trans love

Special Thanks to the beautiful Mistress Joscelyn. You rock Love.


Ch 01

David really should have known better. Why would he ever agree to it? He had caught his girlfriend cheating again, called her slut and said it was over. Three days later her name popped up on caller ID. She just wanted to apologize, she said, and let him know there were no hard feelings. She also said she wanted to come over for a bit. Every nerve fiber in his body said this was a mistake. Julie has a vindictive streak a mile long.

When he woke up… that is to say, his body woke up, it was several minutes before his mind even registered where he was. Yup, it was his house. The clock showed it to be about 8 o’clock. Julie was supposed to show up at 8. But… why was it getting brighter? The sun should be starting to set.

David dragged himself to the window. The sun was on the wrong side of the house and it wasn’t setting… it was rising. He looked at the clock

again. This time he noted the AM symbol. It was morning. Somehow 12 hours had slid by, and he couldn’t remember any of those hours. Dave’s mind was trying to sort out the details and getting nowhere. Finally he stumbled into the kitchen for some coffee.

The microwave dinged and soon Dave was indulging himself with some necessary caffeine. Turning away from that side of the kitchen he saw that

there was a package on the kitchen table, wrapped in a fairly clumsy bow. A hastily scribbled note was taped to its side that said, “To David; Love Julie”. That was his final realization that something was wrong, and knowing Julie, it was likely very wrong. There was a DVD and a longer

note inside.

The note was printed, and easily matched the company printer’s default font he used at work. What it said however, made the hairs on his neck

stand straight up…


It wasn’t very nice of you to call me a slut. I took offense to it, because I was going to include you in my next ‘adventure’. I was really

looking forward to being double teamed, but you put the brakes to that. So I called in a few ‘favors’ and invited someone over last night. I wanted you to see what it was like being a slut first hand. Tell me what you think. I really thought you took it like a man.


“Oh fuck, now what have you done to screw up everyone’s life you crazy bitch?” he said to himself. Now moving quickly to get up off of the

kitchen chair, he came to the slow conclusion that his ass felt really weird. Picking up the disc, he walked into the living room, popped the

DVD into the player and sat down on the sofa. Even with a better cushion, his ass still throbbed a bit. What did she do, spank him while he was unconscious on video… what the hell?

The movie began with what appeared to be a full profile of him seated on the sofa while wearing the most ludicrous smile on his face, and only his

pants, in the way of clothes on his body. While initially embarrassing, somehow it was easier to watch if he thought of that image as just ‘the

man on-screen’.

The voice talking was Julie’s, “David, I hope you don’t mind, but I invited Jessie over.” Jessie was the tall, beautiful voluptuous brunette from accounting. The three of us worked for the same security firm and Julie was our boss. He always had the feeling that Julie got off on the power her management position afforded her. Jessie, on the other hand, was a very nice young woman, and if he and Julie hadn’t been together, he felt sure that he would have asked her out.

“I am sorry for this David.” Jessie came into view of the camera and knelt between my legs. Julie must have been on the other end of the camera.

“Jessie, do only what I’ve told you.” Julie commanded.

Jessie unzipped the man’s pants and pulled his cock out. The man on-screen didn’t seem to mind at all, in fact he moaned as she went down on him.

‘Why can’t I remember any of this?’ he asked himself. Dave saw himself lean back and get lost in the pleasure of the blowjob. Jessie worked him

over good, but whatever made Dave forget the whole incident, was also apparently keeping him from climaxing.

“Jessie has been very nice to you David,” said Julie’s off camera voice, “maybe you should reciprocate?”

“No Julie. It’s wrong.” My benefactor said.

“Jessie, Jessie, Jessie, you know what I told you!” Julie’s voice scolded, “Now do what I told you to do or else I will let everybody know exactly what you are.”

Reluctantly, Jessie rose from the floor. She reached out and pulled the man in the video forward to the edge of the sofa. As her jeans hit the floor, it looked like there was a bulge in her panties. David heard himself say ‘whoa’ when she pulled them down and an erect cock popped


“Ya see David, Jessie is transgender and has a big surprise for you. The man in the video mumbled something and the camera panned in for a close up. Her erect dick waved in front of his face.

“David?” Julie’s voice returned. “Jessie did such a great job of sucking your cock. You really MUST return the favor.” Dave watched in horror at the close up footage which showed Jessie’s erection as it was rubbed on his face.

“Now c’mon… open up and give her the same pleasure that she gave you!” The man now opened his mouth and engulfed Jessie’s dick, his eyes having glassed-over from some kind of drug induced euphoria. “Good boy David!” She chuckled. “Wow, he seems quite enthusiastic.”

David gasped as the tape showed Jessie sawing her cock in and out of the man’s mouth. He swore he heard her moan all the while witnessing himself doing a surreal sword swallowing act. “It seems my ex-boyfriend has a gift for cock sucking. Who knew?” Julie laughed.

“I hate you for this Julie,” Jessie cried, “this isn’t right… or fair to David.”

“Don’t tell me you’re not enjoying this Jess!” Julie sneered, “I’ve seen you looking at him. I know you’ve had a crush on him. And besides, Davy here seems like he’s really enjoying himself.”

It was like watching a car accident in slow motion, and he couldn’t turn away. He saw the man in the video grabbing Jessie’s ass and forcing her

cock down his throat. Jessie groaned and placed both hands behind his head and fucked his mouth, all the while Julie giggled and kept filming.

The video ran for several more minutes while Julie continued her off-screen comments, “Damn, that’s hot. Almost makes me wish that I had a

dick to stick in his ass. Speaking of which… Davy… you need to turn around now and stick that cute ass of yours the air.”

He couldn’t believe his eyes. Whatever Julie had doped him with made him very compliant. Dave saw the man in the video turn around and arch his back. “Ya see? Davy wants you to take his cherry, Jess!”

“You bitch!” Jessie spit out at her tormenter.

“Now Jessie, tch! You wouldn’t like me to arrange it so the two of you get fired from your jobs?” She said smiling like a snake. “You know I could don’t you?”

“Fuck You!” Jessie continued to curse her anger out onto Julie.

“No Jess. Fuck David.” The tears running down Jessie’s cheeks became very obvious as she turned toward the man in the video.

