Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and people need to understand that it is for entertainment purposes only. Note that all characters in the story are over the age of eighteen (18) years old. The term ‘teen’ or ‘teenager’ can easily refer to a person who is eighteen or nineteen! I am happy to say that the original story ‘Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos’ has been picked up by director Margo Sullivan and put to film. Hopefully the popularity of these tales will continue both in film and in story format with support and encouragement from you fans!

Story Chronicles thus far…

Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos


A magical idol is purchased in an antique store by a couple, but instead of enhancing their love life, it changes Jennifer into a twisted lesbian who converts her mother, sister, cousins, and aunt into Sapphic love slaves. Her uncle, upon learning the truth about his daughters and wife being changed forever, throws the idol away and commits suicide.

Cursed: Return of the Idol


Jill Watson finds the idol on her lawn and is immediately changed into a manipulative lesbian addict. She converts her assistant, her female clients, her neighbors, and even her own daughter! The last victims are Megan and her daughter Tilly who are being transformed in the midst of an epic lesbian orgy, but Megan’s son destroys the idol at the last minute and the spell is broken. Or at least everyone thinks… The idol’s power has hidden itself away in the eighteen year old body of Tilly Buchanan, who uses it to sexually enslave her own mother in a depraved act of lesbian incest.

Cursed: Spirit of the Idol


The spirit of the Idol of Lesbos embeds itself into eighteen year old Tilly, granting her all the powers of the idol. She squanders the power available to her and finds that not only could the spirit die, but her along with it. The idol explains she must find two women to be living sacrifices while Tilly becomes the vessel. Twins Leslie and Lisa are targeted as the sacrifices, but Tilly has misunderstood. The twins merely sacrifice their innocence, but Tilly literally becomes the new idol, reduced to a metal statue that Lisa and Leslie carry off in the end.

Cursed: Rebirth of the Idol


Chapter 1


The street looked like every other street in the neighborhood. Cars getting washed, hedges getting trimmed, kids playing basketball or catch in their front yards. Occasionally a ball would roll out into the street and a car would have to stop suddenly as to not run over a foolish kid who ran after it. Maple Drive’s street lamps were decorated in bright yellow flyers that could be seen going all the way down as far as the eye could see. Each paper was identical, fixed to the steel poles with blue painter’s tape and flapping slightly in the gentle summer breeze.

The flyers were not for any particular event, but instead were marked prominently with large print:



AGE 18




The rest was all small print indicating an anonymous tip line to contact along with an email address. A black and white picture took up the bulk of the paper showing the blonde girl’s mousy smile.

She was missing for two weeks now, but Tilly was still the talk of the town. The neighborhood was stunned. A High School Senior vanished a week before graduation and seemingly into thin air. Hundreds of students and teachers and parents saw her at the field hockey championship. Surveillance recorded her disappearing into the women’s locker room door. Fifteen minutes later two other girls entered the locker room, but they saw nothing. There were a few people who cried foul, who thought the other two girls were involved, but even if they were, where was Tilly’s body? There was only one door in and out and a teacher walked into the locker room and found no sign of Tilly. Her clothes were still sitting on the bench next to her shoes, her towel still hanging on the ring outside the showers.

Leslie and Lisa Hitch were on the same field hockey team and swore to the police that they didn’t see anything. Their story was that the locker room was empty and they had no idea what happened. They also had no idea what happened to the pipes which inexplicably exploded out of the walls. Tiles flew everywhere and debris was cast all over the showers. The copper pipes literally melted into pools of metal. Tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, and nobody could figure out how it happened. To do the type of damage found, the twins would have had to be carrying sledgehammers and blow torches.

Police searched the locker room from top to bottom, inspecting every locker and checking behind every wall. There were warrants to search the Hitch residence. They found no blood, no tools, no signs of Tilly at all. A female police officer found a strange copper statue of a woman masturbating in their closet, but handling it once caused her to put it back on the shelf and close the door. It was never recorded on any report. That same police officer was suspended for sexually assaulting a female prisoner the following day.

Apologies were made to the Hitch family for disturbing them and that was the end of their involvement. According to the newspapers, Leslie and Lisa Hitch were merely witnesses to a strange act of vandalism and innocent regarding the disappearance of their teammate. And in some ways they were innocent… The sisters had no willing part in Tilly Buchanan’s transformation. They did not destroy the showers. Of course, they knew everything, but even if they could tell the truth or wanted to confess, who would believe them?

