I picture you staying in a nice mid level hotel here locally, maybe just stopping here on the way through to another destination. I am so excited as I get ready to see you, knowing that we will have the whole day together. My black skirt is long and lightweight, floating around my legs. I decided to skip the panties and the only other thing I am wearing is a tightly laced black satin corset with bright red cherries printed down the front. I clip a large red silk rose into my hair and slip into a pair of black leather peep toe stilettos.

The drive to your hotel is short and uneventful and the key card is waiting at the front desk when I arrive. I have added a black cropped jacket that makes the outfit a little more modest but I still get a little thrill wondering what the staff is thinking. Your room is on the third floor and When I step off the elevator I realize that it at the far end of the hall by the fire stairs.

You told me to use the key and just come on in so I do and the sound of the shower running tells me where you are. I debate for a moment whether to interrupt you but decide that I want you to come out and find me waiting. I shrug out of my jacket and quietly place it and my purse on a chair before curling my legs under me in the center of the big king bed. I take a moment to fluff my skirt and hair. The sound of the water stops and I can hear you moving the curtain back. Instantly wet, I lean forward a little to better display my big creamy breasts, already threatening to pop out of the tightly laced corset.

The door opens and you don’t see me at first because you are drying your face with the towel. I bite my lip to silence a delighted gasp when I see that you didn’t bother to put on any clothes before leaving the bathroom. You are even more impressive in person and I can’t wait to touch and lick every thick inch of you. You drop the towel and your eyes sparkle to discover me curled up on your bed.

“Well, hi there.” Your words are quiet and your normal jovial personality seems tempered by something dark and smouldering. “Come here.” I shiver but obey instantly, thrilled at the commanding tone in your voice. My sexy heels bring my eyes in line with the bottom of your chin and when I tilt my face up expectantly, you chuckle and brush your lips across mine. One of your big hands tangles in my hair and the other wraps around my back, drawing me up against your strong body. I can feel the hard heat of you through the thin cotton of my skirt and a trickle of helpless moisture slicks my already dripping pussy.

Your lips crush down on mine harder now and a gentle stroke of your tongue parts my lips on a soft moan. You are an incredible kisser, never sloppy and leaving me wanting more. I pant faster as you kiss and nip down the column of my throat and across the plump tops of my breasts. Your tongue delves into the deep crease between them and makes me shiver. I feel your hands working behind my back and soon the corset is loosened and shoved down below my aching hard nipples. I am surprised when you tug it tight again.

“Put your hands behind your back.” You growl as you lap one hard, rosy peak after the other. It feels so good I don’t even question you and a delicious tendril of fear curls in my belly when you tie my wrists securely against my back with my corset laces. “Now down on your knees.” You help me to kneel in front of you and stroke my cheek and hair, letting me take my time.

I lean forward eagerly, swirling my tongue around the broad head, tasting the pre-cum collecting there. The taste of you only seems to excite me even more so on a soft moan I lean forward farther sinking your cock deep into my eager mouth. You are so thick that I don’t know how much I will be able to take but I relax my throat and let the head slip into my throat. I fight the gag reflex and pull back for a breath, my tongue swirling crazily against the underside of you, sweeping across all of your most sensitive places. Your hand on the back of my head pulls me forward again so you can sink deep into the heated wetness of my willing throat. I struggle a little to take you all in but a few strokes later, I feel my nose brush against the curls on your groin.

You groan quietly and tremble a little fighting for control. I suck harder and tighten my lips around your girth, trying to make your resolve crumble. I want to taste you and feel you spilling your cum down my throat. My eager little moans and whimpers vibrate around your shaft and I feel your cock jump and thicken even more just a moment before my mouth and throat is flooded with jet after jet of your hot seed. I can feel dampness trickle down my leg. It is such a turn on to make you lose control. Your still hard cock slips from my lips and I kiss and lick gently, swallowing your load and making sure you watch me lick up the little trickle still escaping you.

After a moment, you pull me to my feet and clutch me tight against you. Kissing my bare shoulders and the top of my exposed breasts. You are very calm now and your touch is gentle but you don’t seem inclined to untie me. I feel my legs bump into the side of the mattress and one of your big calloused hands slips under the edge of my skirt, dragging it up until you cup the bare skin of my ass.

“Mmmmmm. No panties? Very naughty.” Your whisper brushes across my ear and you slip your other hand under my skirt to knead and massage my plump ass cheeks. You lean forward, softly biting my neck until I am tipped off balance and tumble backward onto the bed. My big boobs jiggle invitingly and I giggle when you shove my thighs apart and flip my skirt out of your way. Giggles turn quickly to moans as you nip and lick my inner thighs. You avoid the one place I want you to touch most but drive me wild by getting closer and closer only to move away again.

I spread my thighs wide for you whimpering, needing you so badly, moving my hips restlessly. With my arms bound I can’t guide your sweeping tongue to my weeping center and I moan helplessly. I am so close. All I need is your tongue on my clit to make me cum. Finally you lick hard from my asshole all the way to my throbbing clit and I squeal with the intense waves of my climax.

You move up my body and suck hard at my exposed nipples, slowly sinking your cock deep into my still clenching pussy. You are so thick I can hardly take you inside and I am so wet. Your lips find mine and you pinch and pluck at my tight, tingling nipples. You rock your hips forward to give me that last fraction of an inch and I know you are going to make me cum again. You bend me over nearly double and rest my stiletto clad feet on your broad shoulders. Your slow pace is intensely pleasurable and maddening at the same time.

One of your big hands strokes down my body and you increase the speed and force of your thrusts, finally giving me the hard fucking I am craving. You wet your fingers in the slick juices pouring from my desperately aroused pussy, sliding first one and then two thick fingers into my tight asshole. My back arches as you thrust your fingers and your big cock faster and harder. Suddenly my orgasm crashes over me in violent waves, almost painful in its intensity. My pussy clenches tightly and I can feel you throb inside me as you flood my insides with hot cum.

After a moment, our shuddering calms and you lower my legs to the bed with gentle hands. you collapse next to me and cuddle me close while you reach around me and untie my hands. I smile when you kiss the slight red marks on the pale skin of my wrists…

My name is Bob and I want to recount a memorable weekend I had when I was attending University. I was in Ottawa for a co-op work term and it was in the fall. My girlfriend, Sue, was living in Newfoundland but had traveled to Toronto with her mother and sister on a business trip. Sue and I had planned for her to come to visit me in Ottawa over the weekend so she took a train after flying to Toronto.

Sue was a short brunette with fine curves. Today, she is 5’3″ with 38DD breasts, at the time of this event occurred she was a 21 year-old 36C-27-35. I was also 21. I was above average height standing 6’2″ but I was a slim 180 lbs. I also had broad shoulders and long brown hair.

Sue liked to wear skirts and dresses and usually worn them with nylons without panties. Sometimes she wore stockings and suspenders with panties. She always wore the panties over the garters so that they could be easily removed for sex. She also preferred to wear bras with a front closure. Given her size, she was not comfortable going braless.

Her normal attire gave her a conservative, girl next door look, especially since she wore glasses and she worked in a book store. Underneath that conservative exterior she liked to wear sexy lingerie when we went out together.

I would describe her as a good girl to the outside world but a vixen when we were alone. Sue frequently would be the aggressor in our sex life.

It was Friday and the plan was for me to meet her at the train station. There weren’t too many passengers who got off the train that evening.

When I first saw her, she looked sexy as hell. She was wearing her red trench coat and she had on black nylon stockings and red high heels.

Two young men about our age were walking several steps behind her but keeping pace and checking her out as she walked through the train station. They both smiled at me and gave me a ‘thumbs up’ when Sue came over and gave me a great big hug and kiss.

She felt great and I could immediately tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra as she pressed into me. I thought she was giving me a treat by going braless and that explained why she had her coat buttoned up.

Being a student on a work-term I didn’t have a car. I grabbed her bag because we had to hop on the bus to ride back to my place. Both the lurkers from the train station also got on the bus and sat across from us in the seats that faced sideways.

I noticed that Sue seemed a bit nervous and I assumed it was either because this would be the first time she would meet my roommates, or because it was the first time she would be sleeping over with me. She still lived with her parents and always made a point to end the night at home in her own bed.

She placed her left hand in my lap and said, “I can tell someone is happy to see me.” She then slid her right hand inside her coat to her crotch as she gently stroked my cock through my jeans. When she pulled her hand back out she showed me the moisture on it and said, “And someone is happy to see you too.”

She then brought her fingers up to my face for a closer inspection. I could smell the musky scent of her pussy on them. I kissed her fingers and took them into my mouth to taste as I reached out and lifted her onto my lap to kiss her properly.

She squirmed and whispered, “Not here.” But I held her and continued to kiss her.

As she squirmed I could feel the strap of her suspenders and thought no bra and wearing stockings and suspenders. I felt excited and proud to be with such a sexy, beautiful lady. I was thinking that this was getting better and better all the time.

She finally stopped protesting when she realized that we were starting to draw the attention of other passengers in the bus. She sat in my lap for the next five minutes and I was happy to hold her and enjoy the feel of her close to me.

We were getting close to my stop so I kissed her again. My hands were wandering over her body. I had one hand caressing her ass tracing her suspenders with my fingers as my other hand ran across her front.

As we kissed I undid the buttons on her coat down to the belt without her realizing it. I then slid my hand inside to get a less restricted feel of her breasts. As I reached in her eyes went wide in surprise, quickly followed by my own. She didn’t have a top on and I had just flashed her bare breasts to the two men from the train!

I heard one say “Nice tits.”

Her legs had also spread as we were kissing and the bottom half of her coat had opened to the belt as well. Looking down I could see her pussy. She was only wearing the coat with a pair of stockings and suspenders and red high heels.

The other guy groaned and said, “Fuck she’s hot.”

Sue flushed with heat and embarrassment and slid back into the other seat as she straightened her coat to cover herself again. She turned toward the window and stared quietly out for the rest of the bus ride.

One of the two men leaned towards me and whispered, “I’m Dave and that’s Rob.” He handed me a note and continued, “We’ll be at there if you want to get together for drinks later.”

I saw the address written on the paper as I stuffed the note in my pocket, but I did not respond.

I picked up Sue’s bag and took her hand as the bus stopped in front of the strip mall near my apartment.

Rob said, “Nice to meet you both and we hope to see you again.”

I nodded briefly as we left.

My apartment was a couple of blocks away. The sun was setting and Sue turned to me and said, “I am so horny that I’m dripping.”

She looked around and pulled me towards the alley beside the strip mall. She stood next to the wall and pulled her coat open exposing herself completely to me. She pushed me back against the wall and crouched down and pulled open the front of my jeans.

She pulled out my cock and opened her mouth preparing to suck it. She said, “You better not cum before I get a chance to stuff this thing into my pussy.”

Her mouth felt divine as it slipped over the head of my cock and she began to slide her lips over the shaft.

After only a few strokes I pushed on her shoulders because I felt like I would explode. She stood up and pushed my shirt up so that her bare breasts could press against my chest.

