time travel

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She wrapped her lips around the massive cock and sucked. The first drops of precum traveled over her tongue to her throat, making her senses explode. The welcome feeling of delicious liquid entering inside her made her toes curl with the anticipation of how the sperm will make her feel.

The precum, she knew, was just an appetizer to the pleasure the seed was going to bring her. The thought of the creamy stuff made her suck harder, almost gobbling down the mushroom head of the cock. Her teeth slightly raked over the silky skin.

Two strong hands gently stroked her hair, and Isabel remembered to slow down the pace.

“That’s right my honey pot, slow and nice. Don’t be so greedy…” Merck’s voice reached her ears, and as she slowed she began slurping the tasty tip of the shaft in her mouth. Her hands were busy exploring the balls under the cock, and, despite the leisured words of her mate, she could detect the brewing need that wanted to come down her throat.

She covered the cock again, moaning when she felt the tip entering her throat.

“Merck, stop teasing her…” said Bren, inserting three fingers into her slick pussy, and Isabel mentally agreed with him, reinforcing her efforts to make Merck cum. She buried her nose in the silky red hairs that covered his testicles, and began the teasing movements with her tongue that she knew Merck couldn’t resist.

Her mate’s moan and the sudden hardness inside her mouth confirmed her expectations. Merck grasped her head and started fucking her mouth as she hoped for. The fingers exploring her down below suddenly become more aggressive, and she screamed around the firm flesh when a hot tongue licked her clit.

After a series of strokes up and down, Merck tilted her neck and hit her tonsils in full, almost shoving his balls in her mouth as her nose was forced in his perineum. Bren was torturing her clit, alternating his tongue with nibbling teeth and sucking lips. Isabel was in a frenzy.

‘Stop teasing me!’ she screamed in their minds just as her body arched in orgasm.

Roaring with delight, Merck came down her throat, and Isabel tried to milk his throbbing shaft without choking. Her mind was flying high with the spurts of bliss that were flowing inside her; everything around completely forgotten except the cock that she was sucking as though it was her life source.

When she came to her senses Bren was still gently licking her pussy, and some part of her mind had continued the work of her mouth, for Isabel found herself still sucking on Merck’s softening rod.

This was the third time Merk had come this evening, so she knew he needed some time to replenish the wonderful reserve of hot drug that was the best ever invented in the world.

Bren chuckled against her lower lips as Merck lovingly caressed her forehead,

“You know Isabel, I have never seen a female, or heard of any woman, so eager to suck our cocks.”

She looked up, eyes meeting the powerful thighs of Merck astride her head. Removing her mouth from his cock, she smiled. “Before my coming here I tried it, but it was not something I cared to repeat.” Her hands were fondling his semi erect shaft as her tongue began playing with the skin covering the tip.

“So we taste better than the Humans?” asked Bren from between her legs.

Glancing his way, she opened her legs wider. “You are absolutely delightful to taste, Bren. I understand what a gift from the fates I received with my coming here. Your body chemistry is the best drug Nature has ever invented – ” She shrieked when Merck’s hands twisted her puffed nipples and Bren forced his cock inside her dripping pussy.

The sensation of pleasure was so sudden that she almost passed out this time.

After some time, she focused her eyes and found herself on her hands and knees with her lower half tightly gripped and being fucked by Bren.

She longed to be completely full with a cock to suck, but Merck avoided her pleading eyes and went to the fire. He added more wood in the flames, took a sip of water from the jug, and just sat down on the hide.

She was licking her lips, looking at the swinging cock and moaned louder. Merck again ignored her, and instead took a piece of grilled meat and started munching on it; looking with mild interest at her and Bren.

He was sitting only two feet away from her, and Isabel tried to creep forward, still squeezing around Bren’s cock in her vagina.

Bren’s laughter and Merck’s wide smirk told her that her efforts to reach her goal hadn’t gone unnoticed. Bren’s thrusts accelerated, and for a while she was distracted by a series of delightful little orgasms, her mind high again in sexual bliss.

When Bren gave a final hard thrust and his hips bucked against her with every pulse of seed being pumped into her, Isabel cried out with the power of her own answering orgasm, her whole body shuddering with the intensity.

Bren sat back on his haunches, his glistening cock sliding out of her quickly. but Isabel continued to stand on all fours, too shattered by the sensations of aftershocks to move. For a moment she felt lost, feeling so empty that she wanted to cry. The wave of sadness was interrupted by the strong hand of Merck on her shoulder blade.

“You are not alone, Isabel” he said, and then Bren came into her view. With a single movement his hips brought his still wet penis to the level of her eyes. Still looking at Merk’s glittering eyes, she took in the head of Bren’s shaft, and with great care, licked him clean as he liked it.

When he was clean they helped her to stand up and wiped her body down with the warmed water from the stone crock next to the fire, and then laid down with her on the hide. She felt completely loved in their hug.

‘I love them deeply…’

Lowering her lids, she slightly opened her thighs so Merck’s cock could rest between her ass cheeks as was his habit now to sleep, and cuddled closer to Bren’s muscled chest. The fire was keeping the cold of the night away from them, so she let herself sleep.

A light stronger than a sun woke her up. Opening her eyes, Isabel was too stunned to react at first, caught in the beam, then the light moved on and the night again came in.

“What …” she whispered, blinking around. Bren and Merck raised up next to her looking as perplexed as she.

Suddenly, Isabel’s mind woke up. ‘That was not sunlight,’ she realized.

The light was something like a laser beam she had seen in concerts and shows. It was moving somewhere right of them. What had woken her was a random ray sneaking through the cover of the trees.

She had insisted on having sex away from the camp, so they had secluded themselves in the forest almost one hundred meters away and had made the fireplace to keep her warm.

Isabel glanced at the fire, but saw only ash. At some point the wood had burnt fully, extinguishing the flames, and she had been covered with the hide by Bren or Merck.

Then she looked up again at the light beam, and her eyes registered what her mind was refusing to believe.

A massive round disk was hovering over the camp. From the center of the disk, a pulsing circle was beaming the rays of light. The disk was clearly made of metal, and some figures were traveling up to the circle.

Bren and Merck jumped up, still naked, and started looking for their weapons. Isabel was still staring at the sight when the beam changed direction and they were showered with the direct light.

Suddenly, Hasdiel’s words came into her mind. ‘He isn’t some crazy man. How could have I been so stupid?’

‘They have thermal sensors,’ her mind informed her, and Isabel jumped to her feet. ‘What are we going to do?’

She was starting to panic when three figures emerged from the camp. Racing quickly in her direction. Bren cursed, and then shouted at her, “Isabel, run!” Someone planted the steel knife from the 21st century in her hand, and her fingers reflexively closed around the hilt.

She wanted to run, but she couldn’t leave them, “No!”

“Run Isabel. These are wolves! Save the child!” shouted Merck.

Isabel turned to run, but in that moment the three figures hit them. Merck made a flashing movement, and hot, copper-smelling liquid splashed her face. She could see a large wolf-like creature falling to the ground with its head half cut from the body.

‘Run!’ the orders from her mates were reverberating in her head and she obeyed.

She was running in the forest, not sure where she was going, when she felt another wolf-like creature running after her. She glanced backwards and could only see some black fur and glowing eyes before she doubled her efforts to run. He suddenly appeared on her left side and she dodged right. Then he was again after her. She tried to run to the left where she thought she could climb a tree, when it appeared on her right side and she turned left.

She was moving faster than she had ever done, but her mind was screaming at her not to panic.

‘This thing is herding me in some direction,’ she realized, when he again appeared to her right side. Then she saw the light again, and the silhouette of the House, and she got it. ‘It’s herding me to the rendezvous point!’

She saw a big tree ahead of her and the decision was instantly made. She threw herself on the ground and the wolf leaped over her, too carried away with the hunt and speed to stop, and it slammed into the tree trunk. She immediately jumped up, and grasping the knife more tightly, she stabbed the wolf in the chest. The animal made a low sound as blood emerged from his muzzle.

‘I must have hit his lung!’ she thought, as she stabbed the knife again. The creature suddenly convulsed, and to her amazement the fur started to transform before her eyes. In a second, in front of her lay the figure of a big, naked man with short black hair and closed eyes. His skin was glistening under the moonlight.

Isabel stumbled backward, blinking at the shift.

‘Werewolf!’ she realized.

She looked around but couldn’t see any other wolf creatures, so for the moment she was safe. The sounds coming from the camp weren’t reassuring at all, but she couldn’t leave her mates to these creatures.

‘Hasdiel spoke of Lords, not of wolves,’ she reasoned, ‘so these wolves are just useful animals, like the German Shepherds used in the Army for tracking.’

She grasped the hilt of the knife and pulled it from the flesh of the dead werewolf, wiping the blood on the skin of the man. She held the knife and tried to focus.

‘I must find out what is happening and get back to my husbands.’

‘This isn’t some random attack by werewolves.’ She was sure in this. ‘Not with this ship hovering around. So, the Lords are here too.’

She took a deep breath, thinking fast, “They have sensors for heat. So when I was hunted by the werewolf, I was off their radar because the wolf was going to track me and herd me to the camp. So when I am away from the wolf’s heat signature, they will become suspicious.’

She glanced around and the idea crossed her mind, ‘Predator and the hunter…Of course.’

Her eyes scoured the surroundings, and she knelt on the ground searching for damp mud. She found it in plenty under the nearby trees, and raking with her nails in the wet clay, she covered herself with the cool, sticky stuff.

She was working fast, plastering the mud and the wet leaves on her body. When she was sure that she had covered all, she took up the knife and headed to the camp.

Priority number one was to find out what had happened with her mates.

Reaching the bushes near the camp, she squeezed behind something that looked like blueberry and peeked through.

Tall, human-like figures, dressed in something like black uniforms with mirror helmets, were walking before her. She counted three figures. They were carrying weapons that looked like rifles, and around them was a whole pack of werewolves. Some of the wolves were injured and were limping, but all had surrounded the gathered Neanderthals.

‘Oh…’ she noticed her father-in-law was captured as well as her other tribesmen. She saw Eckme, half naked and weeping, trying to cover her belly, and realized that the healer was also pregnant like her.

Then her attention was attracted to a movement from the left. Two werewolves were dragging Bren and Merck to the gathered people. She desperately tracked the figures of her males, looking for injuries; except for some bruises they looked unharmed. Someone had put metal shackles around their ankles and bound their arms behind their backs.

‘So the werewolves can shift themselves to do these tasks,’ she noted, and counted the animals. With the two dragging Bren and Merck, she numbered around twenty wolves.

‘Twenty werewolves and three Lords, or whatever they call themselves. And who knows how many in the ship….How am I going to fight them?’

She was trying to figure it out when the beam from the pulsing circle reappeared and her captured Neanderthals were pulled up to the ship.

‘No!’ she wanted to scream and had to bite her hand not to. ‘Think, Isabel!’ she ordered herself.

One of the helmets of the human figures glinted as the mirror surface quickly retreated into a collar around the neck, revealing the face of a man.

She was looking intently as he turned, and she could see under the lights of the ship the handsome face of a young man with shoulder length, straight, black hair. If not for the smile on his face he could pass for a male fashion model with his classical features and tall height.

‘That smile…’

No fashion model could have a smile so handsome and charming and at the same time so sick. Her stomach turned at the sight of the smiling man.

He raised his hand and methodically shot the wounded werewolves with the rifle. The weapon produced laser rays similar to the one she had seen before, but red in color and thinner.

The wolves were howling, and Isabel had the feeling that they were crying. One of the healthy wolves jumped at the man but was shot down. The others stood weeping as the man continued to shoot their wounded pack members.

Not for a moment did the smiled falter, Isabel noticed. She felt so repulsed by the act of the man that she wanted to throw up.

The man said something and one of the wolves came up to him. It transformed into a naked man with dark hair, similar to the wolf she had killed in the forest. The man knelt submissively and looked at the ground as the man with the twisted smile spoke to him in a melodic voice.

The beam from above appeared again and pulled the werewolves and the three men up in the air.

With a loud buzzing sound, the circle in the ship pulsed, and the vessel suddenly sped away, heading north. Isabel stood up, looking after the ship. Tears were flowing down her face and she angrily wiped them with her hand, smearing the drying mud.

She walked around the camp between the still burning fires of the family fireplaces and tried to find anyone left.

She located several bodies of Neanderthal males and a few females lying around, but they were all dead. She was closing the eyes of one man when she noticed another body. Reaching closer, she realized that the figure was too tall for a Neanderthal and carefully approached it.

She knelt to the body and turned it. He had a huge slash wound on his chest and bite marks around his throat. “Hasdiel!” she breathed in recognition, though he had been lying face down in his own blood. Mud was caked around the ruptured vein on his throat; when she checked she could sense a slight pulse.

She found a piece of hide and a pot of water next to a fireplace and used them to wipe the mud and blood from his face, then made him swallow several gulps of water. Then she simply sat down next to the man and stared into the dying flames.

‘So much for our primitive past!’ She was pondering over the stupid theories of linear development of the civilization. ‘All those people writing about strange artifacts were right!’

She wanted to go back and smash the wooden, empty heads of her lectors and all that shit she was fed as a student. She remembered the patronizing way one of her professors had looked at one of her fellow colleagues in the University when he had voiced the idea that the knowledge held by the Ancient civilizations was in strong contrast with their low level of development.

‘We have been so stupid, so self deluded in our greatness, so strongly believing in idiotic theories that I have mocked and underestimated what Hasdiel said!’ Isabel felt so agitated by her own shortsightedness.

The sky was becoming grey which meant that dawn was going to come soon, but she had no idea what she could do. Bren and Merck were on that ship, and she had to find a way to save them. She couldn’t go back to her tribe without them, and the thoughts of her children and Finn made her weep.

She didn’t know how long she had been sitting there, but suddenly she heard a low noise. Turning her head, she saw that Hasdiel had opened his eyes and was trying to say something.

She took the cup of water and held it to his lips. “You have a very bad wound on your artery. I didn’t think you would make it, but obviously even the lower castes in your race have superior healing abilities, haven’t you?”

He took a sip, staring wide-eyed at her. Something inside her clicked, and she burst into uncontrolled giggles. She wiped the tears again, “Your Lords, they have thermal scanners, right? That’s why I reinvented this little camouflage…”

She took a deep breath and looked at Hasdiel. He was looking at her with fright, and she didn’t need to be telepathic to know what was crossing his mind. “No, I haven’t snapped – just venting off the shock a little.”

Isabel closed her eyes a moment, opened them, and glanced at him. “I’ll clean the mud from your wound.”

He nodded and she silently wiped away the mud. Isabel noticed that the slash around his throat still looked like raw meat but wasn’t bleeding anymore. He gulped and the skin held, so he was healing.

Isabel gave him more water, and he whispered, “Is there anyone left alive?” He was glancing at the bodies and she could see that he was searching for Eckme.

“No one is alive in the camp except you and me, Hasdiel,” she informed him, and he closed his eyes, his face sagging in despair.

“Then you shouldn’t have helped me, Lady. I would prefer to have died than live without my mate.” He hid his face in his trembling hands like he truly wanted to die.

“I saw Eckme when they took her. Engar was there too. So they are alive.” She said it without any emotion in her voice.

He became still and then lowered his hands. She could see the tears flowing down his face when he shrieked, “Don’t try to lie to me, Lady! When the Lords hunt they like to kill!”

She faced him. “Look inside my mind Hasdiel and see for yourself!”

He took her face in his hand and their eyes locked. She felt something buzzing briefly in her head and then Hasdiel released her. He looked with shock at the bodies of the dead wolves and then at her.

“I don’t understand!” he mumbled. “Why are the Lords collecting the natives? And for Lord Arder himself to be present….”

She bit her lip in thought, ‘Arder, so that is the name of the smiling man?’

“So they don’t normally capture their prey when they hunt?” she questioned aloud as others quickly followed in her head. ‘Maybe Bren and Merk are some kind of trophies and still alive? Somewhere in the Lords’ version of a Zoo?’

Hasdiel shook his head. “No, I’ve never heard of it. It is considered distasteful to bring a native to the City. I have only seen some of the Lords collecting a head of the native tribes or an animal when they hunt. But to bring prey alive, and not just one or two but …”

She was thinking over what she had seen. “What about the wolves?”

He again shook his head. “That is the only normal thing of everything you saw. It is common to put down the animals when they are injured. Only the strongest survive, and they are often used to fight in the private arenas of the Lords for amusement.”

She remembered the wolves turning into men, “Are the werewolves also a native specie to this planet?” she wondered, but Hasdiel shook his head yet again.

“They were engineered that way. One of the scientists took the genes from a local canine species and mixed them with those of the Neanderthals, as you call them, and produced this new kind to guard the slaves from fleeing the mining camps. I’ve heard that they are very useful and easily controlled because of the pack mentality of the canine progenitor genes. You must just control the alpha wolf to control the pack.”

A mental image of the kneeling wolf before the man with the sick smile came into focus for Isabel. ‘So, that’s what I saw then. A Lord controlling the Alpha.”

“Do you have any idea where the Lords took them?” she inquired.

Hasdiel shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. But it was a short range cargo ship, so it couldn’t be out of this solar system,” he assured her.

“Solar system?!” Isabel felt her hopes were just drowned.

“Okay…” she licked her lower lip, stopping when she tasted the mud. “How can we find out where they were taken?”

Hasdiel looked thoughtful. “We can look in the information database, as long as this is not some highly top secret mission, but…” he raised his hands, “the only computer access points are in the city and the mining sites, and they are too far south.”

Isabel pondered his words, bringing a fresh thought to her mind. “You said that you deserted to the wild. How did you do it?”

He half smiled, answering, “I took a small scout ship and headed East to this continent. I knew that there is a window when the satellites are not observing this part of the region. I removed the tracking device from the ship, then I played a little scene with some technical problems and a crash in the ocean. I dropped the tracker in the water inside one heavy spare part so it would sink, and then parked the ship in a cave I had spotted before. I knew they wouldn’t bother to search for my body.”

“You know…” he seemed lost in his memories, “I was planning my escape for some time, and I knew that the structure of the cave would shield the satellites from seeing the ship. Then I spent almost a day to close the entrance to the cave before heading north where I met Engar. He brought me to the tribe…” his eyes filled with tears, “and I met Eckme….”

Isabel mulled over his story. ‘We have a ship somewhere, so…’ She made the decision; “Then we must go to this city and find out!”

He looked astounded at her idea. “But you will be mind read by the first person we meet, Lady!”

When she fixed him with an icy stare he cringed. “Sorry, but this is true. I don’t know how your people raise the ones like you, but you have no mind shield – even I am able to see your thoughts. And for a Lord it will be a child’s play to rip through your thoughts and find us there!”

She ruminated for a few moments. “I was standing there when my mates were captured and the Lord that shot the wolves didn’t notice my presence!” she pointed out, and again fixed him with her stare.

Hasdiel sighed. “Lord Arder wasn’t looking for you, and you weren’t within close range. Besides, I suspect that your instincts took over in some form of self defense, just like when you neutralized the Shaman in your tribe, and that shielded you from the Lord.” He looked strangely at her. “Your bloodline must be from the highest levels to have that within yourself.”

“So, can you teach me how to shield my mind?” Isabel asked. In her head a clock was counting the time, and she was afraid that every minute was diminishing the chances of Bren and Merck being alive.

“I don’t know how. I never had the ability, and no one from the low castes have it either; only the Nobles have it. We can only sense floating thoughts, and we are defenseless against a Noble,” confessed Hasdiel.

Isabel could see his shame of that fact, but ignoring his agitation, she dug deeper. “What if we somehow reach this City? Does that mean that your mind will be exposed, just as mine?”

‘Is this hopeless?’ was a thought she couldn’t avoid.

“The Nobles seldom bother themselves with the minds of the servant classes.” He sounded bitter but went on, “And if the servant is wearing the mark of a given Noble it is considered a crime for another Noble to enter the mind of the servant.”

“Okay, so as long as they don’t suspect anything you can walk around unchecked!” She felt hope sprouting inside her.

