I was in my mid-twenties and working away from home for the first time, staying in a hotel in London a few nights every week and travelling back up the country to my girlfriend at the weekend. It was hard going, and draining – I didn’t really know any of the people I worked with, and there was very little to do outside of work hours. All I could do was go out to dinner by myself and read a book. Part of me felt that if I had too much fun on my own I would somehow be betraying my girl back home, who would doubtless be pining for me.

There was a restaurant around 10 minutes walk from my hotel that I liked – it was large and modern, and not too busy, so I could always find a quiet spot and while away time there without feeling like I was taking up space. Plus the front-of-house staffer stationed by the entrance seemed to know me by now after only 3 or 4 visits, so I was starting to feel quite welcome – he was one of the few friendly faces in an otherwise solitary existence.

In fact it was him who, on my fifth visit, came by my table while I was eating to check everything was okay. I was caught a little off guard actually, with my mouth full, and he stood there grinning while I hastily chewed and swallowed before managing a “fine, thank you”.

“Well don’t forget, if you need anything give me a nod and I’ll sort you out” he said, and as he smiled and started to walk away he placed his hand over mine on the table for the briefest second – then he was gone. I felt as if I’d been electrified – it was a completely unexpected moment of physical contact. My mind was racing as I tried to figure out if it could have been an accidental brush, or simple friendliness or something flirtatious. Was he gay? Was he attracted to me? I didn’t know anybody gay and I just didn’t know how to react to this attention – if indeed it was attention at all!

After a couple of minutes I felt my heart settle down and I collected my thoughts enough to finish my meal and focus on my book. I stayed that way for maybe ten more minutes before I happened to glance up just as he was walking past a table at the other side of the room. He was looking my way and our eyes met for a brief second – then he smiled and started making his way over to me.

I felt myself panic, but I tried to remain outwardly calm and friendly – I needed to be sure I didn’t give him the wrong impression either by accepting unwanted advances, or by overreacting to non-existent ones. This time he knelt down next to my table so he was below my eyeline and engaged me in conversation.

In fact, he was very friendly and conversation flowed easily – he asked why I was in here alone so often and I told him about my situation. It was easy and natural except – he kept touching my hand while he was talking. Sometimes it was a brief tap, and sometimes it was a linger, sometimes even further up my arm. And every time I felt confused and breathless, and I hoped he could not tell how flustered he was making me.

Then he placed his hand on mine and left it there while he talked, holding my gaze quite intently, and suddenly the room seemed to fade into silence and darkness around me. All I was aware of was the touch on my hand, his eyes looking into min and – now – the uncomfortable swelling of my cock.

Without thinking, I blurted out “where’s the men’s room?”

He looked puzzled. “You’ve been here half a dozen times, and you don’t know where the toilets are?”

Now I felt flustered *and* stupid. I ought to know, but I’d never been – and it just sounded like a dumb question. What if he thought I was trying to get him to meet me there? Now my face was definitely flushed. He gave me an easy grin.

“Come on, follow me, they’re just over here”.

Shit. I got up and followed, aware that I had a definite erection in my jeans. It was quite tangled up in my underwear so I was hoping it wasn’t visible, but it was uncomfortable walking across the restaurant, and there were still several other full tables there. As we walked he commented on how tall I am – I’m 6’4, to his maybe 5’9 so I was definitely towering over him, but at that moment I wished I was invisible. He guided me to the men’s room and for a brief terrifying second I thought he was going to come in with me, but thankfully he stood aside as I walked in, with a mumbled “thanks”.

It was small, 5 or 6 urinals and a couple of cubicles, and – again thankfully – empty. I walked over to the far left urinal, grateful that I would be able to get my aching cock out in peace and rearrange myself a little, before I calmed down and went back to my seat. However, I’d undone my belt and the buttons of my jeans when the door behind me opened. I looked in the mirror in front of me and I could see – it was him.

He walked over and stood right next to me, so our hips were practically touching, and started to undo his fly.

My blood was pounding in my ears, and I was aware that I’d stopped right at the point of releasing my cock, frozen in the act. He looked over at me. “Don’t let me stop you” he said.

I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t think of a way out of this situation. I could feel his eyes on me, and I didn’t dare make eye contact. Then I felt like I had to, and once our eyes met I couldn’t look away.

His body turned slightly to mine and mine to his, and at that moment I *knew*, without a shadow of a doubt, what it was that he wanted, and that I wanted it too. It still took long seconds for me to work up the courage but then I took the plunge and – without looking down – freed my cock from my underwear.

I felt a wave of pleasure and relief as my trapped erection swelled to its full size (nearly 8″) – I didn’t dare look down but I knew that my rock hard cock was now bouncing freely between us. Still he held my gaze before finally looking down – and then I felt his fingers close around me and I gasped.

