traffic jam

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This story and all persons and events in it is a work of fiction… Well… Partly…

I’ll surely not going to tell you, which parts are true and which are made up… But does it matter anyway?

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We’ve already been sitting in this jam for more than two hours. About half a mile away from “Drackensteiner Hang” – almost right at the edge between Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg –, and the radio kept telling us, this traffic hold-up was going to last at least three or even four more hours. And of all things it was at noon during one of the worst heat waves this country – Germany – had ever experienced.

In the car, there were about 140°F, the sun burned vertically at the roof of our borrowed – flat black – van, and it was pure luck, Monica – like me – only wore light clothes. As all of our clothes were neatly stored into boxes in three different homes, and we only carried one set for change, she wore her “work-outfit”.

In her case, this outfit consisted off a almost bleached to white jeans, cut off right beneath the back pockets, leaving her breathtakingly long and slender legs exposed, cream-colored Chuck’s and one of my worn out old college sweaters, she had cut off the sleeves and shortened the hem to reach just a hand over her navel, showing off her flat, toned and tanned tummy.

She had her beautiful, by nature wavy, auburn hair tied to a pony tail that, although high up, still reached halfway down her back.

I wore my swim trunks – if I’m going to sweat, at least I want to dry fast – reaching mid-thigh, a muscle shirt and my favorite basketball sneakers.

Just the right clothing for moving two single households from Cologne to Munich in hot midsummer, using an old, stripped 83′ GMC Vandura.

As we had pulled up stakes in Cologne and hadn’t yet put them down in Munich, the van was our temporary home. Because of this, we had two camping mats, toiletries, a small washing basin and an extra first aid box – just in case – stashed in a compartment behind the co-driver’s seat. It wasn’t very comfortable there, but Monica’s presence helped a lot.

“We don’t happen to have any salsas or barbeque sauce on board by any chance, baby?” she moaned and whipped the sweat from her forehead.

I had to smile about the lame but cute joke. No matter what, she always found a way to up the mood and to take the stress out of any situation. For that I loved her, too.

Considering her slender frame and looking in her deep green eyes, you’d never guessed her effortlessly being capable of carrying heavy furniture, like she did these days.

* * *

I have to confess, when she climbed up that narrow flight of stairs to the forth floor of that old building in downtown Munich earlier, carrying a heavy, old carpet, I couldn’t help but enjoy both her strength and the view of her shaved cuntie barely covered by the scarce denim.

She had hardly pushed the door open with a kick, when I was all over her. Having already dropped the heavy box of books I was carrying, I slid my hands under her shirt. Because of the heat, we had turned underwear down, and I was now holding two handful of titties. With swaying hips, she pressed her butt into my groin, pushing me away and hoisted the carpet zestfully from her shoulder and on the floor.

“Help me, roll him out.” she ordered. “He needs to be laid properly.”

“So we should show him how it’s done…” I stated deadpan, and gave her a little push, tipping her – as she hadn’t regained her balance after smashing down the carpet – over, and we rolled laughing on the – incidentally properly spread – carpet.

“Ooouuupppsss… My finger just slid accidentally into your pussy. But she really is wet and slick. You should hang a sign like >>Slippery when wet< < or something like that." I smirked, but she just looked at me silently. And then she looked some more, while she furrowed her brows. Her look turned stern... Very stern...

And then she knocked me over.

Before I realized it, she already had unpacked my hard cock – working all day under a blazing sun without wearing any underwear and having a sizzling hot babe like mine around can lead to a permanent horniness – and then started chewing and sucking on him so eager, I almost thought she would bite him off.

“Did you think, I wouldn’t take my revenge? I’m not going to be the only one to be horny as hell.” she mumbled around my dick, while she sucked for all she was worth and I had the feeling, my spunk would start boiling in my balls.

Once she would entwine my shaft with her tongue, another time she would tickle the frenulum of my cock with her tongue’s tip or she would gently suck my dick. She let him sink down her throat and massaged me extensively with swallowing motions, making me crazy like hell, nibbled up and down the shaft, licked my balls and circled my glans with pleasure.

Just as I was about to cum, she pulled back, looked into my eyes cockily and breathed over my almost bursting prick: “We better get going, or we’ll get stuck in the rush hour.”

“I don’t see a problem at all. In worst case I’ll get stuck in you during rush hour.” was my pretty lame reply.

But she stayed adamant – unfortunately so did my dick, too – so I stashed my pole back into my trunks. Monica disappeared in the bathroom for a couple of minutes, and so did I right after her, to “cool down” a bit. Then we sat in the car and drove off… And sat in the jam only three hours later.

* * *

There was some motion in the line of cars a little ahead, and so we started the engine, too.

“Looks like they’ve been wrong on the radio about the jam’s length.” Monica expressed her hopes.

“Looks like. Maybe we can still make it…”


Suddenly there was a deafening banging and clanking, and about sixty yards ahead there rose steam and a smoke cloud over an Uzbek truck.

