My husband pulled me by the wrist down into our refurbished basement. He unlocked the door with a click, opening it into a 10′ by 8′ room. “Impatient much?,” I say tauntingly when he gives my wrist a large tug into the room. He says nothing, but lets go. I look around the room. He has added some things. Now there are pictures on the wall. Erotic pictures of couple having sex of every kind. My body starts to hum with arousal. He goes over the table shaped object in the middle of the room and pulls the sheet off of it.

I can’t help it, I gasp. Taking advantage of my open mouth, my husband slips a plug gag inside. My eyes go wide, jumping from him, to the specially designed table he created and back.

After I had told him my fantasy about a month back, he had spent a lot of time down here. It seems I had just found out what he had been doing.

At the top, the table looks similar to a masseuse’s table, with the donut shaped head rest with a hole in the center. The body part is a little wider than usual and at the place where my hips would fall, the table splits off into two thin legs. And all along the cushioned table there are clamps for tie down straps.

A shiver runs down my spine. I can tell he has planes. He has been rubbing the globes of my ass as I take in they new toy he had created. A groan escapes me, muffled by the plug gag, as he squeezes my ass hard.

“Strip,” he orders, and I do. My clothes get thrown into the corner and he slaps my backside, a silent order to head towards the table. He reaches from behind me and I feel his rough finger slide into my almost wet cunt. The friction make me gasp around the gag. He uses his fingers to help lift me up onto the table. “Lay on your stomach.” I do as I’m told, wriggling a little as I do. He pulls out he finger and gives me a sudden slap on my ass, a silent command to stay still.

I hear him walk away and turn my head to watch. Out of the corner of my eye, I see he open open of the drawers and pull out two tube-like shape, one black and the other red. I hear a cap pop and my eyes widen again when I realize what he had grabbed.

I watch as he squeezes out some lube onto he hand. He slides a finger, coated in lube, into my anus. I wriggle again and again he pulls out to slap my ass. Once I stop, he starts again with his finger, sliding in to his last knuckle. Then he pulls out and squeezes some more lube onto the plug and between my cheeks. When I feel the plug enter my ass I tense up. He waits until I relax and slides the plug all the way in.

I’m breathing faster now and I can only listen as he attaches a strap around my pelvis to hold it in. He pulls back to observe his work and nods to him self. He his pleased with his work. “Stand up and turn around” he demands. The soft tone does not lessen the command. I slowly slide back, off the table and stand. My mind is running so fast as I think about the gag in my throat, the plug in my ass and the more that is to come.

He slides two fingers into my cunt, this time from the front. I lift up onto my tip toes to relieve some of the pressure, as I gush onto his fingers. I use my hands and his fingers to slid back onto the cushions. When my head reaches the top, he pulls his fingers out and lightly pushes between my breasts, telling me to lie down and wiping his fingers off on my chest.

I try to relax, a somewhat difficult task as I was breathing hard and the plug shifted with every move I made. When I finally relax, I realize I still had to keep my ass tight or it would fall into the hole. I turn to get his attention so I can show him his miscalculation. When I look over though, I see him carrying over a pile of straps and I suddenly don’t care about anything else.

He smiles when he sees the look on my face. Walking down to the leg stands, he slides a strap into each clamp and then returns to my feet. He grabs my ankle and Riggs it down to the proper place, then wraps my ankle with the strap and tightens it down until I cannot move my leg at all. When he moves to the other side my leg is already in place. He smiles. He knows I’m watching. The strap tightens over my other leg and now I can’t move that leg either. Next he wraps a strap around each thigh, just above my knees. Now my legs are completely immobilized. He runs his hand along my inner thigh and up between my legs. He cups me there and I can feel my juices coat his hand. Moving up towards my head, he pushes down on my breast. Realizing I had curled up to get a better view, I started to lay back down. At the same time, I fell a sharp pinch on my nipple and immediately jump back up. He pushes me back down and repeats the action on my other breast. When I lift my arms to pull the shirt off his still fully dressed body, he grabs my wrists and begins to strap them down. When he leans over to tie the second one down, I feel his arousal through his pants.

I lift up to tell him to take off his clothes, only to remember the ball gag. This might get frustrating. There are still more straps to tie but when he hears me moaning, he seems to move slower. He does up the one above my hips and the one just below my breasts. After he lightly nips at each nipple, he steps back between my legs.

He kneels down and I feel his rough, wet tongue on my lips. My pussy floods and I nearly jump out of my skin, but only my head and shoulder move because the rest of my body is completely tied down. As he slides his tongue in and out of my slit, i feel a pull in my ass the the plug slowly slides out. I hear him squeeze another dollop onto the plug and feel him insert it back in. Once the holding straps were back on, his tongue came out and he scratched at something on the plug. Suddenly I hear a buzzing and feel it start to vibrate. I scream around my gag as I suddenly come. When the shudders finally subside, I see him smiling.

He walks around to to my head. As I try to return my breathing to a normal pace, I feel him push my head down and clamp the final strap tight over my eyes. Now I cannot see or move anything. The plug is still vibrating in my ass, but beyond the buzzing I hear my husband unzip his pants and unbutton his shirt. They hit the ground with a muted thump. I feel his hot breath on my breast and he engulfs me with his mouth. I mewl and do the best I can to push it further into his mouth. He bites down lightly on my nipple as his hand pinches the other.

He pulls up and licks the bite mark before walking back to my core. When he taps hard on the plug my butt cheeks squeeze tighter than they ever had before. I here him chuckle again and feel him turn off the switch. I moan a complaint and he laughs again. “Don’t worry, I will turn it back on I just wanted to make sure you are paying attention.” He slides a finger into my cunt and feels the juices soaking me. Reassured, he pulls them back out and pokes them into my belly button. With a sharp tug on my navel, I tense my stomach and he continues. “I am going to take you hard and fast and you are going to come over and over until we are both so tired neither of us can stand.” He grasps my hand and says, “Squeeze my hand if you want that.” Practically a puddle, I do as he asks, perhaps squeezing a little tighter than necessary.

“Alright beautiful, here we go.” He flips the vibrating butt plug back on and slams into me. I see stars and my stomach clenched and unclenches rapidly as I come for the second time. After what felt like an hour, I come back to reality. He is slamming into me faster now and I can feel him starting to lose control. That he as made it this long is impressive, but I know he can’t possibly last much longer. With every slam, he hits my g-spot and I can no longer think. Without my sight or the ability to touch him with my hands, all I could do was trust him to give me what I needed. And knowing that just aroused me all the more. As I feel his cock start twitching and hear his grunts, I know he is nearing his limit. My pelvis is so tight a pin drop could have made me lose it. Yet he kept pumping. Suddenly he let go of my hips with hand and I feel him pinch my clit. I explodes and felt him spill himself at the same time. My body spasms, milking the cum from his cock. All we can do is pant until the world rights itself.

As I start to come back down, I wonder why he hasn’t released me yet. Then I realize he is still hard inside me, buried to the hilt. He must have been doing more down here than just building this fantastic table. Now I can feel him tugging at my belly button with one hand and holding my hand in his other. “When you can hear me squeeze my hand,” he told me. When I figure out how to reconnect my numb muscles, I do as he asked. “Good,” he said, “because we are not done yet.”

He lets go of my belly and hand and pulls his still hard cock out of me. I whimper, surprising myself with the sound. “Don’t worry, Beauty. We are definitely not done.” I heard him pad over and open a drawer again. When he walks back, I feel him switch off the plug and detach it from the strap. Before he pulls it out though, I hear him squeeze a another dollop of lube onto something. After the plug comes out, he lays something along the crack of my ass. This is much longer than the plug. I tense up and he slaps my ass from below, but I can’t help it. This is longer than anything I had done before, but my gagged protests go unnoticed. He rubs the lube from his hand as far in her ass as his fingers could go. The plug is longer. I hear him lube it up as well. I am tense again, but he takes his time, gently coating the longs plug into my ass. “Do not let it fall out,” he tells me before backing away. I feel the clamps tighten. They had loosened while has strained against them during my orgasms. When he tightened the one by my head, I smell the cinnamon lube and nearly lose my focus on the plug in my ass. Cinnamon is my favorite and he knows it.

When he circles back, he clucks his tongue. Despite my best efforts. The plug has slipped half way out. “Well now I have to punish you.” He slaps my ass hard, slamming the plug back in. I scream, but the gag muffles it. Slap. Again he lands Ruhr on the plug. Slap. Slap. I am in tears now and the edge of pain is enough to bring me to the edge. The rest of my body weeps with me. I am so tensed, but I am also wrung out I don’t know if I can do it again. “I think that should do it,” he says. “But just to be sure…” she felt him clip the plug into place with the straps already in place.

