Chapter 3: Final Barrier

I awoke early, too early really. Mistress Zoë had her arms wrapped around my chest, holding me close. I could feel the regular rise and fall of her breathing against my back. As I lay there contentedly, I began to wonder why she had never asked me to do the two things that worried me; taking a cock in my mouth and in my ass. She’d teased me often about it, while I was sucking on her strap-on, or when she was pushing it into my butt, and I’d always said yes, I wanted a real dick. But she knew that I was carried away in the moment, in lust, that I didn’t really mean it. And then it struck me. That was why she never asked: she didn’t want to make me do anything that I wasn’t prepared to do.

So why was I so scared about this one thing? Because other people might think I was weird if they found out? I smiled to myself; I was lying here in a satin nightdress with a butt plug in my ass and I was worried that some stranger would think I was weird? I think not. So then, what? That I might like it? That I might actually turn out to be bi-sexual? Again, so what? I was certain Zoë and Kelly both were, so why not me as well? In any case, they loved me and I loved them, so nobody else mattered. It was irrational of me, like the lift. That was it! It was a phobia, and I should try to beat it. I WOULD beat it, and Zoë and Kelly would help me. I would do anything either of them asked of me, but they wouldn’t ask me to do this. So I was going to have to be the one who brought it up.

Mistress Zoë stirred, her face nuzzling into the side of my neck. Now was the time to say something, before I lost my resolve and changed my mind again.

“Mistress? Zoë? Are you awake?” I said softly.

“MMmm?” She murmured.

“Zoë, are you awake?” I asked again.

“No.” She said sleepily, her hand moving to my cock.

“Zoë, I want to do it.” I burst out.

“Do what?” She asked drowsily, still cupping my balls with her hand.

“I want a real cock. I want to feel what a real, live, dick feels like in my mouth, in my ass. What it’s like to have a mouthful of hot cum, and a butt-hole leaking spunk.”

Suddenly she sat up and looked down at me.

“You really mean it?” She asked, now fully awake.

“Yes.” I whispered, suddenly worried at my own impertinence.

“Why now sweetie?” She said softly, brushing my reddening cheek with her hand.

“Because, because I want to know what it feels like, because I want to be like you and Kelly, because I want to please you.”

“You always please me darling.” She said, giving my cheek a gentle kiss, and then nibbling on my earlobe. “In any case, I’m not sure I want my favourite Dolly to be used by some man.” She wanted me to beg; I could tell by the tone of her voice and the glint in her eye.

So I did.

“Pleeease Mistress. Please find me a real cock to suck on, and to fuck me.” I pleaded.

“We’ll see.” She said nonchalantly. I could tell she was already thinking about it though. She rolled me onto my back and sat on my chest, smiling down at me. Her nightie had become rucked up around her waist. My eyes went to the trimmed blonde pubes and then back up to her grinning face. “Convince me.” She said, a devilish grin spreading across her face. She planted her knees on my shoulders, leaving her pussy almost on my chin. “No hands.” She smirked, moving closer. Tentatively I stuck out my tongue and gently licked at her sex, running it up her pussy lips into the blonde bush just above her clit. She murmured in appreciation. I lapped again at her lips and then found her clit and swirled my tongue over it. She ground down on me and I pushed into her, sending my tongue as deep as I could. “Oh yes.” She breathed. “That’s a good dolly. I’m convinced.” She was getting wet and I could taste her. Her juices began to run down onto my face. I probed further, lapping up what I could. She fell forward onto her hands, her nightie covering me. Still I continued to tease her most intimate area with my tongue. Her breath was getting shorter and shorter, until she cried out and came, drenching me. Then the alarm went off. “Bugger.” She swore, reaching across and turning it off.

“Sorry Mistress. I have to go to work.” My voice was muffled.

“Yes, I know.” She sighed, getting off me. “Go and shower and then get your sweet butt back here. I’ll get your clothes ready.” I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of that. She could tell too. “Don’t worry, just go.” I went.

I came back into the bedroom and saw that she had only put out my work clothes, alongside which was a lingerie set of sheer nylon.

“Do you want me to wear the plug too?” I asked, beginning to put on the underwear.

“No. You don’t really need it anymore. Can you get tomorrow off?”

“Tomorrow? Shouldn’t be a problem. I have lots of time owing.”

“Good. I’ve something special planned for you, for us.”

“A cock?” I asked hopefully.

“Give me time!” She laughed. “No, this is something Kelly and I have been planning for a while, and I got an e-mail last night telling me the things we’d ordered are ready to be picked up. Now get!” She slapped my ass as I pulled on my work clothes over the lingerie. “Or I’m going to be late too.”

I arrived back at the apartment to find Mistress Zoë already home and opening a parcel.

“I got them!” She said excitedly.

“Got what?” I asked.

“Your surprise. Go and see if Kelly is home, she paid for half of this, so she should see it too.” Obligingly I trotted off to fetch Kelly, wondering what was in the parcel. Zoë’s excitement indicated whatever it was in the package wasn’t just a new set of clothes.

I knocked on Kelly’s door.

“Has it arrived then?” She asked as she opened it. There was excitement in her eyes too.

“Apparently. What is it that’s got the pair of you so worked up?” I asked.

“You’ll find out. Come on.” She practically ran to our apartment. I followed on, by now totally intrigued.

Zoë was waiting impatiently as we came in.

“Go and shower.” She ordered me. “And make sure you get all the hair off your chest and lower body.” Shrugging I went, leaving them giggling as they unpacked the mysterious parcel.

I returned to the front room to find them ready with my clothes for the evening.

“Come on; tell me what was in the box.” I said, now exasperated.

“These.” Mistress said, producing three objects from the box. Two of them looked like fake tits, and I couldn’t tell what the third was.

“And what are they?”

“Prosthetics.” Kelly said.


“Fake tits and a fake pussy. For you.” Zoë smiled.

“And how do I wear them? Inside my underwear?”

“No silly. They’re glued to your body with a special adhesive. That’s why you needed to be smooth. Now come here and be transformed.” Mistress ordered.

I stepped over to where she was indicating.

“Will the glue work?” I asked. “These things won’t come unstuck at some awkward moment will they.”

“It says not.” Kelly said, reading from a leaflet from the parcel. They spread the adhesive onto the items and my body. Kelly carefully positioned the fake breasts in place while Mistress Zoë lined up the false pussy. She had to manoeuvre my cock into a special ‘pocket’ before she stuck the whole thing down.

“Now lie still for half an hour while it sticks.” She said.

“What are you going to do?”

“Kelly and I are going to get dressed for a girls night out. Then we’ll come and dress you.” She said. “Now keep your hands away from them.” She slapped my hand away from where I had been moving it towards one of the protuberances on my chest.

“How long will they stay on?” I asked.

“The adhesive lasts for twenty four hours. That’s why you needed the day off tomorrow.” With that Zoë and Kelly left me to go and get dolled up for the night.

I lay still, my mind wandering to what might happen this evening. Maybe tonight I would get to taste cock in my mouth and even up my ass. I began to look forward to it, although I still felt a nagging worry. I shook my head: No, I did want to do it. I did want to be like Kelly and Mistress. I did.

“I do.” I whispered.

“You do what?” Mistress said, coming back into the room to stand beside where I was lying.

“You know.” I said, going red. “I want to feel a cock in me.”

“Then let’s go and find you one. Get up.”

I stood up carefully, not knowing if the glue had worked. It had.

“They’re stuck.” I said.

“Good. Now let’s get you dressed.” She handed me a fresh pair of black hold-up stockings. I sat to slip them on, loving the sleek feel of the nylon on my legs once more. The black silk underwear was next. The bra fitted snugly over my fake tits, revealing a generous cleavage that I’d not had before. Kelly came in and smiled at me. She was carrying a pair of ankle boots that she handed to me. “The dress first.” Zoë said, passing me a sleek black dress similar to the ones she and Kelly were wearing. I slipped it on, smoothing it down as Kelly zipped me in.

“This feels nice.” I said. “Which wig do you want me to wear Mistress?”

“I think we should all be blondes.” She laughed. “And put your make-up on while you’re there, you should be able to do it yourself by now.” I went to the dresser and completed my look for the evening. Kelly helped me a little and Zoë came over and nodded her approval when we’d finished. “Let’s go ladies.” The sound of that thrilled me strangely.

I wasn’t looking too bad; although I felt the other two were looking better, but as a trio, we looked pretty stunning and fairly similar. We went to a club on the far side of town. It was a small club, intimate; busy but not heaving. The three of us settled down at one of the tables. We were attracting some admiring glances; at least I think it was all three of us, the other two definitely were. Probably it was we were all dressed so alike except the silky scarf I wore around my neck. After a couple of drinks Kelly and then Zoë got up to dance. I considered it for a moment but I knew I’d never be able to dance like a girl convincingly; I could barely dance as a man! So I sat and watched them having fun, nursing my drink. I began to feel strangely towards the men they danced with. Zoë noticed as she sat back down.

“What’s the matter sweetie?” She asked after ordering another round of drinks.

“I’m sorry Mistress, but I think I’m feeling jealous.”

“Jealous? Of who?” She frowned slightly.

“I’m not sure.”

“Explain.” She leant forward.

“I’m either jealous of those guys who get to dance with you or…”

“Or what? Come on, tell me.”

“Or I think it might actually be I’m jealous of you and Kelly,” I went red and looked down at the floor.

“Me and Kelly? Why?”

“Because…Because, and I know how stupid this sounds, because I want to try and please a man.”

She laughed.

“You only made your mind up this morning about wanting to get a man in your mouth, you little slut, you.”

“I know. I said it was silly.”

“All right.” She sighed. “We might as well try and satisfy your new craving.” She moved closer to me. “See one you fancy?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t know what I’m looking for.” I must have looked crestfallen.

“Then Kelly and I will find someone for you.” She said, kissing me on the cheek before going back to the dance floor to speak to Kelly. Kelly looked over at me and smiled, nodding her head. And then I lost sight of them as they were swallowed up by the crowd of dancers.

About ten minutes later one of the male bar staff came over to our table.

“Mind if I sit here? I’m on a break.” He said. “And your friends said you were feeling a bit lonely.” He added as I nodded my acquiescence. We chatted for a little while, me using my ‘little girl’ voice, and then he just came out with it. “Your friends also said you were looking for a little ‘action’?” He phrased it as a question.

“Umm, well, yes, I suppose I am.” I squeaked.

“Come with me then.” He stood and held out his hand. I took it and followed him, excitement rising in me. This was it! He led me behind the bar and into the service lift used to move the stuff up to the bar. This made me nervous for two reasons. One was my ever-present phobia; the other was my rising anticipation. He pulled the shutters closed and the lift rose up the one floor, where he turned off the power.

“Don’t want to be interrupted do we?” He smiled. I shook my head, too excited to speak now. “You have a pretty mouth.” He said. “I can’t wait to see it around my cock.” Neither could I now.

I lowered myself to my knees and unzipped him, pulling his dick out. He smiled down as I looked at it, the first cock other than my own that I had really seen. I ran my hand over his stiffening member, feeling the bumps and ridges. He moaned softly. Now! I thought to myself. I was going to do it. I tentatively poked out my tongue and licked at his knob head, tasting the beginnings of his pre-cum. He moaned again as I slipped the head between my lips, my tongue still teasing his pee-hole. I put my hands on his hips and pulled him towards me, his cock sliding deeper into my mouth as Mistress had taught me with her strap-on. “Oh, that’s good!” He breathed. Pleased, I began to move my head backwards and forwards, his dick seeming to throb as I did so. This was so different to sucking on a plastic prick. I could feel the veins in his cock pulsing, could smell his aroma as he got more aroused. I swirled my tongue around his length. Apparently Mistress had taught me well. He laid his hands on my head and began to control my movements, his length reaching the back of my throat. My own cock was leaking pre-cum in its confined space by now but I wasn’t thinking about that. I just wanted to feel this wonderful dick gushing its load into my throat. I slowly increased my pace, my head bobbing along his shaft, my mouth clamped tightly around it, my tongue teasing it. His moaning began to increase along with his breathing. It would be soon I realised. “I’m cumming!” He gasped. I stopped moving, his cock all the way into my throat, and he let loose his load. Spunk spurted into my stomach. He pulled back slightly and filled my mouth with his second spurt. Jizz tasted different straight from the source.

As his climax subsided he took his cock out of my mouth and pulled me up.

“That was awesome girl.” He breathed.

“It was? I’m glad.” I said, still using y ‘little girl’ voice. I looked around at my surroundings for the first time, and realised we were still in the service lift. I had been so intent on what I was doing I hadn’t had time to be scared. The shutters opened suddenly and there was a second member of the staff there.

“There you are.” He said. “Zoë said you could help me with this.” He pulled out a stiff cock. Mesmerised I shuffled over and took this second dick in my hand. It was shorter but thicker than the first one, the owner of which was leaning back against the wall, the aforementioned cock stiffening again in his hand. I leant forward and licked at this new prick, teasing the head before opening my mouth wide and taking it into my mouth. The thickness of it was a problem at first but I quickly got used to it. It tasted slightly different too. It was soon thrusting in and out of my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the first guy walk up behind me, his dick now hard in his hand. Stopping momentarily I turned to him.

“You want to stick that in my ass?” I asked coyly.

“Can I?”

“Just take it slowly.” I said, returning my attention to the cock waving in my face.

The guy behind knelt down before rucking my dress up over my hips and my panties down to my knees. And then I felt the head of his stiff rod at the entrance to my ass. He rubbed my saliva from his cock into my asshole and then slowly pushed. I grunted around the dick in my mouth as I felt the head pass my sphincter muscle and then he was in, sinking his full length up my butt. My head swimming, I marvelled again at the difference between a real cock and a fake one. I could feel the heat from the two pricks inside me as I was double-teamed from both ends. I felt my own dick shooting cum into its pocket, dribbling from my false cunt like it was pussy juice. I rocked back and forth between the twin cocks, lost in my lust, and in a lift! I was feeling like never before, even when Zoë and Kelly had both taken me in this way with their strap-on’s. One moment I had a face full of pubic hair as I took the thick cock all the way into my throat, the next I had a pair of balls slapping the back of my thighs as the longer dick thrust deep into my bowels. The pace quickened as they both got more excited. I tried to slow them down; I wanted this feeling to last as long as possible, but to no avail. Suddenly my mouth was full of cum again. My hands pulled the guy towards me, holding him in until he’d stopped cumming, sucking all the spunk from his marvellous dick before I let him go. Now I concentrated on being butt-fucked. I began to clench my ass as he pulled away, and relaxed it as he plunged back in. I couldn’t keep it up for long as I came again. I’d never cum twice without something touching my cock before. I dropped to my elbows, raising my ass higher. It felt like he was fucking me deeper than ever, which didn’t seem possible.

“I’m close.” He grunted.

“Do it! Shoot your jizz into my butt. I want it all in my ass.” I cried.

As I shouted out, he came with a rush, shooting out thick spunk into my rear entrance. He inched back and released more into me, and then again before he slipped from me. I quickly turned and began to clean off his cock, again sucking the last of his jizz out.

“Are you gonna come back to the club again?” He panted.

“I might. Why?” I cocked my head girlishly.

“Because I’ve never had a fuck like that before.”

“Nor me.” I grinned truthfully.

“I’d like to see you again.”

“Me too.” Said the second guy who was still there.