“… not in time, I see.” I finished my sentence.

Monica was rather on the practical side, so she just slid off her Chucks and put her feet on the dashboard.

“This will take quite a while, till they get him off the road.” She pointed forward: “You see? He even managed to jackknife.”

As if on cue, AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” started coming from the radio and in her seat, Monica started shifting and moving to the music.

Due to the way, she was sitting there, her feet on the dashboard, the legs spread and swaying, I registered a white thread hanging from her shaved snatch.

‘Curious, she’s not having her period yet… Why is she using a tampon?’ I wondered.

(You know that image in comics and cartoons, when a character has an idea or inspiration? The light bulb going on over his head? Right this moment, the whole Las Vegas Strip sprang to live above my head!)

‘That’s the reason, why she’d been to the bathroom before… The balls!’

As I bent forward, I saw I was right. What looked like a thread, was in fact the plastic pull strap of her love eggs. She was carrying the love balls in her pussy since we left Munich, and didn’t blink with an eye at all!

When I looked in her eyes now, I unmistakeably could tell, she hadn’t expected this hold off, because the horny glimmer in her eyes and the slightly fey gaze of her signalized that she was not only about to explode soon due to the eggs, but would also be soon so over aroused that her kitty will return to a pre-virgin tightness.

Most likely she had planed to reveal her sweet, sexy secret to me after passing Stuttgart, hoping that we’d stop at one of the more spacious rest areas there and “relax” like we did on the way to Munich.

The day before, we had discovered a remote rest stop close to Karlsruhe – mostly because Monica had to pee urgently – and took our time, enjoying each other thoroughly in the lush bushes.

She had still smelled of my dick, when we rested near Munich last night. The result of this was, that first I ate her, and she then lubed my dick, sucking him with her wet mouth, before she just sat on him, impaling her sweet, tight ass on my pole.

Although she had turned me on like hell, and the sunny heat had turned my hormones into the biochemical equivalent to nitroglycerin, I managed to fuck her butt for fifteen minutes quite hard, before I had to release my boiling spunk into her ass, belling like a stag.

The morning after – this morning – when we wanted to “freshen up” at the nearby roadhouse’s restrooms in the early morning (In the morning they hardly would register you even taking a shower, so it’s pretty safe to undress totally and wash thoroughly) we were greeted by the applause and many “thumbs-up” of several truck drivers, having their trucks parked near us.

While I watched her, she gently put her hand on her pussy and softly stroked her clit through the denim – or more precisely she stroked past the denim as the material in her crotch was less than one inch wide, and her swollen labiae flashed on both sides of the narrow patch of denim.

I couldn’t resist smacking her butt, not hard, but shaking enough, so that her scream wasn’t only because of the slap but also from the effect, the shock had on the sensitive balls inside her.

“You know what? I’ll go ahead, checking what’s going on. Behave yourself while I’m away.”

She just nodded and joyously kept on playing with her kitty-cat.

While starting, the Uzbek truck’s right front tire had burst, then the trailer had shifted past the driver’s cab on the left side, pushing a Mercedes into the barricade on the left side. Due to the force, the truck’s front axle broke, while – for some reason – the trucks engine blew up at the same time, and both vehicles blocked the whole road.

When I looked around, I noticed the hold-up behind us going on for at least two more miles – and, due to the heat not really surprisingly, none of the brainless idiots had considered leaving free an alley between the tracks.

Those of you, who are familiar with this route, know there isn’t much of a emergency lane the rescuers could use.

I sighed deep and swallowed a swearword on incompetent drivers and strolled back to the van. That’s when I realized the eighteen-wheeler standing at the passenger’s side of the van and his driver literally being glued to his side window.

‘Monica should charge entrance to her show, so we could have hired a moving firm.’ I thought.

I hadn’t known how intense the show, the truck driver was enjoying, was until I re-entered the car. My beloved slut was busy pushing the eggs – the de luxe edition, two eggs connected by a stable but flexible bar – in and out of her pussy with one hand, using the tool like a dildo. Her other hand was busy, too, rubbing her kitty furiously as like she was trying to ignite a fire.

“Honey, it’s damn hot what you’re doing, and I bet “Jack Juggernaut” right next to us would agree, if he had both hands free to applaud.” I whispered into her ear, enjoying her first shivering when she felt my breath on her skin, then moaning, when my lips touched her earlobe and finally startling, when she realized what I have said.

“It’s too late now, baby… He’s seen way more than he could ever have dreamed of.” I smiled.

Monica grinned at me, shrugged and kept on fucking herself, but now more forceful, aiming for her climax.

I’m sure, her screaming, as she came, could have even be deafening in “Jack Juggernaut”‘s cabin. At least some of the other people on the road turned their heads, but as the van was pretty high, they couldn’t see a thing.

When Monica’s ecstasy subsided, she turned to the trucker, gave him two thumbs up and blew him a kiss.