She raised one leg which I caught behind the knee. Then she reached out to guide my cock into her pussy. It slid easily into her hot, wet cunt.

She reached her arms around my neck and I grabbed her ass and lifted her into the air with my cock inside her. I spun around and pushed her back against the wall. We fucked standing up in the partial shadows of the alley for about 5 minutes before I exploded into her.

After I came, she slid down and sucked my cock clean before helping me back into my pants. We continued the walk back to my apartment but she let her coat hang open flashing her tits and pussy for anyone who might pass by. We did pass a few people on the walk.

Once we got to the apartment, I saw a note posted on the closet door. It was from my roommates. It said they had headed downtown to one of the clubs so they would meet my girl tomorrow.

Sue read the note and said, “Since we’re alone I don’t need this,” as she shrugged off her coat. She walked over to the sofa and got on all fours with her ass in the air.

Seeing her in that position had my cock back to life and I pulled my pants off and pushed into her doggie style. We fucked like that on the sofa.

I pulled out and came all over her ass and back. After which we took a shower together.

She was unpacking her bag and had her clothes spread out on the bed. I suggested that it was still early so we should go dancing. I looked at the clothes on the bed and told her that I thought she was so sexy and I wanted everyone to see the hot woman I was with. I picked up her little black dress and asked her to wear it with the stockings and suspenders and without a bra.

She started to protest and made me beg, telling her how hot and horny it would make me to see her as the center of attention.

She confirmed that her protests were feigned and it was her plan to let her hair down this weekend when she said, “Why not? No one knows me here and after the weekend I’ll be gone and I’ll never see them again.”

As it was a warm evening, Sue left her coat behind. She put on a pair of black 3″ high heels to complete her outfit. She knew I loved it when she wore high heels. We took the bus and headed downtown. On the ride I told her that we needed to make a quick stop at a hotel bar along the way. I said, “My roommates usually stopped there before heading to the dance clubs for two reasons: the drinks were cheaper, and they often found a couple of ladies from out of town that they could convince to join them for a fun evening of partying.”

Although this was true, it wasn’t the reason for my stop on this evening. I hoped to run into Dave and Rob ‘by chance’. This particular hotel bar was the place they wrote on the note they had slipped me on the bus ride from the train station earlier that day.

We got off at the designated stop and went into the bar arm-in-arm. Several patrons stopped to check out Sue and her wonderfully bouncing 36C breasts and her tight ass that was accentuated by the heels and her form fitting black dress. Sue climbed onto a bar stool and I ordered her a black Russian and a rum and coke for myself.

I said, “I’ll be back in a minute. I’m going to have a quick look around for my roommates, Bill and Mike.” I walked around the corner looking for the two guys, Dave and Rob. They saw me first and caught my attention by waving to me. They were sitting with two ladies who were both a bit older, perhaps in their thirties. Both were blondes and wearing jeans and tops. They looked nice.

I walked up to the group and Dave said, “Hi. Are you by yourself tonight?”

“No, I’m here with my girlfriend, Sue. She’s sitting at the bar.” I replied. “We stopped in for a quick drink before we head to one of the dance clubs nearby.”

Rob said, “I love to dance. Can we join you?” The other three thought it would be a great idea too.

The group finished their drinks and followed me back to the bar where I had left Sue.

She looked a bit surprised to see me return with the two guys from the bus from earlier that day. “I happened to see them when I was looking for my friends and they invited us to join them for drinks,” I explained. “I told them No thanks because we were going dancing.”

Everyone made polite introductions. Dave said, “We are all just visiting town and don’t know any good places to go. We hoped you wouldn’t mind us coming along to party with you.”

Sue agreed and we head off to the dance club.

Sue loves to dance. When she has a few drinks her inhibitions drop and she can be a very provocative dancer.

Over the next three hours, Sue had several black Russians as Dave, Rob and I kept her glass full. The other two ladies were more conservative and reserved and only danced the occasional song.

Sue was constantly on the dance floor with one of the three men, bumping and grinding with each of us in turn.

As the evening was winding down Rob led Sue to the dance floor for a slow song with him. He was a tall black man standing about 6’4″ and Sue looked tiny next to him. During the entire dance you could see that he had her pulled in close to him and he was massaging her ass with both of his big hands as they swayed to the music. When they came back to the table, Sue leaned in and told me that he was grinding a big erection into her belly during the entire dance. She excused herself saying she needed to run to the washroom for a minute.

She returned just in time for the next slow song. Dave grabbed her hand and said, “My turn.”

She kissed me as she walked passed letting him lead her back onto the dance floor. Dave was an average looking white guy standing about 5’10 tall. He also pulled her in close and let one hand drop to her ass and the other held her back. We all watched as Dave bent over and nuzzled her ear and neck while they danced.

At the end of the song he turned her face towards him and gave her a lengthy kiss.

When they came back to the group Sue came over and wrapped her hands around my waist straddling my leg. She pressed in and casually started to rub her crotch against me! Dave looked at her and then around the club and said, “I think the action is winding down here but I have a mini bar back in my hotel room so the night doesn’t need to end yet.”

Sue looked at me and said, “I’m game if you are.”

I agreed as I was curious to see where this was going. I fantasized about a big orgy with three couples having sex in the same room.

On the walk back to the hotel it was obvious that the other two ladies were ready to call it a night. I lowered my expectations to having one more drink before we hit the road.

At the hotel, all six of us got into the elevator and Dave pushed the button to the 21st floor. One of the ladies pushed #4.

When we reached the 4th floor Dave repeated his offer for them to come up to room 2124 for drinks. I don’t remember their names but both ladies politely refused so we said our good nights and they got off the elevator.

When the elevator doors closed, Dave reached out and took Sue’s hand pulling her over to him. He pulled her into an embrace and gave her another deep kiss. Rob stepped in behind her and started to lift her dress as he bent over to kiss her neck.

To my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties and she moaned as Rob’s fingers cupped her bare ass. The boys started to lift her dress up and Sue simply raised her hands over her head giving no resistance whatsoever.

I stood in the corner watching my girlfriend pressed between to men getting fondled and groped. I was getting excited by the scene that was unfolding in front of me.

Before the elevator had reached our destination they had managed to pull her dress off and each man was sucking on a tit. Rob moved his fingers into her cunt and Sue moaned and stepped wider to give him easier access.

When the elevator opened to the 21st floor Dave stepped out and casually walked to his room pulling out his key as he went. Rob followed with Sue’s dress in his hand.

Sue grabbed my hand and strutted down the hall wearing only her stockings, suspenders and high heels. She shouted out, “I’m drunk, hot, wet and horny. I’m naked! And I’m going to get fucked!”

We got into the room and it had a king size bed and a heart-shaped tub on a raised platform in the corner. Two of the walls were completely mirrored and there was even a mirror on the ceiling! I looked at Dave with a puzzled expression.

“I was upgraded to the honeymoon suite because the original room was too small.” He explained.

Sue flipped off her shoes and sat on the edge of the bed. She pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them and said, “Before we go any further there are a few rules you boys must follow. Number One, everyone must get naked right now.”

Without hesitation, Rob, Dave and I started to remove our clothes. You never saw three men get out of their clothes so fast.

Once we were all naked, Sue grinned impishly as she looked each man over before continuing.

“Two, I’m outnumbered here so my pleasure must be your focus. If I’m happy, then I promise that you will be happy too. Next, if I say ‘no’ or ‘stop’ everyone must do as I say. And finally, my boyfriend, Bob, goes first and you two can only watch until I invite you to join.”

It was not surprising that everyone agreed to her rules. It was easy to tell by the three fully erect penises that there was only one thought on each man’s mind — sex with Sue.

I admit I was a bit nervous and excited because one girl with two or more guys was my favorite sex fantasy. I couldn’t believe this was going to happen as I had only ever seen this sort of thing in porn movies. Sue directed me to sit at the head of the bed propped up on the pillows. She then crawled up on all fours between my legs and stuck her tongue out and slowly licked once around the head of my cock moving her tongue up and over the slit before sliding it between her lips.

It felt great, I always loved her blowjobs; especially when she engulfed my cock in her mouth and pressed her tits into my balls. I often told her how I would fantasize about another man playing with her pussy or fucking her while she gave me one of her special blowjobs lying on her stomach between my legs.

She lay down with her breasts pressed into my balls. She spread her legs to put her ass and cunt on display to Dave and Rob. As she sucked my cock she wiggled and ground herself on the bed. She stopped sucking my cock long enough to say, “I think someone should be eating my pussy right now.”

Rob was the quickest to respond and was between her legs with his nose buried in the crack of her ass as he licked and fingered her pussy.

It took less than a minute for Sue to start moaning around my cock. The hitch in her breathing told me she was close to cumming.

She stopped moving and held my cock deep in her mouth as she started to spasm from her first orgasm.

After she finished cumming Sue got up on all fours to move away from Rob’s mouth. She told him to come up beside me at the head of the bed. Then she wrapped her tits around my cock and tit fucked me as Rob got in position.

She started to stroke Rob with one hand and me with the other. Sue said, “I’m impressed that you both have bigger than average cocks. We’ll have to see how well you can use them.” My cock is about 7″ and Rob’s black cock was at least two or three inches longer. His cock was so thick she could only wrap her hand about three quarters of the way around it as she stroked. She turned and said, “Don’t worry, Dave, I’m not forgetting you. It is now your turn to eat my pussy and lick my asshole while I play with these two. You boys are not allowed to cum yet. You better tell me to stop if you are getting too close.”

Dave moved up and licked Sue’s ass and pussy and she alternated sucking and jerking Rob and my cocks. I think this continued for about five minutes before Sue was moaning again. She turned to Dave and said, “You need to be using your fingers too or else I’m never going to cum.” I had to pull out when I heard this because I could feel the pressure start to mount in my balls.

Sue moved over to focus on sucking Rob’s cock. She pushed him into a sitting position and she lowered her tits into his balls as she continued to blow him. Dave continued to lick and finger her as she slid back down on her stomach between Rob’s legs.

She started to groan with pleasure. Rob said “Oh shit!” and tried to pull out of her mouth. He pulled out and the first spurt of cum blasted her upper lip. She grabbed his cock with both hands and quickly got him back in her mouth as he continued to spurt. She swallowed his cum and began to moan as Dave was finally bringing her to orgasm. She let the cock slip from her mouth but wrapped her tits around it and stroked it while she continued to cum on Dave’s face.

When both their orgasms had subsided Sue said to Rob, “You failed to follow the rules so now you must go to the penalty box. Go sit in the chair in the corner.” She then asked Dave to get on his knees on the bed facing her. She stood on the floor and bent over and took his cock in her mouth. She stroked and sucked his average sized cock and played with his balls with her other hand. Unlike Rob and I, Dave’s cock was uncircumcised.

After a couple of minutes, she asked me,”Are you ready to get back into the game because I need you to fill my pussy with cock now!”

I stepped up behind her and admired her ass and pussy. It looked great framed by the suspenders and stockings. I aimed my cock at her pussy and rubbed the head along the slit before sliding in. I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her.

