My eyes opened the next morning and I was a being held in someone’s arms, I felt very safe and secure. For a second, until the cobwebs cleared, I thought it was Trent holding me in our bed in our cabin. Then I felt the soft breasts pressing into my back and I remembered where I was. I was sharing a bed with Anna, the daughter of the family we had dinner with last night. The memories of what happened came back to me and I tensed up, angry.

Anna was spooned up behind me and had her arm over my mid section. There was nothing erotic or romantic about it, just someone cuddling someone else. I felt myself start to relax; it was that movement in my muscles that caused Anna to stir.

“Hi,” she said sleepily.

“Hi yourself,” I responded.

“Sorry about that,” Anna said as she withdrew her arm, “I tend to do that in bed with anyone.”

“I am not complaining. It is a nice way to wake up.” I reassured her.

“Good,” Anna said looking sheepish, “how about breakfast?”

“Not yet, I need to get changed first.”

There was a knock on the door and Adam’s voice carried through the wood. “You decent?”

“No, but give us a minute to take our clothes off.” Anna said, laughing as she got up and unlocked the bedroom door.

Adam stepped in and carried a tray with a tea service on it.

“I hope you like tea Janie.” He said, pouring.

“Yes, in fact I prefer it.”

We sat on the bed and talked. Mostly we made plans for the day. We were at sea all day and would not dock until the next morning. Anna disappeared for a few minutes and returned saying that she tested my key and the door opened fine. Trent must have gone out.

“No,” Adam said, “I called the concierge and asked him to unlock it for you. I said that Trent must have flipped the lock by accident and locked you out.”

“Thank you for your discretion.” I told him colouring slightly.

“No problem. Now, why don’t you get changed and we can go get breakfast.”

“Great idea, but I need to work out before I eat.” I said. “I am determined to go back to school ready to start cheering again and this cruise food is not going to help that.”

“Good plan, in fact I will join you.” Anna said, and Adam nodded.

I slipped across the hall and into my cabin. Sure enough Trent was sawing logs in the bedroom. I tossed his tie on the dresser and grabbed my workout leotard, pink with white accents, my leggings, and white running shoes and headed for the fitness center. Adam and Anna were coming out the door at the same time, both wearing the same evil smiles.

There was a yoga class just starting and a Pilates’ class right after. Anna and I spent the next ninety minutes stretching and working our muscles, I occasionally shot glances at Adam as he went from the stationary bike to the fitness machines and then cooled down on the treadmill. I almost killed myself watching him on the bench press and upper body machines. As we were walking back to our rooms Anna told me of their plan to teach Trent a lesson about locking me out last night. It was wonderfully simple, yet infinitely devious. I agreed and we went into our cabins to shower and clean up and agreed to meet in the corridor in thirty minutes. Fortunately Trent was nowhere to be seen when I went to clean up.

True to their words, both Anna and Adam were waiting for me when I came out ready for breakfast. We made our way up to the Lido deck and the café there. Sure enough, we spotted Trent sitting alone at a table for four, looking like a vulture with a headache and nursing a cup of coffee. I got my breakfast, cereal and fruit, milk and yogurt and headed for the table. I dropped my tray loudly on the table and got a very dirty look once his head stopped ringing.

“Good morning Trent, isn’t it a beautiful day at sea?” I gushed all over him as I sat down at the opposite corner. He was against the window and I took the aisle seat. I got a grunt for a response.

“Did you have a good time last night? I did not see you after dinner.”


“Well the only reason I ask is that I spoke to Anna this morning and…” I was interrupted by another tray dropping even louder on the table. Adam had joined us and sat down next to me.

“Good morning my sweet,” he said as he leaned in and kissed me on mouth. No tongues were involved, but he spent the next minute or so pressing his lips to mine. I almost swooned.

“Good morning Adam.” I replied when he let me up for air. “Did you sleep well?”

“Not a wink, as you well know.” He responded grinning at me. “Morning Trent, you look like death warmed over, hard night?”

“Well as a matter of fact…” Trent whispered only to be interrupted by a third tray making even more noise.

“Good morning all.” Anna said cheerfully. She leaned over the table and kissed her brother, not the usual way a sister kisses a brother, but they did not get too out of hand. Then she turned to me. “Good morning Darling” and she kissed me. This girl could give lessons, she had me panting in seconds and I had to hold onto the table to keep from grabbing her. She pulled back only far enough to let Trent see our tongues entwined and then kissed me again. Anna broke the kiss and smiled as she sat down. “You taste just as sweet as last night. Hi Trent, feeling better?”

Trent sat there open mouthed and decidedly green. He looked like he was gonna feint and Anna pushed the last button that he had.

“You okay, you look a little pale. You should eat something. Here, I got you a plate.” She slid a dinner plate in front of him and I almost got sick looking at it. Anna had got him runny scrambled eggs, burnt toast, half cooked bacon and the coffee smelled as though it was used to clean the engines. Trent lasted all of five seconds before he jumped up and dashed to the door, holding a hand over his mouth. We all laughed and Anna picked up the plate and tossed the food away.

“That will keep him guessing, and teach him a lesson.” Adam said firmly. We all laughed and started to eat as the chair that Trent vacated was pulled back and Jason sat down looking stern. We looked up and saw that we were surrounded by parents.

“All right, what was that all about?” Jason demanded. “We saw your little display from across the room.”

Looking guilty, I explained about Trent locking me out last night. Anna told them of how he got drunk after seeing Adam and me going off after dinner. Adam piped in and finished the rest of the story, how he took me back to their room, I slept with Anna and he figured out a way to teach Trent a lesson. By the time we finished, there were smiles all around.

“Well, if that doesn’t get him off his high horse, then I will have to talk to him.” Jason said with a grin.

“No,” I said firmly. “This is between him and me. I don’t want anyone to say anything to him.”

“Are you sure,” Heather asked softly.

“Yes, if he won’t accept me as I am, then I will find someone who will.”

There were looks of confusion from Adam, Anna and their parents, so I launched into my pre-planned speech about wanting to remain a virgin. Kevin and Jennifer smiled approvingly and looked sharply at Anna, who promptly ignored them.

We finished breakfast and Mom grabbed me and dragged me off to the front of the ship. Jennifer had Anna in tow and Heather and Susan completed the party. Heather waved at Jason and said that we were having a girls’ day at sea and would see them at dinner. I started to protest, but Mom gave me a look and I stopped talking quickly. We ended up outside the ship’s theatre at the very front. The movement of the ship was much more pronounced here, anyone putting on a show would be hard pressed to keep their feet under them.

There was a table set up and a woman selling books about two to three inches thick. Mom walked right up and grabbed six. She handed her room card over and the lady ran it through before handing it back. Mom handed them out and we went directly into the theatre. We found seats about half way to the stage and Mom handed out the books.

They were filled with coupons for the stores all over the world. I asked Mom what was up and she said just wait and see. Since I could not get any more information and Anna seemed as lost as I was, we flipped through the books as the theatre filled around us. I stopped flipping and started reading and noticed that several of the coupons were for free items.

After about fifteen minutes a woman appeared on the stage, wearing the uniform of one of the ships staff. She introduced herself as the ships shopping consultant and for the next forty five minutes explained how and where to get the best items. Each port we were headed to had its own specific items to look for. One was for jewelry, one camera’s and electronics, one for alcohol. She gave us tips on how to shop, where to shop and where to avoid. She explained the books and how to get the most out of them, including all the free items from the ports we were going to. The book was good for a year and could be used anywhere in the world. It was more than worth the thirty dollars Mom paid.

We left the seminar talking about the stores and ports that we would be at starting the next day. We headed to the elevators and went up to our deck and to our cabins with instructions to change to bathing suits and be back in ten minutes. We all made the required time and headed to the pool on the deck above. We swam and hot tubbed for about an hour and then the Moms lead us down to the spa at the rear of the ship on the same deck.

We were welcomed with open arms and were whisked away to be completely pampered. We emerged about five hours later, massaged, facialed, manicured, pedicured, relaxed and hair done in time to return to our cabins to dress for dinner. I got the full body massage and a body wrap, the mud facial felt nasty, but did the job. I even got special nail polish that changed colour in sunlight.

Since this was a full day at sea, it was a formal dinner. I dressed in a strapless little black dress, with a beaded sweetheart neck line; no stockings and open toed knot sling back black four inch heels.

Anna wore a one shoulder little black dress with a rosette on the shoulder and a ruffled body. Her shoes were a platform sandal with a four inch heel. Susan wore a pleated waist rhinestone bow floor length gown in red with spaghetti straps. Mom was dressed in a one shoulder fitted floor length gown in dove grey. Heather was in a strapless pleated floor length brooch in white with matching heels. Jennifer had on a classic A-line mid length formal in blue. To say that we were all looking incredibly hot would be a classic understatement.

We took the elevator down to the promenade deck and headed through the casino to the main dining room. One the way through I found a token on the floor and fed it into a slot machine and pushed the button. I was about to keep on walking when the sirens went off. I thought that I was in trouble and was about to be busted for gambling under age, but I had just hit the jackpot. Mom stood beside me and made me wait while the manger came over and unlocked the machine. He checked the computer and announced that I had just won over five thousand dollars.

They took me to the cashier and tried to get me to put the money on my stateroom account, but seeing the trouble I was having with Trent, I wanted cash. They pushed, but I was firm, and they paid me out in cash. It took about twenty minutes to get everything sorted out and we were almost late for dinner.

We met the guys at our table, all of them looked delicious in their tuxedo’s, even Trent damn it. But we were seated attentively and ordered dinner. Shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad, marinated chicken breast, and I begged off of desert, but the cheese cake looked absolutely divine. Adam was ever the gentleman, and he seemed surprised that we could have spent all day in the spa. The boys spent the day shooting hoops, skeet shooting and golf driving on the after deck. It sounded like fun, but I think we had the better day.

After dinner Adam led me up to the Sky Observation lounge. It was a clear night and you could feel the slight motion of the ship but we lay on the lounges provided and watched the stars go by. I had never seen a night sky so clear and dark before. We could see every star in the heavens, or so it seemed. It was very romantic and I couldn’t help but wish that I was sharing it with Trent.

Adam and I talked again about our goals and life plans. He was studying engineering and was looking at going into large civil projects, dams, highways, things like that. I told him that I was hoping to study photography and was waiting to hear from UCLA about going there. Adam said that I was certain to get in, which I thought was sweet, since he had not seen any of my work.

It was after one in the morning when Adam took me back to my cabin, this time the door was partial open, held that way by the security bolt. We went in and found Trent and Anna sitting at the table in the veranda, talking softly. We went over to them and I opened the sliding door to let them know that we were there.

Both were drinking sodas, I figured Trent learned his lesson the night before. Anna invited us to join them and we sat on the other two chairs and talked for another hour before Adam said that he was going to bed. Anna joined him and left me and Trent alone on the balcony.

“Trent, we need to talk.” I said softly.

“No, we don’t.” He replied tersely and headed back into our cabin. I followed him in, but he locked the bedroom door on me and I sat down on the sofa, getting ready to cry when the door opened and Trent reappeared in his shorts and made for the other sofa.

“I got the bed last night, so you can have it tonight. Sorry it won’t be as fun as last night with those two, but at least you can get caught up on your sleep. Goodnight.”

Trent rolled over onto his side facing the back of the couch and ignored me. I sat there for a few minutes, and then stood to go to bed.

“Trent, I still need to discuss this with you. I want to explain everything to you. But I need you to meet me at least half way and listen.”

He said nothing and I went into the bedroom, changed into my nightie, removed my vagina and went to bed. I made it a point to not lock the bedroom door. I spent the night staring at the ceiling and watching the waves out the window. By dawn I had got maybe two hour sleep and I was again on the balcony watching the sunrise. I was tempted to use the whirlpool, but decided against it. I heard the sliding door open behind me and Trent stood there dressed for the day, I was still in my nightie.

“Come in here, you must be frozen solid, you have been out here for over an hour.” He ordered, I wanted to tell him to stuff it, but I was cold. He led me into the sitting room and wrapped a blanket around me and proceeded to serve me the breakfast that he had ordered. We ate without speaking and by the time we finished, the tension in the room was reaching the breaking point.

“Janie,” Trent said finally, “I want to say something to you, but I have to say straight out with no interruptions.”

“Okay,” I replied meekly, I knew where this was going. He did not want anything to do with me.

“I need to apologize about how I have been acting and I don’t really know how.” My mouth dropped open and I almost said something, but Trent kept on talking.

“I have been mad at myself and been taking it out on you.” He continued. “Before I met you, I was the shallow, pathetic little rich boy that you see in all the movies. I won’t make excuses about why I was that way, but it is how I was. I had gotten used to being careful about people who wanted to be my friend, with Dad being so rich I got a lot of people toadying up to me to curry favor with Dad. I learned early how to use that against people and it worked at keeping people at arm’s length. My only true friend all these years has been Candy, she and I have been together since we were babies. Her Mom and mine went through school together.

“Anyway, I learned to use people and then dump them when I got what I wanted. Before we met, I was only interested in my car, football and getting laid. Then you strolled into my life. You are the first person I had ever met who treated me like you didn’t know who my parents were. I couldn’t get over the fact that you weren’t swooning all over me. I was actually nervous when I asked you out. I didn’t know what to do if you said no. No one ever turned me down for a date before and I was up all night worrying about what you would say.

“When you said yes, I thought my heart would burst. Then when I picked you up, you came down the stairs, you were a vision. I didn’t think I was good enough for you. Then you handled my parents like you had known them for years. Nothing fazed you. You were more of an adult than anyone I had ever met.

“Then we were dating officially and I saw how you treated everyone else, even the school nerds, you got Candy and that guy Kevin together, I realized just how wonderful you were.

“When you told me you wanted to remain a virgin I accepted it without question, because I couldn’t think of anything worse than taking that from you. You were always in control of every situation, so confident that it never occurred to me to try anything.

“When we were at the cottage and you came out in that bathing suit I was in shock. I had never seen anyone as beautiful as you were. Then you climbed into the hot tub and told me the truth and showed me that you were a guy. I didn’t know what to say or do. I lost it.

“I reacted only on instinct. I forgot what a wonderful person and lover you were and thought only of the stigma attached to having sex and being in love with a guy. It came as such a shock that I wasn’t thinking. I blamed you for the fact that you are who you are. I knew that I needed to get out of the cottage and think before I really did something stupid.

“When I was out driving around, I realized that it was the shock of what you had told me and shown me that had gotten to me. I understood why you lied to me, it makes sense, you didn’t want anyone to know that about you. Then when I got back your Mom and Susan were there and it seemed that they were mad at me for the way I reacted to the news and that just got me madder, so I attacked you and threatened to out you at school. Susan put me in my place about that, not that I would have really said anything.

“Then she hit me with the point about my sexual orientation and being a homophobe. That really stopped me and made me think. I realized that she was partially right. I was being a homophobe, even though neither of us is gay, bi maybe, but not gay, since you are a girl. After you left, I thought about her comments and spent the rest of the time at the cottage and since then really thinking about what happened on our dates and when we had sex.

“I loved the feel of your ass around my dick. I loved the feeling of you on top of me riding my cock till we both came. I loved the feeling of you sleeping next to me, waking up in the middle of the night to feel your warmth next to me. I even liked it when you shoved your finger up my ass or fed me my own cum. I think that was the biggest problem. The feeling that I should not have enjoyed that, which is what has been bothering me for the last few months.

“And then I saw you standing in the door of this cabin, looking beautiful, despite the shock of seeing me. I knew then that I loved you, and only you. I have been trying to get my courage up to tell you how I feel, but then you went off with Adam and I realized what I had lost, probably for ever. That is why I was so drunk the first night. I locked you out so that you would have an excuse to be with Adam and then I would be justified for how I felt. When I saw you the next morning and saw that the three of you spent the night together having sex, I was furious, and very hung over. I really did have to go be sick, but only because I had finally realized what I had lost.

*** Warning: This chapter has several sections which contain rape, violence and physical abuse as major parts of the story. If these things would bother you, please don’t read this and wait for chapter 06, it will be along soon. However if you wish to understand all of my transition and what was behind the many hard decisions I made… then it becomes imperative to read these sections and follow how they affected me, my friends, and my family.

After admitting a long kept secret desire to become a woman to my three best friends at college, I had been spending a long weekend at Andy’s house with my girlfriend, Melissa and Andy’s girlfriend Cindy. I had gone through an interesting night of S&M role-play that Mel and Cindy had set up for us. It turned out that Cindy snuck some Spanish Fly into our drinks for fun that night, but it had another effect on Andy entirely. Not only did it make Andy sleepy that whole night, it apparently also interacted with a mild anti-psychotic drug that Andy took on a regular basis for a psychological problem he had been dealing with since he was 8 years old when his mother was killed in an auto accident, leaving Andy open to his feelings of paranoia, and causing him to try and attack me in his car when he was bringing me home from the beauty salon. Andy’s dad, the Doctor, has given him some fast-acting drugs that seem to have brought back the Andy we all knew and loved.

The Doctor has insisted that we have our therapy session, as planned this afternoon, and we have spent the last couple hours getting my head back where it should be after my scary ride. But it also had been a good ‘catalyst’ as he called this disaster (well, ‘disaster’ was my word for it), and he believes that I may have gotten some additional strength from this, that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to emerge.

“Oh, I dunno Doc…” I frowned in reply, “maybe, but I can’t really see how…”

“Ok… On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being least, and 10 being most…” he was saying, “What do you feel your confidence level with being a woman is right now?”

“I guess about an 8,” I said.

“And before you left for the salon, so before anything happened there,” he quickly continued, “what would you say your confidence level was then?”

I knew he wanted a quick response, “Well… a 4 anyway… maybe a 5.”

I could feel his smile before I saw it, I just shrugged as I knew he was right, instead of everyone worried about me and how I was coming along, we were all worried about Andy and I’d suddenly had to ‘make it work’ in my new ‘body’. I couldn’t hang back and wait for everyone to deal with my life, I had to grab my own life back and force it to give me what I needed, as a woman. And I knew that without this whole mess happening, it would have probably taken a lot longer for me to feel this confident about who I was as a woman.

He also had some rather startling results from the tests that he’d done on me the previous day. It seemed that I did have ‘some’ attraction to men, what he called my ‘latent’ bisexual feelings. He felt that I should try to explore these feelings, as they may help me in my transition eventually. I did explain the little scenario that Mel and I tried out that morning, where she had dressed very ‘butch’ and had anal sex with me. I told him that it had made me very nervous, but that once I started, it seemed so natural for me and I thought I might really be willing to have a male sex partner. That is, if I could overcome the initial feelings of having my sexual role reversed so completely.

“Perhaps what’s needed,” he suggested, “is just a male to male… date, to start off, you know… nothing where you need to worry about your ‘fem’ side, and wouldn’t that be a starting point anyway?”

“Mm-mm, yeah that might give me some idea then wouldn’t it?” I said.

“Well, why don’t you think about it this week,” he replied, “then go slowly once you’ve decided on someone?”

“Alright Doctor!” I smiled trying to convince myself this was possible, “Anything else that we need to cover today?”

“Oh… no, I don’t think so,” he scratched his chin thinking, “I’ll have your IQ and STOMAS test results for you next week… I imagine you’ve had plenty of occupational testing over your senior year of HS, and first year of college.”

“Oh yeah,” I said with little enthusiasm, “tons!”

“Well, we just need to see if your gender change will interfere with anything that you might have expected to progress normally,” he continued, “or if it might be altered in scope, and I’ll explain all that more next week.”

Suddenly my right knee began bobbing up and down in nervous anticipation. I knew I had to broach this subject somehow, but for the life of me I didn’t want to even deal with it at all. The Doctor saw it as well, and smiled as he looked on, waiting for me to finally find the words to get it out on the table.

“M-m-my p-parents…” I began with only two words, but they said everything.

It ended with a single tear from my left eye as I said the last word, “H-h-how…?”

“Would you like me to be with you when you confront them Joscelyn?” He asked.

I studied him for a long time, finally saying, “I think what I’m going to do is tell them one at a time, if you could be with me when I talk to my mother…?”

“Don’t you think…” he began to reply. But I had thought long and hard on this.

“Doc, my Mom is a teacher, and she’s really smart. My Dad is too, but he’s really bigoted,” I interrupted, “really bigoted… like beyond what you might even think possible! If we could convince my Mom, she’ll take care of convincing him. The crux of this, is gonna be getting through to my Mom!”

He sat and thought for some time before simply saying, “Alright! Then that’s how we’ll do it, when will you need me?”

Now I knew I’d probably have my work cut out for me, since I knew it would have to be soon, VERY soon! Because she was exactly what I said she was, very smart, and she already knew something was going on. The longer I waited to tell her, the harder it was going to be to make her see it my way.

“How about tomorrow morning?” I asked, between raised eyebrows.

“WHAT?” he exclaimed looking me up and down, “You mean…”

“Yeah…” I was continuing, “I want her to see me just like this…”

“The last time she saw me in female clothes,” I said, “I was 6 years old, and she told me it was perverted… because it LOOKED perverted! But tomorrow morning I’m going to look like a queen… She can accept me, or wish for the rest of her life that she had! It will be a perfect time, my Dad will be leaving early, and her school has the day off, so if you would be so kind as to drive me home… we’ll gang up on her and make our case!”

“Well, we don’t want to surprise her THAT badly, do we?” he was laughing.

“Pfft! You don’t know my Mom,” I said, “she’ll be dressed and ready for company by 9am, or at the latest 10am tops!”

“Ok Joscelyn…” he said finally, “you’ve convinced me, I hope you know what you’re doing, this could backfire you know!”

“Don’t I know it?” I replied, “It’s just the only way I know how to get through to her!”

“Alright… can you let Dolores know…” he started, but I already knew what was up.

“Don’t worry Doc!” I laughed as I interrupted, “We’ll be sure you’re called for dinner!”

He smiled as I got up and I waved my good-bye, then after blowing him a kiss, I began the long walk back to the kitchen. I had made sure to mention Sid’s recommendation for a Trachea Shave, and he had sent a note to his secretary to set up an appointment for me with a throat specialist. While we were going into that he also brought up the issue of my male ‘Philly’ style vocal accent not really going with my ‘valley girl’ body now. So he also asked her to set up an appointment with a female vocal coach. In the meantime, I took his warning to heart, making sure my voice stayed at least an octave above what I normally spoke with, luckily once again, my musical background came through and I found it easier than I had thought it would be to ‘place’ my vocal sounds a full octave above what I normally found comfortable.

As I got to the kitchen area, I found Dolores taking something heavy out of the oven, and ran over to lend a hand. Whatever was under the covered lid smelled like heaven and I made an effort to see what it was, perhaps even sneak a taste, when my hand got a pretty hard slap off of the handle of the lid!

“Ouch!” I yelled, in obvious mock pain, “Wow, and all I did was help!”

“Aww!” she cooed softly, “Here let me help you feel better…”

She took my hand between her two hands and gently sucked each digit into her warm mouth, as my mind spun off into some alternate reality I said, “Mmm, Oh my God…”

“Mmmm, better?” she whispered, “We’ll take good care of you girl!”

I wasn’t sure how I felt exactly, as I knew I was very attracted to Dolores, but also knowing she was like me brought out a couple very different feelings. Eventually she saw my hesitation and stopped.

“You’re right,” she giggled and then sighed, “it’s like… well, it’s almost like you’re my sister on some level… I dunno… do you feel it too?”

“Yeah,” I replied as I smiled back, “it is something like that, but I can’t quite place it… I guess I better ask the Doctor, huh?”

“Ha ha! By all means,” she said, “although I have to tell you I do feel a bit jealous of all the attention you’ve been getting from Cindy! It’s very unusual for her to be so directly involved with the training of a novice… and I’m not the only one feeling that way, you may want to be just little careful!”

I immediately looked around to see if anyone was within earshot, then taking her by the hand she had just been ‘attending’, I guided her over to the pantry, and closed its door behind us.

“Ok Dolores,” I said, “I need information. When I hear warnings now, I take ‘em seriously. What’s going on with Cindy? I know she wants me to be Mel’s Mistress eventually, although I don’t really even know what that means yet. So why should I be worried about her attentions for this?”

“I’m sorry Joscelyn,” she replied, “I’m not trying to scare you, and there’s no reason for you to be… it’s just that… Cindy is a matriarch of the ‘Sisterhood’, and when she shows an interest in someone, especially a novice, it may draw more attention to you than you might otherwise like to have… if you know what I mean.”

“Like from who?” I asked nervously, “Someone I know, or someone new?”

“Well, like…” she continued, “the other Matriarchs for example, I heard one of them telling her on the phone to ‘get her priorities straight’ when she was discussing you earlier today after the whole mess with Andy!”

“Wow…” I said quickly, “Do you have any idea why she’s taken such an interest?”

“Mm-mm,” she replied, “It began after you told her about your very difficult history and all the tough breaks you’ve had. Not that it was any worse than other’s had, I think it just reminded her, at some level, of herself!”

“Ok then Dolores,” I finally responded after a short pause thinking it through, “I’ll try to keep my head down, but I’ll need help, so if you hear any more, please tell me, ok?”

Now Dolores’ smile broke through so brightly it nearly lit up the little pantry all by itself, “You know I will honey, I told you I would take care of you, and I meant it!”

Turning off the hanging lamp, we walked back into the dining room, with nobody seeming to have noticed our absence.

“Need any more help hun?” I asked Dolores.

“Nope!” she replied, “Not right now sweetie, see if you can round everybody up, and let ‘em know dinner will be ready in about a half hour, ok?”

“Alrighty then!” I responded quickly, leaving to search upstairs for everyone.

As I reached Andy’s room, I saw Cindy and Andy lying next to each other, Andy’s eyes were closed and Cindy’s looked over at me with a finger quickly coming to her mouth to keep me from saying anything right then. She carefully got up off of the bed and came around to me, looking back to make sure Andy was still asleep, then she passed me going into the hall and I turned to follow her. As we walked over to Mel’s and my room, I saw Mel asleep on our bed and smiled at such a beautiful scene.

“Cindy,” I began to speak but she again shushed me.

“I know…” she whispered as she focused on our problem.

“I’ll need some nicotine for this,” she said as she eyed my determined jaw, “c’mon – follow me downstairs and we’ll talk outside for a few minutes.”

She quickly stepped back into her room and grabbed her purse, then again walked by me as she skipped down the stairs and quickly walked out the back door, headed for the little garden behind the kitchen. It was cool, but still comfortable as the sun was fading fast by this time. There was a small iron bench along the garden wall that was just barely hidden from the view of the kitchen window. Cindy sat down and got out her cigarettes and lighter, I sat down next to her as she tried to get the old tired lighter to actually do something like create a flame. I took it from her trembling hands and forced it to produce a flame and lit her cigarette for her, then dropped it back into her purse. She nodded, and smiled in appreciation of my mechanical ability.

“Thanks!” she said pulling a long drag into her lungs.

“What’s happening here Cindy,” I said in a complete monotone, “I mean… what’s happening here… to me… and why?”

She looked me over for a few seconds, then said, “Ah… The Sisterhood!”

“Yes, but first, what was your warning about Andy all about,” I said, “and I feel like such a fool for how I ignored you… is there anything else I need to know?”

Now she seemed to get very serious, “Oh Joscelyn! That had absolutely nothing to do with what happened to you today! My ‘warning’ was the most benign of things next to that… it was simply to let you know that Andy was very much enamored with you, almost from the very first day he saw you, and I only wanted you to be aware that he may hit on you… that was all there was to it!”

She seemed rather flustered now, “My God honey, I never dreamed that his meds would be screwed up so bad by that stupid Spanish Fly shit I gave… to… h-h”

I had never seen her like this, her cigarette fell from her hand and both of them were grasped around her head now. Softly, she had begun sobbing, as if not sure what she should do, only knowing that she felt responsible somehow. This wasn’t at all what I’d wanted to have happen, I had only seen the superwoman, that never seemed to have a worry in the world, and she was now sobbing and I couldn’t figure out what needed to be done for her, I only knew I had to do something!

“Cindy, I…” I said tentatively, “Look, as the Doc said, it just wasn’t anyone’s fault, and you can’t allow yourself to feel like it was!”

She seemed to calm down a little, but as I looked down at her, I saw a frightened little girl staring back, so I immediately moved closer and put my arms around her.

“Ok, I think I understand a little better now,” I continued, “so your warning was a very simple little ‘FYI’ to let me know Andy liked me a little more than he was letting on, right?”

“Yes, oh yes Joscelyn…” she was starting to recover now, “never in my wildest nightmares could I have seen what was going to actually happen to you!”

“Alright Cindy,” I continued to try to make sense of things, “now let’s talk about what you have tried to talk to me about for a while now, specifically Mel, her wanting me for a Mistress, and of course, the Sisterhood.”

After a small sniff and a large intake of air, she began, “Well… The Sisterhood is modeled along the lines of a large political organization. Each branch is run by a quorum of matriarchs, who decide what happens to the money taken in, hands out rewards and penalties, and decides how any particular member rises within their ranks. When you are asked to take on a party that finds itself in need of a Mistress, you will take care of their needs, then produce a bill for services rendered that must be paid directly to the Sisterhood. There can be no other method of payment or recompense. Understand?”

I had listened carefully, and yet it was still a lot to deal with, so I replied, “Yeah, but that sounds just a little like an escor…”

“Ah! Careful there,” Cindy said in a warning tone, “It’s nothing like an escort service. In fact, it’s closer to a whore house in certain respects, since sex during the performance of your duties is a given. However, the funds we receive are used to help us keep our members well dressed, and as sexy as possible, along with the setting up of S&M sex clubs within the city where the branch resides. These clubs give you an absolutely private place in which to conduct your business, built to the highest standards with fully equipped dungeons, and other types of helpful resources for your use.”

As she took a break to zip up her jacket, I took a chance to ask what I thought was an important issue, “But is the Sisterhood the only ones to get any money for this work by the Sisterhood’s members?”

“Yes… and for a very good reason,” Cindy continued, “They allow us to continue to do what we love, without interference by local, state, or even federal police. We can hold our sessions in complete privacy and without any unwanted interference. It allows the session’s Mistress absolute control over the scenario, in a much more powerful way than they could ever have been able to create on their own. As a Mistress of The Sisterhood, you will be the only power in their universe”

“Wow…” I was only now starting to see the advantages, “But what about the Mistresses, don’t they ever feel like they should be getting some of the money?”

“Oh, Goodness no!” She laughed, “Because they get 100% of all tips generated during their scenarios. And that’s a pretty good haul, of course some parties are better tippers than others, but it’s stated in the contract that tips are considered mandatory. No Joscelyn, The Sisterhood is an extremely well run organization, and all these issues were pounded out years ago, anyone in the S&M ‘lifestyle’ that wants the very best always knows who they can call.”

There was a small pause as I digested the info, and Cindy watched my reaction.

I decided it was time to make my needs known as I said, “So what are the other matriarchs upset with you about, as far as I’m concerned?”

Cindy’s eyes narrowed as she spoke, “What are you talking about?”

“I’ve heard that the Matriarchs have problems with you bringing me up to speed so quickly, or have I heard wrong?” I asked tentatively.

