Let me be clear from the beginning. I love men, and especially my current husband. But, I confess I also love women.

When I was a bit younger, I thought it would be easy to have both men and women in my life. Well, I found out it was a bit more complicated. I also discovered it was worth the effort. And, the final lesson…everything comes with a price tag. You can get what you want, but sometimes you end up with more than you bargained for. But, let me start by describing life a few years ago.

I married Johnny when I was barely 20. I was still in college and Johnny had just graduated. He was working at his first job, a sales position that required him to travel. We had our apartment and were crazy in love—at least it felt that way.

Johnny was gone a lot; I was young and horny, got lonely and figured that picking up with Jane would not really be cheating since Jane was not a man. She was totally like not a man.

Jane and I first hooked up freshman year. We each had roommates who were screwing their way through most of the men on campus. Therefore, on any given Saturday night we would likely be together in one of our rooms while one roommate screwed her latest in the other room and the other roommate stayed over at her boyfriend’s.

Neither of us had boyfriends, and, cliché that it is, one thing led to another and we were soon helping each other to reach orgasm nirvana. First girl for me, second for Jane. I liked being with a girl. So different from a man, yet intensely erotic and satisfying.

Even when we more or less found boyfriends, we kept up our lovemaking. I never told Johnny about it when he and I started dating and never raised the subject after we were married.

So, one day Johnny is out of town and Maureen—yours truly—horny girl, wants to make love to other horny girl.

Worked out great! Jane was a fantastic lover, super tongue and magic fingers. Smooth sailing until Johnny’s trip to San Francisco was called off as he was about to board a plane.

Walking in to see our respective heads buried in each other’s pussies was a bit of a surprise. Oops. Busted seems Johnny was not quite the liberated fellow he thought he was.

Johnny packed his bag; I moved back to campus and graduated a newly single woman.

Fast forward to me working in an ad agency and dating a banker from one of our clients. Pete was a great guy. Handsome, good job, liked to enjoy the cultural scene around Boston, and a fairly good lay.

Have to admit he was a bit on the tight-assed side. Fucking was fun, but straight forward. Not much on munching, but he did—good ol’ boy that he was—like a nice blow job every now and then. Well, actually he liked them a lot and often, sometimes to the point of forgetting that I had some needs and areas that required close interaction.

Pete always wanted to try the back door, but anal was not my thing. Made me wonder why someone so uptight would want to hang around the back alley.

Anyway, Susie and I were cubicle mates at the agency. I picked up a strong gay/bi vibe and confirmed it one night while working late on an account. Susie and I were the only ones left in the office. We were both beat and silly from being up for over 30 hours.

We were on our bazillionth cup of coffee and were playing what was the weirdest or kinkiest thing you ever did and stuff like that.

Susie says to me the kinkiest thing she hasn’t done but desperately wants to do is eat my pussy on the conference table. I laughed and asked what was my pussy doing on the conference table. I soon found out. With my jeans and panties slung over the back of a chair, and Susie’s tongue seeming to reach up my snatch to my tonsils, I reentered a sweet bi-world.

All was going swimmingly until I felt I ought to come clean with Pete; not wanting to play out the same mistake I made with Johnny. He took it in stride and said he wanted to watch. I tried to dissuade him, but he insisted and said it would only be one time.

I asked Susie and she was not keen on the idea, but she was very keen on eating my pussy and, if I may say so with some humility, she definitely did not want to give up me eating her pussy. So, to keep peace, she agreed to a one time session with Pete in the room.

So Peter, minus pants and boxers and fondling his boner, is watching two naked babes going at it. I am on my back, legs stretched wide while Susie is again using her tongue in a most obscene fashion, bent over me with her ass in the air. We are groaning, moaning and grunting for all it’s worth.

Peter doesn’t say a word, just pushes up off his chair and parks his pecker at the puckered opening of sweet Susie’s ass.

Bad move. Susie is not bi, she is 100% American lesbo. She is similar to me in that she is most definitely not into ass play.

Let’s just keep the gory details out, except to say that thank god for microsurgery and that testicles do stop hurting after a long rest, although walking bow-legged is not easy for a guy.

So, Pete moved on. And sorry to say, my pussy was even sorrier since Susie moved on too. She found a lovely biker babe that had more tattoos than an all-star rerun of Miami Ink. They rode off into the sunset on her babe’s Harley. I imagine Susie comforts her lover’s sore pussy every night.

So, it was back to my reliable standby, the Purple Pussy Pleaser, also known as my vibe. An informal survey I had been keeping since college informed me that most of the women I know keep a vibrator around for obvious reasons. Note to self: look into buying stock in Eveready batteries.

Then I met Teddy. Well, actually first, I met Erin. Life does get complicated.

Teddy is everything I want in a man. It’s trite but true. He is tall, dark and handsome. Also, he is smart and can make me laugh a lot. He has a great bod, is hung like a horse and knows how to use it. He is an energetic, giving and skilled lover.

So, what’s the problem? Actually, there is none. I was totally happy, well, Ok, not totally. I still enjoyed a trip around the world with a gal pal.

But, I was learning my lessons. Before Teddy and I moved in together, I sort of hinted that I really enjoyed having a good girlfriend.

Teddy looked at me and just smiled.

“Good friends like going out to dinner, have a little wine and talk about fascinating girl stuff?” he asked. “Or, good friends like skipping dinner, having wine and fooling around with each other?”

“Mostly the later,” I answered meekly.

“Well, does “mostly” mean you girl-fuck each other?”

I never really heard the term “girl-fuck”, I just call it fucking, but I got what he was asking.

“Uh, I guess we do,” I replied. “Well, not really guess, we do.”

“Would guys be involved?”

“Nope, just pussies, no dicks.”

Pete thought for a minute. “Ok, I can deal with it,” he said.

“And,” I added, “I don’t think you could be, well, like, involved.”

“I wasn’t asking,” he said.

Cool, I thought.

So, you now know that Teddy is aware of my need to keep my bi- side in gear. Now, I should tell you how Erin and I got together.

Erin and I had been friends since we met at the coffee shop in our office building. She worked three floors below me for a law firm. We hit it off immediately and became BFF. After Pete and before Teddy, Erin and I shared an apartment. We also shared our deepest secrets, double dated, dated the same guys at different times (not Teddy), exchanged clothes and did almost everything together.

Before I met Teddy, the universe shifted for Erin and me. On a couple drunken occasions, late at night in our apartment, we made out and played with each other’s tits. In the morning we laughed it off.

The big change came when we finally crossed the imaginary line we had been skirting.

One Saturday, we were sitting around the apartment bemoaning our recent stretch of dateless weekends.

“Shit, this is not the way it’s supposed to be,” griped Erin. “Two hot babes sitting around on a Saturday night watching a chick flic and eating lousy popcorn.”

“You don’t like my popcorn,” I whined.

“It’s Ok, but it does nothing for my aching clit,” retorted Erin.

“Is that a statement or a come on,” I asked, with just a hint of humor.

Erin stopped in mid chew and looked at me.

“Are you fucking serious, Mo?” she said. “You want to, you know, mess around big time.”

I laughed. “Mess around? Hmm, I think I would put it as fuck your brilliant brains out.”

Erin put down the popcorn bowl, wiped her hands on her shorts, looked at me and said, “So, eat me.”

I did and we started a fantastic run of what we came to call “our sad Saturdays”. We always knew how we could cure the sadness and “cheer” each other up.

Although, we each dated men, we never minded when both of us ended up together on a Saturday. Funny as it seems, we rarely screwed each other on any other day. But, we could spend all Saturday day and evening just pleasuring each other.

We each tried other women once and found we preferred each other.

Erin is objectively gorgeous. She is two inches taller than I am which makes her 6′. She has long blond hair, great legs, a tight ass, terrific breasts, and the sweetest trimmed blond pussy I ever met. Her face is long with high cheekbones, arched eyebrows and a pouty mouth. She has clear blue eyes.

After a couple years of sharing the apartment and each other’s pussies, I met Teddy. I surprised myself by falling madly in love with him and to my even greater surprise accepting his proposal.

Erin was happy for me. One night after I was engaged, Teddy was at a Red Sox game with his buddies. Erin came home to find me reading yet another bride’s magazine.

“Hey, Mo,” she asked. “Do you think we’ll ever fuck again, or are those days over?”

I set the mag aside, opened my robe to reveal my nude body, spread my legs and said, “I think we just might find the time to do it.”

From then on, we switched from “sad Saturdays” to “wild Wednesdays”, since Teddy had a standing commitment on Wednesday evenings.

About a month before the wedding, Teddy and I were taking a swan boat ride in the Public Garden. We did a bunch of stupid touristy stuff that summer. As we glided around, I snuggled him and said I needed to tell him something. He kissed my hair and said sure.

I took a deep breath and told him Erin and I were still lovers and usually got together once a week on Wednesdays.

“I love you so much and can’t wait to marry, but I want you to know.”

He held my hand. He was quiet for a while and then said softly in my ear.

“It’s Ok with me. Erin is a great person and I can see why you would be attracted to her. If it’s important for you, then I can live with it. I just don’t ever want to be played for a fool.”

I knew I would love this man forever. Deep inside I also knew I would continue to be attracted to women.

Anyway, Teddy was cool and never made any lewd remarks to Erin, never asked to watch or join in. Teddy and I still made loud love in our apartment, even if Erin was in her room. She was cool with us, and he was cool with Erin and me. He was a real gentleman around Erin. He never walked around naked in front of her, never tried to get her into a threesome, never did anything that Erin or I considered pervy.

Every once in a while he’d ask if I was happy, and I always said yes. I believe he might have thought that my bi-escapades were more fantasy than hardcore reality.

All that disappeared on our wedding day.

Teddy and I married at his parents’ country club. After the ceremony, I went upstairs to a little suite of rooms the club makes available for brides. I wanted to freshen my make-up and hair, relax a bit and get ready for the reception. As my maid of honor, Erin came with me.

She touched up my make-up and fixed my hair.

Her face was inches from mine and I could smell her natural scents mixed with the delicate perfume she always wore.

“Erin, you are so beautiful,” I murmured as I ran my hand on her cheek. “If you didn’t just spend fifteen minutes redoing my make-up, I’d want you to kiss me a hundred times.”

She gave me an impish smile and said, “I didn’t put make-up on your pussy, darling.”

I was still tense and uptight about the wedding and the impending reception. Deep inside I knew I could use a sexual release to calm me down.

Being my second marriage, I did not go in for the big wedding dress. I wore white, but it was a tasteful dress that reached below my knees.

“Seriously,” I asked? “Right now?”

Erin nodded and had me stand, with my back side resting on the vanity. She lifted my white skirt, exposing the white nylons held up by a garter belt. Falling to her knees, she slid her fingers under my silk panties and slid them down and off me completely.

My dark pussy was already wet. Erin ran her fingers up and down my slit, slightly spreading my lips. She pushed aside the hood of my clit and gently rubbed it with a finger. Leaning in she began caressing my thighs with soft kisses and then let her tongue explore my lips and clit. My eyes closed as I was swaying with weakness as her finger entered me and her tongue and lips tortured my clit. I knew I could not last much longer.

I was about to give into the building climax when I heard a noise. I opened my eyes to see Teddy standing in the doorway watching us.

When will I ever learn to lock the fucking door?

He entered and closed the door behind him. I started to push Erin’s head away.

He said, “Don’t stop; finish it.”

Erin jerked at the sound of his voice. He smiled at her.

“Go on, Erin, please bring Mo to her climax. I’ve spent many hours wondering what you two looked like together.”

Erin looked up at me searching for an answer. I was torn, but my throbbing pussy overruled everything.

I nodded and guided her head back to my crotch. Erin took up the task with abandon. In a few minutes I was gasping and whimpering as two huge waves crashed over me.

Erin sank back on her heels, her chest heaving.

She picked up my panties, but Teddy stopped her.

He took them from her hand, dried my essence from her lips and chin and then wiped my pussy dry with them. He folded the panties and placed them in his pants pocket. He extended his hand and helped Erin stand.

He pulled her to him and kissed her lips and chin, cleaning the remaining juices from her.

“Ladies, that was unbelievable,” he said. “But, you owe me.”

“Oh, Teddy, I’m so sorry,” I began.

He put his finger to my lips and smiled. “Nothing to be sorry for. You married me and you love me, right.”

I eagerly nodded.

“You told me you and Erin were lovers. I admit I did not think she would consummate our marriage before I did, but I know you love me. But, you owe me. Will you both repay me?”

I looked at Erin and we both nodded.

“Good,” said Teddy. He turned and looked at Erin. “Lift your dress.”

My mind began racing. Was he going to fuck her out of revenge, right in front of me, on our wedding day?

Erin hesitated and Teddy said, “Lift your skirt, Erin. It’s Ok.”

Slowly she raised her persimmon skirt to mid-thigh. The bride’s maids wore cocktail dresses that fell just above the knee.

