Note to the reader:

This is a follow-on to Crash.

It is a nasty story about a girl who is progressively destroying a man’s life.

It is not “Romantic” or “sweet” and will not end happily.

If you like this kind of thing, I hope you enjoy it.

(thanks to reader whose recent feedback encouraged me to bother posting it here)

Chapter 02: The Holiday

I was not really looking forward to the holiday. I thought it was all going to blow up, She would be unable to resist and what I was doing would become public. I had underestimated her. The journey was simple, I saw her and her friend at the airport, but apart from seeing her point me out we had no more contact. Her friend was a similar style of girl, about the same age, too much make-up and slightly over weight.

The tour company shepherded us around to the hotel, to collect any rented equipment and all the basics you expect when you pay this much for a holiday. It was in the bar that evening that I next saw her and her friend. My wife and I were sitting at a small table near the window, enjoying views of a mountain and looking forward to the next day on the slopes. I saw Them sitting at the bar chatting to the barman. She caught my eye and used her eyes to summon me, then walked out. I made some excuse to my wife and followed, watched all the way by the smirking Friend.

Once out of the bar I saw her enter the lift and followed. As the door closed she turned to me, all friendly and flirty.

Her: It is really nice here, I am glad you go on such nice holidays, I am going to enjoy them so much more than those I used to have.

Me: I am glad you like it. Room OK? Friend happy?

Her: Oh yes, room is great. My friend is fine, she is a bit shy that is all. I will introduce you later once she gets used to the idea. You will have to help put her at her ease. But there are a couple of things…

Me: Oh yes, what?

Her: We have never been skiing before. We are going to need lessons, book them for us starting tomorrow please. And another thing, because the rooms are all paid for in advance, the bar will not give us a tab without a credit card. Sort that out as well please.

Me: Anything else?

Her: No doubt there will be. Oh, I almost forgot, how is your arm?

Me: Dreadful. It is numb most of the time and hurts if I use it much.

Her: Poor you. Ill tell you what, I will be kind to it. I was going to kick it while we were on holiday, as a bit of variety from the rolling pin. But I will not.

Me: Thank you.

Her: I will punch it instead. Move over a bit and stand still.

And with that she brought back her fist and punched my arm. I doubt it was even full strength for her, but on the damage already done it was shooting pain. I gasped and tried not to cry out, but still lost balance and fell against the lift walls. When I could focus my eyes again, I could see her staring into my face with a hungry look in her eyes

Her: That is such a turn on. It just keeps getting better. On your feet now, set up the bar tab before returning back to wifey.

To hide what I was doing I set up two tabs with my credit card, one for Them and one for me and my wife. As I was doing so She looked bored and admired the view but her friend kept catching my eye and sneering at me. I do not think she liked me very much.


After that not much happened for a couple of days. I enjoyed some skiing, They kept out of my way. I saw Them in the bar a bit, laughing and joking with other people they had become friendly with from the skiing lessons. It was after one of those evenings, just before we retired to our room, that my wife went to the bathroom. When she was gone, the Friend came over to the table. She had evidently been drinking quite a lot, she had a flushed face and slightly glassy expression.

Friend: We thought you might be going to bed soon. We want to chat to you, but do not want to leave the bar yet. Be in the lift at 12-30.

Having delivered her message the Friend turned and slightly unsteadily left. It was only 11-00, there was no way my wife was going to wait that long. I would have to go up to my room, then make an excuse to come out again when my wife was in bed. This turned out to be easier than expected, she was tired and went straight to bed, I fidgeted for a bit, then said I could not sleep, I was going to get some air and will come back quietly and not wake her.

The hotel was quiet, even though the bar was shutting. It was not the kind of place for late night parties, but for grown up customers who like peace and more sophistication.

I got the lift to the ground floor, but there was no sign of Them, so I went back into the lift and waited.

Half an hour passed, it was almost 1-00 in the morning. I was getting worried my wife would be missing me. Then the lift was summoned to the top floor. When it arrived, the door opened and They entered.

Her – talking to Friend: I told you he would be there. He is helpless. He thinks he has limits, but actually I own him now.

Turning to me: isn’t that right? You do what I want don’t you?

Me: Yes. It appears I do anything you tell me.

Her: This is my friend. She is a bit shy, and worried you will change your mind and abandon us. Kneel down and tell her that is not true.

So I kneel in the lift before these two girls.

Me: I will not abandon you. The information you have on me could completely destroy my life, and anyway it appears my mind and body cannot resist obeying you.