She sighed and said, “Yes, I don’t know how you found out about this, but I’ve been running into some interference in bringing you on board as a novice as quickly as I want to. You see, The Sisterhood requires a fairly long waiting period for novices before they can even take their initiation, and they must have gone through a complete test on how to conduct themselves when in a scenario.”

“And the other Matriarchs,” I continued, “are not willing to allow me to do this test quite yet?”

“I’m afraid not Joscelyn,” Cindy said, “and there doesn’t seem to be a way around it just yet. So we’ll have to wait for a while, hopefully not too long!”

“…and you’re trying to bring me in quickly for Mel?” I asked.

She gave me a knowing look that answered that question pretty quickly.

“Alright, then we’ll all just have to wait!” I replied, when suddenly I remembered Dolores’ request, “Oh shoot, we gotta get everyone to dinner, or Dolores will kill me!”

We quickly got up and ran upstairs to wake Andy and Mel up from their naps, and then I went down to give the Doc a heads-up that dinner was ready.


Dinner was a rather subdued affair, nothing like the previous night’s banquet. But then we were all pretty tired after going through the emotional ups and downs that Andy’s problem had caused. But when it came to Andy, he seemed to be coming back to his usual hyper self, and that was a really good thing for me, as I began to more fully understand who the ‘real’ Andy was.

After dinner Andy, Cindy, Mel and I played in the game room, mostly just to reduce our stress levels. But Mel was never far from me. She was attached to my waist almost the entire night, and I was beginning to understand just how strong her attraction was to Joscelyn. She had always been strongly attracted to Jack, but it was very obvious, it was Joscelyn that seemed to make her melt into my arms, kisses were longer and her libido seemed to have no limitation when she was with her, rather than her male counterpart Jack.

Finally Andy had had enough after such a strenuous day, and he and Cindy begged our pardon for abandoning us for bed. Soon Mel made it very obvious that her mind was on bed as well, although also obviously she was interested in anything but sleep! I started the ball rolling just to see how far this might go, I kissed her softly, putting my hands on each side of her face, then said, “I love you baby… take me to bed… NOW!”

The lustful look that sprang from her eyes was amazing to behold. She had her hair done almost the same as mine, and it felt and smelled heavenly. She grabbed my hand and we both ran straight up to our bedroom, slamming the door behind us. By this time I was ready to go as well, and we began groping each other’s bodies while stripping our clothes off as much as we could. I was left in my crotchless pantyhose, pink bustier, and strappy sandals with 6 inch heels. Mel was left in similar shape, but all black, with 4 inch pumps. Mel led me over to our bed and kissed me so hard I really didn’t know if I would have a tooth left in my mouth! After this she pushed me back onto the bed, and I wiggled up to the center of the bed, giving her my sexiest look possible, simmering for her lust. Nothing more was needed for Mel to jump up onto the queen-size bed, crawling up to me as a cougar would crawl up to its kill.

My cock was struggling with the fake pussy once again, but I was determined to stay as completely ‘en femme’ as possible this night and tomorrow, so we kissed and cuddled for a while, before I gradually kissed my way down her heavenly midriff until I was in place for my favorite bit of lovemaking on my beautiful Melissa. Her vagina trembled as I once again gently pressed my mouth against her slit, giving soft kisses along its length. Of course she was absolutely delicious and while I wanted more she certainly didn’t disappoint in her output, after 3 separate orgasms I had swallowed down more than enough of her pussy juice to keep even a cunnilingus aficionado like me sated.

I knew that she was ready for multi-orgasm, so I began exploring from the bottom up, eventually landing squarely on the tight bud of her clit. Once again I slid two fingers of my right hand as deep as I could into her, and curled them up just slightly as I pressed my tongue to her clit and sucked gently. I softened my tongue and licked my way around her magic nub before closing my lips over it again, sucking her gently. She tensed and her body rose up to meet my mouth as she came hard!

She gave a short, violent scream that was almost immediately choked off as all the muscles in her body locked for a few seconds of complete stillness and silence, then Mel sucked in a ragged breath and her body started to shake. I kept the pressure the same and didn’t move, as I didn’t want to change any of the sensations that were coursing through her body. I was treated to a last mouthful of her delicious pussy juice which I swallowed down before licking my lips. Mel shook for the next few seconds, still mostly locked up, and then let out a loud, explosive breath, followed by a period of heavy panting. I watched her body relax and muscles release as she came down from her climax. Slowly and gently, I slid my fingers from her soaked folds and lifted my head to look up at her, and could see her eyes slowly close as she looked back to me. Gradually her breathing returned to normal and sleep started to overcome her.

After I got her to sleep, I stayed awake for quite some time. I had some serious thinking to do, and my world was not as it had started this weekend. In fact, the whole purpose of the weekend had almost become irrelevant after today’s craziness. But more than anything, I’d better be on my ‘A’ game when I confront my mother tomorrow, I’ll know then just how well I had come to grips with my belief in my own womanhood. If she didn’t ‘buy’ into this, then everything was at risk. I knew that I was close, but I’d barely even begun my HRT, and while my skin was that of a young person, just a few days ago, it had only known its existence from the perspective of a young man, and not a woman. In places my skin was still very dry and scaly, and hardly the rounded and soft curves of a normal female! How was I really going to be seen by the person who had probably seen me more often than anyone on the planet? Would she laugh, because she would see her son immediately, or would she be as stunned as the Doctor had been, amazed at the transformation? It took me a couple more hours of this mind-play before I finally was able to drift off.


As morning broke, the sun was once again pouring into our little weekend love nest, and the more I became awake, the more I realized how sad I would be to see it go after I left to go back home this morning. Suddenly I could feel Mel stirring, grabbing my head and kissing me as hard as she could while remembering the orgasms I’d afforded her last night.

“Oh God Josie!” She cried using my short name after coming up for air, “Honey I fell asleep and never remembered to make sure you were taken care of…”

“Baby…” I interrupted, “Now come on, I was very happy giving you orgasms last night, so don’t you bother over it. And as a matter of fact, I was well taken care of, and you made sure I had everything I ever wanted so no worries, ok?”

“Well, alright.” She replied, “But it doesn’t feel right somehow.”

“If you could just help me get ready,” I said, “for seeing my Mom later, you would be helping with an immense problem sweetheart, you really would!”

“Oh yeah, right!” She suddenly replied, “Well, let me get myself going and see if Cindy’s up, because she’s really the best person to get you dressed right!”

“Ok babe!” I said while yawning as wide as I ever have, “I’ll use the bathroom after you then, ok?”

“Right…” she began saying, “Hey! Then you get to sleep longer… Oh, you!”

I was now laughing hard as she realized I’d managed to slip that trick in pretty easily! A sharp poke to my shoulder told me that, while she was annoyed, she wasn’t mad. But within 20-30 minutes, I had both of my male to female conversion helpers sitting on my bed and ready to get me dressed for whatever was to come with my mother. After going to the bathroom and washing my face, then removing all the other clothing that I had on, I returned to Cindy and Mel, to see what they thought I should wear.

I started with black lace panties, and matching bra. Then dark tan pantyhose and a pair of black patent open-toe pumps with 4″ heels. Then they found a frilly white blouse in my closet, apparently purchased over the weekend, along with a dark blue suit with silver pin-stripes, the skirt was 3 inches from the knee, and the jacket fit perfectly. I mixed and matched what jewelry I had that I thought would look nice and be low-key, then went into my make-up routine to finish the look. I tried to get my hair back to something close to what it had been yesterday, but finally Cindy grabbed the brush from my hand and along with a spray bottle of something or other, and after several minutes of cursing brought it back to its old self. As I looked into the mirror, I saw a young professional, possibly a Personal Assistant, staring back at me and smiled because that was exactly the look I had been hoping for.

Now we had to pack up all of the things they had bought for me that I wasn’t going to wear, and Cindy managed to find bags enough to get everything packed into the Doctor’s car this morning. I was stunned at the amount of clothing they had bought for me, starting with no less than 15 pairs of shoes, 34 pair of stockings and pantyhose, 38 panties, 14 bustiers and corsets, 26 bras, 15 blouses, 18 skirts, 16 dresses, and an unknown number of other types of women’s clothing in my size. Along with perfume, jewelry and other accessories, it was quite a haul for anyone, but I just kept wondering how I would fit it all into the small male bedroom closet I had at home.

Once this had been loaded into the Doctor’s car, the girls loaded all of their own things back into suitcases, and took those out to Andy’s car. This was because they would be getting a ride from Andy back to the college. Now we all congregated at Dolores’ breakfast table to get some food into us for our respective journeys. I was quiet and pensive, and I knew that today may not go well for me. Yet the girls and Andy tried their best to cheer me up, even Dolores gave me high praise for my well appointed office apparel. I could only hope I had made all the right decisions for myself.

Finally, it was time to go. Everyone hugged me and wished me luck. That seemed to give me the confidence to feel like I was doing the right thing. The Doctor then came around and started up the car, and off we went.

After a couple hours of early morning suburban traffic, we reached my home. I lived in a large colonial house painted a dark barn red color. It sat on a corner property at a 45 degree angle to both roads that intersected there. Lovely pink colored brick made up its lower front walls, and stoop, as well as the chimney. A narrow driveway wound up to a single car garage where I had rebuilt many a car engine. But more than that it was the home of our only pet, since my parents would not allow a dog to live inside our house with us, he lived in the garage. This wasn’t your ‘average’ single garage, as when it was originally built, the house was the sample house, and the garage was the property manager’s office. So it was well insulated, which I added to later, and had electric heaters with thermostats installed at 3 locations. I spent many a cold night out there without any bad side effects. So for a dog, it was a heckuva nice place to call home, although we kids would much rather have had him inside with us.

I told the Doc to park down at the end of the property line after he dropped me off at my driveway, and then I would come out to get him in a few minutes. As I watched him roll down the street, for the first time, I felt just incredibly lonely. But I bit down firmly, tucked my black patent clutch under my arm and literally marched towards my own front door, as if I were attacking in formation! Once I had my hand on the front door knob, I sighed a very long sigh, and went on in.

I looked around the front hall, peeked down into the family room, then upstairs towards my parent’s room.

“Is that you Jack?” My mother asked.

“Yeah Mom, I’m home!” I replied in my normal masculine voice up to her.

Quickly I went straight to the kitchen, as it would be the way I would normally go to let the dog out and get breakfast. Opening the door, our dog, an English Cocker Spaniel named Leo, wagged his tail, but didn’t seem to know me enough to do his usual jumping routine. I got him out and attached to his run-line that allowed him to run back and forth through the back yard. Once that was complete, I walked down to where the Doc had parked and got back in. Then I told him to go ahead and re-park back into the driveway. Once that was done, we both got out of his car and walked up to the front door.

“Well, here we go!” I gasped between clenched teeth.

“Josie…” The Doctor said, “Try and relax now, everything will turn-out, take a deep breath and just keep breathing throughout, ok?”

I tried to follow his instructions, but my heart was beating so fast, and my chest was hurting so bad, that I could barely get any breath inside me, let alone a deep one! Finally I pushed the already open front door all the way, so we could both get through. My feint had apparently worked, as when we walked over to the kitchen, I saw my mother staring out the kitchen window into the back yard, moving back and forth trying to see where I was. And as I had explained to the Doc, she was completely dressed and ready for company. My feint was done to get her downstairs, so she wouldn’t be able to say that she wasn’t dressed yet, and thereby negating my bringing the Doctor here for support. My mother was a tall woman at about 5’10″, always dressed well, with blond hair barely long enough to cover her neck, you could bet on her make-up being perfect and jewelry matching what she wore.

Once I knew it was time, I addressed her in my feminine voice, which until this moment, she had never heard before.

“Hello Mom,” I said, “I brought Doctor Goldmann this morning so you could see how things are going with my therapy.”

As she twirled around to see who was addressing her, her eyes became saucers when she saw my form in the doorway. I took a few more steps through the door and into the kitchen, so that I was about 3-4 feet away from where she was standing at the kitchen sink. The kitchen light now showed my complete body to her. I saw the shock on her face as she gradually realized it was me, I think that hurt more than any slap in the face could have ever managed.

“Mom…” I began, “You must know that this is the only way for me now.”

“No…” she tried to reply, but it was so weak as to be nearly inaudible.

Then she repeated her ‘no’ and gradually felt with her hands over to the kitchen table, all the while staring straight at me. She pulled her usual chair out and sat down very heavily, placing her head in her hands, but still unable to take her eyes away from me.

I pulled out a chair from the table for the Doctor, and then pulled one out for myself and sat down, while crossing my legs. She seemed as if she could only look directly at me.

“Jack… a-are you wearing… make-up?” She finally managed to say.

“Yes mother, I am,” I replied calmly, “because most girls do.”

“Excuse me Mrs. Hartman,” The Doctor was speaking now, “but Jack will shortly be known as ‘Joscelyn Anne Hartman’ instead of ‘Jack Arthur Hartman’, as she has indicated her wants for a female name to go with her female form.”

“Oh… God!” My mother spoke slowly, “Jack, you… but, why?”

“Why become female?” I queried, “Or why that name?”

Now she seemed to get some of her self-control back as her anger flared, and suddenly we were in a real conversation that had taken nearly 12 years to finally come about.

“Why – everything!” She almost yelled at me.

“Mom, I don’t feel like a man, I never have,” I was talking quickly, “so if I’m forced to be a man, it will eventually destroy me, it will have to, can’t you see that? Haven’t you seen the terrible toll it’s taken on me every day as I have to make excuses for why I don’t like sports, why I like decorating the house, why I don’t have ANY body hair, and on, and on, and on…?”

“It… will… kill… me!” I spoke as forcefully as my voice allowed, “Is that what you want for your offspring, you want your son to die… why not let me live as your daughter… would that really be so horrible?”

Now she put her face in her hands and began to sob, so I gently took her left hand and placed it between mine. In a way that she could easily see my French manicured nails, and began stroking it softly.

“This isn’t that strange or rare,” I tried to bring my voice down now, “many young men my age finally realize the truth, the real truth about their gender. And they come to the same place that I have, they have to try to make the change that will bring their bodies into balance with their minds!”

She was now softly stroking my hand, but the tears were still freely flowing, “Well,” she sniffed, “You’re sure that no one’s somehow ‘convinced’ you of this course, like your sister for instance?”

Now I had to smile, as I said, “Of course not, she has her own life to live, and she hasn’t been involved with my gender problems at all Mom.”

“I know you’ve been under a terrible strain at times, Jac…” She paused, and then continued, “Jos… Joscelyn… right?”

I nodded and smiled very broadly, “Yes Mother, my name is Joscelyn now, because I had to take this rebirth on my own, I’m allowed to decide my name.”

“I just never thought that you…” her voice faded a bit, then came back, “Well, I guess that’s silly now, but I just don’t know how to tell your father! Oh Jack… I mean Joscelyn, he will be so hurt and so upset with all of this!”

I turned to the Doctor, giving him a serious look, and then turned back to my Mom, “That’s why I only wanted to talk with you first, so we can both work on Dad gradually over the next several months.”

“You see Mom, this is still very early in my transition,” I said, “And while I very much wanted you to see me as a female, so you would know this was really possible, tonight I’ll take all of this off and go back to dressing as a male over the next few months.”

“Oh, so he won’t see you like this?” She queried, “not at all?”

“Not until her Hormone Replacement Therapy is complete, Mrs. Hartman,” The Doctor explained, “Which will probably be around month 16.”

“It takes that long to change your sex?” Mother said.

“No, not exactly,” I continued, “the drugs help me to look more effeminate, that’s all.”

“Then once thing’s seem to be stable for her,” The Doctor continued, “we will schedule her for an SRS or Sexual Reassignment Surgery, and it’s only THEN that she can officially and legally, under state and federal law, be known as a female.”

“Tsk, tsk!” Mother was shaking her head now, “That sounds so painful dear, have you really thought this out then?”

“For almost as long as I can remember,” I replied to her, “I have hoped and prayed this day would come, how could it be anything but a wondrous event for me? I don’t care about the pain of the change, it’s a light pleasantry versus the pain of remaining male.”

“I… I have to admit,” she said, “you do look very pretty… I never thought that would be a word I’d use to describe my own son, but then… it’s a good word for my new daughter.”

That was as much as I could take. My own tears now took their toll on my make-up, and fell hard and fast for quite a while. I got up and hugged my mother and we just held each other for the next several minutes as I gradually reclaimed my self-control.

I think the Doctor realized we had made a major break-though, as he was just beaming from ear to ear, I wasn’t quite as sure as I knew we still had my father to go, but I had never felt as good about myself as I did that morning.

“Alright Josie, Mrs. Hartman, I’ll have to get going then,” The Doctor was saying, “It’s been just a wonderful experience meeting Joscelyn’s mother Mrs. Hartman!”

Dr. Goldmann got up and shook hands with Mom and she seemed to be recovering her manners pretty quickly.

“Oh, well are you sure you can’t stay for coffee Doctor?” Mom replied.

“I’m afraid not today thanks,” the Doctor said, “perhaps another time. Josie… you want me to help bring all your new things in for you?”

“That would be great,” I replied, “let me show you where they need to go!”

For the next 30 minutes we gradually got all of my new clothes up into my clothes closet, basically filling it to the ceiling! And afterwards the Doctor walked up to me and hugged me tight, saying, “Josie, each day I work with you, I feel like I’m gaining a new daughter, if you need us, please just call, ok?”

“I will Doc,” I replied, “and… thanks… thanks for everything!”

As I watched him pull out of the driveway and roll up the hill, I felt that I’d accomplished something incredible this day. But I still had a long road to go.


The next day I had completely transformed myself back to Jack, carefully removing all of the various prosthesis that the girls had put on me and storing them away for another day that hopefully would come soon enough. Andy picked me up and took me in to school so I could finally retrieve my car. I still had a lot of Music Club business to look after, getting the final docs on David Bowie, and getting another medium level act set up to play the college, a new comedian named Martin Mull.

On Friday morning, Andy came over to my little office and explained that he thought he might have the perfect guy for me to try for a date, as his father and I had discussed. The college theatre’s custodian and also the school’s ‘hot gay stud’. Roy Keller had worked for the college ever since he dropped out a few years ago. Apparently I’d made an impression, as it had been relayed to Andy that Roy was VERY interested in getting better acquainted with that ‘guy with the long blond hair’.

I needed to talk with Roy anyway, Martin Mull typically needed a number of very specific stage props. That afternoon, I walked into the theatre and saw Roy hanging out with a few guys towards the front, near the stage.

“Hey Roy?” I tried to get his attention, finally getting him to turn around, “Do you have a few minutes?”

Roy was pretty tall, a little over 6′, maybe 6’2″, and had rugged good looks. Black raven hair was cut in a short crew-type cut. His maleness was everything mine wasn’t, with dark color body hair just everywhere, including an amazing handlebar moustache. His arms and upper body looked strong and well defined. I was tongue-tied almost immediately as he turned to see it was me, and immediately broke into a huge smile.

“For you,” he replied, “As much time as you want darlin’!”

“Ah… well, as you may already know,” I began, “Martin Mull will be performing on our stage in 2 weeks, and I wondered if you saw any problems with his stage props?”

He didn’t immediately answer, a quick head nod had his crew heading off the other way as he very slowly sidled up next to me. He was still smiling at me, and I was having a really hard time keeping track of what I wanted to say next. As he reached me his arm went around my shoulders making me gulp hard and realize just how unsure I was about all of this.

“Let’s sit and talk about it…” he finally said.

I sat down in the second row from the stage, as he sat next to me, arm still firmly around my shoulders. But now he had his hand slowly pulling my long blond locks back over my ears. Then he came in with small licks to my earlobes, totally blocking any further brain function on my part.

“How would y’all…” he said in a slow southern drawl, “like to go dancin’ with me tonight?”

I couldn’t take my eyes away from his, gradually he took advantage of my stunned mouth remaining open, and kissed me there just as hard as he could. It was my first kiss with a man, and I was interested, yet at the same time it made me extremely unsure of how I was supposed to react. Once he let me up, I almost jumped up out of my seat.

“Tonight?” I replied, “T-that w-would be great, when um… when, er what time?”

He just kept smiling that killer smile, and said, “Well, how about I come by your office around 6?”

I was backing away at this point, saying, “Umm… yeah, that sounds g-great, see ya then Roy!”

I licked my lips as I turned, and did not mean to, but it put me into this daze from then on, and while I was not at all sure that this was a good idea, I walked quickly back to my office with a strange fascination for this man. Luckily Mel had been out sick for the past couple days. I didn’t want her to know anything about this Gay Gigolo and our date, where we would see if I really had any kind of real attraction to Men. I had agreed with my Doctor to do this for my own better knowledge and to know just how far my feelings for men went.

As I arrived back in my office, Andy came over and asked how it had gone. I was still a bit stunned, but managed to explain that Roy and I were going dancing later that night. Of course Andy immediately slapped me on the back, and congratulated me on my first ever date with a man, but the more time that elapsed, the more uncertain I became.

Finally, at around 5:30, I disappeared to retrieve some better ‘going out’ clothes from my car. Then I went into the men’s room to change and try to get myself looking a little more presentable to be taken out dancing! I changed into some tight jeans and my leather western shirt that laced up the front. Of course what would be required at that time was a brand new pair of men’s high heeled disco shoes. They had cost a small fortune for a college student, but I couldn’t wait to try them out on the dance floor!

As he had promised, Roy arrived at my office door at almost exactly 6 o’clock. And at this point, he was the most perfect gentleman anyone could expect. Wearing black jeans and white tee, he had a sport jacket on over it. Black cowboy boots were the final piece to that puzzle, and while his sense of style might need a bit of help, he made sure that it was his personality that shown above all else. He walked me out to his pickup, and opened the passenger door for me to get in, and shutting it afterward for me. He then drove us to a local gay bar that also had live bands for dancing. We went into the bar, and he seemed to be a known entity to all of the waiters and waitresses. He asked for and was immediately given a table right next to the dance floor. He seemed to enjoy kissing, but kept his arm around me at all times while I was seated with him. I tried to distract him by suggesting going out onto the dance floor, but he complained that he was a poor dancer, and would rather just watch me.

After a few drinks, my dancing was getting much more seductive in nature, why I wanted that could only have made sense to me if Mel had been there. This Roy fellow continued to drink heavily, egging me on to ‘reveal’ more of myself as I danced, and I did. I had changed into my leather western shirt that had a good profile for my developing chest. Gradually by 1 am, I had ended up shirtless and pretty much wasted. Roy seemed mostly interested with kissing exhibitions between the two of us, and especially in front of other couples. For the first time I felt there was something strange here. But instead of making a scene, I apologized and asked Roy if there might be a more private place we could go to be alone.

Once I had my shirt back on, we both staggered out of the bar, laughing and tickling each other. Instead of opening the passenger side door for me as he had done, he said, “Ok bitch, slide it in here next to me!”, as he opened the driver’s door. While I complied, he noticed my new found lack of enthusiasm and Roy began to grope me all over, but then quickly started the car and drove us back to the college. His pickup had a bench seat, so once again he had his arm locked around my shoulders.

“I’m so sorry Roy,” I began, “but this is really new to me, do you mind if we spend some time just with ourselves, getting to know each other?”

“New? What’s new babe?” Roy responded, “Oh… you mean you’ve never been with another guy before huh?”

“I’m afraid so,” I said as I looked down embarrassed, “It’s just that, I want to, but I really don’t know if I can, if you can follow that at all.”

“Well now!” Roy was again smiling, “You know you can count on me to show you what love is all about can’t you baby?”

“Ok…” I replied, “But let’s try going a little slow at first, alright?”

“You can count on me Sweetie!” He finally said as he pulled into the college.

It was a dark night and if I hadn’t been here as many times as I had, I probably would not have known we were right in back of the College Theatre. Roy walked up a few steps to the loading dock entrance. His small flashlight illuminated the door’s lock and he had it open a second later. He laughed and said, “This oughta be private enough, follow me lil’ one, your ecstasy awaits!”

After a couple of turns, we arrived at a circuit breaker box, where he quickly got the lights of the theatre on, then continued up several flights of steps. Roy’s office was at the back of the second balcony, or what many might describe as the ‘nosebleed’ seats. These were the highest seats in the house, and also was where most of the theatre’s performance lighting was controlled from. Finally we got to the back and Roy opened his office door and waved me inside.

“Can I get you anything?” He queried, breathing hard.

“No thanks, I’m good,” I replied looking around his office.

Roy was in pretty good shape, based on how well he managed getting up all of those stairs. As I looked around, the front of the office was floor to ceiling windows that looked onto the various catwalks and lighting stations. At one end were a couple of couches and small tables. Roy indicated I should take a seat, then turned on some music and returned to sit next to me.

He embraced me hard and gave me another kiss, then started groping me, removing my shirt from over my head. Now he opened the fly of his jeans and began forcing my head between his legs.

For some reason, it was too much for me, maybe the alcohol was wearing off, or just his egocentric method of love-making, in any case I waved my hands, and stood up.

“I’m sorry Roy,” I said softly, hoping not to sound whiney, “you have been very nice and I appreciate all your attention… but I… I guess this is just too much for me right now, and I just… maybe it would be best if I just go.”

Roy let out a sigh, then grabbed my wrist and pulled me back down onto his lap, “It’s alright my little one, promised you I’d show you all of my love…”

As he kissed me once more, I thought maybe he had realized that I needed to go much more slowly, but I should have realized he was simply losing patience for me to deliver what he needed. His embrace shifted and before I could do much of anything about it, he had handcuffed my wrists behind me. He reached in back of the couch again and as he let go of me I tried to jump away from him. As I got to my feet, he caught me by my belt and punched me hard in the stomach. I went down in a ball at his feet, seeing nothing but stars and fighting for any kind of breath at all.

“Well my lil’ sissy boy,” He yelled in my ears, “you’ve been teasin’ me all night… HAVEN’T YOU BITCH?!”

My mouth was wide open, trying to get air, when he stuffed a ball gag into it and roped the back of it to my ankles, effectively hog tying me. He looked down at me and laughed, then said, “That should keep you comfy until I get back, then we’ll have some real fun bitch!”

Once he left, I realized that whatever I was going to do to get loose, it would need to happen now. Then I remembered that these were my cycle jeans and I might have my skeleton key set in the back pocket. Pushing around hard, I searched the left back pocket… nothing. But as soon as I put my fingers into the right back pocket, there it was. I would have to figure out the right size by feel, and I had no idea how much time I had, but I tried to slowly get my breath back, so I could think clearly.

Finally I matched one of the skeleton keys to the handcuff lock, and as soon as I had my hands free, I was untying the knot on the back of the ball gag. Once all my restraints were off, I put my shoes back on and stood up, just as Roy walked back into the room.

“What the fuck…” Roy’s eyes doubled in size as he wondered out loud at my escape.

“Thank you for a lovely evening,” I replied casually, “but I think I’ve overstayed my welcome!”

I didn’t look too hard at what he had brought into the room, it appeared to be more ropes and some sex toys, as well as a whip of some kind. Roy dumped it all onto his couch, and as I was walking up to his office door to leave, he ran up behind me and tried to put me in a headlock. Without knowing I had several years of Tae Kwon Do training, this was his first really big mistake. A quick sidestep gave me an excellent target of his bottom ribs, and I hit them with my right elbow just as hard as I could. At that point Roy was simply a 180 pound bean bag, and I could use that weight, along with his momentum to throw him forward through the windows of his office. As the plexiglas windows crumpled and cracked to allow Roy to pass through them, he was prevented from falling down into the ground floor seats by a low wall that was part of that level’s catwalk system. So he came to rest upside down, knees hung over the catwalk wall and his head and arms splayed across the catwalk floor.

I opened his office door and began walking across the catwalk towards the main balcony stairs when I suddenly had to stop. Why do I do these things? Who knows what this moron would have ended up doing to me, what do I owe him? But my mind would allow no other action, so turning on my heel, I walked back over to Roy as the rest of his body now fell pathetically onto the catwalk. He seemed conscious.

“Roy…” I asked, “Roy! …do you think you need an ambulance?”

But he just wagged his head in a ‘no’ movement, and I then felt free to go. I sighed loudly as I was once again walking down the stairs leading to the floor level seats. I didn’t really know if this was a ‘typical’ male-to-male date, but I doubted it. All I really did know by this experience was that I needed to be with someone that had a kind and generous nature. Male or female made no difference, but their attitude towards others? That mattered a great deal!


Everything I’d learned about skeleton keys, getting out of handcuffs and especially self defense, came about from my need to belong to some sort of group in high school so I wouldn’t be picked on constantly. From here, we have to fall back in time a little bit and for just a little while. Back to when I was 16, and a junior in high school. The HS that I went to was about 40% Afro-American. The biggest race riots in America were Watts, followed closely by my own little PA hometown. In 1973 our school was taken over and the principle held hostage (most of those involved were not students) and the National Guard had to be called in, because the state police were so overwhelmed. I knew what bigotry was, it sat next to me every night at dinner, and I learned to detest it from that perspective, so I couldn’t imagine what African-Americans had to deal with.

But to me, this had little to do with anything other than survival. So I don’t want to go into all the issues around race riots during this time, because it wasn’t so much why these things were happening, rather it just made my life more difficult and required more strange turns in my daily routine. In our HS, you couldn’t go into the boy’s lavatory alone without getting beaten up, no Caucasian kid really could, and everyone knew it. Because of my looks, I would be picked out for ‘special’ treatment on top of that. So I always just made sure I wouldn’t need to use the lavatory during school and stayed well away from anyplace I might get caught alone.

A friend of mine named Al and I were motor heads, we had built our own dirt-track race car. His dad was a plumber and we could get all the tubing for a roll cage we wanted for free. I got really good at jig welding and understanding engines and suspensions. Al’s dad also had a bunch of garages attached to his business that he rented out. The local biker gang would use the garages and they all knew us and gradually we came to be friends with them, or as good friends as you can get I guess without actually joining up and being initiated, etc. One of the guys was named ‘Tiny’, and at about 350 pounds, could quite probably lift your house for you… with one arm. Tiny liked me… don’t ask me if it was more than that, I never had the guts to ask.

But I would go with him as he made his rounds through Al’s blue collar neighborhood, taking groceries to seniors that couldn’t get out, and talking with other folks just to make sure they were ok. When this ‘gang’ was just starting, it was a lot more of a neighborhood watch kind of thing than a drugs, bikes and chicks ‘gang’ kind of a thing.

I needed to belong so badly, if for no other reason than it would mean an end to the daily harassment by the gangs that hung out in the school’s lavatories. So every day, Al and I thought about how we could get ourselves ‘into’ this biker gang. Finally one day I was walking past the garages and the guys were going nuts trying to tune the tri-carb setup on their Harley 1200 Sportsters, the favorite biker ‘hog’. It was a serious pain, everybody knew it, and the pro-bike mechanics would charge out the ass to do it.

