My name is Brian, I am on my college soccer team and I needed one more credit for the semester to be considered a full time student so I could play and had signed up for a rock climbing class because it was one of the few things that was only one credit and it looked fun. So I walked in on the first day of class at the climbing wall, a handful of hippie looking students were all gathered in one corner followed by a random assortment of other students spread out along the benches across from the rock wall and I realized for the first time in awhile I knew absolutely no one in my class.

So I set my bag in a cubby and checked out a pair of climbing shoes, when in came three guys I didn’t know personally but I recognized. Even if I hadn’t known who they were it was obvious from their height and the basketball team logos all over their stuff.

The basketball team had one of the biggest reputations on campus, not for their playing, they were okay on the court, the hockey team were the ones who made it to national championships, the basketball team rivaled the football team in the women department. There were girls who seemed to make it their goal to try and hook up with every guy on the team, and there were plenty of guys on the team who never went to bed alone if they didn’t want to. I’ve been told part of this is because the football and basketball teams have a lot of black guys on them and we are a really white school, pretty much the only diversity is all the Asian engineering students and all the black football and basketball players. The soccer team, and hockey team, we’re all white.

The three guys who were in my class were Jakson, Travie and Brad. Brad was the only white starter on the team.

The professor walked in and dumped a pile of harnesses and belay devices on the floor. “Okay everyone get into a pairs.”

The hippies all paired up with each other, Jakson and Travie looked around to see if there were any hot girls, unfortunately for them the only girls in the class were ones that would never in a million years be interested in a basketball player, so they paired up. I picked up a harness and found Brad making his way towards me.

“You’re on the soccer team right?” Brad asked.

“Yeah, I’m Brian.”

“I’m Brad, need a partner?”

Brad and I partnered up and started putting on our harnesses. Jakson and Travie were a few yards away joking about maximum package exposure. Which was true, the harnesses did a nice job of highlighting certain things. I was looking over at the disgusted look on some hippie girls face in reaction to Travie when I felt something against my own package. I looked down and Brad was adjusting one of my straps.

“Oh sorry man, it was twisted around, little OCD it was driving me insane,” Brad explained, without moving his hand which was still under the twisted strap, the only thing between the back of his hand and my cock were my briefs and the thin mesh of my shorts. Brad finished untwisting the strap and then ran his fingers along under it a few times as if to test that it really was untwisted then pulled his hand away casually as if he hadn’t just been touching my groin. I instantly wished I was wearing something a little more constricting as I could feel the blood rushing to my cock. I tried staring at this particularly unattractive girl in our class but to no avail all I could think of was the back of Brad’s hand running up and down along my cock.

“I’ll be right back,” I said before dashing towards the bathrooms. The professor was busy showing some of the students how to put on their harnesses, and Jakson and Travie were lost in some joke. So Brad was the only one who noticed me leaving. And I had barely made it inside the bathroom before realizing he had followed me. By now I had a full hardon which was partially restrained by my shorts and the harness, but was still very obvious.

“Good to see it works,” Brad smirked as he walked in.

“You’re an ass, thanks for groping me in the middle of class.

“Well at least you have an excuse,” Brad turned and I could see he was hard too.

“What the hell were you thinking? I could have adjusted my own strap.”

“I heard some girls talking last week, they said, if you want it rough, get a hockey boy, if you want to be a slut get nice and raunchy get a football guy, if you want a big dick get a basketball guy,” Brad grabbed at his own good sized crotch for emphasis, “but if you really want a good time the secret is to find a soccer guy, then the girls made some joke about if you want to do a bag of bones find a cross country guy.” We both laughed.

“I’m pretty sure your harness is highlighting that you’re not a girl though,” I nodded towards his hard on.

“And I’m pretty sure yours is highlighting that you don’t care,” Brad came towards me and backed me into the large handicapped stall. “Plus we’ve got to do something about these if we want to go back out to class any time soon.” Brad rubbed his hardon against mine while he reached to undo my harness. “Come on are you really going to say you’re not like me?”

“Which is?”

“It’s not about gay, straight, all that crap, if you’re hot, you’re hot. Jak and Trav out there they’ll fuck any girl who opens her legs or mouth around them. They’d rather fuck an ugly used up chick than a fresh hot guy. Me, obviously if there was a fresh hot girl around I’d be into that, but if it’s gorgeous I want it, man or women. I only go after the best, because I’d rather jack off to the memory of a great fuck than live through a crappy one. And when I see what I want I go for it.” By now he had my harness off and his hand down the front of my shorts, stroking my cock, which was getting even harder. I reached for his harness and started to undo it. He smiled and leaned down to kiss me as I let his harness drop to the floor.

