Chapter 1: Graveyard Shift

The cardboard box was surprisingly light. I had braced myself for a heavy weight, as much of the load that needed moving was heavy. I checked my schedule list again. This section of boxes should be jeans and trousers, but the room was in complete chaos as last week’s shift were inundated with stock and just dumped boxes where there was space. I paused, the only sounds were the strange ticking of ancient Victorian water pipes as they cooled down in the cooling air of the night.

The air is musty. Dry. Very still, I could hear myself breathing.

I was on graveyard shift. It was 3.30 am. Dead and quiet, here and there some glow from emergency lighting, every now and again the pipes echoed eerily through the floors and up to the attic spaces. I was in the main store room on the upper warehouse level, the dim lights hung low from the high ceilings, now lost in the dim shadow of piled boxes, wooden racks and shelving. About now there should be a patrol from security but they hardly ever wandered out from their office, I have caught them several times snoozing over easy chairs, Ol’ Jack, Eric and John Boy’s soft porn mags having slipped off their laps onto the floor. Playboy and Leg Heaven. In the three years I’ve worked here I’ve encountered around twenty or so patrols, mainly due to the new recruit who obviously felt honour bound to do a few security checks. But even he succumbed to sleep, and so I had the entire store to myself, well almost, Chris was somewhere in stores getting clothes ready for display near the office section. I didn’t mind Chris, he was big guy with some brains, not overly intelligent but we had a laugh and he worked hard – saw me as his superior although I wasn’t. I was just more with it.

Hornes Department Store stood on the corner of Walford and Gussington Street, a vast rambling Victorian edifice with numerous extensions and wings added as Hornes expanded and grew over the decades. Its still run by the family, Angela Horne, great granddaughter of Alvinton Horne the founder, is the owner and manager of the shop. She is very dedicated and tends to works long hours, she always chats to me when she sees me as she goes home sometimes as late as midnight.

Angela Horne, for a middle aged lady is quite foxy. She has attractive long brown hair and is very tall. She’s always in a business suit and believes all her employees to be dressed smart. She even grants clothing allowances from the store, and so I am always in smart jeans and shirts even for a shift such as the graveyard shift.

I shifted the light box over to the centre of the room, in the overhead light I could see it was hosiery, a box of large sheer tights. Aristoc. I checked it off the lingerie-hosiery list and pushed over to the third door. Chris could take it down when he finishes the display mound. I look at my watch, its 3.45am. Where can he be? The job should have only taken 5 minutes if that. He was a bit of a daydreamer. I often caught he staring off into space, or fixated on floor girl. I found him one shift stroking a silky nightie in the women’s department just gazing at the mannequins. He snapped out of it when I called for him, said he was thinking about Alison.

Now if Angela if foxy, then Alison is a babe. She’s taller than Angela and she wears very high heels that make her long legs look even longer. She wears short skirts and blouses, her breasts are a good size but it is her legs that are gorgeous. Very well defined legs and nice thin ankles, she always wears shiny sheer tights either nearly black or navy. Alison is the new women’s department manager. She’s been here for two months, and has turned every bloke’s head who works here, even Colin the gay guy in Luggage.

I checked off a few more rails of suits and moved a couple of baskets of tee-shirts over. The room was becoming more organised. Hopefully by the end of my fortnight shift the stores would be efficiently organised once again.

Chris was really taking his time, I decided to go looking for him. Tick tick went the pipes as I past beneath them down the stairs to the main office floors. The big waste bins hadn’t been emptied yet, Chris was slacking! Old display clothes were dumped here after they were offered to staff for minimal amounts. What with the clothing allowances much of the ex-display clothes were left for charity. I pushed past the wheelie-bins and noticed that one of the office doors was open. In the dim light of the corridor I could see a shadowy figure inside. ‘Oh shit,’ I thought initially. Burglars. Where was security when you needed them! I was about to head off to fetch Dave, head security officer, when a low desk lamp was switched on in the room. I stepped closer quietly, and hunched down beside the door. The office door plaque read ‘Alison Bourget, Womenswear Mananger.’

I could see a crumpled heap of cloth on the floor. Jeans? Chris’s jeans were on the floor! In the desk light I saw Chris standing there in front of a long mirror. He was wearing a pair of sheer black tights and nothing else. In the reflection I could see he was admiring his long legs and was getting turned on by them. His large cock was erect and poking skywards encased in black nylon. I was quite shocked by the sight.