‘I just have to figure out how to build my mind shields…’

She was thinking hard when the image of the Shaman emerged in her head. He was strong enough to shield his mind from the other telepaths around….

She raised her eyes to Hasdiel, who was watching her with growing trepidation. “But you killed him!” He frowned, trying to grasp her idea.

Standing up, she stared at the man. “That is true. But….” She smiled sweetly when another thought crossed her mind, and Hasdiel visibly shuddered.

“What you are thinking is extremely dangerous, Lady!” he tried to reason with her.

“There are still Shamans around, right? Bren told me they like to live separately from the tribes, so we have to simply find one and …” She raised her eyebrows at him when he sighed, shaking his head, saying “This is madness!”

‘He might protest all he wants…’ Isabel thought, looking absently at the man and not listening to his words anymore. ‘I won’t give up my mates just because some crazy psycho is too busy living on his Ice Top and pretending to be some spiritual prima dona.’

Looking at the man still trying to argue with her, Isabel noticed his wound was looking better.

“Hasdiel…” Her voice sounded strange, even to her ears.

He shut up and looked at her with some mixture of anxiety and fear, waiting for her to speak.

“Get up. Now.”

Again, he obeyed without arguing and she nodded, “Good. Now let’s focus on the current task. Do you know where the Shaman of this tribe is?”

He felt trapped under her gaze. The last time he had sensed a presence like her was when he had met Lord Arder a decade ago and he had given Hasdiel an order, barely paying attention to the low born technician.

“The tribe here used to bring him hides and gifts. He resides in a cave several miles from here,” he answered honestly.

When he noticed the determined look on her face, he felt the same eerie feeling as when he had seen Lord Arder shooting the werewolves.

Now with a plan forming, she felt a sudden rush of energy. She glanced around and spotted Hasdiel who was looking at her like she was sprouting a second head.

“I will go and clean myself, so you can start gathering some food, at least enough for a few days…And I will go and find my clothes…” For the first time since the night run she became aware of her naked body. Hasdiel, too taken in his grief, also hadn’t noticed that under the mud she wasn’t wearing any clothes. He politely turned his eyes away from her and Isabel blushed. “Okay, so I will go and you can…”

He looked at her, “It is not safe to wander in the forest alone, Lady. Now, without the hunters patrolling, the wild animals will come around and it will be dangerous. I will come with you.”

The last was said firmly, and Isabel agreed with his logic. She wrapped her knife in a piece of hide, and headed back to the forest followed by Hasdiel.

* * *

The path through the forest was the same one that she had run in panic in the night, Isabel realized, seeing the steps in the damp leaves as they made their way along.

Her eyes followed the marks, and she soon spotted a place with a large, drying puddle of blood next to a giant oak.

“The blood….” She looked around when the realization hit her. “Where is the body of the werewolf?” she whispered, and saw Hasdiel grasp his obsidian knife in response.

They were tracking the bloody marks from the puddle in the forest when a slight moan from the undergrowth on their right made them freeze.

Hasdiel carefully went to the foot of the nearest tree and removed some fallen branches, revealing the naked man Isabel remembered.

But unlike her memories, the man was very much alive, although he seemed very sick. The wounds on his chest where she had repeatedly stabbed him were raw and puffy and were oozing some green goo. His skin color was now chalky and she could see that he was sweating heavily.

The face of the man had an interesting combination of human and Neanderthal features. The eye ridges resembled those of the Neanderthals, but unlike her mates he had a human looking chin. His teeth were bared and she could see the canine fangs that looked more wolf than human. His eyes had a vertical slit, looking more feline, and his irises were yellow.

His body was powerfully built, with long legs. He wasn’t too hairy, as she had imagined the werewolves might be. Only his loins were covered with sparse black hair, his chest and legs were clearly not covered with fur.

He was looking feverishly at her, making the same moaning sounds that they had heard.

‘He must be in severe pain…’ was the first thought crossing her mind when she heard Hasdiel whistle and she turned to him.

He nodded at the werewolf. “You have fought and won against an Alpha?!” He looked at her in bewildered amazement.

Isabel felt herself blushing for the second time that day. ‘It was just a lucky idea that helped me …’ She let the thought go, and looked again at the werewolf who was fixing her with a stare. She noticed how the nostrils of his long nose widened and he took a deep breath. Fear filled his eyes so bright and openly that even she could see it when he scented her smell and realized that she smelled like the Nobles.

He looked frantically around and tried to crawl away, not leaving her out of sight as though he was expecting her to stab him again.

‘Strange, he didn’t seem afraid before…’ then it flashed through her. Last night she had smelled heavily of her Neanderthal males and sex, and it was dark in the forest…

The werewolf was panting heavily, and something that resembled the same look she had seen in Finn’s eyes months ago emerged in the man’s face.

“Shall I finish him, Lady?” asked Hasdiel, with a hand on his knife.

‘What?’ her mind had just gone numb with the multitude of recent events happening so fast and suddenly. She became aware of the eagerness of Hasdiel to obey the coming command and how the werewolf held stock still.

She blinked hard and tried to cast a broader view of the picture.

“Wait a minute!” she ordered, and Hasdiel’s surprised look met her words. “I thought I had killed him…it…” She contemplated the werewolf frozen before her. He looked like a male but…

“He is a male,” Hasdiel assured, at her unspoken question.

Isabel nodded, continuing with her thoughts, “Okay, so if I killed him, how is he alive?”

Both she and Hasdiel surveyed the object of her wondering, whose face was covered with sweat.

“You didn’t stab him in the heart. That usually takes a lot of time to heal, and the only sure way to kill a wolf, except with a laser gun, is to behead him,” said Hasdiel. He eyed the neck of the werewolf like he was contemplating the easiest way to take off his head with the obsidian knife.

The memory of Merck cutting off the head of the werewolf passed through her head, and she realized that the Neanderthals had figured out that way of dealing with the wolves.

But the wolf didn’t look like he was recovering fast. In fact, after a closer look it looked like his wounds were infected, and probably some blood intoxication was taking place in his body.

“This one is not healing, Hasdiel?”

The man shrugged his shoulders. “That knife that you used, does it contain silver?”

Isabel took the knife out of the leather wrap, and the stainless steel glistened under the morning sun. The werewolf squeaked nervously at the view of the weapon that had reversed their roles in the forest.

She scrutinized the knife and tried to remember what was written on the description’s label when she was buying the tourist equipment in the mall. Vaguely remembering something about sterling and a discount price, she raised her eyebrows at Hasdiel. “Possibly the handle is silver plated,” she said.

Hasdiel threw a look of pity to the sick werewolf. “Silver is very toxic to the wolves…” he shook his head. “Allow me to finish him quickly, or he will die anyway after a few hours in terrible pain.”

Isabel looked from the man with his hand once again on the obsidian knife to the haunted eyes of the werewolf. ‘He hunted me, and his brethren captured and killed Neanderthals…’ she was thinking. Her first impulse was to agree with Hasdiel. But then the image of the Lord shooting the wounded wolves and the way he enjoyed it emerged and halted her impulse to kill.

‘He is nothing but a slave trained to hunt and kill, to follow the bidding of his Masters…’

Sighing, she wrapped the knife again in the hide and said, “We won’t kill him.”

Her words triggered a series of interesting reactions from her companions. Hasdiel looked outraged, like she had proposed something unheard of. The werewolf blinked and roared.

“I am sick of your twisted games!” he shouted and sneered, “Kill me now and don’t pretend that you are doing me a favor, Lady!”

Hasdiel was silent.

She ignored the werewolf, too fed up with everyone around suspecting her of something horrible; instead telling Hasdiel, “Take him with us.”

Without further comment Hasdiel grabbed the panting werewolf and hauled him along with them. Isabel saw that the wolf’s legs were trembling. ‘The silver is some neuro-toxin…’

After a short walk they reached a spring that was flowing down into a small river, Hasidel laid the man down in the shallow water. Isabel began pouring water over the wounds and then squeezing the flesh so the puss would come out of the gashes.

She noticed that with the water cleaning the puss away, the flesh began to regenerate very quickly.

‘I stabbed him in the chest and struck some minor blood vessels so he was coughing blood, but no major blood vessel was affected. And the silver infected only the upper layer of the wounds….That’s why he is alive…’

After almost ten minutes of cleansing the wounds, the gash across his chest started to heal rapidly and his sickly paleness disappeared. He took a deep breath and the last traces of the wounds disappeared like magic. She released the silent werewolf and stepped a few steps away, knee deep in the water.

He eyed her cautiously and rose to his feet on legs that weren’t trembling like before.

Hasdiel was looking warily at the wolf, a hand on his knife as a ready defense.

The werewolf touched his chest and then looked at her with a strange expression on his face.

“So now what?” he asked, and Isabel just shrugged her shoulders.

“Now you are free.”

“Free?” the werewolf repeated, like it was some strange, alien word, and his yellow eyes flashed with some deep emotion. “So I can go and live any way I want?”

She nodded, “Yes.” Remembering the scene in the forest, she specified, “As long as you don’t harm any Neanderthals.”

He nodded, “I swear I won’t….” he said, and added, “Lady….”

Then he turned and ran at the forest, morphing into the shape of a giant black wolf.

Suddenly Isabel felt very tired. After all she was pregnant, hadn’t eaten properly in the last twelve hours, and just had a night of running, fighting, and healing werewolves. Some anti-stress therapy was in order; to relax and regroup so she could go on with her plans.

She walked to a place where the stream was making a little waterfall and the water was warmer under the sun’s rays, and simply sat under the curtain of water, letting the flow wash the mud and nervous pressure from her body. After several minutes she had enough strength to open her eyes.

Hasdiel was watching her silently from a few feet away, and she could sense the question that was brewing in his head.


“No Noble would do what you just did, Lady Isabel,” he simply stated.

“And your point is?” She was too tired of all that stuff of madness that was contained in the meaning of ‘Noble’.

“This place where you came from…” Hasdiel hesitated, searching for words. “There are no subjugated races and no slaves?”

Still under the water, Isabel thought over his question before answering.

“We, I mean my people, the place from where I came, my civilization …We called ourselves Europeans…and Americans, but their founding race was also European….” She licked her lips. “We are not saints, Hasdiel. Actually, if someone looks at our history they will find many acts of cruelty which rival the actions of the Nobles. We had many wars; at one point of our history almost all other races were our colonies or subjugated territories, and even today these ex-colonies are still dependent on us no less than they were half a century ago when they were directly governed by us.

“We had slavery, wiped out entire rival tribes like the natives in North America, and even shipped another race from Africa to another continent to do the menial work before the invention of the agricultural machines. Even today many of the big corporations are using the semi-slave labor that China’s ruling party so generously offers. But…” she made a gesture with her hand, “we’ve changed. The majority of us today are more liberal and there is officially a racial equality ….at least by law, if not always in action.”

Hasdiel was staring, mesmerized. “You look to the other races as equal?”

“I do. I am not saying that all of us think that way, but it is the mainstream belief today. If we are going to stay that way in the future, I can’t say.” She thought of the economic crisis and the growing ultra right and racist movements in her time, and absently told him,”Some tendencies resurface, and as a historian I think that what we have now won’t last long. Probably in our generation we will see the history of a recent past repeat itself….”

She realized that her thoughts had carried her away and refocused on Hasdiel. He had a dreamy look in his eyes, “Nobles and equality….It sounds like some lunacy….”

Isabel sighed and stood up. “I think we have to focus on the present and go on with our plan.”

She washed her body and walked out of the water, followed by Hasdiel. The air was mild so she didn’t feel uncomfortably cold while they were heading to the fireplace where she had been with her mates.

She found her clothes and put them on, and then silently folded the pants of her mates. ‘I won’t give up. That is not an option,’ she swore silently.

Hasdiel was still silent. They went back to the camp near the House. Isabel’s gaze inspected the dead bodies and the sight strangled her heart, “So many lives wasted…”

“We must bury the dead first, and then go and search for the shaman,” she decided.

Hasdiel nodded, “I’ll see what I can find to dig the graves,” and headed to the House.

Suddenly, Isabel felt the hairs on her nape raise and she turned. Hasdiel sensed her worry and stopped, looking uncertainly around.

Her instincts were telling her that someone was around, and she was assured that they were telling her the truth when the figure of the werewolf emerged from the forest. He had shifted back to his human form. He was still naked, and now she could see clearly the animal grace as he walked.

The ride started out well, I had left the house with everything I owned shrunken and in a cat litter bucket. It was bungeed into the bed of my new F-350, this truck was decked out. Four wheel drive, dual tires all the way around, four doors, custom add-ons, topper, the motor was a four sixty build to the max. an all-aluminum block and heads, full racing camshaft, domed pistons, highly tuned electronic fuel inject, twin turbo chargers, and dual exhaust out the rear. This thing sucked the fuel but I had an advantage, a little thing I brought with me from the future. That thing was a fuel producer, install it on the fuel tank and it will produce whatever fuel is in the tank.

I had been back almost a year brought here by the Eternal Vanguard, in that time I had gotten my driver’s license reinstated by hacking the BMV’s computer systems, then using my telepathic and telekinetic powers to find all the hard copies and either destroyed them or changed them. I had just buried my wife and was trying to move on. Some drunk driver slammed to the driver’s door of her small car at about one hundred miles an hour. She never knew what hit her. I grieved for over six months. I have moved on, since my step kids and I had sued the man for thirty million, five each for them and twenty for me. We won; the man was the mayor of a large city around here. I had all my bills paid, about two hundred and twenty million in the bank. I had brought that and even more back with me on my personal ship.

Betty the artificial intelligence was the only intelligence I brought back with me, and only because she was needed to fly the ship. Now I am headed west slowly, I am looking for one or more women who share their bodies with me and each other. I am almost sixty, but thanks to some drugs from the future. I now look thirty, and muscular, about one hundred and ninety pounds, a slightly taller than the five ten I was when I left, now I am six three. The extra height made a big difference, I am no longer fat. I am lean and mean, plus well hung. The conversion process they put me through did many good things to my body. I now had hair on my head, long and thick. I have made it into the looks department, and it is here to stay.

The first night I found a motel, got a room. I talked the owner into moving my checkout to four in the afternoon; it costs me an extra fifty. I left there and drove around looking for a good bar. Bar women could be slutty at times, slutty is what I need right now. I don’t buy whores. I spot a good place about a mile from the hotel. I drink but one of the serums I was given stops the alcohol from affecting my mind. This is good, because I can act drunk and be completely sober.

I went into the bar, it was loud. I scanned the crowd, seemed to be at least two women to one man, good odds. I went to the bar; I got a shot of tequila and downed it. I got a second. I ask for the bottle, the bartender said she couldn’t do that. “Ok, line up all your shot glasses right here in front of me and fill them.”

“I can do that.” She said and lined them up and filled them. I downed six of them without stopping. I took a minute break and did six more. I waited for several minutes before I started the drunken act. I turned back to the shot glasses, I downed the last seven. I walked away from the bar toward the pool tables. I saw several pretty young ladies watching the games. I placed the price of a game on the table towards the front door, and I waited. I took a seat at the wall railing to watch.

“Your new here.” She said.

I looked her over, blonde, blue eyes, a good make-up job, jeans so tight in looked like they were hurting her, a white cropped t-shirt with a purple net pull on over it. She had on knee-high black leather boots with at least five inch heels.

“I am passing through, on my way to L.A.” I said.

“How long are you going to be in town?” she asks.

“Perry, Perry Crager, I am just staying the night. I thought a few games of nine ball would be fun.” I said.

“Tasha, I don’t do last names till I know you better.” Tasha said.

“Ok, I get that. I take it you’re in here quite often?” I said.

“About four nights a week, I own the place. Business is getting bad. Some of my clients are getting rough; my bouncers won’t stand up to them.” Tasha said, “I need someone who can do the job.”

She was looking at me smiling. “Nay, I don’t do that kind of work. I mean I could if I wanted too.” I said.

“I will pay five hundred a night plus all your expenses while you are in town. I will sleep with you also. I need this place cleaned up.” Tasha said.

“Ok, who or what is your biggest problem? I ask.

“A man by the name of Tysant, he thinks he owns this town because of all the business’s he owns. This is or was the hottest spot in town, now he is threatening to burn it down. I and a few others are refusing to give in and sell.” Tasha said.

“So it is not just the bar, but the whole town, you bet your sweet ass it is mine if I do this. I can stop him without much of a fight. I tell you what, is there someone you trust to run this place? I ask.

“Yea, my manager handles everything now. I just come to socialize with customers.” Tasha said.

“If I do this, when I leave you come with me for a couple of months. You can be my traveling companion; I will pay your way and for your time in my bed.” I said.

“She looked at me and smiled, “You clean the town and I’ll give you a full year from the day we leave town.” Tasha said.

“I want a thousand dollars a day and expenses. I will need an old car and traveling money.” I said.

“You got it; we will get you a car to drive. What are you driving now?” Tasha asks.

“A pick-up, a new pick-up and I want it to stay the way it is. I won’t need it for long, just till I find Tysant and talk to him. Tonight I will bounce this bar, any trouble from anyone and they go out the door.” I said.

“Where are you staying?” Tasha ask.

“I have a room at some motel down the street.” I said.

“No way, not that roach infested trap. I have room in my bed for you while you are here. We will go get your things shortly.” She said.

“No need, I never went into the room. I only have the one bag that I use.” I said.

“Good, then about closing we will leave here and you can follow me home. I have plenty of room at the house.” She said.

That night things went smoothly, all but one incident with two girls fighting over a guy. I threw all three of them out. I watched I saw the troublemakers sitting and watching me. They were not ready to test me yet. They needed orders from the boss. Tomorrow night, things would be different; there would be more of them. There will be more fighting; I will settle it my way.

Tonight is about over here, all the trouble had left. I was helping break things down for the cleaning crew. Tasha came out of her office and smiled at me. Something just wasn’t right about this. Tomorrow I would ask around about Tasha and this Mr. Tysant. I would spend the night screwing her brains out; I would see to it that she was sore in the morning. A couple of hours on her and she will not walk in the morning.

“Hey lover, you ready to go?” Tasha ask.

“Yea, I am, but are you ready for what is coming.” I said.

She smiled and said, “I have never been ridden into the ground.” She said.

“You will be saddle sore come morning.” I said.

I followed her to her ranch outside town; it looked like a nice place. I parked and set the shields after I got out. I walked to the open garage door and stepped inside as the door went down.

“Your truck will be ok out there tonight. Now come with me,” she said as she started taking off her clothes, “I run nude around here; I am the only one on the property this time of night.”

We walked into the kitchen, she was bear chested and her boobs sagged a little but not bad for a thirty-five plus woman.

“Leave the skirt and heels.” I said.

She smiled at me, “Ok, there is nothing under the skirt anyways”

I walked over to her, bend a little pushing my hand under her skirt. I slid my hand up her thigh to her pussy. I pushed her legs apart, and then pushed fingers inside her. She moaned. I kissed her, “So you are going to be my personal whore for a year after I remove this dog for you.” I said.

“Yes, but if you ever call me that again, I will leave.” She said.

“My little whore thinks she will leave me, does she.” I said.

She smacked me; I grabbed her wrist as she started to hit me again. I entered her mind, “You belong to me now. I am your Master, you are my little whore. If I turn you out at a party, you will fuck anyone male or female that wants you. I will even organize a train if you piss me off. Do you understand me?” I ask.

“Yes, I do, I will do as you say.” Tasha said.

“I will call you “my little whore” from now on, even in public. You will not react but smile and cuddle against me. You will act normal at all times, just like you do every day.” I said.

I jammed three fingers inside her and she yelped. I pulled them out and pushed her toward the living room. I pealed out of my clothes, sat on the couch.

“Do you have any lubricate in the house?” I ask.

“Yes, in my room” she said.

“Go get it and don’t get lost. I want to fuck you till you can’t walk.” I said.

She ran up the stairs and back down. She handed me that tubes and turned around. She knew what I wanted. I opened one tube and put some on my fingers. I pushed them into her ass. I worked her with the one hand till I couldn’t get it wider with one hand. I lubbed both hands and spread her asshole as wide as I could. She stood there enjoying what I was doing. I stood up behind her; I put the head of my dick at the entrance of her asshole. I pushed slowly till it started in. She screamed, she tried to pull away but I held on to her. I pulled her back as I pushed forward. She was still screaming like I was killing her.

