three way


This is a work of fiction. Any characters or events that are vaguely familiar to you are completely coincidental. Might I add that if anyone you know is as vague as the characters in this story that you may want to get out more. Everyone in this story is eighteen years or older, and yes, even the cat.

Author’s note:

First submission! This is the very first story that I have completely put in writing and shared with anyone. Of course, instead of looking to family and friends for support and criticism, I am anonymously submitting it to the world in the hopes that I am not torn to shreds. Constructive feedback is certainly welcome.

W. Schnotz, 2011


Chapter 1

What she said had been on my mind for the last two months or so. Was it a request? Was it a suggestion? Was it real?

It was really eating at me and I had finally made up my mind. I was going to make the move that day. I could have alienated a coworker. I could have gotten fired. My stomach was churning and my heart raced fast. I felt like I was pouring sweat, but upon wiping my hand across my forehead, it was dry.

I took my lunch late that day. Part of this plan was all timing. I headed for the break room. If Anna was in there I was going to act. What the hell was I doing? As I walked into the breakroom I hoped, deep, deep down inside that she wouldn’t be there; it would be an excuse for failure and proving the absurdity of this venture.

Anna was there, sitting across the room at one of the tables alone. She was absently dipping corn chips into what looked like baby vomit and, of course, eating it. Yuck!

It wasn’t too busy in there at the time; it was mid afternoon and kind of ended up being before lunches on some shifts and after lunches for other shifts. I was pretty sure she had just started her lunch.

“Hey Anna.” I said as I approached the table, “What’s going on?”

“Craig,” she acknowledged. “Just eating corn chips and hummus.”

Yuck, it doesn’t matter what it’s called, it still looks the same.

“Would you like some?”

“Nah,” I replied. “I can’t stand the stuff.”

Anna shrugged. She dipped another chip, took a bite and went for another dip with the rest of the chip. She stopped part way as if determining if the rest of the chip was big enough to be worth dipping. Apparently it wasn’t; she just tossed it in her mouth.

“When’s you lunch over?” I asked.

“I just started, probably forty-five or fifty minutes.”

We had hour lunches. I liked that better than the halves you’d get at some places. With an hour you had time to go somewhere, or you could just take your time eating and BS-ing with the group, or inhale your food like you only had a half hour and then nap it off like you wished you could with only a half hour.

“Cool,” I replied. “I wanted to show you something in receiving and get your opinion.”

This should have been a red flag for her. I do merchandising and inventory auditing. Anna worked up front at customer service. There is no reason someone in my position would be asking for someone in her’s for an opinion.

She shrugged, “Sure.” She dipped one more chip(I shuddered) and put the lid on the hummus.

I watched her as she stood up and went to the refrigerator. Anna was a little thick, she had a little muffin top, but she was on the tall side and actually wore the extra pretty well. My gaze fell where it always does, to her hugemongous breasts. Every time I see them I want to do a Homer Simpson ecstasy shudder. She put her stuff away and we headed toward the back of the store.

* * *

I let Anna leave the breakroom first. Guys don’t do that out of courtesy. We do it to check out the gal’s ass and figure. Of course I jest…a little.

Anna and I had worked at this place for about the same number of years. It was a grocery warehouse outlet. Generally restaurants and other hospitality services come here to purchase, or placed orders for delivery, but we were open to the public, just most people don’t need to buy twenty-four heads of lettuce at a time.

She and I certainly weren’t strangers, but we also weren’t buddies either. I was really nervous on how I was gong to pull this off. I knew she wasn’t a prude; one time we actually ended up having a discussion on Sasha Grey’s retirement from porn. That of course brought up topics like whether having a loose asshole gave one any benefits with standard video productions or if being able to swallow eleven inch cocks to the balls was an outright marketable skill.

Anna had also been in a couple relationships over the years but I was pretty sure she wasn’t in one now. But, that didn’t mean that she’d be up for this.

On the way back to receiving we chatted a bit. We talked about spending the rest of our lives at this place, the new general manager, I found out that her aunt had recently passed away. I nodded to a few coworkers along the way.

When we got back to receiving I headed towards the restrooms. This receiving area had a strange design. There were definitely restrooms in the receiving area for use by people in receiving. But there were two other restrooms that were off to the side a little ways that people hardly used. Everyone knew they were there, but they were behind a wall that a big cooler case for product was and down this, sort of, half hallway. I thought it might have been for customers, but it is easier just to go the main receiving restrooms. Maybe it was a remnant from prior remodel.

* * *

I stopped at the first door. My heart was pounding and my stomach was knotted up. This was it. I was probably going to go home with a red hand print on my face and fired. There wasn’t really time, or a way that I had or could think of to work up to this and maybe sugar-coat it. I just blurted it out.

“Ever fuck at work?” I hoped the tone of my voice wasn’t all strange from nerves. I hoped that outwardly my cool was still cool.

Anna was, of course, shocked. “You’re joking, right?”.

I opened the bathroom door and held it open. “Ladies first,” I snickered to myself. There, I was relaxing finally.

“I knew something was up. It was too strange that you’d need me back here,” she said.

“I’m serious.” I glanced at my cell phone, “We have about forty minutes to be up front at the time clock.”

“Craig, I…We…,” she trailed off. “This is…I don’t…What about Sandi?”

Crap! Sandi is my girlfriend. I was doing this for her. At least I thought I was doing this for her.

I looked at the ground, more so to avoid eye contact, but I guess it also would have looked like she might have hit a nerve, “Something happened several weeks ago. I don’t really want to talk about.” It was true that something happened, but I was certainly weaving a grossly misleading story. I started to look up.

That explanation could have been problematic. Anna may have thought that that was just going to be a revenge fuck or a pathetic-desperate-misery fuck. Either way, it was probably clear that it was going to be a one time thing.

Anna’s eyes went dark as she pondered it. The gears were really grinding in her head, it was taking forever, then finally rationalizing it, she smirked(was that mischief?). She walked into the bathroom. I flipped up the light switch, pushed against the strength of the resistant hinge of the slam-free door to close it, and turned the lock.

I turned around to see Anna unbuttoning her polo shirt and starting to pull the shirt off. I rushed to her, locked lips, and pushed her against the wall. I pulled my mouth away, “Oh God do I want to see those. I want knead and jiggle and bury my face in your tits. We don’t have a ton of time to deal with clothes, though.” Our breathing was getting rapid as we twirled our tongues around the other’s and I started unfastening my belt and pants as she worked on hers, “Let’s just cut to the chase.”

Pants down, I could see that she was wearing boyshorts. They were of an older style that sat higher on the waste than newer styles do. In comparison Sandi’s underwear collection were all pretty low rise. Anna’s were super sexy on her fuller figure. I spun her around and could see her ass hanging out the back. God bless boyshorts!

The back of her underwear came to a point and a string that went through the bottom of her crack. Since there was little material between the legs, there was easy access. I ran the edge(thumb side up) of my left hand between her legs. There was definitely moisture there, Anna knew this was bad and she liked it; I sensed a shudder in her breath as my hand passed. I had to test the water and casually sniffed my hand. I wasn’t really concerned, I figured she took care of herself, but I did give a slight sigh of relief when I smelled sex and not funk.

I looked at my cock and stoked it a couple of times. I pulled my foreskin back and could see the head glistening. I aimed my cock between Anna’s legs. Pointed upward, I ran the head along her slit a couple of times, she widened her stance as much as the pants around her ankles allowed, and then I pushed in. Hot knife in warm butter; oh, and warm it was.

I slid in and out slowly a few times and leaned against Anna. My head was over her right shoulder and my breath was alongside her ear. She turned her head and twisted her body a little so our lips could touch. Leaning my weight against her, I ground my hips in a gyrating motion, never really pulling out at all. My theory was that with my weight on her while she was pressed against the wall would cause difficulty in breathing. That in turn would give a similar high, due to lack of oxygen, as collapsing the carotid arteries without the danger of choking and death. Sometimes I amaze myself.

I don’t know if any of that horeshit was actually working, but Anna called out, “Oh GOd, yeah. Fuck yeah!”, and then pushed away from the wall and just leaned against her the top of her head. She tightened up a little and I felt a few shudders around my cock.

“Fuck your cock feels so good. It’s so big. Big!”

As much as a guy loves compliments about his equipment, I had to put her straight. I didn’t want a bunch of rumors going around that I couldn’t stand up to, “It really isn’t that big. It’s pretty average, nothing special.”

“You’re funny. I can feel it so deep.”

“Average length is four to seven inches. Really, I’m nothing special.”

Anna turned back and looked at me, “What the fuck? An average is a single number not a range!”

Ah, I love an educated gal. “Hey, I’m just telling you what the Internet said. Who am I to argue with the Internet? There are a lot of men out there in that four to seven range that want to be above average.”

Anna shook her head. Truth be told, I don’t think it’s more than six inches, but it is pretty thick, thicker than others that I’ve seen. It might even be a challenge to Sasha Grey; but then again Sandi doesn’t have any trouble with it so Sasha would probably be bored. My mind wandered into the absurdness of Sasha Grey frowning at me with my pants off and then Anna groaned and it dawned on me that time was at stake here.

I tried to refocus my mind and started pumping in and out as Anna repositioned her arms against the wall for support. I felt that I could get some kneading in and leaned forward and slid my hands up her shirt. Her tits were confined to her full bra, but I could tell that gravity was pulling them down. I pressed them together and squeezed and kneaded. Anna let out a moan. I was surprised that her breasts had a firm feel; I thought they’d have a more sagging feel and be super malleable; maybe it was the bra. My hand found two bumps. “Holy crap!” I thought. The bumps were, of course, her nipples, but they were huge.

I was sure that there was some sort of visual disconnect, like feeling a tooth with your fingers and then later seeing the tooth to be smaller than it felt. I knew what Sandi’s nipples felt like when they were hard; they became very defined, but nowhere near as big as Anna’s. I pinched and rubbed and pulled her nipples through her bra while I sped up my rhythm.

Anna let out a long, low moan as she tensed up and started having little convulsions. “Shhhh!”, I tried to remind her that we were still at work. I was pulling outward and almost lost my balance because my cock wasn’t following. Anna had clamped down on it.

She calmed down and I started moving again. I wasn’t going to last much longer. I leaned over her shoulder, “I’m going to cum inside.” I wasn’t really presenting a choice, it was part of the bigger plan, but if she objected I would have obliged.

Between breaths she responded with, “I’m on the pill. Fuck me. Fuck me. Cum in me Craig!”

Well, that was enough for me. I wrapped my hands around her hips and pulled her toward me as I slammed my cock in as deep as it could go. I felt the surge through my body, my skin felt cold like the sweat had flash evaporated. My cock pulsed as I ejaculated. Anna’s walls were constricting as my head swelled, trying to break its confines.

I regained my composure and caught my breath. I slid my softening rod in and out for a couple more minutes, mixing our cum up.

* * *

I looked at my cell phone as Anna pulled away; making good time.

“Craig, that was fucking awesome.” Anna looked worn out. She half squatted, half leaned to pull her pants up. I moved up to her, straightened her up and started making out.

“Were you done? We have twenty-five minutes. I say we make the most of this.”

She smiled. I moved my hand between her legs. It found her clit easily. “Egads girl! This thing is huge!” Her nipples were big, her clit was big, wow!

Anna responded, “I know. It’s actually all a little annoying because clothes often chafe against it.”

I rolled her clit between my fingers. She stumbled slightly backward and leaned against the wall. She slid a little as her knees went rubbery. “Oh, that’s sensitive,” she breathed.

Now being lower, she had a better view of my rod. “Pull my wiener,” I said. I thought of that saying, “There’s nothing stupider than a naked man with an erection.” We certainly can be suave.

She reached out and started sliding her hand up and down along my shaft. As it became more rigid, I pulled Anna upright and positioned it between her legs. I slid my cock in and started railing her.

Every thrust in she let out a sharp, short exhale. She had her arms wrapped around my ribs. All I could see were the whites of her half closed eyes; her head swayed, a little unsteady. I reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer to me, and she squeezed her arms tighter around me. My breathing was rapid, I was pouring sweat. Her giant breasts were pressing against me. “Fuck. Fuck Anna, you are so tight.”

“Har-er Crai-! Fuck — har-er, I wan- -ou in m-.” Anna was a bit incoherent.

“Squeeze Anna, squeeze,” I called to her. We needed to wrap this up. “Oh God yeah, tighter, oh yeah!” Our mouths were all over the other’s.

My cock head became super sensitive and I was feeling the rush at the base of my pole. I squeezed Anna close, “I’m coming!” My knees were weak too. I ran my cock in one last time. I’m sure my pubes were “chafing” her clit. Anna’s walls clenched as I released. When I was done we slowly collapsed straight down into, what must have been, a bizarre looking heap. Luckily this bathroom was cleaned regularly and rarely used.

I checked my phone once more, “We have ten minutes. Actually with our window you should have about twelve or fifteen. I think that I must have clocked out five minutes after you.”

“I’ll trade you name badges,” Anna said. We use our name badges to clock in and out. She was trying to get a few more minutes.

We stood up. Anna went and sat on the toilet to squeeze some of me out of her. I looked at my cock. It was slick. I pulled my foreskin back and saw a pearly bead of our cum around the crest of the head. I stroked my cock a couple of times. “Awesome, that should work,” I thought to myself.

