tied up

Disclaimer: This story could be in several different categories, but I chose the category it’s in due to the ending. Also, everyone in this story is over 18 years of age.

John glanced at the clock on the wall. It was nearly 6 in the evening, and Gina, his beautiful bride, was expected home shortly. He placed a bookmark in his novel and rose to check on dinner. He could hear the pasta happily bubbling away on the stove. Moving towards the oven, he flicked on the oven light and bent down to look at the pork roast that was slowly cooking its way to perfection. John and his wife had one rule for their marriage: The one who does the cooking gets to control the events of the evening for the same amount of time as it takes that person to make the meal. After that time was up, they tended to let the evening flow as it would. This rule was usually used solely for choosing movies, wines, or desserts due to the fact that both John and Gina worked standard 9-5 jobs. Thus, dinner ended up being fast food or a frozen TV dinner. Obviously since neither of these options take much time to prepare, the person who made the decision first on what to eat had between 10 seconds and 1 minute to be “in control” during the evening.

However, tonight was going to be different. John had recently received a promotion at his office. Not only did this promotion bring better pay, but it also gave him the liberty to work at home 1 or 2 days a week. While Gina knew about the promotion and the raise, John had kept her ignorant of the other perk. Tonight was going to be different because today he had worked from home. This had given him ample time to prepare a meal, and the meal he had chosen for the evening had taken nearly 4 hours to prepare. Yes, tonight would be different because tonight he was in control.

The sound of a key being slotted into a lock came from the front doorway. The lock clicked open, and he could hear the squeak of the door as Gina walked in, her purse jingling and her coat swishing past the doorframe. He stepped out of the kitchen and watched her wrestle with her coat. She was stunning. Shoulder-length brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. At 5′ 5″ she was the perfect fit for John’s lanky frame. Her lithe, compact body seemed to meld perfectly into his. Curvy in all the right places, she had a small, tight ass that he absolutely adored as well as small, but perfect breasts. John, was an inch shy of 6′ and well built for his height. He wasn’t muscular in the sense of a bodybuilder, but he had a strong, hard body. His own brown hair was a shade lighter than Gina’s, but his eyes were nearly the same sparkling blue. Their friends often remarked that John and Gina looked as if they could have been related, brother and sister or at least cousins. That always gave John a laugh, as he thought about all the things that he wouldn’t have been able to do if Gina really was his sister. He sighed as she walked towards him; the sway of her hips was a constant enticement to him. He wrapped his arms around her as she lifted her lips to his. The kiss was brief but full of promise.

She stepped back and peeked around him into the kitchen. “You made dinner?” She asked with a glance in his direction, walking into the kitchen and noticing the roast in the oven. As she bent over to scrutinize his culinary creations, John turned toward her and was immediately met by the sight of her glorious ass hanging in the air, as if it was on a podium. “You made a roast?!?” She asked in befuddlement and confusion. Her eyes narrowed as she poked a finger into his chest and furthered her inquiry, “Where did you find the time to do this…and how long did it take?”

“It took me 4 hours to make, and as to where I found the time, maybe I’ll let you in on that secret if you’re a good girl tonight.” As the words left his mouth, he stepped towards her and cupped her ass cheeks with his hands, pulling her close to him. Lowering his mouth to hers, he gave her a kiss. Her warm lips met his in what can only be described as pure delight. She hungrily and passionately returned the kiss. His hands, meanwhile, were enthusiastically massaging her ass cheeks. He let the kiss last for several minutes before breaking it off. “But first,” he said with a grin, “Let’s eat real food. You’ll need all the energy that you can get for tonight.”

As the meal came to a close Gina leaned over the table and whispered in a seductive way, “So what’s the plan for tonight? I assume you do have a plan, right? You didn’t just spend 4 hours making a delicious meal for the food, did you?” The implied question hung in the air between the two lovers. What was he going to use his hours of control for?

John finished chewing the food that was in his mouth. He wiped his mouth with his napkin, without breaking eye contact. “You’re just going to have to wait and see.” He grinned like a school boy with a secret, and rose from his chair to clear the dishes off the table.

“You’re not even going to tell me? Your own wife? Not even one little bit of a hint?” She asked in dismay.

He turned back to her and smiled, “It will be ‘fun’, I’ll promise you that.”

With the table cleared and the dishes in the sink, John walked back to Gina and helped her up out of her chair. He playfully kissed her before bringing his lips to her neck. He moved behind her and continued to cover the exposed skin of her neck and shoulders with his tongue and lips. She moaned softly and thrust her hips back towards his. He backed off and grabbed her hand with his. He lead her into the bathroom, and turned on the shower, as he found her lips with his again and kissed her with passion and vigor. Moving his hands under her shirt, he began kneading her breasts. She raised her arms over her head as her tongue fought with his for dominance in her mouth. They broke the kiss momentarily as he stripped her shirt off her. Their lips locked again while he reached behind her to unsnap her bra. She sent a hand down to his crotch and began massaging his dick through his jeans. The clasp on her bra snapped open and she dropped her bra to the ground. He placed his left hand on her ass and squeezed as his right hand found Gina’s now exposed breasts. He broke the kiss again moving his mouth in a line of kisses down her neck and onto her chest. She took the opportunity to get her hands under his shirt and to lift it over his head. He backed her up against the wall, capturing her right nipple with his lips. As he began sucking, softly at first but with growing ardor, her hands roamed around his back, leaving small scratches everywhere. She lowered her mouth to his shoulder and moaned loudly as he continued to suckle from her breasts. His hands unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She wiggled her hips and her jeans slipped down. She stepped out of first one, then the other pant leg and kicked her jeans towards the door. He removed his mouth from her breast and kissed her on the lips again. Then, he stepped back and yanked her panties down her legs. She kicked them free as he dropped his jeans and briefs to the floor. John grabbed her hands and stepped over the lip of the tub, pulling her with him. As the warm water hit his naked body, Gina came into his arms again and immediately began to grind her hips into his now hard manhood.

“Alright, the first order of business tonight is for you to start sucking.” John whispered in her ear. He punctuated his words by pressing his palms down on her shoulders. He turned his back to the water to block the stream from getting in her face. She dropped to her knees and eagerly took his burgeoning 7-inch dick into her hungry mouth. After one long suck, John turned his head up towards the ceiling and groaned happily. She let his dick slide out of her mouth and then swirled her tongue around the head. He lowered his eyes and watched as she licked his dick up and down the shaft. She returned her attention to the head as she glanced towards him. She made eye contact with him as she sucked him into her mouth again. .He groaned in pleasure as she swirled her tongue around his shaft while sucking. She moved his dick in and out of her mouth. John’s breathing increased and his groaned became more frequent. He started moving his hips with the rhythm that she’d created with her sucking. She pulled his manhood out of her hot mouth, a line of saliva connecting her lips to his dick’s tip. She looked up at him and asked in an innocent but seductive tone, “Do you like your dick in my mouth? Do you want me to make you spill your seed all down my warm throat?” She began sucking him harder and faster as he desperately tried to respond. She moved her left hand to his ass and inserted her, now quite wet, middle finger into his asshole. Gina began to slide her finger in and out of his ass, while she sucked his dick even harder.

John finally found breath to gasp, “Oh, god Gina! Oh, god! Please don’t stop now. Suck my dick! Suck it until I cum!” His hips began bucking violently with a mind of their own, forcing his 7-inches further and further down her throat. She took it all in stride and increased her sucking. Her right hand reached out and grabbed his balls. She began massaging his balls as she slipped her tongue down the underside of his shaft. It finally became too much for John to handle. He growled, and shouted, “Oh fuck!” as his cum shot forcefully into her mouth. Gina relished the feeling of the warm liquid spraying the insides of her mouth. She continued sucking lightly on his dick, but she popped her finger out of his asshole. Determined to milk his balls for all he’s worth, her hand continued to play with his balls, until his dick finally stopped leaking cum several seconds later. She let him pull his shrinking manhood out of her mouth, but she kept her lips open. Using her tongue, she pushed his cum toward the front of her mouth and played with it in front of him. Then, she moved it to the back of her throat and with a smile gave it one gargle before swallowing it in one fell swoop.

He helped her to her feet and kissed her, tasting the leftovers of his seed on her lips. They finished the shower by soaping each other up, kissing passionately every time they faced one another. John took the opportunity to slip a soapy finger into her ass as their tongues became intertwined. They rinsed off, and John shut the water off, while stepping out of the shower. Gina followed him onto the bathmat. He grabbed a towel and began drying her off. With both of them dry, John spread the towels out on the counter and lifted Gina on top of them. He nibbled at her ear and whispered, “It’s your turn.” He kissed her lips passionately but briefly, turning his lips to her body. He let his lips linger in the hollow of her neck, the warmth of his lips and the wetness of his tongue caused a soft moan to escape Gina’s lips. “Oh John…” she mumbled. His lips traveled from the hollow of her neck to her shoulder, trailing a line of wet kisses. He gave her left nipple a quick lick, then moved his mouth to just above her breasts. He began sucking, teasing her with the thought of where his mouth could have been. He moved his lips back down to her breasts and passed over them to lick and kiss her stomach. He briefly reached a hand up to her right breast and fondled it while kissing her belly button and moving ever closer to her nether regions. His tongue snaked out for a passing shot at her slit as he landed his mouth on her leg. He alternated kissing first one leg then the other all the way down to her toes, then he returned back up the way he came. Again, he gave a teasing lick to her slit as he moved his mouth back up her torso. This time, he did stop at her breasts. She moaned as he finally began to pay attention to her sensitive nipples. He began sucking lightly on one nipple, then moved to the other and swirled his tongue around it. Gina gently placed her hands on her head, forcing him to remain. He gladly accepted her choice and made a more detailed greeting with her breast. Sucking some of it into his mouth and twirling his wet tongue around the hard point. She moaned again, and he continued the treatment. He brought a finger up to her lips and waited for her mouth to open. He slid his finger into her mouth and felt her begin to suck on it. He moved his attention to her other breast, as he pulled his finger from her mouth. At this point, his hand found her slit and rubbed it gently, the saliva-coated finger pushing at the entrance of her pussy, begging entrance into her warm hole. He slipped the finger into her pussy and began moving it in and out. Meanwhile, his mouth left her breasts momentarily to kiss her lips. He moved his mouth to the hollow of her neck again and left a warm and wet trail to her breasts. He returned his focus to her nipples, while his finger fucked her pussy. She began moving her hips and moaning loudly. His finger, once coated in saliva is now dripping with her inner juices. He pulled his finger out and moved his lips ever so slowly down her body until he reached her sodden slit. His tongue began lapping up the juices as he burrowed his face into her pussy. Gina’s legs clenched around his head, and she turned her face towards the ceiling, moaning in ecstasy. John alternated between sucking on her lips and slipping his tongue into her slit. He continued this for several minutes until her hips began to buck and her legs put even more pressure on his neck and head. Finally, he turned his attention to the little bud just above her slit, licking it and engulfing it with his lips. He sucked on it softly. Immediately a loud moan escaped from Gina and he heard her shout, “Oh fuck! Don’t stop John! Please, right there. Please, don’t stop.” John, having no intention of stopping now, began sucking with renewed zeal. He slipped first one, then two fingers into her slit as his mouth focused its attention on her clit. He felt a tremor pass through her legs, as she shuddered in mindless bliss. She threw back her head and screamed, “Oh fuck me!” John lessened his sucking on her clit, but didn’t stop entirely as he waited for her orgasm to pass. Her thighs finally released his head from their death grip, and he felt her body relax. He lifted his lips to hers and kissed her with a love that can only be shared by lovers. “And this is just the beginning of the night” John breathed.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he reached his hands underneath her legs and lifted her off the counter. Rather than drop her on the floor, he drew her body into his, and thrust is no-longer-limp dick into her drenched pussy with a satisfied grunt from both parties. Gina gave her hips a little wiggle, as she settled onto his hard rod. “Ooohh finally…we get to the really good stuff.” She cooed. She used her legs to push her hips away from his and pulled herself back again with the opposite motion. He turned toward the bathroom and began walking, briefly removing his hands from her ass to redistribute her weight. The action pulled her up his shaft and back down again, rewarding him with a small moan from her. He carried her in this fashion into the bedroom and dumped her, quite unceremoniously, onto their four-post bed. She landed with an “oommff” and glanced up quizzically at him. He flashed his I-have-a-secret grin and moved his hands down to her body. He gave her left nipple a tweak as his hands made their way down to her hips. Once there, he gave a gentle but firm twist, forcing her to flip onto her stomach or risk a painful experience. She did so with the grace and ease, as if she had practiced that very movement countless times. In truth, she hadn’t, but she was coordinated enough to make anything look graceful, even falling down a flight of stairs. John smiled to himself at the memory of her taking a swan dive down the last few steps on the staircase to their very first apartment.

