to, he said, “They are former high school buddies, who made it big. I owe them eight grand, and they are only charging me 3% interest. It was less than my car loan.”

They asked him for the name of his friends, and he gave them willingly. They would check it out just to be sure.


Thursday morning Director Free checked his mail. There was a message from the IRS concerning Fred Hastings. After he finished reading it, he laughed. Ever since Fred started working, he received a refund from the IRS. He claimed zero dependents. He checked the box to donate to political campaigns. Every sheet of paper he sent in was as neat, and clear as the work he did for the Attorney General.

However, he was wrong about his net worth. He had $207,642 in assets. They could always arrest him for lying to a federal officer. He decided that was just a technicality. He picked up the phone and called the Attorney General.

“What is it Michael?”

“Fred lied to us. He is not as clean as I thought.”

“You have got to be kidding me. All these years I have known him, I would never have expected him to do anything wrong.”

“Well Clark, I have it right here in front of me. He said he had $200,000 in assets. Do you want to know how much he really has all over the world?”

“Not really, but let me have it. This is going to break my heart.”


“I am going to take your part piece by piece, you son of a bitch. You scared the living daylights out of me.”

“I figured I would get a rise out of you this morning, Clark.”

“You are a dead man, Michael. The next time you walk in this office I will have a gun pointed at you.”

“That will be the safest place in the room, sir. I have been at the shooting range with you, remember.”

“Go to hell, Michael.”

“I have great news for you. I figure I owe it to you after what I just did. We had surveillance aircraft fly over a site southwest of Sloan, Nevada. We now are sure where the five families are hiding the documents from the computer in Queens New York. “

“How the heck did you find that piece of information out Michael? The judge would not sign off on a court order.”

“Patricia Parent and her merry group of computer experts did for us, sir. They did it in a way our people did not even think of doing it. They tracked their movement by watching them go over toll roads. Every toll road here and in Canada takes a picture of the license plates. They took pictures of the license plates leaving the distribution point, and followed them from there. We have to hire them sir, these college kids are too smart to let go.”

“There is the problem Michael. The government pays them 100 grand a year; private industry pays them three times that amount. Who would you work for when you got out of college, and had a ton of student loans on your back?”

“Congress has got to get off their ass and help us get these bright kids. Otherwise, we will fall further and further behind our enemies.”

“There is always Patricia.”

“Please sir, every time I hear her name my ulcer flares up.”

“Patricia, Patricia, Patricia, Patricia.”

“Not funny Mister Attorney General.”

“You deserved that one Michael.”

“Yes sir, I guess I did. I will see you at dinner, Friday evening.”

“Have a good day Michael.”


The Attorney General touched the intercom button and yelled, “Fred, get your ass in here right now.”

One minute later Fred knocked on the door and walked in. “You bellowed, Sir?”

“What took you so long to walk 10 feet to my office?”

“I am following your orders sir. You told me take care of my health, and I am. I was meditating, and I could not in good conscience answer your call, until I finished.”

“I should shoot myself in the foot for ordering you to buy a new car.”

“I could not agree with you more, sir. I just received the booklet with the 60 payment stubs attached. Would you like me to give them to you?”


“I seem to recall you saying that to me once before.”

“Director Free just called and you lied to him and to me about your personal wealth. You could be arrested for lying to a federal officer. What do you have to say about that young man?”

“Sir, I gave the closest approximation of the amount of money I had as of my last statements three months ago. If they went up or down, I have not been notified yet.”

“Your net worth as of yesterday is $207,642.”

“Fantastic, I can pay for the girl’s dresses that I bought while we were in Philadelphia.”

“Fred, be careful with your money. I know what young love can do to a man. You want to spoil everyone, and you wind up breaking the bank. Where do you want the girls to go to school?”

“Anywhere in the Washington, D.C. area, sir, would be fine. The faster you can get them admitted to a school, the faster I can apply for this student aid.”

“They will not need student aid Fred. I will get them in on full scholarships as long as their grades are worthy of them.”

“I cannot impose on you like that sir. If you can get them in, at this late date that is more than I can ask for.”

“Fred, I hope Sharon knows the type of man she is getting. There are not many people like you, in this world.”

“You have taught me everything I know sir. If there is any credit to my work, it belongs to you.”

“Get out of this room, before I kick you out.”

The two men, who were sitting behind Fred on the Amtrak train, from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., were being briefed on the protocols of painting the inside of the federal offices of the Department of Justice, along with every other painter that had been selected for this job. Everything was delineated for them, down to the tiniest detail. Each of these men is professionals painters hired from union and non-union shops, up and down the East Coast. There were 560 people selected by the contractor, and vetted by the FBI, to paint the interior of the Department of Justice. They had to complete four floors of the building, in one weekend. This was a Herculean task. The men and women would work two seven-hour shifts, with a one-hour break in the middle. They would be issued special vests they had to wear at all times, so the computers could keep track of their every movement, and their identification tags had to be visible at all times. There were going to be almost as many agents monitoring the painters as they worked, as there were painters, because of the sensitive nature of the material in the building.

There was a trailer at the loading dock, with enough plastic sheeting to wrap the moon. Everything had to be covered before the first paintbrush was wet.

On Friday afternoon, much to the delight of all the people who worked at the Department of Justice, they were given the rest of the day off so the building could be prepared for the weekend onslaught. The painters were assisted by building maintenance personnel to get every piece of furniture covered with plastic, before midnight. Saturday morning, at 6 AM, painting would start, and it had to be finished by Sunday at 9 P.M. The unwrapping process had to begin so the D.O.J could open for ‘Business as Usual,’ Monday morning.

The only offices not being painted were those of the Attorney General, and his assistant Fred Hastings. Those doors were closed, sealed, and locked.


37. Friday, The 13th

Sharon called Fred as she cruised down I-95 and asked him how she should get to his office, and pick him up.

He laughed and said, “Didn’t you read my email?”

“Of course I did, but you will never get another blow job if you keep that attitude, mister. It cannot be that easy to drive through Washington and get to your building.”

“Sharon I would not lie to you about something as important as this? Who is navigating for you?”

“Sandy, of course, who else would I trust to get me through the maze of streets going through that city?”

“I will not answer that question, because you might hit me, when you get here. Listen closely, because even a female driver could get here with limited instructions.”

“Fred, you are on very thin ice. There are five female drivers in this van, and only one of you. You may never survive this weekend.”

“Just the thought of that brings tears to my eyes, Sharon. Where are you now?”

“The signs for the Beltway tell me I am 10 miles away.”

“Okay, take Interstate 495 East until you see a sign that says U.S. 1 South. Now, here is the hard part, so listen very carefully. Stay on U.S. 1 South for 14 miles, until you stop in front of the Department of Justice building. Don’t forget to obey the “Red, Yellow, and Green Circles” hanging from the poles. The police take a dim view of drivers who don’t. I will be standing in front of the DOJ Building, waiting for you.”

“Fred, you are dead man, when you get in to the back of the van, four girls are going to attack you, until you bleed to death.”

“Are they going to be naked?”

“That can be arranged.”

“Then I will die with a smile on my face.”

“I am turning onto Interstate 495 now, Fred. We will see you soon.”

“Okay Sharon, I will put everything on my desk into the vault, and meet you downstairs.”

Fred knocked on his boss’s door and walked in. He said, “Sir, it is time to seal the room.”

“Okay Fred, open my vault and we will put everything inside.”

For the very first time since he had been under suspicion, Fred opened the attorney general’s vault. He touched nothing inside it. He returned to the General’s desk, where he was handed all the documents that had to be secured. He did as he was instructed, turned, and asked if that was everything that had to be sealed.

“Let me sign these two documents, and put them in; then you can close it up.”

Fred stood by the general’s shoulder as he signed the documents. When they were handed to him, he turned put them in the safe, closed it, spun the dial, and checked the handle to make sure it was locked. He covered it with the painting and verified that the General’s desk was void of all documents. He checked every drawer to make sure they were locked and returned to his office to do the same thing. When he was finished, and the General had left his office, Fred placed the seal over the door, took his bag, walked out of his office, and did exactly the same thing.

Those that were monitoring his movements said, “Are you sure this guy is not a robot? He does everything with such efficiency, and lack of wasted movement, it is no wonder he can work in 80 and 85 hours a week.”

Another agent said, “Did you see when he opened the vault? His eyes never stayed to look inside. As soon as the door opened, he moved to the General’s side. He did not care what was in it; he just went after what his boss wanted him to do. This guy cannot be our man; but if it is not him, who the hell is it?”

“We have to start looking for a tracer on our computer lines. Someone is looking at what we are looking at. They know exactly what we know, and they are going to hit us this weekend. I would bet my life on it. Roll the tape back and see if you can pick-up the combination of the safe as Fred opened it.”

They ran back the tape from every camera angle in the room, but Fred blocked each one with his body and his hands. No one could see the numbers Fred put in to open the Attorney General’s safe. This man protected his boss’s work as if it was his own, which it was. The only difference was the Attorney General’s signature was on it.

Fred left his office, locked the door, and placed his seal on it. This was novel for him. 3:05 P.M. and he was leaving work. He took the elevator to the ground floor and walked out the Pennsylvania Avenue exit to meet his fiancée, and his four concubines.

He stood there for four minutes before he saw the van coming at him, and he meant at him. Sharon was in the wrong lane. She made a hard right turn, cutting across two lanes of traffic, jumped the curb, and stopped with two wheels on the sidewalk, exactly where Fred had been standing.

Fred dove out of the way.

The two guards stationed in front of the building knew Fred, and saw what happened. They thought it was an attempt on his life and came running, with their guns drawn. By the time they got there, Fred was up and told them everything was fine. He told them it was only his fiancée, and she drove this way all the time.

The guards laughed, and told him to take out more life insurance, because this was going to be one of the shortest marriages on record.

He told them he was canceling his life insurance for the same reason. “Why would I make her rich if I am going to die?”

Sharon was out of the van and heard him say it. “Fred, you bastard, if that is the case, the next time I will not miss.” She walked over to him and kissed him. “I am sorry about that, but your directions did not tell me what lane to be in.”

Fred replied, “I thought the signs pointing to the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building might give you a hint, dear.”

“You only said you worked in the Department of Justice Building. How was I supposed to know they were one and the same?”

Fred looked at the two guards and said, “Guys, there are four more like her in the van. Do you think I am going to win this argument?”

“Fred would you like to borrow my gun now and ended it before it begins. It will be a lot less painful in the long run.”

“Yes Phil, however Sharon is a nymphomaniac; look at all the sex I would miss if I died now.”

Sharon hit him as hard as she could. “I am not a nymphomaniac. I like sex, and so do you.”

“Goodbye guys, time is wasting and I have an appointment at 6 o’clock with my boss for dinner.”

He took Sharon by the arm and said, “Is it safe for you to drive to my apartment, or should I drive.”

“If you drive, there are four naked girls in the back of the van were going to be very disappointed.”

“The things I do for love.”

“How long is it from here to your apartment Fred?

“It is one hour and 10 minutes, if you obey all the speed limits.”

“That is about 19 minutes for each girl. Cut it down to 15 minutes each, so you can rest, and they can get dressed. There are condoms in the back for you to use on the three girls that do not want to get pregnant. They are on the pill but it has not taken effect, yet. We do not know if Sandy is pregnant, but she does not care if she is or not. She wants to continue without protection.”

“I wish she would change her mind, but she seems adamant about this. I hope and pray that she does not live to regret this decision.”

“Fred, she is the smartest of my group. She knows what she is in for, and she will never regret any of her decisions.”

“How about you, my beauty; are you having any second thoughts about marrying me?”

“Only about 255 of them Fred, but I will work them all out, before we see a clergyman.”

“Only 255, that is fantastic. After I talked to everyone at work about getting married, I only wound up with five; and all of them are in this van.”

He had forgotten how fast, and hard Sharon could hit him, at close range.

When Fred rolled open the side door to the van, he was grabbed by his suit jacket and pulled inside. The door was quickly closed and locked behind him.

Sharon moved the van smoothly into traffic, while hearing the girls yelling at each other to take off different parts of his clothes. He did not have a chance. They were all over him like bears around honey. In a moment all he had left on was his tie, because no one knew how to untie it.

Sandy yelled at her sisters, “Back off, he is mine.”

Fred said, “Who said so?”

“Come on Fred, it is my turn, and I am the oldest.”

“Who makes the rules Sandy?”

“You do Fred.”

“We do not have a lot of time, so listen to me. You know I love all of you, and I do not want to cheat any of you, so this is what we are going to do. You will all be doing one position this afternoon; woman on top, or cowgirl. Danni is going to get me ready for you Sandy, while you sit on my face, and I get you ready for me. While I am doing you, Cindy will be sitting on my face, while I am doing Sandy. Debbie will take Sandy’s place, while I am doing Debbie, Danni will take her place, and then I will do her. When we get to my apartment, if I am still alive, I will take a shower. Then I will take your mother to bed, and make mad passionate love to her. While we are in bed, the four of you will shower and prepare to go out to dinner. Be ready to leave my place at 5:15 PM. Do you have any questions? See no hands in the air and hearing no questions, let the fun begin.”

Sharon yelled from the driver’s seat, “Knock him dead girls.”

Fred retorted, “Your name is not on my insurance yet Sharon.” Before he could get another word out, Sandy pulled his head back down to the floor, and shoved her pussy over his mouth. She looked softly into his eyes and said, “I love you Fred; open your mouth and eat me until I cum.”

He put his hands, under her delicate bum, lifted her off his mouth, and said, “If you cum before I tell you to, you will not get laid.”

“That is not fair Fred, and you know it.”

At the opposite end of his body, Danni licked the crown of his soft member and felt it move. She teased it again and watched it move again. She put his entire dick into her mouth, sucked on it, and then pulled on it with her lips. Almost like magic it began to swell and grow, until it was too large to contain inside her mouth. She played with it until it was fully tumescent, and then attacked it with the fervor of the teenager in heat.

Fred had Sandy dripping into his mouth and well on her way to her first orgasm when he smacked her on her rear end to get her attention.

She said, “What? “

“If you want me to cum inside you, you better replaced Danni.”

Sandy scrambled off Fred’s mouth and pulled her sister’s mouth off of Fred’s cock. Without any preamble, she aligned her pussy with the crown of his equipment, and pushed the entire organ inside. She lost her breath, because her need for him was too great for this size of her opening. With her limited previous experience, and a complete weeks rest, her pussy had nearly returned to its virginal size. It took her a moment to regain her composure and when she looked at Fred, he had a look of concern on his face.

She said, “You are very big, and I am very small. I was in a rush to get you inside me, and even though I was ready for you, I should have gone slower. I will not make that same mistake again.”

“Stay still until you are comfortable little one, and then you can begin. If you do not want to continue, you can just slip off me and relax. Tomorrow is another day.”

