*This story was written as a spin-off from “The Office Team-Building Day” series. I feel the reader will get the most enjoyment from this story by reading the ‘Office Team-Building’ series first. However, although there are some references in this story to events the aforementioned series, for the most part this story stands on its own. I hope you enjoy it!



I was driving through town on a sunny Saturday afternoon when I received the text. “wanna cum ovr? ;) ’ it read, with a winking face at the end. It was from Emma. Emma was a sexy 19-year-old student that was staying at my boss Carmen’s house for the summer. Carmen was close friends with Emma’s mother Gina. Emma, Gina and I had enjoyed an unexpected mother-daughter fuck-fest the previous weekend, and Emma and I had sent a few dirty texts to each other in anticipation of our next meeting. I was delighted to think that it was going to happen again so soon.

‘Sure, on my way. What about Carmen?’ I replied. Although Carmen was well aware of what had happened last week (she mentioned at work that Gina had told her all about how Emma and I had teased her), I wasn’t sure if she was ok with anything happening at her house right under her nose.

‘shes away. cum soon!’ Emma replied.

It took me less than 15 minutes to arrive at Carmen’s huge house. I rang the doorbell and waited, casually poking my balls with my hand through my shorts pocket. I heard quick footsteps and the door swung open. It was not Emma who answered, but she was almost as busty. She was a hot brunette with pigtails. A low cut tank top revealed a pair of enormous melons being supported by a lime green bikini. She was about Emma’s height, thinner, with hazel eyes and a mischievous smile.

“Hey!” she said cheerily, thrusting out her bulging tits shamelessly. “You must be Emma’s friend.”

I introduced myself and kissed her cheek, sneaking a peek down her top. I decided Emma’s tits were bigger, but this girl’s breasts seemed rounder; more pert.

“I’m Holly. Come in, we’re by the pool,” she said as she galloped off through the house, showing off her toned ass with the string from her bikini bottoms disappearing between her lovely ass cheeks.

I shut the door and followed Holly.

Emma hopped up from her chair and bounced over to me, throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me on the mouth, pushing her mountainous bikini-clad breasts against me. She had her dark brown hair tied in a ponytail, and her fringe fell across her forehead. I put my hands around her waist, feeling the pronounced curve of her womanly hips, then slid them down to her full bottom, squeezing it firmly. She pulled away after a moment and looked up at me with her huge, dark brown eyes, smiling widely, her slightly chubby cheeks turning a faint rose colour. I smiled back at her, feeling my cock stir as my eyes looked down to her cleavage, noticing her hard nipples poke through the fabric of her small bikini.

“I’m so glad you came. I hope Holly didn’t, like, freak you out or anything,” she said.

“Quite the opposite. She’s a pleasure on the eyes,” I replied winking at Holly, who was doffing her tank top and reclining provocatively on a sun lounger.

That’s when I noticed a third girl there. She was wearing a sun had and glasses, and a long t-shirt, and reading a magazine. She was pretending not to notice us, but I could tell she was looking me over.

“This is Amy. She’s a bit shy,” said Emma loudly.

“Shut up!” said Amy, clearly annoyed and embarrassed.

She was thin, with long red hair. Her legs were fit and sleek, and her small breasts made bumps in her t-shirt. Her mouth was small, but had full pale pink lips. Her cheeks were faintly freckled. I walked over and shook her hand politely.

“Nice to meet you Amy,” I said.

“Same,” she replied, barely taking her eyes from her magazine.

I shrugged, removed my t-shirt and shorts and sat at one of the patio chairs in my underwear, looking the girls over. They all had drinks and were glistening with sunscreen. I was very horny, as the only action I’d had all week was a quick hand job in the file room from Nat. A minute passed as I ogled Holly and Emma’s tits, when the doorbell rang.

“I got it,” said Emma, trailing her fingers across my shoulders as she passed me and disappeared into the house.

“So you all know each other from…?” I said.

“Classmates. Emma and I are at uni together. Amy starts next term,” said Holly, adjusting the straps of her green bikini to expose, rather than cover, more of her ample bosom.

“You excited to start uni, Amy?” I asked, trying to prompt a conversation.

“I guess,” she said dismissively.

“Amy’s always been a year behind us, and she’s never been happy about it,” chimed Holly.

“Stop talking about me like I’m not here,” said Amy, annoyed.

“Well then join in the conversation instead of just, like, sitting there,” retorted Holly. “Take off your shirt, too Aim, it’s gorgeous outside.”

Amy ignored Holly and resumed reading her magazine. The patio door opened and Emma emerged, followed by another girl. She was short, with black hair, and looked to be of possibly mixed-Persian descent. Her eyes were dark and her smile was brilliant, and she had a small, cute button nose. She wore high cut jean shorts and a midriff-baring off the shoulder tank top, with a blue bikini underneath.

“Hey, sorry I forgot to give you a drink before. Is beer ok?” asked Emma as she handed be a cold bottle. “Aysha, meet my friend…”

Holly introduced me, and Aysha leaned in and kissed my cheek. She stepped back and looked me over, paying particular attention to my groin area, where the bulge in my underwear was obvious. She smiled at me, then dropped her handbag on the table.

“Hey ladies” she said, addressing Holly and Amy, as she removed her tank top.

Her olive skin was smooth, and her breasts seemed to pout high on her chest. They weren’t particularly large, but she evidently knew how to display them to their best advantage. As she squirmed out of her shorts, she turned around to pick them up, giving me a perfect view of her ass. It was full–almost a bubble butt–but it was not too large. The cheeks were round and firm, and two dimples were evident at the small of her back. She did not have a g-string, but the material sat perfectly on her curves, accentuating the bottom of her butt cheeks. It was a near-perfect ass. I felt another stirring in my pants. Aysha took the chair next to Holly. Emma took the chair next to mine.

“So, Amy, have you, like, done anything with Mark yet?” Emma asked her friend.

Amy looked uncomfortable, and squirmed in her lounger. Although she was wearing sunglasses, I could tell she was looking in my direction. I pretended not to notice.

“Uh, yeah, we’ve done stuff,” said Amy defensively.

“What, then?” asked Holly, taking an immediate interest.

“I’m… I’m not saying in front of him,” she gestured to me.

“Prude,” said Holly.

“Slut,” retorted Amy, but Holly, laughing, seemed to take this more as a compliment.

“At least I know what it’s like to have a dick in me. You don’t even know what you’re missing out on, Amy!” said Holly.

“I’m just waiting for the right time. I have done other stuff,” she replied, defensively.

I sensed the tension and decided to interject.

“Look, I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. Amy, take your time if you want, there’s no need to rush. Now everyone leave her alone,” I said, trying to diffuse the situation. “Hey, why don’t we have a swim?” I suggested.

I stood and walked to the pool. I kept myself in good shape–I wasn’t bulky, but was healthy; well-toned. I might not have had model-quality good looks, but I managed to turn heads on occasion. I was well aware of the effect I could have on women, and thought that now was the time to use it. I dove into the pool, enjoying the cool water on my hot skin. The girls came down and sat at the loungers by the pool. They were putting their drinks and sunglasses on the nearby table. I came out of the stairs in the shallow end, happy to display the suction of my underwear revealing my member, significant in size even when flaccid. All the girls stopped what they were doing and stared. I heard Aysha faintly gasp and whisper, “Oh my god!” Holly spoke up.

“So, you’re the guy with the, like, huge cock?” she smiled and played with one of her long pigtails.

“Holly!” cried Emma.

I laughed.

“So you’ve heard,” I said.

“Can we, like, see it?” Holly asked.

Emma was glaring at her, fearing I might be embarrassed or offended. I was neither. Amy’s glasses peeked over her magazine, but she said nothing.

“Holly’s a bit of a slut, if you couldn’t tell,” said Emma apologetically.

“That’s ok with me. I’m happy to oblige a sexy girl. But you’ll have to do something for me,” I said.

“Ok. What?” Holly said eagerly, enjoying the challenge.

“Take your top off and I’ll show you my cock.”

Holly was already untying her bikini before I had finished my sentence. She tossed it aside, sat up, and leaned back on her arms, sticking her chest out. My eyes bugged. Her tits were almost as luscious and massive as Emma’s, but rounder and higher; more firm. They sat magnificently on her chest. Her areolas were pinky-brown, medium-sized, with pea-sized nipples poking out.

“Very nice!” I complimented her sincerely.

“Thanks darling,” she said. “Now get that big cock out.” She looked down to my groin in anticipation.

“Oh my god, you guys!” said Amy gripping her magazine.

“Oh calm down, Amy. We know you want to see it too,” said Emma. “Trust me, it’s worth it.”

I surveyed the girls, admiring their bodies, then hooked my thumbs in my waistband and stripped down, pulling my wet underwear past my dick, which flopped heavily into view. I watched the girls’ expressions as they stared.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said it was big,” said Aysha, breathlessly.

She was perched on the end of her sun lounger, leaning far forward, resting her drink on her knees. Holly had sat up quickly, her legs on either side of her lounger, her hands planted in front of her, her tits squeezed fit to pop between her arms. Her eyebrows were raised and her mouth made an ‘o’.

“Oh fuck yeah!” she said delightedly.

Emma was standing, and smiled knowingly. She was untying her pink bikini strings, preparing to release her melons. Amy had let the magazine fall to her lap . One hand was covering her mouth as she sat erect.

“You had that IN you?” said Aysha.

“Yeah, and it gets way bigger,” said Emma, dropping her bikini top and squeezing her tits together with her hands.

“What do you think, Amy?” I asked her.

“It’s um… it’s p-pretty big,” she stammered.

“Better than Mark’s, I bet,” laughed Holly.

“Well, I’m going back in,” I said suddenly, and dove back into the water.

Holly wasted no time, standing up and plunging in after me feet first, then popping up from the water, her boobs bouncing, rivulets of water streaming over them. Emma waded into the shallow end to join us, and Aysha walked over to Amy.

“Come on, sweetie,” she said taking Amy’s hat and glasses off.

Amy, still stunned looked up at her, then picked up her drink and drained the contents.

“That’s more like it,” said Holly.

Amy stood slowly. Aysha faced her and took the hem of Amy’s t-shirt, pulling it up and over her head. Amy passively allowed it to come off . Her skin was pale and flecked faintly with freckles along her shoulders and upper chest. Her white bikini was tiny, barely covering her small but pouting breasts. Her bottoms were little more than a string, and showed off her thin hips. Her stomach was perfectly flat, and her legs were toned.

She approached the pool and sat on the edge, her long hair falling onto her shoulders, her fringe cut straight across her brow, as she looked into the water, then back to my eyes. Aysha sat beside her, swishing her legs in the pool. Emma walked over to me and put her arms around my neck. She brushed her nipples against my skin, making them hard, then leaned into me, kissing me aggressively on the mouth, our tongues intertwining in each others’ mouths. When we broke free, I saw that Holly had approached us, and was standing slightly behind Emma, her hands on Emma’s curvy hips.

“Can I have a go?” she asked.

“Of course, Hol,” said Emma, standing aside.

Holly stepped forward and put her hands on my chest, sliding them downwards. She found my cock and cradled it with both hands.

“Hey, I said you could kiss him, not touch his cock!” said Emma.

“Ok, ok, I was just feeling,” she said, but squeezed my dick firmly and ran her hands up the shaft.

I pulled her against me and kissed her, placing my hands on her firm ass and squeezing as our tongues danced. My cock grew and bumped against Holly’s leg as we kissed. Eventually, she drew back, and I cupped her breasts, squeezing them. They were more firm than Emma’s.

I put my arm around Holly’s shoulders, and did the same with Emma on the other side. They turned towards me and pressed the sides of their tits against me while their hands felt my back and ass. Emma used her other hand to hold my hardening cock, and Holly immediately followed suit. Aysha and Amy looked on intently.

“Why don’t you girls join us?” I asked.

Aysha smiled and hopped into the shallow water.

“Ah ah, no tops allowed, Aysha,” I said, as Emma and Holly began gently stroking my cock.

Aysha shyly turned away, and unclasped her bikini. She placed it on the edge of the pool deck and turned back around, her arm across her chest.

“Don’t be shy. You have an amazing body. Let me see the rest of you,” I said.

“Sorry I’m not as, um, well endowed as them,” she said, slowly lowering her arm so that it was across her ribs.

Her titties literally popped out from under her arm, jiggling into view. They were not large, nor were they small. They were plump, and very perky, remaining as high as they did when supported by her bikini. Her small, dark nipples were hard, pointing like arrows. She squeezed her shoulders in, creating succulent cleavage.

“Aysha, your tits are beautiful. No offense to these two, but you don’t have to have big ones to impress me,” I looked pointedly at Amy, who was squirming at the edge, trying to not look at us. She showed no signs of disrobing.

Aysha joined the three of us as we made a circle. She tentatively reached into the water and held my dick head as the other girls pumped my shaft.

“Oh my fucking god,” she said. “Can I stroke it?”

The girls moved to my balls, tickling them, while Aysha gripped my member with both hands. I leaned in and kissed her while she pumped me. Her hands were fairly small, and she could barely get a proper grip on my cock as it grew to its full size.

“How did this not hurt?” said Aysha to Emma after we had stopped kissing.

“It did at first, but after that it was amazing!” said Emma, rolling my nuts in her palm.

“I want it in me now!” cried Holly, squeezing my ass.

“I’d like you guys to do something first, Holly. Can you and Emma tit fuck me?” I said. Then I added, “I’d be happy to lick your pussy while they do it, Aysha.”

“Oh, of course we can!” squealed Holly.

I walked the girls over to the stairs and sat near the top step so my groin was just out of the water. Emma and Holly sat on either side of me and held their tits aloft. I marveled at the sheer volume of tit-flesh that was about to engulf my cock. Holly and Emma pressed their breasts against each other, rubbing their nipples together, then lowered them onto my waiting cock, which Aysha held in place. I felt the warm, soft, plump flesh envelop my unit and slide down. Aysha moved her hand and rubbed my chest.

With the girls’ chest meat resting on my abdomen, hips, and thighs, my dick head finally popped out the top, directly in the center point of the four massive melons. Holly and Emma giggled as they pulled their boobs upwards, and started a thrusting motion around my cock. Aysha was watching intently.

“Hey Aysha, why don’t you take off your bottoms and we can really have some fun,” I said as I enjoyed the incredible sensation of a double tit-fucking from two of the most buxom 19 year olds I had met.

“Do it facing away from me so I can see your sweet ass.”

Aysha giggled and stood up. She bent over and rubbed her ass cheeks, before hooking her thumbs under the strings. She watched me over her shoulder as she slowly pulled the material down, exposing her ass crack inch by beautiful inch. I enjoyed this exposure of her firm but full bottom, and soon was rewarded with her sweet rosebud anus. When her bikini bottoms were around her knees I gazed at her light brown bare pussy lips pressed tightly together. She let the bikini fall and turned around, running her hands over her hips. I felt waves of pleasure seeing Aysha completely naked and wet, as Emma and Holly’s bosoms fucked my cock. Her pussy was cleanly shaven, and my mouth watered as I imagined her sweet taste on my tongue.

“I want to watch them tit fuck you, so I’ll face this way,” said Aysha, standing astride my head, facing my feet.

She put her hand on the step railing, and I watched eagerly as her smooth pussy descended towards my face, the lips parting as she came to the bottom of her squat. I could see her sweet liquid glisten on her inner lady parts and I tilted my head back and extended my tongue, brushing her wet folds softly.

I relished her sweet nectar, and stuck my tongue between her labia, probing inside. Aysha sighed loudly. I could hear the slapping sound of Emma and Holly’s boobs as they struck my skin and the water, masturbating me with their buxom chest pillows. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I began to eat Aysha’s pussy in earnest, shoving my face up into her sopping mound.

“AAaaaahh, that feels so good!” she moaned.

“This is so hot. You look really sexy sitting on his face like that, Aysha,” said Emma.

“Aaah, aaah, I wish I could tit fuck like you girls. You have, ah, ah, amazing breasts!” breathed Aysha.

I began thrusting my hips upwards, causing the girls’ tits to bounce against their chins.

“Oh, he’s really getting into it now!” squealed Holly.

“I want to kiss you while he fucks our tits,” giggled Emma, looking at Holly.

I pushed Aysha’s ass off my tongue so I could watch the girls’ tongues meet over my thrusting cock, their tits squashed between them, jiggling violently against my pounding rod. They opened their mouths wide and locked lips, still holding their breasts together to envelop my cock.

“Wow, that is so fucking hot,” I said.

“I know!” agreed Aysha. “Oh god, please eat my pussy while I watch them kiss!” she insisted.

I drove my tongue back into her hole, her juices running out onto my chin. I squeezed her round ass and pulled the cheeks apart, grazing her anus with my fingertips. I pulled her ass down and buried a fingertip in her butt hole as I sucked her clit into my mouth. My nose was buried in her cunt, and I held my breath as I teased her.

“Oooooohhh, fuck! Yes! That’s it! I’m going to cum!” screamed Aysha.

I banged away at the busty sluts’ funbags as Aysha clenched her ass, trapping my finger inside, and came on my face, releasing vaginal fluid into my mouth and over my cheeks. She cried out and quivered as I licked her flow, rotating my finger in her asshole. As she finished her orgasm, she climbed off me, my finger popping free, and sat on the stairs in the pool, her arms on the pool edge, her legs parted, panting. Her plump, dark nipple-capped breasts rose and fell with her breathing, as she looked at me through dark, half-lidded eyes.

“Yeah, girl, you came hard. I can see your pussy juice on his face,” said Emma.

“He… he put his finger in my ass. It put me over the edge. I-I loved it,” breathed Aysha.

I noticed that Amy had come over to our side of the pool and was sitting near Aysha, watching intently. She still hadn’t removed her tiny bikini.

“Amy, don’t be shy. Come here, I want to kiss you,” I said reassuringly.

“But… but you’ve got Aysha’s, like… stuff on your face,” she said nervously.

“It tastes good, Amy. Just give it a try,” I encouraged.

“Go for it, Amy!” said Holly, looking on with anticipation.

Amy touched her cheek, then stood and stepped down into the water. She knelt beside me on the stairs and pushed her hair out of the way over her neck. As she leaned down, I looked into her green eyes and put my hand behind her neck to encourage her. I stroked her freckled cheek with my thumb, and she closed her eyes. Her small breasts swelled around her bikini as she came towards me, lips slightly parted. Our lips met, and we kissed softly and tenderly for a few moments, before I ran my tongue over her lips. She kissed me back, harder, and soon our tongues were in each other’s mouths. She was an excellent kisser, and my cock tingled with excitement, as Amy put her hand on my chest and began kissing my pussy juice-soaked cheeks. She licked and sucked at my lips and chin, slurping up Aysha’s cum eagerly.

“You dirty little minx,” said Emma.

“Does Aysha’s pussy taste good?” added Holly.

Amy patiently continued cleaning my face, then kissed me hard for a few moments. When our lips finally parted, her face was deeply flushed, as was her chest. Her eyes were wide and looked intently into mine.

“Wow, Amy. That was really nice,” I said honestly.

Her lips moved, but no sound came out. Her face was still very close to mine. Slowly, she sat up and looked at the tit fuck action beside her, then to each of the girls’ faces. Aysha crawled over to her and put her arms around Amy.

“He’s good, isn’t he? So, did you like my taste?” she asked.

“Yeah, it was… yeah,” said Amy dreamily.

“Maybe I can try some too,” said Aysha with a naughty expression on her face.

She held the back of Amy’s head, and kissed her lips. Amy didn’t move at first, but she wasn’t resisting. Soon, she opened her mouth and the two girls played with each other’s tongues. Aysha licked her lips.

“Mmmm, you are a good kisser,” she said.

“I’ve never kissed a girl before,” said Amy shyly.

“There’s lots you haven’t done, Amy. Maybe now’s your chance,” said Holly.

With all this stimulation around me, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I ejaculated. Holly and Emma were still enthusiastically tit fucking my rock hard cock.

“Ok girls, I’m getting close,” I said.

“Yeah! Do it! Cum all over our tits!” shouted Holly. “I want to see your cock spurt!”

They lifted and dropped their humungous mounds on my dick, and soon I felt the familiar twitch in my balls. Amy was crouched beside me, and Aysha hopped over to my right side, beside Holly’s heaving bosom.

“AAagh, now!” I cried.

As the girls breasts slapped my thighs, a shot of jizm fired straight up and ricocheted off Holly’s forehead. She flinched and laughed as a second shot hit her cheek.

“Lean back, Hols, let’s watch it splatter on our tits,” said Emma.

Holly moved back slightly, and although the girls had stopped lifting and dropping their boobs on my dick, they wiggled them against each other, stimulating my orgasm. Two more spurts shot straight up between the girls’ faces, and dropped back down, spraying fine cum droplets on the pillowy breasts.

Emma and Holly lifted their tits, dropping them down as my swollen dick head emerged and shot another load into the air. They giggled as they watched the jizz splash onto their chests, and run over their fingers, which were tightly squeezing their tits.

“Whoa! There’s so much cum!” cried Holly, delighting in the spectacle, and squeezing her eye shut as my spunk dripped into it from her forehead.

Amy stared fixedly at my orgasming cock, and I ran my hand over her small firm butt cheeks and up her back as another, weaker spurt jumped from my dick head and down onto Emma’s right tit. Holly and Emma pushed their breasts together as my cock oozed the last of my semen.

Aysha moved around so she was positioned between my legs. She extended her hand and rubbed the cum on Holly’s chest. She looked at her cummy palm and licked the glob off it eagerly.

“Oh wow, it tastes really good! Try it,” she said leaning in above my cock.

Emma and Holly rubbed their tits together against my member as Aysha collected more sperm with her fingers, then offered it to the girls. Emma and Holly opened their mouths to receive my white sticky offering.. They laughed and licked their lips as they sampled my seed.

“Ooooooo, it’s sooo good!” shrieked Holly.

The girls then began kissing each other, sharing my cum and using their fingers to rub my ejaculate into their skin.

“Come on, Amy, you have to try it!” said Emma, after swallowing a wad that she had licked from Holly’s eyebrow.

“I… I don’t know,” she replied hesitantly.

I quietly reached behind her and gently pulled at her bikini strings. Aysha had lowered her head and ran her tongue over Emma’s messy tit, watching me as she did so. I tugged again at Amy’s bikini. She did not notice, and continued to stare at the girls’ soaked tits.

“It’s really good, Aym, you’ll love it,” encouraged Holly as she jiggled her boobs vigorously, causing me to gasp as she stimulated my sensitive cock.

“Um… well…” she said as I pulled the bow free.

Amy felt the material come lose and scurried to the side of the pool, covering her chest.

“Hey!” she cried.

“Sorry Amy, I just want to see you naked. I think you’re really sexy, and I want you to join in the fun,” I said, trying to be persuasive.

Aysha had put her mouth over my dick head, and was trying to suck more cum out of me.

Emma and Holly squashed her head between their huge cum-soaked boobs, leaving traces of stringy white in her ebony hair.

“God, Aysh, you’re as big of a slut as Holly!” exclaimed Emma, awed by Aysha’s enthusiasm for my spunk.

Aysha sat up and ran her hands over her pert breasts.

“It’s got me all hot. I want him to fuck me now!” said Aysha, tugging at her nipples.