He shook his head and returned to the present. His wife was face down in front of him, her ass smiling back at him. He used his dick to slap her ass cheeks, while he reached under the bed and pulled out a cloth bag that he had stashed there earlier in the day. He turned his attention to the bag as he dug for his padded ropes. With a small shout of success he pulled the ropes free from the bottom of the bag. Gina turned her head and stared at the cords in his hand. “Oh, so THAT’S what you have in mind!” She exclaimed. He just grinned back at her and grabbed both her wrists with his free hand. He looped the first rope around her wrists and secured it to the slats on the headboard. He picked up the second rope and used it to tie her left ankle to a corner post. He repeated the process on her other ankle. When the last rope had been securely fastened, he stepped back and admired his handy work. He had left enough slack in the ropes that had allowed him to position her body such that she was on her knees and forearms. But that was the extent of the slack in the system. She was trapped in doggy style until he chose to release her. She turned her head back towards him again and waited for him to make his move.

She didn’t have to wait long. John quickly positioned himself so that his right knee was on the bed beside her right leg, while he bent his left leg and placed his foot flat on the bed next to her torso. He cupped a breast with his left hand and slipped a finger from his right hand into her still-slick slit. He let his finger slide in and out of her pussy a few times before he managed to get a second finger inside. He began to finger fuck her slit in earnest now, as she began pushing her hips onto his fingers with each thrust. He let a few minutes pass before finally letting his fingers slide all the way out of her pussy. Gina knew what was coming next, but she turned her head in an attempt to watch. John, armed with the knowledge that she was sufficiently wet, moved his dick to the entrance of her pussy and, with a single stroke, thrust his bulging manhood all the way into her inner depths. Gina made a sound that was a mix between a low moan and a loud grunt as his balls slapped against her clit. He slowly slid his rock-hard shaft out until just the tip was still inside. He reached around her with his right hand until it found her other breast and began fondling both of them as he slid his shaft back inside her pussy again. He made his strokes long and slow, as he continued to play with her dangling breasts. Several minutes of this went by before Gina spoke up, “John, sweetie, this feels great and I love it, but you and I both know we could go on like this for a very long while…and I’d really appreciate cumming sooner than a very long while…”

John smiled when he heard these words come out of her mouth. “As you wish, my love.” He replied. At this point, John moved his hands from her breasts and grabbed her hips. He used her hips like handles to pull her body back towards his. At the same time, he thrust his dick forward into her slit. He quickly picked up the pace, and, within a few seconds, he was pounding his manhood into her perfect pussy. Gina began moaning louder and louder as his strokes came faster and faster. His balls beat against her clit with increasing frequency. John’s taut arms and legs propelled their two bodies together faster and faster until they were just a blur of motion. He fucked her hard for a couple minutes, relishing in the feel of her slick inner reaches. All of a sudden, he slowed his pace down to a fraction of what it had been. Gina turned her head to investigate the change in pace, but he used a hand to gently push her head back down to the bed. With his other hand, he reached into his bag and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. He popped the top open and tipped the bottle upside down directly over her asshole. He let a generous amount of oil flow from the bottle and land on her ass. Gina flinched from the unexpectedly cool liquid hitting her body. John closed the top and replaced the bottle in the bag. He removed his hand from her head and placed it back on her hips. He positioned his other on her ass, as he began to increase the pace of his strokes again. As he thrust his dick into her pulsing pussy, he slid his middle finger into her slippery asshole. The finger met slight resistance at the entrance, but Gina was relaxed enough for the finger to slip in anyways. His finger and dick moved in coordination as he fucked her as hard and fast as he could. Gina started to moan loudly again, and her hips moved back towards his each time he thrust. Gina noticed the familiar sensation in the tips of her toes. “Oh fuck me harder John! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meee!!” She practically screamed. Finally she couldn’t hold out any longer. The vibrations from his dick, balls, and finger where all too much for her clit to handle. Her hips bucked wildly and her toes curled and contorted into odd positions as her orgasm ripped through her body like a bolt of lightning. John felt the muscles in her pussy tighten around his dick, but he didn’t stop ramming his rod into her. She screamed in ecstasy and bliss as the waves of pleasure washed over her. As the last wave was fading, she felt the sensation in her toes again. Her breathing was ragged and she clenched the sheets with her bound hands as the second orgasm rushed from her legs. She gave a cry of pure delight as the second orgasm made all the muscles in her body clench uncontrollably. As the second orgasm passed, John slowed his strokes and pulled his finger out of ass. He let his dick slip out of her drenched slit and caught his breath. He noticed the look of rapture on the face of his wife. Her weakened muscles caused her body to droop, as her lungs fought for air.

Lost in Eros

Book II: The Forest

Author’s Note: I’ve decided to post two chapters together, mostly because they’re fairly short ones. I’ll be doing this again with chapters 8 and 9. If you’re enjoying these stories please don’t hesitate to rate them highly or to leave comments.

Midnight Interlude

Tascha sagged against the X-shaped cross, sleeping fitfully and uncomfortably. She was apparently forgotten by her captors, who had obviously feasted and fucked themselves to unconsciousness. Worn out by her struggles, and having given up on the possibility of freeing herself, Tascha had resigned herself to trying to get as much rest as she could in her current situation. Still, all she was able to get were little cat-naps, frustratingly brief. She would be in the middle of a pleasant dream – and any dream that didn’t have her tied up in this old ruin of a castle was a pleasant dream – when she would wake up, painfully reminded of the discomfort in her limbs and particularly her shoulders.

In one of these waking moments, she thought there was someone there with her in the dark. A motion or a soft footfall betrayed someone nearby.

“Hello?” Tascha tried. Her voice came out as a dry croak. She tried to clear her throat, but that only made her cough.

Quiet little slaps, the sound of bare feet on the stone floor, hurried away in the dark. Cursing silently to herself, Tascha scowled at the shadows around her. She was sure she could hear someone, somewhere in the castle, moaning in sexual pleasure. Tascha was acutely aware of how terribly horny she was, in spite of her predicament. Since coming to Eros, but before being captured by the warrior women, Tascha hadn’t gone more than a few hours without sex. The XYZ made sure she and everyone else was perpetually in the mood. Now, though, denied release, Tascha’s libido was on a slow boil. She wondered if…

The bare feet, or another pair, were coming back! Tascha could make out a small figure moving from shadow to shadow approaching her. In the pale moonlight that came through the few windows in the hall, she could see that a naked petite, brunette girl was carrying a bucket over to the cross.

“Shhh,” the girl hissed when she stopped in front of Tascha. She put the bucket down, and then raised a ladle up, tipping delicious cool water into Tascha’s mouth.

Tascha drank it down eagerly, and then all of the second ladle-full. She whispered, “Thank you!”

“I brought some food, too,” the girl said. Bending over to undo a small bundle she had brought and laid on the ground, she then brought an apple up and held it so Tascha could take a bite of it. While Tascha chewed, she said, “They say you were with the goats.”

“Goats? You mean the satyrs?”

“I guess so,” the girl said, giving Tascha another bite of apple. “The ones with horns, goat legs and big dicks.”

Tascha chuckled a little, swallowed and said, “Yeah, those are the ones.”

“They say all they think about is fucking women,” the girl said as she continued to feed Tascha.

“Yeah,” Tascha said around the mouthful of apple, “that’s about it.”

“Can you tell me about them?”

“I don’t suppose you could untie me first?” Tascha suggested.

“Oh, no, I couldn’t!” the girl gasped. “The sisters would beat me terribly!”

“The ‘sisters’?”

“You know the women who tied you up,” the girl explained. “They call themselves the Sisterhood.”

Calling the warrior women who ran this castle sisters made them sound like Catholic nuns, and that thought made Tascha chuckle.

“I’m only supposed to clean you up, but I brought food and water,” she reminded Tascha.

“Fine,” Tascha nodded. “Keep feeding me that apple and I’ll tell you what you want to know.”

Over the course of that hand-fed supper of what became two apples, Tascha told the girl about her first encounter with the satyrs, and how they chased her, caught her and had their way with her. As the girl pressed her for details, Tascha obliged, and admitted that she had made the most of what was at best a bad situation and at worst rape. Tascha had to admit to herself that, as rough as her treatment by the satyrs was, it was much better than the incident with the trees had been, and that she had found herself having fun, up to a point. The girl, though, wasn’t interested in hearing about Tascha’s emotional reactions or any ethical considerations. Instead she wanted details about how the satyrs had fucked her, particularly about the times when Tascha had serviced more than one of them at a time.

“The first night, there was a lot of that,” Tascha admitted. On being pressed, she said, “Yes, in my pussy, my ass and my mouth.” Then, “Well, I didn’t do much of it before, but I was getting used to it.” And, “Usually on my hands and knees, or sitting on one of them.”

“It sounds like a lot of fun!” the girl enthused. She had finished feeding Tascha, had given her another ladleful of water, and was now getting the cloth she had carried the apples in wet in the bucket.

“Oh, it wasn’t that bad, I guess,” Tascha said, as the girl stood on tip-toes to wipe down her bound right arm. The rough, wet cloth felt very good on Tascha’s skin. After pausing a moment, Tascha went on, saying, “They never wanted to hurt me really, just fuck me, whether or not I wanted to. I made it better on myself by wanting to, at least once they caught me and for the first few hours.”

The girl rinsed the cloth and began to wash Tascha’s left arm. “I would love to be fucked for hours!”

“Well, after that it started to get old,” Tascha admitted. She was enjoying the caress of the cloth, and was more than a little turned on by the horny little brunette. “They let me sleep finally. They were kind of sweet about it, for them anyway. The next morning, though, after breakfast, it was more fucking. They just kept at it all day long, with only short breaks.”

“All at the same time?” the girl asked as she moved the cloth over Tascha’s forehead and cheeks. She stood very close as she wiped down Tascha’s neck.

“Um, not so much,” Tascha said. “By then it was mostly one after the other. It was exhausting, and started to get monotonous.”

“Monotonous?” The girl was lingering over Tascha’s breasts.

“Uh, boring,” Tascha shuddered as the rough cloth moved over her erect and straining nipples.

“We don’t get to fuck cocks,” the girl said as she moved her washcloth down over Tascha’s abdomen. She was breathing on Tascha’s skin. “The men are just for the sisters. We serving girls have each other and the sisters when they want us. I can’t imagine being bored with fucking.”

As the girl rinsed and rung out the cloth, Tascha said, “Well, let me put it this way, the satyrs weren’t exactly good lovers. They were good fucks, sure – amazing stamina and energy! But they weren’t ever trying to make sure I was having a good time. Sex is so much better when you’re with someone who is interested in your pleasure as much as his or her own.”

The girl was on her knees now, moving the washcloth over Tascha’s legs. She said, “I guess I understand that.”

“Besides, cocks can be a lot of fun, but after a while, I like to have a woman’s touch, if you know what I mean.”

“Like this?” the girl asked as she ran her fingertips up along the inside of Tascha’s thigh and then very lightly over her pussy lips.

Tascha shivered, and said, “God yes!”

“Shhh!” the girl hissed. “I’m only supposed to clean you up. If we wake someone up, we’ll both be in trouble.” Then she leaned in and kissed Tascha’s exposed pussy. “Tell me what happened then.”

“Oh, uh, well, they kept me busy, fucking me that day. I was in no shape to try to escape, and I never got a chance anyway. Yes, that feels so good! Don’t stop!”

The girl stopped licking Tascha’s pussy and clit, looked up at her with a face shiny with Tascha’s nectar, and said, with a playful grin, “Keep telling me the story then.”

“Yes, OK.” Knowing what the girl wanted to hear, Tascha said, “We all fell asleep for a while, and then, I woke up when I felt one of them fingering me… Yes, like that, only not so nicely.” Tascha wished she could hold the girl’s head in place, keep her mouth on her, but all she could do to that end was to keep telling her story. “Even though we’d been fucking all day, my pussy was wet, and I wanted to fuck some more. I got up on my knees and he pushed his cock in me and started to fuck me. We weren’t trying to be quiet so we were grunting there, and that woke up the other two. They started to play with my tits, which felt very good. Then the one who was fucking me, pulled me up and back, so I was lying back against his chest. God, that feels so good, don’t stop! Uh, then one of the others got in front of me… He took his cock and pushed it into my pussy… right in my pussy with the other cock… It felt amazing! They fucked me like that – me between the two hairy goat-men, two cocks inside my pussy… I came so hard… Oh, god! Oh god! Yes, yes!”

Tascha clenched her teeth to keep from shouting out. She pulled against her restraints and the cross creaked as she tensed every muscle in her body. Then the orgasm exploded through her body. She twisted and writhed against the wooden frame, as the little girl’s tongue and lips pulled her on and on into a flood of fiery release. The girl kept at it, and Tascha came again and again, until she collapsed against the cross, spent.

After a few moments, Tascha felt the washcloth wiping up the insides of her thighs, cleaning up her own juices. When she was done, the girl stood up in front of Tascha and asked, “What happened then?”

