This is the direct sequel to Cinthesis. I strongly recommend reading it first otherwise you might not get everything in this story.


Chapter 1

The sun peeked through the window, giving Her skin a golden sheen. Beverly couldn’t get enough of the sight of Her sleeping form, lying atop the covers on her stomach. It formed such a perfect counterpoint to the Song in Beverly’s head, another confirmation that it had been a good decision to move in with her best friend.

It had been Cin’s decision, of course.

That didn’t mean Bev didn’t make any decisions on her own; she did. Like right now, for example, she’d decided how she was going to wake up her friend.

Her hands ghosted over Cin’s legs, gliding up the slope of her butt as Beverly crawled forward. ‘I’ve never done this before.’ The thought was a wet kiss on her clit. ‘We’ve done a lot of things, but I’ve never gone here.’ Moving Her tail aside with one hand, Bev pressed her lips lightly against one globe and then the other. ‘Such a dirty girl. Cin’s dirty, hot slut.’

Light kisses turned into little licks that swiftly devolved into a swirling tongue bath as Her taste filled Bev’s mouth. The blonde’s body sang with lust, a pulsating beat that traveled straight from her mouth to her tits.

Her lips wrapped around Her tail, her tongue trailing a wet path up and down the limp appendage that ended in a gentle swipe through Her crack. Bev’s hands pulled Cin’s cheeks apart, Her groans signaling She was waking up.

This was an act of devotion, of love. A worship in deed, instead of word. Tonguing Cin’s asshole until Her cum splattered the sheets was Beverly’s morning prayer. She didn’t even need to touch herself, Cin’s cries of passion amplified the Song in her head and all Bev knew was bliss. It drooled from her pussy while her mindless tongue continued to eat Her out.


‘I’ve only been back to work for less than a day and I already can’t wait for the weekend,’ Cin pondered morosely behind the counter. ‘Of course, this job sucked when I took it.’

Working at a sporting good store was not what she’d had in mind when she graduated from college, but it paid the bills while she lined up a real job-one that fell into her field of interest. That hadn’t happened; instead she was still working at Jane’s Sportfashion three years later.

That, however, wasn’t the most aggravating thing about working there. No, that prize went to her two co-workers, Jake and Linda, who slacked off at every opportunity. Not in front of the owner, of course, he’d have fired them long ago if they’d been dumb enough to do that.

No, they waited for his back to be turned. Like now: every Monday morning, between ten and eleven, the boss went off for lunch and Linda took Jake back into the stockroom, leaving Cin to mind the store.

She knew what they were doing back there, and up until today that knowledge had only been irritating. But she was a new woman now. Curiosity beckoned. Her eyes drifted to the door in the back, then made a quick scan of the store. She bit her lip. ‘There’s nobody here, I won’t be missed.’

Still looking around as if afraid she’d be caught, Cin stalked quietly into the back. Her sensitive ears already picking up on their lovemaking before her hand was on the doorknob.

‘Why am I doing this? I’m not attracted to them; I don’t even like them! So what the hell am I doing sneaking in here to watch two annoying people have sex?’ It was a good question, but it didn’t stop Cin from softly closing the door behind her and creeping up on the couple hidden by a rack of ski suits, because she was curious.

She got an eyeful right away as Linda had just finished lowering Jack’s pants and was now busy engulfing his manmeat with her lips. Unlike Cin or Linda, he actually looked like he was into sports. The muscles in his arm stood out as he used them to brace himself against the table.

Most of Linda’s body couldn’t be seen from this angle, obscured by Jake, the table and some boxes. That changed soon after, when she stood up and pushed her partner back to lie on the table. Linda’s lithe body scrambled on top of him and she guided his dick into her with a toothy grin. Within seconds, Linda was happily bouncing up and down, her small titties swaying freely through the air.

Neither of them was all that sexy or attractive to Cin. Yet she was breathing just as hard as Linda, her nipples poking into her bra. Because her senses saw beyond that, saw the joy they experienced. The lust they were satisfying right now was infectious, stoking Cin’s own fire.

Hands trembling with desire, she pawed at her clothes as her eyes remained riveted to the scene before her. Teeth pressed into her lower lip, stopping the groan from escaping after a hand finally released one of her tits from its confines. It yearned to be trapped by something warmer.

On the table, Linda threw her head back moaning unabashedly as her hands mimicked Cin’s actions. Sex hung thick in the air, the raven-haired hybrid breathed it. In and out, out and in.

Her skirt was on the floor, wet panties pushed aside to give her questing fingers access. Her body itched to change. ‘No,’ Cin denied herself while watching Linda roll her hips. Her co-workers skins gleamed with sweat in the soft light of the stockroom. ‘Can’t risk it, not here.’ A thumb flicked her clit, pleasure pierced her thoughts.

This time, Cin couldn’t stop a mewl from escaping her panting lips. Couldn’t stop her fingers from playing her body. On the table, Linda leaned back to get a new angle, Jake supporting her without hesitation as if it were a well-rehearsed dance move. Oblivious to their audience or the time.

“Ungh, cumming!” Someone cried out. But nobody slowed down. The energy in the room remained at a feverish pitch.

Linda tilted forward and lay down on Jake before slamming her hips down on his, Jake’s hips thrusting up to meet. A slick finger teased Cin’s back entrance, circling it once, twice, before dipping back into her sex. ‘Screw this: I need a hand, and I know just where to get them.’

“What the hell do you people think you’re doing!” a voice thundered, freezing Cin in place. Looking over at the door, she saw her boss. Kenneth Jane was red in the face, his eyes darting from the couple on the table to Cin and back again. “There are customers here! That’s what I pay you people for: to help them, not to fornicate while they can hear everything!!!”

Jake and Linda finally seemed to realize they had an audience and started to scramble for their clothes. Cin had a slightly easier time of putting them back on, but that also meant an embarrassed Jane focused his ire on her. “You’re fired!” he shouted sounding a bit hoarse. “You’re all fired! Get out! Get out! Now!”

Cin’s mouth opened, then closed. She wanted to argue, to save her job. ‘It’s not fair, it’s those two who’ve been doing this for months while I’ve been doing my job! And now, the one time I did sneak off, I get fired? I need the money, dammit.’

Naturally she wasn’t going to say it exactly like that; she could phrase it better than that. Or just beg. Yet something held her back. Something she’d gotten a more intimate knowledge of since the change: instinct.

Startled, Cin realized that, despite her new found power, she was unable to object to him. ‘If he tells me to suck him off, I’d actually do it…’ Try as she might, she couldn’t get upset over it. The prospect of being unemployed was like a punch in the gut, yet she couldn’t bring herself to object.

‘Because Kenneth is my boss, I’m his subordinate. I agreed to obey him.’ She knew, intellectually, that working for someone didn’t entail such submission. Not in America. It was an attitude from the other place. The one she’d gotten glimpses of in her dreams. But this wasn’t a dream: this was now and this was here. Nevertheless, the idea was hers now and so were the consequences.

“Yes, sir,” was all that would pass her lips as Cin hung her head in defeat. She was out of a job. A job she didn’t like, granted, but one she didn’t want to leave like this. Not without some other sort of work lined up. All because she had to indulge herself.

In a daze, she let her legs carry her out of the stockroom, past the curious eyes of the customers Mister Jane mentioned and out of the store. ‘I’m fired?’


Cin wandered without direction, her complete attention turned inward trying to figure out who she was now. She thought she knew, right up until Kenneth Jane had given her an order and her own beliefs had surprised her. So now she tried to find out if there were any other surprises lurking within her.

‘What if my Creator came back? Would I obey him?’ Cin wondered, dreading the answer. But nothing happened, the feeling she’d gotten with her boss was absent when she thought of her Creator. ‘Because we never made an agreement,’ she suddenly realized. “That’s the key,” she accidentally said aloud.

Embarrassed, Cin looked around but found nobody was close enough to have overheard her. ‘I don’t have to, I can choose now. I always had a choice.’ Both felt true, though only one should.

The ex-employee of Jane’s SportFashion grimaced as another thought came to her: ‘But I’ll have the same problem with any new job I find. Except this time, I know full well what I’ll be agreeing to, even if my new boss won’t.’ Fear and lust mixed as Cin’s imagination came up with a couple of scenarios when this hypothetical boss did find out.

Something caught her eye and she stopped to look, only realizing now that her feet had led her out of the main shopping area onto a small street Cin had never been to before. There were several shops here, too, but it was one in particular that had drawn her attention.

A piece of paper was taped to the glass of the door reading “Looking for a sales associate, must be at least 21 years old…” etc. A quick glance told her she met all requirements, yet it didn’t say what sort of store this was.

There were no displays in the window and a screen artfully decorated to make it look like a pair of curtains prevented her from looking inside. On the glass itself a web-address was printed with a telephone number in smaller type underneath. Looking up the raven-haired hybrid saw that the name of the shop was Pandora’s Box, which offered no clue either.

Curiosity once more took a hold of Cin. ‘I am looking for a job now,’ she considered. But another voice argued, ‘No; remember what happened not an hour ago!’

She hesitated: that was a good point. ‘On the other hand, what’s the harm in looking? I’m not agreeing to anything just by walking in and finding out what they’re selling.’ That … was true.

Nodding to herself she walked over to the shop’s door and opened it. ————————————————–

The sound of tinking bell rang through the store, alerting Sarah Anisidora that someone had come in. She’d been reading the paper, expecting it would be a quiet morning, as most were. Truth be told, her shop did most of its business online, and half the people who came to them physically did so because they didn’t want their orders delivered at home. That and your usual gaggle of high schoolers thinking they were so bold and mature because they dared to come into a sex shop.

The person who came in fell in neither of those categories. This girl had long, intensely black hair that flowed freely down her back. Intelligent eyes framed in a fresh face that lacked a tan. Her body looked good, slender and curved in all the right places. Her outfit, however, looked like she worked in one of the other stores. The girl wasn’t wearing a jacket even though it was still chilly outside. ‘And she’s not in a hurry,’ Anisidora judged as she watched the girl’s gaze slowly travel the various displays.

There were some toys on shelves on the right wall and in free standing displays scattered around the room, but that was only a small sample of their complete catalogue. This left the shop roomy and, aided by the natural lighting, it put customers at ease.

Two mannequins dressed in fetish wear flanked a doorway on the left, leading to what Anisidora liked to think of as her boutique: a room containing their clothing selection as well as a couple of dressing rooms. That was the reason the other half visited the shop, to try it on before buying it.

Still, the behavior of Anisidora’s present company was unusual. Not weird-those were common enough even though most of her products were more for her than for him. No, it was the obvious curiosity the girl displayed combined with a lack of furtive glances Anisidora’s way. No embarrassment seemed to register even when she lifted a boxed dildo up to examine it.

Anisidora examined her once more trying to guess why she’d come in. When the girl took an experimental swing with a riding crop, seemingly fascinated by the sound it made, she’d had enough. “Can I help you?”

The black-haired girl looked up and blinked as if she’d forgotten she wasn’t alone. “Uh, yes,” she said while putting the crop back. “I saw you’re looking for a sales associate, but there was no clue what you were selling.”

Anisidora simply arched an eyebrow. She was indeed looking for a cashier to help her run this shop. Denise had left over a month ago and, while she hadn’t been her only employee, Anisidora couldn’t really spare the others for this. They had their own jobs maintaining the online business. So far, though, they’d had no applicants that met her standards. Either too eager to work here, or too embarrassed. ‘So far, this one’s actually the most promising candidate but her remarks better get more intelligent right quick. I can’t stand airheads’-a smirk crossed her lips-’in my business,’ she amended. ‘They have their uses in bed where their mouths are suitably occupied.’ Good memories.

The girl answered her smile. “Of course, now I do know. So, what I wanted to ask is if you still got that job opening.”

“I do,” Anisidora confirmed. “But I think this is a matter better discussed in my office. Follow me,” she commanded leading her into the back.


Cin followed the older woman through the store, her eyes naturally drifting down her backside. There wasn’t much to see, as the dark-skinned businesswoman wore a smart business outfit with a skirt that reached past her knees. Still, there was a hint here and there of a very fine body. ‘No, focus. You’re not here for that. You’re just curious about the job. Think about that. Money, food, water, a place to sleep. A place where Beverly can sleep.’

Their short journey led into a small office cluttered with paper. A computer with printer were set up on a desk off to the side of the other, by which they sat. “I’m Sarah Anisidora, by the way.”

“Cin-dy, I’m Cindy, though my parents named me Cinderella. I don’t really like it.” She gasped internally. Giving her real name to a stranger, what was she thinking?


“As in the fairy tale,” Cin confirmed.

“Alright, Cindy, you were interested in the position?”

“Uh, right. I am … recently unemployed,” she finished awkwardly. “Actually, I just got fired. Hence my lack of a résumé,” Cin tried to joke.

“Hmmm, I can work around that. Where did you work?”

“At Jane’s SportsFashion.”

“You worked for Kenneth?” Miss Anisidora’s face twisted in distaste. “Guess I won’t be asking for a reference then. I’m not his most favorite person in the world, and the feeling’s mutual. Bigot’s been complaining about my business since I opened. So, why did Kenneth fire you?”

‘This was a bad idea,’ Cin concluded thinking back on this morning. ‘Once she hears what happened, she’ll show me the door.’ So, with a deep breath, she took the plunge and told Miss Anisidora what happened.


When Cindy was finished, Anisidora remained quiet for a moment. “He shouldn’t have fired you, not for that.” The girl across the desk blinked at that; relief started to spread across her features, which was why she pressed on. “I’d have fired you too,” the businesswoman made clear, “right then and there. Can you figure out why?”

She waited and observed Cindy as the applicant thought her words over. ‘Well, even if she’s not a candidate for this place, there’s another position I think she’ll be interested in,’ she thought recalling the way Cindy’s eyes had taken in her store. Anisidora wetted her lips. ‘Several, in fact.’

“I … I should have said something to Mr. Jane. About them, ah, spending time in the stockroom.”

“Exactly. Loyalty is all well and good, but, and it galls me to say this, you owed Kenneth some of it too. I’m not a prude like him, so I don’t care who you fuck or watch fucking. I do care, however, if you blow off work for it and still expect to get paid.”

Cindy flinched at the thrust. She didn’t know it yet, but she wasn’t being tested for the job. Or not just the job-though, if Anisidora did give it to her, that would mean she’d have to give up on that. She didn’t sleep with the people that worked for her.

“But tell me,” Anisidora continued. “Why were you working there in the first place? Do you have any ambitions or dreams?”

Cindy shrugged. “It was supposed to be short-term, you know. I did college, got my major in journalism and then my plan fell apart. I’d lined up an internship at this history magazine when it went belly up. I’ve been sort-of drifting ever since. I suppose I could’ve looked elsewhere, but my boyfriend lived here, so does my best friend, and next thing I knew three years have gone by. And then things suddenly changed. I changed. You asked me about my dreams … I don’t think I know what they are right now.”

Anisidora quietly filed away how she spoke about her boyfriend in the past tense. And the part about changing sounded promising, too. “Sounds to me like you came in here looking for something more than a job.”

Before she could say anything more, the bell rang, signaling somebody else had entered the store. Anisidora would have to postpone their dance: “Sounds like our time is up. Tell you what,” she said as she retrieved a business card. “Instead of you or me deciding anything right now, why don’t you send me your résumé. Here, I’ll write down my private email-address. If you’re still interested by the time you get home, that is.”

Cindy took the bait. ‘Great. I’m still not sure about her for the job,’ Anisidora mused, ‘but her CV should answer that. And if I don’t, it would only be “nice” of me to take her mind off of things.’

Chapter 2

“And that’s why I’m not sure about pursuing this job right now. I don’t want to submit,” Cin said distractedly reclining on the bed as nude as Beverly. The blonde herself didn’t respond immediately, her mouth otherwise occupied nibbling, sucking and all-around feasting on Her tit.

The hand on her back stroking her approvingly, Bev’s head rose a little so she could answer. A trail of saliva still connecting her lips to Cin’s nipple. “Why should it be you?”

“What do you mean?” She asked as Her tail started to ghost over Beverly’s thigh.

“Hmmm, I, I mean, why are you the one who must submit? You don’t have to agree to that to work for her.”

Cin looked thoughtful, Her head tilted to Her right as she mulled it over. Bev pressed on. “You’ve got powers now. She can submit to you. Think about it. The way you described this Sarah, it’s obvious you find her attractive,” she went on not feeling a hint of jealousy. In fact, the image of this Sarah Anisidora, with her cafe au lait skin and toned body, kneeling before Cin was turning her on.

“Would it be right to take her?”

“Of course it would be! You took me and it was the best thing you’ve ever done for me. To have your song in my head …” her voice trailed off as the Song rose in volume at that reminder, derailing her thoughts.

Cin’s voice called her back. “But she’s a stranger.”

The blonde blinked, having to recall what they were talking about. “So? You can take whoever you want, you’re Cin,” Beverly argued with absolute conviction. “Email her, get a second interview and give her the song. I know you want to,” the blonde breathed.

For a moment, Cin simply stared into her eyes. The next, She moved and Beverly was on her back with Her hovering above her. “You’re right,” the raven-haired hybrid purred. Her body slid down Bev’s, their only contact Her taut nipples slowly gliding over the blonde’s tanned skin, tracing two lines of sensual delight. Her breath played over Beverly’s wet folds, melting her just a little more. “I want to.”

She gave the blonde a teasing lick. “I want to see her naked.” Her tongue flicked out again, collecting Bev’s dew above the spot she’d just visited. “I want to hear her moan.” Higher. “I want to smell her lust.” Bev groaned, her hands grabbing at the comforter; that one had flicked her clit. “I want to feel her juices coat my tongue.” Higher again, past Bev’s button, the supple organ almost touched Her Mark. It dampened Beverly’s arousal just enough to appreciate what was going to happen next.

“I want to taste her essence.” Sensation flashed through the blonde, slowing everything down to a crawl. Cin’s tongue began to slowly trace Her Mark, the symbol sending pulses of pleasure rolling through Bev’s body in sync with Her heartbeat. Beverly froze, the waves rebounding when they couldn’t escape, suffusing her form.

The world shrank down to Her tongue on Her Mark and expanded so the Song could fill it all up. Beverly vanished happily to make room, her body arcing off the bed on its own. There was only the Song rising to a crescendo and taking a mewling Cin’s with it. Cum squirted from her cunt, splashing against Her chin.

The Singer added a new line and Cin’s obeyed, twisting the blonde’s body around so she could bury her face in Her pussy. Vaguely, Cin’s heard Her say more words, but they held no meaning for her. All she understood at the moment was right in front of her, filling her mouth. “Yessss, I’ll send her an email, hmmm, later.”


Anisidora finished saying her goodbyes to her customer before turning her attention to Cindy. She’d only seen the girl from the corner of her eyes when she got in, so her appearance was a bit of a surprise to Anisidora.

She wore a peach sundress, a perfect fit for the sunny weather outside but a puzzling choice for a job interview. ‘Of course, she doesn’t know I’m going to say no,’ the businesswoman reflected. ‘She’s nice enough and she does seem to have a brain but… Oh, be honest; you’re not thinking with your own brain here. You want something else from her more.’

Naturally, the owner of Pandora’s Box didn’t say that to Cindy. “Hey, you’re early.”

“I noticed.”

‘Another surprise. She wasn’t this confident the last time,’ Anisidora noted. ‘It does help explain the clothes, she feels at ease this time. Sure.’

“It’s alright,” Anisidora assured her. Shooting Cindy a smile, she stepped around the counter and went to the door to close up. The businesswoman wasn’t expecting anybody for at least an hour and she wanted privacy for what she was planning.

Cindy wasn’t going to get the job, but Anisidora was starting to wonder if the raven-haired girl didn’t already know that. And was anticipating what it meant. ‘Now there’s a nice thought. It certainly would make my work easier.’ With her back to the girl, it was safe for Anisidora to let her smile ease into a predatory grin.

After leading Cindy back to her office, they both sat in the same chairs as last time. Unlike last time, the desk was free of clutter and Sara herself was wearing a more flattering outfit … with some very nice lingerie underneath it. “So, we’ve been exchanging messages for a couple of days now, and I think I’ve gotten to know you … which has led me to believe that there is still an obstacle to your employment here.”


That was all Cindy said, still showing no concern. Instead, she looked vaguely bemused, tilting her head a little to the right as her gaze swept over Anisidora’s body.

“Yes,” the proprietress forged on. “I don’t want to embarrass you, but working here means interacting with customers, helping them with our products. And you, at the moment, are inexperienced.”

Now, Cindy chuckled: “And you’re offering to train me.”

Clasping her hands in front of her on the desk, Anisidora did her best to project an earnest appearance. “You know my policy, Cindy. I don’t sleep with my employees and I refuse to pay someone who doesn’t have the know-how to do her job. But I like you, and I want to hire you,” she lied easily, because everything except the last part was true.

“I saw how intrigued you were the first time you came over my doorstep,” Anisidora added huskily.

“So that’s your opening bid?”

“I beg your pardon?” She hadn’t expected that reaction.

“Of our negotiations. You’re offering no job, but a place in your bed as your lover.”

Anisidora stared at the girl with a slack jaw.

“Oh, don’t look so shocked. All you think about when you look at me is sex and submission. You’re picturing me bent over your knee, paddling my ass ’cause I’m such a bad girl.”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She was certain she hadn’t been that obvious. ‘Did she guess? Ask around about me?’ Strangest of all was how Cindy acted. Anisidora was sure she’d heard a note of interest when the girl had described her fantasy.

