I finished off the last of a lukewarm cup of coffee as Dr Marci Bauer approached me in the waiting room. Her smile told me all I needed to know before she even spoke. “Everything went well Richard: textbook perfect. She is in recovery and should be awake within the next few hours.”

“Thanks Doctor. I am sure that if she could, she would thank you herself.”

I rose off the chair and briefly hugged the tall doctor in appreciation.

“My pleasure.” Her eyes twinkled a bit. “Normally this is where I tell family or friends to go easy on my patients. But I think that she’ll be in good hands with you. When she wakes up tell her that I will be by and check on her in the morning.”

As the doctor walked away my thoughts flowed back to some of the circumstances that brought me here this day. My name is Richard Mason and I found out, at an early age that I liked to write songs. I must be fairly decent because I have never had the need to get a “real” job. I live in Salt Lake City Utah and I went to Skyline High school in the valley. I had mediocre grades and few friends. My best friend, Kenny Myers, and I had been together since Kindergarten.

We were both picked on. Kenny, because he was nerdy and kept to himself; me because I was nerdy and stuck up for him. Let me tell you, high school sucked! Kenny was one of the few great memories I had of that era. Well, that is till I found out that his Mom had been transferred to Boulder. We were just finishing our Junior year when he spilled the beans about him having to move away. I wasn’t totally devastated, but it was close. See, Kenny’s dad died when he was 10 so his Mom took over as bread winner for the family. She did a bang-up job supporting him and his twin sister Karen. But the big corporation Katherine Myers worked for was now sending her to Colorado.

That summer was one of the worse I had ever had. The two of us wrote back and forth for awhile and phoned occasionally. The letters came less frequent and the calls vanished altogether, until we had lost touch completely. My parents and my own sister, Laurie tried to fill in the gap, but it wasn’t the same.

Just before Labor day I won a local radio station song contest and a local singer broke out into the biz singing my little ditty. He was on the bottom of the charts, but at least he was there. A few more songs from me and a year or two later I started getting some good royalties. My senior year was better because of my slight celebrity status, but I still missed Kenny.

Fast forward 6 years: Mom and Dad had already moved to California to be with my sister who pumped out twins after her marriage to a San Joaquin wine vintner. Since I wasn’t doing bad and I preferred Salt Lake, I gave them my blessing. Bought a house up in the Wasatch foothills and worked on more songs. I didn’t go out much and was in between girl friends, not that there were many. In fact, I almost lived like a hermit. I guess I never realized how lonely I was. Then one day lightning struck.

” Richard, Richard Mason?” came the voice from my cell phone.

“Hello” I replied cautiously, thinking it was a telemarketer.

“It’s Kenny, Richard.”

“Kenny? Ken–” Then the nickel Dropped. “Kenny Myers? Buddy, how are you?” I almost shouted into the phone.

“I am well, Richard” He sounded a little excited also. “You will never guess. If I get this job I applied for, I going to move back to Salt Lake.”

“Holy shit! When?”

“I have an interview in 2 weeks at LaTrafois. I finished culinary school and they need another Chef.”

“You had better be believing you’re going to stay with me buddy.”

There was a hesitation. “I don’t know Richard. Maybe I had better get a hotel.” Another pause. ” I’ve changed a bit.”

“Changed a bit? What, did you grow another head?” I became serious. “Listen pal, you’re not going to insult me by weaseling out. You’re staying with me and that’s final!”

Well, he finally acquiesced and gave me his flight information. We shot the shit some more and I hung up knowing the ‘Dynamic Duo’ would soon be back together. I was on cloud nine. I planned on picking him up from the airport after 1pm on a Friday and his interview was on Tuesday, giving us the whole weekend to catch up. I never realized how much “catching up” we would have to do. Ever heard of the phrase “be careful what you wish for?”

Kenny’s flight arrived an hour late due to a snow squall over the Rockies, but finally his plane landed and the passengers entered the concourse. I watched for my friend but he never showed. When the flight crew arrived I knew something was amiss. I approached the booth for the plane’s company and asked if Kenny Myers had made the flight. The attendant checked her computer screen as I took another look at the passengers milling about.

I noticed a very shapely brunette with shoulder length hair, looking my way. She turned her head after she notice me checking her out. Wow! She was hot with a capital H. Her leather, fur lined bomber jacket, accentuated her ass perfectly. And might I say, It was a fine ass indeed. Her eyes met mine again and I almost forgot about Kenny. The attendant’s voice broke the spell.