Tascha sighed, “The rest of the night was more of the same, fucking and more fucking. We finally all fell asleep. When I woke up, they were gone. I have no idea what happened, but they were gone. The next thing I knew, before I could even get up off the ground, I was surrounded by the sisters and men who brought me here.”

“Why don’t you do what they ask?” the girl asked.

“Well, partly because they didn’t ask,” Tascha smiled.

“You said the satyrs didn’t ask.”

“Yes, but they weren’t mean.”

“I think I understand,” the girl nodded.

“I’m Tascha, by the way.”

“I’m Nina.”

“Thank you, Nina. For everything.”

“You’re welcome,” Nina smiled. “I hope they untie you soon.”

“Me too!”

Nina then took her bucket, washcloth, ladle and two apple cores, and disappeared into the shadows. Tascha tried to get some more sleep.

Atop the Cliffs

The whole group was quiet and not at all cheerful when they resumed their hike toward what they hoped was the river at the bottom of the valley. The women were all pained from their experience with the sex-vines, and very far from thinking the forest through which they were moving was a nice place for a stroll and the occasional frolic. Don had not been violated in the same manner, but he was acutely aware of their physical and emotional discomfort. Moreover, though he had truly been unable to help in any way, his impotence during the attack (he could think of no better word for it) left him in a dark mood. When he had convinced Tascha that he was up to leaving the Manor in search of a way home, he had only considered the danger to himself, and then, when the subject came up, to Shelonda and Amy, who were only coming along out of friendly helpfulness and a lust for kicks, respectively. He had not taken seriously the extent to which this course of action might put Tascha herself in danger.

Of course, Tascha was her own person, and she was determined to find a way home. Nothing Don could do or say would deter her from that course of action. Neither would he try to do so. He had no right to forbid her anything of the sort. That wasn’t what was bothering him. What worried him was the very thought that something bad might happen to her here, and that he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Sure, everyday life was full of random risks and dangers, but somehow you forgot about the possibility that someone you loved might get hit by a drunk driver while walking home from the store. Here, in this strange little adventure, it was now impossible for Don to put the dangers out of his mind. He didn’t know if he could handle it if something actually terrible happened to Tascha. He had loved her for years, and even more so now.

These thoughts and the mood of the women, kept Don in a subdued, remarkably un-horny mood. When they bedded down for the night – after making sure the area was free of dildo-shaped vegetation of any kind – they set a watch, and nobody started any mischief. It was the first night since arriving in the Manor that Don went to sleep without having sex just beforehand. It helped a bit that he took the first watch, and didn’t have to try to fall asleep with still wakeful beautiful women lying next to him.

Only after noon on the next day did a spirit of friskiness return. Naturally enough, it was Amy who got things going, spanking Shelonda hard on the ass and then fleeing just long enough to make the other girl exert herself. By the time the others caught up to them, they were making out on the grassy hillside. Nicole joined in the fun, while Don and Tascha looked on, both amused and aroused. That night, things were back to normal, if a bit less boisterous than usual. Don fell asleep with Tascha’s head on his chest, while Shelonda took the first watch.

The next day, they found themselves descending a steady, rocky slope to a sudden drop. They came to a halt at the top of a cliff face at least 20 meters high, at the bottom of which was a fast flowing, broad river.

“Think that’s the river we’re looking for?” Nicole asked.

“Hard to say,” Don shrugged.

“Well, we can’t climb down that,” Tascha said.

Amy suggested, “We could jump.”

“That’s crazy,” Tascha responded a bit sharply.

“We’d just hit the water,” Amy pointed out.

“Yeah, but you could hurt yourself hitting the water, and we don’t have any idea how deep the river is,” Tascha explained with a genuine smile, apparently regretting her crankiness of a moment ago. “You could break every bone in your pretty body.”

“Why would we want to get down there anyway?” Shelonda asked.

“Exactly,” Don nodded. “We need to either go that way, up-river, to find the source, or the other way, to see if this river joins up with another, bigger river. Either way, we don’t need to risk breaking our necks climbing or jumping.”

“Well, which way should we go, then?” Nicole asked.

“I think we should go downriver a ways and see if we come to another river, or someone who can give us some more information,” Don said. Nobody had any objection to this plan. Neither did they object when he said, “But first let’s take a break.”

In another few minutes they were all naked and Amy was sitting on a big moss covered rock, while Tascha knelt between her legs, licking and sucking at Amy’s clit and pussy. Shelonda and Nicole clambered up on the rock on either side of Amy and were taking turns kissing her, each other or Amy’s tits. Don stood back for a moment, hard cock in hand, admiring the scene. In front of him, was Tascha’s upturned butt and ready pussy, ready for him if he wanted either or both of them. Above that were Tascha’s thin, muscular back, Amy’s strong legs and abs, and then a confusion of wonderful breasts and sexy, beautiful faces. Don could join in anywhere and be happily welcome. All around them were rocky outcroppings, trees and green underbrush – a beautiful natural garden of sorts – almost Eden-like. Off to the side, only a dozen meters away was the cliff edge. In the other direction, back the way they had come, the hillside was broken at intervals into sloping shelves. On an outcropping upstream and away from the river, so doubly uphill, but with a clear view of the spot where the women were already having so much fun, were two figures wearing black robes with hoods covering their heads. Don saw them first out of the corner of his eye, and then confirmed their presence without looking at them directly.

Thinking quickly, Don reached down to caress Tascha’s ass. He ran his hand down between her cheeks and trailed his fingers over her dewy outer lips. He bent down over her back as he pushed two fingers gently up inside Tascha’s very wet pussy. He whispered to her, “Don’t stop what you’re doing. There are a couple of Watchers watching us. I’m going to take Shelonda and try to sneak up on them. Keep up the show.”

“Mm-hm!” Tascha managed and nodded a little.

Don stood up and moved around to Shelonda, who was on the side of the rock furthest from the Watchers. Trying not to be conspicuous, he leaned over and kissed one of the girl’s beautiful breasts, catching her nipple in his mouth. While he suckled at her luscious tit, Don parted her legs and pulled her a bit toward him. Happy to cooperate, Shelonda scooted forward a bit, allowing Don access to her pussy. Though he could easily fuck her this way, he wanted to move her further from the group, so that’s what he did, coaxing her away from Amy and Nicole. Soon, Don and Shelonda were fucking against the side of the rock, away from the Watchers.

Shelonda had her arms around Don’s neck and her beautiful, full breasts against his chest as he screwed her vigorously. While he did this, he also whispered to her what he had in mind. When the two of them dropped to the ground next to the rock, they thought it must seem to the Watchers that they were merely continuing their fucking, but unfortunately out of sight.

Don was pleasantly surprised that Shelonda immediately dropped out of horny sex kitten mode and stealthily followed his lead. Don had left his staff, along with his other things, on the wrong side of the rock, near where Tascha was still going down on Amy, but Shelonda was able to pick hers up off the ground near where they had dropped out of sight. Don lead the way, first toward the river, and then up hill, staying screened behind shrubbery as they moved quickly and quietly, hunched over.

When Don was sure they were well out of the view of Watchers, Don risked a dash across an open area and a quick clamber up a steep rise to put them behind and above the position where he had seen the Watchers. He slowed down and crept forward, hoping to catch the black-robed voyeurs unawares. They could hear the sound of Amy coming loudly, as well as some sound from Nicole. Don suspected Tascha had found a way to encourage them to ham it up a bit.

Unfortunately, though, when he peered around the trunk of tree to the place where the Watchers had been, they were nowhere to be seen.

“Damn!” Don hissed. He looked around carefully through the trees and undergrowth, but couldn’t see any sign of the black robes.

“Do you think they heard or saw us?” Shelonda asked as they stood up and walked out to the little clearing where the Watchers had been standing.

“They must have,” Don shrugged frowning. “I thought we did a good job, though.”

“I smell shampoo,” Shelonda said.

“Huh, yeah, so do I,” Don nodded, “and that looks like a shoe print there in the dirt.”

Just then, though, a loud shout made Don and Shelonda look toward the rock where they’d left their friends. Apparently, while Don and Shelonda had been sneaking up on the Watchers, a bunch of men had been sneaking up on Tascha, Nicole and Amy. One of the men had come up behind Tascha, caught her from around the waist and pulled her up and away from between Amy’s legs. Tascha, who was the one who had given the initial shout, was kicking and struggling in the grasp of the man who held her, while a second man tried to close in on her from the front. Yet another man had already managed to get between Amy’s legs and was shoving them roughly apart. Another man was rudely pulling Nicole from off the rock, where she had been kneeling over Amy’s face. Two other men were on the rock, either helping with Nicole, or trying to hold Amy down – it wasn’t clear from where Don and Shelonda were. All of these observations were made in the second it took for Don to spring into action, jumping down from the rocky shelf, and running down toward the women and the men. Shelonda followed close on his heels.

Author’s Note:

This is the second part of a longer story. It is about a wife who cheats without her husband’s consent.

It has been tagged with “violence”, “pee”, “male dominance”, “forced to watch”, “cuckhold”, and “adultery”.


“I know what’s goin’ on, mom,” My daughter told me. Ronnie was nowhere in sight when she confronted me that night last week. “I saw the things he made you do. It reminded me of when we first was hangin’ out. The things he’d make me do…”

She blushed some.

“I can share him,” she said. “I’m sharin’ him with half the trailer court now. But I don’t think I should share him with you, momma. It would hurt dad too much, ya know?”

My mind couldn’t quite wrap around my daughter’s attitude.

“But you don’t get jealous?” I asked her.

“I saw him fuckin’ Jana a few months ago,” she breathed in her cigarette and spoke at the ceiling. “Right here in our living room. I don’t know where you were. I come home and seen ‘em through the screendoor. She was on ‘im cowgirl style. Right on the floor. Ronnie was watchin’ the race while she rode ‘im. I shouted for ‘em to stop. Ronnie yelled at me ‘come in and make me stop, you dumb cunt.’ So I went in. Jana didn’t do nothin’ but keep fuckin’. I put my hand out to shove Jana and Ronnie grabbed it so hard it hurt. I told ‘im ‘stop fuckin’ Jana! It’s pissin’ me off!’ Jana looked like she might stop but Ronnie told her not to. He pulled me down so my nose was on his tummy. He grabbed my hair and pointed my face at where he was in her. He didn’t say nothin’ and he wouldn’t let go.”

I swallowed at the intensity she had even though her tone was dead flat. I felt myself getting all turned on again. This was the same night Ronnie and me had been interrupted. This was the end of the day I was nothing if not horny.

“I cried on ‘is belly button, momma. I closed my eyes for some of it. Some of it I just kept watchin’. He told me how Jana was gonna get pregnant. She couldn’t wait for it. Like I couldn’t wait for it neither when he did it to me. They talked about how stupid Tom was all while she rode ‘im up and down. When he came in ‘er she got up and he made me suck it for ‘im. He told me to make it hard again. He told me Jana’s pussy tasted better then mine. He said she might have tips on hygiene, diet and the like –and didn’t I want to taste as good as Jana?” She sighed and I could see she was shaking.

My lips parted some as her description accelerated my heartbeat. I felt my nipples full and erect in the pink shirt.

“Is this turnin’ you on, momma?” She demanded.

I sighed and shook my head at her. I didn’t want her to know that I was hanging on each word because I wanted to fuck her words. I wanted every image and syllable between my legs thrusting in and out of my ripe tomato over and over again. This, I guessed, was because I was on Ronnie’s side. I was elated that he could handle Maggie so well.

“When it was all big again, he just went back to bangin’ Jana on the coffee table,” then she looked at me. “I remember her hissin’ and moanin.’ He pulled on her big ole white titties and sucked ‘em. All in front of me. That’s when I asked if I could go and he said ‘fuck no, girl. You’re gonna watch this. You’re gonna watch this till it don’t hurt no more.’ And they both were laughin’ and fuckin’ and laughin’ at me and laughin’ at Tom. They musta fucked for two hours or somethin’.”

“See, momma? I asked his permission to leave. That’s when I could tell that all that mattered was what he thought. And he was right too. I stopped carin’ who got on his dick, so I guess it’s okay if you fuck ‘im, but think of daddy. He don’t deserve it.”

Her plea made me angry. “You don’t know nothin’ about it, Maggie. It ain’t yer business.”

She blew smoke at her lap and whispered, “Well, I’m only thinkin’ about daddy. And I guess. I guess I tried.”

This is where I cut the conversation short and I went down the hall to go to sleep.

That’s when I took Dan’s shirt and put it on the bed. Ronnie’s cum stain looked so precious on it in the moonlight. I had all sorts of nasty plans for it. In the worst of my plans, I might choke to death on Ronnie’s stain.

Maggie’s daddy got back the next day.

Harlan used to be pretty good, body wise. His job as a truck driver had fattened him up pretty well. He liked his hair short. His hair wasn’t as razor short as Ronnie’s though.

I made him, Maggie, and Ronnie dinner. Usually when he gets home, Harlan likes to eat my goulash. He raves about it when he eats it. On this night, though, I made Rice-a-Roni mixed with fried hamburger.