Cindy rose from her chair, pushing it back with a foot that had slipped from her sandal before stepping out of the other one so she could kick the footwear out of the way as well. “Yes, you do. But enough about your offer; let’s talk about mine.”

With those words, the raven-haired girl shimmied out of her sundress to reveal she hadn’t been wearing anything else.

Anisidora couldn’t help but glance over her lightly tanned form. Even now, nude and obviously aroused, standing there, Cindy had a sort-of wholesome attractiveness about her. ‘No tan lines,’ Sarah noted.

“That’s your offer?”

The girl’s smile got a little bigger. “No, silly. I’m just slipping into something more comfortable before I make my offer.” Before Anisidora could ask what she meant by that, Cindy showed her.

Her form rippled; there was no other word for it. Her skin lost its tan and became white as porcelain while the brown of her aureoles became a light pink. Her curves got curvier even as the muscles in her limbs and stomach became more noticeable.

Spell-bound, Anisidora watched a tail swish through the air for several heartbeats. Finally, her eyes traveled back up to stare into the twinkling sapphires that had replaced Cindy’s brown eyes. ‘No, not twinkling,’ Anisidora corrected herself, ‘shining. It’s almost as if they’re glowing.’

“This is my offer,” Cindy purred as light spilled from her eyes.

Anisidora felt the light flow into her, deeper and deeper, touching her in places she didn’t even know existed. She’d been intimate with dozens of women. Now the businesswoman realized she hadn’t known the meaning of the word.

It felt as if Cindy’s soul was pouring into her, and was hugging her own soul. It washed against her, massaging her very being, creating whispers that Anisidora could only feel, not hear. ‘Relax.’ Her spirit tensed at the contact making Anisidora more aware of Cindy and what her light was doing. ‘Relax.’

It sounded like a good idea. Being tense was a bad thing and relaxing was good. So she should relax. ‘But my heart tells me I shouldn’t. That if I do, I’ll lose … something.’

“I will work here, and you will pay me like you would any cashier, but you won’t be the one giving orders.”

A frown failed to materialize on her face. “I-I won’t … I’m the boss.” Anisidora had to pull the words out, but she meant every single one of them. In her relationships, she was always the boss.

“That’s what we’re haggling about,” Cindy corrected her. “You’re offering fun while I offer you something you’ve always been wondering about.”

Anisidora refused to respond, to give any impression of weakness.

“I know you, Sarah,” Cindy purred. “All those women, all those girls, its always they who submitted to you. You were on top, looking into their eyes as they gave themselves over to you. You saw the joy there, the mindless pleasure.” Her voice was caressing the words.

Anisidora didn’t want to, but the words were too evocative. Faces emerged in her mind, their eyes confirming everything Cindy had just spoken of. And, for a moment, she felt safe and secure in her place above them.

A moan escaped her as her resistance loosened just a tad, letting the light’s questing fingers massage her that much deeper. Anisidora wanted to shake her head in denial, but it was as trapped as the rest of her. Stuck in blue amber. ‘Is she reading my mind too?’ She embraced the fear that thought evoked with open arms, anything to stave off the warm, comforting, relaxing light. ‘Relax.’ This time, she managed to bite back the moan.

Cindy pressed on. “And with every look, the temptation grew. ‘How does it feel,’ you wondered, ‘giving in, surrendering, submitting?”

“Ne-No.” It was hard to push the word past her unresponsive lips. ‘Hard to deny. No, not deny. Speak, because it isn’t true.’

“Shhh, you’re secret’s safe with me,” Cindy assured her ignoring Anisidora’s protest. “You’re safe with me. There’s no threat here, no reason not to give in to what you want and submit.”

The words sounded so nice. Safe, no threat: “Give in to what you want.” What could be wrong with that? ‘What is wrong with that?’ Anisidora wondered. A little more tension dissolved like sugar in water, and it tasted just as sweet. ‘I can’t-she’s not… human, remember? She’s doing something to you. Cindy is doing this to you.’

“And you are giving in,” Cindy asserted, throwing Sarah’s struggling mind for a loop. “You know resisting draws this out and makes the surrender more intense. That’s why you fight so hard, because you want to savor your defeat.”

Her mind couldn’t help but ponder those words. ‘Is it true? She’s so insistent, and I am losing …’ As if simply thinking it was enough to make it true, Sarah felt herself slipping. ‘No, stop that. Don’t think, fight! Don’t think, fight! Don’t think, fight!’

The words helped. They helped a lot, driving Cindy’s presence back. “Don’t think, fight!” Saying it out loud was even better. Saying meant she spent less of her attention on hearing Cindy’s words. “Don’t think, fight!” the businesswoman whispered to herself.

“I can help you with not thinking,” Cindy tried. “I can make it so you can stop thinking whenever you want. Or I want.” Anisidora hardly paid any attention to the words. ‘Don’t think, fight!’ They were simply noise. “Oh, don’t be like that.”

“Don’t think, fight! Don’t think, fight! Don’t think, fight!”

Her words were met by silence. “Don’t think, fight!” Time stretched on as Anisidora clung to those words like a life-preserver. Nothing changed, she wasn’t slipping anymore. The light still pressed on her but Anisidora wasn’t afraid anymore as she let her own mantra fill her mind.

“Don’t think …” The light flared up, distracting Anisidora. Collecting herself, she picked up where she left off. “Fight! Don’t think,” she started, only to be interrupted by another pulse that derailed all thought. And another. ‘Where was I?’ she wondered. ‘Oh yes.’ “Don’t think.” Flash. “Don’t fi…” No, that was wrong. “Think.” Yes, that was it. “Don’t think.” Pulse. “Don’t think.” Flash. “Don’t think. Don’t think.”

The light pulsed in time with her mantra. “Don’t think.” She felt as if she’d forgotten something. “Don’t think.” But she couldn’t remember, because that required thought. “Don’t think,” Anisidora reminded herself. The light wrapped around her, flowed deeper into her. ‘Don’t think. Relax. Don’t think.’ Sarah did as she was told.

“Oooooh,” she moaned as the light filled her up. Her mind became an empty, bright, blue expanse. And it felt good. Relaxing into her chair Sarah floated about. Not a single thought to distract her from this wonderful feeling.

“Stand up.”

The thought puzzled Sarah for a moment even as her body tensed and lifted itself out of her chair. She wasn’t supposed to have thoughts. Then she realized it hadn’t been her doing the thinking, it had come from the outside. ‘Cindy.’

“You can’t think.”

Sarah blanked again. She couldn’t think.

“I will think for you. My words will be your thoughts.”

Cindy’s words would be Sarah’s thoughts. Something sliced through the air and her clothes, barely missing her skin. Her suit, her expensive underwear, it all fell to the floor in pieces, leaving her standing naked in the cool air. The businesswoman didn’t feel the loss, paid no heed to the embarrassment of standing in her office without a stitch on. Cindy hadn’t said she should. All Sarah felt was the peace of emptiness.

“You want to submit to me. It is your greatest desire, your hottest fantasy. Now tell me, what’s the most humiliating act that you could commit, the one that would clinch it for you?”

The ideas bubbled up, plastering her mind with images and firming her nipples into diamond-hard bullets. Squirming, Sarah told Cindy what she wanted.

Chapter 3

Miss Anisidora blinked and looked around, her mind felt so sluggish. ‘I’m in my office … Why? What happened … before?’ A frown creased her forehead as she looked down. ‘I’m naked?!’ A hand moved down and gingerly dipped between her legs. A shudder forced her eyes to close. ‘And wet. What happened?’ the businesswoman wondered again.

A pair of hands slid around her waist from behind and pulled her back to rest against pillowy breasts. “I found what you needed,” a woman breathed into her left ear.

“Who?” Her memory finally started to come back again allowing her to put a name to the voice. “Cindy?” And then she remembered, the interview, Cindy undressing, changing, her eyes shining with an inner light. It shone so brightly, entering her, touching her deep inside.

Her hips jerked back on their own as the memory of the light reached into her and stroked her pussy. Her ass bumped into something long and slick.

‘What’s that?’ Her own mind answered the question. ‘The strap-on, right, I asked for it… or did Cindy? We talked about it, I’m sure of that. I told her where it was. I told her my ultimate fantasy was having my butt fucked, that it was the best way to show what a bottom I am…’

Sarah frowned as something in that thought didn’t sit right. ‘But … I’ve always been on top. I take the lead in my relationships; it’s my lovers who submit to me!’

A wordless gasp escaped her lips when the strap-on slid down and between her cheeks. It was a simple design, a series of large rubber beads strung together on a semi-flexible rod. Not as big as some of the toys Sarah had used, but those hadn’t been used on her. This one would.

The knowledge sent a shiver up her spine. ‘No, focus!’ the businesswoman scolded herself. ‘This isn’t like me.’ Cindy’s hands traveled upward to cup her breasts unleashing two bolts of pleasure that speared Sarah’s mind in place. “Ooooh!”

Not resisting in the least, she let the other woman lead her forward until she was leaning over the desk. “Look down,” Cindy instructed. ‘This isn’t me.’ The thought wasn’t so firm this time.

Doing as she was told Sarah noticed the clamps connected by a chain lying on her desk. Those hadn’t been there before. “I-I’m not, are those for me?” she stammered. This was so unreal. ‘This isn’t me,’ she protested again but the excitement rolling around her stomach gave lie to that.

Her eyes were fixed on the toy as if it were a snake trying to hypnotize her. “You asked for them,” Cindy reminded her.

‘I, I remember. I told her. Why did I tell her all of this?’

“Put them on,” the otherworldly woman instructed her still playing with her tits, tweaking her nipples in preparation for exactly that.

Her hands moved on their own, reaching down and picking the clamps up. They shook from anticipation or fear, Sarah didn’t know-probably both. Even so, she went about fastening them with practiced ease. It had just never been her own tits that had gotten this kind of attention before. ‘Why am I doing this?’ The first clamp pinching on her nipple answered it.

Hot humiliation melted her insides and sent a steady trickle of arousal down her thigh. ‘Why didn’t I do this before?’ The second clamp only deepened the sensation. Cindy didn’t tell her to and Sarah couldn’t remember talking about it before, but it felt so natural to take the chain and put it between her lips.

‘I silenced myself.’ The thought was actually more delicious than the pull on her nips. Her neck stretched putting more force on them giving an edge to the steady drip of pleasure still flowing through her body.

Unresisting, Sarah let herself be pushed down all the way until her stomach rested on the desk and her ass was thrust up as a perfect target for Cindy’s strap-on. Mason’s hands pried her cheeks apart before sawing the oiled dildo along Sarah’s crack, teasing and lubricating the businesswoman in equal measure.

‘Please, please, please, please,’ she begged. With the chain still secure between her lips the pleas remained silent, bouncing around inside her head as they drilled home who had the power. Sarah didn’t even really know if she was begging for Mason not do it, or to stop teasing her and finally plunge in.

She could let go of the chain, free her mouth and say something, tell Miss Mason this wasn’t her, use her unrestrained hands to push off and force Miss Mason away. She could fight, but she so wanted to lose.

Her hands slid over the desk and hooked around the edge of the desk, her legs slid apart in invitation. ‘Please, please, please.’

Miss Mason heard her. Not saying a word she slid into Sarah, steadily pushing the strap-on past her sphincter and up her butt while holding Sarah’s hips steady with her own hands. There was some discomfort but no real pain, the intruder was too slim and slick for that. Even when Miss Mason’s hips hit her ass Sarah just felt full. “Ungh!” Her teeth bit down on the chain as her body lit up. The way Miss Mason had simply taken her without warning or permission hit her right between her legs.

“You’re mine,” Miss Mason stated, a soft growl coloring her words. Not bothering to wait for a reply she drew the strap-on out as slowly as she’d stuffed it in. The pale woman stopped with only the last bead still inside of her, then pushed it back in a tad faster. In and out, faster and faster.

Breathing hard and fast through her nose, she laid there as the tips of Miss Mason’s swaying breasts occasionally scraped the sweat of Sarah’s back. A puddle started to form on the rim of the desk.

‘She’s fucking me.’ Sarah’s pussy fluttered. ‘She’s fucking my ass.’ The office smelled of sex, setting her lungs on fire. ‘Miss Mason is fucking my slutty butt.’ The ecstasy rolling through her body was too long and deep to call it a climax. It kept going as the strap-on thrust in and out of her ass, Miss Mason’s skin slapping against her butt, making it sound like she was spanking Sarah at the same time.

Gurgling, her eyes rolled up as the image seared itself into her brain. She had a new fantasy now. ‘Yes, punish me. I’ve been a bad girl. Oh fuck!’

Sarah felt it slipping away. The doubt, still there if distant, that this wasn’t her, that this wasn’t her ultimate fantasy. That doubt was drowning in the bliss of being Miss Mason’s fucktoy. Sarah didn’t remember exactly when she’d started thinking of her as Miss Mason, but it was the only name she could recall now. No other would fit. She wasn’t breaking, she was melting, and it felt fantastic.

My Precious…There is always a penalty for that kind of misbehaviour. You really have brought this on yourself. There’s no point in pleading…You knew something like this would happen afterwards. Sometimes I think you’re naughty quite deliberately; you never seem to learn. But punishment must fit the crime; it’s for your own good and this time the full score will be played out across your body.

Allegro moderato — I will bend you over a table and lift your skirt, then I’ll slide your knickers over your buttocks and down your thighs, lightly brushing your skin with my fingers. You will shiver in anticipation at what is happening to you. The wispy garment will then be removed completely so I can test its erotic aroma with my nose for your level of arousal. Your arms will be drawn forward and I will make you hold the opposite edge of the table while I tie your wrists to the table legs. I will now blindfold you so you can concentrate on the tactile sensations stimulating your body. After this, I will splay your legs and secure each ankle to the appropriate table leg at the opposite end. I want full unhindered access to your most intimate regions. I want to see that beautiful ass so I can examine your tiny private back hole and cherish the delicate folds of your exquisite little shaven pussy. I want to open you up with my thumbs and catch the intoxicating scent of your sex as I run a finger along your enticing moist little crack. I want to see your pucker pulsate as I tease your clit and I want to draw out the juice in strings from your cunt and catch them on my tongue. If the mood takes me I shall then gently circle my finger around your prohibited place, caressing, tickling to probe its tight restrictive nature. I just love the way the annular wrinkle seems to have a mind of its own.

I will insert a number of objects into you and ask you to guess what they are… If you guess wrong, you will be smacked for being ignorant. If you guess right, you will be slapped for being a know-all. Catch 22. The objects will increase in girth as we progress. And from time to time, I may push ice-cubes into your orifices, just to make sure you are paying attention.

Adagio Silencio Lacrimentoso – I will now gag you to muffle the screams of pain, maybe pleasure – whatever, I don’t care. It is now time for the increasingly heavy chastisement to begin. This will be played across your ass and thighs with my hand or a hair brush or a flogger. It will be gentle at first, but will build like Bolero, depending on how effective the spanking is in producing a trickle of moisture from your enticing folds. I can judge that by how wet your vaginal lips become, so after each smack I will need to draw my fingers slowly up your slit, catching the liquid for me to smell and taste. And I will certainly have to penetrate your pussy with one, two or maybe four digits and massage your G spot regularly, just to confirm.

The other way to check your arousal is by tasting you directly and applying oral stimulation to your vulva and clit. For this the hood must be stretched and pulled back to allow access to the full bud. Various tongue teases are effect – stirring, sucking, flicking and stoking, amongst them. This needs to be prolonged; the effect will be electric and you will drip with desire. You may simultaneously need your vagina fully penetrated with a suitable toy to bring about the first of the orgasm. This will be done very slowly initially to prolong the anticipation. Stimulation will simultaneously be applied around your clit, to your sex hole and perhaps around your pucker.

I will also use your electric toothbrush to stimulate your clit as I test more toys in your body. I want to see your pussy clench and work them as I fuck you with them. At some point I will need to introduce anal beads too, so as to force your vagina into a tighter clasp. Scooping up some of your vaginal discharge, I will drizzle it onto your tiny brown pucker and gently massage your anus as I work the beads around and into your rectum. They will remain in you until your final orgasm. They are long and I shall relish gradually pushing them deeper and deeper into your tract, until only the end-ring is visible, sticking obscenely from your most private place – the ultimate humiliation and token of your helpless situation. Tears will trickle down your cheeks – pain, sorrow and joy, played out in close harmony.

No doubt by this point you will be moaning constantly through your gag and I will increase the tempo and scope of what I do to you, until I find the right melody and rhythm to make you resonate and burst into a concerto of orgasmic convulsions.

The movement may need to be repeated several times, depending on how effective I think the punishments have been.

Intermezzo Rubato – Just attending to the centre section of the body is unlikely to be a sufficient. Additional measures will undoubtedly be needed. I will release you, but only momentarily to strip the rest of your clothes off, before restraining you again. With you now being completely naked and exposed I can inspect your body in its entirety and explore it with my hands and mouth before deciding on which area to apply additional sensations. This will most likely include your breasts and nipples, which will need to receive special treatment. Like your clit, they need to be squeezed, pulled and sucked to get them to the right size. Pegs or clamps can then be applied if necessary. You also need to be stroked, kissed and licked on the back of your neck and down your shoulders, before attention is once more applied between your legs and to your constrained nipples.

By now, your pussy should be running like a meadow spring. And you should be in a state to receive more penetrative stimulation. But first I need to remove the gag so you can kiss me as I feel your tits and tweak your clamps. I will then reveal my big hard cock and you will take the head in your mouth. You will have to play your tongue over it until it is rock-hard, paying special attention to collecting the pre-cum from the tip. I will thrust it deep into your throat, bring those tears flooding back. The familiar taste of my bodily fluids coupled with my male presence intimately thrust against your face, will arouse your primeval passions. My musky scent-laden pubes, through which you now have to breathe, tickle your nose. I withdraw a little allowing you to catch some air and let you play your tongue deftly across the bulbous monster that will soon violate your feminine sanctum.

Scherzo Affetuoso – When my member is truly stiff I shall return to your intimate area and apply this inflexible tool to its wetness. I shall slowly move it up and down, so that you feel its rigidity on your pussy lips and clit and so realise the extent of my excitement. Depending on your reaction – how slick you become – I might need to spank your butt some more, while still rubbing along your moist little crack. Then once again I will need to taste you and discover – close up – how delicious and sticky you have become. I will need to part and hold open your cunt lips like the wings of a butterfly to study and appreciate your inner pink softness. Then I will push my tongue into this heavenly place, draw out more juices and spread your wetness from your thighs to your buttocks. The evaporation will be cooling and make the room reek of your arousal. You will feel the unfamiliar cold dampness all across your private area and know it has all emanated from your shameless pussy and your uncontrollable desires. You will imagine the lewdness of the scene – naked and prone, buttocks skyward, legs splayed, liquid-glistening anus exhibiting its violating ring-pull and your cunt folded open offering themselves for violation and penetration. They are oozing with juice, fully exposed and vulnerable; it reveals your true wanton nature.

Once again I will collect some of your self-generated libation, baste it onto your tiny brown pucker and gently massage the anal beads around as I rub the ruby-red head of my stiffness against your cunt entrance. I will bathe the tip of my cock in your delectable juices before I open your vulva with my thumbs and bury the rampant bulb into your tiny, inviting little fuck-hole. I want you to feel the girth as it stretches you and the shaft sinks past your virginal ring where the head will fit snugly into your outer recesses, just on your G spot. At the same time I will apply pressure to your now-lubricated and violated anus with one thumb, while massaging your clit with the other. I will play my minuet on G spot by just shifting slightly in a rhythmical fucking motion until I feel your passage relax.

Scherzo Appassionato – I will hold still for a while, letting you accustom to my presence, to the penile violation of your body and then, without warning I will thrust deep into you as far as my long rampant shaft will penetrate. Holding there, now occupying your inner sanctum, I want both of us to feel all the pleasures of your tightness, the stiffness of my cock and of your cervix lapping at its dribbling tip. The sweet heady scent of your sex will waft up and I shall inhale, savouring the beautiful thrilling odour that makes me ever more excited and much stiffer.

My thumb will slowly sink into your most private place along-side the beads and my cock will thrust with a passionate cadence back and forth in your constricting wet tunnel until you build towards another sensational orgasm.

Rondo Stretto – To make you cum hard, I shall stretch your clit and slide a weighted clip onto its base. As I fuck you this will pull, rub, stroke, manipulate your slick little bud till you burst into mind-blowing ecstasy. At this point, I will quickly remove the clamping on your nipples before ripping the beads out through your anal sphincter. The flow of blood rushing back into your abused nubs will be exquisitely painful, driving the whole-body orgasm you are suffering to yet another level. The sensation in your arse will also be incredible, shooting fingers and waves of pleasure though your abdomen until they meet and embrace your entire body, making the fine hairs along your spine stand up.

At this point I will probably have no alternative but to stiffen and squirt into your heavenly depths, my passion from witnessing your throws of ecstasy having become too much. You will feel the splash of spunk hitting, copiously coating the walls of your vagina as it is ejaculated from my very hard throbbing cock. Thick ropes of cum will spurt out and lash your inner depths filling you to overflowing. This will increase the strength of your orgasm even further and take it to its ultimate intensity. You will thrash and scream but the stimulation will be relentless. You will lose all control. Your body will convulse, jerk; your cunt squeeze; pulsate. Your back will arch, you will buck like a bronco, but I will hold your hips to remain buried in your constricting passage. You suddenly squirt your own luscious cum-juice in copious amounts onto my balls and down my legs. It goes on and on; relentless; unstoppable. Gush after gush of tacky solution. You push back onto me greedy for more shaft to occupy your sex.