“I am so sorry David.” Jessie put on the condom that Julie had thrown at her from off screen and applied some lube. David could see the man

wiggling his ass, waiting for her. While watching this, a part of him began to feel like he wanted to puke. The other part was thinking something completely different. Jessie lubed the man’s ass and began pushing her index finger gently into his hole. Then one became two. He could hear the man moaning. She pulled out after getting the third finger in and stood up behind him. Again, David couldn’t tear his eyes away from the TV screen while she sank her cock, balls deep into the man’s ass; just then he suddenly felt a twinge of pain go through him.

“David, please don’t be mad at me.” Jessie cried again. It looked to Dave that the man in the image was in a world of his own. Over and over Jessie plunged, and the ‘man’ on screen moaned and groaned, while obviouslygetting off on it.

“See Jessie. Told you he would love it.” The camera angle began to move toward the sofa, as the man was being fucked. The cushions shifted as it seemed that Julie was climbing on to the back of the sofa. “You guys have me so worked up. I just have to…” From the view of the camera, Julie sat down on the back of the sofa straddling man’s face. Jessie continued to pound his ass as Julie put her hand behind his head. “Is this face taken?” she giggled as she pulled him into her pussy.

Dave stopped the DVD, staring at the frozen image, it scared him to think that he could be both partially disgusted and partially turned on. What the fuck was he thinking?


Jessie opened the door of her apartment and was stunned to see that David was standing in her hallway. She averted her eyes and he blushed while she backed away from the door to let him in. He had always thought that Jessie bore a striking resemblance to Megan Fox, from the Transformer movies.

“David, I am so….”

“Jessie,” He interrupted, “It wasn’t your fault.” He gently touched her shoulder and tried to reassure her.

She finally looked back up at him. There were tears in her eyes. “David, I wouldn’t have done that to anybody, especially you. That bitch was going to fire the both of us, if I hadn’t…….”

“I know Jessie.” He continued to softly rub her shoulder. Almost like static attraction, the two edged toward one another and embraced, while

Jessie sniffed again.

“I really like you David,” she hesitated, “but I’m… I’m a trans woman.”

“I kind of figured that out Jess.” Smiling, he pulled back, while still holding on to her.

“You don’t think I am a freak?”

“Actually Jessie, I think you’re quite beautiful.”

“I… David please… please tell me I didn’t hurt you?”

Smiling broadly, he replied “I’m fine Jessie and I know that you wouldn’t purposefully have hurt me.” But the silence that followed was awkward with the two looking at each other’s eyes. David finally spoke up.

“Julie left me a memento of the ‘Encounter’. Did you see it?”

Averting her eyes, she said, “She sent me one as well. The bitch is really rubbing it in.”

“Have you watched any of it?” David saw that she blushed deeply as he asked. Jessie sat on the sofa and picked up the remote, while he also sat

down, a few feet away from her.

The scene was near the beginning of the DVD where Jessie was blowing David. He groaned a bit as the close up showed her tonguing David’s cock. She slowly took it into her mouth. When she withdrew, Jessie’s lips would tightly hug his dick, creating an agonizingly pleasurable suction.

Sometimes Jessie would let the head slip out of her mouth with a slight, audible pop. Then engulf him again, burying her nose in his pubic hair.

Sitting on the sofa, David watched with rapt attention as his mouth started to dry. He glanced over at Jessie and was stunned to see the lustful look in her eye as she watched with the same intensity as he did. David glanced back to the screen as his video counterpart was edged

forward on the sofa. The Jessie image stood as both her jeans and then panties, hit the floor. He gasped when his image sucked down her erection and felt his own cock harden as if it had a mind of its own.

Julie was giggling and talking off camera as David’s hand lowered to his own crotch, giving it a rub. He was so hard. He couldn’t believe that he

was so turned on by the image of him sucking Jessie’s erect member. Jessie shifted slightly on the sofa next to him and broke his concentration. When he turned toward her, her eyes locked with his.

Pure lust seemed to exude from her body as he realized that she had her cock out and was stroking herself. She slid up next to him and caressed the back of his neck as she whispered in his ear. “Would you like me to suck your cock, David?”

Problem was, old Dave wasn’t in control at the moment, and as a matter of fact he barely had enough blood in his head to continue breathing, so no decisions were forthcoming at all. ‘Sorry, Dave is not in at the moment, but if you want to leave a message, he will return your call.’

Jessie took this as a yes and continued to whisper as she licked his ear and rubbed his crotch. “But there is a condition. You have to suck my cock as well, Baby.” And yet again, no blood in the brain. Jessie smiled, rose up and pulled a rather stunned, but willing Dave to his feet. Soon his pants and briefs joined Jessie’s on the floor. She stroked him as her tongue probed his mouth. She slid to her knees, her eyes still locked on his. Her hands dropped to her sides, and Dave’s cock brushed her lips as she said, “I’ve wanted to do this since I met you. This is going to be much more fun with you not drugged out!” Her pink tongue slithered out and caressed the underside of his cock. Jessie smiled and opened her mouth, just enough and leaned forward. Dave’s cock was slowly enveloped much like a snake swallowing an egg. Her eyes seemed to sparkle and never left his. He could see the pure pleasure in her eyes as she could see it in his. He watched as she continued to assault,in ecstasy, his erection. Before the end he found himself pulling her to her feet and kissing her.

Jessie now gently reached down and took Dave’s hand. She wrapped his fingers around her erection and then she grasped his. The two of them kissed hungrily as they stroked one another.

“What do you say we get more comfortable?” She whispered in his ear and quickly followed it with the hot touch of her tongue. This sent a shiver of pure lust down old Dave’s spine. She backed off about four feet, all the while undoing the buttons on her blouse, in a very provocative manner. The garment landed at her feet and she reached behind her and undid the hooks on her red, scallop topped bra.

Dave let out an audible gasp as he saw that which he had fantasized so much about at work. Jessie’s breasts were simply magnificent, with C toD

proportions and large, light brown areolas. She cupped herself as he all but drooled on the floor,then while rolling her hips with her semi erect member wriggling back and forth, Dave found he was completely mesmerized by the Goddess that stood before him. He could never remember, ever being this aroused. He was completely enraptured by the vision before him and the slight fact that she had a dick only made him so very much harder.

“I’ll be in the bedroom David… just in case you need… anything.” Jessie gave him a saucy wink and strolled to a room down the hall. David

watched her ass as it swayed back and forth. He heard her call from the hallway. “Better get it while it’s hot, Davey.” That is all that was

needed to break the trance he was under. Off came his shirt and socks and he headed for the bedroom. What he found there completely blew his mind and he stopped short. Jessie; the drop dead gorgeous woman of his dreams reposed on the bed leaning against the headboard. Her eyes were half closed, in ecstasy as she stroked her hard cock, oh so slowly.

