I thought I’d have a shot at writing in the first person. All comments are welcome & I hope you enjoy reading!


Finally! I’ve arrived in Australia, ready & eager to start my new life down under. Despite my excitement, I’m pretty drowsy as I stand at the baggage reclaim, waiting for my case to appear. As if to emphasise that I’ve made the right decision in moving across to the other side of the world, my case is one of the first to appear and I’m quickly on my way through customs and into the terminal.

I’ve already arranged to stay in a hotel for the first couple of weeks so that I can look for a suitable apartment and have hired a car. My friend Glen knows the date of my arrival and we have arranged to meet the next day. I’m looking forward to it as we haven’t seen each other for ages. I head outside into the dark night and start walking towards the car park where the hire cars are parked, sleepily looking for the registration number that’s on the key tag in my hand.

Suddenly I’m grabbed from behind, a bag is put over my head and there is a sharp sting in my arm before I slip into unconsciousness.

When I come to I start to panic as I cannot see. The bag has been replaced by a tight fitting, leather hood, complete with a thick penis gag that has been forced into my mouth. I cannot hear anything as the hood has been insulated against sound. I try to struggle but realise that I have been bound down tightly on my back & with shock I also realise that I am completely naked. There is a cold metal surface underneath my body and my arms & legs have been spread wide before being shackled to the floor.

There is a lurch & a vibration and I suddenly realise that I am in a vehicle, most likely a van and now I really panic as it hits me that I’ve been kidnapped & stripped naked!

Suddenly I tense as I feel someone’s fingers sliding between my pussy lips. I frantically try to close my legs but they’re too securely fastened. The fingers at my pussy continue to slide backwards & forwards for a while before they move away. I sigh with relief but it is short lived as I suddenly feel my breasts being grabbed. A pair of hands kneads my breasts before moving onto the nipples, pinching & twisting them until I can feel them harden. I groan against the gag, protesting this treatment but any sound I make is muffled and my punishment for complaining is that my nipples are cruelly twisted & pinched. A hand slides underneath my back, lifting me slightly & I feel rope being slid through the gap. I’m lowered back to the floor & feel the rope being tightened under my breasts. I gasp as my right breast is grabbed firmly & I feel rope being wound tightly around it. Then my left breast is grabbed and again rope is wound tightly around. By the time my captor is finished, my breasts are throbbing in their severe bondage.

The fingers return to my pussy and to my shame, I can feel it growing moist. The fingers spread my lips & insert themselves inside me. I groan as I feel my pussy stretched each time another finger is inserted. I moan as my captor finger fucks my exposed pussy but am helpless to resist. I feel his other hand on my clit, rubbing & pinching until it swells. To my shock & horror I can feel my body building towards an orgasm and am helpless to prevent it! My captor continues to work my body until I have no choice but to cum. My face is hot with shame as I feel the fingers leave my clit & pussy.

My body is lifted once again & I feel something wide & thick secured tightly around my waist. There is also another length that is run vertically under my ass. I cannot understand what it might be.

The van lurches again & I’m distracted for a second. Before I realise what is happening, I feel pressure at the entrance to my pussy & then feel it being stretched as something long & thick invades it. I cry out against the gag but my captor ignores me, pushing the object into my pussy until its tip is pressed up against my cervix.

I try to expel it but my captor slaps my pussy hard, forcing the object even further inside me. Tears leak from my eyes as I stop my efforts. I feel a cool substance being smeared around my asshole. I thrash my head from side to side trying to resist what I know is coming next, but it is a useless gesture. My head is grabbed & I feel something pressing down against my forehead until I cannot move it at all. Then I feel pressure at my asshole as slippery fingers start to invade it. I groan as I feel even more of the cool substance being massaged into my anal passage. I feel my passage being widened as more fingers are added & then tense as they are withdrawn and replaced with something solid. My captor pushes in what can only be a butt plug, keeping on the pressure until my ass closes around the narrow section, ensuring it is held in place.

I feel the 2nd length of leather being drawn tightly through my legs and there is movement at my waist. When my captor is finished, the strap has been secured tightly over my ass, pussy & clit & I realise there is a hard object on the inside of the strap that is pressing against my clit.

I flinch as suddenly my body is assaulted by vibrations inside my ass & pussy & against my clit. The objects my captor has used are vibrators!

While I’m distracted by the vibrators, my captor once again grabs my breasts. He stretches each nipple until its long & thin and I scream as fire shoots through them from the clamps he attaches to each. My torment is not over yet, however. The clamps are attached to chains, which my captor fixes to hooks in the van’s roof. Now my breasts are hard & swollen & my nipples stretched & distended. Each time the van lurches, the clamps jerk the nipples cruelly.

I can’t believe what is happening to me and what is even worse, I can tell that despite the pain in my nipples, my body is once again rising towards orgasm!

I’m left like this for the duration of the journey. How long that journey is, I cannot tell as my body is overwhelmed by the constant orgasms it is forced to experience. By the time the van stops and my captor switches off the vibrators, I am exhausted, my pussy is sore, and my breasts, nipples & clit completely over-sensitised!

I feel the pressure on my nipples ease as my captor removes the chains from the clamps. Then I feel my right leg being unlocked & try to kick out at my captor but he is too strong. I can feel something wide & thick being wrapped around my ankle & secured. He then unlocks my left leg and repeats his actions. I now have some movement, but when I try to lash out, I realise that I have been hobbled with a short length of some kind of restraint. Before unlocking my arms, I feel thick cuffs being secured around my wrists. The pressure on my forehead eases as the strap is removed & then I feel my wrists being unlocked from the shackles. This time my captor holds one wrist in an iron grip as he unlocks the other & as soon as both are free, he pulls my hands behind my head. He secures my wrists to a collar that until now I had been unaware of & attaches something to the front. He moves back down towards my feet & I’m forced to slide behind him. The van lurches as he jumps to the ground and there is a jerk on my collar as he drags me out behind him. I almost collapse from exhaustion & panic. My arms & legs are stiff from being tightly restrained for a long period of time and my breasts & nipples are sore & swollen. I’m given no time to recover, however, as my captor jerks at my neck & I’m forced to stumble blindly behind him. The rough surface changes to smooth & cool and I realise that we must now be indoors. My face is hot as my mind imagines what I must look like to anyone present — naked, hooded, cuffed & hobbled, forced to follow my captor like a dumb animal. With a sinking heart, I know my ordeal has only just begun! I’m dragged forwards until a tug backwards at my neck brings me to a halt. I feel my wrists being un-cuffed but my arms are immediately raised above my head & once again secured wide apart. Next my ankles are un-hobbled before being spread wide & again secured in place. I’m now standing in an ‘X’ position.

I feel movement at my head and suddenly sound rushes in as the earpieces are removed from the hood. My face flames as I can hear the voices of several people, male and female! I feel multiple hands on my body & hear various comments congratulating my captor on his choice. I also hear many of them debating how I will perform whilst in captivity. My captor has made sure that I am bound tightly in place, my arms & legs stretched so much that I can only manage to flinch slightly as I feel hands squeezing my swollen breasts, fingers tugging at the nipple clamps, making me cry out against my gag? Other hands move across my body, exploring every exposed inch, from my breasts down my body and the insides of my thighs.

“Nice large breasts,” I hear a male voice say.

“A little overweight!” I hear another female voice comment.

“Not at all, look at her slim waist & wide hips,” a male voice contradicts. “She’s made for fucking!”

I hear voices asking that the straps around my waist & between my legs be removed and feel a tugging that indicates their requests are being granted. I feel even more exposed as the removal of the straps clearly shows the vibrators inserted into my pussy & ass and the puffy condition of my highly sensitised clit.

“Dear, dear,” I hear a female voice say. “Your captive still has hair on her pussy! That will have to go!”

Ashamed, I hang my head. I’d been so excited with the prospect of emigrating to Australia and now I had been kidnapped and was being subjected to exposure & humiliation!

I hear 2 voices close to me. As one they ask “May I?”

I do not hear an answer but suddenly I feel both vibrators being removed at the same time.

“Well look at this, everyone!” I hear a man’s voice say. “The captive’s gone & got the vibrator soaking wet. Seems we have a randy little whore in our presence!”

I feel more fingers insert themselves into my wet pussy and hear several people agree with the comment.

“I think the randy whore’s enjoying all this attention,” I hear a woman say.

I’m relieved that the hood is covering my face as I feel the heat of shame staining it.

I then feel slim, smooth fingers start to work themselves inside my anal passage.

“Look everyone!” a woman exclaims. Look how easily her ass accommodates me! She obviously enjoys her ass being fucked!”

“Time to check how she performs,” another voice said.

The pressure on my arms is released momentarily, but they are quickly secured behind my head to the collar encircling my throat. I’m then forced to my knees by hard hands pressing down on my shoulders until my knees buckle. I feel straps being secured around my elbows, which are then drawn out to the side of me & secured so once again I cannot move.

Straps are attached to my thighs and then I yell as I feel sharp pain in my pussy lips. Someone has applied clamps to my pussy lips. No sooner is the pain dying away than I feel it again as a tugging sensation takes over. I cannot see that the clamps are now tightly attached to the thigh straps.

The gag is now removed from the hood but before I can react, a strong hand has grabbed my jaw & forced my mouth open. A thick cock thrusts inside, pumping in & out, making me gag as it hits the back of my throat. I try to resist and the cock is removed but I yelp as a sharp electric shock is administered to my nipple. Once again the cock forces itself into my mouth. Again I try to resist and this time I scream as my pussy is subjected to the same electric shock. Once again my mouth is forced open and this time I do not resist as it fucks me hard & fast. I feel it start to pulse & throb then suddenly it is pulled out and I feel a hot gush of liquid splash across my bound breasts. Another cock quickly takes the place of the first and I’m subjected to a repeat as my mouth is fucked hard. I flinch as I feel my pussy being explored by a small hand. A female hand! Not wanting a woman touching me, I try to fight it which just pulls on the pussy lip clips, making me groan. I then feel my clit being exposed and a stimulator pushed hard against it. Someone else inserts their fingers into my anal passage and starts to finger fuck it. I’m helpless to resist as one more cock invades my mouth. Now I’m being fucked in every way possible and before long realise that my body is betraying me. My skin is hot & wet and my body is rising to orgasm! At some unknown signal, everyone fucking me increases their rhythm and the clamps on my nipples are suddenly tightened hard. I can’t resist the effects and my body shudders as I succumb to an orgasm.

Everyone withdraws and I’m left shaking and humiliated, keenly aware that I’ve just cum in front of complete strangers, displaying no more control than a dumb animal. Hot tears slide down my cheeks as I’m told that the entire scene has been captured on a web cam & broadcast to a select viewing audience! I’m also informed that the camera didn’t start rolling until I had stopped resisting so that it appears as if I’m a willing participant in my own degredation!

I smell an odour and then everything goes black again. This time when I awake, I find myself naked and restrained at a 45 degree angle in another room. A different hood is secured over my head — no gag but earphones incorporated into it that distort my captor’s voice so I cannot recognise it. Nipples clamped, thigh straps on, with clamps from pussy lips attached to the strap, as I struggle I actually pull against my own pussy. Waist strap holding a stimulator over my clit, again movement activated, the more I move the more stimulated my clit is. Hands and ankles are restrained outwards.

My captor moves close beside me and tells me that all my clothing has been inspected and everything that is not approved of, has been destroyed. I will be dressed when I need to be, in what I need to be, but that is a long way off. I am told that if I do everything I am ordered to do, I will be released, but only at a time of my captor’s choosing and I will be expected to return to him of my own free will whenever he orders me to his side. I am also told that the hotel booking has been cancelled, as has the hire car. He tells me that unless otherwise ordered, I will be naked at all times in his presence, unless he decides to modify my body by the use of corseting. Once released, I will be expected to wear bras that give easy access to my breasts, that from now on trousers will not be tolerated and that any tops must also allow easy access to my breasts. He also tells me that I will be taught how to tie breast bondage — the reason being that at times I will be instructed to bind my breasts instead of wearing a bra. I’m told that I will be under constant surveillance, even if released and that if I disobey any order, I will be removed from my new life and kept confined until my captor is certain I have learned obedience. I start to shake in reaction. This is not what I envisioned as my new life in Australia!

My captor asks if I am thirsty and when I nod my head, I am given a drink of what I think is water. I suck the cool liquid through a straw held to my mouth, grateful as it soothes my parched throat. Soon after, however, I realise that it may not have just been water as my body starts to feel hot & sensitive.

By now my nipples are numb from being clamped for so long and my breasts are hot, swollen & throbbing. Without warning, I feel the rope surrounding them loosen off and my knees go weak as sensation floods back. Without allowing me to acclimatise, my captor whips the clamps off my nipples and this time I cry out as hot pain shoots through them. He reaches underneath me and massages my breasts. At first, this helps to ease the pain but very soon I can feel tremors in my pussy from his ministrations.

He keeps one hand massaging my breasts whilst the other descends to my clit & starts to rub the hypersensitive nub. I groan & squirm as the sensations intensify, sending shivers through my body.

My captor leans forward and I hear his altered voice through my earpieces.

“You have been given a special drug. It’s purpose is to heighten all your senses. You will experience just how far you can rise and how much your body can tolerate. However ….,” the voice paused before continuing, “the drug will actually prevent you from achieving orgasm. It will allow me to keep you at the peak of sexual stimulation for as long as I want. In this way I can find out just how well you can perform.

I go rigid with shock. Never in my life have I been in a situation as bizarre as this! I have no time to consider this further, however, as my captor starts to lightly stroke his fingers across my skin. A line of heat follows his touch but unlike previous experiences, it doesn’t fade after a few seconds. Instead it stays, and each stroke of my captor’s fingers increases the heat. Before too long, my entire body is on fire. I want to get away from what’s being done to me but I’m restrained too tightly to move. My arms & thighs are trembling from a combination of the stress caused by my limbs being bound in a position I’m unused to and the sensations sweeping through my body.

My captor moves from lightly stroking to my skin and starts to massage my breasts rhythmically. This has the effect of intensifying the sensations running through my body. I can’t control the moan that escapes me. The sound seems to spur my captor on and he moves from massaging my breasts into pinching & twisting my still sensitive nipples. This ups the intensity once again and my body is on fire with red hot heat. I’m now moaning continuously but I’m still aware of what’s going on, even though I’m helpless to resist what my captor is doing to me.

He moves one hand down and starts to rub my hypersensitive clit. My pussy is hot & dripping wet, I can feel the juices running down my leg. He increases the pressure of his hands on my nipples and clit and again the heat surging through my body rises. I feel a white hot heat invading my legs, turning them numb.

My captor moves away briefly, leaving me bound in place. Then I flinch as I feel multiple soft strands of material strike my back & ass. My captor works his way over the entire surface of my skin, covering every inch with soft strokes, incrementally increasing their pressure and speed. By now, my whole body is shuddering and I’m desperate for release but my body refuses to cooperate. I’m groaning in desire and losing control of my conscious thought, passing from considered behaviour to pure animal reactions.

The flogging stops but my captor is not done. He spreads my pussy lips and inserts a solid rubber dildo into my pussy. One of his hands returns to pinching & teasing my nipple as he starts to slowly pump the dildo in & out of my pussy. The action drives me wild and my body tries to buck back against the dildo, trying to drive it into me harder. My captor spanks my ass hard & I hear the voice telling me that as his captive I have no right to pursue an orgasm, even if the drug I’ve been given prevents the event actually happening!

Once again he starts to fuck me with the dildo, increasing the pressure & rhythm agonisingly slowly. By now I’ve lost complete control of my body and my mind is also losing track of rational thought. I feel the dildo being withdrawn but it is replaced with a thick, hard vibrator, which my captor switches on.

I then feel a cool substance being smeared around & inside my ass. I then feel my captor’s hands take hold of my hips and pressure on my sphincter as he slowly inserts his cock into my ass. By now I’m so far gone that all this elicits is a groan as I feel his cock bury itself in my ass, stretching it. Starting slowly at first, he pumps his cock in & out of my ass, increasing speed and pressure until he’s pounding into my ass hard & fast.

My body is overwhelmed with white hot head and is shuddering uncontrollably. I’m desperate for release but the drug is denying that to me. My captor continues to fuck my ass until finally I feel hot liquid squirt deep inside me.

My captor pulls out of me and finally releases me from the position I’ve been bound into. I’m guided to what feels like a bed & pushed down onto it. He cuffs my wrists together & attaches them to the bed. He then cuffs my ankles together and again attaches them to the bed.

I hear his altered voice near my ear telling me that I will be left to sleep and recover energy, that my experience tonight is only the start of what I will be going through. I feel fingers opening my mouth and a straw being placed inside. At first, I hesitate, afraid of what I might be forced to drink, then I hear my captor tell me that it is an electrolyte solution, designed to prevent me from dehydrating. I take a tentative sip as he holds my head up and am reassured by the cool, fresh taste of the liquid in my mouth. I realise how thirsty I am and quickly suck down the rest. My captor continues to hold my head and inserts a second straw into my mouth. Again, I tentatively take a sip but the taste is the same as the last and I make quick work drinking it. As I swallow the last drop I start to feel dizzy & light-headed. A roaring fills my ears and I quickly slip into unconsciousness. My captor had obviously drugged the drinks as I fall into a deep sleep.

When I awake my bladder is full and it is obviously some hours since my previous ordeal. My hood has been replaced with a blindfold that is fitted so tightly over my eyes that not a scrap of light penetrates. I hear movement near me and blindly try to turn my head towards it, trying to determine where my captor is. My actions are frustrated by the high, stiff collar encircling my throat & preventing any major movement.

