Debbie returned to the drabness of her flat feeling more than a little bit depressed.

It had been a good weekend, nice being back in the comfort of her mother’s house. She had a nice wad of cash in her purse, and she’d earned most of it in a very enjoyable way. Now though she was back to what had become her normal life in this damp and stale flat and in the morning she would have to get up early and go to work in the corner shop.

She crawled into her bed and slept the night away, she went to the shop and tried not to notice the way Mr. Jenkins looked at her. She made a determined effort not to flinch when he accidently brushed against her, which was a little too often for her peace of mind.

When the shop closed at the end of the day and she walked into the back to collect her bag and her coat, she smiled brightly and confidently at Mr. Jenkins. “I’m just off now Mr. Jenkins.” She told him calmly.

He stood watching as the fabric of her blouse pulled tight against her breast as she slipped her jacket over her shoulders.

She grabbed her bag and walked past her silent employer not quite meeting either of his eyes.

“Goodnight then Debbie.” He said quietly.

She pulled the shop door too after her and heaved a sigh of relief. She knew that she was on borrowed time with her employer, that sooner or later he would try it one with her.

Debbie shrugged her shoulders in a philosophical way, oh well she would just have to deal with that when it happened.

She worked through the week and managed again to avoid any unpleasantness with her boss. On the Friday he even let her finish a bit earlier when she told him that she would have to go and check up on her mum’s house while that lady was away.

Debbie dashed back to her flat and slung a few items into an overnight bag, then locked up her flat and went to wait for a bus.

She got off the bus at the local shops and purchased some foodstuffs and things. It was a pleasant afternoon even though it was drawing to a close, and Debbie decided to walk through the park.

As she walked past the wooded area she remembered her encounter with the tramps, and what she had let them do to her. She slowed her footsteps her eyes scanning for signs of movements amongst the trees.

Debbie was not really in the mood to deal with the likes of them today and so after one last lingering glance, she stuck to the busier foot path which took her slightly longer to walk.

Debbie had not been in the house for more than five minutes when she heard the familiar knocking on the back door.

She slid the bolt back and pulled it open to face Mr. Groves.

“What were you doing watching out for me?” she asked a bit snidely.

Mr. Groves pulled a grumpy little face. “Yes, I was hoping to see you before I left.”

Debbie felt a knot of disappointment deep in her gut. “You’re going away?”

He nodded his head in a surly fashion. “My wife has summoned me; she says that we need to talk.”

He scowled at Debbie irritably and Debbie sniffed in offence. “It’s not my fault, so don’t look at me like that!” she demanded as her disappointment turned into frustrated annoyance.

“I’ll be gone most of the weekend perhaps.”

Debbie shrugged her shoulders feigning indifference. “I shall probably be gone by the time you get back then?”

Mr. Groves gave a disappointed little grunt, he narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. “Couldn’t you stay on for a couple of extra days?”

She shook her head firmly. “No, I’ve got to get back for work, or I’ll lose my job.”

Hi mouth turned down again and he stepped back. “Well maybe I’ll see you next weekend then?” he said a little snappily.

Debbie shrugged. “Maybe.”

She closed the door on him with an irritable little sigh, and went to put the kettle on.

A little while later she heard Mr. Groves start the engine of his car and then pull away, and then she realised that she was all alone in the house.

“Oh pull yourself together!” she snapped as she set about tidying the place. The litter bin was full so she pulled out the bag and knotted it securely and then put a fresh one in. She opened her front door and walked to the side of the house where the larger bin was kept.

Debbie didn’t rush to dispose of the rubbish, but she didn’t dawdle either, because the evening was drawing in, and cooling fast. She was only out of sight of the front door for seconds as she walked casually back around and re entered the house. She paused long enough to drop the catch on the front door before heading back for the kitchen.

As she passed the living room doorway though, a movement, a sound or a smell, something – stopped her in her tracks as she looked into the living room with a gasp of fear.

‘Not again!’ she thought frantically to herself. ‘This can’t happen to me – AGAIN!

