tiny dick

O where do I start. My name is Rick and I grew up in a small Midwest American town. Life was great till senior year of high school I suppose. I was just one of the guys. There was not a ton of pressure to hook up with girls until then. My problem, well I did not even know it was a problem. I almost made it to college before my little issue emerged. Thanks to a new presidential mandate, my high school was going to start taking health and fitness serious. We were going to have to really participate in gym class. This at first I thought was a good thing that was until my gym class was moved to the middle of the afternoon. This meant a shower after gym class was needed before returning to class.

At first I thought this was not a big deal. We had to run the mile. When we were finished we were supposed to shower and change for classes. The first day of new gym class came quickly and we all changed to our gym clothes and went outside to run the mile. I was not an athlete, so of course I was not in the group that finished first. I was done with the 2nd group of guys and headed for the locker room. That is when I first notice my problem. A few of the guys were heading out of the showers already as we came in. I am not a fag, or pecker checker, a group of us walked in as a group was coming out of the shower. That is when I saw two guys in my class, naked. They were huge. Well not like over all, just their penis. Like 2 times the size of mine. They were like 6-maybe seven inches. I was only about 2 inches when soft and 4 inches when hard. I measured one day when I was bored and alone. I looked away really fast and tried to ignore it. The other guys were stripping to hop in the shower, when curiosity got the better of me. I had to look. So, I bent down to tie my shoe and realized that all of the guys heading for the shower were hung much bigger than me.

What the fuck was the only thing I could think of, these guys were not hard and they were so much bigger than me. I mean bigger than me even when I was hard. I grew up in a strict religious home. We had no internet since my parents did not want me exposed to porn. I did not have the buffet of porn to watch that all the other guys seemed to. Here I was now terrified to take my cloths of thinking everyone would make fun of me for being so tiny. I was starting to sweat worse than when I was running the mile. Panic was starting to take over and I was breathing really hard. Just then I heard noise coming from outside the locker room. I used this as my chance to walk out.

Big John, the fattest kid in our class was sitting on the ground a few feet from the locker room. The mile run really took it out of him. He was breathing really heavy and his face was all red. I called for our physical education teacher Mr. Clark. He rushed over. He asked me to help him get John to the school nurse. We both helped John up as some of the guys starting leaving the locker room to head back to class. They offered to help but Mr. Clark told them it would be bad enough that I would be late for class and John was not going to class. He wanted them to go. I help coach walk John to the nurse. John had an arm thrown around both our necks and shoulders. John was so hot and sweaty I could feel my neck getting wet from his sweat and my own from the effort of helping move him. We got him there and the nurse took over.

Coach told me to head back to the locker room and get ready for class. PANIC hit me again. I had no choice I was sweaty from the run, sweaty from helping John, and had John’s sweat on me. As I walked back the gym I was thinking which would be worse, being the stinky kid if I skipped the shower or being known as the tiny dick guy? When I got to the locker room my dread was still creeping up. Then, finally a break. Everyone was done and gone. I grabbed my stuff and headed for the showers. I dodged the bullet. The remainder of the day, and the drive home I could not think of anything else but tomorrow’s gym class. How the hell was I going to avoid the guys seeing me naked? I got a ride home every day with my friend Neil. I was quiet the whole ride home, and finally Neil spoke was we got to my house.

“I heard Big John had an asthma attack,” said Neil.

“O is that what happened?” I asked.

“Yep, he is not allowed to take gym for the rest of the year.”

There is was my out. I needed to fake having asthma to get out of gym class. Hell it was senior year. If I got out class now I would not have to worry about it ever again. A plan was born right then and there. I would forge a note from my mom, hand it in and never look back.

“Dude we are here, what’s up with you? You have been acting spaced out since we left school,” said Neil.

