Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the tenth part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, submission and domination, degradation, extreme sodomy, ass worship, extreme dirty assplay, light or implied scat, and EFRO (erotic female relieving observance).

All characters involved are 18 or older.

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The both of you are in a sitting position on the bathroom floor, with Ana facing you and in your lap. The embrace is far from a usual father-daughter one, with the both of you naked and your daughter sitting her peachy bumcheeks down on your cock. You feel your daughter’s sticky asshole squelch around your cock as you push further inside, the sweet anal syrup that she produces in such abundance lewdly clinging to your shaft and slowly running down to your balls.

You watch her slutty flushed face as your cock bottoms out inside her, and she bites her lip as she starts to bounce on your lap. A steady shlop-shlop-shlop noise starts up as your cockmeat humps her enlarged and sopping butthole, so wet and juicy from your previous activities. The fat brown hole is slopped into, and her teenage sphincter squeezes you close.

“Massage my slutty anus with your big dick daddy, make love to my dirty bowels,” Ana whimpers in your ear as she rides you, her big tits jiggling up and down.

“I love your sticky anus baby, I love reaming it and I love how warm and slutty it feels,” you reply, and gently bite the lobe of her ear.

“My bottom is always warm for you daddy,” she says. “And it’s definitely the ass of a slut.”

You massage her full buttcheeks and nastily kiss her, her with mouth wide open and her tongue stuck out, and she moans like a whore as her bouncing increases on her father’s lap, and the juices and filth around her bumhole froth up around your plunging cock.

Your daughter’s fat bum has opened up even more to your dick now, and her backdoor entrance, already stretched from before, is a debauched joy to fuck, a gaping sloppy bunghole that squelches as Ana goes up and down, your thick cock slipping and slopping out like juicy hard fruit plunged into a baked pie, or driftwood from the sea thrown into a cavernous underground pool, heated by hot springs and dripping wetness from the walls: all hopeless analogies your mind arrives at when trying to describe the obscene wet whorehole that is your daughter’s backside.

“Mmm my anus is especially wet and horny today, can you feel how dirty it is inside?” Ana says, jolting you out of your strange similies.

“It’s very dirty and slutty today baby, it’s full up with your bumhoney. I’m going to have to fuck you after taking you to the toilet more often if this is how lewd and depraved your bottom is going to be.”

“I’ve told you before, I want a cock in my sexy bottom right after I have a poo each and every time.”

Your cock flexes in your daughter’s ass and you grab her hips to steal control away from her, pounding her rectum, feeling it squish around your shaft as her big jugs shake about in all directions.

“I still can’t believe my daddy is butt-fucking me, it’s so hot I don’t think I can ever get used to it!” Ana cries, her little hands on top of your shoulders. “Keep fucking your daughter’s ass!”

This is a statement that is always a delight to hear but quite an unnecessary command. You kiss her pretty and lustful face and neck, tonguing them like a dog. She whines and her face looks completely stressed, her mouth parted and her teeth showing, in an expression born of lost control and sense, of the body breaking down from agonising debauchery and the extremest of fetishistic pleasure, both physical and emotional. It is a face that only extreme, rough and passionate taboo buttfucking can bring you, and that is also something that causes no end of frenzied vocal outburts.

“Sodomise me daddy! Bum me!” Ana wails, her teeth gritted and strained, her eyes desperate and nearly crying. “Fuuckk, more! Sodomise your big titted teenage daughter, pound my fat butt, pump my sexy bum! Keep on penetrating my hot little bottom! Fuuuckkk!”

You wrap your arms around her and grab her tight, her boobs crushed into you. You rut away deep in her ass, in short hard strokes, and you groan. The first jet of hot jizz shoots up into Ana’s rectum and she breathes out loudly and fiercely as she feels it.

“Shoot your cum in my bum daddy! Deep in my fucking bottom! Fill me up with all that daddymilk! I wanna feel it sloshing away deep inside me. Cream my gorgeous anus daddy. Use me as your pretty little cumdump.”

You take your time lathering her insides, much to her enjoyment and her own delicious orgasm, her head lolling about as she feels her bottom filled up with a creamy cum, like a hose into a bucket. You pull your dick out when you are done, with a nasty wet sound. Her asshole farts stickily at you and she gives you a depraved look, her index finger playing with her bottom lip.

You roll her backwards, moving the both of you with some effort until she is lying on her back on the more comfortable bathroom mat. You hover your cockhead at the entrance, circling your cock around her loose sticky ring like the edges of a yoghurt pot. It pulsates at you, winking and making noises occasionally, with a few globules of cum leaking out to run down her deep crack.

“Stuff that cock back up my big ass, stuff it deep,” Ana snarls at you. “Quench my thirsty asshole with your cum dripping cock. You know it can’t get enough. You know I can’t get enough of being buggered like a whore.”

