The doorbell dinged. It was my next door neighbor Pete. I had known him since I moved into these condos two years ago. We met at one of the monthly parties our association throws. That one happened to be a barbeque and I remember the dish he brought to the potluck was amazing. Pete was always trying out new recipes on me. Every once in a while he would concoct something new and told me he needed a Guiney pig, taste tester. Truth is, I was more than glad to oblige him. My only worry was that he was going to make me fat.

“Hey Ryan. Care to take a chance?” He held a pan of something that smelled incredible.

I laughed. “Park it on the table Pete. I’ll get some dishes. You want a beer or a soda?”

“Diet soda please. Trying to watch my figure.” I made sure that I kept stocked up on his favorite beverage. I also bought him groceries from time to time. I figured that this would offset the meals he made for me. We sat down and he started filling our plates.

“This is a seafood lasagna I found in Taste of Home. Has Alf redo sauce instead of tomato.”

“Smells terrible.” I lied. This was a running joke with us. I had yet to find him fixing a bad meal. That’s when I noticed his neck had red blotches on it. “You got razor burn Pete?”

He put his hand up to his neck. “Got to stop using cheap aftershave I guess.” Funny, I never knew he used aftershave or cologne for that matter. He just always smelled clean, like soap. I also noticed that his clothes had been baggy as of the last several months.

“How’s the new job going Ryan?” I was a computer programmer and had just branched out on my own.

“Great Pete. I am really starting to get busy. I think that it is really going to work.” I looked into his eyes. There looked to be smudges around them. It almost looked like makeup. But that couldn’t be it. “Got something around your eyes Pete.” He quickly moved into the bathroom. He was wiping his eyes with toilet paper as he returned.

“Must have accidentally got some dirt on my face when I was repotting some plants, today.” He looked a little sheepish.

“Don’t worry buddy, no big deal. You want get beaten in Racquet ball again to night?” He just smiled.

Months later, life went on and I tried cramming as many hours a week into my business as I could. One night I came home early and I found Pete laying in front of his door, crying. “You Okay, buddy? What’s wrong?” Pete looked so pitiful as I helped him up. “My k–key w—wouldn’t fit.” He sobbed.

I took his keys and got him inside. He was an emotional wreck. For some odd reason he looked different. He seemed softer somehow. “Pete, what’s going on?”

He finally regained some of his composure. “R–Ryan. T–there’s something I have to t–tell you.” He paused, like he was finding the right words. “I’m changing sexes!” He blurted out.

I thought about it. “Pete, You can change your mind, you can change the channel, you can even change your oil; but I didn’t think you could change sexes.” He started crying again and balled up on the sofa. “My God, buddy. Please don’t cry.” I sat down next to him and put my hand on his shoulder. He settled down a little bit. He turned toward me.

“I–I’m serious R—Ryan. I–I am transitioning to female. I–I’ve been t–taking female hormones for several months now. Please don’t make fun of me.” He pleaded.

“It’s okay Pete. I’m not making fun of you.” He really was hurting. “Look, we can deal with this. What do you need me to do?”

Tears ran down his face. “Could you still be my friend?” How was I going to say no to that.

I smiled. “You never stopped being my friend, buddy.”

Pete started crying again and latched on to me, his arms around my neck. I held him, patting his back and he settled down again. “I am going to go female, full time.” He announced, as he backed away. “I was just waiting to tell you.” He sniffed.

“Okay Pete, what do you need from me?” I wasn’t sure what that entailed, but he was too good of a friend to abandon.

“J–Just try and understand, Ryan. Sorry, I’ve tried to fight this, but I can’t hold these feelings back any longer.”

“You don’t have to apologize. What can I do? Need me to take you shopping, or something?” I did try and be supportive.

“N–No I’ve already bought some clothes and stuff. You were the last person I wanted to tell, before — well, you know.”

“So I guess today’s the day then Pete. Uhhh do you need some privacy?”

He smiled. “I’m okay Ryan. I was just so afraid of what you would think. Thank you for understanding.”

“No problem Pete. Come on over when you got time.” He followed me to the door.

He drew the hair out of his eyes and smiled. “I might just do that Ry.”

An hour later I was setting at my kitchen table, drinking a beer. I had been attempting to digest what Pete had just dumped in my lap. He was my best friend. Him wanting to become female had floored me. This did kind of explained why he didn’t date, much. Hell, he didn’t date at all. It also explained why he seemed softer lately, sort of feminine. I guess that we would have to take this one day at a time.