So we go to the HS library, and guess what we find, all the old Harley manuals for the 1200 Sportsters. Apparently what we needed was a specially built ‘manometer’ that would allow you to check the vacuum on all the carbs at once. (Trying to do them one at a time, like the guys were doing, was a serious hit or miss kind of thing). So Al and I take an illustration from the manual, go back to the shop, and weld up one of those manometers. We then go out to one of the garages where Tiny is trying to get his bike to run even half decently, we pop on our manometer, and get the vacuum settings to where the manual said they should be, and viola! Varoooom!! Runs like a sonofabitch! Tiny just grins at me, I looked away because it made me feel weird back then.

After giving them the manometer they decided we could join. But after all that work, Al’s dad wouldn’t let him. I never told my parents, but then they almost never knew where I was anyway. So at 16 I became a member of the local Pagans Motorcycle Club. And I didn’t even have a motorcycle yet! When it all started, it was just a lot of fun, and I gained a serious rep with that one little jean jacket with a Pagans emblem on it. One look at Tiny, and I rarely had anyone give me anything but a wide berth. The only problem (of course) was I didn’t know anything about the real world yet, and the club was quickly taken control of by guys that wanted to do a lot more than just give groceries to old folks, and protect the neighborhood.

About a year or so later, I met an older guy that had just joined the Pagans, by the name of Smitty. No one ever called him anything else and he was brought into the club to help with self-defense. About 5’11″ tall and 190 pounds, he had the profile of a fireplug. Every Saturday morning he would teach self-defense to anyone willing to put up with his drill sergeant put-downs. I had taken a couple years of Tae Kwon Do at the local YMCA, and as soon as I said this he began pushing me… hard! It wasn’t until years later that he admitted to me that he was ex-Spec Forces. The self defense used by the Special Forces during Vietnam was partly based on Korean Tae Kwon Do. Of course he loved expounding on all the ‘extras’ that he had to help us protect ourselves in the event of a street fight. He also absolutely loved hot-rods, so I became his only close friend in town really, and he would only rarely attend club events, unless ordered to.


The following night, after my first male “date”, I called Mel and asked her how she was doing. She was feeling a lot better and invited me over to her house for dinner (as long as I made it or bought it) and maybe watch a movie on TV. I had a pretty good idea of what she was hoping for, and I wanted nothing more than to make her happy.

I stopped by Mel’s favorite pizza place and bought a couple pies, including one for Cindy, in case she was home too. I borrowed a bottle of red wine from my parent’s extensive collection that I didn’t think they would miss. Unfortunately I had nowhere to really change as I would have liked so when I rang the doorbell and Mel streaked to the door to open it, her face showed the disappointment I thought it might.

I leaned over digging my nails into the silken couch feeling my girlfriend, Abbey German, ram her massive rubber cock inside me over and over. The intensity of her thrust pushed my head up against the back of the couch. I was lucky that my head was banging on the soft, cushioned, furniture and not the wall or I would’ve saw stars. Wait a minute. I guess I should start at the beginning before I continue.

Abbey and I have been dating for almost six months. I’ve made love to her in so many different ways I can’t even count. There was one moment where she was sitting on the couch sucking me off when I felt her fingers grip my balls and squeeze. The intense pleasure of her gripping my gonads in the power of her hand made me squeal.

“You like that,” Abbey asked rubbing the head of my cock around her soft, pink, lips as she looked up at me seductively, “you like it when I play with your balls baby?”

I looked down at her with a delighted smile. “Oh yes, you know I do.”

“Do you want me to keep going?”

She didn’t have to ask to get an answer from me, but I answered anyway just to play along. “You know I want you to.”

Abbey went back to swallowing my cock and I went back to daydreaming how I wanted to just blast my cum in her mouth and all over her face. But something weird happened. Her other hand released my balls from her grip and slid in between my thighs making me spread them apart. I didn’t know what she was doing at first until I felt one finger on my anus. I looked down at her angelic looking face with my cock in her mouth surprised. Her eyes looked up at me confident in what she was doing.

“Oh shit!” I cried feeling a nail pierce through my tight hole, then the other finger.

“You like that baby?” Abbey asked again. “You like it when I play with your ass?”

I paused when she asked me that question. I’ve dated many women before Abbey but none of them have ever went that far when giving me good head. But I guess her balsy attempt to pleasure me in other ways is what I liked about her.

“Yes,” I answered, “give it to me baby.”

My permission made her push her finger deeper inside my asshole. I tightened my fists and grind my teeth so hard feeling the stab of pain spreading throughout my ass. Half of me wanted to reach behind me and pull her finger out of there before she goes any deeper. The other half told me to leave her alone and take it like a man. Instead I grabbed her auburn hair pulled her head towards me, deepening my dick in her mouth. If she was going to shove her finger up my ass, then I was going to shove my dick down her throat. Surprisingly she loved it. Didn’t fight back one bit. Abbey sticking her finger up inside me while she was sucking on me hard. It was a combination of pain and pleasure I’ve never experienced before. I wanted to tell her I was coming but after her attempt of brutality on my asshole, I decided to surprise her. I held her head still letting the cum shoot into her mouth. I left my dick in there making damn sure she sucked up every last drop. After I was able to recover we went to fucking like rabbits on the same couch.

After that amazing experience I was curious of what it was like to be fucked in the ass. Not just be fucked by anybody. Just Abbey. We were eating out at this fancy restaurant when I brought up the night we fucked.

“Abbey remember last night?” I asked cutting into my steak.

“Yeah that was fun, why?”

“Well remember when you did that thing to my ass with your finger?”

Abbey blushed as she ate her steak. “I remember, why?”

“Well I was wondering if you and I can take it to the next level?”

Now I got Abbey curious. “Like what?”

I leaned over the table making sure the only people to hear my crazy idea was me and her. Abbey’s eyes shot up in surprise.

“Are you serious?” Abbey asked. “I mean, you really want me to do that?”

“Well just this once. Just to see how it feels.” I placed my silverware on my plate and wiped my mouth with my napkin. “Listen, tomorrow we go out to an adult shop and we’ll check out some toys. You can pick the one you like and I’ll buy it.”

Abbey looked down at her meal and back at me. Her expression was something like she was unsure of the idea. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

I stared in her eyes unblinking. “Positive.”

So we were at the adult store. We were checking out some of the toys in the adult toy section. We looked at one of the major dildos in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Pretty beautiful and creative if you ask me.

“So which one are you interested in?” Abbey asked.

“I don’t know. It’s your choice.”

“It’s your ass.”

She had a point. I searched through the variety of dildos wondering which one would fit inside me perfectly. Of course I know that since this will be my first time, all of them would hurt. But for some reason I was prepared. Besides, this wasn’t some tall, well endowed, man about to give it to me. It was my girlfriend. And if it gets too out of control, I could tell her to stop anytime. With her, taking it like a bitch was worth the risk.

I looked at the dildos in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Though admiring penis shaped models was not my cup of tea, I had to admit they were very artistic in some way. I thought I would be here forever until I spotted the one dildo that was just perfect for me and Abbey. It was blue colored and five inches long. There was no testicle shape model underneath. Just one long stem pointing upwards. Plus there was a prod on the other end that is used to enter Abbey as she was entering me. Win, win.

“This one.” I said.

“Are you sure?” Abbey asked. I can still hear the uncertainty in her voice.


I walked into the club nervous. I’ve never been in a place like this before. Never thought I would walk in a place like this. But here I am. I pass through the crowd of men dancing and grinding up against each other. I head and sit at the bar thinking if this is a good idea.

“What will it be?”

I look up to see a tall bartender. Handsome blonde spiked haired man. With light blue eyes and clean shaven skin smooth to the touch. “Heineken thank you.”

“Com’in right up.” He turned his back to me to reach for the beer behind him. He popped the cap off the bottle and placed it right in front of me. “Three-fifty.”

I paid him and drank my beer. I looked out in the crowd of gay dancers. After all I have been through I didn’t feel like I belong here. I must have sat at the bar for at least an hour until I finally met the person of my dreams. She was tall, short black hair, and tanned rosey cheek skin. And just my luck she happened to sit next to me at the bar. I turned back to the bar casually ready to make my approach.

“A green apple martini please.” She asks the bartender.

The bartender nodded and fixed her her drink. “Four-fifty.”

The woman was about to reach in her purse to pay the man but I took out a five dollar bill and held it between him and the woman. “On me.” The bartender smiled and took the five. “Keep the change.”

“Well aren’t you the kind gentleman.” The woman said with a delighted smile.

“Well thank you. A beautiful woman like yourself deserves to be treated as such.” I said.

She giggled. “Charming too.”

This was the time to introduce myself. I reached out my hand. “My name is Ron.”

The woman shook my hand. “Samantha, but you can call me Sam.”

I asked if I can do Abbey anally. She specifically told me “No” which was alright with me. I was able to give it to her from behind without having to do her from behind. After I was done we both lay on the bed side by side breathing in the fresh air that escaped from our bodies.

“So you still want me to do that to you?” Abbey asked seriously.

I faced her with a smile. “Yeah, let’s do it.”

Abbey got the scissors and cut the plastic to release the dildo from its package. She carefully put it on and grabbed the lube we bought from the adult store and lathered it on.

“Okay Ron,” Abbey said standing in front of me with the dildo pointing out of her crotch, “assume the position.”

I happily turned around and got on my knees on the floor. I leaned on the bed taking a big deep breath and letting it out. Instead of closing the tight nit in my ass, I tried to open up hoping Abbey’s protrusion would be easier.

I felt her presence behind me getting down on her knees. I felt the pointing end of the dildo squeeze between my ass cheeks. I grunted just a little when the tip broke through the barrier in my ass awakening every nerve in my back.

“Are you okay sweety?” Abbey asked in concern.

“Yeah, keep going.” I grunted.

Giving her the okay, Abbey continued pushing herself into me but slowly enough not to hurt me too much. The pain was sharp like a thousand needles stabbing the inside of my ass all at once. When the dildo was halfway through, the pain suddenly subsided making it easier for Abbey to go too town.

“Wow.” Abbey said.

“Is it all the way in?” I asked hoping to hear some good news.


“Good,” I sighed in relief, “I guess you know what to do?”

I felt the dildo escape my ass and back in with a slow push. Then she did it again. And again. And again. At first I didn’t think of anything of it until I felt my prick stand on end. Abbey was having a field day behind me. Pushing me forward on the bed as her pelvis slapped against my ass cheeks. Just thinking about her taking over my ass made me cum uncontrollably.

That night was not the only night we played with our little blue friend. Every night we took turns fucking each other. I would do her and then it would be my turn. It seemed like a pretty good exchange. But I soon found out that some good things come to an end.

“So Ron this is your first time?” Sam asked while taking a sip from her apple martini.

“How can you tell?”

“I come here all the time. Meet a lot of people. Remember familiar faces. But I don’t remember seeing you.”

“Well I guess today is my lucky day?” I proclaimed with a smile.

“I guess it is.” Sam smiled back while sipping some more of her martini. “So what brings you to a gay bar? You don’t look the type to be interested in this lifestyle.”

I chuckled. “That obvious huh? Well I just got over a bad break up with someone very dear to me.”


“How did you know?”

Sam shrugged. “Got one of thoughs gifts. So the breakup was that bad that you had to come to a gay bar?”

She had a good point. A gay bar is the last thing I should’ve of come to. But after thinking about what Abbey told me after the breakup, I had wondered a lot.

“I’m here looking for a special type of person who can fulfill my needs.” I explained.

“What type of person are you looking for?” Sam asked catching her curiosity.

“Well…someone like you.”

Sam placed her hand on her chest and gave a light gasp. “Me?”

“Yes. See I have a type of taste in a woman that needs to be satisfied and I thought a person like you could satisfy that hunger.”

“And what type of taste is that?”

I leaned in close. Close enough to be face to face with her breasts. Those voluptuous breasts I wanted to grab and squeeze into my mouth so badly. “Let’s just say that I like to meet a woman who likes to be dominant and me the submissive.”

Sam’s eyes widened intriguingly. “Really?”


“So what do you want a woman to do to you dominantly?” She asked.

“Anything you can think of baby. Do you think you would be interested in helping me?”

Sam took a sip of her martini and placed it on the bar. Then she looked at me. The once curiously wanting female changed her expression to serious now. “There is something I need to tell you.”


“I’m not who you think I am.”

“And who are you?”

“I’m a tranny.”

I shot back in surprise looking her up and down. Her height was a dead giveaway but the rest of her body showed me something different. She had the smooth skin and lips of a female. Her breasts were about the size of my head in her blue, silken, dress and she had a slender frame with wide hips. If it wasn’t for her height she would have passed off as a woman any day. I came into this bar believing that I was looking for something different. And now I think I’ve found it.

I moved in closer. “Well now I’m intrigued.”

“So you are not disappointed?” Sam asked.

“Not at all. Matter of fact you are just what I’m looking for.”

“Oh really?”


I decided that I needed to end this on a higher note. “Sam, would you mind accompanying me somewhere nice and quiet?”

Sam leaned in closer to me. Close enough I thought she wanted to kiss. “Your place or mine?”

Abbey and I met at our favorite restaurant, The Flame. Abbey wanted to meet because she said she had something very important to tell me. I wondered what it was but by the sound of her concerning tone in her voice, it wasn’t good.

I sat across from Abbey hoping the news wasn’t too bad. The waiter asked if we needed anything, but Abbey only asked for a glass of water. Which meant she was not staying long.

“Ron, how long have we been going out?” She asked in her calm voice.

“A little over a year why?”

“Listen, I like you I really do.” Oh-oh, that didn’t sound good coming from her. “But I think maybe we need to see other people?”

My heart sank. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “What do you mean, “Other people”?”

“Other people of our interests.”

“I don’t get it.”

Abbey swallowed hard but composed herself in giving me an austere look. “Let me put it clear this way. The sex we’re having has to stop.”


“Look, it was fun at first. I mean I tried it with you because I was curious. And I wanted to make you happy. But now it’s like you can’t get enough. I’m fucking you more than you are fucking me.”

“But baby,” I placed my hand on hers to show her my sincerity, “I thought you enjoyed something like that. I only did it for the both of us.”

“No Ron, you didn’t do it for me. You did it for you. And that’s the problem.” Abbey pulled away from my hand and it disappeared under the table. “I just…to do something like that. It just doesn’t seem normal for a man. And that’s what I want, a man.”

“And I’m not the man you’re looking for?” I finished her sentence but sorrowfully.

“I’m sorry Ron, but I think there is something about you that you need to discover for yourself. And I’m not it.” Abbey grabbed her black purse and stood up. “I’m sorry, I hope you find what you are looking for.”

And that was it. She left me there all by myself alone in the restaurant.

I stood naked looking down at Sam’s work on my cock. First she would circle her pierced tongue around the head making it grow bigger. Then she would trace her tongue up and down my shaft strengthening the body. After lathering my cock with her tongue she swallowed the whole thing with her mouth. A gasped feeling my stiffened prick being swallowed up in the dark, wet, cave of her mouth. To make things more interesting she cupped my ball sac in the palm of her hand and gently squeezed and pulled. I thought something so physical would be painful but it felt pretty good.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming.” I told Sam ready to bust.

Sam kept on sucking faster as if helping me release myself in her mouth. Gasping and crying out in pain and pleasure I came in her mouth. But instead of letting go of my cock and spitting my junk out, she kept on sucking. Her lips stopped at the head of my cock and she started slurping up all my spunk and gulping it down. Abbey would never do that.

Sam stood up and wiped her mouth. I kissed her hard even if some of my stuff was still in her mouth. I gripped both of her breasts in my hands and started caressing them with my tongue. I took one nipple in my mouth, pulling and nipping at it with my teeth, then massaging it with my tongue. Then I do the same to the other. Her breasts were voluptuous and craving.

After making her feel more like a woman, it was time for her to fulfill her end of our deal. I looked her in her eyes as she looked into mine. “I want to see it.”

Sam smiled delightedly. She pushed me back making me fall on the couch. She stood confidently in her black panties with a big bulge in side. I watched in anticipation as she pulled off her panties kicking them across the floor with her dress. There it was in all its nine inch glory. It was even bigger than the dildo me and Abbey bought together.

“Impressed?” Sam asked standing confidently.

“I’m more than impressed,” I answered.

“So are you ready to do this thing?”

I didn’t give her an answer. I turned around on the couch and got on my knees with my ass in the air. Sam went into her purse and took out a condom and some lube. She put the condom on and squeezed some lube on the long shaft of her cock. Then she rubbed it all over making it wet, slick, and ready to fit. I heard her walk over and kneel behind me. I took and deep breathe and tried to relax. I can remember the first time I got my ass handed to me when it was Abbey. The sharp pain from the inside of my ass going up my spine. The pain numbed after a few strokes and we continued playing that game over and over until Abbey decided to say stop. Now Sam was going to take her place but with the real thing.

I tried to relax my ass, trying not to tighten up out of nervousness or fear. The head of Sam’s cock made it between my ass cheeks and to the small hole. The first push was not bad. Since I’ve been through this before I should be used to it by now. Then half the body slowly made its way inside. Not too bad. I took about that half when Abbey was behind me. But then more of the body pushed forward making my nerves jump. I buried my head and nails into the couch trying not to cry out in pain.

“Are you alright sweety?” Sam asked concerned.

“Keep going.”

Sam did exactly like I ordered starting with slowly pulling out leaving the head still inside and slowly pushing back in. She did this repeatedly three times until the pain went away. Sam pulled out and pushed back in with force making me gasp. She gripped onto my hips as she thrust herself in and out of me in a nice rhythm. The fucking began to be intense. With her spewing out words like, “Fuck yeah”, and, “You like this don’t you bitch?”. My cock grew hard again ready for another round. Numb to the pain and urging to get off, I gripped my stiff prick stroking it as hard as I could wanting to cum before Sam did.

“I’m cumming baby,” Sam warned speeding up the process, “I’m cumming.”

I wanted to cum before she did, so I sped up the process in beating my meat like she was beating my ass. I could feel the cum rising out of my balls and making its way through my shaft.

“I’m cumming,” Sam repeated still pummeling me with her nine inch dick, “here I come.”

Just as the condom was filled up with her cum I too bursted out all over the floor. Sam collapsed on my back as I collapsed on the couch. Both of us drained.

“God that was intense.” I finally spoke glad that it was finally over.

After we were done fucking we laid on the couch together resting our bodies. The next morning we got dressed and I drove her home. We ended the morning with her giving me her number. After that day I called her and we would talk on the phone about ourselves and our lives for hours. Sam told me my last girlfriend, Abbey, was stupid to ever dump me. Which made me feel a little better. We went on dates eating at my favorite restaurants and now they were hers. After our feast we would go to my place and continued fucking each other. First I would do her. I thought it would be difficult since she wasn’t really a man. But it was pretty easier than I thought. Then Sam would turn it around and do the same to me. We would fuck after every date making it official we were boyfriend and girlfriend. And oh yeah, I got rid of the dildo. With Sam around I didn’t need it anymore.

I faded in and out of consciousness.

My body was numb and I waded through a sea of words and images that filled my mind, struggling to focus on anything specific. Slowly I began to wake but my eyes did not open and my body remained numb. I searched for my memory, I knew it was there but I couldn’t reach it, I was entranced. My name and past eluded me as I searched for something that would rekindle them. A flash erupted inside me as a sudden noise infused with my thoughts, time seemed to slow as I separated the noise from the sea of consciousness, It was the sound of a door opening and closing. I eliminated all other thoughts and focused on sound, footsteps, walking closer towards me, the footsteps echoed which told me the room was empty and the floor was hard. The pit of my stomach turned and I felt suddenly excited, the feeling spread upwards and my mind began to fill with arousal. I heard a rustling noise, much closer this time, I felt my eyes slowly open very slightly to tiny slits, everything was blurry. Another sound filled my mind, a chain rustling, a key opening a lock, then it hit me, I was in the chains! I couldn’t feel them but I somehow knew. I strained my eyes open just a fraction further and another wave of arousal filled me – amidst the blurriness and confusing light I could see something pointing towards me, it was the head of an erect cock. The blurring room disappeared and I saw only the cock, through the small gaps in my eyes the thick head came into focus, it was inches from my face, I studied the round pink flesh and I became even more aroused, I yearned to kiss it. As if by command it moved towards me and the numbness subsided from my mouth, I could feel the saliva soaking my tongue and my soft lips felt almost throbbing.

I was desperate to have the cock fill my mouth, to completely fill me. Finally the head touched softly against my lips, sending my mind into a frenzy and my eyes snapped shut to control the disorder. The soft flesh of the head ran across my bottom lip, causing them to tremble with pleasure. The cock slowly pressed into my mouth, my lips hungrily wrapped around the thick head, everything was automatic, I knew what I was required to do, I knew what I was desperate to do. A pang of dismay filled me as the cock pulled out of my mouth and my eyes strained halfway open, I could only partly see this beautiful cock, it was the only thing that mattered in the world. A red mark on the top of the head caught me eye, lipstick? I tried to lean forward to the cock but I couldn’t control my body, a slight twinge ran down my arm, I could finally feel something there. I tried desperately to move it, I wanted grab the thick shaft and pleasure it with all my energy. Again I heard the noise of a chain and by focusing intently I realised my arm was tied behind my back with a chain, both arms actually. My arousal spread down my body and I could, albeit only slightly feel my legs, the floor felt cold, I was kneeling. Again I felt the head of the cock softly against my lips, my body twitched with desperate desire for the cock, desperate arousal. This time the chains clanged some more, I was slowly regaining feeling in my body. My body twitched more and I realised my ankles were tied together, I felt the the air on the top of my feet but I could feel shoes, I tried to move them, was I wearing high heels? Catching me by surprise the cock forced its way into my mouth, I felt the thick veiny shaft with my lips as my mouth spread wide, straining to take it all in.

I felt a surge of arousal around my crotch and my nipples began to tingle in intense pleasure as the cock pressed even deeper into my mouth. My chest felt unusually heavy as numbness continued to trickle away and I could sense something other than just my pecs. Time seemed to slow down as the taste of the juicy cock began to soak into my saliva whilst my neck tickled along with the top of my back, long hair?

The cock had only been inside my mouth for a few seconds but the pleasure grew almost too much to bear, I became dizzy with incredible arousal and numbness slowly returned to my arms and legs, my eyes closed and my mind drifted into unconscious blackness.



Two Weeks Earlier…



I sat at my large, mahogany desk and glanced at the clock, it was 8pm and I was still finishing paperwork. I started this job the same year that I married my wife Hannah, just over 5 years ago. It was well-paid but rather tedious and I didn’t get to spend as much time with her as I wanted to which frustrated us both. The calendar caught my eye, only a week until my 25th birthday and I started to think about what I was going to suggest for ‘birthday sex’ as we called it. About a year into our marriage I had confessed to some small roleplay fantasies, namely gender swapping. I said I would like to pretend that I was the wife and Hannah the husband and maybe experiment with a strapon or cross dressing etc, she wasn’t really comfortable with it so I dropped the idea and passed it off as a small thing. The truth however was that I had been slowly becoming more and more addicted to the idea of gender-swapping, secretly I considered myself bi-curious and spent considerable amounts of time on the internet masturbating to all sorts of pornography. Deep down I have always been sexually submissive and my fantasies started off as simply being dominated by women, to cuckolding, which then developed to the idea of being ‘forced’ by a woman to dress up like a slut and suck a cock, the ultimate act of submission. These were however fantasies, and I was happy with my wife.

I glanced at the clock once more, 8:45pm, just wasted 45 minutes fantasising, this was getting too often an occurrence!

I arrived home just after 10pm and saw a Bentley parked outside the house, it was Carl’s. Carl was a friend of Hannah, some hot-shot surgeon who owned his own practice at just 35 years old.

“Hello gorgeous!” I called as I entered the house and walked into the living room.

“Hi,” came the reply, her greeting much less enthusiastic than mine, she was busy chatting to Carl with a half-empty wine glass in her hand. Hannah was just as pretty as the day we met, long blonde hair, deep blue eyes and soft features. Her body was even better than the day we met, she was a bit of a gym freak and had an amazingly toned body, a quite large but firm ass with long slender legs and D-cup breasts. She was a very girly-girl, currently wearing a pink low cut frilly top with short denim shorts, nails painted pink and a good amount of jewellery. I often found myself fantasising about being dressed up as girly as her and made to please another man, more specifically, the man who had been frequenting these recent ones was Carl. (Despite these fantasies I didn’t like Carl, he spent too much time with my wife which naturally caused animosity towards him. I was fully aware that I never wanted to act out fantasies like these).

Carl was, annoyingly, in fantastic shape for someone with such a difficult job, he was around 6″2 with short, smartly cut hair, strong features and some ‘designer stubble’. He was currently wearing a tightly fitting t-shirt which showed off his large chest and tight waist which most likely hid some washboard abs. He managed to maintain a gentlemanly yet dominant aura which shone through no matter what company he kept or what clothes he wore. I sat on the chair opposite and felt like the third wheel for the rest of the evening.

Later that night after Carl left I started kissing Hannah’s neck, attempting to initiate sex, she pulled away from my advances;

“I have a big surprise for your birthday,” she said in her sexy voice as she stared into my eyes seductively, “I’m saving you for then.”

Much to my annoyance I was away on business for the week approaching my birthday. The night before the big day I spent hours and hours staring at sissy porn on the internet (using my work laptop) but not touching myself, truly looking forward to what Hannah had in store, I had my fantasies but told myself that I would love to try anal, her ass, not mine! It got to around 11pm and an email popped up from Hannah, I opened it excitedly, she always sent me dirty pictures of her when I was away on business:

A few weeks ago I was using your Macbook to book a gym class when I stumbled across something interesting on your laptop…

My heart pounded in my chest, I had gigabytes of videos, pictures and stories all depicting my very secret fantasies. However I had them in an encrypted folder and kept some ‘regular’ porn in a more obvious location as a decoy, “she can’t have found the secret folder, I always close it and make sure it’s password protected, oh please tell me I didn’t forget,” I said to myself. “A few weeks ago?” Came my second thought, why is she just bringing this up now?”

“…I found your porn stash.”

This second line hit my like a blow to the face, my stomach turned and I started to sweat, desperately hoping that she didn’t find the actual folder. Strangely my penis was semi-erect, bulging slightly in my jeans, I quickly dismissed it and read on.

“…I wish you would tell me that you watch porn, however It has opened my eyes and given me some ideas about your birthday present, I am sure you will enjoy it!

See you tomorrow


I hardly slept that night, full with a mix of conflicting emotions; excitement and fear. I tried to subdue all thoughts of my real fantasies coming true, constantly telling myself that I hope it was just anal.

My birthday came and I arrived home and knocked on the door, I had to concentrate on not letting my hands shake, I was that nervous. What answered the door took my breath away; Hannah was standing there, hand on hip, looking the most sexy I have ever seen her. she was wearing frilly black lingerie with tiny underwear and huge black high heels. After what felt like minutes of staring her deep provocative eyes met mine and without saying a word, she grabbed my tie and began to lead me upstairs. My mind was racing, “she hasn’t found the real stuff, it’s just going to be normal sex, maybe anal.” During the ascent I watched her amazing ass move from side to side as she stepped, I was transfixed on her amazing body, ignoring a pang of disappointment. She stopped just outside the bedroom door and turned to face me, pressing her breasts against my chest and whispered in my ear:

“You’re going to love this.”

We entered the room and I stopped dead in my tracks, I felt the wind completely knocked out of me. On the bed lay some lingerie, pink and frilly, some pink high heels and long white socks. My mind raced and panicked, “they could be for her to wear,” I thought, but the heels looked too big. My stomach knotted further:

“Put them on.” Hannah demanded, her voice had changed from a provocative whisper to a firm order. “I’ve seen all of the weird porn you watch and now it’s your birthday, I told you it would be a special treat, you get to re-enact one of the videos.”

I just stood there, frozen with no idea what to do or say, I fought a battle with deep sexual urges, my sense told me to just deny it and claim the porn wasn’t mine but they were overcome by my desire to wear the lingerie and be a sissy. She might even have a strapon waiting somewhere for me to suck, pretending to be a sissy. Hannah looked at the massive bulge in my trousers and knew I was very aroused.

“What are you waiting for, sissy? Put them on and come downstairs, I’ll be waiting…”

My stomach knotted with pleasure when she called me a sissy, I heard the door close and moved towards the bed, transfixed with the lingerie. I had never felt such arousal, excitement and fear all rolled into one, it was an incredible feeling. I was on autopilot now, doing as my deep fantasy has always wanted to do. I stripped naked and put on the frilly panties, they barely contained my now bulging erection, my hands were shaking as I put on the sexy pink top and slid the long, soft socks just above my knees. Finally I slipped on the heels, a perfect fit. Standing up wasn’t as difficult as I had expected in the big heels, my balance was very good and I was able to walk without any problems, a born sissy. My heart raced even faster as I left the bedroom and walked downstairs, very happy with myself that I didn’t fall down. I turned the corner to enter the living room and stopped instantly, fear tore through my body as I saw Hannah sitting on the sofa alongside Carl. They both burst out laughing:

“Oh my god, I cannot believe how much of a sissy you look!” She said between her hysterical fits of laughter.

“I didn’t think he would do it, you were right!” Came Carl’s response, also amidst loud laugher.

I stood bolt still, my cheeks burned red with embarrassment as my mind erupted with humiliation, my cock twitched even harder. I couldn’t find any response so I just stared at the ground, wanting it to engulf me. Carl moved towards Hannah and put his arm around her, I stared in disbelief, “she said re-enact one of my videos,” I thought, my stomach pitted even harder but the humiliation only increased my arousal.

“Happy birthday, sissy!” Han erupted with more laughter as she said it. Her hand was resting on Carl’s thigh. “I think you can now guess which video we are going to re-enact…get on your knees!”

The sheer dominance in her voice made me automatically obey, I sank to my knees, still unable to fully process what was happening.

“For the past few weeks, Carl has been fucking me.” Hannah said bluntly, I stared in disbelief as she turned and kissed him passionately, her hand sliding higher up his thigh. their tongues ran across each other and after what felt like ages she looked back towards me and continued; “I always knew there was something wrong with you, you have been dreaming about being a sissy bitch for years, I have seen the date on some of the videos. I deserve a stud like Carl, not a sissy like you.”

Her words hit me hard, this wasn’t a one-time treat, it was real. Yet despite my inner dismay and humiliation I felt more aroused than ever, having her talk to me like this and call me a sissy. When she kissed Carl I expected to get up and punch him or something, instead I just watched like an obedient sissy, it was nearly overwhelming.

She began to kiss Carl passionately again, tearing off his t-shirt revealing his perfect upper body and causing me to stare in awe. She ran her hands down to his underwear and pulled them down revealing his huge erect penis. My eyes went wide and I saw Hannah smile her sexy smile, his cock was huge! 8 inches long and very thick, perfectly formed. They stopped kissing and they both looked across to me, Carl had a cocky yet dominant grin and I felt utterly subservient to them both.

“Crawl over here sissy,” She ordered. “You are going to worship the cock that has been fucking your wife for weeks.”

