She moved in to the other half of my duplex two months ago. I remember when I interviewed her, that she seemed nice and respectful. I really don’t care what color, religion or sexual preference you are as long as you are respectful. Is it too much to ask? In this day of arm chair bloggers; it seems that anybody with an idea, feels it necessary to cram it down your throat. I think we were better off before Face Book and Twitter. Back then people didn’t think that their opinion was the most important in the world.

Lauren was different. Not that she was quiet at all. She bubbled with effervescence and her smile was almost contagious. Her sandy blonde hair was trimmed in a most becoming pixie style and her facial features were somewhere between cute and hot. Her body was really nice with a few curves thrown into the mix, not that I would notice something like that. Hell, who am I kidding? I am a man and have a pulse.

Her references, from out of state, were good so I gave her the rent agreement and the key. My duplex is partially furnished and said she would stay the night and her belongings would arrive in the morning. She said she had been living with someone since she moved to Michigan, four months ago.

Upon rising in the morning, I saw that boxes and items were dumped on the front lawn overnight. I am surprised that the commotion didn’t wake me up. I couldn’t understand why somebody would just dump her stuff on the lawn. When I saw her moving her stuff inside, I went out to help.

“Morning Lauren. What asshole did this?” I picked up a box.

“You don’t have to help me Rick. I can do this.” There were tears in her eyes.

“Like Hell I don’t. Let’s just get this stuff inside.” She nodded and in a little over an hour we had everything stacked up in the living room. Lauren was strangely silent all the while we moved boxes. I grabbed a couple of soda’s from my fridge and returned to her side of the dwelling. We talked for a little while, but she seemed sadder somehow. I just let it go.

“Thank you Rick. That was nice of you to help.”

“Not at all, Lauren. We are neighbors now and we help each other.” She just showed a half smile.

It was nice having someone next door again. It just wasn’t the money I got for rent. Shit, I have plenty of rental properties. But somehow Lauren filled a void in my life. I do the handyman work for my properties, but because I keep up on everything, I don’t have much to do. Lauren moving in next door livened things up a bit. Now all I had to deal with was Tina; my very jealous girl friend. We didn’t live together and she was out of town at the present.

A few weeks later Lauren had just came home from work and she knocked on my door. “Can we talk Rick?”

“Let me check my calendar Lauren.” I closed my eyes for a moment. “I think I can squeeze you in.” I laughed. I grabbed a couple Smirnoff’s from the fridge. We sat at the table.

“I need to tell you something. My ex-boyfriend will be over tonight.”

“You mean that jerk that kicked you out and threw your stuff on the lawn?”

“Believe me, I would rather he wouldn’t. But he accidentally threw some of his stuff in with mine. He’s going to pick his things up tonight.”

“No problem Lauren. You want me to hang around?”

“I should be fine Rick.” She looked a bit sheepish. “But there is something I have to tell you, before you find out from another source. I am a transsexual. Except for the last four years, I went by the name of Larry.”

I took a long look at her. “You are trying to tell me you use to be a guy?” She nodded. “Like those women on Jerry Springer?”

“Rick. If you want me to move, I’ll understand.”

I shook my head. “No Lauren, you just surprised me, that’s all.” I paused. “Besides, you’re my renter, not my girlfriend.”

“I don’t want to put you in an awkward position.”

“Too late for that.” I chuckled. “But really, I want do you to stay. Please.”

She smiled back. I couldn’t really think of her as a he. “Thanks Rick.”

Two hours later I heard a loud crash from next door. I was there a few moments later and I saw Lauren laying on the floor, with her ex standing over her. I was pissed. There was no way in fucking Hell I was going to let him hit her again. He turned around to me as I drew back and hurled my best haymaker at him. I held nothing back.

Next thing I knew, my face was cold and it hurt like Hell. My hand reached up and I felt a cold compress. I heard Lauren’s voice. “Rick, you’re on my sofa. He’s gone and not coming back.”

She slowly helped me set up and handed me some Motrin as I opened the one eye that would open. “I guess I showed him who’s boss.” I groaned sarcastically.

Lauren looked at me and smiled. “That was the sweetest thing anybody has ever done for me. Nobody has ever come to my rescue before.”

“Some rescue.” I muttered. “There were two hits. He hit me and I hit the floor.”

She smiled. She looked so cute when she smiled. She sort of reminded me of Gwyneth Paltrow. She leaned over and kissed my cheek and I didn’t mind at all. “I think you were very brave.” She averted her eyes. “Did you —– ah–know that Steve was —–special forces in the army?”

“Ouch!” I put my hand to my face. “I guess that fact didn’t came up before I kissed the floor.”

Lauren softly giggled. “Poor Baby. You know, you scared the shit out of him.”

I brightened up. “I did?”

“Yeah, he thought he had killed you.” She giggled some more.

“Oh, hardy har, har.” I replied. She smiled again. “How bad is it, Lauren?”

She took my chin in her hand and checked both sides of my face. “There is some swelling, but your eye socket doesn’t appear to be broken.” She was a RN at a local hospital. “I think you’ll live.”

I noticed it was dark. “Maybe I should go back to my side.”

“To be safe, I think I should stay with you. You can take my bed, or you can go back to your side and sleep in your own bed. Either way I get the sofa.”

“Lauren, you don’t have to—-.”

“Doctor’s orders, Rick.” She interrupted.

“Yes Ma’am.” I acquiesced.


I was fighting an Army of space aliens. They kept coming at me and my punches just batted them away. After they had all been defeated, a man in gold and red armor dropped out of the sky. His facemask flipped up. He had dark hair with a close cropped mustache and goatee.

“How do you do it Rick? Even I couldn’t take on that many foes at once. You didn’t even break out into a sweat.”

“Just clean living Tony. You just have to do your best.” Suddenly I saw her falling. I leaped into the sky and caught her. Lauren had her back to me and I held hold her close.


My vision swam a bit and I felt a dull throb of pain, in my face. But I also smelled something clean, like soap and lavender. My eyes opened and I realized that somebody was spooned up against me and the back of their head was close to my face. My arm was wrapped around them and the fingers of a hand were interlaced with mine. I shifted slightly and the person groaned and rolled over to face me. It was Lauren. Her eyes snapped open. She quickly arose from my bed. She wore a night shirt that barely covered her ass.

“Sorry Rick.” Lauren looked apprehensive. “Your sofa sucks to sleep on.”

There was no way I could be mad at her. I gave a half ass, smirk. “You know, if we keep meeting like this, people are going to talk.”

Relief graced her features and she smiled. “Let’s have a look at your face, shall we?”

“How bad is it?”

“Not too bad.” she replied. “But I wouldn’t be hitting anybody’s fist with your face for a while.”

“Sounds like good advice.” I slid out of bed and headed for the kitchen. “Breakfast?” My head swam again and I must have wobbled a bit. Lauren was there in an instant to support me. I put my arms around her. I heard a noise behind us. It sounded like someone cleared their throat.

“I go out of town for a couple weeks and you already have a bitch in your bed. ” Fuck it was my girlfriend, Tina. First it was last night and now this. I can’t catch a break.

“This isn’t what it looks like sweetie.” I backpedaled.

Lauren stepped in. “Rick, was hurt last night and I stayed with him, to make sure he was okay.”

Tina smiled like a snake. “Oh, I am sure you ‘nursed’ him back to health.” Her arms were crossed and she looked like she could spit venom.

“Tina, Lauren was really helping me.” This wasn’t looking good.

“From my point of view, she looked like she was helping herself, RICHARD!”

I was tired of this. Tina was always accusing me of indiscretions. I was always having to watch my step around her. I never cheated on her once, but you would never know it the way she acted. Anything had to be better than this.

“Okay Tina, you caught us! We just finished making wild passionate love.” Lauren turned and gapped at me like I just grew a tail.

“I figured as much.” Tina sneered. “Hope your tramp makes you happy, bastard.” She turned and stormed out the door.

“I am not a tramp!” Lauren yelled after her.

A few moments later, Tina was pealing her Camery out of my driveway. ‘Good riddance’ I thought.

“Rick. I am so sorry. I never meant that to happen.” I could tell that she was sincere.

“Not your fault Lauren. This has been coming for a while now. I am just sorry that you got caught in the middle of our mess.”

“I still feel bad. Seems your luck hasn’t been the best lately.” I really looked at Lauren. Maybe it wasn’t so bad. She looked so cute when she pouted.

“Well, if you wanted to cheer me up, you could let a lovelorn, slightly used handyman take you to breakfast.” Lauren showed a wisp of a smile.


Without Tina around, most of my problems seemed to vanish. The relief was almost intoxicating. I guess I never realized the pressure she put me under. Tina was a beautiful woman, but she turned out to be very high maintenance. Her removing herself from my life, left a much smaller hole than I had first thought.

Now Lauren was another matter entirely. It seemed that she was on my mind quite often. I found that I liked having her around. She was always positive and loved to laugh. She worked 12 hr shifts at the hospital, which left her with almost 4 days off a week. We were both home, many days, at the same time. And somehow, I didn’t mind at all.

One night I had a couple steaks on the grill as Lauren’s car pulled into our driveway. I have a real knack with flavor rubs and the delicious aroma drew her through her living space and into the back yard.

“My God, that smells heavenly!”

I smiled. “Strange thing, I thought there was only one steak in the package, but I found two. I guess I’ll have to throw one away.” She knew I was teasing her.

“Don’t you dare.” She scolded. “I brought home some potato salad.”

I chuckled. “Go get changed and I will make up a couple of plates.” Moments later we were setting on the picnic table enjoying dinner.

Lauren glanced up at me. “Rick, what did you ever see in Tina?”

“You mean other than the fact she was beautiful?”

“I guess so.”

I though about it. “I guess I don’t know. What about Steve?”

“Steve reminded me of a china saucer; pretty but shallow as hell. Maybe some day I will find somebody nice, like you.” She softly giggled as I blushed.


The next day, I woke up and the late spring morning was already sultry. I headed for the kitchen. I had a cold pitcher of ice tea in the fridge, that was calling my name. I poured some tea into a plastic tumbler. I strolled over to the French door that led into the back yard. We lived out in the country. A beautiful forest of hardwood trees overlooked a sizable back yard. No matter what the season, the view was always spectacular.

This morning’s view almost made me drop my tea. Lauren was sunning herself on a chaise lounger in the back yard. She lay front down and her Bikini top was undone. Damn she looked fine. She started to rise and turn over. I quickly backed up and went ass over tea kettle, tripping over a chair I had recently pulled out. I hit the floor hard.

Moments later, Lauren appeared over me, her top back in place. She smirked as she helped me up. “You okay? Seems helping you off the floor is beginning to be a habit.” Her eyes danced with mischief. “Beautiful view this morning.” I turned red and she giggled.

What was wrong with me? I found Lauren completely fascinating. The more time I spent with her, the more time I wanted to spend with her. Her eyes sparkled and her smile was something I looked forward to seeing everyday. Shit, I felt more at ease around Lauren than I ever did with Tina. But why was I attracted to her? I mean, she use to be a guy, right?

We began to spend more and more time together. Going out to dinner, checking out flea markets and riding bicycles. Shit, she even got me to rollerblade. Lauren was so fun to be with. Some nights we would watch TV or rent a movie. One day I came to the conclusion that it that it didn’t matter who she use to be. My only worry was what she felt about me. Could I risk telling her what my heart was telling me?

We both looked forward to movie night. We had similar tastes, which made it even more fun. We both sat on either end of my sofa. We sat closer and closer to each other as the days went by. One night, we were watching Titanic and it was the scene where Rose lost Jack to the sea. Lauren had tears in her eyes as she cuddled up to me. It felt so good to have her next to me. I wanted to tell her what I felt, but I was so afraid that it would spoil what we had together. Lauren drifted off to sleep as the credits rolled by. I had my arm around her shoulder as she snoozed against my chest. Her blonde hair was so soft and clean.

“How can I tell you how I feel Lauren?” I spoke softly so not to wake her. “I cherish the time we spend together. When we’re apart, I count the moments till I can see you again. You have filled such a huge void in my life. But I am so afraid that if I tell you the truth, you will leave me. I don’t care who you use to be. I just care who you are now. Maybe one day I can tell you how much you mean to me —-and that I love you. Sweet dreams Baby.” I whispered and kissed her head.

Lauren raised her face to mine. Her eyes told me she had never really been asleep. “Rick—-.”

“Oh, my God. I’m sorry Lauren” I interrupted, “I didn’t know you were awake.” My face felt flush.

Lauren smiled. “Sorry I deceived you, but I had to know how you felt about me.”

“Lauren, I —-.”

She put her fingertips to my lips. “Remember when I said I wanted somebody like you?” I nodded. “I lied, Rick.” She cupped the side of my face with her hand and looked into my eyes. “I didn’t want somebody like you. I wanted you, Baby. I was so afraid that you might reject me if I told you how I felt.” A single tear graced her cheek.

Tears stained my own face. “I would never reject you. You are so precious to me. I think I started falling in love with you, the night I woke up on your sofa. Tina would have left me in on the floor, but you actually cared.”

“How could I not care about the only man that ever stood up for me?” Her beautiful eyes were glassy with tears.

Our first kiss was soft as a whisper. I don’t know who was trembling more; her or me. We pulled apart and we were both in awe. “That was really nice, Lauren.”

She smiled. “Only nice?”

“How about spectacular?”

“Much better.” We kissed again. This time it wasn’t so tentative. Her arms encircled my neck as mine pulled her tight to me. This wasn’t a man in my arms, it was Lauren; and the way she responded, was pure magic.

We broke apart again. “How do you like me now?” She purred.

I was damn close to breathless. I swallowed. “I— think it will do.” I swallowed again. “Are you always this passionate?”

The lust in her eyes was apparent. “I’m just getting warmed up, Baby.” Lauren raised off the sofa and held her hand out for me. I rose up and with my hand in hers, we moved to the bedroom. I followed her close enough to feel her warmth. She pulled the bedding back and slid into my arms.

We kissed and held on to each other. I tasted her tears as I played over her cheek with my lips. Lauren shivered as my tongue grazed her collar bone. She stepped back and pulled her blouse over her head. Our eyes locked together until her bra dropped from her hand. Her medium sized breasts were perfect. She started working the buttons on my shirt.

“You won’t be needing this Baby.”

“What if I get cold?” I teased.

“Won’t be a problem.” Lauren responded, as she pulled me into bed. I felt her hand on my hard cock as her tongue danced with mine. I was so aroused! She felt so alive in my arms. I couldn’t believe that this beautiful woman wanted me. We were soon, both naked and she practically purred when I licked and sucked on her nipples. “I’ll give you an hour to stop that.”

Lauren eventually turned away and slid toward me to spoon. She pulled my arm around her and her fingers interlaced with mine. I nuzzled her neck. “You like this, don’t you?”

“I have a confession to make. Your sofa may not have been as uncomfortable as I said before. I just wanted to lay next to you like this. I felt so warm and safe in your arms; I didn’t want it to stop.”

“You, my dear are a little conniver. What am I going to do with you?”

Lauren rolled to face me. Her eyes were pleading. “Make love to me Baby. Like a man makes love to a woman.”

I was more than ready. “Tell me Lauren. Show me what you want.” She had me roll on my back. Her hand encircled my hardness and stroked me.

“I need to get some help, Baby. I will be right back. Don’t go away.”

I anticipated her need. “There are some wet condoms in the nightstand Lauren.”

She smiled. “Well mister Boy Scout. Looks like you are going to get a treat for being prepared.” She leaned over me and reached for the drawer. The nipple of her breast drug across my face. I wasn’t going to let that go. I inhaled the taught flesh and Lauren sighed.

She let out a low throaty giggle. “That wasn’t the treat I was talking about baby.”

Her nipple popped out of my mouth. “Worked for me.” I teased. Lauren slid down my body and she rubbed my erection against her face. “Damn girl.” I breathed.

“Can I play with this?” Lauren looked so fucking sexy.

” Only if you put your toys away afterwards , Baby.” “Oh, I have a place to put this.” She swallowed me in one gulp. My God, she was so hot as her lips slid up and down my cock. Her eyes danced as she knew full well the intense pleasure she was giving me.

She pulled off my cock and smiled. “Does Ricky like to have his cock sucked?”

“You keep that up girl and I will show you just how much I like it.” She went back to work on me. I marveled at how beautiful and seductive she was. She was completely making me forget about my former girlfriend. I was close to losing it when I pulled her up to me. We kissed and I knew in that instant that I would always want her in my life.

“I wasn’t through Baby.” she pouted. I looked into her eyes and counted the freckles on her nose. Lauren smiled. “What, Baby?”

“You are so damn beautiful Lauren. Why did your ex ever let you go?”

“I guess he never knew what he had.” She kissed me. “But I want you to know that you are not a substitute. I never loved him but I do love you.”

I couldn’t help it. I felt tears welling up. “You make me feel so alive Lauren. I don’t understand it, but there it is.”

“What’s there to understand Rick? It’s just me and you.” She kissed me again. “Care to take me for a test drive?” She giggled.

“I guess this would be a bad time for me to kick the tires?” I teased. She rolled her eyes.

After putting on the condom, Lauren turned over on the bed and arched her ass. The view I saw was wonderful and she knew it. “Nice upholstery.” My hand stroked her ass.

On March 29, 2001, the Peoples Republic of China forced down an American intelligence surveillance plane flown by the Navy flying in Chinese air space. The crew was held for 11 days, before being released. Upon their release, the aircraft pilot was interviewed on all the morning network news programs, the Sunday morning network news programs, and the nightly news programs. Below is one of several scenarios about how the Navy handled the incident.



“Commander Cromartie?”

Lt. Commander Edward Cromartie, USN, turned toward the voice that had spoken his name. He saw two female naval officers, a tall willowy light-skin Black woman, and a short Asian one. The Black one was wearing the uniform of a full commander, the Asian of a lieutenant. He saluted, and they returned the salute before approaching him as he stood next to the baggage carousel at JFK airport.

The Commander extended her hand as the pair reached him. “I’m Commander Roberta Blisson, public affairs.” Cromartie shook her hand. Blisson indicated her subordinate. “This is Lt. Molly Wynn, personnel recruitment and retention.” Wynn extended her hand; Cromartie shook it. “We’re your escorts while you’re on this public relations tour. Have your bags arrived?”

Cromartie looked from one woman to the next. Each were exceedingly attractive, though their differences in height gave them a Mutt-and-Jeff appearance. The commander was at least 6′ tall in her three-inch heels, while the lieutenant shorter than Cromartie’s 5’8′ although she too was wearing heels. In their dress whites, they could have been poster girls for Navy recruitment.

“By escorts do you mean minders and handlers?” he smiled at them.

Blisson smiled, “Let’s just say, Commander, that you’re a very hot asset right now, that the Navy would like to make maximum use of. Some of your statements when you were debriefed following your release, as well as other facts about your career, might prove difficult to explain to the public. We wouldn’t want you to endanger that career, would we?”

Cromartie looked at the Commander. Her smile and beaming face was countered by her eyes. Knowing eyes. Hard eyes. He looked at the lieutenant. Same bright smile, crimson lips, beaming face. Only her eyes sparkled. How much did they know about him? How much didn’t they know?

“Are those your bags?” Blisson asked.

Two soft leather suitcases with his name stenciled on them in gold were approaching them on the carousel. Cromartie turned and grabbed the bags as they came to the trio. He placed the larger one on the ground, pulled out its handle, and placed the second one on top, clasping it to the poles of the handle of the bottom one. He then pulled out the handle of the second one. As he turned to the women again, Blisson took out her cellphone.

“Martinez, Commander Blisson, we’re leaving now. We should be at Gate 17 in fifteen minutes.” She looked at Cromartie. “We have suites at the Madison Hotel during our stay here. I can fill you in on the logistics as we walk.”

The trio walked three abreast, Cromartie in the middle, the heels of the women clicking on the hard surface of the floor. Blisson explained “You are scheduled to do the morning TV network newstalk shows beginning Monday, the local radio talk shows late morning and in the afternoon, and you are to be available for whatever else the Navy has planned. The Navy has provided a car for our travel, with Petty Officer Martinez as our drive. I insist that we take advantage of the limousines of the networks whenever provided. You will also make a few appearances at sports events where you will be introduced as a real life Top Gun——a real Tom Cruise prototype. Any questions?” she asked as she ended her spiel.

Questions Cromartie had, but not the type he dared ask. “Any free time?”

“Not really. We’re on a pretty tight schedule. Your fifteen minutes of fame might well end by next weekend. The networks, if not the American people, have the attention span of a four-year-old. So the Navy intends to milk every minute of it. We’ll be with you through it all.” She indicated herself and the lieutenant. “Waking you in the morning … escorting you to all events … tucking you in at night.” At this, Blisson and Wynn looked at each other, smiling slightly. Cromartie didn’t notice.

They exited Gate 17 just as the car pulled up, a Navy blue town car. Blisson entered the back seat first, followed by Cromartie, then Wynn, as Martinez placed Cromartie’s bags in the trunk. As he pulled out of the pick-up lane, P. O. Martinez looked at the trio in his rearview mirror. ‘Lucky sonavabitch!‘ he thought. ‘This guy probably’ll end up fucking both these bitches, while I have to drive them around this shitass town.‘ As he was watching, each woman placed a hand on Cromartie’s thigh closest to them.

Cromartie didn’t know how to respond to the hands. He was used to being hit on by women——the uniform, his pilot status, and his own good looks guaranteed it. And he knew how to fend them off. But these two had been assigned to him, one outranking him. He knew he couldn’t antagonize them. So he just sat there, hoping that both of them being present would serve to deter the other.

Arriving at the Madison, Blisson directed Martinez to their reserved parking space in the attached parking garage. She waited until he had opened the trunk and taken out Cromartie’s bag before she spoke to him again.

“Are those your bags, Martinez?”

Martinez looked at his duffel bags in the trunk. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Take them out. You’re staying here with us, compliments of the Navy——or rather the Admiral.”

Martinez nearly dropped on the spot. He’d expected when he got this assignment that he would be billeted at some New York City naval facility. ‘Hot damn! This assignment might not be that bad after all!‘ He said to himself. He took out his bags and followed the officers, a smile on his face from ear to ear.

Their rooms were at the end of the hallway on the Madison’s 11th floor. Cromartie had the far suite on the even-numbered side and the women shared a two-bedroom suite next to Cromartie with an adjoining door. Martinez was opposite Cromartie on the odd-number side, not knowing that his was just a room, while theirs were suites. Still, it was a room at the Madison.

Blisson opened the smaller room and stepped inside, followed by Martinez. She handed him his key card with instructions. “Always have your cellphone on, and be ready to drive at anytime, day or night. You can order anything from room service, but don’t go overboard. Anything reasonable above your per diem I’ll okay. Admiral Hruskova will be coming by tomorrow, and probably several more times while we’re here. So act as if she’s here all the time. She picked you for this assignment. I guess you know why. And remember, loose lips sinks ships. Whatever happens at the Madison, stays at the Madison.”

“Yes ma’am,” he replied. He truly did know why he was picked. Vice-Admiral Hruskova had saved his career a few years earlier when he had been caught in a compromising situation with an officer——a married female flag officer. The Rear Admiral contacted Hruskova, having served under her earlier, knowing Hruskova’s contacts and special status within the Navy. Miraculously, the incident never happened. Martinez was transferred to public relations under Hruskova, which meant he was mostly a go-fer and clean-up specialist. Driving drunk officers around, picking up their dates——who usually were not their wives——or husbands—— scoring drugs, removing incriminating evidence of moral turpitude from hotels, motels, officers’ quarters, everywhere, anywhere. And other services, especially for Hruskova.

Cromartie’s suite was a spacious one-bedroom, with a large living room. The adjoining door opened into the women’s living room so that the two rooms could be used together. Wynn showed him inside while Blisson was with Martinez. Cromartie went to his bedroom to place his bags; when he returned, the two women were waiting for him. He looked at them, wondering what was next. What was next shocked him. Both stood up and began taking their clothes off.

“Uh … uh … ladies … I don’t think you should be doing this.”

The two women ignored him, not stopping until they had shed their outer garments. Cromartie didn’t know what to do, so he just stood there. Blisson was wearing a full slip over her bra, panties and stockings, Wynn a half slip and a longline bra. As Wynn stepped out of the half-slip, Blisson sat on the couch, reached under her slip and pulled off her panties. She hiked up the slip just as Wynn removed her panties. Cromartie saw two hairy pussies, then was surprised as each woman peeled another garment off. Cromartie’s mouth dropped as he saw two cocks where he had just seen two pussies.

Blisson grabbed her now hardening cock. “Okay flyboy, get over here and suck on this!”

Cromartie looked at her, then at Wynn, who had removed all her clothing except for her bra, stockings and shoes.

“Get over here, Commander!” Blisson shouted.

Cromartie walked zombie-like to the couch. He looked down at the 8 inches of blackness pointing up at him. He looked at the knowing look on Blisson’s face, then slowly sank to his knees. He bent his head and took her into his mouth.

“Yesssss!” Blisson hissed. “I’ve waited for this all day!” She grabbed the back of his head and held him to herself, leaving him enough room to bob and suck and kiss her cock.

Cromartie worked Blisson’s cock as he had so many others. It had been months since he had had sex——the kind of sex he craved. He deep-throated the Commander, rejoicing in the feel of a cockhead hitting the back of his throat. Clamping his lips on her he slowly pulled his head upward, letting his tongue slide along the underside of her cock. When he reached the base of the crown, he sucked hard, pulling an orgasm from Blisson.

“Oh yessss! Sweet lord, yesss!” Blisson screamed, her cock erupting into Cromartie’s mouth.

Cromartie kept sucking and swallowing, wanting to drain the Commander. Blisson held his head, spurting into his mouth. It took several minutes for her to finish, Cromartie swallowing as much as he could. Still, overflow ran out of his mouth coating her cock. She released his head and he began lapping up her cum without command. When he finished, he knelt back, his lips covered with cum, looking at her. She smiled at him.

“The Admiral said you were good. I didn’t believe her, she being a woman and all.” She stroked his face. “We’re gonna have some good times in this room, Eddy.” She then looked at Wynn. “You ready, Molly?”