I feel a hand encircle my ankle & with senses heightened by my lack of vision, can tell something is being attached to it. I feel my ankles being swung towards my right until they reach the edge of the bed. When I try to move them, I can tell that they have been hobbled by a short length of something, preventing me from walking easily.

Next I can feel my captor unlock my wrists & pull me upwards as he maintains a firm grip upon them. When I try to struggle, he cruelly twists my nipple, making me cry out.

He tells me that it will be worse for me if I don’t accept my situation. The place where I’m being held is completely sound proofed and situated far from any other house. Any attempt at attracting attention or of resistance is completely futile. Again, his voice is peculiarly distorted. The only way I know my captor is male is because he fucked my ass the previous evening.

He pulls me to my feet and draws my hands up to my throat. I then feel my wrists being attached to the front of the collar. Placing a firm hand between my shoulders he forces me to bend over. Then keeping one hand against my crotch, he starts to land hard, fast blows across my ass. By the time he’s finished, my ass is red hot, tears are leaking down my face and the pressure of his hand against my crotch & belly has made me desperate to pee!

My captor pulls me upright and attaches something to my collar. He yanks me forward & I’m forced to blindly follow as he moves across the room. The floor beneath me changes to cold tile and I assume we are in a bathroom. I hear a few sounds and then feel him behind me. He puts a hand on my forehead and pulls my head back as far as the collar will allow. The blindfold is removed and I blink against the sudden bright light. I see a hand descend into my line of vision but before I can register what is happening, the finger & thumb pull my eyelids wide. Some kind of liquid is dropped into my eye and my vision blurs. The action is repeated with the other eye. Now all I can see is light & dark and vague shapes.

My captor moves to stand in front of me and pulls me into what must be a shower cubicle. He steps out and turns me around to face him. He then asks if I need to pee.

Ashamed, I murmur that yes, I do need to pee.

He tells me to go ahead. My mouth drops open in shock. He reaches forward & again cruelly twists my nipples. He tells me that I will either pee in front of him or he will ensure that I am not able to pee for the entire day. Before I can tell him that I think it’s impossible, he proceeds to tell me how he can insert a plug into my urethra to prevent anything escaping.

When I still hesitate, he starts to spank my pussy, hard. Then he starts to massage my clit & press against my belly. Its too much for me to take and against my will I feel warm liquid start to run down my leg & splash into the shower. My captor continues to rub my clit & stroke my pussy until the flow stops and to my intense shame, I can feel myself becoming aroused. When I finally finish, he forces me to my knees. He then pushes down on my back until my head is on the floor of the shower. He holds me there whilst he makes some adjustments and when he’s finished, I’m held in place, head down, ass in the air. Then I feel a slippery substance being smeared around and inside my ass, followed by a cold, metal object. I flinch as my ass suddenly starts to fill with tepid water but bound as I am, I cannot escape what is happening. I start to groan as the flow continues, implacably filling my passage until I can start to feel my belly swell. I beg my captor to stop, please stop, but he pays no attention. Only when the flow of water stops is the metal nozzle withdrawn. I immediately try to expel the water but my captor spanks my ass hard & when I pause from the pain, he swiftly inserts a butt plug, preventing any more leakage.

“You were not clean enough for my satisfaction last night” I hear my captor say. “This will ensure that you are. You will be given this treatment every day you are here and at any time I feel it is necessary. You are now my property and I insist that my property is pleasing to me at all times.”

I hear his footsteps walk out of the bathroom and try to concentrate on listening to him moving around the other room to try and escape the discomfort of my situation. It doesn’t work for long. Pretty soon I’m in pain from the pressure and I call out, begging my captor to have mercy. He ignores me for what seems like an eternity but finally I hear his footsteps approach. He releases the rope binding my collar to my ankles & pulls me out of the shower. He loosens the ankle hobble & forces me to straddle the toilet. He pulls out the butt plug but orders me to keep everything in until he commands me to release. He then pushes me down so that I am sitting on the toilet, grabs my jaw and forces my mouth open. He pushes his already hard cock into my mouth, thrusting in until he chokes off my air. In my struggles, I forget his orders and start to release what’s been held inside. He grabs my hair & yanks my head back.

“Did I give you permission to release?” he asks me. Whatever he has put into my eyes has completely compromised my vision. All I can see is a blur as I try to shake my head and desperately try to prevent anything else escaping. “You will be punished for your disobedience and lack of control,” he tells me. “Now open your mouth.”

I reluctantly obey and once again he forces his cock into my mouth, but this time not so deeply.

“Now release, you dirty little whore!” he commands.

As I start to obey, my captor fucks my mouth, hard, deep and fast. I am so full that it takes a few minutes for me to completely evacuate everything. When my captor is certain that I’m finished, he pulls me up & drags me back to the shower. He holds me against the shower wall as he hoses me down with cold water, then once again forces me to my previous position — head to the floor on my knees & ties me in place. I hear the sound of something being filled and then once again the nozzle is inserted into my ass. I groan as the warm water fills my passage and again starts to distend my belly. Again I’m plugged and left to suffer.

Finally, I’m dragged back to my feet and forced to evacuate everything. This time, however, I am forced to release everything into the shower as my captor watches, pinching & twisting my nipples as I do so. Eventually he tells me that he’s now satisfied that I’m clean enough for his use. Again he hoses me down and then drags me, still soaking wet, back to the bedroom. I can see a vague outline in the centre of the room which must be the bed and can just tell that it has high posts at each corner & a cross piece attaching each together at the top. Before I can try to see more, my captor replaces the blindfold over my eyes and pushes me down onto the bed. He positions me so that my head is hanging down over the side of the bed, face up, before tying me tightly in place. He tells me that he is not satisfied with how deep he can fuck my mouth and that I will learn to do better. The bed is high and although I do not know this, has been specially designed so that captives bound as I am bound are at the perfect height to service their captor. Once again his hand grips my jaw and forces my mouth open. He thrusts his cock deep inside until its tip hits the back of my throat. I gag and he reaches out & twists my nipples hard. He commands me to open my throat and allow him further in. I moan, trying to tell him that I can’t do it but this just seems to encourage him. He slowly starts to force his cock deeper inside. Unknown to me, the position I’m in opens my throat wider allowing him greater access. I try to struggle as his cock is cutting off my air supply but he continues pushing. I can hear a roaring in my ears and feel as if I’m about to pass out but am brought sharply back to reality as he spanks my pussy hard.

“Let’s try that again, shall we?” he tells me mockingly. “We will continue with this exercise until you become a perfect cock sucking whore who can deep throat her Master!”

Again he thrusts his cock into my mouth, slowly pushing deeper. He grabs my jaw and tilts my head even further back and suddenly my throat expands as it accommodates his cock. Satisfied, my captor now starts to slowly pump in & out of my mouth, never leaving it completely, pausing from time to time with it buried deep in my throat until I almost pass out before withdrawing it. I gradually realise that in order to survive this ordeal I’m going to have to try and relax. This seems to have been what he was waiting for as suddenly the rhythm and force of his thrusts becomes hard & fast. I’m given no chance to breathe as his hot, hard cock fucks my mouth & throat until with a groan, he spills his hot seed deep inside me.

“Make sure you swallow every last drop,” he commands me, “and make sure you completely clean me. As my whore, you will learn that I expect everything around me to be clean and perfect!”

Shuddering, I make sure to swallow all his seed and use my tongue to sweep over his cock, making sure there is nothing left. Finally he withdraws.

I hear him move around and then suddenly I feel something hot being dropped onto my mound. A second later I feel fabric placed on it and then pain shoots through me as it’s ripped off. Whilst I’m still trembling from the shock, I feel my captors fingers worm inside my pussy, stroking & rubbing it until I forget about the pain. His fingers withdraw and I feel more hot liquid on my mound. Again fabric is placed against it and again it is ripped off. I can’t help but yell from the pain. This time there are no fingers soothing it away. Instead I feel the bed lift as my captor gets to his feet. He grabs my jaw and forces a ball gag into my mouth, securing it tightly behind my head. Once more I feel the hot liquid on my mound followed by the material & its swift ripping off. This time, gagged as I am, there is no sound to disturb my captor and he takes his time rubbing my clit & fingering my pussy. To my shame I can feel myself getting turned on & my pussy is becoming moist. Then I tense as I feel more of the hot liquid being smeared over my pussy lips. I bite down against the pain as the material is once more placed then ripped off. My captor does this to both sides of my pussy lips, each time making sure to rub & stroke my pussy to distract me from the pain. Finally, he raises my hips slightly and I feel the hot liquid being dribbled around my ass & down the crack before that too is quickly ripped away. My captor runs his hands over my ass, pussy & mound, rubbing & teasing until I’m moaning in desire. He reaches up and starts to tease my nipples whilst increasing the pressure on my clit. He is obviously very experience because before too long my body is shuddering and I’m on the edge of orgasm. All of a sudden he withdraws completely & I can feel him stand up.

“Last night I allowed you to cum without my permission as it was your first night with me.” He tells me. “From now on, however, you will only be allowed to cum when I give you permission. You will also be taught to cum on my command. I now own you and that means I own every part of you from your breasts, nipples, ass, pussy and, most importantly, your orgasms. You are here, first and foremost, to pleasure me and serve me. You will be taught to achieve the peaks of orgasm but only at my command and only because it pleases me to see my possession in the throes of complete ecstasy, unable to react at any level higher than basic instinct. By the time I have finished with you, you will crave what I do to you, whether it involves pleasure, pain or a combination of both! You see I have been aware of your existence for a long time and have laid my plans very carefully. You WILL belong to me completely and eventually you will be with me of your own free will as you know that only I can give you what you truly need. I WILL possess not only your body but your mind!”

I start to shake with a combination of dread and the aftermath of the desire my captor has worked me into. His words are strangely hypnotic and I’m torn between fear and intrigue. In the past I had dabbled in the role of submissive with my friend Glenn and had been grateful when he helped me break through some very strongly imposed barriers. He had never pushed me too far, always pulling back before I reached a point of panic. Now, however, I’m in a situation where I have no choice but to endure whatever is done to me and hope that at some point I’ll be set free. Now I’m truly in a position where any boundaries that I have whether willingly or unwillingly imposed, will be smashed to smithereens as my captor will not care for what I can or cannot do! Deep down inside me, there is a very small thrill of excitement, one which I quickly try to suppress with feelings of indignation over my captivity and slavery.

My captor leaves me tied to the bed and exits the room. I cannot tell how long he is gone for but when he returns an appetising aroma enters the room with him. I hear a tray being placed on a table and then feel my wrists being unlocked. I’m pulled into a sitting position by pressure on my collar and groan as this places stress on my widely spread legs. I feel a hand grasp my throat tightly, just above the collar.

“If you try to resist, I will hurt you!” my captor coolly informs me. Maintaining his pressure on my neck, he leans down and unlocks each ankle. I sigh in relief as he swings my legs closed but then realise that he has once again hobbled them together. He pulls me to my feet and leads me to what I assume is the foot of the bed. Once there, my arms are raised and I hear two clicks. I realise that my wrists have been locked either side of a post. My captor moves to one side & I can hear him pick something up. The next thing I know, something is being wrapped around my waist and I soon realise that it is a type of corset as he starts to tighten it. I start to gasp as he pulls it tighter. I usually enjoy wearing corsets — they make me feel sexy and desirable, but they’re usually made of an elasticated material that gives when you move. This corset is severely boned and the material feels like leather. There is no give in the material at all and I can feel my waist being squeezed smaller each time my captor tightens it. By the time I feel him tie the lacing off, I can barely breathe and my breasts have been pushed up, spilling over the corset. What I can’t see due to the blindfold, is that there are no cups on the corset, just a rigid shelf upon which my breasts are supported. The corset has been cut high so that clear access is given to my clit, ass & pussy. I feel my wrists being unlocked and my captor turns me around before pulling my arms behind me and securing the wrists once more to the post, this time down by my sides.

I feel his hand grip my right nipple and pull my breast out. Then something cool surrounds its base and tightens until I can feel my breast swell & throb. Then his hand grips my left nipple and he repeats the process. When he’s finished, I can feel cables tightly encircling both swollen, throbbing breasts.

My captor moves away and I hear a clink of metal against china. The appetising aroma moves closer and I’m ordered to open my mouth. Slowly I do so, distracted by my throbbing breasts, a distraction that dissolves as I taste the food that’s been placed in my mouth. The texture is soft and the taste is warm & savoury, although I can’t seem to identify what it is. I’m so hungry that I obediently eat every mouthful that is placed in my mouth even as I realise I’m being fed like a baby. I then feel a straw being placed in my mouth and although wary of what it may be, I’m thirsty and try a sip. I’m relieved when all I taste is orange juice. I suck eagerly and am disappointed when there’s no more to be had. Another straw is placed in my mouth and encouraged I suck. The liquid this time is tea, milk and no sugar, just how I like it. Again, I continue to suck until all the liquid has gone.

When everything is finished, my captor unlocks my wrists from the post and relocks them behind my back. I feel something being attached to the front of my collar and my captor jerks me forward. The hobbles on my ankles are short, preventing me from walking easily or fast. I end up stumbling along in the wake of my captor. I hear the door open and I’m pulled through into another room. This one has a dead feeling to it, all sound seems to be swallowed up.

My captor pulls me along for several more steps before shortening the leash and yanking me to a stop. He pushes me first to my knees and then forwards until I’m lying face down on the floor. I feel something attached to the back of the corset and then feel my captor’s hand on my right ankle. He removes the hobble and draws my ankle up towards my knee. I groan as this places stress on the back of my knee and thigh. Just as I think I can’t take any more, my captor secures my ankle to the corset with a chain. He repeats the process with my other ankle. Now I’m face down on the floor with my wrists secured behind my back and my legs bend & bound in place. I feel something being slid up over my hands & arms, ending just below the shoulders. It seems to be a solid length of leather which my captor proceeds to tighten until my arms are held rigid. Then I hear an electric hum and feel myself being raised off the floor. When my captor is satisfied, I stop moving upwards. I feel something snugly encircle each of my thighs and then they’re pulled apart & secured. My pussy and ass are now completely exposed. Next, a hood is drawn over my head and secured over the collar. I feel my head drawn back until my face is upright.

I hear a door open and footsteps enter, many sets of footsteps. I can distinguish high heeled shoes amongst the footsteps and my heart sinks as I realise that once again I have been exposed in the presence of women.

I hear my captor’s distorted voice address those gathered. “We have here fresh material to work with,” he began. “As you can see, the subject is now suitably prepared. I invite you to inspect her.”

The footsteps move closer. Hands start exploring my pussy and ass. I feel my pussy lips being parted and fingers exploring their folds. Another hand moves over my mound and exposes my clit. Yet other hands part my ass cheeks and I feel something being inserted.

“Well, the endoscope reveals that the subject is indeed clean,” I hear a female voice state.

The hand on my clit continues to rub & tease it.

“The clit is nicely available now” a male voice commented.

Another voice spoke up beside me. “As is the pussy. Nice, clean area. Excellent view is now afforded.

I heard my captor’s modified voice once again.

“It is time the subject learned her most important lesson,” he said. “She has been told that she now exists only to serve and provide pleasure for me. Please feel free to use her and make your observations to me as to how you feel she performs. I shall be watching and making my own judgements. I have, however, one stipulation. No cock is allowed access to her ass and ladies, that also means strap-ons!”

A murmur of disappointment ran through the room but it was brief. My captor was obviously well respected by the people in the room.

The fingers stroking my pussy started to slip inside my pussy, sliding in and out. Another pair of hands started to pinch & twist my nipples, making me gasp.

“Hmm, nice reactions!” a male voice commented.

“I should say!” said a voice down near my hips. “Try those nipples again!”

The hands started to pinch and twist my nipples again, getting progressively harder. I groan in pain.

“My god, look at the response!” the voice at my hips exclaims. “Her pussy’s getting wet!”

“Let’s see what happens when we stimulate her clit,” another male voice said.

The fingers at my clit started to rub, pinch & tease. They employed a variety of techniques, keeping up the pressure. Pretty soon my body was writhing & swaying in its chains.

“Check her reactions,” said the same male voice.

“Oh she’s a horny little slut, isn’t she?” a female voice exclaimed. “Her pussy’s dripping wet!”

“Well in that case,” said the male voice who had been giving the suggestions,” and I felt my hips grabbed in a pair of firm hands. A large cock forced its way into my pussy, although to my shame, it was not difficult to do as it was already sopping wet. “I don’t see why you should get all the fun,” said another male voice, and after all, we’re supposed to be evaluating her!

My head is grabbed and I’m ordered to open my mouth. I try to keep it closed but a hand pinches my nipples and when I open my mouth to gasp, a cock forces its way inside. I’m now being fucked at both ends, cocks thrusting into my mouth and pussy hard and fast. The two men fucking me settle into a rhythm. The man fucking my pussy pushes me against the man fucking my mouth, forcing his cock even deeper into my throat.

“Mmm, I have an idea,” said a female voice. “Bring that padded bench over here.”

I hear something being dragged across the room and movement underneath me, then I feel a hot mouth fasten onto my clit. It starts to suck and bite my clit. The combination of everything starts driving me towards an orgasm. Suddenly I hear my captor’s voice bark out.

“Remember what you’ve been told! You are not allowed to cum unless I give you permission!”