“Fred, I dreamed of this all week. I will be fine.” She looked at her sister and asked, “Cindy, would you keep him quiet, please?”

Cindy smiled, and said, “Sis for you I would do anything.” Cindy kissed Fred and said, “I have a surprise for you, and you have two seconds to say it before you cannot talk anymore. Are you ready?”

Fred replied, “I guess so?”

Cindy raised her leg to straddle Fred’s head to smother him with her pussy when he excitedly said, “You shaved.”

As she settled down on him she explained, “I did nothing of that kind. Sandy shaved me.”

Fred no longer had the power of speech, because his mouth was under her demanding pussy pressure. Cindy was furiously moving her hips, from his chin to his nose, waiting for his tongue to get into the action. When he did not respond, she increased her speed, and the length of her movements.

This was exactly where Fred had waited for. The next time she overshot her mark, he inserted his tongue into her asshole.

Cindy screamed, “That is not my pussy you idiot.”

Fred did not answer her. He held her hips where they were, and continued drilling his tongue into the depths of her bowels.

“Stop that, it feels funny.”

Sandy said, “It may feel funny to you, but it looks great from here.”

Cindy replied, “Shut the heck up and cum already. I want his tongue out of me, and a dick in me.”

“I am almost there, sis. If you played with my tits you could speed me along.”

“How am I supposed to do that with a tongue of my ass?”

“If you want to get laid, you will figure out a way all by yourself.”

Fred was listening to this enchanting conversation, took Cindy by her hips and twisted her, ever so slowly around, never removing his tongue from her asshole. When she was in proper position, he placed his fingers on her magic button and Cindy shrieked to the high heavens.

“You bastard, I have been waiting for that since the very beginning. Why do it now, when I am supposed to be playing with Sandy?”

Fred removed his tongue from her ass, lifted her hips from his mouth, and said, “My boss is going to try to get you both scholarships to a local college. I am just trying to see if you can multitask.”

Cindy responded, “Fuck you, Fred.”

“It will be my pleasure little girl.”

“I am 19 years old, I am not little girl.”

“You were last Friday, and you will always be that way to me.” His mouth searched out her pussy, his tongue found her vaginal opening, and he heard her sigh. His hand continued to play inside her pink slit and her hips started moving vertically, along his face again.

Fred said, “Cindy, if you cum, I am going to have to fuck you in your ass again. Play with your sister so you can take your mind off your orgasm.”

Cindy screamed, “It’s too late Fred, I am cumming!”

Sandy yelled at her sister. “You bitch, how could you cum before me?”

When Cindy regained her senses, she said to Sandy, “When it is your turn to sit on his face, let him stick his tongue up your ass, and see what it does to you.”

“Now, you have to help me cum. I was close but now I have lost my train of thought. Get behind me, and help me like I helped you.”

Sandy kept moving up and down on Fred’s engorged prick, while Cindy took a position behind her. Cindy hands went in different directions; her left hand went to her sister’s breasts, while her right hand went to her pussy. She licked her sister’s neck and ears, while pinching her nipples and her clit to great effect. Soon Sandy was dripping again, and rising towards her organism. Her breathing was harsh and her body was flush and sweating.

Cindy took her sister by the hips, raised her up, and forced her down harder on Fred’s cock than she was doing by herself. Soon she was using Sandy like a battering ram on him. If he intended to fuck her in the ass again, she was going to make him pay by using her sister has a weapon on him.

Sandy’s scream filled the van as she came, and everyone applauded her organism. Then they yelled, “Next!”

Fred was not oblivious to what Cindy had tried to do with her sister’s body. He looked at Debbie and said, “Cindy will warm you up because she has been a bad girl, and bad girls need to be taught a lesson. She tried to use her sister to hurt me, so I would not fuck her in the ass. She was wrong and now she is going to find out what her punishment is. Cindy, please get me a condom.”

“Oh shit, I am in for it now.”

From the driver’s seat Sharon said, “I do not believe you will be able to take a shit soon dear. That end is going to be sealed and part of you that got you in trouble will be busy sucking on your little sister’s pussy. You should always be so lucky to get punished this way.”

“Thanks mom, I will remember that when I have my first boyfriend.”

Fred smiled. “Sharon I forgot to tell you that I asked my boss to sign our petitions for carry permits. We will be able to carry a concealed weapon with us at all times. I also asked him to sign a waiver for a shotgun, an Uzi, and a sniper rifle. If any of our young children decide to go out with any unsavory young men, we will be able to dispatch them with ease.”

Sharon replied, “Fred, darling, you think of everything.”

Three out of four girls in the back of the van yell, “That is not fair.”

Sharon replied, “Who told you that life was fair. Look at what your father did to you, and think of what the result would have been if we had not been fortunate enough to run into Fred.”

There was no comment from the back of the van, but there was a smile on Sandy face.

Cindy tried to give the condom to Fred, but he refused. He said to her, “You put it on me.”

“It is not ready for one of these yet.”

“Then I think you had better get it ready.”

“Dammit, next time I am going to staple my mouth closed.”

Danni said, “That might hurt, but not as much as what you have coming to you now.”

“Fuck off Danni.”

The next sounds that were heard in the car were the resounding slaps on Cindy’s ass; and then a corresponding extremely loud screams of pain.

Cindy cried out, “What was that for?”

“The next time you use foul language in your mother’s or my presence, I am going to take a bar of soap and shove it down your throat. I am not going to wash your mouth out with soap; I am going to shove it down your throat. Do you understand me young lady?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes Sir.”

Fred turned to the other three girls, who were wide eyed with fear, and asked them if they understood what he said.

As one they all replied, “Yes Sir.”

“If any foul language is used, in front of either of us, punishment will be immediate and painful. It will also mean a loss of your allowance and privileges. We will start out slowly so you can get used to the idea, but after one week the full weight of this program will go into effect. Do you understand?”

Debbie said, “One week is not going slowly.”

“You should be thankful I did not say two days, as my father did with me.”

Reflexively, Danni said, “Holy shit!” When she realized what she said her hand flew over her mouth.

Fred smiled and reiterated, “One week ladies, not one day more.”

Cindy worked hard to get Fred aroused and shortly he was at his full height. She opened the packet, looked curiously at the condom, and tried to put it on him.

“Cindy that is an excellent way to get pregnant. You have to leave more room at the top for the semen to go into. If you don’t the condom will break, and the semen will flow into you. I know you are on the pill, but if a condom breaks you can get a venereal disease or HIV Aids. You have to be very careful when you handle these things, and protect yourself at all times.”

Cindy attempted to put the condom on again, and when it was half way down it ripped. She said, “Fuck!” She realized what she did, brought her hand to her mouth, and said, “Oh shit!”

Fred smacked twice on her ass, and she screamed in pain.

She said, “I was supposed to have a week to clean up my language.”

“That was for a one word slip up, you said two in a row; that was unforgiveable.”

“Me and my big mouth.”

“Get that big mouth of yours to work, before I shove me dick down your throat, and keep it there until you turn blue.”

“Yes sir.”

Cindy took another condom, and had better luck than she did with the first one. She asked Fred if it was on properly, and he nodded his head. She lowered her head onto his cock and began to suck on it for all she was worth. If she was going to be ass fucked again, but she did not want Fred to rip her apart because he was angry with her. She played with his balls, as she sucked his cock and lubricated the condom, in the hope of a reprieve. She put his dick as far back into her throat as she could take it, without throwing up, and when he tapped her on her head, and said, “Very good,” she smiled.

He moved Cindy onto her back, and told Debbie to smother her. Debbie obliged quickly, not wanting to get into trouble.

Cindy had plans for her little sister, as she immediately attacked her clit. Debbie screamed, “You slut, you are doing that shit on purpose.”

Debbie screamed after two well place slaps quickly hit her exposed ass.

“This is going to be a very enjoyable weekend Sharon. I do not believe any of the girls will be able to sit down on their way home.”

Sharon replied, “If they continue this behavior, Fred, I have heard the Tabasco Sauce make pink asses glow fire engine red for hours.”

“Cayenne Pepper does the same thing dear. It lasts for days, and if it gets wet the strength triples.”

“Can we pick some up on the way home tonight from your boss’s house?”

“Yes, Walmart is open all night.”

Sandy said, “Old people, remember, there are only two of you and four of us, and you have to sleep sometime.”

Cindy was in a very vulnerable position. She pushed Debbie up, and yelled at her sister. “Look at me you fucking idiot. Me feet are in the air, my ass and pussy are wide open, and Fred has his dick in attack mode. That was not the time to threaten them with bodily harm.”

Fred looked at Cindy and asked, “Will you ever learn?” Without any further preparation, he pushed his dick slowly into her ass, until his pubic hairs touched the cheeks of her ass. He slapped her for cursing and she cried out in pain, again.

Cindy waited for the other pain to start, but it never arrived. When Fred started stroking in and out of her ass, her stomach started to tingle. Debbie tapped her on her head to remind her she had other duties to perform. Cindy grabbed her sister’s hips, pulled her pussy onto her mouth. She attacked her vagina and clit with a vengeance.

Fred realized Cindy had lost his attention and wanted it back. He smacked her ass and Cindy screamed into Debbie’s pussy. The vibrations were too much for Debbie to take. She came with a rush, and she nearly drowned Cindy, because her mouth was still wide open, recovering from the pains in and on her ass.

After swallowing all the fluid she had received in her mouth Cindy said, “That wasn’t fair Fred.”

“Do you remember what your mother said about fair?”

“Yes sir.”

Fred bent her in half, putting her knees by her ears, and pounded her asshole like a jackhammer. “Cindy, are you ever going to disobey me again?”

“Are you going to fuck me like this all the time?”

“Do you want me to do this to you all the time? Do you like it that much?”

“I will disobey you every week, if you promise to fuck me in my pussy every once in a while.”

“That is not the right answer Cindy. If you want me to fuck you the way you want, you have to be good. If you are bad this recreational activity stops.”

“I will be good Fred, I will be very good, just keep fucking me now, I am almost there.”

“I am not going to cum in the condom, Cindy. After you come, I am going to pull out of your ass, take off the condom, and stuffed my prick into your mouth. I am going to fuck your mouth until I cum. You will swallow every drop of my semen. If you miss any I am going to give you 20 slaps on your pussy. When we get home I am going to put Cayenne pepper all over the area and inside your pussy. You will suffer for a week. I will clean out that dirty mouth of yours in one day. Do you understand?”

“Fred, I have never done that before.”

“Until last week you had never done anything before. I told you I would teach you everything. This will be another lesson for you. It will teach you to keep your mouth under control.”

Cindy did not answer him until she saw him raise his hand to smack her behind.

“Please Fred, do not hit me anymore. I will do whatever you ask me to do, just do not hit me anymore, because it hurts.”

“There are going to be very few rules in our household, and they are going to be adhered to at all times. It will be a very fun house to live in, I will promise you that right here and now. However, if you break the rules, punishment will be harsh and swiftly meted out. Do you all understand what your mother and I are going to do?”

“Yes sir.”

Cindy grabbed Fred’s arms and yelled, “Faster, please go faster, I want to cum.”

“Sandy, come here and suck your sisters pussy juice until she is drained dry. The next time you try to cause trouble, I will shove my fist up your ass.”

“Yes Sir, I will not do anything that stupid again.” She had trouble getting her head into a good position to suck her sister’s pussy, because Fred was still pounding her asshole. She felt Cindy stiffen up as a prelude to her orgasm, and then watched her open her mouth and scream at the top of her lungs as she crested the mountaintop.

Fred immediately withdrew from Cindy’s ass and Sandy took Fred’s place between her thighs. Her sister was delicious and she teased her clitoris to try to keep her at her peak longer so she would continue cuming.

Sandy watched as Fred straddled Cindy’s head, put his prick into her mouth, and started fucking to her face. Cindy’s eyes showed terror as he began, thinking he was going to shove the entire length into her throat and keep her from breathing. She quickly realized it was only a threat to get her attention and to make her behave properly. She took him by his hips and pulled him deeper than he had been going. She moved her hands under him to play with his balls and heard him groan when she squeezed them. When she did it again he cried out, “Here it comes, Cindy, be ready to swallow.”

She felt him try to pull back and thought that she would lose some of his cum. She grabbed his dick with one hand and his balls with the other and pulled him back into her mouth. Immediately, he exploded deep into the recesses of her mouth. It was thick, almost gelatinous, but she craned her neck and swallowed it as the next load hit the same place. This one was not as thick but there was more of it. It puffed out her cheeks, and it took several gulps to get it all down. The third, fourth, and fifth explosions were the same. There was less volume, but they came out quicker and she could not seem to get them down before the next one arrived in her mouth. She wondered if all men were like Fred; and how lucky she was that he had suggested the girls take the morning after pill, instead of having to carry his babies to term. She would straighten out her life and her mouth. She would obey her mother and Fred, not because she feared the retribution so much, but because of the way Fred treated her. He made her feel special. He called all of them his children, and she knew it was not because they were letting him fuck them. She liked him and she liked family’ situation, without her father. She liked that a lot.”

“Debbie, you are up next.”

“Fred how can you be ready so soon. Are all men you?”

“Take a look around the cabin Debbie, and tell me what you see?”

“I see my sister’s.”

“Tell me about your sisters.”

“Sandy and Danni are the smartest, Cindy is the dumbest, and I am in between.”

“What else can you tell me about your sisters?”

“Sandy is nine minutes older than Cindy, and Danni is 13 minutes older than I am.”

“Sharon, I think you had better take Debbie for eyeglasses. She has a problem seeing what is right in front of her face.”

“If you think Debbie has a problem seeing Fred, ask Cindy the same question.”

“No, I will do that to her. All the good answers have been taken. Which of you two want to answer the question?”

Sandy looked at Danni, and said, “Why don’t you do it. You are younger than I am, and it will make you seem smarter.”

Danni looked at her twin, “Debbie we are all naked. Everything we have is exposed, and we are not trying to hide any of it. Any normal man would become aroused, when looking at four pretty naked girls.”

Debbie replied, “Oh, that answer; I thought that was obvious.”

Fred looked deeply into her eyes and asked, “Debbie, did you just tell a lie? I am going to ask Danni to tell me if you did?”

Debbie blushed, and said, “Yes Fred, I told a lie.”

“Do you know what the punishment is for using foul language in this household?”

“Yes, we get a spanking.”

“Do you know what the punishment is for lying, cheating, or stealing?”

“No, because you have not told us what it is yet.”

“First, you are going to get a spanking, because I have not told you the rules for those infractions. I will not implement the rules for lying, cheating, or stealing, until I have explained what will happen to you in detail.

“Yes Sir.”

Sharon said, “Fred, you are running out of time, and you have two to go. Lectures can be saved for later.”