Leslie and Lisa Hitch were mixed Hispanic and Caucasian, their light brown skin was flawless and encapsulated perfect youthful bodies. Eighteen and fit from field hockey, the twins had perfectly toned legs and C-cup breasts that made them each a catch. Every male student (and even some of their fathers) could have filled buckets with the sperm they spilled jacking off to the thought of the twins. Both dated, although with graduation done, it seems both girls decided to dump their boyfriends at the same time. Their mom and dad thought it was for the best with college right around the corner, although still surprised.

Today they had their dark brown hair pulled back in ponytails and they wore matching short shorts with tank tops and no bras. As identical twins, the only differences were that Leslie was slightly taller and Lisa had a small birthmark on her belly that was absent on Lisa. Both held onto a strap of a canvas bag that they were carrying up to the market to get some milk. Their father was at work and their mom was home cleaning. They told her they would walk up to the mini-mart and get milk for the house and their mother smiled in gratitude. She didn’t see them put the small metal statue into the bag, nor would she have understood why if she had.

They passed the lamp pole and –just as she had with the other thirty poles- Leslie reached out and tore Tilly’s ‘Missing!’ sign down. With one hand she crumpled it up and tossed it into the shrub of the nearby yard. The middle aged man washing his Audi didn’t bother to scold them for littering on his property. Instead he merely ogled the twins who were half his age and called out, “Morning, girls!”

The sisters smiled politely and waved and kept going, their asses naturally swaying as they went. His eyes followed them till they disappeared from sight. Four minutes later another load of sperm would be spilled on behalf of the Hitch sisters. Leslie pulled another yellow flyer down and crumpled it into a ball, discarding it in the sewer grate.

As they rounded the corner, the twins noticed a girl who graduated with them from High School walking out her front door in a bathing suit covered up by a T-shirt and shorts. Her name was Sarah Thompson and both sisters quickly realized that they wanted her.

“Morning, Sarah!” Leslie and Lisa yelled out simultaneously.

“Hey, Lisa! Hey, Leslie! What are you doing?” she called back, putting her swim bag in the back of the car.

“Just walking around. Enjoying the day. How about you?”

“Going to Greg’s house, then swimming later. We’re trying to make the best of the summer before we go to different schools.” Sarah was about to open the driver door when the twins walked up next to her.

Lisa smiled warmly, “Hey, you want to see something before you go?”

Sarah scrunched her eyebrows together, “Uhh, I don’t know. I guess. I kinda told Greg I’d be over soon.”

“It won’t take long,” Lisa reassured her. “Can we go inside?”

“Yeah, my parents took my brother to some event so if you have pot or something we’re pretty safe.”

Sarah had hung out with the Leslie some Junior year, but really spent most of her time talking with Lisa in their final classes together. The sisters always seemed so well connected to the parties that their somewhat condescending attitude could be overlooked.

“So… What’s in the bag?” Sarah asked innocently.

The twins couldn’t help but grin widely as they pulled out the statue. Leslie held the erotic metal image out for her next victim to hold, “Take a look, girlfriend.”

The puzzled and uncomfortable expression was clear to both sisters as Sarah hesitated to touch the posed nude girl. “Uhhh, I’m cool. No need or desire to touch that thing.”

“Oh come on, we just want your opinion on something,” Lisa pleaded. “We want to know if you recognize the face on the idol.”

“Why would I?”

“Just look at it closely. You might recognize her…”

Sarah felt like this was a setup of some type, a practical joke that she was going to be the brunt of. However Sarah had a tendency to bend to peer pressure, so in a huff she grabbed the idol from Leslie’s hands. The copper statue depicted a girl masturbating, but the face was definitely familiar. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for her to recognize the face of Tilly Buchanan. “You know, if this is a joke it totally isn’t fun- fun- funnnnnyyyy…”

Her eyes closed and her mouth opened. The statue felt so warm in her hands and Sarah gripped it tightly. It was hot now — so hot that it felt like it was burning her, but not her skin. It was her whole body that was burning, set aflame with lust, desire, an unquenchable thirst for…




Two lipstick clad mouths pushed together. Nipples from two girls rubbed against each other. A female tongue lapping at a shaved pussy. The images pounded her imagination relentlessly while two voices drilled into her, one in each ear. Two voices, one goal: to change Sarah forever. One voice was foreign but seemed to know her well. The other voice was so familiar, yet different in tone. One was mature, seductive, impossible to ignore. The other was young, corrupting, twisted and driving.