You lean in and lie down on top of her, and her legs wrap around your back as she takes you inside her backdoor. You sink your cock back into the depths of Ana’s clasping teen bottom with a single long thrust, feeling your cock swallowed up into a reservoir of your own semen. Your cockhead gets soaked in the thick mixture, like warm white syrup.

“Why are you so dumb?” you whisper rhetorically into her ear.

“I don’t know daddy, I just am.” She cries a little as you slowly and passionately ream her warm sticky butthole. Your own cum coats your balls as you push into your previous deposit and some of it is forced out to make room for your cock.

After a few minutes of this loving but degrading anal sex, with you stroking and rubbing Ana’s face while plunging into her backside, her legs up and tight around you, you suddenly get an idea and pull out, pushing yourself back through Ana’s legs until they unlock to let you pass.

“Whaaat?” Ana cries, her face scrunched up.

“I have an idea baby, and I want you to stay super horny for me.”

“I’m always horny daddy! And my bum needs it bad!”

“It’ll get it soon. But first I want to fuck that hot teen rack of yours. I want my slimy cock from deep in your ass pushed between your big fat titties, that completely fuckable chest.”

“Mmm well since you put it like that daddy, I guess my ass can wait. I’ve wondered when you were gonna fuck my boobies. It’s normally the first place guys go to.” She gets up on her knees and you stand up, and she opens up the valley between her big boobs and wraps your sloppy cockmeat between them. She looks up at you with long-lashed doe eyes, and you grab her meaty funbags from the sides and squeeze them together, creating a nice tight but soft cleft to fuck. You start to slide in and out, and quickly pick up speed, your cumslick penis having no problem with friction in your daughter’s tit valley.

“Do you like having your big tits fucked baby?” you ask her, as her cheeks go red once more.

“Mmmph… daddy you have no idea. I love being boobfucked! Pressing my big fat boobies together around a big cock and the guy using my melons to jerk off. Mmm it makes me feel like so good, just used for my huge boobs. I love it when it’s like a guy is only there for my tits, not even looking at my face, like I may as well be just a pair of tits to him and nothing else. Makes me feel so hot and degraded and dumb. I love being a big titty slut! When I go on nights out I’m always begging guys to cum on my big tits. If I’m drunk I sometimes just go up to strangers and ask them and then go on and on until they let me have my way. Usually it doesn’t take too much begging before their cock is in my chest though.”

“Aw that’s my girl. You really need cock in your boobs then?”

“I just get in that kinda mood, especially when I drunk and I’ve been dancing in the clubs and having my cleavage all pushed out and jiggling away all night and getting all hot and sweaty. When you’ve had your chest stared at the whole night by guys and girls eventually you just need it grabbed and screwed. I’ve told my friends loads of times that I just need to go and get a quick titfuck, just get some cum on my rack, and that I’d be right back. They’re used to it by now. I just go to an alleyway outside the club, or sometimes just in the guy’s toilets. Mmm make love to my boobs daddy. Use them to cum.”

“You always get it straight away?” you say, ramming her melons with more force now, turned on with your daughter’s talk.

“Not always, sometimes I get really desperate. Sometimes I can’t find anyone to fuck them, or people want to fuck me and not my tits, or they fuck my tits but want to cum somewhere else. Sometimes that’s cool, like when they wanna fuck my tits till they cum on my pretty dumb face. But often once my mind is set on getting that soothing cum on my hot chest then I just really need it bad. I can get all upset and worked up if they won’t fuck and cream my huge knockers.”

“Aw, do you have a little tantrum till a guy fucks and jizzes all over your slutty pushed out cleavage?”

“Yes daddy I go crazy! Sometimes I even cry till they fuck my big bouncy boobies and cum on them… Some of them like me crying while they’re fucking my chest, and I do it ’cause I’m so desperate for that cum and they’re getting me all worked up, laughing at me and calling me names. One time I was crying so hard my tears were soaking the guy’s cock, making the titfuck really wet and sloppy. That was so hot. I’m really good at crying when I’m worked up, guys have called me the best and the dumbest crying slut they’ve ever seen.”

“That’s really hot baby. I can see you’re crying a little bit now.”

“Mmm daddy I know,” Ana whimpers. “I can’t help it when I’m like this. I’m glad you like my tears like the other guys. I just wish my big whore tits could always be covered in a layer of cum. But I guess I wouldn’t cry if I was always satisfied.” She sniffs and her reddened eyes blink away more tears. Her mascara is starting to run down her face making her appear even sexier and more like a whore.

“Your talk and tears is really getting daddy worked up baby. If you’re a good crying slut then you can get daddy’s cum on your big bouncy chest.”

Ana scrunches her face up, looking so abused and aroused, and after you slap her face a couple of times she starts to sob, which increases in vigour as you resume a frantic and sloppy titfuck. Her warm breasts feel amazing pumping around your cock, and just looking down at her impressive teen rack and her sexy crying face makes you about to orgasm.

“Please cum on my big tits and all over my pretty little face!” Ana wails. “I’ll keep it on, I’ll wear your cum proudly! I can soak the insides of my big bra cups with your cum, keeping my boobs all sticky inside them.”