To see a well built guy naked except for sheer to waist tights, dick erect and buttocks clenched was strangely arousing. My own cock started to grow in the underpants. I continued watching. Chris was turning sideways from left to right and right to left, his eyes peeled to the mirror. Then he pulled the gusset down and started to take his cock in his hand and touch it. He moaned with pleasure. My dick was hard. He started to masturbate, his hand going up and down slowly. With his left hand he reached forward and grabbed at something. Another pair of tights, navy ones. He brought these close to his face. Chris was sniffing the crotch area of the tights. Even from here I could see they had been worn before. He moaned “Alison, oh Alison”, and was wanking himself off faster and faster. After a few minutes he stopped suddenly and groaned loudly, his dick twitching madly before he came big gushes of white spunk into his hand. He dropped the navy tights and brought his hands to his mouth. Chris was licking and eating his own cum!! I was so hard I was almost cumming myself. I had never seen anything like this before!

I backed off slowly and silently, Chris was pulling his black tights down. I headed back to the stairs. “Oi Chris! Where are you, you lazy oik”! I yelled suddenly, grinning from ear to ear. I could imagine the look of horror on his face. I heard him swear and scramble around frantically getting his normal clothes back on.

“Oi Chris! You finished with the bins yet? We’ve got all of mens to sort out and its nearly four already”.

I hung around the stairwell, and kicked the nearest bin to me.

He swore again. I grinned even more.

“Coming”! Chris yelled exiting the office as silently as he was able. He then ran round the corner practically into my arms. I could smell the spunk on his breath. He backed off quickly. “Had to empty the rubbish down on third before I could…er move these down”. He lied. I could tell when Chris lied as he always hesitated and rubbed his chin with his hand. “Yeah, right”, I said.

The rest of the shift till seven we spent in the main store sorting out boxes. I had noticed the wheelie bins were full with lingerie and snagged hosiery from the display mannequins. I had concocted a plan.

I loosened my tie and sat at the bar. It had been a long day but then seminar days usually are. This one was about how to make better use of your time during your working day. The irony did not escape me as I contemplated that my time over the two-day seminar would be wasted and better put to use elsewhere. Like at work maybe.

I looked around the bar and noticed a few of my fellow delegates dotted around in little groups. There was a group of about five, all men and all over fifty probably discussing which management phrase to use on their employees. Next to them sat another group, mixed males and females, laughing away and exchanging jokes by the sound of it. These were the younger element of our group obviously sent here as their bosses thought it beneficial. My memory wandered back a few years and the only benefits I could remember were that all drinks were on expenses and I might cop off with some other like-minded female delegate. Another two groups we scattered around just chatting. “Great.” I thought to myself. An evening with the television and myself as company stretched out in front of me like a long motorway.

I drank the last dregs from my pint glass and was about to leave when I noticed at the other end of the bar was sat another delegate obviously as bored as I was due to the fact she was staring into her glass and looked at least a million miles away. She had shoulder length blond hair and looked to be my age, about mid thirties. She was dressed in a blue business suit with nylons to match. Heels finished of the outfit. She did indeed look stunningly attractive. “What the hell.” I thought to myself and I wandered over.

“A penny for them.” I said.

She looked up and smiled. “Sorry I was miles away. In fact I wish I was miles away but hey, that’s for me to worry about. What can I do for you?”

“Oh nothing really.” I replied. “I just noticed you looked as bored I did and thought I’d come say hi. But I don’t want to intrude or anything if you want to be alone.”

“No, it’s fine. I take it you are also at this seminar then. I think I saw you sitting there this afternoon daydreaming.” she said.

“Yep, that was me. I take it then that you are enthralled at the prospect of another day doing nothing then?”

“Oh, I can’t wait.” came the reply, the words rolling of her tongue in a sarcastic tone.

“Well, the least I can do is buy you a drink then. Same again?” I asked

She looked at me as if trying to guess an ulterior motive but then smiled, winked and said. “I never take a drink off a man whose name I don’t know.”

I smiled back. “Well in that case my name is Neil.”

“Well Neil, I’ll have a vodka and tonic, no ice please.” she said, again flashing a smile at me as she spoke.

I beckoned the barman over. “Vodka and tonic, no ice for the lady and I’ll have a Southern Comfort and lemonade please.” The barman shuffled off and busied himself making the drinks, placing each one down in front of us. I handed him a fiver and mumbled that he could keep the change. Off he went after thanking me. I looked at the lady next me. “I also have a rule. I never allow the lady to drink her drink unless I know her name.” And with that I took her drink and placed it next to mine.

“In that case Neil, my name is Jenny.” she said in mock coyness. Like a teenager she looked up at me and fluttered her eyelids.

“How can I resist that look.” I said and moved her drink back to her. She reached out and our hands touched fleetingly but long enough for me to notice. She picked the drink up and brought it to her lips to drink. She winked at me as she drank and I smiled back. She beckoned me with her finger and I moved my head down to her.

“I have been looking at you all day and I think you are very sexy.” she whispered into my right ear. “How about we leave these drinks, go my room and get to know each other better. My pussy is soaking wet for you. My panties are drenched, as are my tights and I want you.”

