I think it is time for me to tell about my conquest of a white woman. I have had many married white females, single white females, and divorced white females. I must say I prefer the MWF’s.

This MWF’s name was Marlee. She was a petite, blue-eyed blonde. We worked for the same company. I am not going to reveal the name of the company or her or my names for security reasons.

I wasn’t her boss. I was her boss’ boss. I had time to watch her and fantasize about what I would want to do to her.

I saw her standing in the break room. Her legs were trim and slim. Her skirt was as short as the company would allow at that time. Her hemline was about four inches above her knees. She caught me giving her those elevator eyes. As my eyes got to her tits — which I estimate to be 34DD’s — she looked at me. I didn’t care. I smiled big. She smiled back. At that moment I knew was going to fuck her with my uncut, 10-inch black cock.

I hacked the company HR files and looked her up in the company records. I found out she was a 37-year-old mom. She had a husband and a daughter, who was almost 18.

Two days later, I was walking down a hallway. She stuck her head out of a doorway and look up and down the hall. Then she stepped out, walking just in front of me

I started humming, “Shake! Shake! Shake that bootie!” She looked back and smiled real big.

“Hi my name is Marlee,” she said.

“Yes! I know your name. My name is C.C. Glad to finally meet you!” I said. I stood real close to her almost pinning her against the wall. I could smell her fragrance, her body and another fainter scent, too. Yes! It was wet pussy! I know that smell anywhere.

We chatted for about 10 minutes.

“Why don’t we finish this off tonight after work?” I asked.

“Over drinks?” she asked.

“Sure. I know a secluded place,” I said.

“OK,” she said. It was that simple.

At 5 p.m., I picked her up in the parking garage. I quickly drove her to “my” side of town to a club frequented by black men and hot white women, looking to be blacked. We drank a few drinks. I offered her a blunt. She took a deep drag. I watched her hold it in and then slowly release the smoke.

Her eyes were deep blue, wide and wild. She giggled often. I took her hand and walked her to my car. Once inside she leaned over and unfastened my pants. My cock popped out.

I drove to my apartment as she sucked my cock. I thought she would need a lot more training as a cock sucker … and I was willing to train.

Once in my loft apartment, we undressed and paused while I got her a drink and put on a porn video of a hot blue-eyed blonde fucking a black man with a big, long black cock.

We started kissing. I tried to cover her mouth with my thick lips. She willingly opened her mouth and let my tongue snake inside. Our juices mingled in her mouth.

“Oh!” She moaned.

My mouth went down her neck to her chest and to her tits. My hands went around her left breast as my mouth concentrated on her right breast.

She started trembling when my mouth touched her nipple.

“Oh! CC! That feels so good!” she cooed.

I stated to gently circle her nipple with my tongue. Then I put my lips around her nipple and started sucking gently.

“Oh, baby! That feels so good! Keep it up,” she said.

I pushed her back to give me room to lie back. My cock was sticking straight up.

“Suck it!” I demanded. I fully expected that she would obey… and she did.

She was a complete novice, but her full lips showed promise. I let her suck until I could take it no longer. Then I pushed her back.

I climbed into her saddle. I noticed her smooth skin inside of her thighs. Her thighs fit around me perfectly. She was not a very skilled lover, but she showed potential.

I reached down to take my cock. I pointed it at her cunt. I let my cock head rub up and down her clit. I felt her clit get harder. I pushed and felt her cunt lips release. I slowly eased it inside of her.

“Wait!” she said. “I’m not on the pill! Do you have a condom?”

“No! Baby! I never use them. They interfere with my pleasure,” I said matter of fact. I pulled back a few inches and rocked my cock back and forth, feeling her cunt quiver


“OK! I think I will be safe,” she said.

I continued fucking her I released a huge wad of black baby batter.

“Oh! No!” she gasped. “I thought you would pull out!” I that was a lie!

“I always cum in a hot momma,” I whispered.

She giggled.

“Am I a hot momma?” she cooed.

“Baby you are as hot as they come!” I said. I knew she was hot, but she needed a lot of training.

That was my first time out with Marlee.

I had to take her home. She was in no shape to drive. I took a cab home.


The next day I got a text message from Marlee.

“Last night was wonderful, CC!” she texted.

“Glad you liked it! I loved that tight smooth cunny!”

“You are my first black man”

“I’m sure I won’t be your last now,” I replied smugly.



We met at the same club two nights later. We danced and had a few drinks. I offered her a blunt and she took it gladly. She took in a deep toke and held it. She looked at me and smiled while letting the smoke slowly exhale through her slightly parted lips.

“That’s sexy,” I said.

“That feels so good, CC”

“Nothing feels better than your hot tight cunny.”

“Oh! CC! I loved it. Let’s do it again,” she cooed.

I drove her to my apartment. We started kissing in the elevator. I had her top off and tits exposed before we got to my floor.

As soon as the door closed, I picked her up and carried her to the bed. Before climbing on top of her, I put on a porn video of two black men fucking a hot white blonde.

She helped me remove her clothes. I spread her legs and went straight to her cunt with my lips and tongue. Her body writhed, and she pushed up her hips to meet my long, wet tongue. She was super wet. Her cunt had a sexy scent. She came right away.

I kissed up her hot body to her tits. Again I held one and concentrated on the other. She had another orgasm.

My lips went up to her shoulder and neck. I was on top of her. I reached down and guided my cock against her cunny and rubbed her hot wet slit. I felt her clit getting harder. I switched my attention to her clit. Marlee came again.

I guided my cock to her love tunnel and pushed. Her cunt easily released. I pushed balls deep in one thrust. I looked up to see the blonde on the TV screen screaming in delight. The two men were giving her double penetration. She looked like the creamy center of an Oreo.

My rhythm grew faster and faster. Her hips were meeting my thrusts and her cunt walls were contracting, almost as if she wanted me to go deeper.

I felt it rising from deep inside my nut. Then it rushed up my pipes. I heard myself moan and scream as my white hot sperm shot inside her cunt. I was releasing millions of wigglers which would seek out her momma egg.

“Oh dear! I forgot to ask you to use a condom,” she giggled.

“Don’t you think it is better this way, momma?” I asked.

“Yes! Daddy!” she replied.

I lay on top of Marlee, letting her feel my weight. I kissed her, covering her full lips with my mouth. Our juices mingled.

I got up and stood by the bed.

“Clean me up!” It was a command. She readily obeyed. She sat on the bed and sucked me. I reached down on the night stand and lit up a blunt and smoked it while she sucked. When she finally cleaned me up, I stood her up and kissed her. Again our juices mingled.

I broke the kiss and offered her a blunt without saying a word. She took it. I lit it while she looked into my eyes. We heard a scream and turned our heads to see the blonde in the porn video being double penetrated again.

She took my hand as we watched the blonde writhe in pleasure s the two big black men pumped her cunt and ass in alternating strokes.

“I want to do that,” Marlee whispered.

“I can arrange that,” I answered as the stud in the blonde’s ass rammed in and shot his load.

“When?” Marlee asked. She took a deep drag from her blunt and exhaled slowly while watching the action.

“I can arrange that tonight,” I said and took a deep drag. I dialed my cell phone.

“Come on over. Uh huh! She’s ready!” I put the cell phone down.

I led her to the living room. I put on another porn video and mixed a drink. We sat on the couch and smoked some more.

Her tits were full and chest was heaving. I layed back, and she took my pleasure rod and started sucking.

“Oh Baby! Take it deep! That’s the way, momma. Suck on your daddy. Suck me hard,” I was urging her on while teaching her how to pleasure a man. She needed a lot of training.

She rose up to take a drag from her blunt. She was frantic now. Her lips and tongue were working like never before. I had to strain to keep from dumping a load in her mouth.

“That’s right momma. Use your tongue like you have a stud in it. Suck that head, momma. Let it go deep and suck up the shaft, momma.” I moaned. She followed instructions to the letter.

“Get on your knees!” I commanded. She obeyed and got on her knees. I stood up and let her go down on my cock again.

“Look up at me! Suck my cock like a whore. Come on, momma! Make me cum in your mouth. Suck me!”

She obeyed. She frantically sucked while looking up into my eyes.

I felt the cum rising from my nut. Up through my tubes as the pleasure began to rise higher and higher.

“Open your mouth wide. Look up at me. I pulled out of her mouth about an inch and released my load. Four squirts filled her mouth.

“Hold it in. Don’t swallow, yet, momma!” I commanded her. When I had dumped my load in her mouth, I pulled my cock away.

“Now swallow!” It was a command.

Marlee swallowed. She was smiling as the huge load of cum went down.

“Good momma.”

“Thank you, daddy,” Marlee said when she as finished swallowing the last drop of cum.

Knock. Knock


I opened the door. It was no surprise. Tyrone and a mother I would love to fuck named, Candy, were standing at the door.

Tyrone was about 230 pounds, six-foot, one tall. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt that show tattoos up his arms and on his shoulders. His hair was in long dreads.

Candy was petite. She was 34DD-22-35 and wore a very short mini skirt with a loose cowl top that showed ample tit. Her eyes were blue and her lips were large, red, and full.

I explained to Marlee that she was going to see Candy, Tyrone, and me do an Oreo on a white girl.

“I wanted to try it!” Marlee said pouting.

“I can’t put a 10-inch big black cock up your ass without some training,” I said. I lit her another blunt.

Candy and Tyrone undressed. I pushed Marlee over on the doggie position. Then I greased her ass. I slipped a rather small butt plug up her ass.

“Now watch this,” I said.

Marlee watched as Tyrone first put Candy in a doggy position and entered her ass. After 10 minutes of pumping, Tyrone got on his back and Candee got on top and positioned her cunt above Tyrone’s fuck monster cock. She settled down and started humping up and down.

I put my hands on Candy’s ass and positioned my cock on her asshole. I pushed and watched my cock head disappear. My balls rested against her cunt. I looked at Marlee. She was stroking her clit.

Soon we got into a rhythm with me going in as Tyrone was pulling out.

First I shot my load in Candy’s ass then Tyrone followed with a huge load in her cunt. I pulled out and watched Candy’s ass gaping wide with my creampie cum dripping out. Then Tyrone screamed and shot up her cunt.

“Oh daddy! I love your cum,” Candy cooed.

I pulled the plug out of Marlee’s ass and inserted a slightly larger one.

“Get dressed!” I said.

She got dressed. I looked at Tyrone and Candy and winked. They knew what was up.

“I want you to let that butt plug ride. We are going out,” I said


Candy dressed and we all got into my car and drove to a club. We danced some, drank some, and smoked some and talked dirty about double penetration sex.

I had to help Marlee out to the car. On the way home, I stopped at a tattoo parlor. I picked out a sexy tramp stamp for her.

She started giggling when the artist turned on the needle, but began to moan when the applied the needle and ink.

Marlee was in no shape to drive home. I drove her and Tyrone picked me up.


“Last night was so wonderful!” Marlee sent me a text message the next day at the office.

“Glad you liked it. How is your tramp stamp?”

“I haven’t looked yet.”


“I managed to hide if from my hubby, but …”

“… my daughter saw it. LOL.”

“LOL what did she say?”

“Thought it was cool.”

“Decided to wear something sexy to the office today.”

“Can’t wait to see it.”

“I’ll be by later.”

I worked all morning, only occasionally thinking about what Marlee had said about her dress. I expected something really quite conservative by my standards.

Just before noon she came strutting her stuff by wearing a short body hugging mini dress. She walked into my office and closed the door behind her. She threw her arms around me and we kissed passionately. My cock was beginning to rise.

“Look at this!” Marlee turned around, hiked her dress, and bent over. She was wearing no panties. The plug was still in her ass!

“I’m going to leave it in until we meet again.”

“I’m pleased. You are turning into a real slut, momma,” I said.

“I want to please you, daddy.”

I went to my brief case. I just happen to carry an array of butt plugs. All but one was previously used. I found the next size up from the one Marlee was wearing.

“Bend over.”

She obeyed. I removed her plug and pushed in one that was about 30% bigger. There was some strain to get it beyond her sphincter; but once seated, it had a narrow neck and would not easily pull out.

“How’s that?”

“A little tight.”

“You will get used to it. I have one surprise for you.” I pulled out a remote control and pressed a button.

“Oh!” Marlee screeched. She was surprised by the vibrations in her butt. I increased the speed and intensity. Marlee moaned.

“I have a meeting. I must go.” I said lying. I wanted her to walk away with my toy in her butt.

Later she texted me again.

“Are we going to meet tonight?”

“Not tonight. But I have a request.”


“I want you to get a Brazilian.”

“OK! I have been wanting that.”

“One more request.”

“What’s that?”

“See if UR old man wants to be a cuckold.”

“have already.”

“What did he say?”

“Yes! but I didn’t tell him about U.”

“Set him up for us going out on a date over the weekend.”

“Make that a trial balloon…”

“…if he says no, then try all nighter”

“OK I’ll ask him.”


“Bye, daddy.”


When I got home that night, I put a disk in the player and sat back. Up popped two days of video of Marlee sucking, fucking, and smoking. After finishing, I smiled and put the DVD away.

I did not hear from Marlee for a week. I keep ignoring her calls. I let her know through a bro that I would be in meetings all week and out of town part of the week.

A week later, I sent her a text that I was back.

“Welcome back!”

“Missed you, momma!” I lied.

“I missed you desperately,” Marlee sent in her text.

I did not want to bring up her conversation with her husband. I wanted her to bring it up.

“It was a hectic week for your daddy.”


“That’s OK. Puts food on the table and pays for my Mercedes.”

“Do you want to know about my talk with my husband?”

I paused and then texted:


“He’s excited about being a cuckold!”


I knew he would. What white boy wouldn’t want this hot momma to be black fucked?

“He OK’d me going out and stay overnight.”



I paused again. I wanted her to be excited.

“Friday night”

“That’s five days from now! I can’t wait.”

I paused again.

“Sorry. My apartment is a mess. I need to clean it up.”

“Oh! OK”

“Did you do the other things?” I sent.

“I got a Brazilian?”

“Yeah! That’s a good momma.”

“He saw my tramp stamp. LOL”

“LOL what did he say?”

“He liked it. We were in bed. I showed it to him and he started jerking off!”


“Yes! LOL.”


“Bye, daddy.”

We stayed in touch by text messages all week. I saw her briefly in the hallway on Wednesday. She was wearing a very short, short mini skirt. She had done something to her hair to lighten it. She was wearing redder lipstick and more eye color and make up. She looked hot.

I sent her a list of things I wanted to see her wear and not to wear. I wanted her to show her hubby she was turning into a slut.

On Friday, I could hardly get any work done for her texting. We agreed to have her husband to drive her to “our” club where he would escort her inside. I wanted it to be a shock treatment for the white “boy”. We would order some drinks and chat. Then Fred would exit. I would take her home Saturday.

Actually, I had my own agenda.

At 5 p.m. I left the office and saw Marlee standing by my car in the parking garage. When I got to her, we embraced and started kissing passionately. I really got out of control. I reached my hand in her loose top and squeezed one of her breasts. Then I rolled her nipple between my finger and thumb.

“Oh! That feels so good,” she sighed. We kissed for 10 minutes and broke it off.

She was looking hot! I watched her walk to her car and get in exposing her legs and panties to me. My cock began to grow.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked her up at 7 sharp. I knew her husband would be there and that’s all.

I knocked and Marlee’s husband, Fred, opened the door. He was a balding, dumpy white dude of 45. He had a squeaky voice and a pot belly. He was smiling. I took that as a good sign.

“Hi! I’m Fred,” he said.

“Hi Fred, I’m C.C. Just call me CC,” I replied, then laughed. I couldn’t help it. He extended his hand, and we shook like we had just made a trade for a prized thoroughbred filly. I fully intended to breed her thoroughly, too!

We walked into the living room. I brought Fred a hot video on DVD. I handed it to him.

“I brought you a hot video. Hope you enjoy this,” I said. I expected him to put it away, but he dropped it directly into his player. Up popped a compilation of Marlee fucking, sucking, having an orgasm, swallowing cum, and kissing black men.

The door bell chimed and Fred walked away to see who it was. In a moment he came back with a friend of mine. It was James! I was surprised!

“Hi James!” I said and we slapped hands.

“I have a date with Sindi tonight,” James said. Sindi was Marlee’s daughter.

“Oh! That’s nice,” I replied.

“Sindi just turned 18 yesterday. James is going to take her out to a club,” Fred said.

Then in walked a gorgeous blonde about 5-foot tall. She had big blue eyes, slender body and long legs. She had sexy two-tone eye shadow and dark liner. She had on the shortest mini skirt one could possibly wear. As she approached, I could see her low riding skirt revealed a large tattoo with the words, “Hot Momma”.

“This is my daughter, Sindi,” Fred said. Sindi glanced at the video of her mom getting fucked.

“Hi! Mom told me about you,” Sindi said. She kissed me with her full mouth and bright red with lipstick. I copped a quick feel of her tits and body. Her tits were firm and her body was hot. We kissed for a while, letting our juices mingle. I broke off.

“You’re hot!” I whispered. I was developing a boner!

“You are too,” she whispered.

“I hope it was not all bad,” I said laughing.

“I can see she did not exaggerate one bit,” Sindi said smiling at the TV and back at me. The scene was a big black cock sliding balls deep in to Marlee’s juicy cunt.

Sindi walked over to James and kissed him full on the mouth. His hands went to the loose top and inside to feel her tits as he pulled one free of her blouse. They continued to kiss passionately as James rolled her nipple with his finger and thumb.

Authors Note: Thank you for the words of encouragement. Please note that for the most part, I’m making this up as I go, so there may be some slight continuity errors that I glazed over (heh) before submitting. That being said, I do have a few big plot changes lined up for later in the story . Once again, any feedback is greatly appreciated, and thank you for reading.


Karla woke hours later, sore and dizzy from the events of yesterday, to the wondrous and unexpected feeling of morning wood from her now 9 inch cock. “Well then, so much for that being a dream. Then again, it’s not all bad…” she said as she wrapped a hand around the head and began stroking, “ooh that’s something I could get used to…ahhh!” Her other hand reflexively reached up to fondle a tit that was begging for attention, giving it a pinch and twist, barely holding back a squeal of delight. Fuck, it felt so good! She looked down to see her breasts were bigger, a lot bigger actually, and that her nipples were thicker and longer than they were, about the size of the end of her thumb. A tight pressure was building nicely in the tit being assaulted, when suddenly, a short stream of milk leaked out, eliciting a cry of pleasure from the stunned Karla. Her hips started bucking randomly due to the hand that was now stroking the full length of her thick cock, glistening with precum. The hand that was milking her still squirting tit moved down to feel the heavy set of balls now hanging underneath her shaft in front of her leaking pussy, not realizing yesterday just how big they were. They felt like golf balls wrapped in velvet, and so very, very full. Her breath turned ragged as her cock twitched once, twice, then erupted a gout of seed all over herself and the bed she was laying on.

It was then that she noticed that Kelly was standing in the door of her room, arms crossed under her breasts, a slight smirk of joy on her face. “Enjoying yourself, I see” she said as she made her way to the bed. “I’ll bet you can’t wait to get to your new home now, right?” Karla nodded eagerly, her fingers scooping up as much of her cum as they could so she could suck it down her mouth; She never thought it would taste as good as it did.

“Well, there’s a couple of things I should go ahead and get through to you, sugar tits. Where you’re going, isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There are rules to follow, and if you don’t follow them, consequences are harsh.” Kelly said as she walked over to Karla, taking one of her swollen boobs in her hand, kneading it. “In the farm, you will only be allowed to cum when allowed to, either by extractor, or if a Farmhand takes you. From now on, you are lower than a slave, designed to serve, do you understand?” Karla was writhing under the ministrations of her abductor, nodding and moaning in affirmation. “Any resistance, any form of rebellion will be dealt with immediately and effectively.” Her hand reached down to stroke Karla’s hardening cock. “As of now, your life as a cowgirl begins. Training shall begin now.” And with that, Karla was left in a state of complete sexual arousal like she had never been before. Stunned by the sudden absence of Kelly’s hand on her cock, she reached for it herself, only to be stopped by Kelly, a stern look on her face.

“B-b-b-but-” Karla whimpered, desperate for another cum.

“No buts now, I told you your training starts now. There will be no masturbating from now on.” Kelly picked up a leather tube then, placing it around Karla’s completely hard cock, snapping a leash to it. “Now, follow me, cowgirl.”

Karla was led by the cock out of her room and down the hall to what looked like another medical bay. She was led to another examination bench, this one set up for reclining. She sat back on it, expecting anything, but was surprised when Kelly detached the sleeve around her cock, and began stroking it once again, bring it to full hardness. Karla was moaning softly as her hips started to twitch and buck, when out of nowhere, Kelly grabbed a small metallic pipe off the table and slammed it home in Karla’s japs eye. Karla squealed in surprise, curling forward only to be stopped by the padded straps reaching across her midsection and arms, pinning her to the bench. An IV bag she hadn’t noticed was brought over and connected to the end of the pipe, where it began forcing its way into her. Kelly was typing away on a keyboard.

“Doesn’t it feel good?” Kelly said as she reached out to the shaking girl, smoothing her hair back and cupping her cheek; “Centuries ago, we came to your planet for the first time, and brought back a mountain of data, along with a few specimens of local wildlife for experimentation. A great deal was learned, and through work on DNA manipulation, we extracted the genomes that control breeding and fertility from several of them, which is the cocktail- heh, cocktail- that’s being pumped in to you now. It has the effect of making you almost permanently aroused. Also, your milk and sperm output will increase to superhuman levels, which is required to meet the quotas of full production.”

Karla was moaning nonstop now, breathing in short gasps as the mix was being absorbed into her bloodstream. “Please, let me cum! Oh god, it feels so good, but I’m so hard, I have to cum! And my tits feel so full, they feel like they’re gonna burst! Aaahhhh!!!” Her back was arching off the table now, sweat beading all over her amazing body. “Don’t worry pet, only one more hour, then you can have your relief. Speaking of relief,” Kelly looked down to her now fully engorged prick, “I could use some myself. Here, have a treat.” And grabbed her cock, pushing it into Karla’s open mouth, who began sucking eagerly. “Ooohh, that’s good pet, keep going, just like that!” Kelly’s hands reached up and began kneading and twisting her nipples. Minutes later, she cried out, took her cock out of Karla’s amazing mouth, and stroked herself off, shooting hot cum all over Karla’s chest and face, who did everything she could to swallow as much of it as possible.

Kelly took a few deep breaths before saying “Fuck you’re good at that! I’ll make sure to repay you for it. How about I fuck that tight pussy of yours?” Karla’s eyes shot open at the thought, “Nooo, not that, that’s too much!!! Please, let me cum! I feel like I’m about to explode!” Her body, cum sliding down her body in sticky gobs, was shaking constantly, her balls completely swollen with pent up seed. “Well,” Kelly said, glancing at the computer, “You’ve got 5 more minutes left, so I won’t fuck you, but,” She reached down under the table, coming back up with a butt plug and bottle of lube “You get to enjoy this little number.” She squeezed lube onto the plug, smeared some around Karla’s virgin asshole, before pressing it slowly in, stretching her rosebud. Karla was bucking her hips as much as the straps would let her, eyes wide, mouth open in a silent scream that didn’t stay silent for very long.

“No, no, no…no…ah…yes…ungh…yesssssssss!” Her sexy ass was shaking nonstop as the plug finally popped into place. “I thought your opinion would change once you got a taste, little cowgirl. The lube is laced with an addictive aphrodisiac that seeps into the skin. From now on, you’ll constantly crave being taken in that sweet ass of yours. And, good news for you, the sessions over! You know what that means right?” Karla nodded eagerly, desperate for the relief she craved. The straps across her wrists and torso released after the IV was removed from her cock, and her hands immediately grabbed on to it and began stroking feverishly. Her hips bucked uncontrollably, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t cross the threshold. “Wha—wh-why can’t I cum?!” She pleaded to Kelly.

“I told you earlier, you are only allowed to cum when being milked or given permission by a farmhand. Now get up and follow me.” Kelly put the leash and collar back on to the poor girls raging hard-on and led her down the hall to a door labeled “Milking Parlor 1.” Inside was a long bench on one side facing a device that looked like a massage chair, but with a padded front rising up about chest high, and three holes in the bottom.

Karla was led to this chair and straddled the padded seat, her cock sliding home in one of the holes, the other two lined up with her ass and pussy. The front part had two small cups sitting on top of it, each attached to a tube at the closed end, disappearing into the stand. Kelly walked in front of her, placing the open ends of the cups on her nipples, where a light suction kept them there. She then reached down and picked up the extractor that was hidden under the chair and slid it home onto Karla’s twitching cock, whose hips started to buck.

“Easy there girl, I got to turn it on first. Now, last time, I set it for full drain, but I think this time we’ll just set it for quantity. You know what that means?” Karla shook her head silently. “It means it doesn’t stop till the tanks full.” With that, Kelly slid a clear glass jug out from its hiding place, the hose from the extractor emptying into the top, with measurement lines going from bottom to top. Karla squinted and saw that the top mark had the writing “1 Gal” on it and her eyes popped open in shock. “No! No, I can’t do that, I’ll die, no, no,” *click, hmmm* “Aaaaahhhhhhhh” The machines turned on at once, sending her completely over the edge, cum shooting out of her like a rocket. The suckers on her nipples had turned on too, and thin streams of milk were squirting out of each nipple as her entire body convulsed in powerful orgasm.

Kelly stood back a few feet admiring her work, which was now screaming herself hoarse as her body shook through a second and third orgasm in the space of a minute. She began stroking her now rock hard dick, turned on by the scene in front of her when she remembered something. With a smirk, she walked around to the side of the chair, reached down, and pressed a button on the side, causing the upright part that Karla was now holding on to for dear life to drop forward.

This had the effect of presenting Kelly with the perfect position to pull the butt plug out of Karla’s ass and replace it with her cock. “Ooh, you’re so tight! Unf fuck!” She gasped as she began long, slow thrusts into the quivering rear of her cowgirl. This had the effect of sending Karla over the edge once again, her legs shaking, toes curled up, back arched, as she shot rope after rope of cum into the wonderful machine.

“You love this, don’t you, you little slut?” “Ooh, yes! YES! Fuck me please, don’t stop, just keep fucking meeeeee!!!” “How does it feel, cow, to take it in the ass while you’re cock and tits are drained? Doesn’t it feel good?” “Yes!!! It feels sooo good, master! I can’t stop cumming! My tits and cock feel incredible! You feel so big in my ass, it’s *unh* amazing! I’m cumming againnnnaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!”

The feeling of Karla’s tight ass squeezing down on her length was too much for Kelly, and with a scream of her own, let loose yet another massive load of jizz, this time not pulling out, filling her ass full of hot cum.

“Ooohh so full! I love it, master, fuck me whenever you want! Unnh! Ooh, I’m cumming again!” Karla cried. Kelly stayed planted in her ass, enjoying the feeling of her tight tunnel squeezing down on her. She pulled out slowly, cum leaking out afterwards, and walked around to face Kelly. She went to a sink in the corner and filled a glass with water, then grabbed Karla’s sweat streaked face and put it to her lips. “Drink,” And tilted it back for her. Karla eagerly gulped down as much as she could before another orgasm ripped through her, eeking out just enough cum to finish filling the can. The extractor wound down and was removed, cum slowly leaking out of Karla’s slowly deflating cock. At the same time, the cups on her tits fell off, completely drained of milk. Kelly refilled the glass and gave it to Karla, who took it with shaky hands and slowly gulped it down.

Karla was helped off the chair, the leash was attached, and she was led to another room, this one undoubtedly the mess hall. She was led to a bench to sit, and waited while Kelly went and got a bowl of what looked to be soup. “Here, eat this. It’ll do you a world of good.” Kelly then sat down across from her with a bowl of her own and began spooning it down. Karla grabbed a spoonful of it, bring it to her mouth, when she asked “What is this?”

“You really ask a lot of questions don’t you. Alright, it’s a mixture of assorted vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that provide everything your body needs to maintain excellent health. And, in cowgirls, it has the side effect of increasing your size.”


“Yes, size. Oh don’t worry, you’re body fat will melt away, but your tits will eventually fill out to hold all the milk you’re going to make. Eventually, you’re tits will be even bigger than mine. But by then, you won’t care about anything but your next milking. Now eat, girl.” Karla downed the spoonful that had been hanging inches from her mouth, surprised at how good it tasted, and dug in with gusto. She ended up eating four bowls of it, having not eaten in almost 24 hours.

After the meal, she was taken to the showers to clean off the sweat and dried cum of the past few hours. She was pleasantly surprised when Kelly stepped in with her. “Wash me, girl.” Karla grabbed the bar of what she hoped was soap off the side and began lathering up her captor, taking extra time to rub the soap into her amazing rack. “Mmmm, yeah baby just like that. Unh you’ve done this before haven’t you? Aahh come here.” Kelly spun around and wrapped her arms around Karla’s shoulders drawing her in for a kiss. Her tongue delved into her pets mouth, exploring every inch, while Karla did the same to her master. Their hands roamed all over, petting, squeezing, pinching a nipple here and there. Eventually, they had to break the kiss as both of their cocks were now rock hard and begging for attention.

Karla felt hands on her shoulders guiding her to her knees and took the cue. She grabbed on to the cock in front of her with both hands and began stroking eagerly, her tongue licking around the head. “OOohh fuck, girl!! You were born for this, you wonderful slut! Now use those big juicy tits of yours…Aaahhh!” Without taking the head out of her mouth, Karla reached down to grab her tits and smash Kelly’s glistening cock between them and began sliding them up and down the hard shaft. Kelly was twisting her nipples, biting her lower lip, a look of complete glee upon her face. She was bucking her hips into the wonderful titfuck, leaning against the shower wall, when Karla decided to attack.

