My name is Sophie, and yes, that is my real name. For a little over a year, I was a call girl for a madam in Los Angeles. I have kept a diary since I was a young girl and this journal is just an extension of that habit. This is not a tell all or expose if you will but simply my daily thoughts as I lived the life. Any real names I have listed here are people who don’t care if the world knows they use the services of a professional pleasure giver, as I like to call those in my trade, the rest have been changed. This work is not my complete journal but just some selected days of interest. For as you may guess there are many more days of tedium than there are days of consequence.

I was born in a small town called Spring Ranch located in a farming region of Nebraska. I’ve always been told that I was pretty and with my long blond hair and deep blue eyes, I had no problem attracting the boys. My shape was slim, athletic so unlike most of the town’s girls who had figures built more for breeding as they say back home. I lost my virginity to Roger Seaton in the middle of his daddy’s cornfield. He had a spot picked out and he made it his civic duty to deflower as many Spring Ranch girls as he could. It didn’t take me long to find out what pleasures a boy can give and I quickly got a rep as a woman of loose morals. I couldn’t help it, as I seemed to have been born with a strong sex drive. If you have an itch, you find some way to scratch it and as I couldn’t find one boy to keep me contented, I went with many. As soon as I turned eighteen, I left that little burg and took a bus to Hollywood, as I just knew I could keep that itch satisfied there.

If I may add a warning here to all the young girls coming by bus to LA, or New York, or any big city, if you have no desire to get into the sex business make sure you don’t do any of the following things. Don’t get off the bus looking as pretty as you can, believe me you’re not going to meet that dream man at a bus station. The only thing your looks will attract are the low lifes who prey on naive young girls. Don’t talk with anyone you don’t know, I understand as a small town girl you are taught to be polite but in the big city it is an invitation to disaster. Lastly, if you do talk to someone, don’t believe everything they say. Everyone is there to scam you and those like you and as I said, you won’t find your dream man or job at a bus station. If you are coming to the big city, just to get into the flesh business then by all means disregard my warnings. Of all the people, I’ve met in the business I bet that at least ninety percent were recruited as they got off the bus.

I would like to say, please don’t judge me but I know many will so let me just add, I got into this life on my own free will. I actually loved the lifestyle and yet I can’t recommend it with a clear conscience. I survived and was lucky enough to be able to go on and begin a regular life but many aren’t as fortunate as I was.

One final note about parents, most of us in the business try to hide what we do from our parents and with good reason, I must say. As for me, I chose the honest route maybe just to get even with a mother and father who could not accept their daughter for what she was. As soon as they saw that, I was a girl who liked sex they did their best to change me. The revenge was sweet even over the phone when I told mother dearest that she was finally right and that I was now really a slut. It is with pride that I dedicate this piece to my mother. Yes mom, your daughter Sophie Pearson is an ex-whore who has fucked more men than live in your stinking town. I just hope all the biddies in your sewing circle back there in Spring Ranch see this and go ‘Poor dear’ to your face as they snicker behind your back.

Part l:

I arrive in LA and quickly learn about the big city.

I met Earl as I was waiting for my suitcase at the bus station. He was leaning against a light pole and he had a toothpick hanging out of his mouth. Right away, I thought he looked sexy and when I smiled at him, he smiled right back. He walked up to me, said his name was Earl then he took my bag from me, and offered me his arm. We walked out of the bus station looking as if we had known each other for years. It never occurred to me that he never asked me my name; all I could think about was getting laid.

He took me to his car and once we were in, he asked me if I wanted to go get some coffee. Feeling brazen, I told him I’d had coffee on the bus and what I wanted now was some loving. He took me to his flat and while he relaxed on his couch drinking a beer, he told me to get undressed. I was in a hurry because I wanted some sex but still I teased him a little, as I took my clothes off. Once I was naked, he stood up and undid his pants, letting them fall to the floor. He then sat and motioned me to come over. He already had a hard-on and believe me, I was plenty wet so with no foreplay at all, I just sat astride him and he plunged deep inside me.