“Shut up, you ask for this. Now enjoy it, like I am.” I said.

“You bastard, I didn’t know you had a log between your legs.” She said.

“It is fifteen inches long and about four and a half inches thick, so yea it is big. After this you will learn to love it. I like it big, it makes assholes and pussy’s tight. When I am done with your ass and pussy, you are going to suck me off.” I said.

“After I clean it.” She said.

“No, it will be before; I want you to lick it clean. Understand.” I said.

“Yes, Master. She said.

“Then I am going to tie you down, later when we get to town sometime tomorrow, I will buy you a collar and leash. If you resist I will make you wear it out in public, so don’t try me. If you’re good I just might keep your forever. Then you will sign your business’s over to me.” I said.

“Yes Master, what I have is yours.” Tasha said.

I was still pushing my dick into her ass. She was quietly taking it, just to make her scream, I shoved it all the way in. She screamed and screamed some more. I reach out and got a hand full of her blonde hair; I pulled her upright and wrapped my arms around her squeezing her back to my chest. I reach down held her hips as I thrust in and out of her. She was crying that it hurt.

“I told you I was going to fuck the shit out of you so that you wouldn’t be able to walk come morning.” I said.

Through her tears she said, “I thought you were bragging like most men do. Damn, you were serious; I won’t be able to work in the morning. But damn, if it is not starting to feel good, I think you should pin me against a wall. If you want me to wear a collar in public I will wear it as long as you want to fuck my ass.” Tasha said.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and lifted her and walked over to a wall. I pulled her arms up over her head and held them there with my left hand. I grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her head around to kiss her.

“You know, I have twenty-four women in my bed at home.” I said.

“Why do you need so many?” she ask.

“I get moods where all I want to do is fuck. Sometimes those moods last for days, could you take this endlessly for twelve days?” I ask.

“Hell, no” She screamed.

“My number one wife couldn’t either. She thought I was going to fuck her to death before she got a break long enough to call for help. I fucked over three hundred women in those twelve days, repeatedly some of them five and six times.” I said.

“Please tell me that you are not in one of those moods. I couldn’t take this all night, let alone twelve days.” She said.

“Don’t worry, I have a call button. They can be here in a half hour. But I am still going to fuck you raw.” I said.

“Hey, I need to be able to walk in the morning.” She begged.

I had her pinned against the wall pushing my dick into her ass. I did this for about another hour she was begging me to stop. I pulled out of her ass, picked her up and carried her to the couch. I laid her down and stuck two fingers into her wet pussy, she had come many times. I pulled my fingers out and stuck them in her mouth. She turned away.

“Suck them now” I shouted.

She looked at me and opened her mouth. I stuck my fingers in and she licked them clean. With her legs up in the air, I pushed my dick into her pussy, again she screamed. I pushed deeper and harder. She screamed more.

“How are you going to scream when I shove it down your throat?” I ask her.

“I guess we will find out won’t we. Damn, you like ripping a girl apart with that thing.” Tasha said.

“That is why I don’t rape my women like some men do. I like it a little rough, but just think if I hadn’t lubbed your asshole.” I said.

“If you had raped me, I would have reported you?” she said.

“They wouldn’t touch me, I am the untouchable. I rule the galaxy.” I said.

“What now you’re telling me that you are the Emperor.” She said.

“Take a close look at the picture on the front of that magazine on the table.” I said.

While I was pumping into her, she reaches over and pulled the magazine to her face.

“Holy shit, it is you. Wow, I am honored to be your little whore.” She said.

“You are going to be my only little whore for a while.” I said.

“So you are going to keep me?” she ask.

“Yes, I find you interesting and very fuckable. I like a good conversation while fucking. A woman who just lays there flopping around is not that fun.” I said.

I fucked her till daybreak; she was again begging me to stop. I pulled out and sat on the couch. I pulled her head around and pushed my dick into her mouth. She started to suck me. I sat there playing with her tits and holding her head with the other hand.

“I am going to nap, if you know what is good for you, you will stay awake and still be sucking my cock when I wake.” I said.

“Yes, Master, I will remain awake, do you want me to wake you at a special time?” she ask.

“Yea, about an hour nap will do, then I will fuck your ass some more before we head into town. We can sleep in your office right.” I said.

She looked horrified, “My ass again, it is too sore Master. Please let me heal a little first.”

I laid my left hand on her hip and poured my power into her, she was starting to heal. I stopped after about ten minutes.

“Do you think you can handle another round now?” I ask.

“Wow, you healed me, just so you can hurt me again.” She said.

“No, I healed you so I wouldn’t hurt you again. You will find that I have given you the ability to handle the pain better, but I still want to hear you scream for me. I will always want to hear you scream.” I said.

She sucked me as I napped; even a sleep I felt her lips and tongue working my cock. She woke me and I sat there watching her suck me. I grabbed her hair and holding her head still I pushed my cock down her throat, she choked but recovered. I pushed it deeper, it went till it stopped somewhere down her throat. I couldn’t get it to go farther. I pulled back and started to fuck her face. I pound her lips and throat like it was made for this. She was crying again.

“I want to come in your mouth. Do you think you can make me come in your mouth?” I ask her.

She nodded; she never pulled my cock out. She repositioned so she could fondle my balls at the same time. It was good; she was forcing my cock down her own throat. I knew she wanted this, and I was going to give her a bellyful. I lasted about another five minutes, she swallowed as fast as she could, and she didn’t lose any of it. She finally took a breath, with come dripping from her lips; she licked her lips not wanting to waste it. I pulled her up to me and kissed her with tongue, just to show her that I was not afraid of my own stuff.

“Let’s go to bed and get some sleep.” I said.

I picked her up and carried her to her bed. I laid her on the side she wanted and I climbed in beside her. It was morning we would get about six hours sleep before we had to go to the bar. Now that fucking her was out of the way, I would fix this town.

The later that day, she gave me an older Ford car to use; she tossed me the keys and said it was the black one on the far end of the garage. I kissed her good-bye and went out it to the garage. I walked to the far end of the garage took one look at the car. I turned and went back into the house.

“I can’t drive that car out to be trashed.” I said.

“Why not, it is just an old car.” She said.

“That old car as you put it is worth more than my new truck. There were only four hundred of them ever made and I only know of eight more in existence and I own seven of them, finding one setting in someone’s garage like that one is rare and almost worth its weight in gold.” I said.

“I will drive my truck, it has shields and the support equipment I need.” I said.

“Ok, but the Maverick is yours, as a gift for last night.” She said.

“I would like that, but not as a payment for the sex.” I said.

“It is not a payment, remember I am your little whore not the other way around.” She said.

I smiled as I left the house. I drove into town and started talking to people as I moved through the town on foot. In less than an hour, four men showed up asking me to take a ride with them. It seems their boss wanted to talk with me. I got into the back seat of the town car with two of the men squeezing into it with me between them. I rode quietly; there was no talking at all.

“Are you guys always this friendly?” I ask.

I waited for a response, nothing.

“What did the boss tell you not to talk to me?” I ask.

Again no response, “Do you know who I am?” I ask.

Quiet, the car didn’t even squeak.

“Ok, I get it you’re all brain dead.” I said.

The car turned into a drive on a road on the edge of town. It pulled to a stop in front of a house that showed a woman’s touch, lots of pink, flowers and fancy things in the garden. I was let out and guided into the house, from there into an office.

“Sit, the boss will be with you shortly.” He said.

“So you do talk” I said with no response.

I searched the room, but when I tried to extend my mind out of the room it was blocked. The block was not much but before I can break it. A woman walked in, it was Tasha. Or so I thought.

“So you’re the man my sister has hired to run me out of town. I am not leaving and I will pay you double what she is paying you to leave town yourself now.” She said.

“Twins, that explains a lot. You can’t match her payment unless you are willing. I don’t think you are willing. You are the bad twin?” I ask.

“Some think so, she has most of the town’s people believing that. Just because I am trying to enlarge the town with new business.” She said.

“Ok, first what do I call you?” I ask.

“Tricia, our mother was trying to rhyme our names.” She said.

“She done alright doesn’t look like she did as well in the personality department.” I said.

“Mister, I didn’t bring you here to insult me. So just what did my sister want you to do?” Tricia ask.

“I am supposed to talk to a man about him leaving town.” I said.

“What man?” Tricia ask.

“A man named Tysant, do you know him?” I ask.

“I did, he left town some time ago.” She said.

“Tasha seems to think he is still here. What are you not telling me?” I ask.

I sensed something probing my mind, it was light, just a wisp, but it was there. I closed my walls tighter.

“He was my husband.” She said.

“Was?” I ask.

“Yes, I killed him. He was a good actor, but a wimp of a man. I am a good judge of men, but you I can’t seem to read.” Tricia said.

“I don’t want you reading me. I know you killed him because he loved your sister and hated you for what you are trying to do to this town. You have found minerals under the west end and are trying to buy up the land and mineral rights.”

“How do you know that? Only a few know parts of the truth, and they don’t even know each other or the whole truth. The only way you know that is that someone told you. Who was it?” She demanded.

“You did.” I said.

“NO! I didn’t.” Tricia said.

“You just tried to read my mine. While you were fiddling around, you let me into your mind. I am still there, if you will put that pistol on the tabletop. I will back out slowly, but never completely.” I said.

She laid the pistol on the tabletop. I backed out of her mind enough that she didn’t know that I was still there.

“Guards” she shouted. They came in, “Take him out into the back garden. Di’shen will take care of him.”

“I will finish with her,” I said, “then you better be ready and waiting.”

“For what” She ask.

“For me to fuck you into submission” I said.

She laughed, “Di’shen will kill you first.”

“I am going to beat her and she will join us in your bed for a night of fucking like neither of you have known.” I said.

She laughed louder.

I was taken out the back door; the back yard was wide open inside the ten foot high fence. There were a few tree trunks standing here and there, they looked dead. I moved out into the center, I took my jacket off. The t-shirt I wore was tight; I still had my armbands on. The guards tried to take them off.

“Boys, they are welded on, they don’t come off.” I said.

One of them pulled a knife, “I will cut them off.” he said.

I stepped into their minds and sent them inside. I felt her before I seen her. She was fearless, she didn’t know I sensed her. She is a master fighter of many centuries; she is a killer for hire. That was about to stop.

“I know who and what you are. Do you know who and what I am?” I ask.

She remained quiet, I turned to where she was, and then I turned to where she truly was.

“You can’t hide from me. I know just where you are. I know that you are a master of the warrior arts. Mars is your god, called many other names Ares, Nergal, Tyr, and Venus. If I must fight you, I will not kill you. I will make you my slave, not to kill or be my assassin. I don’t need that, I do my own killing. I will use your body in ways you have never known.” I said loudly.

I cloaked and walked to where she was standing. I whispered into her ear.

“I know that you hate killing for others. Lay down your weapons and join me.” I said.

She jumped away, looking around for me.

“I told you I knew where you were. I can see you, can you see me? No, you can’t, are you still willing to fight me?” I ask.

“I can hear you, I can fight you.” Di’shen said.

“Are you sure of that, I can be in one place and my voice will come from another.” I said. I tapped her on the shoulder with my hand exposed. My voice was coming from across the yard.

“I will not stop till I find a way to kill you.” She said.

“Why do you want to kill me? Just because that woman inside said so, come now you must have a better reason than that. What is she paying you? Nothing, she bought you, you are her slave. If you were my slave you would not have to kill unless it was in a true battle. But here you are killing unworthy opponents, who are not a real challenge. Yea, I am a real challenge, but how many are like me. If you join me, I will make the woman inside your slave after I am done with her. I will have to break her.” I said

“She will not be that hard to break, she is a coward. No, I don’t like what I am doing. I know no other way.” She said.

“Have you heard of Perry Crager?” I ask.

“Yes, he is the Emperor.” She said.

“Would you like to serve under him?” I ask.

“Yes” She said.

“Then lay down you weapons and stripe down to show that you are obedient, if you still hold a weapon, you will be punished.” I said.

To my surprise, she stepped out, and began laying out her weapons. She place each one neatly on the ground in front of her. After several minutes, she removed her outfit. She was down to nothing, she was beautiful. I stepped up to her and decloaked. I pulled a gown out of my pack.

“This should fit, if it is to big let me know, I will adjust it.” I said and handed it to her.

She put it on; I thought it was too loose so I adjust it to fit tighter on her upper body. I knelt and touched her shoes; they reformed into two inch high heel sandals.

“Pack your weapons, and I will store them. I know you do not need them to fight with. You could kill a man a hundred different ways with your hands. I trust you with my life. You belong to me now, not as a slave but as a friend and maybe a lover. Now if you will join me, I am going inside and fuck your former boss. I am betting she has some toys that we can use on her. Have you ever had sex with her?” I ask.

“No, I didn’t interest her that way. But I am interested in her; I want her to lick me till I come.” Di’shen said.

“That will happen tonight.” I said as I opened the door into the house. One of the guards stepped into my path, “Do you have a home? I ask.

No answer. “I guess not, so no one will miss you when you are gone.” I said.

He looked at me stupidly, “What do you mean by “gone.” He ask.

“Gone as in dead gone.” I said.

“You think you can kill me?” He ask

“Yea, I do.” I said.

“How?” he said.

There was large tree to my right just a few feet from the house. I broke it off just about three feet up the trunk which was about thirty inches thick. I laid the tree down into the yard.

“I just snapped that tree off, I think I could make you disappear with no problem.” I said.

He looked at the tree, he stepped back.

“What is your position here with her?” I ask.

“I am head of security; I had seven men under me.” He said.

“Does she ever fuck you or your men sexually?” I ask.

“No, but she pays us well.” He said.

“Well enough to die for her?” I ask.

“No, no one pays that well.” He said.

“If I see your face in front of me again, she won’t need to pay you.” I said, “in fact if I see you or any of your men in or around town, she will not ever pay you again.”

“But our job is to protect her.” He said.

“Ok, I resend what I just said, I am your boss now, and I will pay you double what she is paying you. Your first assignment is to watch the house. I and this young woman are going to go play with your former boss. No matter what you heard do not come into that room. She will scream, I always make them scream.” I said.

“Yes Sir” He said.

I left him standing there and took Di’shen by the hand and lead her into the office. Tricia was sitting at her desk, talking on the phone. She didn’t notice us come in, I pushed the button on the desk phone to cut off the conversation.

“What the hell” She said as she spun around, “Well, I see you beat her. Is she your slave now?”

“No, but she belongs to me, just as you will when I am done here.” I said.

“Dixon” she yelled.

Dixon stepped into the doorway and stopped.

“Dixon, throw this man out of my house.” Tricia said.

“Sorry, ma’am, I don’t think it is your house anymore. You’re going to sign it over to him.” Dixon said retreating from the doorway.

“Like hell I am” She said, “just what makes you think I will give you anything.”

“Because I am going to demand your complete devotion and loyalty, you will give me control of everything you own including your body and mind. I am your Master now.” I said.

“My Master, no one is my master.” She said.

“I command you to kneel before me.” I said.

“No, never” she screamed.

“Strip out of your clothes.” I commanded.

She started crying and taking her clothes off.

“Don’t make me do this.” She begged.

“I am going to fuck you and Di’shen right here in this room. You will be Di’shen’s slave when we are done. You both will serve me. I am taking everything you have including you.” I said.

As she pulled her panties off, she said, “Master, what may I do to please you?”

“First, tell Di’shen that you are sorry for the way you treated her. She is more than your killer for hire, she is a person.” I said.

“Di’shen, I am sorry, I am such a bitch.” Tricia said.

Di’shen walked up to her and smacked her on the cheek. “When he is done with you, I get you for a slave. I will have you in a collar and leash. You will serve me sexually day and night.” Di’shen said, “I am his, I am not his slave, I am one of his women. That is something you will never be. If it pleases him, from now on I am the only source of sex for you.”

“I don’t know about that. That is a nice body even if she is a bitch. The bitch can be broken. I have not given you that much power yet. You both have to earn my trust first.” I said.

“Master, I am sorry if I overstepped my bounds.” Di’shen said.

“You are forgiven this time. Don’t yet it happen again or you will be my slave beside her.” I said.

“Yes Sir” Di’shen said.

I took my clothes off revealing my cock. Tricia started backing away.

“No way, you are not putting that thing in me. It is way too big to be fun.” Tricia said.

“Your sister enjoyed it, and you will too. If you fight me, it will just hurt more. I am not going to rape you, but you will fuck me.” I said.

Crying in fear, Tricia said, “Please don’t do this. I can’t take something that big.”

“Do you have any lubricate here?” I ask.

“Yes, in the drawer in the desk.” Tricia said.

I opened the drawer and found the tube. I spread some on my cock.

“Tricia, come over here and bend over the desk.” I said.

She was sobbing now, wow she was a coward. I walked over to her; I kissed her on the lips. I said, “You will obey me, I will ease the pain.”

I touched her and sent some power of healing into her. She straightened up and walked over to the desk where her chair had been. She bend over, laying her upper body on the desktop. I spread some lub in her ass and pulled her open with both hands. Once she was opened I pushed my cock into her, she screamed. I went in all the way. She continued to scream as I pumped in and out of her ass. Di’shen came over and kissed me.

“Master is there something you want me to do for you?” Di’shen ask.

“Yes, go kiss her and shut her up. This is going to take a while.” I said.

Di’shen walked over to a cabinet on the wall. She opened it to show a several sex toys. Di’shen pulled a ball gag off its hook. She walked over the Tricia and forced it into her mouth, then strapped it on. Di’shen got in her face and started licking her cheeks. She got a hand full of Tricia’s hair pulling her head back. Di’shen kissed her lightly all over her face. She was whispering things to her I couldn’t hear.

Tricia started pushing back into my thrust; she was starting to enjoy this. Can’t have that so I increased the power behind the thrust driving my cock deeper, she screamed around the gag. She still met my thrust as I pumped into her. I pulled out and rolled her on to her back. I pulled her legs up into the air and over her chest bringing her asshole into view. I shoved my cock back into her ass as hard as I could. This was a punishment; she had tried to kill me. She would learn that I was now her master. She would do as I say.

“Di’shen remove the gag and mount her face, she will lick you till you come.” I said. Di’shen unstrapped the ball gag and pulled it out. Tricia screamed things that a lady shouldn’t say. Di’shen climbed upon the desk and sat on Tricia’s face. Di’shen said, “Lick me woman” she lowered herself down till Tricia couldn’t move. Di’shen ground her crotch onto Tricia’s face. Tricia was trying to push her away.

“Di’shen, you have to let her breathe.” I said.

“I will soon as I come.” She said. Di’shen moaned in relief, and then raised herself up a little. I could hear Tricia gasping for air.

“Tricia, you have two minutes then you will lick my asshole or I will sit on your face again.” Di’shen said.

“Di’shen, I can be harsh, but threatening to cut off her air for sexual pleasure.” I said.

Di’shen moaned as Tricia started licking her asshole. Di’shen lowered her ass closer and stayed there, she had her eyes closed and a smile on her face saying she was happy.

“Di’shen, are you enjoying that? If not I need the peaceful look on your face?” I said.

“Master, I have wanted someone to do this for years, I just never had one worthy of kissing my ass.” Di’shen said.

“She is that low to you that all she is good for is licking the shit from your ass.” I said.

“Yes” Di’shen said.

“Hell, Tricia, I think more of you than the woman who killed for you does. What do you think of that, I wouldn’t answer if I was you?” I said, “I will say one think for you, your ass is still tight after what I just put it through. I think when we are done here, I am going to take Di’shen and your men to your sister’s and we are going to fuck both of you in submission. I will let the men do both of you till their done with you, sorta like the twin train. While they are doing the two of you, I am going to let Di’shen meet the meat.” I said.

“Di’shen doesn’t do men.” Di’shen said.

“Yes Di’shen does, if she don’t she will be punished.” I said.

“No, Di’shen only does women.” She said.

“I will stop what you are doing and take you right here. But I want the twins to see you give yourself freely. If I am forced into taking you I will put you next to the twins for the men to ride when I am done with you.” I said.

