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When I walked in the house I felt like this was my hideaway. Always so relaxed is the way Uncle Woody and Aunt Sandy’s house is in the winter. Early February as is custom I come to see them the week of my birthday for a stay. Mom and Aunt Sandy couldn’t be anymore different than they are now. One, Mom is never around and when she is all I get is grief about my clothes, my hair, everything. Fortunately she has been seeing a Doctor from the hospital where she works and he keeps her really busy. If she had seen what I bought with all the money cards she gave me, her damn head would explode.

I packed lightly this week since I know that there will be gifts and probably some impromptu shopping by Aunt Sandy and myself. Some of her gifts won’t be a surprise since I helped pick them out online. With some long research and discussions with her doctor Aunt Sandy has helped me with a hormone treatment for the last two years. They have helped me add a little padding it seems to the backside and my skin if softer than any other guy my age I am sure. Some girls dont have complexions as smooth as mine. Having hated the tiny boy nipples my chest had to now having some decent sized and very sensitive areolas. Aunt Sarah keeps up with me during the week with phone calls almost daily. I send her pics by my Iphone occasionally in some different things

She keeps calling me “Bubble Butt” as a reply to lots of my pics. The name that both of us have used for quite some time now is Kelly. in our discussions lately we have discussed me moving here and coming out as Kelly, but we are not sure how to break it to mom. When college starts will be the easiest time but not sure if we want to wait that long. At this point right now I have no friends at home and I am really ready to go out. Aunt Sandy keeps mentioning how it will be easier in a bigger city for me to be Kelly.

I make it to my bedroom that I have used for years now. It was decorated with pink in mind on every corner. Since I got a life sized Barbie bust that was used to train girls how to apply makeup, Aunt Sandy has brought me along nice and slow. By now I am expertly trained in mascara, eye liners, lipstick and foundation. On my bed there is a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and a card attached. “Welcome Home Kelly! I can’t wait to see you! I will be home early from work so get comfy and Happy Birthday!”

I smile really big since I really cant wait to see her either. My voluptuous and sexy Aunt Sandy. I long to be just like her. After putting my bags up I changed into some pretty pink and lace panties under some tiny black cheer shorts. A pretty pink tee shirt top that is very snug might show off my little nipples if they got hard. I didn’t add any makeup with the exception of some lip gloss and little perfume. The living room is where I decided to chill out in as I painted my toenails a pretty pink too. Aunt Sandy had a really pretty vase and I put the roses in it with the card attached

Lying back in the huge soft recliner I watched a little TV wishing Aunt Sarah would hurry home. She sent me a text that she should be home within the hour. About 4:30 the doorbell rang and I peeked out the door. There stood a really cute dark skinned twenty something holding a large package and a clipboard. Not thinking about how I am dressed I open the door wide. “Hi there, How are you” I ask smiling really big. Legs bare and alot of them showing in those tiny shorts I forgot I had on.

“Hey there! I make deliveries here sometimes and I know you arent Miss Sandy. My name is Kevin and it is good to meet you!” he says and I think I may have my very first admirer.

“She is my Aunt. Good to meet you too Kevin. Is that package for her I guess?” I ask as I feel my little clit twitch in my panties and my nipples get tingly.

“It says it actually is for Kelly and I am just guessing that is you if I am right” as he hands it off to me and I turn to sit it on the living room floor. I feel I am being watched as I walk over and back.

“Yes I am Kelly and like I said she is my Aunt” as he hands me the clipboard to sign for him. For some reason I put my hands on my hips like I am standing on some street corner. With one hand I push my hair from my face and smiles to Kevin. Without a doubt I have my very first man crush.

“Well if Miss Sandy doesn’t keep you too busy maybe we could enjoy a cup of coffee sometime Kelly. I would really enjoy that if you can” Kevin says as he hands me a card from the delivery company with his phone number written on the back.