The morning of my 21st birthday had arrived. I was not expecting anything special, though. You don’t get much celebration when you are a bisexual guy with no close relatives, no relationship, not really any friends except from the Pink Carnation Club. I got up, showered, shaved and went off to my job as a clerk at a lingerie store. Eight hours later I sold my last baby doll nightie to an overweight bitch and went home to make macaroni and cheese for my dinner. That was all that my budget covered.

I settled down in front of the TV and sighed. “Happy Birthday, Bob,” I muttered as I poured myself a glass of skim milk. It was a big surprise to me when the doorbell rang.

I opened the door, and behold my three club buddies greeted me. They pushed into the room, yelling, “Happy Birthday, you fool!” “Did you think we forgot?” “The Big 2-1!”

I was surprised and flattered. I didn’t think anybody cared at all. After a bit of laughing and backslapping, Gene pulled an envelope out of his pocket. “We want to make your 21st special, kid! We didn’t think sitting around drinking sissy stuff was the way to a big thrill. So we all got together to get you a top rate present. Here!” He thrust the envelope into my hands.

I opened it quickly, and pulled out a slip of paper. I looked at it expectantly, but it had nothing on it but the words “House of Silken Ties, 505 Elm Street.” Quizzically, I looked at Gene and saw a big grin on his face. “Just go to the address, birthday boy, and you will get your present.” All the guys were grinning and nodding. They pushed me toward the door, and into my car. Then they stood there looking like a bunch of pink carnations without a vase as I pulled out. Their big waves were my farewell.

I drove over to the address they had given me. It was a nice neighborhood with space between the neatly landscaped houses. True to its name, the street was lined with large spreading elm trees. The house I approached looked no different from all the others, except that it was painted totally white, even the shutters. The porch light was on and I saw a couple of soft lights behind what looked like white silk curtains. I walked up to the door and just as I was about to ring the bell the door swung open.

I stepped into a short entry hall all painted pure white and totally without furniture. The front door swung shut behind me. I only had moments to take in the scene, smelling a light pleasant scent and hearing very soft music playing. Then the white curtain at the other end of the hall opened.

The gorgeous Asian girl who came from behind the curtain could only be described as stunningly beautiful. She was several inches shorter than I am, hardly over 5 feet. Her long black hair fell around her shoulders, framing a tiny face with deep black eyes which pierced through me. Soft lips with pink lip gloss gave me a slight smile as she approached. She was wearing a red baby doll nightie, but not like the one I sold that fat bitch in the shop. This one plunged deeply in front, showing off her small rounded tits and barely covering the nipples. It fell to her waist with transparent fabric, displaying her firm tight tummy. Around her waist a red silk rope held a loin cloth, also of red silk. She was a perfect oriental doll – or a mysterious eastern surprise? All I could do was to stare at her in amazement.

This little doll stepped toward me. I opened my mouth to say something but she pressed one finger to my lips and shook her head. Then, in complete silence, she removed the red top. It pulled up over her petite tits, displaying the brown nipples. I was tempted to just run my hands over those little tits and tickle those nipples. But she stepped back another step, just beyond my reach. She posed for me provocatively, thrusting her boobs out. I could feel my cock starting to get hard just watching this nearly naked girl.

Her hands dropped to the silk cord around her waist and slowly undid the knot. As she removed the cord she held the loincloth in place with one hand. Then slowly she began to pull it up and through her legs. The top of his thighs held it gently as it made its passage over her pussy. Curly dark pubic hair was visible on each side. The cloth fell free of her thighs and she slowly pulled it up the last few inches, showing the tightly closed lips of her little pussy as it slid upward. My cock was starting to twitch now as she put on this silent strip show for me. She posed for me in his full nudity, putting one hand down to spread open those tight lips and show off the pink inside of her cunt. My mind was spinning in anticipation of what would come next.

Slowly she walked toward me. Once again she laid one finger on my lips. Then she brought the red silk cloth from her loins up in both hands and stretched it out in front of me. She moved it toward my face. Then she raised it a bit more and I realized that she was blindfolding me. The smooth black silk covered my eyes and hid her naked body from me. For a moment I was disappointed. She leaned into me to reach behind my head and tie the blindfold and a she did her bare tits pressed against my chest. She rubbed them slightly back and forth and I felt her hard nipples arousing mine. I could smell the faint floral scent she was wearing, but no sound was exchanged between us.

Now unable to see, I knew only what I felt. The rest of the red silk was pulled down and over my mouth, and again tied behind my head, making a soft gag reminding me that silence was demanded of me. The soft music that had been playing faded to complete quiet.

Then I felt nothing, and I waited in the darkness and silence. Time passed. The next thing I felt was a light touch on the back of my neck. It was pulled tighter and I realized that it was a thin chain. Although I could not see it, in my mind I knew it was gold. It encircled my throat and was clipped in front. Then for a moment we again stood in silence. A slight tug on the chain signaled me to move forward. I knew the hall was short, so as we moved I surmised that the white curtain at the end of it had opened. I had no way of telling into what sort of a room the gentle pull of the chain led me.

The chain dropped down so I knew he was no longer holding it. She made no sound to let me know where he was. I waited in anticipation. Soon I felt careful fingers lightly touch the buttons of my shirt. One by one they came open, and I felt gentle hands rub my chest. Her fingers circled my nipples softly. Then she pushed my shirt off my shoulders and it fell to the floor. I waited for the next touch, but felt nothing. Not being able to see, I strained my ears to try to find her, but heard not the slightest sound. I could only stand there bare chested and wait. Was she enjoying the picture of me standing there with no shirt on? I felt my dick getting harder as I imagined what could come next.

Then I felt nothing, and I waited in the darkness and silence. Time passed. The next thing I felt was a light touch on the back of my neck. It was pulled tighter and I realized that it was a thin chain. Although I could not see it, in my mind I knew it was gold. It encircled my throat and was clipped in front. Then for a moment we again stood in silence. A slight tug on the chain signaled me to move forward. I knew the hall was short, so as we moved I surmised that the white curtain at the end of it had opened. I had no way of telling into what sort of a room the gentle pull of the chain led me.

The chain dropped down so I knew it was no longer being held. There was no sound to let me know where she was. I waited in anticipation.

Soon I felt a chest pressed against mine, but this was not soft tits and erect nipples. It was hard and muscular. I knew that it must belong to a hunk of a man. Then I felt his fingers trace down my stomach to my belt and the button of my jeans. Softly he opened it and pulled down the zipper. I could feel my cock trying to rise in its confines. He worked my pants over my hips, and then I felt strong hands rising up my thighs and stroking my cock through my underwear. My pants dropped to the floor and I obediently lifted each foot as he tapped it, so that he could pull off my socks and shoes and then my pants. Still no word passed between us.

Once again he moved away. I stood there in my briefs, seeing nothing, hearing nothing, feeling nothing except my dick throbbing lightly in anticipation, having no other sensation but the musky scent of his body in the air joined to the floral scent of her perfume. I knew they must both be standing there looking at me in nothing but my briefs, my hard cock straining against the fabric.

Next I felt him grasp my balls in one hand and run one finger over my cock. It was rapidly coming to full extension now, and jerked under his attentions. Then he pulled my briefs down, freeing my rod to spring out. Again I raised my feet to assist him remove my final clothing. As I stood there in full nudity, he rose up slowly, and I could feel his chest rubbing along my legs, then my thighs, softly over my crotch, pressing into my stomach and chest. He put her arms around my back and leaned his whole body into mine, his hard cock pressing into my belly. My cock throbbed against his thigh which rubbed up and down on it. Then again he stepped away and I stood in sensory deprivation.

Now I felt him take hold of one of my hands from behind me. He had moved so silently I was surprised he was there. A small hand took my other wrist, and I realized one of them was on each side of me. They pulled my hands together behind my back, and I felt something soft, probably that black silk cord, wrapped around them.

Then he again pressed against me, his hard chest against my back and his cock sliding into the crack of my ass. I felt her hands reach from in front of me to grab my stiff dick. Softly we swayed for a moment that way. Then he pulled me back. My hands behind me felt a cold pole and the cord was wrapped around, holding me in place there. Then suddenly they once again left me standing in darkness, hearing and feeling nothing.

For a few moments I stood there, listening for any sound but hearing none. I tried to detect their positions from their scents but they seemed to be everywhere and nowhere. The only thing I was sure of was the hard almost painful erection that was standing out in front of me, jerking up and down in empty air. I knew they were watching it. Was it exciting to them to see my helplessness?

Soon I felt the chain around my neck tighten, pulling me back this time, and I heard the chain scrape as it was fastened, probably to a ring on the pole. I was now constrained, gently in every way but unable to move anywhere of my own volition. I could only stand against the cold pole and wonder.

Then I felt something softly slap the tip of my dick. It was so sudden, so unexpected, that I gave an involuntary thrust of my hips toward it but it was gone. Then it was back, another quick slap, then gone again. Once more I felt it, but so soft and quick that I could not even decide if it was a finger, a tongue or a nipple that was teasing the tip of my shaft. The slaps turned into strokes along the shaft. Then slowly I felt it going in circles, around the tip and down to the ridge and around again. I decided that it must be a hand, but was it his or hers? Softly it probed the opening in the end of my rod, tantalizing me. Up and down the shaft it ran. The amazing feeling of excitement caused by the gentle rubbing was only multiplied by not knowing exactly the source.

Soon I felt the hand encircle my cock. Its size and softness convinced me it belonged to the girl. The stroking up and down became more intense. Each time she reached the top she rubbed against the ridge below the head and found an exquisitely sensitive spot. Then she cupped the tip in her fingers, rolling them around to bring strong sensations into it. Up and down the shaft again she stroked. Her hand rolled over the length of it, and her palm rubbed on the tip. My cock was jerking to her movements.

Then it stopped. I could see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing. It was as if I were floating alone in space with only the contractions of my cock to orient me. For long moments I strained to hear anything, to get any feeling for their intentions. I did not know if they were still in the room. What sort of birthday present was this that the guys had arranged for me?

Something touched my dick, so very softly. Smooth skin rubbed over it and I felt the rounded shape. My dick slipped into the crevasse between the rounded mounds, and then up on to the other one. Round and round on the smooth skin it went. Then my hard cock slipped back into the crack and I felt it clamp down and begin to move up and down. I realized that this time it was a round ass that was rubbing my crotch. It was thrust backward to press it hard against my dick, and then moved it in circles until my shaft was throbbing again. In the darkness and silence everything was concentrated in the sensitive nerve endings of my cock and the felling was intensified beyond anything I had felt before. The cheeks spread wider and my cock penetrated to rub the anus. My stimulation was intense. It built and built toward the climax.

And then it was gone. Where was that fine butt? Had it been his or hers? Nothing gave me an idea. Only my rod twitching and tingling was left to me. I fought to climax and end this all, but there was nothing left to stimulate it. Slowly, slowly again it subsided. I could feel its rock hardness projecting in front of me but knew I was retreating from my orgasm once again. Time passed unmarked in my blank and soundless world as I awaited the next stage. I moved what little way I could, to the right, to the left, searching for her touch, but found nothing.

