My apologies for taking so long in getting Part III published. There have been severe storms in the Chicago area and my area has been hit twice this summer. I purchased a generator and went 5 days running my house on petrol—egad was that expensive; but the wine was chilled. I then went an additional 4 days without the internet! Somehow, I survived!

If you read Parts I & II, jump to the text just after the stars.

As stated at the beginning of Part II, this would be best read as a series; however if this is your first look at the Sally’s series, the following summaries should provide enough background to begin here.

Summary—Part I

After 22 years my wife found my porn collection and dumped me. She was a powerful attorney and wanted to destroy me. She even went to my employer and told them about my fetishes, demanding they fire me.

Our office manager, Olivia Laraway, was in the meeting and had hidden interests similar to mine. She began a four month process of watching me and putting plans in place. At today’s sales meeting, I needed to quell a rumor of being panty-boy (albeit true). Olivia took the opportunity to say Bravo and ask me out for drinks.

She selected Sally’s—a notoriously gay establishment. We talked for hours and had torrid wet sex in one of the private booths. Our waitress, Kim—a close friend of Olivia’s, shared a few moments of kink with us as well. Olivia asked me back to her place and this is where Part II kicks in.

Summary—Part II

As we left, Kim asked if she could stop by Olivia’s after her shift at Sally’s. Olivia played a bit of a tease game before saying yes. She was sure if Kim should join us since this was our first plunge into erotic play together.

Olivia came from wealth and owned a country estate—appointed for kink. Our kink began with wet fun under a full moon in front of her villa. We left our clothes at the entrance as a sign for Kim. Inside Olivia was giving me a tour and had just finished with me in the ‘Flogging’ room– where using the tools of the trade I confessed my love of cock and anal sex.

A very important factor because Kim had just arrived…


The end of Part II…

Kim’s legs were long and they blended perfectly into her tear dropped ass. She was probably ten years younger than Olivia and hadn’t gone through the birthing process. There was a good reason for this; a thickening cock adorned her body much the same as mine, but infinitely more erotic.

Olivia glanced at me for my reaction. My cock said it all. Olivia whispered in my ear, “It’s why I asked about sucking cock and being fucked in the ass. Kim is so hot; I knew you’d like her but I had to make sure.”

We all met in the middle of the foyer, exchanging very lusty and sloppy kisses while our hands touched, fondled, squeezed, and pinched whatever they came in contact with. I made sure Kim knew I loved her cock. She showed me how much she loved mine by falling to her knees and moving into a wanton blow job. I could have cum right on the spot, but Olivia broke things up by saying “Where’s mine?”

Kim shifted from my cock to Olivia’s protruding clit and began licking and sucking it. Olivia steadied herself on my arm. She wore a glazed, almost crying look of pleasure. Kim was an expert and knew exactly how to get Olivia off. I was taking mental notes.

Olivia fell into my arms placing her hands in Kim’s long blonde hair. With one loud, quaking moan, Olivia came. I held her for a few moments and she quickly recovered. She then pulled Kim to her feet and began to lick her own juices from her face. Olivia gave me a side glance and I knew what was expected.

Falling to my knees, I took Kim’s seven inch cock into my mouth and attacked it as eagerly as she had mine. I had been with a trans-sexual before but never in such a setting. Those trysts were in some shady motel or back alley which always made me feel cheap. Tonight, sucking Kim’s cock was as natural as licking Olivia’s pussy.

Olivia broke things up saying we hadn’t completed the tour yet. She told Kim we visited the flogging room and I had performed brilliantly as slave Bradley. Kim had a look jealous of envy. Olivia gave Kim the choice of the next room to visit.

Kim didn’t hesitate and selected the ‘Room for Fluids.’

…to be continued…


Sally’s Part III

Olivia broke into a knowing, lusty chuckle and told Kim, “We’re saving that room for Saturday.”

Considering it was still Wednesday evening, what pleasures lay ahead?

We were just a few hours into being kinky lovers, and our kinks were meshing perfectly. However it did seem surreal: Olivia, the office manager; Olivia, the watch dog; Olivia, the prim and proper; Olivia, the rumored lesbian; Olivia, the seductive and erotic—taking me as hers. And me, Brad, a.k.a. panty boy; desirous of kink; wanting and willing to give myself to her; it was all very heady and moving fast.

Olivia continued, “We’ll still have wet fun, pissing is part of my orgasm; but the ‘Fluid Room’ is special and meant for parties.” Moving behind me, Olivia wrapped her arms around me and began caressing my naked torso while looking at Kim over my shoulder. Her breath was warm in my ear as she spoke, “I’ll show Bradley the room along with the rest of the house tomorrow; but at this point I think we all have a deeper need.” Olivia’s hand circled the base of my cock and shook it in Kim’s direction; emphasizing the word ‘need’.

Kim licked her lips, letting her gaze drop to my thick shaft and then slowly lifting her eyes to mine. “Well then,” Kim’s voice was low as she stepped closer to me, never breaking eye contact. “Then may I suggest the ‘Room of Boudoirs’? With the full moon and the cool night breeze we’ll be bathed in sexual luxury.” Kim’s long nails were tracing circles around my nipples with each word.

Olivia cooed in agreement, pressing her mound into my ass with a slow grind. Kim moved forward allowing her hard cock to brush against mine. Olivia took both in her hand and squeezed. Precum oozed from them and Olivia used it to lube the heads triggering reactions in both of us.

Kim moaned and pinched my hard nipples firmly with her painted finger nails. My knees buckle from the pain and pleasure. The three of us pressed together; cocks flat and rubbing against our smooth abdomens; and a wet, silky mound grinding into me. Olivia’s thick clit was pressed between my cheeks.

“I can’t wait to share Kim’s cum with you.” Olivia tongue was fucking my ear as she spoke. Kim’s mouth attacked mine and I began to suck her cock-like tongue wishing it to be the real thing. Six hands hungrily explored, groping whatever flesh they found. I would have dropped to the floor on that very spot if Olivia hadn’t given the word, “Let’s get to the room before I explode.”

We moved quickly to the staircase; each in a hurry, yet still fondling as we went. The room was at the top of the stair case. Olivia threw open the large double doors exposing the enormous expanse within.

Moonlight was streaming in through the floor to ceiling French doors making up the entire far wall. Long silks adorned each door. Kim didn’t hesitate to open each and the cool night air rushed in. The silks lifted and an erotic dance. The air bathed our bodies in sensual pleasure. .

Olivia was at the room’s control panel. Soft music began to fill the room and lights slowly illuminated a half dozen large circular beds strategically placed around the room. Each was the same, and no two beds were more than a step or two from the other. Black, sheer, silks hung from the ceiling forming a harem like perimeter around them.

Red satin sheets covered the plush mattresses. In the center was a mound of pillows covered in the same material. These may have been beds, but this room was not meant for sleep. It had but one purpose: sensual, erotic sex.

The remainder of the room was dark. The thick, dark pile of the carpet was warm and sensual to ones feet. Although you could see the walls and the ceiling, the design of the room dud not distract from the its intent.

Kim turned from the doors and sauntered to the center bed, her cock swaying before her. Parting the silks, she crawled towards us with a beckoning motion. Olivia led me to Kim who was now at the edge of the bed gently stroking her cock and opening and closing her mouth in a most inviting and familiar manner.

Before Kim could touch my cock, Olivia dropped to her knees and engulfed it. I moaned as she gave it three or four deep stroking sucks before letting it pop out. Without missing a beat, she guided it directly into Kim’s open mouth. Kim began where Olivia left off sending waves of desire up and down my body.

Rising to her feet, Olivia gave me a deep kiss before crawling onto the center of the bed. She elevated her ass, swaying it in wanton lust. Our eyes met as her fingers went to work on her protruding clit. Her juices ran thick and her aroma was intoxicating.

“Suck his cock. Get it very wet. Lube it well so it glides right into my asshole.” Olivia was now rubbing pussy juice onto her ass bud and slipping fingers in and out of the passage. Her eyes fixed on Kim’s mouth as she prepared her ass for what Kim was worshiping. Our random moans mixed with the sounds and soft night air. The atmosphere was intense. .

“Brad, I need you. I need your tongue in my ass. Finish getting me ready.” Olivia’s hands spread her cheeks wide offering me her slightly dilated hole.

Kim stopped her sucking and pulled me onto the bed. Crawling between Olivia’s parted ass my mouth covered her brown bud and instinctively sucked and licked it. My tongue circled and flicked around her hole. Olivia’s ass responded; pushing back into my face demanding my tongue to penetrate her.

Lost with need, I consumed her anus and pushed my tongue into her hole. Olivia’s bud opened further, allowing me to enter as deep as possible. It then clamped shut around my tongue capturing it in her passage. The musky taste drove me wild. We repeated these lusty actions over and over.

Hearing Kim moan, I gazed up to see her cock being greedily sucked by Olivia. Every one was frenzied. Our moans and cries intensified. We were over the edge.

Olivia moved onto her back, wrapping her legs around me in the process. She positioned her ass for penetration with the head of my cock at her entrance. I slowly pushed in my shaft. Olivia gasped, moaned and a lusty “Yessssss” poured from deep within her soul. Kim’s cock went back into Olivia’s mouth to be sucked while it fucked it.

Olivia’s ass loosened; taking me completely into her passage. The pleasure was overwhelming. The warmth of her ass drove me wild as we started a rhythmic fuck. Reaching up, Olivia pulled my head to hers. She wanted me to suck Kim with her.

Our tongues intertwined around Kim’s head and shaft. Olivia fondled her balls with one hand as the other went to her swollen clit. The tempo of our fucking, Olivia’s masturbating, and Kim’s thrusts were in synch and getting faster and faster. We were moments away from ecstasy.

Kim started shaking. She slapped at her tits and pulled her nipples. “Fuck yes, Fuck yes. I am going to shoot my load. Fill her asshole. Fuck her.” Kim was out of control/

Olivia moved her ass wildly making my cock dance inside her. My thrusts became animalistic. It felt like I was driving her through the bed. Our mouths greedily shared Kim’s cock head. We both wanted the first spurt of her white nectar.

Going stiff, Kim arched and unloaded. She was crying, screaming and yelling random words.


The first stream was Olivia’s but it didn’t matter. Kim’s hot cum filled both our mouths, splattering on our face and lips. It was too much for both of us—too much cum and too much lust. Olivia came in a torrent of piss and cum. Her juices splashed across my abdomen spraying all of us with her mixutre.

My balls erupted and streams of my cum filled her. Olivia’s colon spasmed. I could feel cum covering my cock as we continued to fuck. Our mouths were still entwined around Kim’s thick shaft. We kissed, pushing her cum to each other. Kim collected the cum from our face with the head of her cock and then feed it to us; moving it from one mouth to other.

Reaching between us, Olivia removed my cock from her ass and shoved it directly into her pussy. This shot more piss and nectar out of her, producing a small quaking orgasm.

Kim slid down next to us and joined our cum swapping entanglement. Olivia and I began a slow fuck; the squishing sounds of our union were hypnotic. The three of us licked and consumed all of Kim’s cum. Her taste was sweet and we sensuously savored every drop.

Eventually we slowed, collapsing into a heap, each rolling away from the other but staying close. No one spoke for a few minutes as we recovered from out lust. I came to life first sluggishly propping myself up on my side next to Olivia.

Our eyes met. There was tenderness in our gaze. We smiled and kissed one another as lovers. A bond was forming and we both knew it.

When Kim recovered, she propped herself up on the other side of Olivia. In a natural motion we pulled Kim to us including her as our lover. Kim and Olivia were glowing. I felt a comfort impossible to describe.

A light conversation started and Olivia told me she had been waiting a very long time for this night for. I told her I was blown away because I had no idea. Kim said she and Olivia worked this whole evening out over the past few months. Laughing she said, “I can’t tell you how many times we came pretending you were here.”

As we chatted my hands began to caress Olivia’s body. My gentle touches were having an affect on Olivia and Kim joined in. Her nipples tightened and her clit started to protruded from her lips. I moved to position my face closer to her mound.

I began a feather light tracing of Olivia’s outer lips, clit and mound. A renewed passion began to build in all of us. Kim slid down a bit giving her mouth access to Olivia’s nipples. Low throaty moans came from Olivia as Kim began to suck her nipples. Spreading her legs, moisture seeped from her box. Kim’s cock was getting hard. Mine was thickening in a hurry.

Round 2, 3, or whatever had just started.

The night continued like this. It took the first signs of daylight to bring the evening to a conclusion. Even then things were kinky. We all showered together in the adjoining bath. We freely pissed on each other, tasting, drinking and savoring the nectars.

Kim told us she had to get home for some sleep before heading back into Sally’s for the Thursday night bash. “I assume the two of you will be joining us?” Kim asked.

Olivia replied, “We wouldn’t dream of missing it.”

We all walked together to the front door—still naked. Our clothes were outside. Opening the door was a rush. The morning air was cool and being outside naked in the front of a house gave us all a rush. Kim dressed on the porch as Olivia and I gathered our things.

Kim needed to use Olivia’s car since her car was still at Sally’s. We agreed to talk later about taking care of the car situation. After a final goodbye kiss…one in which our tongues were again exploring one another… Kim drove off.

Olivia took my hand as we watched her car disappear down the road. Looking at each other we smiled and pulled each other into a deep kiss and embrace which began lovingly and ended up with Olivia’s pussy dripping and my cock stiff as a board.

“What a night,” Olivia sighed. “Let’s get some sleep. We have so much to do when we wake.”

Taking my hand Olivia led me back into her manor.

“And to think, we did all of this without any panties. Imagine…”

…to be continued…


This story will continue with…

Part IV—Thursday and Thursday Night at Sally’s

Part V—Friday—Alone at the manor

Part VI—The Saturday night party at the manor

Part VII—Sunday and the realities of going back to work

Part VIII—The conclusion

If you have a particular scene or fetish you wish me to include, please send me a note and I will do my best to work it in.

On an erotic forum, CandyCane gets a private message from someone who wants to play with her and tells her she is beautiful and would love to meet her.

Candy, being the naughty girl that she is decides to answer the private message and see who this “Amylin” was and if she was for real. She tests her by sending her a message on the forum which included her cell number and a request to send a picture…a naughty one.

A day passes and Candy forgets that she even dared Amylin to send a picture to her phone when her phone buzzes with a message as Candy is about to take her afternoon bath.

The message reads; “I didn’t send any message to you but I did read your biographical page and it’s so sexy.” She goes on to say;”I’m lying here on my silk sheets fresh from my afternoon bath with my dildo in my ass and want to see if you find my picture sexy?”

Candy scrolls down on the message but there is no picture attached to it.

Within a few seconds the phone buzzed again and it said; “Sorry, forgot the picture” and as Candy scrolls down on her phone to the picture she gasps as the picture appears on her phone of a smooth round beautiful ass being stuffed full of rubber cock, “mmm” Candy moans!

It was breathtaking and Candy could see that the dildo had to have been 4 inches in diameter and the rim of Amylin’s ass was stretched around that plastic monster barely visible except for the on off panel she was barely holding onto at the very end and the skin of her butt hole was bright pink all around the edge of the dildo.

Candy started to feel the heat rise in her thighs and her shaved sack start to get hot and full and her manpussy began to tingle.

She could feel her own anal juices started to flow as she bites her lip with excitement. Candy wanted to see more of this naughty girl and her toy and decided to text her back and asked “how does it feel to be so full of cock?”

Candy still wondered to herself…”is she playing games with me not admitting to the private message?”

As Candy waits for an answer, she starts to rub her shaved cock in the hot sudsy water and leans back to feel her hand sliding up and down her shaft. She opens her phone again and tried to zoom into the picture of the rubber dildo in Amy’s ass for a better look.

Just then the phone rings and startles her and Candy can see that it is an unlisted number. Should she answer? Candy would never answer unlisted numbers but,she hoped it was Amy? Candy clicks the answer button and could hear someone say in a lust filled very feminine voice breathing very hard,”Candy, Candy, please come and fuck me, I love you Candy and want to feel your cock in my ass!”

Candy thinks for an instant, “How does she know how I look” and remembers the pictures she had posted on the forum web site dressed as a slut.

In as low a voice as possible Candy answers “is this Amy? I loved your picture too”…hoping it was her.

Amy replies in gasps, “Yes, Candy it’s me and I’m still fucking myself with my dildo real good and I’m imagining it’s you fucking my brown eye so good Candy. Would you like to play with me, uuh, uuh” she says as she slams the rubber cock in her ass harder and harder?

Candy could hear the sounds Amy was making fucking herself with that big cock and she begins sliding her hand faster and faster up and down her cock.

The water starts splashing out of the tub and Amy kept hammering her ass with that cock saying “fuck me Candy, fuck me!”

The breathing on the phone was getting hotter and heavier by both girls and Candy could feel the lava starting to rise into her shaft saying “yes, yes, Amy make me cum.”

Amy began to cum on the phone line …”uuuhhh, I’m cuming Candy, oh my god, I’m cuming, I’m cuming, cum with me please, please!”

At the same time Candy let loose a long gut wrenching moan of pleasure “uuuuhhhh” as her cum shots all over the sudsy tub water and her hand.

Once the two girls began to subside and their breathing slows to a normal pitch, Amy said in a low voice “are you still there Candy? I’m sorry to call you in this fashion but I needed you after seeing your pictures on your biography in the forum.”

As Candy sat up in the tub, she whispers back “Thank you for the good cum and phone sex Amy, call me again sometime” and hangs up exhausted from the good cum.

Candy didn’t want to seem too eager to continue the relationship or to meet just yet and still wondered about Amy not admitting she sent the forum message. What if Amy wasn’t who she says she is?

What if Candy’s threesome lover’s Javi and Cheryl found out, what would they say?

A day or two passed and while shopping for sexy clothes, Candy’s phone buzzes and the message reads; “Can we play today?”

Candy knows instantly who it is and starts to imagine how Amylin looks and her juices start to boil inside her and her tummy starts to get jittery. She ignores the call for now, turns off the phone and puts the phone back in her purse and hurries home paying for her lingerie!

Once home, Candy prepare her bath as usual. She remembers the phone call and goes to her purse for the phone. She fill the tub and slides her clothes off and gets into the hot soapy water. She turns it on and opens the phone to find a picture of Amylin!

She is gorgeous…a young looking asian woman with black hair and very cute perfectly shaped lips.

She is impressed with her makeup and the way she is posing and loves her hair cut…a wedge. It fit her perfectly.

She looks about 5’7″, slender build and very sexy legs in white fishnet stockings and gorgeous thigh high hot pink stiletto boots. She has her hands on her hips leaning slightly to one side with one leg in front of the other in a very girly pose. She is wearing a black patent leather mini-skirt and a cute white blouse.

The sleeves are long and ruffled at the cuff and her jet black hair angles beautifully on the edges of her jaw line. Her eyes are dark like a panthers eyes, like black coal looking hungrily at Candy. Her makeup looked perfect…hot pink lips stick which matched her boots.

Her eye makeup is immaculate and of course hot pink nail polish on her feminine hands. She has pink eye shadow with white highlights on the upper part of her eyes and inside corners, Candy was impressed. The note attached to the picture simply said, “You like?”

Candy started to tremble thinking what to reply and decided to see if Amy wanted to have phone sex again.

Candy texts “Let’s play again in one hour, I’ll be waiting for your call after my bath” and closes her phone. Candy quickly finishes her bath and runs to her bedroom to get her naughtiest outfit on and realizes they could web cam each other if Amy has a computer!

She quickly texts her back and says “Do you have a web cam?”

As Candy grabs her laptop her phone buzzes and Amylin answers, “Yes, I can’t wait Candy, let’s play!”