One of the breasts that was sandwiching her cock fell free, and in the moment of confusion, Karla reached under the stunned Kelly and slipped two fingers into her wet snatch, finding her g-spot surprisingly quick, and began pumping while she swallowed the cock in her mouth as deep as she could.

“Unh…Ooh you sneaky bitch, you!!! Oh keep going, baby, gonna…gonna…CUM!!”

Hot seed blasted into Karla’s mouth, filling it instantly. She swallowed as much as she could, but it didn’t stop it from leaking out of her mouth to land on her tits. Also, her entire left arm was being sprayed from Kelly’s squirting pussy. She used her free hand to grab Kelly’s shaft, pulling it out of her mouth, and pumping its sweet cum all over her face and jugs.

Kelly’s orgasm finally subsided, leaving her gasping for air from how good it felt, Karla gasping because she still wasn’t allowed to cum. She was sitting against the wall, smearing the cum off her soaked tits to use on her steel rod of a dick. Her right hand was feverishly stroking away while three fingers of her left hand were pumping into her twat. Her whole body was clenching and unclenching, locked away from the sweet release she so desperately needed. Kelly walked over to the moaning girl with a gleam of malice in her eye.

“What’s the matter? Can’t finish without permission, remember? Looks like I’ll be getting that taste of you I wanted after all.” She pounced onto the helpless Karla, grabbing her hands and dragging them up to play with her hard nipples. Karla lost herself in the wonderfully full feeling her breasts gave her. Kelly slid back down to take her pets painfully hard cock in her hands and start stoking it. “Doesn’t this feel good, baby? All it takes is three little words from me and you can be showering in your own delicious cockjuice. You want to know what they are?” Karla was nodding furiously, desperation in her eyes. “Alright, you’ve suffered enough, here you go: CUM FOR ME!”

Karla’s body hunched forward suddenly, then immediately arched back as her release finally came blasting out of her cock, shooting straight up, covering her face, neck, and tits. At the same time, twin streams of milk were squirting out of her nipples, mixing in with the jizz. Her eyes were rolling around in her head as her body spasmed on the floor of the shower, covered from head to toe in water and sex fluids. She was helped up and dragged over to the shower head where she cleaned off all the cum from her and her master. When they were both washed and dried, her collar was reattached, and she was led down the hallway to her chambers. “YOU MUST OBEY.” Kelly said, suddenly, causing her to jump in surprise. Almost instantly, she felt something click inside her brain, and she knew that her block was back. She went to her bed wordlessly, and unexpectedly fell dead asleep.

Kelly stepped out as she swung the door shut, locking it from the outside, and headed for her own sleeping chambers, making a mental note that she’d have to make her report to the owner of the Dairy Farm after some much needed sleep.


Chapter 3 is in the works and will most likely be finished by the time this gets through the submission phase. Once again, I can’t say it enough, but thanks for the positive feedback, it means a lot. Until next time, peace and chicken grease.

This is the second chapter in the story of my rebirth. I am a year into my new life as I write this and although I’ve had my ups and downs I couldn’t be happier with this new life I’ve been given. Even now I sometimes miss the creature and that incredible level of pleasure, but it never returned to me. Anyway, here you go, my second chapter:


It was now another Friday and a week since the night of my rebirth. I was lying on my couch watching some old Craig Ferguson episodes from my TiVo after my morning orgasm. I was watching an interview with Mila Kunis promoting Black Swan, laughing at the double entendres and the banter, when the thought struck me that maybe a dance class would be fun. Well, at least if I didn’t wind up like Natalie Portman’s character. I could meet lots of pretty girls, maybe even a girlfriend, and if these urges I got for men got stronger being able to dance wouldn’t hurt.

During the week I had considered what to do with myself, the identity documentation my old army buddy had gotten me came with some pretty good high school grades but no college degree so getting a job similar to my old one was out of the question. I kept up my stock trading with my old accounts and started transferring the winnings to my new accounts. If I didn’t gamble too much I should be able to live like this for a good few years, but I was looking at colleges so I could have a career if and when my current savings ran out.

I googled and found a dance studio some twenty minutes away and since I didn’t have anything better to do I decided to drive over there and see it for myself. I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower, threw on a lacy blue bra and a blue sundress, boxers, and my blue canvas top sneakers. I grabbed my handbag and my car keys and headed to my new car, a baby blue VW Jetta that went much better with my new personality and size than my old pickup truck.

I parked outside the place and just before I stepped out I remembered to keep my knees together and get out without flashing anyone that happened to be looking. That had happened a few days earlier, I had been getting out of my pickup for gas when I heard a yelp and looked over to see the guy at the next pumping station staring at me. I followed his line of sight and with a shriek I realized that my cock had flopped out of my new thong and was on display for all the world to see. I quickly got back in my car and drove off without filling up, I just had to get away from the embarrassment. I went back to boxers after that.

I walked into the studio and up to the counter where a pretty woman was flipping through a magazine with a bored look on her face. Her hair was blonde and curly, her tits small but high and firm, and her smile when she looked up dazzling.

“Hi! what can I do for you?” I smiled back at her and noticed how big her baby blue eyes were as I answered, “Hi! I was hoping to get some dance lessons, I’ve never danced before though.”

“That’s fine, we have beginners classes on most weeknights, during the day it’s mostly classes for school kids. What kind of dancing did you have in mind?”

“I don’t know really, something fun. I’m new in town and I figured this would be a good place to meet some new friends, get a workout.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what, let me show you around, we can look in on the girls from St. Mary’s to see what a class looks like, and I’ll tell you about the different classes. I have a few hours before the lunch crowd comes in. I’m Laura, by the way.”

I smiled, introduced myself and thanked her before following her tall, lithe body through the corridor, my eyes glued to her ass in her yoga pants.


“And finally, this is the pole-dancing room. I instruct this class. I could show you an advanced routine, if you want?”

“Um, yeah, that’d be cool,” I answered. Laura had already shown me most of the facility, taught me a few basics of samba, tango, and, as the topic of Black Swan came up, even some ballet. She had a way of putting me at ease that made me feel very comfortable and at home and we quickly developed a nice repartee. Because she perceived me as female I could talk to her in a way I had never been able to before the tentacle monster. There was something very attractive about Laura, she had this very innocent quality while there seemed to be something wild underneath.

She told me to sit down on a chair a few yards in front of one of the poles, turned on some music and then she started dancing. I was lost. Her body moved so fluidly around the pole, flowing from pose to pose, up around the pole, down on the floor, showing off her body to full effect just for me! She caught the look on my face and smiled mischievously as she started sauntering over towards me. She took hold of my shoulders, straddled my legs and started shimmying down and all of a sudden I felt her ass cheeks rubbing against my huge erection. I hadn’t realized how hard I had gotten and now I was extremely turned on but scared of how she would react. I could see her naughty smile turn to surprise and then disbelief.

She stepped back from straddling me and looked down at my tented dress and her eyes got even bigger. “Oh. My. God! You’re a… a… That thing is huge! I mean… I’m sorry Anastasia, I didn’t mean to freak out.”

“It’s okay, I would freak out too if I felt this thing poking me when I wasn’t expecting it.”

“Well, I was trying to turn you on, I just wasn’t expecting that big of a result.” Laura smiled then looked down on at her shoes and tentatively asked, “Um, could I see it?”

“Uh, okay,” I answered and stood from the chair. I reached under my skirt and grabbed hold of my boxers, then I shimmied my hips while pulling down to get them past my erection. When my underwear was around my ankles I looked up at Laura and saw her eyes riveted to my crotch so I grabbed hold of the hem of my dress and with a, “Ta-da!” I lifted my dress.

Laura giggled at my theatrics but soon got an awed expression on her face. “Wow! That is the biggest cock I have ever seen! It’s like twice the size of my old boyfriend’s and I thought he was big. Can I touch it?”

“Yeah, that would be nice.” I said with a smile. Laura surprised me by kneeling down in front of me before gently grabbing my tool by the middle.

“God, I can’t even wrap my hand all the way around it!” Laura started slowly stroking my shaft while her other hand found its way to my hairless balls. I ran my fingers through her silky hair and gently pulled her face closer to the head of my cock. She looked up into my eyes with those big, innocent, blue eyes as she pulled back my foreskin. She licked sloppily around the tip before sucking it into her soft, warm mouth. I couldn’t help but moan loudly as I felt my stiff rod slide to the back of her throat while her tongue played along the underside. As her wonderful mouth bobbed along the first five inches and her hand took care of the rest, her other hand left my balls and wound up in her tight yoga pants, moving faster and faster. She bobbed her head a few times more before popping it out of her mouth to exclaim, “You taste so good! I could just blow you all day but I need this beast inside me right now!”

I was so horny I could hardly think as I pulled her from her knees and kissed her fiercely. It was a bit strange to kiss a woman that was taller than me, but that was most women now. I groped her small, firm tit with my left hand while the other pushed down the back of her pants to squeeze and fondle her perky ass. I broke the kiss and got Laura to kneel on the chair. I quickly pulled my dress over my head and got behind her. I kissed her neck as I pulled down her pants and panties as far as they would go. I pushed down on the small of her back with one hand to get her to arch her back while I rubbed my cockhead up and down her slit with my other hand. I was way too far gone to tease her or myself so when I found her opening I just pushed for home. I grabbed hold of her tiny waist and slowly fed my long, thick cock into her incredibly wet, incredibly tight pussy. When I was about four inches in she groaned loudly and I stopped, afraid that I was hurting her.

“No! Don’t stop, it hurts so good! Get it all in there and fuck me hard!” Okay, so she likes a bit of pain with her pleasure, good to know. I grabbed her waist tighter and pushed until I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of her tunnel. Without slowing down I pulled out about halfway and then slammed myself back in, my balls hitting her pussy with a wet smack. Her pussy felt incredible around my enhanced cock, I was more sensitive now and my bigger size meant that her pussy felt even tighter than it would have before. This was the first sex I’d had, other than with the tentacle monster and myself, since my divorce and it was quick, dirty and wonderful.

As I continued pounding Laura I leaned forward to kiss and nibble on her neck. I slipped my hands under her top and up to her rock hard nipples. I remembered her comment about pain feeling good so I pinched and twisted her nipples as I pulled them from her body.

“Oh GOD! Yes, I love it! Fuck me, Fuck me! Uhn, Uhn, OHH GOD, I’m so close!” I felt her pussy start to contract around my cock, her body moving erratically against mine, so I pinched her nipples even harder. I felt her body begin to shake beneath me and bit down pretty hard on her cowl muscle and that extra bit of pain pushed her over the edge. Her pussy went crazy, milking my dick strongly as her body went rigid. Laura didn’t make a single sound as she came, her neck was completely tense and her face turned bright red. She stayed like that for at least 20 seconds and then she slumped bonelessly forward with a big sigh and a moan, all energy lost to that massive orgasm.

She drank down air in big gulps as she recovered and only stirred when she felt me pulling out of her. She turned and smiled at me and looked and sounded almost drunk as she said, “Wow! I have never had an orgasm like that before! Usually I have to rub my clit, but that was all internal. Wow, just wow! Aw, and that poor dick didn’t even get to cum. We can’t have that now, can we?”

Laura slipped down on the floor and took my cock, wet with her juices, into her loving mouth. I felt weak in the knees from fucking her and from the pleasure of her tongue so I slumped down on the floor as well, and Laura’s mouth stayed on me the whole way down. She blew me slowly, drawing my arousal slowly higher and higher whereas before the climb had been explosive and fast. She ran her hands slowly along my inner thighs and over my balls in an almost tickling fashion which caused shivers to run down my spine. One of her fingers traced close to my ass, causing me to moan and spread my legs wider. I looked down into her big blues and begged her, “Please finger my ass, push me over the edge! I’m so close, please fingerfuck me.”

I saw her smile around my meat and then I felt it, her soft finger circling around my wet asshole. She was surprised that I was wet back there but that didn’t stop her at all. She pushed one finger all the way inside and when I didn’t show any discomfort she added a second and then a third finger before she really started fingering me. She picked up the speed of her blowjob to match the rate of her fingers. Then she curled her fingers in my ass and pushed upwards, right onto my prostate, and I came like a fucking freight train! Unlike her I screamed out as I came, I wrapped my hands in her hair to keep her on my cock and bucked my hips again and again as I shot a big load right down her throat. Laura couldn’t quite keep up so about half my load wound up flowing down her chin and onto my glistening shaft.

I thought maybe she would be mad at me for forcing my cum down her throat like that but she just smiled at me, said, “Yum, that was tasty! You have to give me more of that sometime,” and proceeded to slurp and lick my cock clean. When she was satisfied she crawled up over my body and kissed me as she collapsed on top of me.

Suddenly there was knocking on the door. I gave Laura a frightened look but she smiled and said, “Relax, the door is locked, I was planning on seducing you, remember?”

I nodded and with a smile said, “You certainly managed that.”

“Hehe, yeah. We better get dressed, that must be the lunch class knocking and I’m teaching it.”

I pulled my summer dress on over my head and stepped into my boxers while Laura pulled her panties and pants back up and fixed her top so it looked respectable again. I smiled shyly at her and said, “Um, if you’re free tonight I would really love it if you could come to my house for dinner?”

Laura smiled a huge smile and said, “Yeah, that would be great! Come on, I’ll walk you to the front desk and you can leave your address there. How about I come over around seven? That’ll give me time to get home to shower and change.”

“Seven it is!”


“Welcome!” I pulled Laura into a hug and kissed her on the cheek. “You can just hang your coat on the rack there, and take of your shoes. Dinner will be ready in ten minutes, but I can give you the tour while we wait.” I looked her over after the hug, she was wearing calf length black leggings, a short jean skirt and a purple top with a nice amount of cleavage.

“That would be great. This is a really nice house!”

I could see her eyes roaming my body as she answered. I was wearing a pleated skirt that reached halfway down my thighs, bare legs and feet, and a green top to complement my red hair.

I responded, “Yeah, it’s great, it’s my cousin’s old house, he has moved abroad and gave this place to me.”

“Cool! I would kill for a place like this! I live with three roommates in a two room apartment.”

“Sounds cramped. I love this place, it’s big and there is no way for the neighbors to see inside, so I can just walk around naked or in a tee and boxers, I love that freedom.” We stepped into the hall and I opened the first door and said, “Here is the bathroom, with a jacuzzi and a heated floor.”

“Nice, we definitely have to play in here later,” said Laura with a naughty smile and gave my ass a surprising slap. I gasped in mock shock, giggled and pulled her in for a quick kiss before leading her onwards through the house, hand in hand.

Dinner was great; we flirted, ate and got to know each other a little better as the red wine flowed and Neil Young’s Harvest played on the speakers. I was getting horny and relaxed and so was she. After we were done we moved to the couch and I leaned in for a kiss. I kissed her hard and she kissed me back just as intensely. We were soon tearing at each others clothes like hormonal teenagers. Laura pulled my top up over my breasts and attacked them with a gusto; kissing, licking and nibbling on one breast while using her hand to play with the other. Laura smiled up at me and said, “Wow, these are perfect! Are they fake?”

Laura went back to my nipples while I answered, “Mmmh, no, they’re real. God, that feels good. I’m a bit of a freak, I was made this way; female body, huge cock and an ass that gets wet when I’m excited.”

“The ass thing is a bit weird, but I don’t think you’re a freak, I think you are the best of both worlds.”

I kissed her deeply then said, “Thank you so much! Just for that I’m gonna make you feel really good.” With that I rolled us over on the couch so that I was sitting on my knees between her legs. I grabbed her right leg and started kissing along her exposed calf and up to her pretty, bare foot. While I did that I let my hands run up and down her legs, higher and higher on her thighs. I then slipped my hands along her sides up her skirt and with a tug I had both her panties and leggings around her knees and then on the floor beside us. I got my first good look at her pussy, it was what you would call an innie, it had just a landing strip of blonde hair pointing to puffy outer lips and just a hint of inner lips. I kissed my way down the inside of her leg, marveling at how soft her thighs felt against my lips. I reached her lovely little pussy and dove right in, latching my mouth over her entire slit as I ran my tongue up and down along her lips. Her juices tasted wonderful, youthful and fresh and I couldn’t get enough.

I wrapped my arms around her upper thighs and hips and pulled up on the skin of her pelvis to expose her pink clit. I fluttered my tongue over her pearl and her hands shot down to my head to pull me harder into her crotch as her hips started bucking up and down. It was incredibly sexy to look up over her extremely fit stomach as it flexed again and again, up over her still covered breasts and into her smoldering eyes.

“Oh God! Ohgod! Ohgodohgod! You have to fuck me right now, OHH, I need your big cock!” Laura moaned loudly and pushed me away from her so that I was sitting on the couch. She quickly tore my boxers off and mounted me. Her pussy had tightened up again since our first session but she had a determined look on her face as she forced herself down until the tip hit the back of her tunnel. Her pussy felt incredible as it slid down my shaft, so slick, tight and warm, and the look of wild abandon on Laura’s face as she started riding me was just amazing. I ran my hands up along her thighs, up over her undulating hips, and up along the sides of her ribs to pull her top over her head. I unsnapped the front clasp on her sexy black lace bra and pulled her down to kiss her perfect little tits. As I suckled and nibbled on her pink nipples I grabbed hold of her hips and started meeting her thrusts, getting even deeper inside her. I really tried to angle my hips to hit her g-spot and by the sound of it, it was really working.

I kissed my way up her shoulder and neck, stopping to kiss the bite mark I had left there earlier. Laura grabbed hold of my head and pulled me in for a deep, intense kiss. She switched from long strokes to undulating ones that rubbed her wet mound against my pelvic bone as we made out passionately. One of my hands snaked around her hip to her ass and down into the valley between her cheeks. I quickly found her tight little pucker and rubbed it with the pad of my finger, making Laura moan into our kiss. I felt that I was getting close to cumming and I wanted Laura to cum with me so I reached down further to wet my finger with her juices, then I returned it to her back door and pushed it in, all the way to the last knuckle. This pushed her over the edge and when her pussy started milking my cock it pushed me over the edge as well. While Laura arched her back and tensed up so much no sound could come out, I squealed loudly and trembled as jet after jet of my thick cum squirted out of me, deep into Laura’s eager pussy.

We breathed heavily for a while as Laura leaned against my body, and then kissed languidly for a few minutes as my cock slowly softened in her pussy. When I felt it was about to slip out I rolled us over so that she was on her back. I kissed my way down her body as I pulled out with a wet plop. I kissed my way down her belly until I reached the vee of her legs and eagerly dug into her cream pie. I loved the combination of her feminine juices and my thick, tasty cum and eagerly ate her towards another orgasm. It was so satisfying to devote myself to giving her pleasure, to know I was responsible for the sounds coming from those sexy lips. As I noticed her getting closer I focused my attentions on her clit, and in a matter of seconds her thighs were hugging my head hard as her fists closed in my long red hair. I tried to prolong her orgasm for as long as possible by licking and sucking on her clit. Finally, it was too much for her, and she pushed me back and kissed me in gratitude.

After kissing me and licking some of our juices from my face, Laura noticed I had a hard-on again and said, “Wow, that thing just won’t quit! I don’t know if I can handle it again, though.”

The drive was relatively quick and somewhat familiar. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it. The alcohol from last night must have been some pretty strong stuff, either that or I drank far too much of it. I remember seeing bare tits, and I also remember feeling really good which meant that I had to have had sex. That is probably why I was wearing ladies underwear this morning. Some kink that she probably had and I was too drunk to care to remove them. That didn’t explain why I was craving cock… the thoughts still crossed my mind of sucking one. I had to try and bury it down with my frustration and fear. There was no way I was going to do that no matter how drunk I got. I felt a knot form in my stomach. Last night I was going to make a pledge to the Frat and they made me steal women’s underwear. What if they made me fuck one of them or suck them off or something, I felt dizzy again and almost ran a stop sign. The lady in the car driving in the intersection flipped her hand out the window angrily and yelled at me honking her horn. Fuck lady you think you are having a bad day…

I parked my car in front of the sorority house. I remember it. I remember seeing it. This is some progress at least from having no memory of anything. Okay so I will just go up and knock on the door, they will tell me what is going on I am sure of it. I made my way up the porch slowly and tapped my knuckles on the door. They would be sure to answer; maybe they would even remember me breaking into the building. I shuddered as I thought about how I did it. There was no way I was a skilled robber. I didn’t have a clue how to break into someone’s house…

The door popped open and standing in its frame were two overly gorgeous bimbo babes. I felt my face burn when I realized I was staring at their tits. They both giggled jumped up and down. The motion made their overly sized orbs bounce in their tight clothing they were wearing. The girls had the same color hair, and they looked to be about two inches shorter than me, though I wasn’t that great of a judge when it came to height.

“Like Danny is back, maybe we will do shots again!” They both gave out a loud woo. I knew I was in the right place. They both quickly grabbed my arms and dragged me through the door. Their breasts pressed up against either side of my arms and sent my head into a spin. God what I would do to suck on them, each girl smelled familiar. One of chocolate the other of flowers… They were both overly cute, bubbly slick lips, and had the bodies of goddesses. They pulled me into the living room, playing the background was a steamy porno and a girl in the middle of the room was stroking a clear purple vibrator in and out of her wet twat. I felt my cock jolt against the gentle fabric in my pants. There was no way this was all happening.

“Like Aubrey we have a guy here you should take that out and like come say hi and stuff.” The girl squishing her tits into my left arm shouted out over the loud moaning erupting from the surround sound. The video playing was a group shower sex scene, and it appeared to be an all-female cast.

“What?” Aubrey said as she squeezed a tit in her left hand while pumping the dildo in and out. I felt my heart race and face turn red with lust. Fuck me this was the best thing I could have walked in on.

“Like Danny, the guy who drank your cum is here. Come say hi.” The girl on my right announced. I drank her cum? I would definitely remember that if it really happened. Her body was perfect. Her tits were huge and covered in sweat; she must have been at this for a while now. Her legs were shaking as she came close to an orgasm each time the vibrating dildo head slid out of her twat and back in. She had smooth skin, and a very lithe figure. Her ass, from what I could see since she was sitting on it, was more than squeezable. She was the complete package. To top it off her lips were a bit parted as she moaned out with each movement.

“Like I will…. mmm… let me cum first…” Aubrey said gasping between her orgasmic bliss. I felt like an idiot as my cock pressed against my pants angrily asking to be released and stroked right now. The girl to my left ran her fingers up and down on it.

“Well we can at least suck on this while we wait right Danny?” The girl asked as she rubbed gently along my pants.

“I don’t see why not.” I said huskily as the girl on my right undid my belt and zipper. As she did so I realized I was still wearing the girl underwear and my face flushed.

“Oh like you are so kinky wearing Payton’s panties! That is so Hawt, it makes your cock smell all yummy.”

“Let me smell it.” The girls both dropped to their knees and shoved their noses up against my now stiffening cock. Each warm breath released from their noses sent shivers up my spine. They moaned each time they inhaled my scent. Hastily they stripped my pants off and they pulled my cock free of the red sheer prison. They didn’t drop the panties all the way off though; they kept them bunched around my knees. Each girl then took a turn kissing the edges of my stiff fuck toy. The one on the right opened her slick lips and wrapped them around my cock. I felt the warmth of her tongue and spit run along the shaft. This was what I wanted. My life would be complete once I came in one of their mouths.

The girl on the left probed her finger around my ass and I gave out a squeak, “What are you doing back there?” I asked in shock

“Like last night you loved this, just trust me mkay?” She said smacking her lips as she spoke. The one sucking my cock began to stroke her throat up and down and I felt my body relax as she did so. Two fingers were soon poking in and out of my ass hole. The sensation wasn’t horrible, it was unique and soon it added a different pleasure to what was going on in front, “Like hey it’s my turn to suck it c’mon Sophia.”

Sophia released her hold on my cock with her cute mouth and gave out a gasp as though she hadn’t had enough air while sucking up and down on my fuck stick, “Okay let me play with his ass then Lillian.” Lillian opened her mouth wide and noisily sucked my fuck stick in. It made me curl my toes in my shoes. My pants were bunched around my ankles, a pair of lacy panties around my knees, a girl hand digging at my asshole while another held my ball sack in one hand the base of my cock in the other and her cute thick lips slurped eagerly up and down my shaft… this was everything a man could ask for.

“Like you still taste good and stuff.” Sophia said while stretching my ass a little more to stuff a third finger in. It was a bit painful at first but with Lillian dragging her tongue up and down my fuck meat I didn’t care to complain. In the background I heard Aubrey moaning out intensely in chorus with the girls on the video as she came closer to her climax. This sorority was above and beyond classic sororities in pornos. These girls were super sluts. The intoxicating smell coming from the girls sucking my dick made me close my eyes. Pictures flashed through my mind. Me sucking on a fat tit and fingering a girl, jizzing into a bottle, there was an image of Payton licking her lips, and then it all flooded back at once. I drank my own cum mixed with Aubrey’s. I had girls penetrating my ass all night while I licked and ate out others. Occasionally one would try to suck my cock but Payton told them to save it until I was part of them.

“What the fuck happened last night?” I nearly screamed as I climaxed into Lillian’s eager throat. A fourth finger popped its way into my tight hole and I felt more cum dribbling out of my cock head into Lillian. She moaned out excitedly as I did so. The pleasure was too much, and soon my cock grew sensitive with each tongue stroke she made. Shit this was crazy. Sophia pulled her fingers free of my now abused hole and Lillian popped my cock free from her bubbly lips. The two girls turned to each other and kissed each other swapping my cum back and forth between their lips. When the finished they each stood up and wiped their chins collecting any excess cum that had dribbled out of their lewd display.

“Like last night you pledged to be a Futa girl Danny. That is why we weren’t supposed to drink your cum during the ceremony. Futa girls have cocks silly. It’s like…” Sophia paused staring upwards as if looking at her brain would make it think better, “You would be mostly girl but with an awesome fuck stick!” I felt sick. There was no way that could happen that was just retarded.

“No way, that shit is fake. There isn’t a way to change a guy into a … into a chick.” I said not wanting to say the word Futa as though it would be taboo.

“Like it totally is. We were once normal girls who are now like we are now!” Lillian said laughing and giggling as she pulled my clothing back on. The thin string of clothing slid easily between my ass cheeks and I blushed as I felt it snap easily into place.

“I used to be like an ugly dude, but now I can totally give like perfect blow jobs and stuff right?” Sophia said giggling with Lillian who had her face screwed up with her tongue between her teeth as she focused on putting my cock back into the tight red cloth it was stuffed into before.

“No fucking way.” I said as my vision started to blank out and go white with each sentence the girls blurted out.

“I thought it was crazy too, but it can like totally happen.” Sophia was now the one focused as she pulled my pants up and started to zip the zipper.

“This is so hard and stuff to do to other people. Putting clothing on sucks, we should be allowed to walk around naked and like fuck everyone all the time.” Lillian said as she finished getting my belt back on. My head spun and I grabbed the wall for support. The girls guided me into the living room where Aubrey had one been fucking a plastic dildo. She was now idly listening to music on the satellite. Sophia and Lillian set me down on the couch next to Aubrey. I felt sick. There was no way this was happening.

“You mean to tell me that the shots last night was a pledge to make me part of this sorority?” I asked dumbfounded.

“Yea like you said it much better than I did.” Sophia said giggling. The two girls sat on the coffee table and stared at me, “What didn’t you want to be part of us? Last night you said you wanted to fuck us all and never leave.”

“I am sure I said a lot of things.” I covered my face with my hand. This was all so wrong

“Well yea we wanted you to have a yummy cock so we made sure to not do anything to it that would make you all girly girl like Lillian here.” Sophia said pushing Lillian gently.

“Like Danny don’t worry about it… its super fun being here. We are all really horny and fuck things like all the time. What more could you want?” Aubrey asked touching my arm with her hand gently. They were showing genuine care, though it was clouded in their bimbo minds. They didn’t understand. I had plans to be someone. Plans to see the world as, maybe even become a new age contemporary artist or something. I wasn’t meant to be part of this fucking idiot filled room. It struck me then. Why was I this concerned? These girls were cock hungry idiots. There was no way they would have a ‘Magic Potion’ that would transform me. This was fucking outrageous and I was falling for their idiotic ruse.

“I am sure it is all fun here. Sure when I change I will join you guys I promise.” They looked happy after I said that. There was no way they could change me though, it isn’t possible. I would have to go through all sorts of surgery, and to get me as dumb as they are I would have to completely forget my past. That would be far from impossible. This was probably some ruse they were using to suck a dudes dick. I laughed to myself and the girls joined in giggling.

“Can you guys tell me where Payton is?” I asked looking around the room as if she would magically pop out from nowhere.

“Oh she is over at the Fine Arts building. Like you would totally love that place since you said you were gonna be…. what was it… an artist.” Sophia said. Lillian had darted out of the room earlier and I hadn’t even noticed. I took a second to gather my wits when Lillian proudly pranced back into the room giggling loudly.

“Like I brought you more kinky panties to wear…. It is hot knowing you are wearing Payton’s stuff, so I got you like one from each of us.” Lillian said proudly littering the couch with ten different pairs of panties and bras. How did she know I was wearing the bra still? Why the fuck was I wearing the bra still? Still it was nice of her to bring all these for me. I smiled and collected the clothing. It smelled so good. Chocolate, flowers, fruits, it was overly sensual and it made me dizzy.

“Like do you want to smell what I am wearing today? I got like this totally awesome new body butter that I plan on making Payton eat later.” Sophia said proudly. She lifted her shirt and put her hands on either side of my head. Her cleavage looked wonderful. I eagerly drove my nose forward between her beautiful tits and inhaled what smelt like jolly ranchers.

“Fuck me that is like so totally yummy I want to eat it off you too.” I said adding a bit of emphasis on my ss and my voice sounded nasally to me. I gulped. Why was it getting so hard to think and stuff? Didn’t Sophia say she had a cock or something? I want to suck on that. I quickly pulled my face away from her totally awesome boobies and stood up collecting those cute panties that I am totally going to put on later.