Her black stockings came into view.

“Higher,” said Teddy. “Bring it up to your waist.”

Erin inched the material up revealing the tops of the stockings, also held up with a garter belt. Finally, her pink panties were in full view. There was a visible dark spot in the middle of the lacy garment.

Teddy knelt in front of her. He traced her mound with his finger and Erin squirmed. He let his finger move between her lips, creating a camel toe in the panties. He put his nose to her crotch and breathed in her scent. I knew what that must smell like and my own pussy began to drip again.

He put his fingers in the waistband and peeled off the damp undies. He slowly moved them down her thigh and lifted each foot to free them from her. He reached out one finger and slowly slid it into her damp blond pussy. He moved it back and forth, twisted so his finger could hit her G spot and rubbed harder. Erin’s knees buckled and she moaned.

Teddy licked her clit that was bursting from its hood. Erin pushed her pussy hard into his face. As she began to thrust, moving quickly to her climax, Teddy removed his finger and licked it clean. He picked up her panties and rubbed them across her damp pussy, smelled them, and put them in another pocket of his pants.

He took Erin’s hands in his, letting her skirt fall back in place. He kissed her gently on the lips and hugged her softly.

“Now, ladies, I think we should go greet our guests.”

“But, I am like right on the edge,” cried Erin. “Could one of you finish me off?”

Teddy smiled and kissed her cheek.

“Let’s just say this is part of the payback,” he said. “Please do not touch yourself until I give you permission.”

Glazed-eyed, Erin nodded slowly. I knew how she got when she was on the verge of an orgasm. She became all twitchy and usually couldn’t form a coherent thought.

Teddy offered his arms and we each slipped a hand through his and made our way to the reception hall. I could not believe how wet I was realizing that each of us would be completely bare under our dresses for the entire reception.

We did the greeting line, sat while his brother and Erin offered toasts. Hers was strange to the max and sounded like a stream of conscious gibberish. I tried to enjoy my dinner while my nerves were on end with sexual tension.

The wedding coordinator approached us after the main course and said it was time for the first dance. We stood and Teddy asked Erin to stand and fix my dress. She was fussing with the tiny bow in back and Teddy brushed up against her.

Loud enough for only her and me to hear, he said, “Feel that, Erin? I am going to be dancing with your lover with a rock hard cock. Then, later I am going to dance with you and it will be equally hard, pushing against your naked pussy.”

He took my arm and we started our dance. He whispered that we needed to take it easy, because after he danced with me, he would be dancing with his mom and she did not need to know how aroused he’d become.

Fortunately, I had picked a long slow dance and Teddy was safely back to normal for the dance with his mom, then with my mom.

After we cut the cake, the partying and dancing started in earnest. He had yet to make good on his promise to dance with Erin.

We decided to take a break and sit. Teddy went to get us drinks and asked Erin to sit next to me at the head table. He returned and pulled up a chair, placing Erin between us. He handed each of us a tall flute of champagne and casually said to Erin. “Pull your dress up over your thighs.”

The table cloth was covering us from view of everyone on the dance floor. Teddy was smiling and leaning in to kiss me. He took my hand and placed on Erin’s exposed knee.

He pried her legs apart and put his hand on her other knee. Slowly he started moving his hand upward. He looked me in the eyes and I did the same. With his free hand, he gave Erin her glass and told her to sip.

We each reached her warm and moist pussy at the same time. Teddy moved a finger inside her and Erin almost choked on the bubbly.

With an angelic smile, he said, “Join me, my darling?”

I smiled back and also slid a finger inside Erin. She closed her eyes, dropped her jaw and let her tongue slip out onto her bottom lip.

“For Christ’s sake, Erin,” I hissed, “Put your tongue back in. It looks like your having an orgasm.”

Erin closed her mouth and then whispered, “That’s because I’m about to come, you fuckers.”

We both felt her thighs close, squeezing our fingers and applying pressure to her clit.

Teddy said, “Spread your legs, my dear, you are not to come yet.” She complied as she dug her nails into my thigh and almost spilled the drink in her other hand.

We extracted our fingers, and tried to discreetly lick them clean.

Teddy stood, his back to the dance floor, with an obvious bulge in his black trousers.

“I believe it is time for our dance, Erin.”

Letting her walk in front of him to cover his erection, they began a slow dance.

From recent experience, I know how large Teddy’s penis feels in a close clinch. She was just a couple inches shorter than Teddy’s 6’2″ and I guessed that their anatomies would match up well. I knew that he was definitely rubbing against Erin’s pussy, and if I could guess, I figured Teddy was working her clit with his cock head. Erin had her eyes closed as Teddy moved along the dance floor. Later Erin confirmed what I suspected, she was hovering on the edge of climax. Every time she got ready to explode, Teddy moved away. He teased her for the entire dance.

The rest of the reception went along without another incident, although Erin spilled her wine, tripped on the dais, and forgot my parents’ names. She was totally out of it.

That night in the honeymoon suite at the hotel, Teddy was an animal. We fucked five times and I had seven orgasms. I was sore, but euphoric.

In the morning I called Erin, at Teddy’s insistence.

“How are you doing?” I asked.

“It truly was a sad Saturday last night. But, I had sweet dreams of yesterday.”

Teddy put his face to the phone and said, “We love you, Erin. Did you get yourself off last night?”

Erin giggled and confessed to multiple orgasms, although it was only by her own hand.

“Yesterday will certainly remain special in our minds for so many reasons,” said Teddy. “See you when we get back.”

I chatted a couple more minutes with Erin. After assuring her that Teddy was no longer listening she asked,”Is that thing really as big as it feels?”

“Oh yes, and then some,” I replied and then hung up after promising to call from Hawaii.

I put the phone back on the night stand and turned to find Teddy’s “thing” at full mast. I opened my mouth and began sucking like a baby.

Erin kept our old apartment. After our honeymoon, we picked up our Wild Wednesdays. Teddy never asked about details, just said to say hi to Erin.

About six months later, Teddy’s dad decided to go into semi-retirement from the law firm. Teddy’s grandfather was a founding partner and now his dad was senior partner. Teddy was a junior partner and most folks felt eventually he’d run the firm.

His mom and dad wanted to move to Hilton Head. His dad would keep a few key clients, but most of his business would go to Teddy. It meant Teddy would be a full partner, be super busy, but also become one of the firm’s top billers. That was important come bonus time.

With Teddy’s vastly improved income, we decided I could give up my job at the ad agency. I was tired of the 60 hour weeks and constant stress. We agreed I could take some time to relax and maybe get back into my drawing and painting, which were my true passions.

Our real bonus, however, was that his parents offered to sell their house to us at a ridiculously low price. The house had been Teddy’s grandfather’s and his dad inherited it. It was in the best Boston suburb. When his grandfather built it, he bought two adjacent lots. Though not cheap then, they were practically priceless now. In addition, the back of their lots bordered the reservoir protection area and so they really had a country estate in the city.

The house was a brick Georgian style. His parents updated a lot of it, and we would have enough money to do more work since we were paying so little and would have some equity from the sale of our house.

The best part for both of us was the back yard. It was totally private, had a large in-ground pool, a cabana with shower. There was also a hot tub and outdoor kitchen. In the nice weather, we could live outdoors and live in the nude.

We both enjoyed being naked outside. After we moved in, I invited Erin over for a cookout.

Teddy asked if this meant we had to be “more formal”, meaning wearing clothes.

I said we were all friends and that he’d already seen part of her naked. He said “part is not all, and she hasn’t seen me nude.”

Well,” I replied, “I guess you are both in for a treat.”

“So, is this looking only?” Teddy asked.

“What do you mean?” I said. “You want it to go beyond looking?”

He kissed me and held me close. “Mo, you are the only woman I want. I can be happy the rest of my life being with you and only you. But, I keep sensing that you get restless, that you’re searching for something more.”

I thought for a moment and said, “Not something more, something different. I love you Teddy. But, I wonder what sensations and experiences might be out there. Not to turn from our love, but to intensify it. You know we add spice to food to give it zip. Maybe some spicy sex can give us a zip.”

“Yeah, but sometimes too much spice spoils things.”

“Well, let’s just add a bit at a time. Erin will be here. I want to make love to her while you watch. Like on our wedding day when you watched her get me off. I still have erotic dreams about that. I want to show you off to her. You are so beautiful naked and I know she has fantasized about your dick. She’s told me that much. And, is there more to happen? Let’s see and let’s not put up barriers.”

Erin arrived on Saturday bearing wine and hors d’oeuvres. I greeted her wearing a loose caftan. I said Teddy was out back and warned her, again, that clothing was most definitely optional.

“Then, lead on,” she laughed.

Teddy was in the pool and called out to us as we approached.

I told him to come greet our guest. He smiled and climbed out.

As he approached, his dick swung back and forth and his balls bounced ever so nicely.

“Jesus Christ,” exclaimed Erin, “did you forget to leave the noodle float in the pool or is that really you?”

“All mine, dear,” he said, “but Mo has visitation rights.”

We all laughed and he embraced Erin.

Tentatively at first, Erin hugged back. Then she gave in and pulled Teddy to her, letting one hand fall to his tight butt.

Pulling back, she looked down at the mass between his legs. “God, I cannot tell you how many times I wondered what that looked like. It felt like a log when we were dancing at the wedding.”

“You are not far off,” I said. Reaching between them and rubbing my hand up and down on the referenced piece of wood.

“Well, enough of my cock,” said Teddy. “How about I get drinks and Erin gets naked.”

He turned and went to the bar to mix gin and tonics.

Erin looked at me and I nodded. She pulled her shirt and bra off in one motion and dropped her shorts and panties in another. I shed my caftan. We hugged and kissed and then turned to face Teddy returning with a tray of drinks.

“Magnificent,” he smiled. His eyes traveled over our naked bodies, then made a return trip over Erin’s.

We each took our glasses and toasted.

“Here’s to a great summer,” I said.

“And, to a naked one,” he added.

“Amen,” chimed in Erin.

We drank and enjoyed the afternoon in the sun.

Teddy did his usual 100 laps and Erin and I did a few discreet laps of our own on a mat by the pool.

Our final orgasm, achieved in the classic 69 position, was witnessed by Teddy as he rested his chin in his hands on the pool apron.

Teddy climbed out and stretched out on a lounger, his cock resting on his thigh. He pulled on his sunglasses and a baseball cap and settled back.

Erin kept staring at him.

“Not bad?” I asked.

“Fucking unbelievable,” she replied. “I know you said he was well endowed, but, Christ, Mo, you never said like this.”

“Ladies, I am right here you know,” offered Teddy.

“Sweetheart, now is the time to keep your eyes and mouth closed,” I purred.

I lifted his cock and offered it to Erin. She hesitated, then took it in her hand.

“God, it’s so heavy.”

She fingered the length of it and reached between his legs and fondled his balls.

“Want to see it up ready for action?” I teased.

Erin nodded.

I bent over Teddy and looked up at Erin. She had removed her sunglasses and stared intently at me as my face hovered over Teddy’s dick.

“Good thing you are my best friend,” I said, “or I’d never have the nerve to do this.”

I turned and took the tip and then a good portion of Teddy’s cock into my mouth. I proceeded to give him a class A blow job and in a few minutes he was at full mast.

His tip was almost purple with the blood pounding through it and the vein on top throbbed.

I took Erin’s hand and placed it on the shaft. Tentatively, she moved it up and down the length. As I moved behind her, sitting with my body pressed against hers, and my legs around hers, I cupped each breast.

Erin sighed and began stroking Teddy more vigorously.

I teased her nipples and let one hand fall into her crotch. She was soaked and I slid a finger inside. She groaned.

Teddy began to move, but I said, “Eyes closed, darling.”

Erin was now pumping him with all her might as I plunged in and out of her pussy and played with her clit.

Teddy said, “Can’t hold it.”

I replied, “Let it go, dear.”

Erin pumped two more times and he began shooting long streams of white onto his stomach

Reflexively, Erin quickly bent over and took him in her mouth, and pumped the remainder down her throat. Teddy had pulled off his sunglasses and watched the top of the blond head bob up and down on his spurting erection.

I rammed three fingers in her pussy and played with her clit, until I felt the tightness in her vagina and the shudders that signaled her climax.

Having drained Teddy, Erin sat back up and rested in my embrace. He looked at us, her legs spread wide and my fingers still inside her coaxing a mild reaction.

None of us spoke for a few minutes.

“Awesome,” was all Teddy could muster.

“Amen,” rejoined Erin and I simply smiled and nodded.

I said, “Why don’t you two go over and rinse each other off in the shower, while I watch.”

They rose slowly and walked hand in hand to the outdoor shower by the cabana. Teddy adjusted the water and they stepped under the spray. He filled his hands with body soap and worked every inch of her body. She reciprocated, and knelt to use her mouth once again on the now flaccid penis. She licked up his body and they hugged. He positioned his slowly swelling member between her legs and she rocked back and forth.