“Yeah, Yeah. Sorry got a lot of home work. I, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

With that I jumped out of his car and went in my house. I know I was acting rude, but the day’s events had really got to me. I was trying to make sense of it all. Maybe I was a late bloomer was what I wanted to believe. However, I was 18 so were all the other guys. I on the other hand was 5’7′ which was two inches taller than my father, and 3 inches taller than my mother. I was the tallest person in my whole family. I just could not wrap my head around how it could be that I was so much smaller in the male junk department then all the other guys in my class. To top it off I came from a small town, so everyone at my school was white. I heard black guys were way bigger, but now I was seeing white guys I knew my own age were way bigger than me. I couldn’t talk to anyone about this; I mean really who would understand. Hell, my parents never had the sex talk with me. It was all so taboo to them. Sex ed at the start of high school was when I learned about the birds and bees. I just went through with my plan got a piece of paper and wrote the note as neatly as I could to make it look like my mothers. Luckily I was never in trouble, so she never sent any signed notes to my school. So, no one would know it was me signing instead of her.

The next day at school, I went to see Mr. Clark first thing in the morning. I told him, my mom had heard what happed to John and told me to bring him this note. I handed it to him, and watch him read it. This was my fate right here. If he believed it no gym class and group showers for me. I could hide my shame. I watch intently as he read it. It was only a few lines, but it felt like forever before he finished reading. He looked at me with what seemed like a long pause. I thought I was busted. Then he finally spoke.

“Well, the school is worried about lawsuits. So it might be better for you to sit out of class. Maybe take a study hall during the period.”

I nodded and left. I was saved. I could enjoy the rest of high school without anyone knowing. Hell I even got a girlfriend. Karen was a sweet. She was pretty with her curly dirty blond hair, big brown eyes and perky C cup boobs. She was the perfect girl for me. She was a prude and was waiting till marriage for sex. She let people know this. This kept all the guys away except me. She was perfect for me, no pressure from her to have sex. Also if it did ever come up, she had no experience to compare me to. We dated most of senior year and all through the summer before college. We had stuck to making out, when given the chance at the movies or rare occasion we were left alone. Her parents were stricter than mine. I did not have a car at the time, so we had to have our parents or friends drive us places. So there always seemed to be someone else around. However on summer day just before we went to college she told me she wanted to give me something special. She told me to get a ride to her house.

Her parents were not home. Neither were her 3 siblings. Maybe this would be it. I would finally pop my cherry and hers for that matter. I was really nervous as we began to make out on the couch. I started feeling her tits over her shirt and was really getting turned on. I thought I would be bold and reached under her shirt for the first time. She only let me pet her above her clothes up till now. I slid my hand under her shirt and began feeling her right tit only covered by a bra. I slow moved my hand under the bra and felt her erect nipple and soft tender flesh. I was really breathing heavy and she backed away from our kiss. I thought it was all over, but she did something I will never forget. She reached for the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up over her head. My eyes just stared at her one semi bar breast peeking from the bra I had pushed away and the other breast still confined. The puffy little nipple was pointed right at me. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She pulled it off. I stared at her naked breasts. I never looked up to make eye contact thinking she would stop if I did. She leaned in and began kissing me again. I started rubbing her bare chest and feeling the contrast of the soft flesh with her hard nipples. Karen began rubbing my penis over my shorts. I was so hard, and this was pure heaven. Then she did something that made me jump. She unzipped my shorts.

This was really going to happen, I thought. My jumping a bit had made her stop. I was nervous about showing her my small penis. Then, it hit me she will not know it’s small. She only has sisters, not brothers and no other boyfriends. I quickly moved back in a started kissing her again. I then reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy over her jeans. It was really warm. Then she stopped kissing me a told me to stand up.

I did what I was told. She was sitting on the couch at eye level with my crotch. She reached over and unbuttoned my shorts. She had already unzipped them so they fell to the floor. I was standing only in my boxers. Not for long though she pulled those down as well. I was really nervous again. She was the first one to see me naked. I was just hoping she would not laugh. She slowly reached out and touched it. She was like a kitten pawing at a ball of yarn. Kind of playful, but with intent. She smiled, I was really nervous she was going to laugh. Then she said it,

“Wow that is it. It’s the first one I ever saw.”

Nothing to worry about anymore. She had no one to compare me to. She was still lightly stroking it. Then she said,

“You know I will not have sex till I am married, but I wanted to give you something special before we go away to college.”