“Do you see how much your mother loves you? She does not want anyone to be left out. Debbie, you are up. Grab a condom, get me a little bit harder, and slip it on properly.

Danni, as soon as I have Debbie in the saddle, you will climb on my face. I think I will take your anal cherry today.”

Danni shivered. “Can’t you do that while we are in the house, instead of in the van? I believe I would like it better that way.”

“Did Cindy look like she enjoyed herself, while I fucked her in the ass?”

“It looked like she had a wonderful time, especially when you put your dick in her mouth at the end. She really seemed to like that part.”

“In that case, Danni, I will do the same thing to you, and see if you enjoy everything, as much as your older sister did.”

Danni dropped her head, turned away and said, “Me, and my big mouth.”

Cindy took Danni by her shoulders, kissed her on the cheek, and said, “Join the club sis. When your feet get as big as mine, you will realize what a menace a big mouth can be.”

Fred said to Sharon, “Dear, I think our children are beginning to get our message, and we have not even moved in together yet. By the time your divorce is final, and we get married, we may have nothing to do except send them to college, move them into the dorms, and live happily ever after.”

Sharon replied, “Do we have to tell them where we are moving?”

“You are not supposed let them know about that part of our plan, Sharon. Now you have spoiled the whole thing.”

Debbie placed her pussy over Fred’s rubber coated cock, and slid it slowly down on it. “If you move away, you will not be getting any more of this, sir.”

“When you are in college, and away from home for 9 or 10 months a year I will not be getting it either. Start moving and see if you can get us both to cum.”

“Danni, will you bring your fuzzy little pie over here so I can munch on it?”

“Yes sir, but I am doing this under protest. I would rather use a bed.”

“I will make you a deal. If you can guess where your mother conceived your older sister’s I will wait until we are in bed to take your ass. I will make love to you as I did in the penthouse, but it will be quicker, because we have less time. If you guess wrong, your ass is mine.”

“Okay, but you are going to lose, because mom told us where dad raped her. It was in her school.”

“I know that also, but where in her school did he rape her and how many times did he do it that one day.”

Danni looked over her shoulder towards her mother, who she could see was grinning in the rearview mirror.

“What are you grinning about mother?”

“You never asked me that question dear; no one did except Fred. He made me feel better about my entire situation, because I had absolutely no control over it. He talked me through it, and proved to me that if I had not done what your father ordered me to do on that day, I would be dead. I am happy to be alive and to have four beautiful daughters. I am also happy to have one fantastic fiancée.”

Danni asked, “Fred is there anything you would not do to get a piece of ass?”

“That depends, Danni; if it is as cute and delectable and unused an ass such as yours, there is absolutely nothing I would not do to get it.”

Debbie said, “Fred, you are not paying attention to me at all.”

“I am sorry Debbie that is my fault entirely. Would you like me to put you on the bottom and let me do the work for a while?”

“Yes, that would be wonderful, if you would not mind.”

“I do not mind at all Debbie. It was my fault for ignoring you.”

Fred flipped Debbie over, got up onto his knees, and pulled her up onto his lap so her ass rested on his thighs, while pumped in and out of her. As soon as he had a fast rhythm going, he said, “Danni sit on your sister’s face. Debbie, please do a very good job on your sister’s anus, because I need her lubricated when I shove my dick all the way in inside her.”

Debbie objected, and said, “I will not do that, it is gross.”

Fred anticipated this objection, his fingers were already around clit, waiting to squeeze. As soon as she voiced her objection, he squeezed her little pearl hard.

Debbie shrieked in pain and yelled, “No, please stop, I will do it, but you cheated, and you should be punished.”

Fred did not reply, but continued playing with her clit and watched her reactions as the stimulation continued to get to her. He lifted her legs up to his left shoulder and continued rocking himself deep inside her, while his right hand played mercilessly inside her slit.

Debbie’s hands lifted Danni from her face so her tongue could be more accurate in its attack on her asshole.

Debbie was so engrossed in what she was doing, she did not notice that Fred had stopped pumping, and pulled out of her. He pushed her legs a little further forward, opening the cheeks of her ass wide. As soon as he had a clear target, he increased his hands speed over her clit and sunk 3 inches of his hard cock into her rectum. Debbie did not blink. Her tongue moved at lightning speed into her sister’s intestine, and her mind was only thinking about what was happening between the lips of her pussy.

Slowly, Fred continued feeding his cock deeper into her ass, until he saw Debbie’s tongue stop. She pushed Danni off her and looked Fred straight in the eye. “You hate liars, cheaters, and people that steal. You have just done all three to me and you are kneeling there smiling at me. You have to be punished; I am going to talk to my mother about you.”

“You were one of the two anal virgins remaining. I did not want to hurt either of you, when I relieved you of that stigma. You were so engrossed in doing Danni’s rectum; you never thought about your own. You never felt any pain, and that was very important to me. Yes I stole your anal virtue. I never lied to you by saying I would not take it from you. It was always my intention to do just that. I have never cheated you out of anything, unless you consider saving you from pain being a cheat. I can always spank you to give you the pain you seem to want, but I would have to hear that from your lips before I start to hit you. I can always satisfy your ego another way, if it would help. When I take Danni’s cherry, I can take it brutally. You can see how damaging it will be to her asshole, and you may watch her cry until she calms down. I am deep inside you, and neither you nor I have cum. I never leave an ass, without cuming, and I never leave the person whose ass I am using unfulfilled. So hang on, I am going to take you on the ride of your young life.”

“Oh shit!”

Fred said, “Go ahead; I would really like to see that.”

Debbie replied, “You are very funny Fred. When I get my allowance, I am going to buy the biggest dildo I can find, and shove it up your ass. I want to see how you react with a foot of dick inside you.”

Cindy yelled, “You are lying, Debbie. He is only 8 ½ inches long.”


Fred kissed Debbie as he had in the penthouse. Suddenly, her defensive attitude changed. Her tongue met his and dueled with it. Her arms went around his neck to hold him close and her feet circled his back. She had voluntarily folded herself in half for him, giving him free access to her ass.

Debbie felt a tingle in her stomach and asked Fred to go faster and harder.

He whispered into her ear, “I don’t want to hurt you, and if I do what you ask, it could cause you a great deal of pain.”

“I need it Fred, I am close, but I need more in order to cum. Please do it for me; I will blame myself, if I am hurt.”

“Okay baby, but take my wrists, and if the pain becomes too intense use your nails to scratch me and I will stop.”

“Hurry Fred, my orgasm is getting further away. I have to catch it. I do not want it to get away from me.”

“Do not worry little girl, you are on the express track, I will get you there on time.”

Fred increased his speed, and the depth of his penetration. Debbie moaned every time his stomach hit the cheeks of her ass. He pounded into her harder and harder. The movement of his hips blurred. He signaled to Sandy and Cindy to play with Debbie’s breasts to help her to reach her orgasm. He motioned to Danni to play with Debbie’s pussy to give her even more stimulation. He did not want to go any harder or faster than he was for fear he would tear his daughter apart.

Debbie was moaning with every stroke of his dick and the manipulation she was receiving from her sisters. Danni moved her hand down from her sister’s clit, down to the opening of her vagina. She stuck two fingers inside her sister, but because of the way her legs were positioned around Fred’s back there was no friction. She added a third finger but received the same result. She said to herself, “Screw it,” and folded her hand tightly to see if she could get her small hand inside her sister.

Fred was sweating, Cindy and Sandy were doing the best they could try to bring Debbie over the top, but when Danni shoved her hand inside her sister’s vagina, Debbie’s world exploded. She screamed at the top of her lungs, fluids flow out of her vagina, from around the openings of Danni’s hand, and she collapsed into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Fred did not know what happened, because he did not feel her cumming. He knew she was close, but not that close. He withdrew his prick from her ass, and looked down to see Danni’s hand encased in Debbie’s pussy. He smiled at her and said, “So you are the one that set off the explosion.”

Sandy and Cindy looked at where Danni’s hand was and could not believe it. “Your hand is wider than Fred’s prick, how did you get it in there?”

Danni blushed, “I am not sure, but my hand is stuck and I can’t get it out.”

Sharon asked, “Where is your hand?”

“It is inside Debbie’s pussy, mom,” shouted Cindy

The van swerved a little; no it swerved a lot, before Sharon regained control.

Sharon screamed, “You fisted your sister?”

“Mom, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I have to get my hand out before she wakes up. Otherwise, we are going to go to Fred’s party looking like perverts.”

Her mother yelled, “We are perverts.”

Fred moved to a position between the two girls. Debbie was still sleeping, which was a blessing. Danni was very frightened which was not. She was stiff as a board and did not want to hurt her twin.

Fred said to her, “Put your hand in the same position it was, when you slid it into Debbie. Close your eyes and start moving it in and out slowly; just like you are fucking her with it. Remember how you got your hand inside her. When you have her hot and lubricated, your hand will slide right out.”

This plan sounded very reasonable to Danni, so she did as Fred asked. She cupped her hand into the same position it was before, and slowly started sliding it in and out. She felt her sister getting wetter with every stroke. She told Fred that it was working. She felt Debbie getting hotter and lubrication was making her hands slick. Fred told her that she is doing great, and to continued her ministrations to her sister. Danni still had her eyes closed, and had relaxed a great deal, when Fred grabbed her wrist and pulled on it swiftly, removing it from the inside of her sister’s body.

The sleeping beauty screamed, her body tensed and she reached another orgasm. Her hips thrashed around looking for the dick that had brought her to this level of joy, as fluids flushed out from her body. She succumbed to sleep once again, with a large smile on her face.

Danni yelled at Fred. “I could have hurt her. You should have waited until she was ready.”

Fred kissed her on the top of her head and held her closely to his body. “You have so much to learn. I will tell you as much as I know any time you ask me. The vagina swells, when it gets excited, and that is why you feel my penis when he goes inside you. It is also the reason it produces lubricants to make it easy for the man to slide in and out of you. I am sure you felt your sister’s tissues tightening around your hand, as you moved it in and out of her. If I allowed you to stay inside her much longer, there would have been no way for me to get it out of her. All I wanted you to do was to get her lubricated. As soon as you accomplished that, I had to get your hand outside her body quickly. It was the only way not to hurt her. She orgasmed, instead of crying out in pain, which would have happened, if she was dry inside, or overstimulated and completely swollen. “

“Fred, how do you know all these things?”

“I went to Harvard and I studied every day and night. I did not go there to party; I went there for an education. There was not a day I did not study, read, or do something to advance my education. While I was there, I volunteered to work for the election of the Governor of Connecticut. When I graduated Harvard I was second in my class. Then I went to Yale Law School to continue my education, and graduated first in my class. The governor of Connecticut hired me as his legal counsel. I was recruited by every major firm in the country, but I accepted the offer to work for him. During the years I worked for him, I continued reading everything and anything that applied to my job or could apply to the State of Connecticut and the job of the Governor. I continue to work for him today because he is the Attorney General of the United States, and we are having dinner with him at 6 PM this evening.”

Danni was shocked. She said, “Holy…” She slapped her hand over her mouth before the next word came out.

Fred kissed her lips and said, “I love you Danni. You learn very quickly. Are you ready for me?”

“Shouldn’t we wait until Debbie wakes up?”

“I am awake you turd. You shoved your hand into my cunt?”

Fred said, “Debbie do you want to be spanked again?”

“I didn’t think that was a bad word.”

“Can you use that word in polite company?”

“No Fred, it would not be right to use that word in front of other people.”

“If you cannot use it in front of other people, you cannot use it in front of your mother and me.”

“Then how am I supposed to yell at her for shoving her hand up there?”

“You should be thanking her for putting her hand into your vagina. You not only came once, which was the reason you fell asleep, but when you were asleep and she took her hand out of you, you came a second time.”

“Is that what woke me up?”

“It may have been that, or it could have been time for you to wake up by yourself to see what you are missing.”

“What did I miss? Was it good?”

“The most exciting thing you missed was your mother driving us off the road, when she found out that Danni had her fist inside you. Other than that, all we have been doing is waiting for you to wake up.”

“Mom you have to watch where you are going.”

Sharon replied, “Debbie when we get home, the next thing that is going up there is going to be my foot.”

Fred said, “Do you see Debbie you can say that easily in polite conversation, without fear of retribution.”

“I guess I am going to have to start studying more. If I am not allowed to cheat with Danni anymore, my grades will fall, and no college will want me.”

“Don’t worry about college; concentrate on your senior year, and I will take care of the rest. I love you all too much to see any of you fail.”

Sharon yelled, “Fred, you have to hurry, we have about 15 minutes, before we reach your apartment.”

“Danni, you are going to get your wish. I will not rush to complete my appointment with you. However, when I do take your cherry, I will make sure it is at a time and place of my choosing, and not yours.”

“Darn it Fred, I was just about to celebrate a victory over you, when I realized you had just threatened me. I am allowed to say darn, correct?”

“Yes, you are allowed to use that word. Everyone get dressed, and find my clothes please. I have to look presentable also. My neighbors would not understand if I walked out of the van with five beautiful women and me standing there naked. Actually they would understand, but I would probably lose my job, because of it.”

His four concubines helped him to dress, and he climbed into the front seat, kissing Sharon on the way. He said to her that it was a lovely way to start a weekend, and he could not wait to get her into his bedroom.

She asked him if he was sure he was going to have anything left for her.

He replied, “The day I disappoint you, will be the day I stop fooling around with the girls.”

She smiled and told him that she would hold him to that promise.

“Sharon you are going to be my wife. You are going to be my life. The girls are going to grow up and find their own mates. When they do, my days with them are over. If you want to start another family with me, we can. If you don’t I am fine with that also. I just want to be with you.”

“Fred, trust me when I say I am not complaining, but how did all this happen so quickly?”

“It is really very simple. I opened the door to the penthouse, I looked into your eyes, and you stole my heart. When I looked at your face you stole my soul. When I looked at your body, I was putty in your hands. I would have done anything to keep you. I would have chained you to my bed, if you had said no to my proposal. I would have begged you for the entire weekend to change your mind. I would have let you leave on Sunday because I am not like your former husband. I would have given you every penny I have in the bank to stay with me for the rest of your life. I knew instantly that I loved you and I need you.”

“It had nothing to do with the girls?”

“I felt guilty about the girls. I fell in love with you. There is a very big difference.”

Sharon smiled at him. “Thank you Fred, I needed that reassurance.”

“Turn right at the next traffic light, and left into the next building’s parking lot; that is the building I live in.”

They turned in and parked in his assigned parking space. “Where is your new car Fred?”

“I left it at work, so I could drive home Monday night. I am going to take you into the building Monday to show you around and then you can go home, if you can follow my directions in reverse.”

He grimaced again after feeling the sharp pain he received when Sharon hit him.

