three way sex


It’s important to read the first installment to get a feel for the characters. There is contact between two men involved…so move-on if this type of thing offends you.


It had been almost a year since my wife and I took a huge risk in allowing the kid from next door to share our deepest secret. We both enjoy playing with like-minded, respectful friends, and Rick satisfied a need that had been unfulfilled since the Smiths moved away. Rick had grown-up living next door to us, and now just a few months past 21, he was hardly a child…but with Claire and I averaging 15 years older…I sometimes felt like we had corrupted someone too young to appreciate the gravity of the situation. My fears seem unfounded, as Rick kept our secret safe, and behaved with maturity beyond his years. I had just finished working in the yard, when he walked around the fence with a huge grin on his face.

“I saw Mrs. G earlier today. She invited me for dinner…if that’s ok with you.” He said, with a prominent bulge showing in his jeans, and making no attempt to hide it.

“Yeah…that would be great, man.” I answered, looking at his crotch and grinning. “It seems she may have already served you an appetizer.”

“Um…well…invitations from you guys are hard to refuse.” Rick said, tapping my shoulder with a loosely clenched fist.

“How’s it going for you? I hope you’ve been taking advantage of dating opportunities on campus.” I asked, sounding more like a concerned father-figure than I had intended.

“That’s going great.” Rick replied with a knowing smile, aware that I might feel like we had ruined him in some way. “I’m dating a biology major with a great mind and smoking-hot body. I was hoping she could come with me during this break, but she had obligations at home.”

“Oh…so you’re just using us as a better alternative to jacking-off for the next two weeks.” I said with thick sarcasm while slapping his noticeably firmer bicep.

Rick’s face blushed as he laughed nervously. “Um…yeah…well, maybe. I know it’s a rare thing you guys are offering…and not likely to happen again. My parents wouldn’t want me to miss a learning opportunity.” He said, mimicking his dad’s lecturing tone.

“Oh god…I think your parents would likely kill us if they knew about the things we taught you.” I replied, my face covered in concern.

“Relax, Mr. G…I didn’t mean to freak you out by mentioning my parents.” Rick said, shoving his hands in his back pockets, and causing his bulge to become more evident. “The last time was more fun than I ever had in my life…a little weird, at first…but fucking awesome.”

“Well…I’m glad you’ve been able to keep it in perspective.” I said, noticing a spot of moisture forming on Rick’s pants near the end of his bulge. “Maybe you should see if Claire needs any help while I get cleaned-up. Or maybe she can help you…” I offered, gesturing toward his obvious arousal.

“Sorry man…its just been hard to keep down since she asked me over.” Rick said, blushing once again. “Mrs. G has just been part of my fantasies for a long time. Oh…crap…I shouldn’t say that about your wife.”

Now I had to laugh. “I thought we covered that a year ago. I’m glad you appreciate how special she is…and how much we trust you. Now let’s go see where she’s hiding.”

I slapped Rick’s tight ass as he walked in front of me toward the house. He was a good sport about my contact with him during last year’s encounter…but I had a sense he was horned out of his mind, and just going-with-the-flow. I had more interest in Rick than I had felt for another guy in a long time, but no so strong that I would ruin Claire’s fun by pushing our friend too far.

“It’s about time you boys showed up.” My wife said with a beaming smile while opening pizza boxes on the kitchen counter. “Sorry about having only pizza and beer…but time just got away from me.”

She was wearing a pair of ridiculously high-cut denim shorts, and a very tight t-shirt that highlighted her pert nipples. Claire’s breasts were firm enough that a bra wasn’t always necessary, and she was certainly proud to show-off her body for us tonight.

“Your mother tells me you have a cute little girlfriend…so tell me all about her.” Claire teased, gently scraping her nails down Rick’s chest.

“Holy cow…you can’t tell my mom anything without it becoming a news bulletin.” Rick said, sounding mildly frustrated. “She’s very cool…way hot…but nowhere as adventurous as you guys.”

“Well, that’s not a bad thing, sweety. Hardly anyone is as adventurous as we are. Having one person to care for can keep you out of a lot of trouble.” She said, seductively wiping a drop of pizza sauce from the corner of Rick’s mouth. “Can you promise me that being here tonight isn’t going to be trouble for you and the young lady?”

“Hardly a fair question, kitten…when you’re standing there looking like that.” I interjected before Rick could speak, standing behind my wife and nibbling at her ear.