As I was pulling up my pants Anna asked, “Aren’t you going to clean that up a little?”

Crap! That would’ve certainly made sense. “Uh, I’ll probably end up getting water on my pants and it’ll look like I had an accident. I’m almost off and will get a shower at home,” I covered.

Anna gave me a funny scowl and then went back to finishing up.

We straightened our clothes, washed are faces, and yes our hands too. Employees must wash hands before returning to work.

I almost gave Anna a long parting kiss, but this was to be a discrete one time thing and I also figured it was more of a conditioned post coital desire. I unlocked and opened the door, turned off the light and we went our ways.

* * *

Since I had a couple more minutes before I needed to clock in, I went back to the breakroom and got a couple of Gatorades from one of the vending machines.

On my way back to the floor I stopped by customer service to pass one of the beverages off to Anna, “Would you like orange electrolytes or yellow electrolytes?”

Anna just started laughing and held out her hand. She got yellow.

As I walked away I heard Cynthia, one of the other customer service reps, ask Anna something and Anna just continued to laugh. I had hoped that wasn’t going to be a problem.

Needless to say the rest of the day dragged on. I had taken my lunch late and actually only had about an hour and a half left, but it was excruciatingly slow. I also had to stop at the cleaners and at the chinese food restaurant before heading home. I hoped that Sandi called the order in so it would be ready to pick up. I hoped that she was going to order the Salt and Pepper Chicken; she has a tendency to get creative and I end up having to hang around anyway to get something edible.

Chapter 2

I walked into the apartment, went to the kitchen, and unloaded the food on the counter. I left Sandi’s dry-cleaning in the car for the time being.

“What took you so long?” I heard her pout from behind me.

I turned around to see Sandi standing in the kitchen doorway. She had her shoulders rolled forward and her best pouty face on. “I think you ordered cat liver, bear testicles, and soup that looked like loogies were floating in it,” I exaggerated a little. “I had to wait for some food that I could actually eat.”

“You should be more adventurous!” exclaimed Sandi. She went from pouty to animated in .24 seconds; I had thought that she might be faking the pout.

I took a look at my girl. She was almost a head shorter than me and had her light reddish hair spiked today, the tips were bleached which was remnant of when she was a platinum blonde. She was wearing a tight wife-beater, that showed off her small breasts well, and white low rise briefs with light blue, horizontal stripes. A slight midriff was showing. Sandi was going through an Anime phase, which actually happened three to five times a year, so she had a motif with her fashion. I’m wasn’t going to complain. The underwear was pretty hot for being so simple. I guess I was a perverted Japanese man deep down.

Sandi sauntered over to me, slowly swaying her hips back and forth as she walked. She reached her arms around my shoulders and neck and stood on her toes to kiss me. “I missed you. I want to play.”

“I missed you too,” I responded. We swapped several quick pecks. “This was a very long day.”

I knew what “wanting to play” meant, at least how it started. I started to unfasten my pants. When I had loosened them and they dropped to the floor, Sandi lowered herself. She let her hands drag down my chest as she kneeled down, her eyes never strayed from mine as I watched. She pressed the side of her face against my thigh as she rubbed my package through my trunks.

“Mmmm,” she let out a short, low moan.

She pulled my shorts down. That was it, that was where I was going to find out if I had understood her correctly and if my plan was worth it. I could feel her warm breath, her inhale and exhale on my groin. While she still was pulling down my shorts, she grabbed my cock with her mouth and started sucking. Actually it was more like she was swallowing as her tongue took my soft cock entirely into her mouth.

I was a bit worried and wasn’t hardening up really quickly. Surely she could tell what I had done earlier that day, after all, that was the idea. She continued to suck and I could feel her stud against the bottom of my cock as she rolled her tongue around my member. Eventually I relaxed a bit and could feel myself become a little more rigid in her mouth. Sandi, however, didn’t let that continue.

Sandi pulled away, letting my cock fall from her mouth. “You son of a bitch!” she blurted after she had swallowed.

I looked down at her. Apparently I had goofed, this was not going to work out well.

“Who was it?”

I stared down at her blankly, the mood had totally inverted and I had gone from worrisome to calm to shock.

“Don’t give me that look! Who the fuck did you fuck?” she was sounding unhappy.

“Anna,” I said flatly.

“Anna, Anna…” she searched her memory. She didn’t see the folks I worked with with any regularity. I’m sure she knew the name, Anna and I had worked there for a long time, and I am sure she knew the face, but Sandi wasn’t matching the two.

“Works up front at customer service. Has the…” Sandi cut me off and finished.

“…the huge boobs,” she smiled and my cock was back in her mouth. She was just fucking around with me!

About two months earlier we were in bed. I was reading and she was doing her best to distract me. She was naked and was crawling around on the bed and making little purring noises. She would put her face really close to mine and stare for a couple of minutes and then turn around and present her ass to me. This continued for a while and then she finally laid down, somewhat perpendicular to me with her head on my belly, and traced her finger around my chest. Her finger would run down the center and the back up and across my pecks. She also ran her finger nail across my nipples, pushing the nail gently around the indentation of my nipples.

She won, I finally closed the book that I was reading and she said, “I’ve been having this fantasy. You’d get home and I’d go down on you and you’d totally smell and taste of another girl.” Sandi was totally wild that night.

My cock was stiffening again as Sandi was working it. I watched my cock disappear as she ran her petite mouth down my shaft. She would continue sucking and rubbing her tongue and then pull up and suck on the head. I have no idea how she does it without also using her hands, but while working on the head, she’ll get her tongue under my foreskin. My foreskin being stretched like that borders on discomfort, but the texture of her tongue mixed with the slipperiness of her saliva totally makes up for that. That in and of itself is an incredible sensation and then every now and again her tongue stud will rub against the edge of my hood; that sends shivers up my whole body.

Sandi stood up and put her arms around my neck again. I pulled her close to me. I could smell what was left over of Anna and me on Sandi’s breath. While there was still that alluring, intoxicating air about the scent of our sex, it also reeked. Stewing in my shorts for a couple of hours did no good for it. Sandi kissed me and, needless to say, it tasted bad too.

“That really tastes pretty gross,” I said to her.

Sandi smiled and said, “It’s totally nasty.”

We made out for a bit, swapping saliva and left overs, and I realized that my thigh was getting wet. She had straddled my leg and was rubbing her groin up and down my upper leg. I made a little space between us, pulling my leg away, and ran my hand down to her pussy. Her panties were soaking wet and I could feel that the insides of her thighs were as well. I moved my hand lightly between her legs a couple of times and Sandi dropped her weight, mostly holding on by her arms around my neck, let out a low moan and shuddered.

I steadied her and she said, “Tell me about it. I want to hear about you fucking Anna.” Sandi then knelt back down and continued sucking my meat.

I stood there in bliss for a minute or two. I came out of that really quick when Sandi, with my whole pole in her mouth, brought her teeth down on the base with a sharp, short jab. “Speak,” she demanded after pulling away.

Sobered a bit, I started telling my story. I recounted taking my lunch later, hoping that I’d see Anna in the breakroom based on what time I thought she came in that day. I could feel Sandi’s lips stretch into a smile when I told her about needing Anna’s opinion in the back and when I asked if she had ever fucked at work. Sandi made a satisfied “Mmmm” and grabbed hold of my ass when I described the feel of Anna’s breasts.

“Did you get to see them?” she asked. She made a disappointed whine when I told her that Anna’s top was covered the whole time.

Sandi’s eyes were closed while experiencing her fantasy come real. She was still mouthing my cock and kneading my butt. I watched her while I was retelling what happened earlier. Sandi was wriggling her little round ass around while rubbing her thighs together.

She practically started jumping, she was squirming so much, when I described how much control Anna had and tight her hole was. Sandi started squirming again and I could feel another smile when I told how I let Anna know that I was going to cum inside of her and that her response was that she was on the pill.

When I mentioned that Anna started to get dressed, Sandi stood up and started kissing me. “I want yo…”

I cut her off.”You wanted to hear the story. Do you want me to finish?”

Sandi looked at me questioningly.

“You don’t think I fucked her just one time, do you?” I smirked.

She smiled and made an excited laugh. She was so antsy that she was practically running in place; she wanted to be dicked bad. She also liked stories and knew that the rest wouldn’t be good later, once it wasn’t fresh, if she got to hear it at all. It was my turn to tease her. She had to make a choice.

“Ooh, fine. I guess it was stupid to think you wouldn’t take advantage of the situation. What happened next?”

“Well, I inquired if she was really done since we had about a half hour left,” I continued my story. Sandi heard how our mouths were locked most of the time and how Anna’s huge breasts were squeezed between us.

“I want big boobs like that,” Sandi pouted as she cupped her own petite breasts.

I flicked the nipples poking through her wife-beater a couple of times. “You’d look stupid with Anna’s tits,” I replied. “You’re too short and don’t have the shoulders.” Sandi pouted some more. “Girl, your bod is awesome. I wouldn’t want it changed for anything, well, maybe for Sasha Grey,” I smirked. Sandi stuck her tongue out with a sneer then and I continued with my story.

I forgot to mention Anna’s clit and went back to that. Sandi’s eyes went wide. I held my little finger and covered all of it but the last joint with my other hand, “About that big” I said. “No way,” she replied. I might have exaggerated a little.

“And so during the rest of my break I grabbed a couple of Gatorades and handed the yellow one to Anna. A little while later I got home and you started sucking our cum off of my dick,” I finished my story.

“OK, now,” she kissed me, “fuck me. Pound me like you pounded Anna!”

I spun Sandi around. There weren’t any walls in the kitchen that weren’t blocked by counters, so I pushed her over the counter. I could see that the complete inside of her thighs were glistening. Her underwear was soaking wet, almost up to the waist. I pulled the fabric aside to reveal her smooth slit and ran my cock head along the length.

Sandi kicked her feet. “Stop teasing me,” she moaned.

I pushed into her with almost no resistance. As I made my motions, an audible squelching noise could be heard; I had never seen her this wet and had never heard this that loud before. I just stared at her round ass while my cock disappeared between her legs, it was hypnotic, though it also was a little silly looking with her wet underwear bunched and pulled to the side. She moaned as I pulled out and pushed again.

Because of all of the servicing that Sandi had already given me and because of how slick she was, I wasn’t going to last much longer. I leaned over to her ear, and repeating the earlier events with Anna, I whispered, “I’m gonna cum inside.”

There was a couple of moments delay and then Sandi blurted out as she remembered, “I’m on the pill!” The timing was off and the tone of her voice did not match the mood. It sounded like really bad ADR from a movie where you know there was originally no one speaking, or you could tell they had originally said something else. It was comical.

I laughed. For some reason that excited me to inevitability. I grabbed Sandi’s hips and pulled, feeling her slip from the counter a bit, while I thrust my hips forward. Her depths constricted while my rod swelled as we reached out climaxes together. When I was spent, I continued pumping slowly, mixing our cum, to reenact the earlier events.

I was exhausted, I was still in my work clothes and they were sticking to me like Saran Wrap sticks to itself. I looked at Sandi as I pulled out. Her briefs hadn’t gotten any dryer and her shirt was transparent from sweat. Her mound quivered a little and some of my pearly ejaculate trickled out. She turned around, leaning on the counter for support, and smiled at me. Her hair was no longer spiked. Through the now transparent shirt, I could see her swollen areolae and nipples poking through. She was so sexy.

Sandi started to straighten the little clothing that she was wearing and started moving away. “You weren’t finished, were you?” I asked. I looked at my cock and had regretted the question. It was red and tender, probably almost raw, from the rough use. I wasn’t sure I was going to get it up again.

I closed the distance between us and pulled her to me. We kissed for a bit and Sandi was rubbing my balls. “Will you be able to do it?” she asked.

“I don’t have a choice, right? That’s part of the game.”

Sandi smirked and held up her middle finger like she was flipping me off. She put the length of it in her mouth and slowly pulled it out and slid it back in. She then put her finger to my mouth and I sucked on it for a few moments before she took it back to her mouth. Her hand made it’s way between my legs and her finger slid up my crack, rubbed my sphincter a bit, and pushed in. We were looking in each other’s eyes and Sandi wore a sly smirk. My eyes rolled back as she slid her finger around my prostate and continued to rub my balls; I let out a moan.

“Mmmm, that seems to be working,” she said as she moved her hand from balls to shaft. “That feel good?”

“Oh, yeah,” I breathed.

My heart rate was picking up again. With renewed vigor I pulled her hands away, Sandi gasped. I wriggled her wet underwear down close to her knees, revealing a fiery tuft of hair about as big as my thumb tip right above her slit, positioned my pole and pushed it into her quim. We both moaned as we made contact again.

Sandi threw her arms around my neck and I wrapped my arms, in a bear hug, around her slight frame. It was an incredible contrast to fucking Anna; Anna had some girth to her build and those gigantic tits, Sandi was scrawnier muscle and bone.

Sandi was breathing heavy pants while pulling on my lower lip with her teeth while I rammed her. I was grunting like a pig sniffing for truffles. To this day I have not actually heard a pig sniffing for truffles, but I’m pretty sure of what it sounds like.

