transsexual woman

God Damn it! My idiot of a brother rented out the apartment to a fag! I was only gone for a month. You see, my house was built with an added on apartment in the back. I heard that it was for the original owner’s mother in law. If she was anything like my ex’s mom and if it was up to me, I would have told that battle axe where to go. Turns out Pete rented the place to some rump ranger, probably just to piss me off. I told him to rent the damn thing out ,but be careful who he rented to. I told him; no Spics, Coons, Towel heads or Fags; but did he listen to me? No fucking way! Well I’m going to remedy that.

I beat on the door. I wonder what type of limp wristed, son of a cock sucker this was going to be. The door opened. I just stood there. It was a woman; and a beautiful woman at that. She had to be 5-8 or 5-9: 135 to 145 lbs. Red hair; green eyes and more curves than the Grand Prix. What the hell?

She smiled. “Can I help you?”

“I—.” I must have forgotten how to speak. I couldn’t seem to find the words.

She tilted her head a bit, sideways. “Are you Peter’s brother Jack?” She offered me her hand. “I’m Sheila; Sheila Banks.” I took her hand. Damn; it felt good!

“Hi S-Sheila, I am Jack. Nice to meet you.” Christ, she even smelled great.

“Nice to meet you to Jack. Peter didn’t tell me you were so handsome.” She was Hot with a capitol H. “It’s too early for a beer. You want some coffee?”

“Please. I would like that.” I sat down at the kitchen table while she fiddled with some goofy coffee maker.

“What do you want, French roast, Columbian, Jamaican?” She had a real nice ass too.

“Surprise me.” She smiled, popped in a little cup thingy and Shazam; there was coffee. Smelled good too. She set my cup on the table and sat across from me. I could get use to this. “Hmmm. Good stuff.”

“I’m glad I got a chance to meet you Jack. To be honest, Peter said you were a little standoffish. Maybe you wouldn’t be too keen to have a renter like me.”

“What do you mean; ‘renter like me?’”

Her face darkened slightly. “I’m a transsexual. I use to be a guy Jack.”

“Yeah, right. Bullshit!” No way that could be true.

“I really am a transsexual, Jack. I thought Peter told you.”

“You’re a fucking queer?” I stood up.

“Jack —I’m not gay, not that there is anything wrong with that. I use to be male and discovered that I wanted to be female. So I changed myself.”

“My God. I can’t believe it! You’re a fucking rump ranger! Bet you like it when you got a dick in your ass.”

“What I like is none of your business. I can’t believe that narrow minded Neanderthals like you still exist. You must have skipped the class on evolution.”

“It don’t matter what I skipped, us Neanderthals are particular and I want you out of here.”

“Damn shame, I signed a 6 month lease then isn’t it? By the way, Peter said you’d put a storm door on my main entrance.”

Why the fuck did I give him authority to rent the apartment out? “Start looking for a new place, cause when that 6 months is over, I want your bitch ass gone.” I snapped my fingers. “Sorry, you’re not a bitch. You got a dick between your legs, right sweetie?”

“You want to see it Baby? I’ll give you a front row seat.?”

“Listen you cock sucking fag, you got 6 months and that’s it. And don’t be having any of your rump ranger friends over.” I got in her face. “You’re going to have to daisy chain somewhere else.”

She crossed her arms. “Maybe you’d better leave. Wouldn’t want you to be late for your Hitler youth group meeting.”

“Ok, but you better start looking.” I left and headed back home.

“Don’t forget the storm door, Adolph.” She yelled at me.

Cold day in Hell, I thought. Cold day in Hell. Well, I guess we did actually had something in common. We hated one another. But It did stick to It’s self. The week passed and Thursday night, we had an ice storm. Friday morning I went to leave for work and there must have been a half inch of ice everywhere. I called the supervisor at the construction site and he said it was shut down till Monday. I walked out to the road to get the paper and that’s all I remembered.


Where ever I was, was freezing. My eyes slowly opened and my teeth were chattering. I felt the weight of blankets on me, but couldn’t seem to get warm. I coughed. I heard some movement and turned my head. My neighbor was standing there.

“What do you do to me?” I croaked.

“Boy, isn’t that typical? You did it to yourself, Einstein. You must have slipped on the ice and hit your head. I found you about 9am and dragged you into my place. Your’s was locked.”

The clock I saw said 11:45 and it was morning. I was trying to do the math. As fuzzy as my mind was, it was like trying to pick up a dime with gloves on. “I—-I’ve only been out for 3 hours?”