Both girls are hurriedly getting their most slutty cloths on and getting more and more excited by the minute. Candy quickly puts on her lipstick, first the “V” with the lip liner at the center of her top lip then edges her top and bottom lips with the lip liner. Then the Red lipstick she loves to wear and now her plum eye shadow with the white high lights on the corners of her eyes.

Next she puts on her plum garter belt and matching bra and thong panties,her white thigh high boots and opens the drawer with all her toys next to her bed. Candy can’t resist and pulls out a 5″ inch long vibrating butt plug that is 4″ at the fattest part and slides it past her bright red lips wetting it in her mouth and slides it into her wet butt hole with a moan “mmm” as it slides in all the way to the groove at the base but, doesn’t turn it on yet.

Candy makes sure the string from her thong is over the end of her butt plug so it doesn’t slide out and grabs her feather whip and her elbow length gloves that match her bra and thong and tosses them on the bed. She gets her laptop computer set up on the bed and waits…tick, tock, tick tock.

Amy gets her peach teddy from her closet and slips it on over her cleanly shaved body then her thigh high hot pink fishnet nylons and grabs the anal lube and her dildo. The one she loves to stuff up her ass. She looks at herself in the mirror while she sucks the head of her plastic cock, “wondering if Candy is this big and how good it’s going to feel in her ass.”

She hurries to get her laptop set up on her bed.

Once she gets it set up, she starts on her makeup and quickly applies her makeup base. The she applies her eyeliner and peach eye shadow and applies her pale pink lip stick, having very plump lips she doesn’t need lip liner. She applies blush on her cheeks, her jaw line and her brow. She applies mascara with two strokes each eye and her black lashes stand at attention.

She quickly runs a brush through her freshly cut hair and it falls perfectly against her cheeks and jaw line. She grabs her white stiletto ankle strap heels and buckles the two straps on each side. She slips her peach garter under her teddy and clips her hot pink fishnet nylons to her garter and jumps on the bed with her toy cock and her computer and waits…tick, tock, tick tock.

Now the two girls are ready and both dressed like little sluts watching the clock till it’s time to play…tick, tock, tick, tock!

As the clock ticks away and approaching the hour mark, Amy is sucking her plastic lover lying on her bed and trying to deep throat it so she can impress Candy when they go on line. She slides it in deep but feels it stops at her narrowing of her throat where her throat ring is.

She tries to relax and closes her eyes and imagines its Candy in her mouth.

She is feeling so horny and cant wait and slides the cock out of her wet mouth and down her butt cheeks. She decide to push it in her hole just a little bit till its time but, it goes all the way in her now juicy butt hole.

As she begins to fuck herself the laptop rings “bling, bling.” She looks at the clock, its time, and she flips it open to see Candy dressed like a hot little slut. The screen is so close to Candy’s face and see’s she is licking her lips and blowing kisses and Amy can’t stand the seduction and she shoves her cock deeper in her ass and gasps Candy, you look so sexy!

Candy sees her new friend dressed so cute with her plastic cock buried in her smooth round ass. Candy turns her ass to the screen not to be out done and shows Amy her butt plug buried to the rim and reaches down to it and slides the fat butt plug in and out showing her butt rim getting stretched wide as it goes in and out.

The two girls start to fuck each other in rhythm and Candy flips on her plug to medium, bzzzzzz sending chills up her own spine.

Amy can hear the sound of Candy’s butt plug and wants to feel hers and flips hers to high BZZZZZZZZZ.

Now the girls are wreathing on their beds and both have their legs in the air jamming their asses full of plastic cock.

Neither girl expected to get right into fucking on the web cam but it felt so natural and their heightened pitch of lustful breathing becomes unbearable. Candy turns over with one hand on her butt plug and Amy glances at the screen and see Candy’s big dick in her other hand as she starts a erythematic stroking.

Amy shouts to the computer, “Let me suck your cock Candy, I want to taste it, I want to taste your lavasicle” and Candy rolls to one side shoving her cock to the screen.

Amy slides her tongue up the screen as Candy’s cock head rubs up and down the screen glistening from her precum and can see Amy’s wet saliva drip down the screen and Candy feels her cock stiffen as Amy continues to licks the screen and fucks herself hard with her dildo.

Candy points her cock at the screen and shoots a gooey glob of cum on her computer screen and Amy cums right on queue imagining how Candy’s cum tastes…”mmm, Candy fill my mouth up, I want your lavasicle in my mouth you little slut,” as she made licking sound on the screen “slurp, slurp!”

Candy squeezes her eyes shut and flips her butt plug to high BZZZZZZ and screams,”suck me you little cunt, suck me Amy, suck me dry, drink my lava baby girl!”

After a gut wrenching cum by both girls, they drop their legs totally spent and try and look at each other on the computer screen, both giggle because the screens are a mess as they wipe the screens off.

Once they turn off the their plastic cocks and finish wiping off the screens they both get comfortable on their beds and began to chat.

Candy of course being the dominate female starts the conversation, “Amy you are so beautiful, I love your toy?”

Amy replies “I’ve dreamed of meeting someone like you, your pictures are so beautiful and sexy” and Candy replys “Thank you.”

Their chatting revels that they are not that far apart and they both worked at the same business. They start to plan a naughty night out at a central location halfway between their locations in the western part of the country in person.

I wonder if they suspect I’m watching them and the one who initiated the forum private messages hee, hee, hee…time will tell, tick tock, tick tock!

Navi Sorab

I was at the bar on a Saturday night drinking as usual. I was scoping out the girls and hoping I could find something to spend the night with. I found absolutely nothing. I continued to drink and drink and drink until I blacked out for the most part and can’t really tell you anything after that. When I came too I was in what appeared to be a woman’s room, there was a fish aquarium in the room and it appeared to be early morning outside. I had morning wood and I was wearing some males bikini cut underwear. I rolled over and saw a photo of a beautiful African American lady. She had long hair and a beautiful shape to her. I must have had sex with this woman last night I thought! I stood up and didn’t bother putting a shirt or pants on because I wanted to have some 2nds that I would remember. I walked into the front room and nothing was going on..but I could hear a noise coming from the other room. Ahh good I thought, I walked toward the door and swung it opened looking for my lady.

What I saw when I opened the door I couldn’t believe. I saw a very muscular and thick black male being rode violently at an extreme rate of speed by what I formerly believed to be a woman. Who I now realized was a shemale, her breast and huge cock were swinging wildly as her stomach pointed towards the roof and her butt slammed against his mid-section. They both stopped quickly with an “oh shit” expression on their faces. I shut the door and quickly headed towards the bedroom to get my clothes and leave. When I arrived in the room I couldn’t find my clothes anywhere.

“I’m so sorry about that I thought you were still asleep.”

A female’s voice said.

“What in the fuck is going on? I was at the bar and I blacked out next thing I know I’m here…please tell me where my clothes are so I can leave!”

“Umm excuse me.”

She said in a very sassy voice.

“You were passed the fuck out in the middle of the alley near my garage when I came home from the club, I wasn’t gonna let you just lay there and die, so I decided to bring you in and wash your clothes that were extremely dirty. NO we did not do anything, I was just trying to help!!!”

I sat their without responding, I was puzzled and trying to piece the events of the night together.

“Now as for what you just saw! That’s none of your business and I am sorry you walked in on that but you should have knocked!!”

She said reaffirming her point. Now I felt better.

“I am so sorry, you have to understand, and I woke up with no clue of what happened. The first thing I saw was the picture of beautiful women next to the bed and I was in my underwear so I thought I had got lucky…I apologize…really.”

“Hold on one second, let me get rid of him…I already got mine anyway he can come back if he wants to get his.”

She said this in a joking manner. She walked out of the room, and I heard some light talking. As I sat there I picked up a picture of her…she really was beautiful I thought to myself. The vision of her coke bottle shape slamming up and down on that mans penis began playing over and over in my head. I kept seeing the semi-hard 9 or 10 swinging and bouncing off her inner thighs and then her stomach and down to his nuts. I felt my cock becoming extremely hard.

“You can come out now…he’s gone.”


I walked out to the front and she was wearing a nightgown. She was stunning, long hair, pretty face….I thought to myself and I couldn’t believe I really felt that she was hot. Maybe I’m hung-over I thought to myself..that’s just are hard up for sex.

“What’s your name?”

“Eddie, what’s yours?”

“Rhona, look your clothes aint gonna be ready for about 30 to 40 minutes. But look here is the remote..I got to take a shower and cleanup..I’m sure you know why.”

She said laughing a little bit as she finished her sentence.

“Here is the remote you can watch whatever you want.”

She said as she walked back into her room.

I had a hard on that I couldn’t believe, the precum was making the front of my undies wet! I was using the pillow on her couch to cover it in fear of being discovered as a tranny lover. She walked back to her room. I sat there now plotting. I want to have sex with her I thought, I don’t care if she is transgendered, she is hot! No one will ever find out I thought to myself. I grabbed the remote which appeared to control all aspects of the entertainment system..nothing was on that I liked. I decided to hit play on the DVD to see if anything was ready to play. When I did, I saw what looked to be the same room I was sitting in. A male was sitting on the same couch I appeared to be sitting on and then all of a sudden who appears but RHONA!! I heard the water running through the pipes so I knew I had a little time to watch the video before she came back and dried up. I hit fast forward on the remote and the two began kissing, then feeling…and then under dressing each other!!!! The male had pulled down her panties and began kissing her slowly as he worked his way closer to her penis. HE began sucking it. I couldn’t help myself, I pulled the fronts of my underwear down and started jacking off..precum was already all over my hands.

“I knew you liked what you saw when my pretty ass was getting fucked…I could tell.”

Rhona said. I was sooo embarrassed. She hadn’t even got fully in the shower yet, she was in a robe and now smiling at me. I sat there motionless as I quickly put my cock back in my wet underwear.

“Do you like me Eddie?”

Rhona appeared to be very high maintenance, she was tall probably about 6’1. Her hair was black and straight and came all the way down her back. Her nails were very long and painted, her toes were also painted and she has an anklet on. She was very thick, like a booty dancer almost. The only thing that was manly about this women was that lasso I saw swinging earlier.

“Do you like this?”

She opened her robe slowly to reveal very light purple panties and no bra at all. Her bulge was very big.

“Oh I know you do, you don’t have to answer me, you wanna know something Eddie…I looked at your cock last night while you were asleep since you were out cold and not responding to me. Actually I put my nose right near your exposed package while I played with my ass until Big Boy got here and fucked my brains out…just thought you should know that”

I was so horny but I was motionless, I didn’t know how to respond. Rhona walked over to me and moved the pillow away revealing my raging hard on in my briefs. She was standing in front of me now and I was sitting. She put her hands on her thick hips with the robe moved back on both sides and put her bulge about a foot away from my face. I hesitated for one second then I slowly leaned in and began kissing her stomach. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her panties. I pulled back after a minute or two of smelling the old sex that remained on her from her last encounter. I pulled down her panties slowly to see that light brown sugar stick and two nice sized chocolate eggs dangling underneath..she had a perfectly trimmed landing strip. Immediately after wards she grabbed my head with her left, grabbed her dick with the right and placed it right in my mouth. I began sucking on salty juices and big salami that was dripping sex juices.

“Get on all fours.”


I said and obeyed as I got on all fours on the couch. She yanked my underwear off and began toying with my ass…it felt very good, no one had ever put their hand there but I liked it a lot. She was completely hard, in between me sucking and licking on her huge shaft she would take her cock and slap me gently in the face with it. Her balls were juggling in and out of my mouth, they were smooth and smelt like perfume.

“Come here.”

Rhona said, she guided me to the bedroom and pushed me gently on to the bed. I was laying face down on a hard cock. She got on top of me and I felt her hard meat up against my right butt cheek. She handcuffed me quickly to the bed by both hands.

“Hey what the hell are you doing!! I don’t like this shit let me out!”

I demanded.

“Eddie I got to take a shower real quick…plus your little asshole is too little to take this entire dick baby.”

She said as she began playing with my asshole again

“I got to loosen it up first.”

She said as she opened up the counter and pulled out a nice sized dildo. It was about 6 or 7 inches and not very thick at all. She lubed me up and began slowly working the dildo into me. I would gasp then moan.

“You can’t handle me if you can’t take this little thing.”

Within 15 minutes she had got an even bigger dildo sliding in and out of me rather smoothly. My ass earned for more now and she knew it, with this it ended. She walked off and began showering. I laid there so horny but I couldn’t do anything. The lube that was in my ass slowly dripped out as I contracted my asshole together, the juices dropped down the back of my balls.

Finally after about 15 minutes she walked out of the shower completely nude. She put on a condom and walked behind me. She lifted my legs which were free up with my hands tied to the bedposts my ass was in the air. Her hot and thick tongue began licking on my ass cheeks and then right to the asshole as her tongue fucked my ass like a wet dick. My cock was hard and it had received no attention from the start. It just remained against my stomach for the whole time it seemed like. Next I felt a hot pinch in my asshole and then all of her force was coming behind it. She didn’t take her time at all; she began ramming away as I moaned deeply. Clap!clap!clap!clap!clap! grind.grind.clap!clap!clap!clap! the sound she was making fucking my ass was very loud. She was pulling my cheeks apart as far as she could while fucking me. It hurt so good finally, I couldn’t deny it. She put her weight on top of me and I went back down on to my stomach and she rode me now..I felt her very deep inside of me. I kept moaning and moaning louder and louder. She pulled out reached over me and uncuffed one of my hands..she flipped me over and recuffed me quickly, I was now on my back. She stood on the bed positioned herself over me and put her huge juicy mounds of ass up to my mouth and nose. I began licking her pretty pussy wildly about a minute into it slobber began drooling all over my chin and down her legs on to my chest. Her ass tasted wonderful.

“You sure know how to lick some ass for being straight, you sure you haven’t done this before?….here now let me suck that dick of yours.”

She leaned away and leads me in the opposite direction in 69 and I felt a hot mouth engulf my 7 inches of manhood like it was absolutely nothing. She went down to the base every time she slurped, from the head to the base, over and over again…her left hand was gripping my nuts tightly while her right was feeling on my ass and playing with my man pussy….I couldn’t hold back anymore. It was the best blow job I ever received in my life. I sprayed the hottest load I have ever shot deep in her throat.

“Mmmmm hmmmm.”

She moaned as I was shaking uncontrollably.

“Taste great!”

Is all I heard next..

“Now you’re gonna taste mine too.”

She told me as I laid there drunk from sex. She got in between my legs on her knees and that big dick slid back in me again for about 4 or 5 minutes as my limp stubby lay exposed soaking wet and unerect. She was moving at a very fast speed, she really knew what she was doing and I couldn’t even moan anymore…just lay there and let her get whatever she wanted of me. All of a sudden she moved to my side pulled her condom off and put 10 inches of grade A beef right in my face. She grabbed the other side of my head and began fucking my mouth, only about 3 inches of her cock was in mouth. She grabbed my underwear and put the middle of them underneath her nose as she shot a thick gooey load in my mouth. It ran out the sides and down on to the bed. She threw my underwear on the floor bent over and began kissing me deeply and licking and kissing all of her own cum in and around my mouth. She lay next to me and uncuffed me, we laid there and made out romantically as the day passed by but it was only 11 am.



“W-what do you mean?” I stammered, knowing full well what Jason had meant.

“You really think we’d invite you up here to toast to your change?” He scoffed, and my stomach sank as I realised how careless I had been. I really should have known.

I looked for an escape, a way out of this secluded forest clearing, a way to safety. But the three hefty soccer players surrounded me. And they were closing in.

Please.” I begged, appealing to Jason’s heart, if he had one. His cold blue eyes made his reply clear; they were blank, expressionless, devoid of sympathy.

“C’mon, Genevieve. Be a good little girl and get on your knees.” He growled, ignoring my pleading. But I wasn’t about to submit. Instead, I reached down swiftly and pulled the hunting blade from my boot, brandishing it defiantly.

Bryan and Chris backed away, frightened by the deadly weapon. I lamented leaving my handgun in the car, but the knife was just as deadly.

Jason didn’t move. His eyes were glazed over now, and with a wicked grin he stepped closer. The boys halted their retreat, waiting for their leader.

He stepped right in front of me, exposing himself to my knife.

“Well, Jenny, you gonna stab me? Go ahead, stab me. C’mon,”

“Please-” I begged. I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to hurt any one, not even this cruel beast.

“Well?” He crossed his arms on his chest, and looked around as if bored. “What are you waiting for?”

“Jason, don’t do this. Please don’t do this. Please.” Tears were running down my face now. He just smirked. And held out his hand.

So I gave him the knife. He snatched it up, then tossed if firmly over his shoulder, into the clearing behind.

“I always knew you were a bitch. Always being a sissy, hanging out with your girl friends, walking with that girly sway. , And just now you surrendered because you didn’t have it in you…in fact, you will have something in you real soon.” He laughed, shaking his head, and out of the corners of my eyes, I saw the boys beginning to close in again now that the threat of the knife was neutralised.

“And such a pretty girl you make,” He reached out and softly stroked his hand through my hair. I shuddered, but was too afraid to protest. His hand brushed over my lips. “My, what a pretty little mouth you have. Just like a girl’s. No wonder you decided to have a sex change.” The boys snickered. Jason took a step back.

“Yeah, the boys and myself just wanted to celebrate your….transformation with a little party. Isn’t that right, boys?” I was trembling, as the boys readily agreed, howling with laughter. “So why don’t you be a polite little girl, and take off those jeans for the boys?” He paced forward, threateningly. I knew he meant business.

“No.” I used the deepest voice I could muster, but I still sounded like a girl, a terrified one. Jason chuckled, as if he found my protest greatly amusing.

“Now, Jenny, that’s not showing much gratitude. We’ve been real supportive, very supportive of your change. Isn’t that right, Chris?”

“Real supportive, man. Real supportive.” Chris agreed.

“See, we’re nice guys. We even bought you dinner last night, didn’t we?” He looked at me expectantly. I nodded. They had bought me dinner last night at the steakhouse, but I thought they were just being nice. I should’ve known. “So, it’s only right that a girl shows a little gratitude to the men in her life. We help you out, you help us out. Reciprocation.”

My anger was growing. They had betrayed me. They had pretended to be happy for me, but they were just predators. They wanted their fill of me. But Jason was in my face now, staring me down with danger in his eyes. He was a hulk–a good 40cm or so over my head and maybe twice my weight in muscle–so I reached down to unbuckle my jeans. The boys whooped and hollered, and Jason smiled at my defeat. I was crying as I undid the button and let the jeans slide down to rest at my feet.

The boys whistled. Jason’s smile widened; it was almost ear-to-ear now. He was loving every second of my humiliation. I just sniffled and stare at the ground, my face burning from the shame.

“Those are some cute panties you got there, Jennie. Pretty flowers. But not as nice as those smooth legs,” I cringed as he reached out and brushed his hand against my outer thigh. ” Smooth as a newborn, with just the right amount of meat on them. He gave my thigh a playful slap, and I cried out in surprise. “Sure are jumpy, aren’t we? I stared at the ground. I couldn’t really believe this was actually happening. It felt like it was happening to somebody else.

“Answer me, Jenny.” Jason growled

“Yes, I am jumpy.” I looked up at his eyes through my tear-blurred vision. Then he slapped me. Hard, across the face. The slap resounded across the clearing, and I fell over, entirely taken by surprise. I stayed on the ground, stupefied, then I began to sob.

“It’s yes-sir to you! Don’t you dare disrespect me, woman!” He ordered me to get back up, and so I did. “Now, take everything off except your underwear. Now.” His voice was cold, no longer mocking, but full of threat. I didn’t want to be hurt again.

“Yes, sir.” I replied in my girl voice, and stepped out of my boots and jeans. I removed my t-shirt quickly and flung it on the ground. The cool air felt bizarre against my exposed skin, and I shivered as I stood before my captors in just panties and brassiere. I decided to just play along with these sick fucks and get it over with. But they were just beginning.

