This is the second part to Trip to the dentist. In that story Tom and Heather get introduced to the dental hygienist who joins them for their first threesome.


It had been a long day when I finally opened up the door and walked inside. I look in the living room and see Heather there bent over picking something up. Could not help but see that lack of underwear. She must have trimmed today and wanted to make sure I did not miss it. “Hello Heather,” I said dropping my keys and wallet on the table.

She stands up turns sits down on the couch and pats the cushion next to her. “How was your day Tom?” she asks. This is one of the things I like so much about Heather. She always seems to have a greeting for me some how when I come home. “I got a phone call from the dentist’s a few minutes ago I wanted to talk to you about,” Heather said as I sat down next to her and rest my hand on her knee.

“Let me guess, my appointment has been changed?” I asked already knowing the answer.

She took my hand and started to guide it up her leg. “Yup. Looks like Jes really is trying to dodge us,” She answers.

Jes was a dental hygienist for our dentist’s office who has joined us in our bed several times in the last 6 months. We have had a great deal of fun with her and she with us. Then without any real warning she stopped talking to us and we have no idea why. We were really hoping to talk to her during our dental visits coming up, but Heather’s dental appointment was switched to a different day and she had to have a different hygienist. Now that mine has been switched it seemed to confirm our suspicions about Jes dodging us. We were suspecting this, but we had a back up plan.

My hand touches her smooth pussy and feel just a little strip of hair at the top. “I thought that you must have trimmed to day. I like what I feel so far,” I tell her while my fingers slide up and down her slit. She must have been playing with herself because she feels wet already. “Well then I guess I will give them a call tomorrow and see what I can do to make sure I have a chance to see Jes,” I tell her.

She leans back and pulls her legs wide open for me. “Please do so. I do miss Jes and would like to figure out what it would take to see her again.” She then closes her eyes and leans back getting comfortable. “Mmmm, I like that, but it still could use a little moisture… I wonder if you could…”

And with that subtal hint, I slide off the couch, get on my knees and slowly starts to lick her. It is odd how Heather and I seem to go through cycles of certain types of sex. Recently she has been on a big oral kick and just loves to get eaten. The other odd thing is that at that moment I also missed Jes. It is not that I liked her better, or anything like that. It was just that right about now she would be either trying to suck on me or kissing Heather. The addition of her really has spiced things up between Heather and I. Not that we have ever had that much trouble on our own. I look up from licking her and see her hands under her shirt rubbing those large breasts of hers. I slip a couple of fingers into her and continue to work on her clit. My fingers that are not fucking her pulling her lips back exposing her clit to my lips and tongue. I love the feel of her smooth skin on my lips. I start to pull my mouth away for a second and one of her hands touches the back of my head grabbing hold of my hair pushing me back on. I decide to play with her a bit and remove my fingers from her and was thinking of pushing myself up and maybe tease her a bit. Almost like she can read my mind her legs go to my shoulders and try to hold me down.

“Oh no you don’t Tom. I shaved just for you today and you are going to reward me now.” I feel a second hand join the first just to make her point clear.

My she is in a assertive mood today. I follow her orders and replace my fingers in her pussy and continue to fuck her with them. I do my best to concentrate on her and ignore the growing need in my pants. I can hear her moans and her hips start to raise up to my mouth telling me she must be getting close. I stick another finger in and start to fuck her fast and that does it and causes her to throw her head back, releases my head, and let out an orgasmic scream.

Taking this moment I jump up and grab hold of her shoulders and flip her over. “My turn Heather,” I growl at her as I unbutton my pants and free my dick. I slap her ass causing her another cry from her. She tries to turn back around, but she is too late. I grab her hair and pull her back having me push into her. Not waiting for her to recover from her cum I start to fuck her hard and fast. She loves the rougher sex and sure enough in no time she is back to the brink. She screams at me to fuck her harder, I do and slap the ass again for good measure. She beats me to the orgasm again, but by just a few strokes later, I pull out and coat her nice smooth pussy. I then let go of her hair and flip her skirt back over her ass and sit down next to her. After a few minutes of panting she turns and snuggles up next to me.