The red head sat on a chair next to me. “It’s been two days and three hours. I tried calling for an ambulance, but we’ve had freezing rain for days now.”

“Two days? Why am I so cold?”

“Jack, you had a high fever. I had to ice you down or you would have died. The fever must have just br—.”


I felt warm again. In fact I felt somebody against me. Who the hell was it and where the hell was I? I tried to roll over. Fuck I was weak. The person next to me stirred.

“You awake again?” By the time I was able to move, the person was up and putting a robe on. Christ! It was my neighbor the fag. Was it in bed with me?”

“W–what did you do?”

“Well Jack, I waited till you passed out, stripped down and was going to fuck you. Then I realized that according to the fag union agreement I would have surpassed my quota for the week and would have been in violation. So your ass is safe for now.”

I was weak, but I chuckled, despite myself. “Damn you’re feisty.” She actually smiled. “I remember you saying, I fell.” It was sort of a question.

“I found you in the driveway 3 days ago. You had a goose egg on your head. When I couldn’t wake you up, I dragged you to my place.” She ran a hand through her red hair. “Over the next few days you developed a high fever. Nothing was up and running ’cause of the ice storm. In fact we are the only ones that I can see with power.”

“I have a back-up propane generator.” I mumbled.

“I had to ice you down to lower your temp. You woke up yesterday shivering. Your fever broke. I had to get the ice packs off you, change the bedding and warm you back up. Quickest and safest way was to use my own body heat. Damn you were cold!”

“You’re telling the truth?”

“Jack, why would I lie?”

It hurt because I didn’t want to admit it. Nine out of ten people would have left me there after the way I treated them. “I—I don’t know what to say Sheila. You probably saved my life.”

“I had to take your keys so I could get you some pajamas, from your place. I looked all over for your KKK robe, but it must be at the cleaners.”

“I guess I deserved that, Sheila.”

“Did you just realize you called me by my first name, twice? I was getting use to ‘Fag’. What will the neighbors think?” She smiled again.

I smiled back. Must be still woozy. “Guess I deserve that too.”

” I’ll be right back.” Two minutes later, she was back with a tray. Something smelled great. My stomach grumbled. She sat down in the chair next to the bed and helped me set up. There was homemade chicken soup in a big mug. She fed me a few spoonfuls. It was literally the best I ever had.

“Soup okay?”

“Yeah, it’s great.” My voice was starting to come back. She continued feeding me.

“Jack, are you afraid of me?”


“Then why were you so nasty to me when you found out I was transsexual?” I said nothing.

She shrugged. “Ok. If you won’t tell me your story, I’ll tell you mine. My name use to be Tim, and I hated it. My older sister and my cousins got to wear these neat clothes, but my Mom and Dad bought me jeans and t shirts. I wanted to play dolls and such with them, but I had to go with dad when he cut wood. I’ve wanted to be a girl for as long as I can remember. Got picked on a lot as a kid, cause I hung out with girls only.”

“One of the bullies in high school cornered me one day. He told me that I was going to get the smack down of my life. I closed my eyes, waiting for the pain. I heard screaming and realized that it wasn’t mine. When I opened them again Derrick was on the ground with another boy on top of him, grinding his face in the dirt. The boy had just moved from another school. He told me to go on home and that this douche bag wasn’t going to bother me any more, or answer to him. That was the first time I fell in love. The other guys thought I hung out with girls to get pussy. That wasn’t the case. I just wanted to be like them.”

“The rescue by my white knight made me realize that I was different. It gave me a wakeup call. I kind of guessed then, that my mind was hardwired to be female and that I was going to have to do something about it. I have worked toward that goal ever since.” She kept feeding me soup all the while she talked. “So you see, I really had no choice, but to transition to female. My mind was already there.”

“You say you had no choice?” I asked

“Put it to you this way Jack. Say the whole world went homosexual and you were told you had to do the same. How would you feel?”

“If it was wrong, I wouldn’t.”

“You mean, if it was wrong for you.”

“Yes, if it was—.” I stopped and really thought about it.

“Nobody likes being persecuted, Jack. It doesn’t mater if you are gay, straight, black, white, Christian, Muslim or Jew.” She paused letting this sink in a bit.” How would you liked to be pigeon holed like that?”

“I guess I wouldn’t like it very well.” No matter how hard it was to admit, Shelia had a good point.

“I consider myself a woman, because that is the way I feel. How could I not explore ways to make me look how I feel?”

“I guess I had some more thinking to do.” I said candidly.