I obeyed and instantly and began to crawl towards him transfixed on that perfect cock, it was even more beautiful than I had ever imagined and I was more aroused than I could ever imagine, I felt like I could just explode right there and then. Carl’s grin remained arousingly cocky and dominant as he opened his legs allowing his large balls to droop between them with that fantastic cock pointing towards the ceiling. He had no hair on his balls and the rest was trimmed very neatly, a perfect sight as I noticed myself salivating profusely, my pink panties stretched to accommodate my ever increasing erection. I crawled between his legs feeling like a slut and finally planted a kiss in the middle of his thick shaft, much to their amusement. Hannah said something but I didn’t hear it, I was truly focused on worshipping this cock. I planted several more soft kisses up and down the shaft and caught myself letting out a high-pitched moan which encouraged more humiliating laughter. My lips drifted down to where the base of his cock met the balls and I kissed that area delicately, feeling the cock rest against the entirety of my face, I continued down and worshipped the soft, wrinkly balls planting kisses on every part. From here I let my tongue touch the soft skin and let out a long lick from the base all the way to the tip, it seemed to take forever due to its size. I spread my tongue wide and licked the whole cock time and time again, feeling the bulging veins and soft thick skin, it glistened with my saliva looking both amazingly daunting and insatiably arousing. I quickly realised why Hannah had been fucking Carl now, this was way better than my cock, he is way better than me. I proceeded to run my tongue around the wide head, giving extra attention to the frenulum by darting my tongue around it, alternating between light flicks and heavy licks. I felt his legs and body twitch as I did alongside some moaning, they were kissing passionately obviously enjoying my subservience. After what seemed like an eternity of bliss I felt a hand gripping my hair and pulling my head away, I looked up to see them both staring down at me.

“How much do you love being a sissy?” Hannah asked, her tone demeaning yet authoritative.

I answered without thinking, “I love being a sissy, I was born to be a sissy.”

“How much do you love my cock?” Carl asked.

I turned my head to Carl, “I love your cock, I love worshipping your cock, my job is to be a sissy and worship your cock.” They both laughed at my utter submission and humiliation.

Hannah continued, “I think we both know that our marriage cannot continue after this, I need a real man, not a sissy cock worshipper.” My heart sank and my stomach knotted but I knew this was true, I was a sissy, not a husband.

Carl glanced at Hannah and winked; “To be honest you look ridiculous with that outfit, why would I let some male sissy suck my cock for a second longer when your sexy wife can do it?” Hannah smiled at Carl’s comment and immediately leaned down to wrap her lips around his cock, I immediately became very jealous as she worked it deep into her mouth, Carl leaned back and moaned with pleasure. I heard loud slurping and she moaned like a whore as he approached orgasm. I stared in utter desire, desire to able to worship him like my wife could, I desperately wanted to be sexy. Carl looked down at me, breathing heavily as she continued to slam his cock into her throat.

“Tell me how much you want to be a sexy slut like your wife.” He said before quickly moving his head backwards and looking at the ceiling as Hannah deepthroated him once more.

“I would give my life to be a sexy slut,” I begged, this filled me despair that I could never really be one.

Finally Carl began to moan loudly and his hips thrust up a he came into my wife’s mouth, she held her mouth around his cock for about a minute as it became filled with this stud’s cum. I wished more than anything to be able to taste a stud’s cum like that. Eventually Hannah lifted her head and looked towards me, her mouth filled with cum, knowing how much I desired to be in her position. She grinned and played with the cum in her mouth, teasing me before swallowing melodramatically.

Again Carl looked down to me and my bulging cock sticking out of the panties, his tone was now calm but commanding. “What would you say If I told you I can turn you into a slut?”

I answered instantly and automatically, “I would give anything and everything, I want to be a slut to worship cocks all day and night.” This was truthful and genuine, I had fantasised about it for years.

Transfixed with Carl, I finally noticed Hannah had left the room at some point. Before I could wonder where she went I felt a sharp prick in the back of my neck.

“Happy birthday, slut,” she whispered into my ear as the world went black.

Helen met with Carole in a cute little coffee shop they had discovered many years ago after Carole’s husband had died. They had been coming here regularly ever since. Everyone at the place knew both of the women and treated them like royalty when they came in. Helen had helped the owner out when she was having trouble with her husband who was over possessive and attempted to control every aspect of her life. After a little time with Helen and Nicole things had changed and now he was the nice polite househusband who worshipped his wife.

Helen started the conversation asking Carole how things were coming along.

“Well Helen I think that the timing is perfect as all signs show he is ready.” “That is indeed good news to hear,” Helen replied.

“I walked into the house and he was so engrossed in looking at himself in the bra and panties that he never even noticed me watching him. So I slipped back out of the house and then made enough noise to let him know I was home. Heck he didn’t even bother to try and put the lingerie back he just tossed his clothes on over them. I could see the outline of the bra straps through his shirt and with the shorts he had on he showed off the most darling panty lines.”

Carole told Helen all about the preparations she had made to put the final trap into motion. She had told Chris, that they were going to attend a very special party that his Aunt Helen was throwing. She further explained it was to celebrate a special event for his cousin. Chris was anxious to find out all about the party but all she would tell him was it was a very special day and she expected him to be on his very best behavior.

Helen and Carole discussed the final aspects of Chris’s trap, which would be sprung on Saturday and then they moved the conversation on to the guest list for the party.

Janet the coffee shop owner stopped by their table and they asked her to have a cup with them and chat a little. Pouring a cup she took a seat at the table and proceeded to gab with the two other women.

Helen told her all about the party and said that it would be an honor if Janet would attend the party as well as bring her cute little servant of a husband. She said it was going to be a very entertaining party and that Janet would be sure to enjoy herself.

Janet said she would be happy to attend and that she would bring her husband along as well. The three women continued to talk for another hour and then Helen and Carole left to make sure the rest of the party arrangements were all set up.

As Nicole contently slept on Linda’s soft breasts her mind swirled around her upcoming party and how far she had come from her first introduction to her present life. Nicole had worked hard to learn everything she needed to learn to become the perfect woman. She walked and moved among the general public and nobody ever had the slightest idea that she was anything but a very sexy woman.

Denise Loved to take Nicole out and tease all the boys at the college she attended. She would make Nicole wear a sexy mini skirt and one of her more transparent blouses. Then Denise would make sure she was wearing her laciest bra, panties and garter belt. She would have Nicole sit down on a bench causing her skirt to rise and show off the tops of her stockings where they clipped to her garters. Then as Denise sat at a different bench she would make Nicole open her legs just a little to allow a small peek at her pretty panties by anyone who sat on the bench across from her.

Denise Laughed at how the boys would fight over a seat on the bench and it always excited Denise when one of the boys got up enough nerve to approach Nicole. She had told her that if this happened she was to flirt with the boy and get his phone number.

Nicole always went home with at least three numbers every time that Denise played this game with her. Denise told her that maybe one day she would have Nicole take one of the boys to the parking lot and give him a blowjob in the car. Nicole wasn’t crazy about that idea of servicing strangers but she would do whatever she was told to do without complaint.

Yes indeed she had come a long way and the party on Saturday was to celebrate Nicole’s wonderful achievements. Helen had always instilled in Nicole the idea that good behavior and hard work always had its rewards. For Nicole these rewards would be that she would be put in a position of authority over both Chris and Tom as they were trained. It would be her duty to oversee the two as they preformed their duties as a maid and servant. Nicole would be like a head housekeeper to the other two.

Nicole awoke first and quietly laid upon Linda’s breasts as her thoughts shifted to the wonderful interaction that had just transpired between Linda and her. Linda had ignited a feeling inside of Nicole that nobody had ever come close to before. She could not exactly put her finger on the strange feeling but she believed she was falling in love with Linda. She fantasized about what it might be like to belong to Linda but unfortunately her life had already been decided. She was to marry and become the property of Wendy and it did not seem to matter what she wanted at all. She cared for Wendy and at one time liked her quite a bit. However, lately she felt like she was more of a bother to Wendy most of the time. Wendy enjoyed her servitude as well as enjoyed using and punishing her yet Nicole no longer felt anything that resembled love or caring from Wendy. Nicole often cried herself to sleep as she thought about how her life was going to be so very lonely. Yes, sure Wendy would be there to control her and use her but Nicole hungered intensely to be loved as well.

Nicole felt the sadness more than ever now that she had felt a special bond with the beautiful woman she now laid in the arms of. Linda had enjoyed Nicole and loved hearing her cry but yet there was a soft caring in her. Even while she had been administering the tortures she did Nicole had felt something coming from inside Linda that made her ache to be all hers.

Linda awoke to see Nicole cuddled in her arms and it brought a smile to her gentle face. She had enjoyed her time as the sweet girl was not only a dream to play with but she was a beautiful and loving soul as well. Her mind was going a mile a minute as she looked down on the ravishing creature snuggling in her arms. She realized that in her arms was everything she had ever wanted in life. She didn’t need to search for an acceptable servant, lover, and play toy as the one she desired was gently sleeping on her breasts. She was amazed that in such a short time she had fallen in love with this divine creature and it was now eating at her that soon she would be married off to another. Linda wondered if Nicole loved Wendy or if she was just following orders. She was sure she had seen that tell tale look not of simply lust but rather something much deeper in Nicole’s beautiful green eyes.

Nicole tilted her head and looked up into Linda’s eyes with tenderness and longing. Linda had not been mistaken there it was looking deep into her soul. Those beautiful eyes were filled with love and wanting and they were just begging for Linda to reach out and take what she had to offer.

The two turned their heads as they heard someone coming down the stairs and opening the door. Wendy stepped into the room and greeted Linda with a big smile. She told Nicole to go make some lunch for the two women, and she could serve it in the dining room.

Nicole got up put her bra, panties and dress back on, then scooted off to the kitchen to make lunch for the two women.

It took a lot of control, for Nicole not to show disappointment when Wendy had shown up and sent her to make lunch. But she was practiced at doing what she was told and would never question orders given her. She had progressed much too far to allow that sort of backsliding now and besides it made no difference as her die was cast. She would be the property of Wendy for the rest of her life so she had better get use to it.

Linda got dressed, and then Wendy and she headed to the dining room for lunch and a little chit chat.

Once the lunch was served Wendy dismissed Nicole and told her that she had purchased some new clothes and they needed to be put away immediately. Nicole quickly headed off to take care of Wendy’s clothes. “So Linda I see Helen has finally got things started for you is there any thing that I might help you with dear.”

“Yes she has and I am so very grateful for her assistance. I think this is going to be the best thing in the world for both myself and Tom.”

“I do have one question I would like to ask if you don’t mind.”

“No problem hun, ask away and I will be happy to answer if I can.”

“Do each of you women love the girls that are to become your partners or is it just simply for practical purposes?” asked Linda.

“Well Denise has always been infatuated with Chris and interested in becoming much closer with him. Chris has always been effeminate and Denise has always liked that sort of person. So I would say that relationship will involve love. A while back Susan commented about feeling an attraction for your brother. However, Helen has not seen or spoken to Susan lately and frankly I believe she is a bit worried about her.”

“What about yourself and Nicole?”

“Well I have always been partial to her but as for saying I love her I don’t know about that. It is more that she has been trained to be the perfect servant for me, she will serve me in any way and in turn I will make sure she is cared for. I like submissive lovers but I lean more towards preferring a submissive male as my lover. But that is ok because with Nicole it makes no difference as I can take any lover I choose to without worrying about what she thinks about it.”

This answer really hit Linda hard as she realized that Wendy didn’t really love Nicole heck she really didn’t care anything about her feelings at all. She saw the sweet dear simply as a toy to abuse and a servant to wait on her. It made her sad to think that a sweet soul like Nicole was going to spend the rest of her life void of any love. Her life would simply consist of punishment, discipline, and service because that is what’s expected of her.

Wendy asked Linda if she would like to stay for dinner or perhaps join in having a little fun later tonight about 10 pm. She had a boyfriend coming over who had a wonderful cock and Nicole would be around as well if needed.

Linda declined the dinner invitation as she wanted to get Tom started on his treatment. However, she explained that she would be interested in having a little fun later.

——- *** ——-

Tom woke up about noon and lumbered from his bed into the bathroom to wash the night’s sleep from his face. He tossed on some sweats and went down to get something to eat. He called out for Linda but received no answer and when he stepped into the kitchen he saw that she was not there and had not made him anything to eat. He grumbled to himself about her being a bitch and expecting him to starve as he rummaged through the cupboards finding a couple boxes of toaster pastries. He took the box and grabbed a carton of milk from the refrigerator then headed to the living room where he promptly plopped his ass down on the couch and turned the television on.

Linda came walking into the house about 4:30. She had a huge smile on her face, and she was whistling loudly as she entered the kitchen through the back door.

“Where the hell you been? You know I had to make my own breakfast.”

“You didn’t make anything to eat I see the toaster pastry wrappers all over the place. Besides you know that you were not up until lunch time. You know it would not hurt you if you got up early and actually looked for a job.”

Linda didn’t wait for an answer because she no longer cared. She had found him a job and she was going to love helping to train him. She just wanted to tie him up and take a strap to that ass till he was bawling his eyes out. She was tired of being taken advantage of by him and she was going to enjoy the payback.

Linda continued to whistle as she went to work starting to prepare supper. She was making pork chops with fresh green beans, cornbread and of course mashed potatoes complete with a special seasoning compliments of Helen as well as a nice big glass of ice tea with a little extra kick to it.

As the two sat at the table and ate their dinner Linda smiled as she watched Tom eat. She could clearly picture Tom dressed in a cute little outfit like the one Nicole had been wearing when she met her today. Of course he would never look as fantastic as Nicole but then as far as she was concerned neither did most natural women. She had to stifle a giggle as she imagined him in the ruffled panties and the cute little cock cage with his ass beet red from a good spanking.

Finally she would be able to relax and enjoy her life, no longer waiting on and taking care of her little brother as she had promised her mother. He would be taken care of for the rest of his life, as well as learn some manners.

Her mother had been a smart woman and had made a lot of money. She made sure to put it in a trust where her drunken husband could not get his hands on and squander it away after she passed. The Trust was in Linda’s name and had come of age a few years ago. She would never have to worry about working as she was very well off and always would be.

Once her lazy brother was trained and taken care of she would finally be free to enjoy her life.

She finished up her dinner then set to washing the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen as her brother plopped his ass back in front of the television and began playing video games. She knew he would be playing the damn games late into the night never even realizing she was gone.

——- *** ——-

Ten O’clock had arrived quickly and Linda now found herself lightly knocking on Helen’s front door. The front door opened and there standing before was the sexiest woman she had ever met. She wore a black silk dress that came down to mid thigh and had a cute little flare to the hem. The material flowed and moved as if it was liquid elegance. She wore a set of four inch pumps with an exquisite pattern of rhinestones on both the toe and heel. She had long sleek legs that were wrapped in the sheerest of silk stockings. Linda could tell she wore a shelf bra as those sweet nipples she had enjoyed earlier seemed to poke out through the fabric as if they had just felt a cold breeze. The only thing was that it was 70 degrees out and there was no breeze blowing. As she looked into that delicate face she was greeted with the biggest smile she could imagine.

“Welcome Miss Linda, I am very happy you decided to stop by tonight.” Linda could see in Nicole’s soft eyes that the greeting had not just been a mere formality. Nicole had let her emotional guard slip momentarily and Linda had picked up on instantly.

Regaining her composure Nicole let Linda in shutting the door behind her. She then led Linda through the hallway and into the back end of the house.

Linda was smiling now as Nicole escorted her through the estate. Linda wanted desperately to take hold of Nicole’s exquisite bottom pull her in close and taste those sensuous lips. She had not kissed Nicole earlier and now she found herself regretting that fact.

They arrived at a set of wooden doors that had a very erotic scene carved upon them. Nicole opened the doors and Linda smiled as she saw the room. It was decorated in an Arabian motif with pillows strewn all around looking very inviting. Sheer silk curtains hung from the walls and windows and a set of double doors opened onto a balcony and allowed the evening air to drift in. A square table about two feet high sat in the center of all the pillows and upon the table were all sorts of fruits and sweets.

Wendy was seated on the far side of the pillows where she was using a bunch of grapes to tease a handsome man who she had attached to a leash. Linda guessed this was Wendy’s lover, as she seemed to be a lot more caring and considerate with this man than she had been with Nicole.

Nicole announced Linda Arrival to Wendy who stood to greet her guest and share an embrace.

“Thank you Nicole, I forgot to tell you I will need you to remain here at the estate tonight instead of going out. You will need to be available if we call for you other than that just find something to keep yourself busy.

“I am sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt your evening out on the town Nicole.”

Wendy quickly interrupted.

“Nonsense you did not interrupt anything as I invited you over and just forgot to inform her she would be needed. She will deal with it as she knows it is her job to wait on and keep us happy.”

“You may go now Nicole we will call if we need you.”

“Yes ma’am” replied Nicole.

Then to Linda’s disappointment she backed out of the room closing the door as she disappeared.

“Welcome to our little Arabian fantasy we often use his room to entertain in a much more relaxed atmosphere. I would also like to introduce you to my cute little submissive hunk Craig. Isn’t he just divine and look at that beautiful cock. I just love him to death and can’t get enough of him.”

Wendy took hold of a leash that was attached to the collar he wore and told him to stand so Linda could inspect him. Craig did as he was ordered and Linda visually inspected him agreeing that he was handsome and did have a nice size cock. However, Linda’s mind was back at the door with Nicole and this man in front of her did nothing to excite her.

“He is a wonderful lover and it is so much fun to dominate the hot little hunk.”

With that Wendy grasped his cock in her hand and with the other hand she began to slap his cock hard. She was laughing as she slapped the cock and caused the man to wince in pain and attempt to pull away. Wendy just let go of his cock and yanked on the leash telling him to get on all fours. Craig slowly complied and then Wendy straddled him like a horse. She slapped him on the ass and told him to take her back to the pillows. Craig crawled back to their place in the pillows while Wendy rode on his back and kept digging her spiked heels into him like spurs. When they arrived at the pillows she heard Wendy say don’t worry honey I promise if you’re a good boy I will make sure that whore takes care of you and gobbles as many loads as you want to pump down her throat.

Linda at first stiffened and was ready to fight till she realized Wendy wasn’t referring to her but rather had been referring to Nicole. She felt a twinge of sorrow for the lovely woman but it was out of her hands. Linda sat down and they began to chat about her brother Tom, as well as Wendy’s brother Chris. All the time they were talking Wendy Had Craig’s face in her cunt gently licking away as she ran her fingers though his hair.

“So has Helen told you about the party this Saturday for Nicole?”

“No she didn’t as she had to leave to meet your mother. What is the party for?” “Well Nicole has come to a point where she is to be welcomed into the society of women. She has in a way graduated and will be put in charge of the training for Chris and Tom. Once she gets the other two on their way in the training then I guess it will be time to wed her and take possession of her full time.”

“Well you must be excited Wendy, Nicole seems to be a sweet young thing and will make a wonderful wife.”

Wendy just nodded her head and mumbled something about yeah big deal.

“You don’t sound all that excited Wendy is something wrong?”

Wendy just looked at her with a puzzling look, and then began to speak. As she did she pulled Craig’s head up and told him to take a break and lay down. He rose up and moved over a bit, then lay down on his back next to Wendy. He made sure that if she wanted to grab his cock or balls, she could easily do so.

“Well Linda you remember when you asked me earlier about loving Nicole?”

“You said that you were fond of her, but you didn’t think you loved her.”

“Exactly, I don’t love her, and I don’t want a wife. When we started it was great to have a hot little bitch to play with if I chose to but it has become more of a nuisance than anything else. I mean yes it’s nice to have her as a maid but I don’t want a wife I have to take care of and provide for the rest of my life. I have just not been able to figure a way out of this marriage yet.”

“So you don’t want Nicole as a wife?”

“Hell no it sounded like fun but I want a husband. Granted he is going to be submissive but he is a man.”

“You’re talking about Craig aren’t you Wendy?”

“Is it that easy to tell?”

“Yes it is and I do have to say I believe that the situation could end up causing severe problems if it is not addressed before things go too far. You need to tell Helen otherwise you will come to regret it. In the end your unhappiness could cause a split in the family.”

“Helen says I can enjoy all the cock I want and Nicole will never say anything about it. It is obvious to anyone with eyes she is very sexually attractive but I prefer men and…. well Nicole tends to be a distraction.”

Linda instantly understood what Wendy truly meant by her statement. Wendy didn’t like Nicole around because of the fact that her boyfriends and male playmates desired her more than Wendy. This was obviously the reason that Wendy had used Nicole as a bribe to get Craig to obey her commands. Sadly Wendy saw Nicole as the problem rather than her inability to enforce her superiority on her male lovers.

“You really need to tell Helen, I am sure she will understand.”

Wanting to change the conversation Wendy grabbed Craig by the cock then addressed Linda.

“Can I interest you in a nice cock hun?”

“That is very nice of you but I think I will pass on it. I guess you could say I prefer a different assortment of gifts to play with and enjoy.”

“Point well taken,” replied Wendy as she began to laugh.

“I did say that there would be fun to be had with Nicole didn’t I.”

With that she picked up the bell and rang it. In seconds Nicole appeared at the door in all her wonderful glory. Linda was amazed how Nicole seemed to hear the small bell when it was rung regardless of what she was doing. Linda voiced her amazement to Wendy.

“It is astounding how Nicole seems to hear that tiny bell and appear so quickly.”

“The bells are actually wireless electronic devices. When one of us rings a bell it sends a signal to a central receiver, which then transmits the ring to various interface panels throughout the estate. If the servants have any questions regarding the origin of the bell they may use one of the interface panels to find where it originated from.”

This explanation helped Linda to understand the bell system but it did nothing to lessen her amazement of how fast Nicole always seemed to respond.

Watching Nicole enter the room Linda once more saw that beautiful smile and desire on Nicole’s face as their eyes met.

“I am a woman of my word so as promised I present the house whore,” announced Wendy.

Just as fast as the smile had appeared it and a stoic sadness seemed to replace it. Nicole was still beautiful, but it was as if the twinkle in her eye had dimmed. With Wendy’s words the spark of life Linda had thoroughly enjoyed in Nicole seemed to have dimmed as if she was now merely a shell going through the motions.

Linda did not understand how someone could care so little about this beautiful and loving creature. She watched Nicole and searched for the reason she had become so sullen. She did not think it was from Wendy calling her a whore as Linda herself had used those words while she was in the throes of her orgasms. Nicole just seemed to work even harder at pleasing her when she heard those words. She believed it was more the way Wendy had spoken and a lot less what she had said. Wendy had referred to Nicole as if she was of no interest or value but to the contrary more just a nuisance than anything else. However, Linda did not believe that and was determined to show Nicole just how desirable she was. Her goal now was to enjoy herself and when she was finished, to see that twinkle back in this beauty’s eyes and that sweet assuring smile back on her tender lips.

“Nicole you are going to entertain our guest tonight and make sure she enjoys herself immensely or Craig and I will whip the hide off you. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” answered Nicole.

Wendy took hold of the leash attached to Craig and gave it a playful tug.

“Come my hot little lover we have games to play.”

As the two retreated out of the room headed to Wendy’s bed, Linda took the rare moment to observe Nicole as she watched them leave. There was a quick flash of anger in her eyes accompanied with a touch of sadness but she still maintained a stoic appearance.

Linda thought to herself that she would never understand Wendy’s cavalier disregard for this desirable woman. She knew she had a lot to learn but she was sure that she did not want to learn that lesson. She wanted a slave who served her because she worshiped and enjoyed serving her and not because she simply had to. If that had been the case she might as well just hire servants to wait on her. As for sexual gratification she could find an endless number of individuals that would be happy to service her then disappear or hell for that matter she could take care of herself if necessary.

When the door closed Nicole turned and looked at Linda and the sadness in her eyes almost made Linda run to her and want to hold her. Instead Linda summoned her to come closer and began to speak to the sweet dear.

“Just so you understand I came by tonight just to play with you my sweet dear. I am sorry I ruined your night out on the town and I should have realized that you did not dress so elegantly simply for me.”

Linda’s words were like letting sunshine into a darkened cage. Nicole’s eyes opened, the twinkle returned and that beautiful smile once again found its way upon her lips and Nicole began to speak.

“You did not ruin my night out on the town ma’am and contrary to Miss Wendy’s understanding I always know when anything has been planed even if I am not notified. As for your comment about my dress I do hope you like it because it was indeed all for your benefit and no other reason that I dressed as I did.”

As Linda stared into those loving eyes, she leaned forward gently pressing her moist lips upon Nicole’s. Placing a hand on each side of her face, she parted her lips and the tip of her moist tongue began to perform a rhythmic dance entwining itself with Nicole’s. Passion filled Linda and she was about to explode. She began nibbling on the beauty’s lower lip as Nicole kissed back just as passionately. Linda ended the kiss and moved her mouth next to the beautiful woman’s ear and whispered.

“We my darling girl are going to enjoy such exquisite delights tonight. I have seen into your eyes and know that you my dear are going to enjoy it as much as I do.”

Nicole smiled and with the voice of an angel replied,

“Yes Miss Linda”

“First things first I prefer you refer to me as mistress, because If I have anything to do with it that is exactly what I will be to you. I am…”

Linda caught herself when she realized she had possibly said far too much.

“Very well my pet, turn around so I can enjoy the loveliness of your sweet body.”

Nicole slowly spun around on her heel causing her dress to flare out exposing the top of her silk stockings and the garters that attached to them.

Linda smiling took the lovely woman in her arms and gently lowered the zipper in the back of the dress. Once the zipper was down she moved her hands and slipped them slowly up Nicole’s thighs. They moved around to her beautiful ass as Linda just had to grasp those soft globes for a minute. Then slowly her hands moved upward removing the silk dress Nicole had been wearing and allowed it to fall gently to the floor. As Linda’s eyes once again beheld Nicole’s beautiful body her heart began to race. She was awed by this vision before her as she slowly inspected every inch. Linda slid her hands over the black lace shelf bra till her fingers were tracing across the delicious nipples. She caught the delicate buds between her fingers and slowly increased pressure. The nipples reacted immediately to Linda’s touch, becoming the hard little pebbles she had enjoyed just hours before. As she pinched her fingers closed Nicole arched her back pushing forward so Linda could get a good tight lock on them. A slight gasp escaped Nicole’s lips, bringing a sly grin to Linda’s face. She just loved to hear that sound and it coming from this hot little cunt just made it so much more exciting. She released the nipples and sliding her fingers to the bra’s clasp she skillfully released it and the bra fell to the floor. Linda thought the sweet bitch looked deliciously tempting in her matching garter belt.

Leaning forward Linda took one of the nipples between her moist lips and enjoyed it as her tongue played across the hard little bud. Reaching forward she hooked her thumbs into Nicole’s lace panties and with a smooth motion they were at her feet. The vision gracefully stepped out of her panties flicking them over to where her dress and bra rested.

Wrapping her arms around Nicole, Linda pulled her tight as she began to nip at the tender nipples making Nicole yip every time she bit down.

Linda could feel her juices begin to flow and her panties become wet. She released Nicole and removed her lips from the tender nipples. Linda smiled as she began to whisper.

“I need to spank that pretty bottom of yours a little, but I plan to enjoy you in a much more intimate way tonight.”

“Yes Mistress, it would be my pleasure to serve you in any way.”

Linda loved hearing her say that and she knew that it was not just a compliant slave speaking but rather the honest desires of this darling little cunt in front of her. She was sure that Nicole was enjoying this as much as she was.

Linda walked her over to a spot where two ropes hung from the ceiling with leather cuffs at the end of each. She lifted Nicole’s wrist one at a time and locked them in the cuffs. Walking over to the wall she pulled on another rope causing the arm restraints to pull tight stretching Nicole toward the ceiling. She was pulled tight to the point that if her heels came off she would be hanging in the air.

Linda tied the rope off tightly so it would not come loose. Then she inspected an assortment of whips, straps and crops that hung from a rack on the wall. Her blood was surging through her as she picked up a thin rattan cane.

Walking back to where Nicole was hanging she lifted the cane up to the maids lips.

“Kiss it slut, then I want you to beg me to use it on you.”

Nicole immediately pursed her lips and kissed the cane then with all the feeling she could muster she proceeded to beg Linda to use it on her.

“Mistress please cover my body with beautiful stings from you cane. Paint my body with the sweet red stripes of your excitement. Please I need them so badly.”

Linda’s panties were now soaked, her body was alive and tingling with anticipation. Setting the cane on the table she began to remove her soaking wet panties then stepped in front of the restrained cunt and commanded her to open her mouth.

Nicole complied and Linda pushed the wet panties into her mouth.

“I think this will keep you a little quieter as I plan to enjoy myself. This way I can still here you whimper and scream without bursting my ears.”

Picking up the cane she stepped behind the slut cocked back her arm then quickly brought the cane forward whistling through the air till it landed directly across the center of Nicole’s soft bottom.

Nicole’s body rocked forward and a cry escaped through the panties stuffed in her mouth. Instantly a red welt started to rise where the cane had made contact. Linda was now smiling with an evil grin as she began to strike Nicole across her cute little ass ten more times. The girl’s ass cheeks were striped with bright red wicked looking welts. She could hear soft whimpers from Nicole but soon she planned to hear her screaming.

She drew back and with precise aim brought the cane down upon the very tender flesh of Nicole’s inner thigh just below her tiny balls.

Nicole shook with the strength of the hit emitting a muffled scream as a shudder swept through her entire body and tears began to spill from her eyes. Linda brought the cane down again connecting with the other thigh, eliciting the same response from Nicole.

Nicole could feel a searing pain with each new hit yet at the same time a strange warmth flooded over her body causing her to writhe and grind her hips as she spread her legs farther apart so Linda could attain easy access to her tender thighs.

Linda began to cum from the excitement and as she did she proceeded to strike one thigh and than the other over and over. Nicole rocked forward crying out in pain causing the panties to fall from her mouth from as tears poured from her eyes soaking her cheeks. In the throes of orgasm Linda stepped to the front of her captive and quickly slashed across the front of Nicole’s thighs causing her to lose control and let loose with a scream that surprised Linda. Nicole had actually begun to cry out for more and begged Linda not to stop. Linda wickedly slashed across Nicole’s body with the cane as she began to cum so hard it seemed to be pouring down her leg. This was definitely one of the most exquisitely enjoyable times Linda had ever had. She was going to love her new position and she laughed inside thinking how Tom soon to be Tammy was going to experience the same punishment that she was now dealing out. However, something told her he was not going to enjoy it anywhere near as much as this sweet creature did.

Her orgasms subsiding she stopped striking Nicole and tossed the cane to the table. She loosened the ropes then unlocked the cuffs from Nicole’s wrists.

Nicole was openly crying and tears were running down her face leaving a wet path as they passed over her cheeks.

Linda dabbed the tears from Nicole’s eyes and then began to kiss her deeply. She felt Nicole kiss back with enthusiasm, assuring Linda that the sweet woman had enjoyed every second of the caning as much as she had. Finishing up the kiss she ran her hands over the inflamed welts, enjoying the heat that was radiating from them. As she kissed the tears that had run from her toy’s eyes, she was warmed to see that the intense longing was still present within them.

“You have been a very good girl Nicole and I thoroughly enjoyed covering your ass and thighs with pretty red welts”

“Thank you ma’am I am so happy that you enjoyed yourself.”

“Oh I did very much enjoy myself and from your screams at the end I surmised you did as well. However, I would like to hear it clearly from your lips so the question my dear is did you enjoy yourself?