“Well we just made him spunk all over our titties. I doubt he’s ready to start fucking right away,” commented Holly, sitting up away from my dick and running her hands over her fabulous globes, spreading the cum around.

Emma leaned in and held one of her tits so that the nipple ticked the underside of my dick head, while she held the shaft in her other hand. Aysha had run her hands up her neck and through her cum-streaked hair, holding it back in a ponytail as she arched her back, pointing her glistening tits skyward. Holly was scooping cum from her bosom and letting it drip off her fingers back onto her tits, which she supported from underneath with her forearm. I noticed both Emma and Holly had red marks on the insides of their breasts where my cock had rubbed against them. Emma was sucking her fingers clean as I sat up. Amy was watching the scene from the poolside, still holding her bikini on with her arm.

“Are you sure you don’t want to try some, Amy?” asked Emma, spreading her fingers to lick the goo in between.

“Not right now.” She hesitated as she made a movement as if she were going to add more. Then she said, “Have… have you guys done this before? I mean, like, done a threesome, and stuff?”

“Well, I told you about what happened last week,” said Emma. “But that doesn’t really count since it was my mom.”

“I have,” said Holly. “Just once. It was with two guys at a party. I was drunk though, and it didn’t really last long. One guy fucked me while I sucked the other guy’s dick. They both came pretty fast.”

“Really? Did he do it in you?” asked Amy, looking worried.

“No. They wanted to cum on my tits,” said Holly.

“What about you, Aysha?” asked Emma.

Aysha was touching herself between her legs.

“No. But I’ve made out with a girl before. I kinda liked it,” she said, smiling and blushing. “That’s why I wanted to kiss you, Amy.”

“Emma and I have done that lots of times,” said Holly casually.

“Oh my god, seriously? Why didn’t you tell me? I would have joined you guys,” said Aysha, seeming like she missed out on an opportunity.

“I dunno. We didn’t think you would be into that,” said Holly, matter-of-factly.

“But if you are…” said Emma, moving into the shallow water to join Aysha.

Aysha met Emma and they put their arms on each others’ waists, pressing their tits together.

“Emma’s really good at eating pussy too,” said Holly, winking at me.

“Oh my god, you ate out Holly?” said Amy, shocked.

“Like she said, we’ve done it lots of times. I mean, we’re not dykes or anything. Just bi, I guess,” said Emma smiling at Holly and running her hand through Aysha’s black hair.

“Wow, that is really hot. Maybe you two can give me a demonstration later,” I suggested.

“Definitely! You can fuck me while I eat Emma’s pussy,” said Holly.

I got up and walked into the water, washing myself clean. Emma and Aysha were kissing passionately, Emma’s massive bust obscuring Aysha’s smaller one. They tumbled into the water, play fighting before settling down and scrubbing their skin and hair free of my seed. Holly did the same before exiting the pool and sitting beside Amy at the edge.

Amy had re-tied her bikini defiantly, but was still watching me closely. I approached her and put my hands on the tops of her toned thighs. She pressed her legs together tightly and crossed her arms. I reached into the water and held my penis, stroking it on the underside of Amy’s foot. She squirmed and cracked an involuntary smile as I ticked her. I took her feet in my hands and placed my cock between them.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

I gently stroked my cock between her feet, feeling it grow. Holly took an immediate interest.

“Wow! You’re getting hard so soon? This is great!” she said.

Amy was stunned, but did not move away. She leaned back on her hands, her shoulders shrugged. Her nipples hardened as my erection grew. I continued to thrust my length between her feet as she very slightly spread her legs to get a better ‘grip’ on my cock.

“Can you feel me, Amy?” I asked.

“Yeah, I can feel you getting hard between my feet,” she said, blushing.

Aysha and Emma had come to investigate.

“Oh, so you’ve got a foot fetish,” said Aysha.

“No, not really, I just thought I’d let Amy have a feel of me. Maybe she’ll want to do more with it later,” I suggested.

Amy looked at me, then away quickly. Her nipples now poked sharply through the thin fabric of her tiny bikini, and my dick surged again as I imagined sucking her sweet little titties while I filled her pussy with my member.

“Oh!” she said, her eyes popping open and looking down at me.

She must have felt my dick harden. I released my hands, and she continued the pressure on my cock, even pumping her feel slightly to my rhythm. I slid my hands up her smooth toned legs and parted them gently. Her bikini bottoms had crept up slightly between her legs, making a subtle divot between her pussy lips. My mouth watered as my fingers crept towards her mound. The other girls watched with bated breath. Amy watched my hands slide up her thighs, her shoulders shrugging higher as she leaned back. I was about to brush the damp material between her legs when suddenly she backed away and sprang up to her feet. She looked at me, simultaneously defiant and embarrassed, then turned and fled towards the house. She threw the glass patio door open and escaped inside. I sighed.

“So close…” I muttered.

“She’ll be alright,” said Emma. “She’s still a virgin, so I think she’s a bit uncomfortable with all this sex stuff. Let her cool off for a bit.”

“And let’s not let that boner go to waste,” said Aysha, sinking into the water.

She gripped my cock and dunked her head as if bobbing for apples. In a moment, she was bobbing for cock, her dark hair spreading out in front of me on the surface of the water. I could feel her tongue swirling around my dick head as her hands held onto my ass so she could remain underwater. Holly took Amy’s place on the pool’s edge and tipped her legs in the air, sliding her thong out of her ass and tossing it aside. She spread her legs wide to reveal a smoothly shorn pussy. Aysha emerged to get some air.

“My god, you’re so big. I can barely get the head in my mouth,” she said.

I pulled her up to my face and kissed her, then lifted her onto the poolside beside Holly, her bottom making a smack as she sat on the edge. Emma understood what I was doing, and hopped up beside Holly, deftly stripping her pink bikini bottoms and spreading her legs like Holly. Aysha leaned back on her hands and followed suit. I gazed in awe at the three beautiful pussies displayed before me. Aysha. Holly. Emma, the only one to have any pubic hair.

“This is so awesome. A pussy buffet. Hmmm, who will I taste first?” I pondered aloud.

“Aysha’s already got head, and you’ve fucked Emma’s pussy before, so I think I should be first,” said Holly, putting her hand on her pussy lips and spreading them wide.

Her clit was large and swollen.

“That seems only fair,” I said, advancing on her honey pot.

I held her legs aloft as I licked along her inner thigh, kissing her softly.

“Oh, like, never mind that, just get to my pussy!” shouted Holly, grabbing the back of my head and pushing it down.

I obliged, licking her folds with gusto, tasting her sweet juices. I ticked her clit with the tip of my tongue, then swirled around it as fast as I could. I heard a sharp intake of breath and saw her stomach suck in, her breasts heaving.

“Oooooooooohhhhhh,” she exhaled a long moan as my tongue worked ferociously around her fat clitoris.

Emma leaned in and took Holly’s nipple between her lips. Aysha did the same with the other, and they suckled at her massive tits while I tongue-fucked her pussy.

“Aaaaaahhhh, aaaahhh, gooooood, that’s so fucking good!” squeaked Holly, her arms now behind her.

I let my hands creep to the sides and found Aysha and Emma’s legs. I quickly found the warm wetness of their cunts and teased the flesh there while they leaned back and spread their legs wider, giving me better access. I slid a finger inside each of them while I probed Holly’s pink with my tongue.

Soon, all three were moaning loudly. Holly’s moans were low and throaty, Emma’s high and fluttery. Aysha’s moans were of a more punctuated, staccato rhythm, perhaps because her clit was still sensitive from her last orgasm. I could hear wet squishy noises all around me, and I could feel Holly bucking her hips so that her cunt mashed into my face. The other girls were soon bucking their hips as well, and I inserted an additional finger into each of them, curling them up and rubbing inside their soft depths. As I sucked Holly’s fat clit between my lips, I looked past her bulbous breasts at her pinched face. She was looking at me through squinted eyes, her mouth half-open, her brow knit. Her wet pigtails stuck to her shoulders and tits.

“Oooooooh yeeeeeeah! Suck that clit!” she urged.

Emma had reached between her legs and was rubbing her own clit furiously, trying to watch me eat her friend’s wet pussy.

“Oh god, please do me! I need you to lick my pussy!” begged Emma.

I let Holly’s clit slip from my mouth with a ‘pop’ as I moved down the line, positioning myself in front of Emma’s trimmed landing strip. I pushed her hand up to her massive right tit and squeezed the other one with my hand. I slipped my middle and ring finger into her soaked pink softness and thrust hard. Still gripping her breast, which was bulging over my fingers, I dipped my head and began circling Emma’s clit with my tongue. She tossed her head back and moaned loudly.

“Ooooh, oooooh yeah, baby! Work that pussy!” she squealed.

After a minute I withdrew my fingers which dripped, thick with her juices. I released her tit and spread her pussy lips wide with both hands. Her depths were bright pink and her little bean clit was swollen. I pulled back the hood and teased it with my finger. Emma jumped and twitched, her tits bouncing to and fro, little squeaks escaping her lips. I looked over at Holly and Aysha. They were kissing each other, their hands busy between each others’ legs. Approaching Emma’s open cunt, I stuck out my tongue and drove it hard into her hot box as far as it would go. I withdrew it quickly and repeated the movement, fucking her with my tongue while I continued to tease her exposed clitoris.

“AAaaaaaaaaaah, god, you’re making me cuuuuuummm!” she cried loudly, digging her nails into her tit flesh, squashing it to her ample chest.

I felt her pussy juice flow over my tongue as I continued to tongue-fuck her. Her feet rapped against my shoulders as I lapped up her fluids. After a moment, she was pushing against my head, trying to move me away. I relented after a few more licks as Emma twitched, her hand sliding from my face to cup her dripping pussy.

“Oh my fucking god… that was. like, soooo good…” she said between breaths, her toes curling around the pool edge as she brought her knees together.

“I’m glad you liked it, sweetie. You really gave me a good taste of you,” I said, licking my lips.

Holly and Aysha were still making out, fingering each other with gusto. Their legs stuck out into the air, knees bent and spread.

“What do you say we give these girls some more oral?” I said.

Emma smiled devilishly and hopped into the water next to me. I repositioned myself in front of Holly, and Emma swooped in on Aysha’s bare lips. We licked their fingers before simultaneously licking the girls’ privates from asshole to shorn mound.

“Oh! I’ve never had a girl do that!” said Aysha.

Although she sounded surprised, her hand went to the back of Emma’s head and grabbed a fistful of wet hair, pulling her mouth into her cunt. I shook my head from side to side, slathering Holly’s pussy with my saliva as she leaned back and raised her hips, bucking them against my mouth. Seeing an opportunity, I quickly curled my ring finger into my palm, and pushed the other digits into Holly–pinky in her puckered anus, and middle and index into her honeypot.

“Aaaaaaaah! Oooooh, the shocker!” exclaimed Holly, her eyes flying open and her hips bucking.

Her feet were planted on the pool edge and her legs were spread wide as I thrust into her holes. I thumbed her clit with every thrust and slapped her tits with my other hand, making them jump and collide with each other. Aysha was watching us closely, and put her feet up in imitation of Holly.

“Do me! Finger fuck me like that! Make sure one goes in my ass!” said Aysha to Emma.

Emma looked up at Aysha, amused.

“Who knew you were such an anal slut?” she joked.

“Just do it, bitch! I want you to make me cum!” she ordered, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers.

Still pounding Holly’s pussy and anus, I watched Emma curl her ring finger in, assessing her technique, then gently inserting her fingers into Aysha’s waiting holes.

“Aaaaaaaaaah! Ooooooouuuu! Yeeeah! Do it hard!” she commanded.

Emma happily obliged, pistoning her ‘shocker’ into Aysha, causing her tits to bounce. Emma and I smiled at each other as we pleasured the girls. We watched them twist and squirm, and felt their pussies and assholes clench and twitch around our fingers.

Aysha came first. Her scream was ear-piercing as she thrust her pelvis into the air. Suddenly, her vagina began to spray a clear liquid into the air. Emma laughed as she withdrew her hand and caught the flow. Aysha lowered her pussy and blasted Emma’s face with her squirting orgasm. Emma turned her face from side to side, opening her mouth to catch the torrent. She rubbed the pussy juice over her gigantic globular breasts as it dripped off her face and out of her mouth. Aysha was practically having a seizure as she continued to squirt.

“Pffffft! Aaah! Aysha! Pppffft! Your cum is spraying all over me!” declared Emma, spitting pussy juice back at Aysha’s erupting cunt and lifting her breasts to her chin. Soon, Holly reached the brink.

“Ah-, ah-, I’m going to cum!” she declared.

I withdrew my pinky finger from her anus and inserted my ring finger with my other fingers in her pussy, hooking them to stroke her g-spot and slapping my palm against her clit. A wet, squishy sound emanated from her nether regions as pussy juice began to drip over my fingers.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah! Keep doing that! Uuuuuuhhhhh!” Holly arched her back as she assumed the crab position and her flow turned into a spray.

I withdrew my fingers from her spasming cunt and slapped her fat clit with my fingers as she squirted her clear cum against my hand. It sprayed between my fingers and onto my face and chest. She screamed and collapsed onto the deck, raising her head and contracting her stomach as her squirts shot outward with surprising force. As she curled her body inward, her squirts shot upward until they were spraying into her own face. Her ass exposed, I stuffed my middle finger all the way into her anus and tickled her twitching pussy through her anal wall. She squirted harder, a stream of her fluid splashing down onto her face and tits.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhh! Uuuuuuuhhh!” she cried, clawing at the pool deck and shaking violently.

Her squirts slowed and I placed my mouth over her opening, sucking up the leaking juices as she attempted feebly to push my head away.

“S-stop! P-please! I’m t-too sen–sensitive!” she begged.

I eventually relented, withdrawing both my tongue and my finger from her soft depths.

“How did your cum taste, Hol?” said Emma as she smiled. “Aysha’s was amazing. I think I’ll try yours too.”

She glided over to Holly and slipped out of the pool. She straddled Holly’s prostrated body and dipped her head between Holly’s breasts. She lapped greedily at the pools of girl cum on her chest and neck, finally putting her mouth over Holly’s and pressing their slippery tits together.

“Ok girls, my cock is going to explode if I don’t put it in someone’s mouth or pussy in the next minute. Are you up for more fun?” I asked.

Aysha stood up, absently wiping her cum from her thighs and pussy, then licking her fingers clean.

“I’ll suck it for you!” she said enthusiastically.

Emma had stopped kissing Holly and was looking over her shoulder at me.

“Let’s go to the patio,” she said, standing up.

Holly slowly got to her feet somewhat unsteadily and put her arm around Emma’s waist.

“Y-yeah, let me give that cock a good sucking,” she said.

I exited the pool, my massive erection bobbing in front of me. I stared at the girls’ three beautiful naked bottoms as they made their way to the patio. Emma put one of the cushions from the lounger on the ground and knelt on it.

“Come on girls,” she said, pulling at Holly and Aysha’s hands.

They knelt beside her and beckoned to me. I stood proudly in front of the teens’ faces as they looked up at me, smiling. Their hands collided as they all reached for my cock simultaneously . Holly, who was on my right, managed to gain purchase on my thick shaft first, and pulled it hard to her mouth. Her experienced lips engulfed me at once, and I felt a powerful suction as her cheeks drew in and her hand pumped my rod.

Aysha leaned down and licked my balls as Emma watched, her hand on my ass. Holly was good, and was soon taking half my cock into her throat. Her pumping hand moved in perfect rhythm with her suction, spreading her saliva across my entire length. Aysha tongued my balls energetically.

After a minute, she said, “Next!” and pulled my member from Holly’s grip.

Aysha began by running her tongue up the underside of my cock, holding it up against my abdomen. She tickled the glans with her tongue, then popped the head into her mouth. She sucked hard, without bobbing her head, her tongue swirling delightfully around my pulsating helmet. Meanwhile, Emma and Holly had each sucked a nut into their mouths. Unable to take much of my dick into her mouth, Aysha pushed the head against the inside of her cheek as she stroked me with both hands. The sensation was wonderful: as if I was pressing against a resistant pussy. Her tongue continued its playful technique.

“Ok, Aysh. Now me,” said Emma.

Reluctantly, Aysha slid my cock from her mouth and directed it to Emma. Having had some practice sucking my dick, Emma knew how to handle my large size. She bobbed her head on my cock and twisted her hands around my shaft, drooling liberally down my length.

“Holly, get in here and put your mouth on my cock. On this side. Emma,” she popped my dick out of her mouth and looked up at me. “Put your lips on this side, opposite Holly. Aysha, go under me and lick my balls.”

The girls did as they were told. Holly and Emma opened their mouths to admit my cock as it pushed between their lips. They stuck out their tongues as my shaft slid along them. I held the two girls’ hair while I slid my length between their mouths, as I felt Aysha tickle my nuts from underneath. Her hands gripped my buttocks as I thrust, my hips pushing against the girls’ cheeks as the base of my cock reached their open mouths.

“Wooow, this is amazing!” I said as Holly and Emma stared into my eyes. After a time, I pulled the girls’ heads back by their hair.

“Aysha, hold my cock straight out. I’m going to fuck your mouths one at a time. You need to position it,” I said as she appeared from beneath me, licking her lips.

She put her head between the other teens’ and held my member at its base, pointing straight out.

“Open wide,” I said as Aysha maneuvered my cock towards Emma’s mouth.

I plunged it in, pulling her ponytail so that she took more of me in than she would normally have. Her throat convulsed and I pulled out as she coughed. A long trail of saliva hung from my cock head to her lower lip as Aysha swung my dick her way and I pushed the other girls’ heads against hers, sandwiching it in the middle, as my cock entered her waiting mouth. She gagged as Emma had, and I saw her shoulders pitch forward and her tits bounce as she coughed.

Pulling out, I thrust to the next recipient, who took more of me than the other two, but still gagged as my knob hit the back of her throat. Aysha, her eyes watering, but not missing a beat, swung my dick back to Emma, who spat on my head, then accepted me again. I went quicker this time–Emma’s throat, Aysha’s throat, Holly’s throat, and repeated.

Emma and Holly had put their hands on my thighs to try to stop me from making them gag as I forced myself down their tight throats, but to little avail. I held their hair tightly as I thrust myself between their lips. They took it rather well, trying to impress me with how far they could take my dick, and they blinked up at me, their eyes watering, spit dripping down their chins onto their tits.

Holly managed to get me a significant way down her throat on one of my thrusts, and held herself there for a moment before I pulled her hair back. When I thrust into Emma’s throat, she surprised me by grabbing my hips and forcing me abruptly down her throat until Aysha was forced to move her hand. Emma valiantly continued her knob gobbling effort until her nose touched the short pubic hair on my abdomen. I could feel her choking on my cock, but it felt wonderful, and she was not pulling back. She opened her eyes and teared up profusely, but managed to stick her tongue out and prod my balls. I moaned loudly as I felt her body heave and her tongue struggle against my shaft.

She pulled back rapidly, sputtering and coughing, spitting a massive gob of saliva which stuck to her chin and dangled over her tits. Impressed at Emma’s throat capacity, the girls stared in wonder. Aysha wiped the spittle from Emma’s chin and rubbed it into her tits.

“Wow, Em! You took it all! I’m, like, so impressed!” squealed Aysha.

Holly seemed envious of Emma’s accomplishment. She offered no praise, but instead took my dripping cock and impaled her head upon it, as Emma had. She didn’t make it all the way down, but began bobbing her head on my cock, her mouth wide open, sloppy guttural sounds coming from deep in her throat, spit oozing from her mouth as my dick head got a massage from Holly’s throat.

“AAAaaah, fuck!” I cried.

Aysha laughed.

“Wow, you guys are crazy! I could never take that much,” she said.

“I-ah, I think it’s time to get my cock into your hot pussies, before I blow my load into Holly’s stomach,” I said, pulling Holly by her pig tails off my spit-soaked penis.

She gasped for air as she looked up at me, happy with her performance. Aysha rose to her feet and threw her arms around me, kissing me hard, and pulling me towards the lounger. Seeing her intent, I laid her down, and she spread her legs obligingly. Emma brought chair cushions over so I could kneel on them at the end of the lounger. My dick bobbed between Aysha’s legs, gently brushing her wet pussy lips.

“God, just stick in in me! I can’t wait anymore!” she urged.

Emma bent over Aysha and kissed her before saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Holly laughed as Aysha’s expression grew slightly worried. She looked between her tits to her smooth cunt. Holly was kneeling beside me, aiming my throbbing member at Aysha’s pussy and spreading her lips with her other hand. I couldn’t wait either. I pushed my cock against Aysha’s pink hole, distending her labia. I was slick with throat-phlegm, so I slid into her without much friction, but I felt the force of her pussy muscles clench tight as soon as my head was inside her warm cunt.

“Aaaaah!” she cried, closing her eyes tight.

Emma pinched Aysha’s nipples hard to distract her from the pain of my massive cock entering her tight pussy.

“Fuck! SSShhhhit!” said Aysha, looking down at her impaled vagina.

Emma crawled up the chair and turned around, straddling Aysha’s face. She spread her pussy lips and lowered herself, grinding her cunt into Aysha’s mouth. I thrust deeper and heard a muffled cry as Emma began gyrating her hips.

“Shut up and eat me, you slut. It will take your mind of the stretching your pussy is getting,” she said.

Holly giggled and stroked my slick shaft as she massaged the nub of Aysha’s clit. I plunged my cock deep into Aysha’s tight pussy, no longer taking care to go slowly. The salival lubrication worked wonderfully along with Aysha’s pussy juice, and I began a steady rhythm, pumping in and out of her tight hole while Holly jerked the remainder of my exposed shaft.

“Oh my god, you are SO filling her up. And you’re not even, like, all the way in!” exclaimed Holly. “It looks so hot,” she mused as she ceased playing with Aysha’s clit so she could play with her own.

Emma tossed her head back and began to moan as she ground her pussy into Aysha’s face. I became worried about her ability to breathe, but then Emma tilted her ass up and I heard a gasp.

“Oh… oh my… god! You’re so… fucking… BIG!” cried Aysha.

“Yeah, take that pussy! Fuck her good!” said Holly, squeezing my shaft almost painfully hard.

I imagined the pressure on Aysha’s pussy as Holly made my engorged cock even bigger with her grip.

“Oohooohhhhhh gooooooood! Ohhhh fuck meeeeeee!” moaned Aysha.

I moved Holly’s hand and thrust deeper, pulling Aysha into me by the tops of her thighs. She screamed in ecstasy and writhed, grabbing her tits fiercely, her nails digging into them.

“AAAAAAAAAHHH! C-cummiiiinnnnnnngg!” she cried.

As she convulsed in an orgasm, I continued pounding her cunt, watching her grapple with her fistfulls of tit, twisting her torso, her toned belly flexing, her toes curling.

Emma dropped her pussy on Aysha’s face again and gyrated. Holly stood quickly, her tits jiggling, and bounced over to Emma’s head, where the put one of her legs on the opposite arm rest.

“Eat it like you love to do, baby,” she said to Emma, who twisted sideways, leaning on her hands, and licked Holly’s exposed clit.

Holly and I watched each other as I fucked Aysha and she was eaten out by Emma. Holly played with her lovely breasts, knowing how much it turned me on.

“God, this is so fucking hot. Do you like watching me get my pussy licked by my girlfriend?” asked Holly in a husky voice.