My heart missed a beat and I was sure I was dreaming. Here I was, with someone I had know for at least five minutes and she was offering herself to me on a plate. It was unbelievable to say the least. “Are you sure?” I whispered back to her. “I mean you have only just met me. I could be a mass murderer or something.

She leaned into me again. “Mass murderers don’t attend seminars like this.”

She was right. No mass murderer in his or her right mind would be at something like this. I gulped and whispered to her “Don’t you want to know if I am married or not?”

“Are you?” she whispered

“Nope.” I replied.

She leant in again, closer if that was possible. “Good, neither am I and I knew that already anyway. Call it female intuition. So how about it sexy?”

I just nodded in total shock that this beauty next to me wanted to fuck the life out of me. She slid off her stool her skirt riding up showing me her nylon-covered legs all the way to the top of her tights and I followed her eagerly. She pressed the lift button and the doors opened. She took my hand and we went in. As soon as the doors were shut she pressed me against the wall and we kissed a passionate, lust-filled kiss as the lift ascended. She was pushing herself into me and she must have felt my hard cock press against her. She ran her fingers through my hair and whispered again. “First I am going to suck that hard cock until you cum in my mouth. Then I am going to let you rip my tights open and lick my soaking wet pussy until I cum. Then you are going to fuck me hard in every way imaginable and then you will cum again, all over my face. And after that we are going to do it all again and again.”

These were instructions I just had to follow. The lift reached its destination and within seconds we were in her room. We kissed again, our hands roaming everywhere as we moved towards the bed. Feeling the bed behind her Jenny sat down, her face now level with my waist. She snaked out her hand and undid my trousers easily, sliding them and my boxers down my legs. I looked down to see her hand engulf the base of my cock and she stuck her tongue out and licked the head. It was the sexiest sight I had ever seen. Her lips kissed their way down one side of my hardness and then up the other, her hand moving slowly up and down the shaft. Then she placed her lips around it and slid her mouth expertly down, taking my cock deep into her warm, inviting mouth. She used her mouth, tongue and hands expertly on me and before long I knew I would be cumming just as she had wanted.

“Cum for me lover.” Jenny hissed as she once again engulfed my cock with her mouth. Her left hand was stroking in rhythm with her mouth whist her right hand massaged my balls, as if to coax the cum right out of them. As my orgasm approached my hands went to her had and she quickened her pace, knowing imminent she would be getting her reward. With a grunt I announced that I was cumming and what felt like stream after stream of cum jetted into her mouth and down her throat as swallowed all I had to give her. When she was satisfied that she had milked every drop, she licked it clean and planted a kiss on the head. “Mmmm, so tasty Neil. Now it’s your turn.” she said as she opened her legs and raised her skirt up her thighs.

I quickly shed the rest of my clothes and then I knelt before her. I kissed her up her calves, my hands feeling the nylon under them. I kissed over her knees and up her inner thighs, giving each leg the same attention as the other. My eyes flicked up and she had opened her jacket and blouse. Her bra was pushed down and her fingers were playing with her nipples. As I went higher I could begin to feel her warmth and smell her sex. She had been right to say she was soaked as when my tongue reached the crotch of her tights it was indeed soaking. I pushed my finger up into the fabric of the tights, pushing it into her along with her panties. I heard a soft moan and I pushed deeper.

I ran my nail over the fabric causing it to ladder, which made it easier to rip open the tights at the crotch. The sound of the material ripping made Jenny moan even more. My tongue snaked over her upper thighs as my finger moved her panties to one side. I could smell her more clearly now and I wanted to taste her nectar that was making her pussy glisten. I ran my tongue up and down her wet lips, my fingers spearing them as my tongue probed inside her. Her legs opened wider and I felt her hand on my head. My finger pushed into her and soon both the finger and my tongue were working on her clit. I pushed another finger into her and my tongue suckled on her now engorged clit, rolling it between my lips as I sucked it. Her hips buckled and she began to moan louder. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” she begged as my tongue moved faster and my fingers pushed deeper. “Fuck yes…yes…..I’m cumming.” screamed Jenny as shudder after shudder erupted through her. I greedily lapped on her now free flowing juices as she came again and again.

I licked gently as she purred, the last of her orgasms drifting away.

“Geez, you sure know how to lick pussy don’t you?” she beamed.

“Well, your oral talents have also been noticed I can assure you.” I replied.

She looked at me as she took of her jacket, blouse and bra. “Now come here and fuck me with that hard, big cock of yours.”

I scooted up the bed and looked down at her. All she had on was her skirt that was bunched up over her waist, her heels and a pair of tights, ripped in all the right places. Just the sight of her made my cock go harder. I leant down and kissed her, feeling her hand go straight to my now throbbing cock. Manoeuvring herself under me, she guided it into her slick pussy easily, moaning as she felt me fill her. Her legs instinctively wrapped themselves around my waist, the nylon rubbing against me.