All the while, I am playing myself into a frenzy. They kissed for a while, then Teddy bent to caress each nipple. Kissing once more, and embracing, they stood under the streaming water.

Finally, Teddy reached behind her and cut the flow. They turned and walked toward me. He was not erect, but his penis had swollen and bounced against his upper thigh as he walked. Erin gleamed in the sun like a naked goddess, all wet and blond.

Teddy led her to the double lounger I was in. He eased her next to me and I snuggled Erin in my arms.

“I think we need drinks,” Teddy said. “And, I need to use the men’s. Be back in a jiff.”

He crossed to the cabana and disappeared inside.

I lifted Erin’s chin and looked into her eyes. She returned my stare then broke into a wide grin.

“Fuckin’ awesome,” she said and pulled my face to hers. We kissed until I heard Teddy say, “Drinks.”

He set a tray of wine glasses and a cooler of white wine on the table between the loungers and took his place across from us.

He poured and handed each of us a glass.

We raised our glasses, and he said, “To summers, friends, lovers and what the fuck.”

We shouted back, “What the fuck.”

After that, the barriers were definitely down. Erin stayed over a lot on weekends. Some nights she’d be alone in a guest room, some nights I’d be with her. On a few occasions, she shared our king bed. When that happened, she and Teddy would playfully—if I can explain it that way—enjoy oral sex with each other.

On the third time we were together in our bed, Erin and I were both giving him a nice, slow blow job. His dick was stone hard.

I looked at Erin and said, “Want to ride it?”

Teddy lifted his head to look at me and Erin’s mouth pulled off his erection.

They both said at once, “Really?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “I think it will be cool and I want to watch another woman take that monster.”

Teddy and Erin looked at each other, smiled and shrugged.

I slipped a condom on him, and Erin climbed on top, letting her now flowing pussy hover over Teddy’s tip. I leaned in and licked her clit a bunch of times and then pulled back to lean on the pillows and watch.

Slowly she eased his tip inside. He pushed a little and Erin gasped.

“Nice and slow, Erin, you can do it,” I coached.

Moving up and down and working her juices over his erection, Erin eased all of Teddy into her. She then began moving up and down. I told Teddy to let her work by herself so he didn’t accidently hurt her.

After another minute or two, Erin was almost bouncing. Her jaw was slack and her eyes closed. She kept moving and started panting. She leaned over, resting her hands on Teddy’s broad chest, and moved her pussy back and forth. Finally, she screamed and gave one last thrust. Her body quivered and she collapsed on top of Teddy.

I could tell he didn’t come and knew he was still hard inside her. He ground his hips a little and Erin moaned.

“No more, God, please no more,” she whispered.

Teddy had a wicked grin and lifted her easily, settling her on her back, his cock still buried in her.

He eased one leg, then the other, onto his broad shoulders and began a slow in and out, bringing his cock almost out and then pushing it back deep inside her.

Erin was making some incoherent sounds as Teddy kept a slow and steady pace. As he sensed her rising to a finish, he started a series of strong, hard thrusts. Erin screamed with each one and at last dug her nails deep into his butt and screamed so loud I thought the neighbors might call the police. He gave her a couple more thrusts for good measure then slowly pulled his still hard cock out.

She eased her legs straight and lay in between the two of us.

“Not bad?” I prodded.

“Unfucking believable,” she said smiling at me. “And, you do this all the time. Oh my God!”

We all laughed. I kissed her deeply, then crawled over her limp body, peeled off the condom, and climbed on board.

Erin watched in awe as we fucked like monkeys. In about five minutes we were both ready, and I felt Teddy start shooting in me. I had come once and now pulled off letting him shoot up over his stomach and chest. When he finished, Erin and I cleaned him with our tongues and we pulled the sheet over and fell asleep nestled together.

We had an easy and fun thing going. Erin and Teddy began to fuck regularly when she stayed over. Sometimes I watched, sometimes I joined in. At times, Teddy would watch Erin and me together. He liked us in a 69. He would move back and forth, using his tongue on our exposed pussies and assholes. It was a glorious time.

Around mid-summer, Erin had to temporarily move to Milwaukee on a bank assignment. We both missed her, but looked forward to the fall when she was scheduled for her return.

We feared that the edge she brought to our sex life might make our lives seem dull.

We soon discovered that was a foolish fear.

I wondered if Teddy and I could ever replace that fire in our sex that Erin brought. We still made love almost every night and more than that on weekends. The sex was excellent, but I felt it had lost the edge without another person involved. I questioned if maybe I would never feel that rush of sexual adrenaline again.

The answer to that question was provided via a dog.

That summer I became main caretaker for Teddy’s Great Dane, Bruno. Bruno was the family dog, and went with his parents to Hilton Head. They found he was a bit too big for condo life and we took him back. He immediately abandoned Teddy and bonded with me.

He is half as tall as I am and a gentle giant. He lives for his walks. Many times, we go into the reservation land behind our house and I can let Bruno off his leash. He runs through the woods, chases squirrels and just has a blast.

Other days, I put him on his leash and we walk into Newton Center where I can pick up a few items that we need and which I can cram into my shoulder bag.

One day I was heading back to the house, latte in hand, and saw the woman who lived at the far end of our block in her garden.

She looked up and waved and started to make her way over. I stopped and Bruno sprawled on her lawn.

“I’ve been meaning to say hell-o,” she said with a slight Southern drawl. “I see you walking with this adorable dog and know you live up in that gorgeous Georgian house.”

I smiled and offered my hand, “Maureen Forbes. Pleased to meet you.”

“Candace Fuller, and so pleased to meet you.”

She was about my age and not quite my height with soft brown hair and big brown eyes. In her shorts and polo shirt, I could see her trim and compact figure.

“Have you lived here long,” I asked.

“Going on five years in the Boston area,” she replied, “but just two months in this house. Biff, my husband, was transferred here from Atlanta. He was in charge of commercial banking for his daddy’s bank in Georgia. When they were bought out, they wanted him to do the same work up here at their main office. So, we made the move. I’m getting used to it.”

I picked up a bit of regret. “The winters are too harsh?”

“No, well, yes, they are different,” she said, “but mostly I miss our friends. We had a real close circle in Atlanta. We haven’t really clicked with any folks here. I confess that’s why I was eager to meet you. I think we’re around the same age and thought maybe we could get to know each other.”

I didn’t feel she was pushing too hard and sensed she was a bit lonely.

“Do you work, Candace?”


“What?” I thought she meant working in a candy store, when I realized she meant her name.

“Oh, sure. I’m Mo.”

Candy said, “I worked in Atlanta, interior design. Since we moved here, I haven’t done anything. I keep thinking I might look around at the local firms and see if they need any help.

“How, about you, Mo?”

I told her about my former career and how I was now working on the house, caring for Bruno and dabbling in drawing and painting.

Candy smiled and fiddled with the digging tool in her hand.

“Would you like to come in for a Coke or something?”

“Well, I need to get Bruno back,” I said.

I caught a quick look of disappointment on her face.

“Hey, give me five minutes and come down for a drink at my house. Maybe you could give me a couple tips on how to rearrange some of the rooms.”

“Oh, I couldn’t impose.”

“No, come down. My husband is away, and I could use the company.”

“Really?” she asked.


“Swell, I’ll be there in a bit.”

I led Bruno, or more accurately, he pulled me home. I fed him and jumped in the shower for a quick rinse off. As I shampooed my hair, I wondered if I was primping.

I was concerned that Candy would notice that I had cleaned up, but put the thought aside and fixed a plate of cheese and crackers.

The doorbell rang and I opened it to find Candy standing there with damp hair, a short green skirt and clean blouse.

We looked at each other’s hair and burst out laughing.

I invited her in and we sat in the sunroom.

“I must confess,” said Candy, “that I’ve been dying to see this house. I walk by all the time and think it is so beautiful.”

“Well, then, how about the grand tour.”

“Oh, please, I wasn’t hinting…”

“Come on. It’s a great place. Teddy, my husband, his grandfather built it. I’d like to bring the main rooms downstairs up to today’s standards without loosing all the charm of the antiques and classic decorations.”

I led her around the first floor. She loved the scale of the rooms, the antiques, and the artwork. She made a couple suggestions about how to rearrange the furniture and introduce some colors to give the rooms a refreshed feel.

Going upstairs, I showed her the four bedrooms, one of which is a guest suite, the upstairs study and then our master suite.

As I opened the door, I silently cursed at my hasty change. On the floor right in front of us were my panties. As luck would have it, they were a lacy thong pair that Teddy loved and I wore to bed last night to give him a good send off before his trip.

“Excuse me,” I muttered as I quickly scooped them up.

“My, they look so pretty and, how shall I say, delicate,” Candy offered.

I blushed and said “Teddy likes them.”

“Do you mind,” said Candy extending her hand.

Dumbfounded that this woman I just barely met wanted to handle my unmentionables, I handed them over.

She fingered the material and held them open.

“Lovely. They would look great on you, Mo. I have some just like them.”

She handed them back to me and I crumpled them in my hand. As I showed the master bath, I flipped them into the hamper.

Back downstairs, I led Candy to the back.

“Oh my gracious, this is Eden.”

I told her we loved it.

“My, my, I mean it. This really is a little Eden back here. The pool is beautiful and you have complete privacy. We don’t have a pool, and only a fence separates our neighbors on the side and back.”

Candy walked along the edge of the pool and sipped her sparkling water.

She twirled and faced me.

“Back in Atlanta, we had a much more private yard. And, I don’t mean to be too wicked, but Biff and I did a lot of skinny-dipping. We miss that here.”

I laughed and said, “I know what you mean. Teddy and I rarely wear anything when we’re out here.”

I could not believe I had just said those words out loud. “Candy, I didn’t mean to imply…”

Candy smiled at me over the rim of her glass, “Hey, I said it was like an Eden, and you know Adam and Eve were naked there.”

I smiled and added, “Until they discovered sin, as I recall.”

Candy gave me a sly grin, “Well, let’s hope sin doesn’t deter you from enjoying your lovely yard, Mo.”

I broke the mood and led her to the cabana with its two changing rooms, bathroom and small sitting room.

“Lovely,” she proclaimed.

Our back yard was about a half acre and had a formal garden and a cutting garden. Candy said it must be such a treat to have fresh cut flowers.

“I love it,” I answered, “setting a table with flowers from our garden. Hey, when Teddy gets back, we’ll have you and Biff over for dinner.”

Candy beamed. “That would be sweet, darling. I agree only if you let me help you.”

“Why not. The ladies will do the cooking and prepare the meal, and the guys can do the cleaning.”

“Oh, that’s just like down home,” said Candy, “only in the south the men folk never do the cleaning.”

“Welcome, to the north,” I said.

When Teddy returned later in the week, I filled him in on my encounter with Candy and our subsequent phone chats where we shared more of our lives.

“Candy and Biff, are you shitting me?” he said sipping his single malt scotch.

“Yeah, I know it sounds goofy, but she is nice and attractive in that Southern Bell way.”

“And, which way is that,” he asked.

“Perfect hair, make-up even while working in the garden, tailored clothes, and that sweet southern drawl,” I replied giving my best Boston impression of a Georgia accent.

“I bet Biff is one of those good ol’ boys and probably a rabid racist,” offered Teddy.

“Honey, let’s not judge them. I know they are both deeply involved in their church and both teach Sunday school.”

“Great. Fuckin’ bible thumpers. Probably going to preach to us about the evils of life here in Sodom. Shit, I hope we can at least drink around them.”

“Teddy, be nice.” I pleaded. “Actually, Candy said they used to skinny-dip back in Atlanta. That makes them a little more human.”

“Sure,” Teddy huffed. “Skinny-dipping to them probably means she wears a two-piece rather than a onesie.”

“Teddy, don’t go getting an attitude about them before you meet,” I told him. “We have no plans for Saturday, so I’d like to call Candy and invite them.”

“Have you even met the Biffster?” he asked.

“No, but I plan to do so this coming Saturday,” I said with a smile. “And, I expect the charming Teddy to be here.”

“Or what?” he grumbled.

“Or, I may have a headache for a very long time,” I replied.

“Sir Galahad will be at your service, M’lady,” Teddy said with a mock bow.

Setting his drink down, he approached and said, “Now, methinks I will carry this wench to my chamber and ravage her.”

“That doesn’t sound like Sir Galahad,” I protested.

“No, it’s Sir Lancelot,” he said grinding his erection into my belly.

“Ah,” was all I could say before he hoisted me over his shoulder and made good on his promise of ravaging.

The next day I called Candy and we finalized our plans.

“Biff is so looking forward to meeting you and Teddy,” said Candy.

“And, I am also eager to meet your husband.”

We agreed she would come over Saturday morning and we’d work on the decorations and prepare for dinner.