Edward turned to see Molly Wynn frigging herself, her cock pointing straight out. Not the eight inches he had just sucked, it was still of decent size. Molly walked over to them, presenting her cock to Edward. He dutifully opened his mouth as the Asian tranny fed him her cock. Molly placed her hands on the sides of his head and half-guided, half-followed, Edward as he rocked back and forth, taking her in to her balls before clamping his lips tight and pulling back. At the end of each backstroke he swished his tongue around the head. When she was ready to cum, Molly tightened her grip on Ed’s head and began shooting into his mouth, keeping just the head inside his lips.

Ed kept sucking, noting the difference in taste of the first Asian he’d sucked. He wondered if all Asians tasted similarly. He knew that black cocks tasted different than white ones, and all cocks reflected the diets of their owners. Was he tasting a racial difference, or a dietary one. No matter. He was going to suck her dry, swallow her load, then clean the head and shaft with his tongue. This is what he always did, the way he’d been taught to suck cock, the way he enjoyed sucking cock.

“Aiieee!” Molly yelled as the last of her cum came out. That last bit always produced an intense feeling in her cock, causing it to twitch as she closed her eyes and saw stars. Roberta stood and removed her slip, revealing her corset-bra, hip-hugger garter belt, and stockings. She walked over to where Molly had placed her purse, opened it and took out some condoms.

“Get your clothes off, flyboy,” she said, handing the condoms to Molly.

Edward began stripping. He now realized that these two knew much more about him than he had thought. Information which could have been provided only by Admiral Hruskova. Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t pursue. What a joke! Ever since his homosexuality was uncovered, the Navy had been out to get him. They didn’t ask, he didn’t tell, but gawd how they pursued! Every dirty job that had to be done was given to him, the latest being flying recon missions along the Chinese coast. If he refused the missions, he would be cashiered for being gay. The public didn’t understand. They thought you couldn’t bet busted out for being a fag. Wrong!!!

But this time he’d gotten lucky, if being forced down in Red China was lucky. He’d saved his plane, defended his crew, destroyed all useful equipment and information, and presented the world with the image of the clean-cut, blonde, blue-eyed, all-American patriot. If they made a movie of the incident, he was sure Tom Cruise would play him——and look inadequate by comparison. Public appearances, being on all the newstalk shows, being lionized by left and right. Maybe he could parlay this into a decent naval career. And now these two. He finished stripping just as his stream of thought ended.

Molly had the condom in place and was looking in her purse for lubricant. Roberta had resumed her seat on the couch, enjoying the strip tease. She studied the blank stare on Edward’s face, guessing what he was thinking. As he sat to remove his socks and shoes, she noticed his cock was flaccid.

“Looks like you’re not enjoying this, commander?”

“What’s to enjoy, Commander,” he spat.

“You’re gay and you’re in the Navy. This is real life, not a Village People song. You get to suck cock——in fact two cocks. You get to be fucked. Actually you get to be made love to, because I really think you’re hot! I’m really good, too! So is Molly. We’ve studied that video of you being fucked, on all fours like a dog as Captain Harper reamed your ass. You two could have been more creative! But, oh, the look of pure bliss on your face! I want to put that look back on your face. You get to suck cocks, get fucked——in the sexual sense of the word——and be a national hero, all at once. You get to live in a five-star hotel, complete with unlimited room service. Your career is now secure——the Navy doesn’t want your sexual orientation made known. This should be nothing but gravy to you.”

Edward knew that everything Roberta said was true. “I like to pick my sexual partners.”

Roberta looked at him hard. “You don’t like people of color?”

Edward realized he had come close to a line. “No, that’s not it. I’ve sucked and been fucked by black men before.” He looked at Molly. “Although you’re by first … … what are you?”

Molly’s raised her eyebrows. “What do you mean, what am I?”

“I mean are you Vietnamese, Chinese, Vietnamese, something other?”

“I’m Vietnamese, if you must know. You have a problem with that?”

“No, it’s just that there are differences between Asians, culturally, physically, I assume sexually. I don’t lump you all together. It’s just that I haven’t had any opportunities with Asians.”

“With that attitude I understand why,” Molly pouted.

“You still want to fuck him, Molly?” Roberta asked.

“Oh, hell yes! I’m gonna give him that opportunity! Bedroom, flyboy!”

Cromartie hesitated. Blisson was his superior, Wynn his subordinate. He didn’t like being given an order by her.

“Lt. Commander Edward Cromartie,” Roberta said sternly, standing. “I hereby order you to repair to your bedroom, lay on your back on the bed therein, and receive in your asshole Lt. Molly Wynn’s dick, until she is satisfied.”

Cromartie glared at Blisson, who glared back, fondling her cock. He crossed his arms defiantly. “And what if I refuse?”

“Then we’ll rape you.” she said matter-of-factly. Cromartie stared at Roberta, then Molly. “We may be transgendered, Eddy boy, but we’re still male. And we’re sailors, too. You can struggle all you want, but in the end, we’re going to be in your end.” Molly and Roberta giggled at this. “And we’ll have to report you to the Admiral.”

This last threat decided the issue. Cromartie turned and marched into the bedroom. Roberta and Molly looked at each other triumphantly, then followed. Inside the bedroom, Cromartie was laying on his back, legs splayed, cock soft. Molly started to move toward him, but Roberta was not happy.

“Molly, he’s not cooperating.” she said. Molly looked at Edward, who now spread his legs wider. “Not good enough, Commander,” Roberta said. “I want you to enjoy us as much as we’re going to enjoy you. Your cock says you’re not enjoying this.”

Cromartie placed his hands behind his head, defiantly. Roberta climbed onto the bed, her head at his cock. She laid down, 69, and roughly grabbed his ass and pulled him onto his left side, taking his cock into her mouth. Molly stepped up to the bed, raised Edwards’ right leg, placing it on her left shoulder. She inserted a tube of lube in his anus and squeezed the entire tube into him. She inserted two fingers, then three, Cromartie being that open. As she began to massage his sphincter, walls and prostate, he became erect in Roberta’s mouth.

Cromartie was about average, a little less than seven inches; Roberta easily took him entirely. She sucked him gently, wanting to maintain his erection as Molly fucked him. He began to moan from the sensations in his ass and around his dick. Molly removed her fingers and inserted her dick. She began moving in and out of him, reaching for his cock. As her fingers caressed his balls, then Roberta’s lips, Roberta eased him out of her mouth. Molly gripped him hard, keeping his right leg tight against her body as she increased her rhythm. Edward’s moaning increased with Molly’s increased rhythm. Sensing that he was ready to cum, Roberta placed her mouth over the cockhead, ready to accept his cum. Molly had now found his prostate and stroked into him to massage it. She squeezed and relaxed, squeezed and relaxed, her grip on his cock in rhythm to her stroking. Roberta kept sucking, and Edward came. Hard.

“Oh my God, yes, yes, yes!” he cried.

Roberta kept sucking and swallowing as Molly milked his cock and pumped his ass. Soon the junior officer came, burying herself in Cromartie’s ass, slumping until her knees rested on the edge of the bed, her cock twitching in the lieutenant commander, further exciting his prostate and sphincter. Cromartie shot the last of his load into the superior officer’s mouth; Roberta swallowed it all.

Cromartie threw his head back as he came, not having felt the pleasure of cumming and being fucked at the same time for months. He revelled in the sensations, feeling Wynn twitch inside him, then become still, then begin shrinking. He enjoyed shooting into Roberta’s mouth, feeling his cockhead swim in his own cum and her saliva as she accepted his jism, then swirled her tongue around him before swallowing. He wanted to roll over completely on his back, but her sucking him and Wynn fucking him prevented that. So he laid back as best he could, letting the two have their way with him.

Wynn squeezed his cock as she pulled out of him, making sure he was dry. The top of her fist was tattooed with her superior’s lipstick as Roberta’s lips had inadvertently, then advertently, kissed her fist as Roberta sucked Cromartie. Wynn ran her thumb along the underside of Cromartie’s dick, sticking the tip into Roberta’s mouth as she did so. As Cromartie stopped cumming, Roberta’s tongue licked Wynn’s thumb as well as Cromartie’s cock, a signal they had used many times to indicate when they were through cumming when sucking each other. Roberta removed her mouth from Edward’s cock, licked it once more, then planted a kiss on it before planting a kiss on Molly’s thumb. Molly released Ed, bent down and kissed Roberta, tasting Edward on her lips, in her mouth, on her tongue, her teeth. She wanted to crawl along Roberta’s body and suck her cock, but this would have to wait. She and her superior had other orders from the Admiral——and other plans.

Free from the lieutenant’s hand and the commander’s mouth, Ed rolled over into his back, one leg outstretched, the other flexed, his foot resting on the edge of the bed. He looked at the foot of the bed, watching the two women kiss. Roberta’s hard cock was pointing at him, so he took it in his mouth. To his surprise, the Commander quickly pushed him away.

“Later, flyboy,” she said, swinging to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. “I want your ass. After we eat. Then you can clean me afterwards.” She picked up the phone on the nightstand and ordered room service: “Three entrees, with all the fixings, three different desserts, I’ll let the kitchen decide, and two large pots of coffee——no, make that three. How long? A hour is fine. Deliver it to Room 1110. Oh, by the way, have you received an order from 1111? Send him a steak dinner. Yes, he’ll be expecting it. Put everything on Room 1110. Thank you.”

Placing the phone in its cradle, she turned to Edward. “Put a robe on and come over to our suite.” She turned to Wynn, “Let’s get our things and get to our rooms.”

They left the bedroom, gathered their clothing and things in the living room, and entered their own suite. Ed was only steps behind them. Each went to her own bedroom. Not knowing what to do, he did nothing, sitting on the couch, waiting. About five minutes later each exited their room, as if it was planned. Both were wearing the hotel’s white terrycloth robe and open-toed wedge bedroom slippers with a ridiculous pompom on the vamp of each. Molly had touched up her lipstick; Roberta’s mouth bore the telltale trace of lipstick. Underneath the robes, Ed saw the pussies he had seen when they first stripped, which alternately peeked out then hid themselves as the women walked.

Each suite had a bar, the women’s being larger with an under-the-bar refrigerator. Roberta looked inside, spied the suitcase of Martinez’ favorite beer the Admiral said would be there. She took out a six-pack and headed for the door.

“Molly, fix the commander a drink,” Roberta ordered as she exited their suite.

Martinez was surprised to hear a knock at the door. He had expected the officers to call him if they wanted to go somewhere. He scrambled into his uniform and rushed to the door. He knew he presented less than the strac appearance required of him when he opened the door. Roberta looked at his disheveled appearance and gave him a stern, reprimanding look. Martinez unwittingly returned the look as he noticed her lips, the hint of breasts at the top of her robe, and of cunt below. She held up the beer.

“I’ve ordered you dinner, Petty Officer Martinez. It should be here within the-hour. The Admiral said you liked this brand of beer.” Handing the beer to Martinez, she concluded, “She’ll be here tomorrow. I think you know how she expects to find you.”

Martinez stiffened. “Yes, ma’am. She won’t be disappointed, ma’am.”

Roberta started to turn, then looked at Martinez again, smiling. “We won’t be going anywhere tonight, Martinez. And the Admiral won’t be here until tomorrow.” She then walked back to her suite.

Martinez stood there in the doorway, holding the beer in both hands, watching Roberta sashay back to her suite. As she entered, he sighed. He sure would like a piece of that, to have his cock between her lips.

Molly and Edward were sitting on the couch when Roberta returned. Molly had fixed herself a metropolitan, while Edward had helped himself to one of Martinez’ beers. Roberta went to the bar and fixed herself a white wine on the rocks. She plopped into the loveseat, turning so that she was leaning against an armrest, her legs stretched on the cushions.

“So, what have you two been talking about?”

Molly looked at Cromartie with a disgusted expression. “The lieutenant commander’s been trying to pull rank. Thought with you out of the way, he could boss me around.”

Roberta smiled. “Commander, you’re not the first one to make that mistake. Don’t make it again. Molly has a black belt in several martial arts, many a has man found themselves on their knees, holding their balls——or what was left of them.”

Molly looked at him. “Lot’s of guys think that since I’m short, small, Asian, and transgendered, they can boss me around. I’m no sissy bimbo. I’m still male and I’m trained in self-defense both by the Navy and as a civilian. For your information, flyboy, most of my same sex assignments are as a dominatrix. Seems a lot of admirals and generals like getting their asses whipped by a short transgendered Asian in leather and stillettoes. And I enjoy whipping their asses! So, don’t give me anymore shit, flyboy!

“Commander … do you prefer to be called Edward, Ed, Eddy …” Roberta asked.

“Most people call me Ed, but any of them are okay.” Cromartie replied.

“Okay. Ed, on this assignment, I’m your immediate superior. When I’m not with you, Molly acts in my place. So although she’s a lieutenant, she still outranks you on this assignment. Got that clear, sailor?”

Cromartie looked at Roberta, then Molly. Their no nonsense expression made Roberta’s words very clear. “Clear, Commander,” he said.

“Good. Now, we’ve got two days before you begin touring the news stations and talk shows. We’ll begin working on your presentation tomorrow. While on this assignment, which should last until next Saturday, we’ll be your constant companions. Since the Navy doesn’t want it known that you’re gay, and a bottom at that, we’re here to take care of you sexually, as well as shepherd you through the interviews. Of course, you can go without our sexual services, but that means another week with only your hand to relieve you. Clear.”

He looked at Roberta. “Clear, Commander.”

“So we’ll look at you adoringly and wistfully when we accompany you to the talk shows, hit some night spots during the week, where we make it clear that we’re more than colleagues, and attend some Navy recruiting functions. If you want a white woman, I’m sure the Admiral has some blue-eyed blonde she can assign to you. Might even be a genetic woman. If you got needs … or wants … Molly and I can’t fulfill, then the Admiral can make arrangements. As long as your sexual orientation doesn’t become known. … Or ours.”

Ed pondered what was being told him. A month without sex before he was forced down in China. Two more weeks in confinement. Then the three weeks of debriefing. Nine weeks! The sex he’d just had was the first sex he’d had with another person in nine weeks! And it was good sex. “Just a few questions.”

“Go ahead,” Roberta said.

“First, how did you find out about me?”

Roberta smiled at Molly, who grinned back. “You’re an open secret, Ed. That prep school you went to is know for turning out queers. Like you, like Capt. Harper. You’ve been under suspicion since you joined. When you were caught being with Capt. Harper, you just confirmed suspicions. He was allowed to resign, you weren’t, remember. The Navy didn’t know what to do with you, so they gave you a suicide mission flying intel recon over China. …”

“We were in international airspace…” Ed protested.

“And that’s what you will say whenever you’re asked about where you were when the chinks forced you down,” Roberta admonished. Molly rolled her eyes. “We can cover your interview points tomorrow. Kicking you out of the Navy with less than an honorable discharge presented problems. Letting you resign under honorable conditions presented problems. So you were given a mission in the boonies where you would either be killed, or expected to kill yourself. But you weren’t and you didn’t. You stood up to the chinks … destroyed any useful equipment, and embarrassed the hell out of them for forcing you down. So then the Navy had to find a way to use you.

“So you were assigned to Admiral Hruskova’s special projects. She decided you would be a great public relations and recruiting asset. Except you’re gay. So she called in Molly and me. We’re also part of her special projects. Briefed us all about you. Parents. Siblings. Prep school. College. Career in the Navy. The incident with Harper. Your assignment to the Far East. She even found some of your other lovers.” Ed sat up at this. “Don’t worry. She’s had them taken care of.”

“Taken care of?’ Ed asked.

“Well, the Admiral does have contacts. And Carlyle Prep School does have its official reputation to protect … and its queer one to live down. Let’s just say your friends are back in the closet, more or less permanently. Anyway, your whole life is known to the Admiral, and through her, to us.”

Ed thought about this. Were all his past sexual partners subject to the Admiral’s minions? “Second,” he continued. “What’s with you two?”

Another expected question. “Like I said, we’re part of the Admiral’s projects. We’re Navy officers, like you. We’re not exclusively gay, like you. In fact, we don’t consider ourselves gay at all. We each want to live our lives as women. To most people, that means we’re gay. We want to live as women, but we don’t want to be women. I guess that labels us she-males. Personally, I find all these labels confusing. We just like being women! I personally enjoy sex with women, but as a female Navy officer that would get me labeled as a lesbian. Not to mention what would happen if the other woman was turned off when she found out I was male. I didn’t date Navy people, to be safe. But, going from male Navy officer to hot Black dyke with something extra on weekends and leaves gets complicated. Word got around … I ended up in Admiral Hruskova’s office one day, and on her staff by the time I left.”

“My situation was different.” Molly added. “I’ve been dressing up since I was a little boy. Girls have such pretty clothes. Didn’t want to be a girl, just enjoyed dressing like one. When I was little, my parents thought this was cute. When I was still doing it as a teenager, they got scared. Thought I was gay. Had me join the Navy after high school, thinking it would straighten me out. Duh!!! You think your son is gay so you send him to the U. S. Navy! About a year into my enlistment, an opportunity for a service school came up, but my CO, a ballbusting lesbian, wanted to send a woman. Only she didn’t have anyone qualified to go. And I was. So she jokingly told me if I could pass as a woman she’d send me. I showed up at her apartment—she lived off base—dressed up. Once she got over the shock, we spent the rest of the weekend in her bed when we weren’t going around town as new best girlfriends. I got to go to the school.

“About 2/3 of the class were female, most closet lesbians. Or not so closeted. I got picked up by a lesbian fellow student at a Navy school. I thought it would be interesting; she didn’t. When she found out I had a dick, she freaked. Only the fact that she was gay prevented her from informing others. But she was cold as ice for the rest of the semester. Those who knew her thought she’d come on to me and that I had rejected her. Led to my being hit on by several of my classmates, male and female. Of course, I couldn’t accept their advances, so questions began to circulate. After the school, I returned to my old assignment. My Vietnamese name is not gender specific to people who only know English. My last name is spelled—N g u y e n. It’s pronounced Wynn,

“You know, the Navy is like a small town with nothing but gossips. The dykes got their own grapevine, so soon they knew about me. Quite a few of them are switch hitters, like my CO. They kept my secret, I kept theirs, and we enjoyed each other. Except … some of them dykes are real bitches! The fact that I was a man living in drag and getting away with it, that I was fucking some of them … well, word got around. Next thing I know I’m hauled before Admiral Hruskova and a several of other women admirals. … Didn’t know there were that many women admirals … and transferred to her special service.”

Roberta continued. “So the Admiral, upon discovering that we wanted to live as women, but not become women, made it possible for us to live as female officers, on the condition that we have be available for her special assignments … in the service of our country … and the Navy … and her. Our government has a need for people like Molly and me. Passable as women, discreet. For men like you. In and out of service. Intelligence assets. Foreign heads of state or men highly placed in their governments. Beards is another name for what we do. All the services have us. State Department too.”

“And we service the women admirals also,” Molly interrupted. “And diplomats. Lots of queens in the Queen’s service.” She snickered at her own joke.

“The Admiral has a file on us like the one she has on you,” Roberta continued. “Our entire lives have been changed. As far as the Navy is concerned, we are female. Parents, family, school, college, Navy careers now have me as Roberta Blisson and Molly as Molly Wynn.”

Molly took over. “So when we got our new personas, the Admiral made the change. Our male personae no longer exist. Which is just fine with us. We have what we’ve always wanted: careers as female Navy officers.”

Ed looked at their crotches, which they had exposed in their various poses.

“What’s with those things?” he asked, looking at Roberta’s crotch.

Roberta and Molly smiled at each other, then at Ed. “I was wondering if you were going to ask about these,” Roberta said, opening her robe to reveal her breasts and crotch, spreading her legs. “Like I said, we want to live as women, but not become women. No breast implants, no alterations … down there. But we have to appear natural. Can’t have a dick getting hard at the wrong time. And if someone should look up our skirts, they shouldn’t get a surprise! The breasts are easy. There are quite a few companies supplying realistic breasts from bra implants to adhesive prosthetics. The Navy has its own labs producing the same. Mainly for Navy wives or officers who’ve undergone breast surgery due to cancer.”

Molly picked up the explanation. “Yeah. I had a real hard time …” she snickered at the unintended double entendre … “keeping myself from being discovered at the school. These vaginas are pussy panties, such as you can get in any adult book store, only very advanced. Ours have been developed so that we can go to the toilet without removing them. Fully functional too. Both Robbie and me have several different types, with different hair patterns depending on the assignment. Most of the time its either the full bush, like we’re wearing now, or the landing strip. I have a few which are bare. …”

Roberta sighed, recrossing her legs. “Not me. Guys … and gals … who want a nymphet look usually want a nymphet.”

“Or an Asian. Everybody thinks I’m a chihuahua!” Molly grimaced.

Roberta crossed and recrossed her legs. Molly shifted hers so that her robe fell open enough to reveal her pubic hair. Both moves caught Cromartie’s eyes. The women grinned at each other.

“Curiosity … or?” Roberta asked.

“I’m not exclusively gay, as you put it,” Cromartie answered.

“That’s nice to hear,” Roberta said. “But your response just now is what we want the hotel staff, the petty officer, and any other hetero male to have. We’ll be flashing everyone we meet over the next week. Discreetly of course, but we really need to establish the fact that we’re genetic women whom you’re banging from sundown to sun up. Understood?”

“Yeah. So, you two do this often?” Ed asked.

“Depends on what you mean by ‘often,’ ” Roberta responded. “Most of the time we’re desk jockeys, shuffling papers, staring into a computer screen all day. There’s lots of things to keep track of, when you work for the Admiral. Most times when we’re escorts, just eye candy. We do make two hot looking women, don’t we?” She smiled at Molly. Both were very proud of their appearances.

Roberta continued. “About once in any three, four month period, we’ll get an assignment that requires us to have sex with an asset. Usually a one-night stand. Some diplomat or foreign visitor who needs his ass reamed, but don’t want to risk getting caught or exposed. Or some general or admiral. You’d be surprised how many of our flag officers are fag officers.” Roberta and Molly tittered at this. “Oh, but I guess you wouldn’t be surprised.”

Ed settled back into the couch. “No, I wouldn’t.”

Ed looked at Molly, then Roberta. “You two a couple or something like that?”

Molly looked at Roberta, smiled, and Roberta smiled back.

“No,” Roberta said. “We’ve been on assignments together. Not necessarily to have sex with someone, just assignments. Of course we knew there was something different about each other, for either of us to be working for the Admiral. When we found out the other was transgendered, we became friends. The Admiral figured we would, might even say planned it. We’d each done sex assignments for her before we hooked up. So she asked us if we’d be willing to do so as a team. It was more of an order than a request … we said yes … … and we’ve worked on sex assignments as a team about two, three times before now.”

“We are still open to individual sex assignments, though,” Molly added. Looking at Roberta. “Not that I don’t enjoy being with you, Robbie. It’s just that I never thought along couple lines.”

Roberta came over and sat next to Molly. “I never thought along couple lines either, Molly.” She turned to Ed. “Would you have asked a couple of guys who served together if they were a couple?”

Again, Cromartie realized he had made a faux pas. “I guess not. Sorry.”

“For a gay guy, you’ve got lots of straight bigotry about transgendered,” Molly stated.

Cromartie sighed. “I said I was sorry.”

Just then there was a knock on the door. Roberta got up, fastened her robe so that it was clear she was naked underneath, and answered it. The waiters rolled in two carts. Roberta saw a third waiter knocking on Martinez’ door. She noticed as the waiters casually assessed the trio’s attire, the open door between the suites, the smudged make-up on the women. Both she and Molly managed to shift their positions so that there were momentary openings of their robes. The waiters said nothing, but the trio knew it would be all over the hotel within the hour. Just as the Admiral wanted. Roberta signed for the meals, including Martinez’, and closed the door behind them after they left. There was a beef entree dish, a pork entree dish, and an Asian food dish. Ed took pork, Molly beef, and Roberta the Asian. They ate in silence for the first several minutes, unaware of their hunger until they began eating. Only near the end of the meal did Roberta speak.

“Anyone want seconds?”

Molly held up her hand as if she was in school; Ed merely nodded. Roberta called room service again, only to be informed that it was too late for room service. The desk offered to have the kitchen staff prepare something, considering their special status. Roberta declined, then ordered three large pizzas from a pizzeria that intelligence agencies in New York City use often. Two with a variety of slices, one Italian sausage. These would also take another half-hour.

“Anything else?” Roberta asked, putting the phone down.

Just then the room phone rang. Blisson answered. Yes, she did order pizza. Yes, send the man right up. Thank you. Hanging up the phone, she went to the door to wait for him. She leaned against the doorframe, proud of how shapely her legs had become. She knew she looked hot, the robe hitting her at mid-thigh. A few minutes later , the elevator doors opened, and a scrawny man in mid-twenties exited, carrying three pizza boxes. He looked around briefly before seeing Blisson, who motioned him to her. She returned to the living room, leaving the door open. The delivery man entered, and Blisson directed him to set the boxes on one of the food carts, looking from Roberta to Ed to Molly and back to Roberta. Two good looking women, one guy, the women’s make-up smeared and smudged, the guy’s robe barely closed. The delivery man seriously considered joining the Navy!

Chapter 7

“Alone Again”

Benita sat at the table in the coffee shop occasionally sipping her coffee, but otherwise staring into nothingness. She felt numb and barely felt anything, either physically or emotionally. The crashing letdown after the emotional high Benita had been on this past week with Stacey left her reeling and not knowing which way was up. For a week, one glorious week, Benita had found the love and acceptance she was looking for, only to find out it wasn’t real.

Carmen entered the coffee shop and immediately saw Benita sitting at a table looking like an emotional mess. While keeping an eye on Benita who, as yet, had not noticed her, Carmen ordered her usual coffee. With hot drink and tasty snack in hand, Carmen walked over to Benita’s table and only then noticed something odd. A sports bag was tucked under the table by Benita’s feet, out of sight.

“Hi, Ben. Going somewhere?” Carmen asked as she sat down at Benita’s table.

“No,” Benita said in a glum manner before glancing up at Carmen. “Hi, Carmen,” Benita added with a forced and weak smile.

“What’s going on? Are you still upset about . . .” Carmen asked and lowered her voice before she added, “last Saturday?”

“No,” Benita chuckled weakly; the incident with Carmen seemed so long ago.

“Then what is it?” Carmen asked; her voice full of concern as she leaned in, picked up Benita’s hand and squeezed it.