Then something slid softly across my balls, and continued up the shaft of my hard rod. It felt a bit wet. Was it a tongue teasing me? It circled the ridge at the top of my cock, and then slid back down. I knew I could feel the slight wetness now. At the base of my cock it flicked back and forth, and then swiftly licked up and down and up again. As it reached the top, and my cock strained forward to meet it, I felt the lips encircle the head. Slowly, slowly, the lips down down down the shaft. My cock was deep inside throat and still was taken it in.

Now I felt something behind me. It was a hard shaft, rubbing the cheek of my butt. It worked around and pushed me slightly sidewise from the pole so it could enter the crack of my ass. I realized he was teasing me from behind as she sucked my dick. His cock worked up and down, and penetrated enough to rub against my anus, causing my cock to contract hard inside her mouth. Then when I had driven it as deep as it could go down her throat, she rolled her tongue around inside, sending waves of sensation flooding me and making me thrust my hips forward to drive it in. Again and again she took it in and let me draw it out. Each time I drew back the hard cock behind me stroked my anus. The sensation was overwhelming. She took me right to the point of climax, and slowly pulled her lips up the shaft to the crown. Her tongue flicked around I tried to move my cock forward into her mouth, leaving the cock in my ass behind, but a pull on my neck reminded me of the chain fastened to the pole, and my hands behind me reached the end of the silk cord. Still I strained forward but her mouth drew slowly off my cock until I could not reach it any more. I stood there twitching my hips in to the empty void, my cock screaming to come, but they were gone.

There was nothing I could do. I writhed my hips in agony but nothing touched my cock to give it relief. I stood there as the excitement gradually subsided, and gasping for breath I struggled to gain control and stand up straight. Finally I was standing still against the pole, still hard but not throbbing uncontrollably. Silence and darkness surrounded me, and I surrendered to them and waited.

My eyes could not see this gorgeous hunk but in my mind I could. I knew I had had my cock rubbing his belly and his ass, probing the soft cheeks as far as it could go. I had felt her soft tits on my chest, and had my cock in her soft mouth. I wanted to put my cock into other places I could imagine, but where were they now? I All I could was to stand there and wait his next move.

Did I feel a soft breeze on my ear? Gently the air moved, then a little more strongly. A soft breath was blowing on me. I felt something press against my side and my thigh. Lips touched my ear and exhaled, I felt his chest brush me, and his hard cock was pressed against me, throbbing on my thigh. Wondering what he was doing now, I waited for some sign. Then I felt a tug at the cord around my wrists and it fell off, to the ground I suppose. I heard a tiny scraping as the chain around my neck moved, and then it began to pull me forward. I followed in silence, because he had not said a word at all.

Walking in darkness, with no sound from her footfalls, I could not tell where we went, whether we stayed in that room or entered another. Soon I felt the light chain fall down across my chest, reaching just below my belly button, almost touching the top of my still hard cock. My hands were free, but I did not reach. My cock was telling me that it would like to feel my hands on it, but my mind said to wait for better. So I stood, blindfolded, hearing and feeling nothing, and waited.

Some time passed. I had no way to tell how long. It seemed a long time, but surely in a long time my hard on would have given way, and I still could feel it strong and erect.

I strained all my senses. Had I hear a tiny susurration of sound? Was there a soft current of air in front of me? Had he come back, or had she ever left?

Two strong hands were on my chest, pushing backward. Totally unprepared I fell back. The back of my knees hit the edge of the bed and I was prone on its soft surface in a second, surprised and confused. Rough hands grabbed one ankle. They pulled it to the side stretching my leg that way, and it was wrapped in something soft like silk. I heard a slight snap. Then the other ankle was grabbed by small soft hands, wrapped and secured the same way. I was left lying there like that, my legs spread wide. I tried to move them and found that they were securely fastened to the corners of the bed or some other object, I knew not what.

In quick succession both my wrists were treated the same way, pulled up over my head and to the sides and fastened, so I was totally spread eagled and helpless on the soft bed. The blindfold still covered my eyes and the gag my mouth. My cock, however, surprised by the sudden push and the turn of events, was rapidly becoming flaccid. I was not sure where this fantasy was going.

For some again unknown length of time I lay there with no sensory clues. Then something dripped on my chest. I felt a spreading pool of warmth. A trickle of the warm stuff began going down my chest toward my belly. Momentarily I thought it was blood and then I realized it was warm oil. The thin stream poured on my belly and my belly button and then moved on down toward my cock. Although that organ was lying quietly, it began to become alert when the soft stream of warm oil was poured down its length, and gently over the balls.

The trickle went on over both thighs, awakening responses in my cock for what I hoped would be a nice rubbing. Soon hands were on my chest, spreading the warm oil over my muscles and around my nipples. Then they followed the stream down over my belly. They began making warm circles, coming nearer and nearer to my re-hardened cock each time. It seemed that rod was reaching out toward them and I moved my hips the little I could to try to reach those warm hands. One was larger and rubbed harder than the other so I thought that they both were stimulating me.

A few minutes later, I heard the door creak open. Thinking it was Danya, I began to squirm around and push against my restraints, trying to display some sort of resistance, trying to show that I didn’t like to be in this position. Then, I saw a pair of high heels come into view, high heels that Danya wasn’t wearing when she left.

‘Shit, Shit, SHIT!’ I thought to myself, as I remembered Danya’s roommate was supposed to come in, right about now.

The high heels made their way straight to me, as if she knew I was there. Instead of looking under the bed like I expected her to, she heaved a heavy sigh and threw herself down on of the bed, right above me.

A few minutes later, she then wandered off to the bathroom, where she gathered up her dirty clothes, and dumped them at the end of the bed.

“Hmmm, now where fuck did I put my dirty underwear?”

Now she began to look around the room, checking her suitcase, and the bathroom. I was sweating bullets by the time I realized it was in my mouth, and on my head. I also knew it wasn’t going to be long before she looked under the bed. I knew the hotel’s laundry service only ran once every three days for an hour in the morning, so she wasn’t going to get a load of laundry done without any dirty underwear.

It seemed like an eternity before she finally stopped next to the bed, and dropped to all fours. My heart was beating so fast I felt like it was just going to pop right out of my chest. Her head slowly lowered until, suddenly, we were eye to eye. She froze for a second, then leaped up and stumbled back a few steps.

“HOLY SHIT! What the fuck?!”

She just stood there for a few seconds, and although I couldn’t see her eyes, I bet she was staring back at that spot wondering what the hell just happened. I was so helpless, and humiliated at the same time, I just wanted to crawl into a hole and hide forever.

Then, she began to edge her way over back to the bed, and slowly dropped on all fours again. She lowered her head and quickly analyzed the situation.

“What, what the hell are you doing here…. with my underwear?!”

I tried responding, but obviously all that came out was a few grunts.

“Oh my god. Danya did this didn’t she?”

I quickly nodded my head, eager to shed at least some light on the situation. I still was unsure who she was, which surprised me, (I thought I had figured out who every hot girl at the school was). I then began to take in her sexy figure, her average sized breasts, long brown hair, and killer ass.

Suddenly, she started giggling. “I heard Danya had power of guys, but god damn, I didn’t realize she had THIS much power. I mean, look at yourself. You got my underwear on your face for gods sake.”

I submissively looked away, my face turning beat red. I was going to try and defend myself, but, I realized how little that would do. At least I could be thankful she was talking the situation rather lightly, one would expect someone in her shoes to become fanatical.

She laid there for a few seconds, pondering the situation, until a mischievous look washed over her face.

“You know… we could work something out, if you want to that is. Or, I could just run out of here, and tell my friends what I saw here. Imagine what would happen to you. What people would think of you.”

I shook my head enthusiastically, the worst thing that could happen was she leave her and bring back more people to see me like this.

“So, you don’t want me to leave?” She asked, evidently teasing me, making sure I knew who was in control of the situation.

“Hmmph.” I grunted through the thong in my mouth.

“What’s that? I didn’t catch that.” She asked, starting to giggle a little.

I sat that there, this time not making a sound. Somehow, I was becoming more embarrassed than I already was.

“Ok, ok. Lets get you out of there so we can have a semi-civilized conversation.”

She grabbed a hold of one of my handcuffed arms, and dragged me along the carpet until I was out from under the bed. I felt like a beached whale, so helpless and immobile. She then stepped over me, and turned me onto my back so I was looking straight up at her.

She then went over to her suitcase and pulled out a digital camera. ‘Shit’, I thought to myself. ‘Looks like I’m not getting out of this situation very easy.’

As she took a handful of pictures of me, she saw the indignant look on my face. “Don’t worry, its only for insurance purposes. If we get along alright, nobody will ever see these.”

After securing her camera into the locked safe in the room, (which I felt was a little unnecessary), she walked over to me and pulled the thong off my head, and out from my mouth.

I quickly inhaled a breath of fresh air, and stretched my jaw.

“How do I taste?” She asked mockingly, as she sat down on the bed next to me.

“Funny. Now can you get me out of these cuffs?”

“Umm, to be honest, I have no idea where the keys are. I would help you if I could.”

“Fine. Now what the hell do you want me to do?” I was purposelessly being curt, trying to hurry up and get this girl what she wanted before Danya got back.

“Hey, no need for the attitude. I’m not the one who tied you up and left you here. Speaking of which, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Danya.”

“What about her?” I asked, a little curious of what she wanted to do with Danya.

“Well, as I can imagine, you’re probably not too happy with her. And, I’m not either. She is a real bitch. I’ve never met anyone so god damn cocky, arrogant, and spoiled. She acts like she owns the place, and whenever I’m around her, she treats me like I’m her servant or something. We used to be best friends, up until junior high. Now that she’s got tits, an ass, and boyfriends, she treats me, and all her other friends like shit. But I’m not gonna put up with her crap anymore. I’m done.”

This girl obviously hated Danya with a passion. But what the hell did she want me to do about it?

“That’s where you come in. Her current boyfriend, Randy, means the world to her. She would do anything for him, and I mean EVERYTHING. But the problem is, for her at least, she is such slut, she has sex with guys all the time. That’s our opening.”

“And… I’m guessing you want me to help you blackmail her?”

“You got it!” She replied, earnestly.

“Listen, whatever you got in mind, isn’t going to work. We made a little bet last night, and now I pretty much have to do anything she wants me to do until the end of the trip, but I doubt she is going to let me fuck her.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve already been formulating a plan, but now that I got you, things will be almost too easy.”

“Got me? I never agreed to anything!” I knew she had me blackmailed, but I still wanted to try and protect will little pride I had left. There was no way I was going down without a fight.

Instead of responding, she just stared me down, a smile slowly spreading across her face, until she broke out laughing.

“Ok, Ok. Just let me know what you want me to do.” I responded, defeated.

Looking down at her cell phone, the girl realized it was getting late. “Listen, its almost 3:00pm, and Danya should be getting back soon. What’s your name?”