Slowly, he slide his rock hard cock into me. I want to tell him to move faster like before but it is muffled by the ball gag. When he is settles all the way in with a grunt, he leans over my body and pushes my breast together and sucks my tits into his mouth. His hips gyrate as he bites down lightly. His hips begin to move slowly, an inch out and back in, two inches and back. Finally, he lets go of my breasts and pulls almost all the way out before slamming back in. I try to scream again and I feel so full I might burst. Every hole is filled and he is completely in control. My fantasy come to life. He is starting to lose it though. All I cane feel is the gag in my mouth, the plug in my ass, and him, all of him in my cunt. He slams harder into me and I feel him hit my g-spot again and again and rub against my clit with every thrust. The scent of cinnamon and sex fills my nose I suddenly feel his cum spurting into me. That sensation makes me lose it. I come undone while he comes inside me.

I can do nothing but breath. He collapses on top of me before pulling out and starting the release me. First the plug and it’s straps, then the straps on my body. Finally, he undoes the plug gag and slides it out of my mouth. I want to tell him I love him but my mouth feels strange from having the gag in for so long. “Let me tell you about my creation while you get the feeling back in your body,” he said to me. “It has more than one use. I can also have you lie on your stomach with your leg up. In that position, I could have you suck me until I release you. Or I could take you from behind. And if I choose to have you with your legs down, I could fuck you right here.”. With that he slid his fingers into my ass. Well the explained the hole under my ass. He pulled out his finger and cupped my face. “What are you thinking?” he asked me.

“I’m thinking,” tell him, “that I know what I want for my birthday. I love you.”

Geri came home after the last day of her long summer internship at the horticulture institute in nearby Dalton Township. It had been what she needed to finish up her doctorate in the fall. She sighed as she knew she would spend several months computing and analyzing her studies there, not to mention lectures and papers throughout her final school year. But because there were 20 days left until she had to make the long drive to Texas to conclude her college career, she planned on doing absolutely nothing productive. That was of course after she finished up on her notes. This is a task that would take her the better part of the day tomorrow.

Geri dropped her keys on the table and started to head upstairs to shower. It had been a hot day and she desperately needed it. Her parents wanted her to learn the value of working hard. She had admitted that this added value had served her quite well. After all, she was going to finish her doctorate in three years, instead of the usual four, being given the title of Dr. next June at age twenty six. Her parents being well off could have just given her everything and anything. When she was younger it was so nerve wracking for her being surrounded by luxury in this home of 5000 square feet and a swimming pool on 25 acres, not counting the 300 acres of fields, and have her parents make her earn even the smallest things like a new CD. But she loved her parents and even thanked them a week ago for giving her this work ethic. However, both her and her parents have similar habits when it comes to letting loose. Of course that’s mainly what this story is about.

Geri had spoken to her parents this morning for probably the last time for the next few weeks. They had left for a planned trip to The Northwest Territories with their very close neighbor friends. By close, it should be clarified that they are swingers. They are joining other groups for a presumably bareback backpacking trip in the wilderness. Geri mildly winced at the thought knowing that she has had a few multiple partner episodes, but not in the scale of her parents. Of course she knows the son of her parent’s swinging partners as they had off and on dated since middle school. She had ended it last summer when she caught him hot and heavy in their backyard hot tub with a girl they had went to high school with. It was also the same day she had discovered that he had posted the nude photo she had give him on an online bulletin board. He had told her it was an accident, of course right after she punched him in the gut. They have not spoken since.

With her parents gone, Geri knew she could unwind, and do as she pleased. She decided to do exactly that. Because she has always had a fetish for nudity, even before she made it all the way up the stairs, Geri was halfway undressed. She planned on letting loose and not wearing a thing until it was time to write her notes the next day. She had been doing this for many years whenever she got a chance. She even thought about going to a nudist event or retreat once, but then decided against it. She was rather solitary in this behavior and didn’t share it. This was of course other than her parents coming home early one day several years ago and finding her sunbathing near the pool in such a way to avoid tan lines. She knew very well of their behavior, but was shocked when all they did was give her a warning about too much sun. She shrugged it off, and they would see her out there regularly after that. Geri had always been a little nervous that they would ask her to join their sexual Olympics, but they never did.

Because she had been anxious to get out of her dirty clothes, by the time she reached her bedroom, all she had to do was toss her clothes in the corner. Looking briefly into her wall mirror she examined her form. Her long light brown hair flowed down her back to about mid way. She turned around a bit and looked over her slender figure. She cupped her medium breasts as she examined her belly just to make sure the crap meals she had been having at the institute wasn’t going to her hips. Being satisfied at the moment, she looked down and pressed her hand against her thin shaved landing strip noticing that it will need a trim soon. She keeps the thin inviting patch because she never liked losing it all.

Geri smirked a moment after concluding that she looked good, and grabbed a towel from a hook near the door after deciding to forego a regular shower. Casually she flung the towel over her shoulder and walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Opening the door to the back yard, she tossed the towel in a chair. Her hips tightened and her back arched as she stretched out. She then decided to indulge in the exhilarating experience of using the outside shower her dad had installed many years ago. It was just a shower head behind the house that was fully exposed to the back yard. When she was younger he had told her it was used for people to rinse off the chlorine. It was soon after that she accidentally observed what it was really used for. Although she didn’t have the standard reaction kids normally have when viewing their parent’s in action, but she didn’t go out of her way to think about it either.

Geri smiled as she felt the water spray over her naked body. It had been a long day and she was happy to get cleaned up. Her parents may not have intended for her to use this shower that could be seen as an exhibitionist’s dream, but that didn’t stop her from using it. Of course they knew about it too and didn’t say a word. Feeling the water wash the soap off of her body she smiled at the erotic feeling of being outside in such a way. Being completely comfortable this way in the private backyard, Geri always enjoyed the experience. As she finished up, she rubbed her hands between her legs. She had lingered there more than just a moment, but then stopped knowing that her usual ritual of self satisfaction would come soon enough in the lounge chair by the pool. But with all these things she was doing and still had to do, it was her way of building the experience.

When Geri finished, she dried off, and put her feet into a pair of tongs beside the shower area. She had been looking around a bit and noticed that her mother’s plants just outside the long glass windows to the side look dry. Standing near them she looked around and took a deep breath. The clean country air filled her as she walked around the yard. Being so secluded here, it had always been a relaxing and liberating experience for a solitary nudist. She smiled knowing she had always been completely free to be like this. Picking up a water pitcher she stooped down to the outside tap and fills it. As she walks along watering her mother’s flowers, she hums softly. Birds chirped softly nearby, and it almost seemed like they were whistling at her. After finishing she figured that the front plants needed it as well. After filling up on water again she headed around the corner of the house and to the front yard. Humming softly she serviced the front yard plants as well. Geri smiled as the birds chirped in the nearby trees. It was almost like cheering and whistling for her being able to maintain her health and tight female form.

With a sharp grin, she stretches her arms out with a smile as the warm air permeates her. As she started to walk around the house again, she saw that the blueberries along the side lawn were ripe. Geri skipped over to the back of the house and dropped her watering tool and picked up a small bowl. As her knees were bent, she gently ran her fingers along her skin between her legs from front to back for just a moment. Lingering around her back side, she thought a moment that she might give this some attention today. She doesn’t very often, but was feeling like she was building up an afternoon to remember.

Skipping over to the bushes she quickly picked some blueberries and returned to the house. After she set the bowl on the table by the pool, she sighed. She knew she was definitely building a fantastic climax to this ritual. In the past she would do it before she would go out on a date, so that she would be dynamite in the back seat later on that night. It was her way of teasing herself so much that not only could she pleasure with magnificent ability, but also to heighten her own experience. At the height of arousal she had even once been described as scary. But recently and after some unmentionable experiences in college, Geri realized that she needed to have some more control and rely more on solitary time.

However, this gradual build of need and want that would be created by walking around the yard in the nude, sometimes rolling around in the grass, and eventually lying down on a blanket or the lounge chair with a magazine, would give her intense orgasms. She never needed anything other than that and her own fingers. Her play time was definitely working today.

It was just then that she heard her phone ring. She had left it on the kitchen counter and decided to run in to get it just in case it was her parents. As she grabbed the phone, she accidentally pressed the button to take the call but frowned deeply as she saw who she had mistakenly picked up.

“Tim, yes they left already. Your parents and mine most likely all hand in hand in blissful anticipation,” I sighed, “Bye.”

“Wait!” Geri heard him say as she started to pull the phone away from her ear.

“Make it quick,” Geri sighed.

“I’m just kicking back in the backyard wondering what you’re doing. “Wanna hang out a while? I’ll make some steak.” he asked.

“You mean in the hot tub no doubt,” I said.

“Up to you. I just want to hang out,” Tim said.

“The same hot tub I caught you in last summer, kissing and getting a hand job from Suzy in?” Geri asked.

“Yeah well about that,” Tim started.

“The only reason why I’d want to see it again is to relive a fond memory,” Geri said.

“Yeah we had lots of fun in it,” Tim said.

“No actually I mean when I punched you in the gut and watched your naked ass fall over the back side of it, fun,” she snarled.

“Yeah you paid me back so let’s just hang out,” Tim said.

“What’s wrong? Not getting much these days?” Geri asked, “Find yourself another playmate.”