“You’re a good friend, Carmen,” Benita said as she lifted her eyes and smiled warmly into Carmen’s eyes. “I’m sorry that I . . . well . . . about last Saturday,” Benita added and looked down, ashamed.

“Look, it’s in the past, and as long as you remember that I’m your friend and only your friend, it will remain in the past,” Carmen said in a comforting manner.

“So, you’re not even tempted?” Benita asked with a raised eyebrow, her wounded pride looking for some sort of reassurance of her desirability.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted, but I am not going to have sex with you again, and that’s final,” Carmen said and withdrew her hand, shifting back in her seat. “If that’s what this is about you can just forget about it,” she added and started to get up from the table.

“Don’t go,” Benita said after grasping Carmen’s arm. “Please,” she added after slowly looking up at Carmen. “I’ve accepted that . . . I’m not looking for ‘that’ from you, I promise,” Benita finally said, and at that, Carmen nodded and sat back down.

“Ben, what the hell is going on?” Carmen in a concerned, yet slightly agitated tone as she settled herself in the seat.

“After . . . you, ‘left’ last Saturday, I was so . . . ‘excited’ that I sought out someone who might help ‘alleviate’ my condition.” Benita started out carefully.

“What? Talk plainly, Ben,” Carmen replied, slightly flustered.

“I was horny so I found someone to fuck,” Benita curtly replied in a lowered tone of voice.

“What? Who?” Carmen asked curiously, now leaning in.

“Someone had mentioned that they were interested in me and gave me an open invitation for sex anytime I wanted, so I took her up on it,” Benita replied, again not wanting to divulge too much information.

“Who? Do I know her?” Carmen asked. Fear flashed in Benita’s eyes and Carmen then knew instantly who Benita was referring to. “STACEY?” Carmen asked in a shocked manner.

“YES!” Benita hissed and glared at Carmen and both women leaned in to talk privately.

“It was supposed to be just a one-time thing but we ended up spending the week together,” Benita said with pain lingering in her eyes and in her voice.

“Is that why you’ve been so busy this week? I thought you were avoiding me,” Carmen said in a knowing manner as she nodded her head.

“NO! Look I won’t go into details but it was wonderful, ALL of it. I thought what we had was something real and lasting but . . . it wasn’t,” Benita said as she hung her head and sobbed once, fighting hard not to cry in public.

“I take it she didn’t mind about your . . . you know,” Carmen asked in a delicate manner, glancing around the coffee shop.

“MIND? She LOVED it! Why WOULDN’T she?” Benita replied indignantly, finishing with a snort.

“No reason, just curious,” Carmen replied in a surrendering and defensive manner, putting her hands up to indicate she wanted peace.

“Apparently I was just ‘a little something on the side’,” Benita said glumly and looked off in another direction to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes.

“Ouch,” Carmen said sympathetically.

There was a pause in the conversation as both women sat and sipped their coffee in silence. Carmen wanted to say something to comfort Benita and ease her friend’s pain, but knew no words which would do just that.

“Well, there’s only one thing I know that can cure all your ills,” Carmen said finally, in a chipper tone.

“Pussy?” Benita replied with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

“I thought we agreed you’d stop that!” Carmen said in amidst a mild giggling fit. “I was talking about shopping!” she added, trying to sound serious and ever so slightly indignant.

“Still rather have pussy, but shopping will do,” Benita said with a larger smirk and a chuckle of her own.

“You’re hopeless!” Carmen added with her best attempt at a stern look amidst her dying giggle-fit.

“What? I was getting it hot-n-heavy for the past week, I was getting used to it,” Benita said in a cocky tone of voice with just a hint of defensiveness as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Look, I don’t want to know the details; now do you want to go shopping or not?” Carmen replied in an uncomfortable manner with a furrowed brow.

“Sorry,” Benita apologized. “Shopping sounds good, right about now,” Benita added with a warm smile.

“Good, now you can drop your bag at my place,” Carmen said as she breathed a sigh of relief and stood up, picking up her nearly empty cup of coffee.

“Thanks, I don’t want to lug this thing around every shop on Whyte Ave,” Benita replied with a chuckle as she stood up and followed Carmen out the door.

Carmen and Benita strolled down the street some time later, after checking out a few stores. After a particularly attractive brunette walked by in tight jeans, Benita turned her head to check out the woman’s rear end. The sight which Benita beheld was certainly not a disappointment. In short, the woman looked as desirable walking away, as she did walking towards. Her jeans seemed to be painted on and one wondered how she could move so gracefully in such tight clothing, yet somehow she managed it.

“Damn, now that’s an ass!” Benita said under her breath as she openly stared at the brunette’s swaying rear end. Carmen rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“I don’t get it, what gives? A few weeks ago you were all freaked out for finding even one woman attractive and now here you are openly ogling every woman we meet!” Carmen said before giving Benita a smack in the arm.

“What? I like women!” Benita said as she turned around and continued walking and talking with Carmen. “I didn’t ask for this to happen to me but it did. I can’t change who I am. I guess I’ve just come to accept it,” Benita said in a defensive manner as her eyes darted to check out a cute Chinese teen crossing the street.

“So you’ve come to accept that you’ve got a cock and want to fuck women with it?” Carmen asked in a droll, yet lowered, tone of voice as she looked at Benita incredulously.

“It’s one of the things that Stacey helped me with. I don’t see anything wrong with my body or my desires. I’m sorry if you do, but this is just who I am. You’re going to have to accept it,” Benita said in a confident manner as she stole a glance down Carmen’s top.

“Don’t put words in my mouth, I never said there was anything wrong with you . . . odd maybe, but not wrong,” Carmen said with a bit of a chuckle.

Carmen’s chuckling stopped suddenly when Benita stopped, grasped Carmen’s arm and forced her to stand and face her. Benita glared Carmen in the eye defiantly.

“Look, I’m proud of who and what I am. I am proud of my cock, anybody would be proud to have a cock like mine! I don’t judge or make snide little comments about your body, do I? So don’t insult or put down mine!” Benita said in a defiant, yet hurt, tone of voice before she let go of Carmen and continued walking, swiftly.

Carmen pursued Benita and then caught up with her. This time it was Carmen who stopped the pair from walking and made Benita face her.

“Look, you may be all fine and dandy with everything that’s been going on with you, but I’m still adjusting to it, okay? For the record I don’t think there’s anything ‘wrong’ with you, but you’re right, I shouldn’t make comments about ‘it.’ I didn’t mean to be insulting, but I do wish you weren’t so defensive about it all!” Carmen said with a firm yet soothing tone of voice.

“Well, as long as that’s settled, what do you say that we get back to shopping?” Benita said with a confident nod and smile on her face.

“Good,” Carmen said as the pair resumed walking down the sidewalk. “As long as we’re on the subject of who and what we are, let me just remind you that I am a straight woman and proud of it,” Carmen said with a smirk, glancing sideways at Benita.

“So you say, but we both know you want me,” Benita said in a confident and knowing manner without even looking at Carmen.

Before Carmen could reply, Benita turned and walked into a nearby store. Carmen sputtered in reply and scowled before following Benita into that store. Carmen never did mention anything, as it was not a conversation that she wanted to start with Benita. Sex was still a divisive issue between them, at least as far as Carmen was concerned. All Carmen wanted to mend their strained friendship not break it. As long as Carmen remained firm on her platonic stance, she believed that, in time, they would go back to just being friends.

The rest of the shopping experience went without incident and for the most part both Benita and Carmen had a good time. Other than Benita eyeing up all the attractive women, Carmen and Benita were acting like they had in times gone by. By the end of the day Carmen had gotten used to Benita’s roving eye. Once, Carmen even pointed out a large-breasted Arabian woman who Carmen had noticed but Benita had not. Once the shopping day was over the pair found themselves standing outside Carmen’s building.

“Why don’t you come in and watch a movie?” Carmen asked with a friendly smile on her face as she motioned to the door of the apartment building.

“I don’t think so,” Benita said dismissively. “I think I’m gonna go home,” she added after a brief pause.

“C’mon, It’s been a fun day, and I just don’t think you should be alone tonight,” Carmen replied with a light and fun tone of voice. “I can trust you to behave yourself, can’t I?” Carmen added with a laugh.

“It’s not that . . . thanks for the offer, but I really think I just need some time to myself tonight,” Benita said in a sincere tone, yet sad look in her eye.

“Well, I’m here for you if you need me,” Carmen said as she reached out and hugged Benita. “As a friend,” she added in an obvious manner, after which both women chuckled.

“I know,” Benita said squeezed Carmen tighter before breaking the embrace and walking away.

Carmen watched Benita walk away for a moment before turning and entering her apartment building. Benita on the other hand continued walking until she spied a nearby quiet pub and walked inside.

Benita did want to be alone with her thoughts and decide what to do from here. It had been such a chance meeting with Stacey and it worked out so beautifully. Benita wondered if it could happen again? What would Benita do if the next woman freaked out when she found out about her cock? Could she take that kind of rejection? Benita sipped her beer, lost in her own thoughts. It wasn’t until well into her third beer that Benita’s private world was smashed. In her tipsy state Benita didn’t react right away when a sports bag was dropped down beside her barstool.

“Alone with your thoughts, eh?” Carmen said in a slightly condescending tone as she sat down on the barstool next to Benita.

“Are you following me, home now?” Benita said with a slight slur as she glanced over at Carmen before taking a long swig of beer.

“No, I found your bag in my room and came down to the bus-stop but you weren’t there. I figured you had already caught the bus, but on the way back to my place I saw you in the window,” Carmen said just as the bartender approached.

“What’ll you have?” The silver-haired bartender asked in a gravelly voice.

“Coke,” Carmen replied and turned her attention back to Benita.

Benita raised her now empty bottle of beer and the bartender nodded, knowingly and left.

“Fine. Thanks for returning my bag,” Benita replied before trying to take another swig of beer out of the empty bottle.

“I take it you’re still upset about Stacey?” Carmen asked as the bartender placed the glass of coke in front of her and a bottle of beer in front of Benita.

“What was your first clue, Sherlock?” Benita said as she looked at Carmen and giggled, for no apparent reason and she leaned towards Carmen.

As Benita had her hand on Carmen’s shoulder she continued to giggle and hold onto Carmen for support. Benita dropped her head forward and laughed for a moment more, liking her own ‘Sherlock’ joke. Once Benita’s giggling died down, there was a momentary pause as Benita took a long and obvious look down Carmen’s top.

“You have nice tits, you should show them off more,” Benita plainly said while openly examining Carmen’s breasts with a keen eye for detail.

Calmly and deliberately Benita reached up and unbuttoned one more button on Carmen’s blouse. With a light tug on the outside swells of Carmen’s breasts, Benita made Carmen’s blouse open up considerably more. Benita smiled, nodded to herself and openly admired Carmen’s considerable cleavage, nicely framed by her large, round breasts restrained by blouse. Before Carmen could recover from the shock of being ever so slightly undressed in public, something happened. A man in his late twenties walked by, looked at Carmen’s cleavage, then up to her face and smiled.

“See, nice tits,” Benita said knowingly after the man had passed out of earshot. “Nice ‘Manbait’ you’ve got there. You want to catch a man, you listen to me. Cleavage is your new best friend, you’re not leaving the house without it,” Benita said in something akin to a commanding tone.

“Thanks, Ben,” Carmen said in an uncomfortable manner as she began to reach up in order to button her top back up.

“Listen Woman, you’re not allowed to have any less than the top four buttons undone on any top you wear. If I catch you with less, I’ll make you unbutton an extra one! If you wear a T-shirt it better be a tight one or I’ll cut it off of you,” Benita said in a commanding tone of voice as she glared right into Carmen’s eyes.

Once Benita started to talk, Carmen’s hands froze, unable to move up or down. An unknown shudder ran down Carmen’s spine when Benita clearly gave her an order. Carmen’s brow furrowed as she silently lowered her hands, denying that her pussy had started to weep, yet her panties started to get wet. An uncomfortable silence followed as Carmen turned towards the bar and sipped her coke, showing more cleavage than she had ever done in public.

“Look, let’s get back to why you’re here, I know you’re upset about Stacey and are hurting right now, but this will pass,” Carmen said in a sincere tone of voice as she sipped on her coke, looking at Benita with concern in her voice and confusion on her face.

“You don’t understand,” Benita said in a hurt tone of voice as she slacked her shoulders and fought back crying as a few tears came forth.

“Oh but I do understand. I may not have dated a woman but I have fallen in love. It was wonderful. It was great. It was perfect. She accepted you for who and what you are so you felt loved and complete because of it . . . but it didn’t work out, did it?” Carmen said in a calm and deliberate manner as she eyed up Benita, out of the corner of her eye.

“No, it didn’t,” Benita said with a slur and waver in her voice before taking another exaggerated swig of beer.

“I understand that you need some time to heal right now, but sooner or later you will have to get back out there and meet new people,” Carmen said in a confident and knowledgeable tone.

“I don’t want to meet new people, I want Stacey,” Benita said with a pout.

“Stacey is not the only woman out there, you will find someone new. You just need to give it time,” Carmen said as she rubbed Benita’s back in a soothing manner.

“Oh, that’s the answer, isn’t it? Every woman will just naturally accept my cock, won’t she?” Benita said in a challenging and condescending manner as she turned to face Carmen.

The bartender was not that far away and glanced at Benita with a raised eyebrow before returning to cleaning the glass he was holding.

“The right woman won’t care about any of that, she will accept you for you,” Carmen said in a sincere and genuine tone with a friendly smile on her face.

“Thanks, Carmen, you’re a good friend,” Benita said with a warm smile which Carmen returned. Before Carmen could thank Benita for the compliment, Benita spoke again. “You’re a good woman with a great set of tits. Wanna go back to your place and fuck?” Benita added with a sincere tone before she openly looked down Carmen’s top and licked her lips.

“And that’s my cue to pour you into a cab,” Carmen said with a shocked and very uneasy manner as she stood up.

“Oh, you wanna go to my place instead?” Benita asked as she let Carmen stand her up.

“You’re going to your place, and if I’m not there right away, start without me,” Carmen said as she put her arm around Benita’s waist.

“Oh gooddie, we’re gonna do it!” Benita giggled in a drunken slur as Carmen picked up the sports bag and walked Benita towards the door.

Carmen managed to get Benita out of the bar and flag down a cab before things got interesting. As the cab pulled over not far from where Benita and Carmen were, a Japanese girl exited a nearby nightclub. From the way she was stumbling around, it was clear that she was very drunk yet appeared to be too young to have been in anyplace serving alcohol.

With Suki’s Asian heritage it was hard to accurately guess her age but while she looked to be not a day over fourteen, she was in fact twenty years old. Even though she had a traditional Japanese name, she had been born and raised in Alberta. Suki was as Canadian as the next gal and being raised in small-town Alberta made her a borderline redneck. English was her first language, and she only spoke a few phrases of Japanese, so Suki spoke English without a hint of a Japanese accent.

Suki was a cheap drunk, as going out to the bar was not something she did on a regular basis. She was letting off some steam, after a particularly hard time of cramming and studying. Suki was attending the University of Alberta and lived not far from campus and not far from Whyte Avenue.

Suki was the picture of petite, yet perfect, proportions; she stood only five feet tall and not an inch taller. Suki’s whole body was petite and small, yet she was proportioned perfectly to that height, right down to her pert B cup breasts. She was quite slender and shapely, having a mature and fully formed body but looking quite young despite it. All in all Suki looked like a hot young teen, the kind that attracts the attention of an adult, only to make them feel guilty for looking at someone so young. In Suki’s case was okay, since she was indeed twenty years old, she only looked fourteen.

“Oh great; my cab!” Suki said to nobody in particular and began to stumble towards it.

Carmen managed to get Benita over to the cab while repeatedly moving Benita’s hand up from Carmen’s ass to her waist. This slowed down the pair and so Suki arrived at the cab before Carmen and Benita did. When Carmen got Benita near to the cab she had given up on moving Benita’s hand from her ass. As a result, not only did Benita have a handful of Carmen’s ass she was mauling and manhandling it, like she owned it. The wetness in her panties grew considerably during this period yet still Carmen denied that her panties were the least bit damp.

“Oh damn, well, we’ll get another one,” Carmen said before she started to flag down another cab.

“No, that’s my cab! That bitch stole my cab!” Benita said angrily and indignantly as she glared at Suki entering the cab in question.

Not to let this perceived insult and slight go unchallenged, Benita broke free of Carmen’s embrace. Benita ran towards the cab with surprising speed and agility for a drunken woman. Just as the cab started to drive, Benita opened the back door and fell in, somehow closing the door behind her.

Carmen sighed, rolled her eyes, and started to walk back to her place with Benita’s sports bag slung over her shoulder.

Inside the cab however the mood was tense as Suki blinked in confusion looking at Benita whose head just appeared on her lap.

“What are you doing in my cab, bitch?” Suki challenged, as she straightened Benita up with a hard shove.

“I’m claiming what’s rightfully mine,” Benita said with a firm tone in a cool, confident manner, while looking at Suki expectantly as she straightened up her own clothes.

“Me or the cab?” Suki said with a raised eyebrow, clearly questioning Benita’s sanity, before rolling her eyes.

There was no way for Suki to know that in Benita’s current tipsy state, it was the worst possible retort Suki could give. Benita had entered the cab with the intention of only claiming the cab, kicking Suki to the curb, literally. Suki’s retort forced Benita to ponder yet another possibility. Benita was tipsy, but not drunk, meaning she was just drunk enough that her inhabitations were gone, yet still sober enough to act on her impulses.

“Both,” Benita replied in commanding tone of voice as she sat up straighter and glared at Suki.

“Whatever,” Suki said with a roll of her eyes before she leaned forward to speak to the cab driver.

Suki had opened her mouth to speak and had fully turned towards the front of the cab before Benita moved. In a flash Benita had Suki by the scalp and pulled on Suki’s natural black leash. Suki squealed in pain as she was pulled unexpectedly back by her hair.

“Listen, Woman, as of right now you’re mine for the night!” Benita snarled with fire in her eyes as she held the terrified Suki’s face next to her own so she could speak softly.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Let go of me, you crazy bitch!” Suki replied angrily as she tried to extricate her hair from Benita’s clutches.

“Don’t you get it, Woman? I CLAIM you, do you hear me, as of right now you are my SLAVE for the night!” Benita snarled as she shook Suki’s hair once.

“Fuck off!” Suki spat back.

In one swift motion Benita moved to the centre of the cab and pulled Suki across her lap. Before Suki knew what was happening, Benita started to spank Suki hard and fast, not letting her prey react at all. Suki squealed at first and then cried as her jeans-covered ass was spanked for the first time since she was ten.

“Do you understand yet, Woman? I’m in charge and you’re my slave, RIGHT?” Benita asked as she still held Suki by the hair, across her lap.

At that moment, Suki cursed her father. While she loved him, he had always been a demanding and domineering figure in her life. Her upbringing had been a mix of traditional Japanese ways and values with a typical small-town prairie experience. It was a smashing and blending together of two worlds but as a result, Suki always deferred to authority. Even though Suki knew better and had a right to and should resist, she couldn’t help herself. When push came to shove she always gave in and submitted to those who asserted their authority in strong ways, such as her father and now Benita.

“RIGHT?” Benita asked again with a tug of Suki’s straight, black hair.

“Yes,” Suki replied meekly, not sure why she was giving in yet unable to do anything but, submit.

“Who is in charge?” Benita asked as she lightened up her grip on Suki’s hair, just a bit.

“You are,” Suki replied, still staring at the door handle of the cab.

“And who is going to be a good little girl and do everything I tell her to do?” Benita asked in a leading and expectant tone of voice.

“I am,” Suki said in a defeated tone of voice and sighed her final submission.

“Good girl,” Benita said as she let go of Suki’s hair and stroked it gently, in a soft and almost loving manner. “Now, you know how to suck cock, don’t you?” Benita asked confidently.

Suki turned and looked at Benita with a perplexed expression but a low growl and raised eyebrow from Benita put Suki in her place.

“Yes,” Suki replied trying to hide her confusion.

“Good, then you’ll know what to do with this,” Benita said as she shoved Suki off of her lap and into a kneeling position on the floor of the cab.

Benita then pulled her panties down and off before opening her legs wide and holding up her skirt. There, revealed before Suki was Benita’s cock, fully engorged in a throbbing erection. Suki’s eyes grew wide as saucers and her mouth dropped as stunned confusion came over for seeing something she knew wasn’t possible.

“Oh my god, you’ve got a . . . ” was all Suki got out before Benita slapped Suki to shut her up.

“I didn’t say you could talk! Now shut the fuck up and suck it!” Benita commanded as she glared expectantly at Suki.

Suki blinked twice before she leaned forward and began to suck Benita’s cock in her tried and true standard pattern. Suki, like Carmen, had kept her virginity by sucking off all manner of guys trying to get into her pants. Suki, however, was not still a virgin before she met Benita; her last boyfriend had deflowered her a few years back. They had done it regularly, until they broke up, when he moved to college on the other side of the country. While her father still believed Suki was a virgin simply because he had ordered her to remain so, Suki’s mother was more practical. Suki had been on the birth control pill since she had been sixteen years old.

Suki pushed the strangeness of the fact that she was sucking a woman’s cock out of her mind and instead focussed on the act of sucking cock. Suki already knew that she was far too gone to turn back now. Like it or not, her ass belonged to this strange woman she didn’t even know the name of.

Ahmed, the cab driver, never wanted any trouble so he stuck to his job, which was driving the cab. He knew better than to get involved in the squabbles and arguments that had taken place in the backseat of his cab. The few times he had intervened with the best of intentions had always ended up with him getting in trouble. The worst was when he stopped a man from raping a woman in the back seat, only to be charged with assault and almost deported as a result. It ended up being that the man and woman had a stormy relationship and to put it simply, she liked it rough. Unless someone’s life was clearly being threatened or someone was being robbed, Ahmed never ever got involved. Since Suki had paid and tipped him with cash in advance for the cab-ride, he saw no reason to get involved in the goings on in the back seat. Besides, only a few more blocks to go and then these two would not be his problem anymore.

Benita sat back and stretched out, placing her hands on the top of the backseat of the cab. She smiled to herself her good fortune and revelled in deliciousness of the situation. Benita saw a nice piece of ass and claimed it by sheer force of will. If all, or even most, women were this easy, Benita’s life was going to be very interesting from now on.

Benita looked down at the steady bouncing rhythm that Suki had set out and the hollowed out cheeks of the young Japanese woman. Benita smiled as she knew that Suki was putting in a good effort and doing an admirable job in sucking her cock. For that fact alone, Benita was tempted to keep Suki as a slave, but knew that would simply ask for trouble. Benita then realized that, as far as she could see, Stacey was right, fuck them then leave them. Life was less complicated that way.

The cab pulled over in front of a tall apartment building and Ahmed didn’t even turn around. Benita pushed Suki’s head back and off of her cock so suddenly that a popping sound was heard once mouth broke seal with cockhead. Suki looked up at Benita confused. Suki had truly lost herself in the act of sucking cock that she didn’t notice anything but cock.

“We’re here . . . apparently,” Benita said as she looked at the neighbourhood.

“My place?” Suki asked in confusion as she also surveyed the neighbourhood.

“Is that where you were going in my cab, Woman?” Benita asked in a condescending manner.

“Yes,” Suki replied.

“Then that’s where we are. For future reference you will properly address me as ‘Mistress.’ Do you understand?” Benita looked down at Suki who nodded, not wanting to speak. Benita looked at Suki, closed her eyes to slits, Suki’s eyes then widened.

“Yes, Mistress, I understand,” Suki replied, in response to which, Benita smiled and nodded in approval.

Suki’s tension then fell and she watched Benita put her panties back on, pull her skirt back down and then get out of the cab. Suki didn’t need to be told to get out of the cab, she simply followed Benita. Benita had not realized that in her angry departure from Stacey’s that morning, she never placed her socks in her panties to disguise her cock. She had been walking all around Whyte Avenue all day with simply a pair of panties under her skirt.

Benita stood there and watched as the cab left, before turning her attention to Suki, who stood patiently beside Benita. Suki knew instinctually not to speak or act until spoken or directed to. Her father had inadvertently trained her to be a good submissive . . . if he could see her now, he would be horrified.

“Do you live alone, Woman?” Benita asked Suki in a firm tone.

“No, Mistress, but my roommate is visiting her parents this weekend,” Suki replied in a submissive tone, keeping her eyes down.

“Are you going to lead me to your place or are you going to make me guess where you live, Woman,” Benita retorted in a firm and condescending manner.

“This way, Mistress,” Suki said with a bow and started to walk towards the tall apartment building.

Suki walked straighter and with greater dexterity than she had done walking towards the cab. It seemed her forced submission to Benita had sobered her up a bit, yet still she was helplessly under Benita’s sway. As Suki opened the door, holding it open for Benita to walk through she wondered why she was doing any of this. Even now she was eagerly seeking Benita’s approval, wanting to please her new Mistress, yet not understanding why.

Up on the tenth floor Suki opened the door to her apartment and let Benita walk through first, waiting until Benita was fully inside before daring to enter. As soon as the door was closed and before Suki had moved from the plain straw welcome mat Benita spoke up.

“Strip, Woman,” Benita commanded as she turned on the spot to see Suki slightly trembling, holding her keys.

“Mistress?” Suki asked in a submissive, yet fearful tone.

“You will not step off of that mat until you have removed all of your clothes, Woman,” Benita commanded in a regal manner as she stood up straight.

Suki sighed; she already knew what was going to happen and where this night would lead, yet was powerless to alter the course of events it seemed. This was not how she had envisioned celebrating her successfully studying for and taking her midterms. Suki had told her friends that she was going outside to get some air, with no intentions of going home. When she saw the cab, however, Suki, in her drunken state, assumed it was time to go home. Suki had forgotten her cell phone and purse on the table back at the bar. Her keys and cash were the only thing she kept in her pants and so were the only things she had with her.

Suki placed her keys and remaining cash she had on her on the small bookcase near the door. Then Suki began removing clothes, one by one starting with her shirt. Benita smiled a Cheshire-cat grin as Suki’s nubile form came into view. Suki looked every bit as exquisite nude as her clothes hinted she would. Benita smiled and nodded to herself as she noted that Suki was one very beautiful woman with a tight, hot body.

“Now that you look respectable in your Mistress’s presence, Woman, you can continue worshiping me,” Benita said as she walked over to the couch.

