1) The following story involves male sex and homo erotic themes and scenes between consenting male adults. If this offends you or will cause you mental damage, stop reading here.

2) Compliments and constructive criticism is always welcome, flames will be ignored.

3) Dates and time are liquid in this story, focusing around the career of Anthony Weiner, pre scandal. Co stars may or may not have been on the political/media scene at the time, but in this work of fiction they are.

4) This is complete fiction, inspired by the lewd photos of Congressman Anthony Weiner and his friendship with Jon Stewart of the Daily Show. It also involves Stephen Colbert. Under no circumstances do I actually believe these gentlemen are gay, nor do I know or have any evidence to support the fiction that is written here. Nor do I possess information or knowledge of their taste in underwear, or endowments.

5) If you shouldn’t be reading this, for any reason, stop reading here. If you get caught, its on your own head.

**For visual stimulation/edification:**

White 2xist Y-Back thong

Black Jockey Elance Bikini Briefs

Any shirtless photo of Anthony Weiner

…yes I love men in their underwear

Chapter 1; “The Colbert Report ~ 2000″

“I think that about covers all the topics I am going to cover on air,” Stephen Colbert said to Congressman Weiner.

“That’s not so bad, I think it’ll be fun.” The handsome representative replied as he started to stand up, adjusting his navy blue suit.

“I did have one more topic I would like to cover off the record, just out of my own…curiosity”

“Okay…” Anthony answered uncertainly.

“I hear that being a closeted sex-ter isn’t the only thing your closeted about…”

“Im not gay, and whoever said I was is…”

“I was going to say a briefs man, but yeah, I also heard you were bi.”

A blush came over the congressman, remembering his time in Rhode Island with a younger Jon Stewart.

“Hey, off the record means I’m not going to blow your cover; especially if you don’t blow mine.” Colbert smirked as he took off his glasses and set them aside.

“Your cover…so your a closet briefs man too?” Anthony asked, spreading his legs a bit wider and grinning in spite of himself. This could go poorly, but it was hard not to flirt, or flaunt. Winning the 1999 election last year was still a heady sensation.

“Who me, briefs? Sometimes, but I am more of a jocks and thongs kinda guy. Keeps me confident and feeling sexy all day long, while still providing support and ease of access. Why, want to compare?” Colbert smirked.

Weiner arched an eyebrow at the comic, even as he felt his cock thicken in his black jockey bikini briefs “Are you screwing with me?”

“No, not yet. I would like to screw around with you, though. If you can live up to your legend, that is.” Steven licked his lips even as he felt his cock already getting hard in his white 2xist y-back thong.

“So, about that comparing thing; it was your idea, you should go first.”

Standing up, Stephen smiled. “If you insist, congressman.” The use of Weiner’s office caused some movement in his pants, he noticed before untucking his shirt. Without any further ado, Stephen unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly and let the suit pants drop and pool around his shoes.

Anthony started to rub his cock through his pants, wondering how Colbert’s smart mouth would feel on his cock. “Take off your jacket and shirt, and lose the socks and shoes.”

With more care than he’d given his pants, Stephen unbuttoned and folded his shirt carefully placing it on top of his jacket. Grinning cockily, he turned his back to the hunky politician and bent at the waist to take care of his shoes and pants.

The “Y” back of the thong sat just right at the top of the comedian’s cleft, his pasty white back as plain white as his ass cheeks. But that “Y”, it promised all sorts of things, or so Anthony Weiner thought.

Standing and turning around Stephen showed a rather pale and average body leading down to a pretty nice bulge filling out his thong, which he started to stroke. “Your turn, Anthony.”

Grinning at the other man, Anthony stepped out of his dress shoes, and took off his cuff links.

Stephen sat down, rubbing his crotch while watching him.

Doffing his jacket and loosening his tie, Weiner began to slowly unbutton the starched white dress shirt. With each button undone a little more of his broad, muscled chest was revealed.

Shrugging his shoulders widened the expanse of visible flesh as his hands began to work on his belt, button, and zipper.

Colbert’s eyes were riveted to the hefty shape under the man’s slacks. Unconsciously he licked his lips, the only sound in the green room was his heavy breathing and the sound of his hand working his thong clad cock.

Turning to the side in profile, Weiner stepped out of each pant leg before folding them nicely and placing them to side; giving his host a profile shot of how his hot dick was pushing the black bikini obscenely outwards.

Facing Stephen, he rubbed at his cockhead which was well to the right of his bikini briefs, threatening to pop clear soon of it altogether. Anthony felt like a porn star watching Stephen watch him, could feel the lust as he sat down. Spreading his legs wide and stroking his cotton covered balls, waiting to see what happened next.

Colbert smiled and walked over to the newly minted congressman, dropped to his knees and ran his fingers up the muscled thighs, stroking the flesh just before the black material. “I am going to suck this thing dry and see if I can suck you deeper than Jon, and if its as sweet a dick as he says it is.”

Anthony just smiled, remembering the summer that Jon Stewart had seduced him, how warm and wet his mouth had felt whenever his friend sucked a load out of him.

In the present, Stephen had started to slide the briefs down when Weiner’s cock smacked wetly against his abdomen.

“I guess they didn’t get the memo about Jews not being well endowed when they made you, huh?” Colbert wise cracked even as his head dipped and his tongue swabbed up the salty sweet liquid.

“Mmm, more licking less schticking.” Weiner coiled his fingers into Stephen’s short brown hair, urging him on.

With his lips alone, Colbert dove first onto the cut cock tip and using them freed more and more of the 7.5″ marvel. Not too thick and not too thin, it felt amazing in his mouth, he thought. Popping his own cock from the now stained thong pouch, Stephen started to jerk his uncut 5 incher with his own pre-cum as lube.

“Yeah, suck it down your throat man, aw fuck! Jon teach you how to suck dick?” The politician moaned out as the comic bobbed up and down his shaft.

“Mmmmphhh Mmmmphhh” Was all Colbert could manage with his mouth full. One hand was stroking himself furiously to climax, the other rolling the congressional sac between his fingers.

Peeling his bikini briefs down his thighs Weiner took the opportunity to grip the waist band of Colbert’s thong and tug on it, causing the fabric to run across the man’s anus. The action caused the comedian to gasp and thus start to take the cock in his mouth into his throat.

“Oh man, you have almost all of it! Jon can only take a little more than what you’ve got…unnnghhh yeas…” Anthony lied.

Stephen gripped the muscled glutes, and pulled, gagging and sputtering as he worked more into his mouth and into his throat. While he couldn’t finish, he was still really pleased he got more in, and undulated his tongue along the shaft creating new sensations.

“Yeah man, so close, shit yes…you want to guzzle my hot load, huh?”

The head in his lap just bobbed faster and faster, moaning out an “Mmm hmm” but Weiner only started to shoot when the stage manager rapped on the door, “2 minutes.” He always got off on the thrill of getting caught.

When the shots started firing in his throat, Stephen pulled back to just the head, sucking harder than ever as he grinned around Weiner’s dick, tasting the creamy load. However the dick whose cock he was sucking wasn’t looking at him. Weiner’s eyes were rolled up into the top of his head, smiling in pleasure. Probably meant he was better than his friend Jon, right?

When the stage manager came round at the one minute warning and popped his head in, he saw the two men fully dressed standing up and shaking hands.

“Showtime, guys”

“Time to start shooting?” Anthony Weiner asked smugly.

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