“We’ll see.” I said, standing up and pulling my panties up before smoothing my dress down again. “Thank you.” I said, kissing them both on the cheek before heading for the stairs and the dance floor below.

Mistress Zoë and Kelly were waiting for me at our table.

“Well?” Mistress raised her eyebrow.

“Thank you Mistress. It was better than I’d imagined.” I kissed her and then Kelly too. “It was so exciting to be fucked in my mouth and ass by two real cocks.”

“So, we’re redundant now?” Zoë said, a smile playing across her face.

“NO! Never. I’ll always be yours Mistress. To do with as you please.”

“I know it!” She laughed. “Did you try out your new pussy?” I shook my head. “Do you want to?”

“With you and Kelly? Please.” I nodded.

“Come on then.” They took a hand each and led me home.

Sorry about the wait. This part takes up just as Chad had passed out from the Tulok root. He soon realizes that he’s not in Kanas anymore and Feather isn’t quite what she seemed to be, nor his wife Susan. Leave me a comment to let me know how I’m doing, and don’t forget to vote.

“My love, you can wake up now my love.” Chad heard Susan’s voice, he could smell Lilacs, but all he could see was a white fog. He tried to move but it required more strength than he had now. He was lying down on his back, on something soft and warm.

The fog-like vision dissipated, he found himself looking up at a bright starry night. He could still smell the scent of the burning root, but he was sure that he was no longer in his living room.

Chad’s head turned to see Susan lying beside him. Her emerald eyes shinned brighter than usual and sparkling. “What happened, where are we, Susan?” he asked.

“Think of it as a wonderful dream you’re having,” she said as she stroked his hair.

“I must have passed out for a minute. I remember being in the living room, watching you and Feather.” Chad felt something warm surround his cock and looked down. Feather was looking up at him, her mouth full of cock.

“Does that feel good my love?” Susan whispered in his ear.

“The piece of wood you were burning, was that some sort of a drug?” Chad asked still light headed from the smoke.

“It’s called Tulok root. It only grows here in the forest. I keep some handy for special occasions,” Susan said.

Feather slipped her mouth off his cock, jacking him slowly with her fist. She moved up Chad’s body, but never stopped stroking him with her silky hand. “Welcome back, I was getting worried that you wouldn’t wake up. You would have missed all the fun,” Feather said seductively.

Her actions told him, she’s a woman who knows what she wants, and usually gets it. Chad noticed her hair hanging down, slightly covering the side of her face. Reaching his hand up, he pushed the hair back from her face.

Feather became slightly nervous as her ears came into view. Instead of normal looking ears, they were now very pointed and slightly larger. “You’re a…you’re an elf!” he cried.

“Susan said it’s like a dream so, you must be dreaming I’m an elf,” she replied with a laugh.

“Calm down Chad. You were sitting on the couch, watching your wife tease the body of another woman. Now you’re in a forest with an elf stroking your cock, this must be a dream my love,” Susan said.

Chad reached up and pulled Susan’s hair back, looking at her ears. “Your ears aren’t pointy like hers,” he said.

“Of course not silly, I’m a Forest Nymph Princess. We don’t have pointy ears,” Susan said, giggling at him. Chad head started spinning as Feather teased his nipples with her tongue. “Don’t think about anything, except what we’re doing to you sweetheart,” Susan whispered.

Feather leaned over, whispering in her friend’s ear. Susan smiled as she turned Chad’s head towards her, kissing him deeply. Feather spun around, taking his leaking cock into her mouth again. Susan broke the kiss, then, pushed Chad’s face towards her friend’s moistened pussy. “Taste her Chad. Push your tongue inside and suck off my friend,” Susan told him.

Feather moaned around his cock, as she felt Chad’s tongue enter her pussy. She thrust her lips down to the base of his cock, sliding her tongue across the sensitive flesh. Chad’s mind exploded as his cock slipped into her throat.

Chad pulled her pussy harder against his mouth. “I know just how she feels. I know how much pleasure I get from you sucking my cunt,” Susan said, teasing him with her words.

Susan was not through torturing her husband. She pushed Chad’s face away from Feathers crotch. “No! Please don’t, I was so close!” Feather cried out as she moved her mouth off his cock.

Susan moved down to Feathers face, kissing her friend hungrily. Chad watched the two women French kiss each other, as Feather stroked his leaking cock. Susan released her friend, speaking softly enough that Chad had trouble making it out.

Suddenly Feather sat up and placed herself above his cock. Susan held his cock up as the elf dropped down quickly. She literally impaled her body with 10 inches of meat. “Oh my God that feels good,” she cried out.

Chad moaned aloud as his cock squeezed, as if it was in a vise. Feather was rocking back and forth on top of him. He could see his wife sucking on Feather’s nipples while she fondled his cum filled balls.

“Please stop, I can’t hold out much longer,” Chad cried out. The women did not intend to stop though. Susan lay down next to her panting husband, turning his head.

“Don’t try to hold it in, shoot a big load up Feather’s cunt,” she whispered. The events were too much for Chad. He screamed out in a mixture of ecstasy, and pain, shooting cum deep into Feathers body. She felt the hot cream blast into her, triggering her own climax.

The sounds of the forest where drowned out by the high-pitched squeal of the elf. Susan softly kissed him while stroking his chest. Chad hardly noticed the flashes of light that filled his head. It seemed he was falling, spinning out of control. He allowed the darkness of the forest to take him, going limp when Feather collapsed against him.

On the other side of the forest, someone else was screaming. It wasn’t from the same pleasure that engulfed the human, or the elf.


Deeper in the forest, there was a large stone castle. The full moon cast an eerie shadow on one side of the looming stronghold. Now the home of the most feared creature in the forest. Once again, you could hear screams from deep within. It pierced the night like a bolt of lighting

The lower dungeon of the castle was damp and cold. The smell of death hung heavy in the air. The stench was from the victims the sadistic creature trapped within the walls. It wasn’t always a place of pain or death. It was once the castle of King Norgren and his family. They ruled the forest with kindness, love, and caring for all the creatures.

He and his family were the most respected rulers the forest creatures had ever known. His wife, Bolara, was the most beautiful Forest Nymph that Norgren had ever seen. He fell in love the first time he saw her by the river.

Norgren was only half elf because his mother was a human. Norgren’s father met her while visiting what the Elves called, ‘the other world’. Due to this quality, the other creatures in the forest found him distinctive yet kind.

Not long after they married, Bolara gave birth to two children. Tork, an overactive boy, spent the days roaming the castle grounds. He always chased fairies, who just laughed as he tired to catch them. Norgren tried numerous times to corral his son’s enthusiasm. Soon he would have to take his fathers place. Norgren had very little success.

His daughter Shea was as stunning as her mother was. She spent her time helping Bolara with chores. On some days, they would help the forest creatures with their day-to-day needs. Everyone that met the family looked up to them. However, there was one creature who wanted more. He wanted what Norgren had, and he wanted it badly.

His name was Morrow, he was as evil as an Ogre can become. Only a few creatures lived on the edge of the forest, they all knew to stay clear of them. Morrow was not like the others. He was smaller in stature but heavily built, which gave him greater strength.

His only pleasure in life, his greatest thrill, was from torturing the Gnomes and Elves. Those who were unlucky enough to wonder to close regretted it. Both male and females experienced the same suffering, but the females suffered longer before they succumbed to the darkness.

Sometimes he would force the males to watch as he abused their mate for hours. The screams and pleas would drive him on even more. As he got older he discovered the more perverted his torture, they more pleasure he received.

Marrow had seen Shea a few times from a distance. He was obsessed with her beauty. The need to dominate her grew to a perverse lust that wouldn’t stop. She never wondered close enough to capture her, which drove him near insanity. Soon Marrow’s lust for Princess Shea couldn’t wait any longer. He decided to force the issue.

He waited atop a small bushy hill close to the castle. Marrow waited for the right moment when the king would leave the safety of his home. He would kill the half-human King then the two women would be his, along with reign over the entire forest.

Norgren kissed his wife goodbye, then left to visit the Elves deeper in the forest. He heard rumors that something was taking them. Norgren knew some forest creatures weren’t as friendly as others were, but to prey on Elves was foolish, given their fighting skills.

Norgren was only gone a few moments when Bolara saw that his sword was still the door. He very rarely had a need of it. Grabbing it quickly, she ran out to call him. What she saw made her blood run cold. A muscular Ogre had her husband in his grasp. Norgren’s body twitched as the evil monster killed the love of her life.

Bolara turned to run into the castle, she saw Tork standing there. She yelled at him to run back inside, but seeing his father killed spurred him on. With his smaller sword, he darted towards the Ogre who was now running for the castle door. In the blink of an eye, the two reached each other just yards from the door.

Tork swung at the intruder with all his might, wishing he had listened more to his father. The sword swung harmlessly in front of Marrow, the Ogre new this small child was helpless. In one mighty swing, the evil monster crushed one side of the boy’s body. The hit threw Tork to the side, landing in the bright green grass. Bolara could only watch, as her son died.

With little time to act, Bolara fled upstairs to retrieve her mother’s wooden jewelry box. For almost two thousand years, it passed from mother to daughter along with the Crystal of Physis. She ran to Shea’s room, removing the crystal relic from around her neck. She told her only daughter to hide in the other world and save herself.

Bolara gave Shea the small root that would take her to the human world, screaming for her to leave quickly. Shea was crying and confused why someone would hurt them. She moved back away from mother. With tears filling her eyes, she vanished in a flash of light.

Morrow found the Forest Nymph Queen. She felt a chill run through her as Morrow stroked his overly large cock. “It seems you were able to save your beautiful daughter, which will make taking control over the forest tougher. After I kill you and get the crystal, finding your daughter will be easy,” Marrow said sadistically.


Over the years, Morrow turned the castle into a fortress. The lower portion became a place of perverse torture rooms for his victims. He would keep some alive, just incase pickings became slim. The current occupant in the center game room was a suspended female elf. Her long gown almost completely torn from her body, she was bleeding from her whip marks.

Morrow placed two large clamps on her battered nipples. The tortured female screamed as every nerve ending was now on fire. Marrow could only take the pleading screams only so long. Moving behind her, the Ogre shoved his massive cock into her sore and battered body.

To the unlucky Elf, his cock felt as if it would rip out of her stomach. She screamed out in agony, begging for death. He felt pleased by her cries for and end, but he couldn’t stop thinking of Bolara’s daughter who escaped. Thinking of Shea, Marrow pounded his cock deeper into the once lovely Elf. She screamed one long scream, for the last time.

This made his approaching climax erupt. Marrow shot his cum forcibly into, what used to be, the Elf’s womb. With one final pull down on her hips, the helpless elf twitched. Her mouth opened wider but now without sound.

Suddenly she slumped within her restraints and died. The torture was finally over for the once beautiful creature. To Marrow, her death was exciting but still failed to scratch the itch inside of him. He knew what he had to do. He had to track down the daughter of Norgren and Bolara.

Chapter Four

Chad awoke in his own bed, feeling groggy and hung over. “What the hell happened? One moment we’re in the forest having a threesome, now I’m alone in my bed. I really need to watch how much I drink,” he thought to himself.

Chad made his way down the stairs to find the girls. He could hear a mumbled voice coming from the kitchen. “The girls must be having their morning coffee,” he said. Just before he got to the kitchen, he heard Susan talking to her adorable friend.

“Oh yes, that’s fantastic Feather.”

“Honey you’ll never believe the dream I had last…,” Chad said entering the room. He suddenly stopped in his tracks, what he saw might have been a dream too. He was right about them being in the kitchen, but coffee wasn’t the drink of choice. Susan was on the kitchen table with her robe pulled open exposing her supple body. Her friend Feather was sitting in a chair, running her tongue in and out of Susan’s wet slit.

Chad regained his composure, “Good morning Bright Eyes. Enjoying your breakfast I see,” he said jokingly. Susan turned to see her husband watching her while she held Feathers head between her legs.

She smiled up at him. “I’m being a good hostess by letting our guest eat first,” she said seductively. Chad walked over to the counter, pouring himself a cup of coffee. He turned around, leaning against the edge of the counter. He watched Feather closely as she assaulted his wife’s tight pussy.

Even though he was enjoying the show, Chad thought it best to give the two women some private time. He gave Susan a soft kiss on the lips and went out to the living room. He enjoyed a mostly quite morning, sipping on his coffee and catching up on the news. Occasionally, the moaning from the other room broke Chad’s train of thought. It soon reached a loader volume with more demands from Susan to lick faster.

About a half hour after sitting down, Feather strolled into the living room. The satin robe she wore earlier was gone, revealing Feather’s tone body. “Good morning Chad, I take it you slept well,” Feather told him.

“I had the weirdest dream of my life last night. Now I’m nursing a touch of hangover,” Chad replied as his rubbed his throbbing head.

“Poor baby, that Tulok root will do that to you,” Feather said, laughing as if it was a joke only she understood. As she approached Chad, she started to slide her hands over her firm body.

“I thought you already had your breakfast,” Chad said to her.

“It’s after ten in the morning, that makes this brunch, and I’m still hungry,” she replied as she pinched her nipples roughly.

Chad stared at her with disbelief. “Are you hungry, or just plane horny you little minx.”

Feather stood there, slowly turning the tip of her breasts red. “I thought you were smarter than that Chad. When you’re around me it’s the same thing, don’t you think?” She looked down at him with a devious smile. “You don’t mind if I help myself to the buffet, do you?” she whispered as she pulled his shorts down. Chad felt a little uneasy as she climbed on top of him, placing her pussy just above his cock.

Here was this beautiful woman about to sit on his cock, and in the other room, his wife. Even if Susan was willing to share him with her friend, it still felt weird, good, but weird. Chad wondered if this was a continuation of the dream last night.

“After sucking off my best friend, I really need a stiff cock,” she moaned as she felt the tip of Chad’s cock enter her body. “I hope you’re enjoying yourself Feather.” Feather just moaned loudly as she started riding him. Chad decided to turn the tables on her for a change. “Does that feel good you little slut?” Chad said, pulling her abused nipples.

“Oh fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes,” she said each time she bottomed out against his cum filled balls. “God I feel so stuffed, my cunt feels so fucking stuffed!”

“You’re just like Susan. When you get a big cock inside your cunt, you turn into a slut,” Chad whispered in her ear.

“Yes, yes, yes…” she said as she fucked herself.

“You turn into a nasty cum – loving – slut, don’t you?”

“Yes, I turn into a slut, a fucking slut.” Now Chad had her, he knew what buttons to push.

“You like being called names don’t you – whore?”

“Oh God no, please don’t, I won’t be able to stop,” she pleaded with him

“Ride my cock, you fucking whore,” Chad growled at her. Feather was whimpering now, moving her hips faster and faster.

A movement from behind Feather caught his eye. It was Susan. She had discarded her robe but now she wore a very thick strap on dildo. She put a finger to her lips to silence him, then, moved behind her friend. The foot long fake cock was dripping KY onto the carpet.

Susan grabbed a handful of Feathers blond hair. “That’s not very polite. Getting your pussy crammed full of my husband’s cock, without letting me watch,” Susan whispered to her.

“Oh God, please don’t make me stop. I really need to get fucked! I always need to get fucked, after sucking a wet juicy slit,” she cried out.

“Then that’s exactly what you’ll get. You cock hungry slut.”