“It’s cool…really…we’re having a good time right now, but nothing heavier than that.” Rick said, grabbing a beer and barely taking his eyes off my wife’s rack. “Something more serious would be great…but school keeps us both pretty busy…we’ll see how it goes.”

“I tell you what…you can interrogate our neighbor while I go upstairs and take a quick shower.” I said, reaching around to squeeze Claire’s breasts and winking at Rick. “I’ll be ten minutes, at the most.”

I left the room not sure what Claire would do next, but it was certain she’d have Rick on a slow boil. I took what may have been the fastest shower of my life, threw on a tank-top and a pair of basketball shorts, and headed back downstairs. I was mildly surprised to find Rick and Claire slow-dancing in the kitchen to the radio…her chest pressed against his, and Rick’s hand planted firmly on her ass.

“Did you know this young man had no idea how to hold a woman for a relaxing spin on the floor?” My wife said, winking at me while running her hand down Rick’s back.

“Oddly enough, that topic never seemed to come up.” I replied, leaning-in to take a kiss. “May I cut in?”

“Sir!…do you take me for a wanton woman?” Claire said in a mocking and overly dramatic tone, before stepping away from Rick and pressing herself against me.

“Well…I certainly hope so…and I think I speak for both of us.” I replied, looking toward Rick who was leaning against the kitchen counter and swigging the last of his beer. “Let’s move this party to the living room.”

I guided Claire into the next room with laughable dance steps, as Rick slowly followed behind us. Taking a few steps toward the sofa, Claire and I collapsed onto the cushions, sitting close together as Rick scanned the room for a place to sit.

“Hey bud…why don’t you take off that shirt, and show the lady your new bod? Seems to me you’ve been working out a little.” I said, taking Rick a little off-guard as he stood in the middle of the room.

“Oh…uh…yeah…some of us from the dorm workout together a few days a week.” Rick said, obviously a little embarrassed. “I still look pretty lame compared to you, man.”

“I’ve had a few more years to work on it. You’re in damn good shape. Keep at it, and you’ll have more pussy than you know what to do with.”

Claire slapped my leg playfully. “You men only ever have one thing on your minds! Which is really more a statement of fact…not a complaint.” She said, kissing me on the cheek. “Let me see you, tiger…I looked toward your bedroom window this morning, but must have missed the show.”

Rick chuckled nervously. “Yeah…ok…sure.” He mumbled, while peeling the t-shirt off over his head.

The boy next door had made some impressive gains in the past year, and he really looked good. The patch of dark hair between his now more prominent pecs was still neatly trimmed, and his abs had considerably more definition. The swimmer’s build was a good fit for his frame, and Claire was clearly impressed. I can’t deny that I was as well.

“Oh my god, baby…he’s built so much like you at that age.” Claire said, squeezing her own breast with one hand, while rubbing her crotch with the other. “Take off your shirt and stand next to him, baby…let me look at both of you.”

Rick seemed a little unsure what do with himself, but remained in place as we both stood shirtless in front of my wife.

“Flex a little for her, man…let her see those tight biceps.” I said, stepping behind him and lifting his arms. “He’s been working hard, honey…you should reward his efforts.”

“I feel like a dork doing this…when you’re twice as big as I am.” Rick mumbled softly as I wrapped my hand around his bicep to gauge the strength in his arm.

“You’re no dork, Ricky…you’re so fucking handsome. I love the look of fit, toned men.” Claire cooed, rising from the sofa and removing her shirt. “You were so cute in high school with that baseball uniform. I always wondered what you looked like in a jock strap.” She hissed, stepping forward and running her tongue around his nipples while I rubbed his neck and traps.

“Damn, man…you must be doing something right to get her going that quick.” I said, still guiding him to flex his chest and arms as Claire ran her tongue over his torso.

Rick’s eyes were closed, relishing in Claire’s tongue bath as I moved behind my wife, unfastened her shorts, and peeled them off her hips. “It looks like our friend is flexing something else for you, honey. Open his pants…see what else he has for you.”

I watched in fascination as my wife slowly knelt down on front of Rick, tracing her tongue along the bulge in his jeans and nibbling on the swollen fabric. In a fluid motion, she lowered the zipper and brought his jeans and boxers to floor…his cock smacking her in the chin as a string of precum flew from the tip.

“Ooohhh…fuck…good…feels so good.” Rick moaned, as my wife took his entire length down her throat.