Geri set the phone down and steamed inwardly knowing that her ex-boyfriend had ruined her mood. She had to get back into it before she lost it completely. For just a moment she thought about what had happened between them. It was last summer and she had walked in on her boyfriend of over 6 years in action with a girl they went to high school with. She had always thought cheating was unacceptable and never talked to him after that day. Most people that she confided in told her that her reaction was a bit extreme. But she had her own beliefs and stood strong.

Still she would use him in her mind right now to get back in the mood. Geri couldn’t deny that their intimate time together was both magical and often extremely intense. It wasn’t just because of his decent size, but also the skill he possessed. She remembered the side of her face pressed into a pillow drooling, with her back side up in the air and hoarse from moaning and screaming so loud. The first time that had happened, she wept with joy and was unable to get up afterward. He could be so tender and they would make it last an entire night. Or as what happened one time, suspended on the roped hay lift in her barn, nearly fifty feet off the ground. She had enjoyed that so much that she rewarded him by sneaking under the table while they were eating dinner with her parents the next night and as she put it afterward, get a proper desert. She remembered him being so nervous and didn’t have the heart to tell him that she suspected that her parents knew about it.

“Damn he had skills,” Geri panted as she knew she was on track again, “But it isn’t enough.”

As Geri briefly rubbed between her legs again, she went over to the clothes dryer and started folding clothes. Sighing softly, she gathered her parent’s clothes up and went upstairs. She entered their room, which she thought of as more of a cave, than just four walls. She set the clothes down on the edge of the bed, and turned. But she did a double take as she spotted something unusual in a half opened drawer.

“What the…” she started to say as she opened the drawer, “Oh wow”.

She knew that her parents had an interesting sex life. She would sometimes hear them. Between the slamming up against the wall, to spanking, and so forth, it was not exactly a secret that she could hear through the walls at night and had occasionally and briefly seen. But this was a deep drawer. Her eyes widened as she opened it up fully. She started pulling things out, not thinking that it might all be in some kind of special order.

“What the hell is this for?” she said out loud.

Geri had pulled out a device with a long curved shaft, but it also had a smaller shaft nearby. She switched on a button that made it vibrate. Giggling a little in disbelief, she turned it off, and kept digging. A whip, three other wiggly dildos, a bunch of lotions, and one really strange looking thing sat at the bottom. She picked it up and looked it over. Her eyes grew wide as she examined it. It was elongated, but had what looked like a mouth at the other end. She flipped the button on the back and a long tongue slowly extended from it, and moved around rhythmically.

“Oh…my…Gosh”, she said as she turned it off, “Frigging horror film.”

Looking over the rest of the things, she found several large tubes of something. The entire stock of exotic toys should not have surprised her knowing how much adventure her parents had. But she never knew it had gone to such extremes.

“Slippery glide,” she started to read, then found a large pink tube, “Saliva lube for personal tongue number five hundred.”

Geri concluded that the substance was apparently used with the tongue massager. She remarked inwardly at the weirdness of it. And put it all back in the drawer. She knew that she was invading her parent’s privacy but was intensely curious and it got the better of her. Even though she had never used devices before, just holding them in her hand made her desires for her ritual self satisfaction progress.

Geri looked around the room some more and decided to open the closet. Pulling out some black leathery stuff she looked it over. There were various outfits such as Wild West costumes, doctor’s scrubs, a maid suit, and a police uniform. She thought it all very strange, but it did get her wondering what it would be like to use all that stuff.

As she was about to leave the closet and room, she spotted a meter tall black upright cabinet in the back corner at the end of all the naughty outfits. Again curiosity caused perhaps an error in judgment and she opened it.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding,” Geri giggled.

As soon as the cabinet doors were pulled open, a light turned on inside it. There was a mirrored back face with a glitter substance on the sides. But it was what the cabinet held that gave her such a reaction. Geri’s eyes widened as she made a mental count of over thirty devices both large and small, and one in the category of supersized.

The devices also varied in color. Geri casually picked a few up to examine them. A few would buzz, and others not. But she soon found the most peculiar one of all. It had a switch on the bottom but it didn’t look like the rest of the vibrating ones. The simulated skin was very soft. As soon as she took it off the pedestal it started to feel warmer in her hands. Geri was intensely curious and decided to press the button on the bottom, but frowned when it seemed to do nothing.

A bit disappointed that it seemed to be broken, Geri frowned a bit but kept examining the device. It now felt quite warm, as if it were the real thing. Running her fingers along the sides of it she was amazed at how it seemed to feel so real. As her gentle touch happened, it was then that the device started to work. She felt a light thumping inside of it almost as if it had a pulse. As her fingers caressed it, the pulsing became a bit faster. Proceeding to wrap her hand all the way around the device she stroked it up and down in her hand. It was mainly because it felt so real and it was making her desires for the attention she would give herself soon, completely skyrocket.

The device continued to pulse in her fingers, and she held it up to her cheek and rubbed it along it. Closing her eyes she imagined the real thing and the sensation she had once enjoyed. In the past she would often start slowly by gliding it along her cheek, across her lips, and then show off her amazing skill. As she pushed the realistic device along her skin, she sighed suddenly longing for a real one, thinking how much she would love to feel the end result of all the pulsing one would give. When it was done mutually with Tim, it would create the most intense endings.

“Dammit I miss his cock so much,” Geri sighed as she spoke out loud, “The look in his eyes when I would take every drop.”

She would never have him again for real, but Geri started to imagine it. As she did, she pressed the device against her lips and kissed the head. For a moment she imagined slowly descending to her knees and pulling his boxers down. Geri pressed the device into her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. She felt the fake pulsing as she tried to relive a fond memory. Slowly she began to press the device in and out of her mouth. It was slow at first, but she sped up faster and faster as she had done so many times for real.

Now at the height of her arousal, she quickly grabbed another one of the devices at random with the intention of using it on her wetness. But just as she put it in her hand, the special one she had been servicing suddenly changed. It began to throb and pulse wildly. A bit frightened, she pulled it out of her mouth. It was then that the device gave off its best secret.

“Ah, Oh my God!” Geri exclaimed as liquid flew out of the end of it into her mouth and against her face.

Lowering the device she watched as the remainder sprayed onto her chest then stopped. With her mouth wide open in surprise, she looked the device over amazed at its incredible hidden feature. It was then that she realized that what it had expelled was grape flavored and had the consistency of breakfast syrup. Laughing wildly, she looked herself and the device over in disbelief.

As the shock of what had happened started to subside, she began to think that she was going to have to use this thing again. She started to wonder if she could use it to fill herself in other places. Examining it some more, she saw that a red light was flashing on the bottom, which she thought might indicate it was empty.

“Sophisticated shit,” she giggled as she frantically looked around for the possibility of an instruction manual.

After several minutes of looking, Geri smiled as she located it and at the same time some extra bottles of what she would consider, flavoring. However, she realized that she wasn’t making sno-cones. After reading the booklet she was able to follow the instructions and reload it. This time she made it banana flavored, which seemed to her more appropriate. She would use this thing like it was real, when the time came. There were sentences in the instructions that interested her. She smiled as she read, ‘Official Real Friend flavorings are safe to consume and expel into vagina and/or the anus. Not intended for ears and eyes. Please see flavoring refill bottles for nutritional information’.

“Fantastic,” Geri smiled.

Just as Geri was about to leave the closet, she noticed that there were three more devices identical to the one she had in her hand. Pulling all off them off their pedestals, she reloaded them with different flavors and then grabbed a small, buzzing device as well. With all of these in her hand, she smiled widely as she left the room and descended the stairs. Even though she never had an interest in these kind of devices before, at this moment she found them quite intriguing.

Setting all of her chosen toys on the kitchen counter, Geri went out to take another quick rinse off shower using the same towel that was nearly dry already. Then she walked back into the house and entered a small closet to the side of the kitchen used as a laundry. She grabbed a long night shirt from the dryer top. But before putting it on she had one more interesting thought. With all of these new experiences she was feeling even more adventurous than usual. It was then that she remembered that she had forgotten to get the mail before she came up the driveway. Smiling deeply, Geri suddenly knew what she needed to get the most heightened sexual experience she possibly could. It would cause such exhilaration, and she was quite certain it would help to create the greatest solo day of her life.

Giving it no more thought, she held onto her night shirt, and grabbed her keys on the counter. Heading out the door, she draped the shirt onto the driver’s seat. The placement was to serve two purposes: Because the seat was probably dirty, and just in case someone came along. After all, getting arrested for exposure would really put the brakes on.

All along the winding driveway, she felt an odd vibration in the seat beneath her. She had never noticed it before, but also she had never driven like this either. It was mildly pleasurable, and also did not give her any want to need to switch gears. Geri even revved the engine once with a giggle. She smiled heavily with the fantastic and erotic experience she was creating. Reaching down, Geri toyed with a mild wetness she had created. Twirling her fingers around her g-spot, combined with the vibrating seat, and the open late afternoon air, she knew she had found the experience of a lifetime.

As Geri reached the mailbox she looked around and didn’t see anyone. She turned the car off and listened for traffic and heard none. The main road that intersected the driveway was paved, but it was an old secondary farm road with very little traffic. It was a long stretch of road, with no curves for miles in both directions. Kids use to use the road for drag racing before the speed bumps were added right in front of each property’s driveway. She remembered that her parent’s had paid for it all after their long time neighbor had once pulled out of their driveway only to be tagged by a street racer.