“Good. Now, lets finish with your soup.”


I gained my strength back quickly, thanks to Sheila. I was back to work the following week and true to my word; I mulled over what we discussed. I tried putting myself in other people’s shoes and I didn’t like how I looked. I had thought, said and did some things, I wasn’t proud of. I think the guys at work noticed a difference too. I didn’t yell near as much and I took more time to get to know my men. We made small talk at lunch and I made an effort to voice my concerns and ask for opinions at safety meetings. Funny thing, production jumped up about 50%. Our company started getting some real good reports from the general contractor. My supervisor was very pleased.

Two weeks later I heard a knock on a certain door for the first time. This door, which separated the two dwellings, led to Sheila’s apartment. Sheila held a covered tray. I could definitely smell food.

“Thank you for putting the storm door on, Jack.”

“Maybe it will be warmer in your living room. What’s this Sheila?” I took the tray she offered.

“Just a little thank you, for a job well done. I cooked some dinner for you. Hope you like fried Chicken.”

“Actually, I love fried chicken.” She looked beautiful and I wanted some company. ” Is there enough for two?”

“Are you asking me if I want to have dinner with you?”

“If I was, what would you say?”

“One time I had dinner with a guy and when he found out that I was trans he beat the shit out of me.” She turned her head to look out the window. “Spent a couple days in the hospital. I never even pressed charges against him. It was our third date and I was really starting to fall for the guy.”

“That wasn’t right Sheila. That guy was a asshole.”

“That is why I am so cautious and I can be a little bitter sometimes too.” She admitted.

“I promise that I will be a complete gentleman, Sheila.”

“Then, I think that would be nice Jack.” She replied with a soft smile.


Another 3 weeks had passed and our company, down at the jobsite, broke two weeks for Christmas. I had found out that Sheila worked from home on the internet. She owned several web sites that dealt with or taught cooking. That explained why her meals were so good. This I knew because we had been sharing dinner several nights. She was also going to be alone Christmas Eve. Well, not any more. I held out the present I had bought her.

“What is this?” She asked.

“Oh, I found it over a my place. It had your name on it, so I brought it with me.” Her coppery red hair was done up in a pony tail. Damn, she looked good. She took the package from me and put it with another beneath a little Christmas tree.

“That was sweet Jack. Thank you. I found one for you too .We can open these later.” I handed her a bottle. “Oh, this is good wine. It will match well with the rib roast I prepared.”

We ate dinner and soon we were standing side by side, at the sink. She was washing and I was drying. “If you keep up that great cooking, you’re going to make me fat.” I quipped.

She bumped her hip into mine. “Don’t eat like a pig, Jack.” She teased.

I bumped her hip back. “I don’t eat like a pig, Sheila. But you talk with your mouthful sometimes.”

She exaggerated shock. “I most certainly do not talk with my mouthful.” She bumped me again. I reached over and ran my hand under the running water and flicked it in her face.

“Why did you do that, Buster?”

“You started it Sheila. Don’t start what you can’t finish.” She flicked water back at me.

“You mean like this?” she laughed.

I made a big production and pretended to wring out my clothes and slowly reached for the sink sprayer. Her eyes widened. She got a face full of water. Then I laughed.

She wiped her face off, reached for the sprayer and I grabbed her around the waist. I reddened, realizing what I had done. “Sheila, I don’t—.”

“Jack.” She interrupted. “Just shut up and kiss me.” Her arms went around my neck and I did just that. Holy shit! Could she kiss! We parted.

I smiled. “Sheila, what the hell are you doing to me?”

She smiled back. “Everything that you needed, Jack.” We kissed again. “Wow, that was as nice as I imagined.”

“I don’t understand. A few weeks ago I wished you would go away.”

“And now, Jack?”

“I–I hope you never leave. You are so beautiful and sweet. I was an asshole. Why did you save me?”

“Maybe I thought you were handsome. Maybe I thought you had potential. Maybe no one had ever been nice to you. It doesn’t matter, I care for you Jack. I didn’t like that other guy. I’m glad he left.”

“I care for you too Sheila. I think that when I hit my head, it knocked some sense into me.”

“Stay right here.” She left the room. Moments later she returned. I heard music. The radio had been playing Christmas tunes. She must have turned up the volume. There was a slow Nat King Cole tune playing. Sheila put her arms around my neck. Soft tunes and a beautiful woman in my arms. What else could we do but dance. It had been a long time for me. But, you know what they say about bicycles: you never forget. I stumbled a little, but Sheila kept me from breaking a limb. I looked into her eyes.