She gently moved her face towards my dick. Then she kissed the tip. The feeling of her lips on the tip of my dick was great. My dick was twitching, and my knees felt really weak. She kissed it again this time sticking her tongue out and licking it a little at the tip to end the kiss. She then lifted it up a bit so my cock head was facing straight up towards my face and the kissed the sensitive underside. Then she let it out of her hand so my cock head was facing her. She must of scene the precum leaking from the tip. She then put her mouth on the head and sucked it slow like a lollypop, once, twice then on the third one I exploded in her mouth. She gagged and I stumbled back a half step. My dick fell out of her mouth and the second spurt of cum hit her neck, and third her nude breast. She spit the cum from her mouth in her hand and gave me a dirty look.

“You were supposed to warn me.”

I didn’t know. Sorry,” I said.

“It’s ok. Can you run in the bathroom and get a towel.”

I hustled towards the bathroom and tripped over my shorts and boxers which were still around my ankles. My bare ass now facing her and my semi hard dick smashed into the ground. Then it happened she laughed. I pulled my clothes back on and hurried for the bathroom. I was in pain from smashing my dick, but was happy she laughed at me being clumsy not my penis size or lack thereof. I got her a towel to clean up. She did and got dressed and we watched some TV together. We never talked about what happened. We just sat quiet like nothing happened. I guess we were both shy about the whole thing.

Sadly that was the last time we got to spend alone together before heading to separate colleges. It was just impossible to find her home alone between her mom, dad, and siblings. She was not allowed by her parents to go to my house. She did make are last time together alone quite memorable for me though for me.

As I headed off to college I met my roommate Mike. Thankfully Mike was really cool guy. We had a couple classes together and he often copied my home work, but he would also invite me places and let me hang out with him. I had no success approaching girls on my own, so hanging with Mike was my only shot of hanging around pretty girls. I had no confidence and not much practice. Mike felt bad for me. So he started to fix me up with some of his girlfriends friends. Mike seemed to have a new girl every few weeks, most of the time he was seeing more then one of them at a time, and he would make them bring a friend out on a double date. Not much was coming of this for me in the way of sex. I was still nervous about my small size, and also did not know how to make things progress to sex anyway. Mike must have got wind of this, since I never told him I needed the room for the night, and none of his girl’s friends talked about me much or went on more than a couple dates with me. Mike was dating this hot girl Bryn. She was smoking hot. Light blond hair, milky skin, big blue eyes. Cute full lips, lovely A Cup or B Cup tits, they were small put really perky looking. She had a size zero waist, and cute little ass. One day Mike came in the room after going on a date with Bryn. I was working on the computer doing my class work. He reeked of booze, pot and sex. Mike was in a great mood when he said to me,

“Bro, we got to get you dick wet. Its Saturday night and you are in your room jacking it to internet porn.”

I corrected him and told him I was doing class work not jacking it. This only caused Mike to laugh a bit.

“I know. I know. Just fucking with you.”

Then Mike told me about Bryn’s friend Amber. She was a sure thing. She loved to party and when she gets a little tipsy she likes to get it on. I was all ears. Sure I was still nervous about my dick size, but my desire to get laid or at least get some more female contact started to overwhelm my need to hide my small dick size from people. I listen intently as he told me about a party happening next weekend that I was going to come with him. He would hook Amber and me up, and then he would stay the night at Bryn’s which would mean Amber would need place to stay since they were also roommates. Mike would offer our room, which would get her in my room after a night of drinking. It was the perfect plan. Everything seemed awesome then Mike dropped a little bomb on me. He had a paper due by Friday, for Sociology. He had not even started and needed a good grade. He was hoping I could write it for him, since he was helping me out. I figured why not, seemed like a good deal.

So, that week I wrote what had to be an A paper for him and kept up with my own work. Note an easy task, I may not be a hit with the ladies, but I was no brain. I had to work really hard at school. This lack of free time meant I never even had a chance to beat off. Which was my new favorite past time when alone. The internet indeed was a wonderful porn machine. My parents were right; if I had this at home I would have never left the house. Now however, I was going to get a crack at the real thing. On Thursday I gave Mike his paper which made him happy and he told me get ready for tomorrow.