“I love it, baby. I love the way you look when you’re getting your clit sucked, and the way you play with your huge tits,” I replied.

She smiled and pushed her tits together, squeezing her nipples. I was impaling Aysha on my cock nearly up to the hilt. I was amazed her small 5’1″ frame was able to take my thick cock, although her pussy had relaxed a bit after her orgasm. She now had her hands on Emma’s ass cheeks, pulling them apart to give me a look at her puckered anus. Pulling out of Aysha, I smacked my dick on her soaked bald cunt, making her legs twitch in the air as my head struck her sensitive clit. Her pink hole has stretched, gaped by my enormous girth.

“I’m next! I’m next!” shouted Holly, lowering her leg and hopping over to me.

I stood up and she bent down to suck Aysha’s cum from my cock.

“MMmmmmm, you taste good, sweetie,” she hummed. “Get on the chair.”

Aysha was sitting up, rubbing her tender pussy. Emma stood and cupped Holly’s toned ass. I lay on my back on the lounger, making myself comfortable. Wasting no time, Holly stood astride me and took my cock in her hand, guiding it to her wet, hairless slit. She curved her back to get the best view of my member on the verge of penetration into her teenage pink. Her breasts hung deliciously as she bent her knees, pushing the head of my cock against her soft folds. As she applied more weight, I eased my way into her reluctant opening. She was not as tight as Emma had been on our last encounter, or Aysha, but I could feel her pussy clench involuntarily as I penetrated her.

Releasing my shaft, she put her hands on her thighs and lowered her body further onto me, watching as inch after inch of my cock vanished into her twat. Aysha was beside Holly, her hand on her stomach, guiding her downward. She popped Holly’s swaying tit into her mouth and suckled enthusiastically. Emma straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth. I tongued her fiercely as she ground her cunt on my mouth. Holly descended further onto my rod, slowing as I filled her pussy.

“Ok, ok hun, that’s it, I can’t take any more of him,” gasped Holly to Aysha.

Still sucking her tit, Aysha ran her hand down Holly’s abdomen and rubbed her big clit as Holly slowly straightened her legs.

“Shit, you’re going to, like, split me in half!” said Holly, holding Aysha’s head to her breast.

I reached up between Emma’s legs and grabbed her hanging tits, squeezing them tightly. I felt Holly descend on my cock again, faster this time. She moaned as I filled her.

“Uuuuuhhnnnn! Oh my god! You’re, like, in my stomach!” she said.

“Shut up and just fuck him, Hol!” cried Emma, squirming about, spreading her pussy juice on my face.

I tongue-fucked her as quickly as I could. I rolled Emma’s full breasts in my hands, enjoying the soft heavy flesh spilling over my palms. I juggled them playfully as I licked her clit.

“Ok girls, here I go!” declared Holly.

She began fucking me in earnest, letting her full weight fall until I was nearly all the way into her, then flexing her legs and jumping upwards. I snuck a peek between Emma’s legs and saw Aysha sucking Emma’s tits, then Holly’s, then back to Emma’s, as if she couldn’t decide which nipple was better. Emma and Holly had placed their hands on each others’ shoulders and leaned in to kiss as Holly steadied herself, my dick halfway in.

I began thrusting my hips, driving my cock into Holly as she sucked Emma’s tongue. Aysha’s head was being beaten about by the buxom bosoms of the beautiful busty bitches. As she lapped at their tits, she stroked their clits vigorously with her fingers. I watched her tits jiggle with the effort. I decided she was not getting enough attention, and slapped her round ass cheek, then squeezed it firmly. She bent over and tilted her head towards mine.

“Put your fingers in my asshole,” she whispered, and winked.

My hand crept to her ass crack, and probed to her anus. I pushed my middle and ring fingers into her bottom and worked them around, feeling her muscles clench. I resumed tonguing Emma’s dripping cunt, as I felt Aysha’s hand cup my balls. Holly had resumed her cock riding, and was moving at a furious pace.

“Yeeah, you’re really fucking that dick now, girl!” said Emma.

I pushed my fingers deeper into Aysha’s ass.

“Aaaaah!” she cried in ecstasy.

“Oh my god, you’re, like, totally fingering her asshole!” exclaimed Emma, noticing my hand working at Aysha’s bottom.

“Oh fuck yeah, I love it! I want him to fuck me in the ass!”

“Your little butthole wouldn’t be able to take his massive cock, Aysh.”

“Yes it could! Ah! Ah! I know it could!” she insisted.

“Shut up! Oh oh oh oh oh! I’m about to cum!” cried Holly.

She leaned forward and put her hands on my chest, mashing her face into Emma’s full tits.

“UUuuuuhhhhn! Uuuuuhhhnnn! Oooooooohhhhh!” she grunted and moaned as she pivoted her hips on my rigid cock, plunging me in and out of her orgasming pussy.

I used my free hand to squeeze first one tit, then the other, tugging at her nipples as she shook from the waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Holly sat down on me as a felt her cunt spasm around my member. I moaned as I felt my cock get squeezed in Holly’s hot, wet depths. I bit my lip so I would not blow my load inside her. Emma hugged Holly’s head into her tits briefly, then pushed her up.

“My turn!” she announced.

She deftly stepped over my head and helped Holly off my dick. She put her arm around her waist and pulled upwards, my cock slowly withdrawing from Holly’s slick hole. Holly’s legs shook as I emerged, glistening with her cum juice. Aysha took the opportunity to suck the pussy juice from my dick as I continued to finger her anus.

Emma then tugged at my arm, getting me to sit up. Holly had sat on a nearby chair and was hugging herself, a vague smile on her face. I slipped my fingers from Aysha’s bottom, and gave her a spank.

“I want you to fuck me from behind,” said Emma.

“Ok. I have an idea.”

I stood and went behind Emma, holding her around the waist. I positioned her at the end of the lounger, rubbing my cock between her legs. I got her to kneel at the foot of the lounger, leaning over it. She rested her chest on the chair, her tits squashing to the sides underneath her. Her hands reached back and spread her ass cheeks to expose her wet snatch and small anus.

“Put it in me,” she breathed.

“Oh don’t worry, honey, I will. But first…” I took Holly’s hand and led her over to the lounger.

“Lie on Emma,” I said.

Holly, still somewhat shaky, draped her body over Emma’s, splaying her legs to the sides. Aysha knew what to do, and hopped atop Holly.

“That is a wonderful sight,” I said. “A pussy sandwich.”

I knelt on the cushions and flicked my cock across Emma’s asshole.

“No! Not in there! You’re too big. Fuck my pussy, please.”

I guided my dick head down to her soft mound and penetrated her forcefully.

“Ah shit!” she cried.

I began thrusting in and out of her immediately. Although tight, she was incredibly wet, and her pussy relented to my pounding cock. Emma began to moan.

“Oooooh baby! You fill me up so good!”

I observed the cunts and assholes before me with glee. As I pounded Emma’s cunt, I took the liberty of fingering Holly’s pussy and Aysha’s asshole. The three girls moaned as I pleasured them. After fucking Emma for a few minutes, I pulled out and smacked her ass cheeks with my wet dick, then raised myself to a semi-squat in front of Holly’s bare pussy. I pushed my length in without pausing, until barely an inch was still exposed.

“AaaaaaAAAAaaaaaannn!” she cried.

I fucked her hard.

“Oh fuck! Oh my god, you’re filling me up again!”

I pistoned my cock in and out of Holly, then pulled it free. I stood straight and, guiding my dick with my hand, penetrated Aysha’s soaked cunt. She was still the tighter of the three, but I gripped her hips and thrust hard, my thighs slapping on Holly and Emma’s ass cheeks. I popped my thumb into Aysha’s puckered anus as I ravaged her cunt.

“Yeah, that feels fucking gooood!”

I slapped Aysha’s ass as I molested her, and even reached around to squeeze her tit. She spread her ass with her hands as I smacked the side of her tit.

“Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass, please!”

“Now, now, Aysha. There will be plenty of time for that,” I said, as I pulled free from her tight depths.

I knelt again, and thrust violently into Emma’s pussy. I gave her three strong strokes, then dipped into Holly for three, then to Aysha. The next round I gave each girl one furious thrust before moving on to the next.

“Ah! Damn, your pussies are so amazing! I can’t believe I’m fucking three hot teenage girls at once! This feels like some sort of dream,” I grunted, diving into each with relish.

“You love our pussies stacked up for you, don’t you baby? Your cock is more than enough for three of us!” said Holly

“I saaaaid fuck my ASS!” shouted Aysha, turning to look at me crossly.

“Ok baby, you asked for it.”

I held my rock hard erection firmly and put my hand on her left butt cheek. Using my thumb, I pulled the flesh to the side, stretching the skin of her anal hole taught and exposing it to my throbbing dick head. I used Aysha’s dripping pussy to lubricate the end, which I subsequently used to coat her anus with her pussy juice. I placed my cock head against her puckered asshole.

“Do it! Fuck that ass!” begged Aysha.

I squeezed my cock and pushed forward.

Aysha screamed.

My cock head disappeared into her depths, stretching her sphincter, as her skin was pushed inwards. Her ass made a tight ring around my cock and squeezed it mercilessly. My eyes rolled as pleasure like a lightning bolt shot through me. I grunted and pushed in harder.

“Fuck! Ahhhh fuck! Ow! Ow! Ow!” she hissed between her teeth as I managed to get an inch of my shaft into her bowels.

“I can stop if you want, Aysha,” I said, pausing to enjoy her anal grip on my cock.

“N-no… it’s ok. I can take it. God you’re fucking big. It hurts, but it, like, feels good too. Spit on your cock and put it in more. I want to feel you fill my ass with your meat.”

“God Aysh, you’re a bigger slut than me!” giggled Holly, squirming underneath her.

I let a glob of spit fall from my lips onto my shaft and I rubbed it in with my fingers. I pulled out a fraction, then forced a significant portion of my cock into Aysha’s skewered bottom.

“OOOOoooooohhh SHIT! Yes! It’s going in!” she cried.

I pulled back, and watched her anus reverse direction as it seemed to be fused to my shaft. I managed to pull a couple inches out and re-coat it with spit before forcing it back in even deeper. Aysha whimpered as her hands gripped the sides of Holly’s tits, which were squashed on Emma’s back. I began a thrusting motion, trying not to tear Aysha’s taught anus. The sensation was amazing as she gradually relaxed and went with my flow.

“Ohh yeah, ok, yeah, that’s better,” she sighed.

As I ass fucked Aysha, Holly became impatient.

“Why does she get all the fun? I wanna be fucked in the ass too you know!” complained Holly.

“And I’m, like, not getting anything down here. I can’t even masturbate myself in this position,” chimed in Emma.

I leaned forward and put my arms under Aysha’s shoulders. I straightened up and she put her arm around my neck, thrusting her chest out. I slid my hands down her sides and hooked my hands behind her knees then lifted her into the air. She squeaked as I stepped backwards, letting her weight descend on my cock as it plunged deep into her bowels.

“Aaaaaah fuuuuuck!” she squealed, squeezing my neck with her arm, trying to push herself up to extract my buried cock.

I held her legs to the sides and bounced Aysha up and down on my dick, her sphincter clenching almost painfully around my girth as it drove into her anal depths. Holly and Emma stood up and watched my invade Aysha’s bottom.

“Holy shit! Look at how stretched her asshole is!” exclaimed Emma.

Holly approached us and began slapping Aysha’s gaping pussy with her fingers, making a sharp wet sound. Aysha moaned louder as she reached out and grabbed one of Holly’s tits and squeezed it hard. Holly put three fingers into Aysha’s pussy as she continued to slap her clit. I could feel them wriggle inside her through the barrier between her ass and pussy. The stimulation was becoming too much.

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeeeaaaaah! Fuck my aaaaaaaaasss!” Aysha cried in ecstasy as Holly pleasured her pussy.

I heard squishy sounds as Aysha’s juices began flowing from her cunt.

“Oooooooh gooooood, I’m gonna cuuuuuuumm!” she screamed.

As I dropped Aysha’s tight body down onto my cock, Holly withdrew her fingers. Instantly, Aysha convulsed and a torrent of clear liquid sprayed from her twat. Holly lifted her arms in defense of Aysha’s squirting pussy, but it was ultimately futile. I heard the jet splashing loudly as it struck Holly’s stomach, breasts, and arms, and watched with delight as Holly gave in to the flow, lowered her arms, and leaned forward–eyes closed, mouth open, tongue out.

Emma was beside Holly in a flash, her arm around her waist, leaning forward in imitation of her squirt-soaked girlfriend. Aysha’s spray was powerful and sustained; in moments both girls were dripping wet, as if they had taken another dip in the pool. The girl-cum ran down their faces, into their mouths, over their tongues, against their swaying tits and off their nipples onto the ground. As Aysha’s stream died for a second, Holly and Emma stood to look at each other’s pussy juice-coated body, running their hands over their tits, stomachs, and pussies, before Aysha erupted again violently.

As my cock slid deeper into her anal hole, her clenching and spasming muscles massaged my length vigorously. The sensation was overwhelming, and I could feel my orgasm build. I knew I would lose control, especially at the sight of Holly and Emma kissing and licking each other as they received Aysha’s cum. Aysha was still squealing sporadically as another torrent of pussy juice shot from her opening onto the girls’ faces and tits, which were sandwiched between them, slipping against one another as if wrestling in an oil pit.

I could no longer hold out. I came.

I felt the shot build and travel the length of my member like a bolt of lightning. I grunted and thrust into Aysha’s ass, burying my full length in her soft and stretched bottom. She screamed louder than ever and her eyes rolled back in her head as her arm tightened around my neck and her other hand dug her nails into her upturned tit. I blasted my load deep into her bowels with tremendous force, propelled by her clenching rectum. Aysha’s body went rigid as she screamed.

“Aaaaaaaaahhh! Aaaaaaaahhhnnnnn! I can feel you b-blowing your c-c-cum in m-my ass! It feels s-sooooo goooood!” she cried, her ass cheeks clenching and releasing against my abdomen.

Holly stopped sucking Emma’s wet nipple and turned to face us.

“You’re cuming in her ass??! No fair! I wanted you to fuck MY ass next!” said Holly, sounding genuinely disappointed.

I had shot several loads into Aysha, and could feel the heat of my semen around my buried shaft. She was reduced to whimpering, her eyes closed, her pussy leaking cum, her hand relaxing on her tit, showing the marks where her nails had dug in. I let go of Aysha’s legs and laid her down on a lounger, her face against the cushion, her ass in the air, my cock still buried to the hilt.

“Holy shit! You went all the way in her!” exclaimed Emma, rubbing Aysha’s cum into her pussy.

I came again and a thick glob escaped from around my dick and dripped down her leg.

“Quick, pull him out before she’s filled with jizz!” said Emma urgently.

Holly put her palm above my cock and Em pushed my stomach backwards. I began to slide out of Aysha. It was somewhat painful, but pleasurable at the same time, and as my dick head popped free of her stretched anus, a burst of milky white semen shot out of her asshole, splattering against my dick head. My cum flowed out of her loose hole like pouring cream from a bottle. Bubbling and wet farting noises accompanied the cum as it dribbled down her thighs and over her bare cunt.

Her fingers explored her cum-soaked folds as Holly cupped her hand under Aysha’s ass, catching a handful of my seed. I stood and stroked my dick, shooting one final load onto the top of Aysha’s ass, watching it slide down the curve of her spine.

“Dare you to taste it,” Emma said to Holly devilishly.

Holly smiled and dipped her finger into her cupped palm then brought it to her mouth, sucking it clean.

“Yummy!” she giggled, then threw the rest of it across Emma’s massive tits.

Emma looked at Holly, then down to her breasts which were speckled with my spunk. She looked back at Holly, then they both broke out laughing.

“You little bitch!” giggled Emma, grabbing Holly by the hair and pulling her face into her chest, roughly.

Holly struggled weakly, not putting up much of a fight, and seemingly enjoying having her face rubbed against Emma’s large wet tits. I sat down heavily on one of the loungers, leaning back as I watched the teens play-fight. After a few moments, they stopped and looked over to me.

“Wait, this is totally unfair. You fucked Aysha in her ass, but we didn’t get any anal!” complained Holly, crossing her arms under her round boobs and frowning.

“Yeah, and now your cock’s going soft,” added Emma, crossing her arms in imitation of Holly.

“Look, I just need a couple minutes, girls. Maybe you could put on a little show to get me hard again. In fact, I want to see you scissor each other and rub your pussies together,” I suggested.

“Ok,” Emma said happily. “Aysh, do you want to join in?”

Aysha, still lying face down on a nearby lounger, shook her head weakly.

“No girls, I’m spent. I’ll just watch the action,” she said dreamily.

“Suit yourself,” said Holly, arranging some cushions on the ground next to my lounger.

She sat down and spread her legs, running her finger along her slit.

“What are you waiting for, baby? Get that cute pussy down here!” ordered Holly.

Emma sat across from Holly, spreading her legs and maneuvering herself so that Holly’s leg was over her thigh. The girls leaned back and pushed their groins toward each other. They watched closely as their pussy lips grazed against each other, as if their labia were softly kissing like lips on their mouths. I sat on the edge of the lounger between the girls to get the best view of their lesbian encounter. Emma pushed her groin harder against Holly’s.

“Mmmmmmmm, yes baby,” moaned Holly as they began grinding their cunts together.

Their bodies, still wet from Aysha’s pussy cum, glistened in the afternoon sun as they writhed on the ground, their bulging tits rolling on their chests, their nipples hard. Their mouths opened and closed, an occasional tongue passing over their lips, or biting down on their lower lip as they moaned and breathed hard. I heard wet, slippery noises as they scissored each other, picking up their pace.

“God, you fuck me so good Holly,” breathed Emma, squeezing one of her tits.

“Oooooh, I know you love my bare pussy against yours,” Holly replied, then looked at me. “Looks like we woke the sleeping giant.”

I looked down and saw my cock suspended in mid-air, becoming engorged.

“What can I say? I’m a sucker for two hot, busty, teen lesbians rubbing their pussies together,” I chuckled.

“Bring that big cock over here, baby. I want to suck it again,” Emma said, a hungry look in her eyes.

I knelt down beside her, caressing the near breast as she reached out and guided my semi-erect cock into her warm mouth. I closed my eyes as her tongue swirled around my dick head and her full lips slid back and forth over my glans.

“Oh yeah, Em. That’s nice,” I moaned, feeling the blood continue to fill my penis.

“I can feel you grow inside my mouth. That is so hot,” replied Emma, stroking me gently.

She sucked me off for a minute before I pulled away from her and shuffled over to Holly.

“Your turn, Hol,” I said, sticking my hard cock in her pretty face.

She smiled as she licked the underside of my shaft, then took me deep into her mouth. She drew me out slowly and stroked me, spreading her saliva along my thick column.

“Fuck my face, baby,” she said, placing my dick head in her mouth and putting her elbows on the ground, grinding harder against Emma.

I read her intention, and gripped her pig tails, forcing my cock deep into her throat. She gagged.

“Oh god, I almost forgot how big you were!” she laughed. “Sorry, try again. I’m ready now.”

I held her hair firmly as I once again guided my cock down her tight throat. She took me this time, her hazel eyes looking deeply into mine as she deep-throated me. I began fucking her face with a steady rhythm, gurgling sounds coming from her throat.

“Yes… fuck her face. Make her take that big cock until she chokes!” encouraged Emma, who was clearly turned on be seeing her friend deep throat me.

She bucked her hips hard and Holly’s tits shook. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she moaned loudly.

“Your cock is so fucking big! And her pussy feel so good against my clit,” said Holly in a husky voice.

“Fuck my face now. I want to deep throat you too!” begged Emma.

I leaned down and kissed Holly, then sucked her tits briefly before doing the same to Emma. Held my dick firmly as Emma looked up at me expectantly. I put my hand in her hair, then smack her cheek with my fat cock.

“Oh!” she cried.

Holly laughed. “Yeah, smack her face with your cock!”

I smacked her other cheek.

“Fuck, your cock is heavy! Smack it on my tongue!” said Emma, sticking out her tongue.

I smacked my dick head off her wet tongue then took her head in my hands and forced my cock down her throat. She took is surprisingly well, and I face-fucked her as I moaned. Holly began to moan as well.

“God she’s right, that looks so hot,” said Holly, holding Emma’s leg and pushing harder against her.

After several deep thrusts, I pulled my cock out, dripping saliva all over Emma’s big tits.

“Oh fuck Holly, I want it now. I want him to fuck my ass,” she said desperately.

Holly heard this and disengaged from Emma, spinning around and spreading her ass cheeks.

“Please, me first! Give me that cock!”

Seeing her exposed anus, I was unable to resist. I maneuvered over Holly’s exposed and puckered asshole, and pumped my dick, then spread spit on her rosebud with my fingers.

“Hey! I wanted to go first!” whinged Emma, still reclined with her legs spread, her pussy lips glistening with her and Holly’s juices.

“You’ll get your turn, honey. Please, put it in my ass!” cried Holly, looking over her shoulder at me, a look of desperation in her face.

I looked at Emma, shrugging, then turned back to Holly, admiring her full, round ass, before pushing my dick head against her tight anus. She pushed back as I pushed forward, and half my cock penetrated her before she clenched me.

“Uuuuuuuhhhhgh, fuck!” she cried. I pushed deeper into her bottom.

“Ooouu! I can feel you stretch my ass! Aaah! Fuck! Do it again!”

I pulled out nearly all the way, and thrust forward, penetrating her bowels deeply.

“AAAAhhhn! Ow! It hurts a bit, but it’s soooo good! Keep going baby!” said Holly.

I began a steady thrusting rhythm, filling her bottom with my cock, watching her plump ass get stabbed by my flesh sword. Emma, desperate to watch the anal action, sat astride Holly’s skewered ass facing me. She put her hands on Holly’s ass cheeks and spread them, watching my pole dip into her butt.

“Oh wow, Holly, he’s going so deep into your ass! It looks so fucking sexy!” remarked Emma, looking down between her tits.

I kissed Emma as I fucked Holly’s ass, then she pushed my head down into her bosom, twisting her torso and slapping her huge tits off my face.

“You slapped me in the face with your big cock, it’s only fair I get to slap you in the face with my big tits,” giggled Emma, swinging her breasts from side to side. Their heavy weight collided with my cheeks, bouncing off my head like jelly.

“‘Tit’s’ only fair,” I laughed.

Emma laughed with me, then held her breasts out so I could suck her nipples. Holly emitted a loud, throaty moan as my cock pushed even deeper into her bowels. Emma stopped laughing and looked over her tits, her eyes widening.

“Oh my god. You’re, like, fucking her so deep,” she said, mesmerised.

“Maybe you’d like to try it, Em. Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?” I asked, still pumping into Holly’s sweet bottom.

“Yes… Ok, I’ll try it. But let me get ready first,” replied Emma, looking at me nervously.

She spread her legs and angled her pelvis to expose both her glorious holes as she put one arm behind my neck to keep herself upright. She was perched on the top of Holly’s ass, using her like a table top. With her other hand she inserted two fingers into her virgin asshole.

“I… I’ve never done this before,” she said, working her fingers delicately into her depths. “But it… it kinda feels good.”

As I continued to thrust into Holly’s asshole, I held Emma’s legs aloft and watched her wet tits glisten in the sun, her arm jiggling them tantilisingly as she masturbated her anus.