“Good girl, I wouldn’t expect any less,” you grunt, and you squirt out drape after drape of jizz, covering your daughter’s melons that she holds up to you as an offering. She breathes hard, looking with slightly crossed eyes alternately at your squirting cockhead and at her cumdripping boobs. When you are done her heaving bosom is covered in your thick white jizz.

Ana looks at you, and gives you the biggest smile ever. “Let’s go on a walk daddy,” she says.

I walked through the dark house unphased by the blinking light of the home security system on the wall just outside the kitchen. I liked the little bit of fear inside me, quelling up whenever I heard a creek in the big house.

She had left her keys at the restaurant where I work as a valet driver and I thought it would only be polite to return them to her. I slowly, cautiously made my way through the living room until I found the stairs.

I tip-toed as lightly as possible to the very top and gazed down the hallway. The door to my right was the bathroom but there was a door just past it at the end of the hall. I slowly crept as close as I could and placed my ear against it. I heard absolutely nothing, not even the sound of people sleeping. I slowly turned the knob and began to open it as I heard what seemed like the loudest squeak that hinges had ever made.

I quickly stopped and peaked through the crack. Had I awoken the sleeping recipient of these lost keys? Not likely. As I gazed into the dark room I saw nothing but a few boxes. Perhaps this was a spare room or maybe they’d just moved in. Either way, I was fine for the moment.

I crept back towards the stairs and noticed another door at the opposite end of the hall. Bingo. This must be where she sleeps. I slowly made my way towards the door, even more cautious than earlier and began to turn the knob. Locked. I hadn’t come this far to be stopped by a small mechanism inside a door handle.

I pulled a quarter out of my pocket and placed it in the slit in the center of the handle. I turned it slowly to the left and then began to turn the knob. I opened the door as slowly as humanly possible, anticipating another set of noisy hinges. To my surprise, these were completely quiet. Perhaps she got tired of the squeak and went at it with a bottle of WD-40. I knew she was smart.

I slowly creeped towards the bed and, to my horror and my delight, noticed two sleeping bodies, not one. I like a challenge, I thought to myself as I gently placed the keys at the food of their bed. Husband and wife, laying together just like the Bible taught us. I took a moment to gaze at her in the moonlight before I made my escape.

Her beautiful brown hair, her tanned skin, her gorgeous, dark brown eyes; they were all clearly visible, even in the dark. She was a vision. Sexy, beautiful, everything I had ever dreamed of. I remember exactly what she looked like from earlier that evening.

She had a slender physique but she was very curvacious, very voluptuous. She had incredible thighs and an amazing ass that were hidden just slightly by the red dress she was wearing. Her shape was incredible. And her pouty, soft lips looked like they were going to fit perfectly around the head of my throbbing hard cock.

As I gazed at her in the night, I remembered more and began to feel aroused. Her long legs, her perfect breasts. Not too big, not too small. Absolute perfection. Perhaps a 34C or something like that. But perfect. I almost couldn’t contain myself. No, I thought. She’ll be yours soon enough. I made my exit but not without a little more hesitation. Her smell, her beauty, it all lingered on me as I left. When I conquered her, it would be glorious.

The Next Morning…

I awoke with a smile on my face, ready to greet the day as if it were Christmas morning. The sun was shining as I made my way out to the driveway. It was Monday, but I was playing hookie. I had other business to attend to before I could worry about work.

I peered through the binoculars as she pulled out of her driveway. She looked even sexier than yesterday, despite the fact that she was dressed much more casually. She had a pair of jeans that hugged her ass ever so tightly. Every stride, every step she took left it with a tiny bounce that made me want to tackle her right there.

And above she was wearing a very low-cut white T-shirt that drove me absolutely wild. Her breasts bounced up and down perfectly as she made her way out the door. I followed her from a safe distance and waited for the right moment to approach her.

She ran the usual errands: post office, dry-cleaner, grocery store. And finally, after a few hours she made her way back home. This time, as she pulled back in, there was one less car than before. Her husband was gone. I parked and quickly got out of the car. I had waited too long and now I had to improvise.

What was her name? What was her name? I thought to myself. And then I remembered… “Helen!” I shouted from across the street. She turned around and stared in confusion, eventually remembering, still not sparing the awkwardness of the moment.

“Hi… umm… I forget your name,” she shouted as she unlocked the door.

“Michael!” I said as I jogged towards her.

“Of course. Michael. What are you doing here? Do you live around here?” she asked, still a bit confused.

“No,” I answered as I finally made my way to the porch. “No, my cousin lives over there at,” I hesitated, checking the house number, “at 472.”

“Really,” she asked?

“Yeah. My Uncle Richie’s kid lives there.”

“That’s strange,” she replied. “The Thompsons are black.”

I waited for a moment. Could I have been found out? “Well, we’re not blood relatives. I was adopted by Richie’s brother. They’re the closest thing to family that I have.” Never.