“Oh how delightful,” a female voice gloated. “I keep forgetting that the new subjects don’t know how to behave! There’s one more place we haven’t used and I’m dying to take advantage of our hosts invitation.”

I’m trying to concentrate on fending off the tremors shooting through my body. I know I should be fighting and I know that my captor doesn’t really own my body, but I’m afraid of the consequences of disobedience. I feel slim fingers massaging my asshole. One by one they slowly slip inside and the woman starts to fuck my ass. She is obviously an expert as despite my good intentions, my body is inexorable rising towards orgasm.

“Everyone stop what they’re doing!” my captor’s voice barked out.

Instantly obedient, everyone stopped, leaving me hovering on the edge.

I can’t suppress a moan of frustration from escaping my lips. There is an air of expectancy in the room, everyone waiting for my captor’s next words. He waits until my body slowly returns to normal, or at least as normal as it can be, strung up & swaying above the floor with my arms & legs bound in demanding positions. I hear footsteps approach & circle me. A finger lightly rubs over my nipples, eliciting a moan from me as their touch sends a shiver of pleasure through my body. The fingers move down and lightly stroke between my wet pussy lips & over my clit. Again I can’t help but moan. The light touch is in complete contrast to the pounding I’ve just been subjected to. The fingers continue their feather light strokes and I squirm as the sensations start to once again rise in my body. I feel fingers slipping inside my pussy, slowly sliding in and out. The fingers crook and I gasp as they find my G-spot. Now there’s a thumb rubbing my clit and another hand starts to pinch & twist my nipples, gently. This slow manipulation is driving me wild! My body is aching and once again tremors are starting to run through it. This continues until I’m hovering on the edge of orgasm. The slow stimulation has brought me to this point but is not quite enough to push me over and for the third time that morning I’m left trembling with sexual frustration! I hear my captor’s voice speaking.

“You want do cum, don’t you, you little whore?” he says.

I try to shake my head in denial but his hands start working on me again and I’m betrayed by the moan that escapes my lips.

“I asked you a question,” my captor barks. “Do you want to cum?”

His fingers are still working on my body, keeping me on the edge. Desperately, I try to nod my head.

“Then you will have to beg me to permit you. Do you understand?”

I freeze. I’m an assertive and independent woman. I’ve never begged for anything in my life and to do so now for something as private as this, in front of multiple witnesses is humiliating in the extreme!

“I said, do you understand, you little whore?” he barked.

Finally, I nod my head.

“Very well. You may beg your Master to allow you to cum and perhaps I will be lenient!” he says.

Trying to hold onto whatever shred of dignity I have left, I quietly ask his permission to cum. “Not good enough!” is his reply. “Say it like you mean it and loudly enough for everyone to hear!”

“Please let me cum!” I say more loudly.

“You will address me correctly at all times,” he barks. “You are my slave for the duration of your captivity and as such I am to be addressed as Master! Do NOT forget that. ANY sign of disrespect or disobedience will be punished, I can assure you!”

I close my eyes against the humiliation and swallow hard before speaking.

“Please Master, let me cum,” I say.

“Louder” is his response.

“Please, Master, I’m begging you, please let me cum!” I repeat in a louder voice.

“So you admit that you’re a horny little slut?” he asks.

“Yes, Master” I reply, knowing I have no choice but to answer in the affirmative if I am to be allowed the release my body craves.

I moan as I feel his hands leave my body. Again my mouth is forced open and a thick cock thrusts inside. Another cock drives into my pussy and I feel a hot mouth fix itself onto my clit. I groan at the sudden assault but there is more to come as a woman’s fingers insert themselves into my ass. These people have obviously worked with each other for a long time as they quickly settle into a rhythm that has my body pulsating and driving towards orgasm. I hear my captor’s voice near my ear as I reach fever pitch.

“Hold it back!” he demands and I groan.

My body is shuddering and I don’t know if I can obey him.

“I said hold it! You will NOT cum until I tell you. You will cum at my command and ONLY at my command. NOW HOLD IT!!”

I desperately try to obey, imposing mental control on my wayward body. The desire to cum is now so strong that it’s painful.

I feel fingers grip my nipples and as they pinch down hard, I hear my captor’s voice commanding me to cum. The pain from my nipples is enough to overwhelm the mental restraints I tried to impose on my body and with a shudder, my body succumbs to a powerful orgasm. The cocks inside my mouth and pussy also seem to pulsate as they shoot their cum into me.

As I start to descend from my climax I’m vaguely away of bodies moving away from me and the bench being moved but am startled when I feel pressure at my asshole. I groan as I feel a hard cock forcing its way inside of me. Hard hands grip my hips, pulling my body down onto his shaft, slowly at first until I can feel his balls pressing against my ass cheeks. Once he is sure my passage can accommodate him fully, he starts to thrust in & out, gradually increasing in speed and intensity. I feel fingers start to pinch and twist my nipples and another reaches under me and starts to stimulate my clit. I’m quickly driven towards another orgasm. Just in time, I remember that I have to beg my captor for permission to cum.

“Please Master, I need to cum!” I cry out.

“No!” I hear him say from behind me. “You will cum when I tell you to and not before!”

The cock pounding my ass increases its speed & intensity. The hands are now dragging me back hard, forcing his cock deeper inside me. Imprisoned in my chains, I cannot escape my captor as he fucks my ass, or the hands that torture my nipples and stimulate my clit. My body starts to shake and once again I beg my captor to let me cum.

“Please, Master, I can’t hold out any longer!” I cry. “Please, I’m begging you to let me cum!”

“Not yet!” he growls. “You will have to learn control if you want to leave here, and you will NOT leave here unless I am certain you have learned your place!”

I can feel tears dripping down the inside of the hood. I know I’m not going to be able to hold out for much longer! The fingers on my nipples give a particularly hard pinch and crying out I lose control and cum. I cum so hard that to my acute shame and embarrassment, I also lose control of my bladder and hot, golden liquid gushes to the floor.

I hear a groan as my captor buries his cock deeply in my ass and pumps his hot seed into me. As he withdraws, he grabs my pussy, shoving his fingers roughly inside, and whilst holding me in place, he pounds my ass with his hand, landing blow after blow until I’m sobbing in pain.

“You were told not to cum unless I give you permission!” he growled. “You were warned you would be punished if you disobey my orders. You were told that I insist that my slaves and my environment are kept clean. You came without permission and pee’d on the floor like a common animal. Therefore, you will be punished. What you felt just now is only a taste of what you will experience later!”

I’m lowered to the floor, my thighs resting in warm liquid. My face is flaming hot with embarrassment and I’m actually grateful to be hooded as it hides my shame. My legs are released from their straps but are immediately spread wide and I can feel them being locked to the floor. My arms are also removed from the leather sleeve, unlocked, spread wide and then locked down. I’m left, lying in my own pee as voices discuss me overhead.

“Her nipples are nice and large and remarkably sensitive!” I hear a male voice say. “They have a direct connection to her pussy. This raises some interesting possibilities. I wonder if she can be made to cum purely by nipple stimulation?”

“It’s a shame about her clit,” a female voice remarks. “Very small & difficult to work with. This needs to be addressed over the next few days!”

“Good breasts,” says another male voice. “Large and well formed. A pleasure to see breasts such as these that are completely natural! They look particularly pleasing when tightly bound as they are today!”

“I think she will be a problem,” came a sharp female voice. “She’s proud & stubborn. She won’t bend easily. She may have to be broken!”

“That decision will be mine,” my captor’s voice said harshly. “You obviously have a problem with this subject so I won’t be requiring your presence any longer!”

“Her ass is delightful,” said the voice of the woman I recognised as having finger fucked me there. “She is obviously not used to it, but I can tell that once she is properly trained, she will be extremely accommodating!”

The discussion ran on along these lines for a long time with various people arguing with each other over the best ways to proceed. Then the voices moved to the other side of the room and I could no longer hear them. I could only dread what they might be discussing. Eventually, I heard multiple footsteps leave the room. Two pairs, however, approach me and I can hear the sound of something rolling. I feel my arms being unlocked and brought down to my sides where they are once more locked into position. My ankles are also unlocked by held by a firm pair of hands as I am once more raised into the air. Something is slid underneath me and I’m lowered onto a hard, metal surface. I feel the cable being detached and then both sets of hands turn me so that I’m lying on my back.

There is a click as I feel each ankle being locked down. I then feel wide leather straps being fastened tightly around each of my thighs. I sigh in relief as I feel the cables encircling my breasts loosen. They’re not removed completely, but now act more to prevent my breasts sagging rather than the severe confinement that has made them sore & swollen. I hear movement near my head and then a wide strap is placed over my forehead and tightened until I cannot move my head. My jaw is gripped and a ball gag is forced into my mouth. I feel it being drawn tight until there is no way I can dislodge it. I’m now held completely immobile. There is a click and I feel my legs being pulled widely apart. Just when I feel I’m about to be split in two, there are another pair of clicks and the motion stops.

I feel sudden pain as my inner labia lips are clamped and then feel them being pulled outwards. What I cannot see is that there are thin, strong cables running from the clamps, which my captor’s now attach to the thigh cuffs. They tighten them until there is a constant drag on my labia. I feel another sharp pain in my clitoral hood. My captors attach two small clamps, again with thin cables, which they secure to rings embedded in the corset. This pulls the hood up and exposes my clit. Finally, I feel fingers start to rub & tease my clit until it starts to engorge. The fingers pull away to be replaced with something cool & circular which surrounds my clit.

Fingers grab my nipples and start pinching and teasing them. Still sensitive from their treatment earlier, its takes little time before they are hard & erect. I cry out against the gag as pain shoots through them. Nipple clamps have been attached to the base of each. My captors are not yet done, however, as I feel my the clamps pull upwards until my nipples are distended & taught. I cannot see that cables are attached to the clamps which have then been attached to a hook above me.

I hear a hissing sound and feel intense suction around my clit. It lasts for what seems to be ages before releasing. The pressure stays off for a while and then once again the suction starts. A pair of footsteps walks away and then I hear my captor’s voice in my ear.

“While most of your body is pleasing, your clit is too small and displeases me,” he says. You have been connected to a machine that will gradually increase the size of your clit until I am satisfied with its size. As any motion might dislodge the suction device, you have been immobilised and encouraged not to move by the placing of clamps. I assure you that if you do try to move, the results will not be pleasant!”

I can barely registered his words as my nipples are in so much pain, but what he says next shocks me to attention.

“Now you may be wondering why you have been brought here,” he says, “especially as you have only just arrived in Australia. Let me assure you that I am intimately familiar with you and your life. I regularly browse through the stories on, especially those dealing with non-consensual scenes. Both your stories grabbed my attention. Your writing is vivid and once I had read them I decided that I would possess you. After all, you write so descriptively about the treatment of the slaves/subs that I decided you should experience them first hand. Everything about your stories screams out that your true nature is submissive and I intend to strip everything away from you until you cannot deny the truth!”

I feel my body go cold with shock & dread. My stories are pretty extreme and whilst writing them turned me on, they were intended as pure fantasy and in no way had I ever wanted to go through such experiences myself!

My captor’s voice shook me out of my shock.

“I started making plans for you a long time ago,” he said. “I have a friend who is a genius hacker and it was no problem for him to find out who you really were. Before long I knew where you lived, where you worked and my friend installed snooping software to track your movements. I started making plans to get you into my power. I was completely prepared to hire a jet in order to bring you here so imagine my pleasure when I found out that you were actually planning to emigrate to Australia. It was as if fate also agreed that you should be mine. After that, it was a simple matter to find out when you would be arriving in Australia and where you would be staying. And now, you are mine and will experience everything you have written about!”

With that he turned and I could hear him cross the room, a door opened and closed and I was left, immobile on the metal gurney, my nipples pulled taught and with my clit being assaulted by the suction device.

My mind was spinning in a frenzy. I had been coolly and efficiently stalked and the knowledge that my every movement had been tracked was paralyzing! I had never thought, when I started writing, that this would be the result of my stories!

Time seems suspended as the suction pump implacably works on my clit. All I am aware of is my clit growing more sensitive as the pain in my nipples and labia lips becomes a constant throb. Finally I hear a door open and footsteps approach. The clamps are pulled off my nipples and I cry out against the gag as pain floods into them with the return of sensation. The clamps on my labia dig in as my body bucks upwards in reaction. A hand pushes me back down and fingers inspect my pussy. To my shame I can feel the sudden rush of moistness between my labia, clear indication that the pain in my nipples has sparked a sexual response. I feel the suction on my clit cease and the cylinder is pulled away. Fingers move over my clit, making me cry out as they inspect the over-sensitised area.

Another set of footsteps enters the room and stops beside me. I recognise the male voice when it speaks as the one who had suggested experimenting with making me cum by nipple stimulation alone.

“Is she ready?” the voice asks.

“Not yet,” I hear my captor reply. “We won’t get accurate results with her in this state. Let’s get her back to the room & I’ll see she recovers sufficiently to be used later.”

I cry out again as the clamps are pulled from my labia, then feel the thigh straps being removed. My legs are moved back together and my ankles are unlocked as is the strap holding down my head. Finally the ball gag is removed and I am lifted from the gurney.

“Please don’t do this to me!” I cry. “Please don’t turn me into Kristy. I won’t be able to take what has been done to her!”

I’m prevented from saying more as the ball gag is once more forced into my mouth & secured.

“Did I give you permission to speak?” my captor asked?

I try to shake my head, both in response to his question and to try & emphasise what I had been trying to say.

“I think you are a liar,” he continued. “You’re lying to me and you’re lying to yourself. You would not have written so vividly if you could not identify with what was happening. In addition, as my property you have no rights whatsoever. You will do as I say, you will be used as I dictate and I will decide how you are to be treated and what you will be subjected to. If you are sensible, you will decide to obey me of your own free will. If you do, things will be easier for you and I will allow you to experience pleasure as well as pain. If you do not, I will ensure that your training focuses only on pain until you will not be able to cum UNLESS it is through pain! I will turn you into a pain slut — a whore for whom pleasure will no longer be enough to achieve orgasm. Do I make myself clear?”

I frantically nod my head to show I understand.

“Good.” My captor says. “I believe we are making progress! Do you understand your place now?”

I nod my head. I can do nothing else. The steel in his voice made it very clear that if I don’t willingly submit to him, then by the time he releases me, I will be unrecognisable as the independent, slightly sexually repressed woman that I used to be!

“Excellent! He says. “Now I will allow you a rest period before this afternoon.”

I’m carried back to the other room and placed on the bed, face up. I feel a tug at my neck and realise that the collar has been attached to the bed by a short leash, preventing me from moving around. I feel a sharp sting in my arm and slip into a deep sleep.

When I awake I realise that my captor has removed the corset, the hood and the gag, although there is still a blindfold in place. My waist and ribs are sore from being so tightly confined. I don’t know how long I’ve been asleep but I’m hungry and thirsty, although to my surprise, I seem to feel completely refreshed!

I hear someone enter the room and stand beside me.

“Are you going to behave?” my captor asks.

I nod my head. “Yes…….Master” I hear myself say.

“Very good, maybe you are learning your place!” he replies.

I feel my wrists being clipped together in front of me and then movement at my collar. Suddenly the tension on my neck is released and my captor helps me to sit up. I feel a straw being placed at my lips and eagerly drink the cool liquid. It has a slightly lemony taste which I find refreshing. My captor waits until I have finished drinking before starting to speak.

“Are you ready to accept that you are now my slave?” he asked me.

I nod my head. After all, it has been made very obvious that I will not be allowed to escape!

“Good! In time, and if you obey every command I give, you will be asked another question,” he continued. “You will be asked if you choose to be my submissive, of your own free will. Should your answer be yes, you will be taught how to experience ultimate pleasure without any inhibitions as you will be cumming for your Master’s pleasure and at his command. You will be shown many routes to that pleasure and you will be carefully trained to take full advantage. You will also be given your freedom, on the understanding that you regard your external surroundings as an extension of this residence. Your apartment will be carefully chosen for you and will be monitored carefully. You will dress only in what is pleasing to me and you will return to my side instantly whenever I call. You will be given a discreet collar which you will wear at all times. Should your answer be no, then you will be kept here indefinitely. You will become no more than a sexual slave. You will not be allowed to cum as you will be kept on a constant regime of drugs that will deny you that release. Your body will be used for others’ pleasure — men and women. You will service whoever demands it and you will no longer have me overseeing your treatment. I warn you that you have already made one enemy here who sees you as a threat! She will be allowed access to you that for now I have denied as I do not want you damaged. So when asked, choose carefully!”

The choices my captor had laid out for me were in stark contrast. One offered the hope of escaping not only my captivity but also the powerful, self-imposed boundaries that I now knew were denying me the peaks of pleasure. The other brought visions of me bound in place as my body was constantly used and abused with no-one around to call a halt if it looked like I was being damaged!

As my thoughts turned inwards to contemplate my possible fates, I became aware of an urgent need to relieve myself. I started to squirm, trying desperately to hid this fact from my captor, but he must have been waiting for this moment.

“What is wrong, slave?” he asks.

“I need to relieve myself, Master” I reply.

“As a slave you are not allowed to use evasive language,” is his response. “Tell me clearly what it is that is wrong.”

Hanging my head in shame I replied. “I need to pee, Master,” I said.

“Get up & turn around,” my captor ordered.

I obey as quickly as I can. As soon as my back is turned to him, my blindfold is removed. My head is pulled back and one hand holds each eyelid open as once again liquid is dropped into each eye, blurring my vision.