“Good girl, that’s a good girl. Now, from now on you’ll do as you’re told. Any lip and Bryan here is going to grab a switch and we’ll make sure you regret it. Understood?” I winced at the thought of being held down and thrashed. I remembered my painful childhood punishments.

“Yes, sir.” Jason stepped back, admiring my body. He nodded his approval, then reached out to grasp my left breast. I flinched. His hand cupped it firmly, squeezing. I whimpered, because they were still growing, and so very sensitive. “So small, but, god, you really do have boobs.” His voice was gentle now, almost filled with awe. His squeezing continued, and I squirmed uncomfortably. “How did you hide these for so long?” He looked up, and it took me a minute to realise that the question was not rhetorical, but of genuine curiosity.

“Ace bandage–you wrap them–sir.” Despite my tears and uncomfortable situation, I calmly explained how I had carefully hid my breasts for the past few months until I was ready to come out as transsexual.

“So nice.” He suddenly gave my breast a rough squeeze, and I yelped out and tried to pull away. He tugged roughly at my bra. “Take it off. Now!” It was a command and I wasn’t ready to find out what would happen if I disobeyed.

“Yes, sir.” I reached behind and unclasped the flower-printed article and let if drop to my feet. The breeze teased my sensitive nipples and a shiver ran up my spine. Jason whistled, then he nodded at the boys, and before I could interpret the meaning of the gesture, the boys had each taken hold of my arms, and held me firmly in front of Jason. Exposed. Vulnerable.

The sobs came back; I couldn’t help it. Why were they doing this to me? What did I do to deserve this?

“Please stop, Jason. Please, let me go home, sir. I never did anything to you!” Jason ignored my desperate pleadings and instead began torturing my nipples. Using his hand and mouth, he began to bite, rub, pinch and squeeze my sensitive aerolas, and I squirmed uncontrollably from the discomfort. I cried aloud.

“Stop, pleeeeasse! No more! Noooo!” I was bawling now, but he didn’t relent. The two boys were laughing hysterically at my distress. My words turned to squeals, and the pain from my breasts was unbearable. I thought I was gonna die.

But nobody could hear me. The clearing was several miles from any semblance of civilization, and our campsite, where I assumed Mark was still sleeping, was a good three miles east, over a foothill. Eventually, as the sensation dulled, I wondered if I was the boys’ first victim. Maybe other girls had suffered here, in this same clearing. Maybe they had wondered the same thing. I cursed my naivety. I was such an easy victim. I was weak, alone, and I couldn’t report this; the boys were untouchable. No body would give a shit that a transsexual had been taken in the woods. Some would even believe that I had it coming.

Finally, Jason relented. My bosom throbbed, but I was still alive.

“Alright. Lay her down. On her belly.” I slumped in their arms defeated, and they threw me forward onto the ground. I lay still in the grass, having given up. I felt Jason slide my panties off, and I guessed what would follow, but I didn’t move nor protest. I just stared into the woods to my right.

It sounded like a distant dream as he spat onto his fingers and said something about my ass. Then I felt his finger, and the world around me came rushing back. I was suddenly aware that I was about to be raped, and now that I had already allowed myself to be made completely vulnerable, I decided that I did want to fight back after all. I tried to push off the ground, I really did. But Jason was on top of me, and my strength had waned since I began taking the androgen blockers. I desperately tried to wriggle my way free, but Jason roughly grabbed my shoulder and hauled me back into position.

“No!” I reached behind me, blindly striking, but Jason just laughed at my weak blows. I tried to get on my side, but Jason merely pushed me back onto my stomach again. I tried kicking my legs, to no avail. I tried everything, but He was big, and I was small, and I had let myself, in my tormented stupor, to be trapped by his weight. So I would pay the price for my stupidity.

“What’s the matter, Jenny? Just gonna take your virginity is all. Gonna make you a woman. My woman.” He whispered the last two words in my ear as he unbuckled his belt. I thrashed about helplessly, but his weight anchored me to the ground and he unzipped his fly.

“Stop! No, no, no, no, no. Don’t do this. Don’t rape me, please!” I whined, all dignity forgotten. The boys stood by, watching the spectacle, hungrily waiting for their turns. Then I felt him. He rested himself against my anus, and I clamped down reflexively. “My god.” Those were the last words I whispered before he plunged into me.

My scream ripped through the afternoon air like a gunshot to fill the sky with its agony. I’m sure it must’ve been loud as hell, because in that moment, when Jason plunged his nearly-20cm into my virgin anus, I saw stars, and my fingers clawed deep into the hard, dry soil while my back arched violently upward. I had never known such pain before in my life. I felt completely filled up, and stretched to the limit.

Jason repeated his ramming, each thrust deliberately pulling himself out and slamming back to the hilt with calculated cruelty.

“Such a tight one, boys. She’s definitely never had a man before.” He laughed as he pounded into me. My body jolted uncontrollably with each thrust, and it took me a minute to realise that I had begun wetting myself. I couldn’t stop. “Look at that, she’s pissing herself. My god, this is great!” He laughed. My face was now covered in a mixture of tears and mucus, my pleas reduced to blubbering, and I didn’t much care that I had lost control. I just wanted it to end.

The rape lasted for what seemed like and hour. Eventually, my cries of pain subsided and I lay limp in the grass as Jason pounded away, occasionally slapping my rump hard and grunting. Then, his thrusts began to increase in intensity and frequency, and he picked my hips off the ground and held himself deep inside of me as he orgasmed. I didn’t react as I felt him unloading inside me, even though it was a new and strange sensation.

He pulled himself out of me, and my hips fell back to the earth. He slapped my bottom, then pulled my hair, forcing my head back and off the ground.

“How was that Jenny, how did it feel to be my bitch? ” He laughed, then dropped my head back to the ground. I just lay there, crying silently into the dirt. Warm fluids were running from my rectum onto my thighs, and I wondered if I was bleeding, or if it was the just the semen from my rapist.

Then I felt someone new on top of me. I groaned mournfully as I heard his fly being unzipped.

The second and third rapes were not as painful as the first, and they were quicker, too. I just laid there and took it while they got their rocks off. By the time all three were finished, my rectum was throbbing, and I reluctantly placed a finger between my legs to discover whether I was bleeding. I found no blood, only discharge. I slumped back down.

I heard hushed voices a few feet away, sounded like an argument. I was too exhausted to care about anything, even the fact that I had been given an opportunity to escape. I slept.

There’s a bit more action this time around. There’s at least one more chapter in this and that may be it. I hope I’ve pleased the readers who liked the slowly developing story, but I do worry that this may not have had the slow burn they were hoping for.

* * *

When Brad woke on Saturday morning it was the first morning he wasn’t disoriented, obviously he was settling into the routine of sleeping on Sara and Daphne’s couch. Today was another day off work. He thought back over the week’s events, from learning Sara had a cock by spying on her shagging some chick doggy style by peeking through the gap under her door, to the blissful yet confusing session he had last night by taking Daphne up her back passage.

Thinking of Daphne he looked over to her door, and seeing it left slightly open, he assumed that she had already left for the day, probably off to the gym quite early. He really wanted to talk to her, to try and gauge how she felt about last night. After he’d cum, she’d pretty much dismissed him from her room, and then she’d proceeded to masturbate pretty loudly. He’d never even been given the opportunity to go down on her and he felt a little slighted at not getting the opportunity to even the scales.

Brad decided to spend the day cleaning up around the apartment. He wanted to repay the girls any way he could, and a bit of extra cleaning would surely be appreciated.

* * *

Saturday afternoon found Brad down at his local pub catching up with a couple of mates.

His day of cleaning had been pretty productive. He’d never seen so many feminine items around the place before, as he’d never lived with women. Mostly he ignored them, but it was an eye-opener to read some of the labels of various products. Who knew your face needed its own special cleanser?

His ‘mates’ had apologised of course for not being able to offer him a place to crash, but he could tell only a couple were truly sincere.

After a few rounds he found himself alone with Jeff, who he’d never really clicked with, though they were mates to a degree. He’d always found Jeff a little weird, like, slightly perverted and always turning the conversation dirty.

Sure enough, Jeff was soon talking about the latest chick whose panties he’d gotten into. Brad’s attention skyrocketed when he heard Jeff say, “– I thought maybe she had a cock for a moment there, but no, she just had a really huge mound and a thick thatch of hair, know what I mean?”

Up until now Brad had been giving monotonous answers, almost willing Jeff to leave, but now he was riveted, “Thank god right? I mean, what if she’d had a cock? Barf city right?”

“No way man. I mean, this chick was smoking, and I mean smoking hot. If she’d turned out to be a gender bender, I’d have turned her around and gone in the service entrance. After all, I’ve been there before,” he actually looked smug.

“You mean anal sex, yeah of course, but with… with a guy… or a chick who was or kind of is a guy?”

He was still smug, proud even, “You’ve obviously never been to Thailand. You’d be surprised how hot, and how feminine some shemales, sorry, transgenders, can be Brad. I’ve had more than a couple of experiences with them, and I’ve got to say, they’re some of my hottest memories.”


“A hundred percent truth man.”

“Because…” Brad wondered if he should be sharing this with anyone, but Jeff certainly didn’t seem like he’d judge. Jeff waited patiently; he could see that Brad was struggling with something. “You know the two chicks, the neighbours I said were helping me out, letting me crash?”


“Well, I kind of caught one of them… well, spied really. I looked under her door one night while she was moaning and groaning, and I swear, she had someone bent over on her bed, and she was doing them doggy style.”

Jeff didn’t look impressed, “Nah, from the sounds of them they’re a couple of rug-munchers, she was probably just using a strap-on.”

Until then, Brad hadn’t considered the possibility that the other party had been Daphne, who he had since taken up the arse himself. Was she the chick that Sara had been doing? Was Daphne also the owner of a penis? She’d wanted it up the arse last night, was that because it was the only hole available? Jeff was taking a swig of his beer when Brad interrupted him, “Well there were no straps, and besides, her balls looked pretty real to me.”

Jeff coughed and spat his beer back into his glass. Obviously he wasn’t completely unflappable. Finally, he managed to cough out, “No shit?”

“I’m not kidding.”

“Wow.” Jeff took a moment to digest it, and then tried to ask the question forming slowly in his head, “So how… do you… did you bar up? Are you going to hit it?”

This was a pretty intimate question from not a close mate. Brad would be much too scared to ask anyone else though, fearing they would judge him. Jeff, though, was unlikely to judge him. “Are you gonna keep this to yourself?”

“For sure, I know who I am and I’m happy, but I’d never go spreading around the secrets of others. Have you ever heard me mention a single name of any of my conquests?”

Brad thought about it and realised he had a point. Jeff bragged, a lot, but he never actually named names or singled anyone out. They could sit in a room full of women Jeff shagged and Brad would never be able to tell. The same could not be said for all of his mates. “True.”

Brad had been thinking about Sara’s cock constantly, wondering what it looked like, how well she used it, how big it was, how thick, how it looked in conjunction with her titties and booty, how it would look fighting to escape from tiny little feminine panties. He’d never had any interest in cocks other than his own before, and never had any interest in men. He’d been in footy locker rooms and never even been tempted to look. As for Daphne, he’d not even begun to wonder what she might be packing, or the thought that the two chicks might both be transgender and sharing a bed. Brad embarrassedly realised his cock was getting hard. It wasn’t tenting his pants, but the blood was definitely heading there and thickening his rod.

Jeff was patiently waiting again, cautiously drinking his beer.

“It did,” Brad knew it wasn’t enough, “it did get me hard, and I keep getting hard just thinking about the possibility. I’m like a teenager again, getting random erections at bad times.”

He expected Jeff to smile at him, make fun of him, but he didn’t. “You’ve got it Brad. You’re attracted to her. I don’t mean to go all psych on you, but how do you feel about that?”

“I don’t know. I think I should feel weird or disgusted with myself, but I don’t.” He looked at Jeff, again appraising him for how much he was willing to trust him, and how much he was willing to tell him. “To be honest, I’m interested, excited and scared.”

“Sounds normal to me considering your situation.”

“So you’ve had sex with… a transgender?”

“Are you gonna keep this to yourself?” he asked with a wry grin.

I returned the grin, accepting the jibe.

“Both ways buddy, I’ve taken and been taken.”

“Ok,” Brad answered, letting that revelation sink in. The thought aroused him, not thinking about Jeff, but being in Jeff’s situation. He imagined getting in behind Sara, shagging her and watching her imagined dick swinging around. He then imagined the roles reversed, Sara behind him doggie style, mashing her big tits into his back while she shafted him and stroked his hardened cock.

Jeff broke his musings, “Listen, I have to go unfortunately.” Jeff grinned, “I have a date, and it’s one I don’t want to miss. But take my number, and if you ever want to talk to someone, call me. I know my kinks, and they’re deep and numerous, but I’m one of the most stable, happy people you’ll meet, so I won’t judge you. But you need to think about things, and examine how you feel about them. Don’t go doing anything stupid.”

Jeff got up and left Brad at the bar, and Brad got another beer.

Jeff had turned out to be quite a surprise.

Brad thought about Jeff’s advice, what would be the stupid thing to do? It would be stupid to react angrily, but Brad hadn’t really felt any anger.

Would it be stupid to confront Sara? Probably, after all, the only reason he knew all about it was because he was spying on her. Yes, definitely stupid to do that.

The smartest thing was probably to just remain ignorant. If they wanted to tell him they would. In fact, he now had an advantage in that if they decided to tell him one day, he wouldn’t be taken by surprise.

Brad realised that he was now thinking with the assumption that Daphne also had a secret between her legs. He had to be careful not to be surprised if it turned out she didn’t have a penis, because that would be extremely insulting to her.

* * *

Despite having been at the pub for most of the afternoon, he still beat Daphne home. He wasn’t sure where she’d been off to all day, and she wasn’t obliged to tell him.

He’d left just a little bit of laundry to do when he got back from the pub. The girls were lucky enough to have a small European laundry in their apartment. He’d used it a couple of times during the week. This time however, Daphne had left some of her clothes on the washer. Well, he assumed it was Daphne judging by the clothes.

His mind jumped two steps and he was thinking that he was definitely a pervert. Despite that, he couldn’t help acting on his first thought. He was going through Daphne’s clothes. There were a few work blouses, skirts, pants, but of course Brad was interested in more intimate items.

Finally he felt the cup of a bra. He checked the label, supremely curious to know the size of Daphne’s sweater puppies. 34E. Wow. He knew they were big; they looked big, heck they looked hefty, but seeing it written down, confirmed, was something else. Thirty-four meant she had a pretty small chest, but E for the cups was big, especially on a 34 chest.

Brad found a couple of thongs. The temptation to hold them up to his face and have a sniff was strong. He resisted though, he was a pervert for looking through her things, but he decided he had his limits as well.

Once his laundry was done he sat on the couch that had become his bed and stared at the TV. He was getting peckish, but didn’t want to organise dinner in case Daphne also hadn’t eaten in the hope that she’d be agreeable to eating together.

Brad was just about to surrender to his stomach when he heard a key in the door. Daphne breezed in with a huge grin, “Hey Brad, how’s your day been?”

Brad smiled in reply, “Alright, you?”

“Fantastic. Have you had dinner?”

“I was just about to. Did you want to grab something together?”

“Let’s order a pizza. Why don’t you call up now, I’m starving,” she said as she headed for the bathroom.

Brad ordered and was watching TV again when Daphne emerged from the bathroom. She was wearing a grey track suit. You couldn’t get that girl out of sporty clothes, Brad thought to himself. The top was tight, but he wasn’t surprised considering he now knew she was rocking a 34E bra. Her sweat pants were of that Pink brand, and were designed to be tight across her arse and hips, while being loose and flowing further down her legs. Her top was zipped up and there wasn’t much cleavage on display, but sometimes, Brad thought, it was what a girl didn’t show that made all the difference.

They had slowly devoured the pizza and chatted about their respective days while The Big Bang Theory played on the TV. They’d shared similar days, although instead of cleaning, Daphne had spent a couple of hours at the gym. They’d both spent the afternoon hanging out with friends.

They were sitting quite close on the couch. Brad kept stealing glances at Daphne, her full, kissable lips, her delicate ears holding back her silky brunette hair.

Thinking of Sara, he studied Daphne surreptitiously, searching for some clue as to whether or not she might be hiding a secret between her legs. If there was a sign, he couldn’t find it. The old, reliable, Adam’s apple was certainly not there, and her face certainly had no masculine signs. Her body was loudly female, her hips and butt declaring her to be all woman.

Brad thought back to last night. The steamy action he’d had on the couch and in Daphne’s room. He’d do it again in a heartbeat, despite not knowing what she had up front. She’d been less than sober last night. Was it stupid to put the moves on her? Maybe it was, but Brad decided that she’d put the moves on him last night, so surely it was ok for him to give it a shot now. All she could do was say no… and kick him out to the streets… the thought gave him pause.

It was worth it, he decided.

He slowly slid his arm along the back of the couch in that cheesy, tried and true method. He daren’t touch her yet though. She didn’t seem to notice.

What now, the obvious cough or yawn?

Suddenly she snuggled into him, and he seized the opportunity to move his arm down around her shoulders.

They were snuggled up together on the couch watching TV. It was nice. It was what he’d lost with his last girlfriend long before they’d broken up. They’d been out of love for a long time.

Why was he thinking of love? He didn’t love Daphne, but he realised he really like her. She was kind and bubbly, full of energy. And she loved anal sex and had a tight, buxom, sexy body. What could she possibly be missing?

He wrapped his hand around her shoulder. The progress was slow, but he started his progress towards her breast. It was like being a teenager, trying to sneak a feel of his first, frigid, high school girlfriend. It was fun and exciting, so far so good.

When he finally reached her breast he could feel it. She was softer, her tits were softer. She had a hard body, obviously from all the exercise she did, but there were no muscles in her boob to make them hard.

Gently, he moved his hand down and around until he was in position to grab a handful of tit. Finally, he could take no more and gave a gentle squeeze.

Daphne gasped, “Brad!” She turned to look at him and smiled. She bit her bottom lip and looked into his eyes. She put her hand over his and moved it so he was completely cupping her breast before forcing his hand to give it a squeeze. “I’ve never had that move put on me you know, but I used to dream about it.”

Encouraged, Brad began to feel her up in earnest. Her breasts were every bit as large and full as their 34E tag promised. He filled his other hand with her opposite breast and began truly kneading them, causing her to moan, “Mmmm.” She closed her eyes and laid her head back against his arm and the couch.

She’d kept her hair up in a pony tail, giving him an unobstructed view of her neck and delicate shoulder blades. She was taller than him by a few inches, but she was certainly of slighter frame judging by her beautiful neck and shoulders.

As he studied her face, thrown back and dreamy with pleasure, he’d unknowingly slowed his caressing of her breasts. She blearily opened her eyes and looked into his. He pulled her to him and they locked lips hungrily. He ran his hand down her back and slipped it beneath the waistband of her sweats.

He felt the telltale thin lace of a thong and passionately gripped her arse and pulled her against himself even harder.

Her hands were in his hair, gripping and pulling, mashing their faces together.

He moved his hand to her hip, staying within her pants and feeling that supremely erotic and sexy thong over her smooth skin.

She pulled away and grabbed forcefully at his pants, trying in vain to simply yank them off. Brad levered himself up and helped her get them off.

His 7″ and a bit cock was standing to attention in his boxers. Before he could remove those as well, Daphne beat him to it, but not in the way he expected. She playfully nipped his covered cock, before biting his waistband and removing his boxers with her mouth alone.

She sank to the floor between his legs as his boxers were finally removed. He looked down at her on her knees, hair pulled back in a pony tail, looking up at him with smouldering eyes.