“Have your eyes always been this green?”

“My eyes are actually hazel. I have green contacts.” She looked a bit sheepish.

“Hazels are a nut. I like nuts.” I was just saying the first thing that popped into my head.

She smiled that great smile of hers. “Jack, the only nut around here is you.”

I couldn’t help it, I kissed her again. Her lips tasted so good. I guess being with her like this made me spill my guts.

“My ex wife ran me through the wringer and tore out my heart. I was already cynical. It got much worse when Trina left me. I found out that she was cheating on me. Later on when I confronted her, she said that I was pitiful and boring and a looser. I hated her. I hated myself.

“Jack, you’ve let all that anger boil inside of you, for so long. You have to let it go if you ever want peace. Don’t be angry at her, pity her. I know you. You are a good man. We just had to scrape away the crap to get to the real you. Believe me when I say this, it’s her loss.”

“Sheila, I thought I could never be happy again. Your kindness showed me that I could be happy. But more than that, I have developed feelings for you.”

“What kind of feelings do you have Jack?”

“Well, lets say that they’re not really platonic.”

“If you must know, I have feelings for you too Jack.”

“Are they platonic? I asked. My arms were wrapped around her waist and my hands were against her back. She slid them down to the globes of her jean covered ass cheeks. “I’ll take that as a No.” Her kiss was so hot. Her tongue forced it’s way into my mouth as I held on to her ass.

“I’ve got another Christmas present for you, Jack. Care to go in the bedroom and unwrap it?”

“I hope it’s not something you regifted. Cause if there is any I– Ouch!” She cracked me on the ass!

Sheila’s eyes narrowed. “You deserved that Jack!” She flipped her hair back and did a terrible job of acting pissed. She could barely hide her smile.

“And you deserve this.” I bodily picked her up in my arms. “Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Because you have certainly put a spell on me.” She kissed me.

“Well if what you say is true, there are only three ways to stop a witch. Burn them at the stake; try and drown them; make wild passionate love to them.”

“Got any lighter fluid?”


“Okay; okay; number 3 it is.” I laughed. I dropped her on her bed. She was already reaching for me as I laid down beside her. She pulled her green silk top off and then her bra. Her tits were perfect, her nipples, the color of pale strawberries. Countless freckles dotted her arms, neck and shoulders. I picked one on her neck and used my tongue to try and lick it off. It must have been the right one.

“Jack. Oh fuck yes!”

Her scent was clean and slightly floral. I left a trail of licks and kisses, across her chin and up to her scorching mouth. Our tongues danced as she pulled herself on top of me. I felt my shirt being unbuttoned, as she straddled me. Her eyes burned with lust. Every other woman I had ever been with, paled in comparison, to the lovely creature, almost ripping the clothes from my body. Sheila started licking my bare chest as she wrestled with my belt. I reached to help her and she slapped my hand away.

“Mommy says no, little Jacky.” She felt my hard on through my pants. “Oh.” She giggled. “Maybe not so little after all.” She slid down and so did my pants. Her face was barely an inch from my brief covered erection. “Is this my present?” She asked coyly.

“S–sure. I wrapped it myself.”

She pulled my cock out. “Next time you had better use a bow.” She licked the head till it was all wet and then her mouth slowly engulfed me. Fuck, it felt so good. I watched my cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Sheila pulled up, smiled and flick the tip of me with her tongue. She went back to work on me. Her actions sped up. How could anybody watch a gorgeous, half naked woman sucking their cock with so much enthusiasm, and not respond. I knew I was close. I tried to stop her, but she batted my hand away again. I dropped off the edge and shot off. She slowed her attack and soon my dick popped out of her mouth. She licked me clean.

“That was so hot Jack.” Sheila slipped up beside me. She went to kiss my cheek, but I wasn’t having anything to do with that. I pulled her to me and my mouth engulfed hers. She was still, just as hot as before. Her soft sexy smile spoke volumes. “Lets give you a little break and maybe you could—.” She didn’t finish and averted her eyes.

“Maybe I could ; what Sheila?” “Damn it Jack! I’m so horny! I need to be fucked.”

“Show me how, Sheila. Show me how to make love with you.” The tears in her eyes said it all. She kissed me as she unbuttoned and slid her jeans and panties off. She said that she still had a cock. I was hoping it wouldn’t make me have second thoughts. When it popped out of her panties, sporting the same freckles as the rest of her body, my doubts quickly vanished.

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