“I don’t see a “Kenny Myers on the flight, but I do have a K. Myers. That must be him.”

I heard my name spoke just above a whisper and turned around. Miss bomber jacket was standing right in front of me. She resembled Minnie Driver, only hotter. Her soft brown eyes were just as beautiful as the rest of her.

“Hi Richard.” Christ! Her voice was even sexy!

I smiled and wondered what I did to deserve this kind of luck. “Do I- know you miss?”

“It’s me Richard, Kenny.”

Well I may not be a lady’s man, but I know what’s going on. I’m hip. I’m happening. I looked right at her and said “Huh?”

“Richard. I’m Kenny.” I could tell by her expression, she appeared apprehensive.

Over the next moment or two I did a decent impression of a guy whose dentist had just shot his mouth full of Novocain. “Whaaaaa whaaaaa whaaa. Kenny?” I finally stammered.

“It’s me Richard.” She nibble on her lower lip. ” I told you I had changed a bit.”

“Holy shit!, I’ll say!” I hoped I didn’t look as stunned as I felt. This did not compute! My best ‘guy’ friend had somehow changed into a beautiful woman.

She turned and started walking away. “I knew this was a bad idea.” she spit under her breath.

Miss bomber jacket got about 30 feet away before the shock wore off. I ran after her and gently, but firmly grabbed her elbow. She turned toward me as tears flowed down her cheeks, ruining her makeup. For some strange reason, this was killing me to see her hurting like this.

“Leave me alone” she cried.

“I’m sorry Kenny. Y-you got to admit, you threw me a curve.”

“Just forget I was here Richard. I’ll go away.”

“Not before we talk Ken–. Well, I can’t go on calling you Kenny, now can I?”

“My name is Kim now.” She volunteered.

“Kim” I rolled the name around getting use to it. “Ok Kim, there’s a coffee shop over there and we have all the time in the world. I’m a great listener and you are still my friend. What do you say?” I pulled a clean handkerchief from my back pocket and handed it to her. Her tears stopped and I saw the briefest wisp of a smile.

“OK” she sniffed.

Four bad cups of coffee later I knew her story. After Kenny moved to Colorado with his family, depression clouded his life. He finished his senior year with less than spectacular grades. So he found a job in the kitchen of a 2 star restaurant while he figured out what he wanted to do for a living. This turned out to be a good move because he thrived there. Kenny seemed skillfully adept at preparing food for the chefs to use and soon they were teaching him tricks of the trade. He was encouraged to go to culinary school and his mom admitted that she could afford to send him the following year, since it was going to be in Boulder anyway. Things were definitely brighter than before.

Unfortunately Kenny’s private life was still a mess. One day his sister, Karen came home early and caught him trying on her clothing. She wasn’t really mad, as the two of them were close anyway. He opened up to her about his feelings. It seems he never felt comfortable in his own skin. He never had a girlfriend and he admitted to her that he found guys attractive. He didn’t feel that he was gay, but was confused by it all. She sympathized with how he felt and lead him into her bathroom. A wardrobe change, hairstyle (his was long anyway) and a little bit of makeup later, Kenny’s reflection in the mirror showed a beautiful young lady. He – she stood there with tears of joy ruining her makeup.

Their Mom came home from work and after the initial shock, told Kenny that it would be all right. Six months of counseling later he was diagnosed with gender dysphoria and that he was a girl trapped in a guy’s body. After some discussion the three came to the conclusion that Kenny’s best bet, saving his sanity, was to transition to female. More counseling, a slow wardrobe conversion and tutoring from Mom and Karen gave Kenny’s confidence a huge boost. Since his job at the restaurant was gender neutral and that they loved his work; he, or shall I say she, was fully accepted.

She took the name Kimberly Ann and was given permission from her counselor to go ahead and start hormonal treatments and the first of her transformation surgeries. Breast augmentation and laser hair removal both took well. A few surgical alterations to her face and a trachea shave later, changed her look entirely. The State of Colorado officially changed her driver’s license status to female and she started culinary school with a very good recommendation from the head chef where she worked. Kim still worked at the restaurant on weekends and finally graduated from school with very high marks. Her mentor was saddened by the news that she wanted to move back to Salt Lake, but he understood and between him and Paula, her instructor, was given an incredible recommendation. This lead her to the interview she had next week.