Sandi worked her underwear down and kicked it to the hall and I hoisted her up and planted her ass on the counter. She wrapped her legs around me like a vice. The two of us were grinding our hips together. The cat walked into the kitchen and started screaming about something. We ignored her.

I shuddered and bucked my hips as I unloaded into her. My body trembled, like I hadn’t eaten in three days, but I kept hold of Sandi while she rocked her hips to reach her peak.

When done, we froze for a while to catch our breath and necked a bit.

* * *

We separated and washed up a little using the kitchen sink. I cleaned the counter and Sandi put the tepid food on the table in the nook and put some food out for the cat. I had kicked my pants off to Sandi’s stripes, but left my shorts on. Sandi sat bare-assed on a chair.

“You should have put some plastic down,” I teased.

“Shut up,” she jabbed back.

Sandi dug into her loogie soup and cat liver, I went for my salt and pepper chicken and rice. She made a funny face when she started eating what I was calling bear balls and decided to mooch off of my mu xu pork. I agilely blocked her chopsticks with mine stating that she had had enough pork for the day. We both laughed and then slumped over the rest of our food in relative silence.

While cleaning up, Sandi came up behind me and put her arms around me. “Thanks, that was fun,” she said.

I smiled, wrapped my arm around her and roughed up her still sweat soaked hair.

We took a long shower together; making out, playing a little with each other’s tender spots, playing with the water temperature, and making sure there was no dirt low-shoulder blade. Afterward we headed to bed, had a long, slow I-love-you-fuck and went to sleep.

Chapter 3

The week progressed without much ado. I, of course, saw Anna at work and we talked a little here and there, like nothing had happened. Neither of us brought up the encounter, which was how it was supposed to work. It appeared that Anna hadn’t talked about it with anyone else. The other customer service folks didn’t eye me awkwardly or behave any differently when I was around.

Sandi was finalizing the negotiations for editing a biweekly historical magazine. She was an author by trade, and had written an incredible amount of stuff; many short stories that were published in various magazines and anthologies; commentaries on books, movies, world events, and even video games that she didn’t even play; she had ghostwritten two biographies for two local politicians that no one cared about. I read one of the biographies and it was pretty good, though you wouldn’t believe any of the stuff in there if you knew that guy’s personality, but it was supposedly true. She did excel in writing, without fluff, about subjects she new little about; perhaps saying that she was a professional researcher would be more accurate.

I didn’t really get how it all worked out, it seemed kind of absurd, but she had somehow gotten a probationary period of three months with this magazine. If they liked her, they’d continue the contract for the rest of the year and then see what happens after that. Anyway, a somewhat steady income from her was certainly welcome. Many of the things she wrote weren’t for pay, and that was a bit of an economic disappointment. My paycheck was nothing to brag about, but it came every other week like clockwork. Sandi’s contributions were far between, but usually a sizable sum at one time.

I woke up one morning early. I had a couple of hours until I had to be at work. That was odd, I usually pushed the time a little on the short side. Sandi was laying at my side and apparently waiting for my eyes to open like a dog would wait. Before I really had come to my senses, she had rolled onto and straddled me. She was rubbing my chest while she leaned forward a bit, adding pressure.

“Can I brush my teeth first?” I asked.

Her reply was surprising, “Craig, I want you to bring Anna home.”

“Um, what is this about?”

“You want to fuck her again, right? I want to watch you fuck her.”

“Are you screwing around without my knowledge?” I asked.

It might have sounded like an odd question, but in truth we had both fooled around in the past. We had been together since high school, for around twelve years, and known each other a bit longer. When we got to our twenties, we started experimenting some. For the most part we knew what the other was up to when we were screwing around, that was part of the agreement of our open relationship. Most of those occasions Sandi had brought a girl home with her, though I did on a couple of occasions and she brought a guy home once. There were two occasions within as many years where we had a tiff, not solely because of the extra-relational affairs, and didn’t speak to the other for about four months. The second one was about five and a half years prior and we had been straight since then.

“No,” she replied with a faux-hurt face like she couldn’t believe I would think something like that. “I thought it would be fun.”

“Do you miss our old days or something?” I inquired.

“It’s not that,” she said. It seemed like she was avoiding something. She sighed, “You’ve seemed kind of dark and down lately. I thought that maybe you were bored.”

I smiled, “Bored with you?”

“Yeah, maybe, I don’t know. A little change would be good anyway, right?”

“How could I be bored with you? You’re my mate, my other half. You’re bright and chipper; you’re like the smartest person I know, yet have that ditzy, free spirited personality I adore. You’re the star that lights my way, a star that I want fly to. I’m never bored with you. I don’t need a change.”

Sandi smiled and I saw a couple of tears run from her eyes. She fell over me and I put my arms around her. “That was pretty corny Craig,” she said, “I suppose that you are the dark brooding earth that keeps me grounded, though.”

“I apologize that I had you concerned. I guess my head’s been in the mud lately; work, money, state of the world, and the like.” I then remarked facetiously, “I have to take care of it all, you know, the world’s counting on me.” Then I added, “Can I brush my teeth now?”

“Will you invite Anna over?”

“Are you bored with me?” I asked.

“No, I am not bored with you, but I do want something a little different.”

“So this is really about you and not me.” I stated.

“No, it is about you. I thought, by twisting it, whatever apprehension you have might be swayed. I want to see you smile”

“I don’t think she’ll want to do it. It was a silent understanding that it was a one time thing. We haven’t talked about it. I don’t know how I’ll even bring it up.”

“You’ll think of something, you’re good at thinking of something.”

“I can’t guarantee when I’ll be able to talk to her and that she’ll say yes.”

“Will you do it?”

“When I am able. Can I brush my teeth?”

Sandi rolled off of me and we went about our days.

* * *

A good opportunity to talk to Anna didn’t come up quickly. Talking to her at work, in the middle of a shift, seemed inappropriate. Then, probably twelve days after Sandi’s request, opportunity presented itself. Anna and I walked into work and clocked in at the same time.

“Just getting here?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s a little earlier than usual, but I guess it will be nice not having to close out the tills and log the complaints for once,” she said.

I exchanged a few words with her at break, but left the building at lunch. If I encountered her at lunch I didn’t want her to think something was suspicious if I was becoming chatty with her. And I purposely took my last break late, being pretty sure hers would be on time. This was going to be a timing game again. I needed to be leaving the building when she did.

As luck would have it, I met her at the time clock on the way out. We chatted a bit while leaving the building. There was a new movie that two groups of coworkers had seen and Anna inquired if I had seen it yet. It was a movie I really had no interest in and I repeated a rant Sandi had given me about how that crap is a detriment to society.

After we left the building I brought the subject up, “Hey, I wanted to talk.”

“OK,” she said with some hesitation.

“Well, about Sandi, she was talking…”

Anna interrupted, “It’s OK. I know it was a one time thing, I had fun. I’m glad you were able to get back with her. You two are a cute couple, lots of folks think so.”

“No, it’s not that…well it is,” I stammered all over the place. “Wait, let me start this…really, lots of people think we’re a cute couple? How does that ever come up?”

Anna replied, “Well, you two have come to a few of the holiday parties. There was always good chemistry with you two. And that time you two came to the halloween party as pirates; you two reeked of the sea. The girls all gossip about that stuff.”

“Yeah,” I let out a little laugh, “we might have gone overboard there. We buried our clothes at the beach where they’d get hit by high-tide for two days. Then we let our clothes hang in the sun for about ten days. Hmmm,” I was distracted as I thought about the high school classification of me and Sandi that had just been revealed to me. Sandi would probably like that. I went back to topic, “Let me start over. This sounds bad, but Sandi and I never broke up or had any rocky incident.”

Anna’s eyes darkened. “What the hell was that about then? Wait, I don’t even want to know.” She turned and started off.

Great! I had pissed her off. “Wait, Anna. Can you hear me out?”

She turned around and glared at me.

“Sandi had a fantasy that I acted out on. It involved you. You should have been in on it. I apologize, I acted impulsively.” This wasn’t going well. “Sandi has extended an invitation for you to come over.”

“What, are you just a couple of pervs? Are you that whipped that you just do anything she says?” Anna spat.

“Somewhat pervs and I’m quite smitten by her, so yes.” I answered. Then I added, “The cutest couple likes you and would like for you to come over.”

Shaking her head, Anna gave a smirk of disbelief. “Whatever,” she walked away.

“Wait!” I called to her. I was quickly scribbling on a scrap of paper. “On the chance that the Ninth Circle of Dante’s Hell becomes an Inferno and you want to have some fun, here’s my number.” I stuffed the paper in her hand.

She crumpled it and walked away.

“Oh well,” I thought to myself.

* * *

I got home, threw my keys, change, wallet, and phone on the kitchen counter near the front door. I found Sandi in our room typing away and swaying to something of Voltaire’s non-country, non-kiddie works. She was wearing a ridiculously short plaid skirt and a tight, plain, pink t-shirt that said on the front, “Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Down”. She was also wearing a hairband that had cat ears on it. The cat was weaving around her legs.

“Well, I goofed pretty bad,” I said.

She spun in her chair to look at me.

“Anna’s pretty pissed. Pigs will fly and Tea Partiers will be sane before she talks to me again,” I sighed, Sandi looked a bit bummed. I had been getting a little hyped about Anna and was, therefore, feeling bummed too. “On a lighter note, we have apparently been best couple for the last several years.”


“We were noticed at the holiday parties that we attended. It would have been quite distressing for the hens if we had broken up like I led Anna to believe we had.”

“Hens? What are you talking about?” Sandi asked.

“The gossips at work. We are quite an item.”

Sandi smiled and came over and hugged me. She had a really light scent of vanilla and orange about her. “That’s pretty cool, besides being twelve or so years late to care about it.” She said.

“Were you eating ice cream?” I asked.

“No. Why?”

“You smell like vanilla and orange checkered ice cream.”

“That’s what this fragrance is supposed to be,” she smiled.

I laughed as I headed for the bathroom, “That’s awesome. I think I know what I want for dessert. Right now I’m going to hit the shower, though. What’s for dinner?”

“Bear balls,” Sandi called back.

I groaned, “I’ll skip straight to dessert.”

* * *

I dried off, threw a t-shirt and shorts on, and headed out to the kitchen. Sandi was throwing together some pasta and jarred sauce. I pulled the parmesan out of the fridge and put it on some buttered sourdough slices to throw in the oven for a couple of minutes. Oh yeah, quality meal right there.

My phone buzzed on the counter. I didn’t recognize the number.

“Hello?” I answered.

After hearing the reply I covered the microphone and whispered to Sandi, “Turn the TV on. Someone in the Tea Party said something intelligent.”

Sandi put her hands in front of her, describing large tits. I nodded in response. She smiled and did a faux ballerina twirl; she was getting hyped.

“Right, right,” I acknowledged to Anna. “Really, I feel bad…No we’re just hanging around, no plans. We were just going to eat some all American jarred food.”

Anna reiterated that she had had fun with me and over and over again mentioned that Sandi and I were asses and then stated she was game and wanted to come over.

“Yeah, tonight’s fine. What time frame are you looking at?”

Sandi walked by and blurted out, too loudly, “Tell her to clean her ass.”

“No, no, ignore her. That’s not what she’s implying, she’s kidding…right, that’s what she’s thinking about…unless you’re up for it. I swear, our place is surprisingly normal,” I tried to cover for Sandi as I glared at her, what a little pisser. “Yeah, we’re at the Commonwealth Apartments, right, how did you know?” I was a little surprised. “Oh, that’s right. Our number is 2A. The complex is kind of odd, the big numbers are in front, we’ll be towards the back. Park in any of the non-covered spots”

Sandi was putting our food on plates and threw the bread in the oven.

“OK, we’ll see you then. Hey, I have a request since your mobile, if you don’t mind? Could you stop at the store and get some vanilla and orange checkered ice cream?”

* * *

“When is she coming over?” Sandi asked and took a bite of our parmesan toast. She was giggling and quite giddy.

“She said around ten,” I replied. I was wearing a smile too. While it was all too easy for Sandi to get excited like this, it certainly lightened the air and was fun to watch. I was also getting excited for tonight.

“You’re brightening up.” Sandi observed.

“I’m sorry. It shouldn’t be because another girl is coming over.”

“Don’t worry. It’s going to be fun. We’re going to have fun. Ten is getting kind of late, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, Anna suggested calling in tomorrow.”

Sandi smiled.

“If she mentions your fantasy, she was part of it from the get go, OK?” I enforced in Sandi one thing I had told Anna that wasn’t quite true.

The next couple of hours went by a little on the slow side. Sandi cleaned up and came out with the same outfit including the cat ears. She teased me through my shorts; she thought it would be funny if I answered the door with my boner stretching them out. I told her to cut it out. She went back to typing and I checked The TV to see if anything had indeed happened. Either the news stations had not yet gotten the news or things were still kind of dim; probably the latter. “Dipshits.” I thought to my self.

* * *

Finally there was a knock at the door. Sandi was at the door before the knocks ended. When I approached, the door was opening and Sandi was somewhat hidden behind the door as it opened.

“Hi Anna.” I greeted.

“Wow, automatic door?” she asked.

“No,” I glanced at Sandi, “not quite.”

Anna was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, nothing fancy. The t-shirt was snug and showing off her curves.