“I take it you’ve never done this before?” he said, and I shook my head. He went to his knees and suddenly I felt lips and tongue and warmth on my cock and I felt like my world was exploding. He took the head into his mouth, wrapping his hands around the base and working my cock back and forth, back and forth. I was absolutely out of my mind by now, and my face was hot with the shame of what I was doing, and the fear of someone walking in on us at that moment.

“Oh god” I moaned, and I felt him smile as he worked his mouth expertly over my cock. He tugged my jeans and underwear down to my knees and I felt his hands reach up and take hold of my buttocks, pulling me into him. He started to take me deeper into his mouth, with longer strokes and I could feel my tension building.

“Wait!” I said, and tried to pull away. He pulled back and my throbbing dick sprang free frmo his mouth, glistening with saliva. He looked a little surprised, but I said “lets go in the cubicle”. He nodded and got up, grabbed my cock and led me into the cubicle, locking the door behind us.

He was just about to go down on me again but I stopped him.

“I… I want to suck you” I said. “I really want you in my mouth, and I want to make you cum that way. I’m so, so horny right now I think I’d do anything you wanted, but I’m on a hair trigger here, and I’m afraid that if… if I finish too soon I won’t want to do it anymore. Please – let me suck you now”

He grinned at me and I felt his hand at the back of my neck. Suddenly he was pulling me down for a kiss, and before I really realised what was going on our tongues were mashed together in the hungriest, most passionate embrace I think I’d ever had. As our lips locked together and we kissed deeply, I reached down to his trousers. He’d unzipped them earlier, and I started to pull them down and slide my hands inside his underwear, seeking his cock. And then – for the first time – I held another man’s erection in my hands. I gasped and he kissed even more deeply into my mouth as I encircled his cock with my fingers and slowly stroked him. As our bodies pressed together I felt my cock grow, if anything, even harder and he moaned into my mouth as our tongues danced and I held his cock.

Then I dropped to my knees and pointed it at my mouth. I studied it for a few seconds, taking in its size (definitely at least an inch and a half smaller than mine, but it appeared huge up close), shape, smell – everything. I met his eyes as I opened my mouth and slowly accepted his cock into me. I saw his eyes roll up as my tongue tasted his head for the first time, a slightly saltiness, and oh so addictive. Once I had it in my mouth I just wanted to give him the best blowjob I was capable of giving. I ran my hands over his torso as he pulled his shirt over his head, all the while keeping his cock in my mouth and working my tong and lips over its length. I pulled my shirt off too, and knelt there, naked save for my trainers, and my jeans round my ankles, with my left hand holding my throbbing hard dick, and my right stroking this man’s cock and my mouth devouring as much of it as I could.

I worked my mouth and my hand in unison for I don’t know how long, but I could tell he was enjoying it. He ran his fingers through my hair and moaned encouragement to me. God, I wanted his cum, but I never wanted it to end!

Then I felt him starting to tense more and he moaned down at me “I’m going to cum!”. I wanted to see this happen, I wanted him to spray me with his cum, to feel it on my body. I pulled my mouth off and held his twitching cock taut, watching in slow motion just as an orgasm ripped through his body and a hot stream of cum painted a line across my chest and my face. Another spurt, and another, seemed to shower me in a hot spatter that went everywhere. I clamped my lips softly over his tip in time to feel the last of his cum draining out of his cock into my mouth – I couldn’t believe I was tasting his cum, playing with it, swallowing it, but it felt glorious. I looked up and smiled, eager for his approval, and he smiled back and pulled me to my feet, kissing me deeply again and sharing his taste in my mouth.

He kissed my neck and worked his way down my body, taking my nipples into his mouth and playing with them. My girlfriend had *never* done this and it felt incredible, a dull throbbing that seemed to spread from my chest and run straight to my groin. I couldn’t take much more and he knew I was desperate for an orgasm, so he went to his knees and started sucking me again.

It was incredible, every second of his mouth on me was bliss and I think I barely lasted a minute before finally losing it and shooting into his mouth. Our eyes locked as my body shuddered its way through the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced, and he took every shot from my pulsing cock in his mouth. He held me there for a long time as I gradually calmed down, before coming up again to kiss me.

My knees buckled and I sat back onto the toilet seat, as he followed me down and straddled me, sitting on my lap and kissing me. We were both practically naked and feeling his thighs against mine, and his arms around me was as thrillingly erotic. I had no idea how long we’d been in there, how much noise we’d made or how on earth I was going to clean myself up enough to get out of there, but – right then – I didn’t care. In fact, I astonished myself – I did not feel panic or guilt right then, as I was so afraid of. All I could think of was how right it had felt and how much I wanted to do it all over again…

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