Claire was very much into the moment, feasting on our young neighbor’s meat like it was her last meal. She enjoyed the novelty of an uncut cock, chewing on the foreskin and then peeling it back to tease the underside of the tip. I had removed my shorts and knelt behind my wife, allowing my hard cock to slide against her pussy while I reached around to fondle her breasts.

“Yeah, baby…that’s it…suck that frat boy’s cock. Get him ready to fuck the shit out of you.” I growled, grabbing the back of her head and pushing her face tight against his groin. “Lick his nuts…feel how full his balls are with your tongue.”

“Yes…oh yes…he’s so delicious.” Claire panted, releasing Rick’s cock and then swallowing one ball after the other. “Play with my pussy, baby…I’m so wet.”

Reaching down to tease her clit, I found she was indeed nearly dripping with nectar. I watched as she skillfully and gently suckled Rick’s balls…his hard cock glistening with Claire’s spit as she pressed it against his belly. I found myself desperately wanting to lean forward and take a taste…to once again feel the silky hardness of another man’s cock on my tongue…but thought better of it, and refocused my attention on my wife’s sopping gash. Her labia were warm and puffy, and her clit a rigid little nub under my thumb. It was clear she was ready for more.

“Damn, man…she is really wound up.” I said toward Rick, as I pulled Claire’s head away from his groin and guided her to lie back on the floor. “Eat that sweet pussy…get a taste of how hot she is for a solid fucking.”

Claire eagerly swallowed my cock as I leaned over her body and spread her legs apart, giving Rick room to place his head between her thighs. The young man had gained considerable confidence over the past year, and he eagerly lapped at Claire’s pussy, skillfully playing with her swollen bud, and making her writhe with building pleasure.

“Fuck me…oh god, please fuck me!” Claire cried, stroking my cock with one hand, and running her fingers through Rick’s wavy hair with the other.

Rick looked up at me, his nose shining from Claire’s juices, as though seeking permission.

“You heard the lady…fill her up, man…she’s ready for some dick.”

I leaned back to watch, my knees on either side of Claire’s head, as Rick stretched his body over my wife’s and pointed his thick cock at her entrance. Claire gasped for air and squealed as he sank into her…his pubic hairs coming to rest against her cleanly shaved mound. I can’t fully explain why watching my wife with a respectful man turns me on so much…but I stroked my aching tool with enthusiasm as Rick bent down to kiss her, and Claire dug her fingers into his muscular ass. Their missionary position on the floor didn’t lend itself to a clear view. I made the best of it, by moving behind them and placing my head against the carpet. Between thrusts, I could see Claire’s pussy lips stretched wide and encircling Rick’s rigid tool.

“Don’t freak out, man…I just want to see that stuffed pussy.” I said calmly, reaching out to grasp Rick’s loose sack and lifting his nuts from my view.

“It’s cool…” Rick grunted between halted breaths “we’re good…it’s all good.” He said with a mildly reluctant tone that conveyed an effort to convince himself as well as me.

The scene before me was incredible to watch, and I knew that Claire would agree that we both missed this kind of play with trusted friends. Emboldened by Rick’s last response, I took pushed a little further, and began to run my thumb across his tight pucker while my fingers kneaded his balls. The only response was a deep moan, and continued thrusts into my wife’s snatch.

Rick surprised both of us when he eased his thrusts and spoke to my wife. “Mr. G needs a better view…is doggy ok?”

Claire giggled and kissed him deeply. “You are too sweet…of course it’s ok. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, tiger…or decline what you don’t like. There’s a lot of trust in this room.”

“Thanks…it’s your party…and I know you guys are cool.” Rick said before taking a kiss from Claire. “I can roll with a good time…try a few things I wouldn’t normally do.”

Rick moved back, and Claire got on all fours, pressing my back to the floor and hovering over me. “Well, there you are! I need this cock back in my mouth, baby. No fun having two dicks in the room, if I can’t have them both.” She said, before kissing me and then spinning around in a sixty-nine position. “Lick my pussy, sweetheart…Ricky has me so hot and so wet…you should get a good taste.”

Claire lowered her pussy onto my face, and I was in heaven as she sucked my aching prick. I couldn’t see Rick, but it was soon clear that Claire was far from finished with him.

“Remember how I licked your tight little ass?” she said to the other man in the room.

“Uh…yeah…I…I remember that.” I heard Rick stammer, from somewhere next to us.

“Mmmm…then you know how good it feels.” Claire cooed. “Lick my ass for me, Ricky. There won’t be any fucking back there…but I love a nice, hot tongue.”