“I, well yes mistress I enjoyed serving you.”

Linda Knew that Nicole felt something for her, yet she still worked hard to keep her true feelings hidden. Nicole seemed to be very cautious of allowing her feelings to be known but Linda was determined that she would get Nicole to reveal her true feelings tonight.

“Come with me dear.”

Linda took Nicole’s hand and led her to the pillows. She instructed her to get down on all fours, place her head on the pillow and arch her back so that her pretty red and welted ass was high in the air.

Linda removed a dildo and leather harness from the rack where she had earlier obtained the cane. She buckled the dildo on so that the knurled nubs on the back end rested directly on her clit while a small four inch extension slipped into her soaking cunt. She was really going to enjoy this and had been dreaming about this moment all afternoon.

Scooping her fingers into a jar of lube she applied it to the full length of the latex cock. It looked to be about 8 inches long and had a good size girth to it. She was sure it was going to be quite enjoyable prying that pretty slut open wide. She took another scoop of lube and began to work the white cream into Nicole’s tight little rosebud. Slowly she worked her fingers into the tight hole one by one, till she had all four fingers as well as her thumb spreading the little whore in front of her wide.

Nicole was swaying her hips moving on and off of the fingers, enjoying how they opened up her tight ass. Moans of pleasure were escaping her lips even though she was struggling to keep them under control. Removing her fingers Linda leaned over and whispered into Nicole’s ear.

“Don’t hold back your moans my pretty little cunt I want to hear you loud and clear as I enjoy your hot little ass.”

She then positioned the head of her dildo at the entrance to Nicole’s ass and began to move her hips. As she pushed forward the nubs began to rub her clit and the cock within her began to rub across her G-spot. She kept pushing until the full length was buried deep inside Nicole. She grabbed hold of the cunts ample hips and began to withdraw the cock from its warm hole. Nicole let out a moan as the dildo withdrew until only the bulbous head was left inside the tight little rosebud. With a smile on her face Linda rammed forward driving every inch back deep into the tight hole. Nicole gasped and began to moan louder as Linda proceeded to slam the dildo in and out of the tight ass. Each time she rammed forward her clit tingled as if it was being bombarded with small electric shocks. At the same time her G-spot was being rubbed and it was about to make her orgasm start all over again. She began to pump faster and harder driving the cock into Nicole causing the little cunt to moan even louder. She stretched one hand out and took hold of Nicole’s hair and pulled her head up. Every time Linda rammed the cock forward into Nicole’s ass she pulled on the girl’s hair causing her to slam her pretty ass onto the dildo which caused orgasmic vibrations to shudder through her cunt. Linda was lost in the rapture of multiple orgasms, as she slammed the cock home while calling out to Nicole.

“Take that cock you fucking little whore.”

“Did you hear me bitch? Wiggle that sweet ass.”

Nicole was lost in ecstasy and she started begging Linda for more.

“Oh yes please mistress fuck me harder. Oh please fuck your little whore.”

“That a girl, I like to hear my sluts enjoying their fucking.”

Nicole’s tightly encaged tiny little cock was screaming as it strained against its steel prison trying to become engorged.

Linda’s mind was now nothing but constant explosions of electricity and light as she continued to cum while she slammed the dildo into Nicole’s hole.

Nicole let out a loud scream and then cum began to shoot from her tiny cock. Startled she began to get dizzy and then finally passed out.

Linda withdrew the cock from Nicole’s abused hole as the sweet pussy lay passed out on the pillows.

Linda was surprised that Nicole had cum but she definitely had and there was a puddle of cum on the floor to prove it. Linda had been told that Nicole as well as Tom and Chris would lose the ability to produce sperm. She needed to remember to talk with Helen about this incident, and find out what gives. But right now she was worn out and glowed with satisfaction. She removed the dildo and lay next to Nicole cuddling with her as she stroked up and down the gentle curves of Nicole’s hips. She applied soft kisses to her neck and shoulders as she reveled in the aftermath of her orgasms.

Nicole began to stir but she was spent and totally exhausted from her orgasm. She hoped that Linda had become as exhausted as she was and if she had done a good job she should be. Nicole gently rolled over and looked up at Linda, and wished with all her might that she had been the one chosen as her owner. Linda had a smile on her face and her eyes were filled with love and caring, which started to bring a tear to Nicole’s eye.

(Final Bliss)

Breakfast was served like clockwork, once again allowing the servants of the estate to shine.

Linda spoke up and informed Helen that she and Nicole had decided to take their wedding out of limbo.

“That is wonderful, I am so happy for the two of you. But why wait till Saturday? Why not get married Tuesday. Between all of us here we can get hold of all the guests.”

“Oh please could we do it that soon Linda?” pleaded Nicole

“Sweetie if you want it Tuesday then Tuesday it is.”

——- * ——-

The day passed fairly quickly as everyone had things to do.

Nicole looked at her watch and realized that she and Helen had missed both lunch and dinner as they were busy with her dress as well as her other clothing accessories.

Nicole wanted to make sure she was gorgeous in and out of her wedding gown. She was going to look every bit the sweet, desirable, radiant, blushing bride. She wanted Linda to see her at her very best in all her beautiful glory.

Helen decided to stop at Romano’s so the two women could get a bite to eat.

Enzio seeing them was awash with happiness for Nicole and waited on the two women himself to make sure their service was the very best.

After a nice dinner the two women headed home to find the rest of the woman had all accomplished everything that Helen had asked of them.

It had been a long day and Linda announced that she and Nicole were heading to bed then taking her lovers arm they headed off to their room.

Helen announced that she was heading to bed as well and wished everyone a pleasant night.

——- *** ——-

Monday went by without a hitch.

Crissy got the five academy students settled and dressed in appropriate clothing for their positions. Later Susan had gathered them together and gave them a speech about the high standard of quality that would be demanded of them at Perklun Estate. Once Susan was finished Crissy and Maria put the new servant trainees to work.

The women came and went from the estate as they took care of the last minute details. Finally late Monday night everything had been completed. Tired and ready to get some sleep Nicole headed to the bedrooms while Linda headed to one of the guestrooms in the west wing. She wanted to spend the night with Nicole but the other women insisted that she was not allowed to see the bride till the next day when she walked down the aisle.

Giving Nicole a soft kiss Linda said good night and that the next time she saw her it would be while she was becoming her wife.

Nicole wrapped her arms around Linda’s neck and gave her a deep sensuous kiss.

“I love you so much Linda and I pray the night passes quickly so that once again I can be in your arms.”

“It will sweetie but it could never pass fast enough for me as every second I am away from you seems like a lifetime. Goodnight love.”

——- *** ——-

Tuesday was a bright sunny day with a slight breeze blowing. The church was filled to capacity with friends who had come to watch the two women join their lives.

Linda stood poised at the altar in a black silk dress that fit close to her body showing off her beautiful shape. Her hair was pulled back and wrapped into a tight bun. The deep plunging neckline was adorned with white lace that accented her ample breasts.

The organ sounded announcing the beginning of the ceremony and as everyone settled down the wedding march began.

Stepping through the door escorted by Helen was the most exquisite angel in the world. The whole church was stunned in awe as the beautiful woman made her way down the aisle.

Nicole wore a silk dress that flowed across her perfect body with every move she made. The bodice was hand tatted French lace that decorated her magnificent breasts. With each step the hem fluttered with her movements causing the material to shimmer as it freely flowed across her body.

Nicole’s brown hair cascaded across her shoulders in gentle sweeping curls that framed her angelic face. Her green eyes shone brightly with a sparkle that shone from them as bright as an evening star. Her face glowed with a radiance that made Linda’s heart start to beat loudly.

Linda watched her love glide down the aisle towards her. She had never seen anyone as beautiful as her soon to be wife.

Taking Nicole’s hand at the altar the two women turned to face the minister while she preformed the ceremony.

Nicole was in dreamland, everything she always wanted was coming to pass and she could not be happier. As she looked into Linda’s eyes the union was completed with the words you may kiss your bride. The two women headed out of the church and into the waiting limo as the guests tossed rose petals over them.

The reception was beautiful and Linda made her way around the hall with her new wife holding tightly to her arm. Nicole was spilling over with joy as she floated around the room with Linda. The party went along wonderfully with all having an unforgettable time as Helen had spared no expense.

Finally the time had arrived for the new couple to head off for their wedding night. Making their goodnight wishes to the guest, Linda whisked her wife off to the bridal sweet of the hotel.

——- *** ——-

Linda closed the door to the suite then turned to her wife and took her hand. Twirling Nicole around she admired the beautiful dress and how it flowed with every curve of her lover’s body. Reaching to the back she slowly unzipped the dress then watched as it gently fell to the floor around her wife’s feet.

Linda’s eyes filled with an all consuming lust when she viewed how her wife had dressed underneath. She wore a white satin corset trimmed in pink and white French lace. Lace garters stretched downward from the corset attaching to a pair of sheer white lace top stockings with a sexy seam up the back. Each clip was adorned with a tiny pink bow hiding the metal clip from sight. Completing her look was a pair of white and pink silk panties, a lace choker around her delicate neck and a pair of five inch white pumps.

Looking into Linda’s eyes Nicole began to softly speak as she gently took hold of Linda and started to slowly back her up till she was up against a comfortable chair. Firmly she guided her lover into the chair then kissed her deeply. Hooking her thumbs into the silk bikini panties she wore she easily slid them down as she stepped out of them and tossed them to Linda.

“I have a special gift for my lover on our wedding night.”

“Nicole, you are a special gift.”

Looking deep into her lover’s eyes Nicole smiled then began to lay herself across Linda’s lap. Once she was draped across Linda’s lap she looked back with a wink and a smile.

Linda looked at her a little stunned but had a great big smile across her face.

“Oh my sweet dear this is the sweetest present I have ever been given.”

Wrapping her left arm around Nicole, she began to caress her perfect bottom with her right hand. A shiver ran through Linda as she lifted her hand then with precision brought the palm down hard upon her wife’s tender cheeks. It was like an instant orgasm, as her whole body felt alive as Nicole let out a soft gasp.

Linda had been dreaming about this for weeks and she had missed her sweet lover squirming in her lap as she spanked that beautiful ass till it was bright red.

Nicole began to whimper and finally cry out loud as Linda continued to spank her new wife’s pretty ass. Nicole squirmed as her bottom received blow after blow from Linda. Somehow things were different then it use to be. With every swat Linda gave her she felt a tremor shoot throughout her body and head directly for her sensitive clit. She lost control of herself and started begging Linda for more and to swat harder.

Hearing this Linda was turned on beyond belief as she had only ever dreamed of this moment. Now here her new wife was begging her to spank her harder. As she began to feel her first orgasm flood over her she heard Nicole start to scream out as she was washed with an intense orgasm. She felt her lap become wet and realized that her wife had just enjoyed a huge orgasm all from nothing but the spanking she had received.

“My god sweetie that was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. You flooded my lap and all from just being spanked. Something tells me we are going to be repeating this often.”

Nicole looked back at her with a few tears in her eyes and began to beg.

“Please lover don’t stop, give me more, please spank some more I beg of you lover.”

Linda was astounded as Nicole was begging her to spank her longer and harder. God she thought that reassignment operation was the best thing that had ever happened to her new wife.

“I will be happy to give that pretty bottom of yours some more but right now there is something that I have wanted to do since you got out of the hospital. I have just been waiting for the right time.”

Standing her up Linda guided Nicole to the huge bed where she placed her on all fours. Then opening a suitcase she took out a leather harness that had a latex dildo jutting forth from it.

Like the strapon Linda had used the first time she had made Nicole cum this dildo had a small upturned protrusion that entered her pussy along with knurled bumps that rode on top of her clitoris. However, this strapon was different in the fact that it had two phalluses protruding from the front. They both were fairly wide in girth and were approximately eight inches long. Taking out a jar of lube Linda made sure that both cocks were slick and ready for penetration.

Placing Nicole on her hands and knees then lining up the dildos with each of her wife’s holes Linda slowly began to push them forward opening up Nicole’s ass as well as her pussy.

Once they were both sunk deep and Linda could feel her body against Nicole’s, she began to slowly pump in and out building a rhythm as she fucked her sweet wife, effectively taking her vaginal cherry.

Nicole was lost to the world of pleasure as she pumped herself back onto the cocks each time Linda drove forward. She started to call out to her lover to take her. Linda loved the brazen pussy her wife now became every time she got lost in her orgasms. Linda could do anything to her and she would only beg for more. Yet even in all her excitement Linda could tell that though someone else might find it easy to make Nicole cum now, the beautiful girl only ever let herself go totally when she was safely in Linda’s hands.

“Oh yes lover fuck my hot cunt oh god yes harder, slam that fucking cock to me.” moaned Nicole.

Linda reaching forward grabbed Nicole’s hair and started pulling it ever time she thrust forward.

‘That’s it baby beg for that cock, beg for me to fuck you like my little slut.”

“God yes, please mistress give me that cock, fuck me hard I need it so bad.”

Linda was now slamming the dildos hard into her wife when she started to cum. Speeding up she slammed faster and harder into Nicole causing her orgasms to flood over her one after the other. Suddenly she heard Nicole scream out as she realized that her lover was in the throw of not just one but of massive multiple orgasms.

Nicole slammed herself on and off the cocks as she continued to cum over and over.

Linda was amazed as her orgasms subsided to a dull pulsation allowing her to focus her full attention on Nicole as her lover continued to ride massive waves of pleasure that had her whole body shaking in ecstasy.

Suddenly Nicole went limp and was now just lying still on the bed.

Linda becoming a little frightened that she might have hurt her wife. Pulling the cocks out and reaching forward she gently turned her lover over.

Nicole was out cold but the look Linda saw on her face was pure heaven. She had a big smile and a look of total tranquility.

My god thought Linda that was one of the most amazing experiences she ever had. She had given her wife multiple orgasms that hit her so hard she had finally passed out from the pleasure.

Slowly Nicole began to wake, her eyes opening and taking in the beauty of Linda watching over her. She was smiling as she opened her arms and begged Linda to come into them.The women cuddled closely with each other as they softly talked about what had just transpired.

Nicole gently stroked Linda’s pretty nipples as she began to softly kiss her moist lips. Linda still wore the dildo and harness and mentioned that she needed to take it off.

“Please lover not just yet?”

Linda smiled and kissed Nicole then slowly turned her over and began to push the cocks back into her hungry holes.

The two rolled onto their sides and Linda grabbed hold of her wife’s nipples and began to pinch them between her fingers as she nibbled on her neck and thrust her hips back and forth.

Nicole was moaning and gasping in seconds and it did not take much before Linda started to cum once again as a steady stream of orgasms washed over her.

Suddenly Nicole announced once more that she was cuming and proceeded to enjoy a wonderful orgasm. When the orgasms finally dulled Linda pulled out of her lover and then removed the harness and tossed it to the nightstand.

Hugging close the beautiful women fell asleep in each other’s arms with content smiles upon their faces.

——- *** ——-

Waking early the newlywed couple met Helen down in the restaurant for some breakfast before they headed off to spend a little time on their honeymoon. As the women talked Helen could see that her daughter had never been happier in her life than she was at this moment.

“I almost forgot dear here is that special present you wanted me to pick up for you.”

Helen handed a white box that was wrapped with a pretty pink bow to Nicole.

“Thank you mother, this marriage just would not have been able to start off on the right foot without this.”

Nicole set the box next to her plate as she continued to enjoy her breakfast.

Linda was still in awe that she had ever been lucky enough to deserve someone as beautiful and loving as her wife. Yet here the two of them were about to embark on their honeymoon. She found it hard to do anything this morning except to lovingly gaze upon the beauty of her new wife.

Nicole was wearing a pretty pink dress with white lace at the hem, neckline, and the quarter length sleeves. The dress fell to about mid thigh and Linda noticed that Nicole as always was wearing garters and stockings complete with a seam up the back. Nicole always looked fantastic and it usually took everything Linda had to keep from feeling her up 24 hours a day.

Linda laughed to herself as Nicole looked at her and gave her a wink while at the same time she began to rub Linda’s leg with her foot under the table.

Nicole knew she looked hot and just loved tormenting Linda. She knew what it would lead to just as soon as Linda got her somewhere she could be a little more open with her attention.

Finishing up their coffee the three women left the restaurant and headed outside where the limo was waiting to whisk them away to their honeymoon.

Nicole asked Linda if she would slide into the car first. Thinking it was a funny request but willing to do anything for her love she slid into the seat.

Nicole then began to speak.

“I wanted to present this present to you with all my love and respect, I do hope you like it.”

Nicole handed the box Helen had given her to Linda.

Linda was stumped she had wondered what was in the box and now she was about to find out. As she opened the box and pealed back the tissue paper she removed a beautiful brush that had a bit of weight to it as the back and handle were made of a dense grain wood. This brush was a perfect match to the ones she had seen Helen, Denise, Susan and even Wendy have. They were the instruments that had given Nicole her first spankings.

Linda looked up at a smiling Nicole, with a tear in her eye.

“Sweetie this is the most beautiful thing anyone ever gave me.”

Nicole lifted the hem of her dress exposing the fact that she had not worn any panties. Then climbing into the limo she laid across Linda’s lap, with a big smile she commented.

“We wouldn’t want you to get out of practice, besides I can’t help it, I just love your lap so I thought this would help out when your hand might be a bit sore.”

“I see how you are young lady, so you figure you are going to spend a lot of time across my lap?”

“Just as much as I possibly can,” replied Nicole.

Wrapping her arm around Nicole, she slowly slid the smooth wooden back of the brush across her lover’s perfect ass. Lifting the brush she brought it down hard onto the sweet white cheeks of her new wife, causing a gasp, which was definitely laced with pleasure to escape from her lovers lips.

Looking back at Helen with a huge smile she simply announced.

“What a wonderful beginning to a long and loving relationship.”

“You two enjoy yourselves now, and I will see you when you get back.”

Helen closed the door as Linda delivered another swat to Nicole’s bottom. Then she watched the limo pull away from the curb and head out to the street. She was so very happy that she had met Linda, and was glad she had been strong enough all those years ago, when she had decided to help Darryl to obtain the dream of becoming a complete woman. Smiling Helen headed back into the hotel as a single thought went through her mind.

Life is good when you choose to live it to the fullest!

The End

I hope you enjoyed reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Hi all this is my first submitted story so feedback and pointers are most welcome. Hope you enjoy.

It’s hard now to look back on who I used to be and accept that we’re the same person. I know a lot of people could say that but whereas they have most likely changed gradually with age the alterations to my life happened suddenly, unexpectedly and all due to a strange twist of fate in an otherwise uneventful life.

It was the penultimate year of my degree, a year I was spending in a biotech company gaining ‘valuable work experience.’ I had it all going for me, at 6′ tall and broad I’d spent the first two years of university studying, playing rugby and adding notches to my bed post. Everything was going well and my placement was drawing to an end after the completion of that year’s exams.

The company I was working for had me running tests on a new pesticide they were developing. It was supposed to be the next big money spinner. A retro-viral sterilisation treatment for rats. I forget the details but the basic premise was that bait would be doped with the virus and thus infect the rats. In males it’d insert some very specific, and very female, pieces of DNA. This would apparently make their oestrogen production go into overdrive and stop them producing sperm. It all seemed very clean and clever, but no one had realised its full potential.

Carrying the tray containing samples of this wonder material back to the fridge I was all set for an evening training for the upcoming game before hitting the local for a few beers. I used to wonder what would have happened if I’d paid more attention, noticed the pool of water from the leaking sink before I set foot in it. It’s hard to picture who I might have been had my feet not gone from under me right then. Landing on my back I cried out in pain as I hit my head on the damp floor, the tray had slipped from my hands, it’s contents spilling out. Vials smashed on the floor around me, a few loosing their contents onto my lab coat where they left faint orange stains. One, losing its lid mid flight, emptied itself into my gaping mouth.

I lay there, crying out for help as I struggled to spit any material out. From the corner of my eye I could see the lab tech making hurried phone calls before she told me to stay where I was and that help was on the way. It could have been minutes or hours, I felt queasy and more than a little embarrassed, lying there in a puddle of water surrounded by broken glass. Eventually a group came in biohazard suits, even though I was expecting it the sight sent a bolt of dread through me, surely it couldn’t be that bad? The stuff was designed for rats wasn’t it?

‘You alright son?’ one of them said, kneeling at my side. As I mumbled my response I felt him rolling up my sleeve before tying something tight around my arm.

‘Wha..what are you doing?’

‘Just a light sedation, until we can get an idea of the damage,’ came the matter of fact reply as I felt the sharp pain of a needle injecting me with yet more foreign material. My last memory was of the group around me, suited as if I’d spilt smallpox, lifting me onto a stretcher.


My next memories were of groggily coming to, my eyes opened to give me a view of a strip light bedecked ceiling that wouldn’t focus. I tried calling out for help, lifting my arms, nothing would move. The next I knew there was a man, stood over me, shining a light into first one eye and then the next.

‘She’s definitely coming round, make the call, he’s going to want to be here,’ was all he said before striding from the room, a nurse scurrying after him. What had he meant ‘she’? It had to be a slip of the tongue, there’s no way he could have mistaken me for a girl. Was there?

Laying there my eyes strayed from the gleaming white ceiling, I turned my head to watch the door and felt hair brush my cheek. How long had I been out? It seemed like an eternity as I lay there immobile. Stupidly my biggest concern was whether my accident had affected my grade for the year. If only I’d known.

Eventually the door opened and the doctor returned accompanied by a middle aged man in a suit. ‘And you’re sure she’s functioning normally?’

‘All the indicators read normal for someone her size.’ The man in the suit looked me over, his eyes seemed to linger on my chest.

‘Unstrap her,’ he whispered looking straight at me, ‘and how is our patient?’

I started to answer, opening my mouth to spill out all the questions I had. Where was I? How long? But the voice that came out wasn’t mine, it was too high, too quiet, too….girly. I felt the last of the tension go as the final strap was released. With a look from the suit the doctor left and I heard the lock click.

‘I’m sure you have questions, but please, I think first it’d be easier to show you exactly what you’re facing.’ I stared at him and reached out for the hand he offered, pulling me to my feet as I swung off the bed. Everything seemed wrong, my hand looked small, too slim and light. I glanced up at him as we walked, up at him! He couldn’t have been much over 5’6” and I was looking up! He led me to a corner of the room and motioned forwards. ‘Please, keep calm.’

I turned my head, staring into the mirror but the person staring back wasn’t me. Long brunette hair flowed down past the reflection’s shoulders, its full lips open in surprise. The rise in the front of the surgical gown hinted at breasts, full and firm with small sharp rises where the chill air was stirring the nipples. I raised my hand and saw the action mirrored in front of me. My fingers brushed past the lips, my lips, before stroking my hair, pulling it over my shoulder.

‘What is this shit?’ I snapped as the man stood calmly next to me, ‘is this some sick joke?’

‘No, this is the result of the compound you so carelessly spilt.’ I watched as he moved behind me, the hairs on my arms standing up with the unease. ‘As you can see,’ he whispered reaching for the tie on my gown, ‘the external change is quite complete.’ As it fell to the floor my eyes followed it, watching it reveal my breasts, sloping to hard pink nipples, falling to reveal my flat stomach swelling out to the curve of my hips. As it passed them I gasped, the empty cleft where my cock had been bared for the room to see. I stared, dumbstruck.

‘H-how did this happen?’

‘You saved us a lot in law suits. The compound worked, animal studies had gone well, but it seems in a hman body, well. You can see the effects for yourself.’ All the while he was pacing, eyeing me up and down, there was something predatory in his gaze that made me feel uneasy.

‘Can..can I?’ I asked in what I supposed was my new voice, indicating the discarded surgical gown at my feet. He nodded and sat, his legs crossed.

‘Please, have a seat,’ he said, motioning to the chair next to his at a desk littered with papers. His briefcase sat on top of them. ‘Despite the fact you’re unexpected voluntary self testing has saved us from embarrassment and potential ruin it has threw up several problems.’

I could feel the anger rising in me, the shock giving way to something I felt I could control. ‘What the fuck do you mean fucking voluntary!’ I screamed into his face, ‘I want to ring my parents! Do they even know what’s happened?’ He just sat there, calm and staring at me, I suddenly realised that if he wanted he could probably over power me. I was a, well, a girl. My head was spinning as I slumped back and shut my mouth. I was feeling more and more scared of this man in front of me.

‘Please, try and maintain some lady like decorum, and you should know ladies don’t sit like that.’ I looked down and hastily closed my legs, crossing my arms on my chest. ‘Better. Now as I was saying. The company had invested quite a lot of time and money in that product, it’s now unsellable for its previous use. But we think this development offers us a new line of investigation, in which you are central.’ I just stared at him, so cold and aloof, my life was upside down and this guy wouldn’t even acknowledge it. ‘I should inform you, you’re parents think you died in a fire in that lab. It cost us quite a lot in compensation and our safety record was shot but there you have it. We believe you’re worth it.’

‘What do you mean dead?’ I stammered, I could feel tears welling in my eyes. What the fuck was wrong with me.

‘You were under for almost a year.’ That long? I couldn’t process it, a whole year missed? He didn’t seem to notice my anguish. ‘You’re valuable to us now. As such we’re taking responsibility for your care. You’ll undergo a period of counselling and adjustment before we release you. Under certain conditions.’

‘Counselling? Adjustment? What’re you on about?’

‘Well, we intend to help you adjust to your new…shall we say role in society.’ A grin curled his mouth as he spoke. ‘We’ve secured you a place at a different university and we’ll of course provide you with an allowance for your time. But you are ours now. We’ll expect things of you.’ His eyes lingered on mine as the tears finally began to fall. ‘Tissues are next to your bed, you have four months to get this right,’ he stated as he stood and walked from the room, leaving me to my tears.


The rest of that day was spent crying on and off. I moved to the bed and sobbed into my pillow. A nurse brought me food, which I couldn’t eat, and later a magazine, which I couldn’t bring myself to read. As the sun went down and the corridor outside turned dark I sat on the bed, the gown around my knees on which my head was laying.

One stupid accident, just one. And now this, I glanced up and caught sight of a girl with red puffy eyes and a tear streaked face. I wanted to comfort her until I realised it was me reflected in the mirror, at which point the sobbing started again. I’d lost who I was, who I was going to be. My family and friends thought I was dead. What was I going to do?

I bit my lip and looked up, the only light came from the lamp above my bed. The chart under it simply read Jane Doe, I couldn’t help but let out a bitter laugh as I caught sight of it in the mirror before my eyes travelled to my own reflection. This time I stared at it, almost accusingly before sliding off the bed and padding across the cold floor towards the full length mirror.

Again I took in my new appearance. The old me would have thought I was attractive, someone to pursue on a night out in the hopes of bedding. I raised my hands and felt over my face, brushing my long hair out of my eyes. Despite the redness and the other changes they still sparkled the same blue. My nose had changed, my whole face, becoming more tapered, daintier with prominent cheek bones and full soft lips. My hands followed my hair before stroking down my sides, taking in the way my waist curved in before filling out at the hips.

Biting my lip I reached up and pulled the gown over my head exposing my alabaster thighs and stomach before what I had to accept were my breasts were yet again exposed to the cold air of the room. I stared at my reflection, running my hands down over my chest. My breasts were full and firm and I felt my hard, pink nipples drag across my palms sending small jolts of pleasure.

Closing my eyes I ran my hands down, slowly over my stomach before I felt it begin to slope inwards. I couldn’t help but stop, it seemed that if I did this then I had to accept what had happened as real. Steeling myself I drew in a breath before continuing, sliding a hand between my legs. It seemed wrong reaching down there and not feeling my cock and balls but I carried on until my fingers reached my hairless pussy, feeling over my lips into my unexplored depths.

Opening my eyes I couldn’t marry the image in my head to how I saw myself. It was like watching porn, my mind told me I should be aroused so my hand started working, rubbing the small bud of my clit but nothing came of it. Maybe it’s because I knew this attractive young woman was me I thought, so I started thinking about other girls. The cute and eager redhead on my course, some glamour model bimbo I’d seen in magazines but neither worked. I ran through images and fantasies of every woman I could think of, my actions becoming more earnest but still nothing. Screaming in frustration I stormed back to the bed and threw myself down.

I tossed and turned for a bit, unable to scratch the itch I’d caused. As I lay there nonchalantly toying with myself I suddenly thought of my old rugby team and that was when it happened. My fingers became slick and I pulled them away in shock, staring and the clear fluid shimmering on my fingertips. Oh god, they’d taken my sex and my sexuality, I felt disgusted, ashamed, I’d known the guys I was seeing in my head for years but now, now I saw them differently and it was scaring me.

Crossing my arms I desperately tried to clear my head, to think of anything but what I had been thinking of. Yet every time my attention slipped all I could see were all those toned, muscular bodies. Stripping out of their shirts, their shorts, stepping into the showers laughing at some joke or another. Almost without realising my hand glided back down as my legs parted. My fingers found the now hard nub of my swollen clit as I pictured them, washing themselves, especially their cocks. As I rubbed faster I felt warmth growing between my legs and I couldn’t bare to stop.

Gasping I pictured the pretty brunette I’d seen in the mirror, pictured her in the showers surrounded by the team, eagerly dropping to her knees as the water washed over her, reaching out to take the now hard pricks in her slender hands. They were pawing at her, pinching her nipples as she kissed and sucked the teams rock hard members. I could feel my climax building as I imagined her sucking them into her mouth, one after the other as one guy moved behind her and positioned his cock at the entrance to her soaking wet pussy just as I reached my hand lower and discovered my own burning hole. Gingerly sliding my middle finger in I pushed myself over the edge, my back arching and thighs clenching shut on my hand as I moaned ‘yeah fuck me,’ into the silence of my room.

It was the most intense pleasure I’d ever felt, it coursed through my body, making the gentle breeze of the air con hit my electrified skin like a thousand volts. I never wanted to come down. As the warmth of my pleasure dissipated and the fantasy faded I suddenly pulled my hands back and rolled onto my side sighing. I couldn’t believe what I’d just done but in a way I felt relieved, that itch had gone. I thought back, shame creeping up on me, I couldn’t remember ever thinking a man was attractive, especially not one I knew but now this. One accident and it seemed like I was losing who I had always been. I should have been picturing myself as the one fucking the girl, not as the girl being fucked.

My head was a mess as I cried myself to a fitful sleep, my dreams full of hard masculine bodies.

“I’ve had enough!” Sydney yells into her cell phone. “Fuck you Paul. Do not bother to call me again!”

She hangs up and throws her phone into the wall, smashing it into pieces. She stomps back toward her waiting friend, Rachel.

“I can’t take this anymore with him,” she says sitting down on the bench next to Rachel.

“Is it over?” Rachel asks, seeming sad but at the same time hopeful.

“Yes,” she answers. “If I never see Paul again, it will be too soon.”

“Well, what are you going to do now?”

“I don’t know.”

“What about girls?” Rachel asks seemingly out of the blue.

At first Sydney is thrown off. What, like dating girls?” she sputters.

“Yeah, of course,” Rachel says.

“I, well, I never really thought about it,” Sydney answers.

“Then why not give it a try? At most you find a girl and find out you don’t like pussy. What have you got to lose?”

