tied down

She was completely naked, lying across the bench with her wrists and ankles tied to its legs. The padded bench was just big enough for her torso, so her limbs were out of the way with her ass sticking out nicely. She was very pretty, even with the ball-gag in her mouth. Her long blonde hair had been roughly taken out of a ponytail and now it hung down around her face. She was 21 and in great shape. I looked down at her and felt a chill of pleasure run down my spine.

“Good job Andrew,” said a woman standing in a corner of the room. Monica stepped into the candlelight and as always, she took my breath away. All though she was mature, her body was one of a goddess. Her hair was long and dark. She was wearing a short, black latex dress. It was low cut and I knew she didn’t have anything on underneath. The black thigh-high boots set this outfit off perfectly.

“I caught little Angie here trying to sneak in a back window,” I said.

“It looks like some people have to learn the hard way doesn’t it?” Monica said, moving to stand in front of Angie, “I warned you young lady. Now, you’re in deep trouble.” Monica looked at me and a smile played across her lips. “Andrew, go get my paddle.” I returned quickly, holding the wooden paddle. I started to hand it to her, but she shook her head. “Oh no, you caught her, you punish her.”

Seeing as how I was totally nude as well, I could not hide my excitement. I stood behind her and stared down at her bare flesh that seemed to be crying out to be struck. I looked at Monica and she signaled me to start the spanking. I brought the paddle down hard and the sound was incredible. The loud SLAP rang out and Angie let out a grunt through the ball-gag.

“Did that hurt?” Monica asked, as she gently ran her fingers through Angie’s hair, “Poor baby.”

Again I swung the wooden paddle and it connected even harder. Angie let out a muffled squeal and I could tell Monica was getting turned on. She was caressing Angie’s face and wiping her tears away.

“Andrew dear,” Monica said, looking up at me, “show her no mercy.”

With this, I began striking Angie with the paddle over and over again. Her ass was turning redder as I paddled her harder and harder. The ball-gag was quieting her screams, but she was squirming and writhing so much that Monica had to hold her steady so the bench would not tip over.

“Be still!” Monica screamed at her. “You’re going to take your punishment like the fucking bitch you are! Harder Andrew, wear her ass out!”

As I was instructed, I beat her without mercy. Angie’s tear filled eyes looked up at Monica and finally I was given the signal to stop. Monica went over to a corner of the room and picked something up. She walked back in front of Angie and showed it to her. It was a big black strap on. I helped Monica fasten it to herself over the latex dress. I took my position behind Angie while Monica stood in front of her with the black cock pointing at her face. Monica took the ball-gag out of her mouth and quickly replaced it with the strap on cock. She moved in and out of Angie’s mouth slowly at first, and then began to put more force behind the thrusts.

“Don’t just stand there,” Monica said to me, “I want to see you fuck her ass.”

I slid my hard prick inside her tight asshole. Her cries were again muffled due to Monica’s strap on in her mouth. Together, Monica and I began to fuck her hard from both ends. Angie was gagging on the cock in her mouth and at the same time I pounded her from the rear.

“Don’t you cum Andrew,” Monica said, as she moved her hips even faster, thrusting the strap on further down Angie’s throat, “don’t you dare fucking cum. This fucking whore doesn’t deserve your cum.”

We rammed our cocks into her relentlessly until Monica looked at me and said, “Pull out baby. I want to taste you.”

I did as I was told and Monica got on her knees in front of me. She wrapped her hand around my throbbing dick as I came hard on her face and neck. My juice was all over her.

“It’s not fair,” Angie said, her mouth now empty and free, “I want to taste his cum too.”

“Here baby,” Monica said as she took off the strap on and bent down to kiss Angie full on the mouth. They broke apart and Angie smiled “You taste good Andrew. Thank you both for fulfilling my fantasy.”

“It was our pleasure,” I said smiling, Mom and I had a lot of fun. Didn’t we?”

“Yes, but now I have a problem,” Monica said as she untied Angie from the bench, “I’m so horny I can’t stand it.”

“Let’s go into my bedroom where we can continue,” Angie said smiling, “it feels too good to stop now.” And that’s exactly what we did… but that’s another story.

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