The small living room was decorated exclusively with ‘IKEA’ furniture and screamed “College Student.” Somehow along the way to the couch Benita removed her clothes. By the time she sat down in the middle of the plush, white couch with her ass on the edge and her legs spread wide she was buck-naked.

Benita didn’t bother to move the coffee table even though her toes almost touched it on either corner. It was clear that it would have to be moved in order for Suki to take her place at Benita’s feet. Benita wanted Suki to work a bit before having the privilege of sucking her cock again.

“Mistress?” Suki asked, still confused and still standing nude on the welcome mat.

“Get over here and suck my cock! What are you, stupid or something?” Benita said with a condescending snort as she glared at Suki in a manner which questioned her sanity.

“Yes, Mistress,” Suki replied and immediately walked over to Benita as quickly as she could.

It took only a hard, hasty and careless shove of the coffee table before Suki was once again between Benita’s thighs. Once Suki wrapped her lips around the head of Benita’s cock, she oddly enough felt like she was home. As her lips descended on the fat monster, she maddeningly felt safe and secure, in her place as the possession of another. Suki wanted to know why it was that simply knowing that someone was looking out for her, making decisions for her, was a great comfort to her.

“Don’t forget my pussy either, Woman,” Benita said as she looked down at Suki who was struggling to swallow more than half of her cock.

“I won’t, Mistress,” Suki said in a happy and chipper tone of voice after taking her lips off of Benita’s cock just long enough to speak.

With two fingers, Suki found Benita’s pussy and began pleasing it at the same time she pleased Benita’s cock. Suki had seemingly skipped over the shock of Benita having a cock and moved right to acceptance due to the fact of being forcibly claimed. In her rush to please and gain the approval of the woman who had been her Mistress for less than twenty minutes, Suki forgot she was supposed to question this fact.

Even though Suki had never looked at another woman twice she now licked her way down Benita’s fat cock on her way to Benita’s pussy. Suki wanted to please Benita in all ways and this meant licking her slit too. Suki came face to face with the first pussy in her life and a soon as she could she probed and licked everywhere she could with her tongue. When Suki’s tongue brought back the first morsels of Benita’s pussy-juice back into her mouth, Suki was hooked. Yet another maddening turn to this bizarre evening was to find out that she liked pussy.

Benita had to grip the back of the couch tight and a deep, guttural, long moan escaped her lips as Suki started her slit-licking work. At that moment, while she would never admit it to another person, Benita was in love with Suki’s tongue. It boggled the mind, how the inexperienced Suki could be a better pussy-eater than the well-experienced Stacey. The proof was in the pudding however, when Benita threw her head back as far as the plush cushions of the couch would allow.

“Cumming!” Benita screamed as she thrust her hips up in the air as every muscle in her body tensed up.

Suki was quick and agile; she only missed the first blast of Benita’s cum, which landed on Suki’s cheek. Suki managed to wrap her lips around Benita’s cock by the time the second blast of Benita’s cum shot out of her cock. Suki was not satisfied with having just the cockhead inside her mouth, she wanted it all. Suki shoved as much as she could manage of Benita’s big, fat cock in her mouth and swallowed repeatedly. Benita was in seventh heaven and was lost in a world of bliss as Suki swallowed every last morsel of Benita’s essence that was blown out the end of her cock. When the cuming was done, Benita slumped down, spent; her breathing heavy and quick.

Suki did not need to be told to clean up Benita’s wet and messy thighs and pussy, she wanted to. By the time Benita regained her senses, Suki had already licked Benita’s pussy and groin area clean.

“Did I do well, Mistress?” Suki asked in a manner which conveyed her genuine desire to serve and please Benita.

The question in itself was enough to excite Benita and force blood to flow back into her large cock, but Suki genuine and inquisitive look accelerated that.

“Yes, you have done well, Woman,” Benita said in a warm and affectionate manner as she stroked Suki’s hair.

“Thank you, Mistress, I am happy to please you,” Suki replied beaming her pure joy at the knowledge that she had done a good job at pleasing her Mistress.

“Lead me to your bed, Woman,” Benita said in a determined expression with a throbbing erection twitching in Suki’s face.

“This way, Mistress,” Suki said submissively, with a bow before getting up and walking in a swift and determined manner towards one of the two bedrooms.

Once in the room, Suki only just entered the room, stood to the side, with her ass and shoulder-blades touching the wall as she motioned to the single bed in the far corner.

“Get on it, lie on your back, in the middle of it,” Benita said in a husky tone of voice as soon as she entered the room, swiftly passing Suki.

“Yes Mistress,” Suki said with a hint of fear and excitement in her voice as she swiftly moved to comply.

As Suki lay back on her bed and spread her legs wide in anticipation of the obvious fuck that was to come, she was conflicted. Suki was excited, eager and fearful of the same event. Suki knew that any moment now she would have the big fat cock she had just sucked imbedded in her pussy.

Part of Suki, the submissive part, would eagerly do anything to please her Mistress. Yet another part of Suki was confused, scared and mortified that such a thing would be taking place. She was about to admit the cock of someone she didn’t even know the name of and would probably never see again. Suki was not a slut and had never ever considered herself as such yet here she was acting like a slut.

Benita never took her eyes off of looking deep into Suki’s dark-brown eyes as she moved towards and crawled onto the bed. Benita smiled a cocky grin as she entered the bed and positioned herself above Suki. Without being told, Suki had positioned herself spread eagle on the bed, in the most submissive manner she could think of. Benita shifted her cock and cockhead nudged pussy for the first time and Suki drew a deep, sharp breath at the intimate contact.

“Up until now, you’ve been a good and eager slave. By now you must realize that I want to fuck you,” Benita said as she ran her cockhead up and down Suki’s slit. In response Suki just writhed in pure bliss. “I will never rape you or anyone else; you have a choice. Here and now tell me what you want, if you want me to leave, I will leave, no questions asked, but if you want me to fuck you, as I want to fuck you, then tell me so, now,” Benita said as in a soothing manner while stroking Suki’s hair lovingly.

Suki’s mind froze as the sane and “normal” part of her mind knew what to say . . . “get out you crazy bitch!” Yet it was the other side, her submissive side who felt she had earned this fuck and therefore needed to feel that big, fat cock wedged inside her small pussy. It took but a moment for Suki to answer.

“Fuck me, Mistress. I am yours for the taking,” Suki said with a loving smile while looking deep into Benita’s eyes.

“As you wish,” Benita said with a cocky chuckle.

Chapter 13 Sinking Deeper Into The Feminine World

*** Prologue – Joe has made a trip down south to visit for the first time, his online Mistress. Over the past few years she has slowly feminized him with the help of Miss May. Upon his arrival at Mistress Sarah’s house, she puts his feminization into full speed. He spends his first day is sissy clothes and receives his first strap-on fucking by Miss May. Part 5 starts the morning after his fucking. ***

Josie awoke in the morning wrapped up in a pink comforter. It was soft and comforting despite the fact that he had been sleeping on the floor in the hallway. He had been banished from the bedroom by the girls. After he had cleaned their strap-ons, he was told that it was girl-time in the bedroom and that he was still a sissy. He was sent to the hallway but he stayed close to the door listening to the sexual tones of Miss May and Mistress Sarah. However, exhaustion took over quickly. It had been a long day and the pegging by Miss May followed by his explosive orgasm had drained all his energy. There were several orgasms that occurred behind the closed door but Josie did not hear them because he had quickly drifted into a sound sleep.

When Josie awoke in the morning he unraveled himself from the comforter and admired the red silk night gown that covered him. The girls had dressed him in the gown before sending him to bed. It was a short and simple gown. Josie thought the shiny material looked incredibly sexy and feminine. He loved the feel of the smooth silk rubbing all around his body. His clitty started to swell as he became more aware of the soft sensation on his skin.

Josie remembered Mistress Sarah telling him that in the morning he was allowed to crawl into the bedroom and kneel by the bedside. If he was lucky, the girls would play with him. Not wanting to miss out on any fun, he crawled toward the door. The gown draped around his body as he quietly pushed through the door. He could feel a slight soreness in his ass, which served as a wonderful reminder of the pleasures that took place jut several hours earlier.

Josie crept towards the bed on his hands and knees in the quiet room. Mistress Sarah rolled over and in a hushed tone said, “…ahhh here comes our kitty.” She beckoned him on. “Here kitty, kitty. Come on pretty kitty….hop up on the bed.”

Josie hopped up and snuggled between Miss May and Mistress Sarah and greeted them. “Good Morning Mistress Sarah and Miss May.”

They were both naked. He enjoyed the morning warmth of their bodies under the covers. He moved into a spooning position, facing Mistress Sarah. He was excited to be sandwiched between two naked bodies and he could not control his cock. It grew fully erect and pressed against Mistress Sarah’s ass.

Mistress Sarah immediately turned and pushed Josie onto his back. She firmly grasped his hard cock and said, “This is not the feel of a pretty girl. It’s getting in the way. We will have to something about it.”

“Sorry Mistress,” apologized Josie.

Then May reprimanded, “And what happened to that pretty girl voice? Greet us again with your pretty girl voice.”

Josie hesitated for a moment, remembering how they laughed at him the night before. He wanted to sound more like a girl. He concentrated and with a raised pitch said, “Good morning Mistress Sarah and Miss May.”

To his relief the girls did not laugh. Miss May said, “Better Josie, but it still needs work.”

Mistress Sarah lightly stroked his cock through the silk nightgown and said, “Yes princess. You need to practice your girl voice. That’s the only voice I want to hear from now on. Only prettiness comes out of those girly lips of yours, got it?”

“Yes Mistress,” replied Josie with his girl voice. His cock throbbed in pleasure not only from Mistress Sarah’s stroking but also from knowing that another part of his maleness was being wiped away by Mistress Sarah.

Miss May’s hands rubbed over Josie’s chest and found his nipples hidden beneath the silk. She rubbed and pinched them until they formed pointy tents in the night gown. Josie was not used to having his nipples played with. A new wonderful sensation tingled inside him. Mistress Sarah’s words from the day before about taking his time and experiencing the sensations of womanhood echoed in his mind. He loved the womanly sensations he was feeling from his nipples.

“Very sexy nipples,” complimented Miss May.

“Thank you,” moaned Josie.

The girls continued teasing Josie’s body, putting him a state of complete arousal.

Mistress Sarah asked Josie, “How is your pussy feeling? May gave you quite a fucking last night. Your inner slut was on full display.”

“I am a slut,” admitted Josie. “My pussy is a little achy, but it’s fine. I had so much fun yesterday.”

Mistress Sarah continued to lightly stroke his cock and explained, “It always hurts the first time your cherry is popped. That’s part of being a girl. Tonight it’s my turn to fuck you Josie. It will hurt again but eventually your body will learn to accept our strap-ons with full pleasure. Soon your pussy will be molded into a perfect fuck hole to be used solely for our pleasure. That is its ideal state, don’t you agree?”

The future state which Mistress Sarah talked about excited Josie. Her words made him feel submissive and feminine. He wanted to be their fuck toy and slut. It was hard to maintain his female voice with all the pleasure running through his mind and body, but he managed to squeak out a girly sounding “yes Mistress.”

For his compliance Josie was rewarded with Miss May’s tits. She lowered her tits to Josie’s lips. He took her nipple into his mouth and flicked his tongue over it. He could almost feel Miss May’s body shudder with pleasure. “Good Girl,” moaned Miss May.

Miss May moved her other nipple to his mouth and Josie enjoyed licking and sucking it just as much as the first one. He was in heaven being nestled between two beautiful girls, enjoying their bodies while they teased him. Mistress Sarah was playing with his cock with a combination of light strokes and long slow pulls. It was the perfect mix to keep him fully aroused without sending him over the edge.

When Mistress Sarah was certain that Josie was awash in arousal she commented, “This is what girls do in the morning. Isn’t it fun? Aren’t you glad to be one of us Josie?”

Josie could not argue with that statement. Everything that he had done since he arrived at Mistress Sarah’s house was full of fun and pleasure. He did not want it to stop. Mistress Sarah and Miss May were showing him a whole new world and he was loving it. Joe was a long lost soul now. Only Josie existed and ‘she’ was one of the girls.

Josie’s entire body shivered with pleasure from the confession he was about to make. His body tensed and his back arched as he fought off an orgasm. Josie confessed, “Yes I am glad to be one of the girls. This is so much fun. Thank your for bringing out the girl in me. You two are amazing.”

Mistress Sarah and Miss May’s eyes met and they both smiled calculatingly. There was so much emotion, arousal, and conviction in Josie’s confession that they new their slave had mentally transformed into their slutty bitch. At that moment both girls shared a special thrill of knowing they had completely conquered him. He was not just a feminized boy anymore. They had much bigger plans for Josie. He was a toy for them to play with anyway they wanted. He was a slave willing to do anything they wanted.

Knowing that their slave had reached a perfect state of arousal and obedience, the girls stopped teasing his body. Miss May said, “We have so much more girl to bring out in you Josie. Today you will be completely transformed. Are you excited about it?”

“Yes Miss May.”

“Well then we must get our day started. Mistress Sarah and I could go for a nice breakfast.” Miss May instructed Josie to make bagels and cream cheese for Mistress Sarah and her.

Mistress Sarah slapped his cock and said, “and get rid of this too kitty. Tuck it between your legs so it doesn’t get in the way. You can use a pair of my panties to keep it in place.”

“Yes Mistress,” replied Josie. He went over to her panty drawer and selected a pair of red silk panties.

As he walked out of the bedroom to get started on his breakfast duties, Miss May said to Josie, “Practice your girly voice too. While you prepare our breakfast say out loud over and over again, ‘I am a pretty obedient girl slave.’ Make your voice as girly as you can. I want to be greeted with a pretty voice when you serve my breakfast.”

“Yes, Miss May. I am a pretty obedient girl slave,” replied Josie with his feminine voice.

“Good girl,” complimented Miss May with a small giggle. Then she kissed Mistress Sarah and said, “This is so much fun. Thank you for letting me play with Josie with you.”

“There is much more fun to come my pet,” said Mistress Sarah as she gently brushed her hand through May’s hair and enjoyed the warmth of May’s naked body pressed against hers.

In the kitchen, Josie was preparing breakfast and repeating ‘I am a pretty obedient girl slave’ over and over again. Each time he said the words out loud, he experimented with the pitch of his voice until he finally found a pitch that seemed naturally feminine.

Practicing his girl voice and getting the bagels ready distracted his mind enough for his cock to soften and shrink. Josie took the opportunity to tuck his cock back between his legs and pull on Mistress Sarah’s panties to hold it in place. At that moment he felt a deep sense of submission and arousal. Having his manhood molded and forced into a pussy shape stirred up a strange pleasurable arousal inside him. His ‘clitty’ began to swell but was held back by the soft panties. He could feel its heat against his inner thighs. It was a wonderful new sensation. He wondered if girls experienced a similar sensation when they were aroused.

Josie heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He had planned on serving the girls in bed but they had decided otherwise. Mistress Sarah sat at the kitchen table in nothing but a pair of black boy shorts and Miss May wore only a white g-string. Josie was thrilled at how free-spirited the girls were by walking around the house almost naked. He could get used to this life quickly. He thought to himself, if this was how girls lived together, then being a girl was much more fun than a guy.

In his practiced girl voice he said, “Good morning beautiful Mistresses. Enjoy your bagels.” He served them bagels and poured them glasses of orange juice.

Mistress Sarah complimented, “What a beautiful voice Josie. Come here darling and lift your gown for me.”

Josie walked over to Mistress Sarah and lifted his gown up to his waist. Mistress Sarah rubbed her hands between his legs and said proudly, “Just like a girl Josie. Now I can play with your clitty the same way I play with May’s. You are turning out to be a wonderful addition to our family Josie.”

“Thank you Mistress,” said Josie. He was excited and thrilled to be accepted by Mistress Sarah. He was also excited about having his clitty rubbed. It was very kinky and perverse to have his cock shaped in the form of a clitty and for Mistress Sarah to finger him like a girl. Lately it seemed that the more kinky and perverse things were, the more Josie like it. In Mistress Sarah’s world, Josie was quickly discovering how much fun it was to be feminized.

Miss May was sitting across from Mistress Sarah at the table and was sipping on hot tea while reading Josie’s journal. Josie blushed when he noticed her reading it. He could not recall everything he wrote the night before but he knew that in the height of his arousal, he wrote many embarrassing thoughts about himself; Thoughts that would make him ashamed and humiliated if anyone in his ‘real’ world read them.

Miss May giggled as she read entry after entry in the journal. “Josie, it sounds like you had a great time playing with all Mistress Sarah’s girly stuff last night.”

“Yes, it was fun,” admitted Josie in a shy voice.

“Better hide your furry stuff Mistress Sarah. Josie has taken a liking to your fur panties.”

“That’s my girl,” exclaimed Mistress Sarah. “We’ll have lots of fun with fur Josie. It really makes your clitty tingle, doesn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress. I love the soft feel of it.”

“Mmmm. I love have it feels to princess. We’ll have to buy you a nice set of furry lingerie princess.”

Miss May read several other passages from the journal, out loud to Mistress Sarah. Hearing his words read out loud about how he liked panties and what his favorite lipstick and perfume were, made Josie blush. When he wrote those things, he was aroused and in submissive and feminine state of mind. His thoughts seemed sexy and fun at the time. Now, a day later, hearing someone else read them, embarrassed Josie. Knowing that those feminine thoughts came from him made it seem so silly. He felt like a pervert and a sissy. It was something that he would have never fathomed doing prior to meeting Mistress Sarah and Miss May.

As much as it embarrassed and ashamed Josie, he knew he would continue to do these things. He knew that Mistress Sarah and Miss May were systematically feminizing him. Little-by-little his manhood was being stripped away and he was being molded into a feminine slave. Josie had never wanted to be feminized but over time Mistress Sarah helped him discover a deep arousal and pleasure from this transformation. Being controlled and manipulated through Mistress Sarah and Miss May’s seductive powers was thrilling for Josie. He was addicted to their control and he knew that he would continue down the path that they had planned out for him.

One of the greatest powers of Mistress Sarah was her ability to wash away the embarrassment and make it exciting for Josie. “I am so proud of you Josie,” she said with pride. “Your journal entries are so honest, open, and thoughtful. It is exhilarating to read about your wonderful transformation. I can see that your training is working and that pleases me very much.”

Josie smiled at Mistress Sarah’s compliment. He was glad that she was pleased.

Mistress Sarah encouraged him on. “Josie, it’s important that you continue to write about what you are experiencing. It will help you discover more about yourself and will provide a great history of your transformation. I want you to write about last night. Describe how exciting it was to have Miss May fuck you for the first time in your pussy.”

Miss May smiled devilishly from across the table. She slid the journal towards Josie. “Yes, it was very intense and exciting Josie. Write lots of good things.”

Josie sat down at the table. “Thank you,” he said. “I will write all about it.”

The girls excused themselves from the table, leaving Josie alone to write in his journal. Josie’s clitty was already starting to throb in its tucked away position as he began to re-live in his mind, Miss May’s wonderful pegging. He put pen to paper and wrote all about it in his journal.

Chapter 14 Blowing Josie’s Mind

It was late Saturday morning when Josie descended the steps of Mistress Sarah’s house wearing red satin panties, black fishnets stockings, and red heels. Josie was still getting used to heels. He had to hold onto the rail of the steps and walk slowly. He was fresh from the shower and clean-shaven. His lips were painted a bright glossy red.

Miss May had gone off to work for a few hours so it was only Mistress Sarah who waited for him in the living room. She sat on the couch with her legs crossed, waiting for Josie to approach. Mistress Sarah was dressed in a simple summer outfit that consisted of a low-cut tank top and short skirt.

As Josie approached, she smiled with delight. “The lingerie I picked out for you looks amazing Josie. The red really brings out your inner-slut. Feeling slutty, aren’t you princess?”

Simply dressing in the soft feminine items had an arousing effect on Josie. Mistress Sarah’s words ignited more arousal. Josie’s cock was still tucked between his legs beneath the sating panties. He was wearing a thong and the thin string barely held his cock in place as it swelled as much as possible in its bent position.

“Yes Mistress. I am in a slutty mood. I want to be slutty for you,” said Josie with complete conviction. He was looking forward to being her slut.

“Good girl. We will have lots of slutty fun.” Mistress Sarah admired his lips. “You did a nice job with your lipstick princess. Your lips look so sexy and kissable. They are a nice slutty color to. It looks good on you.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

Mistress Sarah uncrossed her legs and leaned forward. She grasped his panties and pulled them down to his knees. Josie’s cock came free and Mistress Sarah watched with amusement as his cock quickly straightened and grew erect right in front of her, without being touched at all.

Mistress Sarah leaned back again and crossed her legs. She smiled up at Josie and said, “That’s what I love about you pretty. You’re always so horny and eager to please.” Mistress Sarah patted the couch cushion next to her and said, “Come sit Josie.”

Josie sat next to her, his panties dangled at the top of his knees, his cock was fully erect. Mistress Sarah instructed, “Look between your legs Josie. What do you see?”

Josie looked down and saw his hard cock pointing up at him. He was in feminine mode and so he said, “My clitty Mistress.”

“,” said Mistress Sarah with a tone of laughter. “That is much too big and vulgar looking to be a clitty. Tell me what it really is Josie.”

Josie was a bit confused. “My cock,” he said.

Mistress Sarah corrected him, “It is a cock Josie, but not your cock. Understand?”

Josie giggled a little embarrassed, “ah..yes Mistress.”

“Stare at it Josie,” instructed Mistress Sarah. “Look out it and see it as not your cock. It is foreign to you.”

Josie looked down as his cock and imagined that is was not his. It was a strange thought.

“Who’s cock is it Josie,” asked Mistress Sarah.

“Your cock Mistress,” replied Josie.

“Well, I do control and own it Josie but it is not my cock. It is your silly man’s cock Josie.”

Josie looked over at Mistress Sarah with a confused look. She continued, “The silly man that you brought with you. It is Joe’s cock, right Josie?”

“Yes Mistress,” replied Josie, still trying to fully understand where she was going with it.

“Look at your pretty fingers,” ordered Mistress Sarah. “Whose hands are they?”

Josie held is hands up. The pink nail polish that was put on the night before still shined like new. They were definitely feminine looking. He thought he understood this game that Mistress Sarah was playing but he was not sure. “Josie’s hands,” he said with uncertainty.

Mistress Sarah confirmed his answer, “That is right Josie. I want you to take your man’s cock into your hands Josie. Squeeze it and tell me how it feels. Go on dear.”

Josie gripped his cock as instructed. He had touched his cock many times before, but this time was much different. He was now paying close attention to what if felt like. “It is warm and hard Mistress. It’s hard, yet a bit supple.”

That’s right Josie. Your man’s cock is so hard and warm. Rub his balls Josie.”

Josie rubbed his hand along his balls. It sent chills through his body. “His balls are very smooth,” observed Josie.

“Yes. It’s good that you noticed that Josie.” Mistress Sarah was also pleased that he spoke about it in the third person. He was already disassociating himself from his cock. “Now stroke Joe’s cock Josie. I think that will make him very happy, don’t you.”

“Yes,” replied Josie. He started stroking his cock slowly up and down.

“Good girl. You are my pretty little girl slut right now, aren’t you dear? You are dressed in slutty stockings and a naughty red thong. You have fuck-me pumps on and your lips are a slutty red color. Your pretty girl voice is even sounding more feminine and natural. Stare at your pink fingernails as you stroke that cock Josie. See how your pretty fingers are stoking that strange man’s cock.”

“Good, good. You’re awake. The memory loss should be temporary.” Assured an aurburn-haired beauty with vivid green eyes that stood over Dick’s bedside. She wore a rather comical looking black beret made of slick vinyl; which seemed to match the black, studded dog-collar around her throat. As Dick came around, the throbbing of pulse-pounding drums and saxophone music made for an indecently seductive atmosphere.


It sounded a bit like the prelude to a sex-scene in a cheap, porno video. Which was by design, of course.

“I…I don’t know……” Began Dick, rubbing his aching skull; not even daring to wonder about the dull throb in his crotch.

“Yes, but in time your memory should come back; we had a minor breach with a Mnemovore; they have mind-altering powers and can consume memories.” The collared woman, who seemed to be nearing her mid-thirties, explained. What the F@$#!?….

“As for the rest of it, it would be better if I showed you, rather than try to explain it all now. It will help your memory if you can see what I mean for yourself.” Dick found himself dressed in one of those flimsy, gauzy, hospital gowns, with briefs underneath to cover his manhood. He stood on tall, unsteady feet. He was over six-feet, with just enough height and stature to mollify the overall nerdiness of his thick glasses and lanky appearance.

His hostess, on the other hand was a statuesque amazon clad in a leather-fetish riot of dominatrix gear. Belts and straps adorned her lean legs and torso, with black cups capping her breasts complete with steely nipple-spikes. She opened a smooth, metal door as Dick stepped away from the simple, fold-out single-person bed he had slept on. He tried not to dwell on the mysterious stains on the sheets.

The open door blasted his senses with a rush of multi-colored lights, cigar-smoke, and the increased volume of the seduction sound-track as a vast panorama of sex-toys, and stripper-poles spread out before him. With morbid fascination, he entered the aisles of what seemed like a sex-fetish super-store. Whips, chains, blow-up dolls, and a veritable forest of dildoes. Near the walls further back were lighted stages, complete with poles in the center, where the men seated on plush chairs could watch as many as three strip-teases at once, from stages positioned at various corners of the vast chamber. In the corner behind Dick stood what appeared to be a bar and cash-register.

“Okay…..” Dick began. “Mmm….not ringing any bells so far…. Do I…eh…work here miss…?” He almost feared the answer.

“That’s Mistress Talia, and that’s a good guess, we do work here, and yet we don’t; you’ll see what I mean in a moment. It shouldn’t be long before it all returns to you.”

For several moments, Dick seemed about to say something, then stopped and studied the lurid environment before him. He passed the Dildo aisle and nearly gaped at the largest array of pornographic magazines he had ever imagined. There were at least a dozen titles he’d never seen in all his salacious college days. He almost wondered if this….establishment was producing some of them in-house, with an operation this large it seemed not unlikely.

