This is completely inspired by an excellent picture from the incredibly talented InCase, who is almost single-handedly responsible for getting me into this particular kink.

“Well” I thought idly as I felt the smoke finally start to reach my lungs, “That’s that then” I’d been lying on the floor of my apartment for about 10 minutes now, the heat slowly increasing. In hindsight sleeping till 2 in the afternoon probably isn’t that good an idea, but I never thought it would actually kill me. The fire alarm in the corridor had long since given up and I could tell that the inferno was still intense over there- the door handle was roasting hot. Unfortunately the window didn’t offer a better choice- it was double glazed and wouldn’t open more than a foot, and even if I did manage to smash through I probably didn’t stand a great chance on surviving a ten story fall.

That thought actually revitalized me to action. Fuck it, I’d rather spend my life being fed through a tube than die now- at least I could still watch TV right? I looked around for something sufficiently heavy to start trying to bust out, and settled on my speakers. Struggling to my feet I cracked open the window to let some air in and maybe give me enough breath to attempt survival. But the sound that greeted my ears as I did so was enough to make me collapse again. Those sadistic bastards out there were cheering. Cheering! Defeated I slumped down and waited for the smoke to take me. Maybe this wasn’t so bad- at least I wouldn’t burn to death.

No sooner had I thought that than the door to my crappy apartment was burst off its hinges and a fireball came racing across the room towards me. I flinched and tried to shield my face with my hands, but no flaming death came. I opened my eyes, and standing in the doorway having inhaled my certain doom was Power Girl! She casually spat a much reduced fireball into the corridor and strode into the room, smiling and extending a hand.

“Sorry sir, you’re the last one in the building. I don’t know how much lead there is in this room, but I couldn’t see or hear you till you opened that window. Wanna get out of here?” I nodded dumbly and took her hand, and she lifted me effortlessly, supporting me with one arm. With the other she casually slid a hand into my wall, pulling a huge chunk of it into the room and making an improvised doorway. Without any ceremony she stepped out onto the air, and flew us across the block and deposited me on a roof facing the blaze. “The firefighters should be able to handle everything from here, and there’s no risk of anyone dying now. How’re you doing?”

“I’m…” I started, trying to gather my thoughts. Without meaning to I felt tears rising up, not from the smoke but real tears. “I’m awful! Every shitty thing I own is in that shitty apartment, and I know I should be grateful and happy to be here but that crap was my life!” I covered my eyes, embarrassed at my outburst and lack of gratitude.

“Hey, don’t cry” Power Girl said, sitting beside me. “You don’t need any of that stuff, and I’m sure you’ll get somewhere to stay while you get back on your feet.” I sniffed and looked over at her. In person she was much more stunning than in news clips, and the soot and sweat on her made her look even better. There were scorch marks all over her normally perfectly white costume, and she smiled at me as I wiped my eyes. Without meaning to, without any conscious thought at all except about how intense it felt to be sitting next to her, our heads close together, I leaned across to kiss her. To my shock she didn’t resist, and I pulled back almost immediately, ashamed of my pathetic outburst and now being a creep to the woman I owed my life to.

“I am so sorry” I said, rising. “I’m truly grateful for you saving my life, and I’ll never forget it, but I’m sorry for that”. I turned to head towards the door to the stairwell, and she was standing there, smiling.

“Don’t be” She said breathily and stepped towards me, kissing me deeply again. Her tongue gently parted my lips and then teeth, flicking into my mouth for a brief second before she broke the kiss again. “I think I can find somewhere we can get you washed up and stay for the night” Her smile had lost the beatific quality it had earlier, and there was a hunger to her voice. I was honestly in such shock that all that did was make me even more turned on, and I reached to her to kiss her. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around her, kissing her deeply and I felt a rush of wind on my face. When I opened my eyes we were still in the same pose, but now instead of it being the middle of the afternoon it was closer to sunset. I panicked and broke the kiss, and looked around. We were floating a few feet in the air above a balcony, open glass doors leading to a gorgeous studio apartment. “I prefer this coast” was all she said in explanation of what I’m sure was a look of panic from me.