From my vantage point on the floor, I could see Rick staring at Claire’s shapely ass as I lapped at her puffy lips. He had a look of lustful interest, mixed with a hint of hesitation.

“Go ahead, man…it drives her up a fucking wall.” I said, giving my wife’s cheeks a playful slap. “I’m guessing this is one of those things you wouldn’t normally do…but I can guarantee she keeps it squeaky clean.”

Rick just grinned as he fisted his swollen prick and bent down to trace his tongue along Claire’s smooth crack. All I could see was his chin and throat as Claire moaned around my cock and wriggled her body against both our eager tongues. We tortured her for a few minutes…her moans getting louder, and pussy getting wetter.

“Get back in there, man…let me see you spread my wife’s cunt.”

“Mmmm…yesss…I’m so close, boys!” My wife hissed, smacking her face with my hard cock. “Let me feel you, Ricky…fuck me…fuck me hard!”

“Yes ma’am…yes sir.” Rick grunted, kneeling behind Claire and lifting her hips to meet his engorged tool.

Rick’s cock was so hard and hot, I could practically feel the heat radiating from it. The head looked nearly purple as it poked from behind a thin sheath of foreskin. Claire squealed as I watched every vein-covered inch slide fully into her moist snatch. Given Rick’s earlier comment, I felt I could take a little more risk, and nuzzled his loose sack with my nose…teasing Claire’s clit and the base of his cock with my tongue.

“Unnnggg…oh shit…really wild fucking shit” Rick moaned, as though mumbling to himself with surprise at what he found pleasurable.

I moved my head back to watch as Rick slowly withdrew. His cock now coated with a shiny layer of Claire’s sweet juices. “Damn it, baby…I love how your pussy looks, wrapped around a hard cock.” I said, as Claire deep-throated my prick.

“Ooohhh…he feels so good!” Claire said, gasping for air while still stroking my swollen tool. “You’re both so good to me. Give his ass a smack for me baby…let me hear your hand slap on those tight, young buns!”

Claire’s pleasure was the most important thing, and I never thought twice about her demand. I reached around and up the back of Rick’s hairy thighs and gave his buttocks a firm, but playful, slap. “That’s it, man…fuck her! You spread my wife’s cunt so wide with that thick prick…I know she loves it. Give it to her hard, man…you know she likes it hard and deep!” I grunted, with another firm slap as his thrusts quickened.

I could feel Claire’s breasts brush against my thighs…her body swaying every time Rick buried his prick into her hot snatch. His heavy nuts felt great as the silky sack dragged over my forehead on every thrust. The young man demonstrated remarkable stamina for his age, and I was getting overwhelmed with all the visual stimulation above me. I could have watched this scene for hours, but Claire was ready for a change.

“Oh my god…every woman should have two handsome men at least once in their life!” Claire said enthusiastically, pulling away from our cocks and spinning her body over my torso to face us both.

Claire bent forward, quickly taking Rick’s dick into her mouth, humming loudly as she wriggled her hips down my body until my rigid shaft slid over her pussy. Reaching back with one hand, she aimed my fuck tool at her moist tunnel and lowered herself onto me. Her pussy felt incredible…as warm and moist as I had ever experienced it. Claire raised her body, riding my cock with her own sensual rhythm as Rick massaged her breasts. My wife never looks as beautiful as when she’s satisfying her own desires. I could see her whispering into Rick’s ear as he licked her throat and finished with a passionate kiss.

“Hey…um…help a guy out, Mr. G” Rick said, spinning his body, so that his back was to my wife, and his cock rested on my chin. “It’s cool, dude…really. Not my usual thing…but I came to the party knowing the game.”

“Mmmm…your dick smells like my wife’s pussy.” I said, smacking his ass while lifting my hips to thrust hard into Claire. “Alright, man…fuck my face. Drill my throat, like you were fucking my wife’s cunt.”

“About time you quit acting like you’re afraid of breaking me.” Rick said, stretching to grab a pillow off the nearby sofa and stuffing it under my head. “That’s it man…suck my cock. Damn, you’re good…can’t believe the shit you guys have shown me.”

I might have laughed at Rick’s last comment, but didn’t have the chance as he plunged his slick rod down my throat. Claire leaned forward for a better view, and I could feel her pussy pulse around my stiff meat as she watched me feed on our young neighbor’s pole.