I don’t know what was the bigger surprise, me taking everything in stride or me hanging on her every word. The more she talked, the more relaxed she was. It seemed that becoming Kimberly gave her the confidence that Kenny never had. But the one thing that troubled me was how easy it was to get lost in her eyes.

“Richard. Are you there?” she asked with an incredible smile.

“Sorry Kim. I guess I zoned out for a moment there.” Embarrassed I looked at my watch and then through the window. I had been listening for hours and it was already dark. “We had better head for home, it looks like it’s beginning to snow again.”

“You sure you want me to stay with you– considering?” She queried.

Did her eyes always sparkle like that? “Hey, you’re not backing out on me now girl. Besides I cleaned the house from top to bottom for you.”

Her face lit up and her smile did it’s best to curl my toes. “Well, since you put it that way”

We grabbed her luggage and headed for my Blazer. “Hungry?” I asked.

“Famished! Can we hit an Artic Circle? Seven years and I’m still going through withdraw.” She giggled.

A minor detour netted us some dinner and we soon pulled into my garage. She grabbed the food while I hustled the luggage inside. I showed her to the spare room and put her stuff on the bed. She shucked her jacket and hung it in the closet. She wore a green knit sweater that showed off a modicum of cleavage and hugged some extremely nice curves. Damn, she was built!

“Like my sweater?” she smiled slyly.

My eyes snapped away and I mumble something about our food getting cold. I hoped the light was turned low enough for her to miss my reddening features. We ate our burgers and fries at the small kitchen table, setting across from each other.

“Mmm I almost forgot how good these burgers and fries were. They don’t have Artic Circle in Colorado.” We were almost done when I found her looking at me in undisguised amusement.


“You’ve got —.” She reached out her finger and ran it along the left side of my mouth and slid it into hers. “Mmm. Fry sauce.”

Through a voice about two octaves higher than normal, I asked her if she wanted to watch TV or talk some more. She said that she would love to, but she was exhausted and wanted to unpack and go to bed. I picked up our mess and headed for the living room. My guitar was calling me from it’s stand and soon I was immersed in a soft rendition of Stairway to Heaven. After 15 minutes or so I caught Kim watching me and smiling. She had changed into pajamas; a Running Ute’s, University of Utah, long sleeve Jersey that barely covered her ass.

“You play even better than you use to. You don’t know how much I missed that.” Her soft, smile registered somewhere between innocent and sexy. “Richard, thank you; for accepting me and letting me stay here. I swear I will cook for you and pull my weight around the house.”

“Not to worry Kim. We’ll work out a schedule.” I got up off the sofa and laid my guitar down. She crossed the distance between us and put her arms around my neck to hug me. Her scent was overwhelming and my arms found their way around her waist. She mumbled thanks, kissed my cheek and scurried off to her room. I replied a whispered “you’re welcome” and wondered if I was I would be able to sleep that night. Four hours later, I was still wondering the same thing.

I found myself sitting on a chair in the middle of a room. Tables around me held diners, eating and engaged in low conversation. A set of double doors opened and Kimberly emerged in a breath-taking black lace bra and panty set. She wore a pair of black lace nylons atop a pair of shiny, black, “fuck me” heals. Her eyes were locked on me as she sauntered my way. I didn’t know if I could move or even wanted to. She straddled my lap, facing me and leaned her head forward. My neck was slowly forced back as far as the chair would allow. She reached over and took a large peach slice from my plate and put one end in her mouth. The other end found it’s way into mine as our lips press together. The fruit was soon replaced by her tongue and for a moment, I thought Kim was going to suck the breath from my body.

“How did you like that bright eyes?” Her voice was husky and oozed sexual energy.

“Richard! –Hey, bright eyes. You going to wake up?”

“What? Huh?” I muttered. Daylight stabbed my room and Kim was tickling my foot.

“You getting up or am I gonna have to haul your butt out of bed?”

The typical ‘It was only a dream’ scenario bounced around the back of my brain. “Yeah. I’m getting up,” I grumbled.

“I don’t know what you were dreaming about Richard, but it sounded like you were having fun.” Kim laughed. She left the room, still chattering. “I was going to make you a nice omelet, but it’s hard to do with three eggs, two hotdogs and a box of stale Captain Crunch. Get dressed ’cause you’re taking me to breakfast and then I’m going to buy you some real groceries.