She tentatively placed her hands on his thighs, capturing his cock between her hands without actually grabbing it. She stuck out her tongue and slowly ran it up the underside of his rod.

He threw his head back in ecstasy, as she ran her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft, curling her tongue so that it cupped the long shaft.

He reached down and ran his fingertips along her jaw line, before tracing them down her neck and across her collarbone.

She worked her tongue up each side of his dick, and got her lips involved as well, sucking and kissing his rod.

“Daphne!” he exclaimed, over come with pleasure, “Oh god Daphne, please… please… put it in your mouth. Please suck my cock Daphne?”

She smiled at him as she continued to tease him, licking his shaft up and down both sides, over and over again. It was clear that she was enjoying teasing him.

He thrashed his head around in frustration at her teasing and pleaded with her, “God, please, Daphne…”

She relented, and swallowed his cock. It felt to Brad like she had literally removed his cock, stuck it in her mouth and swallowed it down her throat.

He looked down at her again to see her deep-throating him expertly, not even a hint of a gag reflex. He had no idea how she was making his cock feel so good, but she must have been doing something with her tongue and swallowing action.

“OH GOD DAPHNE! FUCK! Oh god, you suck my cock so good. Uhhhh. Yeah. Suck on that dick Daphne.” Brad’s hips were pumping futilely, as Daphne had complete control of him, moving her head and neck as necessary to not allow Brad to either withdraw or pump forward, teasing him deliciously. “Oh fuck yes. Hurrrrr.”

What she was doing was amazing, but still, Brad found the lack of a pumping motion was becoming frustrating. This woman was amazing, able to take him to a whole other plane of teasing.

“I have to fuck you girl. We’re going to fuck,” he laid it out. He stood up, withdrawing his cock from Daphne’s mouth and throat.

“MWAH!” she said as the tube steak was removed. She looked a little scared, but Brad was too far gone to stop now.

“Maybe… maybe we should stop,” she tentatively stated.

He reached down and unzipped her track top, pulling it from her, revealing her round 34Es held only by a smooth, restrictive sports bra.

He grabbed the hem of her sports bra, and in one swift move pulled it up over her head and off. She was obviously agreeable as she lifted up her arms to help.

He watched, mesmerised as her big, heavy breasts were pulled and stretched upwards by the bra, before bouncing back into their natural, round shape and position.

“Brad, I think we should stop,” she said, a little more confidently.

Brad slid his hands down the outside of each breast, hunching his back and hips to reach down, unintentionally bringing his cock back to Daphne’s lips, where, after a moment’s hesitation, she mouthed and made out with the head sensually. He reached further down, around and under her udders, to heft and lift them, shaking them and making them jiggle. He curled his fingertips up towards the front, tickling the tips of her nipples and flicking them, bringing both he and her pleasure.

He had a pretty good idea she wanted him to stop because she wasn’t exactly in control this time, and was probably worried he might find a little secret in her panties. But he’d been operating under the assumption of its existence anyway. In fact, he knew the thought was giving him an extra erotic charge. So he had no fear concerning that. If she wanted to stop for some other reason, she’d have to tell him soon.

She knelt in front of him, half his cock in her mouth being lovingly kissed and sucked, while he crouched over her, caressing and jiggling her hefty tits in his hands.

She made a few grunts, and he could feel her trying to extract herself from his cock, but their positions made it difficult. He didn’t want to make her do something she wasn’t happy with though, and so he released her bountiful bosoms, stood up straight again, before removing his shirt, leaving him naked.

She pulled her mouth off his cock, leaving it to wave, rigid, in the air. She looked up to him.

“I’m sorry Brad, I don’t think we can do this,” she said.

“I can do this, I want to do this, and I need to do this. You’re driving me wild Daphne. You’re so beautiful. I have to get back inside your tight arse again.”

She frowned slightly at that. “You don’t know what you’re asking.”

“I think I do actually,” he said.

He placed his hands under her armpits and helped her to stand. Pulling her to her feet, his hard-on pointed right at her pubic mound, her slightly taller height causing that.

He took her in his arms and pulled her in tight. She angled her hips down, and off to the side, away from his own, pretty much confirming his suspicions. She was worried he would feel her and freak out no doubt. She had no idea he’d already worked it out and was really excited. His erection was pressed tight between them, pressed up against her abdomen and thigh.

“Uhhhh,” she moaned, and held tight to his back, her head going over his shoulders and nuzzling into his own head.

Starting at her shoulder blades, he slowly massaged her back, moving his hands down her naked back. When he reached her waistband he didn’t even pause, quickly sliding his fingers beneath her sweatpants and again feeling the delicious lace of her thong.

He needed to do this quick he figured, not give her time to react until it was clear that he was all in. He had no idea what he would find, how she had things aligned down there, and to be honest this would be his first time even seeing a dick on a girl, but he figured he had to prove he was ok with it very quickly.

Hooking his thumbs over the waistband of her pants and thong, he stepped back from her, reefed down her pants and thong and dropped to his knees in front of her, all in one motion.

“OH!” she exclaimed, “What are you doing?!?”

She was trying to step back and turn away from Brad, but he’d kept her pants just high enough that they trapped her legs and she couldn’t easily step out of them.

Brad stared at her crotch, confused. She had a small patch of trimmed pubic hair above a completely smooth mound. It was different, not like anything he’d ever seen in any porn. There was more definition than a normal girl’s mound. It looked sort of more, out, or taller, and round. It actually looked, sort of like there was a tube, tucked down around between her legs… IDIOT! She had her penis tucked between her legs, of course she did. He’d been expecting to see a shaft either hanging in front of him, or even an erect cock, possibly even a regular pussy, but this actually made more sense.

“Brad, let me go,” she cried.

Daphne struggled to move, to escape exposure of her secret, but he’d trapped her well, and held her with his hands on her tiny, pert bum so that she couldn’t escape. Her struggles were however working her penis loose.

It slowly appeared, worked from between her thighs until it hung in front of his face.

Her struggles ceased when he pushed his lips against the shaft in a soft, tentative kiss.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, “what… what are you doing… don’t… you… can’t see…” she muttered unintelligibly, staring down at him now.

He had no idea what he was doing, but he figured the most important thing had been to get her out of her panties, get her secret out, and show her he was fine with it by touching it. And it seemed to have worked.

“Oh Brad, what are you doing?” she asked, breathlessly.

“I knew, well, I suspected that… that you were… that you had…” he wasn’t sure how to continue, so he placed another kiss on her penis, and watched as it lurched.

“A penis? A dick? How did you know?” she asked.

Her hand was on his head, softly ruffling his hair.

“I…” he started, wondering if he was ready to give a full confession. “Well, the other night I couldn’t sleep, and I heard a noise from Sara’s bedroom. And… well, I know it’s bad, but I snuck a look under her door.”

“You pervert, Brad,” she replied, without any sting to the statement, more like simply stating a fact.

She bobbed down to disentangle herself. Brad leaned back to give her room, but stayed on his knees.

“I know, it was a terrible thing to do but… what I saw… well I couldn’t get it out of my mind,” feeling he needed to make a full confession before she judged him, he forged on. “And then, the other night when we got together, and you wanted me in your arse, without any pussy play whatsoever, followed by kicking me out and having an orgasm all to yourself, well… that was emasculating. I got to thinking about it, and then after a while, I sort of added the two things together and assumed that… you too had… were… had a penis,” he finished, uncertain again.

She stood back from him, naked now, her penis was probably average, maybe a little under, since Brad considered himself to be average and he knew he was bigger than her. It looked to be about half hard and maybe 5″ long, though not too thick. She looked down at him, kneeling on the floor.

“So you still want to play? Even though you know I have my little plaything?” she asked, and softly caressed it.

Brad peeled off his remaining clothes and stood up to face her, his cock rock-hard.

“Does this answer your question?” he retorted, then manoeuvred the rigid, fleshy head of his rod to bump into her own, mainly achieved because of their differing heights because he was hard and long, while she was not.

Suddenly she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him against her. The movement caused his rod to slide down between her legs and bump up against her butt cheeks. Her own hardening penis was sandwiched between them. Her lips hungrily assaulted his, her tongue invaded his mouth, searching for, finding and sliding sensually all over his tongue.

He took a moment to get over his shock, and then returned her enthusiasm, sliding his own tongue into her mouth and reaching around to fill his hands with her tight, pert little bum. As they kissed, he kneaded her cheeks in his hands, rolling the tight flesh around like dough, and occasionally giving them a light, playful slap. Her hands roamed his back, caressing his shoulder blades, and slid down his back to pinch his bum.

His rod was rock hard, lodged between her legs and rubbing between the bottom of her butt cheeks, his kneading action rubbing the top of his cock. He could feel her penis slowly harden as well, sandwiched between their thighs and slowly climbing higher.

She pulled her mouth back and told him breathlessly, “Come on, let’s go to my room,” she grinned at him, “and this time I might let you stay a little longer.”

He grinned back at her, not letting go of her butt cheeks just yet.

“Is this yours?” she asked and reached behind her to fondle his cock head.

“It’s yours tonight,” he replied, clenching and causing his rod to bounce a bit in its tight cocoon.

“Let’s go,” she said and released him.

As she stepped away, he let her go, but she grabbed hold of his shaft to lead him to her room like a dog. If he’d had a tail, it would have been wagging.

Once in her room, she turned around and fell onto her bed on her back and moved upwards. She reached over and grabbed some lube from her nightstand and was soon lathering it over her arse, with her legs spread lewdly wide. Her other hand used a bit of lube to stroke her hard, little cock.

“Are you going to fuck me?” she asked, staring into his eyes as she worked a couple of fingers into her bum, lubing it up.

He looked down at her ministrations, her 5″ rod looked completely hard now as she rubbed it up and down. He didn’t need to be asked twice.

He climbed onto the bed eagerly, aiming his cock towards her lubed-up, tight, wrinkled, puckered arsehole. He put his hands on her inner thighs, caressing them, before pushing them just a little wider, as if presenting her treasures on a platter.

Without touching his cock, he aimed it at her arsehole and rubbed his head through the lube she’d accumulated around the opening, adding his pre-cum to the mix and smearing it around.

“Uh yeah,” she moaned, “slide that cock inside me again Brad. Punish me for kicking you out.”

He moved into position, placing his hands beside her chest, allowing her breasts to rub the inside of his arms as he braced them. He angled his hips down that little bit further, and lodged the tip of his dick in the puckered ring of her arse, holding it there for a moment, teasing her a little. It was like the slit of his cock was kissing the tiny, flexing opening of her arse.

“I’m gonna fuck you hard Daphne, show you I can make you cum buckets,” he told her.

She stroked her hard cock, and used her other hand to play with her nipple.

He had a brief thought of Jeff, knowing that it was only their conversation that had him in this position instead of reacting with fear and bigotry as he would have thought was expected. Instead, he was pushing his rock-hard shaft up inside Daphne’s lubed-up, slick, tight little anus.


“Uhhhhhh,” they both moaned as he pushed his dick halfway up her bum.

The lube was slick, and warm. He pulled back, only to push slowly back inside and gained another couple of inches. Her eyes fluttered, but continued to gaze up at him.

“Uhh, yes,” she moaned.

“Oh god,” he gasped.

With another stroke, he bottomed out inside her, his balls hanging low and brushing her arse cheeks, while her own nuts rested above his embedded shaft.

“Oh god,” exclaimed Daphne.

“Fuck yes.”

He had his hands on the bed, either side of her stomach, his legs splayed out just a bit. Her legs were spread wide, giving him full access. He held himself embedded inside her, enjoying the tight warmth of her snug passage.

“Uhhhhhh,” he groaned, as he slowly withdrew until only the head was left inside. Her tight, puckered ring strangled his erection tightly as he pulled back.

“Oh god yes,” she gasped as he pushed himself back inside her again.

He settled into a rhythm of slow strokes inside her. He watched her stroke her cock, a little faster than his own fucking motions.

“You like my little clitty?” she asked him.

“It’s beautiful,” he told her, before he took hold of it for her, holding himself up with one arm and brushing aside her own stroking hand. This freed her up to tweak both her nipples at the same time, a pleasure she availed herself of immediately.

At first he simply caressed it, getting used to the feeling of a cock other than his own. Assessing himself, he didn’t feel gay. He was lying between the legs of a tall, athletic, sexy girl, and the thought of doing the same with a man did not interest him at all.

He started to stroke slowly, matching the pace of his stroking with his thrusting.

She bounced on the bed in an effort to speed him up. Then she tried to take over again, and for a moment they fought over who was going to stroke her. He knew that no-one knew her better than herself, but he wanted to give himself a chance.

“Fuck me HARDER! FUCK ME! FUCK!” she shouted at him.

“Oh god,” was his only reply, as the slick sensation of his shaft sliding inside her nether depths, tightly gripped by her, tingled along his cock.

He kept at it, but he could tell she was frustrated and wanted more. He released her dick and lowered himself down, sandwiching her woody between their stomachs.

Moving into position, he inhaled her breast, or as much as he could of it, sucking her nipple deep inside his mouth. His upper body remained in position, but he used his lower body, swivelling back and forth like a pendulum to keep up the fucking motions.


He used the suction grip to shake her jug all around, causing the tight flesh to ripple before his eyes. He used his tongue to lap at her nipple, tweak it, and run circles around it.

Releasing her tit-mound, he moved his face between the two fleshy sacks of pleasure and started to motorboat between them. Obligingly, Daphne held them up to help him, and giggled as she watched him play.

He repeated his treatment on her other nipple, hollowing his cheeks as he sucked the hard little pleasure nub into his mouth, bringing it into range of his nipple and slathering his attention on it.

Finally he raised himself up and looked down to see the raw lust in her eyes.

He picked up the strength of his thrusts, really driving into her and bottoming out.

In response she spat in her hand and started jerking her little dick like she was trying to rip it off.

She threw her head back and screamed, “OH GOD I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING BRAD! FUCK!”

She wrapped her legs around his arse, and tried to hold him inside. After a couple of stuttering thrusts he realised her intentions and allowed her to hold him deep inside.

As she came, he felt her cute little balls bob about, and her cock squirted thin, translucent cream up onto her stomach, a couple of spurts even managing to adorn her breasts.

“OH FUCK YES! FUCK! YES! OH GOD!” she exclaimed.

Her orgasm caused all her muscles to clench rhythmically, and that in turn felt like she was internally massaging his cock.

Finally her cock was spent, and she laid back, her post-orgasmic expression something truly and utterly beautiful.

Brad however, hadn’t got his end away, and desperately wanted to get back into it. He tentatively pulled back, and Daphne’s eyes gave a start.

“Oh… wait Brad… let me just…” she said before pushing back against him in an effort to get him to withdraw.

In disappointment, Brad pulled out and left his slick, rigid cock wavering in the air with anticipation.

Daphne grabbed a little more lube and slicked herself again, then tiredly turned over in front of Brad.

“Do it like this,” she told him as she positioned her arse in the air on her knees, her tight little butt cheeks quivering, while she laid her torso flat on the bed and rested on a pillow, causing her own pillows to flatten out against the bed. Her back was arched leaving it looking like half a skateboard ramp.

Brad was keen, and wasted no time sinking back inside her depths. He took her hips in his hands and pulled her back against him. The freedom of fucking her arse doggy style again, but this time with them both naked, was fantastically luxurious.

He used long strokes, and again started slowly. He could feel her tight muscles flexing in her hips and butt as she worked with him to help him shaft her good.

Periodically he’d slow down his motions, letter her take control, and she would do so immediately, rocking her body back and forth. Her arse shimmied and undulated on his cock in a figure of eight pattern as it worked his rod.

He marvelled at her trim waist, sliding his hands up and softly caressing her waist, then sliding back and feeling her hips as they thrust into each other.

Brad alternated between looking down at her stellar body, working him, and throwing his head back in consummate ecstasy.

He had almost no warning that he was about to cum. The telltale build-up of pleasure from balls to shaft to tip was so sudden he had almost no time to react.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum Daphne, I’m cumming! OH GOD! I’M CUMMING!” he exclaimed.


He held himself deeply embedded inside her, and felt the amazing lurches as his cock went about the spasms required to deposit his seething load of cream inside her tunnel.


Her arse was soon packed tight with Brad’s man-cream.

“Oh god, oh god, you’re filling me up, I’m full Brad, I’m full,” she told him confirming what he could feel as well.

They both panted, and held still while Brad came down from the high of his orgasm.

Carefully, he withdrew, noting how much slicker she was with his splooge packed into her butt.

He pulled out, and looked down to see his goopy mess start to ooze out of her.

With what looked like a practiced move, Daphne rolled to the side, kicking her leg up straight and high to disentangle herself from Brad, then darted towards the bathroom.

He wondered to himself if she would expect him to leave now. In exhaustion he laid out flat, but tried not to look too comfortable.

She was in the bathroom for a few minutes, and Brad’s eyelids became heavy. He was excited for what had just happened, but he was left alone, and it had been a long day. But it was important to talk to Daphne, and make sure she was okay with him knowing about her, and while he’d love to stay in her bed, it was her bed and her choice.

* * *

It was still dark, and he was wrapped around a tight-bodied, feminine figure. He’d fallen asleep in Daphne’s bed, without talking to her. He was spooned up behind her and his cock was hard, nestled between her butt-cheeks, her tight, little butt-cheeks. He could feel that she was wearing a thong, and a soft, loose cotton T-shirt. He’d obviously fallen asleep naked so was still dressed so. He considered leaving her bed and going back to the couch, but the rustling and noise of doing so might wake her. Besides, she’d been comfortable enough to let him stay, and he really didn’t want to leave.

Satisfied, he snuggled into the covers and repositioned his hand, softly cupping her big breast in his hand, and waited to drift back off to sleep. It took a while, but eventually he was successful.

* * *

He woke up in Daphne’s bed alone, his scrabbling arms not finding her. There was however, a delightful, wet suction on his morning glory. Lifting the covers, he looked down into Daphne’s eyes, as she gave Brad an awesome blowjob.

“Oh Daphne, my god, that’s awesome,” he told her.

She continued to suck, and work her lips up and down.

She went on to give Brad one of his most memorable blowjobs ever.

When he released in her mouth she swallowed it down, and seemed to relish it.

She climbed up the bed once he finished. As she moved up he could feel her own aroused girlhood sticking up insider her thong, dragging up his leg and settling against his hip. She still had her soft, comfortable grey T-shirt on and it wrapped her body loosely, but failed to conceal the hardened nipples adorning her heavy, pretty tits. They shared a deep, soulful kiss, the taste of his own seed on her lips, and shared with Brad who showed no discomfort at all.

“I’m sorry I fell asleep last night,” he apologised.

“No worries, I was pretty beat as well, and it took me a while in the bathroom too.”

“You… you let me stay?” he asked.

She smiled at him and replied, “Well, I didn’t have to worry about you discovering my secret, and you got me off pretty well, so there didn’t seem to be any reason to wake you up and hustle you out.”

“Speaking of your secret,” Brad started, and traced a finger along her erection. Her eyes closed and a shudder ran through her. “You got me off, which means it’s your turn.”

He softly stroked and tickled her rod through her panties with his fingertips.

He wasn’t really sure where the sudden desire came from, so he bit his tongue. Then he thought of last night, the fun and the trust she was now showing him. He decided to go with the flow.

“Would you… would you like to do me?” he asked her.

Her eyes fluttered open and she looked into his eyes. The seconds stretched on, and neither of them spoke for what felt like a long time.

“You… you want me to fuck you?” she asked.

He nodded at her.

“You want me to put my cock up your arse?” she asked, looking into his eyes the whole time, obviously testing his resolve.


The story you are about to read is fanfiction and in no way do I take credit for the characters that are present within. This is based off of the established video game Mass Effect and the setting therefore belongs to its developer, Bioware. That being said, regardless of whether you are familiar with said franchise you can still easily enjoy the story!