Teddy made an early golf date and was gone by 7 AM. Candy arrived at 8:30. She wore a wide-brimmed straw hat and carried a shallow basket that contained gloves and shears. She had Capri pants and a white t-shirt, with a bra showing underneath.

Over coffee, we decided on a simple meal of garden salad, roasted chicken, potato salad, green beans and cole slaw. Candy would make the potato salad and cole slaw and I would do the rest, including an apple pie for dessert. We cut flowers for the dinning table and the table in the sunroom where we would have drinks.

I broached the alcohol subject.

“Candy, I don’t know how to put this,” I began, “but knowing you and Biff are obviously Christian, do you ever drink?”

Candy let out such a husky roar, that I was taken aback.

“Honey, we are from Atlanta and I think the average gin quotient is higher there than anywhere,” she said. “Yes, we enjoy a drink. We are not little ol’ sticks in the mud.”

Candy squeezed my arm as she made her last point. Her hands were soft, but there was strength in her grip.

We finished our preparations. I still had to go to the store and pick up supplies.

Candy said she and Biff would come around 6.

“Perfect,” I assured her.

We said our good-byes at the door.

I went for a clean shirt and drove off to the shopping center. Later, I tossed a green salad and washed the beans. I made hors d’oeuvres from cherry tomatoes stuffed with bacon bits, mayo and shredded lettuce and put a nice piece of brie on the counter to soften. I would serve it with sliced French bread.

I opted for a long soak in the tub. As I idly rubbed my clit, I thought about Candy and her interest in naked swimming. My mind wandered to what she would look like standing by the side of the pool without her clothes. I set both my imagination and fingers free and shivered to an orgasm in spite of the warm bath water.

Teddy came back from golf, stripped and showered. He was toweling off in our bedroom and I was lounging naked on our bed.

I filled him in on my day and that I found out that Candy and Biff were not tea-totalers.

“So, she’s open to drinking?” he asked while rubbing his long and thick prick with the towel.

I was lost in a lustful contemplation, when he called out.

“Hell-o, Mo. Anyone home?”

I Looked up and said yes.



“Would you like a blow job?”

“Thought you’d never ask,” he answered with a smile.

I love Teddy’s prick when it’s soft. It hangs down straight, centered right between his huge balls. It is thick and heavy, and I enjoy just playing with it. I measured it several times and it is over 8 inches soft and at least two inches longer hard. I could stare at it for hours. I know every inch of it. The long vein that runs along the top ending at the base of his mushroom cap is a favorite path for my tongue.

Easing the cap into my mouth I feel a gush of excitement between my legs. As I gently pull and suck, his member begins to swell and stiffen. As it reaches full extension, I can barely get my mouth around it. A lot of practice has allowed me to deep throat a good portion of it, and Teddy rewards me with moans that seem to come from the deepest part of him.

I remove my mouth and lick and nibble his shaft, finally turning my attention to his balls. I convinced Teddy to shave them and closely trim his pubes. I love the hairless sacks as I tongue the delicate nut inside. Teddy moans louder and I gently take one inside my mouth, sucking and using my tongue.

After equal treatment with the other nut, I return to his shaft, and use my hand to stroke him with a steady and firm beat.

Sensing a build up, I return him to my mouth and go up and down quickly, my saliva providing an effective lubricant. Cupping his balls in one hand, stroking with the other, and sucking as if I was gasping for life, I feel him tense and then release with jet after jet of hot, salty essence of the man I love.

I drain him dry, give each nut one more nuzzle and crawl up into his arms.

“Mo, as I have said many times, and you know I mean this with the utmost respect, you are the best fuckin’ cocksucker in the world.”

“Oh, you lawyers have such a command of the language,” I answered.

We dozed in each other’s arms.

I awoke with a start and realized I had better get the chicken going. I dashed down stairs and turned on the oven to heat. I cleaned the full bird, rubbed it with oil and herbs and put it in to roast along with a baking dish of sage dressing I had prepared earlier. Checking the time, I knew that it would take about an hour to roast and then we would let it set for twenty minutes before carving. The timing would be perfect since Candy and Biff were due in fifteen minutes.

I went into the sunroom to set out the cheese tray and almost had a heart attack when I heard a tap on the door.

I looked over to see Candy peering in.

I was trapped in the room, naked as the day I was born.

I figured what the hell, and crossed and slid open the door.

“Candy, what are you doing here?” I said, trying to cover my boobs and bush with my hands.

“I am so sorry, Mo. I had the food in the car and thought I’d run it up. Then, Biff and I could walk up and not have to worry about driving home. I knocked on the front door, but didn’t get an answer.”

Candy stopped talking and let her gaze wander up and down my exposed frame.

“Guess, you aren’t exactly ready?” she offered.

“Good guess. Go around front and I’ll let you in, so you can carry in your stuff.”

As Candy scooted away, I headed for the front door looking for anything to cover up with. A victim of my own earlier housecleaning, there was nothing except a couple kitchen towels. I figured they would look ridiculous and not really cover anything.

Teddy shouted down, “What’s going on?”

I yelled, “Nothing. But do not come down. I’ll be up in a second.”

“Is everything Ok,” he said and I heard him coming down the steps.

“Teddy, go back up. Candy is here and I’ll handle it. Go get dressed.”

I heard his footsteps retreating at the same time I heard a knock on the door.

I opened it, letting it cover my nakedness.

Candy rushed in with a large cardboard box. I closed the door and led her to the kitchen, immediately regretting that I was now showing her my bouncing butt.

Candy set the box on the counter and looked at me.

“Honey, I am sorry. I shoulda’ called. Please don’t be embarrassed.”

I smiled and said, “Well, you did declare this an Eden. I just didn’t count on being caught by an angel.”

Did I just say that, I am loosing it.

Candy beamed. “That’s sweet, Honey. And, you should not be embarrassed. You are beautiful. A real Venus.”

“I think we’re getting our bibles and mythologies mixed, but thanks. Now, I think I better get something on before Biff arrives. I don’t want to make a bad first impression.”

“Honey, with that figure, you would never make anything but a spectacular impression.”

Candy laid a hand on my naked hip and leaned in and kissed me lightly on the cheek. She smelled, well, like I’d imagine a Southern Bell would smell, fresh and flowery. As she kissed me, her hand lightly moved across my naked ass and down the back of my thigh.

She turned and exited and I ran upstairs to get dressed.

“Well, that was interesting,” I said slipping on my black lace panties that Candy had admired on her first visit. I complemented that with a matching sheer bra that loosely held my breasts and let my nipples, now totally erect, show through. I pulled on a black silk blouse, leaving the top three buttons open to reveal my cleavage and the lacy tops of the bra. I stepped into a soft cotton white skirt that flared to a lace-covered hem. A pair of leather sandals, with a slight heel completed the outfit.

Teddy watched me dress, but made no effort to do the same.

“Hurry, they will be here soon,” I urged.

“Well, you greeted her in the nude, maybe I should do the same,” he smirked.

“Teddy,” I pleaded with a small whine.

He laughed and dug out a pair of light cotton pants from his closet. He pulled them on, not bothering with underwear. I eyed him and he just smiled. I could make out where his penis hung down his right pants leg.

“Oh God, this was going to be an interesting night,” I thought.

He donned a blue oxford cloth shirt, tucked in the tails, and added a braided brown leather belt. He slipped his sockless feet into brown penny loafers. He looked terrific and I told him so. He crossed toward me and I could make out the movement of his penis under the thin cotton.

“Teddy, you should really wear some boxers. I can see you swinging as you walk.”

“Then, just keep thinking about how I’m going to use it later,” he said and kissed me.

We made it back downstairs with a few minutes left for final preparations when I heard a knock at the door.

I opened to find Candy and a surprisingly handsome man standing there.

Biff was over six feet with thick blond hair and blue eyes, almost the same shade as his wife’s. He was lean and wore a long-sleeved white shirt, black linen pants and black loafers. He took my hand and pulled me to him for a kiss on the cheek. He had a subtle cologne, something old fashioned, but not without its allure.

Candy also kissed my cheek and gave me a hug, pressing her full breasts into mine.

I introduced them to Teddy. As he crossed the foyer to greet them, all I could notice was the bounce of his penis in his pants. I wondered if they saw the same thing.

Candy kissed Teddy’s cheek and Biff gave him a hearty handshake.

We assembled in the sunroom, and Teddy made drinks for us all.

While enjoying the snacks and drinks, we filled each other in on our work and backgrounds.

Candy said that we had the loveliest back yard, a “real Eden” she added with a smile directed at me.

Teddy invited our guests outdoors. With drinks in hand, we went poolside. Biff made appropriate comments on how beautiful and private it was.

Teddy took our empty glasses and went inside for refills. I led Candy and Biff to the far side and showed them the cabana.

Teddy reemerged with a tray holding our drinks. As he crossed to us, I could again see his penis bobbing in his pants leg. I only prayed our guests were not as observant.

After a quick tour of the garden, I said I had to finish dinner details. Candy detached herself from Biff and said she’d help.

“Now you boys enjoy a little man talk while we’re gone,” she drawled.

In the kitchen I took the chicken from the oven, set if on a carving board, covered it with foil and let it stand on the counter.

Candy dressed the salad and carried the bowl to the dining room. She returned with a freshened drink in each hand and passed one glass to me.

We made eye contact, clinked and each took a big pull.

“Mo, Honey,” she said, “Can I ask you something girl to girl?”

“Sure,” I replied not knowing where it was going.

“Well, first I have to confess I am feeling the effect of these lovely gin and tonics,” she said. “Maybe that’s why I am being a little forward. So, please do not take any offense at my question.”

“What is it, Candy?”

“Well,” she purred, “I couldn’t help but notice a certain movement in Teddy’s pants. Am I seeing things or is he showing a certain bounce halfway down his thigh?”

I laughed and answered.

“Candy you are not seeing things. Yes, that is what you think it is, and, if I may add, it is spectacular.”

Candy put her hand on the counter for support, rested her drink on the granite top and began to fan herself.

“I do declare I feel a bit faint right now,” she proclaimed. “I mean your man is endowed to that extent?”

“Oh, indeed.” I, too, was feeling the effects of the gin and decided to be even more provocative.

“As a matter of fact, Candy, just before you came upon me in the sunroom in all my glory, I had just finished giving Teddy a first class BJ, and that little rumple you noticed in his pants was in full bloom and even bigger than it appears.”

Candy swooned a bit and I really thought she might faint. I put a hand out to steady her.

“Honey, you mean this pretty little mouth of yours was able to contain that big man-thing?”

I nodded and opened my mouth to run my tongue around my lips, giving Candy a lascivious grin.

Candy stepped forward and slipped her hand behind my neck.

“You mean these delicate lips were wrapped around that big, old piece of man.”

With that, she brought her lips to mine and kissed me with a heat I did not expect. At first I was taken aback, but soon felt a warmth spreading through those lace panties I was wearing. I kissed back and tentatively offered my tongue.

Candy opened and sucked my tongue deep into her mouth. At the same time she slid her hands around my waist pulled me tight to her and then dropped her hands to my butt. She felt me through the thin cotton of my skirt.

Pulling back, she whispered, “Don’t tell me you are wearing that delicate lacy thing I saw on your floor the other day.”

I nodded.

Her hands moved over my butt and traced the split between my cheeks.

“Ooh, you are a temptress, Honey. Show me.”

She kissed me again, pressing her breasts into mine. I am sure she must have felt my nipples that to me seemed more like chips of granite than flesh.


“Show me, sweetie.” Candy’s hand moved from my ass and traced the outline of my panties in the front. As her finger brushed across my crotch, I shivered.

“Come on, I’ve already seen you buck naked,” she cooed.

I looked around to be sure the men were not in sight and lifted my skirt, exposing the sheer lace.

Candy looked and then reached out to run a finger between the band of my panties and my skin. The tip of her finger brushed across the top of my trimmed pubes. I shivered again.

“They look beautiful on you, Mo.”

She kissed me lightly on the lips, dipped her finger deeper into my panties, touched my clit hood, rubbed it lightly, and then stepped back.

“Well, Honey, this has been a delight, but we better get dinner on the table.”

She brought her hands up my front and. before breaking away, cupped each breast, letting her thumbs play over my erect nipples. I moaned and felt even more wetness soak into my panties.

“Ooh, Honey, these are so sweet,” she said as she gently squeezed each nipple.

Candy spun away and headed to the back door. In a second I heard her calling the men inside.

I carried a basket of warm rolls to the table and we began dinner. I tried to concentrate on the food and conversation, but could not overcome the wetness of my panties and the throbbing throughout my body.

Candy and I cleared the salad plates. She made no more advances in the kitchen. I carved the chicken and she fixed the side dishes. We served the men and Teddy poured white wine for all.

“I sure am glad we’re walking tonight,” said Candy, “I do believe I am getting a teeny bit tipsy. You aren’t trying to get me drunk are you, Teddy?”