“Like this was fun but I am going to find… um… Payton, yea that is her Name Payton.” I said rushing to the door. I shook my head trying to clear it out. What was going on with me? Why did I want to know what a cock felt like between my lips? Why was I starting to sound like a gay valley girl, and lastly why was I so horny all the time now? I got into my car and tossed the wad of undergarments in the seat next to me. I was going to have to do something with those soon. Like probably totally put some on after I talk to Payton and stuff.

Shaking my head again I took of rather quickly. The girls were gathered at the door waving goodbye. I shook my hand out the window at them. I hope I didn’t offend them by leaving so quickly. Those girls are going to be like totally my cute fuck buddies for like evers. I drove right through a stop sign and luckily missed a car that was in the middle of the intersection. Red and blue lights lit up my back window. Why is it that when you do something wrong once there was always someone to catch you on it.

I pulled over and dug around for my wallet. As I reached to get my registration and proof of insurance I realized I had a passenger seat full of women’s underwear. Hopefully the officer wouldn’t notice. After my papers were all collected I rolled down my window. To my surprise the cop was a large black woman with a sassy tone to her voice. That was far from what I expected in this small town. Shit I am horrible with stereotyping people…

“Did you know that you just ran a stop sign back there and nearly hit another car?” She said raising her voice making it sound a bit sing songy and sarcastic.

“Like totally officer, I was like busy thinking about stuff with um… school.” I responded sounding like a moron. My voice sounded extremely effeminate and I was taken aback by the strange way I responded. What the fuck was wrong with me? Those panties smelled so good. I wanted to bury my face in them all day.

“Did you just come from the Kappa Futa building?” She asked putting her hand on her hip and nodding at the car.

“Like yea officer why?” This day couldn’t go any stranger.

“Well I am going to let you off with a warning this time mister, but if I catch you drifting around not paying attention I will give you a ticket.” She said closing her ticket book. I closed my eyes and sighed out in relief. She could have like totally fucked me over, but she like helped me out. What a relief. I smiled up at her resisting the urge to smack my hand to my head. Why was I thinking like an idiot? What was wrong with me? The office strode back to her car and turned her lights off. I signaled over and took off toward campus. Maybe I didn’t miss Payton and she can sort this whole thing out. Maybe she spiked my booze with some kind of drug that is messing with my head. That had to be it. Maybe it was a date rape drug and now I am tweaking out til it gets out of my system. I had been hanging out with the bimbos at the Kappa Futa building and they all talk like idiots and talk about sucking cock a lot. Maybe it’s because I was tweaking out while at the house and I have to ride it out.

I wound up getting to the fine arts building twenty minutes later. Classes usually were in one hour blocks and if Payton did have a class there she would be getting out soon. I stuffed the lingerie under my passenger seat so passersby wouldn’t be freaked out by the sight. I made my way up the building and stood around the entrance door. No one knew who I was, but I also didn’t want to make a first bad impression on the professors by popping in and looking around to later then show up to class and have them ask why I skipped my orientation day. I was a little too freaked out to sit around in a class room until I got some answers.

The campus was quaint, but largely spread out. If you were to look at the city on a map there were parts of campus splashed throughout making it difficult to plan your classes one after the other since you would have to drive fifteen minutes to get from one building to the next. Packed next to the fine arts building were some other smaller buildings including computer science and the math center; it wasn’t a big college and I assumed that the reason it was so spread out instead of having one large building was that they couldn’t purchase land space to build. I watched as cute girls would walk by and smile turning away from staring at me. I was definitely out of the normal. I probably caught people off guard more than I had anticipated. A couple of guys walked by and I found my eyes drifting to their crotch. Mmm, like yummy cock would be soo fun to suck on like right now. I hope Payton gets out soon; maybe she will like want to suck one with me.

I shook my head and closed my eyes. I wanted this day to be over with. Then the familiar giggle came drifting into my ears. I turned to the door and there she was. Payton was like the goddess I had been waiting for my entire life. She looked overly adorable today. Her hair was drawn into curly pigtails and she had cute little ribbons holding them in place. The contrasting pink ribbons strung through the platinum blonde only added to her demeanor. She had a tight button up shirt that spread open revealing her belly button ring and lower abs. Today she wore skinny capris like pants that only emphasized her small shape and nice ass. Damn was she perfect.

“Like Danny what are you doing here?” She asked cutely dancing over to me and grabbing my arm, “Is your day like going how you hoped?”

“What do you mean?” I asked dazed by the scent that she gave off. She latched onto my arm and pulled me away from the entrance.

“Like last night you said you wanted to stay in the Futa kappa house so I made sure you would stay with us for like ever.” She said back stroking her fingers up and down my arm.

“What does that mean Payton? I am having a hard time thinking and I am almost afraid that you drugged me or something.” She looked shocked. Her eyes watered up and she stopped toying with my body.

“That means you really did want to be a dumb frat boy doesn’t it?” She said nearly sobbing. I pulled her in for a tight hug and she pressed her cheek against my chest. Her little hands found their way up around the back of my neck and we stood there for a few seconds in a warm embrace.

“No.” I said defiantly. If there was one thing I could say honestly it was that I didn’t want to join that frat, and I am sure John would be upset with me.

This is a little fantasy of mine and dedicated to my Mistress. There is some explicit language and scenes in the story and you know the drill, if you are underaged or don´t like to read (bi)sexual acts than don’t bother. This story is explusively mine and can only be copied after contacting me.

I haven’t written in years and I hope I haven´t gotten too rusty and you all enjoy this new story. Enjoy!

I am married since, oh my, sometimes it seems ages. My wife Andrea and I have spent really good times together but in the last couple of years things really went downhill, not so much in everyday life but in our bed. I mean nothing happened anymore, the heaviest activity in our bed was when I got on top of her maybe once a month or sometimes even only once in two months. She simply wasn’t interested anymore. I asked myself where has the adventurous woman gone I got to know of the first years.

We made love everywhere and even introduced me wearing sexy lingerie to our bedroom. Heck, sometimes I was dressed sexier than she was. No, make that most of the time. I simply love lace and silk, and the lacier and silkier the better. She prefers cotton underwear if you get what I mean. I am a crossdresser since childhood. I just can’tt help it. I love beautiful and sexy clothes but specially underwear, the frillier the better. Oh how I love to touch and let glide silky underwear through my fingers. It sends shivers through all of my body. Isn´t that soo sexy?

Since Andrea simply prefers her beauty sleep over having sex with me I have started to indulge myself more and more in the nether world of the Internet. Now and then you “run” even into a decent person and that was and is in my eyes Mistress Tracey. We had long sessions talking together and exchanging many mails.

She had explained to me that my wife Andrea wasn’t interested in me anymore because she had contacted her and now Andrea was the virtual wife of Mistress Tracey. Whoa! Did I mention it before to Mistress Tracey that I found lesbian love highly erotic? Oh, no, she couldn´t have contacted Andrea. How? No, she was just toying with me. She also told me I would serve them in a wife-wife household as a sissymaid.

I was laughing inside, she really was toying with me. Still I went along with her train of thoughts and so in our daily mail exchange we spoke only of her wife Andrea and me as a maid and not about my wife Andrea and me her husband anymore. I simply didn’t realize how much I told her about our life. It all came to a climax when Mistress Tracey coaxed me to come visit her with her wife Andrea on the pretext of visiting a couple of friends I hadn’t seen in years. One evening when Andrea came from work I broke the news that I had a big surprise for her.

“Andrea honey, you come late from work tonight. I hardly could wait for you to come back. Today I got an e-mail from a couple. I mean Tracey and John are friends from long ago and I thought I had lost communication completely but somehow they found my mail address. The best thing is they are really rich and told me they wanted us to visit and would even pay for the tickets. Isn’t that great?” I gushed.

She was equally surprised and said it would be lovely to take some time off from work. A few days later she told everything was arranged at work and so I got in touch with Mistress Tracy and a date was set. Besides Mistress had an unusual request for me.

She explicitly told me what to wear on the flight. It had to be distinctly feminine but not too obvious in order not to cause too much attention. So she had me purchase panties, bra and stockings with garterbelt. Then I had to buy slacks with either side or backzipper, a blouse which buttoned up in the back and low heeled preferably open-toed pumps. This was to show off my painted toenails which Mistress Tracey also demanded me to do.

Her wife Andrea was completely against it.

“You make yourself a laughing stock in this clothes. You look like a big sissy, absolutely ridiculous.”

She continually shook her head.

“Do we have Halloween already? I don´t think so.”

Finally she relented when I told her I would stomach any teasing from whom ever and the mystery would be revealed at the arrival of our destination. So I sat with her in the plane quite self conscious completely dressed up in womens clothes. I got a few sneers when we were waiting in line before boarding and I thought I could hear the word sissy a few times. I clung cloself to Andrea and pretended not to have heard anything.

During the flight Andrea teased me a couple of times. First looking at my open-toed pumps.

“I never realised how cute your feet were. Now with those shiny red toes it becomes really obvious. So dainty.”

A while later she stroked my smooth front.

“Oh honey, why did they sell you pants without a zipper? Oh, I forgot it is in the back. It suits you soo well. Who would ever guess you have a penis seeing you like this.”

Then she gushed about my blouse.

“Sweetie, I can’t believe you’ve got yourself such a feminine blouse. And the little bra gives you nice little bumps as if you had real titties. You wish, I bet.”

I took her teasing as good as I could, of course not without turning bright red each time but like I told her before I stomached all teasing I got. Thankfully she was the only one teasing me the entire flight. I guess the flight attendants were too professional.

When we finally arrived at our destination, Mistress and her hubby John waited for us at the airport in order to pick us up. When she saw us Mistress immediately went to her wife Roxana, took her in her arms by surprise and kissed her right on her mouth.

Andrea struggled and squirmed for a moment but then relaxed in Mistress arms because she obviously felt the connection between the two of You. The kiss turned sensual and John coughed politely because we were drawing attention. Two heavily kissing women, an obvious sissy and a man standing close by is surely not an everday sight at an airport.

Then Mistress looked at me.

“You did very good in buying the clothes I ordered and looking at your shiny red toes you also used the nail polish. Good girl.”

She then turned around and while walking to the car Mistress Tracey and Andrea were already holding hands as if they knew each other since years.

I trudged dumbfounded with John at my side behind them to the car. I knew I couldn’t protest in any way. I was the one responsable for this situation. What did I think would come out of it? Arriving at the car Mistress told John to take a Taxi with me and take me to a place where she had made an appointment for me. I held my breath, I didn’t dare to ask why and what for but had a fairly good idea about what would happen to me. I saw Andrea smiling at me.

“Have fun honey, where ever you go with John.”

Mistress laughed out loud. “Gr, err, Gary, will definitely have fun and I bet he will even look cuter than he does already.”

Then they got into Mistress car not without giving me another show of their affection when kissing heavily. How was it possible that they were already so intimate after knowing each for such a short while. To my horror I saw Mistress tongue enter Andreas mouth and I swore I saw some sucking motions from my wife! My wife? Or already the wife of Mistress Tracey?

John took my arm and pulled me away from the crime scene. I lookd at him.

“Aren’t you jealous?” I asked.

He grinned at me.

“She is your Mistress, isn’t she?” he shot back.

I blushed and nodded.

“She is mine too you must know, but still I am also your Master little sissymaid Greta.”

I gasped, turned beetred and felt totally humiliated. We got into a cap with me sitting quiet at his side.

“Cheer up girl. Enjoy the ride. That is why you came here, didn’t you?”

Was he right? Did I come with Andrea because I didn’t want her anymore, because I wanted to let go of everything and have Mistress decide about my life? Oh, I was confused. Totally confused. I vowed to go through with what Mistress had planned. I didn’t want to disppoint her. After a short while we arrived at the place: A beauty parlor. John told me this wasn’t just a normal beauty parlor but it had some extra features I would get to know soon enough.

He ushered me in before I could put up any resistance. He was taller and more muscular anyway so any attempts would have been futile anyway.

A girl attended us and Mistress hubby said “Greta here has an appointment.”

Once again I blushed over both ears because of his comment and laughing girl. She caught herself quickly and told me to wait a moment. After a minute another girl arrived and took me inside. John asked the girl, who introduced herself as Amanda, when he could pick me up again and she answered in a few hours.

My kind of longish hair which hadn’t seen a cut in months got washed, trimmed, dyed auburn and styled distinctively feminine. Then the girl waxed my eyebrows, triple pierced my ears, and put makeup explaining to me each and every step because I would have to do that from now all the time on my own.

After that was done she took me to a room in the back where she told me to take off my clothes, all of them. When I was naked she motioned for me to lay down, I would now get a brasilian wax. It hurt a lot but I gritted my teeth and in the end I was completely smooth like I never had been before. Then she left the room for a moment, quickly returned and also pierced my belly button. This is not the end yet I was told because Your Mistress told me You were going to be her maid and a maid has no use for a penis.

“At first she was toying with the idea to put you in a chastity device but then after talking with me we got to a different agreement.”

Her devious smile drove all color out of my face. What was she going to do to me? She grabbed my wrists and tied them above my head.

“This is just for your own security. I don’t want you to interfere with anything,” she said.

Once again she left the room and it took a while before she came back carrying a bag with her. She placed the bag on the ground and told me to open my mouth which was quickly stuffed with a penisgag. After securing it behind my head the girl told me she didn’t want to hear any screaming from me. I was even more frightened now after that comment with wide open eyes involuntarily sucking on the gag. She bend down, grabbed the bag and put it right on my scrotch.


I screamed into the gag because it was obviously an ice bag. After a while she lifted the bag and my penis had shriveled so much that it merely resembled a clit. She deftly emptied my sack by pushing my balls back into the body.

“That´s where they belong to. They are nothing more than ovaries which just go back to were they belong to anyway.”

She took a syringe, looked at me and said: “I am not that cruel a girl, this is to prevent pain.”

After a short prick she waited for a while before proceeding. I had no feeling down there anymore but with my head lifted I could see that she had pulled the empty sack over my little clitty and started to sew the folds over it just leaving the tip peeking out the end.

“Now that is safe you can get dressed.”

When I got up she pushed me in front of a mirror and for all purposes I looked like a flatchested woman. Just looking down at me there was no sign I even grew a penis in my former life. I started to tremble and then cried.

“Yes”, she said. “Let it all out. You are going to begin a new life serving Your Mistress.”

When I left the room John was already waiting. I thanked Amanda for preparing me for my new life and John gushed over my new hairdo.

“My goodness, you are very cute. Mistress knew Amanda would work wonders on you.”

I felt embarrassed and proud at the same time and blushed once again. He laughed outloud.

“Oh you like the comment. You are a real girl. All girls like compliments.”

He finally took me home, caressing my leg all the way back to Mistress house. I wanted to get away from him but their was no way of escape. When we entered I immediately heard moans and screams all over the house. We stood in the hallway and after a moment or two John started to smile.

“Oh God, these two really have found each other. What is in there for me?”

He then started to rearrange his bulge in his pants. John looked at me, I looked back but couldn’t hold his gaze and looked sheepishly on the ground.

“Get down on your knees. Now sissymaid Greta”.

In horror I looked back at him and saw the determination in his eyes. He made a step forward, I shivered because I thought he was going to hit me but he simply pushed me down, quickly opened his zipper and a massive cock burst out right in front of me. Immediately his hands were behind my head and while hearing Mistress Tracey and Andrea making wild love I was on the brink of having a big cock in my mouth. John wiped himself all over my face.

“Open up, open up”, he repeated himself.

In the same moment I wanted to cry for help he shoved his big snake deep into my mouth. I was forced to give my first blowjob of my life. After a while sucking him I got lost in my own world and so I didn´t hear that meanwhile the house had quieted down. Only when I heard Mistress voice saying.

“Oh hubby I am going to severely punish you later. She was supposed to service me first. Still let her finish the business quick so she learns that an order has to be obeyed even so it wasn´t given from me.”

She then continued.

“Greta is the maid in this house so she is the last in the pecking order. Me and my wife to be Andrea are obviously the first, my hubby earns the money to support our lavish lifestyle and Greta provdes the domestic and any other service which is bestowed on her. Now Greta get going and try hard to swallow all of his cum.”

I doubled my efforts after hearing what Mistress had to say and soon Johns cock started to harden and grow even and I was rewarded with a big load of cum. Since he held my head I had no chance but to swallow. Still, quite a bit escaped my mouth when I started to cough with the unfamiliar taste. I quickly wiped up the spilled cum and licked my fingers clean. They all had a good laught at me and Mistress spoke once again.

“Greta, you soon will get used to the taste. I thought it all out, Andrea has agreed and we can live as two couples together.”

With that she took some papers out of a folder and presented them to me.

“This my dear Greta are several documents you are going to sign. The first one are divorce papers. Andrea and I are a couple now and you have no right to hold her back. Besides my hubby has already signed. He knows he can’t hold me back. So sign here now.”

I looked at her for a moment and knew she was right. I had lost my status as a husband. I ran with open eyes into the desaster, or wasn’t it a desaster after all? What would happen to me I thought? Mistress Tracey revealed everything.

“After you have signed this paper, you will sign another paper which is a legal name change from Gary to Greta Lynne. Then you will move into the wing of the house where Johns already lives. You will soon become his new wife after some modifications will be made.”

Once again I lookd at Mistress, slowly took the pen and signed myself into a new life.

Crissy made her way to the front door to see who was calling. Upon opening the door she saw a rather cute young lady dressed in a very stylish business suite. Her hair was a dirty blond in color and it had been pulled tight and wrapped into a bun at the back of her head. She wore a set of glasses perched on her dainty little nose, which gave her a look of superior intelligence. Crissy smiled at the woman and asked politely.

“How may I help you Miss?”

“My name is Sandy Milton and Miss Perklun asked me to stop by and meet with her this morning.”

“Yes you were expected if you would please follow me ma’am.”

Sandy followed behind the lovely servant totally amazed at how pretty the woman was. She thought to herself, that she would do anything to have an ass as cute as the one in front of her. The gentle sway of the cheeks with each step the woman took was hypnotizing.

Coming to a sudden stop Sandy almost ran into Crissy, due to the fact she was so taken by her beautiful bottom.

Crissy just smiled as it had all happened before, and she did enjoy the attention.

“If you would please wait her ma’am”

Crissy entered Helen’s study and announced that Sandy Milton had arrived. Helen motioned for her to show the woman in. Opening the door she asked the woman to enter then she quietly slipped out the door closing it behind her.

Helen was on the phone with someone and it did not sound as if she was in a good mood at all. Sandy wondered if this was the right thing to do, maybe she should have just stayed at the diner waiting tables. Helen finished the call and slammed the phone down, sending a startle through Sandy.

Helen saw her and immediately stood up and moved forward towards the woman with an outstretched hand.

“Please forgive me for that little outburst. I just cannot abide sniveling little weasels when it comes to business. They should be back in the kitchen making dinner, leaving the important things to those with a backbone, but that is not important. I am glad you made the right decision and stopped by as I need you immediately. The salary is 70,000.00 per year to start with a full benefits package including profit sharing. You will be provided with a company car as you will at times be running errands for me. You may have a trial period to decide if the position is one you would like to maintain. If you prefer not to continue with the position I will present you with a glowing recommendation to a few companies that may be far less demanding. However, at the end of three months if you decide to stay I will expect you to move your residence here to the Perklun estate. Appearance is very important what you have on will do fine for now but if you decide to stay we will take care of getting you a new wardrobe. The company has accounts at every major clothier in town and upon final acceptance of the position your name will be added to all accounts. The owners of the boutiques know what I expect and will be more than happy to assist you in building a new wardrobe. This is not a 9 to 5 job and at times it can be quite demanding but trust me if you fit in as I believe you will it will be a very rewarding job. You will see people as well as events that are of a very private nature so I am sure you understand discretion and confidentiality. No matter what takes place you are to never speak of anything you see or hear to anyone outside this estate.”

Sandy was blown away as this woman was indeed the professional dynamo that her reputation painted her as. She could not believe all this was happening to her as it was as if all her dreams had been answered. Well, maybe not all of them but the rest she would have to make come true on her own.

Helen continued explaining things to Sandy.

“You will be my personal assistant but understand you are not a secretary. I have enough of those at the office. You work directly for me and you answer only to me. If anyone gives you any problems do not argue with them simply call me immediately and I will put an end to it. It will not take long before everyone learns who you are and you have no more problems. Do you have any questions?”

“When will I be starting Ma’am?”

“You will be starting today and you will be accompanying me to the office as I have an important meeting today. You will have an office that is directly attached to mine. Today you can get you feet wet working on the new venture Linda and I are starting. You have not met Linda yet but there will be plenty of time for that later. There is no rush on the project as because of Nicole’s attack we have pushed everything back a few months. This will give you plenty of time to hone the skills you will need to assist our clients in deciding what services would best fit their individual situation. I will have a company driver drop you off at the Mercedes dealership this afternoon to pick up your company car. Have you eaten breakfast hun?”

“No ma’am I a bit too nervous to eat this morning.”

“I will have Crissy set another place at the table and you can join us for breakfast. You will find that meals are important here at the estate. It serves as one of the few times when we can all come together and enjoy each other’s company. I will introduce you to the current staff as well as the women of the house. By the way like I told you the other day you need not be so formal, please call me Helen.”

Helen picked up a tiny bell and in what seemed like only seconds the woman who had escorted Sandy in was once more in the doorway.

“Sandy this is Crissy she is the head of the household here and at this time there is only one other maid but that will soon be changing. I have entrusted the caring and upkeep of the estate to her and she does a wonderful job so if you need anything simply ask Crissy and she will make sure it is taken care of.”

“Thank you ma’am you are very kind.”

“Crissy is also engaged to my daughter though it has yet to be formally announced.”

Helen addressed Crissy, “Dear I would like to introduce you to Miss Sandy Milton who is my new assistant and will be joining us for breakfast. She will be moving into the east wing next to Nicole and Linda’s suite within the next three weeks so make sure you open the rooms up and ensure they are ready to be occupied also make sure that she has everything that she needs.”

“Yes ma’am, I will begin their preparation after breakfast. If when you get time Miss Sandy you would jot down your favorite colors and basic style of furniture you would prefer I will have the rooms decor changed to meet your desires.”

Just as quick as she had appeared Crissy vanished out of the room.

“Well dear follow me and I will introduce you to the rest of the woman in the house.”

Sandy followed Helen to the dining room, where Carole and Denise sat chatting about a few aspects regarding the home that was being built for Denise and Crissy. Helen had purchased two hundred acres of an adjacent parcel to her property, and was contemplating the purchase of another two hundred. They talked about how nice it would be that the house would be connected to Linda’s as well as the estate by way of the garden paths.

“Ladies I would like to introduce my new assistant Sandy Milton.”

The women both rose to meet the woman and shake her hand.

“Welcome to the estate Sandy my name is Denise, I am sure you are going to love it here. On a personal note I want to say thank you for what you have done for my sister and if there is anything I can do for you please just ask.”

“That goes for both of us dear as we owe you a debt of gratitude. You will find that Nicole is very special to us and we would be lost without her.”

“Thank you ladies I am just glad that I could help.”

Crissy entered the dining room and announced breakfast was ready.

The women all sat down and Crissy began to serve starting with Helen then worked her way around the table. She placed the last plate in front of Sandy then headed back towards the kitchen door.

Sandy couldn’t help herself and as she was once more mesmerized by Crissy’s cute little bottom as it sway its way back in to the kitchen.

“It is a cute ass don’t you think Sandy?” asked Denise.

“I am so sorry I didn’t mean to it is just…”

Denise cut her off.

“It is quite alright hun around her we all appreciate things of beauty. And that cute little ass is one of them. Besides you can be sure that Crissy already knows you enjoy the sight of her ass and is making sure you get a good view of it. Sometimes she can be shameless but I love her anyway.”

Denise began to laugh, making Sandy feel more at ease.

Sandy had never met a friendlier group of women in her life. They actually went out of their way to make her feel like she was one of them. She knew that she was going to enjoy her job here as well as the new life it seemed she was about to embark on.

Finished with breakfast Helen announced that she would be going into the office as she had an important meeting today.

Helen stood up then motioning to Sandy they headed to the car that had been waiting out front for them.

The two women slid into the back seat of the limousine and Helen instructed the driver to head for the office.

On the way to the office Helen talked with Sandy.

“I see in your eyes that you seem to have some questions please feel free to ask them and I will do my best to answer.”

“Yes I do have a few questions and it is just that I do not want to overstep my bounds.”

“It is ok dear as you are now part of the family so ask away.”

“Well Nicole and Linda are lovers, Crissy and Denise are lovers and I just wondered if you were all Lesbians?”

Helen began to laugh.

“Well the truth is That Nicole had been born physically a boy and so had Crissy and Tammy as well.”

“You are pulling my leg there is no way as both of them are gorgeous and their bodies are divine. I have not met Tammy yet but I imagine she is just as hot as the other two girls.”

“Well yes, actually she is, but like I said they all started out as boys. Nicole always was a woman inside and now physically she is completely female as well. However, Crissy and Tammy still have their male equipment but it is very tiny and they are unable to ejaculate.”

Helen explained everything in detail including the academy, which was the venture that Sandy would be working on. She explained about the women of the estate as well as the alternative lifestyle circles that they moved in. Sandy seemed to take everything in stride as if it was no big deal. Helen knew at once that she had picked the right person to become her assistant.

“So I guess the question is do you have a problem with any of this as you will be expected to take your proper place as a woman of the estate?” Helen asked.

“Actually no I don’t have any problems with that and I think it is wonderful as I myself prefer women over men.”

“Well then dear you are going to fit right into this world. You will meet dominant men who move in these circles but they are perfect gentlemen and would never attempt to make a move on you. That is unless you wanted them to. Although the majority of the men you meet will be servants that are owned by clients and friends. In time you will get to know quite a few of them as we will soon be opening the academy for business.”

“Your main job will be assistant administrator of the academy. You will be contacting different clients and discovering what protocols and routines they would like their servants to be trained in. Don’t worry just use your common sense and you will pick the terms up quickly. There is however, a list of frequently used terms for you to refer to if you are not sure and of course if you need information on something simply ask either one of the women at the estate or Crissy and we will be happy to explain things to you.”

“Today you can start to contact the first group of clients and help determine what services they are interested in and can inform them when they will be able to drop off their property. You will find the opening date in the paperwork. It isn’t for another few months but they will need to be ready. Some students will be transformed like Crissy and Tammy while others will just be trained to be the perfect servants. The majority of the students will be male but there will also be a fair amount of females as well.”

“I thought you believed in the dominant female lifestyle?”

“I do but there are plenty of women out there who are much happier when they are the servant rather than the mistress.”

“Well either way it will be no problem for me and I am sure that I will learn quickly.”

“I could not ask for anything more.”

The car pulled up to the front of the office building.

Quickly the doorman hurried to the car door and while opening it he greeted Miss Perklun.

“Good morning Miss Helen it is wonderful to see you.”

“Thank you Nathan, you are looking well, have you been working out.”

“Why yes ma’am I have, no benefit in letting one’s self go to seed.”

“That is so true and if I do say so myself you are looking fine. I do believe you are putting most of those younger men to shame.”

Helen patted Nathan on the bottom and slipped a nice tip in his pocket.

“Thank you Miss Helen, if there is anything I can do for you please just ask.”

Sandy was amazed, Yes Helen was rich and that gave her quite a bit of power but she seemed to rarely ever have to use it. It looked as if people were just happy to do anything they could for her. Sandy believed that it probably had a lot to do with how Helen treated people. She always seemed to treat everyone with respect, from the lowliest clerk to the rich businessman. It made no difference to her what position they held she gave them all respect, and in turn they would do anything for her.

Sandy was sure that she was going to learn a lot from this woman being her personnel assistant.

The women entered the offices and Helen introduced Sandy to the secretarial pool, and then introduced her to Helen’s personal secretary.

“Sandy this is Alice she is my personal secretary. For the time being she will also assist you till you choose your own secretary. I would advise you to allow Alice to assist you in picking your secretary as she knows every secretary that works in the building.”

“Thank you I believe I will take your advice. Alice if you have a little time later I would appreciate your help in picking a secretary.”

Alice smiled at Sandy and said it would be her pleasure.

As the two women entered Helen’s office Alice flashed them a pleasant smile and went back to her work.

“Welcome to Perklun enterprises Sandy, your office is right next door. I think it would probably be a good idea if you got right on those calls you need to make. I have some work to do as well as I have a meeting in an hour.”

“I will get right on it Helen”

Sandy exited Helen’s office through the adjoining door. Upon entering her office she saw the information Helen had told her about. She took off her suit jacket, sat behind the desk, and dove into her new job with both feet.

——- *** ——-

The intercom on Helen’s desk sounded with a soft buzz.

“Yes Alice what is it.”

“I have a Mr. Alex Warbler out here to see you ma’am.”

“Please send him in Alice I have been expecting him.”

The door opened and Alice showed Alex into Helen’s office then stepping back out of the room she closed the door behind her.

“Mr. Warbler I am glad you could make the meeting.”

“Well the few tidbits your man expressed to me indeed caught my interest.”

“It seems that you have some information on my daughter and you are using it to blackmail her into being your personal slave. I am afraid I cannot let this situation continue any longer.”

“I don’t see where you have any other choice. If you want to keep your daughter out of prison then you need to mind your own business.”

Helen became enraged and standing up she slammed her fists on the desk.

“Listen here you two bit want to be fat cat, you fuck with me and I will bury your ass. When you step out of this office today my daughter is through with you so get that into that thick fucking skull you have. I will use all my power and influence to get Susan the lightest sentence I can and then I will make sure that she lives very well inside while she serves the sentence. At the same time I will use all my power to make you wish you had never been born. So no matter what, your charade with my daughter is over and done with. You may choose how it is going to happen, the easy way, or the hard way. To show you I am not just a heartless bitch, I have an incentive to encourage you to take the easy route.”

“You have my attention.”