“Bend over and place your hands on the bed” is my next instruction.

I comply and felt my ankles being hobbled once more.

“Get up and follow me to the bathroom,” my captor orders.

I shuffle slowly in his wake, hampered by both the hobble and the fact that I could see nothing other than vague shapes. I know I’m in the bathroom only by the fact that I feel cold tiles underneath my feet. Impatient, my captor grabs me by the throat and pushes me into the shower. He loosens the hobble and commands me to spread my legs. I obey.

“Now you will pee,” he tells me. “And I’m warning you if you don’t obey me immediately, I will ensure that you cannot pee for the rest of today, and that will cause you extreme discomfort!”

My face flushes red in embarrassment, but I know I have no choice but to obey. I concentrate on relaxing my muscles and soon a flood of warm golden urine rushes out of me.

“Well done,” my captor says. “You are learning. You must understand that everything you do from now on is controlled by me. You will pee only in my presence and if I allow you to do so. You will be given enemas to ensure you are always clean for my use and again these will be conducted in my presence. You will only be allowed to release at my command and I expect you to learn to control and hold everything in until given my command. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” I say.

I see him move closer and he raises my wrists over my head, securing them in place. He drags my feet further apart and I can feel the cuffs being attached to something. I hear the sound of running water and then flinch as a hard jet of water hits my body.

“As you behaved like an animal this morning, I am treating you like an animal!” my captor told me. “You exhibited a complete lack of control and disobeyed my direct orders. I told you that I will not tolerate anything other than a clean slave and environment and so now I must hose you down to restore that cleanliness!”

He plays the strong jet of water over my body for what seems like hours. By the time he has finished, I’m shuddering with cold. He brings my wrists down but continues to pull on them until I’m forced to bend over. Finally, when my head is level with my knees, the pressure stops and a click indicates that my wrists have been locked to the floor. I hear more water running and then slippery fingers circle and enter my asshole, withdrawing only to be replaced with a nozzle. I know what is coming next and sure enough, warm water starts flowing into my anal passage. This time the flow continues for far longer than it had this morning and I can feel my belly swelling. I whimper in pain but by now know enough not to protest as it will only bring me punishment, not relief. By the time the water stops flowing, I’m in agony.

“Hold it in,” my captor commands.

I do my best but can’t prevent a small amount from squirting out.

“Very well. As you cannot control yourself, I will impose control upon you,” he says and I feel my ass stretched as he inserts a solid rubber butt plug. This one is larger than the one he used this morning and just adds to my agony.

“You will think on your actions while I go and attend to a few things,” he tells me and I hear his footsteps cross both rooms and a door opens and closes.

I do not know that he is closely monitoring me and now I start to cry. The enema he’s giving me has filled me so full that it is agonising. The need to expel everything is acute but thanks to the plug lodged inside me, I can do nothing but suffer. I don’t know how long I’m left in this state but by the time my captor returns my body is stiff and cramping. He finally releases me from my bound position but tells me to kneel on the floor of the shower.

“You will service me with your mouth,” he tells me. “If you do a good job, you will be allowed the release you crave.”

I bring my bound wrists up and guide his cock into my mouth. I’m heartened by the fact that it is already semi-hard. I bend all my attention to his cock. I have been told in the past that I give good oral and concentrate on this fact as I work on my captor. I bring every trick I know to bear. Holding the base of his shaft firmly between my hands I slowly start licking from its base to its tip, swirling my tongue around at the very tip, darting it into the opening, then back out. I continue this for a while until I feel his cock hardening. With the shaft well lubricated by my tongue, I now attempt to bring my hands into play. He grabs me by my hair and pulls me away.

“I told you to service me with your mouth!” he says. “Did I say anything about using your hands?”

“No, Master,” I reply quietly.

“From now on, you do what you have been ordered to do and ONLY what you have been ordered to do, am I making myself clear?”

“Yes, Master,” I tell him.

“Very well, you may continue,” he says, “but ONLY with your mouth!”

Now I’m worried. Before I have always used a combination of my hands and mouth to bring my partner off. Now half of that combination has been denied to me and I don’t know if I’m going to be good enough!

Once more I turn my attention to his cock. Now using only my tongue, lips and mouth, I work up and down his shaft, tongue flicking and licking, taking only the tip of his cock into my mouth at first. As he stiffens further, I open my mouth wider and take him deeper inside. I hold him there as I use my tongue to circle the head of his cock, flicking it, tasting the drop of pre-cum that trembles at its tip. His hands descend to grip my head, twisting themselves into my hair, holding me firmly in position. He starts to thrust his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth until his cock hits the back of my throat. I try to remember what I did earlier that morning and concentrate on opening my throat wider. I must have succeeded as I hear him groan as his cock lodges deeper inside. I struggle for air as he keeps it there for what seems to be an eternity before pulling back slightly and allowing me to gasp a breath. Again and again he thrusts into me. I can feel my throat swell against my collar as his cock buries itself deep. He starts to thrust harder and faster. All I can do now is passively accept the pounding of his cock and try to keep my throat as open as possible.

My belly is cramping in agony but I desperately try to focus on pleasing my captor, knowing this is the only way to get relief. I groan in pain and this seems to have a pleasing effect on him. His cock throbs and pulses. He buries it deeply down my throat cutting off all air as he pumps his hot seed into me. I panic as my body grows desperate for air and try to struggle but his hands grip my hair painfully and hold me in place as load after load of hot cum is pumped down my throat. I desperately swallow, which has the effect of taking his cock even further down and I’m rewarded by his groan above me. Finally, just when I’m scared I’ll pass out, he withdraws his cock. He wipes it across my face and tells me to clean him off and to do a good job. Dizzy from the lack of oxygen, I nevertheless obey him and make sure every last drop of cum is licked from his cock. As my vision is still blurred, I do this by taste alone.

“Very good,” my captor tells me. “It seems my new whore has a talented mouth. I shall have to remember to make use of it often.”

My body is trembling as the agony in my belly intensifies. My captor notices.

“What’s wrong, slave?” he asks.

“Please, Master, I need to relieve myself. My belly is in agony!”

“I told you before, slave. You are only allowed to speak plainly. Now tell me again, clearly, what do you need?”

I swallow against humiliation. I never speak of what I need to do in anything other than polite allusions but I know I have no choice if I want to get rid of the agony flaring through me.

“Please Master, I need to crap,” I say, with my face flaming red.

My captor takes his time before replying, watching as I squirm in acute discomfort.

“Very well, stand up,” he commands.

I obey and he pushes me backwards until once again I’m standing in the shower. He slowly pulls the plug out of my ass and a trickle of liquid follows.

“Hold it in!” he commands.

Despite the agony, I somehow find the will and tighten my sphincter, cutting off the flow. My captor pulls my legs apart once more and starts to rub my clit. I moan as his actions distract me but manage to somehow keep my asshole closed. He continues to rub my clit for a few more seconds before finally telling me to release. By now I’m so desperate to ease the agony in my belly that I don’t care that he’s watching me perform my most private actions. All I can think about is the relief I feel as the liquid gushes out of me. It takes a long time before the flow stops and by the time I’m finished, I’m shaking in reaction.

My captor tells me to bend over and in a daze, I obey him. He inserts first one then two fingers into my aching ass, swirling them around and gently pumping them in and out. As he does this, his other hand works on my clit until I start to moan in desire. I feel his fingers withdraw only to be replaced by his cock as he slowly pushes into me. I’m amazed to feel that once again he is hard! He keeps one hand rubbing my clit as he pumps his cock in & out of my ass. Much to my surprise, I feel my body start to respond. Again he increases the force and speed of his penetration, his hand on my clit is now pinching and rubbing hard. I can’t help myself and try to push myself back towards my captor, wanting more of him inside me, craving a release that I can only vaguely comprehend may be possible in this way. His other hand slaps my ass as he tells me to stay still. I force my body to stillness and try to relax as his cock starts pounding into me. I’m shocked & amazed as I feel my body start to spiral up towards a climax! Desperately I cry out.

“Please Master, may I cum?” I ask.

“How do you want to cum?” is his response.

I now know what I have to say.

“Please Master, fuck my ass hard and make me cum!” I cry.

“Beg for it, you little whore. Tell me you’re a dirty little slut who wants her Master to ream her ass!” he tells me.

As he speaks, he continues to pound into me, his hand working my clit like the expert he is. I’m on the brink of orgasm and know I have to resist until he gives me permission to cum!

“Please Master, I’m a dirty slut who wants her Master to ream her ass. Please! I beg you Master, let me cum!”

“You may cum when I tell you to and not before, do you understand?” he tells me.

By now I’m so desperate to cum that I’ll agree to anything.

“Yes Master!” I say.

“Very well. Now control yourself,” he tells me.

I bite my lip and desperately try to stave off the impending orgasm as he continues to pound into my ass. Then he slows down and rests his cock inside and stops the motion of his fingers. He stays like this for several moments and I start to descend from the edge but as I do so he begins again. He repeats this process several times, each time stopping just as I’m at the edge of orgasm. By now my whole body is quivering with white hot heat. Finally, he pulls my body hard against him, driving his cock deep into my anal passage. At the same time he pinches my clit hard and orders me to cum. I respond without thinking and my body shudders as an intense orgasm rolls over me. My captor holds me in place until the tremors die down and I’m gasping for air.

“Well done!” he tells me. “Now can you see the rewards for obedience?”

I nod my head. “Yes, Master,” I say shakily.

I had never thought that an orgasm could be achieved through anal sex, let along one that strong. I was beginning to realise that obedience did, in fact, reap major rewards.

My captor led me back to the bed. “Can I trust you to stay in place if I leave you to rest?” he asks me.

“Yes Sir,” I reply. As I lie back on the bed he replaces the blindfold over my eyes.

“Get some sleep,” he tells me. “You still have a long day ahead of you!”

With that I hear his footsteps cross the room, followed by the door opening & closing. I hear a click as a key is turned in the lock. Exhausted, I slowly drift down into a refreshing sleep.

I’m woken by the sound of the door opening. Footsteps cross the room and stop beside the bed.

“Good, I see you’re awake” says my captor. “You must learn positions by their number and assume them immediately whenever ordered to do so. Do you understand?

“Yes Master,” I reply.

“I want you to assume position 1. When I give you this command you are to kneel on the floor with your knees wide apart, and place your hands behind your head.” He tells me. “Now, assume position 1,” he barks.

I slip off the bed and kneel on the floor with my hands behind my head. He moves in front of me and I feel his hands spreading my knees wider. By the time he’s finished, I can feel that my pussy is completely exposed.

“Learn that position!” my captor commands. “Your knees were too close together. I do not expect to have to place them correctly again, do I make myself clear?”

I nod my head. “Yes Master,” I say.

His hand moves between my legs and he slides his fingers through my pussy lips and across my clit.

“This is why you must always have your knees spread,” he explains. “You are to afford your Master easy access to your body at all times, even when kneeling.”

“When I tell you to assume position two, you will lean forward, place your head on the floor, place your hands on your ass cheeks and pull them apart.” He continues. “Assume position 2!”

Reluctantly, I lean forward and do as he says. It is humiliating to spread myself like this but I know I have no option. I feel his hands on mine and he pulls my ass cheeks wider.

“Again, unsatisfactory!” he says. “You must pull your cheeks as far apart as possible, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Master,” I reply.

I feel his fingers working around my asshole and flinch as he inserts one into me. He withdraws it and spanks my exposed pussy, hard.

“You will submit to me willingly or run the risk that I will change my mind about offering you a choice!” he warns.

His finger returns to my asshole and I try to relax as he pushes it inside. A second finger joins the first and he gently pumps them in & out of my ass.

“That’s better,” he comments. “If you relax, you will learn to enjoy it. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that my little whore was begging me to fuck her in the ass, now was it?”

We had been relaxing on the back porch for a little while; idle chit-chat here and there. Jen’s hand never left my package for a second, just enjoying the beautiful day when I heard a car pull up out front. Jen glanced at me with a look of concern, but I reassured her she was perfectly fine where she was so she just curled back into me and stayed put. She already trusted me completely. I knew my friend Dave had been planning to come over at some point this weekend to discuss some sort of new business proposition in which he was hoping to include me. When I heard the door to the car shut, I just yelled, “come on around back, Dave. I’m on the porch.”

I looked back at Jen, “Dave’s a nice guy, you’ll like him. But you know you need to be a good girl while he’s here, right?” She nodded, and I knew she understood to stay quiet and do what I tell her.

Dave came around the side of the house and up on the porch. “Morning, Matt. Oh hey, I didn’t know you had company.”

“Hey Dave, good to see you man. Yeah, this is Jen. She’s staying with me for the weekend, maybe longer.” I said with a smile and a quick glance at Jen. She just smiled back at me and turned to Dave to say “hi”. I felt her hand grasp a little more firmly on my bulge and knew she was perfectly comfortable and right where she wanted to be.

I’ve known Dave since I started working construction right after high school. He’s was always a great guy to work with; driven, diligent, one of those guys who was always the first to arrive and the last to leave a site. Needless to say, he didn’t have much of a personal life. As hardworking as he is, he tends to be a little bit of a bore when it came to hanging out outside of work, and I never knew him to have much success with the ladies. His dedication to the job meant that he moved up in the company we worked for pretty quickly and eventually took part ownership. I was happy for him and glad to have someone so close to the industry when I needed some extra work. At any rate, he was one of my best friends, we always had each other’s backs, and since he was single he was good for having a drink or watching a game.

Because we’d been close for so long, he was well aware of my relationships and how they worked, so what he witnessed when he walked up on that porch came as no surprise to him. Though he’d never come out and said it, I knew that a part of him enjoyed it when he got to witness one of my trysts; since relationships were few and far between for him, he tended to live vicariously through me and maybe a part of him even got off on it.

As it turned out, Dave had come over to discuss business and a new opportunity that had come up and thought I might want to be a part of. After a few minutes of chatting, I looked at Jen and told her to go make some more coffee and bring a cup for Dave and myself. She smiled at the opportunity to serve me in any capacity and so she headed inside to put on more coffee. With Jen out of range, Dave took the opportunity to ask about her.

“So where’d you find this one? She seems just your type, Matt.”

“Yeah, she’s been pretty great so far, still has some learning to do, but she seems pretty eager. I actually met her in class, we’re working on a project together.” I told him.

“Oh wow, so she hasn’t been around long then. I’m surprised, with the state you two were in and her clear obsession with you and your junk, I figured she’d been around awhile.”

I let out a little laugh, “Ha, yeah, she’s definitely got all the right moves. I’d apologize for the state we were in when you came over, but I knew you wouldn’t mind, and frankly I’m really not sorry. When a girl’s so ready to serve, I’m certainly not going to deny her!”

Dave let out a big laugh at the one. “I bet you won’t, you lucky son of a bitch! Listen, you do what you gotta do. Don’t let me stop you. As long as we can get our business done, I’ll be outta your hair as soon as I can.”

“I hear ya,” I replied. “Speaking of, tell me a little more about how you see this working around my current schedule. I’ll be taking a full load of classes next semester and a few during the summer too. Will that work out okay?”

Just then, Jen walked back outside, with two fresh cups of coffee. She was still in the robe, but I noticed the top was open a little wider than before. I wasn’t sure if it had opened on it’s own, or if she just wanted to show off a little, now that she had an audience. Either way, she looked great. She handed the mugs to each of us and I looked up at her, “why don’t you take a seat in your favorite spot?” I noticed Dave grinned a little, but she obediently knelt right down on the deck without hesitation and got comfortable in between my legs. For the next several minutes, he and I talked, and Jen gently rubbed my leg with her hand, slowly making her way up my inner thigh and eventually back to the place she loved so much. She sat there, contentedly massaging my bulge with her head resting back on my leg, while she stared directly at my manhood. I didn’t have to look at her to know she was in heaven.

Dave and I continued chatting for a little while and I felt the conversation starting to wrap up. I placed my hand on the back of Jen’s head and pushed her face into my crotch. She, of course, understood and started licking and kissing my bulge all over the fabric of my briefs. As that was happening, Dave stood to shake my hand and head out. “Good seeing you man, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I look forward to hearing your decision with the new project. Nice to meet you too Jen.”

Jen didn’t move, but just nodded her head as I gently pushed on the back of her head. “See ya later Dave. I’ll give you a call after I think it over.”

Dave left and I sat back in my chair to enjoy the rest of my coffee and Jen’s service on my package. This was turning out to be a perfect Saturday. A woman bowing to my every whim. A beautiful, quiet morning. And a pretty fantastic job offer in the works. Maybe I am just a lucky son of a bitch like Dave said.

A little while later, I noticed the sun was starting to pass over head. We’d been out on the porch longer than I realized. Jen was still nuzzling up to me when I looked down and said, “Hey, I know you’re enjoying yourself down there, but it’s after noon and we left your car at the bar last night. Think maybe we ought to head back and pick it up?”

She looked up at me with a smirk, “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

“Ha, I realize that and I’m completely with you there, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to take a little time out to go get your car. Besides, I have a couple things I need to get done today anyway.”

She put on a pouty face. “All right. I guess I’ll go get dressed. Can you stay in what you’re wearing though?” She said with a smile and a pleading tone.

“I’m not really sure that would go over too well if we get pulled over. But I appreciate the effort.” I told her with a wink. “Now go upstairs and get your clothes and we’ll head out in a few minutes.

