throat fuck

Note: All characters in this story are of legal age. All of the characters are well over eighteen years of age.


Humbert trudged about the library in a bad mood stacking the errant books on his cart that had been left behind by the inconsiderate students of Maplewood High School. The thin, lanky nerd was in his last year of high school and worked the closing shift of the library. It was one of two jobs the teen had been working to save up for a trip out of state to a comic book convention on the west coast. There were rumors that scenes from the new avenger’s movie would be displayed in one of the panels. He was finally going to enter the big cosplay convention as one of his favorite comic strip characters; Dilbert. He was sure he would be a shoe-In for the 250.00 prize.

Humbert’s thoughts were interrupted by loud laughter and constant chatter.

The nerd turned his attention towards a long table near the back window where two very attractive women sat. He immediately recognized the head cheerleader Melissa and her BFF Leslie. A chill ran up the teen’s back as he realized the women were looking directly in his direction.

Melissa a.k.a Red as she was known for her wild mane of red hair was feared across campus because of her explosive temper, martial arts prowess and the fact that she was the sheriff’s daughter. She had been in at least ten fights this year with both boys and girls. It was known that several lawsuits had been averted by her father and that she could do no wrong in his eyes. Red seemed to operate with impunity in the very small town of Maplewood.

Leslie was an impossibly stacked brunette endorsed everything her friend did with unwavering loyalty. She was known to be indifferent towards all of the guys at school who endlessly chased after her in futile attempts to bed the elusive beauty. There were rumors that Leslie and Red were lovers, but no one took these stories seriously. Leslie had a perfect hour glass figure and was just a shade less attractive than Red.

Humbert noticed that Red was waving him over with a wide grin on her face.

“What?” Humbert was confused because he had been a classmate with the girls for the past three years and they’d never noticed him before. He found his pulse quickening as he slowly approached the two women.

“Yeah?” He asked coming to a stop a few feet in front of the table they were seated at. He felt anxious and like he was on display for the undisputed queens of Maplewood High.

“Hey…You’re a virgin right?” Red asked plainly.

“What?” He was flabbergasted at the question. She hadn’t even the decency to acknowledge that she knew his name.

“You’re a fucking virgin aren’t you dim bulb?” She asked again as Leslie started snickering.

“No!!!” Humbert blurted out embarrassed as both girls exploded in witch like cackling. After a few moments Red composed herself and regarded the nervous teen in front of her that was beginning to visibly sweat under their intense scrutiny.

“Now who lost their mind and actually fucked you?” Red asked before breaking into laughter with her friend. Humbert found himself growing angry and he clenched his fists to keep from yelling.

“Stop fucking with him Red.” Leslie laughed her large breasts shaking under the beige sleeveless t-shirt she was wearing. Leslie’s tits were so large on her thin frame that she had actually cut a V-neck into the material to be able to slide the fabric over her head.

“I’m not doing anything to this puss. He’s standing here telling us that somebody has actually fucked him.” Red laughed.

“Oh come on Red, stop fucking with the boy. You know he’s a fag.” Leslie laughed.

Humbert lost it at this point and slammed his small fists on the tabletop startling the two women.

“FUCK YOU BOTH!!” He yelled at the top of his lungs before stalking off back towards the front counter.

Red and Leslie stared after him in complete silence.

Humbert began to put away the countless books and DVDs that his co-workers and peers had left behind. He had begun to feel really good about himself for putting the two hottest girls in school in their rightful place. The library had thinned out as he worked and he would soon be announcing the imminent building closing over the p.a. system.

Then he noticed it.

Red and Leslie were still at the table sitting in silence with their I-Phones and tapping away on their personal devices. He noticed Red intermittently glancing in his direction. Humbert shrugged it off as he picked up the phone at the front counter and made the announcement over the p.a. system. The few students remaining in the library trudged up to the counter and checked out of the library.

Leslie and Red slowly got up and casually approached the counter. Humbert couldn’t help but be awed at the appearance of these two women. Actually walking side by side he noticed the extreme difference in bust size between the two girls. Red was almost flat chested a perky set of B-Cups encased in a black wife beater with a Slayer logo emblazoned on the chest. He took notice of the wide, curvy hips in form fitting leggings with a blue jean print that ended at her studded cowboy boots.

By the time he looked over at Leslie’s more rounded “black girl” hips wrapped tightly in a jean miniskirt with her matching boots like her BFF, the girls were at the front counter looking him directly in the eye.

“What do you two want?” He questioned unconsciously controlling his tone.

Both of the girls had a rather contrite expression on their faces as Leslie began to speak.

“Hey man we just wanted to apologize for being total dicks earlier.” Leslie leaned forward a bit scanning Humbert’s eyes for any reaction.

“Yeah, we were so fucking out of line dude.” Red added.

“Oh, it’s okay guys. You were just teasing me a bit.” Humbert felt his heart soften.

Leslie suddenly reached down and pulled the helm of her t-shirt up causing her large, fat pendulous breasts to fall free literally hitting the cold counter top. Her rather large areolas were puffy and the pencil eraser sized nipples were fully erect.

“That’s teasing you dork.” Red laughed and before Humbert could respond; her fist was flying at Mach speed across the counter and colliding with his large nose smashing it against his face.

Humbert found himself being hurled back into a stack of books and DVDS knocking them over with the impact of his toppling body. He was completely dazed and tried to recover himself as he noticed with horror that Red was hopping over the counter like a cowboy jumping off of a horse.

“Fuck!!” He cried out as the redhead took three large steps closing the distance between them and planting her heeled boot into his chest with enough impact to send his head into the tiled floor.

Before he knew what was happening, Red had ripped the library keychain from his belt and tossed it to Leslie who ran to the library doors and locked the building. Red immobilized Humbert with both of her knees in the small of his back as he struggled to toss the girl off. She was kneeling upright on the back of the nerd as he screamed and flailed about.

Leslie joined her friend behind the counter and ran to the wall switching off most of the lights in the library.

Red had leaned forward on top of the prone teen and mercilessly pounded away at his ribs while screaming into his ear with every thrust of her fist.

“Where’s the fucking tape?!!” She screamed.

“What?!! Ooww!! I don’t know what you’re talking about!! Get the fuck off me!!” Red balled her fist up around Humbert’s ear and whispered quite plainly…”The surveillance tapes douche. I saw the cameras on the wall bitch.” She followed this up with two more punches to his ribs.

“It’s under the counter… [Punch]…On the bottom shelf!!” Humbert cried out. He heard Leslie rummage through the magazines on the bottom shelf.

“Got it!!” She yelled as she popped the VHS tape out with a sigh of relief.

“Hey babe you were absolutely right about the school being too cheap to have an updated security system.” Leslie leaned against the counter weighing the tape cassette in her small hand.

“Okay!!! Just take the money and leave!!” Humbert cried out as Red dug her knees into his back.

“Hey asshole, we’re not thieves!!” Red slapped her palm against the back of his scrawny neck and then followed her actions up by raking her nails across his tender flesh causing the nerd to yelp.

“Oowww!! What the FUCK do you FUCKING WANT?!!” Humbert screamed!!

Red slowly got off the frightened teen and stood back as he turned over into a sitting position and looked up at his two captors.

“Do you think we’re pretty?” Red asked battling her eyelashes for effect and smiling innocently.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!” Humbert yelled.

Red suddenly launched her foot into his chin in a punting motion nearly knocking the teen unconscious. Humbert hiccupped on his blood and struggled to catch his breath as Red used her foot to right him into a sitting position once more.

“Do you think we’re pretty?” She asked politely again.

Humbert nodded his head and gurgled out half whispering “Yes.” He began to shake uncontrollably as both women cracked smiles that soon became wide grins.

“Good boy.” Leslie encouraged as Red seemed to turn her attention to the rows and rows of books stocked in the rear of the store. She wandered further away as Humbert turned his attention to Leslie.

“Well, what have you got to say for yourself?” Leslie asked

“W-What?” Humbert’s eyes briefly looked over at Red as she knocked a few books to the floor.

“Where do you get off talking to us like you did asshole?” Leslie questioned the nervous teen whose eyes continued to wander over to the redhead peering at him from the opposite side of the rows of shelves in the back area. She was slowly moving back towards him with a serene smile on her face.