“I thought that might get you as you do not look like a fool. The information you have on Susan gives you power over her for seven years if I did not step in to stop it. After that statute of limitations would take effect and null and void your information. Thus no longer compelling Susan to serve you but also leaving you no protection against her from destroying you every way possible. Believe me Sue can be a very vindictive person and never forgets a wrong that has been done her.”

“I already know all this, please get to the point.”

“The point is, you give me all the evidence you have on Susan in turn setting her free and I will promise there will be no retribution of any kind. Also I will deliver to you this woman to take Susan’s place as your slave.”

Helen handed him a picture of Wendy.

“I have seen this woman, she is your niece. Why would you make such an offer and how can it be enforced.”

“Let’s just say it is never a good idea to fuck with me or my loved ones. As for enforcing the contract you are a strong willed male and I will provide you with evidence of her involvement in kidnapping, assault with intent as well as several other crimes. This will give you all the time you need to break her down and turn her into your personal play toy. She will have no means of support and nobody will dare assist her in any way, which will ensure her servitude to you. I will be exacting some of my own revenge and you are more than welcome to watch. Then once you take her she will have no way to survive no money no clothes other than what you give her, no friends, no place to run, nothing. She will have to accept that she must serve you in order to survive. She will be yours for the rest of her life or until you decide to sell her that is up to you.”

Helen continued to talk.

“I know you run a stable of women that you provide to certain clients of mine that enjoy a little different lifestyle. Let us just say they as well as you move in vicious circles. I do believe she will be prime meat for such a group. Think of the huge bonus you could receive from your clients, when you offer them fresh meat to play with, which hails from high society.”

Helen could see Alex working everything through his head and it only took him a matter of seconds to reach out his hand to shake on it.

“You Miss Perklun have yourself a deal. I will deliver Susan along with all the evidence I have on her upon taking possession of your niece.”

“I look forward to doing business with you Mr. Warbler. I will have my secretary call you and notify you of the exact day and time for the exchange.”

Alex concluded his business with Helen, and then left the building with a fresh new bounce in his step. He thought that he would keep Wendy as his own personal toy. Though maybe he would provide her as entertainment for parties of a few of the more important clients he had.

——- *** ——-

Helen stuck her head into Sandy’s office and announced that she was leaving the office. She told Sandy that Alice would get hold of the driver and have him bring the car around for her when she was ready to leave but not to forget she needed to make it to the dealership before they closed for the evening.

Sandy nodded her head as she was on the phone with a client and could not speak.

Helen slipped out of the office, informed Alice that she was leaving, but Sandy would still be there. Then she headed to the main floor and out the front door. Her car was already waiting for her with Nathan holding open the door and flashing his friendly smile.

“Have a nice day now Nathan.”

“Thank you ma’am I will do that”

Helen slid into the car, Nathan closed the door, and the car headed down the street. As she headed back to the estate, Helen went over the plans she had in action and the timing of them all. She had closed the deal that would take care of Wendy once she got hold of her and after lunch she would contact Carmon Bennet to set up the plan she had for Craig’s new life. He was finally going to learn all about servitude, with Carmon. She loved turning cute little boys into sissies and knew just how to keep them in line. Once she set things up with Carmon it would just be a simple matter of Jason tracking Wendy and Craig and bringing them back to the estate.

Helen would be meeting Richard Dunfrees tonight, but she was sure that he would be very interested in her offer. He had operated a very successful and thriving business before Megan strong-armed him in the divorce. In order to pay her off, he had to liquidate part of the company, which left it on shaky footing, and caused some of his investors to pull out their money. It has taken him a while to stabilize the company and begin to rebuild it. The company was now moving forward, though Helen knew he needed more investment capital. The way she looked at it was that she could get a two for one deal. She would make a profitable investment as well as a lifelong loyal friend by what she was about to do.

——- *** ——-

Sandy finished up the last call on her list then she stepped out of the office and called Alice.

“Helen recommended I ask you to help me with a secretary Alice. I would be grateful for your assistance.”

“I would be happy to help you Miss Milton, I just need to ask a few questions.”

“No problem Alice, ask away.”

“Well I need to know if you would prefer a male or female, also young or more mature.”

“I most definitely prefer a younger female and I am rather partial to brunettes. Oops I guess that was more information than you needed to know.”

“That is quite alright it helps me to weed out the field of candidates.”

Alice noticed Sandy had been watching her closely, she had been literally checking her out from head to toe. She thought Sandy was very pretty and had entertained the idea of finding out just how much she liked woman.

“Miss Milton why don’t we step into your office, we can go over all the qualifications you are looking for so I may come up with a list of candidates. I will send for them one at a time and you can interview them to see who you feel comfortable with.”

The two women walked into Sandy’s office and Alice closed the door. She watched Sandy head to her desk, enjoying her sweet little ass as it shifted from side to side as she walked.

Sandy turned around to say something and noticed Alice watching her ass. She smiled and then turned around and approached Alice.

Sandy looked into the woman’s eyes then gently took hold of her head with a hand on each cheek. She placed her lips gently on Alice’s and began to purse them as she slipped her tongue between the secretary’s moist lips.

Alice returned the kiss with extreme vigor as she slid one of her hands up under Sandy’s skirt. The secretary slid one hand into Sandy’s panties while the other one stroked her hair as they continued to kiss. The two women slowly moved their way to the large overstuffed couch in the office where Alice laid Sandy gently upon it and began to slide her panties off from beneath her skirt.

Sandy slid her hands down and began to open Alice’s blouse slowly. She had the secretary’s blouse wide open and was now planting soft kisses across the tops of her creamy mounds as she worked to unfasten and remove Alice’s bra. Feeling the clasp unhook, she began to remove both the bra and the blouse and Alice now lay poised on top of her bare to the waist. Sandy had wanted to get her moist lips on these tender nipples since she met Alice. Bringing her lips forward she slipped one of the silver dollar sized nipples into her mouth. Her tongue teased and played across the erect little nub sending waves of desire pulsing through Alice.

Both women were filled with overwhelming sexual desire. They were not interested in making love but at this time just wanted to enjoy some plain old down and dirty satisfying sex.

Alice finished removing Sandy’s panties then tossed them over to the desk. Wasting no time her hand slipped back under the girl’s skirt, where her fingers quickly found Sandy’s hard little pearl.

Alice smiled as she heard Sandy let out a soft squeak, as the secretary’s finger began to tenderly flick at the hard little clit. It did not even take a minute before Sandy began to moan louder as she began to experience an orgasm. Feeling the wetness of her slit, Alice took the lead and began to bury two fingers into Sandy’s moist pussy as she continued to stroke the clit with her thumb.

Having already enjoyed an orgasm, Sandy could not wait any longer to taste this desirable woman. She slid her hands up Alice’s legs and grasping hold of the elastic waistband she remove the woman’s panties then tossed them to the desk. Placing a hand on each globe of her ass Sandy began to pull Alice forward.

Dislodging her fingers, Alice moved forward and was now straddling over Sandy’s face. With a knee on each side of her head, Alice lowered her moist pussy, till she felt Sandy’s soft lips and tickling tongue, slowly start to explore the delicate lips of her pussy.

Alice slowly licked Sandy’s sweet nectar from her fingers as she relished in the soft flicking tongue in her slit.

Sandy savored the sweet taste of the secretary, and soon was thrusting her tongue into the warm wet entrance to her hole. Stabbing her tongue into the hot moist tunnel then twisting it around sent shivers up Alice’s back. Slipping her tongue back out of her vaginal entrance Sandy began to enthusiastically trace the delicate lips of Alice’s pussy. Taking her time and enjoying Alice’s delicate flavor she began to lightly suck on the inner lips. First one then the other while slowly tracing her tongue across the wet slit as she change back and forth.

Moving her way up the tender lips Sandy finally made her way to Alice’s delicate little button. With her warm tongue she began to softly massage the underside of Alice’s clit.

Alice let out a scream as her pussy began to flood as she rode Sandy’s face to a mind shattering orgasm.

When Alice’s orgasm subsided, she slowly removed herself from Sandy’s face.

Noticing her cum had covered the beautiful woman’s mouth, she leaned down and began kissing Sandy, and licking at her own sweet nectar.

Sandy began to rise and smiling at Alice she kissed her once more on the lips.

“That was amazing hun I have been dreaming about that all afternoon.” Sandy announced.

“I am glad you enjoyed it as I also found it very satisfying and I now know the perfect secretary for you. Why don’t you slip into your private bathroom to straighten up a little and I will send for her I am sure you are going to like her.”

Sandy walked into the bathroom and began to wash her face and reapply her makeup. She heard Alice tell her that the woman’s name was Maria and she was on her way up. Also she told Sandy if she needed her for anything she would be back at her desk.

It was not long before Sandy heard someone enter her office. She told the person to make themselves comfortable and that she would be out in just a minute.

Finished touching up her makeup Sandy stepped out of the bathroom and was a little shocked at what she saw. There sat a beautiful brunette, about twenty five and she had a very sweet figure. But what had shocked Sandy the most was the fact the women had Sandy’s panties, and was holding them to her nose, and enjoying Sandy’s fragrance.

Seeing Sandy Maria quickly set the panties back down and began to apologize.

“That is ok hun no need to be embarrassed, I myself enjoy the wonderful scent of a sexy woman as well.”

“I must say you do have such a divine fragrance I just couldn’t help it.”

“Well Maria I don’t think there is much to say. Alice has a lot of confidence in you and I could just eat you right up and no doubt will in the future.”

Maria just showed a beautiful smile and blushed a little at those words.

“So if you think you can handle me and the new position then welcome to my staff.”

“Thank you Miss Milton, I do believe I can handle the position and look forward to handling you as well.”

Sandy smiled then walked over and gave the sexy woman a kiss on the cheek.

“Well then welcome. Call the mail room and have them send some men, to help move your things up to my front office. Oh by the way my name is Sandy and I would prefer you use that name, unless there are clients around.”

“Yes ma’a…I mean Sandy. Thank you for the opportunity and I promise you will not be sorry you chose me.”

“I am leaving for the day and I expect you to be moved in by tomorrow. Here is the phone number where you can reach me.”

Sandy began to leave when Maria called out to her.

“Sandy you forgot your panties.”

“No I didn’t hun, those are for you so you can enjoy the fragrance, which I do believe you are going to become very well aquatinted with.”

As Sandy disappeared from the office Maria lifted the damp panties once more to her nose and inhaled the wonderful scent. It had turned out to be a wonderful day. Not only had she received a pay raise and a huge promotion but on top of all that she was now working for a woman who was smoking hot. She didn’t know what excited her more the promotion, or the fact that it looked as if this sexy new boss was actually interested in her.

——- *** ——-

Crissy set a glass with a dash of scotch on the rocks in front of Helen, who was just finishing up with a call to her good fiend Carmon Bennet. She had called Carmon and laid out her plan to present Craig to her as a present.

She had told Carmon about him being involved in the torture of Nicole and that she wanted him to spend the rest of his life in the same position he put Nicole. One of no choice or say so, where others used you for their enjoyment not caring one bit about your happiness or pain.

Everyone who was anybody had heard about what had been done to Nicole. They were all appalled and offered to help Helen in any way they could to exact revenge on the perpetrators. They had all met Nicole and considered her a prize above all prizes as nowhere was there anyone who was a more anxious and willing servant. She lived to make others happy and enjoyed every minute of it. She was the example that all the others held up and judged their servants by. For some mindless hateful fools to do what they did to her was unthinkable, and they would indeed pay.

You have made a wonderful deal Carmon I will have my assistant notify you when everything is ready to be put into play.

Helen hung up the phone and took a sip of her drink.

Crissy, who had yet to leave the garden, asked if there was anything else she could get Helen.

“Well dear I need to make another call then I will be getting ready for my dinner date. I expect Mr. Dunfrees to arrive about six thirty. Please show him in to the sitting room and notify me of his arrival.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Crissy headed off to see to dinner preparations as Carole and Denise had informed her they would be home on time for dinner.

——- *** ——-

Helen and Richard had enjoyed a fabulous dinner and now as they sipped their drinks Helen made her proposal to Richard.

“I am sure you are wondering about the proposition I mentioned to you on the phone.”

“Well actually I am, but let me start things off by saying I am not interested in selling the company Miss Perklun.”

“I am not interested in running another company Richard and please call me Helen. I know you are fighting hard to get your company back to where it was before that gold digging cunt you married screwed you over and almost took everything you had. What would you say if I told you I had a way for you to get all the capital and stability you needed to rocket your company right back to the top.”

“I am listening, what is the catch?”

“I think you will love this catch. I know you move around in the sexually dominant circles. As a matter of fact that is how the ex wife screwed you over.”

“Don’t think me ungrateful Helen but I really don’t need a lesson in how my ex screwed me out of everything.”

“I am sure you don’t, Let me ask you a question have you heard about my daughter Nicole and the ordeal she went through?”

“Of course what person that moves in our circles hasn’t heard about it. Please let me say I am sorry to hear that such a horrible thing could happen to so beautiful a creature as your daughter.”

“Here is the catch, what would you say if I provided the investment capital you needed for your company, and all you have to do to access the capital is help me to obtain my revenge upon one of the main perpetrators of the torture of my daughter? Oh by the way did I happen to mention that person is none other than your ex wife Megan.”

Helen could see Richards ears perk up when he heard that.

“You are telling me that Megan was behind that horrible act?”

“Yes I am, my niece Wendy and she were the main people behind everything. The question is how would you like to get revenge for what she did to you as well as help me get my revenge?”

“Helen you just tell me what I have to do and I am in. I have wanted to get my revenge on that cunt for a long time.”

“Ok this is how everything is going to happen.”

Helen told Richard how everything was going to go down concerning Megan. She went on to explain that he could take possession of his new slave after she had received her punishment from the women of the estate and that he was more than welcome to participate as well.

“Right now the time frame for the setup is two to three months as we want to insure that all parties are in play and everything is perfectly set up and air tight. However, I will have Denise get hold of you and the two of you can work out the terms for the investment capital immediately as there is no need to wait with that venture.”

“Thank you Helen, I must say this has turned into a wonderful night. Dinner and drinks with a beautiful woman, who just provided me with everything I could want.”

Lifting a glass he made a toast to beautiful women and fulfillment of dreams then slammed the rest of his scotch.

——- *** ——-

It had been several months since Helen and Carole had started to put together plans to get revenge for Nicole and today it was time to exact that revenge on one of the perpetrators.

Carole relaxed at the desk sipping on a vodka and tonic. She had given the workers of the warehouse the day off as she needed the building empty for the meeting she had set up for today.

The buzzer at the back door to the warehouse sounded, signaling the arrival of the man Carole was expecting. The warehouse manager opened the door and invited the man in.

“Miss Cranford is waiting in her office and is expecting you.”

With that the manager stepped out of the door closing it behind him, then got into his car and drove off.

The visitor climbed the stairs then after a single knock entered the office.

“Good afternoon Mr. Brigman, I am glad you could make it.”

Dan Brigman was a fairly rugged looking man with a hard chiseled look to him and his dark black hair was always neatly combed. He presented the appearance of a man who was very sure of himself. The truth was Dan Brigman controlled all the criminal enterprises in an area known as the East Side docks. It was a collection of neighborhoods and piers that were filled with some of the roughest types of people the city had. Drugs, stolen goods, prostitution, anything one could want could be found in the docks. It catered to the roughest sorts of people as well as the dregs of society.

“How are you Miss Cranford? I have received the first part of my payment and I am here to collect the second half. I do hope you have not had any problems in acquiring the merchandise.”

“It is on the way as we speak, have you set everything up that I have asked of you?”

“It is all prepared, on your orders our girl will make contact with Megan Dunfrees. Once they become engaged in their playtime the exertion will cause the drug that will be slipped into her drink to take effect. She will pass out at which time we will replace our decoy. With should we say an unfortunate dishonest associate who amazingly will have become recently deceased. When The Dunfres cunt awakens she will believe she has killed the girl she was playing with yet she will remember nothing. At that time my man will show up at the door pretending to be the girls ex brother in law who has come to retrieve his stolen car. Long story short he will help dispose of the girl then demand a payoff to keep quiet. Once he receives the money that will conclude our agreement and you should have all the film footage of her and the body you need.”

The overhead door began to rise in the lower warehouse.

“Your merchandise has arrived.”

Carole and Brigman exited the office and made their way to the main floor of the warehouse. As they reached the bottom of the stairs a white panel van pulled inside, and the overhead door began to close. When the van stopped the driver got out and opened the side door. Out of the back of the van stepped a second man carrying a chain. He turned towards the van and gave the chain a tug. Within seconds a woman stumbled out of the back of the van. She had her hands tied and a hood had been put over her head. Around her neck was a stiff leather collar that was attached to the chain the man had been holding. The only clothes that had not been removed from the woman was a lace bra and panty set. Carole approached the girl and removed the mask from her head.

“Well hello Barb and how are you today?” inquired Carole in a sarcastic tone.

“I am sure you are wondering what the hell is going on. My name is Carole Cranford I am Wendy’s mother but more importantly I am one of Nicole Perklun’s Mistresses.”

Barb went pale and her eyes showed that she now understood just how much trouble she was in.

Reaching forward Carole grasped Barb’s bra and with a single yank she ripped it off of her and tossed it to the floor. Then repeating the action she ripped off the bikini panties that the woman had been wearing.

“Let’s see how did you cunts put it to Nicole? Oh yes, a fucking slut like you has no need for pretty lingerie.”

Then with force she brought the back of her hand across the woman’s face.

Barb’s head rocked to the side and a small trickle of blood started to flow from her lip.

“I had you brought here just so I can have the pleasure of explaining to you all about your new life. And while I tell you all about it these two men are going to use you like the sex pig you truly are.”

The two men forced the woman down on all fours then the biggest man began to laugh as he withdrew a fairly large cock from his trousers. With a lecherous grin Carole looked at the woman and began to speak.

“From everything I heard you just loved ass fucking. Well never let it be said I would deny someone something they loved. But to help keep you from making too much noise, my other assistant is going to give you something nice and big to swallow.”

With those words one man proceeded to shove his cock between the bitch’s lips grabbing her head and forcing ever inch of his cock down her throat. At the instant he felt his balls slap against the woman’s chin he nodded to the second man who then thrust forward with all his strength ramming his cock right into her asshole without any lubricant other than for a small amount of spit.

Linda helped Nicole slip into the skirt and blouse then handed her a pair of heels to slip on her feet.

“Now take it easy sweetie as you have not been in heels in three months. Take your time and get use to them again.”

Nicole sat on the bed and slipped the shoes onto her feet. She had not looked at herself in a mirror since the day she had been hurt. When Nicole finally looked in the mirror Linda heard a sigh of relief come from Nicole as if her worst fears had just been proved wrong.

Nicole sat back on the bed and began to cry. Linda rushed to her side and asked her lover if there was something wrong. “I have been afraid to look at myself in the mirror as I was worried that those bastards had scared me and turned me into a hideous monster.”

“Oh no sweetie you have healed wonderfully and are as beautiful as you ever were.”

Linda kissed Nicole on the forehead and hugged her close.

“Now dry those pretty eyes of yours, and hold your head up high as we head home where you belong.”

Nicole hooked her arm through her lover’s and they headed for the elevator. As the women passed the nurses’ station the head nurse spoke up.

“It is wonderful that you are heading home dear and I am so honored to have had this short time to get to know you although all of us wish it had been under much nicer circumstances. All the girls here on the nurse’s staff would like you to know you are one of the most beautiful women both inside and out that we have ever had the privilege of looking after.”

Nicole drew a huge smile across her face, then reaching forward she gave the head nurse a big hug and whispered thank you in the nurse’s ear. Then once again she took Linda’s arm and the two women stepped into the elevator and headed down to the main floor where there was a car waiting to take them home.

——- *** ——-

Crissy was bustling around the kitchen as she ensured that everything was going to be perfect for breakfast. It was a special day and the whole estate was a buzz as Today Nicole was coming home.

Helen called for Crissy, who promptly appeared in the dining room to inquire what she might do for her mistress.

“As Miss Linda and Nicole are coming home I just wanted to make sure that you have the east wing ready for them. I sent Tammy up there this morning to make sure the windows were open to let some fresh air in and that the rooms were clean and ready for their arrival.”

“Excellent as always Crissy, head back to the kitchen and make sure everything is ready. We are unsure when Nicole is arriving so we will go ahead and serve breakfast by the way Miss Sandy will be joining us today.”

——- *** ——-

Jason Tillder entered the run down hotel and approached the front desk. He had traced the trail of Wendy and Craig to this broken down flophouse. It had not taken long to pick up and follow their trail, as Helen had shut down all avenues for the two to get hold of money.

Wendy and Craig’s appetite for living extravagantly had burned its way through the money Wendy had gotten for selling Nicole. They were down to the last of the money and were reduced to living in broken down fleabags. If they didn’t figure out a way to get hold of some money they would soon be reduced to sleeping under a bush.

Wendy was going to meet with a man today who was interested in buying her Mercedes. It would give them enough money to pay for their basic necessities for a while longer, giving her time to figure out how to get out of the mess they were in.

Hearing a knock at the door Craig stood up from the wobbly chair he was sitting in and answered the knock.

“Hello my name is Jason Tillder I have an appointment with Wendy Cranford about an automobile she had for sale.”

Wendy stepped to the door and told Craig to go sit down.

“I am Miss Cranford it is nice to meet you Mr. Tillder. Why don’t we go downstairs and I will show you the car.”

The two descended the stairs and exited the building.

Wendy’s Mercedes sat at the curb where she had parked it earlier.

Jason pretended to look the vehicle over, then producing an envelope handed it to Wendy.

“Forty five thousand in cash is the price we agreed upon over the phone.”

Wendy took the envelope opening it she removed the money and counted it. Once she was satisfied she handed the title to Jason along with the keys.

Jason thanked her and bid her farewell as he slid into the car turned the key then drove away.

Jason had accomplished his plan, she was now without transportation. He would notify Helen and then simply wait for her to give him the go ahead.

——- *** ——-

As the women talked and enjoyed their breakfast they heard a loud ruckus out in the hallway.

Helen called for Crissy but it took her longer than normal to answer. Instead of coming in from the kitchen she stepped through the hall door.

“What the hell is going on and what is all the noise about?”

Crissy had a huge smile on her face and Helen could see she was very excited.

“It seems that we have a few more guests for breakfast.”

With that Linda and Nicole stepped through the doorway.

“My lord why didn’t you say so you silly girl,”

Helen rushed over to Nicole and hugged her planting soft kisses all over her face.

Next in line was Denise. She embraced Nicole and whispered into her ear how glad they were that she was back home and how they had missed her.

Tears filled Nicole’s eyes as she felt the wonderful love that had enveloped her the moment she had stepped inside the front door. Carole was hugging her when Nicole noticed the woman sitting at the table with her family. The women noticed her eyes were fixed on Sandy and would not turn away.

“Sweetheart I would like to introduce my assistant Sandy.”

Before the words could clear Helen’s lips Nicole was next to the woman wrapping her arms around her in a giant hug. Tears were running down her eyes as she began to repeat the same words over and over. Those words being thank you and god bless you.

Sandy cradled her arm around the back of Nicole’s head stroking her hair as she whispered you are so very welcome dear.

“Well it seems that you recognize her already as I said she will be joining the estate as my assistant.”

Crissy came back through the door with two more place settings, and ushered the two guests to their seat where she served them promptly then hurried off to the kitchen like some giddy schoolgirl.

The woman all were elated at Nicole’s return, and proceeded to tell her how very much she had been missed.

Sandy was quiet and just watched Nicole’s face. She thought to herself that the stories had been true this woman was indeed stunning. She had only seen her for that short time when she was helping her and at that time she had been far too worried about the girl’s safety to take the time for a good long look. But she could see her now and she was stunningly beautiful. She had a genuine look of kindness in her eyes that put you totally at ease around her. Her deep brown hair set off the stunning green of her eyes and the delicate nose and lush plump lips were breathtaking. How could anyone ever think to harm such a beautiful creature?

Equally matching her Beauty was the woman that sat next to her. Sandy had been told about Linda and the wonderful bond the two women shared with each other. She noticed that Nicole stayed very close to Linda at all times, and whenever possible she had hold of Linda’s arm or hand.

Crissy rushed back in from the kitchen with a crystal glass filled with a pinkish orange liquid in it. She stopped by Nicole and set the glass next to her plate.

“I made it fresh for you Miss Nicole just the way you like it. A mixture of grapefruit juices with a touch of apricot to add just a hint of sweetness.”

Nicole turned her face to Crissy, lifted her hand to the sweet girls face and with a smile thanked her.

“That is so sweet of you Crissy, I am so very proud of the beautiful woman you have become.”

Crissy beamed like the sun itself when she heard those words, a tear slipped from her eye as she rushed back to the kitchen so no one would see.

Denise began to speak.

“Dear that was so sweet of you, she worships you so dearly and nothing could have been sweeter to her ears than what you just told her.”

The women all started talking with Nicole and how they were glad she was back. Only Sandy noticed that although the girl was putting on a stoic front she was balancing on the edge of collapse. This poor woman had been through hell and was now battling demons that no other person could see. In a way she was at war with her own mind. She had seen it before in her sister after she had been raped and beaten by five members of a local gang where they had lived. Her mind had shut itself off to protect itself. Then when it was over and she had to get past the pain and horror of what had happened she ended up fighting with her own mind. In her case sadly she did not win the fight and in time feelings of loneliness and sorrow won out. One day she simply walked into the garage started up the car and went to sleep.

Helen and Sandy having finished breakfast rose from the table and headed for the waiting car out front.

Sandy had left her car at the office last night as Helen had requested she spend the night at the estate.

Before leaving Helen kissed Nicole on the cheek.

“I have a great idea Nicole. I am only going to be at the office for a few hours so why don’t we have Crissy make us a picnic lunch and you Linda and I have lunch together under the oaks by the pond.

“That would be enjoyable mother I will see you at lunch then.”

“Wonderful I will be looking forward to it.”

“Just to inform you Crissy I will not be home for dinner as I have a date with Sam Dratin tonight.”

“I will not plan for you then mistress and I hope you have a great time.”

“Thank you dear.”

Helen and Sandy exited the house climbed into the limo and headed to the office.

As Crissy began to clean the dining room Carol and Denise announced that they had business they needed to take care of and informed Crissy that they would be home for dinner.

Next, Linda caught Crissy’s attention.

“Is there something you would like Miss Linda?”

“I just wanted to let you know that Nicole and I are going for a morning stroll and will be back in time for lunch with Helen.”

“I do hope the two of you enjoy the stroll.”

Nicole had always loved the roses and enjoyed the fragrance as she walked among them.

Linda figured that being among the flowers she loved so dearly might get Nicole to open up and talk with her. The sweet dear held tightly to her most of the time but Nicole spoke very few words unless asked a specific question. When Linda asked a question Nicole would answer it as directly as she could then clam back up.

Linda had made a little progress the first few weeks she had spent at the recuperation clinic but that was it. Try as she might it seemed that each day Nicole pulled away and became more sullen.

Linda broke the morning silence that surrounded the garden.

“Sweetheart, why don’t we stop by the house for a few minutes? I did not get a really good look at the improvements or more importantly the beautiful decorating you did.”

“That would be fine ma’am,” was all Nicole would say.

They walked up to the house and entered through the French doors of the patio.

Linda had a smile on her face as she toured the house and looked at all the decorating Nicole had done. It was her dream house. She had always wanted a home that was very feminine and frilly so there would be no mistake that a woman owned it. Nicole had transformed the home completely from a male bastion to a female haven.

“It is so beautiful sweetie just like I always dreamed of it being. Thank you so much for what you have done for me.”

Linda wrapped her arms around Nicole and gave her a little peck on the cheek.

Nicole was surprised that Linda had only kissed her on the cheek. Now that they were home she had expected Linda might begin to kiss her as passionately as she always did in the past, but that evidently was not to be.

Linda released her and continued to look around visiting all the rooms in the house except one. For some reason she did not visit the playroom that had been built for them and Nicole could not understand why.

They headed to the sunroom at the back of the house where they sat down in a couple of nice comfortable chairs and relaxed while Linda told Nicole how much she loved the new house and Nicole’s decorating.

Linda made the comment she was a bit thirsty from all the walking they had done.

Nicole started to get up to go get Linda a glass of water when Linda smiled and told her just to sit back and relax that she would get the water herself.

As she headed for the kitchen Nicole felt her heart begin to sink, she did not understand what was happening. Tears began to form in her eyes as she struggled with all her might to maintain composure but it was a little too late for a few of the tears that had already escaped.

Linda entered the sunroom once more just in time to catch Nicole working hard to wipe the tears from her eyes.

Hearing Linda entering the sunroom Nicole turned in an attempt to hide her eyes till she had them under control.

“It is getting close to Lunch time maybe we should head back to the main estate to meet up with your mother for our picnic?”

Without uttering a word Nicole stood up opened the door and started to slowly walk back to the main estate.

. Crissy was doing a little minor cleaning when Linda and Nicole entered the main estate through the patio entrance.

“Did you and Miss Nicole have a nice walk Miss Linda?”

“Yes we did Crissy, thank you for asking. It sure is nice to once again have the time to enjoy the beautiful gardens. Don’t you think so Nicole?”

Nicole’s mind was fixed on other things that she was trying to straighten out in her head when she heard her name.

“I am sorry, could you please repeat that I did not hear you.”

“I was saying it is nice to enjoy the gardens once again.”

“Yes, they are pretty. I need to change my clothes for lunch.”

“Your room should be in order as Tammy was sent earlier to open everything up and let some fresh air in.”

“That was very thoughtful of you Crissy, thank you.”

Linda gave Crissy a light kiss on the cheek, just as she had given Nicole back at their house.

Nicole hurried off to her room as she felt that if she stayed much longer, she would soon be crying once again.