She stood up and I smacked her ass as she headed inside. I finished the last few sips of my coffee, called the dog in, and headed in to get dressed myself. I just put on one of my workout shirts with the sleeves and sides cut off and pulled on some gym shorts over my briefs, slid on some sneakers and I was ready. We got in the truck and before I even had the key in the ignition, Jen had leaned over and had pulled my cock out of my shorts to began sucking on it. I started the car then rubbed her head and said, “That’s a good girl. I’m glad you’ve learned your place so quickly. Just stay there and enjoy, you’ve got plenty of time with my cock before we get to your car.” I heard her quiet little moans begin as I backed out and we were on our way. For the next thirty minutes, Jen’s mouth didn’t leave my cock for one second and I got to enjoy a nice quiet drive on the country roads that led back into town.

When we arrived at the bar, I practically had to pull her off of me to get her to stop sucking and take care of the task at hand. When she finally sat up, I could tell she was deep in thought.

“I don’t think I can wait to get your cock again until you’re done doing whatever you needed to do this afternoon. I want to be close to it all the time now,” she said with a bit of concern.

I was actually hoping she would say this. Not just because I like to have my dick in a mouth at all times, but she was actually a part of my ‘plans’ this afternoon. “Well, you can come with me, but what do you want to do about your car?” I asked.

She thought for a minute and finally said, “What if we drop off my car on campus, then I can just ride with you?”

Perfect response. “That works okay for me. I’ll follow, but give me a little kiss first.”

“Awesome,” she said smiling. And intuitively, she leaned back down and gave my cock a big kiss before tucking it back in my underwear and stepping out of the car.

This was going very well so far. She was turning out to be the very epitome of the woman I wanted. I had a bit of a plan for this afternoon, and her need to serve me was causing it all to fall into place. With the way things went earlier this morning, I had no doubts about how she would handle what was in store for her later in the day.

We arrived on campus within minutes and Jen headed over to the truck. She opened the passenger door, but didn’t get in right away.

“Do you mind if I head up to my room to pack a bag and change real quick? I’ll only be a few minutes.”

“Oh yeah, that’s probably a good idea. Don’t be too long.” I told her.

“No worries, I’ll be back in a few!” She quickly leaned in and kissed my bulge one last time before heading inside.

In less than 24 hours, Jen’s instincts and obsession with my cock were really proving her to be the perfect match for me. A beautiful girl who wanted nothing more than to please me; she spent the whole drive here sucking on me and she already knew that when I wanted a kiss it was to be on my cock. She got on her knees to occupy herself during my meeting with Dave, always a good sign a girl knows her place. Hell, she sucked a load of cum out of me for breakfast and hadn’t eaten since! No girl had proven that dedicated, or even close. My ‘plans,’ as I had mentioned earlier, would put her to two major tests of her devotion. If she was really the little cock obsessed slave she seemed to be, I needed to find out for sure.

Jen came back about 10 minutes later with a small suitcase, obviously she planned to be staying for a while. That made me smile to myself. She climbed in the truck, threw her suitcase in the back and without saying a word, just leaned back over and started kissing and sucking on my bulge. I pulled out of the lot and started down the street and out of town. I patted my hand back on her head and said, “Listen, not to disappoint you, but I don’t want you enjoying yourself too much right now. Just keep your head down there and enjoy being where you are.”

She paused for a moment, I could tell she was disappointed, but replied, “Yes, Sir,” and left it at that. For the next 20 minutes, she laid in my lap, nuzzling against my manhood, taking in my scent, and giving me light kisses while I drove. Finally we arrived at our destination. We were in an exclusive subdivision way on the outskirts of town. The kind with lots of “mansions” that all look basically the same, but a few on the backside that were really huge and beautiful. I was headed to the biggest one. With Jen’s face still buried in my lap, I pulled up to the driveway and I pressed the call box at the gate.

A voice came across the intercom, “Reed residence. How may I help you?”

“Yeah, this is Matt Miller for Mrs. Reed. She’s expecting me.”

A few moments later the voice came back, “Come ahead, Sir. She says to pull around to the side entrance.”

The gates opened and I pulled through. I headed up the driveway and directly to the other side of the house. I knew it well as I had been here frequently, the side entrance opened to a hallway right outside the Reeds bedroom.

I had known John Reed since I was just a kid. My father had worked for his company and he paid me to mow the lawn and do yard work when I was in middle school and high school. He was an older man, probably in his mid-sixties, who owned several different companies throughout the region. He was nice, and had treated me well. In fact, the construction company I had worked for was one of his ventures. Over the years, he had continued to call me to take care of things around the house, since he had known me so long and trusted me to be in and out of the house. He had really taken care of me, and I appreciated that.

About 8 years back, after a messy divorce from a woman who only wanted his money, he had met a woman he thought he could really settle down with. Her name was Renee, she was about 45 at the time, much closer in age to him than his previous two marriages and she really didn’t want him just for his money. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman on the planet, she had a fit, but full body, long brunette hair, and kind eyes, but she was a little plain. She was a lot of fun though and very friendly, his friends loved her, and she was great at the social functions and events they attended frequently. Despite the great relationship they had, it ultimately was a marriage of convenience. She was lonely, and he needed someone on his arm.

Just before they were to be married, Mr. Reed had contacted me about a week before the wedding to ask if I would come over to help get some things fixed up before all of the guests came in town. He said he would be out of town, but the future Mrs. Reed would be home to give me direction. I had never met her before, so I was intrigued to get to know her before the wedding. Not only that, but I was 20 at the time and could always use some extra cash, so I agreed, and showed up the next morning ready to work.

Mrs. Reed greeted me at the door and welcomed me in. I could tell I liked her the moment we met. She was just so friendly. She gave me a list and said I probably knew better than her where to find what I needed and she would leave me alone for the most part. If I did need her, she said she would either be by the pool, or reading in the bedroom, which opened to the pool.

I went about the list and got most of it done pretty quickly, in just a couple hours I had fixed faucets, touched up paint, etc. The final thing on the list was to get the pool ready to be used. It needed cleaned and that had potential to be a big job. “Great,” I thought. I wasn’t ready for that at all. All I wore that day was an old greasy wife beater and some jeans. Not prepared to get wet and work out in the heat of Summer.

I walked into the kitchen to grab something to eat and take a survey of the pool while I snacked. Mrs. Reed wasn’t out there, but the pool was a mess. Leaves, grass, it looked like it hadn’t been touched all year. It would take a while. As much as I didn’t want to, I had told Mr. Reed I’d help out all I could, so I headed outside and gathered all of the equipment I would need. Man, was it hot out there. I took off my shirt and shoes first thing. They definitely weren’t helping. I managed to get most of the leaves and shit cleaned out, but I knew I would need to get in it to really do it the way he wanted and hook up the pool-vac. Not knowing what else to do, I dropped my pants and threw them over a chair and dove in wearing just my briefs. I started to work and just as I was finishing up, Renee came out and waved and asked how it was going, not yet noticing I was practically naked. I told her it was fine as she took a seat on one of the lounges to sun herself. I finished up about 10 minutes later, got out of the pool, and began toweling off. As I was grabbing my pants, she yelled across the pool.

“Why don’t you come join me for a while? You’ve worked so hard all day, the least I can do is offer you a drink and some relaxation by the pool!” She said with a smile.

“”Umm…sure, that would be nice actually. It’s a beautiful day, and I could use a drink.” So I headed over to take a seat next to her, leaving my jeans on the chair.

“Great! What can I get you? I was just heading in to freshen up my drink.”

“A beer would be great. Whatever you have, I’m not picky. Thanks!” She headed inside and I laid back on the lounge next to hers, clasped my hands behind my head, closed my eyes and just enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my body. Honestly, at this point I hadn’t given much thought to the fact that I was wet, nearly naked, and hanging out in front of a woman who hadn’t been around a younger man in a long time. She made me feel comfortable, like a favorite aunt or something. She was so friendly, I just enjoyed the company. And at that point, I truly didn’t have a lot of experience around women so, despite being a horny 20 year old guy, I wasn’t thinking much of the situation.

I didn’t hear her walking up when she said, standing over me, “It’s nice to have a young man around here. It can get so dull during the days in this big house all alone.”

She handed me the beer and I took a swig and replied, “I can imagine. But surely you have a pretty active social life, being Mr. Reed’s future wife?”

“Ah, it can be, but most days I’m just here trying to find things to do. It’s just nice to have someone around. Especially a nice young man like yourself. And so handsome too! You must be fighting off the ladies all the time.”

I could sense her eyeing me up and down. I enjoyed the admiration, so I didn’t think much of it. “Not really. I’m not like a lot of guys my ages, actually a bit of a homebody. Kinda picky too, so I’ve just gotten used to being on my own.”

“Well clearly you’re a very confident guy. Not many young men would be so comfortable hanging out in their underwear in front of a practical stranger.” She giggled a little at that comment. “You should be though. You’ve got a lot to be confident about.”

We continued chatting for a little while, maybe an hour or so. She had a couple more drinks and I had another beer. It was a very nice afternoon. Finally, after coming back out with another beer for me, she sat down and looked at me with a seriousness on her face and a very different tone in her voice. “Matt, I feel like we’ve gotten very comfortable with each other today, and I enjoy your company very much. More than that, I find to you be an incredibly attractive man. You exude confidence and power and you don’t even realize it. And to tell you the truth, you just look so damn good laying there right now.”

I wasn’t sure what she was getting at, or if it was just the alcohol talking, although she really hadn’t had that much, so I just said, “Well, uh, thank you. I’m not sure what to say.”

“I’m not done yet,” she said. “I love John very much. He’s been very good to me and I plan to be with him for a very long time. To be honest with you though, he doesn’t satisfy me. The sexual part of our relationship is practically non-existent. I miss having a man who can take me and do things for me that John will never be able to do. Do you get what I’m saying?”

I sat up and turned to face her, my feet on the ground, “I believe I understand perfectly. But, I’m not sure I’m the guy you’re looking for. Mr. Reed has been good to me too over the years.” While that was true, it wasn’t the real reason I was turning her down. I didn’t have the heart to say I just didn’t find her attractive.

“I know, I know,” she replied. “I’m not trying to ruin that. And I appreciate you for thinking of him that way. I’m just asking you to do me a favor.”

“I just don’t know if I can do that. I’ve never been with an older woman, and I’m not sure I could do it. You’re wonderful woman, I just don’t know if I can think of you that way.” I told her.

“I understand what you’re saying, Matt, but I’m not even asking you to sleep with me. In fact, you wouldn’t even have to look at me if you didn’t want to. The thing I miss the most is servicing a man completely and selflessly with my mouth. That’s all I need from you. And Matt, I can make it worth your while.”

By moving one knee at a time, I crept across the floor pushing my doggie bowls into the hall. Doing that sort of thing for hours would probably kill my lower back, but five minutes was alright. After that, there was no reason to remain on my knees, so I didn’t. I flossed and brushed my teeth efficiently, finding the small trash receptacle for used floss built in to the sink. Then I found I had nothing to do, so I returned to facing the wall of mirrors, kneeling, and staring at my reflection some more. I looked very different without a hair on my head. They had even shaved off my eyebrows! All my life, my face was framed with honey blonde locks. Now, there was just my bald skull. My face is quite triangular, with high cheek bones, a delicate chin and a small upturned nose that some admirers have called elfin. With no hair to soften the lines of my face, I looked a bit like the caricature of an alien. At the same time any circles that had developed under my big brown eyes had been erased, and I looked better rested than I felt. I wondered how long they had kept me under. There was no need to worry about my daily session with cosmetics. In some ways that was a privilege I didn’t mind losing.

I quickly grew bored with studying myself, so I rose to my feet and paced around the room. Other than eat, brush my teeth, use the toilet, and shower, they had given me nothing to do but think. I wondered what sorts of training they had planned for me and which ones I would love or hate. I let both my fears and my fantasies run wild. But the truth was I had no idea what was planned for me.

I walked around the room, studying my new home more carefully. I found a large clothes closet that I hadn’t noticed at first beside my bed. There was a rack for shoes, and a number of shelves. It was all completely empty, but it gave me some hope that I would be allowed clothes and possessions again eventually. The sink and shower were exactly as Trainer had said. Studying the bath end of the room, I noticed some curved mirrors high up the wall, out of my reach. I realized that using those mirrors, a person standing behind the one-way mirrors could see everything in the room from a different set of angles. It would even be possible to observe inside the shower and the closet. I turned back towards the mirrors, walked towards them and knelt again.

I had the urge to talk to someone, and I decided I might as well talk to my Trainer. He wouldn’t answer me, but there was a good chance he would hear me. Maybe everything I did or said was being recorded. I decided that was probably true. If nothing else, my husband would probably want to watch the highlights. “Trainer, I don’t know if you are listening to me, but I just want to say that I will try. I will try hard. I am here to learn and I will practice everything I am taught. I want to please my husband. I love him so much and I know that he will enjoy having a well-trained cunt as his wife. So, I just wanted to say… thank you for everything you will do for me. Thank you, Trainer.” I felt silly, talking to a blank mirror. I also felt a lot like a kiss-ass. Was I trying transparently to butter up the new boss? No, that wasn’t it. I just wanted to talk to someone, anyone, without getting myself in trouble. I lapsed into silence and thought about the last weeks and months, the book I had read, the encounters I had with Richard, the places I had gone. Then I got up and paced some more.

I held off on using the toilet as long as I could stand it, then I held off some more. I knew I would have to potty and shower eventually, but I was dreading it enough to avoid it for as long as I could. Finally I gave in and got relief. As I approached the toilet, I remembered that I wasn’t allowed to sit. The toilet was fairly low and had no seat, which served as a pointed reminder. I squatted down and did my business, thinking that they laid on their message thick here. I had to work up the nerve to shower. I got in and shut the glass door behind me. I studied the shower controls. My only choices were ‘on’ and ‘off’ defined by a handle that turned to the right. The water would be exactly forty-two degrees. I reflected that I had probably been swimming in ocean water that wasn’t much warmer. But then I had gotten out and basked in a hot sun. Here, I would have to stand shivering until I was dry. At least the room wasn’t cold. If anything it was a little warm. I realized at that point I was just stalling, so I gritted my teeth and turned the handle.

I was blasted by a fierce jet of water that seemed even colder than I expected. They weren’t saving money by skimping on water pressure. It felt like icy needles piercing my skin. I turned my back to the spray, and that was a little better. I always started a shower by letting warm water run over my breasts and down my belly. It was a little sensual pleasure. There was nothing pleasurable about this! Even on my back it felt like the freezing water was tearing off skin. I decided I had better get the first part over with and turn the darn thing off. I started to wet my hair before I realized I didn’t have any. Well, that would make things quicker. I let the spray wash out the crack of my ass, then turned and lifted my arms to wash there. Ow! The jet on the side of my tit was painful, and the cold water running down my side was almost as bad. I did the other side quickly and then gritted my teeth and put my naked crotch in the path of the stream. I only lasted for about two seconds before I switched the water off and stood there shivering.

The worst part was I knew I would have to turn the water back on in order to wash away the soap. That would probably take longer. The soap was more than just mildly abrasive. It was a liquid with tiny bits of lava rock in it. And I would have to do this several times a day. Well, they would certainly have me clean. I stopped shivering pretty quickly. I took my time, because I was in no hurry for my second session with that cold water. First I washed myself thoroughly with the soap. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any spot on me I didn’t get at least twice. Then I worked slowly with the razor, careful to shave everywhere without nicking myself. The shower was even more painful on my freshly scoured and slightly razor burned skin, but I survived. As I slammed the handle off, I wondered what it would feel like by the end of the day.

I opened the shower door and looked directly over at the mirror, shivering. I imagined that Trainer would want to see the results of the punishment he had ordered. Since he would see me anyway, I might as well give him a good view. I even forced myself to smile and mouth a softly spoken “Thank you, Trainer.” I let myself drip mostly dry and waited for all the shivers to pass before I touched the lotion. It smelled faintly of cinnamon and something floral that I couldn’t quite identify. It felt delicious on my freshly exfoliated hide. I took a great deal of time working it into every inch of my skin. When I was done I felt smooth as a baby’s bottom all over and I liked the smell of me. I wondered how many hours it was until lunch time.

After a lunch of dog food eaten with my girly bits presented to the mirror and after my second shower, I broke down a little. I knelt crying in front of the mirror. I wanted to complain that it was too much, that I wanted some attention, any kind of attention. But complaining wasn’t allowed, so I promised again that I would be good. I promised to work at my training, no matter how hard it was. I wasn’t even sure if anyone was listening. What if there was no one there? What if I was humbling myself and making promises to no one at all? I felt a kind of awe then at the training methods of the facility. They were breaking me down with almost no effort at all. That feeling was enough to break me out my fit of self-pity. I returned to pacing and waiting for dinner.

The last shower of the day was the worst, of course. But I didn’t break down again, or say anything to my Trainer at all. I just stood by my bed waiting for lights out. It seemed like hours and it probably was. I had expected to be bored, but it took me by surprise how wrung out and drained I felt. The things that had been asked of me weren’t all that hard. It was the isolation that I couldn’t stand. In some ways I thought it was probably worse than real solitary confinement, because I knew I was being studied and examined. That was especially brought home to me at meal times, when I had to present my ass to any anonymous person who was looking. I was grateful for lights out. I thought I would have trouble sleeping, but I pillowed my head in my arm and slept soundly until the lights came up to start my second day in The Training Facility.