I didn’t need him to tell me twice. I was so excited. I ironed my coolest looking shirt and pants. I got a haircut. Everything was going be perfect. Friday night was upon us and Mike was getting dressed for the night and so was I. Mike just grabbed a pair of jeans off the floor and a T Shirt from the top of a pile of clothes. He just sniffed it, and put it on. I guess he was not as worried about dressing up as me. Then he asked if I got myself some condoms for tonight. I just sat there mouth open, like a fool. It hit me that is what he meant by get ready for tonight, not all the shit I did. I told him I did not. Mike had a grin. He reached into his closet and pulled out a box and showed me.

“They are right here dude. Listen you do not want to knock this girl up or anything.”

I just nodded. Then we started walking across campus to one of the frat houses that was having an open party. Bryn and Amber were a year ahead of us, so they were already sisters in a sorority. They could get us into the frat since their sorority was somehow linked to the frat. We met Bryn and Amber there. Holly Fuck! Amber was one piece of ass. I mean really hot. She had dark long black hair past her shoulders. She had beautiful piercing black eyes and a great rack. Her tits were on full display in the black tube top, which covered up very little. Her tanned toned shoulders were not covered by it, and it had slits on the side. Her flat stomach was exposed and I saw a little belly button piercing. She had really tight white pants on that might as well been painted on. I nearly got a boner as Mike started introducing me.

“This is my bro Rick. Remember I told you about him.”

I was only expecting a hand shake or a smile, but Amber gave me a big hug to say hello. For the first time ever I was happy to have a little dick, since I had a boner just from that hug. Thank goodness after the hug Amber turned around along with Bryn to lead Mike and I into further into the party. I was able to quickly adjust my wood as we walked. I could not help but notice Bryn and Amber’s cute bottoms as they walked in front of us. I could not tell who had the better ass. I had no idea where they were taking us; all I know is I would have followed those two sweet asses of a cliff. Mike must have been thinking the same thing. He nudged me with his elbow. Mike comment that Amber was not wearing any panties. He could tell, since the pants were so tight. We both smiled to our selves. The girls lead us to the outdoor bar.

Amber shouted,”Shots!”

And the night was on. The bartender who was one of the frat brothers grinned ear to ear and started pouring 4 shots for us. Funny Amber did not even tell him what to pour, but he knew what she was looking for. She turned back to Mike and I and handed us our glasses and then her and Bryn took theirs.

“Down the hatch,” said Mike.

We drank our shot. It burned something fierce. We all put our glasses back on the bar and Amber just stuck 4 fingers in the air and the bartender poured 4 more. We all knocked them back again. Then we slammed the glasses back down the bar. Amber was sticking her hand up again when Bryn grabbed it a said,

“Slow down cow girl the night is young. Let’s go to the keg and get some beers.”

Then the frat brother chimed in,”Yeah Amber, you don’t want to wind up a hot mess.”

I guess the frat brother must have known Amber from before since he knew her name and drink of choice. Mike then led the way to the keg. We all got a large plastic cup and began drinking. The party was a bit of blur from the drinking. I suppose my nerves were fine due to the liquor and Amber, Bryn and Mike’s chatty nature. It meant I did not have to say a whole lot. Things were going well and Amber had drug me to the dance floor. I am not a great dancer, but with the shots and beers I was feeling pretty good. Amber was not so much dancing as she was dry humping me through our clothes. She had her back to me and was rubbing her ass into my crotch. Then she bent down wiggling her but in front of me as she touched her toes. I could see the crack of her ass peak from the top of her pants. Then as she backed her ass up to me I felt it. I was hard again. I was wearing jeans so I was hoping she did not notice. I started to get worried, but Amber kept dancing like nothing was happening. I could feel my boxers getting wet with precum as she continued her seductive dance. It started getting late as Mike and Bryn approached as. Byn whispered into Amber’s ear something. Then Amber said,

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