“I was getting lonely Baby. Now be a good boy, come over here and suck Mamma’s Cock.” David knelt at the foot of the bed as he sized up his

objective. The head of the seven inch erection beckoned to him as he eagerly crawled forward.

Jessie continued to stroke herself as she could now feel David’s hot breath on her. She sighed and brushed her finger across the pre-cum that

oozed from the head. With a gleam in her eye, she traced her cum laced finger over David’s lips and slid it into his mouth upon invitation. She

gently moved her finger in a circle, coaxing his mouth open even further. Once she was satisfied with the aperture, she brushed her cock across his

lips as well. Circling his mouth once, she then slid her other hand behind David’s head, pointing her cock at his open mouth. He was pulled forward and slowly the head slipped between his lips. Jessie sighed as his tongue lavished her shaft.

Dave couldn’t believe how great her cock felt in his mouth. She tasted so clean and the head was so soft and yielding to his tongue. Her moans

spurred him on and he took her deeper and deeper. He gagged and backed off, saliva stringing from her cock, still clung to his lips. He swallowed her again,forcing more and more of her tasty deliciousness down his throat. This time it was easier. He took more before gagging. He retreated again, glancing up at her. Jessie’s eyes were round with amazement. She was on sensory overload as David pulled off her dick. He was determined not to gag this time and she was engulfed again.

Jessie squirmed a bit watching David deep-throating her. It was true, she had a real thing for her coworker, but seeing him so eagerly blowing her was a fantasy come true. He pulled back and smiled saying, “You liking this Jess?”

“Fuck yeah Baby. You look so hot sucking me, but if you keep it up honey you’ll get a big surprise.” David smirked. “I’m willing to take my

chances, Doll.” He couldn’t believe how erotic this was. If anybody had asked him before to suck their cock he would have probably punched them. But Jessie was so sweet and beautiful, he couldn’t help himself. His ideas of what made up gender were rapidly changing.

“Such a sweet Baby. But Davey shouldn’t talk with his mouth full.” Jessie giggled and cupped her hand behind his head and forced her dick back down his throat. Dave felt both of her hands on his head. Jessie’s hips started rocking forward. Her cock swelled and soon it was pumping her creamy goodness down his throat.

After a bit David settled down on the bed next to the beautiful brunette. “Was that okay Baby? I did warn you.” He kissed her hard as he was still

amazed that he was so aroused.

Dave shook his head. “I don’t know why, but I thought that was so hot! I mean ….Wow!” She smiled and kissed him again. She then reached down to stroke his cock.

“Does handsome Davy need his ashes hauled? Cause I really need to be fucked good. Think you could do that for me, with that big cock of yours?”

Dave’s face lit up. “Aww, it would be my pleasure Jessie.” She slid into his arms as they kissed again.

“Lay down Baby and let me get you ready.” she purred. David complied and Jessie retrieved a condom from her night stand. She sucked on him and put the lubed condom on his erection. Jessie lifted her leg up over his form to straddle him.

“I have used vibrators on myself but never had a real lover before. I was hoping you’d be my first.” David held his erection as Jessie slowly

enveloped it in her ass. Slowly she sank as her eyes widened and then half closed in ecstasy.

It blew David’s mind that his cock was disappearing into this beautiful creature. He witnessed the change of expressions on Jessie’s face as she sank lower and lower. Finally bottomed out, her expression returning more to normal.

“My God Baby that is some impressive stick you’ve got there.” A sexy smile crept across her face. “And Momma likes.” Jessie rode David, in a modified cowgirl position. “Baby, you don’t know how many times I fanaticized and jerked off to this scene. It got me through many a lonely and sleepless night.”

Old Davey was doing his best to listen and not cum too quickly. It was a battle he was losing rapidly. Jessie all but seized up. She fell forward holding his wrists on the mattress.

“Look me in the eye Darling. I want to see your b—-eautiful eyes when I c———um.”

Jessie groaned and Dave felt the splashing of her on his face. That’s when he lost it. He thrust himself upward trying to bury himself deeper and deeper. As Jessie was coming off of her orgasm, his was just starting. After he finished spurting into her, she collapsed on top of him.

Jessie rolled off David and slid into his arms. They kissed as lovers, laying in the early afternoon light. Time stood still for the two as they gave themselves to each other freely.

I was laying there in the dark with beautiful Lauren spooned up against me. It wasn’t exactly a first, but this time I was acutely aware that I may have bit off a little more than I could chew. I had fallen in love with this beautiful creature and she professed to love me as well. ‘What is wrong with this?’ you may ask. Well, Lauren use to be a guy and she still has a cock. It took me a while to get my mind wrapped around that concept, but all things being equal, in the end, even that didn’t matter to me. What did matter to me was while we were engaged in our initial love making, I got a glimpse of how aggressive Lauren really was. Now don’t get me wrong, an aggressive woman might have the possibility of being a dream come true. But when you add the factor of her having a cock, the dynamics change dramatically.

Just before Lauren drifted off to sleep she told me again how much of a turn on it was having a cock buried in ‘your’ ass. She didn’t say her; she said ‘your’. To me that implies that I should try it, and with her having a dick of her own, she could definitely arrange it. Point being, I wasn’t sure that I wanted that to take that step. This doesn’t mean that I am homophobic at all, quite the contrary. I believe that there is room enough in this world for all types of people and that every body is of value. I believe that if we were all alike, this would be a very dull existence. That being said, I still wasn’t sure that I wanted Lauren to ‘have her way with me’. Anyway this is what I was pondering when the Sandman finally claimed me.

The next morning I awoke to the aroma of cooking bacon and coffee. It lured me out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Lauren, who was busy with her task had one of my t-shirts on her lovely body.

“Hi handsome. I was going to surprise you with breakfast in bed.” I took her image in and realized that she was still the beautiful, warm woman that I spent the night with. She slipped into my outstretched arms and her kiss still had the effect of rousing the horny in me. Maybe I was just being paranoid about the misgivings I felt. I shook it off and let her touch and her sent wash over me.

“Mmm, that was nice Rick.”

“Only nice?” I asked with a grin.

Her eyes sparkled. “I guess I deserved that.” She giggled.

The phone rang. After a moment I returned to her arms. “Got to go baby. The rental over on Palatial drive lost the AC last night. It’s going to be another hot one today, so I have to fix it or replace it before my tenant ends up sautéed.”