A brazen, mascara-painted stripper strutted onto the stage to his left. She wore a red, sequined bikini, and was barely wrapped in a gauzy shawl meant to tease the audience with her curvaceous form and jutting breasts. Her gorgeous face seemed to be a mixture of Hispanic and Eastern European features as pleasing as it was exotic. His attention was torn between her, and another red-headed sex-worker further back, already pantomiming the removal of her panties before an eager audience. Everywhere Dick looked there was bold, audacious tittilation to shock the sensibilities of even the most libertine of folk.

As he followed Talia between aisles of body-paint in a variety of flavors, he noticed on an upper floor what looked like a row of….hotel rooms? Men cackling with glee held luscious strippers on either arm as they entered the plain, small chambers; much like the enclosure Dick had awoken in. The employees included men dressed in leather suspenders with black hoods, and exposed chests, and other females dressed as Talia was; reminding him of dominatrix prostitutes from a Mad-Max rip-off.

“What you see before you is important, but our true jobs are far more….complicated than what you see here.” Talia noted, as her ripe ass switched temptingly in a vinyl bikini-bottom meant to exaggerate the bulge of her butt. She led him behind the north stage, where the red-headed stripper with jiggling mountains of breastflesh larger than her own head was humping the well-greased pole in the center of the stage.

Behind the curtain was a plain, locked door. Behind that was an entire hallway of plain, locked doors. Talia chose the third on the left side, and after passing through another nondescript, metal door, the pair came to an elevator. Dick was shocked; yet there was a certain….rightness about the situation that set his nerves at ease. Perhaps Talia was telling the truth; he really did work here, and his subconscious mind was remembering impressions. Upon entering the elevator, Talia did not press any of the four buttons, but rather grasped Dick’s hand, and her own, and pressed them against a blank, metal panel off to the left side.


“Just wait patiently.” Presently, there was a pleasant beep, and a computerized voice replied:


“Ooo, I bet we’re not C.I.A., are we?” Dick asked impishly, the flourescent lighting of the elevator gleaming off his slick-backed, raven-colored hair.

“Not quite,” Mistress Talia answered, as the elevator began a descent….then a faster descent….Dick grabbed the support railing as his stomach was unsettled by the rapid motion. He could sense them being conveyed at great speeds; similar to what you’d expect in an elevator for a skyscraper of nealy 50 floors; or for some clandestine, black-budget, government agency buried beneath the Nevada desert.

“The sex-store above us is jokingly named, ‘AREA 69′ but it is just a necessary facade for our true purpose. Which shall be clear in but a moment.” Dick felt far less frightful anticipation one might expect after a series of revelations like this; did he really did belong here? The stomach-churning, controlled plummet through the elevator shaft ended after what felt like somewhere between 40 to 60 stories down before the doors swept open. The pair entered a plain, white, featureless room adorned only with suspicious looking security cameras, and a red, diffused light swept over them.

“More security scans?” Dick suggested helpfully, trying rapidly to adapt to this odd role. Talia nodded. Finally, the second security doors opened into a glass and steel, rectangular control center with an odd mix of sophisticated, lab-coat clad researchers, and attractive women dressed like Streetwalkers.

“Welcome back to the real Area 69.”


The many workers turned, regarded Dick and Talia, and began clapping.

“For me?” the lanky, semi-nerdy, ‘agent’ asked, chagrined.

“Welcome back; we were rather worried.” explained Talia. But before further introduction could get underway, red-alert alarms blared with irritating shrillness as emergency sirens in the walls flashed brightly.

“Positive I.D.” shouted a balding man in a lab coat who eagerly turned back to his monitors. “It’s a Class 2 Supernatural Devourer; same one as last week.

“Now that we’ve let her enter and leave the place without being accosted, her guard is down. She’s come back to feed this time.” Remarked a Hispanic woman with an exceptionally wide ass dressed in skin-tight, fish-net stockings over her entire body. Larger monitors lit up above Dick and displayed an intimate scene from one of the private hotel rooms in the sex-center above them.

Immediately, the naked back of a young woman was visible on the screen. The toned muscles of her shoulder blades and lower back where undulating as she writhed on top of a willing man. She had a pleasant nest of coppery-brown hair styled in playful bangs that bobbed as she ground herself downward. Her taut ass and womanly hips wallowed rhythmically into the crotch of her mark, with unmistakable slurping sounds.

The camera angle switched to the front; her face had a coldly elegant perfection to rival that of a supermodel, and her breasts; before Dick’s very eyes, the ripe mounds seemed to be…swelling?

“Oh yeah, she’s going all out.” noted a blond man clad in a leather body-sheath with holes for his arms, and what seemed to be a dog-collar around his throat. “She figures that there’s no way for him to escape her, so she thinks she can let down her disguise and feast.”

“Remember not to personalize the subjects; that creature isn’t a human, isn’t a woman; it’s just a Class 2 Supernatural.” Reminded a middle-aged woman dressed like a cocktail waitress as she attended her own monitor screens.

The de-personalized creature in question let out a throaty squeal as her restraints on her true form slackened. Her nipples were exceptionally pert; mounted high upon her firm, youthful breasts that jiggled like flesh-capped apples. But with each thrust, each grind upon the hardened cock of her intended prey; an unwholesome energy seemed to flow into her mammaries.

With a slow, subtle throb, those apple-sized teats had widened before the onlookers at least two inches in under five seconds, shadowing the center of her chest in the beginnings of cleavage while the outer edge of each boob inched closer to her arms.

Dick checked a monitor that displayed a sideways angle. The supernatural slut had arched her back, eyes squeezed shut in ecstasy while ripe, delicately-tanned boobflesh jutted outwards with smooth, steady growth. For the first three seconds, it was difficult to see more than her erect nipples from this side angle, concealed as they were by her smooth arms that gripped the wrists of her male prey. But mere moments later; high, tight nipples thrust into view, carried by an inexorable tide of growing, multiplying tit. In less time than it took to say it, the jiggling juggs had enlarged forwards and outwards until they extended forward a distance twice as long as the apple-sizes they had started at…….too big now; they were becoming more like overripe grapefruit with each pounding of her naked, cum-slicked pelvis.

The voluptuosness of the creature’s feminine form was increasing at a deceptively calm, yet intense rate. When watching, it was as if your eyes were lying to you; greater extremes of grapefruit-sized titflesh unfolded before the viewer with perfect smoothness, belying the grunting fervor of the demon-slut’s lustful rutting. No….they had become three inches larger than any grapefruit….more like four inches.

“Her…er…its prey is in mortal danger now,” Talia announced, reminding herself that the lusty beast was not, and had never been human. This is a Class 2; an energy-feeder. During the sex-act, it drains the cells of its partner of all available chemical potential; leaving behind a lifeless husk; unless we stop it.”

The sexual monstrosity unleashed an unearthly roar of predatory lust, her eyes glowing an infernal red; as a long, too long, sensuous tongue slithered from her mouth. Her coppery hair, bobbing in pleasant bangs was becoming plastered to her scalp from the pussy-impaling exertion of this furious mating. By now, her boobs were nearly as large as basketballs; her fecund orbs growing outwards, yet hanging lower towards the face of her deliriously happy prey.

“Y-your Tits! Holy Shi-mmph!” A taut nipple pushed past his lips, stifling his exclamations. She had lucked up this time; this was a rugged, calloused man with a heavy, five-o-clock shadow; the sort of man that this preternatural paramour favored above others. This was the best part of the feeding; when she’d sapped enough energy to overpower her larger, male mark. She was totally dominant now, totally in control. Even had he wanted to, at this point the man could not have forced her off, could not have resisted her. This one didn’t even realize the danger; it was just the best Lay of his Life. The triumph, the ecstasy thrilled her like nothing else ever had in her centuries of existence like this magical moment; as she spread her naked body over his hairy form, reveling in her power, her lust, the validation of her attractiveness, the raw ecstasy of the feeding itself; as the hapless human’s life-force pumped into her pussy, the spraying of white mists from the sprinklers overhead, the way her water-melon sized breasts jiggled when…hey!

Sure enough, a white misty foam blasted her from the sprinkler system, unleashing a toxin that left her disoriented and unsteady, and which put the man into a deep, deep sleep. As she struggled to regain her equilibrium, a red mist followed from the system. This triggered a potent jolt of stimulation to every nerve in her body: sexual stimulation. The intense ecstasy triggered an immediate, irrepressible cycle of orgasms in the sexual predator. She slid off her mark, collapsing to the floor as her joints and muscles turned to jello. Her body was pummeled by rocking orgasms; so strong she could not even stand; so numerous that her mind and thoughts were being buried in raw, animal passion.

A secret door in the back wall slid open. Six women dressed in red lingerie and plastic gas-masks entered the room carrying chains, handcuffs, and what seemed to be strait-jackets. They grasped the thrashing, supernatural whore by her legs, careful to avoid the oozing gush of feminine lubrication that poured from her spasming vagina. The demon-slut fought and kicked, but the orgasms from the erototoxin proved too strong for her to regain use of her full powers. As her pulsing cunt thrust into the air, a flood of girl-cum wetted her toned, inner thighs. But her crotch was covered by the thick cloth and straps of the strait-jacket-like binding, before she could unleash a spurt of cum onto her captors. Plastic suction cups where placed over the nipples of her ponderous breasts. Finally, one of the six, lingerie-clad agents strapped to the demon’s belly a medallion with a whorled, swirling symbol of unknown origin.

“And that is…” Dick asked.

“Oh, that’s an Evangelon; it’s a mystical extrapolation we’ve invented to improve upon traditional holy symbols. People have been using the crucfix for centuries to ward off vampires and the like; but the Evangelon uses elements from multiple religions, and is proof against any supernatural evil.”

“Sooo…you need a crucifix to fend off a European demon, but a Yin-Yang to protect yourself from a Chinese Demon?”

“Well, almost….but the Evangelon serves in any case.” Talia said.

The lingerie-squad dragged the now helpless she-demon into the secret passageway, and the camera-feed was cut off.

“So our job is to capture succubi that are hiding amongst the general population; and… SlutWorld above us is….what? Bait?” Dick surmised.

“You’re getting it,” Interjected the Hispanic woman clad from head to toe in fishnet stockings. “Give it time; your memory should recover fully. I’m Inez; since you’ve probably forgotten.”

“I..uh…I guess you know that I’m Dick; nice to meet you…Inez…again….I think.” Both women chuckled before Talia continued.

“What common myth understands as the Succubi is just one of a multitude of parasitic, sexual species that feed upon mankind’s lusts. Sex is our greatest weakness; when we let down our guard, both rich and poor, genius and dullurd, the powerful and the helpless are vulnerable. And we’re at war, essentially, and have been for centuries. Entire civilizations have been consumed and destroyed by their own lusts in the past; aided by these creatures.” Talia adjusted her spiked breast-cups as she led Dick down a bright, metallic hallway.

“Collectively, we call them Nymphoids; after the old Greek word for a young, fertile woman. But they aren’t human; there are dozens of Strains that copy the form and behavior of sex-starved, young women of spectacular beauty the way certain insects use mimickry to gain an advantage. It’s a full-time job keeping them bottled up and under wraps. And there are most likely thousands more in this country alone we’ve never come close to capturing; but our tactics so far have helped immensely.”

“Do those tactics include dominatrix gear and lingerie?” Dick asked, pulling down his hospital smock to help fend off the cool, air-conditioned breeze of the facility.

“Sure,” Inez added. “If we looked like your regular Mulder/Scully federal agent team; with dark glasses, dark suits, flashing badges everywhere, then anyone with someone to hide would be long gone. By creating ‘Area-69; Sex-Superstore’, no one guesses our true purpose, and Nymphoids by the hundreds have been enticed to come right into our clutches over the years. Since all of us pass through the Store above, and work there to keep up appearances, it’s often convenient to wear the same outfits down here.” Dick was finding it extremely difficult to remain professional; struggling not to steal glances at Inez’s pleasantly plump C-cups suspended in stocking.

“How utilitarian. But…where did they all come from? You say there are dozens of species? Where have they been all this time?”

“They’ve been all around us, for all of history. You’re looking for some simple, pat answer for their origins; There isn’t one. We’ve documented dozens of strains with magical, technological, and alien origins. But there are any number of Myths and Legends that obscure the truth; that’s largely their own doing. Many Nymphoids have perpetuated deceits and false histories over the centuries so that mankind would never fully appreciate the nature of the struggle. And now, in this modern, skeptical age, many of them have been able to feed freely and with impunity. Even if the truth were known, almost no one would believe it.”

“But…but…someone should at least TRY to spread the word; if there are so many – “

“We can’t;” Talia cut him off. “At least not yet. Our own government, and that of the Old Soviet Union are responsible for many of them.”

“Lemme guess; Cold-War ‘Honey-Trap’ sexpionage?” Dick surmised.

“Exactly; while there’s no one source for the Nymphoids, while they come from many different locations, and have very different natures, Cold-War genetic experimentation has created many new varieties in recent decades. The Soviets started out by capturing a Class 3 Supernatural; known as a Rusalka in Old Russian Folklore, turning her….er…it into a Communist Agent and sending it to seduce politicians in Washington.” Talia said.

“And our side couldn’t be left behind,” Inez continued; “We found ancient Nymphoid predators that had fed upon Native Americans centuries ago, and we’ve used them for the same purpose in retaliation.”

As Mistress Talia spoke next, she arrived at a sealed, secured, automatic set of double-doors and began typing in a security key-code. “But these beings are untrustworthy, volatile, and always dangerous. Experiment after Experiment went out of control; their lusts were too extreme; their need to feed upon men’s sexual energies overwhelmed any other incentive or threat. Now, it’s all we can do to seal them away; contain them, try to study their powers for the good of mankind, or at least to keep them bottled up.” The secured door slid open into what seemed to be an airlock. The room was smooth, white, and sterile-looking. A panel in the side wall slid open and produced a rack of bluish, translucent, gelatinous material in syringes.

“Libidinex; like a Cold Shower in a test-tube.” Inez joked. “For personel of all genders, it’s a requirement before contact with a Nymphoid.” The reality of the situation and the awesome implications of this facility hadn’t quite sunken in until Dick injected the cool, tingly fluid into his arm. In moments, his crotch felt…..crowded….like some great weight was blocking his normal, sexual response.

Observation Bay 3 was a circular laboratory with a vast array of screens, knobs, dials and various switches in workstations set up at desk-level. Above them were the ubiquitous monitors that kept the Agents appraised of every salacious incident involving their indecent prisoners. But at the center of the room, there Dick’s attention was riveted. A thick tube of reinforced plexiglass that extended from floor to ceiling contained a nude beauty that should have triggered an instant stiffy; if not for the Libidinex innoculation.

“Deed you inject yourself, mi amore? You need de drug eef you want ta reseest Yvette Leroux!” Her perfect, athletic body was a rich, mocha-brown complexion, and her loose cascade of auburn-bronze hair was similar in color. Vivid green eyes stared hungrily from an alluring face of high cheekbones and plump lips. The sweeping, soft curves of her exotic features reminded Dick of a butterfly in flight. The nubile lushness of her healthy, youthful form had the grace of a runway model, but the firmness of a fitness model. Yet the experienced eye would detect an odd imbalance between her toned body, and the outrageous splendour of her breasts. Wide and dark aureolas capped jostling juggs that were easily large enough for the she-devil’s own head. Ordinarily, a woman of such athelticism could not maintain breasts so large, so plump and tender, but if everything they’d been saying was correct, this was not a woman at all; but some unwholesome creature trying to capitalize on men’s love of boobs. Those breasts pressed luridly into the glass; as the sex-fiend postured her assets for the latest male brought before her.

“…an unprecedented Strain; preliminary analysis indicates it to be a Class 1 Paranatural Infector.” droned a man in a labcoat turned away from the cylindrical container in the center of the lab. In fact, all the men here, all in labcoats seemed to be pointedly refusing to look upon the naked vision of femininity strutting and posturing behind them. Many of the men were speaking into recording devices:

“The subject’s nervous system emits an invisible radiation field that increases in magnitude upon contact with subjects in a heightened state of arousal;” began one scientist.

“In essence; Subject L-21 literally feeds upon the energy of lust in a manner consistent with prior observations of Class 1 Nymphoids.” continued another. Talia leaned over and began to whisper to Dick:

“This is a Class 1, an emotion-feeder. Like they said; it consumes energy from male sexual arousal. But it’s not supernatural; its just of an alien biology unfamaliar to us.”

“And de mens begged for it! Yvette made dem happier dan dere wives ever could!” Those green, vivid eyes bored into Dick’s own icy blues. “You too will be beggin’ Yvette soon eenough! De brainy men in de lab coats tink dey kin reseest! Tonight, you each be comin’ back ta get some o’ dis pussy!” The cajun creature was supremely confident in its powers of seduction; and Dick had little doubt that its feeding was notoriously easy.

“Upon completion of the feeding process; the male victim experiences profound paranoia, possessiveness, enhanced libido, and increased aggression from the alterations in brain chemistry following exposure to Subject L-21′s feeding aura. Final outcome of exposure unknown at this point.” said another scientist into his recorder. Yvette laughed;

“De outcome will be your leeps suckin’ dees teets o’ mine! And den your hard cocks be comin’ back for dis pussy!” The Predator caressed her inner thighs, with a throaty moan, at the same time trying her best to jiggle her enormous boobs while in the tight confines of the reinforced cylinder.

“This one is a recent acquisition from Louisiana,” Inez explained. “The paranoia and pathological lust caused in her victims after her feeding cycle is responsible for many reports of violence from the area. After the Hurricane, this creature and others of its Strain have emerged from hiding and had begun to feed with impunity after the breakdown of Law and Order. One of our advance reconnaissance teams captured this one before it could spread its madness out of the State.”

“HAH! Yvette likes it when de men go crazee over her, it be fun to watch dem fightin’ over me pussy! But why fight? De mens can take turns wit’ me! You! De new boy! Yes you! Do not lie and preetend you don’t wanna suck Yvette’s ginormous teets! You want your meaty cock eenside de pussy! Your rough hands will be movin’ up and down Yvette’s nekkid body! You be lyin’ eef you say you don’t wanta blow your juice eenside Yvette’s pussy! All ye needs ta do is touch em’! Touch Yvette’s great-big titties! Lick dis pussy dat be wet wit’ girly juice! Wet for you an yer meaty cock!”

Her body swayed with tantalizing grace, wide breeding hips bumping against the walls of her glassy prison as she began a slow, sinuous mating dance. Indeed, her glistening thighs were quite moist with her own feminine arousal; arousal directed at Dick? She bent forward, pressing her tempting teats against the glass. Though imprisoned, the creature that called itself Yvette spoke with a bold, mocking condescension as it challenged its audience.

“De young man be wantin’ only de sex! But de girls you go after ees confused, wantin’ proposals and commeetments. But Yvette ees a total slut! You can stick it een any hole you want! Stick your hard rod into Yvette’s ass! You not get an argument! Lick de pussy clean eef you like! Stick your cock between dees great big, warm boobs just waitin’ for your touch! You got a total slut een front o’ you! Cum! Cum for Yvette! Cum een de pussy! Cum een de ass! Cum een de mouth! Stick your rod wherever you likes!” Those green eyes riveted him with the manic intensity of an inhuman sexual craving beyond all reason or propriety.

“W-well, that’s a very generous offer, miss…but…Ive gotta get -”

“You come back. You be comin’ back ta stick your meat into Yvette’s pussy. And when you shoot your load into de cunt; Yvette will laugh. Laughin’ at de mens tryin’ ta pretend dey ain’t ruled by da penis! Your beefy cock will be welcome when ya shoot off yer cream inside Yvette! Look at de breasts! Look at de pussy! And tell Yvette ye don’t want some?” But strangely enough, it was those green, green eyes that concerned Dick the most. Somehow, those brilliant, emerald orbs were more mesmerizing even than the perverse spectacle of the nymphoid slut masturbating her own much-lauded pussy with a few curled fingers. Brazenly, sluttily she stared at him; a grunt of lust on her curled, plump lips, Boobs larger than gallon-jugs twitching with each obscene slurp her hand made as she fondled her own arousal-drenched netherlips. But those eyes….those emerald eyes…..


It was a warm, moist day in the Bayou. And Dick wore only a pair of cut-off blue-jean shorts as he strode down to the water’s edge to…to…what was he doing here? What was going on? Something didn’t feel right….it was her; he was looking for her. Yvette slid out of the swampy waters; her soft, rich, wood-brown skin slick with dripping moisture. She let out a low, throaty growl as she raised herself to the bank. Raising her toned arms, she strutted and paraded the supple curves of her naked splendour before him. He was rushing towards her then…..mmm….she knew his secret; Dick liked the really big tits. He craved women with vast armfuls of boob too large to get his hands around. With each step closer, Yvette’s bulging bazookas seemed larger yet; as if they were swelling with ripe fecundity in response to his furtive yearnings.

The pair collapsed into a warm, slick patch of slippery mud. Hungrily, the green-eyed monster caressed him. In his younger days, Dick had indeed been a classic nerd. But into his twenties, he’d developed a taller stature that bordered on intimidating; and he had started to get just enough muscle to be taken seriously, in addition to his unusual height. But that mattered little, sprawled in the mud as he was; Yvette’s whoppers sandwiching his face in a valley of achingly soft cleavage as dark as her lusty heart.

But he was lost when those hot, lower lips slithered around the rigid length of his man-meat; he felt a tingling jolt that seared his every nerve ending as the inevitable mating began with manic, muddy fervor. Their two bodies entwined, coupling, he was held firm not only by her surprisingly strong arms, but by bonds of mutual lust that could never be released until that perfect climax, until he fulfilled his destiny by jetting his hot seed into her eager womanhood, until the white gas began to spray from the ceiling, as her soft, bulging breasts were…..

….pressing against the reinforced glass of her container as the paralytic gas from up above sprayed her; the contact between them broken.

“Level 4 Telepathic Intrusion! She….eh…the…the Subject was imposing an erotic scenario upon her…its intended prey to assist in the feeding cycle with no physical contact!” One of the lab-coats replied to a microphone at his workstation recording the incident.

“That level of power is unprecedented in a Class 1; prepare another round of probes!” another scientist added.

“De only probing Yvette needs ees a hard cock blastin’ off in de pussy!” The Nymphoid insisted bitterly. Talia grasped Dick by the arms and hauled him out of the lab, while he tried with panting gasps to catch his breath. It had taken longer, but the erotic attack by the creature that called itself Yvette had indeed raised him to erection; the drug was only of modest help.

The wanton, slutty bitch named Yvette continued to stimulate her own sex with curled fingers, yet there was something that disturbed Talia, a vicious, low cunning was reflected in those green, green eyes; and in their brief contact, Talia feared that the Class 1 had yet more plans for young agent Bigswallow.

“Wow….*gasp* that was…awesome….Louisiana is doomed…”


Eventually, the other agent/scientists seemed to agree that, if Dick could keep his guard up around the Nymphoids, he should be permitted to tour the complex, while under close scrutiny by Security of course; hoping that an odd sight or sound would jar his memory. And with agents around every corner, breaches and accidents could be quickly contained. The black vinyl chaps he now wore, complete with beret, and cowboy boots made him seem look like….well, either the male lead in a dime-store romance novel, or some sort of gay porn actor. Of course, he wasn’t alone in that. At least half of the workers here were dressed in similarly scandalous outfits; and his reluctance faded quickly; perhaps a part of his mind did remember working here. Talia said he looked good in his ‘uniform’, and it would be expedient, since his shift in the sex-market above would begin in just a few hours.

So far, All Dick could remember was his years of expertise with computers, his time in college earning a degree in Networking, and a brush with the law after he’d spied on some Department of Defense sites; mainly as a gag to impress a hottie Senior chick. Was that how he’d come to work here? The Feds were probably holding a felony conviction over his head, if he screwed this up.

So….Multiple races of sexual predators had been manipulating mankind for millenia, obscuring the truth of their activities with a variety of legends and myths. All the while corrupting civilizations with their irresistable sex-appeal when their numbers grew too powerful: And it was his job to keep them bottled up; and see if their incredible abilities could be adapted to benefit mankind.

But his mind easily accepted this information with little anxiety or trepidation. It felt…..right somehow, to spend his days in black vinyl chaps, working the cash-register in a Strip-club/Porn Emporium, when he wasn’t baby-sitting captive succubi.

A massive, titanium portal looking like an armored garage door raised open before him; and he strode boldly into his assigned section: The Supernatural Wing.


The actual containment wings were constructed primarily of thick panels of hardened plexiglass; both the cells and the floor. It was a dizzying sight to behold this corridor, and the two others below him at the same time. Such transparency made it all the easier to notice a security breach. Between each cell and floor there were also boxes within the plexiglass that contained obscure machinery of a function not immediately apparent.

Dick raised an eyebrow at a sign he passed proclaiming: SEXUAL CONTACT WITH NYMPHOIDS OF ANY STRAIN IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. That was the whole point wasn’t it? Keeping these randy little sex-fiends from getting laid? Do they need to remind the Staff? But when he passed the first cell, he understood.

At the sight of him, impossibly gorgeous women tore off white, hospital smocks and thrust buoyant boobs of impossible pertness into the light. Shivers went down his spine as he beheld the shockingly refined beauty of the sex demons.

Many seemed of almost indeterminate age; with all the supple ripeness of a jailbait seductress, yet blossoming with the fecund curves of a woman in the summer of her child-bearing potential. He almost leaped at the sight of a tanned, blond nymphoid of especially statuesque legs, her facial features were naturally pronounced as if she’d been given a Salon makeover; but confined as she was that would never happen. These beings naturally assumed shapes as pleasing as possible to their prey.

A collective moan arose through the first corridor; the Nymphoids had enough experience to note when a male was awed by their beauty. They leapt to the plexiglass walls that sealed them away, snarling in triumph at the anticipated victory.

Bright eyes glared from the cells with consuming hunger; their urge to feast upon his manhood was an insane passion that easily crushed any semblance of modesty, as the naked sluts paraded their fabulous juggs in twin rows on either side of him. Did all Supernaturals act this way? Dick wondered what…ah….there; the sign above the cells that ran lengthwise on the upper wall…. These were Class 3′s, Flesh-feeders – specifically semen-eaters, the sign warned.

He gulped, and tried not to stare too hard; better not to stare at all at them. The Cajun monster that called itself Yvette Leroux merely enjoyed having men cum inside her pussy; (she fed upon the emotional arousal of sexual lust) but these demons would be craving semen with a ferocity beyond reason; they needed cum itself to survive!