As she entered her room she noticed that it had not been opened up at all other than the door leading into Linda’s room. Passing through the door she noticed Tammy asleep on Linda’s bed and nothing had been done.

Nicole immediately set to the task of opening up the room then was about to wake Tammy when she noticed Linda standing in the door way.

“What the hell is going on here, and what the hell are you doing in my bed?”

Linda crossed the floor and grabbed Tammy by the arm and yanked her up off the bed.

“How dare you sleep on duty, let alone in my bed. You lazy little bitch you will pay for this.”

Nicole had moved around the room opening the windows and the French doors to the balcony. She was about to straighten out and remake the bed when Linda spoke up.

“What are you doing Nicole?”

“I was just straightening and cleaning your room mistress and I will be done in a second.”

“STOP! I don’t want you straightening and cleaning my room just go change your clothes for lunch dear. It is Tammy’s job to clean my room and she had better get to it.”

“I am going to tan that pretty little ass of yours Tammy and then maybe you will think twice next time you decide to sleep on one of your Mistresses beds without permission. In a way I am glad you did this as I have been itching for a little playroom time. It is going to be so sweet whipping that little ass of yours.”

Nicole had overheard everything Linda had said and it confused her. She did not understand why her mistress no longer wanted her to serve anymore or why Linda was not interested in taking Nicole to the playroom. She began to feel that Linda might no longer love her like she use to. Hell Linda didn’t even want her to get a drink of water for her. Now it appears as if she prefers to enjoy the playroom with someone else, heck for that matter anyone else besides her.

When they had been in the house she didn’t even attempt to look at the new playroom that had been built for them. Nicole had hoped that she might see it and get a bit excited and maybe decide to play with her a little. She expected nothing heavy to start with rather just enough to relieve a little tension for both of them. Unfortunately Linda had not even been slightly interested.

Nicole changed into a denim skirt and a comfortable lace tunic. Slipping on a pair of wedge sandals she looked in the mirror and smiled.

“This should get Linda’s attention,” Nicole whispered to herself.

The lace tunic was very sheer and underneath it Nicole wore a very provocative shelf bra. It was a light pink with delicate black lace trim. It lifted Nicole’s breasts up causing her nipples to poke out clearly making them visible to the observer.

“Nicole why don’t you go ahead and I will meet you on the patio. Your mother should be arriving soon, and I am sure Crissy should have the picnic lunch ready as well. I will be there after I get dressed.”

“Is there something I can help you with?” asked Nicole.

“That is ok hun I will be fine and can handle everything. I will join you in a few minutes.”

Nicole started to head to the patio when Linda called to her.

“Sweetheart why don’t you throw a sweater on, it might be a little cool for that tunic. As a matter of fact I think it might be better if you changed into a different blouse, maybe something a little heavier.”

“Yes ma’am”

Nicole headed back into her room where she changed into a long sleeve turtleneck sweater. Then she asked Linda her opinion of it.

“That is much better hun, it will be a little more appropriate for a picnic.”

Nicole forced a smile to her face, and then headed off to the patio.

Helen was sitting at the garden table when Nicole entered the patio.

“There you are sweetie I was just about to send Crissy to look for you.”

Nicole and Helen sat at the table and talked about it being nice to be home, and how beautiful the flowers were at this time of year.

Linda entered the patio and greeted Helen.

“I have something pressing right now and I feel that it would not be a good idea to put it off till later. Why don’t you and Nicole go ahead and enjoy the picnic. I think it would do wonders for her.”

Upon hearing this Nicole’s heart sank a little more. She hated Wendy and those assholes for what they did to her. She was physically different now and even the woman who had loved her no longer wanted her. Nicole wondered how long it would be before Linda decided that she no longer wanted to get married.

“Well we will miss you dear but I do understand as sometimes duty calls. If you finish in time please feel free to join us we will be out by the pond.”

Linda had left the patio and headed to the playroom.

“You know what mother, I really don’t feel that great and I think that maybe I should lay down for a little. Do you think it would be ok if we postponed the picnic to another time?”

“Well if you are not feeling good, then maybe it is best we put it off. I have some things I need to do so why don’t you go ahead and lay down.”

Before Helen left, Nicole made a request of her.

“Mother would it be ok if I slept in your spare room? That way Tammy can finish preparing my room, if Linda every gets through with her that is. Also I can lock the doors and nobody will bother me in your rooms.”

“Well ok sweetie, go ahead and use the room, I will let Crissy know you are up there and not to bother you.”

“Thank you mother, you are so sweet to me.”

Nicole headed off to her Mother’s room while Helen picked up the phone and proceeded to make a number of calls.

First she called Carol and told her to put the plan for Megan Dumfries into action tonight. Next she called Sandy and told her to inform Alex and Carmon that there would be a dinner party on Saturday promptly at six with entertainment to follow the dinner. She also called Richard and informed him of the dinner party on Saturday. Last she called Jason Tillder.

“Everything is a go Jason you are to snatch those two jackasses Friday night and bring them to the estate. Please enter the playroom from the outside entrance. Put each one in a separate cage in the cell room and make sure they have a bowl of water. Once they are locked up leave by the same entrance and make sure the door is locked behind you.”

Crissy entered the patio and informed Helen of the time.

“Thank you dear I guess I had better get my fanny in gear if I want to be ready when my date arrives.”

“Is Nicole still up in my room sleeping?”

“Yes ma’am she is, I normally wouldn’t say anything but I could hear her crying when I slipped by to check on her.”

“She is dealing with a lot right now and we all need to be extra gentle and caring with her.”

“I will do anything for her Ma’am I look to her as my own sister and think the world of her.”

“I know you do dear and she feels the same about you. You make her very happy when she sees how wonderful of a lady you have become. By the way where is Miss Linda?”

“She is still down in the play room with Tammy as she caught Tammy sleeping on her bed.”

“Well when she gets through with her I am sure Tammy will be sorry she ever crossed her. I could see in Linda’s eyes that she is all pent up and needs to relieve some tension. Well it looks as if she has found a place to let it out.”

“Yes ma’am, I would guess that Tammy will remember this experience quite vividly.”

Helen headed off to her room to change for her date.

Entering into her room she tried to remain as quiet as possible while she dressed. Just as she was finishing up she heard Nicole crying in the other room. She entered the side room and sat upon the bed next to Nicole and began to stroke her soft brown hair.

“Sweetie I am so sorry all this has happened and I wish I could turn back the clock and prevent it from ever taking place. I love you so very much and it stabs my heart to see you in all this pain.”

Nicole put her head in Helen’s Lap and held on to her tightly. “I feel so ugly and alone, as if nobody wants me anymore. I can’t blame them I am damaged and no longer the way I use to be. My physical body has changed and it will never be as it was ever again.”

“Oh my dear sweet Nicole you are far from ugly as your injuries have healed and you are as radiant as ever. As for the changes to your body everyone thinks they are wonderful. Anyone who has heard about them thinks it is beautiful that you are now the complete woman you were meant to be. As for being alone and nobody wanting you well that certainly is not true. If you were not engaged to Linda there are quite a few women as well as men that would love to have the honor of being with you. Now you dry those tears from your eyes and rest your pretty head for as long as you need to. I will be going out as I have a dinner appointment with an old friend. Crissy said that dinner would be at seven as that is when Denise and Carole are expected. I will lock the doors to the room and leave orders you are not to be disturbed. If you feel well enough then join the other women for dinner.”

Helen kissed Nicole on the forehead and hugged her tight. Then standing up she headed out of the door, making sure it was locked behind her.

Just as Helen reached the bottom of the stairs she met Crissy who had been on her way to announce the arrival of Sam Dratin.

Helen explained that Nicole was not to be bothered and if she felt well enough she would join the others for dinner if not she would eat later.

——- *** ——-

Linda was finally tiring as she had been working on Tammy for quite awhile and had released a lot of tension and frustration. She knew that Tammy would be very careful from now on about her duties

Linda had used several different paddles as well as a strap across Tammy’s ass, which was now fire red and very sore. She had attached nipple clamps, and even covered her balls with a number of clothespins, then slapped them off with a riding crop. She had enjoyed getting some payback, for the rotten little bastard, Tammy use to be. The punishment had finished up with Linda buckling Tammy into a chastity belt that contained a 10 inch vibratory.

The vibrator had been inserted into Tammy’s ass and turned on the high setting. It was lucky that the vibrator Linda used plugged in or she would have killed quite a few batteries. She had left the vibrator on for a little over two hours while she took turns using a single tail whip and a paddle to the slut’s ass and thighs. She knew that Tammy was very sore but she could see that there was a tiny part of the girl that enjoyed being controlled by others. Linda was feeling much more relaxed as she unshackled Tammy and then ordered her to take her ass and go see if Crissy had some work that needed to be done.

Linda took a few minutes to straighten her clothes and hair a bit before leaving the playroom. Heading out to the garden she was a bit surprised not to find Nicole there. Thinking it was no big deal she proceeded to look through the house for her finally ending up in their rooms. When she did not find Nicole there she headed to the kitchen to talk with Crissy.

“Crissy have you seen Nicole?”

“Yes ma’am, after you left to head to the play room, Miss Nicole asked Miss Helen if it was ok that they postponed the picnic. She said she was not feeling that well and wanted to lay down for awhile.”

“I have been to the room and she was not there.” replied Linda.

“No ma’am, she asked Miss Helen if she could use her rooms to rest a bit as that way she wouldn’t be bothered. I stopped by the door a bit later and I could hear her crying. Miss Helen went in to the rooms to change and spent a little time talking with her. Then she came out of the rooms locking the doors and told me that Nicole was not to be bothered. If she felt better she would join us for dinner if not she would eat later.”

“Maybe I should go check on her do you have the key to the rooms?”

“No ma’am I do not, only Miss Helen has the keys to the rooms. The only other way to get in is for someone inside to unlock them.”

“Ok thank you hun, I will just go knock and see if she is alright.”

Linda climbed the stairs and worked her way through the halls arriving at the entrance to Helen’s rooms. She stopped next to the entrance for the side room and knocked lightly on the door.

Nicole heard the knock but did not answer. She figured it was Linda as Helen had told Crissy not to bother her. A few seconds later she heard another knock followed by Linda’s voice softly calling her.

She once more refused to answer the knock or the call. Nicole could hear her mind whispering why don’t you just go play with you new toy, you don’t need to pretend to care about me anymore. Then suddenly she started to cry again. She was feeling a lot of pain and Linda seemed to want nothing to do with her. She felt Linda regretted her decision to marry her and was now just pretending to give a damn about her.

Linda heard Nicole crying and softly asked if she was ok, and could she come in the room. She got no answer except a shaky silence interrupted by intermittent sobs. Linda did not know why Nicole had chosen to sleep in Helen’s rooms, or why she was not answering the door, but she was worried. She left the door and returned to the lower level, deciding to wait in the sitting room until it was dinnertime.

As Linda sat down Carole and Denise entered the room.

“How are things going and how is Nicole?” asked Denise.

“Not to great right now as Nicole has been up in Helen’s rooms since lunch. She will not answer the door or talk. I know she hears me knocking and calling, but she doesn’t answer.”

“Well let me go see if I can get her to talk, maybe she will answer me.” Denise replied.

At that moment Crissy entered the living room and announced that dinner was ready to be served.

“Go ahead and serve I will be down in a few minutes dear.”

“Yes mistress.”

Linda and Carole headed to the dining room, taking their seats as Crissy began to serve the meal.

Denise knocked on the door to Helen’s room and called out to Nicole.

“Sweetie it is Denise please let me in hun.”

Denise heard the door lock being turned, then the door opened and Nicole stood there her eyes red and tears had left a streak down each cheek.

“Awww sweetie I am so sorry you are having such a rotten day. I wish I could take all your pain away and replace it with happiness.”

Denise hugged Nicole tight and kissed her cheeks. You need to eat something to keep your strength up and help you heal. Why don’t you come down and have some dinner with me sweetie. It would be so nice to have your company at dinner.

Nicole shook her head ok.

“Let’s wash your face a little before we go as we don’t want you to show up with streaks down your cheeks, people might mistake you for a raccoon.”

Nicole actually let a soft giggle escape, sending a smile to Denise’s face.

The two women washed Nicole’s face, and then taking hold of Denise’s arm, the two descended the stairs on the way to dinner. When they entered the dining room Linda began to smile. I am so glad you decided to join us sweetie. Then standing up she pulled out the chair next to her for Nicole.

Nicole looked at Linda then back at Denise with a pleading look in her eye.

“You sit next to Linda hun and I will sit next to you ok? That way we can gossip with each other.”

For the first time in a long while Nicole actually showed a small yet totally genuine smile. The three women all broke out in huge smiles themselves.

The women enjoyed their dinner as Denise chatted all about a situation that had taken place at the college, when she went to look into graduation exercises.

“I wish I had you with me earlier.” Denise proclaimed.

Nicole seemed to smile a bit more when Denise had said that. Linda watched closely as Denise talked.

“We could have had such a great time with you flashing your cute little panties Nicole. You would have really backed up and disorientated that school parade. You would have had 90% of the marchers fighting to sit or stand across from you. You know, I do believe they miss you very much at the campus benches. The guys still look for you and it is sad they get no more cute little panty shots.”

Denise looked back at Nicole and saw one of the biggest smiles she had seen in awhile.

“There you go sweetie that smile looks so much prettier on your sweet face than that sad old frown.”

Nicole was happy Denise was home, she never failed to make her feel good about herself.

“You have such a pretty smile love.” complemented Linda.

As fast as the smile had appeared it quickly disappeared.

Denise watched what was taking place and saw that something was wrong. Nicole had always worshipped Linda and loved her more than life itself. But somehow things looked as if they were going astray.

Linda also saw how fast Nicole’s smile had disappeared and it hurt her that she seemed unable to make her love smile anymore. She hurt so deeply for Nicole and was doing everything she could to make things easy on her while she was recovering.

She wanted to grab hold of the sweet creature and make love to her all night long until both of them passed out from exhaustion. Yet she did not want to rush Nicole and chance causing mental pain and anguish to the sweet dear. She would practice patience even though she wanted with all her being to sweep the girl up and carry her to bed. She also thought it would be nice to make a stop at the playroom as well. Unfortunately she did not feel that was a good idea or would be wise for quite some time.

The women continued to enjoy their dinner and then retired to the sitting room for drinks.

Nicole excused herself saying she was feeling a bit off and wanted to go lie back down.

“Sweetie why don’t you go lay in my bed, I miss your touch and don’t think I could sleep without feeling you next to me,” said Linda.

For the first time since they had returned home, Linda saw a smile cross Nicole’s lips and a twinkle appear in her eye that she was positive had been put there by her.

Linda’s heart jumped for joy when she heard Nicole’s answer.

“Thank you mistress I would like that very much.”

Linda beamed as she looked at her lovely mate. Nothing in the world was more precious to her. She was so happy that she announced to the women that she had decided she would retire as well. Then offering Nicole her arm she asked.

“Would you allow me the honor of escorting you to the bedroom sweetie?”

Nicole almost broke out in giggles she was so happy. Linda had let her know that she wanted her, and from the look in Linda’s eyes she wanted her badly.

“There is nothing I would enjoy more in the world then to be escorted by you.”

She took hold of Linda’s arm then with a big smile said goodnight to Denise and Carole.

As the two headed for their rooms, it was plain to see something had happened. Nicole was holding tight to her lover and seemed to have acquired a little bounce in her step.

“I don’t know what just happened there between those two but I am happy that it did, whatever it was.” Carole declared.

“Yes it was good to see her smile it remind me of her old self. Those two love each other so deeply I think that all they needed to know was how much they desired each other.”

As the two women finished their drinks, Denise spoke.

“I think I am going to snatch my little sweetie and visit the play room for awhile.”

“Enjoy yourself as I think I am going to find out just how strong Tammy’s tongue is,” replied Carole.

Finishing the last swallow of their drinks the two parted heading towards their own entertainment.

——- *** ——-

Nicole slipped out of her clothes fairly fast. She decided to wear a powder pink silk negligee with a delicate lace bodice. It was low cut and accented her perfect breasts and allowed Nicole’s already excited nipples to poke out leaving a delicious looking outline of each. Thin straps trailed from the lace up over her delicate shoulders and down her back where they connected back up with the soft flowing silk. The length of the gown came to just above Nicole’s knee and the hem was trimmed with the same beautiful lace that the bodice was made from. Nicole gave one more look in the mirror, and then stepped through the door into Linda’s bedroom. Linda had removed her clothing and had just finished slipping a long silk gown over her head, when she heard Nicole enter. As her eyes took in the beauty before her a slight tear began to run across her right cheek leaving a damp trail as it passed.

Nicole got scared seeing Linda crying.

“Did I do something wrong mistress?”

“Oh my beautiful love, no everything is fine. It is just I have missed being with you so much. That when I turned and saw how beautiful you look it just made my eyes tear from happiness.”

The most beautiful smile Linda had ever seen crossed Nicole’s lips. Looking into her lover’s sparkling green eyes Linda once more recognized that sweet look of overwhelming desire.

Linda guided her lover to the bed and gently laid her down slipping into the bed next to her. Cuddling the beautiful dear close she lightly started to kiss her soft moist lips. Her hands slid to Nicole’s breasts and she began to gently flick her index fingers across the already hard and protruding nipples. Filled with excitement Linda captured one of the nipples between her fingers and began to apply pressure to the hard little pebble. Linda’s mouth gently met Nicole’s, as their lips and tongues began a seductive and erotic dance. Their passion grew and Linda began to apply a little more pressure to Nicole’s nipple.

Suddenly a gasp escaped Nicole’s lips, but this had not been the gasps of excitement Linda enjoyed hearing but rather had been a gasp of pain.

Linda stopped immediately realizing that she had pushed things a bit too early and had just hurt her lover. She stopped rubbing Nicole’s nipples and broke off the kiss they had been engrossed in.

“Is there a problem love why have you stopped?” asked Nicole.

“I am sorry hun I think maybe this wasn’t the best idea.”

“What do you mean, did I do something wrong? If I did I am sorry I will try better next time, please let’s keep going.”

“Oh sweetie you did not do anything wrong, I just got carried away and hurt you. Don’t get me wrong lover, I very much enjoy hearing your gasps of torment. That is because I know you are enjoying yourself as much as I am. I don’t want to hear you gasping in pain because you are hurt. It is taking every ounce of strength I have to keep from ravaging you, but you still have a bit of healing to do yet.”

“It is ok mistress I can handle it if you enjoy it then go ahead.”

“Sorry sweetie I can’t do that you still are tender and I would never forgive myself if I injured you.”

Nicole started to sob.

“Don’t send me out of your bed mistress.”

“Sweetie is that what you are worried about? I wasn’t going to send you out of my bed. You are here and I expect you to start sleeping with me from now on. No more of this your bed and my bed. It is our bed and I expect you to be in it every night cuddling close to me.”

Nicole looked into Linda’s beautiful face and once again the tears had been banished by her sweet smile.

“Now that we have that settled we need to get back to addressing the topic of my arousal for you.”

“I am sorry mistress I wish I was not still a bit sore.”

“That is ok sweetie, there is still ways you can take care of me. Unfortunately you will have to deal with the frustration of limited attention until you are healed. It looks as if I am going to have to put that very talented tongue of yours to work for awhile.”

“Yes mistress I would like that as well.”

“I know you will hun. I do have one thing to say to you though. You need to get use to using my name a little more. You are a very sharp girl and I am sure you understand the proper time for you to use my name when we are together.”

“I understand Linda and I will do as you request.”

“Enough talking I think my nipples need some attention from those soft lips of yours.”

Linda pulled Nicole to her breasts and began to coo pleasant sighs as her lover took turns, slipping one nipple than the other between her lips, and allowing her moist tongue to dance across the hard nubs.

It was not long at all before Linda’s hands were on Nicole’s shoulders guiding her sweet mouth lower down till she could feel Nicole’s warm breath tickling across the moist lips of her pussy.

Nicole was still awed at the sweet beauty of Linda’s bare pussy. It looked so sweet and inviting, and once it began to moisten its fragrance was mesmerizing to her. Nicole loved pleasing Lind’s pussy and found herself entranced by the beauty and taste of Linda’s delicate treasures to the point that she usually had to be pushed away to get her to stop. If allowed to she would continue to drive her lover crazy until Linda passed out from pleasure. This night Nicole was determined not to be pushed away.

Nicole pursed her lips and softly began to place tender kisses on the hood of Linda’s clitoris. Then slipping her tongue between the sweet delicate lips of her lover’s pussy, she trailed her tongue along the soft pink slit. From its warm moist hole, she slid it upwards till the tip of her tongue slipped under the bottom of Linda’s clit, which was now erect and sticking out from its hood.

This is my attempt at a “normal” story after the mindscrew of Powerless and the borderline guro of Eternal. Of course, that’s a relative term–it has a lot more talking than screwing, but it’s still got excessive cum, lactation (towards the end), and a few other fetishes that I’d hate to spoil this early. As always, comments and criticism are welcome.

Also, this is all in third-person limited, although the perspective changes frequently. Take that into account when considering how the characters refer to each other, and to themselves. (In particular, some characters use pronouns in very different ways than others.)

Also also, I have a lot of projects to work on, so I might be out for quite a while after I finish this. I promise that I’ll come back eventually–I still want to write more stories in Eternal‘s setting.

Prologue (May 5 and August 7, a century apart)

As I write these words, I am no longer Grand Priest of the Church of the True Divine. There’s nothing left for me to be Grand Priest of.

I must write for both the present and the future. In the present, priests across the no-longer-Blessed land must already be scared and confused, wondering why the Divine no longer answers their prayers. In the future, generations that grew up never knowing the Divine will need to understand why it was so beautiful, and so corruptive.

I will not here explain the nature of my deed. Suffice it to say that, in committing it as Grand Priest, I have placed a seal on the Divine that will never be broken. What I will explain is why I did it . . .

–The Apology of Jovan the Blasphemer

“I’ll let you sum up the rest,” the instructor told them. “How did the Blasphemy come about?”

For a moment, Astra wondered whether she was back in primary school. Every Blessed over the age of six knew this story, and most could probably recite the first two lines from memory. Then she noticed that the instructor was looking at the seat behind her. “Hashan, you get to answer this one,” he continued, and Astra realized how much the next quarter of Basic Theoretical Crystalology was going to suck for the one student in the class who wasn’t Blessed.

She had to admit that he cut a nice figure as he stood up from his desk, dressed in a poncho and pants rather than Blessed robes, his exotic black hair hanging behind him in a ponytail. She might even have called the soft curves of his face cute, different as they were from the points and angles of the Blessed. “We call them Scorned,” he recited confidently, “because the Divine has not gifted them with magic. But I have studied their ‘crystalology’, and while it is a weaker power than our own, it has an important trait that ours lacks–”

“You’ve memorized it,” the instructor interrupted.

“It’s interesting,” the Scorned replied. “He thought in strange ways.”

“I didn’t ask you to memorize it,” the instructor told him. I didn’t ask you to come in here with that stupid Scorned hair, and that stupid Scorned clothing, and flaunt that your people have studied this for centuries longer than mine have, he said in all but words. “I asked you to answer the question. Can you answer in his place, Mercy?”

The sound of her surname caught Astra off guard, and she stood and answered before she’d really thought it through. “Well, I’m of the opinion that he fried his own brain trying to mix crystalology with Energy magic–”

“WHAT?” the instructor bellowed.

She knew she was digging herself deeper, but she couldn’t seem to stop. “They studied him–I mean, when he died–there were marks on his brain–”

“Broadaxe, your turn. Jovan wanted us to use crystals instead of magic. Why did he want that?”

Broadaxe Perrin turned out to be a short, soft-voiced boy she’d never met before, who looked surprisingly calm in the face of the teacher’s rage. “Crystals are egalitarian. Magic required a very strong will–no woman or Scorned could ever become a priest–but anyone can use any kind of crystal.”

“Exactly right. So why are you here?”

The boy seemed out of his depth. “Uh, because I want to be a healer . . .”

“Let me rephrase that question. If I handed you a crystal right now, you could call power forth from it. But in Scorned lands, most of the people in this class wouldn’t be allowed to so much as hold one. And let me take the opportunity to remind you all–” Here he looked at the Scorned just a little longer than necessary– “That even here, it is a crime to use one with neither a license nor proper supervision from an instructor like myself. Why is that, Broadaxe?”

“Crystals do weird things sometimes. We need to know how to keep them under control.”

“Precisely! I may seem harsh sometimes, but I’ve worked with crystals for decades. I’ve seen life crystals rip people apart from the inside, cold crystals freeze people’s fingers off . . . It’s my job to ram the theory into your heads, not so nothing ever goes wrong, but so you can fix things when they do go wrong, hopefully before someone gets killed.”

Perrin nodded enthusiastically, until the teacher told all three of them to sit down.

“Now, let’s see who bothered to do the reading. Fisher, can you tell me the first principle of crystalology?”

Astra took it back–this next quarter would suck for everyone.

– — – –

She met the Scorned again the next day, at the absolute last place she’d expected–the outdoor physical training grounds, where he was working through a warm-up routine with a wooden rod. She stood a safe distance in front of him and went through her own routine, not meeting his eye until she was done. “I didn’t know Scorned trained with staves. How good are you?”

“Not very good,” he replied. “I’m getting better, though.” He examined both her and her staff, and she couldn’t resist a smile as his eyes widened. “That is a very good staff. Are you good?”

“My great-great-great-grandfather was Mercy Orsin,” she told him. When it was clear he had no idea what that meant, she added, “Of the Order of Orsin?” When he didn’t respond to that, “Orsin commanded that we heal the sick, never kill, and never use edged weapons. I’ve been learning the staff since I was five years old.”

“My father’s father’s father’s . . . however many, all of them were merchants. I’ve learned to buy and sell since before I was five. I cannot buy and sell like they can.” His smile was gentle, but his question was serious. “Are you good?”

She twirled her staff overhead for a few seconds, then swung it downwards. It made a satisfying THUNK against the packed dirt. “I’m the best my age in the order, though Piety Alban would argue the point.”

“The best at one of Orsin’s three commands. You study life crystals to fulfill another. Am I correct?”

“I was wondering if you remembered me from class.” He was clearly smarter than she’d expected.

“I found your why. Can you find mine?”

“Uh, you like the climate? You think bread tastes better than rice? You have a thing for yellow-haired Blessed girls?”

For some reason, that last one amused him. “You are funny, miss . . . Mercy, it was? I will give you my why as a gift. I am merchant caste. Few merchants rise to warrior caste, and fewer warriors rise to crystal-worker caste. I want to see if it is true that Blessed have no castes.” He hoisted his staff above his head, then slowly lowered it. “I would challenge you now, but you said you are good. I must first challenge another who is not good. I will challenge you when I beat him.”

“Hold that thought.” Out of the corner of her eye, she’d noticed Alban together with Merritt, both in padded armor. “Come over this way. This should be fun to watch.”

Alban had already donned his helmet, and was giving Merritt his usual warning. “I hope you’re better prepared for this than last time.”

Merritt was giving his usual reply. “Best of three, loser pays for lunch at The Boar’s Head . . . Hey, we’ve got an audience! I’ll try to fight extra hard!”

He did. He truly did. For the first time in six matches, he actually scored a hit. But as always, the first thing out of his mouth when his ass hit the dirt for the final time was “I’ll get you next time.”

Astra took over the introductions once he’d stood again. “These fine folks over here are Piety Alban and Charity Merritt. If the names didn’t tip you off, they’re fellow members of my order. And this strapping fellow is . . . er . . . Hasan, was it?”

The Scorned made a sound that reminded her of a sneeze. “But you Blessed say the given name last, so . . .” He repeated the sneeze with some of the syllables switched around. “Blessed never pronounce it right, though. Call me Hashan Sahe.”

In retrospect, she thought it significant that he thought backwards from how she did. At the time, however, she simply smiled. “If you’d like to have lunch with us, Hashan Sahe, I’m sure Merritt’s finances can accommodate one more person.”

Merritt started to protest, of course, but they all ignored his whining as they made their way off the field.

Horace (September 14, late afternoon)

It is not a simple task for a priest to master his powers, for he must keep his powers from mastering him. In the Divine, we find all–all good, and all evil–and only through the strength of our wills can we withstand what it shows us. The first step on this road is self-understanding.

If yours is the magic of Matter, the simple things in life make you happy and cheerful. At times–but only at times–you sometimes think wistfully of extravagance. Find friends and lovers with the power of Shadow, and the time you spend with them will make you more generous. Cessation, however, will give you tools you can’t be trusted with.

–The Primer of Talents

At the moment, the only thing that would have made Bravery Horace particularly happy and cheerful would have been a plateful of roast chicken at The Boar’s Head. Astra had promised to pay if he’d take part in the ritual, and he was eager to get it over with. He didn’t want to spend any more time out in the middle of the woods as it got closer and closer to sundown. But no, the Scorned kept asking questions!

“You haven’t told me much, Astra. What is this ritual?”

“It’s something the order does to remember the Divine. We try to set things up so at least one is performed every month of the year–that way, the Divine won’t feel like it’s only remembered some of the time. Any six people can perform it, so long as they hold a love for the Divine in their hearts . . .”

Merritt didn’t seem to be holding any more love for the Divine at the moment than Horace, stamping his feet to keep warm in the chill air. Alban was engrossed in his work, using a stick to draw a circle of runes around the edges of the clearing (or rather, the bare patch of dirt Astra had dignified with the term “clearing.”) Sahe seemed mildly curious, but not exactly invested, and the friend he’d brought along was completely unreadable, standing in place and silently watching.

“Why me?” the Scorned asked. “I can’t know the Divine. And Perrin . . . is Perrin,” he finished, as if that was reason enough.

“As a woman, I can’t know it either. But that doesn’t mean we can’t love and honor it. Besides, you’ll just be watching if Lucius and Curtis finally show up. Which they should any second now . . .” The two spectacularly failed to appear. “Figures. Sahe, you can stand in for Lucius as High Priest of Shadow. Perrin, you’ll be Cessation. All you’ll need to do is repeat part of a rhyme in the old tongue.”