Trainer walked into the room without ceremony before I was even halfway awake. I desperately wished for coffee, and I ached where a rock had been digging into my hip. “Good morning cunt. When the lights come on, you get out of bed and onto your knees.” I obeyed, groggy but quick. In an instant the previous day came back to me. “Yes Trainer.” Kneeling, the first thing I saw was two pairs of feet and legs. Trainer’s were wearing combat boots and blue jeans. The other set was wearing black stilettos with heels at least eight inches tall. Looking up, I saw that Trainer was wearing a black t-shirt reading “staff”. I thought he might be about forty. He had dark brown hair and a neat mustache over lips that curled a touch cruelly. The woman in the room was something else. She was wearing a short skirt: red, plaid, and pleated. Her white button down shirt was thin cotton, at least one size too small. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her hair was black and cut into a bob. She had clear blue eyes. Her face, like mine, would probably be described as “cute” and “elfin”. She was carrying an enormous hand bag.

Trainer gave me a moment to collect myself. “I hope you enjoyed your free time yesterday. Today you will be very busy. You will have both instruction and work today.” He paused for a moment. “What are the first two rules of the training facility?” he asked sharply. I looked up at him and answered quickly. “I must never, ever complain. And I must give thanks for everything I am given, Trainer.”

He nodded and walked out to the hall. He returned with a very thin bedroll and a small, disposable pillow. He laid the bedding and the pillow out on my bed. In my previous life, I would have complained about them, but now I was pathetically grateful for this tiny kindness. “Oh, thank you, thank you Trainer.” I actually had tears in my eyes.

He smiled. “That’s a good cunt. You are welcome.” The whole time, the woman hadn’t moved. Now he turned towards her. “This whore is called Suzy, cunt. You will call her Miss Suzy.”

“Yes, Trainer. Hello Miss Suzy.”

“Suzy is your big sister. She is a whore who is close to graduation and she has earned many privileges. It is now her duty to help me teach you. She will do the simple things that I don’t have time for.” Interesting, I thought. Suzy didn’t technically outrank me. If anything I outranked her, since she was a whore. I had better cooperate with her and learn everything I could. It was her job to teach me, after all.

“Yes, Trainer.” He looked at me for a very long moment and I began to feel uncomfortable. His voice was silky when he went on.

“I have told you that Suzy will be giving her time to helping you learn. Her bag is also full of gifts for you.” Suddenly he shouted at me. “Kiss Suzy’s feet, cunt. Then THANK HER.” I didn’t even think about disobeying. I scurried over, whispering a quick “yes, Trainer” and planted a number of eager kisses on her feet, from the line of her shoe up to her ankles. I looked up, blushing suddenly as I gazed at her bare and moist pussy. I made my voice as sweet as possible “Thank you for being my big sister, Miss Suzy.”

She said, in a very cold voice “We’ll see, little cunt.” Suddenly she moved her foot, kicking into my crotch. Although it was quick, she was surprisingly gentle, parting my labial lips with the tip of her shoe and pressing firmly. She then slid her toe back, to press against my nub for a moment. I squealed at first, then moaned with the movement of her toe. I gasped when she withdrew her foot, wishing for more.

“Thank you, Miss Suzy,” I gasped. Trainer chuckled, then handed Suzy his clip board. “Here is her schedule and a few notes.” He abruptly grabbed Suzy and kissed her firmly. Her body seemed to melt into his, and her lips parted, yielding to him. I was suddenly and fiercely jealous and aching. He stepped back, grinning, and looked to me. I actually felt a little shiver under his gaze. What was happening to me?

Suzy opened her hand bag and smiled down at me in a slightly predatory fashion. “I have a gift for you. The first of many.” She pulled a large wooden hair brush and handed it to me.

I said “Thank you, Miss Suzy” and studied the brush. It was an ordinary enough wood brush. The back was polished smooth and I sensed immediately that it was meant for my butt. My head was shaved smooth after all.

“You may begin to grow the hair on top of your head again, cunt. Your owner is fond of it, and you are here to learn to please him. Also your eyebrows.” I nodded. “You are a pain slut. That gives you a special privilege. When you have misbehaved and made someone angry, you may ask nicely to be punished. If they agree, then you may be forgiven.” The way she said the word ‘may’, it was clear that it wasn’t a guarantee. “You made Trainer angry yesterday with your rudeness.”

That was a pretty obvious hint. “Thank you for this gift and thank you for explaining, Miss Suzy.” I looked up at Trainer. “I’m sorry I was rude to you yesterday. Please punish me with this hairbrush?” I held it up, offering it to him. He snatched it up and also gripped one of my elbows.

“On your feet.” I rose, and before I knew it I was bent over the back of the chair. It was just the perfect height. Of course. He kept his left hand on the small of my back while he worked with the other. He was quick and merciless. Before it was over, my buns and thighs were a bright pink splotched with red. I could see myself clearly in the mirror, even through the tears I was blinking back ineffectively. He stopped and took a step back, examining his handiwork. I think he was about to start in again when I finally remembered to say thank you.

“You are forgiven. Now get back on your knees.” I obeyed quickly.

“I will leave you to your lessons, cunt.” He walked out of the room with a spring in his step.

Suzy studied me for a moment as if I were some kind of bug and then ordered me to stay put, ignoring me and sprawling in my chair. She looked every bit like the naughty school girl she was dressed to resemble. She studied the clipboard for a while, flipping through several pages. Eventually, she began to question me.

“It says here you are willful, selfish, and proud. Is that true?”

“I try not to be, Miss Suzy.”

“I see. Does your husband enjoy blow jobs?”

That was an easy one. “Yes, Miss Suzy.”

“And how often have you given him one?”

I thought about it and answered honestly. “Maybe once a month… and when he asks for one, Miss Suzy?” She made a small tsk-ing sound in her throat, but went on. I started to hate her a little bit. “You are scheduled for a good bit of ass training, and of course there are the spankings you ask for. When’s the last time you got fucked in the ass?”

I didn’t let Richard do that to me, and I started to say so, angrily. “I never -” I realized, too late that this was a trap, and softened my tone. “I’ve never been fucked in the ass, Miss Suzy.” I sounded defeated, even to myself. She didn’t seem to mind my anger, she just nodded.

“You like to go shopping?”

There was only one answer to that. “Yes, Miss Suzy.”

“This is with your husband’s money I see. How often do you buy little presents just for him?” I started to answer that he bought himself whatever he wanted, then I thought about how little time he had and how much of it was spent with me. It had been a long time since I had gotten a present just for him. Maybe not since his birthday.

“Not often enough, Miss Suzy.” I swallowed once. “I am willful, selfish, and proud, Miss Suzy.” I hoped the answer would satisfy her. It did.

“At least you know it. Miss Suzy was much worse than you, when she came here. You will work on these things.”

“Yes, Miss Suzy.” I noticed that she very deliberately avoided using the word ‘I’.

I think Suzy was about to speak again, but we were interrupted by the arrival of breakfast. I had two stainless steel bowls. One was filled with the nutritious dog food. The other contained water. Suzy had a plate with eggs, bacon, and buttered toast. It had an actual fork. She had her water in a glass. And she had a mug of coffee with cream and sugar. The smell of coffee and bacon made me fight back a sob. I had woken up craving coffee. And there it was, but not for me. I noticed Suzy looking at me sternly.

“You will serve your big sister before you eat, cunt.” She sat up a little straighter. “And you haven’t been gifted with a table yet. That is inconvenient!” She paused for a moment. “You can be the table. Just hold the plate up with one hand and a drink in the other. Coffee first, then water.”

“Yes, Miss Suzy.” I was starting to hate her even more. I remained on my knees to be a better table and brought her breakfast, water, and coffee. Kneeling at her feet, I held up the plate and the coffee. She ate slowly and chattered at me the whole time.

“Now where was I? Ah yes. You are willful, proud, and selfish. Says so on the clipboard.” She had set the clipboard aside for the moment. “But you will have a lot of help in correcting that. Now, you are a cunt, and a cunt-in-training, which makes you the lowest form of life here. Whores like Miss Suzy are pleasing to the men here, because men like sex. Bitches aren’t very demanding on the Trainers. You have to watch out for bitches, actually. They are allowed to bite you if you annoy them. Well, not allowed, technically. When they bite you, they are muzzled, which they mostly hate. But you get bit.” She giggled at that. “Now cunts like you have special privileges and special training programs. Special everything. You have two special privileges, lucky you. First, no man is allowed to put his cock in your mouth, your ass, or your pussy. Except, of course, your husband. No restrictions about what girls can do with you though, hmm? And second, no one will beat you unless you ask them to. Of course, you should ask them to plenty so they don’t take away your stuff.” Suzy paused and took a few bites of her breakfast and a big sip of coffee. The smell of it was distracting, near my face. “Did you get all that?”

I nodded. “Yes, Miss Suzy.”

“Good. Now special training. A lot of that you will figure out and your big sister will guide you especially at first. Actually, Suzy will be with you for quite a while.” She suddenly found some private joke quite amusing, and giggled to herself again. Then she finished her coffee and switched to the water.

“You’ll need to get the word ‘I’ out of your vocabulary. That’s a pretty common thing here. Later on, you’ll need to learn how to host a dinner party without talking about yourself or being vulgar, but that can wait. For now, just substitute ‘this cunt’ for ‘I’. Get it?”

I smiled and said “Yes, this cunt gets it Miss Suzy.” She laughed with me.

“Good! Now, I’ve finished most of my breakfast. I wasn’t real hungry. Would you like to lick my plate clean, little sister?”

I hated that, but I wanted bacon and eggs more. “Yes, please, Miss Suzy?” She took her plate from my hand and set it on the floor.

“All right, bring your bowls over here too. And don’t forget to shake your ass for the mirror.”

Chapter 06

Revenge on the bankers

Daren looked at her warily. “I don’t even know your name,” he began.

“Julie,” she said, continuing to undress for bed. Daren turned away, embarrassed for her. He had rescued this stranger from some brute of a man, and she had flown with him in the night. The hotel was cheap, and they booked in on false names; her suggestion.

“Are you going to tell me what happened? What was all that about?” he asked, turning to her, now she was under the covers. She patted the thin sheet, inviting him to sit.

“I’ll tell you if I can, but no interruptions,” she warned. “I need to tell someone, need to get it all out,” she said, through gritted teeth.

He thought she looked hard at that moment, so unlike the innocent young woman that slept on his shoulder, during the flight.

“I owed money, a lot of money. Someone offered to pay the bank and I foolishly accepted. In return I was to go away with the man, as his companion,” she laughed an unpleasant gurgle in her throat.

“Most men think I’m beautiful and innocent looking; I was then. Don’t interrupt! I thought I knew how to handle myself, that I could talk my way out of trouble. Back then I was innocent of the cruelty people could inflict on one another. Cruelty steals away the beauty inside,” she said, trying to shake away hurtful memories. Her long auburn hair seemed to be sighing around her shoulders.

“At first it was pleasant enough, living in a rich mans house. I had no illusions, that companionship was a euphemism for sex. I was beholden to this man, feeling I owed him for rescuing me from a mountain of debt. I was willing to work hard, though there was no way I could ever repay the debt through honest toil. I’m making excuses now, for why I agreed to it,” Julie wanly smiled.

“Though it was all very subtle, I knew full well what was expected of me. I thought to get it over with, to just do it, instead of dwelling on it all day. He kept me waiting. I had to wear the clothes he chose, eat the food he provided, be where he wanted me, and behave how he wanted. It was subtly making me feel owned by him,” Julie quietly stated.

She sipped the whisky, from a tumbler found in the bathroom, and handed it back to Daren. “At first, I was dressed in fine clothes, to be shown off to his friends. I felt like his latest acquisition, just another object he owned. I was moved to one of his houses miles from anywhere, like a prisoner in a gilded cage.

A different set of friends brought their companions to extravagant parties. I was sent away to my room after being introduced. I wore hardly anything then, mere flimsy see-through garments, the same as their women. Apparently I wasn’t ready to be with his guests yet. As I learnt later, I hadn’t been trained, didn’t know the rules of their game,” she said, with a shudder

“From my room, cheering and shouting could be heard, from the men. I soon found out what terrible entertainments, were causing the women downstairs, to scream. It was an agony of suspense, waiting to find out what went on down there. After a couple of weeks, the clothes came off altogether. I was naked, around the house, yet curiously he didn’t make much of it. Eventually I became used to it.”

It was her turn with the glass again. “I was dressed as a sexy French maid, cleaning, or rather merely dusting, while he studied documents. I broke a valuable Chinese vase. He didn’t seem terribly upset about it. He asked should it be added to what I already owed, or did I want to receive a punishment. I didn’t want to stay there any longer than the agreed year, so I chose to be punished.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me over his knee so spank me. It was so unexpected I bit my tongue, not making a sound. I can still remember kneeling at his feet hugging myself. That’s when it all started in earnest. He told me he would train me to be careful, to behave, and obey him. I was lying at his feet in shock, unable to laugh at such a silly idea.

I soon learnt it would really happen, and what it meant! It was so very simple and effective. He used punishment and rewards. At first, food, clothes, a comfortable bed, showering, make-up, and all the little pleasant things in life we take for granted, became rewards. After awhile, not being punished became a reward. All I had to do was obey him,” she sighed heavily.

Daren refilled the glass and silently handed it to her.

“I hadn’t realised how compliant I had become, until one evening. As usual, his friends arrived. I had become used to standing by him, almost naked, waiting to serve him drinks at meal times, and when he was in the study. By this time I came round to thinking of my role as nothing more risqué than being a servant.

That evening I was wearing nothing at all, not even a thong or high heels. I felt humiliated, but didn’t dare run away to my room. I made some small mistake, and he spanked me over his knee, before those men. That time I cried like a silly girl,” Julie said, with a tear in her eye.

“I felt as though nothing worse could possibly happen. I was before those strangers naked, serving him, trying really hard to follow his orders, desperate not to make a mistake. Having become used to walking around the house naked meant it was possible, to bear the humiliation. It also helped, that they were treating it all as normal.

So, there I was, standing there like a servant, wearing nothing at all. The men took little notice of me, and when their women entered the room, I saw why. They too had undressed, or wore something outrageously revealing.

Each of us served our masters, as they were called, with drinks and food. It’s surprising how quickly you adapt, I suppose it helped being among other naked women,” she grimaced briefly. She hesitated then held her hand up in front of Daren, when he moved forward to interrupt her.

Taking a deep breath she continued. “It was a large elegant room, with big padded easy chairs, set around in a circle. I was standing beside my master; by this time I had become used to referring to him, and even thinking of him as my master. In the middle was a large Persian rug. I hadn’t noticed they were missing, until two of the women returned to the room.

They were completely naked, shaved, and their skins had been oiled. What was so outrageous was that they were wearing dildos, stuck into their vaginas. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them, wondering what it was all about.

The two women bent forward, facing each other like wrestlers, on the rug. The men started proffering encouragement and advice, making bets. I remembered the shouting, from the times I was sent to my room, and so this was what it had been about.

One of the women lost her balance while in a hold, and the big blond fell on top of her. The men shouted encouragement, telling the blond to fuck her. The dark haired one struggled, but eventually the heavier blond, managed to turn her over. I could see the dark haired woman furiously struggling. It appeared to be suddenly over. I was wrong. The blond managed to thrust her dildo into the others asshole. The dark haired woman moaned, then lay quietly, letting the blond ride her, until one of the men declared the blonde the winner.

The loser had to play again. When another woman came to the mat, I was horrified, thinking I might have to play that sordid, dirty game. I dare not make a sound, in case it brought attention to me, and I was selected next.

The expression on my face must have revealed terrible anguish, for my master, as I had learnt to call him, whispered to me — ‘not tonight’. He gently stroked my thighs and bottom. For the first time I felt grateful to him. I was actually enjoying my master’s attention, and relaxed enough to watch the show. I could bear it, knowing I wouldn’t be humiliated next.

I watched each of the women in turn, wrestling naked on that mat, fascinated and horrified, knowing I would be a victim, some time in the future.

That night he asked me, should he put me into fight training, or would I prefer to be in his bed. I eagerly pleaded with him to take me to his bed.” Julie looked down at the bed with a blank stare, studying it, as though there were something there to be discovered.

“I asked myself next day, and many times since, had he subverted me, or had I needed him that night? Perhaps his fingers playing with my sex, during the show, at last relieved the waiting. It was also something to do with not having to put on a sordid show before strangers.

Whatever the reason, I did everything he asked and more. I was an eager lover, eager to learn what he wanted, and eager to please. I held nothing back. I couldn’t, as though the floodgates had been opened, and I was swimming for my life,” Julie sighed, a long deep sound, seeming to draw at last a line under the episode.

“Next morning he told me he was pleased with my progress. I remember that day feeling elated, from his every compliment. My master hadn’t complimented my actions or my body, up until then. He was telling me I was a good possession, like one of his valuable vases, yet I felt grateful for this attention. Despite it being demeaning, I revelled in at last being a treasured possession.

I started to think of myself, as belonging to him, and slipped into accepting he could do anything he liked with me. After a few months playing at being his possession, I became one,” she stated with bitterness.

“He told me he was going away on business, and I was to be sent away, to be looked after. It was a surprise, and shocked me. I wasn’t sure whether to be pleased, to have a rest from the relentless brainwashing, or fearful from being sent away to a stranger.

I had started off playing along at being his slave, to prevent punishment, but by this time I was convinced, that was exactly my place. After all, he had paid off my debts, effectively paying for me. He had purchased me, so I was a slave, his slave, and that meant he was my master.