Lauren pouted, “Damn. I had our morning all planned out Rick and it was clothing optional.”

“Planned on washing you car in the front yard?” I teased.

“Don’t you wish, Handsome.” We kissed again. “Hurry back lover. I’ve got something I want you to try on for size.”

“You mean a like a new shirt?” I hoped.

“Not exactly, Baby.” Her sexy smile wasn’t exactly reassuring. “Let’s just say that it will be a custom fit.” She giggled.

‘Oh Lord.’ I thought.


The air conditioner turned out to be a simple fix. A Freon line had cracked and the coolant had leaked out. I replaced the line and recharged the system. The whole process took under an hour and my tenants were grateful.

Now my thoughts turned back to Lauren. Were her final remarks hinting at what I thought they were? And if they were, am I just being; please pardon the expression, a pussy? I love her and trust her. So what was I afraid of? Our sex last night was the best I ever had, even if she was demanding. Shit, even with a cock she is still the sexiest woman I know. I guess, more than anything, I am afraid of what I would think of myself, afterwards. Hell, I’m not what you would call a Macho man to begin with. Part of me wants to run with it and the other part wants me to run away. I guess we will just have to wait and see.


It was a little past noon when I finally returned home. I stopped by the butcher’s and picked up some steak and ribs that were on sale. I entered the house, picked up my mail and threw my packages in the fridge. My side was empty so I assumed that Lauren must have returned to her side of the duplex. I knocked on her door, but she didn’t answer, even though her car was still in the drive. ‘Maybe I had better see if she is okay’ I thought.

Upon entering I heard groaning that seemed to come from the bedroom. I thought that maybe she hurt herself. Upon peaking into the room I was stunned by what I saw. Lauren was laying on her bed, stark naked and had her hand wrapped around her cock. I felt so ashamed when I realized that I invaded her privacy. But there were other groans as well. The TV was on and there was this woman who had a guy bent over in front of her. Upon seeing a close up, I saw that she, not only had him bent over, but she too had a dick and was fucking the shit out of him. This must be transsexual porn. From a reflection in the mirror I could tell she was completely caught up in the moment. But what put the final nail in the coffin were the words she was moaning.

“That’s it Ricky. That’s what momma likes. Your ass is so tight. I know you like my cock in your ass.” All the while, she kept stroking herself. I was so fucking confused. My brain told me to run, but my other ‘head’ kept me rooted there. I finally tore myself away. I turned to back out, unnoticed.

“You just going to leave me here like this Baby?”

Fuck! In my discovery at seeing Lauren masturbate in the mirror, I failed to realize that she could see me as well. “I-I-I wasn’t s-s-spying on you L-L-Lauren.”

She rose from the bed, but made no pretext of covering up. Her sexy posture gave the illusion that she was some kind of jungle cat, stalking her prey. Unfortunately for me it seemed I was tonight’s entrée. “No, you were just,” She paused, dramatically , ” worried about me, Rick.” She slowly glided forward, her ass swaying sexily, her obvious erection leading the way.

Try as I may, I couldn’t move. I locked eyes with her and the sexual hunger in them, almost left me speechless. “L-L-Lauren. M-M-Maybe I should l-l-l-leave.”

“Please don’t go Rick. I’m watching a movie and we could watch it together.” I still couldn’t move. She slid her arms around my body, her lips brushed mine. This time the tip of her tongue teased my lips.

I heard the man in the movie yell. “Harder! Fuck me harder.”

Lauren’s erection nudged my leg as her tongue slithered it’s way into my mouth. I was really trying not to be aroused and failing miserably at it. As close to me as she was, she knew it also. She pulled back and our eyes locked again. She took hold of my hand and I knew what was going to happen. I sharply inhaled as my hand found it’s way around her erection. Her eyes half closed as she manipulated me. Her hand guided mine and I began to stroke her.

She leaned in and her tongue grazed my ear. “I think the two of you need to get better acquainted.” She decided in a low, throaty whisper. She lead me to me to her bed, while I continued to stroke her of my own volition. She groaned as she pushed me down and straddled my legs. Her fingers undid the buckle on my belt and soon she was pulling my pants and briefs off.

I pulled my hand away from her cock. “Did I tell you to stop, Darling?”

“N-N-N-o.” I squeaked.

“No matter, Baby. Let’s get rid of this.” Off came my t-shirt and I was naked.

She straddled me again and this time our cocks were lined up and Lauren stroked them together with one hand, rolling her hips. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, but more than that, I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. My only saving grace was the fact that our erections were both similar in size. She took my hand and soon it replaced hers on our erections. She arched backwards as I continued to stroke the two of us together. Her hips rocked and she was lost in the moment.

From a tube on the nightstand Lauren lubed me up. In the next moment her ass completely enveloped my hard cock. She reached for my hands and her fingers interlaced with mine. This beautiful creature rocked on top of me. It was slow at first, nice and easy. But the build up was quick and soon she was slamming her ass down on me. She started to yell and let go of my hand. She quickly raised off me and before I knew it, she was shoving herself into my mouth.

I was caught flatfooted as cum gushed into my mouth and down my throat. I don’t know how I kept from gagging. Her breath was ragged as I did my best not to choke. She finally pulled out of my mouth and slid down to kiss me, her tongue searched for remnants of the cum I didn’t swallow.

“That was so hot Baby.” She finally breathed. Her hand found my cock again. It had been erect the whole time. “Don’t worry Baby. I haven’t forgotten. She stroked me, staring intently at the head of my dick. Her eyes locked on mine again. “When you cum Baby, I’m going to share it with you.” She aimed me into her open mouth.

I was pretty sure that I had already reached my minimum daily requirement of cum for the day, but there was no stopping her. I then proceeded to erupt in probably the biggest orgasm of my life. My vision swam as my cock finally finished pumping it’s load onto her willing tongue. Her mouth sought mine and for the second time cum was forced into my mouth. Her tongue followed and we parried in a fleshy sword fight till there was nothing left.

Lauren spilled into my arms, turned away and spooned up against me. “I love you Rick.” She reached for my hand and interlaced our fingers again. “Lets take a nap and maybe we can play some more this evening.”

Even though I was swimming in and out of consciousness, I heard myself say. “I love you too Lauren.”


The doorbell rang and since Lauren was in the shower, I answered it. My ex girlfriend Tina stood at the door. Oddly enough, in this heat wave, she was wearing a large, bulky coat. She brushed passed me and stood in the center of the room, hands on her hips.