All because it was Ronnie’s favorite.

I made sure Ronnie got extra helpings of food. Even if that meant Harlan was still a little hungry.

Harlan bored us all with his lame stories about driving the truck.

Ronnie was polite and attentive. He made the cleverest jokes. One of them was even at Harlan’s expense, I really wish I could remember it.

“Ever thought about makin’ Maggie a little sister?” Ronnie asked and blew snot into his napkin. He asked that of Harlan while I cleared the table.

“Think I’m too old to go through all that again,” Harlan sighed and sipped from his beer. “Besides, she’s on the pill these days anyhow.”

“Oh,” Ronnie said with a dismissive hand. “She could always get off of it. Then we could have two pregnant ladies in here. I don’t wanna make you blush, Harlan, but I love makin’ love to Maggie while she’s pregnant.”

I stood with my back to them at the sink.

“I don’t need to hear that shit,” Harlan grinned.

Maggie looked at the floor. I lit a cigarette and turned to look at Ronnie’s square-jaw as he played in a dangerous place. His words were a little reckless, but I liked him driving drunk without a seatbelt. I hoped he’d drive right into me.

“Gonna be sad when it’s over,” Ronnie laughed. “But not too sad. I’ll just have to do it again. Give you and Joy lottsa grandchildren.”

Ronnie looked at me after that.

“Hard to wait for it though, sometimes I wish I could just have lotsa girls all at different stages of being pregnant. I mean, don’t get me wrong, getting them pregnant is loads of fun to start with, but after?” Ronnie whistled like he saw something beautiful.

What he was looking at was me with my arms crossed and a cigarette burning. Smoke curled up from my lips as our eyes locked. I felt like he was looking at me on tee-vee or some foreign magazine. Like I was some sort of high class gal who could have anything she wanted. His gaze woke up the little Sponge-Bob in my own square-pants and I sighed with excitement. I locked my thighs together and knew I had to be alone with Dan’s shirt.

Right then, I was even horny enough to fuck my husband.

I remembered what Ronnie told me before. About how he would fuck me in front of Harlan. I wanted him to do it right there in the kitchen. I imagined him throwing the dining table out of the breakfast nook and rushing me at the sink. My breath quickened when I pictured him stabbing my cigarette out on my arm while ripping my pants open at the same time. I wanted his five-o’clock shadow rubbing my chin red. I wanted to feel the physical force behind his words. I wanted fucked something bad.

“You’re drunk, son,” Harlan said and pointed at him.

“Guess maybe I am,” Ronnie grinned and looked at him. “Forget it. What the fuck was I talkin’ about anyways?”

I smiled at him. He smiled back.

I put my cigarette out instead of ripping every fucking stitch of my clothes off.

Maggie and Harlan were watching tee-vee while I did the dishes.

Ronnie got a beer from the fridge and walked up behind me. He shot his hand between my legs and grabbed my crotch like the handle of a bowling bag. I gasped.

He leaned up to my ear and whispered so no one but me could hear.

“You’ll be pregnant, Joy. Don’t matter to me if it’s mine or his. Maybe it matters to you.” He then released me and the balls of my feet could touch the ground again. There, with my hands in dish soap, I knew if there was going to be a baby, it was going to be Ronnie’s.

That meant I wasn’t gonna get off with Harlan. I wondered if the two of us might not have one more fuck in us before Ronnie took over. Now I had my answer. I had fucked my husband for the last time before he went on the road last.

I think it was the missionary position.

Harlan tried to fuck me that night. I turned him down. I giggled to myself because there was no way he could tell what was going on with me. I had this amazing secret that I couldn’t wait to bring in the open.

That next morning he got up on me to fuck and that’s when I put my plan into motion. I’d put together an idea to help Ronnie get what he wanted: fucking me in front of my husband. The requirements were my bottle with the wax on it and a whole butt load of duct tape.

With tons of effort on my part, I had him all wrapped up like some half-assed present and ready to give. Everything but the bow. Of course my bra had little bow patterns on it, so maybe I was the present.

“Hey, honey,” I said to my husband, Harlan, as his eyes fluttered open. I ran my fingers through his hair while my bra-clad titty hovered just an inch from his nose. “I hope it don’t hurt so bad.”

His eyes were wide and scared. He really had no idea what the fuck was going on. I straddled him in the chair and put my panty-covered-pubes right up against his pudgy belly. I put my arms around him and gave him a hug.

His giant shoulders and fat chest pushed into my boobs and my nipples pushed into the duct tape that held him to the chair. It took me six rolls to get him that stuck. Wrapped around and around and around again. When I remembered getting’ him in the seat and doing that to him, it made me tired.

“You’re so heavy, pumpkin,” I whispered right up against his ear.

I pushed myself off of his lap and stumbled over to the kitchen.

I’d re-arranged the living room while Harlan was knocked out. One couch was tipped up on the other to make room. The coffee table was on its side with the legs blocking the tee-vee set. I put Harlan in a chair from the kitchen and wrapped him up really tight to make sure he couldn’t wiggle free.

He looked cute so helpless. Especially with duct tape around his mouth.

I opened the fridge and got a beer. The little bar that divided the kitchen from the living room had my cigarette burning in an ashtray so I went to it. I opened my beer and eyeballed Harlan there in the sunlight.

“Lots happened since you were on the road,” I said. My voice shook as I spoke. I didn’t know why I wanted to talk to him at all, but I thought maybe it had something to do with being married for seventeen years.

I slurped down some beer and tapped ash off of my cigarette.

I could hear the summer breeze shake the wind chime on the front porch.

“I don’t know where to start, Harlan. I guess I didn’t expect you to be awake yet. See, I thought you’d be out longer.” I lifted my stuff from the bar and walked back to Harlan in the middle of the living room. “That just must be me bein’ stupid. But I ain’t so stupid, right? I figured it out. I figured out crackin’ you one.”

I touched my shaking cigarette to my lips and my breath shook the smoke out of my chest.

“God, I’m so nervous,” I smiled a limp smile at him. “Lots happened.”

Right then, Harlan flexed and started a struggle with the tape. He seemed so much bigger than the chair. My heart raced when I thought he might break free so I slapped him across the face.

He stopped.

“Don’t do that!” I shouted at him. “I want to smoke and drink my beer and I can’t do that and slap you too!” I bit the filter of my cigarette and grabbed a tuft of his dark hair. I shook his head on his neck back and forth.

I released him and ashed on his nose.

“I mean, I don’t have three hands, dummy, do I?” I took a sip of beer. The nerves in me made me take in a ton of air. My chest swelled as I stood in my bra and panties.

“Yer gonna divorce me cause I attacked you. That’s okay with me. I got somethin’ else in the works. See, that’s why we didn’t fuck when you got home. That’s why when you wanted to fuck this mornin’, I hit you over the head with the bottle. The one covered in wax? Sorta hittin’ you with a hard cushion, I thought.”

I raised my barefoot up to his face and pinched his nose with my toes. He jerked his head away from me. This made me chuckle.

“I’m gonna be honest with ya, Harlan.” I said and chugged down some more sweet beer. A burp came out of me and I flushed with excitement. “I been doin’ a lot of masturbatin’. And when I do it… hold on.”

I went to the bar and stabbed my cigarette out. Right there, where I left it, was Dan’s shirt. I set my beer down and shimmied into it. Ronnie’s cum stain was wide and all across my titties. I turned to face Harlan wearing Ronnie’s mark with pride.

“See, I wear this when I do it. I touch my pussy wearin’ this.”

I walked up to Harlan and thrust my boobs toward his nose.

“Guess who’s cum this is on it? It ain’t yer’s,” I heard myself chuckle and an insult flew out my lips before I could stop it. “Don’t think you ever shot a load this big.”

Those words were like one of those sounds that make an avalanche, because I didn’t stop there. “A little dick like yer’s can’t make a mess like this, can it, Harlan? It’s sorta like bein’ handicap I think. Like bein’ retarded or in a wheelchair or somethin’.”

The words made me blush. I didn’t think I could be so mean. But now that I knew Ronnie was going to take me in front of my husband, I got all sorts of excited.

“Yeah, hon, yer dick is on the tiny side,” I giggled and finished my beer. I slammed the empty can against his head and it bounced to the floor. “You can’t really see my cum on the shirt, but it’s on here too. Girl cum ain’t all-pretty like this. Sometimes I just fuck the shirt. I would love it for the cum to come off it and have my pussy warm it up. Like somehow the stain could get me pregnant?”

I pursed my lips and made my eyes wide. “Oh. That’s right. You didn’t know that I stopped takin’ the pill. That’s why we’re not fuckin’ no more, Harlan. I can’t risk gettin’ pregnant by you. My pussy’s spoken for by someone else.”

I rubbed my cum-stained tits in front of him.

I could see the sadness in his eyes as I taunted him. This caused a hiccup in my train of thought and I stammered. “Don’t look like that. I ain’t really cheated yet. I mean, I almost got to, but it got… interrupted before I could come or anything.”

He looked like he might cry. I hit him with one hand and the other.

“You better get tough, Harlan, cause it’s gonna get worse for ya. See? He wants me to fuck him in front of you. That’s why yer all tied up and no place to go.” I sighed and reached between my legs. I pulled my panties aside to show him my honey pot.

“Lookie here, sweetie,” I said with a husk that wasn’t familiar to me.

Harlan didn’t look. I swatted him again and again and again. I grabbed the back of his head and forced him to look down. My other hand still displayed my pussy proudly.

“Lookit. All wet. I’m always wet for ‘im. I walk around all day wet, thinkin’ about it.” I threw his head back up and released my panties. I was anxious. I knew Ronnie had gone on errands around the trailer court. I told him that when he got back, Harlan would watch us.

He said he was going to bang the other girls first but couldn’t wait to get to me. I imagined him doing Erica with his giant cock. I remembered him flooding Jana’s mouth with his beautiful baby butter.

The tingle between my legs intensified and I felt my cave expand its cock-taker.

I sighed and went back to the counter for a cigarette. I had no idea when he’d be back. My nipples felt uncomfortable as they stabbed my bra in their excited state. I blew smoke toward Harlan.

“It’s hard to not wanna finger myself, but I’m sure he’ll be here any minute,” I blinked my brown eyes at him. “Figured out who it is yet?”

I smiled like I knew a private joke.

I went over to the screendoor and looked out.

Then I looked back at Harlan. “Don’t look at me that way, pumpkin. He’s gonna be here. He’s gonna be here because he lives here.”

I saw the light bulb go off in my husband’s eyes. His expression went from that to outrage in a second flat. “Yeah. See. There really can’t be two men about the house. Even though I’m not confident you qualify as a man and all. But he’s gonna take me so you can see. Then, I guess, you’ll leave.”

I breathed smoke from my hand and hugged my arms.

Outside I heard Ronnie’s voice shouting. I couldn’t make out who he was yelling at or what he was saying, but my pounding heart just about cracked my ribs. I ran over to Harlan and stabbed my cigarette out on the duct tape.

Just as fast, I whipped Dan’s shirt off and put my hands at my sides. There in my bra and panties, I faced the screendoor and gulped. My palms were wet with my nervousness and I sucked my lips in.

The screendoor was flung open and Ronnie came in.

“Holy shit!” He hollered and looked around the room. “Fuck you do to the place, Joy? Looks like yer puttin’ on some kinda skit. Uncover the fuckin’ tee-vee and pick this shit up off the floor!”

He pointed at the beer can and my cigarette on the floor.

“I gotta take a piss, fuckin’ beer’s runnin’ through me,” he bellowed through his yellow teeth and pushed passed me and Harlan. “Hey Harlan,” he said as he went down the hallway to the bathroom.

I turned to the coffee table and scooted it from the front of the tee-vee.

“Get me a beer!” Ronnie shouted through the thin walls of the trailer.

I left the table on its side, but clear of the tube, and went to the fridge in a hurry. My fingers shuddered as I removed the beer and cracked it open for my new man.

Ronnie burst back into the living room. In his hand, he held the toilet brush.

He saw something on the floor he didn’t like and I could tell. His gigantic chest wheezed when he bent over for it. He picked up Dan’s shirt. He examined it with his free hand. He stomped toward me holding the shirt and the toilet brush.

“You opened the beer!?” He shouted in my face.

I nodded and offered it to him. He took it from me and through the full can at Harlan. Beer spilt all over my husband and the linoleum floor. The sound of the impact made me hop.

“See? How do I know you didn’t put some shit in it, Joy? I don’t drink what’s been opened for me first. That’s how you get fucked over by folks.” He shook his head and held up Dan’s shirt.

“Put yer face in this,” he grumbled.

I snatched it from him and put the t-shirt on over my head.

In the darkness, I felt his strong hand grip the cotton and he gave me a yank. My footing tripped over itself as he spun me out of the kitchen by Dan’s shirt. I felt like a pellet in a slingshot.