The doorbell dinged. I didn’t recognize the woman at the door. She was wearing a pink tank top and cut off jean shorts. She had nice curves and showed a little cleavage. She swept her hair out of her eyes with a gesture, of her hand. “Hi Ryan.”

“Hi. Can I help—- Pete! Is that you?” I thought I was floored before. “Holy shit, Pete! What the hell?”

He– I couldn’t really say he anymore. She smiled. “I took the name Patricia, or Trisha, if you like. Could I come in?”

“I–I– sure. Come in.” I watched her as she walked to the kitchen table. Not just her, but her ass. There is no way a guy’s ass moves like that. The baggy clothes must have hid her changes. Holy Shit; what the hell was wrong with me. I suddenly felt like a virgin watching my first porn movie.

She turned toward me. Her shoulder length hair was styled and she was wearing smoky green eye shadow. Her smile could have melted the polar icecap. “Got another beer, Ryan?”

“S—Sure, help yourself.” I gestured toward the fridge. She turned and bent over, reaching for a bottle. Her ass stuck out and I started getting an erection. I plopped in my chair, trying to hide my discomfort. I reached for my beer and chugged it down. I needed to numb myself a little. She sat across from me and took a seductive, sip from her bottle. She was extremely feminine. In fact, she was seriously hot.

“What do you think? Will I pass?”

“S–Sure Pe– Trisha. Y–You sure look like a w–woman.” I went to set my empty bottle on the table and missed. I didn’t however, miss my foot. The pain brought me out of my daze.

She giggled. She actually giggled. Trisha reached for the bottle and accidentally gave me a cleavage shot with a nipple slip. Her breasts were forming well. I– had to rip my gaze away from her chest before she caught me. I was going to have to definitely rethink my sexuality.

We talked for almost two uncomfortable hours. Uncomfortable for me that is. Trisha was perfectly fine. In fact she was more at home than Pete ever was. She told me that she had been on hormones for 9 months and she said she noticed some small changes to her body. That was almost like saying the Grand Canyon was a little deep. Trisha also said that she felt better about coming out completely and it was great to shed that part of her life.

“I wasn’t sure how I would look after I started my transition. Between the mones, the clothes and the dieting and makeup, I guess I did alright. Maybe I just need to be fucked.”

“What did you say?” I gasped.

She looked at me funny. “All I said was that I needed a little luck. Why did you ask?”

“Oh, no reason.” Came out a few octaves higher than normal. My mind was in the gutter, mostly because it was keeping the rest of my body company.

“Ryan I am getting some surgery this coming Friday. She cupped her tits. “The girls are getting a makeover. I don’t suppose I could get you to look in on me afterwards?”

“S—Sure Trisha. N–No problem.” I stuttered

“Thanks for being a dear. Maybe I should take a taxi to the hospital. I’m going to be there for a few days.”

“I could take you.” Came out before I realized it.

“That would be so sweet, Ryan.” She placed her hand on mine and a small jolt of static electricity jumped between us. “Thanks for letting me ride you.” I started again.

“What, Trisha!”

“I was just thanking you for the ride to the hospital. Maybe you should have your hearing checked.”

After she finally left I rose up from my chair. I knew I was still hard from her visit. I realize it had been a long time since I had sex last, but this was ridiculous. What the fuck was happening to me? I knew I wasn’t gay, because Trisha looked female. Man did she look female! This is going to take a lot of getting use to and sorting out.

A week later I got her back home. She was very sore and swollen. I did what I promised; I took care of her while she recuperated. I am nowhere near the cook she is, so I got take out a lot. After another week, she was back to normal enough to where she could get around pretty easy. Of course the swelling of her chest went down a bit, but she still had a hell of a rack. Problem was that she looked hooter, I mean hotter than before. “I’m going to Hell, I just know I am.” I said to no one.

Our dinners together dwindled down to twice a week. Even though she worked from her home computer, Trisha still went out with some friends. The others were transwomen as well. I got a good look at some of them. They were all decent looking, but they didn’t hold a candle to Trisha. One Saturday morning; 2:30 am to be precise; I was dragged out of a dream by someone pounding on my door.

When I finally got it open, Trisha came spilling into my arms. Spilling was the operative word, because more than likely, she didn’t spill a drop all night. I got the distinct feeling that she was feeling no pain whatsoever.