He looked at her and said, “One day, I am going to remember how fast and hard you can hit.”

“I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying hitting you Fred. If I did that to my husband, I would have been dead a long time ago.”

“How did you know you could do it to me, and get away with it?”

“You really love me Fred; my husband only wanted to fuck me.”

They got off the elevator on the 11th floor and walked to his apartment. It was a small one-bedroom apartment, that was well cared for, but you could tell it was a bachelor’s apartment.

Cindy asked, “Where are we all going to sleep?”

Fred grinned at Sharon and said, “I will think of something. Take your suitcases and follow me.”

They left his apartment, walked to the end of the hall and up one flight of stairs to the top floor. Fred opened the door to the corner apartment and walked in followed by all the women in his life. He said, “We will be staying here for this weekend, and any time you come into town.”

Sharon asked him who owned this apartment. He said a few friends of his who were out of town, and asked him to take care of it in their absence. He winked at her, and she understood that it belonged to his bosses. They let him use it when he had guests in from out of town.

Sharon grinned and said, “That is very kind of them Fred, and the view from up here is wonderful.”

He replied, “The view from right here is not too bad either. Girls you know what to do. Your bedrooms and bathroom are down the hall. You have one hour to shower, do your makeup hair, and get dressed. Your mother and I will be here to greet you. Do not tear this place apart, or there will be hell to pay. Come with me dear, we will go back down to my apartment, so we may enjoy a little privacy.”

There was a chorus of that is not fair’s, and you cannot do that to us, and we want to watch. Fred and Sharon said goodbye to their children, closed the door to the apartment and locked it. He turned to Sharon and kissed her where she stood. They kissed as they walked down the stairs, but their temperatures had risen so high they almost did not make it all the way into his apartment.

Sharon knew how to get his tie off, but used it as a leash instead. She dragged him into his bedroom and dragged him up onto his bed. She jumped on his back, pulled off his jacket, and fumbled with his belt.

Although Fred enjoyed being submissive to her, this was going too slowly for him. He spun around so she could get to his belt, and began unbuttoning his shirt.

Sharon had completed her task with his belt, and button and zipper and was pulling his pants and shorts down his legs at one time. She ran into problems with his shoes. The pant leg would not fit over them. She said, “Fuck this,” and raised the waste of his pants up untied his shoes pulled them off his feet and removed the lower portion of his clothing.

Fred jumped off the bed and said, “Let me show you how this is done.” He picked her up, and inverted her as she screamed. With his left hand, he grabbed her pants and panties and pulled them up and over her legs and as they reached her feet her shoes came off also. He reversed her putting her feet onto the floor and tickled her sides. She screamed, “No” and tried to push him away with both arms. This was exactly what he wanted her to do because he grabbed the bottom of her blouse and pulled it off her body before she knew what happened to her. She stood there, stunned, in her bra, but she saw the evil in his eyes as he approached her. She tried to back away from him but her calves hit the bed an instant later. She was unfamiliar with the room. When she looked to see what she hit, his hands went around her, the bra was unsnapped. When he pushed her on to his bed, he stood there holding her beige colored bra.

Sharon asked, “How many years have you been celibate?”

“More than I would like to think of Sharon.”

“You want me to believe you learned all these moves by reading books.”

“You would not believe the things I have learned just by reading books. Would you like me to show you some?”

“Do we have time?”

“I will have to give you the abridged version, but I believe you will be satisfied.”

“Then why are you standing there, instead of being down here with me.”

“The abridged version of what I am thinking requires you to be up here with me.”

“Oh fuck, what am I getting myself into?”

“Before you get out of bed, Sharon, get on all fours so I can see your behind please.”

She did as he asked and before she realized what was happening she screamed.

“What the fuck was that for?” She got spanked again.

“Oh shit that hurt.” She got spanked again.

“Dammit Fred, stop that.”

He got down on his knees alongside the bed and asked her if she had figured out what she had done wrong yet.

“What the fuck do you mean what I did wrong?”

Fred stood up and smacked her again on her fabulous behind.

Sharon screamed in pain, and then realized what she was doing. “Oh shit Fred, I know what I am doing wrong.” Smack, scream. Stop it please, Fred. I am sorry. You can wash my mouth out with soap. I will stop cursing. I will not do it anymore.

Fred climbed on the bed between her legs and began kissing the handprints he had left on her ass. He kissed up a line of each finger and down the other side and then up again completing each handprint individually, before he started the next one. His hands were under her hips raising her butt to him and giving him access to her pussy and asshole. He could not help it if his handprints or down in the valley of her thighs and Sharon could not help it if her pussy started to leak like a river.

His tongue slipped into the line of her ass and touched the hole. She groaned and squeezed her cheeks together. When she did this, she found a thumb in her pussy.

“Dammit Fred, you are quick.”

“Did I hurt you babe?”

“No, but sometimes a girl likes to know what is coming.”

“That should be obvious by now dear; you are.” He fucked her with his thumb. The blazing fast movements inside her and his index finger sliding inside the pink slit of her pussy, and over her clit every other second caused Sharon to grit her teeth, tense her body and finally when every bit of control was gone she screamed, “Fred, I love you” and she came all over his bed. She dropped her head and shoulders down, completely exhausted, but Fred was not done with his fiancé yet.

He said, “Sharon, that was just foreplay, I haven’t shown you what I learned in the book yet.”

Softly she replied, “Fred I am going to say something to you and if you touch me I am going to cut your balls off. Do we understand each other?”

“Yes, I believe I understand what you are saying.”

“Fuck off Fred I need my rest.”

He whispered into her ear, “If you were ugly, I would let you get all the beauty rest you need. However, you are perfect. So, my lady, you are coming with me.”

He grabbed her, pulled her off to bed, and into his arms.

“Fred, you are a dead man.”

“As long as I can have you in my arms, they can take me whenever they want.”

“What are you going do with me now Fred?”

“You will be glad to know that I work out and lift weights every day. I will not drop you. Are you ready?”


“Excellent, because here we go.”

Fred pushed her against the wall of his bedroom and slid his cock inside her.

Sharon said, “You are just going to fuck me against a wall. My husband used to do that all the time.”

“Should I give you a newspaper to read or do you want to pay attention to what is happening to you?”

“I will pay attention for a little while longer.”

Fred had her pinned tightly against the wall, when he grabbed her left leg and lifted it until it was above his right shoulder pointing towards the ceiling. Seconds later he did the same thing with her right leg.

Sharon was now paying rapt attention to what Fred was doing to her.

“How do you feel my love?”

“If you drop me, I will kill you and use your spine to replace mine.”

“In that case I had better not drop you. However, this is not the end of what I learned in the books, this is just the fourth chapter. Are you ready to get in to the good parts?”

“In for a penny, in for a pound, Fred.”

“Wrap your hands around my neck and let us dance.”

“Are you fucking out of your mind?”

Fred hit a switch on his night table and a waltz started playing. He pulled Sharon away from the wall and he began the steps to a Viennese waltz.

Sharon had always thought how graceful waltzes looked when they were on a movie screen or on television. She did not realize how acrobatic they were. However, now, with Fred’s dick solidly inside her, every time he took a little leap through the air and landed, her cervix wanted a shock absorber. She could not believe how strong he was. He carried her easily. When he jumped he got both of them into the air by at least 10 inches. When they landed, she knew he was at least 8 inches long also. The inside of her pussy was taking a beating, and she loved every minute of it. She asked him if he could suck on her nipples. Instead of holding his arms together at his wrists, he let her slide down to where he was holding her by each ass cheek independently. He sucked on one nipple and then the other trying to give each equal time. Sharon praised his ingenuity but told him her pussy was hurting.

He said, “That is not a problem, I will fix it. He lifted her up until his prick slipped out of her. Then, he let her go.

Sharon started slipping down. She still had a strong hold on his neck, but her feet were nearer his shoulders, and pointed towards the sky.

She screamed, “Fred, I am slipping, help me please.”

He replied, “Do not worry dear, everything is under control.”

“What do you mean don’t worry, I am going to fall soon.”

“Sharon, I promised you that I would never let that happen. Relax and everything will be fine.”

She did not know why, but she believed him. They had only known each other for a week, but she trusted him. If she fell she would kill him, but she trusted him. She continued to slip until she felt something touch her bottom. Then she recognized it.

She said, “Fred, no, I would not even let my husband do that to me.”

“Sharon, I am not doing anything. I am just dancing here minding my own business.”

“Take your prick away from my asshole, Fred.”

“I am sorry Sharon I cannot see down that far, your body is blocking that area of my body. Would you like to call 911 so they can try to stop the invasion of this personal part of your body?”

“Fred it is digging inside me. How the fuck did you get a condom on and lubricate it. I can feel the grease touching me.”

“I am sorry Sharon I cannot see that far down.”

“Ouch. Ouch. The head just popped inside me Fred; I am definitely cutting it off tonight. Stop it from going into me Fred please, stop dancing.”

“We only have three more big jumps to go and the dance is over. Here comes the first one.”

“Please don’t jump Fred. OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH Fuck, I hate you. I am not talking to you anymore. I am surprised that thing is not coming out of my mouth. It feels like it is in my chest.”

“Sharon, it is only 3 inches in.”

“I thought you couldn’t see that far.”

“I am using a mirror.”

“I want a divorce.”

“That is not possible. We are not married yet.”

“I will serve you the papers the day after we get married.”

“If we are going to get divorced so soon, why should we get married?”

“I want half of everything you have, including half of the apartment upstairs.”

“I don’t think you want anything to do with that apartment dear.”

“I agree with you on that. Now what am I going to do with that thing that is up my ass.”

“I am going to fuck you to death with it.”

“I have never done it this way before.”

“That will leave Danni as the only anal virgin in the family. You know I would never hurt you, I will never abandon you, and if the word divorce is ever mentioned in our household, it will have to come from you. I believe in commitment, and I will do anything in my power to make our relationship work for the rest of our lives.”

“Everyone could tell that you are a lawyer. You love to talk. I believe you love to hear yourself talk. Would you shut the fuck up, and do what you promised.”

“I promised to take you to my boss’s house for dinner.”

“Before that you idiot.”

“What did I say I was going to do with it?”

“You said you were going to fuck me to death with it.”

“Oh is that all.”

Sharon forgot all about her precarious position. She let go of his neck wanting to take a swing at him and once she did her balance was lost and she started to fall.

Fred caught her in a heartbeat and brought her up to his lips. He kissed her passionately and said, “I told you nothing is going to hurt you or the girls while I am here to protect you.”

“Can I have my legs back please?”

“If I give them back to you, you will never know how good it is to the fuck with them in this position.”

“I believe I can live with that.”

“You drive a hard bargain Sharon, but as long as you are nice to my boss tonight, I can live with it.”

“Oh, I think Clark and I will get along famously.”

“Do you want me to finish now or should I cut it off and leave it inside you.”

“Actually, I am getting used to him being in there. He is not hurting me any longer and as long as he behaves and brings me to a big orgasm, and I may let him visit again in 30 or 40 years.”

“He has just refused that bargain, and demands a renegotiation of the time frame. Three or four days will be acceptable, anything longer and the entire memorandum goes down to defeat.”

“That will be acceptable. Now, dammit fuck me.”

“No, I am tired, and I smell bad. I need a shower and a short nap. We will pick up where we left off when we return this evening.”

“Fred do you remember what you told Debbie about never leaving a woman unsatisfied. If you do not complete what you started here this afternoon, I will contact your friends through my former husband. I will tell them I found out that you have been giving them false information on certain items that concern their operations. Also, I am going to see your boss in less than two hours. I could mention a few things to him that he would love to know about you, and your hijinks with the New York mob. I will tell them that you did not have sex with my girls, and they took each other’s virginity using a dildo. I believe I have you in a very small box, Fred. Are you going to complete your task or am I going to turn into an informant?”

“Sharon, I think I will put you on my bed, and fuck your brains out. I am not insinuating that your ass is where your brain is located. I am saying you have so much brainpower you cannot keep all that information in your head. Your ass has nothing to do, except look gorgeous, and sit on. The overflow information is stored there, where people stare at it all day, but never see it, because you camouflage it so well.”

“You do not know how close you were to getting killed with all your fancy words. Now I think you should stop talking, and fuck my ass, until my eyes cross. I better cum so hard I could fill a bathtub, or I am going to ring both your necks, until you scream for mercy. Then, and only then, will I bite one neck off. You will not like my choice, neither will my girls. They will recover, when they find their own boyfriends, who will be able to replace you.”

“Sharon, which one of us is talking too much now?”

There were no more words said; only grunts, moans, and sounds of passionate lovemaking. He attacked her ears, neck, and throat, while she got used to the pounding she received inside her ass. She was thankful he let her legs down, because it gave her the ability to move with him. Though it felt strange and uncomfortable at the beginning, the sensations changed and she was able to move. She was able to concentrate on their lovemaking, and not the peculiar position she was in. It was not the same as vaginal sex because these muscles were harder, and there was no additional lubrication being supplied. However, the way Fred tended to her body, while he continued stroking into her made her feel very special. Their kissing was passionate; their touching was soft and gentle; and as they climbed higher and higher up the mountain of passion, the two fissile materials combined and exploded into one huge mushroom cloud of thermonuclear material. Fred’s primal scream was outdone by Sharon’s exhilarating screaming of release.

She told Fred at the very beginning of their affair that her husband always made her cum when they had sex. However, he never made her cum like this. She was star struck by this man. She had touched the sun, and survived the encounter. How could she not love him? He showed her every time he was with her, how much she was loved and adored.

Sharon would allow him to continue to have sex with her girls, because that was all it was: Sex. When they were together, she and Fred made love and that made a huge difference to both of them. She cuddled in his arms, and kissed his chest. She told him how wonderful their lovemaking had been for her.

He kissed the top of her head and told her that it was not too bad for him either.

She pulled off his condom, and the semen flowed all over his dick and balls.

She started to move down to suck on his cock, when he stopped her. He said, “If you start that, we will be late for dinner, and I have never disappointed my boss before. I want to show you and the girls off. I want you to have time to shower, do your hair, and makeup. I want everything to be perfect tonight. Tomorrow we will get up early, and I will take you all over town. I will show you things tourists are never allowed to see.”

She snuggle her head against his chest, again, and sleepily said, “Okay, give me a few minutes; I am going to take a short nap.”

Fred waited until she was comfortable. He swung his left hand, and hit her on her buttocks again.

“Ouch! You bastard, I will get you for that.”

Fred was already out of bed and standing by the bathroom door. He replied, “It was the only way to get you up. If your head hits the pillow, I will get a pot of water and pour it on you. You are getting up beautiful, and you are getting up now.”

Sharon jumped out of bed and ran towards him, mad as hell. She wanted to hit him as hard as he hit her. She had forgotten how strong he was.