“Thanks for the invite Kevin. That’s very sweet and I will surely think about it and let you know soon. I am to be here for the next week or so with Aunt Sandy. And actually I am thinking of moving here. She has tons of imported coffees here that she buys for her Keurig, so maybe we could have coffee here sometime Kevin. Coffee and a movie if you like!” I ramble on like I usually do.

By now I have typed his number in my Iphone and sent him a “Hi” text message.

“That sounds better than anything I have heard all day Kelly and I will be in touch soon!” Kevin finishes as he is about to leave. I smile really big and hold out my hand to him to shake. He felt how soft my hands were and smiled as he says “Bye Bye Kelly!”

Pushing the door closed I could not believe what just happened. The delivery guy wants to have sex with me and i just invited him over to do it too. Still laughing when I heard the door knob click as Aunt Sandy entered the house. “Hey!” came from both of us and sounding like two girls who hadn’t seen each other in years.

“Kelly you look great and it is so glad to see you again. I love the shorts and I am sure there must be some panties under them too.” she says looking me over. Aunt Sandy is the only person who has seen me naked in years and she made me show her all the latest developments. She inspected my chest and crotch area. Then she said she wanted to see that little cute bubble butt.

“You look amazing sweetie. Before long you will be able to sit a cup of coffee on it Kelly. How do you feel with all the changes and new additions – speaking about my sweet nipples? At this rate the doctor says in a month or so you could be on your way to an A cup Kelly” she carries on like I am her creation.

“Well speaking of coffee, I was just asked on a date to have coffee with your cute delivery guy Kevin. And I gave him my cell number too. I think the shorts did it too” I tell her grinning from ear to ear.

“You haven’t been here one day yet and see how the guys here are so different. Oh Kevin is a hottie too and I am sure he would have fun with you. As tiny as you are he could toss you around easily. I think he would make you break out of that small town shell for sure sweetie” as she laughs the whole time talking.

She began undressing from work as I followed her around the house. I was like a little puppy following her closely listening to her every word. “Kelly you haven’t ever even been kissed have you sweetie, Exactly what would you do if Kevin tried to kiss you, or grab that cute little butt of yours? Or if he peels those shorts off to find whatever panties you have on”

“I don’t know what I would do if he did try to kiss me Aunt Sandy! I know a short while ago it could’ve happened and I wanted it too” I tell her.

We sat down in the living room after she poured us a glass of wine to toast my birthday. With the package Kevin delivered open I got to see all the new things I could wear. Some of the things she bought me were very feminine like spaghetti strapped tops and a few miniskirts. I got three pairs of high heels that I was to learn to walk in as soon as possible.

“I also have you a suitcase full of lingerie that a young girl at work was going to sell. It is full of sexy sleepwear and lots of hose too” Aunt Sandy told me. I was on cloud nine as we chatted for two hours. I had three glasses of wine and I think Aunt Sandy drank twice as many. She was so funny the drunker she got. The huge sofa was very soft and we were very close. She sat down her glass and leaned over to where we were face to face.

“If Kevin comes by tomorrow you will need to be ready Kelly!” she says as I can feel her breath on my mouth. When her lips touched mine and I felt her tongue slip to seek out mine I just melted. It never bothered me for a second that it was her kissing me. I love her for who she is and what she does for me. No mistaking how passionate the kiss was to be as she used her tongue and lips nicely. My little boi clit reacted and she also teased my nipples with one hand. My breathing tripled in a matter of seconds and my heart was beating really hard.

I felt her hand sliding up to the crotch of my shorts on my bare thigh. She stopped and teased my lil boi clit with her fingers. “Don’t worry because Kevin isn’t going to want to play with this. He will be way more interested in how he can fuck something Kelly! I have seen Kevin at the gym and he has it going on too. I think right now he is too much man for you sweetie. But maybe we can fix that tonight because I am feeling mighty horny” I listen as she has me wrapped around her little finger with that little speech.

Aunt Sarah pushed herself up off the sofa and told me to stay here until she calls me to the bedroom. I see her grab another glass of wine and walks off to the bedroom. I collect the things I just received and folded them and got them ready to put away. When I looked up I smiled really big at the outfit Aunt Sandy was wearing. It was beautiful on her and that sweet body. A corset top, black hose attached to a garter belt.