- – - – -

My head is still spinning from everything that has happened but I shake myself back into a cohesive state only to have my jaw go limp when I find myself outside an airlock, looking through a window out onto the sight of the Normandy itself just docked right outside. With a tug I’m snapped out of my reverie and Shepard is pulling me into the airlock which closes behind us. Jack is with us and supporting the wasted Tali on her shoulder as we all wait for cycling to complete. The Commander keeps me held in her arm, pressed against her side, and I can’t help but glimpse down to watch the occasional throbbing from her covered cock, beneath her dress. Then with a hiss and a quick breeze the doors are open and we are walking onboard.

Immediately I take in the sight of the cockpit directly to my left as Shepard makes her greetings to the crew. She is saying something to the pilot but I’m frankly just off in my own world as I examine everything. The pilot is wearing a cap and has a bit of a beard and seems to be shaking his head sarcastically as I glance over at him. Then to the right I am met with a unique sight, there is what looks to be some kind of machine, an android of some kind, sitting in the copilot seat. She, and it is definitely a she by the exaggerated physical female form, is turned back and glancing toward me. Letting out a gulp I quickly look away and then with another tug I find myself on the move again. The interior is an impressive sight as we make our way past the command center area and the galaxy map. A dark skinned woman near the elevator at the back gives Shepard a quick nod and smile before turning back to her work. This is an Alliance vessel but the Commander apparently has a very lax vision as far as regulations are concerned in the way that the crew interacts with her. I noticed because it has helped a bit to calm my nerves and breed a less intimidating atmosphere for me, and as we step into the elevator in the back I find myself nuzzling closer in Shepard’s arms and able to relax some. It’s just the two of us as we apparently travel to some other part of the ship, Jack busy sitting Tali down and trying to sober her up.

The doors part a second time and before me looks to be large private quarters. Shepard has taken me up to the captain’s cabin! I tense up again briefly and allow myself to be escorted across the room to the bed. My eyes glance across the elegant fish tank to the left and the seating to the right. Then my feet are at the base of the bed and I turn to look up into Shepard’s glowing red eyes, which are gazing down into my own with an intensity I’ve never before experienced.

Undress me.

She simply utters those two words. I let out a gulp and nod slowly up at her. My eyes trail down across her body and I reach down with my trembling hands to grasp the bottom hem of her dress. I already know what to expect from earlier at the club but I can’t help myself but be hesitant. I flinch when I feel her hand on my shoulder. Shepard squeezes her fingers gently to comfort me. Smiling up at her I carefully pull the material up. Her sizable cock springs free first, then again her impressively toned stomach is exposed, and lastly her breasts greet my eyes before the dress is up and over her head. She takes the material before tossing it on a nearby chair, then turns and sits down on the edge of the bed facing me, raising and crossing her legs elegantly. Shepard raises a foot and presents it to me, waiting for me to continue. Understanding, I kneel down in front of her and gently take her foot in my hand and reach for the clasp to undo the heel.


I look up at her at the command, curious as to the reason for the pause.

…worship me.

She says it simply and gives her foot a small shake to emphasize her meaning. I look back down and then up to her again. This is a command that I don’t even need to hesitate on as it’s been apart of my fantasies for so long. My eyes keep focused on hers as I lean my head down and place a kiss on the tip of her big toe, and then start kissing my way one by one across the others. She wiggles her foot gently in the open-toed heel as my lips caress her skin and smiles down at the sight of my actions. My lips plant a kiss on the top of her foot as I then finally unclasp the shoe and remove the heel, placing it to the side. Then I make my way over to the other foot, kissing her ankle and down across her foot as I slowly undo the second piece of footwear. Her feet are freed and now she is completely nude in all of her glory as I kneel before her. The Commander uncrosses her legs and eases her thighs apart to display her impressive member, which is only half erect and throbbing with each heartbeat.

Nothing needs to be said and I lean forward to give the head of her shaft a lick, savoring the salty goodness on my tongue. Swirling my tongue around slowly I push forward and slowly start to take her inside my mouth. Shepard lifts her left leg and hefts it up over my shoulder. She grabs my hair tight in her hand and both pulls on my head with her hand and my back with the heel of her foot, drawing her cock further and deeper down my throat. I let out a muffled gag around her dick and my eyes start to water but I soldier on and start bobbing up and down, my lips dragging along the girth of her shaft. My throat squeezes around her and I can feel her cock as it fully hardens deep inside me. Then with a gasp she yanks my head off of her and pushes me back. I fall onto my bottom and look up at her in surprise and fear that I’ve done something wrong. As I gaze into her eyes I see her own orbs, full of lust, staring down back into mine. She quickly and with seemingly effortless ability reaches down and grabs hold of me under the shoulders and lifts me up and swivels around to drop me onto my back on the bed.

Before I have enough time to fully comprehend what exactly has happened she is already on top of me and pinning me flat to the bed with all of her body mass. Her nipples are as hard as rocks against my skin as she slides up my body. She presses her lips against my mouth and forces her tongue inside me, practically stealing my breath from me.


Groaning into her mouth I suck on her tongue and wrap my arms around her back and legs over her ass, heels digging into her thighs.


Involuntarily I grunt in surprise as she bites on my lower lip and, without me noticing, has positioned her cock at my entrance and shoved herself balls deep into my tight and clenching asshole. My fingers squeeze tight and claw into her back as she starts to rut with me, thrusting aggressively with all of her lust and pounding me into the mattress beneath her. I throw my head back and moan as our skin slaps together loudly from the penetration. My hole is squeezing and clenching tight around her thick, throbbing, cock as it fills me again and again. The head grinds along my inner walls and presses into my prostate repeatedly. As the Commander continues to pound me she grabs my hair with her hand and tugs my head to the side before kissing and licking along my jaw and neck, sinking her teeth into my shoulder and giving me bites along my vulnerable skin.

My walls are still suitably stretched from the fucking the wasted Quarian gave me earlier at the club, but it in no way detracts from the intensity in which my senses are being completely overwhelmed right now. My eyes roll back into my head and I let out a continuous series of whimpers as I’m dominated by Shepard’s cock. The stabbing against my prostate has my rock hard member, grinding between our stomachs, leaking a stream of my cum as my mind is flooded with ecstasy on level with one constant, self-sustaining, orgasm. Shepard leans back some in order to have a better view at the look on my face as the pleasure caused from her pounding me into oblivion washes over me. Through my ecstasy-obscured gaze I can make out a smirk, a look of satisfaction and dominance, on the Commander’s face. Supporting herself with one arm, she uses the free hand to reach at me and wrap her fingers tightly around my throat. For just the briefest moment fear washes over me as the hero that I’ve worshiped for so long starts to squeeze down on my wind pipe, slowly cutting off my oxygen. My hand reacts and reaches up to grab at her forearm…. but then as I stare into her eyes I gradually let go and give myself over to her completely. I have enough faith in my icon to trust that I will always be safe in her arms. At least that’s what I tell myself, the other part of me that still fears she may not be what I thought, and may actually end my life, still sparks with some emotion. But the greater part of me realizes that even if that is true then there’s nothing I could do about it and I would still rather enjoy what time I have left with Commander Shepard, the galaxies savior, then waste it in fear.

My form continues to slide around as the bed is shifted back and forth across the floor due to her aggressive fucking and I can feel my nervous system about to explode. I didn’t think it was possible but as Shepard slowly squeezes the life out of me the pleasure is building even higher and I can sense something about to happen. My face is probably turning blue by now due to lack of air but that isn’t even a concern on my mind as my vision is slowly going white. Then with a final squeeze and thrust from Shepard’s throbbing cock it feels like my entire body explodes. Air rushes back into my lungs and there is a small sensation of wetness splashing across my chest and face but the focus is the incredible feeling of euphoria that seems to crash through me in one giant tidal wave. I practically pass out as the best orgasm of my life is forced out of me by Shepard’s skilled actions. My own member has erupted and I’m spraying myself with my own cum. Every muscle in my body is clenching and spasms like crazy. I must look like an amusing sight to the Commander.

Somehow I manage to glance up at Shepard during this ordeal and the look on her face portrays great pleasure as well. As I slowly feel myself starting to come down from my mind numbing high I notice a warmth spreading deep inside me. Shepard is moaning in pleasure and I can sense that she too has erupted and is spraying her thick seed deep in my bowels. Happiness and satisfaction wells up from inside me to know that I brought her pleasure as well. My arms wrap around her neck and pull her head down to my lips as she continues to spray her cum in me. I suck on her lips and taste her tongue as she moans into my mouth. With a gasp she pulls back from my grasp and is panting. We both struggle to catch our breathes and recover from the wonderful coupling that we just shared together. Our foreheads touch and our lips lock casually. We suckle on each others lips gently and I relish resting in Shepard’s arms, underneath her powerful form. She rolls us onto our sides facing each other and I can feel fatigue slowly taking me. With a reflexive clench of my muscles I can feel her cock still embedded deep inside me and I smile up at her. Shepard grins down at me and then starts to speak.

Mmm that was good. You know I think this ship could use someone like you on board. My crew is on a stressful mission, to say the least, and I think you could help. It will be dangerous, but give it some thought and if you decide that you would like to stay you will be welcome to.

Did she really just offer to me what I think she did? I shake out the loose marbles in my mind. The Commander wants me aboard the Normandy… to service her crew. Embracing each other we slowly let sleep wash over us with the proposition floating in my head… how could I say no?


…or is it?

Lida sat down on the plush red chair in exasperation. It had been one hell of a day and she wished she had someone to talk to. It was nice having a highly prestigious job and making a lot of money, but the constant traveling left few opportunities for face to face time.

She scanned the room measuring the qualities of the single men in the dimly lit, red velvet bar. She wondered if the designers thought that the elegant, subtlety sexual decor, would illicit romance and perhaps more drinking. Many of the men returned her gaze with obvious interest. Lida’s petite form and nice size breasts, mixed with her elegant chiseled features and cute face guaranteed it. Her brunette hair was cut into a long bob that accented her features and brought out her big, blue, eyes.

Lida soon discovered that there was a nice selection of eligible men in the bar. Then her eyes, and pulse, stopped, when she laid eyes on the backside of a woman talking to the bartender. The woman’s attractive, long lean legs seemed to go on forever. Her black dress and candy red heels were a friendly distraction. She was tall and so very elegant.

Lida was surprised when her pussy filled with juices while looking at the beauty at the bar. She preferred men nine out of ten times. She needed the feel of their hard, penetrating, shafts filling her deep.

Many men often conceded to her request to be their submissive. She wanted them to take over and make her perform for them. Being small allowed them to fuck her in unimaginable positions. Most got off on the power and supplied the wild ride she always craved.

Lida kept looking over, wanting the mysterious stranger to turn. Her eyes followed the length of her long slender torso that culminated into her tight, round buttocks.

George kept looking at Lida, then finally got up the courage to come over.

“Hey, babe. What brings a doll like you to the bar?”

Lida looked up from her ereader. She had just opted for a literotica lesbian story while she waited for the beauty to turn around. Lida didn’t want to be obvious and go over and look.

The man before her was grossly overweight and unkempt.

“I’m just here on business,” Lida replied with a stiff lip.

“So, that’s why you’re here in the bar by yourself,” he said looking at her lustfully.

“I’m not by myself actually. I’m just waiting for my girlfriend to get us a drink,” she said on impulse, in an attempt to discourage George from talking to her any further.

Unfortunately, George didn’t give up that easily and walked over to the babe at the bar and started talking to her.

Lida continued to admire the attractive features on the blonde babe as she talked to George. May Ling looked back at Lida a couple of times and offered a reassuring smile.

Lida was surprised that the beauty before her boasted petite, attractive, asian features. It wasn’t too often that asian girls wore blonde hair. The look suited her beautifully. After a couple of minutes George walked away smiling. When he sat down her turned his back to the beautiful babes and ate his steak in silence in front of the football game.

The beauty said a few words to the bartender and walked over to her table.

“Hi. I’m May Ling. From what I understand, I’m your very, best friend.”

They both laughed when she said that. Lida couldn’t help but feel stimulated by May Ling’s revealing cleavage in her low cut, knee length, black dress as she leaned forward flicking an imaginary piece of fluff from her dress.

Was she doing that to turn her on Lida wondered? If she was, it was working. She longed to flick May Ling’s nipples with her tongue until they became impossibly hard.

“Please, have a seat. I’ll buy you a drink. That’s the least I can do as a thank you for getting rid of that guy. How did you do it?”

“I just told him that you and I were madly in love and had no interest in threesomes.”

Lida would have laughed at that comment, but she was just too turned on by it. She simply smiled and shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

May Ling flashed Lida a brilliant smile and sat down seductively. Lida couldn’t help but notice how hard May Ling’s nipples were in the dress she was wearing.

May Ling noticed her looking and boldly grazed her hard nipple on the way to reaching for her drink.

Lida inhaled deeply when she did that. She felt another squirt of juice enter her pussy. May Ling was gorgeous. All she wanted to do was lick and suck and nibble on her big, beautiful breasts. She couldn’t stop thinking about them.

They talked and flirted until they both couldn’t stand the sexual tension any longer.

Taking Lida’s hand and gazing her lips with her finger tips May Ling said, “Let’s go to my suite. I have a Jacuzzi in the middle of my bedroom.”

Lida felt dizzy with anticipation as she numbly followed the asian beauty into the elevator. Once inside the empty elevator May Ling pressed into her and pinned her arms up high, kissing Lida wildly. After a couple of minutes the elevator stopped and a man entered. He was tall, like May Ling. Lida briefly had visions of a threesome. Being filled with hard cock was always a turn on. The elevator stopped and the women got off.

The suite was amazing. It had a separate sitting room beside an enormous bedroom with a Jacuzzi.

Once the door closed to the suite, the two women embraced and let their tongues and lips explore.

Lida looked deep into May Ling’s eyes as she slid aside the thin fabric of her to dress to let her breasts free. Then she devoured May Ling’s big breasts with her teeth, tongue and hands.

“Oooo yes,” the asian beauty cried out.

Lida slid her hand down towards May Ling’s pussy. It got intercepted.

“Oh, baby that feels so good. Lay down on the bed and let me eat you. I want to taste your pussy,” whispered May Ling in passion.

“I want to taste you too May Ling. Let’s 69.”

“Later babes. Right now it’s all about you.”

May Ling started to indulge in Lida’s sweet, soft, pink folds. She licked Lida up and down, then sucked and nibbled, responding to every outburst of intense pleasure.

“See how you taste sugar,” said May Ling as she moved upward to kiss Lida. Lida tasted herself on May Ling’s tongue and savoured the flavour.

May Ling repeated the gesture over and over again.

“Do you like the flavour of your own cum sweetheart,” she asked as she bestowed a wet kiss on Lida’s full lips.

“Yes. I taste delicious. Let me lick you now,” begged Lida.

“Go in the Jacuzzi and wait for me,” replied May Ling.

Once Lida was in the Jacuzzi with her back to her, May Ling removed the cock that was tucked between her legs and let it loom forward. It would be a surprise, but hopefully the passion of the moment would override any other feelings.

“Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you.”

“What are you talking about. What is it?”

When Lida opened her eyes, her beautiful soon to be lover was sitting on the opposite side of the Jacuzzi. Her big, perfectly formed breasts were floating above the water, just like her own. The girls moved a little closer together as they teased and toyed with one another. Their kisses alternated between teasing and tentative, to wildly erotic.

May Ling reached into the wet water and started massaging Lida’s clit. As Lida’s hand reached to do the same, May Ling stopped it and said, “Not yet beautiful one.”

She continued to rub Lida’s clit round and round.

“Ah, aaa, ahhhh, ooooooo, ahhhhhhh, ahh, yes, yes, ooooooo yes, ahhhhhhhhhh, fuck yes,” called out Lida as she released again.

She kissed May Ling deeply in appreciation and quickly moved her hand toward her pussy. But she didn’t find a pussy. She found a very, hard, stiff erection.

“What the hell?” asked Lida.

“Is that one of those new, true to life, strap ons?” she asked, “Is that my surprise?”

Lida was tingly all over and happy that she was going to be able to enjoy the feel of a big hard cock. She wondered if May Ling would consider fucking her ass too. She loved it so much.

“You tell me baby. But no hands. Just your mouth. Close your eyes while you suck me and tell me how real I feel.”

She took a cloth and wiped the chlorine from her big, hard on, then sat down at the side of the Jacuzzi. Lida happily started licking, and sucking and inhaling May Ling’s hard cock. She devoured it like a vixen with her hands clasped behind her back.

“You feel and taste so real,” she said while continuing to enjoy May Ling’s pulsing movements deep in her mouth.

She went faster and faster. When a familiar warm, wet, salty mixture entered her mouth, Lida was in shock. Then she was extremely turned on. She swallowed every single drop, then kissed May Ling passionately, letting her taste her fluids on her tongue.

“Fuck that’s hot. I’ve never been so turned on in my life,” Lida called out.

“I want you to fuck me with your big hard cock while I suck on your tits,” Lida said getting right into it.

It didn’t take long for May Ling to get hard again, based on the look on Lida’s face, and her obvious level of heightened excitement.

“Get on all fours and hold on babe,” May Ling said.

Her big hard cock loomed in front of her as she held on tight to Lida’s petite little cheeks amidst the swirling water.

May Ling was going to double fuck Lida. She had plenty of towels at the side of the Jacuzzi to prevent any bacterial exchange.

“Ohhh baby, yes, yes, yes.”

May Ling let her tits fall against Lida’s back as she penetrated her pussy with her big cock. After fucking her for a while like that, she toweled off and approached her tight, tiny little hole.

May Ling pressed against Lida’s opening slightly, whispering, “May I?”

“Please!” was the heated reply.

May Ling pressed into Lida’s tight hole slowly. She listened to Lida struggle to take in her girth as she pushed in so very slowly, going deeper and deeper every stroke.

“You can do it baby,” she cooed.

May Ling worked it and worked it, then suddenly in she popped.

“Oh fuck Lida, you do it for me gorgeous. Fuck me back with that sexy ass of yours. That’s it. Do a booty dance on my cock. Fuck my cock with your ass. Fuck it harder. Wilder. Do me right baby. Do me.”

They fucked like that for a long time. May Ling kept alternating between Lida’s pussy and ass, over and over again, driving Lida insane with sexual gratification.

They showered off together and fucked again in the shower. May Ling pinned Lida against the wall and kissed her. Then she nibbled on Lida from head to toe before giving her hard cock once again.

When they got into the bed Lida had an overwhelming desire to lick and suck May Ling’s impressive package, again. Her cock was smooth and big and exactly what she needed. May Ling’s tits bouncing beautifully while Lida gave her another impressive and energetic blow job.

Yes, life was good. May Ling was confident their friendship would last for a very long time and that it did. From that day forward, whenever they could, they got together and enjoyed each other’s orgasmic pleasure and enjoyable conversation. May Ling and Lida became fast friends.

Rebecca, has been taken three times in the ass over the last couple of hours and finds the butt plug to be a little uncomfortable. She wonders why are they keeping her plugged.

She thinks to herself, the obvious reason is that they don’t want her leaking, but to what end? She can’t help wondering if there is another deeper or darker reason. Perhaps they will tell her, eventually. Either way, she is glad that Mistress Lilith had her rinse before all of this. She smiles to herself and continues to follow the others.

They each put on a little something before going off to the kitchen. Rebecca puts on shorts and a t-shirt. Ruby dawns the short robe she wore out to the car, along with a pair of panties. Lilith slips on panties and tank top. Taisha puts on her panties and bra. When they arrive at the kitchen, Lilith, Taisha, and Ruby sit at the table and Rebecca goes about getting the refreshments. Ruby excuses herself to use the restroom, but stops along the way to retrieve her cellphone from her purse. Her thoughts are on inviting a couple of girls to come and join the activities and she knows just who to invite. A wicked smile crosses her face as she thinks about Linda and Wan-li. Yes, they are perfect. She hopes they are available. She had spoken to Linda about this earlier in the week. She gets to the bathroom and dials the phone.

