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The days since meeting her sister went by slowly for Jessi. She was constantly busy at work as she got her paper done and submitted to the medical journal. It was well received and she got the formal dinner circuit for a while and she was always happy for that; free meals, drinks, and maybe even a doctor or two to play with. Sadly this time she met no one good enough, or even swinging that way to play with. She simply shrugged it off and went home after the eight days of the circuit. She knew at home she could easily check her emails and find a toy to play with.

Jessi, for the better part of two years, had gone into the underground circles of the local BDSM scene. She was well received, though not at first. A mistress of one of the clubs thought she was a sub herself. That same mistress was shocked when Jessi had her bent over and secured to a wall being pounded mercilessly. Needless to say she got a laugh out of it. The mistress didn’t and her tenure at the club didn’t last that long. Jessi did find a home with an exclusive club and soon she made a decent circle of toys to play with. A lot of them were simple, but a few made themselves her favorites.

As she walked into her house she saw the phone blinking as it had a message on it. She smiled as this was the phone one would dial for their mistress to answer. She picked up the phone and checked the messages.

“Mistress it’s Armand. I was wondering if your lowly servant could be graced with your loving presence. I have been as good a boy as I can, Mistress, and I need your help to keep me that way. Please let me know if you feel I am worthy to be seen.”

Jessi smiled at the pleasant request and touched her memory options. A quick call to his cell and she let it ring in the pre arranged signal. She had them all know that if they saw the number to let it ring two and a half times then she would hang up. If it did that she would see them, if she let it ring until voice mail she wouldn’t. She let it ring two and a half times and ended the call. The number was restricted, but her subs could see it and knew at once their mistress was calling. Once that was taken care of she went to her bedroom to change. She knew Armand had a particular leg and nylon fetish and tonight she had a special treat for him. She went to her room and stripped totally. She set her clothes on the hangers and put them in the dry clean section of her closet. Tomorrow Allison would be by to take them to the cleaner.

Of all her subs, Allison Edwards was her most loyal. The breaking in college didn’t stop with the time she fucked her silly in front of her ex lover Tyrone, it went on throughout the rest of their time in school. Allison still had many boyfriends, but only ones Jessi allowed. There were several that quickly learned a price of fucking with her as Jessi would turn the tables on them. For Jessi it was always amazing how quickly most would break. Sometimes she didn’t need to do much for it to happen either. Aside from her times making people beg and plead her, Jessi made short work of her schooling. From the time she felt her mother’s last wish of her getting up and going till she graduated she never stopped her pursuit of excellence. While not the top of her class, she was in the top three and they were all shocked when she, instead of going to medicine, went to psychology. She walked the aisle to the podium and a smirk came to her face as she realized something no one else knew. Her graduating class had a suddenly high number of new bisexual men for some crazy reason and Jessi could only smile wisely as to why.

As she smiled at the memories she began to dress for the evening. She went into her upper drawer and found the simple item needed for this evening’s fun. She slipped on a pair of shiny tan pantyhose. She pulled them up her long legs and got herself situated. After they were secure she walked to her drawer again and found a bright pair of orange shorts. She put them on and secured her still limp cock. Sitting on the edge of the bed she put on a pair of white socks. Then she went into her drawer and found the white T shirt with a certain logo. She put on the shirt and it did wonders for her cleavage. It was slit in the right spots to maximize the effect of her 42 E cups. She let her hair out and shook it so it was a wild mess. Seeing the effect in the mirror she smiled. Lastly she put on some simple white tennis shoes and waited.

As she waited she looked at the picture on her vanity. She tilted her head to let her eyes focus in it then walked to it. As she approached it she felt a strong pull of the picture and picked it up. It was a picture of the last gathering with her and her sisters. In the middle of it was the woman who had made Jessi the powerful woman she was becoming. She lovingly touched the image of the woman and smiled as her mind went into itself and a memory of the past flooded her consciousness.


The blubbering man was done and she knew it. He whimpered and cried as she untied him after the safe word had been spoken. She was miffed as he was supposed to be a strong one, but broke easily like all the others. Jessi tilted her head as the man crawled to her feet and lavished her boot heels in thanks for his pleasure, but she was angry.

“Get dressed and leave,” she said flatly.

“Mistress?” he questioned.

She said nothing as she turned on her heel and walked away. For over three months she had not found a sub that could handle her, let alone one that would call her back. Sighing she unzipped her boots as he left the room. She stepped out of them and sat in the chair and brooded. She had to pay more than one thousand a month in fees to be a mistress in the club, and it seemed like she had wasted the money. As she sat and cracked her toes she felt semi disgusted. There was a long list of people who were in the clubs and not a one that would be of use to her. Deep down in her soul she longed to find a couple, or even just one sub that would come back to her. But lately she couldn’t find a single one to last more than ten minutes with her.

Jessi was about to leave when the door signal sounded. Sighing she got back into her boots and zipped them up. Her heels clicked to the door and as she opened it she saw a pair of solid men standing outside of it. They both stood six foot one and were bald. They had intense blue eyes that burned with a smoldering fury. The thing that got her attention was they were identical twins.

“Our Goddess wishes to speak with you, Mistress. Do you relent?” one of them asked her very politely.

“I suppose,” Jessi said in a very undignified repose.

“That was not as polite as you should be, Mistress. Our Goddess is a refined lady,” the other growled.

“Then you can tell her to go to hell!” Jessi said harshly and went to slam the door.

The movement was stopped by a simple hand strike into the door by the left one. Jessi was stunned by the quickness of the movement and the strength behind it. Her eyes bulged as before her normally fast reflexes could kick in the door was shoved open and the men barged in. She tried to fend them off, but they were obviously well trained in some form of martial arts. She was taken and roughly slammed over the horse. Before she could resist any further she was spread eagle and secured face down. One of them pulled her hair back so she could look up.

“Behold your Goddess enters the room. Hold your tongue in her presence unless she speaks to you!” he said loudly and formally.

Jessi’s eyes widened in anger, then in fear as the other went out the door and stood to the side of it. A few seconds later she heard the faint click clacking of heels as they entered the hall. The smoothness of the sounds made her tense up in fear as she couldn’t move. The men obviously knew how to tie a solid knot and if they were the servants she was terrified to meet the Goddess herself.

The sight that greeted her was a stunning one to behold. The woman stood no more than five foot nine. Her graceful body was a very sultry one. Her smooth skin was a luscious creamy mocha and her long hair was permed straight behind her. The rich lustrous brown of it made her stunning sapphire blue eyes shine in the light. Her full lips were a graceful red and her smooth gaze made her tremor. The stunning woman wore a simple black skirt and a white blouse. Her long legs were graced with sheer stockings and her lovely feet were perched in black velvet five inch heels. The woman walked towards her with an ethereal grace and smiled a pleasant smile.

“Well now darling. It seems you are in a very unpleasant situation,” she purred.

The stunning woman’s voice was a very upper crust English accent that flowed like silk along her skin. Jessi was shaking as her soft hand tilted her chin and looked into her eyes. The woman smiled at her filling her soul with dread. The warmth of the smile made her suddenly think of her mother’s the way the warmth of it replaced the feeling of dread in her. The feelings were quickly replaced with ones of safety and security.

“Now it was very rude of you to rebuff me without even hearing the rest of my man’s offer. I can’t abide rudeness and now you need to be punished for your infraction,” the woman said gracefully.

With a snap of her fingers the men went into action. Jessi was stripped down to nothing but her panties before her eyes could register it. The men were obviously experts at the arts of BDSM and it showed. She was shaking as one of them went to her panties and she suddenly was afraid of showing herself to them and she struggled. The man holding her panties looked to his goddess and she shook her head.

“And what is it that makes you afraid of being without?” she asked in a very interested tone.

“Please… I can’t…” Jessi tried to say, but the woman cut her off with a finger to the lips.

“I wonder why it is you are afraid, sweetie. Let’s find out then. Tyler!” she ordered and the man ripped the panties off her.

As he did Jessi felt her cock spring out and it was semi hard. The woman laughed and stalked behind her. Jessi shook as the woman took hold of it and stroked it a few times. Jessi groaned loudly as she did and couldn’t help it when she started leaking.

“Impressive darling…Very impressive. It seems you are a beautiful woman with a bit extra. I do like surprises,” she purred as she let go of Jessi making her groan loudly.

With a snap of her fingers the man in the hallway came back in and opened his suit coat. Inside the waist was a black and red flog. It had beads on the edge of it and looked very wicked. He took it off of his hip and handed it to his Goddess. She took it and smiled thankfully at him. Jessi was shaking even more as the woman walked behind her and looked at her ass.

“Such a lovely body you have darling. It will be a shame to mar its perfection,” the woman purred.

Jessi felt the thongs of the leather slid up her ass and shook as it did. She was never in this position in her life and it terrified her. A playful swat with it made her yip and a smile came to the woman’s face. Another swat made her cry out as it stung profusely.

“I think you have two choices in this matter darling. One: you apologize for your rudeness to my men and take ten lashes. Or two: you accept the one hundred fifty lashes and they enjoy your screams of pain. It’s your choice darling and you had best make up your mind before I do it for you,” she said in a very dignified tone.

“I’ll apologize to them,” Jessi said, her voice shaking.

“Well as we are at two now I think the ten will be simple. Now for each slap you must ask your Goddess for it. Let me hear it sweetie,” the Goddess declared.

“Please Goddess, please make me a good girl,” Jessi begged

The lash cracked again and again making Jessi cry out and whimper. The woman was a master of it and it showed as she made her beg for each lash.

“Good girl. You know how to be polite. That is an admirable trait darling, but now you have to learn to hold your tongue and not lash out at people when you’re angry. My men came with a simple offer to you, and you got snotty with them. I think they deserve much better and you are going to give it to them, aren’t you?” she said in a final tone.

“Yes ma’am,” Jessi said humbly.

One of the men ripped her hair back making her scream and got into her face. His scowling visage showed his displeasure in her response. “That’s Goddess!” he hissed.

“Yes Goddess!” Jessi cried out and he let go of her.

“Well now. It’s time to make amends for your rudeness. Now if you would be so kind,” she purred and snapped her fingers.

The men got evil smiles and began to take off their coats. Jessi was terrified as they took of their shirts and the well sculpted bodies came through. Their bare chests held various tattoos and piercings. They smiled hungrily as they undid their belts and Jessi soon realized how she was going to apologize to them. When the first one reached into his pants and pulled out his cock her eyes got wide. His cock was very full and thick. It was as big as hers, but thicker and it took only a few strokes for it to get hard. She was about to say something when he took her open mouth as an invitation. He slid his cock past her lips and she moaned as he did. It hit her throat and she gagged. It took her a few seconds to get it under control as she began to relax and her throat took him down. He moaned loudly as he picked up the pace. Jessi was aware of the other behind her as he slapped her ass and she cried out with her mouth full. The one in front of her began to pump his hips slowly and she moaned on him. She did enjoy giving oral to men when they deserved it. But this time she had no choice in the matter. The one thing she did enjoy was how clean his body was and how soft his cock felt in her throat.

The other twin was handed a tube of lube from the Goddess and lubed his fingers up. Jess was busy sucking away on his cock when she felt the fingers insert. She whimpered softly as his fingers surged into her ass as did the cock in her throat. The twin behind her sank deeper into her as a second finger joined the first. Her moans became more frantic as he slid a third in. Her groans became louder still as he began to wiggle them around. Her tight rosebud was being stretch so painfully, but it felt divine to her. After a few minutes of the fingering he felt she was suitably loose enough for him. The twin slipped a condom on and lubed it up further. The twin in her font pulled out and pulled her hair.

“Lick it slowly Mistress,” he commanded.

She stuck her tongue out and licked his cock all over as commanded. She was so lost in the lust of the moment she didn’t feel it until the thick blunt tip of the other twin’s cock met her now ready ass hole. It pushed in and she cried out in pained pleasure. Inch by inch he slid into her and her eyes widened as it did. Once he was fully seated in her the other slid back into her throat making her moan as she was filled up completely. She had never done this before and it was amazing. She began to wiggle a bit and the twin behind her slapped her ass making her groan on the cock in her throat.

“Not until the Goddess says “Begin”,” he said softly.

She opened her eyes and found the Goddess sitting demurely on her chair. She had crossed her legs in a very lady like manner and the whip trailed down the arm of the chair. The sultriness of the woman in the chair made Jessi’s cock throb painfully. The beauty of the woman was maddening and she was very aware of it. With a subtle giggle she spoke finally.

“Are you ready to begin my pretty?” the Goddess purred softly.

Jessi bobbed her head softly making the man in front of her moan softly.

“You don’t release until both of them do. If you can mange that, then you win the prize that I was going to offer you. If not you have to earn it anew,” she said demurely. “Now Taylor, Tyler, make your Goddess proud my boys,” the Goddess purred.

With that signal they began to pump in and out of her softly. They began to slowly and made it easy on her. Jessi was enjoying this moment as they leisurely got her used to the fullness of their cocks. She had been with a few men in her life that made her feel good, but these men were better than the others by far. She felt them so deeply in her it made her soul catch fire. Her throbbing cock was rubbing painfully against the horse and she was using all her control to keep herself in check, but it was a hard thing to do. The men began to pick up their pace and she moaned and groaned wildly as they did. Jessi’s eyes closed tight as she felt the pounding begin. She had her legs tied in an open manner allowing the man behind her to begin to get a good angle as he began to fuck her ruthlessly. She moaned and whimpered on the cock in her mouth as he did and couldn’t stop herself from making begging whimpers as he continued.

In all her life she had never known this manner of pleasure and it was now that her mind began to slip. She wanted this so much and now it was upon her and with a vengeance as the men kept at it. She moaned loudly as the man behind her began to slow down his pace and switch from short hard strokes to long slow ones. His hands griped her hips as he slid slowly in and out making her moan all the louder. Jessi had no idea that the Goddess was sitting demurely still. Unaffected by the spectacle in front of her she watched with a sly grin on her face. Her men always did their duties well. From protecting her and her husband to making someone suffer, they did all that was required of them without question. A smile spread across her lovely face as she thought of the treat her men were getting and a new idea came to mind.

“Put her on her back boys. Let her watch as you take her,” she purred softly.

“Yes Goddess,” they said in unison.

Jessi was untied and flipped to her back without ceremony. She was taken off the horse and lopped on the floor and the one from behind her took off the condom and went to her face. She opened her mouth as he shoved in to her mouth. She hungrily took him in her mouth moaning loudly. The twin from her mouth rolled on a condom and slipped back in her ass. He picked her legs up and spread them wide as he began to pump his hips in and out of her making her moan and groan louder. He didn’t realize that he had found Jessi’s favorite position, but he soon found out as she began to buck madly to meet his thrusts. A smile spread across his face as he realized his new found fortune and he began to give her what she wanted. Jessi had let go and was simply enjoying herself now. For a long time she had wanted someone to make her feel good and these men were doing far more: they were making her feel amazing. She had never been a slutty type of person before, but now she was reveling in her inner slut and it was making her get close. She knew she had to hold it in, but these men were making it hard for her to do so.

The Goddess could see the straining of Jessi’s member and knew she was close. She truly wanted her to succeed and decided to tip the balance in her favor. In a seductive whisper she began to talk to the men.

“I want to see you cover her lovely tits and face in your come boys. Make your goddess proud now.”

“Yes…oh fuck ….yes Goddess!” the one in her mouth replied.

The one in her mouth she could tell was close and she began to suck him as hard as she could. In no time he yanked out his cock and aimed it at her open mouth. The ropes of semen shot out and hit her mouth and covered the left side of her face. She had her tongue out and was moaning the whole time. His last few spurts subsided and she was a mess. Her face from nose to the side of her jaw was coated with his come and her mouth was nearly over flowing. She swallowed it down making a good showing for the Goddess who laughed playfully as she did. She took his cock back into her mouth and sucked the last bit out as the one in her ass began to slam into her. She let it go and cried out many times as he continued his savage bucking. She fell flat on her back and lifted her hips to him as he bucked in and out and soon she felt him began to tense up.

He had never had an ass so fuckable in his life. Taylor was amazed at how much she could take and how eager she was to give him such pleasure. He slipped in and out of her ass like it was the finest silk and the warm snugness of it made him shudder. Truly she was amazing. He felt her cock against his belly as he slammed in and out. Without thinking he grabbed it and began to stroke it. She let out a tortured cry as he did. She looked up at him through narrowed eyes and her mouth was making what looked like words, but under her groans and howls he couldn’t tell. What he did know was she was urging him on. Her dirty talk was getting to him when he could hear it. Everything from “Fuck me!” to “Give me that baby boy!” he loved it. Without a thought he yanked out of her and stood up taking her legs with him. He repositioned himself so that her legs went over her head and the tips of her toes touched the floor and her ass was wide open. He stood over it and slid back in. she howled as he did. Jessi was on her shoulders with her neck tilted to the side to allow him to continue. Several deep violent plunges in and out made a garbled half screech come from her throat as he continued.

Jessi couldn’t believe this was happening to her, but didn’t care. She was lost in her animal lust and felt the inevitable beginning. Deep in her loins she felt her own explosion building and valiantly held on. Wanting to make him come first she frantically clenched her ass tight and made him howl in the process. Jessi felt him pump four more times then he yanked out. Opening her eyes she looked up as the huge load splattered her. Her open mouth caught some of it, but the rest splashed on her tits. She moaned loudly as it did and before she could say anything a hand gripped her cock. Lost in her own feelings she didn’t recognize the hand and it stroked her softly. She was moaning and suddenly she tensed up and her own load splashed out of her and onto her mouth and neck. Jessi moaned loudly and came violently. It lasted for what seemed like hours and suddenly stopped. Her eyes opened and through the bleariness she saw the Goddess slowly stroking her spent member. She was shaking and breathing in ragged gasps as her legs were taken down and she was laid flat on her back. The Goddess let go of her member and she laid on her back wheezing.

Jessi looked up at the Goddess and in that moment she realized she wanted nothing more than to belong to this woman. Something in her eyes captured her soul and wouldn’t let it go. Jessi got her breathing under control and the Goddess tapped one of the twins on his shoulder and he walked away. A few seconds went by and he came back with a wash cloth. He gently washed her skin clean of their lusts and after he was done they gently helped Jessi to her feet. She was held up as the Goddess walked softly towards her. The Goddess looked Jessi dead in her eyes and something in her eyes caught the Goddess’ attention. A gentle smile came to her beautiful features as she spoke.

“I offer you a chance to become my daughter child. It is a generous offer that none refuse. I ask this of you because I see the greatness in your soul and I wish to nurture it to become stronger still. Do you accept my offer?” she asked as she softly stroked Jessi’s cheek.

Tears came down Jessi’s eyes as the answer was so obvious, “Yes my Goddess,” she said through her tears.

The Goddess opened her arms to her and said, “Then show me your love for me my child.”

Jessi stepped forward gingerly and into the loving arms of her Goddess. She felt like a child in her arms and sobbed in them. She didn’t cry from anger or frustration, but of being accepted and an instant love. The warm arms of the Goddess seemed to envelop her and she held on like the woman was a life preserver. The Goddess smiled as her new daughter slumped in her arms and to her knees. She let her slip to her knees but remained standing. A soft touch of her hand to Jessi’s face tilted her face up to meet her eyes.

“Now sweetie, I ask that you get dressed and tell this club you are no longer going to be a member. Then I wish for you to meet with Tyler and give him your personal information. In three days you will be met by Tyler and Taylor. You will do as they ask and then you will meet your sisters. I am sure they will be happy to meet you, sweetie,” the Goddess said smiling.

“Yes Goddess,” Jessi whispered softly.

The Goddess smiled and leaned down. Her full soft lips touched Jessi’s and a sweet soft kiss made Jessi’s eyes close. The Goddess only kissed her for a brief moment, but in that moment Jessi felt a fire build inside her. As she stood up the Goddess stroked her hair and walked out of the room. Jessi watched the Goddess walk from the room and her heart became full. An emptiness came over her briefly as she walked only to be replaced by a warm feeling as the strong arms of the bodyguards laid upon her. They helped her dress and she was taken by how gentle they were with her. As she zipped her boots on her feet she was pulled aside by Tyler as he kissed her passionately. She moaned and sighed into the kiss. As she opened her eyes after it ended, Taylor also got his. His kiss was hungry and involved a double handful of her ass making her squeak. She giggled after it and hugged them both. They dressed and walked out of her area. They walked down the hall and to the office of the club owners. When she said goodbye the man who owned it got to his feet only for the twins to appear at both sides of him and shove him to his seat.

“The Goddess says she is now hers. Know your place in this world and accept it or the consequences will be dire,” Tyler hissed to him.

The man was a large man of six three and well muscled. He seemed larger than life, but against the two of them he seemed tiny. Jessi was amazed at how they went from calm and cool to dark and foreboding in a brief instant. The owner looked to her expecting her to say something but she said nothing as she turned on her heel and left. She hadn’t even had a decent time involved with his club and for her it was no big loss. The twins had some more words with him as she left that she didn’t hear, not that she cared. As she made it to her car they walked up to her.

“Your phone Mistress,” Tyler politely asked.

She handed him her cell. He took out the SIM card and updated it into a hand held PDA. Once he had what he wanted he reset her phone and programmed a number into it. Handing it back to her he politely said.

“Friday evening we will be at your apartment at 8 AM. Dress comfortably and in simple clothes. You will be dressed by a tailor that works for the Goddess. Once the outfit is selected you will be taken to have your hair and makeup done. After all is done you will be dressed and taken to the Goddess’ home. There you will have a surprise waiting for you,” he explained.

“OK,” was all she said.

They both gave her a curt nod and left. She watched them get into a limo nearby and as it drove by she saw the window was down and the Goddess waved to her as it drove off. Jessi got into her car and drove home. It was a wild night that she would never forget. She hoped that her new found Goddess would help her find herself in the world, but she had a certain optimism that she would. A smile played at her lips as she thought of the future and what it would hold.


Jessi put on a robe that went all the way to the floor. It hid the clothes she wore perfectly and she smiled at the thought of seeing Armand’s eyes when she showed him what she had in mind. For all he was Armand was a sweet heart. He was a good man who loved his family very much. His wife had left him for another man saying he was a weakling, but in reality she had no idea how strong he was. Their two children lived with him as he won their custody in the divorce. At forty two he was not exactly a catch, but his kids loved him and he them. She was always there for him since the day they met. She wasn’t exactly a marrying type, but she did care for him and she even counseled his children through the divorce. The kids loved their time with her, but not as much as he did.

Jessi heard the doorbell ring and walked to the door. As she opened the door he stood patiently outside.

“Armand! Hello sweetie!” she chirped to him.

“Hello Mistress. How are you this evening?” he asked politely.

“Very well sweetie. Come in, come in,” she said happily to him.

Armand stood five foot seven and was not very muscular. He had black curly hair and brown eyes. His skin was a deep mahogany as he was Haitian and Dominican. He spoke Spanish very well, but English was his first tongue. He was often mistaken for African American, but he simply shook his head and corrected people when they made that mistake. He was proud of his heritage and it showed. His hair was thinning in spots, but was still there were it mattered. He had a warm smile on his as Jessi took his hand and led him to the stairs. She opened a door and they slowly descended into the basement.

The basement of her house was also her dungeon. Like all the sister’s in Goddess Amber’s circle, they all had an on premise dungeon. Her’s was a simple, but efficient one. The horse in the middle as well as the rack and a few side tables. Her walls had various objects of sexual torture and pleasure lining them. Armand was nervous as they went downstairs and Jessi sensed it.

“Nervous baby boy?” she purred.

“Yes Mistress,” he whispered.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” she asked him.

“I think I met a woman Mistress. She is nice and likes the kids, but she doesn’t know about my secrets. And I’m worried she won’t like them,” he explained.

“I can talk to her if you’d like Armand. I have no problem in it, especially if she is right for my baby boy,” she said happily.

“I thank you Mistress,” he said smiling.

Jessi smiled and pointed to his clothes. He took them off and got to his knees. He knew full well all about his Mistress and was ready to please. Jessi smiled as she sauntered up to him and walked around him. Her robe hid all her clothes and he had no clue of what she had on underneath.

‘I suppose you have been a good boy. But I’m not certain. You see I have a second job you know. And I have been at it all day, I need a massage. Will you be so kind?” she purred

“Of course Mistress, anything you need,” he replied.

Jessi let the robe drop and put a leg over his shoulder. He moaned softly as her nylon covered leg went over him. He looked up and saw the orange shorts and his eyes bulged. He had never seen such a beautiful sight in his life as she looked like a Hooter’s Girl. His breathing became ragged as she drew the leg back up him. A soft whimper came from him as her waist met his back. She made sure her hips ground softly against him making a sigh come to his lips.

“Well? I’m waiting,” she demanded.

He turned and took her shoe off and began to rub her feet. He was enjoying himself and Jessi also enjoyed it as well. His loving hands rubbed the soles of her feet so well it made her moan softly. She moved to her seat and put her foot up. Armand didn’t miss a beat as he rubbed her foot and soon she put up the other. Jessi noted how stiff his cock was and smiled. He wasn’t a huge man at maybe six inches, but he was a nice one. She got a delicious idea as he continued.

“So you have been very good so far. I suppose I should reward you yes?” she asked.

“If it pleases you Mistress,” he said not stopping his massage.

“Then bring yourself here,” she commanded.

Armand got to his feet and walked to his mistress. Jessi smiled as he came up and she grabbed his cock. She softly stroked it making him groan. His body went stiff, but he didn’t move. She smiled as he held still and softly whimpered as she stroked his cock.

“A massage for massage after all,” she purred.

Armand couldn’t help the fact he was in such pleasure, but then he did something he shouldn’t have done. Without asking permission he came. He was so aroused by the foot massage and the long time in between that he couldn’t hold it. He cried out and came in buckets. Jessi sensed it and moved at the last second, but the ropes splashed on her thighs. She enjoyed the feeling of it, but she was miffed he didn’t ask permission first. She waited for him to finish spurting before she gave him one hard long stroke. He fell to his knees after he did and shuddered violently on the floor. Jessi licked her fingers and savored the taste. He didn’t taste half bad, but not as good as the man in her life. She sat back seeing him shake and the thoughts of her true love came into her mind.


The days went by quickly and then it was upon her. She heard a knock at her door and answered it. Outside was Tyler. He was stern faced as she answered her door in a pair of jeans and a t shirt. She was very nervous as he saw her clothes and a smile spread across his face. He held out his arm to her and she got her purse and took it. He let her lock the door and off they went to the waiting limo. The door opened for her from the inside and she was helped into it. As she sat in the seat in the back she saw Taylor in the limo already. She smiled to him and he took her hand and kissed it softly. She giggled at the gesture and sat back in the comfortable seat of the car. When Tyler got in and the door closed the driver started the car and drove out.

Jessi had only been in a limo once and it was with her mother. A bottle of good wine was uncorked and she was handed a glass. She took a sip of it and it was wonderful. They drove in silence, but Jessi was giddy the whole time. She fidgeted constantly as they drove and Tyler and Taylor smirked at it. They enjoyed the nervousness she had and finally Taylor took the lead. He snaked his hand out and yanked her to his lap. She shook as he softly massaged her neck and shoulders. She moaned loudly as he found all the right spots and slumped into his chest. Taylor kept up his ministrations as they drove to a place near a private airport. They got out of the limo as it approached the runway and Jessi was loaded onto a private jet. Once aboard she was ushered to a seat and handed a glass of wine. Tyler and Taylor sat across from her and the lane taxied off to the main runway. The rumble of the engines made her relax as the plane gracefully took off into the sky.

Jessi had never been on a private plane before and was amazed. She found a phone and computer as well as a fully stocked bar. The stewardess made her a second drink and she sat back. She was amazed as Taylor and Tyler seemed bored. They had a simple soda as they were on duty and couldn’t drink. They enjoyed watching her amazement and kept it in check. They flew in silence as they didn’t have much to say. She was curious to know what was going to happen, but remembered the Goddess’ request of not asking questions. They landed in what looked like San Francisco a few minutes later and as they taxied to the hangar a limo was waiting. In they went and off they drove into the commerce district of the city.

The sights and sounds of the city amazed her as they drove in silence. She had only been to San Francisco once before and that was a long time ago. They drove to an out of the way boutique and stopped in front of it. She was ushered in and spent the next hours being primped and fawned over. In the end she was dressed in a stunning one piece gown that went down to her feet. It had a long slit along the leg and showed her stocking top. Her feet were graced by white five inch heels. Her lingerie was all white to match the dress. The bra was a strapless one that was very lacy. The boy shorts matched as did the garter belt. Her stockings were truly amazing in her eyes. They had thick white lacy tops, but the leg was ultra sheer. They were nearly nude and it was a stunning contrast. Her long auburn mane was done in tasteful curls that flowed down her back. Her brown eyes stood out in the gown and she was stunned at her reflection.