When Sarah opened her eyes she looked at the twins, but they had changed somehow. They were always beautiful, but now they were exuding an air of sex so thick she could feel it. Their scent touched her nostrils and filled the High School grad with a hunger she had never known.

Leslie and Lisa were touching her, groping her, undressing her right in the living room while she gripped the Idol of Lesbos. Sarah had thought about being with a girl before and had even masturbated when she found some lesbian porn on her brother’s computer, but those were fleeting moments of weakness. She felt guilty afterwards for having homosexual thoughts and for thinking about somebody other than her boyfriend. Now Sarah’s very soul was being turned inside out, her mind remapped to focus on strictly carnal lusts.

“So,” Leslie cooed, “Do you want to go see Greg now?” Lisa was fingering Sarah’s clit in her bathing suit bottom while her twin teased her breasts.

“I- I- I think he can wait for an hour or two… Or five…” Sarah stuttered, her legs shaking as she tried to keep herself vertical. One of the sisters took the statue from her hands, but Sarah still felt the power coursing through her, still heard the voices in her head. Leslie kissed her mouth and the electricity of her first lesbian kiss caused the eighteen year old to moan loudly.



The three were fully naked now, Sarah’s body pressed against the wall, the twins were on their knees taking turns licking her cunt. Yes, that’s what she had — a cunt. A wet sexy cunt that needed a girl’s tongue in it. Greg had licked her down there before, but it was nowhere near as pleasurable as what she was experiencing now. Occasionally Leslie and Lisa would stop their tongues from stimulating her pussy to dance with each other. It was so perverse, watching twin sisters actually kissing. Did they have sex each other? Of course they did! Hot, dirty, lesbian sex, and they chose her to share their wicked sessions. Sarah felt so privileged to know she was selected to be with such stunning beauties, to have them begin her new, better life of true sexual gratification.

Leslie was reaching back and fingering her sister’s cunt from behind as Lisa sucked expertly at the fresh pussy. It was so marvelous to watch the Hitch sisters in their erotic act of depravity while being simultaneously pleased by them. Never in her wildest dreams or most private conversations had the thought of two sisters being with each other crossed Sarah’s mind, but once seen it was impossible to look away. The mirror image girls licking her, touching each other, and sharing their perverse act with her!

How many girls had fallen victim to their lust? Five? Ten? Twenty? Thoughts of an ocean of female flesh spreading across an endless room filled her imagination. The images came from the idol –Sarah was sure of it- but it mattered not. She welcomed the idea of an eternal intertwining of soft legs and sexy faces and round asses to touch and caress and enjoy. It was her new life long goal, and to think it was beginning here with these gorgeous twins!

Sarah thrashed her head to the side, the orgasm taking her motions over and knocking a picture frame from the wall, sending it crashing to the floor. She looked down at the family portrait briefly before Lisa pushed it off carelessly to the side.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” a voice called from down the hall. Lisa, Leslie, and Sarah all pivoted quickly to the side to see who had screamed out. Megan Thompson, Sarah’s younger sister had walked out of her bedroom wearing her headset, the blaring music masking the sexual sounds from the living room. However no amount of music could have hidden seeing her sister engaged in a Sapphic three-way.

Leslie stood up, “Who the hell are you?”

Sarah stammered, “Th- that’s my sister, Megan. I never got a chance to tell you that she was home.”

Lisa stood up and walked slowly toward Megan, “Hmm, looks like we get a two-fer today.”

Leslie joined Lisa in the hallway, “Oooh, and she’s so cute too. Sarah, grab the idol.”

The eighteen year old did as she was instructed and took the Idol of Lesbos from the counter. It was still warm to the touch, warm like a living, breathing person existed within. Sarah trailed the twins, watching her sister’s eyes dart back and forth, consoling them all in fear that she wouldn’t tell anyone. Megan walked slowly backwards, taking a trepid step for every step the twins drew nearer, not understanding what was happening but instinctively knowing she wanted to get away. But Sarah knew the layout of the house and with clarity of focus that there would be no getting away for Megan.