“Please, Master, Di’shen has not been with a man in many, many years.” Di’shen said.

“Di’shen, how old are you?” I asks.

Di’shen moaned and shifted a little to give Tricia a better taste. “Master, I am almost two hundred years old, Di’shen doesn’t do men because she will die if a cock enters her pussy.” She said.

“I thought so, I can fuck your ass through, right.” I said.

“Yes, Master, and my mouth if you insist” She said.

“I insist. I may have a way to fuck your pussy also.” I said.

“Master, please I want to live.” Di’shen said.

“I want you alive too, I find you quite attractive, and I want to keep you for a while. I have a serum that stops the aging process. I am going to give it to you, and then I am going to fuck you silly.” I said, “If it works, you will not die.”

“Master, please I am not willing to take that chance.” She said.

“You might be right; I am still going to give you the shot. I will take your pussy for now.” I said.

“Bitch, stick your tongue in my ass.” She screamed.

I pulled my cock from her ass; I pulled Tricia from under Di’shen and pushed her to the floor where I forced my shitty cock into her mouth. She tried to fight it off but I pressed her mind into accepting it. She sucked it hard, licking the shit off with her tongue. Di’shen slide to the edge of the desk, I pulled her to me and kissed her. I whispered into her ear, “I am going to fuck your pussy someday.”

She cried, “Please don’t torment me this way, Master. I am yours to do with as you please. You know that fucking my pussy will surely kill me, yet you keep doing it.”

“Whore, if I had a cock I’d fuck you right now” Tricia said.

I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her up so I could like into her face, “Slut, did I say you could speak. No” I said and pushed her back down across the desk, I rammed my cock back into her asshole. She screamed and screamed some more as I raped her ass this time.

“Soon as she stops screaming, we will go to her sister’s where I am going to fuck all three of you in the ass.” I said.

“If you must, Master” Di’shen said.

“Di’shen, if you had a new weapon wouldn’t you want to try it out.” I ask.

“Yes, I would, just like I tried out my new whore. So I understand now, Master, but please let me live.” She said.

“I will let you live.” I said.

Tricia kept scream with every thrust I made. Finally she started to mellow out some, I pushed a little deeper, she didn’t start up again. After a while she just passed out on the desk. I pulled out and pulled Di’shen to me, kissing her I touched her between the legs, she stiffen.

“Di’shen, do you remember anything about the person who put the curse on you?” I ask.

“He was a young man about your age. He looked a lot like you. You are…..” she said.

“Yes, I thought so, I put a curse on you back then, and I remember that you had refused me then too. I cursed you that if a man was to go between your legs you would die. I had already given you the anti-aging serum then. I didn’t think you would believe me. I said

“You did this to me, why and how were you there then?” she ask.

“Yes, I did, because I was in love with you and you refused me for another man. How was I there, I can travel through time and space.” I said.

“So I won’t die if you fuck me, if any man fucks me?” Di’shen said.

“No, my beautiful Di’shen, you will not die, I am glad you saved it for me. I hadn’t planned on this happening.” I said.

She pulled away, “I am going to refuse you again.” She said.

“No Why?” I said.

“It was a mean thing to do.” Di’shen said.

“Yes it was. I loved you then and now I have fallen in love with you again. I am sorry that you run off before I could tell you the truth.” I said.

“If you still want me that bad, I am yours. After you are done with the twins, I want them both as my personal slaves, slaves to your queen.” She said.

“My queen, I don’t know, I expect my current queen might have something to say about that.” I said.

“I will remove her and any that stand in my way. I am to be your only queen if you want to fuck my virgin pussy. A two hundred and thirty year old virgin pussy.” She said.

“I might be able to work something out without you killing anyone. They are in a different timeline, they want to come here, but I have to go bring them over. If I don’t return for them, they don’t know where I am. If you allow me to have other women in our bed, I will make you my Queen, is that good for you?” I ask.

“Yes, your Queen is so ready to be fucked. So let’s go get the other twin and enslave them.” She said.

I picked Tricia up and threw her across my shoulder. I lead the way out as Di’shen closed her robe. The men stood looking at Tricia’s naked body.

“Is all your men here?” I said to Dixon

“Yes, Sir, they are.” He said.

“Do you have a vehicle large enough to carry all of them?” I ask.

“We have two SUV’s here.” Dixon said.

“Good, get in them and follow me to her sister’s house. I will call her and have her meet me there.” I said.

“Yes, Sir” he said.

I put Tricia in the back seat of the F-350 and get in behind the wheel. Di’shen was beside me in the middle of the seat, she put her seatbelt on. I laid my hand on her bare thigh and run it up till I struck gold. She parted her legs and reaches up and put the truck in drive. I played with her all the way across town. I had used the hands free to call Tasha. I told her I had him and to meet me at her place. She was already there when we pulled up. I got Tricia out of the back and carried her into the house. I dropped her onto the couch, Tasha came into the room.

“What the hell are they doing here?” Tasha ask.

“Well, first off Tysant is dead; your sister here is the brains of that operation. I brought her here to hear your side of this story while we are all together.” I said as I poured a glass full of ice water. I walked over and threw the water on Tricia.

An old man dying in the hospital, regrets the choices that he’s made in his life and how those choices affected those around him. He prays to God for a chance to make everything right.

This is the story of that second chance at life.


Jack Wilson lay in a bed in the intensive care unit of the local hospital. He was only fifty-eight years old, but he was old before his time. An unhealthy life style had damaged his heart beyond repair. Now his whole body was beginning to shut down. He was alone; had no visitors, no one would care if he died, there would be no mourners at his funeral. His only living relative, his sister, wanted nothing to do with him. If the truth be told, she was just as screwed up as he was.

“God, I’m sorry; I made a mess out of my life. I know we’ve hardly ever spoken before, please, I don’t want to die like this. Please give me another chance; let me start over, I’ll get it right this time. Please!”

“Hmmm, that’s an interesting idea. Go there and console him. Here’s what I want you to do ….”

“Who are you?” Jack asked the beautiful young woman who seemed to just appear at the foot of his bed.

“I’m an angel; God sent me here, and it’s time to take you home.”

As his vision began to fade, a loud buzzing noise filled his ears and two nurses ran into the room; then there was nothing.

Chapter 1

Jack slowly opened his eyes. The room where he lay was bright with sunlight. Suddenly there was a noise outside the room; a knock on a door, then another on his door;

“Jack, Anne time to get up; you don’t want to be late for school.”

‘Where was I; when was I? That sounded like my mother! This must be a dream. It must be the drugs that they gave me. But I’m not in the hospital.’

I suddenly had the urge to pee, feeling pretty good, I sat up and without really thinking about it, got out of bed, opened the door, and walked to the bathroom. My mind was still in a fog, as I closed the door behind me, walked over to the toilet, picked up the seat, stood there and stuck my hand in my underwear to pull out my cock.

The next thing I remembered, I was on my back on the bathroom floor; my mother looking down at me, holding my hand and patting my cheek.

“Anne, are you OK?”

‘Anne? I’m Jack,’ I thought. Then I saw myself peering over mom’s shoulder.

“Is she dead?”

“No, she just fainted. Get out of here; use the downstairs bathroom and get ready for school. Now!”

“What happened, Mom?”

“I don’t know, Honey. I heard a scream and a thud; I opened the door and found you on the floor.”

I had to think fast, I could figure out what was happening later, right now I had to reassure mom that I was alright.

“I remember coming in the bathroom, I had to pee. I bent over the toilet, felt light-headed and lost my balance and fell. I’m alright now. Help me up.”

“You’re sure you’re okay, you didn’t hit your head did you?”

“I’m fine Mom, and I really do have to pee.”

She left the room, closing the door behind her. I stood there at the toilet, remembering why I had screamed: my cock and balls were gone; in their place was a pussy.

‘I’m a girl!’ I thought to myself. ‘I’ll bet all the angels in heaven are all high-fiving each other saying, ‘Boy, that was a good one, he’s still got it.’

I really had to sit down at that point. I pulled down my underwear, my panties, and put down the toilet seat and peed as a girl.

‘If I’m a girl then I must have…’

I pulled the neckline of my nightshirt away from me and peeked down.

‘Holy shit, I’ve got tits. Pretty big ones with nice sized nipples,’ I thought to myself.

Now if you present a set of teenaged tits to an old man, where do you suppose his hands are going to go? I stuck both my hands up under my shirt and began to squeeze my tits. I grabbed the nipples between my fingers and began to twist. Too hard at first, but then I got the hang of it. I felt warm and tingly feelings in my pussy. Soon I felt warm all over and my heart was beating fast and then I went stiff.

When I calmed down a little, I said out loud, “Wow, what a feeling and all I did was play with my tits; imagine if I played with my pussy. Girls are sure lucky.”

I took some toilet paper and wiped myself. I jumped when I accidentally hit my clit. I’d have to be more careful; my sister’s body was a walking orgasm machine.

I composed myself, washed my hands and face and went to my room to get ready for school. I had to force myself not to enter Jack’s room. I was Anne, now. This was going to get very interesting in a hurry. I shut my door, stood there trying to remember how she dressed back then… now… shit. I changed my panties, figured out how to put on a bra, grabbed a pair of jeans and a shirt from her closet, and got dressed. I almost left the room to go downstairs, when I remembered; I have to put on makeup. Think. I sat at her vanity, looking around; I found a pencil of sorts for my eyes, a little colored powder for my cheeks, and a brush to blend it in.

“It will have to do,” I said appraising myself in the mirror.

I ran out of my room, down the stairs and sat for breakfast. Mom looked at me, paused and said,

“You’re using less makeup today, the fresh natural look, I like it. Hurry, eat your breakfast or you’ll miss the bus.”

Jack and I stood, grabbed our books and headed out the door, just as my dad came down the stairs.

“Bye, Dad” I yelled as I ran to catch up to Jack.

Chapter 2

We just got to the bus stop in time. I followed Jack onto the bus; paused and saw Anne’s best friend, Joanne, sitting near the back. I walked back and took a seat next to her. She looked at me and asked,

“Why aren’t you wearing your usual makeup?”

“I don’t know. I just felt like I needed a change. Don’t you like it?”

“It’s okay, I guess, if you like the Plain Jane look; but I thought you were trying to get Todd to notice you. I’m not sure that way will work.”

“You know, I really don’t care anymore.”

“Wow, if that’s the case maybe I’ll go after him.”

“Be my guest.”

I sat there thinking, not really paying attention to Joann’s endless drivel about the guys in our class and who was going with whom, and who was breaking up. I had more immediate concerns. I had to find out what year it was. I had no clue how old I was or what grade I was in.

‘Shit, I don’t even know what classes I’m taking; where I have to be this morning. How am I ever going to do this?’ I looked down in my lap and there staring me in the face was my answer: Algebra 1. If Anne has algebra 1, that means she’s in ninth grade this year. When we were going to junior high I used to kid her all the time about the fact that I was taking algebra in eighth grade at the same time she was taking it in ninth grade. That meant she, I, was about fifteen years old. I had to find out the date to be sure; it looked like early spring, March or April. Her birthday was in April.

“Joanne, I interrupted, what’s today’s date?”

“April 8, I think. Why?”

“I forgot, that’s all. I seem to be in a fog this morning. I can’t even remember my schedule for today.”

“Just like mine, homeroom, then algebra, history and science, and then lunch. Don’t worry your schedule is taped to the inside of your locker.”

‘Shit, my locker, I don’t remember the combination,’ I thought. ‘How am I going to get it opened?’

The bus pulled up in front of the school; it was smaller than I remembered. Joann and I went in. I followed her to her locker and watched as she opened it. I stood in front of the locker next to hers and fumbled with the lock.

“What the hell are you doing, your locker is over there.”

I looked at her, red faced,

“Thanks; I told you I was out of it this morning. You don’t happen to know my combination do you?”

“You really are out of it this morning,” she said, opening her locker door wider and pointing to a piece of paper taped to the top of the door. “We always do this just in case of emergencies.”

I memorized the number, tried it, and the locker door swung open.

“Thanks, you’re a life saver.”

“Come on get your books, the bell is about to ring.”

I grabbed my books for the morning and followed her into the classroom just as the bell sounded. Fortunately, there were only two empty seats left, she took one and I took the other. The teacher took attendance and made a couple of announcements. We stood for the pledge of allegiance. Then the bell rang and we were off to algebra.

Once again I waited for Joann to sit, then stood talking to her until the rest of the class took their seats, if there was an open seat next to her I’d take it, if not I’d sit in the back, figuring that I would always choose to sit by her if I could. If seating was alphabetical, I would be near the back.

“Miss Wilson will you please take your seat so we can begin. Thank you. Today we are going to take a little quiz to see how well you understand last week’s lessons.”

A groan filled the room.

Mr. Albertson gave each student in the front row copies of the quiz. They were passed back until we all had one.

“Everybody have one, okay begin.”

I looked down at the paper and smiled. One of the advantages of traveling back in time, with your memory intact, is that you know that you’ve done this stuff before. As Jack, I had been good at math. The quiz was easy. I was finished before everyone else. I waited until someone else stood up to drop off their paper, then I got up and dropped off mine.

“Finished so soon, Miss Wilson?”

“Sure it was easy.”

“We’ll see.”

I walked back to my desk; Joann was looking at me as if I had two heads.

“OK, times up. Please bring your papers up here and drop them off on my desk. Your homework assignment is on the board; you can work on it for the rest of the period.”

When the bell rang, I had most of the homework done. I closed my book, picked up my other books and headed to the door. When Joann came out she asked, “How did you do that quiz so quickly, did you know about it and didn’t tell me?”

“Of course not, silly. I just knew the work. I guess I just got lucky”

“Come on let’s go to history.”

I let her lead the way. In the halls, kids were coming and going in all directions. I had to be really careful to say hi to anyone that greeted me. As Jack, I knew some of her friends, but not all of them; and I could never have remembered their names.

History was a fun; we were studying about the revolutionary war. I was answering questions and asking some of my own as well. The time flew by. When class was over, Joann came up to me.

“OK, what did you do with the real Anne Wilson? Last week you hated history, today you sounded like you could teach it. What gives?”

“Nothing’s different, I just liked today’s lesson that’s all.”

I’d have to be more careful. I forgot that Anne was not the best of students. She was smart enough, she just never put her heart into it. School was a social club as far as she was concerned.

My classes for the rest of the day things went OK; I managed to get through them without arousing any more suspicion. However, the last class of the day was gym and that’s when I ran into trouble. It wasn’t the actual class; all we did was play kickball. It was before and after class that I ran into trouble. In the locker room, off to one side, was a large caged-in area with rows of metal baskets stacked on shelves. We were each assigned a basket that held our uniform. I waited for Joann to get hers; luckily I could see my name written on the back of my gym clothes. I took my basket off the shelf and headed to the lockers to change.

I stopped short. All around me were teenaged girls in various stages of undress. If I had still had my cock it would have been as hard as steel. My body was that of a teenaged girl, but my mind was that of a dirty old man. I undressed and put on my gym clothes as quickly as possible; trying not to stare at all the tits and asses that were in the room.

After class it was even worse, as we got undressed, Joann pointed to a sign on wall: “Showers Mandatory Today.” I swore under my breath and headed to the back of the line of other naked girls following Joann’s lead. We walked through a series of showerheads that rinsed us off from the neck down. All I wanted to do was grab as many tits and asses as I could before they dragged me away; but I didn’t want to give Anne the reputation of being a lesbian. When we were done, I grabbed my towel, dried off, and put my clothes back on as fast as possible.

I waited for Joanne out in the gym, and then it was back to our lockers, pick up our books for homework and out to catch the bus home. When Jack and I got off at our stop, I let out a big sigh. I made it through my first day of school as a girl. I wondered what the night would bring.

Chapter 3

Mom greeted us as we came in the back door.

“How did everything go today Anne, I was a little worried about you? Do you feel all right?”

“Mom, I feel fine don’t worry. School was good today; I think I aced a quiz in Algebra.”

“Really, that’s wonderful.”

“How about you Jack. How was your day?”


He was already heading up the stairs to his room.

I sat at the kitchen table and looked at mom. She was really pretty. Thirty-three, maybe a little over-weight, but it was all in the right places. She had met my Dad in high school and fell in love. I was conceived on the night of the senior prom. Neither of them went on to college. Dad got a job at the local hardware store; Mom stayed home and took care of us. They lived in this very house with my grandparents until a couple of years ago. My grandfather died of lung cancer and my grandmother died of a broken heart shortly thereafter. Mom, being an only child, inherited the house. Because there was no mortgage, Dad’s pay from the hardware store was enough to live on, but there wasn’t a lot left over for extras. My dad was a hard worker, it was just that he was an average student, and had no skills. It was either work in a factory or work in retail. He was a friendly person, good humored, kind and pretty good-looking. He was the same age as my mom, of average height and weight, but was beginning to get a little bit of a gut.

Growing up as Jack, I never really paid much attention to them. They were there, I listened to them, did what they asked most of the time, but never really interacted with them. Dad was always at work, Mom always had housework to do, and I had other interests entirely. It was 1968; we had just gone through the” summer of love,” the Vietnam War was tearing the country in two, and even here in a small town in Nebraska, drugs were taking their toll on kids looking for an escape. I was a little over a year away from falling in with the wrong crowd, throwing away any chance I had of getting into college, and ultimately ruining my life.

This was why I was sent back, to help Jack make the proper choices, to steer Anne away from a life of mediocrity and help my parents deal with it all, give them a chance at a long, happy and healthy life. I was sure of it. Now all I had to do was figure out how.

Chapter 4

I lay in bed that night, thinking about all that had happened to me in the last twenty-four hours. I went from being a man, fifty-eight years old, on his deathbed in 2012 to being a fifteen year-old girl in 1968. I still wasn’t use to this body. I could move in ways that I hadn’t been able to in my entire life. I marveled at its near-perfect skin, the weight of my breasts, the sexual responsiveness to any stimulation, and my perfect eyesight. I could do a lot with this body.

The first thing I did that night, as soon as my brother went to bed, was lock my door and turn on my desk light. I took off my panties and nightshirt, threw back the covers and basically mauled my tits until I had a wonderful cum. Then I got up, sat at my desk and examined my pussy. Although I was far from a virgin in my previous life I had never taken the time to really examine the wonders of womanhood. I pulled out a mirror from my vanity and examined myself. I had a little bit of hair above my pussy; I could use to tidy up a bit. I had nice lips. My clit was prominent and hooded. I parted my pussy lips and looked in as best I could.

‘Oh shit, my sister was still a virgin. That meant, damn! at some point I was going to have to lose my virginity to a guy. I didn’t want to think about that just yet.’

I put the mirror down and began to massage my pussy, first with my whole hand, rubbing my lips, then I wet my fingers and began to gently rub my clit. Soon I started to whimper and moan; I couldn’t take much more of this. I grabbed a nipple and twisted. That sent me over the edge. I shook and almost screamed as my second orgasm in ten minutes washed over me. It lasted for at least a minute, maybe longer. When I finally calmed down, I felt exhausted but wonderful as well. I reached over, shut the light and crawled into bed. I dreamed of naked girls running through the showers, with me running after them, my hand at my crotch, empty.

I woke up before the alarm, took a quick shower, and got dressed, put on my makeup. I was just about to go downstairs when I spotted Anne’s calendar on the wall. Curious, I checked it out. Friday, I noted was circled in red. I wonder what that means. I started flipping through the rest of the calendar; nothing was circled going forward, so I started going backward. One day in March was circled, then one in February. I stopped and started counting,

‘Shit, now what do I do. She’s going to get her period on Friday.’

I checked out our bathroom and found a box of pads; damn, I guess being a girl does have some drawbacks after all. I went down stairs to have breakfast. Mom was in her robe and curlers, standing at the stove over a pan of scrambled eggs. A large plate of bacon was already on the table.

“Good morning, Mom.”

“Oh good morning Dear, you’re up early. I was just about to go upstairs and wake you both.”

“You don’t have to; Jack was just going into the bathroom as I came downstairs.” Then I asked, “Mom, do we have any cereal? I’d like to cut back on all the eggs and bacon and high fat foods.”