“Its funny Tom, but when you were licking me I kept wishing that Jes was here too. Why do you think she suddenly stopped talking to us?” She asks in a hurt sort of voice.

“I don’t have any idea,” I lie to her. In truth though I think I know why, but I don’t want to bring this up till I am sure. “I will see if I cannot talk to her again soon and find out.” I bend over and kiss her and then do my best to make her forget about missing Jes.


“Yes hi there, I was told that my dentist appointment has been changed. I was wondering if it is possible to keep Jes Davidson as the hygienist?” I asked the receptionist over the phone. I called first thing in the morning hoping to catch them before they got busy and hoped that I could actually catch Jes there.

“Well let me see take a look at her schedule. Well it looks like she is free the day after your new appointment. Would you like to reschedule for that day at the same time?” the receptionist asks in a perky voice.

“That would be fine. Say is Jes there today?” I asked in a casual tone hoping that I may catch her.

“Sorry but no she is not. She had to take today off. That is why we had to reschedule you.” She answered.

“Well OK. Thanks for rescheduling me.” I told her. I knew that Jes would have trouble dodging me forever. It is just a matter of time. It is kinda funny in a way. I usually hate to go to the dentist and here I am hoping for a chance. I do hope that I can see her. If the problem is what I think it is she may be better talking to me about it.


I was surprised that I did not have to reschedule again. I sort of figured that she would have tried to push me off at least once more, but I guess she knew that she could not run forever. So, when I hear my name called, and I am looked up, I was glad to see that it was Jes that I saw. Not only because I really wanted to talk to her about why she stopped responding to us, but also because she really is a good hygienist. I usually need to use self hypnosis to try and deal with the pain the discomfort associated with the cleaning, but with Jes I found out that I don’t. She just seems to have very steady hands and an attention to please people that I know all to well. Still I do get a bit nervous being in the chair and had full intention of using self hypnosis again today.

I get up and walk towards her. “Nice to see you again Jes. I was afraid that you were trying to hide out from us.” I know that we cannot be too specific about our out of office encounters, so we are going to have to play this a little cautiously.

She smiles and says, “Well I was sort of.” She motions me into the chair and I sit down. Even though I know and trust Jes, I still am not feeling too comfortable with this. I see a smirk appear on her face. “Are you going to drop into that hypnosis thing again and cause me to get distracted?” she asks.

I laugh at that. “I may. Perhaps you can see it again so that you remember how relaxing it can be.” I answer with a little wink. Last time I was here I dropped into my hypnotic trance and my mind started to drift to sex. Well next thing I know I am woken by a sharp pain and open my eyes to a red faced Jes who got a little distracted by the nice tent that my pants had formed from my hard on. This is how this whole thing started with Jes. She thought that I was sleeping and so I told her about self hypnosis. After a little back and forth flirting I ended up inviting her over to my house for some lessons in how to relax using self hypnosis with Heather and me helping her. Well she came over and the three of us hit it off great. Within 10 minutes she was undressing Heather while I watched. That night was just the first though of several other encounters with Jes coming over to join us. Never did get around to those hypnosis lessons though. Then all of the sudden she stopped returning our calls.

She looks away to look at the computer and bring up my charts. “Oh I remember, but it was not as relaxing as I was hoping. In fact, it turned out to be quite the opposite,” she answered when she turned back to me and started to lower the chair.

“I think I know what you mean Jes. Would you like to go to lunch with me and we can talk about it?” I asked hoping that she will be willing to at least talk about this so that I can verify what I think the problem is.

She looked at me and like the first time I asked her over she seems to be fighting some internal battle. Finally I see something that looks like resignation pass over her face. “Alright Tom. I guess we should talk about this,” she says. “In the mean while, I guess I had better get to work on cleaning your teeth Tom. Now behave, or you won’t like the consequences.”