This was what I was craving being fucked by a stranger just experiencing this new cock was turning me on and I was ready to cum when he was. When we were done, he pulled his pants up but I sat beside him still naked. He shared his beer with me as we talked, then he asked me to stand up and turn around for him so he could see me. I did as he asked, then he asked if I’d be interested in dancing in a club that a friend of his owned. When I told him I didn’t know how to dance he just laughed and said none of the other dancers knew how to either. He said it was a topless club and all I’d have to do was shake my boobs and let the clients look at my G-string. Just the thought of strangers watching me walking around half-naked turned me on so much I told him I’d love to.

He took me to a place called Le Sex Club on Santa Monica. There was no denying that this place was a dive but the way Earl talked about it you’d think it was the Moulin Rouge. The owner was a guy named Jerry with hard eyes and a nose that looked like it had been broken more than once. He was sitting at the bar with a couple of other guys plus a couple more at different tables around the club. There was a girl on the stage dancing halfheartedly She was a bottle blond with dark roots, she had so much makeup on it was starting to run, making her eyes look black. She was a little thick but I did notice how huge her breasts were and in a place like this that’s all that mattered. I could see right away that my tits were no match for hers so if I wanted a job I’d better bring some enthusiasm. He asked me how I looked naked and for an answer, I just took my clothes off right there in the bar. I began to dance around while I pulled on my nipples to make them grow. Next, I spread my legs and played with my pussy, I was really getting into this, and soon I’d forgotten I was auditioning for a job. All I was thinking about was getting myself off because I was so horny. All of a sudden, I had Jerry’s arms wrapped around me telling me to stop. When I realized again, where I was I looked around and everyone in the club was staring at me including the big-boobed dancer. Jerry drug me into his office as he told me I’d get him busted dancing naked like that.

Once we were alone in his office, he told me to do some more dancing for him. As I started, again I watched him pull out his pecker and jack off as I performed. I danced over to him and asked him to allow me to do that. I put my one hand between my legs and the other over his fat cock. When he got super hard, I stopped dancing and started sucking. So yes, I got my first gig by giving the boss a blow-job and as I found out later, it really is the best way to interview for a job in the sex industry.

Jerry hired me on the spot and said I could start that night and when I said I as yet, didn’t have a place to stay he said I could stay with Beatrice, the dancer on stage, for a while. I made more money that night than I had the whole time I’d been in Spring Ranch. After the bar closed, Bea took me home and showed me that two women could have at least as much fun as a boy and a girl, in fact maybe more. I truly was a small town girl, as I’d never thought of making love with another female. Yet when it came to sex, I was a fast learner and as long as I stayed with Bea, we’d make love almost every night.

After my first three months, my boss offered to pay for a breast job if I’d get one. At first I said no but after thinking about all the fun I had playing with Beatrice’s triple d-cups I said OK as long as they weren’t as big as Bea’s. I ended up with a D rack, which looks so out of place on my skinny body, but my audience loved it and my boss enjoyed the extra take I got with them so he was happy too. After I got them, I thought I’d made a big mistake, you might not know it, but big tits get in your way. Still, after I got use to the big rack and learned to live with them I guess I’m glad I have them.

This was a strange period in my life, I mean I was turning on lots of guys but I wasn’t getting laid. We weren’t supposed to date the clientele and I wasn’t meeting many men outside of work. I was having regular sex with Bea but it wasn’t getting laid and I began to miss it. One night Jerry told me that a customer had paid for a private dance with me. He said he was waiting in the champagne room and he wanted me to make him happy. I had given many private dances before but never had I been instructed to make the man happy before. When I walked in, I was shocked to see Charlie Sheen sitting there looking comfortable. He looked a little high but not bad and as I danced for him, I could tell he was getting turned on and so was I. Here I was still a small town girl at heart and the thought of a well-known celebrity watching me was exciting. At least that’s the only excuse I can come up with as I lost control and suddenly I had my hands on his trousers, pulling them down. I was down on my knees giving a movie star the wettest blow-job I could. I looked up to see that sweet smile he’s famous for and I swear to god, when he came I did too. He stood and pulled his pants up, then he reached in his pocket and handed me a wad of bills. He thanked me for a good time and then he left. Only then did I look at the money, it was over two thousand dollars. Right then I decided I was in the wrong end of the sexual entertainment business.