You will lose all sense of time as your brain concentrates only on your body’s overwhelming sensory input. I will keep thrusting into you until you weaken, collapse and fall silent. You will then have been truly fucked. I will feel our mixed fluids drip from my scrotum and after a while I will withdraw my fingers and cock from your orifices.

Sonata Patetico Tenerezza – Still held in place, your open, abused inflamed pussy will be framed with a halo of foam and from its rosy centre will ooze tacky, ivory fluid which will gradually run down your protruding clit and drip to the floor forming a tell-tale little puddle of semen laced with rivulets of rich white sperm. Around it will be your own cum – a pool not a puddle. It will fill the room with your essence, your sexy aroma. I wish it were always there to remind me what a hot little minx you are.

However, your ordeal will not be over. You must suck my cock clean as I caress your hair and shoulders. Eventually I will free you from your bonds take you to the bed and draw you close, holding you in a loving embrace. Our mouths will search for each other. Tongues will touch and my cock will begin to stir again…

She was a vision in sea-foam green: her red hair, braid and piled atop her head like a tower waiting to be climbed, the cloak falling carelessly off her shoulders, length of lace covering her torso, straining with the effort required to hold back her melon-like breasts, the long slits of her skirt providing the illusion of coverage and teasing the entire street with the prospect of much, much less with every sway of her hips…

I wanted her. And the cuffs encircling her slender wrists told me I could.

I had Parminder signal her over, and she approached my carriage with an odd sort of hesitation.

“I am sorry, Sire, but my Master does not wish me to be make myself available,” she demurred, looking intently down at the step of my carriage.

Cheeky minx. I twisted the override switch built into my cane for just such an occasion, and her cuffs activated, springing together behind her back and locking in place. She let out a small “Oh,” and the carriage door slid open for her.

“I am very flattered, Sire,” she insisted. “But if I have another man, my Master will be very angry with me.”

“Oh come now,” I scoffed, taking her by the shoulder and pulling her inside. She was too well-trained to do anything but follow my lead, stepping inside, and presenting her back to me.

“I must protest, Sire,” she said. “My Master-”

Well, that was quite enough of that.

“Parminder!” I called. The divider between his driving compartment and my sitting one slid open.

“Yes, sire?” he responded

“You may take her mouth, Parminder,” I told him. I gave the slave a push, and she knelt upon the bench opposite mine, and opening her mouth for him, eyes down cast. It was not long before the sounds of sucking were heard. I busied myself with the rest of the slave’s body: attaching my own cuffs to her ankles, and toggling the switch on my cane to spread them apart. She was very flexible, and her legs spread out the entire length of the carriage in what was nearly a full split, revealing the smooth, milky lengths of her legs. I ran a hand appreciatively over them up one, and down the other, as Parminder began to fuck her face in earnest, forcing her entire body back and forth with the strength of his thrusts. She was very muscular, I noted: perhaps dancing was her mandate. Then I began to undo the buttons that held her clothing together. It took some time: it is true what they say, after all, that the only thing with more buttons than a spoiled school-girl’s frock was a well-used slave’s shift. By the time I was finished, so was Parminder, having the slave swallow his juices down, and closing the divider once more with a “Thank you, sire.”

I used my cane once more, first separating her wrist cuffs, then sending them up to the ceiling of the carriage, leaving her suspended in front of me. It was evident at once that she had some reason to protest: her back was full of angry red welts criss-crossing the scars of older, deeper wounds, and her round, full bottom was covered in green and yellow bruises. She’d been plugged as well, though that was more understandable: two small, golden chains swung down from her ass and her pussy onto the bench. I pulled them out, one after the other, to find them the cheap silicon models favored by the middle class. The slave made an odd, hiccupping noise as each came out, though as slender as they were it couldn’t have hurt.

“There now,” I soothed, rubbing a hand along her hip. “I’m going to ease the cuffs now, and then you must sit on my lap and tell me about yourself.”

She was even more beautiful like this than she had been on the street. Completely naked, she sat barely an inch from my cock, her hair slightly mussed, her lipstick smeared. There were tears in her eyes that I wiped away before they could cause her make-up to run, and though her nipples were not pierced her clitoris was, with a heavy diamond stud I played with as she spoke.

“I am called uaine, Sire” she said. “I am one the slaves of Jameson, who owned this market and another in Annilace. I am-” she sneaked a glance at my face, and I realized that her eyes were sea foam green as well. “I am a dancer. I perform at the pavilion at evening fall, and again at the market’s close. During the day, some of the shop keepers rent me to perform outside their storefronts, to attract customers and such. The money is added to the rent they pay Jameson for their shops.”

“Interesting,” I said, slipping two fingers inside. She was wet, of course, but I’ve found there is no such thing as too wet, unless the slave in question is being punished. “I bet you’re the jewel of his collection.”

“He pays me special attention, Sire,” uaine said.

“Any master would,” I murmured. I reach for my cane with my clean hand, and activated the cuffs once more, securing her wrists once more behind her back, and her ankles to wall opposite me. uaine let out a small cry at the sudden shift in position, before silencing herself. She lay on her back, pinning her arms with her own weight as much as I had pinned them with the cuffs, her legs bent back and spread wider than her shoulders. Her pussy glistened, droplets of moisture caught in the well-trimmed hair to be found there, but it was her ass that excited me, small and dark and tight looking.

I tore myself away from the alluring site to reach behind me into the storage compartment, and withdrew the supplies I needed. Two higher quality plugs, two diamond studs, a piercing gun, lubricant and a letter, explaining who it was, exactly, who had taken her, in case the other signs of nobility were too subtle for this Jameson. If, after all that, he was still angry with his slave for having been taken, then there was no hope for the man.

“Have you taken one of these before, uaine?” I asked. The slave shook her head, eyeing it warily. It was bigger than the one her master had given her.

“Do not worry,” I said, smiling as I spread some lubricant over its head. “You will enjoy it.”

I worked it into her pussy slowly, penetrating just an inch in before withdrawing, then going just a bit deeper. By the time it was all the way in, she stared up at me with lust-dark eyes, her lower lip bitten beneath her teeth as she strove to keep from crying out. I was breathing harshly, my cock straining to be free of my trousers, and it was very tempting to simply pull them down and fuck her now.

But there was still one thing left to do before I would allow myself that release. I folded the bottom of the plug up, so that it was covering her clit, and then toggled the switch, causing the entire plug to vibrate. Her eyes nearly rolled back in her head at the sensation, and her body broke out in a sweat. I gathered a few beads of it up on my fingers, and pinched her left nipple, fondling it until it was long and hard. Then I took the piercing gun, loaded the stud inside, and pierced her nipple. Her body gave a tiny, involuntary jerk, but other than that there was no sign uaine had felt it, and when I gave the same treatment to her right nipple there was not even that much.

She had her eyes closed, but they opened when I took her face in my hand. “Look at me,” I growled, and she did, as I pushed down my trousers, applied as much lubricant as I could stand to my cock, and then pushed into her ass.

It was as tight as it looked, and I could feel the plug vibrating through her body. It was glorious. I knew something she could do to make it even better.

“Come,” I ordered. Her eyes, still locked on my face, widened. “Come for me. Come now.”

She did, clenching tight, tighter than tight, and I thrust into it through her orgasm, then ordered her to clench herself as I fucked her, and fucked her.

It was very nearly twenty minutes later when I came. I let her support my weight for a moment, then collected myself enough to pull out. I cleaned myself off with some sanitizing wipes, then took the second plug and worked it in. It too was bigger than the one she’d come with, but not as big as my cock, and it slipped in easily.

“You may dress,” I said, easing up on the cuffs once more. She placed her feet on the floor, shakily. “And then you may leave. But when you do, take this. It should appease your master.”

“Thank you, Sire,” she murmured, and collected her things. Within the minute she was fully dress and on the street once more, my letter firmly clutched to her chest.

“Parminder!” I called. Once more, the divider slid open.

“Yes, sire?”

“Take me to my lunar estate. I think the planet had gotten me as much as it can right now.”

“Very good, sire.”

The unmistakable sound of Parminder shifting the carriage into flight gear reached my ears. I smiled, and settled in for a well deserved nap.

Natalia, the young and gorgeous Russian, walked from the bar with her head low. Her entire body ached, but especially her swollen pussy and her beat red back door. She didn’t even say goodbye to the bar tender as usual. She wondered if he felt bad for giving Natalia to Todd the way he had. Probably not. Todd probably paid good money to do what he did to her.

Natalia did not go back to the bar for several weeks. After over three months, she got a phone call from the bartender.

“Natalia, where are you sweetie? Look, I know what Todd did was a little harsh, but did you see that check I mailed you? You made quadrupedal what you usually make! Over nine grand for just a day!”

“Yeah, I guess. I don’t know. That was a little much, even for me. Sex with a guy is one thing but what he did to me, I’ll never forget, Rodger.”

“I’m sorry sweetie. Look, come back to work and I won’t let Todd do that to you again. Promise.”

“Okay, I’ll be in tomorrow.” Natalia said with a smile. Besides, she needed the money.


Dressing in a skin tight red dress and black high heels, Natalia wore her straightened black hair down to her waist. Natalia was happy with her, as usual, beautiful appearance. She only had to apply some eye liner and mascara to complete her look and be off to work for the first time in a long time.

The drive was a quick one. When she got there, Natalia waved to Rodger and he smiled pleasently in return. He already had her drink made and ready by the time she got to the counter.

“Room one, sweetheart.” He said.

“Thanks!” Natalia replied with no idea of what she was in for.

When Natalia opened the door her heart immediately fell from her chest to her gut. There sat Todd, with a smile across that handsome and smug face of him. Natalia immediately began to shake. The liquor in her drink splashed side to side and she had to set the glass down on a table by the wall. She looked over the round white bed in the center and through the pink lighting to stare Todd straight in the eye. Rodger had betrayed her.

The dirty-blonde, well built, male kept on smiling before saying, “Good to see you again slave. Its been too long.”

“Y-yes, master. It has been.” She stuttered.

“Well, lets get started. I know my cock has missed you terribly. Get up on that bed, slave.” He ordered.

Natalia did as she was told right away.

“Undress. Quick.” Todd ordered, as he removed his plain blue t-shirt. His muscles were even more toned than before. He undid his pants, leaving nothing but his tight black boxer briefs, covering a semi hard and thick cock.

Natalia slid from her dress, it dropping to her feet and she kicked it away. Next she bent over to undo the heels and throw them on the ground. Knowing her role she stuck her arms up, ready for them to be cuffed into the bar above her head. She was right too. Todd climbed on top of the bed and cuffed her wrists tightly into place, spread apart above her head. Next he got on his knees and cuffed her legs, spread wide apart, on the bed.

Todd got up and stepped back to admire the freshly shaved Natalia.

“My oh my, slave.” He said with a smile.

Todd began to rub his cock behind his boxer briefs. Natalia could see it getting harder and longer. He was soon tugging them off and his dick was standing nearly straight up, eager to play in Natalia’s holes. The question Todd had was where to start. He walked around Natalia, admiring her bubble butt and perky breasts. He climbed onto the bed and stood inches from her face. His lips forced themselves onto her’s. Natalia closed her eyes, kissing back. Her heart beat quickened in a bad way.

She could feel one hand on her breasts, his index and thumb squeezing and twisting her left nipple. Slowly he moved to the right, then back. She yelped below their kissing in pain as he forced her nipples hard. His other hand slid down between her legs. There was no introduction. Two fingers were forced inside her tight pussy and he didn’t hesitate to pump them in and out at a fast pace. Natalia moaned in pleasure and Todd pulled back from kissing.

“Oh, you like that, huh slave? Have you missed me?” Todd mocked her.

“Yes master. Oh…ah…oh yes, master.” She moaned as his fingers continued to beat her pussy until juices rolled down his fingers.

Todd removed his fingers and held them to her mouth, forcing them passed her lips before she had any time to think. She was forced to suck her sweet juices from his fingers. She licked the tips of his fingers too, sucking and moaning as if she was enjoying a cock in her mouth. This made Todd laugh.

“You want this and don’t worry slave, I’m gonna give it to ya good!” He laughed.

Natalia shivered at this. Knowing of what Todd was into and how rough and dirty he could be.

He was walking around her now. Todd stood still behind her, his body pressed up against her’s. She could feel his thick cock touching her legs. His lips touched her neck gently and then he nipped her nape’s flesh, sending shivers down her spine in a good way. Natalia’s knees went weak as he continued to kiss and bite her neck. One hand wrapped around her and held her neck tightly, a little upright as well. The other went from behind, between her legs, and she rubbed her pussy. His fingers became soaked and he used this to rub against her tight asshole.

Natalia knew what was happening now. She shut her eyes tight just as he inserted his soaked index finger deep inside of her back door. Natalia squealed in surprise.

“You like that, don’t you?” Todd whispered in her ear.

“Y-yes, m-master.” She moaned as he thrusted his finger in and out, hard and fast.

Once he decided it was lubed up enough, he stroked his dick, still holding her tightly by her neck. He pressed the head of his cock up against her asshole. She gulped, squeezing her eyes shut even more. Natalia held her breath as Todd’s thick seven inch cock slid its way into her back hole. Her jaw dropped and she gasped, exhaling hard. All seven inches were shoved deep inside of her one thick inch after the other. Her ass hole was stretched wide to allow him inside.

“Oh yeah baby, nice and tight just how daddy likes it. Call me daddy.” Todd whispered in her ear, holding his cock still inside of her.

“Da…” Was all Natalia could manage before he was thrusting as hard as he could. His balls slapped between her legs as seven inches of massively thick cock slid from one inch to seven inches inside of her tight asshole. Natalia screamed in pain.

“Say….d…daddy!” Todd moaned as he thrusted.

“Da..da…daddy! Daddy!” Natalia finally managed between rough breathing and screams. She felt her ass hole behind spread wide and turning red as he thrusted it into her with no mercy. The tears began to form in her eyes, then fall down her cheeks.

“Oh…yeah…baby!” Todd huffed and puffed, his hand still holding her throat and the other holding her left hip bone as he thrusted his cock in and out of her asshole.

This went on for at least five minutes. Natalia cried, screaming and moaning all mixed into one. There was no pleasure for the slender Russian woman. The pleasure was all for Todd.

Once Todd stopped he slid his dick out very slowly. He was breathing heavily, stroking his dick slowly as he got off the round bed. He walked to the front and smiled up at the tear filled eyes of the Russian mistress.

“Oh baby. Don’t cry. We’re not done, don’t worry.” Todd mocked some more.

He walked to a wall of toys and grabbed a gag ball and anal beads. These were thicker than Natalia had ever seen before! The last one had to be at least three inches all around.

He got on top of the bed and put the gag ball into her mouth. Oh he loved the sight of that. Next he slid the tip of the anal beads into her pussy first to lube them up. Then he began to insert them one by one into her sore asshole. She held her jaw tightly shut and closed her eyes, feeling the balls spread her back door wide open once more. When the last one had her ass spread open to three inches, Todd sneered.

He then held the head of his cock to her soaked pussy. He went slow at first as if teasing her. Natalia moaned slightly into the gag ball, almost forgetting the pain in her behind. But it was soon remembered once he began to thrust hard and deep. His balls slapped between her legs again and Natalia moaned and screamed into the gag ball. Her eyes shut tight again and her head rolled back. It felt good but it hurt too.

Her clit began to swell in pleasure as his thick cock stretched her pussy wide open, and Todd held the balls firmly in place inside her asshole. He began to move them up and down inside, making Natalia tensed up and scream into the ball.

“Oh…” He moaned as he thrusted even faster into her swollen cunt.

Natalia screamed and moaned some more. She could only pray he was close to finishing. It was Natalia’s lucky day and Todd’s cock began to tense up. He yanked his dick out fast, her juices falling down her legs. He let go of the balls which remained inside her ass hole as he stroked his dick fast until his cum shot up onto her stomach. The thick white liquid dribbled down her stomach.

“Not finished yet. It’s your turn!” Todd smirked.

He dropped to his knees, her swollen and soaked pussy in his face. His tongue began to lick her clit with no mercy. But this actually felt food. Natalia moaned, her eyes closing and her body shaking in pleasure. He inserted a couple of fingers, moving them in and out quickly. Then another hand grabbed the handle for the balls inside her asshole. He shoved them up and down. The pain returned and tears swelled in Natalia’s eyes. Despite the pain she couldn’t help but enjoy herself too. She felt the orgasm coming on. Her legs tensed and her body shook. How could this be happening? Natalia absolutely hated the feeling of her ass hole stretched open for cock or toys, and yet somehow it made her body crave an orgasm more than ever.

“Come on.” Todd coaxed when he moved his mouth away. he blew gently on her swollen clit. His tongue returned to her clit, his fingers pushing harder and deeper. Finally she screamed in pleasure as her pussy squeezed around his fingers, her body shaking as she came. Todd slowly pulled the anal beads out, one by one. The pain felt good somehow this time.

When the last one was out, Todd pulled his fingers from her pussy and got off the bed. He undid the cuffs and signaled for the door.

“Free to leave. This time. You better be back. I have your address. Don’t doubt me.” Todd said, turning his back and dressing.

*** As the writer of this story, I personally decided to write this as something to write for fun and it occurred to me that I haven’t seem many other stories on here that had this sort of stuff in it, so I decided to post it. I’m sorry if this offends some of you, because its different.***

Ever so slowly, he turned the knob to our bedroom door. He knew I was sleeping and didn’t want to wake me, but I was already awake, unable to sleep in his absence. I decided to feign rest and waited for him to undress and brush his teeth in the bathroom. I took this time to think about the night I’ve had so far. My mind drifted from my morning yoga class to my lunch date with my best friend. Eventually I thought about the moment I remember the most vividly of all, my husband coming home from work.

The bathroom door opened and I pretended to be asleep, waiting on him to get into bed and pull the covers over us both, but as the seconds ticked by, I heard his footsteps cease, but noticed that he wasn’t anywhere near his side of the bed. I squinted my eyes and to my amazement, in the little bit of light flooding from the bathroom, I saw that he was standing not far away from my bedside table, about to open the front drawer.

My eyes widened in shock and awe as I saw him pull out my smallest pink vibrator that I haven’t ever used before. I got it as a souvenir from a friend’s bachelorette party and found it too small for my tastes. As I continued to observe my husband, he turned the device on, testing the batteries, I guess. He closed his eyes, starting to run the vibrator across his wrist, then moving it to his chest, stopping right before he touched his right nipple.

He turned and walked back towards the bathroom, turning the vibrator off, but taking it with him. He closed the bathroom door behind him. The wonder and mystery started to creep into my mind, making me curious of what he was doing in there. I slowly began to get out of bed, tiptoed across the floor and stopped in front of the bathroom door. I noticed that he didn’t leave the door locked and a plan began to formulate in my mind.

I heard the sound of the vibrator being turned on again from my listening point behind the door. Since I couldn’t tell what was going on, I decided to slowly crack open the door, hoping he wouldn’t notice it or me behind it. The door thankfully didn’t make a sound as it opened just a few inches, revealing to me the most interesting sight I’ve seen in a long time.

My husband was standing in front of the full length mirror beside the shower, completely naked except for the pair of boxer briefs he had been wearing. The vibrator was in his hands and he was running it across various portions of his body slowly and sensually. I never knew my husband could take such care with something so sexual, yet he wasn’t doing anything sexual at all, from what I’ve seen.

My husband soon made a liar of me as he slowly began running the vibrator over his small erect nipples. I could see the pleasure on his face as he carefully began circling one and then moving over and lightly touching the tip of the other. Then, things started getting more interesting. I glanced down at my husband’s boxer briefs and noticed an erection beginning to form.

My excited eyes went from his boxers to his face again and noticed that his handsome eyes were open again, staring at his own reflection move the vibrator across his own body. Leaving his nipples, he trailed the vibrator down his sternum, stopping on his abdomen a second, to enjoy it, but then trailing even further down to the elastic band of his boxer briefs.

I was so ecstatic to see him enjoying himself that I looked down at my own body, getting a little aroused myself. I gracefully placed my finger inside the elastic of my panties, exploring the insides, trailing further down to the edge of my pussy lips. I slightly parted them, feeling the rush of cool air on my wetness, enjoying it as my other hand found its way into my panties, touching my throbbing clit. I had to stifle a slight moan as my finger did its magic.

As my hands were moving around in my panties, my husband began to open the elastic of his boxer briefs and began to free his rock hard cock from his pants. I secretly wondered what made him so hard so suddenly. My eyes widened as I saw him run the vibrator up and down his long shaft, moving the tip of the vibrator side to side as he went.

I let go of my pussy lips with my right hand and began to play with the opening of my vagina, teasing my body into really wanting what my hands were willing to give. As I slowly dipped my finger inside my vagina, my jaw dropped. My husband was beginning to put the vibrator on the underside of his cock and also began stroking his shaft with his other hand, slowly and purposely.

I decided that I had enough watching him and wanted to take action. So I started opening the door carefully, as to not arouse his attention. His eyes were closed, so I slowly took one careful step at a time until I was right behind him. My arms wrapped around his stomach and I felt him tense under my touch, but he continued what he was doing.

My hands trailed across his chest, running my fingernails across his abdominal muscles, upwards towards his upper chest. I pressed my fingers into his nipples, moving them from side to side. I felt a small moan rumble in his chest. He pulled the vibrator away from his erection and turned to me, facing me for the first time that night. I gave him my sexiest “come hither” face. He took a step towards me, but I took a step backwards, quickly grabbing the vibrator from his hands, dashing towards the bedroom.