“THE BEST….BLOW-JOB….EVER…DAMNIT!” snarled a buxom brunette writhing naked near the level of Dick’s pelvis. He had no doubt. As a Class 3, blow-jobs were her meal-ticket; sperm her true sustenance. Under the gentle caress of a creature like her, he’d probably cum before he had a chance to get his underwear off all the way! She licked the glass at his crotch level with palpable hunger.

Dick was far more uncomfortable than aroused; being surrounded by people (well they looked like people) that wanted something from him with such maddening intensity, and being forbidden from providing it.

Perhaps it was fortunate he couldn’t see the face of the red-head in cell 6; with her ripe ass-cheeks and moist cunt displayed before him as she hunched doggy-style on hands and knees. She grunted, posturing herself; as if through force of will, and lust, she could compel him to open her cage, ream her pussy, and ejaculate the divine elixir that she craved more fervently than a crack whore wished for her next fix. But then, after the incident with the Class 1, Dick wasn’t at all certain that she couldn’t!

The cells he passed also had smaller, italicized names above each door: one read ‘Lamia’, another ‘Mara’….a second ‘Mara’, then, in cell 12, there was a gorgeous, pert-breasted asian woman of pale and haunting elegance who was labeled ‘Yuki-Onna’. Dick suspected that these were the legendary names of these beings of pure lust, all grouped together according to their scientific classification as Class 3 Supernaturals.

Some of them began to drop their charades, perhaps losing confidence that they could seduce Dick, and mascara-laden eyes began to glow red, on one raven-haired, eastern-european beauty, small red horns started to sprout. A dark-skinned she-devil sprouted black, feathery wings, roaring in equal parts rage and lust. These bitches would tear him to shreds should they somehow be released! But he wasn’t that worried; each cell had an Evangelon on the front, and there were vents that could spray holy water foam that could be activated with a mere switch into each cell, further weakening the supernatural sluts jiggling and masturbating within.

But Dick couldn’t help but wonder; since these Class 3′s fed exclusively on human, male semen, how did Area 69 sustain them if they were to be prevented from feeding amongst the general public?

As if on cue, a small panel slid open inside of each cell, and a thick, plastic, white dildo slid outwards, angling upwards as the sound of mechanical pumps thrummed from within the walls. With beastial hunger, the sluts attacked the plastic cocks, as a rich, semen-like pudding jetted outwards.

“NOT…THE SAME.. *MM-SLURP*” complained a brown-haired succubi with a spiny tail flickering around her ass. “POOR…IMITATION OF…*SLUK* REAL SEED…” Yet still she consumed the concoction greedily. The sex-toys were all molded to be as anatomically life-like as possible; shaped to resemble a 9-inch long, circumsized penis.

“COCK! NEED REAL COCK!!!” added the Yuki-Onna.


“REAL-COCK!” came the chant, all eyes still riveted upon the only living manly member that was trying not to harden within a covering of black vinyl. Hmm….so the Agents provided some sort of chemical substitute semen?

“NOT ENOUGH….THE CRAVING….STILL STRONG!!” shrieked a red-eyed little minx with an exceptionally large ass, and blonde-highlighted hair down to her navel. As this demoness turned to regard Dick, the machine jetted the creamy, pearly, semen-substitute upon her ample, coconut-sized, breasts. The pudding leaving streaks down her vast cleavage like the tell-tale tracks of an orgy that never was. It sure looked real enough.

Hurriedly, Dick fled this section of the Class 3 holding chambers; trying to blot out of his mind the images; vast, naked boobs wobbling with fertile vitality as they became speckled with cum. None of the Nymphoids had tits smaller than grapefruits, but no two were alike. And the images…the jutting, jiggling bonanza of boobs in many different shades and shapes with rivulets of mock-semen trailing down upon nipple and cleavage alike was an image that would haunt him. Most of course, wasted not a drop of even this imitation ejaculate, their impassioned fellatio upon the plastic penises reminders of the pleasure that could be his; should he be willing to take the risk.

“NEED…LIVE SEMEN! REAL SEMEN! REAL COCK! NOT….FAKES!!” roared a naked, black-haired succubus with cum-streaked breasts near to bowling-ball size.

“Yeah, sorry girls. I feel the same way about Low-Carb foods.”


“Nahahahah!…… Dat is de sound of Yvette laughing; Laughing at de man dat can’t stay away from de pussy. You come back! Dey all come back for de cunt, and de boobs!”

“Yes….closer mi amore….let Yvette out of de cramped little tube…….mmmm…much better….de legs need to be stretched… boobs need room….room to hang loose….Oh! No…no…keep going! Yvette likes de breast play first…. it gets da right juices flowing….”

“Rub de nipple….suck on it….yes….*mmph* *slurp* Yvette….should not have to remind, but deed you remember to turn off de camera, and de alarm?”

“Yes! Yes! but still…..keep your voice down!”

“You are too tense, mi amore. Yvette not tell anyone about de way you suck upon de nipples; or de way your hands glide over de ass…..or de kisses…mmmm….de kisses upon de troat….down to Yvette’s cleavage….no one is to be told of de way…mmmmph….de way you squeeze each boob in hand, leeking and nuzzling into Yvette’s great-big teets.”

“Yvette is happy when mi amore comes to grab her boobs, and den….yes…den to plunge your face into….OH! into de pussy! Yes! De way you lick Yvette’s pussy…it gets her ready for de main entree! AHHHHH! Tease de pussy! When you flick de little nub; Yvette cannot help but to get wet wit de girly juice!”

“*MMPH* *SLURP* stop….mmph….talking….so loud…..can’t…risk….anyone…*SLURP*, *SUCK* overhearing…..”

“Nahahah!….No one hears; no one tries to listen. Dey trust you! Dey all trust you not to touch Yvette, dey trust you not to caress de pussy, dey trust you not to fondle and squeeze de ass, dey do not tink you will leek and kiss Yvette from head to toe, and no one knows how much you like Yvette’s boobs.”

“Yes…go on…grab dem…rub de nipple wit your finger….yes…”

“I…I feel them…it’s like they… are you getting bigger? Your breasts? Are they growing? Right here?”

“Oh yes, mi amore. Yvette wants you to feel dem squeezing into your hands…yes…by now, de boobies are so big, you can’t get your hands around dem, no? And Yvette can make her teeties grow more! Touch! Rub dem! You could lose your cock into da cleavage, no? Oh…eets so good when you leek dem….do de little swirly wit your tongue…Yes! Like dat! Yes! And de teets? Your whole head could feet inside dem now!

“Ohhohhhohhh….eet is time, no? Time for de cock! Time for de penis! YES! Yvette is ready! De pussy is hot and wet, eager for de sex! NAHAAAAH! Yvette…can feel….de lust….you…have not gotten de pussy…een a long, long time….”

“*GRUNT* Ironic, isn’t it? considering where I work.”

“But now, you can come to Yvette…*URNN* You come back een da night for more of de pussy, more of de boobs….yes…YES! DA COCK IS HARDER! HARD INSIDE YVETTE! *mmph* *slurp*”

“Perhaps….ohh….you were right to silence Yvette wit your tongue down into de mouth….Yvette….gets…loud….during de sex….wit….DA COCK! BIG! PUMPING INSIDE!!! AAAHHHH! Yes….de way…you thrust into….and out of….de pussy….Yvette…finds it…too hard…to control herself!”

“Oww!….I like it when a girl….*grunt* scratches my back…but not that hard….”

“Ohh…mi amore….you bring out de animal in Yvette…oh…OH! Closer! Yvette feels! Yvette knows! You must talk to Yvette! Tell de instant you are about to cum inside de pussy! Tell de moment you must spurt inside de cunt! Yvette likes to count de spurts when a man spills himself into de hot, wet, warm tunnel between de legs!”

“I’m…I’m….it’s coming….can’t hold back……”



Dick still didn’t remember many details from his prior career in Area 69, before this supposed Mnemovore erased his memory, but he was a quick study; and the Top-Secret documents he’d been given revealed much of the inner-workings of the secretive, salacious agency. Now, he was leaving a vast, cryonics storage level in the Paranatural section. A vast grid, hundreds of cells in either direction stretched out in a square behind him, nearly the size of a football field. The plexiglass containers each held a naked, frozen Nymphoid in suspended animation. Some were frozen while trying to masturbate. While any of them had a face for the camera, the sort of face that the fashion-world craved; their bulging, blossoming tits were almost all of a size near to pornographic. The petite beauty of their faces was in contrast to the sensual curves of over-voluptuous womanhood that disqualified them for any but the raunchiest media.

There had to be thousands here! After reading a few of the documents Dick came to understand how precarious the situation was; it truly was a war. Should these monstrosities be released, human civilization would face a sexual apocalypse that would erode and corrupt any society. They had been so fortunate, agencies like this were holding back a tide of predatory nymphomania that could wreak untold havoc. Today, a man could go out on a hot date; score with a babe, and odds are she won’t be a soul-devouring succubus meant to seduce the unwary. But that thin veneer of normalcy was dependent upon the control, entrapment, and containment of the myriad strains of Nymphoid predators. Like that Yvette woman….those eyes still gave him shivers.

He passed under the huge, reinforced titanium portal that raised before him towards his next assignment: Innoculation chamber Beta. Dick would have shuddered visibly if he but knew what horrors awaited him…..

“…And what the hell are you eggheads doing to those guys?” snarled Interim Director Chase. The paunchy, balding bureaucrat with thin lips, hooked nose, and flinty eyes waggled his finger accusingly at the dedicated scientists. Below the enclosed balcony where the computers processed the data, there was a vast, rectangular chamber filled with dozens of hospital beds. Fifty of them contained naked men between the ages of 20 and 30, with electrodes pasted to their skin. Each bed had secure shackles with a thickness that looked sufficient to contain a raging grizzly bear. But for now all the captive men seemed unconsious….no…more like dreaming….and the dreams did not seem pleasant; from the twisting expressions on the slumbering faces. Periodically, some of the men began to leap in the restraints, as if in acute internal pain.

“Wait..wait…let me…” Dick suggested; working his best to familiarize himself with every aspect of the lurid facilty. “Vampire Spawn Vaccination Research…right?” he looked eagerly at the bland, egg-head scientists for confirmation.

“What the f@$#! are you supposed to be? A ‘Village-People’ Groupie?” Snarled Interim Director Chase, noticing Dick’s unconventional outfit. His hooked nose and thin lips turning with disdain towards his amnesiac employee.

“Err….no sir….It’s just that, this outfit blends in with the sex-store above us; and I have to do a shift to keep up appearances, so it’s convenient -”

“ENOUGH! I’m sick to death of that excuse; I’m gonna change this perverted policy AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!” he fumed, face reddening. His own crisp suit and tie bulged outwards with a modest gut. “AND WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THOSE…eh…” His demanding question was cut off as he beheld a strange and disturbing transformation in the innoculation bay below.

It was good that the lanky, goateed-hispanic man in his mid-twenties was not fully conscious; for the shock as his hips cracked and widened, and his arms thinned would have been a blow to body and mind. Every strand of body hair shriveled and vanished, as muscles blended and faded into softer, suppler curves.

“You bastards! You think you’ve gotta create MORE nymphoids?!” Gasped the Director.

“N-no sir…we’re actually trying to stop the process.” A lean and wiry scientist responded defensively.

“I thought you retards were doing Vampire experiments?!” Chase clenched his fists.

“Oh yes;” wiry scientist confirmed. ” Don’t be deceived by the popular fiction and unfounded mythology; it’s all just a deliberate ruse.”

Dick interjected: “Sooo….I shouldn’t expect pasty-faced European aristocrats in black capes?”

“We all have to remember that the legends, myths, and assumptions we’ve inherited are in most cases deliberate frauds.” Reminded another reseacher with short blond hair and a strongly dimpled chin.

“Ohh….I see!” Dick approached the windows of the control chamber with renewed interest. “It’s much more difficult to defend against Vampires if no one really understands what they are!”

“That’s about the size of it.”

But the victims, the slumbering men who had fallen prey to the seductive promises of ravishing, mysterious women, were barely aware of their plight. They could only moan huskily as asses plumped, hips bulged, enlarged, as fat redeposited. The first man Dick noticed, a hispanic in his mid-twenties, was not aware as his smoothing, feminizing body began to grow ripe, soft mammaries that he would have eagerly fondled an hour before. He did not awaken as a rich cascade of raven hair with a blood-red streak unfolded from his scalp, but it was that final indignity; as his manhood itself, shaft and all rapidly withdrew into an expanded, female pelvis, that was when he awoke. And with that hideous, spine-tingling scream, he was a he no longer.

Dick shuddered in horror, awed and repulsed at the terrible fate that awaited those deceived into complacency by this dangerous Strain of Nymphoid. Yet he could not look away, as a newly female orifice unfolded from the naked crotch of the Vampire Spawn. The moist, new cunt began the throb and flex, like a thing with a life of its own. The stunningly attractive female sex-pot that had grown out of the body of the male hispanic strained her bonds. Her eyes, once a common brownish shade now flashed with an infernal, blood-red radiance as her supernatural powers awoke.

Everywhere, the same; men of varying colors and degrees of fitness forcibly morphed into curvy, seductive, feminine shapes while semi-conscious; but each one awakened as his precious cock was sucked inwards; to disappear forever as a wet, hungry vagina blossomed forth.

“Sooo…..HORNY!” screeched a platinum blond Spawn, her cereal-bowl sized boobs could not cease their buoyant jiggling for even a moment as she struggled mightily with her thick, triple-chained shackles. “HORNY! HORNY!” Within less than a minute, where once there had been 50 young men in good health, now 16 of them had been replaced by smooth-skinned, moist-pussied Nymphoids. Dick couldn’t help but notice that none of them had fangs….that he could see.

“Hey uhm….these…eh…these ‘Vampires’ eh…they do drink blood right? Or is that just part of the Spin?” The amnesiac agent asked. The leaner, wiry scientist chuckled as he checked his readings.

“Oh sure; just not with their mouths.” He let the threat hang in the air.

Without pressing for details, Dick turned his eyes towards the metamorphic spectacle unfolding in the innoculation bay. Yet his thoughts were racing, and he frowned his worry over the reaction of this supposed Interim Director. What kind of administrator was Chase if he knew so little about the operations in his own facility? Dick had found data and studied about these Vampire Vaccination tests; and their supposed leader hadn’t? It seemed that Area-69 was not in the most capable of hands.

“Yes, we really scored this time;” chuckled the blond, dimpled researcher. “Our scheme above-ground is bringing in real results; we were able to run this study because a nest of Vampires moved into town, lured by the store, Area-69. In such a sexually-charged atmosphere, they calculated that dozens of gorgeous women with stripper-sized tits acting like whores in Heat would go unnoticed.”

“But they were wrong;” confirmed the lean, lanky scientist. “Our Surface-Teams were able to trap both the Ancient Vampires, and their newly-infected Spawn….now we’ll see if our vaccine shows any promise.”

The experiment was over in about two minutes. Out of fifty captured males, who had been seduced, drained, and infected with Vampirism, only six remained male and human after those tense minutes had passed. It started more at the south end of the room, where the youngest men had been situated. Amidst throaty grunts rising in pitch each second, skin smoothed, hips widened, and penises retracted, until there were only six left.

One of the last was a burly, beef-cake macho man with a ‘Semper-Fi’ tattoo on his right shoulder, he was scarred and grizzled, with stubble on his chin, and a short scar across his weathered cheek. All his Marine training couldn’t have prepared him for the consequences of one night with that incredible, insatiable slut….she wasn’t even a hooker either! She had gotten something from him more precious than money….

And he had lost something of far greater value. His entire body shook with spasms of painful pleasure as his skin seemed to…..melt…the mutagenic virus lodged in his every cell re-engineered his flesh itself in a way that would have confounded the world’s leading biologists; but it was an everyday occurence around here.

There was an odd, squealing grunt as his now smooth ass bulged and ripened, while his pelvis shifted as child-bearing hips appeared. In moments, it was an entirely different creature that writhed naked and chained to the table, the proud tattoo was blurry now, as the feminization regenerated his skin. Dick thought that the process was over by the time his proud, seven-inches of manmeat withdrew inwards, to blossom outward into a wet and hungry cunt. But the madness was only beginning.

“What the….something’s wrong with subject 17!” announced a previously silent, fortyish-looking scientist with salt-and-pepper hair receding at the top. “Upon metamorphosis, the subject’s mammaries do not typically exceed a double-D bra-cup in 98% of infected Spawn……”

“You’re Right…” remarked the slim researcher. “Subject 17….Breast-Body index is way off!”

Were the screams that the former Marine made of pain? Was it lust? Grief over the loss of manhood and humanity? Whichever sensation, it was undoubtedly intense, as feminine howls reverberated through the Innoculation Bay. But it was her breasts that were of special concern…from Dick’s vantage point, it was unclear whether the rose-tipped mounds were jiggling solely from the squirming struggles of the woman herself, or whether the careening, wobbling bounces were due to some internal force within each boob.

Both seemed to be true, as the bounding bosoms seemed to rise upwards with added height and girth each second. The rosy-tipped nipples reminded Dick of two riders on horseback that bounced in their saddles as they slowly but surely, crested the top of a hill.



“….TOO FERTILE! PHEROMONE LEVELS UP 300%” it was difficult to distinguish the speaker, with all the frantic scientists yelling at once. But with a keening wail of relief, Subject 17′s breasts, having burgeoned from a size much like that of a grapefruit, through at least 4 inches of wobbling, jiggling expansion, had soon reached the ripe girth of honey-dew melons in less time than it took to say it. But the troublesome mammaries had widened at nearly two inches past that size when the spurting began.

Arching her back, the new and over-fertile Spawn released twin streams of hot, rich milk from her darkening nipples. The throbbing, pumping crotch that had once housed manhood, now yawned with feminine emptiness as pungeant pheromones saturated the air. But the observers could see only the moist girl-cum beginning to slather the sleek thighs of the she-devil; as the arousal of her first Rut cut deeply into every fiber of her being.

Compounding the soul-numbing horror of the transforming victims, was the escape. The shackles that held down the impossibly-endowed female creature in bed 17 wavered, rattled, and unlocked!

“NO!! WE…WE MISCALCULATED!! THE COMPUTER WAS UNCALIBRATED FOR THIS DEGREE OF HYPER-FEMINIZATION!!!” as the workers frantically sounded alarms, the lactating sex-demon arose from its prison, and lunged for a nearby table.

Of course, it was one of the six remaining men who had remained men after infection with vampirism. The abomination that crawled towards the bed of a thirty-something black man with an exceptionally thick moustache and beard cackled as she eyed her prey, honey-blond hair with a bold red streak falling across her smooth, aquiline face. Dick wondered whether this misbegotten horror remembered that 3 minutes ago, she’d been a man herself. Apparently not; it seemed as though once you had been Turned, your old life was just a vague memory. Now, Dick released a long-repressed shudder, his hands pressed to the plexiglass. Once, there had been a macho man willing to fight and die to serve his country; but now there was only a nymphomanical Porn-Queen with an outrageously plump ass and milk-leaking tits.

That drooling pussy was poised over the erect, thrusting cock of the male below her; the Spawn’s eyes glowing an infernal red with triumph. She buried her Prey’s face in her wobbling, bulbous, breasts; flaunting her outrageous femininity as she prepared for that seminal moment, she positioned her hot tunnel of lust above the hard, black meat angling upwards, when the white foam blasted her right in the pussy.

The teams responded quickly to any such breach like this. The rutting vampire spawn was sprayed and then tackled by what appeared to be a team of attractive lingerie models. It was a demanding job, for these women also worked as waitresses in the bar connected to the sex-shop; and as such they often remained in their red and pink, lingerie push-up bras with gartered stockings for most of the day. This group carried clear gas-masks, connected to extra oxygen tanks for use during lengthy exposure to Nymphoid pheromones. Each had a belt full of blue vials containing Libidinex, the sexual suppresant that was often vital in such a crisis, and now they blasted away with metal nozzles that spewed Holy Water foam, an effective deterrent against creatures of magical evil.

The Spawn was hauled off, paralyzed from the Holy Water, as an Evangelon was strapped to her forehead, dampening her vampiric powers. Even still, those great mounds of titflesh released rivulets of lactation, and still seemed to be growing slightly. Another dose of foam was applied to the bosom and crotch, as the lingerie-clad security force tried desperately to stall the Hyper-Feminization.

“You bumbling incompetants!” sneered Interim Director Chase, as he surreptitiously adjusted his pants and belt. “What if that monster had gotten out of the Bay?”

“It didn’t; and what’s important is that we’ve managed to raise the effectiveness of our vaccine against viral-induced feminization to 12%.” responded Dimples.

“On balance; today was a good day.” The older, balding researcher decided.

But Dick was not so cavalier. Should he ever be tempted to break the sexual-contact prohibition against Nymphoids, he would remember this day. He would remember the Horrors that squirmed with moist-pussied arousal in the chamber below.


“You know, maybe we’re going about this the wrong way;” Dick suggested, as he studied the digital screen. This laboratory had a number of large screens that seemed to be monitoring to movements of extremely attractive women going about normal business in public. In particular, he was observing a young lady that seemed to be on the cusp of her high-school years, perhaps a little over 18. She was in some sort of flashy food-court at a bustling shopping mall. The bubblegum she chewed behind her moist lips, and her silvery sunglasses framed by her bronze-colored, blondish hair helped to foster a fun-loving, teenage image.

She was carried on sleek legs with a natural tan that resembled what most women could achieve only through nylons…up to her denim short-shorts. Her bare midriff was adorned only with a sparkling, faux gemstone within a navel ring, and strapped close by on the hem of her shorts was what looked like an I-pod, but the Area-69 observers knew that she was not listening to music, she was not some flighty teen looking for the next fling; she was hunting. After a short pause to observer her, Dick continued his critique.

“You guys have been experimenting for months on ways to drain her powers, and suppress her mating drives, so that Nymphoids like this will be less of a threat to society; but maybe we should go the opposite direction….” The chaps-wearing Agent remarked; trying to settle back into the routine of his prior assignment: Nymphoid Counter-measure Research. Finding ways to suppress and control the dangerous powers of Supernatural Nymphoids from a remote distance.

Dick stepped forward and grasped at several knobs and dials on the control panel before him, and began to turn them all towards the maximum setting. There was a low, throbbing hum as exotic radiation began to bombard their target. The girl on the screen stopped short, and a dainty hand decorated with a friendship bracelet lightly touched the front of the yellow tank-top that contained her dangerous bosom. All knew that it was her breasts that were the greatest threat; they were perky, yet plump mounds that stretched the top to a size near to that of a D-cup, a little more than five inches of difference between the fullest part of her bust and her chest. She was large enough to attract the Tit-man, yet those men without love of large breasts should not be put off. At least, not at first….until those perfect orbs began to shake…quiver…and grow!

“Dick! Did your amnesia make you forget why we’re here!?” protested Agent Marcus; a freckle-faced young biochemistry prodigy who’d fallen in with some South-American Drug Dealers; and had been made an offer he dared not refuse from Uncle Sam. “The focus of this experiment is to SUPPRESS the Nymphoid’s sexual abilities!”

On screen, the girl arched her back and yelped as her boobs seemed to shoot forward, nipples forming even more prominent indentations in the yellow tank-top. But in truth, each breast was growing ever larger by the second.

Agent Marcus stood angrily, running a hand through his spiky red hair in frustration as he smoothed out his labcoat. “Now’s not the time to play out your kinky fantasies! We’re dealing with a Class 2 Supernatural Breeder; in a public setting, larger breasts have a greater likelihood of attracting more male attention!” Dick smiled, and was about to comment, but Marcus spoke over him, continuing his condemnation. “Breeder-type Nymphoids have the potential to be the most dangerous of all! This Strain has a gestation cycle thousands of times faster than any natural organism! Even one Breeder could birth a horde that could destroy a small city in months! And this one is on the prowl for her next stud!”

“Hey! I hear you!” Insisted Dick, at the controls. “But did you ever consider giving her too much of a good thing?”

The exotic radiation, tailored for the bizarre biology of the Nymphoids continued, triggering enhanced feminization. By now, the dangerous Breeder was searching frantically for a bench…a chair… as the rippling throbs of painful pleasure pulsed from her prodigious boobs. Soon, the straps of her top tightened as their busty payload increased with fleshy jiggles towards a grapefruit-size, as the girl-creature lurched towards a public bench. Her rising mountains of tit had formed high slopes of tan-skinned girlflesh with ever deepening cleavage. Between the time when she first sat down, to her second furtive pant, her sprouting whoppers could have contained all the liquid of a coffee-mug in the section of boob that was visible above the edge of her top alone! Nipples jutted outward, forming points of shadow as her nips attained a near-thimble size.

Agent Marcus studied the screen with a mask of worry that creased his brow. “I….whatever your plan is, it’s just too dangerous, Dick. With Breeder-Strains, all the organism has to do is copulate with one human male every 72 hours, and within a month, you can get hundreds of nymphomaniacal breeding sluts! The risk….it’s just….”

“Minimal. Look at her; she’s past an F-cup by now! How many girls like that do you see in real life? Ermm…when you’re not upstairs in our sex-plaza?” A helpful young man with brown hair and a friendly smile had sat down to try to help the struggling young woman, who could only stare at him in open-mouthed shock as a tortured strap finally came loose, forcing her to contain her ripening curves in hand as she blossomed from conventional cup-sizes, towards a womanly fullness more like that of prize-winning produce. Dainty fingers sunk deeply into jiggling juggs large enough to contain at least four apples with ease….no….make that five…. This creature, though lacking the normal modesty of a human female, was not accustomed to such a profound lack of control! Such a sudden violation of her appearance was a rude shock! As she contemplated the enormity of her surprise, the darkening halos of her aureolas grew visible, heralding the end of any hope she might have had to remain decent.

As she fled for the entrance, in a futile attempt to escape the gawking mobs, the teenage Nymphoid had no choice but to secure her growing, balloning, flowing breasts with both hands clamped tightly to her chest. Before she could flee on frantic, sandal-clad feet, her fingers were sinking into mammaries with diameters easily equal to that of twin dinner plates. But she stumbled then, faltering as she neared the first set of automatic doors that led to the mall’s exit. It was her ass. The secret sciences of Area-69 triggered an unprecedented sexual reaction with her unwholesome biology. The subtle radiation caused a further exaggeration of her body. The short-shorts rode up between her plump ass cheeks violently, as butt and hips suffered a sudden eruption of fertile expansion.