“Where is she, Rick?”

“Where is who, Tina?”

She raised her hands in front of her and formed imaginary quotation marks with her fingers. “Your ‘girl’ friend Rick, that’s who!”

“She’s in the shower Tina, why do you want her?”

She rolled her eyes and pulled open her coat. “To make her answer for this.” I choked and just about swallowed my tongue. There was no doubt in my mind. Tina looked to be about 8 and a half months pregnant.

She was huge! My mind was reeling. “W-W-Who’s the father Tina?”

“Who’s the father? It’s your girlfriend, you dweeb. She came over last night and knocked me up.”

“Last night?” I spit. “How in the hell did—-?” The doorbell interrupted me. I turned to see Steve, Lauren’s ex-boyfriend on the porch. I let him in and stayed back remembering our last encounter. He too wore a bulky coat.

“Where’s Lauren?” He bellowed.

“What do you want her for?” First Julie and then this moron. I was starting to get pissed.

He tore open his coat. “Because she did this to me!” Fucking Hell. Steve was pregnant.

This couldn’t be. It didn’t make any sense. I heard laughing and saw that both Steve and Tina were each pointing a finger at me. I couldn’t figure out what they were laughing at. Was there something on my face? I looked in the cheval mirror in the corner of the living room. I started to tremble. My mirror image revealed the fact that I too, was pregnant. I yelled….

I lurched up from the bed in a shivering, cold sweat. My mouth was dry and I groped at my stomach. I could not feel or see the distension of pregnancy.

“Thank God!” I prayed out loud. It was still daylight, but Lauren was gone. There was a note on the bed.


You looked so peaceful sleeping there I didn’t want to wake you up. I thought I would buy you dinner as a surprise. Be back soon.

Love Lauren

I hauled myself out of bed and tried to rub the sleep out of my eyes. “What a fucking nightmare.” I vocalized.

I headed back to my side of the duplex, still shaken by the awful dream. I yanked a beer out of my fridge and sucked it down. I grabbed another and this one followed the first. The alcohol had it’s desired effect and I headed for my shower. I let the warm water cascade over me as I thought about Lauren. This was not the direction I thought this relationship was going to go. When I first started falling for Lauren, I couldn’t even conceive of being on the receiving end. But come to think of it, it wasn’t really fair to her either. I guess I had to figure out if I loved her enough to give her the same pleasure that she has been giving me. “You know what you have to do cowboy.” I said to no one in particular.

I was just finished dressing when the doorbell chimed. ‘Lauren must have her hands full’ I thought. I went to the door and froze. I was definitely starting getting some serious flashbacks. Fuck; it was Steve. What the Hell? I know it sounds dumb, but after that dream, I snuck a glance down and was relieved there was no tell tail bulge in his stomach.

“Rick, before you slam the door, I wanted to apologize for what I did to you and Lauren. Is she here?”

“She’s expected back anytime now.” I replied cowering a bit, like an abused dog.

His demeanor was much different than the last time I saw him. He stood there with his ball cap in his hands an I got the strange feeling he was about to recite some Hail Mary’s and vow to do some acts of contrition. “Please Rick.” Against my better judgment, I let him in.

“Want a beer Steve?” I asked without thinking.

“No. I swore off that stuff. I think that’s why I acted like a bastard that night. I was half in the bag. This has been eating me up Rick. I haven’t slept well for weeks. I don’t usually do what I did.” He sat down with me at the table. ” I only pushed Lauren down, I didn’t hit her but when I saw you coming at me, my training kicked in. I am sorry.”

“Don’t worry Steve, I understand.” I really didn’t, but he did seem sincere. I stuck out my hand. “Apology accepted.” He took the proffered hand with an expression of deep relief. “Can I ask you a question? I know that you and Lauren had sex. I wanted to…..”

He turned a bit pink and interrupted me. “I will only tell you this because I owe you. But please keep it to yourself.” I nodded. “We met on the internet. I have had a ‘thing’ for she males for a while. I struck up a friendship with Lauren. When she told me that she was desperate to move and have a new start, I offered to have her move in with me. I now realize I took advantage of her because I didn’t really love her. I guess I was too caught up in the fantasy. Things were great at first and we…” He averted his eyes. ” we fucked like bunnies. Then I came to the realization of what would happen if my army buddies were to find out. Some of them are real homophobes. This got me started drinking pretty heavily. That is why I was such an asshole to her. The rest is pretty easy to figure out.”

I just had to know. “Did she ever.. you know…” I rocked forward in my seat a few times. “You?”

Steve really turned red this time. “Like I said.” He spoke much softer. ” this can’t leave this table. Yes she has fucked me a few times.”

“But did you like….?”

“I liked it” he snapped and then relaxed a bit. “It was part of the fantasy. Have you and her….?”

“No, but I am pretty sure she wants to.” I admitted. It was my turn to blush.

“If it is any consolation, Rick. She is really gentle. I liked that about her.” He rose from the chair. “Look, I just want Lauren to be happy. God knows, I held her back for a while. Take care of her Rick; she deserves it.” We shook hands again. “I hoped that this helps.”

“Strangely enough, it does Steve. More than you realize.” The front door opened and Lauren entered with sacks from a local Asian restaurant. She looked anything but pleased at her ex-boyfriend’s presence. I hugged her, whispered that it was okay. I took the bags and put them on the counter while the two of them talked in private.


“Who could have guess that he could be so nice?” Lauren and I finished our dinner and were enjoying some ice tea on the picnic table. A cold front brought in some cooler air and it was quite tolerable outside.

“Lauren we need to talk.” A look of concern crept onto her face. “It’s not bad Baby. Don’t worry.”

She seemed relieved. “What is it Rick?”

“Lauren, I have been apprehensive since we made love the first night. I was afraid that you wanted more from me than to just ….fuck.. your beautiful ass. I got the impression that you might want to …..reciprocate.”

She lowered her gaze a bit. “Baby, I am sorry. I don’t really want the surgery. I like the way I am.” There were tears in her lovely blue eyes. “But I also don’t want you to do anything that you are uncomfortable with. I could never do that to you.”

I smiled. “That’s what I am trying to tell you.” I closed the distance between us and took her in my arms. “I am okay with it. True; it disturbed me at first, but then I realized how much I loved you and how we could work out anything, even my silly…. problems.”

Her eyes turned glassy again. “You mean…..?” I kissed her tenderly and then put her hand on my growing erection. “My, what do we have here?” She giggled.