As soon as she was ready Tyler had made a call and made an affirmative comment as he held his hand out to her. She was led back to the limo and taken along the way. They drove about forty five minutes out of the city into Marin County and as they came to the entry way to the house Taylor and Tyler got out. They did a security check and were let in. Jessi was driven up to the front of the manor ad her eyes bulged. The manor was massive. It was four stories high and several rooms across. She was in awe as she was led into the grand entrance by the twins. She was walked along the main foyer and up the stairs. As she passed the top she saw a massive ball going on in the upper level. She had never seen such opulence in her life and suddenly was terrified.

She was taken down a long tunnel from the third floor and into a massive atrium. It was a large circle with a raised dais. In the center of the room stood six very sensual looking women. On a throne in the middle of them sat the Goddess. She was wearing a sensual black dress ad matching stockings. Her legs were crossed and she looked so at ease. The women all looked at her and she was soon feeling very small.

“Welcome to my home Jessi. I am so pleased you came,” the Goddess purred standing up and opening her arms to her. “And look at you. You look stunning my child.”

Jessi sheepishly smiled. The women all smiled at her and she was led to the center of them. One by one the women all came to her and introduced themselves. They all shared a very tender hug and kiss on the cheek. The last one to approach her was a tall woman with black hair that was cut short. It barely passed her ears and she had stunning green eyes. Her look was one that showed superiority.

“Greetings my sister. My name is Rayne and I am happy to accept you as my family,” Rayne said smiling warmly.

“Thank you Rayne. I’m so glad to be here,” Jessi said nearing tears.

“Don’t cry sweetie. You are in the loving presence of your sisters and our Goddess,” she said happily.

Jessi believed her and hugged her tightly. She spent a few moments in Rayne’s arms and then released. After all the sisters had hugged the Goddess stood up and walked to her new daughter. Jessi wanted to drop to her knees, but she stopped her with an upraised hand. Jessi looked into her eyes and was stunned when the woman walked up to her and hugged her tight. Jessi’s arms went around her back and she put her head lovingly on the woman’s shoulder. The Goddess smiled at the show of affection and knew that her daughter was home. The Goddess smiled and patted her back releasing her. Jessi looked into the woman’s eyes and was stunned when she spoke plainly to her.

“Amber is my name. Only my daughters may call me Amber alone, to everyone else it’s Goddess or Goddess Amber. I have chosen you because I see your heart is a strong one and you are truly a mistress of good quality and qualities. In my loving arms you will find your life’s ambitions reached and exceeded as well as your own skill in the arts to be increased tenfold. Embrace me as a daughter and without question and you will always know my love. Disobey me or betray me and your life will stop and go in an unexpected direction. Do you understand Jessi?” she said in a serious tone.

“Yes Amber I do,” Jessi replied as she took her hand and kissed it.

“Good. Now enough of this heartwarming, we have a party to attend ladies! Enjoy the evening and my hospitality,” Amber said mirthfully.

The women all laughed and clapped excitedly as they followed their Goddess in a single file. Jessi joined in at the back of the line and was amazed at how the feeling of Amber’s power made her feel safer than any other time in her life. They walked down the tunnel and back to the party. Amber was announced and the crowd went silent as she descended the stairs. Her daughters followed her and the party began again. Jessi was lost in the sea of the powerful and influential. She had never been anywhere near this kind of money and it scared her a little bit. She walked to a side bar and ordered a drink. The bartender shocked her by bowing low to her after he made the drink. She smiled at him and turned around. As she did she bumped into what she thought was a wall. Upon craning her neck she saw in fact it was a man.

The man stood well over six feet in height. She guessed maybe six foot five or better. His body was in a very sharp suit that was of pure black Italian silk. Her eyes looked up and met his rich blue eyes and something in them caught her focus. She looked at him and the images flooded her mind to that horrible day. She had sobbed in public for the first time and was suddenly awash in the arms of a powerful stranger. Her eyes took in his face and indeed, this was the man. Her lips opened softly to speak, but no words came out. The large man smiled at her and leaned closely.

“Enjoying the party young Mistress?” he asked directly in her ear to be heard.

“Umm….yes,” she said blushing.

“I’m glad. My name is Daniel Patterson, and you are?” he asked taking her hand in his large one.

“Jessi Allmon,” she got out softly.

“Then the pleasure is all mine Mistress Jessi,” he said and kissed her hand softly. “Care to dance with me Mistress?” he asked humbly.

“You don’t have to call me Mistress,” she said blushing.

“You are the Goddess’ daughter. I am an employee of the Goddess, so I do. Besides it is fitting a title for a beautiful woman such as you, now shall we?” he asked politely.

She nodded her head and he took her to the floor. The music was amazing and the people around them were really into the rhythm as they danced and danced. Jessi felt all her inhibitions flow out of her as she danced with the large man. She smiled as he held her tight as the powerful music washed over them and soon she felt her own wants beginning to come to the surface. She had never had such an attraction wash over her as it did with Daniel. His eyes were dark and mysterious, intense and warm all at once. She was truly with what she thought to be an enigma. The song led them closer in each other’s arms and before she could stop she perched up on tip toes and kissed his lips.

For almost four years she had wanted to thank him for helping her like he had and now she did. Her soft lips crushed into his and their tongues lashed out. He gripped her tightly in his powerful arms and she found herself floating as he easily hoisted her up. His grip was like steel, and his body like a solid suit or armor, but the tenderness of his kiss melted her. They moved off the dance floor and to a couch where they continued their frenzy of lustful kissing. She straddled his hips and cupped his face as she kissed him and he gripped her lower back as he returned it. She unconsciously began to rock her hips on him and suddenly her eyes bulged as she felt a massive bulge in his pants. It started in his crotch, but went down his leg a long distance. He growled as her leg brushed against it and she looked into his eyes and the lust in them scared her.

“I’m sorry mistress, I forget myself,” he said softly.

She cupped his face and got off his lap. She led him from the chair to the veranda. He followed her careful to not show himself off to those around. They made it to the veranda and Jessi looked at him with her doe like eyes and her memories washed over her. The feeling of helplessness and the waning of hope as she saw her mother pass on. It all was there, but also was the warmth of the hug and the tenderness in which he held her.

“I remember you from the hospital.” she began softly. He nodded his head as she continued, “You held me as I cried into you and left before I could thank you. I never forgot your kindness and I hoped one day to meet you and thank you somehow,” she tried to explain.

“First off good mistress, I did what I did because a real man doesn’t let a beautiful woman sob on the floor and not try and help her. Secondly it was my honor after all to be some comfort to you in your dark moment, so thanks is not necessary,” he said softly as he cupped her face with his hands.

His large hands on her face made her eyes close as she tilted her head in his palm and he leaned in and softly kissed her lips. She moaned into the kiss and after it broke she whispered softly,

“Thank you.”

“Let me take you home if you wish Mistress,” he offered seeing it was late and the party was ending.

“OK,” she said softly.

He excused himself to tell the Goddess and soon returned with his coat and draped it over her shoulders. He led her to the entrance where the Goddess waited for her. Jessi walked to her arms and hugged her tightly. Amber kissed her cheek and smiled at her as she nodded to Daniel. He led her to his truck and helped her in. Jessi sat in the huge truck and wasn’t surprised a big man like him had a massive truck like this. It was a brand new Dodge Ram 3500 with a diesel engine. He climbed in and started the engine.

“Where do you live?” he asked.

Jessi blushed and said, “San Jose.”

“My place is closer if you’d like,” he said back smiling.

Jessi nodded her head and they drove. His truck was not a loud obnoxious diesel as most. She could tell he had modified the engine as the diesel was there, but it was very smooth. The truck also had a lot of power as he easily went over eighty miles an hour on the long stretches of the highway. They entered the city proper and he took a side exit into a decent residential neighborhood. They drove for a few minutes and came to a stop in front of a nice smaller house. He got out and helped her down then led her to the door. She was nervous as he opened the door and she was amazed at what greeted her inside the house.

Inside the house was a shrine. Two walls were shelved with books and pictures showing him and a squad of soldiers in full gear. The soldiers in the pictures looked more than ready for anything that could be thrown at them. The TV set on the far side of the room was a large plasma big screen. The furniture was simple, but nice and along the non shelved walls were plaques and awards from his time in the military. She saw one large display case held his medals and awards set in a lovely display and a series of patches next to them. Looking closer she saw a green beret at the bottom of it. She saw a black and yellow patch that said one simple word “Ranger” on it. She saw the awards and a lot of them had little silver and bronze attachments to them. She looked at him and he grinned.

“I was Army Special Forces for eight years. I did two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was there from the start until 2005 when I got out,” he said and when he said “got out” he looked disappointed.

“Why?” she asked softly.

“Because if you are a straight man you have nothing to worry about, if you are bi like me you are a freak no matter how hard or valorously you serve,” he said and his eyes got cold.

He recounted how he was outed by a fellow soldier. The tragedy was he had saved the man’s life in battle and he betrayed his trust. Daniel told her of how as he left he got his revenge. The Soldier was also dismissed for improper conduct as photos emerged of him sucking a very large penis. Daniel smiled darkly as he recounted to Jessi how his was the penis that he was sucking in the picture. Jessi shook her head and giggled as he told her the story. She understood revenge; in fact her college days were filled with similar stories. He went on to explain he was an intelligence specialist that was charged with snatch and grab missions. They would find the target and grab him before anyone got wise. He used his talents when he got out to form a private investigation firm.

“To this day I wish I was still in, but now I see something that makes me happy I am out,’ he said softly as he touched her hand.

She pulled him to her and kissed his lips making him lean into her. She let him pick her up and pointed to his couch. As he walked she undid the catch on the dress and it slowly slid to the floor. He got her to his couch and took off his coat and shirt. Her eyes got big as his powerful chest came to her eyes. The Tattoo on his chest was the same as the Ranger patch in the case. He was proud of it and it showed. He undid his pants and they came off and her eyes bugged out. His cock sprang out of the hole in his boxers and the sheer girth of it terrified her. He was easily six inches longer than her and almost twice as thick. Her eyes bugged out even further as a large dollop of pre-cum oozed out. She couldn’t explain why she did it, but she leaned forwards and licked him. He shuddered and gasped as she did. Her long loving licks made his knees shake. She shocked him and herself further when she opened her mouth and took the head in. He was so thick she could barely get her mouth around him, but she did regardless. Her mouth stretched to the limits as she got a good mouthful of him and he groaned loudly. She began to lick and suck him as best she could and he softly put a hand on her head.

Daniel had never had a woman so wantonly just go down on him before. Most were terrified of his size and a few that did take it were never the same again. He looked down in sheer amazement as not only did she get the head in her mouth, but she took a good amount of him down her throat. The purring she did as she sucked on him drove him to the brink of insanity. He had never had a woman do as much as she did in his life, and he wanted more. She couldn’t take him all the way down, but what she did she made feel terrific. Jessi’s tongue did wonders to the underside of his cock as she sucked for all she was worth. Daniel’s head fell back as she reached up and found his balls. She teased them and rubbed them softly in her soft hands making a tortured cry come from him as she teased him relentlessly. His hips bucked one time and she coughed him out. She nearly choked on that attempted and when he opened his eyes she was not looking at him happily.

“If I am your Mistress, then why did you ruin our moment?” she asked sharply.

“Forgive me mistress, I forget myself,” he apologized.

“Off with my panties and make up for it,” she demanded.

Daniel smiled hungrily as he found the edges of her lacy panties and began to slide them over her full ass. He gently rubbed his face along her thighs as he slid them off her long legs. As they came off he lifted her left foot and kissed her toes lavishly. Jessi giggled as he did and then sighed as he trailed the long kisses up her leg. She moaned softly as he softly stroked her other thigh with his hand and before long she felt herself being laid back. Her breath caught in a tight gasp as his warm mouth enveloped her cock. She let out a tortured moan as he sucked her deep in his mouth and used his tongue like she had on him. Her moans and cries became even more furious as a finger slid into her ass. She bucked her hips and he opened his throat to her. She cried out as he took her whole length in his mouth. She tried to grab his hair, but he had only a buzz cut and she couldn’t her legs locked around his shoulders and he continued his sucking. Jessi had never had someone so skilled do this to her since Allison and it showed. She could normally hold out as a person sucked her cock, but with him she couldn’t she felt the tension building up and before she could stop she climaxed violently. Her hips bucked and she spurted a large load into his mouth. Daniel didn’t stop as he swallowed all of it and licked the tip of her clean making her shudder even further. Jessi laid back and her eyes were glossy as he slowly pulled off her spent member and smiled at her. Reaching down she softly found his and stroked it lovingly making him shudder.

“Daniel, put it in me,” she whispered softly.

“Are you sure my Mistress? I don’t want to hurt you,” he cautioned.

“If you wish me to stay with you then you will,” she demanded softly.

“As you wish,” he growled softly.

Daniel got up and disappeared. A few seconds later he came back and was lubing his massive cock up. She got up and walked to the table and hopped on it. He smiled as she laid back and spread her legs wide for him. Daniel used two of his already lubed fingers and teased her hole. She whimpered and moaned as he did. Over the course of minutes he teased her and slid his long fingers in her. His fingers alone felt like some of her past lovers, she was scared about what she was going to do, but she needed it. Her dreams at night were haunted by him. That long time ago when she was at her lowest and he made her feel safe had sparked a want in her. The want to be with him. She remembered his smell, his touch, the warmth in his voice, and now she had the actual thing in front of her. She looked at him with pleading eyes and he relented.

Jessi bit her lip as the blunt head found her opening. He was delicate as if he was handing a newborn with her. He never shoved, only softly pushed. The minutes drug on and she was moaning loudly with each and every inch that disappeared in her body. The remarkable fullness he made her feel was making her light headed, but he was still going. He kept on until she cried out and he realized he was as in as he was getting. He stayed perfectly still inside of her as she adjusted to him. Her eyes were streaming with tears, but she didn’t care. The pain in her ass was terrific, but she endured. The only thing she wanted was him, and now he was here deep inside of her. She looked up at him and softly nodded her head.

He moved barely an inch at a time and at first she was moaning. Her moans became whimpers as his pace increased. Her whimpers began to turn to grunts as his body met hers. The grunts became screams, and howls as they found a rhythm. Jessi was being tossed around by him after a short time and she fucking loved it! She arched up on her elbows and the feral look on her face drew his to her. She savagely kissed him and grabbed his head as they kissed. She bit his lips hard and he groaned as he continued to pump his hips in and out of her. Her whole body was on fire as he continued. She didn’t realize it, but after a while her body relaxed more and more of him disappeared into her. Jessi was screaming out a feral cry as she suddenly felt his massive balls slap on her ass. Her face contorted with a painful glee as she had him all in her. Her cries spurred him on and soon he felt his own release building. He looked at his Mistress and smiled as he grabbed her cock and stroked it hard. Jessi wailed as the strokes triggered a second orgasm that ripped through her. The spurts flew out of her cock and hit him in the chin and on his neck. He angled her cock and some of it splashed on her tits and belly. Jessi whimpered as he pounded her and finally with a primal roar she felt her insides being scalded by a huge load. Daniel had come the hardest he had ever known in that moment. He was lucky he was buried in her or else she would have drowned in it.

The minutes drug on for them as they stayed still reveling in the aftermath of the fucking. Jessi looked at him and the pleading in her eyes made him realize she was hurting. Daniel softly pulled out of her and when he was out Jessi shuddered as the cool air hit her and his load dripped out of her gaping hole. Daniel went to the bathroom and found a towel. He cleaned her up gently and she moaned softly as he did. Without a second word he slipped her heels off. He took the bra off as well as the garter and stockings. When she was fully nude he took her in his powerful arms and into the shower. They washed each others bodies lovingly and they had a frantic kissing bout occur. She kissed him possessively and he responded in kind. The way they kissed was of two long lost souls that had finally been reunited at long last. She sighed into his chest as they stood in the shower. The water felt so good she felt herself drift off. When she came to she was in his bed and in one of his long t shirts. He held her around the chest and waist like she was his teddy bear. A smile washed over her as she turned into him and curled her head into his chest.

“I know you can’t hear me totally, but in the back of your mind you can. I never forgot what you did for me. I think I developed a crush on you and I was so lost without you,” she whispered softly.

Daniel opened his eyes and she realized he had heard each and every word.

“It was my honor I told you Mistress,” he said softly.

Her eyes filled with tears as she leaned in and kissed his lips softly.

“Is it wrong that I can’t stop thinking of you?” she asked confused.

“Is it wrong for me to want you to think of me always?” he asked.

“Don’t leave me again,” she pleaded, “Not like last time.”

“I won’t. I promise you that. Now come here and let’s spend the first night of what will be a great many nights in each other’s arms my Mistress,” he said humbly.

Jessi cuddled as close as she could to him and felt his body all around hers. For the first time since she slept in the same bed as her mother she felt warm. Her body wanted him as did her soul. The happy smile that spread over her face as they slumbered was one of a woman who had found her man.


Armand was panting as Jessi got to her feet. She smiled down at him and her cum stained hose were shining in the light. She padded over to him and he looked up as she did.

“You made a mess baby boy. Now clean it up,” she said as she put her leg in front of him.

Armand humbly licked the mess off. He moaned as his face rubbed along her hose covered leg. He was moaning and panting as he kissed and licked her legs lovingly. After he was done with the left leg he went to the right and continued on. Jessi smiled and stroked his hair as he did. She smiled as he was brought to hardness once again. She always liked him and this was going to be a good night for him she vowed silently. Her mind was made up to give him a treat she had done for him once, and she denied him since.

“Well now baby boy, I’m all clean and you did a great job of it. On the table, time for a treat,” she purred.

Armand went to the table and laid back on it. He was shaking as Jessi walked over to him and before he could respond she opened her mouth and took him in. He cried out as she sucked and slurped his cock. He was nowhere near Daniel’s size and she made short work of him. He was moaning and writhing on the table as she sucked away on him. He cried out as he neared his orgasm and begged her to stop. Jessi smiled on him and sucked him all the way down until he was in her throat and without warning two of her fingers teased his balls softly. He was writhing on the table as the inevitable happened. He climaxed with a loud shout and filled her mouth with his seed. Jessi moaned softly and took it all without a hitch. She got up after he was done and smiled at him. His head was to the side and he was panting in short gasps.

“Did my baby boy enjoy that?” she purred.

“Yes Mistress. Thank you so much!” he said through his gasps.

“Now for a super secret present I have for you, baby boy. Close your eyes,” she whispered softly in his ear.

Armand closed his eyes and Jessi walked to a cabinet. Inside she had several items of clothes, and she found exactly what she sought: a sheer pair of white thigh high stockings. She walked back to him and lifted his leg. Slowly she unrolled the stocking up his leg and repeated the process with the other leg. Armand felt the silky nylons and he groaned softly as they went up his smooth legs. Jessi smiled at the contrast of his mahogany skin against the white stocking. She had also got a tube of lube from the cabinet and started to lube up her cock. He was unaware of what was to happen next when he suddenly felt the intrusion. His eyes bulged as Jessi set his legs on her shoulders and began to slip in and out of him. The intense feelings he got from her was amazing. He moaned and grunted as she began to fuck him with gusto. Armand lolled his head side to side as she bucked her hips and didn’t relent. His mistress was giving him the ultimate pleasure she could bestow and he was grateful for it.

“So let me guess baby boy…ohhh…your little sweetie is a girl like me,’ she said through her pounding.

I couldn’t concentrate on much else the whole week, getting hard numerous times a day just thinking about what lay in store for me. Eventually Friday came around and I got a text saying that she would meet me outside her local train station at half 7 and drive us to her flat, signing off with her name, Cashlie. I quickly replied my agreement and let her know I would text her when I was nearly there.

At around 7 I got on the train towards her place, so excited I could barely sit down. As I got close I sent her a text letting her know I was nearly there. She replied saying that she would be waiting outside in a silver bmw. I got off the train and went down to the exit and saw parked outside the silver bmw. I went up to the car and saw her inside, every bit as gorgeous as her pictures and she unlocked the door to let me in.

“Hey, you look amazing!” I said.

“Thanks, you’re cute. I live just round the corner.” she replied

We drove for only a couple of minutes making small talk before we arrived at her flat’s underground car park. As we got out she came round to me and took my hand in hers.

“The lift is over there.” she said.

We walked over hand in hand and I took the time to look her over; she was around 5’6″, slim with small but noticeable tits, overall a very convincing and sexy ts. She just seemed to ooze sexuality and I was beginning to get turned on already.

We got in the lift alone and I couldn’t help myself; I pulled her in for a passionate kiss, moving my hands round to cup her ass and pull her towards me. She started grinding on me while kissing and my cock was completely hard. Moments later we pulled apart as we got to her floor and walked to her flat.

As soon as we got through the door we lunged at each other again, continuing our embrace. She pushed me towards the living room while kissing as we took our jackets and shoes off. As we continued to kiss standing up I slowly moved my hand to the front of her skirt and underneath to feel her small feminine bulge. She did the same, rubbing my hard on through my jeans causing me to audibly moan into her mouth.

“Let’s move to the bedroom.” She said breathlessly.

She pushed me straight onto the bed and took my top off, rubbing my body on the way down to undoing my jeans. With no subtlety she removed my jeans, and began rubbing my cock through my underwear. Before long she grabbed my cock out of my underwear and started to slowly wank me. I couldn’t take my eyes off the goddess holding my hard cock in her hand and we stared into each other’s eyes as she took me in her mouth. She was amazing, her tongue circling my dick as she moved her mouth up and down, soaking my cock with her spit. I didn’t take her long to get the whole length of my dick in her throat. I was certain I wouldn’t be able to take it much longer and I had something else in mind before I wanted to cum, so I pulled her off. She looked up at me quizzically.

“I want you to fuck me!” I moaned.

She took her top and skirt off in two quick motions. She was wearing a red bra and panties which made her look so much hotter than I could have imagined and the hottest girl I had ever seen. I pulled her on top of me and kissed her firmly, taking in all of her body with my hands. She straddled my cock and starting rubbing her cock, which was straining in her panties, against mine. I turned her over onto her back continuing to grind our cocks together as we kissed, becoming so intoxicated by the moment. Eventually I managed to pull myself off and kissed my way down her body towards her panties. I rubbed her 4″ cock through her panties, getting it as hard as I could. I then pulled her panties down and looked upon the first cock I had seen in the flesh, and at that point there was nothing I wanted more than to have it in my mouth. I licked the little bit of precum off her tip and then began to take it in my mouth. She tasted so good as I was sloppily going up and down her cock with my mouth, every now and again taking it out to lick it up and down. Her cock was fully hard and she began moaning as I was moving up and down rhythmically with my mouth. She pulled me off and motioned for me to lie down on my back.

She went over to her bedside cabinet and pulled out a condom and lube. She began with the lube, rubbing it into my asshole, making sure I was ready to take her. After she had her condom on, she eased into my ass with her cock. It felt amazing, the pressure of even her small cock in my ass managed to get me rock hard almost immediately. She began to gradually speed up although keeping a steady speed and I could see in her eyes she was getting increasingly turned on. We both started moaning with every thrust, beginning to sweat with the heat between us. My ass had become more and more receptive of her cock and the pleasure was taking over me completely. She then began to really push up her pace, fucking me as deep and hard as she could, beginning to moan.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.”

I closed my eyes in complete joy as she was thrusting away, taking my own rock solid cock in my hand as I sensed her finish was close. As her moaning got louder and louder I got closer and closer to my own orgasm as she pushed my legs up so that she could fuck me even harder. As I felt her begin to cum in my ass, I let myself go and sprayed more cum than I would have believed possible. She continued to cum even though I had finished; and then withdrew from my ass. Taking off the condom she moved towards my body, lowering her head to start licking up my cum from my body, making sure she didn’t miss a drop. She then lowered her body onto mine, our cocks rubbing together, kissing me with my cum still in her mouth. We exchanged cum filled kisses for what seemed like hours, not wanting to break the moment of ecstasy. We eventually parted, just lying there in contentment.

“God you are amazing!” I said.

“Thanks baby, you sure know how to take a cock.” She replied cheekily.

“I really don’t want to but I do have to go, sorry baby.” I said.

She drove me back to the station and we parted with one last kiss in the car.

Chapter 1

You walked through the door of the theater, pausing to adjust to the dimness of the room. You stood there, I could almost feel your muscular thighs rippling through those just right jeans. Could see the curve of your firm taut ass. You stood there, just observing for a minute — looking like a warrior ready to take on the room. Piercing eyes, and not a hint of a smile. Your shoulders straight, and arms hanging loosely at your side, one hand slowly dropping down and rubbing over that semi-hard bulging cock — just watching the room.

You stepped further into the room, now adjusted to the darkness, curiously gazing around, finally stopping and leaning one shoulder against the wall, hip thrust out a bit, your hand still touching your now stiffening member. I can see the anticipation building, both of us wondering how long it will take to generate some attention.

The room was full, and eerily quiet for such a crowd. We started noticing that you are garnering attention from several clusters of men. You watching from your subtly menacing stance at the wall, and me, standing back attempting to blend in with other voyeurs.

You wore a simple black t-shirt, fitted tightly across the chest, the sleeves snug against your biceps. Not a body builder physique, but obviously very fit — very hard bodied, with the appearance of a tightly coiled energy needing release. Not the run of the mill cum whore usually seen here, but someone nicely put together, a little grey showing some maturity, and a look that said you knew exactly what you wanted. The menacing appearance, shows a little roughness about you, but just enough to let them know that while you are here to be taken and used, you would always be in control and not afraid to make that known.

You have been here a few times before, just kind of feeling out the action. Had some interesting experiences, fun, a little hot, but always very quick, and you always left still wanting, need and hungry for, more. This is our first visit together, and we have both fantasized about making it very different this time.

I can tell that you have piqued interest, the minute you cockily walked through the door. You could almost smell your sex from across the room where I stood, back away from the door and off to the side. I can already hear some buzzing among the crowd. Who is this guy, and is he here to take or be taken? It’s already seeming warm in here, and hopefully time for some action.

I watch with amusement as three of the regular guys saunter up, looking like predators, pausing behind you. You don’t move, but I can sense from your stance that you are aware they are there. You don’t move, just continue leaning against the wall, you hand laying casually against your bulging crotch. I am eagerly anticipating how this will play out, this will set the tone for the rest of the night, and damn I want it to be hot.

I slip my hand up under my skirt, already moist just from watching your casual, sensuous strut through the room, emulating an animalistic sensuality that can set my senses on fire just with thoughts of your naked body stretched out and begging to be used.

All man, and before this night is over, I will have you and make you mine. But from the attention you are receiving, my turn may not be for a while and I am willing to wait. It will be well worth it to watch you in action, before owning that sweet ass for a little while. And I will own it.

Your three admirers close in. The first, Damon, coming around in front of you and undoing his belt, removing his 9″ thick cut cock and begins stroking it — taking your hand and replacing his with yours, urging you to take over. You don’t disappoint, and quickly drop to your knees, taking that cock, deep throat style, caressing his balls and stroking his shaft with each thrust.

Chapter 2

As I try to get closer, I notice that there are a few more people standing around the area where I last saw you, on your knees with a big black cock buried down your throat. Now I can’t see you at all through the group blocking my view. I attempt to push though, getting some glares and a few shitty comments, and then I see you.

Either you or one of them has unleashed your belt, and your jeans are down around your feet. Your t-shirt is gone, I can’t see where it got tossed, but can see your armband tattoo flexing as you continue milking his cock. Damon is in front of you, holding you by the shoulders to balance you. Your leopard thong is still on, but the string pulled tight across your ass, your pussy exposed and gaping. Just as I slide around to where I can see clearly, you are rammed from behind by a black Adonis with the thickest cock I have ever seen. If there was any foreplay that took place or any lube used, I missed it. His name is Lee, and evidently a crowd pleaser. As the crowd watches his cock plunder deep into you, I can hear you gasp, the crowd thinks from shock, but I know it’s from pleasure. I can tell there are more people now than there was before, and they continue to move closer I have to get shitty a couple of times to stay close enough to see and hear everything, but have evidently got through to them — that I am staying — front and center.

You are fucked savagely, this thick black cock breeding you like a stallion. Long, deep thrust, so powerful that it’s making it hard for the stud holing your shoulders t maintain his balance. Several in the crowd are now stroking themselves, and I can hear comments about that fine tight pussy needing more cock. Oh, baby, I agree with them. I watch your face, your eyes are closed, and I see that familiar look on your face– the one telling me that all is good, and that you are ravenous for cock. That’s all I need to see, and shove my hand back up under my skirt, rip my panties aside and slip two fingers inside my hole, while my thump hits a rhythm on my clit. Seconds and my hand is drenched, sticky, wet and seeping.

By now there are several standing behind you. Their cocks released and in their hands, already stiffening as they watch the Adonis. He is close to coming. I can see his ass and leg muscles taut, his hands digging into your ass as he hits his final thrust, pulls out and shoots a hot pulsating load of cum all over your ass. He is holding on, trying to regain his balance when he is moved aside and the next one, Brandon, takes his place. He’s not as thick, but his fucking cock must be 10″ long and he is already rock hard and wanting his time with this white boy cum hole. He moves in and plunges deep. I’m not even sure you are aware there has been a change of players. You just know that you are being stretched and filled, and loving it. As am I.