Her: Show us your cock.

Still kneeling, I lower my trousers and get my cock out. It is hard. I wish this did not excite me so.

Her: Take your shirt off, show her your arm.

I comply and real the layers of bruising and blackening flesh.

Friend: FUCK. What have you done to it? Can it still feel anything? Will it drop off?

Her: Oh yes, it still hurts him lots. It takes ages to actually kill it. We are in no rush.

Her – to me: Isn’t that right it still hurts when touched?

Me: Yes, it is very sore and sensitive, the slightest jolt or touch is painful.

Her: Would you like me to kick it.

Me: No MISS!! You said you would not because I had been so good on this holiday. Please don’t it hurts so much!

Her: I know I said that, and I will not kick it. But I want to show my friend something. Ask her to kick it.

Me: Please miss NO! Don’t do that!

Her: If you make me repeat myself again, I will hurt you.

There was a smile on her lips, but such hardness in her eyes I was scared.

Me to friend: Sorry MISS. Please will you kick my arm.

Her to Friend: Give his arm a hard kick, and watch his cock.

Her friend looked sceptical, but slowly swung her leg back then kicked my arm on the bruise. Not hard but enough to make me gasp and sob.

Her: Did you see his cock? He almost came as you kicked him. If you did it a couple more times he would. Lets tell him our idea.

Her, turning to me: We think you spend too long in your bed with your wife. It would be more fun if you concentrated on us more. From now till 5-00am, every half hour you are to push a bit of paper under the door to our room with the time written on it. You will then knock twice, so if we want to we can check you have done as you were told. Then you piss off for half an hour and come back. First note due at 1-30.

Friend to her: Come on, lets go, I am tired. I like knowing he will not get much sleep. Wont his wife worry why he is not in bed with her like a good boy?

Her: Possibly. Lets hope so.

To Me: Night wanker. Be good.

So I pull up my trowsers and sneak back into my hotel room. My wife is fast asleep and does not stir as I gather some paper and writing things and leave again. I also get my book. Then I wait on the top floor, and every half hour post them the note they instructed. I dare not return to my room every time, so I sit in a corner of the corridor and read my book to kill time before my next letter. I dare not miss one, I am genuinely frightened by what they would do to me if I did.

At 5-00 am I make my last delivery and return, exhausted and sleep deprived to my room. My wife stirs as I climb in next to her and wants to know where I have been. I make some excuse about not being able to sleep. Morning comes round far too early and I am feeling tired and stupid all day as I function with only about 3 hours of sleep. Skiing is not much fun that day, I kept jolting my arm and thinking of Them.

Time to go

They ignored me for the next couple of days, then with only a day and a bit of skiing to go the Friend smiled at me as I went into the restaurant.

Friend: Notes tonight again, first at 12-30.

She had passed and was gone before I could reply.

My wife wanted to go out to a wine bar in the town, but I knew I would get no sympathy if the notes did not start at 12-30, and I had to get her into bed before then. So we walked out, but I pretended I was not feeling so good and we went back to the hotel by midnight. At 1-15 I got up again, my wife stirred and I made some excuse about having a headache and getting some air.

At 12-30 I delivered my first note under Their door. When I knocked I hear a voice call out “Hang on”. A moment later the door opened and They were there.

Her: Take this paper. On it is an address, you are to be there at 2-30 tomorrow afternoon. I have made an appointment for you, it will cost £500 to be paid in Euro.

Me: Tomorrow afternoon? But I am supposed to be having the last full day skiing then?

Her. Look fucker – you appear a bit slow – this was not a request. Take your trousers down and kneel in the corridor. Better hope no one comes along. Roll your sleeve up. You are such a loser, getting turned on by this – you know there is no happy ending don’t you? It only gets worse from here. I am going to punch you till you orgasm, so lets hope you come quickly or this could get very painful for you. NO touching that cock or I will kick your face in.

Scared, I knelt in the corridor with my trousers round my knees and rolled my sleeve up. The bruise was starting to smell bad. The vicious look in her eyes as she watched me, as she saw my erection and the damage my arm had taken and prepared to inflict more. Then she slowly and deliberately punched my arm. I could not stop myself from crying. But with just one punch my cock twithed and dribbled, but I did not climax.

She looked at her watch and waited a minute. Then she leisurely punched me again. But the interval between them meant again I still did not climax.