“You’re not leaving much to the imagination.” Anna observed as she scoped my underwear and t-shirt that I was in.

“Well, I am at home and just lounging.” I replied.

Sandi poked her head out from behind me, as a child might when they were meeting a stranger. “Wow,” she whispered as she scoped Anna’s bod.

“I brought your ice cream. I hope you’re planning something straight with it.” Anna stated.

I took it from her, “Just planning on eating it, had a craving. Come in. You remember Sandi?” I took the ice cream to the freezer.

I heard the door close and then a startled laugh. Going back to the entry I saw Sandi had come up behind Anna and reached around to fondle her breasts.

“Wow Craig look at these! You’re right, they are firm. Is that just your bra?” Sandi asked.

Anna made a shy laugh, “No, I had a lift done a few years ago. In clothes, they don’t look too much different,” she placed one of her hands over Sandi’s and shook her breasts, “but they hang better now when loose.”

“Can I get you anything? Water, milk, bear balls, tequila?”

“No, I finished a bottle earlier and brought another,” she held up a bottle of shiraz that I somehow missed. “Bear balls?”

I just ignored the question, better to leave the bear balls a mystery. “Do you want to open that up?”

“Unless you guys want some now, I have had enough for now.”

I then noticed that her voice did have an ever-so-slight slur to it and her face was flushed.

I put the wine on the counter and took Anna’s hand and led her to the bedroom. Sandi was holding and kneading the whole time while giggling. Had she hit the tequila when I wasn’t looking?

I pointed out the living room that was just past the kitchen entry, you could get to it through the entry hall or through the other side of the kitchen. We went down the little hall to the bedroom, “It’s a one bedroom, but it has a master and hall bathroom. It’s a pretty cool setup.”

The cat flew out of the bedroom, batted at my feet as I walked, jumped and turned 180 degrees mid-air, and tore back into the room.

“What the hell was that?” Anna asked.

“Akuma.” Sandi responded with an air of foreboding mystery.

We entered the bedroom. “King bed,” I smiled as pointed out. Sandi spun off of Anna, in one of her faux ballerina spins, and made her way to the bathroom. I heard teeth being brushed shortly after. Anna sat on the bed and hung her head a little.

“Are you all right?” I asked

She looked up at me, “Yeah, I’m a little nervous and a little tipsy. Sandi’s going to join?”

“Her original request was to watch, but I imagine she’ll join in. Is that all right?”

“It feels kind of weird. I haven’t ever fooled around with another girl. It’s not something I ever desired or thought I would.” Anna replied. “I also had an asshole ex that was a little too pushy for me to try.”

“For real, don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with. We’re pretty lax. I mean look,” I pointed upward, “for pervs, we don’t even have a mirror on the ceiling.” I laughed, “And Sandi can be shooed if need be.”

Anna smiled. I sat down next to her on her left. I turned and moved my left hand softly across her belly, wrapped around her opposite side and kissed her. She responded in kind and put her left arm around my back.

The bed shifted as Sandi hopped on. I pulled away from Ann, “You heard?” referring to Anna’s concern.


* * *

Anna and I made out for a while. Sandi eventually came up behind and wrapped her arms around me. She rubbed one hand over my chest and the fingers of her other through my hair and sometimes I felt her chin on my shoulder as she watched, other times she was kissing and sucking on my neck. She sometimes goes through a vampire phase and bites. I was glad she wasn’t doing that that night. She also has caps that she puts on her canines that go with that phase. I was also glad that she didn’t have those in.

Eventually we parted mouths and I started to work on Anna’s shirt, Sandi still clung behind me and watched. Anna helped out with her shirt. The sight was impressive. She was wearing a black bra with emerald green trim and embroidery. It gave full cover, exposing very little flesh. There was practically no gap between fabric and breast and the bra was not biting into her flesh causing that weird double boob look. The band was wide all around back. Bras that fit were hot. I never cared for the look of the ones biting into the chest or the ones that were more bra than boob. As a guy it looked uncomfortable, I couldn’t imagine how the gal felt.

“Wow.” Sandi said lowly, right next to my ear. I turned my head toward Sandi’s and smiled in agreement.

I reached my hands over and lifted and squeezed. Anna looked down and watched. She had a slight smile.

Sandi reached one of her hands out and tentatively touched Anna’s left breast. Anna didn’t object and Sandi just lightly rubbed her fingers over the curve, just feeling the fabric. She giggled a little and shifted anxiously behind me. Other than occasionally wearing a spandex-like sports bra, Sandi didn’t wear them. She didn’t really have need, most of them just gave that too much bra, not enough boob look on her small frame. I guessed that bras were a novel idea for her.

Anna put an arm behind her back and unclasped her confines. She then did a little bit of a tease while holding her front with one arm and slipping the other arm out of its strap and then swapping. When she was done she pulled her arms away and her bra stayed in place. I smiled, I was memorized. A few seconds passed and Sandi batted the bra off, it fell to the floor. Anna let out a laugh in response to Sandi’s motion.

Anna’s nipples weren’t at attention, they were practically smooth. Her areolae had to be close to three inches in diameter.

“Wow,” both Sandi and I said in unison. Yeah, if it wasn’t obvious, we are titpigs.

I went back to shifting and squeezing. Sandi stayed clinging to me, probably feeling that touching raw boob might be pushing the comfort boundary at that moment. Anna’s skin was soft and smooth and cool to the touch. I closed my eyes for a second and flashed back to when I fucked her at work. I had seen so little then, and I was kind of recreating the scene with the new imagery available.

“I seem to remember something about face burying.” Anna’s statement brought me back from my reverie.

I must have had a shit-eating grin on my face as I looked at Anna. My cock had been at attention for a little while now, and I could feel a wet spot forming where precum had finally emerged in response to that statement. She smiled back and I pushed her shoulder gently and she lowered herself backward. I didn’t spend too much time observing how her tits flattened a little and jiggled as she laid back, I just pounced. Anna was squeezing here tits in an undulating fashion, I could feel the jiggle against my face. I rocked my face back and forth. I felt my stubble brush across her smooth skin and wondered how that felt to her. Anna wasn’t complaining.

Sandi had sat back and was no longer clinging while I faced planted into Anna’s chest. I heard her giggle some more as I brought my head up and mouthed Anna’s nipples. “Awww, does Craig miss his momma?” Sandi teased.

Anna’s head rocked to the side as she looked away laughed. It appeared that she was probably more embarrassed from Sandi’s jest than I would ever be.

Anna let out a couple of quite moans as I was coaxing her nipples up. They weren’t quite what I felt before, but again it could be that visual disconnect.

I felt the bed shift as Sandi got off and then felt her hands near my side as she unfastened Anna’s belt. Anna shifted her weight and lifted her hips after the sound of a zipper and Sandi was wiggling her jeans off.

I pulled away from Anna’s pillows to see what Sandi had uncovered. I absently had a hand cupped over Anna’s breast while I rubbed my thumb back and forth over her nipple.

She was wearing the same style boyshorts as before. These matched her bra, black with emerald trim.

Sandi was behind me again, looking over my shoulder. She was rubbing my dick through my shorts. I moved my hand down to Anna’s leg and rubbed the length of her thigh and then rubbed inside the thigh and back out again. I teased a little, being careful not to touch her sweet spot. I watched my hand on the curve of her leg and then looked back to her face. Anna’s eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily.

“Let me play with you cock.” Anna requested.

I stood up, Anna sat up, and Sandi stayed kneeling on the bed. They both watched as I pulled my clothes off; it felt odd to be the center of attention like that. I pulled my shirt off and then my shorts. I kept a close legged stance and as I pulled my shorts down I tucked my cock and balls between my legs. I stood up and stretched and I heard a couple of giggles. There was that stupid naked man with an erection again.

“OK, magic trick’s over mister.” Sandi said as she patted my ass a couple of times.

I took a normal stance and my pole popped up prominently.

“You’re right, it is nothing special.” Anna commented with a smirk.

I gave her a sour look, “It’s OK if I make fun of my junk, it isn’t if someone else does. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Sandi laughed and said theatrically, “I’ve always been blinded by my love for him, but now that you mention it Anna…”

I turned and glared at Sandi. They both laughed.

Anna shifted her panties down. Sandi hopped off of the bed, let her skirt drop after unzipping it, and kicked it across the room to where the cat was cleaning the inside of her rear leg. Akuma jumped with a start and leaped out of the room making a stuttered, irritated meow. Sandi was wearing really low rise butt floss. The front left little to the imagination and was so low that the tip of her already minimal fuzz was showing. She pulled her shirt off, exposing her swollen areolae and firm nipples.

I turned to Sandi and put my arms around her, squeezing her ass. I leaned forward and kissed her. “You don’t really deserve that after what you said.”

She smirked and I stepped away. She looked down at herself and rubbed two fingers along her belly where I had left a mark. Sandi stepped close and put those two fingers in my mouth. I could definitely taste the metallic alkaline flavor of my precum.

Sandi pulled her fingers out of my mouth and I hopped on the bed. I laid on my side and had my head near Anna’s crotch and my cock near her head. She grabbed me instantly and started stroking. Sandi hopped back on the bed and crawled over to where Anna was working and started rubbing my balls. I heard them both giggle again.

I rubbed my hand around Anna’s thighs and groin. I put my index and middle fingers on either side of her slit and rocked them back and forth. The dick stroking stopped and she let out a long moan.

“Hey Sandi, take a look at Anna’s hair.” She had what, I think, is called a flame cut. Anna’s hair was dark, so there was a lot of contrast from the center to where it thinned outward.

Sandi was spooning me almost instantaneously with her head over my shoulder. “Cool, looks like a lot of work.”

“I do put a little time into it.” Anna said.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding about her clit. Her nipples either.” Sandi said. She reached her hand to Anna’s crotch and then pulled her hand back before making contact, again probably thinking about boundaries.

We went back to our caressing. Sandi watched what I was doing. I ran my middle finger along Anna’s snatch, the whole length running along her eraser tip clit, and the cock stroking stopped again. I smiled.

“Fuck.” Anna said softly. It didn’t really sound like an ecstatic “Fuck,” it sounded more like a resigned “Fuck”.

I chose to ignore it to see what played out and I continued on Anna’s nether. Anna’s hand stopped again on my cock and was moving between my legs. I wasn’t sure what she was up to, but it became clear that she wanted me to lift my leg. I propped my leg up and I could feel her hand working behind me. At first I thought she was being very adventurous with me, but I realized that she wasn’t making direct contact with me and then Sandi made a loud squeal in my ear.

Sandi shuddered and kicked and latched onto me around my right arm and shoulder. I could guess what had happened, but I was in disbelief. I looked down towards Anna’s head and could then see that she was definitely looking at and playing with Sandi between my legs. Sandi calmed down, propped her leg too and she let out soft laughs interspersed with soft moans while teething my shoulder. Well, at least it wasn’t biting.

Anna initiated a sixty-nine by rolling over onto me and straddling my head with her legs. As she leaned forward, her breasts compressed against my belly. Up until then I had been using just my hand on the outside, so I decided it was time to be a little more invasive. I pulled her smooth slit apart and wriggled my tongue inside. She was damp and I could taste her slightly bitter musk.

“Ohhhh, fuck.” Anna moaned.

Sandi had backed off and was observing again. Anna started licking my shaft and around my hooded head. Eventually she put the head in her mouth and started to suck. She didn’t go down too far, I didn’t know if it was skill, comfort, or she was just teasing.

Sandi moved over to Anna’s action, “You’ll want to let the turtle out.”

“Uh…” I heard Anna say somewhat hesitantly as she pulled away.

“Don’t worry, Craig cleans well. He’s obsessive about it, probably to the point of needing meds.” I chuckled at Sandi calming Anna down.

I felt a hand grab my cock from a different angle as Sandi joined and Anna lifted up a bit, her breasts just barely touching me. Sandi pulled my foreskin back and then rolled it forward again. “See, nothing to it, totally clean,” she said as she pulled it back again.

“Well, I’ve seen it before and it wasn’t cleaned in the aftermath.” Anna replied.

“Oh, yeah, well he was on a mission and such then. That was a one time thing, maybe three times most. But tonight isn’t one of those times.” Sandi responded

A mouth covered my head and could instantly tell it was Sandi’s because of her tongue stud. She played with the tip a little, swirling her tongue and stud around the slit, and then took my whole shaft in. I stopped working on Anna as Sandi was showing off.

Sandi pulled off, “It’s a lot more sensitive this way, I bet he’s not playing with you anymore.”

I was caught and went back to Anna. Anna laughed at Sandi’s insight.

Sandi continued to show off, “You can tease him with it, though.” She swallowed my length and pulled up having also covered my “turtle” on the way. “He also really likes this,” she said before giving an open-mouthed demonstration of her tongue under my hood.

I paused again and started flexing my feet and drumming my fingers on Anna’s ass in response to Sandi’s service.

Anna giggled again at my response. “Ewww, that looks kind of Alien-ish.” she stated.

“Yeah, we saw it in a porno in high school…well, not in high school, but during that time. I was pretty grossed out at the time, but after I got used to this guy’s body…”

Anna took control of my stick again and I felt Sandi shift back. She was licking and sucking the head while stroking the shaft. It was an entirely different experience from Sandi and felt awkward and amateurish. She tried to go down further but just came up with a gagging cough. “How do you do that?”