I became convinced he was selling me off to another master. I know it sounds silly, but I had sunk into some kind of eighteenth century drama. I pleaded with him not to sell me, and promised to be a good and dutiful slave. With tears and shamefully lewd promises, I thoroughly debased myself at his feet,” she whispered.

Julie clasped her body and gently rocked back and forth.

“No! Don’t say anything, don’t touch me,” she warned him.

Daren wanted to wrap his arms around her, to comfort her from the abject misery she evidently felt. He knew she needed to unburden it all, so complied. He swigged back the whiskey and poured another. He silently held it to her lips, which she sipped.

“He must have been very pleased with my mistake, for that night, well, I was his complete slave,” she whispered. “It has an effect on you when all responsibility for your actions has been removed. There are no moral issues, no games to play, no points to score. I was in his bed, to pleasure him, nothing else mattered. I simply needed to pleasure my master, to keep his good will,” she whispered.

“I was sent away next day, feeling abandoned by my master. He had trained me well, to get me into such an abject state of being, to have me thinking I was nothing but a lowly slave” she mirthlessly laughed.

“The man I was sent to had instructions, to keep me trained. To keep me thinking I was just an obedient slave, ready for my owner. In that abject state of mind, I didn’t question it. I was just a possession. They discussed me while I stood obediently waiting, with head respectfully bowed. My master told him how I was to be treated and all I could do was obediently stand there. It was terrible. I felt silly and angry with my-self, for not reacting. I just as suddenly pushed all that to one side, not wanting to let myself down before my master, by speaking out.

I had been too long subject to rewards and punishments. As an escape, I guess, I thought of myself as a slave and completely accepted the position. I was escaping from thinking of myself as a whore, for I had sold my body, voluntarily, to pay back the loan. Maybe, maybe it was something else too.

The agreement was for just one year, but I had slipped so deeply into the idea of being a slave, I lost sight of it being temporary. When that trainer asked me how long I had been a slave, I told him six months. When he asked how long I would be a slave, I told him it was permanent. I merely thought he was testing me, missing the significance of the reply completely.

A couple of days went by, and I discovered what this man had in the basement. I followed him down there with some food bowls. There hadn’t been noises, so didn’t realise he kept pets down there. I was so very wrong!

There were two cages, and something moved in one. It was a young woman. He took a bowl from my hand, and pushed it through a gap under the bars. I just stood there in bewilderment. Against a wall, another woman was shackled. They looked down at the floor, not daring to look at him. If I thought I was in a bad way, these two were far and away ahead of me.

That’s what shook me out of thinking of myself as a slave. The thought that I was heading down that same route, was a revelation. It was like looking at my-self, in six months time.

When I returned to the kitchen, he told me I was lucky having a soft master. He told me he would completely break me while there. I don’t know what happened, or what I said, but he grabbed at me. I hit out with an empty food bowl.

It was the sight of him petting those women, like animals, that roused my temper. It was the thought of having him pet me, like a stupid pet bitch. Of turning out like them, becoming aroused like a bitch in heat, just because he showed me some attention.

I must have run out of the kitchen, around the house, and down the road. That’s where you found me. I don’t know what I would have done, if you hadn’t come along,” Julie sobbed.

Her whole body seemed to relax, sinking into itself, deflating, with a sprinkle of tears turning into a flood. Her body convulsed, shaking a silent wail out of itself.

Daren put his arms around her, not saying it was all right, not wanting her to stop. Let it out he thought. It wouldn’t be all right for some time, but at last she had a chance to start on the road to recovery.


He watched her sleeping, where at last her face returned to looking like that innocent young woman, he had seen on the plane. She was thirty-four, but looked much younger, especially when sleeping. He didn’t want to think about her story too much, but it was ironic, that some women would have thought it heaven, to live like that.

No responsibility, no decisions, and no work to do would suit some. Some would find it a thrill to live as a master’s pet. Some of the women she had met would be playing out their fantasy, perhaps even those women in the basement.

Daren had dragged himself up without help, not inheriting a thing, except a younger brother. He had seen plenty of strange things, and met even stranger people. This though, was the strangest relationship he had ever encountered. He had heard conversations about the possibility of slavery existing, but had dismissed it as fantasy. He also knew that with enough money, anything was possible.

He had taken on a young woman, who had escaped from a gang. She had been kept as their gang slut. She had been treated as a sex object, shared by the gang, until one morning she escaped them. She turned up at the club, and eventually she was able to work there.

This sounded like a far more professional organisation. He knew though, if there was money to be made, someone would be there to make it.

He dozed in the chair. With a start he awoke, unsure if it were his snoring or hers. She would awaken soon, and it would have to be decided what to do next.


Over breakfast in a restaurant, they talked casually, trying to escape the heaviness of her confession. He noticed that, when someone shouted, she flinched. She pretended to be alright, but the damage was all still very much an open wound.

“You can’t use your credit cards, and I’ve got nothing,” Julie grimaced.

“Why? I mean, why can’t I use my credit cards?” Daren asked.

“They’re bankers, they will trace you,” she stated.

“They will trace the airline tickets to here anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter. You should pull out as much money as you can then get going. No, don’t tell me, I’ll be forced to tell them everything, when they catch up with me,” she shrugged, knowing capture was inevitable.

Daren didn’t know what to say. “What are you going to do for money?” he asked. He laughed, partly from tension.

“It’s the thought of being chased by bankers. I’ve been chased by some tough gangsters in the past, but bankers?” he chuckled.

“Don’t underestimate them. Money buys information and muscle,” she said, and downed the coffee.

Daren knew if someone was after you, it was best not to run, as they would catch up with you at the worst of times. Better to chase them. She didn’t know where the rich banker lived, just his name. Perhaps he should start right back in Daren’s home town. He didn’t like leaving his brother there, to face these well organised creeps.

He remembered Aurora, and it pricked his conscience. What he did with her, was that any different to what Julie had been through? The guy was a banker too, and that led to unpleasant associations.

Back in the room he threw a t-shirt, with underwear, into a backpack. “I’m going back! I’ll give you as much as I can, in cash, it’ll give you a good head start on them,” he said firmly. With his mind made up, he wasn’t the type to back down.

She looked up at him with eyes wide. “You’re not taking me with you?” she asked. He shook his head. “Please! Don’t leave me, I’ll be yours, I’ll be your slave, anything. Just don’t abandon me,” she pleaded.

Daren looked at her. The words and the expression showed how deeply ingrained the training had gripped her. He didn’t want to take her back into such a dangerous situation. He was sure there was going to be trouble, from what he had in mind.

He had wondered what to do with his early retirement. He was young, with enough money to do whatever he wanted. There had been all kinds of ideas in his head, yet they seemed so unimportant now. This was a brand new challenge he could get his teeth into. He relished a fight, a good old fashioned righteous knock down fight and with a good purpose to it.

“OK! Fuck them all! Let’s go get them!” Daren laughed.

Anastasia is asleep almost before her head hits the pillow; she is so exhausted from the activities that have occurred since her arrival. When Hank enters the room exactly three hours later, he wakes Anastasia up by gently kissing her lips. She stirs only slightly, and Hank lowers the covers and begins to play with her breasts. He squeezes them gently and then begins sucking on her nipples, causing her to moan softly. When he starts to lightly bite her nipples, Anastasia arches her back and moans louder, opening her eyes.

Hank smiles at Anastasia and tells her that naptime is over and it is time for her to begin getting ready for their “celebratory” dinner. As she gets up from the bed, she winces slightly at the soreness that has developed in her ass from the long ride stuffed with a butt plug and the enemas. This just makes Hank smile wider as he informs her that she will have thirty minutes to apply her makeup and fix her hair for the evening. He makes a point of telling her that she should not apply too much makeup, not wanting her to look like the slut she knows she is when they are out for the evening.

Anastasia goes into the bathroom and quickly applies her makeup. She doesn’t worry about Hank’s instructions about the application as she rarely wears much makeup anyway. She combs out her hair that is still damp and allows it to fall in gentle waves around her shoulders. As Hank has left her no clothes to put on or given her any other instructions, Anastasia leaves the bathroom and finds Hank sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for her with a rather large wrapped package next to him.

“As I told you, I will be providing whatever will be appropriate and necessary for you to wear as long as you belong to me. Not only will you wear only the items that I instruct you to wear, but you will wear those items until you are instructed to remove them. Now go ahead and open the box, I think you will like most of what you find inside.”

Anastasia opens the box to find it is filled with more boxes and each box is numbered indicating which order she is to open the boxes. She opens the first box to find a pair of high heel pumps. They are a pale yellow with white trim and have a four-inch heel. Hank picks up the shoes and slips them onto her feet. He then tells her that she will be wearing shoes with a heel at least that high during all waking hours. Anastasia picks up the second box and inside is a dress the same pale yellow as the shoes, a perfect match. The dress is very feminine with a flowing skirt that reaches about three inches above her knee, and a neckline that is very low cut.

“Do you like the dress I have chosen for you to wear tonight, pet?” Hank asks as he watches Anastasia admire the pretty garment.

“Oh, yes, Sir, it is beautiful. Yellow is one of my favorite colors.”

“I remember. Tonight, when we are out, I don’t want you looking like the whore we both know that you truly are.” He puts the dress aside and tells her that it isn’t time to put that on just yet; she needs to open the other boxes first.

When Anastasia opens the third box, she gasps with excitement, because inside that box is the most beautiful corset she has ever seen. It is also a pale yellow that matches both the dress and the shoes. It is the style that will come to just below her breasts, and just about at her hips at the bottom. Anastasia can’t contain herself and she throws her arms around Hank. “Thank you so much, Master! I absolutely adore it, and she is so thrilled that you remembered not only my favorite color, but how much I have always wanted to be corset trained.”

“We will see how much you like it once you are wearing a corset for twenty-three hours a day, taking it off only when it is time to shower. In the meantime, it is the next thing that needs to be put on you, so come here so I can get you laced up.”

Anastasia immediately does as she is told, standing in front of one of the bedposts, feeling like Scarlet O’Hara as Hank wraps the corset around her waist and begins cinching up the laces.

“Now, I want you to take a deep breath and hold it for a moment so that I can get this laced tightly enough.”

Again, she is quickly obedient, and just as quickly realizes how tightly laced Hank means to keep her.

“This corset is just one of the many things that will constantly remind you that you are owned by me. I don’t find it reasonable as some masters do to keep their slaves restrained at all times, but with a corset, you are restrained at all times. Would you like to look at yourself in the mirror and witness the beginning of your transformation?” Hank says as he turns Anastasia to face one of the many mirrors on the wall.

When she looks at herself, she is amazed at what she is seeing. The corset has accentuated her waist, the heels have made her legs look miles long, and instead of looking like the slut she is there for Hank to train her to be, Anastasia thinks she looks like a princess with her dark wavy hair falling gently over her shoulders. The corset has pushed up her already ample breasts and her nipples are quite erect. Hank stands behind Anastasia and reaches between her legs. As usual, her pussy is wet, and he slides a finger in while with the other hand he reaches up and gently pinches her hard nipples between his fingers.

“My lovely little anal whore is pleased with her appearance, I see. Time for the next box. We must move this along. After all, I have made dinner reservations and there is a long ride to the restaurant.”

Anastasia opens the third box, which is quite small to find a small pump and some circular rings that look like plumbing o-rings. She quickly realizes what they are and hands them to Hank.

“Even though I don’t want you to look like a whore tonight, I want to always be able to see those nipples of your poking through your clothes. These will achieve that effect quite nicely.” Hank slides one of the rings over the mouth of the pump and then he takes one of her breasts in his hand. He squeezes the air out of the pump and then places the opening over her nipple. When he releases the bulb of the pump, it sucks her nipple into the opening. Then Hank rolls the ring down off the mouth of the pump and onto her nipple. Hank does the same thing to the other side. The rubber rings are tight around Anastasia’s nipples making them stick out, sure to be seen through the fabric of her dress. They are just tight enough to pinch just a little, but the look they achieve is quite something.

Anastasia moves on to the fourth box. Inside the fourth box is a large butt plug about the same size as the one Hank made her wear for half the ride home. Her ass is sore from the mornings activities and she looks at Hank and says, “Please, no, Sir. I am still so sore from everything this morning.”

“Whore, you are here to be trained as my anal slut. I don’t care how sore your ass is now, or how sore it will become. An anal whore is meant to have something stuffed in her ass at all times. You should be grateful that I even allowed you the break from that during your nap. Be very clear pet, you WILL have this plug in your ass tonight and you WILL have something in your ass at all times as long as I own you. If you complain about what I put in your ass, or how sore your ass is, you will be punished, and you will have something even larger stuffed in there! Now crawl up onto that bed on all fours so I can insert this plug, do you understand me?”

“Y–y-yes, Sir.” Anastasia replies and immediately assumes the instructed position on the bed. Hank had never used that tone of voice to her before, and when he used it now, she had no doubt that he would follow through on the punishment he described.

When she is in position on the bed, Hank starts to work immediately lubricating her ass and the plug. Once again, he is the gentle Master that she has so readily obeyed all day. The feel of his fingers sliding into her ass arouses her and she begins to push back against his fingers bringing them deeper into her asshole.

“That’s right, you like having things stuffed in your ass, pet. That is why you are here, so I can train you to be a good anal slut who pleases her Master with her ass at all times.” After Hank has slid his finger in an out of her ass for a while, he begins to press the tip of the butt plug at her asshole. As he begins sliding the plug in, Hank feels the resistance as her muscles tighten, and he slides the plug back out, repeating the in and out motion going in until he feels that resistance. Anastasia begins to moan and instead of pushing back against the plug, like she did with his fingers, she begins to pull away making small whining sounds.

“I’m sorry, Sir, really. It’s just the plug is too big after everything this morning. It hurts. I want to please you, I do and I am really trying, but I just can’t stop myself from pulling away.”

“Pet, you had this exact plug in your ass for over an hour this morning and it slid in without any problem at all, so you and I both know how well it fits. Now I am going to put this plug in your ass, and you are going to stop whining about it or I will take off my belt and whip your ass with it until you realize that I expect my instructions to be followed.”

That tone is back in Hank’s voice that reminds Anastasia why she is there to begin with. “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry. I am doing my best.” Once again Hank begins to gently slide the plug in and out a little at a time.

“We really don’t have the time for this. I need to finish getting you ready and then we need to get on our way to the restaurant.” As Hank says this, he begins sliding the plug in and out much deeper and much harder. Suddenly, he firmly pushes the plug in all the way. Anastasia lets out a small scream as the fattest part of the plug stretches her ass open. Hank waits a moment for her to catch her breath, and then he quickly pulls the plug all the way out and just as quickly pushes it all the way back in, repeating this a number of times as he tells her that he is going to train her ass to take whatever he wants in there whenever he wants to put it there. Finally, he shoves the plug all the way in one final time and directs Anastasia to stand up, reminding her that there is still one more box that needs to be opened, and making a point of letting her know that if that plug falls out, he will waste no time in putting her over his knee and then putting a larger plug in.

Anastasia slowly stands up making sure that she doesn’t let the plug slip out. Hank hands Anastasia the final box and when she opens it, she is confused at what she sees. It is nothing more than a long leather strap with a clip on each end. Hank takes it from her and points out that on her corset there are identical clips in front and in back.

“When I take you out of the house, whatever plug I have chosen for you to wear will be firmly secured with this harness. This way, no matter where we are, and how you need to behave for “polite society” you will never forget that you are my whore who exists to give me pleasure.”

Hank steps forward and clips the harness first in the back, then in the front. “Look at yourself in the mirror, and tell me what do you see?”

“I see your whore, Sir.”

Hank takes the dress and slips it over her head. As Anastasia looks at herself in the mirror now, all evidence of the fact she is a whore is completely hidden under the pretty, feminine dress. Standing behind her, Hank bends down and gently kisses her neck. While he is kissing her neck, he reaches down to her ass and gives a small push where the plug’s base is situated. Satisfied that it is secure, he takes her hand and leads her out of the house.

They don’t take the motorcycle this time, but instead make the drive using Hank’s car. After Hank notices Anastasia fidgeting a bit during the ride, he tells her that if she continues to fidget, she will be punished when they return home. She must learn to conduct herself appropriately like a lady when he takes her out in public, regardless of what a slut she truly is. Obediently, Anastasia does her best to sit still for the hour-long ride to the restaurant.

When they finally arrive at the restaurant, and are seated at a booth in very back in a quiet corner. When the waiter comes Hank order drinks for both of them. He tells Anastasia that he will also be ordering her dinner and that she should not speak to the waiter unless he asks her a direct question. While the waiter is gone getting their drinks, Hank reaches under the tablecloth, pushes up her skirt and unclips the front of the harness to allow him access to Anastasia’s wet pussy.

“It would seem from your wet pussy that you are so far enjoying your new position in life. Are you enjoying it, pet?” Hank asks as he continues to stroke her pussy.

“Yes, Sir, I am.” She answer astounded at herself. Hank has the corset laced very tightly forcing her to sit up extremely straight. The feel of the fabric from her dress brushing against her nipples feels like sandpaper and the plug that he has stuffed up her ass feels enormous. Yet, Anastasia can’t deny that her pussy is dripping wet and knowing that Hank is enjoying all of it, from her wet pussy to the discomfort in her ass is giving her pleasure.