“Now why would I do that?” he answered.

“Well, I don’t know. Sometimes you big northern men are hard to fathom,” she cooed.

“No hidden intentions here, Candy,” said Teddy with assurance. “Just trying to have a good time.”

Biff said, “I think Candy’s just teasing you Teddy. By the way, I just have to say again what a perfect back yard you have. I am envious of your privacy.”

“Isn’t that one of the deadly sins–envy,” I asked in a teasing voice.

“Sure is, Mo,” said Biff, “but definitely one of the lower ranking ones. Not anywhere near, well, lust.”

We all laughed at toasted each other.

“Well,” said Teddy, “consider that you have an open invitation to join us in the pool anytime.”

“Really,” said Candy.

“Really. Right Mo?”

“Oh yeah, any time,” I answered.

“As a matter of fact, tomorrow’s supposed to be perfect,” Teddy went on. “Why not come over for a dip and maybe a little cook-out.”

“Well, we have church in the morning and we both teach bible classes afterwards,” said Biff. “I think we could make it by 2.”

“Sounds like a plan,” confirmed Teddy.

“What can we bring,” asked Candy.

“Anything but your suits,” I blurted and literally clasped my hand over my mouth.

Teddy shot me a glance and I could only shrug.

“Sorry,” I apologized. “That just sort of slipped out. I meant no disrespect.”

“None taken,” said Biff. “Actually, if you promise to keep this among the four of us, Candy and I did our share of skinny-dipping back in Atlanta. Haven’t tried it here because we have no pool and even less privacy—so we opted not to put in a pool. So, no, Mo, you have not offended us.”

“Well, in that case,” I said, “just bring some wine.”

After a pause, I added, “And lots of sunscreen.”

Laughing we all toasted once more.

We finished and to Candy’s surprise, Biff offered to help me clear the table. She said I must be a good influence on him. She hugged him and whispered in his ear. He smiled and hugged her back.

Teddy and Candy went back to the sunroom where I had laid out dessert and started the coffee I had primed in the pot.

Biff and I rinsed the dishes and I was bending over putting them in the dishwasher. He moved behind me and I felt him push against my rear. I was sure I was feeling an erection.

I stood quickly and Biff slid his hands around my waist and pushed his hard-on between my cheeks.

“Biff,” I began, “what the heck are you…”

He pushed harder and slid one hand down and grabbed me between my legs, feeling my pussy through the fabric of my skirt and panties.

“You are incredibly sexy, Mo,” he whispered in my ear as both my ass and pussy were assaulted. “Candy has been raving about you all week and I can see why. She told me how gorgeous you looked when she caught you naked today. Teddy is a fortunate man.”

In spite of my surprise and shock, I began to respond to his hand and moved my hips while I let my thighs open. He let a finger part my lips and rub up and down through my clothes, stroking my rigid clit and sending more dampness into my panties.

“Biff, we can’t,” was all I could muster.

He kept the pressure on, and I breathily said, “Please.”

He slowly removed his hand from my crotch and moved both hands up my front, fondling my breasts along the way.

He nuzzled my neck, kissed my ear and moved away from me.

I turned and looked at him. Without thinking I reached up and kissed him.

“Let’s join the others,” I said.

He said he needed to use the rest room first. I looked down to see the obvious outline of the erection in his pants. I nodded and pointed in the right direction.

I knew I must be flushed, but headed out to the sunroom. Candy and Teddy were looking out at the subdued lighting in the garden. I was glad they could not see my face.

Candy heard me enter and turned. “Your yard is so beautiful in the combination of moonlight and your accent lamps. I bet you can enjoy late night swims.”

I nodded and Candy said, “Sweetie, are you Ok. You look absolutely undone.”

She crossed and put a palm to my forehead.

“My goodness, you are burning up. What’s come over you? Was it something you ate?”

Teddy looked at me with concern.

“It’s nothing, really,” I lied. “Probably just a little reaction to all the alcohol. I think a piece of pie and a cup of coffee will do wonders.”

We helped ourselves to the apple pie and coffee and were settling down when Biff reentered. He looked perfectly calm and collected and fixed his own plate and cup.

We chatted some more and reaffirmed our plans for tomorrow.

Around 11 Candy and Biff made their good-byes. As each gave me a hug, I recalled how they each had touched me so intimately just a short while ago.

Teddy said he’d finish cleaning up and I should go to bed. I didn’t argue and went to our bedroom and stripped. My panties were a mess and I quickly tossed them in the hamper.

I washed, brushed, flossed, peed and was waiting naked in bed when Teddy came in. He took one look at my displayed body and said, “Hold that thought.”

He rushed through his ministrations and soon was guiding that powerful rod that I loved deep into my wet and waiting pussy.

I fucked him energetically, climbed on top to increase my leverage and bucking achieved two over the top orgasms, before I felt him spasming inside me.

Rolling apart, he exhaled and asked, “What the hell was that all about?”

“What, we just made love,” I answered.

“No, you fucked my brains out. What got you so turned on?”

I snuggled in his arms. We usually tell each other everything, but for some reason I was holding back.

He asked me again and I said, “Biff put a move on me in the kitchen.”

“Really?” he said. “Mr. I-have-to-teach-bible-class put a move on you. What kind?”

I described what Biff did.

“Are you angry?” I asked.

“Well, are you offended?” he queried.

“Actually, I was taken completely off guard. But then, I got turned on. So, no, I am not offended.”

“Hmm,” mused Teddy. “I think I am a little pissed that he’d have the nerve to do that in our house and the first time he’d met you. What made him think he could get away with that?”

I debated on what to tell Teddy. But then I told him everything. I said that I thought that Candy had somehow told Biff of what she and I did in the kitchen and Biff was just following her lead. Of course, I had to explain what Candy and I did. I admitted that I might want to explore a bit more with Candy and now Biff had aroused my curiosity a bit more. I considered that maybe there might be a bit of swinging in our future.

“And I got nothing out of this,” he said with mock indignity. “I could have put a move on Candy, but played the gentleman.”

“You are a gentleman, Teddy,” I assured him. “That’s one of the many things I love about you. And, for getting something out of it, did you or did you not just get a fantastic fuck.”

He laughed heartily. “I did indeed. But, were you fucking me or the Biffster? Maybe I am lacking something.”

I picked up his limp prick and coddled it between my hands. “Sweetheart, this is another of the many things I love about you.”

Leaning down I placed a row of tender kisses up and down the shaft.

“Darling, from what I felt pressed against my ass, you are not lacking anything compared to Mr. Biff Fuller. Of course, tomorrow we may have first hand knowledge.”

Teddy pulled me up to kiss.

“Tomorrow,” he said. “I guess our bible class will be Adam and Eve in the garden.”

“Or, Sodom and Gomorrah,” I replied.

Laughing in each other’s arms we settled down and fell into a deep sleep. One with many erotic dreams on my part.

The next day, Teddy and I slept late. I awoke to find him coming in with the morning paper, two cups of coffee, some croissants and an enormous erection.

“Hmm, what shall I have first,” I wondered aloud.

“If you have to ask, I fear I’m loosing my charm,” said Teddy.

I decided that a cold cup of coffee was worth it.

This time I let Teddy be the aggressor. He slipped my legs over his shoulder and slipped the tip of his hard-on into my opening. With slow pressure and slight movements, he got my juices flowing and soon covered his tip, then most of his shaft.

When I had accommodated his size, he began long, slow thrustings that filled me with both volume and craving for more.

He picked up the tempo and soon was pile driving deep inside me. I swore he felt bigger than ever before. Long before I knew he was ready, I felt a climax building. I slipped a finger on my clit and shouted as I went over the edge.

Teddy did not slow down but kept up his rapid pushes and pulls. He looked down at me and smiled. He knew he had me going but good.

He started rotating his hips and grinding against my clit. I tried to hold back, but soon screamed to number two of the morning.

Without warning he pulled out and I felt like my entire insides were being jerked away. I opened my mouth to protest, but slammed it shut when I felt his mouth on my sex lips and clit. Teddy is not in the same league as Erin, but as the saying goes, “he ain’t bad for a guy.”

He slipped a thick finger inside me, found my G spot and worked it perfectly. With his tongue on my clit and his finger on my G, I hit a high note and felt number three ripple through my body.

Almost immediately his prick was back inside and he pounded with a new vigor. I could tell he was now reaching the end. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pushed hard against him. Urging him on, I felt myself racing to another climax. I dug my fingers into his butt, crushed him to me and both of us achieved that rare but so satisfying feeling of simultaneous orgasm.

We fell apart and lay panting side by side, sweat pooling on our bodies.

I looked over and was shocked to see he still had an erection.

“God, is there no end for that monster,” I teased.

He turned toward me, his hard cock landing on my stomach.

“Mo, I had the most erotic dreams last night,” he said. “You were being fucked by Biff and Candy. I tried to stop them but you told me to watch. Then, Candy crawled over to me and gave me a blow job while Biff fucked you again. When I woke up this morning and saw you lying there naked, I knew I had to have you.”

“Well, thank God for erotic dreams,” I purred. “That was fantastic fucking. Now, just think the objects of your dreams will be here in a few hours. And, unless you want them to run screaming from our yard, let’s get rid of Mr. Ready For Action.”

In my own humble opinion, I gave Teddy another world class blow job that seemed to quiet the savage beast—at least for a while.

I spent the rest of the morning in a flurry of nervous activity. Without bothering to dress, I vacuumed the pool, wiped off the outdoor furniture, put clean towels and robes in the pool house, and made a bunch of finger sandwiches and a spinach salad.

Teddy stocked the outdoor bar, cut up lemons and limes, and swept the pool area and patio.

We shared a shower and I spent more time than absolutely necessary washing his cock. Oh, the things a wife must do.

We were drying off in our bedroom, when I brought up the subject of dress.

“So, do we greet them in the nude or wear suits?”

Teddy thought about it and said, “Let’s start with suits, just in case they got cold feet. It’s easier to take them off than put them on.”

I agreed and donned a tiny, but not indecent, black bikini. Teddy said he should wear his Speedo. I told him it looks like he is carrying a week’s worth of groceries in it and he should opt for trunks.

I then brought up a topic that I figured was on both of our minds.

“What happens if things sort of get going?” I asked.

“Going how,” responded Teddy.

“Going like last night when Biff put a move on me. And, you know Candy put a move on me earlier, when she caught me naked and later in the kitchen. I know she would go further if she had the chance. And, she kept going on about your cock and how big it looked swaying in your pants.”

“Really,” Teddy observed.

“So, what do you think?”

He paused then smiled and kissed me. “What do you want?”

“I miss the edge we had when Erin was with us. I don’t know if maybe Candy and Biff can bring it back.

Teddy looked me in the eyes, seeing deep inside me. Could he see the lust I had for adventure that once was buried but is now leaping to the surface?

He smiled and said, “Let’s just leave the door open to possibilities.”

I smiled in agreement. “No, rules?”

“Just be honest with me afterwards.”

A little after 2, I opened our door and welcomed the Fullers.

They were dressed in shorts and polo shirts. I kissed each on the cheek and led them through to the pool.

Teddy came and kissed Candy and shook Biff’s hand.

“How about a gin and tonic,” he asked.

We all agreed.

Candy dropped her canvas tote by a chair and walked over to dip a toe in the water.

“Mmm, warm,” she cooed.

“82,” shouted Teddy from the bar.

He carried a tray with the plastic tumblers and we each took one and toasted.

The air was thick with unease. Neither couple was ready to make the first move.

Finally Teddy said, “I’m going to take a dip. If you are not offended, Candy, I think I’ll not bother with these trunks.”

Candy glanced at Biff, then at me, and nodded, “Sure thing, Sugar.”

Teddy pulled his t-shirt off and tossed it on the chair. Facing both Candy and Biff, he loosened the string of his bathing trunks, hitched his thumbs in the waist band and dropped them to the deck.

His cock bounced with the effort and then swung back and forth. He smiled and asked Biff if he wanted to join him.

Biff quickly doffed his clothes. He had a lean and muscular body, with pleasant muscle definition. His chest had a soft covering of light blond hair and from his navel to his pubic region a slightly darker line of hair. His pubes were light brown and not trimmed, spilling out onto his thighs. His cock was thin and long, but not nearly as long as Teddy’s. If he were standing there alone, he’d look well hung. Next to Teddy he looked like the looser in the big prick contest.

Nonetheless, it was a nice looking cock. His balls were small and were also covered with blond fuzz.

The men turned and jogged to the edge and dove in.

Candy put her hand on my arm and clutched her left breast with her other hand.

“Oh my heart, I swear that is the most fearsome thing I have ever seen. And, you say it gets bigger. Honey, you are a woman of uncommon abilities.”

“Oh, it’s all pleasure,” I assured her. “Once, you get used to it; and that takes a bit of doing.”