“John. John Harvain. You?”

“Stephanie. That’s all you need to know. I should go now. I’ll contact you later about what exactly is going to happen.”

Stephanie then gagged me, pushed me back under the bed, and left in hurry. This trip was turning out to be an experience of a lifetime.

Heather had a long week and she was burned out from getting pulling in every direction, from work, and school and home. Once again she got home late. The kitchen wasn’t cleaned up and her husband Eric was already on the couch. She didn’t feel like dealing with it, and for once decided she wasn’t going to. She gave Eric a hug over the couch and said she was going to grab a shower.

The hot water felt good and re-energized her. She finished soaping up her breasts and then lathered up and shaved her pussy bare, another sacrifice she made for her husband. Not that she minded doing things for him, although he hadn’t been giving her the attention she thought such a gesture warranted. When she finished up and dried off she realized Eric had decided to come up stairs to take in an eyeful of her naked body. She still liked getting checked out by him, it made her feel vulnerable, but at the same time reminded her she wielded great power. But it was late, and she wasn’t looking for another long clumsy session of ‘love-making’. She did think she could be persuaded into a good hard fuck though.

Eric was enjoying staring at her freshly cleaned body, her breasts staring back at him as he gazed on that beautiful creamy white pussy, ripe for a vicious tongue lashing with no hair in his way. He approached Heather, with visions of eating her to a glorious orgasm and then getting to pound away at her pussy at his own pace with no expectations of lasting very long.

“You look like you could use some relaxation,” he began “Feel like fooling around?”

“I just got out of the shower Eric.”

“Don’t worry you won’t get dirty,” he lied “Just let me eat that luscious pussy of yours.”

Eric knew if he could just get her wet and horny she’d be begging him to fuck her silly, and she’d be able to clean herself up easy enough with a quick trip to the toilet and a wipe with a towel.

“Alright Eric, I’ve had a long week, and this might just be what I need.”

Eric was quick across the room to her, hands on her ribs, lips to her face. They kissed, both knowing that soon enough he’d be trying to get inside her, which is, after all, what she really needed tonight.

They kissed passionately and Eric’s hands caressed every inch of skin he could reach on her wonderful body. Heather loved the attention, but her mind was already drifting to feeling his cock deep inside her. She undid his shorts and in a moment he was undressed before her, fully erect and staring at her body. Heather backed up onto the bed, and Eric dropped down between her thighs. His tongue went to work and lit Heather up like an oven. She felt her wetness growing, and she felt her womanhood feeling more and more in need of filling.

“See,” Eric shouldn’t have spoken “You aren’t getting dirty.”

“Oh,” Heather didn’t like his bullshit “So if I offered you wouldn’t fuck me?”

“Well, anything you want you know I’ll provide, baby.”

She didn’t feel like playing the games, she needed to get fucked.

“Alright you ass, you know I want you to fuck me,” Heather didn’t see any way around this game “just fuck me hard.”

Eric’s tongue stopped lapping up her juices and fondling her clit and he slid up her body until their eyes met. She grabbed his rod and guided him in and he proceeded to screw her like every other night, firm but loving. She felt like that should make her happy, but she wasn’t in a “loving” mood tonight. She rolled him on his back so she could get what she wanted.

She climbed on top and began to slam herself down on his cock, impaling herself on his tool. She could feel it deep, just like she wanted. She could also tell he was enjoying it. Eric obviously wasn’t expecting the sudden change in energy and it excited him. He grabbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples. She let out a moan of pain. He was hurting her nipples, but in the moment that pain seemed to perfectly balance the night. By now she was slamming her entire body weight down on his hips, trying to drive his cock right through herself. Heather suddenly wished their bed was firmer.

“Oh God it’s deep,” Heather moaned.

Eric wasn’t sure what to say, but he could feel that he wasn’t going to last much longer. When suddenly much to his relief, she stopped impaling herself to catch her breath. She leaned forward and kissed him, and then he licked the sweat from her cleavage. In that moment Heather was given her inspiration for an intense orgasm.

Heather turned around and mounted him again, facing his feet and she started playing with Eric’s balls and fucking him again. She looked over her shoulder, “Slap my ass. Slap it hard. Make it sting.”

Eric was feeling great and began to start trying to turn Heather’s ass as red as his truck. Heather continued impaling herself with body weight thrusts, wincing with each firm strike on her ass. All the attention Eric was putting into the spanking was taking his mind off things enough to help him last a bit longer. Suddenly Heather stopped, told him to lie still, and grabbed some scarves from her dresser and tied his hands to the headboard. Then she returned, mounting him backward again and thrust him deep into herself.

“Fill me up,” she grunted “Give me a big load.”

Eric threw his hips forward and drove deep. Heather could feel his dick swell inside her as he unloaded an epic load of cum deep into her hole. As his thrusting subsided, Heather stopped moving.

“I don’t seem to have stayed very clean Eric.”

“I don’t know what to tell you.”

Heather’s hand shot between her legs. Still on fire from trying to drive Eric through herself, she looked over her shoulder, “You need to keep your promises Eric.”

Eric was momentarily confused. Then he looked down and saw Heather grabbing her pussy and pinching it closed with her fingers as she slid off him. Heather grabbed his balls as she slid her hips toward his face.

“You said I’d be clean when we finished, so I guess we aren’t finished.”

“Wait a minute,” Eric tried to protest.

She planted her pussy on his mouth, “Open up Eric. You need to clean me up. I know you don’t want to, but I’m in charge tonight, and you are hardly in a position to argue.” Heather’s hand squeezed tightly on his recently drained balls and Eric’s mouth quickly opened up. When her hand felt his mouth open up, she let go of her sex and let the cum flow into his mouth.

“You WILL clean me up,” she barked “You will not spit any out, you will not spill any. I shave this pussy for you and it is time for you to help with the upkeep.”

Eric’s mouth filled up with hot cum and pussy juice and his body wasn’t sure what to do so he struggled against his restraints. He was frozen for a second until she slapped him square in the balls.

“Swallow, Eric. Then get that tongue to work and get me clean, inside and out.”

Eric started licking-up their combined juices, and after the initial shock wore off he thought he’d start giving her clit attention, assuming she really just wanted an orgasm.

“Mmm, that feels good Eric, but all in good time. You need to clean me up, I’m serious. This isn’t a game. When we get done, I’m going to go to the toilet like usual, and if I’m able to get ANY cum out of me, we are going to repeat this routine the next time we have sex, and the time after that and every time we have sex until you either get it right, or you just get used to the idea that sex always ends with you eating your cum out of my cunt!” Heather hated that word “cunt” but felt in this situation, it would underscore that she was not kidding.

In a flash Eric’s tongue-work intensified, fearful that he wouldn’t do a good enough job. Heather could feel it plunging into the folds of her pussy, and into her hole. She reached both hands around herself and grabbed her pussy lips. She spread herself open over his mouth and squatted over his face. She could feel his tongue reaming out her well-fucked hole. He was licking and sucking her splayed open pussy. She began to strain her muscles to push more cum out. A second and then a third wave of Eric’s own cum mixed with Heather’s juices dropped onto his tongue as she strained harder, and then like the rest, it slid right down Eric’s throat. Eric didn’t seem to be resistant to swallowing anymore.

Heather was enjoying her position of power and the occasional shot from his tongue on her clit excited her. She took his dick in her mouth and Eric moaned into her crotch. He went to work trying to get her off as she sucked his half-hard member.

Eric’s dick quickly returned to attention inside Heather’s mouth as he focused on pleasing her womanhood. Heather began rocking her hips and she sucked on him. She could feel her orgasm building. Eric was excited and began thrusting his hips into Heather’s face. He wasn’t used to being able to get hard again so quickly.

He could feel the muscles in her thighs begin to tighten as her orgasm approached. The shuttering of her hips began and her body began to convulse in a powerful, quaking orgasm. He kept at her clit until she pulled away from his mouth and collapsed half on him. His erection subsided and he relaxed, reflecting on what the heck had just happened.

After a few moments, Heather turned around, kissed him and untied one hand. As Eric worked to free his other hand from its restraint Heather stepped into the bathroom and disappeared around the corner to the toilet. Eric stopped moving and waited. He heard he toilet paper tear.

Heather’s voice chirped out of the bathroom with an odd upbeat energy, “Uh-oh Eric. That is definitely your cum I see. I guess we have some plans in a few nights. After you’ve had a chance to build up another big load of course!”

Eric was stunned. Mostly that he could feel the blood quickly engorge his dick again as those exciting words left her lips.

James owed me, specifically he owed me one whole day of unquestioning obedience with absolutely no limits on my part. Naturally, in between, he tied me up and I really suffered for teaching him how to tease me so effectively when I had been a schoolgirl. He also tortured me with his tongue until I promised to teach him how to use my vibrators to the best effect. He’s bought a new chair, the small comfortable arm chair in his bedroom disappeared and was replaced with a simple wooden one with low arms. It was his torture chair. Your legs are lifted over the arms and your ankles secured to the uprights leaving you wide open. Your wrists are secured next to your knees and your elbows fastened to the arms. Finally, two straps go round your hips and chest and two more over your shoulders so that you really are completely immobilised.

Once secured in that frightful chair your mouth, nipples, pussy and anus are all very accessible and you can be gagged, blindfolded and fitted with ear muffs, very easily: that’s James new trick, he places headphones over my ears and plays my own breathing back to me very loudly indeed. Then he teases me mercilessly and I have to listen to myself moan, pant and sigh. Alternatively, he stops teasing me, indeed stops touching me altogether and leaves me blindfolded listening to recordings of my own previous orgasms: God, am I a little tramp sometimes. Still I play him recordings of him begging me to let him come, one single session I taped of him lasts fifteen minutes and it’s good and thoroughly humiliating. It’s an excellent introduction to a session of slow masturbation, it reminds him of what’s to come, i.e. not him for a while. We did try the schoolgirl scenario again, but it did not work a second time, the continuous elements of surprise were missing and its real success was completely dependent upon them: Snow White and the incredibly inventive dwarves was much more fun as a special treat.

I went to talk to Valerie. As I mentioned, Valerie is the secretary at my daughter’s school and she and I go back a long way, right back to before my ex and I split. Perhaps I need to expand upon this, I love the attentions of women in bed, especially once I’m already randy. As long term partners, however, women are a disaster: they want control in all the wrong places; they attempt to over-mother a troop of already suspicious children to death, which really puts off the kids; they have fixed ideas about diet, which don’t suit my love of good food, big tits and big hips; they have headaches. After my ex and I had split Val and I tried to make a go of it but we soon parted again, remaining the best of friends in bed, occasionally; but, day to day, we were so very incompatible. No, if you have to share your life give me a simple straightforward man any day; better that self-centred Neanderthal than a caring sharing cerebral, well except for James: but then we did not live together, the kids would have been outraged – or in my daughters case, probably both jealous and outraged at the same time.