He slowly walked out of the bathroom and peered at me through the doorway, soaking up my body with his eyes as I ran and leaped onto the bed. I playfully twiddled the vibrator between my fingers, teasing him with it. Walking out the bathroom door, my beautifully naked husband stood at the edge of the bed, erect cock sticking out towards me. At this point, I had another idea.

I crawled across the bed, vibrator in my mouth, and stopped about ten inches from the head of his dick. I placed my butt on the top of the bed and sat straight in front of him, towards the edge of the bed. Turning the vibrator back on, I slowly run it across his chest, like he did earlier, but this time, I applied more pressure. He moaned louder than before and told me to press the vibrator even harder on his skin.

I placed my lips inches from the head of his cock again, sticking my tongue out teasingly. He placed his hand on the back of my head lightly, urging me to move further with my tongue. I obliged after a few more teasing movements of my tongue, savoring the taste of the precum emerging from the tip. As my mouth licks around the head of his dripping cock, I place the vibrator against his balls, running it across them, around the bottom, and then putting pressure on the skin between his balls and butt hole. He moaned loudly and put more pressure on his hand behind my head. I placed the whole tip of his now-throbbing cock in my mouth. As another moan escaped his lips when I put more pressure on the vibrator, another idea surfaced.

I pulled my mouth away from his dick and the vibrator from the back of his balls. He gave me a questioning look, but I smiled reassuringly. My hand began creeping towards my already wet panties and began pulling them off. Once I was naked, I placed the vibrator at the opening of my vagina and my pointer finger of my other hand on my clit. As the vibrator went in, I pressed as hard as I could on my clit, causing my vaginal muscles to spasm a moment, and stop. I continued touching myself and working the vibrator in and out of my vagina, my breathing starting to get heavier and heavier. Suddenly I felt the beginnings of an orgasm begin to surface. I arch my back, picking it up off the bed as I felt the vibrator getting more and more slick as it dug into my pussy.

Once the orgasm subsided, I sat back up and started pushing the vibrator in and out of my very wet pussy, making sure the vibrator got nice and wet. My husband gave me another questioning look, and I placed my face inches from his dripping wet cockhead again. This time, I placed my wet vibrator at the entrance of his butt cheeks and looked up at him, silently asking him to go further. Surprisingly, he nodded his approval.

I carefully placed one hand on one buttcheek and pulled it gently to the side. The vibrator buzzed softly as I placed the very wet tip at the entrance to my husband’s anus. I looked up at him one more time for approval and he nodded again. I pushed the vibrator gently inside him, an inch at a time. Thankfully, he moaned in ecstasy more than pain, and I turned the vibrator up a notch, to heighten the intensity for him.

I placed my mouth on the head of his penis again as I pushed and pulled the vibrator in and out. His moans were becoming louder and louder and his breath was getting shorter as I moved my tongue across the head and along the shaft. Once his moans started turning into small screams, I placed his whole cock in my mouth, taking as much as possible. He knew to grab the back of my head and start pushing his hips slightly into my mouth, causing the vibrator to go in and out of him when I held it still.

Finally, I felt his cock beginning to swell in my mouth, causing me to gag a little, but I knew that this meant he’s about to cum. I began moving the vibrator in and out faster and faster, digging into the spot he was responding more to. Then, I felt the cum beginning to squirt out of him, into my mouth and down my throat. What didn’t go down, I caught with my mouth, licking the head and shaft, making sure I got all of it.

Pulling out the vibrator, I turned it off and kissed my husband hard on the lips. Once we pulled away, he thanked me and told me that tomorrow will be my special night. I have all day to think about it and the though alone turned me on, but I’ll have to wait and see. I laid myself down on my side of the bed and drifted into a deep sleep with a smile on my face.

Lacey woke up in a different room, under the sort of bright lights that were used for filming. *How’d I get on the set?* she thought. She tried to sit up, couldn’t. “Wha–?” She shook her head, trying to sharpen her thoughts. OK, she couldn’t sit up. She couldn’t sit up because– because she was strapped down!

A burst of adrenaline cleared Lacey’s mind. She was strapped down, naked, with her legs spread and her arms at her sides. *Oh, God,* she thought. Panic had her pulling against the padded straps, but they had very little give in them. Movement caught her eye. Above her, surrounded by the lighting equipment, was a mirror. She could see herself, bound and helpless, fighting the straps.

“Hey,” she yelled. “Let me go!” There was no answer. She hadn’t really expected whoever had drugged her and bound her to suddenly decide to release her, but she had needed to try. She knew she was about to be raped. No one drugged women and tied them up naked with their legs splayed because they wanted conversation. She wondered how much it would hurt.

*No, don’t think about it,* she told herself. But it was hard not to. No one came in answer to her shouts. She could tell by the subtle swaying underneath her that she was still on the ship. She could hear the thrum of the engines, too, which meant that they were no longer docked in LA. *We’re out in the middle of the ocean.* She shivered.

Just as she was hoping she’d been forgotten, she heard a door open, and footsteps approached her. She craned her head up. Debbie, in a tank top and jeans, looking as if she tied naked women up every day. *Maybe she does.*

“Hi, Lacey,” Debbie said, her friendly manner unchanged.

“Let me go, you bitch,” Lacey said.

Debbie clicked her tongue disapprovingly. “You know that’s not going to happen. In fact, let me explain what is going to happen.” She leaned forward. “My associates and I are going to thoroughly violate that sweet body of yours, over and over. There’s nothing you can do to stop us, whether you enjoy it or not.” She rolled one of Lacey’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger, smiling as it hardened. “Though I think you’ll be one of the ones who does enjoy it.”

“Are you planning to k-kill me, then?” Lacey immediately regretted asking.

Debbie smiled. “No, what a terrible waste that would be. You see, we’re not just amusing ourselves with you. We’re going to train and condition you as a sex slave for our client.”

“Are you crazy? You can’t do this!”

“You, Lacey, are on a Liberian-flagged ship in international waters. There is little to no law enforcement out here. The captain’s word is law. The contract you signed makes you part of the ship’s crew; disobedience is mutiny. Mutiny is still punishable by all sorts of nasty penalties, including flogging and even death. No one will know you’ve been taken, because you told everyone you’d be incommunicado while filming on location, and because your agent will cover for us. And there’s no escape. We’re in the middle of the ocean.”

Lacey shrank inside as Debbie spoke, each sentence like another brick slapped down on the walls imprisoning her. “No,” she said.

“Oh, yes. We will break you down until you’re begging to serve.” Debbie pinched Lacey’s nipple.

It felt good. Lacey pressed her lips together. She would not react to this woman’s perverted attentions.

Debbie was getting something out of a drawer. Lacey jumped as she felt a cool touch at the opening to her cunt. In the mirror, she saw that Debbie had positioned an odd dildo between her lips, one with wires and tubes erupting from the far end.

Debbie swirled the tip of the toy around. “I was going to use some lube, but it looks like your body is already turned on by the idea of me raping you. Too bad, I’m just working on getting you into shape now. You’ll have to wait if you want me to fuck you.”

Lacey’s indignation was interrupted as Debbie shoved the slender toy into her cunt. “No, stop!” Automatically, she clenched her cunt muscles to try to resist the invasion. The smooth instrument was warming quickly inside her.

“Good,” said Debbie. “That’s the first exercise. Clamp down as hard as you can on the probe. It’ll strengthen your muscles, which will make you hotter to fuck and improve your orgasms.”

Immediately, Lacey tried to relax. Debbie sighed. “I told you to clamp down, slave. I can see the gauge. Hold for ten seconds and release, and repeat ten times. If you don’t do it, I will make you do it.”

“You can’t make me,” Lacey said.

Debbie turned a switch on one of the dangling wires. Lacey’s cunt muscles clamped down like steel bands, cramping around the probe with bruising strength. She jerked and cried out.

“Oh, sorry.” Debbie didn’t sound sorry. “I forgot to mention that, in addition to the gauges, the probe is wired to deliver an electric shock to make you muscles spasm if I decide you’re not squeezing hard enough. I’m going to use your body whether you co-operate or not.”

“Now,” Debbie continued. “You have nine more reps to go. Squeeze. Harder.”

Lacey tried to comply, but by the sixth repetition, her muscles were aching and weak. “Harder,” Debbie demanded.

“Please, I can’t,” Lacey said. Her back arched as another shock tightened her around the probe. It didn’t hurt, exactly, but it was very uncomfortable.

“That shows there’s strength left in the muscle; you’re just lazy,” Debbie said.

With tears running down her cheeks, she managed to squeeze hard enough to satisfy her tormentor and hold it for the required ten seconds.

“That’s eight,” Debbie said. “Again.”

She couldn’t, not hard enough. She yelped as the current was applied again. In the mirror, she could see her breasts bounce and jiggle every time she flinched. It seemed even the electrical current couldn’t tighten her exhausted muscles as hard as it had earlier.

“Now the last one.”

This time Lacey waited helplessly for the shock that convulsed her. When it was over, she dared to hope Debbie was done with her for now.

“You squirm and squeak in such a lovely way. Very responsive. That should play well for the audience.”

“Audience?” Lacey repeated hoarsely.

“Oh, yes, couldn’t you tell you’re on a sound stage? We stream over the internet to subscribers, and of course the client whose slave you will be wants to watch every detail of your training.”

The knowledge that others would see her violation was shocking. She knew exactly how she looked because of the mirror. Vulnerable, flushed, with her exposed pink pussy lips swollen around the horrible device that penetrated her.

Suddenly, she felt a new sensation. Debbie had done something to the probe, and it was swelling inside Lacey with a pneumatic hiss. The probe had started out slim, like a finger. Now it was thick enough to put pleasant pressure on the walls of her cunt. Lacey could feel unwanted wetness flowing in response.

Debbie was watching her. “Yes, you’re the kind of slut who likes to have her cunt filled, aren’t you?”

Lacey fought to show no reaction. *I’m an actor, damn it. I’ll just pretend nothing is happening. I’m not going to give them the satisfaction.* But the probe continued to swell, pressing and stretching the walls of her cunt. Lacey gasped at the first pangs of real pain. It was too big! Was Debbie planning to burst her cunt? There was nothing Lacey could do to stop her, she realized.

Finally, the probe stopped getting bigger. Her cunt was stretched so tight she could feel her pulse beating hard around the probe. Even the slightest twitch sent a dart of pain through her. Lacey breathed shallowly so as not to jostle the probe.

Debbie checked a gauge. “Yes, I think that’s it for now. Eventually we’ll have you stretched to your physiological maximum.” She pressed on Lacey’s abdomen with her palm, feeling for the probe from the outside. Lacey bit her lip so she wouldn’t react to the resulting twinges.

Debbie’s hand slid lower, stroking Lacey’s clit. The girth of the device inside her had pulled the hood of her clitoris taut until the swollen nub stood out, red and unprotected from Debbie’s caresses. Lacey felt a wave of despair as Debbie stroked her clit, because it felt good. Very good.

Lacey didn’t want it to feel good. She closed her eyes and tried to distract herself with the least erotic things she could think of. Times tables. Taking out the trash.

“You like this, don’t you, Lacey?” Debbie’s voice interrupted her internal recitation. “This is what you want, what you tell yourself you can’t have. In the night, when you’re alone, you dream of a woman’s touch. It’s a woman’s soft skin you crave to feel against yours.”

Lacey’s eyes popped open. “No! That’s not true.” Of course it was, but she had been hiding for years to protect her career prospects.

“Oh, dear, it’s no good trying to lie about it. We’re going to strip away all that, and the fact that you’re a lesbian is the least of the dark desires we’re going to expose in you. It does make it a little easier that you’ve been so repressed, though.” The pressure of Debbie’s fingers became insistent as she milked them along the shaft of Lacey’s clit. At the end of each stroke, she swirled a fingertip over the tip.

Lacey’s hips were rolling without her consent. The probe still filled her vagina, but it no longer hurt. Juices seeped out around it. Debbie leaned down and tenderly kissed Lacey on the inner thigh.

Lacey thought she heard a voice, not Debbie’s, say “Come for me, Lacey.” And she came.

She had never come with something so large inside her. Her cunt muscles tried to grip, but they had little range of motion. Held wide open, she felt as if pleasure was pouring out of her. She was just a conduit for the sensation that flowed through her like water gushing through a pipe. “Nooo….” Her protest trailed off into a moan.

When the orgasm finally released her, she lay sweating and panting in her bonds.

“Now that you’re relaxed….” Debbie said. She looked into Lacey’s eyes and pressed a button. The probe swelled a tiny bit more, just enough to force a flinch from her victim.

Lacey tried to hide her relief when the probe finally began to shrink down inside her. Debbie removed it from Lacey’s aching cunt and set it aside. *She’s enjoying getting a reaction from me, and so are the people watching. She caught me by surprise and made me come. I won’t give it to them again.*

Her resolve was tested when she felt Debbie spreading lube on her asshole. *Oh, God, I’ve never had anything in there! She can’t!* Lacey was surprised at how sensitive the area around her anus was. While she could keep her face impassive, she couldn’t keep her anus from puckering in response to a circling fingertip. Then she felt the cold tip of another probe. A sob battered at the back of Lacey’s throat, but she pushed it down.

“This really will hurt less if you relax,” Debbie said. “But I’m going to shove it in your ass no matter what.”

Lacey tried to relax, she really did. But the probe still felt painful and foreign as it entered her virgin ass.

Debbie gave her a minute to accustom herself to its presence. She toyed with Lacey’s nipples, rolling and stretching them. “I’m not the first woman to touch your breasts like this, am I?” she taunted.

“I’m not a lesbian. Everyone knows I’m dating Logan Ferris.” Lacey said through clenched teeth. The pain in her rectum was fading slowly.

“Yes, your oh-so-public love affair with the dashing Mr. Ferris. You should have chosen a more discreet beard. He’s been seen in the back room at the Manhole.”

*That bastard!* After he’s insisted she give up her “personal trainer,” Naomi, because it was too risky.

“Lacey, do you know what you need to do for me now?”

Lacey had a horrible feeling that she did; Debbie wanted to repeat the training regimen in her other hole. She didn’t answer.

Smack! Debbie slapped Lacey’s pussy. “Answer me, slave.”

“Yes,” Lacey squeaked.

“Then do it. Clamp down.” Debbie forced her through the strengthening routine. She only applied the electrical current twice, but each time the shock had Lacey cramping painfully hard around the probe.

When the probe started to dilate her ass, Lacey couldn’t stop the tears running down her face. It reached painful pressure quickly, but she was horribly afraid that new wetness was flowing from her cunt in response.

“What a tight little hole you’ve got there,” Debbie remarked. “It may take a while longer to pry that open. Don’t worry, though. We’ll stretch it as wide as it can go before we turn you over to the client.”

Debbie produced a vibrator. Lacey broke her promise to herself and begged. “Please, no. Don’t!” She couldn’t bear the humiliation of having everyone see her orgasm again.

“Begging from slaves is always welcome,” Debbie said. “But not often effective.” She pressed the vibrator to Lacey’s clit.

Lacey’s body tensed immediately, pulling the probe even deeper into her ass. She could feel another orgasm building in spite of herself. Just before her climax started, she heard the voice again– a recording? “Come for me, Lacey.”

“Stop,” she whispered hopelessly.

Debbie didn’t stop, and a wave of pleasure crashed over Lacey. The spasms of her orgasm fucked her ass with the probe.

The orgasm passed, and Debbie dilated the probe to force Lacey’s ass open a tiny amount more. Afterwards, Lacey lay devastated, staring at her disheveled reflection as Debbie removed the probes and sprayed her clean with warm water.

“I’m glad to see you enjoyed that training session, little slut,” Debbie said. “Since you’re going to start every day this way until we get you to peak strength and dilation on both holes.” She leaned forward and spoke softly in Lacey’s ear, her breasts brushing Lacey’s. “That means I get to violate you like this dozens and dozens of times.”

The beginning of a series of stories based around a once proud super heroine turned slut. I hope you all enjoy :) Also I apologize if there are mistakes. I am using trying out an auto spell fix program that sometimes likes to work and sometimes doesn’t so IDK what will happen XD


“That little bitch has been a thorn in our side for far too long.”

“We should just kill her, she’s easy enough to catch.”

“Yeah, come on boss let us finish that little bitch off with a little acid treatment.”

A loud scoff came from the older man sitting in front of his computer monitors, “You understand nothing… Do you know how many super heroes I’ve killed in my time? But no matter how many die, a new one will rise up to claim his or her place and that is just annoying.” He grumbled.

“So uh… What exactly do we do? We can’t just let her keep interfering.”

“Yeah boss, that last job she mucked up was supposed to be a big score.”

“Hmmm…. Perhaps there is a way we can keep her around but make sure she stays in her place,” A wicked smirk crossed the older mans face, “I am going to do some tinkering with my lab toys, prepare a special gift for the young Ms. Allen.” He stood up from his chair and headed for the elevator, “You three just wait here, I’ll need you rest and ready for a long night once I’m finished.”

The doors shut behind the old man and his cronies looked at each other confused, “Uh… What the hell does that mean?”


Brenda Allen was a fine young women. At the age of twenty two she had already graduated from Harvard and inherited the company from her father who passed away a few years ago, her mother was never in the picture. She was a genius by most standards and had a perfect group of senior staff that ran the company for her so she was free to do whatever she wanted.

And so, Brenda Allen chose to be a hero. After the death of the late great, Omega Man, the crime rates around the country went through the roof. Luckily for Brenda, she was able to acquire her own powers by engineering her own super ring. The power of this seemingly simple jewelry was that it energized her cells and made them produce ten times as fast, giving her super regenerative powers and thanks to her own specially created formula, super strength. These powers had dubbed her the appropriate name “Omega Women” by the local populace.

Since her career started a few months ago, Brenda had been a real disturbance to the crime of her own state and would soon start helping people everywhere. But for now she was content with dealing her justice to the local psychopaths.

That evening, at the home of the young and beautiful heiress, Brenda Allen was slipping into her tub after a rough day’s work. Her tanned skin glistened with a godly glow as it became wet. Her long blond hair turned darker as she submerged it in the soaping waters.

“Ah, another fine day’s work over.” She sighed in relief before beginning to soap her ample, B cup breasts.

Thwarting another plan by that crazy professor always made her day that much better. The man didn’t seem to be anywhere close to giving up though, and his supply of money gave him all the fire power and henchmen that he needed to run the cities crime.

But Omega Women was getting close to finding his real secret layer. And once that happened there was nothing stopping her from ending him and his crime syndicate.

‘And then I can help the world one city at a time.’ She thought optimistically as she stood and climbed out of the tub. Taking a towel and starting to dry herself off, she headed out to the bedroom of her large house and got dressed. Slipping on a comfortable robe for the evening. It was all she really needed considering she lived alone.

A sudden ring at the door caught her attention, ‘That’s strange, I don’t remember who would be by this late?…’ she thought while walking down the stairs. Just to be safe, she grabbed her Omega Ring on the way and slipped it on. Being a rich and powerful women, she was used to kidnapping attempts and had trained herself well in self defense.

As she opened the door she let out a small sigh of relief when she saw only a simple delivery man standing their, “Oh, you must be here with my new TV.” She assumed with a smile.

The muscular bald man nodded, “Of course, that’s what I’m here for.” He smiled politely, “Some of my boys are here to help set it up if you’d like us to take care that for you.”

“Hmm… It is a bit late, perhaps you could drop by tomorrow morning to take care of it?” Brenda suggested.

The man frowned slightly, “Uh… Sure sure that’s fine, we’ll just wheel this inside for you.” He grunted and started pushing the massive box inside until it was in the living room.

“Thanks I appreciate the help.” Brenda said with a kindly smile.

“No problem,” He replied as he stepped back outside, “You have a safe and pleasant evening ma’am.” He nodded before heading back to his delivery truck and driving off.

As they left, Brenda took a look at the box, “Hmm… If I took a sip of my super serum I could probably set this up myself… But that guy was kinda cute, perhaps I’ll give him a tip tomorrow.” She giggled before heading up to her room and slipping into bed nude.


“Well your plan worked, we got that thing inside but she won’t let us come back until tomorrow morning.” one of the professors henchmen said as they stepped into the main control room, he was still wearing the delivery man uniform.

The old man chuckled as he watched the monitors, “Oh don’t you worry, by tomorrow we’ll have her completely under control and easy to stop when she attempts to thwart our plans…”

“Oh really? And how is that supposed to work?” One of the men questioned.

The old man pressed a button and instantly they were viewing Brenda Allen’s house through their monitors, having hacked her security cameras, “Just wait and see.” He replied simply and pressed a button to activate his newest weapon.


Brenda was sleeping soundly when her bedroom door slowly slip open. Silently, a hovering machine entered. It’s body was a large box shape with a head that looked like a compute monitor. It also had several long appendages with different attachments.

It locked onto target and hovered over slowly, once it was close enough. It grabbed Brenda by the ankles and lifted her into the air, making her awaken with a sharp yelp.

“W-What the…” She muttered, trying to shake the sleepiness from her eyes. Her eyes went wide with shock as she viewed the robot that held her in the air, “Let me go you piece of trash!” She demanded and tried to punch it. Unfortunately she forgot that her super serum wasn’t in effect so her hand simply bounced off the metal, “Dammit!” She hissed in pain.

“Initiating preparations.” The machine beeped in a high pitched mechanical voice.