“Hi sw—eetie.” She slurred. Her breath smelled flammable. Christ, I don’t want to say that her attire was revealing, but if she was showing any more flesh, she would have been streaking. Trisha wore a micro mini skirt and knit top that plunged well below the equator. They almost met in the middle somewhere. She wrapped her arms around my neck. Her hair was now blonde.

“Baby—– I think you drank— a —- little too mooch.”

“I didn’t, but I got the feeling you did.” I half supported her weight. “Maybe we better get you home girl.” I grabbed my keys and we stumbled to her place. I helped her into her bed. She thrashed around a bit and grabbed the remote off her nightstand. Her TV lit up and showed a woman bent over and getting fucked from behind. The man was pounding away at her mercilessly. Something was flopping between her legs and a close up showed it to be a penis. WTF She had a penis? Over and over the guy pounded her until he pulled out and spewed on her back. I took the remote from Trisha and turned it off.

She managed to make it to her feet. “C–could you do m—-e a teensy, w—-eensy little favor, Ry?”

I was still stunned over what I saw on the TV. “What do you need Trisha?”

“Would y–ou be so kind as to f–uck me like that?” She leaned in. I think she wanted me to kiss her. A heartbeat later she puked all over me, fell into my arms and passed out.

We were both covered in vomit that reeked of alcohol. I half dragged, half carried her to the bathroom. Her top, miniskirt and most of her cleavage were pretty much white washed. I half ass propped her up, sitting on toilet. I thought about it and realized that I was going to strip her down. I pulled her top up. Her new tits just about spilled out of her bra. Vomit was drying her chest and her belly. I didn’t have a choice. Her bra was front clasp, so I popped it. As much as I tried not to, I had to look. Her tits were well worth the money she paid. My problem was that, even covered in vomit, between her face and everything that I could see, Trisha was very beautiful.

I wet a washcloth in warm water and washed her chest. She didn’t even stir. She was going to have one hell of a hangover in the morning. When I finished with her, I worked on myself. She did a number on both of us, but the stench was almost gone. I retrieved a nightshirt from her bedroom. I worked her arms into the shirt and pulled it over her head. I pulled her up to a standing position. Trisha’s arms fell over my shoulder. She stirred and groaned.

“Wh—o?” She moaned. Her eyes never opened.

“It’s me Trisha; Ryan.” She smiled.

“Ryan, is it really you?” She apparently talked in her sleep.

“Yes, Trisha. It’s me. We’re going to get you in bed.”

“Ryan—— Yes, please fuck me Ryan. I love you so much.” She slumped in my arms and was out cold again.

An hour later I was laying on Trisha’s couch, wondering what the hell was going on. She was sleeping peacefully in her bed. What I just found out, floored me. Trisha had to be telling what she felt. People don’t lie in their sleep. It wasn’t that long ago, she was a guy. I guess along with the overwhelming urge to be female, she also preferred men over women. Actually now that her feelings for me were out in the open, it kind of made sense why she hung around me. I really didn’t know how I felt about it. I’ve known her for a while now as both Pete and Patricia. She is my best friend. Would her feelings for me, affect me different if she were biologically female? I don’t know. She looks female, acts female and feels female. I wish I knew what I was going to do.

The next morning, Trisha was still asleep. I let myself back into my apartment. I started coffee and hit the shower. I heard a knock on the door as I finished dressing. It was Trisha. It was amazing, that even after the night she had, she still was beautiful, even holding herself up against the door jam.

“Hey, Ryan.” She looked like she needed coffee and an aspirin the size of the Empire State Building.

I nodded toward the kitchen. “Coffee?” I poured her a cup and we sat down at the table. I waited till she swallowed her pain killer. “You, okay?”

She ran a hand through her hair. “Yeah, except for this brass band practicing in the back of my head.” She took another sip from her mug. ” I remember being here last night and then I woke up in my bed in my pajamas. What happened?”

“You were blitzed Trisha. I took you home and you puked in your bed room. I cleaned you up and put you to bed.”

“Well, that explains the smell. Suppose you saw everything?”

“I had to–.”

Trisha interrupted me. “I’m not complaining. I trust you totally. You have always taken care of me Ry. I guess that you are the only one that I do trust totally. I just want to know if I said or did anything stupid.”

I smiled. “Other than beating on my door in the middle of the night, puking on me and passing out? Nothing that I could think of.” I lied. She looked relieved.

Hours later, Trisha came by before I started dinner. She looked recovered and dressed to go out. “Let a friend take you to dinner?”