Sandi let out a little laugh, “We’ve been together for around twelve years. My mouth is shaped like his cock.”

As Anna went down again, Sandi moved forward again. Anna pulled up and then I felt her weight drop back down. Both of their lips were on my cock now. I had tongue going up one side and down the other of my shaft. It was an awesome feeling. Sandi, I think, started massaging my balls. When both mouths got to the top, they interlocked around my head. I let out a moan and wasn’t really doing much to Anna anymore, just absently rubbing a finger around her clit.

Sandi suggested that we change places. Anna rolled off of me. As I was propping myself up and stretching a little, Sandi swung her leg over me, slamming her slit into my face and pushed me back down. Changing places didn’t include me. At some point she had removed her floss. She had her legs pressed tightly up against my head and I could hear them talking but couldn’t really make anything out with the pressure against my head. All the while she was rocking her hips along my face until I finally grabbed her hips and positioned her posterior so that I could give her pink and good tongue lashing.

I knew this snatch. I loved this snatch. I went to work with fingers and tongue; sucking, rubbing, licking, and penetrating. It dawned on me that I was being hesitant with Anna. I felt a little regret and made a note that, if my face ended up between her legs again, I would work her over a little better.

Sandi continued to grip my head and something was being discussed but I still couldn’t make it out. She was wet, shuddered a little here and there, and rocked her hips to my rhythm. I did hear her squeal once. Finally she let up on my skull and sound returned. I thought that since they had changed places that Sandi was going to go down on me, but nothing was happening down there.

As I was starting to go soft from the lack of stimulation, Anna straddled me and ground her pussy along my cock. They were playing with me. Anna was heavier than Sandi, who was really a spinner. It felt good with the added pressure. It also came to mind that if I had wanted to get out from under Anna and she didn’t want me to, I would have a bit of a fight.

When I had hardened up, Anna lifted her weight and grabbed my shaft. She deliberately pulled my hood back and I smiled. Pointing me to the sky, she eased herself down. Damn she was tight. Sandi by no means was a loose-millie, but Anna was just all-walls. Maybe it was more psychological; she had more fat so she should be loose, or she has had several boyfriends(in the time that I’ve known her) so she must be all worn out. I moaned as Anna rocked back and forth and then slid up and back down.

Sandi elevated herself a bit and was rubbing my belly. I was able to get more air. “Do you like that hon?” she purred. She must have remembered her cat ears.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Is it as tight as it was before? Do you like that tight pussy?”

“Oh, fuck yeah. She’s ridiculously tight.”

Anna was slowly riding me and took my comment as a signal to contract her walls with a few pulses.

“Oh, God Sandi. I wish you could feel this.” I said.

Sandi leaned forward and started making out with Anna. I was glad that Anna loosened up with Sandi. Sandi repositioned herself off of me so I could watch. She moved her face to Anna’s cleavage. Anna smiled and looked down at Sandi while she rocked on me.

“You two are fucking ridiculous when it comes to boobs.” Anna said.

Sandi pulled away and hefted her practically nonexistent bosom, “Yeah, my Freudian analyst was unable to help me with my mother complex.” She went down to Anna’s nipples and started pulling at them lightly with her teeth. Anna closed her eyes and picked up her rhythm.

Sandi played with Anna’s nipples a little longer and then moved behind Anna. She put her hands around her waist, in a low hug, and laid her cheek on the back of Anna’s shoulder while Anna continued sliding up and down and I tried to match the pace. Sandi started playing with Anna’s boobs again and then lowered one of her hands to Anna’s clit. Anna stopped her up and down movements and just rocked her hips and turned to Sandi as she repositioned Sandi’s hand, “Not so direct.”

Sandi was rubbing a couple of fingers right above Anna’s hood. She leaned over Anna’s shoulder to kiss her. Anna collapsed back against Sandi and moved her lips to Sandi’s. As their lips were about to make contact, Sandi pulled away just slightly. Anna opened her eyes, probably thinking she was off target. She moved her head toward Sandi’s again and Sandi did the same thing right as their lips were about to touch. Anna tried once more, and just like Lucy pulling the ball from Charlie Brown, Sandi moved away. Anna frowned but couldn’t really follow Sandi’s face anymore in the position she was in. She moved her head back to a more natural position and Sandi swooped into Anna’s lips. They exchanged a few pecks in the midst of heavy breathing and twirling their tongues.

“You’re mean.” Anna said to Sandi.

“Do you like your big clitty being teased like this.” Sandi responded totally off topic.

“Yeah, I’m going to cum soon.”


“I’ll let you know. Soon.”

“How about now?” Sandi stopped rubbing and slid two fingers along both sides of Anna’s clit.

Anna eyes went wide, showing mostly whites, and her back arched, hips bucked and she clenched the bedding uncontrollably and let out a long groan. My cock had been expelled from her hole. Sandi looked at me over Anna’s shoulder and smiled. I shook my head in disbelief. I had seen Sandi do that a couple of times before, but the other girls weren’t so violent, they just had really long, drawn out orgasms.

“Oh…Fuck!” Anna said while trying to catch her breath. “Oh, God!” she continued to lean back against Sandi. Sandi rubbed her hands up and down Anna’s front.

“Can I come over again?” she asked Sandi.

“Were you leaving?” Sandi asked and leaned in to kiss.

“I think I’m spent.” She was shaking a little.

I sat up, put my arms around Anna, and pulled her down over me. “We have a big bed and we’re calling in tomorrow, remember? You can stay.” I eased my cock back into her. She closed her eyes and we kissed. We synced our hips together.

We slowly fucked each other. Sandi came up and laid next to us. Whenever Anna pulled her head away from mine, Sandi would move her’s close to one of ours to make out. I took Anna’s hand and moved it over to Sandi’s crotch. Sandi laid back and closed her eyes. She let out a couple of whimpers.

“She’s really wet,” Anna said with a little laugh.

“Yeah, it doesn’t take much. She’s always been like that,” I replied.

“Are you going to fuck her?”

“Probably not tonight,” I responded to Anna, “she really wanted to see us together.”

“I’m still here and conscious, you know,” Sandi said, her eyes still closed.

“Do you want to switch?” I asked Sandi.

“Not until you’re done.”

“Roll over,” I said to Anna.

Anna got on her back and went back to fingering Sandi and I mounted her in a straight missionary position. Now I watched her tits as the flattened out. They jiggled like Jello molds as her body rocked from me fucking her.

“You’ll want to see this,” I said to Sandi as I stared at Anna’s chest.

Sandi sat up and smiled at the visual. She moved closer and started jiggling Anna’s right breast more. Anna laughed, “Geez you guys.”

“Do you not like that?” I asked.

“I don’t dislike like it, but my tits might be getting a little too much attention here.”

Sandi cuddled her face up against Anna’s large breast, “But there is so much of them, they could never get too much attention.”

I started to pick up my pace. I thought it would be time to move on to other things.

Anna refocused, “Oh yeah, fuck me harder.”

I was hitting her hard. Sandi let out a longing moan as she watched Anna being pounded.

“Are you going to cum in me again?” breathed Anna with a smile.

“Oh yeah,” I responded. I knew that Anna had at least one more surprise coming that night and it would only be right if I unloaded in her.

I railed her for a couple more minutes until I could not hold it any longer. I dropped my chest onto Anna’s and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her tight. I slammed my hips into hers. My cock swelled; it felt as if it was trying to reach out just a little farther before it unloaded. My PC muscle was clenched tight as my cock felt like it was pushing ever so slightly more against Anna’s walls. At last I released and let out a long groan and Anna let out a satisfied moan as I emptied into her. When the major spasms had stopped, I loosened my hold on Anna and started sliding my cock in and out again. My overly sensitive cock head caused me to shudder a couple of times.

I pulled my cock out of Anna. Sandi moved over and started to suck my cock. My whole shaft was sensitive and her tongue stud caused my body to tremble. Anna propped herself up on her elbows and watched us.

“Mmmmm,” Sandi hummed as she pulled away, “it’s much better fresh.” She got on her knees and locked lips with me. Our cum tasted a lot better straight from the hole.

I smiled as Sandi shared our cum with me. “Yeah, that’s a lot more tolerable.”

“Wow, that’s kind of sick and hot at the same time,” voiced Anna.

Sandi went back to cleaning my cock and I ran my fingers through her hair. She was licking my balls with my whole pole in her mouth. I looked over at Anna and smiled. Anna smiled and shook her head in disbelief at the sight of my balls hanging around Sandi’s chin.

Sandi pulled off again and I moved. Sandi took my place, kneeling between Anna’s legs, and leaned in to kiss her. Anna wrinkled up her nose and turned her head to the side. I laughed. Sandi frowned.

“Sorry,” Anna said sheepishly, “I can’t…”

Sandi slid her body down Anna’s, keeping her hands on Anna’s breasts. Sandi put her face in Anna’s muff.

Anna started to protest, perhaps feeling more uncomfortable again with the girl/girl stuff. Sand’s magic tongue quieted her though, and she laid back down and rode the wave. Her hands moved down to Sandi’s head where she ran her fingers through Sandi’s hair and controlled the pressure Sandi was giving.

“Oh fuck Sandi!” Anna cried.

I watched for a bit and stroked myself as my semi-flaccid cock distended. When I was ready, I positioned myself behind Sandi’s rear. I slid my cockhead up and down Sandi’s smooth, wet slit. Sandi whimpered as I made contact. I slid into her pink and she paused what she was doing with Anna. She laid her head sideways on Anna’s pelvis; with her arms still outstretched, she squeezed Anna’s mounds as I work up my tempo. Anna’s nipples were poking out from between Sandi’s fingers. Sandi raised her ass to get a better angle of my penetration.

“Mmmmm. Fuck me Craig, fuck me. Harder!” Sandi said and then continued to eat at the Y.

Sandi had gone back to cleaning Anna’s kitty and her face was being pressed into Anna as I made my motions. Anna’s body rocked back and forth with the motion, her tits jiggling around again. She gripped the sheets and squeezed her thighs around Sandi’s head as she came again.

I pulled out of Sandi and slid my dog between her buns a couple of times, smearing her wetness around, and nestled the head against her puckered asshole. She let out a moan as she wriggled her round butt around as I pushed my head in. She made a gasp and then a long moan as I slid into her. I waited for a minute, pulsing my shaft, while she became accustomed to the invasion. As I slid in and out, I let some saliva drip from my mouth to the penetration to ease the friction.

“Oh Anna, you gotta take Craig up the butt. It feels so good,” Sandi moaned.

“Maybe another time,” Anna dodged.

Assfucking was visually, as well as physically, very stimulating. Without all the folds of her pussy, it looked like my cock was directly attached to Sandi; her grommet cinched around my shaft perfectly, there was no gap, no folds, one piece. Sandi had her head back down on Anna’s pelvis while she took me. She had a blissful look on her face.

Sandi straightened her legs out so that she was laying flat. Her ass was so much tighter like this and she loved to tease me more by clenching. Her butt stood out more prominently in this position and provided a nice cushion for impact as I let my weight fall on the down stroke.

Anna propped herself up on her elbows again and watched me assfuck my girl. “Again, that looks so wrong and hot at the same time.”

I grinned, “Did you take Sandi’t advice and clean your ass?”

“Ha,” laughed Anna, “whether I did or not, I’m still going to pass.”

Sandi was casually kicking her legs up and hitting my ass with her feet. “Hurry Craig. I wan’t to feel your warm cum in me.”

I was then grinding my hips against her rump. “I didn’t catch that. Where did you want my cum?”

“Cum in my ass, I want it in my ass.”

Sandi was flexing her gluts and rectum. The extra stimulation put me over the edge. I pushed in one last time and squirted my load. Sandi let out a soft moan as she milked my cock of the last of it’s warm delivery with her ass.

We rolled to our sides and spooned. We played little games with my rod up her butt. I would pulse blood back into my softening pole. Sandi would respond with a couple of clenches of her sphincter.

Without saying anything, Sandi had gotten Anna in front of her. Sandi’s arm was around Anna, absently twirling her fingers around Anna’s breasts. I stayed behind Sandi, sandwiching her, with my cock in her.

* * *

We stayed like that for a while. We may have dozed off, we were at least in a daze. Several hours had gone by from when Anna had come over, but it felt like less than two hours.

After a time, we got up to clean up. Sandi was clinging to Anna, and Anna had her arm around Sandi. I moved with them to the bathroom, thinking we’d all take a shower. Again this move did not include me. At the door, Sandi put her hand up to my chest, halting me. She was quite a bit shorter than Anna, and had her head dropped against Anna’s breasts. Sandi shook her head and Anna smiled sheepishly and they turned into the bathroom.

I went to the other bathroom to clean up, wondering what I was missing out on.

After we were clean, we finished the night with the checkered ice cream and draining Anna’s shiraz. It wasn’t a good combination, but it didn’t really matter. We laughed and joked and recounted some of our antics and talked about the future.

We all retired together. Anna and I called in to work that morning and we went back to sleep for a while. Anna and I woke up later to the keyboard clacking; Sandi was hard at work.

Anna and I played around for a bit. We called Sandi over. She sat in her chair and watched for a little bit and then went back to her work. A while later my balls were slamming Anna’s clit while I fucked her doggy style. Anna’s tight vag was driving me nuts and I was about to burst when Sandi jumped on the bed and clung to me.