Lilith and Taisha sit and chatter about their jobs and miscellaneous topics as Rebecca pops the cork on the first bottle of champagne. Rebecca finds it strange that they haven’t even mention what has happened previously. Ruby and Taisha had called before Mistress left from work to see if they had plans and wanted to come by and visit if they had none. Rebecca hadn’t known of any plans, but she was slowly beginning to suspect that this evening had already been planned, but why? Was she not a dutiful slave to her Mistress?

“Hello darling”, Ruby says into her phone. “Everything is going to plan, well, mostly anyway. Are you up for some excitement?”

Linda replies brightly, “Certainly! What are the plans? Where are you?”

“We are at Lilith’s” Ruby explains, “Her home is at 1221 Sycamore Court, just across town from where you live. As we disccussed before, we are doing an initiation of Rebecca, Lilith’s slave, to the life of a cum-loving slut. Can you bring Wan-li also?”

Linda assures Ruby, “Wan-li wouldn’t miss this for anything.”

Ruby smiles broadly and says, “See you in a few, then.” She hangs up, flushes, returns the phone to her purse, and swiftly joins the others, her panties bulging slightly from the prospects of the conversation with Linda.

Rebecca had just served the champagne with some strawberries as Ruby returns to the group. Rebecca notices the bulge in Ruby’s panties through the folds in her robe. This causes Rebecca to flush. Unexpected desire creeps over her.

Ruby says enthusiastically, “Have I missed anything?”

Lilith and Taisha smile and Lilith says, “No, nothing important.”

Ruby chuckles lightly, then whispers to Lilith and Taisha that Linda and Wan-li ought to be over soon. “This is going to be an exhilarating night”, she exclaims softly.

Rebecca comes back to the table with a tray of assorted cheeses and crackers for everyone to snack on. She stands next to her Mistress after she sets down the tray. Lilith snaps her fingers once and Rebecca sits in a chair that is behind and to the right of her Mistress. Rebecca can’t stop stealing glances at the bulge in Ruby’s panties, which has now become even more apparent as her robe has slipped to her sides. Ruby notices Rebecca’s glances but does nothing to hide herself.

Lilith, on the other hand, is smiling at Rebecca and thinking how much she loves her and pauses to give her a peck on the cheek. Rebecca is certainly obedient and Lilith has put a lot of time into training her. Rebecca has a deep-seated need to serve and please, which is what attracted Lilith to her in the very beginning, back when Rebecca was a Domme herself. Rebecca and Lilith grew to love each other and that is when Rebecca’s submissive side became evident. She couldn’t do enough to please Lilith. They moved in together and forged a relationship based on their love as well as Dominance/submission. It has worked well for them. So, Lilith is a little concerned that this test might be too much for Rebecca. She trusts her instincts, she trusts her friends and she hopes Rebecca’s love for her is not compromised in any way by this experiment.

Lilith, Taisha, and Ruby have been planning this event for some time. Lilith wants to ensure that the right sequence of events occurs to instill in Rebecca the need for cum. This day is all for Rebecca to learn to love cum, no matter what orifice it goes into, nor who it is from. Rebecca already likes sharing cum with her Mistress, but that alone isn’t enough. She wants Rebecca to crave cum, to need it, to feel less of a slave without it, for her to feel a deeper subservience to Lilith. Lilith wants Rebecca to turn to no one else for what she wants and needs, to rely on Lilith for nearly everything, even cum. Rebecca is at that turning point in her training. She finds herself wanting Ruby to cum inside her again. She has never had such an orgasm before and she wants that feeling again. She loves the feel of Taisha’s cock in her ass and throat. Then there is Lilith. Rebecca has never known a deeper longing for another person until Lilith came into her life.

As they relax with their refreshments, there is a knock at the front door and Rebecca dutifully rises to answer it. When she opens the door, she recognizes Linda immediately. Linda works as a professional makeup artist at Nordstrom’s. Linda is very leggy, nearly as tall as Taisha, standing at 5’11″ in bare feet, but like Lilith, always in high heels. Rebecca has always marveled at her height and genteel manner. She is every bit a woman and talented at what she does. Rebecca has been to see her a few times to have her work her magic on her face, Rebecca herself never having been proficient with makeup. So Rebecca goes to Linda for a professional makeup session to look lovely whenever she has a night out with Lilith. Linda is a very confident looking woman, muscular and trim, but still very feminine. She appears to work out to maintain her slender yet graceful physique and Rebecca thinks she could easily be a runway model. Linda has medium length blonde hair and light blue eyes that are inviting and intriguing.

Linda introduces Wan-li. Rebecca smiles warmly and welcomes her. Wan-li smiles happily back and gives Rebecca an unexpected hug. Wan-li is quite small in stature, about 5’3″, an Asian woman with striking dark eyes that all at once tell you that she is friendly and very submissive in nature. She appears to be in her mid-twenties. Rebecca reasons that Linda and Wan-li are a couple as she sees how Wan-li holds onto Linda’s arm. Wan-li has shiny jet black hair that goes all the way to her ass, perfectly cut. Her lips are blood red, exactly like Linda’s, as are her perfectly manicured nails. Rebecca can see how Linda and Wan-li would be attracted to each other. Wan-li is slender and fit, but not muscular like Linda.

Rebecca leads them to the kitchen to meet the others and have a snack and some champagne. They all sit and chat for a few minutes while they enjoy themselves. It comes to light that Ruby also knows Linda and Wan-li from a party that Ruby attended recently and they all share some giggles at the coincidence. Taisha hadn’t met them because she was out of town on business. The moment was warm and friendly and Rebecca felt good about Linda and Wan-li.

Rebecca couldn’t help shifting around in her chair a little due to the butt plug still seated in her ass and Lilith smiled knowingly at her. Each time Ruby caught her eye, she felt as if Ruby were looking right through her. Ruby looked at her intently, then suddenly excused herself again and, without a word, boldly takes Rebecca’s hand and goes down the hall to the bathroom. Ruby closes the bathroom door, and then leans against it, legs spread apart. She tells Rebecca to kneel before her. Silent and panicky, Rebecca obeys, kneeling on the cold tile, legs crossed at the ankles, toes of her pretty pumps on the floor.

“Take My cock out!” Ruby says forcefully. Rebecca pulls the robe aside and tugs the waistband of Ruby’s panties down, causing her nearly hard cock to spring out, already oozing a huge pearl of precum. Ruby takes Rebecca’s head in her hands, putting the head of her cock just at Rebecca’s lips.

Ruby says tersely, “You want me, don’t you?!”

Rebecca nods.

Ruby insists, “You want me inside you, don’t you?”

Rebecca nods again, unsure what is going to happen next.

Ruby demands gruffly, “Say it!”

Rebecca responds, eyes lowered “I want you, Ruby, I want you inside me again…” her voice trailing off. Rebecca then looks up, meeting Ruby eye to eye “… I want you to fuck me again. I don’t even know why I am saying this, its not like me.”

Ruby pulls Rebecca to her feet turning her around and pulling her panties down. Ruby turns her to face the mirrored wall at the sink, forcing her head down and her ass up. Ruby stands behind Rebecca and rubs her cock ferociously against the crack of Rebecca’s ass. Ruby then eases the plug from Rebecca’s rosebud and pushes her cock inside of Rebecca. The two of them look at each other in the mirror silent and lustful. Rebecca sees satisfaction on her own face and the look of a conqueror on Ruby’s. This feels so good.

Ruby breaks the silence “You need me inside you. You’ve known that since the first time the tip of my cock touched your asshole.”

Rebecca, lost in the wash of her own lust for Ruby, exclaims “Yes, yes, I need you, I need your cock inside me. I need you to fuck me. I need to you to cum in Me.”

Her ass is stretched again, but this time she truly feels Ruby pulsing inside her, getting harder by the moment. Suddenly Ruby grabs Rebecca’s pony tail, using it to pull Rebecca back onto her cock. Rebecca gasps at the feeling. She whispers Lilith’s name low, then louder.

Ruby hears her and yanks on her pony tail, cursing, “Fuck Lilith, dammit, I am the one inside you and right now you’re mine.” Rebecca wanted nothing more in that moment than to please Ruby, to feel her cum again.

Ruby asks insistently, “You want me?!” Rebecca wants it bad but she doesn’t want to say it. Any more of Ruby’s cock and she would say or do nearly anything.

Finally, Rebecca whimpers, “God yes, Ruby, fuck me, fuck me!” She feels consumed with overwhelming desire and Ruby is the one taking her there.

Rebecca moans as Ruby pushes into her very hard. Just then Ruby wraps herself around Rebecca tightly, trapping her there until she is ready to really fuck her. She strokes her fingers lightly through Rebecca’s hair, speaking softly, “This is our little secret, as long as you cooperate. Every Wednesday, Lilith works very late and you sit here alone. Now, every Wednesday, you’re going to be my bitch for the evening. If you fail to show up even just once, I will tell everything to Lilith and ruin…” before she is able to finish her thought, there is knock at the door.

It is Lilith, “Everything okay in there?”

Ruby’s arousal fades quickly at this intrusion and she slips out of Rebecca. Her cock withers allowing her to fit back into her panties. Rebecca is flustered and blushing as Ruby shoves the butt plug back in her.

Rebecca straightens herself up and flushes the commode for cover, thinking, “I can’t keep this a secret. Surely Lilith will figure something is up. She is isn’t stupid.”

Ruby washes her hands, looks back at Rebecca briefly and exits. Rebecca washes her hands too, checking herself in the mirror, and turns to follow Lilith back to the group. Lilith quizzically stares at them momentarily as they exit, certain that something odd is going on between them. It is obvious that Ruby is up to something, but she is uncertain how to approach it. She decides to just keep it to herself for now and ask Rebecca about it later, once everyone has retired for the evening.

When the group is done snacking and drinking, Rebecca takes Linda and Wan-li on a tour of the house. The others stayed behind. Once the ladies are out of sight, Taisha, Lilith, and Ruby go to the bedroom to prepare for the next part of Rebecca’s initiation. They strip the bed of linens and place a waterproof mattress cover over it. They remove the pillows and straighten up a little bit, then change.

Rebecca finishes the tour with the Master Bedroom. The tour walks into the room. There are a number of toys laid out on the dresser. Lilith, Taisha, and Ruby are wearing just garters, stockings and heels.

Before Rebecca can speak, Linda steps forward to say, “Rebecca, we are here to finish Your initiation.”

Rebecca asks naively, eyes down a bit, “My initiation?”

Linda replies authoritatively, “What do you think has been happening, dear? Are you not enslaved to Lilith?” Rebecca nods emphatically. Linda continues, “We are here to indoctrinate you, as it were, into the life of a cum-loving slut. You have inhibitions and it is our goal to remove those inhibitions and free you to give in to all of your desires. This is what Lilith wants. It is actually a great gift we are giving you. You need to be appreciative of that gift. Now, it is time to continue where the others left off. Strip!”

Rebecca does as she is told. She removes her shorts and t-shirt and is all at once naked again in front of all of them, standing in her pink pumps. She is a little self-conscious and embarrassed by her little cock, but proud of her 40D cups. Her cock is small compared to everyone else as she has had an orchiectomy, which makes her look even smaller. She turns to Linda and Wan-li and observes that Wan-li has also stripped and she sees that Wan-li is indeed a woman. Linda is the only one in the room who is still dressed. Rebecca looks over at the others, eyes locked on their cocks, surprised that she is nearly salivating at the sight of them.

Rebecca spontaneously lowers to her knees and Lilith, Ruby and Taisha encircle her. Rebecca unconsciously reaches up and grabs onto the cocks at her sides and starts to stroke them. They feel silky and hard at the same time. Ruby’s is thick and she can feel the knob of the large head with each stroke. Lilith’s is not as thick as Ruby’s, in fact, it is fairly slender in her hand. Her fingers are able to touch rather easily, but it is a solid 8 inches long and Rebecca loves that cock. The third, Taisha’s, dangles in front of her face. She turns to Lilith who winks her approval and Rebecca takes Taisha’s cock into her mouth. Taisha’s cock responds and begins to stiffen. As it gets hard in her mouth, she can feel the head expand and it fills her mouth fully, but Rebecca likes that it doesn’t stretch her mouth to the limit like Ruby’s does. Rebecca can feel the smooth underside of Taisha’s cock on her tongue, gliding easily in and out of her mouth and the taste is fleshy. It smells just a little musky. She can feel the veins passing under her upper lip with each stroke, and finds herself wishing for Taisha to cum. She wants to taste it. Is that the champagne talking? Can’t be that, Lilith doesn’t let her drink enough alcohol to get her tipsy. She laughs inside her head at the thought.

As she kneels there, sucking one cock and stroking the other two, she begins to feel a pit in her stomach. She has an ache for that pit to be filled, filled with cum. Her head is swirling with thoughts of the ass-fucking earlier and she is overcome with the desire to have more. What is going on, she thinks? But her thoughts are broken by the feeling of something wet and warm on her right shoulder. She suddenly realizes that Lilith is groaning while she is cumming. Rebecca was oblivious to the sound. Her hand and forearm are covered in cum, her shoulder is covered in cum, there is even cum in her hair. That’ll be hell to wash out, she thinks, and then chuckles inside at her own thought. She barely has time to think what has happened on her right, when her left side and breast is wet with cum and she glances over to see that Ruby is cumming all over her. There is even a large droplet of cum on her cheek, but she doesn’t stop. She doesn’t want to stop. Taisha is moaning loudly and Rebecca needs to feel and taste Taisha’s cum. That 9 inch cock is going in and out of her mouth at a steady pace and she needs to have Taisha’s cum. She grabs onto Taisha’s butt cheeks and pulls her into her throat. Wait a minute! Needs?

Yes, that is the thought that keeps going through her mind, “I need cum!” A minute later, Rebecca is rewarded with a mouth-filling orgasm from Taisha’s cock, which is buried so deep into Her throat that she feels it squirting hot and thick. She tries to hold the pose, but the movement of Taisha’s cock is so powerful that her gag reflex causes her to back off of it and let the cum flow onto her tongue. She savors the flavor and tries hard not to swallow, knowing that Lilith would want her to share, but there is too much in her mouth to hold it and she swallows. She feels amazingly satisfied, for now.

While she still has Taisha’s cock in her mouth, Rebecca feels something moist on her shoulder, but this time it isn’t cum shooting all over her. It is Wan-li’s tongue. She is lapping at the cum on her shoulder like a bitch licking her master’s hand. She takes it tenderly as if it were were something special like caviar on a cracker. Rebecca finishes coaxing the cum from Taisha’s cock with her mouth and reaches up to stroke out anything remaining. Taisha’s cock doesn’t soften this time as Rebecca expects it to. This confuses Rebecca, so she looks around for a reason and finds it. Linda is now undressed. She has a very sexy body. Her breasts are beautiful, a size DD, which looks perfectly natural on her frame. She is built like a swimsuit model with only one problem, a problem that Rebecca did not see coming. Her jaw drops and she begins to salivate all over again. She had always thought Linda was born female, but Linda doesn’t have a pussy. Linda has a cock, a big one! Linda has a cock even bigger and thicker than Taisha’s. It is long, hugely veined, and bigger around than Rebecca’s wrist. All at once it both scares her and enthralls her. She can’t take her eyes off of it, but she is awakened from her trance by a sting. It is Wan-li. She is sucking and biting on Rebecca’s right breast. She looks down at the little woman and smiles.

Despite the fact that Rebecca loves cock, she is indeed a lesbian by nature and Wan-li is turning her on with the licking, sucking, and biting. Rebecca turns to her and kisses her red lips. She can feel Wan-li’s nails digging into her ass and Rebecca lowers Wan-li to the floor, laying her on her back. Rebecca gives her a long tonguing and Wan-li can taste the cum from Taisha’s cock in her mouth. This makes Wan-li very wet between her legs. She can feel her juices flowing down to her rosebud, enough to puddle on the floor. The other girls watch the action intently, cocks stiffening again. Taisha, never having actually gotten soft is slowly stroking her cock. Lilith and Ruby are giving each other a hand with their cocks. Linda kneels next to the couple and smiles broadly at them, her cock long and rock solid. Soon, Rebecca is slowly working her way down Wan-li’s body. Wan-li’s skin is smooth and tawny. Her nipples are a brilliant pink. Her breasts are B cups, a little more than a mouthful. Rebecca pauses there for a few minutes and as she sucks on Wan-li’s nipples. Wan-li grinds her hips against the middle and forefingers of Rebecca’s hand. Her moans indicate that she is on the verge of an orgasm already. It only takes a little more time and Wan-li squeals out her orgasm.

Lilith is dressed to the nines today. It is an outfit that Rebecca has only seen her wear when she has a hot date. Perhaps something exciting is happening today. The outfit is composed of a rather short form-fitting black skirt with a low-cut white blouse that barely covers her bra. She is wearing an exquisite pair of spike heeled platform pumps, and stockings with a garterbelt instead of pantyhose. The truth is that Lilith is closing a huge deal today and wants to dress special and have all eyes on her for the event.

By midday, Lilith has received the news that she has closed the big deal with her client, and spends the afternoon with her team making sure all the documents are signed and forwarded. This will secure her status in the company for a long long time. She decides to treat the closest of her team, her assistant Christine, and her intern, Deborah, and a handful of others to a little dinner celebration. Lilith takes a moment to call her boss, Samantha, to let her know that the three of them will not be in tomorrow. Samantha agrees that they have earned it and consents.

Lilith picks a very nice quiet little Italian restaurant for the occasion. The restaurant serves their meals family style, so the group decides on manicotti smothered in a rich vodka sauce, ravioli al forno, and a caesar salad. They order a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Lilith offers a toast to a job well done. She is really proud of her girls. The wine is good and they drink it down liberally while they wait for their food. Then they order another bottle. They are getting a little light-headed from the wine and the group is getting more relaxed and talking about all sorts of things.

Lilith turns to Deborah and Christine and says, “I am giving you two tomorrow off for a job well done.” They cheer and give another toast for the time off. Little do they know it is all part of a plan.

During the conversation, Lilith touches Deborah’s leg with her foot and strokes it up and down slowly and deliberately. She has a real thing for Deborah. Deborah blushes a little, but makes no protest and this time does not move as Lilith explores with her foot and touches here and there. They eat their salad and Lilith places her hand on Deborah’s thigh. The three of them polish off the second bottle of wine before the main course arrives. Lilith touches Deborah’s hand and Deborah grasps hers in return and they sit in the booth holding hands until the main course shows up. Christine observes all of this and doesn’t know what to think. It’s out of character for Lilith to behave so brazenly. It must be the wine. Lilith orders a third bottle of wine. They split their main course and eat and drink. They are getting fairly tipsy, but they aren’t disturbing anyone with their frivolity, incurring a glance or two from others, but nobody dares to say anything. Dinner is complete with dessert, a lovely tiramisu. It is quite an enjoyable time for the group. They sit and talk about what they do for fun and entertainment. They talk about life, love and lifestyles, but every time some brings up work, Lilith shushes them into submission. Lilith has forbidden it for tonight. Eventually, Lilith tells them about her open relationship with Rebecca and how well it works really for the two of them. Deborah rests her head in her hand, elbow slightly on the table and hangs on Lilith’s every word. She could listen to Lilith talk for hours about anything, and often does. Tonight, with the wine, Deborah is nearly mesmerized.