Damon, still holding your shoulders is getting excited again, watching the action and wants serviced again. His workout shorts drop to the floor and his cock springs free. He releases his hold on you and forces his cock into that hot sweet mouth. You take him greedily, the head of his cock hitting the back of the throat with such force that it rocks you back. Which just drives the crowd wild, and the guy fucking you to lose control and explode his hot load deep in the pussy. I can feel streams running down my leg, I want in!!! But I need to hold back a while longer. I can see there is still a lot of fucking to do, and I have a finale planned that I think this crowd is going to talk about for weeks. The fantasy we have talked about and wanted is exceeding anything we could have imagined.

Chapter 3

I move closer, so I have a better view of what is happening. I need to be close enough to see every assault, every touch, every sound. The pure rapture on your face memorizes me. It always does. I know what you are feeling, thinking, needing. I know what they are wanting, craving.

I know every inch of your sensuous physique. My hands have gently touched and massaged you from your strong muscular neck and shoulders to your feet and toes. My fingers have traced gentle patters of delight across that sexy tan line. They have held your cock during moments of intense and erotic sexual adventures. My fingers have left butterfly touches on your protruding man pussy lips, teasing them to orgasm again and again, and then moving inside, one finger at a time until my entire hand has stretched you taut. My lips have kissed your neck, suckled your nipples, rimmed that tan outline with soft wet licks until you are moaning and straining for more — knowing exactly what you want, what you need, what you crave. Commanding you to your knees, you ass propped up and needing me behind you, my mouth slowly moving closer, the smell of you intoxicating. And knowing that the taste of you will push up both over the edge as I take you into my mouth, chewing on those pussy lips with the intensity that I know you love, softly at first, then more savagely as my tongue slips inside. My entire mouth feasting on your man pussy.

I know, because we planned this night together, many times, as we lay in bed, sated from either, a solo evening of watching porn and sharing pleasure, or from those special nights when the doorbell rings, and we are joined by anonymous seekers of desire. Tonight we are looking for something a little different, a little more deviant than before. We planned it this way, to enter separately, me casually waiting for you to enter, knowing the interest you would generate the second you sauntered into the room, your rippling muscles and your sensuality generating hot stares, and stiffening cocks.

We planned this, to stay apart, for me to watch from afar, until my arousal becomes so extreme that I can no longer hold back. Until you have been used, taken, assaulted. Your full smooth ass bent over for all to see as a line of horny hung men wait to pleasure you. I love that line — that line of hard cocks eager to take you, not knowing or caring about the gift they are to receive, just wanting to be inside this tight cum hole, taking their own pleasure and not caring about yours.

Chapter 4

I take a quick glance around the crown and notice that several are sneaking pictures with their phones and am instantly chagrined that I didn’t think of trying to get this on video. The thought of us laying back later and watching the replay is intoxicating, but laughing to myself, I also know that I wouldn’t be able to focus on filming. Never can, getting too wrapped up in the action and itching for my turn.

You are still bent over, cum glistening all over your ass, and while I am not close enough to see, I can visualize your pussy already seeping from the powerful cum load you just received. You are still sucking and licking cock, taking all cummers as they step in front of you. Not knowing who, or how many.

I watch as the next one steps up behind you. He’s a little older than the other two, white, has the look of ex-military. Hard chiseled physique, shorter hair, a little grey at the temples, piercing eyes and beautiful tattooed forearms. He doesn’t just step up behind you, he stalks, like a predator. He has broad shoulders and chest, tight flat belly, tapering to a narrow waist, his cock is ramrod stiff and standing at attention. He takes position, and through the hum of the crowd, I know they are anticipating him taking you with a vengeance. I am watching closely, a little nervous with this one. His demeanor is a little more intense, his stance indicating that he means business. I hold my breath as he removes his hand from his throbbing cock and reaches for you. He leans forward with both hands and grabs the soft, cum covered pillows of your ass, massaging and kneading. I can hear you moaning an see you arch your back, rotating your hips to show your pleasure. Your sounds and movements are arousing him. I can see his cock rise, jerking and throbbing, and my anticipation builds.

His hands continue to stroke your ass, then with his huge hands, he gently spreads you apart, opening you wide and plunges his fist into your gaping pussy. The crown gasp with disbelief, you tense for a moment from the unexpected intrusion then I can see your eyes roll back as you pull away from the cock in your mouth, unable to think of anything other than the sweet violation of his fist stretching you beyond anything you have felt before. He pulls his arm back, holding you open with the broad span of his closed fist, just holding it there, as much for your pleasure as his, then deeply plunges back inside, pumping you, both with a unique tenderness, and a savage roughness at the same time. He’s done this before. He knows exactly how to ravage the pussy, taking you to the edge with each vigorous punch, somehow knowing exactly where the pain becomes excruciating intense pleasure. You are gone, in that somewhere place, that has all your senses peaking at a level of ecstasy that drives the craving. I stand there in awe, both at his skill, but also, as always at your tenacious appetite and desire. Wetness is dripping from my pussy again, as I watch him make a final punch and slowly release.

Chapter 5

I am holding my breath to see what he does next. The group crowded around has gone silent. I’m sure many of them have just witnessed something they have never seen before, and are both awed and amazed at both your stamina as well as your obvious craving for yet more.

He steps away, and I stand there wondering, “what the hell”. He never even got off, just pleasured you and moved off to the side. I have to know — was he not pleased, didn’t enjoy, had no desire or urge to complete his attack on you and enjoy his own sweet release? I walk over to him and ask — his response still has me smiling. He said, “Baby, that is the tightest, sweetest pussy I have ever had the pleasure of taking, and I am in no way finished with that bitch. But the truth is he had such a grip on my hand that I thought he was going to break it, and I need a few minutes to get ready for another go at him. Right now he has my cock throbbing so fucking hard I can barely walk and the thought of pummeling that pussy has me about weak with need.” I stand there with a stupid look of pride — like the woman of an amazing hero that has just saved the world. Oh this is an amazing night. Exceeding all fantasies we have talked about. The spontaneity and anonymity only increasing the desire for more.

I look over and your ass is convulsing with those aftershocks of pleasure, your head has dropped down and you look completely spent. The crowd is just standing around, talking among themselves, sure that the show is over, and that you have had all you can take. I know better. I slip the chiseled soldier a spray can and ask him to take it to you. He takes it, his hand still slick with your juices, and pulls another from his pocket, taking them both over to you and whispering something in your ear. Not sure what he said, but you grab the can, pop back u on your knees and say loud enough for those close to hear, “fuck this pussy, take it – use it. Please breed me, fill me with your seed, I want to have this pussy full of cum, until it can’t hold anymore. Make me your slut.”

And he does, he grabs your ass, rubs his cock up against you, the huge head teasing against your cum hole — both hands grasp your hips and he buries his thick hard cock into that man-pussy and fucks like a machine. Hard, deep thrust, pulling almost completely out each time, then driving balls deep inside. Over and over again, faster and harder. I can hear your pussy, sloppy and wet, can hear the sound of his groin sapping up against your ass. He is merciless — earlier concerned with your pleasure, now only taking his own.

His tight ass muscles constrict with each thrust ,his thick thighs struggle t hold him steady as he pouonds with a vicious savage intensity, and then — his head falls back, his eyes close and he gives one final forceful plunge and he yells out, “Oh, yes, fucking yes. Bitch take my cum.” And he lows — filling you with his steamy hot steamy seed. His body rocking with each huge spurt. He pulls out and drops his still huge, heavy cock on your ass, still convulsing as his final cum shots squirt all over you.

You collapse on the floor, covered in cum, your ass still glistening with the residue, and quivering with a volcanic eruption of your own release.

Chapter 6

I’m beginning to feel a little concern. You look wiped out, the crowd is getting a little frenzied, the smell of sex has permeated the areas, that heady, intoxicating smell of you that I so love. I see a couple in the crown engaged in their own party — she is bent over at the waist, her dress pulled up, no panties on. She has her mouth full of cock, taking it deep and has released her breast and using one hand to finger her extended nipple. He man is behind her, his dick buried in her pussy, giving her everything he has. It’s turning into a fuck-fest. Everyone needing some release. I’m almost relieved that some of the attention and focus has shifted. I feel so protective of you, always needing to make sure you are ok, used but not bruised, sated but not harmed.

You have been repeatedly and savagely fucked, fisted and sucked and swallowed loads of cum for over an hour. Taking everything forced n you with extreme passion and gusto. And I know you would take more.

But I have a plan to complete, and am determined to give you a night you will never forget The thrill of having them here to watch only intensifies my excitement. I’ve befriended Max, the ex-military fister, and slip something into his hand. He steps over in front of you and slips the blindfold over your head, making sure that your eyes are covered completely. You raise your head, questioning — WTF, we never talking about this.

You can’t see anything, but soon feel hands touching and massaging your ass Slipping a finger across your hole and playing gently, flickering in and out quickly gauging your wetness, your tender swollen lips savoring the softer touches. It isn’t me. I move around in front of you and get on my knees — thrusting my soppy wet pussy up to your mouth. I grab your head and force your mouth onto my screaming needy mound, and you take me greedily. Suckling and biting and pulling on my engorged lips, your tongue using deep inside of me. The crowd is pushing forward and yelling. I am looking up, watching you. She is completely naked, her breast free and already covered in a sheen of sweat, her nipples hard, the nipple clamps sending waves of that pain/pleasure through her. Her hips are a little thick, but her cock is huge and her scrotum hangs heavily between her legs. Her lips are painted a dark red, her eyes heavily made-up and we look at each other and smile. Knowing that this was part of the plan all night, and both of us highly anticipating your reaction as well as that of our spectators.

You continue eating my pussy, my hands clasped around your head refusing to let you go, her hands pulling you apart and you greedily take her cock deep inside you. Our fan club goes wild. Oh god, I am so ready for this, so excited. I release my hold on your head and back away, your blindfold still preventing you from seeing what is happening around you.

I slip on my strap-on and two of our new friends position the mirrors. One in front of you and one to the side. I move over behind her, and Max removes your blindfold. You see our TS friend her cock pummeling you with everything she has. Hips thrusting as she fucks you, mine pushing against her and letting my cock sink deeply into her over and over again. My hips rolling against her ass — my legs creeping up and climbing atop her so I am assured that she gets every inch. But my eyes are on you. You can see every move with the position of the mirrors. You can see her fucking you, me fucking her, the two of us both riding man-pussy. Yours and hers. You are mesmerized by the images in the mirror, watching the three of us, attached by cock.

The craziest experiences of our lives always occur when we least expect them. People come into to our lives when we aren’t looking for them. This happened to me on a business trip to Charlotte.

My boss had asked me to visit the store of a potential client for our consulting business. I hated these kinds of trips. No fun, just a quick flight in, a meeting, a half decent meal on the company teat and then back to the hotel for a night of cable TV and a six pack from a convenience store.

This time was no different. The owner, a beautiful middle-aged blonde in a flattering blue dress, seemed irritated that my boss had pawned the trip off on me. I explained that his wife’s birthday had coincided with the trip which appeared to calm her down. As I ran through the consulting offer I couldn’t stop staring at her shapely calves and black patent leather stiletto pumps. These business trips always made me horny. The hot women in the airport, the stewardesses, bar girls, etc. As we closed our meeting, I had the temerity to ask if she had dinner plans. She went from mild irritation to barely concealed disdain.

I packed up my attaché and bid Ms. Sexy Heels adieu. I told her I’d be in touch although there was no way I was calling that bitch. My boss could do that. I’d made this pointless trek on my day off and no matter how quickly I would’ve jumped on her sweet body, I was not going to add insult to injury by letting her have the pleasure of also turning down our business offer.

Back at the hotel, I headed straight for the bar. We weren’t supposed to expense alcohol but fuck it. I deserved it.

“Myers and coke,” I barked at the bartender. “No, make it 151 and coke.”

“Yes, sir” he answered and efficiently produced my medication. “Should I start a tab?”

“Absofuckinglutely. Sorry, that was rude. Yes a tab…Mike?”

“Mike or hey you, whatever suits you.”

“Can I also get a menu?”

“Absofuckinglutely, Mr?”

“Ed. But skip the mister ’cause that would just be weird.”

I sat back in my bar chair and surveyed the dining room on the right. Empty. The wait staff was standing around looking bored. I sighed.

“Must’ve been a tough one,” a feminine voice commented from behind me.

I turned to meet the voice and found a slender brunette smiling next to me at the bar.

“151 and a sigh. There are much tastier chasers for a drink like that,” she winked.

I checked her out from head to toe. I know it was obvious and somewhat rude but I guess her surprise made me forget my manners. She was hot in all the ways I find sexy. Her hair was styled nicely, impeccable make up, red lips, luscious curves dressed up in a button down blouse and a black pencil skirt with a thigh revealing side slit, sleek black legs wrapped like a present in shiny black pantyhose, and perched on four inch black pumps. Men love a real, feminine woman.

She gave me a wry smile when I recovered my courtesy and met her gaze. All the horniness I had felt at the business meeting came rushing back and took up residence in my cock making it jump a bit.

“I’ve had worse but thanks for noticing,” I offered courteously.

“I’m Chantal”

“Yes you are. What an exquisite name. French?”

“Maybe after I get to know you better, Ed.” Chantal’s eyes crinkled as she briefly touched my shoulder to slip up onto the bar chair next to me. I felt my heart race a little.

“What’ll happen if you get to know me a lot better?”

“I just might give you a big surprise, Ed,” she taunted as she hiked her skirt slightly and crossed her legs. The pointed toe of her shoe rubbed against my pant leg.

“Those are some seriously sexy heels you’ve got there, Chantal. Do they hurt your feet to walk in them?”

“Why, you want to try them out?” she shot back sarcastically.

I blushed. She got me. I felt a little like I was a pervert or something.

“I’m just teasing you. Yes, sometimes they’re murder but it’s worth it. I feel super hot when I wear them and men always notice me. These women and their comfortable shoes. Boring. They’re missing the best part of being a woman. The privilege of being feminine.”

“I couldn’t agree more. I guess I’m old fashioned. I am absolutely enthralled my feminine women. I love everything about them. The hair, the perfume, the makeup, the sexy clothes and don’t get me started about how much I hate barelegged women. A nylon calf, the sweet wisp of hosed legs as they strut by. God.”

“Then you oughta love me. We have something in common already and we just met. Isn’t that fun?”

I could only smile.

“I have about a hundred pairs of pantyhose and I’d wear every pair I own for you. Would that cheer you up?” She reached over and squeezed my thigh. My cock was now like an iron bar. She slid her hand higher. I watched as her bright red nails etched the outline of my bulging trousers and then lightly pressed my manhood.

“You look pretty cheery already.” She leaned towards me. I returned the favor by lightly running my fingers over her soft sheer nylon covered knee. Chantal made low humming sound of appreciation. She pressed her mouth to my ear and whispered.

“If you get that hard from just a little sexy talk, you’re gonna explode when I do something really hot.” With that she tugged emphatically on my cock like it was an exclamation point.

I gasped. I’m no prude but I checked to see if the bartender had seen this and for once was glad that he was not to be found.

“Describe really hot,” I probed.

“Hmm. Pantyhose man. I bet you’d like to rub your dick all over my legs. Or press it hard into my hose covered butt crack. Maybe you’d like me to sit on your face? Or maybe me on yours”

“Uhh…” I was a flustered but totally intrigued.

“Anything else?”

“Maybe you’d like tie me up with my hose and do whatever took your fancy.”

She licked the interior of my ear. Where was that bartender? I needed to settle up right now.

“That could be fun.”

“Maybe you’d like to try a pair on and have me lick your big fat cock? Or how about you just fuck me ’til I cum all over your throbbing meat?”

Mike appeared from the kitchen. I waved.


Chantal’s suite was way bigger than my room. I could hear her singing lightly as she did whatever women do in front of the mirror. The entire trip to her room had been surreal. She had kissed me in the elevator and then led me by the hand down the long hallway with a slow sexy strut.

Once in her room, she made me a drink and then excused herself to freshen up. When she returned I was in awe. She was wearing only a black silk slip, black opera gloves, sheer black pantyhose, and black patent leather stilettos.

“You like?”

I nodded. She strolled over to the loveseat and then stretched out sensuously. She motioned for me to join her. As I approached she raised her beautiful legs and allowed me to sit. Then she stretched them across my lap. I tried hard to get a glimpse under her slip but to no avail.

“Remember your question about my feet in those shoes? These are even harder on them. Mind giving them a little attention?” she asked coyly.

I was transfixed by her legs on my lap. From her thighs exposed just under the slip to the hot bit of toe cleavage peeking out of her pumps, I was in heaven. I removed her shoe and began what I intended to be my greatest foot massage ever. She moaned slightly as I worked the ball of her foot.

“Yes. You have good hands. That’s a good sign.”

“Of what?” I asked, my cock straining at my boxer briefs.

“An attentive lover, silly. Do my other one now.”

I accommodated her wish and removed her other stiletto. I studied her nicely pedicured and painted toes. Deep red shone through the black nylon in a way that turned me on even more.

I continued the massage for a few more minutes, relishing every minute, every touch. Chantal’s eyes were lightly closed. I was clearly relaxing her. I knew I was good at this. I had gotten in more women’s panties via their feet than any other move in my repertoire.

“Oh, sweety! That is fabulous,” she cooed as she sat up. “Anything I can rub for you?”

I looked at her slyly.

“Take it out.”

“Why don’t you take it out, baby?” I responded.

Chantal leaned over towards me and unzipped my trousers. I couldn’t wait to get my cock out of its confinement. She gingerly pulled it out of my briefs and through opening in my pants.

“Nice cock, Ed” she smiled. “I’m gonna have fun with that.”

With that she reclined again and started rubbing it with her pantyhose covered feet. What a sensation. She pressed my purple cock head between her insoles and rubbed it up and down until pre-come oozed from the tip. She took one toe, dabbed it, and then stretched a long strand up until it dripped away.

Chantal tantalized me with the deft use of her feet, the fabric stroking my cock head and the most sensitive under area. The blood surged making it as hard as steel. Sensing that I was about to explode, she stopped.

I watched with slight disappointment as Chantal rose to her feet but was encouraged by the sight of her putting her heels back on and standing directly in front of me with her gloved hands on her hips.

“Now for the real fun.”

She strutted over to the dresser and turned on some slow romantic music. She turned to face me and started to dance a very sensually. The music was jazzy and full of sultry saxophone.

I noticed how fit she was. Fit without being sinewy. Her long legs were the nicest and shapeliest I’d ever seen in person. She was a skilled dancer. I loved that. She bent forwards and touched her right toe , running her hands up the length of her leg. She was not only fit but flexible. My cock was raging. As she reached the top of her thigh she turned sideways and lifted her slip up to her waist. She was wearing sheer to the waist pantyhose. No panel, totally sheer. Normally I was happy to catch a glimpse of a woman’s hosiery, any part of it. Now I was getting it all.

“You want to cha cha with me, lover boy?”

“No, I’m fine right here.”

Chantal danced towards me and then turned her back. She shook her ass to the slow beat. My cock throbbed hard. It was the second time I nearly came. I thought of everything I could to not blow my load. As if she sensed that I was struggling to not cum, she inched her slip up over her butt cheeks offering a full view her black pantyhose covered ass with one black g string running up the crack of her buttocks. I could see her wonderful plump ass with nothing in the way, possibly one of my biggest turn-ons. I wanted to run over and grab that ass or bite it or lick it or fuck it, but that seemed like a long shot. I’d settle for her turning around so I could see her hot little pussy. I wanted to see how nice the it looked before I fucked her silly.

She dropped her slip back down over her ass, turned and strode towards me. Without a word she pulled me to my feet. I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed her waist and pulled her against me, my cock pushing between her legs. She squirmed a bit but then relented. I held her with one arm and with the other pulled her mouth to mine. I kissed her hard. She opened her lips and accepted my probing tongue. She squeezed her thighs tightly around my cock nearly making me cum again but I managed to hold onto my juice. In a mad whirl of passion she kept kissing me while she undid my belt and fly, sending my pants to the floor. I kicked off my shoes as she pulled down my briefs and unbuttoned my shirt. I wiggled out of it and now was completely naked in front of this gorgeous woman.

“Now it’s your turn,” I chided.

“Not quite yet,” she answered as she pushed me down on the couch. She got down on her knees and opened my legs. She examined my manhood carefully.

“9 inches of beautiful cock would be my guess, Ed. You should be proud. I don’t get to see many that big and perfect. Love the fat head on it, too. I should take a picture. My girlfriends will never believe me when I tell them about you.”

With that she ran her tongue from the back of my balls to the tip of my head three times and then ran it around the head so many times I lost count. She licked me from the tip to the base and went to work on my balls, kissing and fondling them. Then she drove me mad by tracing the ridge from my balls to my asshole, lightly tapping and darting around my hole and then in and out of it. No woman had ever done that. Wow, I was reeling. It was all so unbelievable. I was sure something would go wrong. But it didn’t. It just kept getting better. If she was a pro, so what? She was worth the money. I hoped she wasn’t. I liked thinking she was actually attracted to me.

Her hand gripped hard at the base of my cock. What a grip that was! Chantal put her lips over the tip of my cock and slowly worked me into her warm moist mouth, moving an inch at a time and then moving back to the tip. Back and forth, in and out until she reached her gloved hand near the base. She moved her hand to fondle my sack and then went to the bottom of my cock. I could feel the fabulous sensation of her lips around the root of my penis.

I was lost in lust, enjoying every millisecond of her splendid cocksucking. Some women wouldn’t suck your cock. Some did but acted like they didn’t like the taste but wanted to make you happy. Then there were the Chantals of the world: hungry, loving, world class cocksuckers. She knew everything a man could like. It was like she had ESP. I was almost catatonic. I didn’t want to blow yet but wasn’t going to last much longer with this kind of luscious mouth sex. But who cares. I’d hump her later. Fuck it, I was going to let it loose.

In the middle of my pre-explosion spasms she slipped her mouth off and grabbed the tip hard, preventing me from cumming.

“Oh…” I yelped in frustration.

“Oh, baby. If you pop, you’ll miss the chance to fuck me,” she taunted.

“God, no woman has ever done that kind of suck job on me. It’s like you were in my head the whole time. You must love cock.”

“Hmm. Yes I do,” she agreed standing in front of me. “I know a man’s cock inside and out.”

“Sucked a lot of them?” I giggled.

“Yeah, baby. Including my own. Want to see me do it? I’m really limber, Ed”

“Say what?” I stuttered.

” Remember I said if you were good I’d give you a big surprise? Here it is.” With that she raised her black satin slip and I found a huge cock staring back at me.

“What the fuck? You’re a dude?”

“No honey, I’m not a dude. I’m the hottest girl you ever met but with a little bit of extra skin.”

And she wasn’t kidding. Her cock was almost as big as mine and the head was a little larger. As I took it all in, she reached in under her pantyhose and untied the sides of her g string. She tossed her thong to the floor and straddled my leg, pressing my head towards her crotch and what happened next will remain a mystery for life.

For some reason, a reason I’ll never be able to provide, I put my mouth right on her nylon covered cock head. I wasn’t forced, tied up, offered money, or anything. I put my lips and tongue right on her beautiful, hard cock and then I was past the point of no return. I licked every inch of her cock, loving the feel and the sight of it through her hose. After I few minutes, she stretched her hose down under her scrotum and stroked herself. Man, she had a nice cock. Even straight guys can admire a nice looking cock. Without urging I took her in my mouth and sucked her as if it was my own. She began to verbally urge me on but I couldn’t manage the length without gagging. I don’t know what got into me but today, for first time it was another man’s cock.

“Maybe if we get together again, I’ll show you how to do that without gagging,” she whispered. “But for now, I want you to fuck me.”

“Listen, I’m not gay, okay?”

“Yeah honey, neither am I,” she laughed.

“No I mean it. I’ve never done this before. I had no idea. I just thought you were the hottest woman I’ve ever met.” I smiled. She smiled back.

Chantal somehow managed to put that fat cock of hers back inside her hose. The site of her erection stretching at her pantyhose almost made me cum…again.

“That is so sweet. I am the hottest woman you’ve ever met and in a bit, I’ll be the best piece of ass you’ve ever had in your life, too.”

Chantal stood and then pulled me up with her. She grabbed my hands and placed each palm on an ass cheek and then pulled me against her mouth again. We kissed passionately. She whispered in my ear.

“Fuck me. I need fucked and I’m tired of my rubber cock. It’s been way too long.”

She kissed me hard. I loved the feel of her ass in hose. I always loved that but most women don’t appreciate how much men love hose. If they did, they’d all wear them. In fact, women don’t appreciate the allure that their lingerie and undergarments have for men. Now that I’d met Chantal, it occurred to me that maybe cross dressers understood this or maybe they dressed up to match the women that turned them on. Or maybe I was overthinking, looking for a rationale to justify the fact that I was deeply attracted to another man. I had kissed another man. Another man had sucked my cock better than any woman. I had sucked another man’s cock and loved it. I was getting ready to fuck another man’s ass. I didn’t see Chantal as another man, though. She was in her own category.

Chantal led me to her bed. She stretched out on her back assuming a very alluring pose.

“Don’t keep me waiting, lover.”

“Why? What if I do?” I toyed, rubbing my swollen meat to tease her.” Maybe I’ll just jerk off while I stare at your hot bod. Come all over your hose covered dick.” I ran my hands all over her legs and then squeezed her dick hard.”

“Don’t! I’m just about to explode, sweetie. I want to do it with your cock buried in my ass. You won’t believe how good it’ll feel when I come all over your hard cock. Fuck me.”

I didn’t need much more prodding. I climbed on top of her. We began to kiss and rub our cocks against each other. It was a wild sensation of pure lust as we dry-humped. Chantal then raised her knees to her chest. I licked the backs of her knees and calves and then kissed her budding little tits. She moaned appreciatively. I spotted a rubber on the night stand and seized it, ripping open the packet. I couldn’t fathom what was happening to me but I liked it. I stretched the latex over my cock. Chantal grabbed the lube from the stand and handed it to me. I hurriedly applied it.

“Be generous. I’m a little scared of your size, honey.”

“You should be.”

“Pull down my hose, hurry. Fuck me, now.”

That really got me going. I grabbed her arms and pressed them to the bed behind her head.

“I’m in charge now. I’m gonna do whatever I want. Maybe I don’t want to fuck you now. Maybe I’m gonna just rip those hose right off you and suck you off instead.”

“No, be nice now. Give it to me,” she pleaded.

With that I grabbed the stretchy fabric that so drove me insane and tore an entry way towards her pink little hole. My cock had never felt this hard, this sensitive and honestly I think it was actually bigger and longer than ever.

I pressed it against her opening and then in slightly. There was some resistance and then the head popped in. Chantal moaned gutturally. It felt so good that I pulled back out and stuck it in again. I eased in slowly. I was aware of not wanting to hurt her, not wanting to have this end too soon or pop too fast. The tightness was exquisite.

“Slow. Let me get used to you.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Not in the least but don’t go in farther yet or it might.”

For some reason it’s hard to not cum when you’re trying not to. I wanted to fuck her hard and yet I didn’t want to pop too soon.

“Kiss me for a minute.”

We kissed. It was so passionate. I felt like I really liked Chantal. That scared me.

My fear was short lived and gave way to pure raw lust.

*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

**Author’s Note: This has an alternate ending to ‘Flowers in the Heart.’ It read the same as the original posting, until page 4.

After posting the story, I realized that Scott was just a little too quick to accept his girlfriend’s differences, especially too quickly for an eighteen year old male, worried about peer acceptance and social hierarchy.

Most of you, I am sure, will absolutely hate the new ending.

Chapter 1

“Hey Scott, Fauna kind of likes you,” Jenna said, snickering.

“Hey Jenna, it hard to hear yourself over that echo?” Scott said as he caught the football, and then heaved it back to Ronnie.

“Huh?” Jenna asked, puzzled.

“Yeah, your head up your ass like that, I figure there’s got to be a hell of a loud echo,” Scott said and caught the football again.

“Oh fuck you; you’re such an ass hole,” Jenna snapped and stomped away.

Scott smiled easily and heaved the ball back to Ronnie.

He knew Fauna liked him; he could hardly miss the doe like eyes she cast his way all the time. But he also knew that Hillary Monroe liked him, Terri Langmeyer liked him, and Tammy Fontenot liked him.

Ronnie smiled cruelly and hurled the football at Jenna’s retreating form. The quarterback for St. Thomas Aquinas, he very easily struck her in the back of her blonde head with the missile, knocking her down.

“No!” Scott yelled out, trying to run to catch the football as soon as Ronnie lobbed it.

“God damn, what’s wrong with you, huh?” Scott yelled at his friend as he trotted over to Jenna.

“Hey, you okay?” he gently asked just as Jenna began to sob out loud. “Oh, no, no, don’t do that; God I hate crying!”

He picked her up into his arms and hugged her tightly to himself but she just wailed louder.