“Can I be Shadow this time?” Merritt asked. “I like the way the words sound. ‘Rossiu rassio! Rossiu rassio!’” As if on cue, he shivered. “Also, can we finish this quickly? I’m sure the Divine wouldn’t want us to be out in the cold like this.”

“Okay, then, you can be Shadow. Sahe, you’re Energy, and every time I say ‘tawu sangio’, you say ‘crevu menio.’ Got it? ‘Crevu menio.’ And Perrin, when he says that, you’ll say ‘Silu henio.’ I’ll be Grand Priest as well as Void, so I’ll say other things at the start, too. Now, Sahe stands on this rune; Perrin stands on that one. Merritt will know when it’s time to stop.”

This is so boring, Horace thought as Astra began the litany. Does she really think the Divine will listen to all this? Then, as the chant passed from person to person, Kind of a waste, such a nice body given to such a fanatic. If there’s anything left in the world that’s truly Divine, it’s between the legs of women–

Horace would later realize that his careless thought had done several things, and only the most minor was that it had given some insight into what the Blasphemy must have been. They’d known that Jovan had done something on the most sacred altar of the church, and they’d suspected that he hadn’t acted alone. Only one act, treated as unholy, could have forced the Divine to leave–until the same act, restructured in holy terms, allowed it to come back. At the time, all Horace knew was that he suddenly couldn’t see.

Things hadn’t gone black, nor had they gone white. Horace was beyond colors at the moment. He was naked, his back against the dirt, his front against someone else’s skin. They were warm together in the cold air, and there was something around them that he couldn’t identify–something powerful, something . . . magical.

Almost abstractly, he wondered whether to be afraid. Then the other body moved, and he felt something inside him in a place he didn’t recognize. He shifted against it, slowly at first, testing the way it felt.

Then, before he’d realized what he was doing, he found himself kissing this magical body’s lips. It was startled at first, but then it pressed against him, comfortingly firm as it knew just what he wanted.

They joined in two places, his tongue in the other’s mouth and the other’s . . . something in him. They rocked and bucked, faster and faster, until he had to stop moving, had to break from the kiss, had to cry out in a high voice that was not his . . .

The world returned, and Horace found himself on his back, his legs spread wide. The body atop his was frail and light, but it was also quite clearly male. To his left, he turned his head to see a Scorned woman (whom he was fairly certain had recently been a Scorned man) sucking at a smaller woman’s breast, only to stop, suddenly aware and ashamed. To his right, two more women were lost in their own world, one moaning with her eyes closed as the other’s head bobbed between her legs.

He would have looked up at the sky, but a face he couldn’t stand to stare at blocked his view. He closed his eyes, and directly into that face, he shouted the three most appropriate words ever said.

“What the fuck?”

Kyrie (September 14, evening)

“I am not eternal,” the Divine told them, “and in two ways may I leave you. Reject me, with the full force of hate, and I will go away until I am wanted again. But neglect me, and I will never return to you. There must always be a priest for all of my aspects, and should even one be missing from your Church, my power will vanish from this world.”

–The Parable of the First Church

“Our cause is just.” The speaker’s voice was loud and clear in the crisp evening air, and Kyrie would have rolled his eyes had he not been so caught up in the rhythm. “Our hands are empty, but our hearts are steady, and our time is now! Are you ready to stand against hatred and oppression?”

“YES!” Kyrie shouted, and many voices shouted with him.

“Are you ready to fight for your brothers and sisters?”


“We march!” the speaker finished.

Kyrie was on the edge of the crowd–which, not coincidentally, meant he was at the front of the march. He led the way down gaslit streets, past what seemed an endless line of befuddled bystanders at their front windows, repeating the chant of “Equal rights!” to pierce their literal and metaphorical slumber. It warmed his heart to hear the words in so many different tones, and for a while, he hoped that things would go smoothly.

Predictably, they only marched four blocks before the city watch blocked their way. Never mind that Kyrie had checked and triple-checked the regulations–it was late enough, and they were loud enough, that technical obedience to disturbance-of-the-peace laws meant diddly squat.

“Go home!” one of the watchmen shouted, barely loud enough to be heard clearly over the crowd. Kyrie responded with an obscene gesture, and beside him, a Scorned woman mimicked it. It slowly spread throughout the crowd.

Technically, the protesters attacked first, with an unidentifiable thrown piece of garbage that hit a watchman square in the chest. This was the only provocation the watchmen needed to close ranks. There was no room to dodge in such a tightly packed space, and Kyrie regretted his front-row position as a truncheon descended toward his head.

He didn’t close his eyes, so he caught a glimpse of the flash of light that froze his attacker in his tracks. The Scorned woman beside him rushed forward, slamming the watchman aside and breaking the tightly packed ranks. Just past the blockade was a narrow alleyway, and he followed her into it as the crowd descended into chaos.

They didn’t stop to catch their breath until they’d reached a parallel street. “Thanks,” he told her once he’d finished gasping.

“For what?” she replied. Her voice surprised him–its depth seemed to belong in a much bigger body–but her tone was obvious. She was nervous.

“That was a time crystal back there, wasn’t it?” he asked. “Don’t worry, I won’t rat you out if you don’t have a license. I’m just happy my head’s in one piece. By the way, my name’s Kyrie. What’s yours?”

Her answer was surprisingly straightforward. “My name’s Sahe, and you don’t have to thank me. My day has been very confusing. Your protest helped clear my head.” Another pause. “Do you do these things often?”

He took a moment to look her over, and he decided that he liked what he saw. He didn’t normally go for Scorned chicks, but there was a confidence in her stance that he found intriguing–and besides, he would never miss a chance for a date with a girl with such huge knockers. “I ought to go back to the protest–there are some people I need to check on–but if you want to talk some more about our cause, I’ll be at The Boar’s Head at noon tomorrow. Since you saved me, I’ll pay for the meal.”

Perrin and Merrit (September 14, late afternoon and evening)

If you are of Cessation, you’re always thinking and questioning, but not often feeling. Light will help you understand your emotions, but Matter will influence you towards selfishness.

Priests of Shadow desire unity and avoid conflict, but beyond that, they often find themselves aimless. Matter will help motivate you, but Void will only make you more lost.

–The Primer of Talents

“I don’t get it,” Horace kept repeating. At least, Perrin thought it was Horace–the brown-haired, charmingly plump girl before him bore little resemblance to any Horace he’d known. “I just don’t get it.”

Perrin would have wondered if she’d cracked, but he wasn’t entirely sure he hadn’t cracked either. It was easy to think of Astra as “he,” and not too hard to call each of the others “she.” Yet every time he almost deemed himself “herself,” he felt like he was standing with his feet on either side of a splitting faultline.

“We have to think rationally about this,” Astra insisted. “What just happened must have been the work of the Divine."

Astra and Sahe had been the first to dress themselves, their clothes neatly piled at the edge of the rune pattern. Sahe had checked an inner pocket of her poncho when she’d thought no one was looking, and she’d breathed a sigh of relief to find something inside it that looked suspiciously like a crystal. At any other time, Perrin would have analyzed this new data for any possible significance, but at the moment, he found himself singularly preoccupied.

“Why would the Divine have done this?” Horace demanded.

“Your hair,” another voice interrupted, higher and more feminine than all the others. It took Perrin a moment to realize that it was his own, and he cursed the sound of it even before he cursed his sudden loss of self-control.

Merritt, of all people, was the one to figure out what he meant. “Astra, your hair’s all white! And Horace, yours went brown! . . . No one else’s is any different, right?”

From the looks of it, Astra was putting two and two together, followed by putting four with six and ten with the square root of negative one. “I think the Divine just changed its paradigm.”

“In simple words?” Sahe asked.

“You’ve seen the old drawings, haven’t you?” Astra replied. “Energy priests with phoenix feathers in their hair, Cessation priests with thick white beards like yetis . . . Before the Blasphemy, magic was a part of nature, and it bound priests to nature. Maybe that wasn’t the only way it could have worked. Maybe all it needed to do was change priests’ bodies, and it just found a different way to change them.” He swallowed. “I think we’re the new High Priests. I just performed a blessing ritual on Horace. Once I bless the rest of us, we’ll be able to use magic, and we’ll be able to bless others with it, too–”

Sahe interrupted with a profane exclamation that only Perrin recognized. You’re too late, my friend, Perrin thought. Horace already did.

“Please, calm down,” Astra told her. “I don’t think this ritual would have worked if you didn’t love the Divine as much as I do–”

“I’ll be back here tomorrow morning. If I’m not back to normal by then, we’ll talk again.”

As she vanished amongst the trees, another figure followed her, and Perrin realized too late whom he’d neglected to pay attention to. “Alban, where are you going?” Merritt asked. “Get back here!” Failing to receive a response, she addressed her next sentence to no one in particular. “He’ll be fine, right? Should I go after him?”

“Talk fast,” Perrin told Astra, “before you lose anyone else.”

He looked him over. “Have you noticed that you’re shivering? Get dressed, and we’ll discuss this at The Boar’s Head.”

– — – –

For better or for worse, no one paid any attention to them. Bleached white hair was far from the strangest thing to be found among the patrons of The Boar’s Head–if anything, they were at most risk of being noticed for Horace’s ill-fitting robes. A small corner table was fortunately unoccupied, and the four determined that their pooled funds were enough to cover everyone’s meal.

After about half a plate of roast chicken, Merritt felt ready to talk again. “Doesn’t this feel right to anyone else?” she asked.

Perrin made a show of checking for eavesdroppers. “What in the world do you mean?”

“Horace, I found those books you hide under your bed, the ones with the drawings of girls having sex with each other. Now that you look like a girl, you can get girls like that to go to bed with you.” Horace stayed silent, though his face reddened. “And Astra, you like to say ‘It’s not a woman’s place to take power.’ Now you can boss guys around without it being sinful!” Before he could interject, “Perrin, I’m sure there’s something you get from this, too.”

“What do you get from it?” Perrin asked, his tone a little too eager. Clearly, he was getting back to his normal self.

“I don’t know. It just feels . . . You know when you wake up some days and you feel like you just don’t fit in your own body? I feel like the opposite of that now. Like I’m starting to really understand how bad I was at being a guy.”

“Show of hands,” Horace asked. “Who else saw this coming?” Astra and Perrin both stared at him, clearly not catching his meaning.

Hung for a sheep, hung for a goat, she thought. “I’m not a guy who likes guys. I like guys–” One guy, she thought, as a picture of Alban flashed through her head– “But I’m not a guy who likes guys.” A very long pause followed. “Why don’t we make this a double date?”

Astra was the first to choke something out. “What in the world . . .”

“Sure, it’s not serious–none of us are in love with each other–but it’ll help us understand how we feel. Horace, you were chanting Matter in the ritual, right? They say Matter goes with Shadow, and you’re enough of a guy for me to give you one date, even if you look like a girl now. I’ll even be a girl for you. Astra, you can work it out with Perrin which of you is the girl.”

“And what will we do on this . . . date?” Horace pronounced the word like it was the name of an exotic poison.

“We’re already having a nice romantic dinner, even if it is a little greasy,” Merritt explained “When we leave, we can go for a walk under the stars–maybe share a kiss or two–and by the end of the night, we’ll know whether we really want to bless each other. If it doesn’t feel right, we’ll forget all about it, and we’ll try to figure out how to get back to normal.”

“I’m for it,” Perrin said, to Merritt’s surprise. “I feel very strange right now, and I’d like to figure out if it’s the good kind of strange or the bad kind.”

“I’ll do it too,” Astra added.

“I guess I’ve got nothing to lose,” Horace said.

“All right!” Merritt told them. “Let’s begin the date!” She adopted the most seductive voice she could manage. “Horace, you’re uh, looking quite handsome today . . .”

– — – –

“You know, I’m genuinely curious whether I can do this,” Perrin said.

“It’s strange,” Astra replied, “but I think it’s what the Divine wants. “

Astra had led them back to the clearing where they’d performed the ritual. They all knew they couldn’t spend the night in the school dorms. What they hadn’t discussed, but were all thinking of, was what they’d spend the night doing.

“I don’t really care one way or the other about the Divine,” Perrin told him. “I’m just thinking about me. I never thought about . . . you know . . . before. Not even with a girl. It just wasn’t something that occurred to me. Now I’m trying not to talk about whether I’m about to do it with a guy, and . . ." Out with it. They’d seen him naked in the literal sense; why not the metaphorical? “I think part of me actually wants it. In the ritual, I felt something new to me, and I’d like to feel it again.”

“Perrin . . .” Astra began, then trailed off, at a loss for words.

Perrin turned his gaze. “Merritt, I’d like to ask you to go first, and let me watch. I think it’ll help me understand.”

Merritt was already removing her robes, no longer bothered by the cold. “Hey, Horace, you know the picture on page twelve of Corrupted Crystal? Let’s do that with Astra in place of the hermaphrodite. I’ll be the girl in the middle.”

Apparently, the picture in Corrupted Crystal involved a girl sucking cock while having her cunt licked. Much more apparently, the exact position was only possible in fiction. Whatever Perrin was looking for, he couldn’t find it in this swirl of tongues and other parts, nor in the struggling mass of arms and legs the three collapsed into as they lost their balance.

No, he found it in Merritt’s laugh as she emerged from the heap. “Okay, maybe page twelve was a bit much,” she said. “How about sixteen?”

In retrospect, Perrin couldn’t have found a better group of people to have his first orgy with. Astra looked appropriately beatific as he lay on his back with his robe hitched up, unashamed to do anything for the Divine. Horace was embarrassed at first to sit on Astra’s face and let herself be licked, but no doubt she was rationalizing it as some manner of girl-on-girl. Merritt simply smiled as she took Astra’s cock in hand, and it was because of her smile that Perrin moved closer when she gestured to him with her free hand. “Sixteen is when the maid joins in on the fun,” she told him. “She kneels at the hermaphrodite’s side, and he squeezes her breast.”

Perrin said nothing as he knelt and lifted Astra’s hand, placing it against the front of his robe. For tonight, at least, there were worse things he could be than a she. At least she wasn’t the one who had to bear Horace’s weight on her head!

The time passed quickly in touching and licking, marked only by the rhythm of heartbeats and the sound of Horace’s moans. One moment, Merritt’s tongue was playing with the tip of Astra’s cock; the next, she was drenched in a glowing white liquid that could have been anything but semen. Perrin watched as it soaked into her, blackening hair and reshaping bone. When it was done, she could have passed for Sahe’s more beautiful cousin.

Perrin found herself laughing, and Merritt joined in. “He cums magic!” Perrin said. “He actually cums magic! Can you cast any spells now?”

Merritt stared intently at a low-hanging tree branch. “I guess not,” she eventually said.

Perrin turned her attention lower. “Horace, you can get off of Astra now.”

“Never again!” Astra told them, once his mouth was no longer obstructed. “I was afraid I might suffocate!” His tone was utterly serious, and Perrin couldn’t help laughing again. “Uh, I don’t mean that I’m not ready to go again,” Astra continued. “A Grand Priest never runs out of energy when blessing disciples.”

This was when Perrin finally began to undress herself. “Go on, stick it in,” she said. “I think I’ve found what I’m looking for.”

“I knew you’d come around. The Divine wouldn’t have chosen us if any of us weren’t meant to be priests.”

“I don’t care about this priest thing. I just want to see the look on your face when we do it!” In response to his expression of utter incomprehension, she continued, “I’m not as cold as people think I am. I guess sex doesn’t make me happy the same way it makes you happy, but if it makes you happy, it makes me happy to see you happy, you know?”

In lieu of untangling that statement, Astra made a downwards gesture. Perrin lay back, on top of her robes, spreading her legs in an invitation to enter.

In the brief time before their shared joy overwhelmed her, she wondered if she should remind the others about Sahe and Alban. Nah, probably not, she thought. They should both be fine.

Sahe and Alban (September 15)

You who follow Energy have a constant drive to improve yourselves and eliminate your weaknesses, but you are at risk of developing contempt for those less determined than you. Void will make your resolve even stronger, but Light will feed your feelings of superiority.

All who are of Light understand their own wants and needs very well. That’s why you have such trouble compromising with other people. Cessation’s understanding of the outside world mixes well with your understanding of your inner world, but avoid Energy, lest it provide false justification for your inflexibility.

–The Primer of Talents

Not long after sunrise, two figures met at the edge of the woods. “I hope you had a better night than I did,” Alban said.

Sahe considered that. “I saved a boy at a protest. I think he wants to date me. He’s handsome, for a . . . Blessed, so I guess my night was good.” (He’d stopped himself in time before he would have used the slur “piss-hair.” That would have been bad, no matter how Blessed yellow hair looked to his people.)

Alban seemed to have been caught off-guard. “You’re into boys now?”

“Always have been–and girls, too. Scorned have two rules. Don’t do it with kids, and don’t do it with animals. We have many rules about marriage, but that’s just for raising kids . . .” Sahe swore in his native tongue. “Just realized something. Two things may be true. Maybe I can’t have kids like this. Maybe I can. Not sure which is worse.”

“Children are the least of my worries at the moment,” Alban told him. “Listen, let’s take a moment to talk, before we go speak to the others.”

“I can hear you, you know!” someone called from amongst the trees–Merritt, most likely. “I’m supposed to check and see if you’re coming. I can go away if you really want me to.”

“No need,” Alban said. “It wasn’t really important.”

Is Alban in love with someone? Sahe wondered. It was certainly a possibility–she might be wondering whether a sudden shift in sexes would change her feelings. The question, of course, was who she might be in love with . . .

– — – –

The second thing Alban noticed when he walked into the clearing was that there was a Scorned already present. The third was that there was also a girl with blue hair, shorter and slighter than the bulky Horace and even the ethereal Astra. Apparently, Merritt and Perrin had changed quite a bit in becoming High Priests.

He noticed Astra first, of course. He’d always noticed Astra first.

“I’m sorry I ran off last night,” he heard himself saying. “I was confused. Actually, I’m still confused. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?”

“We’ve been arguing about that ourselves,” Astra said. “I think we’ve found the source of the problem, at least. We need to rephrase our initial question.”

“Our initial question . . .” Sahe repeated. “You mean ‘Why did this happen?’”

“Correct, Sahe! I brought up the converse–why did this not happen before? We’ve done this ritual several times, with Lucius and Curtis instead of you and Perrin. Merritt, can you repeat what you said?”

“Can you imagine Lucius with breasts?”

“It sounds a bit flippant at first, but I don’t think Lucius would have accepted this. Horace very nearly didn’t–”

Sahe advanced a step closer. “Did I accept this?” he asked.

“You’re worried that Jovan was right, aren’t you?” Astra said. “I think that’s the other half of the equation. Most other groups that perform the ritual don’t have any women or Scorned. The Divine wanted to make certain that this time around, not only Blessed men would become priests–”

A step closer. “Then who won’t be priests?”

Astra seemed confused. “The unwise, I assume. The weak-willed. Those who don’t deserve the power.”

A step closer, and he was almost in her face. “As determined by whom?”

“Well, the Divine will have final say–”

“I have listened for a month to your preaching about worth. You amused me. I thought you harmless. That was a mistake–”

“Shut up!” Alban screamed.

Sahe turned to face him, his smile thin. “Your people have a saying. The truth hurts. My people served yours for centuries. I will not let the Divine be free again–”

“Shut the fuck up! How dare you talk to her that way!” Just a few minutes ago, he’d been talking like Alban’s friend, and now . . .

“Her,” Sahe repeated, as if savoring the word. “It makes sense now.”

“What are you–”

This time, it was Merritt who shouted. “Stop it! All of you, stop it!”

Sahe addressed himself to Astra, slightly louder than was necessary. “I assume we will all skip school today. Tomorrow, during prayer, I will go to my room and get my staff. I expect you to get yours as well. I will meet you in this clearing.”

Alban yelled after him as he walked away. “Apologize to Astra, you bastard! I refuse to let you say this rubbish!”

He looked back just long enough for a few words. “I’m sorry for this. You’re faithful, but I don’t think you’re like Astra. Some day, you’ll see through her.”

“Don’t bother being mad at her,” Perrin said once he was gone. “Sometimes she just latches onto things. I guess she’s latched onto the idea that Astra’s a jackass, and it’ll be tricky to get her off it.”

Alban turned back to Astra. “From the looks of it, only him and me aren’t priests yet. I’d like to talk to you alone. If you’re up for a meal at The Boar’s Head–”

Astra laughed. “I’m sorry,” she said, “but I was there just last night.” At his expression, “But if you want to talk, we can go for a walk. The rest of you can, er, get fitted for some new robes or something. Just be sure to be back here in the evening–we need to talk about Sahe.”

– — – –

Sahe and Kyrie found each other just outside The Boar’s Head. “I hope you haven’t waited long,” Sahe said.

“A while, but not too long,” Kyrie replied.

“I’ve never dated before,” Sahe admitted. “I don’t know all the rules.”

“Love follows no rules, my dear,” Kyrie said in an alarmingly smooth tone. Then, in his normal voice, “By the Divine, I almost gagged when I said that.”

As they waited to order, the first topic of conversation was Kyrie’s work. “So, what was that protest about, anyways? I heard something about ‘equal rights’ . . .”

“Marriage rights for homosexuals. We’ve managed to secure them in Freeport, but no other city recognizes the licenses.”

Sahe was nonplussed. “Homosexuals can’t have children together. Why would they need to marry?”

“Things work a bit differently here than in Scorned lands. Marriage provides all sorts of legal benefits–even tax breaks. Besides, legal recognition means societal recognition, which means societal acceptance.”

“So, how do you fit into this? You’re not a homosexual.”

“I’ve learned it’s a bad idea to explain that on the first date. Let’s just say I’m an ally.”

Sahe took a closer look at Kyrie’s face–small nose, flat forehead, rounded cheeks (as close to rounded as Blessed got, anyways. . .) Figures, he thought. Not like I care too much what he’s really got in his pants. Aloud, he said, “I’d be happy to talk about something else. I’m sure you’re wondering about that crystal.”

Kyrie grasped eagerly at the proffered lifeline. “Are you a crystal-worker? Why’d you decide to come to Blessed lands?”

“I’m a merchant by birth. My father bought a time crystal to sell on the black market, but he found that I had a talent for using it. I came here because licensing is easier–I just need to get through a few classes . . .”

– — – –

Astra and Alban returned in the afternoon, when the others were gone from the clearing. That was good. Alban couldn’t have done this with them watching.

He couldn’t remember a time when they hadn’t been together, Alban and Astra, the front of the alphabet. She’d been the only girl in the order more devout than him, and she’d strengthened his resolve to follow the will of the Divine, even as he’d grounded her, kept her mind on the most practical ways of carrying out that will. He’d planned this for years–even had the ring picked out, though he’d never managed to save enough to buy it. Yet, now . . .

“You’re afraid,” Astra said. It wasn’t a question.

“You know me too well.” He cringed inwardly, but what else could he have said?

“The Divine trusts us to do this. I know that means as much to you as it does to me. So let’s . . .”

“Let’s go slow.” He lifted his hand to her cheek. “We’ll start with touch.”

It wasn’t Astra’s body–not in more than the loosest of terms. Even the bones in her face had changed shape, from harsh Blessed angles to a curved wispiness, like she would blow away in the wind if her surface area wasn’t so small. If there was anything of Astra to be seen in this curiously womanly man, it was in the way she moved, turning her cheek against his hand, trying and failing to hide her own eagerness to be touched.

There was only so much to be done with hands, of course. Lips took their place, his meeting hers, then traveling down her chin and resting in the hollow of her neck. (He thanked the Divine that she hadn’t grown a beard. There was only so much he could handle.) When he broke away, she wordlessly stripped, and this time, only eyes were used. His gaze traced down her flat, hairless chest, past nipples and belly button to the thing between her legs, the thing his mind just couldn’t process–

That was a lie. He ran his fingers down her abdomen, past the soft white hair at the base of the organ, and along it to the tip. It was strange, but it was hers, and he could accept it as part of her. He stroked and petted it, cautiously at first, and the sound of her moan was like a hymn to the Divine as it grew under his fingers.


Transgender-themed stories which I hope will be of interest to those who like women, or would like to be a woman. Which includes me!


Freaky isn’t the word for it. I mean, weird. Totally weird. Ultra-weird. Whatever. Basically totally mind bogglingly weird, oh so freaky. I even hesitate to tell you about it. Well, I know, you’re just not going to believe it. But I have witnesses, my brother and my sister.

They’ll tell you, well, they will now, after the events of yesterday at least. I’m sure they just didn’t know what was going on, they both thought everything would be normal when they woke up this morning. I suppose I did too. But it isn’t. It’s still freaky. This is going to be a very exciting Saturday. And yesterday was definitely a freaky Friday.

It really started out yesterday morning, well before eight when we all met up at George’s house. We had a public appearance, our first for quite some time. A double celebration. First we were earning the extra money and second, it was our birthday. But you probably knew that. We are famous after all, the Tranter triplets, you remember.

It’s not as if triplets are all that common in the Midlands – we got quite well known in our younger days. We did adverts and so on, that sort of thing. We opened a few supermarkets, we even made a record – a cover of ‘One-Two-Three’ would you believe.

OK so it didn’t really sell, not many at least, probably got to about number 300 in the top 40. George on drums, me on guitar, Michelle on keyboards. It’s a pity she was the only one of us who could really sing. That was the end of our search for fame really. George went off to university, Michelle and I both did college courses and started up in jobs and so on, her in a bank, me in an estate agent’s office.

We all did quite well, George stayed on at the University doing research, Michelle and I both got promotions. Then, surprisingly, at 23 years old they – my brother and my sister – both decided to get married. Which is why we were all three being driven by John, Michelle’s husband, yesterday morning just after half past eight, for the short drive into town for the shop opening, our public appearance on our birthday.

“This isn’t going to take us too long, Charles, is it?” George asked me.

“Don’t worry. It’s an opening. Just an opening. A couple of hours at the most,” I replied.

The new store, ‘We R Toys’, was due to open at nine and the company had milked the publicity as much as they could, getting out the local press and TV station for the event. I mean, all we were doing was opening a toy shop, for goodness’ sake. But they’d hired the Tranter trio for the event and got the pictures up outside the store, pictures from some of our earlier ‘appearances’. Like the one of the three of us in football kit to celebrate City winning a cup tie, and that awful one with George and I gazing lovingly at Michelle. It always struck me as being a bit weird that, gazing adoringly at our sister.

But in pride of place was THAT picture, you remember it. The one with the three of us all dressed in green, it was to advertise a vile-coloured fruit drink. It was an awful picture really, the three of us with our signatures scrawled across our midriffs. An awful picture, an awful drink. I can’t even remember the name of it. The picture though, yes, it’s ingrained in my memory. We weren’t even holding cups or bottles of the drink, just dressed in green, the three of us. And the toy shop had a massive print of the picture all over one big window, dominating Millennium Square really. The drink didn’t last long but we did get an awful lot of money for that picture session. It’s a good job we weren’t on commission.

Anyway the three of us piled into John’s big car yesterday morning. Michelle was driving, John was left at home looking after their daughter Maria, a gorgeous little thing. We’d done a short rehearsal a couple of days earlier, we all knew exactly what we were doing. The local TV crew were there too, we’d had quite a lot of good publicity from them over the years. Probably because Nigel, the male anchor guy, had fancied Michelle. I still remember he’d look disappointed when they’d done a feature on Michelle’s wedding. Or maybe because his presenting partner Helen fancied me – I’d noticed it was always her who ended up doing my interview bit in any of our appearances.

We got through the speech-making on time, finished it and handed over to the store’s MD at exactly one minute to nine. I smiled across at Michelle, we both knew George was really fed up and didn’t really want to be there. We’d taken the lion’s share of the script and kept George out of it – we really didn’t want him to lapse into the sort of language he had used in the past. Really the three of us, despite being triplets, were so different. Michelle is quiet and sweet, George is so macho and really has got something of a foul mouth, very much a man’s man.

And me, the one in-between. Not on the pictures, they always had Michelle in the middle for obvious reasons. I wasn’t as macho as George, certainly I was appalled by some of the language he used, especially in female company. Just rude, I called it. And I wasn’t as quiet and sweet and homely as my sister. Not quite homely as in plain, you understand, she really could look gorgeous when she made the effort. But she wasn’t a glamour-puss by any means. Still, I liked her. Obviously, she’s my sister. Or rather she was.

Anyway, just on nine we were ready. We stood there together, side by side. We always were photogenic, triplets are, the flashbulbs were popping as Michelle cut the tape. Everyone cheered and the customers filed into the store to get at the opening special offers. We turned, job done, but agreed to one last photo by the fountain, tossing coins in for luck like you do. The guy from the Post just said ‘Say cheese’, which we did as we all stood by the rail together and each threw a coin in.

His camera flashed just as my coin hit the water, I remember closing my eyes just for a moment. I opened them. I stepped forward down the inclined path. I stumbled and George caught me.

“Careful Charlotte. Are you OK?”

I stopped. I stood still. George’s hand was on my arm, I looked at it. Not at his hand, at my arm. It was bare. I mean, no shirt, no hairs even. Smooth. What the fuck! I saw Michelle moving round in front of me, I looked at her face. She looked concerned.

“Charlotte? Careful darling, are you really OK?”

Charlotte? What the…?

Then I noticed that big picture of the three of us, behind her head on the large toy-shop window. It looked right but wrong. The three Tranter triplets, but… There was George, in the middle, he should be on the right with me on the left and Michelle in the middle. But Michelle was on the left, this was confusing. And on the right – I looked at the signed name. It was quite clear, ‘Charlotte’. Not Charlie, I remembered doing that signing. For some reason I’d taken my name down-market at the time, I’d written ‘Charlie’ instead of ‘Charles’. But the name I was looking at was ‘Charlotte’. It was a picture of a woman, well, a girl back then. But…

I moved my feet a little and stumbled again a little as George let me go, something was definitely wrong. I looked down – at a pair of black high heels on my feet, and nylon-covered legs. I was wearing tights! What the fuck was going on? And then, the clincher, as the TV van drove away on our right I saw the three of is reflected in the other big window – George was there, and Michelle – and another woman. I moved my leg. She did too. I nearly fainted.