“Sure, dear, I think there’s some Rice Krispies in the cabinet.”

I got up, got myself a bowl, found the box and poured myself a bowl. I topped it with a little milk and grabbed an apple for later. Here was an opportunity to start saving my parents.

“You know Mom, too much of that kind of stuff is going to ruin that girlish figure of yours. Why don’t you and I start eating a little healthier from now on? We could help each other. Since you do all the cooking, you could start cutting down on our portion sizes, include more chicken, less beef and pork, more fruits and vegetables and less sweets.”

“I don’t know what your father is going to say about that.”

“Come on, he benefits in two ways; first he gets healthier and slims down a little, he’ll have more energy; secondly he gets to sleep with a more beautiful and sexier you.”

“Anne, she whispered, don’t you talk like that.”

“I’m also thinking about starting an exercise program. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.”

Just then Jack came down stairs. I looked him over, about five-six, one hundred thirty five pounds I figured. But soft, he never did anything physical, no sports, no exercise, just stayed in his room, reading or listening to the radio.

He wolfed down some bacon and eggs, a couple pieces of toast and a glass of milk, before standing, getting his books and headed out the door. I finished my cereal, took my apple, kissed Mom and followed him out the door. I came back picked up my books, looked over at Mom and said, “Think about it.”

Chapter 5

School was a blast. As ninth graders we ruled the school. Basketball had finished for the season; baseball and track were in full swing. It was spring and lust was in the air. I did my best to balance my social life and my school work. I had lost a couple pounds and was feeling really good. More importantly, Mom had shed about ten and was looking great. I think Dad was beginning to notice. I had gone out on a couple of group dates with Joann, her latest boyfriend, and about five others. But I made no commitments to anyone. I used the excuse that my parents wouldn’t let me date until I was sixteen. I did have a couple of boy “friends” who used to call me at night. We would talk about school, other kids, who was dating who, but nothing serious. I was concentrating on my grades. When report cards came out for the third marking period I had four C’s and two B’s. I had to get my grades up if I ever wanted to get to college. I needed to qualify for scholarships and financial aid if I wanted to go.

One weekend, I helped Mom bring down the laundry into the basement where the washing machine and dryer were. I had never really looked in the basement when I was growing up as Jack. There was nothing down there that would interest me. Now, I was just curious. In one corner of the basement was a walled-off area next to the furnace. On the door, barely legible were the words “Coal Bin.” I asked Mom about it.

“That’s where they used to store the coal that was delivered during the winter and burned for heat. They used to get a delivery of coal down a chute in through the window. Every day Grandpa would come down here and shovel some coal into the furnace. I remember him telling me that about thirty years ago they converted the old furnace to natural gas. I guess Grandpa never got around to taking it down.”

With that she went back upstairs, and I went straight to the coal bin door. I flipped the latch, pushed the door open and peered inside. I could see that the room had been used for storage; there were still a couple of boxes on the floor, a couple of chairs sat against one wall, and something fairly big covered by an old sheet. Everything had a thick layer of dust on it. I pulled the sheet off.

There before my eyes was an old weight bench, with a barbell resting on the rack, several twenty- pound weights on each side and a couple of other short bars with ten-pound weights. I looked around; there on the wall were an exercise chart and a progress chart. Grandpa’s name was on the chart, showing how much weight he was lifting each week for about a year. Then the entries stopped.

I guess Grandpa was into weight lifting at one point in his life, and then he just gave it up. I’d have to ask Mom about it some time. Now I could really get my body into shape, but first I had a lot of cleaning to do. I thought it best to just keep this find to myself for the time being. I swept and dusted as much as I could; I opened the window to let some fresh air in and took an inventory of what I had. There were four each of twenty-pound, ten-pound, and five-pound weights, a long bar and two short bars. I read the exercise chart to see what type of exercises I could do, and erased the marker writing on the progress chart. The marker was all dried out but everything else seemed to be in good working order. I even tried out the bench to make sure it was still sturdy. Now I had all I needed.

I started out slowly; ten pounds on each side plus the bar for my presses, and ten pounds for my one-arm curls and pull-ups. Each day, when I got home from school, I would go downstairs and work out while Jack would go up to his room and read. Each week I increased the weight by five pounds, or increased the number of sets. By the end of the first month, I could see the results of my hard work. My arms looked thicker, my shoulders looked wider, and my tits seemed a little higher and firmer. The sit-ups that I did every day were making my stomach flatter, and I was beginning to see the outlines of my abs. Anne had always been a big girl, by the time she graduated from high school, she was five-ten, one hundred and seventy five pounds. She had gone past the full figured stage and was knocking on the door of obesity. In the years to come, it had cost her a husband, her self-esteem, and her dignity. I was going to change all that.

One day I was down in the room, just finishing up a set of bench presses, a total weight of ninety-five pounds with the bar, when the door opened and there stood Mom.

“So this is where that stuff ended up. I always wondered why Dad got rid of it. When I was young, I used to come down here and watch him lift. He used to have it out in the main part of the basement, because they were still using this room as a coal bin. One day I came down here alone, I couldn’t have been more than twelve years old, and started to imitate what he was doing. Of course I had taken off most of the weight. He caught me and told me that weight lifting was not for girls and that no man would want to marry a woman with muscles. So I stopped. Soon after, the furnace was converted and the coal bin abandoned, or so I thought.”

She walked over to the charts on the wall and after a few moments turned and said, “Wow, you’re really getting into this aren’t you?”

“Yeah Mom, I really feel good about myself. Why don’t you start working out with me?”

“Honey, I’m thirty-four years old; I haven’t done any exercising in years.”

“I’ll help you; you can start out slowly, like I did. Soon, we’ll have you in great shape, with a body that Dad will love.”

Almost in a whisper I heard, “I doubt it.”

So that’s it, I thought; they’ve lost their passion, their desire for one another. They were both too young for this to happen; Mom was just reaching the height of her sexuality. This was another problem that I was going to have to set right. I would have to be really careful how I handled this one.

“Tomorrow, no excuses, when I get home I want you dressed to work out with me. I bet you’ll be surprised at how strong you really are.”

Chapter 6

The end of the school year was quickly approaching. Plans were being finalized for the ninth grade dance. Joann already had a date of course. So did most of our friends… everyone, except me. I was at my locker, getting my things, waiting for Joann when Todd walked up behind me. He tapped me on the shoulder; I turned and was looking right into his gorgeous blue eyes.

“Hi Anne, I was wondering if you would like to go with me to the dance?”

I stood there, stunned. I was getting fairly used to being a girl; even thinking like a girl in most circumstances. This was one bridge that I had not crossed. In my head I was still a man, and here was a young man asking me out on a date, a dance, no less. I almost blurted out, no, then said,

“Todd, I’d love to go to the dance with you.”

“Great, that’s great, we’ll make arrangements soon,” and then he turned and walked down the hall and out of the building.

“Shit, I hope Anne knows how to dance.”

I went home, worked out extra hard, had dinner, did my homework, and went to bed. I had a lot on my mind; in bed is where I do my best thinking.

Suddenly, Jack burst into my room yelling, “Bobbie Kennedy’s been shot.”

It was June 6, 1968; the presidential campaigns were in full swing, the Democrats fighting to see who was going to be their nominee to replace Lyndon Johnson. I should have remembered, Kennedy had just won in California and had just finished his speech, when he was shot by Sirhan Sirhan leaving the room through the kitchen. I knew. I could have stopped it. But I didn’t. I couldn’t; I couldn’t warn anyone, I couldn’t change history by that magnitude. Who would have believed me anyway? I hadn’t even told my own family. I’d just have to suffer in silence. I cried myself to sleep that night.

Two weeks later, I came down the stairs in my best dress, and low heeled shoes (I didn’t want to overpower Todd). He stood in the living room, a corsage in hand, dressed in tan slacks, white shirt and a blue blazer. He looked really good. Mom helped him pin the flowers on my dress. Dad took some pictures and out the door we went. Todd’s father was waiting in the car and dropped us off at the door to the gym.

“I’ll be back at ten to pick you up; have fun you two.”

We did. We sat with a couple of his friends and their dates, along with Joanne and hers. We danced; I even remembered to let him lead. At one point near the end of the night, we walked out into the hallway so I could use the girls’ room. As we were walking back to the gym, he steered me into an empty classroom, and began to kiss me. My mind was reeling. I was kissing a guy, my instincts said to punch him in the nose; my body, however, was responding in a different manner entirely. I could feel myself becoming aroused; my nipples ached, the thrill shooting directly to my pussy. Then I felt his hand cup my breast. He had me pressed against the wall and I could feel his erection pressing against my thighs.

“No, Todd. No, that’s enough! Stop!”

But he didn’t stop. In fact, I felt him trying to move his hand inside my dress, inside my bra. I grabbed his wrist and slowly removed it from my breast. He was trying to overpower me, but was losing. The look on his face was priceless as he realized how strong I was.

“If you don’t want me to break your arm, I suggest that you stop right now and take me back to the gym.”

Like a beaten dog, he turned, and we walked back to the gym. It was nearly ten, the lights were turned up, and we all began to leave. Todd’s dad was there, and we drove back to my house. When the car stopped, he got out, opened my door, and walked me to my door.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “You are just so beautiful that I couldn’t stop myself.”

I leaned into him, kissed him tenderly on the lips, thanked him for a nice evening and went into the house. Mom was in the kitchen and asked me all the usual questions. I smiled and told her all about it, well almost anyway. Then said good night and went upstairs. I changed, washed up and got into bed. I had to get myself off twice before I could finally fall asleep.

Chapter 7

The summer of ’68 was hot in more ways than one. Large cities, like Detroit and Newark, had suffered through weeks of unrest and rioting in the streets the year before and the unrest, along with the political climate and the war, made for an uneasy peace. Mom and I continued working out every morning right after Dad went to work in order to avoid the heat of the day. She was really making good progress. Because of her healthier cooking and eating habits, she had continued to lose weight. Now the loss of weight was slowing down. She was, however, losing inches. Her clothes were fitting more loosely; she was even getting into clothes that she hadn’t worn in years. I think the battle for Mom was almost won; there was just one more area to conquer.

“Mom can we talk; woman to woman.”

“Of course Dear, what did you want to talk about?”

“Your sex life.” I thought she would drop the bar she was so stunned.

“I really don’t think that’s any of your business; besides you’re too young to talk of such things.”

“No Mom, you’re wrong. I’m not too young, I’ll be sixteen years old next year, I’m mature beyond my years and a lot more knowledgeable than you were at my age. Some kids in my class are already doing it.”

I saw the panic on her face.

“No Mom; I’m still a virgin. I have too many plans for the future to get…. Mom, I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking.”

She got off the bench and hugged me.

“It’s okay, everything worked out for us; we had you and Jack, and with Grandma’s and Grandpa’s help we were able to have a pretty good life up until now, I have no regrets.”

“But, are you truly happy? Do you still have the passion that you had for each other when you were eighteen?

“Your father works really hard; he’s tired by the end of the day. No, sex between us has not been good for a while. We seemed to have gotten into a routine. He just doesn’t seem interested anymore. It’s one position with him on top, once every couple of weeks and its over before it starts. I shouldn’t be telling you this.”

“Of course you should, who else are you going to tell? It sounds like you are going to have to start taking charge in bed. Maybe, you should be on top once in awhile. How about some mutual masturbation? When was the last time you had oral sex?”

“Anne, please.”

“Mom, this is your marriage we’re talking about. Sex – good sex – is a big part of a loving relationship. The last thing I want is for you two to grow apart, but that’s what it’s sounding like. You have to fight for what’s yours… and you don’t have to fight fair. You’ve already started; you’re looking really good, you’re young and really sexy. But, you are going to have to be the aggressor, at least until you can relight the flame within him. Believe me when I tell you, I know what a man wants and desires.”

“Are you sure you’re a virgin? How do you know so much about men? When did you grow up, it seems like only yesterday that I was tucking you into bed at night and telling you stories.”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Come on, Jack’s not home, let’s go take our showers. I want to check you out; maybe we can enhance your sexiness. I also want to check out your bedclothes. Then we’ll talk about how to improve Dad, to make him more desirable. It’s going to be up to you to make him into an irresistible hunk. I can only do so much with him.”

We went upstairs and had our showers. I asked her not to dress. When I came downstairs she was in her robe. She stood up, dropped the robe and turned around for me. Her tits were great: probably a C-cup with only a slight sag to them; she had cute little nipples that appeared to be hard already. Her butt needed a little more work and so did her stomach, but all in all she was one sexy lady. My 58 year-old male mind was sending strong signals to my nonexistent cock… so much so in fact, that I expected Jack to come through the door any minute sporting a massive hard on. The only negative that I could see was that she had let her bush grow wild. I would have to show her how to trim it up, maybe even do a little shaving around the lips. That would come soon enough; first I had to work on getting Dad into better shape.

We started talking about sex again. I could tell from the discussion that she was not very knowledgeable about the subject. Then it hit me. They had gotten married at the age of eighteen. I knew Mom was a virgin, and probably Dad was as well. The Internet had not yet been invented and they had grown up in an era when sex was not discussed. How were they ever going to learn how to pleasure each other? So the sex became one dimensional and there was no communication between them. They just didn’t know any better. I felt sorry for them both.

I don’t know what Mom was thinking, but for the next hour we had ourselves our first sex education lesson, only in reverse; the child teaching the parent.

Chapter 8

The summer went by quickly; I got stronger and now had six pack abs. My biceps had expanded to the point that when I flexed it looked like I had a baseball hidden under my skin. I decided that this year I was going out for the girls track team. I had to go shopping for some new shirts to wear to school. My old ones were no longer appropriate for school. Mom seemed to be walking around the house with a little more spring in her step; she seemed happier than I had seen her in years. Dad too, was smiling a lot more than he used to. When he could, he too would join Mom and me in our workouts. I also noted that the weights would be different when I went to use them the following day. I think he was sneaking down stairs at night to get in a little more work before going up to bed. One day I found a couple of his old ties wrapped around the ends of the bar. It took me a minute before I figured out that they’d had some sex play while lifting. Way to go Mom! Another problem solved.

I still had to get Anne into college, to at least get her a degree and a direction in life. That would be no problem. Jack was my major concern. I had one year to get him to the point where he would resist the lure of falling in with the wrong crowd and turning to drugs and alcohol. Sports were not the answer for Jack; he was never good at them and had no interest in them. He was smart, but painfully shy around girls. That was going to be the key. I had to get him over his shyness, to find him a strong partner in life, to get him laid.

My first challenge was get him in shape, to make him a more desirable commodity. Then I would have to build up his confidence. Finally, find him a girl. The one good thing was that I knew what made him tick; his likes and dislikes, even his fantasies and desires. He was me.

When school started, we would be going to different schools. I’d be a sophomore going to the high school; he was in ninth grade in the junior high. That meant different buses, different schedules, and he would be out of my sight most of the day. Fortunately, one of my girlfriend’s sister was also in ninth grade so she passed along reports from time to time about who he was hanging with. It was too bad that she wasn’t his type or most of my problem would already be solved.

Step one was to get him interested in weight lifting. I figured the best way to do that was to get him down in the basement and have him see me working out with an outfit that left little to the imagination. The outfit consisted of a pair of gym shorts and one of my old tee shirts. I thought about not wearing a bra, but I didn’t want him to have a heart attack or cum in his shorts while he was spotting for me. After school, I got home before he did. I ran up stairs, changed into my workout clothes, and went downstairs.

“Mom can you do me a big favor. When Jack gets home can you please send him downstairs to help me with my workout? ”

Looking at the way I was dressed and the fact that she knew I really didn’t need any help, she started to speak, “Anne, I’m not….”

“Please don’t ask any questions, this is for his own good. Trust me, I never would do anything to hurt him.”

Before she could answer I ran down to the basement, and set up the weights for the bench press. About fifteen minutes later I heard the back door slam; Jack was home. I’d give him another fifteen minutes to change and come down. It took him ten.

“Sis, where are you?

“In the coal bin.”

“Mom said you needed my hel — “

He froze in mid sentence. There I was on my back, my legs spread slightly – just enough to tease – doing my bench press reps with all of the free weights I had on the bar.

“Come here, stand behind me and help me if I start to get into trouble.”

I was doing my maximum and had only done three reps when he stood behind me.

“OK, help me lift it back on the rack.”

I eased off and let him take as much of the weight as I thought he could handle. I was watching his eyes; they were glued to my tits, the shirt stretched to its limit.

When we got the bar racked he said, “Holy crap, sis, how much weight was that?”

“One hundred sixty five pounds.”

“That’s twenty-five pounds more than I weigh! How did you get so strong?”

“A lot of hard work. I’ve been lifting for about four months. You should start lifting. Its great exercise, you’ll build up your strength and make your body more attractive.”

“I could never lift that much,” never taking his eyes off my chest.

“I didn’t start out lifting this much either. I had to start out slowly, with about thirty pounds, and work up from there.”

I lied a little; I didn’t want to discourage him on the first day.

“I could help you; we could work out every day after school. I’ll help you, teach you.”

“I don’t know.”

“Jack, trust me after the first couple weeks, you’ll feel better about yourself, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll start to look really good; especially to the girls.”

“OK, when can we start?”

“Today. Go back upstairs and put on a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt. I’ll stay down here and set up the weights for you.”

“Thanks Anne, I really appreciate it.” He ran up stairs and was back down in less than five minutes.

I had set-up with the bar loaded with a ten-pounder on each side.

“Sis, that’s only twenty pounds.”

“You forgot to count the bar, that’s another twenty-five pounds; so you’re starting out at forty-five pounds. Lay down on the bench and I’ll show you how to do it properly. In order to get the most out of your workout you have to use the proper form.”

Once he was down on the bench, I had him grip the bar at a little more than shoulder width apart, lower the weight to his chest, and push it back until his arms were just about fully extended. I had him repeat the procedure for a total of twelve reps. I had to help with the last one, but I told him he was doing really well for a beginner. I was standing really close to him while I was spotting. I knew I was giving him a real good peek at my panties, and I’m sure he could see the outline of my pussy though the panties. After a few minutes rest I had him start again. He only got to eight reps this time, but he was using good form. I changed the weights putting on all the plates but the five-pounders. I put those on the small bars. While I did my reps on the bench I had him doing curls. I had to tell him not to swing the weights and to only use his arm, but he did really well.

When we were finished I showed him the progress chart, put his name below mine and Mom’s, and listed his starting weights. I told him how we were going to add more weight as time went by.

“Thanks, Anne, thanks for everything. See you tomorrow.”

With that, he ran out of the room and headed up the stairs. I noted two things, first he really seemed excited, and second, he left with a really stiff cock. I had no doubt that he ran all the way to his room and jerked off to the memory of my body. I was OK with that, if that was what it was going to take to motivate him then so be it. It was really rather flattering.

I settled into the new school routine rather quickly; all new teachers, a lot of new faces and a whole bunch of upperclassmen hitting on me. I was still only fifteen and told them I couldn’t date until I was sixteen. That seemed to discourage most but not all. I didn’t care; I was more interested in my education and getting into college than anything else. The schoolwork was still pretty easy, I could still remember most of the work that I had done the first time through high school; so my grades were outstanding. That left me more time at home to workout with Jack. He was progressing nicely. I would help him for a while, then begin my work out while he finished up with curls or sit-ups. It wasn’t long before his arms and chest began to show some definition.

One day, after he had completed his work out, I noticed Jack sitting on one of the old chairs, looking at his bicep while flexing. He was smiling, pleased I’m sure with the progress he was making. I was into my third set of bench presses, when I saw him take off his shirt, stand up and move into a double bicep pose.

“Hey Sis, what do you think?”

“Looking good, stud, looking good, I said, as I finished my set and stood up. You’re making real good progress. But I think you have to do a lot more work before you catch up to me.”

With that I walked over until I was right in front of him and struck the same pose – leaving my shirt on of course. My muscles seemed to explode out of my arms; I expanded my lats and stood there.

I watched as his eyes widened, his jaw dropped and his shorts tented outward.