My covered face smacked into the floor. Into the spill of beer.

“What’d she tell ya, Harlan?” Ronnie asked as he undid his belt. The sound of it unclasping made my pussy rush and I whipped off the shirt to look up at him. My elbow was in the beer. “She tell ya that she wants me more than you? She say that to you?”

He brought his dong out of his underwear right above me. He still held the toilet brush in his other hand.

“She tell you it was like this?”

With those words, Ronnie’s cock performed its other function. Pee fell out of the tip of it and it flowed straight down to my chest. It picked up pressure the more that came out. His hot yellow piss soaked my bra and I panted up at him.

“Get yer mouth down there, Joy,” he commanded. I was shocked at what he was asking me to do. The moment demanded that I do exactly what he said and I turned to raise my open mouth to his spraying piss hole.

“Did she tell you she does whatever I say?” Ronnie laughed.

The flood of his smoldering pee filled my mouth and I swallowed some of it involuntarily. My eyes closed with happiness as he used me in such away. I felt his stream leave my mouth and I realized he was finishing off on Harlan.

“Fucking hell, Joy,” Ronnie announced as he tapped out on Harlan’s lap. “That shit’s gross. Gross. You’re one desperate piece of ass to let someone do that to you. That shit’s fucked up!”

He grabbed my arm and jerked me to my knees. His cock smacked my eye and I tried to lick it. His hand let go of my arm and grabbed the back of my head. He pulled me away from his cock.

I could feel my tongue stretched out of my mouth. I was licking the air, trying to somehow coax his cock to me.

Ronnie put the toilet brush to my lips instead. It smelt of all the old scrubs and was freckled in brown and yellow. The tip of the brush pushed behind my teeth some and Ronnie spoke down at me. I hoped Ronnie was the last person to use it on the toilet. That’s all I thought of at the time.

“Gotta clean you up or somethin’, Joy, I mean shit.”

My voice escaped my lungs in a mixture of pleading and growling.

He tossed the brush away from my face and urged me to my feet. With a quick flick of both hands, he tossed me against Harlan. My wet tits, all covered in Ronnie’s powerful lemon juice, pushed into my husband’s face. I bounced off of him and back to the floor. My head smacked the ground and I shouted pain.

I looked up at Ronnie to see he had turned the tee-vee on. A car race came into focus on the screen and I lifted myself up onto my elbows. Ronnie stood there with his dick dangling as he took in the details of the race. I spread my thighs to let air on my soaked panties.

Ronnie went over to the fridge and grabbed a beer. He then surveyed the room with his pale green eyes. “Shit,” he snorted. “There’s no place to fuckin’ sit, Joy. What the fuck was goin’ through yer bird brain?”

I couldn’t speak, I only breathed with my titties rising and falling.

Ronnie walked past the bar, stepped over me and grabbed one of the legs on Harlan’s chair. He twisted Harlan’s position to face the tee-vee. Ronnie then kicked his pants and underwear off. His flabby, pimpled ass then sat on Harlan’s lap.

He snapped his fingers at me and pointed at his cock.

I crawled over to him and he spread his legs for me. I stared up at the marvelous tangles of his overgrown hair. I used a hand to lift his dick up and I laid it across my face. I licked the base of his dick and tongued the ball sac.

Ronnie set his beer can on my forehead and opened it.

My tongue found the sensations of other pussies. The dank sweaty taste of Jana. The pubic hairs of Erica. Even if I couldn’t tell who’s was who’s, it felt good to taste things so dirty and foreign.

“I don’t know if you can see, Harlan, but right now your wife is lickin’ my balls. It’s not bad. I can see she ain’t practiced on a set as big as mine. She ever lick yer balls, Harlan?” He turned his head to see my husband from the corner of his eye.

I watched him drink some beer as I pulled a giant testy with my flat lips.

I felt his stiffy raise up from my swollen nose. He was getting hard. I pinched my thighs together on my knees. His piss had mixed with my own pussy juice. I felt my breath leap to a faster place.

“Fuck, Harlan, she’s got me hard now. Don’t know what to do about that. Guess I’ll fuck her. Think I should fuck her?” He grinned down at me. Our eyes locked and he reached my cheek and grabbed it. He shook my face so hard I felt my brain rattle. Then he tossed my head away from his cock and stood up.

“Lookie here,” Ronnie bragged at Harlan. He smacked his cock. It swung only a little. “That’s what we call in the business a raging fucking hard-on! Brought to you by your lovely wife.”

He laughed at Harlan and I felt a rush of pride.

Ronnie’s fingers stabbed into my bra strap and he pulled me up by it. He pushed up against Harlan. My pissed-on boobies were right in my husband’s nose. I felt him give two rabid tugs on my panties. They tore away and I sighed in anticipation. I felt two his fat, dirty fingers stab into my sopping kitty-cat. I gasped and ground myself against him.

I could hear him chugging his beer down to the last while he fingered me.

His fingers left me and he spanked my ass cheeks.

“No, Joy. I want it dry.”

My breath froze in my chest. Since Ronnie had come into my life with the force he had, my insides had creamed just about every minute of every day. The need I felt for him between my legs was always ready for him.

I didn’t know how to reverse my Twinkie’s aching need for his Ronnie’s Ding-Dong.

He crumpled up his beer can and spiked it on the back of my head.

“Son of a bitch, are you hearing me right now, you dumb fucking cunt!?”

He spanked me again and grabbed my blonde hair. He forced me to look at Harlan. “Dry up, Joy! Make this cum-catcher dry as a fuckin’ bone!”

I gritted my teeth and concentrated. I tried to ignore the sweet ache of my cherry blossom. I worked to think of something else. I thought about how Ronnie wanted me to get a job and support him. I didn’t much like the idea of a job. I imagined being a waitress or a fast food worker.

But knowing that Ronnie would take my money only kept me excited.

“Lookit Harlan, Joy. Lookim in his stupid fucking face. He looks pissed off right now, but I guaren-damn-tee he’s actually fuckin’ sad. He’s sad, Joy. Betrayed. He’s done everything for you and Maggie. He paid for this trailer,” he held my eyes centimeters from Harlan’s. The pull on my hair was making my eyes wet. “He doesn’t know what he did wrong. And he didn’t do anything wrong, did he, Joy? His only crime was bein’ away when you saw my cock. I mean it’s just a cock, Joy. Sure it’s big n’ shit, but c’mon. Really? Really? Really, Joy? You should feel like shit.”

He released my hair and his voice dropped down all low-like.

“You’re just mean, Joy. Ungrateful. Pathetic to let your life be told you by another man’s cock. I mean yer life has been pretty good you sad slut.”

His words were terrible. The idea of cheating on Harlan with a big dick had been such a turn on. I hadn’t thought about days like when Maggie came home from being born and Harlan was so happy. I’d stopped thinking about the vacation we couldn’t afford and Harlan took us to Disneyland anyway. I let it slip my mind that my wedding was the happiest day of my life.

I remembered him in his little tuxedo, before he gained all the weight.

Pumpkin. That was exactly what I called him from that day on.

I felt a tear in my eye and I cried in front of Harlan. What broke my heart was that I saw he was crying too. His cute, little eyebrows were turned up and his eyes were red. I thought about how good I felt when I hit him and knocked his ass out with the bottle. I hated the memory of it.

My pussy was just a pussy then. It didn’t want for anything. I didn’t want for anything. To be honest, I thought I might even have to pee.

My mind entertained the thought of untying Harlan and leaving Ronnie to go talk somewhere. I wondered if he could ever forgive me. I wanted to make him Hamburger Helper.

That’s right when I felt the head of Ronnie’s cock up against my slammed-shut-slit. My instinct was to leap away from it, but his hand came down on my neck hard. I felt his fingertips press into my neck as behind me as he forced his sausage into my wrapper. My dried up pussy lips yielded to what felt as big as a crabapple.

“Remember when he got you your wedding ring?” he growled at my back. I remembered it when I was told to. I remembered that I found it first and lied about it.

My mouth fell open in front of my husband as Ronnie took me from behind. My breath fell into the rhythm of panic as the socket of his lead pipe slipped right through the opening of my drain. I could feel my lips curl with the pain of it. My wet, nicotine stained breath, assaulted my husband’s face.

More of his cock pressed in. My nasty folds accommodated the intrusion and I could feel how hard he was. It was like shoving a baseball bat into the hole of a whoopee cushion.

“Now yer gettin’ it, Joy.” He jerked my neck back from Harlan’s face and he put his breath on my ear. “It’s what you wanted. And even better? It’s what I wanted.”

It felt like I couldn’t take any more of his length. My cheeks were full on wet from crying. My mouth was still agape with my breathing as steady as a drunk driver’s. That’s when he slammed me downward.

I cried out as he got even more of his fuck stick in me.

“Oh shit, Joy… I think that’s you gettin’ wet,” he hissed.

The sensation confused me, because I thought it could just as easily be blood. I felt his hand relax on my neck and I knew he was right. My pussy was resuming hours of operation, even if it was running a little behind. I felt his long john drive backward and it carried my sweet nectar into the open air between my legs.

He slammed into me again and I grunted. The grunt was bereft of guilt. I felt my eyes blink away my sadness. I looked down my nose at Harlan when I slammed myself back on Ronnie’s daddy long dick. A twisted smile came together on my face when it occurred to me that I was fucking back.

I felt Ronnie’s hands go to the front of my wet tits and he unhooked the cups. His fingers grabbed at my flesh just below the nipples. He squeezed and twisted the my mounds. When he pinched my nipples I cried out in through my smiling lips. I was looking down at my husband’s stupid face while I fucked someone he trusted.

I put my hands on Harlan’s shoulders to get leverage.

“Heh, Harlan,” Ronnie grunted. “Me an Joy were just jokin’. She ain’t no piece-a-shit. You are! See? Can you feel her fuckin’ me, buddy? Can you see her face? That’s the glow of a woman bein’ fucked proper. Or are you too stupid to tell the difference?” He laughed. “Listen to it. Hear me fuckin’ her shit into soup? It’s almost as hot as soup.”

Ronnie swatted my ass and my eyes fluttered down at Harlan, “What do you think, Joy?”

“It sounds good,” I breathed, making sure Harlan was looking at my mouth wide.

“What sounds good?” He swatted my ass again.

“Everything you said,” I gasped.

“Like what, Joy? Say it back to me!”

“I like the… way it feels…” I sighed.

“You like the way it feels? Joy! Jana has more fuckin’ imagination than you!”

He slapped my ass again and again. I cried out each time. My eyes were wet from the pain and the glory.

“Feels… like… your dick could… split me… in two!” I gulped and hissed down at Harlan. I felt Ronnie’s big hands go to my hips. His fingers dug into my skin like he was palming two basketballs. He wanted me to shout dirty, so I did. “It’s makin’ me wet. It’s makin’ me… cream… my pussy… loves it!”

That’s when I felt his balls knock into my clit. I shouted in euphoria and I felt my eyes relax into darkness. I wheezed all of the air out of my lungs, kissed the air, and whispered, “holy shit.”

There with his balls against me, my orgasm shook out of me and I wetted the root of his tree. He put his hands on both my arms and he bent them behind me. He yanked me toward him. My full tits were proud and in sure view of Harlan’s angry eyes. He thrust me again and again, encouraging more come to reward him.

My hairy pie did it for him again; it mashed more of my sweet berry juice all over his sharp hairs and hungry rod. I shook with the truth of it. I could feel his fingers making red marks in my arms as he held me for another series of commanding slams. Gasp upon gasp came from me as opened my eyes to see Harlan again.

His eyes were closed. He didn’t want to watch anymore, but that was no damn good to me. I loved it when he could see me. I wanted him to go on seeing me. The bottom of my last climax pooled into a bit of rage.

I jerked my arms in Ronnie’s grip.

“Fuck’re you doin’, girl!?” Ronnie shouted behind me. I gave two more great tugs and brought my hands up to Harlan’s innocent face. He didn’t know what was coming and I didn’t know much about it either.

The palms of my hands slapped both of his fat ugly cheeks and I yelled at him, “Fuck you! Closing your eyes!? Watch me! Watch me come!

Harlan’s eyes opened and I grabbed his hair and pulled him forward.

Behind me, Ronnie spanked my ass twice like he was urging me on like a mare. I moved my sexy face forward and pressed my lips against Harlan’s covered mouth. I licked the duct tape and I drooled on his chin. “Smell his piss. Smell his piss on my breath. Can you smell his piss?”

Each syllable betrayed the happiness of another thrust from Ronnie.

Ronnie laughed behind me and I felt him pull his prick out of me. He jerked me off of Harlan and swung me toward the television. My wobbly legs caught up just in time for me to catch the top of it.

“Take a break, Joy! Smoke a cigarette,” he grumbled. He didn’t look at me. He looked at Harlan. Then he grabbed the toilet brush and held it out to me. “Put this in, but don’t fuck it. Don’t you dare fuck it.”