“Behave, now what do you mean by that Jes I ask?” My hand reaches over the arm rest and I take a chance and start to stroke her knee. While smiling at me, she reaches over and finds the sharpest, nastiest, looking tool on her tray, holds it up to within an inch of my eyes and slowly turns it between her fingers. My hand meekly comes back and I put it on my stomach. I take a deep breath to calm myself down as I remember what I am here for.

“Alright Jes, I get the message. Let’s get this over with,” I tell her as I close my eyes. I open my mouth and she gets started. I try to use the self hypnosis, but my mind just keeps going back to previous encounters with Jes. I can smell her body wash, if I open my eyes I see her eyes and remember how she squints in an almost painful look as she cums trying to watch Heather suck on me.

I reach down and adjust my uncomfortable pants and receive a little jab from Jes. “You better control that mind a little better or you may be feeling a lot more discomfort than just an uncomfortable dick Tom,” Jes teases.

I try and smile around her scraping and try the hypnosis again. This time I do get into my relaxed trance and soon she is telling me she is finished. “All done Tom. That was not so bad was it?” She asks as she lifts the chair back up.

“Well except for the distractions that you provide, no, it was not that bad at all. As always you have very talented hands Jes. Thanks for not torturing me too bad with your diabolical tools,” I tell her as I get up. “When do you go for lunch? I will be sure to be back here.”

“Well how about we meet down stairs at noon. Will that work for you Tom?” she asks while scheduling my next cleaning.

“Works for me. See you at noon.” She hands me the appointment reminder card and and give her fingers a little stroke. She throws me a little wink and I turn and walk out hoping that I can work things out with her.


“So Jes, how have you been? It has been over a month since Heather or I have heard from you,” I asked as we sat down for lunch.

“I have been fine… I am sorry that I have returned any of your calls or emails.”

“We have missed seeing you Jes. What happened? Did we do something to scare you off?”

The waitress comes and takes our orders and I can tell that she is trying to find a way to explain what happened. The waitress left with our orders and I decided to come to her rescue and see if I was right as to what the issue was. I reach over and take her hand. “The problem was that Heather never wanted to share me with you. Am I right?”

Ever since the first time that Jes has joined Heather and me, we have never permitted her to have sex with me. She has joined us sure, Heather has shared her toys, she has given me blow jobs, Heather and me have eaten her sweet pussy, but I have never penetrated, never actually had sex with her. She has just watched us. Ever since the first time I have seen the disappointment, and perhaps something more, in her eye.

“Yes… no…well not just that. It is difficult to explain. It is just that when I see the two of you together … well you know. At first I was just disappointed, but eventually it just became painful. I don’t have anyone who can just fuck me and I am not one to just sleep around believe it or not. I don’t know what happened with you two, but I think that it was really just something about you that first drew me in. Then I met Heather and, well, it is just difficult to say no to you two. I had to just try and distance myself till I understood just how I was feeling. So I decided that the best way of dealing with this was just to cut off communication with you two for a while. Were you two angry with me when I did not respond to emails or returned any calls?” Jes said with her face full of concern.

“Concerned and worried that we drove you away more than angry,” I answered. “I think I understand though. I think you know that we had never had anyone else join us before. It has just been the two of us. We had talked about it, but were afraid of how we would feel about it. Then I just invited you over to test the waters and we all just sort of jumped in head first. I think that we are both still a little possessive of the other. I know that I would feel kinda hurt if just you and Heather got together without me, and I don’t know how either of us would feel about having me really fuck you too. That was the one thing that was just done between Heather and I and to do that … I just don’t know.” I sat back and just thought about what to do next. Maybe she was right and some space might be the best thing.

“Well let me go home and talk to Heather about this, or you can just talk to Heather yourself. I promise she will not be upset. Heather really does like just hanging out with you as friends. If that is the best we can achieve without things getting too messy, well I am sure that it will be just fine.”

“Thanks, Tom. I am glad that you understand. I think I will call Heather. I have missed talking to her,” she said smiling. She seemed to be relaxing that things are going in this direction, and I just hope that this works out.


