After work I did some shopping then went back to my apartment. I stripped down and spent the rest of the evening wearing nothing but a pair of leopard print satin panties I’d purchased earlier. Compared to the contents of the envelope You’d had delivered to me at work they were really pretty conservative but I felt very comfortable in them. Once again I didn’t bother pulling the shades down.

I was getting increasingly frustrated with regard to needing some sexual release. You had instructed me not to play with myself and quite frankly I didn’t at that point really have a clue as to where to start. Sure, I’d fiddled with myself when I was a teenager, but I’d never orgasmed, so the whole process was more frustrating still. But feeling the sensation of your stiff cock in my mouth and then the feel and taste as you filled it with your man juice made me long for something stiff and throbbing between my legs, rubbing against me and then entering me, filling me up. I wanted to feel the hot gush of fluid inside me, I wanted your tongue inside my mouth, your hands on my breasts, playing with my nipples.

But all I could do is wait for the next day and anticipate what might transpire. I fell asleep on the sofa and had crazy dreams.

Around two AM I awoke. The complex was hushed and next to no lights burned. It was still quite warm. I felt an incredible urge to take a dip in the pool. Summoning up a little dose of courage I grabbed a towel, wrapping it around myself and headed out the door, down the hall, out the vestibule and across the lawn to the pool. The lights were all out but I could hear the sound of water gently splashing as someone swam in the dark.

Approaching the gate to the pool I realized that it was a couple having a late night dip. Taking a deep breath I let myself in and then draped the towel over the chain link fence, in the process baring my breasts to air. A couple weeks earlier I’d never have considered standing there wearing nothing but a pair of panties like that. Now I was doing so without even having to be instructed to do so by You. I imagined that You would likely be proud of me. I truly had crossed a great many thresholds.

One by one I traversed the underwater steps at the shallow end of the pool, lowering myself into the tepid water as I did. The sound of the swimmers had subsided somewhat considerably but now I could hear giggling instead. I realized that I’d intruded on a private little interlude and suddenly was a bit embarrassed, both for myself and for them. Dropping down to my shoulders in the water I decided to just keep as low a profile as possible, possibly even just turn tail and leave right away.

However, keeping our distance from each other they and I stayed put for the next fifteen or twenty minutes before they made their way by me just a few feet to my right then climbed the steps out of the pool. In the dim moonlight I could just barely discern that they were both naked and that he was sporting a distinct erection. Once out of the water she grasped his member and led him across the concrete deck toward the gate. They stooped to pick up towels that I’d not noticed on my way in, then disappeared into the thick and humid night air.

Soon after I too exited the water. Feeling emboldened by the couple’s brazeness, I peeled off the now soggy panties, squeezed as much water from them as possible, then left them hooked over a fencepost to dry as much as they might given the humidity before wrapping my towel around myself and heading back to my digs. This time I crawled naked into my bed and slept soundly until dawn.

I’d left the envelope in my desk drawer, assuming that we would be getting together at lunch time. Sure enough my phone rang around ten. My heart raced upon hearing your voice at the other end.

“How’s my favorite little cunt this morning?”

I have no doubt that I must have turned beet red. I may have bought into You referring to my genitalia as a pussy, but your use of the C word still seemed crude and shocking. At the same time I was delighted to be referred to as your cunt.

“I’m just dandy today. How’s my favorite cock?”, whispering the second sentence into the mouthpiece.

“Ha Ha! Touche!” was the response. “Your vocabulary is finally begining to expand a little bit.”

Continuing to whisper I countered “Yes, your little cocksucker is learning something new every day.”

“Indeed. Did you receive the envelope yesterday?”

“Yes, I did. Shall I assume You would like me to wear that today?”


“Oh well, guess You won’t have the opportunity to see the cute little pink panties I bought yesterday.”

The response from the other end of the line was a chortle followed by “Another time, another time.”

At noon you were outside waiting for me. Sliding into the passenger seat I deliberately let my short beige linen skirt ride clear up to my waist so that you would catch a glimpse of the tiny patch of turquoise fabric.

Once the blanket was spread out at the beach I peeled off my skirt then stood there for a moment in my blouse which still managed to barely cover my crotch before slowly unbuttoning it and then removing the salmon pink satin bra I’d worn and which matched the panties I’d removed in order to don the tiny little triangle of turquoise I then stood in the bright sun wearing nothing more than.

A turquoise string ran up the cleft between my ass cheeks and connected to similar ones that ran from the other two corners of the patch that barely concealed my genitalia. Clinging tightly to my now clean shaven crotch it nestled slightly into the slit there and left virtually nothing up to the imagination.

To my surprise, when You peeled off your jeans I was treated to a truly exquisite sight. Rather than your customary speedo, a dark navy thong graced the contours of lithe and sinewy frame. Never before had I really noticed how nice an ass You possessed but there it was, bronzed as the rest of you, almost as totally on display as was mine. The thong also clung to your luscious package of manhood, the contours of your cock and balls clearly defined.

That day we chatted, we strolled, we held hands, and we proudly showed off our bodies for anyone who wanted to see. Margaret actually rose and approached us, her pendulous and deeply bronzed breasts wobbling obscenely as she did. The gay boys couldn’t keep there eyes off You and every other male that crossed our path was practically drooling as they ogled me. It was marvelous, the only detractors being a couple of women we encountered with attitude or self image or who knows what problems.

That evening I retrieved my leopard print panties from the fencepost, opting to do so while the sun was still up and there were still lots of neighbors sitting around with drinks in hand or grabbing an end of the day dip. I strolled in wearing a T shirt that just barely concealed that I was wearing scalding red panties. My nipples were on high beam and I had purposely elected to wear the sandals with high heels so to ensure that my tits would jiggle as much as possible. The net result was a lot of attention and I loved it.

The next day was more time at the beach, but this time with me in canary yellow and You in black. Our tans were getting darker and darker by the day. Nothing much different happened that day other than at one point You totally completely caught me off guard when You bent over to kiss my right nipple.


Around seven that evening my phone rang and it was You inquiring as to whether I’d be home around ten. I told You I had nothing planned

“I’ll stop by for a few minutes at that point then.”

“OK, see You then.”

Nine fifty-eight my bell rang and I buzzed You in through the vestibule. When You knocked on my door I answered it wearing only the stockings and heels from the day of our raincoat escapade. I could tell how pleased You were by the grin on your face as well as the devilish sparkle that filled your eyes. You were dressed in a black cotton T shirt, paisley silk boxer shorts, and sandals.

I’d turned out all the lights and instead lit several candles as well as a stick of incense. Immediately after the door closed You slid the sandals off as well as removed the T and boxers. Your cock was standing proudly at full attention with absolutely no assistance from either me or yourself.

I immediately sank to my knees and took it in my mouth. It was becoming like an old friend at that point. I knew what it was going to feel like before even wrapping my lips around the thick shaft. In it went and I did my best to make you want to release your load into my mouth, sucking and slurping away earnestly, staring up at you as I did, my hands firmly gripping your ass. Finally I gently fondled your testicles and ceased sucking briefly.

“Cum for me. I want your cumjuice.”

Your response was immediate. I think the fact that I had used the language I had pushed You over the edge. An immense geyser of ejaculate blasted against the roof of my mouth. Again and again your hot, thick semen gushed. This time I didn’t gag and this time every drop stayed in my mouth until I greedily swallowed it.

I cleaned your shaft first with my tongue, then with a moistened washcloth I fetched from the bathroom. Much to my surprise You then held me closely for almost half an hour naked flesh pressed against each other. Just as I was about to suggest that we go for a swim you announced it was time to go and proceeded to slip the boxers, T, and sandals back on. You held me again for a few minutes, carressing my asscheeks and finally kissing me deeply and hard, with lots of tongue.

A wave of exhaustion came over me once the door closed behind you. After extinguishing the candles I kicked of the shoes then peeled the stockings from my legs before sliding into bed. That night I slept marvelously.

The following day at lunchtime we played on the beach again, this time me in a hot magenta colored minithong and you in deep grey. It was a scaldingly hot afternoon so we both took a dip in the lake. Although quite warm for the lake it was nevertheless far more refreshing than the pool had been.

On Friday we both took the day off from work and arrived at the beach much earlier, then stayed for close to four hours. Your selection of attire for me that day was yet another tiny thong but this time the fabric was comprised of horizontal black stripes a quarter inch each that alternated translucent and opaque. Up close one could quite clearly discern the slit of my pussy but from anything over five or six feet away nothing was evident. I don’t know which was more obscene, the sheerness of this or the manner in which the previous few days’ attire had clung to the contours of my crotch and shaved pussy.

Normally we stuck to one end of the gentle arc that stretched for over a mile but this particular day we walked the entire length and back. Every time we passed a male they checked me out pretty thoroughly and undoubtedly were able to discern my slit. I really enjoyed the thrill of being ogled like that. By one we headed out, having had more than enough sun for the day.

While driving back into the city You asked if I would like to join You for dinner. I liked the sound of that, partly because it would most likely be air conditioned.

“I’ll pick you up around six so that we can do a little shopping for beforehand.”

“OK” I countered, wondering what on earth that might involve.

“Be dolled up like you would to go out to dinner, but don’t worry too much about what to wear. That’s what we’ll shop for.”

Again, “OK” seemed to be the only response I was capable of.

At six I answered the door in a white blouse and short black skirt. It looked almost like a waitress outfit. My hair was all done up and piled atop my head and the shoes I’d chosen were strappy little black stilettos. I had opted for a matching black lace bra and panty set underneath and the outline of the bra was clearly visible through the white blouse.

We embraced, kissed, and for the first time, had some tongue to tongue contact before heading out. It was a totally luscious feeling, almost as good as having your cock nestled in my mouth. I was hoping that I would have the opportunity to service You that way that evening. I yearned to again feel the throbbing of your fat mushroom head against the roof of my mouth just before you let loose a torrent of hot gooey manjuice.