“I-I’m very sorry.” Humbert apologized still shivering.

“And you should be shit bird. You-my friend are the weak and me and Leslie, well we are the strong. You don’t get to have a feel good moment with us. You “really” shouldn’t try to stand up to bullies Hum-Bert.” Red taunted him from behind the aisle peering down at him like an animal.

“This ain’t a fucking movie Hum-Bert …and you don’t get to have a happy ending douche.” Leslie added.

“Look I’m so sorry for uh, being out of line.” He stammered.

“And you should be nerd boy, because now you’re going to have to pay the piper.” Red tipped over a few more books that landed near the frightened teen.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want-I want you to get your bony ass up off the floor and try to act like a REAL MAN.” Red had made it back and stood less than a foot away watching her victim slowly gather himself and stand before her.

“Hey one question Hum-Bert.”


“Which one of us is prettier?” Leslie asked. He looked from one girl to the other unsure of how to answer. Red was the more attractive of the two face wise with an oval shape to her features, intense almost luminescent green eyes and full pouty lips. She had a small smattering of freckles across her cheeks and thin nose. Leslie had strong slightly masculine features with piercing hazel hues eyes, somewhat prominent nose and thin lips. For some reason, Humbert noticed Leslie’s strong eyebrows that looked almost penciled on and gave Leslie a predatory look all her own.

“Well, what’s your answer?” Leslie had her arms folded across her large chest as she waited for an answer.

“Uh, you’re both equally beautiful.”

He was immediately slapped hard by Red as Leslie shook her head with a grin.

“No, no, no …Now Humbert, you shouldn’t lie to us because everybody knows that Red is the prettiest girl on campus. Fuck, she’s the prettiest girl in town dinkleberry.”

“S-Sorry.” He apologized looking down at his feet. Red reached out causing the teen to flinch.

“Relax bitch. We’re just talking now.” She assured.

“Okay Melissa.” He realized his mistake just as the words left his mouth and received another devastating punch to his right eye. He doubled over cradling his eye with his hands. Red followed this action by launching another kick into the nerd’s temple sending him to the floor on his side.

“Don’t you ever say my name again you fucking piece of shit!!”

Humbert’s sobbing filled the empty, dark library echoing off the walls. Leslie and Red shot each other satisfied glances as they watched Humbert wallow in self-pity and shame.

“GET UP!!” Red snapped at her victim.

He managed to pull himself up to his feet.

“We’re going to ask you one more question before we punish you Hum-Bert.” Leslie laughed.

“You better not fucking lie to us this time shit bird.” Red warned.

“Uh, okay.”

He was shocked as both girls suddenly removed their shirts baring their breasts. His mind was doing flip flops as he stared first at Leslie’s luscious tits, slightly sun baked tan mountains topped with the afore mentioned puffy areolas and thick nipples. He didn’t know why this was happening to him as he looked over at Red’s small, cute alabaster tits jutting out perfectly from her chest topped with small dime sized pinkish areola and pert nipples.

Both girls were smiling from ear to ear at his confusion and apparent arousal as his khaki cargo pants were tented by his erection.

“Which one of us has the biggest tits?” Leslie asked.

“Uh, well… I uh can’t.” He fumbled for words as the sweat beaded up on his forehead.

“It’s not a trick question. Now answer the question bitch.” Red yelled, annoyed at his hesitation.


Leslie folded one of her arms across her massive chest and slapped the nerd hard across the face while Red laughed remaining bare chested.

“Pervert!” Red continued laughing as Leslie pulled her shirt back on.

“Okay dick weed…We want to see your cock.” Leslie ordered.

“Yeah, while we were waiting to kick your ass, my girl here bet me that you had a small little pinky sized dick.” Red remained bare chested seemingly non-pulsed by her topless state.

Humbert fumbled with the belt to pants slowly undoing the belt and sliding his khakis down with his boxers to reveal his slightly above average blessing. He didn’t want to risk angering the girls again.

“Well, well, well Hum-Bert. What a nice long cock you have there.” Red eyes widened at the sight of his semi-erect member.

“Pull those pants down further. As a matter of fact, take ‘em all the fucking way off.” She ordered.

He complied letting his pants slide to the floor and kicking them off to stand completely bottomless in front of the two girls.

“Looks like he likes you Leslie.” Red taunted her friend who looked seriously annoyed.

“You’re the one standing here with your tits out.”

“Yeah, but he’s been burning a hole in your chubby tits all day bitch.” Red countered.

“Fuck you Red.” Leslie actually looked disgusted and turned her head away from Humbert.

“Hey asshole, which one of us would you rather fuck?”

“Please.” He begged knowing that there probably was no right answer to this question.

“Which one of us would you rather fuck?!!”

“Leslie.” His head swung down towards the floor as he tensed up expecting a blow.

Leslie immediately responded by kicking him in the balls. Humbert screamed in pain sure that his testicles had been smashed to oblivion. Red whispered in her friend’s ear staring down at their victim. Both girls bumped fists and smiled to each other.

“On your feet.” She ordered.


“Get-the-FUCK-up…RIGHT NOW!!!” He managed to get to his feet with help from the doorway to the back room.

“Now, I want you to lean up against that wall and shut the fuck up Hum-Bert. If you make even one peep, we’ll spend the rest of the night taking turns kicking you in balls until they fall off and roll across the got-damn floor.” Red’s tone and intent were crystal clear.

Humbert complied leaning against the door frame causing his shriveled penis to jut outward towards the girls.

“You got five minutes bitch.” Leslie said looking at her watch.

Humbert was astonished to say the least as the redhead kneeled in front of him staring directly at his cock. He began to tremble again as she brought her face closer to his cock seemingly examining it.

Red suddenly took it into her mouth in one voracious gulp and began giving Humbert an extremely sloppy blow job…no hands using only her neck and hips to swivel about on his meat. Leslie stared at her watch and looked bored while her BFF was working over the lanky nerd’s cock with wild fervor and lustful hunger.

Saliva and precum began to run from her mouth in disgusting webs soiling her chest and dripping onto the floor. Humbert did his best to be silent but a few moans began to escape his lips.

“You are such a whore.” Leslie was definitely disgusted.

Humbert could feel himself getting ready to cum but he didn’t know if he should tell or signal Red somehow. She was really getting into the blowjob and had begun massaging his balls and lightly jerking his vein crossed cock with savage efficiency.

“One minute Red.” Leslie checked her watch again. He didn’t know why the brunette bombshell was calling time on his blowjob, but he knew it couldn’t be good news for him.

Red began violently jerking his cock and licking the fat mushroom head of his organ and his hips started to involuntarily respond humping into the girl’s plump, wet lips.

He was about to cum…

“Time!” Leslie yelled with a smile on her face as Red completely stopped blowing him and jumped to her feet directing her anger towards her friend.

“YOU CHEATED BITCH!!!” Red yelled at the top of her lungs and Humbert even thought that the women would come to blows.

“You know the rules cunt!! If you forfeit, that lovely car of yours is all mine!” Leslie waved her finger in front of her BFF’S freckled face.

The redhead turned her attention to Humbert, rage reading across her face as she began a slow boil. Red suddenly kicked off her boots and hooked her thumbs into her leggings drawing them down to reveal her perfect legs. She completely removed them kicking them over towards his own discarded pants. Now Red stood before him in what appeared to be an extremely small pair of black bikini panties that were so tight they appeared to be painted onto her body.

“Don’t say one word…Not one fucking word dickwad.”

Humbert watched in amazement as Red got down on all fours and turned her perfect tear drop shaped butt towards him. She casually reached back with one hand pulling her panties to the side.

“Fuck my ass nerd.” Red ordered.

Humbert didn’t know what to make of the situation as Leslie grinned and motioned for him to comply with Red’s order.

“GET THE FUCK OVER HERE!!” He jumped and ran to the kneeling woman looking down at the perfect heart shaped ass before him. He grasped her small waist but immediately took his hands away not knowing if she preferred to be taken in that manner. His hands briefly grasped her juicy, narrow buttocks.

“Squat down and stick the head of your cock inside my asshole. I’ll take it from there fucker.”