She dropped me on the balcony without any ceremony, her eyes glowing red with lust. I’ve got to admit that my dick was harder than it had ever been and straining against my jeans. Even as I turned she stepped in close to my and kissed me deeply, sucking all the breath out of my body. Sure, she had basically no breasts, but apart from that her body was truly perfect. I’d never been with anyone close to as hot as her in my entire life, and not only did she clearly want me but she was barely able to control herself. Still taking the lead she put one hand over my crotch and squeezed- I’m sure she was being gentle but she was in complete control. Without lifting me again or even pushing me she manoeuvred us through the glass door and into her house, not so much directing me as moving while holding me and giving me no real option. Once inside she withdrew slightly, giving me a chance to breathe again, and grinned at me. Her eyes were still flashing red, and there was a slight increase in the glow from them and her head blurred for an instant. Almost immediately, my clothes fell off my body, having been cut by her vision perfectly.

“Getting undressed takes too long when you’re awareness is as increased as mine” she said hurriedly and stepped in to kiss me again, and there was a blur and I found myself in a pleasant, sizeable bathroom with her turning taps. Immediately a huge amount of water started spraying from the entire ceiling, and she disappeared again into a blur around me. I felt every inch of my body being scrubbed vigorously, the sensation making my already straining cock even harder. Almost as soon as she started she stopped, and ended the water flow. A tower appeared from nowhere, and just as energetically as earlier I was scrubbed to cleanliness. I felt strange- every inch of my had been cleaned thoroughly- looking down my nails and body hair had been trimmed, my teeth brushed, even my ass felt slightly tender at the cleaning. Now at normal pace we kissed again, and she led me through the door and back into the main living room.

The brief cleaning hadn’t done anything to restrain her lust, and she quickly got things started, grasping my cock with both hands and squeezing gently. I realised now that she was flying a few inches off the floor rather than standing on tip toes, so we were at nearly the same height. She I was barely able to keep myself upright as she firmly worked my shaft, and I moaned with lust into her mouth as she kissed me again. Forgetting who I was with, I reached both arms around her and tried to lift her to carry her over to the sofa. She giggled and let me, putting her arms around my neck and managing to not make it look condescending. Once we got to the sofa however she slipped easily out of my grasp and pushed me down, so I was sitting with her standing over me. The hole in her costume had slid down slightly, and her nipples were just visible peeking out of the bottom.

“Now, there’s something that nearly no one knows about me that could be kind of a dealbreaker here, but I’m sure a confident, secure guy like you won’t have any issue” she said as she started undressing, slipping her outfit off her shoulders and revealing her tiny breasts. Even for someone that could have done it with superspeed she was taking her time, teasing me as she rolled the costume down her body. Once it reached her waste she bent over and kissed me, then removed the last of her suit. I reached a hand out to cup her perfectly shaped ass and pull her down, but she didn’t yield. Confused, I opened my eyes and got the second biggest surprise of my life. Sitting between Powergirl’s legs, where perhaps the most sought after piece of pussy in the whole world should have been, was a dick! It was tiny and soft, with no hair and a pair of marble sized balls, but it was definitely there. Looking up she hadn’t lost any of her confidence or lust. “I hope this won’t be an issue for you then?” she said, already leaning in to kiss me again. I moved my lips up to meet hers instinctively, and she broke the kiss after 30 seconds.

I bit back a hundred rejections, excuses or polite refusals and thought about this logically. She hadn’t gotten any less hot or horny in the last minute, she was physically the most perfect specimen of womanhood in the world aside from this, and I really wasn’t thinking with my head at this point anyway. “Only problem is that I thought you liked me, this doesn’t exactly seem as excited as you were claiming to be” As soon as I said it she squealed with delight and pushed me back down onto the sofa, lying atop me. Our penises touched, and mine jumped at the contact; the heat being given off by her little clit was intense and it was almost like an electric shock. It was the first cock other than my own I’d ever touched, and I redoubled the intensity of the kiss in response. She seemed to be just as aroused by it as I was, and I felt a stirring in her penis as we explored each other’s bodies with our hands and mouths. With my left hand I cupped one perfect cheek and, made bold by the fact that I was clearly just as desired here as desiring, slipped my middle finger down her cleft and gently rubbed around her rosebud. She moaned and ground into me causing me to gasp as our dicks were pushed into each other. Now I had clear approval I decided to go for it, and started to push my finger inside her. Her hole yielded to the pressure and she gasped, then nibbled my ear lobe as I continued my exploration.