Jumping out of the car she went over and pulled the mail out of the box. Thumbing through it lazily, she found nothing for herself. Tossing it through the window into the passenger seat, she stood next to the car and looked at the corn fields to one side. Geri noticed a new scarecrow on a post on the edge of the Jenkins’s property. She knows that he always comes up with these very realistic dummies out here, so she decided to take a look. There was no one around, and it seemed for the most part safe.

Walking along the road a bit, she found spot to walk a bit into the corn and get a good look at this new creation. It was then that she turned suddenly to see a car off in the distance heading toward her. Quickly she ducked into the row of corn stalks and peeked around them as the car passed. She had not been noticed. However, it still added to the excitement of the experience.

Resuming her quest to see the new scarecrow, Geri turned and walked toward it. Only thirty or so feet into the stalks, she stopped and looked up at the lifelike creation. Its face and body structure were so realistic, that it gave her the chills. She couldn’t help noticing that it even had a bulge and a decent one too. For just a moment she wondered how a fantasy with a scarecrow coming alive would play out. But she was soon awakened from the daydream by a rustling noise nearby.

Geri began to get nervous. Suddenly something caught her eye off to the side. Walking forward, she peered around a few of the corn stalks to try to see what it was. She thought about just heading back to the car considering her lack of apparel, but thought she better check it out in case it was trouble. She could always escape quietly and deal with it after. There was movement, so she glanced over, and her jaw nearly dropped to the ground. Stepping back a bit as to not be seen she looked over only to see Tim. She stared in disbelief. His shorts were down to his ankles and he was moaning softly as he stroked himself. There appeared the nude photo she had given him last summer hanging on a stalk of corn. Geri shook with a chill as the weirdness of it all surrounded her. Of course she was angry and felt a little violated, especially with the realization that he had actually made a hardcopy of it.

Geri watched his hand move as he stroked. She looked him over in curiosity but with a hint of anger and disgust. Her gaze focused on his goods for a moment noticing that he finally got around to trimming that forest of his. She stared at Tim, fully erect and ready. It is after all in its size, the one thing she does miss about him. Remembering briefly, she thought of how it use to make her sweat and scream. But she was still a bit angry that he would be using her picture like this. She knows that if she were clothes, she would be running over there and probably push him over. Because she did indeed miss the feeling, she even thought about going over there to give it up for him once more. But she knew that would complicate things, and her mission of self satisfaction was already well underway. She clenched her fists as she looked. He closed his eyes a bit, and moaned heavily.

“Oh Geri, I love you…uh, oh yeah!” he uttered.

Geri watched as he shot a good three feet into the corn stalks. She remembers her first experience with his powerful first jolt. One time on her knees for him, that first jolt slammed halfway down her throat and nearly made her choke. It was her first time doing that and though it disgusted her at the time, she went right back down on him the next day. She remembers teasing him for a long time, knowing that when he would let go afterward it would be the sexual equivalent of a bullet being fired. She couldn’t help thinking how she missed that experience with him. She wondered if he really knew why she went down on him so often.

Geri knew why he was out here. They use to walk through here for hours when they were kids pretending they were jungle explorers. They shared their first kiss not too far from this exact location. They had even been out here for other things. Geri realized that it must have held more significance than she knew before.

Suddenly Geri saw that he had finished up and had pulled his shorts up. He started to walk in her direction, still not aware that she had been watching. Quickly she walked backward and ducked behind a thick row of stalks. Tim walked within just a few feet of her and kept going. Geri waited several minutes before she moved to make sure he was gone. He had headed right through the middle of the fields in the direction of his house.

Slowly Geri walked through the stalks in the direction of her car. She began to wonder if he did this often. Perhaps he had the same kind of fascinations as she did. As she approached the edge of the roadway, she heard some voices. Stopping she looked around a row of stalks. As it turned out, a road crew was fixing the single streetlight that stood directly across from her driveway.

“Ah dammit,” Geri said out loud, “It’s been broken for six months and they pick today?”

Walking further along, Geri managed to get within several feet of her car. She peered around the stalks to see three guys across the street and a truck. One of them was extending a lift up to the light, while the others she assumed were just there scratching their heads or other things. As their attention was focused in the work, she decided to simply go for it.

Walking slowly and in plain view of the workers for several seconds, she quickly walked toward her car. At any moment they could turn and see her. But she was able to reach her car and get in. As she turned the key she felt a wave of exhilaration and even thought about getting out and doing it again. Quickly she started to back up, all the while the guys never noticed, mostly due to the noise from their truck engine.

“Oh hell yeah that was hot,” Geri panted as she reached down between her legs and inserted two fingers into her wetness, “Oh my God I’m ready.”

Geri turned around quickly, nearly hitting some corn stalks and sped up the long road back to home. Her heart was racing, as a combination of what she saw, and almost getting caught by those guys. Her fingers caressed her clitoris as she moaned softly. Speeding along, she turned quickly into her usual parking space and turned off the car. Halfway out of it, the car started to roll backward because she had forgotten to either leave it in gear or set the brake. Jumping back in, she pushed the clutch in and slammed it into first. Quickly getting out of it she closed the door, even leaving the keys in it. Panting from the excitement, she cupped both of her breasts in anticipation as she hurried into the house.

For some reason, the image of Tim in the fields at his climactic moment swam in her head a moment. Even though she was a little freaked out by it, she was also mildly flattered. Geri tried to put it out of her head, but she kept seeing it. She wondered how it would feel to have him again. But soon she realized that this was really the only fond memory she had other than their jungle adventures when they were kids. Trying to pass it off as simply not enough to get with him again, she walked into the house.

But as she passed the front doorway she suddenly remembered the night of their senior prom. They had had an amazing time right here in the family room. It was a night of intensity because of what had happened just the day before. It had been her eighteenth birthday and during the big party her parent’s had for her, they both decided that they would head out to the barn for some fun. But with frustration it had never happened because there were so many people and so much attention. The result was tearing up the family room on prom night the next day. She had no idea at the time that her parents were upstairs and heard the whole thing. They were supposed to be at Tim’s parent’s house overnight. All they did was tease her a bit at the breakfast table the next morning. It had started with her mom asking her to clean up what she called, ‘love tracks’ on the hardwood floor. Her parents had laughed at her expense of course, and caused her to have a nervous laugh as well. Her father’s only comment was telling her that she should perhaps become an opera singer. After that day, they looked the other way as Tim often spent the night there. Suddenly she thought of a comment that her mother had said to her right at the breakfast table. At the time she didn’t understand. But now she does. Geri remembered it vividly, ‘If you need any play things, just let me know’.

Geri had been daydreaming again, as if it were becoming a psychosis. But she could barely stand the warmth between her legs. Entering the kitchen she gathered up the toys she had taken from the sexual stronghold upstairs and headed for the backyard. With a lazy smile on her face she set them all at the edge of the pool, and then dropped into it backwards. Swimming underwater for several seconds she came up with a gasp. Further exhilarated from the cool water, she swam over to where she had set her play things. Taking one of the loaded weapons, and the small, long vibrating one, she waded over to the shallow end with the stairs. As she walked she noticed that the one with the special gel had two settings on the bottom labeled ‘quick’ and ‘slow’. Flipping it to slow, she hoped that this meant it would not pop off early like before.

Sitting on the steps in the shallow water, Geri took her special new best friend and kissed it softly. Gently licking a spot just under the realistic head made the device activate and it warmed in her hand. Licking the length of it, she felt a small pulse and giggled a little.

“Can I suck it baby?” Geri played out loud as she stroked it once, “Mmm, it’s so warm.”

Geri licked it up and down, and then gently inserted it in her mouth as she closed her eyes. Moaning softly, she enjoyed the realistic texture, so accurate, from the shape, right down to the soft spot under the shaft. She enjoyed that place especially and wiggled her tongue over it. With it in her mouth, the head pulsed once then settled down. Geri remarked inwardly at how sophisticated this thing was.

“Oh I didn’t see you there,” Geri smiled as she picked up the hard and thin toy and turned it on, “The more the merrier.”

Because she couldn’t resist the fascination she had, she momentarily returned her attention to her new best friend, and sucked it vigorously for a moment then licked it up and down. But it was time to start reliving a memory of one night in college when she couldn’t have just one. She had somewhat regretted it the next morning, but still remembers the amazing attention and satisfaction.

“Oh ok, be gentle,” Geri moaned as she turned around, spread her legs a little and slowly inserted it into her rectum.

Pushing it in and out, Geri started remembering a one night incident where she had been drinking and actually managed a triple timing. At the time she considered it charity, but felt bad about calling it that later on. The three guys where from the computer physics class she was required to take and all three were virgins. She had invited them to the party, and then felt bad that they didn’t open up enough to talk to anyone. So she gave them a night to remember back in her dorm room, complete with instructions. Of course there were complications and one fell for her and wouldn’t leave her alone for a month. She spent the night with him again, but after telling him she was not interested in a relationship. He was the one with the thin but long appendage that at the time after the party had gone where none had gone before.