“Can I put it in you now? Can I try putting my cock in your ass?” I asked, my legs shaking as I drove into Holly again.

Emma seemed unsure, but slid her ass forward, her tits now on her stomach, her hand now reaching under her leg to pull her ass cheek aside.

“Um… Ok. But please be gentle,” she said with a shy expression, her face flushing deep red.

“Maybe spit on it first,” she added quickly.

I pulled free of Holly’s anal embrace, admiring her stretched hole, her fingers already at work on her pussy. My penis flicked upward, unguided, bouncing up and down in front of Emma’s holes. I spat on my fingers and lowered my hand to her butt hole, rubbing my saliva over her puckered anus. Emma watched intently, still holding my neck with her hand, her mouth half-open, her eyes wide. I watched my spit drip down onto Holly’s ass before easing myself against her anal opening.

I looked into her eyes reassuringly, then pushed into her, her bottom receiving me more easily than I anticipated. I eased into her slowly, letting my spit lubricate her anal walls as each inch of me penetrated her. Her brow creased, her hand tightened on my neck, and she hissed between her teeth, but she did not resist me, and before long I was sliding out of her bottom, having popped her anal cherry.

“Ooooh, good girl. You took it so good, Em,” I said reassuringly as I pushed back into her, groaning with pleasure at the tightness of her bottom.

“Y-you’re filling my ass with your cock. I can feel your hot dick fucking my bottom,” she mused, as she slid her hand down to her clit, rubbing it with her middle finger. “It… it’s amazing! You feel so good stretching my little asshole!”

“I knew you’d like it, Em!” said Holly from below us. “Doesn’t it feel amazing the way it fills you up?”

“Oh fuck yes, it feels so fucking good!” cried Emma, watching my thick cock spit her ass.

I fucked her ass slowly for a minute, allowing her to adjust to my size, then gradually sped the pace of my thrusts, also pushing more of my cock into her.

“Is that good, baby? Do you like my cock in your ass?” I asked her, watching her breasts roll on her tummy as she continued to work her clit.

Jay Cult 2: Electric Boogaloo

Disclaimer: None of this is true, everyone is over 18.


I was nobody, just another trouble maker trying to get his shit together using the art of rap as therapy. But now I’m the biggest rap artist on the underground, selling out shows left and right and playing some of the biggest rap songs in the world to a grateful audience. This was thanks in part to my friend Zoe Kravitz who I had met by accident, but who had become an incredibly valued friend and briefly earlier tonight a lover.

We had fucked in the bathroom of the Milton hotel on the night of its anniversary. It wasn’t exactly glamorous I know, but it was amazing. It didn’t last long though, since her boyfriend had to take her away from me, which led me into the arms of Selena Gomez and upstairs to Katy Perry’s penthouse suite where I managed to fuck not only those two but their friends Miley Cyrus and Rihanna as well, all the while sexting Jessica Alba.

This leads me back to where we are right now, in the elevator on my way down to the ground floor in an attempt to go home and get some rest, when I received an angry text message from Zoe Kravitz.

“Where the fuck are you?” The message wrote.

I stared at the text that had appeared on my screen as the elevator took me all the way down to the bottom floor of the hotel, unsure of what my next course of action should be.

“I’m in the lobby. Heading out.”

Hopefully that would be enough to get her off my back, the last thing I wanted was for the most important person in my professional and personal life to find out I’d just fucked four pop-stars right under her nose.

“I’ll be out in a sec.”

She was relentless. I didn’t even know why she could possibly want to see me since she was there with her boyfriend Penn Badgley anyway.

“Sure. I’m leaving though. Early meetings.”

The elevator doors opened as I sent that last text, and I found myself luckily alone in the lobby. Somewhat alone at least, a man that was unmistakable was stumbling across the near empty lobby making his way out to a limo.

‘There you are!’ Zoe yelled out as I walked to the centre of the lobby. ‘Where have you been?’

‘I just came out here to smoke a jay,’ I lied, pointing a thumb towards the lobby doors. ‘Came back in here to say goodnight to you.’

‘I haven’t seen you for ages!’ she said.

Zoe was apparently drunk, but still aware enough to realise when something didn’t fit right.

‘Figured I’d better have kept my distance… considering…’ I said, looking down at the ground upon realisation that I’d fucked someone’s girl, someone that I actually kinda liked. ‘Where is Penn anyway?’

‘Who cares… I dunno… around…’ she shrugged.

Zoe was acting strange, strange even for drunk Zoe, like she was holding something back.

‘What’s wrong?’ I had a feeling in my gut that was telling me she must’ve felt really bad about what had happened earlier, this could spell the end of your relationship.

‘We broke up,’ she answered bluntly, staring deep into my eyes.

‘Because of-’

‘No not because of that, he doesn’t know about that, it just wasn’t working out.’

We stared at each other in awkward silence, neither of us not really knowing what to do. She looked embarrassed, she probably felt as if she had divulged too much too soon, it can’t have been very long since they had broken it off. I had no idea what to do, I had a sneaking suspicion that I was the cause of their break up, but I didn’t want to push the subject, so I changed it instead.

‘Let’s get you home,’ I said as I put my arm around her and began to walk the young lady across the lobby out towards the entrance doors.

‘We’ll find a limo, and then home,’ Zoe said, a small smile appearing on her face as we reached the doors of the famous hotel.

‘Well, we live like across town from each other it would be smarter to catch separate-’

‘No,’ we walked outside. ‘Come over, please,’ Zoe stared up into my eyes.

‘I can’t come over, I have so many meetings in just a few hours… besides are you sure it’s… you know so soon after…’ I stumbled.

She glared at me again.

‘I don’t want to have sex with you!’ She grabbed my hand. ‘I’ll come to yours, I just don’t want to be alone tonight,’ She said as she gently rested her head on my shoulder wrapping her arms around mine.

I waved down a limousine with my free hand. ‘Okay, but I seriously do need to get some rest.’

The drive home really was nice, Zoe fell asleep in my lap as I gently brushed her hair. It had been the first time I had ever been with a woman in this way, in a way that wasn’t sexual. Most of the time I would just use them for their bodies and moved on without getting attached, it’s not because I was hurt or anything, it’s just the way I had always been.

Ever since I could remember women had been throwing themselves at me, so I learnt from a young age how women thought and how they wanted to be treated. As much as I had been with women though, I had never had a real relationship with one, just extended flings or booty calls. In fact Zoe was the first girl that I was ever even friends with, so it felt kinda nice not to have an obligation to fuck her again.

We arrived back at my place and I paid the limo driver a generous sum of money, knowing full well the pain of having to drive obnoxious ass holes around all night. I gently held Zoe in my arms as I carried her into my building and into my elevator as we made our way up the my floor, the twentieth floor.

I brought her into my bedroom and placed her on the bed, making sure to cover her up snugly with my sheets before walking out of the room and out to my linen closet. I grabbed a few sheets from there and brought it out to my couch, where I was intending on sleeping. I picked up my phone and made to set the alarm for a disgusting three hours away, before my phone started vibrating in my hand.

I looked at the name and quickly answered it in whispers. ‘Scott, what the fuck dude?’

‘Sorry man, I know it’s late but I figured you’d still be at that Milton party anyway,’ my oldest friend replied, clearly stoned out of his mind.

‘Nah dude, I got those label meetings tomorrow, I was about to go to sleep,’ I whispered, weary of waking up Zoe in the next room.

‘Shit!’ He yelled. ‘I didn’t know, fuck.’

‘Well you got me, at least tell me what you wanted to tell me,’ I said somewhat annoyed.

He took a puff of his joint. ‘Shit man, I mostly just wanted to see how your night was, if it matched up to mine.’

‘My night of partying compared to your first night of limousine driving, yeah I doubt mine compares,’ I said mockingly. ‘I’ll call you tomorrow and we can trade stories, but for now I need to rest man.’

‘Yeah aiight man fair enough, I’ll call you tomorrow before your show,’ Scott hung up the phone.

‘Yeah bye,’ I said to no one, before instantly falling down and going to sleep.

Because of the distraction of the phone call I had forgotten to actually set my alarm, luckily though there was another wakeup call in the apartment, sleeping in my bed. At first I didn’t notice, still groggy and half dreaming, but after a few seconds it was impossible not to notice. Someone had crept under my sheets and was now sucking my hard cock.

‘Zoe?’ I asked to the mysterious cock sucker.

I got no spoken response just a moan of pleasure, followed by a loud slurping sound.

‘Oh fuck!’ I gasped, now feeling the full extent of the pleasure.

I went to pull the sheet off of Zoe just to be one hundred per cent sure that it was her but she stopped me, keeping a tight grip on the sheets so as to keep up the mystery alive while she bobbed up and down on my cock.

‘Have it your way,’ I surrendered, laying back down and placing my arms behind my head, content now to just enjoy the astounding mysterious blowjob I was receiving.

After a few seconds of pure pleasure I remembered something, I had the most important set of meetings of my life that morning. I quickly grabbed my phone and checked to see what the time was while still enjoying the feeling of Zoe’s recently single mouth sucking up and down at a fast pace on my cock.

‘Zoe, it’s seven! I have to be at the meeting like now!’ I quickly pulled the sheets back forcefully to reveal a completely naked Zoe Kravitz bobbing on my cock.

She pulled my dick out of her mouth.

‘The first meeting is with Atlantic, which is my father’s label. I’ll just tell them that I got the times wrong… we can stand to be a half hour late.’

‘Okay well I’d better get ready now, have a shower and everything if I want to be half an hour late instead of an hour,’ I said standing up from the couch my cock standing at attention in front of Zoe’s face.

‘Okay, let’s go have a shower!’ Zoe said standing up to join me.

I looked down at my phone and then up at a naked Zoe Kravitz who had just offered to join me in the shower. ‘Fine, let’s go have a shower… but a quick one!’

‘Don’t worry, I’ll make it quick,’ Zoe grinned as we quickly walked towards my bathroom.

She turned the knob and hot water sprinkled out of the shower, as soon as we were both drenched Zoe took my cock in her hand and began to jack it off.

‘Just what a need for a morning of big meetings,’ I said, thanking my companion and leaning in to kiss her on the cheek.

‘No problem, anything for a friend right.’ Zoe said as she rubbed her thumb against the tip of my dick, sending a wave of pleasure through my entire body.

I kissed her on the lips passionately, water raining down on the two of us as I gently rubbed her pussy with two fingers. ‘You seem stressed to, let me help you out.’

‘Ohh!’ she moaned. ‘Thanks. My friend is having a lot of stressful meetings today so I needed this!’

‘Anything for a friend,’ I echoed, the two of us now standing in my shower pleasuring each other with our hands as we were constantly splashed with water.

The two of us picked up the pace rapidly as I considered how lucky I was that this was the second time in twelve hours that I had shared a sexual encounter with a celebrity in a shower.

‘Have you ever been with a girl in the shower?’ Zoe asked bringing me closer to climaxing.

Yes, just a few hours ago I thought.

‘No.’ I answered.

‘What are you thinking about?’ Zoe asked as I could feel the pleasure in my cock mounting, the touch of her soft hands on my rod bringing me closer to the edge.

Fucking Katy Perry’s tits I mused.

‘Fucking you from behind,’ I told her. ‘You?’

‘Same,’ she smiled. ‘Just thinking about how hard you fucked me last night. People could probably hear us you know?’

‘I know people could hear us because of the looks I got,’ I said, now I was really thinking about our previous encounter.

‘Everyone there knows you know how to fuck pussy,’ Zoe purred before moaning and creaming all over my fingers.

More people then she knows, I smirked inwardly.

‘Everyone there knows you can take a dick.’ I said before shooting my load onto the bathroom door.

We smiled at each other before grabbing the soap and actually began to clean up.

‘We should do this again sometime,’ Zoe said as she lathered up my chest.

‘Let’s just get through today,’ I snickered as I did likewise.

After the shower we got dressed, me in some fresh clothes off the rack and Zoe had to re-wear the same clothes from the night before, which she didn’t seem to mind, and neither did I because they we very flattering.

‘Are you sure it’s not noticeable?’ Zoe asked as we stepped into the elevator together.

‘Trust me,’ I said as I pressed the ground floor button and caught a glance of her amazing ass. ‘No one is going to notice they’re the same clothes.’

‘Thanks,’ she smiled as the elevator doors opened.

‘You just look beautiful regardless how old your clothes are anyway,’ I said somewhat bluntly as we walked out into the lobby of my building.

‘Okay now you’re going to make be blush,’ Zoe smiled, feigning embarrassment.

‘Blush all you want-’


‘What the fuck?’ Zoe snapped as she looked around the garden of my building.

‘Hello?’ I called out to the bushes, hoping it wasn’t another homeless bum shitting in the garden.

‘Ahhh!’ The voice was definitely female, and it was coming from behind the bushes.

‘Go check it out Jay,’ Zoe said, moving behind me.

‘I don’t have time for this shit.’ I said to myself as I begrudgingly walked over behind the bushes.

‘What is it?’ Zoe asked as I stared down at the naked figure below me.

‘You’re not going to believe this shit!’ I yelled out to my fuck buddy.

‘What? Who is it?’ She called back as she walked over towards us.

‘It’s Amanda Seyfried… drunk and completely naked.’ I said as I looked down at her glorious body, which seemed to just be soaked in dried cum.

‘Holy shit!’ Zoe and I just stood there staring in awe at the sight before us.

‘Should I… Should I take her upstairs?’ I asked Zoe.

‘Probably. I mean we can’t just leave her here.’ Zoe replied, beside herself knowing we had places to be.

‘I don’t really… she’s covered in cum.’ I said as I looked down at the A-List star who had barely any idea anyone was around, let alone where she was.


‘I know I know,’ I said as I took off my jacket and wrapped it around Amanda, hoisting her up so that her tits rested gently against my right shoulder.

‘Be careful,’ Zoe said as I began to walk back towards my lobby.

‘She’s fine,’ I said, very much enjoying the sensation of Amanda’s tits grazing my shoulder, not really being contained properly inside of my now soiled jacket.

‘If you say so,’ Zoe remarked as we climbed back into the elevator.

‘I’m just worried I’ll never get to any of my meetings to be honest, it’s just one thing after another.’

We waited an extra minute for the elevator to take us back up to my floor.

‘You say that like you didn’t enjoy any of it,’ Zoe said angrily.

‘That’s not what I meant,’ I said as the elevator doors opened again.

‘I know what you meant, give me your keys,’ Zoe quipped as we approached the door.

‘Pocket,’ I said, the strain of carrying the famous blonde actress finally getting to me.

Zoe grabbed my keys and opened the door, holding it open as I carried the ill fated Les Miserables star inside. She let the door close and quickly rushed to open my bedroom door for me so I didn’t need to break my stride before getting to it. I finally walked inside my bedroom and laid Amanda down on my bed, removing my jacket and covering her with my sheets.

‘Remind me to burn these,’ I said referring to the sheets as I pulled my pen and pad out of my pocket.

‘Don’t worry, I know.’ Zoe snickered as I wrote out a note for Amanda instructing her where she was and how we found her, who to call and all that stuff, even putting 50 dollars on the bedside table for a cab.

‘You know, for a rapper, you’re alright Mr. Cult.’ Zoe said as we left the room.

‘Don’t spread it around too much,’ I said gently closing the door behind me.

‘Thank you very much for coming in today Jay,’ the pale skinned business executive type said as he shook my hand.

‘No worries Bob, when do you think you’ll have some idea?’ I asked him as I stood up to match him.

‘After the weekend, we have to run it by all of the bosses and such,’ another one of the business men said to answer my question.

‘Great,’ I said. ‘Well I’ll get out of your hair and talk to you on Monday,’ I said as I shook the other man’s hand.

‘It was nice to meet you, and like I said it all looks very positive,’ Bob said as he led me towards the door.

‘Thanks,’ I replied before the door closed behind me and I was in a quiet hallway.

I had just been in my first official record label meeting, and they really seemed like they wanted to bring me on-board, it was a truly magical moment. I was starting to swell up with pride in myself and pride in my work when I remembered I was not alone, I looked down at the comfy looking sofa next to the door.

‘Are you ready to go?’ I said to my partner in crime, Zoe Kravitz.

‘Of course, did it go well?’ She asked as she stood and took my arm.

‘I think it went very well but… Atlantic.’ I started before remembering that Zoe’s father was signed on to this label. ‘…They’re very picky.’

Zoe nodded. ‘That’s true, but you’re really good… Def Jam next?’

We stepped into the elevator and I pressed the ground floor button. ‘Yeah, next and last on our list.’

The elevator started it’s long journey down as I turned my phone on, I had kept it off out of respect to the people I was meeting with to find four unread messages.

“Have you ever wanted to go to Hawaii? I’m shooting a movie there next week. ;) ” – Selena

“Just realized that we’re performing at the same show tonight, could be interesting.” – Miley

“I just wanted to thank you for the fucking you gave me last night. I am always keen when you are. ;) ” – Rihanna

“Baby, I want you to come on tour with me… think about it.” – Katy

The elevator had dropped to the bottom floor, which was almost as low as my jaw was after reading those four messages. I had assumed that the night before was just going to be a one-time thing, something never to be repeated, but if these messages were to be believed it was not only going to be reoccurring but reoccurring often.

‘Who are you texting anyway?’ Zoe asked be as we walked out of the elevator into the lobby.

‘Just some important collaborators, no one special.’ I said, attempting to hide the fact that I was talking to the four girls I fucked after her last night.

‘Fair enough,’ Zoe said as I quickly started to reply to all the messages.

“If I’m lucky I might be recording an album in Hawaii next week. Lol” – To Selena

“Hopefully we can find a decent way to pass the time between sets. ;) ” – To Miley

“Thank you for the fucking last night! And vice versa. :) ” – To Rihanna

“It could work to help each other get different kinds of audiences coming to our shows that wouldn’t normally come. Also all of the fringe benefits that come with the two of us touring together, hint hint.” – To Katy

‘All done,’ I said as I started the car’s engine and put my phone in the middle console.

‘Great, because you’re mine today,’ Zoe said as we drove out of the parking lot.

‘Don’t worry baby, I know,’ I said as my phone regrettably vibrated again.

Zoe seemed somewhat pissed as she snatched the phone from the console. ‘I’ll get it.’

‘Hey wait, no give that back!’ I resisted as Zoe began to type out a message in response to whatever I had just received.

‘Don’t worry, it’s handled now,’ she said as she continued to fiddle with my phone. ‘And I deleted the message… for fun.’

Zoe began to laugh as she put my phone back into the console.

‘God damn it!’ I shouted at myself more than anyone. ‘You’re lucky you woke me up to a blowjob this morning!’

Zoe continued to laugh as I forced the car to drive faster down the highway, speedily making our way to our next destination which was Def Jam, which was actually the place I wanted to get a deal at the most of anywhere, so I had no time to waste being mad and only time to make sure I was ready.

‘They’re ready for you Mr. Cult.’ the sexy receptionist said to me while sitting in a large waiting room.

‘Thanks,’ I said as she walked away, giving me a good view of her ass in her short skirt.

‘Okay. Are you cool to just chill out here?’ I asked Zoe who was seated beside me trying to keep herself from falling asleep.

‘Yes yes, that’s fine see you soon…’ she managed to mutter before I kissed her on the forehead and headed towards the ominous red doors that would lead me to the Def Jam meeting room.

‘Mr. Cult, welcome!’ A large white man dressed in an expensive suit greeted me from the end of a long table as I entered into the famous conference room. ‘Please take a seat anywhere,’ he pointed around at the various free spaces there were in amongst the somewhat large group of people sitting around the table.

I was shocked to see that they had gathered quite a turn out for the meeting, 2 Chainz had shown up and Rick Ross was there also. I walked around the table stunned at the choice I had with whom to sit next to, do I sit next to Frank Ocean? Or do I sit next to Big Sean? My choice was made for me however by my cock when I realized that Rihanna was also in the room and starring intently at me.

‘Excellent.’ the business man said as I sat down next to the pop star who gave me a devilish grin. ‘Now we can begin. You’re probably wondering why so many artists have turned up for this meeting, you should know this isn’t a normal thing we don’t do this for everyone.’

I looked around the room in awe of the sheer amount of talent that had been gathered in one place then into Rihanna’s eyes as she placed a hand on my thigh and then back at the business man as I nodded in understanding.

‘My name is Edward Struthers and the reason I and all of these fine artists have gathered here today is because we all want to work with you Jay. We can see your talent from a mile away and we want to nurture it.’ Edward continued on with his pitch.

‘You came here, expecting to pitch yourself… well the good news is that you don’t have to, we’re sold, you’re here to get sold on us,’ he continued increasingly energetic as he did so. ‘The fact is, we know you’re a great rapper, we know you’ve got the look, we know you have artists like Rihanna here lining up around the door for the chance to work with you and most importantly we know you have a stance against studio interference and corporate sell outs so we’re going to give you none of that, all that we want is for you to record whatever you want with whoever you want and release it at a time and manner that you feel is suitable… essentially it’s all your road trip Jay, we just want to pay for the gas.’

The room filled in enthusiastic applause which I even found myself joining in on, feeling very pleased with the presentation and very pleased with Rihanna who instead of applauding like everyone else was rubbing my cock through my pants. I was shocked, in a room so full of her peers that she would be ballsy enough to do something like that. Edward seemed to notice this and gave me a slight wink while the applause winded down.

‘I don’t even want you to answer me today Jay, I want you to take the night and do your concert see how you feel in the morning then get back to me, what do you think?’ Edward asked after the room had settled.

‘Honestly I’m very fucking impressed with the turn out.’ Rihanna began to rub my cock harder. ‘And I’m touched to know that all of you want to work with me, honestly I can’t wait to see what we come up with, regardless of how it all turns out.’

Rihanna nodded, fooling everyone in the room but me and seemingly Edward.

‘Well great, I can’t wait to hear from you tomor-’

‘Am I late?’

The room fell silent as we turned to the door, knowing full well from whose mouth came that famous voice. Rihanna’s hand immediately left my cock as if it was sacrilegious to do such a thing in front of the man who had just entered the room. Kanye West stood in the doorway of the conference room, waiting for the answer to a question he already knew.

‘No…’ Edward said, stunned at the sudden appearance of the G.O.O.D. Music founder himself.

‘Great,’ Mr. West said as he swaggered into the room, followed closely by his girlfriend Kim Kardashian who was pushing a pram with baby North inside.

‘Can you all leave?’ Kanye asked as everyone waited in silence.

Instantly everyone got up and left the room, the artists all followed by Edward Struthers himself, who even though he was clearly high up in the ranks was still outranked by Yeezy. Kim sat down in one of the chairs and played with her baby while Kanye stood in silence and waited for everyone to have completely cleared out before clearing his throat loudly.

I sat in the room alone for a moment after Kanye and his family left me to think about what he had just offered me. I was alone at least, until my partner in crime Zoe Kravitz entered the room with a look of shock on her face.

‘Holy shit, can you believe that?’ Zoe exclaimed loudly as I stood up from my chair.

‘I know,’ I started. ‘It’s just too much, I had no…’

‘Just incredible, what did he ask you?’ Zoe asked as she pulled me towards the door.

‘He asked me if I wanted to join G.O.O.D.’ I answered, still in shock.

Zoe opened the conference room door and dragged me outside of it. ‘That’s amazing! You’re in G.O.O.D. Music!’