The weekend raced by and we fell into a rhythm. It was strange and natural at the same time. Apparently, Kim was the person Kenny was meant to be. If it weren’t for the fact that my old friend had turned into a stone cold fox; it would have really seemed like old times. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get her transition out of my mind and frankly, how much I was attracted to her, bothered me. She totally assimilated my every waking moment. Her scent, her smile, her body haunted me, like water to a man dying of thirst. She became the distraction, I never saw coming. Monday after lunch I asked her a question that I had wondered about for years.

“When your Mom transferred to Colorado; why was it so sudden?”

Kim snuggled down into the sofa, her knees propped under her chin and averted her eyes. “I didn’t know myself until after we moved. Mom asked for the transfer herself. She must have caught something that I didn’t see. She explained to me that it looked like I was falling for one of my classmates, at school. She didn’t want me to get labeled before I graduated. So we moved. My best guess was that she realized that I liked boys even before I knew. We didn’t know that I was a transgender then. “

“Was It someone that I knew Kim?”

She hesitated looking a bit flushed. “Yes Richard, but don’t ask me who because it would kill me if he ever found out.”

“I don’t need to know.” I reassured her. ” Don’t worry Kim. I won’t asked again.”

The appointed time for the interview arrived and we walked into La Trafois. I took a seat in the lounge when Kim was ushered into the kitchen. Scant minutes later she returned grabbing my hand and spoke in a hushed voice.

“He wanted to meet you.” And then even lower.” Pretend you’re my boyfriend!”

What the hell was I getting myself into? Kim almost pushed me into the kitchen. The place was huge and clean to the point of blinding. A very large man smiled as we approached him. I couldn’t help but think he looked a lot like the actor John Ryes Davies; Indiana Jones Egyptian friend Sala.

“Honey.” Kim said, taking my arm. “This is Sam Travonti, Head Chef and owner of La Trafois. Sam this is my friend, Richard Mason.”

The big man shook my hand. “Pleasure to meet you sir.” His face was beaming with sincerity. Pleasantries were exchanged and the two chefs fell into ‘shop’ talk. I begin to feel out of place and then suddenly he asked Kim if she would like to try out the kitchen. After a quick inspection of food available, she started working. I must admit, I have seen a cooking show or two and Kim looked like she could hold her own with the best of them. After we had eaten, Sam thanked her for an excellent performance. I have to admit, fettuccini Alfredo with seafood is one of my favorites and this was the best, by far, that I had ever eaten. He hugged her with a grip that a python would have envied, shook my hand and whispered, “Beauty and talent. You are indeed fortunate my friend.”

“When will I be notified if I get the position Sam?” She wondered.

His baritone voice almost rattled a group of hanging pans as he laughed. “You mean you don’t know Kimberly? The job has always been yours. Your instructor, Paula Mason and I go way back. She said you would be marvelous and exactly who I was looking for. She was correct. This wasn’t an interview, Kimberly. It was a meet and greet. That is why I asked you to bring your young man in.”

Kim’s expression changed from surprise to a knowing smile. “If I already had the position then why did I cook for you?”

“Because I was hungry my dear.” He chortled. “Now I expect to see you at eleven sharp tomorrow morning. We need to get you acquainted with the staff.”

Kim beamed and hugged the large man as he continued laughing. As we were leaving Sam bellowed. “I expect you both at my Gala event next Saturday. Be dressed to kill Kimberly. I am introducing my newest Chef and I want her to look stunning.”

I am not even sure if Kim’s feet touched the ground on the way out to the Blazer. She squealed and hugged me. I held the door open for her and didn’t even think twice about it.

“Please tell me you have a suit or sport’s jacket.” Kim quipped

“Only the one I was buried in.” I replied sarcastically.

“Men!” She shook her head. ” If you are going to escort me, we had better get you looking presentable.”

“Escort you?”

“Yes, my handsome ‘boy friend’ is going to escort me!” She turned to face me looking very determined. “Got it?”

I swallowed Hard. “Yes Mum! Will that be all Mum?”

She playfully smacked me with her glove. “To the mall Kato!” she commanded.

“To the mall!” I repeated. As we pulled away from the curb, I wondered at what point in time, did I completely loose my sanity.

“No, I told you I will not go in there!”

“Please Richard, I need your opinion.”

“No way, Kim! Look, I got a nice suit. You got some shoes and a dress. You even bought a new coat. But I draw a line at Victoria Secrets!”