Michelle grabbed me by the shoulders and steadied me to lead me towards one of the benches in the square. Two older men who were sat there stood up to let us sit down, giving me a friendly but rather unfamiliar kind of smile as they moved. I waited beside Michelle and realised. I was wearing a short dark skirt, and a blouse and a jacket. And I could feel a bra. Hell, I had tits!

I didn’t say anything for a moment or two, I just had absolutely no idea what to say. Something had happened, something totally freaky, totally strange. But everyone round me, even my brother and sister, were behaving as if absolutely nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all. I was shaking, worried rather than cold. I saw Nigel from the TV news programme heading our way. He sat down beside me and took my hand. My hand? Well, yes it was, I felt his gentle grasp, but what I was seeing was his own large slightly hairy hand holding my thin fingers, decorated with red nail varnish and with three rings. They were definitely female rings if you know what I mean, the sort of ring ‘Charles’ would never have worn.

Nigel was speaking to me, he obviously realised something was wrong.

“… if you like, Charlotte. I mean, you really don’t look well, are you fit for work today? It is Friday, maybe you should have today off, recover over the weekend. How about I drive you home?”

“Hey, Nigel, watch it!” George had been listening, he’d butted in. “She’s not well, OK, but you just don’t try anything, we all know you fancy my sister. There’s no need to take advantage of a woman when she’s off-colour.”

“George, you know me better that that. Look, I’ll drive Charlotte home, and I promise, I’ll be a good boy. Scout’s honour. OK?”

I really wasn’t taking any part in this, I was just sitting and trying to take it all in. The big picture on the window, my hands, my shoes, my clothes… What the hell was happening? Then – the tannoy outside the store, it started playing a song. OUR song. I listened. ‘One – two – three, that’s how easy…’

The song was right, the rhythm was exactly as I remembered it. Three voices, not really in harmony, but different. The singing trio, I could hear the voices well, it was – one male and two female voices. Which was not at all how it had sounded when I’d last played the song, to a friend from work about three days earlier. Somehow it was true. The Tranter triplets. George, Michelle – and Charlotte. And somehow, now, I was Charlotte.

I don’t remember much about the trip home, only that my mind was pre-occupied. Well, it would be wouldn’t it? What had changed? Had I somehow flipped into some sort of parallel universe? Had I been dreaming? For 25 years, even, had I been dreaming that I’d been a man? But I had all these memories, football at school, taking Danielle to the pictures, groping Sarah at the office party last year.

Surely if I was a woman they wouldn’t have happened. So how come I remembered them? I do recall Nigel sat beside me, driving. He obviously knew where he was going. Had he driven ‘Charlotte’ home before? And what had happened then? Come to that, where the hell did Charlotte live?

The answer arrived soon enough as he pulled up outside my block of flats. MY block, Charles’s. I was going to get out of the car and leave him. I turned to thank him for the lift but he’d already followed me. He took my arm as we went in. Should I go to the same flat? I didn’t know. All these questions!

So I did go along the passage to the same flat, number 4, at the back and looking out towards the garden. My key fitted the lock, I turned it and pushed.

“Er – Charlotte?”

Nigel was behind me, on the threshold.

“Look, Charlotte, I know we’ve been here before, I mean just that once when I took you to dinner. I’d hoped then – well, you know, but you really did make it clear then that you didn’t want to go any further. Anyway after what George said I’m not so sure, I mean, I’d love to come in, really. I’m not due into the studio until about two, Helen is doing the lunchtime bulletin today.”

It was about half past nine. I’d been a woman for half an hour. I was still totally perplexed by the whole thing but I had realised that for the moment – somehow – I had to make it work.

“Nigel, please, do come in. Let’s have a coffee. I could do with someone to talk to. Just talk, OK?”

Nigel was obviously happy to get the invitation, he went past me into the main room in the flat. I looked round. It was the same flat, well, of course it was. Buildings don’t just change. What was I saying? My whole life seemed to have changed, in an instant, at that moment when I’d thrown that coin in.

Hang on, maybe if it really was some sort of wishing well or something like that, maybe I’d made a wish. To be a woman or something. But that would be some kind of magic, wouldn’t it? And magic didn’t happen. It’s some sort of trickery usually, or illusion, it couldn’t really happen. Yet somehow it seemed to have happened – to me. At that moment I just couldn’t come up with any other explanation of what had happened to me. Or of what had happened to my flat.

I looked round again. It was the same shape as the room I remembered, the room I — Charles, that is – had been in and had breakfast in less than two hours earlier. But it was also different, the walls were a paler sort of yellow, the sofa was the same shape and size but the furnishings were all just a bit different. And the place was tidy. I remembered leaving my trainers by the French windows that morning after my short morning jog. They were there, but they were not mine. They were not the same colour, and they were smaller. I looked down at my stiletto clad feet. They were smaller too. I knew the trainers would fit. They were mine. Charlotte’s.

I realised Nigel was still waiting. I still needed time to think about this. I pointed him towards the kitchen, again, same kitchen but differences all over. He set to getting coffee and milk and so on, I left him to it for a minute or two and went through into my bedroom. The same bedroom, this wasn’t very much different. Same decorations, same furniture, bed, chair, wardrobe, dressing table. Except there were several pots and jars on the dressing table, and the whole room looked cleaner. Again, tidier. But when I looked in the wardrobe – well! Very different indeed.

Like, no shirts, no suits, except three business-type jacket-and-skirt suits at one end of the rail. And no ties, not one, in fact no tie rack. But shoes, loads of shoes, I didn’t count but there must have been thirty pairs, handing in some special shoe-hanger and lined up at the bottom of the wardrobe. And above them tops, blouses, skirts, dresses. Loads of them. This Charlotte was clearly a clothes junkie. No, it was me, I was the junkie, since I was now Charlotte.

I could hear Nigel moving round in the kitchen, cups and jugs clanking a little. I paused for a minute before going back in. I paused to look in the tall mirror on the wardrobe door, one of the few features in there I hadn’t had – before. I looked. I saw a woman. Obviously. I tried to assess what I could see. I realised I could describe myself somewhat dispassionately, in a sense I was seeing someone else.

A tallish woman, not as tall as Charles but not far off in high-ish black stilettos. Nearly black tights, I knew from experience that colour was sometimes referred to as Barely Black. A suit, a woman’s suit that is, smart tailored jacket and a matching skirt, a deep blue colour with a pale blue slightly wavy stripe running vertically. Pale blue blouse. Not long fingers but again lengthened by longish and well-manicured nails, red but not bright red, not scarlet or vermilion, a bit of a purplish or bluish tinge.

But my face – well, how do you describe your face when you are seeing it for the first time? Slightly resembling Charles’s maybe but with definite overtones of Michelle, her cute-ish nose certainly. Not surprising since she was my sister, hell, I was her sister too. Nicely done make-up, not too heavy, nice eyes, enhanced by clever blue eye-shadow but not overdone. Hell, I had pierced ears with fashionable large gold earrings, and quite long blonde hair, sort of dark-ish blonde. Overall, well, I wasn’t a ‘babe’ as I used to say, when I’d been a man, the day before. But attractive, certainly.

Put it this way, I’d have dated me. Charles, that is, though in this mixed-up parallel world situation or wherever I was that probably couldn’t ever happen. I mean I had to be one or the other, Charles or Charlotte, both of us couldn’t be there together, could we? Heck, what did I know?

“Charlotte? Coffee’s ready.”

I heard Nigel’s voice calling from the small kitchen area. I went back into the lounge, sitting on the sofa and very quickly taking the chance to have a look in my family album before Mike brought the coffee. I had a strong suspicion about what I’d find and I was right. The newspaper clippings of our birth, the pictures all showed – two girls and a boy. All the editorial was about the three of us as I expected, I remembered many of the articles written about us as we’d grown up, but they now referred to the adventures and escapades of ‘George, Michelle and Charlotte’ Tranter. Somehow I’d known they would.

Mike appeared with the coffee, we sat together on the sofa.

“Charlotte, are you OK now? I mean, you gave us a bit of a shock back there, you looked so pale. I think George and Michelle were worried for a moment. I know I was.”

And he put a hand gently over mine, on my lap. I realised that somehow I’d have to deal with this but not now. I was, in my own mind at that time, a man trapped in a woman’s body. So I’d had quite some experience of male-female relationships but with me as the male. In this situation I really didn’t know how to proceed. Maybe I’d end up lesbian? I just didn’t know. The phone saved me.

“Hello. Charlotte? Jack here, look, George rang, said you weren’t well and wouldn’t be in the office today. Well, I’ve got Mr and Mrs Langton here, about the house in Halesowen. They were due to visit today, I’ve found it in your diary. Thing is, Mr Langton says he’ll only deal with you. He says you know all the details, so we’re a bit stuck. Can you talk to him, I can do the visit, we can sure manage without you today, it’s just this one visit.”

So. I had a job. The same job, in the Estate Agency, clearly Charlotte worked there – instead of Charles. Everything had some sort of equivalence. I remembered the Langtons, though in my own mind I recalled it was Mrs Langton who had been insistent, she would only deal with me – Charles. I told Jack to put him on, Mr Langton that is.

“Hi there, yes, this is Charlotte. William isn’t it? Yes, or course I remember you.”

So I was being Charlotte and doing exactly the same buttering-up process as I had as Charles except this time as a woman. I thought quickly, I really was beginning to snap out of the whole confusion thing. I knew how to deal with him.

“I’m SO sorry, William, I was really looking forward to taking you to the house, oh, and your wife too of course. But I really am not fit for work today. Look, why don’t you go with Jack and see the property today and then call in on Monday? I should be back by then. Then we can go to lunch maybe and discuss it? OK?”

Which is exactly what I’d planned on doing, on Monday, to persuade Mrs Langton to buy the house. OK so I’d have to use my feminine wiles to work on him instead of – you get the picture. And I had two days to work out how to do that. To begin learning to be a woman.

I hung up and looked again towards Nigel. He wasn’t looking quite as worried as he’d seemed earlier but he was still looking towards me. Waiting, I think, for me to make some sort of move or to say something. I realised that I didn’t want him there. I needed to be on my own. To think. But I had to find out a thing or two first.

“So, Nigel, what’s going on then? What’s on the programme today? Anything interesting?”

A bit of a lame question really but I had to start somewhere.

“Well, Charlotte. You are of course, a big event you know. I remember seeing the original feature about when you were born. A big thing, in regional news, you know.”

I spotted that he’d given me a way in.

“So you’ve seen my file then? The sort of thing you do there, things about footballers and singers and celebrities and so on. So what does it say about me then?”

I grinned a little at him, I wanted him to open up, and he did to an extent.

“Of course I’ve looked, Charlotte, that’s my job. And of course I’m especially interested in the T-Ts, one of them in particular.”

I realised the equivalence thing happening again, as I remembered it Helen had a thing for George, in this world or wherever I was it was Nigel who felt something – for me, for Charlotte. I moved my hand to gently squeeze his. Then I let go. I wanted him to talk, nothing else. Anyway, just for five minutes or so that’s just what he did, telling me things I knew about, the fifth birthday party and the celebrations, I knew that had been covered, and several other events too. But in every case a slightly different version of my own memory of what had happened. It did what I needed, filled in the gaps in a freaky sort of way, confirming what I was beginning to realise. Suddenly I felt a bit weary.

“Nigel, thanks for looking after me. But I think I need to rest, try to get over whatever this is. Don’t worry, it’s nothing major. Just a bit of a bug I think.”

He stood up.

“That’s OK, Charlotte. I’ll see you later on anyway at the party. I’d better be getting into the office anyway.”

I moved over – and kissed him. Just gently, just once, on the cheek. I squeezed his hand. I knew that would be the way to do it, to say goodbye for now.

But this was going to be difficult, awkward, dealing with the male-female relationship thing. After he left I went to the fridge and got myself a beer. Well, either Charlotte liked beer or she had got several cans in for guests. She? No, me. I took my can into the bedroom and looked into the tall mirror again. Still me, still Charlotte, still a woman. I put the empty can down.

Slowly, shivering with a combination of excitement and some sort of fear I decided I had to investigate being a woman. I took off my jacket and began to un-button my blouse. I was staring. Hell, I was watching a woman undressing, and it was me. Slowly I un-did all the buttons, looking in fascination at my manicured red-nailed fingers moving under my control as I peeled off the blouse and stepped out of the skirt of my suit. I watched in awe as I gently teased the straps of my pink bra and un-fastened the clip at the front. I shivered a little more at the sight of my breasts, hanging loose. I teased my right nipple.

My breathing became more laboured as I continued to caress both my boobs, feeling the nipples stiffen as I rhythmically pushed and pulled, until the excitement got the better of me. My breasts had firmed up, and the nipples had swollen, they really were very sensitive to my touch. I heard myself beginning to moan in delight. I was beginning to lose control to an extent, something automatic was taking over as I watched my right hand snake downwards into my shiny pink panties, as I felt my fingers begin to massage – my vagina. MY vagina! I was getting very wet! I had to stop looking in the mirror, I just had to lie down on the bed to continue fingering myself, feeling the warm moisture escaping onto my fingers. I was moaning more loudly.

OK, ‘as Charles’ I’d never been averse to an occasional masturbation, and I had always reckoned I did that well, I got no small satisfaction from the ensuing release of sexual tension. But this was something else and somehow it seemed wrong. I shouldn’t be doing this, not with someone else’s body. I shouldn’t be fingering someone else’s cunt. But it wasn’t someone else’s, it was mine, that was obvious. As my fingers gently caressed the folds of my vagina it was me, ME, not someone else, feeling the warm ever-so-arousing flush through my entire body. I felt things begin to happen. I stopped. I lay there for two or three minutes, continuing to caress my new body, wondering whether to ‘finish myself off’. I didn’t.

The phone rang again.

“Charlotte, hi. Sorry I couldn’t ring earlier, are you ok?” I recognised the voice of my sister.

“Er – sure Michelle. Yes, very much better thanks. I was just going to put my head down for a few minutes, to try to rest, to recover fully. It’s just some sort of bug I think, nothing major. Thanks for ringing anyway.”

“Er – is Nigel still there?”

She was fishing, I could still tell by the hesitancy in her voice, she wanted to know what had been going on. Actually it was perfectly understandable, we are sisters after all. Are we? Sisters?

“No, he isn’t, he went about half an hour ago. And before you ask he was the perfect gentleman.”

“Was he?”

She sounded disappointed in some way.

“Shame really, he’s a nice guy, Charlotte. You could do a lot worse you know.”

Which was strange. Very strange. Because the Michelle I knew, Charles knew that is, was always trying to get me – or him – off with Helen, Nigel’s co-presenter on the evening news program. Again, some sort of equivalent situation, the same but different. I spent nearly an hour after Michelle had rung off looking round the house and checking up on the differences, but I just came up with Charlotte-related similarities.

I found my driving licence, my salary statements – same estate agent’s, same salary scale – even my supermarket loyalty card, all printed or labelled exactly as they would have been if I had really been Charlotte. I looked at my own new signature on the card – it was just about identical, C-squiggle Tran-squiggle. I’d intended to practice it, but I didn’t need to.

I was becoming resigned to the truth by then, maybe five hours after that nine-o-clock freaky changeover event. Looking back I’m surprised I stayed sane during that time, so many totally improbable things seemed to have happened or to be happening. I mean, it had to be pretty unique, I’d never heard of anything remotely like it happening before. It’s not the sort of thing you expect, is it? Just going into town in the morning, standing there with members of your family in the morning sunshine, closing your eyes for a moment, and changing gender. Like I said, not an everyday event.

However I needed rest. I stripped naked and put on a light nightdress I’d found in ‘my’ lingerie drawer and crept into bed. And I slept for a couple of hours. Again I’m surprised I could sleep but I did. I felt better when I woke and had a quick shower, being careful not to mess up my make-up as I did so. That was maybe a skill I’d have to learn to deal with. I looked round the bedroom yet again and found underwear and a skirt and a top in exactly the places where I might have expected them to be. I actually enjoyed the dressing process, sliding on nylon tights over my bare legs, clipping a black bra on to hold up what I was beginning to appreciate were very impressive breasts, then sliding on a pair of black stilettos I found in the bottom of my wardrobe.

I was surprised how well I coped with the stilettos, my one and only previous experience with high-heels hadn’t been altogether positive. That was the time the three of us made a guest appearance in the Rocky Horror Show at the Hippodrome, all three of us in black basques and fishnets and very high platforms, and made-up to the nines. I thought I looked OK though at the same time I thought George looked totally stupid. Even though we are – or rather were – identical siblings. Michelle looked totally gorgeous though, I do remember that. I found the photo album again, and found THAT photograph. Not surprisingly it looked different though the caption was very similar – ‘Michelle and Charlotte Tranter, with sister Georgina – at the first night of ….’

I remembered it differently – ‘Michelle Tranter, with sisters Charlotte and Georgina – at the first night of …’

There was that equivalence thing again.

I was suddenly quite hungry. OK, so I had the day off work. I just wondered what a doctor might write on my sick note if I’d had to have one. Gender Confusion, or something like that maybe, whatever that was in Latin. I had a small internal giggle at the thought. There was stuff in the freezer and the fridge but I decided to go out for a late lunch, just a snack maybe. I had to do that sometime.

Obviously I knew the locality, I wondered if I’d notice any differences there. I couldn’t really see any reasons why. I crossed the street to the small café-cum-wine bar, still called ‘Fred’s', at least it wasn’t run by someone called Frederica or anything. And Fred greeted me.

“Hi Charlotte. The usual?”

“Sure Fred”.

I wondered just what my usual was, not a pie and a pint surely. He brought me a glass of white wine, a nice Chablis, a wine I’d always appreciated though I’d never have called it my usual. But I was Charlotte now, not Charles. And a minute or two later Wendy, his wife, appeared from the kitchen behind the bar and presented me with a rather delicious-looking sandwich, tuna in wholemeal bread, with some kind of herb flavouring I didn’t recognise though it was rather tasty. OK, if that was to be my usual I wasn’t going to complain.

Wendy chatted for a few minutes, saying she’d seen a very short clip on the local lunchtime news, me and my sister and brother. She asked me just what Nigel was like, and if he really did fancy me.

“It’s so obvious, Charlotte, I could tell from the way he had presented the items involving you.”

I smiled, chatted, enjoyed myself really, and for the first time had to cope as a female with an unwanted male intervention.

He was a big guy, fat, really, I noticed him out of the corner of my eye just as Wendy had to go and deal with another customer.

“You’re Charlotte, aren’t you? I’ve seen you on the telly.”

Sometimes there are advantages in being a sort-of D-list celebrity, getting priority treatment in restaurants and so on, but there are negatives too. And this was one of them. OK I’d had the experience as Charles but not in my new feminine guise. Frequent interruptions of your private life, people assuming familiarity because they know you and imagine you want to know them, that sort of thing. I mean, I was just sitting there, minding my own business, how dare he start to come on to me in that sort of way? I was surprised, this really was new to me. I wondered if Michelle had ever had a complete stranger approach her in a bar and put his hand over hers.

Luckily I’d finished my luck and my drink. I smiled at him, moved my hand away and stood up.

“Look, I’m sorry, I’m afraid I do have to go now. I’m meeting George a bit later, nice to meet you.”

Which was really a lie, I know, but it served its purpose. I grabbed my handbag and turned, heading for the door and smiling my thanks in Fred’s direction as I left. So. What to do now? I turned left, away from my house and did a little window-shopping in the small arcade next to the café. ‘Annabelle’s’ attracted me, somewhere I’d noticed before but never been into. Well, I wouldn’t have would I? It was a women’s shop, clothes and shoes and scarves and so on. I looked with interest at a blue skirt on a model in the window.

And then I saw a pair of shoes. They definitely did attract my attention. A pair of open-sided stilettos, black, shiny, really very attractive and indeed very high heels. I hadn’t the background experience at that moment to come to a proper judgement as to whether they would suit me or not. But I thought they might and they were in the sale anyway. I went in.

I think it may have been Annabelle herself who served me, she was very nice. Maybe she recognised me anyway, perhaps that’s why she was so attentive. Added to which, as a minor celebrity I would perhaps bring her shop some publicity. I had a bit of trouble dealing with the size, I just didn’t know what size my feet were! But I bluffed my way through that and did try on a pair, and ended up buying them. I coped with the bank card OK, my own version of the ‘Charlotte Tranter’ signature was so very similar to the signature on my card and Annabelle didn’t inspect it too closely anyway. She was just happy to have the sale.

So, bag in hand, I headed back towards home. Just as I turned into my drive I realised. It was the ‘Annabelle’ name which prompted me I think. My car, Antonia. OK, silly I know, but I’d actually given my car a name, for some reason it reminded me of an old girlfriend so I’d got one of those stick-on name labels, ‘Toni’, and stuck it on the dashboard. I had a feeling I knew what I’d find there. If the car was there of course, so what if anything was sitting in my garage?

I turned towards the garage, it looked just as I remembered it. The key on my key-ring fitted the lock, I swung the door open. My car was there, this time exactly as I remembered it, my scarlet soft-top MG, probably my most prized possession. Ever since I’d been a young boy I’d loved the whole idea of sports cars and just after my twenty-first birthday I’d seen this one for sale in a garage I’d just been passing. I moved round the side and opened the driver’s door. I looked inside. ‘Tony’. Obviously. I wondered what he’d been like, I mean, I remembered Toni, medium height, brunette, gorgeous legs and very well endowed. But ‘Tony’? No idea.

I shut the garage and locked it, turning to walk towards the front door. I’d actually been out longer than I’d intended but then again I was having a rather lazy day after my most unusual start. And Michelle was just getting out of her car outside the gate.

“Hi Charlotte.” She looked at my bag. It was obvious it contained a shoe-box. “OK, I can see you’re feeling better, a bit of retail therapy? Are they for the party tonight?”

The party! Of course, the party. I’d forgotten. Not surprising really, with so much else to occupy my mind. The special celebration the local Chamber of Commerce were giving us. Really it was just a bit of an excuse for a piss-up, get some of the local companies there, give them champagne and little things on sticks. Basically the whole idea of the shindig was to try to generate some enthusiasm for regional business and so on, and hang the whole thing onto the peg of the semi-famous triplets and their twenty-fifth birthday. Well, despite my own personal situation I imagined that would be going ahead. But – I had to think, maybe our own arrangements wouldn’t be as I remembered them. I was maybe going to have to carefully quiz Michelle about that.

But she started giving me answers before I’d even started trying to think of subtle questions.

“It is at 8 o’clock, isn’t it Charlotte? I know it’s in the Grosvenor, actually I’m quite looking forward to it, I haven’t been in any of their posh suites. George is picking us up at half-seven, I think he said. Now. Have you decided? Who gets which dress? Let me see.”

I unlocked my door and we went in, Michelle took the bag from me and opened the shoebox.

“Oh thank you, Charlotte. Thank you. I really was hoping you’d let me wear the red one.”

I was puzzled for a moment, then I realised. Logical really, OK so we had two dresses somewhere. Clearly two new dresses – for the party. And since we were clearly the same size – whatever size that was – each of us could wear either.

And I’d been given the choice, but since I’d bought black shoes I wasn’t going to wear the red dress, so she was going to. Simple really. Michelle disappeared into my bedroom for a moment and emerged with two dresses on hangers, and laid them across the sofa. One was red, one was black. So I was right.

“I thought we should get ready soon, Charlotte. John is looking after Maria, they’ll meet us there. And you said you wanted me to help with your make-up. Really Charlotte, you should be more confident you know, after all you are twenty-five now.”

Well, Michelle. I want to get things right — for a special occasion,” I commented.

Hell, what a feeble thing to say. But overall things seemed to be working out. OK so ‘as Charlotte’ I was going to have to go to this party. Really I’d much rather have stopped in and kept on thinking and trying to work things out. But at least I was maybe going to get some help.

“I need to shower, Charlotte. Do you want to call George and check on the timings?”

So I did. His number was correct, of course it was, and indeed he was coming over at about a quarter to eight. His wife and John were going to be taking the kids along later just for an hour or so, leaving the three of us to enjoy the spotlight, and to milk it to an extent. The extra income from appearances and the like did always come in useful. In fact it had gone some way towards buying Toni. Tony, I mean.

I was surprised by Michelle coming out of the bathroom almost naked, especially when she dropped her towel to put on her red bra and panties, I mean, I just had to look, I hadn’t seen my sister naked for years. Well at that sort of age you don’t, do you? I didn’t dwell mentally on the differences in that respect between me and George, it really is different for guys. Charles and George, that is.

But I didn’t get caught out staring, I just followed Michelle into the bathroom, stripped myself and began to get myself ready. This time I did remove my make-up, I remembered about make-up remover pads and conditioning cream and some of those things, the sort of preparation I’d seen several girlfriends involved with over the years. OK so I’d not watched them carefully but I had watched. Specially since on most such occasions the girls in question had been at most partly dressed.

And while I was looking in the bathroom cupboard I noticed something else. A small bubble-pack of pills. I checked the days on the bubbles, Friday’s was missing. OK so I was on the pill and up-to-date. Really I’d no reason to suppose this Charlotte was a virgin, it’s just that – in that sense – I was. A virgin, that is, as a female. I’d never experienced – IT – as a female. I did remember the feelings I’d encountered earlier in the day as I’d laid on the bed, fingering myself. Would I ever?

And how would I react, I mean, was I a lesbian even? I was certainly attracted to Michelle’s body, she looked gorgeous. Which is in fact a very vain statement, we look so alike. But again in a way I could be dispassionate her, Charlotte was indeed a very attractive woman. Like I said, as Charles, I’d have fucked me.

Steadily we dressed together, Michelle and I. Obviously with all the cameras that were bound to be around we had to look good, I realised that. Which was the reason for the two dresses, different colours but very similar styles, short and tight and low-cut. I got yet another thrill when I saw the effect on my cleavage of the plunge under-wired bra I was wearing. Michelle’s tits too were clearly in evidence, though my black dress showed my own bulging boobs even better than hers in her red dress.

I slipped my new stilettos on and posed a little in front of the large mirror.

“Gee, Charlotte, I didn’t realise those heels were so high.”

Michelle looked me in the eye, a devilish grin of sorts on her face.

“Is it Nigel? Is that why? I mean, you do know what those shoes are, don’t you?”

I looked puzzled.

“Those, Charlotte my darling, and if you’ll excuse my language, are real fuck-me heels. So I think Nigel may be getting lucky tonight.”

I didn’t know how to respond.

“And you’re blushing. I’m right, I’m so glad.”

With which my sister grabbed me tightly round the waist. I probably blushed again as our combined boobs squashed together and she gently kissed my cheek.

She didn’t refer to it again. I had to deal with a couple of phone calls, both from friends I knew but both approaching our conversation in a way which just didn’t sound right. Or at least in a way I wasn’t quite expecting. Then Michelle and I, sitting side-by-side in front of my dressing table mirror, sorted out our make-up and our jewellery and so on. Despite my anticipated problems in those areas I reckon I did quite well, even as far as fitting in my earrings into my pierced ears, difficult with my long nails.

Finally we were ready. I have to admit – I looked good. My own impression was confirmed, in no uncertain way, when George arrived.

“Christ Charlotte, you look fucking fantastic. So who’s the lucky man who’s going to be shagging you tonight?”



Michelle and I, almost in stereo, told our brother off for his language, yet again. At least, in whatever sort of dream or parallel world this was, some things hadn’t changed. We both grabbed our bags and George escorted his famous siblings on the short drive to our destination, the Grosvenor Hotel, just across Millennium Square from the scene of that momentous, at least for me, event just under twelve hours earlier.

We went in together, at eight on the dot, to the strains of ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow’. A bit inappropriate I thought, but at least better than our dubious rendition of ‘One-two-three’.

There were some speeches at first, welcomes, thanks for what we’d done for the city and the region, guff about the importance of local links and all that. And then we had to circulate, and drink champagne and have nibbles and so on. Well, at least we were getting paid for it. Actually, no, not ourselves getting paid but the Chamber of Commerce was giving a donation to the charity we’d nominated in return for us pushing the goodwill bus and all that.

John and Samara turned up, with little Maria and April. They were just there for an hour or so, lots of photos ensued and the kids got at some of the nibbles before getting dragged off to bed. The three of us stayed, and Nigel arrived just after nine. I was actually pleased to see him, at least here was someone I’d talked to as Charlotte, basically a ‘friend’. Just before ten he grabbed my hand and led me from the room. I caught Michelle’s eye, she was grinning. I knew then something was going on.

Nigel led me across the hall and into an adjacent empty room.

“Charlotte, there’s something I want to ask you.”

I just hadn’t read it, I hadn’t seen the signs, maybe Michelle knew more about this than I did. But alone together in that room, with Nigel’s hand in mine, I felt happy. I slid my arms round his neck – and I kissed him. Not the peck on the cheek we’d enjoyed that morning, this was much more. Hell, I was kissing a man, and I was enjoying it. I felt his hands move round my back. In response I opened my mouth and thrust my tongue into his, and felt his reaction. Them slightly surprisingly, he broke the clinch and pushed slightly away. His hand went to his pocket and emerged with a small black box. I recognised the style of box, I knew what was coming. No!

I have to admit it – in some strange way I was feeling good. I mean, there I was being hugged and kissed by a man. But at that moment it was the natural thing to do. I’d egged him on a bit, enjoying ‘flirting’ as we went round the room. I can’t blame him, if a girl had teased me like I’d teased him, I’d have been up for it too. But clearly Nigel wasn’t just up for it, as they say. He had – the box.

“Nigel, wait. Please.”