“Getting a bit ahead of ourselves aren’t we?” she whispered into my ear, and I could hear a smile in her voice. She pulled away from me, sitting up on my thighs, and that’s when I saw the effect our making out had had on her. Her previously tiny and cute cock had grown, such that it was unrecognizable. I didn’t have a tape measure to hand, but like most guys I’ve measured myself before- more than once to tell the truth, as one of life’s eternal optimists. I’m just over 5 and a half inches long, and maybe 5 around. While soft she had been less than 2 inches long and maybe 3 or 4 around? Now there wasn’t a cute little dicklet, or clit staring at me. No, there was a monster cock, long and threatening bobbing proudly in the air before her. “I mean, it certainly doesn’t look like you’re the man in the relationship from where I’m sitting”

“Wait, I’m not really sure if” I started to no avail, as she had already pinned both my arms above my head with one of hers, while she casually parted my legs with her own. There was of course no noticeable effort from this, but it was still terrifying to realise how vulnerable I was before her.

“Can’t be very good for your sense of masculinity” she said as she spat onto her cock, which was already slick with pre-cum. “I mean you’ve been overpowered by a tiny girl, and to add insult to injury her cock dwarfs yours” she rubbed herself against my worryingly still hard dick to emphasize her point. Hers had looked thin earlier but I realised now that was an illusion from its length- it was about half as long again as mine and noticeably thicker “If it makes you feel better my spit is superspit and perfect lube, this won’t hurt a bit.”

“Really?” I asked, incredulously. Everyone’s seen superheroes flying around these days, but that’s one power I struggled to believe in.

“No” She replied, grinning. “Try to relax” With that she took one hand and rubbed her head down the length of my shaft, before lining up against my hole. It felt slick and hot, and she pushed forward. Unsurprisingly, my flesh parted easily before her, and I gasped in agony at the intrusion. It felt hot and itchy, and there was clearly no room for it. Still she persisted, steadily feeding my defenceless ass her cock. I cried out in pain and she leaned in and kissed me, silencing me. In a panic and not realising how futile it was I struggled against the twin invasions of my ass and mouth, and I felt a tightening in my chest as she sucked the air out of my body. Then there was only blackness.

I regained consciousness rapidly, but without a full sense of what was happening to me. I was lying down with a weight on me and a significant pain coming up from my ass. Whatever was on top of me was slowly rubbing the length of my dick, and combined with what felt like a massage directly onto my prostate I was pretty close to cumming. Without realising it my breathing had gone from deep gasping breaths to rapid, shallow pants, until I opened my eyes. Gazing down at me was a manic face, two burning eyes staring at me in lust, with sweat dripping down her forehead as she groaned. She grinned at me and kissed me once on the cheek without slowing her pace.

“Welcome back sleeping beauty” she said. “Looks like you’re the perfect girl- prudish and proper in public but a whore once I’ve got you alone. Pity it took you passing out to rea- ahhh!” She cried out in pleasure as I tried to take control of the situation, wrapping my legs around her and pulling her in deeply. Truth be told it wasn’t an entirely selfless action, and I had to suppress my own vocalization at the sensation of her full length rubbing against my prostate. I’d already realised that my fastest way out of this was to get her off as fast as possible, and pray that she’d be less of a rapist while post coital. “Now that just isn’t fair at all, I think you’re forgetting who holds the cards here.” With that she pulled out entirely, a less pleasant sensation than going in. I looked up at her meekly as she eyed me, and a grin formed on her face again. It’s funny, every image of her she has this serene, stern look like a statue of a Greek goddess- that kind of Athena vibe. But since she’s gotten me alone all I’ve seen is looks that are better suited to a villain- like that Harley Quinn in Gotham, or her weird little sidekick the Joker.