Once again your smile of approval at my appearance induced that wonderful mushy sort of feeling which was amplified immensely when You lifted the front of my skirt and then, still holding me close, guided your hand between my thighs to cup my lace clad crotch. I seriously thought I would melt standing right there like that. Your hand remained there, unmoving, for several moments before you withdrew it.

“Let’s go.” You announced, and out the door, down the hall, and out to your car we headed. It was a brand new sports car with beautiful pale grey leather upholstery and very difficult to sit in with any degree of decorum. The only thing that helped was that my skirt was both pleated and full enough that it didn’t ride too far up my thighs as I sat. The straight cut burgundy one I had decided against would definately not have been compatible with the seating position of the low-slung vehicle.

After driving to the biggest shopping mall in the area we parked and then headed inside. You looked striking that evening as we strode across the asphalt, dressed in a soft grey suit that had been expertly tailored for your lean frame. A black dress shirt, open at the collar, and black shoes completed the outfit, and oh yes – the shades, your seemingly omnipresent black aviator sunglasses. Whenever we were outside You wore them. They were so cool looking on You but I so wished I could see your eyes, catch the little glimmer that happened when I did something that pleased You. That glimmer could send my heartbeat racing a mile a minute.

Inside, You wasted no time, heading directly for Victorias Secret which was only a few shops down from the mall entry we had arrived through. Seeing You in your suave and manly ensemble inside the frilly girly environment of the store only enhanced the effect. There were only a half dozen customers in the shop but every one of them checked You out. You seemed perfectly at home in the pale pink and ivory decor, but then You seemed to be like that anywhere we went.

A tall and very shapely blonde approached us and asked if she could be of assistance.

“Certainly Greta,” You replied “How about bringing out the little number you set aside for me this afternoon?” It seemed that, as usual, You had planned everything out in advance. Greta disappeared and returned shortly, a padded clothes hanger with a dangle of silk on it in her hand.

“I assume that you’re “Miss C,” Greta purred “He’s absolutely right, this will look great on you.” and led me off to the dressing rooms.

Greta waited while I undressed. Once I was down to just my lace panties she slipped the first item from the hangar, holding it up for my review, deep navy blue chemise of silk that shimmered slightly as light danced across it. Taking it from her I was struck by how weightless it was and I suddenly realized that You intended me to wear it tonight to wherever it was You were taking me. Once again I got the flutters and once again I thought about how the evening would involve another threshold. I slipped it over my head, down my arms and onto my torso.

It was like the lavendar teddy had been, a perfect fit and caressingly soft and silky. Looking in the mirror I saw that it did little to hide much of anything. Yes, it was opaque and nothing showed through, but it clung to every inch of me, including my nipples which created sharp little peaks in the shimmering blue silk. I frowned as I noticed that my panties also were clearly evident and as I turned and looked over my shoulder into the mirror even more so from behind.

“Here, try these.” Greta said. I turned back to find her holding aloft by the waistband a matching navy silk thong. Off came the black lace panties and on went the thong. As I pulled it on Greta got a quick glimpse of my now hairless crotch and I blushed. She just smiled a little devilishly, winked, and simply said “Nice!”

I checked things out over my shoulder in the mirror again and this time could discern no trace of panties. “Much better.” I said.

“Why don’t you go see if it meets with his approval?”

It seemed very natural to saunter amongst the display racks of luscious little lace and silk delicacies wearing such a minimal little confection. As I passed one particular display I recognized the brilliantly hued thongs that you’d had me wear on previous visits to the beach.

I even spotted the sheer striped black one I had worn just hours earlier.

Not finding You where Greta and I had left You, I made a second circuit around the store to locate You. By the time I spotted You at the wrap desk, Greta had beat me there and was ringing up a sale. For the second time that evening I basked in the glow of your smile of approval. Your sunglasses were parked in your breast pocket, allowing me to enjoy the full impact of both the smile and the accompanying sparkle in your eyes.


“It feels delightful.”

“Let me see the view from the back.”

Spinning around for your review I felt very proud that I met with your approval. I also thought back to the feeling of your hand on my crotch earlier and half wished You had decided to repeat the act right there in front of Greta. I also found myself wondering if she had ever seen You naked or You she.

“I put your other things in this bag sweetie.” Greta said to me as You signed the charge slip.

“Thank you.” I replied and then suddenly realized that I would be walking out of the store “dressed” in nothing more than a scant few ounces of navy blue silk. My heart jumped and I took a deep breath. Of course, at the same time my nipples went rock hard, only making matters worse.

Noticing my trepidation You placed your left hand on my left shoulder and drew me close. You grabbed the bag in your right.

“Lets go have a nice dinner.”

Greta chirped “Enjoy!”

Exiting the shop into the mall I felt an intense rush come over me. There were only a handful of people around but I felt very much on display. My breasts were jiggling merrily as I walked along. You removed your hand from my shoulder and instead held mine as we strode the hundred yards or so to the doors out of the mall.

Once outside You paused, releasing my hand long enough to put your sunglasses on before taking it again and leading me along to the car. Holding the door as I did my best to slide in gracefully You commented “Lovely, absolutely lovely.”

It was to be the first of many compliments that evening. You told me how nice my legs were. You told me how pleased You were with the manner in which I continually adapted to the situations You presented me with. You commented on how nice of a tan I had developed. And you told me how much you liked the manner in which my nipples poked at the thin fabric draped over them as You reached over and gently carressed one of them.

Before I realized it we were in another parking lot, this for one of the swankier restaurants in town. We arrived at the curb in front of the entry and You popped out and around the car to open the passenger door for me. Extending your hand You also gentlemanly shielded me from view as I then attempted a graceful exit.

Once I was upright and on the sidewalk next to You, You again took my hand with your left as You relinquished the keys to the valet parking kid. To my dismay he seemed more interested in the sleek black vehicle than in my barely dressed presence. The doorman however was an entirely different story, giving me a good twice over as he swung the massive portal wide for us to go in. I felt as though he peeled off what little I had on to reveal every inch of my flesh and I had to admit I rather enjoyed it.

Sam was a bright, 20 year old, radiant young man. He far surpassed his classmates in their studies. Spending long hours in his room completing assignments working many hours into the night. Sam had a somewhat clumsily hidden secret. Sam had a great deal of interest in the under-wears of his mother and aunts. He was obsessed. Swiping clothes from the house’s only drier, walking quietly and containing his excitement. Sam would even go as far as to reach into the drawers on his mother’s bedroom furniture. But Sam was putting that behind him now.

He was behind in his classwork and spent even more time hitting the books….

Sam waved the pencil with his pointer and thumb while examining the equation he had to simplify. He turned his eyes away from the paper and leaned back into his desk chair. “I would like to see if she left her clothes in the bathroom.” Sam thought. Suddenly wondering if his mother told his aunt Reba that he had a habit of taking things in that way. “There’s no way.” Sam announced out loud. Sam turned his eyes back to the math work he had been attempting to solve.

Unable to concentrate on his paperwork Sam stood up, He was horny, and it was only 8:45. He knew he was going to at least look in the bathroom, in case the clothes her aunt had previously worn were strewn about. Though his family was still very much active and awake, he knew his mother would be sitting down with her sister and chatting about any old thing. Sam was thinking very hard about the bathroom and his chance at getting a much sought after treasure to fill his habit. He walked from his upstairs bedroom towards the upstairs bathroom, he was able to look down the stairs and see his mother and aunt crowded around the television.

Sam entered the bathroom and closed the door slowly behind him. His eyes asphyxiated immediately on the clothing still in the place where his aunt had put it when she stripped her clothes off. He could tell she pulled her jeans and underwear off in 1 tug the way they were on the floor. Sam was somewhat relieved that the underwear she had been wearing were just a conservative pair of whites. He was able to step right over them on his way out of the John.

Sam returned to his room and let out a big sigh. He heard his moms voice and realized quickly that she was talking about him or calling his name. He took this much needed break to walk out into the hallway and down the stairs, at least to spend time in the kitchen. Sam walked down the stairs 1 at a time. His aunt Reba smiled and said “Hey Sam.”

Reba was only 6 or so years older than Sam. “Hello Reba, I’m glad mother and you are enjoying yourselves.” said Sam.

“We were just talking about you”. said Reba. Sam couldn’t help but feel fear. He was very glad he refrained from touching his aunt’s worn clothing.

“Your Mother wanted to know if you were hungry.” Said Reba.

Sam felt a wave of relief to know his secret was safe.

Sam declined his mother’s offer to prepare him a piece of dessert.

Sam walked up the stairs 2 at a time and started straight towards his room when he gazed into the guest room just to see one of his aunt Reba’s bags wide open, with cloth goods visible. He stood stone still in the hallway, listening. When he determined he was safe, he walked into the guest room. The familiar room with the queen sized bed in the middle, Sam recalled when his mother still kept old clothes in the drawers. He’d spend hours home alone putting on things and staring at himself in the mirror. Sam looked into the bag and saw a red pair of cotton briefs. Sam’s blood began to rush and he started to get an erection. Sam decided then and there to take the red briefs. He grabbed them in his hand and pulled them free from the bag. Stuffing them in his pocket he started for his bedroom.

Sam closed his bedroom door behind him and started to feel guilty, just the other day he had decided he needed to steal clothes much less frequently. And here he was with a pair of red cotton briefs in his pocket. His blood began to flow as he thought about the tightness he would feel wearing these size 6 briefs. He thought about how just the other day, the morning before specifically, his mother confronted him and offered to buy him underwear to wear. He answered no but it was impossible for him to claim he was not taking panties. He had suspected that his mother knew that he had taken a pair of his mothers underwear from her bedroom, just an hour before. Sam’s mind was racing and he decided it was a good time to masturbate. He stripped his clothes naked and slid the briefs up one leg at a time, letting the elastic smack his skin when he pulled them all the way up,over his genitals. Sam thought he could cum right then.