Susan pulled Feathers ass checks open. In one swift move, she buried half the rubber cock up Feather’s ass.

“Oh fuck, you sweet bitch. Now I’m getting fucked,” she screamed.

The two worked in unison. Chad would pull his cock out, as Susan would shove the strap on deeper up her friend’s tight ass. Feather’s breathing was rapid as if she were hyperventilating. Her body was slick from sweat, making her slide between them as they fucked her holes.

Susan turned Feathers face towards her, knowing exactly what button to push next. When she opened her eyes to look at Susan, she pushed them. “I know exactly what you need slut. I know how much you like it when you get, used. You’re a just a piece of meat.”

Feather couldn’t speak even if she wanted to, she just whimpered. “I know how much you need it. How much you love being ass fucked. Beg my darling husband to do what you need done,” Susan said seductively.

Feather looked at Chad through glazed eyes, finding it difficult to speak. “Please do it Chad, please,” she said softly.

Chad knew where Susan was going with this, “that’s not how you beg whore,” he said with a demanding tone.

“Please, oh my fucking God. Please, use me Chad. My fucking cunt needs used. Treat me like the whore I am. Hurt me if you want, just fuck me,” she pleaded with him. Chad pushed his cock in as far it would go, pressing against her cervix. At the same time, he grabbed her clit between two fingers and squeezed.

“Do it now Susan,” Chad told his wife. Susan shoved every inch into her best friend’s ass.

Feathers eyes turned up, trying to roll back in her head. Her body was shaking uncontrollable as if she was having a seizure. It was hard to hold onto her as she screamed out like a possessed woman. Susan clamped her mouth against Feather’s, shoving her tongue in. She finished screaming into Susan open mouth.

Chad could feel the juice leaking out her abused pussy. There was so much, it felt like she lost control of her bladder. Feather went limp and slid off to the side of Chad. She was now a pile of well-fucked meat.

Susan knelt between her husband’s legs, putting his wet cock into her mouth. She knew what he liked to do when she gave head. As she bobbed up and down, Chad grabbed the sides of her face and began force fucking his cock deeper. When his cock started shooting, he pulled her head down which forced the head to enter her throat. Susan never tasted any of his cum. If this was a continuation of the dream last night, he never wanted to wake up.

Hi again! Sorry it’s been a while since I posted but I’ve been busy writing more and this one is pretty long. Also, I decided I sort needed to break this one up because it started getting so long and I didn’t want to send it in until I had the rest of it written so I could send that part in, too. I know my writing is sloppy at times and I’m trying to get better but sometimes I get really excited while I’m remembering all of this and I know I’m not a great writer so I’m doing the best I can and I hope you like it. Most of the comments have been really nice, so thank you for those!


Zoey and I didn’t want to miss dinner which would have been bad because there weren’t a lot of other places to eat on a Sunday evening. We made it there late and of course Sam was sitting at her cashier stand. We knew she would be and we wore the same thing as we did the first time. “You’re just being mean,” she said, never quite swiping our meal cards before waving us on. We ate supper, stealing glances at Sam working and giggling.

“That was hot as hell,” Zoey said between bites. “Are we going to do her again?”

“I think she really liked you,” I suggested because of what had happened.

“Bullshit, you’re the one who ate her ass,” Zoey reminded me. I know I blushed because I could feel the heat on my cheeks and Zoey called me on it. “Besides, I need to study, too. When we’re done eating, I should go home.” That idea made me sad, even though she would still be in the same suite, she might as well be on the other side of the planet.

“Yeah, me, too,” I said. I didn’t really need to study but I didn’t want to sound like I couldn’t let go. “Besides, Lindsey comes home tonight.”

“Not until late, though,” Zoey said, though it sounded more like a question. I had a mouthful of food. “I mean, if you wanted to do Sam again, you sort of could.” I nodded, still chewing. I was really hungry. “I think one of us should.” I was confused why either one of us needed to do her, but I shrugged.

“I guess, you know, if she wants to do it with just me.”

“I can ask,” Zoey offered and before I could stop her, she bounced her way back to Sam’s cashier stand and came back all smiles. “I told her I had to study but you still wanted to do her and she’s excited.” I wasn’t sure how to feel. We finished eating but still had to wait for Sam. Instead of waiting in the Student Union, we went back to our rooms. It felt sort of funny when Zoey went into her room first. “Tell me about it tomorrow, okay?” she said and she looked both ways in the hallway before she kissed me. It was a really short kiss and I wanted a lot more. Instead, I opened the door to my room and went inside.

I had half an hour I had to kill before Sam would get off work and I had no idea what to do with myself. It felt funny sitting in my room. My bed was made, of course. I decided to take a shower, but that didn’t take very long. Standing naked in my room, I tried to figure out what I wanted to wear. Should I put on panties and a bra? Maybe I should dress like I was going to go to bed, since I guess that’s what I was going to do. I remember killing time by blowing drying my hair and I put on a little bit of make-up. Not a lot, just some concealer and a bit of lipstick. I didn’t want to look like I was doing too much. It wasn’t very often that I wished we had a TV in the room, but that was one of those times. I kept wondering what I was doing sitting there waiting for a girl I barely knew to show up and have sex with her. I got nervous and wasn’t sure I wanted anything to happen.

There was a knock on the bathroom door and I opened it. Zoey was standing there. “I am so jealous you get to have fun and I don’t!” she said, all smiles and bubbles like always. “Here.” She gave her vibrator and then she gave me a better kiss and grabbed my ass.

“I won’t need this,” I said, trying to hand her back the sex toy but she wouldn’t let me. That’s when there was a knock at my front door and we both knew that would be. She ducked back into the bathroom so she wasn’t caught. I hurried up and opened one of my drawers and tossed the toy inside because I didn’t want to open the door holding the stupid thing.

“Hey there,” Sam said all smiles as soon as I opened the door. Her eyes moved over me. I had decided on a regular t-shirt and panties, which is what I usually wore to bed. “So where’s Zoey’s room?” she asked.

“Oh, down the hall,” I generalized unsure if I should tell her we were suitemates or not. Awkward!

“She’s really fun,” Sam said and I wasn’t sure if she was being nice or telling me she liked Zoey better.

“Yeah she is,” I said, sitting on my bed. Sam sat next to me and we kissed. It was a deep kiss, more just a nice kiss.

“How long have you two been, you know, doing stuff?” she asked and looked puzzled when I started laughing.

“Two days?” I answered, deciding to ignore our first time together or combine that last two days into one. It was close enough.

“Well steal my clothes and fuck me running! You are so lying!” she squealed, louder than was needed, but it was funny because of what she said and how animated she was. “But you’ve been with other girls before her, right?” I shook my head and told how Zoey said I was her first, too. “No way!” I laughed, why would I lie about that?

“But we practiced a lot this weekend,” I admitted.

Sam smiled while looking at my chest. She started rubbing my chest, playing with one of my nipples. “So, you’re really not a couple, right?”

“No,” I said wondering if I needed to explain more. “Just friends. Friends with benefits sort of thing.”

“That is so fucking cool,” Sam said. She moved her hand around the back of my head and kissed me deeply. This was the kind of kiss I was expecting earlier. This was a “we’re having sex now” sort of kiss. I parted my lips, she put her tongue in my mouth and we went from there. She put her hands under my shirt, pushed it up and sucked on my tits while I pulled it off. We kissed some more while we worked off her shirt and bra (because she had come straight from work). I kissed her tits and took more time to enjoy them. Sam’s tits were bigger than Zoey’s, a lot bigger and they were bigger than mine, too. Her nipples were fat nubs that got really hard. “You can sort of bite them if you want,” she told me and I guessed that was something she liked, so I did and she moaned as she rubbed the back of head. I grabbed at her pussy through her jeans and she stuck her hand inside my panties. It didn’t make sense to stay dressed, so we got naked.

After spending the last two days making love to Zoey’s tanned body, having Sam’s creamy white body stretched out in front of me felt different. It was sort of funny how my eyes kept being surprised to see creamy white skin instead of Zoey’s even tan. I don’t know why, but it sort of helped remind me that I was making love to another woman and it was different doing it alone instead of doing Sam with Zoey. This time I had Sam all to myself and I took my time. I pushed her back on my bed, kissed down her body and I didn’t stop until I was between her legs and seeing that reddish-brown triangle of public hair. Lying on my stomach, I started licking her pussy. She tasted different than Zoey but still tasted like you expect pussy to taste like. While I was going down on her, it struck me what I was doing. I was making love to another woman. Not just another woman, but another, another woman, LOL. I know I had already had sex with her before, but doing it one-on-one made it feel different.

I sucked on Sam’s pussy and did all the things I had tried first on Zoey. Sam’s pussy got wetter than Zoey’s pussy did. I can’t say she “gushed” because I met other women who gush, but she was wet enough that I felt coated in pussy and I decided I liked it. I fingered her pussy, too, and when I started doing that, she started coming. Like before, Sam was really loud. “Fuck yes! Do it, Katie! Eat me! Eat me, Katie! Eeeeeat meeeee!” She bucked when she came and though I wished she wasn’t so loud, I still felt really accomplished making her orgasm like that. “My turn,” she said as soon as her orgasm had passed.

Sam was bigger than Zoey, taller and maybe a bit heavier because Zoey is really petite. Sam sat up and sort of pushed me backwards. I laughed and went with it.

“I miss this so much,” she said, kissing my lips before skipping right to my tits. She bit at my nipple and I guess I winced or jerked or something. “Too hard?” she asked.

“No, it’s okay,” I said because it did feel good, it was just unexpected. Zoey didn’t bite. Sam did. I guess it’s good thing I like to sort of rough on my nipples sometimes.

“I want this pussy,” Sam said, cupping my pussy and speaking as she kissed down my stomach. It took her three kisses before she was on her stomach and between my legs. We had been in this position before. Last time, Zoey had been sitting in my desk chair and watching. Glancing at the empty chair reminded me this wasn’t about Zoey and me, it was about me and Sam. I focused on watching Sam. “Fuck, your pussy tastes so good,” she purred between licks. “I want to eat this pussy for days.” She licked me everywhere and it felt good because she knew what she was doing. It wasn’t like when a guy licks everywhere hoping to get lucky. This was a woman who knew what she was doing and I was unwilling to stop her. She circled around my clit and that was sort of the magic motion for her to make because it was close to how I do it when I masturbate. However I reacted, she caught it. “Ooo, you like it like that?” she said as if she had found my secret. She went in a circle around my clit again and again. I squirmed beneath her and was felt helpless as my orgasm bubbled up inside of me and I came with a long, satisfying orgasm.

Sam tried to keep going, but I pulled her up and into my arms. Part of me felt as if I was betraying Zoey by holding another woman, but another part of me didn’t care. The part that didn’t care was bigger. After all, Zoey had set-up this meeting. That meant she wanted it to happen, right? Instead, I focused on how it felt to hold another woman in my arms. I focused on it felt to feel her bare breasts squished against my bare breasts. I enjoyed the difference in kisses. I admired her pretty, oval shaped face, high cheekbones and sweet lips. I brushed a lock of curly ginger hair away from her face. “Have you been with a lot of girls?” I asked.

“Three girls, but not all at once,” she said. She told stories I won’t repeat here about her first time with a cousin of hers. Then her second girlfriend was a girl she knew in school and how they sort of dared each other into doing stuff. “We did it a lot and liked it, but she always felt funny about doing it.” I nodded because I think I understood how she might have felt. I asked about the third girl and Sam laughed. I liked the way her breasts moved against me when she did. “I seduced the fuck out that girl.” It almost sounded as if she stalked the girl, but I guess that wasn’t what really happened, but she told me how it took a while for the girl to kiss her and then to let more happen until finally they were doing everything. “And I do mean, everything,” she said. I didn’t ask what that meant. She asked me how Zoey and I got together.

“We’re not really together,” I said, reminding her and myself how Zoey and I weren’t really a couple. I told her how I caught her masturbating without realizing that I was saying that Zoey was my suitemate.

“You mean she’s next door?”

I nodded, worried that I just made a big mistake. Instead, Sam took it in a different direction.

“So you two can do it anytime you want?”

“Well, if our roommates aren’t around, yeah,” I said, still wondering how that was going to work out.

“You should trade roommates,” Sam suggested, making the obvious suggestion.

“Yeah, we talked about that. Maybe, I don’t know.” I didn’t feel like trying to explain everything to her. Instead, I kissed her again and played with one of her boobs and that was enough to change the topic.

“You’re really good at eating pussy,” she purred. I think she meant that as a compliment but it felt like a weird one. “And it was really hot when you ate my ass. I thought I was the only person into that.”

“Zoey likes it a lot,” I said, deflecting. “She said she likes it up the butt.” Once again, I hated that I was saying too much, but fuck it. I mean, Zoey pushed us together, so why was I trying to be so careful? It wasn’t as if Zoey didn’t have sex with Sam, too, you know?

“Wow, me too! I mean, I’ve only done it a couple of times with this one guy I was dating, but I’ve done it lots of time to myself.”

“Zoey was doing that when I caught her masturbating,” I said, giggling. I guess I was still feeling a bit bad about saying so much about Zoey and so I said the rest, too. “She was the first person do to anything like that me.”

“Did you like it?”

“Sort of,” I hedged.

“So that’s what she meant about you being in training,” Sam said with a big, happy smile on her face. “I want to eat your ass.” She started sliding down my body. I tried to stop her.

“Maybe we can . . .,” I tried, unsure what else to say. It didn’t matter. Sam wasn’t stopping.

“Trust me, you’ll like it. I made my girlfriend love it and I can make you like it, too.” Sam was trying to roll me over on my stomach.

I didn’t know what else to do. Sam was one of those loud people who always seem to get their way because their either first to make a suggestion or loudest or whatever. Without knowing why I was doing it (aside from it being easier to go along than try to fight her), I allowed her to roll me on my stomach. I was lying flat on the bed and Sam was stretched out behind me. In a lot of ways, we were laying the same way as if she was going to eat my pussy except I was on my stomach instead of my back.

“Give me this,” she said, pulling up on my hips and I moved with her, poking my ass up in the air. I felt silly. I think if I was with a man I would have felt different except I wasn’t with a man. Like she had done with Zoey this afternoon, Sam buried her face between my buttcheeks and started licking me. I didn’t miss that she was doing to me what I had done to her earlier that afternoon.

Okay, I’ll admit it, it felt good. It was different. Sam wasn’t the first person to lick me there, because Zoey had done it, but Sam did it with more intensity. In a way, it felt as if she was doing all the right things, but in the wrong spot. Then she started playing with my pussy, too, and everything she was doing behind me felt that much better. “I wish I had a toy,” she said before she put a finger inside of me. That was a sensation that felt sort of familiar. Even when she added a second finger, it felt good because it was something Zoey had done. And I’ll admit it, I did come again and it’s hard for me to say I didn’t like having an orgasm because I did. “Good, right?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said though I think she was more excited about doing it than I was about receiving it.

“Want to do me again?”

“Can I just go down on you regular?”

“If you want,” she said and it looked as if she was trying to put a happy face over a sad face.

“I can use my fingers back there if you want,” I offered.

“Yeah, that would be really good,” she said, looking happier. So I pushed her against my pillows and went down on her. While I ate her pussy, I fingered her butt like I had done with Zoey. I guess I did a good job and I guess she liked it, a lot, because she got really loud again. It’s hard to tell with Sam, because she always got loud. I can’t say I liked fingering her butt as much as I enjoyed licking her pussy because that would be a lie, except I didn’t mind putting my fingers up her butt.

