toilet slave

6. The Drowning Torture

He had no idea of the time because he couldn’t read the clock. It was pitch black without the lights. It must have been a few hours later when the cell door was flung open. That was quick, he thought. His heart sank. She’d come back for more. She remained momentarily silhouetted in the faint light showed through the opening.

He couldn’t see that this was a younger Japanese lady, still in her jodhpurs, entering then carefully locking the door behind her.

The red lights came on.

‘You, come here,’ she commanded, whacking her riding crop against a black leather boot.

He recognised her immediately. She was a model/actress, named Lucy Devon and had also appeared on many celebrity shows. He had even photographed her coming out of nightclubs in the early hours.

‘I said come here,’ she ordered.

He hurried over.

‘Oh my, I thought Mummy had got another slave,’ she said in a perfect privately educated accent. The persona from her TV appearances was nothing like she was behaving here. And the smile was different too. Now it was cruel.

‘Get down,’ she told him, ‘on your knees facing me.’

As he did as he was told she walked around him, carefully studying him.

‘So, you’re the new smother-slave, are you?’ she asked rhetorically, a smirk on the corners of her lush lips. Her eyes were green and her bronze hairdo had probably cost more than he earned in a month. ‘You’re better looking than the last one. Mhh, I think I’m going to enjoy you.’

Something flickered in her face in way of recognition. He dreaded if she recognised him.

‘Do I know you?’ she enquired, puzzled.

He hesitated.

‘Yes!’ she hissed, then laughed out loud. ‘You’re the paparazzi photographer, the one who’s a pain in the arse.’

‘Jeez… I couldn’t have had better luck if I tried,’ she chuckled. ‘This is going to be such good fun.’

She bent to sniff his breath. Straightening, she told him, ‘You smell of piss. I’m going to give you a bath.’

She went over to the glass tank, turned on the taps and, prodding him with her crop, she ordered him: ‘Move back until I say.’

He shuffled back until his feet touched a pair of ankle shackles lying on the floor. Securing his feet, she grabbed the back of his head, forcing him to lean backwards and secured his ankle shackles to his tied wrists. She proceeded to winch down the ceiling hoist with a chain pulley. The rattling of the chains unnerved him even more.

‘Every time your breath smells of piss I’m going to give you a little bath,’ she laughed.

The hoist had chest and shoulder straps attached to it. Strapping him in, she raised him up a foot off the floor. He dangled there, terrified, his legs bent backwards.

She looked him directly in the eye. ‘If you make a sound I’ll really make you suffer. Do you understand?’

He nodded and she took the ball gag from his mouth.

‘You’re going to need this out to give you any kind of a chance,’ she laughed.

She winched him just above the height of the five-foot high tank, pulling the device so he was directly over it. ‘Come on in,’ she chuckled, ‘the water’s lovely.’

With a loud laugh she released her grip so the chain passed quickly through her fingers. He lowered fast into the water of the nearly filled tank, the water nearly overlapping the top. As he reached the bottom she turned off the taps. He was lucky. The temperature of the water was tepid. It had been cold he would really have been in trouble.

Giggling at what she saw, she watched his contorted face through the glass furiously attempting to break surface. He thrashed about for a few moments before finally managing to stretch his entire body enough to get his mouth and nose above the water line.

‘You look like a goldfish,’ she chortled. ‘Like a fish out of water.’ Her chuckling continued while his struggles to breathe became more desperate. ‘I think I’m going to really like torturing you.’

She reached over the tank, pushing him back under using both hands. Bending down in order to see his face, she laughed again at what she saw.

‘Wow, you’re really suffering, aren’t you?’ she giggled at the look of torment on his agonised face underwater.

Leaving it to the last possible moment, she let him go causing her to laugh at the sound of him breaking the surface and trying to gasp in as much air as he could. Cruelly, she pushed him back under before he could properly inhale.

‘That’s horrible of me, isn’t it?’ she laughed, purposefully holding his head underwater.

Studying his contorted face through the glass, she was grinning from ear to ear. ‘This is really bad of me doing this to you,’ she chuckled, ‘but you know what, I just can’t stop myself.’

Letting go suddenly, she allowed his face to surface but yet again, before he was able to inhale sufficiently, she plunged him back under.

This form of water torture continued for an hour and a half. As she eventually grew tired of playing that particular game, she was now ready to move on to the next form of amusement.