Her eyes sparkled with mischief. “Baby!” She stuck her tongue out at me.

“I’ll be at FYE when you’re ready to go” I thought that she was deliberately trying to drive me crazy.

An hour later she showed up weighted down with her bags. “A little help here.” She thrust two bags at me. Wouldn’t you know; Victoria Secrets! “Didn’t want you to miss out. Wait till you see what I bought! You know,” she coyly offered, “I could model them for you.”

I started. “You— better not Kim, If you know what’s good for you.” I warned.

“What you going to do Richard, spank me. Oh, sounds like fun!”

I shook my head in wonder and she just smirked at my discomfort.

That afternoon we bought her a used Fiat so she could get around. Salt Lake City is set up on a grid pattern and since she took driver’s training here, there was no problem with navigation.

For the next several days the restaurant consumed much of her time. Sam was very shrewd when hiring employees; no big egos and no prima donnas. She was one of three Chefs and soon Kim was fitting in as if she had always worked there. Some nights she didn’t get home till midnight. But, she insisted that it was truly her ‘dream job’.

Me; I had my own problem; insomnia. Night after night I lay in bed wondering about my own sexuality. Did I find Kim attractive because she used to be a guy, or was I just drawn by her femininity, which she had in spades. Maybe the more important question was ‘how did she feel about me?’

Sunday was her day off and she slept in. I made a quick trip down to a coffee shop and pick up some cream cheese danish and two Café Au Late. Upon my return she was in the shower. I put the bags on the table and heard a squeak behind me. I turned to see Kim’s shapely bare backside scurrying into her room. She emerged moments later with a red face that contrasted nicely with her white robe.

“Number one rule. No Streaking!” I laughed.

“Duly noted, you rat! Why didn’t to tell me you were back?”

“I’m sorry Kimmy. Were you em BARE ASSED?” I laughed. “That’s what you get for last night’s crack.”

She whipped a small pillow at me, which I dodged, and she sat down at the table. Before biting into a pastry, she murmured that she liked it when I called her ‘Kimmy’.

“So what’s up with this party that Sam is putting on?” I changed the subject.

Through bites and sips she told me that it was a yearly event to commemorate Sam’s wife Isabel, who died in a car crash ten years ago. So near her birthday, he celebrates her life, with a “Winter Ball”. Only those that are associated in the restaurant business are invited. Apparently, because of her love for the dining industry and dancing, Sam and her many friends have come to honor her this way.

“Wait a minute, dancing?” I questioned.

“Yes, dancing! Hope you’re up to it, bucko.” she replied with a smile.

“Oh, Lord!” I breathed.

The week flew by and soon it was the morning of the shindig. I worked on a new song over at a friend’s house. By three o’clock we put the finishing touches on it and I headed home. I wanted to change before we left for the party up at the Snowbird ski resort. Kimmy had a “hair” appointment earlier in the day. Her car was in the garage and her room door was closed so I assumed she was getting ready as well. A few minutes later I was changed and ready to go. This time, the bathroom door was closed, so I got a can of soda out of the fridge.

“Do I look alright?” I heard her, behind me. I turned around and there appeared a beautiful vision in an emerald green, one shoulder gown. Her hair was done up with a few long curls framing her face and it was slightly more auburn than I remembered. I almost swore that the Goddess Artemis, from Mt Olympus had descended to earth and taken her place.

“Do I pass inspection?” she continued. My mouth was dry and I mumbled that I needed to get a soda out of the fridge.

“Why don’t you drink the one in your hand, silly?” I looked down at the can and blushed.

“I’ll take that as a yes!” she said triumphantly.

I drove up to the resort in moody silence . I kept thinking about the two of us, if someone had learned the truth about Kim, how would I look? I guess the interaction with her peers tonight, spurred my doubts. I know that she suspected that something was wrong, but to her credit she remained quiet. This was a shame too because I was starting to appreciate her in my life. Before she showed up everything was dull and boring. Funny thing, I never realized how bad it was until she arrived.

We walked into the Ball and I was very glad that Kimmy had insisted that I get the better suit. Although there was not a tux to be seen, everyone was still dressed to the nines. The wait staff bustled with champagne and Hors’ d’Oeuvres. Guests milled around and a group approached us. They must be from Kimmy’s workplace, I thought. They all commented how beautiful she looked and were introduced to me one by one. The group consisted of wait staff, Hostesses, chefs assistants and kitchen help. But they acted more like family than co-workers.