Anyway, after that orgasm of hers, I said something about it getting late, that I was tired and that my roommate would be home soon.

“Yeah, I should probably go,” Sam said, as if leaving was magically her idea. I smiled. We kissed, got dressed, kissed again and she was gone.

I took another shower as soon as she was gone. I don’t know why I did, but I wanted one so I did. I’m glad I did. I felt exhausted and went to bed even though it wasn’t even ten o’clock yet. I don’t know when Lindsey came home, I never heard her, but she was in the room when I woke up the next morning. I felt sore when I tried to sit up as if I had done a hundred crunches a hundred times over the weekend. Maybe I had with all the orgasms, I don’t know. It was a fun way to feel sore.

Monday morning and the weekend felt like a crazy, sexy, scary and wonderful dream to me. Lindsey and I did breakfast together and at the end of the line, there sat Sam with a big smile on her face. She looked from me to Lindsey and back to me again. I didn’t want her to get the wrong idea, so I introduced Lindsey as my roommate. “When did you meet her?” Lindsey asked over breakfast.

“This weekend,” I said with a shrug as if it was nothing. I’m not very good with coming up with lies on the spot, but I did the best I could. “She came at a party I was at.” I couldn’t resist smiling at how I said that.

“You know she never really swiped our meal tickets, right?”

“No, I didn’t notice,” I said, which wasn’t a lie because I wasn’t paying attention.

After breakfast, Lindsey went to her classes and I went to mine. I wouldn’t see her again until after dinner. Walking seemed to help the soreness I felt from a weekend of orgasms and I spent most of my day thinking about Zoey instead of Sam. It was so funny walking around campus and having to keep an eye out for one of your suitemates because you didn’t know her schedule. Until last week, Zoey and Beth were more like neighbors than suitemates. We would visit with each other, but we didn’t hang out and we didn’t keep tabs on each other. It was a weird situation and I wished I had thought to get Zoey’s phone number or email address or something.

My class schedule was a mess. I had one class in the morning, then an hour off between classes, then another class followed by another break. It’s why I didn’t have homework over the weekend, because I usually did my homework and studying between classes. I had a couple quiet corners on campus where I would study between classes, but that Monday, I kept going back to my dorm room in hopes of bumping into Zoey. It wasn’t until after my classes were over that I saw her again. I was back in my room, reading on my bed and there was a knock at my front door. I opened it to see Zoey standing there. As she followed me into my room through that hallway with closets on one side and the bathroom on the other, she shut the bathroom door. That was a clear sign of privacy for Beth (and Zoey had she been in her room). Sometimes, having a pass-thru bathroom could feel like having two front doors.

“I was hoping to see you today,” I said, all smiles and happiness even before Zoey pressed against me and gave me a big, opened mouth, wet and sloppy kiss. Giggling, we sat on my bed/couch.

“Tell me everything,” she said and I knew she meant about Sam.

“What’s to tell? She came over, we had sex and that was that,” I said, grinning madly because I knew she would want more details than that. After teasing her, I went into more details. Zoey looked more excited about the story than I got by retelling it. She squirmed and asked questions and made me tell her about it in more detail than I would have done without her questions. When I was done, she asked me the important questions: if I had fun and if I wanted to do it again. “I think so,” I said. “I’m sore from so many orgasms.”

“Oh-my-God, me too!” she squealed. She looked down at her hands for a moment before telling me, “I sort of cheated last night and hung out in the bathroom while you with her.”

“Why didn’t you join us?”

“I don’t know, because I wanted you to have fun. Sam’s really loud.”

“Yeah she is,” I agreed. I asked how loud and Zoey said she could only hear her in the bathroom, but it was really easy to hear in her bathroom. She asked how much time we had before Lindsey got off work and I knew she was really asking if we had enough time to fool around. I answered with a kiss and before long we were naked and taking turns going down on each other. That was nice, but the nicer part was being naked with her again. We cuddled together, holding each other’s naked bodies close and giving each other little kisses instead of talking for a while.

“I really like eating pussy,” she said, breaking our silence.

“Me too,” I said.

“No, I mean, I really like it,” she insisted and she sat up. I sat up with her and we sat cross-legged, facing each other.

“More than dick?”

Zoey shrugged. “I don’t know about that, because I really like guys, too, but I’m really glad we did Sam.”

“Yeah, she’s fun,” I agreed, unsure where Zoey was going with things.

“It’s different with a girl, you know?” she asked. She reached out and caressed the curve of my breast with the palm of her hand while her thumb rocked my nipple back and forth. “I mean, I always sort of wondered what it would be like, but I never knew it would be this good.” She kissed me and I could tell she was thinking out loud and needed to keep talking. “I used to look at pictures of girls together and wonder what it would be like. Did you ever do that?” I shook my head. I mean, I had seen pictures like that and I had seen porn movies where girls did stuff together, but I never did it the way she meant it. “I used to,” she said. “I remember how pretty I thought those girls looked together. I remember thinking how happy they looked and I wanted to feel that way.”

“I like touching you,” I offered, because I did and I reached out and caressed one of her boobs, too. “It feels sort of wrong to do it, but that’s part of what makes it, fun, too. Does that make sense?” She nodded and smiled. She also tweaked my nipple by rolling it between her finger and thumb. I tried to ignore how good that felt. “You touch me differently than how a guy does it.”

“Oh-my-God, I know!” she said, lighting up as if I had picked a key element for her. “Guys are all like . . .” she grabbed and manhandled my boobs without any grace. “But girls are more like . . .” she caressed my breasts, but finished with a playful tweak that hurt and felt good at the same time. “Guys don’t get that, do they?”

“Most don’t,” I agreed.

“And don’t get me started on this,” she said, moving a hand between my legs. “I mean, I know that probably feels good, right?” she asked as she gently rubbed my clit with an up and down motion. “But how many guys have figured out that you really like it like this?” She moved her fingers in that tight, tiny circle that I use when I do it myself. She was right, of course, there had been more of an instinctual understanding between us. Even Sam seemed to pick up on little things faster than any man.

“But fucking sure feels nice, too,” I said.

“Yeah it does,” she agreed, moving her hand away from my pussy before I got too excited. “I don’t have a problem with dick. I think I still want it, but guys are easy to find, you know?” I nodded, they were. I knew I could get with my geeky fuck-buddy again anytime I wanted it and I had even thought about it. “Do you swallow? You know, when you’re with a guy?”

“Yeah, I love doing that. I like that a lot,” I said, because I did and still do, but I could tell Zoey didn’t share my opinion. I held back telling her how I used to suck off guys I wasn’t dating just for the fun of sucking them off.

“Guys are just messy.”

“Oh, like you don’t get wet?” I laughed. “And Sam? She gets REALLY wet.”

“But it’s not all shooting and spraying and in your face,” Zoey insisted. I shrugged because I knew it didn’t really matter. This wasn’t about guys as much as what we were doing together. “I like when they come in my pussy or up my butt, though,” she allowed with a half-grin.

“Well, if that happens, I’d still do down on you,” I added.

“Pervert,” she giggled.

“Me? You’re the one who likes it up the butt!”

“Sam, too!” she defended, still smiling.

“Yeah, she likes that a lot.”

Zoey moved closer to me. She put her legs over mine and moved until our pussies were inches away from each other and our nipples were touching. “I really like talking this,” she said and kissed me.

“Me too,” I said, though I glanced at the clock to make sure we weren’t going to get caught. We still had time.

“What was the best part about this weekend?” she asked.

“Catching you masturbating,” I said, though I knew that wasn’t technically part of the weekend. “You looked so sexy doing it.” I felt as if I needed to add more, too, so she would know I was on her side. “And it was really hot how you were fingering your backside.”

“Sometimes I use my toy there,” she said and that reminded me that I still had it. I jumped up, ran to my drawer and gave it back to her. “Are you wanting a demonstration?”

“Oh no, I just didn’t want to forget to give it back to you,” I said as I climbed back on the bed. This time, it was my legs that went over her legs so we were still sitting extra close. I picked up the toy and really studied its size. “You can really fit this up your butt?” It looked too big.

“I take dicks there, so yeah,” she giggled. “You should let me do it to you. I bet you’d like it.”

“I don’t know,” I said, unsure if I’d like it or not. “But I bet Sam would like that.”

“Really?” Zoey asked. I nodded because I was sure of it. “Is it wrong if I say I really want to have sex with her again?”

“I think it’s your turn,” I said because I didn’t want to hog Sam to myself.

“I don’t know where we’d do it, though. Beth is like always in the room.”

“You can bring her back here,” I offered since Lindsey’s work and class schedule kept her out of the room until after five every day. Zoey gave me a hopeful look and I hoped I was sweetening the deal with what I said next. “And I think you should do her one-on-one, too.”

“But what are you going to do? Watch?”

I shook my head. “No, I can just let you guys in, you can have your fun and I’ll come back later.”

“You’d do that for me?” she asked, looking surprised.

“I don’t know,” I said, pulling the toy away from her. “Do you promise to keep this out of my ass until I’m ready for it?”

“Yes,” she said, giggling and kissing me.

“Deal,” I said between her kisses. “But you have to find out her schedule and stuff.” That reminded me how I didn’t know Zoey’s schedule and by the time we were done swapping phone numbers and comparing class schedules, it was time for us to get dressed before Lindsey walked in on us. Keeping things discrete, Zoey left through the front door to go back to her room instead of cutting through the bathroom. I thought that was funny. It added to the sensation that we were in a secret club with precisely three members.

It didn’t take long for Zoey and Sam to work out their schedules. In fact, it was the next day when Zoey caught up with me with the quad between classes. “Hey sexy,” she said.

“What’s up, girlfriend?” I asked, laughing because it felt funny to say those things and because we both knew they were true. Zoey asked if I was serious about my offer and how I felt about giving them some space that afternoon. I answered by giving her my room key. “Lindsey gets off work at five, so you have to be done by then.” Zoey nodded and we made arrangements to meet in the cafeteria at four, which was when Sam’s shift would start.

On Tuesday’s, I had an afternoon class from one o’clock until two o’clock. That was the class that got cancelled the day I caught Zoey playing with herself. As I sat in class, I couldn’t keep my mind off of what was probably happening in my dorm room. I briefly wondered why they couldn’t use Zoey’s room, but without knowing Beth’s schedule, I dismissed the thought. I remember how I didn’t feel jealous or left out. Instead, I felt happy that Zoey and Sam were having some one-on-one time. I tried imagining what they might be doing with each other before deciding that maybe I didn’t want to know, just knowing they were together was enough for me.

Sharing that class with my geeky fuck-buddy friend didn’t help matters. Eric was a nice guy, even if he was a hard-core gamer and huge computer geek. I liked Eric because he was smart and funny and even though he was into geek stuff, he still showered every day and tried to look good. It was the first time I had seen time since our Thursday night together and I knew I had to talk to him. His awkwardness after class was so cute and funny. “What’s up, Katie?” he asked, smiling but looking unsure of himself. “I haven’t seen you around.” He was right, because I had been holed up in my room having sex with Zoey.

“I’m good,” I said and kissed him on cheek.

“If you’re heading to class, I can walk you,” he offered. That was so sweet that I felt my heart melt a little bit for him.

“I’m done for the day. What about you? I can walk you to class.”

“I’m done, too,” he said and looked unsure what to say next.

“We could sit for a bit if you want,” I offered. I led the way outside and we sat on the steps of the building in the sun. It was mid-September and the weather was still beautiful.

“I had fun the other night,” he blurted out.

“Yeah, me, too,” I said, leaning against him for a moment. “You were good.”

“Really?” He sounded surprised.

“Oh yeah, you did a great job. Got me off.”

Eric laughed and fell speechless for a moment before asking, “So, that was just a one-time thing, right?”

“I think so,” I said, remembering what I had told him that night. I know he didn’t understand why I fucked him and I wasn’t sure how much of an explanation I owed him. After that first time with Zoey, when I was confused by how much I liked it, I had wanted to be with a guy, almost any guy. Eric and I ended up in line together in the cafeteria and we ended up sitting together. I remember being confused and horny and thinking that he was doable in a geeky sort of way. I had asked him if he had a girlfriend. He said he didn’t. Then I asked him if he had ever had a girlfriend and he had laughed, assuring me he had. (I know, that was mean, but it was how it happened.) Then I asked him how he felt about having a cheap, meaningless one-night-stand and the surprised look on his face had sealed the deal for me.

“Okay. Well, if you ever, you know, will you think about me?”

“While I’m doing it with someone else?” I asked. I was teasing, of course.

“Um, sure, okay,” he stammered, giving me a confused look. His half smile reminded me a bit of how Zoey sometimes smiled with just half of her lips.

“Fine,” I sighed, still playing though I don’t think he had caught on yet. “I’ll blow you for old time’s sake but I’m not getting naked, okay?”

Eric stared at me with wide open brown eyes that were waiting for me to laugh or smile or something. “Are you serious?”

“Was I serious last Thursday?”


“Then let’s do it, okay? We have to go to your room, though.”

“Yeah, sure,” he said, standing up but still looking confused. I stood up with him and nodded from him to lead the way. As we walked towards his building, he pulled out his phone. “I need to make sure my roommate isn’t home.” I nodded, smiling and feeling giddy about what I was going to do. It was like before I got pregnant when I would sneak out to the parking lot, give a quick blow-job to some lucky guy and then head back into class. I only did that three times, but it had been with three different guys and I think, if I didn’t end up with a boyfriend later that year, I would have kept on doing it. Like Eric, all three of those guys had been good-looking, geeky guys who weren’t really popular in school and I had known, even if they had told someone about what had happened, no one would believe them.

As we walked, I listened to Eric’s side of the conversation. “Yo bitch,” he said when his roommate answered. “I need you to clear out of the room for a bit.” A pause. “Why do you think?” Another pause. “No, you don’t know her.” Another pause. “Shut the fuck up and get out, okay?” One more pause. “No, a different girl,” he said and I knew he had told his roommate about our tryst last Thursday. “Hurry,” he added.

Our college had two freshmen dorms that faced each other. One was for the incoming men and the other was for the women. The rules were different between the two buildings, though both dorms required guests to be accompanied. Men were forbidden in the women’s dorm after midnight while the men’s dorm didn’t carry the same restriction against female guests after midnight. Eric’s room was on the ground floor and as we walked into the building, I felt like I had on Thursday night. I was walking into a den of testosterone and it felt good. Every guy we passed turned and stared at the two of us. As we turned the corner towards Eric’s room, another geeky looking guy slowed as he approached us. I wasn’t sure, but it looked as if that guy had just left Eric’s room. As we drew closer, the guy nodded at Eric and gave that typical guy greeting and head nod, “Dude.” Eric nodded back and kept walking, but I stopped him.

“Was that your roommate?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Eric said, glancing over his shoulder to make sure the other guy had kept walking.

“He’s sort of cute,” I said, looking over my shoulder. Terrance, Eric’s roommate, had made it as far as the turn in the hallway before stopping. He was peeking around the corner, I guess hoping to get a better look at the girl with his roommate. I waved at him. “Wait a second, okay?” I told Eric and started walking down the hallway to the corner. Terrance saw me and ducked back around the corner. Maybe he was running away, but something told me he was standing just around the corner wondering what to do. When I reached the corner, I saw that I was right. I quickly looked him over before extending my hand to him. Glancing to my left, I could see Eric was still standing in the hallway, in front of his room, looking confused and worried.