“I can’t imagine,” breathed Candy. Then, with a wicked grin, “Well, I can imagine, but it gets me all wet to do so.”

She faced me and said, “So, is it guys only nude?”

I smiled and reached behind me and undid my bra. Letting it fall, I wiggled out of my bottoms.

“What do you think,” I asked.

Candy did not try to hide her inspection of me. She even removed her sunglasses to look me up and down. With a little motion of her hand, she made a twirling motion.

I turned my back to her, and for effect, bent over exposing my backside and a glance at my pussy lips.

“Ooh, you are wicked, Mo,” she said with a slight slap on my naked butt.

I faced her and looked her in the eyes.

She peeled off her polo shirt, revealing the top of a flower print bikini. She unbuckled her shorts and slid them off.

Slowly, she undid the fastener of her bra and let it slide down her arms. Her breasts were pale with dark areolas and darker nipples, now erect. They were full, round, with no droop, and set nicely on her chest. She ran a hand over each, stretching them out and teasing her nipples with her finger tips. They were larger than mine, by maybe a couple inches. They appeared to be a full C compared to my B.

Bending she pulled down her bottoms. Standing she revealed a neatly trimmed, but luxurious tangle of dark brown curls. The sun glistened off them. I could barely make out her lips behind them, but the hood of her clit was prominent.

She ran a finger up her slit and said, “Mo, you and Teddy have me all wet. I think I better get in that pool and cool off.” She licked her finger while giving me a wicked grin.

As she crossed by me, she cupped my pussy in her hand and let her finger slide up my slit, feeling the wetness, and purred as she slipped inside me up her second knuckle, “And, I see I’m not the only one affected.” Keeping her eyes glued to mine, she now licked her finger clean of my juices.

She walked to the edge, swaying her peach shaped butt and dove in.

She swam over to where the guys were standing and the three began chatting. Teddy was looking unabashedly at her tits.

He called to me and asked to bring our drinks over.

I gathered the four plastic glasses and crossed to the edge above where they stood.

Both Biff and Candy stared at my naked form. I realized they were getting a perfect view of my pussy. I felt brave and squatted to hand them their drinks. In doing so, I spread my legs offering a Class A beaver shot.

Each took a glass, but their eyes never left my open pussy.

“Join us, Darling,” said Teddy.

“”Not now,” I replied. “I think I’ll soak up some rays.”

“I’ll join you,” said Candy. She crossed in front of Teddy and I could see her hand brush his dick under the water. He reacted a bit, but then she handed me her glass and hoisted herself up on the side of the pool, giving Teddy and Biff a front row view of her pussy from behind.

She and I spread towels on two lounge chairs. As Candy wiped herself dry, I pulled a tube of lotion out and said, “Better layer up. May I?”

Candy grinned widely, lay back and said, “Oh, please.”

I squirted a dab on her stomach and worked up her chest and onto her tits. She licked her lips and I massaged each lovely orb, and worked the lotion into the skin, pausing to be sure her nipples were adequately protected. I pinched each hard nub and pulled out her breasts. Candy moaned quietly. I then laid another dab on each thigh and worked up and down her legs, now slightly spread apart. I let my fingers trace the insides of her thighs and brush against her pussy.

Finally, I rubbed a tiny amount on my hands and worked it into her bush. She pushed up with her hips, but I did not directly touch her clit or go onto her labia.

With the lotion remaining on my hands, I rubbed her forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. I leaned in and kissed her lips. Her mouth opened and I moved my tongue inside. She pushed hard against mine with her own tongue.

I broke off and pulled a tube of lip screen from my bag and gently covered her lips.

Still standing I quickly applied a coat of lotion to my body and went to freshen our drinks. Returning to the loungers, I dropped down and handed Candy an ice-filled tumbler.

We silently toasted and settled back. The guys were tossing a wiffle football back and forth.

“So,” I asked. “Did it live up to your imaginations?”

Candy took a while to answer and said, “last night I could not believe what I was seeing. I swear it looked like he was carrying a full sausage in his pants. I could not stop talking about it. Finally, Biff said to just wait and I’d see. Mo, that is the most unbelievable prick I have ever seen. And, I’ve seen half of the society pricks in Atlanta. Our circle of friends was made up of all old families and upper crust assholes, excuse my French. But, they all loved our nude pool parties. So, I can assure you that Biff was in the top five percent, but he is not in Teddy’s class.”

“So,” I asked, “what is Biff thinking about the difference in size.”

Candy took a long pull of her drink. “Honey, he is thinking the same thing I am.”

“And, that is?” I pushed.

“That both of us would love to suck that cock.”

I slid my sunglasses down and stared at Candy over the top. “Both?”

“Oh, don’t be so shocked, honey,” she said while sipping her drink. “You and I are moving in a direction. As a matter of fact, that little taste I had before makes me want more—a lot more.

“Back home, we had a few, and I mean very, very few, couples that were open to all sorts of experiences. And, I don’t just mean the girls having a little fun among themselves. On rare occasions, we were able to enjoy sex with all parties involved.”

I offered that I didn’t think Teddy was that open.

“Shame, but let’s keep our minds open. Anyway, I’d still love to suck that beauty.”

I smiled and shrugged, letting the possibility hang in the air.

“So, have I shocked you beyond the pale?”

I said I am surprised, but also a bit excited by what she said.

“Excited is good, Mo, excited is always good.” As she said this, she ran her finger through my pubic hair and gently parted my lips, feeling the dampness, and stroking my clit.

“Oh, yes, excited is excellent.”

“Well, don’t you two look comfy?”

We both turned to see Biff standing next to our lounger dripping onto the pavers.

“Kisses,” Candy demanded.

He leaned across me to kiss Candy and as he did his penis slid over my ass. Candy took it in her hand and stroked it. I felt it harden.

Breaking away he stood up. I turned and saw he was fully erect. His penis stood up straighter than Teddy’s, probably because it was not as heavy. It was attractive and his balls dangled below, begging for attention.

“Hey, am I missing something,” called out Teddy as he arrived with a tray of fresh drinks. He took notice of Biff’s erection and shot me a glance.

“Sorry, old boy,” said Biff. “Sometimes it has a mind of its own and seeing two beautiful, nude women in each other’s arms gave it some rather dirty ideas.”

We all laughed.

I sat up and said I would get some food. Biff held his hand out to help me up.

I stood with only a few inches between my tummy and the tip of his boner.

“I’ll help you,” he offered.

“With that thing?” I replied.

Again we laughed, and he said, “Well, it’s just part of being a man. Anyway, it’s pointing in the right direction.”

With more laughter, I headed back to the house, conscious of my ass bouncing along in front of the erection behind me.

We entered the kitchen and I pulled out the finger sandwiches I made. I asked Biff to fix baskets of chips and pretzels from the supplies I left on the table.

He went about his chores, acting as if dumping chips in a basket while sporting a raging hard-on was the most natural thing in the world. He finished and turned to me and asked, “What else?”

I looked at his body, his boner and walked over to him. Dropping to my knees, I took him in my mouth and began sucking. He growled and laced his fingers in my hair. I thought I might just give him a tease, but could not hold back. His cock was so smooth and felt so good in my mouth that I moved into full blow job action. It fit so much easier into my mouth than Teddy’s huge cock. I could smoothly move up and down and my jaw didn’t feel like it might come unhinged. Using my hands to pump and massage his balls, I licked and sucked til I heard him begin to gasp. The next second my mouth was filled with sweet tasting cum. I swallowed and kept working him until every drop was deposited. I removed my mouth and looked at the rapidly relaxing cock. I placed soft kisses up and down it and licked his balls.

He pulled me up and kissed me, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. He slid a hand onto my pussy and tried to insert a finger.

I shook my head. We broke and I said we ought to get back out. We each carried a tray of food.

We found Teddy lying on the lounger and Candy stroking her clit as she watched him. They both smiled at us and took notice that Biff was now soft.

“Hmm,” said Candy, “I think Mo has been most neighborly. What do you think Teddy?”

He looked at me and I held his gaze. “She’s an amazing woman, Candy.”

Biff and I set the trays on the patio table. Candy stood and, taking my hand, pulled me to her. She pushed her tongue in my mouth. Breaking away, she whispered she detected a familiar taste. Still holding me, she let her hand fall to my pussy and slowly rubbed me and probed inside.

Teddy watched and then stood and joined us. Teddy’s cock slowly began to stiffen, as he looked at us. Now, fully hard, his erection was as dark as I had ever seen it. Candy broke away from me made her way in front of him to get a some food and bumped her naked ass against the erection.

“God, I do believe that would fill a woman to the extreme.” She wiggled her butt, capturing the massive organ between her cheeks.

We all took seats and began eating.

Biff and Candy offered to clear and bring the dishes back into the house.

Teddy asked me, “So, did you jerk him off?”

I blushed and said, “Blew him, actually.”

Teddy looked honestly surprised. “Really!”

“Honey, I’m sorry. We didn’t discuss this fully, but I got carried away in the moment. We were together and it just kept sticking up. I was just going to tease him, but I couldn’t stop.”

Teddy nodded. “I guess I don’t have to ask if he enjoyed it. You are the best.”

“Don’t be mad at me, Teddy. Please!”

“I’m not mad. I am all right with this. But, I don’t think you should fuck him right now. We would need to really think that through.”

“I agree,” relieved at how Teddy was handling it. “But, what about Candy. Can I fuck her?”

“I thought that’s what you wanted all along.”

“Sorta,” I said. “But, now I think they want full swinging. I agree let’s wait on that. But, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on her bod. Pretty spectacular, right?”

“Yeah, but not as good as yours, darling.”

I got up and sat on his lap and kissed him.

“You do love me, don’t you?”

“Heart, soul and your gorgeous pussy.”

I laughed and slipped off his lap and took his cock in my mouth to show my appreciation.

“Ooh, now I’m all wet all over again,” said a voice from behind me.

I raised my head with a start to see Candy and Biff watching us.

I smiled sheepishly and said, “Dessert?”

We wrapped up the night and got dressed. Candy and Biff went home and Teddy and I went upstairs for another great fuck.

Teddy left for another overnight trip on Monday morning. I made breakfast for him, kissed him good-bye and crawled back into bed. Too much drink and sex had taken a toll last night, I craved sleep.

Around 10, I woke to the doorbell. I pulled on a long t-shirt and stumbled down stairs. I peeked out to see Candy.

Opening the door, I felt my spirits rise. Candy was dressed in a yellow tube top and blue shorts that accented her legs and tight butt. She wore sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat.

“Morning, sugar,” she drawled, “I hope you are feeling a lot better than you look.”

I stepped back and let her in. “Thanks, for the compliment.”

“Oh, no offense, sugar, but you look plumb worn out.”

“Well, it was an interesting evening,” I offered.

“Yes it was,” said Candy. “And, my Biff was just over the moon with the treat you gave him. He said it was the best he ever had, next to me, of course.”

I tried to smile but the effort made my head swim.

“Darling, why don’t you go up and take a nice hot shower,” said Candy. “I’ll fix some tea and toast with honey. Just what you need.”

I was too pooped to argue and made my way upstairs while Candy breezed toward the kitchen.

I had the shower massage pulsing to try to loosen the kinks in my neck, when I sensed something.

“Darling, you have just got to have the nicest body I’ve seen in ages. Why your titties make my thingy tingle.”

Candy was standing in the doorway with a bath sheet draped over her arm.

“Come out now,” she urged, “any longer and you will be a shriveled up ol’ prune.”

I turned off the water and approached her as she spread her arms to welcome me into the towel.

She led me back to my bed, pulled the towel off and softly patted me dry. Her touch began to bring my body to life.

I sat on the edge of the bed while she dried my legs and feet. Candy looked up and I spread my legs giving her a full view into my pussy.

“Mmm,” she purred, “now that is a sight.”

She ran her fingers up the insides of my thigh and wove them into my pubic hair. She played with the tight curls and then pulled away.

Rising up, she handed me a mug of steaming tea and held a plate of toast, wet with honey, in front of me.

“Why don’t you just scootch back on the bed, and I’ll feed you.”

I rested my back on the headboard and Candy crawled up next to me. I still had my mug in my hands. She offered me a piece of toast and I took a small bite, while she held the other end. I chewed and washed it down with a couple sips. I felt some strength returning.

She fed me the rest of the toast, then wiped my mouth with a linen napkin. After I took a final sip, she took the mug from me, set it on the night table and took me in her arms.

I rested my damp hair on her chest, feeling the softness of her breasts under my cheek.

“Feeling better?”


“Feeling good enough to listen for a bit, sugar?” she asked.

I nodded, enjoying the sensation of her hard nipple on my face.

“Well, sugar, you and Teddy made quite an impression on us last night. Biff like to screw me into next week when we got home. That boy was primed.”

I made a cooing sound and she stroked my hair.

