I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I had a blonde beauty, bent over a hotel room bed and was pounding in to her, while she was sucking the dick; yes I said ‘Dick’, of another gorgeous woman. All three of us were moaning, to the point where I wondered how ‘soundproof’ this room really was? I could feel the pressure build up inside of me and soon, very soon, I would be passed the point of no return. Why was I here and who were we you ask? Well, let me tell you.

My name is Rick Stone and I would have never guessed the direction my life took. My brother; scratch that; sister is a transsexual woman. Mia started her transition 3 years ago. It affects me directly because we live together. She has a You Tube account and tapes a weekly blog session. A few times I was in her videos to relate how it was to have a transwoman as a sister.

That’s when the trouble started. She was getting feedback from others that wanted to see more of her ‘cute’ brother. I am not cute! Hell, I am as average as they come. She received several comments from other transwomen. They wondered, ‘How old is he?’ ‘Is he available?’ and ‘Does he take it up the-?’. But I digress. I was starting to feel uncomfortable. Mia told me that they were just messing around, but it wasn’t her backside in jeopardy.

We lived in Salt Lake City, Utah and it’s just the two of us. Our parents died in a car crash 6 yrs ago. At the time we were fresh out of Skyline HS and we both took it quite hard. We sold their home, due to the sadness of it all, bought another and moved in together. That’s when Mickey ; pardon me, Mia started her transition. I took it in stride, which sounds really weird, but I wanted him; sorry; her to be happy. Anyway, You Tube netted her some local friends, who started coming over occasionally. Robin; an African American transwoman, slightly older than us, made Halley Berry look like a boy. Then there was Krista, formerly known as Christopher. She was a blonde Amazon who could give China, from WWE, a run for her money. Both of them were dazzlingly beautiful! I had always thought that transgender women were supposed to look like Michael Chiklis in a wig and a dress. Boy, was I wrong!

Anyway, Mia was always on my ass about going out and finding a girlfriend. She kept trying to match me up with genetic girls she knew. Because of our parents dying so young, I felt like I had to hang onto the only family I had left; her. What little sex drive I had, was taken care of manually. That was about to change.

Robin thought that it would be a good idea to make a road trip to Vegas. Mia and Krista seconded the motion and plans were made. I gave Mia’s car a look see, confirming that it was up to the trip. What can I say? I was between jobs, not that I needed one, ’cause our parents were loaded.

Krista was getting off from work and the three were going to leave about 6pm and drive through. I gassed up Mia’s Buick and made it back with time to spare. Krista made a detour, picked up some Chinese food and we ate dinner. It would be a long drive, so for their sake, I’m glad it wasn’t Mexican.

Robin spoke up. “Why don’t you go with us Rick?”

“I don’t think–” I started.

“That’s a great idea!” Krista interrupted. Mia agreed with her friends.

“No, I’m not going, and that’s; that!” I was emphatic.


The sun had been set for about three hours and I was wondering about their; scratch that, our progress. I can’t believed I got sucked in to this trip! Mia shook her head in between yawns as she drove and finally announced that she couldn’t stay awake any longer. We pulled into a rest area to park and catnap. Krista snored softly in the front seat while Robin was leaning against me in the back. Soon Mia too had dropped off into slumber.

I settled down and was planning on making the best of it, when Robin’s hand slid down to my lap. Well, crotch actually. I froze! She moved her hand slightly and I started getting an erection. Quickly glancing, I noticed that her eyes were still closed and her breathing was regular. I gently lifted her hand up and placed it back in her lap. She shifted again and her hand found it’s previous resting spot. I squirmed a bit and checked again that Robin was indeed sleeping. She wasn’t! Holding the index finger, of her free hand up to her closed lips, she stroked her hand over my dick in earnest. I can’t remember the last time, somebody else beside me, had given me more than a smile. What can I say? Robin was beautiful, I was weak and seemed to be coming to the end of a long dry spell. Soon after I was unzipped and standing at attention. She leaned in and her tongue gave me, a rather pleasant, ‘tonsillectomy’. Her head slid down to my dick and she engulfed me.

Robin, like her namesake, began bobbing her head, while I was trying to cram part of my sleeve in my mouth, in an attempt not to yell. She found my free hand and placed it on her head to encourage me. My God, she was good! Just when I thought I was going to shoot, she stopped and clamped on to me with her hand. It was fricken torture! I swear I heard her giggle once. After about five repetitions of this, I exploded. My body went limp and the last thing I remembered, was Robin whispering in my ear.

“That was just the appetizer Ricky.”

Sunlight and Robin raising her head off my lap woke me up. Krista and Mia, already awake, checked us out from the front seat. Krista giggled as my face turned crimson. I quickly refastened my pants, trying not to replay the scene from ‘Something About Mary’.

“Hope you saved some for me, Robin.” She chided.

All I could say was “Fuck!”

Robin glanced over at me. “Maybe later, baby!” and laughed.


We hit the Strip several hours later and checked in to our rooms. The plan was, that I was to share with Mia while the other two ladies were going to bunk up in the other. We grabbed some brunch and planned our day. Being the geek I was, I headed for the Star Trek hotel. Where the other three went, was their business. Our rendezvous point was to be our hotel’s lobby at seven pm. Dinner and a show with Wayne Newton were our plans for the evening.

Hours later, as we walked up too our rooms, I was thinking that old Wayne still had what it took. Mia claimed exhaustion and asked if I could run back down to the lobby and get her some Motrin. ‘Sure. Why not’. I thought. When I got back to our room the lights were off. I clicked the switch and started! Robin was in my bed, wearing nothing but a smile.

“What the fuc–.” Hands slipped around my waist and Krista whispered in my ear.

“About time, Ricky. I thought we were going to have to start without you.”

“Mamma!” I whimpered.

Like I said Krista was a striking, if not Amazonian, lady. I was propelled into the waiting arms of Robin. That’s when I noticed that Krista was au natural as well. A quick bit of math later, I counted two cocks and a beautiful blonde bush. My clothes were all but torn from me and Robin swallowed my soldier whole. Krista stuck her tongue in my mouth and the game was on. That’s where this little story started.

I was fiercely pounding into Krista’s six month old pussy. She was doing all she could to digest Robin’s, rather large cock. After a while, and a Chinese fire drill later, I ended up on the bed while Robin slid down on my dick , reverse cowgirl style. Krista went back to her meal of light brown sausage. Over and over we pounded into each other. Damn! This sure beat hand lotion and tissues. Just when I thought that Robin’s ass couldn’t take much more, she groaned. Krista’s mouth, already filled to capacity, leaked a portion of Robin’s load on to the bedspread.

We separated, Robin kissed me and then Krista and slid into the other bed. I started to rise and the blonde woman pushed me back down. “You ain’t done yet stud.” She growled.

My cock was the next to disappear, as her leg swung over my head and her pussy descended on to my face. Her mouth was like a Hoover, as I stuck my tongue in her pussy as far as it would go. The 69 session lasted until Krista rose and pulled me off the bed. She took my place and pulled me on top of her.

“Time to fuck me proper, Ricky.”

How I lasted as long as I did; I will never know. As we kissed I could tell that we were getting down to brass tacks. I went over the edge first and she immediately followed. Our roars were only muffled, due to our lip lock. After a bit I rose and snuggled down next to Krista. She turned into me and was out. I kissed her forehead. As I lay there, I could only think. ‘Blame it on you tube.’

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