I think she timed it. I almost went soft from being startled.

“I’m ready now!” she exclaimed.

The cat jumped on the bed to see what the excitement was about and the day went on.


Anna continued to come over periodically. She and I are fuck buddies and take advantage of that at work on occasion. Sandi once came to my work to check out the bathrooms in the back. Anna and I were about twenty minutes late from our lunch that day.

Somehow Akuma ended up acquiring a friend, which was odd since she was an indoor cat. Sandi swore she had nothing to do with it, but either way we now had two cats. It was kind of like a growing family and Sandi and I decided to look for a bigger place. In talking with Anna, we found that her roommate was moving and that she couldn’t cover their place alone. Sandi and I offered to find a new place with her.

We ended up renting a two story, five bedroom house. The two bedrooms on the first floor were sectioned off like a separate suite. Anna took those and Sandi and I claimed the upstairs.

Having the split like that didn’t keep us from mingling with one another. Many a times I came home from work to find Anna and Sandi playing together. Sometimes I just jumped in, other times I watched, often stroking myself which would inevitably distract the girls into watching me instead, and other times I was shooed away. I had asked them on a couple of occasions what they talked about when I was around but not allowed to listen or why they shooed me. Anna was silent about it. Sandi would just reply, “Girl stuff.”

Over the years with this living arrangement Anna had a couple of other relationships. Everything kind of ebbed and flowed. When she was involved with someone, she didn’t play with Sandi and me. When she wasn’t with someone, she often played with us.

It didn’t take long before Sandi had Anna eating pussy. Anna still admits that she doesn’t dig girls, but with that statement she’ll add that she digs Sandi. She has no problem with tasting her snatch on my mouth or Sandi’s. She’ll lap my cum off of Sandi’s slit or suck my cock after I’d been in either of them. She’s still hesitant about anal. We’ve done it a number of times now, but it doesn’t seem to be something she likes.

Maria was coming home from college, graduated and ready to tackle the job market. Friends and family held a huge Bar-B-Que feast by a lake not too far from home. As the evening went on as she was catching up on old times with her cousin Lyn Ann as they didn’t notice that they were the last ones there. Taking an old trail back home they continued with their conversation.

Well after midnight on a hot summer’s night and both still in their bikini didn’t bother them at all. That is until Maria had to go to the bathroom. Being the Southern girl she is, she removed her bikini and proceeded to squat and urinate on the side of the path. Lyn Ann, on lookout, noticed with her flashlight that Maria had a tattoo of a butterfly across her hairless pussy.

Maria had gotten it during her 2nd year at college when she was trying different things with her boyfriend. Lyn Ann marveled on how beautiful it looked and proceeded to remove her swimsuit as well to show Maria her tattoo as well; a snake coming out of her anal hole and circling around her nice clean shaved pussy.

Two women in their early 20′s sitting naked on the ground and marveling on each other’s pussy tattoos. Each proceeded to open another can of beer and tell their stories on when how each got their tattoo. Maria always wanted a tattoo but knew her mother would freak out so she had her boyfriend, John go with her to get one going across her pussy. One area she knew her mother would never see it.

They drove 30 miles away from campus so no one would recognize her. It was a well-respected place as the tattoo artist Mark, allowed her boyfriend to be with them as well another female worker Laura who was learning to be a tattoo artist. Maria was nervous at first but went for it. She undressed and sat in a special chair they had they that would keep her legs spread wide open.

The guy cleaned around her pussy, giving her a more detailed shaving around her now pulsating pussy. She was told that many women do have orgasms when they get their tattoo on or near their pussy. And Maria really exploded with the first of many orgasms that night. As he finished making sure the area was nice and smooth, he placed baby lotion on her skin that sent her over the edge as she literally peed right onto the floor.

After it was cleaned up and Maria regained her composer, her boyfriend John was simply enjoying the show. The tattoo artist began working on the tattoo stopping ever so often as Maria was having one orgasm after another. Eventually she passed out which help the tattoo artist to finish more quickly. When done he took a picture of his work and proceeded to wake Maria up from her deep sleep. She awoke, saw the picture of her tattoo and was thrilled with it. But then she asked for a special request.

She had so many orgasms that she really wanted to have a quick fuck with her boyfriend before she got out of the chair. Mark understood but was still a little reluctant to do it. She didn’t care if they watched or not but she was desperate to have a cock deep inside her as she could feel another orgasm building inside of her. He gave his OK as John quickly undressed and quickly got to work on her.

No foreplay involved as she quickly guided his throbbing 8 inch cock deep inside her. Feeling the pain coming from her new tattoo didn’t stop her from grabbing his waist and assisting his thrusting waist deeper inside her. Letting out moans and grunts, Maria was clearly enjoying herself as each thrust of his cock was pounding long and hard into her dripping pussy. Her orgasm was delivered with a loud scream as he continued to work his cock deeper and stronger into her.

As he was preparing to come as well, he pulled out of her as she quickly grabbed ahold of his twitching cock and proceeded to suck every drop out of his cock. She licked his cock and balls dry cleaned as her whole body was covered in sweat. Looking over towards Mark and Laura as they were engaged as well in their own little fuck fest. She was completely naked and bent over as he was ramming his 10 inch cock deep into her pussy.

As Maria was still in the chair and unable to move, Laura grabbed ahold of the chair and proceeded to buried her face deep into Maria’s pussy. A woman Maria had never seen before was eating her pussy, and doing a better job at it than her boyfriend. Maria was loving this as she moaned and held Laura’s head close to her dripping pussy. Not being let out of the fun John began to fondle Laura’s breast. One of her hands found his half limped cock as she began to stroke new life back into it.

With his cock at full strength again, she was lifted off the ground as the tattoo artist filled her ass hole with his cock and John planted his deep into her gapping pussy hole. Without touching the ground, this woman was buckling into a most powerful orgasm as both her pussy and ass hole was spread wide open and being pumped like jackhammers. Both men climaxed deep inside of her as she collapsed to the ground.

Both looked towards Maria as she knew what was going to happen to her next. She was released from the chair as John laid on the floor. She got on top of him as he slid deed inside her waiting pussy. After a few strokes she felt what at first was intense pain but quickly turned into a new experience for her. She couldn’t move in any way but could easily feel two powerful cocks moving through her. Barely able to speak as she began begging for more. And more she got.

They worked her waist in every direction as they thrusted in unison deep into her. As her tongue protruded from her gapping mouth, it was met by an awaiting pussy from Laura who had composed herself and her cum dripping pussy into Maria’s mouth. Sucking and licking her pussy was turning Maria into a real slut of a woman. But she didn’t care as each man was unloading huge amount of cum deep into both her pussy and ass.

As they disconnect from her, the other woman joined with Maria to form a perfect 69 position as each woman was licking the other dry. Both with their faces covered in cum and bodily fluids was driving the other towards one orgasm after another to eventually they passed out right in the middle of the floor. Both men just looked on as they took pictures of these women embracing the other. A short time later they awoke but could barely move. Too tired and worn out from multiple orgasms.

The shop was already closed up for the night so everyone simply slept there. By morning the women washed off in the bathroom as they gave each other a good cleaning. Maria was really feeling the pain from the tattoo as it was covered up to stop any infection from getting to it. After a night like that Mark didn’t charge her for the tattoo as he asked her to come again if she wants another tattoo. She gave him and Laura a deep tongue kiss as she and John left to head back to campus.

She slept the whole day and that evening John showed her the pictures he took of that night as she was becoming more aroused again. She had to wait until the pain subsided from her pussy so she gave John a quick blow job. A few days later she bought a dildo about the size of Marks and started using it whenever she and Jon had sex together. She was now hooked on three way sex as well as being bi-sexual. John didn’t mind so long as he got to enjoy using every hole of Maria’s newfound body.

And on that hot summer night as Maria and Lyn Ann sat naked under the starry sky drinking a beer, Maria leans over and begins stroking Lyn Ann’s dripping wet pussy.

To be continued…


It was coming around to Essence Festival. If you have never attended one, they’re kind of crazy. There’s two main groups that attend. You have local New Orleans crowds, mostly black folks, doing their thing. Then you have all these tourists coming in from around the country, who are also mostly black folks. The difference between the tourists and the locals though is money. Most of the people who come in to town are a lot more middle class or even wealthy. They’re really easy to spot.

Johnny had told me not to make any plans over the Essence Festival weekend because he had some stuff in mind. Johnny isn’t anyone huge in the music business, but he’s big enough that he knows people who know people and he often gets invited to parties.

We went to one on Tuesday that was kind of a pre-party and I met some of the guys that Johnny new from Atlanta and a couple of guys from Florida. It was a pretty chill party, but before we showed up, Johnny took me aside. “If you want to hook up with any of these guys, it’s cool, ya heard me? But they just think we’re friends, aight? If they know we’re together, they won’t mess around most likely. They’re my friends in the music business but they don’t know about the other side of my life.”

The guys were all really fun and funny, all around our age. They teased me about being the only white person in the room, which I was. One of the guys kept doing this amazing Chris Tucker impersonation and had us laughing till we cried. We all got stoned and drunk and listened to a bunch of cool music I’d never heard like early Detroit techno, British hip-hop, and old reggae. These guys really knew their way around music and I felt like I was getting schooled.

It was a little weird hanging out with Johnny and pretending not to be his girlfriend. It got weirder when he and another girl started flirting. I wasn’t jealous or anything, but it felt weird watching him smile sit close to another woman who didn’t think I was anything but his friend. He wouldn’t do anything with her, but still, it felt weird.

Two of the Atlanta guys immediately started a friendly rivalry for my attention. One, Sean, was a sort of short, really ripped guy with super short Afro. The other guy, Bryan, was bald, dark skinned with really big lips and a cute smile. They were both really flirty and I could tell they both wanted to hook up. They were friends though too, and I could tell that it was kind of a competition for them.

Nothing much happened that night, except Sean gave me a good night kiss. The next day though, Bryan texted me and asked if I wanted to go to a party on Friday night with the same group of guys that had been at the party where I’d met them. He said Johnny could come along too. But when I asked Johnny about it, he said he had a business get together and told me to go with the guys without him.

The party started out really lame at a meeting space in a hotel. It seemed like something a record label might have put on and it probably was. There was a really weird mix of people there and it felt really kind of uptight. But then we all got talking to this guy who said that they were having a big party at the hotel down the street and it was going to be taking up a good portion of an entire floor.

That sounded like fun and I thought maybe it was a chance to wipe away my bad experience from a previous Essence Festival. He invited a group of us over. It was me, Johnny’s four friends from Atlanta and another girl that we’d met at the party named Janelle.

We ended up sort of wandering from room party to room party for awhile before we settled into this one room that had some good hip-hop going and some really tasty weed that everyone was crammed out on the balcony to get a hit of. We all got a little baked and drunk. As we did, Sean and Bryan were getting up on me more and more. Finally, when Sean leaned in and kissed my neck, Bryan lost it.

“Hold up! Hold up!” he said to Sean. “I love you and all. We’re brothers and shit, but we got to draw a line here.” He looked over at me and said, “Now, you know we both into you and I ain’t saying you been playin’ us or nothin’ but if one of us has got a shot and the other don’t, you could do us right by speakin’ up now.” It was fair. I hadn’t been intentionally leading them on.

But I realized that really, this was the first time I was in a position like this. I had control over my own sexuality, my own decisions. Yeah, I was a little baked, but I knew I liked both of these guys when I was totally sober. Just a few years back, I might have just kept my mouth shut and let these guys fight over me. Instead, I spoke up and let things play out however they were going to play out. “I like both of you guys. You’re just here to visit, so we’re just talking about hooking up, right? Cause I’m not looking for a boyfriend.” They shrugged and nodded. “Then why do I have to choose at all? Can’t we all fuck around?”

They looked at each other and busted out laughing. Not laughing at me, just laughing because I think I shocked the hell out of them. Sean finally said, “Damn. Johnny told us you were down with brothas and that you got freaky, but I have never heard a girl say anything like that. You have just blown my mind, girl.”

I grinned. I liked that. It felt good to surprise a guy that way.

Bryan said, “So you saying you want to do a three way or some shit like that?”

I shrugged. “I’m not saying that. I mean…I might be willing.” I winked at him. “I just meant that I’m willing to share if you guys are.”

Sean looked a little confused and worried though. “I don’t fuckin’ know how that would go down.” He shook his head.

But I was feeling like a total bad ass at that point. Sean and I were sitting on the corner of a bed and Bryan was sitting in a chair facing us. I said, “It’s like this.” I turned and threw my arm around Sean and kissed him, letting my tongue go all around his. Then I let my hand slip between his legs and I gave a squeeze, just for a second.

Then I got up and sat in Bryan’s lap and kissed him. I took his hand and put it on my breast and had him squeeze it. I stopped, looked back at Sean and said, “See? Easy!”

They both laughed and we went back to partying. After that, the guys were much less competitive. But I could also tell that they didn’t really know what they were doing either. They’d never shared someone before.

Later, the guy who had brought us to the party offered to sell us some molly and we took him up on it. Sean was a little nervous about doing it because he’d never done it before, but Bryan and I convinced him to go ahead with us.