She eased up a bit. “Well, what a coincidence,” she said, opening up the door. I was running out of ideas and had to think fast. I was starting to yearn for her as I felt the sweet smell of her perfume dance around me, caressing my skin with its fingers and begging me to please fuck her.

“Well, hey, that’s strange,” I said, pointing at her car. “We had a red Mustang leave their keys at Vera’s last night. Was that yours?”

“Yes, it was,” she said. “You know, it’s so strange that you mention that. I didn’t leave them at Vera’s. I couldn’t find them all night and then, strangely enough, when I woke up they were right at the foot of the bed. Boy, talk about weird,” she continued.

“That is weird,” I agreed. “How did you get home?”

“Oh, I was with my husband and he had his keys as well. Everything turned out fine, I guess.”

“Glad to hear it,” I said. She was comfortable. She was at ease. She was smiling and laughing. The fish was almost caught. I could feel the hook grazing its mouth, begging to dig into the skin and seal its fate forever. If only I could jump in the water and dig it in with my own bare hands without scaring it away. I decided to dangle the bait.

“I’m glad everything is back in order,” I said. I slowly, confidently placed my right hand on her waist and squeezed gently, staring into those beautiful brown eyes that had my cock rock hard at that very moment. “I hope you have a wonderful day.”

It hit her like a ton of bricks. She was flustered. She was doing everything she could not to have an orgasm right there. As I walked off the porch, she called out to me. “Well, hey… Michael… I’ve got a few minutes before I have to leave again. Do you like sushi?”

No, I did not like sushi. I hated sushi. The only thing that tasted worse to me than a cooked fish was an uncooked one. But she didn’t know that, and she never would. I turned around, smiled and sold it like a bag of rocks to a drowning man. “I love sushi,” I said as I walked in the door.

Fifteen Minutes Later…

I threw her against the kitchen wall and began kissing her neck, nibbling a little bit and then caressing the bite mark with my tongue. I placed my hand on her waste and pulled her into my so she could feel my hard, throbbing cock.

“Oh, God, I want you to fuck me,” she said as she kissed my lips and began to molest my mouth with her tongue. My hand slowly found its way from her waist down to her ass and as I began to squeeze and rub her perfect cheeks from outside her jeans, my massive dick became even more restless.

“I don’t want you,” I said, gazing into her eyes. She looked confused. “I need you.” With those words I threw her down onto the living room floor and began to thrust my crotch into hers, continuing to feel her tongue rub up against mine. My right hand was underneath her, still grasping onto her perfect ass. And my left hand began to rub and caress her breast, slowly pulling and grabbing as she began to gasp and moan.

I could feel her heart beat faster than a racehorse at the Kentucky Derby as I began to pull off her shirt. Underneath were a perfect pair of tits waiting to be licked, massaged and fucked. The only thing standing in the way was a purple and black lacy bra that complimented the tone of her skin perfectly. I could see them rise up and down as she breathed in and out.

Almost impulsively, I buried my face in-between them, invading her cleavage with my wet, hot tongue, leaving not an inch uncovered in my dripping saliva. I made my way back up to her neck and bit down a little harder than before, enjoying a sexy and unexpected moan from her as she thrust her crotch into mine.

“You like my tits?” she asked as we continued to play fore. “Oh, yeah,” I responded, not able to conjure up anything more eloquent than that at the moment. “You wanna slide your dick between them and fuck my tits?” she continued as she gazed up at me with the sexiest smile on her face. My answer was obvious.

She practically ripped my pants off and began to rub my hard, throbbing cock from outside of my boxers. “Oooh, you’re a big one aren’t you?” The feeling of her hand, even gently caressing my cock, was almost unbearable. “Yes, I am,” I said, tearing her bra off.

Her breasts were dripping wet from the sweat and saliva and needed no lubrication. I pulled down my underwear and released my dick as she grabbed it and guided it into her cleavage. As she pushed her tits around it I began to slide my dick in and out. Darts of pleasure shot up and down my body as my knees grew weak. Her wet, soft tits felt so good squeezed around my hard cock. I began to thrust a little harder and a little faster as she gazed up at me, waiting for the right moment to place the head in her mouth.

Finally, as I continued to gain speed and momentum, she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and received the head of my stiff penis between her lips. The feeling of her tongue pressed against the head of my penis was overwhelming, so much so that I fell to the floor.

“That a boy,” she said as she crawled up to me, now laying on my back, and began to lick my cock up and down from the head to the base. Finally, she engulfed the whole head of my cock and began to twirl her tongue around it like it was a lolli-pop. It felt so amazing that I began to let out loud moans of pleasure, hoping that the neighbors wouldn’t hear.

Finally, I grabbed her head and began to push it down, allowing her to swallow up more and more of my thick, hard shaft. She looked at me the whole time, barely even blinking. I think she was enjoying it more than I was. She swallowed more and more of my cock, going deeper and deeper until she could reach my balls.