‘No,’ I said as we walked down the hallway. ‘I haven’t said yes yet.’

‘Oh… why?’ Zoe asked pressing the down button at the elevator repeatedly.

‘Well…’ I got a message on my phone as we stepped into the elevator. ‘He wanted to give me time to think it through,’ I said as I looked at the message.

“To be continued… on that handjob ;) ” – Rihanna

‘I don’t understand what there is to think though,’ Zoe said.

We walked out of the elevator. ‘It’s a whole thing, I’ll explain it to you later, I need to rest before this show.’

“You left me so hard ;) ” – To Rihanna

‘Fair enough,’ we walked towards the car. ‘How about Kim though, it’s been a few months since the baby and her body is like amazing again!’

I climbed into the driver’s seat. ‘Yeah. I don’t know how she did it, but she managed to lose all the baby weight everywhere except her tits.’

Zoe playfully punched me in the arm as I started the car. ‘Trust you to only notice the tits!’

‘Well I gotta do what I-’

Suddenly my phone went off and I looked down to see it was a private number. I answered it knowing full well it was probably going to be some sort of telemarketer.

‘Hello, Jay speaking.’ I answered.

‘That’s funny because this is Jay,’ the male voice replied from the phone.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked, confused.

‘This is Jay-Z.’

Why did all these amazing musicians want to talk to me?

‘Err. Thank you.’ I said awkwardly.

‘Thank me?’ Jay-Z chuckled. ‘For what?’

‘I don’t know…’ What the fuck was that? Zoe was snickering in the passenger seat.

‘Whatever man. Anyway, are you free tomorrow night?’ The rap icon asked me as I swerved through traffic.

‘Free? Yes!’ I answered.

‘Great,’ Jay-Z said enthusiastically. ‘Dinner at my place then.’

‘Oh my god!’ I just couldn’t believe any of this, all these people want to talk to me.

‘I’ll send a car around to your place at around six, then we’ll have a nice dinner with the wife, you can bring your girl if you want to, but then we’re going to talk business,’ Jay-Z said.

‘Okay, yes, thank you,’ I said.

‘No problems man, I’ll see you then.’

‘I can’t wait to have a good sleep before this show,’ I said to Zoe as we rounded the corner that would lead us to her house.

‘I don’t know that you’ll get much sleep,’ Zoe said slyly.

I looked over at Zoe and smiled. ‘Well I will have to get at least a little rest.’

Zoe pouted at me. ‘A very small amount,’ she said.

I laughed and turned back forward to find someone else parked in Zoe’s driveway. ‘Who’s that?’

‘Oh shit…’ Zoe said.

‘What? Who is it?’ I asked as I pulled up.

‘It’s Penn, what the fuck is he doing here?’ Zoe said as I turned the car off.

‘Do you just want to go back to mine?’ I asked.

‘No!’ Zoe shouted. ‘It has to be here.’

I was somewhat taken aback by her firm stance. ‘Okay, well let’s go in.’

‘Yes… let’s…’

We both climbed out of the car and headed towards the front door, neither of us really sure what to expect.

‘Do you want me to wait out here?’ As we go got to the door.

‘No. It would be better if you came in with me,’ Zoe answered as she opened the front door.

The moment we walked in we were greeted by a dishevelled and clearly sleep deprived Penn Badgley. ‘Baby, where have you been? I’ve been trying to call you all day!’

‘My battery is dead,’ Zoe answered as the door closed behind us. ‘What are you doing here Penn?’

‘I… to see you, to apologise… last night was…’

‘I don’t want to hear it Penn, just go,’ Zoe said.

‘I have to explain myself!’ Penn exclaimed moving closer towards us.

‘She told you to leave Penn. I think you should listen to her.’ I said to the guy who I always kind of saw as a friend.

‘What does it matter to you Jay?’ Penn questioned angrily.

‘Are you drunk?’ Zoe interjected, trying to change the subject.

‘Of course I’m drunk!’ Penn shouted. ‘Thank you for bringing her home safe Jay, but you can go now!’

‘Dude, I ain’t going anywhere besides that bedroom,’ I pointed behind Penn. ‘Because I need to fucking sleep.’

‘Get the fuck out of here Jay and mind your own business!’ Penn yelled while moving closer towards me. ‘What were you two doing together last night anyway?’

‘We were just-’

‘Fucking!’ Zoe yelled out. ‘I spent the night getting fucked harder than I’ve ever been fucked before!’

A glint of rage sparked in Penn’s eyes. ‘I’ll kill you!’

He charged at me with his hands stretched out like her was going to strangle me, without even thinking about it I pulled out my Beretta. ‘Stop right there Penn!’

The whole room froze. ‘What the-’

‘Shut the fuck up!’ I yelled, aiming my gun right between his eyes as he stood frozen.

‘Jay you have a gun?’ Zoe exclaimed in shock.

‘Yes okay, it’s my right as an American to own one.’ I said, attempting to explain myself.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. ‘Oh shit!’ Zoe cussed to herself.

‘What now. Who is it?’ I asked, still holding the gun in place.

‘It’s… Jessica Alba…’ Zoe said.

For a moment I was utterly confused, but then suddenly it all started clicking together. ‘You need to get the fuck out right now Penn, go out the back-door and then back around the front or so help me I’ll blow your fucking head off!’

Penn didn’t waste one second sprinting for the back-door as I put my gun back in its holster.

‘Answer the door!’ I commanded.

‘You’re so fucking hot right now,’ Zoe said lustfully as she stared at me.

‘I know… answer the door,’ I said before walking into the kitchen.

I entered the room not knowing exactly what I was looking for, but more as an excuse to go over in my head the events that had just happened. Somehow Zoe and Jessica met, and conspired to meet again this time with me, how and when? I didn’t know exactly what they wanted from me but I could only guess it was something sexual.

She must have been the person on the phone when Zoe answered my text earlier. She deleted it so that I couldn’t read it again and know of her surprise. Obviously she didn’t count on Penn showing up out of the blue considering they had broken up, which was strange… maybe I hadn’t gotten the full story of exactly why they had broken up.

I could faintly hear the sound of Zoe greeting Jessica at the door and telling her come into the living room where I would soon be. It wasn’t long before I realized that I had subconsciously poured three glasses of red wine and was now taking them out of the kitchen.

‘It’s been a long day,’ I said as I re-entered the living room. ‘Let’s chill out with some wine and… huh?’

I looked up from the glasses in my hand to find both Jessica Alba and Zoe Kravitz standing in their underwear.

‘Sure. That sounds pretty damned good to me,’ Jessica smiled as she grabbed a glass out of my hands.

I handed another one to Zoe.

‘What do you think?’ Zoe asked before taking a sip.

‘I can already tell what he thinks,’ Jessica said as she pointed down at my obvious erection.

They both laughed.

‘Let’s do this, I have a show tonight.’ I said forcefully before downing my wine.

‘Agreed.’ Zoe said as she did the same, which was followed suit by Jessica.

We all threw the glasses to the floor before I addressed the girls.

‘Drop to your knees,’ I insisted.

‘I like a man who takes charge,’ Jessica said as she and Zoe both obeyed my command, heads now inches away from my constrained cock.

‘Just wait until you see his cock,’ Zoe said to her new friend as I unbuckled my belt.

‘Holy shit,’ Jessica said as she unzipped my jeans and felt my cock in her hands.

Zoe felt around and placed her hand on my gun as Jessica gently rubbed my cock. ‘Wow, this is so hot,’ she started rubbing the gun like a cock.

‘Be careful with that,’ I said taking the gun out of its holster and placing it on the bench.

Zoe moaned and instead focused on pulling my jeans down with my boxers, when it was released it flicked Jessica in the face. ‘Oh my god!’ Jessica yelled out, unable to believe the size of it.

‘It’s truly amazing,’ Zoe said before taking it in her mouth.

Jessica began jacking my cock while kissing the head through Zoe’s cheek. ‘Mm. This is incredible.’

‘You got that right,’ I said as I placed a hand on each girls head.

Zoe took my cock out of her mouth and passed it to Jessica, who in turn took it in her mouth. The two girls both took turns jacking and sucking my cock, each wanting the other to have as much quality time as possible. As good as Zoe was at sucking cock, she was nowhere near the match for Jessica who was able to suck it like a pro.

Jessica was also clearly the hornier one as well, because I could see her shoving two fingers in and out of her own pussy while this whole thing was happening. She was so horny that juices were dripping from her pussy onto Zoe’s carpet. Zoe on the other hand was focused entirely on me, when she wasn’t sucking my cock she was licking my balls and massaging my stomach.

‘Both of you lick it,’ I said pulling Zoe off my cock.

‘As you wish,’ both girls chimed in unison before softly placing their tongues at the base of my fully erect cock.

‘Oh yeah!’ I moaned as they slowly slid them up the shaft simultaneously.

Both girls stayed silent until they reached the tip, before softly giggling and making circles out it with their tongues, never quite touching each other. The pleasure was so immense I was already so worked up by Rihanna earlier that I feared I might blow my wad too soon, in what was going to be one of the shining experiences of my sexual life.

‘Kiss each other,’ I said in an attempt to give my pulsating cock a rest. ‘Slowly.’

They pulled their soft, wet tongues off my cock and looked into each other’s eyes. ‘Don’t mind if I do,’ Jessica said, softly licking Zoe’s lips.

‘I’ve always wanted to do this,’ Zoe said as she shoved two fingers into her drenched pussy, jamming them in and out as the girls leaned in to kiss.

‘This truly is heaven,’ I said my cock inches away from Jessica Alba and Zoe Kravitz as they gently locked lips.

First they just gave each other playful little pecks on the lips, but before long they were engaged in a long and lustful sensual kiss. It might have been the hottest action I had ever seen, which is a pretty big deal considering I had seen not only Katy Perry and Rihanna making out the night before, but Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus as well.

‘Take off your bras.’ I said. ‘I want to see those sexy nipples touch.’

The women complied, reaching behind their own backs while still engaging in the passionate kiss.

‘Uh uh!’ I stopped them, my cock still pointing rock hard at their faces. ‘Take each other’s bra’s off.’

They smiled into each other as they pulled their arms back, reaching them over each other’s shoulders, slowly unclasping one another’s bra strap. They were pressed so close together that even though their bra’s were unclasped I still couldn’t see their tits. Luckily though this was remedied as the two pulled each other’s bra’s down, letting them fall between their legs as they rubbed each other’s nipples.

My cock was now far less close to completion, but was still rock hard, so I felt secure enough to rub it while watching the two topless celebrities make out. Both girls nipples were actually roughly the same size and shape, which came as a surprise to me, what differentiated them for me though, was the colour. Jessica’s were pinkish and pale, where as Zoe’s were more brown and milky.

‘I need some of this,’ Zoe said before bringing her head down and kissing her companion’s pinkish nipples, cupping her full breasts in her hands.

‘Mm.’ Jessica moaned. ‘And I need me some of this cock.’ Jessica continued as she grabbed my cock and shoved it in her mouth, instantly sucking like a pro.

‘Oh god!’ I mouthed, unable to voice words as she bobbed hard up and down on my cock.

She simply stayed silent, content to focus on her work while looking me directly into the eyes. Both of my hands now found themselves not only resting on the back of her head but also somewhat forcefully pushing it towards my cock, simultaneously ramming my cock in her mouth as she bobbed on to it.

Meanwhile, Zoe was engaged in a little mission of her own, having abandoned Jessica’s perfect breasts in favour of sweeter fruits. She soon found herself ripping the ‘Into The Blue’ stars panties off and shoving her tongue deep into her shaven pussy. This caused Jessica to both gag and moan over my cock while continuing to get face fucked.

‘I’m gonna cum all the way down the back of your throat!’ I yelled shoving my cock harder into Jessica than ever before.

My plan was interrupted however when Jessica had to pull my cock out of her mouth in order to scream loudly as she could, while squirting all over Zoe’s face. Zoe wiped the juices off her face, but not her smile as she looked up at me and a heavily gasping Jessica radiantly. I would have been angry at the interruption had it not been for the look of pure joy on Zoe’s face in that moment.

‘You’re gonna get it now!’ I shouted in mock anger at Zoe as I lurched forward and pinned her to the ground.

‘Take me, Jay,’ Zoe shouted. ‘Fuck me until I can’t walk straight.’

‘Damn right!’ I spat as I ripped Zoe’s panties off and threw them to the ground.

”Please Jay I need your cock, just shove it in!’ Zoe moaned as I put my arms back on her wrists.

‘This pussy belongs to me!’ I shouted as I shoved my cock deep into her.

‘It’s all yours Jay, you can have it all!’

I stopped listening to her as I jammed my cock in and out of her, and had gotten into a weird fuzzy haze. All I could focus on was fucking Zoe, something that only the day before was an impossible concept. I was barely famous and already I’d my cock inside of six bona fide celebrities, all of whom were the sexiest women I had ever been with, way sexier then the hood rats I’d been fucking while I was coming up.

‘Holy fuck Jay, oh my god!’

‘Fuck her Jay, fill her with your cock!’

I was brought back to reality when my lips were suddenly being kissed by Jessica Alba. ‘Don’t think too much about it,’ she said as if reading my mind.

Jessica had now straddled Zoe’s stomach, her perfect ass now facing Zoe’s face. ‘It’s just all so unbelievable, it must be a dream,’ I said, in spite of myself.

‘Shhh!’ Jessica covered my mouth with hers, and lifted my hands up to her glorious tits while I continued to impale Zoe with my cock.

‘Fuck me Jay, fuck me,’ Jessica said and I needed no more persuasion.

I pulled my cock out of Zoe and shoved it deep into Jessica’s pussy, repeatedly pumping into her in a sitting position. ‘Is that what you want? You fucking slut?’

‘Yes! This is what I’ve been waiting for!’ Jessica said as I continued to fuck her, Zoe now looking at us confused. ‘Let your animal out!’

‘You want my inner animal?’ I asked as I groped at her chest. ‘Turn around and I’ll fuck you like an animal!’

‘Yes please!’ Jessica shouted, happily turning around so I was now fucking her in a doggie position, not missing a beat.

‘You like me now bitch?’ I shouted, unable to control myself as I railed hard into the first person I ever had a crush on.

‘Ugh!’ She moaned. ‘You’re so deep. I’ve never had a cock so deep inside me like this before!’

‘Zoe!’ I shouted. ‘Can you do something to shut her up?’

‘With pleasure,’ Zoe said somewhat venomously as she shoved her pussy in Jessica’s face.

Jessica didn’t have any time to protest, she simply surrendered to the fact that now she was getting fucked from behind and was being forced into returning a favour to Zoe. I looked deep into Zoe’s eyes and she looked back as we used this woman, if I ever loved anyone, I realized right then that it would have been Zoe. I didn’t have any time to dwell on it though, because I could feel pressure mounting in my loins as Zoe wrapped her legs around Jessica’s head.

I knew already where I wanted to finish off, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to get away with it. ‘I’m going to fuck you in the ass,’ I whispered into her ear through Zoe’s leg.

I got no reaction, which I took as a green-light to go ahead and do it. ‘Oh god yes! She is the best pussy eater I’ve ever had Jay!’ Zoe shouted out as I pulled my cock out of Jessica’s pussy. ‘Even better than! Even better than!’ I froze, anxious to find out what other woman had eaten her pussy. Instead she just screamed loudly, clearly having just cum, which was my cue to shove my cock in Jessica’s ass.

‘Ahhhh!’ She screamed as my cock forced it’s way deep into her ass hole using only her pussy juices as lubricant.

‘I’ve never been!’ I pulled my cock out and rammed it back in.

‘Fucked!’ She held her head back in pleasure as I continued to fuck her in the ass.

‘In the ass by!’ I could feel I was pretty much about to cum.

‘A black guy before!’ I came hard deep into her ass, completely exhausted.

‘But I love it.’

After I came in Jessica’s ass, the three of us cleaned up and I went upstairs to take a nap, wanting to be well rested for the show that night. I fell asleep quite easily, I had nothing but nice things to dream about after all. What I did dream about, I couldn’t tell you, all I can remember is being ripped away from my dreams too soon, by a phone call.

‘Hello?’ I said picking up the cursed phone.

‘Jay, it’s Scott,’ Scott seemed to be really bad at knowing when a good time to call me was.

‘Scott I was sleeping, what’s up?’ I replied.

‘What? Sleeping? Your show is in an hour!’ Scott exclaimed.

‘Oh fuck, seriously?’ I leaped out of bed immediately.

‘Yeah dude, get ready, do you even know what you’re playing?’ Scott asked.

‘Yeah, no I don’t… we can go over it in the car over,’ I said. ’20 Minutes?’

‘Shit dude, sorry I can’t I’m already on a job at the moment, taking my boy Josh and his friends to this cruise shit party,’ Scott said apologetically.

‘Who the fuck is Josh?’ I asked.

‘He’s my best customer!’ Scott said laughing. ‘Besides Vanessa’s here as well.’

‘How can you have a best customer? This is your second night!’ I shouted in confusion. ‘Wait? Vanessa, as in the Vanessa? The girl who you-’

‘Shut up!’ Scott yelled. ‘And yes! I have to go, good luck tonight!’

‘We’ll catch up when you get off, you’re taking me home!’ I said before he hung up.

I quickly ran into the shower, thinking to myself that Zoe could probably just drive me to my gig. After the shower I got out and got dressed before looking at my phone as I walked down the stairs. Two messages and one missed call; the messages were from Selena Gomez and Rihanna and the missed call was from… my home phone?

‘What the fuck?’ I said to myself as I reached the bottom of the stairs.

‘Zoe!’ I called out. ‘Can you drive me to the gig?’

‘She’s asleep,’ Jessica said as I walked into the lounge room.

‘Well… wake her up,’ I replied, noticing that Jessica had put back on her panties and bra but nothing else.

‘She’s exhausted, I’ll just drive you to the gig,’ she said, walking closer towards me. ‘Come on, let’s go.’

I shrugged and followed her to the front door. ‘Aren’t you going to put your clothes back on?’ I asked as Jessica reached for something on the coat rack.

‘I have,’ Jessica answered as she put on the trench coat she had clearly left there.

I looked at her confused momentarily. ‘Oh! You really came here in nothing but underwear and trench coat?’

‘I wanted to do something special for you,’ she said as I opened the door for her.

‘Well it certainly worked,’ I grinned as we walked out the door.

We climbed into her car and she pulled out of the drive way, giving me a chance to check those messages while she was busy focusing on the road.

“How did it go with Kanye? We really need to finish what we started in there. ;) ” – Rihanna

“A little birdie told me you’re signed to GOOD, maybe we will be able to make some GOOD music of our own next week in Hawaii.” – Selena

I had no idea how Selena could have found out about my impromptu meeting with Kanye, but I had a sneaking suspicion it had something to do with her good friend Rihanna.

“I think it went well. He gave me a lot to think about. That mouth of yours is dangerous though. We’ll have to put it to good use sometime soon. ;) ” – To Rihanna

“It’s not set in stone. But a Hawaiian fling might be in the cards. :) ” – To Selena

I looked up after sending that message to check if Jessica was annoyed at all, it appeared she was completely focused on the road though. Which was good, because I still had one nagging issue in the back of mind that I knew I wouldn’t be able to get out of it unless I did something about it.

‘Hey Jessica,’ I said.

What’s up?’ she replied while keeping her eyes on the road.

‘I just need to make a phone call,’ I said.

‘Go ahead be quick though, we’re nearly there,’ she said.

I nodded and pulled my phone out, quickly dialling my home number, intent on finding out who had called me on it. ‘Hello?’ A female voice answered.

‘Hi, who is this?’ I asked.

‘My name’s Amanda, I woke up in a bed with a note telling me to call this number,’ she said and it suddenly clicked.

‘Oh yeah, I had completely forgotten about you!’ I said, Jessica gave me a strange look.

‘That’s disgusting.’ Amanda scorned. ‘You sleep with a woman and don’t even remember her?’

‘Whoa. You mustn’t have a great memory yourself there. I didn’t sleep with you, I simply found you outside my building this morning… you looked cold so I brought you inside,’ Jessica looked back at the road, satisfied.

‘Oh my god… oh my god I am so sorry!’ Amanda exclaimed.

‘Hey, it’s no problem.’ I said. ‘Make yourself at home, there’s plenty of food. Take your time leaving.’

‘Thank you so much, I had a shower and I promise I will wash these sheets… but I don’t have any clothes…’ Amanda said, somewhat embarrassed.

‘You don’t have to… but thanks… as far as clothes go, you won’t be bothered by anyone, but you can just wear one of my shirts and some boxers or something,’ I said hoping to end the conversation as we pulled up to the arena.

‘Thank you. I should be gone when you get here.’ Amanda claimed. ‘I’ll just mail the clothes back!’

‘No problems,’ I said as I hung up the phone.

‘What was that about?’ Jessica asked as I put the phone in my pocket.

‘I barely fucking know myself,’ I said as I got out of the car. ‘Are you coming in? Backstage pass…’

‘Nah, my husband is expecting me at home,’ Jessica said as she rolled her eyes. ‘I’ll catch you around Cult.’

‘Yeah see you later Jessica,’ I said before she drove away.

I rushed up to my dressing room and made it with plenty of time to spare, which meant I was able to go over my set list and all that sort of stuff before the show started. I opened up the door to find a room completely shrouded in darkness, which was strange since they usually kept it lit.

‘Well, well, well,’ a familiar female voice said in the darkness.

‘What the fuck?’ I said as I turned on the light.

I was shocked to find Miley Cyrus sitting in my chair, and even more surprised when she opened her mouth and remarked, ‘You still owe me some of that cock.’

‘Right now?’ I asked in bewilderment, unable to believe what I was seeing, not only was Miley Cyrus in my dressing room fifteen minutes before I was supposed to go on stage, but she was completely naked.

‘Not right now, I got naked for no reason,’ Miley said sarcastically.

‘Good point,’ I admitted after closing the door and locking it. ‘We better make this quick then.’

‘Not too quick I hope,’ she said as I walked towards her unbuckling my belt and tossing it to the ground.

‘Don’t worry,’ I started. ‘By the time I’m done you’ll need the rest,’ I was now standing directly in front of her my cock hardening in my pants, inches away from her face.

‘We’ll see about that, I can take a dick,’ Miley said as she unzipped my jeans pulling them down harshly, clearly not being able to contain herself as she pulled my now fully hard cock out of it’s confinement.

‘I bet you can,’ I said, watching as Miley softly jacked my cock, licking her lips as she stared at it in wonder.

She leaned in and took a long slow lick from the base of my cock, all the way up to the tip, making sure to softly kiss it once she made it. ‘This time, I swear I will fit this entire thing in my mouth.’

‘You would be the first,’ I said as I lightly groped her naked tits, keeping myself busy while she picked up the pace jacking my cock.

‘It just tastes so good,’ Miley said in between kisses, which we becoming more frequent. ‘I just want it all in my mouth.’

‘Well quick talking about it,’ I said moving one of my hands up from her tits to the back of her head. ‘And suck it!’ I gently pushed her lips onto my cock.

‘With pleasure,’ Miley said in that sexy southern drawl of hers, moments before engulfing the head of my cock in her sexy little mouth.

‘Mmm, that’s more like it,’ I said, closing my eyes as my right hand joined my left on her head, urging her to suck more of my cock.