Part ll:

Turning pro’s not hard to do

After that fateful night, I knew what I wanted with my life but not how to achieve it. As fate would have it, Mr. Charlie Sheen came back to the club and this time with a girl. He asked for me specifically and when I walked into the Champagne Room, he and his date were waiting for me. The date was introduced to me as Roxanne and Charlie said he wanted to watch me and Roxy put on a show for him. The girl was older than I was but she still looked young and pretty, believe me I had no problem in doing her even if it was in front of Charlie. I looked at her long legs and her tight little butt and I felt a trickle of excitement run down my thigh. It didn’t take me long to figure that Roxy was a pro just by the way she looked at him then and said it was going to cost him extra. For some reason that made it even more exciting to me. I went to her and kissed her just as she put her arms around me to pull me closer. I was enjoying the taste of alcohol in her mouth and I pushed my tongue deeper inside her. It didn’t take me long to get into making it with Roxy and soon I even forgot about Charlie as she and I began to enjoy each other.

I pushed her into a chair and flipped her legs across the arms as I got down on my knees in front of her. I lifted her short skirt up to get to her pussy and when I put my finger in her slit; I could feel she was full of cum. I turned around and looked at Charlie; he just smiled that smile, saying nothing. In my short life, I have tasted a lot of cum and just lately, I have eaten a lot of pussy, well at least Bea’s pussy. Still this was to be my first time of sampling both together and I couldn’t wait. The tartness of her wet pussy along with Charlie’s salty tasting cum made for a sexy cocktail. I lapped up their combined juices as a cat to a bowl of cream and soon had Roxy as excited as I was. I felt someone sliding down my g-string,

“Charlie fuck her while she eats me, oh god that looks hot.”

Roxy held my head in place as Charlie began to pump his cock into me. It felt so good finally to have a cock inside me that I came immediately. Next, it was Roxy’s turn again and she screamed as she came, flooding my face with more of her juices. Last to cum was Charlie who was so deep inside me that I felt him splash against the walls of my pussy. I turned around, cleaned up Charlie with my tongue, and then tucked him back into his pants.

“Hey beautiful, if you ever want to turn pro I bet I can talk this one’s boss in to taking you on.”

Right that second I made the decision that turned my life around. I stood and hugged him and just said, “Do it.”

“Roxy said, “Sure Cheri’, I’ll put in a good word for you too.”

That was my last week as a topless dancer and the beginning of the life I was born to live. I went with Roxy the next day to meet Elaine, her boss. She had a huge penthouse overlooking the strip with windows all around. It was filled with overstuffed chairs covered in white leather and all the tables were chrome and glass. Elaine looked as elegant as her apartment and to me she appeared more like a diplomat’s wife than a madam. Her makeup was faultless and her red hair coiffed to perfection.

I was nervous at first but she was so nice and I calmed down right away. When I told her I wanted to work for her because I loved to fuck, she said she would take a chance and on Charlie and Roxy’s recommendation, she hired me on the spot. She told me that Roxy had said that she and I had done Charlie together so as a way to ease me into the business my first call would be a three-way. It was just a way of avoiding me being alone with my first John. I Told her that was fine and that I had enjoyed being with Roxy. I also told her I had agreed to finish the week for Tony and she said that was fair. She said the first three-way to come up next week would be mine.

Later when I went home to Beatrice, I confided in her of my decision. She told me I was making a big mistake and that I would end up unhappy and alone. I hushed her with a kiss and we made passionate love right there on the floor. After, I told her I was doing what I wanted to do and she accepted it and said nothing more about it. The next day I had to go through the same ordeal with Tony. Although Tony’s objections were more about the money he would lose, than for my well-being I still believed he did care for me as a person as well as an investment. On my last Saturday at Le Sex Club when I came off the stage of my second set, I saw I had a missed call. It was Elaine and when I called her back, she said she had set me up with a three way with Roxy and she needed me that night. I never finished my last shift and when I went to tell Tony I had to leave, he took my arm and took me on stage. He stopped the girl who was dancing and the music and took the microphone.