Then, as she continued to face-fuck my hard shaft, she began to lick my balls with every pass. It felt incredible, her tight throat sliding over my cock as her tongue caressed my balls. I could’ve came right then, but I managed to keep my composure. I wanted to leave my nut inside her.

I pulled my dick out of her mouth and pushed her onto the floor. “I must have you,” I commanded as I stared into her eyes. She said nothing as she began to unbuckle her belt and unzip her jeans. As she pulled them down, laying on the floor covered in sweat and her own mucus from deep-throating my hard cock, she revealed her perfect ass, covered only by a small, matching thong that was also purple and black lace.

She turned around and got on her knees, showing me the glory of the tiny thong fabric hidden perfectly behind her tanned butt cheeks. I wish I could’ve been that thong. But it was okay, I was about to go even deeper. I slowly pulled it down, taking my time to savor the taste before I devoured the entire meal. Finally, it was off and I pulled up behind her, inserting the head of my now steaming hot, hard, eager dick in between her sopping wet pussy lips.

She practically screamed as I slowly inserted the giant head. “Oh, my fucking God!” she said as I went a little bit further, grabbing her hips and pulling her towards me. I got it in about half-way, as far as I could, before I pulled back and inserted it again. Each time I got my mammoth dick a little bit further inside her and each time I pumped a little bit faster.

Her sexy, curvy butt cheeks bounced up and down as I fucked her pussy from behind. I rubbed my hands all over her body as I continued to destroy her tight little pussy. I felt the wet juices spurting everywhere, further lubricating our adultery. I fucked her faster, harder, deeper and more passionately with every pump until she was screaming, panting, begging me to stop. But I continued.

I grabbed her shoulders and began to pull her into me, fucking her tight pussy, thinking to myself, if she can walk when we’re done then I haven’t done my job. I fucked her tight twat with my hard cock as I continued to explore her body, grabbing a breast with my left hand and rubbing her clit with my right.

But eventually I longed to see her face. I picked her up and turned her around, laying her on her back without missing a beat. I continued to fuck, continued to pump, continued to rape and pillage her sweet, innocent, defenseless little pussy hole, taking everything I wanted and leaving nothing in return.

I enjoyed her facial expressions, the oohs and aahs, as I fucked harder and faster. I began to suck on her wet, sweaty nipples and caress her clit as I continued to hammer her. She screamed and moaned in pleasure, writhing and squirming underneath my massive fleshy jackhammer.

Finally, I needed to explode, I couldn’t wait any longer. I looked at her and asked, “You came, right?” as I continued to pump. She looked at me, responding, “Like six times.” To me, that was as green of a light as any. I began to pump and fuck harder and faster as I clawed at her back, squeezing her tighter and tighter.

I felt the anticipation melt away and the sweet pleasure overwhelm me as my geyser of a cock erupted into her tiny pussy. I began to cum, spraying my hot, wet cum all over the inside of her pussy, so much sweet juice that it began to drip out onto the floor. I continued to pump and scream and cum as she did the same. I pumped load after load into her sweet pussy until I was finally empty.

I pulled it out and lay next to her, kissing her neck. As I prepared to get up and leave, I whispered in her ear, “I hated the sushi, but I loved you.”

A few weeks ago I e-mailed Chynabright, another Lit member who lives in the UK, to ask if she wanted to co-write a story with me. I wanted to do this because I’ve written a few for Literotica and have had some good feedback, but I’ve always been frustrated that I’ve not really been able to know exactly how it feels from the female side.

I’d read a few of Chyna’s stories and liked her writing, so hoped she’d been up for it.

She agreed and over the last few weeks we’ve been working on this story. I wrote the first section, then she wrote a few hundred words, then I did, and so on. I think the results are pretty hot – tell us what you think…


I ran into the café to get out of the sudden downpour. I dumped my sodden gymbag on the floor, ordered a double espresso and slumped into a chair.

It had been a tough workout. It had been a month of tough workouts, but I was in training for the marathon and I was determined to beat last year’s time of 3 hours 28 minutes.

At the age of thirty-two I knew I wouldn’t have many more chances to beat that time, and with my six foot three, rugby player’s build, long distance running was always going to be difficult. But I’d put the work in. Months of training were coming together. Months of pounding the treadmill and pumping the weights, meant I was now in peak physical condition, and I was ready for the race.

As I swept the rain from my short blond hair and put my suit jacket across the back of my chair I pictured myself crossing that finishing line with the clock showing 3 hours 19 minutes, and a smile crept across my face.

To be honest I was looking forward to it all being over. Spending so much time training had left me with little time for anything else.

Sure, part of the reason I’d started long distance running was to get over the break-up of my last serious relationship, but that had been more than 18 months ago. Thinking about it, I’d not even had sex for over six months. Wanting to preserve my energy for the gym, I’d even stopped masturbating.

Sipping the scalding hot coffee I thought about how it really was time I got out there and started seeing someone. I shifted in my seat, suddenly aware of the tension in my loins, my balls heavy and full with unreleased need.