Megan broke into a run and fled to her room screaming, the twins in hot pursuit. The Hitch sisters were holding Megan down on her bed, looking up at Sarah with encouraging eyes. Megan’s struggles subsided as she locked gaze with her older sister in the doorway. “Sarah, what the hell are you doing? Wait! Please, I don’t know what’s going on but you need to stop this! It isn’t funny! I swear I’ll tell mom and dad if you don’t let me go!”

The old Sarah was fading, the part that was telling her that this was her family and that what she was doing was wrong.

‘Go to her.’—-’Fuck her.’

‘Educate her.’—-’Use her.’

‘Pleasure her.’—-’Make her your bitch.’

The voices in her ears, the images in her mind; things that were done, things that were to be done. All of it made Sarah gasp in excitement as she approached her sister.

“Don’t worry, Megan,” Sarah soothed, “You’ll love every moment of it…” Sarah crossed the threshold of her sister’s room and closed the door, excited to open a new chapter in her sister’s experience, and her own.

I was sitting on the bleachers at the gym, watching the cheerleaders practicing. I regularly watched them practice. They always knew I was there and that it was harmless. I wasn’t stalking them or anything creepy like that. I had just always wanted to be a male cheerleader and my school didn’t allow men on the cheer team for some reason.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I must have spaced out because I didn’t hear anyone come up behind me. It was my girlfriend, Jane. She’s the sweetest girl in the world. She always supported my interest in cheering and would come sit with me to watch the team. She had been on the team the prior year and always enjoyed it, but needed to focus on her academics this year, so she couldn’t afford to put in the extra time. She was still friends with most of the squad, however. She was so lucky to be able to participate. I was always a tiny bit jealous.

“Hey, Josh! They look good out there today, don’t they? They’re really getting those moves down. You think they’ll make it to nationals this year?” She knew the moves as well as I did and probably knew the answer to that.

“I think so. I just wish I could join them to give them a hand getting there.”

“I know, sweetie. I’m sure they appreciate your support, though. It’s all you can really do for now.”

As the practice ended, all the cheerleaders saw me watching, as they always do. A couple stopped by and said hi. We all chatted for a bit and I excused myself to head out. Jane stayed behind to talk to a couple of the girls a bit longer and met me outside shortly after.

The two of us headed home and had a relaxing evening together.

The next day, Jane and I headed in to school and Jane asked what my plans were for the day.

“I think I’m going to watch the cheerleaders practice again. If I can’t participate, at least I can study their routine. Maybe one day they’ll let me in.”

“You really aren’t going to give up on this, huh?” Jane let out a sigh. “Well, then as a slightly late 18th birthday gift, I got ahold of these for you. Just take one an hour before they begin practice and slip in to this outfit.”

She handed me a bottle of pills and an outfit that looked just like the multi-colored cheerleading practice leotard. I gave her a funny look and she smiled back.

“I worked something out for you. Just trust me.”

I felt butterflies in my stomach. I gave her a hug and ran off to class.

After class, I made my way down to the locker rooms as quickly as I could. I had just a little over an hour before practice would start and I wanted to make sure I was ready. I slipped in to the leotard, which was a little tight in some places and a bit loose in others, but I figured I didn’t care because this was my opportunity to practice with the team! I did notice, however, that it really showed my package. I hope none of the girls are uncomfortable with that. I then took out the bottle of pills and took one. I wasn’t sure what they were for, exactly, but again, I didn’t really care if that’s what it took to participate in this.

I looked at the clock and realized I actually had a while to go until practice would start, so I could study while I was waiting. I pulled out a book and grabbed a spot in the corner where I could get some work done. The locker room was empty, so I didn’t have to worry about any extra noise there.

As I was working, I realized my leotard seemed to be getting a little more comfortable. I figured it was just forming to my body a little more, so I didn’t think too much of it. I only had a few minutes to get my work done now and couldn’t be bothered if I wanted to get to practice on time.

I finished my work just in time and packed up my work. When I stood up, I almost fell over. I was completely off-balance for some reason. Catching myself against a locker, I realized I wasn’t standing as tall as I normally did. I looked down and realized what had happened. My body had transformed. The leotard wasn’t forming to my body. My body had changed to fit it! I had grown large breasts and when I felt my crotch, it seemed there wasn’t anything there either! This must be how Jane got me in. I didn’t think this sort of thing was possible, but I didn’t want to be late for the practice, so I ran out to meet up with the team.