Physically, she wasn’t hurt; there was a stinging in the back of her head where the football had struck her, but her feelings were deeply hurt.

“Come on, let’s get Sister Lucy to look at your head,” Scott gently said and half walked, half carried her toward the school building.

“Why’d he do that?” Jenna sobbed, not really expecting an answer.

“I don’t know; he’s an ass hole, I guess,” Scott admitted.

“I wasn’t doing nothing to him,” Jenna sobbed.

He walked her to the administration offices of St. Thomas Aquinas and told Miss Ormond that he and Ronnie had been tossing a football back and forth and Jenna had been accidentally hit in the head. Miss Ormond paged for Sister Lucy, the school nurse to come to the office.

“It wasn’t an accident,” Jenna angrily accused.

By the time Sister Lucy came bustling into her small examination room, Jenna had ceased crying. Scott turned to walk out as Sister Lucy’s hard face made her intentions known.

“I can see why Fauna likes you,” Jenna said softly to him.

“Uh huh,” he said and smiled tightly.

“Close the door,” Sister Lucy snapped at him.

He knew that Fauna liked him; again, it would have been hard to ignore her constant attention toward him. But Megan Campion had caught his eye first and Scott was a one-woman-man and did not see any reason to drop Megan just because a barely five foot tall girl was mooning over him.

Fauna’s height, or lack of it, was matched by her physique, or lack of it. Her breasts were non-existent and there was only a slight swell to her hips. The eighteen year old girl looked moor like a nine year old girl.

Megan, on the other hand, proudly possessed a thirty six inch chest and filled her C cup bras beautifully. She also had a narrow waist and a nicely rounded ass.

Fauna had limp brown hair and brown eyes; Megan had blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Megan also had beautifully pouting lips and bright white smile.

But while Fauna’s eyes rarely tore themselves away from Scott, Megan’s eyes rarely looked at anything but her own reflection. And as soon as Hillary broke off her two year relationship with Ronnie, Megan began finding fault with everything Scott did or didn’t do.

Scott wasn’t stupid; why date a defensive tackle when you can date the quarterback? But Megan put out, so he put up with her abusive treatment until it became clear to him that Megan’s pussy wasn’t worth putting up with Megan’s mouth. (High School Etiquette dictated that Scott had to be the one to do the breaking up so that Megan didn’t appear to be a bitch.)

The bell rang; alerting Scott and the other one hundred and twenty nine students of St. Thomas Aquinas that lunch period was over. Scott trotted to his locker to get his Calculus textbook and easily forged a path through the sea of students that swarmed around him.

At six foot two and one hundred and ninety pounds, Scott had no trouble jostling through the milling teenagers.

“Man, what happened?” Ronnie asked, knocking a couple of students aside.

Scott looked at him in mild irritation; one of the students Ronnie had shoved aside was his own brother, Brian. Brian too looked at his older brother with irritation.

“What the fuck you think happened?” Scott asked. “You hit her in the head with your football, dumb ass.”

“No, no, I mean…” Ronnie said.

“Fuck man, I don’t know,” Scott said. “She knows it wasn’t an accident, that’s for sure.”

“Yeah it was, right?” Ronnie said, tugging onto Scott’s arm.

“Uh huh,” Scott said.

He entered the Calculus classroom and smiled; Fauna was, as always, seated right up front, the first student into the classroom.

She looked at him and then looked away, heavy blush coloring her pale face.

“Hey Fauna, how’s it going?” he asked as he took the seat to her left.

She whirled her head around and fixed her deep brown eyes on his brown eyes.

“Fine,” she whispered, blushing hotly.

He smiled as she nervously clutched her pencil in her hands.

“Hey um, listen, I uh, you wouldn’t want to go out with me this Friday huh?” Scott asked and smiled as her large eyes got even larger.

“Are you, this isn’t some kind of joke, huh?” she asked, barely choking out the words.

“No, no, it’s not some kind of joke,” Scott said, slightly puzzled.

Surely he hadn’t misread her signals. Surely this girl did like him. Jenna Jordan had made a point of seeking him out to tell him that Fauna liked him.

“Aiee!” she screamed out loud, causing Sister Andrea, the four other students and Scott to jump.

“Oh my God!” she screamed out loud. “Yes! I’d love to! Here! Here’s my phone number! Okay? You can call me at…”

“Miss Davendorf! Really!” Sister Andrea scolded, trying to hide her amusement behind a scowl.

“Oh but Sister Andrea! You don’t understand!” Fauna gushed excitedly.

The final bell clanged, letting any remaining students know that they were late for class. Brian and Shelley dashed in just ahead of Sister Andrea’s shutting the door to the classroom.

“Okay now, homework, passes it up to the front of the room please,” Sister Andrea ordered and began to gather the papers.

Throughout the class, Scott could feel Fauna’s eyes burning into him but every time he looked over at her, she would quickly look away, hot blush on full display.

“Okay, Miss Davendorf, what did I just say?” Sister Andrea called out ands smirked as Fauna repeated the equation.

“Uh huh,” she said and then explained the equation’s properties to the class.

“Call you tonight, okay?” Scott smiled as they gathered up their books.

“Oh God!” Fauna agreed, large brown eyes looking up at him with complete adoration.

“Way to go, Dude,” Roger Leland snickered as he brushed past Scott.


Scott strode rapidly to his World History class and took his usual seat; the front seat next to the window.

“Hey Jenna,” he called out as the blonde entered the classroom.

“What?” she hissed.

“Hey, just wanted to know how your head is,” he defended.

She softened her scowl and even smiled tightly.

“Yeah, its okay, Sister Lucy couldn’t even give me Ibuprofen for it, believe that? But she said it don’t look like nothing happened. Still hurts a little bit, but you know, what you going to do, huh?” Jenna said, and then looked around for a seat.

“That’s my seat, Tit Monster,” Terri said as Jenna decided to take the eat behind Scott.

“Name’s not on it, Skank,” Jenna spat.

Jenna darkened at being called the hated ‘Tit Monster’ nickname, having developed quite early and now possessed a monumental set of breasts that forced her to ear an extra large school blouse. The sleeves on the short sleeve blouse reached just past her elbows but the buttons on it still strained slightly.

“Terri, she can sit where ever she wants,” Scott said and Terri flounced down the aisle to another seat.

“Fine, that’s what you like, fuck you; I won’t ask you out,” Terri muttered to herself.

She liked Scott; had planned to ask him m out just as soon as the cooling off period had elapsed. Megan was her friend and Megan and Scott had just broken up; wouldn’t do to start dating Scott while Megan’s mark was still on him.

Megan sneered at Scott and scowled when he did not seem perturbed at her sneer.

“What’d you ever see in that bitch?” Jenna whispered.

“The top of her head,” Scott whispered back.

Jenna thought about it for a moment then squealed in disgust and slapped his arm.

“Something you’d like to share with us, Miss Jordan?” Fred Dumas asked as he began to call roll.

“No, Scott’s just being a nasty pig,” Jenna spat and Scott laughed out loud.

“Boy, the gray weather is affecting everyone today, that’s for sure,” Fred commented. “Just about everyone I’ve run into today seems to be in a foul mood.

“Maybe if you’d quit running into them?” Roger suggested.

Fred smiled as Roger’s suggestion had the desired effect; the students laughed and relaxed.

“But it was a gray and ugly mood that surrounded Europe just months before the onset of World War One, the ‘War to end all wars,’” Fred launched into his lecture of the day.


“Hello?” a tight voice snapped.

“Yes, um, hi, this is Scott; may I speak with Fauna please?” Scott said.

There was no response, just the sound of the phone clunking onto whatever the woman set it down on then the sound of it being dragged and then Fauna’s small voice came on.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Hey, it’s me, um, it’s Scott,” Scott said.

“Hi!” she said happily.

He didn’t know what they talked about for two hours, but finally Fauna’s mother said it was time to call it a night and the two teenagers hung up.

“That wasn’t Megan, huh?” Glen Boudreaux, Scott’s older brother asked; only stuttering slightly.

“No, thank God,” Scott said and got out of his chair.

“Oh? Spend all night on the phone with some girl; got to be hotter than Megan, huh?” Glen pressed for information.

“No, man, not really, but she’s a shit load sweeter than Megan ever was,” Scott admitted.

“Watch the mouth, boy,” Linda, their mother, called out.

“Yes ma’am,” Scott called back.

“Not that little bitch with the big tits, huh?” Glen persisted, following Scott down the hall. “That what’s her name? Jenna?”

“I didn’t raise you better than that?” Linda snapped. “‘Little bitch?’ ‘With the big tits?’ That’s how you treat women?”

“Sorry,” Glen admitted.

“Uh huh, sorry you got caught,” Linda snapped as she went to her own bedroom.

“No, friend of Jenna’s though, that Fauna?” Scott said as he sat down at his desk.

“Dude, you are kidding me, right?” Glen asked.

“No, why?” Scott asked defensively.

“No…” Glen looked at the door, then back at Scott and held his hands in front of his chest.

“Come on, Glen, grow up, huh?” Scott said. “Damn, more to women than the size of their…”

He held his own hands in front of his chest.

“Well, if she does go down on you, she won’t have to bend over, huh?” Glen laughed.

“How old are you, huh?” Scott asked and shooed his brother out of his room.

Chapter 2

Jenna and Fauna sat at their table, giggling and squealing. Every now and then, they’d both look over at the table that Scott shared with Terri, Megan, Ronnie, Roger, and Ted and would then put their heads together and whisper excitedly.

“God, what are they screaming about?” Megan asked as the two girls squealed again.

“Go ask them,” Ronnie suggested.

“You go ask them,” she spat.

Scott smiled over at Fauna and she and Jenna both froze, and then put their heads together to whisper something in earnest.

“Oh give me a break!” Terri sneered.

“You got something against people being happy?” Scott finally asked and stood up, lunch now over.

He walked over to the table where Fauna and Jenna sat and they both froze guilty expressions on their faces.

“Hey Fauna,” he said and she blushed heavily and whispered a response.

“Hey, um, Jenna, you um, you remember my big brother? Glen?” he asked Jenna.

“Um, yeah, yeah, graduated what? Last year?” Jenna asked. “Kind of tall, blonde hair like yours?”

“Two years, but yeah, that’s him,” Scott agreed.

“Yeah, what about him?” Jenna asked.

“He um, he said to tell you ‘Hi’ and wants to know if he can get your number,” Scott said.

“Um, sure, I um, yeah I guess so,” Jenna stammered.

Her massive chest was Jenna’s only positive asset, as far as physical appeal was concerned. She had unkempt blonde hair, cut far too short, slightly small eyes, a bulbous nose and very aggressive acne.

But she was a true and loyal friend to the few friends she did have and would gladly go out of her way to help anyone in need. Whenever she was fortunate enough to be invited to a party, she was usually the first to arrive, to help set up for the party, and would often be the last to leave, after helping clean up.

She was also a notorious gossip and saw it as her duty to interfere in the romances of others, to play match maker.

“See you in Calculus,” Scott smiled at Fauna and left the cafeteria.

“Oh, I hope that wasn’t just some kind of joke,” Jenna said to Fauna. “I always kind of liked Glen but he never looked at me twice, you know?”

“Scott wouldn’t do that,” Fauna defended.


He drove up to the small, slightly run-down house on the south side of Bender and checked the address on the house to make sure he had the right one.

“Name’s right there on the mailbox,” he chided himself and got out of the car.

“Yes?” a thin, tired looking woman snapped when she jerked the door opens.

“Hi, I’m um, I’m Scott? Scott Boudreaux? Here to pick up Fauna?” Scott stammered.

“Really?” the woman looked at him somewhat suspiciously. “You’re this Scott kid keeps calling here?”

“Uh, yes ma’am,” Scott said and then shuddered as a quick blast of cold air chilled him.

“Okay,” the woman said in a resigned tone of voice and stepped back. “Come on in, I guess.”

“He found her behavior very disconcerting and not very welcoming at all. He wondered if she was one of those mothers that were extremely over-protective of their children.

“Hi,” Fauna said as she walked into the small foyer of the home.

“Hey,” he smiled.

She was wearing snug blue jeans and a very feminine pink sweater. Her black leather pumps added a mere three inches to her height and he smiled at that.

“Kind of cold outside; might want to put on a coat,” he suggested.

“Oh, okay,” she said and rand to get a coat.

“Um, what time she has to be back?” Scott asked Mrs. Davendorf.

“Eleven, eleven thirty,” the woman shrugged.


Scott liked the perfume Fauna was wearing; a very feminine scent that seemed to compliment her very well.

“Oh, I bet they’re freezing to death!” Fauna gasped as she saw the two car hops skate from the main building to the cars

“Yeah, even though they got them leggings on, that don’t look too warm, does it?” Scott agreed.

Scott was amused when Fauna ordered a chili dog; one of the items listed as ‘For the Kids’ on the lighted menu.

“Ooh, extra mustard, please, she told the poor car hop when the girl skittered to a stop next to the car.


Fauna surprised Scott when she said she wanted to see the horror movie that was playing.

“No, Jenna and I already seen that stupid movie,” Fauna said when Scott pointed out the latest romantic comedy that was playing. “I been wanting to see this one, but Jenna’s such a scaredy cat to see it; says that kind of stuff gives her nightmares.”


“Yes!” Fauna giggled out loud when the killer managed to carve up another victim.

“Fauna, you’re not supposed to cheer for the killer,” Scott laughed.

“Why not? He’s winning,” she asked, smile on full wattage.

“You are so silly,” he said and kissed her.

A friendly little peck turned into a very heated kiss and they did not pull apart until the ominous music started again.

“Yes!” Fauna hooted again as another victim fell to the crazed killer.

“Fauna, you’re so silly,” he laughed.


“Want to get a hot chocolate?” he asked; it was only ten thirty, according to the car radio.

“No, um, no, not really,” she said.

“Oh, um, okay, I um, I really don’t know if there’s anything else to do, really,” Scott said.

He knew what he’d like to do, but was sure that Fauna wouldn’t go for that, not on the first date.

“I um, hey um, listen, Scott?” Fauna said, not looking at him.

“Uh huh?” he said turning the heater on his car down now that the interior was warmed.

“I um, I really don’t want to go to the Basin, I mean, not on a first date, you know? I mean, I hope you don’t think I’m that kind of girl, but…” Fauna stammered.

“No, no, not at all,” Scott protested

“I mean, I really really like you, a lot,” Fauna hastened to assure him.

“And I really like you a lot too,” he admitted.

“So, um, I guess, um, I guess this is it, then,” Fauna said.

“Guess so; um, you doing anything tomorrow?” Scott asked.

“”When?” Fauna asked.

“I don’t know, um, usually on Saturdays I kind of like going to the mall. In Baton Rouge? The one with the big merry go round in it?” Scott said.

“Ooh, I love that one!” Fauna said, and then lost her smile. “Oh, but I kind of promised Jenna we’d hang out, and April too.”

“Then why don’t we all go to the mall?” Scott asked.

“You’d be okay with doing that?” Fauna asked, delighted.


Scott wondered for the thousandth time why he had volunteered to take the three girls to the mall. He was now the designated coat carrier and the bag holder as the three friends dragged him from store to store.

He sat down on a bench while the three girls ran into a candle store to seek out the perfect scent. Jenna came out a moment later and joined him.

“Hey, um, Fauna’s like my best friend in the whole wide world and I um, she really really likes you, a whole lot and if you ever hurt her, I swear to God I’ll kill you,” Jenna said.

“Uh huh, don’t worry; I like her whole lot too,” Scott assured the girl.

“Really?” Jenna said and hugged Scott’s arm to herself. “That is so cool.”

Scott sniffed the two candles that Fauna had bought and graciously accepted the ‘Champagne’ scented one she’d bought for him.

“Damn! Brrr!” Jenna complained as they trekked from the mall to the car. “Jeez it’s cold out here!”

“January’s kind of funny like that,” Scott said as he put the assorted bags into the trunk. “I don’t know if you noticed that or not but most of the time, its cold in January.”

“Shut up; you’re such an ass hole,” Jenna complained as she and April, a bone thin very tall brunette clambered into the rear of the car.

“Uh huh, can’t be that big an ass hole; you just spent all day with me,” Scott said.

He drove them back to Bender, dropped Jenna and April off at their homes, and then drove Fauna to Hop Kim, a Chinese restaurant in Kimble, Louisiana.

“I figure, any girl likes horror movies has got to love Chinese,” he joked and got himself both a slap on the arm and an affectionate kiss.

During the meal, he innocently put his hand on her upper thigh and she froze. She then frantically grabbed his hand and trapped it between her hand and her thigh.

“Please, please don’t,” she whispered, nearly in tears.

“Okay, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean anything by it,” Scott hastened to assure her.

“It’s just that, look, I’m really afraid of what you’ll think if I, if we go too far,” she said, voice shaking with emotion.

“Look, it won’t happen again, not until you’re ready, okay?” he smiled and she released his hand.


“What Mass you go to?” she asked as he pulled in front of her house.

“Usually eleven o’clock,” he said. “You?”

“Nine, then I can just come home and do nothing at all,” she said.

“Yeah, well, me and Glen, he’s my older brother; we usually go to mass, then grab a pizza at Sicily’s and then watch the Saints kick some ass,” Scott said.

“Ew, football?” Fauna said and made gagging sounds.

“Shut up; I like football,” he laughed and kissed her.

“Um, okay then, guess I’ll see you at school,” she said and opened her car door.

He carried her bags to the front door and again was greeted by the tired looking Mrs. Davendorf.

“Hello Scott,” she said through tight lips.

“Hi Mrs. Davendorf, nice to see you again,” he cheerfully said.

“You, you’ve got a pile of homework not going to do itself,” the woman snapped at Fauna and stomped away.

“Guess I better get,” Scott said and quickly kissed Fauna on the lips.

“Off gallivanting the whole day, don’t even bother telling me what time you’ll be home,” Mrs. Davendorf snapped at Fauna the moment the front door was shut.

“Momma, I told you where we were and you never said be home at any time,” Fauna snapped back.

“But I didn’t think it’d be the whole day!” Mrs. Davendorf yelled back.


“Dude, we ain’t even out the driveway and she’s telling me she ain’t putting out and she ain’t sucking dick and I ain’t getting no feels,” Glen complained to Scott.

“Dude what you expect?” Scott smiled as he put on his dress shoes.

“I expect a LITTLE something, you know?” Glen complained.

“Did you get a kiss good night?” Scott asked and straightened up.

“Well, yeah, but…” Glen said.

“More than you got last week, huh?” Scott said and punched his brother’s arm.

“Yeah but, didn’t cost me nineteen dollars either,” Glen said.

Linda hurried down the hall, putting on her earrings.

“Come on, you two,” she barked.

They got into the mini van and good naturedly bickered back and forth as they drove to church.

“Come on, Scott, no mushrooms; I hate mushrooms,” Glen whined as they solidified their plans to order pizza after church.

“Pick them off, God, you big baby,” Scott smirked as they got out of the van.

“I hate mushrooms too,” Jenna said and smiled up at Glen.

“Hey, Fauna said, smiling up at Scott.

“You like mushrooms?” Scott asked her and she hesitated.

“They’re okay, but I can live without them,” Fauna said.

“Three against one; you’re not getting any mushrooms,” Linda said, smiling to the two girls. “Hi, I’m Linda Boudreaux, their big sister.”

“Whatever,” Scott rolled his eyes. “Then why you keep making us call you ‘Mom,’ huh?”

“Because you need some manners,” Linda said and pinched Scott’s arm.

“Come on; it’s cold out here,” Jenna demanded, taking Glen’s arm and dragging him to the church.

“Mom, this is Fauna; my girlfriend,” Scott introduced the two.

“You’re what?” Fauna asked, mouth opened in shock.

“My, um, my girlfriend, I guess,” Scott stammered.

He thought to himself that Fauna was extremely hard to understand. Very loving, very affectionate, then freezing when he put his hand on her leg. Showing up at church for the late Mass when she said she went to the earlier one, then getting upset when he introduced her as his girlfriend.

“Oh my God!” she screamed out loud and then hugged Scot in a frantic bear hug. “Really? I’m your girlfriend?”

“Looks like it,” Linda smiled to her son and walked toward the church.

“I always wanted to be your girlfriend; you remember that first day at school?” Fauna babbled happily as they walked toward the church.

(He did remember that first day; Sister Angela called the roll and Scott’s ears perked up when he heard the name ‘Davendorf’ called out. There had been a classmate, Sean Davendorf, when he was a student at Saint Richard’s, but Sean had developed a brain tumor when they were in the sixth grade, and Scott never saw him again.

He had sent a few ‘Get-well-soon’ cards to the hospital, then Sean and his family moved to Houston, for more treatment and he never heard anything more.

“Hey, you know a kid named Sean?” Scott asked the small girl when the bell rang. “Sean Davendorf? He was at Saint Richard, then he got real sick, brain tumor, I think and then I have never seen him again.”

“Yeah, I know him,” she said quietly, looking up at him.

“Yeah, what ever happened to him? He was just running over and then he grabbed his head and screamed and fell to the ground and they came and got him in an ambulance and…” Scott prattled.

“He died,” Fauna said, cutting Scott’s cheerful rambling.

“He, he what?” Scott asked, tears suddenly springing to his eyes.

“He died,” Fauna repeated, looking up into his brown eyes.

“God damn it!” Scott said, tears streaming down his face. “It’s just not fair!”)

Scott felt a few tears come to his eyes as he remembered the small boy that had been his friend for only a few days, then was taken away.

“And you were crying, even though you didn’t really even know Sean and I were like, ‘oh my God, I just love him!’” Fauna said as they entered the building.

They joined Glen and Jenna and Scott couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. Jenna was running her mouth, a mile a minute, ordering Glen around.

His brother was terminally shy; Glen’s stuttering, although slight, was enough to isolate him from his peers. It had taken quite a bit of courage for him to pick up the five hundred pound telephone and call the girl and ask for a date, even though Scott assured him the girl wanted him to call her.

“Looks like Jenna’s happy,” Fauna whispered to Scott.

“How about you?” Scott asked Fauna. “Are you happy?”

“Ecstatic,” she smiled up at him, playfully punctuating easy syllable of ecstatic with a finger poke in his stomach.

Linda found another pew to sit on; knowing her two sons didn’t need their mother ruining their good time. She did sit behind them, though, so she could make sure that they behaved themselves in church.

She saw Megan and Megan’s parents enter the church. She smiled politely in greeting to them and was happy when they selected another pew to sit at. Linda had not liked Megan at all and found her to be a mirror of her parents. They were only concerned with themselves and gave little to no thought to anyone else’s happiness or comfort.

Linda looked over at her two sons and the two girls that sat with the boys. Neither girl had taken their eyes off of the boys; Jenna’s mouth was still going, but even as she bossed Glen, she smiled happily up at him.

Chapter 3

Scott and Fauna sat in the front seat of his car, kissing hotly. The windows of his car were steamed up from the heat the two were generating.

“Oh, God!” Fauna groaned as Scott’s lips nuzzled her neck and his fingers teased and tweaked her sensitive nipples.

She sucked another kiss from his lips then pushed herself away from him. She looked into his lust filled eyes.

“I want to, oh God, Baby, I need to do this,” she gasped.

In the three weeks that they’d been dating, this was the furthest he’d gotten with the dainty young lady. He knew, though, that any movement on his part would stop the entire process. She seemed to be deathly afraid of him touching her but it had been her that had put his hands inside of her lace blouse. It had been her that urged him to reach underneath her bra to play with her very small breasts.

She looked around the front seat, then looked at the back seat and seemed to make up her mind.

“Need you to get out and come around, okay?” she whispered, then sat down in the passenger seat and used the lever to ease the seat back as far as it would go.

He opened the door and she shrieked as the cold January wind blasted them.

“Hurry up!” she shrilled at him.

Scott got out and ran around to her side of the car.

“Quick, get in!” she ordered.

He did and she got in, kneeling down on the floorboard between his legs.

“Close the door, hurry up!” she shrilled. “Damn it’s cold!”

“Fauna, what are you doing?” he questioned as she hugged herself to warm herself up.

“I um, Scott, I don’t want to, you know, go all the way, um, I mean, that’s got to be for something real special, but I know I’ve been kind of, well, I don’t want you to get all mad at me and call me a prick tease and I know that’s kind of what I’m being and…” Fauna babbled as she leaned up and kissed him hotly.

Her small hands rested squarely on his thighs while she kissed him, then she squatted down on the floorboard of the car again and reached for his zipper.

“Do you love me?” she asked, looking up into his eyes.

“Yes, but Fauna, you don’t have to…” Scott said.

“I know that, Baby, but I want to,” she whispered and struggled slightly with his snap, then smiled in triumph as she managed to get it undone.

“Oh my God!” she gasped when she freed his cock from his briefs. “Oh my God! I, oh, Baby! It’s so beautiful!”

Her small hands cradled his throbbing erection and she kissed it reverently on its mushroom shaped head.

She closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out and licked all around the mushroom shaped head. She took his testicles in her left hand and groaned as she tested the weight of them. She lowered her head an inch and licked all around the shaft of his cock, just underneath his head. Inch after inch of his seven inch cock received her loving tongue bath, until she reached the base of his cock.

Then she took one of his testicles into her mouth and gave it a loving, almost painful suck. The other testicle received equal treatment, then she began to swipe her tongue all around his cock again, working her way back up to the head.

When she reached the head of it, she took the entire head into her mouth and bobbed down an inch and backed off. Then she bobbed her head forward two inches and again backed off. Three, then four inches disappeared into her mouth and she opened her eyes and looked up at him.

One small hand cradled his testicles, the other hand stroked the exposed length of his shaft until she had bobbed her head up and down enough times to have him all the way in her mouth.

“Oh, shit!” Scott groaned as she began to hum around his cock.

“Ugh!” she grunted and groaned and shuddered for a long moment, closing her eyes in bliss.

“Uh, oh, damn it, Fauna, Baby!” Scott tried to warn her.

She screamed around the head of his cock as he filled her mouth with his hot seed. She swallowed it as quickly as he pumped it into her and continued to suck until he went limp in her mouth.

“Oh my God! Oh Scott! I love it!” she screamed happily. “Oh my God!”

Megan had sucked his cock, but had never let him come in her mouth. Megan had put his cock into her mouth, bobbed once or twice, then flopped onto her back demanding that he return the favor. Of course, he had to return the favor until she came.

“But Fauna had made love to his cock, loved it with her mouth and hands.

“What about you?” Scott asked Fauna as she sat between his legs, gasping for breath.

“What about me?” she dreamily asked him.

“Um, don’t you want me to do you now?” he asked.

“No!” she shrilled, then quieted down slightly. “No, Baby, I had an orgasm; you should see the crotch of my jeans! No, no, I don’t need you to do me.”

They sat quietly, each catching their breath, until Fauna looked at her dainty wrist watch.

“Oh damn, Baby, it’s getting pretty late,” she said.

“Um, okay, give me a minute,” Scott said, trying to stuff himself back in his jeans.

“No, chop chop, let’s go,” she demanded and giggled as he playfully stuck his middle finger out, in her face.

“Oh my God,” Fauna repeated to herself a few times as they drove toward her house.

“See you in church tomorrow?” Scott asked her.

“I don’t know; Jenna’s kind of mad at Glen right now,” Fauna admitted.

“Jeez, what did that dumb ass do now?” Scott sighed.

“I’m not sure, really; something about not calling her last night or something,” Fauna admitted.

“What? You’re joking, right?” he asked.

“Nope, sorry,” she shrugged.

“Oh come on, get real!” he exclaimed.

“Baby, I know this is kind of stupid, but Glen’s like, Jenna’s first boyfriend ever and…” Fauna said.

“So? I’m your first boyfriend and you don’t act all stupid and shit if I forget to call you, do you?” Scott asked.

“No, It would hurt my feelings, but I’d have to understand you probably have something else going on or something,” Fauna admitted.

After a few more kisses, Fauna grabbed his cock ands gave it a squeeze.

“Damn! I can’t wait to suck it again!” she confessed to him, then opened her car door.

“Here, let me…” Scott said and got out of the car.

“Whew!” Fauna complained as the cold wind cut into them.

“Good night,” Scott said as she opened the door of the small house.

“Good night; I love you,” Fauna said then closed the door quickly.

“Did I just hear you say you love him?” Fauna’s mother demanded.

“Yes, I do love him; he’s the most wonderful…” Fauna defended.

“Uh huh; and have you told him yet?” Mrs. Davendorf asked, glaring into Fauna’s eyes.

“No ma’am but…” Fauna argued.


Glen looked at Scott incredulously when Scott relayed that Jenna was mad at him for not calling her.

“Dude, didn’t have nothing to talk about!” Glen defended.

“Doesn’t matter,” Scott told his older brother. “SHE might have had something to talk about.”

“Fine, fine, I’ll call the stupid bitch,” Glen grumbled.

“Glen Aaron Boudreaux!” Linda yelled. “Did I just hear you call that girl a bitch?”