He pulled my shorts down enough to let my cock spring out, then dropped to his knees. I was so turned on it didn’t take him long to get me off, he licked the tip of my cock before engulfing it all in his mouth, deepthroating me in the first go. I looked down and saw he was jacking off as he swallowed my dick. We both came quickly and he swallowed my cum and lifted his hand covered in his cum to my face, expecting me to lick if off I guessed, so I did, which turned me on, but fortunately not enough for me to get hard again. We slipped back into our harnesses and headed back towards class. Before we reached the climbing gym again Brad leaned over and whispered to me, “213 Allen Hall.”

We both rejoined the class to find we hadn’t missed much, the professor was still going over the general schedule for what we would be covering in the semester, and everyone seemed so preoccupied with themselves or others around them to even really notice we had left. We spent the rest of class going over the basics and learning about the equipment.

After class I was still feeling a little confused and surprised at what had happened in the bathroom with Brad so I pretty much grabbed my bag and bolted back to my dorm. I went to the rest of my classes, had practice in the afternoon and then dinner with friends, but I kept thinking back to what Brad had said, 213 Allen Hall. That was the dorm right across from mine, all single rooms just like mine was. I was torn as to weather I wanted to go continue what we had started during class. Obviously he was discreet I had never heard even a whisper of any rumors about any guys on the basketball team fooling around with other guys, but I was still worried. We had an openly gay guy on the soccer team and no one really gave him a hard time about it, but I had a feeling a supposedly straight guy caught fooling around with one of the star basketball players in secret would be much more likely to draw jokes, and just all around embarrassment. But I had to admit I was curious, and I had definitely been very turned on by the whole encounter.

I sat alone in my room after dinner debating the pros and cons of going over to 213 Allen instead of focusing on the paper I had to write and was getting turned on even just thinking about the possibility of going over there, though one thing still scared me. His cock was huge. I thought back to watching him stroke himself as he sucked me off and it matched the rest of his body well, which meant it was big. I was athletically built and 5’11″ yet he made me look shrimpy by comparison, he had at least half a foot on me in height and had the musculature of LeBron James. There was no way I was ever going to overpower him as I liked to do to defenders who got in my way during a game. So the more I thought about it the more I was intimidated by the size of his body and by his cock.

I pictured myself on my knees sucking his cock and alternated between thinking about how much I wanted to taste him and thinking how much my jaw would hurt having to keep it open that long for any length of time. Then the really scary thought entered my mind, what if he wanted to fuck my virgin ass. A cock like his was not exactly the beginner model. But through all this back and forth I found I was harder and hornier than I could ever remember being. I looked out my window across the quad to Allen Hall and tried to figure out which windows were 213, and saw that the lights in the one that I thought might be it were on but the shades were drawn, so I couldn’t see in to tell who might be in there. I looked down at my groin again and decided I had to either jack off and would probably do so thinking about Brad or I could tuck myself into my jeans and actually go over there and not be such a pansy.

Five minutes later I found myself knocking on the door to room 213. The door decs all said Brad, so I obviously had the correct room and I waited for him to answer. My cock was straining against my jeans and my heart racing wondering if I was making a huge mistake, but before I could run off Brad opened the door with a smile.

“Ran off mighty quick after class,” Brad stepped aside and let me in his room, shutting the door behind him.

“I had to get somewhere, busy day,” I half told the truth. Brad stood close to me, still smirking.

“So what can I do for ya?” Brad asked. That explained the smirk, he was going to make me say it. Great. Maybe if I held out long enough I wouldn’t have to and he’d just make it easy.

“Just thought I’d say hi, since you told me your room number earlier.”

“Just stopping in to say hi? That’s neighborly. Which dorm you in?” Brad stayed standing where he was, but I was feeling smaller by the second.

“Across over in Bentley,” I said as I watched Brad’s gaze drift down to my dick still hard in my jeans.

“So that’s all you wanted was to say hi?” Brad asked, still looking at my groin.

“Uh, well… I thought you might want me to return the favor from earlier.”

Brad stepped closer to me, smiling. “You want to suck my cock?”