“My god Anne, you’re huge.”

He slowly reached up, until his hand rested on my arm, he tried to squeeze it, and then sort of caressed my bicep. Then, with a quick “I gotta go,” he ran out of the room and up the stairs.

I laughed to myself. I guess I am making some small changes to history; I don’t remember having a muscle girl fetish when I was growing up.

That night at dinner, I looked around the table; Mom was looking really good, she was healthy and – more importantly – happy. Dad had lost a little weight; he was certainly happier, mostly because of Mom, but I knew he still worked and worried too much. Jack was toning up nicely, and was still doing well in school, but he still never talked to or about girls.

I still had more work to do.

Chapter 9

I don’t know where the time went, but before I knew it Christmas was just around the corner. Christmas in our house was more about the traditions, the decorations, and the religious significance of the day, than it was about presents. Jack and I always received underwear and socks, maybe a shirt or two. Things that we really needed. Mom and Dad would get something for the house. It wasn’t like the scenes from “A Christmas Carol” but it was close. We never seemed to notice or care.

On Christmas day, after breakfast, we gathered around the tree, it was Jack’s job to distribute the presents. He gave Mom and Dad a neatly-wrapped box, the next box he picked up had his name on it, the last box must be mine I thought. I watched as Jack leaned over to pick it up, instead of the box moving to him, however, he fell towards the box.

“What the heck is that, it’s awful heavy?”

I reached over and slid the box to me. It was heavy. I looked up at Mom and Dad; they were smiling.

“I thought you could use this more than underwear and socks,” Dad chuckled.

I ripped off the paper and opened the plain cardboard box and squealed with joy,

“Thank you, thank you Daddy, Mom.”

Inside the box were two twenty-five pound plates for my weight set. That meant that now I could continue to increase the weight over time to a maximum of two hundred and fifteen pounds.

That evening, I went down stairs and rearranged the weights on my bar. I added another ten pounds in total. I did two full sets and ten reps on my third when I felt I had reached my limit. Yes, it was a Merry Christmas indeed for me.

School resumed and the days seemed to go on forever. Schoolwork and homework were just chores that I had to do. I was friends with quite a few of my classmates, but none were as close to me as Joann had been. We had started to drift apart; our interests seemed to be taking us down different roads. She was one of the most popular girls in our year; she always seemed to have at least one or two boyfriends. I was still several months away from being allowed to date, so I concentrated on my workouts.

In mid February, I decided it was time to tell the track coach that I was planning to try out for the field events; shot putt, javelin, and discus throwing. Coach Jenkins was about forty-five years old; trim, with the body of a distance runner. He looked up at me from his desk and asked if I had any experience.

“No, I said, but I’m pretty strong. Is there anything I can do now to get ready for the season?”

“Meet me here in your gym clothes after school, tomorrow. I’ll put you through some tests.”

I went home that day, told my parents what I was going to do and I arranged to get a ride home after school. The next day after school, I went to the girls’ locker room, changed into my gym clothes and walked over to the gym office. The coach asked me to follow him. We went into a room off to the side of the gym; there were several weight sets, a couple of benches, and a treadmill.

“The events that you are asking about all require a lot of strength if you wish to excel in them. Let’s find out how strong you are.”

I looked over at the bar on one of the benches. It had two twenty-five pound plates on each side. I watched as the coach walked over and started to remove one of the plates.

“Coach, stop; don’t take off any weight.”

He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Are you sure? That’s a lot of weight for a girl to handle.”

That got me a little upset, I’ll show this guy, I thought.

I walked over to the bar, reached down and grabbed another twenty-five pound plate from the rack and secured it in place, then did the same on the other side.”

“Honey, with the bar, that’s one hundred and seventy five pounds.”

“I know,” I said as I assumed my position on the bench. I looked over at him, smiling I said, “You want to spot for me?”

I waited until he was in position; then proceeded to do a set of twelve reps with perfect form. I looked up from the bench and said,

“How’s that coach?”

“What’s your name again?”

“Anne Wilson”

“Anne, you are the strongest high school girl I’ve ever coached. You obviously work out a lot. The field events also require quickness, footwork and good form. You can’t really work on that right now, so I suggest continuing what you are doing. When practice starts, I’ll have someone work with you on the techniques of each event. You can go home now; I don’t need to see anything else.”

“Thanks, Coach.”

“No, thank you; you’ve made my day.”

Track practice started March first. It was still too cold to go outside, so the team practiced in the girls gym. When I reported in, the coach sent me over to the boys’ gym to work with the boys track team. Their coach was a pretty big guy, who must have participated in field events in college. Coach Jenkins must have already talked about me, because he was not surprised when I reported in. He introduced me to Tom Bradford, a senior and co-captain of the boys track team.

“Tom, this is Anne. She’s from the girl’s track team, and is going to be working out with us this year. I want you to work with her on her techniques.”

Reluctantly at first, Tom showed me how to hold the equipment, and the footwork needed for each event. Every day, we would spend the first hour of each practice going over the movements. He would correct my form, watching my foot placement, making sure I would do the movements the exact same way each time. That he said was the key to becoming a great field athlete. For the second hour of practice, he and I and two other guys would go to the weight room. I remember the first day; Tom and the guys went over to one of the benches and prepared the bar to begin their workout.

He said to me, “Anne, you’ll be using the other bench, I’ll be right over to set up the weights for you.”

I walked over to the bench and put one hundred and twenty pounds on the bar. I was just settling in under the bar, when Tom came over.

“Hold on Anne, that’s too much weight for you.”

“Spot me,” was all I said; then preceded to do my first set. I could see them all staring at me. I had just earned some respect from these guys.

“Holy shit, Anne, how’d you get so strong.”

“I’ve been working out for about a year.”

“What’s your best?”

“One eighty.”

“God, mine is two forty, and I must have at least forty pounds on you.”

After that we all worked in with one another, until the weight became a little too much for me. I was determined to top his best by the end of my senior year.

I earned even more respect when we finally got outside and began throwing for real. In practice meets with the four of us, I placed second in the shot put, third in the javelin, and fourth in the discus, in which I needed a lot more practice.

Being part of a sports team in school – even the track team – brings you some notoriety as you walk down the hall; you get people you don’t really know saying hi to you. With me it was really noticeable because I was being greeted by not only members of the girls track team, but also the boys track team, and even some of the football players. This led to sort of a confrontation one day.

I was walking down the hall on my way to track practice, when three guys walked up to me and blocked my way.

“Excuse me,” I said and tried to walk around them. They wouldn’t let me pass.

“Hey babe,” the apparent leader of the group said, “Why don’t you and me find someplace quiet so we can get better acquainted.”

They were all about five-eight or so, probably weighed no more than one hundred and fifty pounds, and apparently thought of themselves as god’s gift to women.

“First of all,” I said, “If you’re asking me out on a date, I’m sorry, my parents won’t let me date until next month when I turn sixteen. If you’re asking me if I want to fool around, I’m sorry, I don’t do that either.”

“Well, what do you do?” He replied trying to be a smart ass and impress his friends.

“This,” I said, and before he could react, I grabbed him at his armpits and lifted him pinning him high against the wall.

“If you ever bother me again, or I see you bothering anyone else, I will rip off your arms and shove them up your ass.”

Then I dropped him. All three turned and ran for the door.

Chapter 10

For me, my birthday was no big deal. Mom made a cake with sixteen candles, which she brought out after dinner. They all sang happy birthday, I made a special wish, and blew out the candles.

Now that I was sixteen, I was able to get a part-time job. In our area there were two types of part-time jobs: retail or the food industry. I chose the food industry, specifically as a waitress. I worked in a local family restaurant. The base pay was low, but the tips were good. The clientele tended to get in and get out as fast as they could which meant that the turnover of tables was high. With my old man’s mind and my young girl’s body, I knew when and how to get the biggest tips. I was not ashamed to flirt with a group of single guys, unbutton one more button on my uniform and bend over to take their order. Or provide extra fast service to a family with three kids all under the age of ten. I was always happy and smiling. I even helped carry out large orders for the other waitresses.

More important to me was that in two days, we were going to have our first track meet. I was really nervous before the meet. This was the first time in either life that I had ever competed against anyone, other than in practice. Fortunately, it was a home meet so there were some friendly faces in the stands. My brother Jack had stayed for the meet. I could hear him from across the field shouting when it was time for my first throw in the shot put. I guess I shouldn’t have been so nervous; my toss was fifteen feet further than my competition. I beat the same girl in the discus a half hour later and a different girl by twenty feet in the javelin. The competition in the field events in women’s track and field is pretty thin; very few girls spend most of their time weightlifting and fewer still are as strong as I am.

When I exited the locker room after showering and changing, Jack greeted me.

“Way to go Sis; that was awesome.”

“Thanks, Jack. And thanks for coming out to support me, it means a lot. I think we have a problem, however, how are we going to get home?”

“No problem, come on.”

We walked out the door, and there in the parking lot was my Dad. He had taken an hour off to come and watch me compete. At that moment I could have cried. I got a big hug and a kiss. I climbed in the back and saw my Mom sitting in the front seat. Now I was crying.

Friday, I was told that I had beaten the school records in each event. I was now the record holder. Tom, saw me in the hall, and practically crushed me with his congratulatory hug. Then, put me down, a little embarrassed over what he had done.

I kissed him on the cheek and said, “Thanks Coach, it was all because I had a great teacher.”

That was the way the rest of the school year went. With each meet we had, I got just a tiny bit better. We had the best record of any high school in the conference and placed third in the state. Best of all, I had scouts from several universities with large track and field programs coming to give me a quick look. I would get more attention the closer I got to graduating. I felt that I could finally relax a little bit as far as Anne’s future was concerned. There was direction, purpose and endless opportunities ahead for her.

Chapter 11

With the end of school came an opportunity to work full time. I needed to work full time so I could earn more money. I knew that one advantage of coming back to this time period was that I could invest my money in stocks. The problem was that I never paid much attention to the stock market in my previous life. What I did know, however, was that certain companies, particularly in the upcoming age of personal computers, would be very good investments – especially if you could get in early. Companies like McDonalds, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot, which would become the dominant companies in their industries, were just starting out. Companies like Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Google, and Dell were not even in existence yet. All would go on to become huge companies. I would need money to invest in those businesses when the time came. I didn’t want to become a financial tycoon; I just wanted to be rich enough so that Jack and my parents would always have someone to fall back to if times got tough.

By the end of July I had a good-sized nest egg, in terms of 1969 dollars, of about two thousand dollars. Now I was ready.

I went to the library to read the Wall Street Journal, looking for any indication as to when McDonalds was going to go public. I read in one of the columns that the company had gone public in June. I had missed it. I made arrangements with a friend’s father to open an account with his brokerage house. Because of my age I had to have my father sign the papers as well. I had to convince him that I knew what I was doing and that this was a long-term investment in my future and that I would not be touching this money for 30 years or more.

“Well it’s your money; you earned it, so I guess it’s yours to lose if you want. Personally I would keep it in the bank, it’s safer.”

I placed an order to buy $2,000 worth of McDonalds as soon as possible. I could see the puzzled look on my broker’s face,

“Some day that company is going to be the largest hamburger seller in the world.”

He just laughed and said, “Okay, the customer is always right.”

As I walked out of his office, I thought to myself, ‘One down, about four more to go.’

That night I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about what I had done so far and how I had changed the lives of my parents and Jack and myself for the better. Now I had to figure out just how our future lives would affect history, and what we could do to minimize the effects. I was also feeling the strain of keeping my secret hidden from my parents and Jack. I had to tell Jack, but when, and how could I make him believe me. I formed a tentative plan, which would take almost a year to complete. The first phase of the plan would take place during the summer.

One morning, as Jack and I were finishing up our workouts, I said, “Jack, I have something to tell you which is going to be very difficult for you to believe. Please sit down.”

“This sounds serious Anne, is everything all right?”

“Yes; everything is fine.” I took a deep breath and began:

“Jack, have you ever heard of reincarnation?”

“Yes, sure, that’s when a person dies and then comes back as another person. Why?”

I looked him right in the eye and held his hands as I said, “It happened to me. I lived before and I can remember much of my prior life.”

He just looked at me as if I had two heads, then asked, “OK, I’ll bite, who were you in your prior life?”


He started laughing at this point,

“You really had me for a second there; that was a good one.”

“I’m serious Jack, I was you. I was a fifty-eight year old man in 2012. I was about to die from congestive heart failure when I asked God to give me another chance at life. I heard the heart monitor alarm go off, then the next thing I know I woke up in Anne’s body in the year 1968.”

“Yeah, right.”

“What can I do to convince you that what I’m telling you is the truth?”

“Tell me something about the future.”

“OK; in the middle of August – the 15th to the 18th – there is going to be a rock concert held in a small town in upstate New York. It’s going to be called the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair, but will be remembered as just Woodstock. It’s going to be attended by over half-a-million people. They’re going to make a movie out of it.”

“You probably just heard about it on the radio or something.”

“OK, they are going to sell tickets, but so many people are going to come that they’ll be forced to stop selling tickets and instead put the musicians on for free. The New York State Thruway will be closed; people will have to walk for more than thirty miles to get there. It will rain at some point on almost every day, the fields will turn into mud, and no one will care.”

“I still don’t believe you.”

“Just wait, you will.”

With that, I turned and left the room. A couple of days later Jack came into my room.

“I just heard about the concert on the radio; it sounds like it is going to be a big deal, there are a lot of great bands scheduled to appear. There’s even a rumor going around that the Beatles are going to be there. Man, I’d love to go, but I know that Dad won’t let me.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Don’t worry, the Beatles won’t be there.”

Work was going well; tips were good. I figured at this rate, I’d have at least another $750 by the end of the summer. There was still nothing in the papers about my next investment, Wal-Mart, going public.

On the night of August 15, Jack came rushing into my room.

“How did you know? They just reported on the radio that thousands of people are still on the roads trying to get to Woodstock. They said they expect at least 300,000 to 400,000 more by tomorrow night.”

“I told you how I know; I lived through it once before as you. Now do you believe me?”

“No, you just made a lucky guess, based upon the groups that were going to appear.”

He turned and walked back out of my room before I could say anything more. For the next couple of days, every time he saw me, he would ask me how I knew. I think he wanted to believe, but there was still a lot of skepticism in the looks that he gave me.

When school started, everyone was talking about “the concert at Woodstock” and how they wished that they were there. All I would say was, “Wait until the movie comes out, you’ll see everything worth seeing.”

Chapter 12

School started and, as always, new kids entered the school. My class wasn’t the youngest anymore; now I was a junior. I was popular, well known by the rest of my junior class and the senior class because of my track accomplishments. I had continued my weight training and now my personal best bench-press was 205 pounds, which wasn’t too shabby considering my weight was around 165 pounds. I felt strong and confident. Now that Jack was a sophomore, I could check up on him from time to time during school and keep an eye on him. My classes were pretty easy. I still remembered a lot of the material from my years as Jack; so I knew I was still in the period when Jack was a good student. I was working Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings so that I could add to my stock purchasing fund.

With my goals set, I had my financial future secured; but I still had Jack’s future to rescue, and I could not remember what it was that sent me down the wrong path in life. He appeared to be happy, just a little shy, as I remembered myself to be. Something must have happened during this coming school year that made him turn to drugs and hang out with the losers of the school. All I could remember was that by my junior year, I was already smoking grass, cutting school and getting high with my new friends. By the middle of my senior year, I had dropped out of school and had moved to San Francisco. I was living with other dropouts, working at odd jobs, begging for money in the streets, all so I could get high.

Whatever it was that changed my life, it was so traumatic that I was blocking it out even now. I had to know and I had to know soon.

One evening Jack and I were in the basement working out. He seemed to be in an unusually good mood; I asked him why.

“I think one of the girls in my class likes me. She’s really pretty. She’s one of the most popular girls in my class. She’s been sitting with me at lunch and introduced me to some of her friends.”

“That’s great, Jack. What’s her name?”

“Betty, Betty Johnson.”

That got my attention. I had heard of this girl. She was one of the cheerleaders; extremely attractive, with a great figure. She had been asked out by some of the guys from the track team, but without much success. No offense to my brother, but why would a girl like that be interested in him. Was he reading more into their relationship than there was; or was something else going on? I’d have to watch her. But for right now, Jack was happier than I’d seen him in a long time and that was good. We finished our workout and went back upstairs to finish any studying we had to do. That night I had a chilling dream.

Jack and Betty, along with a dozen or so of her friends, were in the gym. It was after the annual pep rally held on the Friday night before the big football game against our cross-town rivals. They were all just hanging around, talking and laughing. Betty stood up and, taking Jack by the hand, walked around the corner and into the deserted locker room. They began kissing; she was clearly the aggressor, Jack having never kissed a girl before. After a couple of minutes of this, Jack had an impressive hard on, which Betty clearly was aware of. She took his trembling hand into hers and placed it on her tits.

“Jack, would you like to see my tits?”

At just the thought of seeing her tits, Jack was clearly on brink of cumming. When she saw this, Betty reached down and rubbed her hand along the side of his leg. That was all he needed. With a long moan and a sigh, Jack came. Spurt after spurt of cum erupted out of his cock, right into his underwear.

When he was finished, Betty stepped back and looked down at his beige chino pants. A large and still growing wet spot was quite evident.

“Eeww, you little pervert,” she shouted moving away from him laughing. Then all her friends were laughing too. They had all snuck in while she had distracted Jack. The whole thing had been planned from the beginning.

“You are such a loser. You can forget about going to the Halloween dance next Friday, I wouldn’t be caught dead with a loser like you. The whole school will know what a loser you are by the end of the day on Monday.”

Then they all left the locker room howling with laughter, leaving Jack standing there, heartbroken, crying.

I awoke in a sweat, trembling with rage. That little whore. It was her that had sent him – me! – over the edge. I didn’t have much time, it was already October 15th; the dance would be held in two weeks and the pep rally this coming Friday, so I figured that I’d have to plan on confronting her by Thursday the latest. I lay there in bed planning how I was going to stop her from ruining Jack’s life.

On Thursday, I knew the cheerleaders would be having practice after school. I followed Betty from her locker as she walked down the almost deserted hall toward the gym. As the only sophomore on the cheerleader squad she would be walking to the gym from a different location in the school than the others. I walked right up next to her and spotted a darkened classroom at the end of the hall. As we got even with the room, I grabbed her, covering her mouth, and carried her into the classroom and closed the door.

“I know what you’re planning to do to Jack you little bitch,” I whispered into her ear. “He’s my little brother and I’m very protective of him. What I really want to know is; why him?”

Still holding her tightly up against my body, I let her speak.

“My girl friends and I were talking one day. I was bragging that I could make a guy cum in his pants if I wanted to. He was just coming into the classroom and one of them said “I dare you to do it to him.” It became a game of sorts. We meant no harm.”

“No harm!” I squeezed her harder.

“Do you realize how that could affect him? You’re going to embarrass him in front of your friends; the whole school will know. You will ruin his life; he will become the laughingstock of the entire school. He actually thinks you like him.”

“Please you’re hurting me; I can’t breathe.”

“I haven’t begun to hurt you.”

“Please! I’ll do anything you ask.”

“This is what you’re going to do. You are going to call him tonight at 8 and breakup with him. You will do it as gently as possible. Tell him an old boy friend, a senior, wants to get back together again. Tell him you liked him, but that this guy was really special, and you will still be friendly to him in school. I’ll be listening on the extension so if you screw up or embarrass him in any way, I’ll know, and if that happens this pretty little face of yours will not be so pretty anymore. Ever! Do you understand me?”


“Good. Now, get out of my sight!”

That night, after our work out, Jack and I went upstairs to study. At 8:00 the phone rang. Mom called upstairs, “Jack, it’s for you.”

Jack ran downstairs to get the call. About five minutes later, as I stood in the hall, he sulked back upstairs, went into his room and shut the door. I could tell he was close to tears. My heart ached for him. I left him alone for about ten minutes, then knocked on his door and without waiting for a response, went in. He was on his bed; it was evident that he had been crying. I sat on the bed next to him.

“You want to talk about it.”