She certainly was sloppy, but in a good way, in the sort of way that let you know she was good at sucking cock, but not because she had to be, because she wanted to be. She had the kind of cock sucking experience only a real slut could have.

She had made it about halfway down my pole before she began to bob up and down, swirling her sexy tongue around my cock. Her hands began rubbing my balls as she did so, smiling and looking me in the eyes as she did so. This made me so hot that I accidentally bucked my hips, causing my cock to jump in her mouth, this sort of thing would normally set off a woman’s gag reflex but Miley seemed to have none.

‘Wow Miley, I knew you were a dirty slut, but this is incredible!’ I said almost moaning in pleasure.

Miley simply moaned in response, not wanting to let flattery get in the way of her work. She was now focused on inching her way further and further down my cock. She was about three quarters of the way down when I realised my cock must’ve been touching the back of her throat. Usually this is the point where most bitches back off, but this seemed to just encourage her more, setting her off to suck even harder.

Obviously my cock could go no further, but it was an admirable effort so I decided I was going to give her something special. ‘Hey Miley, you ever been face fucked before?’ I said at the deep throating pop-star.

She moaned in response. ‘Well, whether you have or you haven’t,’ I started. ‘You’re about to.’

She moaned again as I gripped the back of her head and pulled my cock out of her mouth. ‘Holy shit,’ she started now that her mouth was free of cock. ‘Fuck my mouth like you fucked Selena’s cunt last night!’

‘Open wide,’ I said as I set my self up to perform her request.

She did so and I immediately launched my cock inside of her mouth, my cock slamming hard on the back of her throat. Saliva started coming out from her mouth, spilling all over the place, I just kept fucking her hard on the mouth.

‘Yeah take it you little fucking slut,’ I said aggressively, nothing turned me on more than telling a slut what she was.

She continued to look up at me, directly in the eyes as my cock rammed hard in and out of her mouth. After fucking her face a few times I pulled my cock out and then pulled her to her feet.

‘I need to fuck your pussy,’ I said as I lifted her up and sat her on the vanity.

‘Fuck me please Jay, I need that big cock inside me!’ Miley moaned as I placed my cock on her pussy, rubbing it against her lips.

Without hesitation I shoved my cock in her pussy, causing her to gasp loudly and grip my shoulders and wrap her legs around my back.

‘How does it feel betraying Selena?’ I asked as I fucked her harder, placing a hand on the mirror behind Miley for support.

‘It feels better every time!’ Miley said digging her nails into my back.

‘You actually fucked Beiber?’ I asked. ‘I mean I knew you were a fucking slut but-’

‘Are you kidding?’ Miley asked while she continued to take a heaping of my cock. ‘I let the bitch eat my cunt, even I have my limits!’

‘Sounds about right,’ I said as I picked Miley up, fucking her in mid-air.

This gave me a moment to rest, because even though I was now supporting her weight she was doing all the work bouncing on top of my cock. She kept bouncing as I moved around the room, trying to decide where I want to fuck her next. Something told me that the door would be the best, the concept that people could hear us turning me on.

‘Oh fuck yes!’ Miley yelled out as I slammed her against the door.

‘You want everyone to know you’re a fucking slut?’ I asked as I kept pounding into her, each time causing the door to bang.

‘Everyone already knows,’ Miley insisted. ‘Even Liam knows!’

‘Very accepting man,’ I said as I continued to rail into her.

‘Don’t worry,’ Miley started. ‘I do the dirtiest shit with him, shit you couldn’t even imagine.’

That didn’t stop me from trying though, imagining all the most depraved things I could while I fucked her. The thought of some of these things were so hot that I almost came right then and there. I looked at my watch while I pounded her, realising I still had about five minutes left before I had to head out, I decided I was going to make them worth it.

‘Hold up,’ I said letting her drop and pulling my cock out of her.

‘What is it?’ Miley asked, somewhat alarmed.

‘I just need to kiss these tits!’ I said cupping one in my hand and kissing the nipple.

‘Mmm, you like those don’t you?’ Miley said, knowingly.

‘These aren’t the biggest I’ve kissed in the last few days, but fuck they’re nice!’ I said as Miley took my cock in both hands.

‘I knew you fucked Katy last night,’ Miley said as she jacked my cock.

‘I’ve fucked a lot of people in the past couple days,’ I said while kissing both of her tits.

‘Like who?’ Miley said, rubbing a finger of my balls.

‘Zoe, Rihanna, Katy… Jessica Alba,’ I started, recognising a look of shock appear on Miley’s face. ‘And you,’ I said as I pulled back and slammed my cock back into her pussy.

Miley screamed. ‘You really are a fucking player, Jay.’

‘I guess so,’ I said, my cock deep inside her pussy. ‘Speaking of which, it’s game over soon and I know exactly where I want to finish.’

‘I hear ya,’ Miley winked as I pulled my cock out of her pussy and she got to her knees. ‘Paint me.’

She played with her tits as I rapidly jacked my cock against her lips, cheeks and nose. ‘Here I cum,’ I said as cum started shooting out of my cock, covering Miley’s beautifully made up face.

I looked at my watch, it was nearly show time. ‘I have to go, you’re right to clean up?’ I asked as I zipped my pants back up.

‘I’ll be here when you get back,’ Miley said wiping her face and licking the cum off her fingers. ‘When you get back, I might even let you in on some of that dirtier shit I hinted at.’

‘Fuck! Sounds like a fucking plan,’ I said as I opened the door. ‘I’ll be right back.’

The show went off without a hitch, even though I had no idea what I was going to play when I went on stage, I still managed to scramble together what might have been my greatest show yet. The crowed was eating it all up, especially one particular young lady in the front row. Blonde with big tits, I didn’t know who she was at the time, but it turns out she was actually quite famous.

‘This is my last song of the night people, and it’s a very special one!’ The crowd roared in excitement, as if knowing what I was going to perform.

‘I need a very special, very sexy volunteer from the audience to come on stage and help me out with it!’ Every woman in the crowed put their hands up, and most of them were actually quite hot, but I already knew who it was going to be, the blonde bitch from the front. She was actually the reason I was performing the song, it was something I rarely did live.

‘You,’ I said pointing at the young woman. ‘You’re my bottom bitch tonight!’ Her eyes lit up and a security guard helped her on stage.

‘Okay,’ I said as she walked towards me. ‘Tell everyone out here your name,’ it was the usual line I said, but she looked at me like I was crazy, I could even hear some of the audience laughing as if I’d made a joke.

‘My name is… Ashley Benson,’ she said and the crowed roared with excitement.

‘Ashley Benson…’ I said feeling like I’d heard that before, then I took a better look at her. ‘Holy shit! You’re the bitch from Spring Breakers!’

‘Indeed I am the bitch from Spring Breakers,’ she said emphasising the word bitch.

‘Well you went from Franco’s bitch to my bottom bitch tonight Ashley!’ I said as the beat dropped.

The song was called Bottom Bitch and it was mostly about a fiction woman to my fictional pimp, it wasn’t something I played very often because my music style has changed direction into less of a braggadocio gangster rap type, to more of a cool collected kind. The song at first was a typical club song, but it was filled with scathing satire, mocking the very genre it’s imitating, it was my first real underground hit, so the fan’s liked when I played it.

The reason I always brought a girl up on stage was to have her dance around me, such is the theme of the song, a concept that Ashley took to heart. She was grinding up and down on me, sliding her ass against my cock, rubbing her tits against my chest. The girl really knew how to work it, which made lean into her ear during the instrumental and whisper.

‘Wanna come backstage?’ I said as she rubbed her pussy against my thigh.

‘Oh, I wish I could but I have a commitment tonight,’ she said leaning close to my ear.

‘Blow it off,’ I said casually.

‘Why don’t we meet tomorrow and I’ll blow you off?’ Ashley said licking her lips.

‘Where and when?’ I said getting hard.

‘Call me,’ she said slipping some paper in my pocket as the song ended.

‘Thank you very much!’ I said as she moved back.

‘No problem,’ she said with a wink before heading back to the crowed and her friends.

‘That’s it tonight guys, thanks for coming out!’ I said as the screen blacked out and I headed off the stage, the crowed cheering behind me.

Once I made it off the stage I found myself walking directly towards the woman who was headlining this event, Ms. Nicki Minaj herself.

‘That was good show Jay,’ Nicki said as I approached her.

‘Thanks Nicki, I was just warming em up for ya,’ I said sneaking a glance at her ridiculous cleavage.

‘Yeah,’ she said. ‘They’re pretty fucking warm.’

‘I think that’s beca-’

‘In about an hour,’ Nicki interrupted. ‘I’m gonna perform High School.’

‘Okay…’ I was confused.

‘Make sure you’re on stage,’ she said and then moved past me towards the stage, giving me an ample view of her famous booty.

After I pulled my eyes away from her thighs I turned around and headed towards my dressing room, not really sure what she meant by me being on stage. I had never been to a Nicki Minaj show before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, see I never really liked her music I always thought the best thing she ever did rap wise was feature on a Kanye West track.

Rachel had left me alone in the office, exposed and unsatisfied. With no small amount of resignation, I tucked myself back into my pants and began considering the recent turn of events. Yes, Adrienne had agreed to coax Maria from the room long enough for Rachel to abandon her impromptu blowjob under my desk and run to the door. But at what cost? I had texted her an exceptionally compromising photo, the release of which could derail my career–not to mention Rachel’s.

Maria came back a few moments later, alone. She paid me no more attention than usual, again focusing immediately on paperwork. In reality the stormy demeanor suited her Catalan looks–her dark eyes, full lips, and naturally bronzed skin conveyed an imperious mien. I suddenly realized that I had literally never heard her laugh in our three weeks of sharing an office.

“That was quick. Did you and Adrienne resolve the issue with Operations?” I asked innocently.

“I think Adrienne must have eaten something for lunch that didn’t agree with her,” Maria replied as she looked more closely at something on her desk. She often bent from the waist rather than the knees, which had the effect of highlighting the seat of her well-defined ass even further. Doing so at the moment, she continued, “We were about only halfway there when she excused herself and ran for the restroom.”

“Do you think she’ll be okay? Should I ask Rachel to check on her?”

The brunette brushed a trailing lock of thick hair out of her eyes as she looked up at me. “I think it would be best if you didn’t ask Rachel to do anything for the time being. Or have you forgotten how the ‘health exam’ ended last week?” She raised her eyebrows but added, not without sympathy in her voice, “I understand that you were just following their instructions, and ended up with a mess on your ha–”

Maria realized her unintentional double entendre and paused, closing her eyes. She stood up straight, put her hands on her hips and took a deep breath. A thrill of arousal ran through me, unbidden, at the knowledge that she was mentally picturing my accidental release onto Kelly’s face.

“What I mean is, it’s not you. It’s really not.” She walked over to my desk and reached out a hand to gently touch the sleeve of my jacket. “You’re doing great work and I can tell that you’re not letting yourself be distracted anymore by Adrienne, despite the fact that she continues to wear those ridiculous tops.” She paused. “I really need to take the poor girl shopping.”

“All that said, I expect Rachel to know better, and until I feel like I can trust her judgment again, I just don’t want to see her.”


The rest of the day passed uneventfully, although Adrienne did not return. Given her apparent illness, I questioned whether her cryptic final message, in which she had demanded that we meet upstairs at 8pm, was still in play. Not wanting to further antagonize her, however, I decided to work late and head up to the bar on the off chance that she was still counting on my appearance.

I exited the elevator a few minutes early and again went straight through the empty bar to a small table against the window in the back. A candle flickered in contrast to the twinkling city lights outside. The ambience was as atmospheric as ever, the tables cloaked in tranquil shadow and the music carrying an air of ineffable melancholy. I struggled with the sense of unreality that comes when one is peculiarly aware of one’s surroundings, as if the world had been somehow blurred or shifted.

At 8pm sharp Adrienne entered the bar. Above a pair of stylish jeans she wore a form-fitting red thermal, the corded fabric stretched thin over her unwieldy chest. Her green eyes, thick dark glasses, and high messy bun bespoke a mousy intelligence. She sat down across from me with a hesitant look. Her breasts were resting heavily on the table in what seemed like a commonplace position for the girl.

“Thanks for meeting me up here,” Adrienne began slowly. “I didn’t want to talk downstairs. Maria works at weird hours sometimes and the last thing I wanted was for her to overhear us.”

“It’s no problem at all, especially after you, um, covered for me earlier.” I gave a small, embarrassed smile as Adrienne ordered a diet soda from a nearby server. “But I thought you had gone home sick?”

“Oh, that was a cover story. I just needed to get out of the office for a bit.” With what appeared to be some difficulty, the tall brunette forced herself to look me squarely in the eye. “You probably already know what I want to talk about. What’s going on between you and Rachel?”

I hardly had to think before answering. “Rachel and I are just friends.”

Adrienne immediately creased her brow skeptically. “Oh really? Hm. Why do I find that hard to believe? Oh, right. This.” She pulled her phone from her pocket, scrolled for a moment, and turned it to reveal the picture I had sent her earlier.

Together we looked at Rachel’s lips stretching around my erection as her brown eyes lit with excitement. I was struck by a sudden reminiscence of all the things the picture could not capture: her tongue swirling back and forth on the underside of my cock, her right hand pumping up and down in perfect synchronicity, her left hand rubbing the inside of my thigh. I remembered just how close to orgasm I had come, and how I had been frustratingly denied.

Adrienne looked back up at me. “Well?” she asked, her eyes pleading.

I realized I would have to do more explaining. “You probably noticed that I was just as surprised as you were when she darted under my desk. And once things started moving, I tried to stop her but couldn’t with Maria right there.”

The buxom girl paused, thinking. “I guess you did seem pretty nervous the whole time…”

I looked at her seriously. “I’m telling you, there’s nothing going on between us. She’s been all over me but I’ve been trying to cut things off. I’m sorry you got roped into it.”

Adrienne looked at me sheepishly for a moment and then broke into a small smile. “I was worried that she had, you know, stolen you.”

I looked into her eyes. “What do you mean?”

She had moved in closer to me over the small table, her face only a few inches from mine. “Oh, I don’t know… I was so nervous in the office before you got here. I had only been here a few months before you started, you know, and I hadn’t really met anyone I could talk to. But I feel like with you around, I have a friend…”

With that, Adrienne moved her hands onto mine. “Maybe even a friend I want to get to know better.”

She then caught me by surprise with a tentative kiss, our mouths opening only slightly. The moment felt surreal. She ended it with a gentle, teasing bite on my lower lip, a small act of graceful adventurousness that told me I had perhaps written her off too quickly as an awkward wallflower.

Just as I was wondering how to explain that I thought inter-office dating would be a bad idea, as I done with Rachel, a server carrying a large glass of soda discreetly appeared at Adrienne’s side. She, meanwhile, had returned to the topic of the photo and was describing her feelings in some detail. “Now I feel so silly. Here I was imagining all sorts of things–”

She gestured aggressively outward with her left arm, as if to emphasize exactly how wild her imagination had run, but inadvertently upended the proffered beverage in the process. The glass’s cold contents spilled out in a rush, the vast majority landing directly on her red top in an unsightly mess.

A pouting look appeared on Adrienne’s face as her shirt darkened with wetness. She clenched her fists and closed her eyes, tilting her chin upward. “Ugh! And things were going so well!”

I stood and came around to other side of the table as the server rushed to get napkins. “It’s okay!” I tried to console her with a smile. “Come on, we’ll get you cleaned up in no time.”

She looked up at me and groaned. “But my shirt is soaked! I can feel it soaking into my bra… This is so gross. I’m really sorry.” With that, she stood, ignoring the returning server’s towel and grabbing my hand. “Come on. Maria keeps spare clothes in one of those wardrobes downstairs. I need to change this minute.”

I looked at her, surprised. “You’re going to borrow one of Maria’s shirts? And you think it’s going to… fit?”

“We’ll make something work.” She smiled with yet another flicker of the adventurous spirit I had just seen for the first time.

After taking the elevator back down, we returned to the office. Adrienne immediately rushed to the large wardrobe perched to the left of the door, not far from Maria’s desk, and opened it, revealing the contents to me for the first time. A row of women’s shirts and pants draped on hangers, shoes lined the bottom, and a number of scarves, gloves, and other winter apparel hung from knobs on the inside of the door. On a higher shelf I saw several bras.

“Turn around for a minute,” Adrienne announced. I complied, facing the window and trying to imagine how Maria’s tight clothing would possibly accommodate the much taller, bustier Adrienne. In my peripheral vision I saw a clumped-up red top fly across the room and land behind Maria’s desk. A moment later a conspicuously large bra followed.

Knowing that Adrienne was topless behind me was almost too much to take. The manner in which her heavy teardrop breasts sat incongruously on her tall, slender frame had been a source of daily fascination for me since our introduction. Even the partial sight of her bare chest downstairs in the locker room had been enough to send me toward orgasm as Rachel had stimulated my cock between her toned thighs.

Adrienne snapped me back to the present as she at last called out again. “Okay. You can look now. But remember I’m trusting you to be a gentleman.” As I turned, I was shocked to see that she had not yet put on a shirt–instead she fiddled at the center of her bust with what appeared to be the closure mechanism of a white front-clasping bra. The bra’s band size looked to be more than sufficient but the actual cups were in the process of being comically overwhelmed.

The brunette looked down with concern as each of her pale, melon-sized breasts protruded from the top of its designated cup like an enormous cupcake rising over the ridge of its wrapper. Her nipples, though not visible, apparently sat high enough on her breasts that the edges of pale pink areolae rose above the cusp of each undersized cup, fading outward into white, delicately veined skin.

At last she finished clasping the bra. Although her breasts’ natural shape had caused their soft mass to collect in and above the cups, enough breast tissue was forced inward and upward to create a line of deep cleavage almost a foot in length, rising from the bra’s clasp nearly to her collarbones. As Adrienne modeled her effort for me, her hands clasped demurely behind her back, each breast rippled, jello-like.

I gaped openly, my eyes pinned to her chest, which sat heavily over her narrow rib cage, slender waist, and flat stomach. “That can’t possibly be comfortable,” I marveled.

Adrienne shrugged at me, a bemused smile on her face. “I’m a 32F and this bra is a 36C. You do the math. Let’s see what else I can find in here.”

She turned back to the cabinet and took out one of Maria’s white button-down shirts, her breasts bobbling wildly as she put her arms through the sleeves. She then began buttoning the shirt from the bottom upward, looking up at me periodically through her glasses with a twinkle in her eyes. She plainly found this entertaining.

The shirt at last began to resist as Adrienne strained to clasp it at her bust. With her wrists and forearms she pushed her breasts up and in, lessening the circumference of her chest enough that she was able to fasten the button. She did the same for the next point of attachment, manipulating her breasts within the shirt as necessary. After some effort she was able to affix a third button over her chest.

The young woman at last looked up, proudly displaying her handiwork to me. The shirt was stretched well beyond capacity around her breasts, the fabric pulling back from the points at which the shirt clasped to reveal sizable windows of cleavage between each north-south pair of buttons. Her breasts also billowed upward invitingly from the topmost button.

Adrienne sat down in Maria’s chair with an exaggerated thump, as if tired by her effort. At last I broke my gaze from her chest and walked toward her behind Maria’s desk, remembering something important.

“Adrienne, can we talk about maybe, um, erasing that picture on your phone? It makes me a little uncomfortable to have that sort of thing floating around.”

In response she again took out her phone and looked at the picture, seeming to think about the question for a moment. “If you want me to delete the picture, I will.” She paused. “But I’m sure you’d understand if I still felt a little jealous of Rachel… maybe you could replace the picture with something I could see for myself…” She trailed off and looked down meaningfully at my pants.

I had recently begun to feel as though every time I tried to extract myself from the sexual antics that seemed to follow me throughout the workplace, I in fact became only further embroiled. This confirmed it.

Still, I knew that getting rid of the picture was one big step toward ensuring that I would remain in Maria’s good graces.

“Deal,” I said. I removed my belt and unzipped my pants, pulling them down along with my underwear enough to expose myself only feet from Adrienne’s attentive gaze. I was already quite erect from her earlier display. My audience of one had leaned back in her chair, crossed her long legs, and clasped one arm beneath the shelf of her breasts, emphasizing them further. The other hand she raised to her lips, as if evaluating a piece of art.

“Good enough?” I asked, confirming that I had upheld my end of the bargain.

Adrienne hesitated for a moment. “Not quite. I think I want…” She bit her lip, suddenly once again a nervous twenty-two-year-old with little sexual experience. She continued in a small, hesitant voice. “I think I want to see you cum. The way you did for Kelly and Rachel in the health clinic.” She paused, looking around. “Here, use this.” She pushed forward a bottle of hand lotion that Maria kept on her desk and leaned forward, getting a better view of my exposure.

I mentally groaned, already knowing that things were getting out of hand, but decided that there were worse things in life than being asked to masturbate in front of a busty young coworker. I took the bottle, squeezed out a generous amount of lotion, and tentatively began to stroke myself.

Adrienne peered closely as I pumped, twisting along the length of my shaft. After a moment she arched backward and unbuttoned her jeans. Not taking her eyes from my erection, she lowered a hand into her underwear and began rubbing.

The sight aroused me even further. I stroked more quickly, the upper halves of the tall girl’s breasts jiggling in time with the pulse of the hand between her legs. We continued for a moment or two, reveling in the sight of one another’s arousal.

Still a few feet away from my seated officemate, I moved to adjust my footing. I had failed to notice, however, that Adrienne’s discarded bra rested on the floor at my feet. Between that and my pants, which were now wrapped around my ankles, I somehow tangled my feet and lost my balance. As I stumbled forward against her, she reached out with her free hand and helped me stabilize.

We both looked down to see the head of my cock resting only an inch or two from one of the openings between the straining buttons in Maria’s shirt, a large drop of pre-cum glistening on my tip. Adrienne glanced up at me, her eyes urgent. I suspected based on our earlier conversations that she had never touched a penis before.

As I held still, Adrienne moved herself forward on her chair. The tip of my member slipped through the opening between the buttons and pressed against the fleshy cleavage created by her constrained breasts.

As she began touching herself again, I slowly pushed forward and watched as, with little effort, my slick cock was engulfed by her chest.

I began to thrust myself in and out of her cleavage, her shirt still clasped around my shaft. I then lowered my hands to the sides of the shirt, pushing inward against Maria’s defeated bra, to enhance the degree of tightness.

Toward the end of each thrust I felt my cock brush Adrienne’s breastbone and deflect slightly upward. Such was the depth of her cleavage that only the tip of my head emerged from between her breasts, poking up briefly and then disappearing with the timing of each thrust. The sensation was qualitatively different from vaginal or oral sex–her breasts were endlessly soft and receptive, and the view of my long, thick cock slowly disappearing into a small gap in the beautiful girl’s top and then emerging again as I pulled out, inch by inch, was intensely arousing.

Adrienne’s eyes remained locked downward on my cock thrusting in and out of the makeshift entrance to her chest, her hand pumping more and more quickly between her legs as she began to moan quietly in what I presumed was a prelude to orgasm. An unknowable amount of time passed as I focused on the girl before me: her glasses, her thick brown hair, her pale, perfect breasts jiggling about in Maria’s undersized shirt and bra.