When she was close enough, he grabbed both her arms and pinned them behind her. She tried to kick him, but he held her too close to his body.

He asked, “Are you going to be good, or am I going to take you over my knee and spank you?”

“You would not dare spank me.”

“We have known each other for one week. You have four daughters, and I laid down the law today. Do you know any other man, who is courting a woman who would do that?”

“No, but you are fucking them.”

“That has nothing to do with it. I am going to marry their mother. If I step over the wrong line, and they complain to her, she could say no to me, and I would lose her, and them.”

“Would you really spank me?”

“Would you like me to?”

“I read it could be a very sensual experience. I do not want you to hurt me.”

“I will give you a book that explains why the pain brings on the pleasure. I will not do it until you have read the entire book. Now get into the bathroom and take a shower. You have three minutes before I come in there and pull you out.”

“Three minutes! I barely get wet in three minutes.”

“I have a stiff bristle brush; do you want me to go in there, and show you how it is done properly?”

“NO! I will be out in three minutes.”

“I thought so. Get going, you are on the clock.”

Sharon slammed the door and turned on the water in the shower. A little while later she screamed, “There is no hot water!”

Fred smiled and yelled back, “It takes a minute or two for the hot water to get up this high from the boiler. The cold water will not hurt you.”

“Mister Hastings, you are going to die tonight.”

“When you get the title of Mrs. Hastings, I will die a happy man.”

A short time later Fred yelled, “Your three minutes are up, get out of there.”

“Screw you Fred, the hot water just got here, and I am trying to defrost.”

Fred used the key to open the bathroom door, just as Sharon turned off the water in the shower. She opened the sliding glass door and saw him standing there, with a towel to dry her with.

He said to her, “I guess I should have told you about this button by the door to the shower.”

Sharon asked him what it did.

Fred walked out of the bathroom to give him more escaped room. He said, “That is called, The Instant Hot.” You push it as you walk into the shower and you get hot water immediately.”

Sharon screamed at the top of her lungs as Fred ran off towards the living room. Sharon was about 6 feet behind him, using every word she was not allowed to use in his presence. Every time she used a foul word he added a number. “That is 15 smacks Sharon, 16, 17… and so on.

Sharon did not care. She wanted to kill him for making her take a cold shower, when she could have taken a nice hot shower, instead.

The running around the apartment lasted about 90 seconds, until Fred ran back into the bedroom, turned around and waited for Sharon to run into his arms. Seconds later she did just that. He enfolded her in his arms and she screamed until he laid her down on the bed and began kissing her. She wanted no part of this. She was too angry with him. She fought his kisses. She fought his tongues attempt to get into her mouth. She could not fight when his tongue attacked her ears, throat, neck, or breasts. In between expletives, she moaned. When he nipped at the tip of her nipple, her body arched offering him more of that breast. He could feel the heat emanating from her pussy onto his body. His kisses worked their way lower, from her breasts, down her ribs to her soft luscious belly. His tongue delved into her belly button, which caused Sharon to arch her body up to meet him.

Sharon fought to free her hands and he finally let them go, still worrying what she would do with them. He was surprised when she put them on his head, played with his hair, and moved him lower towards her pussy.

He did not pause to play with her curls; he used his nose to open her petals and licked the little white pearl in the top center of her slit. As soon as he did it, Sharon moaned and had a small orgasm, which was evident by the amount of fluid that flowed from her vagina. He adjusted his position so he could use his hands to enter her body, while he continued to lick and bite her clit.

Sharon felt the three fingers enter her. They were playing with the G spot on top of her vaginal walls, when suddenly fear crept into her mind and she stiffened.

Fred knew what she was thinking. He kissed her and said “Relax baby; I am not going to put my hand inside you. This is all you are getting, and it will be more than enough to bring you to your next orgasm. I will never do anything to you that you do not want me to do.”

Sharon nodded her head, and Fred felt her body slacken. He continued to rub on the rough spot on the roof of her vagina, which caused Sharon to start climbing towards the heights of her next orgasm again, and she was getting close.

Fred was reading all signs correctly. He moved his fingers to her clit and his tongue to her sheath so he could work on her nerve endings more efficiently.

Sharon’s reaction was expected. As soon as he pressed his fingers on her clit she had another small orgasm, which Fred greedily drank, as the fluids exited her body.

Fred knew they were running out of time so he went for broke. He went after her pussy like a man finding an oasis. His fingers played havoc on her clit and the tips of her breasts. He had no idea what else he could do for her to get her another huge orgasm like the one she had when he fucked her in her ass. That is when it hit him. He removed his hand from her breast and put it into her pussy to lubricate it.

When his fingers were ready, he increased the speed he was working on her clit and moved his tongue down to her ass too wet it.

Sharon said, “Oh Fred, no more.”

He stayed there wetting that opening a little bit more and then went back to her vagina, where he again worked ravenously trying to bring her as close to her orgasm as he could get, and she was close.

Sharon was crying out, “Yes Fred, keep going I’m almost there, almost there. Please do not stop. Just a little bit longer, you are so wonderful to me…”

She kept crying out like that for over a minute and he could feel her body tensing like a rubber band stretched to its limit. She just could not get over the edge, and she would go crazy if she did not. Fred moved his fingers into position, but Sharon did not feel anything because he was biting the fleshy lips of her labia.

Sharon was tossing her head to the right and left and pleading for her release, when, in an instant of time, Fred pinched her clit hard, bit down on the Labia Majora, without drawing blood, and pushed two fingers into her asshole.

Her body arched up off the bed, a scream caught in her throat, and she seemed to go catatonic for a moment. Then the dam broke. The scream appeared and shook the room. The orgasm she wanted desperately, squirted out of her body, onto Fred’s face, chest, hands, and bed. When she finally finished cumming, she fell asleep. Fred could have used the big guns, on the Battleship Missouri, to attempt to wake her up, but he knew he would have failed. He covered her and let her rest while showered, shaved, and dressed. Then, he went in to wake his future bride.

He kissed her eyes, nose, and lips before there was any reaction. Her eyes blinked open and they look of horror appeared on her face. “You are ready to leave?”

“Yes, I am ready to leave, however someone very important to me is not ready yet. So I am going to go upstairs, get the girls, and bring them down here. We will wait until you are ready, and we will all leave from this room.”

“Why did you let me sleep so long?”

“A little bird told me that she needed to rest. Little birds are never wrong.”

“I love you Fred. Go get our girls, and I will hurry to get ready.”

“Do not hurry, just get ready and we will leave when you are ready.”

“Fred leave, you are talking too much, again.”

He walked up the flight of stairs. He unlocked the door, and walked in. His four girls were sitting in the living room, in high heels, stockings, panties, and bras.

They screamed when they realized he was in the room with them.

He said, “Why aren’t you dressed?”

Cindy replied, “We are dressed. We did not want to wrinkles our dresses, so they are hanging on the doors. All we have to do is throw them on, zip them up, and we are ready to go.”

Fred admitted that it was very good thinking. He told them to put their dresses on and follow him downstairs and they would leave from his room with their mother. A few minutes later, in their new dresses, with their new rings on, they walked out of the 12th floor apartment, down to the 11th floor apartment. They walked in and sat around the kitchen table.

Never the bashful one, Cindy said, “This room smells like you guys just finished having sex?”

“You are correct Cindy. I took your mother from behind right where you are seated. You better be careful of your dress, there may be some of my semen left on that chair.”

Cindy screamed in horror as Sharon entered the room.

“Fred, you are going to cause that child that child to have a heart attack. It was not that chair it is the chair Debbie is sitting in.”

Debbie jumped out of her chair and screamed, “Yuck.”

Fred looked at his girls with pride, and said, “Beautiful ladies, just beautiful. We have to leave; single file, please. As the door to the elevator opened he said, “Your mother is driving so put your seatbelts on. I will be navigating. Everyone will be on her best behavior tonight, correct?”

The girls having discussed this before Fred had come to get them, replied, “Yes dad.”

Fred’s head nearly came off his neck as he spun around to look at his daughter’s. They had the biggest smiles on their faces he had ever seen. He must have had one also, because they giggled, when they saw the look on his face.

“Thank you children; you will never know how much that meant me.”

They drove 40 miles to his boss’s estate. They were stopped by the security team, at the entrance. Fred showed them his identification and they were allowed to enter. They parked the van and walked up to the main entrance of the building. Fred was about to knock on the door, when it was opened by his boss.

Fred said, “Good evenings Sir.

Clark Atwater said, “Come in Fred, you and your guests are welcome in my home.”

Fred walked in first and stepped aside, as his four teenagers walked in and then Sharon. He took her arm and said, “Sharon Williams, I would like to introduce you to Clark Atwater, the Attorney General of the United States.”

Sharon’s answer shocked him. She said, “Oh shit, you can’t be my uncle Clark. I recognize you from some old family pictures I have at home. I was only 15 years old at the time my father disowned me, and the pictures are older than that, but I am sure it was you.”

Clark was stunned. “Sharon, what was your maiden name?”

“Harmon, sir, Sharon Elizabeth Harmon.”

The bell to the front door rang, and the Attorney General went to open it. Michael Free, his wife Dolores, and their daughters walked in.

The Director of the FBI said, “Clark I need to talk to you for a moment.”

“Why Michael, are you going to introduce me to my niece also?”

“You just made this evening a lot easier for me Clark. How did you find out?”

“Sharon has a picture of me from many years ago, and she recognized me from it. She told me I couldn’t be her uncle Clark, but I guess she is wrong, isn’t that right Michael.”

“Yes sir, she is your niece. It is not a good story, but it is the truth, and your first wife’s brother-in-law should be castrated.”

Clark said, “Why are we standing here in the entryway. If you youngsters would like to disappear for a while, I have a huge game arcade that one of my staff will show you. You can relax and introduce yourselves to each other. You can have some fun, until dinner is served. However, if you wish to stay and listen to this conversation you may. The choice is yours; what will it be?”

My mother had finally decided to come west and live close to my married sister and me. Everyone she knew and liked had moved away from her neighborhood. Shootings and invasions went from zero to twice a year and now to almost every week.

When the neighbors across her street were beaten and robbed she decided it was time to go.

I flew in and rented a truck and loaded her stuff. We noticed it would be dark before we finished but the sirens made me nervous so we coupled her car with the truck and got on the road.

Mom suggested that a motel room with two beds would be fine and we would save money. I told her I was so tired I would be fine in a manger. She called me an egomaniac.

We were definitely out of town when we saw a Good Enough Motel and pulled in. Our luggage was in the trunk of her car so I got it out as Mom checked us in. I locked the truck and checked the padlocks on the back and followed Mom into the room.

She told me to take a hot shower; she was going to the cafe next door and get us food. I was still in the shower when she got back. She came into the bathroom, peed, and then told me that she had gotten us meatloaf sandwiches and fries. I heard her wash her hands and I managed to erase the sound of my mother taking a piss before I stepped out.

Mom was only wearing one of my t-shirts and was already eating when I came out. I sat and ate everything she had not as she went for her shower. I had cleared the table when she came out.

She looked good in my t-shirt. It went down to her knees and the armholes nearly did too. From the side I could see both tits. She knew that.

As we sat at the table I showed her the map I had prepared in which we would drive for about six hours each day, stopping after every two or three hours or so then search for a motel in which to spend the night. Our preference was to stop at a motel with restaurant on site or next-door.

“Son, I have never been out of the east coast in my life. We do not need to hurry. I want to see the Liberty Bell, I want to see the Washington Monument, and I want music, barbecue and Elvis in Memphis. I want to bathe in the Arkansas Hot Springs. I want to walk on Bourbon Street.”

“Mom, that alone will cost us four extra days.”

“And you have two weeks which is eighteen days. We have used just one. We will need another when we get there. We have sixteen days to go across the country.”

I knew her math was wrong but I had never been in any of those places either and we did have quite a few days. It was Wednesday July the third; I had the next two days off, then two weeks vacation, sixteen days total.

Her math wasn’t completely off and I had four weeks of vacation time left anyway. I just got my laptop out and asked her, “Where are we?”

“Still in Maryland.”

“Yes, I know. We have only been on the road for a little over an hour. What town are we near?”

“Let me look. The hotel brochure says Middleton.”

“OK we can do DC tomorrow. We can find a place to park, spend the day then begin our trip to Tennessee.

Philadelphia is behind us. Sorry.

Think of some other place you would like to see, preferably along I 10 or I 20.”

“Oh, OK. Give me the map.”

I gave her my map and my laptop and told her to Google the state’s places of interest. I went to bed and was asleep in five minutes. Mom had asked me questions for four minutes and fifty nine seconds.

Mom was on my bed kissing my ear when I woke up.

“After D.C. we will do Memphis then New Orleans. New Orleans will cost us two nights so we need to skip Hot Springs. After New Orleans the Space Center in Houston and then San Antonio. The last three are on I 10. Then we need to go to Vegas, we should have at least three days there.”

Get up and get ready. I will go get us coffee and snacks.”

Mom had already packed the luggage so I took it to the car and opened the passenger door of the truck for Mom. It was then I noticed she was wearing only shorts and a shirt and sneakers. “We are going to be walking around all day aren’t we?”

“Yep, starting with the Smithsonian building with the jewelry you will buy me.”

I had to admit it was a fine day for sightseeing. We spent the entire day walking three of the Smithsonian buildings and the mall. We took about eighty pictures.

Mom and I spent most of the time holding hands that day, something we had not done since we met when I was nine. We were barely in Virginia before we had to stop for the night somewhere near Ft. Belvoir.

We got hamburgers and cokes and found places in the luggage for the souvenir t-shirts. She went to the shower first but I soon found myself with a dire need to pee. I knocked on the bathroom door and told her to hurry up before I went outside to piss. She told me to come in and pee. So I did.

“Son you waited too long to pee, you just added a gallon to the pot. You must feel better.”

“I do. Hurry up anyway, I need sleep.”

I was still shaking my cock when she turned the water off so I dashed out of the bathroom and waited.

“Sweetheart, I must have left the shirt on the bed, bring it to me please.”

I took her the shirt and she opened the door just wide enough for me to see the back of her naked body in the mirror but I soon had a better view when she put the shirt on by the open doorway giving me a full frontal view.

“Man, Mom looks good,” I thought.

“It’s all yours,” she said.

“I wish,” I thought.

She was wearing one of her own t-shirts. I was going to have views of her ass and pussy tonight.

After I was clean I decided that what I needed was a good cum so I masturbated.

“Did you have a good shower?” Mom asked.

“Yes, I really needed that.”

“I understand perfectly.”

I was about to close my ayes when it crossed my mind that Mom may have heard me in the shower and that she had masturbated in it too. I suddenly had an erection, For five minutes I tried to will it down but eventually got up, went to the bathroom and jacked-off. It took less than two minutes.

