I’m a country boy. About a year ago I left my small town and moved to the city so I could attend university. Initially, I had nowhere to stay so I was going to move into my cousin Mike’s flat for a few days with him and his roommate, Sandy till I found somewhere of my own. Mike and Sandy worked together at a law firm in the city.

Mike had a fiancée` but he didn’t live with her because he didn’t want to upset her parents who were very traditional and devoutly religious. Actually, I found it hard to understand how Mike could live with this unbelievably beautiful black girl, apparently without being involved with her?

It was the first night I stayed there that my eyes were opened. It was past midnight and I woke feeling thirsty. Making my way to the kitchen, I heard some noise coming from the end of the hall. I slipped down the passage way to the half opened door of Mike’s bedroom and was astonished at what I saw. The walls were covered with posters from the centre pages of hardcore sex magazines and in the middle sat his bed with silk sheets. My cousin was totally naked and kneeling on the bed. Towering over him was his flat mate, Sandy, dressed in some sexy lingerie. Sandy was sodomising Mike, not with a strap-on dildo, but with a REAL COCK!! Sandy was a transsexual!!!

Mike grunted with pleasure as Sandy fucked his arse with her huge black cock, putting a couple of fingers in her own arse as she pumped him. I was shocked at what I saw but my cock was growing harder than it had ever been before. I was overwhelmed by a desire to wank myself and didn’t even realise I had released my cock from my pants till I was stroking away in time to Sandy’s violation of Mike’s arse. I increased the speed of my stroking as she increased the pace she was fucking my cousin and I was nearing orgasm. It was exactly when she took her prick out of his arse and came all over his mouth that I came too, blowing my sticky load all over the bedroom door!! The intensity of my orgasm had left me exhausted and I collapsed against the door with no strength left.

Sandy looked over, saw me and came to the door. She quickly dragged me over to the bed and without any opposition from me, whipped my clothes and underwear off. Mike went to the cupboard and grabbed some rope and a black PVC mask. I did not resist when he slipped it over my head, nor when Sandy tied me up. I managed to ask Mike why he was doing these things with a transsexual and he replied that in a minute or two I would find out!!

The strong ties had me trapped in a kneeling position with my arse high in the air. Mike climbed on the bed and got on top and behind me. In that position, he started to pierce my virgin arse while at the same time pull my head back. The pain I felt as he invaded my arse, pulling my sphincter apart, was surprisingly pleasant and I started to feel my cock harden again. Sandy straddled my back facing Mike and he started to suck on her huge cock.

After about 10 minutes, Mike took his dick out of my arse and Sandy took over from him. It was quite an effort because even though Mike had given my arse a workout, he was much smaller than Sandy. Mike started to masturbate whilst Sandy perforated my arse, but then moved close and shoved his cock in my mouth. Having two cocks inside me was unbelievable and I wanted them to stay that way forever!!

In the midst of the waves of pleasure that washed over me, I came hard all over the silk sheets below me. This increased the pace at which Sandy was pounding my arse and it seemed like she was about to cum. Mike shoved his cock deeper into my throat and caused me to gag a little. I tried to lick the head like a great big ice cream as he pulled it back and the salty taste of my first cock was superb. My delight increased even more as he let go great loads of thick semen in my mouth that I hurriedly swallowed. I only just had time to taste it when Sandy came inside me, so intensely that I felt the burning hot cum rush into my arse and then ooze out onto my balls and cock as she pulled out of my gaping hole. Vicky moved around the front of me and shoved her cock into my mouth and I started to clean it off, not caring that it had just been in my arsehole. Meanwhile, Mike had moved around the back and started to lick at my tender hole, slurping up all of Sandy’s sperm leaking from my well fucked arse.

That wasn’t the end of it that night as I had barely recovered from the first round when Mike lay me back on the bed and spread my legs again. I thought he was going to fuck me again, but he bent down and took my cock in his mouth. He used one of his hands to grip my swelling cock and stroked me slowly into his mouth. The feeling was incredible and I was clawing the sheets in no time. Sandy moved around behind Mike and rammed herself up his arse again, causing him to swallow my cock to its base. He moaned loudly as his nose nestled in my pubic hair and then grunted in delight as Sandy hammered away at him. The sight of this was too much for me to take and I had my third massive orgasm for the night!! I pumped my load into my cousin’s mouth and he looked at me and smiled as he said

“Thanks cuz.”

After a while, Sandy pulled out and lay back on the bed. She motioned for me to climb on top of her in a reverse cowboy fashion. I lowered myself onto her thick shaft, slipping easily onto it now I was well dilated. She pulled me back so I was lying on top of her facing the ceiling, and then called Mike to climb between our legs. He moved closer, lifted my balls and I felt the tip of his now hard penis against my cock filled arse. He started to push and I could feel my poor sphincter stretching almost to breaking point. Next thing you know, I had them both inside me!! The pain was even more intense than when Sandy had first entered me earlier, but I loved it… They both fucked me at the same time and I was once again hard as a rock. My cousin saw this ad started to stroke me once again. Sandy also placed her hand around my cock and together they fucked my arse and wanked me off till I blew cum all over my stomach. Sandy was the next to let go, shortly followed by Mike unloading more sperm into my soaking arsehole. With two cocks inside me, there wasn’t enough room and it started to run down my arse across Sandy’s balls and onto the bed.

June 2018
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