“No,” Glen denied hotly. “I called her a stupid bitch.”

“Glen!” Linda shrilled indignantly.

“But Mom!” Glen argued.

“Listen to me,” Linda hissed, digging her fingernails into Glen’s upper arm “That little girl’s madly in love, probably for the very first time in her life and, yes, she probably does make some pretty stupid demands, you just have to understand…”

Scott shook his head and left mother and son alone.

“Fine, fine,” Glen said and stomped down the hallway to get his cell phone.

“Scott lay in his bed, replaying the unbelievable blow job he’d gotten just a few minutes ago.

The way her tongue felt as it swiped all over his cock, the way her small hands had kneaded his balls, the way she kept milking his cock with her throat muscles.

“Hey Baby, sorry I didn’t call you last night, you know? Just kind of felt like, maybe I’m you know, getting to be too much all over you,” Glen murmured into the phone.

Within minutes, Jenna had forgiven him and was happily monopolizing the conversation, happily giggling and chattering.

“God damn, I could go eat dinner, watch a movie, take a dump, then come back and she’d still be talking,” Glen thought to himself as Jenna rambled on non-stop.

“Oh, no, no, it’s all right; go ahead, get that,” Glen gladly told Jenna when Fauna’s phone number popped up in her caller ID. “No, no, it’s all right; I’ll see you at church tomorrow?”

“No, you come pick me up, okay?” Jenna demanded.

“Fine, fine, see you at ten thirty,” Glen agreed, grateful to finally get off the phone with her.


“You did WHAT?” Jenna screeched as Fauna quietly described performing oral sex on Scott.

“Oh my God, it was so beautiful!” Fauna sighed, rolling back and forth on her bed, enjoying the feeling of the soft silk sheets against her bare skin.

“Are you serious?” Jenna gasped as Fauna elaborated.

“I swear, it has to be at least ten, maybe even twelve inches long!” Fauna whispered.

“Oh, hey listen, I won’t be coming to get you for church tomorrow,” Jenna said, suddenly changing the subject.

“What? Why not?” Fauna said. “Just because you’re fighting with Glen don’t mean…”

“No, no, he’s coming to pick me up for church,” Jenna said smugly.

“Oh, good!” Fauna sighed. “I’m so glad you two made up.”

“Yeah, me too,” Jenna sighed. “Don’t tell no one, not even Scott, but I’m so in love with Glen.”

“Yeah, I told Scott I love him too,” Fauna admitted.

After nearly another hour of talking and giggling, the two best friends hung up.

Fauna reached down and began to slowly, lazily masturbate, replaying the loving she’d given to Scott’s magnificent cock.

“Oh God!” she groaned as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

She licked her fingers clean of her stickiness, then shrugged on her favorite nightgown and got ready for bed.


Linda couldn’t help but smirk as Glen left early to go pick Jenna up for church.

“And where’s your little girlfriend?” she finally asked Scott.

“Home, I guess; she and her mom go to nine o’clock,” Scott shrugged.

“Oh, not going to see her today?” Linda asked.

“This could be the most important game of the regular season, Tampa Gay Flipping Queers,” Scott said, already excited about the game.

“Who?” Linda asked.

“Tampa Bay Buccaneers,” Scott said. “See if we beat them and Atlanta loses, then if Chicago beats…”

Linda tuned out the rest of Scott’s monologue; she hadn’t liked football when she was a child, hadn’t liked it when she was a cheerleader, hadn’t liked it when she and Bobby, Glen and Scott’s father, had been married, and still didn’t like it.

“Uh huh,” she said and herded him out the door.


“Hi Ms. Boudreaux; Scott here?” Fauna chirped.

“Ass on the couch, shoving a mushroom pizza in his face,” Linda smiled at the girl.

“Ew, mushrooms?” Fauna said, miming sticking her finger down her throat.

“Don’t know where he gets it from, that’s for sure, oh isn’t that a pretty sweater?” Linda said and ushered the diminutive girl into the living room.

“Oh thank you!” Fauna said and beamed. “Abdul’s was having a fifty percent off, and their Petite department is absolutely to die for; I just love their clothes!”

“Hey Beautiful,” Scott smiled as he caught sight of his girlfriend.

“What? What did you call me?” Fauna asked, mouth open in surprise.

“Hey Beautiful,” Scott repeated.

“You think I’m beautiful?” she asked, lips quivering.

“Well, yeah; you are,” he said, already shifting his attention to the game.

“Oh Scott,” she sighed, snuggling up to him .

“Popcorn’s in the microwave,” Linda said, putting a glass of ice tea down for Fauna.

“Got pizza right here,” Scott said, looking at his mother with a puzzled expression.

“For Fauna; not everyone likes mushrooms, Scotty,” Linda said.

“In fact, no one likes mushrooms,” she muttered aloud, leaving the room.

“Really?” Fauna whispered, batting her eyes at him. “You really think I’m beautiful?”

“Yes, Sweetheart; you’re beautiful,” he assured her and kissed her softly.

“Oh, Scotty!” she sighed and wrapped her short arms around him and clung to him very tightly.

“Thanks a lot Mom!” Scott yelled.

“What?” Linda asked as she carried a large bowl of popcorn into the living room.

“Now she’s calling me Scotty!” Scott complained.

“Uh huh,” Linda smirked as Fauna giggled at her boyfriend’s consternation.


“Damn it, Jenna!” Glen finally hissed. “Please! Shut up!”

She looked at him, shocked, and blinked back tears.

“Baby, please!” he said, taking her face into his hands. “You don’t have to talk all the time, do you?”

“Well, no, I guess not but…” she stammered, trying hard not to cry.

“You ever think I might want to say something?” he asked her.

“Well, yeah, but…” she said, trying to twist her face away from him.

“Really, Baby, Every now and then, I might want to…” Glen said.

“Really? Honestly? I’m so afraid if I’m not talking you might say you don’t want to be with me no more and you’re my boyfriend and I really really love you and I’m so in love with you and then you’ll just break up with me and…” Jenna started up again with her rambling monologue.

“Shut Up!” Glen commanded and kissed her. “Please, Jenna! Just shut up!”

The lights dimmed and the intolerably loud previews began.

“See?” he said. “The movies getting ready to start.

“No it’s not; there’s at least an hour of these stupid previews and…” Jenna started running her mouth again.

“Jenna, if you don’t shut up,” he threatened and pulled her out of her seat, pulling her onto his lap. “I swear to God, I’m going to bite you!”

“Really?” she asked, snuggling up to him. “I just don’t want you to not like me and I’m so afraid if I shut up…”

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear. “I love you a whole lot. Okay?”

“Okay, I’ll shut up,” she giggled, safe and happy in his embrace.

“Thank God!” he said and kissed the top of her head.


Fauna had her sweater and bra off and Scott played with her almost flat chest and very hard nipples.

“Oh!” she sighed and shoved her small tongue into his mouth, then brazenly grabbed his throbbing erection.

“About how long it takes your mom to do her groceries?” she whispered in his ear.

“About an hour, I guess,” he whispered back.

“Oh, God, Scotty!” she whimpered as he took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked hotly at it.

“I want to…” she whispered in his ear as she unzipped his jeans and worked his cock out.

“Baby, oh!” he said as she slithered off of the couch and knelt down in front of him.

Her small mouth went immediately to the head of his cock. She began to lick rapidly at his sensitive cock head while her small hands began to jack his cock quickly. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked on the head, hard.

“We need to be finished before your mom gets back,” she needlessly explained as she released his cock with an audible ‘pop.’

She then began to suck and jack his cock frantically.

“Fauna, I’m going to, oh, shit!” Scott warned, then began to pump stream after stream into her hot, wet mouth.

“Oh, Scotty, I love the way you taste,” she sighed with genuine pleasure when he finally ceased pumping his seed into her mouth.

“I do it good?” she asked when she’d put her bra and sweater back on.

“Yeah, Baby, you were great,” Scott mumbled, not even reacting to a Reggie Bush fumble.

“Who’s winning?” Linda asked as she carried the first bag into the house.

“Me,” Scott said and Fauna laughed out loud and slapped him on his arm.

“Think you can pry your butt off the couch and go get the rest of the groceries?” Linda asked, not paying any attention to the two teenagers.

“I’ll help her put the stuff away,” Fauna decided. “It’s too cold outside.”


“What a pussy,” Rusty Charles sneered as Glen drove away.

“He is not!” Jenna protested hotly, despising her step-father even more than she already did.

“Uh huh, know a pussy when I see one,” Rusty sneered and popped the top of yet another beer. “And that boy is one big ass, cock sucking, dress wearing pussy.”

“I hate you,” she hissed at him.

“You turn up here all knocked up, your ass is out of here, you hear?” Rusty yelled as Jenna slammed her bedroom door shut.

He envisioned what the unattractive girl would look like, belly all swollen with a baby, large breasts even larger, filled with milk, and got a shaky erection. Marie Charles meekly came into the living room, wiping her hands on a dishtowel.

“Roast is almost ready,” she timidly said.

“You hear what I told your slut daughter, huh?” Rusty demanded.

“No, what?” Marie asked, not bothering to defend her daughter’s virtue.

“Told her she shows up pregnant, her ass is out of my house,” Rusty sneered and smiled nastily as he noticed that his cock was as erect as it had been in months.

“It’s my house,” Marie thought to herself but scampered back into the kitchen to finish their dinner.


That girl is the sweetest little thing,” Linda told Scott when he returned from driving Fauna home. “I swear to God, after that Megan Campion you were with…”

“Uh huh,” Scott smiled.

“I’m serious; she even helped put groceries up; Megan wouldn’t have moved her butt off that couch,” Linda went on.

“Yeah, Mom, I know,” Scott smiled and opened the refrigerator.

“Uh uh, I’m cooking,” Linda warned.

“And you; where you been all day?” Linda asked Glen when he came into the house.

“Movies with Jenna,” Glen shrugged.

“What’d you see?” Scott asked.

“Top of her head,” Glen mouthed to Scott and the two brothers shared a smile.

Out loud he named the romantic comedy that was playing.

“What?” Scott asked. “Fauna said they already seen that movie.”

“I know, dude, that’s all I heard was ‘oh wait, wait, you’re going to love this,” Glen rolled his eyes.


Fauna sat on the edge of her bed, carefully applying the palest of pink nail polish to her toe nails. Her fingernails already glistened with the acrylic color. On her head, a fluffy towel was wrapped, turban style. Her pink bathrobe hung loosely, framing her pale pink nightgown.

“Do all your homework?” her mother asked from the doorway.

“Uh huh,” Fauna answered, putting the last stroke to her toe nail.

“All of it?” her mother asked, suspicious.

“Yes ma’am,” Fauna said, looking up and looking into her mother’s eyes.

“Don’t know when you had the time; I swear, running all over the place with that Scott boy,” her mother grumbled.

Fauna ignored her mother and took the towel turban off, revealing her smooth head. Her mother shuddered as Fauna turned around, revealing the red, angry looking scar that ran down her neck, disappearing underneath the yoke of the bathrobe.

“Will you help me with my wig, please?” Fauna asked.

“Of course,” her mother sighed.

“There you go,” she teased, simply plopping it down on top of Fauna’s head.

“Mom!” Fauna giggled, stamping her foot.

“Seriously, Fauna, you do need to tell him,” Mrs. Davendorf said quietly. “The longer you put it off, the worse it’s going to be.”

“I know, but Mom, please,” Fauna said, a tear beginning to drift down her cheek. “I’ve never had a boyfriend before.”

“The minute, and I do mean the minute it looks like it’s getting too serious, you better tell him,” Mrs. Davendorf said, waggling a finger at Fauna. “And if you don’t, I will.”

“Yes ma’am,” Fauna agreed, hoping that day would never come.

Chapter 4

Scott, Jenna, and Fauna watched as Tammy Fontenot put a poster on the wall of the cafeteria. The profoundly hard of hearing girl stood on a chair, stretched as tall as she could, then attached the poster using scotch tape on the corners and then jumped backward and examined her handiwork.

How about that, huh?” Scott said as they could clearly read the announcement of the St. Thomas Aquinas Sweethearts Dance.

“Ooh! Tell Glen I want to go to that,” Jenna demanded.

“You?” Megan sneered nastily as she carried her tray to another table where Ronnie waited for her.

“Yes me, ass hole,” Jenna snapped.

“How about you?” Scott asked, nudging Fauna with his foot.

“I don’t know,” Fauna said quietly, eyes wet.

Yes she did want to go. Ever since coming to St. Thomas Aquinas in the ninth grade, she’d been dreaming of going to the Sweethearts Dance, of feeling a boy’s arms around her, of feeling Scott’s arms around her.

But her mother was pestering her more and more to tell Scotty. And she knew, the moment she told Scotty, he would be gone.

She looked into his beautiful eyes and fought hard against the tears that were welling up.

“No, not really,” she choked out.

Scott wasn’t fooled. Fauna had looked at the poster Tammy put up and continued to stare at it long after Tammy had walked away.

She put her head down and shoved a forkful of the lasagna (or what the cafeteria called lasagna) into her mouth and swallowed without chewing.

“You heard me?” Jenna shrilly demanded of Scott.

“Yes, Jenna, I heard you, Brother Dominick heard you and he isn’t even in here, Coach Dumas heard you, Everybody heard you,” Scott told her.

“And?” she said.

“And what?” Scott retorted.

“You going to tell Glen get me a ticket?” she demanded.

“Just one?” he teased her. “You go by yourself?”

“You know what I mean!” she squealed.

“Wow; they’ve gone up,” Scott said to himself as he looked at the price of the tickets. “That’s going to be sixty bucks right there.”

But he knew they’d get the tickets; Mom didn’t begrudge them much and if she did, Dad could always be counted on to send them the bucks.

Dad was working on the Alaskan Pipeline and made very good money, being a highly respected and sought after hydraulics engineer.

Dad also had a twenty six year old girlfriend, an erotic dancer that worked at the Gold Rush Saloon. Erica had been nineteen when Bobby Boudreaux had swept her off her feet. But a nineteen year old girlfriend and a thirty two year old wife don’t often get along. Bobby had decided the wife and two sons and the comfortable home in Louisiana had to go.

But he was generous with the alimony, child support, and never seemed to mind whipping out his wallet when either one of his sons called.

“So when?” Jenna demanded.

“When what, Jenna?” Scott asked.

“When you going to tell him?” Jenna demanded.

“Soon as I see him,” Scott promised.

“You better,” Jenna threatened.

Ronnie was also looking at the cost of the tickets and thinking to himself, “Thirty bucks apiece? Fucking bitch better give up the ass I put out that kind of fucking money on her.”

Megan had not balked when Ronnie demanded sex; flopping on her back was no great sacrifice, and even sucking Ronnie’s cock was no big deal. But Ronnie knew that Scott had fucked both Megan’s mouth and pussy. He wanted to be able to claim that he’d been able to get what Scott Boudreaux had not been able to get. He wanted Megan’s ass.

Ronnie pretended to be Scott’s friend, but the truth was, he was extremely competitive with Scott. And while Megan was beautiful, Ronnie resented that Scott had been with her first.


Scott and Fauna walked slowly toward Calculus class.

“You sure you don’t want to go?” Scott asked.

“Yes,” Fauna said, head hung low.

“Uh huh,” Scott said, not fooled.

“Maybe they don’t have the money for a dress and stuff,” Scott thought to himself. “I’ll go talk with Mrs. Davendorf about it.”

“Sister Andrea, I don’t feel too good,” Fauna whispered to the nun and Sister Andrea nodded her assent.

“Hey, where’re you going?” Scott tried to whisper to Fauna but the girl just gathered her books and quickly left the classroom.

Fauna sat in the bathroom and finally allowed the deep racking sobs to come.

“God, it’s just not fair,” she thought to herself. “I really do want to go; it would be the most beautiful night ever. Why God? Why?”


Jenna hummed happily to herself as she drove herself home; she would finally be going to the coveted Sweethearts Dance. Four years of wishing she had someone that would ask her and finally, she would be going.

She knew Rusty or her mother would not buy her a dress from Babbage’s or from Abdul’s, but her paternal grandmother would. Her grandmother denied her nothing.

The car she was driving was a gift from Grandmother; a 19998 lipstick red Toyota Camry. And there was a promise of a new car when she graduated from high school, and another when she graduated from college.

“You need to be the first Jordan to go to college,” Grandmother said.

“Yes ma’am,” Jenna promised.


“Oh, God, not that goofy thing, huh?” Glen groaned when Scott told him about the Sweetheart Dance. “Come on, Dude! I didn’t go to it when I was there, why the fuck I want to go to it now?”

“Watch your mouth,” Linda barked, slapping Glen hard on his arm.

“You didn’t go because you didn’t have no one to go with,” Scott reminded his big brother.

“That’s besides the point,” Glen argued.

“Uh huh, well guess what; you’re going now,” Scott smirked.

“And you,” Linda nudged her younger son with her hip. “You got your tickets?”

“Yeah, bought them as soon as I could track Tammy down,” Scott admitted. “Here, butt hole; you owe me sixty bucks.”

“Sixty?” Glen yelled. “They were only…”

“Times change; they’re thirty each now,” Scott said.

“Here, here,” Glen said and slapped three crumpled bills into Scott’s outstretched hand.

“Uh uh, douche bag; these are three ones. I need three twenties,” Scott said, grabbing his brother before Glen could make his escape.

“Oh, sorry,” Glen smirked. “I thought those were twenties.”

“What color is Fauna’s dress going to be; you need to get flowers,” Linda asked Scott as Glen left the kitchen, already dialing Jenna’s number.

“That’s just it,” Scott told his mother. “I don’t think they got a whole lot of money. Fauna was acting like she didn’t want to go, but the whole time she’s looking like she’s going to cry over it.”

“I’ll take care of this,” Linda Boudreaux determined. “That little girl’s going and that’s that.”


Harriet Davendorf was polite when Scott’s mother called; inside she was seething with anger.

“How dare this woman think that she and Fauna were some kind of charity case?” she asked herself.

“Mrs. Boudreaux, I really do appreciate the offer,” she finally cut the woman off. “But this is the first I’m even hearing about some kind of dance; Fauna hasn’t even asked me if she could go, and if she did, I can assure you, if she does, we are perfectly capable of buying her own dress.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean you weren’t,” Linda tried to save face and offer Mrs. Davendorf a gracious way out as well. “It’s just that I know that Scotty’s looking forward to it so much and was really looking forward to going with Fauna; she is such a sweet young lady and…”

“Mrs. Boudreaux, please have Scott come by; I think it’s time we had a little talk,” Mrs. Davendorf said and hung up before Linda could say anything further.

“I think I may have made a little mess out of this,” Linda had to admit as she bustled toward Scott’s room.


“Okay, and my dress; I already picked it out, it’s going to be this real pretty pale yellow,” Jenna was prattling as Glen lay on his bed, half listening to his girlfriend go on and on.

“Uh huh,” he mumbled.

“And I already got the shoes; they’re perfect; I got them for my cousin’s wedding,” Jenna said. “She got married last year.”

She lowered her voice.

“She got knocked up; had to get married right after graduation; they’re already talking about getting a divorce,” Jenna confided.

“Uh huh,” Glen said.

“But they got the cutest little baby girl; named her Annabelle Lee, Annabelle Lee Bergeron, isn’t that the cutest name ever?” she went on.

“Uh huh,” Glen said.

“By the way, what are you majoring in?” Jenna asked.

“Uh huh,” Glen said.


“Hi Mrs. Davendorf,” Scott pasted a pleasant smile as the haggard looking woman yanked the door open.

“Scott,” she nodded politely.

“Fauna, come see,” she yelled out.

“Yes ma’am?” Fauna asked then froze as she saw Scott.

Scott smiled; she looked cute in her cotton shorts and half shirt, both pink, of course. Her slim little waist was exposed, as were her hips. Her belly button was a cute little dimple. Her medium length hair was done in a little pony-tail, making her look even younger than her eighteen years of age.

“Scott’s here,” Mrs. Davendorf said needlessly.

“Yes ma’am,” Fauna whispered, eyes wide with fear.

“We’ll go into the living room,” Mrs. Davendorf ordered. “Scott, you want an ice tea?”

“Uh, yes, yes ma’am, that would be great,” Scott agreed.

“Here, you sit here,” Mrs. Davendorf ordered, indicating a large chair.

He sat, sinking down low. Fauna took a seat on the couch, perching on the edge.

Mrs. Davendorf put a glass of ice tea onto a coaster on the coffee table that sat between Fauna and Scott. She took a seat in another chair that did not seem to sag down as much as the chair that Scott occupied.

“Scott wants to ask you to the Sweethearts Dance,” Mrs. Davendorf snapped at Fauna.

“But, but…” Fauna said, twisting her small hands. “But Scotty, I told you I didn’t want to go to that!”

“But I could tell you really did,” he argued.

“And I told you, if this got too serious, the time was going to come when you’d have to tell him,” Mrs. Davendorf continued as if the two teenagers weren’t talking. “Didn’t I?”

“Yes ma’am,” Fauna said and lowered her head.

“Well?” Mrs. Davendorf demanded, after a long moment of silence had elapsed.

“Um, Scott, um, you remember um, when you came up to me and asked me about Sean?” Fauna said, voice barely more than a whisper.

“Uh yeah, that was what, like four years ago?” Scott asked and took a sip of the ice tea.

The ice tea was unsweetened but he avoided making a face.

“And I uh, I told you Sean was dead?” Fauna went on.

“Yeah, hated hearing that; I remember he was a real nice kid,” Scott agreed and took another sip of the ice tea.

He didn’t want to take another sip of the bitter liquid but didn’t have anything else to do with his hands.

“Yeah, I remember it too,” Fauna said. “You were standing there, you and Ronnie Edwards and Jack and Joe Jones and I came out and you waved for me to come over and…” Fauna said, remembering that spring day like it was yesterday.

“What? No, I waved Sean over; he was about to get his head dunked like the day before and I told them that he was my friend and if they dunked him, I was going to kick everyone’s ass and the next day we’re all standing around and Jack says ‘hey, there’s that little fag,’ and I said ‘hey, he’s my friend,’ and I waved that Sean kid over and he starts running and all of a sudden he grabs his head and screams and falls down and I ran over and told them to go get somebody,” Scott corrected.

(Fauna remembered that day. Sean had been having horrible headaches but Momma and Daddy didn’t want to hear it; they thought he was just trying to get out of going to school. He was also having trouble with his balance, twice he’d run into things that he knew were there, could see that they were there, and then he’d just plow into them anyway.

But he went to school, hoping that it would get better. As long as he was sitting down, he was okay, but walking from class to class was a real chore.

Then after lunch, a lunch he did not, could not eat, he went outside. There was that wonderful boy that had walked in on those horrible bullies that were trying to dunk his head in the toilet, calling him horrible names and accusing him of being gay. And that wonderful boy smiled and waved to him.

He had to resist the urge to skip; Daddy was always yelling at him about doing that sort of thing. He bravely tried to run, then the pain was so great, so blinding that he screamed, grabbed his head, and collapsed.

From far far away he heard voices. He heard someone yelling for them to go get help. Then he felt Scott’s hand on his back, rubbing his back, telling him it would be all right. He wanted to grab that hand, kiss that hand, clutch that hand to his heart, but he couldn’t move, the pain was so great.)

“This isn’t telling him,” Mrs. Davendorf broke into Fauna’s reverie.

“They found out I had a brain tumor,” Fauna said, staring at the table top.

Her small hands went up to her hair and worked underneath the nape of her neck for a moment.

“And they found several smaller tumors all up and down my spine,” Fauna continued and peeled the wig off of her head and lay it on the coffee table.

+Scott stared at her in shock. She looked up at him, eyes filled with tears.

“Those boys were calling me ‘fag’ and ‘queer’ and ‘homo’ and..” Fauna went on.

“No they weren’t; they were calling that poor Sean kid that stuff, Scott dumbly said, still uncomprehending.

“If you don’t tell him,” Mrs. Davendorf threatened.

“I never thought I was gay, or homosexual, because, in my heart of hearts, I’ve always been a girl,” Fauna said.

“But you are a girl, I mean, you even got them breasts,” Scott said, then blushed and looked over at an unsmiling Mrs. Davendorf.

“”Yeah, well, in the hospital, they um, they gave me a bunch of steroids and even tried some hormone treatments to try and get the tumors under control,” Fauna said

Scott took a very big gulp of the ice tea, not sure where the conversation was going.

“And with the radiation and the steroids and all that other stuff, this is about as big as I’ll ever get and…” Fauna whispered and stood up.

Fauna unbuttoned her cute little shorts and worked the zipper down. Scott could feel his cock began to stir at the sight of her pink lace panties. She put her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and pushed them down her legs.

Scott looked quickly at Mrs. Davendorf, then looked back at a hotly blushing Fauna.

“And my hair ain’t never coming back; at first they thought I was just trying to be cool or funny when I picked out that long blonde wig, but I wasn’t; in my heart, I’m a beautiful girl with long blonde hair and large breasts and I’m going to have babies one day and…” Fauna was sobbing now as she stood, shorts and panties bunched up at her knees.

Scott stared, open mouthed at the small penis and small scrotum. Despite her sobbing, Fauna’s cock was painfully hard and dripping pre-cum.

The penis itself, even in its excited state, was quite small, about the size of a double a battery. The small scrotum underneath looked as if it held two marbles. The entire area was hairless.

“But that’s a, you’re a…” Scott stammered.

“So I really didn’t think I was lying to you when I told you Sean had died; to me he had, the moment I put that wig on, I became Fauna, well, I’d always been Fauna, but that wig…” Fauna sobbed out, still standing, still exposing her shame.

“I got to go,” Scott said suddenly and wrested himself from the awkward chair.

“No, wait Scotty, please don’t go, please don’t leave me!” Fauna began to wail, heart-broken as her boyfriend bolted from the house.


“That sounds hard,” Jenna said as Glen tried to explain engineering to her.

“Well, I guess it kind of is,” Glen admitted. “But I’ve always been real good at Math and stuff and…”

“Oh I’m terrible at math!” Jenna wailed, again turning the conversation back to herself.

“Hey, Sweetheart, my mom’s calling me; it’s time for supper,” Glen said.

“Oh, okay, call me after supper?” Jenna begged.

“Um, I don’t think so; I got a bunch of homework,” Glen said.

“Really? Oh, that’s too bad; okay, I love you, talk with you tomorrow,” Jenna demanded and hung up.

“Whew that girl can talk!” Glen said when he’d hung up.


Scott drove over to Early’s grocery store and bought a couple cans of beer. Early’s did not believe in the ‘Twenty One year old age limit; eighteen had been the legal age when they opened and as far as they were concerned that was still the legal drinking age.

“Why?” Scott asked himself as he sipped the second beer; the first one being guzzled before he was even out of the parking lot.

Being with Megan Campion, he realized, had been a way to artificially stroke his ego. Being the boyfriend of one of the, if not the most beautiful girl in the school had been great on the outside.

On the inside, it had been more work than it was worth, though. In the end, his ego had taken a bit of a hard knock when Megan publicly dumped him and ran after Ronnie. A few of his classmates had snickered, behind his back, of course, but they had snickered all the same.

Then when he started dating Fauna, a few more had snickered. To go from the beautiful blonde, well developed Megan to the tiny, almost flat chested brown haired Fauna seemed to some to be quite a step down.

“Wonder how many of them would be laughing if they knew I was dating a guy?” Scott said bitterly.

He wondered how many of them actually did know that Fauna was not Fauna, but Sean.

He wondered to himself, “Did Mrs. Davendorf say ‘Sean,’ or ‘Fauna’ when she called out? Since I thought his name was Fauna, I might have just heard ‘Fauna,’ but she might have been saying ‘Sean.’”

Did Jenna know? Were Jenna and Glen laughing behind his back? Because if Jenna did know, surely she had told Glen by now.

“No,” he decided. “Jenna’s probably as clueless as I was; ain’t no way she could ever keep a secret like that.”

The more he thought about it, the more he could hear Fauna’s voice, begging him not to leave. She was wailing, heartbroken when his hand hit the doorknob. He put the can of beer into the cup holder; it was turning sour in his mouth.

He smiled tightly as he saw Coach Dumas and his brood pulling out of Clark’s Drive-In.

Coach had told him that this was a treat for them; whenever one of their kids did something good, they went to Clark’s for a banana split.

“And when you got three kids, there’s always a reason to go to Clark’s,” Fred had smiled happily, proudly.

Scott had taken Fauna there, on their first date. He’d been pretty proud then.

“Damn it!” he almost laughed. “That’s why she never wanted me to touch her down there!”

He watched as the oldest child, a pretty little blonde girl waved and flailed her hands. Then he watched as Fred’s wife, a stunning brunette, waved and flailed her hands at the blonde girl.

“Oh yeah!” he said aloud.

Coach had told him that his sister in law was deaf. He and his wife were raising the girl; his mother in law had died from cancer.

“Son,” Coach Dumas had said, putting a fatherly hand on Scott’s shoulder. “God gives us all the tools we need in life; it’s just up to us to figure out how to use them.”