She grunted and shimmied with discomfort, as the plump slopes of her tanned ass forced their way out into the light, and in the space between two steps her denim shorts seemed more like bikini bottoms. While she did indeed make it outside, into the parking lot of the mall; it was at that moment that her tortured tank top at last failed her. Glorious globes wobbled in her clutching grasp; and while her breasts had already burgeoned from a volume like that of a backpack, on towards a grandeur a little less than beachballs; there was a new problem.


In the end, there was no escape; the formerly calm, self-assured, she-devil had planned to spend the day selecting a hapless human stud to father her latest brood, and upon whose energy she could feast. Instead, she could do nothing more than hide behind a pair of decorative shrubs as she masturbated her cum-drenched cunt with curled fingers and throaty moans.


“Yes, I know the stated intent of this experiment;” Dick assured Agent Marcus, as he moved over to another panel of dials and knobs. “But think bigger; think about why we’re REALLY here, and most important; why are the Nymphoids really a threat?” Marcus frowned, his hand on his chin, as he played along.

“Aside from a whole host of dangerous, sexual powers, they can infiltrate us. Many of them have existed for more than a century, but they look just like fresh-faced college-coeds with perfect tits.”

“Right!” Insisted Dick as he turned up a large, ominous dial as far as it could go. “We’re not even sure how many of them are, because they infiltrate our society! Yes, their powers are a threat; but instead of struggling to suppress them, it occured to me that if we enhance their abilities, we can neutralize their major advantage!” A low hum filled the air as the radiation beams that had such drastic effects on Nymphoid physiology warmed up. There was another large, digital monitor near Dick’s head that displayed a rather different situation….

“And therefore gentlemen, comprehensive statistics indicate a consistent increase in the bust-size of American women over the past decade.” Informed the slender, asian, junior-executive with a neat pony-tail curtailing her ebony hair. Indeed, she seemed to perfectly exemplify the subject of her speech before the firm gaze of the other board members; it was rare to see an asian with breasts the size of cereal bowls. Her plump bosoms formed a tight valley of well-defined cleavage within her tan-colored business dress. To her credit, she attempted to continue speaking even as the swelling began.

“I propose…a series of tours concerning bra, and cup-size aware…awareness.” In the time it took to propose it; her own cups seemed to have blossomed forth at least one size, the front of her tan suit began to bulge. “Women….need to know….how to measure themselves…at the same time..we..” She tried to stop her dark eyes from widening as the creamy slopes of bosom thrust themselves forward into view.

“We will explain…how breast size is measured; while pro-promoting our own line of support-bras.” While she was afraid to call attention to her suddenly swollen mammaries, it was integral to her performance. She cupped her now canteloupe-sized boobs in each hand. “We’ll….demonstrate the proper way to measure the largest part of a woman’s chest, and then how to compare that with the fullest part of the breast.” And hers were getting fuller yet! Buttons began to strain on her outfit.

“As you all know, 1 inch difference between chest and the fullest part of the breast is an A-cup. Continue to add an inch of difference for B, C, and D…D-cups. By most standards, 5 inches is a double-D, 6 inches of difference between chest and bosom is triple-D, like mine….” She examined her now quivering, bulging bust…. “Eh…make that a Double -F. Wh-which is 7 inches.” Another twitch as her suit tightened further around a pair of renegade boobs. The men in the audience began to narrow their eyes in suspicion.

“I’m sorry….d-did I say I was a Double-F? Eh….guess not….more than 8 inches of difference now….m-makes me a G….G…..


And that was the point at which her Bra; made by the same company she worked for, burst spectacularly, as the back strap popped open, burdened far beyond its intended capacity. The rosy-tipped juggs seemed to push themselves into the light of day with almost deliberate intent; as the junior executive was exposed before the members of the board. And still they grew! Aureolas widened from a diameter the size of a drinking glass towards a coffee mug…and beyond… her nipples soon sprouted from pea-sized nubs to pencil-erasers. Raw boob covered and surged over the grip of her fingers, it was as if the surprise and humiliation etched on her oriental features served only to make her bustline bigger!

Lost…there was no hope. Her career was ruined; the entire board saw that she was some kind of bizarre sex-freak. They had seen that she was not, could not be truly human. She had invested so much in the infiltration of this company! But if she had to flee, it would not be without compensation.

His name was Dennis Roland, and up-and-coming rising star of the corporate universe. His smooth, center-parted brown hair and bedroom eyes had swayed the gaze of many a secretary. Trips to the company gym confirmed the whispered rumors of his hardened, athletic physique, and she intended to discover if the other rumors had been true….

The junior executive, abandoning her presentation leapt onto the table, grasped up Roland by his pants with amazing strength for a girl of so petite a frame, and tore open his trousers! She had lost everything; soon her coworkers and superiors would start digging; they’d discover her many arrests for soliciting prostitution, they’d learn of the orgies, gang-bangs, and bachelour parties, and a determined study would reveal that she hadn’t aged a day since the 1960′s! Better to flee now, but not without reward.

She had intended to seduce the upper-tier executives; feasting upon their semen and enslaving them with her powers. She would have used the Company’s resources to put herself in eternal luxury and provide opportunity and security for the many spawn she intended to birth. She could not have all that, but at least, at the very least she would have the sperm of this one!

At the very least, she would feel this man’s lips upon her breasts! With her skills, it might be possible to coax him to orgasm before security guards could arrive to tear them apart! She should have escaped, she should have fled…and yet, all she could do was thrust Roland’s face between her cleavage while masturbating her own tight cunt.


She had told him that her name was Susan; but that was only one of many aliases she used. Susan had to admit, what should have been an easy day was turning out to be more difficult that she had planned for. Here, at this waterslide, surrounded by hard-bodies and babes, the sexual tension in the air set her nerves on edge, and her pussy to moistening.

Luckily, her boyfriend for the day, a powerfully-built basketball team captain, couldn’t tell with his smouldering dark eyes, just how moist Susan’s womanhood was; wet as her hot pink bikini was from the chlorinated water of the nearby swimming pool. But with a gentle, freckled hand upon the taut, black skin of his strong back, she could sense his own desire. He had worn those trunks with the inner, restrictive lining for a reason; to obscure the occasional hardening of his powerful, 9 inches of manmeat.

Susan stepped daintily into the waiting pool before pushing off onto the smooth surface of the downward sloping waterslide. She adjusted her generous boobs of the size and shape of a gypsy’s crystal ball, which hung perfectly in the triangular cups of her pink bikini. She brushed a strand of red hair from her face as she pushed off on her lubricated, plastic mat to ease passage down the slide; ignoring the tingling, swelling sensation in her chest.

She giggled with the simple joy as her body picked up speed down the slide’s twists and turns….yet with each curve she took, it seemed as if her inertia increased; as if she was becoming increasingly top-heavy….her breasts! Something…something was happening; her boobs seemed larger….heavier with each turn in the slide! She hunched down lower, trying to squeeze her rebellious, freckled mammaries between her body and the mat that slid down the smooth waterslide.

Even suppressed, she could feel the globes pulsing, throbbing, pushing against their confines.

SWISH….another turn in the slide…another inch and a half of growth for her bulging boobs. Soon, her slick mat rode up high on a wall as she rounded one of the final curves, and she slipped off the mat; a common enough occurence here, but it would make it impossible to hide her rebellious chest! The pink straps of her bikini were taut as cables; struggling to contain a freckly cargo that had gained….5…6 inches in bosomy girth since starting!

Careening, swaying, wobbling whoppers bounced to and fro, and even as Susan spiraled out of control down the slick surface of the slide, completing the remaining distance on her shapely rump, she still tried to maintain her grip upon pliant, mammalian mountains that surged with their own fertile weight as she slid ever faster. But…there was more….there trouble….something terrible had happened…some outside force had affected her body in an unknown way….Something had gone wrong inside; her breasts were changing, growing heavier for some reason….

Susan splashed down into the receiving pool at the bottom of the vast waterslide, the combination of frantic motion and tensile strain at that moment caused her hot-pink bikini to slip loose; revealing outrageous breasts that had grown from pleasant orbs, towards the upper-end of the bra-cup alphabet, and now towards a size not unlike that of pumpkins worthy to be jack-o-lanterns. Her coaster-sized, browning aureolas hung lower on her freckled front, and those fingertip nipples seemed to widen….and spurt.

Her boyfriend, a beefy, black basketball team captain whose smooth-shaven head glistened with pool water would soon be glistening with hot jets of creamy milk that spurted with abandon from the over-ripe body of the Nymphoid known as Susan. And still they grew! What else could she do but moan with the stimulation, clutching her tits in panic as she ballooned ever larger, grew ever more fecund! The seething, lurid pleasure of her ripening left her paralyzed; moaning and fondling her nipples with brow-furrowed passion, as white rivers of spurting lactate colored the waters and spattered the muscled chest of her intended mate. Her body had betrayed her! She hadn’t intended her boyfriend to find out how fertile she really was! Would he be frightened? Aroused? Had she lost her chance to mate with him? She was attracting too much attention, from everyone…but she couldn’t stop fondling, groping her own breasts, milking her nipples, she could not stop her moans of forbidden pleasure….she could not stop fondling her breasts! Her breasts!


“You see; suppressing their powers won’t ultimately solve the problem!” Dick explained. “To beat the thousands…maybe tens of thousands of Nymphoids still at large and feeding upon male lust is to deny them the chance to infiltrate us! How many women outside of a strip-club have breasts bigger than her own head? Well…a few perhaps…but this limits our list of suspects! If we have agents standing close by a suspected Nymphoid, and then if we can enhance her fertility, identifying them will be child’s play! Just grab the woman whose tits grow as big as basketballs and can’t stop masturbating!” Dick was getting enthusiastic, and Agent Marcus’ eyes widened; he said nothing, but was clearly analyzing the prospect with serious interest. Dick continued.

“Their pheromones and erototoxins aren’t their most dangerous weapons! It’s the ability to mimic normal women! Let’s take that away from them! Only thing that bothers me…” Dick frowned and scratched his head. “How are we able to bombard them with these energy rays from such a great distance? How does this technology work?” Marcus chuckled.

“That…my forgetful friend, is one of our most impressive achievements;” Agent Marcus pulled a lever against the wall, and a wide, titanium barricade in the wall behind them opened up like a garage door, revealing three plexiglass holding cells. Sure enough, within were the three naked Nymphoids he’d just seen on screen. Each was running on a floor that moved like a treadmill, and all of them were wearing a glittering, technological helmet with wires and circuits strung across the surface, with metal panels covering their eyes and ears.

“What the….. but I thought…” Dick stammered.

“Experimental Virtual Reality technology. These are some of our special cases; We use carefully crafted VR scenarios, and cryogenic suspension to trick them. Nymphoids we’ve captured who don’t know they’ve been captured. This allows us to study their hunting strategies and behaviors in ‘The Wild’, so to speak. The little Breeder who looks like a teenager…” he gestured towards the naked sex-pot in the first cell, though she certainly wasn’t little in the chest! “She thinks she’s been able to spawn dozens of times, and is quite smug about it; but it’s all a sham, just scenarious we’ve concocted by manipulating sensory data. That’s all this type cares about; Breeders seek only to proliferate their species as often as possible; preferably with as many different fathers as possible, for genetic diversity. But the lives they’ve been living are as synthetic as the plexiglass we’ve got them in. We can invent whatever kind of situations we want them to experience, and gather the data accordingly.”

“Wooo! Maybe I should change my name to Neo! Or maybe Agent Smith….” Dick suggested facetiously. Agent Marcus picked up a black telephone, dialed a single number and spoke quickly.

“Biochemistry Department? Yes, we need some Pheromone workups of maximized intensity……yes, you heard me; maximized intensity!…… I know we were supposed to be suppressing the response…..Don’t argue; just get it done.” Hanging up the receiver, he turned back to Dick. “I’ve got some reservations about your idea, but it might prove more promising that anything we’ve come up with so far; so we’ll explore it and see where it takes us. But if we’re going to increase the sexual traits of the Nymphoids, there’s another Department that you need to visit; research you need to study….”


“Mmmmm….so tense, Mi Amore. Does not de sight of Yvette’s huge boobs excite you? When de legs are spread for you and your manhood, does not de pussy make Mi Amore hard?

“It’s just that….I…I need to let off stress…to think….I think better….after screwing you….what to do about Bigswallow?

“Ah, de young one? He has a hard time keeping his penis from rising when he sees Yvette’s boobs.”

“Er…that’s not…it’s just he may have seen us together! It was a lucky breach of security….*UNNGH*….lucky that the Mnemovore got to him….he was in the right place…at the wrong time….now he lost his memory…..but what if he gets it back? He saw us! What…what am I going…*NGGGH* to do?”

“Ohh…first…you will continue to flick Yvette’s nipples in de way you do…oooh….yes…do not go into de pussy too soon…Yes…play wit de titties! Leek dem…yes….and Yvette will help.”


“AHHH! De nub! De clit! It ees your best skill! You know…you know how to touch Yvette; how to tease de pussy! And Yvette knows how to help Mi Amore….Ooohhhhhh… young one, Beegswallow, has been shaking tings up, wit his new ideas. It would be easy….easy….mmmm….easy to believe dat he took a reesk wit a dangerous woman….like me….mmmmm.”

“You all aren’t really human; you’re creatures of sex; you’re a natural-born slut….you crave my penis! What a dirty…mmmph…. slut!”

“Heh! You tink Yvette ees insulted? Eet is leeberating to be de slut! To live for de sex! So much sex! Eet is a joy whenever de penis cums inside Yvette! Mi Amore should let oters feel dat joy! Dere are many like Yvette here…..let dere be anoter accident…..when de young one is alone….let dere be a lapse in de security….one like Yvette will be happy….happy to feel de cock! Eef she is a dangerous one, Mi Amore not need to worry. Ehh….you have de vampires yes? De new spawn crave de cock “


She just needed a small boost; just a little bit of an edge. Talia adjusted her nipple-spikes as she stole secretely into the Biochemistry sector; and located the rack of test tubes that Dick and Agent Marcus had ordered. For her, it was child’s play to pass through the three layers of fingerprint and retina scanners into the laboratory with so many horizontal storage cabinets containing test-tube racks.

Yes…soon she saw a rack of test tubes that contained what she needed; what she was desperate for. In the end, she couldn’t wait for Dick to regain his memory; she decided that she needed an edge to rekindle their romance. She chuckled; eyes raising to the ceiling as she momentarily relived the few, furtive weeks of passion that she had shared with the young agent. She’d always had a thing for younger men! And Dick himself….he seemed to have more….mature interests. Even before losing his memory, he’d done as well as any man could have to ignore the thousands of naked nymphoids who paraded their luscious nudity before him daily. He really seemed to be interested in serious relationships.

But nonetheless, he was still a man, and she needed to use the right bait to hook him. There was one ray of hope, though. He’d actually dumped her two days before the Mnemovore escaped! Didn’t want to compromise his professional integrity with an ‘office-romance’! So he’d said; but she didn’t believe it. Talia suspected that one of the Nymphoids was getting to him; some were clever enough to appeal to a man’s higher emotions in addition to his lust. She had a sneaking suspicion that it was that brazen whore Yvette. The scientists watching the Cajun Nymphoid reported an elevation of metabolic activity whenever she saw young agent Bigswallow. That was the answer, no doubt. She had her hooks in him! But there was no…natural way a real woman could compete against these devilish beings of pure sex! There were creatures that the Agency had captured who’d been sucking cock since before the Conquistadors! Against impossible, ageless beauty, and experience that surpassed the most successful mortal whores, what could any natural woman do?

The only thing she could; she’d use the powers of the Nymphoids for her own gain. That was what they were here for right? To study the powers of these creatures to benefit mankind. For her, right now, she would benefit greatly with just a little bit of succubi mating musk. Once she’d lured him in by his cock, she could engage his loftier passions; she just needed to get a foot in the door.

It was odd though, on the central table between the horizontal storage cabinets of biological samples, there was a rack of tubes lying out; clearly labeled: ‘MATING MUSKS’, then today’s date, also the designation and legendary name of the creature that provided the pheromones. What she wanted was just lying out here, plain as day. How very convenient; but she couldn’t dwell on that now.

Talia slinked out of the biochem sector, tucking the clear vial into her brassiere. It should be safe; after all Dick’s team was assigned to find ways of suppressing the sexuality of supernatural Nymphoids; so the mating musk from a suppresed succubus should give her just the edge needed, with no real side-effects, right?


The slick oil gleamed on their naked bodies. At first, it was mainly the legs and feminine feet that filled his gaze; since most of the subjects were thrashing those legs in an unending expression of carnal bliss. There must have been dozens…close to a hundred nude, slippery women writhing in the rounded basin of this pit. But Dick needed to remind himself that these were not normal women at all, but rather creatures of pure sex. Beings consumed with prurient lusts that overwhelmed even the randiest teenage male. Their achingly gorgeous faces and voluptuously jiggling anatomy stirred primal sensations, and Dick decided to reach for his extra inoculation of Libidinex.

*GULP* “Not real women….” Dick reminded himself. “They’re just…just using these forms to trick men into screwing them.”

“Ya, and ve haff found vays of using zem.” agreed the tall, broad-chinned honey-blond woman wearing the same leathery dominatrix gear as Talia had, complete with dog collar and nipple spikes. “Ze extraction of pure orgasmic energy has many medical applications. Zese sexual predators shall be used for ze betterment of mankind.” Declared Dr. Uta Hein, lead researcher of the Orgone Extraction Project, and the World’s most reknowned expert on Class 2 Nymphoids. (Not that there were many such experts!)

“Annnnnd…this extraction of energy involves a massive, lesbian, oil-wrestling orgy?” Dick asked skeptically. Indeed, the sex monsters were grasping, fondling, licking one other in the most sensitive of areas; as if their very lives depended upon outrageous lesbian sex with as many partners as possible. It was impossible to tell which pair of slender hands belonged to whom, whose bouyant, slippery bosom was it that gleamed so in the light? Several Nymphoids would gang-up upon those that seemed more reluctant that the others, forcing apart legs and thighs that red lips could be buried noisily within tight cunts in a feeding frenzy of crazed muff-diving.

“Ya, ve are avid students of ze vork of a 1940′s Sexuality Researcher named Villiam Reich. He created a machine vhich he claimed could store electric current if two creatures engaged in sexual activity inside. Ve haff improved upon zese design. Ze Sappho Chamber can channel and store raw sexual energy from up to two-hundred women in orgasm at vonce. Today, ve are a little over 50% capacity.” Dick tried to keep his mouth from falling upon at the spectacle, a raven-haired beauty had risen up proudly in the center of the oily swarm, thrusting both hands into the pussy and ass respectively of red-headed twins on hands and knees as they gushed girlcum down already moist thighs. The dark-haired nymph was thrusting down her naked crotch upon a fluid procession of female faces, forcing a host of Nymphoids to eat her out.

“Huh…how ’bout that…..” Dick remarked weakly. “But….these girls can’t all swing that way; how do you get them so…desperate for each other?”

“Zee Lesbigel zey are all coated in contains a variety of irresistable, synthetic aphrodisiacs. Ze vents high above ze floor put out a concentrated extract of male sveat.” Dr. Hein chuckled, “Vomen claim to hate ze scent, but pure sveat contains subtle, male pheromones zat haff a powerful effect on any voman. But it may take between three to five minutes before ze combination has achieved ze desired effect.”

“Hmm…so between the man sweat and the Lesbigel, any woman you put in there will eventually get so hot and bothered that they’ll have to grab for the nearest warm body available?”

“Ya, and ve store ze energy for future use.” For several long moments, Dick could do little but stare with open-mouthed awe at the squirming, licking, moaning femininity consumed by the irresistable orgy.

“…- Did you hear me, Agent Bigswallow? I am preparing ze download of our entire research for your vork on increasing ze libido of nymphoids.” Dr. Hein reported. Behind her in the Sappho Chamber, the captives became more aggressive. An olive-skinned beauty with especially statuesque legs was pressing a petite brunnette against the wall, forcing the smaller nymph to eat out her pussy. Closer examination revealed the formation of a ‘pecking-order’, certain Nymphoids bullied the others into lesbian servitude; where domination was expressed by sexual favors.

“Increase ze pheromone output by 20% in ze Sappho Chamber, I believe ve can still increase our extraction.” Suggested Dr. Hein.

“M-making…the adjustments…nh-heh-heh…now…” stammered a short and squat labcoat-clad researcher with a balding head, and a face mostly obscured by an extensive array of multi-lensed binoculars.

“Zis is Dr. Tom, he has been observing ze nymphoids for years, von of our longest serving assistants.”

“I bet.” Dick said.

“Y-yes…right…so….” Dick swallowed, struggling to return to the business at hand. “Where does….what do you do with most of the erhh…. energy you gather?”

“Ze sexual energy has therapeutic value, in addition to being an optimal food source for ze class 2′s. Allow me to demonstrate.” With the clicking of a few buttons, another titamiun barricade in the back wall of the rectangular control chamber lifted.

They intended the chamber to be soundproof, yet the howling cries of wide-mouthed ecstasy still reached the humans’ ears behind the plexiglass as a groaning din of animalistic passion. This laboratory was a high cylinder, extending up into the ceiling beyond Dick’s field of view. Metallic pallets with ample restraints were arranged along the walls in rows. And each contained a naked, sweaty woman with thighs spread, and what appeared to be a mechanical arm driving into each moistening cunt. None where fully aware of their reality, as hemispherical helmets which Dick recognized as the Virtual Reality receivers covered each head.

“Hmm….ze arousal index has dropped by 6% in sector 2.” Dr. Hein announced, studying the rows of nude, restrained females being forcibly masturbated in the midst of VR fantasies. A computer monitor on the upper left side of the control room displayed a wire-frame model of what could only be a penis. The press of a few buttons caused the models to shift. There were a variety of lengths, some were ribbed, some appeared to be vibrating.

“Increase length of sector 2 dildoes by….1.5 inches.” Dr. Tom giggled as he made the necessary adjustments. The wire-frame computer image changed accordingly, and the bucking, moaning females in the 2nd row of the cylinder began to thrash more violently in their restraints, their hips churning powerfully against the thrusting, mechanized penises.

“Ze efficiency of ze feeding process is nearing 60%, and alvays improving. By simulating sexual intercourse, energy channeled from ze Sappho Chamber goes to nourish ze class 2 nymphoids, allowing us a substitute for zere dangerous feeding process.”

“What kind of VR scenario do they get?” Agent Bigswallow asked. Dr. Hein pressed a few buttons. A spotlight shown upon a tall beauty with the toned figure of a fitness model, a smooth cascade of auburn-mahogany hair, with tremulous stripper-tits the size of volleyballs. She shook and kicked on her hard pallet, but it was not clear whether she wished to escape her chains…..or embrace whatever entity was responsible for her forced pleasure. On a viewscreen nearby, there flashed an image of a barrel-chested, clean-shaven, lothario of Mediterranean extraction with flowing locks of curled, ebon hair. On the screen, the two were writhing naked upon a sandy beach, muscles throbbing as the virtual stud pounded deeply into the quivering nymphoid in a missionary-positioned mating.

Dr. Hein twisted a dial. The wire-frame model of the associated dildo widened by at least an inch, and the temperature increased by 6 degrees fahrenheit. The auburn-haired sexual-prisoner bucked in her chains, her venus mound shaking vigorously as she slathered the vibrating, energized dildo with the nectar of her ecstasy.

“Ah! Ze Orgasmic Frequency Index has increased by 2%!”

“Ne-heheh…we’re on the cusp of a mm-heh-heh breakthrough…” tittered the disturbing Dr. Tom.

There were three basic scenarios being zapped into the brains of the captive audience via the Virtual-Reality helmets; The sandy beach with the long-haired lover, another scenario that resembled a wealthy mansion in the one of the Antebellum Southern States with a clean-cut Aryan blond man with hair neatly pressed into a perfectly styled center-part wearing (but not for long) the blue uniform of the Union army during the Civil War.

Last was a swanky, upscale, modern urban penthouse with heart-shaped furniture, floor-sized lava-lamps and plasma globes. Females in this scenario found themselves ravished by a smooth, bald-shaven black man with rippling muscles and firm, chiseled features. He emerged from a restroom wearing a blue velvet bathrobe. It was probably intended to be the abode of some rap superstar or pro-athlete. The three virtual men and their scenarios where repeated throughout the chamber, their images bombarding the brains of the captive nymphoids.

It took Dick only a few moments to scrutinize this giant cannister of forced lust before he took a shot at the controls. His prior computer expertise plus a few hours greedily reading all he could about the Area-69 Intranet and subsystems gave him a quick grasp of the technology before him.

“Vhat are you…” began Dr. Hein, before the image on screen shifted. The writhing, auburn-haired nymphoid was approached from behind by the muscled, bald, black stud on the beach, even as she was being drilled mercilessly by the long-haired, olive-skinned male. In real life, the sharing that took place next would have been less likely, but the illusionary boy-toys both cooperated to lift up the disheveled, luscious body of the woman between them, and pressed her against themselves. The long-haired one withdrew for a moment, while the black stud roughly speared her gaping, wet cunt with his 10 inches of ebony hardness.

But the original penis, (of similar length) thrust into her from behind, as she was doubly penetrated by a male sandwich of synthesized virility. While such a position might have been extremely difficult in real life, in the virtual world, the neurons were stimulated precisely, creating an experience indistinguishable from the actual orgy.

On her real-world pallet, the sleek slut arched her back furiously, humping her naked thighs as irresistable pleasures boiled her brain. The chains struggled to contain the thrashing, naked, sweating she-devil. Though there was still but one dildo grinding into her womanhood, the awesome technology could create almost any conceivable sensation. Dr. Hein slapped her own forehead.

“All zis time! Vhy did I not sink of zhat? It should haff been so obvious! A red light flashed, accompanied by a frantic, high-pitched beep. The auburn-haired nymphoid grunted vigorously as her breasts seemed to rise higher…fuller…larger.