Sam heard his mother’s voice again and quickly pulled his shorts on. Before he could find his own shirt his mother had opened the door, Seeing her shirtless son, her vision narrowed as she tried to chase the outline of panty lines. Sam could feel her gaze upon him. He was going to mumble something but decided not to, her mother would speak first he thought. “Come downstairs and hang out with your aunt Reba, she changed your diapers you know.” Sam’s mother said in a playful tone. “and put your shirt back on” she added.

Sam nodded approvingly.

Sam walked down the steps 1 at a time feeling the cotton glide between his legs and privates. He wanted to moan, but contained it. When Sam sat down on the couch he began getting involved in the conversation and almost forgot he had his new panties on for the first time. Sam was glad his aunt Reba had visited them this weekend. Soon after drinks and laughs, Sam could hear his mother talking about the bathroom. “Did you leave your clothes on the floor when you showered?” His Mother did not like a messy bathroom.

“Sorry about that” answered Reba. Reba began climbing the stairs when Sam’s mother said to her, “make sure nothing’s missing.”

“I beg your pardon?” asked Reba.

Sam could feel his heart in his throat, his cheeks began to turn red. Sam closed his eyes and hoped that he mis-heard his mother.

“He will take from what you leave out.” His mother stated, as matter of factually.

Reba blinked, still confused on her way to the bathroom, she scooped up the clothes in her arms and brought them to the guest room where she sat them down next to her all ready opened bag. She walked out of the guest room and down the stairs to sit gently on the couch. “What were you saying then?” Reba asked her oldest sister.

“Sam will take your clothes if you leave them out.” Sam’s mother looked embarrassed herself.

“Is this true Sam, do you take clothes from the people around you?” Reba asked Sam

Sam went to speak but his mother spoke over him.

“Not just to have them, he wear’s them too.”

Reba started to smile and looked right at Sam.

“Do you look like a real girl when you are dressed up Sam?”

Sam turned even more red, having dreading someone to know, much less talk about his shameful character trait.

“He probably has my underwear on right now.” Sam’s mother said cooly.

Sam gave his mother a sharp look.

“Well do you Sam? Are you wearing your mother’s naughty bits?” Asked Reba.

Sam stared at the floor.

Sams mother stood up from her chair and walked over to Sam. She stood him up, grabbing at his waist she pulled away his shirt then peeked into the side of Sam’s shorts.

“Yes he has panties on” Mother had said glancing at Reba.

“These aren’t mine though”

“They’re Reba’s.” Sam Volunteered.

“No way let me see!” Exclaimed Reba as she moved towards him and her sister.

“Those are my red panties, size 6 too!”

Just then Sam’s mother pulled his shorts down around his ankles, infuriated that her son had stolen from her sister’s bag. Sam sheepishly stepped out of his shorts with the red cotton panties still in place, on display for anyone to see.

“I’m crushed that you would go in my bag, NOT ok.” Reba whined.

“You want to steal so you can wear panties!?” his mother was livid. She began to yell and berate him. She was explaining the way he sneaks around and pilfers her laundry, with much emphasis on the stealing.

“And now you’ve stolen someone else’s” It was the final straw for this patient mother.”pull the panties around your knees and lean against the bookcase.” He didn’t dream of disobeying his mother. Sliding the red cotton down his thighs he reached his hands out against the bookcase.’

“spread your legs and bend over” Sam didn’t hesitate, he looked between his legs only too see his manhood beginning to make an entrance. He was very turned on being bent over the bookcase, knees straining underneath their pale red prison, feeling even more vulnerable that his manhood was having a response.

“It looks like he’s enjoying this.” Reba pointed out.

Mother inspected her son’s body and needed no time to think.

“You will stay in this position until you are forgiven.”

“great..” Sam thought, knowing full well not to respond. Sam felt a slew of emotions. The shame was burning in his face; his secret, not to mention his rivates, revealed to his aunt. The horror he experienced when his mother snapped into action not lost on his mind. Staring between his own legs he was reminded of the excitement. He waited silently for his mother’s next move.

“In the meantime your aunt and I will enjoy a movie”. Sam heard his aunt giggle and his mother head upstairs. Soon there was a sound from within the drawers of the entertainment center. And then the television came to life. Sam closed his eyes, hearing the narrators familiars voices. His aunt and mother were silent, Sam pretended they weren’t in the room. He could hear their familiar breathing, his mother coughed. 20 minutes went by without a word.

“He’s got a little butt.” Reba announced with a giggle.

Sam heard his mother sigh. If He could blush anymore his legs might go weak. Sam breathed slowly not to bring any attention to himself. Wondering what life would be like now that he couldn’t hide his secret. He told himself he wouldn’t steal another thing again but knew that after tonight’s non-show of will power he might end up frustrated. Sam tried to stand on his tiptoes to relieve his legs, it didn’t help much. This show prompted his mother to leave the room, Sam could hear her posture in her steps. She was still livid.

“Sam.” His aunt reba said. Sam opened his mouth.

“What?” Sam managed to scratch out.

“Those aren’t your color.” Reba reminded him.

Sam took the blow silently. Blinking his eyes at the floor a few times. Reba was bewildered herself, she knew her sister was a bit strict, but this was outright wicked. If Reba had stolen her sisters clothes in her youth, her parents wouldn’t have batted an eye. She knew there was no way her nephew would approach her about borrowing clothes however.

“Sam are you gay?” Reba questioned.

“No!” Sam quietly announced. Suddenly realizing his mother might have been in earshot. He closed his mouth and stared at the floor, unable to forget about his predicament, with his genitals and the panties in view. His groin staring back at him. Sam could hear the footsteps of his mother descending the stairs.

“Sam go upstairs.” his mother said. “and pull your panties up.” she added.

Sam pulled the panties up letting the waist band slap his skin again, something his aunt took notice of. Reba stared at her nephews groin, his genitals magnified by the tight underwear. Sam walked past Reba staring at the ground, he walked towards the stairs. His mother stood with her arms folded, watching her son walk with his head down. He climbed each step 1 at a time, conscious of his body.

Reba asphyxiated on her nephews back side. When it was out of view, her gaze met her sister’s. Sam’s mother shook her head, able to follow that her sister’s eyes were on her son.

“Such a rotten child.” Sam’s mother announced.

“I think he has learned his lesson about stealing.” Reba said, honestly.

“There’s much more in store for Him, I’ve taken away his computer monitor.” Sam’s mother said dryly.

Reba just blinked. “I guess he can keep the panties. They are really ugly anyway.” Reba explained. “Now he will think I only wear granny panties.”

Sam’s mother laughed with a snort. “He’s worn every pair of panties I had in storage, even some of the bras.”

“So he knows you only wear granny panties!” Reba teased her sister.

“Oh hush.” Sam’s mother said. “I offered to buy him his own, but he said no.” “I am going to anyway.” Sam’s mother sighed. “It’s disgusting to wear someone else’s clothes!”

Reba just nodded in reply. The television kept the room from being silent. It was an odd situation, neither woman knew what to feel or think. One thing was known for sure, they would never look at Sam without wondering if he was wearing their knickers.

Sam closed the door behind him and leaned his back to the door. He thought he heard his mother through the thin walls. He closed his eyes and slumped down to a sitting position. He heard the word panties, and he heard the word disgusting. Sam’s skin crawled with a fresh new wave of shame. He opened his eyes and stood up. He slid the panties down his legs and stepped out of them, not sure exactly what to do with them. He held them in his hand when he noticed a note from his mother. It read, “change your clothes and write an apology letter to your Aunt Reba.” She didn’t sign it.

Sam was grateful for his mother’s fairness. Then he noticed his computer monitor was gone. Sam felt angry, it was short lived, considering he was half naked and holding his Aunt’s red briefs. He folded the panties in half and set them on his bed, he put on a new pair of boxers and a pair of shorts. He flipped to a fresh piece of paper and wrote a letter head for his Aunt. He kept it short.

“Dear Reba,

I wanted to write this letter of apology. I am very grateful that you are my aunt and my family is so supportive of each other. I am very sorry and ashamed that I stole from your bag. It is unfortunate that I’ve broken our trust and hope to rebuild it. I hope that you can forgive me. Sorry again,


When Sam finished his letter he removed it from the rings of his binder. He was a bit confused about what to do next but made his way to his door. He held the letter in his hand and walked down the stairs 1 at a time. His mother looked at him from the couch, the movie still playing unobserved. Sam stood at the bottom of the steps. They stared at each other when Reba entered the living room. Reba was holding a tall glass of what was sure to be his mother’s alcohol in a mixed drink. Reba took a drink and sat down. Sam took a step forward.

“I’m sorry I stole from you Reba.” Sam said, while extending his arm. Sam presented the letter.

“Well bring that here.” Reba commanding instead of asking.

Sam stepped forward and handed Reba the letter. Feeling glad that he wasn’t bent over the bookcase, being displayed by his mother. Reba scanned the letter.

“I forgive you for stealing my panties.” Reba said. Sam felt more shame when she put it that way, with emphasis on the words ‘my panties’.

“I told your mother that you could keep them.” This prompted Sam to look at his mother. He knew that she would take any panties he had taken in the past, he couldn’t hide a thing from her. He could see the disgust on his mother’s face, his aunt could get under her skin sometimes.

“Sam I’m going to buy you knew panties.” Sam’s mother announced. “You know I don’t like it when people wear second hand clothing.” “We’re not some poor house.”

Sam only nodded. Very much embarrassed that his mother and Aunt would always assume that he was wearing panties.

“I’ll even help her pick them out” Reba added. Sam’s skin took on a new flush. Changing his attention to his Aunt.

Sam’s mother Scowled at his sister, “I’m perfectly capable of buying my son clothes.”