I was mostly asleep when I heard a soft moan from Mom. I saw her legs were restless. Mom had just had an orgasm.

I thought, “Mom is almost forty, cougar age. Dad died in the Middle East ten years ago when I was in high school. Then it was just she, my sister, and I until Sis and I moved west for jobs. Mom never dated. She did eat pussy. That did not bother me any as I sucked dick.

We had breakfast while driving the next morning and took I-81 to I-40 and headed west. As we got to the mountains we were greeted by rain and just made it only as far as about two hundred miles from Nashville.

Mom and I apparently had underestimated distances. We did run into a motel with its own restaurant so after we showered we went there to eat.

Driving a truck in the rain while pulling a car was draining plus I had spent two very physically active days so I was not surprised that I almost fell asleep as I ate. Mom made friends with two ladies sitting at the next table. The three seemed to have a lot of energy, not surprisingly for Mom since she slept for almost three hours while I drove.

“Mom, sit with them and visit, I have to crash.”

“Are you sure?”

“Sure. Good night”

I have no idea what time it was when Mom came in but she was a bit tipsy and humming to herself.

“Have a good time?”

“Oh, sorry baby. I didn’t mean to wake you up. And yes the three of us got along great. They are going in the opposite direction. They will be in DC tomorrow and just left Memphis.”

I saw her throw something in the direction of her suitcase then go into the bathroom. I heard the faucet then she walked to her bed. She was naked.

Less than a minute later she was sound asleep. I was still very tired so my curiosity did not have a chance to satisfy itself, I went back to sleep.

When I got up in the morning she was sleeping on top of the covers. She was on her side but I could see nearly everything. I took a good look at her and decided Mom was a hot woman. I got a semi-erection as I got dressed then covered her up and kissed her.

I noticed her bra and panties were wadded up near her suitcase. She had them in her hand when she came in that early morning My erection bloomed.

I knelt by her bedside and said, “I’m going to get breakfast. The longer you stay in bed the less time we will have in Memphis,” then left the room. When I returned she was still in bed sound asleep.

I put breakfast on the table then put her coffee close to her nose. Her still perky tits were exposed so when she was slow to react I pinched a nipple. She moaned and awoke.

“Breakfast is ready and you need a shower, you have lipstick on your tits.”

She groaned and staggered to the bathroom. When she came out she still had lipstick on her tits and I saw she also had some on her inner thighs. She sat at the table still naked and woke up enough to enjoy breakfast.

We were just drinking coffee when she said, “The ladies told me the best place to eat and the best place for music in Memphis. They told me Graceland was very crowded and a bit too touristy. They suggested a place to dance and flirt instead.”

“It’s your trip so we will do what you prefer.”

“Thank you honey,” she said and kissed me on the lips then went to the bathroom. Apparently I was going to be treated to her nudity for the rest of the trip.

“If she is trying to seduce me she will succeed,” I thought.

I put shorts and a t-shirt out for her then packed the car. The weather was marginally better than it was the previous day; it had not started to rain, yet.

When I walked back into the room Mom was putting on her shorts. “Oh Mom, sorry I will go get your suitcase so you can have underwear.”

“No, don’t bother, I am fine. I just remembered what you said about our time in Memphis. Let’s go.”

It was eigth AM and I figured to get to Memphis a bit past noon but weather and closed lanes slowed us down considerably. Mom dozed off then got restless. She unzipped her shorts and began to masturbate.


“I’m sorry honey but I need to and I will be discreet. Just don’t pass any eighteen wheelers.”

I stayed in the right lane and Mom masturbated to a fine orgasm. She did not zip up.

“You’re going to do it again aren’t you?”

“Yeah. Probably. I am still horny. The ladies last night treated me well”

We were diverted to the access road at one point for the erection of an overpass and we crawled along until we got past the construction. Mom leaned over me to look and her hand landed on my crotch. I still had most of an erection her masturbation had caused.


“Oh, sorry baby.”

She did not remove her hand even as we drove back onto the freeway and caressed my cock until she decided to masturbate again. She really enjoyed her cum then put her hand back on my crotch and caressed my erection.

“Your father and I took long trips often. I masturbated as he drove. I masturbated him as he drove.

I really, really miss your father. You look just like him even down to his fascination with cock.

Once we were at a rest stop and I was giving him a blowjob. After he had his cum and I sat up I saw a blob of cum on the outside of my window. Some guy had masturbated next to it while I was sucking your Dad’s cock and your Dad had watched him. The look on his face told me he had loved it.

I kissed my window on the other side of the cum then kissed his cock.”

Mom pulled my cock out and began to masturbate me. It was obvious she was not going to make me cum but she kept it up until we were in the suburbs of Memphis, she then kissed my cock and slipped it back in my shorts. Mom was definitely trying to seduce me.

We finally got to Memphis in late afternoon and found our hotel. It was near the river within walking distance of most attractions but most importantly it had a parking garage. I busied myself parking the truck until she called me and told me our room number.

As soon as I walked in I saw something different, just one bed. I did not say anything and neither did she. I went into the shower and a few minutes later she joined me.

“The people at the desk said it would be best to take a cab to the restaurant. The other two places are within walking distance of it. Find your slacks and shoes, wear a nice shirt. I only go dancing with well dressed men.”

I nodded and kissed her. She wanted the kiss on her lips so I obliged. It was a long, deep kiss and I got an erection. She hugged me tightly and pressed my cock to her body then began to soap herself.

Apparently Mom was also a world-class tease.

I got out, dried and found my slacks were a bit wrinkly so I hung them up then got otherwise dressed. Mom came out after putting on make up and drying her short hair. She was naked. She put on a black dress and low heeled shoes, and nothing else.

We were holding hands as we left. The cab took us to what her recent lovers said was the best barbeque restaurant, not the most famous. The food was delicious and the portions large.

We then walked to Beale Street and she just walked in any place from which we heard music. Mom saw the place where dancing was good and we walked in. The small band was playing a blues song and Mom took me to the small and crowded dance floor and we danced.

I was a good dancer but I was not prepared to stay on the dance floor for half an hour. Mom eventually led me to a table that had a mother and daughter sitting at it and asked if we could join them saying, “You have the only empty seats in the place.”

All four of us could easily see that was an inaccurate statement.

The woman gladly invited us to sit with them and I ordered drinks for us, three crown and cokes and a beer. Mom introduced us and they introduced themselves. The Mom was Alice, the daughter Missy. She appeared to be my age. The first thing Missy said to me after I sat was that she was gay. I said, “Good, I am too.”

I could see she thought it was just a line so I asked her to ask my Mom. She did and Mom confirmed it. Missy relaxed then said, “OK. I am not gay.”

“I still am,” I said.

We took two sips of our drinks then I pulled Missy to the dance floor. She was delighted and we danced for about thirty minutes until a slow song began to play. We headed to our table but saw our Moms kissing so I kept her on the dance floor.

Missy said, “I knew that would happen. When we checked into the hotel I saw how they looked at each other. We are here because she overheard your Mom ask about this place. I’m sure your Mom waited to ask until my Mom was close enough to hear.

“Our Moms are sneaky women.”

Missy laughed then molded her body to me, pressing her hips to mine. I got an erection.

“So you were not very truthful and your Mom lied for you.”

“No, we told the truth, but I have been with women before. I mostly prefer cocks.”

“Well, I am glad to feel your cock anyway. It would appear we will end up keeping each other company most of the night and I could use a fuck.”

She kissed my lips and I kissed her in return. We returned to the table after the song and our Mom’s stood and led us out and into a taxi. I sat in front with the driver. I heard that I was going to their room.

Missy and I were naked and in bed in less than three minutes.

“Do you eat pussy,” she asked.

I answered by slipping between her thighs and eating her to two good orgasms followed by super sized one. I kissed my way up her body and slid my cock into her and began a slow fuck.

About ten minutes later she had another extra large cum and I decided to eat her pussy again and after that cum I slid back up and in. As soon as she was about to cum again I upped the pace and as she had her orgasm I ejaculated into her pussy. She wrapped me up in her arms and legs and began to kiss me with passion.

“That was the best fucking fuck of my life. And you told me you were gay.”

“I am, I suck cocks.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Mom didn’t either. I had to suck one in front of her before she believed me. Ask her in the morning.”

“What was she doing when you sucked cock?”

“Masturbating. What was your mother doing when you ate pussy?”

She hit me on the arm then smiled and said, “Masturbating.”

We stared at each other a while then kissed. “You are a very good lover,” she said.

“And you are delicious.”

We kissed and caressed for a while. It became apparent she wanted more.

I did fuck women semi-regularly but they would be going out the door or I would be on my way home by now. The only woman I had fucked more than once was the wife of a former lover and that ended in disaster when she confessed to her husband that she would rather fuck me than him.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Not for over a year, do you?”

“Not for over a year. Do you suck cock? Try as I may I can’t reach mine.”

Another shot to the shoulder later she was doing a very fine job of resurrecting my dick. I leaned back and moved her pussy over my face and began to make love to it. She stopped several times when I did something exactly right. When my cock was erect I pieced several of those exactly right bits together and she just exploded into orgasm.

She was trying to bury her pussy on my face then suddenly wheeled her body around and buried my cock in her pussy instead. She just held on to me as her orgasm continued for another minute or so then immediately after it released her she started fucking me hard. Her fury would not last long so I allowed my cock to join her.

Her orgasm was magnificent and as she collapsed on me my cock spilled all it had left into her.

“Ooh,” she said as she gasped for air. Two minutes later we were both asleep.

Mom and Alice woke us up the next morning by telling us there was no hurry to get up, we were staying another night.

Missy and I were naked above the covers; Mom was caressing my dick as Alice caressed Missy’s pussy. By the time they told us their plans I had an erection and Missy’s pussy was wet. They said, “Goodbye, have fun,” then Mom kissed my cock and Alice kissed Missy’s pussy then left after lifting the back of their shirts and showing us their bare asses on the way out.

“I wonder if they are too young to put in a home?” Missy asked as she climbed over my cock.

“Man, I hope not,” I said as I reached for her tits.

She gave herself a fine cum and we went to the bathroom, watched each other pee, and then shared her toothbrush. We got in the shower and soaped each other down, rinsed, dried, then returned to bed and fucked.

Between her orgasms we talked and learned that neither of the ladies was our birth mother. She met her mother when she was six. Our real parents were dead so we bonded with our Step-Mom’s.

We both confessed to wanting them sexually but it wasn’t until this trip that we became sure it would happen. We were both looking forward to it.

Our kisses and our fuck became gentler, more loving as Missy and I fucked through that morning. When I ejaculated into her she lay down on me and kissed me for a while as I caressed her back and ass. We got up when my spent cock slipped out of her.

It was almost eleven and I suggested we have lunch on a paddle wheel boat. She enthusiastically agreed and we did.

We marveled at the river and the traffic on it. We held hands; kissed, fed each other, kissed. It felt like she was my girlfriend, which was strange since I had not had one since I graduated from high school. We sipped Tennessee whiskey as she rested her hand on my crotch until she noticed I had an erection.

She suggested, “When we get back let’s go to the room and fuck some more,”

I pretended that it was an imposition so she slapped my shoulder then gripped my cock as she gave me a passionate kiss. I agreed that a fuck was possible.

She told me she had three live in boyfriends, one had lasted nine months. None were very good lovers, ninety percent of the time they were the only ones to have an orgasm when they fucked.

“In desperation I allowed a lesbian friend to seduce me and when she took me to repeated orgasms I was hooked. For various and sundry reasons none of my lesbian lovers lasted three months. None of them, male or female, have ever come close to the passion you bring in me. I want to take advantage of you while we are together. For now, you have a girlfriend.”

“I have not had a girlfriend since high school, you will need to remind me how that works.”

“Not really, you have already been my best boyfriend ever.”

We were in our room fucking madly when our door opened and our Mom’s walked in. Missy and I were too close to stop and we didn’t have our orgasms until both were in bed with us.

“That was beautiful,” both Mom’s said.

“We came to ask if you want to eat dinner with us. We heard of a place that had the best southern comfort food. Debra and I are going to a mostly lesbian club afterward and there is a dance club across the street from it,” Alice said.

I rolled off Missy as she said, “Fine. What time?”

“Oh in about two hours. We need to fuck first. Graceland was much better than expected, we got souveneirs.”

Mom was running her finger over my cum covered dick. Alice was running her finger between Missy’s cum covered pussy lips. Neither Missy nor I made any reaction to it; we were wondering how far they would go.

After they finished relating their day Alice leaned over and licked the cum off Missy’s pussy. Mom sucked off the cum covering my cock.

Both then stood and walked out.

“That is going to be some kiss they are about to share,” Missy said.

I agreed as she rolled over my body and slid my slowly expiring cock into her. We took a nap as we were.

Missy and I were dressed when our Mom’s came back. Neither was wearing a bra and before we separated we learned neither was wearing panties.

The restaurant was crowded but we did not have to wait. I had the fried catfish and Missy had the fried chicken. Both were delicious. Both our Moms had a meatloaf they adored.

The dance places were a cab ride away and when we got there Missy and I went into the lesbian club with our Moms first.

There were guys there and at least a few were married couples. They were apparently searching for a third person for their bed. One young lady volunteered to go home with Missy and me. Missy told her we were not looking for a threesome then gave the girl a nice kiss on the lips.

The girl said, “Please let me know if you change your mind.”

We nodded and noticed both are Moms had gone into the crowd. We walked around and Missy and I got more offers from young ladies. Missy kissed each after turning them down. Two that hoped I would change her mind kissed me.

“Do you want to stay?” I asked Missy.

“No, let’s go across the street.”

We found a dance club pretty much like every other dance club. We each had a drink, danced for about thirty minutes until missy said, “Lets go home and fuck.”

Missy was quickly leaving the one night stand category. I loved that she liked to fuck but I also found her funny, smart, and very pretty. I liked her.

She noted that we had been holding hands since we got off the dance floor the previous night. She thanked me for that. I had not realized we had.

We manage two fucks before we fell asleep. The first included some clowning around. That was followed by a long conversation during which we confessed to liking each other. The second fuck was more of a soft lovemaking.

About three in the morning I woke up with Mom sucking my cock. Missy was already awake as Alice ate her pussy.

“This is our last night together, don’t waste it,” Alice said then both got out of bed and left. They did not bother to lower their skirts and once again we had a magnificent view of their naked asses.

“They have a point,” Missy said and climbed over me and slid my cock into her but we did not have the energy for another fuck so she put her pillow on my shoulder, kissed me then went back to sleep. I wondered if I could sleep with my hard cock inside a very fine pussy but before I came to a conclusion I fell asleep.

Mom checked us out the next morning. Missy and I had showered together and kissed. Separating was a lot harder than I anticipated. It appeared it was difficult for Missy too.