“Nurse Lauren. I seem to have this swelling. I think I need your ‘nursing’ skills.” I wiggled my eyebrows like Groucho Marx.

“Well, now. I seem to have a similar problem.” She put my hand on her erection.

“Hmmm. Do you think we can give each other a hand?” I grinned.

“And maybe a mouth too my love.” She smiled and we kissed. Lauren slid out of my arms and sashayed to the bedroom, stripping off her clothes, as she went. She turned back to me as her bra hit the floor. “Coming my love, or do you need a written invite?”

Well, there were no flies on me. I stripped off my clothes in nothing flat, as I watched her perfect ass wiggle down the hall. By the time she reached the bedroom she was completely naked. Lauren looked back over her shoulder and gave me a saucy wink. When I approached her she turned around and melted into my arms.

Her kiss was so hot. It felt like she might suck the life out of me and at this point, I didn’t care. Our erections rubbed together. “I think somebody is happy to see me.” She giggled. We kissed.

We slipped into bed never breaking our kiss. I rolled Lauren on top of me. She straddled my body as her hands held my wrists to the mattress. I drank in the site before me. My gaze traveled up from her breasts to her face. I became aware of each freckle on her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. I smiled.

“What, Baby?” Her eyes narrowed with the question.

“Just taking in the sights.” I shook my head. “How is it that you are so beautiful and that I’m so lucky?”

“I’m the lucky one Rick. I never thought that I would find somebody as wonderful as you.”

“I’m not wonderful Lauren. I snore terribly if I don’t sleep on my si—–.”

“Shhhhhhhh, my love. Less talking; more kissing.” She interrupted. Her mouth found mine while her hand found my erection. Lauren pulled back and smiled saucily. “What do we have here?”

I was already reaching for her. “Probably the same thing that I have here.”

“Hmmm. I’m beginning to like this side of you, Baby.”

“Then you’ll like this even more.” I slid down the bed till her erection was right in front of my face. I made sure it was at an angle so she could see what I was doing. I licked the underside of the head of her cock.

Lauren groaned. “Baby, that feels so good.” I licked some more. “You are so naughty Rick.”

I partially lifted her up and slid underneath. I turned around so we were in a semi 69. She squeaked when I inhaled her member. Lauren lifted up and I placed my hands on her ass. She rolled her hips slowly and pumped in and out of my mouth.

Author’s note: I borrowed and paraphrased a few lines from the introduction of the song Rhiannon: by Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. I had only heard this intro once, but I thought it was beautiful. The rest of the story is mine. Hope you enjoy.


It all started innocently enough. I was writing a final paper for psychology. My thesis was made up of articles on different unusual human behaviors, as it related to interpersonal relationships. I had already completed articles on polygamy, incest, bondage and fetishism. I wasn’t going to even touch bestiality or necrophilia. These, in my opinion were just too extreme. A few decades ago homosexuality would have qualified for my research; but it has since become too main stream. Besides, although I consider myself ‘straight’; I am a ‘live and let live’ kind of guy. I still felt that I needed one more subject for my thesis. I thought about voyeurism; but anybody that glanced at pornography was considered a voyeur. Role playing with costumes or group sex seemed too mundane as well. That’s when my professor suggested Transexuallity. I thought about it. I was of the opinion that this fell in with homosexuality, but she assured me that it was completely different. Ok then, I had my topic. Now for the research. Professor Hargrove gave me the phone number of a psychologist that specialized in Transsexuals. I made an appointment to see her.


“Dr. Fielding. My name is Richard Thomson and I am doing a thesis on unusual human behaviors and interpersonal relationships.” I shook her hand. The 40 something doctor asked me to sit down.

“Professor Hargrove is a friend of mine and already informed me of your thesis, Mr. Thompson. But before we continue, I want to clarify something for you. Transgenderism and Transexualism are not unusual behaviors. All of your previous articles dealt with behaviors that were sexual in nature; but they all are by choice. Transgenders and transsexuals are a mind set and therefore are not a choice. These people, for some reason or another; and they are legitimate reasons, feel that they were born into the wrong body.”

“So you are saying that these people have no control over their actions?”

“No sir. They do have control over their actions, just not over their feelings. Some choose to ignore the matter and live a life that they feel will allow them to blend in to society. Others choose to transition to the gender they feel more comfortable with. Those that change their appearance to the ‘other’ sex, can do as little as dress the part, or they can alter their bodies through surgery.

“That sounds a bit extreme, professor.”

“Not as extreme as you might think. Imagine that you are missing a limb, because of an accident. Do you learn to get along without it, or do you take further measures?”

“I would probably get surgery and a prosthesis.”

“Do you think that this would take courage Mr. Thompson?”

“I am sure it would, Professor. But what is your point?”

“What are you, 25 or 26?”

“Twenty six, but I still don’t see your point.”

“Ok. Say you were in your 50s and found that you had developed ‘man boobs’, for lack of a better term. Would you get a mastectomy?”

“Uh—I guess I would. But I still—.”

“You would alter your body to what fit your comfort zone.” She interrupted. “Many transsexuals do the same thing. Some of them not only change their outward appearance, but also get GRS; genital reconstructive surgery.”


“Ouch, indeed Mr. Thompson. But this is what they feel is necessary to fit into the ideal picture of themselves. Others just change their outward appearance, retaining their original ‘equipment’. Transgenders and transsexuals can be gay, straight or bisexual, depending on the preference of the individual.”

“I guess I never realized how complicated this subject was Professor.”

“I asked you before, if changing your body took courage. Imagine how much courage it would take to not only change your body; but your sexual preference as well. It has a tremendous impact on family, friends and employment. To do this takes commitment. That is why we, as psychologists need to weed out those that use it as a fad, or just want to escape their present lives. This is serious business, Mr. Thompson, and not to be taken lightly.”

“I think I am beginning to see the picture. Please pardon my ignorance.”

“No pardon necessary. I am here to educate as well as listen. Can you still use this as a topic for your paper?”

I nodded. “I think I can make it work.”

“Good, I have a list of interview candidates for you continued research. These are transsexuals that would be willing to give you some insight to their lives and everyday struggles.”

“Do you really think that is necessary Professor? I could just get the information from you or you staff.”

“Mr. Thompson; I have a saying for times like this. ‘You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.”

I thanked her and took the paper. The list consisted of first names only and one phone number, that turned out to be a message service. The individuals would have to phone me back for interviews, at their discretion.