Valerie’s sex life of late had been even less exciting than mine had been before I seduced James. Her kids were older, she is in her early fifties. But she is a fitness freak and blinding for her age, firm tits, firm buttocks and a soft kind of face that sucks you in with its look off innocent incomprehension. A few more lines than I, a few more grey hairs; well I was not going to introduce James to someone younger and more pretty than myself, was I? It was Val and her husband – who, sadly, soon after died of cancer – together with my ex, who demonstrated the ‘spit roast’ to me and the latter two who shortly, thereafter, initiated me into the delights it had to offer. It was Val who introduced me to the pleasures that women can offer women. We shared threesomes, foursomes and moresomes. Willing? She was delighted to be offered a share of my latest conquest. We remembered old times, drank some wine and then remembered old times once more but now cuddled up in bed together: children are stupid, if their mum takes a man to bed they are outraged and disgusted, but take an old woman friend to bed and they think it’s sweet and cute.

Val was very happy to go along with my plan, so I went round to see James, reminded him that he owed me twenty four hours of total submission, ordered him to be stood in his front room, stark naked, on Saturday afternoon at two o’clock, blindfolded, in the contrite position and I borrowed a door key. Naturally Valerie and I made him wait until half past two before we crept in as silently as we could. I tied his hands behind his back, wrists secured to opposite elbows, hobbled him and had him kneel before one of the chairs. I pretended to sit down but really it was Valerie who sat in the chair, legs akimbo. It was Valerie who grabbed his hair and dragged his face onto her pudenda to receive a very comprehensive licking. To help fool James, she had carefully shaved her pussy, washed herself using my soap and dabbed herself with my perfume so at this point he had no idea that his tongue was teasing and tantalising the slit of a complete stranger. By the time Valerie had had two or three very pleasant orgasms I was very wet and very jealous: I had a first class view too, I had my head next to hers, she was desperately biting her lip to keep silent whilst I faked orgasms to encourage James to believe that he was pleasuring me.

Enough, I pulled James’s head up, fixed a collar around his neck, clipped a leash to it and dragged him round the room. Tied as he was he had to shuffle behind me in a most undignified manner, so I shot off a couple of snaps with Valerie clearly in the back ground giggling silently, with her legs still splayed wide showing off her pussy. Finally, I led James to the other chair and had him lick me to ecstasy, but only after I had set the Polaroid camera up opposite on its tripod, we have a really long shutter release cable: I even made him pause each time I developed a photograph. So far so good, I was pretty certain that he had no idea that there were really two of us there. I had had three orgasms, taken two photographs and as I collected the second I secretly swapped places with Valerie so a third picture showed James licking her off to her fourth delight of the day. Watching one another was making us both, both very excited and very wet, but we did have to be careful: too much body contact and James would spot the difference, Val’s breasts are quite a bit smaller than mine, her bum leaner and she could not risk a kiss on the mouth.

We led James around on his lead, made him lick skin, teased his stiff prick and I took a great shot of him in Valerie’s mouth. Finally, we took turns to bend over the front of the chair whilst he sank his shaft in our slick pussies and I snapped another great view, James with the head of his penis just inside Valerie’s dribbling sex. After this Valerie snuck back to my flat with the photos of us and I untied James, gave him a through teasing and extracted a very pleasant half hour of his tongue and fingers working my clit and pussy.

James jumped at a loud knock on the door. “Well go and answer your door.”

“What dressed like this?”

“Yes, you have to do exactly as I tell you, remember. Anything! And I say answer the door.” For the first time that evening his erection wilted.

He cheated and hid behind the door as he opened it, he would pay for that.

“Hi, my name’s Val, Judy said to come over as soon as I was ready, you must be James,” she extended a hand forcing him to move into full view. “Judy told me that she was going to tease you mercilessly and asked if I would help her, she thought it would be much more humiliating if you had an audience. She said I should listen to you beg for an orgasm, she says you’re really good at that. Hopefully I can straddle your mouth so that you can lick my pussy, Judy tells me you’re very good at that too. Then once you can’t bare the pressure in you cock and your balls ache with lust, well we’ve a surprise or two for you, even then. But first a nice session of humiliation. Now run along and make us tea, gallons of tea and no sugar.” James’s erection was returning rapidly.

James brought us the tea, poured it with due ceremony, topped the teapot up with hot water and waited standing contritely, hands on the back of his head, head bowed looking at the ground. “James go across to my flat and fetch the chocolate digestives from the kitchen.” James looked worried and his erection subsided again. “Oh and your responses are getting a bit slow, so bring the cane with you, it’s in the cupboard in my bedroom, in a box on the shelf above my collection of naughty books, here’s the keys.” At that he shot off and returned pretty promptly, of course there was no one about, but you can never be certain, can you? I heard him go to the kitchen which I had not told him to do, but I forgave him that, as he had simply arranged the biscuits on a plate. He handed me the cane and resumed his contrite pose.

“James would you like to screw Valerie, bury that stiff little pole of yours in her warm moist hole?”

“Ma’am I will do whatever you ask of me.”

“Perhaps I should order you to suck and lick her pussy till she comes and comes again?”

“If it pleases you ma’am.” I was pleased, his erection was as firm as ever so he clearly has no objections.”

“But Judy dear he’s already done that,” and she showed a photograph to James. He blushed and his organ flopped.

“What the hell! How on earth – Where ever? When?” I could see understanding fill his face. “You – you both – earlier on?”

“And I’m glad that you don’t mind screwing Valerie because you’ve done that too,” and I showed him another photograph. “Anyway you are a very naughty boy, speaking out of turn and with such indignation too: you do exactly as I say, one day of complete obedience with absolutely no limits on my part, no limits at all and naughty boys must be punished, mustn’t they Valerie?”

“They certainly must Judith. Bend over, touch your toes. Get those knees straight.”

“Please ma’am, I can’t.”

“You can’t!”

“Please ma’am I’m not that supple.”

“My God, useless. Grab your ankles then.” James hates pain, he was completely flaccid and beginning to shrivel. Valerie picked up the cane and held it across his bottom, rolling it up and down his muscular buns, thoughtfully. She froze and James almost fell over as he anticipated what she was about to do. She pulled back her arm but then gently swung the switch between his legs to lightly touch his scrotum and use the tip to prod his balls from side to side. “Tempting; very tempting,” she mused, “but then again I might cut off my nose to spite my face.” She delivered a sharp tap to his buttocks, enough to sting for a few seconds but not really hard enough to hurt. “You stupid oaf, why are you stood there like a wet hen whilst my good friend Judith has to pore her own tea?”

He jumped up and rushed to complete the task for me. Then sensibly resumed his position. Another sharp tap, “And my cup, is it not empty too?” It was now, Valerie had just drained the contents in a single gulp. Each time he completed the next task he bent over, Valerie found a new job that he really ought to have anticipated and delivered a light rap for his inattention: I needed the biscuits, she needed the biscuits, there were no napkins, his legs were not spread wide enough, the napkins were too big we had to have serviettes, he had to get them from my flat, he was too slow. It was not lost upon either of us that James’s erection had returned.

“I need to pee,” declared Valerie, “have you taught him the routine?”

I didn’t even know that there was a routine but obviously Valerie had one, so I said, “he’s a man, they’re so forgetful, you had best remind him.”

“First you will go to the toilet, raise the lid, lower the seat and sit on it to warm it for me. When it is pleasantly comfortable you will call me and when I arrive you will raise the back of my skirt, stand, assist me to sit, continuing to hold my skirt up at the back so that there is no danger of me soiling it. When I have emptied my bladder you will run a basin of warm water and then wash my pussy with a damp flannel most thoroughly, no soap; finally pat my private parts dry with a soft, fluffy towel. Your thoroughness will be checked.” James looked stunned but lumbered off: I had forgotten, Valerie herself was no novice at role play and enjoyed it every bit as much as I did.

We had drunk a lot of tea and I too soon needed the loo, I entered to discover Val sat on the edge of the bath, her legs spread wide apart and James using his tongue to check that her ablutions had totally removed any trace of her discharge. Somewhat crossly – Valerie had agreed that she would only take pleasure from James when I was there to witness it – I explained that I needed the facility, urgently. Valerie, obviously irritated, stood in the doorway to watch and James sat on the seat to warm it up once more. After James had sat me down, held my skirt up, helped me up and cleaned me up, I too sat on the edge of the bath so that we could establishing the effectiveness of his handiwork, I could understand Valerie’s annoyance at having a very delightful orgasm interrupted; but I had rights, I was – after all – in charge. I hope James did not miss a spot with his flannel because his tongue was not allowed to.

Naturally, he was gently punished again for his sins, he had not left the lid of the loo seat down, he had not cleaned the porcelain under the seat properly, there was a pubic hair in the wash basin, Valerie’s tea cup was empty, the tea had gone cold. We slipped James’s leash on again, he was still wearing his collar, in fact all he was wearing was his collar, and took him for walks round the flat. I taught him to kneel up and beg for biscuits, Valerie hit his bottom for getting chocolate all round his mouth. Eventually, however, it was nearly time for some serious teasing and definitely time for high tea.

Before we sent him to make the tea I produced a small black cloth bag containing James’s outfit. We dressed him in red suspenders, black stockings and a white, bib fronted, frilly apron that went over his head, covered his chest, tied at the waist and, just, covered his genitals, although when he put it on it stuck out prominently at the front. Mercifully, for a man, he had smallish feet and we had been able to buy him some black, patent high heeled shoes off the shelf, which he was hardly able to walk in. We topped his outfit off with a big red bow-tie. He looked sweet. Valerie and I spent a happy twenty minutes dropping things for James to pick up so we could goose his crotch, pinch his bottom and generally expose him to all those, ‘harmless bits of fun’ that men were so keen to deliver to women: this was a bit unfair because James himself was always the perfect gentleman, but it was still fun.

We had James brew a fresh pot of tea, and whilst it brewed he had to make us cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches. The smoked salmon was in my flat so he had had to totter across the hall to fetch it. So were the cakes and he had had to make a second wobbly trip. Valerie administered three strokes of the cane for his first attempt at the sandwiches – I admired her control, the strokes obviously stung but left no prolonged mark nor lasting pain, although they were getting harder and James did not seem to have noticed this – he had made cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches whereas any fool maid should have known that you made the cucumber sandwiches and the smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches separately. He earned three more strokes for failing to cut the crusts off the cucumber sandwiches. When we were done we sent James for an oven dish, scraped the remains into it, cake and sandwiches all together, placed the dish on the floor and, after tying his hands behind his back, ordered James to eat it up: that was truly comical, so hilarious that he actually lost his erection. Finally, we sent him to wash up and as he rinsed the dishes we goosed him and pinched his bottom once more.

Valerie announced that it was time to get James hard again and by the time she had stripped him he was. We led him to the bedroom and tied him over my special cushion on his big brass bed, rendering him almost immobile, he could wiggle his fingers but not even his toes. We licked him all over, well all except for the twitching rod of iron that protruded from his groin. Valerie straddled him and performed a tasteful striptease, whilst I tickled his balls and fingered his anus. Then, of course, she submitted him to a full fifteen minutes of slow masturbation; after five minutes his begging and pleading began to irritate us so we gagged him too. Once she was done we exchanged roles and I did the strip whilst she tormented him and I was merciful, for I only administered ten minutes of slow masturbation; I don’t think he appreciated my largess.