Fauna’s kisses had always been so sweet, so loving.

Megan’s kisses were always a means to an end. Megan gave kisses in return for favors granted.

Fauna kissed for the sheer joy of kissing.

“Yeah, but she’s a fucking dude,” Scott said aloud and watched as coach’s van turned the corner.

He put the car in gear and looked at the clock on his radio. His eyebrows shot up; he’d been driving around aimlessly for two hours. His mother would be fit to be tied; it was a school night.


Grandmother Jordan agreed that the dress was a very pretty dress and since it was on the clearance rack, it was not only a pretty dress, it was a bargain.

“Thank you, Grandmother,” Jenna said sincerely.

“And you say he’s going to be an engineer?” Grandmother asked, very interested.

“Yes ma’am,” Jenna said, elated to be talking about her boyfriend to her favorite grandparent.

Helen Jordan was very relieved; one of the reasons she was pushing so hard for Jenna to go to college was because she just knew that the unattractive girl would never be able to land herself a husband to support her.

“Well, then, I think we need some new shoes and some new lingerie and…” Grandmother Jordan said.

“No, no, got the shoes already; remember when Tricia got married?” Jenna interrupted.

“Honey, listen, there’s always a good reason for new shoes,” Grandmother laughed. “And my friend Bobbi will have this dress fitting you perfectly; don’t you worry about that.”


Harriet Davendorf pushed open the door to Fauna’s room and felt the lump in her throat grow in size.

Fauna, her baby, lay on her pink bed, sobbing inconsolably.

“Hey,” she murmured, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I hate you!” Fauna screamed and began to sob even louder.

“I know you do,” Harriet said softly, rubbing her baby’s back. “I hate myself right now, too, but Honey, he had to know.”

“No he didn’t!” Fauna protested.

“Yes, yes he did, Fauna,” Harriet said gently.

“He was going to take me to the Sweethearts Dance!” Fauna screamed. “Do you have any idea?”

“Fauna, he had to know. Sooner or later, he had to know,” Harriet asserted.

“I’ve been dying to go to that for forever!” Fauna sobbed bitterly. “And he was going to take me!”

“Baby, what can I say?” Harriet asked, hugging the sobbing girl tightly.

“Mom, all my life, all my life I’ve been like this,” Fauna cried bitterly.

“Come on, I made you some hot chocolate,” Harriet said, pulling Fauna out of the bed.

“I don’t want any hot chocolate,” Fauna denied, but let her mother lead her down the hall.


“You! Where have you been?” Linda yelled as Scott entered the house.

“Out,” was his terse answer.

“Until ten thirty? It is a school night!” Linda yelled.

“I know, Mom,” Scott yelled back.

“And what happened at Fauna’s house?” Linda asked, voice slightly lower.

“I really don’t want to talk about it,” Scott said.

“Oh, no, Scotty, you are still taking her to the Dance, right?” Linda asked.

“Nope,” Scott said tightly.

“Oh, Honey, why not? Oh, I’ll call…” Linda said.

“No, Mom, no, all right? No, don’t call her, don’t call Mrs. Davendorf, don’t call no one, all right?” Scott yelled, anger boiling over.

Linda bit back her own angry retort. In Scotty’s eyes, she saw anger, but more deeply, she saw a lot of hurt.

“Besides,” she told herself, “If you hadn’t called Mrs. Davendorf in the first place probably none of this would have happened.”

Scott angrily stomped down the hall to his bedroom.

He had a ton of homework to do, but no desire of focus to give to the work.

The beer had not helped dull his anger ad disappointment, did little to calm him down. Time had done little to soften the blow, or soften the fear.

Suppose someone did find out? The news would travel through St. Thomas Aquinas faster than you could sneeze.

The more he thought about the ludicrous situation, the angrier he became.

He heard his mother’s door shut. Glen’s door had been tightly shut when he passed it.

Finally, at 1:32 in the morning, sleep came.

Chapter 5

“Hey Terri, come see,” Scott said as he put his books into his locker.

Jenna looked up from her locker, interested, as Terri Langmeyer put a little extra sway into her step. Jenna watched, straining to hear, as Terri and Scott engaged in quiet conversation.

“Yes!” Jenna heard Terri squeal happily and opened her eyes wide as Terri gave Scott a quick, affectionate hug.

“Um, I’m telling Fauna,” Jenna threatened, glaring at Scott.

“Tell her whatever the fuck you want,” Scott spat and walked away from the stunned Jenna.


Fauna wasn’t in homeroom; Jenna sat and seethed with anger as she watched Scott take his former seat with Terri, Ronnie, Megan, Hillary, and Connie, the elite of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Scott had given up that seat and sat with her, and with Fauna, and April when he and Fauna began dating.

But now, he was back with those others, and smiling and laughing, as if he had never left that seat, had never sat with the lower echelon.

Hillary looked positively sick when Terri happily told the gathering that Scott had asked her to go to the Sweethearts Dance.

“What happened to the shrimp?” Megan asked nastily.

“Don’t know, Megan, you ain’t learned to wash it yet?” Scott asked.

“What?” Megan asked, puzzled.

Ronnie and Roger’s laughter and Hillary’s disgusted squeal did not enlighten Megan.

“Oh, Scott, that’s just gross,” Connie sneered.

“What?” Megan asked again.

“He’s saying your pussy smells like shrimp,” Connie spat, glaring at Scott.

“What?” Megan screamed, incensed.

Scott smirked as Sister Theresa pursed her lips tightly. He wondered if Sister Theresa had overheard his comment.

He did feel a spurt of anger when Sister Theresa called out Fauna’s name, then called it again before moving on to the next name on her list.


“See you later,” Terri said happily as she flounced out of her seat to run to her first period class.

Scott watched Hillary’s small ass as she walked slightly ahead of him to their first period class, Spanish.

Last night, when he had debated on whom he could ask to the Sweethearts Dance, he had finally narrowed the list down to Hillary Monroe, or Terri Langmeyer.

Hillary had come out on top. She had long blonde hair, big beautiful brown eyes, a small nose, and pouting lips.

Terri had dirty blonde, almost brown hair cut in an odd fashion; it was short on her left side, just touching her collar, and then graduated to a long hank of hair that almost touched the top of her breast on the right side of her face. Her eyes were small, often mean brown slits, very rarely held any warmth at all. Her face itself was strong, almost masculine in appearance.

Hillary also possessed an impressive chest; Ronnie had bragged once that Hillary wore a forty two Double D bra, a narrow waist, and a nice, small backside. Scott was enjoying watching it wiggle and sway right in front of him as they walked.

Terri had smaller than average breasts, larger than average waist, and a pronounced rear end. That was one physical attribute that Scott appreciated and had often masturbated to thoughts of taking Terri anally. He also masturbated to thoughts of taking a few other girls anally, but Terri was his favorite fantasy, at least in that department.

The thing that swung the pendulum to Terri was Hillary had a bad attitude. She was beautiful, and she knew it.

If that was what Scott wanted, he would date Megan again; rumor was that she was not too fond of Ronnie at present.

Terri, on the other hand, seemed to be thrilled that Scott was taking her to the Sweethearts Dance. Hillary would have taken it for granted.

Of course, Terri had a bit of a potty mouth. Scott wasn’t a prude by any means, but vulgarities that were said, just for the sake of being vulgar did not appeal to him very much.

“Hey, um, uh, Scott?” Anthony Carrecci stammered as Scott took his seat in Spanish class.

“What’s up, dude?” Scott smiled at the overweight boy.

Anthony Carrecci was easily one hundred pounds overweight. He was also only five feet, four inches tall. His pudgy face was riddled with teenage acne and his small brown eyes peered out from behind extremely thick glasses.

But every year, Anthony tried out for every sport St. Thomas Aquinas participated in. Athleticism was not Anthony’s strong suit, but if there had been a sport of team spirit, and determination, Anthony would have won.

Coach Blanchard didn’t even give Anthony Carrecci a chance, just cut the kid from the team roster. But Coach Dumas admired the boy’s determination and ‘never-say-die’ attitude and had actually put Anthony in first string on the football team. And on the basketball team. And, Scott was sure; Anthony would wind up on the baseball team as well.

In fact, Coach Dumas often pointed Anthony out to the more talented players that were getting a little too full of themselves and tell them, “Give me one kid like that, gives one hundred and one percent all the time over any three of you, you hear?”

“I um, you um, I heard someone say you’re taking um, you’re not going with, um, you taking Terri? Terri Langmeyer to the Sweethearts Dance? Um, not Fauna?” Anthony stammered.

“Uh, yeah, yeah, I’m taking Terri,” Scott agreed.

“Oh, um, then um, you wouldn’t mind, um, if I asked Fauna? If she’d go with me?” Anthony asked, blushing very hotly.

Scott wanted to laugh in Anthony’s face.

“Dude, like I give a fuck?” Scott finally said.

“Well um, it’s just that, you know, um, you and I are tight, and I just don’t want there to be any bad feelings, you know?” Anthony stammered.

Again, Scott wanted to laugh. He and Anthony were not friends.

“No, dude, you’re all right,” Scott said.

“Thanks, dude; you are too, know what I’m saying?” Anthony said.


Scott felt another small twinge of anger when he looked at the table. There was no sign of Fauna, just Jenna and April and Tammy. Both Jenna and April glared with animosity at him. Their faces darkened when he flipped them the finger.

“So, I um, I was thinking I’d probably go with a light green, what you think?” Terri was prattling.

“Bag?” Ronnie asked.

“Huh?” Terri asked.

“For your face,” Ronnie said and laughed as Terri scowled.

“That’s not funny,” Megan said, slapping Ronnie’s arm.

“Kiss my ass, fucking ass hole,” Terri spat.

“Then why you laughing?” Ronnie sneered.

“I’m not,” Megan said. “That was mean, and uncalled for.”

“Yeah dude, that was kind of ass holey of you,” Scott said.

He turned to Terri.

“I bet green would look great on you; especially with your hair,” he said.

“Thank you,” Terri beamed at him.

“Hey, Scott?” Ronnie sneered. “Um, think dating Fauna might have turned you into a pussy?”

Scott felt his anger flare up, and then smiled tightly. He looked at a smirking Ronnie; Ronnie knew he had hit a nerve. He didn’t know why, but knew he had.

“Might have,” Scott smirked. “So, what’s your excuse, bitch?”


Jenna was outraged when Fauna was not forthcoming about the reason for the sudden break-up.

“Jenna, please,” Fauna sniffled into the telephone. “Really, I don’t want to talk about it, all right?”

“Fine, fine, I tell you everything, but if you don’t want to tell me,” Jenna grumbled.

Glen was just as baffled as Jenna and told her as much.

“Yeah, I asked him,” he whined into the telephone. “He just said it was none of my fucking business and that’s all he would say.”

“I mean, I really thought they were perfect for each other,” Jenna whined. “Then, next thing I know, he’s going out with that skank, Terri ‘I’ll fuck anything’ Langmeyer and Fauna’s not even in school and…”

“Uh huh,” Glen said.

An hour later, Jenna had still not tired of the subject; Glen was relieved when Linda called out to let him know dinner was ready.


“Yes?” Harriet Davendorf politely asked the rotund young man that stood on her doorstep.

“I um, hi, Uh, my name, uh my name is Anthony? Anthony Carrecci? I um, I go to school with Fauna?” Anthony stammered.

Harriet invited him in and went to get Fauna.

“There’s a young man here to see you,” she said.

“Scotty?” Fauna asked, hopefully.

“No, no, some um, said his name is Anthony Carrecci,” Harriet said.

“Oh,” a dejected Fauna said, and then pulled her robe round herself a little tighter.

Fauna listened to Anthony babble and stammer and smiled sadly when he finally got around to asking her to go to the Sweethearts Dance with him.

“Oh, Anthony, that’s so sweet of you but I don’t…” she started to say.

“Look,” Anthony said forcefully, losing his stammer to anger. “I know, I’m not Scott Boudreaux, or Ronnie Edwards, or even Roger Leland, you know? But you know what? I’d treat you a whole lot better than any of them guys would, you know? I mean, they always go out with the cheerleaders, and they get them and it don’t even make a damn to them. Me? I think you’re perfect. I’d know that I was with the most beautiful girl in the whole damned school, and even if I ain’t the best looking guy there, I’d treat you like a goddess, you know?”

“Okay,” Fauna whispered.

“What?” Anthony asked.

“I said ‘okay,’” Fauna said.

“Yes!” Anthony said, giving a fist pump.

The anger gone, Anthony again lapsed into an uncomfortable silence.

“Um, okay, well, I’ll see you tomorrow?” Fauna said and Anthony excused himself.


Terri did find a pale green dress at Abdul’s and promised to do extra chores around the house to help pay for the expensive gown.

“And do something with that hair,” her mother demanded.

“Okay,” Terri agreed.

“What? Why? I like her hair like that,” Connie said.

“You pay for this dress?” Sheila Langmeyer asked her dislike of her daughter’s best friend evident.

“Um, no ma’am, Connie said.

“When you’re paying for her clothes, then you can tell her what you like and don’t like,” Sheila said.

Connie picked out a dress as well; Jared Thompson had asked her and she agreed.

“Jared? He still on probation?” Terri asked under her breath.

“Yeah; be another three or four months before he gets his driver’s license back,” Connie whispered back.

“I’ll ask Scott if y’all can double with us,” Terri promised.


Scott watched, mildly interested, as Fauna entered the classroom and took her usual seat next to Jenna.

“The midget’s back,” Megan sneered.

Both Roger and Scott made a point of looking at Ronnie’s crotch, then high-fiving each other.

“Hey, ass holes!” Ronnie protested.


“Yeah, he’s taking Terri to the dance,” Jenna snarled, glancing over at Scott.

“That’s nice,” Fauna whispered.

“But Anthony’s um,” Jenna said then balked.

“He’s a really sweet guy and he was nice enough to ask me,” Fauna said forcefully.

“Yeah, um, want me to see if y’all can double date with me and Glen?” Jenna asked.

“No, that’s all right,” Fauna said. “Anthony says he’ll take care of that.”


Anthony did not need to double date with Jenna and Glen; he was going all out for this date. His father, thoroughly disgusted with his overweight, acne prone progeny, didn’t even look up from the computer screen when Anthony approached him.

“No kidding, a date for the Sweethearts Dance, that’s great,” his father said absently as he tracked a penny stock that looked promising.

“Um, yeah, so um, I need to go get a tux and a…” Anthony said.

“Here, need more, come get me,” Mr. Carrecci said and thrust a wad of bills into Anthony’s hand.

He clicked on the ‘BUY’ icon and rapidly typed in the share amount he wished to purchase.

Anthony left the room and counted out nineteen one hundred dollar bills. He stuffed half of the bills into his lockbox and left his room.

“Going to the tux shop,” he called out.

“Uh huh,” Mr. Carrecci said and clicked on the ‘SELL’ icon on another stock he owned.


“Hey, what’s up?” Scott smiled as Anthony waddled into the tuxedo shop.

“Not much, not much, you?” Anthony said.

“So, um, she said ‘yes,’ huh?” Scott asked and smiled as Andy, the shop manager walked over toward them.

“Yeah, um, hey, mind if I ask, um, why’d y’all break up?” Anthony asked.

“Ask her,” was all Scott would say on the subject.

“Yeah, well, um, Terri? She ain’t half bad, you know?” Anthony said weakly.

“Yeah, whatever,” Scott shrugged.

“So, um, you, um, y’all are welcome to um, to come with Fauna and me; I’m getting us a limousine, you know?” Anthony offered.

“Thanks, but Terri’s already roped me into chauffeuring her and Jared and Connie around,” Scott complained as Andy began measuring him.


Jenna complained bitterly to Glen about the break-up of Fauna and Scott.

“Hey, Jenna, they, um, they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, you know?” Glen finally interrupted her. “They really don’t need us fixing everything for them, you know?”

“Well, yeah, but it just ain’t right,” Jenna complained, undeterred.

Glen sighed, not bothering to cover the mouthpiece of his cell phone.

“You fuck that little pussy yet?” Rusty sneered as Jenna prattled on and on.

“Mom!” Jenna screamed for her mother to come protect her.

“Huh? He even plays with them titties, or he too much a faggot even notice you got them?” Rusty continued his taunts.

“I got to go,” Jenna spat into the telephone.

“Okay,” Glen sighed in relief.

Jenna slammed the telephone down and glared at Rusty before flouncing out of the living room.


Scott, Terri, Megan, and Ronnie sat in A Touch of Sicily, picking at the remains of the large Supreme.

“Damn, got enough mushrooms, huh?” Ronnie complained.

“Best part of the pizza,” Scott said.

“Yeah, I like them,” Terri concurred, clutching possessively onto Scott’s arm.

“Oh, great, here comes your sister and her home boy,” Megan said nastily to Ronnie.

She smirked at the darkly scowling Ronnie.

“So do your parents like having a daughter that’s fucking a n*gger?” she asked, not expecting an answer.

She laughed at Ronnie’s even darker scowl, and then pasted a smile on her face as Connie and Jared came into the restaurant.

Scott watched as she and Terri loudly and shrilly greeted Connie and Jared, insisting that they join them. He watched as Megan chattered and laughed with Jared, despite her comments about him just moment earlier.

He looked at Terri, and at Connie, and wondered if they talked about him behind his back. He knew Megan did; his refusal to be upset over their break-up had not sat well with her.

He knew Ronnie did; he was far too competitive to let anyone else get ahead of him. Ronnie’s main priority was Ronnie, and fucks anyone else that even looked like a threat. Being equally as handsome, beige equally as athletic, and actually having a better Grade Point Average, Scott knew that Ronnie constantly looked for ways he could best Scott.

Resentment began to well up inside of him, but Scott pasted a smile on his face and responded appropriately to Terri’s touches and teases.

“Three more days, Baby!” Terri enthused.

“Uh huh,” Scott agreed.

Uh yeah, um, yeah, um, hey, Scott, my man, talk to you real quick?” Jared motioned with his head to a corner of the restaurant.

“Sure,” Scott said and got to his feet.

“Um, hey, um, look, it’s like this, all right?” Jared hemmed and hawed and finally approached the subject of borrowing a few bucks to help pay for the Sweethearts Dance expenses.

“Man, look, huh?” Scott said, almost bitterly. “Ain’t like this was some big surprise, huh you been knowing about this dance for what? Two weeks already??”

“Yeah, I know, but my man, see it’s like this,” Jared tried to be hip, slick, and cool, while begging for money.

“Dude, you weren’t even going to chip in anything for gas?” Scott asked.

“Dude, I’m telling you, soon as my mom comes up with the scratch, I catch you for all of that,” Jared promised.

“Aw come on, man; you are kidding me,” Scott grumbled. “We’ll see, that’s all I’m saying. We’ll see.”

“Aw yeah, you my man, I knew you’d come through for me, dog,” Jared smiled widely.

“You about ready?” Scott asked Terri as he grabbed the check for their dinner.

As he drove her home, she asked what Jared had wanted. Scott saw no reason to lie; he was not worried about Jared’s pride or dignity. It was obvious that Jared wasn’t worried about Jared’s pride or dignity.

“You are fucking joking!” Terri blew up. “Wait just one fucking minute!”

She dug her cell phone out and punched a number.

“Connie, hey, it’s me, want to know what your boyfriend just tried to do?” Terri spat out.

Scott didn’t really listen to the conversation as he drove Terri to the small house she and her parents lived in. Terri ended the conversation when Scott pulled up into the driveway.

“Connie already gave him three hundred bucks; it was supposed to go to the Sweethearts Dance but I guess Mister Jared thought getting three hundred dollars worth of meth was more fucking important,” Terri spat out, mean face made all the more mean by her anger.

“I kind of thought that was what was going on,” Scott shrugged.

He didn’t really care; he just wanted to drop Terri off, go home, do his homework and go to sleep.

“Good night, love you,” Terri declared.

If she noticed that Scott did not return her declaration of love, she did not let it show as she smiled and waved from the front door of her home.


Fauna squealed excitedly as her new wig came in.

“Just in time!” she said happily.

“Yeah, and according to this, the cap is made of that polymer; you should be able to put this on yourself, instead of me always having to do it,” Harriet agreed.

“Let’s see,” Fauna said and eagerly removed her wig.

“Hmm, might need a little practice,” Harriet said as Fauna wrestled with the mass of soft brown curls.

“How’s that?” Fauna asked, when she’d finally gotten it situated.

“Mighty cute,” Harriet agreed.

The curls did frame Fauna’s small pale face, giving her large brown eyes even more depth. Her happy smile made Harriet smile as well; Fauna had not smiled since that night she had revealed her truth to Scott.

“And your dress is ready; Miss Bobbi said we can pick it up whenever we want,” Harriet said.

“Thank you, Momma,” Fauna said sincerely.


Jared cursed and muttered and mumbled as he and Connie finished their medium pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza.

“Fucking hates this shit,” Jared complained as he picked a pineapple chunk off of the slice.

“YOU buy it, YOU get whatever the fuck YOU want,” Connie glared at him. “I buy it, I get what I want.”

“Can’t believe that mother fucking cracker ass jump up and snitch on me, what kind of punk ass pussy is that, huh?” Jared muttered under his breath.

“He didn’t,” Connie said. “Girlfriend did.”

“Same shit!” Jared exclaimed. “I tell you something, you turn around tell everybody, same as I did it, feel me?”

“It is not; you’re just being stupid,” Connie said dismissively.

Their waitress smiled tightly, making sure to put as much space between her and Jared as possible, without being overly obvious about it.

“Now, did you get the flowers? Or did that end up with all the other stuff?” Connie glared as she dropped a twenty dollar bill onto the small tray.

“Um, yeah, yeah, I got your flowers,” Jared lied.

“What color?” Connie challenged.

“Fuck, I don’t remember, all right?” Jared said.

“Here, here’s twenty; my dress is pale blue,” Connie said and slapped a twenty dollar bill on the table, making sure to .place it on top of Jared’s small pile of pineapple chunks.

She looked at him, daring him to say anything.

She knew that he had planned on fucking her the night of the Sweethearts Dance. He had told her of his intentions and she had agreed; Sweethearts Dance would be the right time to consummate their love for each other. No more hand jobs and finger fucking; they would go all the way and give themselves to each other.

It did bother her slightly that Jared did not use the word ‘love,’ even when she asked him point blank if he loved her. It did bother her that he called it ‘fucking’ and not making love.’

But it bothered her much more that he used her, used her for her money, and her status as a cheerleader, and her blonde hair and white skin.

“And they better come from Annie’s, on nineteen, and not out of your grandmother’s back yard, you hear?” Connie hissed angrily at him.

“Uh huh,” he said, gingerly picking up the twenty dollar bill.

“And you better get some condoms; I am not taking ANY chances on THAT,” Connie said.

“What? It your first time, you can’t…” Jared said.

“You cannot honestly believe that; I know you ain’t that stupid,” Connie said, finishing her drink.

They got up. Connie pushed him away when he tried to kiss her; she wasn’t fooled. It was no display of affection; Jared was just showing off for the two waitresses.


Friday morning, nearly everyone was chattering excitedly about the Sweethearts Dance. Even the few ‘fringe’ students, the ones that were too cool to get excited about anything, seemed to be swept up into the pageantry of the Sweethearts Dance.

“Okay, I made reservations for seven of us at Bombay’s for six thirty tomorrow night,” Scott announced as he took his seat.

“Seven? But there’s eight of us,” Ronnie said, puzzled.

“Yeah, first one says ‘Ew, I don’t like Indian food’ can sit out in the car while we eat. And ain’t no stopping off at Taco Smell either,” Scott said, earning himself a few giggles and a few rolled eyes.

“God, what you think they’re all giggling about?” Jenna snapped, ugly scowl on full wattage.

“Doesn’t matter,” Fauna said quietly, giving a quick glance at Scott, then looking away before her tears would come again.

She had been in love with Scott Boudreaux ever since she knew what love is. Each day that slowly ticked by, he grew more and more handsome and she died a little more inside.

She realized, slightly embarrassed, that she had not even masturbated since that awful night when Momma made her tell him the truth.

A burst of laughter rang out from their corner and she again looked at Scott. She wished she hadn’t.

“Miss Langmeyer, keep your hands to yourself!” Sister Theresa said loudly.

“Yes ma’am,” Terri said, disentangling herself from Scott.

“I will get you for that,” Terri promised him.

“Yeah, yeah, don’t write checks your ass can’t cash,” Scott smiled.

Fauna almost lost the fight against the tears. She wanted to hold Scotty again, to kiss him, and to take him into her mouth and love him until he filled her mouth with his seed.

“What a skank,” Jenna said, hopefully loudly enough for Terri to hear.

Chapter 6

“I do wish you were going with that Fauna; such a beautiful girl,” Linda again commented as Scott and Glen mugged for her digital camera.

“Yeah, well I’m not, so get over it, huh?” Scott said, abruptly leaving the room.

He returned a moment later, holding the corsage box.

“What time you getting home?” Linda asked.

“In time for church, I guess,” Scott shrugged and left the house.

“You know why he’s taking someone else?” Linda asked her oldest son.

“No, not really,” Glen said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Well, have fun, don’t stay out too late,” Linda smiled as she brushed an imaginary piece of lint from Glen’s tuxedo.


“Fucking flowers cost thirty two, not twenty,” Jared hissed angrily to Connie as he pinned the flowers onto her dress.

“Aw, too bad, had to spend a little of your own money? Poor baby,” Connie hissed back.

Next to them, Ronnie and Megan stood, enjoying the animosity between Jared and Connie.

“Okay, come on now, Connie! Really! Could you just try to smile?” Mr. Edwards said as he fiddled with his old camera. “Come on, everybody, get in tight now, Ronnie, put that finger down before I break it off, you hear?”

“Okay, come on, we got to pick up Roger, then Hillary; see y’all at Bombay’s,” Ronnie said after he could again see; Mr. Edwards’ flash was intense.

“Aw, now look at this,” Mr. Edwards complained as the picture came into focus. “Ronnie, you and Megan, y’all get on the other side; that lamp washed out the whole picture.”


Anthony kept up a babbling conversation with the driver until they pulled up in front of the Davendorf home.

“NO sir, let me,” the driver said and got out of the car.

He walked rapidly around and opened the car door for Anthony.

“Now, you’re supposed to let ME open and close the door; make it look like you ride in limos all the time,” he whispered to Anthony. “And when you bring that young lady out, you let her get in first, got it?”

“Yes sir,” Anthony said.

And when we get to the restaurant? You move to the jump seat,” the driver pointed to the seat that faced the rear. “That way, she gets out first, then you.”

“Oh, okay, um, yes sir,” Anthony answered.

“And no more talking to me, okay? Your one hundred percent attention needs to be focused on her; I’m not even here, hear?” the driver went on.

“Yes sir,” Anthony agreed.

“Now, go get them, tiger,” the driver encouraged.

“Can’t wait to see what the fuck that lard ass managed to drag up,” the driver muttered under his breath as the young man waddled up the sidewalk.

He wished, for the hundredth time that day, that he had not quit smoking. He knew he’d be sitting out here for at least thirty minutes, waiting for the obligatory photographs and the small talk, before lard ass and lard ass’s date would lumber out the small house.

He snickered to himself, wondering if they’d be better served to just find a nice patch of grass for the two cows to graze on, rather than going to the restaurant.

“Cut it out; that ain’t right,” he chided himself. He used to be quite large himself, until a sweet young lady smiled at him.

“Uh huh, even got me to quit smoking, fucking bitch,” he smiled to himself.

Inside the house, Anthony was trying his best not to look like an idiot. It was difficult, though. Fauna literally took his breath away. Her hair had been done into several curls, her make-up was done to enhance her deep brown eyes, and her ivory colored dress squeezed her just right, enhancing her small chest and slim waist, as well as her small backside.

Um, oh yeah! Um, these are for you,” Anthony finally found his voice and handed a dozen pale pink roses. “Um, you did say that pink was your favorite, right?”

“Oh thank you!” Fauna gasped. “Anthony, they’re beautiful!”

“Not as um, not as beautiful as you,” Anthony stammered and blushed hotly.

They stood for the few photographs that Harriet insisted on and then walked out to the limousine.

“Well, paint my nails and slap my face!” the driver said as he spotted Fauna coming out of the house.

“Good evening, Ma’am,” he said, doffing his cap, and then opening the door for Fauna.

“Thank you,” Fauna smiled at the driver.

“You are welcome, ma’am,” the driver said.

“Wow!” he muttered to Anthony, earning a beaming smile from Anthony.

He ran around the car and got into the driver’s seat.

“Sir, the button to the right, on the door handles? That is the intercom button. You just press that when you wish to speak to me. I am raising the privacy screen to give you your privacy now,” the driver said, and raised the opaque panel between the driver’s compartment and the passenger compartment.

“Wow, this is nice,” Fauna said as they whisked away toward Radcliffe’s, the trendy, over-priced restaurant in DeGarde, Louisiana.

“If I could, I’d take you every day in this,” Anthony said sincerely.