“Is my ass tight baby? Oh there it is,” Geri moaned as she pressed the vibrating toy deeper.

Still servicing herself from behind, she returned her attention to her realistic new friend. Moaning softly, she licked the length of it, and then slowly pushed it in and out of her mouth. Completely loving the experience, she exercised the oral skills she had mastered and enjoyed so much. Moving her mouth faster and faster, she tightened her lips around it then pulled out. She hesitated for a moment because for some reason even though she wasn’t touching herself yet, an orgasm was building. It puzzled her, but she kept going.

“Come on baby, I’m ready,” Geri said as she decided to speed up the process and flip the switch in the back.

The device warmed up even more and began to pulse more rhythmically. Faster and faster she simulated her pleasure until she felt the device tense up. In an instant she felt her insides explode with pleasure. In nearly the same moment the toy pulsed wildly and expelled its simulated liquid. A second later Geri wrapped her lips around it and closed her eyes until it was finished moving her hips so much that the other toy dropped out and fell into the pool.

“Didn’t know that was possible. You eat a lot of bananas by the way, “Geri giggled as she licked it clean, “Yum.”

Geri decided that she would go for a grand finale. Reaching down, she grabbed the other toy out of the water and exited the pool. Gathering all of the devices together she plopped down on a poolside lounge chair. Setting the spent one on the table beside her she focused on the others. Activating each of the devices she tried to decide what was going to go where. Making sure the two remaining loaded weapons were set to slow, she pressed the vibrating one back into her exit hole, and let go. It seemed to be held in place by the seat cushion. Satisfied in its placement, she rubbed one of the others that she had already decided she had to own for herself on her wetness. Just the simple touch made her pulse gently. She remarked inwardly again how she had never been this easy to get off before.

“Take me baby,” Geri panted as she slowly pushed home, “Oh you’re a big boy.”

Enjoying the feeling of pushing the device in and out of herself, she concentrated on this and the buzz she was getting from underneath. It had warmed up so much inside of her and she felt the rhythmic pulsing. As her insides exploded once again, she slowed her wrists in order to concentrate on the final piece.

“Yeah I’ll suck it, “Geri moaned as she kissed the head gently, “But you’ve got to come on me, k?”

Gently kissing it up and down, Geri began to gently suck, and then moved faster and faster. She felt the pressure building inside once again, moving both of her hands faster and faster. Opening her mouth with a gasp, she moaned with a raspy loud voice.

“Fuck me!” Geri whined at the top of her lungs, “Give it to me!”

Moving her hands vigorously, the intensity grew as she grew impatient for the end. But she didn’t have to wait long. The device inside her womanhood began to pulse wildly as she felt the warmth spray into her. Her own insides erupted with fury as she screamed with pleasure, flailing her arm out that had been holding it and knocking over the table beside her. Her voice had been so loud that she heard it echo off the back of the house. She had already pulled the other device out of her mouth but it was still pointed at her face. A second later, long drawn out sprays slammed into her face, a bit different than the other one. The timing had been amazing, and later when she was reading, she learned that the devices communicate with each other with infrared.

“Oh yes!” Geri hollered loudly as she laughed.

As she began to settle, the vibrating toy popped out of her as she felt the other two slow their pulsing until they finally stopped. She happily licked the cherry flavor from the one that had violated her face. And set it aside. Laughing loudly she turned off the last of them and dropped her head backwards looking up at the sky.

Long moments passed as her expression faded into a daze of complete satisfaction. She began to think about the experience and how much she enjoyed it and would enjoy it again. But she also realized that it was missing the kissing and a warm body against her. She missed that as well. But she couldn’t deny a feeling of satisfaction she had needed for so long.

After a rather long time, Geri decided to get up and clean up the aftermath of her pleasure. As she straightened up she also took another rinse off shower outside. Grabbing a towel, she gathered the devices and returned them to her parent’s room, assuming they needed to be recharged. She would definitely need them in that state.

A while later, she had been thinking the entire time she had made a quick dinner and ate it. As she was cleaning up she had come to a decision. It was long thought out but she was confident in her thoughts. The only question that remained was whether or not her parent’s toys could be implemented into her plan, if it would even be agreeable to him. But it would be done her way. Picking up her phone she dialed nervously.

“Hey,” Tim said at the other end of the connection.

“Tim are you home and by yourself?” Geri asked.

“Yeah,” Tim perked up.

“Don’t get any ideas. I need to talk to you. I’ll be right there.” She said then pressed the button to end the call.

Geri took her long night shirt and pulled it over her head and grabbed her keys. Quickly she got in her car and sped down the driveway. As she drove into Tim’s driveway she could see that he was already outside on his porch waiting for her. She would have to remind him not to show so much anxiousness. As she stopped her car and turned it off, he approached her and she didn’t have to get out.

So, I’m a girl and I want to share a wicked secret with you.

I have a toy in my basement. A very special toy. My fiancé has no idea about it, and I’d like to keep it that way, but it’s way too much fun to keep to myself.

This all started when I was given a cock ring as a gag present. I had joked that my then-boyfriend couldn’t last very long in bed, and so for Christmas that year my best friend got me this little antique ring. It soon became apparent this was no ordinary cock ring – it had a very magical property.

It makes it impossible for the wearer to climax.

I’ll be honest with you guys. I’m not a faithful girl. I soon learned this ring didn’t just work on my man that way – it worked on any man. It didn’t matter how much I stroked, sucked, fucked… the guys just couldn’t cum. I loved it. It made guys worried about their quick-fire performances into stallions overnight, I could be pleasured for a long as I chose with any man I desired.

After a while, though, I started to get bored of springing it on unsuspecting men. I started to consider the long-term uses of this little artefact. I came up with a wicked scheme.

I installed a mattress in a certain room in the house. In our basement, we have a little cupboard, but due to space reasons we had to put the tumble dryer in front of the door. As a result, neither of us ever use that little space. Thinking about what’s down there is turning me on as I type this.

I’d had my eye on Sam for a few weeks. He worked in my local coffee shop, and we’d flirted and joked around for a while now. Now was the time. He was going away, going travelling around South America, a whole two years in another continent, his flight was the next day. I told him it’s now or never – no strings attached fun, my place, tonight?

Of course he said yes. Who wouldn’t? I told him not to tell anyone… He knows I’m engaged, and of course he kept it quiet. He’s a good boy.

I picked him up in my car, drove him to my place when my fiancé was working late. He brought wine. I remember thinking that was so cute. I drag him downstairs.

“The basement?”

“Yeah the basement! Come on, you know I can’t risk anyone finding out about this. We have a spare bedroom down there, come on…”

“Hahah, sure. I guess it’s a bit kinky anyway, right?”

“Oh, you’re into that?” I grin. I know he can’t resist.

“Well… I’m willing to try it!” He’s so cute, so naive, I’m so turned on planning what I’m going to do to him I can feel my breathing speeding up.

“Good, get in there!” I playfully throw him onto the mattress, flicking on the light.

“Call this a spare bedroom?”

“It’s all you’ll need!” I snigger, grabbing one of my purchases from earlier. “You said you were willing to try something, right?”

“What’s that?”

“A strap to hogtie you with.”

“Whoa, whoa, isn’t that a bit much?”

“Do you want to fuck me, or not?”

“I really want to fuck you.”

“Good. Let me put these on you.” As I strapped his shins to his thighs, I felt a rush of adrenalin. Hardly warning him I handcuffed his hands to the buckle of the strap, and he giggled nervously. Oh he still thinks this is a game, how sweet.

“What now?”

“Now, I’m going to gag you!”

“Do you have to? I mean, I don’t really want to go this far…” But I could see how hard he is. He’s playing with me, he’s loving every moment. I ease down his pants as far as I can, I know he’s loving how helpless he feels… but maybe if he knew what I had planned…. Maybe he wouldn’t be so relaxed right now…

So I gagged him. I stroked his cock, I teased him, all that other vanilla-kinky stuff I’ve grown so bored of. He loved it. His cock was so fucking wet, I knew his little moans were him begging me to fuck him. I wanted to get him close. So so close to climax…

When he was about to cum into my mouth, I whipped out my little friend, the cock ring. I slipped it over his nuts, and I heard him groan, thrusting his hips as best he could… It was so hot. But I wasn’t done with him.

I saw his eyes widen as I reached for a bottle of lube. I rubbed it over my fingers, and started working his ass with them. God, did he struggle at first, he certainly wasn’t used to that sensation. But I was relentless, and soon his moans of protest became moans of pleasure. I hadn’t told him the little secret of my cock ring… But I’m pretty sure he would have cum long ago if he wasn’t wearing it. He groaned and sputtered and I leaned over and grabbed the last two things I has bought. He saw what they were, and he struggled in a sudden, helpless panic.

One is a vibrator, pink and lubed, I stroked it across his chest. “It has four settings… six different speeds… you’re going to enjoy this one.”