“WOW you look hot!” I said as she got closer. She reached out with her hand and told me to stand up.

“I have you something laid out to wear to bed but we have to clean you up first sweetie” she says. I was lead to the huge master bathroom where she told me to get naked.

“If you are going to be like a girl Kelly then you are going to have to keep clean like a girl sweetie!” saying as she laughs.

She led me over to the toilet where I saw two large bulb syringes. She spread open my ass cheeks with her fingers and inserted the tip inside of me. My little ass jumped at the feel of it passing through my sphincter. As I bent over in front of the toilet as she filled my gut with what felt like warm water. My insides wanted to scream with that inside of me. She lowered me to the toilet and said to let it go.

“Are you still wiping with a towellette when you use the bathroom?” Aunt Sandy asks as my bowels empty.

“Yes ma’am I am everyday!’ I say as she hands me something to wipe myself with.

“One more time to be sure sweetie” she tells me.

“It is best to keep it as clean as you can sweetie! Keep it pretty!” she says laughing again.

I stood up and wiped clean as the feeling in my gut was new to me. I had a feeling of cleanness and wonderfully sissy. Aunt Sandy had laid out a really pretty cherry red outfit for me. It was a very nice piece too. We had a great time dressing me up with a pretty corset, a garter that attached to thigh high hose. She instructed me that you always wear your panties over your hose in case you have to pull them off. My tiny little clit barely made a knot in the panties. The satin felt really good to my hairless crotch and ass.

She pulled my panty top down a little to show my ass cheeks. Then from a small tube she put a little a touch of slick lube on my boipussy. I had no choice but to flinch a little when she did that too. Her finger felt great to my little hole. Other than my finger nothing else had ever touched me there. Repeating that again I could tell how she enjoyed almost as much as me.

“There you go sweetie. I bet that lube feels good to your pussy doesn’t it Kelly. I have plenty of that to keep you slick all the time too” Sandy says. Then she instructs me to “get comfy on that bed while I get me another glass of wine baby. And turn on that TV so we can have some entertainment or we will have to make our own! Which we probably will anyhow, so I hope you are ready!”

Aunt Sandy approached the bed with her wine and some red ribbon. I turned around with my back to her as she put my hair into really cute pigtails. Telling me it would make me look even younger, she knew that was what I would like. Sitting up high on the pillows as we chatted Aunt Sandy spoke to me as her young niece than she did her nephew. There were talks about makeup and what kind of panties I preferred over another. She said that she wanted really bad to see me as a blonde instead of a light brunette. French manicures, eyebrow work and having my ears pierced tomorrow I found out were on the schedule.

I leaned over a little bit and softly kissed her on the lips and whispered “Thank You for all you do for me Miss Sandy!” I giggled a little bit letting her know that was what Kevin had called her. The smile on my face only matched hers though. Reaching for the TV remote she started wheat seemed to be a movie of two lesbians making out on a huge bed. One was quite a bit younger than the other and she was enjoying the tongue of her older lover.

“I think it would be nice if you addressed me as Miss Sandy too sweetie!” she tells me. Her eyes locked on mine and I had only seen that look once before – when she kissed me in the living room earlier.

“Do those two making out make you horny Kelly? Does it look like something you could have fun doing?” Aunt Sandy asks. Her hand is moving down to my bare thigh teasing with her painted fingers. I feel her hands nudge open on my right leg and I comply.

“They both are very pretty and sexy for sure! I am not sure how that applies to me since I am not a female.” I answer speaking in a whisper back to her.

“You look pretty damn feminine to me in that red outfit Kelly! You just need to be taught how to please and be pleased Honey!” With that being said she moved my hand in hers down to her crotch. Inside of her panties I could feel the warmness of her pussy. Thinking I wished I was equipped like her. She used her hand to guide me to tease the lips of her cunt. My fingers became wet with her juices as she moaned louder and harder.

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