“Time to re-establish the status quo I think” she said, and lifted my hips just off the sofa, before spinning me round, my hips still elevated but my head pushed into the sofa. As I raised my head I felt her rubbing her cock down my crack and against my hole again, making her attentions abundantly clear. There was a rush of air and suddenly we were surrounded by half a dozen mirrors of various sizes, apparently acquired from various rooms in the apartment and propped at various angles for a panoramic view. From here her girldick looked even bigger than earlier, and it was getting harder and harder to fully view the person preparing to cornhole me as female. “Thought you’d want to know exactly how this would look to a theoretical outside observer if I, say, made you do this in the middle of the street with a hundred people watching it and filming it on their phones” she said matter-of-factly. “There’s absolutely nothing they’d be able to do but watch- does that make your little dick harder? It’s only out of a sense of affection and chivalry that I’m not making your deflowering a public spectacle darling.” Again she pulled back, lined up and surged forward, and again I yelped. This time was easier and less painful, and it took all the presence of mind I had left to deepen my cry into something purely caused by pain, rather than the sound of someone that is starting to enjoy the feeling of flesh rubbing a certain spot inside them.

This time she bottomed out immediately, then started grinding slowly rather than giving deep thrusts. At first I expected this to pretty much nullify the pleasant sensation earlier, but if anything it intensified it- slowly at first, but I could feel that the peak of this was going to be much more intense than earlier. Then, to add insult to injury, she reached underneath with one hand around the base of my own cock and gripped it, firmly. Unconsciously I bucked, trying to fuck her hand to get off, but her reflexes and grip meant that all that happened was the pressure was maintained and I was left with a rapidly approaching, extremely emasculating orgasm that owed more to what was behind me than in front. Somehow she sensed (x-ray vision? Super hearing?) my imminent climax and applied just slightly more pressure with her hand, cutting off the crest but not the sensation. I gritted my teeth and struggled, but finally gave in, and moaned, loudly at the sensation. “Does my bitch want to cum?” she asked, apparently oblivious to my display.

“Please, just let me cum!”. I made no attempt to conceal my desperation

“What will you do if I let you have this bitch?” she replied, unmoved.


“You’ll do anything? Believe me, I may have only been around for 18 years but in that time I’ve gone through thousands of lifetimes of awareness, and I’ve developed some pretty strange tastes. You want to be subjected to that for one measly orgasm?” To emphasise her point she put her other hand on my shoulder and pulled me up, snaking her hand down so it was barely tickling the head of my cock. Her voice had lost its flatness, and there was an eager quality to it.

“Please, anything. I’ll be your bitch, just let me have this”

Her hand reached up to my chest and pulled me in tight, and her fingers idly played with my nipple. “You’re going to be a more depraved whore than this planet has seen. My people had millennia to perfect their desires and the only thing left of that species to act on them is me- you just volunteered to sate every one of them. Worst of all, everyone everywhere is going to congratulate you on this. You’re going to be the luckiest guy in the world as far as anyone knows- guys will line up to shake your hand and stare in envy while my cum is churning in your guts. All because you couldn’t say no to getting your rocks off here” With that she did three very, very unfair things. She reached down with her free hand and slid an additional slender finger into me, she kissed deeply into my neck hard enough for me to already feel the bruise, and she released just enough pressure on my cock to let me finish. Then, as a final act of sadism, stroked firmly with both her hands- 1 in my ass, one on my cock. Of course she wasn’t content to do this normally, and take it from me- superspeed is a hell of a power but open to some serious abuse.

I think my scream was audible by people without super hearing on the other side of the planet as I came explosively over the sofa. My orgasm lasted for a good 5 seconds, but it felt like an eternity of sensation, the feeling on my cock so good it was almost painful. She didn’t seem to be having a bad time either, and I felt her shaft swell slightly inside me, and she held it there for about a minute before pulling out and letting her leak onto the sofa. I collapsed in our shared cum, unable to move or think, and shivered. I turned around to see her staring at me, and though she was smiling it looked more like genuine affection than the crazed lust of earlier. There also seemed to be just theslightest hint of something almost unrecognizable in her eyes- either guilt, or maybe even nervousness. Looking down her body her dick had shrunk rapidly to its previous apparently harmless state, and there was a sheen of sweat over her body. Both our bodies in fact.

Chapter 1

So, there I was dressed up as a girl, ramming my ass back and forth on a dildo suctioned to a wall. In front of me was the blonde demoness responsible. As she moaned passionately, fingering her cunt wildly, my rock hard dick surged with life anew and huge spurts of cum shot out and onto my face and in my open mouth.