There was someone in there! She saw a shadow or movement; she could hear a laboured breathing.

She backed away slowly her heart thundering in her chest, her eyes fixed on that empty doorway.

She backed the way she had come, making her way as silently as her frightened gasping would allow, her back touched the closed front door and she turned to unlock it.

Everything happened so fast!

Just as her shaking hand reached the catch a strong arm wrapped around her waist; pulled her back and against a wall, a human breathing- stinking wall!

She opened her mouth to scream as a dirty hand slapped across her face clamping down so hard over her lips that the tears sprang to her eyes.

“Now then girly where do you think you might be going?”

That deep gravelly voice was instantly familiar to Debbie as he effortlessly lifted her and carried her through to the living room.

Standing waiting for them with the biggest most stupidest grin on his grimy face was Burt.

So the human wall who was holding her so tightly and whose voice had been so familiar HAD to be Will.

Debbie sagged weakly against him as she remembered the two tramps from the park.

Remembered how they had waylaid her with the plan to rape her. She remembered how she had persuaded them not to, but she’d let them each see her boobs and she’d let them each suckle on one. They’d laid her down on the ground sucking on her boobs and fingering her pussy while they had pulled on their dicks. They had given her the most intense orgasm as they’d spilled their sperm all over her.

She gave a shudder as the memories washed over her and Will moved his hand away from her face.

“We saw you in the park earlier.” He whispered gruffly into her ear. “We thought that you were going to come and visit with us, but you went the other way, so we followed you home and we watched and we waited.”

While he’d been whispering into her ear, he’d been pulling open her top. Now he pulled down the cups of her bra so that her little pert boobs sprang free and he pinched at the nipples for a moment.

“You won’t hurt me?” Debbie begged huskily as she felt the twinges shooting from her nipples down to her abdomen.

Will chuckled into her ear. “Oh we don’t want to hurt you girl. All we’ve talked about since we met you that day in the park was how you sounded when you came for us.” He continued to fondle and squeeze her boobs as Burt came closer – still with that stupid grin on his face!

“And how good your cum smelled on our fingers afterwards.” Burt said softly as he lifted her skirt a little.

“Yes Debbie.” Will sighed. “You smelled so good that all Burt’s wanted to do ever since is to taste your pussy to see if it tastes as good as it smelled.”

Dear god they even remembered her name! The half hysterical thought went through her mind as her gut tightened and her pussy began to get wet and to throb.

Will held her tight against him as Burt dropped to his knees and pulled down her knickers. He tugged them off her feet and then holding up her skirt he stuck his head between her legs and began to lap greedily at her pussy.

“He’s not going to stop until you cum for him like you did in the park that day.” Will whispered into her ear. His hand continued to squeeze at her breast and occasionally he would pinch the nipple. “So you better just relax and enjoy it girly.”

“You promise you won’t hurt me.” Debbie whispered again.

“I promise we won’t hurt you.” he cackled softly into her ear. “I promise to give you so many orgasms that you won’t want us to leave.”

As she felt Bill’s dirty whiskers brushing against her inner thigh and felt his wet tongue sliding along her clit, Debbie felt herself getting even wetter.

She allowed her legs to relax as she slumped against Will and he gave a little grunt as he rubbed his hard cock against her bottom.

“When you’ve been a good girl Debbie and cum for my friend, then I’m going to bend you over that sofa and I’m going to give you the hardest fuck of your life.” Will whispered as he continued to pinch and squeeze gently.

His words, the feeling of Burt between her legs lapping at her excited pussy; the knowledge that these dirty disgusting tramps were going to have their way with her no matter what she said or did.

Debbie closed her eyes as she assimilated this information. Her gut tightened and her pussy throbbed. She knew that any second now she was going to enjoy a very intense orgasm. She realised that what Will had said to her was probably true; she would have several orgasms while they used her and abused her.

Gods what was wrong with her? Was she some sort of freak or sexual deviant to get off on things like this happening to her?