Lilith likes to touch. It is one of her characteristics that makes her so endearing to people. She is nonthreatening and kind with it and it actually draws people to her. She also loves to be touched. She feels energized when others touch her. Whenever she directs her comments to Deborah, she reaches over and touches her on the arm or the shoulder with a sparkle in her eye. Deborah loves it. She is quite fond of Lilith, in fact, she crushes on her, but tries not to be obvious about it because she knows of Rebecca. She can’t help how she reacts when Lilith touches her. It is electrical and exciting.

Deborah has always had a rough time with relationships with men. She has tried dating boys and men, but nothing seemed to click with them. She found men to be insensitive, especially in bed. She has always felt closer and more sexually energized with other women. Lilith is gorgeous and something about her, the way she looks at her and the way she touches her, sets her off. She knows Lilith is in an open relationship, but this is new ground for her and Deborah doesn’t know how to approach Lilith with her feelings. Lilith is making her feel at ease and she really likes it, especially having worked so hard with her so many times and late into the night. What should she do?

Lilith mentions the sexuality as she gets loose from the alcohol. Even in her inebriated state she is careful not to expose too much information, not yet anyway, but tells the group about some of her sexual proclivities; the little orgies, her gay lifestyle. The others share their experiences and desires as well, which gives Lilith a little thrill. It is always nice to let your hair down and just be easy. They don’t know about Lilith’s secret. It isn’t something she is ready to share with them. Lilith really likes Deborah and would like to make Deborah her own, but Lilith will have to share her not so little secret if she wants to have Deborah tonight; and she is determined to have Deborah before they say goodnight. Deborah wants more from Lilith desperately, but she is nervous to say anything to her. She is not used to being forward herself, and the more forward Lilith becomes, the more Deborah finds herself weakening.

By the time they finish, they have managed to polish off a third bottle of wine and are working on a fourth and feeling pretty good. Deborah’s hand bumps a glass of water and it spills all over the table and floor. Lilith decides they have had too much to drink for driving. She dismisses everyone except Deborah and Christine and bids them all goodnight, ensuring everyone gets a ride home. She invites Deborah and Christine to come to her house where they can continue their celebration.

Deborah says, “No, we don’t need to be an imposition. It is getting late and we ought to go home.”

Lilith replies, “Imposition? Nonsense! We are out to have a good time and there is nothing wrong with continuing as late as we want. Remember all those long hours we’ve spent? We have earned this night out. Let’s make the most of it. I will call a friend of mine and she will take us to my place.”

Before the other two can object, Lilith picks up her phone, bringing a single finger to her lips and says, “Shh!”

Lilith calls Bobbi, her submissive who is a chauffeur with her own limousine business. She tells Bobbi they need a ride to Lilith’s home and laughs a little with Bobbi as she tells her what has been going on. Bobbi is more than happy to pick them up.

Lilith hangs up and says, “Bobbi will be here in about 15 minutes, so let’s have fun, okay?”

Deborah and Christine give in and the three continue to enjoy themselves, with one last round.

Lilith pays the bill, with a generous tip, and they leave the table and head for the door. The waitress catches up to them and offers Lilith change and Lilith tells her the rest is for her. The waitress expresses gratitude with tears in her eyes.

Bobbi is waiting outside of the restaurant with a limousine when they exit the restaurant. She is dressed in a feminine black suit and high heels with a chauffeur’s cap, giving them the full limo experience. Bobbi is 5’7″ with a fabulous 38-26-36 figure that is accentuated by her tailored uniform. She has lovely shoulder length black hair and blazing blue eyes. Lilith gives Bobbi a big smile and thanks her. Unbeknownst to Deborah and Christine, Bobbi is also transsexual. Deborah and Christine both admire her appearance, thinking she is amazing to look at. The moment the two of them are out of sight, Lilith pushes her hand between Bobbi’s legs at the crotch, feeling the heat of Bobbi’s tucked cock, lingering just long enough for Bobbi to react and teeter on her high heels.

The drive back to Lilith’s place takes quite a long while and eventually Lilith steers the conversation back to sex. Lilith describes what she likes to do during sex, just to see how Deborah will respond. She talks about oral sex, anal sex, straight sex and even BDSM. She really wants to feel Deborah out to get a sense of how adventurous the petite young woman is. Lilith gets very forward with Deborah and whispers in Deborah’s ear “I want you”. Deborah kisses Lilith on the cheek and nuzzles her for a moment.

Lilith sneaks in a question for Deborah asking her, “So Deborah, have you ever had sex with a person who is gender nonconforming?”

Deborah pulls back a little bit and looks at Lilith with a confused look on her face and says, “What do You mean by gender nonconforming?”

Lilith corrects her, “Don’t answer a question with a question, dear. I mean someone who is transsexual or transgender.” Bobbi hears this from the front seat and becomes hard in her panties, causing a bit of pain since she is tucked, and making her squirm enough to push hard on the accelerator, causing the limo to lurch, and Deborah to land all over Lilith.

Deborah’s curiosity is peaked and replies, “No I haven’t, why?” She looks up and down Lilith’s body, mesmerized, and there is a long pause while she looks deep into Lilith’s eyes, so close to Lilith from her bit of a fall that she can taste Lilith’s wine-soaked breath “Is there something I should know,” she laughs.

Lilith says, “Oh, we’ll get to that later. You never know what might be in store on a night like this.”

Christine laughs at Lilith’s comment.

Christine is a full-figured woman who stands at about 5’4″ with lovely blue green eyes. She has a lovely chest, about a 38C. She has platinum blonde hair that is pulled up in a french twist. She wears a light blue skirt with a matching button-up blouse. She, too, likes to wear high heels. Her heels are four and a half inches tall and white with a black buckle on the toe. She is a bit of a cougar who is always on the prowl when she goes out. Tonight, her eyes are set on Lilith. She is definitely a “lipstick” lesbian and she likes it that way.

Lilith reaches over and gives Deborah a kiss on the lips. Deborah returns the kiss and they embrace, kissing even harder. Deborah is instantly wet and her pulse is rapid. Lilith’s hands roam over the little A cup breasts on Deborah’s chest and Deborah goes with it, enjoying the lusty feeling from the wine and her own desire. Lilith reaches down and slips her hand under the intern’s skirt and feels the moistness of her panties. Deborah sighs at the feeling of Lilith’s touch and her kiss becomes more ardent.

Christine is taken aback by this blatant, passionate, display of affection, knowing full well that Lilith has an open relationship with Rebecca. She is conflicted. She doesn’t understand open relationships and believes in some ways it is just an excuse for people to fuck whoever they want with no consequences. Regardless, she also finds herself mesmerized and turned on by the behavior. It is very arousing and making her wet. She just wishes that Lilith was kissing her.

Before things can go too far, the limousine pulls up in front of the house and Bobbi opens the door for them to get out. As the door opens, Christine literally falls out of the car. She was leaning up against the door, entranced by Lilith and Deborah’s play, but Bobbi catches her in time to prevent any harm. Lilith and Deborah stumble out of the car, but manage to keep their feet. Lilith gives Bobbi a quick kiss and says thank you, signaling that Bobbi isn’t invited to join the festivities. Bobbi smiles and gives Lilith a wink. Lilith and Deborah continue to kiss and play with each other’s tits and ass as Bobbi leads the way to the front door and opens it for them. Bobbi promises to come back later to take the guests home if they don’t wish to spend the night. As Bobbi walks back to the limo, Lilith looks to see her walking slightly distressed from the straining in her panties.

Lilith walks through the front entrance in her five inch high heeled pumps and walks across the terrazzo floor with Deborah in her arm in arm to shut off the alarm. She caresses Deborah’s ass and kisses her intensely as they make their way to the alarm keypad. They nuzzle for a moment and Lilith sucks and nibbles on Deborah’s earlobe before Lilith shows them to the living room. Christine wonders if she will get some of that attention tonight.

Rebecca hears that her Mistress is not alone and begins to scramble through the closet to get out her skimpy little maid’s uniform that she always wears for her Mistress around the house, so that she can greet the guests.

Lilith turns to her two guests and escorts them to the living room, flipping on the lights before they enter the room. She glances up at the second floor and sees the bedroom light is on. It is usual for Rebecca to wait up for her. She does it so that she can greet Lilith and so they will have no trouble coming up the stairs when they turn out the downstairs lights. Lilith is curious why Rebecca hasn’t met her at the door though. She excuses herself and goes upstairs to find Rebecca scrambling about to get her sexy maid’s uniform on.

Lilith stops her momentarily and the two kiss passionately without a word. Rebecca becomes excited, tasting the wine and Deborah’s lipstick in her Mistress’ mouth. She licks at Lilith’s tongue, searching for the taste of another woman’s cock but does not find it this time. Lilith says, “Get yourself together and come down immediately. I want you to be at your best. This is a celebration. We finally closed that deal today.” Lilith smiles brightly at Rebecca, lightly diddling Rebecca’s cock for a moment. “Searching in My mouth for a taste of something, Rebecca?” Rebecca blushes nearly crimson. She adores that her Mistress loves to suck cock too! Rebecca exclaims, “That is great news! Congratulations! I will hurry, Mistress. I heard you come in and I wasn’t dressed for company or I would have come down.” Lilith puts her right index finger to Rebecca’s lips and says, “Shh! It’s okay, just finish getting ready and come down.”

Rebecca wants to be diligent and enjoys being servile. It has become her nature to be submissive. She picks out a pair of five inch black heels that her Mistress prefers her to wear. She quickly applies some makeup, puts her hair up into a ponytail and prepares to go downstairs to attend to the guests. She feels negligent that she hasn’t already come down. She wants to make Lilith look good to her guests.

Meanwhile, Lilith has gone back downstairs and is playing hostess while Rebecca finishes getting ready.

Lilith asks the group, “Would anyone like some more wine?”

They both nod affirmatively. Lilith excuses herself, goes to the kitchen and grabs yet another bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and pulls the cork. She grabs three wine glasses and returns to the living room. She graciously pours the wine and they raise their glasses.

Lilith gives a toast, “Here’s to a lucrative business deal sealed. It took some time, but we successfully brought it together.” Glasses clink together and the group sips the wine. “…and not another word about that. How many cheers has that been now? Well, no matter. It is a night to celebrate.”

They all sit down with their wine glasses in hand. Lilith sits next to Deborah on the sofa and Christine sits in a comfy chair adjacent to them.

Christine remarks, “This is a nice wine! Much better than the wine served at the restaurant. Where do you get your wine? It is exceptional.”

Lilith replies, “It is a Napa Valley wine. I truly love the wines from California. There is a small vineyard there that I really like. They ship it to me direct.”

Deborah states, “This is a such a lovely place! I don’t mean to sound awful, but may I ask who does your decorating? You?”

Lilith laughs, “Thank you! You are anything but awful, dear! My slave, Rebecca, does most of the decorating. She has a real knack for color schemes and themes.” Lilith realizes she has let something slip that she hadn’t intended. Oh well, now it is out.

“A slave?” Christine asks, “Rebecca is your slave? I thought you had an interesting relationship, but this is a new tidbit. Isn’t that a bit archaic?”

Deborah then laughs, “I suppose you have a servant boy, too? Maybe you have something a little more outlandish, like…”

Lilith breaks her comment by touching the girl’s arm and strokes the back of her hand up and down it, “I am quite serious.” She turns to Christine, “No, it isn’t archaic at all. Many people today have someone in their life who takes care of the house and chores, etcetera. They are normally called homemakers, but our relationship goes much deeper.”

Christine asks, “How do you mean?”

Lilith replies, “Quite simple, really. She has devoted herself to me in a very submissive and sincere way. She is my servant, my slave, my lover, my toy. I am her Mistress and Dominant. She has been with me now for two years. She sees to nearly my every need and we share a life together. It is appropriate to say that we love each other. We love each other very much, but we aren’t exclusive. In fact, she has been out tonight and doesn’t know that I know it. I don’t know why she felt she had to keep it from me.”

Christine queries, “How do you know?”

Lilith states, “I found the shreds of a note she got with some flowers. The note was laying in a wastebasket. She doesn’t hide things very well. It didn’t take much to add it up. I didn’t send the flowers and she was very nervous and quiet when I saw them. It didn’t take much detective work to figure it out. I am just waiting for her to break down and come out with it. I am not upset in any way about it. I think it is kinda cute and humorous that she may be fretting over it.”

As if on cue, the group hears the clicking of heels coming downstairs and toward the living room.

Rebecca appears in the doorway, curtseys, then kneels and says, “Mistress, may I enter and greet the guests?”

Lilith says to her, “Yes Rebecca, you may enter.”

Rebecca comes in and kneels at Deborah’s feet and kisses the toe of each foot, leaving a lipstick mark. She says to Deborah, “My name is Rebecca. Lilith owns me and I serve Her. I am pleased to meet you, Miss, and hope you enjoy your time here. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.”

Deborah is a little shocked by the display and stumbles a little as she says, “Hi, pleased to meet you. My name is Deborah.” Deborah looks down to see that Rebecca has a collar around her neck with a small tag and Lilith’s name on it.

Rebecca then goes over to Christine, kneels at her feet and kisses the toe of each pump, leaving lipstick marks on each. She says to Christine, “My name is Rebecca. Lilith owns me and I serve Her. I am pleased to meet you, Miss, and hope you enjoy your time here. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.”

Christine smiles broadly at Rebecca, almost snickering, and says, “Hello Rebecca, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Christine.”

Rebecca turns to her Mistress, goes over to her, kneels and kisses the toes of her pumps, then says, “Mistress is there anything I can do for you and your guests?”

Lilith says, “Yes, Rebecca. Bring in another bottle of the Cabernet I opened, darling. Our glasses are almost empty.”

Rebecca smiles, “Yes, Mistress,” and turns toward the kitchen to retrieve the wine. She scurries along and once she gets to the wine rack, she pulls out two bottles, one for now and one just in case.

Lilith scoots closer to the little intern and reaches down, touching her arm. Deborah doesn’t flinch, so Lilith runs her hand up and down the arm, gently brushing against her breast. Deborah gasps lightly, then sighs. Lilith then reaches up and runs the fingers of her other hand through the girl’s auburn hair.

Deborah bows her head but never loses contact with Lilith’s eyes.

Deborah is surprised by her submissiveness to Lilith. She has never felt this way around another person before, ever. It shakes her to the core. What will come next, she wonders?

Rebecca pulls the cork from the bottle and wraps a towel around it. She picks it up and carries it to the entrance of the living room and waits for Lilith to recognize her. Lilith waves her in and she proceeds to refill the glasses to a respectable level and then sets the bottle down in the center of the coffee table. Then Rebecca kneels on the floor at Lilith’s feet, head bowed.

Lilith stares directly into Deborah’s amber eyes and says, “So, do you believe me now?”

“Yes Ma’am,” she replies. Deborah is shocked to be calling her “Ma’am” but it felt right.

Lilith holds Deborah’s hand and says to the young woman, “Do you trust me?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Deborah replies.

Lilith instructs, “Rebecca, go upstairs and retrieve a pair of size six pumps. That is the size you wear, isn’t it Deborah?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Deborah responds almost spellbound, “How did you know?”

Rebecca dutifully stands and leaves the room. They hear her pit-a-pat across the floor and up the stairs. She picks out a pretty pair of black pumps that Lilith has previously cum in. Cumming in high heels is a quirk of Lilith’s. She likes cumming in the high heeled pumps belonging to her submissives. Lilith feels that it adds to her connection with them, including Rebecca. It is a secret she rarely shares. She has cum in all of Rebecca’s heels at one time or another; many of them, several times. Rebecca understands the connection as she feels her strongest and deepest submission when she wears her pumps, which is virtually all of her waking hours. Lilith keeps a collection of high heels from her other submissives to seed as she desires. She typically cums three to five times a day, vigorously. She has a voracious sexual appetite.

While Rebecca is away, Lilith admits to Deborah and Christine, “I have a shoe thing, other women’s high heels to be specific; the higher the better. I know feet and shoes very well and can judge them just by looking at them. Deborah, I can tell that you rarely, if ever, wear heels higher than a couple of inches. You should though. They would show off your cute calves nicely. You have very pretty legs. I think you are adorable. If you belonged to me the way Rebecca does, you’d have to wear them all the time.”

Deborah says modestly, “Thank you. I need to be honest and say that I am smitten with you. I have been almost since I was first assigned to be a part of your team, over 3 months ago. I don’t know why I feel compelled to admit this, but there it is. I amazed when you notice me, I feel weak when you glance My way.”

Lilith just smiles widely at Deborah. She wants the little intern desperately.

Deborah has nice hips and a slender waist. She is 22 and interning to get her college degree. She is about 5′ tall with long auburn hair that kisses her nicely rounded ass. She normally keeps her hair in a french braid. Her amber eyes set off high cheekbones and a button nose. She is quite pretty to look at.

A minute later they hear Rebecca come down the stairs and across the terrazzo floor. She reappears with a pair of four and a half inch black leather pumps, Mary Jane style. She kneels on the floor at Lilith’s feet and holds the pumps loosely in her fingers for her Mistress.

Lilith directs Rebecca calmly, “Perform the foot worship ritual on Deborah.”

Rebecca crawls over to Deborah. She kneels at Deborah’s feet and bends over to kiss the toe of each pump she is already wearing, leaving a lipstick mark on each. Christine looks on, sipping her wine, captivated by the display. She has been taking this all in with extreme interest. Rebecca is very compliant. Christine thinks Rebecca is simply delicious to look at and she is turned on by her appearance.

Rebecca says to Deborah, “Relax and let it happen. I promise you will enjoy it.”

Deborah gulps down her glass of wine and Lilith refills the glass with a smile. She loves this. It is a ritual that Rebecca performs regularly for her Mistress and it is a major turn on for Lilith. Lilith sometimes even gets hot and bothered when Rebecca does the ritual for another.

Rebecca raises Deborah’s left foot to her lips and licks the sides and top of Deborah’s low heels. Rebecca licks the sole of the shoe and cleans it thoroughly with her tongue. Deborah isn’t sure about all of this, but sits still, holding the glass of wine clutched in her hands. Rebecca then licks and sucks the heel of the shoe, treating as one would a cock. Rebecca opens the lid of the box on the end table next to the couch and sprinkles flower petals on the floor beneath Deborah’s left foot. Rebecca removes the shoe from Deborah’s foot and sets it down lightly on the flower petals. Rebecca licks and sucks the toes of the young woman’s foot, starting with the little toe; while massaging the foot with both hands. Deborah melts at the feeling of Rebecca’s lips and tongue working her toes. The massage is delightful. She sighs deeply. When Rebecca has finished sucking on the big toe, she kisses the bottom of Deborah’s foot. Rebecca then places a new pump on Deborah’s foot. She looks to see that the inside of the new Mary Jane had been nearly soaked in something that was now dry, Rebecca slips it on her foot, and sets the strap in place, then finally sets her foot down gently on the flower petals, pushing the old shoe under the coffee table. Deborah immediately feels different somehow, but figures it is the height of the heel, although she can see there are small spots of something that was once liquid on the outside too.

Rebecca looks over at her Mistress for just a moment and Lilith waves her on.

Rebecca then repeats the ritual on the right foot. When she reaches the point where she licks and sucks the toes of Deborah’s right foot, Deborah melts again. Her pussy is getting moist from the pleasure Rebecca is giving her. She can’t explain it, but this is very erotic and exciting to her. She has never even considered something like this. Then Rebecca places a matched Mary Jane on Deborah’s right foot. Deborah feels oddly connected to Rebecca. She is so submissive. Deborah reaches down and catches Rebecca by the sides of her head and kisses her. Rebecca kisses her back and they hold that position for a minute before they part. Rebecca’s kiss is like fire! They both look over at Lilith and see that she is smiling at them.