“I just want to pick the right colors, I think I’m a little more in touch with today’s fashion you know.” Reba was just looking for any reason to take a roll in shopping for her nephew. She was bewildered by her nephews habit of wearing women’s clothing. Thoughts raced across her mind. She still had the image of her son slayed leaning against the bookcase.

“I suppose you do.” Sam’s mother said, completely displeased at this situation. She wished she would never have brought Sam’s excursions up. She knew he would be masturbating into his Aunt’s panties if she hadn’t, but seeing her sister take interest in his nasty little fetish bothered her even more. “I’m getting myself a drink.” “Sam go to bed.”

Sam complied and went up the steps 2 at a time, shutting his bedroom door behind him. Sam was extremely frustrated with his situation, he didn’t even think about finishing his schoolwork, he could do it another time. Sam stripped down to his boxer shorts and went to turn off the lamp. When he turned the switch the first time he saw the panties still folded on his bed, when the switch turned the second time into the off position the image was burned into his mind. Sam stood in the dark for a moment. He then decided to take his boxers off too, he crawled into bed and scooped the panties into his hand. He slid them up his legs then lifted his midsection off the bed to get them up around to his waist. He began to masturbate. He fell asleep before he could ejaculate, his organ still in his hand, above the waistband of the briefs.

Reba nursed the last half of her first drink while her sister had just finished her third. She knew her sister would probably fall asleep on the couch. Reba was still horny from all the thoughts earlier and was asphyxiated on tomorrow, wondering what size her nephew’s new underwear would have to be. She figured since her size underwear was too little on him she would get one size up. She wasn’t very tired and her sister had fallen to sleep on the couch. Reba was feeling naughty and crept up the stairs. She went into the guest bedroom not sure what to do next. She moved her dirty clothes from the bed to the floor, and moved her bang to the floor next to them. Reba though about going into her nephew’s bedroom.

Reba slowly opened the door to Sam’s bedroom and peered in. It was too dark to see anything. She could hear Sam’s heavy breathing in his sleep. She closed the door quietly behind her and reached anywhere for a light switch. Finding non Reba huffed. She reached her arms in front of her and took a few steps. She tripped on a stray shoe and fell to her knee. Sam is not a very heavy sleeper and awoke to this intrusion. He turned his nightstand’s lamp on, suddenly revealing his aunt raising to her feet.

“Reba?” Sam asked duly, still in a stupor.

“Your penis is hanging out.” Reba said dryly. Sam flushed again and pulled the waistband over his now limp genitals. Reba was even more turned on knowing that Sam had worn the panties to bed. “I guess those are the right size then?” Reba joked.

Sam pulled the sheets and cover up over his waist. “Well stand up let’s have a look.” Sam obeyed. “Now turn all the way around.” Sam did.

“They are a little tight in the front…. But that’s because they are made for girls.” “Come with me.”

Sam followed Reba into the guest bedroom. Reba began digging in her bag and soon found what she was looking for. She extended her arm towards Sam presenting another pair of panties. They were a yellow pair of boyshorts, fairly simple.

“Try these on.” Sam was confused what to do at first. Reba moved behind Sam and closed the bedroom door. “Just change your clothes in here, it’s not like I didn’t watch you bent over wearing my panties for 45 minutes…” Sam got another reminder of his punishment. “Do it now.”

Sam pulled the briefs down his legs and stepped out of them. He took the yellow boy shorts from his aunt, stepping into them quickly. He slid them up his legs and let the waistband slap against his skin again, like he had so many times before. “mm.” Reba cooed. Sam got a new erection. “Those are tight in the front too, but that’s because you have an erection.” Sam just blinked at his aunt, his manhood racing to full height. “Maybe you need a thong so no one can see any panty lines.” Reba offered. Sam’s head filled with hope. He was being reminded of all the times he scoured his mothers drawers looking for that thong he thought all women owned. His mother did not have a single thong. He wanted one so badly. Reba could see emotion in his eyes, the moments she could look away from his swollen manhood. She moved behind Sam and gave his butt a playful slap. Sam tensed his cheeks together moving away from this touch. One that he did not expect and almost made him cum in his panties right then and there. He put his hand on his bottom and turned around to face his Aunt.

It was a Thursday night and my mind was tired. I had spent the day teaching back-to-back lecture courses and I was looking forward to a quiet night of reading at the coffee house around the corner from my loft. I looked at the stack of books and articles I needed to get through for my research, but instead grabbed a novel I was two-thirds through. Research can wait until tomorrow.

It was my first year as a professor and I was new in town. With some inheritance money I had enough for a down payment on a loft in a gentrifying downtown neighborhood. The neighborhood had several upscale bars, decent restaurants and cozy coffee houses that didn’t seem to mind if you parked there for an entire day or evening. It was a nice life. I taught classes on topics that I found interesting and was able to enjoy a decent nightlife.

The coffee house I went to roasted its own beans and was open late. The evening crowd was a combination of downtown hipsters, a few students semi-productively studying, and regulars who lived in the growing collection of apartments, condos and lofts that were sprouting up throughout the neighborhood.

I walked in and it was fairly empty. Dan was working behind the counter and he immediately poured me a cup of decaf before I could even reach the counter. I laughed. It was good to know I was recognized, even if it was by the barista that I see three to four times a week. I grabbed the coffee and headed to my favorite quiet corner that was thankfully free. I sat down and started to read.

Non-descript jazz was playing on the stereo, muting the conversations around me. One group, sitting on the other side of a planter, was having a heated debate about some office politics. I couldn’t quite make out what it was about exactly, but the blonde woman still in business attire had obviously felt aggrieved. I tried to go back to my reading, but was easily distracted as customers came and went.

The CD changed and some strange Icelandic electronica music started to play. The door opened and Julia walked in. Julia was a student of mine. She was enrolled in my Tuesday afternoon senior seminar. We were only four weeks into the semester, but she had already made a strong impression on me. She was from a coal mining town in West Virginia and her experience watching her town struggle through continuous bouts of environmental destruction had pushed her to be an outspoken advocate against mountain top removal. She was tall and thin with a strong jaw and she often wore a beat up cowboy hat to class. She was the type of student that makes an impression. She was also smart. Her understanding of the readings far outpaced her fellow students and the written work that I had seen was well crafted and insightful.

Tonight she wore her cowboy hat with her dark hair pulled back into a short pony tail. The rest of her attire seemed haphazardly put together—some yoga pants, a pair of worn running shoes, and a white v-neck t-shirt. You could see the pink outline of her bra underneath the material. She ordered a coffee, grabbed it and started to walk over toward my corner. Without noticing me she sat down in the chair adjacent to me and pulled out the reading for next week’s class. It was then that she noticed me smiling at her. She gave a startled look and then broke into a big grin.

“Professor Speck!”

“I was wondering if you were going to notice me.” I said.

“Oh my god,” she said, “I was going to spend the night here reading for next week’s class.”

“Don’t let me stop you.”

Noticing my book she asked, “What are you reading?”

I held up the cover, “Trying to stay current on today’s culture.”

She smiled and there was a brief awkward silence. Then the conversation began to flow. We talked about reading in my class, possible topics for her paper, my research. Eventually the conversation started to get more personal. How I liked the university. Her experiences in West Virginia. Why she chose her major. Whether I was dating anyone. Where I lived. Neither of us got any reading done and eventually chairs were being put on tables and it was clear they were nudging us out the door. We packed up our things and walked out together.

“It was nice talking to you,” I said within earshot of Dan, “I will see you in class on Tuesday?”

“Yes,” she said. “It was great talking to you too. It is nice to see the person behind the professor.”

We awkwardly shook hands and walked off in opposite directions.

When I got to my place my hand was physically shaking as I tried to hold the key to unlock the door. I just had the best conversation I’ve had since arriving here and I knew that I could do nothing about it. I had had a professor crush on Julia since the first day of the semester and tonight we were practically on a date. It was an impromptu encounter, but everything about it felt like a first date. I walked inside and tossed the book down on the front table. The doorbell rang and my heart froze.

I opened the door and Julia was standing there, looking behind her shoulder nervously.

“I’m sorry, you were talking about where you lived and I always wondered what it was like inside these places and was wondering if I could come in,” she rambled. I hadn’t noticed her thick red lipstick in the coffee shop.


She stepped inside and I closed the door behind her. Neither of us really knew what to do next.

“This is the foyer,” I began and she threw her arms around my neck pressed her lips against mine. The kiss was clumsy and when we pulled away from each other I half expected to see a look of shock on her face. I knew I hadn’t initiated the kiss, but in the moment it is never clear how things are going to be interpreted. Instead I was greeted with her deep brown eyes and her impish grin before she grabbed the back of my head, pulled me to her and kissed me with aggressive abandon, her tongue reaching toward my back molars. Her body pressed against mine and I could feel her firm breast against my chest. I pulled her further into my loft.

We stumbled toward the couch, our lips and tongues not separating, our arms locked tightly around each other. I sat back and pulled her on top of me. The pressure of her crotch was pressing against my hardening cock. Feeling it she began to grind her hips against me.

She pulled up and looked at me, “I’ve been wanting to do this since the day I heard they had hired you. Did you know I was at your job talk?”

“I don’t remember that much from that day,” and I went back in for another kiss, knocking her cowboy hat off.

Julia was a fabulous kisser. Her tongue was playful in how it darted in and out of my mouth. She took time to suck on my lower lip and would occasionally wander to my earlobes where she would meticulously lick and suck. I wondered if this would stay a makeout session when I felt her hand move down toward my cock.

“Mmm, feels big. May I see it?” she asked with an innocent smile. Before I could answer she was undoing my belt and unbuttoning my jeans. My dick cooperated by popping through the fly in my boxers. “He looks happy to see me!”

She reached down and grabbed it and began giving my cock long deliberate strokes. I thrust my hips in approval. Next her lips joined her hands and she began working on my dick with her tongue and mouth with the same enthusiasm as she had my mouth and ears earlier. She pulled my pants and boxers off completely, took me into her mouth and then slowly swallowed my shaft down to the base. Her right hand cupped my balls. I could feel my tip pressing up against the back of her throat. She slowly pulled her head up and then pushed back down to the base. I pulled my shirt off over my head.