“Oh fuck…yes, Ricky…make my man swallow every inch of your gorgeous prick!” Claire squealed while groping Rick’s ass. “Uh-huh…uh-huh…so close…you boys have me so close!” she cooed, as I thrust harder into her.

My senses were on complete overload. Claire’s canal was squeezing tightly around my dick, and Rick’s intensely hot and hard prick pushed against the back of my throat. The angles were a bit awkward, but my wife surprised us both as she pushed Rick slightly forward, and bent down to lick his ass while fucked he fucked my face.

“Oh shit…fuck…oh fuck!” Rick howled through gritted teeth.

He couldn’t hold back any longer, and unloaded stream-after-stream of hot stud-cream down my throat. I did everything I could to swallow every drop, but the volume was too much…the white fluid squeezed past my lips and ran down the side of my face. The release of energy was too much for Rick, and he soon rolled away from us, lying on the bed to watch Claire and I fuck.

“Ohh…oohhh…stick out your tongue, baby! Show me you left a little for me!” Claire squealed, as her cunt clamped even tighter around my cock and her nipples became hard as erasers.

I knew she would want to share in our neighbor’s cream, so I held as much as I could under my tongue as Rick’s orgasm subsided. Upon seeing the pool of pearly liquid in my mouth, Claire quickly bent down and plunged her tongue between my lips…sharing a passionate and hungry kiss. It barely registered, but I could sense movement on the bed as Claire rode me even harder and continued feeding on our young friend’s load.

Claire gasped for air and her eyes shot open wide. “Yes…oh fuck yes! Keep it up, Ricky…I’m almost there!”

My wife flattened her body against mine, her breasts pressed tightly between us, as I could see that Rick had moved behind her.

“Eat my ass, sweety…it feels soooo good!” Claire panted as she kept her hips still.

Claire’s pussy was pulsing wildly, and I was also on the brink. I began thrusting against her stationary hips, occasionally feeling Rick’s tongue brush across the underside of my shaft as he lapped at her virgin rosebud. I was pleased that Rick was willing to perform in this way for Claire’s pleasure. I was more than a little shocked, however, when I felt a moist finger trace a path down my ass-crack, and then plunge into my tight hole. The movement of my hips, and Rick’s relative inexperience, made the action awkward…but it had the intended effect of adding to my pleasure. This was truly a remarkable young man.

“Uh…uh…oh yyyeeessss!” Claire screamed as her pussy contracted tightly around my aching cock and her nectar flowed down my balls.

I couldn’t speak, and only grunted like a wild animal as I plunged deep into her quivering canal. My wife’s cunt undulated around my pole as I shot a heavy load deep into her tunnel.

Claire lay against my body and embraced me tightly…both of us breathing deeply and struggling to regain composure. My cock was beginning to soften, and I could feel more of our combined fluids starting to ooze down my deflating member. I was starting to relax, when I felt Rick’s tongue tentatively trailing over my balls, up my shaft, and into Claire’s dripping snatch.

“Mmmm…are you bringing me a present, Ricky? I’d love to have a taste.” Claire cooed, reaching back to press his face into our point of union.

“Yes ma’am.” Rick replied, matter-of-factly.

His interest was clearly on Claire’s sweet pussy, but he seemed unafraid of my cock…perhaps only because it was an obstacle hard to avoid. Once my prick had softened to the point of sliding out of my wife’s folds, Rick dutifully took my sticky tool into his mouth and cleaned the residue from it. Satisfied that his work was done, Rick moved next to us and met my wife for a passionate kiss.

“Yum…so delicious.” Claire said, gently brushing Rick’s cheek and licking the last of my seed from the corner of his mouth. “You’re becoming a wonderful lover…the girl you marry is going to be so lucky. A little cock and some cum isn’t so bad between friends, now is it?”

Rick blushed a deep shade of red, but managed to choke-out a reply. “Yeah…well…it’s cool with you guys.” He said, shrugging his shoulders. “Not near as gross as I thought it could be.”

We all shared a laugh at Rick’s reluctant endorsement, and decided to leave it at that. Neither Claire nor I felt the need to push our young friend to discuss the things we’d done. We all had fun, without expectations, and that’s what mattered. The three of us lingered on the bed a bit longer…Rick and I admiring Claire’s body, and all of us enjoying the sense of fun and trust between us.


Rick had gone back to school, and life returned to normal. Claire and I enjoyed recalling the fun with our neighbor, but realized that he needed to focus on his own relationships. We felt more confident than ever that he possessed the maturity to do just that. Reports from his Mother indicated that he was dating someone new, and was looking pretty serious.