My first callback was from David; a transman that lived in the city. We met at a restaurant close by. I wouldn’t have known by his appearance, that he use to be female. We found a secluded table and taped our conversation. He was very helpful and I gained even more insight to the trans world. He was awaiting the GSR operation and was still saving up for it.

My next two callbacks were no shows. In a way I couldn’t blame them. This interview process would be like ‘lifting up the lid’ on their stealth lifestyles. The next callback was a message. I was to meet Danni at a local Barnes and Nobel bookstore, coffee shop. I arrived early for the appointment and decided to get something fancier than a cup of Joe.

“What can I get you?” The counter person was a doll! Dishwater blonde, Five ft six and about 140 lbs. She was just heavy enough to have some really nice curves. I didn’t get into anorexic model types. At six foot, broad shouldered and 230 lbs, I didn’t want to explain to some CSI tech, how I accidentally crushed my date, during an amorous moment. The tag on her apron showed Lisa as her name.

“Lisa. I want something other than coffee.”

She smiled. “That doesn’t narrow it down much.”

“Maybe something hot and sweet.”

“I’m available.” she quipped.

I reddened slightly. “I —was thinking about something to drink.”

“I’m sorry.” She laughed “I couldn’t help myself. Do you like chocolate?”

“Yes, I do.”

“We have Cappuccino or Mocha Latte.” Her smile was infectious.

I looked into her exquisite, blue eyes. “Surprise me Beautiful.” I thought I would flirt back a bit and hope I didn’t sound like a complete moron.

“Have a seat handsome and I’ll bring it out to you.”

She turn around to fix my drink and I finally got a chance to check out her ass. Certainly worked for me. Not too big; not too small. Unfortunately while I was playing Goldilocks, I didn’t watch were I was going and rammed my groin into the post that held up the ropes that formed the line. My eyes started tearing up. ‘Christ I’m smooth!’ I thought. I found a seat and sat down gingerly. I just hoped I wouldn’t wind up on a future episode of America’s Funniest Videos.

Lisa brought out my drink and set it down. There was a mischievous sparkle in her eye. “You know, if that post continues to give you trouble, I can have him thrown out.”

“So much for that going unnoticed.”

“I think I’ll give you a 8.8 for degree of difficulty. After all, you did stick the dismount.”

I was really beginning to like her. “Trained all summer for it.” I confessed. She giggled and told me to enjoy.

Forty minutes later and my appointment failed to show, making her a half hour late. I was about to get up and leave when Lisa returned without her apron, carrying two mugs this time.

“On the house.” She sat across from me without an invite. Hmm, maybe I could wrangle a phone number from her.

“It’s my break. You must be waiting for someone.” When I showed puzzlement, she explained. “You don’t have a book and you keep looking around.”

“The person I was going to meet is late.”

“As handsome as you are, it must be a woman, and I think she is really being rude.” She took a sip from her cup.

I blushed a bit at the remark. “I am sure she had her reasons. We hadn’t met before and maybe she thought I wasn’t worth her time.”

“Then she was rude and blind!”

“I am sure that wasn’t the case. Sometimes it’s hard to talk to strangers.”

“You are certainly being lenient to someone you never met.”

I shrugged. “At least I got a chance to meet you Lisa.”

“Actually my name is Danni.” It was her turn to blush. “My friend Lisa works here and she let me borrow her apron. Sorry, but I have been burned a few times. I had to make sure you weren’t an axe murderer or a nut job.”

I did some backpedaling. “You’re my appointment?”

“Sorry.” She repeated. “If you don’t want to do this, I will understand.”

“It’s me that should be sorry. I didn’t expect—.”

“Somebody that didn’t look like Joe Pesci in a wig and dress.” She interrupted, finishing my question.

Her smile seemed to make her glow. “Something like that.” I returned.

I swore we only talked for a little while, but in reality my watch confirmed it was hours. I started the interview, but it seemed like I was more interested in her than her transition. Danni’s birth name was Douglas and she was the youngest of three brothers, living in Idaho. Like with David; my previous interview, she never felt ‘right’ being the gender she was. Danni confessed to buying bootleg hormones after doing massive research about transsexuals on the internet. She started buying feminine clothing, but her Dad found her stash. After she confessed, he kicked her out of the house. Fortunately her Aunt on her mother’s side, took her in and she started counseling and testosterone blockers.

Because she now lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, Danni went full time and said goodbye to Doug forever. Her Aunt Margo had a very successful ‘in home’ catering business and Danni found she fit right in. Margo was an excellent cook and taught her ‘niece’ all the tricks of the trade. They would prepare wonderful meals and deliver them frozen to clientele. Some people were just too busy to cook and the ‘Devine Sister’s’ catering business filled in the niche.

Danni endured electrolysis, and had breast implants, put in. She forgot about going stealth, because she was so beautiful, nobody figured out she wasn’t female by birth. Life was good and the two built up the business. Danni’s only problem was that she was lonely.

“I found out that I liked guys. You can’t believe how many male butts I check out everyday. I want to date, but–.” She averted her eyes. ” I told one guy my secret and he beat the crap out of me.”

I winced. I couldn’t even imagine anybody wanting to hurt her. “From a male perspective; I summarily apologize for my gender.”

Danni laid her hand on mine. “That’s very sweet Rick.”

My stomach flipped a little, but it was a good flip. There was nothing about this girl that was masculine. It was getting toward dinner time and I hadn’t asked her half of the questions that I wanted.

“I don’t have all of the data I need Danni. Could you stay for a while longer?”

“If you buy me dinner, I might think about it.” She replied coyly.


We ate at the Spaghetti Factory in the Trolley Square mall. The lasagna there was to die for. Two more hours past and we never got back to the interview. She had told me so much about herself, that she insisted that I reciprocate. I told her that I grew up in SLC and went to Skyline HS. I worked as a substance abuse councilor and was finishing my psychology degree at University of Utah. Once I completed my college; a position was waiting for me at the same substance abuse clinic, with a healthy raise to boot.

“So your future is pretty certain then.” Danni stated. “Is this something that your girlfriend approves of?”

“I’m —not attached Danni. My work and school, take up most of my time for now. I hope to one day get married.”

“Cold Utah nights are best when you can cuddle up to someone and your dog doesn’t count.” She brushed her hand over my sleeve and a few stray hairs fell off.

“Samantha is a Sheltie- cocker mix and she tends to be a bit jealous of some of the women I bring home.” I showed her the picture on my phone.