To understand my situation, you’d have to understand how I got there. The story starts in earnest two hours earlier.

My name is Robert Rodriguez. I’m currently enrolled in my third year of college and am aiming for a degree in Aerospace Engineering. What can I say? I’m good at building things and have a fascination with flying. I’d received a good deal of money to go to college, partly for my Hispanic heritage and partly for my cross country super-stardom. I’m a tall, athletic guy. 6’2″, about 165 pounds, I’m slender with a runners physique. Toned, but not ripped. Throughout college I’d had a fair sure of girlfriends, but nothing crazy or particularly long lasting. I was a pretty normal guy. Twenty years old, I had a job, a place to live, and no money troubles. Life was good for me, until winter break.

I come from a ski town. We have a local mountain about thirty minutes away and I love the damn place. I was born to ski. Since I was one year old my parents stuck me on a pair of skis and sent me downhill. When I got home, the mountain was barren. No snow, no powder, no winter wonderland.

It sucked.

Three weeks with no snow. I only had two weeks left on break. And I hadn’t skied one run! It was probably about 10 AM when the first event sending my life down hill occurred. I was asleep, my parents and sister had already left when my phone began going off. It was a good buddy of mine, Greg.

“Rob, look out your window!”

“Huh-what?” I mumbled, still not fully awake.

“YOUR WINDOW! Look out it!”

I pulled open the blinds and saw a dazzling beautiful sight. Several feet of snow covered my yard and the street beyond.

“Fuck yeah.” I said quietly.

And then my brain kicked in. Fuck no. Last season I had broken my right ski. Having no snow at home, I still hadn’t bought a new pair because it hadn’t been an issue. Buy a new pair now you might say, well here is the issue. In my town there is such a thing as the powder rule. If the snow is falling every ski store in town will be closed. I was trapped with no skis.

Being a smart guy I refused to accept this. I would ski! As I paced my room a poster (of skiing of course) caught my eye. It was signed by several pro skiers. As I stared at the sheet I remembered how I got it.

One of my dad’s best friends Eric owned one of the local ski shops and when I was ten he had gotten the poster signed for me. Eric, his wife, and daughter had always been great family friends. In the winters we skied with them and in the summers white water rafted. They were good people. I knew that Eric would have ski equipment at his house. I also knew he and his family were out of town. We’d had them over for dinner less then a week ago. This was the second event that continued my descent. I had a spare key to their house. When I was younger I would house sit for them and had never returned the key when I went to school. I would go in, grab a pair of skis and leave. Shred the slopes and return them with nobody the wiser. I enlisted Greg’s help as two hands would be better then one. And I didn’t have a car.

He picked me up and we drove down to Eric’s neighborhood and pulled up to his street. Zipping our sweatshirts up we stepped out into the cold. Having lived their all our lives the thin layer of protection was enough for us not to freeze in the brief crossing to the house, but we still wanted to get out of the cold as fast as possible. I unlocked the front door and we entered. Here I thought fate was kind to me because right next to the front door on the table was several pairs of skis. I sifted through them and found a pair that would work. A car door shut with a loud clunk. I looked at Greg, Greg looked at me. We both looked out the window and saw a car parked in the drive way. I grabbed the skis and we dashed towards the back door. The door we discovered was snowed in. No exit that way. We dashed towards the stairs in hopes of finding a window on the second story to clamber out. I locked the front door again with a loud ka-thunk. We got to the second story and opened what I could only surmise was Eric and his wife’s bedroom window. Greg climbed out first and I handed him the skis. He grabbed hold of them and proceeded to slip off the roof. He landed in a snow drift with a soft puff of snow. He hauled ass to his car with the skis. I could see the person in the drive way, their body and head obscured by a large parka look at the strange man running with skis. Greg got to the car and peeled out of there. That son of a bitch left me. I didn’t fancy my chances with the roof so I dashed back down the stairs. As I got to the bottom the lock on the door began to turn. I jumped behind a couch. The person entered, I could hear their boots. They locked the front door and went into the kitchen. I peered around the edge of the couch and my eyes flicked to the door. The lock was so loud! If I turned it they’d here me and then I’d be fucked. I looked into the kitchen through a plant next to the couch as the person removed the parka. It was… Mia!?! Mia was Eric’s daughter who apparently did not go with her parents on their trip. Mia had been unable to attend dinner the other night, but I’d assumed she’d be going with her parents. Between my panic and mental fretting I looked at Mia. Under the parka she was just wearing a volleyball t-shirt. Her breasts pushing at the fabric straining for release. Damn she had a nice rack. I hadn’t seen her since I went to school which was five years ago. Back then she was fourteen and I was eighteen. I did some quick mental math to figure out if it was creepy that I was ogling her. Nope she would be eighteen now. Not creepy. Asides the fact I was hiding behind her couch. She spun around and opened the fridge and bent over. Her tight little ass showing off perfectly in a pair of jeans. I felt my cock stir slightly. I remember Mia being annoying when I was younger. She seemed a bit like a spoiled brat at times. Her father always gave her what she wanted and I remember being jealous of her massive allowances that she bragged of every time I saw her after I’d gotten of a hard shift at work. Contrary to the annoying gawky girl I remembered was one screaming hot chick in front of me. She pulled out a tub of yogurt and dipped a finger in it. She put the finger in her mouth and sucked it off. Fuck this, I thought. I have to get out of hear.