“Mmm! Hmffff!” He struggled weakly, but I knew it was only a matter of time before he submitted. I waited patiently, and soon he must have realised there was no getting out of this one, and he still had such a massive erection, and boy he must have felt like his nuts were about to explode. Weakly, he allowed me to slide it into his butt.

Well, the last thing I bought was another strap, this one tied to the others across his butt. So there was no way that vibrator was coming out, unless of course I took it out. I padlocked it for good measure.

“There’s four hours battery life in that thing.” I said, as I watched him squirm and moan. “When I come back, I’ll change the batteries. And the setting. So don’t go thinking you’ll be getting used to it.” With that, I turned off the light and left him groaning and rocking helplessly, and laughed to myself.

I go down and see him whenever I’m home alone. I’m a nurse so I know how to keep him going, and I often fuck his permanently hard cock while his eyes plead with me. I suck him off, even use a fleshlight on him. I know nobody will come looking for him for at least a few months. I sometimes wonder what he must think about, permanently on the edge of an orgasm he will never experience.

Oh, the fun I’ll have with him… But maybe one day, I’ll decide my toy needs a little break… but until then…

I fall onto the couch in a huff. Kyle, my roommate, raises an eyebrow at me.

“What’s eating you, Andrea?” It is late and his voice is a little husky from not being used.

I sigh, “I can’t sleep. It’s frustrating, I’m tired but when I climb into bed, nothing happens.”

Kyle shrugs and turns his eyes back to the TV. He doesn’t usually say much, more often than not I just get looks from him, which say far more than he does. I sigh again and I get another sidelong glance from him. This one tells me that he is annoyed.

A part of me wants to insinuate that Kyle and I do something to ‘tire’ me out but I resist, last thing I needed was to complicate my roommate situation. Good roommates are hard to find and Kyle and I get along well. He picks up after himself, isn’t loud, and because he is a guy, I don’t have to worry about any girl drama. Of course the fact that he is easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt either. We share a common bathroom and occasionally I get to see him half naked, which is a definite plus.

“What are you watching?” I ask.

“Horror movie.”

“Any good?”

“So far.”

“Is this the one with that blond girl from-”

“Yes,” he interrupts.

“She’s a terrible actress.”

He rolls his eyes at me.

“Won’t it keep you up, watching something scary this late?”

Kyle groans and throws his head back, “Go to bed. I can’t watch if you keep talking.”

“I told you, I can’t sleep.”

With a deep breath, Kyle pushes himself up off of the coach and walks back into his bedroom. I take the opportunity to grab the remote and flip the channel to see what else is on. From the bedroom I hear him yell, “You better not be changing the channel!” I switch it back to his stupid horror movie and roll my eyes.

Kyle emerges from the bedroom with one of his hands cupped and motions for me to hold a hand out. I do. He dumps two white pills into the palm of my hand.

“What are these?”

“Sleeping pills. Take two and let me watch my movie,” he says, exasperated.

I smile, “Thanks, Kyle. If I take these, will I still be able to get up in the morning?”

“You’ll be fine, just go away.”

“Best roommate ever!” I say and give him a hug he is clearly unprepared for.

“Whatever,” he says, although I am pretty sure I saw him smile.

I go to the kitchen and get myself a glass of water then head back to my room, giving Kyle a wave as I pass.

Back in my room I roll the pills in my hand. He said to take two… I decide to take a half pill, and if I am still awake in a half hour, I will take the other half… and if I am still awake after that, I’ll take the second pill. He said it wouldn’t keep me from waking up in the morning for work, but why chance it?

I snap one of the pills in half, take it with a big swallow of water, and deposit the remaining pill and a half in my dresser drawer. I turn off my besides lamp and snuggle down.

Consciousness floats just beneath the surface. I feel awake, but not. My limbs are heavy and I don’t seem to have the energy in me to move them. For a moment I wonder what had woken me and then I hear it again.

“Andrea? You awake?”

I want to roll over and tell Kyle that, yes, I am awake, but my body doesn’t respond. For a moment I panic, but then I remember the sleeping pill I had taken. It must be messing with my system. How nice of Kyle to check in to see the pills he had given me had worked.

I hear Kyle step into my bedroom and close the door. Odd.


He moves closer, and I can feel him right above me. Kyle reaches down and tucks my hair behind my ear. What is he doing?

I am curled on my side and Kyle pulls on my shoulder moving me onto my back. He then pulls down my blankets and I regret that I am only wearing an over-sized t-shirt and a pair of panties. I wish I had slipped on a pair of shorts or something. Although, I still can’t figure out what the hell he is doing. He had given me sleeping pills that should have knocked me out cold, so what was he doing in my room?

I feel him run his hand up and down my bare leg. Shit.

With a soft feathery touch, he runs his fingertips up and down my leg again, stopping just below the panty line. I hear him groan and then the weight on the bed shifts. I feel my shirt rise and pull over my head. What the fuck.

And then I feel him on my nipple. Kyle has his mouth around one of my nipples and is sucking it gently, making it tight and hard. He licks, nips and sucks at it. He then turns his attention to the other nipple and works at it as well until it is as hard as the other. He then grabs my breasts, kneading them as kisses his way down to my belly button.

Then I feel his fingers rub my slit through my underwear and I just the thought of what Kyle may do next makes me wet. I had fantasied about him before, honestly, I had a hot roommate, what girl wouldn’t? But I hadn’t fantasied about this; him sneaking into my room while I’m in a knocked out drugged state. I guess I should have propositioned him when I was on the couch.

Kyle continues to rub me through the cloth and I’m getting really wet. At this point I’m sure he can tell. I’m practically dripping. The rational part of my brain wants him to leave but the other, horny part, wants him to keep going. And he does. The fabric has become slick with my juices. He groans again and then he pulls my panties off and I am then completely naked in front of him. He moves again and he is climbing in between my legs.

I feel him place one hand on my upper thigh and the other hand goes between my legs. He easily slides one finger into me. Then another. And then he slowly begins to fuck me with his fingers; slow but steady. Then I feel his thumb moving against my clit and my pussy begins to tighten. I know what’s happening and he does too. Kyle begins to increase his tempo ever so slightly and I am close. So close. Even in this drugged state I’m breathing fast and heavy. My breath catches and I am almost there…

The weight sifts on the bed again and I Kyle climbs off. Fuck. So fucking close.

Across the room I hear him open a drawer and then I hear a soft, familiar hum.

Shit. How the hell does he know where I keep my vibrator? This is not the first time he has been in my room then… I hear the zip of pants and thud of them falling to the floor. I have no control here, but still my body is excited, tense in anticipation.

Kyle is back on the bed and between my legs again. He turns the vibrator to low and he moves it up and down my slit, close to my hole, but not quite. I’m still very excited from my almost orgasm and I want him to fuck me. With the toy, with his dick, at this point, I don’t care. I just want him to fill me, fuck me.

He slides the vibrator inside of me and I moan. Then I feel his mouth on my clit, his tongue teasing me as he fucks me with my toy. My orgasm builds quickly. He slides the toy in and out of my cunt and I can feel my juices dripping down my thighs. My pussy tightens and quivers and… OH MY GOD. And Kyle keeps fucking me with the vibrator even as I come. Pumping it in and out of me and his mouth is on me and for a moment I don’t breathe.

Fuck. Holy fuck. Fuck.

He pulls the toy out and licks my slit and presses his tongue inside of me. I quiver again. If I had control of my body I would hold his head and mouth there… but he does so without my asking and another orgasm rocks out of me as he eats out my dripping cunt.

I feel spent and exhausted, although I haven’t done anything but lie here. Kyle moves again on the bed, and I’m ready and anxious for him to thrust his dick inside of me and fuck me to another orgasm. He falls on top of me, covering me with his body and I can feel his dick, hard and tip wet with precum against my stomach.

He rocks against me. Slowly. His mouth is against my ear and I can hear frustrated huffs as rubs his cock against me. I feel him then begin to jerk himself off against my stomach. He’s not going to fuck me. I want to yell at him. I want to beg him to please, please fuck me with that hard cock.

Kyle’s breathing is ragged. “Andrea, Andrea,” he moans and then he grunts, jerks, and I feel hot jets of cum against my stomach. For a moment nothing happens. Kyle is still against me. He is hot and heavy on top of me and I have an odd desire to wrap my arms around him.

He sifts; pulls away. “Fuck. Fuck. FUCK.” He makes a strangled noise and then he is up off of the bed. I feel him pick up the discarded vibrator and leave the room.

I hear him in the bathroom running the sink, talking to himself as he does so. I hear him open then slam close the linen closet.

He walks back in and I hear him return my toy to the drawer. He is then above me, cleaning me off with a wet wash cloth. He is gentle, careful as he wipes his cum off of my stomach and my cum from between my legs.

Then he is pulling my shirt over my head, trying to get my arms back into the sleeves. It is almost funny how awkward it is. He gets my shirt on me then I hear him open another drawer and he is back, pulling a new pair of panties onto me. I am still bothered that he knows where everything is. And I really should be more bother by what just happened than I am.

Once Kyle has gotten me straightened back out, he pulls the cover back over me. I feel his breath against my forehead, and then I feel his skin. He has placed his forehead against mine.