I coughed and shook myself out of it. There would be time for that once I’d run the marathon.

I looked around the café. It being central London it was full of people in business clothes, all animatedly discussing deals, rushing through their drinks, looking outside at the rain bouncing up from the pavement.

A tall blonde woman walked in, bending over to shake her umbrella outside and showing her firm ass and long, bare legs as she did. I felt my cock stirring again. I really had to do something about this!

Maybe I should just go up to her and ask her out. Maybe she’d say yes. I’d never had much trouble getting girls to go out with me when I’d asked before. I wasn’t bad looking. In fact most girls said I was handsome. They liked my blue eyes, my deep voice and my muscular chest.

Maybe this girl would agree to go out with me. She was pretty enough, I thought as I watched her at the counter. In her late 20s, probably a lawyer at one of the firms nearby, probably wrapping her clients round her little finger with that short skirt, high heels and those long, tanned legs.

I had to stop staring at her. I had to drink my coffee. I really had to get laid.

I forced myself to look away, and looked around the rest of the café. That’s when I saw you……….


Dan had just stepped outside of the noisy cafe to take a phone call when I had that feeling you get when you just know someone is checking you out.

I turned and saw you watching me.

I still can’t put my finger on what exactly made you notice me; just another face amongst the crowd.

Dan, my horny husband, and I had popped into the cafe for something to eat. We’d been up most of the night (fucking, of course — what else would we be doing?) and I was knackered. I’m sure I looked it too.

Before we’d left I’d thrown on an old pair of jeans and a vest top. OK, so my cleavage was showing; not a bad cleavage even though I do say so myself (and Dan tells me at least once a day what great breasts I have)!

Maybe that was it, my cleavage; men are suckers for a nice pair of breasts. Maybe you liked the messed up hair look, not my usual style but that morning I was more interested in eating than looking good. Dan thought I looked hot with my long, dark hair curling over my tanned shoulders. Anyway, you were watching me. I smiled and watched back. I found myself subconsciously staring at your crotch, and then I consciously wondered how big your packet was under your trousers. My smile must have been inviting as you then approached our table..

“Hi,” you smiled.


“Hi,” I smiled back.

I could feel my heart racing as I walked over to you. It was that old feeling I loved so much. I remember how it had always made me feel, how that rush of doing something naughty made me feel alive. It was funny how the old sensations came back along with the old instinct.

Louise, my ex, had always been amazed by my ability to spot women and men who were into sex. I just had some kind of sense for it, and as soon as I saw you sitting there with your husband there was something about you that interested me. Sure you looked gorgeous. When your husband left the table I got a clear view of you, your dark hair brushing against the flawless skin of your slender arms, your enticing cleavage, and your mischievous eyes, smiling invitingly at me.

Maybe it was the eyes. That had to be it. Whatever it was, it was enough to make my cock stir. Without thinking I got up and walked over to you. I knew just from looking at you that you’d be up for it.

As I walked over, feeling my heart race and the excitement build, I wondered how you’d like to do it. Would you like to be on top? Would we go to a hotel or just fuck in the café toilets? Would your husband be involved? Would you enjoy two pairs of hands roaming over your body, two sets of lips kissing your neck and breasts, two tongues, one licking your nipples, the other gliding over your pussy? I knew it would happen. The only question was how…..

“Your husband’s going to get wet out there isn’t he?”


“Well, getting wet isn’t always a bad thing, I love it when men make me wet,” I said suggestively, the innuendo floating between us. I wondered what you were thinking of my sexual confidence. I wasn’t usually this forward with men, but that day something told me that this could be fun, very fun. I took a bite of my chocolate muffin when out of the corner of my eye I saw Dan outside, still chatting on his phone. I don’t think you noticed him watching us.

I can bet that there’s plenty of men who would like to get you wet,” you grinned.

I decided to tease Dan a little. I moved a little closer to you.

“Would you be one of them?” I asked as I ran my fingers up your thigh and over your crotch where I could easily feel your hardening cock through your trousers. God, you felt big! I felt my pussy responding with a tingle as I started to wonder what it could be like to feel your sizeable cock inside me. I glanced outside and smiled at Dan, he returned the smile as he finished his call and moved towards the door. “Can’t say that I’d turn you down if you were offering.”

Dan returned to the table, sat down next to me and put his hand on my knee.

“Hi,” he said to you.

“Dan, this is…?” I looked questioningly at you.

“Nick, good to meet you,” you shook his hand as I realised just how weird, but fantastically exciting this situation was. My husband shaking the hand of a man I wanted to fuck.

“I’m Chyna,” I introduced myself. “I need to talk to you for a second, follow me,” I whispered in Dan’s ear. “Please excuse us for a minute, we’ll be right back,” I said to you.

I took Dan’s hand and led him to the ladies. Luckily there was no one there. Dan pulled us into a cubicle and pinned me against the door.