“Now, to be honest, we weren’t expecting the night to be so, well, so exotic,” said Candy. “We were hoping that you were serious about skinny-dipping because we really enjoy doing it and we wanted to see you two naked. And, we were not disappointed. Mo, Teddy has the finest manhood I have ever seen. My goodness, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.”

“You mean you only wanted to look at it?” I asked.

Candy laughed, “It did leave me wanting more. If you hadn’t come out when you did, I know I would have had that work of art in my mouth.”

Teddy said he would have liked that.

“Did he now?” she said. “Well, isn’t that a nice thing to hear.”

“What about you, Mo? Did you like giving Biff a special treat?”

I looked up to try to read the expression on her face. She still had on her dark glasses and I could not see her eyes.

“Take off your glasses, Candy,” I asked.

She did and I saw the warmth in her expression.

“Kiss me,” I implored.

Candy bent to me and delicately pressed her lips to mine. I pressed back and we kissed for several seconds. I sat up and pulled her to me. I kissed her more aggressively and she responded passionately.

With our tongues pushing back and forth, we held each other and kissed for a long time.

Candy’s hand reached for my right breast. I shivered at her touch and my nipples stiffened. She massaged my breast and twisted the nipple, causing the juices to begin to seep below.

“Undress me,” she commanded.

I pulled off her oversized hat and she shook her hair free. The sunlight catching highlights in her tresses.

I kissed her eyes and lips while my fingers found the bottom of her tube top. I pulled and slipped it over her head. Her breasts were damp with perspiration and her nipples stood out and darkened where the blood rushed in.

I bent over and sucked each one til they were stiff and dark.

I undid her shorts and eased them off her. She was not wearing panties and her bush shown in the morning sun. I ran my fingers through the luxurious curls and rubbed her clit. Her thighs parted farther and I bent over to kiss her. I ran my tongue over her clit and heard her cry out. I slipped two fingers inside, found her G-spot and started moving. She slid down on the bed, arching her hips up and pushing her pussy into my face. I licked her slit, darting my tongue in and out, as I still worked her spot with my fingers. I then concentrated on her clit and felt her building to a climax. I pushed hard on her spot and took her clit between my lips, sucking hard and pushing down on it with my tongue.

She yelled and bucked, her pussy gushing all over my mouth and chin. Her juices were sweet and thick.

After her orgasm ebbed, she pulled on me and I moved up to face her. She looked deeply in my eyes, hers were filled with tears. She kissed me and we shared her own special taste between us.

“Mo,” she said, “that was better than I ever dreamed, and believe me I have been dreaming about it. Thank you, darling.”

I smiled and said, “Welcome to the neighborhood.”

She laughed and replied, “You know, darling, in the south we cannot let a good turn go unrewarded.”

She kissed me, moved her lips down my body and finally, returned the favor with a mind-altering orgasm. The feel of her tongue on my clit exceeded any anticipation. Her tongue reached inside making me realize the length of this sensual organ. I think I had a mini-squirt and filled her mouth. She cooed and savored every drop.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Waking later, we giggled at the memory of our intimacy.

Snuggled together, Candy asked, “Did you talk to Teddy about the four of us moving forward?”

I shook my head.

“Hmm,” she said, “well, we hope you two would be open for full swapping? I know Biff is just dying to be with you.”

I thought for a bit and then said I believed Teddy would be Ok with it.

“Have you let another man inside you since you were married?” she asked.

“No, just my girlfriend Erin.”

“Oh, where is she?” prodded Candy.

“She’s out in the mid-west on a temporary work assignment. She’ll be back in the fall.”

“What would she think of all this?”

I considered the question. “I think she would find you incredibly beautiful and sexy. She would like Biff a lot. He really is funny in addition to being a major hunk. And, she would think that all of us having sex would be a wild and exotic adventure.”

“Would she be jealous of us?” she asked as she slid a finger in my pussy.

I delayed before answering to savor the feeling building inside me. Candy kissed my mouth and then asked, “Well?”

Reluctantly I answered, forcing my mind back to a state where I could form a sentence.

“I’m not sure. I think she would be pissed if she thought you and I were exclusive. But, if we all were sharing equally, then I bet she would be fine. And, Candy, do not stop what you are doing now. I am grooving on it.”

“Has she fucked our man?” asked Candy and she probed my pussy.

Candy worked another finger in, then a third. With her middle finger pressing my g-spot, she pumped softly. Her lips found my nipples and soon I was squirming and pushing my hips up to increase pressure on my clit where her thumb now rested. Whelping, I came hard and sank back into the bed.

“Oooh, that was nice,” I cooed.

“Why, thank you, darling,” said Candy as she lightly kissed my lips, “but you didn’t answer my question.”

I kissed her and played my tongue over hers. “Candy, darling, she fucked the shit out of him and I loved watching it.”

Candy came over every day that week. We sunned naked by the pool, made love dozens of times and planned a welcome home dinner for Teddy. I told Candy that I did not want to get more involved with Biff, until I had a chance to talk to Teddy some more. She said she understood and so did Biff. We made up for that minor disappointment by fucking each other silly in the pool, on the lounge chairs, in the outdoor shower, on the floor of the sunroom, on top of the granite kitchen counter, and, by the way, in my bed. My pussy was in orgasm heaven.

After one of our most satisfying sessions, I broached the subject of religion.

“Candy, please don’t be angry,” I pleaded, “but I need to understand something.”

“Sure, sugar, what is it”

“I mean you and Biff are so sexual and open. You and I have had incredible sex and you tell me that you would like us to swap partners. But, at the same time, you and Biff are really involved in your church and even teach bible school. Isn’t what we’re doing sorta of opposite of church stuff?”

Candy remained silent for a while, then spoke.

“I guess it does seem a little hypocritical. But, Biff and I really do believe in a god and enjoy being involved in our church. We enjoy bible classes because we like working with children. Having no kids, I like being with them.

“At the same time, Mo, we are human beings and are blessed with a strong sexual drive. Just as I can see you and Teddy are. So, we see this sex drive as a gift from god. We do not cheat on each other and only get involved with others who want the same thing we do.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Sex. Sex and fun. Biff and I don’t believe that anything that feels this good can be bad. When you and I make love, you enjoy it, right?”

“Oh, yes,” I responded.

“So, then it’s good. If you and Biff were to screw, I guarantee you would enjoy it. So, that’s good. And, since I know you’re doing it. Hell, I’m encouraging you to do it, there can be no evil involved. I’m not saying this life is for everyone. For certain people, however, who all agree that they want to share their physical beings, then it’s all good.”

I guess it sounded like a sensible approach. I didn’t ponder the question too long, since Candy had settled her tongue between my legs. Yep, I see only good coming from this as I came.

Teddy came home mid day on Friday. He dropped his bag in our bedroom, stripped and headed for the pool. I followed him, stopping to make a pitcher of Margueritas and fixing salsa and chips. He swam for a while and climbed out, air drying and drinking a Marguerita in two big swallows. He refilled his glass and sat next to me.

“God, I needed that. This trip was a bitch. Client from hell, shitty case, and Dallas was a fuckin’ oven. I could never live there, especially in the summer.”

I rubbed his back and shoulders and he acknowledged the attention with a satisfied groan.

“So, how was your week?” he asked.

“Oh, lots better than yours,” I replied with a Cheshire cat smile.

“Really! Do tell.”

“Well, Candy spent a lot of time here,” I said as I moved my attention from his shoulders to his cock.

“Lovely, Mo. That feels so good,” he said softly. “And, what did you two ladies do to occupy your time.”

I dropped my head to his lap, looked up sweetly and said, “Girl-fucked each other silly,” I said using his favorite term for two women together. Then, I took the long, hard organ deep into my mouth.

After finishing, we lay together on the lounger.

“Is she good?” he asked.

“Very,” I said.

“Hmm! I think I might like to see that.”

I kissed him and snuggled tightly.

“That can certainly be arranged. And, she is very interested in taking a ride on ‘you-know-what’,” I said.

“How do you feel about that?”

“I’d love to see her pretty pussy full of your cock. I’d love to hear her when you push it all the way in. I’d love to eat her after you make her come.”

Teddy laughed, “So, I take that as you’d be Ok with it.”

We both laughed. Cuddling together I told Teddy about the group sex.

“Would you ever consider it?” I asked timidly.

Teddy paused for a long time, then said, “Mo, I don’t want this to sound like I disapprove of your time with Erin, Candy or any other woman.”

“But,” I added.

“But, I don’t think I would enjoy doing anything with another man. I just don’t think it’s right.”

“So, it’s Ok for two women to have sex, but not two men?”

“See,” he said, “this is exactly what I was afraid of. I just look at it differently. I think of you and Erin together and I think that is beautiful. You two are wonderful making love. But, I don’t see my self sucking some dude’s cock.”

I rubbed his hard abs and said, “Candy said she and Biff would love to suck your cock together. Would that make a difference? I mean a mouth is a mouth.”

“God, I don’t know,” he said. “It’s just not anything I ever thought about, let alone desired. Would I like Candy to blow me? Sure! But, another man? That’s a little out there.”

“Ok, but what if I fucked Biff?”

“And, I fucked Candy?”

“If you want,” I said.

“Well, it’s not like I am dying to do it, but, yeah, it could be nice.”

“Shit, Ted,” I raised my voice a little. “Can’t you admit you’d like to screw her. I told you I screwed her and loved it. I told you I would like to screw Biff. Why can’t you admit you want to?”

After a few moments, Biff said, “because I don’t want you to think you are not enough for me. You are, and I could be happy for the rest of my life with just you. And, now that we’re talking about it, how badly do you want to screw Biff?”

“Not badly, dear,” I said with a grin, “I don’t think it would be bad at all. He has a lovely cock.”

Teddy laughed. “Ok, so we can screw them. I know this must be special because I believe this would be the first man you would be involved with since we married.”

“Yes, absolutely,” I said. “Are you jealous?”

“I have no right to be. I have slept with Erin and confessed to wanting to have sex with Candy. So, I cannot ask you to refrain from what I do.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” I persisted. “Are you jealous?”

“Yes, a little bit.”

We lay together without speaking for a while.

“I have a fantasy that I am all the man you would ever need,” he said as he kissed my hair.

“You are, Teddy, you are. But, I want to experiment a bit, push some boundaries. I can’t imagine life without you. I can’t imagine any man could make me feel the way you do. But, I would like to try something different.”

Teddy was silent for a while, gently stroking my hair.

“How would it work?” he asked. “Would we each screw Candy and Biff in the same room? Would one of us do it here and the other at their house? Would we take turns and watch each other?”

I was surprised that I hadn’t thought about the details. I guess I was just focused on the doing.

“On the one hand,” I said, “if we split up into separate houses, we could just concentrate on the sex. But, it sorta’ feels like cheating. You know, being in someone else’s bed. If we did it here, we could go in separate rooms. That might be Ok. Or, we could just do it at the pool together.”

Teddy kissed the top of my head. Finally he said, “I think here and in separate bedrooms for the first time.”

I rubbed his cock and cooed, “So, you think there will be more than one time?”

He laughed and said, “Well, we’ll just have to see, won’t we.”

After a marathon session of sex, we slept like the dead. Teddy got up early and headed into the office. Even though it was Saturday, he had to finish some work from his Dallas trip.

I roused myself around ten. I was gently playing with myself and decided to call Candy.

“I was fingering myself and couldn’t get you off my mind,” I purred into the phone. “Have a sec to pop down?”

“Might take more than a sec, but keep it warm and I’ll be there.”

I slowly let my fingers keep me in a semi-aroused state. I heard the doorbell and ran down the stairs. Opening the door, I greeted Candy. She eyed my naked body and said, “Whoever said Northerners were not friendly certainly had it all wrong.”

Hand in hand we raced to my bed, leaving a trail of Candy’s clothes along the way.

After a spectacularly successful sixty-nine, we cuddled, exchanging soft kisses on each other’s eyes, nose, lips and neck.

“I talked with Teddy about a next step,” I offered.


“And, he is open to Biff and me and for you and him.”

“Now, that’s makes my heart go pitter-patter.”

I explained how we thought that we should start in the same house, but separate rooms. Candy understood the logic and just asked “When?”


She beamed and kissed me. “Perfect, darling.”

We spent another hour pleasuring each other and Candy dressed to go home.

“Dinner and drinks first,” I said. “Come around six.”

Hearing the front door close, I called Teddy.

“We are on countdown, lover,” I said.


“It is now F minus six.”

“I think you mean T minus six,” he said.

“No, dear, I mean in six hours Candy and Biff will be here for some explosive fucking. We will be shooting for the stars tonight.”

Teddy was silent for a bit. “I guess I better trim up the rocket.”

“Mind if I help get it primed,” I said.

“Can’t get to orbit without a great flight crew.”

He said he’d be home by four and we could commence the final countdown then.

I tended to my own grooming and primping and was ready to greet Teddy. He didn’t get home until four-thirty, but I still had plenty of time to shave his balls, trim his pubes, and make sure his ass was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Of course, I had to make sure the rocket was in proper working order.