“Ah! Quicker zhan before! Ze Nymphoid is loosing control over her fertility powers, and ees forced to revert to her true form!” This had happened before, that Dick had seen. Apparently, the true form of most Nymphoids is a body of impossibly exaggerated voluptuousness, with breasts so plump and vast that a real women would find herself at the Chiropractor inside of 48 hours. While the female currently under Dick’s scrutiny now had a bustline noticeably larger than the wobbling volleyballs she’d once been graced with, he had no doubt her jiggling bosom would grow far more than the mere three inches in five seconds he’d just observed. And he would be here to gather all the data, record it, and use it to develop a new line of libido-enhancing weaponry that would reduce any Nymphoid in its path to a masturbating mass of ripening boobflesh.


Some of them thought he was just a useless appendage; but he understood. He did not truly need to understand all the powers and dangers of the sex-monsters this Agency captured; for the man slipping into the the cloistered maintenence corridor on the south edge of the Vampire holding pens was concerned with the security of the facility. It was a foregone conclusion that he would do whatever he had to in order to get the free, easy, abundant sex right in front of him.

But discretion was a must, of course. For anyone working here, the Feds had ways of slapping multiple felonies onto anyone’s record for a breach of secrecy or security concerning Area 69.

“The sex is never easy….” he grunted as he pried loose a service panel controlling one of the titanium barricades that protected the rest of the facility from the nymphomaniacal entities trapped within the Vampire pens. “I’m either….paying for it…lying to get it….or risking…*NNNFH*…jail time. But he’d weighed the dangers, the potential, and the rewards long ago. These otherworldly sluts feed upon sex and lust; used it as weapons to ensnare and possess men. They could give more pleasure than an entire whore-house combined to any man that fell into their clutches. Yes, some could devour souls, feed on your maleness until you became a woman yourself, use you to breed swarms of their own kind….but in the end, this was the place. In this controlled environment, he could enjoy the sex-starved, voluptuous abominations with greatest safety.

But first, he had to take care of himself, he had to eliminate anything and anyone that could put him and his position at risk. There was no choice, no hesistation. Bigswallow had to be removed. It should be a simple matter; he thought, as he cut a few green wires, reconnected some yellow ones inside the service panel. It was a simple, yet elegant plan. Bigswallow had been shaking things up lately, providing new ideas and encouraging other agents and scientists to think in different directions. Someone like that could create risk; someone like that might cause an accident….someone like that could easily suffer an accident. The man knew how to reroute the internal sensors; his sabotage of the locking mechanism would go unnoticed, and when Bigswallow’s duty roster required him to visit this sector….he’d be in for a nasty, (yet very pleasurable surprise) By disabling only the doors between different holding cells, his sabotage would go unnoticed for now. There were the major sealed checkpoints that separated most of the Agents from the Nymphoid pens, and he didn’t dare touch those.

But just a few crossed wires on the doors between holding pens, and Bigswallow would find himself attacked by the sex-starved captives he was assigned to study! He couldn’t give the young agent a chance to regain his memory, and against one of the big-titted, fanatically randy Vampire-sluts, soon enough he’d no longer be an agent; he’d be just another nymphoid to be locked up, proded, and forcibly masturbated!


She was ancient, and in her many long centuries, the raven-haired beauty had been known by a pantheon of names; though she preferred to call herself Arya. She often frequented places like this; this ‘Area-69′ Sex-superstore. Her prey could be snared so easily here.

Arya was good at appearing innocent; she had found the precise combination of facial expressions to convey the youthful naivete of a small-town girl gone to the ‘Big City’ for the first time. It did not matter whether the ‘Big City’ was Babylon, Constantinople….or Las Vegas, no one saw through her natural disguise; who could suspect that the pouty-lipped, black-haired maiden who seemed younger than 25 years had in fact survived the Great Deluge of legend, bedded the Pharoahs of Egypt, and sucked the hard cocks of corrupt, Medieval Popes as a forbidden mistress?

But no matter who many encounters she’d savored; she always cultivated that wide-eyed blush of innocent shock at anything sexual or prurient; as she was now, staring with mock surprise at the Area-69 Dildo aisle. Ha! The ancient, slutty being known as Arya could rewrite the Kama-Sutra, so great was her experience! Between lips and cunt, veritable oceans of semen had flowed into her soft, supple body.

However, Arya had not lasted all these millenia by being incautious; down through the years she had been hounded by priests, monster-hunters, and mad-scientists that suspected the truth behind the sky-blue eyes of the creamy-skinned beauty.

This place in truth seemed….too good to be true. There were needy, desperate men she could seduce effortlessly; even hotel rooms above for quick coupling. The presence of the Sex-Market in this Nevada town created a lecherous atmosphere where the liasons of even the most wanton sluts would scarcely be noticed.

She ran a slick, black dildo between the cleavage of her bosom; imagining the potential. Her breasts were more like pleasing handfuls; near apple-sized globes with a firm natural shape, but Arya had found that truly vast breasts tended to draw excessive attention. She made up the difference with a wide set of ample breeding hips. Though many porn-stars had bigger breasts, the curvaceous bounty of her ass and thighs tended to provoke rapid, primal lust in human males; and she knew the proper way to sway her hips to stoke the fires of unreasoning mating instinct in human men.

She would need to look for clues first; for some creatures like her had been disappearing of late. While none of her kind could remember their true origin, she had kept track of others like her, eternal whores spreading their legs down through the ages to receive the lusts of centuries. Near this area, two of her long-time acquaintances (she’d known that Vampire for 500 years) seemed to have vanished in a way unusual even for these elusive beings. Were there clues here? Could this Market and the nearby town be part of a trap? Were Vampire Hunters passing through? Though she was not a ‘Vampire’ in the normal sense, such humans rarely made the distinction. Arya was definitely supernatural; and that was enough for many trigger-happy heroes. To be sure, she needed a clue…she needed a hint….a sign….a leather-clad woman in her 30′s wearing a black beret, dog collar, and brassiere complete with nipple spikes….but those breasts! Were they…were they growing?

Strange; the woman was clearly in her mid-30′s, with auburn hair tied back into a dominatrix bun, green eyes and an athletic figure. Yet that figure seemed to be shifting from toned muscle into voluptuous bounty. The outrageous nipple-spikes seemed to rise higher as pale boob within the black leather cups continued to throb, pulse, and expand.

Oh yes, no doubt! Arya knew what the human was experiencing! It could be disorienting for the unprepared. The searing waves of ecstatic pleasure burned through her every nerve ending; as her bosom jiggled its way into a plump yet buoyant Double-D, attaining near perfectly spherical shape as her tits thrust their way upwards and outwards, the garish nipple-spikes seemed to be heralding a conquest, the conquest of breast over bra.

A smile curled Arya’s lips as the human woman…..’Mistress Talia’ according to her nametag gripped the cashier counter with white-knuckled tension. In moments, the human’s euphoria would accelerate, until she would experience a…delocalized ecstasy; a feeling like that of floating, as if she were disconnected from the physical world, lost in an abyss of carnal, sensual pleasure centered around her blossoming bosom. It was easy to lose onesself to such pleasures. Ah! look, the human’s face had begun to soften, she was getting younger.

To think that Arya had been worried! There must be more like her closeby; this poor female had clearly been infected with the essence of a succubus! The infection was tearing through her body at an accelerated rate, turning her into a living, breathing, sexual fantasy.

Once, the leather-clad woman’s bra spikes had pointed more downwards than up, but with each moment, the wall of soft tit in the cups grew firmer, bouncier, more ripe….and the garish spikes began to rise upwards, the angle shifting into a sharp, diagonal vector as whobbling whoppers nearly as large as casserole bowls strained and jiggled vigorously. Green eyes darted about nervously; and this ‘Mistress Talia’ was worried that her impending transformation might have been observed. Frantically, she scampered towards a stage near the north end to excuse herself in the rooms behind it. No doubt to examine herself with wide-mouthed wonder in a mirror as her flesh youthened to a state like that of a girl just leaving high-school; while her breasts and hips would bloom to resemble a woman capable of birthing, and feeding quadruplets with ease. Interesting.

A minor spray of cool liquid touched Arya’s bare shoulder, above the pink midriff she wore. On the stage behind which Talia was fleeing, there was a writhing stripper spraying herself and the white T-shirt she wore with a water bottle, teasing the audience with the nudity to follow. These were certainly the most enthusiastic strippers the sex-demon had seen in decades; the red-head seemed almost ready to orgasm herself; just from being watched by so many men!

No doubt, this place was safe. It seemed to be a haven for creatures like her; where she could easily feast upon male semen, orgies were frequent, not to mention women who had been infected by succubi. Arya chuckled as this ‘Talia’ woman scampered away in panic, already her center of gravity was shifting, and she stumbled as her bosom continued to ripen. Yes! This place could serve her needs for years!

She noticed a needy, nerdy, balding, office wage-slave who exuded the kind of sexual frustration that called out to Arya like blood to a shark. He was examining the adult magazine aisle with awe and yearning. There was a rippling throb deep inside her groin, the lurid hunger that could never be satisfied until a human male orgasmed inside her cunt. Arya’s chest tingled as she allowed herself another cup-size and moved in for the kill.


In the end, there was only one hope. Talia’s knowledge of the facility gave her the ability to manipulate the security systems, and subvert them to an extent. The first step would be to use those security systems for her own purposes. She slid out of a ventilation shaft into the chamber that housed the central air-conditioning of the complex.

The changes were progressing more rapidly; her tits shot forward like angry, luscious canteloupes, and she could feel the beginnings of a tingling heat in her pussy. She knew that soon the tingle would become a ferocious, aching hunger, and she would have no peace unless a penis was inside her. Would that be so bad? Were was the harm? No! Already her attitudes were changing! Nymphoid hormones must have penetrated her brain! Talia did not hold out the illusion even for a moment that she could resist. In a few more minutes she would be more wanton than the most depraved prostitute; craving all sex, any sex!

But Talia had already made her choice, in the few moments before she entered the bare, metallic chamber full of fans and machinery. She would survive and keep her freedom. Most workers at Area-69 were here because the government held felonies over their heads, but now she had no choice but to flee to remain free. When her colleagues discovered her, she would be locked up and experimented upon. Dr. Hein would spend hours prodding her naked body, forcing her into orgasm, while that wretched Dr. Tom would watch and giggle!

The first step was to sow confusion. She knew that the internal sensors would begin tracking any release of Nymphoid pheromones. The computers would isolate the location, and the lingerie-squad would move in with Holy-Water foam and various paralytic chemical weapons, and she’d be naked in a glass tube for years on end. Before she had time to consider escape, no doubt the sensors would detect her anyway! She only had minutes to act! Before making any attempt to escape, she’d have to confound the security, confuse it. The computers ran regular computations on all conditions in the facility; in less than 10 minutes, her location would be pinpointed, and her new status would be detected! But there might be one way; With all the sensors set to detect release of sexual musks, she’d give the computers all they could handle.

Talia, scarcely recognizable as herself, spread her naked legs before one of the intake fans. And she began to masturbate; to tweak and tease her cunt for all she was worth.


“Alright…..let’s make sure I’ve got it….” Dick was determined to learn every detail of Area-69′s procedures and operation, or….re-learn it. He wanted to make sure he didn’t make any obvious blunders. His duty shift at the Vampiric Holding cell was beginning soon, and he had begun to drill himself to ensure mastery of every relevant detail.

“Lesse….Class 1….feed off of emotion; usually male sexual lust. Class 2; they feed on biological energy; extracted during acts of sex. Aaaannd…. Class 3′s….flesh-feeders; often living semen. We’ve found Supernatural, Paranatural, and Cybernetic types…they can infect their victims to allow physical and mental control, other types consume their victims physically, and……the rest just want men to impregnate them, to breed without limit or discretion.” He arrived at the Titanium barricade that kept the newly-captured Vampires bottled up and horny as hell. He clicked the access panel when-



An alert light near the ceiling flashed as the alarm sounded. The outer corridor was bathed in a pinkish glow.

“CODE PINK!” announced a metallic, female voice over the intercom. “SYSTEM-WIDE PHEROMONE DISPERSAL!”

“What the….that must mean that mating musk has been detected outside the holding pens in multiple locations! It’s a major breach!”

“BEGIN LOCKDOWN PROTOCOL ALPHA!” Well, in that case, Dick knew that he wasn’t getting anywhere near the Nymphoids, the security documents he’d been reading had said that the major checkpoints that separated most of the office spaces from the holding pens would be sealed until further notice in case of a Code Pink.

“Huh, well I guess I’d better…I’d….I feel….so-s-so…so warm….” Dick put a hand to his forehead as a rush of heat ran through his flesh; and went straight to his crotch!

“DICK!” shouted a familar, accented voice. It was Talia’s friend, Inez who was still clad entirely in revealing fishnet stocking. Her ample assets jiggled as she approached. “Dick…I…I need some L-libidinex…I’ve run out! Pheromones released into the air-supply…It’s a Code Pink! P-please…let me borrow…some of your vials.” A reasonable request, but Dick was afraid….

“I’m…I’m out too! I’d used the last of my Libidinex when I was helping Dr. Hein run….ohh…so warm….running….her calculations to…improve the synthesis of Lesbigel for the Sappho Chamber!” His cock! So hot! He was getting harder than he ever thought possible!

“Then….no chance….the mating musk affects…both sexes….” Inez could not help but squeeze and fondle her melon-sized tits, attempting to tease him with her womanly assets even while her rational mind was trying to fight the effects. After a mere moment of taut-muscled tension, the two of them realized that resistance was futile and lunged into each other’s arms. They would simply have to ride out the sexual storm of irresistable rut.


“OPEN THIS DOOR IMMEDIATELY! I AM THE DIRECTOR OF THIS ENTIRE FACILITEEEEEE!!!” screeched Interim Director Chase as he beat against the Titanium Barricade that sealed off the major security checkpoints. It wasn’t supposed to be him! Not him! It was supposed to be Bigswallow! His plan….it should have….it should have worked! But somehow, someone had triggered a Code Pink! That sealed away the Nymphoids from the agents, and he hadn’t attempted to bypass the checkpoint controls. He had only disabled the locks within the holding pens, between the cells that held Nymphoids.

And now, the computer would keep him sealed inside, inside the holding sections with the Nymphoids who…oh no…..F*$#! It can’t be! A door he had tampered with slid open from the chamber that was holding the newly-feminized Vampiric Spawn. With the full lockdown in place; he could not escape, but…but…the Nymphoids inside this sublevel would soon be able to move freely!

“S-soldier! Remember….who you are!” Chase ordered the naked Nymphoid that shambled into the corridor near him. He recognized the blurred tattoo; this was that former Marine! The one who had a bad reaction to the vaccine, and who’d been overfeminized as a result. Chase had to make him remember who he really was! But his protestations were futile. The she-devil that slinked towards him was completely, utterly female. If she remembered anything about her prior life; it was but an afterthought. For now, the blond slut , her fingers slick with her own pussy juice, was wholly consumed by a ravenous craving for the maleness she had lost.

Chase detected a potent, pungeant scent. Not a pleasant odor by any means; a raw and tangy animal smell. The aroma burned in his blood, but still he tried to resist. The overfeminized Vampire paused only to shake her naked ass and pussy at her intended prey; to display her wanton lust, and to release yet more mating musk into the air. But after that brief respite, she was joined by others.

They were all naked, many had red stripes and patches in their flowing hair. All glared at the portly man with shadowed eyes that held a tortured lust beyond reason or sanity. The former marine gave an affirmative grunt, for she seemed to have attained some Alpha status amongst the crazed nymphomaniacs. And it was she who led the charge. Her overfeminized breasts still leaked milk, and jiggled like beige-colored watermelons as she lunged for her prey.


Her plan had worked; by releasing her new, succubus musk into the central air-supply, the computers had been unable to pinpoint her location! The lingerie squads were searching the entire base for roaming Nymphoids, and they didn’t know about Talia…not yet.

Perhaps she should change her name; she wasn’t the same person anymore. Not really a true Nymphoid, but no longer human. She emerged from a side-vent that led outside the Sex-superstore structure, her intimate knowledge of the base’s layout enabled her escape. But…now what?

Anyone that knew her before would not recognize her now; her miscalculation had changed her life forever. The naked female that scampered onto the dust of the Nevada desert had the legs of an Olympic swimmer; the ass of a rapper’s girlfriend, and the tits of a porn queen.

There was a teasing, tingling rush in her cunt, and her heartrate began to accelerate as her brain began to conjure forth images. Men….sex….it was not so much that Talia wanted lots of sex….she did….but she could feel a profound yearning to mate with many men, different men. A euphoric surge ran through her as she thought of her new life; wandering from town to town, bedding a new man each night….becoming pregnant….

“I’m….I’m a Breeder. I must….travel….mate….” As she spoke, she could not decide whether to masturbate her pussy, or massage her taut nipples. “Men will impregnate me….I shall breed….my kind….” She would give birth to a new race of Nymphoid sluts, and the thought served only to invigorate her. But she needed to travel, to wander. All her prior interests, her beliefs, her friendships, all seemed trite and trivial next to the overwhelming urge to seduce and conceive offspring with as many different men as possible. And there were so many…so very many! She let loose a brief, exultant yelp as she thought of the thousands of men that would be more than willing to seed her womb with their potent spunk.

But one aspect of her old self remained; her hunger for Dick Bigswallow. It took her several precious minutes to resist the urge to rush back into the facility to make the young agent her first breeding mate. (That would lead only to capture) As much as she still craved him, there were many, many, more. How much sex could a woman as attractive as she was achieve? She intended to find out.

She sniffed the air delicately, as new organs in her head detected the sweet aroma of testosterone on the air. It would be so easy; she could smell men from miles away, her mating musk would overwhelm any moral or ethical resistance. Leaving her old life behind, the naked sex-goddess set off towards her new destiny.


It was a dream, it couldn’t have happened to him…no…it was supposed to be Bigswallow….not him. The soft, tremulous breasts belonged to someone else….the wide hips and flower-soft skin did not belong to him! Still in a haze from the frantic mating with the Vampires, he remembered his penis, gripping the precious member firmly. Smaller….softer….no….can’t be….

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Her pelvis jerked as the last vestiges of his once 7-inch penis retracted into a female cleft, which blossomed into a full, complete vagina as internal, sexual organs rearranged. The Vampires….there’d been no way to resist them. Unlike mythic Vampires, they drank their blood fresh from the cock, but the victim….she had been such a victim…..felt only a continuous, ever-growing orgasm, the Vampires’ prey would climax up until the very moment they passed out from blood loss. And then….. It was gone! His penis was forever gone! The sleek, toned legs and gaping pussy were real! He was….no longer a ‘he’. But…it wasn’t suppoed to happen like this! It was supposed to be Bigswallow!!

“I AM DIRECTOR CHASE! YOU WILL RELEASE ME AT ONCE!!” shrieked the girl in a squeeky voice, a strand of her strawberry blond falling across her blue eyes. She looked no older than eighteen, and in her heart she knew that her days of directing were over. She was just another Nymphoid to them now, a sex-demon to be locked away, experimented upon, and forced to masturbate for hours on end.

Confirming her new status, a panel in the metal floor slid open beneath her like a trapdoor, and she slid rapidly down a long, smooth shaft, winding her way down….down towards her destiny.

“RELEEEEEEEASE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” but the naked girl’s cries went unheeded. She finally landed in a cylindrical chamber with a rounded floor, yet that floor was obscured by womanly legs, rounded asses, and beauteous faces all contorted in grimaces of lurid ecstasy.

“I’M IN CHARGE HERE!!! THIS IS MY FACILITY!! I’M THE DIRECTOR!! I…I ORDER YOU TO RELEASE ME IMMEDIATELY!” her pleas were answered by a thick gout of Lesbigel sprayed from a blunt spigot near the wall, the clear oil splattered upon her breasts and shoulders. Already she could feel it, feel the tingling. For her, it would be impossible to resist; for Chase still retained memories of life as a man, and still appreciated the female body.

I’m straddled across a chair, with my head on the backrest. A length of silken cord ties my left and right ankles to the chairlegs, just above my stiletto-clad feet. Another loops loosely around my neck, around the top of the chair, and tightly around my wrists in front of me. I can move a bit, but the bindings on my ankles and wrists stops me from lowering myself onto the chair below. It’s an awkward position and my legs are feeling the strain.

As I try to give them some relief I can’t help but wave my ass in the air. I’m blindfolded but in my mind’s eye the image is clear; my shapely ass framed by the garter belt and stockings I slipped on earlier, my breasts in their bra against the back of the chair, my legs spread, and my cock jutting out underneath me.

I hear soft footsteps and then someone tugs on my hair, pulling my head back and causing my mouth to open slightly. Something metallic and awkward is quickly slipped between my teeth and twisted, opening my mouth wider. At the same time I feel a strap being pulled around my head and tightened: it’s a gag then. At least it’s an open one, giving me freedom to breathe.

Fingertips are suddenly dancing down my arced spine. I shiver. They move further down, lightly skipping over my brastrap and across my garter belt. The fingers stop at the base of my spine.

The fingers are removed but then I feel something cool at the top of my thighs. The feeling spreads as fingers start working along the gap between my legs. In moments the fingers have started ranging between my hairless balls and my special place; I can’t help but moan.

This involuntary expression of appreciation is recognised and rewarded. The fingers lift away temporarily and then return, working first the slippery tip of one and then another into my only hole.

After a minute of this gentle teasing the fingers are removed. My special place, my only hole, feels ready. As if in response, something bigger and smoother than a finger presses home. It keeps pushing, firmly and gradually, stretching. Then with a rush it’s in, and I close around it, a largish plug. I feel that wonderful fullness of anal penetration and my throbbing cock bounces as I twitch.

Now I feel hands cupping my breasts, pushing the underwire of my bra into my ribs. My breasts yield as they are squeezed and my nipples thrill as the hands brush over them. His fingertips dig into the squashed flesh above my bracups, my nice little b’s forced into a shallow cleavage. I moan again through my open gag.

This time my reward is going to be less about my pleasure. He places his hands on either side of my head and then I feel a weight on my tongue; he’s going to take advantage of the open gag. I try to relax but he forces his thick manhood in too fast. I try to back off for a moment, to prepare myself for his invasion but I can’t. His cock hits my throat and my gag reflex cuts in.

He doesn’t care; he knows how much I loved it when girls used to gag on mine. Now he’s going to make my newly feminine form experience the same. Gripping my head more firmly, he starts thrusting in and out of my gaping mouth.

The ropey, thick strands of spit from the back of my mouth increase. He starts pulling further back, drawing them down my chin, where they hang. The physicallity of what he is doing to me is exciting. I can feel my cock and balls bouncing and the plug in my ass is getting pulled slightly in and out as I flex.

At this point he’s eased up on ramming his cock down my throat. Instead he’s slowly inserting and then drawing it back, encouraging me to dribble and drool. Eventually the mess of spit on my chin drops; it doesn’t land on my breasts, which are behind the chairback, but drops to the floor.

Satisfied, he lets go of my head and withdraws his cock from my mouth. This is what I’ve been waiting for. I start writhing against my bonds, wiggling my ass, flexing my cock and squeezing the plug in my ass.

I feel him tug on the plug; he’s about to do it! He pulls on the plug with one hand while the other cups my balls and grips my cock’s shaft. Again the blindfold is no barrier to me seeing this in my mind’s eye; I can see my transgendered body clearly; cock and balls jutting out from between my stocking-clad legs, breasts bobbling in their black satin bra, and ass waving in the air, just the base of the plug showing from my hole.

Suddenly the pressure on my hole increases and the plug stretches me wide. Then with a rush it’s gone. I can feel my ass gaping, the cool air of the room playing in my special place. I feel so empty! So desperate for filling.

I feel his fingers at my hole again, great dolops of lube being smeared on this time. I moan again; while the roughness and pain of a spontaneous fucking is good sometimes, nothing feels better than properly lubed anal.

Especially when a cock is this big! He’s slipped it into me suddenly, forcing the fat head against my rim. After a moment’s resistance he’s in; the plug has done its work. Slowly his shaft glides into my ass until I feel his pelvis press against my butt.

The feeling of fullness, vulnerability and sexiness is incredible. This is the feeling that drove me to the change, to start hormones and wear women’s clothing all the time. Sex with women had always been fun for me, but I had spent as much time on my back alone with a dildo and bra and panties set as I ever had with girls.

All that time practicing had never prepared me for the reality of being taken like the transgendered slut I’d become though. His cock inside me to the hilt, I press myself forward against the chair, pushing my breasts in their bra up against it, using the stiff fabric to stimulate my nipples. He follows me forward, kissing my neck and keeping me impaled on his rod.

I moan again. Satisfied, he starts slowly withdrawing his cock. Inch by inch it pulls out, taking my tightly wrapped asshole with it. Just before the head emerges he starts driving back in. He gets into a slow rhythm, and I’m loving the slow pulling and pushing as it accentuates the sensation of being fucked.

Now he starts lifting the pace. I’m getting forced back and forth with the power of his thrusts. As a male this utter lack of control might have been intimidating, as my transfem self, it’s the best feeling in the world.

I’m really needing his cock now, needing the violence of his assault. His cock is big enough to prod my prostate as he fucks me and so as he drives harder I start to feel an urgent pressure behind my cock. Moaning loudly now, I’m consumed by my need.

I let out three short rasps of air and noise, a sign he recognises. Suddenly he withdraws entirely and I’m left hanging. Then he slams back inside. It’s my favourite feeling of the entire night, my loose ass gleefully accepting his thick cock’s rapid invasion, assisted by the lubrication applied so liberally. I believe it’s the closest I’ll ever get to having a wet pussy of my own, able to take cock on its own terms.

Knowing how much I love this sensation he repeats it eight or nine times. But he himself is getting close. And I still need his cock. Quickly he pulls out for the finale time and then repositions himself in front of me. He hurriedly removes the gag and my blindfold and unbinds my hands.

Released, one of my hands drops to my throbbing cock and the other grabs his thick shaft. I look up into his eyes and smile. He looks down at my messy face as I start jerking the cocks in my hands. I look at his big shaft, which only seconds before had been giving me so awesome an ass fucking.

Consumed by my need, I take him into my mouth. After a few moments both he and I are ready to orgasm. I release him from my mouth and finish us both with my hands. Spurts of cum shoot out and up across my stomach, chest and breasts.

He unties my ankles. Standing up on wobbly legs, I glance down. Pearls shine across my breasts and stomach. My lover bathes in my glory.

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