He pressed his cockhead against the cleft of her buoyant ass cheeks running his cock along the crevice for a few seconds and luxuriating in the soft, slightly sweaty pale skin. Red’s manicured and delicate fingers reached back drawing one of her cheeks apart exposing her brown eye. Humbert’s breathing intensified as he gingerly poked the very tip of his penis against the crinkly brown star.

He glanced towards Leslie noticing that her level of interest had changed considerably. He could see her massive chest heaving and her nostrils seemed to be flaring.

Red surprised him by slamming her butt backwards and taking his complete length in one urgent motion.

“FUUUCK!!” Red moaned as she began fucking herself on Humbert’s engorged cock, pulling herself slowly forward only to ram herself back as hard as she could. He watched her pale, white butt slide along the length of his cock and began to fidget a little wanting to grab her curvy hips and drive his prick into her asshole with all he had.

“How’s about a little help Hum-Bert?” Red wiggled her bubble butt on his cock for emphasis. She had this way of twerking at the hips that put pressure on his cock from just below the head of his penis in a massaging motion. He couldn’t help himself as he dug his fingers into the widest part of her fleshy hips and started ramming himself home as hard as he could.

“YEEEAHH!! That’s EXACTLY what the FUUUUCK I’m talking about HUUUM-BERT!!” Red encouraged as she continued pounding herself backward into his pelvis.

Leslie had begun sweating profusely and fondling one of her tits through the material of her t-shirt.

“Pull my hair HHUUUM-BERT!!” Red was in ecstasy as the nerd began bottoming out in her asshole in a herky jerky motion. He had all but forgotten the copious abuse heaped on him by these two cheerleaders as he grabbed a fistful of Red’s wild mane twisting it around his fist and pumping even harder.

“OOOHHH!!! OH FUCK!!! OOOOHH!!! FUUUCK ME YOU BITCH!!! WRECK MY TIGHT ASSHOLE WITH YOUR COCK!!! Red had started to orgasm and was beginning to violently shake and sob. Tears had begun to ruin her carefully applied mascara.

Leslie at this point was openly fingering herself in tandem to the debauched sight in front of her. One of her hands was on an exposed breast rolling the nipple and the horny girl had pulled up the front of her skirt, yanked her panties aside to rub her clit with abandon.

“OOOOH FUUUCK!!! I’M GONNA CUUUUM!! I’M GONNA CUM ON THIS NERD’S COCK!!!” Red had raised her upper torso up and was basically standing on her knees pounding herself into Humbert and shaking even more violently.

Leslie had shoved three fingers inside her shaved cunt and was finger banging herself in tandem with the fucking occurring in front of her. Her brown locks were matted to her head and drenched in sweat.

Red collapsed on her taunt, toned belly taking the lanky teen with her to the tiled floor. Humbert flopped around on top of the redhead driving his cock into her as hard as he could. He began trembling and jerking on top of this beautiful wild creature beneath him, his climax fast approaching.

“I’m gonna cum.” He half whispered into her ear, his speech slurred and drool running from his mouth onto her cheek.

“Cum motherfucker…Cum in my fuckin’ AAAASSSHHOOOLE!!!” The orgasm finally claimed the teen and she began vibrating and shaking like a woman possessed.

“FUUUCKK!!” Humbert began filling the redhead’s rectum to capacity with his semen, some of it spouting out of her juicy ass and blanketing her cheeks.

He sat back on his haunches and jerked the rest of his seed onto the delectable derriere of his former tormentor before collapsing into a sitting position on his naked ass.

Red was motionless on the floor face down in a pool of her own bodily fluids and intermingled sweat.

Humbert sat breathing heavily, his bruised features still smarting and his spent cock feeling like it had been put inside a blender. His chest was raw and he could barely move.


He looked over to find Leslie staring at him with a forlorn look in her eyes. Her fingers were still frantically working on her pussy as she looked to be on the verge of tears.

“Please help me, I can’t cum.” Leslie pleaded, her chest heaving as she continued rubbing on her clit.

“Wh-What do you want me to do?” He asked.

“Eat me.” Leslie breathed as she grabbed a handful of his hair driving his face into her exposed crotch. Humbert began to lap along the puffy shaved lips of her vagina sticking his tongue in after a few moments. Leslie tightened her grip on his head digging her nails into his scalp.

“UH-UH, LICK MY CLIT …HARDER!!” She cried as his movements began to affect the young woman. He began to use his tongue like a scoop dipping between her lower lips and rolling across her button.

“Fuck.” Leslie whispered and began humping her voluptuous hips against the nerd’s wet face. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him as he had worked his chin deeper into her crotch and started jerking his head from side to side causing more pressure to be placed on Leslie’s clit.

“OOoooh.” She whispered radically different from Red who had begun to stir on the floor. Red was like a wild animal screaming and thrashing about whereas Leslie seemed to always be holding something inside hidden away.

Leslie leaned back against the counter lovingly cradling the back of Humbert’s head with one hand and fondling her tit with the other. She squeezed her eyes shut as she rolled her engorged nipple.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s so fucking good. Lick my pussy clean fag.” Her lust filled words stung a bit, but he was determined to get the stacked cheerleader off.

“Suck that dirty pussy; lick me like you lick your mother you douche.” Leslie continued lost in euphoria. Humbert rankled at the insults attempting to draw his head away from the teen’s vagina.

“Now, now now pencil dick.” Leslie cautioned humping herself onto his tongue somewhat rougher. Red was laying on her stomach with a satisfied smile. Humbert chaffed at the insults, but went into survival mode and reached up cupping Leslie’s juicy black girl type ass; kneading her cheeks.

Leslie violently shoved him away with her foot sending the nerd tumbling.

“ASSHOLE!!! DON’T YOU EVER TOUCH ME!!!” Leslie shrieked at the top of lungs like a banshee. She appeared to be in a fit of disgust shaking and trembling, running her hands through her brown locks.

“I’M REALLY SORRY LESLIE!! I DIDN’T MEAN ANYTHING BY IT!!” He pleaded looking towards Red who was snapped out of her post orgasmic phase, her features returning to their normal angry countenance.

Leslie looked as if she would burst into tears at any moment. She seemed to have truly been disgusted by his touch. The tears began to slowly run down her cheeks mixed with her own mascara. Red had managed to get to her feet and cradled her BFF in her arms. The women talked in a whisper for a few moments before turning their attention to Humbert.

“I’m really sorry.” He half pleaded not knowing what to make of the developing situation.

“Hey it’s alright Hum-Bert. You just got caught up right?” Red grinned in his direction.


“I mean look at her [Motioning towards Leslie.]. Who wouldn’t want to fuck the hell out of all that right?” Leslie was still averting her eyes away from Humbert.


“Humbert…Do you want to fuck Leslie right now?” Red asked the floored teen.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea Red.” He attempted to take Leslie’s feelings into consideration.

Red responded by slapping him hard across the face.


He glanced over at Leslie and was shocked to see her stripping off her shirt and shimmying out of her mini skirt revealing a light blue pair of panties. Her tanned, toned thighs caused an instant rock-hard erection. She seemed to have a slightly bronzed tint to her complexion and appeared as a sculpted goddess… He was in awe of the woman before him.

“Are you gonna fuck me Hum-Bert?” she asked cupping her small hands under her breasts and continuously rolling her nipples.

“Well, I’d like to if you’d let me.”

“Well, uhm okay Humbert. But you’ll have to do it my way of course.” Leslie had stopped trembling and he could swear the beginnings of a smile were reading across her thin lips.

“You wouldn’t have a problem with that, would you boy?” Red chimed in with an inviting smile of her own.

“Uh, no I don’t think so.”

Both girls suddenly clapped and simultaneously yelled “Hoo-Ray!!” Humbert felt a twinge of apprehension really not knowing what he was getting himself into. Before he could consider it further, Red had wrapped her arms around him and began passionately kissing him and softly stroking his cock.

Before long the confused teen found himself spooning with Red in an intense exchange not knowing what would come next. He was determined to just get it over with and boiling over with conflicted emotion. These women had repeatedly assaulted him and Red had given her juicy ass to him.

He’d lost his virginity to one of the meanest bitches in Maplewood county and now, he was about to fuck one of the most unobtainable women in his high school.

How weird was that? Humbert thought as Red pressed her lovely lips onto his and worked her tongue into his mouth. She seemed to be insatiable when aroused and was pressing her hot body against his forcing him onto his back.