She left him dangling, half drowned, over the top of the water tank, dripping into the water. Even her own clothes had become semi-drenched.

‘I don’t want you getting water all over the place,’ she informed him leaving the room only to return wearing nothing but skin-tight beige shorts, with a slit up the back revealing her bottom crack. She had a glass of chilled Crystal, from which she took an occasional sip.

He hung above her, completely helpless, fearful of what she had in store for him next.

This is the first episode of the Mistress Mary series. More to come.

Warning: This story is rather extreme. Take a look at the tags, if you find any of those terms disgusting then you should stop reading immediately.


You walk up the steps towards Mary’s apartment, thinking about how lucky you are that Mary, the hottest girl at University, asked you to tutor her. This is going to be your big chance to get close to her. She’s out of your league but you’re pretty sure that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. You ring the doorbell and Mary answers.

You lose your breath at the sight of her. Your eyes look down at her light blue mini-skirt that barely covers her pubic area before wandering up to her white tank top. The top was slim-fitting so you could see through it to her gorgeous belly, smooth and plump without being fat. Your eyes continue upward to the entrancing cleavage revealed by her low-cut top, and your eyes rest on the nipples protruding from behind the teasingly thin fabric.

You use your hands to cover the huge bulge growing in your pants.

“Come in.” she says curtly. You enter and she closes the door and locks it behind her. She leads you upstairs to her bedroom. You walk in and set your books on the desk. Mary pulls up a chair 90 degrees to you and sits on it. You try your hardest not to look down in between her legs to avoid coming off as a creeper.

She asks you a question about one of the homework problems. You enthusiastically pull out your answer to the problem and begin explaining how to do it. She leans forward to see what you’re doing, and you instinctively look down her top. Your heart races as you see her breasts get squeezed together into a wonderful cleavage and her uncovered nipples creep into view.

Your homework explanation trails off as you stare down her top. You look back up to see that Mary was watching you. You quickly turn away in shame, but she says “It’s alright, you want to see more?”

You nod your head emphatically. She tells you, “The guys I date never do what I want them to. If you can satisfy me…”

She lifts one of her legs up so that you can see under her skirt. Your erection gets harder when you find that she isn’t wearing any panties.

“…I will satisfy you.”

This seems too good to be true. You ask her what the catch is.

She replies, “You just have to worship my body.”

You tell her that you can do that.

She chuckles. “We’ll see.”

She stands up and kneels before her bed. She leans over so that her stomach is resting on the bed and her vagina peeks out from under her skirt.

“Kiss my ass!” she commands.

You don’t think you heard her correctly and stare at her, confused.

“What part of ‘kiss my ass’ did you not understand?”

You don’t like where this is going and you tell her that you are going to leave. She smiles at you, amused. Then she pulls up her skirt to reveal her round and luscious ass. Your inhibitions are suddenly overridden and you kneel down and put your lips to her behind. You kiss her left cheek and then her right, feeling her butt-sweat mix with your saliva.

“Don’t just kiss it, make out with it!”

You start passionately licking her ass, coating the cheeks and even the crack with your saliva. You can tell she hasn’t showered recently, but the taste turns you on even more.

“Don’t stop there! French kiss it!”

You pull her cheeks apart, her asshole opening up in anticipation of a visitor, and you stick your tongue inside. You can taste trace amounts of shit as your tongue moves all around the rim and inside of her asshole. She moans in pleasure at the sensation, but then you sense a strange movement coming from her bowels. You taste a strange gas and then hear a sudden loud noise. It took a moment for you to register what it is, but then you feel shock when you realize that she is farting in your mouth!

“Keep going!”

You obediently keep tonguing her ass, but the smell is awful and you nearly gag from inhaling fart after fart. Finally, the farting ends and she tells you to stop. You tell her that you definitely need to leave now and don’t think you can continue tutoring her.

“Oh, are you sure?”

You pick up your books and put them in your backpack. You glance at her and see that she is standing. She puts her hands below her already pulled-up skirt and continues pulling up her skirt above her head, bringing her tank top with it. Your jaw drops at the beauty of her belly and perfection that is her boobs.

“Come on, just let me fulfill one fantasy and then I’ll let you fuck me.”

Your hormones override your better judgment and you agree.

“I have this fantasy about having a slave, so I just want you to wear these handcuffs.”

You object, but she says “Oh don’t be such a pussy, I’ll let you go when I’m done.”