I could feel that my hair had gotten longer as it brushed my neck when I was running. My breasts were bouncing a little on my chest and it was taking some getting used to. As soon as I got on the floor, I saw Jane in the stands. She waved at me with a big smile. She must have known this was going to happen! Almost immediately, the head cheerleader, Rachel, came over to say ‘hi.’ She gave me a big smile and whispered, “I guess the pills really worked?”

Rachel turned to the team and shouted, “Everyone, this is Lacy. She will be joining us for the rest of the season. Please welcome her and wish her the best!”

When everyone came over to greet me, I started talking with them and realized my voice was much higher than before. One girl made mention of how ‘cute’ I was. I hadn’t even had a chance to look in a mirror. I wondered what I might look like?

Rachel got up in front of the group and started leading us in our stretches. I hadn’t had an opportunity to explore my new body, so I was trying to get used to it as I went. I could feel the suit against all the new parts of my body and was having a little trouble concentrating from it, but I fought my way through. The cheering routine, once we started, was actually the easy part. I knew everything by heart and barely had to be taught anything, other than needing a little help balancing here and there because of the large breasts that I was still getting used to.

Some of the girls asked me if I would like to join for an after-practice outing they usually do at a local chain. Rachel and Jane came up to me before I could respond and pulled me away.

“These pills don’t last long, from what I’m told, so you may want to skip this for tonight,” said Rachel.

Rachel and Jane were about the same age (both just turned 19) and had known each other a long time, so I learned to trust Rachel and wouldn’t question her judgement.

I nodded and Jane and I said our goodbyes. I agreed to be back the next day and we headed out.

Once in the car, Jane gave me a kiss on the lips. “You’re cute like this. How was practice?” she asked.

I looked down at myself and blushed a little.

“Practice was so much fun! You’re the best girlfriend I could have ever asked for! I can’t believe you did this just for me! Doesn’t it make you a little uncomfortable that I’m a girl?” I stopped when I realized I was acting awfully giddy. My personality must have changed a little with the pills as well.

“Oh, that’s weird,” she said.

At first, I thought she meant my response, but then I realized she meant seeing me change back. I could feel the leotard tightening again and I saw my penis bulging through the material.

“Oh, yeah, that is really strange. And it feels really odd,” I told her. “But this will work every time? Can you get me enough of these pills to last the season? And are you sure these are safe?”

“Well,” Jane said, “Rachel gave them to me the other day. She got them from a friend of hers’ and didn’t seem to know much about them, but she really wanted you on the team. So, if you’re willing to take the chance, I believe she can get you as many of these pills as you need. But she doesn’t think the rest of the team would like it if they found out, so you have to be careful!”

“Well, let’s keep doing it. I had a lot of fun tonight and you’re the best girlfriend in the world for this!”

When we got to my place, I changed back in to my clothes from the day and made my way inside, where my parents greeted me. Jane headed to her place for the night.

Again, the next day I went through my day and anticipated practice afterwards all day long. I was so excited to finally be practicing with the squad! I knew I could help make a difference and help them get to nationals.

When classes let out, I ran down towards the gym again. I remembered not to head to the boys’ locker room this time. I didn’t want to take the chance someone would see me. I slipped out back of the school, took the pill, and got changed. This time, though, I wanted to see what I looked like! I never had the chance the day before because I was so rushed.

After a few minutes, I felt myself growing in to the outfit again. I never thought I would get used to that feeling. There was a small amount of pain in my crotch as it rescinded inside me and the weight on my chest began to grow. My hands were smaller and I could tell I was standing shorter than before next to the building.

I had enough time to go inside and check myself out. I headed towards the bathrooms and almost headed in to the boys’ room out of habit. I managed to catch myself and head to the girls’ room. I felt so awkward and was a little worried someone would know. Fortunately, there was only one other girl in the bathroom and she didn’t recognize me.