About 2 months had passed, when I saw Rick pulling into his parent’s driveway while I was getting the mail. We smiled and waved at each other, then shared some chit-chat about school and girlfriends. It was nice to know that he still seemed comfortable in his own skin, and with the things that happened.

The next day, the weather had turned a bit cold and damp, so I decided to use Claire’s treadmill instead of running around the neighborhood. My wife had left a few days ago to spend the weekend with her sister, so it was unusual to have the equipment to myself. I had just gotten of the machine, peeled off my shirt, and was reaching for my water bottle, when I noticed the blinds were fully open in a room of the neighbor’s house. Within a few moments, Rick appeared at the window wearing only a towel around his waist. Realizing that this was an hour that Claire would normally be doing her workout, I knew what he was looking for. I looked around the room, raised my hands, and shrugged my shoulders, to send the signal that Claire wasn’t around. I couldn’t tell if Rick was disappointed, but he seemed to understand and flashed a “thumbs-up” in my direction. He then dropped the towel, threw on a t-shirt and a pair of board shorts, and disappeared from view.

I had to admit to myself that I wish Claire had been around, but it was no big deal. I decided to finish a few push-ups when I heard the back door close, and footsteps on the staircase. I had just gotten up from the floor, when Rick came through the open door.

“Hey, Mr. G…sorry about just coming over.” Rick said, clearly unsure about just barging into my house. “I…uh…I just really wanted to thank you and Mrs. G for being so cool.”

“It’s alright, man. I don’t mind you dropping by. I just wish Claire were here to visit. She won’t be back for another two days.”

“Well…that’s ok…kinda wanted to talk to you anyway.” Rick replied, nervously shuffling back-and-forth in his flip-flops.

“Oh sure, Rick…we can just hang for a while…talk about anything you want.” I said, tapping his arm.

“Um…that guy-on-guy stuff was a little freaky at first. It was cool with you guys, though…” Rick said with his voice cracking. “Guess it helped that Mrs. G was there and into it.”

“Oh shit, dude…we didn’t mean to mess with your head. I’m sorry if things went too far for you. I know that’s not the kind of thing most guys would feel comfortable with. I wish I knew how to make it up to you.” I replied, feeling genuinely remorseful.

“Really…it’s ok, Mr. G…I’m not ready to go into counseling over it.” He said with a shy smile. “I just never thought…well…that it could be that interesting.”

I chuckled. “I suppose “interesting” is a good word for it. Claire and I sometimes get lost in the mood, and don’t realize that other people aren’t as open to new things as we are. We shouldn’t have been so bold with you. I glad, however, that you aren’t angry about it.” I said, while taking a seat on the weight bench.

“Oh, I’m not angry at all.” Rick said while seemingly staring at me far too long. “I thought I only did it because Mrs. G seemed to get off on it…but I’m not so sure.”

A short silence hung in the room as I took-in what Rick had just said. I also noticed that the front of his board-shorts was starting to tent out.

“Is there some way I can ease your mind?” I said, staring at the twitching fabric. “I’m willing to help…if you can say what you want.”

Rick stood there for several seconds, seemingly afraid to speak or even move. His eyes were fixed on my crotch, which had slowly begun to swell within the thin running shorts.

“I won’t be the one to push you any farther than Claire and I already have.” I told him while spreading my legs and making the bulge in my shorts more obvious. “It’s your move, man…if you feel comfortable making it. No judgment or hard feelings if you don’t.”

“Shit…nobody’s ever gonna know.” Rick mumbled to himself, while peeling off his shirt and stepping forward to stand in front of me. “Not the most experienced guy…but you’re still the best cock sucker I ever met.” Rick said, sounding much more confident.

I had not had a strictly man-to-man experience since college, and I found myself excited about the prospect. I always found sex more fun with Claire involved…but the idea of being taken into Rick’s confidence for the purpose of exploring had a special appeal. Rick closed his eyes as ran my right hand up his thigh, into the leg opening of his shorts, and gripped his silky scrotum. The other hand took measure of his athletic abs and strong pecs.

“No underwear makes a pretty strong statement.” I said in a low tone, fondling his sack while I nuzzled the swelling cock through the fabric of his shorts. “Only certain men interest me…and you’re one of them. There’s nothing swishy or effeminate about you, and I like that. Tenderness I reserve for Claire. If we’re doing this, we’re doing it like men.” I said, before ripping open his shorts and roughly pulling them to the floor.