I began to fuck her hard. There would be time for slow, seductive love making later but now I knew that she wanted to be fucked hard. We found a rhythm quickly as I pushed my cock quickly in and out of her, going deep into her on every stroke. Her legs rubbed against me, the feel of the nylon making me even more turned on and making me push harder. She locked her heels together and we both began to moan. She was telling me all time how good this was, how she could feel me hard inside her, that her pussy was so wet. “Shit Neil, I am going to cum again.” she moaned as her nails dug into me. She shuddered into another orgasm, screaming over and over again. We continued moving together as I rode her through one orgasm into another. She was moaning and screaming, telling me not to stop and to fuck her harder.

Having cum earlier, it would be longer for me to reach orgasm now which she must have known as once her third orgasm of the night has subsided she pushed me off of her and turned around.

Now on all fours she turned her head. “Well come on then.” she purred.

In a flash I was behind her, once again sliding my cock deep into her. My hands held the top of her tights as I began to move hard in and out of her. Every time I pushed into her, she pushed back onto me our bodies banging into each other.

This was hard, wild sex and we were both enjoying it. I felt her hand move under her and then onto my cock, feeling it as it moved in and out of her. I could feel her begin to cum again as she began to moan again and again, each more louder than the last. I moved my hand under her and began to play with her clit.

About thirty seconds was all it took. “Fuck, Fuck….Yessssssssssss.” she screamed as yet another orgasm erupted inside her. I too was now approaching the point of no return. I pushed harder and harder as her orgasm subsided.

“Not long now Jenny, I’m so close.” I moaned.

With that she moved off me and spun round. Taking my cock in her hand she began to stroke me furiously, her tongue snaking out to lick the head. Her other hand was playing with my balls. “Cum for me Neil. Cum all over my fucking mouth and face. Do it.” she said.

I couldn’t hold it any longer. The sight of her hand and tongue, together with her words sent me over the edge. “Cumming, I’m cumming. Cumming now Jenny.” I screamed. The first stream of cum caught her on the eye. The second and third shots caught her cheeks and nose. It was never ending as I came all over her face and into her open mouth. Cum was dripping from her chin, which she caught on her fingers and sucked it into her mouth. She rolled my cock all over her glistening face, gathering the cum on it and then placed it into her mouth as she rolled her tongue all over it.

Sensation after sensation went through me as she cleaned my cock in her mouth. I looked down at Jenny. Her eyes were closed and she was totally engrossed in what she was doing. All I could think to myself was that it looked like a scene from a porn movie except this was no movie. This was real, it was happening to me and I was enjoying every nano-second of it.

Jenny looked up and caught my gaze. With a wink, she let my now soft cock escape from her mouth with a low plop and she licked her lips. She moved herself up to my face and kissed me. I could taste me on her and we both moaned as our tongues danced together.

Finally breaking our embrace Jenny looked at me. “So tell me a bit about yourself Neil?” she asked, fluttering her eyelashes in the same way she did in the bar.

I laughed. “Aren’t we supposed to do that before sex?”

It was Jenny’s turn to laugh. “Depends, doesn’t it” she replied and with that she leant over and picked up the phone. ” I’d like room service please. A bottle of champagne please and two glasses. Thank you.” She replaced the phone on the hook and looked back at me. “About time I got undressed, don’t you think?”

“You look fine as you are Jenny.” I replied.

“Hmmm, ok but let me lose the skirt.” she said.

About five minutes later, as we were lying in bed there was a knock at the door. “Room service.” came a dainty voice from the hallway.

“Bring it in. It’s open.” shouted Jenny at the door. The door opened and there stood a tall, brunette woman dressed in a white blouse, short skirt and black fishnet tights. “Just over here will be fine.” Jenny said, pointing to beside the bed. The door closed behind her as she silently brought the champagne trolley into position. The brunette stood up and smiled at Jenny.

“I think she is waiting for a tip.” I whispered.

Jenny nodded and then beckoned the girl towards her. The girl leant over and Jenny took her head in her hands. Leaning into each other the two women kissed open mouthed, their tongues swirling around each other’s. I just looked, my jaw dropping to the floor at this sight in front of me.

Breaking the kiss Jenny smiled. Turning to the woman she said. “Tanya, this is Neil.” She then looked at me. “Neil, this is my girlfriend Tanya.”

I was stunned into just a smile. I looked over at Tanya who was unbuttoning her blouse. Jenny’s hand moved her skirt up her tights to reveal that Tanya wasn’t wearing any underwear. The blood instantly rushed to my cock and it began to grow again. Jenny looked at me and smiled. This was going to be a long enjoyable evening.

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