“No, Charlotte. I’ve been carrying this ring around for two weeks now, waiting for just the right moment. Please…”

He wasn’t to be dissuaded. He opened the box, I looked. At, you guessed it, an engagement ring. Silver with one large central stone, a diamond I assumed, and a cluster of about twelve much smaller ones round it. Not that I was ever an expert at that sort of thing, it did look to be a very nice engagement ring indeed.

“Let me….”

He left the sentence incomplete again, he just took the ring from the box and slid it quickly onto the third finger of my left hand. I looked at it, I moved my hand a little to allow it to catch the light, that ring on that finger, MY finger, long nail and nail varnish and all, it indeed did look right. But I couldn’t, not that day. I knew what I had to say was going to be difficult but I really had no choice. Since I still had no idea what had happened to me that morning I just couldn’t say ‘yes’. Could I?

It was still within the realms of possibility that this sex-change thing or male-to-female whatever-it-was or gender transformation was temporary, that the next morning I’d wake up and be Charles again. It was even possible the whole thing was a dream though it would have had to be such a dream, so realistic. Or – well, or something else. I really didn’t know what. I stared at my hand once more. I looked Nigel straight in the eyes. He really was, in a very masculine sort of way – I don’t know why I said that – handsome. Like someone had said earlier, quite a catch.

“Please Charlotte, you must know how I feel about you. I’ve been waiting, hoping things would work out and make this possible. Well, they have. I submitted an idea to the station bosses a few months ago, a regional feature program, looking at couples in the area and how they managed in difficult circumstances, a human interest series. And they like it, Charlotte. This gives me a chance to move away from just the news, into features, maybe even go national. It means I’m ready, not just for that, but to be – I hope – your hus-”

“Nigel. Wait.”

It was my turn now to interrupt him. I paused. He was waiting expectantly.

“Nigel, I’m flattered. And I’m not saying no, Nigel, I do like you an awful lot. And you do mean a lot to me too. But, Nigel darling, I’ve really had a very freaky sort of day. Not just feeling ill this morning, you understand, some other stuff too. Please, let’s just get through tonight. I really should at least sleep on this. OK?”

I took the ring off and offered it back to him. He looked disappointed. Understandable really. He’d been chasing in some way this ‘Charlotte’ person for some time clearly. But, and I just couldn’t tell him, no way, he’d just proposed to someone else, indeed to a man – in a woman’s body. I just couldn’t say yes. But I couldn’t shut the door on him.

“Nigel, please. Ask me again next week. OK?”

He still looked disappointed but had to agree to my request.

“Thanks,” I said.

And kissed him again. It really was such a very nice feeling. My tongue began to explore his mouth once more, we were both groping each other’s body again. But this time I seemed to want to do more. I was thinking logically despite the passion of the situation. I was still a virgin as a female though my body wasn’t. I wanted to do something about that.

I felt Nigel’s crotch press into my upper thigh and moved my right hand down. I could feel the swelling of his cock down there. I pulled him tight and began to stroke it hard as we grappled together. I just couldn’t stop myself, in fact I didn’t want to. I twisted round a little and found his zip. I pulled it down and thrust my hand in, immediately finding and stroking his cock. It was hard. Very hard.

“Oh Charlotte, yes!” was all he could say as I continued kneading his cock with my fingers.

He wasn’t idle either, I felt his hand exploring my bare back, than it found my own zip and pulled it down. I managed to wriggle a little as his hand moved round to cup my breast.

“Nigel, I want you. I want you now” I breathed heavily .”Get my tits out Nigel”

And he did. I remembered the feeling as I’d caressed my own breasts that morning for the first time. Well, this was like that but a zillion times more intense. As his fingers moved across my nipples they hardened almost instantly. I moved away from Nigel a little, we were still standing – inside that empty suite, just a yard or two inside the door. What if someone was to come in? I reached past him towards the door and turned the internal latch to lock the door, then grabbed him by the hand and pulled him towards the sofa.

I turned towards him and briefly and passionately pressed my lips to his once more.

“Do you want to fuck me, Nigel? Here? Now?”

“Oh yes, darling”

So we did. There and then, on the sofa in that empty hotel suite, in the dark with only the light coming in from the moon – and from the illuminated stuff in Millennium Square – Nigel made love to me. For me, my first time, losing my cherry and all that. He was definitely up for it, and I made sure he stayed up, up my cunt that is. Although he actually got my knickers off and penetrated me quickly enough I managed to get him to slow down a bit as he thrust deeper and deeper up me.

“Nigel, do you really want to shag me for the rest of our lives?”

“Oh yes, darling, sure I do.”

“Do you love me, Nigel? Really? Are you sure?”

He hardly paused at all.

“I love you Charlotte.”

“Then make love to me Nigel.”

I dug my nails in his arse and pulled, we both quickened our efforts and within half a minute his hot sperm was shooting deep up my cunt. I loved it. OK I’d had some intense sexual experiences in my twenty-five years, well, the last ten anyway. But this was without doubt the tops. The Earth really did seem to move as Nigel groaned his own satisfaction when he climaxed. Then we just lay there. Satisfied. I really didn’t want to move.

“Charlotte, my darling, does this mean…?”

“No, Nigel it doesn’t. I mean, it means a lot to me, sure it does. I don’t give myself to just anybody you know. But – well, still, I still need to think. So ask me again next week. Promise me you won’t forget.”

“No way!”

We dressed quickly after that, after agreeing to meet for lunch the next Wednesday at the studio restaurant. If I turned up he could propose, because he’d know what my answer would be. Out in the corridor we kissed once more, then he turned and dashed off to the studio to do the late evening bulletin. The Midlands nearly didn’t have any News that evening.

“Well, Charlotte. Did he?”

It was Michelle. I don’t think she’d been waiting there all the time. But she had noticed us coming out together, and our slightly passionate goodnight kiss.

“Did he what?” I asked, in a mock innocent voice.

“Did he propose? I know he was going to, he asked me weeks ago what my ring size is. Bit of a give-away really. So did he – oh my! “

Her voice dropped.

“Charlotte, have you two just had sex in there?”

I smiled. I didn’t say anything but she knew. She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the Ladies. Another first for me. When I looked in the mirror I realised, my lipstick was a mess, my bra straps weren’t properly tucked in.

“Come on, let’s get you sorted. There’s a guy in there wants us to promote some sort of clothing range. It sounds a whole load better than that Chloro-zip gunk we did the advert for. You need to calm down, Charlotte, talk nicely to him. And from your reaction – well, did Nigel actually propose? Did you say yes?”

I looked at my sister. I had to share sisterly things obviously but I wasn’t at all sure how far that went.

“No, I didn’t. I asked him to ask me again next week. I need to think. Can we talk about that tomorrow, Michelle?”

It was clear I was unsure, in some way at least. My sister hugged me.

“Come on, this advertising guy is gorgeous but he’s about five foot two. So don’t laugh, he’s got pots of money to spend.”

We both giggled and rejoined the party. What a day! One sex change, one pair of fuck-me stilettos bought, one potential fiancé fucked. A different day anyway. I checked – it was about ten o’clock, not nearly finished yet. The sex had re-vitalised me, really, I went in search of a handsome short man and a glass or champagne. I found him. Actually he was very nice, very interesting, OK he was short but he had an acute business brain. He’d done his research, come up with something of a gap in the market, designer clothing for the young business man or woman, smart and trendy but acceptable in an office environment. And he’d come up with the idea of using the three of us to promote it, three young professionals, both genders represented, modelling suits and shirts and ties and dresses and shoes and so on.

We spent quite some time discussing this. I got George and brought him into the conversation. After a few minutes, when the guy had left to talk to the mayor, George, turned on me. He’d had nearly too much champagne

“Bloody advertisers, why can’t they leave us alone? Just because you and Michelle have big tits, they get…”

“George. Watch your mouth. And remember, your research grant isn’t very big, you know. The extra money we earn as the T-Ts keeps you afloat. OK so we’re lucky the three of us are triplets and so photogenic, and companies like us. So make the most of it. Hang on, he’s coming back. Just lay off the juice for a while and go with me, we can do well here.”

We continued for a while and swapped numbers. Odd really, in the George — Michelle – Charles world I remembered it was always George who took the lead in business decisions. Here it seemed to be me. Maybe it was just one of the two in the ‘sexual majority’, me and Michelle that is. Anyway this seemed to be a bit of an opportunity. And I needed some extra cash, my car – Tony, that is – needed some work on – him. The party was beginning to thin out, we both looked round.

“Fuck it, Michelle’s been nabbed!” said George, just a little too loudly.

I looked disapprovingly at him, yet again, then turned to see my sister with the Fan Club. Just two of them, I recognised Martina and Sean. Two of the T-T fan club. That’s right, our own fan club. They’d even tried to produce a fan magazine once, then it turned into a News-letter and then just a web-page. I knew them both quite well, at least I had in ‘my’ world. Both – I have to use the word – nerds. People with a bit of an unhealthy interest in the three of us, I mean, we weren’t really that well known. I knew Martina was married. I’d seen a photo once in a newspaper of her in her bedroom with pictures of the three of us, including Charles in my world, plastered over the wall. Sad really.

And Sean was single, worked at something in government research. Tranties, that’s what they are. Not trannies, that’s something entirely different, not Trekkies either but with a similar-ish fascination. I knew I had to rescue Michelle so I went over towards the three of them. She was pleased to be interrupted and drifted away quickly, though Charlotte followed her. Leaving me with Sean.

I chatted for a few minutes while he gushed a bit about how gorgeous I looked and how thrilled he was to be invited to the party. Quite why, I don’t know, but after I’d answered some of his questions about my own position in the estate agent’s I felt the urge to ask him about his work.

“Well, Charlotte. I can’t tell you a lot really. It’s secret government work, on the space program and the universe and parallel worlds and all that sort of stuff. It’s very theoretical. It’s called Blue-Sky research.”

My ears pricked up at his throw-away phrase. Parallel worlds. Secret research. Maybe, just maybe, this had something to do with what had happened to me. Unlikely, but not impossible. Actually, no less impossible than what had actually happened to me.

So I took Sean by the arm to guide him away from the few people remaining and asked him what it was about.

“Well, really Charlotte, I shouldn’t tell you. It’s all hush-hush you know.”

OK so I was unfair. I mean, on one or two occasions in the past I’d used my own celebrity to impress girls, as Charles I knew I was handsome enough. What with that and the reflected glory of the Tranters I’d basically had sex under false pretences several times, with a certain type of girl. The impressionable ones, and usually buxom blondes at that.

But I’d already realised that as Charlotte I was indeed attractive to men, that had become clear throughout the day. And that evening, in a glitzy black dress with sheer stockings and sky-high heels, I knew I could tease, persuade, taunt a man to get what I wanted. OK I’d just used my feminine wiles to get men to fetch me a drink or promise some modelling work or whatever. But this time it was serious.

I moved closer to Sean. He was getting a little uncomfortable. But he was smiling, he was in his element, chatting to one of his idols. I leaned over to speak sexily and quietly in his ear, making sure he couldn’t help looking down my cleavage and smelling my perfume.

“Please Sean, it’s very interesting. So, what can you tell me? I’m sure your bosses wouldn’t mind.”

He was getting excited, noticeably. His breathing was becoming more laboured. But I had to have a go, to do whatever was necessary. Just possibly there was some sort of way out here. I wasn’t massively hopeful but still. I carried on holding his and, just stroking it gently.

“Well, since it’s you. I mean it really is tentative stuff you know, not much by way of immediate obvious applications. But it was really exciting this morning. I should be there now of course but when I got this invite I knew I just had to come here.”

“This morning?” I breathed in his ear. “What happened this morning?”

“Well, it was the blip in space-time. We get it about every twenty-five years. It happened today, right on time, at almost exactly nine-o-clock.”

Now I definitely WAS listening. Some aspects of this were sounding way too familiar.

“But I really mustn’t say any more, I could get the sack.”

“Sean darling, I won’t tell.”

“Er – no, Charlotte, really, I can’t.”

I knew I couldn’t leave it there. OK maybe I was stuck as Charlotte but in some way I had to find out what had happened. And could it ever be reversed? Did Sean really know what he was talking about? I took his hand again and gently led him from the room, grabbing a champagne bottle and two glasses on the way. I managed to get us into the empty room next door without us being seen. This needed some serious thought, some rapid action, and maybe some seduction.

OK so I’d just had sex, with Nigel, an hour or so earlier. But I knew right then that I might well have to do something similar again. I poured us some champagne and encouraged Sean to empty his glass quickly, then filled it up again.

“Sean, darling” I whispered once more as I moved my hands round his neck and began to caress his lips with mine. “Do you know what really excites me?”

“No – er – what?”

“Well Sean, I have to say…..” I was making this up as I went along. It HAD to work. ” ….. when I’m with someone really exciting, like you Sean, what I just LOVE is to – well – it sounds so kinky, Sean, I like to fondle a man’s cock, that’s right Sean, go all the way, while he tells me about his work, about what he does, about something he’s really committed to. I LOVE that, it really turns me on. Would you like that Sean, would you like me to stroke your cock?”

I know, I was really being unfair. Sean was on the one hand in wonderland, being seduced by his fantasy girlfriend. And on the other hand he was probably going to have to break the Official Secrets Act. I regretted it but it just did have to be done.

“Oh yes Charlotte.”

I moved my hand down towards his crotch and undid his zip, exactly as I had done with Nigel earlier.

“So Sean, tell me about this space-time continuum thing. What happened this morning?”

He really was lost.

“Well, there’s a blip – oh – about every twenty-five years. The instruments just go haywire – oh Jesus!”

I was caressing his cock, teasing his lips…..

” ……… just after nine, it’s due to happen again tonight … Oh Christ!!..”

‘Tonight’ He’d said tonight!

I kept on stroking gently, feeling Sean’s penis swell in response to my caresses. For the second time in an hour I said it .

“Do you want to get my tits out, darling?”

Sean had some problems. He wasn’t as composed as Nigel had been but with some help he managed to get the top half of my dress off and to peel back the cups of my bra.

“Oh yes, Sean, please, more …. oh my darling …. you said tonight, when tonight… tell me… oh!!”

Within minutes I had his cock swollen and ready, I knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. This was going to work.

PART TWO: The Spring Break Getaway


Tiffany had Dave’s cock buried in her mouth as he drove to Hayden Lake for a long weekend getaway. It was the Friday night before spring break and they were going for a long weekend at his cabin in Idaho. They were about an hour into the seven-hour drive to his lake cabin he had managed to keep in his divorce. She had gotten bored and had teased his cock from his pants as he drove. The gear selector of his Lexus was pushing uncomfortably into her stomach. It was an awkward position for her, and now she understood why girls did not like giving road head.

However, she did not care. It had been a long day. The teachers and the kids were excited for the weeklong break away from school and whatever they had planned. For Ms. Stepford this meant sneaking away to the mountains around Hayden Lake for four days of bliss with the new man in her life. She had worn jeans to work for the first time all year and a comfortable t-shirt since Dave was picking her up from school and they were leaving early. He had been as disappointed as the teen boys had been in her class that he could not see her legs. When he complained she leaned over, kissed him and wiggled out of the tight fitting jeans and comfy tennis shoes. He smiled at the sight of her dark blue, pin-stripped panties and matching garter-belt clipped to back seamed black thigh highs.

He complained about the loose-fitting t-shirt and that too came off revealing a halter-top thingy that many young women would wear on a summer’s day. It matched her panties and pushed up her c-cup breasts in a delightful presentation for his benefit. She tried starting up a conversation with him, but she soon found she was the only one talking about her day. He was concentrating on the road as she’d noticed he was want to do, and he seemed tired from work and just not talkative. Therefore, once they were out of the metro traffic she turned the radio to the talk channel he liked so much and she hated. She placed a hand on his knee and slowly slid it up, enjoying the feel of his leg through the thin material of his suit pants.

“What are you doing, Tiff?” He asked a surprised expression on his face. She put one finger to her lips as she unbuckled his belt, shushing him. She teased him by slowly making her way up his thigh before unbuckling his belt. She awkwardly struggled with his button, and then slowly unzipped his pants. He squirmed as her soft, warm hands guided his stiff cock out of his underwear. She could smell him; he had left straight from work so he smelled of the day’s toil. She closed her eyes, trying not to think of what the different things she smelled were.

And so here she was, the gear selector poking her uncomfortably in the belly. Nevertheless, she did not care; she was pleasuring the man she had started developing deep feelings for. Her lips were wrapped tightly around his shaft, her tongue dancing along it as she raised her head off and then slurping it back down. She was cleaning his cock of the day’s work as he drove. She teased his balls with the tips of her fingernails; he had surprised her with a gift certificate to an exclusive salon to get a French manicure and pedicure. He groaned at the delightful caress.

She felt his hand on her head, gently caressing her hair. “Fuck, Tiffany…you are awesome.” He said, his voice more relaxed, his mind trying to think of suave things to say to her. She stroked his cock as she slid his cock in and out of her mouth, taking it a little deeper each time. She relaxed her throat; his head was hitting her gag reflex. She knew he was fascinated with the idea of being deep throated, so she was working on getting past the reflex. He smiled moaning, “Good girl, Tiffany…” as she made little gagging noises. The sound of his voice, so longing for her and the pleasure she could give him inspired her to take him deeper. As she gagged, her throat spasmed along his cock.

They passed a semi; the trucker sped up to match their speed after seeing what was going on. He gave Dave a thumbs-up and blew his air horn. Tiffany, surprised by the air horn almost slid off his cock, until she felt it start to twitch. She wrapped her lips around it even tighter and keeping half of it in her mouth licked all the sensitive parts of the shaft she had come to know and love over the past mouth. Within seconds, he was shooting globs of bittersweet cum into her mouth. She swallowed his load, licking his head clean as she pulled off him and sat upright. The trucker was still beside them and as she blushed and shyly waved at the man, he blew his air horn again and Dave, laughing, sped up and passed him.

* * *

It had been a month since their first weekend together. Tiffany had been a nervous wreck the following day at school. Would Dave call her? She hated the three-day rule that was part of every romantic comedy or TV sitcom. So after a long day at work, a long bubble bath, and a long pour of pinot noir wine, she slipped into his shirt and tried to focus on a book in her tall stack of ‘I want to read that’ books. She was just about to give up and turn on the boob tube when her phone rang; she looked at the number and did not recognize it. Normally she did not answer, but she had a gut feeling that she would regret not answering this call.

She almost squealed with delight when she heard Dave’s voice on the other end asking her to dinner. She accepted, her voice betraying her excitement at the idea. After she hung-up, she began to worry about if she had seemed too eager. After all, something clicked between them. She also remembered all the times when she was a guy and calling a girl to ask her out. She had the empathy that only comes from shared experiences, and realized that he was in fact hoping to hear eagerness in her voice. That as much as she was hoping he was thinking of her and wanted to call just call her and not wait…and that he was feeling the same emotions. Why did dating have to be so complicated?

Wednesday night came and Dave took her to an exclusive steakhouse, remembering that she had mentioned being from the Midwest and growing up on farm raised steak. She looked stunning in a little black dress, black nylons, and heels. The evening went great. She found out that he was a very successful investment banker. A guy came around with a selection of cigars and while it was obvious that Dave was a regular customer of the cigar steward, he was nervous. To make him feel comfortable she asked the steward if he had any Pardon 1964 Anniversary edition cigars. She giggled as Dave’s jaw dropped. She found that teasing him could be fun so she continued by expressing a preference for Nicaraguan tobacco over Dominican tobacco. She also talked about reading in a trade magazine how the Anniversary edition cigars had been Box-pressed in the Cuban style. Once over his initial shock that an attractive lady would be conversant in cigars he offered to buy her one. She selected a 5 ½-inch cigar since it would be more ladylike and he selected a 7 inch of the same variety. He was pleased to discover that she had a fine taste in tobacco; the smoke was smooth and the flavor complex and satisfying. In addition, he did not realize until he looked across the table and saw her puffing away on her cigar just how sexy a woman could be. She blushed at the attention.

“Why didn’t you go for the bigger one?”

Tiffany smiled. “Well darling, I thought about it. The 7 inch reminds me of you, but I got mine shorter so you didn’t think I thought mine was equal to yours.” The comment puzzled him at first, then it clicked and they shared a laugh. He was amazed at how easy it was with this woman to forget about ‘it’.

Dinner ended with a glass of scotch each. He told her she could get anything on the menu she wanted. However, she did not want to either take advantage of him or come off as easy. So she deferred to his choice. He ordered two fingers each of a 30-year-old Highland Park. She took her’s over rocks while he preferred it straight. They talked about the finer things of life until way later than she should have been out.

He drove her home, enjoying the feel of her nylon-clad legs as he drove and they talked. His hand never strayed past the lace hold-ups, even though she would not have minded had it did. He opened the door for her and walked her safely to her door. They shared a long, lingering kiss. “Would you like to…um…come inside?” She said, smiling sheepishly.

He smiled. “Tiff, I’d love to. I really, really want to. But I want you to know, I’m not one of those guys who’s all about sex. I like you…And I just want to show you I’m a good guy. Besides…it’s a school night.” He winked and kissed her again. “Good night, Tiffany.” He said before turning and walking back to his car. She turned and went inside; kicking off her heels, she hurried to the window to watch him drive away.

They had gone out several times since then, spending two of the three past weekends together at his apartment. That first weekend after their first date, they did not see each other or talk to each other much since that was his weekend with his son and they were not ready to break the news to him yet. He took her to see one of those supernatural romance movies that were popular with teens and with women in their thirties and younger. She rewarded him with a negligee and an evening of pleasure.

She had also talked with Shelley her T-girl BFF over drinks the weekend Dave had his visitation with Eric. They had also met a new girl who had just moved to Portland from the UK, pretty young blonde named Jane. She was studying abroad and was looking to make new friends in the community outside of the University setting. She had been living as a girl for about the same amount of time as Tiffany despite being more experienced sexually. Tiffany was thankful that, while nothing was official, she was not on the market. Not only was Jane absolutely fabulous and stunning; she had that British accent that was just slaying the men at the bar. Shelley and Tiffany reaped the benefits since anytime a guy sent a waitress over with a drink they bought one for the whole table. Jane did dance and chat it up with some of the cuter or more charming guys, but spent most of her time around her new friends.

The two women teased and congratulated her on her great catch. They also gave her some great advice on some of the more personal aspects of her newfound sex life. Jane told her about ‘douching’ and cleansing herself so she would no longer have to sprint to the bathroom and it would save her no small measure of embarrassment. Shelley explained about prostatic orgasms and the special g-spot girls like them had and that she was lucky to have a guy whose length and curve was just right to tickle the special spot. They also gabbed about such lady like topics as their men’s length & girth, head techniques, and tasting notes on their men’s seed.

Thanks to her friend’s tutelage, their sex life had gotten better and now they could snuggle instead of her frantically making her way to the potty. She also found that she was more relaxed and sex was becoming more pleasure than pain. She enjoyed the intimacy of missionary, but could tell he always seemed a little more sated when he took her doggy style. She found that she took enjoyment in his satisfaction as much, if not just a little more, than her own.

At first, she did not have plans for Spring Break other than grading mid-terms and term papers. Then last Friday he asked her to go to his Lake House with him. She tried not to think of Dave as rich, but she was definitely starting to understand why some women would choose the life of a gold-digger. She wanted to get away; she had moved to the region from Missouri and had heard her grandmother talking about Hayden Lake growing up so she jumped at the chance to go. He offered to spend the week up there, but she thought that maybe that would be too much and she would feel like a gold-digger so she talked him into going up there on a Friday and coming home on Wednesday so they would have four relaxing, stress free days.

~ 2 ~

Dave’s lake house was a log cabin that sat about 100 yards from the lakeshore. They arrived well past dark so she could not enjoy the view, but judging from the sound of the lake softly lapping against the shore it would be beautiful in the morning. He opened the door and after slipping back into her heels, she slid both legs out and taking his offered hand, she stood up out of his car. “It’s a little cool out tonight, would you like my coat?” He said as he took it off.

She smiled and kissed him on the cheek. The cool night air was teasing her nipples erect. Although she knew they were the only people around, she could imagine people in the woods watching her. While she knew she would be petrified to be put on display somewhere public, dressed in nothing but her bra, panties, and stockings she also secretly relished the thought. When she was dating her ex-wife, they had sex on her patio at the Catholic University she had attended as a man. It turned her on then, the idea of someone watching them fuck, her ex’s legs clad in black stay-ups wrapped around her waist. When they were done, she pulled the covers away from her ex-wife’s body exposing her to the world.

“No thanks.” She said and let him lead her to the cabin front door. She could tell he was enjoying parading her in the open even if there was no one around to enjoy the show. He opened the door and she stepped into darkness, using a dimmer switch he turned the lights onto a low, romantic level and led her inside pointing out things like which door was the bedroom and which one was the bathroom. She giggled spying a bearskin rug in front of a fireplace.

He smiled, knowing what she was giggling at as well as what she was thinking. “Well,” he said, sweeping her into his arms. “I’m going to bring everything in from the car.” She started to speak but a finger to her lips silenced her. “Why don’t you pour us something to drink from my liquor cabinet over there and wait for me on the rug?” She smiled. “Oh, one other thing Tiffany…” he said with a naughty gleam in his eye, “since you like to show yourself off…” he reached behind her and unfastened the bra/halter top thingy and slid it off her revealing her wonderful breasts.

He stepped back and looked at his woman. She was beautiful in the dim moonlight. Her long dark hair down, swept back over one shoulder while on the other side she had it draped over her shoulder and breast so that the ends of her hair kissed her nipple. One side of her face was covered by her soft, silky hair giving her that classic seductress look. Her breasts were perfect, full and perky without being over large. She had curves in all the right places, which he knew had cost her a lot in terms of time, money, and effort. She had shapely legs that she was holding in that most femininely awkward pose that women took when they were feeling both bashful and horny. She was wearing a pair of black satin platform pumps that combined the classy upper of a traditional round-toed heel with the one and a half inch platform of stripper heels. It took all of Dave’s inner strength to turn away from her and retrieve their bags.

When he returned she was holding two glasses of red wine she had poured for them. He resisted the urge to just drop the luggage where he was standing and go take her, but he opted to put the bags away instead. He returned after just putting the bags in the closet, putting their clothes could wait until morning. She offered him a glass, but he refused it. “Baby, it’s still a little cold outside. Let me start a fire.” Secretly he enjoyed keeping her standing there holding the glasses of wine. He relished the glimpses where he could admire her perky breasts with erect nipples, beautiful face, or shapely legs that were only enhanced by the heels and the shimmer of nylon. They had listened to a book on CD of a popular BDSM romance on the way up here, which put him in a more dominant mood than normal, and the femininity of her soft and silent submission to his suggestions helped him feel more masculine. Something he would need tonight.

As he glanced at her, his eyes would be drawn to the bulge in her panties. He felt guilty that she seemed to relish pleasuring him with her mouth and tongue; she even seemed to honestly enjoy just holding and admiring his cock. This was something no other lover would do in the past. His first girlfriend way back in high school would only do it in the dark; she did not want to see it. His first college girlfriend would rub him a little as foreplay to foreplay, but not dwell on it much. Lauren, his ex-wife, after awhile and after reading an article in a magazine did start making the effort to admire his cock and say a few quick things she liked about it before taking it in her mouth. Nevertheless, Tiffany on the other hand, would take about five to ten minutes to stroke it and admire the blood pulsing through the dorsal vein. Watch it grow in her warm hands, or rub it against her cheek as if it were an extra-special gift. It was as if she knew what a man wanted. He smiled a nervous smile every time he caught himself realizing why it made sense that she possessed this knowledge.

Tonight, he had decided when he first suggested the lake house, was the night he would try not to be selfish. Tonight, he was going to go down on her. For her part, it was not something she was pushing. She had let him know that she did not have too much desire for her oral favors being returned. For his part, he was developing strong feelings for her and as such, he wanted to return the favor anyway. So tonight, he was going to eat her out. He had to think about it those terms, because it helped him deal with conflicting emotions. He was not a chauvinist or misogynist, but he had found that when he played the strong, dominate male role and she played the supportive, submissive female role he felt more masculine and more at ease with the fact that he was in a romantic and sexual relationship with a transsexual woman. And tonight, he would need all the help he could get.

The fire was warm and comforting as it started to catch. He sat on the bearskin rug and patted the soft fur next to him, letting her know that he wanted her to sit down. She handed him a glass of wine and then slowly sat down next to him. He set his glass down on the fireplace and took her glass, setting it next to his noting which one had the pink lipstick on it. He kissed her, passionately, his hand exploring her breast.

She closed her eyes, enjoying the taste of his lips and the feel of his hands on her body. She was ready to submit to him, to slide between his legs and pleasure him, as only she knew how. Over the past month, she had become intimately familiar with him and his penis. She would spend minutes softly kissing, stroking, and admiring it before sucking on it. It honestly did not bother her that he shied away from her girl cock; it was something that she was working on getting rid of herself. Having once been a straight man, she understood his feelings. Just as she was about to slowly start kissing her way down his neck and chest to her place between his legs; she felt his lips on her neck. His hands tugging her panties down. His soft kiss and tongue on her erect nipples. “Was this really happening?’ She thought as he continued his Southward expedition of her body. Then his lips were at her belly button and still going.

Dave let himself get lost in her body. The smell of her perfume. Her soft, smooth skin. He thought only about those things that made her a woman, and not just any woman…the woman he was falling for. As he slid her panties down, he cringed for a moment fearing the smell of ball sweat and a day’s worth of filth. He knew how much attention he paid to his own hygiene…and he did not consider himself a slob. However, she did not smell as he had feared she would. This part of her smelled like the rest of her, except with a hint of the baby wipes she used to cleanse herself when she used the ladies’ room. He did not look at her girl cock; instead he kissed it, wrapping his lips around it as if he were suckling a clit. He rolled his tongue over her clit head. She shivered and moaned in pleasant surprise.

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