Leslie was suddenly hovering over him mere inches from his face, her slightly pendulous breasts just aching for his touch. She stared intently into his eyes with a look that was one part curiosity, two parts predator.

“You’re so pretty.” Leslie complimented him following her words up with an extremely light peck on the lips. He could feel Leslie’s fingers around his cock in tandem with her friend’s own skilled digits. He moaned and humped up into their hands desperately trying to get himself off.

“You’re a pretty little bitch.” Leslie casually taunted bringing her lips close to his and kissing her BFF at the last moment. Humbert watched as the two girls made out while softly stroking his cock enough to keep him on the verge of climax, denying him the chance to cum.

He could feel both girls’ breasts rubbing up against his own chest as they continued to make out over him. Red continued to stroke his penis while Leslie fondled his balls. Her finger occasionally drifted near his brown eye and he would squirm from the sensation.

He began to notice that one of the girl’s hands seemed to linger and press against his asshole.

“Hey, what are you doing down there?” Humbert began to feel threatened as he twitched involuntarily when he felt a finger push against his brown eye.

“Sssshhh baby, just chill the fuck out because you’re gonna love this.” Red cautioned with her trademark snarl. He began to move about none the less as Red and Leslie became a little more forceful in pinning him down.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?!!” He continued to panic when he felt the finger breach his asshole and twirl about.

“Oh so you’re going to make trouble again?” Red accused as she straddled his chest pinning him down under her nude body.

“Stop moving around douche!! He realized that Leslie was the culprit assaulting his back door feeling a second finger breach his ass. Leslie slowly began to move her fingers in and out of him with a rising cadence of activity.

“Humbert, you need to relax. Struggling is only gonna make it worse.” Red warned as he squawked at the sensation of a third finger in his anus.

“No …don’t do this!” He begged as the raw burning sensation in his ass increased exponentially. Red mashed her hand over his mouth and started violently working his cock over like she wanted to jerk it off.

“But you said we could. You agreed to this!”

“No!! I didn’t agree to this!” Humbert pleaded.

“Yes-you did Humbert. You “said” you would do it Leslie’s way and now you want to go back on your word.”

“I didn’t know she was going to mess with my butt Red.”

“You didn’t ask Hum-Bert.” She unexpectedly rose and stepped to the side allowing the teen to finally sit up. Leslie had already removed her fingers from his anus and was slowly rising as well.

Both girls just stared at him in silence, seemingly doing a slow burn.

“I didn’t know…I DIDN’T KNOW!!” He snatched up his pants but didn’t put them on. He just held them in front of him staring back at the cheerleaders.

“I didn’t know you were going to rape me either Hum-Bert.” Red folded her arms across her small bust, still naked as the day she was born.


“You locked yourself in here with us and forced us to strip, and then you fucked my ass raw as I-uh, begged for my life.” Red said casually.


“Yeah it did baby. You raped the fuck out of Melissa. I saw the way you took her like an animal!! You tore her asshole up with that “big cock” of yours shit stain!!” Leslie added to the emerging story.

“Why’d you rape me Humbert Jenkins of 2345 Oak Street?” Fear began to claim him as he realized that Red knew exactly where he lived. He began to hyper ventilate and tremble.

“You fucking pervert!! YOU RAPED MY BEST FRIEND!!” Leslie suddenly shouted jarring the teen even further.

“I’ll never be the same again Humbert Jenkins. What if somebody did that to your mother Hum-Bert …What if somebody fucked Laura Jenkins up her old, tired asshole?” Red laughed as the nerd dropped to his knees holding his head.

“You know Melissa’s dad is the sheriff of Maplewood Hum-Bert.” Leslie reminded him.

“My daddy loves me Humbert.”

“Please.” He whispered.

“My daddy worships the ground I walk on bitch. Daddy’s gonna flip when he finds out how you ASSAULTED me HUM-BERT.” Red taunted the shrinking nerd.

“Oh yeah, he’s probably gonna BLOW YOUR UGLY HEAD OFF with his twelve gauge.” Leslie laughed as tears ran down Humbert’s cheeks in torrents. He was defeated and he knew it.

“I watch that CSI show and I know that after I go to the hospital and get a rape kit done…Well, you’re so fucked when they get all that incriminating cum out of my gaped asshole. Know what I’m talking about Humbert? They call that shit, uhm DNA! Right Humbert?” Red dropped her hands from her chest and stood there looking down at her victim with her hands on her hips.

“You’re gonna wish that two hotties were pegging your corn hole when your cell mate’s BIG, BLACK COCK SHOOTS RIGHT UP YOUR ASSHOLE HUM-BERT!!” Leslie was really getting into the scenario.

Humbert fell forward on his hands sobbing openly as the girls stopped taunting him and watched amused as he cried his eyes out.

“Please, forgive me…Forgive me for going back on my word and breaking my promise.”

The two cheerleaders stood there taking it all in as their victim sobbed at their feet.

“Hey, hey bitch… [He looks up at Red.] It ain’t the end of the world.”


“Yeah baby, you can keep your promise and then, well this all goes away Humbert.” Red assured him.

“Yeah, it’s not even gonna hurt that much either.” Leslie tried to sound positive.

“Really?” His words were slightly slurred from sniffling and crying.

“Yeah. We’re going to be real gentle and treat you like a little princess Humbert.”

Leslie had her purse on the counter and was removing what appeared to be some sort of leather harness that she began strapping around her waist and between her legs. Humbert began shaking in fear and loudly half breathing, half hiccupping. Red lightly ran her fingers through his hair silently getting off on the fear coursing through Humbert’s body.

“Hey calm down little guy, I’m going to be here every step of the way.”

“Really, you will?” He looked up into her pretty face finding a look of compassion and empathy.

Red directed his attention over to Leslie who was at that moment pulling a long banana shaped dildo from her purse. The stacked hottie actually held it up modeling it before the nerd’s wide saucer shaped eyes.

“See, it’s not that bad Humbert. You only have to take it until she gets off and trust me, it ‘ll probably be less than five minutes.”

“H-How’s she supposed to get off from sticking that “thing” up my butt?” Both girls looked at each other and smiled at his question.

“You see that belt thingie around Leslie’s fat hips?”


“Well in the crotch of that harness is a fitted piece of plastic that rubs up against her clit while she’s fucking someone with it and trust me when I say this Humbert…she’ll have one mind-fucking-orgasm while she’s pegging your tight hole.”

He flinched at the last part of that sentence as he watched Leslie attach the dildo to the crotch of the harness by screwing it into place. She began kneading her large breasts and staring in his direction with a toothsome grin.

“I-I think it’s gonna hurt.” He was starting to get visibly nervous as the brunette approached him.

“You’re not backing out are you?” The tender inflection in Red’s voice started to change a bit.

“Nuh-no…I just think it’s gonna hurt. A lot.” He was trembling again.

“Now why don’t you just let me worry about that Humbert. Turn around on your hands and knees.” He complied slowly turning his back and hairy ass towards Leslie. He was shocked when he suddenly found the dildo staring him in the face and looked up at an expectant Leslie.

“I forgot to bring some lube. Could you help me out with this?” Inwardly he was pissed that this cunt actually wanted him to suck the dildo she was going to shove up his ass, but at this point he was just in survival mode. He began sucking on the first five inches of the dildo for a few moments. Leslie grabbed the back of his head and shoved the rest of it into his throat.

“Yeeah bitch, suck my dick…Gag on that cock.” She actually sounded like she was getting off on humiliating him. He peered out the corner of his eye to see Red surveying the scene with this incredulous look on her face.

“Don’t look at me bitch, look up at her. You look into her fucking eyes when you suck her cock Hum-Bert.” He hated the way the two girls intentionally mispronounced his name. He looked up at Leslie who had begun roughly humping his mouth.

Red had begun to pull her leggings on and was checking her phone. She snapped a few pictures with her phone when he wasn’t looking. Leslie had begun to gag him and saliva was freely running from his mouth in disgusting webs as choking sounds erupted from his throat. A couple of times she pinched his nose forcing him to open his mouth wider.

“You’re a natural cocksucker Humbert. You could give lessons.” Leslie complimented as she pulled the soaked toy from his mouth. His jaw was actually sore from sucking on the sex toy. He was extremely nervous as the stacked brunette got behind him and he felt her hands on his hips.