“Please don’t know, please don’t know,” he chants, sounding anguished. Then he kisses my forehead and is out the door.

In the morning when my alarm goes off I feel good; tired, but a good, relaxed kind of tired. I switch my alarm off and head to the shower. I turn the water as hot as I can stand it and try to decide what to do. I am exceptionally confused. On one hand I am appalled that Kyle did what he did while I was “asleep”. On the other, I deeply enjoyed it and wanted him to go further than he did. I’m still not sure why he didn’t fuck me. It was obvious that he wanted to.

Hell, even before… what happened happened, I had contemplated asking him if he wanted to have sex. I liked Kyle. I was attracted to Kyle. But still.

I shut the water off.

Later, when I walk into the kitchen Kyle is already at the table eating breakfast. He glances up at me but didn’t say anything, but I can feel anxious energy rolling off of him.

“How was your stupid horror movie?” I ask as I pour coffee into my travel mug.

Kyle seems to freeze behind me, confused, as if he thought I was going to scream at him, “What the hell were you thinking last night!”

After a moment’s pause he says, “It was okay.” I nod.

He coughs, “How did you sleep?” He makes eye contact with me. This is it. He seems to be bracing himself.

I smile, “Those pills you gave me were fucking awesome. I woke up feeling great, like all of the tension had been wrung out of me.”

Kyle looks like he might be sick. “Great,” he chokes out. He looks down at his cereal and pushes it away.

I splash some milk into my coffee and screw the top on.

“I might have to have you hook me up again next time I can’t sleep,” I say.

“Sure,” he mumbles. I smile at him again.

“Seriously, last night was great,” I say walking out the door.

‘Wow!’ Three orgasms in just one hour. Am I lucky or is this the kind of pleasure I’ve been missing out on all this time? I can’t believe I’ve never used anything like this before and it only cost me under £40. Perhaps I should have invested in a vibrator earlier, but then again I didn’t need one this time last year.

I pick up the ‘Erotic Rabbit Vibrator’ and admire its design; who would have thought something like this would be able to produce such a strong reaction from me. Still panting from the pleasure of the vibrations I sit myself up. I should really be getting on with my day but I just couldn’t wait to try out my new toy; as soon as it was delivered I ripped it out of the packaging and darted up the stairs.

I should really thank my best friend Kerry for the advice after telling her about my sex life — or rather lack of it. She’s always been so open about sex and is extremely confident in herself. I on the other hand am more reserved; even the thought of talking about anything intimate makes me blush an unrealistic shade of red.

There’s a ringing coming from the phone downstairs; I’ll just let it ring off and go to voicemail; I don’t have the energy to get up and answer it. After my third, earth-shattering orgasm I don’t think I’ll even be able to walk without my legs turning to jelly on me.

The phone stops ringing and beeps to start recording a message. ‘Hey Hannah it’s just me, Kerry!’ I should have thought so; nobody ever sounds as bubbly and excited as her. ‘Just got all my new toys through from the sex shop and thought yours would have come through as well. Give me a call back later. I wanna know if my expert advice has rocked your world like I said it would.’ I can almost hear the arrogant smirk cross her face. Is there anything this girl won’t leave on an answer machine? Anyone could have been here in the house, my parents, my other friends, work colleagues. I’m glad I’m the only one here right now. It’s just me, just me lying in bed stark naked and exhausted.

It’s almost lunch time and I haven’t moved for about an hour and a half. I need to wake myself up and have a shower, shake off this post-orgasmic daze I’m in.

The water feels fantastic; like little sparks of freshness pouring over me. I squirt some body wash into my hands and lather it up before washing myself. The bubbly foam is silky, soft and I spend a lot of extra time just savouring the feel of the soft lather as I rub over my breasts, stomach and thighs.

I can still feel the evidence of my orgasm as I massage away my natural wetness; I’m still over sensitive and every touch makes me almost fall to my knees in frenzy. I finish off as quickly as I can in the shower, any more friction on my skin and I’ll become a paralysed mess on the floor before long.

I step out of the steamy cubicle and wrap myself in a heated towel from the radiator. I quickly towel dry my hair before looking in the mirror. The girl I normally see isn’t in the reflection; instead it’s a woman. Her eyes are wide and glistening, her lips are plump and full of colour — she bites down lightly on her lower lip looking unbelievably sexy. I drop my towel as I try to lean in closer to see this woman in my bathroom mirror a bit easier.

Her skin is glowing, she looks radiant and fresh; she has masses of thick dark hair which falls down covering her breasts. It’s wet yet still looks beautifully waved. I look into her face as her eyes meet mine; she looks cheeky and sexy at the same time. I can’t help but hold her gaze, it’s almost hypnotic.

I get a shock as I hear the front door knock. I turn on my heel and catch a glance of the woman in the mirror as she does the same out of the corner of my eye. I get to the bathroom door and look back seeing her long, slender body just about to leave the room she’s in. She’s naked and I catch her eye again as she looks deep into mine with a sultry stare.

‘Hannah!’ The front door is still getting a thorough pounding from whoever lurks behind it outside. I quickly wrap my robe around me before opening the door. ‘Aww thank god you answered!’ Ahh its only Phil, Kerry’s younger brother. Before I even have a chance to say hello he’s pushed past me and practically sprinted straight upstairs. My face flushes, I hope my bedroom door is closed or he’s going to see my new toy in full view on my bed.

‘Sorry Hannah I’ve been bursting to go for the past half hour’. As ever Phil is always a gentleman and very modest – not.

‘I’ll just go and put the kettle on shall I?’ I have to shout to make sure he can hear me from the bathroom. I can’t hear a response but I’ll put it on anyway; my mouth is rather dry from all the panting earlier. I can’t help but grin at the thought of my morning shenanigans.

I set the two mugs on the kitchen table and sit myself down to have a sip. It tastes good, just the right sweetness, two sugars with milk. ‘Mmm’ I set the mug down and look up to see Phil standing in the doorway smirking with his arms folded. His eyes are a dazzling blue that stand out remarkably with his dark spiked hair. He’s wearing slouch jeans and a black t-shirt; he’s looking very casual, then again all students seem to look this way.

‘What are you so smug about?’ I hear myself say as he looks me up and down with his crooked smile.

‘Nothing. You just look quite cute humming while you sip your tea’. There he goes again, always with the cheeky flirtation.

‘There’s one here for you too. Sit down’. I point to the cup of tea on the table beside me offering him to make himself at home. He moves from the door to the seat beside me all whilst continuing to ogle me with that same cheeky smile. ‘Drink’ I say, pointing to his mug; he looks like he could do with a drink after sprinting to quick up my stairs and knocking on my door like a policeman in a raid.

‘Sorry about barging in, it was rather rude of me’.

‘It’s fine. If you’ve got to go you’ve got to go’. I can’t quite hide the sarcasm is my voice. ‘How come you’re over this way anyway?’ He laughs lightly at my response, sensing my sarcastic tone by the look on his face.

‘I went to go and see my sister but there was no answer at the house; I tried to call her too but her mobile was turned off. I thought I’d give her a surprise visit since I’m leaving for Spain in a couple of days’.

Oh that’s right. Phil’s going to work over there through the summer; I almost forgot all about that.

‘I’m sure I could hear music coming from her upstairs bedroom though’. I smirk whilst trying to hide my face under the mug of tea. I’m sure Kerry was home, she did call me just before Phil would have gotten there after all. Its suddenly dawning on me that Kerry would have been in her room doing exactly the same I was this morning; using the music to drown out the sound of her new gadgets. I smirk again trying to hide my face under the mug once again.

‘Are you laughing at me missy?’ Phil lifts my chin with his thumb and index finger so that I’m looking straight into his eyes. It’s hard not to burst out laughing knowing what Kerry was up to while her brother hung around outside her house thinking that maybe someone had gotten in. He would have never thought for a second of her sinful play-times.

‘No, I’m not laughing at you’. I’m trying my best to look normal but I can tell his eyes are questioning my face; trying to work out what I’m hiding. He’s looking at me like I’m a giddy school girl hiding notes from the teacher, or maybe that’s just how I feel right now.

‘I think Kerry said she was re-arranging her bedroom today. Maybe she couldn’t hear you if she was moving heavy furniture around and had the music going as well’. Okay, I know this is a bad lie but I could have come up with something worse. I could have told him the truth and scarred him for life but I don’t think he would appreciate me telling him his sister was pleasuring herself with some kinky vibrators.

‘Moving her furniture you say?’

‘Aha’ I keep it short and sweet and flash him a reassuring smile. ‘I don’t think she’s ran away or anything Phil; the battery on her phone has probably ran out’.

‘Yeah you’re probably right. You know Kerry though, she’s so much of a free spirit she could be anywhere and no-one would know’. There’s a slight twist in his voice now as he mentions nobody knowing where she would be — it’s painful almost.

‘Hey. Phil are you okay?’ His expression has changed from his normal flirty self to one of sadness. I’ve never seen this side of him in so long. He looks deep in thought; I’m almost scared to try and get him to talk. I rest my hand on his arm and rub it in a soothing motion.