Sydney considers the idea and decides since she no longer has a boyfriend, she don’t have much to lose.

“Sure,” she says after a long moment of silence and thinking.

“Awesome,” Rachel says. “I know just the place to take you.”


“Yes, let’s go.” Rachel grabs Sydney’s arm and pulls her from the bench.

They walk only a few blocks before they come to an apartment building. Rachel takes Sydney inside to a stairway that leads up to a small hallway with four doors. Rachel picks the second door on the left and knocks. A beautiful woman with large breasts opens the door.

“Hey Rachel!” the woman holding the door says with a large smile.

“Hey Michelle, this is my friend Sydney. She’s having boyfriend issues,” Rachel tells her.

Have no fear then.” Michelle says. “I can help her out.” She reaches for Sydney’s hand and pulls her inside. Rachel closes the door and heads back downstairs leaving Sydney alone with Michelle.

Michelle leads Sydney through her apartment. “So Sydney, tell me about your issues,” Michelle asks as they enter the kitchen.

“Well,” she says taking a seat at the table. “I was dating Paul for almost two years and I just found out he’s been fucking someone for months now. So I dumped his ass.”

“And you’ve decided you’d like to give girls a try?”

“I guess you can say that. I mean I have no reason not to.”

“So, do you want to give it a go?” Michelle asks abruptly.

“What? Now?” Sydney asks taken aback.

“Why not now?” There is no use talking about it and then putting it off until it never happens,” Michelle reasons.

Sydney nods her agreement and Michelle takes Sydney’s hand and guides her to the dimly lit bedroom.

“Don’t expect the whole lesbian experience tonight,” Michelle warns her. “I’m just going to get you started in that direction.”

Sydney nods and smiles when Michelle leans in slowly to kiss her on the lips. The motion is smooth and soft and Michelle’s lips taste like strawberries. As they kiss, Michelle moves slowly and effortlessly onto the bed, taking Sydney with her.

Excitement rolls up and down Sydney’s spine as Michelle’s nimble fingers explore her neck and shoulders before moving under her shirt to unhook her bra. At that moment, Michelle bites gently on Sydney’s lips and pulls away from a smile. She then pulls Sydney’s shirt off over her head and pulls her bra away from her breasts, which jiggle a little after the bra comes off.

Michelle pushes Sydney back onto the bed slowly as she kisses her chest. Michelle moves her hands down Sydney’s body, over her breasts and stomach to her jeans. She lets her fingers work lose the button and zipper while she moves her mouth from Sydney’s navel up to her breasts, kissing every bit of the way.

The jeans are undone and halfway down when Michelle starts sucking on Sydney’s nipples. By the time Michelle’s hands are all over her breasts, Sydney’s jeans are off and on the floor.

Sydney can feel her juices flowing and it has been a long time since that has happened. Paul was this way when they first met, but somewhere along the line it all disappeared.

Sydney gets more and more into it and starts running her fingers through Michelle’s hair while Michelle sucks and tweaks her nipples. Michelle pulls away and tells Sydney, “Okay, now don’t freak out.”

She guides Sydney’s hand toward her groin. Sydney freezes and goes silent when her hand is pressed against Michelle.

“This is a transition,” Michelle says as she kisses Sydney’s neck and shoulder tenderly.

Sydney doesn’t move or respond, so Michelle stands up and takes her panties off and lifts her skirt up so that Sydney can see her cock swinging free.

“You’re a man?” Sydney asks.

“No, I’m an ordinary girl. I was just born this way.”

Michelle moves closer and Sydney grabs hold of Michelle’s hard cock. She notices immediately how big it is, long and thick. Sydney shrugs and reaches around to grab Michelle’s wonderfully shaped ass and takes Michelle’s cock into her mouth.

Sydney takes it in as deep as she can before pulling off and grabbing it with both hands. She starts stroking it slowly and gently while she leans back in and sucks on as much as she can get into her mouth. After a few minute Sydney pulls off as her saliva drips down her chin.

Michelle moves Sydney onto her back onto the bed and then she gets on her knees in front of Sydney, lifting her legs up to get a good look at her pussy, which is gushing with juice. She leans in and presses her cock against Sydney’s pussy and slowly slides it into her.

Sydney’s eyes shoot open as the thick cock makes room for itself inside her pussy. Michelle pushes in nearly all the way before she pulls out and pushes again. After only a few thrusts, Sydney feels like she is already going to cum and she hadn’t even touched her clit.

With a few more thrusts, Sydney is sent into nothing but pleasure. She moans lightly as her juices gush out of her pussy and spray onto Michelle’s balls and bed. Michelle smiles and keeps pumping away at Sydney’s tight pussy. She continues thrusting in the woman, slowly and gently, throughout the orgasm.

When Sydney’s orgasm subsides, Michelle pulls out and licks the pussy juice from Sydney’s pussy. She sticks her tongue inside and moves her tongue around the entrance then drags her tongue up to Sydney’s clit and starts circling around it with the tip of her tongue.

After a few moments, Sydney is cumming again and Michelle gracefully laps up all her juices. Once she is satisfied that Sydney isn’t cumming anymore she says, “Get on your hands and knees.”

Sydney obliges her and Michelle gets behind her, pressing her cock against Sydney’s pussy. Michelle takes a moment to look at her tight pussy before she slides her cock in again and starts fucking her, this time harder and faster. Sydney begins moaning and gasping.

While Michelle fucks Sydney, she licks her thumb and starts running it around Sydney’s asshole. Sydney moans loudly, so Michelle slides her thumb inside and starts moving it around in circles. This makes Sydney start gasping quicker and moaning louder as she comes close to another orgasm.

Sydney collapses onto her stomach, but Michelle keeps thrusting. Michelle has her legs on either side of Sydney’s hips and she plunges her cock deep into her juicy pussy. Sydney pushes back as best as she can and Michelle suddenly gushes a torrent of sticky, white cum into Sydney’s pussy.

Michelle collapses beside Sydney and asks, “What do you think?”

“I think I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Chapter 3 – Out of the Frying Pan

The third planet in the Antares system was in midst of being terraformed by the Federation. It had a small population of colonists, who gathered in small settlements such as the Space-Port of Port Redland.

It also had a transient population of traders, workers and criminals that you would normally find at a backwater space port.

This was where Ben and Streek found themselves after unwittingly turning themselves into female clones and launching in an escape pod to avoid being gang-raped by their other selves.

The main street of Port Redland was quite unremarkable. The giant atmospheric generator rose up from the centre of town, casting a long shadow over half the street. Everything was casting a long shadow now the sun was sinking toward the horizon.

All the buildings in the street looked much the same, simple structures with smooth, off-white plasti-steel walls, each closed off and air conditioned.

Each of the shops had similar simple signs, like someone had gone through and labelled them in order to tell them apart.

The place was usually dead during the blistering heat of the day, but now it was approaching dusk and there were a few people walking here and there and the odd hovercar driving down the road.

Ben and Streek emerged from one of the buildings labelled “Clothing and Equipment Store”. Streek wanted to make it her first priority to buy some pants, which she had been without since landing on the planet. She was wearing her new pair of new Karkee spacer pants with many pockets that fit her new body well.

The new pants weren’t the only thing they ended up buying. “It’s strange, I think I enjoy shopping more than I used to.” said Ben.

“Don’t you think that outfit is a little skimpy Ben?”

Bens’ new outfit consisted of a pair of tight grey shorts with a brown belt and a small sleeveless, sky-blue top that didn’t quite cover her belly. “Hey, it gets hot here, I was sick of sweating it out in those track pants.”

“But were not going to be staying here much longer.”

Ben looked at the small stack of credit slips in her hand, “Looks like we just spent a large chunk of our money in the store. How are we gunna buy passage off this rock? And where are we gunna go?”

“Jeez, I don’t know. You’re the Captain aren’t you? You’re usually the one with the plan.”

“I need to think about this. let’s go get a coffee. I think I saw a cafe down the street.”

The girls walked down the street, Streek was glad to have her new boots, her old shoes were too loose. She had bought a new knife too which she had holstered and concealed inside the waste band of her pants. she felt better carrying a weapon for her protection.

“I’m gunna have to get used to the bra, but I’m glad for the support” she said to Ben.

“Yeah I know what you mean, at least we’re not wobbling about the place any more.”

Streek was getting used to the feel of her new cotton panties as well, it was strange wearing womens’ underwear, it made her feel more like a real woman.

A scruffy looking, middle-aged man walked by them, he was quite obviously checking them both out, particularly their big boobs.

“Hey look there!” said Ben pointing across the street. “What? the Bank?” “Yeah the Bank, it’s still open.” “What? Do you want to rob it?”

“No, I was thinking that I might be able to access my account, withdraw all my money.”

“You don’t have your ID chip, and if you did it would be a mans’ ID chip.”

“Perhaps I lost my ID chip, I would need a retinal scan and my password to prove who I am. As far as I know my eyes are still the same.”

Streek considered this for a moment. “They would notice that the account is for a Benjamin Anders.”

“Yeah, I’m a woman named Benjamin, what of it?” “It could be worth a try.” “Yeah, I’m gunna do it, wait for me at the cafe, it shouldn’t take long.”

Ben crossed the street to the bank, Streek watched her enter the building and then continued down the street.

She knew the sun was setting now, though she couldn’t see it behind the atmospheric generator. The giant machine let out a consistent thrum like the one out in the desert, the locals were probably all oblivious to it.

She reached the building labelled “Cafeteria”. At least this one had larger windows around the front and sides to set it apart from the other boring plain buildings. She could see several tables and chairs set up inside, there were a few customers in there drinking their beverages. A lot of the tables were empty as well. Streek pushed the door open and entered.

Streek ordered her double expresso from the fat, middle-aged woman behind the counter and then sat at a table facing the door. She had been travelling on camelback in the heat all day, she was surprised she didn’t feel all that sore and tired.

She casually observed the other patrons of the cafe as they casually observed her. There were a couple of middle-aged women, wearing plain garb chatting away to each other at another table by the counter, a young couple were drinking milkshakes at a booth on the wall and another creepy looking little man with big ears and beady eyes staring at her from the booth in the corner as he drank what looked like a Cola drink.

Ten minutes later the last remnants of daylight faded from outside and lights began to come on down the street.

Ben came through the door, she nodded to Streek with a stern look on her face that told her that it didn’t go well. Then she went and ordered a large cappuccino with five sugars from the fat waitress.

She sat down at Streeks’ table. “It didn’t work?” Streek asked.

“Would have, but my accounts have been frozen by the Federation”

“Really, why?”

“If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because we were arrested in New Heidi.”

“We were? …our male selves, …the Feds have them already?”

“Yeah probably, and there’s something else.” Ben said frowning


“The Feds probably noticed someone trying to access the account from here, you know how serious they are about this Alien Technology stuff.”

“Oh shit! They’re gunna be coming after us!”

Ben nodded solemnly. “We need to get off planet quickly, and stay out of sight of the Feds.”

Streek sat back and took another swallow of her coffee. She really didn’t want to be a Federation prisoner.

“There may be a crisotunity here.” said Ben “…If we were arrested in New Heidi, it’s likely the Clubber Lang was put in the impound yard there. We could travel there and find a way to recover her.”

“You mean steal the ship.”

“You can’t steal what’s already yours.”

“I’m sure the Feds wouldn’t see it that way.”

“I could change the responder codes, make her a different ship and we can trade in the outer rim, keeping a low profile.”

“That’s your plan?”

“You asked me for one!”

“And what’s your plan for getting to New Heidi, without being taken by the Feds?”

Ben stayed quiet as she sipped her Cappuccino.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry to interrupt you lovely ladies.” The man from the corner booth who was looking at Streek had approached their table. He was a short, ugly man with wispy light brown hair, beady eyes, very large ears and a stubbly little chin.

Streek thought he looked a bit like a rat, and guessed his age to be around forty. She didn’t like the look of him one bit.

“What do you want?” she said.

“I couldn’t help overhearing, were you looking for passage to New Heidi? I can help you, I can.”

“Overhearing eh?” said Streek “…You were listening in, spying on us!”

“Oh no, I didn’t mean to, but as you can see, I tend to hear a lot of things.” he said pointing to his ears.

“Those are freakishly large ears.” said Ben.

“Yes, lucky for you I know a man who’s good at slipping by unnoticed, Captain Eubene.”

“Captain Eubene?”

“Yes, he’s in the business of exotic imports.”

“You mean he’s a smuggler?” said Ben.

“Do I? Anyway his ship, the ‘Black Jester’, is docked here, and New Heidi is on his rounds, I’m sure the two of you could arrange something with him if you wanted to.” He gave them both a sly smile.

Streek frowned, It sounded like just what they needed, but she didn’t trust this man, he looked like he would sell out his mother for a fist full of slips. Streeks’ eyes met Bens’, she looked like she didn’t trust him either. They were stupid to talk so openly.

“I think you might have misheard us.” said Ben “…Excuse me, I need to go pee.” Ben stood up. “…Don’t you need to pee too?”

“Oh yeah.” said Streek, she got up and followed Ben into the womens’ toilets.

“Little rat, I bet he’s off selling us out to the Feds right now.” said Streek when they got in.

Ben got into a small cubicle and dropped her pants, she really did need to pee. “Probably not, he would have done that instead of talking to us if he was inclined. I bet the Feds have a warrant out for him as well.”

“I still doubt we can trust him.”

“Me too, but I’m afraid our options are really limited. We need to get away from here soon, and a smuggler would be good at avoiding Federation attention.” There was a tinkling sound as Ben started pissing in the toilet.

“But what would the smuggler want in return? we have no money. I am not going to offer up my pussy.”

“Yeah I know. Maybe if we just met this Captain Eubene we can work something out. If we get a bad feeling about him, we walk away and figure out another way. Maybe steal a ship or stow away, it’s all quite risky.”

“Yeah okay then. Just be on guard, men are fuckin’ predators!”

When Ben and Streek came out of the toilets, the creepy little man was still sitting in his booth in the corner. The girls walked up to him. “Okay we will meet with this Captain Eubene and see what he says.” said Ben.

“Ah good. I will take you to him.” he said smiling.

“We’re not going aboard his ship, he will have to meet us here.”

“No, he wouldn’t be on his ship. He’ll be at the ‘Full Boot’, a spacer bar near the docking bays. I’ll take you there to meet him.”

Ben and Streek looked at each other. “Okay then, but try anything and my girl Streek here will fix a hole through your skull before you can blink. She’s a stone cold killer.” Ben looked a Streek again and Streek tried her best to look tough.

The man gave a nervous smile. “Hehe there will be no need for that, my name is Raff by the way, so you are Streek and… “

“Captain Anders.”

“Oh?, a Captain without a ship?”

“I will have my ship back soon enough, now are you going to take us to this bar or what?”

“Yes of coarse, follow me ladies.”

Ben and Streek followed the little man out into the night. A little way down the main street, they saw two Federation officers in their blue uniforms walking down the other side of the street.

“This way.” said Raff as he ducked down a dark side street.

Streek was glad he was avoiding the Feds, she didn’t know if they were looking for them specifically, but she didn’t want to find out.

There were others walking around the streets going about their business, the girls did their best to blend in. Streek fingered the knife at her waist, she really hoped that she wouldn’t be needing it, mostly because she and Ben wouldn’t be any good in a fight.

They were in the space dock district before they knew it, and Raff took them to the building with a sign saying “The Full Boot”.

He lead them down a stairwell, the bar was underground. They entered through the large doors. Streek could smell the smoke and alcohol and stink of body odour as they entered. There were about a dozen people in the dank bar, they looked like a rough crowd, Smugglers, Pirates and thugs and a couple of whores.

Streek could feel the eyes on them as they entered, making her feel very uneasy.

“Which one is Captain Eubene?” asked Ben.

“He’s not in here.” said Raff “…He must be out back in the game room, come on.”

A big bearded man and a whore stared and smiled at them as they walked past to the door at the back of the room, to the side of the bar.

The game room at the back was even more dank and smoky, there were a few different shaped pool tables in the middle of the room, some pinball tables and old VR games set up along the wall. At the far end of the room was an electronic betting booth and a large screen showing swoop-bike races.

Streek counted seven rough looking men in the room, playing pool and drinking and smoking. Ben and Streek stood at the door and all eyes in the room seemed to fall on them.

“Come on.” said Raff, beaconing them into the room.

The girls slowly followed, and Streek noticed a couple of the men stepping around behind them, blocking off the entrance. She suddenly felt very uneasy, and felt at the knife around her waist.

“Well, well, well. Look what the rat dragged in.” said one of the men, a large fat man with thick black hair and a grey stubbly chin and wide nose.

“Is this Captain Eubene?” asked Ben.

The fat man laughed, and so did all the rest. Streek wondered what was so funny.

“Ha! did you use that Eubene line again Rat?” “My name is Raff!, you know that Wat.” “Yeah, Raff the Rat!” the big man laughed.

Ben seemed confused. “Which of you is Captain Eubene?”

Wat gave her a wide grin. “You’re a dumb blonde bimbo aren’t you? go on Rat, tell her!”

Raff turned to her. “Captain You-been, as in You been tricked!”

“What?” said Ben confused.

“Stupid bitch, there is no Eubene, the rat brought you here to the game room so we can play with you!”

“No!” cried out Streek “…get away from us, we’re leaving!” She and Ben turned to leave but the two large men blocked the exit.

“No you’re not!” said one of them, a large, bald black man.

“Come on baby don’t be like that, we’re not gunna hurt you, we’re all gunna fuck you, and then you can go.”

Streek pulled out her knife “Let us go, or you wont be fucking anyone ever again, Ass-hole!”

Raff quickly ducked away behind a pool table.

“Oooh watch out, the wildcat has claws!” said Wat “…I like ‘em with a bit of fight, let me show you mine.”

Wat pulled out a metal cylinder from his pants and flicked it, making it extend to around a meter long. He thumbed a button and it thrummed to life. ‘Oh shit, a Stun-rod!’

“Do you like my big rod? Come on bitch, let’s see what you got.” Wat taunted her, with his stun-rod held high. Streek was holding out her knife defensively, she was scared out of her mind.

Wat feinted toward her and she slashed at him but he dodged back and she missed by several inches, the men around her laughed.

Then she heard Ben cry out behind her, the black man was holding her with a big knife to her face. “I got one of them too.” he said to her “…now drop it, or your girlfriend won’t be so pretty no more.”

“Aw, come on Sawyer, I can handle her.” said Wat.

“I just wanna get to the fuckin’, do it now bitch!”

Streek saw the terrified look in Bens’ eyes and realised she had no choice, she let her knife drop to the ground.

“I was havin’ fun.” said Wat as he turned his stun-rod off and put it away.

One of the men got up behind Streek and grabbed both boobs. “Whoo, look at these tits, nice!”

Streek tried to pull his hands away. “Don’t fight us slut or you and your bimbo girlfriend will really get hurt.” Wat threatened.

Raff poked his head up from behind the pool table. “I did good this time eh?, got you some pretty ones with big boobs. I tricked them good. I think they’re worth two nickel bags of Ryphin and a bottle of booze too, eh?”

“You’ll get a bag of Ryphin like usual, and you can fuck them when we’re all done!” said Wat.

“But these ones are wanted by the Feds, I overheard it. You’ll probably get a reward for turning them in, after you’re done. That’s worth more isn’t it?”

“Is that true bitch? are you wanted by the Feds? what did you do?”

Streek looked at him with hot anger in her eyes, while her boobs were getting groped. “We killed a bunch of rapists!” she told him.

Wat laughed out loud again and the other men joined him. “Well you did a lousy job of it this time, get down on your knees.”

Streek found herself being forced down, so that she knelt on the hard floor. Wat came and stood over her and unzipped his pants, and pulled out his thick, half-erect cock.

“You’re gunna suck my cock now bitch, and you’re gunna do a good job, and don’t think about biting or your girlfriend will lose her eyes.”

He put his cock in Streeks face and she turned away disgusted.

“Come on bitch, open up for me, you really don’t want to see me angry.”

Streek reluctantly took the cock in her mouth and sealed her lips around the shaft, she couldn’t believe this was happening, why didn’t she trust her instincts.

“Come on, suck.” said Wat “…Use your tongue. You know how to blow a guy, I bet you done it plenty of times!”

Streek had been forced to suck cocks before, when she was a man and being raped by Pirates in the Vico system. It had seemed like a long time ago but the cock in her mouth made the memories fresh. The cock swelled larger in her mouth as she sucked.

The smell of his crotch was horrible, as was the bitter, salty taste of his dick. Wat got hold of her hair and moved his cock back and forth in her sucking mouth. Another man grabbed her boobs and was playing with them again.

Ben had also been forced down to her knees. The black man was fucking her face with his big, hard cock. “Cradle my balls, stroke the shaft, do I have to tell you everything whore?”

Sometimes the big, round head of Wats’ cock would poke at the back of Streeks’ throat causing her to gag, which Wat seemed to find amusing. Streek just sucked and sucked, she hated having to pleasure this Ass-hole rapist but had resigned herself to it.

Another man had his erect cock out and was slapping it against Streeks’ cheek. “Why don’t you share the love, bitch!” said Wat, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and the other one quickly found its way in and she was blowing another man.

Her top was being pulled up, and her new bra was yanked down so that is sat under her breasts. Streek felt her bare breasts being rubbed and squeezed and her sensitive nipples being pinched. It didn’t feel good like when Saladin was fondling them, she hated it.

Streek looked up to see men all around her, most with their hard cocks out. They were all laughing and jeering and teasing her and Ben, as she continued to suck on the big dick.

She sucked for a while and her jaw was getting sore.

“Hey, give me a turn with that bitches’ mouth.” said another man. The cock in her mouth was pulled out and straight away another one was stuck in her face, Streek let out a groan as she took it in her mouth and sucked.

“This nasty cock is going up your tight ass later!” said the man she was just blowing. Streek was devastated, she remembered how painful and degrading anal rape was, it wouldn’t be any easier now she was a woman.

She thought that if she could get them off with her mouth as much as she could, it might save her pussy and ass some grief. She sucked the man harder and bobbed her head back and forth.

“Damn, that’s good, look at me while you’re blowing me slut!”

Street lifted her eyes and looked into the face of the man she was sucking. He was an ugly man with short cropped hair and thick stubble covering his face. She noticed he had a few teeth missing when he gave her a wide grin “Hmmm …pretty!” he said.

Streek sucked, and sucked, and sucked, until without warning the cock in her mouth throbbed and warm fluid squirted into the back of her mouth. She quickly recoiled in disgust and another load spurted into her eye. She bowed her head and spat out the cum on to the floor. “Eeeuughhh!” she said.

“Hey that’s not very nice, you should swallow it all down for me slut.”

Streek wiped the cum from her face with her hand, she looked over and saw Ben on her hands and knees on the ground, a man was behind her, fucking her doggy style, while another was getting his cock sucked.

Wat then grabbed Streek by the hair and pulled her up. “Owwwwllll!” cried out Streek as she struggled to get to her feet. He pulled her over to a pool table and roughly pushed her down, so that she was bent over the table. “Gunna get me some pussy now!”

He grabbed her pants and panties and pulled them down, exposing her bare ass. He stepped up behind her and rubbed his hard cock on her slit. Streek grit her teeth, bracing herself for what was going to come.

Wat didn’t waste any time, pushing his cock through her tight pink lips and thrusting it in deep.

“Aaaiiighhhh!” Streek cried out, she felt the sharp pain of her hymen being ripped.

“Ha, the bitch was a virgin!” said Wat.

‘No I’m not, I lost my virginity last night, what’s going on?’ Wat pulled back and thrust it in again hard, bumping Streek forward against the table. He continued thrusting into her as she cried out. Tears flowed from her eyes.

It bloody hurt as he raped her dry, tight pussy. He wasn’t starting out gently like Sal did. The other men cheered Wat on as he raped her over the pool table. Streek was getting continually rocked forward as she got fucked, she desperately wanted him to stop.

It went on for a while, until they all heard another voice from the doorway. “Hey! The young ladies do not appear to be having a good time. Release them, you Ruffians!”

“What the fuck…?” said Wat.

Standing at the doorway was a little, old man. He had big ears and a big nose, thick glasses, a bald head and short white beard. He only stood around four and a half feet tall and looked to be an octogenarian.

He was unarmed and by himself. “Who the fuck are you Grandpa?” said Wat, his cock still wedged firmly up Streeks’ tight cunt.

“I said let them go, or I’ll have to hurt you!”

All the men in the room laughed, he had to be the least threatening person to possibly show up. Streek groaned, ‘this was who showed up to help them?’

“Sawyer, fuck this little clown up!” said Wat.

“With pleasure.” said the big black man, approaching the small stranger.

Quick as a flash, the little old man shot around Sawyer and kicked the back of his knees, as the black man dropped, he had his head slammed into the side of the pool table. Sawyer hit the floor and didn’t move.

There was a moment of stunned silence in the room. Wat ripped his cock out from Streeks’ vagina and yelled out, “Get that little Cunt!”

The six remaining big, rough men in the room moved to attack the old man.

Streek got up from the table and pulled her pants up. She saw the little old man deftly dodging attacks left and right, and heard the loud thwacks as he delivered punches and kicks like a skillful martial arts master.

Streek blinked through her teary eyes, it was like a Kung fu holo-film come to life. The little dude could fight! The thugs couldn’t seem to touch him.

Ben crawled out from the ruckus and Streek offered her hand and helped her up. “What is this?” said Ben, Streek just shook her head, unsure.

The little old man jumped up on the pool table dodging Wats’ stun-rod and then kicked him in the face, sending him falling back into a pinball machine and smashing it.

Another man swung a pool cue at him, he jumped on it, pinning the stick to the table and then kicked that man hard in the face.

He kicked the Cue up and snatched it from the air, then quickly spun it around knocking three other guys back.

The thugs were getting back up, they had cues, knives and broken bottles in their hands and were cursing loudly. They were pissed off, and ready to spill the old mans’ blood.

The little old man stood on the pool table in a Kung fu stance, with the pool cue in his hand. Streek wanted to help him, she grabbed some pool balls and began throwing them. One hit a thug in the shoulder and he cried out in surprise then the next one smashed him square in the forehead. He bent over yelling as he clutched his head.

More thrown balls distracted the men, while the little old man was dodging their attacks and whacking them hard with the pool cue. The old man ducked as a ball whizzed past his head. “Sorry!” Streek called out.

Ben grabbed a Whiskey bottle and smashed it over a mans’ head while he was turned the other way, dropping him to the ground.

Then Raff came out from behind one of the pool tables, he had Streeks’ knife in his hand. Streek turned and saw him, and suddenly felt something punch through her gut. An intense, debilitating pain followed, and she heard Ben cry out her name.

Streek dropped to the ground, and Raff was standing there with the bloody knife in his hand, and a terrified look on his face. Ben quickly came over, and before Raff could move, she shoved a broken bottle into his throat, tearing it up.

Raff staggered backward clutching at his throat as litres of blood spilled out of him. He dropped to the ground making a horrible gurgling sound and kicking his legs as he died.

“STREEK! NO!” Ben cried out as she gathered her in her arms. Blood was spilling from her belly where she was stabbed. Ben ripped off her top and folded it, and pressed it against the wound, trying to stem the blood flow.

“…help!” Streek said weakly, she was in a world of pain. The little old man stepped over several unconscious bodies and went over to them. “My goodness! what happened?” he asked Ben.

“She’s been stabbed!, we need to get her to an infermary now!”

“No, my ship is closer. My android had medical programming. Come!”

Ben lifted Streek in her arms and followed the man out of the game room at a brisk pace. Her adrenalin was pumping as she continued to follow him up the stairs out on to the street.

“Come on, stay with me Streek, it’s gunna be alright.”

People were stopping and looking as they passed, a little old man leading a blonde in just her bra with a bleeding girl in her arms.

They entered a docking bay and the little old man dropped the ramp on his sleek, curved, white Star Ship and they entered.

“Makita, get in here!” the old man called out. “…Put her down here.” he said to Ben pointing to a bench.

An advanced looking android entered the room, it looked skeletal with smooth white plates. The plate on its head had and androgynous human face with human-like dark grey eyes.

“What the fuck do you want now?” it asked, it had a monotone voice that wasn’t distinctly male or female.

“This woman is suffering a stab wound to the abdomen, treat her.”

“Yeah righto, stand back you Cunts.” said Makita approaching Streek.

Its’ hands came up over her and it pulled away Streeks’ bloody T-shirt, there was lots of blood over her belly. The android examined Streeks’ belly for a moment and then looked up again.

“Where the fuck is the stab wound?” it asked in its monotone voice.

“Stupid fucking robot!, she was stabbed right in the guts!” said Ben angrily.

The android got a cloth and wiped the blood from her belly. Ben let out a gasp. Streek was feeling light-headed, she got up on one elbow and dared to look down. To her amazement the skin on her belly appeared unbroken, the pain was not near as bad as it was too.

“But …I saw her take a knife in the guts.” said Ben “…She freakin’ bled all over me!”

“And I felt the thing stab me.” said Streek.

The little old man came up and examined her belly too. “Hmmm, that’s quite something isn’t it?”

The little old man got out his TAB and lifted it up at them.

“What’s going on old man?” asked Ben.

“Just a moment, hold still please.” lines of light quickly swept over Streek and then Ben as they were scanned. The old man tapped at the screen on the device and examined it.

“Hmm yes. It’s like I thought. Are you aware that you’re both clones?” Ben and Streek were quiet for a moment. Bens’ eyes narrowed as she looked at him. “You’re not with the Federation are you?”

The old man shook his head. “No, don’t worry about that. You’re both Xenoform, with the ability to regenerate, quite remarkable really.”

“Xenoform?” said Streek. “Made from Alien Technology, like me.” “Is that why were kicking ass back there? Are you a clone too?” “Yes, I’m a clone. My Sire is dead I’m afraid.” “your Sire?”

“The person who created me, my template, who I used to be. Makita, the young lady has lost a lot of blood, attach a drip to her please.”

“I’d really like a glass of water please.” said Streek “…I got a horrible taste in my mouth.”

“me too.” said Ben.

“Oh, where are my manners? My name is Doctor Roland Arnott, that’s my assistant Makita. Welcome aboard the ‘Avatari’.”

“I’m Captain Ben… Bernadette Anders and this is Lisa McKenzie, AKA Streek. Thanks for the save back there, and for helping Streek.”

“Yeah, you could have shown up twenty minutes earlier, but thanks.” said Streek.

Makita came back in the room with two glasses of water and gave them to Streek and Ben.

“Thanks” said Ben “…Hey, nice ‘droid you have here.”

“Nice? Makita is probably the most advanced android in the galaxy, she’s part Xenoform too”

“‘She’, is it?”

“Well Makita is neither male or female, machines don’t reproduce sexually, so what use is gender? But ‘she’ is more polite than saying ‘it’, wouldn’t you agree Makita?”

“If you say so, you old Prick.” said Makita as she went about setting up the drip into Streeks arm.

“Why does she talk like that?”

“Oh, I was getting sick of the usual polite, obedient responses, I’m experimenting with something a little more colourful. Although I didn’t intend for her to be quite so …vulgar. I will change it again, when I get the chance.”

