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The ambiance in the senior facility was different than the others. Seniors continually tweaked their looks and performances to discover their highest potential. Approaching graduation, seniors were allowed to fine tune their poise through limited short soirées off campus with elite pledge contributors. Brooke’s soiree had been ahead of schedule due to her mother’s influence. Upon graduating, Total Women alumni were beyond Academy control and free to seek their individual paths to prosperity and success. Until then, the students were communally competitive about their grades and test scores.

Ned turned his attention to the housemother for a detailed explanation of the current dilemma. Mrs. Smith told Ned that Destiny needed a retest of her vaginal clamping. Despite practice and success using bio-feedback vaginal probes, Destiny had only earned a score of “good” from her live evaluator. A room was available onsite for Ned to repeat Destiny’s live test at his earliest convenience. Ned asked that the room be furnished only with a wide low padded massage table rather than a bed.

Ned found his room and saw the waiting low table. He undressed, lay back, closed his eyes and reminisced on Brooke’s tale. He heard the door open and turned his head. Destiny entered and as she closed the door Ned saw Destiny’s friends peeking from the hallway as they blew her kisses and whispered “good luck”. Destiny was truly Euro-Chinese with crisp blue almond shaped eyes and long black hair. Her bangs hung over her eyebrows. The rest hung past her navel. The silky cascades obscured her firm pert breasts but each nipple nub peeked through small gaps in the curtain of hair. Destiny noticed Ned’s semi-arousal and approached him. Ned reached out and took her hand and drew her close. With Destiny in strappy high heels, the tabletop was at her navel level. Ned knew her height was immaterial since she would spend most of the test on the table mounted upright on his rock hard cock.

Ned started the test with introductions and instructions. “Destiny, you are a lovely young woman and I am pleased to meet you and be your re-tester. I promise to give you an honest evaluation. Let’s begin by you getting my cock as hard as you think it needs to be, and then you can remove your heels and climb aboard. This is a vaginal test. Do not put your hands on my cock. I will give you additional direction as we go.”

Destiny nodded her understanding. With her hands clasped behind her back, she leaned over and brushed her hair along Ned’s groin. Her pert breasts peeked out. She kissed his cock’s crown and licked his length. The fleshy tube became firm and long. Destiny glanced questioningly at Ned wondering if he was ready. Ned shrugged and motioned for her to mount-up. Destiny stooped to remove her heels and climbed onto the table straddling her thighs along Ned’s pelvis. She locked eyes with Ned. Destiny rose up and reached down to grasp his tool. She halted her hand in midair when Ned frowned and she remembered “no hands”. Ned reached under to finger her vaginal lips, assured himself that she was fully lubricated and used his own hand to hold himself erect. Destiny positioned her vagina lips on the crown and pushed down. An inch entered. She stroked up and pushed again. A second inch went in. She rested her hands on her thighs and cycled until half of Ned’s length was inside her cunt and his tip bumped her cervix. On the next effort, Ned felt his crown pop through her cervix and into her womb. The shaft of Ned’s tool was fully embedded and it was being tightly gripped by the vaginal pressure holding it.

Ned told Destiny that she should wait until after full insertion before applying vaginal clamping. Destiny replied that she hadn’t started clamping yet but would start now. Her face screwed up in concentration and Ned felt tiny, almost imperceptible, ripples along his shaft. Destiny’s abdominal muscles undulated and sweat broke out on her face. Ned perceived no pressure variance on his cock.

Ned had found the problem. Like himself, the previous tester was a Western male. The problem would solve itself when Destiny went home and experienced Eastern anatomy proportional to hers. Destiny had demonstrated to Ned her commitment to excellence when his crown passed through her cervix. In his own mind, Ned knew the test was finished. But Ned was not finished. Aroused by Brooke’s story and now this session with Destiny, Ned desired release. Destiny would provide the mode and receptacle for his release. He would allow Destiny to continue her efforts thinking she was still being tested.

Ned touched Destiny’s knees and she stopped and opened her eyes. He motioned with a flat palm upward and Destiny drew his crown out of her womb and left the shaft half embedded in her vagina. Scratching the insides of her legs, Ned signaled the tempo for a half-length up and down motion. As his ardor rose, he gave her knees a few gentle push pull signals. Destiny arrested the vertical strokes and moved her buttocks slowly backward as his length emerged from her vagina. She felt his crown drag along the length of her cunt wall, sweeping her G spot and sliding towards her entry lips. Stopping just at the verge of where the head could fall out of her, she raised her hips slightly and pushed forward to reseat his cock. This cycling continued for countless repetitions until Ned felt the approaching finale. The familiar prickly tingling started in his toes, spread up the nerves in his legs and crashed into his groin. His breathing shortened and gusted. He leaned his head back and growled low as the initial pulse jetted up and out of his cock. His eyes screwed shut. He saw stars and polygons of color under his eyelids as the following three bursts erupted into Destiny’s tightness.

Destiny saw the movement as Ned tilted back his head, heard his pre-orgasmic sounds and prepared herself for the imminent finale of her re-test. She tensed. Ned’s ejaculate discharged into her organic receptacle as she felt his pelvis strain upward and his back arched. She clamped her cunt and held on. Destiny screamed with pleasure as she joined his ecstasy with her own surge into the orgasm that washed across her.

Their heat ebbed and hazy consciousness returned. Destiny opened her eyes to see Ned watching her face. “Congratulations, you have earned a rating of excellent. Please dismount and clean me. There are warm moist towels in the cabinet under the table.” When she was finished with that task, he explained his theory about the hemisphere specific sexual anatomy. He assured her that as an Academy alumnus, she would prosper in Hong Kong’s business and social community. Destiny donned her heels, leaned over and planted a lingering kiss on Ned’s lips to thank him for his help.

Destiny opened the door, took a last admiring look at Ned and slipped into the hallway. Ned again glimpsed students outside the door. They had heard Destiny’s orgasmic scream and had been drawn by their concern for her. Ned heard the unintelligible murmur of conversation with louder “yeahs” and “congratulations”.

Ned lay back and closed his eyes. He had driven all night and then worked this test all morning. He was exhausted. He always performed the evaluation testing away from a facility in order to preserve privacy and avoid distractions and interruptions. A line had been crossed when he had performed the testing here. Technically, Destiny was a graduate and beyond the Academy’s control but it was still Academy property. He would have to think over its implications but after he got some needed rest. Ned fell into a deep sound sleep.

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