“Ok… He’s a lucky guy now. Is it my turn now?” I chuckled and pushed my hand beneath her shirt, pointing with my eyes to the mats in the back of the van. “Or have you already spent your powers?”

Monica has an adorable sense of humor, but when she’s horny… Well…

She grabbed my shirt’s collar and hissed low and insistent: “I haven’t shot my wad yet, but if you do your share, I’m sure, we can fix this together.” while digging her hand deep into my trunks, grabbing my semi erect cock.

With demanding motions she massaged my dick and looked deep in my eyes.

“Or can’t we?” she asked, almost in a threatening tone.

“You ask stupid questions.” I just answered sealing her sassy mouth with a long, greedy kiss and pulled her into the back of the van, closing the makeshift curtain – a blanket on a string – to block out any curious bystanders.

While I had pulled the curtain close in less than an instant, she had already taken off both shorts and sweater and was lolling against a heap of blankets and rags, legs widely spread. As the windows in the back were covered with tint film, no one from outside could see, what was going on, but inside the van it was bright as day. And you can trust me… I liked, what I saw… I liked it very much.

I watched her for a while and then I dove in. Dead on target I pushed my tongue into her wet folds, lapping her up while I pulled the hen’s egg sized love balls from her pussy with one swift move. I continued to intensively poke and tickle her clit with the tip of my tongue and erratically lap with the entire breadth of the tongue over her love button.

Every time I did this, she twitched and let out a silent squeak while she answered my assaults with low and deep moans. Then I dove my tongue back into her and lapped up the juices every single climax of her’s had released.

Without interrupting the fun, she turned to the side and fished my – by now rock hard – cock out of my trunks, wrapping her hot and soft lips around the shaft.

While she sucked me, I ate her like I was starving, and she paid my back the same way. She was about to suck my brain out, and when my dick started to twitch, she deepthroated me to enjoy my thick and large load shooting down her throat.

“Shhhiiiiiittttt!! That’s so hot!” I screamed while I came. “Suck it, bitch! Swallow it all!”

And swallowing is what she did… To the last drop.

But she didn’t let go of my erection. Instead she even swallowed it even deeper and massaging it with her throat she brought my softening dick back to hard as a steel rod.

“You really know how to handle me, don’t you, my sweet sexy witch?” I whispered with growing arousal.

“And I hope, you know how I want to be handled by you, my handsome devil.” She breathed, letting my cock slip from her wet lips.

“Get on your knees.” I almost growled.

She kneeled in front of me and looked at me over her shoulder. “Don’t dare restrain yourself.” she whispered.

Without hesitation I drove my cock deep and hard in her snatch, and suddenly stopped, buried balls deep in her.

“You forgot the magic word.” I teased her.

“Pleeaassseee… With sugar, cream and a cherry on top… Please… Fuck me, you sadistic son of a bitch!”

I smiled at her lovingly and with fast, hard and deep strokes started to fuck her brains out. I made her feel my entire shaft with every single stroke, and with every push I rammed the head of my dick against her cervix. Then the devil took the best of me, and I changed the pace.

Long, slow and deep strokes made her feel every inch of my man-meat, every vein and fold, impaling her on my rod. I could feel her pussy muscles twitch and clamp around my dick… pushing me over the top. With a loud groan I came and poured out into her snatch, flooding her with surge after surge.

When the tidal wave of lust had subsided, I slid out of her, took her in my arms and kissed her softly and lovingly.

“I love you, Monica.” I whispered in her ear and covered her in kisses until she started to sprawl under me like a kitten – and licked her lips, like she was a kitty pinching a bit of cream.

“I love you too, Alex… Wanna check on the hold up?”

As I only had to jump in my trunks, I returned to the driver’s seat and lit us two cigarettes while she freshened up, using some wet wipes.

“At the next roadhouse we could leave and take a rest while the jam clears away, what do you think? I on my part am beat, and we only have one more load to handle.” she suggested, when she climbed on the passenger’s seat. She looked out the window… And froze…

Right next to her window a policeman stood, about to knock on the door…

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you…” the young officer said, his humming and hawing and the “slight” blush on his cheeks telling us, he exactly knew what went on in the back of the van.

(Somehow we had forgotten to close the windows, when we went to the van’s back – Well… Might happen in the heat of the moment.)

“I just wanted to ask you to move the van a little forward, so we can open the guard railing here to let the passenger cars switch to the dirt road over here. The first jam is solved, and the cleanups here will be done far enough to at least open one lane in about an hour, so you can resume your trip.”

Saying this, he only looked us in the eyes, fighting hard not to lower his gaze onto Monica’s gorgeous body.

“And by the way… You should get your buffers checked. Apparently even the slightest shift of weight makes your van swing.” he added, looking at the cars around.

Even today, Monica keeps saying, he had winked shyly, when he turned around and left.

I tend to agree…

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