“Time for his show,” I said. At this point James needed a rest and I usually read him stories from those dirty magazines that he, and his kind, appeared to derive so much pleasure from in those days. Tonight was different, we released him but only to secure him in his ‘torture chair’. Then I placed my head next to his, signalled to Valerie until she had angled the mirror behind the bed to give him a perfect view and then I too jumped upon the bed, joining Valerie, dragged her on top of me and began to kiss her passionately. We graduated to sucking each others nipples and I was soon licking her clit, sucking on her labia and fingering her hot wet pussy; she rapidly dissolved into a train of shuddering orgasms.

When her paroxysms had ceased I grabbed her hair and rammed her head between my thighs. She responded in kind and I was soon equally transported with delight as I came over and over again. James, had two different views of us expending our lusts, one in the mirror and the other direct. When, finally, I was spent Valerie hissed “do me again, I’m already ready.” So I did and she exploded with pleasure two, perhaps, three times more. In their turn, her sensual responses set me off again so, for a second time, we exchanged roles and I too achieved a series of ecstatic orgasms. Poor James, he was rocking the chair with frustration, God knows what the people downstairs thought.

After his cabaret we returned James to the bed, bound him, gagged him, blindfolded him and Valerie straddled his face and had him lick her sopping wet sex whilst she teased his nipples with her finger nails; I teased his balls and his anus once more. Eventually she leaned forwards and resumed those dreadful repetitions of twenty slow strokes, interspersed with ten rapid ones, that constitute slow masturbation. I slipped away to set-up his final surprise. When I returned I swapped places with Valerie and had him lick my slick wet pussy, back and forth from clit to vagina. I was oozing with juice, thick, slick and rich with the aroma of a woman on heat. Poor man, I waited until he serviced me with a small climax and then dismounted him. I delivered his fourth session of slow masturbation with the added stimulus of both of his nipples being licked. James responded with the most frantic struggles I had see him attempt thus far. Finally, we relented, popped his gag and gave him the pleasure of feeling his prick sink deep in one of our pussies, but which one? Of course, blindfolded as he was, he had no idea but as his manhood was engulfed completely he emitted the most enormous grunt of satisfaction. It took just five long languorous strokes to initiate his orgasm.

We, all three shouted, “surprise”, I ripped James’s sleep mask away and he discovered that he was, quite uncontrollably, dumping his seed into a grey haired granny of sixty years, my friend Sybil: she had been a beauty and it still showed, but these days her skin was somewhat wrinkled and slightly slack, her hands reddened with work; her breasts sagged a little, nipples seeming to be rather high and their teats correspondingly low. As he came Sybil increased the tempo of her undulations and, literally, rang him out; whatever he thought of Sybil he could not control himself and his climax was long and noisy.

I had attended a lecture on neo-classic art at one of the colleges in Oxford and afterwards I was walking back through corridors of the gothic buildings. The night had drawn in and I could smell winter in my nostrils. In the distance I saw a bright light coming from one of the windows and I saw Jenny’s boyfriend Michael walking towards me. He was American, young — say about 22 and athletic. He had short blonde hair and blue eyes and wore glasses. He was studying Physics at the university and in his second year.

He stopped close by and we started to talk. I realized that I wasn’t even listening, and I was just starting at his face and watching his sexy lips move as he talked. He wasn’t especially tall but about my height. I could see his breath and with each word he spoke I felt myself aroused and consciously wet between my legs. He said that Jenny was working late in the gallery, but he guessed I knew that as I was her boss.

In the distance the sound of music came from one of the rehearsal rooms. He said that he and some of the guys were having a few drinks in the common room and would I like to come?

I looked at my watch, bit my lip a little and thought of Sarah at home. Would she be in a bad mood again I didn’t think she loved me anymore. I don’t know why but I could sense something about Michael that night, something a little different. It could have been in his smile, or in his eyes, I just don’t know what it was, but I felt IT.

I walked with him to the common room. Inside the room was heated by an open fire. The flagstone floor had a big patterned rug in the middle and ceilings were high with beams running across. I remember there was a lot of red in the room. It smelled a little rustic and fusty. The large oak door closed firmly behind me.

Michael took my coat and scarf and hung it up on the back of the door. I noticed that he clicked the lock shut behind me. There was only one other person in the room, a young man, standing with his back to the fire. His hair was a little longer than Michael’s and it was dark, brushed forwards onto his face. He smiled to reveal very straight, even white teeth. He was wearing jeans with a thin knit jumper and noticeably there wasn’t anything underneath.

I smiled and he handed me a drink in a tumbler, I think it was brandy but it could have been scotch. As I swallowed the liquid it warmed me through to the core and I felt myself unconsciously unwind from the stress of the gallery, my pussy was wet. I sat into the worn but comfortable chair, my eyes were level with his genitals and I stared at the package longingly. I believe he noticed.

Michael introduced me to Anthony and told me that he was a friend from ‘back home’ and that he had just arrived in the UK for his first year at Oxford. He said that Michael had told him I owned the art gallery near the marketplace. I sat up and tried hard to listen, but I felt very relaxed. I pushed the questions back onto Anthony, turns out he is a champion rower and will be on the Oxford team.

I just kept thinking about his body underneath his clothing. For some reason I had imagined that he wasn’t wearing any pants. I just wanted to slip my hand into my knickers and stoke my soft wet clit. I uncrossed my legs in the chair and smiled at both of them. I kept catching their eyes running up my legs to when my knee length skirt began. I was wearing hold-ups, I guessed that they were thinking about what might be at the top of the nylon, would my cunt be hairy or shaved, would my pussy lips be swollen, thick, thin? Would I have a big clitty, or would it be little tiny and barely noticeable. Would I be tight inside my pussy, would my arse hole be ready to take a big cock? Had I taken it up the arse before or would I only let a finger slip into me.

I sipped the brandy a little more, and I felt my cheeks flush up a little pink. My heart was thumping into my chest and my cotton knickers started to soak with excitement. I couldn’t believe I was sitting in a room with two young, handsome and intelligent Americans (especially after sitting through a lecture with loads of stuffy old English farts with patches on their elbows and comb-overs)

Michael walked around behind me as Anthony talked on about his arrival in the UK and the secret world of Oxford. I wanted to turn around and look at him but I was afraid to look, I felt excitement at what he might be doing behind me. He was very quiet. I pulled my skirt over my knees a little and realized that my hand was visibly shaking. I slugged some more brandy.

I was aware that Anthony was continually looking at Michael, but still I kept my eyes fixed onto Anthony as he spoke. Anthony said that I looked exhausted after my long day at work and then the lecture. I felt Michael’s hand rubbing my shoulders through the thin material of my top. It was most unusual but I didn’t jump because it felt right. I didn’t look up: I just looked down at his hands.

He moved one hand away, and kept rubbing with the other. I was trying to imagine what he was doing with the other hand. I discovered what he was doing as he put his hand gently over my mouth and nose from behind, he told me to smell his dirty cock from where he had been wanking himself. It was just so horny and I almost pissed myself from the excitement. His hand smelled musky and manly, he was right it did smell dirty.

Still behind me he took hold of my hands and tied them together behind my back. I felt quite frightened and it heightened my arousal even more. I was helpless, I knew they were going make me their bitch and fuck me.

He walked around the chair to the front and pushed his cock into my mouth. His trousers were open and I longed to take his balls in my hand and tug them, cup them and slip my fingers into his tight American arse hole that needed a good fucking.

Michael held my head in his hands and ensured I sucked him deeply in my throat. He told me that he knew I was onto a dead cert, Jenny had left him in the gallery alone one afternoon and he had gone onto my lap top, opening my diary and reading the details of how I was living in a now sexless relationship with a woman and longing to be fucked by two men. He told me that now I would have to have my fantasy and it was too bad if I didn’t want to do it any more.

Anthony, who had been sitting on the edge of the table opposite, put down his brandy and walked over. He pulled my legs so that my bottom rested on the edge of the chair. I was very much enjoying the taste of Michael’s cock that I didn’t care what they did to me as long as I came hard in that moment being their whore was all that mattered. It had been so long since I had been lost in the sexual pleasure of the moment and I wanted it to last so much.

Michael pulled his cock from my mouth and I gasped deeply, licking the head and lapping up his salty pre-cum as it worked out in a steady flow for me.

Anthony had started to pull my skirt up and rubbed my legs gently as he worked his hand up my thigh and pushed his head between my legs. He smelled my cunt through my knickers. I felt so dirty, I had not washed since the morning and would have liked to freshen up some more before sex but there was no choice for me. He told me that my cunt smelled good enough to eat.

On his knees he pulled my knickers to one side and just looked at my cunt, my eyes were wide open while I sucked Michael’s cock and I started at him as he looked up and down my legs and back to my pussy. He pushed his fingers slowly into my soft wet lips, then pulled them out sniffed them and licked them. I was so wet, and I felt my juices flowing onto my arse and into the chair. He knew how to make me wait.

He pushed me and my legs right back and Michael moved back too so I could still indulge in sucking him dry. I was glad he had allowed me to move my head so that I could suck, lick and taste his sack that was smoothly shaven.

The chair was comfortable and supported my body well, I couldn’t see what was going on any longer but looked up at Michael’s face, he was watching Anthony as he parted my arse and began to lick it. It felt so good and I adored being rimmed. It was the ultimate tease as I he hand not yet touched my cunt with his tongue.

This was everything I had longed for and having my arse eaten out was just the icing on the cake. Bound as I was it was what I needed for a change, I was always in control in work and at home I had been the dominant one for so long. I needed to be sorted out properly.

The arse licking went on, and on and I enjoyed him pushing his tongue deep into my hole, licking all around it and just onto my buttocks a little. I know that my arse hole grew supple wanting to take a whole cock in there.

They swapped over and Michael, on his knees licked my arse out too. Anthony put his cock into my face and pulled his foreskin down so that I could lick around the sensitive glands beneath. His cock was bigger than Michael’s and I struggled to take the whole head deeply into my mouth.

After a few minutes he stripped off his clothes and sat into the back of the chair. I couldn’t work out what he was doing at first, but as he made himself comfortable on my face, he told me that he had enjoyed licking out my arse hole and now I must return the favour. I had never licked out a man’s arse before but was so excited by the sight of his pink ring in front of me that there as was no stopping me licking him when I got going. I enjoyed rimming him and reached up a little more to suck his sack and lick his perineum a little as he wanked himself.

It was just amazing, rimming whilst being rimmed — I was ready to cum and my cunt had hardly been touched. I kept thinking that I was missing out on licking up his pre-cum but I only have one mouth, and I must keep it in perspective! I was helpless and must enjoy what ever I was given.