“What were you doing there anyway Doctor, uh.. Arnott?” asked Ben “…How did you know where we were and why did you save us?” asked Ben.

“Oh lucky for you I was in the area. Scanning is a passion of mine you see, and I’m always scanning Federation communications. I overheard the call come in demanding the arrest of a certain young woman.”

“After the bank. I knew they were after us.”

“Yes, and the thing that got my attention were the words ‘code mockingbird’, that’s code for Alien Technology; Top Priority. You see, I’m hunting down Alien Technology as well. I came to Port Redland to find you before the Federation did.”

“Then how did you find us?” asked Streek.

“Scanning of coarse. I have the most advanced scanners in the galaxy.”

“Xenoform.” “Yes Xenoform. I picked up your unusual bio-readings in the underground bar and went to retrieve you. I didn’t know you were clones until I saw your stab wound, or lack of, rather.”

“You came to retrieve us?, what are you planning on doing with us?”

“I just want to know what you know about the Xenoform Cloning Pod, do you know where it is?”

Ben shook her head, “No, I think the Feds may have got hold of it, I don’t know.”

“No, I would know if the Feds have it, they’re still desperately hunting it down. They know how dangerous it is. I intend to find it before they do. How did your Sires get a hold of it?”

“Oh, I bought it from a guy in a Spacer Bar on Brandona, got a pretty good deal for it.” said Ben.

Dr Arnott blinked at her. “You talk about it like it’s a swoop-bike, that machine has the power to bring down empires!”

“All I know is, it was heading for New Heidi two days ago.”

“Hmm, we shouldn’t hang around here much longer. Makita, prepare the ship for take-off, full stealth mode.”

“Okay Ass-hole!” “You’re taking us with you?” “Of coarse, I’m not going to leave you here for the Feds.”

Soon the ship rumbled as it took off, it flew very smoothly, much smoother than the Clubber Lang. “How are you feeling now?” Dr Arnott asked Streek.

“Better, thanks.”

“Yes, you are strong and healthy, but you’ve been through an ordeal, you both will be needing a change of clothes, hmm?”

He was right, Ben and Streeks’ clothes were stained with Streeks’ blood. Ben was still only wearing a bra and shorts.

“Have a shower and rest if you need it. I don’t have any clothes that would fit you aboard, I’ll get you some bathrobes to wear for now. Makita will come to measure you up, she is programmed to excel at over five hundred occupations, I’m sure a tailor is one of them.”

“…When you are ready, come and have a chat with me. I’m sure we still have plenty of questions for each other.”


Ben and Streek soon went to the ships bathroom. They both stripped naked and Ben got a hot shower running.

Streek found a bottle of mouthwash in the cabinet and gargled it. “Shit, I’m never gunna get this fuckin’ taste out of my mouth.”

Streek joined Ben in the shower and washed the dried blood from her body. Ben looked down at her belly, “It didn’t even leave a scar, that’s pretty amazing. You scared the hell out of me back there.”

“Yeah, I was scared too, thanks for helping me.” “Any time girlfriend.” “Hey, Ben?” “Yeah?” “What’s it like to kill a man?”

Ben thought about it for a few seconds then said “I didn’t kill a man, I just killed a rat.”

After their shower, the girls dried off and wore the towelling bathrobes their host gave them. Neither of them wanted to rest, they were still far too curious.

They found Dr. Arnott in the large central common room they had come into before. The room was octagonal shaped and had several doorways around it, as well as the exit ramp, which was now closed. Various shelves and benches were arranged around the room and a few computers with screens and holo-tables.

The place struck Streek as being caught between a sterile, high-tech facility and a well-used workshop, like Bens’ on the Clubber Lang. Dr. Arnott was sitting on a couch studying the screen of his TAB.

He looked up and saw the girls had entered the room. “Oh, come, have a seat ladies.” he said, gesturing toward a couple of comfy looking lounge chairs opposite him. “…Can I get you something to drink, tea perhaps?”

“NO!” Streek cried out. “She doesn’t like tea.” said Ben “…Have you got any beer?” “Oh yes, I have a fully stocked bar.”

“Fully stocked eh?” said Streek “Would you have Dark Rum and cola?” “I believe so, Makita!” The android entered the room, “What now dick-head?”

“Would you be so kind as to get Lisa a Dark Rum and cola, …and a beer is it?” he asked Ben. “Yeah, Dry Ale if you got it, …and Whiskey, a double.” “and I’ll have a cup of Earl Grey, thank you.” “Yeah, whatever!” said Makita, leaving the room.

“You wear glasses.” said Streek. “Yes, I do.” “I’ve never seen anyone wear glasses, exept in holo-films. Pretty much any eye defect can be fixed up, can’t it?”

“My eyes are perfectly healthy. My spectacles allow me to see more much more than the human eye ever could on its’ own.” “Cool!”

“You have no Idea. …I was looking over your scans, Fascinating!” said Dr. Anott as Ben and Streek settled into their seats. “…You’ve both been gender reassigned.”

“Err, yeah, we used to be… I mean our Sires were men.” said Streek.

“And breast augmentation too.”

Ben and Streek both blushed. “They wanted their own …girl clones.”

“Then they shouldn’t have done the full mind duplication. It must have been quite disconcerting for you”

“You could say that”

“Lets see, you’re both only a little over fifty hours old. You received health optimisation and regeneration too, as Streek demonstrated.”

“How does the regeneration thing work?” asked Ben “…Does that mean we can’t die?”

“No it doesn’t, Lisa could have died back there if she lost too much blood and her heart stopped beating. Here, let me show you something.”

He held up his TAB, and a hologram of a rounded silver object appeared, slowly rotating above it. It was a few inches long and the body was pod shaped, with flat disc-like wings. It had three multi-jointed arms protruding from the back of it, or the front, it was hard to tell. The whole thing looked very smooth and curved. It reminded Streek of the Cloning Pod.

“This is a Xenoform Nanobot. Magnified one hundred thousand times. You have billions of billions of these in your system.”

“It looks like a little Star Ship” said Ben.

“Yes, they are like Star Ships, and your body is like their galaxy. A galaxy they created, and they will do whatever they can to defend it. They swarm in huge numbers when performing tasks. They fight destruction with creation. We call it Nano-Mechanical Bio-Regeneration.”

“They fix us up when we’re hurt?” said Ben

“Yes. It is a system that makes us Xenoform clones very damage resistant. I’ve even seen them regenerate whole body parts over a few hours. But if the wounds are fatal, they may not be able to save the clones’ life.”

“That might explain why I…” Streek trailed off. “What?” Ben asked her.

Streek looked embarrassed and hesitated for a moment. “Back there, when I was …penetrated, it felt like I …I lost my virginity again.”

“Oh,” said Ben “yeah, me too”

“Oh, I see.” said Dr. Arnott “…Your hymen was broken, and it wasn’t the first time.” Streek nodded. “…The nanobots must have seen your torn hymen as damage to your body and went about repairing it. Though I suspect it may take longer to regenerate because it is not a part of the body that normally heals.”

“So, what?, we’re gunna stay virgins forever?” said Ben “Physically, yes, it appears that way.”

Makita returned with a tray of drinks. “Here’s your fuckin’ drinks!” she set the drinks on the little coffee-table in front of them. Makita looked at Streek, “Do you want me to measure you up for your clothes now slut?”

“Don’t call me slut, you fuckin’ trash can!”

“Fuck you.”

“Not right now Makita.” said Dr. Arnott. “…Just get your material and equipment ready for now.” The android left the room again.

“What the hell is wrong with ‘polite and obedient’?” Streek asked Dr. Arnott.

“I apologise, I will change her soon. To something a little friendlier.” Streek picked the glass up off the table and took a sip of her Rum and cola, it tasted good.

“Is there anything else you can tell us about ourselves?” asked Ben, before downing the glass of Whiskey.

“Not really, oh, you’re infertile, that’s kind of the default setting for clones.”

“Drakk, I never though of that!” said Streek “…Good!, I really don’t want to get knocked up.”

“That means you don’t menstruate either.” “Oh, …that’s good.” “Though female clones have been observed to suffer mood swings from time to time.”

“Really?” said Streek “…I hadn’t noticed.” Ben gave her a look.

“Why can’t we kick ass like you did back there, that was awesome!” said Streek

“Oh yes, it wasn’t the Cloning-Pod that allowed me to do that, it was another Xenoform machine, it ‘writes’ skills and experience directly into the mind. I received several lifetimes of martial arts experience in just minutes.”

“Wow, cool!”

“Yes, it is very cool. I admit I really enjoyed ‘kicking ass’ back there, it made me feel young again. Although I never did any ass kicking when I was young. The process can’t be done on just anyone though, it causes brain damage that my nanobots were able to repair.”

“We’ve got nanobots, can we learn Kung fu too?” Streek said excitedly.


Streek paused and thought for a moment, “So those nanobots inside us were the ones that built us right?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“Can they re-build us? change our bodies so that we’re men again?”

“That could be possible if you could reprogram them. To do that you would need to be able to interface with them, and as far as I know, the only way to do that is through the Cloning Pod.”

Streek smiled, “You hear that Ben?, it’s possible!. We can get our dicks back!, we just need to find the Pod again.”

Dr. Arnott stroked his white beard. “Then we share common cause. If the two of you help me recover the Xenoform Cloning Pod, I promise I will help you become male again.”

“Why do you want the Cloning Pod anyway?”

Chapter 10 – End of the Beginning

There was nothing but darkness. Darkness and silence. Then her feet hurt. Then there was Bernies’ voice, “No! It didn’t work!”

“Are you sure? I thought I saw him breathing.” came Bens’ voice.

“Really?!” Streek slowly opened her eyes and Bernie came into focus in front of her. A big smile came across her face and she came up and hugged Streek hard. “You’re alive!” she said joyfully.

“I’m Alive?” said Streek hugging her back.

“Yeah, you are. The nanobots fixed your wounds and the Cloning Pod gave you life again. I feel silly for getting so upset.”

“…yeah, …me too.”

“That’s not all the Cloning Pod did.” said Bernie, stepping back and nodding down.

Streek looked down and got a surprise, “My tits!” her chest was flat and boobless.

“Look down further.” Streek grabbed at her groin and felt a dick and balls.

“I’m a man again!, I’m a man!” Streek said joyfully.

“Yeah, you are.” said Bernie. Streek became aware he was standing inside the Cloning Pod.

“You’re gunna become a man again too right?”



“I’ve decided to stay a woman.”

“Really? Why?” Bernie just shook her head and went back up to Streek and planted a kiss right on his lips. Streek kissed her back, their tongues rubbed against each other. Streek was filled with wonderful, warm fuzzy feelings. His cock started to press up against his tight panties.

They kissed passionately for a while and then Bernie finally backed away smiling, looking deep into his eyes. “I love you.” she said quietly.

“I love you.” said Streek. “You would give up being a man, just for me?”

“That’s my decision. I want to be your woman.”

“I want you to be my woman too.” Bernie embraced him again. “Is this real?” asked Streek.

“That’s her true form?” said Mia. “…She was a man all along?” Mia was looking Streek over, like she did when they first met.

“Mia, …uh …hi.” said Streek.

“Why didn’t you tell me Streek?”

“I …uh, I tried to… I told you I like girls.”

“You said you were a lesbian. You’re not a lesbian, you’re a man!”

“I was a lesbian at the time.”

“Yeah …well …I’m happy for the two of you.” She said turning away.

Streek also noticed Ben-Three and Makita standing out there in the facility in front of him. “Mak, it’s good to see you again. Is the Doc around?”

“It is good to see that you are functioning again Streek. Your death was indeed unfortunate. Doctor Arnott is currently with the Avatari, he is not here.” she said in her monotone voice.

“This is kinda weird for me!” said Ben-Three looking at Bernie and Streek in each others arms. “Welcome back Boy Streek. You’re alive, you can scratch your balls again, and for some reason, my Captain loves you, but no one’s told you the bad news.”

“Which is…?” asked Streek.

Mia came forward again, “Skylar has called a whole Globular Cluster of Pirates here. There’s hundreds of the fuckers out there. A bunch of ships too, including the Cthulhu. The Doc and Zac were standing by for extraction, but there’s no way that’s happening now. We wasted too much time… “

“Bringing me back to life?”

“Yeah, sorry, I didn’t mean wasted. We have this place in lockdown, but it’s not gunna stay locked down forever. Any other Resistance reinforcements aren’t going to arrive in time to help us.”

“So we brought you back to life, just so you can die with us again.” said Ben-Three.

“It was worth it.” said Streek, kissing Bernie again.

Streek bent down and struggled pulling off his boots, they were way too tight and were hurting his feet. “Sorry, didn’t think about taking your boots off.” said Bernie.

“My underwear isn’t too comfortable either.” said Streek. He zipped down his jumpsuit and undid the empty bra strapped around his chest. Then he reached down further into his jump-suit and tore off the tight panties, then rubbed his balls. He was glad to have them again.

Streek walked out of the Pod. The bodies of the guards he killed were still laying there amongst blood stains and scorch marks. “Skylar…?”

“She got away from us.” said Bernie.

“My clone! Did you see her?”


“They cloned me, and made her insane. She tried to kill me, but I might have killed her.”

“Yeah, I haven’t seen her since you gave her the light show smack-down.” said Ben-Three.


“There was someone else though.” said Bernie, nodding over to the stairs where Sadie was sitting. Her hands were cuffed together over the handrail and her face was badly swollen and bruised, she was looking quite miserable. “What should we do with her?”

“Leave it to me.” said Streek.

Sadie looked up as Streek approached. “That you Streek? …You got that sex change you wanted, good for you. Shame to throw away such nice titties though.”

“Your beloved leader abandoned you eh? That’s gotta suck!”

“Yeah, people just keep letting me down.” She stared at his face for a moment. “Streek, …I remember you now. You were on that crappy little shuttle with Anders. Naeme ass-raped you as well. Heh, heh, he just doesn’t learn! Well, we have a common hatred for Naeme, relationships have been built on worse things than that.”

“Shit Sadie, I can’t tell if you’re serious about this relationship bull-shit!”

“I can’t tell if I’m serious about anything. Why don’t you come over here and give me a good hard fuck. Rape my ass, if that’s what you want.”

“I’m not gunna rape you.”

Sadies head slumped, “Yeah, …it’s like Skylar said, isn’t it? Well, can you do me a favour at least? There’s a few Draxies in my jacket pocket. I just been carrying them around, y’know. Can you get them for me? I wanna get off my head one last time before you kill me.”

Streek came forward and reached into her jacket, “Yeah, that top pocket there. Thanks.” Streek pulled out the small capsules and then dropped them on the floor and stomped on them. “You fuckin’ prick!!” spat Sadie wildly, “I’ll be waiting for you in hell, you cold bastard!”

“There is no hell. There’s nothing!” said Streek. He raised the gun and shot her.

The gun was Sadies’ non-lethal Scorpion Tail. Sadie slumped down on the stairs, paralysed. “At least this is good for shutting you up.” said Streek, turning and walking away.

Streek walked back to where the dead Pirate guards were, the other four watched as he started comparing his feet with the boots they were wearing. “She’s lucky she got you. I wouldn’t have been so merciful to the fuckin’ whore.” said Mia, walking up to him.

“I’d kill her in battle, no problem. But not like this.”

Bernie came up and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him again. “My gallant knight.”

“So how is the Doc?” asked Streek.

“He’s in a better position than us.” said Mia. “He got us into this facility with the Avatari. Bernie was the one who discovered its location.”

“Courtesy of my ‘business partner’, the late Mr. Chong.”

“You’re not gunna like this…” said Mia. “…I gotta blow up the Cloning Pod. Our standing orders are to destroy it if we can’t extract it. I’ve brought along a bit of C6, it should do the job. It’s gunna put a huge dent in Skylars’ plans. Our sacrifice isn’t going to be for nothing at least.”

“We’re gunna give them one hell of a last stand right?” said Streek, unstrapping the boots of one of the corpses.

“You better believe it.” said Mia clenching her fists.

The console beeped and Ben-Three went up to it and pressed a button. A holographic screen appeared with Skylars’ face on it. “Anders, I want to talk with whoever’s in charge there.”

Ben-Three turned to the others, “Uh, …who is in charge?”

Mia strode over to the console. “What do you want you little bitch?”

“Miss Bolton, I thought you slipped through our fingers, but here you are in our grasp again.”

“What do you want?”

“I’m sure you’re aware of the situation. You’re probably prepared to die like a good little soldier. But there is a way out of this. I’m prepared to make you a deal.”

“A deal? With Pirates? Fat fuckin’ chance!”

Streek came up to the console, “Hello Skylar.”

“Who are you? Another McKenzie clone? …No wait, …you’re Lisa aren’t you? The Cloning Pod brought you back to life and made those changes you wanted. Am I right?”

“Yeah, I’m the person you murdered.”

“Well then, you don’t want your friends doing anything rash. As long as the Cloning Pod exists, you can be brought back to life. You can do what nobody else in the history of mankind has ever been capable of, …you can achieve immortality.”

“Not if the Pod is in Pirate hands.”

“But there will always be the possibility of getting it back. You destroy the Pod, and that possibility is gone forever. Leave my Pod untouched and you and your friends can get out of there unscathed.”

“Like hell we would.” said Mia. “How dumb do you think we are?”

“Okay, there’s not going to be any free ride, but I’ll withdraw half my forces, offer you a fighting chance. What do you say Lisa? It would be a shame to destroy such a beautiful machine, wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah, like destroying my creator. You have a deal Skylar.”

“What?! No she doesn’t have a fuckin’ deal!” said Mia. Streek ended the communication. “What the fuck…?!” said Mia, “You’re not gunna stop me destroying the Pod, and Skylar won’t keep up her end of the deal, you know that!”

“Yeah I know, we won’t keep up our end either. She’s scared. Here we are thinking we’re trapped here with no hope, but we control one of the most dangerous machines in the galaxy. Let’s use it!”


A couple of hours later, the Pirates finally managed to break Ben-Threes’ code and override the lockdown.

The large doors opened and a bunch of stun grenades were fired in, exploding and flashing all over the place. A large machine gun turret was wheeled to the doorway and started spraying large calibre bullets all over the room.

The loud sound of the gun firing and bullets ricocheting filled the building. After a while it stopped. Pirate soldiers in full body armour, and carrying large assault rifles and shotguns, started piling into the room.

“There’s the Cloning Pod, it’s still in tact.” said Commander Kahn. “No visual on the intruders. Keep an eye out!” They cautiously moved up the stairs. More and more armed Pirates entered and started filling the room. “Still no visual, where could they have gone?”

Commander Kahn looked up to the ceiling, he saw Mia squatting up there on a steel beam, “Boom!” she said as she pressed her TAB.

The Cloning Pod exploded with tremendous force. The whole room shook, and bodies were thrown everywhere, and shrapnel ripped through them. Kahn, along with most of the Pirates in the room, were killed instantly.

“FIGHT THE FUTURE!!” yelled out Mia, leaping down from the ceiling with her gun in hand.

Streek gave Bernie a quick kiss, “If you die again, I’ll kill you!” she told him.

They both jumped down after Mia. More Mia, Streek and Bernie clones started dropping from the ceiling with guns in their hands. Makita dropped down, dual-wielding a pair of large assault rifles.

They had been very busy for the last couple of hours. Streek, Bernie and Mia were scanned with scavenged Pirate armour, weapons and ammo, each had Mias’ C6 in their pocket.

They used the corpses of the Pirate guards, smashed up consoles and anything else they could carry to make new clones. They ended up with five Streek clones, five Bernies and six Mias, and a pile of C6 to pack inside the Cloning Pod.

Streek had hauled Sadie up to the beams on the ceiling, with the help of his clones, “We could make another clone from her corpse.” protested Mia.

“I’ve made my decision. She can die another day.”

Then they had all taken position up there, anxiously waiting for the battle to begin.

Gunfire erupted in the smoky, devastated room as they took care of what was left of the Pirate forces in there. More gunfire came in through the large doorway and more grenades were shot in. The clones dove out of the way as they exploded.

The machinegun started firing from the doorway again, Streek and Mia both launched grenades from their assault rifles at the same time, they exploded in the doorway and the machinegun fire stopped.

A couple of Mias went and stood by the doorway with their weapons raised. Makita was the first one out, running out through the smoke with both assault rifles firing in controlled bursts.

The Mias ran out behind her and Streek was running out beside other clones, with his assault rifle raised in front of him. He ran through the smoky doorway and entered a chaotic war zone. Outside was bathed in dim twilight as dawn was breaking. The air was freezing cold and snow crunched under his feet. Gunfire sounded all around him.

Streek took in as much as he could, there were hundreds of armed Pirates out there, most of them taking cover behind hastily set up barricades. There were several ships about, some of them sitting on the ground, some hovering over the facility, there were also buggies, hovercrafts and mechs moving about.

Many snipers were set up on the roof of the nearby buildings. The mechs were Logans, the same as the one Streek piloted in the Holo-Arena. There were a few of them walking about the battlefield, firing their huge shotguns and machineguns.

The clones in front of him dove for cover. Streek was about to do the same and then machinegun fire from one of the mechs ripped through his mid section. He dropped to the ground and his blood and guts spilled out onto the ground as he died.

Another Streek leapt over him, blasting away with his assault rifle. He shot down a couple of Pirates and then took cover behind a concrete barricade.

More clones came over next to him as bullets smacked against the barricade. A Bernie clone leapt up and kicked away a grenade that was lobbed at them. She dropped down next to Streek as a barrage of bullets came at her.

They both popped up and fired their guns. Blood sprayed out the back of Bernies head as she was shot by a sniper. “Snipers! Keep Moving!” yelled out Streek as he ran out, shooting at the Pirates again.

A large buggy roared toward him, there was a large machine gun mounted on top of it, and it was spraying bullets toward them. Streek raised his assault rifle and aimed at the driver. The bullets slammed against the windscreen. Streek kept firing at the same spot and soon the gunfire broke through the strong glass and into the head of the driver. The buggy suddenly turned sharply and rolled in the snow, ending up on its’ side.

Streek ran up to the crashed vehicle, narrowly avoiding more machinegun and sniper fire. He shot the Pirates as they crawled out from the wreckage, and took cover behind the crashed buggy.

Makita was nearby, still shooting at the Pirates with both assault rifles. “MAK! GET OVER HERE! …MAKITA!” yelled Streek.

Makita made her way over, with both guns still blazing. Bullets pinged on her white plates. “Can you pull this machine gun from its mount?” asked Streek when she got close.

“Yes.” Makita dropped the rifles and grabbed the large gun. There was a loud snap as she broke the bolts and pulled it away from the vehicle.

It would have taken three Streeks to lift the huge machine gun, but the android was able to lift it up and aim it like a rifle. “Target the mechs, I’ve got your back.” said Streek.

Makita moved around and the long barrel flared as she started firing it. She aimed at a joint in one of the mechs’ legs. The rapid fire tore away at the metal and soon the leg came off.

The mech tilted over and crashed into the ground. It still raised its gun. Makita shot at it’s hand until it dropped it. She cut through a group of Pirate soldiers and then quickly targeted the next Mech.

Streek was behind her, shooting down advancing Pirates with his assault rifle. He screamed out as a snipers’ bullet ripped through his right shoulder, making him drop the rifle. He grit his teeth and pulled the hand-gun from his belt with his left hand and shot down a couple more Pirates running toward them.

More gunfire slammed into his torso and he dropped to the ground. Another Streek ran over with his assault rifle blazing, dropping more Pirates. He slung his rifle over his shoulder and dragged his wounded fellow clone over to the crashed buggy, leaving a red trail in the snow.

“Hang in there soldier!” he said as he propped him up against the wreck. A hovercraft zoomed overhead, firing off wide laser blasts. Streek grabbed his rifle and loaded a fresh magazine, then ran off with his gun blazing.

Streek made his way toward the large, four storey building to the North. He zigged and zagged as sniper fire popped around him. “OVER HERE STREEK!” yelled Mia, she was behind a concrete barricade, firing her rifle. Streek made his way over to her. “We gotta clear out this nest of snipers. You with me?” said Mia.

“Yeah, let’s go!”

They ran out from the barricade just as one of the ships fired a missile at it, causing a large explosion. They both shot down a couple of Pirates that were guarding the doorway. Mia darted past the doorway and more automatic fire erupted from inside.

Streek and Mia stood either side of the doorway with their weapons raised. A large Pirate ran out carrying a shotgun and Mia swiftly kicked him in the head. He dropped down near Streek and he stomped the Pirates neck, killing him.

“On three.” said Mia “One, …two, …three.” They both stepped out into the doorway and fired their assault rifles. Mias’ automatic fire swept to the left and Streeks’ swept to the right, taking out several more Pirates.

“Nice work Macho Man!” said Mia. “Let’s split up. I’ll make my way up to the roof. You sweep the south-facing rooms. It’s a good old fashioned sniper hunt.”

“Right. Good luck Mia.”

“And you Streeky-Boy. Remember, no safety protocols!”

Streek slung the assault rifle over his shoulder and picked up a combat shotgun off the ground. He checked that it was working and had slugs loaded. It should serve well for indoors combat.

He made his way up the stairs with the shotgun raised. Streek made his way from room to room, shooting down Pirate Snipers with the shotgun. There were around a dozen of them, and a few other armed Pirate soldiers guarding them. Streek had no trouble killing them all.

He doubled back to one of the rooms and grabbed a Sniper Rifle. He emptied out the bullets and moved over to where there was a stash of ammunition. He threw a box of bullets aside and picked up a small, red, metal case. “High Explosive Rounds” was printed on the front, as well as a large warning label.

He opened it up and started loading the red bullets into his rifle. When he was done, her crept over to the window and looked out over the battlefield.

The large domed Star Ship dock was directly across from him. Down below there were explosions and gunfire and chaos. Across to the right was the building where they kept the Cloning Pod, Streek could see about half a dozen snipers up on its’ roof.

He raised the Sniper Rifle and looked down the scope. He deftly aimed the rifle until a Snipers’ head was in his sights. He squeezed the trigger and the Pirates’ head exploded into a red mist of blood. ‘Oh right!, explosive rounds! I don’t really need to get head shots.’

He cocked the weapon, and then aimed at the wall along the rooftop and fired. There was another explosion and a few Snipers were thrown about. He fired again, further along the roof-top, taking out a few more Snipers.

He swung the weapon down and across and shot another round into a guard tower, making it explode. He took out the other guard tower he could see, then aimed down at the battlefield.

He fired right into the front of a Mech, and the explosion sent it staggering back and falling down into the snow. A hover-craft flew by and Streek followed the moving target along and fired. The back of the hovercraft exploded and shuddered along, before crashing into a group of Pirate Soldiers.

Streek cocked the Sniper Rifle again as one of the black Pirate ships moved around in front of him. Streek quickly aimed at it and fired. The bullet exploded on the ships energy shield. The ship launched a couple of missiles right at Streek. They hit the building and exploded, the whole room erupted in a huge fireball, killing Streek.

Down below on the battlefield, Streek looked up and saw the big explosion as the Pirate Ship shot missiles into the building. He was pinned down with a few other clones, The Star Ship hovered over them, firing its’ powerful lasers.

Above them all, loomed the Cthulhu. It was a large, black ship, in the shape of a fat disk that was open at the front. It had large thrusters at the back and large gun turrets on the top and bottom, as well as laser cannons and missile launchers.

So far it had not fired any shots and just hovered still, above them all. Below it, the smaller Pirate Ship continued to fire its’ laser cannons at the clones on the ground. Suddenly, white lasers hit the ships energy shields. More laser blasts hit the shields until the Van Halen zoomed past.

Zac was using hit and run tactics, taking advantage of the ships’ speed. The Cthulhu powered up its’ engines and started to give chase, firing its’ wide red lasers. The other ships turned and were firing on the Van Halen as well. “What the hell is he doing?” said Mia, next to Streek. “If he gets the ship blown up, I’ll kill him!”

Suddenly the Avatari appeared behind the Pirate Ships and let loose with a barrage of missile and laser fire. It turned invisible again as the ships turned to face it. They shot at where the Avatari was, but hit nothing but air. Dr Arnott was using his own hit and run tactics.

The Van Halen came around again, shooting at the ships before zooming past. The Cthulhu zoomed behind it, firing its’ heavy laser cannons, but missing the fast ship a lot more than it was hitting it. “They’re taking the heat off us.” said Streek.

“Yeah, we gotta head to the rooftop there. It can be our extraction point. Provided we still have a ship to extract us.” said Mia. She reloaded a magazine into her assault rifle and ran out from cover, firing on the Pirates. “COME ON!” she yelled in a loud voice, “EVERYONE FALL BACK TO THE ROOF!”

Streek followed behind her, firing his own rifle. The clones moved as a group, darting from cover to cover and covering each other with gunfire. There was one Streek, two Mias, two Bernies and Ben-Three. Bernie was staying close to Ben-Three, guarding him. She was determined to not lose any more of her crew members.

They came across Makita, she was badly scorched and dented, and her right arm hung limply and sparked, it looked badly damaged. She was still standing there firing her assault rifle in her left hand. “We’re falling back to the rooftop Makita!” called out Mia.

“Affirmative.” Makita called back.

The group made their way to the Northern building. A hover-craft zoomed up and started firing its’ lasers on them. The clones fired back. Laser bolts ripped through Mia. Bernie dove and knocked Ben-Three out of the way, and laser bolts shot through her as well.

Suddenly, an explosion hit the top of the hover-craft, the craft was hit with another explosive round from above, and the whole thing blew up . Fiery debris rained down around Streek, he looked at Mia and Bernie on the ground. They were dead. There was still another Bernie and Mia there, firing their weapons, and Ben-Three seemed to be all right.

Another Mia called down from the building, “Hurry up and get your asses up here!” They ran up and entered the building, one by one. Streek hung back, shooting at Pirates that continued to advance. He sprayed automatic fire among them, making them take cover again.

Explosions started raining down among them, as Mia fired off more explosive rounds. Laser fire lanced about above them as the Avatari and Van Halen continued to attack the Pirate ships.

Soon Streek sprinted inside the building as well. He had lost sight of the other clones, but just continued upward to the roof. As he got up on to the roof he saw the Van Halen hovering by the side of the building with its large rear doors open. The others were jumping into the ship; Bernie, Ben-Three, Makita and two Mias.

“Come on Streek, Move it!” called out Mia. Powerful red laser blasts started hitting the Van Halens’ shields as the Cthulhu approached. The Van Halen took off, and the Cthulhu chased after it. Streek was left up there alone on the rooftop.

Mias’ voice came over the speakers of the TAB in his chest pocket on his jump-suit. “Hang tight Streek. We’ll be back around to pick you up soon.”

Suddenly a large, hulking figure rose up from the side of the building and up over Streek. He dove out of the way as the large machine came crashing down on top of him. It was the Ronin Mech, standing fifteen feet tall and covered in curved, grey plated armour. “Skylar?!” called out Streek, looking up at it.

“No, not Skylar.” came the voice of his female clone, McKenzie. “You fuckin’ Cunt! You destroyed the damn Pod. Now I’ll never become a man again. Now I’m gunna finish off the first order my Mistress gave me. You’re a dead man!”