Two more of it’s appendages grabbed her hands and lifted her upright in front of it’s monitor so they were face to face, “What the hell are you doing?! Let me go dammit!” She struggled but to no avail.

Suddenly another appendage came around, this one tipped with a thick and long vibrator. Brenda gasped, “Oh no way, you have got to be fucking kidding me.”

“Initiating Lubrication sequence.”

The machine rubbed the head of the thick dildo against her exposed pussy lips. Brenda gritted her teeth to keep from moaning, for a cold machine this thing was surprisingly warm… And gentle. Her pussy slowly started to get wet as it continued to get wet, the sweet juices slowly covering the entire dildo until it was completely soaked.

Brenda groaned in sexual agony as her body started getting closer to a climax. She bit her lip to keep from crying out with desire for the machine to stick it deep inside her.

‘Fuck this thing is going to make me cum hard just by rubbing me!’ She realized.

But suddenly it stopped. Brenda blinked in surprise and looked at the machine confused, “Eh… It stopped?”

“Lubrication Sequence complete, initiating termination sequence.”

With one swift push, the machine buried the entire length of it’s warm metal cock into her pussy. Brenda couldn’t hold it, she screamed in pleasure and came hard all over the dildo.

But she had no time rest because the machine hadn’t stopped. It was thrusting in and out of her pussy hard and fast. Brenda moaned and groaned as it fucked her good. Her eyes closed tight in sexual ecstasy as another orgasm approached fast.

She screamed even louder than before as she came again. But the machine kept going. Brenda panted heavily, drooling a bit out of the corner of her mouth. She didn’t even notice that a second appendage was curving around behind her. It appeared to have self lubricated because it had no trouble sliding deep into her ass.

The sudden shock of entry made Brenda cry out once more, a mixture of pain and pleasure as her ass was fucked roughly. All the pain slowly began to turn to pleasure and bucked her hips in sexual bliss, her third climax approaching.

‘Dammit if I don’t do something this machine will fuck me to death!’ She thought, though the idea wasn’t entirely scary to her.

She was just thinking of how she could shut it down, she was a genius after all, but her train of thought was thrown right off the tracks at the machine’s appendages began to vibrate. Brenda was sent over the edge harder than ever before and came all over the robot cock and the floor.

There was no stopping her sexual frenzy now. Brenda was beginning to cum non stop, one orgasm right after the other… And she loved it.

After a few hours of fucking the machine opened up it’s compartment and a strange mask came out. Brenda was still awake and bucking, panting like a bitch in heat. She made no complaints as the machine placed the mask over her face and began showing her images, as well as pumping a strange gas into her mouth.

“Beginning Brainwashing sequence.”

Images of women getting fucked like animals flashed before her eyes, the drug being pumped into her mungs was making her hornier and she came hard as she watched, not realizing that the dildos had stopped.

“Sexual Taming Addiction Complete.”

A new set of images, women with large breasts, much larger than hers, were being titty fucked and in a few of the cases, milked. Omega Woman came hard again.

“Mammary Abuse Fetish Complete.”

And that was when it got weird. The images changed to showing some strange type of porn. Beautiful and sexy women were being fucked by monsters, mutants, plants, just about anything that had tentacles or horns or tails or pretty much anything with a long cock. It always ended the same though, no matter the mutant or monster. The women being fucked by the creatures always ended up pregnant.

“Breeding and Birth Fetish, Complete.”

Brenda had one final, earth shattering climax. Thank god she was wearing the mask or she may have broken the windows with her screen. Once it died down, the once proud heroine passed out.

The machine pulled out and injected her with a drug to make her forget what happened. After that it cleaned her up as well as cleaned up the massive puddle of her cum before heading back down stairs. The robot transformed into a large TV and managed to wrap itself all back up until morning.


“I can’t believe that worked.” One of the henchmen laughed as they drove to Brenda Allen’s house, disguised once more as delivery men.

“Fucking hot too, damn I didn’t think that bitch could go for so long.” Another one of the men added.

“Well it’s time for us to finish our job boys,” The leader of the group chuckled as they pulled up, “Just follow my lead and don’t get carried away.

The group slowly walked up to the house, knocking on the door. As it opened they were greeted by a practically glowing Brenda Allen that was wearing only a short robe, “Morning boys, the TV is still in the living room so you can set it up.” She smiled obliviously.

“Of course we’ll get right on it.” The lead man grinned as they stepped inside. The three of them walked to the living room and opened the box, the robot was now disguised as a simple TV.

“I’ll make some coffee for you boys.” Brenda smiled and stepped into the kitchen.

The lead man smirked, “Alright boys you set up the TV I’m going to deliver the package.”

“Go for it Mark, but you better remember to leave some of that for us.”

Mark waved them off before heading for the kitchen. He saw Brenda and smiled politely, “Nice house you have here.”

“Why thank you, it’s not too big but I didn’t really want anything that was too ridiculous.” She replied honestly, “Oh damn I need to go get the laundry.” She realized and rushed up stairs, forgetting her cup of coffee as she went.

Mark realized this was his chance and walked to her glass. He pulled out a small black pill and dropped it in, “This will finish the job.” He muttered as the pill melted away into her drink.

Brenda came back a few minutes later, the other guys had finished setting up the TV and were joining her in the kitchen, “You guys work fast.” She smiled and took a drink of her coffee.

“We always work fast when we see something we want.” Mark smirked wickedly.

Brenda raised an eyebrow but suddenly her face flushed and she put a hand on her chest, “O-Oh my…” She muttered, suddenly a warm pressure building in her chest.

“Something wrong?” Mark asked knowingly.

“I-I don’t know… I suddenly can’t think very well,” She realized as her robe got tighter both above and below, “M-My breasts are… Getting bigger.” She went wide eyed as they popped out of her tight robe, the two super tits had grown from a humble B cup to a thick and sultry 44 DD. Her hips and ass had also expanded a bit, growing enough that they popped out of the bottom of her robe, “W-What’s happening…” She muttered confused.

Mark laughed and walked towards her, “You see, Omega Bitch, we work for the local professor,” Brenda looked up at him confused, a dimwitted look in her eyes, “You don’t remember but you got reamed hard by a sexbot last night, and I just slipped a little something into your coffee to finish the job of taking care of you.”

“W-What have you done?…”

“Well the drug did a few things,” He explained, “It made your tits and ass perfectly desirable to any man, and it has effected your brain, taking care of that extra smart stuff you can do,” He shrugged, “And it has also made your body go into a constant state of ovulation and lactation.”

Brenda went wide eyed, she was able to understand… But was still confused, “W-Why go to all this trouble?… Why not just kill me…” She muttered the last part.

Mark laughed and placed a hand on her head and slowly pushed her to her knees, she put up no resistance anyways, “Because if we did then another super hero would show up, and that would just be an inconvenience, so we made sure you’ll stick around but sort of work for us.”

“I… I would never… I’ll still stop you!” She argued, though while sitting on her plump ass with her tits hanging out, it wasn’t a very convincing argument.

“That’s what we’re counting on,” He sneered, “You will keep coming back, no matter how many times you are fucked, milked, impregnated and bred, your wits are dulled but your spirit is strong Omega Whore, and as long as your around we can keep doing what we want and get a good fuck out of it….” He suddenly smirked, “Speaking of which…” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his thick cock, “How about a little payment for setting up the TV?” He asked while holding her face close to his shaft.

Brenda’s eyes rolled back as she took in the scent of his member. She wanted it, she wanted his cum all over her face, she wanted to taste it. Without a word she started sucking his member like her life depended on it.

Mark groaned in pleasure before laughing, “And there you have it boys, thanks to the boss this super hero has become a Super Slut!”


Poor Omega Woman lol, anyways thanks for reading. Anything after this will include her misadventures of constantly trying to defeat crime even though her new body really won’t allow it. But there is still some hope for her, but that will not be revealed until later ;)

You should read Chapter 1 first!

We all had things to do on the Sunday, so the girls left mid-morning. I offered to drive Vicky home, but she wanted to walk.

Vicky lived off campus in a rented house with two roommates, it was about a 15 minute walk.

“I’d like a nice walk in the fresh air” she told us.

On the Monday, it was another typical day at school. Katie and I had most of the same classes except our electives, and Vicky was usually in other buildings than the engineers.

Midterm exams were in a couple of weeks, so we really all needed to be studying.

Katie and I finished our classes around 3 pm and went back to my room to study. We actually planned on studying, and I had a basketball practice from 5-7pm. I needed some help with calculus and Katie needed some help with thermodynamics.

When we got to my room, the door was open and I could hear Vicky talking on my phone. She was sitting on the edge of the bed in a heated conversation with her back to us. Since Vicky lived off campus, she would often come to my room rather than walk all the way home between classes or study in the library. Besides, I had one of the three computers in the dorm and she could type out assignments if necessary. I had taught her Word Perfect 5.1 in first year and we both got paid in cash or beer to type out and print assignments for classmates.

“What do you mean she joined another group! The project is due Friday!” Vicky almost yelled. “I barely have time to finish my part, never mind Sarahs!”

Katie slowly closed and locked the door. Vicky heard the door, looked over at us and rolled her eyes. She turned away and went back to her call.

Katie came over to me and kissed me deeply on the lips. I could tell there was going to be some play time before study time.

Katie and I took off our shoes and jackets, and I pulled Katie’s shirt over her head. Kissing her the whole time. I stopped kissing her long enough to slowly undo her pants and pull them down.

I turned Katie around so I was behind her and ran my hands over her breasts and stomach while kissing her neck. I could feel her nipples harden and her respond to my touch.

She had a front loader bra on which I undid to get direct access to her boobs.

Vicky was still involved in her phone call, but I caught her peeking over her shoulder at us while she worked to figure out how to finish her term assignment without one of the team members.

I kissed and rubbed Katie for a few minutes, both of us still standing, Katie only wearing her underwear. My hands gradually moved south and started to rub her through her underwear. She seemed to really enjoy my touch, and had turned her head almost all the way around so she could kiss me while she was getting fondled.

I slowly ran a finger around the edges of her underwear, under the elastic, getting some skin on skin contact.

Katie was breathing deeper and deeper and kissing me harder all the time. She grabbed my right hand and pushed it down inside her underwear, pushing my fingers to her clit.

We rubbed her together for another minute until I whispered in her ear “May I please eat your pussy?”

She turned and sat quickly on the edge of the bed and lifted her legs in the air, assuming the position we had used on Saturday and Sunday.

I was still fully dressed, and knelt between her legs at the edge of the bed.

I looked over at Vicky, who was watching and mouthed to me “NOT FAIR!” while still on the phone.

Katie pulled her underwear off and tossed it aside. She had a pillow under her head and was looking me in the eyes as I moved my face to her pussy. My hands had automatically gravitated to her breasts and nipples, and hers were pulling my face to her pussy.

I explored her pussy as I had before, increasing my tempo in response to her input. I was in no hurry, so I took a good five minutes to keep upping the tempo.

She had not spoken since we got into the room, but she finally broke her silence “Suck my clit while you finger fuck me” she managed.

It only took a minute of that treatment before she started to cum. I continued to suck her clit while she came, and stopped when she pushed my face away. I gradually stopped fingering her as she caught her breath.

“That was awesome!” Katie smiled at me. Vicky shot us both a dirty look that made us laugh at her.

I got up and walked over to Vicky and motioned for her to stand.

Once she stood up I reached down to undo her jeans. She was still on the phone talking about the project as I slide her jeans to her ankles, she still had her shoes on.

I left her standing there with her pants around her ankles while I stripped. I was nice and hard from the making out with Katie.

Vicky took one look at my hard cock and said “I’ll have to call you back, something has come up”. She hung up the phone without waiting for an answer.

I lay down on the bed and she jumped on top of me, struggling to get the jeans off her ankles, but not willing to actually invest 10 seconds to take her shoes off.

Vicky managed to get enough of her jeans over her shoes so her ankles were a couple of feet apart. She kissed me deeply and as I reached down past her ass to pull her panties aside so I could enter her. Vicky was wet and ready, as I knew she would be.

As soon as she felt my cock against her pussy, she pushed down and started to fuck me hard. This was going to be a quicky for sure.

I looked over at Katie who was staring at us, she smiled at Vicky and I “God, that looks amazing” she said.

I was getting close to blowing my load already, so I flipped Vicky over so I was on top, missionary position. My cock never left her as we rolled over. Vicky was getting close too, I could tell from her kissing, breathing and moaning.

Time for some fun.

I pinned both of Vicky’s hands above her head with my left hand while I kept fucking her. She had her eyes closed, concentrating, as I reached with my right hand for the phone.

I picked it up and hit redial and put it to her ear.

As soon as the phone hit her ear, her eyes opened and she glared at me. I took the opportunity to start fucking her even harder as I started to cum.

It was impossible for her to try and talk normally, and the sounds our bodies made as I slammed into her must have been loud enough to hear over the phone.

Vicky glared at me as I kept fucking for another minute, trying to carry on a conversation while getting fucked.

Katie came to the rescue and unplugged the phone from the wall.

With nothing else distracting her, Vicky came in another minute. I let her hands go and smiled. She was pissed off, but post orgasmic, a strange combination.

She playfully punched me a few times in the arm as I rolled off her.

“You fucker! How am I going to explain that!” Vicky nearly yelled.

“You will have to come up with something, because they would never believe the truth.” I answered.

We all got dressed, Katie and I smiling, and Vicky excited and a bit pissed off. I opened my door and Katie and I started working on homework and helping each other out. Katie was very smart and a great tutor.

Vicky started working on one of her assignments. Having the double room to myself was great, with two desks plus the large bed, it meant the three of us could spread out and not be touching. It was good that we were able to focus on school work in the same room, and not be too distracted by what we had done to one another over the past few days. We studied for about an hour.

“Hey, I forgot to tell you guys” Vicky said, “Both my roommates are going away this weekend, Dave is taking Kristy to see her boyfriend, and he is going home. They both leave Friday night and won’t be back until late Sunday”.

“I have an away game on Friday night, and won’t be back until midnight or so, but how about I make you two supper Saturday?” I asked.

“That sounds nice” said Katie, “and very grown up”.

“I like cooking, and Vicky’s house is the only place I get to do it while I’m at school” I said.

“I would like Saturday to be the day I lose my virginity” Katie said, looking at both of us in turn.

“We can arrange that” I said with a smile.

I checked the time and I had to run to get ready for practice. I grabbed my stuff and headed off to the gym, saying my goodbyes. The girls were studying and chatting when I left.

I had lots of energy at practice and generally felt great. After the grueling practice I went back to my room and showered and grabbed a quick bite from the meal hall.

It was late and I was tired, but I wanted to finish my homework.

I opened my Calculus textbook to where I left off and there was a note from Vicky.

It read “That was fun today, despite you making a phone call mid fuck. If Katie gets to lose her virginity this weekend, then I want to lose my ass virginity!! Will you fuck my asshole? Love…” then a little arrow to flip the note over, “your cock inside me, Vicky”.

I smiled and started thinking about the weekend ahead already. It was only Monday, and it seem like a long way away.

Tuesday was a busy day of classes for me, but it allowed me to have a light class load Friday which I really liked. I ended up doing two labs after classes, so I didn’t get back to my room until after 4:30.

Too my surprise, my door was closed and locked. Checking to make sure no one else from my floor could see in when I opened my door, I quickly entered my room.

I think I surprised the girls a bit, but they were dressed.

“We created a monster” exclaimed Vicky, “She wants to cum every day just like me” she said pointing at Katie.

“I learned how to put on a condom” Katie said, holding the strap on cock in one hand and waving it in my face. “And I can get it in me without it hurting too much” she said proudly.

“I’m going to talk to the pharmacist about a numbing cream just in case” Vicky said. “I think between the three of us, Katie can lose her virginity and have an orgasm at the same time. That would make it really memorable.”

Katie and I went down to the meal hall with the guys from my floor while Vicky stayed and studied. She had an evening class on Tuesdays and I would sneak out a sandwich or snack for her.

Katie had really opened up in the past week, she was talking and joking with the guys, even flirting a bit. It was great.

After supper Katie and I went back upstairs and studied. Vicky ate and then went to her lab, leaving her other books in my room. We got through all of our homework and started some studying for midterms.

Vicky returned around 9:30 and asked for a drive home, she looked beat.

“No medicine today?” I asked casually.

“Hmmm, that sounds like a good idea” Vicky replied, smiling at the idea.

I closed the door to my room and leaned against it.

“Both of you take your underwear off and then put your pants back on” I ordered.

Katie started to ask why but I cut her off. “More stripping, less talking” I said, wagging a finger at her.

Vicky whispered in Katie’s ear, then the both turned around and slowly pulled down their jeans and underwear and stepped out of them. While they were both bottomless and bent over, the wiggled their asses provocatively. I smiled and soaked up the view.

Slowly they pulled their pants back up, making sure I could see the everything.

“I’ll take those” I said, holding out my hands.

The girls walked over and put their underwear in my hands.

We put on our shoes and coats and got bundled up for the trip outside. It was January in Canada, and quite cold.

We left the dorm and walked to a nearby parking lot where my 8 year old Toyota Turcel was.

I handed the keys to Vicky, “Ladies in front please” I said as I climbed in the back seat.

The car was cold but it started fine.

“Can you please drive around a bit so the car can warm up?” I asked as Vicky pulled out of the parking lot.

“When the car warms up, we are going to find a nice, dark parking spot. Then you both are going to pull your jeans down around your ankles and I’m going to play with you from the back seat” I told them.

“Mmmmmm, that sounds nice” Vicky said.

“What if someone sees us?” Katie asked.

“We might get caught, that’s what makes it naughty” Vicky said with a grin.

As we drove around the small town, the little engine warmed up and I worked on warming up the girls.

I had my hands inside their jackets, playing with their breasts and nipples.

Once the needle on the thermostat started moving up, I said “Go park down by the old train station”.

“Ok” Vicky replied.

The train station was in an older, more industrial part of town, and it was dark and quiet on a Tuesday night. By the time we got there, the heater was pumping out hot air, and the car was getting hot inside.

Vicky parked in the far end of a parking lot, there were some houses a couple of hundred yards away, but no street lights. Once we were parked, Vicky turned off the headlights and turned the heat to re-circulate.

Vicky and Katie took their jackets off and threw them in the back seat and then slowly slid their jeans down around their ankles. Vicky had a bit of a harder time with the steering wheel in the way. I was very cramped in the back seat as the girls reclined their seats, but the little bit of light from the stereo gave me a nice view of the two girls bare legs.

I had to reach forward to put one hand on each of their thighs, and as soon as I touched them they both spread for me. I teased and stroked their skin all around their pussies for a few minutes, the heavy breathing in the car was rapidly fogging up the windows.

I gently played with their clits before running a finger up and down their wet slits.

Katie stopped my hand with one of hers. “I’m a bit sore down there from earlier” she said.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you” I apologized.

“You didn’t know, you weren’t there earlier when I was experimenting.” Katie replied. “I want to watch you make Vicky cum, I’ll look after myself tonight” she said moving my hand over to Vicky’s thigh.

“Less talking, more finger fucking” Vicky said, taking my hand and guiding it to her waiting pussy.

Position wise I could not really use two hands on Vicky’s pussy from the back seat, so I did my best with my one hand. Katie was playing with herself and watching me play with Vicky.

I sat back and watched as Katie and Vicky masturbated in the front seat of my car. The only noise was the engine and heater fan, occasionally drowned out by one of the girls moaning. Every once in a while they would open their eyes and look at each other, I think they got off on each other masturbating.

After five minutes Vicky came, it was amazing to watch. I pulled her hand from her crotch and licked her fingers hungrily.

Katie sounded like she was getting close.

“No one can hear us, no need to be quiet” I whispered to Katie.

Vicky reached over and started playing with Katies left nipple through her shirt. I reached over from the back seat and pulled up Katie’s shirt, and undid her bra, luckily a front loader again.

Vicky and I pulled and played with Katie’s nipples and Katie got louder every second. Vicky leaned over and started to suck Katie’s left nipple while I played with her right one.

Another minute of that treatment and Katie came, rubbing her clit furiously, eyes clenched shut, screaming “fuck yes, fuck, fuck, FUUUCK!”.

Once Katie had recovered a bit, Vicky pulled Katies hand to her mouth and sucked her fingers. “Mmmmmm, Katie juice” Vicky purred.

Both girls sat there for five minutes, pants down, legs spread, and in Katie’s case, breasts hanging out. They looked tired, and very relaxed. I just sat back and reveled at the view, the smell, the taste and the memory.

Vicky switched the heater from recirculation to heat, and the windows started to clear. The girls pulled up their pants, fixed their shirts and soon we were quietly drive towards Vicky’s house.

“That was fun” Vicky said smiling, “Don’t masturbate tonight or tomorrow, we have a plan for you tomorrow night”.

“OK, I’ll try to keep my hand off myself” I replied, grinning.

“Good night Vicky” called Katie from the passenger seat as I hopped into the driver’s seat. “See you tomorrow night!”.

Vicky leaned in for a quick good night kiss, and got one from both of us. I drove Katie back to her residence and dropped her off with another good night kiss.

I drove back to my parking spot and then walked to my dorm, wondering what in the hell those two girls had in store for me. I couldn’t wait to find out.

One Wednesday morning I got up early for a weight room session before showering, breakfast and heading to class. After classes I had a basketball practice from 4:00 to 5:00. Vicky was in my room studying when I got back from practice and watched me strip to go shower then get dressed. She stared at me when I was naked, but didn’t try anything, which was rare.

Katie showed up around 5:30 and we went down to have dinner and grab some food for Vicky. Katie kept giving me a funny looks and then she would look away quickly. Something was up, that was for sure.