Michael had started to diversify and began licking my cunt, sliding his tongue inside and then gliding it over my clit to torment me. I held off of cumming. He licked my arse, my pussy and then fingered my arse as he licked my pussy. I came hard, squirting into his mouth, onto his wide warm tongue — it was amazing.

He continued to lick regardless of my climax and worked me up into a horny state once again. For someone so young he had the skills of a 40 year old and I was enjoying every moment of my emancipation from the celibacy that Sarah had enforced.

When he was sure I was worked up again, he climbed onto me as I was — totally helpless and still in the chair, he slipped his cock into my pussy easily. He pumped me so hard and my hands still bound, squashed into the seat taking the weight of both of us. It enhanced the sensations as a little pain felt good for me.

As he fucked me, I could just see a little and he leaned in, taking Anthony’s cock into his hand and pushed it into his mouth. I came quickly as this was so erotic. I saw as much as I could and his hungry tongue licked up the shaft of Anthony’s cock gobbling the beads of pre cum as he went. Anthony was groaning and saying he was close to cumming. He had said, in his American way, that he wanted to ‘do my Ass.’

They swapped over again, but Michael (obviously being fond of oral) made me suck his cock and balls over again, with his salty pre-cum in my mouth I was not complaining and I could have cum, over and over, all night long, Sarah was far away in my mind right now.

Anthony slipped his cock into my pussy a little, pulled it out and rubbed the swollen head onto my clitty. Then he eased it into my little, supple arse hole, deeper and deeper and deeper. He fucked me like a bitch while I sucked Michael’s cock. I begged Michael to fuck my pussy and he said ok, but only for a special treat.

I never got fucked in the arse and pussy at the same time before. They made me stand up with my hands still bound. Anthony sat down in the chair beneath me, I lay on his chest, legs open as he thrust his hard cock into my pussy it was huge and felt so great. Michael came up behind me and fucked my arsehole he was very gentle, fingering it first to ensure I was ready to take all of its girth and depth.

I have never enjoyed being penetrated like this ever. All of my fantasies came true at once and it’s the best feeling ever. They both enjoyed giving me so much pleasure, I only had to straddle Michael to get that great feeling and they did the rest. Michael kissed me deeply and gently. I thought I might bite his lip because I felt aroused so intensely. Anthony asked me if I wanted him to cum in my arse and I said yes. He shot his load into me hard and as he pulled out I felt his spunk pouring from my arse.

Anthony lifted me a little as Michael pulled his cock out of my pussy and spunked onto my clitty as he rubbed it in, it felt absolutely amazing. I came really hard enjoying Anthony fingering his spunk in and out of my arsehole.

Anthony untied me, I was sweating and we rested for a couple of minutes. I looked at the window and wondered when the blinds had been drawn together. I checked my watch as I knew that Jenny would be leaving the gallery soon, and she usually came to the university to meet Michael. They made it clear that Jenny must not find out what had happened and that what had gone on between us was a simple initiation for Anthony. I was only to glad to have been a part of it.

I dressed, and politely kissed them each on the cheek before stepping out of the door, my lips still wet with sweat and I was stinking of sex as I walked through the haze to reach my bicycle. I would return home to Sarah, and for tonight at least I would feel happy with my lot in life.

Amber’s Master decided that it was time that his girl was to be rid of her persistent shyness and lack of openness once and for all. He wanted his pet to be completely open and relaxed in front of him at all times. No secrets with her daily ablutions, these to be performed easily and freely in front of him at all times.

To bring the matter under control he decided that the next morning he would take her to the woods early so that the cool air would do its work and encourage her need to relieve herself there. That evening at dinner he encouraged his pet to have a full healthy fiber packed meal with plenty to drink to wash it down.

Next morning on waking he said that before any bathroom visit that day she was to take a walk in the woods with him. Amber was feeling the effects of her feasting and drinking the night before and desperately wanted to use the loo. It was a cool morning to stand about but not if moving about or walking.

Amber was allowed to put some slip ons on her feet for protection; apart from that she only had her collar. So naked she stood while he attached a blindfolded, tied her hands behind her back and attached a leash to the collar. Amber had not been allowed to use the bathroom since going to bed; breakfast was a large glass of juice.

Then her Dom said “car!” and she was led to the door by her Dom from the kitchen that adjoined the garage. She got into the car guided as he held the door for her. As she sat up in her seat, her hands tied behind her caused her to jut out her breasts and her Dom could not help but smile as he fastened on her seat belt, gave a suck on one and the other a tweak. She gasped in surprise.

He pressed the control for the automatic doors to open and drove out of the garage. As the driveway exit to the road he stopped to let the passing cars go by. As they waited the paperboy on his cycle came and had to stop until they drove out. The sight of amber in the seat with her chest forward and protruding acorn like nipples made his eyes boggle, his bike wobble and he nearly dropped his load of papers.

Amber heard her Dom chuckle and was aware of a noise by her window. He Dom called out “Good morning Bradley”, to which the paperboy replied ” Good morning Mr. Osmond, is that Mrs Osmond?” No time for a reply as he drove out on to the road heading for the woods, but amber moaned and almost wet herself in shame as she realized that the paperboy had seen her naked as the day she was born.

Not far from the woods a track led off the road. Amber felt the change in the road surface as they moved on to it. Less than a minute later the car stopped and her Dom got out and went round to let her out of the car. Amber was very anxious as anyone could be about taking their dog for a morning walk in the woods and so may see her. She was so anxious.

Her Dom took her by the leash and led her down a pathway in the woods to a clearing that he knew about. She walked as well as she could on the uneven ground occasionally stumbling and conscious that her tits were jiggling as she went.

By now girl was bursting to do a wee. On arriving at a clearing in the woods girl’s Dom had her stand a foot on two very large stone boulders, and squat. Girl was told that she was now allowed to pee, the surprise and the shock were such that she spilled out a little but in shame she tried to hold back. Her calm and encouraging Dom stroked and caressed her and told her what a good girl she was, and that she was to let go and empty herself.

After some moments with the coolness of the early morning and the pressure building up her body got the better of her in her splayed squatting position, and she found herself letting go and crying. She sobbed with the relief of the pressure coupled with the mortification of being in such a position where anyone might happen upon her as she peed. Master used a Cam to record the moment for them both to see again later.

However all was not done, he wanted to see her empty herself completely! With a finger he massaged her anal pucker, as he stroked her with the other hand, quietly whispering to her that she needed to empty her body fully for the day ahead. She hung her head in shame at the realization of his request and cried, she was just unable to let go.

She felt such shame and humiliation at being observed, though at the same time she felt a rush course through her due to her open display and exhibition of herself. In her fantasies she enjoyed the feeling of being forced against her wishes to perform in front of others, indeed the more reluctant she was she more she enjoyed it.

He hugged her and helped her down and said not to worry for the moment. He removed her blindfold. Some morning exercise was next to strengthen her legs. Her morning nipple training to lengthen her nipples was due also. He attached nipple clamps with a connecting chain, these brought tears to her eyes. He also attached a longer leash to her collar. girl had to then trot around in a circle, the swinging clamps pulling on her bouncing tits and the concentration of trotting made her forget his other request.

But after ten minutes of the continual impact on the abdomen she felt she had an urgency to fully empty her body, and asked to be allowed to do so. He looked into her eyes to see if her need appeared strong, she saw her hesitation and she fell to her knees begging. Her Dom then firmly helped her back up on to the raised stones, into her earlier splayed squatting position and told her to ensure she did a full empty of her body.

Her body being open gave way and she started to empty her bowels, crying in degradation that she was being observed in what was normally to her until now, a very private moment. As she strained to empty, her face was suffused with burning shame and she sobbed as tears flowed from her eyes.

He praised her and reassured her, and again used his cam to record the moment for her to see later. On completion he made her stand and bend over and inserted an enema from a prepared enema bulb which she had to hold for five minutes, so as to ensure thorough cleansing. girl then had to squat and let it out.

Amber was sobbing quietly as this was not something that she was able to control so well. As the enema emptied it left her body rapidly and she was so aware of the noise, worried that someone near might hear and come and look. He repeated the process to ensure she was thoroughly clean.

He hugged her and told her how she pleased him. She felt as low and degraded a she could possibly imagine and thought that her Dom observing her at home was little compared to this. She would be open and display willingly in future.

She was then helped up and some yards further on the way back, he told her to kneel and have her reward of his cock, and he had her suck him for a while looking into her eyes, before he held her head to fuck her face, causing her to gag initially until he passed the back of her throat. He moved in and out of her slick throat with ease, and groaned as he felt his balls lift to send forth his cum.

Amber was ever fearful of someone hearing them or worse still, walking where they were and seeing everything. He pulled back his cock and watched as he shot his load on to her tongue in her mouth. He nodded to her indicating that she could swallow, she swallowed and licked her lips and then she thanked him for his gift. Amber was ever fearful of someone hearing them or worse still walking into the clearing where they were and seeing everything.

So with her still naked but now feeling warm from her efforts, they continued back to the car for home. By a fallen tree he stopped and bent her over it, stepping between her legs he held her hips and entered and pounded her cunt. Her Dom had a generous cock and she felt him sliding right in to the core of her body. While he pounded, he took from a pocket a tube of anal lube, fingered her anal entrance and then squeezed some lube in and worked it inside her, deeply with his large finger as he continued to fuck her.

The intruding feeling of his finger, then two, into her arse rushed her to a climax, but he pulled out and with her copious juices on his cock, he entered her well lubed arse hole and fucked her as she cried out in her need to cum, suddenly he felt her clench on his cock and the pressure sent him careering to a massive climax as he came and came and came deep in her bowels.

He took a butt plug from his pocket and inserted it in her to keep his gift from being lost too soon. On arriving back at the house, he tied the leash to a pillar in the conservatory; girl knelt on two cushions on two stools that were placed about a foot apart.

He then went to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee; his neighbour would be coming round shortly to discuss their forthcoming weekend trip to the log cabin in the mountains. Just as he had made coffee and was placing the tray on the coffee table the doorbell went…..he stopped briefly to first slowly pull out the butt plug from girls arse and then answered the door to his neighbour, Paul.

His neighbour had his pet with him on a leash, after greetings of the day were exchanged he led Paul into the conservatory where the sight of Amber greeted him, Paul looked down at his pet and then up at him, he nodded and indicated to his pet to go and lick the girl as she dripped the gift from her body.

Girl shuddered as she felt the tongue touch her, she whimpered and squirmed in shame and wanton lust as the pet licked her; she strained and tried to open more to accommodate the probing tongue. She moaned helplessly as she felt and listened to the sounds of the lapping at her wet holes as the two Masters sat having their coffee observing her.

The long rasping tongued on her clit every so often gradually drove her to a wanton orgasm, and she cried out in her humiliation and submission to her body. This too on a cam to view later. Paul then called his pet to heel by his feet.

Amber was released now that she was clean of her Dom’s dripping cum and told to bend over at the waist before them. She was then told to shower and come back for her drink, but to ensure she presented herself in the pleasure slave position to her Masters, both Masters and Paul’s pet.


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