Event number three. I saw no other alternative. I knew Mia. She knew me. Hopefully, I could explain this rationally and not go to jail. I stuck a hand above the couch and called out, “Hey, Mia. Please don’t freak out or anything, but I’m beyond your couch.” She visibly jumped when I called out and stood up. As I rose I got my first full look at Mia. She was tall, about 5’11”, that explained the volleyball shirt. She had her straight, blonde hair loose and around her face. Her green eyes widened in surprise and her, I’m just guessing, but C sized breasts jiggled as she jumped in shock. I grinned sheepishly.

“Rob!?!?! What the fuck are you doing in my house!?!” she yelled

“Whoa! Whoa! That’s the panic I was hoping you wouldn’t do!”

She just stared at me angrily.

I tried to explain as best I could, babbling about the snow and skiing and how I needed skis to borrow. I watched her carefully as I explained. Her expression changed from shocked, to pissed, to something else, something like crafty.

“Well. That’s it… Please don’t call the cops.”

She smiled, but it wasn’t friendly. More akin to the smile a shark gives its next meal.

“Oh, no. I wouldn’t do that.” she reassured, except I didn’t feel reassured.

She stood up. “Here why don’t you come down to the basement.

“No. No. I really should be going.” I said quickly.

“You just broke into my house. The least you could do is come down to my basement.” She walked past me and I uneasily followed her downstairs.

The basement was well furnished. It had a big couch with a large flat screen tv. I could see a door to the right that I guessed was her room. It was huge with a big closet in the back. Like I said spoiled. I sat on the couch and Mia stood in front of me.

“So, here’s how I see it. You broke into my house with the intention of stealing-”

“No! Borrowing!” I interrupted.

“It’s stealing, Rob.” she continued. “So I think the least you could do for me not calling the cops or my dad is do a few small things for me.”

I swallowed. “What few things?”

She smiled. “For starters you can take off your shirt.”

I didn’t like where this was going. I slowly grasped the hem of my shirt.

“That’s right.” She encouraged.

I lifted my shirt of my body and sat there, the air conditioning raising goose bumps on my chest.

“And now the pants.”

I really didn’t like where this was going. I stood up and undid my belt. As I lowed my pants I saw Mia begin tweaking her nipple with her fingers through her shirt.

“Mmmmmm, very nice. Now lose the boxers.”

I lowered my boxers to the ground as my cock throbbed and slowly began to rise.

“Oh, yes!” Mia let out a gasp of delight.

I blushed in embarrassment and humiliation at my situation.

Mia stepped forward and grabbed my hand.

“Come on!”

“Come on where?” I asked as she dragged me towards her room.

“It’s time for a shower!”

She pushed me into the bathroom and into the shower. She cranked on the water. I flinched from the sudden change in temperature. She shut the shower door and disappeared. I stood under the water like an idiot as the bathroom began to steam up. I heard the bathroom door open and turned. There was Mia. Completely naked and completely gorgeous. Her nipples were erect and her pussy shaved. My cock sprang to attention. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing I thought. Until I saw that she had a razor in one hand and a bottle of shaving cream in the other.