The realisation hit her like a bolt of lightning. She WAS a freak and a deviant, the dirtier and more perverted it got the more she got off on it!

“Oooh!” she gasped as her orgasm ripped through her.

Will’s hand tightened on her breast, and the noises coming from between her legs, the sounds that Burt was emitting all added to the intensity of it as she squealed and gurgled and sighed and gasped out her climax much to the excitement of both men.

“Now it’s my turn.” Will muttered as Burt fell away and Will lifted her off the ground and carried her over to the sofa. “Over you go girl.” He grunted as he bent her over the back of it.

He bent her so far over that her feet couldn’t reach the ground and her legs just dangled down uselessly.

Will didn’t waste any time, he unfastened his trousers as he lifted up her skirt, and slammed his rock hard dick as far into her sopping wet pussy as he could get it.

Debbie gave a little squeal, which just seemed to excite him further as he went for it pumping hard and fast.

Burt sat on the floor watching them as he played with his own hard cock. He grinned across at Debbie as she dipped up and down over the sofa, her hair hanging around her face and her boobs hanging down with those wonderful hard nipples of hers.

The noises that she was making though was enough to send both men over the edge as Burt spurted his cum all over the nice freshly vacuumed carpet and Will gushed into Debbie, filling her as she achieved another orgasm along with several heartbroken sobs.

Will pulled out of her and staggered back and for a few seconds longer Debbie just hung there feeling his cum along with hers slowly trickling down her legs.

She slithered off the back of the sofa to collapse onto the floor and with arms hugging around herself she sobbed for all the things she would never be now.

She would never be someone’s girlfriend.

She would never be someone’s wife.

She would never be the ‘employee of the month’.

Or mum of the year.

She would never be nice, or normal, or respectable.

The two tramps stood looking at her as she sat curled up on the floor. Crying for the woman she could never be.

Finally her tears dwindled and her sobs became little hiccups until she finally silenced altogether.

She sat for a few moments more rocking back and forth.

Debbie gave one last sigh of resignation and acceptance and then with a little shrug she stood up to face the two men.

“I expect you’ll be wanting us to leave now.” Will mumbled not quite meeting her eye.

“No.” Debbie told him quietly. “You promised me lots of orgasms, and you are going to stay all weekend and deliver on that promise.”

The two men stepped back as though she had just threatened them, and Debbie let her head bow down in a submissive gesture as she clutched at her hands.

“Oh sirs.” She sighed forlornly. “You are so much bigger and stronger than me, I am at your mercy sirs, so you can do what you want with me, I’m too weak to stop you.”

Will chuckled and Burt sniggered as they looked at each other for a moment.

“In that case girly I think it’s time for you to put on a bit of a show for us,” Will said gruffly.

The two men walked around to the front of the sofa and as Burt sat down, Will looked at Debbie. “I want you to find some nice sexy music that you can dance to for us,” he ordered her.

Debbie walked over to the stereo and looked through her mum’s music CD’s. Sure enough she soon found what she was looking for as she held up one of the cases. 100 greatest love songs the title claimed and she smiled in satisfaction as she handed it to Will.

“You put this on while I go and change.” She ordered him quietly.

As she turned to go Will grabbed her wrist in a gentle but firm clasp. “Just so long as you remember who is boss.” He warned her softly.

Debbie looked to the ground again her gesture not lost on him. “No sir, I’ll remember and do just as you say,” she whispered.

“Put something pretty on and wear something sexy underneath,” he ordered. “I want you to do a strip tease as you dance for us.”

“I’ll be about twenty minutes, – I need a shower. Why don’t the two of you grab something to eat while you wait?”

“Good idea. Put the landing light on when you’re ready, then I can put the music on for you.”

As Debbie walked shakily up the stairs she could feel her pussy positively humming with expectation. These two dirty, smelly tramps would use her and abuse her for the entire weekend, and she would love every moment of it.

When Mr. Groves returned she was going to make him a business proposition, and then they could all make plans.

She smiled to herself as she removed her soiled clothing. This weekend was just going to be so much fun.

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