“Betty broke up with me; she’s going back with her old boy friend.”

I held him tightly to my chest.

“That’s too bad, Jack. I know it hurts right now, but trust me you’ll get over it. You’re a good-looking guy. They’ll be plenty of others soon. She just wasn’t the right one.”

I held him as he let it all out. When he finally stopped crying; he looked up at me and smiled.

“Thanks, Anne. You’re the best big sister a guy could ever have.”

That night as I lay in my bed, I thanked God for letting me help Jack. I would still have to watch over him for a while but I felt that the catastrophe was averted; Jack was going to be just fine. I wondered just how much had I changed the future; not that I had any great effect on the future the first time through; but rather, what and who would Jack now affect in the future. The possibilities were endless and thinking about it was giving me a headache. I rolled over and went to sleep.

Chapter 13

Track was going well. I was winning every event I entered. Colleges were sending scouts to observe our meets. I was already getting promises of scholarships if I would attend their university. I even had the coach from the previous year’s Olympic team come to speak with me about trying out for the next games which would be held in Munich. I froze with fear. Munich was the scene of the massacre of the Israeli athletes in 1972. I wanted so much to warn him about it, but of course I could not. I made a mental note to send an anonymous letter about a week before the games warning them about it. That was the best I could do.

The rest of the school year was uneventful. After school ended I went back to work full time. I remembered reading that Wal-Mart, which had become the world’s largest retailer at the time of my death, had started out as a small company around this time and had gone public sometime in 1970. I had to get as much money together as I could and then watch for the announcement.

I still hadn’t been able to convince Jack that I was telling him the truth about being reincarnated. Phase two of my plan was quickly approaching; but I would take no joy in being right about this one. On September 18, 1970 Jimi Hendrix, one of Jack’s favorite guitarists, would die from a drug overdose. That night, before he went up to bed I asked him to stop in my room for a minute. When he came in I told him to sit on the bed.

“I’ve got some bad news that you have to know. Jimi Hendrix is going to die from a drug overdose tomorrow.”

“When did you hear that?” He had not fully comprehended what I had said.

“Did you hear what is said; he’s going to die tomorrow.”

“You’re nuts,” he said and stormed out of the room.

Two days later he came into my room, closed the door and said,

“OK, I believe that you can predict the future.”

“No, you still don’t get it. I’m not predicting the future, I lived in the future; as you, up until April 8, 2012, when I died and came back to this time period as Anne.”

“Does that mean I’m doing to die in 2012?”

“I don’t think so; I was sent back here so I could help all of us make better choices in our lives. You, Mom and Dad, and I are all in much better shape and a lot healthier than we were in my previous life. You were a drop-out, a drug user and I was a fat, washed-up drunken whore. Mom and Dad were both dead by that time, I don’t even remember how they died or when, but based upon how they were eating when I came back I assume they both had heart attacks. I think I have changed that part of history for the better.”

“Do you remember anything else?”

“I know that a couple of more rock stars will die in the next year or so. The next one will happen in about three weeks”

“Can’t you do something to stop it?”

“What do you suggest I do, ring their door bell and say, hello, I’m from the future you’re going to die next week. They would laugh at me then slam the door in my face. Look what it took to convince you.”

“Why do you remember things like that?”

“Because you are so into rock music. Even in your drug days you still loved music. It had a profound effect on you.”

“Do you remember anything about sports, who wins the World Series, stuff like that, we could make a killing?

“First off, I told you that because you were stoned most of the time, I remember very little from this time in history. Toward the end of your life you were more aware and hadn’t killed off so many brain cells. All I remember is that there are large companies from that time period that are dominant in their fields that haven’t started, or are just getting started now.”

“OK, we’ll play the stock market; we could be the richest people in the world.”

“We can’t do that, it would change history. Who knows what kind of problems we would cause. What we have to do is keep a low profile, not stand out. I’m going to invest in the companies I remember. I’ll make more than enough for us to retire at an early age. I will make our lives easier, but we can’t draw attention to ourselves. Do you understand? You can’t say a word about this; not even to Mom and Dad. Promise me you’ll do this.”

“You know I’d do anything for you; yes I’ll keep our secret.”

I had another restless night. I was second-guessing my decision to include Jack in this. How could I be sure that he wouldn’t tell anyone? How could I keep us from changing history more than I already had? I needed a way to keep us isolated as much as possible from the rest of the world, to keep us from affecting other events.

What if, when the time was right, that Jack and I moved away to some isolated spot to live out the remainder of our lives in obscurity? It wouldn’t have to be far, maybe just a small farm in the country. We would need enough money to live on, maybe after we worked for a couple of years. A long-term plan was beginning to form in my brain. I did, however have a few other things to do first, before I could start working towards that goal.

Chapter 14

My senior year in high school was sort of a letdown. I had thought when I was a sophomore that being a senior would be so cool. At this point, I was more or less a loner. I went to class, studied hard because I had to, worked when I could, and worked out when I could find the time or needed the release. I still hung out with some of the kids from the track team when it wasn’t track season, but never dated anyone. I was aware of the rumors going around the school that I was a lesbian; but none of the girls ever hit on me either. I guess they were too scared to find out if the rumors were true. Even Joann and I had drifted apart. Her interests consisted of boys, boys, and more boys.

There was one small but memorable incident that occurred during October of that year. I was walking down the hall early one morning before school. As I approached the infamous intersection of the two main hallways of the school, a small boy came running around the corner, probably a sophomore heading to his locker. Before either of us could react, he slammed into me at full speed. To him it must have felt like he ran into the wall, because he just bounced off me and crumbled to the floor. I looked down at him, I could tell by the dazed expression on his face that he had no clue where he was or what had happened to him. I bent down, picked him up under his armpits and lifted him high over my head.

“Hey little man, you’d better watch where you’re going or someday you’re going to hurt someone.”

I thought he was going to start crying any second, so I put him back down on the ground. As soon as his feet touched the ground he took off like a bat out of hell toward the sophomore building.

October was memorable for another reason. I made the second of my long-term investments. I had told my broker to buy $2,500 worth of Wal-Mart when it went public. He called me to let me know that he had completed the purchase. The next day I went to the bank and withdrew almost all of my money.

When I dropped off the check he said, “I sure hope you know what you’re doing, this is a pretty large investment in an unproven company.”

“I’m sure that in the long run this company will prove to be a very good investment.”

Two down, two more to go.

Christmas came and went; a happy time in our household for sure, but not a big deal. When school resumed in January, however, things began to get interesting. First of all, my schoolwork became a little harder. The teachers started going over things that I no longer could remember. I had to work a lot harder to maintain my grades. I realized that this was the time that Jack had turned to drugs, primarily marijuana, in order to cope with what Betty had done to him. I had stopped studying, and barely paid attention in class when I chose to go at all. But I made it through the year.

My senior prom was three weeks. I was eighteen, had no boyfriend, and I really had not given it much thought. Then, one day when I was at my locker, Todd came up to me.

“Anne, would you like to go to the prom with me,” he blurted out?

“Todd, you remember the last time we went to a dance together, how badly it ended? Well nothing has changed.”

“I promise I’ll be on my best behavior. I would like to see you again.”

I thought about it for a little while, and then agreed to go.

When I got home that night I told my mom. She got all excited,

“I’ll make you a nice gown, I’ve got a really nice pattern and I already have the material.”

I think she was way more excited about it than I was. I went upstairs did my homework and studying; then after supper went downstairs and pushed my workout to my limits.

What was I thinking, going to the prom? I still wasn’t sure about my own sexuality. My male brain was into girls, my body was pushing me toward boys, I was still a virgin… and very confused.

I have to admit that the gown made me really look good. It fit snuggly from my waist down and showed off just enough of my chest to insure interest in my boobs, while covering my muscular arms. I felt very feminine; sexy. Todd picked me up in his father’s big roomy Plymouth. He looked very handsome in a suit and tie. At the prom, held in the gym, we danced and had a great time. He was a perfect gentleman.

After the prom, we drove out to the lake, a make out place for the local teens since the days before my parents. It might even been the place where I was conceived. I was really nervous and confused. I really wanted to do this with Todd, but my mind couldn’t get over the fact that I would be kissing a guy. I moved closer to him and began to rub his arm while we talked. He tilted his head and began to kiss me; my body responded. We kissed for a while, our tongues exploring, our hands rubbing and feeling each other.

“Do you want to move to the back seat?”

Without thinking, I said yes. We got out of the car and reentered the rear. There was plenty of room to lay down, Todd moving over me. He slipped my gown off my shoulder and exposed my right tit. I could feel his cock, hard in his pants, rubbing against my thigh. He took my nipple into his mouth and began to lick and suck on it. Suddenly, I felt an orgasm rumble up through my body, I stiffened and held him tightly to my tit. When I recovered, I realized that things were going way too fast for me. I muscled us around until I was on top.

“Todd, I’m still a virgin and intend to stay that way. I know you’re excited and I don’t want to disappoint you. Please let’s just leave it with this.”

I could see the look of shock and disappointment wash over his face when he heard what I had said. He was about to say something when I began to slide my way down his body. I started to loosen his belt, unfastened his pants and pulled down his zipper. Reaching into his boxers, I found his cock, hot and hard, already oozing precum from the head. I hesitated for a second or two, then, I slid his cock as far as I could into my mouth. I began to move my head up and down, circling the head with my tongue. I could hear Todd’s moans and he began to move his hips off the seat. I knew he would be cumming soon. I hadn’t given that much thought until now. Should I finish him by hand or swallow?

I never got the chance to decide; Todd, suddenly let out a shout, “Anne, I’m cumming!”

His hips jumped off the seat, just as spurt after spurt of cum exploded from his cock. All I could do was swallow. When he was done, I sucked out the last of his cum, and cleaned him; then got out of the car, adjusted my gown and got back into the front seat.

“Please take me home now.”

Todd straightened himself up and drove me home. In front of my house, he tried to apologize, but I wouldn’t let him.

“Todd, thank you for a very nice evening. I really did enjoy myself, but I can’t see you again. You’re a nice guy, but I’m just not ready for this. I have too many plans and my life is too confusing right now. Please understand, I don’t want to hurt you, but this is the way it has to be.”

We got out of the car; he walked me to my door, and kissed me good night. Then turned and walked away.

I walked into the house, Mom was there waiting at the kitchen table. We had a cup of tea and I told her about most of the evening. When I got to the part about the lake, I saw her get concerned. That confirmed what I already assumed; that I was conceived right there on prom night.

“Don’t worry Mom, all we did was make out,” I lied. “I’m strong enough to stop any guy from doing what I don’t want him to do, and at this point in my life, going all the way is the last thing I want to do.”

I could see the relief wash over her face. I finished my tea, said good night and went to bed. That night I had another dream. Only this time it was about Anne. In the dream, Anne went out with Todd all through the rest of the year. After high school, they got married. Everything was fine at the beginning; they both had jobs and made enough money to live on their own. They planned on a family, but after three years of trying they had no luck. When they finally went to the doctor, they found out the problem was with Anne. It was determined that she could not have kids, that there was something wrong within her that couldn’t be fixed that was preventing his sperm from fertilizing her eggs. Anne wanted to adopt kids, but Todd didn’t want anything to do with kids other than his own. This led to fighting. And drinking. And more fighting. Soon, they were separated and then divorced. Anne moved into a trailer park, because it was the only thing she could afford on her own. She kept on drinking and soon began to put on weight. She began frequenting bars and became a slut, sleeping with any guy that offered to pay for her booze. When the guys no longer found her attractive, she found herself, alone, fat, and old before her time. That was about ten years before I died.

I woke up in a cold sweat. Now I knew what had happened to Anne; why she turned out the way she did.

“Thank god I dumped that loser tonight.”

I received several scholarship offers from out of state schools, but I decided to stay close to home and signed a letter of intent to go to the University of Nebraska. I wanted to be close to home so that I could help out at home and keep an eye on Jack. I also could continue to work and save money.

Chapter 15

One aspect of living my life as a female that I had not counted on was that girls get horny just as much as guys do. I had been able to suppress the urges up until now, but the longer I lived in this body the more my feminine side was taking over. I really wanted to get laid. I didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant; the only thing that was holding me back was the thought of being with a guy. Even though I had given Todd a blowjob, that thought was still bothering me. The more I thought about it the more depressed I got. It seemed that I was destined to be a virgin for the rest of my days.

Then suddenly I had a crazy idea: maybe it wouldn’t bother me if it was Jack who took my virginity. That would solve two problems at the same time. We both would lose our virginities, and I could teach him to be a good lover; he’d improve his self-confidence, and be able to go out and get a girl on his own. No, I couldn’t allow that to happen; that would make him less likely to want to live the rest of his life in isolation with me. What if we became lovers? That would be incest, but who would know? We would have to tell Mom and Dad, of course, but that would be explained when we told them about me anyway. That’s the way it would have to be. We would live together as husband and wife; there would be no chance of having kids, so that wasn’t going to be a problem. The only thing I had to figure out was how to seduce him and when.

The when was determined by our mother’s maiden aunt. Shortly before graduation, my mother received a letter from her asking if she could come and spend a week or two to help her recover from surgery that she had scheduled for the middle of August just after Jack’s eighteenth birthday. Mom, being her only living relative felt obligated to go; but was worried about Jack and I being home alone for much of the day while Dad worked. I convinced her that I was certainly capable of taking care of the house and Dad and Jack for two weeks.

At graduation, I received several awards for my track accomplishments. My scholarship was announced. What made me feel best of all was the fact that I had graduated in the top ten percent of my class, while holding down a job and participating in track. After the ceremony we went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. It felt good to be the one waited on for a change.

The day Mom was scheduled to leave, Dad took her to the bus depot in town, then went to work. I felt a little guilty for having to do this behind their backs, but there was no other way until it was time to tell them about me. During the summer, Jack and I would work out in the morning, while the basement was still relatively cool. That particular morning I chose clothes that would expose as much of my body as possible. I wanted to get him truly turned on before I asked him to make love to me.

I started working out early before he came down, so when he entered the room I had my body really pumped. I thought he was going to lose it right then and there when he came into the room. He just stood there with his mouth open, his hand subconsciously rubbing his growing erection.

“I – I… forgot something upstairs,” he stammered, “I’ll be right back.”

“No! You stay right there; I have a favor to ask of you.”

I knew it was now or never, so I just blurted it out.

“Will you make love to me, Jack? I want you to take my virginity; you’re the only one I can trust.”

“Anne, are you sure? I have always fantasized about you, about making love to you; I just don’t know if I can. I’m a virgin, too.”

“Jack, I’ll teach you everything you need to know. Come on let’s go upstairs to my room; I have to shower first.”

We practically ran upstairs. When we got to my room, I made him sit on my bed, while I stripped out of my workout clothes.

“You sit right there, and don’t even think about playing with yourself. I’ll only be a few minutes.”

I stood in front of him, slipped out of my shorts and top, and stood in front of him completely naked. I knew I was driving him crazy, especially when I flexed for him just before heading to the bathroom.

“Remember what I said: don’t you dare touch yourself.”

I showered and dried my hair in record time, then put on a sexy nightie that I had found in Mom’s drawer, knowing that it wouldn’t stay on for very long. When I came out of the bathroom, I found Jack exactly where I left him. I figured I’d better relieve him or he would make a mess out of everything.

“Stand up, Jack.”

I grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. Throwing it on the floor, I told him to take off my nightie. His hands were shaking as he pulled it over my head. I took it out of his hand and put it on the chair next to my bed. I went to my knees in front of him, grabbed his shorts, and pulled them down to his feet, allowing him to step out of them. I looked up into his eyes, then down his body.

Our workouts had really made a big difference in his body. He was well-muscled – not huge, but certainly a lot better than before. His stomach showed the beginnings of a six-pack and his legs were lean and toned. Best of all was his erection. It seemed bigger than I had remembered mine being, probably about seven inches in length, and was about two inches in diameter, with a large head already showing signs of precum.

“You’re beautiful,” I said as I took the head into my mouth without hesitation. I looked up into his eyes as I began to circle my tongue around it. I could feel my nipples grow and harden and my pussy tingle. Jack let out a soft moan as I took more of him into my mouth.

“Anne, you’d better stop, I can’t hold out much longer.”

I was feeling so sexy and at the same time was enjoying the feel of his cock in my mouth and knowing what I was doing to him. Instead of releasing him, I grabbed his ass with both hands and began to pump him in and out of my mouth.

“Anne, oh God I’m cumming.”

I felt his cock swell and begin to pump his load into my mouth and down my throat. When he was finished, I sucked what was left in him and then released him. I looked up into his eyes once again and smiled. I pushed him back onto the bed and climbed up next to him.

“Anne, that was wonderful; so much better than doing it by myself.”

“You haven’t felt anything yet. You rest for a couple of minutes, then I want you to make love to me.”

I lay down next to him, kissing his neck and nibbling on his nipples. I reached down and found him ready for round two. I laid back and pulled him over me. His weight was no problem for me. He began to lick my nipples, touching and biting, alternating between the two. When I couldn’t stand the pleasure any longer, I reached between us and guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said.

“Please, I need it so badly; just do it.”

I felt a sharp pinch as he entered me. It wasn’t bad at all. Then I had a feeling of fullness as he buried his cock into my soaking wet pussy.

“Are you OK?”

“So much better than OK”

With that, he began to do what nature told him to do. He pulled almost completely out than pushed slowly back in. This was the most amazing feeling I ever experienced. Soon, I could feel my first orgasm with a man overtaking me.

“Jack, that’s it keep going, keep going, a little harder. Yes, yes I’m cumming.”

I felt my whole body shake, and a warmth spread from my pussy up to my neck. I could feel my pussy convulsing around his cock.

“Jack don’t stop, that was wonderful; I want more, harder please, I won’t break.”

I threw my feet over his ass and urged him on. Soon I could feel another more powerful orgasm coming on.

“Jack, here I go again. I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

“Me too Anne, Oh my god; yes, yes; ahhhh.”

I felt his cock spurting cum into me; I saw stars and then blackness overtook me.

When I came to, I saw Jack looking down at me a worried expression on his face.

“Are you OK? You scared me for a second.”

“That was wonderful. It was the greatest feeling I ever experienced. Thank you.”

“Anne, I love you so much; I want this to last forever. I don’t care if you are my sister. We have to figure out a way for us to be together always.”

I smiled and said, “That’s exactly how I feel. I love you too. I just didn’t realize it until now. We will make it work. I was already planning on it. Now knowing how we feel about each other will make it that much easier. Let’s clean up a bit, and then I have to give you a couple of lessons about a woman’s body.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Then he began to laugh. I asked him what was so funny.

“I wonder if this is where the expression comes from,” he said as he pulled out of me and headed to the bathroom.

“What expression?”

“Go fuck yourself.”

He made it to the bathroom and locked the door before I could catch him.

“Wait until you get out of the bathroom; I’ll give you go fuck yourself.”

Through the door came a laugh and, “I certainly hope so; and often.”

When we both had cleaned up, we returned to bed and spent the rest of the day exploring each other’s bodies. I showed him how to lick my pussy. I have to admit he was a fast learner. I took a great amount of pleasure having him lay on his back and riding him until he approached his orgasm, then squeezing him with my internal muscles until his urge subsided, only to work him up again. He begged me for release, which I finally allowed when I could no longer go on. By the end of the day we were both completely sated. We cleaned up just before Dad came home.

Chapter 16

This went on for the entire time that Mom was away. When she returned, she took one look at the two of us and knew something was up. I don’t know how she knew, but that night after everyone else was asleep, she came into my room and shut the door.

She sat on the edge of the bed. “I know something is going on between you and your brother; I can see that you’re treating each other differently. I’m afraid to ask what it is, but I have to know.”

“Mom, there’s only one way to put this; we are in love with each other and want to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Before she could burst into tears or start yelling at me I tried to explain.

“Mom, before you say anything I have something that I want to tell you; something that you’re going to find impossible to believe.”

“OK, you have my full attention.”

“Mom, do you remember the morning when I was in ninth grade and I fainted in the bathroom while I was getting ready for school?”

“Yes, I remember; go on.”