“Yes, my dear Kimberly, you are here and you are a vision! Hello Richard!” Sam shook my hand and thumped a huge paw on my back. His smile threatened to spilt his face. “Glad to see both of you! Richard do you mind if I borrow your beautiful date for a bit? There are some special people I want her to meet. I will return her shortly.”

One of the hostesses that Kimmy introduced me to, a cute young Asian woman named Charmain, placed her arm in mine. “Don’t worry Kim, I’ll keep him out of trouble!” So Kim and Sam went one way and Charmain and I went another. “You will simply love the food! Every dish is designed to be portable so everyone can mingle.” she offered.

The buffet was impressive, not that I recognized half of it. Small bites on small trays weren’t what I considered dinner, but there was so much of it! The aromas were almost intoxicating. Crackers and toasted croutons held a menagerie of different treats. Platters of shrimp puffs, melon wrapped in ham or bacon and something called bruschetta lured me in. Time to eat, I thought, avoiding the caviar.

An hour and 2 whiskey sours later , Sam and Kimmy returned. “My sincerest apologies Richard, Kimberly has been such a big hit, we couldn’t cut our mingling short.” Sam beamed with pride.

“Richard, Sam introduced me to so many people tonight. I’ll never be able to remember all those names.”

“How is food?” Sam noticed my plate.

“These are great!” I held the out the dish so Kimmy could help herself.

A couple that just arrived, caught Sam’s eye. “You two have fun.” The large chef walked away. “I have to go back to my rounds.”

Kim munched on a morsel “This food is wonderful! The Pate’ de foei gras is to die for.”

I agreed with her. I didn’t know what pati- whatever was. “I’m just glad that they didn’t serve liver,” I intoned.

Kimmy gave me a strange glance and quickly changed the subject. “Be ready, me fine bucko, the dancing is about to commence. “

The moment that I prayed, wouldn’t come had arrived. I shifted my feet nervously. “About that, I don’t know that I can.”

“Not to worry Richard. I’ll have you hoofing it like a pro in no time.” Kim offered.

I didn’t want to tell her about my misgivings. “I– maybe we had better not.”

“What’s wrong Richard?”

“I don’t know.” I confessed. “Maybe it wouldn’t look right.”

Kim’s demeanor shifted. I could tell that I hurt her. “Well, I wouldn’t want you to do anything that you were uncomfortable with.” she sniffed.

Her eyes became glassy and my heart imploded. “Kimmy– look I didn’t mean–.”

“Didn’t you?” she interrupted. “Feeling a little bit homophobic, are we? I didn’t expect it from you.” she snapped under her breath. That was it! She hit the nail on the head.

“Kimmy I didn’t think that–.”

“No.” she spat. “You didn’t think at all!” Tears started to flow in earnest.

“Look Kimmy—.”

“Don’t Kimmy me, Mr. Mason! I’ll find my own ride home and I get my things tomorrow.” And then suddenly she was gone.

What the hell just happened? I only suggested that we not dance together. What made her blow up. “Well, that was a swing and a miss.” I said to no one in particular. A knot formed in my stomach and it was huge. I really hurt her. Why the hell did I do that? I wandered over to the bar to get another drink. This evening was swirling down the toilet fast and it seemed to be my fault.

Twenty minutes and another drink later, someone slapped me on the back. I turned around to find Charmane glaring at me. “What in the fuck were you thinking?”

“What do you mean?”

“Kim is in the ladies room crying her eyes out, you jerk!”

“W-why is she taking it so hard, Charmane?”

“You don’t know, do you?” She stared at me incredulously.

“Know what?” I really had no clue!

“You big dope! Kim’s in love with you! She’s loved you for years.”

Boom! That was when it all fell into place! I was the reason Kenny’s Mom transferred to Colorado. I was the boy, Kenny/ Kimmy fell in love with! That’s why she returned to Salt Lake. That’s why she wanted to stay with me. The knot I swallowed seemed to expand.

“Look Charmane, you don’t understand. It’s—- complicated.”

Quickly glancing around, she took hold of my jacket and mumbled that we needed to talk in private. With me in tow, we crossed the room and headed down a dimly lit hall. She shoved me through a door marked Janitor.

“What’s so complicated about this Richard? That girl loves you. Sounds simple enough to me.” she continued.

“It’s difficult . I just can’t tell you why.”

“Are you talking about Kenny?” She quizzed.