When I walked up to the mirror, I couldn’t believe what I saw. The girl standing there was incredible. Long, thick, hair that was a jet black color. Beautiful green eyes. My face had much softer features, including a more rounded nose and incredible, full lips. I had clearly become shorter and my chest had filled out quite a lot. If I had to guess, I would say at least a C-cup, if not D. Turning around, I also look a look at my butt. My hips had widened a little and my butt was filled out. I was absolutely stunning! I would have never expected this! Unfortunately, it was getting close to practice time again, so I made my way to the gym and joined the team.

“Did you change back alright last night?” Rachel asked me.

“Yeah, actually. Everything seems to be working perfectly. I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity!”

“Just don’t mess it up! You did fine yesterday, but you’ve got to get your balance.”

She was right. My breasts were definitely something I was having trouble getting used to, but I knew I could work on it with some practice.

I was able to get through the rest of the week without a problem. Practice was every day after class and I took the pills and joined every day. After practice, I would always change back and there didn’t seem to be any issues. I was getting used to my female body and Jane was fully in support of me enjoying my time with the team.

Thinking ahead, I realized that if I was going to be a girl when I was with the team, I might eventually need access to some women’s clothes. Better safe than sorry, right? Being the weekend, I decided to ask Jane if we could go to the mall and pick out some clothes. She agreed with the plan and told me to take a pill before she picked me up, so I could try things on.

When Jane arrived, I had already taken the pill and was in the middle of transforming. She came in and had brought some clothes I could use until we got something more fitting. Thinking ahead, she had picked out a cute jean skirt and a top that didn’t need a bra, but could handle a large chest, since she wasn’t as large as I was. I slipped them on, along with my favorite pair of her underwear. A lacy white pair with red hearts. I found it amusing that she brought those for me to wear, but I guess it was fitting.

Before leaving, Jane looked at me and said I looked amazing. She gave me a hard kiss on the lips and grabbed my chest.

“I think you’re great like this. It’s almost too bad you don’t stay this way.”

“I don’t know if I could handle this full-time,” I said. “I’m kind of glad I can change back after. I’ve started to notice the guys who come to the practices just to check us out and it bothers me a little bit.”

Jane raised an eyebrow. “So, you aren’t attracted to guys when you’re like this? Usually girls are a little flattered by guys doing that, even if it does get old.”

“I haven’t really thought about it, but no, I wouldn’t think so. You’re the one I’m in to!”

“Well, we’d better get to the mall before we run out of time.”

Arriving at the mall, Jane was really excited to find me something to wear. We went from shop to shop, picking out an assortment of clothes. I had some money put aside I was able to spend on this, which worked out nicely. I had my bust size measured. I was right, 34D. I was able to pick out an assortment of bras. I tried on all different styles. Push-ups and padded weren’t necessary because of my size, but I found plenty of underwire ones that took the weight off a bit and I grabbed a couple strapless, just in case. I never realized what a selection there was! I grabbed a pink one with a lace trim and a low-cut blue one that just barely covered my nipples, which I found for the first time had grown and darkened a bit.

I had never seen myself naked before as a woman and I looked even more amazing than I did with clothes on. My nipples had grown and darkened, as I had mentioned before. They were just a little bit puffy, but it was cute! My stomach was flat and had a slightly elongated belly button. My vagina was hairless and, from the outside, just looked like a slit between my legs. Nothing was showing otherwise, unless I spread it open, but I tried not to be too sexual about it. My own body was turning me on a little, but I didn’t want Jane to know that. That wasn’t the point of all this!

After finding some panties to match the bras I had picked out, Jane and I headed to the women’s clothing stores. We picked out dresses, skirts, shirts, shoes, and some jeans that really showed off my body. I was having a lot of fun trying on girls’ clothes. Jane gave the thumbs up or thumbs down on everything I tried on, but we seemed to share a lot of the same taste. She loved the outfits I was picking out.

We knew I generally got about 4 hours out of one pill, so we were careful about timing and had brought a pair of men’s clothes for me to wear home. When we were approaching the time limit, we left the mall and headed back toward my place. It was a little bit of a drive to get home, so I figured I would probably transform back in the car. I switched out of Jane’s clothes and back in to my own and waited for the change. 4 hours passed and I was still a girl.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “Why haven’t I transformed?”

“Maybe it just takes a little longer sometimes.”

We waited a bit longer. We went to a drive-thru and got some food while we waited. I couldn’t go home like this, after all. As we approached the fifth hour, I finally felt myself changing back.