That day I thought about my conversation with Jes and wondered how the call with Heather went. Like the first time, I did not warn Heather that Jes was going to call or what it was about. I did not think too much about it though because I was crazy busy that day and ended up having to work late again. I did not get home till after seven and opened the door and my jaw dropped. There was Heather and Jes sitting on the couch naked. They were just sitting there drinking some wine and they both started to laugh when they saw my expression. “What happend to the just friends part Jes?” I asked still standing in the entry way.

Heather got up, came and took my hand. Jes called out from the sofa, “I told you I had trouble saying no to you two.”

“We need to have a talk Tom,” Heather said as she started to pull me towards the bedroom. “Make yourself at home Jes,” she said over her shoulder and Jes answered with a wave of her hand a little giggle.

We walked into the bedroom and she shut the door behind us. “OK Heather, what’s up?” I ask she pushes me on the bed.

She straddles my lap and sits down. “Well Tom, Jes called today and she explained why she has not been in contact. She told me about how it has been bothering her about us not letting her have sex with you. So we talked about it and we think that we have come up with an understanding. I don’t know how I will feel about sharing you with Jes now that I have gotten to know her. I know that the first time I did not want to share and since then we have just followed that same rule. So we talked and we are just going to see what happens, but there is one rule that we will keep. Anything that happens with Jes only happens when both of us are there. She has agreed not to cross that line with either of us and I will promis that the two of us will never do anything without you around. Do you promis that you will do nothing with her unless I am around?” She starts to grind her bare bottom against my crotch. She knows what sort of effect this attention will have on me.

I reach up and grab her breasts and start to rub my thumb across those hard nipples. “Then what was that I walked into tonight Heather? I thought you said that you two would not do start anything without me?”

“Oh, well that was just a reminder for you of what you may loose out on. We really did not start or do anything. If you don’t want to do this and want to keep this just between us… well then I will go along with it and this will be just a final time for the three of us, but I think that you also are interested in doing this. Am I right?” She takes her hand and starts to unbutton my shirt.

“Of course I have been! I have been from the first moment she walked in our door, but I have also wanted to keep this one thing between us. You are right though… I don’t know how I would feel about it anymore. So, I guess that we could try this,” I reach up and grab her head and try to kiss her, but she gets her hand between us.

Her hand stops rubbing my chest and her hips stop grinding against the hard lump in my pants. “Then do you promis that you will not have sex with her unless I am around.”

The look in her eyes tell me that this is very important for her to hear from me. I grab her hand, pushes it down kiss her lips. “I promis Heather.”

She gives me a quick kiss on the lips and then jumps up, catching me off guard she pushes me back against the bed and straddles my chest pinning me to the bed. “He said OK!,” she yells out to the living room. Next thing I know Jes is back in pulling off my pants and Heather turns around and sets her pussy on my mouth. I cannot see what is going on. All I can see is Heather’s pussy, just trimmed again I notice, and then I feel my pants and underwear pulled off and then something warm envelope my cock. At first I thought that Jes had just jumped right on, but then I fell her tongue swirl about the head. At this point I do the only thing I can; I start to lick, suck, and finger fuck Heather’s pussy. I can hear Heather moaning and can feel her move around making sure my tongue can reach just where she wants.

I feel Jes’s mouth release me and feel Jes climbing up on the bed. “Let me hold it Jes. I want to watch you go down on him,” I hear Heather say. I feel Heather grab hold and then I fell my head pushed in and can feel Jes’s pussy pulled tight as she opens up to me.

“Ohhhh…” I can here from Jes’s throat and can feel Heather’s hand let go. Heather’s clit jumps, and I can see and feel her mussels tighten. My hand reachs out and grabs hold of her hand and squeezes gently and I get a squeeze back and feel her lift off of my face. She bends forward and grabs Jes’s head and kisses her as I feel Jes finish lowering herself on to me. I look up and can see Jes started to rise and lower herself on me. I hear her moans escaping from around Heather’s lips and then Heather lowers herself back on to my face.

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