“Hi, I’m Becky,” I lied. Don’t ask me where I got that name or why I lied, I just did.

“Terrance,” he said, shaking my hand and looking as if he was about to run away.

“I’m going to suck off your roommate and then leave, but if you want to, I’ll suck off you, too.”

Terrence blinked once and stared at me as words failed him. His mouth opened, but no words came out. I knew I had just blown his mind and I didn’t care.

“Is that a yes or no?” I asked and he managed to nod his head. I pulled my hand away and started walking back down the hallway. I didn’t look to see if he was following me but the confused look on Eric’s face told me he did. As I neared Eric, I whispered, “He thinks my name is Becky.” I got another slack jawed head nod. I nodded at the door and Eric opened it. That’s when I glanced over my shoulder, saw Terrance was right behind me and stepped inside a room that was laid out much the ones in my dorm.

Unlike the rooms in the girl’s dorm, a big TV hooked up to three different gaming systems took precedent in their room. Their beds were bunk beds and I knew the bottom bunk was Eric’s. I walked into the middle of the room and smiled at them. They stood side-by-side with an amazed and confused look on their faces.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” I told them. “I’m going to give you each one blow job. You’re allowed to come inside my mouth. You’re not allowed to touch me. If you tell your friends about this, it will never happen again. Deal?”

I got two head nods before Terrance asked, “Who goes first?”

“You both do,” I said and snagged a pillow off Eric’s bed before dropping to my knees in front of them. Oddly, Terrance seemed to understand the deal faster than Eric. He started working the front of his pants, glanced towards Eric and stopped. I rubbed the front of Eric’s pants, unsurprised to find out he was hard. I was willing to bet he had gotten hard on the walk over. Feeling my hand on his crotch was all the extra encouragement Eric needed. After glancing at what Terrence was doing, Eric opened his pants, too.

Both men were wearing white-tighty underwear that they pushed down to their knees along with their jeans. I started with Eric, since he was hardest. I wrapped my lips around his nicely sized prick and sucked him back and forth a few times while rubbing Terrance’s growing penis. Once I felt Terrance getting hard, I moved from Eric to Terrance. Both men stood absolutely still and neither of them said a word. I’m guessing neither wanted to risk breaking the spell though I don’t know. I didn’t care. After my talk yesterday with Zoey and knowing what she was doing, I wanted cock in my mouth just like how I wanted dick in my pussy after that first time with Zoey. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was about to spend most of my freshman year eating pussy. For that moment, I felt like the world’s worst lesbian and felt better because of it.

I’d like to say how I spent an hour on my knees sucking them. I’d like to say how I had time to suck on their balls and really play with both of them. Hell, with how my life turned out, I’d like to say lots of different things happened before we were done, but none of that would be true. Instead, neither one of them held back. Maybe I spent a total of ten minutes of my knees, but I doubt it. It felt like it was maybe ten seconds. One moment, I’m enjoying moving back and forth between their fat, hard cocks and then the next moment, Terrance is moaning and coming inside my mouth. As soon as I was done swallowing him, the very moment I put my lips back on Eric, he came, too. In a way, I got what I wanted most, I got two nice sized mouthfuls of cum back-to-back. In another way, I wanted to spend more time getting there.

Even though they were both hard and I was very tempted to do a lot more with them, I didn’t. After their orgasms, I stood up. I kissed both of them on the lips even though I had just sucked them off. I didn’t care, but that gets to other things about me that you’ll have to read in different stories. I did exactly what I promised to do. I sucked them off, stood and left. I guess that kind of ruined things for Eric because on Thursday in class, he wouldn’t look at me. I remember that happening to me in high school, too, and it didn’t bother me. Besides, by the time Thursday rolled around, I wasn’t sure I still wanted cock in my life.

Because Eric and Terrance didn’t take very long, I still had a lot of time to kill before meeting up with Zoey at the cafeteria. With nothing better to do with my time, I went to the Student Center and camped out at one of the tables inside the cafeteria. I drank a Coke, read and did my best to ignore how my entire body felt on fire. I felt horny in a way I had never experienced. Sucking off those guys might have proved to me that I still liked cock, but it did nothing for calming the fire between my legs. Hell, it made it worse, but I was determined to suffer. I’m sure I kept squirming in my chair because I remember how I kept crossing and recrossing my legs wishing I could bring myself to go into the bathroom and masturbate. I thought a lot about Sam and Zoey and hoped they were having a good time until I saw them strolling into the cafeteria wearing big, happy smiles. They were cutting it close. It was only a few minutes before four o’clock, the start of Sam’s work shift. She gave me a big smile, apologized because she had to clock in and disappeared into the kitchen area while Zoey plopped down across from me.

“Damn,” she said.

“Well, don’t get comfortable,” I said, standing and grabbing her hand for her to follow me.

You will enjoy this story much more if you read the first two chapters first. Thanks!


“I have no idea why I always look through the designer vodkas every time I am here when I know I’m just going to buy my usual brand.” I thought to myself half out loud.

While lost in a sea of fancy bottles, I felt a soft tap on my shoulder and turned to see a sweet, perky smile.

“Becky! Wow, it’s great to see you!” I exclaimed as I gave her a big hug. “You’ve been letting your hair grow. I like it. Very sexy!”

“Aw thanks, it’s good to see you too!” She said in a cheerful voice. “Yeah, I was just in the mood for a change I guess.”

Her shoulder length raven black hair framed her face beautifully, and with her deep tan and engaging smile, you just wanted to eat her up.

“So tell me, what brings you to this sordid place,” I joked.

“I was just here to pick up a bottle of tequila before going over to Lisa’s house to watch a movie. In fact,” she continued with a devious twinkle in her eye, “I think you should come on over and we can make a party of it!”

“Well, I would hate to put a damper on movie night,” I teased with a smile.

“Are you kidding?” Becky replied. “Just yesterday Lisa was talking about you and how we should all get together again.”

“Well OK then, you can stop twisting my arm!” I kidded. “I’m in!”

“Yay!” Becky exclaimed, clapping her hands and bouncing up and down. “Let’s get checked out of this place and you can follow me over.”

I followed Becky until she stopped in front of a small story and a half house in a quiet neighborhood where Lisa lived by herself. It was dark and there was a warm glow of light in the windows. We walked to the side door where Becky gave a soft knock before opening it.

As she walked in I could hear Lisa ask, “Hi Becky, did you remember the movie?”

As I followed through the door, Lisa leapt to her feet and shouted, “Holy fuck!” as she ran up to me and jumped in my arms, wrapping her legs around me. “I can’t believe you’re here!”

“Wow,” I exclaimed as she gave me a big kiss on the cheek. “You sure know how to make a guy feel welcome!”

“So where did you find this loser anyway, Becky?” Lisa kidded.

“I ran into him at the liquor store and figured he needed rescuing.” Becky joked.

“Well, I’m just glad she got your ass over here!” Lisa continued, “Anyway, come on in you guys, and make yourself at home!”

I looked into Lisa’s house as I walked through her kitchen and into her living room. One half was a cozy area with a love seat and a couple of chairs, and the other half was dedicated to training for her passion of pole dancing, including a large all-in-one exercise machine.

“So Lisa, this is where you make your YouTube videos?” I asked as I looked around the room. “I have to admit I watch them all the time.”

“So tell me big guy,” Lisa asked with a bit of attitude, “is it difficult navigating my videos using just one hand?”

I was on to her and replied, “No, but I do need to remember to keep my other hand off the keyboard. The lotion can really make a mess of things.”

Lisa laughed as we all sat down to talk.

I started in, “OK, I am curious. After our last get together, have you and Becky….well, you know, been together again?”

“Funny you should ask.” Becky joined in. “So happens that’s mostly what “movie night” is all about.” She laughed and said, “Sometimes we don’t see any of the movie!”

“Wow,” I exclaimed under my breath, I’m getting a bit of a chubby just picturing you two getting it on! Hey Lisa,” I continued, “speaking of sexy stuff, I just heard you got a pole dancing job at that new club downtown. How is that going?”

“Oh man, I love it!” Lisa exclaimed, her eyes lighting up. “I’m up there on stage doing all these sexy moves and as I look out into the audience I see all of these guys with their eyes glued to me, and I know damn well what they’re thinking about. It’s just such a fucking turn on!”

Becky chimed in smiling, “Yeah, and all the time Lisa is thinking gee, I sure wish it was movie night!”

Lisa laughed and gave Becky a playful punch in the arm.

“Sooo,” Lisa said looking at me seductively, “would you like me to do a private show, just for you?”

“Holy shit Lisa!” I said mesmerized. “You know the answer to that!”

“I’ll tell you what,” she teased, “I will do it for you naked, if you will do what you do while watching my videos.”

“That’s a no brainer,” I said with a smile.

“Oh my god!” Becky exclaimed. “I have always wanted to watch a guy play with himself! I think that is so hot!”

Lisa walked over to the pole and turned around, her demeanor changing to that of performer. She gracefully brought her hands down to unfasten and unzip her jeans. Hooking her thumbs in her skin tight waist, she tugged them down, shifting her tiny hips back and forth to help them off.

She kicked them aside and stood up, showing off a tiny pink thong, then quickly pulled her T-shirt over her head, exposing her small but perfectly round, firm, sexy breasts. Her long curly blond hair fell down onto her brown, bare shoulders.

With one final seductive motion, she shed her thong, leaving her naked body on display.

Becky was sitting next to me on the love seat and I could feel her eyes on me as I undid my pants and pulled them off, exposing my cock that was already hard.

Lisa smiled as she turned to the pole, and with a single graceful movement, leapt to the top and immediately began to descend. Her hands squeaked as she gripped the pole tightly, her body spiraling around before stopping midway. She proceeded through her performance and then with great strength and control, extended her body, legs together, straight outward parallel to the floor.

The muscles in her tiny, hard body rippled with definition, and her skin began to glisten with perspiration.

Her body, now slick and shiny, rotated around the pole as she spread her legs open wide, showing off her smooth pussy, the lips stretched wide open.

Becky was watching me intently as I stroked my shaft to the incredible sight of Lisa’s performance.

“So, is your arm getting tired yet?” Becky asked coyly.

“It sure is!” I feigned breathlessly.

To my surprise, Becky wrapped her hand around the base of my cock before leaning over and letting a big spit wad fall from her mouth to run down the length of my shaft. With her hand she gathered up the lubrication and spread it around to cause a wonderful slick sensation.

“Oh my, Becky. That was so unlady like of you,” I observed, “which is why it was so fucking hot!”

Becky smiled with pride as she continued to massage her spit into my throbbing dick.

Lisa spun around the pole once more as she finished her routine, dropping to the floor.

“Holy fuck, Lisa!” I exclaimed as coherently as I could under the circumstances. “Too bad YouTube won’t let you post that one!”

“Why thank you so much,” she announced in a formal voice before taking a large animated bow.

She dropped down in the chair just across from us with her legs spread wide open, not to reveal herself but because she was a tomboy that thought nothing of sitting like a guy. To me, that made the view all the hotter.

As Becky kept working my dick I offered a suggestion. “You know Lisa, guys like to watch chicks masturbate too.”

“Well I have to admit, I’m in the mood to rub one out,” Lisa said, “and nothing would get me going more than to watch you fuck Becky.”

Becky turned quickly to Lisa and exclaimed, “Oh my god!”

“Whattaya say, Becky?” I teased, hoping to embarrass her. “Why don’t you strip those jeans off and sit on my hard cock so I can fuck you senseless?

Becky was so horny by now she shimmied out of her jeans quickly and I could see a large wet spot on her panties as they fell to the floor.

She had a full bush that was trimmed very short, with jet black pubes curled tightly against her dark tan skin.

Facing me, she straddled my hips, standing on her knees. With my one hand on her smooth tight ass, she lowered herself as I guided my cock inside her warm, tight pussy.

She moaned and her breathing stuttered as I slowly yet anxiously thrust myself deep inside her.

I impatiently grabbed her T-shirt and pulled it up and off as the neckline picked up her thick black hair and dropped it across her face in disarray.

She wasn’t wearing a bra and her tiny jutting breasts twitched up and down with my thrusts and her large puffy nipples grew increasingly larger.

I looked over Becky’s shoulder to watch Lisa touching herself. With one hand she was guiding two fingers down though her wetness before entering herself as deeply as she could, tugging and massaging her G-spot. Her other hand was squeezing and kneading her left breast while her thumb and forefinger pinched her tiny pink nipple. Her eyes were locked onto Becky’s ass as if in a trance, her mouth hanging open. I could see Lisa’s breathing intensify and her muscles tighten as she became increasingly aroused.

It was time to give Lisa some added visual stimulation. I dropped my hand down behind Becky to get some juices onto my middle finger. With both hands I pulled Becky’s cheeks apart, giving Lisa the full view. I placed the tip of my finger onto her tiny puckered asshole and rubbed over it gently.

“What are you doing?” Becky gasped.

“It’s OK babe,” I assured her. “I’ll take it slow. Just relax.”

As I continued to fuck her at a slow and easy pace, I slowly pushed my finger in to the first joint before moving it in and out just that far.

“Oh god, that hurts a little but it really feels good too!” Becky exclaimed. “Do it some more!”

I smiled as I continued to work my finger deeper until it was all the way in, before fucking her asshole with long rhythmic strokes.

There is a fine line between pleasure and pain and Becky was discovering a whole new appreciation of what sex could be. She whined and moaned as she completely surrendered herself to the intense sensations washing over her.

“Oh yeah! Finger fuck that sweet little ass!” Lisa laughed as she watched her friend get some double penetration.

This was getting to be too much for us both as Becky sensed that I was close to losing control.

“You can cum inside me if you want.” Becky said softly in my ear.

There was something about her giving me permission to let go that made it impossible to hold back any longer.

Becky was approaching orgasm right along with me, each of us feeding on the other’s growing intensity until my hips spasmed, driving my cock deep as I pumped my load inside her contracting walls. She screamed as her body convulsed, my finger still deep inside her ass. Her knees hugged my hips tightly as she came hard, her arms wrapped firmly around my neck and her face pressed against mine.

As our orgasms subsided and the tension left out bodies, I gently wrapped my arms around her as she laid against me, completely spent. We laughed together at what an incredible experience we had just had. I gave her a warm kiss before she collapsed onto the couch next to me.

Lisa was still slowly rubbing herself as she commented, “Wow, was that fun or what? I have to admit I am jealous!” And then added, “I think I know just what would get me off big time. Fingers are fun, but I want big cock in my ass!”

“Holy shit, Lisa!” I exclaimed. “There is nothing more I would love than to violate that hot little ass of yours, but I’m going to need some time to recycle.”

“Oh, you think so, do you?” Lisa smiled as she got on all fours and crawled over to me.

She took my wet, half soft dick in her tiny hand and placed the head on her tongue. As she looked up at me she moved her hand out to the end, squeezing the last few drops of jizz into her mouth and swallowed it.

She closed her lips around just the head and then used the tip of her tongue to firmly massage the underside. That most sensitive of all places sent waves of intense stimulation through my body like an electrical shock. It was so overwhelming that my first instinct was to pull away, but I forced myself to hold still as I felt my cock quickly harden once again.