Fifty second wait this time, then another punch. By now I am sobbing, tears are rolling down my cheeks as my sexual frustration and the swamping pain merge.

Her sixth punch came just ten seconds after the one before it, and my cock jerked and I climaxed.

Her: You revolt me. You are to be knelt like this as you post each note and knock on the door. Now piss off.

Having climaxed there was no sexual excitement in spending my night sending them notes every half hour. Just resentment and self loathing… and of course fear about where this was all heading. Until 2-00, whenever I knocked one of them opened the the door and punched my arm, after that I was ignored. At 5-10 I crawled into bed next to my wife once more.

In the morning I could not move my arm at all. I could barely flex the fingers and any attempt to use it send shooting pains down its length and made me cry out.

I claimed I must have had a fall yesterday and pinched a nerve. I could not ski today. My wife wanted to take me to the doctors, but I persuaded her to go onto the slopes without me and then headed into town on my own.

The address

It was not difficult to get a bus into town and the map provided by the hotel showed the street I wanted. A nice clear day and a pleasant walk through the town, via a cashpoint to get the money. When I got to the street, the address was a private terrace house in a row of unpleasant looking buildings. Not the picturesque streets seen on postcards. I rang the bell, and after a few minute a middle aged lady opened the door, a cigarette hanging from her lips. She looked me up and down and then spoke in a native English accent – from somewhere near Birmingham I would guess.

Lady: You look like him. How much money did you bring?

Me: £500 in Euro.

Lady: Give me the money. Now show me your arm.

I pass across the cash and very gently slide up my sleeve, the black and red bruising is visible and obviously the arm is starting to die.

Lady: It is true then. Come in.

I followed her into the smoke smelling hall and through to the downstairs living room. It was filled with tattoo equipment, needles, pictures and photos of what I assume were past customers.

Lady: You are here for a piercing. She said you will not want to talk, but you will need to sign these papers confirming you want this done and understand about the risk. But by looking at your arm, I would say understanding risks is not something you are very good at. Sign here.

She passed me sheet a paper which I signed.

Lady: Right. Take your trousers and pants off and sit on this chair. The spray will be a bit cold, but it will stop it from hurting too much. Hold still.

Then I sat like a passive lump of meat. She picked up my flaccid cock and pulled the foreskin back, then brought across a fearsome looking bit of equipment. I was pleased to see her unwrap some sterile needles and attach them. One bit of the tool was a thin rod that she inserted into my cock, then she looked into my eyes and smiled. As she pulled the trigger, a spring loaded arm fired a sharp and quite wide needle through my cock just behind the head.

I was surprised how little blood came out. That spray she had was good, it stung but soon the bleeding stopped and I had a pierced cock. She gave me a package and explained about washing the new hole in antiseptic for the next couple of hours, keeping what she called a “Stud” in the hole to stop it from closing and not put what she called the “cage” on for a week. It was quite clear what this Cage was. Made out of brass, a small tube and a couple of hinges and a rod. It would clearly bind my balls snugly and encompass my cock completely. With the rod through my new hole and locked to the clip, it would be impossible to remove.

Evidently not just my sex with my wife was going to be prevented, but all sex would be. Bad news.

Dazed I returned to the hotel for the final supper with the wife, then a couple of drinks at the bar. At about eleven o’clock we stood up to leave and the barman came over with a plate with two bills on it. I had forgotten about setting up a tab for the girls as well. Unfortunately my wife saw it and asked what it was. I was flustered and claimed it must have been a mistake. Fortunately the barman was very quick thinking and invited me over to the bar to sort it out. At the bar he said:

Barman: While it might have been a mistake, you are going to pay aren’t you?

I was grateful for his discretion and simply nodded while getting my credit card out.

I did not see Them again until the coach came to take us back to the airport, and even then they ignored me. I decided it would be best to put the cage into my baggage on the in the hold, less likely to be opened my suspicious airport security. The journey back was without incident and soon I was back at home, going through the collected mail, checking phone messages, throwing out dead pot-plants etc.

Among the letters there was an invitation for my wife to interview for a job as book-keeper for a local firm. It was nice to have some good news, and my wife appeared very pleased with it. The prospect of unbroken sleep in my own bed with a women I liked very much was appealing. I slept soundly and realised just what a great life I have, a nice house, interesting job, charming wife. It was like waking from a nightmare, I could no longer really understand how I had come to let this Girl bully me so much and jeopardise it all. I started thinking about how to disentangle myself from her and regain control myself.

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