Licking my lips clean of his tasty cum, I said, “I hope I left some for Candy.”

Smiling, he said, “I think there is enough fuel for at least one more blast off.”

We had grilled shrimp and a salad accompanied by bottles of chilled white Graves.

The four of us were quiet at first, feeling the weight of the impending night.

Finally Candy said, “That was a delightful meal. I think it is a perfect prelude to an evening of wanton sex.”

Her comment hung in the air. We all started laughing at the same time. With the ice broken, we enjoyed more wine and chatted about our weeks.

Candy and I cleaned up. “So, who gets what bedroom?”

“Biff and I will be in the master and you and Teddy in our guest suite,” I replied.

Candy took me in her arms and kissed me. She played her tongue along my lips and slid it inside. I kissed back, enjoying the warmth quickly infusing my body.

“Biff is so excited,” she said in my ear. “I have been telling him how hot you are in bed.”

“Mmm,” I replied, “I’m almost regretting that it won’t be you with me tonight.”

She cupped my pussy. “Darling, we have all the days to ourselves. Let’s leave the nights to new adventures.”

I pushed hard against her hand and kissed her.

We broke and held hands as we reentered the sun porch.

Candy walked to Biff, kissed him and turned to Teddy. “Shall we?”

He stood and they walked arm and arm into the house.

“Sounds like a good idea,” Biff said as he rose.

In a minute we were in my bedroom. I was nervous and unsure I was making the right decision.

Biff stood behind me and slid his arms around my middle.

“We’ll go at your pace, Mo. Say ‘stop’ and we stop.”

I let out a long breath and turned.

Looking into his eyes, I said, “Kiss me.”

He bent and covered my lips with warm, soft kisses. I was expecting him to be forceful, and he did not disappoint me. I enjoyed the kisses and returned his with intensity.

“I’m going to strip you, Mo.”

He quickly removed the few pieces of clothing covering me. He stepped back and admired me from head to toe. Walking around me, he traced my contours with his hands. He cupped my ass cheeks and kissed the back of my neck. He slapped my cheeks and pinched each globe. He then bent me forward and slapped my cheeks, harder than before. He beat a quick tattoo on my bare flesh. The pain rocked me and my pussy responded with wet heat. His hands then found my breasts and he pinched my already hard nipples.

I moved into his touch. I could feel his erection against my butt.

I moved to the bed and sat. “Strip for me.”

He stared at me.

Finally, I said, “Please.”

He slowly undid his shirt and let it fall. Kicking off his shoes, he opened his belt and pulled it free of his trousers. He loosened his pants and let them fall. He stepped out of them and slid his boxers off. His erection bounced with each movement. I noticed he had shaved himself clean from his navel down to the tops of his thighs. His balls were also bare.

I grabbed his erection and pulled him toward me. Opening my mouth I engulfed it in one motion. I kissed him around his pubic area and nuzzled his balls. I enjoyed the smooth skin under my lips and tongue.

Sliding back on the bed, I pulled down the covers. Biff joined me and began caressing my body with his mouth. He spent a long time on each breast, resulting in my pussy twitching and running with wetness.

He tongued my navel and his face moved to my pussy. He spread my legs and began kissing my lips. It was not long until I spread my legs wider, giving him complete access to my most private part.

He skillfully brought me to full arousal. By prior arrangement, Candy and I purchased a box of our men’s preferred condoms. Biff reached for one on the bedside table and slipped it on.

He turned me on my stomach and lifted my hips. He positioned his cock at my lips and thrust fully inside me. The shock of his forceful entry made me gasp.

In a second, he went from slow tender lover to overpowering male. He moved hard and fast, bottoming out with each thrust as his balls slapped against me.

I had trouble catching my breath and tried to pull away. He grabbed my hips even stronger and pulled me back as he rammed me. His cock was rubbing my insides and gliding on my special spot. I felt myself rising to the top.

He picked up his tempo and pounded harder. He slapped my ass hard and I felt the sting. I began moaning and pushing back hard to welcome his cock. He slapped harder and I became even more aroused. He freed one hand from my hip and slid it underneath to my clit. It had already escaped from my hood. He dipped a finger in my pussy and lubricated the hard nub. He kept fucking me hard and now worked my clit. I moaned louder and felt the climax building. He must have sensed that I was close and thrust even faster. I was almost there when he pinched my clit hard and slammed me full force.

I exploded and cried out—no, make that screamed. I shamelessly pushed my ass back at him as my insides clinched his erection. I let the waves overcome me and collapsed face down on the bed.

I could hardly breathe and sweat covered my entire body.

Biff pulled out. I felt him spread my cheeks and place his tip at my ass.

I cried weakly. “No.”

“Yes, Mo, you want it.”

No one had ever been there. I never wanted anyone there. I wanted to shout stop, but then his tip penetrated me.

I felt a new sensation zip through my body. I was shaking my head, but no sound came from my throat.

He leaned into me and another two inches slipped inside. He pulled back, leaving just his cock tip inside. He reached under me gathering some of the abundant wetness in my pussy. He rubbed it on his cock and reentered. The friction was still strong.

He pulled out completely and reached for the tube of lube on the night stand. Next, I felt his finger at my asshole. He started lubing my tight opening. Slowly slipping a finger inside, he spread more lube as deep as his finger could reach. He inserted a second finger, stretching out my tight muscle. I was surprised at how erotic this violation of my virgin butt felt.

He then rubbed lube on his erection and placed the head back at my anus. Easing in, he glided past the first point of resistance. I felt as if my insides were being split.

He pulled me up on my knees. My thighs were quivering. He was about half inside. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. His cock finished its journey as I felt his thighs rest against mine.

Slowly he started moving. I could not understand all the sensations and emotions of having my ass violated like this. He released my hair and my head sagged and my mouth was agape. My anger had dissolved and now I felt only lust. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to fuck my ass.

I began pushing back. He again fingered me and added more of my own lube to his cock. He was gliding in and out.

To my amazement I was quickly at the point of no return. I pushed back hard to welcome his cock. He reacted by ramming me with full strength. He once again grabbed my clit and pulled and pinched hard. I let loose a string of obscenities and came in an explosion of colors before my eyes as I felt Biff’s cock release and fill my insides with warm spurts.

I felt his cock soften. After his withdrawal, I sunk to the bed. In a few seconds I passed out.

I awoke later to a soft tongue in my pussy. I looked down to see a tangle of brown hair. Sensing my awakening, Candy looked up and smiled. She returned to her licking and probing.

I wanted to stop her, but I had no strength. I told myself it felt good, but there is no way I could have another orgasm.

In a minute I knew I was seriously wrong. In four more minutes I was squeezing my thighs around her head and whimpering like a lonesome puppy.

Candy moved up and cradled me.

“How did you get here?” I asked.

“Well, after Teddy and I had our fun, I thought I should check on you. I mean the sounds coming from this room were like nothing I’ve ever heard.

“Biff was lying here and you were dead to the world. I told him to go find Teddy and have a beer. I held you for a bit, and then could not stop myself from enjoying your delicious pussy. It was still so plump and hot.”

I nodded and said, “I came like a fucking hydrant, or something. I mean I fucking came hard.”

“I guessed as much. Better than with Teddy?”

“No way, but much different. Biff did, well, this has never happened before. Biff fucked me in the ass. I can’t believe I let him and I really can’t believe I came so hard when he did it. Fuck, this is so fucked-up.”

“Honey, it’s not fucked up. It’s sex. It’s different. It’s new. But, admit it, Mo, it is awesome.”

I snuggled into her soft breasts and said, “Yeah, it is awesome. But, it’s also scary.”

Candy asked me to explain.

“Don’t get me wrong, Candy,” I said. “Biff told me I could say stop at any moment. But, I feel like I was, well, I feel like I was raped. He was so strong and rough. It was nothing like any other man. He spanked me.” I rolled on my tummy to expose my red cheeks. Candy kissed each sore mound.

“Honey, I don’t think you really mean rape. I think you mean dominated. And, yes, Biff is good at that.”

I thought she was right. Biff did dominate me. His slapping and pinching my ass, the hard pounding of my pussy and then pinching my clit, all were shows of force. Taking my ass was the final domination. I never felt like this before. I wondered if I should be angry, but I shocked myself. I was not angry, I was turned on. I wanted more sex like this.

I think I saw an early warning sign. I could get addicted to sex like that. What would it do to my relationship with Teddy?

I tried to push the thoughts out of my mind and kissed Candy.

“How about you?”

Candy laughed. “Honey, I may never walk the same again. My lord, I thought my sweet lil’ pussy was going to split. But, I mean to say, that was an incredible fuck. Teddy knows how to use that thing.”

“Just did it once?”

“Well, I came twice while he was doing it. He didn’t so I peeled his condom and went to town. I think I may need oral surgery to reconnect my jaw, but I loved every second of it. Mo, that man has a lovely taste. And, there was a lot to taste.”

I smiled knowing exactly what she meant.

“I need to sleep some more,” I said.

“Me too, let’s nap and then go check on the boys.” We awoke a little while later and, still nude, went downstairs. We found the men sprawled naked on the loungers, snoring contentedly.

Candy went directly to Teddy and snuggled in next to him, her fingers trailing up and down his limp dick.

I lay on top of Biff, enjoying the sensation of his soft prick against my exhausted pussy.

Soon both men were awake and ready. Candy and I looked at each other. I looked at Teddy for a reaction. He nodded slightly. Candy saw his assent so she smiled and sat up, straddling Teddy. I mimicked her actions.

We each played with our pussies until they were flowing. Raising ourselves up, we eased our sex down onto the erection of each other’s husband. I was more quickly able to accommodate Biff. I enjoyed slowly grinding away as Candy slowly welcomed Teddy.

When she was settled, we both began fucking the other’s mate. I guess there was a bit of competition, because we were going strong. I noticed that neither one of us had bothered with a condom, but we were too far gone to stop. We kept looking at each other’s crotches, watching those pricks disappear inside of our pussys.

In a few minutes the men were groaning and Candy and I were panting heavily. I ratcheted up the tempo and felt Biff stiffen. I felt his release deep in my pussy as I clenched and came hard as he pinched my nipples to a deliciously painful state.

Candy was able to coax a climax from Teddy less than a minute later as she screamed her release.

We each collapsed on the sweat-covered chest of the man beneath us.

Candy turned her face to mine and said, “I want to eat you now.”

She pulled off Teddy and spreading a towel on the patio, lay on her back. I freed myself and positioned myself above her, looking directly into her red pussy while mine was inches above her face.

I lowered myself and began lapping at the mixture of her climax mixed with Teddy’s as she did the same to me while tasting her husband seeping out of my sex.

The guys stared in wonder as we smashed our pussies into each other’s faces. In a few minutes, I felt my orgasm approaching. I moaned deeply and then felt the contractions. I ground hard onto her face and shoved two fingers deep inside Candy. She thrust her hips up and I felt a gush of liquid forcefully squirt in my mouth.

We finally relaxed and I rolled off her. I looked up and saw wonder on Teddy’s face and an enormous hard-on between his legs.

He extended his hand and I let him pull me into an embrace. He sensed I was not ready for another bout of sex and held me closely. I heard Candy climbing in with Biff. Soon, the four of us slept.

The next six weeks were full of wild sex among us. We did a number of three-ways, with the ladies tag-teaming one of the guys. We did one-on-one screwing and Candy and I could not seem to get enough of each other’s pussy.

One night in August, the four of us were lying in our king-sized bed. We had each just fucked each other’s spouse. Candy moved down to take Teddy in her mouth.

The next time we were together, I let Biff take my ass while Teddy and Candy watched.

The zest was back in my sex life and I was loving it. The four of us would get together every weekend we were home. The men sometimes had extended business trips that required them to be away on Saturday and Sunday. On those occasions, Candy and I would spend a night in bed. It became an unwritten rule that unless both men could be there, we would not have sex with the remaining guy.

I was looking forward to a wonderful, sex-filled Labor Day weekend, when realty came crashing back into my life.

My phone buzzed with a text message.

“B home 2morrow. Can’t wait to c u and f u. teddy 2. luv erin.”

I had not told Erin of our new relationship with the Fullers. I missed her so much, yet I was enthralled with our new adventure with this other couple.

Would Erin’s arrival bring everything crashing down? Or, would it add an entirely new erotic dimension?

I called Candy and asked if she and Biff could come over. They arrived around 8 and I told them about Erin returning. I asked if we could take a break, at least for the holiday weekend. I wanted to tell Erin since she would be staying with us.

They were disappointed because we all had been looking forward to a three day fuck-fest.

After a long silence, Candy spoke.

“I know Erin is special. I can understand, but I hope this does not mean the end of what we have been enjoying. Please, promise us you won’t abandon what we have built.”

I pulled her into my arms. I covered her face with kisses and hugged her tightly.

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