Rick’s cock was hard as steel, and precum had already began to drip from the swollen head. I took my hand off his balls and wrapped my fingers around the firm shaft, slapping my face with the hot flesh. I ran my tongue under the foreskin, enjoying the soft feel of the skin against the spongy firmness of his helmet. Gathering as much spit as I could muster, I moved deliberately down Rick’s pole, until my nose was buried in dark brown curls.

“Oh fuck!” Rick moaned, his legs shaking from nerves and excitement. “Even Mrs. G isn’t that good!”

“Some things can only be understood when you own the equipment. My wife said similar things about her last girlfriend.” I said flatly, before swallowing his cock again in one even stroke.

Devouring this frat stud’s meat without having to share it was incredible, and I found myself enjoying it more than expected. I spent several minutes savoring the taste of his precum, squeezing his ass, and licking his balls. I knew that Rick needed to get more involved in this game, and I wanted to keep the mildly aggressive mood that played into my fantasies. Reluctantly withdrawing from his cock, I stood up from the bench, gripped Rick’s face from under his jaw, and squeezed his cheeks firmly but playfully.

“Damn…you are one hot fucker.” I said, still gripping his face. “Are you ready for some dick, man? My cock needs to be sucked.”

“Fuck, yeah.” Rick mumbled through lips still distorted within my grip. His eyes burned with wild mix of nerves, lust, and mild fear.

“Rip them off me…take what you want.” I said, pulling at the waistband of my shorts. “I’m not your dainty girlfriend…go for it like you mean it.”

Rick seemed to get the message. A smirk covered his face as he reach behind me, pulled us close together, and tore the shorts off me. The thin nylon material offered little resistance, and he had them in shreds within a minute. Once out in the open, or cocks smacked against each other in a comical sword-play.

“Oh yeah…my cock is going to look great stretching out these lips.” I said gruffly, running my thumb around Rick’s lips and pressing it into his mouth. “Better get started…no time like the present.’ I said, pushing down on Rick’s shoulders until he was kneeling before me.

I was expecting some hesitation, but Rick didn’t pause to run his tongue along my aching shaft and over my swollen balls. His inexperience was obvious, but he seemed to be gaining enthusiasm and confidence with every inch that slowly worked down his throat. There was some minor coughing and gagging involved, but Rick never backed-away from the task at hand.

“No different than when a girl does it for you, bud. Nothing wrong with learning how the other half lives.” I said with a moan, as Rick tongued the sensitive spot under the glans. “That’s it man, do what you know feels good.”

Rick seemed to be a quick learner, and it wasn’t long before I had his hair in my hands and was fucking his face through spats of choking. Like most men, he knew exactly how to handle a cock, and where to focus his attention. I could have let him do this until I bust my nut, but I wanted to stretch this out a bit longer. Who knew when an opportunity like this would come my way again?

“You seemed to develop a taste for my wife’s ass…I think it’s time you gave a little equal time.” I said, before turning around and bending over the weight bench to reveal my tight pucker. “Come on, man…it’s squeaky clean…and Claire let you know just how good it can feel.”

There was a pause, and some noise in the background I couldn’t decipher. I thought that I may have scared him off, but a second later I was jolted by a hard smack on my ass. It stung, but was not intended to harm. The imprint of his hand would likely be there for days.

“That’s one fucking nice ass. Mrs. G’s is better…softer, less hairy.” Rick said, speaking for the first time since the game started, and giving me another smack on the ass. “I’ll eat your ass…just like I ate your wife’s ass and pussy.”

I moaned loudly as Rick buried his face between my muscled cheeks and lapped at my furry hole. His spit ran down the back of my balls, making a small puddle on the exercise mat below. Rick was doing incredible work, but my senses went on alert as I heard the snap of a bottle top, and then felt a cool finger work inside my ass.

“Hey…what the fuck!” I said, turning my head to look at Rick.

Rick smacked my ass and plunged in a second finger. “After years of watching your wife, I learned where she kept supplies.” The young neighbor said, working more lube into my pucker. “I got a buddy at school who says fucking his girlfriend’s ass is out of this world. Mine won’t do it…Mrs. G won’t do it. I’m thinking ass is ass. How about it man? I ate your pussy…now I can fuck it.”