Brad leaned down an inch from my face. “Well say it then.” Brad backed me up against the wall.

“Brad I want to suck your cock.”

“How much do you want it?”

“A lot,” I swallowed hard, this was embarrassing but it was seriously turning me on. “I really want your cock in my mouth.”

“And down your throat?”

“And down my throat,” I said and then regretted it, worrying that there was no way I was going to be able to take his cock down my throat like he had mine. Brad dropped his pants to the floor, his hard cock now only about an inch away from my abs. It was beautiful, and perfectly shaped.

“You want to be my little cocksucker?”

“Yes,” I couldn’t take my eyes off his dick.

“Say it, tell me you want to be my little faggot cocksucker,” Brad grinned and let the tip of his cock rub up against my abs.

I was completely embarrassed to say what he wanted but too turned on to care, “Brad I want to be your little faggot cocksucker.”

“Prove it,” Brad pushed me down to my knees, and slapped my face with his cock. I opened my mouth and licked the precum from his dick, and I instantly loved the texture of his cock. He grabbed my hair and pulled me onto his cock and he quickly slid all the way up against the back of my mouth hitting my throat and I gagged, but had no where to go, my head was backed up against the wall.

“Oh yeah take it bitch,” Brad kept fucking my face. Soon he picked me up and brought me over to his bed where he laid me down on my back so my head hung over the edge. I started licking his balls as they hung in my face while he leaned over and freed my dick from my jeans. Brad then brought his attention back to my face. He slapped his cock against my cheek, I didn’t need to be told to open up, and as soon as I did his dick was down my throat even further than it had been before. His balls pressed against my closed eyes and my chin dug into his pelvic bone. He held it in my throat until I started to squirm and pulled out so that the tip just barely grazed my lips and then thrust back in.

“I wish you could see this you hungry little slut, watch your throat bulge with my cock,” Brad then placed my hand over my throat. “Feel this.” He thrust in and out in rapid succession and I could feel with my hand his cock expanding my throat. I started to gag even harder and felt spit and mucus dripping down my face. Finally Brad pulled out and took a break. “Looking good cocksucker.” I was still trying to catch my breath as Brad reached over and grabbed his camera off his desk. He sat down on the floor and posed with his head next to my upside-down one, he licked the throat slime off my face as he snapped a picture. I wasn’t sure if I found it endearing or completely weird.

“I want your ass,” Brad whispered after taking the picture. He put the camera back and this time grabbed a length of rope from the drawer. “Get naked.” He instructed. So I quickly got up and stripped. Brad sat in his desk chair and motioned for me to come over. He tied my hand with the rope then stood up and bent me over the back of the chair, and threaded the rope through the front legs of the chair and tied my other arm down to the front of the chair. The back rest was kind of digging into my abs which for some reason turned me on. My bare ass was up in the air and I could feel Brad begin to massage it. He had lubed up his fingers and started by inserting one into my asshole, then another. It felt amazing, I tried moving back to get more of him into me but I was fairly immobile being tied to the chair.

“What do you want my little slut boy?”

“I want your cock, I want your cock in my ass.”

“You want me to fuck you?”


“Say it.”

“Brad, please just fuck my ass.”

With that Brad pulled out his fingers and plowed his large cock into my well lubed asshole, he grabbed my shoulders for leverage and just laid into me, pulling out till only the tip was just barely in then plunging back in balls deep, I thought I was going to pass out it felt so good. It didn’t take long before I came without even touching myself. I could feel some of the cum drip down onto my feet. Brad didn’t take long either and soon he was pulling out and swung me and the chair around.

“Look up,” Brad ordered, I did, just in time to get a face full of cum, I opened my mouth and caught some, it tasted amazing. “Don’t swallow yet.” Brad grabbed his camera again. “Show me.” I stuck my tongue full of cum out and could feel the rest dripping off my cheek and chin. Brad snapped a picture. Then kneeled down next to me and licked my face again while snapping a second picture. “Suck me clean.” I swallowed the cum and opened up as Brad led his cock into my mouth, I couldn’t get much in given the awkward angle my head was at, being tied to the chair but I sucked the last of the cum out and swirled my tongue around the head, enjoying his taste and texture. He snapped a few more pictures of me with his cock in my mouth before pulling out. He then kneeled down and kissed me on the lips, snapping one last picture.

“Well this is gonna be a good semester,” Brad commented as he untied me.

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