“Fuck, Lisa!” I groaned. “Where did you learn to do that?!”

As Lisa removed the head of my cock from her mouth to massage my now throbbing dick with her hand she said smiling, “And you didn’t think you were ready to go again yet.”

“Now that I have your attention,” she continued, “how about you fuck me in the ass with this thing.”

With that she stood up, turned around and bent over to grab the chair, placing her feet wide apart. My cock ached with anticipation at the thought of entering this tight, most forbidden place.

“Wow, wow, wow…” Becky exclaimed as she scooted in to get a good view.

I let a large, thick wad of spit fall onto her butt crack before using my thumb to rub it over the puckered opening. I placed the head of my dick against her asshole and moved my hips forward, putting pressure on the unyielding opening. She countered my efforts by moving back until my shaft started to enter her ever so slowly.

Lisa moaned and whimpered as I continued feeding my shaft in deeper, stopping momentarily to occasionally fuck her with short strokes before moving farther in.

My dick had almost disappeared into her ass when I asked, “Are you OK babe?”

“I’m more than OK,” she replied, her voice tense. “Now fuck me. Fuck me like you mean it!”

Lisa took one hand and started stroking her pussy while I grabbed her hips, reaming her ass with long purposeful strokes, increasing in speed and forcefulness.

Lisa would let out a staccato scream each time my hips would slap against her ass. A sound somewhere between pleasure and pain.

As she rubbed her pussy furiously she screamed out, “I’m coming, oh fuck I’m coming!!”

Her back rose and it appeared every muscle in her body contracted while her legs almost buckled under her as her orgasm pulsed through her.

As she let out small grunting sounds while the contractions began to dissipate, I pulled my cock out slowly. Her asshole was stretched wide open and I could see deep inside her. With my eyes locked onto this incredible sight I stroked myself frantically and within seconds my groin was hot with the pressure that was building until wads of jizz shot out and into her gaping hole

As the last of my load oozed out, I watched as my thick pearl cum ran slowly down the smooth pink walls.

I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her ass as I slid my tongue in as deeply as I could, gathering up my cum while working the sides, licking every surface.

“Oh yes, damn you!” Lisa moaned. “Holy shit!”

I finally removed my tongue, gave her asshole a playful kiss with a big “smack” before falling back on the floor against the chair.

Becky exclaimed, “I thought I had seen everything by now but that was the kinkiest fucking shit…I…I’m speechless!!

Lisa laughed and exclaimed, “I don’t think I’ll be able to sit for a week! But it was so worth it!”

OK, Here is part 2. I wrote this for a friend, and I’m posting it as its already done, as part ones ratings were an all time low for me. I don’t mind the low ratings as much as the complete lack of constructive criticism. If you want better things to read, tell authors what you like & don’t like.


So..a quick recap. My wife is a dirty slut who trapped me in a demented piece of furniture and raped my ass while I struggled uselessly

And I fucking loved it.

Wendy and I regressed to the Honeymoon of our marriage. I’ve always hated people smooching and playing grab-ass in public, and now we’re going at it like 16 year olds.

The day after ‘the incident’ as I think of it (maybe deflowering would be more accurate, but that sounds pretty gay) we drove to the local sexy toy shop and plunked down the flat screen fund on some lube, and toys.

Then we went home and did what I’m pretty sure no 16 year old has done.

I got into the doggy style position, in the reverse if usual. Or in English, I kneeled like the fucking bitch I’ve become. I was hit was a huge case of nerves. I mean, I’m no fruit loop, but it just felt so good.

Wendy put on the special belt doohickey we bought and slipped in Godzilla’ cock. It was big and green and menacing. I looked at Wendy and asked in a tiny voice, “Isn’t that a little big for me, doll?”

Wend smiled, and almost laughed. “Vic, this is an inch and a half by six inches. The same size you already had up your sweet butt, and smaller than your own, I may add.”

“It looks…gigantic,” I stuttered weakly.

Wendy just looked at me disdainfully and sniffed. “You can take it. and more. Besides, Lazlo is bigger than that.”

I drew up short. Lazlo was my wife’s crackpot inventor brother. Apparently the price of our new sexual awakening was my ass. A price I did NOT want to pay.

“Wendy,” I began. “I am not a fruit, like your nut ball brother is, and if I was…”

Wendy cut me off sharply by saying, “He is not a nut ball Vic. He is a very special person and you will NOT insult or belittle her in my presence!”

This was a much stronger side of Wendy than I’d ever seen. Her brother apparently must have been some sort of hot trigger for her. I mean, she’d get pissed when I referred to her sister as a fat toad, but not like this.

I rolled over onto my back, and sat up. “Wendy, what is going on here? You’re never like this, and just how do you know how big Lazlo’s dick is?”

Wendy began to pace. “Lazlo has always been….special. When I was 19 and he was 18, he came to my room one night to talk to me when no onewas home. He asked me how could he know if he was gay.”

Wendy continued to pace. “We talked about women, and if he got excited when a girl got naked. When he told me he’d never seen a naked girl to know, I stripped for him.”

Wendy put her hands over her eyes, seemingly afraid to look at me. After a pregnant pause, she continued, “We found out a lot about each other that night. Lazlo isn’t gay so much as bisexual I guess. And he prefers the name Layla when we’re alone.”

I froze for a second, confused. I looked up and said “Wendy, Layla is a girls name.”

Wendy turned away, still covering her eyes. “Layla is what most people call a she male. One of her inventions has allowed her to develop breasts, and sculpt her body. She wears a wig and shapeless men’s clothing around the family, as she embarrassed to tell them what she is.”

“Your brother is actually a fruity sister?” I blurted. It actually made sense, in a way it explained why he never seemed to spend any time around the family except the minimum required, and how he flinched from being touched. Well, she flinched, I guess.

Wendy spun around and fixed me with an icy glare. “Layla is a she, and you will treat her with the respect she deserves!” With that, she stormed out of the room.

The rest of the evening I spent in the doghouse. Sex was clearly off the table. When I climbed into bed after her, I put my hand on her ass and she actually growled at me. Fuck!

The next morning was Saturday. I woke up to no breakfast, and an empty apartment. OK, shit got serious. I need my bacon.

After going out for a bacony breakfast, I picked up two bouquets. 1 for Wendy one for Lazlo, or Layla, as I guess I should think of her.

When I returned home, Wendy was in the sex chair, clothed, and watching “Big Bang Theory.” My wife may have odd tastes in certain things but at least she can watch decent TV.

I presented her with a bouquet and held the other in reserve. As I used the flower ploy before, she looked skeptical. Before she could say anything, i smiled, and said, “These are for your new sister, when she arrives.”

Judging by the huge smile, and Wendy launching herself from the chair, my plan worked.

After one of those days where I was forced to help clean the house, Wendy walked me into the bathroom and ordered me to strip.

Once I was bare ass naked, I was ordered into the tub where some nasty lotion was spread on my twig and berries. It assaulted my eyes and nose.

“Wendy, what is this crap?” I politely inquired.

“It’s nair, hon,” she replied nonchalantly.

“Nair? I don’t mind shaving the boys, but why does my Johnson need to be clean?” I queried.

“Hair in the teeth,” was Wendy’s succinct answer.

I shut up at that point, as I realized hair in the teeth meant blow jobs. And my motto has always been there is no such thing as a bad blowjob.

After I was showered, and forced to experience an enema. I won’t share that, as if you’ve ever experienced mud butt, it’s like that, but with happier ending.

I put on my robe, and before I could do much else, the doorbell rang. I went to answer it, and Layla was there.

And I do mean Layla. She was breathtaking. About 5’6, 135, with spiky red hair and some of the juiciest boobs I’ve ever seen. Before I could mumble “Holy Shit!” she breezed in with a sexy strut.

I scrambled for her bouquet, and presented it like a 8 year old giving the teacher he popped his first bone on a Christmas gift.

She smiled a breathtaking smile, and in an erection inspiring voice said, “Vic, you big sweetie, that’s so nice of you.”

I’m guessing she didn’t notice the nice hard log now sticking out of my robe.

I tried not to swallow my tongue, and asked “How did you become so beautiful?”

Layla smiled and said, “You should never ask a lady her age, weight, or beauty routines.” She then strutted off to the bedroom, while I scampered after her like a puppy.

I sat on the bed whole the two ladies exchanged pleasantries. I kept the robe on, as I wasn’t sure what the agenda was, but I covered my raging bull.

They finalized turned to me, reached behind each other, and unzipped each other. The dresses (and my jaw dropped). Not only did my lovely wife now have a pierced navel, Layla has an erection that made my 7 inches look like a pygmy’s pole.

As she climbed on the bed, I almost slid away in fear at her giant cock. Despite my fear though, was a wonder and a craving to feel it in my ass.

We all sat there for a moment, looking at each other. Awkward.

Wendy broke the ice, “I know this is weird. What is three way etiquette? Well, I say we start with some Suckies. Vic, you suck Layla, I’ll suck you, and Layla, well, ya got me on my knees, Layla, and in begging baby please.”

My head popped up like a pup hearing a treat bag, “Um…you want me to suck cock? That’s…um,”

Wendy cut me off, “You had a dildo in your ass, and later you’re getting a cock. Don’t be a fucking prude.”

Well, she had a point there.

I slid down to address Layla’s lady lump, as it were. It strongly resembled a large purple snake, with one eye that was discharging. I tentatively touched the pearly droplet with my tongue. It tasted musky, yet tantalizingly sweet.

I licked away the rest of the droplet, and then, feeling braver, engulfed the head. Before I could even lick it, Layla’s hard cock surged into my mouth and throat, making me gag and tear up a bit.

I tried to pull back but Layla held my head. I began to see stars, so I basically jammed my fingers, trying to squeeze her nuts. I instead wound up inserting my finger up her ass.

She moaned, and backed onto my finger, releasing my head. I pulled back,and withdrew my finger.

“Damn it woman, let me breath, I’m new at this!” I bellowed.

Layla looked shocked for a moment, and then hugged me tightly. To quote a friend “Bitches be crazy.”

While she embraced me, I blurted out “What are you hugging me for you crazy bitch?”

This caused her to hug me harder. I looked at Wendy who was tearing up and looked to want to join in the hug, “What is with you girls?”

This did cause Wendy to clasp both of us. “Don’t you get it Vic? In the last 30 seconds, you called her a woman, a bitch and a girl. You’ve accepted her as a woman, which is what she desperately wants!”

I hugged the two sobbing women, and was still a bit confused. It wasn’t a conscious decision. She had big old titties, so I think girl. That’s how I’m wired. Whatever. Bitches be crazy is going to be my motto from now on.

When they finished with the waterworks, both of them regrouped around my cock. I was then treated to a slow, languorous suck job with 4 lips and two tongues. To say it was ecstatically delicious is an understatement.

I eventually blew my load with a roar and a com gush, and was treated to a three way snowball. I must admit, despite cum being salty snot like, the whole experience was kinda hot, especially when it dripped into my chest hair, and the ladies liked it off while licking and chewing my nipples. I felt like a king.

Wendy then had Layla lean back, and with a lot of guidance, I restarted my first blow job. I learned tricks years of masturbation had not taught.

I decided to freestyle after a bit, and try Wendy’s tricks and my own. I began to lave the base of Layla’s shaft while I stoked her taint and hole. Wendy wiggled away, and I soon felt her mimic my behavior on my own unit.

Layla began to shove my head down, but this time I was prepared. I swallowed and put my finger up her asshole. With a strangled cry, her cock began to pulse in my throat and she shot directly into my belly.

She fell back with a satisfied groan, and Wendy, who had been more playing than sucking me, climbed up to snuggle with her sister. I crawled up and snuggled with them.

After a moment, Wendy got up and left the room. She returned a few minutes later with three flutes of pink champagne and some warm wet wash cloths. We toasted to good orgasms, and the girls light heatedly ribbed me about my first deep throat and swallow.

We began to caress, and kiss, and Layla and I both raised to a full and upright position, as the stewardesses like to say . Wendy hot into the classic doggy style position, and handed me a tube of lube. I gently greased and fingered her clutching bung while she bounced her delicious rump in anticipation.

Wendy began humping back at my three inserted fingers, and gently moaning. She then reached back with both hands and spread her delicious cheeks, and cried, “Fuck my ass, Vic. Put that thing in and pump me full!.”

I inserted the tip, and began to slowly pump in and out of her ass. As the last time I did this I was quite distracted, I went slowly, savoring it until I was buried in her clutching bowels.

It felt amazing tight, and her reveal walls were squeezing me and rippling up and down on my shaft. As I was preparing to pump her, I felt Layla begin to prep my ass.

I continued to stroke in and out, and I felt Layla fingers open me. After a few minutes, she whispered in my ear, “Bottom out in her baby. Balls deep.”

I sunk fully in, and felt Wendy’s asshole nip in at the base of my cock, it felt awesome. Then I felt the blunted tip of Layla’s formidable meat touch my asshole.

My hole quickly clenched in fear. Layla pulled back, and rubbed my back while whispering for me to give Wendy a few more strokes, as I did Layla continued to probe and rub. After a deep thrust, I withdrew, pushing my hole onto Layla’s cockhead, which popped in with a bit of pain.

I winces, and froze. Layla held up as well, and kept rubbing my lower back,whispering to relax.

After a minute or so she began to strike in and out. It honestly felt like a 747 trying to land in my dumper. I tried to relax, and push out as Layla suggested.

My asshole began to relax, and as it did, I began to move back and forth, fucking Wendy on the in stroke, and Layla on the out.

My mind went blank as I was just living for the pleasure. I began pumping back and forth blindly as my body felt nothing but the most incredible pleasure.

I felt my climax swiftly approaching and was almost saddened. I was experiencing pure joy and lust and didn’t want it to end. And then my world seem to smash and shatter like it was made of glass, as I thrust balls deep into Wendy, and Layla bottomed out in me, and we both began to pump out an inhuman amount of semen, if the puddles afterward were to be judged.

My next conscious thought was the Wendy must be smoothed flat, as Layla was collapsed on my back, and we were both on Wendy.

I tried to free myself, and Layla groaned, “No lover, cuddle me.” Damn women always want to cuddle. I just want to pee and have a beer, but in this case, I was pretty sure my legs were no longer functioning.

At this point, I heard Wendy from somewhere under me, groan out, “Get the fuck off me before my tits burst!”

Ah, my previously shy cat is turning into a leopard with spots! I pushed Layla off, which wound up rolling her off the bed. As she fell, she grabbed the closest thing, which was my leg, and I went ass over tea kettle and landed on her on the floor.

All three of us began to laugh, until Layla laughed out, “Get the fuck off me before my tits burst!”

I rolled off and we all laughed even harder. After all of us were plain laughed out, Layla and I crawled back into bed, and the three of us snuggles.

We were all murmuring how wonderful it was, until I heard Layla finally mumble, “Let’s go again, but I want to be in the middle.”

I am a professor at a university in Arizona. I am popular with the students, and in my early thirties. Some of the students even think of me as “hot” according to one of the university student websites that rates professors’ looks.

What I am writing here is my best memory of what happened last week, though I will admit that I can’t remember everything. I want to tell you in detail about a fantastic encounter that I had with two of my students, Anna S. and Melissa A. I am writing this to post here partly because I hope to give pleasure to those who read it, and partly to memorialize it forever so that whenever I want to remember this incredible experience I can return here to read about it. And finally,

I’d love to hear from women who have either done this or dreamed about it—sex with their professor or teacher. I want to hear about your experiences and fantasies.