The party didn’t really wind down, but it did quiet down. As it started to get later and we started getting some warnings from the hotel security, the party chilled out a bit. It was about six rooms and maybe forty people. The music was softer. Doors were still open but some of them were just cracked instead of being wide open.

One of the other guys in our group, the guy who could do the Chris Tucker impression was making out with the other girl who’d come with us, Janelle. She was really pretty, short and looked like she was a mix of Asian and Latin. They were laying on one of the two beds in the room. One of the guys actually staying in the room was lying on the other bed. We didn’t know him, but he was pretty drunk and just sort of half passed out.

I was sitting on the corner of the bed still just talking with Brian and Sean. They were sitting in chairs facing me, but they’d pulled them up close to me and I put a foot up on each of their thighs. They’d taken my shoes off and were rubbing my feet. The molly had kicked in pretty hard and we were all just feeling good and close and open.

Bryan asked, “Have you hooked up with Johnny? You guys seem pretty tight.”

I grinned. “We are. Very tight. Yeah, we hook up.”

Sean said, “Johnny said you really get freaky. What’s the freakiest thing you’ve ever done?”

I shrugged and grinned again. “I don’t know, but why don’t we do something freaky right now?” I felt like I could do anything with these guys and be cool. The molly and my mood were just right. I wasn’t thinking about Randall or Johnny or Clarence or anyone else.

Bryan said, “Like what? You wanna go back to our hotel room?”

I shook my head, still smiling. “How about you two sit right there and I suck both your dicks?”

They looked at each other and then at everyone else in the room. The guy whose room it was seemed passed out. The other two were making out and whispering to each other on the other bed. They looked like they were on molly too.

Bryan and Sean agreed and unzipped their pants and pulled out their cocks. Bryan was much darker skinned, but other than their cocks were almost identical. My mouth started watering. They pushed their chairs back to give me a little room and they moved their asses to the edge of their chairs.

I got in between them and down on my knees and wrapped a hand around their cocks. Guy’s dicks feel amazing to me. They go from being so incredibly soft to so hard. They go from light to heavy. On molly, they feel even better.

I started stroking Sean while I sucked on Bryan. Then I switched up. It was funny how fast they got hard. They leaned back in their chairs. Sean got really quiet while Bryan just kept making steady moans. I think we were all too high to articulate just how good we felt.

I wasn’t trying to go all hardcore on them. I didn’t do any deep throating. I just took my time and worshiped those beautiful black dicks. I licked their heads, their shafts, got them all covered in my spit.

I’m not really sure how long we were going at it. At some point I realized that the other three people in the room were watching us. I liked that. Even the half asleep drunk guy who was staying in the room was checking us out.

Then the other guy from our group, I never got his name, and Janelle started having sex on the other bed. I took a break from giving Sean and Bryan head and we all watched them fuck. It was slow and pretty. I knew then that they were on molly too.

Bryan pulled me back toward the chair and suggested we fuck. Then we had a conversation that could only happen when you’re on this particular drug. I said, “I’d love that. I want to feel both of you in me.”

He said, “I’ll get a condom.” He was about to start digging through his pants. I reached under my skirt and dropped my panties to the floor.

Sean said to me, “Wearing a rubber don’t sound right. I don’t want that shit between me and you.”

I said, “Yeah, I want to feel you on me, skin to skin. But we should be safe.”

Sean said, “Yeah, you’re right. If I can’t be in you bareback though, I’d rather not fuck at all.”

I smiled. “That’s totally cool. We can do other stuff.”

Bryan stopped looking for a condom and for the next hour or so, I gave them head, they went down on me, we kissed and grinded on each other.

Later, Bryan broke down and said, I gotta be inside you, just for a minute.” He put on a condom and I hiked up my skirt and straddled him in the chair. Sean came up next to me and I began to suck on him. It was kind of difficult because he was so hard that his cock was pointing almost straight up in the air.

Feeling Bryan sink into me, I realized how wet I’d gotten. There was an actual splash of fluid from between my legs. He only went for a minute or so before he said, “Yeah, doesn’t seem right with the condoms. Let’s go back to what we were doing.”

He was about to push me off, but I stopped him. “Wait. I think I might cum. Please keep going. Nice and steady.” He didn’t have to do much work since I was riding him. He’d just thrust up a bit as I pushed forward with my hips.

I turned to Sean and grabbed him by his hips and pulled him forward toward me and guided his dick as far down my throat as I could get it. I just held him there while I kept grinding on Bryan.

Then it hit me. This amazing orgasm that was like a tidal wave. It was like I could feel it swelling up inside me and slowly taking over my whole body. Incredible rolling waves of pleasure ran up and down my back and then all the way to my fingers and toes.

Before I’d even realized what had happened, I was leaning way back. Bryan had to catch me because I was falling out of the chair. I’d fainted!

They laid me down on my back and I smiled up at them. My whole body felt like melted caramel. I just wanted to sink into the carpet.

After that, we chilled out and put our clothes back on. We were all desperately thirsty and we thought it was a good time to make our exit.

We asked Janelle and the other guy if they wanted to come with us, but they seemed really into each other still. Bryan was like, “This ain’t even your room guys, come on.”

Then the half awake drunk dude said, “They can stay. It’s cool. Don’t even know where my roommate is.” We laughed and left them in the bed grinding and making out.

I checked my phone when we left and was blown away when I checked the time. It was six in the morning! We started heading out of the hotel. Both Bryan and Sean wanted me to sleep with them in their hotel room.

I was about to agree to it when we were passing through the hotel lobby and I stopped dead in my tracks. It was my mom. She was standing in the lobby with Clarence and Sam.

She turned and saw me and smiled and suddenly I wanted to cry. It was mostly the molly I’m sure, but I was so happy then that my mom was my mom, if that makes sense.

I told the guys that I’d catch up with them again that night. They made me promise and I did. I left them to go to their hotel room and I went and joined Clarence, Sam and my mom. We all went and got breakfast together. It was a great night and a great morning.

We have been friends for as far back as I can remember. Became best friends during high school and have remained that way ever since. We both did everything together. I spent a lot of nights at her house, her parents were cooler than mine. There I was a petite 5 foot nothing, 96 lb redhead, with 40 DD breasts. She was a few inches taller than me a few pounds heavier with blond hair and beautiful 42DD breasts. She has always been the big sister to me. Guiding me when i am confused, listening when i need to talk to someone. When i would go to her house, my parents always left the condition i could go, if my room was clean. i hated cleaning my room. A couple of times, she would come over after school to be sure that my room was done so i could come with her. Sometimes she would say “make sure such and such is done before i get there” If what she asked about…was done, she would help with the rest of the room. IF IT WASN’T, she would say “OK…do this this and this. And she would go to the other room and converse with my parents.

One night, we happened to be staying at my Nana’s house, why we were there i don’t recall, however i do recall us laying on the living room floor and having a talk about bisexuality. We did some heavy petting that night…and the next morning it was as though it never happened, and it wasn’t brought up until years later. We talked about everything, shared everything from clothes to sex partners, of course not at the same time, until just before graduation our senior year.

I had become very close to a man, who I wanted to give “every mans dream” to. He and I talked about it alot. We also discussed my curiosity with bisexuality. We decided she was the obvious choice, i could see myself sharing him with no other, just her. At first when I had the conversation with her, about what he and I had discusssed…I brought pictures of his cock with me. She opted to say no, because she didnt want our friendship to be ruined by it. Two weeks later, one thing led to another and the three of us were enjoying a shower together and having awesome sex. I ate pussy for the first time, wasn’t so sure I loved it…but it wasn’t bad. He got to have a pussy on his face and on his cock at the same time. From then on, it was a regular thing whenever we had a chance.

At one point…I get dropped off for the day at her house and when i get out of the truck he tells me to have fun, have some quality time with her, and he winked. That day the two of us girls spent hours after our shower, exploring every inch of eachothers body. Each time we got together and had time, just the two of us, we would play; just as the three of us would.

Then one day, when I got there, she didn’t feel like it…but if I wanted to eat her I could. She layed down on the bed and I began worshipping her pussy and ass hole, making her cum again and again. Only to have her say “He will be here to pick you up soon, you better get up and get dressed.” Several weeks this happened, and there i was right there with my face in her pussy. During those weeks I felt dejected at first, and sad. But she kept letting me come back for more. All I wanted in fact. So I must have been doing a good job pleasing her. One of us got a job and we had to stop our weekly ritual.

Then at one point, she started coming to stay with us every weekend. The boyfriend who, at this point, has become the husband…spanked me…in front of her, long and hard enough for me to cry…or atleast i thought that was the case. I have since decided that it was more the humiliation of it, and that for all intense purposes she was contributing and egging him on so to speak. At the time, i hadn’t realized that the feeling i was getting in this cunt…was because i was being humiliated as well as my ass spanked. That same night, part of my punishment “so to speak” was to be tied in a chair, with my ass hot and sore…and i watched him fuck her right there on the kitchen table.

Soon after that, my husband was fucking her any chance he got when they were alone, he would pick me up for work and give me a cum covered cock to suck on the way home. It always made me wet and horny to clean his cock of her cum.

Not too long ago we had an experience between the three of us that has made me realize that she can be more dominant….or i am realizing her dominance…more so than i thought.

my husband was in the shower and she out of nowhere said…lets go upstairs. We climbed up the stairs and we crawled into bed with him. After a few minutes she crawled down between his legs and started sucking his cock. Meanwhile he was playing with my nipples…then he pointed to his own. I started to lick and suck on it, and then crawled across him to reach the other one. He held me there, while she sucked his cock and he spanked my ass a couple of times. Then he asked if i would like my cunt licked. I turned around and sat down on his face, looking at her. She likes when i touch her, while she is sucking his cock, so i placed my hand on the back of her neck. The next thing i know, she reaches down to her pussy and stuffs two fingers inside. Bringing her fingers to my mouth, she stuffs them in my mouth, almost to the back of my throat. I start sucking and licking them clean. Then she stood up. Grabs the back of my head with one hand the ceiling with the other, and stuffs her pussy into my face. There i am, with my cunt being eaten and her pussy stuffed in my face. My nose was pressed hard into her clit and my tongue was working hard to reach inside. I couldn’t pull away if i wanted to, with the way she had a hold of me. Breathing was difficult, i had to open my mouth to do it. When i made her cum, she sat down on his cock, and stuffed one of her nipples in my mouth and said. “hold that there.” She started bouncing on his cock, her nipple slipped out of my mouth. She reached down with both hands and pinched and pulled my nipples hard, gruffly saying “What did I tell you?” Then she put her other nipple in my mouth and said “I am not kidding this time, hold it.”

She fucked him while i sat on his face, and we all orgasmed at the same time.

“Reliving the flings of the previous month”


When I got home after the dinner at the hotel with Marc, I poured myself a large iced tea and flopped down in a chaise lounge on the patio at the house. As much as the reputation of the Blennerhassett name bugged me at times, I did secretly enjoy sitting and looking out onto the river at the huge island that carried the family name. Call it ego or whatever; I did look with a certain amount of pride at how well known the name was in the area. It had also been a big part of why I stayed so deep in the closet for so long. Why, I don’t know, it was as if I was still protecting my late parent’s reputation. I finally realized though, that there were both advantages and drawbacks to having a highly recognized name.

Short of true history buffs and college professors, even most people in the Ohio Valley truly knew little about the name or the story behind it. The 200 plus years since Harman and Margaret Blennerhassett had lived there, had made them far more folk heroes than being remembered as financial backers and co-conspirators with former Vice President Aaron Burr in an attempt to set up a separate independent nation in 1805, in what would become Texas. The official investigation was wide and deep and caught up many famous names of the revolutionary period of the USA; even including the youngest signer of the Constitution; but most all escaped with little more than tarnished images and ended political careers. Guess you could say that the shenanigans of Washington, DC, today were well rooted in even in the country’s founding fathers, too. My ancestors had certainly played more than a bit part in the original dramas.

As I watched a huge coal barge move slowly up river between the Ohio shoreline and the island, my thoughts turned to something Marc had said to me at dinner….the reputation I evidently had at the bar. Even though neither I; nor the tricks I had taken home; talked about what went on after we left the Hut, Marc explained that the very fact we HAD left together made tongues wag and assumptions were made. It was just the nature of the beast I guess. I certainly at least had some standards about who I would leave with for an evening of pleasure. I even defended myself by saying it wasn’t if I was just slutting my way thru the entire gay population of Parkersburg. Marc raised his right eye brow at that one and told me to “think about it later and make a list.”

Just for shitz-n-giggles I grabbed a yellow legal pad and pen from my desk when I went in to refill my tea glass. Let’s just see how bad I have been was the idea; knowing that the list would be much shorter than my friend had insinuated. I dropped back into the chaise and wrote down the name of my first “indiscretion” that happened the second time I was in the bar more than a month ago….Jamie.