Scott tried to keep his face bland as he stood in the Langmeyer home. Sheila Langmeyer had several cats; Terri and Mr. Langmeyer couldn’t give him an exact head count of the cats. The smell was overwhelming; there were several litter boxes everywhere.

“Do you like cats, Scott?” Sheila smiled.

“Oh yes ma’am,” Scott said, smiling. “That’s why I eat at Hop Kim’s all the time. Taste just likes chicken.”

“Scott!” Terri gasped, laughing, and slapped his arm, hard.

“Like them better fried, get off of me, mangy beast,” Mr. Langmeyer said, tossing a cat off of his lap.

“Hmmph!” Sheila sniffed, not finding anything amusing about Scott’s comment, or her husband’s comment.

“Well, y’all have fun,” Mr. Langmeyer said, waving them out.

“You know my mom will like NEVER forget you said that,” Terri giggled as they got into the car.

“Like I fucking care,” Scott thought to himself, but smiled and shrugged his shoulders for Terri’s benefit.

At the Edwards’ home, they endured Mr. Edwards’ bumbling with the old Polaroid camera, posing for a picture with Connie and Jared.

“Yeah, Ronnie and Megan just ran out of here about ten minutes ago,” Mr. Edwards said. “All right now, y’all have fun, boy I remember my Sweethearts Dance, my God, and you know how long ago that was?”

“Uh yeah, yeah, y’all had what? Lawrence Welk playing that?” Scott asked.

“Uh huh, no, not really. We had a bunch of guys just pounding rocks together; we didn’t have any of that music stuff y’all got today, smarty pants,” Mr. Edwards smirked at Scott. “Aw now look; now that’s a good picture!”

“Helps having me in it,” Terri said smugly as they left the house.

“Be nice,” Connie hissed at Jared as Jared made a point to ignore Scott.

“What?” Jared hissed back. “Mother Fucker ain’t nothing but a punk ass snitch; I got to act like he’s my boy?”

“No, you got to act like I’m your girlfriend and you’re happy to be with me,” Connie hissed back. “He is being nice enough to give us a ride, least you could do is be grateful.”

“Uh huh, I get my license back, all them mother fuckers just kiss my ass, feel me?” Jared said and made sure to get in on Terri’s side of the car, further avoiding any contact with Scott.


“Jenna, really?” Glen sighed as they looked over the menu. “Really? I don’t give a shit what Fauna’s doing, all right?”

“She’s my best friend and…” Jenna twisted her face into a scowl.

“I am well aware of that, but she is not here, I am. She is not paying for this, I am, she is not taking you to the Sweethearts Dance, and I am. And yet, you’re not saying a damned thing to me; you’re just talking about her,” Glen sighed. “Jenna, talk to me, I am right here.”

Jenna looked at him for a long moment.

“You’re right,” she finally admitted. “And I am sorry.”

“That’s a start,” Glen smiled warmly at her. “Now, Beautiful, what you in the mood for? This place has a great Lamb Boona…”

“Is it hot?” Jenna asked.

“Uh, what you think?” Glen smiled as Hashim came to their table.

“He always gets the hottest stuff then acts all surprised when I can’t eat it,” Jenna complained to the waiter.

“Ah, maybe you would like the Lamb Dornah?” Hashim suggested.

“Cooked in yogurt?” Jenna asked, wrinkling up her face.

“Hey, Beautiful? It’s not like the yogurt you get at Early’s, okay?” Glen laughed.

“No, no, is not like that at all,” Hashim smiled. “Here, I bring you a sample.”

“You flirt with him?” Glen playfully accused. “Getting free samples?”

“Maybe,” Jenna smiled happily. “Why? Jealous?”

Hashim reappeared with some of the sauce in a small cup.

Jenna tasted it, and then nodded her head in approval.

“Yes, that’s what I want!” she said.

“Good, good, Mr. Glen, the cook? He said tell you he’s all out of Lamb Boona, you go to McDonald’s but you leave lovely lady here, okay?” Hashim smiled as he took their dinner orders.

“You hear him?” Jenna giggled. “He said ‘leave lovely lady here.’”

“You are a lovely lady,” Glen said.

“You think so?” Jenna asked, looking at him.

“Jenna? I think you are beautiful,” Glen answered honestly. “Why you think I call you ‘Beautiful’ all the time?”

“‘Cause you just want to sleep with me,” Jenna accused.

“Uh huh, ain’t working is it?” Glen asked and took her hands into his. “Jenna, I call you Beautiful, because you are beautiful. Yes, you are sexy, yeah, you got a smoking hot body, and yeah, I’d give my left nut to sleep with you, but, inside and out? You’re beautiful. To me? You’re beautiful.”

“Okay and here we go, lentil soup, careful, lime wedge in bottom of cup, okay?” Hashim said as he brought out the first course.

Jenna slurped at the soup; the large ceramic spoons making slurping too easy, and then scowled darkly as Ronnie, Megan, Hillary, and Roger crowded into the foyer of the restaurant.

“Hey, Jenna?” Glen said, getting her attention again. “They’re not sitting with us; don’t worry about them.”

She looked at him, and then smiled.

“You’re right, they’re not. I’m out, eating dinner with my man, no matter what they’re doing,” she said and again began to slurp her soup.

She fought down the scowl as Scott, Terri, Connie, and Jared joined the quartet in the foyer.

Scott nodded to his older brother as they were seated, but did not acknowledge Jenna.

“What’s your brother doing with that tit monster?” Terri asked, loud enough for Jenna to hear.

“That is his girlfriend and she is a wonderful girlfriend too,” Scott said, even more loudly than Terri.

Jenna stiffened at the hated nickname, and then gasped when Scott’s words hit her.

Glen smiled and gave Scott a little nod of appreciation.

Terri saw that any further comments about Jenna would not endear her to him, so she clammed up.

“Good evening, my, everyone is dressed so nicely tonight,” Hashim said politely as he passed the menus around. “Now, what can I get you to drink?”

“Uh yeah, yeah, y’all got any beer?” Jared asked.

“Of course,” Hashim smiled politely and named the beers the restaurant served. “May I see some ID, please?”

“Aw, dog, I done forgot it, know what I’m saying?” Jared smiled. “I bring it next time, all right?”

“Very good, then you get beer next time, all right?” Hashim said, smiled pasted on his face. “Now, what can I get you to drink?”

Jenna and Glen finished their meals shortly before Scott and his group finished theirs. Scott waved his older brother over.

“Y’all get any pictures?” Scott asked.

“Yeah, probably; she’s saying she wants one for her mom, and one for her grandmother, and…” Glen said.

“Okay, get me one too, all right?” Scott said, slipping Glen a twenty dollar bill.

“Uh, yeah, yeah, you got it,” Glen said, surprised.

“Why you want one of…” Terri asked, almost angrily. “Huh? Is it because of them big old boobs?”

“No, it’s because he’s my brother and I have never seen him happy like that,” Scott defended, and then wondered why he was bothering to defend himself.

Hashim fought the urge to roll his eyes as the arrogant African American loudly demanded another ice tea.

“Yes sir, sweet, right?” he said, face a mask of politeness.

Connie could tell that Jared was high, stoned on meth; he was being more loud and brash and demanding than he usually was; and he was usually quite loud, brash, and demanding.

“Bring it down,” she hissed under her breath at him. “All right? Everyone can tell that you are geeking on some shit.”

“No they can’t,” he hissed back, glancing nervously at the six others at their table.

“Yes, yes they can,” she hissed back. “So just cool it, huh?”

Her admonishment lasted all of three minutes before Jared was again being loud, brash, and demanding.

“Hey, I want a couple of us too, all right?” Scott asked Terri and she beamed at him, slightly appeased.

Jared made a point of bumping roughly into Scott as they walked out of the restaurant, then did it again as Scott opened the car door for Terri and Connie.

“Oops, didn’t see you there, cracker,” he muttered.

“Oh, that’s all right,” Scott smiled widely and didn’t say anything else.

Scott’s refusal to rise to the bait upset Jared tremendously.

“God what a n*gger!” Megan complained loudly when she got into Ronnie’s car.

She turned and looked at Roger and Hillary.

“I mean, y’all know I’m not racist, but really! Was he acting like a n*gger or what?” she went on.

“Hey, they got just as many white n*ggers as black ones,” Roger said.


The setting in Radcliffe’s was over-bearing, opulent, and quite intimidating to Fauna. The staff was attentive to the point of being intrusive and Fauna found it slightly disconcerting.

She would have preferred a couple of chili-dogs, with extra mustard, from Clark’s.

She would have preferred to be at Clark’s, with Scotty.

But Anthony was having a great time. The food was quite good, and he was there with a girl he’d had a crush on for years.

“Will you be having dessert, Mr. Carrecci?” their waiter lisped. “We have a divine raspberry cheesecake, oh, and a chocolate truffle pie? It is to die for!”

“Fauna?” Anthony asked.

“Oh, my goodness, I don’t know!” Fauna said. “I mean, I’m absolutely stuffed from that dinner! But that chocolate pie does sound almost too good to pass up!”

“How about this?” the waiter smiled at the girl. “We’ll put it in a ‘to go’ box, and you can eat it later?”

“I think you talked me into it,” Fauna said, relieved that the meal would soon be over and they could leave the over-bearing restaurant.

“Make that two, please,” Anthony said, smiling.

“Yes sir, Mr. Carrecci,” the waiter said and strode to the kitchen.

“Thank you; this was a wonderful dinner,” Fauna said sincerely, innocently putting her hand on Anthony’s thigh.

“You’re welcome,” Anthony choked out.

He had an erection from the moment he saw Fauna, in the living room of her house. Now, with her warm hand resting a few inches away from his trapped cock, Anthony was close to climax.


At the dance, Jared disappeared for more than twenty minutes, leaving a disgusted Connie at the large table by herself.

Jenna and Glen sat at the table with Fauna and Anthony and listened politely as Fauna described the dinner at Radcliffe’s.

“Radcliffe’s?” Jenna gasped. “Glen, you got to take me there!”

“Hey, Beautiful? Remember? I’m a college student?” Glen smiled easily. “You’re getting Wish Bean and Wonder Bread from now on!”

“Wish Bean and Wonder Bread?” Jenna asked.

“Yeah, wish for the bean, wonder where the bread went,” Glen said and smiled as the others at the table laughed.

“Well, maybe the next time we go, we’ll take y’all with us,” Anthony offered magnanimously.

“Oh, Anthony, please,” Fauna said. “It was very nice, but I’d much rather go to Clark’s, okay?”

“Hey, if it’s about the money, don’t worry,” Anthony bragged.

“No, it’s not about the money,” Fauna said, fighting against snapping at him.

They did dance a few times, but Anthony could not dance, just kind of waddled and wobbled around.

Glen couldn’t dance either, but did perform better than Anthony did.

Fauna looked over where Terri and Scotty were dancing and felt tears begin to form in her eyes, so quickly looked away.

At 10:00, the lights were turned on slightly and the intolerable music ceased.

Brother Dominick took the microphone and made some comments, some observations about how loud the music had gotten over the years, or maybe he was just getting older.

Then he announced Ronnie Edwards and Megan Campion as the evening’s King and Queen. It was no surprise to anyone there, but very verb applauded it either.

“That’s a bunch of shit I ever heard one,” Jared yelled out, quite obviously high.

“Mr. Tyler, I want to see you in my office, first thing Monday morning,” Brother Dominick said.

“I mean, come on, huh?” Jared said, pointing to a humiliated Connie. “Look, huh? Look at this fine ass bitch! Now, this, this is a mother fucking queen, not that stuck up cracker bitch, my shit don’t stink Megan Campion!”

“I think he’s on something,” Couch Dumas whispered to Brother Dominick.

“I’ve already called for the police,” Father Gregory said. “They said they had a cruiser right around the corner from us; should be here in just a minute.”

“I mean, what the fuck y’all doing, huh? Hey Baby, come here, huh? Show all these dumb ass mother fuckers what a fine ass bath you are, come on, come here and show them,” Jared went on. “Yeah! I be knocking the back out of that tonight, y’all feel me? And that stuck up, I’m too good for y’all little bitch over there? That ain’t no queen, that’s a…”

“Come on, son, obviously, you’ve had a little too much,” Officer Jackson said in a quiet, calm, but firm voice.

“Man, gets your mother fucking hands off me, huh?” Jared said and pushed at the rather large man.

“Son, I am asking you to come with me; don’t make me make you come with me,” Officer Jackson said.

“Aw, fuck you, can suck my mother fucking dick, that’s all I got to say,” Jared said and shoved the large man again.

“The deputy had no trouble at all getting Jared into a choke hold, and then slapped the cuffs on him.

“You have the right to remain silent…” Officer Jackson said as he marched Jared out of the gymnasium.

“Now, I do believe this will be a Sweethearts Dance we’ll be talking about for a while now,” Brother Dominick said, trying to lighten the mood somewhat. “But again, let’s here it for your King and Queen, Ronnie Edwards and Megan Campion, huh?”

There was slightly more applause this time. The lights were dimmed and Megan and Ronnie danced to some horrible love song from the 1980s.

“Here,” take this, y’all go ahead Connie whispered, afraid of speaking any louder, and slid a hotel room key card across the table to Terri.

“What’s this?” Terri asked, looking at the card.

“Room 124, Acadiana Motel; me and Jared was going to do it tonight,” Connie choked out, then ran to the bathroom, sobbing.

On cue, Terri and Hillary rose up and followed Connie into the restroom.

“Why they do that shit?” Roger asked Scott.

“Fuck, think I know?” Scott asked. “Maybe they forget what they’re doing need someone there to remind them.”

“Well, come on, I need to take a shit, come with me so I don’t forget and think it’s all right to stand instead of squat,” Roger joked.

“Um, dude, that’s all right, hear?” Scott smiled.

He looked across the room to smile at his brother. Fore a brief second, his eyes met Fauna’s and he felt a small twinge in his heart. She looked beautiful tonight.

“She’s a fucking guy, dumb ass,” he reminded himself and looked away again.

It ripped Fauna’s heart out when Scotty looked at her, then looked away. She stared hard at the table top, trying to force her tears back and finally felt like it was safe to look up again. She met Jenna’s eyes across the table. Jean smiled sympathetically and Fauna smiled softly in return.


“It’s your lucky night tonight,” Terri whispered to Scott as they gathered their things.

“Committing suicide?” Scott wanted to ask, but instead just smiled noncommittally.

“Connie gave us a room key to her motel room,” Terri whispered and licked his lips as he unlocked the car door.

“Oh yeah?” Scott asked, interested.

“Uh huh,” Terri said, grinding her crotch against him.

“Okay, we’ll drop her off and…” Scott said.

“Uh uh,” Terri giggled and got into the car.

“Here you go,” Scott said to a still sniffling Connie as he eased his seat forward for her.

“Now, what you mean, ‘uh uh,’” Scott asked as he got into the car.

“It’s going to be you, me, and her,” Terri said, poking him with her finger as she said this. “See? I told you, it’s your lucky night!”

“Uh, really?” Scott asked, looking at Connie’s face in his rear view mirror.

“Yeah,” Connie said harshly.

“Okay,” Scott said, knowing when to keep his mouth shut.


“Um, when that thing’s up, you can’t see back here, huh?” Fauna quietly asked their driver, blushing furiously.

“The screen? No ma’am, not at all,” the driver assured her. “Might have noticed, you can’t see me, right?”

“No, no we can’t,” Fauna agreed.

“Good thing,” he smiled. “I’m not even driving. I’m sitting there, playing video games, got the car on cruise control, not even paying any attention. Now, see, if you could see up there, y’all would be so scared!”

Fauna giggled and got into the rear of the car.

“I will drive reeeaaalll slow,” the driver told Anthony. “Use the intercom when you want me to take her home, sir.”

“I had a real nice time tonight,” Fauna told Anthony.

“Yeah, me too, this is almost like a dream come true,” Anthony agreed.

“I um, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea and think I just go doing this all the time,” Fauna whispered and shut her eyes, trying to imagine it was Scotty in the back of the limousine with her.

“Um, no, no, I wouldn’t think…” Anthony said and gasped as Fauna’s small hand lightly stroked his cock.

“But tonight is kind of special, huh?” Fauna said, eyes closed, praying for it to be Scotty’s cock she was feeling.

“Aw, shit!” Anthony whined as he filled his sweaty briefs with semen.

“His cock wilted almost immediately, due largely to his embarrassment. Fauna continued to rub it lightly through the tuxedo trousers, but it was not rising to the occasion.

Finally, he gave Fauna a quick kiss, and then jammed his fat finger onto the intercom button.

“Uh, sir, I uh, I guess we’re ready,” Anthony finally croaked out, and then released the intercom button.

“Very good sir, right away, sir,” the driver said and turned onto the street Fauna lived on.

“Thank you ma’am, oh, ma’am, don’t forget your chocolate pie,” the driver said as he opened the door of the limousine.

“Oh, thank you!” Fauna said and retrieved the small container.

“Um, do I, I don’t pay you, huh?” Fauna asked the driver.

“Oh, no ma’am, not at all!” the driver assured her. “No, no ma’am, the gentleman has already paid for this evening. But thank you ma’am, it has been my pleasure and my privilege to chauffeur you tonight.”

“Thank you,” Fauna smiled as Anthony weakly got out of the limousine.

“Take your time, sir,” the driver assured Anthony.

“Uh huh,” a chastened Anthony said.

“Um, I um, uh, can we um, you want to do this again?” Anthony asked Fauna as they stood on the doorstep.

“Um, not all out like this, huh? I mean, Radcliffe’s was nice, but I wouldn’t want to go there every night! Jeez, I’d be as big as a house!” Fauna said.

“No, we’ll be eating, aw damn, what was it that guy Glen said?” Anthony said.

“Wish bean and Wonder bread,” Fauna smiled. “See you in school, okay?”

“Good night,” Anthony said and lumbered down the walkway to the waiting limousine.

“Home, sir?” the driver asked.

“Yeah,” Anthony said and the driver closed the door.

“This has been the greatest fucking night of my life!” Anthony screamed as the driver started the limousine again.

“What was that, sir?” the driver asked, lowering the panel.

“I said, this has been the greatest night of my life!” Anthony repeated, bubbling with excitement.

“That is very good sir; she is a very beautiful young lady,” the driver agreed.”

Don’t have to tell me!” Anthony enthused.


“So, how was it?” Harriet asked as Fauna entered the small living room.

“It was nice; he’s a very sweet boy,” Fauna said quietly.

“What you got there?” Harriet asked.

“Oh, this is from Radcliffe’s; a chocolate truffle pie; I got it for you,” Fauna enthused.

“Wow, Radcliffe’s? David took me there once, back when we were, before you caught cancer,” Harriet said.

“”Well, there’s no way I’m going to eat this; you take it,” Fauna said, thrusting the box at her mother.

“Like I’m going to say no to chocolate pie?” Harriet smiled.


Within moments, the limousine pulled up in front of the Carrecci home.

“Um, I’m sorry, I um, I don’t know how much I’m supposed to tip you but um…” Anthony hemmed and hawed.

“Sir, when you booked us for the entire evening, the gratuity was already added onto your bill,” the driver assured him.

“You sure?” Anthony asked. “I mean, you’ve been like the best driver in the world and…”

“Sir, it was my privilege to chauffeur you this evening; please call us again if you ever need our services,” the driver smiled.

“No, no, here, take this,” Anthony thrust a crumpled dollar bill into the driver’s hand and lumbered up the walk to his house.

“Aw fuck yeah!” the driver said when he looked at the sweaty one hundred dollar bill he held in his hand.


Damn it, come on, I got to piss,” Scott complained as Terri and Connie whispered and giggled from behind the closed bathroom door.

“Go find a tree,” Connie yelled out and there was more giggling.

Scott grimaced and turned on the television to distract himself from his swollen bladder.

Aw, now that’s what I’m talking about!” he said to himself as the Adult movie menu popped up.

“Anal,” he muttered and did not look any further.

He watched, jiggling from one foot to the other, as a petite blonde took a massive dildo into her gaping rectum. It was freakish, how easily she took the large dildo.

The scene changed and showed the same blonde taking a man’s cock in her ass. Then a second man’s cock joined the first and both cocks pounded in and out of the blonde’s rectum.

The scene changed after both men squirted copious amounts of semen onto her small backside.

Just as the bathroom door opened, the scene changed to show two women making out with each other, rubbing each other’s pussies and moaning.

Oh my God, what are you watching?” Terri screeched.

“Oh yeah,” Connie giggled. “The guy at the counter told me; they got these movies in every room!”

“It was stuck on this,” Scott lied as he made a fast dash for the bathroom.

He did not bother closing the door as he unzipped his trousers. He waved his hand, trying to clear the stench of marijuana out of the small room. The fan coughed, gurgled, and finally groaned to life, but did little to clear the stench out of the small room.

“Scott! Really!” Terri giggled as the two women on the screen moved into a sixty nine position.

“Uh huh,” he said and washed his hands.

“Oh my God!” Connie laughed as a man joined the two women.

“Mind if I join you two?” he asked, stroking a large cock.

“Well, my mouth and pussy’s is used right now, guess you’ll just have to fuck my ass,” the girl on top said, and immediately began licking her girlfriend’s pussy again.

“I’m so sure!” Terri screeched as the man very easily inserted his cock into the woman’s ass and began to furiously pound it.

“Yeah? Don’t think your fine ass can take it?” Scott asked, jamming his tongue into Terri’s mouth.

“Yeah, Terri!” Connie giggled again. “While I’m eating your pussy?”

“Connie! Shut up!” Terri screeched again.

“So, um, just what did you think we were going to be doing in here?” Scott asked, unzipping Terri’s dress.

“Yeah, huh, Terri?” Connie asked and nuzzled Terri’s neck. “Ain’t like it’d be the first time, huh?”

“Aw no, y’all got to give me another joint, think I’m going to do that shit!” Terri demanded.

“Smoke it in there, all right?” Scott asked, rubbing his hand up and down Terri’s exposed belly. “Smell gives me a headache.”

“Oh,” Terri moaned as Scott rubbed one of her nipples.

“Come on, I got three more,” Connie said, bouncing off the cheap mattress.

“Don’t go no where,” Terri said in what she thought was a seductive tone.

“Uh huh,” Scott said as the bathroom door slammed shut.

Scott undressed and stroked his cock as he watched scene after scene of anal sex. Quickly, he jumped to his feet, ran to the corner, and shot a load of semen into the garbage can.

His cock stayed hard, but he refrained from touching it again.

With more giggling, the bathroom door opened and a nude Terri and nude Connie stepped out, both giggling shyly as they looked at Scott.

“Wow,” Scott lied. “You two are, I mean, you know? I see y’all all the time, but I never imagined. Damn, Connie, can tell you’re a natural blonde, huh?”

“Can tell you are too,” Connie giggled nervously.

“Nice, that’s real nice,” Scott went on, as he looked at Terri’s hairless slit.

“Who you want first?” Terri challenged.

“Both of y’all,” Scott said.

Connie, while not beautiful, was attractive, with her long blonde hair and clear blue eyes. Her best feature, in Scott’s eyes, was that she had a large backside that rivaled Terri’s. Her breasts were slightly larger than Terri’s and her waist slightly narrower.

Her only downside, in Scott’s eyes, other than her attraction to black men, was her large nose. Her nose was as large as Ronnie’s; a classic ‘Edwards’ nose, Ronnie and Connie called it.

“Good answer,” Connie smiled.

“How you get that, can you rewind this to that, you know, where them two girls were…” Terri asked, looking at the remote control.

“Let me see,” Connie demanded.

“No, I think it’s just a straight satellite feed,” Scot shrugged.

“Nun huh, looks, there,” Connie said in satisfaction as she rewound the video to several scenes back.

“So what we do?” Terri asked, blushing hotly.

“Oh, come on Terri!” Connie hooted. “Doesn’t act like you and I am never!”

“Connie! Shut Up!” Terri demanded.

“Well, my mouth and pussy’s being used right now, guess you’ll just have to fuck my ass,” the television blared.

“Y’all did that?” Scott smiled, still standing. “Fucking hot.”

“Um, yeah, I mean, it was just a couple of times but um…” Terri admitted.

Before she could go any further, Connie thrust her tongue into Terri’s mouth. The two friends kissed each other passionately for a few moments, then Terri pulled away and looked up at Scott.

He smiled and kissed her with the same passion Connie had kissed her. Then he pulled away, looked at Connie and leaned forward to kiss her. He felt Terri stiffen slightly and almost smiled.

Connie kissed hotly, wetly and with an intensity that surprised Scott.

Both girls, however, thanks to the marijuana that they had just smoked, had a taste to their mouths that was close to intolerable. Scott remembered once smelling burnt hair and imagined that this was how burnt hair would taste.

The two girls kissed each other again and began to touch each others’ breasts.

Scott also reached out and played with one of Connie’s breasts and one of Terri’s breasts. Connie thrust her breast harder into Scott’s hand and he obliged, squeezing the flesh harder.

“Bite it,” she panted, pulling her mouth from Terri’s mouth.

Scott bent forward and took Connie’s breast into his mouth, but avoided her nipple. Again, he could feel Terri’s body ensue as he paid attention to her friend.

“Good, bitch,” he thought.

“Here,” Connie insisted and tried to guide her nipple into his mouth.

He backed up, smiling at Connie’s consternation, then again gave her breast a hard bite, on the underside. He followed by biting down on the top of her breast, then on the side, and then on her nipple.

“Ugh!” she exclaimed and shuddered.

The combination of Terri’s fingers on her wet slit and Scott’s almost painful bite on her nipple was enough to push Connie over the edge.

“Here, let me…” Scott said and flopped onto his back and scooted forward until hoe was underneath Connie’s spread legs.

“Aw, shit yes!” Connie gasped as Scott bit on her labia, before spearing her wet pussy with his tongue.

“Hey, wait a…” Terri tried to protest, but Connie grabbed her in a fierce hug and violently thrust her tongue into Terri’s mouth.

“Ugh, aw fuck!” Connie squealed as Scott jammed a thumb into her rectum while sucking on her lips and clitoris.

When Scott bit down on her clitoris and jammed two more fingers into her rectum, Connie thrashed violently on Scott’s face.

“Your turn,” Scott smiled at a less than happy Terri.

She wasn’t very happy with her boyfriend, but she did squat down over his face and let him slide his tongue into her pussy.

“Oh no!” Connie said, grabbing onto Scott’s cock. “I forgot to get condoms!”

“Box on the OH!” Terri gasped as Scott bit down on her clitoris.

“Oh wow, those come with the room?” Connie asked.

“No, I broth them in,” Scott tried to say and Terri giggled; his voice sent little shivers through her pussy.

“I think they’re Scott’s,” Terri sighed as Scott Jammed a finger into her pussy.

“Okay, you want to..?” Connie asked, opening the box.

“No, damn it, Connie, he’s my boyfriend, all right?” Terri said, perturbed. “All right? I get to go first!”

“No, we’re going to do it like…Connie, put it back on that video,” Scott insisted.”

Up my butt?” Terri asked.

“Yeah,” Scott said.

“Um, okay, um, you’re going to do it slow, right?” Terri said, wiggling around.

“You’re going to do it up her butt, you don’t need condoms, huh?” Connie asked, looking at the packet she held in her hand.

“Sperm can run out of her butt and get into her pussy that way,” Scott said, kneeling on the bed and reaching for the condom.

“Well, my mouth and pussy’s is used right now, guess you’ll just have to fuck my ass,” the television blared.

Terri and Connie kissed again, and with much giggling, Connie wiggled underneath Terri and began to lick and suck at Terri’s pussy. After a moment, Terri bends her head and began to lick Connie’s pussy. She then inserted a finger into Connie’s pussy. Connie thrust a finger into Terri’s pussy as well.

Scott rolled the condom onto his cock, then knelt behind Terri’s fleshy globes, and thrust his own finger into Terri’s pussy.

Terri squealed into Connie’s pussy as Scott and Connie thrust their fingers in and out of her drooling pussy.

Scott then pulled his slick finger out of Terri’s pussy and placed it at Terri’s tightly clenched rectum. She grunted in pain as he forced the slimy finger into her ass.

“That feels weird,” she complained.

Scott did not care how it felt to Terri. He did not care how it felt to Connie. He had pleasured both girls; now it was his turn. He thrust his finger in and out of Terri’s ass a few times, twisting the finger around. Then he slid the finger back into her pussy and Terri gasped and grunted with pleasure.

“Oh!” she gasped when he thrust the finger back into her rectum and fucked it in and out a few more times, then tried crawling away when Scott jammed a second finger.

“No, that hurts,” she complained.

“Relax,” Scott ordered.

Connie held her friend firm and continued to lick and suck at Terri’s pussy.

“Scott, really that…” Terri said.

Scott fought hard against the impulse to slap her. Instead, he picked up the thrusting with his fingers.

“Scott, I…” Terri’s voice had raised several decibels.

“Relax,” Scott ordered, his own voice several decibels louder. “The more you fight it, the more it’s going to hurt.”