I was panting. I could feel my tits red from blushing and red from his giant fingers. I hobbled over to the counter and put a cigarette in my mouth. I lit it with my shaking hand and turned to face Ronnie and Harlan.

Ronnie pointed to my hairy red pussy.

I spread my legs and nudged the handle of the toilet brush up and inside of me. It was smaller than Ronnie, but it still felt really nice. I held it there and blew smoke toward my abused tits.

“Here, I thought you should see it,” Ronnie declared in front of Harlan and pointed at his thick turkey baster all covered in veins.

I laughed because Ronnie then put his hands on his waist like Superman or somebody. The laughter broke up my smoke some.

“Made her come twice just now. Maybe you don’t understand the fuckin’ significance of that. See. There’s comin’. Like normal. Like maybe you did a good job with your little dick. You go to sleep. She goes to sleep. Know what I mean?”

He snorted and rubbed his nose.

“Then there’s what I do. See, I don’t just make ‘em come. I change their fuckin’ perspective, dummy.” He walked over to me with his cock as hard as ever and not bobbing much at all. “A cunt’ll cry when it learns the difference between makin’ love, fuckin’, and gettin’ fucked for real.”

I blew smoke toward Harlan, I knew my face betrayed the drunken state I’d got from Ronnie’s superior stabber. I stood there smoking while I held the handle in my stretched-out cherry pie.

“She saw me fuckin’ Erica once. That’s when it happened. When I switched the fuckin’ lightbulb on in her little brain. Didn’t mean to. Just sorta went over there for sugar or somethin’ stupid.” He looked at me and I exhaled a long stream of smoke over his sweaty head. “Then I caught her later fuckin’ a dammed bottle wishin’ it was me!”

He laughed and I smiled.

“Here’s somethin’ you ain’t seen yet, Harlan,” he snorted, grabbed the handle out of me, and threw it at Harlan’s face. It bounced to the floor. My eyes ripped from the brush and back up to Ronnie.

He gripped my waist and pulled me against him. I couldn’t escape such a strong grasp in my wildest dreams. His lips kissed mine. I could taste the beer on his breath. I could taste his last cigarette and he could taste the one I was still smoking.

Our kiss was a wet smack and my eyes closed into it. The power of his arms held me firm and our kiss turned into two. And then three. Even though he’d made me come already, this kissing felt like it could be worse for Harlan. I thought I just might come again because our first kiss was in front of my husband.

I felt glee when I thought of how much more amazing it was that we were kissing right there like that. He lifted my dainty feet from the floor and he kissed and slobbered up my neck.

My hand limply brought the cigarette back up to my neglected lips while he suckled my earlobe. I looked at Harlan as my cigarette crackled. I could barely keep my eyes open from the fun I was feeling.

Without warning, he sucked my nipple into his teeth. He sucked it so hard that its pink end felt as big as a Hot Tamale candy. The power of his sucking throat hot-wired the connection between my tits and pussy. I moaned at let my eyelids drop.

He let me down again and he took my cigarette away.

I reached for the cock.

He smacked my tit and squeezed it like he was picking meat at the store.

My eyes were unfocused from the need between my knees.

“Look at her face, Harlan,” he grinned.

Ronnie pinched my cheeks together with one hand and pulled me to my knees in front of him.

“See them eyes appreciate what I done. She wants to pay it back. See? She’s so fucking happy when I’m fuckin’ the shit out of her that it’s all she thinks about now.” His voice sounded wistful and proud.

I thought he should feel proud.

He looked down at me and offered his hard-on to my mouth. Both of my hands fell on it and I stuck the sticky head in my mouth. My tongue wrapped around it and I leaned forward to touch it to the back of my throat.

It was still hard to breathe through my nose from when Ronnie punched me, but I tried real hard to keep it in as long as I could.

“Lookie here. She’s trying to take this fucking thing in her throat now,” he then looked at Harlan and spoke in a secretive tone. “It’s a lot like tryin’ to get a whole sausage down without chewin’. You know, those giant deli sausages, not the ones in the breakfast pack. Hard to do, but not impossible.”

He looked back at me. My eyes were rolled up at him. He must’ve seen the appreciation in my eyes because he smiled. “Let me help you with that, Joy.”

Ronnie’s hands went into my hair and the familiar sting in my roots told me Daddy was home. I braced myself and relaxed as well as I could, because I knew he was going to fuck my face like he’d done Jana’s.

The thought of that creamed my thighs.

My eyes closed like I was going up Splash Mountain.

The taste of his piss and my cum slid over my tongue. The fat head nudged my throat and I felt him give me more. It expanded my throat just a little before he pulled back.

“Mind your teeth now, Joy,” he said.

He slammed my face forward and my nose touched his pubic hair. He did it again and again. Once he was happy with my throat’s open-mindedness, he went into full on fucking. I could feel his fingertips and the strength of his arms as he held my head still for it.

In and out he fucked my face and I remembered how it had looked with Jana.

I hoped Harlan’s view was similar. I opened my eyes to look at my husband. I could see him looking at me from behind Ronnie’s flabby ass. I hoped he could see the pure bliss in my eyes as Ronnie used me for his own pleasure.

“That’s it! Oh Joy, we’re breakin’ you in good now! Holy shit! I love your fuckin’ face. I fuckin’ love your face. I fuckin’ love fuckin’ your fuckin’ face! Pretty brown eyes. Look at me with those brown eyes.”

I did like I was told and raised my chin a little.

Spittle dropped down on me. It struck my left eye and it clenched shut.

“Open! Open, Joy! C’mon!” He said. I forced my eye open again and he already had another long drop of spit dangling from his bottom lip. The string of it broke and it splashed my cheek. “Dammit, Joy!”

He threw me off of his cock and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. The mix of his pre-cum and my slobber filled my mouth. That spit felt like a bubble around my lips and I sucked it in.

I hit the ground with my legs open to him. He grabbed my ankle and dragged me back in front of the television.

“Get up! Get up now!” Ronnie’s heavy hands swatted my hips and I scrambled to my feet. His hands went right to my tits and shoved my back up to the tee-vee. His strong hands lifted me from under my bruised breasts and he sat me on the television. My legs were open and lazy.

Ronnie grinned at Harlan over his shoulder, “Lookie here, Harlan, we’re on tee-vee!”

He reached between us and aimed his drill back at my press.

“Lookit Harlan when I do it, Joy,” he sighed and pushed his pecker forward.

I wanted Harlan to see it on my face when Ronnie entered me again. This time would be different because this time I was dripping wet and wanting it. I hoped Harlan would be able to tell the change in my expression when I went from empty to full.

I felt it on my face as my expression softened. My eyes blinked themselves to half-opened. My brown eyes watched Harlan and my lips made an ‘o’ as Ronnie filled me.

“Tell him how good it is,” Ronnie ordered.

“It’s so good,” I said right away. There was no hesitation on my part. Any feelings for Harlan were being fucked away right in front of him. “It’s so big.”

“Tell him what’s gonna happen,” Ronnie said, fucking me so hard the tee-vee was shaking.

“You’re gonna make me… pregnant…” I hissed. “…your fucking me so deep, it’s right… up… in my… belly!”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh my god yes!” I panted. “You… wouldn’t… fuck me unless… I could do that… do that for… you!”

I stared at Harlan as Ronnie plowed me with his thick length all covered in veins.

“I want to expand your… fam…i…ly… I want to be fat and round. I want you to drink milk from my tits… oh!”

“What about Harlan?” Ronnie grinned down at me.

I laughed. The sound was one part belly laugh and two parts sexual energy. “No! I want… your baby… I want it to be yours…”

“Make it a girl, Joy?”

“Anything… pumpkin,” I panted at him and then narrowed my eyes at Harlan. His nickname had been reassigned. And that was on accident. Some shit just couldn’t be helped and I loved that. That one saying that goes “everything happens for a reason” came to mind.

My eyes went back to Ronnie’s and I brought both of my shaking hands up to his cheeks. I stretched my neck up and I slobbered a kiss on his chin. I saw Ronnie start closing his eyes, so I slammed mine shut too.

We kissed again. But this kiss felt more like we were alone. More like I was special. His sick tongue pushed into my mouth and I sucked it in like a tiny cock. The breathing through his nose sounded like an angry bull. He broke away from me and we locked eyes.

“I want a girl,” I gasped. “I want… it… to be… a girl… for you…”

Ronnie started to grunt in time with his thrusts. The guttural shouts sounded like he was lifting something heavy. I could tell he was actually holding something heavy back. With each repeat, he sounded more labored and I knew I was about to get his cum. And I couldn’t wait for it.

“I’m gonna come, girl!” Ronnie grunted.

“Do it!” I panted up at him and I narrowed my eyes at the thought of it. My fingers clenched his big arm muscles and I humped back as much as I could.

He howled tipped his head back.

My head mirrored his position and I cooed in the air. I felt his giant sword burst in my willing sheath. The tension of his blood filled veins relaxing and tensing up with each glorious hiccup sent me over the edge of my own orgasm. I gritted my teeth up at him, salivating for his seed, hungry for his fulfillment.

Ronnie’s fat lips went to my neck and he sucked the flesh into his teeth. I cried out. His hands held my ass cheeks like he was going to pull them apart.

I groaned as wad after wad of his sticky seed shot up the net of the nookie he so rightly owned. His hands locked under my ass and he jerked me down on him to make sure each shot counted. I felt the flood of his heat as his cock added log upon log to my burning fireplace.

His hand shot up to my neck and he gripped it so hard I thought he’d pop it right off. His pale green eyes were as hard as his handle on me. I couldn’t breathe as he held me like that. With each spray he put in me, his grip got tighter and tighter on my throat.

I would have been fine with dying.

My legs went around his ass to hold him.

Ronnie shook his ass right then and bounced my legs away. He then slipped the torpedo out of my tube. He turned toward Harlan and tossed me at the same time.

I spiraled into Harlan and Ronnie caught my arm.

“Anything you wanna say to him, Joy?” Ronnie asked.

I stared at my husband gagged and taped up. I stared at his fat sweaty face and his stupid short hair. His eyes pleaded with me. He looked so hurt. If he was one of them cry baby men, I could tell he’d be crying right then.

My breath still quaked from Ronnie and me’s orgasm as I surveyed Harlan. I could feel his warmth still in my pussy. I could feel it on my thigh.

I wiped Ronnie’s dribble off my leg and smeared it on Harlan’s forehead. I felt rage at him. I had no idea where it was coming from. I smacked him upside the head. I smacked him again and again with the palms of my hands. And then I spit on him.

Ronnie pulled me away and shoved me toward the kitchen.

“Get me a beer, bitch!” He shouted.

I couldn’t wait to serve him. I went for the fridge and saw Ronnie lower Harlan to put his back on the floor. The legs faced the tee-vee.

Ronnie spread his thighs and straddled Harlan’s head. He laid his fat limp cock over my husband’s face. I could see it was bigger than my husband’s face, even limp like it was.

I handed him his beer. He opened it on the floor.

“Feel how heavy this thing is?” Ronnie said down to Harlan. “It’s fucking huge and it’s heavy. It’s heavy, Harlan and it wrecks things.”

He snapped his fingers at me and I squatted next to him. He shoved me forward and I fell over Harlan’s legs. Bent like I was, my cherry pie was exposed to both men. Ronnie jammed his thumb in it.

I moaned and pushed against it.

That his touch made me feel so good didn’t matter to Ronnie right then. Right then, he was explaining things to Harlan.

“I’m not just talking about wrecking this pretty bitch’s cake here. I’m talking about your fucking life,” Ronnie sipped his beer and looked down at Harlan’s face. “Lots of fellas might wanna get violent. Try n’ beat me or maybe her too. Might even wanna kill. If you’re like that Harlan, there’s only one thing me n’ Joy can do about it.”

When he spoke my name like it was us together, I writhed my appreciation on his thumb. I raised my pussy up and down on his thumb, dragging every centimeter of my red lips on it.

“See. She’s gettin’ knocked up by me. That’s just what’s up,” Ronnie spoke matter of fact. And the words made me even wetter for him. “And I’m sure you know that sometimes these things take time. Sometimes these things take multiple tries. So me n’ Joy are gonna go on fuckin’ in front of you for a while. We’re gonna fuck so much that you’ll get all, ya know… desensitized n’ shit. Like all that pissed off shit you’re thinkin’ right now? It’ll just go away. Your feelins’ll be as little as your penis.”

Ronnie took his thumb out of me and moved his dick around Harlan’s face.

“Get used to how Joy n’ me smell, cause this whole place’ll smell like it. Get used to her laughin’ at you. Get used to how she’s mine now,” his voice was like a good wine to my ears. “Show ‘im, Joy. Show ‘im how you’re mine.”

I loved that he told me to demonstrate it. I wanted to fuck all over just like Ronnie said. I wanted all the things he told Harlan. I couldn’t wait to laugh at my husband. Together, the way Ronnie told it, we would just drive him away so sad that he’d never hurt anybody. To make sure, we had to go on hurting him, just like Ronnie planned.