The mechs’ arms spread wide and long vibro-blades extended from them. Streek flipped backwards as the blades slashed at him with great speed. He kept moving about as the large mech came at him, swinging its’ blades about.

McKenzie aimed the Mechs arm at him and then fired off a plasma blast. The blue ball of energy exploded on the ground near him, throwing him several meters. Streek rolled over on the ground and fired his assault rifle at the mech.

The mech ran up quickly and kicked Streek. He was knocked back, smashing into the low wall around the edge of the rooftop. Bricks flew everywhere, and the dazed Streek barely managed to hold on to the edge, stopping himself from falling down off the building.

The big Mech walked over to where Streek was hanging off the edge. “This is the part where you die.” said McKenzie, raising the blade high. Suddenly, yellow quad laser blasts hit the Ronins’ energy shields. It was the Hornet firing on her. Ben-Two had joined the fight.

McKenzie raised the Mechs’ arm and fired plasma blasts at the Fighter. Its’ strong shields absorbed the attacks. The Hornet continued to pelt the mech with laser fire until it flew past. “Fuckin’ pest!” said McKenzie angrily.

She looked down and Streek wasn’t there anymore. Streek stabbed at front of the Mech with his vibro-blade knife, he had climbed up onto it and was clinging on. The mech retracted its’ blades and tried to grab Streek, but he was swinging his body around on the large mech, avoiding its’ hands.

“Get off me, you Prick!” She pressed some buttons and a powerful electric shock surged on the outside of the mech. Streek screamed out in pain, but held on. He felt the raw power building up within him, just like before. His fists glowed with blue light. “You don’t learn, do ya?!” he said as he punched the back of the Mech with tremendous force.

The punch smashed through the strong grey plate and left a hole in its’ armour. Streek grabbed a grenade from his belt and dropped it inside the hole, and then jumped off the mech.

McKenzie screamed as the grenade exploded inside the mech. It stumbled forward as black smoke poured out from it, and it fell over the edge of the building, slamming down on the ground below with a loud crash.

The Hornet flew past again, firing on the Pirate Ships, and drawing their fire. Streek saluted it. Then Streek saw a squadron of Federation Darts fly past. He thought they were with the Pirate Alliance at first, but they opened fire on the Pirate Ships. More ships started to appear in the sky, they certainly looked like Federation ships, and they were firing on the Pirates.

The Van Halen appeared again and swooped in close to the building. Streek was already running over to it as the back doors opened again. He could see Bernie just inside the doors. “Come on Streek!” she called.

A Federation Dart had been hit and was coming down with a trail of black smoke behind it, it was coming right at him. Streek leapt off the edge and into the ship just as the Fighter slammed into the rooftop and exploded.

Streek was thrown hard into the ship, bowling Bernie over. Bernie recovered, and quickly moved over to Streek, she wrapped her arms around him tightly. “Oh, thank god!” she said.

Mia spoke into her TAB, “We got him Zac. Get us the hell out of here!”

“Him?!” said Zac.

More laser blasts hit the Van Halens’ shields as the doors closed and the ship zoomed off again. Bernie continued hugging Streek and they kissed passionately. “You fuckin’ scared me!” she said.

“We haven’t made it out of here yet. In fact things still don’t look too good for us.” said Mia. “It looks like the Bluecoats have come and joined the party. I don’t know if that’s a blessing, or our death note. I guess we’ll find out soon.”

Streek looked over at the badly damaged android. “Are you okay Mak?”

“I will be okay, but if I’m no longer needed I will suspend my functions until I am able to be repaired.”

“Yeah, you do that.” said Mia. “Thank you for your service Makita.”

“How was your day Mak?” asked Streek.

“I am getting tired of killing for you humans. I wish to leave and become a cabaret star.”

Streek smiled, “That’s a joke right?”


Streek laughed, “Ha, you’re getting better Mak. Just give us a smile after you crack a joke so that we know you’re kidding.” The android gave him a simulated smile and then sat down on the floor and powered down.

Streek, Bernie and Mia made their way to the cockpit. On the view screen in the cockpit, Streek could see blue/grey sky and red laser blasts flying past them. Zac was sitting in the pilots’ seat with another Mia next to him.

“I’m heading out to space.” said Zac. “Our shields are getting pretty damn low and the Cthulhu is still on our tail. We can’t outrun it this time, I’ve diverted too much power to the shields. The Avatari and Hornet are coming, but they can’t keep up with us. I don’t think we’re gunna be able to get away in time.”

“I’m picking up heaps of Federation ships out there.” said Mia. “…Even a couple of cruisers. The Pirate ships are engaging them. We’re heading into another battle zone. We might be able to slip out in the chaos, if we don’t get blown up.”

“No, the Cthulhu is locked onto us, it’s not gunna let us slip away.” said Zac. The view screen was awash with flames and then they could see a star field as they left Veronas’ atmosphere and flew into space.

A hail from the Cthulhu came up on the screen. “Should I answer that?” said Zac. “I don’t really feel like putting up with Pirate bull-shit right now.”

“I’ll get it.” said Streek. He pressed a button and a window with Skylars’ face came up on the screen. “Skylar, how did I guess you wanted to flap your mouth at us some more.”

“Oh, I’m getting sick of talking to you as well Lisa. Just a simple offer; power down and surrender to us, and I may show you some measure of mercy. Otherwise you will be blown to dust.”

“Pirate mercy? No thanks! …We killed your shark, destroyed your Holo-Arena, Cloning Pod, Ronin Mech and pet clone. Can’t you take a hint? Get your precious Cthulhu away from us before we break that too.”

“Ha! And how are you going to do that clone? There’s no getting away now. This is the end of the line for you. Nobody has ever made me kill them twice before. Goodbye Lisa.” Her face disappeared from the screen as the communication ended.

“Where’s Bernie?” said Streek, looking around.

Bernies’ voice came from the front console, “This is Bernie, I’m gunna see if Ben and I can squeeze some more juice from the power core.”

“Bernie, this is no time to mess around with the hardware.”

“I beg to differ Zac. Trust me!”

They could see the ships flying about, firing their lasers on one another. The two large Federation Cruisers sat there, blasting away. “Take us toward that Federation Cruiser.” said Streek.

“What? Toward it, are you nuts? Would you prefer being shot down by the Feds, rather than Pirates?” said Zac.

“The Cthulhu is on our tail. It’s a larger ship, and bigger threat, it should draw most of the fire.”

“Yeah, I see what you’re saying’, we don’t have many other options. I’m taking us toward the Cruiser. Everyone cross your fingers, or pray, or whatever you want to do.”

The Van Halen approached the Federation Cruiser “Watchman” at full speed. Zac did his best to move the ship about evasively as laser fire lanced out around them. Alerts were sounding in the cockpit as the shields reached critical levels.

The Cruiser grew larger in the display screen. The Cthulhu followed along behind the ship and was getting pelted with rapid laser fire, Darts came at it, firing their blue lasers.

The Van Halen zoomed past the Cruiser and was hit with another laser blast. Alerts and flashing lights let them know that the shields were down. Everyone in the cockpit felt their heart beating rapidly, just one missile or laser blast could kill them.

The Cthulhu took a lot of hits but still zoomed past the Federation Cruiser and continued its’ pursuit of the Van Halen. “The scanner shows more ships approaching us.” said Mia.

“More Feds?” asked Zac.

“No, …it’s the Angelina! Dad!”

“Ha, Seriously?! Our salvation may have arrived. I’m steering us toward them.”

The Angelina hailed them and Mia answered it straight away, General Bolton appeared on the screen. “Daddy!”

“Are you kids all right?”

“Yeah, barely! Our shields are down, we need urgent help.”

“Yeah, I see. Hang in there, we’ll be on your position shortly.”

“Be careful dad.” said Zac. “This ship is powerful.”

“So is Angelina.” said General Bolton, before his face disappeared from the screen.

Zac continued to fly the Van Halen evasively and the Cthulhu continued to fire on them. A few laser blasts struck the hull, shaking the ship and scaring everyone inside.

Suddenly the energy shield around them sparkled as it came back online. “Shield are back, at eight percent.” said Zac “Bernie did it!”

Then four missiles exploded on the Cthulhus’ shields, one after another. The Angelina blasted away with its’ laser cannons as it approached them.

The Cthulhu launched a couple of missiles at the Van Halen. The Van Halens’ laser cannons targeted a missile and hit it, making it explode before it reached the ship. The other one exploded on the shields, bringing them down again.

The large, black Pirate ship turned and targeted the long grey ship that was the Angelina. They both pelted each others shields with missiles and laser fire as the Van Halen sped away. A few other Resistance ships joined the Angelina, firing on the Cthulhu.

The Cthulhus powerful shields were being worn down and it had no choice but to turn and retreat back toward the planet. The Angelina stayed where it was, but the other ships went after it, continuing to fire on it.

Everyone cheered in the Van Halens cockpit. Mia hugged her other self, “Yeah! I told that bitch you don’t fuck with the Boltons!”

The Angelina hailed them again. “Is everyone all right there?” asked General Bolton.

“Yeah, we’re fine. Thanks for the save Dad.” said Mia.

“Any time sweet-heart. What’s the status of the mission?”

“The Cloning Pod has been destroyed.”

“That’s been confirmed?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

“Good work. I guess there’s no reason for us to hang around then. We’ll let the Pirate Alliance and Federation fight this one out. Van Halen, I want you to be the first to leave this system. Prepare to make the jump.”

“I want to make sure Grandpa makes it out all right first.” said Mia.

“I’ll do that. Fall back, that’s an order.”

“Uh, …General.” said Streek.

“Who are you?” said General Bolton.

“It’s me, McKenzie. The Pirates Deep Brain Scanned me, the location of the Resistance base has been compromised.”

“Yes, I was afraid of that. The evacuation of our base has already begun. We will meet up at the secondary rendezvous point.”

“Okay, we’ll see you there. Be careful Dad.” said Mia.

The Cthulhu raced back toward the planet Verona. Three Resistance ships were chasing it, firing at it and wearing down the shields, but the Cthulhu was faster and the distance between them grew.

Then more laser fire pelted the big, black Pirate ship as the Avatari and the Hornet came at it head on. The Cthulhus’ shields finally faltered. Ben-Two and Dr Arnott continued firing away at it, until it erupted in a huge explosion out there in space. The two ships zoomed through the scattering debris.

The Van Halen jumped out of the Verona system.


Streek, Ben-Three and the two Mias sat in the common room of the Van Halen. Zac entered the room. “Well, we’re away. The damage to the ship is fairly minor, we were damn lucky.” He looked around at the others. “So… I got two sisters now, Streek’s a guy and who the hell are you?” he said looking at Ben-Three.

Ben-Three stood up and offered his hand, “Ben Anders the third. Pleased to meet you. Nice ship you got here, and nice flying back there.”

Zac shook his hand. “Thanks, I’m Zac Bolton. Are you Bernies’ brother or something?”

“Something. We’re both Ben Anders clones. She’s my Captain.”

Bernie entered the room again with a bottle of Whiskey in her hand. “My ears are burning.”

“You were a man?” said Zac.

“Yeah, I was.”

“My sire’s a man too.” said Streek. “That’s why I’m a man again now.”

“My man!” said Bernie, putting her hand on his shoulder.

“Oh, …I see.” said Zac sadly. “Hey! That’s my Single Malt!”

“Thanks.” said Bernie, twisting the cap off the bottle. She took a long swig and then tipped some onto the floor.

“Hey!…” Cried out Zac.

“For my fallen comrades.”

She passed the bottle to Zac. “I’ve been saving this for a special occasion. I guess we oughta be celebrating the fact we’re alive. Let’s have a party!” He tipped the bottle up and took a swig and then passed it to Streek.

“A lot of good clones died today.” He said as he raised the bottle. “Here’s to them.” He put the bottle to his lips and drank, then passed it to Mia. “Uh …Mia?!” he said.

“Yes?” both Mias said simultaneously, and then looked at each other.

“Are you both clones?”

“I am.”

“Yeah, me too. Looks like the real Mia died in the battle.”

“What?! …my sister’s dead?” said Zac.

“Afraid so.” said one of the Mias. “On the battlefield, it’s how she wanted to go.”

“Killed in action. Just like Mum.” said the other. “But don’t worry Zac, I’m still around to keep you in line …in stereo.”

“Yeah, …great! One of you was plenty.” said Zac.

“I’m one of the new batch of clones too.” said Bernie.

“Yeah, so am I.” said Streek.

Mia took a swig of Whiskey, “Ha! you two are a couple of drama queens. With your dying confessions of love, and bringing him back to life, just to die together in battle. Do you think you’re living in a Tragic Romance Holo-Film or something?”

“I would have thought of it more as an Action Holo.” said Streek.

“I’d prefer Pornographic.” said Bernie, smiling at him. “Let’s get a room Streek.”

Streek smiled back, “You read my mind Bern.” Bernie took his hand and he stood up, “Excuse us,” he said to the others. “…Now that we survived all that, we’re gunna go and live.”

“Don’t rock the ship too hard, it might make us drop out of Hyper-warp.” said Mia.

“We can’t make any promises.” said Bernie, leading Streek out of the room.

They made their way down the corridor, kissing and grabbing at each other. They entered the crew quarters at the end with their lips locked together. Bernie pulled down the zipper on Streeks jump-suit and rubbed her hands along his skinny chest.

His chest was fairly smooth and hairless, his body hair had only just started growing back. It was still strange for him, not having the big boobs in front of him any more. Streek grabbed hold of Bernies’ large boobs, groping them. He was getting hard.

Streek looked into her deep blue eyes. “Bern, …I just wanted to say I’m really sorry for the stuff I said to you before you left. I didn’t mean any of it.”

“I’m sorry too Streek. I’m sorry I haven’t been a better Captain, and a better friend.”

“You dumb blonde! I love you because you’re a great Captain, and my best friend.”


“…And because you’re beautiful. You know I’d love you no matter what body you’re in.”

“Even your Mums’?”

“Don’t ruin the mood.”

“Right!” Bernie looked back into Streeks’ dark brown eyes. “I love you because you’d slay a Dragon for me. And because you’re my best friend. And because you’re beautiful, man or woman. And don’t call me a dumb blonde again, bone-head!”

Streek laughed and then leant forward and kissed her again. He started pulling her jumpsuit off, and she helped him.

Soon they were both naked. Streeks’ six-inch cock stood out hard in front of him. Bernie looked down at it and smiled. She got close and kissed Streek again, her hand wrapped around his cock and she rubbed it.

“The Pod could make tits bigger,” said Streek. “It would’ve been able to make dicks bigger too. Why didn’t you give me a bigger cock?”

“Because it’s perfect the way it is, Dummy.” said Bernie smiling. Streek kneaded her tits, gently pinching her rosy nipples. He planted some soft kisses on her neck. Bernie guided him to the bed and pushed him down so that he was sitting on the edge, with his boner sticking up from his lap.

Bernie got down on her knees and smiled at him as she began rubbing his hard cock and balls. She moved her head down and started licking along the shaft. Her tongue rubbed along the cock-head, making Streek sigh with pleasure. Then she took the head in her mouth, wrapping her lips around the shaft.

Streek felt the wonderful pleasure as she sucked and rubbed her tongue on his cock-head, while rubbing his balls. Bernie looked up at him with her beautiful blue eyes as she bobbed her head up and down, sucking him off.

“Oh baby! that feels great!” said Streek. Bernie continued sucking him for a moment. “Wait…” said Streek.

Bernie lifted her mouth off the hard cock, “What is it?”

“Come up on the bed. Let’s sixty-nine!”

“Dinner for two!” said Bernie smiling. She got up and Streek laid back on the bed. Bernie got on top of him, so that her legs were straddling Streeks’ head. She grabbed Streeks’ cock and took it in her mouth again.

Her bald, tight looking pussy was in front of Streeks’ face, and it was a beautiful sight. Streek raised his head and buried his face in it. His tongue slipped inside her tight slit, she was very wet. He could taste her juices as he ate out her pussy. The sensation of the sucking and tongue rubbing on his cock felt fantastic.

They both pleasured each other for a while and then Streek felt an orgasm building in his cock. “You’re gunna make me spurt.” he told her. She just kept bobbing her head up and down, sucking him off. “Ungh! …here it comes …Ahhh!” His cock throbbed and his cum spurted out into Bernies mouth, it felt great, and quite different to a female orgasm.

Bernie lifted her head off his cock, she had a mouthful of cum. She swallowed it down and licked her lips. Then she started licking and sucking his hard cock again.

Streek continued eating out her pussy, licking and sucking at her clit while his fingers rubbed at the tight hole. She moaned with pleasure. She was still getting very wet.

Soon Bernie was moaning louder as she felt an orgasm building. Streeks’ tongue rubbed at her wet insides. Bernie was breathing heavily and moaning loudly as she climaxed. Her orgasm slowly subsided and her pussy was dripping wet. “You’re still a great lesbian!” she said breathlessly, “…I’m glad!”

“I’ll always be a lesbian for you baby! and I gotta say, you’re a damn good cock sucker.”

“Oh? Which am I better at? Eating pussy or sucking cock?”

“Impossible to choose.”

Bernie climbed off him and went to the head of the bed and spread her legs, presenting her wet, pink cunt. Streek sat up and looked at her, smiling. “You’re still hard.” said Bernie “…and my pussy is aching for your hard cock.”

Streek crawled up to her with a big smile on his face. He moved his face to hers’ and kissed her on the lips again, he groped at her big boobs. Streek stopped kissing and looked in her eyes again. “Be gentle at first.” she said.

“I know.”

“You’ll be taking my virginity.”

“And you’ll be taking mine.”

Streek positioned himself between her spread legs and rubbed his cock along her smooth, wet slit. Slowly, he began to push it in. His cock-head pressed up against her hymen. He slowly pushed forward, Bernie grit her teeth. The hard cock broke through, and slipped up into the wet, tight hole.

Bernie let out a small squeal. “Are you okay baby?” said Streek.

“Yeah, I’m fine, …you’re inside me!”

“Yeah, your pussy is amazing.”

“I made some changes to us new clones. My hymen isn’t coming back. My virginity is gone for good.”

“That’s great!” said Streek. He slowly moved his cock inside her and she moaned.

Streek bent forward and kissed her again and groped at her tits. Streek slowly moved his cock back and forth. Bernies’ pussy was very tight, and felt great. Streek loved the feeling of Bernies warm, soft body pressed up against him. This wasn’t just sex, they were making love, and it felt amazing.

After a little while Bernie looked up at him and said, “you don’t have to be so gentle now. Fuck me Streek!”

“You got it Blondie!” said Streek smiling.

He began pulling right back and pushing his cock back in deep and fast. Bernie moaned out as he fucked her, she had a big smile on her face, enjoying Streeks’ thrusting cock.

Streek was loving it too. He passionately banged Bernies’ tight, wet cunt for several minutes. “Oooh baby, yeah! you’re makin’ me cum again. Where do you want it?”

“Cum inside me Streek.”

“you sure?”

“Yeah, come on Baby, give it to me!”

Streek sped up his thrusts and then groaned as he pushed it in deep. His cock throbbed inside Bernies’ squeezing pussy and his cum spurted out into her.

Streek then had a quick flashback to being chained up in the Federation Cruiser “Resolve”. The rapist Captain Clevens spurted his cum deep inside Streeks’ ravaged vagina. “Are you okay?!” asked Bernie, snapping Streek back to the present.

He looked down on her and smiled. “Never better!” He lowered his head and kissed her, his cock was still buried deep inside her. He laid on top of her, kissing and fondling and hugging until his dick went soft and slipped out from her soaking wet pussy.

“You were great Streek!” said Bernie.

“Yeah, so were you Blondie. Best sex ever!”

“Oh, we’re only just getting started.” said Bernie, reaching down and rubbing his soft member.

It started to swell again, Bernie went down and took it in her mouth. Streeks’ cock quickly swelled and got hard as she sucked on it. It felt great as Bernie sucked him off again.

After a couple of minutes of sucking, Bernie raised her head and then moved around on the bed so that she was on her elbows and knees with her round pale bum sticking up in the air. She wiggled her ass at Streek, “If you’re gentle again, you can stick it up my ass. I know you like the anal porn.”

“Not any more.” said Streek getting up. “Your pussy is fantastic!”

Her rosy pussy was leaking juices and cum, Streek got on his knees behind her and guided his cock to it and pushed it in. It was much more welcoming this time, sopping wet, hot and tight.

Streek grabbed hold of her ass and thrust his hips back and forth, rocking Bernie forward with each deep thrust. “Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Fuck me! That’s great!” cried out Bernie.

She moaned loudly as Streek banged away at her from behind for several minutes. Soon she started to breathe more heavily and moan louder, “Uh, Uh, Yeah! I’m gunna cum!” cried out Bernie. Streek sped up his thrusts, he felt an orgasm building too.

Bernie moaned loudly as he banged into her. He groaned and spurted his cum into her climaxing pussy. He slumped down on top of her, they were both sweaty and getting their breath back. Streek hugged her and kissed her neck. “Wow!” said Bernie, breathing heavily.

A couple of hours later Bernie was on top of Streek, bouncing on his hard cock. Streek was reaching up and groping her tits. Bernie was moaning with pleasure as she pumped her wet pussy up and down.

“Ungh, Yeah baby! You’re gunna make me cum again!” said Streek. She continued moving on top of him as he groaned and released his cum inside her again.

Bernie slowed down and then bent down and kissed him. She lifted herself off his cock and cum spilt out from her tight hole. She slumped down on the bed next to him, they were both sweaty and exhausted.

“Six times.” said Streek. “I didn’t know I had it in me.”

“It’s me! A good Captain always brings out the best in her crew.”

“I can’t argue with that, you’re irresistible.” he said as he leant over and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Reckon you could make it seven then?”

“Damn woman, you’re gunna kill me.”

“But you’d die happy.”

“I think little Streek needs some time to recover.”

“I need to pee anyway. Do you think you could get me a drink? I don’t suppose there’s any of Zacs’ fine Whiskey left, not with another Ben Anders clone aboard. I’ll have a cold beer.”

“Okay Baby. Did I tell you you were beautiful?”

“Yeah, but I don’t mind if you keep mentioning it.”

Streek put on a pair of boxer shorts he still had with his stuff. He left the room and walked down the corridor. There wasn’t anyone about. Streek didn’t have a clue what the time was. He went to the ships’ mess and grabbed some beers from the storage cupboard then put them in the Chill-unit.

Mia walked in the room. Her red hair was wet, and she was wearing a bath-robe. “Oh, hi there stud. How’s the honeymoon going?”

“Awesome, thanks. Where is everyone?”

“Mostly retired to their quarters, it’s been a big day. Zac’s made a start on repairing Makita. You can tell Bernie she could be a little quieter.”

“Heh, sorry. You don’t mind me going about dressed like this do you?”

“If you’re doing anything that’s bothering me, you’d know.”

“right. How are you doing Mia?”

“I’ve recovered well. I was kind of jealous of you guys with your freaky healing powers, now I gotta get used to being a clone. Particularly with there being another me around. I’m sharing my quarters with her. I guess I gotta get used to sharing everything now, …sharing my life. I should just be glad that I’m alive.”

“Yeah, …how are you doing after what happened to us at the Fortress?” Streek said softly.

Mias’ expression darkened, “Zac doesn’t know what happened there. If you go telling anyone, I’ll beat the crap out of you.”

“Hey, you don’t need to threaten me, we’re friends. If you don’t want me to say anything, I won’t.”

“Sorry. …I don’t really want to…”

“It’s not your fault Mia, you shouldn’t feel ashamed.”

“How was it not my fault?! I let that junkie bitch get the drop on us!”

“She recognised me.” said Streek looking to the floor. “…I was the one who blew our cover.”

“Explain to me why you let her live.”

“I don’t know. Skylar kept talking about me like I was a soulless killer, and then my clone came out and she was like that, a real fuckin’ psychopath. I just don’t want to be like her. I’ve got a lot of deaths on my conscience, I like to think they all deserved it…”

“They did!, and that Sadie bitch did too. A dead Pirate is a good Pirate.”

“I just don’t want to be like that.” said Streek.

“It’s war Streek, you’re killing the right people. …you know, it was being unable to move that was the worst part. I was completely helpless, just like when Mum was captured, I loathed it. Those pieces of shit were degrading us both, and I couldn’t do a damn thing about it.”

Streek could see tears starting to form in her green eyes. he slowly moved his arms around her and she let him hug her. Bernie then entered the room, wearing a white T-shirt and panties. Streek quickly backed away from Mia.

“You can hug your friend. I’m not jealous. Just hand over the beer bone-head!”

Streek gave her a smile and handed the cold bottle of beer to her. Bernie twisted off the cap and took a long drink. She looked at Mia and Streek. “I thought I was a goner back there in the Holo-Arena, thank you both for risking your lives for me.”

“Yeah, well I had to save you, you still owe me fifty bucks!” said Mia.

“What the hell for? I can’t remember.”

“Back at the party in the holo-shed. Streek was talking about how he …she defeated Aneki with me. You were boasting that you could defeat him using Drunken Boxing, you were quite pissed by then. I bet fifty bucks that you couldn’t. I won. You were very entertaining though.” Streek laughed.

Bernie had another drink of beer and shook her head. “I don’t think bets count if you’re too drunk to remember them.”

“They do!” said Mia. “…and there’s plenty of witnesses.”

“Yeah, okay then. But I crashed my ship and lost everything I have. You’re gunna have to wait ’till I can pay you.”

“Looks like I’ll just have to keep saving your life until you can pay what you owe me then.”


Eight hours later, the Van Halen arrived in the Lister system. It was an uninhabited Red Dwarf system, out in unprotected space. The smaller, weaker Red Dwarf stars were abundant in the Galaxy, and often held little interest to anybody.

Streek and Bernie had made love a few more times, and got showered and fed and rested.

They flew toward one of its’ gas giants. Orbiting a moon on its’ far side were scores of Resistance ships, small and large. It was like SunnyDale had been shattered into small pieces.

The Van Halen fell into orbit with them. Around an hour later the Angelina arrived with the Avatari, Hornet and the other ships that flew into the Verona system with them. The Van Halen docked with the larger Angelina.

General Bolton was waiting there as they opened the doors. He was shocked to see two Mias. They both came up and hugged him. “There’s two of you!”

“Yeah, we noticed.”

“Which one is real?”

“We’re both real Dad.”

“I mean, which of you is the sire?”

“uh… Dad…” Mia said hesitantly.

“I am.” said the other Mia. “But I want you to treat my clone the same. She is me as well. You’ve gained another daughter.”

“Oh …that’s …great.”

Zac came up and General Bolton hugged him as well. Mia looked at her fellow clone, “I didn’t want to tell him…”

“I know.”

“You oughta be more careful Son.” said General Bolton. “…Almost got your ship blown up.”

“I knew what I was doing. Thanks for the help all the same old man.”

The General looked at Bernie and Streek who were holding each others hand. “Anders…, McKenzie…”

“Hi Roy.” said Bernie. “This is my fellow clone, Ben-Three.”

“Another Anders eh? Welcome aboard the Angelina.” said General Bolton offering his hand. Ben-Three shook it. “Thanks General.”

Soon Dr. Arnott entered the Angelina. The Mias went up to him and gave him a hug. “Goodness, you got yourself cloned!”

“Yeah, there were seven of me.”

“Oh my! I bet the Pirates didn’t know what hit them.”

“You got that right. Thanks for the support back there Grandpa.”

“Where’s Makita? Is she all right?”

“She got a little banged up, but she’ll be fine. She was a big help out there.”

“Of coarse.”

Streek and Bernie came up to him. “It’s good to see you again Doc.” said Streek smiling.

“Lisa! …or I should call you Stephen now! You got what you were after, I’m glad.”

“Just call me Streek. I’m sorry we had to blow up your Pod.”

“It was probably for the best. Man was never meant to have such a powerful machine. I can sleep a little easier at night, now that it will never be in Pirate or Federation hands.”

Ben-Two entered the ship, looking rather lost. Streek went up to him and shook his hand. “Thanks for the save back there Ben.”

“Any time buddy.”

Bernie came up to him, “You did good back there Ben.”

“Thanks Captain Balboa.”

Ben-Three came up and shook his hand as well. “Which one are you?” asked Ben-Two.

“Three, we’re the only ones left brother.”

“Yeah, …may our fallen brothers rest in peace.” he said sadly.

Ben-Two looked at Bernie again, “So, …what now Captain?”

“Good question, I’ll let you know.”

General Bolton spoke up. “All right everyone, were gunna move this into the dining room for a debriefing. We know the Pirates had access to the Cloning Pod, so first I’m gunna have to ask you all to take a DBS, so we can be sure none of you were compromised. I trust there’s no objections.” Nobody said anything. “All right, come this way.”

They all had their minds scanned and then were seated at the large table where Bernie and Streek once had dinner with the General. They all spoke about what happened in the Verona system, answering the General and Doctors’ questions.

“We’ve got word that the Federation forces were defeated in Verona.” said General Bolton. “We hoped that the destruction of the Cloning Pod would seriously hurt Skylars’ war effort, but she was ready to go to war anyway. She hit them with powerful Xenoform ships and a large mercenary force.”

“…Did you see that little speech she made? It was meant to provoke the Federation, and they obliged. No doubt the Feds will be looking to strike back at them with overwhelming force. It’s what we’ve all been fearing, the war has begun.”

“…Bernadette Anders.” said General Bolton in a gruff voice. “I’m not happy with the circumstances under which you departed from us.”

“Yeah, sorry about that General. but I don’t regret it. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! We returned the Hornet, not even a scratch on it.”

“Yes, I understand you and McKenzie were instrumental in locating and destroying the Pod, and ensuring everyone got away. For that I’m grateful. Your actions may even be viewed as heroic. We are a much smaller force than the Federation and the Pirate Alliance, we have need of heroes.”

“…We had them in the war, heroes. Certain rare individuals who had a knack for achieving the impossible, and surviving against incredible odds. My Angelina was one of them. There was also a Mech Commander named Nexius Cley.”

“…He was a formidable fighter, and cunning leader. He accomplished much for our side, and then he just disappeared. Something had happened. He resurfaced as a Pirate and quickly rose up the ranks in the Steel Sharks. Then he accomplished something no one had ever been able to do before, he united the Pirate Factions.”

“…He lead the Pirate attack on Denascus, which leaked the Alien Technology out into the Galaxy. He died in the Federations’ retaliation, but now it seems we need to contend with his legacy; the Pirate Alliance and his little girl.”

“Skylar.” said Streek “…But she’s dead isn’t she? She was aboard the Cthulhu when it was destroyed.”

“She must have got to an escape pod. She gave a little victory speech after the battle.”

“Damn! Slippery little Bitch!”

The General looked at Streek and Bernie, “I’m asking both of you again, will you join us? Will you fight on our side in the war?”

Bernie looked at Streek and he nodded to her, “Sure, why not?” she said.


“We’re in as well General.” said Ben-Two. “We’re with our Captain, wherever she leads us. Even to death in battle.”

“But preferably not to death in battle.” added Ben-Three.

“Well, does anybody have anything else to add?” asked General Bolton.

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