She began running her tongue up and down the shaft, circling and flicking the tip and then working back down. Her tongue moved to my balls where she slowly ran her tongue over my shaved sack.

“Mmm, nice and smooth,” she said between licks. She could thank my last girlfriend who insisted on proper manscaping.

Her hands reached around and cupped my ass as I ground my hips in approval. She playfully continued to suck and lick and stroke moving from the base of my balls up to my dripping tip and back down again. As she sucked I moaned in pleasure. She pulled up and looked at me. The only clothing she had shed was her cowboy hat and there I was sprawled completely naked in front of her.

“Look at you. Totally naked and me still clothed,” she said.

“It hardly seems fair.”

“No.” She stood up and reached down to pull her shirt over her head. Her breasts held firmly in place in a padded cotton bra that was clearly designed to accentuate the cleavage. She reached down pulled down her yoga pants revealing a matching thong to go along with her bra. The wet fabric of her panty clinging to the outline of her cunt’s lips. Her body was tanned and fit.

She began to move toward me, reaching back and unsnapping her bra on the way. She pushed me back down onto the couch and threw her leg over my torso, straddling my abdomen as I lay flat on my chest. Her left hand reached back to grab my cock while her right steadied herself on my chest.

“I’ve been wanting to do this since the beginning of the semester,” she said. “I think the reason I participate so much in class is because when I don’t my mind wanders off into some deprived fantasy.”


“Oh yeah. And don’t think I’m the only one. I can see it on some of the other girls’ faces and a couple of the guys too.” She winked.

I couldn’t hold back and I reached for her ass and pulled her crotch toward my mouth. Her hand let go of my dick to pull the fabric away from her pussy, revealing a nicely trimmed landing strip. Her clit protruded from between her lips and I hungrily smothered it with my tongue. She re-positioned herself to fully position herself over my mouth and tongue, steadying herself on the armrests of the couch. I circled her clit with my tongue and then pushed it as deep into her as possible. Julia let out a long moan as she ground her hips onto my face. Looking up I could see her massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples, awash in ecstasy. My hands clinched each one of her ass cheeks, helping her hit the right rhythm.

Julia tasted great. Her juices, now amply running down my chin, were almost sweet. I continued to lick and suck and she continued to moan and grind. Her body started to clinch as she pressed her cunt hard onto my mouth, the stubble of her pubic hair scratching my nose. Soon I could feel the inner walls of her pussy vibrate as her orgasm overtook her. She let out a high pitched scream. The orgasm subsided and she collapsed over the couch’s armrest.

“Wow,” Julia said with her body strewn over me. She wiggled herself down so that her whole body was pressed against mine. My dick pressed against the fabric of her panties, which had snapped back over pussy. She bent her head toward me and kissed me, my mouth still covered with her juices. Her tongue slowly licked around my mouth and chin, lapping up her taste. I could feel her breasts pressed against my chest as her hips started to grind against my throbbing hard dick.

“When I followed you I promised myself I wouldn’t fuck you,” Julia said quietly. “Maybe a kiss, maybe a hand job. But when I saw your dick I just had to suck it and now I just need you inside me.” She lifted her hips up and I reached down and pulled her panties down. She pulled herself up onto her knees and pushed them down to her ankles and onto the floor. Totally naked she reached down for my dick with her right hand and then lowered herself onto me. With one thrust I was inside her.

She placed her hands on my chest and began to slowly fuck me pulling herself up to my tip and then pushing herself down to my base. I reached behind her with a hand on each ass cheek. She leaned down giving me her left breast to suck. I sucked it as far into my mouth as it would go. Looking up at her I could see she was totally lost in sexual ecstasy. We continued in a slow rhythm and again I could feel the walls of her pussy clinch, this time around my dick, and she began to cum again. The high pitch scream once again accompanied her orgasm.

“God, I’ve cum twice and you are still going,” Julia exclaimed. “I really need to get away from college guys.” I laughed and sat up, my dick still engulfed in her wet cunt and her legs wrapped tightly around me.

“Well, how have you fantasized about making me cum?”

“Mmm, in class I always think about sucking your cock and swallowing your cum. I think about doing it just before class and your taste in my mouth the whole session.”

While she was talking she was grinding and while she was grinding and telling me how much she wanted my taste in my mouth I could feel my resistance weakening.

“Well, now is your chance.” She smiled and climbed off of me getting down on her knees while I sat naked on the couch, my dick protruding out toward her. She quickly took it into her mouth and swallowed it to the base. Her hands reached around and grabbed my ass as her head bobbed up and down. Her hand kept reaching and next I felt her finger pressing down on my asshole. I couldn’t hold back and my cum started to drain into her mouth. I could feel her throat contract as she was swallowing it down. I collapsed back and she climbed up next to me, her hand on my softening dick. A slight drip of my cum was on the corner of her mouth. She reached over and kissed me. Her tongue was salty and to show her how hot I thought this all was I licked the drip of semen off her mouth.

“As good as the fantasy?’ I asked.

“Better.” She said with a big smile. We sat there for awhile until she said, “Well, I have some homework to do. I have a professor that assigns way too much reading.”

She gathered her clothes, got dressed, and headed out the door. I sat there on the couch, still naked, thinking about what possibilities of other encounters might be in my future.

The only sound in her room were the keys ticking along with her out of control typing. To her, the sound was booming, the light coming from her computer was too bright. She got up from her chair and crept to the door peeked out of her room. Down the hallway her parents were sleeping soundly. She gently shut the door and replaced the towel at the bottom of it to keep the light in and her secrets safe.

She rubbed her tired eyes as she plopped back down in the chair. It was 2:27 and she was exhausted. But her pussy was too wet to let her go to sleep now.

Ninerzfan77: What are u wearing?

Pinkraspberries: I can’t tell u that!

Ninerzfan77: C’mon!! U won’t skype… at least tell me what ur wearing!

In truth, she didn’t want to. She was wearing a pair of sweatpants and her volleyball practice shirt. Her hair was in a bun on top of her head and she had her retainers in. She looked in the mirror and giggled at the zit cream in spots all over her face. She wasn’t above lying though.

Pinkraspberries: I’m just wearing my normal pjs… a thong and a cami

Ninerzfan77: mmm what color?

Pinkraspberries: pink

Ninerzfan77: is that the thong i bought u?

Pinkraspberries: yep

Ninerzfan77: why don’t you take it off for me

Pinkraspberries: but if I did that I’d get pussy juice all over my chair…

Ninerzfan77: god u r making me so fucking hard

It was true enough, she had been rubbing her clit while she waited for his responses. Her hips instinctively moved in a rocking motion. She could visualize mounting him and riding his thick cock right on this very chair. Her face flushed.

Pinkraspberries: what do you want to do to me?

Ninerzfan77: i want to pull your shirt down and suck on those sweet tits to start

Pinkraspberries: is that all?

Ninerzfan77: then i would rip off those panties and eat dat pussy until you cum

Ninerzfan77: then i would give u this dick and fuck you for hours im so hard rite now it hurts.

Pinkraspberries: baby that sounds soooo good. i want you so bad right now. i want to suck that cock until you explode in my mouth.

Ninerzfan77: I’m coming over.

Pinkraspberries: Wat?

Ninerzfan77: i’m coming over, open your bathroom window, ima climb the roof.

Pinkraspberries: you sneak in, my parents will hear you…. you know how they are! we may be 18 but it’s still their house! we’ll be in deep shit if they find you!

Ninerzfan77: stop worryin about them all the time. we’re going to move intogether anyway, r we just going to pretend like we’re not fucking then?

Pinkraspberries: … good point. But it’s late…

Ninerzfan77: Then we’ll be real quiet.

Ninerzfan77 has signed off.

Shit. She ripped her clothes off and frantically dug through her panty drawer to find the pink thong he had given her on her birthday. She pulled it on along with a lacy camisole. Her heart raced as she picked all the dirty clothes up off her floor and shoved them in her hamper. She flicked her purple lighter until the flame spurted out and lit the candle on her desk. Taking a deep breath, she silently opened her door and tiptoed down the hall to her bathroom. She practically spit out her retainers and ripped the hairband out of her hair. It fell to her shoulders in a disheveled mess. She splashed water on her face and rubbed the cream off with a rag. She looked in the mirror.

Although not entirely satisfied with her appearance there came a knock on the window. Lifting the glass slider out of the pane to open it as quietly as possible, she let him in. He shimmied in through the tight opening as best as he could, being six feet tall and muscular. She was in his arms the moment he stood. The smell of his cologne made her quiver. He tilted her face up and kissed her roughly, jamming his tongue into her mouth. His big hands roamed over her body, cupping her perky tits, squeezing her bare ass.

“You’re so sexy,” he breathed, his deep voice making her knees weak.

“Let’s go in my room,” she whispered back.

Her heart was pounding as they slipped out of the bathroom. She motioned to him to be silent, though he was already aware of how much trouble they’d be in if they woke her parents. She was still nervous as she closed the door to her room behind them. He sat down on her bed and pulled her onto his lap. They didn’t speak. She relished his big soft lips on hers, but kept an eye on the door and an ear perked for any sounds coming from down the hallway. Eager hands tried to push up her camisole, but she shied away, too afraid to relax. She could swear she heard footsteps on the other side of the door.

“C’mon baby,” he whispered.

She shook her head and moved to the door. Silently twisting the knob, she braved another peek down the hallway. Darkness and silence greeted her. Coming up behind her, he swept her hair off her shoulders and began kissing her neck and ears — knowing, from many late night make-out sessions, that her neck was her weak spot. She arched her neck into his gentle kisses. Tingles shivered down her spine. He moved down to her shoulders and even managed to plant one on her collarbone. When he pulled her closer to him, she could feel his erection pressing into her backside. She arched her back, wagging her ass back and forth. He grunted his approval and rested a hand on her hipbone, swaying with her. The anxiety was melting away. She instinctively felt safe, pressed close to his muscular frame.