“The reason I fainted was because up until that morning I was an old man, lying in a hospital bed in the year 2012. In fact I wasn’t just any old man, I was Jack. We had all screwed up our lives so much that at that point, I was dying of heart failure after living a life on drugs; Anne was a drunk, living in a trailer park, and you and Dad were already dead. I asked God for another chance to make things right and, when I died, I woke up in Anne’s body. You can imagine the shock I had trying to go to the bathroom and finding out I was a girl. Everything I’ve done since then has been to try to change our lives for the better.”

She looked at me with an unreadable expression on her face.

“Let’s assume for a moment that all this is true. That still doesn’t explain why you and your brother are sleeping together.”

“I’m getting to that. I soon realized that we were going to change our futures; change history as I knew it. I wanted to minimize that as much as possible. My plan is for Jack and I to live out in the country as man and wife so that we would have little contact with the outside world.”

“What about your father and me? What about kids?”

“I knew that I was going to have to have this discussion with you before he and I moved in together. As for kids, I already know that Anne isn’t able to have any kids. That was the main reason why her marriage broke up.”

“This is too much for me to believe. Is there any way for you to prove to me that what you’re saying is true?”

I thought for a moment, and then came up with a solution.

“What if I told you about something that is going to happen in the future? Would that convince you that I’m telling the truth?”

“That depends on what it is?”

“Unfortunately, the only interest that Jack had after he turned to drugs and dropped out of school was rock and roll. The next historical event that I can remember from this period is the death of another rock star. Would that convince you? You know the musical group named The Doors? The lead singer, Jim Morrison, is going to die on July 3, 1971 in Paris from what will be reported as a heroin overdose, but no autopsy will ever be done so it will never be confirmed.”

“That’s awful; but yes that would convince me. I want you to write it down, put it in an envelope, seal it and give it to me. I’ll keep it safe until then. In the meanwhile, I want you to promise me that you and your brother will stop this affair until then. If what you say comes to pass, then we’ll reexamine your situation. Is that fair enough for you?”

“It’ll be really hard, especially on Jack, but I’ll explain it to him.”

“I don’t want you to say anything to your father; I think we’ll all have to explain it to him when and if the time comes. How am I ever going to sleep tonight?”

I explained everything to Jack, and although he wasn’t happy about putting his newly acquired sex life on hold, he agreed to abide by Mom’s conditions.

Chapter 17

I worked all summer in anticipation of my next stock purchase, though it wasn’t going to occur for another eleven years. I would have plenty of time to amass the funds necessary to insure that we all would never have to worry about our futures. In 1981, a company called The Home Depot would go public and would drive all of the competition out of the Do-It-Yourself home improvement business. It would also affect lumberyards and hardware stores as well. The reason why I knew so much about it was that I had read an article on line just before I went into the hospital. I had been playing the “if only I had” game, and found out that if I had invested $5,000 in Home Depot at the time of its IPO, because of all the stock splits that investment would be worth almost eight million dollars in 2011. I planned on making an even larger investment than that if I could.

In September, I started college and Jack started his senior year in high school. College work was a lot tougher than high school. Not only was I treading on what was for me virgin territory, there was also the fact that no one was looking over your shoulder telling you to go to class or asking if your homework was done. The fact that I had been a good student and had developed good study habits made it a lot easier. I had decided that I was going to learn everything I could about business and finance, so that would be my declared major when the time came. In the meantime, I took my required courses and took business courses as my electives. I also had to continue my physical conditioning, because my scholarship was dependant on my making the track team.

At this point in my life I had stopped growing. I was five feet eleven inches tall, and because of the muscle I had been able to build, I weighed one hundred and eighty pounds. I had pushed my personal limit on the bench press to a very respectable two hundred and twenty five pounds. However, I found myself competing with women who were bigger than me and at least as strong, so I had to sharpen my skills even more in order to compete with them.

I bought myself a used VW Beetle to drive back and forth to school. On days when I could, I drove Jack to school. The car really came in handy when I started having track meets. One of our meets was at home on a Saturday morning. Jack wanted to come watch me; so we drove up together. We won the meet and I placed second in the shot and won the javelin. On the ride back home I pulled behind an empty store building. I got out of the car and walked around to Jack’s door.

“Why are we stopping here?”

“Because I know we both need this.”

I pulled him out of the car, pulled down his shorts, and propped him up on the roof of the car. His cock was rock hard as I took it into my mouth. I took his entire length, my lips touching the base. I began massaging the head with the back of my throat as if I was trying to swallow him whole.

“Oh God, Sis, that feels wonderful. Where’d you learn to do that?”

I backed off a little, licked around the head, and then when I felt his balls begin to tighten I took him all the way in.

“Anne, I’m cumming.”

I felt his cock pulsate and his cum spurt down my throat. I held him that way until I knew he was finished. With one last long suck I cleaned him up and looked up at him.

“Now that’s what I call the breakfast of champions.”

He jumped down off the car, turned me around, leaned me up against the car, and then pulled down my shorts and panties. He hadn’t forgotten any of the lessons that I had taught him. He licked my pussy, paying particular attention to my clit. I grabbed the back of his head as he took my clit in between his lips and whipped it with his tongue.

“Yes, yes. Oh my God, that’s it, that’s it… yes!

My whole body went stiff, as I felt the rush of my climax from my toes to the top of my head. When I finally let go of his head, he sat back and looked up at me. I had to laugh; most of his face was wet with my fluids. He looked like he had just washed his face. I picked him up and kissed and licked up my juices, then reach into my gym bag and took out my competition towel and wiped his face dry. We got back into the car and headed for home.

“I know we promised Mom that we wouldn’t fool around until she was convinced, but I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Besides, you can’t get pregnant from oral sex. Just don’t tell Mom.”

Before I knew it the school year was over. I had done well athletically and, more important, scholastically as well. I had maintained a solid 3.2 average and as a freshman I had won more than half of the events I had competed in.

I went back to my waitressing job full time. I was becoming somewhat of a celebrity in our small town. I was appreciative of the praise I was receiving, but it convinced me that the only way Jack and I could live in obscurity was for us to move to the country. My tips were better than ever, but there was no sense of urgency; my next investment was ten years away.

On the morning of July 3, Jack and I were downstairs in the middle of our workout, when I looked up and saw Mom standing in the doorway. Her face appeared ashen and she had a stunned look. She held an opened envelope in her hand.

“I just heard it on the radio; they found Jim Morrison dead of an apparent overdose. How did you know?”

“Mom, sit down. I told you, I’ve lived this life before as Jack. Now do you believe me?”

She looked at me, then at Jack, and then back to me.

“At this point I have too; there’s no other explanation for it. Everything you said about your life as Jack, was it true? Was I that bad of a parent, a wife, that I screwed up so badly, that we all turned out so badly?”

“Mom, don’t. You did the best that you could. You couldn’t have helped Jack or Anne; they were old enough to make their own decisions. As for you and Dad, you were victims of your ages, lack of knowledge and the times that you were… are living in.”

I held her tightly as she cried to herself.

“Mom, with a little bit of help, you’ve been able to turn your health completely around – and Dad’s, too. You’ve rekindled the love and the passion that you had for each other as teenagers. I’ve been able to stop Jack from turning to drugs, and I’ve prevented Anne from getting involved in a doomed relationship. The only concern I still have is that Daddy works entirely too much and worries too much about finances. In a few more years, Jack and I will be able to help with the finances.”

“What do you mean, Jack… Anne?”

“Please Mom, call me Anne, it makes things a lot easier. Besides, there already is a Jack in the family. Jack and I have already discussed this; we want to live together as man and wife. Because I still think as Jack, I have a real problem being with other guys. We love each other and are attracted to each other. Since I can’t have any kids, there’s no medical problem with our incestuous relationship. The only problems would come from those in the outside world that might learn the truth and from you and Dad. What we want to do is, at sometime in the future, buy a small farm out in the country and live a quiet, peaceful and secluded life.”

“What would you do for money?”

“Mom, our early retirement would be financed by my stock purchases. If I can work for a few years, save my money and then buy and hold the stocks I invest in, we will be multi-millionaires by the time I’m fifty. Even if I have to sell off some stock along the way to finance our simple lifestyle, we will have more money than we could ever spend. The real reason for living in seclusion, however is that I can’t chance changing the future any more than I already have. There is no telling who we could meet and influence and how that could affect the future. It has to be that way. We just have one more problem. How do we tell Dad and will he believe us?”

“You leave your father to me. I’ll explain it to him. If I need help convincing him do you have anything else in that head of yours that could absolutely convince him?”

I thought for a minute; then said,

“Yes; sadly, I do. It will happen a year from now at the Munich Olympic Games. I wouldn’t say anything more now; but if the time comes that he needs convincing, I can do the same thing I did with you.”

Chapter 18

Mom must have had a talk with Dad a couple of weeks later, because I would catch him staring at me when he didn’t think I was looking. I guess he was trying to decide whether I was his son from the future or if I was just plain crazy. Finally, when we were alone in the living room one evening, he asked me,

“Is it true? Are you really Jack returned from the future?”

“Yes Dad, It’s true.”

He sat, pondering his next question.

“What’s going to happen next year in Munich?”

“Israeli athletes will be taken hostage in their quarters. Ultimately, I believe that thirteen of them, along with six terrorists, will be killed during a rescue attempt. I’m not totally sure of the exact number, but that’s what I remember.”

“What else do you remember?”

“Mostly stuff that pertains to rock and roll because that’s what Jack was into. As he grew old, he spent more time reading about stocks that he wished he had invested in, so I remember some of those as well. Mom told you about the drugs; they really did a job on my memory. I’ve already started investing in the stocks I can remember. I’ve got ten years more until the next one comes along, but when it does it will be the best one because of all the stock splits. The company is going to be called The Home Depot. It’s going to drive most of the companies that are now in the do-it- yourself home improvement industry out of business; that includes a lot of mom-and-pop hardware stores like yours.”

“When will that happen?”

“I don’t know. The company will be based in Atlanta; it could take ten years or more before they open a store in our area.”

“Good, by that time I will be close to retirement. Mom also told me about your relationship with Jack. I don’t know if I approve of that.”

“Dad, I have a real problem relating to other guys in a sexual way, in my mind it’s homosexuality, and with girls it would be the same thing. With Jack, it’s just different; I can’t explain it, other than I am totally comfortable with him. Please understand that he is my only alternative to complete celibacy.”

“I hadn’t thought about it like that. I can accept it as long as Jack is agreeable.”

“Dad, I know it’s hard for you to understand, but we truly love each other and want to spend the rest of our lives together. We promise to be discreet about it. To the outside world, we will be just brother and sister living together. We also promise not to be overly affectionate around the house. I would like us to live as a married couple under your roof, if that’s OK with you and Mom.”

“Let me think about that and talk to your mother before giving you an answer.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

I gave him a kiss on the cheek and a big hug and turned to leave the room.

“Whew,” he said, “with you being so strong, it really is like having my son and daughter rolled into one.”

A couple of days later, over breakfast, Mom, Jack and I had a frank discussion about Jack and I living together.

“Your father and I had a talk last night. At first he was reluctant to allow you to sleep together. He thought you were too young. When I pointed out to him that you, Anne, are a mature woman and that Jack, you are about the same age as your father was when we started sleeping together, his resolve started to weaken. It took a little more… shall we say physical persuasion, but he finally agreed.

“There will be some rules. First of all, you will maintain separate bedrooms for appearance sake, in case anyone visits the house. You will be dressed appropriately at all times when you are in the family part of the house. You will keep the noise to a minimum, so that you don’t embarrass us older folks, who can’t participate in the sexual Olympics like you younger people. With those rules, you have our permission to live as man and wife.”

With shouts of joy, we both jumped up and kissed each other, then kissed and hugged Mom.

“OK, enough, both of you; off to school,” she said laughing.

Classes seemed to drag that day. All I could think about was getting home and making love to my “husband” in “our” bed. Things didn’t go quite as I planned. Jack and I went down stairs after dinner for our usual workout. About half way through, while Jack was doing his bench presses and he wasn’t paying attention, I dropped my shorts and pulled off my shirt. I straddled the bench and pulled down his shorts before he knew what was happening. I watched as his cock filled with blood, twitching with each beat of his heart. When it was fully erect, I guided it into my pussy and took him to the hilt. I started doing somewhat abbreviated versions of squats, his cock sliding in and out of my already sopping wet pussy.

“Oh god, Anne, that’s so good.”

I continued until I could tell that he was really close to cumming, then flexed my arms and chest to their maximum.

“Cum for your muscle goddess,” was all I had to say.

With a low moan, he erupted. I could feel his cock spurting within me, which in turn, sent me over the edge.

“Aaaahhh, so good,” I hissed as my pussy milked out the last of his cum.

We opened the window, cleaned up, and dressed before we went back upstairs. Mom just smiled at me as she turned to finish putting away the dishes. ‘How did she always know?’ I thought to myself as we headed upstairs to do our homework.

I finished my reading before Jack and walked into his room. I sat on the bed and watched as he finished his calculus assignment; marveling at how much different he was now from what he was before. Just then, a thought popped into my head. I walked over to the nightstand, pulled out a pile of comic books from the bottom drawer and lifted the false bottom that he had installed. I reached in and pulled out a couple of magazines as Jack started to get up from his desk in order to stop me.

“How did you know about…” then he stopped in midsentence. “I guess it’s going to take me awhile longer to get used to the fact that you were me at one time.”

I laughed, then turned the magazines over. The top one was the obligatory Playboy, but the other one surprised me; there staring me in the face was a female bodybuilder. As I flipped through the pages I saw that magazine was filled of females in skimpy bathing suits, all extremely fit, most with impressive muscle development. On more than a couple of the pages, there were signs of cum spots.

I laughed, then looked up at Jack and said,

“I guess you won’t be needed these anymore.”

I thought to myself, ‘Another example of how I’ve already changed history. As Jack, I never bought any magazines other than Playboy, and certainly never had a muscle fetish growing up.’

“I guess we are going to have to make the decision as to which room we want to be “ours”. I say we use this one; it has a better view of the yard and stays darker in the morning because the window faces north. Also, since you almost never make your bed, it will take less time for us to get in it, and we won’t have to explain to anyone why its messed up in the middle of the day. Finally, the other room will stay neat and pretty like a lady’s room should.”

With that I grabbed him, threw him on the bed, and started kissing and fondling him. Before long we were both naked and enjoying the feel of each other’s body. Our lovemaking that night was gentle but passionate. Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up and watched Jack as he slept. After a couple of minutes, I began to get horny. I gently lifted the covers and took his flaccid penis into my mouth. As I swirled my tongue around the head it began to expand. Soon, I could feel the slight movements of his hips. I looked up expecting him to be awake, but realized that he was still asleep. With a mischievous grin, I continue my blow job until I felt him stiffen and cum in my mouth. I had a small orgasm as well, just knowing that he was still asleep, no doubt in the middle of a very erotic dream. I returned to my place in bed and held him tightly.

In the morning, while we were both trying to get ready for school, Jack came up behind me and whispered in my ear as he fondled my tits, “I had the most erotic dream last night.”

I laughed and said as I broke out of his grasp and headed downstairs,

“That was no dream, brother dear. You owe me one.”

Chapter 19

Before we knew it, Jack was graduating high school. He had also finished in the top ten percent of his class and had no trouble getting into the University of Nebraska. He even got a partial scholarship, so his tuition would not be a huge burden on the family. During the summer, we both worked at the same restaurant. Once we got a little money together, we bought simple wedding bands and – in an early morning ceremony, just the two of us – we exchanged rings, vowing our eternal love to each other.

The next few years seemed to go by so quickly. Our days were filled with schoolwork, sports and fraternity activities, or work. I graduated with honors and got a job in the finance department of the state bank. A year later, Jack graduated with high honors, with a major in accounting. He got a job with a large local CPA firm. We were both making decent money; but more importantly, we were preparing ourselves for the future, when we would use our acquired skills to pave the way for our early retirement.

We started looking in the real estate papers for a place out in the country with lots of land, and not many neighbors. It was Dad that actually found the advertisement. It was an estate sale. It seemed that an elderly couple had recently died just months apart. Their only child had moved away long before and lived in New Jersey. He was anxious to sell the place as-is, and was willing to hold a mortgage in order to avoid problems with the banks. We all met with the real estate agent and visited the property. The house was large, way more than enough for Jack and me, and although it was located near a major highway for trips back to our hometown, it was isolated from the neighbors. The property was just perfect for what we wanted. The only question was the down payment. The seller wanted half of the selling price in order to hold the mortgage. I looked at Jack, heartbroken; we could never come up with that kind of money. I was about ready to thank the agent for her time, when I noticed Mom and Dad having their own discussion. They seemed to come to a decision, then asked Jack and I to step outside for a family discussion. We excused ourselves and went outside.

“How would guys feel if we continued to live all together?” Mom asked. “There is much more room in this house than in ours, and the way it’s laid out is perfect for setting up separate living quarters. You and Jack can have the bulk of the house, your father and I can have the wing on the side. All we need is a living room, a bedroom and bathroom. We could share the kitchen and have our meals together, just like we do now. You’d have all the privacy that you need. You could even set up a full gym in the barn if you wanted to.”

I looked over at Jack; he was already nodding his head in approval.

“Mom, Dad, are you sure you want to sell your parents’ house?”

“Yes, we’re sure; besides I’m sure that Mom and Dad would approve. They always said that they would do anything for you kids.”

We went back into the house and explained the situation to the agent. When we told her the address of our house, she smiled and said that she would have little trouble selling a house in that part of town and that she was sure she could convince the seller to wait for us to sell our house. She was a happy camper because she would be making two commissions. We were extremely happy because we were getting exactly what we wanted and were still able to keep the family together.

It took less than sixty days to close on both properties. We used most of the proceeds from the sale as the down payment on our new house. We kept twenty-five percent to pay for the needed renovations and sprucing up of the place. We had the movers put most of our belongings in the barn so we could work on the house. After a long hot summer of work, we finally were able to move in. Jack and I moved the heavy pieces, while Mom and Dad moved the personal items and the clothing.

When we had everything just the way we wanted it, Mom announced: “I think it’s time that we christened this house properly. So if you’ll excuse us, your father and I wish to retire for the rest of the evening.” She smiled at both of us. “See you in the morning.”

She took him by the hand and led him towards their bedroom. Nobody could say that Mom and Dad raised two dummies. I grabbed Jack’s hand and led him upstairs to our bedroom.

It was one hell of an evening. During a lull in the action, I could swear I heard my Mom’s screams of passion from clear across the house and through two closed doors. That set us off again; Jack on his back while I straddled his face in a classic sixty-nine. I came so hard that I thought I was going to either drown him or suffocate him as I ground my pussy all over his face.

The next morning, everyone came to breakfast walking a little slower than usual, but with big smiles on all our faces.

Chapter 20

Jack and I were doing well at our jobs and my investments in McDonalds and Wal-Mart were increasing in value every year. So much so that at dinner one evening, I asked Dad what he thought about retiring early.

“How early?” he asked.

“How about by the end of the year?” I responded. “You’re going to be fifty-three years old, you’ve worked hard all you life and you’ve always had to worry about making ends meet. Jack and I make more than enough money to keep the roof over our heads, food in our mouths, put away money for retirement, with a little left over for extras.”

“Jack and I have each set up a self-directed individual retirement account with our broker. This year I want you to do the same. I have over ten thousand in my account; Jack has a little over eight in his. If you set one up now, you can still make a $2,000 deposit for last year and a $2,000 deposit for this year. With interest rates being what they are, you will have close to $5,000 available to invest in the stock I told you about. That investment will grow substantially for at least ten years. By that time, your account should be worth about five million dollars. You and Mom can start traveling, see the world, go on vacations; you won’t have to worry about money ever again.”

I looked at my father, he was staring at me as if I had six heads; he just could not comprehend what I was saying. Mom was sitting there with a small smile on her face seemingly enjoying the consternation her husband was feeling.

“Dad, please don’t worry about it, Jack and I will take good care of you both. As long as you and Mom remain healthy, you will be able to do all the things you ever dreamed of doing. “

“I can’t just stop working, what will I do?”

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