My coochie, so delicious and full, came up with another kind of tingle. I knew what I wanted to do for Ronnie. With a tremble, I let my own pee fall out and I wetted my husband like Ronnie had. I went to the bathroom right there on my husband.

Ronnie stood up. “There she goes, Harlan. Pissin’ on you. Pissin’ on you like I did. Maybe you’ll just be our bathroom for awhile, huh, big guy?”

I sighed at the thought of it. The joy of using Harlan like a toilet made my heart skip a beat. I couldn’t wait to hurt him more.

Once I was done peeing, Ronnie slapped my ass so hard I knew it left finger marks. I hissed at the sting and my knees went weaker than all get out. His fingers went around my thighs and he yanked me forward. I thought I was getting fucked again for sure, but Ronnie didn’t want to just then.

He touched the fat mushroom of his big dick to my quaking fault line. I groaned at the touch as he mashed it up against my lips down there. I could tell it wasn’t hard; he just wanted me to feel it some more.

He took it away then and stood up.

I looked up at him with my bra twisted all around my ribs. My sweet titties sat on Harlan’s belly as I straddled him there on the floor.

“Joy, go on and drag Harlan back to our room. Park him there,” he said and snorted snot in his nose. “Make sure he’s got a good view.”

I got up and worked on pulling Harlan right side up. I couldn’t budge him like that. He was too big and too fat and too stupid. The more I tried to move him, the more afraid I got that Ronnie was going to get upset.

“Settle down, Joy,” Ronnie beamed and slurped some beer. “Just drag him in that way. We can tip him up later.”

I smiled at Ronnie and wrapped my fingers around one of the chair legs. With a tug, I moved Harlan to the hallway. I yanked and pulled my husband all down the linoleum floor all the way to the room with our marriage bed.

My arms got weak from all the effort and I think I got strength from Ronnie’s seed all up in me. I was all kinds of wet from the pee, his thumb, and the head of his dick. My sweet cockwashed donut had me thinking like an animal.

I just wanted it rubbed some more. I wanted it fingered and plowed. The ache inside me had given up on satisfaction.

There in the room, I lowered myself on Harlan’s nose. I smeared my adulterous petals all up and down where he took his air. A wonderful and wicked thought told me Harlan just might be better off suffocated by my used up pussy.

I panted without shame as I continued to thrust against the nub of his face.

“Fuck are you doin’, Joy!?” Ronnie shouted through the opened door. I looked up at him with my face flushed. I felt my big brown eyes plead up at him for another sweet climax as I writhed on Harlan’s face.

“You’re like a fuckin’ dog! A fuckin’ bitch dog!” He yelled.

Ronnie yanked me up by the arm and slapped me across the face.

“You think you get to come without me!? Those days are over!” He shouted hard at my ear and I felt spit land where his hand had stung me. He flung me at the bed and stepped over Harlan. He was after me with his hard fucker in his hand.

I put myself up on my elbows and spread my legs for him.

He used his knees to swing my legs wider while they hung off the bed.

“Put a pillow over yer face, you dumb slut!” He hollered.

I had the pillow over my face in a second flat.

“Don’t you dare fuckin’ peek,” Ronnie grunted. I could hear him beating off his meat. “Spread the garage for me, Joy… show me where it’s pinkest.”

I reached between my legs and held my wet pussy open.

Ronnie made a noise like a garage-opener.

I could feel my womb was open like a balloon, craving to be all filled up. I sighed at the touch of my fingers. The only sound in the room was Ronnie’s heavy sex-breath and the constant slap of his man meat.

“I wish Maggie was here… I really wanna fuck her, Joy. Your daughter. My girlfriend…” He hissed while he jacked it between my thighs. “I wanna stick this right up her pregnant baby maker… I wanna bounce that round belly in my hands and suck milk off her big fat tits… oh Joy, she’s got the biggest, sweetest nipples… not little stupid Tic-Tacs like you… fat, dark red… and white when I suck ‘em…”

My breath was drunk and out of control while he talked over me. I loved Ronnie using me like a magazine. It was like he was young and just getting into sex. I was something he stole cause he’d just figured out how to get off.

“Cover up your tits, now, Joy! I don’t wanna look at those little fuckin’ things!” Ronnie growled. I reached up for another pillow and set it on my chest. I went back to holding my flower open. The sweaty, wet sound of Ronnie jacking off was making me hotter with every pull.

“Where’s Maggie at, Joy!? I wanna put it in her after… I done put it in you,” his breathing matched the speed he was yanking himself off with. “I’ve got two hands on it, Joy… don’t it just make you wet thinkin’ about it? Too bad you thought it was… cool to rub it yourself… think Maggie rubs herself? What makes you think I want bitches gettin’ themselves off!?”

He knocked the pillow away from my tits right then like it was a punctuation mark. I felt that same hand grab my tit and shove its flesh at the nipple. The grip relaxed and re-asserted itself. It was like he wanted to move my titty to be on my shoulder. The pain of the shoves made me groan with hunger. When it couldn’t be forced up high enough, he slapped it.

He switched attention to the other breast and I panted into my pillow.

That’s when I felt his hot can of Silly String shoot up my thighs. He aimed it on my thick red pubes. If any hit my pussy spot on, it was hard for me to tell.

“Scoop it in your pussy, Joy,” he grumbled. “Keep your snaggle-face covered up.”

I did like I was told. My fingers sought all evidence of his baby goo and I gathered its strings. I spread myself wide and stabbed anything I could find into my stretched pussy.

“Christ, you can’t tell where it is!” Ronnie shouted and I felt his fingers swipe at my legs. With one hand, he gripped my pussy like a bowling ball to hold me open. His other fingers stabbed in and out of me like he was stuffing a turkey.

The doorbell rang.

“Stay here and stay covered up you piece o’ shit!” Ronnie said and his fingers stopped everything below. I heard him stomp out of the bedroom.

As I breathed into the pillow, I could hear Harlan’s breath struggling. It sounded so sad and pathetic. I didn’t want to look at him. I was content under my pillow with my boobs battered and my legs spread.

Ronnie shouted in the front room at someone. It sounded like it was Jana he was talking to.

“Know what a fluffer is!?” I heard Ronnie’s voice bounces up the walls of the trailer. “The girl that gets a dick hard in a porno. Fluff me, girl. I’m gonna go back and fuck Joy some more.”

I sighed in the pillow and felt my dampness return. I gripped the pillow with both hands and promised myself not to touch it. I knew it wasn’t allowed anymore. I wasn’t fucking stupid.

“Yeah, I’m fuckin’ Joy now. She’s gonna have my baby, just like you. Just like Evie will one day. Know what else? One day I just might make a baby with your baby, bitch…” I could hear him huffing some now. “I’ll be all old and shit… putting it right in her poochie. After you tell her to let me do it… better have a fucking girl, bitch. You go to sleep at night wishing for a girl. You wake up in the morning, the first thing you better fucking think is ‘I want Ronnie to have a girl.’”

If Jana couldn’t do it, I hoped I could give Ronnie a girl.

He laughed and I heard the voice in the next room cry out.

“Come back here, I want you to see somethin’.”

I heard Ronnie and the feet of someone else coming up the hallway. My breath pulled in tight in my chest and I waited behind the pillow.

“Look at this!” Ronnie said. “Joy, take the pillow off!”

I was right. It was Jana he was with. My eyes went to Ronnie’s hard cock as the two of them looked at Harlan.

“Funny, huh?” Ronnie asked and slapped Jana’s tit.

“You’re just leavin’ ‘im on the floor like that?” Jana asked.

“You’re right! He can’t see too well from there. Help me lift him up, fatso.” Ronnie blurted and the two of them tipped Harlan up to face the bed.

With his hard cock right up against her ass, he lifted her white t-shirt up over her belly. “Lookie here, Harlan. This is what I’m gonna do to Joy.”

I rubbed my knees together and sat up.

Ronnie sat on the bed and turned Jana to face him. Her black-penciled eyes blinked at me from behind her jet-black bangs. Ronnie smacked her ass.

“Straddle me, you cow. Put them big titties where I can suck ‘em!”

Jana did as she was told. Ronnie lifted her shirt and popped her globes out of each bra cup. He stuck his nose up against her chest and kneaded both titties. When he started sucking, it was the only sound in the world.

Jana sighed and leaned her head back. She stroked the back of Ronnie’s head with affection and the sucking sound increased in volume.

“Don’t leave marks on me,” Jana whispered.

Ronnie pushed her off of his lap and she fell back off the bed. The pregnant neighbor smacked into Harlan’s knee with her head and she cried out.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Ronnie stood up and pointed at her. Jana rubbed the back of her head and looked up with Ronnie with sadness.

He hefted her up by her skinny arm and slammed her boobs into his still-hard-hot-rod.

“Put some on it!” Ronnie demanded.

Jana looked up at Ronnie and he shook her with outrage.

“Do it! It ain’t for you this time, it’s for Joy!”

I heard Jana swallow and she reached toward her big titty. She pinched her nipple between two fingers and gave a tug. She pulled on it a little more.

“Hurry up, Jana, shit!” Ronnie bellowed.

“I need both hands!” Jana shouted.

Her arm was thrown down from Ronnie’s grip. And Ronnie used that hand to rub my calf. I was grateful for the touch and I didn’t mind smiling at Harlan when it happened.

Jana used both hands to pinch droplets of milk from her nipple. The drips landed on Ronnie’s waiting cock. Jana grunted with the effort as she squeezed a little more out.

“That’s all you got!?” Ronnie shook his head and pulled it away from her.

Ronnie hacked a lugie into his open hand and rubbed it over Jana’s baby-milk on his blue-veined stiffy. He furiously rubbed the mixture over it and smeared the head especially.

“Go on and get out of here, Jana, you stupid fuckin’ piece o’ shit!” Ronnie gritted his teeth and turned to face me. He threw my ankles apart and crawled onto the bed. He still gripped his snot-covered cock. What snot was still on his hand he wiped on my thigh before getting down to business.

My arms went around Ronnie as he entered me. My jaw dropped open and I blinked at Jana. A perverted smile slipped over my lips and I raised my eyebrows impatiently. I didn’t know why Jana hadn’t left yet and thought she should move along.

“I just don’t want Tom to see marks, that’s all,” Jana offered.

He touched me just as deep as ever and spoke to Jana over his shoulder, “that’s not my problem! You figure it out! If something’s fucked up, just figure it out! I fuck the dumbest people in the world! Ain’t that right, Joy!?”

I nodded with my eyes closed and my legs went around his hairy ass. The mess of piss, cum, me and Jana’s drool, and Ronnie’s snot was all a welcome jumble of hot fuss rocking my insides as we fucked.

“See!? Joy figures shit out! I tell her to do somethin’, Joy does it!

As he leaned over me, he put both hands on my tits and used them for balance. He crushed all of the air out of my lungs and I looked at him with all of my cock-fulfilled-happiness.

“Check it out, Jana!” He shouted and lifted one hand to slap me. He slapped me so hard that I saw the closet. Then he slapped me the other way and I saw the dresser. He slapped me four times like that and with each sting from his beautiful palms, my hips fucked him harder.

“Joy don’t worry about marks!” He pulled his cock out of me. Ronnie gripped my thighs and rolled me up against the headboard. My legs were twisted, my pussy was wide and inviting. I kissed the wall.

It was a crisp autumn morning, camping is so great this time of year all the summer holiday makers have gone back home and school has started so it’s quiet around our little cabin now. A group of us had come up for the week Bart and Sherri, Mike and Paige and then of course Bill and me.

Mike was heading into town with Sherri and Paige to get some mid-week supplies, which mostly consisted of more booze. Bill and Bart were already on the lake fishing, they had been out there since 5 am and I stayed behind at the cabin, I was feeling tired and just wanted to have a shower and then have a bit of a nap.

It was nice having the cabin alone to myself. I undress in my room I look at my large breasts and think they always were by my best feature. I play with my nipples, lightly pulling and twisting them. I slide my other hand to my pussy parting my lips slightly teasing myself a bit, I slide my finger in my pussy then taste my juices. I looked out the window at the lake thinking it would be nice if Bill was here now. Bill is my boyfriend of a few years now and one thing with us is that we have great sex. Bill treats me uniquely, and sometimes I like it rough. Bill likes making me into his sex slave , we have weekends where I wear nothing at all and I am either tied up to the bed or strapped to a table and I stay like that for hours while Bill fucks me like a slut, Bill will pretty much take me anyway he wants on those days. I love it when he does too I feel so sexy.

Now that I was very wet and horny I snap out of it and head to the shower. While in the shower, lathering my body in soap, I quickly start fingering myself. I can bring myself to orgasm quiet quickly when I want to, and this time it was just enough to curb my appetite till later. But as I was in a bit of an orgasm daze a crashing knock on the door and Bill’s voice.

“Sami is that you in there?”