“Hey, hey baby boy. Don’t worry cause Red’s gonna take care of you.” The redhead planted a light kiss on his forehead.

“You-said it’s not really gonna hurt that much, right?” He asked again just needing to hear the lie once more. Red reached out and cupped his cheeks in her small hands as he felt Leslie fingers pulling his ass cheeks wide apart with greedy fingers.

“I lied.” She said with a quick smile.

There was an audible “pop” as the toy pierced his O Ring.

Humbert screamed at the top of his lungs as the dildo was shoved violently into his rectum with as much force as the cheerleader could manage.

“AAAAHHHHH!!! GET THAT FUCKING THING OUT OF MY ASS!!!” But the brunette would not be swayed as she wildly slammed herself into the lanky teen. Red marveled at the apparent joy of Leslie as she happily watched her friend fuck the dog shit out of the teen.

“FUCK YEAH!!!” Leslie dug her well-manicured nails into the flesh of his waist and steadied herself as she began pounding his ass with strong measured strokes. The plastic nub on her end of the toy was nudged violently into her own clit and she began to fill an orgasm slowly start to build.

“IT FUCKING HURTS SOOO BAAD!!!” He tried to buck the thick teen off, but she positioned herself over him locking herself into place with her muscular thighs.

The scene was starting to get to Red as drool started to run down her lips. She rubbed her cunt through her leggings as Leslie took Humbert froggy style. His cries escalated alarming the redhead out of her stupor and she quickly grasped his wrists looking directly in his tear filled eyes.

A beautiful young woman asked me to write her an erotic professor / student story. My effort to grant her request is below. (She loved it.)


I was in my office at the university getting ready for the next day’s classes when there was a knock at my door. I answered it and you were standing there. I wasn’t sure why you were visiting, regardless, I was glad to see you; you are one of my favorite students (if not my very favorite). I suspected that your coming to my office had something to do with the fact that you had failed the last exam.

I also suspected that I was attracted to you because you tended to wear short skirts to class and always sat in the front row. The view was very distracting, but I was sure that, in your innocence, you were not conscious of the effect you had on me.

“Amy, come in. What do I owe this pleasant visit to?”

You entered shut the door and, although I didn’t notice at the time, you quietly locked it behind you. Then you looked at me, smiled that smile that literally drove me crazy, and said, “Professor, I had a bit of a problem and wasn’t able to study for the last exam. My grade is not what I hoped it would be, in fact, I might not be able to graduate if I can’t improve on it.”

The way you looked at me as you were sharing your problem sent shivers down my back. However, still under control, I responded, “And just what do you expect me to do about that, Young Lady?”

“Well … Professor … I thought … an extra credit assignment to make up for the points I lost would help me get the grade I need.”

“Sweetheart, I’m sure you are well aware that I don’t give extra credit points, or assignments for that matter.”

At this point you moved very close to me, your breasts almost touching my belly, your face looking up at me, and that smile … God … that smile. … “Professor, I’m sure you could at least change my grade, I’m more than willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.”

Maintaining my composure, I said, “And just what did you have in mind, Young Lady?”

“Professor, don’t play so innocent with me. I’ve seen the way you look at me in class. Do you think I’ve been wearing those short skirts for nothing? … I was sure that the impact I was having on you would come in handy one day. It seems to me today is the perfect time. You don’t have any other plans do you?”

I didn’t … I thought, Well … if you are going to throw yourself at me like this, I am going to take full advantage of you.

I took a moment to clear everything off the top of my large oak desk. I loved this desk, willed to me by a favorite aunt, it was big enough to sleep on, it was the largest desk I’d ever seen.

Then, I reached into my top desk drawer and pulled out a blindfold that I used when I wanted to meditate during the day.

I looked at you and said, “Baby … sit down in that chair behind you.”

You hesitated … probably wondering what I was about.

“Do you want an A on the exam?” I said in a challenging voice.

“Yes, Sir,” you answered with a bit of sarcasm in your voice.

I ignored the sarcasm, knowing full well that soon I would have you under my complete control. “Then don’t hesitate when I give you a command. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl, now once again, sit down in that chair behind you.”

No hesitation this time, you quickly took a seat. I walked around from behind my desk and put the blindfold on you.

“Professor, what are you doing?”

“Baby … if you’re going to continue questioning my actions, we’re going to have a problem, …. I’ll ask you one more time. …

Then, in a very commanding voice, ‘Do you want an A on the exam?”

“Yes, Sir,” you answered meekly.

From the tone of your voice, I knew you had come to the full realization that you were going to have to let go; do, without question. whatever I asked of you.

“Then do what I ask of you without questioning me. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry for questioning you, Professor.”

“Now, that’s being a good girl. I’m going to be gone for a few minutes, you will sit here quietly waiting patiently for me to return, and you will not remove that blindfold. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir. I will be right here, waiting patiently for your return and I will not remove the blindfold.”

“Good girl. I’m delighted that you learn so quickly,” and I kissed you softly on the lips.

I left the room and went to my car. I always carried some rope in the trunk. Getting it, I brought the rope back to my office. I wasn’t sure what I’d find when I returned: Had you left or taken off the blindfold? If you haven’t followed my instructions, I would have to punish you severely.

No problem, you were there, sitting in the chair, patiently waiting, the blindfold still in place.

I walked over to you, grabbed your arm and as I stood you to your feet, I said, “Baby, you’re being a very good girl. But I think this office a bit warm and that you’d be much more comfortable if we took off your blouse. I’m sure that’s fine with you, … isn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir, whatever you think is best, is fine with me.”

I unbuttoned your blouse, excited finally to be able to see those beautiful breasts incased in a bra that I knew I would love. … And, I wasn’t disappointed, the bra was almost transparent, no seams on the top, just silky see through fabric. I reached out and touched each breast, playing with your nipples through the fabic of the bra … I was finding it harder and harder to control myself.

After a few delicious moments with your breasts, I commanded you to, “Raise your hands and arms above your head, clasping your hands together.”

You did this quickly, not wanting to make me unhappy.

As soon as they were in the position I wanted, I quickly tied them together with one end of the rope, then I dragged you backward, keeping you slightly off balance to my desk.

With your ass against the desk I kept pulling you forcing you to lay back against the surface of the desk. Then I pulled you the rest of the way until you were entirely on the desk. Then I secured the rope and cut it off so I would have the rest of it to firmly secure your legs.

I took a step back and surveyed what I had accomplished so far. As I looked at you stretched out on top of my desk, I was even more taken by your beauty. a beauty that now had more than a touch of the erotic. Your arms and hands were bound and stretched above your head. Your breasts in that beautiful bra were pulled up tight and I could see your nipples hard and protruding against the silky fabric.

Your skirt was almost perfectly laid out smoothly covering your thighs to about two inches above your knees. … It was tempting to explore what lay beneath; but that would have to wait a bit longer. … You weren’t wearing any stockings, but your legs were smooth as silk. On your feet were a cute pair of sandals.

I walked over to you and began massaging your breasts through your bra. I bent down and kissed you on the forehead, the tip of the nose, and then your lips. Your mouth opened as your tongue searched for mine. But I pulled away … “Not yet baby, don’t be naughty, I haven’t given you permission yet to explore my mouth.”

You sighed and said, “Yes Professor, you know best.”

“That’s a good girl …” then I kissed your neck and your ear, all the time massaging your breast. I whispered, “Baby, I can see that you want me to have my way with you. … tell me what’s in your heart Baby … tell me, ‘Professor, I want you to have your way with me.’ Tell me baby, I know that’s what’s in your heart. Voice it Baby, voice it now.”

“Professor … I want you … to have your … way with me. Please, have your way with me, I am yours, do what you will with me.”

Yes, baby … I will have my way with you. But I think you really want me to fuck you, baby.” I whispered into your ear, blowing my warm breath to enter your ear as my words did … You moaned.

“Yes, professor, I want you, I need you to fuck me. Please Professor, every day in your class, as I watch you lecture, I fantasize all the different ways you would fuck me. Please Professor, please fuck me.”

“All in good time Baby … but, you must get your panties very wet before I will fuck you … do you think you can do that baby, get your panties very wet.”

“I will do my best, Professor.”