After dinner we went back to my room and delivered the food to Vicky, who was busy at one of my desks on homework.

Katie and I started on our common homework and breezed through it in no time, checking our answers with one another. My door was open, and there were guys going up and down the halls, someone would come in every few minutes to shoot the shit with us. Typical dorm life on a week night really.

Katie and Vicky were teasing me the whole time, when someone would come in the room, if they could do something sexy without the visitor seeing, they would, but only if I could see it. Vicky sucked on a pen seductively, Katie pulled a nipple, Vicky rubbed her crotch through her jeans. This went on for a couple of hours while the three of us studied for midterms or worked on assignments.

Once the saw the teasing was having an effect on me the kicked it up a notch, mouthing silently “I want to fuck” or “I want to suck your cock”.

Once they started doing that I got up and lead the latest visitor to the door. “Enough distractions, I need to do good in the midterms to keep my scholarship, no more distracting my tutors.” I said closing and locking the door.

I turned around and both girls were on me in a split second, taking turns kissing me, putting my hands on them, rubbing my crotch.

Katie came up for air and got the bag of toys from the closet while Vicky started to strip me. I was naked in about 30 seconds, and they were both fully clothed.

Katie tied my hands in front of me. “You tied us up on Saturday, now it’s your turn” she said.

Soon I was on my back on my bed, with my hands tied together and to my closet doorknob. I could not get my hands below my shoulders, but had a bit of play.

“You have to promise not to use your hands” commanded Vicky.

“OK” I replied.

“Say the words!” Vicky scolded grabbing my balls.

“I promise” I replied.

Next they put a blind fold on me and gagged me. The last thing I saw before the blindfold was the two of them kneeling on either side of me, kissing, each of them with one hand on my cock.

Their last little surprise was to put ear plugs in each of my ears. Sleeping in a all male residence can be hard due to the noise and parties (and people having noisy sex with two girls at a time) so I always kept a set of ear plugs at the head of my bed.

They gently put in the ear plugs and now I could not see, hear, talk or use my hands below my neck.

I lay there for a minute or two, wondering what was going to happen next, but there was only a little movement on the bed, and no one was touching me.

After another minute of no contact, I started to go soft, and 5 minutes I was totally limp.

That must have been what they were waiting for, since the next thing I felt was as set of lips wrap around my cock, and slowly start to suck me hard. I had no idea which girl it was.

After a minute it stopped and then started again, I wondered if it was the other girl.

The mouth on my cock was giving a great BJ, and there was a hand on my shaft and at least two on my balls. My hips started to buck as I tried to fuck who ever had their mouth around me. I was getting close, and all contact stopped again.

I lay there panting through the gag, breathing heavily. Slowly my pulse returned to normal, I could feel my cock pulsing and shaking. One of the girls was blowing on it.

A tortuous 5 minutes went by and again was started to go soft. Before I was completely soft, a hand started stroking my cock, a mouth wrapped around the head, and she/they started getting me hard again.

I was having a flashback to Saturday night, I felt two hands on my cock now, and my balls were getting played with. They squeezed and stroked me, harder and faster, all I could hear was my pulse in my ears as they brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

And they stopped again, but did not let me go soft, just long enough to stop me from cumming right away.

Now one of them climbed on top of me, I could feel her calves by my sides. A hand gripped my shaft and ran the head of my cock against hot, wet pussy lips. I was picturing Katie’s hand on my cock rubbing it on Vicky’s cunt.

I could occasionally hear whispered instructions or words, but could not make out what they were saying.

Soon Vicky had me as deep inside her as my cock would go, but she sat completely still, no thrusting at all. I felt what I assumed to be Vicky’s clit getting played with while she sat on my cock, I like to think it was Katie playing with the clit.

If I moved or started to try to thrust, she would pull all the way off of me and wait for 30 seconds before reinserting me. It was glorious torture, it was so hot, and I was so deep.

Suddenly she dismounted and I was once again without any contact. I was startled when a warm, wet finger ran below my nose. I could smell pussy juice, and it smelled great. I let out a little groan.

The girls grabbed me and roughly rolled me over so I was on my knees and elbows, my head resting on my wrists, still tightly bound.

They spread my knees apart a bit and let me go soft again. I have no idea what they were up to those five minutes. It was all I could do to not whine and beg for more, and not to use my hands to remove my gag and blindfold like I had promised.

Once I was soft again, I felt something wet dribble all over my ass. Two sets of hands started rubbing lube on my ass cheeks, asshole, balls and cock. Someone gently (thank god) lubed up and put a butt plug in me while another set of hands worked my cock. She had my cock pointing behind me a bit, which felt strange, but really good. They got into a really good rhythm on stroking my cock in time to moving the butt plug, I was lost in the sensations. Over what must have been ten minutes they adjusted their tempo to keep me on the verge of cumming.

Again they stopped and left me right on the edge.

After a minute of wondering if I was going to cum without any contact, I felt something being slid down the shaft of my cock. It took a second to figure out it was a cock ring. They slowly and gently moved it all the way down to the base of my cock, and stretched it around my balls as well.

There was no going soft with the cock ring on like that.

I was rolled over and moved a bit down the bed, my hands now quite a bit over my head. I wasn’t on the edge of orgasm any more either.

Someone was between my legs pointing my cock straight up. She was just using the tip of her tongue on the spot just below the head of my cock on the bottom, it felt amazing. With every little flick, I would convulse a bit. The other girl lay down and there were two tongues on my cock, flicking and teasing. My slippery balls were getting massaged in the cock ring as well.

One of the girls moved up so their breasts were around my cock. They were using their hand to rub my cock against their lubed breasts and neck. It was soft, slippery and awesome.

Someone removed my gag, and the other girl straddled my face and lowered her pussy on to my mouth. I tried to figure out which girl it was by taste, by pubic hair, by clit, by slit. Were the boobs around my cock big enough to be Vicky’s? In the end I didn’t care and worked on eating the pussy grinding into my face while my cock slid around the others chest.

A few minutes of this heavenly treatment and the girl giving me the tit fuck climbed up on top of me and started sliding her pussy up and down my shaft like Katie had done on the weekend. The lube, pre-cum and pussy juices made for the perfect amount of slipperiness. I really want to cum this time.

I imagined the girls on top of me, kissing each other while one slid on my shaft and the other my tongue, their hands on each other’s breast and nipples.

Whoever was riding my cock was really getting into it, I could feel the swollen pussy lips wrapped half way around my shaft as she slid her cunt up and down the length of me, over and over.

I started to cum and was momentarily terrified they would stop, but not this time. The bucking continued faster and harder as I shot load after load of cum onto my stomach and chest. It seemed to go on forever. I must have had at least 10 huge shots, I could feel it has the first couple made it to my chin.

Slowly we all stopped and both girls dismounted and again, I was without any contact. I could feel the loads of cum running off my stomach and down my sides, there seemed to be a puddle of it near my neck and in my bellybutton.

I lay there for what must have been another 5 minutes, wondering what the girls were doing, before I was untied. They undid my hands and I took off my blindfold and I removed my ear plugs.

I sat up and blinked under the bright lights in my room, my eyes slowly adjusting to the light.

Both girls were completely dressed, kneeling on either side of me, smiling. Cum was drying on my chest and stomach and I started to clean myself up a bit. I tried to give them both a big hug but Vicky straight armed me “Don’t get that stuff on my shirt Mark!” she exclaimed.

I cleaned up as best I could and gave each girl a deep kiss. “Wow” was all I said.

I looked over at the clock and it was after 10pm. They had played with me for over an hour.

I found my pants and dug out my car keys and passed them to Vicky. “Have a safe drive home”.

“That was so cool, did you enjoy that?” Katie asked.

“I’m not even going to get dressed” I said, I got under the covers and turned out the light at the head of my bed. “Good night. That was awesome”.

I was exhausted. The girls packed up and left, smiling and chatting as they closed the door and left me to sleep.

After a sound sleep, the alarm got me up at 5:45 for my 6am practice. I hated morning practices, they always had me sleepy in the afternoons.

The 90 minute practice was a good workout, and I was showered, shaved and having breakfast with most of my floormates by 07:50.

The classes breezed by and I was back in my room after classes. Vicky was there working on the final parts of her team project that was due the next day.

Katie came over around 4 and we got our homework done before dinner.

There was a crowd gathering in the hall and the called us “Hey Sex, you and Katie going to come in line for dinner with us?” as they headed downstairs.

Katie and I closed our books and headed out with the rest of the floor for dinner.

“Anything special tonight Vicky?” ask Katie.

“A sandwich and some cookies would be great, thanks!” replied Vicky.

Dinner was a fun time, Katie enjoyed sitting with a bunch of guys, she was sitting across from me and enjoying lots of attention. I ate like a horse and got a sandwich and a few cookies for Vicky.

After dinner we got back to the room and Vicky was packing up to go.

“I have too much crap to do tonight, so I am heading out.” Vicky told us. “Can I come and print some stuff tomorrow morning?” Vicky asked.

“Sure, no problem. If you want something typed up, leave it and I will key it in and you can just do final edits tomorrow.” I told Vicky.

“That would be great” Vicky replied, handing me a dozen pages of notes.

“What’s the plan for the weekend?” Vicky asked us both.

I lowered my voice a bit, as my door was open and there were people in the hall. “I need to get groceries and do a run to the liquor store” I replied. “Do you like white wine and Champaign?” I asked Katie.

“I’ll try it and let you know. Can I come shopping too?” Katie replied.

“That would be great. How about we plan to be a Vicky’s around 2pm?” I asked. Both girls nodded.

“I won’t be back from my away game until late tomorrow night, so why don’t you meet me here around 1 Saturday and we can leave from here?” I asked Katie.

“Sounds like a plan, see you later” Vicky said heading out the door with a wave.

Katie closed the door to my room and locked it after Vicky was gone.

I looked at her and raised my eyebrows. “What do you have in mind?” I asked Katie.

Katie walked over and kissed me. “You have seen me masturbate a bunch of times now, I want you to masturbate for me” she said, rubbing my crotch.

“My pleasure, literally” I answered, smiling. “I have lots of amazing memories from the past few days for inspiration, but it would be much more enjoyable if you were naked and I could look at you while I jerked off” I told Katie.

We stripped off quickly, and Katie lay at the head of the bed, sitting up, with her legs spread.

I grabbed the bottle of lube and then got on the bed and kneeled between Katie’s legs. I started to pull my cock as I stared in Katie’s eyes, looked at beautiful body, her hard nipples, and spread legs. Katie had her hands on her inner thighs, spreading her pussy open for me to see, she then started rubbing and pulling her nipples.

After a minute or so I put some lube in my hand and started jerking off in earnest.

I moved up a bit, my thighs under hers, so I was jerking off over her stomach. Katie had one hand between her legs and the other was caressing her breasts and nipples.

“Talk to me” I ordered.

“Mmmmmm, I am horny all the time now. All I can think about is your cock in my pussy. I loved last night, all the times we had to almost cum and then go soft again. I have never felt so in control before. And when you finally came, all that cum, God, I thought there was a lot on the weekend, but last night you blew a load twice as big as any I saw before.” Katie said in a soft voice, never taking her eyes off of my cock.

“I can’t wait to have you cum inside me with your big cock. I want to feel it shoot up inside me” Katie continued.

The look on Katie’s face was different from Vicky’s. Vicky looked at me with lust when she was really excited, the look Katie was giving me was more passionate desire, and less animalistic.

Katie stopped talking and just watched, all the while playing with herself, a dreamy look in her eyes.

I came pretty quick, it was just too good a view. I shot a good sized load onto her stomach and arm as she kept playing with herself. She never took her eyes off my cock, and let out a moan as I came.

Once I finished, I sat back and watched her masturbate to completion. I was quiet, and let her just take her own time. Katie had settled on a technique that was working well, her hips were bucking and she was rubbing her clit very fast. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated.

When she finally came it was beautiful, her whole body quaking and convulsing, she let out a couple of high pitched grunts and moans along the way.

Once she was still for a few minutes I passed her some Kleenex to clean up the cum on her stomach and I cleaned up as well.

“Thanks for doing that for me, it was neat to watch you do it” Katie said smiling at me and giving me a kiss.

“And I obviously enjoyed it as well and I loved watching you climax. You are getting good at it!” I answered back.

We got dressed again and opened up my door. We studied for another hour for the midterm next week and then called it quits around 6:30.

Katie headed back to her residence and I went to the weight room in the athletics building for a quick workout before bed. All the time I was at the gym, I was thinking about what was going to happen on Saturday at Vicky’s between the three of us again.

I was really worried that Katie was not going to have a good time her first time having sex. I didn’t want her disappointed, and despite the warnings from Vicky and I, I think she had high expectations for losing her virginity.

Friday was pretty quiet. I had some of my elective classes Fridays, so Katie and I were not in class together most of the day. On the way between classes before lunch, I saw Katie and Vicky in the distance, walking towards each other on another walking path between building. The girls smiled at one another, high fived, and laughed. The seemed like pretty good friends already.

By 3:30 I was dressed for the away game. We all had to put on dress pants, shoes, button down shirts and ties for the trip on the team bus. The woman’s team was playing as well, and we all got on the bus together. Katie and a few of her friends who were after my team mates came to wish us luck and wave goodbye.

The away game was in a town about 90 minutes away, I dozed for part of the ride. We played first, then the woman’s team, so it was going to be a late night.

We lost, but the woman’s team won. The ride home on the bus was fun, I gave back rubs to half the woman’s team and had two of them give me a back rub. We got home around midnight and I went to bed immediately, dreaming of the day to come.

I woke up late on Saturday morning with prodigious morning wood, and briefly contemplated rubbing one out, but thought I would save it for the girls later on.

I had a long, interesting phone call with my older brother just before lunch. He lived in California and had an interesting offer for me to contemplate.

It was nearly lunch time before I left my room, I was starving. I ate a light lunch with a bunch of buddies and listened to all the plans they had for the evening. I was non-committal when asked what I was up to, saying I had a family thing to do that afternoon, and I would likely not be back until the afternoon on Sunday.

I was back in my room when Katie came by, she was looking great and looked excited.

“Ready to go?” she asked me.

“Yep, let’s go!” I replied as I put on my shoes and jacket and we headed to my car.

We went to the grocery store and I picked up everything I would need to make dinner, some strawberries and some nice fresh croissants.

Our next stop was the liquor store, where I picked up three moderately priced bottles of Champaign, a bottle of Riesling, and a bottle of Chardonnay.

“If you are not sure what kind of wine you like, the Riesling is quite sweet, most people like it. I need some of the Chardonnay to cook with” I explained to Katie.

“I have had wine at home a few times, and I can have a glass or two of Champaign on new year with my family, but other than that, I haven’t had much wine.” Katie replied.

“You’ll like it” I assured her as we went through the checkout.

We drove out to the student ghetto where most of the off campus students lived to Vicky’s house. It was a bungalow with a three bedroom main floor unit as well as a two bedroom basement unit. Vicky and her two (away) housemates rented the main floor.

I pulled in the driveway around 2:30 in the afternoon, the snow crunching under the tires. I saw Vicky peek through the curtains in the front window as I pulled the car up beside the kitchen door.

The downstairs tenants car was not there, I hoped they were going to be away for the night as well.

Katie and I grabbed the groceries and wine and entered the unlocked kitchen door.

“Hi guys! Welcome to my humble abode” Vicky called from somewhere in the house. “Mark, can you unpack while I borrow Katie?”

“No problem” I answered. Katie and I took off our shoes and jackets and hung them up. It must have been 28 degrees inside, I was starting to sweat already. Katie left the kitchen to find Vicky and I unpacked the groceries into the fridge and put the wine and Champaign in to chill.

I locked the kitchen door and pulled the curtain closed in the kitchen. I walked into the living room and the curtains on the bay window were already closed as well as the ones in the front entry way.

I made my way to Vicky’s room where I heard the girls voices. I stood in the doorway and smiled. They were both naked, and looking through a pile of sexy lingerie.

“What do we have here?” I asked.

“Looking for something to wear for when were not actively involved in sexual activities” replied Vicky.

“Besides, it’s too hot in here to wear much anyway” added Katie.

I went over to Vicky’s wardrobe and opened her underwear drawer and rooted around until I found my silk boxers. I stripped and put them on and went to get on the bed to watch the show.

“Not yet Mr., how about you go pour some drinks while Katie and I put on a lingerie show?” asked Vicky.

“My pleasure” I replied, slowly backing out of the room. I stopped at the door to watch until Katie threw a shoe at me.

I went to the kitchen and found three glasses, and put one of the bottles of Champaign in the freezer. I took the glasses to the table in the living room and then went back to the kitchen to hull some strawberries.

In a few minutes I had everything ready and had parked myself on the couch. I heard some giggling coming from the bedroom, and was dying from anticipation.

A few minutes went by and Katie and Vicky emerged, holding hands. They looked amazing. Vicky had on a one piece green, lacy teddy that was skin tight. It was transparent enough that I could see her pubic hair and nipples through it.

Katie had on a black lacy outfit, that lifted up her boobs a bit and was cut very high on her thighs.

Both girls had on 3″ heels and were having a bit of trouble walking on the carpet in the living room, hence why they were holding hands and giggling.

“We are going to lose the shoes first, but wanted you to get the full effect first” Vicky said as they turned around and bent over.

Both outfits did not have much on the backside, there was just a narrow black string going down between Katie’s ass cheeks and Vicky’s outfit had a hole in her crotch over her pussy, which she was showing me, using both hands to spread her teddy so I could see her pussy. Their assess looked spectacular.

“You two look gorgeous” I said, staring at them. “Have a seat while I pour some Champaign” I said, getting off the couch to head to the kitchen. There was already a bulge in my silk boxers.

I returned from the kitchen with a bottle of Champaign. The girls were sitting on the couch, with their shoes off, kissing.

I opened the bottle and slowly poured three glasses. “Before we start today’s orgasm-fest. I have something I would like to talk to you both about. ” I said, passing out the glasses and toasting both of them.

We all took a few sips, and shared a Champaign kiss, I kissed the girls in turn, then they kissed each other again. It all seemed so relaxed and natural.

“What’s on your mind?” Katie asked.

“I had a long talk with my brother this morning and a very interesting opportunity has come up. It will only take a few minutes of our time” I said.

“I can wait a few minutes I guess” Vicky replied, rubbing my cock through my boxers.

“This March break I was going with my brother, his wife and another couple to the British Virgin Islands to charter a sailboat for a week. The other couple backed out because she got pregnant, and is throwing up all day; I guess the idea of being on a sailboat rocking in the ocean is not appealing with morning sickness. Anyway, the other couple is loaded, and already paid for their share, so there are going to be two empty berths on the boat. My brother asked me if I wanted to invite two friends to come with me, he would pay the airfare and expenses. I was wondering if you two would want to join me for seven days and 6 nights aboard a 42 foot sailboat sailing around the British Virgin Islands?” I explained.

“I’m in” said Vicky immediately.

We both looked at Katie. “What would I tell my parents?” Katie asked.

“The easiest thing is the truth. An opportunity came up, it’s going to be no cost, there are experienced sailors on board with sailboat ocean racing experience. It won’t just be wild and crazy students by an older married couple as well. See what they say, they can call and talk to my brother and his wife if they want.” I answered.

“What will your brother and his wife say if you bring two girls?” Katie asked.

“I don’t think David and Marie would be surprised, there was almost a fight at their wedding between two married bridesmaids who both wanted to do unspeakable things to me” I told Katie.

“That sounds amazing!” Vicky exclaimed. “Mark took me sailing last summer on Lake Ontario for an afternoon, we sailed naked once we were a mile off shore, and even had sex a couple of times on deck.” Vicky recalled, smiling at the memory.

“Do you both have valid passports?” I asked.

The both confirmed that they did, but Vicky’s was at home, Katie had hers with her for when she got her ID to get into the campus bars.

“I have a few weeks to get it, my folks can mail it to me, or I can go get it some weekend” Vicky replied. “What do you mean by ‘airfare AND expenses’” asked Vicky coyly.

“Long story short, my brother has money. Dual income, no kids, royalties coming in. He set the trip up for me 4 months ago, I don’t pay a dime.” I answered.

“What do you mean by ‘royalties coming in’?” Katie asked.

“When David was in grad school, he came up with a marketable chemical engineering process, something about measuring and improving performance of controllers used in petrochemical plants. By the time he graduated, he had multiple job offers. The company that hired him pays him royalties whenever they sell the product they created out of his work at school. It has been a really good year” I answered.

“Airfare is self explanatory, expenses includes, but is not limited to: food, alcohol, clothing, souvenirs, tourist attractions and whatever else we desire” I told them. “So we can fly down, go shopping for whatever clothes we might need for the week, eat, drink, fuck, sail and party; not necessarily in that order.”

“We can talk more about the trip later, there is too much naked skin right now to think straight” I said to the girls as I topped up their glasses, finishing off the bottle. “I need to shave, so I don’t give either of you rug burn” I said, rubbing the stubble on my face. “Can I interest either or both of you in a shower?” I queried.

“Some news from us first, then you can lather us up, one after the other” replied Vicky.

“Vicky and I went to see a doctor and I got a prescription for the pill, so in a month or so I won’t have to use condoms with you. And we went to the drug store and I have a cream to use my first time to reduce pain” Katie told me.

Vicky got up and got one of the other bottles of Champaign from the fridge and opened it. “You take Katie and give her a nice soapy shower like you have for me so many times. I have some things to get ready in the bedroom.” Vicky told us, walking towards her room.