“Yes it is, Mike and the gals went to town to get more shit, and I’ll be out in a sec”

I grab a towel and quickly dry myself then wrap it around me. I poke my head out to see if Bart was around anywhere, then ran into the bedroom. I close the door behind me and Bill rips the towel off me and throws me on the bed.

“Look at that nice pussy” he says licking his lips and next thing I knew Bill was licking at my clit, it felt so good I just started grinding my hips on his face. Then I feel his fingers inside me, he was slowly letting 2 of his fingers probe and out of me. Bill makes me start cumming, I grab the bed bucking my hips on his face, and he is licking all my juices forcefully and then I hear

“Well Bill looks like you are having a good time there”

I look over and Bart is standing in the door with his hard cock in his hand stroking it.

“Yes Bart my Sami has a great tasting pussy and I’m sure she let you have a try, won’t you my little sex slave?”

As soon as Bill said sex slave I knew something was up. Next thing I knew Bill and Bart had picked me up and quickly threw a robe around me then put a pair of shoes on my feet as they took me outside. They blindfolded me and took me into the woods. I heard them whispering but couldn’t make out any of it except for Bill saying she’s my sex slave she will do anything I tell her too. I was scared, anxious and nervous. I had a feeling and I knew what was going to happen to me and it made my pussy unbelievably wet.

We were walking for what seemed like a while then stopped. My legs were getting scratched up as we walked through the wooded area. The blindfold came off and I seen that the guys took me to a secluded area and it looks like they had this planned, as there was a blanket spread out over this clearing. Bill took my hand and walked me over and we sat down. I never had a threesome before so I was feeling very tense and excited at the same time. It was a fantasy I had and Bill knew about it.

” Now Sami” Bill starts talking “While Bart and I were out fishing he was telling me about how hot you are sweetie, and what a great set of tits you have” as he smacks my breasts around .

“Bart was also telling me that Sherri won’t suck his cock, isn’t that a shame? So I decided that I’m going to let Bart have a little fun us, that’s ok right Sami? I mean you did want to try this right”

I looked to Bart then back to my Bill and just nodded my head yes.” I do want this”

“Good slave I knew you wouldn’t say no, you are a dirty slut aren’t you? “

Bill then got me to lie down and the next thing I knew he had my hands tied together then tied to a stake. Bill then starts pulling and twisting at my nipples.

“Look at this little slut Bart” Bill saying as he walks around to my feet, he separated my legs my pussy slick with my own juices. “Look at that pussy Bart she’s already so fucking wet”

“Bill I can’t believe you have found a woman like this” Both men pawing at my wet pussy “But first Bill she has to suck my cock it’s been way too long”

Bart walks around to me. He sticks his fingers in my mouth so I can taste myself on him. I’m looking at his big hard cock now. He wasn’t too thick which was nice, and I thought to myself Bart’s cock would be perfect in my ass. Then he grabs a hold of my hair and shoved his cock deep in my mouth, I gag a bit as I was not ready bit then I relax and let him slide down my throat with ease. Bart is fucking my face now I hear him grunting as he pushes down my throat.

“Oh Bill she sucks cock really well this one”

“Bart she loves sucking cock, she is such a dirty bitch she loves this now, her pussy is so wet wanting me to play with her”

Bill lets his fingers slide over my shaved wet pussy, not parting me yet and touching my clit that is just ready to burst. He keeps teasing me just lightly brushing my thighs and pussy with his hands, my hips squirming trying to get him to push his fingers deep in me, I want him to let me cum.

I think Bart was close to cumming as he slowed his tempo, I was licking up and down his shaft then I took his balls in my mouth, Bart grabs my hair moaning about how good it felt, but Bill had then started eating my pussy, I came almost instantly. My hips grinding on Bills face, felling his tongue work my clit and his fingers fucking my pussy. Bart sensing my orgasm grabs my tits pinching and squeezing my nipples.

“Watch this Bart I can get her squirting”

Bill starts really working my pussy now I knew what he was doing I could feel it building, Bart was happy watching while playing with my tits. Bill was rubbing my clit good and hard, he also had his fingers deep in my pussy Bill was a pro at this he knew what he was doing next thing I start moaning loudly Bill removes his fingers and rubs my clit and I explode. My back arches and I start cumming hard Bart sees the stream of cum dripping from my pussy and down my legs.

“WOW Bill that is impressive”

Bill is now sticking his fingers in my mouth as I suck my own juices off them.

“Go ahead Bart, and play with that pussy.”

And that was all it took. Bart was more than ready. Bart slides his erect member in me and Bill sticks his dick in my mouth. Bill and Bart were fucking me good, both pawing at my breasts and rubbing my clit. I felt wave after wave of pleasure.

Bill and Bart then untied me from the stake in the ground, and Bill told me to get on top of him. I straddle him and slowly let his entire shaft fill me. Bill starts smacking my ass as I ride his cock; Bart pulls my hair and gets me sucking him again.

“Now” Bill grunts as he was thrusting his cock deep in me.

He grabs my ass and spreads my ass checks, I knew what was about to happen as Bart took his dick and slowly glides it up my ass. I could do nothing more than let out a moan, the pain and pleasure of Bart in my ass and Bill fucking my pussy. I was cumming hard and I could tell by Bart’s thrusts he was on the verge of cumming himself both of them fucking me perfect unison. Bart then grabbed my hips and the plunged deep in my ass and filled it with his cum letting out a massive groan.

Bill Slowed downed but stayed deep in my pussy. Bart slowly withdrew his already soften cock.

“Bill Thank you man, that was the best fuck I’ve had in a while”

“She is a good girl, glad you had fun. Never know we could do this again I know she enjoyed today her pussy is so wet she has cum so much today.” and Bill touched my clit at that point sending shivers down my spine.

Bart turns to me by this point he is already dressed, and I’m still on Bill’s cock.

“Sami, I really wish more women were like you” And Bart smacked my ass and was heading back to the cabin.

“I figured the two of you weren’t finished yet, so I’ll make up something with the others. Have Fun Bill”

And Bart was gone.

Bill takes his cock out of my pussy, I slump on the blanket.

“Don’t get lazy, get up on all fours. I haven’t cum yet” Bills says as he walks around behind me.

“You sure did enjoy yourself today didn’t you” as he smacks my ass

“You knew I always wanted that” I was panting heavily

“Yes I did, now spread those ass cheeks, I want to fuck your ass”

Bill rubbed the head of his cock on my pussy getting himself lubed, before he pushes his cock in my ass. It didn’t take long for Bill to cum in my ass, but it was powerful. I loved it that morning, it was great have 2 men at once.

“You’re late” Rachel called out from the kitchen when she heard the front door close.

“I know,” her husband Brad said. “I left my car charger in my briefcase at the office or I would have called you on the way home” he replied.

“Was that an excuse I just heard?” Rachel asked as she walked into the foyer to meet her husband of six months. She greeted him wearing her black push up bra, black crotch less panties, thigh high stockings and four inch pumps. She was holding a three bead handled red whip.

“I guess it was, I’m sorry” he said trying not to smile as he knew what that would bring on.

“Sorry my ass” she said as she walked around him and whacked him across the back of the legs with the whip.

“Ouch” her husband cried out.

“Ouch my ass, I think you’re in need of another lesson my love. Respect in a marriage is very important. I work hard too and I don’t appreciate being made to wait. So, get your ass in the bedroom and strip. Now!” she ordered.

Brad immediately made his way to the bedroom. He stripped off his clothes and stood there waiting for his wife. He could not hide the raging hard on he now possessed knowing what she might have in store for him. Rachel made her husband wait as she went back into the kitchen to finish what she had been doing before he had gotten home. Brad stood quietly next to the bed as not to agitate his wife further. Rachel finally entered the bedroom ten minutes later, happy to see that her husband had obviously been thinking about what was to come.

“Against the wall” she ordered him.

“Yes darling” he said as he took his place backed against the wall as she had demanded. Rachel fastened the ankle cuffs they had suctioned to the wall around him with the all too familiar “clicks”. She then tied his hands above his heads with the silk sashes they had rigged up to his chin up bar that was hanging in the door way of the nearby bathroom.

She tied them good and tight this time. She was going to make sure he didn’t forget to call her and let he know he was running late next time, even if it meant stopping at a pay phone. Once he was secure, Rachel took the beaded end of the whip and placed it at Brad’s Adams apple. She used it to trace slowly down to his throbbing cock.

“Hard or easy darling?” she asked.

“Easy” he replied knowing that the answer was probably a mistake the moment the word had left his mouth. Rachel smiled up at him. She stepped in front of him, her face mere inches from his, smiling at him all the while. She leaned in and gently kissed his lips. She then kissed each of his cheeks as she made her way to the hollow of his neck. Her breath was hot and moist. She sucked on his skin, gently at first, then harder and harder until it almost hurt. She was going to leave her mark on him! Brad moaned as she released her grip on his neck and continued her journey south. She left a trail of kisses down his chest, to his belly as she finally came to his massively erect cock. She licked her lips as she looked up at him.

“You ready baby?” She asked.

“Yes baby, so ready” Brad croaked. Rachel stood up and smiled at him. She walked over to the nightstand, took out her vibrator and positioned herself on the bed as she noticed a frown cross Brad’s face.

“You need to be punished baby,” Rachel told him as she spread her legs showing him her glistening slit. She took her vibrator, switched it on and placed it on her sweet spot.

“You need to understand darling,” she began “that it takes time and preparation to race home from work, prepare dinner and have it ready for you when you come home. When you are late, it throws everything off schedule and you know how I like to stick to my schedules don’t you?” she asked as she ran the head of the giant toy up and down against her clit. Brad nodded his head, his gazed transfixed on the massive toy making his wife wetter and wetter.

“Good,” she said as she slipped her toy inside her aching pussy, making herself catch her breath as she came. Brad moaned.

“What baby?” she asked.

“I want to be your toy” he answered.

“Are you going to forget to call when you’re going to be late again?” she asked smiling at him.

“No, never” he promised.

“Good” she replied as she worked the giant member faster and faster making herself cum again. Brad started pulling at the silk bindings.

“Wait love” Rachel told him as she continued fucking herself even harder.

“It’s not fair babe, you’re going to make me cum if you’re not careful” he warned her.

“That’ll be too bad for you” she said breathlessly as she smiled at him. Seeing the tortured look on his face really turned her on. Rachel slid the vibrator out of her sopping wet pussy and laid it on the night stand. She got up off of the bed and went to her husband. She kissed him slowly, her mouth wet and eager. When her lips left him she smiled.

“I’ll be right back” she said as she walked across the room and out of the bedroom door. She heard his moan from the living room. Another smile crossed her lips. After another ten minutes she returned from the kitchen to release him from his shackles. She was holding a wooden kitchen spoon.

“I’m going to make sure you’ve learned your lesson” she said slapping the spoon against the palm of her hand. “Assume the position” she commanded. Her husband went to the bed and laid down on it, face up. Rachel straddled him at the neck. Brad moved his hands up to grab her tits. She reached back and smacked him on the thigh. A whimper escaped him.

“Did I tell you to touch me?” she asked. Brad shook his head.

“You know the rules. Don’t make me spank you again.” She warned. She inched herself up closer to Brads mouth. Brads hands went up again, this time to her hips. Rachel smacked him again with the spoon, this time on the hip.

“You’re asking for it” she told him as she positioned herself directly over his eager mouth. Brad laid the palms of his hands flat against the bed. Rachel sank her pussy down onto her husband’s mouth and gave him what he so obviously craved. Brad feverishly licked and sucked her as she rode his face. Rachel came again and Brad lapped up her juices. His hand instinctively went to his rock hard dick. Rachel abruptly rose up off of his face and moved over onto the bed next to her husband.

“Turn over” she demanded. Brad did as she instructed. Rachel delivered four powerful blows to his ass with the wooden spoon leaving two perfectly shaped red marks on each cheek, Brad new better than to make a sound; doing so would have surely brought on more blows.

“Turn over” she demanded again. Brad gladly did as she said; he knew she was finally going to put him out of his misery. Brad turned over onto his back, hard on waving in the air. Rachel straddled him at his belly.

“Is this what you’ve been waiting for baby?” she asked. Afraid to answer her incorrectly, Brad just smiled at her. She smiled back as she slowly slid down and slipped his rock hard cock into her slick, soaked sweet spot. A moan escaped both of them at the same time. Rachel slowly came up off of Brad’s hard shaft to the tip of his cock and she slowly fucked just the top of his dick. After a few strokes, she would take all of him. She did this until she could sense he was close to cumming. She wanted to cum with him so she took him deep and rode him hard. Brad could feel it in his balls, he was getting ready to cum. Rachel was close as well and by the time that Brad got his rocks off, Rachel was in the midst of the most intense orgasm she’d ever had. She rode him until he was spent. Shaking and out of breath, she slipped him out of her and lay down beside him.

“Wow, I could really get used to you being late” she said with a laugh.

“So could I” her husband agreed with a smile still planted firmly on his face.

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