I picked a place down town. Dinner was nice. Trisha chatted away and I found that I really enjoyed her company. The discomfort that I had felt before, in her presence, had completely vanished. We left and I drove us back to the Condo. It was a warm night and I suggested that we go for a walk. She quickly agreed and she put her arm in mine. We walked for half an hour or so, down a path through the woods. We sat down on a bench off the path.

“Something’s on your mind, Ryan. Care to tell me.” Had to hand it to her, she wasn’t dumb at all.

I turned to face her. “I lied to you this morning. Last night you told me that you loved me.”

“My God.” Tears formed in her eyes and she tried to turn away. I gently took her wrist and pulled her back. She wouldn’t or couldn’t look at me. I lifted her chin so she could look me in the eye.

“It’s alright Trisha. I’m not mad.” I smiled. “Actually I’m kind of flattered.”

“Ryan, I never meant for you to know that. I’ve tried so hard to keep it to myself.”

I hugged her. “Trisha, you are a decent person and a good friend. I’m sure you will find somebody nice.” Her sent was almost intoxicating.

She backed away from me. Her eyes narrowed. “I just as well as admitted that I loved you and your reaction is that you hug and comfort me?”

“I’m not a bastard, Trisha. You’re my friend.”

“That’s not what I’m saying. If you had been anybody else and a person, that use to be a guy, admitted that they loved you; you would run for the hills. In fact, you go so far as to hug me and make sure I was alright?” She smiled. “You never even hesitated.”

“Again, Trisha. You’re my friend.” Her face suddenly held a knowing look.

She leaned toward me. “Know what I think?”

Trisha was a little too close. “W–What?” I croaked.

“I think you like me Ry.”

“O–Of course I lo—like you.” But I’m not sure I liked where this was going.

“You’re backpedaling Ry. Know what I think?” She repeated. “I think you like me a lot. I caught you checking me out once and I thought I imagined it.” She placed her hand on my leg. “I didn’t, did I?”

“D—–Didn’t, w—-what Trisha?”

“You think I’m hot, don’t you?” She slid closer.

“I-I-I-I-I” Christ! I couldn’t move.

Her mouth was next to my ear. “You’ve fantasized about me.” She whispered. “You’ve dreamed of holding me and kissing me.”

“Damn it Trish.” I took hold of her shoulders.

“We’re all alone out here Ry. No one will know. Do it. I know you want to. Show me how you feel.” She was right. I wanted to so bad. With a sexy smile, she slid her arms around my neck. We were practically nose to nose. “You’ve never hesitated about anything, since I’ve known you.”

Her lips were so close. They brushed mine and pulled away. She wanted me to take the initiative. Her lips were scorching as I crushed them against mine. Fuck, me. I was cooked. I crushed her body up against mine. Damn, she felt great. Trish’s tongue snaked between my lips. After a bit, she pulled back. She looked me square in the eye.

“So how was that, Ry?” She knew she was in the catbird seat.

“It was okay.” I lied. “Nothing special.”

She laughed. “Liar. I know better.” Her hip rubbed up against my erection.

“Shit. I’m fucked.”

Trisha smiled. “Yes you are, Ry.”

We made it back to her place and I was still trying to figure out what was happening to me. She pushed me backwards on the bed. Trisha pulled her top over her head and stripped her bra off. Fuck, she was so hot! She cupped her tits and then crawled on all fours, across the bed to me. I was straddled and she pulled my head into her tits. My mouth sucked her nipples. Trisha moaned and road my hard on through my pants.

“Want me to give you a whole new meaning to the phrase blow job, Baby?”

“Shit, yes!” By now I was totally under her control. We both stripped the rest of our clothes and I was in total awe of her. Here was this perfect, beautiful woman sporting a 6 inch erect cock. Trisha straddled me again and rubbed both of our erections together. She took my hand and wrapped it around her cock. She stroked me as I stroked her. I was so fucking hard!

“Got a treat for you Ry.” Trisha crawled farther up my body. Her erection was inches from my mouth and I flinched. I thought that I was getting the blow job, not giving it. She scrapped the head of her dick across my lips. “You are going to love this Ry. Stick out your tongue.” I complied. Her cock slapped against my tongue. “Kiss it Baby.” I did.

She circled my lips with the head of her cock. “Open Ry.” I did as she said and she slid her cock into my mouth. Trisha settled into a doggy style position for the woman, unfortunately for me, I was the doggy. Her hips rocked back and forth as she fucked my mouth. “God, that feels so good Ry.” After a few moments, which seemed like hours, Trisha pulled out and slid back down. She kissed my sore mouth.

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