“I know you will … Then I kissed you softly on the mouth, gave your breast a squeeze and got back to work.

“Baby, I think it’s time for you to lose this cute skirt. I love it … I love seeing you in all those cute skirts. And now that I know that you’ve been wearing them just for me. … I trust you will continue wearing them for the rest of the semester.”

“Yes, Sir, I promise. I will wear a skirt to every one of your classes and I will always sit in the front row. Will that make you happy Professor?”

“Yes my sweet Amy, that will make me very happy.”

I stood at the foot of the desk, your beautiful body stretched out before me. I could see part way up your skirt. I reached out and massaged your thighs, my hands moving under your skirt, relishing the glimpse I got of your panties. then I moved down to your calves massaging them, tenderly, lovingly.

Next, I removed your sandals, massaged your feet, sucking on each of your toes.

Finally, i reached up and pulled off your skirt, tossing it aside. Under your skirt was the panties that I had so much enjoyed getting a glimpse of. I was delighted to see that they matched your bra; were made of the same silky fabric.

I could see the outline of your pussy through them. How I wanted to rip them off and bury my head between your legs feasting on your sweet pussy juices … but, that, too, would have to wait. I didn’t want to take your panties off not until they were soaking wet … I saw a bit of dampness, but they still had a long way to go before I’d be satisfied.

Them I took a section of the rope and looped it around your knee, pulled it tight, forcing your leg wide open and secured the other end of the rope to a leg of the desk. Then I moved around to the other side and, using another section of the rope, I repeated the process.

Once again, I stood back and observed my handy work.

There you were lying before me, legs spread wide, your silky panties showing the full outline of your sweet pussy, your breasts pulled high with your arms stretched above your head. You were fully secured; you were completely under my control. I could use you in any way I wanted.

I said, “I think you like being tied up. … Tell me baby, do you like being tied up? Do you like being completely in my control, where I can do anything I want with you?”

“Yes, Sir, I am finding this very exciting, please use me in any way you want. Please Professor, I know now that this body of mine is yours to use as you see fit. My breasts are yours Professor, … my lips and my mouth are yours, … my pussy and my ass are yours … please Professor use them, they are yours to do with as you wish.”

“Well, baby … our first objective is to get those panties a lot wetter than they are. Maybe I can help you out.”

I quickly stripped naked and then climbed up on the desk and straddled you. I had a pair scissors with me and as I rested my cock on your belly, I said, “Well, if I’m going to tit fuck those gorgeous breasts, that bra is going to have to go. I reached down and cut the bra off of you, and then tossed it aside.

Then I reached into the top drawer of my desk and pulled out a bottle of almond oil (my favorite oil for masturbating), and poured a generous amount on your breasts, then I massaged them, loving the feel of the oil on your skin, spreading the oil around until your breasts were covered in it.

As an added measure, I put some more oil on my cock and then I began to tit fuck you … God … it felt so good. “Baby, I wish you could see how erotic it looks with my cock sliding in and out, between your breasts … I know you’d love to see it … but, baby you’re being punished for being a naughty girl … and you have to wear the blindfold until I take it off.”

Your breath was coming faster; little sounds were escaping from your throat. You were getting more and more excited … you wanted more … but, I wanted to take it nice and easy, enjoy these precious moments playing with your body.

“My Sweet Amy, I think you want me to fuck your mouth, … Don’t you baby? Tell me how much you want my cock in your mouth baby … tell me you want me to throat fuck you baby.”

You moaned and then said, “Professor, Sir … please fuck my mouth, I want your cock in my mouth and as far down my throat as I can handle it. Please fuck my mouth, Professor!”

I moved up and put my cock in your mouth. You devoured it, like a hungry woman who hadn’t eaten for days. I began to fuck your mouth, you gagged, but begged me to try again. You wanted to take my entire cock into your mouth, you wanted to claim ownership of my cock and believed that you would accomplish that once you were able to take it all into your mouth and down your throat. For ten minutes you tried.

Then I said, “Relax baby, you’re trying too hard … listen to your professor … if you relax it will slip right down. I felt you relax and pushed my cock in … and just like that, my cock slipped all the way down until your lips were tight against my body. God, i could feel your throat hugging my cock, it felt just like a cunt. I pulled it out and you took a breath, then i pushed it back in again and began fucking you.

Your eyes were rolled back in your head as you experienced my cock sliding in and out of your mouth and throat. It seemed you were in heaven … delighting in being able to pleasure me in this way.

I was so close to cumming, but it wasn’t time yet. I pulled out, bent down and whispered, “You’re a very good girl … you learn so quickly … here’s your reward.” And, I kissed you passionately allowing our tongues to play with each other and to explore each other’s mouths. It seemed the kiss lasted for an eternity … neither of us wanting it to end.

I reached down and felt your pussy … Oh yes, your panties were very, very wet. I jumped off the table and quickly cut them off of you, tossing them aside. And then, I buried my face between your legs and devoured your pussy. Alternately licking your clit and tongue fucking you. Then I put a couple of fingers up inside of you and started playing with your sweet spot, while increasing the mouth and tongue action.

You began to move your hips in rhythm to my probing and licking. Your moans got louder and then you screamed, “Don’t stop professor I’m so close to cumming … I am cumming, Oh God … I’m cuuuuummmming.” And you screamed, “Yes, yes, yes yeeeesss!” And you collapsed against the top of my desk like a wet wash rag in a shower.

I backed off a bit, but I wasn’t through with you yet. I pulled my fingers out of your cunt, saying, “I’ve got your pussy juices all over my fingers, do you want to suck your juices off my fingers baby?”

“Yes, Sir.” You moaned. And you took my fingers into your mouth and licked them clean.

When you finished, I kissed you once again and then returned to your pussy, licking and kissing it lovingly, determined to take advantage of your heighten sensitivity and bring you to another climax before I fucked you.

It didn’t take long and your screams and crying out were even louder and more passionate than the first time.

I took my mouth from your pussy and moved up to kiss you full on the lips, excited that we would taste your pussy juices and our mouth juices all intermingled together. …Again the kiss was extremely passionate, it seemed to go on forever as we were both lost in the moment.

Then my cock found its way into your sweet pussy and I began to move it slowly in and out.

“Is this what you wanted Sweet Amy … my cock moving in and out of your cunt in perfect harmony with our beating hearts?”

“Oh God yes professor … God … it feels so goooood! Oh so goooood.”

I began to pick up speed, moving in and out faster and faster, pounding my body against yours, going as deep as possible with each thrust. … I felt your cunt tighten around my cock and I knew that you were about to come again.

Again, I heard the same words, the same cries, the same screams. “Don’t stop Professor, please don’t stop … I’m cumming … I’m cumming, Oh God … I’m cuuuuummmming.” And you screamed, “Yes, yes, yes yeeeesss!” And, once again, you collapsed against the top of my desk.

I collapsed on top of you, wanting to feel your skin on my skin, your breasts against my chest, your breath on my neck. My cock was still deep inside of you, still rock hard, easily ready for another fantastic fucking.

I didn’t want this moment to end, but after a while I took off your blindfold and untied you and then we hugged and cuddled on top of the desk. Soon, you began stroking my cock as we laid there and, it became as hard as a rock once more; standing up straight and proud.

“Baby,” I said, “I want you to ride me. I want to see your face as you fuck me. I want to watch your breasts as they move up and down in rhythm with your up and down movement on my cock. I want to feel my cock sliding in and out of you as you take control while I lay here and experience your passion.”

“Yes Sir, I promise I will fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.” And you climbed on me and put my cock in you and began to ride me as I had never been ridden before.

I felt myself beginning to lose control and I knew that I would cum very soon. But, I willed myself to wait, I could sense that you were going to come again … and then I felt the tightening of your cunt, a sure sign that another climax was on its way.

“Professer … Professor … I’m so close … so close …”

“Cum for me baby I screamed … cum now … baby, I’m cumming … cum now …”

And then, we screamed together … as one person … “YES, YES , yeeeeessss … Oh God … Yess!” And, my juices squirted inside of you as you collapsed on top of me, our mouths finding each other with a long, wet kiss that made all the previous ones look like foreplay.

We laid like that for awhile and then I looked over at the clock. “Baby, it’s been three hours since I started tying you up. … I think it’s time we called it a night.”