“What are you up to, you naughty little slut?” he looked at me with a wicked glint in his eye and I could feel his cock growing as he pressed up against me. “I saw you feeling his cock, you want to fuck him, don’t you? Does he make your pussy wet? Come on, tell me you want to feel his big, hard cock deep inside your beautiful cunt.”

My heart was racing and the way that Dan was pressing into me was making me even more horny.

“Yes, I want him,” I breathed. He started to unbutton my jeans as our tongues entwined, locked in a passionate embrace. I moaned as his fingers roughly pushed aside my thong and thrust two fingers deep into my pussy.

“Oh yeah, he’s made you very wet,” you declared. “I think he wants you too, I saw the way he was undressing you with his eyes.” He fucked me with his fingers while rubbing my clit with his thumb. My whole body was tense, my breathing rapid, my eyes closed as I concentrated on the amazing tingling feelings flowing through me. I imagined your cock embedded in my pussy, thrusting in and out of me whilst Dan was moving his hands and lips over my body.

“What do you want him to do to you?” he asked.

“I want him to fuck me!” I admitted as I came on Dan’s fingers.

“Ok, you can have him,” Dan decided, his gorgeous smile beaming down at me. He brought his fingers up to my mouth and I greedily licked my juices off his fingers.

“Thank you,” I said before kissing him deeply. I pulled my jeans back on and we left the cubicle. I glanced at myself in the mirror, my cheeks were flushed and my hair was even more messy than before. I quickly ran my fingers through it to try and tidy it up without much luck. We were met at the door by a tall blond woman. She looked slightly bemused to see Dan and I leaving the ladies together.

Returning to you at the table I was looking forward to finding out where this situation would lead.

“Hi, sorry about that,” Dan said to you. “I believe you may want to fuck my wife…?”


I was momentarily taken aback by the direct nature of the question and Dan’s confident grin, but I quickly recovered myself. One glance at you, at your flushed cheeks, your tangled hair, and your eyes glittering with barely concealed lust, reminded me just how hot I was for you.

It was starting to look like this might turn out to be a very interesting day.

“Fuck yeah!” I said to Dan with a broad grin at you.

You smiled back, and my cock stirred in my trousers. It was already semi-hard from when you’d been rubbing it, and now the months of pent-up, unreleased need were translating into a mounting animal lust for you.

I had to have you. And soon.

“Look,” I said. “My flat is just round the corner. Do you both want to come back?”You looked at each other. I could see from your expressions that you were feeling the same as me – dizziness at how rapidly this was developing combined with a knot of desire in your stomachs and throats.

Dan nodded and I led the way out of the cafe.

“How far away is it?” you asked as we walked briskly along the rain-soaked pavement.

You were looking up at me, several inches shorter than me. I was taken with a sudden desire to hold your face, and touch my lips to your full, red lips, run my hand along the curve of your hip. But I pushed it away. Your husband was on your other side of you – admittedly, he had just offered to let me fuck you, but I’d been in threesomes with other couples before and some were funny about kissing. As my eyes travelled over your pert breasts and the curves of your tight ass I controlled myself, making sure I didn’t go too far, too fast.

“Just round the corner,” I said. “Do you live near here?”


“No,” I replied. “We’re just staying here for a few days, house sitting for a friend.”

I squeezed Dan’s hand and turned to smile at him. I could tell from his shining eyes that he was as excited as me at the prospect of what was about to happen. I was conscious of you on the other side of me and couldn’t wait until I had both of those strong, male bodies, naked and pressed against me. I had butterflies in my stomach, as I normally do just before Dan is about to share me with another man. But this was different, more intense, more spontaneous. In the past our threesomes had always been planned. Never had we just had a chance encounter like this.

How far was your flat? I was desperate to feel yours and Dan’s lips on mine, hungrily exploring my mouth, my breasts, my pussy. I wanted to taste your cock, to run my tongue up your shaft. I wanted to beg you both to fuck me senseless.

It felt like we’d been walking forever when we finally arrived.

You held the door open and I entered first. Dan, behind me, grabbed my ass, squeezing it. I giggled and turned towards him and kissed him passionately. “So, are you ready to have some fun, my naughty little slut?” Dan questioned.

“God, yes,” I replied before he pushed me towards you.


I caught you in my arms, slid my hands over your slender waist, and pulled you close to me, enjoying the warmth and softness of your body. I smiled at you then bent down to place a gentle kiss on your lips. They were so soft. I wanted more. Your eyes were closed as I pulled you even closer and began to kiss you passionately. I knew you’d be able to feel my cock growing hard, pressing into your stomach. I wanted you to. I wanted you to know how much I wanted you.

With a gasp we separated and stood there in my hallway looking at each other, our eyes burning with lust.

I decided to take control.

“Go into the living room, Chyna, and wait for us there.”

With a smile you obeyed.

I turned to Dan. “How far are you willing to take this? I mean I don’t want to go too far or anything.”

He shrugged and said: “It’s up to her really.”