I took Katie’s hand and pulled her off the couch as I watched Vicky’s ass walk down the hall and disappear into her bedroom. I lead Katie to the bathroom (which was pretty clean for a change) and turned on the shower to let the water get warm.

I stripped and hopped in the shower and Katie joined me immediately. We kissed for a while, letting the hot water run over us. I got the bar of soap and got on my knees and started soaping up Katie, starting at her feet. It took a good 5 minutes of lathering to get her completely soapy, head to foot. Periodically I would use her soapy body to transfer suds to myself. I loved the feeling of all that naked, slippery, soapy skin rubbing against me.

Katie gave me the same treatment, lathering me from head to toe as the hot water ran down our bodies. It was amazing to think that a week ago this girl had never been kissed before, and now she was naked in the shower with me, rubbing every inch of me with her hands. I mean every inch, from the bottoms of my feet, to my balls and ass, to my eyelids and hair. She was very thorough.

At one point my soapy cock was going between Katie’s breasts, and the hot water was pounding on my neck when the shower curtain opened and Vicky’s head popped in.

“That looks nice” Vicky said, ogling us, “But don’t use up all the hot water, I want to shower too”.

“I need to shave” I said, rinsing off the suds and climbing out, “But Katie can clean you very thoroughly”.

Vicky stripped and climbed in, the girls kissed and Katie started soaping up Vicky. It was a sight to behold. I especially liked it when Katie and Vicky were chest to chest, rubbing their soapy bodies against one another while kissing.

I reluctantly went to the sink and started to shave, going back to peek in at the girls every minute or so, or if I heard a particularly loud moan or giggle.

I made sure to shave my face as close as I could, I didn’t want any stubble to chaff any soft skin, and I was planning on having my face buried in soft skin for many hours.

I made one trip to the living room to get the glasses with Champaign and passed two into the shower, they came back empty pretty quick. The girls had other priorities at the moment.

About the same time I finished shaving, the hot water ran out and the girls turned off the shower and opened the shower curtain. I passed them Vicky a towel and she started to dry off Katie while I dried off Vicky. It was a nice, we were all naked, hot, pink, horny and starting to buzz from the Champaign, with the second bottle almost gone inside of an hour.

Holding hands I lead the girls to Vicky’s room. She had done some re-arranging while Katie and I were in the shower. The lights were off in her room, and her curtains closed, around the room were a few dozen small candles, all lit. Her queen sized bed was in the middle of the room, away from any wall. It didn’t have a head or footboard, but it did have four lengths of rope, one at each corner that appeared to be tied to the legs of the bed frame.

“Tadaaaa!” exclaimed Vicky.

“Katie, would you mind running to the kitchen and getting the last bottle of Champaign and our glasses while I tie up Vicky?” I asked.

“Be right back, don’t start the fun stuff until I get back” Katie said, turning her cute ass around and heading down the hall.

“Grab the strawberries too please” I yelled, as I pushed Vicky to the bed and started to tie her down. I started with her hands, and Katie returned to help me tie her legs.

When we were done, Vicky was spread eagled on the bed, her arms and legs spread, looking at us with anticipation.

“Where is the bag of toys, I couldn’t find it in my room this morning?” I asked.

“We grabbed it yesterday, it’s on the chair right there” Vicky said, indicating with her chin.

“I want some payback, it’s all I have wanted since Wednesday” I said, staring at Vicky as I grabbed the bag. I pulled out the blindfold, the bandanna we had used as a gag, I even found some ear plugs at the bottom of the bag.

“Please blindfold and gag Vicky while I put her earplugs in Katie” I asked.

I looked at Vicky, who looked ready for anything. “We don’t have to be quiet, there is no one home but us”.

The first thing I did when Vicky was blindfolded, gagged, tied down and had the ear plugs in was pour some more Champaign.

I took a fairly good mouthful of bubbly and then, before I swallowed, wrapped my lips around one of Vicky’s nipples and let the cold bubbly fizz her nipple. They way she moved and wiggled it obviously tickled. I moved away from Vicky and did the same thing on Katie’s large, erect nipples.

“That feels so strange, but so nice” Katie said, holding my head to her chest.

I swallowed the bubbly and spoke quietly to Katie while we sat at Vicky’s spread feet. “You two wouldn’t let me cum for over an hour Wednesday, I want to make Vicky cum, and not let her stop cumming. Will you help me?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Yes, that sounds amazing” Katie replied.

“She needs to stew a while” I said as I grabbed the vibrator, turned it on, and threw it on the bed between Vicky’s legs, but nowhere near her pussy.

I grabbed a strawberry and fed it to Katie slowly. I lay her down perpendicular to Vicky, so Katie’s head was on Vicky’s Stomach, and her ass was at the edge of the bed. “You are going to lose your virginity later, but you are going to cum while I eat you out first” I told Katie, as I assumed the position, face at pussy, hands on breasts.

Over the next five minutes I slowly brought Katie to orgasm with my mouth, fingers, nose and hands. Vicky lay pretty still, but would occasionally groan or moan. Looking up Katie’s stomach as I ate her out, I could see Vicky’s chest rising faster as she started breathing heavier, and her nipples were erect as well.

Katie came hard, and moaned an yelped loudly, I loved it. Katie lay there panting. “It was so nice to not have to hold back and try to be quiet. I want to jerk you off on to Vicky’s tits” Katie said, sitting up.

She sat on the bed while I stood in front of her. She took a mouthful of bubbly and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. I could feel the bubbles fizzing in her mouth and on my cock, it felt neat.

She swallowed the Champaign and grabbed some lube from the bag and put a generous amount on my shaft and balls, and started stroking me while looking in my eyes.

After a minute she moved me on to the bed so I was kneeling beside Vicky, one knee almost in an armpit, the other on her hip, my cock over Vicky’s chest.

Katie moved close behind me, her naked chest against my back, one hand on started stroking my cock and she was whispering in my ear.

“We are both going to fuck you tonight, I can’t wait. I want you to cover those pretty tits in cum” Katie purred, stroking me harder and faster.

It was so hot in the house, we were all still hot from the shower and sweating from the heat.

“I want to watch you stick this big cock in Vicky’s ass. I’m going to eat her cunt while you fuck her” Katie continued.

Having been hard since I finished unloading the groceries over an hour ago, it did not take me long to cum while Katie jerked me and kept up a constant stream of dirty talk.

As I started to cum Katie continued to jerk and whisper in my ear. “I can’t wait to have your cock fill me and cum inside me, cover those tits with cum! You are so hard!”

Vicky was pretty still until the hot cum started hitting her chest, stomach and breasts. There was a lot, and she flinched each time a shot hit her. She let out a little moan as Katie finished stroking me and we kissed deeply.

We stood beside the bed, sipping bubbly and have some strawberries while looking at Vicky. There was cum all over her chest that I had no intention of cleaning up any time soon, her nipples were hard, she was sweaty all over, and I could see her pussy contract every once in a while.

I leaned down and kissed Katie and whispered my plan into her ear.

We got ready and moved over to the bed and got Vicky ready. I lifted Vicky’s bum up while Katie put a pillow under her lower back.

Momentarily lifting Vicky up made some of my cum run off her stomach and down her side, it must of tickled because she wiggled.

Katie got out a butt plug and lubed it up while I lubed up Vicky’s asshole, spreading her cheeks and being gentle. We worked together to gradually slip the butt plug in.

“I have never really looked at a vagina before this week. I never looked at my own in a mirror or anything. They are beautiful” Katie said, running both her hands up Vicky’s spread thighs all the way to her pussy. “Women’s bodies are so beautiful” sighed Katie.

Vicky was spread wide open, with her legs really far apart.

“I loved looking at your pussies, so beautiful, so soft, so slippery” I said, slowly using one hand on each girl.

I took a mouthful of bubbly and put by face to Vicky’s pussy. I wrapped my lips around her clit and opened my mouth enough for the bubbles to hit her clit. It must have felt neat for her too, her breathing got faster and her nostrils started to flare.

Over the next 10 minutes we used a bunch of toys, our hands and mouths on Vicky’s pussy and clit. We never stopped, and gradually increased the tempo. One of us alternating on the butt plug to keep sync with whatever vibrator or dildo we had going in and out of her cunt. Vicky was bucking her hips a bit now, and really losing herself in the sensations.

I knew from personal experience how losing sight, sound, movement and the ability to talk allowed to focus on the sensations and touches.

We repositioned so I was kneeling between Vicky’s legs, pretty hard again already, while Katie was straddling one of Vicky’s legs.

Katie slide a cock ring on my still slippery shaft and got out the other cock ring with the vibrating bunny ears. All the while we managed to keep pleasuring her asshole, cunt and clit.

Katie switched to the big dildo in one hand, and had the vibrating cock ring in the other.

“Remember,” I whispered, “Don’t stop until I tell you”.

Katie just smiled at me and increased how fast she was fucking Vicky with the big dildo. She applied the vibrating bunny ears to either side of Vicky’s clit while I had one hand on the butt plug and the other stroking my cock. I wanted to make sure I was good and hard.

Having been with Vicky hundreds of times and seeing her cum hundreds of times, I knew she was getting close. She was fucking us back as hard as we were fucking her, despite being tied down. The vibrating cock ring on her clit pushed her even closer to the edge.

In one deft movement, using eye contact and a nod, Katie fully removed the dildo, and I slid my cock deep inside Vicky. I assumed a kind of push-up position over Vicky so the only part of me touching her was my cock as I fucked her hard and fast. Katie had one hand with the vibrator on Vicky’s clit and the other between Vicky’s legs and mine, working the butt plug.

Vicky started to cum in about 10 seconds, the buildup had worked like I hoped. She was bucking hard as she came, pulling against her restraints so I stayed deep inside her, and thrust hard.

We kept up the treatment as she came, never slowing or changing our pace. Vicky came hard, her whole body bucking, moaning coming through the gag, veins on her neck, forehead, chest and arms popped out. Her legs were shaking and pulling against the restraints, as were her arms.

At one point she tried to get her knees together, involuntarily I think, but the ropes around her ankles keep her knees and thighs apart. Vicky tried to wiggle away from the clit stimulation, but Katie never let her have a break.

It was really cool, there was almost no contact except her ass, pussy and clit, and we were merciless. My cock was really hard and big with the cock ring, and I thought I might cum again if I kept up my pace. I really wanted to see how she would respond to that.

Katie looked at me, a bit worried. “Are we hurting her?” She asked, never stopping what she was doing.

“Take her gag out if you are worried” I responded.

Kate stopped the clit stimulation for 10 seconds while she released the gag and pulled it out of Vicky’s mouth, the picked up again.

Vicky didn’t or couldn’t speak, but she moaned and cried out in pleasure, big, nearly breathless moans.

I pulled out one of Vicky’s earplugs. “I’m gonna keep fucking you like this until I cum” I told her.

It took me another two minutes of hard thrusting to reach orgasm, and Vicky’s orgasm and moaning never really stopped, it seemed to come over her in waves.

When I came she almost bucked me off, her hips shaking and fucking me right back. I kept fucking her after I came for another two minutes before finally stopping. I dismounted quickly, and Katie and I both disengaged completely.

We let Vicky lay on the bed for a few minutes and catch her breath, Katie and I took turns kissing her deeply. We eventually untied her, but she still lay there, spread eagled, my cum dripping out of her pussy. We took off her blindfold, as she didn’t even try to do it herself, and I removed her other earplug.

“I thought it was never going to stop” Vicky said quietly, “Part of me couldn’t take any more, and another part never wanted it to stop. That was so cool, it was like all my senses were focused on my naughty bits!”.

By now, my cum had started to dry on Vicky’s chest and side, Katie wiped some of it up with a towel and licked the rest of it up.

I looked at the clock and it was just before 5pm. I got up and asked Katie “Will you please help me get dinner started?”.

“Sure” Katie replied, as we headed off towards the kitchen, leaving Vicky to recover.

We were still naked, and putting any clothes on was pretty much out of the question given the heat, it was sticky hot and we were all sweaty.

I went to the fridge and started getting ingredients out. “Can you get a pot and frying pan out please, I need you to get this stock warm, but not boiling. Please turn the oven on to 375 as well.” I instructed Katie, passing her the chicken stock.

I cut up some shallots, 4 cloves of garlic, and started cutting up 4 chicken breasts into small pieces.

“Tonight I’m making, with your help, Coq au Vin, or chicken and wine with a nice risotto.” I told Katie.

Katie was standing very close to me, naked, as I worked on preparing dinner. At one point she looked down at my cock, and I was leaking a bit of cum from my limp cock.

“Let me get that for you” she said, dropping to her knees and sucking my cock. It felt and looked amazing, but I had to concentrate on dinner. At that moment Vicky arrived in the Kitchen.

“What do we have here?” Vicky inquired, leaning on the doorway to the kitchen, watching Katie hungrily suck me off.

I pulled out of Katie’s mouth and helped her stand up.

“He was leaking cum from fucking you, I was just helping clean up” Katie replied. She went over to Vicky and grabbed her hand, leading her to the counter beside me.

“Bend over and I’ll clean you up too” Katie ordered, bending Vicky over and spreading her legs. Vicky still had the butt plug in, and it quivered in anticipation.

Katie kneeled behind Vicky and noisily licked and sucked Vicky’s cunt, moaning and purring while doing so. All I could do was stand and watch. Vicky wiggled her hips appreciatively.

Katie finished her clean up after a minute or so and stood up. “Yummy, tastes like sex!” she exclaimed, going over to the stove and checking the heat on the chicken stock.

“That was nice. What can I do to help?” Vicky asked.

“You can open the Chardonnay, I need some for the rice and chicken” I answered.

I got a large frying pan out and put some oil in and sautéed the shallots and a little of the garlic before adding the rice to warm it up. Once that was all absorbed by the rice, I added a little bit of the warm stock and some white wine to the frying pan.

“Can you girls please keep stirring the risotto, and when all the moisture is dried up, you can add some more stock?” I told the girls.

I cheated on the coq au vin, I used cream of mushroom soup concentrate, white wine and garlic, all blended together, to cover the chicken in a casserole. The casserole went into the oven to cook and the girls took turns working the risotto.

I poured some of the Riesling for the girls while I finished off the open Chardonnay. We carried on perfectly normal conversation while working as a team on dinner, none of us bothered a bit by the nudity. We all were touching and kissing one another at the least provocation.

At one point both girls were by the sink facing away from me, and I gently started rubbing their sexy asses. They both immediately spread their legs. I just ran a finger down their pussies, I didn’t want the risotto to burn.

This is the first part of a story that will go off in different directions. You can chose where to follow. The start is in Fetish, I think that is an appropriate place, however, there will be two chapter 2s. You’ll be able to see where you’d rather the story goes once posted.

Please feel free to leave feedback, both good and bad, as that is the only way we can learn and improve. All is welcome.

All characters, as stated within the story are over eighteen and are purely fictitious. I hope you enjoy!


< <>>

Lissa didn’t know how she had gotten into this position, well, not in an overall picture sense, but she knew that if she didn’t figure a way out soon her life would become very difficult. The ties on her wrists strained as she pulled against them once more. They didn’t budge. She didn’t know what was worse, the fact she was tied to the bed naked, or the burning sensation from her full bladder…

< <>>

Three hours earlier Lissa had pulled up at the apartment block. She looked down at her watch, she was a little early, but that was due to her excitement. She had been talking to Brent for weeks now. They had swapped pictures, more nude ones than not, and chatted online daily. As her position of head of department in her company she had her own office. This allowed easy, un-disrupted use of the internet and a way to take the pics she was asked to take.

It was true, Brent had tapped quickly into one of her least known traits. Lissa liked to be told what to do when it came to sex. In her office she had to be in control, order others to do her bidding and make sure it was all done on time and correctly. In the bedroom, however, she prefered to take more of a submissive role. Not to the point of licking a guys shoes, but just to be told what to do and when sparked the fire between her legs.

Brent was very good at this and often had her taking her panties off at her desk and taking a pic for him. One time making her masturbate for him, viewed via webcam while she was on a conference call to head office. That had been one of the more erotic times.

But now they had progressed to the point that Lissa was ready to meet Brent. He had never asked for a real life meeting, which made Lissa feel even more secure, but now they were doing it she had a mixture of sexual arousal and nervous fear thumping through her veins.

The elevator doors opened and Lissa walked down the corridor to Brent’s apartment. The door was unlocked as he said it would be. She was under orders to go inside, find the bedroom and strip naked. Her heart beating faster with each moment, Lissa had obeyed. The glass of wine on the bedside table had been downed almost in one as she slipped off her skirt and blouse.

The large mirror on the wall showed Lissa’s 5ft 4 frame nicely. Her running kept her 32 year old body in shape, her round B-Cup breasts barely moving at all when she dropped her bra. Lissa could already feel her nipples tighten in the air conditioned room as she slipped her panties down revealing her waxed-smooth pussy. Another order from Brent.

A second glass of wine from the open bottle and Lissa put the blindfold on, tying it tightly behind her head. As if he knew, Lissa heard Brent enter. His foot-steps on the hardwood floor getting closer and closer. Just knowing that she was finally in the same room as the man that had brought her to more orgasms in the last few weeks than she had had in the last two years aroused her beyond belief.

Lissa could sense him close, his breath on her skin, exciting her further. Lissa almost jumped to the ceiling when she felt a tongue circle her nipple, stopping as quick as it had started. Her knees went weak and she felt her pussy moisten.

Hands were on her body now, fingertips trailing down her arms, back up, over her shoulders and down her back. She let out a little squeal when her ass was squeezed hard. Before she knew what was happening Lissa was being pushed back onto the bed. A little wary, Brent had not yet said a word, she allowed it, the aroused, scared feelings still fighting each other. Her wrists were held above her head and tied one by one to the corners of the bed post. That was it, she was totally under Brent’s control now and her body tingled at the prospect.

Lips found their way to Lissa’s nipples once again and she arched her back, trying to force her firm breasts and achingly hard nipples deeper into the sucking mouth. She heard Brent chuckle as she fought to get more pleasure from him.

Kisses trailed down her flat stomach, nothing more than lips caressing her smooth skin, not stopping as they went lower and lower on her body. Already extremely turned on from the fantasy they had discussed at length finally coming true, Lissa was already very wet for Brent when his lips finally met hers.

She felt him open her up slowly with his tongue, circling her clit, sending jolts of pleasure through her body, then running down, pushing slighting against her hole and further between her ass cheeks. They had never discussed anal play, but as Lissa felt Brent’s tongue run over her tiny hole she couldn’t deny the dirty sexy feeling it gave her.

As Brent’s tongue made its way back up she felt his nose brush her clit, just enough to make her thrust her hips up. She was rewarded with Brent’s tongue slipping deeper insider than before and he swirled it around, a finger now stroking her clit.

Lissa wasn’t sure if it was solely the oral stimulation or the two glasses of wine taking effect, but she lost it right then and came hard, all over Brent’s face. She didn’t hear his satisfied moans of pleasure as he buried his face deeper into her cumming pussy. Lissa was too busy screaming her own pleasure for anyone to hear.

She came twice more as Brent relentlessly lapped at her pussy, sucking her lips and clit, sliding a finger or two inside her as he kissed and licked her. Lissa was breathing heavily when she felt Brent moving up the bed. Before she knew it, wet lips were clamping down on her own, kissing her deeply. Lissa tasted herself on her lover’s lips and tongue as he forced it into her mouth.

Then Lissa realised something else. Another feeling, soft flesh and a hard nipple pressed against her own breast. She was too consumed with the passionate kiss to think more on it until Brent sat up.

“Did you like that?” A voice asked. Lissa’s heart started racing. That was NOT Brent’s voice. Before she could answer her blindfold was ripped off!

“What the…. You?!?” Lissa gasped. Standing there over her tied up naked form was a young woman. Naked also, her mouth glistening with Lissa’s cum, an evil, joyful, look of triumph on her face. “How did you, where’s Brent?” Lissa shouted, trying and failing to break free from her wrist restraints.

“I’m Brent you silly bitch!” The young woman grinned. “Oh, the pictures were easy to come by, but the messaging, the emails, the orders, they were all me! I just thought that you might not be into this…” She said, stroking her own, smaller, breasts and cupping her bald pussy.

“I’m not you sick whore!” Lissa blurted back.

“Really?” The woman replied, climbing back onto the bed. She took one of Lissa’s nipples in her mouth and mewed softly when it hardened almost instantly in her mouth. “We’ll that’s not how it will look to anyone else…” And the girl gestured to the bookshelf.

Lissa’s mouth gaped open. There in the gap between two books, with a perfect view of the room, was a little red blinking light. She had been filmed! And it would she her willingly undressing, being tied up and -oh god – not only cumming on the girl’s face, but kissing her happily after…

“B…but why?” Her heart was racing, panic setting in.

“I knew you wouldn’t remember me!” The girl almost spat. “Just another number I your work force. Poor old Stacy, the mousey brown haired girl that no one would miss. You fired me for no reason, just to suit your numbers, after I gave you everything. EVERYTHING!”

Lissa tried to recall. Then it struck her. “You’re Stacy Donovan?” The girl sat up, her slim figure almost silhouetted by the window. Lissa had had it brought to her attention that one of the younger staff, just raised from intern, had had several accusations of obsessive sexual behaviour within the office. Lissa had naturally assumed that it had been a male, but when she was told that it was a female, going a bit OTT after a drunken one night stand with a co-worker she was shocked.