“Okay, Professor … but, Professor … can we please do this again. I want to do this again with you, please Professor … please tie me up again and have your way with me. Please promise that we can do this again, and again, and again.”

“Okay baby, you be a good girl and don’t screw up any more exams and I will reward you like this for every A you earn all by yourself. Do you understand my Sweet Amy.”

“Yes, Professor, I understand and I will be the very best student you ever had … and then you will have your way with me again and again and again.”

We got dressed, I walked you to your car … we kissed one more time, deeply, with passion, we hugged very tightly, and then I watched you drive off into the night. But, I knew you’d be back … I knew you were now addicted to me and what I could do to and for you.

Then, I thought … There’s only one problem … I’m addicted to her, too. I can no more live without her, than I believe that she could live without me. … It looks like we will be seeing quite a bit of each other.

This is a prequel to the Heather and Tom series. This is about the meeting of these two lovers. If you like this please look for the other two in this series. The fourth one is coming soon. So without further ado.

Decency Broken (First meeting of Heather and Tom)


The car trip to the beach’s camping site was long and tedious. This long boring drive has had nothing to really keep Heather’s mind from drifting. Sure occasionally there had been some chat with her sister Julie, but that has long since died off. So with nothing but the drone of the car tires on the road to entertain her mind is started to drift and migrate to her favorite subject…sex. It never takes much to get her mind going in that direction anymore. Right now she kept thinking about the last encounter with her off and on again friend/fuck buddy Randy.

This guy really was just not good for her and would never lead anywhere, especially since he already had a girlfriend. She never meant for this to start in the first place, but they started talking, then kissing, then things just kind of happened and then neither wanted to stop. The last year with him has been very fun and needed. She has had so much going on in her life for the last year that she really just needed the distraction he provided. It also got her to let her hair down and relax a bit about sex.

She looked in the glass of the window looking at her reflection wondering why she was still single. She knew that the problem with finding someone was not her appearance. She works out regularly, eats healthy, takes good care of herself, and can still turn the heads of the guys when she tries. The issue has been time. Just not enough time actually start a relationship. Then again, she thought, perhaps it was her that always pushed men away. Despite her relationship with Randy, she was still innocent in so many ways. She loved sex sure, but she was still timid and shy about it. She has had a very limited number of lovers. Whenever a guy moved too fast she just asked for things to slow down and then the guy would disappear and the guys always seemed to move to fast.

She had no idea what happened with Randy. From the start she just felt this sexual attraction to him; this spark. She was sure he felt it too, because what that spark would turn into when they were together was just amazing. This was just a distraction though, a passing fancy. So when life slowed down she started looking for someone else; something like a real relationship. Then the dating thing was not going well and Randy was available to fulfill her need, so she had kept him available. For him it was nothing but sex, and she kept telling herself that was all it was with her too and it would stop as soon as she found someone serious, but she knew the truth. She knew that she secretly wanted him to break up with his very long time girlfriend and never really tried too hard to find someone. Sure, they never were together often and when they were together it was always short like in the car or when his girlfriend was not there, but it was still hot and made her feel alive.

Then he started to act like a dick and just pleased himself and leave her wanting, then he would come around less and less. It had already occurred to her that perhaps the reason why she could not find someone else is because he is still around. So it seemed like a good time to stop seeing him and tried to concentrate of finding someone new. Then, of course, all prospects dried up and she got busy again. So recently her only release of her overly active sex drive has been her toys that she always keeps close at hand. They get the job done, but even that has gotten boring.

Watching the scenery flash by she started reminiscing about the last time she had met with Randy. She had met him in a parking lot and they masturbated each other and ended with him shooting his cum on her bare pussy. She remembered then having to masturbate on her own later that day and could still feel, smell, and taste him on her pussy. Remembering all of this she had to wiggle and cross and uncross her legs a bit more than usual in that car seat. Just trying to scratch that itch forming between her thighs. Unfortunately with Julie here she has to show at least some restraint and not touch herself now. Maybe she could run off somewhere private later.

The car starts to pull into the camp office so that she and her sister can check in to their campsite. “Finally here!” Heather said. The car just barely stops and Heather quickly jumps out of the car needing to get out and walk to get the kinks out of her legs. She starts up the stairs and sees someone opens the door and starts down the stairs looking more at his camp map than where he was going. Heather turns to her side to let him go by.

At the last second he looks up notices her and tries to turn sideways as well. “Oops, excuse me. Should have been looking where I was going,” he says as tries to stop. These narrow stairs are not real wide and Heather’s large breasts brush against his arm as he walks by. Her eyes watching him as he smiles a bit looking down at her cleavage that she has showing. Her excited nipples tingle with just the slight contact.

“It’s OK. Tight stairs,” she says as he walks by in a slightly elevated voice. He turns at the bottom of the stairs and take in the rest of her. He must of felt the contact too and there was no way for him to miss the flush of her cheeks as they brushed. Heather turns and gives him a nice view of her tight ass and firm legs. She knows he is still watching her so she puts a little extra into her walk swaying her hips to make sure to keep his eyes on her. She turns as she pulls the door open and can see him still watching, smiling in her direction. She enters the office and he turns to go. Just the brief encounter was enough to get her wet again. Who ever that guy was she is going to have to keep a watch out for him. He was pretty good looking himself and she loved the feeling of having him watch her. She really hopes that he is camping close to their camp.

She turns and starts to talk to the clerk and getting the campsite. “Do you have any spot in particular in mind?” she is asked by the women behind the desk.

Heather bites her lip and looks out the door, but can no longer see him. Maybe it would not hurt to see what is around him. “The man who just came in said that he got a real good spot. Is there anything around that?” She asks. She feels rather pathetic and desperate. She knows that nothing would ever happen, but still cannot help asking just in case.

“Yes, we have a few spots open right across from his and his friends spots. Would you like one of those?” the attendant said with a slight knowing smile.

Blushing slightly, she did not even think when she said yes. She paid, was handed the camp map and directed where to go. Julie was out walking around the car as well. “Did you get a good spot?” she asked. “I sure hope so. Looks promising so far,” she says smiling. They get back in the car and head to the site they were given.

“Did you see that guy coming out of the store Heather? He was totally eyeing you. Wouldn’t it be funny if we were near him?” Julie laughed as they got in the car to go to the campsite.

Heather laughed a little but did not comment and Julie missed her guilty flush of her cheeks.

The campsite actually did turn out to be a nice one. Plenty big enough for their tent, away from the campers and their families, and really had no one else around. The two got out of the car and started to unpack the car. Heather looked around, and saw him walking around getting his site setup. He was a bit away from her and there was an empty site between the two of them. It looks like there was only one other guy there; who Heather though, was not to bad looking either.

“Hey Heather, did you see who our neighbors were?” Julie mentioned as they got everything out of the car.

Again flushing a little bit she answers, “Yeah I did. Looks like the attendant just gave us the next campsite on her list,” Heather lied. “Maybe we should go over and introduce ourselves?”

“Look at the time Heather? If we go over their and you start your flirting it will be dark by the time we get back around to setting up this camp.” Julie said handing her the drop cloth. “Besides, we are here all weekend and from the amount of stuff they have taken out of their truck they are going to be here for a while too. So get to work before you go and start your flirting.”

Heather put on a little frown but Julie was right. There was plenty of time after they got setup. When they were half way through Heather saw them leave in their truck. “Oh well,” she thought. “Maybe later then.”

The camp was finished and it was time to get a fire started. Heather took off walking to the camp store to go and get some wood before they closed. As she got to the store she sees him putting some wood in the back of his truck. He must have noticed her first because he was already walking over to Heather. “Well small world neighbor. First we meet here, then I see you camping right next to us and now we meet again in the store. If I did not know better I would say you are following me.” He says as he sets down his wood.

She laughs feeling the color rising in her cheeks at the truth of his statement. “Well may be not following you. Just random happenstance I would say,” she says.

Finding her blush just add more to her looks, he smiles again. She cannot help but notice his eyes dropping to her cleavage again. “Well perhaps it is. My name is Tom. My friend, right over there is Kevin. We are here just for the weekend from Raleigh,” Tom says. “Are you here for the weekend as well?”