She somewhat forcibly handcuffs both of your hands and attaches the handcuffs to the side of the bed, such that you have to sit at the post of the bed.

“Alright, slave.” she said as she brought her ass up to your face. “You know what to do.”

You protest and she says “Oh fine, I promise not to fart in your face anymore, just clean it out.”

You start licking, ready to close your mouth quickly if she starts farting again. You curse yourself for letting her handcuff you so easily.

After a while she says, “Wow, time sure does fly. You must be hungry for a snack.”

You start to reply but she cuts you off with a “Don’t stop!” so you just grunt in confirmation of your hunger. She keeps her ass close to your face and bends down to look through her book bag on the floor.

“Your food is in here, but before I give it to you, you have to clean my ass good.”

You reluctantly agree because you are starving.

“Keep going. I’m preparing your food. You’re going to love it, it’s fresh.”

You’re still pleasuring her ass, wondering what kind of snack she has for you. Just then you feel something on your tongue, it was getting bigger and you realize with horror what it is but it’s too late to stop it. A piece of shit drops right into your mouth! You quickly spit it out, gagging.

“You didn’t like my homemade meatloaf?” she said mockingly, “You’re probably not going to like my pea soup either.”

She turns around, positions her vagina in front of your face, and uses her right hand to open her pussy lips and aim it towards your mouth. You close your mouth and move your head as far away from her as possible. She laughs as she uses her left hand to pinch your nose shut and force your face in front of her pussy. You start to lose air so you open your mouth for a quick breath, but at that moment, she starts peeing.

You quickly close your mouth again but still have some of her hot piss in your mouth. Mary is still peeing against your face and it starts dripping down all over your body. You try to spit the acrid piss out of your mouth but whenever you do, your mouth would fill up with her fresh pee. You can feel your lungs crying out for oxygen, and you swallow some of her pee so that you can open your mouth and get a little bit of precious oxygen, even if it is mixed with Mary’s acid piss.

Your clothes are completely drenched with piss and you start to cry when you open your mouth for a third time to accept her piss in order to get enough oxygen to live. The stream finally starts slowing down and then trickles to a stop. You gasp, welcoming the non-piss-filled breaths you are now allowed. This was not at all what you bargained for and you demand to be let go.

“But don’t you want the sex I promised you?”

Oh yeah, how could you forget about that? You reason that you might as well have the sex, since you worked so hard for it. She takes off your pants and then boxers, your penis standing attention. She brings her soft delicate body down on your hard cock. You feel ecstatic, your mind in a state of total bliss as you shake uncontrollably and your sperm shoots through her body. Almost worth the cruel torture you had to endure to get it. Almost.

“There you go. Wasn’t that fun?”

You thank her and ask to be untied now.

She giggles. “Huh,” she says, “you don’t understand the meaning of ‘slave’ do you?”

A powerful feeling of dread overcomes you.

“I’m keeping you… forever.”

You stammer out some unintelligible sentences as you try to make sense of your situation.

“This must be hard for you to grasp, but you’ll learn soon enough. Now clean out my pussy!”

She puts the vagina that you just fucked in front of your mouth. You refuse to cooperate and demand to be released at once. She raises her foot and places it on your balls and begins to press down. The pain intensifies until you relent and stick out your tongue in submission.

“That’s a good slave. Now lick up all your sperm and swallow it!”

She brings her pussy onto your tongue and you begin cleaning it, tasting your own sperm. You lick up all the sperm you can and swallow it. Then Mary turns around and you can see that her ass still has some leftover residue from when she dropped a shit in your mouth. She rubs her dirty ass all over your face, making sure your lips get especially pressed against her asshole. She then moves her ass up and presses it against your nose so you can smell the nasty fragrance.

To your horror, she uses her hands to spread her cheeks apart so that her asshole opens and then she sticks your nose inside. The rest of her ass is covering your mouth, so you have nothing to breathe except what emanates from her ass. You make muffled screams, to which she responds, “What, you need some air to breathe? Alright, here you go!”

Your nostrils get hit with a sudden blast of foul air. She farted straight up your nose! Your mind is racing with a mixture of disgust and light-headedness from lack of oxygen. You were about to pass out when she lifted her ass from your face. You sit gasping for breath. She stands up straight and walks to the doorway. She turns her head to look at your pitiful state.

“Don’t go anywhere.” She smiles and leaves. You sit, still handcuffed to the bed, and ponder about your new existence.

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