I was stunned. Rick had suddenly found his assertive streak, and I never imagined it appearing in this way. Claire and I enjoy a little ass-play, and she sometimes uses her toys on me…but this was something I hadn’t done in years. I was just about to object, when I felt Rick’s slick cock resting in the crack of my ass. The kid next door that my wife loved to tease…the high-school boy that maintained my pool…the college stud invited into most intimate moments…was now about to take my ass. If Claire were here, she’d be in a sexual frenzy.

Any words that I thought about speaking were whisked away as I inhaled deeply. I felt the pressure of Rick’s cock against my reluctant opening, and nearly sucked the air out of the room as the head of his prick pushed past the anal ring. The initial pain was intense, as his cock was far thicker than any toy my wife ever used. Tears welled in my eyes as I tried to relax. Rick allowed me time to adjust, and the pain soon faded as he pushed further into my bowels.

“Fuck…my buddy is no liar! So tight…so damn tight!” Rick moaned, as he slowly inched further inside me. “Oh shit, dude…you ok?” he asked, as though suddenly remembering I was there.

The distant memory of having done this once before resurfaced, and I recalled how intense the experience was. If doubtful at first, I was now gaining enthusiasm as the heat and fullness in my ass began to shift from pain into pleasure.

“Oh fuck…your tool is going to split me in half! No wonder my wife likes your cock so much! Fuck it, man…fuck my tight ass!” I growled, almost not believing I said it.

It seemed like I could feel every vein and ridge of Rick’s cock as he slowly withdrew, before sliding in fully again. After squirting more lube onto his member, Rick placed one hand on the base of my neck…effectively holding me down as he started to fuck me in earnest.

“Shit…not better than pussy…but it sure ain’t bad!” Rick said, pushing deep, until his pubic hair nestled in the crack of my ass, and his balls rested against my own. “Wild…just fucking wild” he said, panting as his pace slowly increased.

My cock was now only half-hard, but the sensations running through my body with every pass over my prostate were incredible. My hands gripped the bench tightly, and my jaw was clenched…grunts emanated from my throat with every thrust. I glanced over at a mirror in the corner of the room…to see a young, athletic man not just playing with my crack, but fucking me…seriously fucking me. It had a hint of the taboo, even for me…and I was beginning to enjoy it more and more. Listening to Rick’s grunts and groans, I could tell the extra-firm grip around his cock was not going to let him last for long, and I started to wish it could continue a few minutes more.

“Uuunnngggg…oh fffuuuuccccckkkk!” Rick yelled, as he pulled out of my tender ass and sprayed his seed across my back, down my crack, and over my balls.

The sight of us in the mirror, and the feel of his hot load on my skin, revived my cock to full hardness, and I was practically writhing with pent-up lust. I reached around to scoop a sample of cum off my back, stood from the bench and turned to face Rick. I gripped the back of the young man’s head with one hand, and smeared the cum over his lips with the other. Rick barely had time to think before I landed a forceful kiss on his mouth. It wasn’t tender or loving…but rugged and masculine. He resisted at first, but was soon caught in the moment, and began returning the gesture with bites at my lower lip and forceful tongue probing.

“Well that wasn’t quite what I had in mind. But what’s good for the goose, is good for the goose….or something like that.” I said gruffly, reaching back to gather Rick’s cum from my ass-crack, and then coating my cock with it. “On the mat, boy…I need a taste of that young ass.”

“I don’t know…kinda spent…” Rick started stammering, before I grabbed him in a clumsy wrestling move, and put him down on Claire’s yoga mat.

“A young man like you doesn’t take long to recover.” I grunted, rolling him on his back, and bending his body until his knees nearly touched his shoulders.

Rick’s tight, pink pucker was twitching, and perfectly clean. “Been playing with your ass, lately?” I asked, smacking his taught buns.

“Uh…well…a little.” Rick said, haltingly. “You guys…I don’t know…got me a little curious. Used my girlfriend’s dildo a few times.”

“Hmm…well, Claire is going to be pissed she’s missing this.” I said, holding onto his legs, and then moving around to squat over his face. “Clean you cum off my balls while I eat your hot little man-pussy.”

Rick moaned softly as I lapped at his rosebud. He licked and sucked my balls, gently cleaning the swollen orbs that ached to be drained. His ass smelled of soap and sweat, and the puckered opening twitched with every pass of my tongue.

“Mmmm…for a dude, you’ve got one fucking fine ass.” I said, before soaking a finger in spit and circling it around his hole. “Will that sweet little girlfriend of yours lick your ass?”

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