Who were these students? The two of them are the president and vice-president of the education department’s honors society at my university, and I am the advisor to that society. Last Monday, we had to have a planning session for the upcoming spring semester’s events. I suggested we meet at my off-campus apartment. I will admit that the notion that something sexy would happen did cross my mind, but I really never thought that anything like this would occur.

After some event planning, some off-color joking, some open flirting, and a couple of glasses of wine each… They made it very clear that they wanted to enjoy some sexy with me, in my apartment. I told them that we could only do this because they were no longer my students, having taken a course with me in the fall semester. (It was now January).

I must admit that I love erotic talk during sex. I find that nearly always this is a turn on for the woman I am with. I think of sex as play, and sexy talk that engages the mind makes the play more fun and more intense. In this case, both Melissa and Anna seemed to really love hearing their Professor urge them on— and praise them—with my explicit sexual language. I do feel that the sexy talk made our entire encounter that much more fun and exciting, and when I asked them about it afterwards, they agreed.

So I am going to try to relay what we all said as closely as possible because, for me, it is exciting. I know that talking during sex is not for everyone, but I want to relay what happened as specifically as possible.

I should also admit that I very much enjoy all kinds of sexual play—touching, tasting, penetration—with every part of a woman’s body. If you find this exciting, maybe you’d like to read on.

We started playing when I leaned over and kissed Melissa on the mouth. She tasted great, and she kissed me back passionately. I must admit that I love kissing, and that it nearly always makes me aroused. Melissa put her hand on the back of my head, and our tongues danced. Tasting the wine on her breath was very hot, and her hands went to my chest, then my thighs, and I lightly brushed over the smooth curves of her breasts with my fingers. I felt Anna tugging on my belt, and quickly my khakhis were unbuttoned. Melissa reached down, pulled my boxers down over my shaft and watched as it sprung out. She practically whimpered, giggling. I said “Melissa, would you like to touch it?” She kissed me really deeply, pulled back, looked me in the eyes, and said,

“Professor, you know what a teacher’s pet I am. I’ll do anything to get on the teacher’s good side…”

With that, she stood up from the couch and unbuttoned her blouse, sliding it off and dropping it on a nearby chair. Leaving her bra on, she knelt in front of me. Anna remained on the couch next to me, kissing my face and watching both of us. “Melissa, are you going to taste him?” Anna asked very innocently. Melissa just looked at both of us and smiled. She licked her lips, glanced at my cock hardening in her hand, and kissed the head. What an amazing feeling! What a jolt of pleasure through my whole body.

She flicked her tongue over the head, circling it over and over again, before beginning to lower her face down on my shaft.

“Such a good student!” I praised her. “You know exactly how to treat your professor!” She looked me in the eyes with the sweetest, most innocent expression a college girl could muster. “Thank you, Sir! You are such a good professor, and such a helpful advisor to the history club. Anna and I would just like to show our appreciation!” Melissa and Anna looked at each other and laughed.

Melissa returned to me, this time kissing the head, and then dropping her mouth down, down lower along the shaft. I watched her lips open wider as she enveloped my shaft. I was now almost half way in her mouth.

Next to me, Anna was breathing more heavily, moaning very lightly as she kissed my face and ear. As Melissa bobbed up and down on me, Anna whispered in to my ear, “How does that feel, Sir? She’s tasting you, Sir. It must feel sooooo good. She loves it, Sir. She wants to eat you all up, Professor.”

Anna went on and on like this for a long time, occasionally rubbing Melissa’s hair, praising her, asking her to take me just a little deeper in to her mouth, then returning to whisper to me, and taste my lips, teasing my skin with her tongue.

As my pleasure intensified, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take much more of Melissa’s mouth on my super-sensitive head, but it was too early to finish. I grabbed a handful of Melissa’s hair, and gently pulled her up, off me. I looked her in the eyes and grinned. ‘Baby, that feels so good. You are so very good at that. But it’s not time to end yet. I need you to move your mouth down. I want to feel your warm breath lower, Melissa. And I want to watch you.”

Melissa looked at me, smiled, and moved her mouth, first nuzzling, and then lightly tonguing my testicles and brushing them with her lips with her hands gripped my legs. “Sir, I love to hear you groan,” Melissa told me as she took one testicle, then the other into her mouth.

“Mmmm…. How do they taste, babe?”

“Professor, they are just a little sweaty, so salty and so tasty! Love the way you taste!”

I gave her a naughty little grin and wrapped my fingers in her hair. “Baby, I love watching your dirty tongue dance across them.” “Mmmmm…,” she purred, and the vibrations from her lips felt so great on the underside of my shaft. Her tongue sent electric shocks of pure pleasure through my body. With my right hand, I kind of slapped her face with my cock, half slapping and half just rubbing it on and along her pretty face.

I was happy to see that Melissa loved it. She opened her mouth, trying to grab my shaft with her lips, but I pulled it away, watching her tongue and lips try to catch her prey.

This game turned her on, and she moved her fingers between her legs. ” Yea, Sir, slap me with it. Punish your bad, dirty girl!” I lightly slapped her cheek with my open hand, very softly, while she continued to try to get my shaft with her lips. “You are such a bad boy, Professor…Why won’t you give me that cock? I’m so hungry, Sir,” she panted. “I’ll do anything you want, Sir.” She looked at me with those puppy dog eyes, blue, sparkling and gorgeous. I very lightly patted her face again a few times…just a little slap, each time just a little harder. She gasped each time I did it, never taking her eyes off mine.

“Melissa, babe, you are so sexy. I’m watching my red cockhead slapping your face. And look, I’m painting your cheeks and lips with a little drop of sticky cum.”

“Yes, Sir, you are. I love to feel your eyes on your bad girl.”

I pulled on my shaft, drawing a drop of sticky precum from the tip, and wiped it on her lower lip. I slapped her face harder with my cock.

Melissa smiled, eyes shut, mouth wide open, so eagerly fishing for my cock, like a bird trying to catch a worm.

I stood up in front of Melissa. I told her to take off her bra, and her sexy white breasts, tipped by beautiful, hard pink nipples, spilled out. “Get back on your knees, baby,” and she did as she was commanded.

“Put your hands on my ass, Melissa.” She shifted her weight and grabbed both of my ass cheeks, squeezing them. “Scratch them, I want to feel your nails.” She did as she was told. “Yes Sir….

The horny Professor likes to be scratched,” Melissa hissed, with her mouth open, looking at me with suddenly very naughty and determined eyes.

She gritted her teeth and gave my ass a hard slap. Then another. Her nails trailed across the cheeks of my ass. She kissed and licked my stomach as she spanked. My cock pressed against her chest.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. I snarled at her. I could see now that Melissa liked to play rough, and all of us were getting more and more turned on. “Open your mouth, my beautiful bitch. I want to use your mouth, the mouth I own.” She opened wide, knowing what was coming next. “Hungry, are you?” I placed the head of my cock on her lower lip.

“Oh God yes, Sir. Give it to me, Sir, please…”

“I am going to use your mouth right now, do you understand? You make me into such a bad boy, an animal who wants to use your warm mouth to fuck and fuck harder. Suck hard on the head of my cock while I watch you.” Her tongue lashed my cockhead, and my whole body tensed up. It was so intense. Her mouth was so hot and she was desperate. She was licking and sucking so hard on my cockhead. My student Melissa looked up at me.

Her face was red and flushed. She said, “Sir, I like your ass.” She slid her mouth over my cock head, sucked, and slapped my ass hard. Melissa’s tongue did its magic. It was incredible. She focused all her mouth’s power on my cockhead, her tongue circling fast, then slow, then fast again.

Now I felt her fingernails on my cheeks of my ass…and now she very lightly passed her fingertips through my ass crack, from my balls, lightly over my asshole to the top of my crack, then back again.

The feeling was incredible.

Melissa was great at talking about what she wanted…. and what I wanted. She loved to talk as much as I did during sex.

I was starting to lose control, with one of her hands grabbing my ass roughly, scratching, slapping, and squeezing, and the fingers of the other hand lightly moving in my ass crack.

“Melissa, baby. It’s time. Pull me all the way into your mouth, as deep as you can. Feed yourself with my cock. I know you want my thick cock to stretch your pretty lips and slide across your tongue. Make me crazy. Make me scream, my sweet, dirty bitch.” And she did. Melissa’s tongue lashed me faster and harder. Her blushing face pressed toward me, her nose in my public hair as she gagged just a little. She pulled at my ass.

All the while that Melissa and I played our naughty games and had our dirty dialogue, Anna was watching, sitting on the bed with one hand between her legs. I hadn’t noticed, but now I looked and saw her skirt hiked up over her thighs, the front of her panties pushed to the side, and her other hand was on Melissa’s back, caressing her friend’s body.

Every once in a while Anna would reach around and cup a breast, or tease and flick a hard nipple, or kiss and lightly bite Melissa’s back and shoulders. Anna reached between Melissa’s legs now and fingered her friend, slowly at first and then faster.

It didn’t take long before, with my cock still in her mouth, Melissa started first to moan, then to scream as she began to come. Her hips thrashed and she moved back away from my cock, shaking now with pleasure as Anna rubbed her clit mercilessly. Anna held her up as she came again.

Having made her friend come, Anna now got on her knees in front of me. Melissa saw her, and pushed my cock over toward her, while she lay back, caught her breath and wiped the tears from her eyes. Anna smiled and took my shaft in her hand, pumping it lightly. “Now it’s my turn, Professor, Sir. I know you love your balls played with… May I please kiss your pretty balls, Professor?” she said with a naughty, submissive smile.

I smiled and nodded. Anna leaned down and licked my balls all over, slowly and carefully. Her tongue darted over my ball sack and back behind.

She teased that sensitive skin behind my balls, my balls resting on her lips and nose. “God your cock is so hard, Sir.”

“I want to make you feel as good as Melissa did, Sir,” she breathed. “I want to see your handsome face just as happy as it was when your big dick was in Melissa’s mouth. I just want to make you happy, Sir.”

This was getting to be too much for me. I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer. “Finger yourself babe. I want to watch it.” She leaned back and slid her finger through her pretty pink lips, teasing her clit, pressing the tip of her finger inside, then taking it out, rhythmically rubbing and sliding. She kept her eyes locked on mine all the while.

This sight by itself almost pushed me over the edge. I told Anna that I needed her to make me cum. That is was time for her suck harder, jerk harder, and…beg.

“Anna, beg me to… explode all over your faces while you finger yourselves.” As I got closer to orgasm, I just started babbling, half incoherently, to these two gorgeous women. Melissa got back on her knees in front of me and opened her mouth.

“I love having the two of you together, Melissa and Anna… Right now I need to cum on Melissa’s face… Don’t worry Anna, you’ll get yours,” I smiled.

“Please, Sir, shoot your cum on Melissa’s face!”

Anna begged me to cum, stroking my cock faster and faster, and aimed it right at Melissa’s mouth. Her face was so flushed and gorgeous, and she just looked at me and said, “Please Professor….Please.”

Finally, I came incredibly hard. I must have shouted at the top of my lungs, because afterwards the girls said they thought the neighbors were going to knock on the door and complain. I just remember seeing my white sperm landing on Melissa’s cheeks, nose, forehead, tits, and chin. I collapsed on the floor. Melissa absent mindedly wiped the cum from her face onto her fingers, then licked them off slowly. After a few minutes enjoying the feeling, and the sight of Melissa’s flushed, red face covered in my cum as she panted, I told Melissa to lie back on the couch and spread her legs.

“Anna, babe, I know you have wanted to eat Melissa’s beautiful pussy for a long, long time. Now I’m going to watch you. But first, kiss Melissa, and lick my cum from her lips and cheeks and chin.” With my sperm still spreading out on Melissa’s face, Anna bent over her and kissed her lips. Their tongues danced. Now Anna’s mouth moved to Melissa’s cheeks, kissing and sucking up my cum from her face, swallowing it.

“Anna, now go down on Melissa…. Is that what you want, Anna, to smear my cum from your face onto the lips of her pussy, and onto her thighs?”

“Oh God yes, Professor!”

Melissa got on all fours, with her face on a pillow on the bed. She looked so hot, and so relaxed, and so ready for lips between her legs.

Melissa looked hotter, hornier, and more gorgeous than ever. “Her ass is a miracle, isn’t it.” I told Anna. She smiled at me and nodded, running her hands over it “You will love its taste. Now taste Melissa. Everywhere.”

I watched as she positioned herself behind Melissa, kissing Melissa’s ass and the backs of her thighs. “Babe, I’ll hold her cheeks open when she’s on all fours, so you can get good access to her–lick her as you slide one finger, then two into her soaking hole.”

I kept talking, watching Anna finger Melissa’s ass. “Yes, baby, finger fuck her! Baby, she likes it slow and deep. Not too fast!” Melissa was looking over her shoulder at Anna, whimpering.

She could see Anna’s face between her cheeks. The

sight was so hot. I started telling Anna exactly what to do. She followed my orders very obediently.

“You dirty, dirty girl, you know what my class slut Melissa loves! Push two fingers into her pussy, babe. Kiss her asshole, like you want to kiss her mouth. Just kiss it all over, linger over it, give it a little tongue. Treat her anus like a sexy mouth. Feel the goosebumps on her asscheeks, give them a slap as you kiss her ass. She’s pushing back now, trying to force your tongue up inside her ass. Can you feel her moving? Feel my hand on the back of your head now, pushing your face into her ass….so you can’t get away….push your tongue up inside..”

I grabbed her hair in my fist and grinded her face between Melissa’s ass. Anna just moaned…Melissa screamed with pleasure, shaking and pushing that ass back into Anna’s face.

Melissa was shaking like a dog, screaming and crying. Suddenly, she began coming hard on Anna’s fingers . Her asshole was gripping Anna’s tongue. Melissa shouted, “Eat my ass, you bitch!” She was out of control, grinding her ass on Anna’s flushed face.

I just flipped out at the sight. It was maybe the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

“Oh God, baby, i have go to fuck that ass! I have got to have it! I don’t care if it stretches her, I don’t care if her asshole is virgin territory. I have to get up inside Melissa, that dirty tease!”

I told Anna:”Spit on my cock and her asshole. Get them really wet…. Push Melissa’s face down on the bed.”

” Let me see you loosen her up…with a finger inside…first one…..slowly!” I urged Anna on.

“It’s so sexy to watch your finger slowly move between her pretty white cheeks.”

Anna looked at me and squealed, “Melissa is drooling all over your cock. She’s stoned on cock. She’s drunk on your cock, her pussy is so red and swollen and dripping!”

Ann started pulling on Melissa’s nipples and slapping her pussy. I started babbling, blind with sexual power and excitement.

I told Anna to pull harder on Melissa’s nipples. “Such a dirty girl! Anna wants to follow her filthy Master’s instructions. I’m ready to cum, but I have to cum up inside my cute little student’s deepest, tightest, nastiest hole. Throw her back on her stomach. Jerk her to her knees by her hair. Do it, Anna, treat her like the slave she is. Now spread her legs. Spit on her asshole. Spit all over it and my cock. Get them both slick. I need to be inside there. Now I can’t wait any longer…” I pushed inside Melissa, fast and deep inside.