“What are those for?” I asked.

“I like my men smooth.” she answered.

Mia climbed into the shower and got onto her knees her face just inches from my dick.

“Oh, you look excited.” she giggled.

Mia began massaging the shaving cream into my legs and then in deliberate talented strokes began shaving them. She then moved up to arms, armpits, and chest. She reached down and began massaging my balls with the cream. I groaned in ecstasy.

Kissed my neck and murmured, “Time for these.” She got back to her knees and completely shaved my balls. My entire body asides my head was completely hairless. She stood up and shaved of my stubble and removed all remains of a beard shadow.

“Now you get all cleaned up. I’ll be right back.” She exited the shower and I stood there in a stupor.

I washed the hair and cream off my body and turned of the water. I stepped out, toweled off, and walked into Mia’s room. Her closet door was shut, but the light was shining out the bottom.

She called from inside. “I’ll be out in a second, leave the towel in the hamper.”

I didn’t want to go back to being naked, but did as she was instructed. I walked back out into the tv room to put on my clothes again. They were gone. I’d left them on the couch and now they were gone. In their place was a pair of black lace panties.

Oh god.

“Put them on.”

I turned to see Mia standing in the door way clad in a matching pair of black panties and an incredibly tight “Ski Bunnies Are The Best” shirt. Her nipples were rock hard through the thin material. She was hiding something behind her back.


“I said put them on.”

Her voice was almost hypnotic. I knew I had no choice. I pulled the panties up my leg, feeling the luxuriousness of the fabric against my shaven legs. I pulled them up and over my crouch, pinning my balls and cock between my legs.

“Oh, my, god. You look fabulous.” She pulled her hands out from behind her back. She was holding a make up kit and a black wig. The wig was the same color as my hair, only a little longer and styled into a girls cut.

“Come here, Robin.”


“I said come here, Robin. Now don’t make me repeat myself again.”

I walked towards her and she led me into her room. She seated me at her desk and spun me around in her chair. She went to work immediately with the make up kit. Applying foundation and plucking my eyebrows until they were thin and girly. She applied eyeliner and mascara.

“Pucker up.”

I stuck my lips out and she applied a dark red shade of makeup. She snugged the wig down over my head covering my short hair cut and fixed in place with several hair pins.

“Shake it out” she instructed.

I shook my head and could feel the wig stay firmly affixed in place.

“Oh, you look so gorgeous, Robin!!!” she squealed. She grabbed a mirror to show me.

Now I suppose I had fairly androgynous face, but having a beard always helped keep me masculine. With such a close shave, make up, and wig. I didn’t even recognize myself. Staring out of the mirror at my was a tan, beautiful, young woman. One who I wouldn’t think twice about fucking. Mia had worked her magic perfectly.

“Ok, stand up!” I rose. “It’s time to get you an outfit!”

She ran back into her closet and rummaged around. She came back with her arms full of clothes clutched to her breasts. I saw sexy stockings, bras with holes in them, crotchless panties, corsets. All sorts of crazy sex clothes.

“Where did you get this stuff?” I asked in amazement.

“Oh, you know, Daddy’s allowance and such.

“Mia, why are you doing this to me, don’t you have a boyfriend or something?”

She turned to and gave my balls a sharp squeeze. “Robin, somethings wrong with your voice, it’s all deep.”

“Mia, what are you talk-”

She gave my balls another, harder squeeze. I sucked air in through my teeth and did my best try at a girls voice. It came out soft and high. I fooled myself as I repeated my question.

Mia smiled at my voice in contentment and answered, “I had a boyfriend, but he was so boring. He wouldn’t let me fuck him. So I tried girlfriends. They were better, but they were missing something. This.” She stroked my cock through the panties.

“Now lets get you dressed!”

“But, Mia-”

“No, buts, Robin!”

She turned me around and lifted my arms. Picking up a corset she wrapped it around my waist.

“It’s lucky were such close sizes, eh, girlfriend?”

I blushed again and shifted uncomfortably.

“I asked you a question.” Mia gave my ass a sharp smack and I jumped.

“Y-yes, Mia, It’s lucky!”