One of his big hands found her nipple stiff against her camisole; while the other took a handful of her dark hair and gently pulled it. Her breathing immediately became heavy, desire blossoming with marked intensity in her pussy. A moan escaped her throat, and, forgetting all about getting caught, she turned around and pressed her lips to his. Her warm tongue slipped into his mouth. The white cotton shirt he had worn was soon on her floor. His smooth, rock hard body made her face flush and her hands wander. As promised, he pulled her shirt up, exposing her small, but perfect tits. He bent and took one into his mouth, then the other, leaving a wet kiss where his nibbling and sucking had turned her red.

Without warning he lifted her up and positioned her bent her over her bed. He spanked her harder than she was prepared for causing her to squeak and bite her lip. The pink thong slid easily down her smooth buttocks, though it clung to her slit where her wetness had spread. With her cheeks spread apart, he saw her pussy swollen and shining in the dim light of the candle. He slid his left index finger inside of her, letting it swim in her honey. When he removed it he fought the urge to suck it clean. Her smell and the way she tasted literally made his mouth water. Instead, he rubbed the wetness over her pink star. She moaned into the pillows, the sensation causing her cunt to clench. He spit on her ass, rubbing it into the hole with his thumb.

He leaned over her, pressing his erection against her and asked, “are you ready for it?”

“Please, fuck me, baby. Please.”

She rolled onto her back, spreading her legs for him. He took off his pants and rubbed his cock at the sight of her spread, eager, and pinching her own nipples. Instead of giving her what she wanted, he went to his knees and devoured her. The taste was intoxicating. He prodded her clit with his tongue, over and over again, finding that rhythm that made her arch her back and clutch the covers. She felt his fingers press into her and he immediately began stroking her G-spot. She felt her orgasm building and desperately ground her pussy into his face. She needed more. She needed relief.

His cock was throbbing, swollen beyond its limits and demanding release. He waited until he was sure she was ready to come and stood, quickly pressing his cock into her wetness. She stifled a moan by biting on her hand. The first thrust sent waves of pleasure through the both of them. Her orgasm was almost upon her. Penetration was only a taste of what she needed and she was about to reach down to exact relief herself; but he caught her hands and pinned them up over her head with one of his. She moaned in protest, grinding against him as best she could. His pace increased, his thick cock gliding easily in and out of her, the sound of him slapping against her the only break in the silence. His balls began rising, the tightness building in him signaled that he was almost ready. He let go of her hands and rubbed her himself until he felt her pussy tightening around his dick.

Her muscles from her head to her toes clenched as the wave of pleasure coursed through her body, none as tightly as those wrapped around him. She felt her pussy flooding with moisture. Her heart was again racing and she fought to stay quiet.

Abruptly he pulled out of her. Before he could rub his orgasm out, she was there. The glistening head pressed her sweet little lips aside and disappeared into her mouth. She pumped the base of his shaft and sucked him until he moaned. The warm load squirted into her mouth and down the back of her throat. She waited until he was completely finished to lick the excess cum off his head.

He was leaning down to kiss her when they heard a door open down the hall.

“Fuck! Get in the closet,” she whispered and frantically threw his clothes in after him.

She grabbed her clothes and jumped in bed, pulling the blankets up to her chin. She rolled onto her side and shut her eyes just as her bedroom door clicked open. She could practically hear his heart beating in her closet. Her own heart was hammering so hard she could guarantee the covers were moving along with it.

“Sweetie? Are you awake?” Her mother whispered to her.

She adjusted her position sleepily and said nothing. The door hovered open. She prayed her mom couldn’t smell the sex that so obviously hung in the air. Quiet footsteps approached the bed. The sound of her candle being put out followed. Then, the door clicked shut once again. Silence. She was too afraid to move until the door down the hallway closed. Throwing back the covers she rose and opened the closet to reveal her naked boyfriend.

Smiling she said, “Same time tomorrow?”

Santa Clauses rang their bells at the entrances. Green and red dominated the décor within the atrium of the two story shopping mall. Holiday ‘musak’ competed with the buzzing babble of the shoppers. It was the holiday rush to meet self-imposed expectations of happiness which could only be satisfied by conspicuous consumption.

Fallston strolled the storefronts with Debra, his Total Woman Excursions host guide and personal shopper. Debra had helped many guests with this annual burden and understood the mental and emotional stress involved. She was well connected with the mall merchants’ managers and sales staff. Debra knew where the very best goods and services could be found. She also knew where the very best in very personal services could be found. That was her particular specialty.

The shopping partners had found many of the presents Fallston needed for his co-workers and family, even some gag gifts for his buddies. Their chauffeur had hauled a few arm loads back to the parked limousine. As they passed a department store cosmetics counter, Fallston noticed the group of makeup saleswomen mingling with the passing customers, extolling their products and offering samples of scents and colors. Three of the saleswomen excitedly waved at them.

“Hi, Debra! How’s it going? We haven’t seen you around lately. Have you been keeping yourself busy?”

Debra gave the trio bijou cheek kisses. “I’ve been fine. Haven’t seen you helping at the resort socials lately either. How’s your sales volume this year? Have you got any new products that I should be aware of?”

“Oh, yes. We have a new line of lipsticks that have natural ingredients guaranteed to please your special man’s special place.” They giggled and glanced at Debra’s guest.

“Ladies, this is Fallston. He’s my guest this week. New products, huh; how about a demonstration? He might be an interested buyer.”

“Okay, but not out here. Let’s move to the office in the back.”

They grabbed a couple of sample cases and led Debra and Fallston past the dressing rooms to the office area. They entered the room marked ‘Store Manager’.

“He’s off sick today. We can settle in here. We won’t be disturbed.”

The three saleswomen opened the sample cases and helped each other apply fresh makeup. They selected three widely different colors of lipstick and took time thickly coating their lips. There was Fire Engine Red on the redhead, Sultry Pink on the brunette and Gothic Black on the saleswoman with short spiky black hair.

They settled Fallston in the boss’s desk chair, Debra at his side, her hand on his shoulder. Fire Engine Red was first. She leaned in and softly kissed Fallston. He tasted cherry with a slight tingle of camphor. Red backed up, unzipped his fly and extracted his soft cock. She kneeled in front and placed her lips over half the knob. Fallston felt the camphor prickle the delicate skin. Red used her tongue to swab the entire crown surface. She spread the natural ingredients all over his knob. Fallston gave a start when the tip of her tongue picked at the slit on the end. Debra’s reassuring hand squeezed his shoulder and he resettled in his seat. Red held his knob in her mouth as she looked up into his eyes. Fallston nodded approval. Red released him and he saw the smudge ring of red just below the rim of his crown.

Sultry Pink followed Red. She passionately kissed Fallston; letting him taste the watermelon flavored gloss on her lips. Fallston again felt the tang of camphor. Then Pink knelt to take Red’s place to continue the demonstration. Pink angled his erection up, opened wide, descended and closed her lips only at midshaft. Her tongue washed around the top and sides. Pink puckered her lips, squeezing the meat tube in her mouth. She let Fallston feel her tongue tip paint his sensitive underside skin. Tilting her head but not letting any of him out of her mouth, she smiled around a mouth full of cock. Fallston also gave her his nod of approval. She opened wide and backed off, leaving her pink smudge ring at half-staff.

Fallston waited. Debra inquired “You okay, sweetie? Need a break? No? Okay, now just relax as Black brings it home. She’s legendary around the Goth Clubs. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.”

Just before Black kissed Fallston, he saw the pockmarks on ears and eyebrows where her temporarily missing body piercings had been. Her lips tasted of anise but the natural stimulation ingredient was peppery and intense, almost a burn. When she backed off, she smiled a mischievous smile.

Black held his erection in her whole hand, tilting it left and right, examining it closely. Satisfied at what she found, she opened up and plunged down, bumping his tip against the entrance to her throat. She paused and pushed more, swallowed and let the knob pass by her tonsils. Her lips circled the very base of Fallston cock. Her bristly black bangs tickled his navel. Fallston felt the pepper sting the skin of his scrotum as her tainted saliva trickled over it. He jumped to get up and, this time, no reassuring hand was going to hold him back. He levered his hips up with his hands braced on the chair arms and his heels braced hard on the floor. Black didn’t budge from her complete embedment of his erection. She slipped her arms under his elevated ass to hug his groin tighter to her face. Fallston watched and anxiously waited for Black to take a breath. She outlasted him. Fallston cried out, not from ecstasy or pleasure but from fear and discomfort. That was her signal and she opened and extracted herself, sitting back and smiling her mischievous smile.

Before Debra tucked Fallston’s cock into his pants, she pointed to the black ring at the base. She said “Black won. At the clubs, she always wins. She’s a legend.” Fallston had experienced the ‘legend’. He would happily forgo any sequels.

Fallston followed Debra along the second floor walkway. He gazed over the railing at the cleavage displayed by the female shoppers strolling below. Debra entered a famous international lingerie shop. The saleswomen mingled with the ordinary customers, endorsing the piles of colorful panties, lacy pushup bras and scented lotions. The saleswomen wore racy red and green bedroom costumes, acting as their own living mannequins displaying the goods. They recommended the comfortable styles to shy husbands as a romantic alternative to the store’s other, more fetish-styled fashions. Debra took Fallston to the showroom area where those more fetish-styled fashions were on display. She signaled to a saleswoman for assistance.