Then Rebecca does something unexpected. She slides her hands up Deborah’s legs. Deborah hesitates and resists for a moment, but then Rebecca more forcefully pulls her panties down, takes them off, and puts them on the coffee table. Rebecca gently parts Deborah’s legs and begins to kiss and lick her thighs, working her way up to her pussy. Deborah sighs and loses all resistance. Rebecca slips her tongue into Deborah’s pussy and Deborah doesn’t do anything to stop what is happening. She moans softly. Rebecca runs her tongue up the crease of Deborah’s pussy and connects with her clit. A little lightning bolt jolts Deborah as intense pleasure engulfs her. She involuntarily moves her hips to connect with Rebecca’s tongue. Rebecca obviously knows exactly what she is doing as she kisses, licks and sucks on Deborah’s pussy.

Rebecca focuses her efforts on Deborah’s clit and flicks it steadily with her tongue. Deborah pushes down on the cushions of the sofa in response to the intensity, her body tensing as she enjoys the stimulation. She moans and cries out as Rebecca toys with her clit. Then Deborah instinctively reaches up and pinches her nipples through her blouse, but it’s not enough. She opens her blouse and undoes the front closure of her bra and massages her breasts while Rebecca continues her assault on Deborah’s pussy. Deborah pinches the nipples and moans at the sensation. Lilith reaches over and closes her lips on Deborah’s nipple and sucks, then bites lightly. The pussy-licking and the breast massage are enough to send Deborah over the edge and she cums like a rolling river. Her breathing is harsh and ragged, she groans as her body tenses even more. Her arms stretch out and pull at the cushions of the sofa as her orgasm peaks. Suddenly, she lets go of the cushions and sits there, her body goes completely limp, breathing rapidly. Lilith reaches up and kisses Deborah on the lips and Deborah kisses her hard through her breathing. Deborah then reaches down and pulls Rebecca up to kiss her and the three of them share a kiss. Minutes pass, the three act as one, touching, caressing, kissing and licking, until Deborah fades and slips into the couch, spent for the moment, and glowing.

Deborah looks down at Rebecca and asks meekly, “So, you are really Lilith’s slave because baby, I’m yours. That was something!”

They all laugh hysterically.

Rebecca answers sincerely, “Yes I am and I would highly recommend the position to anyone who is submissive in nature.”

Lilith says, “Christine, since we are all telling little secrets about ourselves, tell us a secret about yourself that you don’t normally share.”

Christine is caught by surprise and grimaces, “Well, this is a little embarrassing.” She sort of blushes, then stammers”…I squirt sometimes when I orgasm.”

“I’ve never heard of that,” Deborah says, “Come on! You might as well have said that Lilith has a cock or something. I just don’t believe it. Women don’t squirt.” Lilith is mildly startled by the intern’s comment, but says nothing.

“If you don’t believe me, I can show you,” Christine laughs, “Come over here and find out for yourself.”

Deborah looks at Rebecca, who winks. She then looks at Lilith, who nods toward Christine. Deborah is in a quandary. She has never actually gone down on another woman, much less had sex with a boss or a coworker. She has always wanted to play, but the moment has never really presented itself until now. Now is the moment of truth, literally.

Rebecca kisses her, takes her hand and leads her over to Christine. Christine pulls down her panties, then pulls her skirt up and reveals a pussy that is well-groomed with just a small patch of hair above the crease. Her arousal is obvious by how wet she is.

Deborah kneels between Christine’s legs and moves in. Her lips touch the smooth skin of Christine’s pussy lips. She sticks out her tongue and runs it up between them. The taste is sweet and tangy. She digs in a little further and her tongue enters the wet pussy. Christine moans softly. Deborah moves her tongue in and out of the pussy hole and juices flow onto her tongue and chin. Deborah is getting lost in the experience and really starts to work her tongue harder into Christine’s pussy. She can feel the clit against her upper lip and she rubs it hard while she darts her tongue in and out of Christine’s wet pussy. Christine reclines there with her eyes closed, focusing on the pleasure Deborah is giving her. Deborah slides her tongue and flicks the clit with it. Christine gasps lightly at the feeling. Deborah zeroes in and focuses her efforts on the clit, imagining that it is her own clit and what she would do to get off. She encircles the clit with her lips and uses her tongue to steadily whisk across it.

Lilith decides now is the time to take Deborah. She pulls down her own skirt and panties, untucking and revealing her hard and throbbing eight inch cock. Christine gasps loudly seeing Lilith’s cock, but before she can say anything Deborah’s licking is taking her to the edge and she closes her eyes. Deborah assumes the gasp is from the pleasure she is giving Christine and continues uninterrupted.

Lilith drops in behind the young intern and slowly sinks her cock into Deborah’s waiting pussy. Deborah clamps down a little on Christine’s clit at the sudden sensation of being penetrated. This results in a loud moan from Christine. Lilith begins to slowly fuck Deborah as Deborah continues to ravish Christine’s pussy. Deborah loves the feeling of being fucked from behind while she eats pussy. Her juices are flowing freely from her own pussy and Lilith can feel it on her cock.

Christine starts to shudder as she feels her orgasm building. Deborah sticks two fingers in Christine’s pussy as she continues to suck and lick on her clit. Once inside, she curls her fingers upward and back just a little and taps lightly. Christine moans loudly. The tapping is touching her G-spot and her quaking increases. Her breathing comes in rapids bursts as she moans. When the intensity peaks, she yelps out her orgasm as Deborah taps and licks, taps and licks. Christine convulses at the treatment she is getting. Deborah continues to lick and fuck Christine until her orgasm subsides. It takes a few minutes for Christine to calm down as Deborah continues to massage her G-spot, but the tapping is too much and she feels a second orgasm building. This one is even more intense than the first one. Christine lets out a yell that is deafening as she cums and squirts on Deborah’s hand. Deborah withdraws her hand and licks the juices off her hand. The taste is exquisite, sweet and tangy all at once.

Lilith is still fucking Deborah rhythmically with enthusiasm. She wants this to last, but pussy isn’t the same as fucking an ass. It is self-lubricating and wet. Deborah did not see Lilith undress, and looks between her legs and sees what she believes to be the most realistic strap-on she has ever seen. She reaches down and rubs her clit. God! Lilith really knows how to use that thing, she thinks. Lilith continues to fuck Deborah and Rebecca kneels close, ready for her reward, Lilith’s cum. She needs it. She wants whatever Deborah’s pussy leaks out. Lilith is beyond excited from watching Deborah eat Christine’s pussy. She feels her own orgasm building as she fucks Deborah’s sweet pussy. Deborah’s efforts from rubbing her own clit is reaping its rewards as she feels another orgasm coming on. She wishes it was Rebecca eating her pussy and imagines that she is. This spurs on her orgasm and just as she cums, Lilith buries her cock deep within Deborah’s pussy. She holds that position and Deborah can feel something pulsing inside her. The throbbing is too real and she can feel a warmth inside of her.

When Lilith pulls out of Deborah, Rebecca immediately sticks her mouth up to the opening of Deborah’s pussy and sucks out as much of Lilith’s cum as she can. Rebecca laps at Deborah’s pussy as if it contains gold. Deborah relishes the feel of Rebecca’s tongue as it intensifies her orgasm momentarily. Rebecca then turns to Lilith and shares her cum and Deborah’s pussy juice with her. They kiss and their tongues swirl together as Rebecca pushes some of her prize into Lilith’s mouth. Together they swallow and savor the flavor. Deborah’s pussy tastes so good mixed with Lilith’s cum. Rebecca is satisfied for now.

Deborah and Christine watch Rebecca and Lilith kiss and when they part, they are both shaken by the sight of Lilith’s cock. Now it all made sense to Deborah. The question about being with someone, what was it again? Gender nonconforming? They were all little clues. Then the sight of the ‘realistic’ cock in her pussy and then the throbbing and pulsing. It all added up.

Christine asks, “Why didn’t you tell us that you were a transsexual? We are all LGBT friendly here! You should have trusted us. We have our “Big Girl” panties on. I would like to think we are trustworthy…” she trailed off.

Lilith replies, “You are right. I should have said something definitive earlier. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure if simply telling you was the safe thing to do. The truth is that Rebecca and I are both transsexual. It isn’t something we tell people normally. To be honest, I was very close to telling you at dinner. The wine really loosened my tongue.”

Deborah sits there with her jaw open. She looks up at Lilith and says, “Mother fucker!” She gasps a moment, then, “Holy shit!” She struggles to catch her breath, then, “Oh my fucking God!” Almost horrified, she says, “Now that I see it, I still can’t believe it.” Then she continues, “Wait! No way! Rebecca is transsexual, too?” She begins to laugh at the thought.

“Well,” Christine says, “I, personally, feel a little betrayed by all of this, but I guess I should have known from all the hints”

Deborah retorts, “Why? She didn’t fuck you. She fucked me. Neither one of them touched you. Geesh!” She looks at Lilith, “You bitch! How could you not tell me? You fucking took advantage of me. I was drunk.”

Christine turns her head toward Lilith and states, “Okay, Deborah, you’re right. Calm down now. You aren’t hurt, at least not physically.”

Deborah states, “I would never have guessed that you weren’t born women. You both are so gorgeous, but how? Why didn’t you tell me?” Tears are welling up in her eyes.

Lilith sighs and asks, “So, are you still smitten with me?”

Deborah says sarcastically, “Oh, yes Lilith or should I say Mistress? Can we do it again? Fuck you!” Deborah starts crying, and starts to take off her new Mary Janes and just as quickly stops, standing nearly naked with one heel unstrapped, looking very confused, and staring at Lilith’s still hard cock. No one had ever fucked her like that, ever, and the feelings in her loins were fighting with the thoughts in her mind. She adored Lilith, had gone as far as to dress like her and imitate her, and now Lilith had been inside her. She thought about it a few minutes more, watching Lilith in her spike-heeled glory with her cock still pulsing, wet with Deborah’s own juices. She bent down, and closed the strap on her pump, then could not resist the urge to kiss the tip of Lilith’s cock, leaving lipstick behind on it.

Lilith, still hard from sex with Deborah, turns to Christine, “Well I want more. I want you now, Christine!”

Christine laughs and says, “You will have to tie me down to take me the way you did Deborah.”

Lilith says, “If that is how you really want it, then Rebecca, get some restraints!”

Rebecca begins to leave the room when Christine says, “No, that won’t be necessary unless you just want it for effect. For some Goddamn reason, being fucked by a woman with a cock turns me on. I can’t help it. I *want* you to fuck me. This will be a new experience for me. I won’t fight you. In fact, I welcome it.”

Lilith hesitates for a moment, then has Christine turn over with her butt in the air and her torso on the chair cushion.

Rebecca tends to Deborah. She gets her a throw blanket and some water. Deborah is grateful and thanks Rebecca. Rebecca sits next to her on the sofa and Deborah rests on her shoulder.

Lilith gets behind Christine and slowly slides her cock inside. The very moment that Lilith’s cock parts Christine’s pussy lips sends a jolt through Deborah. Rebecca looks whispers to her. “You feel it too, darling?” Rebecca begins to kiss Deborah softly as Lilith feels Christine’s pussy envelope her hardness.

Christine is very tight. Lilith wonders about that, but lets the thought slip by. Christine’s pussy feels wonderful wrapped around her cock. Lilith takes her time. She feels a little resistance but carefully slides in and something inside of Christine pops. Christine moans from the excitement and pain. Lilith sinks the rest of the way in. She begins to slowly fuck Christine. Christine really starts to moan as Lilith penetrates her. Now the moans are passionate, lusty. Lilith doesn’t understand what is happening to the woman, but she continues to fuck her. Christine’s pussy is so tight that Lilith isn’t sure how long she can last before she cums. Christine begins to buck against Lilith in a very wanton way. She is now driving this train, not Lilith. Lilith decides to go for the ride. Christine loudly groans out an orgasm as she shakes and pushes back against Lilith’s cock. Lilith feels her own orgasm coming and she grabs onto Christine’s hips and fucks her hard. Christine is out of control with wanton lust as she continues to buck up against Lilith’s cock. Lilith’s cock explodes as she cums harder than she has in a long time. As Lilith cums, Christine fucks her cock until she has another orgasm. Lilith’s orgasm lasts a long time as Christine continues to rock back and forth. Christine stops bucking and breathes hard. Lilith is breathing hard, too. The two of them relax and collapse in a sexy heap, kissing and fondling still. Eventually, Lilith pulls out and sees blood on her cock.

Dan and Audrey had been together now for about a month and a half and it had been one hell of a ride so far. They had spent a lot of time getting to really, know each other and having fun together both as a couple going places and sexually as well. One of the things that Dan was interested in was learning more of Audrey’s little fantasies. She had told him that when she fucked him in the ass over the sink that morning, that had always been one of her fantasies. Since then they had acted out another of her fantasies, which was fucking in the middle of the woods. She’d’ had him pinned against a tree while she plowed his ass and stroked his cock at the same time until they both came together and then switched off so it was her pinned against the tree with him fucking her ass. Now he wanted to know what else she was interested in doing.

Dan lay in his bed while Audrey was out on the apartment balcony smoking a cigarette, wrapped in a bathrobe she had brought with her for the weekend since she would be staying over until Monday morning. She came in from the balcony and lay down on the bed alongside him, leaning on her elbow and smiling seductively at him. “Hey you,” she said. He chuckled and sat up to kiss her on the lips.

“So, would you like to have a little bit of fun?” she asked as she began stroking his cock underneath the sheets. He groaned and kissed her again. “Actually; I kind of wanted to ask you what some of your other crazy fantasies might be. Like the one where you bent me over the sink and fucked my ass; anything else like that in mind?”

Audrey laughed as her cock started to grow from the memory of him bent over his kitchen sink while she fucked his ass flashed through her mind. “Well; there is one that involves the shower and you dropping a bar of soap. You know that old line they always say to people who are going to prison. Don’t’ drop the soap? I’ve’ always wanted to do something that pokes fun at that little line sort of.”

“Really; well you’ve got my attention.” He said.

She laughed and took his hand standing up and pulling him out of the bed with her, she led him towards his bathroom. She turned on the light, and pulled back the shower curtain and turned on the hot water motioning for him to get in the shower. He climbed in under the hot water and groaned at the feeling of it washing over him. Audrey climbed in too and pulled the curtain shut as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately on the lips. Her tongue slid into his mouth and she began fondling his balls as the hot water washed over them both. She stopped kissing him and handed him the bar of Irish Spring Soap and whispered in his ear, “You know what they say; don’t drop the soap.”

He laughed as he kissed her on the lips once more then turned around towards the wall and conveniently proceeded to drop the soap. It landed on the shower floor with a splash and Audrey laughed as he looked back at her and gave her a knowing smile.

“Well, look at that; I dropped the soap,” he said jokingly.

He proceeded to, slowly bend over to pick up the soap and once he had bent over, he felt her hard cock probing his asshole. She ran her hands up and down his back in a soothing manner as she gave a light push and her cock popped into his asshole. He groaned as she slid her entire length all the way up to the balls inside of him and grabbed him by the hips.

“Time for me to make you my bitch,” she said in a serious tone.

She proceeded to begin pounding his ass with long hard strokes, the sound of her hips slapping against his ass made a loud wet sound from the shower water. Dan straightened up a bit and leaned against the wall in front of him groaning as he felt his ass begin to tighten around her cock and his own dick began to twitch as he shot a rather large load all over the shower wall. Audrey did not stop fucking his ass though, instead she picked up the pace and began fucking him even harder until she felt her balls begin to tighten and her cock begin to swell up as she prepared for her own orgasm. A few more hard strokes and she buried herself deep inside of him moaning in pleasure. She kissed his neck and breathed heavy as she pumped her load deep into his ass until she had nothing left to shoot. She delivered a couple more light thrusts before slowly pulling out of him, her cum dripping from his ass to the shower floor. She stepped away from him and he straightened his back again this time so the shower water could run down his ass crack. He turned around and they kissed for a few moments before climbing out of the shower together and starting to dry off. “So did you enjoy your little fantasy?” he asked her as he dried his hair. She laughed, “Yeah I definitely did; you know I’m very glad that I met you Dan. I really am.”

“Well, I’m glad I met you too.”

Just than the phone rang in the living room and he wrapped the towel around himself’ and ran out to grab it.

Looking first at the caller ID, he groaned in annoyance as he picked it up and breathed heavily into it. “Yes Chelsea,”


She actually said something other than “what are you doing.” That was new for him, because the last few times she had called she had come off seeming rather nosey by asking him flat out what he was doing at that exact moment. “Hi yourself,” he replied. Then the silence followed and he sighed shaking his head. “Chelsea; why did you call me?” he asked. “I don’t know okay? I just…I am lonely and I’m’ depressed. You should come over.”

He knew where this was going. She was not aware that he and Audrey were’ a couple at least to his knowledge anyway, but she did know that they were friends. “I can’t okay; I’m hanging out with Audrey right now.”

She also knew Audrey was a transsexual so maybe telling her that was not the best idea because what she said next made it pretty’ clear she knew something was going on between the two of them.

“You don’t have time to come over and have sex with a hot woman but you’ve got plenty of time to spend with a fucking man in a dress right?” she asked. “Hey, don’t talk about her like that; would you calm the hell down Chelsea? Seriously, you’re losing your cool over nothing.”

“What so you’re saying you aren’t having sex with a transsexual right?”

He could not lie about that. He had no interest in lying about it; he wasn’t ashamed of what he had with Audrey and he felt that it was no business of Chelsea’s but to shut her up he decided maybe it was time to tell her the truth about what he had going with Audrey. “Yes, I am having sex with Audrey.”

She laughed into the phone but it was more of an aggravated laugh. “Yeah, that’s what I figured,” she said. “So your fucking gay now right; well what were you a faggot the entire fucking time we were married or is it my fault for cheating on you?”

“No, Chelsea it’s neither of those okay? Look, I don’t’ view myself as gay so no I was never gay while we were married and no you did not make me gay. I met Audrey at a bar and I did not even know she was a transsexual when we first met; I found out later and by that time I already really liked her and I decided it just didn’t matter to me.”

There was silence after he finished explaining how he and Audrey had come to be and finally, she sighed and began to speak again. “Look; don’t mind me okay? I’m’ just a little drunk right now. I’m going to hang up now,” she said. Sure enough, she hung up the phone and he sighed, placing his own phone back in the charger. He turned around to find Audrey sitting on the foot of his bed waiting for him to tell her who had been on the phone; she already knew though. “What did she want this time?” she asked. He sighed and sat down beside, her shaking his head. “I don’t know; to insult me I guess. To let me know that she knows what you are and that we’re’ together and to tell me she thinks I am in her words a faggot. Not that I give a shit what she says; I just wish she would leave me the hell alone now.”

Audrey knew it bothered him whenever Chelsea would call. She never wanted to talk about anything nice, she always wanted to try and guilt trip him; it was her way of trying to get him back with her but it had not been working and she did not seem to get the point that it probably never would work. Audrey started rubbing his back and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You want me to take care of her?” she joked. He laughed and shook his head. “No, that’s okay; she just messed her own head up. She’ll get over it eventually I just wish she would let me get over it too.”

He gave her a kiss on the lips. “She needs to leave me be; because I have found someone who I think is incredible and I know she cares a great deal about me.” He kissed her again and she knew of course that someone was her’ and she giggled at the thought that he was falling for her. She was falling, for him too of course. She wanted to do something nice for him to try and, cheer him up; she hated Chelsea. They had just had some fun in the shower, and he had been in such a good mood and now he looked so sad and depressed.

“Let’s go to dinner,” she suggested. “My treat,”

He smiled and stood up. “Okay; if you really don’t mind.” He said. She kissed his cheek and grabbed her car keys off his dresser motioning for him to come along. They walked out of the apartment and out to her car and she took him to a nice dinner. He could not have asked for anyone else to make him happy, he knew Audrey really truly cared about him and that was all that mattered to him right now.

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