“Good.” She began lacing the corset down my back. “Okay, inhale a little bit.” I took a bit of a breath and she tightened the corset. I looked in the floor length mirror on the wall and Robin looked back. A tall, hot chick stood in the mirror. Not the college student looking to ski.

“God, you look sexy.” Mia whispered in my ear as she pressed her breasts against my back. I stared at us in the mirror. Mia was running her tongue down my neck and was caressing my stomach. The corset pulled my sides in just enough to give me hips and even managed to push my chest up a bit. The only hint that I was no lesbian lover of Mia’s was the straining bulge in my panties.

“Oh, Mia.” I moaned girlishly.

Mia smiled. “Now that’s more like it.” She picked up a padded bra and slipped my arms into it. She buckled it behind me. Next came the stockings. Black fishnet. Last was a tight black dress that barely came down over my ass cheeks.

“And, voila!” Mia cried as she admired her handiwork. I was completely transformed. There I was standing in Mia’s arms, one helluva beautiful girl.

“Now it’s time for fun!” Mia whispered in my ear. I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what fun was, but I was this far down the rabbit hole with no hope of escaping so I put up little resistance as she led me back into the main room of the basement. She ran back into her room and I could hear her rummaging around in drawers.

“Close your eyes!” she called.

I dutifully shut my carefully painted eyes and in my mind I was imagining all sorts of insane things this girl I thought I knew could be getting. I heard her walk back in, her bare feet padding on the carpet.


I opened my eyes and there she was this demon temptress holding an eight inch long, fleshy dildo.

“Oh, no, Mia! I can’t!” Robin’s voice, not mine cried out.

“Oh baby,” she said as she straddled me and waggled the dildo in between our faces. “You know you want to.”

And the thing is, I wasn’t entirely sure that she was wrong.

Mia licked the tip of the plastic phallus and swirled it around in her mouth. She pulled it out a strand of saliva connecting her lips to it. She put it to mine and with a little resistance I opened my mouth. She slowly pushed the cock in and I licked it slowly, lavishingly. She laughed as a closed my eyes and leaned forward to take more.

“Oh, my, my, aren’t we hungry for cock?” she asked.

“Oh, Mia, I-I don’t know…” I answered unsure.

“Don’t worry about it, Robin. You’ll love it! Trust me.”

And I did.

She led me over to a wall and attached the dildo to it with the suction cup at the base. She pushed me to her knees. Her panty clad pussy was just inches from my face. I placed a small kiss on it. She threaded her fingers through my hair and said, “You’re getting ahead of yourself, baby.”

She helped me to my hands and knees and sat on my back, lining the giant dildo up with my ass. I didn’t know what I was doing as she led me towards the buttfucking I knew was going to happen. She placed the tip of the cock on my rosebud.

“Now push back.”

I did, slowly and it felt… I don’t know painful, glorious, I’m not sure. I felt my ass start to stretch around it. I let a whimper of pain out. And then… the tip entered me. I felt my anus stretch and the dildo go in just slightly. Mia stepped off of me and came around to my face. She bent down and looked at me in the eyes. She gave me a wicked grin.

“Too slow.”

She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me back. The dildo rammed into me, all eight inches. My cock sprang out the top of the panties, rock solid and spewing cum all up my outfit.

Mia laughed. “Ah, Robin, you messed up your outfit. Clean it up.”

I looked up at her, tears smearing my makeup slightly.

“Go on.” she encouraged.

I tentatively shifted, the dildo shifting in me too, causing another spurt of gooey white. I scooped some up in my fingers and tentatively put it up to my lips. I licked it. That’s when I broke.

I smiled up at Mia and scooped up the rest of the cum and eating hungrily. I began fucking myself on the dildo in earnest. Back and forth, harder and harder, and loving every minute of it.

Mia took off her shirt and sat in front of me, playing with her nipples, and frantically frigging her cunt. I moaned loudly at the brutal ass fucking I was giving myself. She saw this and began to pant.

“Oh, Robin! OH! I’m cumming! I cumming! I’M CUMMING!!!” Mia lost it and came hard. And so did I. This brings us to now.

I lay my head in her lap and collapsed off the dildo. Mia stroked my hair.

“Now wasn’t that fun?”

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