Knowing that Adrienne wore Maria’s clothing made it all the more exciting as I momentarily pictured the Spanish supervisor pleasuring herself before me. Given that Maria’s chest was not large enough to engulf my length the way Adrienne’s had, I instead imagined her flashing dark eyes locked upward to mine as she rubbed my cock lovingly against her cheek, her sensuous lips casting about until at last they wrapped around me and took me in.

I was pulled back to the present as Adrienne began to shudder and shake wildly, her arms trembling and breasts jiggling emphatically before me. I could barely distinguish whether she was in the throes of ecstasy or having a seizure as I too began to climax, my cock still pumping at a slightly upward angle between her confined breasts.

A small geyser of cum spurted upward from Adrienne’s cleavage as the head of my cock emerged, spurted heavily, and again retreated. A bevy of similar eruptions followed, the strands of warm semen reaching even the underside of her chin. The pulses eventually decreased in magnitude, finally slowly to a modest bubbling of thick white ejaculate that pooled in her cleavage. I released my hands and withdrew my cock slowly.

Adrienne continued lightly touching herself as she looked up at me, her breathing heavy and eyes unfocused. Without breaking eye contact, she ran the fingers of her free hand along the underside of her chin, catching a considerable amount of semen in the process. The girl parted her lips and made a show of using her tongue to rake the cum inward from her fingers, one by one, swallowing delicately after each. From time to time she again shuddered from what I presumed to be aftershocks of her orgasm. I had never felt so desired by a woman as I did at that moment.

Apparently unsatisfied, Adrienne then cast her eyes downward to her white breasts and the tablespoon or so of ejaculate resting between them. I was amazed to see the girl lower her face toward the high plateau of cleavage and lap her long tongue outward, scooping much of the thick substance up and into her mouth.

This time she made a point of demonstrating that she had not yet swallowed by circulating the semen back and forth in her mouth, savoring it, still touching herself below all the while. At last with a visible gulp she took it downward and trembled for a final time.

We parted ways not much later. Before leaving, Adrienne had noted with a smile that she would have Maria’s clothes dry-cleaned. She had also agreed, albeit with some reluctance, to delete the compromising picture from her cell phone. I went home and slept well that evening, visions of Adrienne, Rachel, and Maria alternating in my dreams.


Nearly two weeks came and went at work. Neither Rachel nor Adrienne had made any overt advances on me. Professionally, things appeared to be going well–Maria reiterated that she was impressed by my work ethic and hinted that she would be assigning me projects of increasing significance.

I arrived for work on a Tuesday in early May and was surprised to find all three girls talking in our shared office. “I said I’m coming with you, and that’s that,” Rachel announced. “You know I have to authorize the expenditures if they’re going to be from a company account.” The tartan pattern of her short pleated skirt complemented her hair. Her large breasts were concealed as usual with what I assumed was some sort of minimizing bra under a clingy yellow top with short sleeves.

Maria tossed her hair in resignation. “Fine. Let’s just get going now that everyone’s here.” She turned to me. “You don’t have anything pressing going on this morning, do you? We booked a few hours at the boutique where the firm ordered your clothes from so they can do final fittings.” I had forgotten that the whole purpose of the measurements Kelly had taken during the physical several weeks earlier was apparently to order new suits for me.

She continued, “Adrienne needs some new outfits as well, so I’m going to help her pick out a few things.” Maria looked sternly over at the tall brunette, who had embarrassment written all over her face. My eyes were briefly drawn to Adrienne’s ponderous chest, now fitted in a white button-down and light green cardigan over a short grey skirt, as I reminisced about the night before.

“I actually took the liberty of ordering us a car for the trip downtown,” Rachel added. “It should be waiting downstairs.” With that, we headed outside together.

A black car with tinted windows was idling at the curb in front of our building. Maria and I walked ahead, her opting for the front passenger seat. As I opened the back door, Adrienne entered first and slid across the seat. I then held the door for Rachel, who protested. “You got here late today, so I think you’ll be sitting in the middle,” she ordered, pushing me forward into the least comfortable seat and climbing in afterward.

The back compartment was mostly partitioned off from the front section by a plastic divider, although I could still see Maria and the driver from the shoulders up. “Oh, it’s going to be cozy back here,” Rachel commented, looking across to Adrienne and giggling. She looped her left arm through my right with an exaggerated gesture. Adrienne noticed and immediately followed suit on the other side. Both girls were pressed quite closely against me in the small space, the warmth and softness of their bodies welcome as always.

We made the trip to SoHo in less than fifteen minutes, after which we exited the car and entered a small clothing shop. We had obviously been expected and were treated with immense courtesy. I saw the women head upstairs with a female sales attendant before a polite older gentleman from the tailoring department led me away.

Once situated in a private back room, a different tailor fitted me with a number of suits in progress, pinning away fabric in some places and marking other spots with chalk. The fabrics and cuts were exquisite–any one of these suits alone would have constituted a major upgrade to my wardrobe. After approximately an hour and a promise that I could expect the finished products within two weeks, I decided to join the girls upstairs.

Upon reaching the second level, I was directed by the sales attendant to a small suite in which a number of smaller fitting rooms abutted a larger room equipped with a full-length vanity and several comfortable-looking chairs. Although Adrienne, Maria, and Rachel all seemed to be changing at the moment, I noticed that they had filled a long rack with dozens of presumably yet-to-be-tried-on clothing items on hangers, including blouses, bathing suits, and even lingerie.

I quietly took a seat and resigned myself to waiting. After a moment one of the doors to my left opened and Maria emerged, walking toward the vanity with her back mostly to me. Busied with folding a shirt that she apparently intended to return to the rack, she seemed not to notice me. But I found myself unable to speak in any event–the Spanish beauty wore nothing other than a skimpy pair of black hip-hugging panties. Her dark hair draped down across her tanned back in thick, gorgeous curls as she padded barefoot across the room, the two cheeks of her smooth, rounded, perfectly tanned ass flexing back and forth in time with her graceful stride. I pictured her turning every head on a topless beach in Barcelona.

Given that we were not on a beach in Barcelona, however, I coughed loudly and looked toward the ceiling. Maria turned and gave a start upon noticing me, instinctively raising the shirt she was carrying to her chest and turning back toward the shelter of the dressing room.

As she reached the door, Maria turned and looked at me angrily. “Why the HELL would you not say something when you came in?” As she reached for the doorknob with one hand, her nipples danced in and out of sight as she tried unsuccessfully to cover both breasts with the shirt she held in the other.

“Well, if I had known anyone was going to be walking around here half-naked, I guess I would have.” I tried fruitlessly not to stare, my eyes widening at the arhythmic jiggle of her partially-covered breasts as she jostled the doorknob without success.

Another voice chimed in. “Half-naked? Who’s half-naked?” Rachel popped her head out of another dressing room. She saw me and broke into a large, playful smile.

In frustration, Maria had dropped her other hand down to wrestle with the knob still more aggressively, her breasts now visible in their entirety only a few feet from me. Maria’s bust rivalled neither Adrienne’s nor Rachel’s in size, but was superb nonetheless. Her breasts sat wide on her chest and tilted outward, surely filling the 34C bra that Adrienne had put on a few weeks earlier. The short, thick nubs of her caramel-colored nipples emerged from silver-dollar-sized areolas that puffed slightly from the surrounding tissue.

Finally the door to Maria’s changing room unlatched. Before entering, however, the dark-haired girl looked back at me, again clutching her breasts to conceal a nipple with each hand. “Next time I come out, you’d better not be here.” She closed the door emphatically.

Rachel, in the meantime, did not close the door to her fitting room. Instead she made a quiet but insistent wave for me to join her. I shook my head firmly, still seated, although in truth my refusal was more to conceal my erection at having seen Maria topless than from anything else.

The tall receptionist made a show of looking around the quiet, empty room for anyone else, then emerged fully from the dressing room and darted toward me. A strapless blue bikini housed the bulk of her large breasts, which shook wildly in the flimsy top as she scurried forward. Below she wore a matching string bikini bottom, which dipped low enough to reveal that she had shaved or waxed rather thoroughly.

Upon reaching my chair, she put a finger to her lips and then grabbed my hands, physically urging me up and out of the chair. Her breasts squeezed together fantastically as she leaned back and pulled me forward. I finally gave up and quietly followed her into the small chamber where she had been changing.

The room was maybe 4′ by 4′, with a flat bench against the wall opposite the door. Rachel pushed me down into a seated position, leaving me eye-level with her chest. “If you stay quiet, you can watch while I try on a few things,” she whispered conspiratorially. I nodded in agreement. She took that as affirmation enough to casually remove her top, flipping it upward and bringing it off over her head.

I had seen Rachel’s chest briefly down in the gym and was impressed at the time, but at this distance her features were even more remarkable. Her breasts were so large and evenly distributed across her chest that they nearly merged in the middle and split downward in a perfect V. Their hang overlapped several inches of her upper ribs and ultimately rounded outward significantly to the sides, where a gentle curvature lead up almost to her armpits. Her large, dimpled areolae were pink against her pale skin, although her nipples themselves were at the moment inverted.

Rachel briefly caressed herself, pulling back her shoulders and drawing in a deep breath to emphasize her attributes even further. Her stomach was firm, showing the slightest hint of abdomenal musculature. The combination of her small waist, arched lower back, and broad shoulders connoted a feminine but distinctly athletic, forceful sensuality.

Finally she narrowed her eyes and whispered to me a in a low voice, “This could be yours if you would just stop being such an idiot.” She slid down her bottoms, revealing a totally shaved pubic area. A gap of an inch or so existed between the tops of her toned thighs, which at this level meant that I could see the beginnings of her lips curling out and downward slightly. I hardened further at the thought of being inside her.

The twenty-three-year-old proceeded to try on a variety of high-end designer swimsuits and lingerie. It aroused me enormously to watch as she turned to the mirror at our side, eyeing herself critically. She frequently paused, adjusting a given top to better accommodate her chest or conceal a nipple. Each time she leaned forward to remove her bottoms I watched as her breasts fell away from her and hung down before me. I noted that the tag of a discarded bra read 36DD.

Rachel at last began to dress back up in her original lingerie, followed by the yellow blouse and tartan skirt she had worn in. I watched with interest as she performed the complex engineering that had so often allowed her pert, expansive chest to nearly disappear beneath a conservative top at work.

After finishing the task she turned away from me and, hands moving up her sides, slowly raised the hem of her skirt higher and higher, revealing her panties inch by inch, until at last the skirt rested fully on the shelf above her ass. She then bent at the waist, braced herself against the door, and straightened her legs, seemingly begging to be penetrated from behind. She looked back at me with a smoldering gaze.

My arousal spiked when the auburn-haired girl reached back and teased her underwear to the side, revealing the glistening pinkness of her entry between welcoming lips, the sight only inches from my face. She began to massage herself with her fingers.

I moved closer and heard Rachel moan softly as my breath reached her a half-second before my roaming lips. Her smell was tart and erotic in my nostrils as I gently kissed her sex, at first with a teasing, tentative lick here and there, refusing to give her the warmth of my full mouth too soon.

With one hand she spread herself wider for me as I slid my own hands up and under the lace panties that still covered the rounded cheeks of her upturned ass. I began to swirl my tongue about in the folds of her sweet lips, causing her to wetten noticeably.

After a few moments Rachel maneouvered her fingers to reveal the small pink bump of her clitoris. I began lapping at her with the full flatness of my tongue, catching the nub gently at the bottom and smoothly licking upward to end in a lightly penetrative thrust. Her inner thighs gleamed with lubricating juices that had begun to drip downward.

As Rachel moaned in a low monotone that might have been mischaracterized as background noise by anyone not watching, Maria’s voice suddenly echoed outside. “Rachel and Adrienne? If you’re still in there, please take what you’re going to buy and meet the rest of us downstairs. We’ve got to get back.” I heard the door to the store’s main area open and then shut a moment later.

I gave her one last wet, warm swirl with my full tongue and lips before pulling away and standing up. Rachel rose and looked at me, her cheeks flushed and her hair an unruly mess. She pressed a hand against my chest and leaned in close, her other hand teasing at the outline of my hardened cock. “You’re not seriously going to stop right now, are you?” she pleaded, breathing heavily. “Maria won’t care if I take another ten minutes. You’ve got me so close to cumming. I’ll do whatever you want later on. Anything…”

I felt a certain degree of self-satisfaction at the opportunity to mimic her frustrating denial from a few weeks ago in my office. “Sorry, hon. You heard the woman. Time to go.” I smiled broadly and slipped out, leaving the breathless, unsatisfied nymph alone in her dressing room.

As I walked toward the door, however, I heard an opening and then steps behind me. I turned and saw Adrienne, who had plainly been in one of the chambers abutting the one I had just left. Her green eyes were already hardened in anger as she stormed past me with her purchases. I wetted my lips nervously and tasted a memory of Rachel.


I was waiting outside by the entrance when the girls emerged with several shopping bags each. At the curb a black car identical to the first awaited. After putting the shopping bags into the trunk, we entered according to the original seating arrangement. Rachel still looked slightly dazed as she slid in next to me on the right. Adrienne just glowered to my left, her anger apparent. Maria simply ignored me altogether.

Shortly after the driver pulled out back onto the avenue, it became apparent that we were going nowhere fast. Traffic was far more congested than it had been on our trip downtown. I looked over to Adrienne and tried to casually gauge her mood. “Find anything good?”

“No, but you obviously did.” The brunette set her jaw angrily and leaned in toward my ear. “I was in the booth next to Rachel. I heard everything that happened between the two of you.” I grimaced, knowing that this would be hard to remedy.

It suddenly struck me that my best bet to make amends might be to escalate things, rather than shy away, at least for the moment. I noted that Maria was paying little attention to us from the front seat, her eyes locked on traffic and the radio playing lightly. Seeing an opportunity, I leaned over to Rachel and began whispering. “Remember how you said you would do anything for me back there?”

She paused briefly and then nodded in affirmation, a curious smile already on her lips. I continued, “I dare you to take care of me right now, here in the car. In front of Adrienne. I’ll make it worth your while later on.”

Rachel smiled slyly. “All you had to do was ask.”

Adrienne, out of earshot for the exchange, continued to stare straight ahead, her eyes resolute. As Rachel’s left hand crept down onto my right thigh, however, the younger girl could not resist peeking over. She began to glance down even more frequently as the outline of my growing erection emerged beneath Rachel’s searching fingers.

I suddenly felt Adrienne’s breath in my ear as she began to whisper bitterly. “Are you really going to let her do that? Didn’t you get enough action back in the booth?” She sounded hurt.

I turned and whispered in response. “Listen, she’s been really aggressive. I’m sorry about what happened back there and what’s happening right now, but it’s not like I can fight her off with Maria right there.”

Rachel, meanwhile, continued her work. Adrienne’s eyes widened as the receptionist unzipped my pants and pulled out my hardening cock, grasping it firmly. She then took my right hand and slid it down inside the rim of her skirt, my fingers meeting the same warm, bare softness with which I had just been engaged. I looked back to the frowning girl on my left and tensely shrugged.

It took only a moment before I got the reaction I had been looking for: Adrienne had apparently decided to fight fire with fire. She quietly licked her right hand and placed it around the base of my cock, displacing Rachel’s hand upward. She then matched Rachel by taking my left hand and easing it down below her own skirt, where I felt a soft tuft of groomed hair between her legs. Each of us, of course, anxiously remained casual from the shoulders up, realizing collectively that Maria would be sure to notice anything out of the ordinary.

The sounds of traffic in New York surrounded us as the car stopped and started time and time again. My fingers worked their way downward on each side, rubbing gently on the tender lips at my disposal. The girls fought silently over my cock in the middle, sometimes one taking control and stroking for a moment, sometimes the other. Neither seemed willing to cede for very long. A fair amount of pre-cum had trickled down onto their hands, smoothing their motions.

Eventually I increased the intensity of my stroking on each girl, their wetness rivaling one another. Adrienne, the tighter of the two, gasped as I went deeper and then entered her with a single prying finger. Rachel, by contrast, took two exploring fingers eagerly, her lips welcoming my entry after our earlier contact.

For a moment it seemed as though Rachel had taken the upper hand, so to speak, as she pumped my shaft aggressively to the exclusion of her competitor. I was shocked, however, when Adrienne suddenly eased my hand from her skirt, leaned down, and forced Rachel’s hand away, taking me into her mouth. Her breasts now rested heavily on my leg. I felt a sudden increase in wetness from Rachel as she watched the bustier girl wrap her lips around my member and plunge.

Maria had apparently noticed Adrienne’s head drop down via the rearview mirror and called to us almost immediately from the front. “Is everything okay back there?” She craned her head back slightly and made eye contact with Rachel, who smiled pleasantly, my fingers curling upward inside her.

I took charge. “We’re doing fine. I think Adrienne dropped an earring on the floor of the car. She’s looking for it.” The Harvard-educated girl’s warm, inexperienced lips continued to run up and down the top few inches of my length as my fingers pulsed inside Rachel.

Rachel played along, looking downward in aparent concern. “I think it might have landed on my side. I’ll help her look for it.” With some reluctance she removed my hand from between her legs, but then quickly bent down to my lap, where Adrienne was now slowly licking the side of my length from bottom to top.

Adrienne was caught unaware as Rachel stole in and, with no hesitation, took the head of my cock in her mouth. I ran my fingers through her beautiful auburn hair with one hand as I fondled one of Adrienne’s clothed breasts with the other. I knew we would have only a few moments before Maria grew overly suspicious and turned around.

“Ugh, I just can’t find that stupid earring,” Adrienne exclaimed as she pulled gently at my testicles and licked the lower base of my shaft, Rachel’s mouth bobbing assertively above her. “I think it might be under the seat.” The combination of the two girls’ mouths on me was otherworldly. I felt myself approaching orgasm quickly.

As Rachel’s expert tongue teased me even closer, she pulled off for only a split second to catch her breath. That was enough time for Adrienne to take control. I felt her lips surround me again but was shocked as she continued downward, my cock actually entering the tight beginnings of her throat. With her left hand the brunette milked me, her grip pumping from my base to her lips.

It was a whole new beginning.

Getting booted from the department had been unpleasant, sure, and no-one was exactly queuing up around the block to hire an ex-cop dismissed for excessive use of force…

…But there were always jobs for guys who knew how to handle themselves. Ex-cops, veterans, broken-down footballers and wrestlers who needed paycheck and weren’t too picky about who they were working for. You could cross sides, and start working for one of the Bosses that ran things in the underworld.

So I traded my badge for a disposable phone and brass knuckles, and I started working the casino and club circuit, making my rounds and always waiting for a phone call to tell me to get over to such-and-such place to sort out some meathead who thought he didn’t have to pay his way.

I set myself up with a downtown apartment, with a view of the river, and bought a new wardrobe of clothes that were good enough for Mr Vermicelli’s clubs, but not so expensive that I couldn’t handle disposing of them if they got torn or too bloody.

It wasn’t exactly a progressive career path, but it was better than the unemployment line.


If you’re going to bust heads, you better be strong.

If you’re being paid to be that guy, it pays to invest in making sure that you’ve got the physique and the skills to do the business.

I starting rolling again, down at the Gracie Jiu Jitsu gym, and once a week I would put on a pair of 6oz gloves and do an hour’s sparring in the cage – just me and a couple of the guys I rated.

Anyway, I found a second place, a little hole-in-the-wall gym about four blocks from my apartment, to lift weights at. Skills are fine, but sometimes nothing will suffice except brute force.

It was old-school – mainly bodybuilders on juice and a smattering of powerlifters and olympic lifters. The place stank of sweat, there were no treadmills and when I say ‘black iron’ I mean it: The place pretty much just contained rack after rack of bars, dumbells and thousands of kilos of heavy black iron. No B.S, just the stuff you need to get jacked.

It wasn’t much, but it became home away from home, several nights of the week.

I had one run-in with some moron who mustn’t have been wearing his glasses. He tried to strip down a barbell I was using… Pretty much when I was using it. We talked. We disagreed. He threw a punch and I put him down in about as much time as it took for him to lift his hand to me.

Later, after his buddies came back from dropping him to the hospital, they came and apologized… Said they hadn’t known who I was.

Sometimes it’s good to have a name.

The thing about being top dog is, you get your pick of the spoils. And in that gym there was one particular benefit to being on the top of the pile.


I was in later than usual. The gym stayed open till 2am most nights, and I was there after midnight, on a rare night off.

As I was sitting on a bench near the mirrors, catching my breath between sets of bulgarian split squats, she walked behind me.

I caught a glimpse of her in the mirror and did a double-take.


My eyes tracked her across the gym floor as she swayed by. She wasn’t the first broad I’d seen in the gym, but she was one of the first I’d seen in by herself, without a boyfriend, or who wasn’t a jacked-up female bodybuilder with a man-chin.

This chick was built like a walking wet dream.

Strong-looking, like she trained, sure, but with on top of that muscle she was still curvy and stacked… If sex was an olympic sport, this is what the athletes would have looked like. Hot, hot, hot. Practically built to get a guy hard.

She was wearing white athletic shoes, and skin-tight leggings that clung to long legs. My eyes wandered up and took in a perfectly rounded, juicy ass. I could see the faint imprint of a thong underneath, and it bounced, perfectly heart-shaped, as she walked. She had a neat waist, and the neon yellow tank top she was wearing clung to a pretty jaw-dropping rack. This chick had that kind of high-end boob job you see on the latest generation of hollywood actress: Not improbably big and cheap looking, like some 90s porn starlet… But somehow natural-looking even though you could tell by their DD size that they probably weren’t wholly authentic on her athletic frame.

I could tell by the hint of rippling muscle underneath the spandex that this was a chick who took her training seriously. A beautiful combination of soft, yielding flesh (man, that ass.. Those tits!) and tight, gym-honed muscle. I figured maybe a dancer, a pro athlete, or a high-end prostitute.

She tossed her shoulder length black hair, tied in a single pony-tail, and I caught a glimpse of high, slavic cheekbones and flashing green eyes. Her full lips quirked, slightly amused, as she caught me turning my head to look after her.

‘Damn,’ I said to myself, shaking me my head and picking up my dumbells to continue my workout.

About fifteen minutes later I eventually finished up, and was strolling towards the locker-room. I’d partially forgotten the girl in the tight pants until I heard a kind of commotion from one of the rooms just off the main gym floor. It was a kind of annex, filled with some of the more niche tools… Kettlebells, indian clubs, some other stuff that guys occassionaly used to fill in gaps in their training.

At first I took the grunting noises to just be someone working out intensely, but I could hear voices too… Low, but urgent.

‘Yeah… That’s it… Damn, girl… Frickin’ work my cock…’

There was the sound of flesh slapping on flesh, and as I came into the room I realized that Marco, one of the newer guys hanging around the bodybuilding crew lately, was standing in the corner with his pants down around his ankles.

‘Ahh…. You frickin’ slut… I’m gonna fuck your ass so hard after this…’

My eyes widened when I saw that the girl from earlier was on her knees, caught between Marco and the dumbell rack. She still wore those second-skin pants, but somewhere along the way her halter top had come off, along with her sports bra, and I could see that she was naked from the waist up. She seemed to be squirming, caught against the rack and Marco’s pumping hips.

‘Uuuuugh…. Aaaagh… Not so rough, please…’ She was breathing hard, and her pretty face was twisted in discomfort as Marco had her pony-tail wound around his hand.