Mom said, “No long faces, we will probably end up at the same place at the same time again.”

Mom and I kissed our lovers goodbye and left, We stopped at the first fast food place we saw as soon as we were on I-55 and ate as we drove.

I made a comment about traffic being unusually light but Mom was already asleep. I suspected that if she had slept at all last night it was not for very long.

We stopped at the Welcome to Mississippi rest area and got snacks and maps. Mom went back to sleep.

Two hours later Mom was again masturbating. She said, “Your father and I found ourselves in that one rest stop often, it was on the way to and from his post. It was always dark when we got to it. I sucked him off and we watched other men masturbate for us often. Once there were two guys, one at my window and one at his.”

“As I normally did I put my open mouth at the window and the guy came on it. Then your Dad did too for the guy at his window. On our next escapade after the guy began to masturbate on my side he rolled down my window. I sucked the guy off and kissed your Dad with come in my mouth.”

Mom had an orgasm then asked me to pull into the next rest area. She pulled my cock out and began to caress it. I pulled into the rest area and at her instructions parked just past the trucks on their side.

Mom resumed, “I sucked off a guy every time we were there and I shared the cum with your Dad. We again had two at one time, one was at his window. I nodded to him and he rolled both windows down. I hurried the guy at my window then watched your father suck cock. We exchanged cums in our kiss.”

Mom then deep-throated me and I almost immediately erupted in her mouth a lot more cum than I expected. Mom shared my cum in her kiss to me.

“I see you love that too.”

“Thank you. I love you,” I said as I kissed her lips.

We noticed a guy was masturbating by her window. I thought the guy was reckless to do that at mid-day but Mom put her mouth on her side of the window and as soon as the guy shot his wad I started the truck and got us to the freeway. A phone rang.

“Hi Missy. Has your mother gotten you off?”

“Well good, I just got him off and he is feeling better. Here, talk to him.”

I picked up the phone and asked, “Your Mom got you off?”

“Yes, in fact we pulled into a rest area and she ate my pussy on the back seat. Two women holding hands watched us. We are just now back on the freeway. Did your Mom suck you off?”

“Yes, I pulled off the freeway and we are just now back on. We need to pay better attention to their phone calls from now on.”

“Yeah. I called to tell you that we just about to the freeway exit to Hot Springs. I will call you back when we are in the hotel. Where are you?”

“Just over two hours into Mississippi. We have at least three hours to go.”

“Be careful. See you next week. Bye.”

Apparently she wanted us to hook up again when we got home.

I said bye then I waited until Mom had finished her third masturbation to ask about their nefarious plans but I never did. She had fallen asleep.

I stopped at a welcome to Louisiana rest stop and called a hotel in the French Quarter, made reservations, got a map of the city then got back on the road.

Mom went back to sleep and I woke her up as we were crossing Lake Ponchartrain, she immediately perked up.

I put the New Orleans street map on the steering wheel and found my way to the hotel. It was on Royal St. in the French Quarter and had its own garage. I drove into it as Mom went inside to check us in and we met at the room. It had one queen size bed in it.

“Perfect,” Mom said.

As soon as we were in the room she decided we needed to fuck right away.

“I am so horny for your cock I could scream. After you fill me up we need to find NOLA and eat.

We undressed, took a quick shower and once in bed she slid my cock into her. Whatever rush she was in ended there. She just sat on me with my cock deep in her with her eyes closed for a while.

She then leaned over and said, “I love you. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my life except your father. I have wanted this since you came back from the prom as a man.

I have been fighting my desires until Alice told me of hers for Missy. We agreed it would happen today.”

She gave me a kiss, I told her I loved her and gave her a long kiss. She began to fuck me. It was a slow, soft fuck but her first orgasm was hard.

As she caught her breath I turned us over and I kissed my way to her pussy and stayed until she had another cum then kissed my way to her lips and kissed her as my cock plunged back into her.

I began slowly and increased my speed slowly. Her cums began to pile up on each other so I began to just fuck her hard. I saw a wild, painful, exalted look in her face then she stopped breathing until a gigantic cum overwhelmed her as she released a loud deep groan.

I decided it was a good time for me to cum in her pussy, which caused her orgasm to briefly re-intensify. Then we were done.

I slid off her body and held her to me as I kissed her. She gave me a smile I could not decipher then went to sleep.

“I have just fucked Mom,” I thought to myself. “It was not incest but I had thought it would feel like incest. It had not. I had made love to a beautiful woman I adored. I had done what she wanted. It will happen again.”

I was still holding her to me when she awoke about thirty minutes later. I kissed her and reminded her we had not had a real meal all day and we were in New Orleans.

She sighed and caressed my cock for a few moments then we got up and got dressed. She donned shorts and a t-shirt, no underwear. I put on khaki shorts and a t-shirt, no underwear.

“Lets go the oyster place instead of Emeril’s, he has two or three places in Vegas too,” I said.

“OK today but tomorrow we are going to the one on the street whose name I can’t pronounce.”

“Deal,” I said.

We held hands as we walked the three blocks and I ate a fried oyster po-boy and Mom ate raw oysters, sixteen of them, I ate the remaining two. We then strolled Bourbon Street from one end to the other. I got her a crown and coke and got me a beer at the Famous Door and walked down the street holding hands and sipping our drinks.

Mom wanted to go into the full nudity place but I reminded her she had seen a lot of nudity the last two days.

We did go into everyplace that had a band playing.

We went into a voodoo shop. “Mom, even if you knew this stuff works you don’t have any idea how to make it work. You could be the one that turns into a frog.”

She was still considering it until she heard music across the street so we went there just as the band began their break so we went on.

We ended up stopping by a girl showing her tits for people with beads on a balcony. She got them so Mom showed her tits.

“Umm, Mom?”

She got three bead necklaces thrown down. She blew kisses at the people and we went on. Half a block later more tit flashing and more beads. I took that picture and sent it to Alice.

Alice texted back, “Yummy.”

Apparently people on balconies were looking for women with beads because they knew the ladies would show their tits. Mom had a lot of beads before we suddenly found ourselves at the gay corner of Bourbon Street. There were two gay bars across the street from each other and the street between them was filled with gay guys flirting.

Mom immediately went into the one with a balcony and went up the stairs. We saw a guy dancing on the bar wearing only a loincloth. Guys at the bar were putting their hands under it and squeezing his cock. Mom gave him a squeeze and I did too.

Mom led us to the balcony and asked a guy on the street to show his cock as she waved a necklace. We saw a wide assortment of cocks including a couple Mom and I agreed we would love to suck. Soon Mom was down to one necklace so we went back inside.

As we walked past the guy dancing on the bar Mom said, “Suck him a little.”


The dancer got into a crouch, which allowed us a clear; close up view of his very fine and very hard cock.

“Well if you don’t suck it I certainly will,” Mom said and leaned in and deep throated him.

“Hurry up he’s cumming.”

I slid his cock in my mouth and he began to fill it with cum. As soon as he was empty he leaned over and kissed me sharing his cum with me.

Mom took my hand and asked me if I wanted to stay, she was going four blocks down the street. I decided I better follow her and we left. We walked past Royal Street another two blocks and Mom said, “There it is,” and walked to a lesbian bar called something Ruby something or other. I was not the only guy there although likely the only one with his mother. Mom went right to the dance floor and began flirting with a woman that seemed to be flirting back.

I went to the bar and ordered a beer and a crown and coke then I asked the bartender if she knew what the lady dancing with the little redhead drank. The answer was crown and coke so I got another one then waved the two drinks at them. As soon as they saw me they came over.

The lady was a bit older than Mom, cute, nice size tits. They talked over the music they best they could until the woman asked us to follow her and led us to a small patio.

There were several women making out, two were having their tits fondled under their shirt. One appeared to be enjoying a finger fuck. Mom kissed the woman and took off her necklace and stared at the woman’s tits. The lady laughed and pulled her shirt up.

“Oh wow,” Mom said and kissed each tit then put the beads over her head. The woman lifted Mom’s shirt and kissed her tits then licked them. Two chairs at a table opened up and I led them there. Mom sat on the ladies lap and they shared a long kiss.

Mom had a hand on the woman’s still exposed tit as the woman slid her hand up Mom’s leg and into her shorts. Mom moaned through a kiss and very much enjoyed her fingerfuck.

After her orgasm Mom got under the table and flipped the woman’s skirt up and attacked her pussy with ferocity. The woman began to cum almost immediately. I moved my chair to give Mom a bit of cover and caressed the ladies tits. The woman was careening to a real big cum so I kissed her as I pinched a nipple. My kiss did not come close to drowning her orgasmic shriek; the others stopped what they were doing and looked at us in admiration.

I decided that the woman’s scream would have attracted too much attention and took Mom’s hand and led her out of there. Two of the ladies went to the woman and one went under the table and the other went to her tits. We heard a groan as we left.

Mom stopped by the bar and asked the bartender if she knew the woman she had been dancing with.

“Yeah, that was my Mom.”

“Oh great. I loved talking to her and don’t want to loose touch. Would you give her my number please?”


“What is her name?”


“And your name?”


“Hi Violet. I am Debra and this is my son Larry. We are so glad to find this place. We will be back to visit again. Bye.” Mom leaned over the bar and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

I waved bye and saw Violet tasting Mom’s kiss and smiling.

We were debating whether to go to the hotel by way of Rue Royal or go up one street and go by way of Bourbon Street. Mom decided she needed more beads so we went back to Bourbon and she collected a bunch of beads.

We were about to turn the corner back to Rue Royal when Mom got a call. It was Mariana.

“We are on our way to our hotel on Royal. Fantastic, come over, in fact we will wait for you by the entrance of the… Walgreen’s.”

“No, he won’t mind. He will probably enjoy watching us. Yes we will wait.” Mom hung up then gave me a long, tongue filled kiss.

Mom soon saw Mariana turn the corner to Rue Royal and waved at her.

Their kiss would have set the building on fire if it had not been brick.

I volunteered to get snacks for us and they nodded but kept walking. I saw a sign to my left that claimed to have the best muffulettas in town. I knew they were a sort of sandwich so I went there and ordered three. Then I bought a six-pack of cokes at Walgreen’s and some Crown at the liquor store across the street and went to our room. I got there just in time to see Mom soar into orgasm.

I put the muffulettas on the table with the cokes and crown then took the bucket out to get ice. When I returned the ladies were at the table eating and drinking, I put the bucket down and they reached in and put ice in their drink”

There were just two plastic cups in the room so I took one of the half empty cans of coke and poured crown into it then forced two ice cubes in it.

There were two chairs in the room, both occupied so I sat on a very messy bed with my food and drink and tried not to pay attention to their conversation.

I was doing well until Mom shouted, “Larry, come down from the clouds. I just asked you to take your clothes off. Mariana wants to confirm the size of your cock.”


“Hurry up. It’s impolite to be the only one dressed in the presence of nude ladies.”

I put my food and drink on the table and began to undress. They somehow noticed my cock was very erect. Mariana stood and pushed me to my back on the bed, straddled me and sunk my cock into her. I though, “Why not,” and tried to swallow one of her marvelous tits.

She groaned and began to fuck me. Mom was still at the table eating as she poured herself another drink but she was watching us fuck. Mariana had an orgasm and slowed to a stop.

Mom said, “He has great control. Fuck him again.”

Mariana did and had an orgasm the equal of the one on the patio. I gave her a minute then turned us over putting me on top and I began to fuck her hard.

Three minutes later she began to groan at about a hundred decibels then went completely quiet. I moved to her side.

Mom took a sip of her drink then stood and said, “My turn.”

Mom came to the bed lay down between Mariana and me. I moved over her and sunk my cock deep in her pussy without pause. She was groaning before I hit bottom. I began fucking her with long hard strokes at a slow pace. Her orgasms began and I increased speed and hardness after each.

Mariana rolled to her side to watch us fuck. I kissed her then kissed Mom as she had another orgasm.

I began to pound on Mom and she just lost it, wailed and passed out. I moved to Mariana and resumed my fuck with her at the same pounding speed I had fucked Mom. Mariana lost it and passed out.

My first two volleys of cum went to Mariana’s pussy and the rest into Mom.

I got up, covered them with the sheet, then went to the table and drank crown and cola on ice as I finished my muffuletta.

The two slept for about and hour as I tried to figure out how to get us from San Antonio to Las Vegas.

They awoke, kissed and cuddled until Mariana decided she needed to get dressed and go back to the club, her daughter was her ride home. It was just past midnight.

Mom stayed in bed mostly asleep while Mariana and I dressed. We held hands as I walked her to the club then after a long goodbye kiss I went to the gay bars corner. Several guys were ready for something to happen so I began sucking an exposed cock here and there and enjoyed the gropes, I did not suck any of them off and on my way back to the hotel. I briefly wondered why not.

Mom did not wake up when I joined her in bed.

She was sucking my cock when I woke up the next morning and continued to do so until I filled her mouth. That time she swallowed and went to the shower. Apparently Mom enjoyed sucking cock as much as she enjoyed eating pussy,

I joined her in the shower and we kissed. “It’s almost noon, let’s go on to the Commodore’s Palace. They will be open by now,” she said.

We took a cab and she had something with a lot of andouille sausage. I had a seafood platter. It was delicious.

We took a cab back to the Riverwalk and walked from the Hilton to the French Market. I convinced Mom that we had a big aquarium in my town and we could skip the one there. We missed the boat tour. She was happy about that when we got to the French Market.

I got the obligatory t-shirts then went to sit in a small bar across the open market. She rejoined me about an hour later carrying a couple of big bags full of stuff. We each had a cold beer at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville then walked back towards the hotel by way of Chartres Street and Jackson Square.

There we stopped to listen to a guy on a wheelchair play his clarinet. Mom loved it and gave him a five-dollar bill and a kiss on the cheek. Mom next stopped by an artist and got her cartoon drawn. She declined to have her hand lines read.

“I already know,” she had said.

When we got back to our room we put away our loot of the day and took a nap. Our reservation for Emeril’s was at nine so we had time to fuck, shower and dress before we went. We were promptly seated and I had roast duck in a delicious sauce and Mom had salmon. We had strawberry crème Brule for desert.

It was a memorable dinner and a memorable bill.

As we waited for a cab Mariana called and asked us to meet her at Pat O’Brian’s. Her daughter and sister were there. I had a drink with them then left to go explore Bourbon Street. I went to the Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop bar to commune with ghosts and have my cock caressed by a small man in a white suit sitting next to me. I was a friendly person so I caressed his.

He walked to a side door then stopped and looked at me. He went out and I followed. There was an old untended garden there and he sat on what was left of a wall behind an oleander. As soon as I stood in front of him he pulled my cock out and slurped it in his mouth.

I had to slow him down, as he was way too eager. “Take your time, enjoy,” I whispered to him and caressed his face.