“Just a fluke, I guess. I was worried for a minute.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t keep taking those pills? What if you get stuck like that?” asked Jane, a little worried.

“I can’t quit the team, though! They’re depending on me now! I’m sure it’s fine. It was only an extra hour. Plus, that will let me go to the after-practice parties!”

All the next week, I started to keep an eye on the amount of time I was transformed. I noticed it seemed to be a couple extra minutes every day, but I knew that just meant I would have to be careful about taking the pills. This was allowing me to go to the after-practice parties and I got to use my cute new clothes Jane and I had gone out to buy.

I was finally starting to get used to the way my female body felt and was getting pretty comfortable in it, as I was seeing it almost every day now. The practices were rigorous, but to me it was completely worth it. I was finally doing what I had always wanted to do and cheering with the team!

Fortunately, Jane was completely comfortable with all this and always stayed by my side, even at the parties. She even seemed kind of attracted to my female figure.

After a few weeks, we were finally getting down to nationals. They were out of state this year. I was really worried about how to handle this. Jane and I figured we could go together and get a separate hotel room to handle the nights, but I didn’t know how to handle the trips during the day. I was transforming in to a girl for over 7 hours at a time now, but I always changed back. If I was on the road with the rest of the girls or at dinner with them when I started to change back, we could have a big problem. The only ones who knew about this situation were still Jane, Rachel, and I. And, unfortunately, I was starting to run low on pills and Rachel couldn’t get any more just yet.

When the day rolled around, I took my pill, got showered, put on some makeup, and slipped in to a cute neon green bra, a matching green thong, and a low-cut purple dress that hugged my body and stopped just above the knees. Jane helped me brush my hair and put it up in a ponytail. The two of us hopped in the car and met up with the other girls. By the time we met up with them, it had already been a few hours and Jane and I knew I wouldn’t make it more than 8 hours as a girl. I only had 2 pills left and wasn’t sure what to do. We asked Rachel if she had gotten ahold of any, but she said she couldn’t get ahold of her friend. We figured we would just take our chances.

After arriving in town without a hitch, a group of us girls went to the mall. I noticed some guys checking me out and I was a little bit flattered. They were cute, but I was with Jane and wouldn’t want to make her jealous. The thought of them on top of me was getting me a little wet, though. I pulled Jane in to the bathroom and pressed her against the wall. I couldn’t take it. I needed to get off, but I had never done that as a girl before. I had always been too preoccupied with cheering to have time for it. I pressed my lips against hers’ and slipped my tongue in to her mouth. She grabbed at my chest and we made our way in to a stall. She pulled up my shirt and bra and exposed my bare breasts, which bounced a little from the force. My nipples were hard and Jane immediately wrapped her tongue around one of them. The sensation was incredible. I could feel my panties getting more wet every second. I took her hand and pulled it to my crotch. She started rubbing my clit and slipped one finger inside the panties and inside me. Then two. She pushed toward the front wall of my insides and I let out a quiet moan. This must be my G-spot. I had hit Jane’s plenty of times, but I didn’t know it was this good! Jane then kneeled down and pulled down my underwear. She started licking my clit while her fingers were still inside me. Her other hand was holding me against the wall and massaging my breasts. I was in a state of pure ecstasy! After a few minutes, I felt myself start to quiver and my whole body tensed up. The orgasm was amazing!

After this new experience, I sat down for a moment and slipped my clothes back on. Jane smiled at me and kissed me again. I knew she was attracted to me like this and I was still attracted to her. It seemed the pills didn’t do too much to that part of me.

As we were walking out of the bathroom, Jane stopped me suddenly.

“You’re changing back,” she said.

I looked down and saw my chest shrinking. I didn’t have any options here. I would have to take another pill. I quickly got it out and swallowed one. My body immediately stopped the change and reverted faster than normal. I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and got a little bit of a headache. My stomach started to hurt a little as well. I closed my eyes tight and Jane held me up. After a few moments, the pains went away and I seemed to be fine again. I didn’t think too much of it, considering that everything that was happening was a little weird anyway, so this was probably normal.

We carried on with the rest of our day and everything seemed to go smoothly. The pill was keeping me female long enough to stay out with the girls until we were all tired out and I had one left for the competition the next day. I figured if I timed everything correctly, I would be fine with just one more.

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