Lotion in my purse,” Connie offered.

“Shut up, Connie!” Terri complained. “I don’t want to do this no more!”

“Tough shit,” Scott thought as he reached Connie’s purse and grabbed the lotion.

“Scott, please!” Terri begged as Scott squirted some lotion into her gaping rectum.

“Fuck, you can do me up the butt, all right? I kind of liked it when you had your fingers up there,” Connie offered, crawling out from underneath Terri.

“Mother fucker!” Terri grunted as Scott forced the head of his cock into her anus.

Connie tried to wiggle underneath Terri again, and soon found out that what was shown on the pornographic feed wasn’t very practical. Scott’s balls constantly bounced onto her forehead, Terri’s pussy was being rubbed violently back and forth across her mouth and nose, and she could smell Terri’s bowels.

“Here,” she demanded and lay down; pussy in front of Terri’s sweating face.

Terri did not protest when Connie shoved her face into Connie’s pussy; just lapped almost ferociously at Connie’s slit.

“Oh yeah, aw yeah, oh yeah,” Scott chanted as he picked up the pace.

“Damn!” Terri sobbed out as his thrust became brutal.

“Yes!” Scott grunted and filled the condom with his seed.

“Ah!” Terri sobbed as Scott’s cock was slowly, steadily pulled out of her raw bowels.

Scott dropped the condom into the wastebasket, then staggered into the bathroom and again, did not close the door as he urinated.

He came back into the bedroom; Terri and Connie were hugging each other fiercely while kissing. Connie rubbed her crotch hard against Terri’s crotch, then looked over at Scott.

“My turn,” she demanded.

“Be a little while,” Scott said, showing her his limp cock.

“Man, they get little when they ain’t hard, huh?” she asked, squinting at his cock.

“Maybe if you suck it,” Terri mumbled.

Terri lost consciousness a moment later.

“What’s she on?” Scott asked.

“Ecstasy and Lortab; she fucking loves that shit,” Connie laughed. “One time, she got so fucking wasted on that, I pierced her nipples and her clit and she didn’t even move! Man, was she fucking mad when she woke up; she hates body piercing; says only skanks do that shit.”

Uh huh,” Scott said, watching as some drool ran down Terri’s chin.

He looked at her hairless mound and odd hairstyle.

“Takes more than just body piercing make you a skank,” he thought to him, then approached Connie.

“Tell me if I’m doing this wrong,” Connie asked as she took Scott’s limp cock into her mouth.

“Fuck, you and Jared do this shit all the time,” Scott exclaimed.

“We do not!” Connie protested. “He tells you that? He’s a lying ass mother fucker too!”

“Really?” Scott asked.

“He tell you we been fucking? Huh? ‘Cause I’m a fucking virgin; we was going to do it tonight,” Connie continued to rant.

“Shut up, just shut up, huh?” Scott said, his headache getting worse.

“Don’t tell me…” Connie sputtered, then shrieked as Scott pushed her back onto the bed.

“Ass, or pussy?” Scott asked, rolling a fresh condom on.

“Pussy, but you don’t need no condom; I’m on the pill,” Connie lied.

She knew it was a peak time for her. It would serve that lying boyfriend of hers; if she got pregnant with someone else’s baby, especially the baby of a guy he couldn’t stand.

“Uh huh, remember, last piece of ass I had was Megan and ain’t no telling who she’s been fucking,” Scott said and continued to put the condom on.

“Oh, yeah,” Connie said. “You right.”

It didn’t hurt as much as she had anticipated. That was a bit of a disappointment to her. It just seemed to her, that since she was giving something away, something that should have been Jared’s, that it should hurt more.

Because of all the marijuana and lortab in her system, while pleasurable, Connie did not get any real satisfaction out of the sex.

Anal sex did not hurt as much as she had hoped either. Again, while pleasurable, Connie got no real satisfaction out of the entire process.


Scott smiled in perverse satisfaction as he glanced at the dashboard clock. It was two thirty eight; both Connie and Terri were upset and whining about how mad their mothers were going to be.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” Terri demanded of him.

“Tried; you were out of it,” Scott lied.

He hadn’t tried to wake her up; he had simply gone down to the vending machine and gotten him a large soft drink while Connie and Terri slept.

“Fuck, my mom’s going to be so fucking pissed; I was supposed to be home an hour ago,” Connie whimpered.

“My fucking ass hole hurts, ass hole,” Terri complained to him.

“Really? You kind of liked it when we was doing it,” Scott said, hoping she was still drugged enough to believe him.

“I did not! Lying mother fucker!” Terri argued.

“Hey, Connie, she like it or not?” Scott asked.

“I guess, I mean, I remember her saying she had an orgasm or something,” Connie said, staring at the dashboard clock, willing it to go backward.

“I did not,” Terri said, but had lost her defiance.

“Well, maybe I did, when we were doing it, but I ain’t too crazy about it now,” she mumbled a moment later.

“Uh huh,” Scott said and pulled up to Connie’s house.

Chapter 7

“And I’m like grounded until I’m thirty; that’s what my ass hole mom says,” Terri was complaining bitterly to Scott.

“Aw, that sucks!” he said, trying his best to look disappointed. “That means we won’t get to…”

“My dad said he’s going to build a special room for me in the basement,” Connie commiserated.

“Have to build a basement first,” Ronnie encouraged.

“God, looks like a fucking clown with that stupid hairstyle,” Megan sneered, looking over at Fauna.

Scott looked and shrugged; he thought the hair looked very cute on her, him.

“See her at the dance with that lard ass Anthony Carrecci?” Megan sneered again.

“Nope, too busy looking at my date,” Scott lied.

“Aw!” Terri sighed.

“Mr. Boudreaux, Miss Campion, Mr. Edwards, Miss Edwards, Miss Langmeyer, Mr. Leland, and Miss Monroe, you are to report to Brother Dominick’s office after first bell,” Sister Theresa barked as she took her seat.

Fauna gasped and looked at Scott, worried.

Brother Dominick would only ask someone come to his office if that someone was in trouble. Fauna hoped, she began to pray, that Scotty wasn’t in any trouble.

She was so intent on her prayer for Scotty’s welfare that she almost did not hear Sister Theresa call her name.

“Here, Sister,” Fauna squeaked.

She looked over at Scotty again and blushed as she saw that he was looking back at her.

He wasn’t really looking at her; he was staring off into space. Scott was wondering in his mind what Brother Dominick wanted.


With grumbles and mutters, the seven students filed into the Administration office. Miss Ormond made them wait for a moment. There were only three chairs in the small anteroom, Scott shook his head as Ronnie made a show out of snagging one of the seats just before his sister did.

“Let Connie have the seat, butt head,” Scott said and Ronnie grumbled as he stood up.

“Thank you, Scott, nice to know that there are still some gentlemen in this world,” Connie spat as she took the seat.

Miss Ormond made them wait until the silence in the room was uncomfortable, then ushered them into Brother Dominick’s office.

The anteroom held three chairs; there were only two chairs in front of Brother Dominick’s desk. Standing behind Brother Dominick were Coach Dumas and Sister Lucy. None of the adults had smiles on their faces. In the corner, was a tall African American male that Brother Dominick did not introduce.

Again, Scott did not vie for a seat, preferring to stand.

There were several protests when Brother Dominick announced that, as they had all been sharing a table with Jared at the Sweethearts Dance, and Jared had been found in possession of drugs, they were all going to be subjected to a drug screen.

“Sister Lucy will administer the tests for you females,” he continued speaking over their protests. “And Coach Dumas will attend to you gentlemen; no, Mr. Edwards, you do not have any rights to privacy. You are a student and if you read your student’s’ handbook it very clearly states that St. Thomas Aquinas has the right to demand a random drug screening.”

“Ladies,” Sister Lucy said in her cold, commanding tone.

“Great, just great. Jared’s the dumb ass and we get in trouble,” Connie muttered as the females filed out of the office.

“Come on guys, my office,” Coach Dumas ordered.

Scott wondered if any of the marijuana or other stuff Terri and Connie were doing had possibly gotten into his bloodstream; it had been quite heavy in the bathroom, and he had exchanged some bodily fluids with both Terri and Connie.

The first thing they had to do was fill out the short questionnaire, then Coach took them, one at a time, into the bathroom.

“Fuck, this is some shit, huh?” Roger complained to Ronnie. “N*gger mother fucker’s one all fucked up but we got to do this test, huh?”

“Uh huh, hey, how long you think pot stays in you?” Ronnie asked.

“Couple of hours, I guess,” Roger shrugged.

“Oh, okay, then I is cool,” Ronnie said, relieved.

“Why, how long ago you did it?” Roger asked.

“Last night; and dude, let me tell you! Killer shit!” Ronnie said happily.

“Okay, Mr. Boudreaux, go to class,” Coach said as he put the plastic bag into his file cabinet and locked it. “Mr. Edwards, you’re up.”


Connie and Terri weren’t worried; neither one had done anything since Saturday night, both felt that the drugs had long since been flushed out of their bloodstream.

But they were upset that they had to endure the embarrassment of urinating in front of the stone faced Sister Lucy.

They were also both upset with Jared, for his stoned display at the Sweethearts Dance, for causing them this inconvenience.

Terri was also upset with Scott; he didn’t really have to take up for Connie when Ronnie took her seat in the anteroom.

She was also upset with Connie; all Connie had been talking about since Saturday night was how great Scott had been.

“Swear to God, my butt still kind of hurts,” Connie giggled.

“Uh huh,” Terri muttered as they went to their first period Algebra class.

Megan was incensed that she would have to endure the humiliation of baring her privates in front of Sister Lucy, whom she was sure was gay anyway, just because she had happened to be at the same table as that n*gger Jared.

Hillary, while not happy about the situation, just shrugged it off as a mild inconvenience.

“So what?” she finally interrupted Megan’s tirade. “It’s over and done with.”

The teacher did not look up when they entered, just continued to lecture, in Spanish, to the class.


A pop quiz in second period Biology did not improve Terri’s, Connie’s, or Megan’s attitude.


In Physical Education, Coach Dee trotted out the hated volleyballs. Coach Dee also decided that she was going to select the four teams, rather than let the students do those themselves.

Tempers were flaring by the time they crowded into the locker room.

Fauna never showered after Physical Education class, no matter how grueling. She utilized the sinks in the adjoining bathroom and swabbed her underarms, then re-applied deodorant and perfume then dressed back into her school uniform.

The moment she dropped her gym shorts to the floor, Terri and Megan grabbed her and began to drag her toward the shower.

Hillary, swept up into the spirit, followed them. Connie, giggling inanely, blocked Jenna from rescuing her friend.

“No, no, please!” Fauna screamed in absolute terror.

If her panties got wet, they’d become translucent, and her secret would be revealed.

Besides, if her new wig got saturated, it would shrink and become useless.

God damn!” Megan cursed; Fauna was frantic, struggling so mightily Megan couldn’t even reach to turn the cold shower on.

“Here,” Hillary giggled and turned the shower on.

“No, no, please, no!” Fauna sobbed hysterically.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Coach Dee bellowed as she stormed into the locker room.

“Oh my God! That’s a…” Hillary gasped, seeing Fauna’s cock through the now soaked panties.

“You’re a….” Megan gasped, then began to laugh.

Campion, Monroe, Langmeyer, out!” Coach Dee screamed at the trio. “Davendorf, stay right there, someone turn that damned shower off!”

Coach Dee grabbed a filthy towel off the bench and thrust it at Fauna.

“Here, cover yourself up, huh?” she bellowed, still in ‘Coach’ mode.

“Campion, Monroe, Langmeyer, Brother Dominick’s office. NOW!” she yelled.

“She’s a, Fauna’s a guy!” Megan hooted, overcome with laughter.

“Did you hear me!” Coach Dee screamed in Megan’s face. “Get dressed, and get to Brother Dominick’s office! NOW!”

Coach Dee returned to the shower where a sobbing Fauna lay on the floor of the shower.

“Come on, Baby, come on,” Coach Dee soothed as she easily picked the girl up.”

All of y’all get dress and get out!” she screamed at the few remaining students.

“Here, let’s get you dried up, damn, you don’t have another pair of panties, huh?” Coach Dee asked. “Well, put your gym shorts on for underneath your skirt, is that a, oh my God!”

Coach Dee stared, opens mouthed at the small penis and testicles. By now, Fauna was sobbing so hard she was hiccupping.

“I um, I oh my God, you’re a, Fauna! Are you a boy?” Coach Dee sputtered.


Donald Pellichet grumbled as he made his second trip of the day to St. Thomas Aquinas that morning.

He sat and listened as Brother Dominick and Coach Dee detailed the incident that led to the discovery that one of their female students was actually a male.

“See why I’m Baptist?” he deadpanned to Brother Dominick. “Y’all Catholics some screwed up people.”

“The three girls that were involved have been suspended for three days,” Brother Dominick’s sighed. “Fighting is not to be tolerated. The only one whose parents were not very understanding were Hillary Monroe’s.”

“Judge Harold Monroe’s kid? No, wouldn’t expect him to be understanding about anything,” Donald agreed.

“Yes, I am afraid the man is a bit of a horse’s ass,” Brother Dominick said.

“Um, okay, so where is the other girl, um, guying, uh, the male student that was involved?” Donald asked.

“Sister Lucy is tending to her, him,” Brother Dominick said. “Her, his mother is on her way.”

“We sure she’s a mother?” Donald deadpanned again.

Brother Dominick did not respond but smiled tightly.


Harriet sat, tight-lipped when Brother Dominick and the school’s attorney hemmed and hawed.

“We are not asking her, him, to leave our school system,” Brother Dominick stammered.

“But we cannot condone her, um, him, um, to continue this charade of…” Donald Pellichet said.

“David, Fauna’s father, has seven brothers and four sisters,” Harriet suddenly spoke up.

“Um,” Brother Dominick said, unsure why Haarriet was divulging this information.

“And out of those, twelve, five are gay; three of his brothers and two of his sisters. Of course, I think his baby brother, Melvin is gay too, but he just hasn’t come out of the closet,” Harriet continued.

“That is…” Donald attempted to interrupt.

“It gets better,” Harriet almost smiled at the two men’s discomfort. “After David’s mother died, his father remarried and had five more children. And out of those five, two of them are gay as well.”

Next to her, Fauna sat, still shaking, tears still streaming down her face.

“And from the moment Sean Patrick was born, I could tell he was, but David was like ‘oh no, no son of mine is going to be a sissy,’” Harriet said, imitating a deep male voice.

“Uh, yes ma’am,” Brother Dominick said, trying to break Harriet’s monologue.

“Spent hours and hours, throwing a ball at Sean, drag him out to football games, take him out in the woods to go hunting and fishing, trying to make the boy something’s he’s not,” Harriet said.

She smiled down at Fauna.

“But the only thing the boy wanted to do was play dress up; I swear to God, always finding my shoes in Sean’s room, oh! And pearls! Even as a baby could tell the real pearls from the face,” Harriet laughed.

It wasn’t a mean laugh; it was a mother’s laugh as she remembered a fond memory. Gharries put a loving arm around her child. Fauna turned and clung tightly to her mother.

“I kept telling David, just be glad he’s happy and healthy; we weren’t even supposed to have any children; I have a cyst on my uterine wall; Sean was a miracle,” Harriet went on. “And beautiful! I had people coming up to me all the time, telling me what a beautiful baby I had.”

Brother Dominick looked over at Donald. Donald shrugged his shoulders.

“Then when Sean got sick, David finally understood what I meant; be grateful for what we have, don’t keep whining about the things we don’t have,” Harriet said.

“Sean Patrick Davendorf!” Brother Dominick said. “Got sick, what…”

“Six years ago, when she was at St. Richard’s,” Harriet agreed. “There were several times we almost lost her; once, on the operating table, she did die; her little heart just gave out.”

“I remember that now!” Brother Dominick said.

“Then Women and Children said take her to Houston General,” Harriet said. That’s what we did. And there, she met this nurse, Rosa. Such a beautiful little girl; she was a nurse at Houston.”

“This is fascinating but…” Donald said.

“And Rosa was a ‘he’ as well. She even brought a few of her nurses’ dresses in for Sean, and Sean would dress up and go on rounds with Rosa. The doctors and other nurses didn’t mind, in fact, they encouraged it. If it makes the patient happier and healthier, they weren’t going to fight it,” Harriet went on. “But, David met one of the volunteers; I think she was doing community service, butted for solicitation, I think, and suddenly he’s in love and we get a divorce.”

Harriet sighed heavily.

“Anyway, the cancer’s finally in remission and we decided to come back here, back home,” Harriet said. “Fauna had been doing all of her assignments in between surgeries and treatments and had kept her grades up, so she could graduate with her peers, and we’re driving back home and Fauna says to me ‘Mom, I’m Fauna.’”

Fauna wiped the tears that were streaming down her face with a soft handkerchief she pulled out of her small purse.

“And I said ‘I know that, Honey, but…’” Harriet said. “And she said, ‘No, Momma, I’m Fauna. I want to be Fauna forever, not just when I’m at home, I want to be Fauna. I want to be Fauna when I’m in school and I want to go out on dates, and I want to be somebody’s girlfriend, I want to be Scott’s girlfriend, if he’s still in Bender. I don’t ever want to be Sean ever again.”

Harriet looked up at the two men.

“I almost lost her, quite a few times; oh my God! When her heart stopped on that operating table, so did mine,” Harriet said. “So, gentlemen, her name is Fauna. That’s who she is and that’s who she’ll stay. Now, how are we going to make sure she gets a diploma, in her name, from St. Thomas Aquinas?”

After a long moment, Brother Dominick came to a decision.

“Mrs. Davendorf, I cannot, in good conscience, let Fauna, Sean, graduate as Fauna, with her peers; I cannot even let her continue to attend here as a female, when it’s obvious that she is not in actuality, a female,” Brother Dominick sighed.

Harriet prepared to fight; Brother Dominick raised his hand to stop her.

“How about a compromise?” he smiled tightly. “Her grades are perfect; they’ve been perfect every quarter she’s been here. Let’s let her take all the final exams now; she’ll have her diploma now, and I promise, it will have her name on it. HER name. That work for you?”

“Tell Scotty I love him,” Fauna whispered.

“What?” Brother Dominick asked, not hearing her.

“Since I got to leave school, tell Scotty I love him; I’m sorry I won’t get to see him no more,” Fauna said, fresh tears beginning to fall.

“I will,” Brother Dominick promised, smiling softly at her. “I promise. I’ll tell him.”


Anthony Carrecci barreled toward Scott as Scott prepared to open his car door.

“You knew?” Anthony demanded. “Huh, dude? You knew Fauna was a fucking guy?”

Scott looked blankly at Anthony.

“She’s a what? Dude, you ain’t making a bit of fucking sense here,” Scott said.

“Come on man! You done went out with her for what? Three, four weeks? And you ain’t never noticed she had a fucking dick?” Anthony accused.

“She had a what?” Scott asked, shaking his head as if this was all news to him.

“That’s why you broke up with her!” Anthony screamed.

“No, dude, I fucking broke up with her ’cause she wouldn’t fucking put out,” Scott lied. “Huh? Spend all kind of money on her and don’t get shit for it? Just a fucking kiss? And you telling me I been kissing a dude?”

“Aw, fuck!” Anthony screamed and started spitting on the ground. “Man! I fucking kissed her good night!”

“If you are quite finished, Mr. Carrecci,” Brother Dominick said. “Mr. Boudreaux, I need a moment of your time.”

Anthony waddled off, still muttering, and wiping at his tongue with his hand.

“I spoke with Fauna, and her mother,” Brother Dominick said, gauging Scott’s reaction.

“Yes sir?” Scott said carefully.

“Fauna will not be here, at St. Thomas Aquinas; she will be graduating early,” Brother Dominick said, still gauging Scott’s reaction.

“Yes sir?” Scott asked.

“She asked me to tell you she loves you,” Brother Dominick said.

“That’s nice,” Scott angrily said. “Thanks, Brother Dominick; um, anything else? I got to get home, you know?”

“Nope, that’s it; she just asked me to let you know she loves you,” Brother Dominick said and put a comforting hand on Scott’s shoulder.

Scott got into his car and wiped his angry tears away.

Chapter 8

For a few weeks, the Davendorf home was a target of toilet paper rolling and egging.

Their garbage can was run over by a car, strewing their garbage all over the street, and smashing the can itself.

Then their yard was trenched; someone drove up into the yard, and floored it, digging trenches in the yard with the car tires.


“Ha ha!” Ronnie crowed when Scott walked into the restaurant to pick up his ‘To Go’ order.

“Ha ha,”Scott said in return.

“Dude, how’s it feel to find out you was fucking a guy?” Ronnie asked and pounded the table in laughter.

“Dude, I wasn’t even going to tell anyone about me fucking you like that, but since you brought it up, dude, you’re kind of all reamed out, you know?” Scott smirked and paid for the large pizza, extra mushrooms.

Megan’s giggle did not help Ronnie’s disposition.

“Yeah?” Ronnie glared at Scott, getting to his feet.

“Sit down, bitch, before me fucking make you sit down,” Scott threatened.

“Fucking faggot,” Ronnie muttered.

“Takes one to know one, cock sucker,” Scott said.

“Hey, hey, I running a family restaurant here!” Mr. Banana protested. “You watch the mouth, huh?”

“Yes sir, I apologize, sir,” Scott said.


Jenna called Fauna a couple of times, but found it very difficult to talk with her former best friend.

She admitted to Glen, it was hard to get around the fact that Fauna was actually a boy, not a girl.

“I mean, I even been naked in front of her, of him, and everything!” Jenna complained.

“Been naked in front of me too,” Glen reminded her.

“That’s different!” Jenna laughed and kissed him.

She looked at her engagement ring again.

“Going to be naked in front of you a lot from now on, Mr. Boudreaux!” she crowed.


Carmen Davis met with Harriet and agreed to list and show the home.

“Um, the front yard is going to make it somewhat difficult to sell,” Carmen said, looking at the deep trenches a car had caused.

“Well aware of that,” Harriet said, pursing her lips in disapproval.

“I’m sorry,” Fauna whispered.

“What? Why?” Harriet asked.

“‘Cause, they’re doing this because of me,” Fauna said.

“No, Fauna, they’re doing it because they are ignorant, small minded people,” Harriet snapped.


“Miss Edwards, Mr. Edwards, Miss Langmeyer, Brother Dominick would like to see the three of you after first bell,” Sister Theresa said then began to call roll.

Scott did not even look up; he did not care why his former friends were being called to the office.

He now sat in the far left corner, away from Ronnie, Roger, Megan, Hillary, Terri, and Connie.

He sat in the far left corner, away from Jenna, and April, and Tammy. Jenna was civil to him, now that she was engaged to Glen, but it really seemed that her only topic of conversation was Fauna and Fauna’s deception of everyone.

He sat alone, and preferred it that way.


Mr. Edwards entered Brother Dominick’s office, blustering about being called away from lucrative sales potential.

“I would think the welfare of your children is of greater importance to you,” Brother Dominick said dryly.

“And without sales like this one, be damned hard to pay the tuition,” Mr. Edwards bluffed.

“Honey, be quiet,” Mrs. Edwards snapped.

“This is Donald Pellichet; he is the attorney of St. Thomas Aquinas,” Brother Dominick said, indicating Donald.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwards sat, stunned as Brother Dominick read out the results of the drug screening that had been performed on Connie and Ronnie.

Connie and Ronnie and Terri sat outside of Brother Dominick’s office, idly wondering why they were there. Miss Ormond, normally a huge gossip, was as close lipped as possible.

“Oh, fucking great, my mom’s here,” Terri hissed as Sheila Langmeyer scurried into the anteroom.

She was extremely embarrassed; her mother was wearing her work clothes. Sheila’s work uniform consisted of stained tee shirt and threadbare jeans, splitting tennis shoes and gray socks. The socks had once been white.

“Uh, Brother Dominick said he uh, he wanted to see me?” Sheila asked Miss Ormond.

“Please have a seat; he will be right with you,” Miss Ormond said, pointing to the three chairs, which were already occupied.

“Get up, dumb ass,” Connie hissed at Ronnie as Sheila looked expectantly at him.

“Terri, what’s going on?” Sheila hissed at her daughter.

“Like I know?” Terri hissed back.

The smell of cleaning solution was heavy on Sheila and Terri edged away from her mother.

“The door opened and Brother Dominick sternly asked Connie and Ronnie to come in.

Connie gulped; her parents were in the office and both were red-eyed from crying. Mrs. Edwards still had tears streaming down her face, but Mr. Edwards was moving from grief to anger very quickly.

Miss Edwards, Mr. Edwards, it does sadden me to tell you…” Brother Dominick started.

“You two go clean out your fucking lockers right now,” Mr. Edwards interrupted Brother Dominick’s calm delivery. “You hear me? I am busting my fucking ass, kissing up to mother fuckers ain’t worth the paper it takes to wipe my shit send you two the best God damned school in this state and you two are nothing but God damned drug head punks?”

He was screaming by the time he finished, face flushed with rage.

“It was just that one time,” Connie quickly lied.

“Think I fucking believe that?” Mr. Edwards screamed, face twisted with maniacal anger. “Think I’m ever going to believe another God damned fucking word comes out of your drugged up mouth?”

“Huh? Do you?” he screamed, spraying spittle into her terrified face. “I am killing myself, trying to make sales and you’re just sitting around all day, frying your God damned brain?”

Terri unconsciously edged herself closer to her mother for protection. They could hear the screaming, hear the rage; they could not make out any of the words, though.

The door flung open. Terri looked up as Connie and Ronnie walked out of Brother Dominick’s office, both red eyed from crying. Behind them, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards marched out, both with faces twisted in anger.

“Straight home, you hear?” Mr. Edwards bellowed at the two eighteen year olds. “You hear me? Straight home! No stopping off to does your little shit; you get straight home.”

“Yes sir,” Connie mumbled.

“No, hang on!” Mrs. Edwards snapped. “No, I’m coming with you; I want to see what comes out of those lockers!”

Terri tried to catch Connie’s eye, but Connie walked past her friend as if Terri were not even in the room.

“Mrs. Langmeyer? Thank you for coming in; I do apologize for such short notice, no, no, Terri, you wait right there, I want to talk with your mother first, is Mr. Langmeyer coming? I did call him, no?” Brother Dominick spoke as he ushered the woman into his office.

“Miss Ormond, what’s going on?” Terri begged when the office door closed.

“I’m not really sure,” Mrs. Ormond admitted. “But they got Mr. Pellichet in there with them; he’s a big shot lawyer. Whenever they got him in there, it’s something serious, you know?”

Suddenly the door flung open and an enraged Sheila Langmeyer stood in the doorway.

“You get in here right now,” she growled at her frightened daughter. “Do you hear me? Right now.”

Terri slowly approached the office door. Sheila reached out and grabbed a handful of her daughter’s hair and pulled her into the office, slammed the door and flung her daughter into a chair.

“Drugs?” Sheila screamed at her daughter. “You’re a drug addict?”

“I’m not an addict,” Terri denied.

“Drugs?” Sheila screamed, face millimeters away from Terri’s frightened face. “And if that’s not bad enough, on top of all that, you’re pregnant too?”

“I’m what?” Terri screamed, horrified.

“Yes, little Miss ‘Drugs are fun, woo wee let’s see how high I can get,’ you’re knocked up too, isn’t that great?” Sheila spat, bursting into angry tears.

“That, I, oh no, I can’t be, I only done it that one time,” Terri cried.

“It only takes one time; are you so fucking stoned you doing know that?” Sheila screamed, and then slapped Terri across her face so hard the girl fell out of the chair.

“Mrs. Langmeyer, that will be enough,” Donald Pellichet said, moving forward.

“She’s my daughter, not yours,” Sheila glared at him. “She’s no longer any concern of your, or of this school’s; I want to slap her, I can. I want to beat her, I can.”

Terri got back into the chair, hand covering where her mother slapped her.

Terri’s fevered brain finally registered something and she fought the urge to vomit.

Scott had used a condom. His cock hadn’t even entered her pussy. It was highly unlikely that it was his baby.

Jared, however, had not used a condom when she fucked him for five hits of E and five lortabs. But, they both thought it would be safe; it was her first time, and he said he had pulled out right before coming.

“Well, thank you, Brother Dominick,” Sheila spat and pulled Terri up by a handful of hair.

“Do you have Scott Boudreaux’s phone number?” Sheila snarled as they marched toward Terri’s locker.

“Yeah, but, uh, it, Scott’s not the father,” Terri admitted.

“Oh, my God, Terri, who else have you been fucking?” Sheila spat, throwing her hands up in resignation.

“I mean, I don’t think him, I’m pretty sure it’s not Scott’s,” Terri tearfully confessed.


“Dude, you hear about…” Roger asked as he slid into his seat in their Calculus class.

“Don’t care,” Scott said, wondering why Roger was bothering to talk to him.

Megan did not want anyone talking to Scott. Hillary was Megan’s little drone. Roger was dating the little drone. Therefore, by High School rules, Roger was not supposed to be talking to him.

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