He took a deep breath and began to love my cock. It took about ten minutes for him to make me cum and he swallowed all of it. I surprised him when as he stood to leave I kissed him and took his place on the wall. I placed his small and flaccid cock in my mouth and began to suck it. It did not become very erect at first and he made a move to leave. He was embarrassed.

But I knew I could get him to cum so I held him by the ass and continued to suck his cock. Several minutes later his cock was pretty much erect and he was mumbling. He dribbled cum into my mouth and I kept sucking him until he had no more.

I stood, wrapped him in my arms and kissed him. He was so grateful that I was afraid he was about to cry. He kissed me back and whispered, “Thanks,” then vanished before he reached the sidewalk.

I shook my head and said to myself, “Nah, I couldn’t have been him.”

I went back into the club and listened to music and had another beer. About ten minutes later Mom called me on the phone and said they were leaving O’Brian’s patio and asked were I was. I told her and she said to wait for them. Five minutes later a table for four had five.

Mariana immediately placed her hand on my crotch and caressed my cock as she ordered a crown on the rocks and so did everyone else. I still had my beer.

Ten minutes later my zipper had been lowered and Mariana’s hand was on my cock. Her sister had been watching with amusement so Mariana invited her to feel. She did and her tentative grasp quickly became a strangulation attempt. Mariana reclaimed my cock and pulled it out and the sisters tried to take my cock away from each other for a while. My cock woke up from its nap and began to enjoy the attention.

Mom and Violet came back from the bathroom where they had been for a lot longer than necessary.

“Mom. A little help here,” I said,

“Ladies, you are giving lesbianism a bad name. Put it back and leave my poor son alone.”

They both gave Mom the finger but after several poor attempts that felt like I was being masturbated they put my cock back into my slacks. They decided to go to the lesbian bar and we separated at the gay corner.

I went back upstairs and saw a girl dancing on the bar. I assumed she was a cross dresser but like the guy the night before she was allowing hands up her cheerleaders skirt. I caressed her legs and thighs then her crotch. No dick, just a pussy.

“Surprised?” she asked.

“Yes, very. You look like a girl but since this is a gay bar I assumed you had a cock under the skirt.”

“I did until a year ago. Now I am all woman and enjoy what you are doing very much.”

What I was doing was softly running a fingertip between pussy lips. I slid a finger in and she kissed me.

“Get me to that table then get me a crown and coke, please,”

I carried the smallish woman to a chair then got her a drink and sat with her. She took a sip then unzipped my slacks and pulled my cock out. It was till hard from its previous manipulations. She straddled me and sank my dick into her pussy.

She took another sip of her drink and told me about the process and related that for a while the pain almost made her regret doing it but the pain had stopped and she had fucked several times but knowing she could had been her only reward so far.

“Everyone says I will eventually be able to cum but it might take a few months or even a few years. Luckily I still enjoy giving blowjobs.”

“Me too”, I said and we laughed.

She took a sip of her drink and I finished my beer then began to slowly fuck her. I kissed her and she began to undulate her hips. I slid a hand under her and caressed her bare ass.

“Umm,” she said as I put a fingertip on her anus. I pressed it with the fingertip hard enough for her to be completely aware of it but not go in.

We had the table and her skirt covering us well but everyone knew we were fucking and everyone knew she was very much into it. I got the impression everyone was rooting for her. When we ended the kiss I pulled her towards me and she wrapped her arms around my shoulder and began to lick my neck. I nibbled on hers. We intensified the fuck.

Our fuck continued for about fifteen minutes. She came close to a cum but then lost it. I allowed her to pause for a few seconds then renewed my efforts. Five minutes later she was again getting close and I slipped my finger into her ass as I bit her neck harder.

Her groan was loud enough to be heard over the loud music, she had cum.

She was suddenly sobbing as she held me with all her might. Many came by and kissed her saying how happy they were for her. Her name was Brandy.

About five minutes later she noticed I was still fucking her and my finger was still in her ass. Her second orgasm took only five minutes and her third just over one minute. I ejaculated into her on the last one.

She stayed on my lap another five minutes then stood, sucked my cock for a few moments then slid it into my slacks and zipped me up. She kissed me again and said to wait for her. She returned two minutes later and handed me a card. She was a lawyer.

She sat on my lap and kissed me.

“Thank you, I was afraid it would never happen. All others and me had given up after the first false cum, you didn’t and I suddenly knew you wouldn’t. I relaxed and that was all it took. My cell number is in the back. Anything you need from me just ask. Tell me all about yourself.”

“Lets go get a snack some place quiet.”

We went to a small sandwich shop a block away and drank coffee and shared a sub. Thirty minutes later she had my card and was tickled to learn I was a lawyer from Anaheim. I added my cell phone number, we had become friends.

I walked her to her hotel room, (she was a tourist from Santa Fe), and we fucked again for nearly an hour. Her cums came faster and the last three were perhaps under three minutes apart. She decided she really liked fucking me. I knew I liked fucking her.

I slept in her bed and fucked her again in the morning before I left.

I found four naked women on my bed. I took a shower and Mariana’s daughter woke up and staggered to the shower with me. We kissed and I fondled her ass as she caressed my cock. She leaned on me as I fingerfucked her. Mom joined us and kissed me then kissed Violet and took over the fingerfuck. I got out and dressed.

I left Mom shorts, t-shirt, and sandals then took the luggage to the car. I was going back in to get her when she came towards me. I opened the door to the truck and helped her in. She was again asleep as soon as I got back on the freeway. She woke up as we went past Baton Rouge and masturbated as we drove over the swamp. She was again asleep as we went past Lafayette.

Missy called and told me she was in Dallas fearing for her safety from her aunt. I suggested she go with the flow. I told her we were on our way to Houston and she told me she would be in Dallas at least one more day. We both said. “See you in a week,” before we said goodbye.

I finally asked Mom why Missy expected to see us next week and Mom said she and Alice had made tentative plans to meet in Vegas.

We pulled into the Welcome to Texas rest stop, took leaks, and I got a map. Mom wanted to give me a blowjob but it was too crowded so we drove on.

Mom masturbated again between Beaumont and Baytown and marveled at the Houston skyline as we drove into the city. We turned south and found a motel on NASA Road One.

It had been a long drive so we took a nap first. We fucked as soon as we awoke then took a shower and dressed. There was a Mexican restaurant across the boulevard so we went over to eat. As we walked to our room we saw a dance club in the shopping center across the street so we walked over to drink and dance.

Her attempts to seduce the young ladies were successful and she chose one that also wanted to fuck me. She was in our room five minutes later eating Mom as I fucked her from behind. Two hours later we were doing that again. The time between we had fucked in as many variations as MFF threesomes can. After midnight I walked her over to her car and kissed her before she drove away. I was walking back to the room before it occurred to me we had never learned her name.

The next morning we did not fuck, we took the Space Center tour then drove on to San Antonio. It was late afternoon when we got there. We took showers, fucked, dressed then took a cab to the Riverwalk

We spent the evening walking, boating, flirting, drinking and eating all the way up and down the river.

Neither of us felt like taking someone to our bed so we did not make a real attempt. Of course that did not stop a woman Mom’s age to make a concerted effort to seduce her. Eventually Mom gave in and they walked to her room in a hotel on the Riverwalk.

I waited for Mom at the nearest bar and called Missy. She seemed to be very happy when she answered.

“I just knew you would call again today but I had just about given up. Where are you?”

“At a bar on the San Antonio Riverwalk. I am waiting on Mom, she allowed herself to be seduced and she is in the woman’s hotel room about fifty feet away.”

Missy and I talked about nothing in particular until Mom rejoined me and said, “Lets go.”

She fucked me as soon as we got back then went to sleep.

We were near Kerrville when Mom suddenly realized we were in The West.

We had a western breakfast at a truck stop and Mom stared at the landscape in fascination for about a hundred miles before she fell asleep.

We stayed the night it what appeared to be the only motel in Fort Stockton and after dinner walked around town a bit. It is a real western town. There did not appear to be anything else to do so Mom and I fucked until we fell asleep,

We stopped in Pecos for gas, snacks and drinks mainly because there would be none available until we got to our destination. Mom entertained herself trying to remember in which movies was Pecos the setting.

I had not seen any of the movies she mentioned.

Half an hour after that she was masturbating. Ten minutes after that she was masturbating me. However, Mom had decided that getting me off by masturbating me was counter-productive. Her masturbations had become “serious caresses.”

A while later she noted, “There are mountains here.”

“Yes, the tallest mountain in Texas is up ahead. It is taller than any mountain east of the Mississippi.”

Mule deer suddenly jumped across the road.

“Did you see the size of those things?”

“Don’t say it.”

“Say what?”

“What you want to say.”

She fell silent for perhaps ten miles but couldn’t hold it any longer and busted out with, “I guess things really are bigger in Texas.”

“Arrgh,” I said,

She giggled softly for a while until we got to the only intersection we had seen for nearly two hours then turned right.

“Where are we?”

“Just south of Carlsbad, New Mexico.”

“The Caverns? You brought me to the caverns?”

“No, that is tomorrow. Tonight we are staying in the City of Carlsbad. We will be here one day and two nights.”

I pulled into a large motel and dropped Mom off at the office then parked and unhooked Mom’s car. I was driving it away from the truck when Mom called.

“They are full.”

“Oh, sorry. You were asleep when I made reservations yesterday.”

“We have reservations?”

“Yes, tell them.” I parked the truck and got in the car then drove to the office. Mom got in and said, “Second floor at the far end. Hey, this is my car.”

“Oh I’m glad you recognize it. We will need it tomorrow.”

A few minutes later Mom said, “The shower is big enough for both of us.”

All either of us had on were gym shorts, t-shirts, and sandals so fifteen seconds later we got in the shower together and were soaping each other down. As soon as my cock was erect we stepped out, dried off and ran to bed.

Our first instinct was to fuck hard and fast but I slowed down and made love to her. I fucked her gently until she had an orgasm then I rolled her on top and she adored me until she had another orgasm. I sat up and made love to her tits as she undulated her hips around my cock.

She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and gave me a ” love you” kiss. She had another orgasm and I gave her mine. We embraced and kissed until she said, “That made me hungry.”

“The best recommended restaurant is across the street.”

We dressed and walked over holding hands. We ate a fine meal and walked around the shopping area. We bought t-shirts and Mom searched for a town snow dome.

She had bought one in DC and one in Memphis and had decided to collect them at every stop. She even found one for Fort Stockton.

The merchants knew how to treat the men and many placed had benches outside their doors. I spent a long time in one as Mom scoured through a couple of native jewelry shops.

I bought a booklet on the caves and Mom and I sat for ice cream at a restaurant that had banana splits and she read it to me nearly from cover to cover.

As we walked back towards the hotel we accidentally crossed paths and I bumped into Mom’s ass. She bumped back until she felt my cock stir then said, “Lets head back.”

We were soon naked in bed kissing and caressing.

“I am eleven years older than you.”

“And yet you are the more childlike of us.”

She slapped my shoulder and bit my nipple.

I kissed her and said, “No one has looked at us as if they see something out of the ordinary. Not that any of that matters.”

“Not now but it will. When you are forty nine I will be sixty.”

“And our sex drives will still match.”

She giggled and kissed me. “This drive has made me feel younger. New Orleans was magical. Memphis was magical.”

“Tomorrow we will look around for easy marks.”


She spun around and covered my body. I had her pussy on my mouth and she had my cock in hers. We were gentle, loving, until a large orgasm shook her to her foundations and she turned and stabbed her pussy with my cock and became primeval.

She fucked me hard until her orgasm took her over then left her for dead.

Ten minutes later I asked her, “Have a nice trip?”

“Yes, no. I don’t know.”

“That sounds about right.”

“You haven’t cum?”

“No, yours was big enough for both of us.”

“Since your father died all my sex has been with women. You may have noticed I like lesbian sex. You are my first man since your father. I will admit that a couple of times I felt I was having sex with him. Just now I felt both of you were taking me apart. I loved that.”

“We will try to take you apart often.”

She kissed me softly and began to fuck me softly; sliding my cock out of her pussy slowly and sliding it back even more slowly. In five minutes I was filling her pussy with my cum. She did not stop until my cock slipped out. She laid her pussy over it and kissed my neck.

“Our love affair ends when we get home. Find Missy and see if that will work. If not find another. If you never find the right one you will still be having fun. I am going to find me a woman with a long tongue.”

“Does Missy’s mother have a long tongue?”

“Yes, and very nimble. I do too you know,” she said then gave me an amazing tongue filled kiss.

“Why haven’t you kissed me like that before?”

“Most people freak out when I do.”

“You may kiss me like that any time you want.”

She gave me another full tongue kiss.

“What is the agenda for tomorrow?” she asked.

“Well we are going to get up and pee, brush our teeth, come back to bed and fuck. Then we dress and go across the street for breakfast then drive to the National park.

We will go on the long tour until we hit bottom. We will have a snack and drink then take the elevator back up. We will wander around the exhibits for a while then come back here and fuck, then take a nap. After a shower we go back to the park in time to see the bats exit. Come back, go across the street and eat supper, then fuck and sleep.

The next morning we brush teeth, fuck, hitch up the car and drive to Santa Fe.”

“I think you left off a fuck.”

“Unlikely but I am sure we can get another fuck in somewhere.”

“OK, we will follow the agenda.”

As it turned out I had left out the fuck after the nap so we added it but otherwise it was a well-executed plan.

She had always wanted to see the caves and was awed by the million bats as they emerged like a tornado. She had a “thrilling” day, she said. We never looked for a third person.

We had a leisurely fuck and a leisurely breakfast the next morning and after hitching the car back to the truck we drove off. I was just nine; we had again crossed a time zone.

“Why are going to Santa Fe?”

“We need to get up to I 40 again and I met a person in New Orleans that lives there.”

“A person?”

“A woman that was born a man. She can give us pointers on where to stay and where to go.”

“Did you fuck her?”

“Yes, in fact I gave her the first orgasm as a woman.”

“Where was I?”

“In our room having a lesbian orgy with Mariana and her family. How was that by the way?”

“Intense, I loved it.”

“And the one in San Antonio?”

“Oh she was ferocious, even more intense. I feared for my safety for a few moments but she let me live. Best lesbian fuck ever but I would never have her again.”

“That good, huh?”

It was apparently so as Mom began to masturbate. After her orgasm she took a nap and I woke her up as we got to Roswell,

“Lets go meet some aliens,” I said.”

“Ooh, ooh, ooh. I can’t believe we are here.”

I stopped at a touristy area next to the highway and we looked around at all the souvenirs and bought t-shirts.

We ate lunch at a local cafe then drove on towards Santa Fe. I called Brandy and she told me she knew a perfect place for us to stay just south of town. I followed her directions and ended up in front of a very large house.

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