How do I describe Jamie? A fairly cute, but little overly-feminine 23 year old blond boy. Bright green intoxicating eyes. Wide smile with very white teeth. He was shorter than me by a few inches and thin; almost obsessed it seemed with forever having that 30″ waist so many gay men coveted at that age. He was popular with the 18 to 25 crowd and did have a slight rep of his own. Now I will admit that I wasn’t the least bit worried about reps at that point…I was just looking for a good time. He latched onto me for the night and dragged me out on the dance floor after I bought him a drink. During a slow song he was the one that began the hip grinds that soon had me hard as stone. The smile on his face and the hard lump I felt grating against mine made me smile back. Before the song ended, he whispered in my ear how he wanted to go home with me. I was putty in his hands since it had been close to a year since I had done anything besides beat off to porn. He sealed the deal with his hands cupping my buns and his tongue in my mouth as the final beats of the song played. We left the bar together, but in separate cars.

When we got back to my place, he was all over me immediately….hands, mouth, and tongue again. We were shedding clothes before we ever got out of the entry hall and didn’t even get to my bedroom the first time. We ended up naked and sixty-nining in front of the fireplace on the floor. His cock was amazing to me….just over 8inches if I had to guess and not thick but not as slender as the rest of his body…just perfect for sucking. The way his mouth worked my tool said he had been to this rodeo more than a few times too, and he showed off a definite talent for deep throating. It didn’t take long for either of us to cum, and afterwards we just cuddled and talked some as the moonlight beamed on us thru the French doors of the patio. When we ended up in the bedroom for round two, the roles shifted only slightly as he let me know right away that he was a bottom and wanted my bone buried in him. A good 45 minutes of hot…but safe…sex later, I was in the master bath ditching the full condom and tasting the jiz he had left on my abs. As much as I wanted him to spend the night, he begged off for a rain check since he had to be at work at 7-Eleven at 7am and didn’t have a clean uniform smock with him. When I walked into the bar again three nights later, I got some knowing smiles and a few questions, but like Jamie had evidently done, admitted to nothing.

* * * * *

On the second line of my legal pad, I entered the name Ben. We met 4 or 5 days after the tryst with Jamie. A well built, jockish looking college boy that was a junior at the local campus of WVU. He was only 21 but carried himself with a maturity of a second year grad student. We started talking about college life and after finishing his beer, he asked if I wanted to go grab dinner at Shoney’s or somewhere because he wanted to talk more to me and was over the bar for the night. Maybe an inch taller than me, his jet black hair was close cropped and the sky blue eyes showed deepness that I found mesmerizing. I was interested in him if for nothing more than being seen with this hottie and becoming friends. Again; like with Jamie; we left the bar in tandem, but took our own cars to the restaurant.

A quick dinner later and it was I that took the lead and asked if he wanted to come over to the house and continue our conversation on the patio. For his age, Ben was a well rounded student of life already and I was enjoying the discussions on everything from Mountaineer football to politics and history. Well, the nice guns and defined pecs that he showed off in the tight tee didn’t hurt either. The grin on his face as he accepted was only an omen of what was to come.

The sun had just dropped behind the far off mountains when I had finished telling Ben one of the back-end stories of the family and the island that had been passed down thru eight or nine generations and weren’t publicly known. He had a good knowledge of the history behind the name and seemed sincerely interested as I added to it. He stood up to stretch and take in the moon reflecting off the water of the Ohio River and I stood also with the intent to go get us another beer. Ben had other ideas though and stepped towards me. The words were so simple yet so pointed: “Every time I meet someone like you, I am reminded why I like older guys.” The smile on the lips was soon pressed against my own.

Our first touches were very tentative but soon grew to passion-filled. This might be a 21 year old college boy, but it was one that understood how to stimulate you and return an erotic kiss with an equally erotic one and a crotch fondle for good measure tossed in. I permitted myself to explore his upper body under the tight tee while we made out and found a pronounced six pack and hard pecs with nubs that stood straight out the minute any attention was shown them. A decent smattering of body hair was felt and it only made him more sexy to me. His hands were flowing over my less athletic body while his tongue did an examination of my teeth that would make my dentist jealous. My knees actually quivered some as Ben slowly unzipped my khakis and slipped his hand thru the fly to rub the front of my 2xist briefs. I returned the favor by undoing the snap on his cargos and pushing my hand down inside both them and the Joe Boxers he was wearing. The moan in my ear said that the attention my hand was showing his thick rod was welcomed. I chewed on his ear lobe and then lustily suggested “Shall we move this to somewhere more appropriate?”

Intertwining his fingers with mine, Ben only smiled again and answered with “Lead the way.”

We were in my spacious master bedroom in less than a minute and continuing the make out and body mapping while standing next to the king sized bed. I dropped my ass down to it and pulled his crotch to my face to kiss the massive lump showing in the shorts he was still wearing. His hands worked my light brown mop as my mouth worked the prize I wanted to taste. There was no resistance as I finished undoing the cargos and sliding them down his firm thighs. His banana yellow boxer briefs followed quickly and I gasped at the sight of a beautiful seven inch cock with pre weeping from its eye. I leaned in and let my tongue taste the dick honey and not surprisingly at all, it was extremely sweet. I took about half of it in my mouth and licked the sides as I got to know each inch intimately.

Ben peeled off his tee and then stopped my oral attack on him long enough to work my golf polo up and over my head. Then he pushed me to my back and finished getting me out of my slacks and boxer briefs too before crawling up in bed beside me. We pretzeled our arms and legs together and went back to more of the passionate kissing that had started all this. A little serious oral sex and some salad tossing later had us both ready to take the next step…and the subject of top/bottom hadn’t even come up. I rolled over on top of him to assume the position and he grinned at me. “Good thing I am versatile I guess,” was all he said before wrapping his calves tightly around mine. Liberal lube, the prerequisite rubber, and some patience later and I had entered his pulsing cavern. Between his good looks, wonderful demeanor, and enthusiasm over the next couple of hours…plus the repeat before breakfast…that evening was probably one of the top two I had ever spent in bed with another guy.

And just the same as with Jamie, nothing was ever said at the bar except for the assumptions made by the stool squatters and drama queens.

* * * * *

As I moved my pen down to line #3 on the legal pad, the name Jason appeared without need for much thought. Much the same as he appeared so easily that same weekend that Ben and I had fucked, the specifics of the memory didn’t. It wasn’t that he wasn’t young (22) and cute (very) and a fun romp in the sack (deff was!)…he just didn’t stand out like Ben had. Since he was a friend of Ben’s from the college, I was pretty certain Ben may have “given me a reference” simply by the way he had sought me out the next night. It was about as casual as it ever gets with him making it very explicit right up front that he too, “wanted to see Blennerhassett Island from the Blennerhassett bedroom.” We left the bar quickly and were naked in bed just as quickly. He didn’t want to spend the night, but we did share a middle-of-the-night breakfast at the Omelet Shoppe out on Seventh Street. Other than a few texts back and forth over the next few weeks and being friendly at the Hut, I looked at it as both of us just sowing some wild oats with a one night stand. But just as my previous hook-ups, the bar crowd remained in the dark as to whether anything had happened.

* * * * *

Rather than rack my brain for more details about Jason, and cause myself any more of a hard-on than what I already had, I moved on to line four and the name Seth. Oh yeah…shift from one hard on inducing memory to another! Now Seth was a ball from left field that I never saw coming….and so was his best friend Andy who was added as line five.

Without a doubt, those two were #1 and #2 on the wish list for everyone at the bar. Both were only 18 and right at that stage of unbelievably adorable and finally legal teenagers. While most of the bar lusted after them…from the other twinks right up thru the oldest stool troll…the rumor was that they were lovers and just came to the bar to dance and basically used being constantly hit on, as foreplay. Even though they both laughed at such an idea, no one seemed to have ever been able to go home with either one, and they always came and left together like conjoined Siamese twins.

Seth was the taller of the two; perhaps right at six foot nothing like me. Extra thick and worn long over the ears, his hair was a very dark brown with full bangs that made him just that much sexier. His body suggested that he had played soccer in high school with long firm thighs and a slender waist. His upper body said it was still developing, but the pecs that showed thru tee shirts when he wore them, also said that when he was done baking, he was going to be a totally fine dish there too. The deep brown eyes and sensuous full lips just finished off the reputation as the cutest twink in the bar anytime he was at the Hut.

Andy was the ever-at-his-side buddy that had more of a seductive nerd look to him. Maybe only five foot nine; short auburn hair with a little too much reddish tint to it; and a very skinny frame. His wire rim glasses completed the look, but the glistening steel blue eyes and then ever-present smile on his face gave him a sexiness that was hard to describe.

I bought both of them a beer the night they were partying extra hard and I found out it was because their shared birth date was the next day. Then Seth half innocently asked the question I ended up being glad I answered the right way.

“Do you know where we can score a joint to split at midnight, Kurt?”

Did I ever! Since I imbibed in a little quality smoke occasionally, I almost always had a small stash at the house. It only took the suggestion that we finish up the birthday party at my place with a bong full of some good Maui Wowie that my connection had scored for me the previous week, and all three of us were soon departing thru the Hut’s front door. Since both of them had more than one beer in the last hour, they quickly agreed to ride with me and leave Seth’s Firebird in the bar lot. The whole way across the bridge and up Washington Boulevard to the turn off for Blennerhassett Avenue, I was constantly reminding myself: “This isn’t what you think it is! Get the fantasy OUT of your mind Kurt!”

But sometimes my mind didn’t listen to me and by the time I pulled into the drive at the riverfront house, my brain was soft as mush and my cock was hard as a diamond drill bit!

‘The boys’…as I would come to call them after that night…were super impressed with the house and we all ended up doing bong hits on the patio and watching some late night river traffic as I explained why I had such a nice place at such a young age. Both of them showed a maturity beyond their years when I told them how I had lost Dad and Mom at 21, and they got up to hug me. The expression of empathy was certainly appreciated, and so was the extra long nuzzle that Seth gave me and the peck on the cheek. Andy wasn’t quite as blunt, but he too seemed to let the body contact from the hug linger a little longer than just being friendly. By the time the buzz from the Hawaiian weed enveloped all three of us, we were laughing and fist bumping and making nasty cracks about some of the guys at the bar. That was when Andy took over for the two of them and gave me a compliment I will never forget…mainly because it was an eighteen-year-old boy educating me in a way I don’t think anyone else could have in my coming out process.

He looked first at Seth as if asking for permission to go on, and then dropped his hand on my thigh when Seth smiled at him. “You know that the biggest reason we wanted to come home with you tonight wasn’t for the pot don’t you?”

Seth’s hand was on my other thigh as he finished and he added “No it wasn’t, Kurt.”

The neurons in my skull were banging against each other faster than they could process what happened and was said the last 30 seconds. Before I had the chance to get them under control and thinking about anything but the two hands on my legs, the boys were suddenly kissing me from each side. Andy slid his hand up under my wife beater while he licked my neck, and Seth began to chew on my ear lobe and then whispered throatily right into my ear: “We know what we want for our birthday and hope you don’t mind if we unwrap it now.”

Before I realized what that tease meant, Andy and Seth both were undoing my cargo shorts. One hand went up a loose leg opening to fondle my balls and another down the unzipped front to caress my bulge. I was flipping my head back and forth between the nubile faces and swapping spit with both of them best I could. I had never been in anything resembling a three-way other than a circle jerk at scout camp and this was more than just new to me…it was damn fucking erotic as hell! Before my ego got completely out of control, Seth enlightened me as to why I was to be their joint birthday present.

“First off, you are a very hot looking guy. Secondly, you aren’t like most of the others at the bar…you don’t talk about scores. Third, you are really hot. Fourth, we are fuck buddies but we are also both bottoms and get real tired of bumping pussies all the time. Fifth, you are really, really hot. And sixth, we want to have intense, scorching, ball rupturing sex for our birthday and you are the only guy at the Hut that we trust enough to do a three-way with the first time.”

At that point I would have probably agreed to ropes, whips, hot wax, and a Jeff Stryker dildo up my own ass to see this scene completed. Once I was totally certain they were cool with it, we all adjourned to the master suite where both of them pretty much took charge and I was only the very willing victim of their desires. Seth was a little more on the butch side than he wanted to admit and spent most of the time face fucking me and having me eat his tight boy ass; while Andy used my overly abundant precum to lube up both he and I and then sat down on my throbbing 7-½” and began riding it like a pogo stick. I knew this dream-come-true was more than my mind could keep my full balls holding back for long. When the two boys started making out with each other while one bounced on my crotch and the other kept my lips busy chowing down on his young male cunt, I exploded without warning up inside Andy. Evidently my juices splattering his magic button brought him over the edge too as his cock blew up all over my abs and chest at the same time Seth’s let loose from the other direction making me one giant mess of white ropes and puddles.

The giant bone in my shorts was reminding me that the only thing more erotic than the three way action was how we all cuddled up together and slept that way until the sun came up again. Trust me…if there is anything that helps alleviate the gut churn of turning 30 soon, spending a night with two 18 year olds at the same time is it!

The next few nights at the Hut, we all got funny knowing looks (their car was *IN* the parking lot all night…people just KNEW!) but none of the three of us ever let on that anything beyond a little smoke fest and some bacon & eggs for breakfast happened. I wouldn’t even tell Marc no matter how much I trusted him!

* * * * *

I was just about to either add the name of Brandon as the sixth and final wild oat to the list, or whip out my hard cock and pound off to the memory of the three way, when the text alert went off on my cell. I flipped it open and my jaw dropped.

‘If you were serious earlier, I get off in an hour. Meet me at the Hut for a drink and let’s have that date!’

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