I grabbed Melissa’s hair, I pulled her to arch her back. All the way inside her, I began to cum. Melissa screamed as she felt me throbbing, coming in her ass. Slowly I pulled out.

Anna knew what I wanted to see. She leaned over and licked up my cum as it drizzled out of her hole. She was on her stomach, her cute ass up in the air a little, legs spread. The thick cum slid down through her pussy lips. Anna licked and cleaned and tongued her hole to get all the fresh white cream from it.

Now, Anna and Melissa got on their backs. “You both want me to fuck you? You’re both so beautiful, lying on your backs on my bed, legs open, pink pussies open. And you both shaved for me. You know how much I love smooth, shaved pussies. They’re nice and slick. You’re faces are beautiful, and your skin.”

I noticed that the girls both had hard nipples and that they were both touching their tits and lifting your hips a little off the bed, offering me what they knew I wanted. “I want you each to spread each other’s lips. You open hers, she opens yours, and you smile and look at me. Now lick the fingers you used to open her pussy. I’m kneeling in front of both of you, stroking, watching you, enjoying it. I like seeing your swollen clits pushing out from under those hoods. Mmm, such pretty shaved cunts…Can they accommodate my thick cock? It’s so big today, because my students Anna and Melissa have made it swell.”

“Who should I get inside first? Both of those pussies are so ready and aching. But I can’t help it, I’ve been dreaming of your pussy, Anna. I need it so bad.” Kneeling in front of Anna, I apologized to Melissa, but she just smiled and leans toward you to taste your nipples, one after the other. I place myself at the entrance to your pussy, and slowly pushed inside. I watched it penetrate her soaking slick pink hole. It looked so very sexy. “Feels so good inside you, Anna, so tight. Baby you’ve been waiting for my cock, haven’t you?” Her pretty face flushed. She brought her eyes to mine and moaned “Yesss Sir.”

After a long night on Friday, I finally got some much needed sleep Saturday morning, I managed that between a buffet breakfast, an hour at the hotel gym and the time between a wedding we had to attend later that day. I made it clear to E, my husband, that I’d need a lot of time to rest and get ready, alone.

Hubby promised he’d go for a big walk by himself the whole morning, especially since I let him fuck me the night before. He had no idea about what really happened with me and the stranger from the bar.

I’d never have guessed or planned that Saturday night’s events could meet another fantasy of mine since I was so content with our first night at the hotel.

I was actually excited for the wedding. It was an hour away from the hotel but I purchased a hot cocktail dress for the occasion a couple of weeks prior, new accessories and once again, stiletto heels. After my nap, I showered, blew out my hair applied my makeup and I was ready to get dressed and go by 2pm. Hubby still had to get ready but all he needed was about 30 or 40 minutes do take care of his ‘man stuff’.

We left the hotel 2:45 to get to the ceremony at 4. I’d never been very comfortable in churches before, but I had my naughty thoughts to keep me company and get me through the next hour. E seemed very pleased with my appearance but he should have known it was a better idea to skip the ceremony, and go right to the reception site at 6. It was turning out to be a very long day. I tried arguing that point but it was useless. E was a friend of the bride and wanted to go to the ceremony. That was that. I endured it as politely as I could, until it was time to travel to the reception site. We left the church when the ceremony concluded at 5 and arrived for the cocktail hour twenty minutes later. It was scheduled to start at 6, so we sat in the car for a half an hour.

The cocktail hour was in a crowded front room of a country club and it was a closed bar. A cheese and fruit platter was brought out at 7 and everyone attacked it at once. I was starving but not enough to fight my way through a line of cranky, hungry sojourners. I don’t know when my attitude changed but small talk with the other guests became very awkward when I mused to another couple about hearing someone moaning in the rest room, and not knowing if it was a good moan or not. The people I mentioned it to did not react well. They sipped their colas and walked away from me. I couldn’t believe they didn’t find the humor in my story. Most people find me to be to be funny. If anything, maybe they should have gone to the bathroom and checked on the moaner. That must have been some good soda in their glasses.

Finally at 8, the reception room opened up, and there was a band on stage but they weren’t even playing. I asked my husband if we could leave after the toasts but he told me no, even though I was not having a good time, despite sincerely trying. All I could compare the wedding to, was the wonderful mischief I enjoyed the night before. The mischief I had with a stranger I met at our hotel’s bar (without my husband’s knowledge). I really just wanted to get back to the hotel bar, alone, and rouse up another spontaneous one night stand with a stranger. Maybe even with the same stranger if that was possible.

Maybe around a half hour later, at 8:30, three toasts were made, and the band started playing. It was jazz music. I was dumbfounded. Even E admitted how weird the event was turning out to be. No one danced except for the bride and groom and her father. The wait staff served fruit salad with whipped cream in a coffee cup for the first course. The second was a wilted salad. After the third course, some over cooked chicken and potatoes, I told my husband I had to get back to the hotel to take some medicine for a migraine. I’d been in attendance for 6 hours. He finally gave in. We congratulated everyone and left at 10.

E drove back to the hotel and I took him straight up to the room. I was relieved to see him undress and get into bed as I freshened up in the bathroom. I grabbed my phone, lip gloss and room key and told him I’d be at the bar.

On the elevator ride down, I was joined by a lovely blonde woman. She was 5’5, attractive and thin but muscular. Maybe in her early 30′s. She smiled at me, with a red pout and I think she noticed me checking out her perky, C-cup tits. But I got off on the second floor and she went further down to the lobby. Although it was a Saturday night, she was dressed like she was there on business. She wore a low cut, sleeveless white button down shirt, tucked into tan dress slacks with gold leather pumps and a matching thin belt. Perhaps there was a convention, a sexy convention.

Once I got out of the elevator, I headed into the bar near the same spot as I sat in on Friday night. But on my way to the seat, I noticed my lover from then was sitting nearby. He was having a conversation with a 40 something, brunette, woman. I didn’t want to interrupt but I did not think it was a sexual pursuit and I was hoping he’d fuck me again. I just touched his arm and said ‘hi’. He looked very pleased to see me. He smiled coyly and said: “Hi. I’m glad to see you and I have something of yours.”

“I thought that was lost!” I replied, as I instinctively touched my finger to my naked earlobe. He said, “It sure isn’t and I can give it back to you, it’s in my room.”. The woman next to him smiled at me and I said hi to her. I then went to explain our connection and apologize for interrupting. I said: “I’m so sorry for interrupting. He and I had a meeting the other night, and I lost my earring. I thought it was gone for good.”

She smiled again and said “Oh, I see, it’s not a problem”.

I was slightly embarrassed so I excused myself over to my seat and told them I was going to go and order a drink. But before I could walk away, he touched my arm and said “I’m going to finish this conversation and then I’d like to come join you”. I blushed and said “okay” and I went to sit on my seat at the bar.

It was time for some wine so I ordered a glass of Pinot Noir from the bartender. Unbelievably, I was carded. I was surprised because I’ve been over 21 for quite some time but, I didn’t feel like arguing. The situation was awkward enough so I just decided to take the compliment, run up to the room and grab my wallet, hopefully without disturbing E. And so I was off. I told my paramour I’d be back in a few.

I pressed the ‘up’ elevator button and stepped inside the doors practically before they were fully open. I pushed the button to my floor and checked out my reflection in the mirrored ceiling after the doors closed. I still looked great. My hair was flat-ironed straight, so I didn’t need to worry about it getting frizzy, even if there was humidity. My make up was still in tact and my dress hugged my curves in all the right places. Thanks to my devotion at the gym, I was able to wear the dress confidently without any supportive item to suck me in. My hour glass shaped figure was perfectly toned. My DD tits looked great in my nude satin bra, and I had on a pair of sheer, black g-string underwear that showed the outline of my pussy lips through them. My pink lip gloss was still fresh.

The elevator reached my floor and I briskly walked out of it, and down the hall to my room. I opened the door with my key and I saw E in bed, drifting off to sleep with the TV on. He woke slightly and asked if everything was okay. I told him that I’d just gotten carded. He said “Oh, that’s funny” and started to doze off again. As I grabbed my wallet, I told him I wouldn’t be out as late tonight. I was kind of tired too, so if my potential re-hook up wasn’t still at the bar, I’d have just had the one drink and come back to the room for an early night. We were leaving the next day anyhow and I knew I’d have to drive some of the way.

I closed the room door gently and headed out to the elevator again. I pushed the ‘down’ button and the doors opened after a couple of minutes. Inside, once again, I see the blonde from earlier alone in the elevator. She looked happily surprised to see me again. I noticed she was holding a small poster of some sort that was inside of a clear bag. I asked her if she was here for work. She smiled sexily and said: “Yes, I’ve been in town promoting a movie and I’m finally done for the night. I was just bringing this to a colleague but I suppose it could wait.”.

I replied “I see. It’s probably a good time for a drink, then.” That was bold of me, I thought, but I went on to say: “I’m Ana, I’m meeting up with a friend at the bar if you’d like to join us.”

She held out her hand and said “I’m Stacy. Thanks, I’d like to join you for a bit.”. I shook her hand and noticed her long, manicured fingers and short nails, like mine. I like to keep my nails short because it’s cleaner that way. And I like women with short nails so they don’t scratch my pussy when they fuck me.

I got a lot of attentive looks walking by myself, and with my husband earlier, but I’m sure I glowed as I walked out with Stacy on the second floor towards the bar. I felt all eyes on me and her as we walked in. I saw my hook up was still there, and I pointed him out to her, he was still in his seat but the other woman was gone. So I walked past him and dragged the tip of my finger lightly along his lower back. I sat on the bar stool to the left of him and he immediately got up to offer Stacy his seat. This made it easier for both of us to turn around and face him. She was clearly impressed with my taste in a man because she smiled at me then whispered in my ear “I think you’re both very hot!” He smiled watching this and I bet he was dying to know what she said.

“This is Stacy” I said to him. “Stacy, this is my friend I told you about”. “Now, we can all have some fun together.” He added. They shook hands and he kissed me on the cheek. His hand grazed the inside of my thigh. It almost made my legs uncross. My panties became a little wet when I saw Stacy watching attentively, approvingly. I could tell she was warming up to him quickly.

I caught our suitor glancing up at the bartender and he ordered 3 glasses of red and some food to go. He said “I hope it’s not too presumptuous but I’d like to take everything to my room, including you both, if you don’t mind joining me for a picnic there”. Both Stacy and I just smiled and nodded. She was blushing a bit. “Good then! I’ll settle up the tab.” he signaled to the bartender and we started sipping on our wine as soon as our glasses came. We all made small conversation until the food was wrapped up. He commented to Stacy “Sweet poster”, and she filled him in on why she had it. I didn’t speak too much. I was mostly focused on all the sexual energy between the three of us. I could see Stacy’s nipples were hard and poking through her bra and white blouse.

Our guy took his wrapped up food from the server, signed the check and we each carried our wine out of the bar and into the elevator together. The ride up was quiet and steady. None of us wanted to spill any wine. During the ride, I glanced at my phone and noticed the time. It was only 11:30 and I knew I had some time before E would wake, and call looking for me.

The doors opened on the 7th floor, which, ironically, I had no recollection of from the night before but took note this time just in case I lost something else in his room. We got to room number 732 and he managed to open the door, even while holding his food and wine glass. He held it open for me and Stacy and we walked in together as he followed and placed his things down. Stacy and I immediately started kissing. I was as tall as her in my heels but I quickly took those off and placed them next to the desk chair. While I did that, she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal a cream colored lace bra. There was no underwire, her tits were firm and perky and her nipples were quarter size, juicy nubs that hardened in my hands. While I felt her up and removed her bra, he unzipped my dress and unhooked mine. All of our clothes were starting to pile on his chair. He and Stacy removed their own underwear. He had on black boxer briefs and she had a matching thong to her bra. I sat down on the bed while I watched them disrobe themselves. All three of us were shaved clean.

Stacy got down on her knees and put his dick in her mouth. She was surprised at the size of it but if she couldn’t take it all, then he knew I could. I enjoyed watching her try as I removed my panties and started rubbing myself.

“Oh no you don’t!” he said, catching me masturbating. “Let her take care of that while you suck my dick” he added. I signaled for them to come over. Stacy positioned herself in between my legs while he straddled my face on the bed. It was incredible having his big cock fucking my mouth while her mouth was fucking my already wet, sweet cunt. She spread my outer lips with her fingers and licked my labia and clit a little harder each stroke. Our guy looked down at her, over his shoulder, while I gave my jaw a break and I used my hand to stroke him. He directed: “Lick her asshole, she loves that!” Stacy spread my ass cheeks wider and lowered her head a bit more. I felt her tongue flick across my velvety hole and then I felt my own cum drip down to meet her mouth. “Now, suck my balls because I’m going to fuck you soon.” he said to me. I complied as he jerked himself off and he grabbed my hand to probe his ass while I sucked his sack. I also felt my first orgasm coming on as Stacy licked my pussy and ass flesh intermittently. They knew when I was cumming because my eyes rolled back, my body trembled and I moaned, loud and uncontrollably. My legs tensed and my toes curled. “Good girl” I heard them say as they got up with the intent to pleasure me more.

Then, I heard the side table open and I knew our gent was putting on a condom. The thought of it made me even more wet as I smiled at Stacy and turned to go down on her. I sucked her right breast on my way down her stomach and then he picked up my hips as I got down to her smooth, bald crotch. Her pussy was neat and pink and very wet for me. I could see her clit was rather hidden but in two or three licks, it started to make an appearance. In that time, he had fingered my pussy and started to penetrate me with his cock. “Ahhh” I moaned out through my muff filled mouth and I stuck my finger in her slit as I flicked and darted my tongue around and on her button.

“Oh yeah… You like that?” He asked, while he fucked me and slapped my ass a couple of times. “Mmmmm” was all I could muster up while I was sandwiched between my two lovers. “I know you like this” he said as he stuck his thumb in my ass while he continued to pound my pussy with his entirety.

I looked up at Stacy and her eyes started to roll back as her first orgasm came on and she shot some of her cum in my mouth. I told her “Don’t hold back, cum hard for me!” As I turned my wrist, stuck my two front fingers in her pussy and penetrated the rim of her ass with the tip of my thumb, which was already moistened from my juices and hers. I was now fucking her hard with my hand as I shot my own cum all over him. He seemed pleased because he started smacking my ass more and more through his groans. I glanced under and I could see my cum dripping down his legs. We all came together and landed in a pile on the bed. My pussy was quivering as he pulled out of me, and so was Stacy’s. She just laid there, for a minute, playing with her juices in amazement. She then rolled on top of me and kissed me while he went into the bathroom to dispose of the semen filled rubber.

My two time lover came out of the bathroom and handed me my earring. I thanked him and looked at the clock. It was a quarter after midnight. I really didn’t want to make E suspicious again, so I told my company I was sorry but I had to leave. Stacy looked a little upset hearing this but then I got on top of her, I kissed her and whispered in her ear “let him fuck you in the ass, he’s really good at it and he won’t hurt you. I promise.”. She smiled in surprise and once again, he looked as though he was dying to know what I said. I didn’t divulge, I just re-dressed quickly and put on my heels. He came up to me and held me close. He kissed my mouth and thanked me for the wonderful surprise. He then slapped my ass as I grabbed his. He showed me out the door and watched me walk down the hall to the elevator. His cock was still hard and he waved good bye as I looked over my shoulder. I wonder if Stacy left her poster in his room that night…

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