The fetish fashion knockout brunette was attired, from bottom to top, in spiked black heels, holdup dark stockings, lacy thong, supple black leather bustier and a velvet collar with a silver ring sewn into the front at her throat. Her makeup was perfect: cherry red lips and smoky eyelid shadows over her star blue eyes. Her full wavy hair fell over her shoulders in cascades that reached her mid back. She was the definition of voluptuous: large pushed up cleavage, fine rounded hips and lithe arms ending in manicured nails. Fallston recognized her as the celebrity model on all the lingerie store’s advertisements.

Fallston stared until Debra coughed an ‘ahem’ that got Fallston and the model’s attention.

“Debra! How are you? You look great! Where have you been for so long? Are you here on business or personal shopping? Personal I hope. You look fantastic in this stuff.”

“You look marvelous, too. I’m here this time on business. This is Fallston and I am his personal shopper today. He needs something for his special lady in the real world. What have you got?”

“Everything a woman needs and a man desires. Tell me Fallston, what your favorite fantasy?”

Fallston shrugged.

“Don’t know? Well, let’s model a few to see what you like. I’m too ‘rigged out’ right now to change easily. Let’s get someone to help us.”

The model trailed two fingers across Fallston abdomen as she looked up in passing. She returned with a scantily clad blonde saleswoman from the ‘plain vanilla’ side in tow. She positioned her in front of Fallston.

“This is our normal package: colored thong panties and pushup foam bra with lace edging. Either piece comes as mix and match, colors and sizes. This is the full cup but there is also the half cup and a no-cup frame only style.” She whispered to the blond who disappeared into the dressing rooms. They made small talk until she returned.

“Now she’s wearing our haute culture variation. The half cup barely covers the center of her nipples. See how the upper areolas peek over the top? Check the thong. It shows a snug cameltoe. Go ahead, feel it.”

The model moved Fallston hand to the blonde’s cunt and his fingers found moisture where the panty crotch was split.

“This little outfit is ideal for those times when you can’t wait or don’t want to wait. You can fuck without undressing. It comes highly recommended for underneath wedding gowns, great for the limo ride to the reception.”

The model whispered again to the blonde who disappeared for a time and then returned in a very short hip rider plaid skirt and a midriff tied white sleeveless blouse. She had rearranged her hair in two side ponytails. She wore no bra, her dark disks plainly visible through the stretched translucent white cotton.

Fallston felt his blood pressure rise and his face go flush. He had just gotten three uncompleted blowjobs and this fetish lingerie show. Without a pause, he grabbed the blonde’s hand and skipped with her quickly to the dressing rooms, pulled her inside one and locked the door. Neither said nor needed to say a word. The blonde placed one foot on the bench seat, parting her thighs in invitation. Fallston flipped up the front of the short plaid skirt and almost swore when he saw the thong panty guarding her cunt. This was one of those times when he couldn’t wait and didn’t want to wait.

Fallston fingered the narrow strap and found that luck favored him. The blonde still wore the split crotch thong and he felt lots of slippery moisture on his fingers. Fallston unzipped and pulled his full erection through his fly. He slithered his erection through the thong gap and into her fleshy tunnel. The blonde circled her arms around his neck as he crushed her cotton covered boobs to his chest. She caught his lips with hers and probed her tongue deep into his mouth, exploring its depth and sides, brushing his gums and teeth.

Fallston popped his hips, burying the shaft as far as possible, stopped by his pubic bone banging into hers. He banged that bone again and again, getting an ‘oh..oh..oh..’ from the blonde each time he mashed it. He released her tongue and bit her earlobe, smelling the lingering merchandise scents in her hair. But his cum refused to linger. He roared out his orgasm, splashing his sperm inside her. She hugged him tight as she peaked with him, almost breaking his neck with her frantic hug.

They leaned on each other. Finally, Fallston pulled his half stiff cock out of her warm, wet cunt. She assisted him by tucking his sticky cock to his pants. They smoothed down their clothes. Unlocking the door they nonchalantly walked back to the showroom floor, lightly holding hands. Debra and the model were chatting but stopped when the pair appeared.

Fallston said “I’ll take it. Please gift wrap it to go.”

“No problem, but, of course, you mean the clothing. The saleswoman has to stay and finish her shift.”

The model motioned the blonde back to the contemporary sales floor. The blonde slid her hand off his, brushing her finger tips across his palm. As she sashayed between the clothes racks, she looked back over her shoulder, eyes half lidded, and blew a pucker kiss. She trailed a new scent of musk which should induce gullible husbands to make unintentional purchases in the ‘plain vanilla’ sales area.

Debra said to the model “Okay, well, bye, sweetie. See you again soon?”

“It’s never soon enough. Okay, bye for now.”

Debra led Fallston to the limousine, now loaded with his Xmas gifts. They returned to the Total Woman Excursions resort.

I was staying in a condo, sharing it with a co-worker during the summer of 1996. He had gone golfing and I wanted to work on my tan. I had brought various bathing suits with me, including several thongs. Thongs, especially on males, were not worn on the main beach, so I put on a gray thong and pulled on a pair of shorts over them. Taking my beach towel and another, I grabbed my fanny-pack (With suntan oil and other necessities) and walked down the path from the condos to the beach. Once there, I checked both directions, then chose to head north. There were not many people towards that end of the Island.

I walked maybe an eighth of a mile and came to a spot where the water had washed away a ‘canyon’ of sorts, back into the dunes to near the tree line. It offered me privacy from sight up and down the beach and was high enough from the water at low tide, that anyone walking the water line would not see me. There were several large pieces of driftwood near by; I dragged them closer and formed a small wind and privacy barrier. The only way to be seen was for someone to be walking midway between the dunes and the water. Satisfied with not being easily seen and offending anyone, I prepared my beach towel to lay on and would use the other as a pillow. I put suntan oil on the exposed portions of my body then laid on my towel and stripped down to the thong. I then oiled the newly exposed body parts and lay back on the towel. Because the sun was hot, I rolled about every ten to fifteen minutes to keep from burning, adding oil every other time I rolled over.

I had only seen a few people walking the beach anywhere near me and all, except for a couple, had passed near the water. The couple that was higher on the beach swung away from me once they had spotted me. I had been lying on my back with my head toward the water.

I had been there for about an hour and was lying on my stomach.

Sweat ran into my eye and I raised my head to wipe it with the edge of the towel. I raised myself with my arms then moving my legs under and between them, sat back on the towel. I reached for the oil and began rubbing some on my legs, then chest and shoulders. It was as I was reaching around to oil my sides that I first saw him in the reflection off of my sunglasses. I did not stop oiling myself, nor did I turn to look at him.

As I lay back on the towel, I rolled to my elbow to adjust the towel being used as a pillow. It was then that I looked up at him. He sat on a plank that lay across the narrowest portion of the washout. He looked to be in his late fifties or early sixties.

“Hello,” he said, “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

I reached for my shorts and made as if I was going to put them on.

“I was just sitting here enjoying the view. It is…was quite scenic. I saw no need in disturbing you”

I slipped into my shorts, “Hi. I just didn’t hear you come up. I was going to be leaving soon anyway. I apologize if I have offended you by my attire.” I stood facing him, knowing that I had not, because he would not have stopped there if he had been.

“No! No, of course you didn’t! I, as I said, was enjoying the scenery. You don’t have to leave if you don’t want to… or don’t have to. I was not offended…by a long shot. The fact is, I rather liked your attire. I don’t see that very often. To tell the truth, I don’t recall ever seeing a young man wearing one of those…things?” he was telling me.

“It’s a thong. That’s the reason that I was this far up on the beach, not to be seen. I had not seen any myself, on any of the women, and figured that it may be, shall we say, LESS acceptable attire, especially on a male.”

“It is acceptable to me. I was enjoying sitting here looking at you lying there. You have a beautiful tan. To sit here and watch your body twitch to shoo off the insects… You have a really good tan! With the suit as small as it is, I’ll bet your tan looks great when you take it off.”

“Yeah, I guess it looks pretty good.” I answered him.

“Could you let me see?’ he asks.

I nodded then looking around, pulled the shorts down my thighs, revealing the thin grey thong. I slipped a thumb through the waistband, pulling it down to expose the tan line across my abdomen.

“Could I see more,” he requested, “…I mean, could I see the back?”

I lowered the thong a little further as I turned my back to him..

I looked around again, then, leaning forward, pulled the shorts to mid-thighs. I again thumbed the thong down, a little further this time, exposing the tan-less strip of skin until it disappeared between my buttocks.

“Oh yes…very nice,” he whispered coarsely, “Turn back around and let me see the front, O.K.?”

Turning toward him, I pulled the thong back back up in the rear. Moving my hands to the front sides of the thong, I hooked the thumbs into the band and lowered it to expose the top of my shaped and trimmed pubic hair. The whiteness of the tan-less flesh seemed to incite him to want to see more.

“Would you pull it aside and let me look at you, ” he asked, indicating, with his finger, that he wanted me to pull the crotch of the thong to one side, exposing what was hidden by the strip of thin nylon.

I stepped closer to him, lessening the chance of being seen from the beach. Checking the area and the lines of sight to people down the beach, I determined that I could only be seen from mid-chest up. I hooked two fingers into the leg opening of the thong and pulled it aside, sort of teasing him

“A little further, please. Let me see you…all of you.”

Straightening the front, I pulled the thong down to where my shorts were, exposing my groin, then put my hands on my hips, striking a pose for him..

“Now that is what I call, very sexy!” he exclaimed. “Would you come here and sit by me?”

I straightened the thong and, after pulling up my shorts, sat beside of him on the plank. I noticed that his Bermuda Shorts leg was pulled high and he was playing with his cock with one hand.

“Would you slide your shorts down and let me make you hard? I’d like to see how big and hard you get.”

I did as asked and we talked as he played with my dick. I pulled his pants leg higher and fondled his hard cock. It was larger than mine was, in both length and thickness. He asks me to jack him off as he stroked my now erect cock. His cock began to throb as I milked his semen from it. He ejaculated a large quantity into the sand as he arched his hips forward.