When the waiter delivers their drinks, Hank offers a toast, “I am so pleased with how your training has gone today. I know you realize that it is going to get much more difficult, and often more uncomfortable than it is now, but your desire to please me is wonderful,” he raises his glass to hers and continues, “I can’t tell you how much I look forward to fully training you.” Smiling, Hank raises his glass to his lips and they both drink a toast to Anastasia’s future.

When their meals arrive, Anastasia finds it difficult to eat very much with the corset being so tight and the other distractions of her body. Hank insists that she finish everything he has ordered, including dessert, along with several more drinks, which do a wonderful job of relaxing her.

After dinner, Hank leads her on to the dance floor for a slow sensual dance. His hands explore her body as they move on the dance floor. As they slide down over her buttocks, he gives the plug a gentle nudge, making her jump slightly.

When finally they get in the car to go back home, Hank tells Anastasia how pleased he has been with her behavior at dinner, how no one would ever guess what a slut she really is. Anastasia is very happy to have pleased Hank, and she is physically exhausted from the evening.

They arrive home and when they reach the door, Hank tells me that while she look beautiful in the outfit he had chosen for her, she is, of course, not permitted to wear it any longer as such attire is not permitted in the house. Anastasia turns, allowing Hank to unzip the dress and remove it, leaving her in her shoes and corset with the harness holding the butt plug in place.

Hank stops again right inside the door. Anastasia notices that hanging on a hook by the door are wrist and ankle bracelets with rings attached. “These are also part of your household attire. I want to be able to restrain you with as little fanfare as possible whenever I choose.” Anastasia stands obediently still while Hank fastens first the ankle restraints, then the wrist restraints. He then fastens a collar and leash around Anastasia’s neck and instructs her to get on all fours. When she has complied, using the leash Hank guides her back to the training room.

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Cast: Old Buddy Kirk—Son John—Mikey, servant

It should be fun. My old high school buddy had really hit the jackpot; he was loaded now. I was surprised when I received his invitation and a few days of hunting with an old friend sounded great. He had a cabin in the mountains smack in the middle of a few hundred acres he owned. The weather was superb as I slowly traversed the hardscrabble single lane road up to his place. I thought back to when we were kids, Kirk had always been bigger and had been kinda my protector. I was always smaller without his preppy good looks. We were opposites and I had always wondered what attracted us to each other. When it came time for college we had lost touch. Boy it would be nice to see him again.

His cabin wasn’t quite just a cabin. It was considerably larger than the one room affair I had visualized. He opened the door wearing only a robe. “Mike, how are you buddy, gee it’s great to see you again.” I looked the “cabin” over; it was mostly a very large single room even extending to the bathroom. He caught me looking at the bathroom without walls and told me that the place wasn’t yet finished. I’m not a construction expert but it looked finished to me; just finished without walls.

We sat down and had a beer while talking of the “good old days.” Kurt was remembering how he was always there as my protector in school. “No one would screw with you little buddy, they knew you were under my wing. You were always a bit strange then you know, a lot of people thought you were hot for me” As he said this he rubbed my head and I thought to myself, what the fuck is this.

“Mike, go get me another beer.” It sounded more like an order than a request but I got up and returned with a beer for him.

“Tell you what little buddy, let’s put on a tape to watch, I like to have a little porn on during the day to keep me on edge.” On edge, gee this was getting to be really odd.

On the tape there was this guy with a huge cock fucking the crap out of a slim little blonde girl while a small, scrawny guy looked on. I must admit it was really hot. The Porn stud finished with a great sigh and finally pulled out of the cunt with a loud pop. The littler guy just slid to his knees and began licking cum and cunt juice off his cock like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“That’s my favorite part, in the beginning the little guy agrees to become the guys servant, you know, a kind of man-servant. Kind of like in that old book we read in class, “Robinson Caruso.” “To be honest with you that’s the part that made me think of you again.”

I couldn’t believe it, he saw me as his servant!!! How the hell could this be? I really didn’t know what to think, I was shocked but yet a little flattered he was thinking of me at all. It was confusing.

Kirk stood up and told me that the best part was coming up and I should watch, he was going to take the shower he was headed for when I showed up. He just dropped his robe and was naked walking to the open, walk-in shower. I don’t know about what was the best part on the video; I couldn’t stop looking at him. He really took his time soaping up then called me. “Mike come here and wash my back.” Again, no request, more of an order. I just sat there looking at him. “Get over here now, “he ordered. To be honest I thought about telling him to shit in his hat, thought about just getting into my car and leaving. What I did surprised me more than anyone. I got up and went to the shower!

He was very solicitous about me not getting wet as he handed me a washcloth and soap slowly turning his back to me. “Soap me down good Mike, I’ve been waiting for this.”

Rubbing his back was simply sensuous; I noted that I was quickly getting hard. “Don’t forget my ass cheeks, do my ass.” Again in the form of an order, not a request. For whatever reason I complied and now had a raging hardon as I soaped his ass. I noted how wildly erotic it was to be doing what he asked me to; washing his naked backside. He suddenly turned and I couldn’t help looking at his cock, it was half hard and huge.

“I see you like this Mike” he said motioning at my little hardon. It was embarrassing, I actually blushed. He stepped out of the shower area and just looked at me. “Don’t just stand there, dry me off.” Without a thought I grabbed for a towel and began drying Kurt off. He didn’t even lift his legs so I found myself kneeling in front of him drying his feet. When I looked up I saw he was smirking, “go ahead Mikey dry my crotch off. I was then handling his massive cock with the towel, how the hell did I get here?

“Go ahead now suck on the head, you know what to do.” I was in a kind of trance as I gently opened my lips to his cock. This was very new to me but that cock was so big; he was so masterful. The head was as big as a ripe plum but I was able to get my lips around it and began my first blowjob. Oh, I had had women give me them but never thought I would be on the giving side. I settled in and began trying to get more cock into my mouth. I guess my feeble attempts were OK because I felt him holding my ears, then a groan and I was retching with a mouth full of cum. After the burst subsided he lifted my chin, I looked at his manly face and he told me to go clean up. I went and washed my face thinking, what now, what now? “While your in there strip off all your clothes, you need to be naked” What the hell I thought to myself.

“That was good Mikey, now you understand where you fit in the grand scheme of things. Why don’t you scrunch down on the floor, no get over between my legs? Rub my feet now and I’ll try to explain where we’re going.” I lifted his leg and began massaging his foot. “Ahhh, that feels nice. Well now we know that you’re a cocksucker, in fact since you sucked me off you’re my cocksucker. You’ve had your first taste of cum, now it’s time to train you. Do my toes now then clean them up with your tongue. One of my reasons for reacquainting myself with you is so I can show my son how to handle a pussyboy.”

Still somewhat traumatized I started rubbing his toes then gently licking them thinking, what son, Pussyboy?

“Ahhh that’s very nice Mikey. You know I always thought you would make a great pussyboy but back when we were in school I was a lot shyer than I am now. Now I know that I can get whatever I want just by going after it. What I’m after now is frankly a body slave like those old Roman dudes used to use. They would take a young slave boy and train him to service them in everyway. If they needed to piss their boy just opened his mouth, if they wanted their asshole licked the boy stuck his tongue out. I kind of talked you into sucking me off but I did notice that you got a nice hardon and in fact you’re hard now. Enough with my feet lick my balls for me, boy. Yea that’s it, show me how much you enjoy it cocksucker”.

I was licking him eagerly by then. “Get down under my balls now”, and it was then I found the spot right where his ass crack begins and began to mouth and tongue him there. Gosh I have to admit that the musky male taste and smell of him down there was wonderful, it was so erotic.

“You know Mikey this is going to be great, I often have to cum 3 or 4 times a day and you’re going to enjoy it each time. Cunt is nice but so high maintence. You have to romance them, talk nice and listen to their chatter. With a pussyboy all I’ll have to do is teach you what I like. Fucking a cunt is great and I’ll still do it but a nice, warm mouth has a tongue to caress and worship my cock.”

“I’m kind of interested in what you think about all this, I need to know to train you properly. Were you excited when my cock went into your mouth, what were you thinking?

I stammered and muttered that it was Ok. Kurt rewarded my reticence with a very hard slap across my cheek. “Do what I ask, think and be honest.” Through a quiet sob I responded.

“At first Kurt I resented your even thinking of me as that kind of guy.”

“What kind of guy, be explicit or you’ll be punished and from now on call me Sir.”

“Thinking of me as a cocksucker Sir, I was mad at myself for calling you Sir yet I felt this odd little tingling that didn’t go away. I was confused because I didn’t fight, didn’t really want to fight. Once it was in my mouth I just did what comes naturally.”

“Of course you did. Your mouth is like a cunt, a cunt with a tongue. You know the only reason cocksuckers like you have tongues are to lick a man’s ass and balls. Tell me how did you like your first taste of cum?”

Cunt mouth! I was insulted and yet excited by this talk. “It was Ok, at first I was scared but it just shoot into my mouth and I swallowed.”

“No, what did it taste like, answer me?”

“It was creamy, sticky and thick, kind of salty, I think I liked it Sir.”

“That’s good because you’ll be getting lots of it from now on, I like to get sucked off 3 or 4 times a day and you’ll be my cum dump. What I’m looking for is a body servant like the old Romans had. In their day they trained a slave to serve all their needs. This boy would dress them, wash their owner’s bodies, suck them off, drink their piss, whatever was needed. Is that for you Mikey?” “Suck my cock now, take it slow.”

A few days later Kurt had told me his son was on the way. I thought I should look for my clothes but Kurt refused. “No Boy, a pussyboy should be naked. Besides its time John learned all about boys like you.”

It was strange how he called me boy, we were the same age. I wondered about what was in store for me with John. In the last few days I had been humiliated yet happy serving Kurt, he had begun showing me how to serve him. It was embarrassing that I liked it.

On Tuesday I was again kneeling between Kurt’s legs, sucking on his prick when the front door opened. Instinctively I pulled off to look and was shocked by a swift, hard slap. “Keep your attention where it belongs boy, you know better. “

How are you John, nice to see you.”

“I’m great Dad, is this the pussyboy you wanted me to see?”

“Yeah, but a lot more than see, you’re old enough to drive now and it’s time you learned how to handle cocksuckers like this. We can have a little Daddy, Son bonding like we did when I taught you to ski.”

“Sounds great Dad but I already have a girlfriend you know.”

“Yeah I know but fucking a bitch just isn’t the same as having a cocksucker dedicated to servicing you. Have you noticed that since I redirected his attention he’s concentrated on my cock, he doesn’t yet know what you look like. That’s really the difference, with a cunt you’re always romancing the bitch while a boy like this can be trained to only think about the cock in his mouth and it’s pleasure. A girl is nice to fuck but you just can’t get away from the drama, broads are high maintence. Watch, go ahead Mikey take it all the way down, deep into your throat.”

I relaxed my throat muscles, swallowed and let that fat cockhead stab into my throat. The saliva just gushed out of my mouth as I did as I was told, what I had been taught.

“Isn’t that just great John. A few days ago he just gagged at the thought of taking a cock that deep. He probably won’t be able to stuff that horse-cock of yours down though. Why don’t you take off your clothes and we can begin your lesson eh?”

In a minute Kurt grabbed my head and pulled me off his cock.” Ok boy, you should now be looking at my Son now, isn’t he a fine lad?”

I looked up as John was lowering his shorts. The first thing I saw was his cock hanging, limp in front of me, still on my knees. It was long, about 8 inches, and circumcised. His balls hung loosely in their sack. His hair was thick and a reddish blond. I reached up to hold it and Kurt Squeezed my shoulders a bit. “Hold it baby, no hands, no hands at all. John wants to see what you can do with that pretty mouth.” I let it go and caught the tip with my tongue, scooping it between my lips. He stayed limp as I sucked it into my mouth. It was thick as a German sausage and longer than his Dad’s. I sucked hard and felt my cheeks implode along the soft skin of his cock. I ran my tongue over his head and along the underside while I sucked and pulled my mouth along the sides of his shaft. Now I could feel it swell a bit. He rewarded my effort with a sucking sound through his teeth. I kept up my sucking until it finally swelled stretching my mouth to its limit. I started pumping my mouth up and down his shaft like his Dad liked. The head was enormous, I suppose the size of an egg and the shaft that ran back from it was proportional. Now probably 9 to 10 inches. He began moaning a bit and humping his hips.

“Suck it you bitch, suck it good.” he would murmur, from time to time. I pressed my lips against the shaft and it could have been plastic it was so hard. Only the warmth of the blood flowing through his shaft told me it was real. I raised my chin and pressed down against his shaft, feeling it push into the back of my throat. .I pushed and swallowed hard, feeling it slip down my throat. I was rewarded with a sigh and his bushy hair tickling my nose. I couldn’t help it, I began gagging and crying.

“Just hold him there John, feel his throat muscles massaging your cockhead, isn’t that great? Now let him loose to breathe then punch him back on your cock, stretch his throat open.”

John held me in place as I struggled for breath. “Can you feel his throat muscles massaging your cock, great isn’t it?”

“Now that he’s used to it just fuck his face in and out.” The boy began stroking his cock slowly in my mouth; about every third plunge he pushed his prick into my gullet.

I was able to gulp a little air each time before the boy impaled me again on his monster cock. I felt like a fish on a spear. After gagging me that second time he let me go on my own. I pulled back off and worked his head a bit, and then back over the shaft. Up and down the long shaft I pumped. I felt his hands grip my ears more tightly while he pumped his hips more. I tickled his head with my tongue and began to taste a steady ooze from his piss slit. He jerked a little and then groaned. I felt the first burst slide up the shaft and splatter into the back of my mouth, I almost choked again but the delay between spurts saved me. I swallowed and pulled back so my whole mouth could take in the next larger spurt of cum. There was another, then another and then a slow dribble as he began to relax his grip on me and the cum subsided. I swallowed all of it and he pulled his cock out of me. It was still ramrod stiff and bounced upward as he stepped back. He held it in his hand and ran the head over my lips and along the side of my face. Just then Kurt sent me into the kitchen to get them a couple of beers.

When I returned I was ordered to start licking John’s feet nice and clean while they talked. “You know once you’ve filled a boys mouth with your cum you own him. I think we should kinda combine his training to be my body slave with showing you the possibilities of having a suck-boy around for yourself. I’ve already talked to him and he’s as hot as any slut I’ve had.

“To begin with John it’s important for you to realize that an eager cocksucker is a treasure to be used not abused. I’ve found that you need nothing more than the occasional swat or maybe a little sting from a riding crop to focus a cocksucker. They thrive on being able to submit to a man. Watch how happy he is sucking my cock”

“OK Mikey, its time for you to learn new things.

“I’ll explain as we go but it’s important for you to realize what you are. If you let yourself go you’ll be happier in the long run. I knew John was coming so I bought some gear for you. Why don’t you lick John’s balls while I get it.”

I was soon lost in those teen balls using my tongue to caress and clean them. I felt Kurt drawing my wrists back and fastening them behind my back, I was cuffed then released.

“Ok now boy put these other cuffs on your ankles, yeah that’s the way. The cuffs on your wrists and ankles are nice leather aren’t they? John notice the iron rings, there to use when you want your boy to stay in position. Ok now Mikey hold your head up while I lock your slave collar on, how’s that feel boy? Answer me.”

“I don’t know, it feels strange, kind of hot though. The pictures of ancient Roman slaves showed many of them cuffed like this and maybe that’s what makes me excited.”

“Of course it does, that’s who you are.”

At supper that night I was allowed to sit at the table naked in my cuffs and collar while Kurt and his son ate with silk robes on. They talked as if I wasn’t there and I knew enough not to speak.

“Maybe we shouldn’t let him eat with us but I think it’s Ok once in a while as long as he performs for us. That’s really the beauty of having a boy trained as a man’s body slave; you have total control. In the next few days we’ll bring him along as we show him where he belongs. An accomplished cocksucker must learn how to submit willingly to his owner. If you want to piss he should be opening his mouth. When you want your ass licked his tongue should throb.”

The next day Kurt told his Son that it would be much fun and very instructive to start over with me.

“We’ll begin at the interview stage and go on to training, we’ll have fun and I guarantee you you’ll learn a lot. Hell, by the time were done you’ll know all there is to know about cocksuckers. To begin you need to understand that one of these natural cocksuckers want to serve, they actually relish the humiliation. Watch now.”

“Are you a cocksucker boy”? he asked as he lifted my chin up. “Yes Sir I am.”

“Good boy, it’s important that you know what you are. Lick my balls while we talk, their a little sweaty. Use a lotta tongue. Watch how he works those balls John, see how eager he is to please. That’s the thing about boys like him they long to please you.”

Was he right, did I really want to please him that much? I now know I’m a cocksucker and I am there for their pleasure and amusement. At the end of the game their balls are empty and they send me away full of cum. They laugh, joke and have a good time with my mouth pussy which is all that matters, their satisfaction.

Kirk always had porn movies on the TV and whenever I wasn’t serving him I watched. The genre was always a cocksucker serving his Master. He had prepared a little booklet that he said described the sex-slave boy’s role. I studied it in front of the TV. I wanted to serve my owner as he desired. I often thought of some of the more interesting passages.

“When the cock is big and thick it’s more difficult to take it, especially for the new non-skilled cockeaters. But you must do your best, at least to take a big portion, as much as you can, to show your owner you are willing to satisfy him and you only need some time to learn how to stretch your throat. Gagging is expected and most owners appreciate throat spasms on their pricks. Practice and practice. I repeat, don t let him go away totally unsatisfied. The owner will understand your efforts and can help you along the way.”

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