Then with a grin he added: “I think you’ll find she’s quite up for it.”

I grinned back. “Well, ok then. Let’s go give the lady what she wants.”I led the way into my living room. You were standing at the window, looking at the view. I live on the 19th floor so it was an impressive view of central London at dusk.

“Chyna,” I began. “You and Dan are going to do what I tell you. Then if you’re good we’ll swap and you can tell us what to do. Are you ok with that?”

You nodded, looking like you were so overcome with desire you could barely speak.

“Is there anything you don’t want to do?”

“Obviously I don’t want you to hurt me,” you said. “But other than that, I’m up for anything.” Your eyes travelled slowly down to where my cock was tenting in my suit trousers. I thought I could see a similar bulge in Dan’s crotch.

“Ok. Come to the middle of the room and kneel down.”

You did so.

“Dan. Stand next to her.”

He went and stood next to you so your face was at crotch level. The atmosphere in the room was electric.

I went to stand next to your husband.

“Now take out my cock,” I ordered. You looked up at me and began to unbuckle my trousers. I noticed my breathing was heavy as you slowly pulled down my zip, then reached inside to fish out my hard cock. You left it there, bobbing in the air, as you waited for further instructions.

“Good,” I said. “Now do the same to Dan.”

You repeated it on him and gave his thick, erect prick a squeeze as you pulled it out.

We were still all fully dressed, but the two men were revealing large, hard cocks.

“Now lick my cock from the bottom to the top,” I ordered.

You moved back to me, stuck out your tongue, looked up at me with a glint in your pretty eyes and slid your soft, wet tongue along the length of my dick. I sighed in pleasure.

“Now give your husband the same.”

You did and he also groaned his appreciation.

“Come here and suck me,” I commanded.

Without a moment’s hesitation you were in front of me, engulfing my shaft in your mouth. It felt warm and wet, and then you began to suck me, sliding your lips up and down, bathing me with your tongue. It felt incredible..

“Stop,” I said. You looked like you were about to go to your husband to do the same to him, but

I stopped you, grabbing your chin. “Stay there.”

You looked up at me. “Open your mouth.” You did.

I positioned my ever-hardening prick at your open mouth and pushed it in until it was at the back of your mouth.

“Now relax your throat,” I said. You blinked and I pushed a little further. I could feel my cockhead at the entrance to your throat. There were still about two inches of my cock showing.

“Relax more,” I said and pushed a little further. I could feel the tightness of your throat closing around me.

“Fuck me that is hot,” murmured Dan next to us, his hand now stroking up and down his shaft.

I didn’t say anything just gripped onto the back of your head with both hands and pushed my hips forward again. It was sliding down your throat. You were breathing through your nose and looking up at me, still that excited expression in your eyes.

“You’re going to swallow all of my cock I said and then I’m going to pump my cum down your throat.”

You moaned around my shaft. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. I pulled out of your mouth then pushed back in. Then out again and in. Each time I pushed further and further down your throat, and each time the sounds of you slurping around my thorbbing dick were getting louder and dirtier.

“Go on, Chyna,” said Dan. “Swallow that big fucking cock.”

I was now pistoning in and out of your mouth, really fucking your face.. You were panting with excitement and the effort of the act. My cock was swollen, veins sticking out along its length.

“Show me your tits,” I growled at you.

Quickly you pulled off your top and unclipped your bra, revealing magnificent breasts.

“Push them together,” I said. You did, creating a valley where I slid my now soaking wet shaft and started sliding back and forth, grunting with pleasure as I felt your soft, warm titflesh surround my cock, watching the head appear at the top of your cleavage.

“Oh God. Yes, Nick,” you said. “That’s so good. Fuck my tits. Fuck my mouth.”

I moved up and pushed my cock back in your mouth, and started pumping back and forth between those hot lips again. I was close to cumming. My balls were tight against my body, full of hot cum, all for you. My shaft was disappearing right down your throat now and every time I pulled out there were strings of spit between my engorged shaft and your lips. They dropped down and landed on your tits. Next to me I noticed Dan was now furiously tugging at his big cock, watching me face-fucking his wife.

“Shit,” he said. “I’m going to cum just watching this!”

It was enough to tip me over the edge and with a roar I slammed into your face, my cock sliding down your open throat, and spurt after spurt of jizz firing down your throat into your belly. You clamped your lips around the base of my shaft, holding me tightly in place, swallowing every last drop.

When I pulled out, Dan came too. He aimed his cock at your tits, wad after wad of thick, stringy cum, landing on those gorgeous orbs, smearing over your erect nipples, and sliding over your white throat.

Finally he stopped, and you sighed, leaning forward to suck both cocks briefly once more, as if you wanted more already. Then you sat back and smiled up at us. We were both panting, trying to catch our breath.

“Fuck that was good,” I said.

Dan nodded and sat down in an armchair. He looked at me with a smile: “You are one filthy fucker.”

“Thank you,” I said with a grin, and sat down on the sofa behind you.

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