“Tonight is Sophie’s last night here at Le Sex Club and I want to give you bums a chance to say good-bye to one of the class acts we’ve had here.”

Everybody cheered and clapped and men were coming up to the stage and throwing money at my feet. I just stood there with the tears running down my face and I realized I would miss this place more than my home by a million. In a final Class act Tony scoped up the cash on the floor and just handed it to me, he didn’t even take his cut. I’ll never forget that night and the realization that family doesn’t have to mean you’re related.

Part lll:

My start in the life

I remember I was so nervous for my first gig, what if he didn’t like me, could I handle the rejection. I was so naive at the time I didn’t even consider about me liking the john no, that came later, after I had met some of the losers who use us hookers for love. If you have a kink and you’re too embarrassed by it to try it with your woman so you hire a pro that’s fine with me. However if you think you’re going to fine love and affection from a call girl you’re out of luck.

I really was glad when Roxy picked me up, just to see a friendly face eased my mind some. On the way to the John’s hotel, she again went over the game plan.

“This guy’ll probably be old cause most three ways are with dudes in a mid-life crisis. We’ll work him fast make him bust a nut and get out of there fast. Let me do most of the talking and remember anything he asks for what do you say?”

I said, “That’ll cost you extra,” we both, laughed at this.

The John’s suite was palatial and by far the fanciest room I had seen in my young life. He was older but he still was handsome with that touch of gray that looks so good on older men. He was dressed in a robe that reminded me of someone in an old time movie. As he reclined on the biggest bed I’d ever seen, he drank scotch. He instructed us to undress and then to do a scene beside him. We had expected this and it was in our game plan. We slowly undressed each other as we kissed and rubbed each other. By the time we were naked, he was hard and sticking out of his robe. Roxy leaned over and took him in her mouth while I knelt behind her sticking my face in her cunt. She was really working him trying to get him to go off in her mouth but he was too savvy for that and pushed her off before he came. He got us into position where he could do Roxy doggy while she ate me. The John and I were staring into each other’s eyes and I know he could tell when I came. I think seeing me made him forget what he was doing and he shot his load before he was ready.

He said that after a little rest he wanted to do me and I so wanted to do him. I played with his balls while Roxy took the rubber off him and when I looked at his shriveled little dick, I thought it looked so cute that I kissed it on the tip. I felt it twitch and I picked it up and licked the underneath side with a wet tongue then I blew on the wet area. He was already hard from this attention and when I asked if he wanted Roxy to put a condom on him hands free, he grew to full strength.

He had me lay on my back and then he raised my legs over my head with his arms. With most of his weight on my thighs, I felt as if he was splitting me in two. He felt so deep inside me as he pounded me, I felt helpless and at his mercy, believe me it was hot. I couldn’t help myself I started screaming,

“Fuck me you bastard, harder, oh yeah make me cum.”

Just like that I came and so did he, later after we left Roxy told me I sounded real when I screamed, I just laughed and told her I wasn’t faking.

I don’t think my first gig could have gone any better and I was already sure I had made the correct career choice. Later on, I was to have some real nightmares as clients and if they had been my first I might have moved back to Spring Ranch and joined a nunnery. Roxy and I left the John with our pockets full of money and my pussy purring with satisfaction.

I took the money I made plus what was left from my last night at the club and rented an apartment in an up-scale building just inside Beverly Hills. I was now committed to the life, as there was no way I could afford this place without a call girls salary. At the time, I didn’t think about things like that and besides as far as I was concerned I now had my dream job.

Elaine sat up my next gig with Roxy again but this was a two girls for two guys sit up. It was two guys in two different bedrooms so I was on my own but as Roxy was just down the hall I felt that she still had my back. Because my John was nervous, I felt calm and relaxed. I decided to give this guy his money’s worth and maybe get some pleasure for myself as well. I gave him just a little tease as I got naked, then I asked him if I could undress him next. It was cute the way he just nodded his head, so embarrassed he couldn’t speak. I removed his clothes slowly as I talked sexy to him; I was turning him on as well as myself. When I pulled his pants down he was rock hard and I was worried he would cum when I slipped the condom on him.

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