He had me close to orgasm when I looked up and noticed a couple walking up the beach. I told him of the approaching couple and then we straightened our clothing. His erection had subsided, but mine was still quite evident. I had to hide it behind my arm as the young couple went by.

We chatted awhile. He told me about a friend of his, ten years younger, that he had been fucking for about five years.

“He likes it when I fuck him from behind. I fuck him for a long time and any time he and I can get together.”

He said that he would like to see me in a more private place. I told him that I came to this place several days a week, around five in the afternoon.

“Maybe I’ll see you again,” I told him as we left.

Several days later, my roommate was again leaving to play golf and I decided it would be an ideal time to grab some more rays. I donned the thong and shorts, grabbed my towels and fanny-pack. As I reached the beach and passed the last boardwalk, I met Harold (not his real name).

“I was just up the beach. I was hoping that I would see you there, but there were a couple of teenagers near there, so I figured you wouldn’t be there.”

“Well, if there is someone there, no sense in my going there.”

“That’s a shame, I would have enjoyed spending a little time with you. I wish there was somewhere else… nearby…that we could go,” he stated.

“Yeah… well…I am in a condo just over there,” I indicated the condos behind the dunes. “I have a roommate, but he just left to play golf…”

“…And should be away for a few hours,” Harold finished my sentence.

“Right. We could go there. If you’d like?”

“Yes. That would be fine with me.”

I told him the number and ask that he follow a few minutes later as I would insure that my roommate was not there. I went to the apartment and confirmed that it was empty. A few minutes later, Harold knocked on the door and I let him in.

Harold came into the living room, “Nice place! You own, or leasing?”

“Monthly rental. I am working near here for the next few months.”

“I take it that your roommate isn’t gay, and that he doesn’t know about you?”

“Right and wrong,” I answered, “He isn’t gay and neither am I. I am bisexual, not gay.”

“Same as me,” Harold said, “I love pussy too much to be gay!”

“You want a beer or something?” I asked.

“I’ll pass on the beer, but I would like something,” he grinned.

“Name it and it’s yours if I have it.” I grinned back.

“Take off your clothes, I want to see your body completely naked.”

I said, “Let’s go in here,” motioning to my bedroom, “just in case my roommate returns unexpectedly.”

Harold followed me into the room as I pulled my shirt off. He began to massage my back and shoulders, as they become bare. I pushed down my shorts and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of the thong.

“Leave that on for a few minutes,” he said, with a look of lust in his eyes.

“You said to take off the clothes, you wanted to see me naked.”

“In a minute,” he put his arms around me, hugging me tightly, kissing my neck and shoulder.

His hands roamed my body as I stood there then slowly pushed me to the bed. Moments later, his hand rubbed my cock to hardness beneath the material of the thong.

“O.K., take it off, I don’t want to stretch it,” he whispered, squeezing my cock through the thin nylon material.

I raised my hips and slid the material down, my cock slapping against my abdomen when it finally was freed. Harold held my cock and balls in his hand as he licked and nipped at my hard nipples. He pulled one leg up and ran his fingers through the crack of my ass, pausing to tease the puckered opening with a fingertip.

“Um-m-m,” I moaned, my eyes closed, “That feels good.”

“Oh yeah? You like that?” he put the finger to his mouth, wetting it with his saliva then easing it into my ass. “You like that?”

I moaned and nodded my head. Precum oozed from the tip of my cock.

“Yes, you DO like that. You’d like to have your ass fucked, wouldn’t you? Do you want me to fuck your tight ass? Say it. Say you want me to fuck you,” Harold breathlessly whispered into my ear as he continued to finger-fuck my ass. “Tell me you want my hard dick in your ass.”

I reached to feel his hard cock through his Bermuda Shorts. Yes, I wanted it in my ass! I had thought about it since that first day.

“Yes, I want you to fuck me. Do you have a condom?”

“No, I don’t. I do back at my place, but that’s too far and my wife will want to know why I’m in and out so quick. Your roommate might be back before I get back. You don’t have any?” answered Harold, still pumping his fingers (now numbering two) in my wanton asshole.

“I may have some in my truck. I’ll go check. There were some in the glove compartment. I’ll be back in a minute.”

I got up and pulled on my shorts then rushed down the stairs to get a couple of condoms from the truck. I knew there were some in there because I had just purchased them the week before.

I was back in a couple of minutes. I checked my watch and realized that it had been almost an hour since my roommate had left to play golf. If he couldn’t get a game, he could be back any time. I debated for a few seconds and decided that he would probably have a few beers and BS with someone in the clubhouse before he left, so I was going to go for the ass-fucking.

“I’m back,” I announced as I stepped into the bedroom.

Harold had stripped to his boxers and I could tell that his cock had softened a bit. I dropped my shorts, then got a tube of K-Y Jelly from the nightstand. Harold removed his underwear and pulled at his cock, making it firm up rapidly.

“Lay on your back and raise your knees to your chest.” He opened a condom packet and placed it over the head of his cock.

“Here, let me,” I said as I grasp his hard cock and rolled the condom down its length. I smeared some lubrication over the condom then squeezed more onto my fingertips. I worked some into my anus and lubed the surrounding exterior. When satisfied that I was prepared, I said,

“O.K., Harold, are you ready to fuck me?”

“Oh yeah, I’m ready. Raise your butt some more.”

I could feel the pressure of his throbbing cock as it pressed against the flesh just below my scrotum. Pulling my legs closer to my chest raised my anal opening to the point that I could feel the tip of his latex-covered cock pressing against it. Harold pressed forward and I felt myself open as the intruding cock-head slipped passed the muscle ring, before entering my rectum. Moments later, Harold’s balls pressed against my ass-cheeks. He was now balls-deep in my ass! I spread my knees and he lay atop me, pressing my cock and balls between us. He laid still for a moment to allow me to relax, and then started to slowly stroke in and out of my ass.

“Oh Yeah! That feels good! Your ass is so hot and tight. It is pulsing, trying to milk my balls dry. Um-m-m! Yeah! You like it? You like my hard cock up your ass? You want me to fuck you, don’t you? You are so-o-o good! Ask me to fuck you…ask me to pump my big hard cock in your tight hot ass!”

“Oh yeah, Baby! Fuck me! Fuck that ass-stretching cock into my hot cum-sucking ass! Your big hot cock feels so good…so deep inside of me! Fuck me, Big Boy…fuck my ass like it’s never been fucked before.”

I could tell that Harold loved the dirty-talking, so I continued to encourage him to fuck me. It truly did feel good.

He rose to his arm’s length above me and continued to fuck at a more rapid rate of speed.

“Yes, I want it! I want your hard cock filling my ass! Um-m-m, Yeah! Fuck it! Fuck my hot ass.”

I was humping in rhythm with his movements, taking all of his cock with each inward stroke. His cock pressed against my prostate gland with each stroke causing utmost pleasurable feelings throughout my body. I was getting a very good fuck. Minutes later, I could feel Harold cock swell as his breathing became more rapid. I knew that he was close to cumming and, although I knew that my roommate could come home any minute, I wanted it to last longer. It wasn’t going to happen.

“Um-m-m-m! I’m going to cum! I’m gonna cum up your ass! Are you ready for it?” Harold grunted as he fuck hard against me.

“Yes,” I answered, “Fuck your hot creamy cum into my ass! Shoot your load in my ass! Come on! Fuck me harder,” I kept humping hard in rhythm with him.

He lunged forward, burying his cock to the base as it throbbed, pumping its cream deep into my rectum. Harold lowered his body to mine and kissed my neck and chest as his cock shrank and slipped out of my ass.

I pushed up with my hands; “We’d better get cleaned up. My roommate may be back at any time.”

Harold just got up and put on his clothes, “I’ll just clean up when I get home. I don’t want to cause any grief between you and your roommate.”

“O.K.” I said, still lying on the bed.

“Listen, my friend is coming this weekend. Maybe we could get together, the three of us. The wives will go out shopping and we could be at my place. Think about it. I’ll come to the end of the boardwalk where we met today and let you know. It could be a lot of fun and enjoyment for all of us.”

“Yeah, sounds like a good time. I’ll be on the boardwalk around 4:30 or 5 o’clock tomorrow.”

“Okay. I’ll phone him tonight and clear it with him and see you there. I’ll let myself out. Thanks, it was a great time. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”

“Yes it was. I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.”

I lay back and waited until I heard the door close as he left. I raised my leg, reached around my buttock, and felt the condom, still located within my anus. I pinched the open end between my thumb and forefinger, and slowly removed it. Holding it before me, I noticed the large quantity of cum that it held. There must have been a couple of teaspoons full.

I got up, grabbed my towel and went into the bathroom to shower. I had just closed the bathroom door when I heard the front door open and close.

“A little better than perfect timing,” I said to myself as I flushed the toilet and dropped the cum-filled condom in.

I turned on the shower, getting the water temperature as hot as I thought that I could comfortably stand it. Grabbing a washcloth, I stepped into the tub and pulled the curtain. I allowed the water to soak my head, and then, turning my back to the shower-head, let it flow down my back. Grasping a buttock with each hand, I spread my cheeks allowing the hot water to flush the K-Y from my anus. I arched my back and strained a little to expel air, or…farted, if you prefer. This also expelled some of the lube remaining in my just-fucked ass. The water served to sooth away the tightness of my anxiety and I relaxed for a few minutes before I grabbed the bar of soap and thoroughly washed the smell of hot sex from my body.

After drying myself and wrapping the towel around my waist, I came out of the bathroom, acknowledging the return of my roommate.

“How was the game,” I ask.

“Oh, I guess it was alright. I had a few beers and had a good time,” he responded. “How ’bout you? Did you go out to the beach? You have a nice time?”

“Yeah, for a short time. It was hot. I really needed a shower to cool off,” I said as I headed for my room.

As a walked past the bed, I noticed the condom foil laying on the night table, and smiled, “Yeah, it got pretty hot,” I said to myself.

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