I froze.

“Yes, I know Kim’s a transsexual and who she use to be. She told me all about it. We have been doing a lot of talking. That’s why she came home late so many nights.”

I felt like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. It never dawned on me that she would confide in someone else.

“Want to know, why I know?” Her glare could have cut glass. ” I notice in her purse that she was taking the same hormones I do. I know this because— I’m transsexual as well.”

“Uuuu–” I started.

“Ya, I’m a tranny.” She spit “Do you believe me, or do I have to show you my dick?”

“Aaaa- no!” I choked.

“Look Richard; Kim has been in love with you forever and you’re lucky to have her! Kim and I have only been friends for a short time, but she is the nicest, sweetest person I know. She’s beautiful, caring, kind and definitely doesn’t deserve this shit from you! She told me how handsome you were and how sweet and understanding you were. Well, frankly I don’t see it!” She snorted.

I finally found my voice. “I don’t know what to say Charmane.” My head drooped.

“You had better figure it out, Richard. Because if you truly care for her, you won’t give a damn what other people think.” For such a petite person, she was very formidable. “Kim truly loves you. She talks about you all the time. ‘Richard and I did this’ or ‘Richard and I did that.’ She has a great head on her shoulders. She knows exactly what she wants and it’s you. Not many people would wait for someone as long as she has.”

Something in my gut told me to trust her. “Kim has been driving me crazy! My best friend shows up, one I’ve known for years as a guy. Then steps off the plane a total fox. She looks like a girl, acts like a girl; smells like a girl and feels like a girl. Christ! I even dream about her! I love having her around. She’s so much fun to be with. My life feels like It’s worth living again.”

“Sounds to me like you’re stuck on her —and maybe even love her.”

“I don’t know Charmane.”

“You’re bright Richard. Add it all up. She’s your best friend; You love being around her and you think she’s hot. If Kim were a genetic woman, you two would be doing the freaky deaky every night and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

She was right! It shouldn’t matter what others think! God, I have been an idiot!

My life has improved a thousand fold since Kim came back into it. I really do love her!

“You got two choices Richard. You can either walk away and loose your best friend forever, or you can ‘Man Up’ and go apologize to her.”

“It’s that simple Isn’t it? I can either screw both of our lives up or I can admit to her that I love her.” I decided.

She smiled. “Well, what you waiting for you big dope? Go get her, before she leaves.”

I hugged Charmane, whispered thanks and bolted from the room. I ran down the hallway, tripped and went sprawling across the floor, right in front of Sam Travonti.

“I think we need to cut you off, sir.” He looked quite stern.

“Where’s Kim?” I blurted as he helped me up.

“She just left the building and I got the distinct impression that she was pissed. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that would you, Richard?”

“Actually I do. But I’m going to try and rectify it.” I breathed.

“Hop to it man!” He barked. “She’s got about a five to ten minute head start on you. I think one of the resort staff was going to take her home.”

I was off and though the front door in nothing flat. A car pulled out of a parking space and was turned to leave. I misjudged the slickness of the asphalt and slipped again. I slid to a stop in front of the car, which managed to halt in time. I got to my feet as the dome light came on. There were two people inside, but neither one was my Kimmy. I mumbled an apology and waved them on. ‘She must have left already’ I thought.


“I really fucked up this time!” I vocalized.

“Aren’t you done ruining my life yet?” came from behind me. I turned and Kimmy walked out of the shadows. She was about twenty feet away, but I could see that her eyes were dark from crying. Make up ran down her cheeks.

“I –.” I choked as tears ran down my own face. “I was looking for my best friend. Have you seen her?” I stammered.

She softened a bit. “Maybe if you gave me her description.” Her lip quivered. ” I could tell you.”

My tears flowed freely. “Well, she is about your height and build. She’s wearing green gown and she’s the most beautiful woman I have ever known.” I took a step forward.

” I may have seen her. Does she mean much to you?” Kim also stepped forward.

I took another step. “Yes, she does.” I choked . “I need to find her and tell her something.”

“What would you say to her if you had the chance?” She took another step.

“I would tell her that I was an idiot and that I was sorry for what I said.”

“If I see her, and I’m not saying I will, is there any other message, you want me to pass along.”

“Please tell her I love her and my life isn’t worth living without her; without you Kimmy.” I corrected.

A heartbeat later she was in my arms and I knew that was where she belonged! Our lips collided, as my tears and her tears merged together. This felt so good and so right. All my worries were stupid and meaningless. Our lips parted.