‘Shut it, babe… If you didn’t want this you shouldn’t have led me on…. You weren’t exactly objecting when I started touching you up…’

Marco’s cock was sliding in and out of the girl’s epic cleavage. She had her arms crossed, pushing up her tits and forming a sweat-slicked valley for him to plough. His whole body was quivering with apparent pleasure, and each time he threw his hips forward his dick would slither through her compressed tits and slap wetly off her chin.

I bunched my fists up and stepped closer. I’m no knight in shining armor, but I could see an angle here….


He ignored me, and suddenly he seemed to become almost animalistic as he sped up the pace of his tit-fuck. The girl was moaning and biting her lip as he kept yanking on her pony-tail.

‘MARCO, What the hell are you doing forcing yourself on-….’

The idiot finally saw me, in the mirror in front of him, and two things happened.

One: Marco’s eyes bulged in fear. He’d seen me break a guy’s jaw and fracture his cheekbone, popping the guy’s eye out, in this very gym. I looked pissed, and he knew I had the ability to follow through.

Second: He came. Like a damn horse.

Groaning, he went stiff as a board and one of his hands caught onto his cock and jacked it furiously. He fell away from the girl, who squealed in surprise as he finally let go of her hair. Hot, pearly semen started pumping onto her, although by then she had turned her face to me and seemed more surprised about seeing me than about the jizz splattering her. It fell in thick ropes on those heaving tits, and a particularly thick chunk hit off her shoulder and ended up on a nearby dumbell.

Marco was on his ass, breathing hard, still holding his cock. It was still twitching, and a final, surprisingly powerful, squirt emerged and painted a last line of semen on the girls’ leg. It landed right on her quad, and she automatically dropped one hand to wipe it away. Unconsciously, she brought that hand to her full lips and licked, even as she continued looking at me with wide eyes.

‘Jeez man, I’m sorry… I didn’t know… I mean, she was so hot and I started talking to her.. .And she was kind of flirty and didn’t seem to be telling me to beat it, so…..’ His mouth was running away with itself, as he stood and quickly pulled on his shorts. ‘I started kind of feeling her up, and it was like she just let me… So…’

He shrugged.

‘…I figured she was fair game…Thought I might break me off some of that ass… I didn’t know you were into her, or whatever..’

I jerked my head sideways, towards the exit back to the main gym.

‘Get out of here, Marco. And don’t even look at this broad again.’

He practically ran, cock still hard and forming a tent under his shorts.

I approached her, as she was pulling her tank top back over her semen-coated chest. She didn’t bother with the sports bra. A combination of sweat and jizz meant that I could make out the outline of that perfect rack, heaving up and down. Idly, I noticed she had exceptionally long nipples, standing out like bullets. She was still on her knees, but was making to get up.

‘Stay there for a sec, honey’.

She obeyed, pouting slightly, and I put my hands on my hips in front of her.

‘Did that guy force you to do anything you didn’t want to do?’

She hesitated, and then shook her head.

‘Nyet…. I mean, no…’

She had an eastern european accent… Russian maybe? Could have been lithuanian or latvian for all I knew… They all sounded alike to me.

‘But thank you… He was rough… I was not liking that. My name is Sasha…’ She raised perfectly plucked eyebrows at me. ‘And you are…-’

‘Slade,’ I grunted, considering her carefully. ‘So why’d you…’ I pointed to her tits with one hand.

‘Well…’ She shrugged, ‘Where I come from is a very rough place, and it is not considered a good idea for girl to… embarrass.. a guy. To tell him to get lost… Maybe he is tough guy, like gangster, in place like this, after all. Angry guys can get… How you say? Physical.’ She tilted her head at me. ‘So I get him off. Is no big deal… With my tits… I can make a guy cum on me and is no problem… Why not? I like this myself too, so is easy.’

She pushed out her chest, as if this was almost self explanatory. I wondered how many cocks in this gym had jerked off onto those puppies, or squeezed between them. It seemed likely that more than a few guys had realised she was a girl who didn’t like to say no. I guessed that Sasha spent a lot more time on her knees sucking big dicks than she did actually getting her workouts done.

‘Yeah, and if he wanted to fuck your ass afterwards, like he said?’

Sasha grimaced. ‘I would not like this… With him… Some of the guys are pigs in here… I try only to use hands and titties to make them leave me alone…’ Her eyes seemed to glitter as she stared at me. ‘…But strong guy like you come along and I have no problem anymore. I have only one man to take care of then. I can get back to my training, maybe.’

She shuffled a little closer on her knees, pressing that prodigious rack against my thighs. She hugged herself against me, and I felt that wonderful combination of softness and firmness. Her faced was turned up towards me, and her hands crept up to rest on my ass on either side.

‘I could give special treats… to guy like you.. I am a good girl. I know how to make a man feel like king, yes? I have tight body, and I know what men want me to do… I will show you, yes?’ Sasha grinned at me, and her hands move to the waistline of my shorts, pulling them down slowly. I didn’t stop her, and after a moment my erection flopped free.

My thick helmet slapped against her cheek and nine thick inches of engorged dick was suddenly hovering right up next to that pretty eastern european face. It left a thin trail of pre-cum across one cheek.

‘Mr. Slade….’ She breathed, wrapping one long-fingered hand around my penis and beginning to gently jerk me off. ‘You have… how you say… Very ginormous cock..’

Then she opened those bee-stung lips and took me into her mouth. Her tongue began slithering over me and if the sweat from my having just worked out bothered her, she gave no sign. Her hands got busy- one rubbing my balls, the other going under them and coming up to playfully press on my asshole. As her hot mouth worked on my dick there was the hint that she might suddenly spear one delicate finger into my ass, and I found the threat decidedly erotic.

It was amazing, sure, but I guess I’ve had better blow-jobs, objectively speaking. I’ve had my dick drained by the throats of high-end mafia escorts that charge thousands of dollars an hour. These chicks weren’t any better looking than Sasha… Not in my view, anyhow… But they were the cream-of-the-crop of professionals and, like I said, they gave a better blow-job, some of them.

But damn, this chick was banging hot. That perfect body was down on its knees in front of me, tits squished up against me and I could hear soft grunting as worked up to deep-throating me. I could dimly see a few splashes of Marco’s cum in her hair, and a part of me was pointing out that this chick was clearly a complete freak.

But like I said – banging hot.

She’d only been working on me for about three minutes and I could feel my balls beginning to churn. Her finger was circling my ass, and I guessed she was going to use the old trick of penetrating me just as she felt my orgasm come on. I’d shoot like a hose and squeal like a pig at the same time. I guess some girls like to feel like they’re getting their own back for all the attention we give their asses.

My hand closed on her pony-tail and I impatiently yanked her up to her feet, using my other hand to catch her by her halter-top at the shoulder. She was an athletic chick, but next to me she was light as a feather, and I spun her around and had her bent over the dumbell rack pratically before she knew what was happening.

I kicked her legs apart like I was going to frisk her for weapons, and took in the view. Bent over the weights, her tits were pressing up against the mirror and her face too, turned sideways. I could see that she was wide-eyed, her mouth open in an ‘O’ of surprise. One of my hands still gripped her pony tail, and the other now slid down her back in a smooth motion.

I slipped a hand into her pants and jerked them sharply down as far as her knees. The lycra gave easily, and I felt my heartbeat increase in pace as I saw that her ass was bisected now only by a painfully thin piece of floss. It was a thong so miniscule that it was barely there. With her legs spread I could actually see everything already… Her, puffy, shaven pussy… A rivulet of sweat from her exertions running down the small of her back into the crack of her ass… And a perfect, puckered asshole over which that thin piece of floss ran like a final obstacle, teasing me.

I growled, and ripped the thong right off her ass. She seemed to jump a little as it caught and then snapped on one tanned hip, but I detected a note of arousal in the whimper she let out. I could see her bite her lip, and move one hand down from the mirror to catch her right nipple. As I moved my hips in closer to her I saw that she was rolling the nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

‘Oh… My god… What are you going to do to me? She moaned. ‘Are you going to jerk off on me… Are you, how you say… Shoot your load on me…?’

I chuckled, and, taking hold of my cock, I started running it up and down between her ass cheeks. Her butt was lush, a quivering heart-shaped sex-toy that practically cried out for me. This chick may have been a freak, but she had a body made for sin and I intended to squeeze my pleasure out of it.

Slapping her ass with an open hand made her moan even louder, and I spanked her twice more, continuing to rub my cock up and down. The pressure in my balls was still there, an aching that was going to have to earn release soon. I could feel tension through her ass and hamstrings and Sasha was pressing herself back against me.

‘You can come in my mouth if you want…. But don’t fuck me in my pussy without a rubber… Please….’ She breathed, continuing to tweak her fat nipple and bite her lip.

‘I ain’t going to do you in the pussy. And I might come in your mouth, but not yet.’ I decided that was enough talk, and, satisfied that my cockhead was slick with our mingled sweat and juices now, I placed it against her puckered asshole.

‘Oh….’ Sasha moaned a final time, and then she was holding her breath as I forced my cock up her ass.

She fought me a little, but I think it was unconsciously. Let’s be honest: Taking a cock like mine in your ass is going to hurt, even if it isn’t the first time you’ve had a big guy decide that he wants to pound your asshole with his cock until he shoots his load. Her ringpiece kind of tensed up, and I had to grit my teeth and throw my hips forward. My cock pressed against her insistently and then won the day, sliding past her ring-piece and into the warm depths of her ass.

‘Aaaaaaaaaah… Fuck, you’re big… Your cock is big in my ass…’ She grunted, and then seemed to relax. Her asshole was a tight seal around my cock, but suddenly it felt like it was fluttering against my shaft, and I was making headway. Inch by inch my dick slid into her, snaking its way into her tight ass until I bottomed out.

It felt warm, tight and a little like heaven. She was sweaty, she smelled a little like jizz, but I grunted with pleasure and wrapped my tugged her pony tail as I began to ride her.

Buggering a chick like Sasha was a pretty great way to round off any workout, and judging by the way she was reacting, she seemed to agree. Her knees seemed to give out after a couple of minutes of me nailing her hard, and she rested most of her weight, breathless, onto the rack in front of her as I continued to bang her. I was happy to half hold her up over the weights as I screwed her… I figured considering I was sodomising her for my pleasure that was the least I could do. She seemed to groaning with what I hoped was pleasure, and judging by the occassional series of spasms that I could feel through her asshole I figured she was getting off on this too, with any luck.

Finally, it came to an end, as all good things must. I had pumped myself to a crescendo, and eventually her tight, clasping asshole got the best of me.

‘UUUUuuughh…’ I exhaled and felt my glutes clench tight as I began to come. ‘Get down on your knees, honey…’ Having to act quickly, I practically yanked my cock back the way it had came, and it popped free of her quivering ass without ceremony.

Sasha summoned some final reserve of energy, spinning fluidly down and around back to her knees in front of me. My cock was twiching and my eye closed as the orgasm came on me like a storm. I heard a rustle and, opening my eyes, saw that she’d tugged up her halter top and cast it aside.

Coming up high on her knees she squished those perfect globes around my cock and started pumping. The sensation from the titfucking was almost too much pleasure and I reached down and swatted her back a little. She compromised by wrapping both hands around the shaft of my cock, jacking me off as I finally erupted.

Eyes open and locked on mine, Sasha took my load like a pro, staring at me smokily through the whole thing.

I’ve always shot a lot, and this time she had worked me up with her tight ass so that when I blew, it was like a goddam fire-hose. I came heavily, and I kept coming, thick ropes of white jizz that splattered off her face and ran in thin rivulets down her neck, pooling on the tops of her breasts and at the base of her throat.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Note: If you haven’t already, read A Reunion of Sorts I, which is the prequel to this story.

“I wanted to dress sexier for you,” Sarah stated apologetically as I looked her over in a pair of capris and a casual shirt, “but it might have raised some questions based on where I’m supposed to be right now.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I told her, “because whatever you’d worn would’ve ended up in a heap on the floor anyway. Maybe you can send me some photos.”

I closed and locked my hotel room door and followed her into the room, checking out her ass and knowing I’d have my hands all over it soon enough. I didn’t hesitate and just took her in my arms at the foot of the bed, my hands going from her waist down to her ass, squeezing it while pulling her against my growing tool. We made out passionately as if making up for lost time and missed opportunities before Sarah finally broke away.

“I’ve been thinking about fucking you since yesterday,” she said.

“Then let’s get to it,” I replied and started to lift her shirt up. She raised her arms and allowed me to remove it before reaching for my shirt and raising it. Rather than going for her bra next, I worked on opening her capris while she did the same with my jeans. Her capris dropped to her ankles leaving her in just bra and panties and causing my cock to grow even harder as I looked her over.

“I’m going to suck your cock this time, too,” she said as she extracted it from my jeans after discovering that I was not wearing any underwear.

“And I’m going to let you suck my cock,” I replied, savoring the feel of her hand on my rigid tool, “but I’m also going to eat your pussy since you denied me that last time, too.”

“Okay,” she agreed, “but fucking first, right?”

“Absolutely,” I replied as I stepped out of my jeans while she still stroked my cock. I reached out to caress her tits through her bra before reaching behind her to unfasten it. She released my cock as I slid her bra down her arms, my gaze fixed on her freckled chest and her nipples and areolas. I dropped her bra to the floor and my hands went back to her tits, caressing the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples. She moaned softly and reached for my cock again. I was still kind of amazed that the skinny girl with little more than a couple of mosquito bites on her chest that night we’d fooled around now had such a curvaceous body and a succulent pair of tits. I had every intention of squeezing my cock between them before she left my hotel room later that day.

I lowered my head to lick and suck her nipples, requiring her to release my tool again, and my hands gradually moved down to her ass then to the sides of her panties as I started to slide them down. I dropped to my knees to admire her trim bush as I helped her step out of them then kissed her abdomen before standing again. I kissed her lips then turned and climbed onto the bed, lying on my back in the middle of it. She crawled onto the bed, her tits swinging, but paused to wrap her lips around my throbbing tool, not necessarily to prove to me that she was willing to do it now, but more likely because she was anxious to do it. She sucked my cock very briefly, but long enough to let me know that I was absolutely going to enjoy it, then moved up far enough to straddle my hips.

As I reached up to fondle her tits again, she guided my cock to her pussy and lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as her hot, slippery pussy engulfed my tool and she started to slowly ride it. As I played with her tits, I was still taking in her naked body looming over me, appreciating both the body and the naked. Her pussy felt amazing and it was clear that she had been pretty worked up before she’d even arrived. I was glad we had a few hours ahead of us because I was immediately thinking that it was not going to take her very long to cum. Her slow riding gradually became a lot harder and faster and, though I was thoroughly enjoying having my cock slipping in and out of her hot pussy, I wasn’t feeling the stirrings of my own orgasm yet.

Just as MaryAnn had hours before, Sarah ended up leaning forward, supporting herself on her arms planted next to my head, while continuing to ride up and down on my cock. I went back to licking and sucking her nipples while caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her tits before my hands moved around to squeeze her ass. I started pushing up into her each time she came down, penetrating her as deeply as I could, as her moans became louder and more insistent. When her pace suddenly dropped dramatically, her entire body quivered as she came. I continued to lick and suck her nipples while caressing and squeezing her ass until she straightened up again and, slowly bouncing, smiled down at me.

“I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum now,” she stated as I stared at her bouncing boobs.

“Why don’t you swing around and straddle my head,” I suggested, “so I can taste you at the same time.”

She rode me slowly for another minute or two before moving off of my cock and repositioning herself over me in a sixty-nine. As I was gazing up at her trim, brown bush, she gripped my cock with one hand and wrapped her lips around it. I moaned as she slid her mouth down engulfing my tool then immediately slid it back up again. I relished her cocksucking for a minute or so before running my tongue along her slit and tasting her pungent juices. I lapped at her pussy, slurping up her copious nectar, as she bobbed her head up and down on my tool. She’d had an aversion to cocksucking when we’d been younger, calling it “gross” if memory served, but I was glad to see that she’d not only gotten over her distaste for it, but had apparently embraced it based on the skill she was demonstrating. Likewise on that one night long ago, she didn’t want me to go down on her because she similarly did not find the idea appealing. I was grateful to finally have the opportunity to do something I’d wanted to do back then. I think we were definitely going to have some level of closure on an event that had always felt unfinished.

I was relishing the feel of her mouth sliding up and down my tool as well as the taste of her pussy. I slipped a couple of fingers into her hot, slippery pussy and pumped them in and out while licking and sucking her clit. She paused for a moment to moan a few times before going back to sucking my cock and causing me to moan again. She sucked my cock with a renewed vigor, even though she’d been sucking it with enthusiasm already. I don’t know if she was intent on providing pleasure that she had once refused to or if she was relishing a second chance at something she’d since discovered she enjoyed. Either way, I was enjoying her efforts and was certainly planning to give her a mouthful of cum for her efforts.

My free hand was roaming over her ass and occasionally slipping down to cup and caress her dangling tits. I wondered as I was pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy whether there were other sexual things that she’d discovered that actually enjoyed and debated whether to try to find out. Finally I just figured she’d stop me if she wasn’t into it, so I slipped my fingers from her pussy, well lubricated and coated with her juices. I slipped two fingers from my other hand into her pussy in their place while spreading her natural lubrication over her asshole. It felt like a shiver immediately passed through her and, as I was spreading it around preparing to penetrate her, she suddenly started to shake violently and raise her head from my cock to let out a passionate moan.

At that point, I didn’t even bother pushing my finger into her ass since she was cumming so intensely. I continued to massage her asshole with my slippery fingertip while pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy and licking her clit at least until she stopped shaking and moaning and had gone back to sucking my cock. I dropped my head back and slipped the fingers from her pussy into my mouth while focusing my attention on the amazing job she was doing with her mouth. I did briefly consider the potential for fucking her ass over the next couple of hours but was quickly distracted by the pleasure I was feeling. For somebody who was once so adamantly against cocksucking, she gave a hell of a blowjob now.

I relished my building orgasm and the feel of her hot, wet mouth while trying to just remain relaxed as I got closer and closer to cumming. I did go back to running my hands over her smooth ass and reaching down to fondle her tits as my orgasm got closer and closer but my focus was more on how amazing her mouth felt. She didn’t seem to be trying to draw out my pleasure as MaryAnn had which was fine with me because I was feeling about ready to blow my load. When I finally exploded into her mouth she made a noise like she was caught off guard, but continued to suck me off while swallowing my load. I spurted repeatedly into her mouth and she downed it all, stopping only once I was completely spent and was starting to soften. She repositioned herself to lie beside me and we just held onto each other for a couple of minutes.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to have a second chance after letting that first one slip through my fingers,” she said as she snuggled up next to me.

“It will be nice to no longer think of that night and wonder ‘what if?’” I replied.

“By the time I leave here,” she promised, “you won’t have anything left to wonder about.”

As we lay there talking, I had one arm around her and the other soon found its way back to her tits. She indulgently let me caress both of her tits while we talked and was soon gently toying with my cock, which was quickly showing signs of life again. I rolled toward her and we started making out as I played with her tits and she played with my cock. Eventually, I started to kiss my way down to her tits so that I could lick and suck her nipples. She could no longer fondle my growing cock, but I slipped a hand between her legs to caress her wet pussy. My cock got stiffer even without her assistance as I alternately pumped a finger in and out of her pussy and lightly caressed her clit.

I kissed my way down from her tits over her stomach and was soon lying on my stomach between her spread legs with my tongue running up her pussy. I slipped my two fingers back into her and pumped them while licking and sucking her clit. She was moaning and gripping my head while her hips gyrated in rhythm with my licking and fingering. Glancing up, I was pleased to see beyond her tits, aimed toward the ceiling due to her arms squeezing them together, that she had a huge smile on her face. If she was distracted or overly-focused earlier for whatever reason, she was certainly in the moment at this point. In addition to her moaning, she was throwing out the occasional “oh yeah” and “oh God” as she clearly was feeling the pleasure that I was intending for her.

As for me, I’d tried to put myself in this position once before and she’d have none of it, so I was relishing the opportunity to be between her legs looking up along her naked body. Tasting her and making her cum were really the point of being down there, but finally being granted access was just as important to me. The longer I devoured her pussy, the louder she was getting and the faster her hips were moving. By this point, my cock was fully rigid again and I’d had to adjust my position to give it some room. As I felt her pussy becoming even wetter and more engorged with her impending orgasm, I was thinking about how incredible it was going to feel to slip back into her again. When she let out a cry and started to tremble, I continued eating her with a smile on my face.

Once she’d gone still and had let out a sigh, I raised my head and slipped my fingers free. I kissed my way back up over her abdomen and stomach to her tits, where I licked and sucked her nipples again before guiding my throbbing cock into her pussy. We both moaned as I embedded my cock in her then went back to making out as I slowly slid it in and out with long, full strokes. Her arms were around me and her hands were running up and down my back or squeezing my ass while I repeatedly thrust in and out of her. With her legs spread and her knees bent, she was able to raise her hips to meet my incoming thrusts and, with her pussy as hot and wet as it was, it didn’t take long before I started to feel the stirrings of an orgasm.

I was supporting myself over her on my forearms but I could still feel her smooth skin against mine and particularly her tits against my chest. As my orgasm continued to build while we made love, I decided to take advantage of the substantial boobs that she sprouted since the last time I’d had my hands on them. Before I got too close to cumming, I slipped out of her and crawled up to lay my cock between her tits. I squeezed them together around it while brushing my thumbs over her hard nipples. She watched my cock as I started sliding it between her titties while reaching around to grip my ass. The soft, smooth flesh of her cleavage felt incredible even though I had just pulled out of her hot, wet pussy. Having them in my hands at the same time they were wrapped around my cock was extremely stimulating and my orgasm continued to build. I savored the pleasurable feelings I was experiencing as well as the attention my cock was getting from Sarah as I got closer to cumming.

Before I reached the point of no return, I moved forward and slipped my cock into Sarah’s hot mouth, moaning as she engulfed my shaft. I slowly slid my tool in and out as she brought a hand around to pump the base while the other caressed my balls. If I’d had to decide at gunpoint whether fucking her pussy, her tits or her mouth felt the best, I still would have had trouble deciding. Since I doubted I’d have another opportunity beyond that afternoon to compare the three, it was good that I wouldn’t have to make that decision. Instead, I just planned to relish the opportunity to enjoy each one and knew I would be reliving this afternoon mentally with a great deal of satisfaction just as I’d relived that one night long ago so many times while imagining a different ending.

My orgasm was imminent and my cock was swelling even more but Sarah continued inhaling it enthusiastically. I was gripping the headboard as I looked down at my cock disappearing between her lips. The level of pleasure was intense and would have loved to fuck her mouth for longer, but instead I grunted as I started to spew down her throat. She swallowed my load and continued to suck me off until I was completely spent, then I moved off of her and lay beside her.

“Are your evenings booked up while you’re in town this week?” she asked after a bit.

“No,” I replied, “do you think you can get away?”

“Whatever it takes,” she said, “though I can probably only get away with one.”

“Do you have to leave already?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, “In fact, I suspect I will be hanging around here longer than I had initially planned, but even then I know I will be anxious to see you again as soon as I am out the door. Just trying to be proactive.”

“I’ll work around your schedule then,” I told her, “but don’t get yourself in trouble. When I head back to Colorado, I don’t want this to be over.”

“Oh, it won’t be,” she assured me, “We may not be able to physically get together, but we’ll still be getting each other off.”

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