He is taller then she was, grey/blue eyes, a face that seems to well accustomed to smiles, short hair and a thin but athletic build. “It must be just coincidence or fate. My sister and I are also here for the weekend and also just drove from the Raleigh area. My name is Heather,” she says smiling. She can feel an attraction here, and her hopes are definitely lifted knowing that he is close by. She looks at his hands and don’t see any ring. Another good sign she thinks. Maybe they could get a chance to know each other a little this weekend and then continue this back in Raleigh. “I just came by the camp store to get some wood before they closed,” Heather told him.

“Looks like you were going to carry it back. We just got back and wanted to also stop in before the store closed. Why don’t we just put the wood in our truck and have us drop it off for you. This way it would give me another excuse to stop in and say hi,” Tom suggested.

Heather smiles. How could she say no to that, “I would like that. Will save me a long trek back. Thanks a lot Tom.” The two of them walk back into the store and she then pays for the wood.

“Heather, why don’t you head back. We have to finish up hear and I will just grab your wood on the way out.” says Tom

“Thanks Tom. I will see you in a few then.” Heather waves good-bye and then leaves the store excited by the prospect of seeing him later.

Heather went back and told Julie that he was coming over. “So does this mean I need to sleep in the car tonight or am I sleeping alone tonight?” she asks trying to get a rise out of Heather.

Heather laughs knowing that she would never go that far. “Never know, but I would say that I am sleeping in our tent tonight with you.”

“Well just remember that Heather. I am going to go for a quick walk around Heather. I will leave you to meet with him and get our wood.” Julie then left and Heather sat at the picnic table and started to read while waiting for Tom. She saw Tom and his friend come back to their camp and then a few minutes later Tom did indeed come over and drops off the firewood.

“Hello again Heather. Here is your wood.” He sets the large bundle by the fire pit. “This is a nice camp. Have you ever been here before?” The conversation then starts to build and Heather is pleased by how friendly and easy the conversation seems to come. Unfortunately it only lasts for a few minutes.

“Well I hate to run off on you so soon Heather, but I need to get back and help Kevin with a fire. I told him that I was not going to come over for very long. I was thinking of going for a walk later. Care to come with?”

She smiles. “Sure Tom. That sounds nice,” Heather answers him trying not to notice him staring at her. She knew what was bothering her about the stare; it was not the staring so much as the look…almost like a predator eyeing prey. To make matters worse, it was turning her on and she was doing an awful job of hiding it.

Tom just smiled, “Well then later it is. Till then Heather.” Then he got up and walked a way.

In a way she was glad it was a short conversation and that he left. She did not know how long it would be before Julie came back, but there should be time to relieve some of this pressure. God it was not like she was not already horny, but now with Tom eyeing her like he is going to just consume her, she really needed to bring things back in check before the walk and this could be the only time.

She climbs into the tent, brings out her favorite vibrator and pulls down her pants and panties. She touches herself with her hand and knew that she was excited, but the wetness did surprise her some. She turned on the vibrator and applied it directly to her clit not wasting any time. It was but a few minutes of circling her clit with her toy that the climax came and trying to be quite she screamed into her pillow to help muffle the sound. That was fast Heather thought, and sadly it just made her want sex even more. Well maybe she can sneak off again later. She put her toy away, pulled up her pants and then climbed out of the tent just as Julie came back.

Heather had a good evening with her sister and between having to cook, get a fire going, and then getting caught up in a conversation with her sister, she was surprised that it was so late before she resigned herself that Tom was not coming back. She could see him and his friend talking and drinking beer and really was tempted to go ad talk with him, but felt really guilty about abandoning her sister. This was supposed to be a camping trip just for the two of them. “Still,” she kept telling herself. “There was plenty of time to meet with Tom for that walk. Of course if he does not come by then he was not all that interested anyway.”

So that night she had a restless night sleep. No, it was not dreams about Tom, but she was just uncomfortable. This was the one part about camping that annoyed her. Sleeping on that damn inflatable mattress. It was always comfortable enough to get some sleep on, but not enough to sleep well. Finally giving up getting anymore sleep, Heather was up just before sunrise and got dressed and then left the tent. Julie could always sleep well anywhere. Heather told herself that she was going to give Julie a couple of more hours before she would go in and wake her; using cold water if need be.

Heather was out of the tent for about 15 minutes before she saw Tom walking towards their camp. She started to get little flutters but remained sitting and just waved to him.

Tom walks into her camp and does not bother sitting down. “Good morning Heather. Where is your sister, still asleep?”

She laughs, “And will be till I drag her butt out of the tent. I can never sleep as well as she does on those mattresses.” She moves her book from the seat next to her, tucks her hair behind her ear, and offers him a seat.

Tom just shakes his head. “Actually I was going for an early morning walk and stopped by to see if you would care to join me?”

She thinks that this is as good as time as any. “Sure let me just leave a quick note for Julie incase she wakes,” She answers him. She goes in the tent and writes a note to her Julie who is still asleep and then runs a quick brush through her hair, pulls it back in a ponytail, and gets up and leave the tent. “All set Tom. Anywhere in mind?” she asks as they leave the camp.

“In fact I do. There is a quite trail that heads to the beach. It’s only a couple of miles long. Figured I would walk it this morning if that is not to far?” he answers with a smile.

She thinks she might hear something in his voice but cannot identify it. “No that sounds fine. I probably still have a few hours before my sis wakes. If she is not up by the time I get back it would be a good excuse for me to wake her. Besides it looks like a great morning,” she answers him as the two of them walk through past other campsites.

They almost make it to the last camp site when a noise hits her ears. It is faint, but the rhythm cannot be denied. It was coming from the last campsite they have to walk past. At that camp sight there is a small tent and that is where the sound was coming from. Heather could feel her face start to turn red. Well maybe if they stay quiet and we go by it quickly it won’t be so bad. As they get close the noises suddenly get louder and the panting and moaning of the man and women within can be heard clear.

To Heather’s surprise it is Tom that makes the first comment, “Wow. Sounds like someone is having a good morning doesn’t it?”

Heather blushes again. “Yes is does. I wonder if they know that we can hear them?” Heather asked. She could not believe this was happening! Her cheeks were just flaming.

“Well they must know that they cannot hide anything in the tent.” Tom answers just as the entire tent start to wiggle. The sounds keep getting louder and the woman not doing anything to mask or hold back the sounds. It was a few seconds before Heather realized they had stopped walking and she was now staring at the moving tent.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck… God it feels so good… faster please I am almost there,” said a woman’s voice from the tent. It was not that loud. And probably would never have been heard if there were walls, but with just the nylon canvas of the tent it was totally clear now.

Heather could feel her getting wet. She kept staring at the tent like she was watching them even though nothing could be seen except for the moving tent. She was straining not to touch herself being painfully aware that Tom was standing right next to her.

Suddenly a loud deep groan is heard and then a pleading voice. “Don’t stop keep going, keep going…almost there.” Heather finally turned her head and looked at Tom for just a glance and saw him staring not at the tent but at her. She could not take this. She turned and started to walk away and heard Tom follow her. They had not taken more then a few steps before the women’s orgasmic scream could be heard and Heather blushed even deeper.

“Well that was unexpected,” Heather said still looking ahead and not at Tom at all.

In an amused voice Tom said, “Oh I don’t think so. She said she was close.” Heather made a little giggle at that and then they walked on.

The walk was doing little to help her urges. Even though the conversation had drifted to work and normal everyday life stuff, Heather could still feel that sexual buzz going; that feeling of being turned on and unable to do anything about it. She was still thinking about the couple in the tent. She was trying to get into the conversation, but her answers were short and sounded distracted. Before she knew it they were approaching the beach and could start to hear the crashing of the waves.

They had hit a spot where there were surrounded by dunes when suddenly Tom stops. Heather stops, turns around to see what’s wrong and suddenly she found herself getting pulled into his arms and getting kissed full on the mouth. She is so shocked that she does not push away for a few seconds and actually was kissing him back. Then his hand grabbed her tit and her eyes opened. Then the shock wore off and she broke the kiss and tried to step back. “Tom please… I just met you,” Heather said. This was not her way. She liked to get to know the guy a bit before she kissed a guy like that and a lot better before she slept with a guy. No mater how horny she was she just did not move that fast. Even with her “friend” she never did. It took weeks of talking and meeting with him before they even kissed.

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