“I love you so much Richard.” she breathed. “I think I always have.” She sobbed openly and unashamed, pressed up against my chest. I drank her scent in and silently vowed that I would never let this happen again.

“My heart knew that I loved you from the moment you stepped off the plane, Kimmy. It was my mind that had to catch up. I am so sorry I hurt you. ” We kissed again. It was long and deep and true.

Applause broke out behind us. We turned to see practically the entire staff of La Trafois on the sidewalk. Sam was in the lead, beaming at the two of us. Charmane stood next to him smiling, tears staining her own cheeks.

I held onto Kimmy through ten songs, slow enough to declare the dance floor R rated. Her head lay against my chest and when the band finished playing, the lights turned back up. After the applause died down she looked up into my eyes.

“Not that I’m complaining, but that seemed like a lot of slow tunes in a row.” She smiled.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I slipped the band leader two hundred bucks.” I admitted. “Had to make up for lost time.”

My reward was worth, every penny. After a few moments, we came up for air. “So, I guess this means that it’s time to go home.” Kimmy pouted.

“We could get a room here tonight if you prefer, my love” I suggested.

“Are you being naughty, Richard? Because if you are, I’ll have to put you in time out.”

“Is that a threat or a promise? I asked.

“You’re going to have to find out for yourself. Besides, if I remember correctly you owe me a spanking.”

The room’s lighting was very dim and woman in my arms was very hot. Our tongues intertwined in spirit as well as physicality. It seemed like every inch of her was pressed up against me. Kim sighed when I played my lips down from her ear to the nape of her neck, soft kisses leaving a trail of shivers in their wake. I nibbled gently on her collar bone and traced a path to the other side of her neck. She turned in my arms so that her back was pressed against my chest. I blew gently in her ear and tracked it’s edge with my tongue. Her hands grasped mine and she guided them to flow over the contours of her body. Kim’s ass dug in to the amazing erection that she was giving me, as her hands drew mine to her gown covered breasts.

After a moment of exploration she moaned “You need to undo me baby.” She whispered in breathless tones, her ass still grinding into my member.

I continued to nibble on her neck as the zipper on her gown separated. In a moment it was on the floor and my hands moved back to where they needed to be. Her dress must have had a built in bra, because her breasts were bare and surrendered to my soft caress. Using my thumbs and fore fingers, I softly tugged on her nipples as she continued to moan. Kim spun back around and her lips found mine again. Her hands however were devoted to another task. My pants dropped to the floor to lay with her gown and her fingers pulled the band of my briefs down to join the other clothing. She pushed and I fell backwards on the bed. My pants and socks were pulled from my feet, as if by magic. I slid my body back to the headboard. Standing at the foot of the bed, Kimberly wore only a g string and hosiery, the color of emeralds. What little light there was, showed off every curve on her beautiful body.

“You ready for me baby?” She growled.

All I could do was nod. My throat was much too dry to speak. She slowly crawled to me on all fours, a lioness in search of her prey! Up over my legs, her eyes locked on mine. Past my waist and chest her face drew close. The tip of her tongue traced from my Addams apple, up to my lips. Her mouth was scorching hot as it found mine and pulled me into a relentless kiss. I was so aroused that I feared that I would go off too soon and pull an ‘American Pie’. Just when I felt her tongue swirl in my mouth, she pulled away and grabbed my dress shirt. Her muscles flexed and buttons flew everywhere.

“You won’t be needing this!” she breathed. Kim still held my gaze as she licked both of my nipples. Lower to my navel and then to my–.

“Ahhh–” I groaned as her hand encircled my cock . She seem to marvel on how ridged

I was. Her tongue lapped the length of it on one side and then repeated on the other. I involuntarily held my breath as her mouth sucked in my member. Her eyes glued to mine as her lips pulled more of me in. Never in my wildest imagination could I have dreamed up a fantasy as erotic as this. Kim inhaled all of me and withdrew, her tongue swirling around the head of my cock. Then back down the shaft, her eyes fixed on mine. Over and over she continued, each time her hand fell into rhythm with her lips. I went over the edge and couldn’t stop. Her eyes widened a bit as I spurted into her mouth. Her ministrations slowed and she pulled away after giving my cock one last lick and kiss.

“Mmm! That was so good baby.”

“Kimmy— I didn’t mean to cum in—.”

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