“She’s adorable Rick. Do you bring many women home?”

“Hey, who’s interviewing who here?”

“Sorry.” She laughed. Then looked at her watch. “It’s getting late, Margo is going to worry. Are we done with the interview?”

I was taken aback by the lateness of the hour. I was nowhere near done, but I felt like I had already taken too much of her time. “I think—.”

“Can you be ready at 8 am?” She interrupted. “I’m going on a short hike and Margo already thinks I spend too much time in the mountains by myself.”

“S–sure Danni. I guess so. Yeah, that sounds great!” I gave her my address and took her back to her car at the bookstore.

“In the morning Rick.”

“In the Morning Danni.”


My cell phone buzzed at 7:30. “Rick’ could you drive? Your jeep would probably fare better in the mountains, than my VW.” Danni gave her address and I was there by 8am easy. When I got to the front door , Danni was waiting on the porch. She wore jeans, a flannel shirt, a down vest and hiking boots. Her hair was in a pony tail and pulled through the back of her ball cap. I wondered if she knew that I thought that was very sexy on a woman?

“Ready Bucko?” Her smile was soothing, like shade on a hot day.

“Packed a canteen. That OK?”

“Hope it’s not filled with booze. I don’t want you taking advantage of me.” I stood there, dumbfounded. She giggled. “Just kidding Ricky boy. You gotta lighten up.”

“No Danni; I have to wake up. Can we stop for coffee?”

“If we must.” Her expression turned to a pout. “Margo wants to meet you, is that alright?” Damn! She was so cute when she pouted.

We popped inside and Danni introduced us. Margo was in her 50s and seemed nice, but when Danni left to get the backpacks out of the mud room, I got the distinct impression that I was being scrutinized. I felt like the young man who was meeting the parents of his prom date, for the first time.


We headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon Rd and found a place to park by a trail, Danni indicated. Each of us grabbed a backpack and started up the trail. We had been hiking for almost two hours when we stopped to rest.

“What’s in this pack, Danni? It’s a little heavy.”

“You have water, lamp oil and some food.”

“Lamp oil? Why do we need that?”

“You’ll see Rick. We’re almost there.”

Ten minutes later we approached a small cabin just off the trail. We dropped our packs and Danni unlocked the padlock on the door. The inside looked rustic, but cozy. It was only one room. There was a double bed in one corner, a small kitchen area, with an old wood fired cook stove, in another. Toward the center was a small table with two wooden chairs. An open set of shelves held dishes, table ware, cups and can goods. Another shelf held blankets and towels. A couple of fishing rods were hung up on one wall and that was about all there was to the little building.

“So what do you think Rick?”

“Nice place. I take it that there is a trout stream near here?” Danni smiled.

An hour later we had brought back 5 brook trout on a stringer. I managed to hook one, only because I think he felt sorry for me. Danni played the rod and reel like it was a fine violin. The trout swarmed toward her and practically jumped in her net. She started a fire in the cook stove and pulled water jugs and a small sack of potatoes out of the pack, I had carried earlier. Soon the smell of fried potatoes, with onions and sautéed trout filled the room. We ate greedily after all the activities in the cool mountain air. I filled the two hanging oil lamps to Danni’s specifications. We cleaned up and washed the dishes.

“We had better get going before it gets dark, don’t you think?”

“We are staying here tonight, Rick.”

What the hell? “Danni, There is only one bed.”

“I don’t bite.”

“Come on Danni. What’s going on?”

“We need to talk.”

“Yes, we need to talk about where I’m going to sleep.”

“With me silly.” She sat on the bed and patted the mattress next to her. I grabbed one of the wooden chairs and sat across from her instead. “Spoil sport. “She stuck out her tongue at me.

“We don’t even know each other.” I explained.

“This is our second date Rick.” She batted her eyelashes.

“We are NOT dating, Danni.” This was starting to get weird.

“What do people do on dates, Rick?”

“Well” I started. “they do things together, talk and have dinn——.” Son of a bitch; she had me! What was there about Danni that kept pulling me to her? She was gorgeous and fun to be with, but —there was that ‘use to be a guy’ thing that bothered me.

“I’m going to lay it on the line Rick. I know you think I’m hot! And I know you like being with me. I like you. I like you a lot. You’re handsome, kind, funny, smart and sweet.”

“I have to admit Danni; you are beautiful, funny, sweet…” What the hell? This was starting to sound like a TV ad for

She smiled. “See, we are both attracted to each other.”

“I am attracted to a lot of women Danni. It’s just that I—.”

“How many of them take you on a long hike, to a secluded cabin so they can jump your bones?” She interjected.

I started. “So, this was your plan all along?”


“To get me alone.”


“So we could–.”


“Danni, I am not sexually attracted to you!”


“No, really.”

“Such a liar!”

“I’m not.”

“Prove it.”

“How do I do that?”

“Kiss me.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Kiss me and walk away. If you can.”

“Wouldn’t be a problem.”

“Oh, no. Then pucker up baby.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Oh. Then I guess that means you’re chicken.”

“I am not chicken!”

“Brooooowk, buck, buck, buck, broooowk.”


“Then prove it Rick. Lay one on me.”

I sighed and leaned in.” She stopped me.

“Not a peck on the cheek or a kiss you reserved for your Mom or Grand. An honest to goodness lip lock!”

“You’re making this difficult Danni.”

“Just getting the ground rules straight.”

“T–there are ground rules?”

“Can’t be a smack either. It has to be at least thirty to forty five seconds in duration. And you have to take me in your arms.”

“I suppose you want tongue too?”

“If you insist.” Danni giggled.

“I—- Oh, fuck. I give up.”

“Surrendering already.”

“You’re starting to drive me CRAZY!”

“At least it will be a short trip.”

“Danni!” I rose and backed off. I needed to think. Soon I was out side. She followed me. The sun was starting to set over the next ridge. It was beautiful outside. There was a cool, but gentle breeze and the forest seemed to glow. Danni took off her ball cap and ran a hand through her blonde hair. She looked incredible! Why did she affect me so much?

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

I looked at her. “Almost as beautiful as you Danni.”

She could sense that my attitude had changed. “What is wrong with me, Rick?”

I was honest. ” You— use to be a guy, Danni.”

“And you are afraid that it’s going to make you look gay?”

“Something like that.” I admitted.

Danni turned half toward me and leaned forward a bit. Her hand caressed her ass and she arched her back. This made her ass seem even sexier. She licked her lips as her smoking hot eyes locked on mine.

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