I had been a regular client for a couple of years and was very disappointed when she announced that she was closing her office and leaving the area. Leigh had always been very good at helping me release tension during my massage. Since I had previously worked with a massage therapist, I was familiar with breathing techniques and consciously letting go of my tension and stress upon entering the treatment room. Her room was very soothing – candles and light scents, calming colors on the walls. I had pre-paid for a couple more sessions and was trying to make sure I got them all scheduled before she moved. Since I did not have another therapist picked out yet, I asked her if it was ok that my friend Bill come along and observe, so he could see how she worked on me, and maybe he could fill in until I could find someone else. She had no objections.

As was typical, when I arrived, she gave me a hug and stepped out of the room to let me get out of my clothes in private. Bill came into the room with me and sat down while I disrobed. It was my intent that when he did these moves to me, they would be part of a sensual massage, so I played it up while I took off my clothes – winking at him, making eye contact, turning around and shaking my bottom. I giggled and smiled and so did he, obviously enjoying the show. I pulled the sheet back and got up onto the table face-down, then pulled the sheet up just enough to cover my ass.

Leigh knocked at the door and I told her it was ok to come in. Bill sat quietly off to the side and watched as she came in and walked around the table. As was her custom, she stopped and put both hands on my back, just above the crack of my ass and between my shoulder blades. She stood like that for a moment and then turned to get her hands oiled and begin working on my tension. We slipped into the familiar routine of chatting while she worked and we talked about her daughter, her moving plans and the like. Bill continued to sit quietly and just watch. Leigh moved down to my feet and began working on them and then started to work on my legs. At this point, Bill got up and asked if he could watch more closely, then approached the table. Since it was kind of a training session, Leigh didn’t object, but simply showed him the strokes she liked to use on me and began to explain to him that I liked a bit of pressure in these places, but to go easy in these places. As she worked her way up toward my thighs, I spread them slightly, as was usual, and Bill made a noise.

While Leigh and I had our own method of communication during my massages, Bill and I, too, had our methods of communication during our naked time and I caught the noise that he’d made. I felt that the sheet had moved down and I was totally exposed. Bill mentioned that he had heard of a technique called “All hands on deck” in which two people worked to massage one person. Of course, I was all for that. He stepped to the top of the massage table and stood at the top of my head, then slowly began to work his hands down my back, from shoulders to butt cheeks. As he did this, Leigh worked from my feet up to the tops of my legs. The combination of hands on my body was amazing, and I began to feel a bit of dampness between my legs. I noticed that the conversation had stopped and that the movements had slowed a bit. The next time Bill pushed his hands down my back, he lingered a bit on my cheeks and then gently slipped his fingers between them on the way up. Leigh caught the movement and as she came up my thighs, she parted them just a little more. Bills hands slid down my back again and again he pushed his fingers between my cheeks when he got there. Leigh pushed up again on my legs, pressing her hands between my thighs as she got close to the top.

Bill walked around the side of the table and said something quietly to Leigh that I could not make out. The next sensation I felt though, I recognized. Bills hands moved up and down the back of one of my legs, and Leigh’s hands and pressure moved up and down the other. Both sets of hands moved slowly and they worked together to pull my legs apart even further. The next time Bill’s hands came up between my legs, he pressed against my pussy and made a slight noise when he felt how wet it was. He lingered there a moment and then Leigh’s hand came up between my legs and replaced his, with a finger pressed into my pussy and into the wet. “Nice,” she said. “I never got that reaction out of her before. Let’s see if we can release a bit more of that tension, ok?”

She moved to the side of the table, as was usual halfway through the massage, so that I could turn over onto my back. Usually there was a sheet to hold up to protect my modesty, but this time she just moved to the side and began removing the pillows supporting my ankles and told me it was time to turn over. I caught Bill’s eye as I turned and he seemed very interested in what seemed likely to be coming. I lay there totally nude, knowing that I was wet, and hoping that the door was locked and Leigh was open to the idea Bill and I had discussed privately – having another woman join us.

Sure enough, once I was on my back, she asked Bill if he was still wanting her to take the lead, or if perhaps he could show her how he released my tension. He told her he would be glad to show her a couple of moves and went to the end of the table by my feet. He gently pushed my knees apart and pushed them up so that my legs were spread wide open. He leaned down and began to lick my pussy. I was very surprised that he jumped right in like that with her there, but he could see her reaction better than I could and must have seen a willingness that I could only sense. While he was licking and sucking, she stood to the side and watched, slowly caressing my breasts and circling my nipples with her fingers. I was again surprised when she asked him if it would be ok if she tried, and maybe he could show her exactly what I liked. He moved out of the way and Leigh got in there between my legs. As is typical, she asked me to scoot down so she could reach better and then she put her mouth on me. Compared to Bill’s mouth, hers was delicate and tender and much smaller but felt just as good. She licked up and down in broad strokes, and then daintily circled the clit as she got to the top. I looked over at Bill and could see the very obvious bulge in his pants that was brought on by watching me let another woman eat me. His hands were not on me anymore; rather, he was focused on watching what was unfolding before hi m. It was obviously not new to her – she seemed to be very practiced in what she was doing. While her mouth moved up and down on my lips, between my lips, on my clit, her hands continued to go up and down my thighs and then, just when I was about to erupt, she slipped two fingers into my pussy. I lost it and began to moan and to press up toward her mouth and her fingers.

She stood up and asked if I would like to see what it was like to do that for another woman. I was very willing, and slowly slid off the table as she pulled her dress up over her head. She had nothing on underneath, which I had suspected anyway. As she climbed up on the table, I watched Bill pull his shirt up and undo his pants. She leaned back and scooted down so I had just the right position and then pulled her legs up. Bill stood behind me and pressed against me, then wrapped his arms around me and guided my hands onto her body. Just as they had done to me, I caressed her thighs up and down, and let my fingers play over her pussy. Her hair was much thicker than mine, and as I leaned my face down, I could smell her scent. It was different than mine but I liked it and as my mouth parted her lips, she let out a moan. Knowing that the moan must be indicative of my doing it right, I pressed my tongue against her and began to lick and suck as I remembered Bill had done for me. He was behind me and I could feel him there, feel his excitement, knew that he was really enjoying watching me eat another woman and enjoy it. I was shocked at my own reaction – he and I had discussed this but I was hesitant, having never considered playing with another woman before. But wow, she tasted good and I was enjoying the taste and feel of her, and could tell that she was enjoying it as well. She pressed up to meet my mouth and as she did, Bill pushed his dick into my pussy. Not only was I enjoying another woman, but I was being fucked at the same time. I came immediately. Leigh was there on the table, moaning and gasping, and Bill was pumping away, and I was screaming in pleasure.

After that day, I never saw Leigh again. In the three years I had worked with her, I had suspected she might be interested in playing with women but never took the chance to check it out until that afternoon. And what a wonderful afternoon it was. We played for a couple of hours, and then Bill and I went back to his house and played some more.

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