Of course she had to fire her, but she had never really taken much more notice than that. The lawyers handled all the rest. And now, here she was, tied up, naked, and at the mercy of this young girl…

“What do you want with me?” Lissa asked tentatively.

“You fired me stating that I was obsessive and sexually inappropriate within the work space. You ruined my life, I can’t get any other job in my chosen field now, so I’m going to show the world just how sexually fucked up you are and see how we’ll you get on!”

And with that, Stacy climbed on top of Lissa, straddling her chest, her bald pussy inches from Lissa’s face. “You’re going to do just as I say, or that video will get emailed to your superiors first, and then whatever porn site I can find that will take it.”

“Never! You fucked up bitch! You can’t make me, no one will believe you!” Lissa’s voice sounded more convinced than she felt and Stacy knew it.

“They don’t have to believe me, they just need to see that video. They’ll see how you were fucking around with a girl 10 years younger than you, a girl that you had fired for inappropriate behaviour. They’ll see that you fired me to try and keep our sex life a secret and you’ll be the end who’s life goes down the pan!” All the while she was talking, Stacy’s pussy was getting closer and closer to Lissa’s face.

Lissa’s heart sank. Stacy was right, there really was no where to go… “If I do what you say right now, you’ll give me the video?” She almost begged.

“Sure.” Grinned Stacy. Reaching down her tight 22 year old body, Stacy parted her lips with her fingers and pressed her wet pussy towards Lissa’s mouth. Lissa, her mind swimming from the wine felt like she had no choice. Even if Stacy was lying, if she could just get out of this she had a chance of getting to the camera before any damage could be done.

Hesitantly she stretched her tongue out and licked Stacy’s wet lips. It didn’t taste as bad as she thought. She thought she cold do this, just get through this… And with that she raised her head and sucked the young girl’s lossy hard into her mouth.

The reaction was almost instantaneous. Stacy screamed in pleasure from Lissa’s tongue and thrust her hips forward, pushing her pussy deeper into Lissa’s face. In seconds she was cumming, the triumph over her previous boss more erotic than anything before.

Lissa felt Stacy’s pussy leaking out all over her face and there was nothing she could do but lick it up and swallow it. The worst thing was, having this young girl force herself on her was doing things to her. She wasn’t as repulsed as she felt she should be…

Stacy, still panting from her cum swung her leg over and sat on Lissa’s face, facing out down over her body. Lissa had not choice but to bury her tongue deep inside Stacy’s wet pussy once more, but this time, Stacy was working her nipples. Pinching and twisting them, rubbing them as she groped her breasts. Lissa hated to admit it, but she was getting turned on again.

Before she knew what was happening she felt a tongue on her own pussy and was in a sixty-nine with her young ex-employee. At the mercy of this fucked up girl, Lissa found herself on the verge of another orgasm and when Stacy flooded her face once again with er own cum, Lissa couldn’t hold on either. With a scream, muffled by Stacy’s body, Lissa came hard, her wrists straining at her ties.

Still coming down from her cum, Stacy turned, laying on top of Lissa, their breasts mashed together as she kissed her captive hard. Their combined cum was covering their faces when she pulled away. Lissa breathing heavily. “There, can I go now?” Lissa panted.

“We’re not done yet!” Grinned Stacy, grabbing the bottle of wine. She took a big gulp and swallowed it. Then another, this time drooling it out over her small, firm breasts. She lowered them to Lissa’s face and ordered her to lick them clean. Lissa did so, lingering on Stacy’s nipples as she licked and sucked the young girl’s breasts.

Then Stacy took another swig, this time she lowered her face an inch from Lissa’s and dripped a bit onto her lips. Almost too willingly, Lissa opened her mouth and Stacy opened hers. The flow of wine from one mouth to the other caused some to splash down onto Lissa’s breasts. Swallowing what she could, she gasped at the sensation of Stacy’s mouth cleaning her body.

Stacy then got up. Lissa was too out of breath to ask, but before she needed to Stacy had turned back, a small vibrator in her hand. It was already thrumming along as Stacy climbed between Lissa’s legs on the bed and slid it across her clit.

Lissa had absolutely no control over her body’s reaction and was immediately thrusting her hips up, needing to feel the vibrator on her clit once more, in her pussy, anywhere.

“Please! Please just let me cum!” She squealed as Stacy ran the vibe over her captives clit once more.

“Oh, not yet…” Stacy replied, her biggest grin yet. Slipping the vibe deep into Lissa’s soaked pussy, Lissa biting her bottom lip, so so close to cumming, Stacy then ran it down between Lissa’s ass cheeks. Lissa knew exactly what was going through Stacy’s mind, but was powerless to stop it.

“Please no, no, not there, I’ll do anything, ANYTHING!” She begged, but to no avail. She grunted, pulling at her ties as she felt Stacy pushing the slick vibe into her tight ass. She could feel it deep inside her, the constant thrum keeping her at the point of climax. Her body betrayed her, wanting to feel the vibe deep inside her.

Ten Stacy sat beside her, winked at the camera and proceeded to play with Lissa’s clit, in plain view of the blinking red light. That was it, Lissa’s body gave out. There was no way she could deny it any longer. The sensation of the vibrator in her ass and the young captor toying with her clit was more than she could take.

With her loudest, longest scream so far, Lissa came hard. So hard that she felt her pussy clench then release and a stream of her juices flooded from her her body. She had never squirted before and here she was, made to by force, by a girl she had had fired for inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Even before her cum had subsided, Stacy had removed the vibrator. Lissa lay there a sweaty, satisfied mess. Her head swimming from the wine and orgasms. Her nipples were still achingly hard, and she felt vulnerable once again when Stacy stood beside her on the bed.

“Not bad, I think you’re ready for round two…”

Sunday was awkward at home as both my mom and I were trying very hard not to talk about what happened Saturday night. I ended up going back to the dorm early in the afternoon. I tried to do some homework but my mind was too focused on Peter and earning his attention. I think my roommate must have though I was sick since I had to excuse myself to go down the hall to the bathroom so many times. She probably felt I had food poisoning. I couldn’t tell her I was so horny I had to go and masturbate almost continually to keep from going crazy.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday found me back in my normal school and swimming routine. This was a good thing, as I didn’t have much time to daydream about big cocks. I still thought of Peter in the odd moments, but I felt I finally was back in control of my emotions. That is until he sent me a text message on Thursday. The problem was he sent it during a class and I made the mistake of discretely reading it. The message was simple. It said “I’ll pick you up at 7pm on Saturday. Plan to spend the night.”

I felt my pussy begin to moisten. Then the tingles started. It was demanding my attention but there was no way I could give it in the middle of a packed lecture hall. The rest of the class was a blur. My mind was elsewhere. The professor could have said the building was on fire and I would not have noticed.

I couldn’t respond until after class. There is a text-messaging ban during class and if you are caught this professor liked to read the messages you are sending to everyone. It was risky enough to read his text. If I had replied I was too scared I would have been busted. After class I immediately accepted his invitation. Fortunately there was only a morning dual meet that weekend so I would be done by 1ish. I let Peter know I was at his disposal (wording on purpose) after 2:30 or so. I wanted to be sure I had time to shower and primp a bit for him.

He replied that he wanted to be sure I was prepared for a night of new experiences. He asked if I had been with anybody during the week. I replied no. I confessed that I had masturbated a lot on Sunday, but not since. He told me he wanted me to masturbate three times per day (before breakfast, around lunchtime and after dinner) but that I was not allowed to cum. He wanted me to take myself to the edge and then stop. He said this was the first step to learning how to control my orgasms. He also said I was to text him after each time and let him know how it went.

Since it was lunchtime and I was already horny from getting the text, I ducked into the next bathroom I could find. Fortunately it was empty, but I tried to be quiet anyway. It was incredibly hard not to make myself cum. Sitting in the stall with my fingertips dancing on my clit, I wanted so badly to jam my fingers deep into my pussy. But I figured following his instruction was the first step in earning my place on his cock so I followed his orders, stopped just in time and then sent him a recap. I felt proud for having completed the task. He did not reply.

That was a little disappointing, but I had to get to swim practice so I didn’t worry too much. After dinner I masturbated again. This time when I was on the edge I was able to hold back and go a little longer without cumming before I had to stop. I reported this back to Peter and again there was no response. That night in bed I really wanted to masturbate again, but I held true and controlled myself. I didn’t sleep well, but I had obeyed the rules. It was one small victory for me.

Friday morning after I sent my report, Peter did reply and told me to wear the Ben Wa balls to class. Knowing how they affected me last Saturday I wasn’t thrilled with this idea, but I did it. The walk across the quad was insufferable. I didn’t think I would make it until my lunchtime finger session before I had to get off. I shouldn’t have even been in class. I got nothing out of it. My mind was a lust filled fog and I began counting down the hours until Peter would pick me up.

I had a few minutes between classes on Friday morning and I couldn’t take the teasing any more. I slipped into the bathroom. Unfortunately it was crowded with people between classes. I didn’t care. The handicapped stall was free so that is where I went. I pulled down my pants and panties and sat down. This time I wasn’t interested in teasing myself. I covered my mouth with my hand and began rubbing my clit. It didn’t take long. It was only a matter of seconds before I was cumming.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to stomp my feet. I wanted to roll around on the floor as my climax tore through my body. But I didn’t. Really I couldn’t. There was the usual girl chatter in the bathroom so I don’t think anyone heard me, but I’m sure I had a guilty look on my face as I stepped out of the stall. Needless to say I did not send Peter an update.

Friday night I was trying to get my mind “in the zone” for the morning meet, but I wasn’t successful. Memories of my bathroom orgasm and the promise of what was now just 24 hours away kept my mind on sex. Although my dinner time session in my pants down was successful, I couldn’t get to sleep without playing with myself to completion. Fortunately my roommate was out partying and I had the place to myself. I finally fell sleep and rested well. I was thankful since my alarm went off at 7am to get ready for the meet.

I wasn’t sure if Peter expected me to keep up my teasing regiment on Saturday. But since I’d cum twice on Friday I figured I should. When I sent him the update I told him I wouldn’t be able to do a lunchtime session because the meet would be wrapping up. He told me before my last race to insert the balls. Damn. Well, that was going to make things interesting.

As anybody who has been to a swim meet knows the last events are usually the distance freestyle events. At first I wasn’t going to follow Peter’s instructions, but then I figured, what the hell. I was swimming the 800m free (16 lengths of the pool), which is very boring to me. I much prefer the 200 and 400IM. Since it was a dual meet (UC San Diego) it was really more of a practice so if I didn’t swim my best time, it wasn’t the end of the world.

There was plenty of time between my third and fourth (and final) events so I went back to the locker room. It was nearly noon and I needed to get aroused to insert the balls anyway so I did another quick masturbate to peak session. I was getting better at holding myself at that level but I didn’t have too much time to waste so I slipped the balls inside of me, sent Peter a message and headed back to the pool.

With my tech suit fitting me like a second skin I didn’t have to worry about the balls taking an embarrassing fall onto the pool deck. In fact I was getting pretty accustomed to wearing them and enjoying the sensation. By the time the race started I wasn’t really thinking about them. I was in the zone.

The 800 and 1500m races are about pace and saving enough energy for a sprint at the end. Like I said I wasn’t a fan of the distance races, but my coach was trying to convince me I was built for them. I didn’t win my heat, but I did swim my best time thanks in no small part to the Ben Wa balls keeping my mind occupied instead of thinking about the pain my body was experiencing in the race. Looking back at my split times they were still too inconsistent, probably due to my thinking about sex, but overall it was a good race. As my coach congratulated me on cutting time I wondered what his reaction would be if I told him how.

After the meet I had to be careful in the shower. All the girls showered together and we would remove our suits under the warm spray of the showerhead. You have to be part contortionist to get the tech suits on and off and to see a group of girls all doing it at the same time must be funny looking. Of course I wasn’t worried about what I looked like. I was more worried about losing the balls. I managed to get the last shower stall, squeezed my Kegel muscles tight around the balls and got out of my suit as quick as I could. One of the balls threatened to pop free as I was bent over, but a discrete move of my hand and push of a finger repositioned it safely inside of me. I felt so naughty showering with these girls while teasing myself at the same time. I wondered how many of them would enjoy Peter’s insistence that I tease myself before meeting him. I’d never been particularly attracted to women but I had to admit as I watched them shower their athletic bodies were beautiful. I wondered where that thought came from and if it was a byproduct of Peter’s teachings.

But I didn’t want to dally sightseeing and headed to my locker as quickly as I could. I got dressed and headed back to my dorm without waiting for somebody to walk back with in case my needs became too much to bear again. Fortunately they did not.

The only communication with Peter was clarification on where to pick me up, instructions to wear a skirt and blouse (bra and panties were ok) and instructions to remove the balls, clean them in my mouth, put them back in their case and bring them with tonight. It didn’t take long to finish getting ready. Now what was I going to do for five hours while I wait for him?

The clock seemed to tick in slow motion. I did some homework. Surfed the web a bit. Masturbated for a while. Tried not to think about what might happen tonight. Sat and looked out of my door room window at the quad. Finally my phone rang. It was the front desk saying I had a visitor. My smile must have been from ear to ear as I walked out of my room and toward the elevator. It was finally time.

The drive to Peter’s house was uneventful. He didn’t offer much in the way of conversation and I sat passively and watched the world go by as we climbed the roads into the Hollywood Hills in his Jag. His house was nice. Not a huge mansion, but certainly bigger than our house and in a much better neighborhood. He escorted me inside. It was nicely furnished and contemporary. He pointed to a bar in the corner of the living room and said I should make a drink if I wanted one. I didn’t want to drink tonight. I wanted to be alert and, hopefully, enjoy every minute. I didn’t want being drunk to taint our encounter. Peter walked into another room and returned a couple of minutes later.

“Come with me Brittney,” he said holding out his hand. I walked to him and reached out my hand to meet his. He led me into a room I realized was a home office. He told me he works mostly from home. It was a generously sized room with a leather sofa and love seat. A large wooden desk with a large leather chair behind it, two leather chairs in front of it and a computer table with two PCs and three large monitors.

“Take off your clothes,” he said curtly as he sat down at the computer table.

I was taken aback by the serious tone in his voice but I quickly did as he asked.

“Bra and panties too. Neatly fold everything on my desk,” he corrected me when I thought I was done.

Soon I was naked before him, but he wasn’t paying much attention to me. He was doing his email. I finished folding my clothes and neatly stacking them on his desk. My pussy was juicy and I he had not even touched me. I stood silently at the front of the desk for a couple of minutes until he stood back up and walked behind it. I watched as he opened a file drawer under the desk and dropped my clothes into it. He then locked it and held the key aloft so he was sure I saw it.

“For the next 16 hours (I did a quick calculation in my head. Noon tomorrow) you are mine to do with as I please. He then put the key in his pocket. At least I could get the key if I really needed it, but I was excited about having more time with him than he had spent with my mom. I was also excited that he was in control of my clothes and that I was free of making any decisions. He went back to the computer desk and sat down. Then he waved me over. He opened up an email from someone called UCLA_RA_P173. I didn’t know any of the RA’s except the one on my floor and didn’t recognize the handle from any of the UCLA websites I frequented. When Peter opened the first attachment I almost fainted.

I was looking at a picture, obviously from a cell phone, of myself walking into a bathroom at school. The date/time stamp in the corner told me what I already knew. It was from Thursday and I was about to make myself cum in that bathroom. Peter then opened a second picture. No it wasn’t me in the stall. I think I would have noticed that one being taken. But it was me leaving the bathroom. I was smiling and my cheeks were flush with post orgasmic joy.

“Is there something you want to tell me, Brittney?” he asked although I knew he could tell exactly what I’d done.

“I’d just masturbated per your instructions. I sent you a recap,” I stammered. I knew from the time stamp that the picture was from between classes and not at lunch so maybe he would miss that fact. But Peter didn’t miss anything.

“Looks to me like you came in that bathroom. Are you sure you don’t want to tell me anything?”

I looked down at the floor. “I tried. I really tried. But after wearing the balls to class, when I touched my clit, I couldn’t control myself. I climaxed.”

“Thank you for telling me the truth Brittney, although I am disappointed you lied to me and tried to cover up your actions,” he responded. “I require my partners to follow my instructions. I’ll get your clothes and take you home.”

I couldn’t believe that was the end of our game. It can’t end like this. I started crying. He stood up and wrapped his arms around me in a fatherly way.

“Don’t cry little one. You’re just not ready yet. Maybe someday soon.”

I cried out defensively, “I am ready. You’re all I have thought about all week. I’ve been wet and desperate for you since you left last Saturday night.”

I felt his right arm release and felt his hand tracing down my side and then between us. He didn’t waste time rubbing my clit. He simply pushed a finger inside of me.

“Well you were not lying about being wet for me,” he chuckled to himself. “Ride my finger.”

I wasn’t 100% sure what he meant so I just started rolling my hips so I could slide up and down his finger. I wished he had his thumb by my clit, but I wasn’t going to skip an opportunity to get in his good graces. I switched from having my hands around his chest to putting them around his neck so I could rut myself with more force. I was really getting into it when he told me to stop and pulled his hand back.

“You are a quick learner so there is hope for you yet,” he told me. That made me smile and a warm feeling spread across my body.

“But there still is the matter of your orgasming without permission. You need to learn not to do that. Your safe word for today is ‘Orange’. Do you know what a safe word is?”

I shook my head no.

“If anything gets too intense, use your safe word and we stop immediately. Understand?”

I nodded yes. He sat down at the computer chair again and then indicated I should stand next to him. Then he pulled me across his lap. I just expelled a huge breath. I’d never been spanked, especially in an erotic sense, but if this was what he wanted, then this is what he would get. He gave me a hard swat across my right butt cheek.

“Orange!” I blurted out reflexively.

He began to stand up so I stood up first and began rubbing my poor defenseless ass.

“Very well Brittney. I’ll get your clothes,” he said and began moving toward the other desk.

“No,” I said. “I don’t want to leave.”

“But you used your safe word. Tonight is over.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t understand. Please,” I pleaded.

He looked at me as if he were tiring of me. “Last chance little girl.”

He then sat down again. This time he didn’t hold my hand. It was my responsibility to get back into position. With trepidation I took my position face down on his lap again. The spanking resumed.

I can’t say I enjoyed it at first, but as my skin warmed up I noticed the heat began to spread to my pussy and then my clit. I began to absentmindedly grind myself on his leg. He responded by stopping the spanking to finger my pussy. That was much better. At first he only used one finger like he had when he had me ride his hand. Then he inserted a second finger and then a third. I was in heaven. Then he used his other hand to spread my ass cheeks and quickly put is middle finger, slick with my juices against my smiling asshole. Immediately I stopped grinding.

“I know you are not a virgin. Have any of your boyfriends taken your ass?”

Should I tell the truth and say no or should I lie to sound more experienced. One thing was for sure, I didn’t want his cock in my ass.

“No, I’ve never had anything up my ass,” I responded.

“That’s a shame,” he said. “As much as you like to masturbate, I figured you would have found out how many nerve endings you have back there.

I didn’t reply. I’m sure he was right. I knew that from other stories I’d read online. But that knowledge didn’t make what he was suggesting any easier. I knew my pussy would be tight enough for him given his girth. Why did he want my ass? His fingertip ran around my most holy of holes. I was ready to say Orange and just give up. Then he stopped and told me to stand up and open the desk drawer. Inside there were three butt plugs of different sizes, a tube of lube and a set of leather cuffs.

“I’ll let you start with the small plug,” he told me. “We’ll work you up to the bigger ones and eventually you’ll be able to experience the exquisite pleasure of taking me in your ass. Hand me the small plug and the lube.”

I looked back into the drawer. Obviously I had no choice if I wanted to get his cock in my pussy any time soon. My eyes were drawn more to the cuffs than the plug however. I looked at them and my mind flashed back to my mom spread on her bed. I wondered if I let him tie me up if he would fuck me sooner. I reached for the plug and lube and handed it to him. He motioned that I should get back down on his lap.

“Just relax and let the plug do its job,” he said. Yeah, right. That’s easier said than done.

I’d tried to finger my ass a few times when I masturbated, but laying on his lap while he pushed what seemed like a baseball bat (even though it was the small one) into my rectum was the most humiliating thing I’d ever experienced. However once my ass snapped back shut around the plug, a strange sensation spread throughout my body. I will not say it felt good, but I did feel full and I had nerve endings I had never stimulated before starting to turn on. It was still scary, but I started to understand why someone could enjoy it.

Peter began to rub my ass checks and then squeezed them together tightening my grip on the plug. I decided to see if the cuffs were part of his plan and crossed my wrists in the small of my back like I’d seen my mother do.

“So little one,” he mused. “Do you think asking for the cuffs will get you what you want?”

I gave my ass a little wiggle. “Yes, sir.”

Peter leaned over me and reached for the cuffs in the drawer. The warmth from the spanking and the plug had spread over my body and the thought of him cuffing my wrists had my pussy creaming. He quickly buckled the cuffs over my delicate wrists. I tugged them twice confirming what I already knew. I was stuck. I wouldn’t be able to defend myself against anything he wanted to do. And I loved it.

Peter resumed fingering my pussy. I was in heaven being under his control. I was ready to suck him off, fuck him or whatever he wanted. I was mewing in pleasure as he slowly teased me. Then something unexpected happened. His computer started chirping. He was getting a Skype call. What was more unexpected was the thumbnail picture on the call id was my mom. I know he could tell my whole body just tensed up.

“Lay still and be quiet,” he commanded. “The camera is angled just above your butt. If you don’t move she will not see you, although the microphone is sensitive so try to be quiet.”

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