‘Yeah. Sorry Hannah. It’s just that Kerry’s ran away before, when we were younger. Sometimes I just worry about her that’s all. I’m probably just a drama queen about not being able to get in contact with her now’. Damn I forgot she had run away before; me and my stupid mouth. Why did I say that?

His cheeky smile creeps back over his mouth although his eyes still look glazed with memories. ‘Kerry wouldn’t run now Phil. She’s happy here, times have changed. It was hard for her back then, she told me about your uncle and what he did but she’s strong and has moved on from all of that. Believe me’. I’m trying my best to reassure him of how well his sister has been since moving here, away from their childhood village.

‘She told you about him; that scumbag that called himself family? I swear to god if he ever gets out of prison I’ll be going in myself for murder’. His mouth stops in a hard line after his words left. He looks frustrated and makes a fist before resting his forehead on it. He looks lost; like a predator that’s lost its’ prey. I have the urge to cuddle him and protect him with warm words but I know nothing I do will stop the memories coming back from the trial against his uncle. The memories of his sister running away every chance she got.

I can’t say anything to bring back fun and flirty Phil; instead I just move my hand up from his arm and stroke his cheek. He grasps my hand with his own, keeping it in place as he nuzzles his face into it before kissing my palm and looking into my eyes with a subtle smile.

‘Hmm, how come even saying nothing can say so much? I’m glad Kerry has you here, it gives me and my family a bit more peace of mind’.

‘Just relax Phil, Kerry’s fine now. I’ll look after her like I always do. Mind you it’s normally her that has to carry me home from the bar’. And there it is; that cheeky smile of his. His eyes are warmer and there’s more colour in his cheeks.

I unlock my eyes from his and take a small sip of my tea. Yuk; it’s gone cold. ‘What’s that scrunched face for?’ he chuckles at me.

‘The tea; It’s gone cold. You want another cup? I can make a fresh’. I pick up the mugs and dart over to the sink, feeling Phil’s eyes follow me as I start to move around. I put my hands in the sink and fill it up with bubbly water. I place the mugs into the soapy water when all of a sudden my fingers are being unravelled from the dishes and entwined into another set of hands.

‘Leave that Hannah’. Phil’s mouth is right next to my left ear; he’s so close I can feel his breath as he speaks in a husky voice — a tone I haven’t heard him use before. It’s tantalising and makes me weak at the knees.

He places soft, wet kisses on that soft patch of skin in front of my ear; I can feel his breath becoming heavier, warming me up from the inside as he pulls my hands from the water. I can’t speak; there are no words to describe my shock and sudden rush of excitement I’m feeling coursing through my veins. I’m suddenly aware of my own breathing becoming more rapid and coming from deeper inside me. My heart is racing, I can almost feel every beat as it sores through my whole body.

His hands now wet from my own, move slowly up my arms, caressing my skin along the way with the most gentle, electrifying touch. They continue to move; one still on its journey up my arm and the other travelling around to my stomach.

He pushes a stray piece of hair back behind my ear and tilts my head to one side, leaving my neck completely exposed. His mouth is flowing down, continuing those soft, wet kisses along the length of my neck. It feels exquisite, who would have known Phil could have such a gentle, tender kiss.

His right hand pulls on the belt of my satin robe allowing it to fall open exposing my bare stomach. His expert hands continue to rub and caress my skin, making my breathing even more frantic. I’m still in shock, do I dare to turn around and face the man that is my best friends’ younger brother while he touches me in this tantalising way? I don’t even have the chance to think about it as I feel one of his masculine hands push under my panties.

I cannot contain myself; I let out a sigh that almost hypnotises us both. Phil continues to kiss my neck and travels his mouth back up whilst licking my skin ever so slightly; I feel the slight graze of his teeth that almost sends me into overdrive. I need his mouth now, on my lips, on my body, or wherever else we can think to put it. I turn my head and push my lips hard against his; he is even more delicious than I had anticipated. His lips are moist, warm and plumped out — divine. I force my tongue through his parted mouth and massage his own as they roll around together in perfect sync.

‘Mmmm’. I hear his low moan as it releases itself into my mouth from somewhere deep inside him. I can feel his hands move again in my panties while our lips are still locked. His fingers brush over my skin; then move themselves lower down until I’m certain he can feel that pooling of wetness at the base of my crotch.

They move again, this time with firm pressure over my swollen clit, they move over me in mini circular motions making my quiver from the inside out. I grab his head in my hands to keep me from falling to my knees out of pure pleasure. I pull his hair into my hands deepening our kiss even more to try and supress that loud noise that wants to escape my mouth.

Before I can even try to release myself from our kiss to see the man doing this to me in my own kitchen, I feel the length of his fingers enter me; sliding in with ease — in and out. He grabs me tight with his free hand to hold me steady, knowing that if he didn’t I would probably collapse with the ripples of pleasure that are pumping through my body.

Suddenly after what seems like a lifetime of teasing my body with his fingers he takes his hand out from my underwear and stops kissing me. I’m left standing a panting, shaking pile of raving hormones at my kitchen sink. He pulls back from me and runs one hand through his hair and sighs. ‘We shouldn’t be doing this Hannah. I’m sorry I got carried away’. No! I don’t want him to stop, I want him, I haven’t wanted anyone like this in so long. Why is he stopping after teasing me like this, it isn’t fair. I want some release, hell I NEED some.

My body is aching, tingling and longing for this man all at once. He’s turning to leave the room but I don’t want him to go. ‘Wait!’ I practically beg as I move forward to meet him in the doorway. ‘Let me take care of you today, come’. I put out my hand for him to take and cradle is cheek with the other one. He nuzzles into it and opens his eyes to meet mine.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes’ a whisper leaves my mouth as I stand still holding his gaze and breathing heavily. He closes his eyes once again and when they open they burn a hole of passion straight through me. Oh my! I’m stunned by that look of pure lust. He lifts me from the back of my thighs and slams me hard into the wall of the hallway. My excitement bursts out of me as I grab fist fulls of his hair and push my lips hard against his. Our tongues entwined together and our bodies pushing in closer to feel one another’s arousal.

I wrap my legs around his waist steadying myself; I can feel hi erection pushing hard against his zipper. His breath is hot as it moves down my neck and over my colour bone. His hands push my stain robe over my shoulders allowing it to fall to ground below us. They slide again, unhooking the clasp on my red lace bra. My breasts fall free and before I know it his mouth is lower again, massaging and caressing my nipple whilst his left hand teases and takes care of the other one. ‘I want you Phil’ I whimper into his ear as he continues that magic massage on my breasts.

At the sound of my voice in his ear he lifts me again and carries me back into the kitchen. He holds one hand under my ass to keep me up and uses his other to push everything clear from my kitchen table. He pushes me down so my legs hang off the bottom and without hesitation he kneels down and slides my red lace panties down over my legs. His hands push my legs apart and I grasp the sides of the table as he starts to trail soft wet kisses down my stomach and along my inner thighs.

I’m whimpering already. His tongue ever so gently trails up until it meets that area that is now so swollen and sensitive. His tongue licks me from top to bottom before circling around my clit. I moan although trying to contain myself. My fingers are digging into the table even harder and I can feel that familiar fire ignite inside me. ‘Now Phil. Please’. I plead him for some release; that fire inside me getting hotter and hotter.

He stands over me and I notice the evidence of my arousal in small beads of moisture on his lips. He runs one hand over my torso as he unzips his jeans releasing the part of him that I want so badly. He pushes his jeans down along with his boxers and pulls my legs so only my back is on the table.

‘Wrap your legs around me Hannah’. I obey is command as he whips of his t-shirt and I see for the first time that body I hadn’t realised he possessed before. He’s finely bronzed with well-defined abs and an erection that’s there ready and waiting only for me. I bite my lower lip and as soon as he sees what I’m doing I feel every inch of him possess my body. He pushes into me slowly at first, savouring the feeling of my sex hugging his erection tightly. He fills me beautifully and I long for more friction as my fire builds up.

‘Harder’ I hear myself moan as he slides in and out of me and as though on cue, he picks up the pace and slams into me harder; every thrust bringing me closer to that feeling I desire. I let out a crying moan from deep inside me and hear that masculine growl come from Phil’s throat. I’m close to coming — my fire almost bursting out of me, I can feel the tingle all over my body, like small electric pulses on my skin.

Phil’s breath sounds deep and husky, his eyes are hungry and I can feel him as he pushes into me with more force before he stills; his warm liquid pours into me and I feel my damn break as the sounds of my orgasm fills the room. My back arches and I lurch forward from the table with my head thrown back. My inner walls are contracting mercilessly, pumping intoxicating sensations through my veins.

Without warning Phil slides out of me and rotates his fingers over my already over-sensitive clit. A flood pours over my burning skin and I feel another orgasm ripple through my body leaving my legs shaking and my mouth screaming. ‘Arghh fuck!’

As Phil goes to leave he places a soft kiss on my cheek; ‘maybe we can pick back up when I get back from Spain’. And on that note I flush with excitement for our next encounter. But until my new found lover returns I always have my vibe to keep me company.

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